Cortex 4: Posting Day


  oh by the way I don't know how I missed you bleeping out the god that sounds [TS]

  hilarious on the actual show you a very nice honored by the way you have little [TS]

  outlines bullet points the way better show know that I ever put together i [TS]

  very much liked outlines and Shannon's the case allows me to feel safe and [TS]

  secure when I come to the show that I always know when I'm gonna be talking [TS]

  about this white outline for the for the listeners mike has an outline that's [TS]

  about four pages long [TS]

  in our shared Google Doc here and it also is for indentations deep at some [TS]

  points here four levels of hierarchy quite the online questions on questions [TS]

  going so our first piece of follow-up comes from bien cosby on Twitter and [TS]

  they found the the but the background you couldn't find bitches your iPhone [TS]

  background yes I look at that link there does seem to be the artists and the [TS]

  original so we'll put that in the show notes as the wallpaper that I use to [TS]

  thank you to Brandon for finding that I actually put it in the last episode show [TS]

  nuts as well but the thing is not only some podcast apps updated shirts [TS]

  eagle-eyed observers were found in last week's notes but if you if you didn't [TS]

  see in last week's notes it is now in this week's and excellent background is [TS]

  very nice I like mine though now I'm very happy I spent about 20 minutes [TS]

  aligning it is actually a line now pretty much there is now well his know [TS]

  pretty much aligned it cannot be aligned though because even with prospective [TS]

  zoom off the iPhone will moved about ground depending on the angle that you [TS]

  look at it so I can kind of never get it perfect as I'm looking at it right now [TS]

  is in my doc and it's perfectly still the line is nice and in between those [TS]

  two dots of I'm pretty sure it doesn't move all of you have perspectives [TS]

  moves very very marginally but it does move I can see I can see the line moving [TS]

  between the two dots as I moved to fund after I'm not entirely sure just [TS]

  misaligned it is aligning stuff is it's a bit like the uncanny valley where the [TS]

  closer something is to being aligned but it's not aligned the more and knowing it [TS]

  gets whereas if it's just completely misaligned it doesn't even matter who [TS]

  cares but if you're just a couple millimeters off that's way more [TS]

  irritating than being a centimeter off I guarantee to you I have perspective zoom [TS]

  off I've taken two screenshots and you will see how it has moved from left to [TS]

  right cause I know that you won't believe me I'm now taking a screenshot [TS]

  of the settings where it shows that have perspectives in turn off that proves [TS]

  nothing [TS]

  Dec Dec how the line is moving well then then what good is the setting of [TS]

  respected him of turning it off to leave it on I don't like as I think [TS]

  perspective zoom is way more than that like it's like the crazy looks like you [TS]

  flying through space kind of thing it's not that I don't believe you but it's [TS]

  mostly don't believe you yeah maybe maybe I just can't see it on mine [TS]

  because it's not it's not a perfect grid but if you take a look at the evidence [TS]

  that I have presented to you does it appear that I am correct so I am too [TS]

  busy taking my own evidence here and I wasn't listening to you what were you [TS]

  saying he right is that what you're trying to tell me I'm trying to yes if [TS]

  you look at if you look at exhibit ab&c [TS]

  you can you must be able to agree that there is an issue that it seems like it [TS]

  is moving and I have it says I have prospective zoom off on my phone I just [TS]

  wiggle it around and taken different screenshots and the background does not [TS]

  move I think your phone is broken I have another question for you do you have the [TS]

  reach use motion setting turned off [TS]

  ok reduced motion is off as well as online too and i cant you can clearly [TS]

  see how the icons are moving left to right I think you just really bad [TS]

  aligning wallpaper I think you just don't know what you doing now your phone [TS]

  is broken [TS]

  ok if you moved your phone to the absolute last taken screenshot move it [TS]

  to the absolute right to screen show that is exactly what I just did my [TS]

  wallpaper didn't move he said I can't believe we're doing [TS]

  this year they are exactly the same I don't understand what's happening is [TS]

  that on telling you right this this can only be truly resolved when the next [TS]

  time you meet for lunch so I believe that is gonna be before we record [TS]

  episode 56 so by the time he finally resolved although I feel this is one of [TS]

  those things we're going to get many many many screenshots about people's [TS]

  funds to be treated you are not interested in receiving people see me [TS]

  here identical screenshots I just your phone is broken this isn't minors by my [TS]

  phone it works the way I would expect that it would gramm suggested a red [TS]

  called I aliens to me because I said I hated alien blue and I like this up I [TS]

  have you used it [TS]

  yeah I've been using it for the commenting on stuff this week looking at [TS]

  our posting your subreddit and I have been way happy with this name blew it [TS]

  makes so much more sense to me does it have a dark mode and that seemed that [TS]

  the screenshots it does but the the contrast of the text is quite low but it [TS]

  does have a dog mode that's fine I'm happy to accept low contrast taxed for a [TS]

  dark mode yet but I give it a try out for an alternative Reddick clients I [TS]

  haven't been thrilled with alien blue lately you you should really check so I [TS]

  i like it alot its very simple I give it a try I recommend it says thank you so [TS]

  much to Graham who was the first person sign in to us we had a few people are [TS]

  this question gray and i must say that I am very interested to understand [TS]

  something frustrates me how do you deal with the fact that when you move your [TS]

  iPad into portrayed [TS]

  around then it ruins your love the work to be done [TS]

  yeah well this is the same problem that the iPhone six-plus has as well but if [TS]

  you use it in landscape mode everything two slides over that is just ugly as [TS]

  hell though like the only it is way worse to look at on the iPhone then [TS]

  Donovan six-plus than on the iPad yes I remember when I first got an iPad [TS]

  add the first time I rotated it and saw that the icons moved around I was [TS]

  horrified because I knew that this was something I was going to have to live [TS]

  with for quite a while the one of the reasons why I have in landscape mode I [TS]

  have three rows of icons on my iPad is I think that that is fairly optimal for [TS]

  when you rotated it you're left with I think it's almost a four-by-four grid [TS]

  there's one icon missing at the bottom [TS]

  i think is the way that ends up and I don't think it looks too bad when you [TS]

  rotate it but I hate that and I don't understand I don't understand why Apple [TS]

  doesn't adopt what to me seems the most simple solution which is have the icons [TS]

  routine in place I don't understand why they have to rely on when you turn [TS]

  something to landscape or portrait I don't understand why this is the this is [TS]

  the solution so you'd you'd have the dock on the side for example not a dog [TS]

  would go to the bottom I wasn't thinking about that if you put the dock on the [TS]

  side that's fine whatever I do unless concerned about where the doctors but [TS]

  because that's that's the less horrible part that you can do something with the [TS]

  doc that makes more sense to me actually just turn the icons around all of the [TS]

  icon stay in their same spot but they just rotated 90 degrees when you turn it [TS]

  and then you then you still have them laid out in the same in the same manner [TS]

  that's the one that seems to me the reasonable way that's when you rotate [TS]

  something it should work they wouldn't know what day because what's in your top [TS]

  left dozens of top right for you you can't ever you can't achieve the things [TS]

  that you want which is only one of the icons in the same relative locations [TS]

  because you're moving a physical object and that the the screen ratio is [TS]

  different one way or the other so you have to do something with moving the [TS]

  icons around but I think the the visual metaphor is best as if you were taking a [TS]

  a piece of paper and you drew icons on it in the new route tape that paper [TS]

  that's what the icon should do but then because its digital just have them route [TS]

  eat ninety degrees counterclockwise or whichever way so that they are upright [TS]

  but they're still in the same location as it [TS]

  as if you were moving a piece of paper you know if you're looking at them they [TS]

  don't shift around they stay where they are when you're looking at them I feel [TS]

  that that makes more sense it doesn't help the muscle memory problem but you [TS]

  can't like the way you have to delay would look so ugly as you have to do is [TS]

  crazy star muscle memory is going to be broken no matter what you do because the [TS]

  iPad is not a square device so since you already have to give up muscle memory [TS]

  fidelity you might as well try to preserve visual fidelity but they go [TS]

  with breaking both go out well we can't keep muscle memory fidelity select bring [TS]

  visual fidelity is well and I don't understand the decision my my guess is [TS]

  this falls out from the way I West was originally designed to handle [TS]

  rearranging icons that that's that's why this is there this is just called code [TS]

  that hasn't been updated and then when you rotated it's basically just saying [TS]

  let's pretend like all the icons were lifted up for a second and then we'll [TS]

  just slide the men like that we're putting in place I think that's why that [TS]

  happens but is it is ugly as sin when it happens anyway that the true answer is I [TS]

  almost always use my iPad in landscape mode anyway so I I rarely have it in [TS]

  portrait mode I like it and landscape I guess if you use and portrayed you put [TS]

  it back to landscape when you're on the home screen for example they seem like [TS]

  if you read you probably read input rate right now every landscape like two pages [TS]

  so beside a one-page form using iBooks I do the two pages thing as 20 pages of [TS]

  text I like that to use the rotation lock yeah I do the rotation like I mean [TS]

  somethings are better in portrait mode like if I am using Instapaper Instapaper [TS]

  my one complaint about is it doesn't do a double column thing and then the texts [TS]

  to Aizawl read in September in portrait mode it's not like it never happens but [TS]

  the vast majority of my time I leave the iPad in landscape mode when I'm doing [TS]

  kind of anything productive as in to keep in landscape when I'm reading stuff [TS]

  like fun looking at Twitter isn't that I will look at import rumored in episode [TS]

  one we covered the various to do that to use and then many people noticed in last [TS]

  week's episode [TS]

  absolute lives smack bang in the middle of your screen that was not present on [TS]

  your iPhone home screen that is one the list of finalists I think it's it's I'm [TS]

  gonna call a wonder this year you can but I like to the list of the company [TS]

  that makes it is called 61 the Condesa you know how that works for you on the [TS]

  comments of the discussion some people will love it [TS]

  most people will probably get what you use the list for committing to use it [TS]

  for and why is it just me or is it just siloed to your I think we get this again [TS]

