The Incomparable

191: They Don`t Make Them Anymore


  the incontrovertible number 191 APR 2014 [TS]

  it's time for another episode of the [TS]

  incompetent podcast this one live in san [TS]

  francisco for macworld/iworld i'm your [TS]

  host Jason L joining me a fine panel of [TS]

  people who are who showed up you were [TS]

  here first and that makes them saints [TS]

  David Sparkes longtime listener [TS]

  first-time caller or or person who's on [TS]

  the podcast welcome Jason I have to [TS]

  admit I feel like I've just been called [TS]

  up to the show i'm a big fan of the [TS]

  incomparable podcast and now i need to [TS]

  deliver so i'm here with my pics and I [TS]

  am ready [TS]

  don't mess it I don't blow it what was [TS]

  right in my ear back so ready Caldwell [TS]

  is also here hello welcome back thank [TS]

  you i'm happy to actually be on in the [TS]

  comfortable again after a month of [TS]

  boiling right you're very busy person i [TS]

  am a great friend you can join now that [TS]

  I know you're very busy [TS]

  you're skating and robbing banks oh I'm [TS]

  not supposed to mention that part okay [TS]

  alright Dan more and also here however [TS]

  hi what's happening [TS]

  I just blacked out and I woke up on a [TS]

  stage recording a podcast that's like [TS]

  most of this weekend pretty much how I [TS]

  had a podcast I'm gonna happen i cast [TS]

  booking is by knocking people out [TS]

  dragging them onto the floors in here in [TS]

  a bind you with results Jason that [TS]

  that's exactly right Dan Frakes is also [TS]

  here Heidi and thank you [TS]

  and he actually offered to pay me so I [TS]

  didn't that's why I mean you're only [TS]

  ever hear when he's on macworld it's [TS]

  like when you're on the stage i'm an [TS]

  infrequent produced yet but you you [TS]

  can't you feel on various episodes which [TS]

  is a jeff carlson is our other guests [TS]

  he's all only seemingly on when we were [TS]

  in weird locations all you did one on [TS]

  skype so I've been on more more [TS]

  incomparables live than any than the [TS]

  others yeah that sounds very impressive [TS]

  when you think it's I've been on two [TS]

  versus one but still many many more he [TS]

  shows up when there's something [TS]

  happening live anyway just to explain [TS]

  for those who don't know the [TS]

  uncomfortable as a weekly podcast about [TS]

  Kiki pop culture but for macworld/iworld [TS]

  we decided to do something a little bit [TS]

  different in the sense that we're going [TS]

  to be talking about computers but we're [TS]

  going to do it in an inevitable [TS]

  well actually it's very amenable [TS]

  it will say inimitable in comfortable [TS]

  style which is to prove everything is [TS]

  improved if put in fantasy draft format [TS]

  by drafting things in order as if you [TS]

  were forming some sort of fantasy [TS]

  baseball league made out of computers [TS]

  and peers things just are much more [TS]

  interesting so the way it works is my [TS]

  panelists are going to pick their going [TS]

  we're going to start all the way over [TS]

  with Jeff and move toward me and you are [TS]

  going to pick a computer from history [TS]

  I'm the judge and jury and executioner [TS]

  so if you try to pick something like [TS]

  c-3po you are going to feel a lot of [TS]

  pain because he's a robot and not a [TS]

  computer and and I was anticipating will [TS]

  be a lot of Max chosen today given where [TS]

  we are but you know you can you could [TS]

  surprise me so jeff carlson what is your [TS]

  first choice in the incomparable [TS]

  computer draft well a computer is [TS]

  usually associated with power with fast [TS]

  processing with smarts [TS]

  so I'm going to go top-of-the-line the [TS]

  commodore vic-20 yeah my my first [TS]

  computer the the great thing about the [TS]

  commodore vic-20 was that there was of [TS]

  course no no monitor you just hooked it [TS]

  up to a television and you could [TS]

  programming in in in basic with it it [TS]

  had little characters printed on the [TS]

  keys with the special a shortcut key you [TS]

  could like draw things and I think [TS]

  perhaps my favorite part of it was the [TS]

  cassette tape storage system at a big [TS]

  rolling number system so if you want to [TS]

  load a program that you would save you [TS]

  had to fast forward to you know like 192 [TS]

  and then have it start listening to the [TS]

  tape and loaded to get your get your [TS]

  program on my signature achievement and [TS]

  this is going to demonstrate how [TS]

  proficient IM as a programmer I made a [TS]

  space shuttle out of all these little [TS]

  codes and made it go off the top of the [TS]

  screen will not often but may go up the [TS]

  screen and even looked like there was [TS]

  smoke [TS]

  it didn't actually look like that huh [TS]

  in my head it was so awesome equivalent [TS]

  of spaceship ascii art yes exactly [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  alright and took me forever really hit [TS]

  on the ascii art circuit [TS]

  yeah so the macworld/iworld panel for [TS]

  the incomparable computer draft begins [TS]

  with a commodore vic-20 I don't think [TS]

  the experts the draft ranking experts [TS]

  were seen that coming [TS]

  some might call that a reach as the [TS]

  first pic de Triomphe Gaston you have [TS]

  been eliminated up some pics but that's [TS]

  ok I we're not here to judge what we are [TS]

  here and we are judging you but that's [TS]

  fine we are going to judge you like and [TS]

  breaks just like the charlotte bobcats [TS]

  yes you are you were this number two [TS]

  pick so I'm gonna go the opposite end of [TS]

  the comic 20 and no one said this had to [TS]

  be real computers [TS]

  no one said they had to be real computer [TS]

  i'm going to pick Jarvis Tony Stark [TS]

  workshop computer [TS]

  all right you're just making that up who [TS]

  is sort of like Siri for the ultra rich [TS]

  playboy I mean who doesn't want back in [TS]

  a computer it's like the most part of [TS]

  the computer in the world apparently and [TS]

  you can just tell it to do something it [TS]

  will do anything [TS]

  show me a five-to-one scale [TS]

  topographical map of New York City that [TS]

  i can pick up and move and change and [TS]

  just be sure you go and it can build [TS]

  things and it can mean I can't think of [TS]

  a better computer if I had to pick one [TS]

  so that's my pic service has amazing [TS]

  networking to no matter where he is [TS]

  it's about all my of robbery and [TS]

  perfectly clear connection [TS]

  yeah yes I think just technically it's [TS]

  he's everywhere right and there are [TS]

  multiple Jarvis's is a net [TS]

  well I whole lot of the next Avengers [TS]

  movie action was about to say I choose [TS]

