The Incomparable

184: Genius Edition


  the incomparable number 184 Marge 2014 [TS]

  welcome back everybody the incomparable [TS]

  podcast I'm your host Jason smell we're [TS]

  here to talk about not video games not [TS]

  console games not card games probably [TS]

  unless they also have a board we're [TS]

  going to be talking about board games [TS]

  that's right that's right spin your [TS]

  little spinner get out you're hungry [TS]

  hungry hippos that I don't even sure [TS]

  that counts as a board game and join us [TS]

  as we take this trip through great games [TS]

  of perhaps our childhood perhaps today [TS]

  games you can play on a rainy day games [TS]

  you can play on a sunny day if you don't [TS]

  like the Sun and want to stay inside or [TS]

  plan on the table that's outside [TS]

  I don't know games board games that's [TS]

  what we're talking about if you didn't [TS]

  get my drift [TS]

  let me introduce the people who are [TS]

  going to be talking about board games [TS]

  with me Monty actually is here hi Monty [TS]

  hi Jason board games great for games are [TS]

  fun having kids has given me a whole new [TS]

  appreciation for board games because we [TS]

  played that with the kids [TS]

  Erica and sign is also here hello hello [TS]

  the game is on amazon and it's [TS]

  controlled by a spinner that is a little [TS]

  piece of plastic arrow on a piece of [TS]

  cardboard but it's still a game is still [TS]

  on David Laura also here hi david liu [TS]

  i'll i'll take Paul Lynde to block in [TS]

  the Hollywood Squares board game you can [TS]

  do that [TS]

  that is right there a Hollywood Squares [TS]

  board game at the bar was I bet there [TS]

  was you got to take it home for losing [TS]

  the set the home game yeah that's true [TS]

  that's true good point body you have to [TS]

  make your own smarmy jokes of course [TS]

  yeah your celebrities were just pieces [TS]

  of cardboard but you know baseball [TS]

  that's that's the real thing but anyway [TS]

  Tony sindelar also here hi Tony [TS]

  hi jason i'm looking forward to talking [TS]

  exclusively about fizzbin it is a [TS]

  thursday night so that is worth double [TS]

  yeah neither will i have at least a half [TS]

  business has been more of a card game [TS]

  isn't it it is played on a board on the [TS]

  board [TS]

  well that's true right it is a very [TS]

  confusing game good thanks [TS]

  alright finer points of his been coming [TS]

  up later on this podcast and Dan Morgan [TS]

  who I've left to last because i do that [TS]

  with dan hi dan I it's good to be here i [TS]

  thought this was more of a [TS]

  watch at night but I don't know I can [TS]

  the night is young Gator the night is [TS]

  young it could be we could get there as [TS]

  always I approving this in past podcast [TS]

  one could discuss a topic like normal [TS]

  people and just say hey what about that [TS]

  what about this is not interesting [TS]

  I find it more intriguing to treat life [TS]

  as a series of fantasy drafts that is my [TS]

  cross to bear but uh it's my podcast so [TS]

  Monty Ashley what would you like to pick [TS]

  with the first pick in the board game [TS]

  draft i'm going to go with the game that [TS]

  i have studied trivial pursuit [TS]

  oh man that's on my list specific [TS]

  bringing those reactions didn't happen [TS]

  if it's not a giraffe [TS]

  that's classic ponte a plastic good [TS]

  specifically the original genus edition [TS]

  edition not a genius additional Gina [TS]

  think it's the genius addition you are [TS]

  perhaps a genus but you're not a genius [TS]

  as far as i can tell i once spent an [TS]

  entire summer just reading trivial [TS]

  pursuit cards that's that's that's not a [TS]

  game Monty well no homework how I did DD [TS]

  when I was a kid that's a cry for help [TS]

  its preparation for a game so now if i [TS]

  play the original genus addition there [TS]

  are times when I know the other [TS]

  questions on the card if I hear one [TS]

  question and if anyone out there is [TS]

  actually thinking of playing this [TS]

  version i can give you two tips if it's [TS]

  a sports question and you don't know the [TS]

  answer [TS]

  it's probably lawn tennis and it's not [TS]

  it's Sonja Henie as a Canadian game and [TS]

  they had not squeezed all the Canadian [TS]

  this out of it yet for the first edition [TS]

  so go with lawn tennis or Sonja Henie [TS]

  and you will be set [TS]

  that's sports and leisure yes I had a [TS]

  friend who in college my friend and I [TS]

  would just challenge regularly challenge [TS]

  the rest of the entire dorm floor too [TS]

  trivial pursuit and we never lost so [TS]

  those good times people stop playing me [TS]

  after I started playing for money [TS]

  they're all cowards that happened yeah [TS]

  that that I had a similar experience [TS]

  with Star Wars developers you where [TS]

  people stop playing with me after I [TS]

  wanted two turns [TS]

  well oh yeah I actually own eye on 10 [TS]

  different versions of trivial pursuit [TS]

  and actually when I moved in with my [TS]

  spouse will be 12 nice Canadian see so [TS]

  they're back to the roots of Tremont [TS]

  yeah because i have i have the american [TS]

  version of genius one and he has the [TS]

  canadian version of this one which [TS]

  actually has even more Canadian [TS]

  questions in it than the US version [TS]

  there's that much trivia about Canada [TS]

  you wouldn't think so which is what it's [TS]

  all about sctv hockey [TS]

  it's like it's another country or [TS]

  something yes stuff like that i wrote [TS]

  the genius of that genus of Trivial [TS]

  Pursuit is that is combining it is [TS]

  making a board game because you could do [TS]

  a trivia you know book or something but [TS]

  by making it the brightly colored [TS]

  circles with the little pieces of pie [TS]

  that you get when you when you when you [TS]

  answer a question right and and having [TS]

  that board element [TS]