  I am always trying stuff out I think it was present in the original screenshots [TS]

  of my iPhone it was just in one of my work folders that I think that was the [TS]

  case that would make sense I was kind of expecting that that would be the case [TS]

  but if that is the case then for some reason it is given pride of place on [TS]

  your iPad and iPhone wonder list is given pride of place on my iPad mainly [TS]

  because I have a hard time actually feeling all three rows with icons on my [TS]

  iPad since that is primarily a work device there are there are more icons on [TS]

  there then I would if I didn't care about the aesthetics of it if I was so [TS]

  if I was just wanting to Rose I could get away with removing some things on [TS]

  there so there are more things on my iPad that are higher priority than they [TS]

  would otherwise be on the iPhone which is why slightly different I did a zoom [TS]

  and enhance on the original screenshot that you provided and hands might [TS]

  enhance I have enhanced and I can see from the list [TS]

  tucked away inside your workforce again yes that cited the virtual going on [TS]

  welfare and well-being but anyway to answer the question is going to have to [TS]

  elude again to a topic that we're going to put off until another time but I [TS]

  asked whether a few weeks ago about to do list apps that work particularly well [TS]

  for sharing with somebody else and wonder lists was one of the ones that [TS]

  came fairly well recommended there were a bunch of others I spent an hour or so [TS]

  trying out a few and eventually settled on wonder list as the to-do list app [TS]

  that I am currently using to communicate with my personal assistant so that is a [TS]

  place that I can put tasks for her instead of having to do things in email [TS]

  this is relatively new I'm trying this out I don't know if it will stick or not [TS]

  but that's currently what I'm using it for the elusive personal assistant had [TS]

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  thank you so much for supporting the show and all of real AFM [TS]

  so last week by tease the idea of talking about your video posting and [TS]

  kind of what happens on the daily you post the video because you positively [TS]

  loss we can in the richest things are happening your social media like I found [TS]

  very interesting and I wanted to kind of impact a little bit of that ok so we can [TS]

  maybe look at some of that today so I want to start with the actual day itself [TS]

  and kind of talk through a little bit about a day in the life I think there's [TS]

  some technical aspects of this I would like to address a later date so the day [TS]

  that videos are posted I assumed you know about the INS in advance like they [TS]

  don't just happen accidentally like it's not like all the videos done a post I [TS]

  can't imagine that you're that kind of person and let you know that it's gonna [TS]

  be maybe Wednesday or Thursday and the money rolls around me like yes it's [TS]

  gonna be Wednesday you prepare that way yes I wish the videos could be almost [TS]

  accidentally finished it's done how amazing but that is that is most [TS]

  certainly not the case [TS]

  yes I am I'm usually aiming for a particular Monday Tuesday Wednesday [TS]

  region that I want to get a video finish by that doesn't always work out because [TS]

  things can take longer but yes I am usually aiming for a particular day and [TS]

  I roughly schedule out the next three months of videos and approximately when [TS]

  I want them to appear so I do have a general notion of what I want that want [TS]

  the videos to happen but yes they do get pushed back on occasion is that a [TS]

  rolling thing or do you set unlike take time to plan that out in intervals it's [TS]

  both it's both because things can happen that change [TS]

  what I'm intending to work on and this is where I i I'm usually working on [TS]

  actively working on maybe two or three videos at a time I don't really like to [TS]

  work on three I can feel that my productivity goes down a bit but I'm [TS]

  usually juggling a few that I'm thinking about for the next few months but yes [TS]

  whenever I finish the video after that I do read check the calendar and the [TS]

  schedule and really think about it and say ok almost always the video is up [TS]

  later than I wanted it to be and so I have to think about [TS]

  region during the dates for the later ones instead of pretending like I'm some [TS]

  kind of super human that's going to magically make up the lost time which [TS]

  never actually happens and so is 80 should I say that like I do it perfectly [TS]

  but there are definitely times when some part of my brain goes where no man or [TS]

  two weeks late for this one [TS]

  you'll you'll definitely make up the lost ground between now and the next one [TS]

  I mean your track record is 0 for ever actually doing this but this time will [TS]

  be different [TS]

  my bring me in that way on occasion but I try to be very conscious of if [TS]

  something is late backing up videos that are in the future and not pretending to [TS]

  myself I go I'm gonna magically somehow do it faster than I did before so the [TS]

  the last video that I just put up the one about the UK election that ended up [TS]

  being pretty solidly a week later than I wanted it to be i think is a lot closer [TS]

  to a week and a half later than I wanted it to be and so yes that does affect the [TS]

  other videos downstream it always does she is there a specific change in your [TS]

  schedule that day that you maybe throw low tasks out the window like how does [TS]

  that kind of how does that look ok let's talk historically what's happened and [TS]

  then what has happened a little bit more recently [TS]

  optimization optimization but the opposite this is the ongoing story of [TS]

  trying to engineer a life that I want to live in and trying to make changes and [TS]

  you have convinced me to do cortex at this very interesting time when I've [TS]

  been very conscious this year about things settling in my business in some [TS]

  ways that I i feel comfortable making some changes in this ok what about talk [TS]

  about is one of these changes to what happened historically for almost every [TS]

  video that I've ever made the the animation phase has always been just [TS]

  this horrible horrible time when I end up staying up really really late to get [TS]

  it done to get it finished how late is really really late ok so for many of my [TS]

  videos [TS]

  the answer is I didn't go to sleep [TS]

  the one in particular that I remember was humans need not apply where that [TS]

  video was months and months later than I intended it to be that one took a long [TS]

  long time to make and that one was quite different from a bunch of other videos [TS]

  that have done which I think contributed to that it never done anything quite [TS]

  like that like a documentary the world's tiniest documentary might be that might [TS]

  be the way to describe it was more the style definitely like Justin [TS]

  presentation and everything and like yeah but that one I remember I was [TS]

  getting really nervous that somebody else was going to do a big video on that [TS]

  topic and there were just a bunch of things in the news which were kind of [TS]

  contributing to people are talking more and more about robots now and when I [TS]

  finally thought that this is close enough that I can finish animating this [TS]

  whatever it was the day before I just that right I'm just going to finish it [TS]

  and I spent the whole day and I ended up staying up the whole night and [TS]

  publishing it in the in the next morning that was not uncommon for me to just end [TS]

  up staying up most of the night to finish the [TS]

  animation to just do it all in one big one big rush which was not very good for [TS]

  my physical health and it was not very good for my mental health but that is [TS]

  the way most of the videos have been made its just with a huge push at the [TS]

  end and so lately with the pasts and three videos maybe four videos that have [TS]

  to look at what their fourth one once I can't remember off the top of my head I [TS]

  have been trying much harder to not do that to not stay up all night now I have [TS]

  long days till of animation that I find really boring but I'm trying very hard [TS]

  to say you can't stay up anymore man like you this is not this is not a thing [TS]

  that you can keep doing this is a thing that you could do when you were [TS]

  establishing your video business but this is a thing that has to stop now and [TS]

  for the UK one I animated the whole day before it was released and I would [TS]

  finish the animations the morning it was released but I slept a regular nights in [TS]

  between those two change you would have done that on the old the night before [TS]

  until it was finished [TS]

  yeah I would I would have almost certainly stayed up until extremely late [TS]

  nights and then and then gone to bed and just not go to sleep until it was [TS]

  finished so you're kind of in a way giving in a little bit to the path [TS]

  you're maybe giving in to the right phrase but you are allowing the part of [TS]

  your brain which is like a man someone might do this just looks like that's [TS]

  gonna have to be the case if that's what happens because I need to go to sleep [TS]

  now [TS]

  yeah that's partly what it is it's it's trying to ignore that feeling I get this [TS]

  have no matter what the topic is I always get this irrational feeling right [TS]

  towards the end of somebody else is going to put this up right now nobody's [TS]

  doing a video about the tree of the UK election and nobody was going to do that [TS]

  video but it doesn't change the fact that my brain still worries about [TS]

  that the closer we get because it's it's it's like my brain is doing some kind of [TS]

  opportunity cost freaked out of nowhere so close this would be the worst time [TS]

  for someone to scoop us on a topic so we might as well finish it right now and [TS]

  that that has been the freak out and that's usually why it's very rushed in [TS]

  very panicky animation section towards the end and so yes I'm trying to push [TS]

  that back a little bit and it's also just is also just part of trying to live [TS]

  a healthier life which has been an ongoing goal this year of mine and i [TS]