  Ultron yeah a robot see what happened [TS]

  but you cannot do well I'll see that [TS]

  you're much for having us all right [TS]

  line Tony Stark's Jarvis Stark [TS]

  Industries Jarvis idea and more in [TS]

  Europe real and imagined the computer so [TS]

  many options well if you're picking [TS]

  Jarvis and I am picking whopper everyone [TS]

  else is getting their first was not why [TS]

  because it can play a game [TS]

  Chessie can pick global thermonuclear [TS]

  war it's really covers kind of the whole [TS]

  gamut there it's got great graphics it [TS]

  it's got a giant box that it comes in [TS]

  got a cool acronym and he talks and he [TS]

  talks like what else you relax with an [TS]

  English accent might notice jarvan might [TS]

  be well grammar yes but Germans was [TS]

  English originally right i mean he's [TS]

  also call Bethenny so what you want to [TS]

  do about that but anyways yes that's it [TS]

  that's the I i have a big a certain [TS]

  amount of fondness for the old what we [TS]

  call that big iron right you know it's [TS]

  free for people who don't know what whop [TS]

  whop reason more games the seminal [TS]

  1982-83 fillmore game starring matthew [TS]

  broderick and Ally Sheedy yes and water [TS]

  is the computer that is run by a big the [TS]

  Defense Department yes and among other [TS]

  things apparently controls our entire [TS]

  thermal nuclear armament because that [TS]

  seems like a really good idea and can it [TS]

  gets a little touchy sometimes easily [TS]

  hacked into now I a teenager in Seattle [TS]

  that is one of my top requirements in a [TS]

  giant mainframe computer wouldn't be won [TS]

  without it and it sounds like a burger [TS]

  king product so I mean I think it really [TS]

  it really takes all the boxes you [TS]

  wouldn't want to eat whopper though you [TS]

  would want to offer the whopper [TS]

  in addition to having that giant screen [TS]

  in the nuclear arsenal that controls has [TS]

  a little tiny lcds right on its side [TS]

  with a little light that just kind of [TS]

  goes left to right just for extra bonus [TS]

  excitement looks cool it looks cool in [TS]

  case you unplug it from the monitor you [TS]

  still got a little status we never [TS]

  underestimate the power of simply [TS]

  looking cool [TS]

  yep alright the whopper whoppers armor [TS]

  already has that has I think the [TS]

  signature and maybe it started the fact [TS]

  that that every password that you use [TS]

  must be the name of a child haha alright [TS]

  no one will guess [TS]

  Joshua yeah and if that fails Joshua one [TS]

  probably is the passion 1974 so yeah [TS]

  I also keep in mind that it's built by a [TS]

  man whose last name is falcon right [TS]

  which is pretty awesome [TS]

  yep protecting our request for that's [TS]

  all I'm saying anything you want to log [TS]

  in this fall can you just need to say I [TS]

  am Vulcan or yeah as long with his [TS]

  password the voice that voice [TS]

  authentication is is really ahead of its [TS]

  time I think [TS]

  alright so whoppers off the board [TS]

  serenity what do you have i well I was [TS]

  going to go with a legitimate computer [TS]

  that existed in the past but you might [TS]

  want to get has changed that's right [TS]

  given yeah I'm afraid I have to start [TS]

  with my fictional pic and while I you [TS]

  know I had Walker on the list and I [TS]

  think water is an excellent choice and [TS]

  you know there are plenty of [TS]

  megalomaniacs computers that exists and [TS]

  I think my favorite my top of the top is [TS]

  GLaDOS from Portal 10 that started small [TS]

  has a tragic backstory and can basically [TS]

  rule everybody in its path yeah it was [TS]

  really like that big glasses excellent [TS]

  you know what she's funny she's snarky [TS]

  she has a great singing voice [TS]

  I think we can agree that in terms of [TS]

  fictional computers GLaDOS could almost [TS]

  be anyone in an opera competition and [TS]

  probably murder with pinesh yes and [TS]

  portals because everything's better with [TS]

  portals yeah alright David you got it [TS]

  you're gonna drag us back to reality or [TS]

  you're gonna plunge deeper we don'twe [TS]

  the insanity agree that we've had some [TS]

  great computers pic but there's only one [TS]

  computer that we should all be thinking [TS]

  about the computer that's responsible [TS]

  for our existence as we all know we are [TS]

  a computer programmer self looking to [TS]

  find the answer to the life the universe [TS]

  and everything and we do owe our [TS]

  existence to deep thought huh [TS]

  the thought team dogz Adams just guide [TS]

  to the galaxy [TS]

  yeah a computer constructed by mice who [TS]

  are actually pan-dimensional beings in [TS]

  order to figure out the ultimate answer [TS]

  to the element question although the [TS]

  ultimate question the ultimate question [TS]

  of liking the answer is no the answer is [TS]

  42 in answer to the ultimate question of [TS]

  life the universe and everything how [TS]

  many roads must a man walk down right [TS]

  accepted it turns out that the this [TS]

  whole process is corrupted by a crash [TS]

  landing of a spaceship which leads to [TS]

  the [TS]

  the question that comes out being what [TS]

  is 6 times 8 is that which is not the [TS]

  right question no I'm not gonna call you [TS]

  when I'm gonna call the the program but [TS]

  the original computer is is my pic all [TS]

  right deep thought [TS]

  got it I have a crazy pic to but I'm [TS]

  gonna drag us back to reality i am going [TS]

  to pick the with the exception of the [TS]

  powerbook 100 the first generation of [TS]

  power books or therapy mcintosh portable [TS]

  no not the Macintosh portable the way I [TS]

  think you could swim with that one if a [TS]

  cover of a magazine tells me so the [TS]

  powerbook my first powerbook was the [TS]

  perfect 160 but that entire first [TS]

  powerbook line completely changed the [TS]

  idea of what you could do with a [TS]

  computer for not just me but I think for [TS]

  lots and lots of different people then [TS]

  suddenly you're mad could come with you [TS]

  then became all these stories about [TS]