  I is for people who were not who do not [TS]

  live through I mean the eighties it was [TS]

  just a revolution when this thing came [TS]

  out it was just everybody had this game [TS]

  it was the game to have I feel like we [TS]

  should do a podcast where we played [TS]

  genus one just because of how [TS]

  hilariously bad and out-of-date [TS]

  out-of-date the answer so yeah my god [TS]

  don't ever used to go to a brunch place [TS]

  where they have trivial pursuit cards [TS]

  and like the thing that we probably [TS]

  should have had like salt and pepper [TS]

  packets or something like that and they [TS]

  were clearly all from the eighties so [TS]

  there was that added dimension of [TS]

  trivial pursuit but trying to guess what [TS]

  you know what the answer to that would [TS]

  have been around 90 countries still [TS]

  exist at that point you know yeah sorry [TS]

  the answer is East Germany Yugoslavia my [TS]

  roommates and I used to trivial pursuit [TS]

  wasn't interesting enough so since i had [TS]

  so many versions we would add another [TS]

  dimension so you'd go around the table [TS]

  you land on some color and then you [TS]

  would roll a die to see which version of [TS]

  the game you would get a question from [TS]

  love that it was so fun and yeah every [TS]

  time you get genus one you'd be like oh [TS]

  man now I have to take extra hard it was [TS]

  the answer in 1987 yep or you could get [TS]

  it let end up on like the DVD [TS]

  pop-culture version which was just like [TS]

  the answers usually Britney Spears they [TS]

  got takeout so much worse and worse as [TS]

  they went along to our terminal at was [TS]

  like genius for might have been like [TS]

  right on the edge of like the last one [TS]

  that wasn't just like trashy terrible [TS]

  knowledge and then they'll change all [TS]

  the categories and got dumb it was dumb [TS]

  yeah and then for some reason after five [TS]

  they stopped even being genus just six [TS]

  is version 6 spurt genus 12345 version 6 [TS]

  y trivia anybody used to be i I'd like [TS]

  to announce by the way our brand new [TS]

  podcast that we're starting here that we [TS]

  ever we were just going to play Trivial [TS]

  Pursuit on the internet but I am so into [TS]

  that [TS]

  listen Jason have you like it I don't [TS]

  like you joke about things I used to [TS]

  have a book about trivial pursuit and it [TS]

  could include strategy tips when whoa [TS]

  know a lot of things [TS]

  yeah well no you have to understand that [TS]

  being in one of the squares between the [TS]

  two roll again spaces is better than [TS]

  being in the in the spot between the [TS]

  role again and the wedge spot because if [TS]

  you're between the two roll again that [TS]

  anything you alway they give you a role [TS]

  again or a wedge spot [TS]

  whereas if you're in a spot between the [TS]

  rolling in the wet spot to will only get [TS]

  you to a regular question [TS]

  incidentally trailed pursuit falls in [TS]

  the same category as monopoly with games [TS]

  that when you play them with like your [TS]

  parents they eventually like give up and [TS]

  let you win because it just goes on for [TS]

  hours otherwise unless you're playing [TS]

  with my dad who wins almost immediately [TS]

  every time I haven't played with your [TS]

  dad but I you know I think I see what my [TS]

  parents were both librarians and my mom [TS]

  was a reference librarian so I lost a [TS]

  lot until the questions started adapting [TS]

  more to my age I could do a whole [TS]

  podcast about games i won't play because [TS]

  other people in my family were too good [TS]

  at them [TS]

  i'm looking at you scrabble also chest [TS]

  yeah yeah I guess you know those are [TS]

  those are board games i wonder if [TS]

  somebody will pick chess or checkers or [TS]

  or another that would be outside the box [TS]

  kind of this is what I'm saying that our [TS]

  game box Monty that was a great pic [TS]

  painting of the first pick in the draft [TS]

  cheers yeah Erica it's your turn next [TS]

  well that was going to be my first pixel [TS]

  advance i'm going to go with my other [TS]

  favorite game of all time and that would [TS]

  be careers which I some of you may not [TS]

  be familiar with the game that i grew up [TS]

  with the version that I grew up playing [TS]

  was actually from I think 1958 it was my [TS]

  parents for game but there have been [TS]

  multiple versions since then I actually [TS]

  for a while went on a thrift shop hunt [TS]

  and have collected a bunch of versions i [TS]

  think i now have like three or four [TS]

  different versions a couple from the [TS]

  seventies the newest one is really dumb [TS]

  as tends to happen with games but the [TS]

  idea with careers is you go around the [TS]

  board and there are different careers [TS]

  that you can career paths that you can [TS]

  choose but you have to be able to meet [TS]

  the entrance requirements some of them [TS]

  require a certain amount of Education [TS]

  which you can earn some of them require [TS]

  a certain amount of money which you can [TS]

  get from landing on spaces and the thing [TS]

  that I like the best about this game is [TS]

  that your goal varies depending on what [TS]

  you choose and nobody else knows what [TS]

  your goal is for the game so the [TS]

  beginning of the game you're trying to [TS]

  you're trying to gain money and fame and [TS]

  happiness and the family happiness or [TS]

  little stars and little hearts very cute [TS]

  so the beginning of the game this has to [TS]

  add up to 60 so you could choose 20 of [TS]

  each you could choose you know sixty [TS]

  thousand dollars or 60 frames or [TS]

  whatever and everybody chooses their own [TS]

  and then they they write it down on this [TS]

  little piece of paper and you you fold [TS]

  over fold it over so the other people [TS]

  can't see what your goal is so the whole [TS]

  time you're playing you're the only one [TS]

  that knows what you're what you're [TS]

  shooting for [TS]

  so you can win without anybody else like [TS]

  realizing you're even getting close [TS]

  it will be fun and I just like the idea [TS]

  that you know i can go to space and be [TS]

  an astronaut or in the old version one [TS]

  of the careers is to go uranium [TS]

  prospecting on a donkey that is that is [TS]

  not a good career but you know it's got [TS]

  a short appetite [TS]

  this is john job isn't just a summer job [TS]

