The Talk Show

25: A Therapeutic Dose of Imodium, with Merlin Mann


00:00:00   I have a bit of a cold can hear it just

00:00:03   when you sniffle what kind of culture

00:00:05   got I got the good kind

00:00:07   I got the kind of don't i don't feel

00:00:08   like my whole body doesn't feel sick and

00:00:10   I only feel sick from like the neck up

00:00:13   I feel like a constipated that's a good

00:00:15   girl it's a good called I don't feel I

00:00:17   hate a long cold now it's not a long

00:00:19   cold it's it's it i feel like my head is

00:00:22   a prop in a Nickelodeon TV show

00:00:26   uh-huh uh-huh right just take it down

00:00:30   from the shelf and snap it around if you

00:00:32   stay with code word then this dinner

00:00:34   then all the group is gonna is gonna

00:00:35   come gushing out

00:00:37   oh god that was weird like I seem to

00:00:40   like that goop little too much when

00:00:44   there's some cute girl over the music

00:00:45   career that was on there

00:00:47   oh yeah otherwise i wanted some light on

00:00:49   that my sister used to watch that show

00:00:52   so the and so therefore i used to watch

00:00:54   that show because what else are you

00:00:57   going to do when someone else in your

00:00:59   family with one TV set is watching the

00:01:01   show that you don't even enjoy and that

00:01:04   you're going to sit there and comment

00:01:05   about how you don't enjoy it every

00:01:06   single day during a half hour that it's

00:01:08   not there is nothing else in the

00:01:09   universe you could do during that time

00:01:11   then to sit there and complain about it

00:01:14   mm it's like a chain together because

00:01:16   there's times when you're going to watch

00:01:17   your baseball or whatever and she's

00:01:19   going to be moaning and so you could

00:01:21   always in cause a reaction similar to

00:01:24   that when you watch it or as i

00:01:26   understand i'm an only child as you know

00:01:28   but you can also hit her understand I

00:01:30   wish I was an only child

00:01:32   mm I you know I never looked back to I

00:01:35   gotta tell you the truth there's you

00:01:37   know I few things get under my skin the

00:01:39   way the phrase just the one gets under

00:01:42   my skin

00:01:43   I don't know why that bothers bothers me

00:01:44   so much but it really really bugs me and

00:01:47   and I as an only child my daughter that

00:01:50   are my wife is the youngest of seven so

00:01:52   she she know that that's close to being

00:01:55   an only child

00:01:56   it is an injury when you're the youngest

00:01:58   you're very you you well I think there's

00:02:00   really only one only child in a seven

00:02:01   child family that's the oldest they take

00:02:04   a thousand pictures that kid they take

00:02:05   500 pictures in this connection you can

00:02:07   do the math there's one picture of my

00:02:08   daughter play something a little bit

00:02:11   about it

00:02:11   i think is one of her like getting a

00:02:14   broken arm set in the garage or

00:02:16   something with that perfect i'll be

00:02:19   honest i find that stopping over x-ray

00:02:20   it just says Madeline 1978 it's rubbed

00:02:27   off and just broken wrists but you're

00:02:30   doing well you certainly sound you sound

00:02:31   great for Sigma now you see my command

00:02:33   is not afraid to to tweak his body with

00:02:36   the chemicals are indeed we take for

00:02:39   that you do a sudafed you go go to the

00:02:40   pharmacy now here if we want to get

00:02:42   sudafed the real thing

00:02:44   the stuff that really works you gotta go

00:02:46   I guess its federal do you have to go to

00:02:48   the pharmacy and plopped down in july i

00:02:50   have honestly given up on legitimate

00:02:52   sudafed I don't know that we have any

00:02:55   might have some stashed away somewhere

00:02:56   where I used to I used to always suffer

00:02:59   and and take nothing and then Amy would

00:03:01   tell me you're an idiot you're all

00:03:03   stuffed up you got to take some sudafed

00:03:04   and i would take some sudafed and then I

00:03:06   would realize you know this is a there's

00:03:08   a there's a medicine that actually does

00:03:11   what it's supposed to do but it really

00:03:15   isit's yeah i know you you've used one

00:03:18   of your recurring bit but the way you

00:03:20   know the the the but hoops you have to

00:03:22   jump through now to buy sudafed united

00:03:24   states are so absurd that it i realized

00:03:26   i was a bit i polished not even a bit

00:03:27   but it's it's a very frustrating

00:03:30   yeah because it's you know it's

00:03:31   something that actually worked it worked

00:03:34   as you know people people used to walk

00:03:36   in there in the days when I would enjoy

00:03:38   faedron it used to be you could walk in

00:03:40   there the ephedrine that I used to get

00:03:42   the really good stuff the unadulterated

00:03:43   unadulterated stuff that i would buy for

00:03:45   band practice in the eighties you get a

00:03:47   bottle of like think 50 for three

00:03:50   dollars American seeing a malt liquor

00:03:52   and fifty ephedrine for less than five

00:03:54   bucks so you know that's right company

00:03:57   so people go in there and these these

00:03:58   low-level doofuses would go in and steal

00:04:01   packages and packages sudafed and then I

00:04:03   guess make a small amount of my theory

00:04:06   on this is that it is to stop illegal

00:04:08   drug production i believe but you know

00:04:10   you watch more movies I don't think

00:04:12   that's how you do it you want to

00:04:13   lufthansa level heights you're not gonna

00:04:15   go to walgreens for times like you're

00:04:16   going to think bigger

00:04:17   I think you have hijacked a truck you'll

00:04:19   stick something in your gang jacket and

00:04:21   walk out yeah I don't understand why it

00:04:23   can't just be a

00:04:25   using a ball limit you know that you

00:04:27   could buy 10 24 capsules in a single

00:04:31   transaction at the counter because if

00:04:34   you if you know Phyllis some kind of

00:04:35   reasonable limit like that then how

00:04:36   would you possibly a mass large-scale

00:04:39   amounts of this stuff wouldn't be worth

00:04:40   it i mean you definitely you know what

00:04:42   if you just hop around town to every

00:04:43   single walgreens that you would get you

00:04:47   know picking up 24 at a time that dead

00:04:49   but by the end of the day you'd end up

00:04:51   with don't know you know hundred and

00:04:53   forty capsules give a sense of how much

00:04:55   meth you could make on a day like that i

00:04:56   don't know i don't know i'm guessing not

00:04:58   like a lot even if you have a bathtub

00:05:00   and the right chemicals i bet you can't

00:05:02   make a time math with that much cold

00:05:04   medicine yeah I just don't get it i feel

00:05:05   like it's over reaction and I've i never

00:05:08   i personally have never and enjoyed

00:05:10   sudafed and I i guess i feel that way

00:05:12   about a lot of former college illogical

00:05:16   you let go in the other direction

00:05:18   yeah I like you like something that

00:05:20   comes with fellow yeah exactly exactly

00:05:22   what i don't need is we have cold like

00:05:24   this i don't i don't need anything

00:05:26   soon you don't you ever do the theraflu

00:05:29   I've tried crap like that never does

00:05:32   anything em they're flowing imodium and

00:05:34   that's what keeps this country running

00:05:36   hey I would get so much less

00:05:40   accomplished in the aggregate without

00:05:42   this two things i'm not saying take them

00:05:44   at once unless you're gonna drink a lot

00:05:45   of water but it's nice you know it's

00:05:47   like Nietzsche says it's nice to know

00:05:48   it's there

00:05:50   the motive is is I was one of the best

00:05:53   named best put a name they came up with

00:05:56   the mode foot

00:05:58   what would you have called it I don't

00:05:59   know but somehow it connotes what it

00:06:01   does without being gross and you know

00:06:03   that that's you know that that's what

00:06:05   the meeting was that somebody at the

00:06:07   meeting they they said look we're

00:06:08   nobody's getting up from this table

00:06:10   until we come up with a name for this

00:06:11   thing right we know it works reasonably

00:06:14   happens to show networks it

00:06:17   yeah the the pointy headed guy from the

00:06:20   lab is like well it has to end with a

00:06:21   modem it has to end with odium for legal

00:06:23   reasons and yeah but what people get a

00:06:25   sense that it works immediately

00:06:28   wait a minute well let's go to the

00:06:30   whiteboard immediate code and I got no

00:06:34   impacted

00:06:36   sure sure everything is a modem is like

00:06:40   be really went beer in mobile you'll eat

00:06:42   you pay for imodium a couple days later

00:06:44   I don't want the real your show but just

00:06:46   so you know if you take a lot of imodium

00:06:48   like a therapeutic dose it doesn't mean

00:06:51   it goes away

00:06:52   you know what i mean it's it's like

00:06:54   you're basically you're sweeping that

00:06:56   detris under the rug and that rug will

00:06:58   eventually get full probably kind of

00:07:00   gross i'm also i also would like to find

00:07:03   out what you really show but i would

00:07:04   like to thank you also for first of all

00:07:05   making me really want what's the name of

00:07:08   that drink

00:07:09   Henry box Brown oh my god that sounds so

00:07:12   good and also I'm just very grateful

00:07:16   that you have taught me about the

00:07:18   existence of mr. Henry box Brown always

00:07:20   another great story isn't it was an

00:07:22   urban myth and I can't believe that's

00:07:23   real

00:07:24   there's a couple of mean I could go on

00:07:26   and on and on about Hopsin under mat and

00:07:28   someday like I want to come to

00:07:29   Philadelphia just to go to someday I

00:07:31   want to I you know you're on you're the

00:07:33   guy who I know if I could get you in the

00:07:36   right mood you would love it but you're

00:07:37   the one friend of mine who I worry that

00:07:40   that maybe you wouldn't is a fan is it

00:07:44   like talking about your drink guy rolled

00:07:45   up sleeves don't know you but but but

00:07:47   you you you might worry that it is when

00:07:50   you get there you might think all this

00:07:52   is going to be one of those places but

00:07:53   it's not i think if i get a couple box

00:07:55   Browns under my belt i'm going to help

00:07:56   right right one of the things is and and

00:07:59   and you're going to use you hear this

00:08:01   and i know you're going to worry that

00:08:02   the place odds that place there's ok

00:08:04   there's no signage there's no marking on

00:08:06   the outside that says this is Hopsin

00:08:08   line no Matt and in fact it's in a

00:08:10   stretch of Chinatown here in

00:08:11   Philadelphia is on the side of the

00:08:13   street where it you really wouldn't

00:08:14   think there's any open retail

00:08:15   establishments on that street on the

00:08:17   other side of the street there's a

00:08:18   couple of nice chinese restaurants but

00:08:21   on this side of the street it looks like

00:08:23   everything's closed including the

00:08:25   building where Hopsin yes and there's

00:08:27   just a little love

00:08:28   there's a like metal gate in front of

00:08:30   the door and a little buzzer to ring the

00:08:32   buzzer and maybe the guy comes out maybe

00:08:35   nobody comes out and you just stand

00:08:37   there in your weight and eventually

00:08:38   somebody comes out and if there is any

00:08:42   room available they will let you in and

00:08:44   if there is no room available they will

00:08:45   tell you

00:08:47   then you'll have to wait because they

00:08:50   don't want anybody it's a type of place

00:08:51   and I appreciate this is some more like

00:08:53   you're almost like a restaurant where

00:08:54   you're not allowed to just stand around

00:08:56   either have a seat at the bar or you

00:08:58   have a table or you're not inside yet

00:09:01   they have a little auntie room for you

00:09:04   come in and and lead the owner you will

00:09:09   explain the rules of the place to the

00:09:10   antechamber the entire floor is paved

00:09:13   with tails up pennies from corner to

00:09:18   corner

00:09:19   well except there's two or three of them

00:09:22   their heads up if you look closely it's

00:09:25   beautiful though it's really really have

00:09:27   a they have rules and apparently they

00:09:29   have is it accurate they have a dress

00:09:30   code they do have a dress code

00:09:32   just like the number one Google searches

00:09:34   like four hops along the address

00:09:35   definitely a dress code you cannot you

00:09:37   can't get in there with shorts not

00:09:39   really a problem at this time of year

00:09:40   but no shorts no flip-flops gotta look

00:09:44   like an adult that should that should

00:09:46   just be a rule everywhere i think is

00:09:48   sneakers might be a problem

00:09:50   i I'm not sure so that might be the one

00:09:54   thing that I in John just what I will I

00:09:57   will make it work

00:09:58   I'm gonna come here just for that I will

00:09:59   make it work because this and it's the

00:10:01   key to this is the than if i meet you

00:10:04   want maybe you want to tell your

00:10:05   audience with this is it sounds like a

00:10:07   very deceptively simple drought that has

00:10:10   a couple of important well I'll tell you

00:10:11   the first time I had the first time I

00:10:13   had it I've been intrigued by hop sing

00:10:14   ever since I heard about it and it was

00:10:16   supposed to open

00:10:17   I don't know your and a half ago or

00:10:18   something like that and i had my eye on

00:10:20   it and kept checking a couple of the was

00:10:23   like the only thing that made me check

00:10:24   the Philadelphia food blogs and stuff

00:10:27   like that and it never seen you know and

00:10:30   I'd go past it and look and of course

00:10:32   and even now it doesn't really look like

00:10:33   it's open but there was never any spread

00:10:35   sign that the thing was ever getting

00:10:37   closer to opening and then about a year

00:10:42   ago it was supposed to open right after

00:10:45   like new years you know 11 months ago or

00:10:48   whatever it was it was getting rumored

00:10:50   that it was going to be was going to

00:10:51   open soon and the word was that if you

00:10:54   don't follow him on Twitter that you can

00:10:57   maybe get invited in early so I just all

00:10:58   I did was follow the guy and and I don't

00:11:02   know week or two later I got like a I

00:11:05   don't know there's a gnat reply or DM or

00:11:06   something but it was you know you if you

00:11:08   want to come in for a tasting we're

00:11:09   having a tasting invitation-only tasting

00:11:12   tuesday night you want to come in and I

00:11:14   was like yeah of course although i had

00:11:17   no you know what actually I could just

00:11:20   go on and on with this guy that is so

00:11:22   great

00:11:23   actually what he did was that before i

00:11:25   got invited to the tasting he invited me

00:11:27   and Amy to come in one afternoon just to

00:11:29   see the place that's right I said I

00:11:31   didn't get a drink the first time I went

00:11:33   in

00:11:33   so Amy and I come over it's like a

00:11:36   Tuesday afternoon and Jonas stone school

00:11:38   and he lets us in were you hoping just

00:11:44   curiosity when you went there all

00:11:46   Genesis at school we kind of hoping to

00:11:48   get a drink now I because I didn't think

00:11:51   it was even legal because i don't think

00:11:52   that it was you know I mean they're just

00:11:54   like a lot of Licensing type situation

00:11:57   not that you can't you know

00:11:58   pour one out you know on this like to

00:12:00   see had one before you write but we go

00:12:01   in and we come in the main room and it

00:12:04   really is it's just a beautiful it's

00:12:06   just beautiful I can't do any justice to

00:12:08   I mean there's a couple of photographs

00:12:09   that are out there of the room but it

00:12:11   really is just a beautiful place and he

00:12:12   was showing us some of the stuff but the

00:12:14   whole time

00:12:15   there's a guy sitting at a table in the

00:12:17   middle of the room a young guy maybe at

00:12:19   22 23 and and then offhandedly we have

00:12:23   no what we have no idea who he is he's

00:12:24   just sitting there like sort of very

00:12:26   straight back in about five minutes in

00:12:28   li lets us know that this guy was in

00:12:30   here he's in here interviewing for a job