  Function terribly when I don't sleep well I'm very sensitive to a lack of [TS]

  sleep that's how I just think this is this is not good for me and then they [TS]

  can ruin the rest of the schedule for a couple days if if I was up all night and [TS]

  then I don't sleep well the next day that's partly why I'm trying to change [TS]

  the way this happens that's one thing I wonder about myself because I push [TS]

  myself very late evenings [TS]

  many days a week and then I feel like I kinda do okay on it but it's one of [TS]

  those things are like I wonder how many more years I have left to continue doing [TS]

  this will this is the thing you don't have an infinite number of years that [TS]

  there is some finite amount of time and I have been doing YouTube now for four [TS]

  years or so and the things that I did in the first two years would have killed me [TS]

  if I kept doing them for three years so I know I definitely tone down some stuff [TS]

  in the third year and and now again I'm finding myself and another phase of [TS]

  trying to figure out how to how to balance personal health and the amount [TS]

  of work being done because the tradeoff here is that it definitely takes longer [TS]

  to do things in a more reasonable way there's there's no doubt about that it [TS]

  takes longer in terms of the number of days if I make myself stop working [TS]

  sooner we can take ok three working days of animation versus a day and a half of [TS]

  just staying up all night doing it but that's that's the tradeoff is always [TS]

  tradeoffs the urgency a little bit will you lose it [TS]

  which is good because you can't keep it up forever but it's the urgency that [TS]

  enables you in the first instance to actually go out dude thing oh yeah I [TS]

  mean it's also urgency for a thing that is yours it's very different when you [TS]

  are making a thing and you feel this urgent sensation to release it into the [TS]

  world where whereas it when I was working a regular job I could not have [TS]

  stayed up all night and continue to work through the day with teaching stuff I [TS]

  wouldn't it just wouldn't happen there were there were times when there's [TS]

  there's a lot to do but you know what you're going to bed at a certain point [TS]

  because you have to get up again in the morning and go into work and so that [TS]

  that kind of of physical sacrifices just not not possible for a regular job so [TS]

  that day on composting day is there a kind of like a war room mentality in [TS]

  grey towers like to use up your environment differently do tend to do [TS]

  this stuff a home ok let me tell you about the the setup but I just have one [TS]

  one final thing from from the last point witches I hope there's a goal that I [TS]

  keep telling myself I'm going to hit and I have yet to hit which is I want to get [TS]

  to the point where I am no longer animating on the same day that I [TS]

  released a video I keep promising myself this will this will happen that I will [TS]

  say finish the animation on Sunday and then I'll post the video on Monday but I [TS]

  I still keep doing like with the UK won the the last bit of the animation in the [TS]

  morning and then feeling like okay well it's done enemy they're going to put it [TS]

  up right now how even if this doesn't make any sense timewise about when to [TS]

  put it up because of that that sensation of urgency above it needs to happen now [TS]

  and the reason I want to do that is because you're right I do have a kind of [TS]

  war room oh the the video is up now feeling for the day and I don't like [TS]

  mixing a kind of animation stage vs putting it up live stage because there's [TS]

  enough things to do when I put it up live someday I hope I'm good enough to [TS]

  separate out those two different kind [TS]

  of days but I'm not quite there yet said you just have like I have this feeling [TS]

  of like soon as some things finished all it's doing is getting old [TS]

  yeah a little bit I think that's partly why I find this hard particularly with [TS]

  the UK wonders I just did is a good example of I uploaded it at not a really [TS]

  great time in the day for the video that it was uploaded it something like about [TS]

  5:30 UK time and ideally I should have waited until the next morning to post [TS]

  that 5:30 in the in the UK in the afternoon was not a good time for that [TS]

  video but it it was done and I i just i couldn't i couldn't hold back I'm just [TS]

  gonna put up now because I just want this to be over with I want this to be [TS]

  finished and yes I definitely had that feeling it's also a bit weird with even [TS]

  with doing this podcast with you think the last one or something whenever it is [TS]

  we [TS]

  the the last one was done on maybe Thursday night or something and they go [TS]

  we're going to publish it tomorrow afternoon and it was it was a bit of a [TS]

  strange feeling of we're just going to sit on this I guess but is done I don't [TS]

  like it I hate it I i've really really don't like recording things in advance [TS]

  unless there is a reason like I'm going on holiday I always have had this [TS]

  feeling of like well it's done so [TS]

  like that's all it is doing is getting old like references are breaking things [TS]

  can happen in the world that mean something we say as outdate like hail [TS]

  the stuff yeah someday I may convince you of my philosophy of people don't [TS]

  really care as much about schedules as you think they care about schedules all [TS]

  I know that I definitely know I know that I'm the one who cares that's the [TS]

  problem I think I care more for me than then the concern that other people are [TS]

  gonna think that's weird I know that if if I see something that makes the show [TS]

  up day on a con man we've done like perspective Zuma's been fixed and come [TS]

  back to the to the location in the War Room your home when when you post the [TS]

  videos I couldn't imagine you being anywhere else [TS]

  posting day is not an iPad day this is this would be a very bad day I'm gonna [TS]

  go out to a cafe for the afternoon with my iPad whole business depends on this [TS]

  thing which happens once every six weeks at home gonna make sure that I'm in the [TS]

  least optimal situation to fix anything if there's a problem so no this is this [TS]

  is not a day for the iPad this is a day for sitting at home with my clicky [TS]

  keyboard at my desk in my big iMac and that is what that is the situation under [TS]

  which I release the videos plus a lot of this stuff is just a thousand times [TS]

  faster to do on the computer because I had the big long checklist of this so [TS]

  many little boxes to tick and settings to make sure are done in the right way [TS]

  when you're uploading a video that I just it's way easier to do at home [TS]

  of just going through all of those little things just one of many of my [TS]

  little my template here the people are always asking about [TS]

  you called it posting a moment ago yes that what you call it I think I don't [TS]

  have any particular but it's not labeled anything in particular that these dishes [TS]

  how you referenced J let you know if somebody said to you you know maybe [TS]

  maybe Mrs Gray you talked to Mrs Gray and you like its posting date today [TS]

  she's like oh ok Grayland yeah I don't think I have a particular name for it [TS]

  just talked about when the video was going live she does know that when when [TS]

  when the video has gone live particularly if she is around when that [TS]

  happens this is not a time to bother me about anything that people just know [TS]

  this is do not disturb day yes do not disturbed I'm usually in the evenings I [TS]

  will emerge from the office and then it's a cliche but otherwise I'm very [TS]

  focused on on what's happening which will sound a little strange when when I [TS]

  talk about what's actually going on but it still is still requires a lot of [TS]

  focus [TS]

  yeah there have been times where I've had to ask you something or spoken to [TS]

  you about something on a day that video has gone live and I just terrible [TS]

  unlike I am concerned that he may like Santa dragged into my house Sunday I i [TS]

  get very maybe you like cast a spell on me or something I don't know but I [TS]

  always get very concerned about asking bothering you have anything on those [TS]

  days especially when I think one day I found a mistake of some description I [TS]

  was sending you that felt worse for wear but at least I knew it was a it was a [TS]

  fix something I just pulled up here in army focus and in my big template that [TS]

  that covers videos from creation to the End Phase there are about thirty five [TS]

  items that need to happen after the video is complete I already have the [TS]

  file on my desktop and then what happens from then on there about 35 items and [TS]

  that that's what I'm what I'm grinding through [TS]

  uploading it to YouTube checking that looks OK on YouTube turning off on skip [TS]

  ads on YouTube running through this whole list of things and and now with so [TS]

  many places the stuff gets published now now this includes also uploading it to [TS]

  the RSS feed and doing all the stuff to get ready to publish on the RSS feed as [TS]

  well and and there there are just so many little buttons to take and switches [TS]

  to flip about getting ready to go live in exactly the way that I wanted to go [TS]

  live because when I had a much smaller audience this stuff mattered way less [TS]

  but now that when I press a button I know it's going to go out to an even [TS]

  know my subscriber numbers are now is it going out to somewhere between one and a [TS]

  half to two million people it has to be it has to be really ready to go you [TS]

  can't you can't fix stuff afterward I need to have all of the entities in [TS]

  place I need to have the captions in place I need to have the Petri on people [TS]

  all thanks all of this needs to be ready before I can really press publish and [TS]

  then there are few things that happened after that is if point one percent of [TS]

  those people [TS]

  record saw an era and told you about it a lot of people these are crazy numbers [TS]