  maybe but not as a career in the [TS]

  seventies i believe they replace that [TS]

  with ecology me original version the [TS]

  original version you could go to see [TS]

  that was one of the best places to earn [TS]

  happiness because you know there was [TS]

  out of of beautiful things if you're a [TS]

  sailor but then that went to later be [TS]

  starvation right i think it may be [TS]

  became teaching or something like that [TS]

  later I it was just a lot of interesting [TS]

  changes which i didn't approve of [TS]

  because I grew up you know uranium [TS]

  prospecting where you could make twenty [TS]

  thousand dollars on one space if you [TS]

  landed right and their cards that were [TS]

  called opportunity knocks cards so that [TS]

  was the first way I'd ever heard that [TS]

  phrase opportunity knocks I thought it [TS]

  was from the game careers for Allah [TS]

  nope wow I've never heard of that game i [TS]

  imagine one of those opportunity knocks [TS]

  card says you win ten thousand dollars [TS]

  unless your new uranium prospector which [TS]

  case I'm cancer and let's go to the [TS]

  hospital instead there's a reason they [TS]

  took that one off [TS]

  I I think that was one in the stack of [TS]

  games that they had it like one of the [TS]

  camp's i went to or something which [TS]

  means it was probably like missing [TS]

  pieces and stuff like that but i have I [TS]

  do have some sort of memory of playing [TS]

  this game is it as a child if you get [TS]

  the thrift shop pick it up because it's [TS]

  just fun and I can always sell itself to [TS]

  you because clearly you're in ya need of [TS]

  more edition [TS]

  yep yep absolutely i will take it off [TS]

  your hands I swear [TS]

  well with those two pics i feel like [TS]

  we're I feel like we have surround [TS]

  ourselves with ringers that Erica and [TS]

  Monty are going to destroy us with their [TS]

  incredible board game knowledge i used [TS]

  to play careers every year with my [TS]

  cousin at a Christmas family reunion we [TS]

  have so I think of careers finally [TS]

  because it reminds me of Christmas and [TS]

  family and I must have played 50 games [TS]

  with my cousin Cindy over the course of [TS]

  four years before we got tired of the [TS]

  game because I want every single one of [TS]

  them [TS]

  wow I stand be nice to play so much that [TS]

  i still remember now there's a there's a [TS]

  space called park bench which was a bad [TS]

  space because that meant that you were [TS]

  out of a job in have enough money to get [TS]

  up the park effects and you had to roll [TS]

  7-eleven or doubles to get off the park [TS]

  bench just like in real life [TS]

  that's a great pic that's a great yeah [TS]

  just like in real life that's how [TS]

  careers work how many stars you have Dan [TS]

  a lot of dice let's put it that way [TS]

  fair enough that's that's great i don't [TS]

  think i've ever heard of that game [TS]

  before so that's totally blown me away [TS]

  David lure it's your turn [TS]

  each is no basket [TS]

  I'll get it skip never words thank you [TS]

  for your pic even beyond help go ahead [TS]

  go ahead [TS]

  that's that's right evil laughter the [TS]

  board game know since I think the rest [TS]

  of my list is pretty safe i'm gonna go [TS]

  with the big name right off the bat and [TS]

  go for monopoly up because I don't know [TS]

  anyone who doesn't know it doesn't play [TS]

  it hasn't played it hasn't seen it [TS]

  doesn't have one of you know how many [TS]

  thousand variations of it they have now [TS]

  but I grew up with one of the it wasn't [TS]

  the original set but was like the 1937 [TS]

  edition so it was sort of like you know [TS]

  you have to be very careful taking it [TS]

  out and so you know I grew up loving the [TS]

  game and my best friend in high school [TS]

  who end up as the best man at my wedding [TS]

  he and I have had a long tradition this [TS]

  is going on something like 30 years now [TS]

  we're whenever we get together if we [TS]

  have the time we will play what we call [TS]

  killer monopoly which involves staying [TS]

  up all night playing all night till Don [TS]

  sometimes through to the next day I [TS]

  think our longest game ran four days [TS]

  straight [TS]

  that was back when he was in college so [TS]

  it's called Hitler monopoly because at [TS]

  the end you want to murder the person [TS]

  right yeah you just keep going to [TS]

  someone dies [TS]

  pretty much yeah i know you you do start [TS]

  to lose all sense of you know human [TS]

  courtesy by about the 12-hour and so do [TS]

  action off properties that you land on [TS]

  you just have to buy them out writer or [TS]

  passing by [TS]

  oh yeah it is the auctioning and trading [TS]

  and mortgaging and you know we we use [TS]

  all the variation rules the free parking [TS]

  what is your policy on free lands on [TS]

  your spaces in exchange for not being [TS]

  able to pay rent [TS]

  I you know I don't think we ever worried [TS]

  about that is stealing money from the [TS]

  bank cheating or only cheating if you [TS]

  get caught it was no we never did that [TS]

  well I should say I never did that [TS]

  that's why talk it haha but yeah I mean [TS]

  the thing is kind of interesting just [TS]

  protocol flooring for yeah okay I got it [TS]

  with that just really sociological point [TS]

  of view or an economic point of view I [TS]

  don't know it was really weird how you [TS]

  know every few hours the balance would [TS]

  shift you know and the longer you played [TS]

  you know it would seem like one person [TS]

  was gonna win and just dominate and all [TS]

  of a sudden something would happen it [TS]

  would start shifting back and you know [TS]

  of course you both had to have hotels on [TS]

  stuff for that to happen if one person [TS]

  had everything that was it but but and [TS]

  this and this is a theory that I got [TS]

  from my mother and its held true every [TS]

  since I don't worry about boardwalk and [TS]

  Park Place i always buy the yellow [TS]

  properties everybody lands on the yellow [TS]