00:12:32   as a bartender and in the meantime

00:12:34   Natalie isn't paying any attention to

00:12:36   him and he apparently abandoned the

00:12:38   interview halfway to give me any of this

00:12:40   tour of the place and I think it was a

00:12:44   total fight club situation where he was

00:12:46   testing the guy you know like what are

00:12:49   you going to do if i stop this job

00:12:50   interview halfway through to give these

00:12:53   other two people a tour of of the bar

00:12:55   and none of us acknowledge you for 30

00:12:57   minutes

00:12:58   it's a kind of an employment hazing yeah

00:13:00   i think so let's see let's see if you're

00:13:02   gonna make it here Johnny right that's

00:13:04   good

00:13:04   but you know one of the things that hit

00:13:06   me right and struck me right away on

00:13:07   that even on that tour is that he really

00:13:09   does have the most extraordinary

00:13:12   selection of liquor I've ever seen in my

00:13:15   entire life in terms of Bourbons and the

00:13:19   stuff that i like it then and can judge

00:13:21   that the quality of the collection I

00:13:23   mean it's really is sort of a uh I don't

00:13:25   know like a Stephen King type story

00:13:27   where he's he's pulled some of this

00:13:29   stuff from another universe you know

00:13:31   like all sorts of stuff I've ever i've

00:13:33   never even heard of over here for roses

00:13:34   bourbon pretty good on ya ya i get

00:13:39   confused because there's a there's a

00:13:40   there's a bomb wine with roses and I no

00:13:42   no there were differences you know for

00:13:44   roses is pretty good and I think its

00:13:46   general runnin around 30-35 dollars

00:13:48   really good stuff and then there's

00:13:50   somebody sent me a bottle of that once

00:13:51   it was true yeah it's really good and

00:13:53   then there's a four roses something

00:13:55   something maybe I have four roses select

00:13:57   or something like that which i have seen

00:13:58   as well and I think it's maybe like ten

00:14:00   dollars more

00:14:01   he has four different for roses bourbon

00:14:05   he's got four roses the four roses other

00:14:07   thing that I've heard and he's got these

00:14:08   other two that I like where do you get

00:14:11   how do you even get that how do you how

00:14:12   do you get that at right it just right

00:14:14   down the line with all of you know all

00:14:16   your favorite distillers he's just got a

00:14:18   black maple hill which is really good

00:14:21   stuff but then he's got black maple hill

00:14:23   black label which died

00:14:25   you can't get it I don't even know where

00:14:26   did it's like he made it up it's like

00:14:28   he's got this one bottle of black maple

00:14:29   hill Black Label bourbon so I was super

00:14:32   super impressed

00:14:33   long story short a week or two later I

00:14:35   get invited to a tasting at places and

00:14:36   open yet and the way the tasting went is

00:14:40   it was I don't know seven or eight of us

00:14:42   and we don't get to pick anything he

00:14:45   said here this is your first strength

00:14:46   and we know and and you know you tell me

00:14:52   what you think about what do you think

00:14:53   it is and I can tell right away it was

00:14:55   sort of like a screwdriver it was gonna

00:14:57   definitely orange juice that I could

00:15:00   only guess because of the lack of any

00:15:02   other strong taste that it was vodka but

00:15:04   there was like a frothy nasaan top i had

00:15:05   no idea what he added and ends up nope

00:15:09   it's just a screwdriver just a just

00:15:12   fresh extracted is testing fresh

00:15:15   extracted orange juice

00:15:17   and an ultimate UL matv vodka but

00:15:24   because it was fresh extracted juice it

00:15:26   like had this frothiness to it that was

00:15:28   amazing and then the next drink he gave

00:15:29   me was the Henry box Brown which is

00:15:32   fresh extracted red grape juice and

00:15:36   eldorado 15 you're aged rum but here's

00:15:39   the thing he gave me that drink and so

00:15:41   what you know what do you do anything

00:15:42   number one I loved it it was just

00:15:44   unbelievable it's just unbelievable

00:15:46   drink it's it's so refreshing but it's

00:15:49   also clearly like a very very very busy

00:15:52   drink but I had no idea what was in it

00:15:54   I had no idea i couldn't tell it was

00:15:56   grape juice I couldn't tell that it was

00:15:58   wrong i was like guys that like I was

00:16:01   like I I don't know

00:16:03   and because I've never heard of that

00:16:05   I've never in my life heard of anybody

00:16:06   mixing grape juice and rum and in fact

00:16:08   that's all there is in the drink you

00:16:11   know you hear rum and you think stuff

00:16:13   like you know you think tiki drinks hero

00:16:15   pineapple i think i think it's like a

00:16:17   headache like I can't drink a lot of rum

00:16:18   well-run get I don't enjoy it like the

00:16:21   way I enjoy purpose yeah well and rum

00:16:23   I've done what I know I don't have I

00:16:25   note that symbol full about room

00:16:27   compared to want to know about bourbon

00:16:28   but one of the problems with rum is that

00:16:30   unlike a lot of other liquor around the

00:16:32   world there's it's unregulated so like

00:16:34   there's a lot you can't call something

00:16:35   mean you can't just get together with

00:16:37   some some stuff and make something call

00:16:39   it bourbon burger champagne champagne

00:16:41   exactly exactly like champagne it's very

00:16:43   highly regulated you have to i think

00:16:45   even it's so regulated you have to make

00:16:47   bourbon and tennessee I don't think you

00:16:49   can even call apartment didn't come out

00:16:50   of Tennessee something i don't know but

00:16:54   it's really ended on the percentage of

00:16:56   of wheat vs corn it has to be in the

00:16:59   certain you know very narrow range you

00:17:04   know it's like--there's like truly like

00:17:06   a legal legal definition of the

00:17:07   difference between bourbon and rye

00:17:09   etcetera etcetera but there's no such

00:17:11   regulations around rum you can make

00:17:13   anything that you know anything and you

00:17:14   can make a map bathtub around exactly

00:17:16   and you can just call it from which is

00:17:18   why drum tends to you know exactly why

00:17:20   people associated with headaches so it

00:17:22   could be there's a and Plus on my ass

00:17:24   but it could be the kind of impurities

00:17:27   and that have been introduced going to a

00:17:29   lack of right

00:17:30   place exactly i didn't anyone in generic

00:17:32   drugs and I think you know us suffers

00:17:33   similarly from from you know that the

00:17:36   low-end stuff is truly the double now

00:17:39   that I'm a tequila guy so notice the

00:17:41   difference it's a huge difference and it

00:17:43   just gives the whole it gives the whole

00:17:44   liquor a bad name though right because

00:17:47   you know a really good tequila is is no

00:17:49   reason to be concerned about like you

00:17:52   know but I'm like bourbon the difference

00:17:54   between a medium good tequila and a bad

00:17:57   tequila is huge

00:17:59   oh yeah I mean it's really it's crazy

00:18:01   like I get so I forget what i get i

00:18:03   usually drunk getting it but the now

00:18:05   I'll get like I get the I like a white

00:18:07   you know I can make this thing they call

00:18:08   the paleo cocktail this is the i don't

00:18:10   ever made you drink one of these no I

00:18:12   don't let it set on dude it's tequila

00:18:14   lime juice and soda stream I don't know

00:18:17   I've had one of those

00:18:18   yeah oh I don't know your client had a

00:18:20   name for it that well you know that's

00:18:21   what they call it but it's it's the

00:18:24   perfect drink it's it's so refreshing

00:18:26   and you can make one about seven seconds

00:18:27   which is nice but but you know the thing

00:18:30   is I i use the Blanco right now and

00:18:33   minify if I'm forgot to go to the bodega

00:18:35   and get the jose cuervo gold it's like

00:18:37   oh this is like you know Jimmy Buffett

00:18:40   you like urinated and I've steel pot or

00:18:42   something i don't i just don't care what

00:18:44   your ratio what it would do what do you

00:18:45   want your measurements are publicly or

00:18:47   privately or publicly just put a little

00:18:50   bit little bit of the cue on yeah well

00:18:54   it's not what I do is I put it I put it

00:18:56   in until I think that's just a little

00:18:57   bit too much and that's what I know it's

00:18:58   good so you don't and then I don't

00:18:59   measure measure it now

00:19:02   eyeballing you know my poli you make

00:19:04   sure your tattoos measurement drinks I

00:19:05   even measure my martinis

00:19:07   I'm gonna tell my wife that i'm going to

00:19:08   go out after our program your program

00:19:10   and I'm gonna go get fucking fun we have

00:19:12   a pretty good not too annoying wine and

00:19:16   liquor store that I that has stuff like

00:19:18   a bet they got this El Dorado you can

00:19:19   make this at home in my name is a fool's

00:19:21   errand I what you have a grape juice

00:19:23   about the grape juices the heart yeah

00:19:24   because he's got this fancy extractor

00:19:26   behind there it sits down but Marco has

00:19:29   you don't really like that many as I ps3

00:19:32   and rights to that he doesn't like if

00:19:33   Marco has a juice extractor he's got the

00:19:35   one that that Lee has a top Singh it's

00:19:37   like you know it looks like it works

00:19:39   pretty fast in stainless steel channel

00:19:41   and i found i fell to the world

00:19:43   difficult to clean it looks like it's

00:19:45   easy to clean so that if me and you were

00:19:48   both bartending there and I'm making one

00:19:50   with the grape and you're waiting for me

00:19:52   because you've got to make a one with

00:19:53   that oranges next that it's easy to

00:19:56   clean

00:19:57   you know it just looks like the the best

00:19:59   juice extractor so I don't know but

00:20:02   apparently people have said that you can

00:20:04   just muddle the grapes in in a mixing

00:20:07   thing I mean it's probably not quite as

00:20:09   good but i'm sure you get pretty close

00:20:11   to you know pretty close

00:20:14   I'm going to measure this one that

00:20:15   sounds fantastic ah but I like i said

00:20:18   this thing ever i I've had some good rum

00:20:21   drinks over the years you know that I've

00:20:23   enjoyed it you know like at the disney

00:20:25   Holly what's at the Polynesian then

00:20:28   we're I'm sure you put still there the

00:20:30   pollination still there yeah you know

00:20:31   you're gonna make a run drink and pour

00:20:33   it into a carved out pineapple or

00:20:34   something like that but that's what I

00:20:35   associate with rum drinks you don't

00:20:37   think great

00:20:37   ya know it's just crazy it's the

00:20:39   craziest combination and it's it's just

00:20:41   the best string it's it is you know me i

00:20:44   do i love the Bourbon i love the

00:20:45   martinis I'm telling you though if I

00:20:47   found out on a desert island that the

00:20:49   only booze I could have the rest of my

00:20:50   life for Henry box Brown I'd be I'd be

00:20:52   fine i might try well i think that you

00:20:54   know of the numerous things I like to

00:20:56   think that we have in common I think our

00:20:57   liquor preferences are pretty close

00:21:00   well and also scott simpson he just

00:21:02   drinks a lot more well it's not it's not

00:21:05   a problem he's got another configures

00:21:06   the other thing i love about the Henry

00:21:07   box Brown when telling people trying to

00:21:09   explain my love of Hopsin is that you

00:21:12   get in there and you're Luke you're

00:21:13   going to be worried i know i was worried

00:21:15   I was worried my life that I was setting

00:21:16   myself up just like yeah you're right to

00:21:18   be worried because like I'm on board i'm

00:21:20   still on 42 pics square ice cubes

00:21:22   I they're not you know what I think the

00:21:25   I do not joke that this jokey sighs I

00:21:27   sku no no they're you know they're big

00:21:31   cubes but they're not one big cube but

00:21:33   your but there are definitely red flags

00:21:35   it if you went into these places and i'm

00:21:37   not going to talk about a million times

00:21:38   but like these places you go to in san

00:21:40   francisco in la that are like the

00:21:42   Haunted Mansion you know you go in and

00:21:44   it's real silly and it like a Tom Waits

00:21:46   song everybody super serious nono

00:21:48   sulfones load you know or like how you

00:21:51   have to like a type of request on the

00:21:53   typewriter before we let you know

00:21:55   okay I get it you know but this this

00:21:58   sounds like a terrific place and the

00:21:59   thing is the proof is in the pudding if

00:22:01   you can get in there and get a drink and

00:22:03   enjoy it then it's a good place right so

00:22:05   stop saying i think is very reasonable

00:22:07   cellphone rules you are allowed to use

00:22:10   your phone but you are not let it make a

00:22:12   phone call

00:22:13   this is for the enjoyment of your

00:22:14   patrons surrounding you and you are not

00:22:16   allowed to take photographs and this is

00:22:18   for the privacy of all the people who

00:22:20   are in there

00:22:21   no I think that's a reasonable rule that

00:22:23   if you're in there too if you're in

00:22:25   there you can you can rest assured that

00:22:27   your photograph is not going to be taken

00:22:28   so you can well this is probably better

00:22:31   safer for a different program but if you

00:22:33   can just capture this i think at some

00:22:35   point you and I should take our big

00:22:36   podcast money and come up with a place

00:22:39   that will have yes be awesome drinks but

00:22:41   a will have the most exhaustive and

00:22:44   inscrutable set of rules in a place has

00:22:47   ever had and it's extremely difficult to

00:22:49   find maybe it's got three doors and

00:22:50   sometimes they're locked but I think I

00:22:52   don't get all your texts today but i

00:22:54   think we could make a lot of dell in

00:22:56   either of our cities by having a place

00:22:58   that's extremely different difficult to

00:22:59   understand maybe any which you might be

00:23:01   thrown out at any point for reasons it

00:23:02   would be a lot like like a mouse had a

00:23:04   bar want to be stuff happening that you

00:23:06   just would be very very hard to

00:23:07   understand maybe it's open in both

00:23:09   cities but it's technically an

00:23:12   alternative technically one

00:23:14   establishment so it's never over on the

00:23:16   same day we found a loophole that allows

00:23:18   us to have one liquor license for the

00:23:20   entire place and maybe it shuts down

00:23:22   maybe you get maybe you know you get two

00:23:24   hours there i get two hours here we

00:23:26   threw everybody out and there's a

00:23:28   different password when you come it's

00:23:29   always going places

00:23:30   the schedule is always different we

00:23:32   think it's written man it just says I

00:23:35   give you just show up on friday night at

00:23:37   whatever Street in San Francisco it says

00:23:39   we're sorry we're open to Philadelphia

00:23:40   right maybe get to solve a Sudoku to get

00:23:43   it

00:23:44   I don't know but I mean you want to keep

00:23:46   it you want to keep it i think these uh

00:23:48   look at people go to these places they

00:23:50   really enjoy that level of theatricality

00:23:53   else can ask you one more question and

00:23:56   then I have a feeling of the answer if

00:23:58   you tried eagle rare

00:24:03   I was going to say no doubt i think he

00:24:05   probably won't remember i may not

00:24:07   remember no it's ringing about the eagle

00:24:08   rare career is one of those ones where

00:24:11   there are definitely click that they

00:24:14   have an eagle rare gonna get this right

00:24:16   i think their standard one I want to say

00:24:18   is is 10 years and its really really

00:24:21   good and then they have another 1i want

00:24:24   to get this right for posterity there's

00:24:26   another one that is more costly and

00:24:28   longer aged and it's it's just one of

00:24:32   the best things I've ever had in my life

00:24:34   I bad and I don't know where I'm looking

00:24:36   at the bottle now and now that i see

00:24:38   there's only one of those ones that you

00:24:39   want to probably just enjoy you know

00:24:41   with a little little bit of rocks

00:24:43   I mean it's it or or not it's really

00:24:46   good

00:24:46   yeah i have not had do not have it in