  Hollywood big shots who would have their [TS]

  computer with them at when they lunch [TS]

  today Hollywood lunch spot and things [TS]

  like that which is hilarious [TS]

  did you need a table for two if you [TS]

  brought your computer they won't seat [TS]

  for you once you did because you would [TS]

  think given given everything that did it [TS]

  was a transformative thing I'm a que se [TS]

  before i got the power bug and you know [TS]

  that was a computer was the thing you [TS]

  did at a desk somewhere and then all of [TS]

  a sudden I could use my Mac anywhere to [TS]

  do anything that I could do on that on [TS]

  that desktop computer and it was just a [TS]

  completely change the world so that that [TS]

  whole first line was like the first real [TS]

  laptop breakthrough when a long way to [TS]

  making the mac successful in a second [TS]

  wave of successful product after it's [TS]

  sort of cooled off when the original mac [TS]

  coming on so I say the the first [TS]

  generation of the powerbooks except the [TS]

  power of 100 because that was really [TS]

  slow and no good but the you know the [TS]

  150 to 160 to 170 to 180 those were [TS]

  awesome so that's my 142 they had many [TS]

  numbers that were not helpful [TS]

  this is why apple doesn't number things [TS]

  now is because there used to be all [TS]

  these random numbers and nobody wants ya [TS]

  there but they're much better now the [TS]

  iphone the iphone 3g the iphone 3gs for [TS]

  your pets [TS]

  like for the ipad which ipad is that the [TS]

  third-generation ipad the ipad 2 [TS]

  right-minded you want that these are [TS]

  names we give them because they have no [TS]

  names [TS]

  that's a good day [TS]

  in your heart Jason yes anyway that's my [TS]

  choice i went reality all right10 see if [TS]

  jeff carlson continues the reality train [TS]

  your general Carlson obviously got the [TS]

  wrong memo about which things to choose [TS]

  from Jefferson it was that maybe that's [TS]

  all intuition that's happening here [TS]

  ah I got played by yeah my my intuition [TS]

  API I'm gonna go real world and I'm [TS]

  gonna go old real world because of of [TS]

  influence and I'm gonna go with Colossus [TS]

  google boise not yes man has no notnot [TS]

  the extra classes que tambiĆ©n draft not [TS]

  even know only Colossus was the the I [TS]

  think some people's credited as like the [TS]

  first big computer i don't know if it's [TS]

  technically the first computer but it [TS]

  was wasn't it it was mechanical and like [TS]

  lots of vacuum tubes there and then [TS]

  basically it was it was designed by Alan [TS]

  Turing and the the British to win World [TS]

  War to basically break German codes and [TS]

  Japanese codes i think it mostly did the [TS]

  Japanese codes and so while you know [TS]

  Tony Starks service AI Jarvis is cute is [TS]

  fun and you know can help to put [TS]

  interdimensional beings back where they [TS]

  belong [TS]

  you know closest won the war man won the [TS]

  big one so thick [TS]

  alright so i'll pick drop some [TS]

  robertshaw here very strong we dropped [TS]

  the bomb [TS]

  alright then breaks how do you follow [TS]

  that I'm gonna go back to the fake okay [TS]

  you're not gonna do really not engage [TS]

  yes really see very well so I did Jarvis [TS]

  for the first one and that is sort of [TS]

  the modern day dream AI so i'm going to [TS]

  go back to when I was like 12 and then [TS]

  the modern day dream a [TS]

  computer is it was kit [TS]

  ok he's away bar is a computer card on [TS]

  the robot your nice little but i do not [TS]

  a robot allow them allowing here and you [TS]

  know he was smart he was intelligent he [TS]

  was also everywhere even if you weren't [TS]

  in the car and you have 2x you know [TS]

  you're protected right he is snarky he [TS]

  was you know he made fun of you if he [TS]

  felt like he was he was a cool addition [TS]

  it was a more posh American accent right [TS]

  10 you're right here wait was that [TS]

  doctor from st. elsewhere right right [TS]

  right way of Daniels and you got mr. [TS]

  Feeny from boy meets world um yeah i [TS]

  mean who doesn't want a car that did [TS]

  again it's like Siri 20 years ago you [TS]

  know [TS]

  serie you know what's the answer to this [TS]

  equation like but the kid was so [TS]

  combative he was like you know every [TS]

  time Michael might want to turn on the [TS]

  turbo-boost you didn't think you would [TS]

  be like Mike no I don't think you should [TS]

  do that we want to get nagged by their [TS]

  cars like that he's the Alfred it was a [TS]

  killjoy [TS]

  he was a killjoy I think that's a week [TS]

  pic but all right I'm gonna go out I'm [TS]

  gonna let is allowed I would not want my [TS]

  kid in my car's what I've already got [TS]

  Jarvis so you know if I was picking kids [TS]

  my first and say okay but already got [TS]

  journal your yes your picture of a kind [TS]

  and i'm not sure i would like to hang [TS]

  out with either but fair enough [TS]

  damn or in not expect I'm gonna see a [TS]

  cue from the jeff carlson playbook [TS]

  I'm going real and I'm going historical [TS]

  who Charles Babbage's Difference Engine [TS]

  but the first computer [TS]

  hey if they have to be useful but [TS]

  without it we wouldn't have a lot of [TS]

  other computers max still on the board [TS]

  index and the lord Charles Babbage's [TS]

  Difference Engine for the 19th century [TS]

  yes was the first real computing device [TS]

  it could be programmed it had the [TS]

  possibility of doing things that were [TS]

  otherwise really really difficult to do [TS]

  at that point required before that point [TS]

  computers work for people there were [TS]

  people added up some of columns and [TS]

  things like that but the charles babbage [TS]

  really brought it around to the modern [TS]

  way of thinking things in without it we [TS]

  wouldn't have any of these other [TS]

  computers i say [TS]

  so I think you have to acknowledge the [TS]

  fundamental superiority of the computer [TS]

  that started the ball except for maybe [TS]

  David's pick up deep thought [TS]

  yeah I just didn't know you're drafting [TS]

  mascots for our team that will you have [TS]

  Jarvis and a car what you want that very [TS]

  colorful very nice [TS]

  okay fair enough i like that [TS]

  steam-powered it's yet it's retro [TS]

  steampunk there's a whole lot of synergy [TS]

  going on and I see where you're [TS]

  appealing to the masses you're trying to [TS]

  reach a specific demographic your hand [TS]

  very cagey very wily time for a word [TS]