  I was always felt that way about the [TS]

  greens but either way [TS]

  yes well that that whole quarter is just [TS]

  beautiful [TS]

  so you have the greens are my second [TS]

  choice so it's the blue the yellows and [TS]

  the girl Marvin gardens kind of guys [TS]

  what you're saying that's right that's [TS]

  right and there's there's a wonderful [TS]

  book of short nonfiction pieces by john [TS]

  mcphee where one of them is the history [TS]

  of the board game Monopoly where he [TS]

  contrasts it with the history of [TS]

  Atlantic City and you know any goes and [TS]

  visits the real Ventnor Avenue and [TS]

  around New York you know all that and [TS]

  then balances it against the history of [TS]

  the game and its really interesting well [TS]

  worth reading is I think the book is [TS]

  called table of contents [TS]

  ok monopoly people i was the car what [TS]

  was your let's go around what's your [TS]

  what's your what's your choice David top [TS]

  hat because because fred astaire Tony I [TS]

  think I was the car always do i did not [TS]

  i do not i don't i don't like the [TS]

  message that monopoly city said i was [TS]

  reading it be's oh so but there's a lot [TS]

  more playing with sticks and put it [TS]

  aside explained in that we've got all [TS]

  these are dangerous i just i think they [TS]

  were waiting for the people's republic [TS]

  of monopoly to be released and that [TS]

  never never made it print everything [TS]

  else Bradley everybody gets the same [TS]

  amount of money and then the and the [TS]

  game is so that's where all the [TS]

  properties are handed out the [TS]

  message of monopolies that real estate [TS]

  developers just sometimes go to jail for [TS]

  no reason but you're gonna spend some [TS]

  time just that's just a happy to that's [TS]

  accurate go directly to jail by the way [TS]

  my babysitter growing up and I always [TS]

  played Monopoly and she would do the [TS]

  luxury taxes $75 so it was 50 20 m5 and [TS]

  I could still remember that she would [TS]

  say it every time 50 20 and 25 and then [TS]

  the other things when she would land on [TS]

  the the jail space she would shoot she [TS]

  would say not when she was sent to jail [TS]

  when she will and especially change just [TS]

  visiting yeah I I scared the kids the [TS]

  first couple of times we played monopoly [TS]

  because I would just count out the money [TS]

  without even thinking with that looking [TS]

  huh [TS]

  and you know how many bills beach no [TS]

  just pump obviously know you do that and [TS]

  you might have a problem goods i'm a [TS]

  ringer I damn what was your token i [TS]

  think i also went for the car [TS]

  yeah I think that was the car Monty i [TS]

  really like the car because I felt that [TS]

  it went best with free parking but i [TS]

  have evolved into a shoe man i think [TS]

  that's a pretty shoe man nice [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  Erica what about you I never liked the [TS]

  car I i would change up i was usually [TS]

  either both in both the hat or the iron [TS]

  womanly things no one wishes [TS]

  yes so much careers [TS]

  yeah screw you guys I'm gonna return [TS]

  probably my my son that takes the car so [TS]

  i'm left with whatever the hell is left [TS]

  after he takes the car that got a dog [TS]

  that's not even out yet you know that [TS]

  our scottie dog was myspace you can put [TS]

  them up we can stand up your behavior [TS]

  fell over so easily [TS]

  yeah but you could step but you could [TS]

  stand up it was little with yeah there's [TS]

  a battleship you can intimidate your [TS]

  opponent's little how many cans that [TS]

  iron got true i think we had lost the [TS]

  battleship because we never had that I [TS]

  feel like it came later or something [TS]

  because i feel like i had one but it [TS]

  like wasn't originally in my I don't [TS]

  know yeah i think it may have been one [TS]

  that either was there and gone or just [TS]

  came later because I maybe was [TS]

  and in our set Wow monopoly i'm shocked [TS]

  when third honestly I die that's it's a [TS]

  classic that's a good one [TS]

  thank you David well played anytime hey [TS]

  now go directly to jail its major roll [TS]

  doubles to get out we'll come back to [TS]

  you are they are they 20-sided doubles [TS]

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  so much to worry Parker for sponsoring [TS]

  me uncomfortable [TS]

  uh Tony it is your turn hi [TS]

  well i have a list of games they are [TS]

  mainly games probably from the last [TS]

  decade so I'm not too worried about [TS]

  anybody drafting them except maybe dan [TS]

  I've got some of those all i got i got [TS]

  so guess what i'm going to talk about [TS]

  them when you draft and no matter what [TS]

  you do on syracuse road to help well la [TS]

  so i'll just go with something that is [TS]

  not from the last kid i will draft he [TS]

  requests [TS]

  does anyone else anyone for me when I [TS]

  was your night stick love it [TS]

  yeah I I thought about money might have [TS]

  some types and founder of this game so [TS]

  he requests if I love it's going to [TS]

  check from 1980 night I knew it was at [TS]

  least 10 years older than any other game [TS]

  on my list [TS]

  um he request was basically a Dungeons [TS]

  and Dragons ask board game and in fact I [TS]

  have a [TS]

  a little bit of trouble separating in my [TS]

  head how different it was from dnd you [TS]

  didn't get to roll a d20 i know that but [TS]

  your characters were they didn't really [TS]

  have names they would be like dwarf one [TS]

  wizard and barbarian and they moved [TS]

  around kind of a preset up board that a [TS]

  basically a dungeon master would build [TS]

  that had traps and bad guys on it and I [TS]

  think everything was done with little [TS]

  custom v6 which I little dice with a [TS]

  shield and skulls on them but it was [TS]

  basically dnd light repackaged into you [TS]

  know board game format that you could [TS]

  play in the in the early nineties and I [TS]

  played in a bunch you could even if you [TS]

  were that kind of kid make your own [TS]

  adventures like remix in like the maps [TS]

  and the the traps and that various cards [TS]

  they gave you and that was a lot of fun [TS]

  and that was probably something that you [TS]

  know paint a path for a later interest [TS]

  in roleplay games and dungeons and [TS]

  dragons and things like that money it [TS]

  sounds like you would you have memories [TS]

  of here with us some I was more of a [TS]

  talisman guy myself [TS]

  smooth yeah and I had a bad experience [TS]

  with talisman up because i don't have [TS]

  precipitated recently if we tried to [TS]

  play it recently [TS]

  no you can't do that no you have to do [TS]

  it when you're a kid you have eight [TS]

  hours did not age well turns out it does [TS]

  it turns out it's it's like watching the [TS]