  I try very hard not to think about that on the day that I'm actually uploading [TS]

  stuff I can imagine that probably helps I am very aware of the audience when i'm [TS]

  creating the video but I try really hard not to think about it at the at the [TS]

  moment when I'm getting stuff ready to go live because it is not helpful it is [TS]

  not helpful at all i mean i i can sympathize a dishonest on a small scale [TS]

  like my audience size of our audience sizes are nowhere near as big as those [TS]

  but they're still large enough that when I am posting things I am seeing it as a [TS]

  purely functional thing that has happen [TS]

  going to lie I do this and then something happens I don't think of it [TS]

  like I'm gonna send this out to tens of thousands of people that are out there [TS]

  in the world like I don't think about that I just think about to go to this [TS]

  place and that checkbox a copy this link in a tester and had put it in CMS and [TS]

  publish and then it's like that's the end but nothing else happens past that [TS]

  point is kind of William my brain words like you press publish episode and you [TS]

  can and that's fine you can just go away then you can move on to next how big is [TS]

  the only focus list in total as you mention I assume is so broken down into [TS]

  certain points that the broad categories are are the script writing process the [TS]

  audio creation process the animation the thing that I call uploaded which is [TS]

  everything from exports to button press of it goes live and then I have another [TS]

  whole section which is everything that needs to be done once its post public [TS]

  once it out [TS]

  actually in the world so those are the various categories that is broken down [TS]

  into and Casey how many are in the list as a whole thing about 70 something now [TS]

  it's every time I go through and make a video there's always something on this [TS]

  list then end up getting slightly changed or that I i improve a little bit [TS]

  or a change so this is a real living document for me it's something that is [TS]

  constantly getting better each time that I use it and is like a message to future [TS]

  me about what you should do slightly differently next time how much of that [TS]

  stuff on that list you would you just would do for memory but you put it there [TS]

  anyway it's just a confirmation as I imagined that about 95% maybe even 98% [TS]

  of the YouTube publishing system you could just do that without needing to [TS]

  consult that document could have done enough ok that's your previous question [TS]

  I just look there are 73 items currently on the list that number goes up and down [TS]

  a little bit now here is the thing that I have learned about myself and this is [TS]

  one of the reasons why I am so systems focused is I will overestimate how much [TS]

  I'll remember if I don't look at the checklist do it never fails that on an [TS]

  upload day I am way more confident that I that I am remembering and doing [TS]

  everything then I actually and it even though I know this [TS]

  it still doesn't change how the day actually goes it you know it's like it's [TS]

  almost like an optical illusion or something like when you're looking at [TS]

  optical illusion you know there's nothing moving on the page but it looks [TS]

  that way and there's a part of me which knows you can't possibly be remembering [TS]

  all of the stuff if you're trying to do this without the checklist but my brain [TS]

  oh is it turns out now we remember we remember it all [TS]

  everything's great so this is one of the reasons why I really stick to the [TS]

  checklist and there was a very good example of this just happened which was [TS]

  the brain I did this this different episode of hello Internet and the main [TS]

  thing about it was that there was a video in addition to the audio of it now [TS]

  on my putting up an episode of hello Internet checklist I have very many [TS]

  things I have a separate checklist for when I'm uploading a video to the hello [TS]

  Internet YouTube channel for some some reason that I can't conceive of when [TS]

  Brady gave me the video file for our special episode I thought oh I'll just [TS]

  put this up I don't need to invoke the template let me just do this now and [TS]

  Brady must have found 45 things that were missing from the video when I put [TS]

  it live just little stuff there wasn't where it was supposed to be or I didn't [TS]

  put in the annotation or forgot something in the description and it was [TS]

  a perfect example of you can't remember these things just go through the [TS]

  checklist there's always something that you're going to forget and the the hello [TS]

  Internet [TS]

  YouTube video checklist is only 18 items long it's not some crazy long list but [TS]

  it doesn't it doesn't change the fact that I'm very likely to overlook some [TS]

  small thing when I'm actually putting it up I heard you laughing [TS]

  did you think he is a long list and I think that's a long list I think it [TS]

  highlights how differently mean you use these systems like for example I would [TS]

  be more likely to just have post episode 1 task right I understand that but i i [TS]

  learned that this doesn't work well for me know that that's the difference in [TS]

  the system which is interesting and I sometimes think that maybe I could do a [TS]

  little bit more narrow there are some very special projects I have these long [TS]

  list for like for example I have found that the most the biggest thing that I [TS]

  can do in this regard is the first episode of a brand new show there are so [TS]

  many tiny details that need to go into getting that right and that is one thing [TS]

  it has to be right that is a perfect example of the kind of task that really [TS]

  benefit from a checklist because it is in frequent enough that it's going to [TS]

  feel new every time you do it and it is also complicated enough that it's not [TS]

  always immediately obvious what you need to do and so that there's prime there's [TS]

  prime checklist territory for that kind of that kind of task but I've learned [TS]

  that I need to do these things and I always the one another small example of [TS]

  just me being kind of dumb ways this show is a productive and it's it's [TS]

  really more about like the story of a man who was not very productive trying [TS]

  to figure out how to become very productive it's the bad thing about my [TS]

  life but for some reason I used to always just trust myself to remember to [TS]

  upload the captions part of the videos that wasn't on my checklist for a long [TS]

  time because I just thought oh it's just obvious enough I'll just always do this [TS]

  remember but YouTube eventually changed the way that captions were done and so [TS]

  it became less obvious to me to do it and then I felt really terrible because [TS]

  I actually got contacted by a number of death [TS]

  subscribers to my channel who were saying oh I just want to let you know [TS]

  that the caption seem to be broken on your last couple of videos when they [TS]

  went live and now I feel really terrible and so that you need to add this even [TS]

  even things that you you are confident that you can remember [TS]

  situations can change around you and so it is still helpful to have that item to [TS]

  check off yes upload captions make sure they're working before the video goes [TS]

  live even if you think you're always going to remember it you won't and you [TS]

  don't know how things are going to be in the future as one of those things you [TS]

  don't get those emails I just feel bad if I feel like a jerk [TS]

  do you still get nervous when you put the videos up like do you kind of like [TS]

  the mouse hover over the publish button for a few moments before you press it [TS]

  like checking double-checking triple checking in any way I have gotten better [TS]

  about that but it is partly because on on posting day which are now calling it [TS]

  apparently I have started to do with thing where I released the video in [TS]

  small phases to try and help catch any problems that might arise and so what I [TS]

  do with the moment is when I have most of the animations done I have a reward [TS]

  on my petrie on page which he called the grammar nazi work with a grammar nazi [TS]

  sneak peek is what is exactly what I call it and I posed to preview of some [TS]

  of the animations to a very small section of my pee transporters and so [TS]

  they can look and see if there's any dumb mistakes that are on there and [TS]

  they're they're very good those people can stuff that I would never see in a [TS]

  million years the can't always fix all of it depending on how minor the areas [TS]

  and [TS]

  how many slides there are there on like one of the things that will happen [TS]

  sometimes inconsistent capitalization in words but then that inconsistent [TS]

  capitalization is across a hundred frames and i cant possibly fix this now [TS]

  it's not going to happen but if there's anything major I will I will fix it then [TS]

  and then when the video is actually up on my YouTube page I also now send out [TS]

  an early preview to a small section of the people who subscribe to my email us [TS]

  using a spreadsheet to create a random subsection of the people who are [TS]

  subscribed to the email as I sent it out to them and that there is a moment of [TS]

  like a very much trusting my audience because I don't want those people [TS]

  sharing that publicly yet so far I haven't had any problems so I can keep [TS]

  doing it but I usually end up sending it to maybe a thousand people are so and [TS]

  sometimes they will catch something at the last moment that's a minor problem [TS]

  and I have changed up based on what those that preview group has seen so by [TS]

  the time I'm ready to press the actual publish this to a million people button [TS]

  it has been through two layers of people seeing it to some extent in advance and [TS]

  with his very last video I tried even one third layer which is to post it on [TS]

  the paper on page first as an unlisted videos that the Petri on all the people [TS]

  on people then can then see it first for a few minutes just to make sure okay [TS]

  there's not any deal breaking problem and then having it finally go live so [TS]

  that has definitely reduce those god I hope everything is correct feeling that [TS]

  I used to have is being being able to rely on my audience to help me find [TS]

  stuff that would be deal breakers in the video before it goes out to absolutely [TS]

  everyone gonna come back to that in just a moment but what is the first thing you [TS]

  do when you post do you like [TS]

  get up and walk away for a few minutes later what is the first thing if you can [TS]

  even remember all just get a bit hazy [TS]

  the very first thing I do after I make the video public is I create the [TS]

  official reddit discussion right that that is right afterward because it is [TS]

  important to you than it did to make sure you get in there and do that yes I [TS]

  want that to be there as quickly as possible for people because people love [TS]

  to comment right from the beginning and especially my videos are in that law [TS]

  people can watch a video and 45 minutes and people are ready to have feedback [TS]

  right away so I want to make sure that the reddit link is up as quickly as it [TS]

  can be as soon as the video is public notice that with cortex actually like [TS]

  you put we coordinate the release so you can get to the reddit thread up and as [TS]

  soon as it's their people comment on it to be excited about the fact that the [TS]

  episodes like before they've even listen to it so that is definitely a thing [TS]

  which is very interesting I like to have it up and I do know that a that there's [TS]

  some small section of the audience that uses read it generates an RSS feed for [TS]

  every sub read it and so there are some people that use the red inbuilt RSS as [TS]

  notifications for when do things are up so that that's a way of also just [TS]

  notifying some people that it is there we see it like I see the numbers bike [TS]