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  all right serenity what do you have [TS]

  alright what crazy finger you much good [TS]

  no I I'm think that all these have been [TS]

  somewhat crazy so far so let's go to [TS]

  reality and let's go to fairly modern [TS]

  reality at least 20th century [TS]

  so when I [TS]

  was entering middle school it was [TS]

  required at my my middle school that all [TS]

  students get a thinkpad and when I told [TS]

  my father this he said no there's no way [TS]

  you're walking into your classroom with [TS]

  a computer whose mouse is like a little [TS]

  tiny number and you have to like in shit [TS]

  around i believe it was the top of an [TS]

  eraser just stuck it on the individual [TS]

  the keyboard like no sorry no daughter [TS]

  of mine is using a thinkpad and so began [TS]

  the long tradition of my dad giving me [TS]

  outdated computers that were lovingly [TS]

  cared for and my very first laptop was [TS]

  the powerbook duo it wasn't the ibook [TS]

  that I desperately wanted her but it was [TS]

  awesome [TS]

  the fact is you know sure my classmates [TS]

  could play the sims in class on their [TS]

  thinkpad but I'm i have escape velocity [TS]

  Nova and I had that run on two hours of [TS]

  battery life wasn't able to do black and [TS]

  white [TS]

  wow so I felt pretty smug and I felt [TS]

  like I got longer battery life than any [TS]

  of my friends because they couldn't [TS]

  figure out [TS]

  wait how do i turn it back to black and [TS]

  white how do I do this [TS]

  oh I'm just wasting all my battery on a [TS]

  silly game so i really like my powerbook [TS]

  duo and still holds up on place in my [TS]

  heart and I think that's why i own an 11 [TS]

  and share today is holding onto the tiny [TS]

  did you have a dude i did have a duo [TS]

  Trafford I never used the duo top i was [TS]

  that was cool it was the front loading [TS]

  VCR of computers the duo doc they're [TS]

  reloading the CR like what happened was [TS]

  there was a topic CR it's true the front [TS]

  loading VCRs of computers & and the [TS]

  DualShock have its own processor in it [TS]

  so that when you insert the duo it would [TS]

  use the doc processor which was more [TS]

  powerful than the math coprocessor in [TS]

  the doc yeah [TS]

  powered completely crazy stuff so [TS]

  basically I'm dressing a transformer [TS]

  that's also a real product [TS]

  yeah points points to ren shi you game [TS]

  the system David when idea what do you [TS]

  have [TS]

  thinking back to [TS]

  nostalgic computers i can't help but [TS]

  think about my old Tandy model 100 which [TS]

  was a keyboard with it [TS]

  eight lines of LCD screen on it and I [TS]

  had on a couple double-a batteries and [TS]

  it ran for a couple months on a pair of [TS]

  batteries and all you could you could [TS]

  type basic programs in it and you could [TS]

  type words back that was the beginning [TS]

  of my love affair with text files i [TS]

  think because you could write all the [TS]

  texts and take it to school or whatever [TS]

  right all your texts you plug it into a [TS]

  mac and with dump a text file in that [TS]

  was my original iPad of thing so i'll [TS]

  pick the tandy model with us so did it [TS]

  couldn't connect to a TV or monitor or [TS]

  no just it just had its know that was [TS]

  always like a week later we need to [TS]

  connect me to a cassette player if you [TS]

  have the extra cord but I never got the [TS]

  bet [TS]

  wow so you just had eight lines of [TS]

  taxing lines of town and I think all [TS]

  kinds like i don't remember i think it [TS]

  was like 1k of storage half the vic-20 [TS]

  which i think i believe had Duque yes [TS]

  why would you even need more than that [TS]

  no I want you need no one will ever wear [TS]

  than to count that was a great computer [TS]

  alright I am going to pick I've got a [TS]

  mac on my board now so I'm feeling [TS]

  pretty good so i'm gonna i'm going to [TS]

  reach back into the past a little bit [TS]

  before some of you were born and take [TS]

  the Apple 2mm thick the apple 2e which [TS]

  is the computer that i had the computer [TS]

  that i use from eighth grade through my [TS]

  freshman year in college I had a lot of [TS]

  floppy disks have a lot of funny [TS]

  programs wrote a lot of 10 print hello [TS]

  20 go to 10 basic programs learn basic [TS]

  forward-backward ran a bulletin board [TS]

  played games the whole nine yards that [TS]

  is the that is the definitive computer [TS]

  of my of my youth that I i learned how [TS]

  to use and love computers and the apple [TS]

  2e I pic partially because it came with [TS]

  upper and lower case and had a super [TS]

  snazzy hundred 28k graphics expansion [TS]

  card it would do 80 characters online [TS]

  and you don't you see him with an upper [TS]

  and lower case I thought you meant like [TS]

  you it has a shift key [TS]

  yeah he yes that's b/ci opposite the [TS]

  Apple 2 plus did not have a shift key to [TS]

  modify the wrong [TS]

  arms and modify the keyboard to support [TS]

  upper and lowercase characters and don't [TS]

  let it don't ever let anybody tell you [TS]

  that the old stuff isn't good in the old [TS]

  days in the old days of of the bulletin [TS]

  boards your numbers 1 through 7 2 or [TS]

  eight nine more beams to it yeah it's [TS]

  plain as I had Hunter that you just [TS]

  instead of eight we would just be four [TS]

  plus for that's what are you talking [TS]

  about [TS]

  there'll be some people log in the [TS]

  bulletin board systems back then and [TS]

  they would post things and it would be [TS]

  all lower-case and you and you look at [TS]

  it you'll be like apple to cause there's [TS]

  no shift key and they couldn't see that [TS]

  it was a lower case because the Apple [TS]

  two key set of the original and I m2 [TS]

  plus was only uppercase and will be [TS]

  modified it so the tui is my choice for [TS]

  that wasn't the tui the model that there [TS]

  was some sort of manufacturing defect [TS]

  and the the processor memory would not [TS]

  get seated correctly and so the official [TS]

  apples official fix was you had to get a [TS]

  flat and drop it for light of like two [TS]

  feet or three feet to seat the memory I [TS]

  I don't know that story but it's [TS]

  entirely possible i had was that thing [TS]

  was built like a tank I had a cousin who [TS]

  worked in computer apparently used to [TS]

  tell me stories about picking up [TS]

  computers and dropping them to face them [TS]

  that was the official i was awesome but [TS]