  Transformers cartoons now i disagree i [TS]

  still love i still have television i [TS]

  have played it within the past couple [TS]

  years and I haven't finished it but I [TS]

  may have made a mistake we played it [TS]

  with an enthusiastic friend who [TS]

  sometimes makes the mistake of when [TS]

  there's a game with a bunch of [TS]

  expansions for it he will instantly oh [TS]

  yeah the first game with all of the [TS]

  expansions even if that was ill-advised [TS]

  some advice for it was a bad you have to [TS]

  do with talisman all the expansions [TS]

  except college and how haha dragon last [TS]

  one anyway played your request i have [TS]

  some fun memories of it but not enough [TS]

  to go into anecdotal lede so yeah and i [TS]

  think you know he requests had that kind [TS]

  of because you have this kind of the [TS]

  pre-built very simple kind of little [TS]

  dungeons you know it will allow somebody [TS]

  you know a younger kid for example you [TS]

  know I think it was recommended for ages [TS]

  10 and up [TS]

  who wouldn't really be able to say run a [TS]

  DD adventure is about it you know the [TS]

  other children would not hate it kind of [TS]

  package some kind of pattern but what if [TS]

  we took some took some weight off that [TS]

  kids shoulders right maybe ages 10 to 80 [TS]

  if you're [TS]

  b5 sorry too old to play [TS]

  ok he requests that's good at the rate [TS]

  we're going we're gonna get through a [TS]

  couple rounds here but let's move on Dan [TS]

  well I was strongly considering a game [TS]

  invented by one of our fellow panelists [TS]

  here Tony in the the version of risk [TS]

  opoly in which every battle in risk is [TS]

  it's always us settled with a game of [TS]

  Monopoly I believe you're only allowed [TS]

  to draft games you have actually played [TS]

  sir I like Trivial Pursuit where you [TS]

  have to roll the die [TS]

  jenna pitcher set except infinitely were [TS]

  infinitely worse is my you know that's [TS]

  my stock-in-trade infidelity your game [TS]

  company Tony infinitely worse games i [TS]

  will go with an oldie which I is a clue [TS]

  specifically the one I like the best [TS]

  which was the master detective variant [TS]

  which is a later version that had a [TS]

  larger had more of everything basically [TS]

  like more suspects more weapons more [TS]

  more mansion and just made it a little [TS]

  bit more fun more interesting and [TS]

  animals you know mentioned that i played [TS]

  clue recently over the summer with my my [TS]

  cousin's kids who are in the 89 and like [TS]

  6-7 range and man they have really made [TS]

  clue suck [TS]

  yes there is a they've made it a lot [TS]

  easier because now it like they like you [TS]

  like flip up cards being the gay like [TS]

  everybody can see certain cards so like [TS]

  you deal out by five different cards or [TS]

  something slip those over so everybody [TS]

  can immediately eliminate those which [TS]

  means yes the game of Clue takes less [TS]

  time than it used to but it also doesn't [TS]

  really require quite as much in the way [TS]

  of deductive reasoning and wild guessing [TS]

  really where's the fun in that [TS]

  but I was a fan of mystery fiction and [TS]

  detective stuff and I really liked clue [TS]

  i like the fact there was a little [TS]

  envelope that you keep things in all of [TS]

  the little pieces that have like the [TS]

  whole dagger little rope that kind of [TS]

  stuff and I know it's a it's not the [TS]

  best game in the world but i have fond [TS]

  memories of it and i enjoyed playing it [TS]

  and that's Cluedo for our inter aren't [TS]

  international referred that's right i [TS]

  think is the best game 2 movie [TS]

  adaptation though [TS]

  here could be better than battleship [TS]

  right [TS]

  Oh better than chest the musical [TS]

  Oh to follow Jason's example which piece [TS]

  did you play in clue a professor plum as [TS]

  a colonel mustard yeah myself I was [TS]

  always the Rope am i doing it wrong i [TS]

  always wanna Carly every time I was also [TS]

  Colonel Mustard I i was also professor [TS]

  plum I was the shoe you know these guys [TS]

  seem like really bad detectives if they [TS]

  can't tell the difference somebody who [TS]

  was strangled somebody who was ya shot [TS]

  I mean they're not they're not crime [TS]

  scene investigator ok clue that was on [TS]

  my list to excellent choice tan that's a [TS]

  classic I learned I learned [TS]

  ok here's some I same babysitter who I [TS]

  played Monopoly with as a as a whatever [TS]

  I was five-year-old six-year-old I [TS]

  learned that people that uh you you [TS]

  shouldn't cheat games from clue because [TS]

  my babysitter went to take a phone call [TS]

  and I looked at whodunit who and she [TS]

  refused to play board games with me the [TS]

  entire rest of the time that she was [TS]

  babysitting me that time and that taught [TS]

  that and then I never cheated a clue [TS]

  again only monopoly know my fond [TS]

  memories of clue and yes professor plum [TS]

  gotta be professor plum I'm gonna I'm [TS]

  gonna pick a more recent game because [TS]

  blue monopoly off the board and i'm [TS]

  going to pick a carcass on which is a [TS]

  game this is when my family plays uh [TS]

  it's game it's game night or it's rainy [TS]

  day game weekend my pic when it's my [TS]

  turn to pick is carcass on a game that [TS]

  in which you need a table and then you [TS]

  form your own board by drawing tiles of [TS]

  cities and roads and rivers and fields [TS]

  and and you put them all together and [TS]

  drop your little little wooden guys on [TS]