  yeah I like to have that that available as quickly as possible so that is that [TS]

  is the very first thing that I do when I put the video up and then there's a [TS]

  there's a few other things on the checklist but that's the one that I [TS]

  really want to make sure is there because it is because the the reddit [TS]

  thread for me becomes the central place in which I'm gauging how the thing is [TS]

  going how are people reacting to it what are people commenting on that's that's [TS]

  the other reason why I wanted up as fast as possible but no I don't I don't press [TS]

  the button and then go for a walk around the block or something because there's [TS]

  always the possibility that there is still some kind of disaster that that [TS]

  people haven't caught so you basically there is no break right to do it and [TS]

  then the next phase begins that that is right as soon as it live there are a [TS]

  bunch of things that I do and there isn't a break I don't come back to the [TS]

  computer in a little while I'm usually at my desk for a couple of hours at [TS]

  least after the video goes life some of some of the people who go on YouTube [TS]

  they pose videos and then they're not as obsessed with following it right away I [TS]

  have known people are not going to name names but I have known people who have [TS]

  set videos to publish while they are on transatlantic flights completely [TS]

  separate from the world and I could not live like that I I would wreak the hell [TS]

  out on an airplane if I knew that one of my videos was was going up at that [TS]

  moment and I wasn't around in case there's some kind of problem or just to [TS]

  see what the feedback is like the time some people are are braver than me this [TS]

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  cortex [TS]

  when you start posting things to read it and to Twitter and everywhere else are [TS]

  you basically just going from Tab 2 tab refreshing things to make sure that [TS]

  things are broken leg is that kind of the first thing that less about the [TS]

  actual content of the feedback and whether people like the video but more [TS]

  like there is a period of time I need to ensure that this is ok I'm mainly [TS]

  focusing from the beginning on making sure that it's working [TS]

  that there aren't problems somewhere and usually I mean if the video is five [TS]

  minutes long [TS]

  if there isn't some comment about a real problem in the first 15 minutes they're [TS]

  usually won't be and so after that I can come down a little bit more and then and [TS]

  then switching to talking with people on Reddit about the video and trying to [TS]

  gauge what the reaction is to see a what do people like what people comment on [TS]

  and a a particular favorite of mine is seeing if people spot some of the little [TS]

  jokes are the little references that are put into the video I'm always really [TS]

  pleased when people find something that I had that only there for a frame of the [TS]

  video or are they just noticed a little detail that I put in MO is very happy [TS]

  about that [TS]

  so after the first 15 minutes I can relax a little bit and then it's much [TS]

  more about how is this video [TS]

  going what is my understanding is if there is an error [TS]

  a subscription you tube makes it very difficult to to rectify like it's [TS]

  basically case of delete start again [TS]

  yeah that is that is the only option that you do provides at this time that [TS]

  you need to delete and start again which probably makes the stakes I like for [TS]

  example there is an error in our shows I hate it and i fix it as soon as I can [TS]

  but I'm less freaking out about it because I know I can fix it and [TS]

  unfortunately the people that have already downloaded it we were here the [TS]

  problem or they just redownload the episode cause I'll replace it [TS]

  place things in our system audiophiles very easy to do that so I would assume [TS]

  that you know it probably heightens the sense of needing to do things correctly [TS]

  is the system that you publish to does not allow for mistakes to be corrected [TS]

  videos so what is the threshold of mistake how bad does it need to be do [TS]

  you have an idea in mind of how bad it needs to be and tell me about a time [TS]

  when it has been bad ok I have been I don't want to say that I have been [TS]

  fortunate or lucky even though I have but that's not the best word to use I [TS]

  have been lucky that I have never had a a stake through the heart kind of error [TS]

  or mistake in one of the videos where someone leaves a comment and I realized [TS]

  oh they just killed my video dead I did something that was that was wrong or [TS]

  there was a thing that I didn't consider that completely changes this video [TS]

  the reason why I don't want to say that I'm I'm lucky because they spend a lot [TS]

  of time trying to ensure that this doesn't happen and that I am the person [TS]

  who puts the stake through the heart of my video when I [TS]

  working on it and hopefully as soon as possible that I find something that [TS]

  makes me realize oh this video if I should not make this video any further [TS]

  or this argument that I'm putting together falls apart because of XYZ that [TS]

  so I I haven't had that happen yet so I I have been lucky in that sense but I [TS]

  have also worked very hard to try to make sure that never happens but [TS]

  nonetheless I have two occasions I have that I can remember off the top of my [TS]

  head I pulled the video after its gone live and it causes it causes problems [TS]

  one of the ones was for the Holland vs The Netherlands won and I i pulled it [TS]

  for something that I normally never would [TS]

  which was there was a slide where I had the flags reversed for France and the [TS]

  Netherlands which is just embarrassing it makes me look really stupid and the [TS]

  video and live in people pointed out almost immediately and because that was [TS]

  one of the rare videos that was like a pleasure to make from beginning to end [TS]

  everything just worked I knew that I really like this video [TS]

  everything about it was just great it was going to kill me to have that flag [TS]

  reversal in the future and so when it went up people immediately noticed I [TS]

  pulled it down right away I was able to to fix it and re-upload the new version [TS]

  with in maybe an hour or so and then put it out live so that that's something [TS]

  that I changed if it if it had been a different video let's say for example my [TS]

  how many countries are their video if there was some slide on there where [TS]

  flags were reversed I might not have have changed that it would depend on the [TS]

  context but the Holland vs The Netherlands won the video that I liked [TS]

  so much I didn't want to have just a dumb stupid problem like that so that [TS]

  that's one that I pulled the other one that I pulled was there was an error [TS]

  need to be a bit vague about that but but this but we'll just say there was a [TS]

  section that need to be removed from my tenth animal misconceptions one and that [TS]

  was that was one of the cases where it was a real problem because that video [TS]

  had been up for a little bits and when you're posting to a big audience one of [TS]

  the things that can happen is other websites are going to link to your video [TS]

  the way the publishing world works sometimes is that they they will lose [TS]

  the video basically into a long line of videos that are going to be distributed [TS]

  out through the rest of the day and someone sees someone who works at the [TS]

  website sees my video and they say oh we're going to post that they put it in [TS]

  their system and the time it to be released in three or four hours from now [TS]

  and with the with the 10 animal misconceptions video I heard from a [TS]

  bunch of publishers who were annoyed because my video had been law up long [TS]

  enough for them to see it and to schedule a link to it and then I pulled [TS]

  it down and changed it but then their links are all dead when their video goes [TS]

  live when their story goes live later and then they looked up that they've [TS]

  they've linked to a broken video or video that's no longer there but there's [TS]

  also just the pressure that so many emails go out in the YouTube system that [TS]

  when you pull something down all of those links now no longer working [TS]

  weekends ago [TS]

  great I just sent out several hundred thousand emails all of them with a link [TS]

  that doesn't work and then I'm going to have to resend out a message with a link [TS]

  that does worked all of these people that's why the bar is pretty high for [TS]

  when am I going to pull down a video at the last moment which is why [TS]

  done it very often how does this person feel in relation to posting a podcast [TS]

  episode as I assume is less pressure that the podcast is is way less pressure [TS]

  is way less pressure because you are dealing with the same system that I am [TS]

  dealing with where sometimes something is wrong with the podcast when it gets [TS]

  exported audio falls out of sync for a little bit of some kind of dumb mistake [TS]

  it's very easy to fix it doesn't cause massive problems and yes the people who [TS]

  downloaded it originally might hear an audio glitch or something in the podcast [TS]

  but it can be fixed for the future and then that's fine I can I can relax about [TS]

  that I don't have to worry about that it's still annoying I still don't like [TS]

  it but it is nowhere near it is nowhere near the kind of pressure that is with [TS]

  the videos is just because of YouTube system of not allowing you to change it [TS]

  which I don't know I I think it's dumb I think you two should be able to trust [TS]

  users that have millions and millions of subscribers didn't know what they're [TS]

  doing if they want to change something in a video I know that they have that [TS]

  system in place because they don't they're trying to prevent fraud or [TS]

  people taking advantage of viral videos but I just hiked among guys you should [TS]

  if you have have regular content producers doing this every week I think [TS]

  you can you can allow it to let them change video if if they if they deem it [TS]

  necessary but that's not the case [TS]

  like there could be a contract that you would sign to say the UN do X yeah that [TS]

  you know that would be great I mean I've heard whispers on the grapevine that [TS]

  maybe there's a way to defy if I do the right kind of secret handshake if I go [TS]

  to YouTube headquarters that someone can manually swap out a video if it's a real [TS]

  problem but let you know what I don't want to have to rely on that or Boolean [TS]

  favors to get a video swapped out I just said that that kind of thing then end up [TS]

  knowing me more host you're telling me it's technically possible but you just [TS]

  not doing it for some great thanks thanks guys I see him with responding to [TS]

  two emails and tweets emails Twitter and read it and stuff like that and I'm [TS]

  assuming you probably don't do a lot with YouTube comments every once in a [TS]

  great while I'll respond to you to comment because on posting day very [TS]

  often I'm going back to the page where the video is for some reason I want to [TS]