00:24:48   the house I've never purchase it but i

00:24:50   know that i've had this somewhere can't

00:24:52   remember where though one night we had

00:24:55   to record you look nice today so I

00:24:56   needed something to drink and I grabbed

00:24:58   the first thing that we had at home had

00:25:00   a bottle of which is the seagull rare

00:25:03   that the fancy 117 I see this they have

00:25:05   David end there's a standard and then

00:25:07   they have a 17 when I would have seen

00:25:09   that was a pretty hot

00:25:11   see ya there's always another level

00:25:12   right so you get deeper and deeper into

00:25:14   that place over parts of the Caribbean

00:25:16   or whatever you get fancier room but you

00:25:20   know is a silly story but I I grabbed it

00:25:22   and brought it to work I thought hey

00:25:23   this is cool because it had been a gift

00:25:25   that actually mean I had given to mad

00:25:27   for like doing a little favor for her

00:25:28   and she said only thing is i can get a

00:25:30   bottle something I'm i crack it and

00:25:32   brought it to work and started started

00:25:35   making a variation on this is no this is

00:25:37   blasphemy i know but i guess its bourbon

00:25:41   right it's bourbon with some lime and I

00:25:43   covered up with some muscle streams very

00:25:45   similar to the to the tequila drink and

00:25:48   I got about three quarters of the way

00:25:49   into this and i happen to mention

00:25:52   Simpson that I was drinking that he said

00:25:53   he was drinking some to its own

00:25:55   traditional that's fifty dollars but I

00:25:59   was like I I was so embarrassed but

00:26:01   luckily I was so intoxicated that it

00:26:03   didn't stick with me so that I got

00:26:04   another one to replace it for her

00:26:06   because I'm a gentleman and then I drank

00:26:08   that one too but if you can get that

00:26:10   stuff you don't know if you wanna get a

00:26:11   pop singer but if you don't have

00:26:12   something something wrong with your lady

00:26:13   after-hours it's it's it's real good now

00:26:16   and

00:26:16   no why I'm familiar with its from its

00:26:20   from the Buffalo Trace people

00:26:22   ok number would remember we didn't

00:26:24   newzealand to the mouth of the trickiest

00:26:26   oh my god is that we ran the amount of

00:26:28   liquor you know zealand they don't did

00:26:31   you know they don't know what the Wi-Fi

00:26:32   there they get they get like Hayes modem

00:26:34   style Wi-Fi for four hundred dollars a

00:26:36   day right you want to buy you want to

00:26:39   buy a coffee it takes 35 minutes and

00:26:41   costs one of the healing money is it in

00:26:44   they do not have a lot of bourbon as we

00:26:47   discover well it did that was

00:26:48   embarrassed this story is that we never

00:26:51   there for web stock 221 guys they work

00:26:53   with the bartender's you ever used it so

00:26:58   love you so we're at i forget the name

00:27:00   of what's the name of the hook the hip

00:27:02   hippopotamus identical to the

00:27:03   hippocampus yet papa bottomless bar at

00:27:06   the at the hotel where everybody who was

00:27:08   a speaker web stock was and we were all

00:27:10   there on the first day we're all deeply

00:27:14   deeply jet lag because she notes it's

00:27:18   like the you know couldn't be more

00:27:19   jetlite is a 15-hour flight for I mean

00:27:22   you had you had Philadelphia San

00:27:24   Francisco and probably flew together but

00:27:26   you have Philadelphia San Francisco and

00:27:28   San Francisco and New Zealand how long

00:27:29   was that it had to have been 20 hours

00:27:31   yeah but we had like a weird I God for

00:27:34   for like five hour layover you get a

00:27:36   hotel and we got a hotel room and fell

00:27:37   asleep for three hours which was the

00:27:38   smartest thing that was like the best

00:27:40   hundred and fifty bucks I ever spent was

00:27:42   the hundred and fifty bucks to get a

00:27:44   hotel room for two hours and 43 hours

00:27:47   and and sleep a little bit between the

00:27:49   flights

00:27:49   well worth it but anyway we get there

00:27:52   and and we get up to the hotel bar and

00:27:55   it's afternoon it was I don't like 4-430

00:27:57   and everybody's sort of meeting each

00:27:59   other and find out that the hotel bar

00:28:01   and like every month they had a special

00:28:03   cocktail and this month's special

00:28:05   cocktail was the Bourbon old-fashioned

00:28:07   and we were like what how where the

00:28:10   we've seemed to book the right hotel and

00:28:13   like three days later this bartender who

00:28:16   is awesome he had this real theater

00:28:18   member the way he Houston would when he

00:28:21   would take the key is almost like a cast

00:28:22   member yeah i mean he was he was very

00:28:24   energetic and very fun and in like not

00:28:27   teasing but you know any remember he was

00:28:29   just he was really can get

00:28:30   age then it was fun to give him

00:28:31   something like seventeen dollars per

00:28:33   train ride was really it was a fun he

00:28:34   wasn't costly it's pretty clueless happy

00:28:37   and you know it was like a free I you

00:28:39   know it's one of those things where

00:28:39   their dollars or whatever they call the

00:28:41   things are so close to ours but not

00:28:43   quite that it it threw me off where you

00:28:45   yes like 1.1 birds to a box right it

00:28:48   would be like you know an $18 drink and

00:28:50   I think one way to second with the

00:28:52   conversion does that mean it really jump

00:28:54   into 20 some dollars or does that mean

00:28:56   I'm anything but i do that with time and

00:28:59   money i calculate the opposite with that

00:29:02   I you know and they had options that you

00:29:04   can make it with this if you want to

00:29:05   there's like a whole page like the in

00:29:07   the cocktail menu one whole page was

00:29:09   specifically for the old-fashioned and

00:29:11   they had all these other options you

00:29:12   could do but Houston had a real nice way

00:29:14   of taking a grapefruit peel that was

00:29:17   what he was putting him and then he

00:29:18   would he would twist it and light a

00:29:20   match and sort of a you know explode the

00:29:24   understand what that is in a citrus than

00:29:28   that is not a Ryan but the the run you

00:29:31   know this list the twist thing yeah and

00:29:32   somehow if you do it at the referee time

00:29:34   it right when you squeeze it and light a

00:29:36   match you can make it a flame bursts out

00:29:38   and it's sort of you know put like a

00:29:40   smoky hint to the rind is he as he

00:29:43   garnishes your drink and anyway with

00:29:45   into his it was a welcome very sorry but

00:29:48   we're all out of Buffalo Trace bourbon

00:29:50   and then I was like I will outtake and

00:29:53   it is like well in fact we're all out of

00:29:55   bourbon

00:29:56   haha head and he was so apologize but

00:30:00   this is like a read the thing is that

00:30:02   you have to understand that this is you

00:30:03   know this is a real bar

00:30:05   this isn't like something that's been

00:30:06   slapped onto a marian wright hot wings

00:30:09   this is like I'm not a nice bar with a

00:30:11   nice restaurant at night if you check up

00:30:13   on the fourth floor had a real nice view

00:30:15   I think it wasn't the kind of place that

00:30:16   goes oh we forgot to order bourbon

00:30:18   something it was bourbon modest-sized it

00:30:20   was a seismic event in the Bourbon world

00:30:23   of this pit was bourbon month and i

00:30:25   believe that what we ended up doing

00:30:28   I think that was the urban but i think

00:30:30   they still had jack daniels and so we

00:30:32   ended up letting to make this old

00:30:34   fashioned out of jack daniel's which is

00:30:35   sort of

00:30:36   you know at that poor form but and then

00:30:40   he was very apologetic about it but it

00:30:43   was amazing will try that eagle rare and

00:30:45   I've already made a list you got me to

00:30:46   do this stop here and I'm gonna I'm

00:30:48   gonna get the the mayor are around from

00:30:52   guy Jana called fifteen-year-old

00:30:54   eldorado okay that sounds good and you

00:30:58   want red grape something and red car

00:31:00   anyway though it bottom line though is

00:31:01   that here's the thing you think the

00:31:02   place is really fussy and here's the

00:31:03   thing Amy and I have this end there's a

00:31:05   whole bunch of other places in town in

00:31:06   philly that are like this i know i've

00:31:08   been to the department and branch out in

00:31:10   San Francisco and a lot of these

00:31:13   cocktail page number one they dress the

00:31:15   bartender's up old-timey stop they don't

00:31:16   do that Hopsin everybody just wears a

00:31:18   white shirt and black tie that's it

00:31:19   there's no old-timey this to it you look

00:31:21   it's more like a reservoir dogs look

00:31:23   without the jacket every you know you

00:31:24   look you know everybody looks the same

00:31:25   you can tell who works here but you're

00:31:26   not

00:31:27   there's no faking old-timey nobody has a

00:31:28   mustache but here's the thing all the

00:31:32   drinks a lot of these craft cocktail

00:31:34   places are sound really really good

00:31:36   until you get to the last thing and then

00:31:38   it's like why would you put that a drink

00:31:40   and then it's I think you're supposed to

00:31:42   be like the fact that you can get it

00:31:45   down makes you better than other people

00:31:46   because there's you know you know a

00:31:49   little bit of a extracted dog turd in

00:31:52   there exactly like we know where we're

00:31:54   know where no Albert when a soul brother

00:31:56   when it comes to drinks but but but just

00:31:58   from my you know semi-pro drinking I I

00:32:03   it does strike me that sometimes it is a

00:32:05   lot like a place that wants to be a

00:32:07   fancy food place now this works you're

00:32:10   in french laundry here on your senses

00:32:12   yeah I go there every time for real no

00:32:14   oh well French Laundry found it is

00:32:18   stable at the corn is that the Thomas

00:32:21   Thomas Keller price that's was like the

00:32:22   best restaurant in America two years and

00:32:24   around it's it's it's an event to go

00:32:25   arguably maybe possibly you could argue

00:32:29   the best restaurant or remember when

00:32:30   jason and meg likes saved other change

00:32:33   for a year to go there i mean it's

00:32:35   really but it's really amazing and you

00:32:36   go in there and its first bought this

00:32:38   isn't even want to talk about itunes but

00:32:40   it was a it is completely event dining

00:32:43   and they do something that almost nobody

00:32:44   else does well which is cute

00:32:46   they do cute really well not cute you

00:32:48   know too clever by half

00:32:50   they pull it off here let me bring you

00:32:52   these this p naught and gel II said

00:32:56   which and it's all just like silly puns

00:32:58   on something that but you know but the

00:33:00   peanuts are made out of you know artists

00:33:02   a lamb or something anyway and but it

00:33:04   works but it strikes me that a lot of

00:33:05   these places trying to do that

00:33:06   especially in a tourist area they can

00:33:08   make a fancy if they would you call it

00:33:10   desiccated doctor like you had something

00:33:11   to it that is like the wrong ingredient

00:33:13   all that sounds fancy we've taken

00:33:15   something really mundane like you know

00:33:17   like a lamb shank got one of the worst

00:33:20   lamb shanks I ever had was at

00:33:21   Disneyworld you get a lamb shank which

00:33:23   is the most disappointing part of a lamb

00:33:25   apart from maybe the horns and the song

00:33:26   it's even like no like the butcher's

00:33:28   trying to warn you with the word shank

00:33:29   shank shank screams right let me know

00:33:33   it's anyway I want the railing but you

00:33:35   know I but i agree with you and if you

00:33:37   in there are places this kind of soup

00:33:39   nazi sorts of places where once you know

00:33:40   how to go there it may become it becomes

00:33:45   even like a point of pride like you can

00:33:46   go there and you know that it's casual

00:33:48   like you don't mean like now you're not

00:33:50   going to be scrutinized as much because

00:33:53   you're a regular right you know you know

00:33:55   how it goes you know you're not gonna

00:33:56   show up in teva's right well if the

00:33:59   thing is is that to me and it goes with

00:34:01   everything whether its food whether it's

00:34:03   drinks whether it's picking a font or

00:34:04   something like that sometimes the best

00:34:06   thing to do is is not going to win you

00:34:08   any accolades for being a genius or

00:34:10   being clever but it's just the right

00:34:12   thing to do and you should be humble

00:34:14   enough to just do it sometimes so for

00:34:16   example here's a drink where the right

00:34:17   thing to do is just it's just grape

00:34:19   juice and rum and it's shaken and it's

00:34:22   cold and it's yeah good and that's it

00:34:24   and there's no right this there's no you

00:34:27   know an elderberry flower topped on it

00:34:29   are you know what yeah it's like that

00:34:31   that movie I didn't finish watching

00:34:33   about the 10 dreams of sushi or whatever

00:34:36   about the guy that makes the best sushi

00:34:38   in the world or whatever and you know I

00:34:40   thought it was it could have been on one

00:34:41   in our documentary i think but it was

00:34:43   still good still interesting because all

00:34:44   this guy does douchey but what is the

00:34:46   what he puts what he and his family and

00:34:48   the people who work at this tense eat

00:34:50   sushi bar put into it is astonishing

00:34:53   I mean you know it but it is still he's

00:34:55   I say he's buying the same tune that's

00:34:57   not entirely accurate but everything he

00:34:59   does is comes back to our old thing

00:35:01   about you know

00:35:02   taste you know in class and

00:35:04   decision-making and what you don't do

00:35:06   and he has chosen to do this thing for

00:35:08   whatever 50 years and he does it better

00:35:11   than anybody and people pay three

00:35:12   hundred dollars for a 15 minute meal at

00:35:14   this place it's like a 10-course sushi

00:35:16   meal in 15 minutes but everybody who

00:35:18   goes there are people going over and

00:35:19   over people from Japan who know sushi

00:35:22   food critics they're like this is no

00:35:24   other me like this in the world but it's

00:35:25   he's just making sushi I could go here

00:35:27   and insult and my neighborhoods obsolete

00:35:29   scott simpson had Tony it's all Chinese

00:35:31   people in my neighborhood that work at

00:35:32   the at this issue place but it's some

00:35:34   places are good some places are better

00:35:36   and then first reasons you can explain

00:35:38   sometimes as with the mythical man month

00:35:40   sometimes it's just 10 times better and

00:35:43   it's definitely true width font choices

00:35:44   you get the same helvetica noid to 15

00:35:47   people and you're gonna have extremely

00:35:48   different results right you know it's

00:35:50   it's just weird there's just a kind of

00:35:52   like the going to a butcher shop where

00:35:54   they know how to cut it up and choose

00:35:56   it's it's a completely different

00:35:57   experience and yeah shell which is a

00:36:00   good way to get into itunes exactly i

00:36:03   should probably do

00:36:05   yeah tell me about something like some

00:36:06   good spots right you know our first

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00:37:37   I'm couldn't be happier with its coffee

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00:37:40   again right now

00:37:42   couldn't be better Marco Arment I don't

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00:37:47   coffee that says all you want to know

00:37:48   about whether it's the best and or not

00:37:50   and look at the look at the calendar

00:37:54   folks holidays are coming up

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00:38:00   send Hickory Farms you know what they're

00:38:01   there is that aspect and I'm you know

00:38:03   you know the the the Christmas vacation

00:38:06   movie where he wants the big bonus check

00:38:08   because he's going to put a pool in the

00:38:09   backyard for the family and ends up what

00:38:11   did you get the cake of the month club

00:38:12   will get ahead but yet i forget

00:38:16   everybody got they got the something of

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00:39:57   what do I go to sign up for this