  them and collect points for having you [TS]

  know having a road or or being in a city [TS]

  or being in the field [TS]

  nice it's really pretty i love that at [TS]

  the end of it you have built a city more [TS]

  or less i think that's kind of [TS]

  eat that you start with nothing and you [TS]

  end with something and strategically [TS]

  it's actually really tricky my kids can [TS]

  pick it up fairly easily but there is a [TS]

  whole other level where you're where [TS]

  you're stealing people cities or you're [TS]

  finding a way into one of the fields [TS]

  where you can really clean up on the [TS]

  number of points and you know I i found [TS]

  out about it because of the ipad game [TS]

  that that came out from what does that [TS]

  was coding monkeys and i can factor I [TS]

  think collaborated on that icon factory [TS]

  to the art and and I loved the ipad game [TS]

  but i love the board game to that it's a [TS]

  and some really great expansions that [TS]

  you can roll in that that either change [TS]

  how the game develops at the start with [TS]

  the river expansion or does things like [TS]

  double the do a double or nothing on [TS]

  some of the some of the the pieces where [TS]

  you have to complete the rotor you get [TS]

  no credits you have to complete the city [TS]

  or you get no credit for any of the [TS]

  pieces that are in the city lots of fun [TS]

  expansions too so I I'm I i love carcass [TS]

  on and I play it whenever my family [TS]

  allows me to [TS]

  that's my choice good one I like making [TS]

  a lot of you been to the city of [TS]

  carcassonne I you know I have not but I [TS]

  almost did I actually when we were in [TS]

  Barcelona we almost took a day trip [TS]

  there and I felt silly silly because the [TS]

  number one reason to go there is because [TS]

  i like the game so much but I almost did [TS]

  it [TS]

  maybe that's basically a giant version [TS]

  of the board game yeah that's what I [TS]

  hear either giant wooden guys standing [TS]

  around outfield Ryan people because i [TS]

  would like to see where their middles [TS]

  uniting the people's its modern art [TS]

  really [TS]

  uh yeah I just you know it's fun and [TS]

  it's and it's smart and every time I [TS]

  played I i learned another little trick [TS]

  about the strategy of it it unfolds [TS]

  which is kinda nice too [TS]

  let's move on Monty it's back to you I [TS]

  played a lot of four games but i'm going [TS]

  to pick the one that I've had the most [TS]

  fun with playing with people whether [TS]

  it's people who don't play games or [TS]

  whether it's you know like style game [TS]

  designer hardcore gamers and that's the [TS]

  1977 home game version of family feud [TS]

  it is incredibly fun for [TS]

  one person to be richard Dawson and to [TS]

  divide the group into two groups and [TS]

  actually make people guess the answers [TS]

  to questions like name a famous Stewart [TS]

  and you think well that's easy but the [TS]

  thing is it's the 1977 yes there are [TS]

  only three people listed here and they [TS]

  are Jimmy Stewart rod stewart and [TS]

  stewart granger i would have said Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart first [TS]

  well you got one do you want to play [TS]

  your ass right now you finally hit on a [TS]

  game i've never played well i recommend [TS]

  going on ebay and spending the three [TS]

  bucks it will take but you have to [TS]

  understand that there are right answers [TS]

  because your core of course guessing [TS]

  what people said and what people said [TS]

  was completely random and insane know as [TS]

  another example there's a question name [TS]

  of food you want at least once a week [TS]

  and what are the answers to that one [TS]

  bread meat hamburger steak and then so [TS]

  forth but there's no way of knowing that [TS]

  hamburger and state could be on the list [TS]

  somebody said meet so rather than [TS]

  explain how much fun this game is I'm [TS]

  just going to give you a couple sample [TS]

  questions they dug out of the box just [TS]

  now [TS]

  ok let's do it name a foreign brand of [TS]

  beer heineken includes answers like [TS]

  heineken his number-one Lowenbrau [TS]

  Lowenbrau is number two I don't think [TS]

  anyone's going to get number three which [TS]

  is Stroh's oh wow my goodness i remember [TS]

  strokes but i would not have come up [TS]

  with it also enlist something called [TS]

  tuborg and something called genesee I [TS]

  want Karen I at least I didn't know that [TS]

  was from I thought screws was American [TS]

  huh [TS]

  apparently it was German or something at [TS]

  what it sounds for in David the question [TS]

  name it make car you see telephones in [TS]

  naturally the answers are rolls-royce [TS]

  Cadillac lincoln continental [TS]

  mercedes-benz and Chevrolets [TS]

  who are these people [TS]

  well my theory is that it's just the [TS]

  studio audience for the show so it's 90 [TS]

  a group of 1977 tourists that would [TS]

  explain a lot [TS]

  throws all but by the way is an american [TS]

  beer for stripper as Detroit Michigan [TS]

  come on you guys Detroit is really like [TS]

  it's very it's practically candidates [TS]

  but yeah right [TS]

  oh yeah its exotic so exotic so with [TS]

  this strain of having to know the right [TS]

  answer removed when you're faced with a [TS]

  question like name a brand of coffee you [TS]

  get some right away and everybody sits [TS]

  around trying to remember holders hills [TS]

  brothers tasters choice [TS]

  thank thank thank you rim rim yes I am [TS]

  feeling a solicitation room with brim [TS]

  yeah only half a cup don't you like my [TS]

  coffee we've yes we've secretly replaced [TS]

  the coffee the normally service fine [TS]

  restaurant with Folgers crystals Bob [TS]

  never asks for a second cup at home the [TS]

  top answer that was Maxwell House and [TS]

  the bottom answer was a you ban you been [TS]

  yeah oh yeah oh you can't have center [TS]

  without you banned it's especially fun [TS]

  to play with people who work to live in [TS]

  1977 because they had no idea no idea [TS]

  yet [TS]

  yeah I got nothing out for their sorry [TS]

  wow amazing this game is tremendously [TS]

  enjoyable [TS]

  alright well $19 Monty your team is [TS]

  looking really solid this is all I'm [TS]

  saying now [TS]

  so here's something our next sponsor [TS]