  copy the URL or just want to refresh agency with a few numbers are and so [TS]

  every once in a while the comment that is at the very top I will reply to but [TS]

  that is pretty rare because the youtube comment system i mean everybody makes [TS]

  fun of it [TS]

  people to YouTube seem weirdly proud of it sometimes it's like 10 years ago we [TS]

  did a great job [TS]

  reworking our comments system as I okay well it might have been garbage before [TS]

  but it's still a pile of garbage now so the YouTube comments atom is just [TS]

  useless which is why I don't really participate in it it's it's absolutely [TS]

  terrible that that is why for me the actual conversation takes place on [TS]

  reddit which has a has reasonable algorithms for sorting comments and [TS]

  allowing people to vote stuff up and down it's like it's not rocket science [TS]

  how to do a comment system that is reasonable but for some reason read it [TS]

  seems to be one of the very few places that actually does it so the videos been [TS]

  up has been up for maybe an hour or two what's happening then what is that like [TS]

  this is where on my computer I'll see if I can drag it up it took a screenshot [TS]

  wants of what this looks like but on my Mac eye on the day it has gone live it's [TS]

  been up for a little bit I like to put up on the screen [TS]

  the YouTube allows you to have real-time analytics so you can see how many people [TS]

  are watching the video right now where ya where are they where they coming from [TS]

  and that is very interesting to see there goes the day I can just staring at [TS]

  the number was I don't really stare at the numbers behalf of the screens are [TS]

  usually handle actually do that for websites as well and so I will usually [TS]

  people and put to one side of the screen the live view of what is happening on [TS]

  the YouTube page right now and then what is happening on CGP grey dot com right [TS]

  now and one of the things that allows me to do is to try to figure out the keys [TS]

  only when traffic spikes occur if some big place links to the video I want to [TS]

  know when that happens and so I can see in the live stats of like okay there [TS]

  were a thousand people on these be great dot com right now but all of a sudden [TS]

  it's gone up to 5,000 in the last 30 seconds where did they come from I want [TS]

  to be able to track that down so I will have that on one side of the screen and [TS]

  what I'm doing for the rest of the day as I have those stats up I will usually [TS]

  have twitter on the other side of the screen so I can see that mentions coming [TS]

  in and I'll have read it in the center of the Scream we're talking to people [TS]

  and and if I can answering questions and stuff like that sammy is is the [TS]

  enjoyable part of this process is it's been up for a while there's no problems [TS]

  I can see how it's doing and also now I get to talk to people on the reddit [TS]

  that's a guy really like engaging with people talking about the video like [TS]

  making jokes and all this other stuff on the read it while in keeping an eye on [TS]

  how are things going with the real time stats and how are things going on [TS]

  Twitter on the side so that's that's what i'm looking out for a large portion [TS]

  of the day and the other thing that I will do what some people in the red at [TS]

  now is that at a certain point there really isn't much to do anymore I have [TS]

  answered most of the the unique questions that are coming in on the [TS]

  reddits questions to start getting duplicated and I can see ok videos find [TS]

  a probably had all the traffic spikes and I'm going to have [TS]

  at this stage and then often will be basically alt tabbing between this [TS]

  overview screen and I'll have a video game on some other screen so I'll flip [TS]

  over to the game for twenty minutes play a little bit and then I'll flip back and [TS]

  see ok how's everything doing are there any new comment that came in that I want [TS]

  to apply to and then I'll flip back to the game for another 20 minutes and then [TS]

  flip accident that's what I'll do probably around until dinner time at [TS]

  which point I feel just absolutely exhausted and emerge from my office to [TS]

  have dinner and then usually sit on the couch like a brain dead zombie for the [TS]

  rest of the day and watch Arrested Development or something so you stop [TS]

  well when I'm sitting there watching Arrested Development at this stage I i [TS]

  switch I will have my iPad with read it on it and I'll keep an eye a little bit [TS]

  on on what's happening on on reddit [TS]

  but at that point you have to rely on these long days I have been and a [TS]

  meeting in the morning have gone through the whole process of releasing it to the [TS]

  world I've been keeping an eye on on the comments at that point I'm pretty tapped [TS]

  out for my cognitive abilities so I will usually not be doing very much except [TS]

  doing them like the minor is divided keeping on with with my iPad on the [TS]

  couch that's where I end up so what about the next day he's played this this [TS]

  little game with myself which is how long can I go before I look at how the [TS]

  video is doing in the morning this is this is a funny side effect of living in [TS]

  the UK because the rest of the world is is still awake and doing things when we [TS]

  go to bed in the UK I love UK time zone by the way I think it is really great [TS]

  especially for someone who has an Internet career I liked it quite a lot [TS]

  but it does mean that significant things can happen sometimes between the point [TS]

  at which I go to bed at like say ten o'clock at night and when I get up in [TS]

  the morning sometimes there can still be big sites that link to it or another [TS]

  discussion that flared up somewhere about the video so I do go for how long [TS]

  I go without checking in the morning but usually I don't make it past breakfast [TS]

  before I have to whip out my iPad ok what is one of the few numbers out how [TS]

  is this doing I usually plan on having a kind of unofficial weekend after the [TS]

  video goes up that may not actually be on the weekend usually it isn't but I [TS]

  don't plan to do any real work for the day or two after a video goes live and [TS]

  it's it's again usually because the run-up to launch a new video is very [TS]

  intense and I learned from experience that if I tried to get right back into [TS]

  writing scripts for the next video immediately the following morning like I [TS]

  normally would do if it was a normal day that does doesn't work out I'm still [TS]

  tapped out I usually need at least one day and I normally take to off and [TS]

  that's that is just pure down time usually I will just vegging out and play [TS]

  video games or I have a list of movies and stuff to watch and maybe I'll just [TS]

  watch them and then they still allows an occasional checking in with seeing how [TS]

  read our comments are seeing what people are saying on Twitter but by the second [TS]

  day that's died down pretty much and then after that I feel a camera covered [TS]

  and now it start it now it's time to pick up on the the next video that is [TS]

  closest to release wherever you left often start grant grinding away on that [TS]

  one and bring that one forward to a publication day one of the things I like [TS]

  about last time was the fact that you remove or applications from your iPhone [TS]

  very very interesting person and [TS]

  you mentioned posting days you not only put so far back on you also put a lien [TS]

  blue and onto your devices on my phone so far usually stays off but on the [TS]

  video day billion blue and we bought go back on the phone in that space on the [TS]

  bottom is that is the way that normally works so the reasoning for this being [TS]

  your home's you with Mac so why did these come back the reason for this is [TS]

  that almost certainly at some point before dinner I will I will have to get [TS]

  up and take a walk around the block just to just to get out of the house for a [TS]

  minute and then I can have to eat but an alien blue on the phone and it's there [TS]

  in case I want to look at anything I usually don't but it's there just in [TS]

  case and then it also they just stay on the phone for this this sort of [TS]

  unofficial weekend that I take and this way if I go for a walk in the park I go [TS]

  somewhere I can then at any moment if I want respond to some comments if [TS]

  anything interesting comes in where people say anything on Twitter so during [TS]

  this phase I like to have those things accessible but it's because it's a very [TS]

  different phase of my life [TS]

  the video is on my mind it is useful to be checking stuff now in a way that [TS]

  three days after a video goes live is not useful anymore to be checking on how [TS]

  things are doing that the big one like 90% of the wave is over at that point [TS]

  there there's no reason to keep checking stuff anymore and so that's why those [TS]

  apps then come off after two days after the video has gone up to you doing [TS]

  notifications during this period cuz there's something to be said for like [TS]

  going in checking Twitter over and over again to see if there's anything bad [TS]

  other than just having notifications and they just come to use easy on them as [TS]

  they have [TS]

  yeah used to used to allowing notifications from these apps after a [TS]

  video had gone up but I realized that this is actually not very helpful to [TS]

  have the notifications come in because then if i'm taking a quick walk I'm just [TS]

  distracted now then it slightly defeats the purpose of the walk so I don't allow [TS]

  the notifications on there I just have it if I feel like I want to take a look [TS]

  at them then I will open the app but I don't have it every time some of the [TS]

  comment about it because it sounds like posting a video makes a really big [TS]

  impact on your life like it derails things like four days you know that is [TS]

  there is fair to say that the minimum derailment is is four days the two days [TS]

  of animation posting and then two days off work essentially effectively more [TS]

  often than not maybe it basically blows out all week [TS]

  yeah that's fair enough to say do you think that this impact is maybe one of [TS]

  the things that prevents you from making more than you do well how do you mean [TS]

  that well both I guess emotionally entire Moyes the word with the way that [TS]

  you do things the way you react to things and and how you do take them and [TS]

  deal with them every time you post a video you lose one whole week which [TS]

  pushes everything else out further weaken the so maybe matter if you had a [TS]

  video every week it would never work because you'd never be able to take that [TS]

  time off with john also means you can't do every two weeks and I to do you think [TS]

  they affect you have tried very hard to do more animation sooner but I have just [TS]

  found that this it takes longer trying to spread it out in 26 afternoons [TS]

  instead of just two or three solid days so there are there are ways in which I [TS]

  think if I was if I was able to lessen the impact of that one week it might [TS]

  actually take longer overall to make videos [TS]

  those I don't I don't think I would ever get rid of the two days off because [TS]

  quite frankly I look forward to that is a huge relief show gift thank God I put [TS]

  this thing up it's done it's over and now I'm going to take two days of just [TS]

  guilt-free I don't have to do anything i mean this is something else that we can [TS]

  talk about on another show but the the biggest downside of being self-employed [TS]

  is the the constant feeling that there is always something you could be doing [TS]

  there's there's never not more and more that you can do and again this year I [TS]

  had been trying very hard to carve out one day a week [TS]

  regularly where I don't do any work and I can just spend time with my wife and [TS]

  that has that has been very hard to actually achieve you have one day where [TS]