00:39:59   tonks dot-org Isabella do X dot dots

00:40:04   let's go RG great branding to I just

00:40:07   love it I love everything about it i

00:40:08   love their copywriting everything love

00:40:10   how it looks like Strangelove oh it

00:40:13   totally does look at that I can't sign

00:40:16   up

00:40:17   Wow itunes came out what you think of

00:40:22   the new itunes 11 i like it i dont yeah

00:40:27   you know yeah I know I I am i hesitating

00:40:28   because I I unfortunately for you I'm a

00:40:31   copious notes and prepping for the yeah

00:40:32   I don't be a common stock I don't

00:40:34   dislike it but it's I'm still you know

00:40:36   it's been a day right we've had for a

00:40:38   day and as as messed up in so many ways

00:40:41   as itunes has been it's the devil you

00:40:43   know and so now I'm other I'd like to

00:40:47   hear you it's your show i like to hear

00:40:48   you talk about it because you seem to

00:40:50   like it a lot and i wanna as usual with

00:40:54   new Apple things it seems like you are

00:40:56   trying to run pretty stock settings and

00:40:59   give the default state of state of that

00:41:01   kind of a chance is that correct

00:41:03   definitely in terms of like how things

00:41:05   to display because i wasn't my first

00:41:06   thing just was that I was very

00:41:08   disorienting to me to open up I never

00:41:10   look at things in either you know cover

00:41:14   flow or album mode it's just not how I

00:41:17   think about the stuff I've got it's nice

00:41:18   to have but it was so hard for me to

00:41:21   figure out what I had to change to to

00:41:23   make it where I could find things but I

00:41:25   got a couple thoughts on the boat tell

00:41:26   me what you think I I you know I never

00:41:31   used album view before either but i

00:41:33   think i am now although i'd still think

00:41:35   as the day is going on i do find know

00:41:38   that that sometimes what I want

00:41:39   and now i'm in the mood for the rolling

00:41:42   stones i got a whole bunch of stones

00:41:44   albums but it doesn't seem to know that

00:41:46   like I got what I want then is to click

00:41:49   go to artists and then there's a list

00:41:52   artist click the Rolling Stone and then

00:41:54   have the album view in there but it

00:41:56   doesn't seem like you can get that you

00:41:58   get like a like it's album but it's more

00:42:01   like a listview by album rather than

00:42:03   this new magic is just the album's click

00:42:06   it and you get that nice expanded view

00:42:08   underneath huh yeah so I'm not a hundred

00:42:13   percent sure that the new stuff has been

00:42:15   thoroughly baked conceptually yeah I

00:42:21   mean there's one going to farm I listed

00:42:24   the to start with this but yeah one of

00:42:26   the things that I find little baffling

00:42:28   in addition to how to get to what is

00:42:30   called listview is he seemed to have

00:42:31   different options

00:42:33   what kind of one metal thing just a

00:42:35   suggestion if you're listening to this

00:42:37   and you can i would i would suggest

00:42:39   opening up a copy of itunes 11 on your

00:42:42   mac and maybe like turn down the slider

00:42:47   on your volume really low if you want to

00:42:49   play along with this because there's

00:42:50   some things that are going to be easier

00:42:51   to explain into you know what I mean

00:42:53   like do this with me kind of stuff yeah

00:42:55   it's i was like i said is a little

00:42:58   bewildered when it came up in that album

00:43:00   view because and that my first thought

00:43:02   was okay

00:43:03   usually I just click over here in that

00:43:05   little tabbed thing where you would say

00:43:09   do I want to see this by which of these

00:43:10   four methods and always pick the

00:43:12   simplest list way probably because I'm a

00:43:15   real weirdo i want two things that our

00:43:16   frequently sort by his date added which

00:43:19   I had trouble have had have had trouble

00:43:22   getting the music tab to remember is

00:43:24   that I want my default view to almost

00:43:26   always be date added you know it seems

00:43:28   weird but that's you know i don't i

00:43:30   don't think this in the same way that I

00:43:32   think of all typical library where I

00:43:34   needed to be organized by dewey decimal

00:43:38   you know or library of congress or

00:43:42   alphabetical just cuz that's not how I

00:43:43   think about the music and so anyway that

00:43:46   that is so my first thought was are of

00:43:48   course panic as with you know like you

00:43:51   cover one time going you ended up being

00:43:52   absolutely right

00:43:53   out when the changes golden scroll

00:43:55   direction of course you know i mean they

00:43:57   went in with a lion and made it the

00:43:58   other way but now it totally i went back

00:44:01   to the way it's supposed to be now and i

00:44:03   love it makes sense it makes sense

00:44:05   across devices so you know the typical

00:44:07   thing its you're better off to go with

00:44:09   apples way because that's the way Apple

00:44:11   is going and so try their way and i

00:44:14   liked it ok there's a lot of mystery

00:44:17   meat navigation and buttons that I

00:44:19   thought were kind of confusing but I

00:44:21   think I'm getting it

00:44:23   there's one thing I still am confused by

00:44:26   you to get about this like how do you

00:44:27   get to column view column browser it's

00:44:30   it's not clear to me like it will be a

00:44:32   couple days probably like when I'm

00:44:35   eligible to be in column view i guess

00:44:38   probably really simple they click songs

00:44:40   you click songs but this is other stuff

00:44:44   for like sometimes it seems like it

00:44:47   changes the way that it presents tufte

00:44:49   based on like if you've done a obviously

00:44:51   i think the search thing is pretty great

00:44:52   when it shows you like what you hear

00:44:54   your stuff live in the search but there

00:44:56   are some things like the movies view was

00:44:58   kind of bewildering to me

00:45:00   uh I don't see I have enough time to say

00:45:03   all this correctly but there were

00:45:05   several things about it that I initially

00:45:06   found confusing that I'm now figuring

00:45:08   out and i'm in a way I almost wish i

00:45:10   could reset it to how it shipped just

00:45:13   just to try it again but yeah there's

00:45:16   some stuff i really like about it a lot

00:45:18   of things like I find really bewildering

00:45:19   the number one thing now this might have

00:45:23   been in there before i'm almost positive

00:45:25   it wasn't because I would try it once a

00:45:26   week and it didn't work did it open

00:45:27   right now

00:45:28   yeah hit command to command three and

00:45:35   four

00:45:35   what's that doing i'm going to know what

00:45:37   I'm doing here looking side rail over

00:45:38   there you have sat on the side rail

00:45:40   anymore house it jumps between music

00:45:43   movies TV I guess I've wanted of which

00:45:46   I've wanted forever i got that is easier

00:45:48   than that and and that's may seem like a

00:45:50   small thing but I so what I'm doing is

00:45:51   when hit command 12 sort of like yeah it

00:45:54   takes you to the section of your library

00:45:56   for music movies TV shows which I

00:45:58   actually found really useful mainly

00:45:59   because I hop between music and podcasts

00:46:01   a lot you know I movies and TV shows i

00:46:04   tend to watch

00:46:06   I guess for somewhat obvious reasons i

00:46:07   tend to watch on an iOS device for Apple

00:46:09   TV but for the idea of stuff I'm jumping

00:46:11   around a lot

00:46:12   I mean my here's my real quick check on

00:46:14   this is that i will probably be using

00:46:16   search library a lot more is my first

00:46:18   thought because i think it it's pretty

00:46:21   good and is forgetting to the music i

00:46:23   want fast i have not found a faster way

00:46:25   to get there then search library and it

00:46:28   works better

00:46:29   it does i I think don't you think it

00:46:31   works a lot better than it used to

00:46:32   absolutely it's got its got a couple

00:46:34   weird it's got like 10 bug that drives

00:46:37   me a little bit nuts but it's it's very

00:46:40   fast and it gets me where I where I want

00:46:42   to be I also like the way that in the

00:46:44   search results that it includes album

00:46:48   art wherever it can yes so was i I do I

00:46:55   had it it just works better for me it's

00:46:57   like the way that like I like the way

00:46:59   that Safari uses five icons right there

00:47:02   in the URL bar because it's it helps me

00:47:04   know like on certain websites you know

00:47:07   oh I know where I am you know absolutely

00:47:10   and I mean I think as a branding thing

00:47:12   like I see that that's the guy i know

00:47:15   that album so here it is

00:47:17   what's weird about that is it seems like

00:47:19   a feature like that would mean a lot

00:47:21   more to people of our generation because

00:47:23   we're more accustomed to flipping

00:47:25   through associating yes that's our cds

00:47:29   and oh yeah this is houses of the holy

00:47:30   yeah like or whatever i bet there aren't

00:47:32   that many people aren't as many people

00:47:34   today especially because people download

00:47:36   stuff and it may not have correct album

00:47:38   art I mean I'm constantly saying find

00:47:39   the album art and can't find it now I me

00:47:41   too i do have to buy it and actually

00:47:44   have a tip for that but I mean my kids

00:47:46   wear something that's a little weird

00:47:47   I'm gonna try something here first of

00:47:49   all I car you big on keyboard navigation

00:47:52   when you're typing text key like the

00:47:55   command shift in the option shift and

00:47:57   all that ya threw text you do that a lot

00:47:59   yeah okay so hit command F and type Tom

00:48:04   Petty

00:48:04   ok i'm just guessing stuff i think you

00:48:07   have I don't have any time better

00:48:09   ok for just forty forty three albums

00:48:13   ok so go to go to select and the

00:48:14   torpedoes you know i don't think i have

00:48:17   damaged your penis I know we have

00:48:18   whatever they're on their way over there

00:48:20   on the CD rack and here's the here

00:48:22   here's a real quick version of this that

00:48:23   I don't this is so stupid but this is

00:48:25   the kind of thing that drives me bananas

00:48:26   go ahead and play any song starts

00:48:27   playing any song any song anywhere

00:48:29   alright we're going to do is we're gonna

00:48:33   lie i turn my volume way down on my

00:48:34   itunes alright alright you got you got

00:48:37   song playing yeah okay and now go to

00:48:41   church library and type in weiser ok ok

00:48:47   and then act like you misspelled it and

00:48:49   actually wanted to type something else

00:48:50   now me I hit command shift arrow to

00:48:54   select everything that I've just type

00:48:56   there

00:48:56   that works for me it selects that

00:49:00   selects the type

00:49:01   ok do without the shifts just go to the

00:49:03   beginning I what did that do next is the

00:49:08   IC yeah without the shift it

00:49:11   ok that's it then what it just did for

00:49:13   me was it started that song that's

00:49:15   playing again yeah because it's totally

00:49:17   natural behavior in itunes to hit

00:49:19   command left and right arrow the next

00:49:23   previous track now that's probably

00:49:24   expected behavior for most people

00:49:26   because who uses that kind of nonsense

00:49:27   but it is a weird thing like talking

00:49:30   like some petty itunes to me has always

00:49:32   felt like an app that works ok like an

00:49:36   iCloud like iCloud like a lot of things

00:49:39   like address book

00:49:40   they're pretty great things for a casual

00:49:42   user to have a moderate amount of data

00:49:45   in it's just that now especially with

00:49:48   itunes match that I have so much stuff

00:49:50   in here and I'm you know I find myself

00:49:53   on the one hand like being appreciative

00:49:55   of this looking prettier and stuff but

00:49:57   right now it doesn't feel there's still

00:49:59   stuff about that makes me feel like it's

00:50:01   not that much faster for for power users

00:50:03   and for people who want to become power

00:50:06   users there's still a lot of opacity

00:50:07   that i would like to see less opaque

00:50:10   personally do you know what I mean

00:50:14   oh yeah i think so are you on right now

00:50:17   are you on a record I'm not be like pack

00:50:20   up the plantation live

00:50:22   ok and NIU that view where you get like

00:50:24   the artist and you get like the kc like

00:50:26   play shuffle arrow all those next to the

00:50:30   name of the artist yes yes okay

00:50:33   something else ever play okay got it

00:50:37   what do you get nothing okay that's over

00:50:40   the area on the right right

00:50:43   nothing but i can click it I mean if i

00:50:45   click it something you do most people do

00:50:47   that do they claim be yeah I like you go

00:50:51   to think that the the thing with the

00:50:53   listview be like the LI view up in the

00:50:55   which is as we all know now

00:50:57   up next like mouse over that likewise

00:50:59   they're not mouse over text for that he

00:51:01   yeah I guess there could be some kind of

00:51:04   you know like if you put you know like a

00:51:05   webpage like if you pause for a little

00:51:07   bit

00:51:08   pause for a little hover something and

00:51:10   now go now and there's no that's my

00:51:11   complaint with that that that mysterious

00:51:13   cloud icon next to the word with the

00:51:17   top-left thing where you pick music

00:51:18   movies TV shows what is that what is

00:51:20   that for this is a horrible i think i

00:51:21   think that means update my icloud yeah

00:51:24   but it clicking it doesn't doing I match

00:51:25   and hovering doesn't show anything yeah

00:51:27   and right now mine is animated I've got

00:51:29   these little diagonal i think that means

00:51:31   it's updating and that means it's

00:51:32   updating your collection yeah but I

00:51:34   don't know but I so I understand that

00:51:36   while it's updating why they would show

00:51:37   me that but when it's not updating and

00:51:39   it's just an empty cloud I really don't

00:51:41   know why they show me that that there's

00:51:43   a cloud there that I can't do anything

00:51:45   with I can't click it I can't control

00:51:47   click it well I need to be pedantic I'll

00:51:49   say again just because it is standard in

00:51:51   every other mac app and web page i mean

00:51:53   do you ever go to preferences in it

00:51:56   this isn't like in almost every mac app

00:51:58   and I think there's a lot of people that

00:51:59   don't know this so it's worth mentioning

00:52:01   if you have somewhere where there are

00:52:02   selections to be made like in

00:52:04   preferences in almost every mac app and

00:52:06   every good mac app if you have a choice

00:52:08   between for radio buttons you can

00:52:10   mouse-over a radiobutton whether it's

00:52:12   selected or not and it will tell you

00:52:13   what happens when you click that right

00:52:15   which i think is kind of cool so to me

00:52:17   if I mouse over the at that cloud like

00:52:19   what what the hell does that mean if I

00:52:20   mouse over that it should say for

00:52:22   example in my case I the white cloud

00:52:24   which a fluffy white cloud which I guess

00:52:26   means everything's cold

00:52:27   setec yeah but like no good last one on

00:52:30   these i hope that go back to like the

00:52:32   view of that plantation record right and

00:52:35   click play the little arrow next to the

00:52:37   artist name right

00:52:38   got it oh ok then click play again

00:52:43   all right Michael well shouldn't be

00:52:46   pause yeah it doesn't pause yeah it's

00:52:49   weird it doesn't turn to pause what

00:52:50   happens instead is every time you hit

00:52:51   play it just restarts the song which

00:52:54   again maybe maybe that silly but in the

00:52:56   way that this works i want this to be a

00:52:58   UK they've chosen modality that's fine

00:53:00   let's live with modality but to me

00:53:02   modality means i should be able to do

00:53:03   something like hit 14 music and if I tab

00:53:07   one thing is I've got you know the

00:53:09   universal access on so it goes to like

00:53:11   frickin everything but I mean if you

00:53:13   look at this if you never run this app

00:53:15   before and you opened up I just feel

00:53:16   like there's so much opacity to like

00:53:19   what all this means like okay so I mouse

00:53:21   over the name of the album and now i get

00:53:23   an arrow next to it which gives me

00:53:26   options but that it's almost like a play

00:53:28   button don't talk about you if you go up

00:53:30   to that little view dingus

00:53:32   I mean that's cool i'll get used to that

00:53:34   but i don't know i'm going to just bitch

00:53:37   about there's a lot about it that i like

00:53:38   better I wish these fonts for it's so

00:53:40   big

00:53:41   well here's one that I i find

00:53:43   interesting and i'm not quite sure I

00:53:44   guess it's one of those things where I

00:53:49   always come back to the analogy about

00:53:50   you know the disney analogy that the guy

00:53:52   on pirates of the caribbean the one

00:53:54   pirate who's got a foot on the dock one

00:53:57   foot on a boat a handful of a treasure

00:53:59   chest and like 13 hats on his head and

00:54:03   he's metering because it's you know how

00:54:05   the hell you gonna get on a boat i'm

00:54:06   going to get off the shore onto a boat

00:54:08   that's on the water doing that that's

00:54:11   like the hardest thing in the world is

00:54:12   going from the old thing that was

00:54:13   slightly gotta David Blaine thing to the

00:54:15   new thing I and I feel like that's where

00:54:18   itunes is a lot of mac stuff is for

00:54:22   Apple is that they know they've got the

00:54:24   new thing which is a lot simpler and

00:54:26   doesn't have the the craft in the

00:54:28   baggage and all this historical stuff

00:54:30   which is ios and they got the old thing

00:54:32   which is the mac which is really really

00:54:35   powerful and

00:54:36   and let you do all sorts of stuff you

00:54:38   still can't do on iOS so how do they get

00:54:40   from there to here and it's really

00:54:41   really hard so here's a my perfect

00:54:43   example of that one foot on the shore

00:54:45   one foot on a boat that's already on the

00:54:47   water and isn't even tied up is go to a

00:54:52   song in this expanded view thing and you

00:54:54   hover over the song title and you get

00:54:56   that little right-pointing chevron you

00:55:00   know I mean it's like so like if i go by

00:55:02   so if i go back to my Tom Petty record

00:55:03   I'm search by artist see even this view

00:55:06   ok so I'm by artist and I Montana

00:55:08   torpedoes like so next to refugee i

00:55:10   click on the what looks like a closing

00:55:13   bracket

00:55:13   yeah like it's like a greater than sign

00:55:15   in a circle and when you do the same

00:55:17   choices as what you got up in the thing

00:55:20   that play next

00:55:20   at the next that right so it's a

00:55:23   contextual menu right now

00:55:25   yes like it's like it's like control

00:55:26   clicking what happened mmm yeah but what

00:55:29   happens if you control click on the song

00:55:30   you get an entirely different menu