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  incomparable Erica what's your next pick [TS]

  oh my goodness i have choices choices i [TS]

  think i will i will follow your lead [TS]

  with the carcassonne tile sort of bored [TS]

  building game and choose one of my [TS]

  all-time favorite games to play which is [TS]

  more recent called betrayal at house on [TS]

  the hill was on my list which which [TS]

  which version the original version where [TS]

  the big thick of a stack of Virata yet [TS]

  the back the broken one [TS]

  the battery life and the other broken [TS]

  underground lake that's on the Attic [TS]

  this is not a right from Monty's former [TS]

  employer so recently you were [TS]

  responsible for testing this where you I [TS]

  was not but i will say that you [TS]

  mentioned that there's an underground [TS]

  lake tile that's in the upper that's [TS]

  what I setting ah because i had access [TS]

  to some of the digital files i printed [TS]

  out a sticker that fixed mine so i moved [TS]

  my doubts the bottom with great power [TS]

  comes great responsibility [TS]

  I just remember playing a mission in [TS]

  that game that it was like impossible [TS]

  for us to win or something like we got [TS]

  to like I happy through it and is that a [TS]

  lot yeah that was maybe this cannot be [TS]

  done with it [TS]

  yeah i was in a boardgame Club in [TS]

  college when that was popular and i [TS]

  remember playing it like like every week [TS]

  for like a month and then a number of [TS]

  times where we either where we would [TS]

  like we would be playing for three hours [TS]

  and realize that basically the end is [TS]

  inevitable [TS]

  we are either going to win or lose [TS]

  and we just need to roll dice for [TS]

  another hour came up way too often so [TS]

  Erica explain explain this game to me [TS]

  we've got discovered that there may have [TS]

  been some flaws [TS]

  oh yeah it was certainly I i'm not [TS]

  looking at it through any kind of [TS]

  rose-colored glasses i just i i really [TS]

  enjoyed the the way the game is played [TS]

  because very much like carcassonne you [TS]

  build the the board which is a house as [TS]

  you go [TS]

  the idea is you are a bunch of random [TS]

  people that for some reason have decided [TS]

  to spend the night and investigating [TS]

  this this haunted house and on each turn [TS]

  I like there's a tiny bit of sort of a [TS]

  role-playing elements to it because each [TS]

  character has a certain number of the [TS]

  speed you know that they can go certain [TS]

  number spaces in a turn and there are [TS]

  there's they're so smart ex-member of [TS]

  points for sort of intelligence and and [TS]

  sanity that sort of thing and you [TS]

  explore and and turn over a room tile [TS]

  for each each broom that you walk into [TS]

  and as they mentioned that there is an [TS]

  underground lake which is on the third [TS]

  floor there's a main floor and upstairs [TS]

  and the basement and yeah they were [TS]

  there were a few mistakes but you could [TS]

  you could travel around the house and [TS]

  eventually after a certain number of a [TS]

  of events happen there are some cards [TS]

  that you turn up and spooky scary things [TS]

  it's very fun to we used to put on a [TS]

  midnight syndicate cds while we were [TS]

  playing this game that's a really spooky [TS]

  spooky band that does like just sort of [TS]

  ambient music for like it's creepy [TS]

  vampire type stuff and you read the [TS]

  cards and really spooky voice and [TS]

  eventually it becomes clear that one of [TS]

  you is a traitor which nobody knows [TS]

  until it actually happens and then that [TS]

  person has to take this little booklet [TS]

  and go off into another room and figure [TS]

  out what they're supposed to do and then [TS]

  everybody who's left are the good guys [TS]

  and you read the a separate booklet and [TS]

  then it's sort of like everybody against [TS]

  the one traders bad guy and sometimes it [TS]

  doesn't work out very well and it's not [TS]

  always super well balanced but i just i [TS]

  like the idea that it kinda takes a left [TS]

  turn in the middle and it's kind of fun [TS]

  and it's got a lot of good replayability [TS]

  because there are like something like I [TS]

  don't know 30 or 50 different is 50 [TS]

  yeah 50 different scenarios that you can [TS]

  go through [TS]

  so there are tons and tons of little [TS]

  tokens and tiles and stuff for rats and [TS]

  bats and zombies and booze and whatever [TS]

  kind of status please don't even put a [TS]

  lot of random things for one thing where [TS]

  you're having to put together a person [TS]

  or something [TS]

  it's the house has organs hintertux [TS]

  trade you [TS]

  I'm i played it too much for a game i [TS]

  don't actually like yeah so according to [TS]

  be the the erotic page for how thrilling [TS]

  house on the hill the way you play is [TS]

  when you get to the levitating lake on [TS]

  the upper floor you get it cut the floor [TS]

  collapses and plunges you down to the [TS]

  lake in the basement and then you play [TS]

  from there but yeah they are having kind [TS]

  of a misprint [TS]

  yeah having a link to the product page [TS]

  it was very helpful when i played have [TS]

  lain a 30 page printout that's layout [TS]

  binder clip that stacked on top of my [TS]

  box [TS]

  Wow out of the floor i can't really push [TS]

  the software update to a board game [TS]

  no I mean it is it's really cool in that [TS]

  each time you play it's gonna be very [TS]

  different [TS]

  unfortunately sometimes it'll be very [TS]

  short sometimes it will be really get [TS]

  along sometimes it'll be broken but I [TS]

  mean it is i think they wanted to make a [TS]

  game that would be very different every [TS]

  time you played it and they did that a [TS]

  lot of atmosphere which I appreciate [TS]

  yes one thing I liked about it was that [TS]

  some of the haunts are easier if you get [TS]

  them earlier in the game and some are [TS]

  easier to get them later in the game so [TS]

  sometimes everything gets messed up and [TS]

  it's impossible but you don't really [TS]

  know until the hot start with your [TS]

  facing zombies or the house is on fire [TS]

  or you are small and you're running away [TS]

  from cats and you have to confront the [TS]

  giant paper airplane yes [TS]

  yeah now another game i've never heard [TS]

  of so good job [TS]