  I wanted to go into computer where he's [TS]

  at for hard drives so it wasn't really a [TS]

  problem to do stuff like that because it [TS]

  didn't have a spinning platter to worry [TS]

  about yeah don't do that anyway i'm [TS]

  truly that's my pic we're gonna move to [TS]

  be third round and jackets back to you [TS]

  i'm gonna go practical again I'm going [TS]

  to come a little bit forward in time for [TS]

  something that that I used quite a bit [TS]

  and I think has a huge amount of [TS]

  influence over everything that we're [TS]

  doing now and that would be the titanium [TS]

  powerbook g4 it was thin it was powerful [TS]

  it was made entirely to titanium and [TS]

  here i must be a little embarrassed [TS]

  because you probably all like like seen [TS]

  a video some of Apple keynotes and a lot [TS]

  of them have the sizable press [TS]

  group and I was pressed for when this [TS]

  this was a announced and steve jobs is [TS]

  talking about this new laptop and you [TS]

  know is it's sort of teasing things and [TS]

  they put a big square and with it with a [TS]

  TI that the titanium symbol on it and [TS]

  they're like you know what is it gonna [TS]

  be [TS]

  and I lost my brain I was like titanium [TS]

  and it was actually something you could [TS]

  hear because I wasn't thinking because i [TS]

  was very excited because my old computer [TS]

  was really really dying so I i was the [TS]

  the doofus that did that but i think i [TS]

  think you can hear no longer yeah it's [TS]

  in the judicial yes you always any that [TS]

  do but excellent impartial journalism [TS]

  all the way but but what's what's really [TS]

  notable about it is that's the first [TS]

  thing where Apple started mass-producing [TS]

  you know formed metal machines which [TS]

  most everything they're doing now it [TS]

  turns out that titanium was a terrible [TS]

  and i was going to be real dancers it [TS]

  does yours come with the first or second [TS]

  hinge on my hinge managed to stay intact [TS]

  it got banged up and and you know like [TS]

  scratching and all over the place and [TS]

  then it at some point the battery [TS]

  decided that it would just expand a bit [TS]

  but it was it was great [TS]

  so in your favor here it was the first [TS]

  silver apple laptop apple still hasn't [TS]

  gotten over that it all that that was [TS]

  the moment when the the apple laptops [TS]

  became what we think of them today as [TS]

  they look [TS]

  you have not changed very much since [TS]

  then well and not just that it looks [TS]

  silver but but they they started doing [TS]

  really interesting things with with with [TS]

  metal and materials and shaping in an [TS]

  era when when you know all the other [TS]

  computer manufacturers were like it will [TS]

  just be able to take these plastic bits [TS]

  and in the room together and they're [TS]

  really shaky and and it was just one [TS]

  inch then lunch then notnot everyone [TS]

  stick that's real one is then they had [TS]

  to paint it but paint doesn't stick to [TS]

  titanium so people's paint chipped off [TS]

  when all are [TS]

  the 98 miles you can get to touch them [TS]

  up titanium is soft and become can [TS]

  become brittle and so it turned out that [TS]

  this was the only laptop apple made that [TS]

  was made with titanium it was very light [TS]

  yeah soft and brittle my personal i love [TS]

  the titanium powerbook to look so cool [TS]

  my personal memory of it is sitting on a [TS]

  couch working and my daughter who was [TS]

  one and a half at the time walked over [TS]

  to to the computer and put her hand on [TS]

  the on the screen and went pop and pop [TS]

  the entire screen off [TS]

  oh because it wasn't that riddle toddler [TS]

  can destroy this computer with one hand [TS]

  while and any it also had a like an [TS]

  interesting add-on possibility because [TS]

  the the ibook had come out in the ibook [TS]

  handle and many people are like well [TS]

  Kakashi like white widow MacBook Pros [TS]

  have I mean sorry i don't know our books [TS]

  have handles and that hinge you could [TS]

  either send it away or get a kid where [TS]

  you can unscrew the hinge and attach a [TS]

  little you know metal handle to it [TS]

  I yeah I don't really I don't worry i [TS]

  believe it might have been the first mac [TS]

  to also have a superdrive as i recall [TS]

  yeah I think you're right yeah i'll [TS]

  leave because i remember i was quite IDK [TS]

  i loaded up back in that is what 2001 I [TS]

  want to does one or 12 2001 yeah that's [TS]

  like go ahead and turn brought up and [TS]

  shout any elements you can do that to [TS]

  oxygen with all right good good job Jeff [TS]

  they know another no other favorite [TS]

  favorite elements [TS]

  ok our vidiyum al any of the day [TS]

  ok dance breaks what do you have a virus [TS]

  or third-round right we're in the third [TS]

  rise have the hell ninth moving to what [TS]

  they have we may have a fourth-round are [TS]

  depending on how this goes alright so [TS]

  you know in in sports like me too late [TS]

  around sometimes teams will be like okay [TS]

  we're okay i'm gonna use this this on a [TS]

  sentimental this guy's tried really hard [TS]

  you know [TS]

  ok so that's the best place rafting the [TS]

  general managers grand sight exact or [TS]

  not are so so I'm going to draft the the [TS]

  powermac gt3 all in 10 [TS]

  don't do that enrolling for smaller okay [TS]

  yeah hold the bolt that's what we called [TS]

  it so if this is kind of a forgotten Mac [TS]

  it was a brand new mac it was the imac [TS]

  before the ivory amps before the imac [TS]

  debuted so here you are here your [TS]

  sharpness botanist spotlight for five [TS]

  weeks and it was only available to [TS]

  education so most people didn't even [TS]

  know it existed but it's become sort of [TS]

  these uh this this forgotten mac and a [TS]

  lot of people think the imac is sort of [TS]

  the this is the computer that showed [TS]

  that did the change you know jobs came [TS]

  back here is the imac everything's [TS]

  different [TS]

  I contend that the molar was the start [TS]

  of that but you know so it was it was it [TS]

  had a translucent top so well let me [TS]

  back so it was it showed where Apple was [TS]

  going at the same time showing how [TS]

  horrible things were at Apple 24 it was [TS]

  staged it was baby with a translucent [TS]

  top that made no sense it was a it [TS]

  looked like it looked huge molar yeah so [TS]

  it had inside it had ide and scuzzy they [TS]

  had to hard ride through to whatever we [TS]

  got we got what we got Tom it had three [TS]