00:55:33   oh come on right ctrl click on it I did

00:55:36   write can't believe so when you control

00:55:38   click on it you get a a regular

00:55:40   max-style contextual menu it's you know

00:55:43   you know it's right out of the system

00:55:45   frameworks it's it's a regular system

00:55:48   standard wide menu with sin lucida

00:55:50   grande the system font if you go to one

00:55:53   with a submenu the submenu as soon as

00:55:55   you hover over it it pops off to the

00:55:57   side right now look at the new one the

00:55:59   one in that little Chevron then when you

00:56:01   think that questions that's cool

00:56:03   well but but does it open when you hover

00:56:04   over it when you so tell me again so I'm

00:56:08   control kicking no not control clicking

00:56:10   don't control sorry go back to the one

00:56:12   aegis regular click on the Chevron I

00:56:14   don't know what you wanted right now if

00:56:16   you go down there is one like genius

00:56:18   suggestions add to the ones that have

00:56:20   another menu off to the side it doesn't

00:56:24   open when you hover over you have to

00:56:25   click on my god really

00:56:27   click on it and then it all colleges in

00:56:30   ok alright i guess i could get used to

00:56:33   that but that's that's really weird

00:56:35   well it is really weird I and very

00:56:38   different from the mac but i do think

00:56:40   that for most people I i think it's a

00:56:42   reasonable argument to be made that this

00:56:44   is the way subject because it looks like

00:56:47   iOS it works like is this is the way

00:56:49   submenus

00:56:49   always should go for it and everybody

00:56:51   knows all the usability studies show

00:56:53   that that hierarchical menus you you

00:56:56   lose easily ninety-five percent of all

00:56:58   users as soon as you go to a menu and

00:57:01   you go down and there's a little thing

00:57:02   to the right and there's a nice menu

00:57:04   piece is actually pretty well done and

00:57:06   the plus sign next to it this is

00:57:07   actually pretty cool that you have once

00:57:09   you understand it right but it's

00:57:11   absolutely it's not like a regular menu

00:57:13   at all i can and you know i SAT there

00:57:17   and hovered over it waiting for it to

00:57:18   open a 10 seconds and then I thought

00:57:20   well if i click well and then it slides

00:57:22   into place and it's animated and its

00:57:24   really nice and you can go back but it's

00:57:26   totally unlike a standard mac contextual

00:57:30   menu and the standard mac contextual

00:57:32   menu is still there which offers an

00:57:34   entirely different set of things you can

00:57:35   do to the song and offers a lot more

00:57:37   stuff although actually it doesn't

00:57:39   they're not but they're not even

00:57:40   separate though there's so you could do

00:57:42   play next from both menus right yeah but

00:57:44   you can't do you get album artwork from

00:57:46   the new right everyone is very limited

00:57:48   the other one the standard mac one has

00:57:51   all sorts of complicated so all this the

00:57:53   the nerdy stuff is still hidden in the

00:57:55   control click one like create AAC

00:57:56   version i recently think that's one of

00:58:01   those you know I don't you probably have

00:58:03   a name for this but one of the things

00:58:04   like allowing you to do reverse

00:58:07   scrolling you think this is one of those

00:58:08   like a legacy thing for the nerds

00:58:10   yes or just yeah because I don't think

00:58:14   that they don't think they could get rid

00:58:15   of that while they could get rid of it

00:58:17   but i think that you know they obviously

00:58:19   haven't haven't really gotten rid of

00:58:20   anything in iTunes you can still do

00:58:22   everything you can to be able to do you

00:58:23   listen to you listen to that podcast

00:58:25   right to what you don't listen to too

00:58:28   many podcast right I don't

00:58:29   well one of the things if you the

00:58:32   feature I've always really liked it

00:58:33   again I'm ready to be wrong about this

00:58:34   but hit whatever command for orgo to

00:58:36   podcast right this is another example of

00:58:38   that more things I used to really love

00:58:40   is like I would go like I this is

00:58:42   something i subscribe to a while ago I

00:58:43   don't unsubscribe but I also don't want

00:58:45   to see that there's 35 episodes i

00:58:47   haven't listened to write and used to be

00:58:49   a control click to say mark always

00:58:51   played or mark always unplayed right and

00:58:54   now if you go to the title and you click

00:58:55   on it you do you get the old you do get

00:58:57   the old-school you know presumably the

00:59:00   same you know I mean the old whatever

00:59:02   you wanna call it the old school

00:59:03   all your menu contextual menu but that's

00:59:06   gone now

00:59:07   yeah mark all is rather it's not there I

00:59:09   don't see it

00:59:10   yeah but you know whatever that seems

00:59:12   weird but I actually use that a lot in

00:59:14   RSS readers i used a lot in if I've been

00:59:17   away for from a high-volume site for for

00:59:19   a few days I'll just frequency mark

00:59:21   always read if if it's not anything to

00:59:23   current that is that that's an unusual

00:59:25   decision it's a better decision I mean I

00:59:27   was driven crazy went to a site the

00:59:30   other day of this artist is comic artist

00:59:32   i liken it has you know the usual kind

00:59:34   of old-school navigation where it's like

00:59:36   they eat where these two call it you

00:59:38   know when you get the drop-down menus so

00:59:40   you click and they say like okay show me

00:59:43   gallery and the gallery has four five

00:59:45   selections LOL cool comic covers you

00:59:47   click comic covers and when you click on

00:59:50   covers it gives you different publishers

00:59:55   ok click Marvel they want to get to

00:59:57   marvel it's different like Siri

00:59:57   marvel it's different like Siri

01:00:00   this is like yeah none of those things

01:00:02   are become content until you get to the

01:00:05   very very end as it happened on this

01:00:07   side and iOS even when you get to the

01:00:08   end it didn't do anything i'm guessing

01:00:10   it was kind of like wonky javascript or

01:00:12   something but not that that's always

01:00:14   been a totally flawed way to deal with

01:00:15   that and I think you know when it can

01:00:18   win the contextual menus come along on a

01:00:21   OS 10 or on on now isn't it was sometime

01:00:24   in America is not here right right but I

01:00:27   mean it's you know not going maybe

01:00:29   sometime I bet there was something

01:00:31   somewhat grudging about that decision

01:00:32   because yeah windows had already done

01:00:35   right now that was a huge windows is

01:00:37   right clicking right was something that

01:00:40   people setting aside the one button to

01:00:42   button thing whatever but not do people

01:00:44   used to do that so often in Windows I

01:00:47   think it's much more of the pattern of

01:00:48   using windows at least in those days so

01:00:50   definitely yeah so even then that might

01:00:53   have felt like a satisfying satisficing

01:00:55   but you know a not totally embrace

01:00:58   decision to do that but you know it's

01:01:01   it's never been fun like right now my

01:01:02   services menu and yes i know there are

01:01:05   things to clean this up but only two

01:01:06   things like bread temperatures markdown

01:01:07   stuff and a lot of other things I've

01:01:09   added my on my services menus is crazy

01:01:13   now or I should say my contextual menu

01:01:16   in the finder and given that they can

01:01:19   the width of the contextual menu is

01:01:20   governed by the name of the longest item

01:01:23   I its giant and it's got like 30 things

01:01:27   in it seems like a menu looks like a

01:01:28   window it it kind of does it looks like

01:01:31   little men you like in a restaurant

01:01:32   right but you know I think the one that

01:01:34   I use just for this is actually I try to

01:01:36   be helpful i think it's called services

01:01:38   manager is the one that I use

01:01:39   I never heard of services manager lets

01:01:41   you go in and change without having to

01:01:43   go to that awful thing in on the Apple

01:01:45   yeah open up services manager you can go

01:01:47   in and turn on turn services off very

01:01:51   easily you can so if you leave it on you

01:01:55   can set whether it appears in context

01:01:56   menus and you can set the key commands

01:01:58   all from here which you know the thing

01:02:02   hit the truth is though any power user

01:02:03   who's going to keyboard to do this it's

01:02:06   I don't know about you but the fastest

01:02:08   Mac I've ever been on i still get a

01:02:09   beach ball waiting for services to to

01:02:11   update yeah

01:02:12   ok and then and then and then another

01:02:14   nice thing here is that then you can say

01:02:16   is a number of allowed items in context

01:02:19   menu and you could say you want two

01:02:21   three four five six seven ten unlimited

01:02:23   so you can choose how many things so

01:02:24   personally I think contextual menus are

01:02:26   way under used by most people especially

01:02:27   in the finder or for that matter and you

01:02:30   know bbedit or text me there's so much

01:02:32   stuff that you can do with those

01:02:33   services your services fan right you

01:02:36   pointed you point me to that that the

01:02:38   services maker thing a few years ago we

01:02:41   took a shell script and make it into a

01:02:42   service service was called service

01:02:45   forget what it's called

01:02:47   I know it's by the guy named just

01:02:49   breasts this service service that's

01:02:51   right video and that's sort of semi

01:02:53   obviated by automator as of like lion

01:02:57   roar lion let your mouth

01:02:58   yeah theoretically although i think this

01:03:01   services ones are a little bit more

01:03:03   first for somebody who knows anything

01:03:04   about eunuchs which is not me the idea

01:03:06   of input-output a filter is is pretty

01:03:08   transparent right but anyway i'm getting

01:03:11   off the topic but i don't know i mean i

01:03:14   think i think i'm going to get get used

01:03:15   to this but there's give me trouble with

01:03:20   command LOL i feel good sometimes

01:03:21   getting trouble with command l working

01:03:24   or not working and I rely on that very

01:03:25   heavily in what app sorry in itunes hit

01:03:29   command l takes you currently playing

01:03:30   song i didn't know that hole dude that's

01:03:33   the last year

01:03:35   that's nice so you probably have another

01:03:37   problem with that

01:03:38   yeah I'll take one is driving me nuts do

01:03:41   you ever open playlist in a new window

01:03:43   like i'll say i want to make a new

01:03:44   playlist for a road trip i'll create the

01:03:46   new playlist and then created a new open

01:03:48   in new window ever do that in itunes i

01:03:50   have previously we'll go double click

01:03:52   one of them now walk right doesn't go

01:03:56   into new window and you don't get to

01:03:58   solve officially a one window a pro yeah

01:04:00   i like but here's a here's an

01:04:02   interesting decision that they made

01:04:03   which i think is a is new and am i i'm

01:04:07   not sure i don't want to pass judgment

01:04:09   either way on ax I'm not sure is the way

01:04:11   that in the interest of showing fewer

01:04:15   things on screen at once they don't show

01:04:17   the sidebar unless you want to turn on

01:04:19   the old fashioned mode but as soon as

01:04:21   you start dragging a song your playlists

01:04:24   open up from the south

01:04:25   oh I'm gonna have to try this so just

01:04:29   grab any song and start dragging it so I

01:04:33   get stuck on the top side here signing

01:04:34   up um I should multitask so I'm taking

01:04:37   on taking a song from anywhere and I

01:04:39   start dragging correct right and yeah

01:04:43   we're looking to do on the right side

01:04:45   doesn't a list of devices any playlist

01:04:47   comes into it that isn't always there

01:04:49   and only when you're dragging ass time

01:04:51   you start dragging and you get a little

01:04:53   list it slides in from the right of

01:04:55   devices and playlist so you could add a

01:04:57   song to a device or you can add a song

01:04:58   to a playlist

01:05:00   I'm guess I'm in an album I mean music

01:05:03   i'm looking at AC Newman's get guilty

01:05:05   taking the chevron just no just drag the

01:05:08   song drag-and-drop ok to write it like

01:05:11   you're moving in somewhere and then off

01:05:13   the side of the right side you don't get

01:05:14   a you don't get a now maybe I'm in the

01:05:17   wrong view them trapped by songs that

01:05:20   works i'm inseong I was an album should

01:05:22   be anywhere soon as you start dragging

01:05:23   you get a a little thing from the side

01:05:26   not kidding i wonder if i have something

01:05:30   turned off

01:05:31   yeah I don't know how that's gonna take

01:05:34   that sounds that sounds like a great

01:05:35   idea so immediately gets that hey

01:05:37   they're grabbing this because they want

01:05:38   to put this someplace

01:05:39   let me give them the option is what

01:05:41   happened to it's very untraditional

01:05:42   though that the destination is invisible

01:05:46   until you start dragging and as soon as

01:05:49   you're done dragging it goes away

01:05:50   because you have to know you do anyway

01:05:53   you would you have to know it before you

01:05:55   would try it

01:05:56   that's kind of what I was trying to get

01:05:58   out with I wasn't trying to be a dick

01:05:59   about it that's kinda was trying to get

01:06:00   out with the opacity about those icons

01:06:02   in my experience and my very small bit

01:06:04   of user experience stuff people are not

01:06:07   too excited about cooking something

01:06:10   unless they know what's going to happen

01:06:11   that goes back to the days of wondering

01:06:13   if you're going to reformat your hard

01:06:14   drive that sounds silly to nerds but

01:06:16   there are a lot of people who will not

01:06:17   just click I mean look at how many

01:06:19   things in this interface have an arrow

01:06:21   to be honest look that's one way to look

01:06:24   at it if you go back to album view and

01:06:25   go look at Tom Petty record i mean there

01:06:27   are so many arrows there's an arrow

01:06:29   right for iCloud there's a chevron just

01:06:32   wasn't the right word like a black

01:06:33   chevron whatever chevron but like

01:06:35   there's a bracket to show next room for

01:06:37   contextual menu

01:06:39   this contextual menu one for each song

01:06:41   when you mouse over there is a

01:06:42   contextual menu one for the app there's

01:06:44   to intermingle and arrows meaning

01:06:47   shuffle there is a narrow a you know a

01:06:50   sideways triangle foreplay and then much

01:06:53   of those things are repeated in the

01:06:56   thing at the top there's anything of

01:06:58   course is the big arrows for play rewind

01:06:59   etc and in almost every piece of

01:07:02   interface and this is some kind of a

01:07:03   narrow and and that to me I would you

01:07:07   know even I've used this stuff for a

01:07:09   while and i still look at that and go

01:07:10   what I know shuffle means you know what

01:07:13   I mean

01:07:13   hey do you have the sidebar showing yes

01:07:16   alright turn off the huts hide the

01:07:18   sidebar right sidebar now now drag us on

01:07:20   ok that must be a let's see and now i

01:07:23   want to go to I clicking clicking oh

01:07:27   that's neat right so it doesn't happen

01:07:32   if you have the sidebar showing because

01:07:34   you don't need it but right but if you

01:07:36   hide the sidebar which is the default

01:07:38   view when you drag a song this right

01:07:42   side sidebar of destinations where you

01:07:45   might want to drop a song devices and

01:07:47   playlists appears adding it to a device

01:07:51   that is really interesting i'm on my

01:07:52   non-primary itunes so I do my secret

01:07:55   through my air and so I'm on my ancient

01:07:58   mac pro right now and if I think it's

01:08:00   grab the device probably won't work but

01:08:02   this is pretty sweet right well anyway

01:08:04   that you can pick a movie or show to

01:08:06   load up on your iPad before you head off

01:08:08   to visit doing that locally or is it

01:08:09   saying go be wise and get this from the

01:08:12   cloud I i think it's if it's by USB it

01:08:15   will copy by USB and if you have the

01:08:18   device setup to sink over Wi-Fi it'll

01:08:20   push it over white I've got it i'm gonna

01:08:22   just do it by iCloud though it will do

01:08:23   it over your local wife

01:08:25   what do I mean like two things two great

01:08:26   things that have been there forever that

01:08:28   are still worth telling people about our

01:08:29   the ad to so like or see now this is

01:08:34   crazy

01:08:35   so if you use the new non contextual

01:08:37   clicking chevron next to a song you get

01:08:39   add to click add to and you can add it

01:08:42   to a playlist right that's I think

01:08:43   that's a great feature but no but now do

01:08:46   the contextual menu version of that and

01:08:48   get something even cooler which is shown

01:08:50   playlist ever use that

01:08:52   now i use that is that all the time so

01:08:54   let's say if you're like me and you got

01:08:55   a million playlist right do this you

01:08:57   might want to say oh I want this in that

01:08:59   party 1999 shuffle show me in there are

01:09:02   right in that context or something I

01:09:05   used to love in back on the creative for

01:09:07   that is a good future

01:09:08   yeah it's something you back on the I

01:09:10   think I'm the creative or maybe on the

01:09:11   diamond rio player was in a shop in the

01:09:13   middle of a shuffle there was a dingus

01:09:15   for saying continue playing along lines

01:09:18   of net play this by clicking whatever

01:09:22   it's called it functionally started

01:09:24   playing it as the track it was on the

01:09:25   record

01:09:26   so if you if your rocks off came up you

01:09:29   could say continue playing album and

01:09:31   then it would play the rest of Exile on

01:09:33   Main Street

01:09:34   ah that's a great feature it's exactly

01:09:36   certain songs were when i hear them then

01:09:39   I didn't immediately want to hear that

01:09:40   usually happens to me with Zeppelin

01:09:41   songs as soon as I hear one I need to

01:09:43   hear the one that I know it's checking

01:09:46   it was like what I do that case for what

01:09:49   it's worth it's a command l to show me

01:09:50   the playing track and then i'll say then

01:09:52   I'll do that right click to show in that

01:09:55   album so i can show you just in the

01:09:56   straight-up legitimate album or you can

01:09:59   hit the course the revealing arrow to

01:10:00   take you to that album one more thing

01:10:03   that's been happening forever 19 that

01:10:05   drives me nuts you know what you can

01:10:06   going to flick i don't know if i did

01:10:08   this with onyx or whether I did it

01:10:11   legitimately but I don't you know you

01:10:12   can change the arrow to mean

01:10:14   itunes store or yeah so I had it set to

01:10:17   show to me the collection was the

01:10:19   weirdest thing like yesterday I was like

01:10:20   I want to go the danger mouse record i

01:10:22   click the arrow and it took me to