  I say you know what I'm not going to do work on this Saturday so that's one of [TS]

  the reasons why the two days of a relaxing after the video goes up they [TS]

  are they are important because it's the only time that my brain can really let [TS]

  go and say you don't need to be working on a video right now because you just [TS]

  put up a video you'd just put up a video nobody is expecting a video three days [TS]

  from now there's not going to happen you can actually just relax and see how this [TS]

  one [TS]

  see how this one turns out yes this is why I was like thinking about getting [TS]

  the shedding thing we're going to talk about generally at some point as well I [TS]

  know it's something many people always ask you like you know give you more [TS]

  videos and there is a maybe more videos you can make more money you could double [TS]

  your income that they're a definite reasons for you that you would want to [TS]

  make it is how is Joe good people but is not a joke that nobody has more reasons [TS]

  to release more videos than me but people don't seem to believe that it's [TS]

  it's it's a very interesting position to be in but because of the Garridos maybe [TS]

  something just about you that prevent you from doing that because of the way [TS]

  the approaches and that you need to have take that time to build back up again to [TS]

  like take that break and carry on [TS]

  is not renewed criticism or commentary [TS]

  feels like that this is part of the reason that the schedule if you call it [TS]

  that is as it is [TS]

  yeah the the the thing that I've tried to explain on read it a few times is [TS]

  what we're talking about today all of the stuff we're talking about some of [TS]

  the details about what happens just before and just after launch day but the [TS]

  real bottleneck in the whole process is actually the writing which is the part [TS]

  that nobody sees and is is the least interesting too many people in some ways [TS]

  is is how the writing happens and that that is the one part that is this lowest [TS]

  part where the animations are all waiting on a completed script and I have [TS]

  I have come to terms over the past year with the speed at which I right which is [TS]

  apparently very slow compared to other people who write and I don't think that [TS]

  there is anything that I can try that I haven't already tried to increase that I [TS]

  am working at optimal capacity for my writing and that is really the part that [TS]

  slows the whole thing down if scripts just appeared completed I could do more [TS]

  animations and I could really see video every three weeks instead of every six [TS]

  weeks if script just appeared that would be possible but it's it is really the [TS]

  scripts that slow down the whole process that is the true bottleneck this episode [TS]

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  supporting is here a real AFM Squarespace build a beautiful did you [TS]

  hire anybody to make any of this any easier or is there an element which is I [TS]

  think perfectly fine which is something that you complain about me a lot to me [TS]

  that the weather I work do you feel that you have to do list of yourself like you [TS]

  could give it to somebody but you just can't do this this is a whole other [TS]

  topic [TS]

  yeah I will say I will say in brief to answer that question that I have [TS]

  attempted to hire people to help me out with it and for the kind of thing that I [TS]

  do it has always been a negative amount of help that it is it is worse and takes [TS]

  longer than doing it myself that the kinds of things that I could have people [TS]

  helping out with ya I have had people I have tried to hire people to help me [TS]

  with certain parts of the animation which are just tedious to do but easy to [TS]

  explain and it's always come back in a way where they go great well now I just [TS]

  have a thing to fix and then fixing this thing takes longer than it would have [TS]

  just taken for me to do it plus the time that it takes to explain to the person [TS]

  in the back and forth so that has that has not worked out well I will casually [TS]

  reference herein may we can talk about it some point in the future I did it 1 [TS]

  points [TS]

  people know I have very many secret projects that I'm always working on one [TS]

  of the secret project that I killed was attempting to put together a new YouTube [TS]

  channel in which I would work in an editorial function and try to manage a [TS]

  team of people to put that to put out videos on a much more frequent basis but [TS]

  that also just that did not work out for a variety of reasons that that we can [TS]

  talk about I think that kind of project of starting something from the beginning [TS]

  with the idea of this is going to be [TS]

  a team of people who makes things that has way more possibility to succeed but [TS]

  my videos it's very hard to have people help me i i likey easily have a little [TS]

  bit of help with the fact-checking but the animations and the script are so [TS]

  closely connected that is there isn't room for someone else to really help out [TS]

  with us we are gonna look at a case study of the great editorial YouTube [TS]

  channel at some point in the future and try and understand why it didn't work I [TS]

  don't know if we don't know we will but i just people always wonder what my [TS]

  secret project sorry I don't often like to talk about them but you have just [TS]

  revealed once and I think it will be very interesting to take a look at that [TS]

  as a as a as a to try and understand a little bit more around the whole process [TS]

  as we talk about is how far you let that go before it was like those yeah that [TS]

  was that was killed in the relatively early stages for a bunch of reasons but [TS]

  will yeah we'll save that will save that for later let's do some ass great the [TS]

  right so Matthew via Twitter asked do you have a work uniform to do have [TS]

  clothes you every day do you have clothes were on specific days to pair [TS]

  with different tasks [TS]

  this is a comment piece of advice for the self-employed and especially the [TS]

  newly self-employed which is don't show up to your work in your jammies to [TS]

  pretend like you're still a respectable member of society and actually get [TS]

  dressed for work and this is something that I definitely did when I first [TS]

  started working on my own but I did this in the beginning and I did find it [TS]

  helpful but it was partly that I used to have this whole set of white collared [TS]

  shirt that I used to wear to work my actual job all the time for some actual [TS]

  job and to where it's high in a blazer [TS]

  is very happy to ditch those but when I first started working on my own I did [TS]

  stick with ok I'm going to try to put on the white collared shirt and this is [TS]

  this is me working and then at the end of the work day I'm going to take it off [TS]

  and just put on a regular t-shirt I I think he was a little bit helpful at the [TS]

  beginning but I i drop that after a while [TS]

  partly because those white shirts were coming to their end of their life and I [TS]

  thought I'm not looking to buy more white businesses this isn't going to [TS]

  happen I think that's a bit of I don't want to say a crutch because I know [TS]

  people who still do it and find it useful but for me it was it was it was a [TS]

  crash that helped me get over the dislike difficult transition of being [TS]

  employed to being self-employed I don't feel like I need that now but it's also [TS]

  because they have a really hard time finding a men's colored shirt that I [TS]

  find acceptable this has been a frustration of my life for years I think [TS]

  in the week that I became self employed at my best suited to his suits to work [TS]

  force it took all of them and put them into vacuum bags and I did to them and [TS]

  now they've been under my bed and they will they do not come out until couple [TS]

  of weeks ago when it needed a super something in those bags and and I pulled [TS]

  it out but I over the event many years of accumulated large selection of nerdy [TS]

  t-shirts I like that from websites like and I never really had the chance to [TS]

  wear them you know I've maybe wear them for like PJs or whatever but now they [TS]

  are my uniform dirty T-shirts everyday I'm still looking for a daily wear [TS]

  uniform for myself just in the sense of I want things to be the same all the [TS]

  time but I have not satisfactorily found shirts that work with us you have a set [TS]

  of black t-shirts that I normally wear [TS]

  r by I'm I'm always on the quest for the perfect black t-shirt the same thing [TS]

  with the college early I'm on a quest for the perfect collared shirt then when [TS]

  they go into stories and take a look at their shirts and they always there [TS]

  always lacking to me and it is sad but when I find the perfect shirts this day [TS]

  will happen one day I will just buy a hundred of them just have them and they [TS]

  are always the same but yeah everything that I have come across is sadly lacking [TS]

  to save him from needing to send you a message and description Marco Arment [TS]

  will suggest you to check out Uniqlo Uniqlo he had he buys black t-shirts I [TS]

  believed from Uniqlo and says that they are they are the perfect teacher he has [TS]

  found as he market does that is just the same t-shirt and jeans [TS]

  lots of them and this is Marco Arment no ATP [TS]

  ok they have colored shirts though this is a teacher ok here internet you can [TS]

  help me out here internet news of cortex here's here's what I want in a black [TS]

  collared shirt I don't think I'm asking for a lot but apparently this is like [TS]

  asking for the moon I want a black collared shirt long sleeves with a [TS]

  pocket on the left hand side I want the buttons to not be shiny white or [TS]

  anything I want them to be black buttons and I don't know the name for this but I [TS]

  want the the bottom part of the shirt to be a straight cut around you know me and [TS]