  PCI slots in a wall and one imac type [TS]

  thing it had a in an upgradeable [TS]

  processor and upgradeable I mean it was [TS]

  like all the complaints about the old [TS]

  Apple let's see how many things we can [TS]

  throw in this and name it horribly with [TS]

  the new Apple where let's make it all [TS]

  around and start to use plastic and [TS]

  things they had all the old insides and [TS]

  then they gave it to Jonathan Ive and [TS]

  he's like what the hell they will help [TS]

  you with that doesn't come to do [TS]

  something this is easy right [TS]

  I mean I could I could make it look at [TS]

  your giant to know i was kidding i've [TS]

  got a sketch over here that always gonna [TS]

  do with and break you need this done [TS]

  quickly here just do that it's for [TS]

  education is fine right exactly and in [TS]

  your when it was actually a really good [TS]

  machine it was it lasted but that we had [TS]

  a few and are the schools i was working [TS]

  at last it was performed well it had all [TS]

  the features you like can you put this [TS]

  in [TS]

  yes you can but it was five weeks later [TS]

  they announced the imac and everybody's [TS]

  like sorry yeah sorry tooth the guy one [TS]

  pull that molar right [TS]

  that's not a sentimental pic all right [TS]

  that's a good one there's a good one [TS]

  around itself out that wasn't that was [TS]

  lower on everyone else's board but we [TS]

  see that you might use it sentimentally [TS]

  Dan you know I'm gonna I'm gonna go [TS]

  sentimental and and inspirational i used [TS]

  to read a well before I started working [TS]

  i used to read macworld and i'll get my [TS]

  issue every month and I remember the [TS]

  most exciting issue I i read was the one [TS]

  that had the I think had some other [TS]

  images of the 20th century or the one [TS]

  eating mystery man yes which had a what [TS]

  was it like an eight inch LCD something [TS]

  like seven or eight inch LCD is vertical [TS]

  ahead of it was advertised basically [TS]

  America 500 stock index taco he was [TS]

  imprisoned 5307 didn't catch on fire and [TS]

  yeah that was Ranger yeah [TS]

  blackbird yeah that's what the liner to [TS]

  your house [TS]

  yes it was a and bose speaker on it was [TS]

  delivered with it was concierge several [TS]

  river that came with its a man came to [TS]

  your house and assembled it for one of [TS]

  the few again again a pre steve jobs at [TS]

  my yes attempt by Apple to capitalize on [TS]

  this algebra but i love the idea of it [TS]

  like let Homer it looked futuristic yeah [TS]

  in a way that most max coming out that [TS]

  point we're actually just beige boxes [TS]

  let me know in some ways it was like the [TS]

  I'm what the imac would be eventually [TS]

  and that was an all-in-one using laptop [TS]

  technology to make it yes I it was [TS]

  really ahead of its time it was [TS]

  completely impractical i believe for a [TS]

  broad design perfect for our design [TS]

  video or performance [TS]

  yeah but it looked awesome and that was [TS]

  really all that matters you don't have [TS]

  it like 15 years old or whatever you [TS]

  know it was cool it was sold so poorly [TS]

  that they started giving it to like [TS]

  institutions you bought 20 you know [TS]

  computers will give you a 20th [TS]

  anniversary and please take there was a [TS]

  oh I can't remember there was a TV show [TS]

  or movie or something where somebody has [TS]

  one like in the background and just like [TS]

  and it was it see clearly there as an [TS]

  attempt of like oh this person is fancy [TS]

  because they have its pretty happy [TS]

  Anniversary Macintosh in the background [TS]

  a futuristic I never owned one [TS]

  I was really expensive to myself what [TS]

  so it's already ten thousand yeah I was [TS]

  like what you did there was no way you [TS]

  were ever gonna bite event eventually [TS]

  lowered it like 2500 and 5000 and then [TS]

  will you take this money hit that it was [TS]

  not going to find it was new it was [TS]

  yellow and it was like two yrs new 20 [TS]

  years past it's but i only want the [TS]

  aspiration and and attempt behind it [TS]

  that that's a mid nineties happened in [TS]

  that she'll write was also when it was [TS]

  introduced at the keynote that was that [TS]

  was the the endless gil amelio keynote [TS]

  that that it's still going that they're [TS]

  still going to that it was endless [TS]

  because the big reveal was going to be [TS]

  that Steve Jobs was coming back to apple [TS]

  and apparently steve jobs so the story [TS]

  goes was just taking his sweet time he [TS]

  knew that amelia was out there trying to [TS]

  fill space full-time full-time full-time [TS]

  and so they they I think they they [TS]

  introduced the 20th anniversary Mac [TS]

  first and then they brought was and Jobs [TS]

  onstage and I think Amelia said [TS]

  something like and the first two or four [TS]

  you know jobs and and Wozniak and [TS]

  they're both looking like like you can [TS]

  tell jobs like seriously seriously [TS]

  you're going to voice this on me onstage [TS]

  great there is actually a circle of hell [TS]

  where it's nothing but listening to gil [TS]

  amelio and stand stickman from not just [TS]

  always about to come out from behind [TS]

  stage but he never done he never does [TS]

  that's Roberts goes on forever [TS]

  no exit alright 20th anniversary Mac [TS]

  interesting pic interesting pic serenity [TS]

  what do you have [TS]

  alright well i'm also going to go [TS]

  sentimental and i'm going to go sort of [TS]

  inspirational and my pic is the second [TS]

  generation Newton message pad on the new [TS]

  again one of those computers that we [TS]

  would probably now call a device but [TS]

  still a computer and of itself [TS]

  I hand-me-down from my father as a as [TS]

  the powerbook duo was but mostly I [TS]

  thought it was really cool because of [TS]

  the point that i have it which i think [TS]

  was 99 2000 no one knew what they were [TS]

  anymore especially not people my age so [TS]

  when I was walking around with them and [TS]

  my classmates to be like what is that [TS]

  I'm like oh well it's a computer that I [TS]

  can [TS]

  not request in my pocket but I can carry [TS]

  with me and it's the size of a book i [TS]

  can write on it [TS]

  look it recognizes my handwriting [TS]

  sometime during school time to eat up [TS]