01:10:23   everything by danger mouse even though i

01:10:25   click on the album right i was kinda

01:10:26   weird but you know i mean this is this

01:10:29   is the thing I mean yeah it was sort of

01:10:31   like it there was like a hidden

01:10:32   preference that was more or less like

01:10:34   stop trying to upsell me what ya used to

01:10:36   be i guess a plist thing that aren't

01:10:37   like on one of the Sonics or you know

01:10:39   yeah those apps what do you use for

01:10:41   stuff like that I i usually honestly I

01:10:45   used like the terminal and i just type

01:10:47   the default right come out interesting

01:10:50   ok but you don't go in and do stuff like

01:10:52   hi desktop or not anymore now change the

01:10:56   font size in my finder now sidebar know

01:10:59   about catcher pussy now I was getting a

01:11:02   mother giving out for you get for you've

01:11:05   done

01:11:05   but you know it's interesting I mean

01:11:07   that the the big trend everybody out you

01:11:09   and all your buddies always talk about

01:11:11   that is actually turning out to be

01:11:12   pretty interesting is V nokia is this

01:11:17   move toward being more iOS like which i

01:11:19   think is entirely sensible you know in a

01:11:21   lot of ways I think for file management

01:11:23   it's it's an almost utter failure but

01:11:26   for stuff like this I get why they do it

01:11:30   it's a shame that itunes on my ipad is

01:11:33   one of the worst apps i have ever used

01:11:34   to my aunt but if they can improve the

01:11:38   desktop version by taking some of those

01:11:40   patterns i'm all for it

01:11:42   well I think you want once you get the

01:11:44   iCloud thing it's really clear i'm

01:11:46   looking at you know what am I looking at

01:11:48   obvious definitive collection because

01:11:50   that's what I'm looking at all the gold

01:11:51   greatest shut up

01:11:52   honestly too i got that too with new

01:11:54   album art boom yeah no yeah let's see

01:11:58   here because I'm dancing queen going

01:11:59   yeah it's great it's such a good record

01:12:02   oh man i was into that every day I got

01:12:04   yeah we've got gold and the definitive

01:12:05   collection used to be the only thing

01:12:07   only help her daughter go to sleep play

01:12:09   count 1992

01:12:11   oh no wait no that's the year the album

01:12:14   came out i did a screen grab bars the

01:12:16   other day and it was like Everlong this

01:12:18   look like one of my eyes and Everlong

01:12:20   idle no we don't gotta have a couple of

01:12:25   Springsteen songs at the top

01:12:27   yeah you know I reset a while back to

01:12:28   you with Amy did Thunder it was way high

01:12:31   but it but you know having a kid screws

01:12:33   it up because now we've got i love they

01:12:36   might be giants but yeah like I don't

01:12:39   listen to favor island quite as much as

01:12:40   my daughter

01:12:41   ours is still it's permanent until one

01:12:44   of us like are both of us I guess lose

01:12:45   our eventually lose our itunes history

01:12:48   but ours is yellow submarine because oh

01:12:50   that's right that we should go to that

01:12:51   was our go-to that it when Jonas was a

01:12:54   you know the cry baby infant worse i was

01:12:58   like that was like the red line that was

01:13:00   the red button underneath the protective

01:13:02   glass cover the last resort if this

01:13:05   doesn't work we don't know what we may

01:13:07   have to drop everything and he sir right

01:13:09   we yeah we both had to turn the key

01:13:12   we both had to agree let's go to yellow

01:13:14   submarine and

01:13:15   never let us down I remember we talked

01:13:18   about on the other talk summer I was

01:13:19   walking around New Zealand and you were

01:13:21   talking about that I remember that for

01:13:23   us not you know i got my kid into Queen

01:13:24   tomato that's good but the thing with it

01:13:26   here's the thing about the Yellow

01:13:27   Submarine thing that made the playground

01:13:29   so high is that you once you went to

01:13:30   yellow submarine you had to replay they

01:13:33   had to keep going you had to keep going

01:13:34   till he went to sleep he stopped crying

01:13:36   he would smile he would get a check for

01:13:38   you to follow through how to keep going

01:13:40   just yellow submarine over and over and

01:13:43   over but i gotta play count on that song

01:13:45   is just but it's right now I we had the

01:13:48   way to similar for a long time for us it

01:13:50   was drier sound and it was like I'd like

01:13:53   14,000 plays or whatever because we were

01:13:55   just we had we had 1i got a little tiny

01:13:58   1i thought maybe it had a hair dryer

01:14:00   well-known 40 it was a 45-minute minute

01:14:04   track of a hairdryer here's what you do

01:14:07   when you're when you're real stupid and

01:14:08   had a little too much money at the time

01:14:10   I i had one ipod mini there was nothing

01:14:12   but the dryer sound everywhere we went I

01:14:16   could plug it in and hit play and they

01:14:17   would just be for those of you who don't

01:14:21   know that the the kids like there are

01:14:25   certain like white boys and white noise

01:14:27   some of them don't like running water

01:14:29   right but you don't your kid might have

01:14:31   a hot you know it and one Jonas's was a

01:14:33   hairdryer and there you can go and you

01:14:35   can quick Google these things and you

01:14:36   can just download like the sound of a

01:14:38   hairdryer I remember it used to always

01:14:40   make me think you're obviously

01:14:42   completely irrationally that playing the

01:14:45   hairdryer sound was wasting so much

01:14:47   energy haha and I don't talk about skill

01:14:52   more its I and I would not enter a every

01:14:54   time we went to it i would think god

01:14:56   it's alright it shut him up this is

01:14:58   great

01:14:58   god I can't believe how much money we're

01:14:59   going to spend on and then I think oh no

01:15:01   of course not but it every single time

01:15:04   it would make me think we were we were

01:15:05   blowing a bunch of money but screw it

01:15:07   it's worth it's worth it can't believe

01:15:10   you had hop oh that's something that

01:15:12   we're at so creepy you know here's the

01:15:14   thing here's the thing that I see is the

01:15:16   big-scale big picture trend that iOS is

01:15:20   leading is is it is about contextual

01:15:23   pneus and it's about visual

01:15:27   obvious and so the reason that

01:15:33   contextual menus worked in Windows is

01:15:36   that it does make a lot of sense where

01:15:38   what you swim in a certain way where

01:15:40   you're saying look I've got this thing

01:15:41   here it is a file or it's a short yeah i

01:15:45   mean there are so many things I could do

01:15:47   to a file right right and so I mean it

01:15:50   from the desktop session right and

01:15:52   before contextual menus it would be like

01:15:55   well you had this one gesture that Apple

01:15:59   popularized drag-and-drop but you only

01:16:01   got one thing out of that it was you

01:16:03   know typically you drag it over and it

01:16:05   would open you know you would drag this

01:16:07   thing to a file or to an application and

01:16:10   it would open and I know that there are

01:16:13   certain gestures like a mac i don't i

01:16:15   can't speak in windows and there were

01:16:16   ways to modify drag-and-drop with

01:16:19   modifier keys where you drag and drop

01:16:21   something with the option key down in

01:16:23   the finder you're making a copy and

01:16:25   expect a copy and alias so if you have

01:16:28   the service you can do have symbolic

01:16:29   link number i mean but that's way out in

01:16:31   the weeds and very few users are ever

01:16:33   going to know about any of those

01:16:34   shortcuts because they're not visual you

01:16:37   have to know about them

01:16:38   absolutely there's you know there's a

01:16:39   little visual cue when you hold the

01:16:41   option key down drag something where it

01:16:43   adds a plus sign to sort of at least

01:16:45   give you a little bit of a visual hint

01:16:47   that maybe you know that you're making a

01:16:48   copy or adding but you know I mean show

01:16:51   that to most people and they're not

01:16:52   going to have any idea what the plus

01:16:53   sign means and they're never going to

01:16:55   guess that holding the option anything

01:16:57   that involves modifier keeses is not

01:16:59   going to it just goes right over even

01:17:03   smart people said because it's not you

01:17:04   have to know it before you ever use and

01:17:06   you have to remember it and that's

01:17:07   that's a good and you know it's let me

01:17:10   think about you go to somebody's house

01:17:11   and you want like you're house-sitting

01:17:13   you want to find the scissors

01:17:14   yeah like there's nothing that would

01:17:16   tell you where the scissors are until

01:17:17   you open a bunch of drawers and try

01:17:18   stuff

01:17:19   yeah exactly that's extensive really

01:17:21   good analogy

01:17:22   here's another one and in itunes 11 the

01:17:26   new mini player thing is a new button up

01:17:28   in the up in the title bar that toggles

01:17:31   between these two states for all

01:17:33   previous ten versions what they did is

01:17:35   override the green button the

01:17:37   and instead of zooming the window it

01:17:40   would toggle between the two states but

01:17:42   most people don't know is if you option

01:17:44   click the plus button it would give you

01:17:48   the traditional green button behavior

01:17:49   and I really i never knew that

01:17:52   yes you do my tweeted that yesterday and

01:17:54   I got it like a gazillion like holy cow

01:17:56   i didn't know that never-ending million

01:17:58   years to do that and why did you not

01:18:00   teach me the head before the version of

01:18:02   itunes came out that that it doesn't

01:18:05   matter anymore it's just one of those

01:18:08   things if you're a loser you know if you

01:18:09   think Mackey enough you think like well

01:18:12   if they / read that wouldn't they maybe

01:18:14   give you an escape hatch with a modifier

01:18:15   key but modifier keys to did like you

01:18:18   said you haven't you just said you

01:18:19   didn't even know that existed

01:18:20   well modifier Keys not a good solution

01:18:23   to the problem so windows contextual

01:18:25   menus solved that problem in a certain

01:18:27   sense of give me a way to do

01:18:30   here's the thing i have it in front of

01:18:33   me let me give me a whole bunch of list

01:18:35   of things I can do to this thing right

01:18:37   now mom but in another sense it wasn't

01:18:42   still wasn't visual though because you

01:18:43   had to know the difference between right

01:18:45   clicking and left clicking which I you

01:18:48   know it's like one of the most like

01:18:49   divisive arguments in the history of

01:18:53   user interface design

01:18:56   yeah what is one is let's do something

01:18:58   and the other one is let's find out what

01:18:59   we could do right and on my argument

01:19:02   against it then that Apple was right

01:19:04   with the one button mouse for all these

01:19:06   years is that whenever i worked in an

01:19:07   office environment you can go and you

01:19:09   look at everybody's mouse if they had

01:19:11   pcs and the left mouse button was filthy

01:19:14   and the right mouse button or actually

01:19:17   it was the other way around where the

01:19:18   left one was well Leslie when that might

01:19:20   be dirty but it had a finger-sized shiny

01:19:23   yeah like shiny and the right one was

01:19:25   just too just covered with dust and that

01:19:27   people learned that that's the one you

01:19:29   don't click that kind of shows you how

01:19:32   Apple really did win right that normal

01:19:35   people still never use that those things

01:19:37   they you know it was opposed it is a

01:19:39   great power user future and that's why

01:19:41   Apple eventually and I do think you're

01:19:43   right that that when Apple added

01:19:45   contextual menus with the control click

01:19:47   that it was sort of begrudging

01:19:49   but it's definitely a power user feature

01:19:51   because it's not visual and that's why

01:19:54   you see things i think in itunes now

01:19:55   with this thing where they've got this

01:19:57   secondary in a way it is totally

01:20:00   ungraceful an inelegant that there are

01:20:03   two entirely different contextual menus

01:20:05   for let's say a song or album there's

01:20:08   the old one that you get with ctrl click

01:20:10   or right click whatever you want to call

01:20:11   it and this new one where you just

01:20:13   regular click on the Chevron button and

01:20:17   that it's too you know entirely

01:20:19   different list of things and one's a lot

01:20:22   simpler ones a little bit more fiddly

01:20:24   very elegant but it is to me though the

01:20:27   new way where it's visual and you can at

01:20:29   least see how to make come up

01:20:34   well I i totally agree but I mean I had

01:20:36   to be even even kinder I think and I

01:20:39   think fairly so if you think about iOS

01:20:42   one of the one of the things that Apple

01:20:45   i think has gotten so right with iOS

01:20:48   that others i don't know i can't say if

01:20:50   others have I haven't spent much time on

01:20:52   anything but an ipad or iphone but you

01:20:55   know is that what i understand that

01:20:56   there are a limited number of things

01:20:58   that I can do here and and that there

01:21:01   should be a limited number of things

01:21:02   that i present the people here otherwise

01:21:04   it's going to be completely overwhelming

01:21:06   and so I don't know that this close

01:21:09   chevron or whatever you call it go to

01:21:10   the next level of stuff

01:21:12   the only way you can really do stuff on

01:21:15   some ass a little but you can either i'm

01:21:17   not never can I can't tell you what the

01:21:18   name of the views are but you could

01:21:20   certainly have a kind of view where you

01:21:23   get a list of stuff and then you can

01:21:25   select things and do things to those but

01:21:27   more often than not you're clicking that

01:21:28   right disclosed button to to drill down

01:21:30   into where you can do different sorts of

01:21:33   things

01:21:34   well now why is it so special and

01:21:35   different because there's not really

01:21:37   menus in the traditional sense on on

01:21:40   your on your iOS device you can you

01:21:43   don't have a like in this case

01:21:44   highlighted view control store and

01:21:47   window that might present be presented

01:21:48   in some kind of tab way but that's

01:21:50   usually like the last thing I would want

01:21:52   to do and there are certainly far edge

01:21:55   cases I refuse goodreader good reader so

01:21:57   nerdy but so fine you can go in and look

01:21:59   at your files on dropbox and you can go

01:22:02   to the file man

01:22:02   comments section click the file and say

01:22:04   wow there's like 40 options it's so like

01:22:07   you know like an engineer made it right

01:22:08   you can open in you can zip this you can

01:22:11   move this you can do all that stuff it

01:22:13   gets to the point that's saying like

01:22:14   only a power user would want that

01:22:15   because most people don't know of or

01:22:17   need most of those things and for better

01:22:20   for worse the iOS is accommodating those

01:22:23   limits limitations in the design

01:22:26   principles so I mean I the the thing is

01:22:29   I guess what I'm trying to get at is

01:22:30   that in seeing these changes reflected

01:22:32   in these design decisions reflected back

01:22:34   into OS 10

01:22:35   I wonder for a new person you just come

01:22:37   in here and go I understand their stuff

01:22:40   and the stuff is in different areas and

01:22:43   once I get there and I get to the actual

01:22:45   stuff there's almost always something I

01:22:46   can do to it and if i get used to the

01:22:49   idea that clicking on that chevron

01:22:51   always means it can do things then

01:22:52   that's great my god is that most power

01:22:55   users are never going to click on those

01:22:56   things are going to see that arrow I

01:22:58   like you you're pretty good with

01:23:00   computers and you didn't know about

01:23:01   doing and playlists which tells me you

01:23:04   did not spend a lot of time left

01:23:05   clicking and or you know i just got this

01:23:09   backwards because i use this track pad

01:23:11   and a you know caps lock is why i still

01:23:13   call it control-click yeah control

01:23:15   clicking for his caps caps lock clicking

01:23:17   but but you know you feel you know what

01:23:20   I'm saying like for most people I think

01:23:21   that the day into the danger not the

01:23:23   danger think it's a little confusing

01:23:24   about this is yes it's a new design we

01:23:26   always we should always be open to a new

01:23:28   design being better because this is a

01:23:30   this is a group of companies that by and

01:23:32   large we trust to make interesting and

01:23:34   in good design decisions but there's a

01:23:36   lot about it that that yes there's

01:23:38   opposite like I'm just right now there's

01:23:39   a lot of stuff you don't see until your

01:23:40   mouse over it and then when you do mouse

01:23:42   over it you're like what like I mouse

01:23:44   over a song i now have exactly the same

01:23:46   chevron for a song as I do for the album

01:23:49   so what does that mean well just click

01:23:51   and find out

01:23:51   I've also got these for tiny little dots

01:23:54   what is that well I know that's for I

01:23:56   want to rate this right but I don't know

01:23:59   very good is going to know that the

01:24:00   truth is that i don't think most people

01:24:01   are going to use any of that really

01:24:03   generate your songs to write your songs

01:24:05   i used to i would I wish we had another

01:24:09   two hours because i have so much great

01:24:11   itunes tip stuff to share but I I'm not

01:24:13   big on ratings i am

01:24:15   big on metadata and i use the play

01:24:21   john sarkissian over here is this I I

01:24:22   rely heavily on the implicit metadata of

01:24:25   what exists in the songs and what is

01:24:27   learned from my behavior so i would much

01:24:29   rather count on

01:24:30   I would watch for these skip count yeah

01:24:33   and number of plays to make a playlist

01:24:35   and i would buy is this two-and-a-half

01:24:37   to four-and-a-half stars

01:24:39   yeah exactly i wanted to show me you

01:24:41   know you know it's just like good user

01:24:43   testing right it's like yeah you should

01:24:45   tell us the symptoms of how you use this

01:24:47   but we're more interested in the signs

01:24:48   with your behavior shows i almost trust

01:24:51   itunes to start my songs more than

01:24:54   myself and there are a few there's

01:24:56   obviously you know it's like like raging

01:24:59   bowl that grading bowl is a obviously

01:25:02   one of the greatest movies ever made one

01:25:04   of my favorites but you just can't watch

01:25:05   it that often

01:25:06   it's just too much right it takes a lot

01:25:08   out of me to watch Raging Bull so my

01:25:10   play count on raging bowl as a movie is

01:25:12   going to be a lot lower than the Stars I

01:25:14   would assign to it because I just can't

01:25:16   take it

01:25:17   it's i love i love and godspeed you

01:25:19   black emperor with it which is this a