  Mike do this time for this your fashionable guy you know how some men [TS]

  shirts they have like semi circles in the front and back and some NGOs orkut [TS]

  flat what is that you should know this time I have no idea but I know exactly [TS]

  yeah you know what I'm talking about [TS]

  so when it cut flat on the bottom and this is this is always the deal breaker [TS]

  part should the doesn't [TS]

  wrinkle all to hell at the slightest touch I am NOT going to be looking to be [TS]

  ironing my shirts this is not going to happen I have I have honestly thought [TS]

  about trying to found my own colored shirt manufacturing listen what is it [TS]

  gonna take like how much how much start-up money do I need here to [TS]

  purchase time at a clothing factory [TS]

  ok here's a man shirt but when we wrinkle free I want to do this what [TS]

  could have possibly take and then I'll start a company that just sells one kind [TS]

  of men's collared shirt I have no joke seriously considered doing this because [TS]

  I cannot find a collared shirt that is acceptable to me to think this is funny [TS]

  I just like the idea that you said that you have seriously considered starting [TS]

  our own clothing brand yeah basically I really have I I have looked into how [TS]

  this works if you want to get clothing manufacturer Daniel would like to know [TS]

  what your preferred email at some reason this seems to be a controversial choice [TS]

  I like mailed out I use Apple's [TS]

  yes ok this is this is you kayy is this no good I have one major problem with [TS]

  mail that I don't know why this happens if you are reading an email to you an [TS]

  email and you reply to an email for you are coming [TS]

  opens the next email Anna marks the emails read that is not what I wanted to [TS]

  happen just because I deal with one email doesn't mean I need to deal with [TS]

  the next email and so on that that that one piece of interaction really really [TS]

  frustrates me I think this only happens on the Mac probably have an iOS I don't [TS]

  use them I think it happened on iOS while I'm 90% sure how I never even [TS]

  think about this behavior this this is this goes right to the heart of how [TS]

  differently we deal with you mail which should be a separate show so that's your [TS]

  only complaint that's my major complain life and being a little bit slow it [TS]

  frustrates me that if somebody if you have if you could have to be changed a [TS]

  million emails or someone but if your address book they will not populating [TS]

  the To field when you start writing an email if you put a brand new email just [TS]

  type like grave I don't have your email address book just refuses to find them [TS]

  but will find the magically if I try to search for you this sounds like a [TS]

  feature to me these both sides are these both are features yeah and now features [TS]

  do I find useful in mailbox mailbox that your and then that cap is rough because [TS]

  it's a beta so it has a million of problems but the features of mailbox the [TS]

  system stuff that I really like the ability to organize messages into any [TS]

  arbitrary view that you want to drag and drop around list you can set things this [TS]

  news I really like that all of those features a great features I enjoy very [TS]

  much more detail that something terrible way to do this [TS]

  the best say you use mail universally [TS]

  really look at my email archives everything so it's it's getting close to [TS]

  that lili ok call us this question this is so genius I love this so in regards [TS]

  to last week we were talking about complaints about the Apple watch where [TS]

  you were saying that you wished the watch charged quickly so you can wear it [TS]

  and sleep and wake you up and then you could like maybe put it down for 20 [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  charging your day and then get up and you're ready and watched enough battery [TS]

  life to get through the day because you miss the fleet tracking contrast why [TS]

  don't you just have redundant watches like you have done and iPads charge one [TS]

  during the daytime which you use nighttime sleep slightly then you could [TS]

  charge that one and pick up the new one and we use that for the day [TS]

  funny timing for this one because between between the last episode of [TS]

  cortex in this one actually there to Apple watches in my house right now [TS]

  because my real Apple watch the one that I had my heart set on finally arrived [TS]

  and the one that I have been using a bit thinking of just my temporary Apple [TS]

  watch you got the super fancy I got the evil empire edition which is that black [TS]

  link bracelet one which I really really like I'm very happy to have that i very [TS]

  much look forward to seeing that and hopefully trying it on now that I'm not [TS]

  sure if you wear this is the most intimate device that Apple has ever made [TS]

  I'm not I'm not letting you try on the most intimate device attached to my body [TS]

  all the time that would feel really weird [TS]

  I don't know man and I would never let anyone try on my watch you have one of [TS]

  my prized pens oh that man by the way man that is awful I keep meaning to tell [TS]

  you that is terrible [TS]

  have many things to complain about that panel we meet in person that's been [TS]

  sitting in my bag it was just another option for back to me but to return to [TS]

  the watches so I happened to have to watch as the the one that I have been [TS]

  using is on its way out now it is is destined for a person who doesn't yet [TS]

  know they're going to receive it but it is going to be elsewhere I'm not keeping [TS]

  two watches but the thing that I noticed when I got the new one is that Apple I [TS]

  think quite sensibly doesn't actually allow you to have two watches set up [TS]

  with one phone even if you wanted to say let's let's say you're some crazy [TS]

  multi-millionaire you want to have multiple gold watches Apple won't let [TS]

  you do that you have two unpaired the watch the end like to read go through a [TS]

  kind of load from backup irritating semi setup process for switching over the [TS]

  watches so even if you wanted to be a crazy person who had a redundant watches [TS]

  which i think is a little bizarre [TS]

  Apple's saying no one this one putting down their footing so you can't have [TS]

  done it watches I don't know if you can start throwing the bizarre tiger and you [TS]

  do have like three iPads and use yes but there are using iPads will be used for [TS]

  the two watches want to try to sleep [TS]

  want to go about your day with ok but even even if even if you could parents [TS]

  who watches this notion of using the watch to track your sleep with a [TS]

  redundant one that wouldn't it wouldn't work anyway the watch isn't designed for [TS]

  that and I don't think this asleep tracking with the current state of it [TS]

  would even work overnight anyway it was there is no point in the world to having [TS]

  to Apple watches this is a solution for nobody's problem this is this [TS]

  accomplishes nothing whereas you know there are many many cases of [TS]

  of more than one iPad being useful this is not possible however however since we [TS]

  talked about the watches last time I thought oh I have an idea there [TS]

  something I can do which sort of works that have been trying this for five days [TS]

  and so far been pretty happy [TS]

  here's what I've been up to my most days my Apple watch battery doesn't get below [TS]

  50 or sometimes sixty percent because I don't use it for almost anything except [TS]

  receiving notifications I don't use glances I don't use apps I don't use any [TS]

  of this stuff my battery life is already pretty great so what I've been doing is [TS]

  that ok here's here's what's going to happen I am actually going to wear the [TS]

  watch overnight and set an alarm on it to wake me up in the morning through the [TS]

  tactic engine so what I have been doing is when I'm getting ready for bed I've [TS]

  been putting the watch on the charging stand and in the time it takes me to get [TS]

  ready for bed doing the brushing of the teeth flossing you know all the stuff [TS]

  you do the watch can almost always get from fifty or sixty percent back up to [TS]

  80 or 90% and then this is the trick I put the watch into airplane mode before [TS]

  I go to sleep so this way it's not even trying to connect to anything wirelessly [TS]

  it's just sitting there on my wrist and then in the morning when the alarm time [TS]

  rolls around it silently taps my rest until I wake up and so far I really like [TS]

  this it's obviously not tracking my sleep but I have been really bothered by [TS]

  not having an effective alarm in the morning that doesn't also bother my wife [TS]

  the sleep cycle app I have been using my phone has been the app is very good it's [TS]

  just my circumstances in using it or not [TS]

  with using it with the iPhone 6 but the stuff we talked about last time so for [TS]

  these five days I have been very happy with my silent alarm which is the watch [TS]

  in the morning and I have been having any anybody battery problems doing this [TS]

  at all that's what I've been up to that I've been testing out so you not like [TS]

  chasing an empty battery is not like every day goes down by 5% for example [TS]

  know that's what I've been keeping an eye on I have temporarily put on the the [TS]

  battery indicator as a complication on my watch so I can keep an eye on ok how [TS]

  is this working how's it going and it does not seem like I'm chasing down the [TS]

  battery but even if it is the Apple watch gets to 80% so fast that if I'd [TS]

  accidentally leave it a little bit longer one night it'll it'll charge up [TS]

  more last night it happened to get almost up to 100% because whatever was [TS]

  it took a little longer getting ready for bed than I normally do so it it [TS]

  definitely is the case that within this window of sleeping with it overnight in [TS]

  airplane mode and then using it throughout the day when I put it on the [TS]

  charging stand at night the watch is still very consistently at fifty or [TS]

  sixty and then in that twenty or thirty minutes it gets up to 80 or 90% and then [TS]

  you know you could do the same in the morning when you getting ready in the [TS]

  morning go get ready in the morning I originally thought that I needed to do [TS]

  that but it became obvious pretty quickly that I didn't actually need to [TS]

  do that so I don't have to like I always want to think about fewer things and so [TS]

  I think this is perfectly satisfactory be charging it at night just before I go [TS]

  to bed use it as it is used it as a silent alarm clock in the morning I'm [TS]

  very happy with this is my suggestion for people who have watches his life is [TS]

  not a dirty word I know I know you're doing it because because of what does [TS]

  word has become let's not get into this habit a life though so it's a fact of [TS]

  life trick [TS]

  I'm not accepting any of this nonsense the thing that I'm trying that is [TS]

  working out so far if you like to leave us with feedback or questions or [TS]

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