  Martha and I because I'm a horrible [TS]

  person and I knew more about technology [TS]

  than most of my friends or classmates [TS]

  who I hated I would occasionally expound [TS]

  on what the Newton could do so I believe [TS]

  one time in history class I was sort of [TS]

  hanging out at the end of the class and [TS]

  one of my friends like what are you [TS]

  doing I'm like oh I'm using the Newton [TS]

  to capture all the notes on the board [TS]

  they'll then be digitized and i'll have [TS]

  them and I won't have to do any writing [TS]

  and of course the kids were like that's [TS]

  kind of cool [TS]

  I don't want to do any writing I'm like [TS]

  yeah well they don't make them anymore [TS]

  basically I was a jerk in middle school [TS]

  and I was with the first people to ever [TS]

  want to new and the lab now I could do [TS]

  that what you can do that that's how [TS]

  clearly ahead of my time [TS]

  alright the Newton message pad will call [TS]

  that a computer sure it's not a robot [TS]

  it's not a phone whatever whatever it is [TS]

  David what do you have to show here [TS]

  where the third round I can't believe my [TS]

  pic hasn't been picked up yet 1985 I [TS]

  went to school I had been using command [TS]

  line computers all the time and i sat in [TS]

  front of the original 128k Mac and I [TS]

  unbelievable that it has not gone injury [TS]

  for you is well I I'll tell you that [TS]

  computer changed my life when I saw that [TS]

  control panel and they had the tortoise [TS]

  and the hare it my head exploded death [TS]

  it was only with a lot of difficulty was [TS]

  able to put it back together again [TS]

  I still haven't got it all that man [TS]

  before you're not missing parts but what [TS]

  a great computer it just changed the way [TS]

  I thought about computers entirely and [TS]

  probably the reason I'm sitting here I I [TS]

  didn't couldn't afford one begged my [TS]

  parents to win by one but I went to [TS]

  school every day on my Schwinn 10-speed [TS]

  and they were nice enough to let me sit [TS]

  there for like eight hours at a time and [TS]

  place [TS]

  the computer and I didn't have to save [TS]

  the cassette tape anymore and that was [TS]

  kind of nice to what a great computer [TS]

  very cool alright I can't argue with [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah the original 128k Mac okay it's my [TS]

  turn to go and I'm gonna go with the [TS]

  crazy pick my choices Landrieu the [TS]

  computer that runs the entire society on [TS]

  planet beta 3 in a temple you episode [TS]

  return of the archons in the original [TS]

  Star Trek wow I gotta live here or one [TS]

  of one of rainy planet-wide society [TS]

  controlling computers encountered in [TS]

  Star Trek how many people in the [TS]

  audience have heard of this computer [TS]

  ever huh [TS]

  wait 12 that was left was mistaken i [TS]

  allowed anymore plotting because they [TS]

  want to sound really cool [TS]

  oh yeah this is arkon lands on beta 3 [TS]

  and and by the time the enterprise gets [TS]

  there they find that this is a strange [TS]

  oppressive mind control society run by [TS]

  sort of zombie people and at its heart [TS]

  is their leader Landrieu who appears as [TS]

  a hologram as if he was a man because [TS]

  they think perhaps he was a man in the [TS]

  past it turns out of course that [TS]

  Landrieu is in fact a computer that is [TS]

  controlling the society and you think [TS]

  well okay this is a sci-fi story they're [TS]

  going to find some way to destroy the [TS]

  computer they do but not through phasers [TS]

  or anything else they talk to the [TS]

  computer and convinced that what it's [TS]

  doing is wrong and that the best thing [TS]

  for the people of beta 3 would be if we [TS]

  would very kindly self-destruct which it [TS]

  agrees and does well done well are you [TS]

  captain kirk i knew that debate team [TS]

  would come out later that's deep catalog [TS]

  soul Andrews because how many computers [TS]

  run an entire society for hundreds of [TS]

  years [TS]

  ok there are lots if you watched our [TS]

  commander I always liked Landrieu from [TS]

  return of the archons so that's my pic [TS]

  he can run my planetary slaver society [TS]

  any day I remember lightning round we [TS]

  have time for another round or not a [TS]

  whole nother round so we're going to go [TS]

  back around one again bring out your [TS]

  backup pics jeff carlson oh these are [TS]

  all my bed I was [TS]

  now the real pics [TS]

  Oh another real pics oh I'm up I'm just [TS]

  going to be contrary to you and I'm [TS]

  going to say not in society controlling [TS]

  computers i'm gonna go real world i'm [TS]

  going to say the powerbook 109 00 i know [TS]

  you you'll even like walking shot down [TS]

  mighty 68000 processor in there [TS]

  one of the cool things about the the 100 [TS]

  was it was it was very thin light they [TS]

  didn't from a trivial perspective it's [TS]

  interesting because it was actually [TS]

  built by Sony instead of instead of [TS]

  apple it it was my first laptop so [TS]

  therefore it is immediately important to [TS]

  everybody but what was really cool was [TS]

  because you know battery life was really [TS]

  quite terrible what you could do is you [TS]

  could load basically everything into a [TS]

  ramdisk and put the hard drive to sleep [TS]

  and get like an extra 30 minutes or an [TS]

  hour from the battery and so I had a [TS]

  keyboard shortcut to do that [TS]

  Wow sleep the yeah yeah good times [TS]

  so so like it was it is probably like [TS]

  like this is a writing computer it's not [TS]

  gonna really do anything more than just [TS]

  let me write but it was still that I i [TS]

  wish that i had had that when I was [TS]

  doing new newspaper stuff in college [TS]

  where I had a mat classic that i would [TS]

  put over in a big shoulder bag and ride [TS]

  my bike across campus to the newspaper [TS]

  off portable portable yeah let's say [TS]

  that that had I didn't get to the mac [TS]

  portable inside it and it was unlike all [TS]

  the other powerbooks yeah to make it to [TS]

  make a cheaper [TS]

  yeah and and built by Sony all right [TS]

  good one Dan Frank's with your last pic [TS]

  i do i was going to do the mac pro and [TS]

  then now you've got me thinking about [TS]

  laptops and I just thought of the the [TS]

  the the powerbook line then they had a [TS]

  whole series of different names pismo [TS]

  and lumbar nose with the removable the [TS]

  decide and I can't think with the [TS]

  expansion potential base yeah you can [TS]

  like today I need a hard drive [TS]