01:25:20   band from Canada that makes these

01:25:22   wonderful very long

01:25:24   orchestral atmospheric ever seen at 28

01:25:26   days later

01:25:27   yes remember when the guy wakes up and

01:25:29   he starts walking through the streets

01:25:30   and you hear that like that very

01:25:32   memorable cello like yeah that's

01:25:35   godspeed you black emperor that's that's

01:25:37   five star music that i do not want to

01:25:39   hear 16 minutes at a time so skip count

01:25:42   on that is kinda high but you can hack

01:25:44   this right easily by and I don't derail

01:25:46   this because it but i do have a lot of

01:25:48   on this is like the way that I do

01:25:49   playlist i think is pretty smart i do it

01:25:52   very heavily upon like building the bit

01:25:55   i have a whole bunch of I cloud-related

01:25:57   smart playlists that I'd love to share

01:25:58   with people because i think they could

01:25:59   be a lifesaver

01:26:00   but then I do a very heavily based upon

01:26:02   the number of times that the ratings I

01:26:03   mean what a ratings you have time to sit

01:26:05   and write everything and what is that

01:26:06   reading mean it'sit's not that much

01:26:08   better than what you get on the itunes

01:26:10   store what's good for what the gene i

01:26:13   can tell you the genius break for you

01:26:16   after iTunes Match initially when i

01:26:19   first got on itunes magic is stopped

01:26:20   working on my on my mac i guess it was

01:26:23   there was enough on the computer for it

01:26:25   to work

01:26:26   yeah I don't know it gets like you for a

01:26:28   while

01:26:28   definitely definitely started working

01:26:30   even in 10 i guess what's the last

01:26:32   itunes at work this did start working

01:26:34   again it was a revelation

01:26:35   I don't know how the hell it does it

01:26:36   that it's crazy all we've learned from

01:26:38   collaborative filtering it works pretty

01:26:40   great and I'll tell you the genius

01:26:43   playlists are frequently way better than

01:26:45   anything i would have come up with on my

01:26:46   own

01:26:47   yeah i agree with that and but I'd but I

01:26:48   also think that's exactly why I think I

01:26:50   trust itunes to write my songs for me I

01:26:53   well you know just as a and then let me

01:26:55   override it

01:26:56   you know I'll tell you what's a

01:26:57   super-duper rathole that still drives me

01:26:58   crazy

01:26:59   why doesn't it doesn't I RS know which

01:27:01   apps that use the most

01:27:02   why is there not an automatic Smart

01:27:04   Folder for the apps that I use the most

01:27:07   don't you think there should be a full

01:27:09   Smart Folder I know this doesn't exist

01:27:11   but shouldn't be a smart folder

01:27:12   automatically populated in your dock

01:27:14   with the five apps you use the most

01:27:16   I'm sorry nine apps you use the most I

01:27:20   definitely think so i think i think i

01:27:22   don't think that the the visual

01:27:24   presentation of as they call it spring

01:27:26   board is at anyway problematic i know a

01:27:29   lot of nerds want to put widgets and

01:27:30   have also expensive i think my nandroid

01:27:33   I think this idea that the the baseline

01:27:36   of the iOS universe is a desktop you get

01:27:38   to pick the background and it's just an

01:27:40   organized list of your apps is the right

01:27:44   concept i think the problem with

01:27:45   springboard is the lack of organization

01:27:48   features you know like moving apps

01:27:50   around in that thing is makes me feel

01:27:52   like I've got a job and that the line if

01:27:54   you've done it right and like in my case

01:27:56   i I'm sorry to say that i have more apps

01:27:59   that can be shown right on

01:28:01   and so what i do i start i joked about

01:28:03   this not long ago i'll go to a page with

01:28:05   a bunch of crap so I don't use it takes

01:28:07   so long to delete at least when you do

01:28:10   it through itunes when you connect the

01:28:11   device and I guess you can select more

01:28:13   than one at a time and move more than

01:28:14   it's not two clicks it's not all those

01:28:16   extra clicks and that but what i'll do

01:28:18   is i'll create a drop on top of the

01:28:20   other and say do you want to create the

01:28:22   folder called productivity I no no it's

01:28:25   called board 37 and so I just dropped

01:28:27   chop and I guess nine apps or whatever

01:28:30   it'll take right but I mean that that is

01:28:32   it becomes so time-consuming and then

01:28:34   what's crazy making is if there is an

01:28:35   app in there that i use once a year and

01:28:37   I do the search you know the go left and

01:28:40   do the search

01:28:41   I wish you could say show in folder or

01:28:44   show on page and you know what yeah I

01:28:48   know exactly I know exactly what you

01:28:49   mean no because I am organized and I

01:28:51   have organized everything into folders

01:28:53   well then the folders lose their

01:28:54   taxonomical significance if I don't have

01:28:56   a way to find out

01:28:58   it's its siblings know is I'd the thing

01:29:01   you just described run into all the time

01:29:02   where there's a certain app i realized i

01:29:04   want to use one of them like for example

01:29:06   a speed test where you might have one

01:29:10   you might have one called internet

01:29:11   utilities for example isn't a stand and

01:29:13   I often you know when i get like a new

01:29:16   device from Apple to you know like the

01:29:18   new ipad mini comes out and i want to

01:29:20   test the to see hey what's the LT is the

01:29:22   LTE speeds just as fast as the iphone by

01:29:25   getting different speeds or something

01:29:26   that so now i haven't used to be tested

01:29:27   a while but i want to use it and i think

01:29:29   you know i used this thing enough that I

01:29:31   I should move it up to a more prominent

01:29:34   screen but i'll search for it on that

01:29:36   search screen and then I want to know

01:29:38   where the hell is I don't know where

01:29:39   speed test is on my phone I don't really

01:29:41   tells you that it's in a folder called

01:29:43   travel I don't have no idea where it is

01:29:45   so I'll just what I'll do is I'll just

01:29:48   launch it from the the search page and

01:29:50   give up on knowing where the hell is

01:29:52   what i would ask right now is that they

01:29:54   added something in six that's cool

01:29:56   which is when you search if you have

01:29:58   done the you know it's pretty cool

01:30:00   disney magic that if you put two similar

01:30:02   apps if you drop a nap on a similar app

01:30:04   it's pretty cool that those notes that

01:30:05   those are both music apps or travel

01:30:07   option that's pretty that's pretty cool

01:30:08   it's done that ever since they've had

01:30:09   the folders feature if yeah but I mean

01:30:11   it was gonna say that it's nice it's

01:30:13   always been cool it guesses that well

01:30:14   but will be nice and this is probably

01:30:16   inner thing but when you do that search

01:30:18   for speed test what we call that thing

01:30:20   the search page whatever you them then

01:30:23   your spotlight they might call it

01:30:24   spotlight did you notice that it now

01:30:26   shows you the name of the folder when it

01:30:28   finds no I didn't know that so if you

01:30:30   search for something to show you the

01:30:31   name the folder now obviously the neck

01:30:33   the great tell you what home screen

01:30:34   that's on though I want to know what's

01:30:35   going on homescreen aight well I wish

01:30:37   there was just a disclosed button there

01:30:39   would or a you know an i right or just

01:30:42   show me love show it to me

01:30:43   yeah but but you know that this is this

01:30:46   is the one funny thing when I'm sure we

01:30:47   don't have time to get into this but i

01:30:48   want at least a stake in the ground

01:30:50   I there's so much stuff like it's one

01:30:52   thing to say okay I want to play list

01:30:54   and of these songs that i liked or I

01:30:57   want to make a mixtape for somebody as

01:30:59   we used to say but there's so much power

01:31:01   in smart playlists that most people have

01:31:03   no idea about and they are absolutely

01:31:06   indispensable if you're using iTunes

01:31:08   Match like I have I have I have so many

01:31:11   of these that I rely on one of them is

01:31:12   here is all stuff that I know is

01:31:15   copacetic in the cloud right and

01:31:19   everything it's matched your purchase

01:31:20   toward any of the matches these are any

01:31:22   of these three criteria that first of

01:31:24   all fantastic because you can see how

01:31:25   much of your stuff is you know up there

01:31:28   i have 14 problems

01:31:30   show me any one where it is not you know

01:31:34   is where it's deleted or problem or

01:31:36   whatever it is but you know what I've

01:31:38   got I've got one that I swear by this is

01:31:40   a little byzantine but I take that is

01:31:45   this safe in the cloud list and I use

01:31:48   that as the basis for show me everything

01:31:50   that's in my safe in the cloud list this

01:31:52   larger than 15 mix and sort by size so

01:31:56   if I'm running out of space

01:31:57   I know that can very clear very quickly

01:32:00   clear up three gigs by deleting

01:32:01   everything in here without actually

01:32:03   losing it forever and on my on my

01:32:06   macbook air that's indispensable that I

01:32:08   mean I feel that thing up fast if i put

01:32:10   some HD movies on their right forgot I

01:32:13   forgot a pre-bought to Bob brave and the

01:32:17   brave plus special features is going to

01:32:19   be like eight gigs or whatever things

01:32:20   like that but then you can also get into

01:32:22   these wonderful things where you can mix

01:32:24   those less this should be a separate

01:32:25   show i'm sorry but if you come up with

01:32:27   the list that work for you like you know

01:32:29   show me everything that I listen to more

01:32:31   than 10 times it's not in children's

01:32:33   music or holiday music or any of this

01:32:35   array and has fewer than 5 skip counts

01:32:38   wow that's actually a pretty great list

01:32:39   doesn't matter what rating you gave it

01:32:41   your going to hear songs that you like

01:32:43   so if you can combine those together you

01:32:46   come up with these fantastic on-the-go

01:32:47   list for iOS and that stuff is all still

01:32:51   in here

01:32:51   I don't think it's super obvious how to

01:32:53   use all that a lot of people don't know

01:32:54   that you can make like sub list entries

01:32:56   inside of smart playlist you know what I

01:32:58   mean yeah where you can have a raise and

01:32:59   a raise or whatever right but you like

01:33:03   it i do anything about the second spot

01:33:06   sir I can tell you another repeat

01:33:10   sponsor and repeat sponsors make me so

01:33:12   happy because it makes me feel like

01:33:13   they're part of the talk show family our

01:33:15   friends at global delight and their app

01:33:17   it's a brand-new version of their great

01:33:19   app camera+ pro camera plus pro little

01:33:23   bit of a tongue twister is a powerful

01:33:25   yet simple camera app and it's a photo

01:33:29   editing app so lets you shoot edit and

01:33:31   share beautiful photos and videos from

01:33:33   your iphone and your iphone 5 your ipod

01:33:36   touch or even your ipad people love to

01:33:39   shoot their stuff on your iPad it's a

01:33:42   great it's a favorite of iphone

01:33:45   photographers it has incredible features

01:33:48   my favorites are things like it's got

01:33:51   really good focus lock exposure control

01:33:54   manual white balance you can change the

01:33:57   white balance it has a good anti-shake

01:33:58   feature to help steady photos when

01:34:02   you're holding it in your hand bunch of

01:34:04   options for grid lines so you could turn

01:34:06   on the rule of thirds you can set on

01:34:08   some other options for the gridlines you

01:34:10   can turn on the mode they call it big

01:34:12   button mode where the whole screen is

01:34:14   the shutter right never have that

01:34:16   problem with the built-in camera app or

01:34:18   that there's only like two pixels that

01:34:19   registers you don't want to use you

01:34:21   don't want to like if you use this

01:34:22   inward facing camera you can hit the

01:34:24   button but if you tried it from the

01:34:25   other side it's a real you know talking

01:34:27   about your portrait exactly big button

01:34:30   it helps so much for that right because

01:34:32   you all you have to know if you feel

01:34:33   glass it's a shutter button

01:34:35   they've also you know they've got the

01:34:37   same thing that the photo app has

01:34:39   everybody has now you can use the volume

01:34:40   button as a shutter

01:34:42   you can also use the volume button on a

01:34:43   headphone if it's attached so it's sort

01:34:46   of like what do they call that Dad

01:34:48   photography terms are remote shutter

01:34:50   button really James Bond make you do

01:34:52   that I on the video side now here's

01:34:55   where they're really getting in a realm

01:34:56   where these are some of that really

01:34:58   advanced features they got done the

01:35:00   video side you can shoot videos with

01:35:01   camera+ pro with real-time video filters

01:35:04   so you can get and now you know and

01:35:06   again i always say this i know people

01:35:08   are some people are against the filters

01:35:10   some of the filters yeah a little bit

01:35:11   kitschy a little bit retro some of the

01:35:13   filters are just you know really make it

01:35:15   look a little bit more like

01:35:16   movie you know more filmic I think some

01:35:18   of the filters are really great but you

01:35:20   can see them live I don't even know how

01:35:22   that to me this is black magic i don't i

01:35:24   don't know how a little iphone thing can

01:35:27   can do live video filtering as you shoot

01:35:30   but it works

01:35:31   that's the thing that blew me away about

01:35:32   these guys at macworld last year's I

01:35:36   think it got them the best to show at

01:35:37   macworld expose that they were they had

01:35:40   this app that did video filters you know

01:35:41   I Instagram style histogram style

01:35:44   whatever you want to call it but live as

01:35:47   you shoot the video i had no idea that

01:35:48   existed i love this happened had no idea

01:35:50   that accepted and it doesn't seem

01:35:52   mathematically possible to me but it

01:35:54   works

01:35:54   I sharing you could share to facebook

01:35:57   twitter flickr anyplace you want to send

01:36:00   photos they have a feature I don't know

01:36:02   why anybody would ever want to use such

01:36:04   a feature but they have a feature where

01:36:05   you can have a private collection of

01:36:07   photos within the app that's

01:36:08   password-protected i don't know i mean

01:36:11   it seems like something somebody would

01:36:12   want to use I don't yes a sensitive

01:36:14   government data

01:36:15   exactly that's a good idea but i use it

01:36:17   i like it it's got some great if you

01:36:19   know and it's a dude on the whole bunch

01:36:22   of filters that you can use one of my

01:36:23   fam other favorite things about their

01:36:24   filters is that when you apply a filter

01:36:26   to a photo I have a little slider that

01:36:29   just let you adjust the filter strength

01:36:31   so if you say give it the bleach bypass

01:36:34   filter and it really has this sort of

01:36:37   absurdly strong filter look to it if you

01:36:41   think that's too much you can just slide

01:36:43   that down a little bit and just to put

01:36:44   it like thirty percent or something like

01:36:46   that and it just gives it a hint of that

01:36:48   look which i think is a just a great

01:36:50   feature really really helps sort of let

01:36:54   you feel like you're in control of it

01:36:56   and it like a real app like lightroom or

01:36:58   something like that on your Mac here's

01:37:02   how do you get it I know that's what

01:37:03   you're wondering

01:37:04   you ever hear the website bit ly I know

01:37:06   about Bentley vit dot I know why right

01:37:10   see here's what you do you go to

01:37:11   bit.ly/b i TTLY / by CP pro so that that

01:37:17   bu y like buyers and purchase bu y SI p

01:37:22   pro/5 I see p pro

01:37:28   that'll let them track it you don't know

01:37:30   that you're coming from the talk show

01:37:31   that's the idea behind the bitly URL

01:37:33   they can say wow look at all these

01:37:35   people coming from the talk show how

01:37:37   much does it cost cost up buck 99 12 box

01:37:41   that's going to get a great app camera+

01:37:43   pro when you google for it comes up

01:37:45   number one number one before you can do

01:37:48   before we do it as Google's monster

01:37:50   would like to mention them they have

01:37:53   their big supporters of the show i have

01:37:55   i have wow I I'll this

01:37:57   wow I guess I i thought i was using this

01:37:59   most recent version but oh my god this

01:38:01   is amazing and beautiful app and they

01:38:03   were one of the first they're one of the

01:38:04   first word when camera+ came out

01:38:06   everybody was like wait a minute you can

01:38:09   do this the best

01:38:12   yep so what else is going on is that you

01:38:17   know what it is and we're going along we

01:38:19   should get the hell off we should have

01:38:20   we should have a show John I know you

01:38:22   wouldn't want to do that probably but we

01:38:23   should have a show this is ridiculous we

01:38:25   have you know we have some stuff to talk

01:38:27   about

01:38:28   he really know anything we need to talk

01:38:30   about now I mean we have we have shared

01:38:33   interest that we can make Valerie shared

01:38:35   interest we can helps in any people

01:38:37   Susie astok and entertaining and

01:38:38   engaging manner that's what i meant

01:38:40   having that you can i have some shit to

01:38:42   talk about that I know you're the one

01:38:45   sending that stuff to my wife

01:38:47   look I don't I told you I was going to

01:38:50   take care of your investment haha

01:38:54   listen the market is subject to

01:38:56   volatility I'm not a magician

01:38:58   we can talk more time ever done it never

01:39:02   happens you never told you you could

01:39:04   never lose then I have for government

01:39:06   veranda federal something-something this

01:39:10   is pretty probably long right run along

01:39:12   a little bit but dunno maybe there's

01:39:14   some stuff we could cut we keep talking

01:39:15   about how you have apple news kind of

01:39:17   cattail people one more thing

01:39:19   yeah what do you want to talk about I

01:39:20   feel like you have some self what you

01:39:21   want to say well I'm gonna mention more

01:39:23   slightly items related thing now

01:39:24   now i'm a a reformed retired adjunct

01:39:27   productivity guy of some renown I must

01:39:31   say and for her for years

01:39:34   one of the i use this is an example i

01:39:36   always use notebooks as an exact great

01:39:38   example of productivity porn and the

01:39:39   idea that if you focus too much on the

01:39:40   notebook

01:39:41   he won't do your stuff the other example

01:39:42   in terms of like stuff I do and I

01:39:44   mention that because i'm a notebook nerd

01:39:46   like I love field notes i love all these

01:39:47   notes the other one for me is is

01:39:49   metadata I am so pointlessly obsessed

01:39:52   with correct metadata and things and it

01:39:55   drives me bananas and even for a long

01:39:57   time I there are various other various

01:39:59   different ways to use this but running

01:40:00   people wear something that's really cool

01:40:02   and it's free think it's free

01:40:03   musicbrainz mean mu SE pyaar ki NZ

01:40:07   believe it's musicbrainz dork but if you

01:40:10   google musicbrainz you will find it it

01:40:12   has the most exhaustive set of metadata

01:40:14   about anything I've ever seen you don't

01:40:16   want to go to shot just for fun so

01:40:18   here's the neat part though a you go in

01:40:20   and search musicbrainz for tom petty

01:40:23   it's because they are some petty you

01:40:25   click on Tom Petty this is ok show me

01:40:26   the torpedoes ok yourselves repeat rows

01:40:28   wait a minute you're telling me that

01:40:30   there's a will that be nineteen eighty

01:40:32   that there's like all that whatever the

01:40:34   whatever came out 1980 versus on this

01:40:39   label that's an LP but there's also a

01:40:41   version that came out later on with

01:40:43   bonus tracks on a CD and is also never

01:40:45   it doesn't drive you crazy when you have

01:40:47   to when you want to get that metadata

01:40:49   right on stuff but there's like four

01:40:51   extra tracks and their itunes confused

01:40:54   well this is that all that stuff is in

01:40:55   there which is amazing but here's the

01:40:57   beauty part you can download this app

01:40:59   called things called musicbrainz picard

01:41:01   like you like Professor X Picard and you

01:41:05   get on the download strong luke and you

01:41:07   drag tracks into this and it applies all

01:41:11   that metadata to your tracks for you

01:41:13   downtown your name in the files

01:41:15   how do you get that you just go to a

01:41:18   good search for musicbrainz picard and

01:41:20   it's not the prettiest kind of swing

01:41:22   looking kind of you know python looking

01:41:24   but it works well and you go in and say

01:41:27   you just throw a big bunch of stuff in

01:41:29   there

01:41:29   I think it's better to start out like I

01:41:31   just to get a get your legs under you

01:41:33   put it like grab there's some album

01:41:35   where you've got to get you throw a

01:41:37   nightmare on elm street whatever the

01:41:40   stones records you like throw that in

01:41:41   there and then tell it everything in

01:41:43   this group make this the costly released

01:41:48   edition from a couple years ago and say

01:41:50   okay got it all

01:41:51   boom because the correct stuff it enters

01:41:53   in the composer data

01:41:54   you like everything that it can and then

01:41:56   they make sure i can so much more fun to

01:41:58   use it sounds crazy but if you get stuff

01:42:01   you can it'll improve stuff like your

01:42:03   stuff you bought from Apple too little

01:42:05   ad better stuff to that anyway I just it

01:42:08   organizes better it makes your playlist

01:42:10   better

01:42:10   it drives me nuts will not help it will

01:42:13   help with album art for missing album

01:42:14   art I think it will help in the Senate

01:42:19   I'm trying to remember you can get album

01:42:20   art for I know there are other apps that

01:42:21   do that used to be one called mp3

01:42:26   someone I used to use but there's always

01:42:30   been little apps like this if nothing

01:42:31   else it'll make sure that it has

01:42:32   normalized as John siracusa says

01:42:34   normalized metadata that will be correct

01:42:37   and help you find hopefully the right

01:42:39   one have a common except that does that

01:42:41   but I guess what I'm kind of getting at

01:42:44   is like one of two things first of all

01:42:45   like there's nice we have so much stuff

01:42:47   now that labeling stuff incorrectly has

01:42:50   a cost to it even if it's silly stuff

01:42:52   like music because stuff like duplicates

01:42:54   because you can send more than one

01:42:56   version itunes match as i learned i have

01:42:58   arrived as i click around yesterday

01:43:00   looking for screenshots and stuff

01:43:02   I don't realize just how many duplicate

01:43:04   just like duplicates and display exact

01:43:06   duplicates is only so helpful in a first

01:43:08   of all it doesn't work all that great

01:43:10   and be it doesn't automatically pick

01:43:11   what to get rid of

01:43:12   well if you find the correct version and

01:43:14   prefer this certain bit rain so forth it

01:43:17   gets a lot easier to do that i'm

01:43:18   actually have an app that i like that

01:43:19   will help with that a lot i have one of

01:43:21   those for iphoto that I like a lot but

01:43:23   first of all yes

01:43:24   hey there's a cost not having this

01:43:26   correct because you know example case be

01:43:29   i'm on iOS and suddenly i have four

01:43:32   different artist called electric light

01:43:34   orchestra which makes it really annoying

01:43:36   well I happen to like yellow but you

01:43:39   know what I'm saying like you go in

01:43:40   there now and your stuff isn't all in

01:43:41   the same place so you can make lists as

01:43:43   easily you're going to go back to your

01:43:44   computer and fix all of that some people

01:43:46   on iOS you know maybe don't even have

01:43:49   that option but we do if we're always 10

01:43:51   users and this is a great ones of the

01:43:53   card one of my pics pic of the week and

01:43:56   your you strike me somebody's probably

01:43:58   not a big metadata guy you don't spend a

01:44:00   morning on that i can i can get IQ get i

01:44:03   can get into it for the stuff that

01:44:05   matters to you it's great like all I do

01:44:07   we did all my

01:44:08   new order stuff and fixed up all my new

01:44:10   order stuff make sure the tracks come

01:44:11   from the right thing and instead of me

01:44:13   having to sit there in search 10 sites

01:44:15   to find which of these five versions of

01:44:16   ceremony this is it will do it for you

01:44:18   and it's pretty terrific it can also do

01:44:21   an acoustic fingerprint it will look at

01:44:23   if it doesn't if you have no idea what

01:44:25   the track is you throw in your unknown

01:44:26   whatever that you know that one checked

01:44:30   folder you have called unknown sort of

01:44:33   whatever it couldn't it'll take a shot

01:44:35   take a swag and doing an acoustic

01:44:37   footprint to figure out what it is huh

01:44:39   so as more of your let's say a hundred

01:44:41   and twenty-eight k plus stuff makes it

01:44:43   way it makes its way into the itunes

01:44:45   ecosystem this will benefit you even

01:44:48   just take you here you go make a smart

01:44:50   playlist of your most played albums and

01:44:52   just even fix those and make your life

01:44:53   better

01:44:54   so it's good and something I'll share my

01:44:57   our my smart playlist with you you have

01:45:00   those did you do smart playlist for

01:45:01   iTunes Match I for iTunes Match like I

01:45:07   was really scared to throw stuff away

01:45:09   until I was really I mean I was scared I

01:45:11   knew that I didn't have to have a 65 gig

01:45:14   itunes library on every machine anymore

01:45:17   swimming and i wanted to i want to have

01:45:19   the confidence to delete stuff

01:45:21   especially with movies dude I mean I had

01:45:25   it set to automatically download like I

01:45:27   say with brave i mean brave was big

01:45:30   you know that SP that's one of the

01:45:32   things that to me is unheralded about

01:45:33   the new itunes 11 is there now are under

01:45:36   Harold at least is that they've finally

01:45:38   they more or less than the same thing

01:45:40   with movies and TV shows as they did

01:45:41   with music where if you bought it from

01:45:43   apple it's you can just delete it from

01:45:46   your computer and it still shows up and

01:45:48   it's just like you know it's in this

01:45:50   oh you know the other thing they added

01:45:52   but I'm this actually supports I think

01:45:54   rather than refutes that he did you see

01:45:57   you now have an overall tick-box 44

01:46:01   don't show so you know it like for

01:46:04   example on iOS you can go in and say

01:46:06   only show local music don't show iCloud

01:46:08   music that's not on this ya ice

01:46:10   yeah you can do that now in itunes also

01:46:12   without a smart playlist which is huge

01:46:15   if you're on vacation right because

01:46:17   you're not don't don't tease me with the

01:46:18   shit I can't play well here's the thing

01:46:21   II when you're on vacation you won't

01:46:23   find out you don't have it but a if

01:46:25   you're not a vacation yet you might want

01:46:27   to go and be sure you've got everything

01:46:28   you want on there right so that's a nice

01:46:31   one I mean that's a nice feature because

01:46:32   not everybody's going to care about that

01:46:34   or need that you know it's we always

01:46:36   have to think about the people who are

01:46:38   the new customers where is that growth

01:46:39   coming from

01:46:40   well you know there's not that many

01:46:42   people certainly there are nervous

01:46:43   they're gonna buy 5 iPad and 7i phones

01:46:45   but clearly this growth is among people

01:46:47   who have not been in the apple ecosystem

01:46:49   before right

01:46:50   I'm i think is back it gets back to the

01:46:52   one of my rolled refrains which is that

01:46:55   it's really almost everything is hard if

01:46:59   it wasn't part of the original idea and

01:47:01   the whole cloud thing was not part of

01:47:02   the original idea with itunes and it

01:47:04   really felt it with all the other

01:47:06   previous versions whereas this new

01:47:08   redesign really was and you know part of

01:47:10   it you can be completely cynical about

01:47:12   which is that it's also very largely

01:47:15   about getting you to buy more stuff from

01:47:16   the store but it you know just starting

01:47:20   from the blank white board when they

01:47:22   started designing with this new one was

01:47:24   gonna look like it click they clearly

01:47:26   had that a lot of this stuff the

01:47:28   canonical store for it is our servers

01:47:31   and you know I cloud wherever the hell

01:47:33   they are as opposed to the old itunes

01:47:36   where that the cloud stuff really was it

01:47:39   both effectively and visually sort

01:47:42   attacked on MH now you're i think i

01:47:45   think you're right and you know the the

01:47:47   cash to completely unexpected part of

01:47:49   all this for me is apple TV her which I

01:47:52   treated as as much of a hobby as Apple

01:47:53   did for a long time but when I got the

01:47:56   have the 720p the second latest one

01:47:58   right

01:47:59   same here I it is unbelievable i say i

01:48:03   did a whole couple podcast about this

01:48:06   about how I moved away from my old

01:48:07   system having a mac mini and drove to do

01:48:10   everything I still got them around but

01:48:12   it's crazy how little i miss having a

01:48:14   dedicated large storage device

01:48:18   you know I mean I mean yes absolutely i

01:48:20   am you know what I was drinking the

01:48:22   other night about a copy of phantasm

01:48:23   using phantasm it brings about remember

01:48:27   that scary a commercial and is that orb

01:48:30   like there's even a mausoleum and you

01:48:32   see that the or with the little

01:48:33   you can google it yeah the orb with the

01:48:36   spike coming out of that goes in the

01:48:37   guy's head and pulls out this blood

01:48:38   spurts out just great low budget horror

01:48:40   film from 1979 and described and then it

01:48:43   was on my iPad in a few minutes that

01:48:45   that they have created starting with the

01:48:48   early days of the itunes store and being

01:48:49   able to buy I mean to me now that

01:48:51   pattern has become so ingrained that it

01:48:54   competes very heavily with the

01:48:56   pre-existing habit of just going and

01:48:57   getting it off the back of a truck

01:48:59   I I feel great being legit with it but

01:49:01   it's also just more convenient not

01:49:03   knowing that this is not going to have

01:49:04   hard-coded dutch subs whatever those are

01:49:06   but this will be like a good version of

01:49:08   this that i can get from anywhere right

01:49:10   you know the best copy the Avengers I've

01:49:12   got is the one that I paid for and

01:49:14   that's the thing that's really that's a

01:49:15   good thing hasn't happened for you I

01:49:18   mean Europe you use it seems like this

01:49:20   must have been big for you guys too

01:49:21   especially you got a kid too

01:49:23   yeah I wish we had more of our movies on

01:49:25   itunes then then dvds and stuff like

01:49:27   that maybe the after dark all table

01:49:30   something called I flex or play with

01:49:31   that I I don't know

01:49:34   ok I flac KS just saying I fli x ck x

01:49:40   its yeah its metadata in place without

01:49:43   having to recreate code and if it's an

01:49:45   MKV whatever that is it can put a

01:49:47   quicktime wrapper around it that lets it

01:49:49   run right in itunes good thing

01:49:54   yeah I know you know me i get yeah i

01:49:56   know you get confused

01:49:57   ya gotta get confused actually what

01:50:00   Margaret wellhead was never forget this

01:50:04   one night I tried to show was I don't

01:50:07   know Gotye was the you & Simpson were

01:50:08   definitely there and I was really

01:50:09   excited about showing you this one

01:50:10   bookmarklet oh and I remember like I I

01:50:14   never felt like a bigger nerd than when

01:50:16   you two guys were not interested in

01:50:18   anything i had on and you're seriously

01:50:20   you're like I was I was like the kid who

01:50:22   was likely a nice bike well one of my

01:50:24   boss by Kate spank you can just walked

01:50:27   away I do i do remember that i actually

01:50:30   it oddly have a very vivid memory of

01:50:32   that I believe somehow we had either

01:50:33   gotten kicked out of her head somehow

01:50:35   decided that it was a bad scene it

01:50:38   how about shields and we're going to

01:50:39   Rickenbacker's right my opinion there's

01:50:41   been several times I'd so you decided to

01:50:43   spend like the three walk that there's

01:50:45   like a three block walk

01:50:47   between the two bars are going to catch

01:50:48   up and talk about our lives we decided

01:50:50   to explain quicks it goes next click

01:50:53   like this crazy kinda like look I type

01:50:57   in mdl returns a markdown link I've

01:51:01   never met somebody so uninterested in

01:51:03   the own the other thing that they have

01:51:04   made the change the world

01:51:06   I'm trying to show you a bookmarklet

01:51:07   Montgomery Street and you won't even

01:51:09   look at it but how do you remember it

01:51:12   was it was you guys literally turn your

01:51:15   backs and walked away but I also

01:51:17   remember to that where we had previously

01:51:19   all been on the same track we've been

01:51:21   having a good time and then all of a

01:51:22   sudden you took the b train and we took

01:51:24   the seat man that's there's a reason i

01:51:28   didn't get to sit at the lunch table

01:51:29   with the cool kids actually just about

01:51:31   30 reasons but I feel any battery

01:51:37   feeling better having done this is it

01:51:39   that you can get your head clear out a

01:51:40   little over this cold i just don't maybe

01:51:43   some time talking talking about your

01:51:45   event feel a little better yeah

01:51:46   absolutely but i don't have to see that

01:51:48   is my that's my cue asked what my cold

01:51:50   medicine of choice my cold medicine of

01:51:51   choice is bourbon and because that's you

01:51:54   know what if you will go and look at a

01:51:56   lot of the medicines that are out there

01:51:57   you know what it is it's alcohol there

01:51:59   that's the truth we're still it's

01:52:01   something that used to be useful because

01:52:02   it had alcohol and now they took it's

01:52:04   like it's like good like caffeine free

01:52:07   diet coke like I don't understand what

01:52:08   you're what you're drinking at that

01:52:09   point you know in this case this used to

01:52:11   be all about the liquor and now it's

01:52:13   just something you buy a pharmacy that's

01:52:15   a you know just some kind of useless

01:52:17   tincture right what's the proof of

01:52:18   nyquil I guess whether you feel better

01:52:21   well but what's that

01:52:24   back sorry I don't know what the proof

01:52:32   is our kitty dukakis she's a rubbing

01:52:34   alcohol lady right I what did she turn

01:52:38   was it running on the same running out i

01:52:39   don't think i might have been yeah yeah

01:52:41   i think it was a shame i shouldn mission

01:52:43   trip

01:52:43   no that's not funny now he lost the

01:52:45   election that's not funny right there

01:52:47   would be pretty funny that she paid the

01:52:48   White House just drinking a flower pots

01:52:51   and shit caucus who

01:52:55   that's a bummer bummer that that becomes

01:52:57   your file card you know like that

01:52:59   becomes

01:53:00   like your one fast yeah like you David

01:53:02   Carradine was was was going to be

01:53:04   remembered as the guy from that show

01:53:05   where they can get Bruce Lee that was

01:53:07   pretty cool

01:53:07   yeah it's the antibiotic there was a way

01:53:09   he was a white guy who could do pretty

01:53:11   cool karate in one chunk Norris he could

01:53:14   pull off a nation right yeah and then

01:53:17   you know things just went a little south

01:53:20   one night right

01:53:21   that is true yeah and there's some guys

01:53:24   who can outlive it you know i mean like

01:53:25   Elvis Elvis is a big enough guy

01:53:28   where ya he he died ignominiously but

01:53:31   that's just like an asterisk like a sad

01:53:33   little yeah like element Beatles were

01:53:35   big enough that we can remember them in

01:53:37   different ways like they don't even

01:53:38   remember when the stamps came out and

01:53:39   like shouldn't be young Elvis or fat

01:53:41   Elvis but there's not that many people

01:53:43   like maybe Liz Taylor but there aren't

01:53:45   that many people apart from people like

01:53:47   them in the beatles where you get to go

01:53:49   oh yeah there's the paul mccartney from

01:53:50   this time in that time Elvis man

01:53:55   yeah but like David Carradine he's a guy

01:53:58   who's sort of that's a shame

01:54:00   yeah I love that show 1989 Dukakis was

01:54:04   briefly hospitalized after drinking

01:54:05   rubbing alcohol rubbing alcohol running

01:54:07   or thats that's rough

01:54:09   that is rough and no i don't i can't

01:54:11   think of any mixers that would make that

01:54:12   a good thing for me yeah I don't think

01:54:14   there's anything happen with that either

01:54:15   you think cops n kids today a/c they

01:54:18   would get it like an artisanal run right

01:54:20   at all

01:54:20   artisan okay yeah it would be alcohol do

01:54:23   ribbing and it would be like guys like

01:54:25   an absent that comes with a special

01:54:27   spoon or something in a very elaborate

01:54:30   Bob how this is how about our our bar

01:54:33   yes you can come in and get a cocktail

01:54:35   with ice like the other little queer

01:54:38   bait bars you come to ours we're going

01:54:39   to give you a drink you literally rub

01:54:40   into your skin tank top tank tops

01:54:43   welcome we'll make a poultice we could

01:54:47   make you a like a heating pad you know

01:54:50   with a with a daiquiri in it split sky