  Oh [TS]

  that don't like the g3 yeah otherwise [TS]

  yes i did his mom want that today I need [TS]

  longer battery life be gone hard drive [TS]

  here's another hard there's another [TS]

  battery and able to zip this if it is [TS]

  optical drive hard drive batteries [TS]

  it was a really cool idea and I forgot I [TS]

  even had those and at the time i love [TS]

  that was the greatest thing ever was [TS]

  there a computer in here is because that [TS]

  your pic thats thats what everyone was [TS]

  ya know what our country i'm doing a [TS]

  line as if driving right there like more [TS]

  it was lombard Wall Street pismo sure i [TS]

  think that's it [TS]

  yeah the bronze keyboard there at the [TS]

  bronze can have about have one still one [TS]

  of the board still has one of those that [TS]

  he currently uses you can use he has [TS]

  upgraded it to its maximum possible [TS]

  capacity it's a whack 2001 yeah yeah [TS]

  it's running Panther rs400 mayor's [TS]

  processor in there [TS]

  yeah and he uses it for surfing the web [TS]

  and sending emails when he's sitting on [TS]

  the couch watching television because [TS]

  about that you are not five years gonna [TS]

  hand it down to you is that [TS]

  yeah and then he'll get a book laptop [TS]

  and all right damn what do you have [TS]

  yours movie sneakers [TS]

  yes black box snackers is that a [TS]

  candidate doesn't come close ringer who [TS]

  it is the breaker in the words [TS]

  I wow that is a matte black box from [TS]

  black not the black girl back right well [TS]

  specifically anyway it's a code for its [TS]

  unique code yrc text seems like a strong [TS]

  number two no secrets cracking every [TS]

  code known to man and including the [TS]

  power grid the air traffic control the [TS]

  federal reserve any other things it's I [TS]

  have a theory that you cannot have a [TS]

  conversation with you for more than [TS]

  about 50 minutes without sneakers [TS]

  coming up its the one of the greatest [TS]

  movies ever made so yeah it is well do [TS]

  you say that like it's a bad thing [TS]

  actually earlier didn't you say my voice [TS]

  is my password in this podcast i did [TS]

  reference for standard specification [TS]

  beyond i decided not to spoil my own pic [TS]

  all right we got a couple more pics [TS]

  before we go [TS]

  serenity what do you have well i was [TS]

  gonna pick the wall street but thank you [TS]

  Frank uh-huh so i guess for my last pic [TS]

  i will have to go close to the heart and [TS]

  pick my very first mac that was my own [TS]

  that I got with as a birthday present [TS]

  and then partially with my own money [TS]

  which was the original bondi blue imac I [TS]

  good it was beautiful it was mine it was [TS]

  colorful I could run photoshop three on [TS]

  it and I got really excited i had that [TS]

  computer for pretty much two three four [TS]

  years of high school until I got a [TS]

  powerbook at the very end of that and it [TS]

  was aight i loved i love that like like [TS]

  a baby [TS]

  it was aight i am sad that i don't have [TS]

  it in my apartment right now it's in a [TS]

  garage somewhere but someday i will put [TS]

  it on display as the as the wonderful [TS]

  thing it is one of these days you're [TS]

  gonna mention you new computer in your [TS]

  father's gonna say well how about this [TS]

  body blue imac using that was already [TS]

  like it goes for a walk [TS]

  Walston yeah full circle there's still [TS]

  that if you put together the wall street [TS]

  the Bonnie Blue imac and your message [TS]

  bad you've almost got an ipad yeah very [TS]

  close [TS]

  alright David what do you have to go to [TS]

  the starship enterprise and the [TS]

  enterprise computer instructions and [TS]

  guidelines that strongly consider well [TS]

  isn't it the same one all the time I [TS]

  don't think it's always ready to [TS]

  self-destruct but stop at the last [TS]

  minute that always has nature [TS]

  it always has a very poor password [TS]

  something like X 2 35 now self-destruct [TS]

  why I borrow your shades i believe it's [TS]

  11 self-destruct one [TS]

  yes classy don't forget taking the [TS]

  shield's down yes yeah that's important [TS]

  is a remote code become do that for four [TS]

  digit number its it it's the computer to [TS]

  run any spaceship that you're going to [TS]

  drive a spaceship I would want that [TS]

  computer with major Barrett swine flu [TS]

  yeah absolutely [TS]

  yeah when it when it goes kablooey it [TS]

  calls everyone deer which is nice that's [TS]

  a nono what no it's touching yeah [TS]

  because it's about to end [TS]

  yeah all right outside you can finish it [TS]

  up [TS]

  alright well with the last pic I i was [TS]

  back the 12 inch powerbook which is the [TS]

  spiritual ancestor of the macbook air [TS]

  line which was it was underpowered and [TS]

  weird and I didn't care because it was [TS]

  it was awesome it was awesome and small [TS]

  and so much computing power and since [TS]

  most with but I'm gonna go with what [TS]

  maybe my all-time favorite mac and it is [TS]

  actually the one that I have today which [TS]

  is the 11-inch impossibly small macbook [TS]

  air got the SSD it's got that I five or [TS]

  i7 processor mines got an i7 it can do [TS]

  anything I would ever want a mac to do [TS]

  it's super powerful and it's incredibly [TS]

  time to r3 11-inch macbook air users up [TS]

  here [TS]

  yeah right now joy you have a look at [TS]

  all right [TS]

  as that our followers of Landru would [TS]

  say are you of the body anyway so we [TS]

  have we have so there's six of us four [TS]

  rounds 24 computers some of which [TS]

  actually exist in some winter it flights [TS]

  of fancy [TS]

  Hal 9000 about 9,000 is an underwater [TS]

  he's just going to kill you also kits [TS]

  are evil twin car alarms right good Lord [TS]

  was not here he would pick pockets right [TS]

  car anyway i hope that we have really [TS]

  wasted an hour of your time with our [TS]

  ridiculous pics thanks to everybody on [TS]

  my panel for being here [TS]

  David Sparkes serenity Caldwell dan [TS]

  moore and anne frank's jeff carlson I'm [TS]

  Jason Snell this has been the [TS]

  incomparable podcast live [TS]

  we'll see you next time [TS]