  Erica you're different too and expose me [TS]

  the games I have never even heard of [TS]

  before [TS]

  alright ah David your turn alright [TS]

  here's one that friend got for me years [TS]

  and years ago called poetry slam and [TS]

  it's basically scrabble but with words [TS]

  and the you know it's gotten answers I [TS]

  mean if you've had if you've had a man [TS]

  metric poetry kit same kind of pieces [TS]

  right and your you would get scored [TS]

  points for you know smaller points a [TS]

  smaller words to be low points [TS]

  complicated difficult words would be big [TS]

  points we used to add to the rules [TS]

  because there weren't enough rules that [TS]

  you know if if your sentence or your [TS]

  line was more coherent or more [TS]

  attractive you get a bonus point if it [TS]

  was nonsense but you didn't have a [TS]

  choice either those were all the words [TS]

  you had you didn't get any points but [TS]

  that's a lot of fun and it would be fun [TS]

  to Train make sense of all the poems and [TS]

  sentences on the board by the end of the [TS]

  game and so you know it's it's a fun fun [TS]

  way to come up with random stuff so [TS]

  magnetic poetry the board game basically [TS]

  basically that's another one I've never [TS]

  played or even heard of in this case [TS]

  yeah I don't know if they even still [TS]

  make it anymore but it's it's a lot of [TS]

  fun it's well worth grabbing especially [TS]

  if you like scrambled sort of squeeze a [TS]

  little more difficult than scrabble [TS]

  obviously wow yeah it's on [TS]

  i'm looking at the page on boardgamegeek [TS]

  right now it's real [TS]

  he didn't imagine people it's I can take [TS]

  a picture of it with myself and a [TS]

  newspaper from today you haven't tasted [TS]

  it yet [TS]

  what introduce ya newspaper way to make [TS]

  mines anymore [TS]

  my degree is sometimes a half my ipad [TS]

  with a website of the x 3000 really [TS]

  impossible to fit much better much [TS]

  better your photos impossible with a [TS]

  hostage-taking order you something right [TS]

  buddy [TS]

  your turn okay i'm going to draft race [TS]

  for the galaxy [TS]

  ok that's because it's a great game who [TS]

  else's place for the galaxy [TS]

  I haven't played it but i do know of it [TS]

  just can I played against you [TS]

  many many times you call that playing [TS]

  dan and I played a lot of race for the [TS]

  galaxy race for galaxy is a card or [TS]

  board game that is delightful it is a [TS]

  game in which you are building a [TS]

  galactic empire it is not it it's not as [TS]

  interactive again [TS]

  as other games that i like your kind of [TS]

  building a little Empire for yourself [TS]

  and pulling cards and using cards to buy [TS]

  other cards and build this little empire [TS]

  in front of you it's actually kind of if [TS]

  you have ever played the game [TS]

  Porto Rico which is a game where you [TS]

  hang on these so apparently the the [TS]

  stories that race for the galaxy wasn't [TS]

  that came kind of out of a game design [TS]

  challenge in which the idea was to take [TS]

  the get the board game puerto rico and [TS]

  turn it into a card game and that is [TS]

  somewhat what they've done [TS]

  you get to choose a kind of a special [TS]

  power each turn and those can rotate and [TS]

  there's turning things into either [TS]

  victory points or into goods that you [TS]

  can use to convert into stuff on it is [TS]

  not the easiest game to learn how to [TS]

  play it is very popular in there at this [TS]

  point I think 45 expansions for it on [TS]

  which add to the complexity of it but it [TS]

  does take a while to ramp up to it i [TS]

  have taught many people have to play it [TS]

  and it's a game that takes like a good [TS]

  five or six times before people get it [TS]

  but i have frequently heard people refer [TS]

  to it as a nerd poker because people [TS]

  really enjoy playing it and being able [TS]

  to chat while playing it once that kind [TS]

  of mastered it [TS]

  it does kind of suffer in that it's not [TS]

  a very interactive game right like [TS]

  you're not trading goods with other [TS]

  people or affecting other people which [TS]

  is kind of one of my critiques of a lot [TS]

  of the kind of older style board games [TS]

  where it's like you know you're rolling [TS]

  dice and moving a little thing around [TS]

  bored and you're not actually [TS]

  interacting with other people in the [TS]

  game space some of us like that so I [TS]

  like protective plus i do like that [TS]

  because it i refer to that game as being [TS]

  its competitive without being [TS]

  antagonistic yes which is to say you're [TS]

  not [TS]

  yeah you're not trying to be like you [TS]

  can't grieve somebody in racing around [TS]

  see which I think also having played [TS]

  with Tony and some of our other friends [TS]

  I think that's a good thing i'm coming [TS]

  for you and i and i would put race for [TS]

  the galaxy in this lake [TS]

  probably my grouping of like five games [TS]

  that I played hundreds of times to the [TS]

  point that like I would get sick of it [TS]

  and then take a couple weeks off for [TS]

  months off and then come back to it [TS]

  there were times where like you know you [TS]

  go away for a weekend and I would just [TS]

  play dozens of games in a weekend with [TS]

  people i will never forget their the [TS]

  time again and I were sitting in my use [TS]

  the word crappy but let's say shabby [TS]

  apartment in the summer with no [TS]

  air-conditioning and we just played I [TS]

  think then we played race ago [TS]

  see from like noon until like like in [TS]

  three and thirty in the morning or [TS]

  something yeah something like that was [TS]

  and we just have playing at speed you [TS]

  can play in a game in about half an hour [TS]

  and just finishing be like one more game [TS]

  for Game well and it had it hits that [TS]

  kind of that thing that it because of [TS]

  the strategy that's in it that like I [TS]

  feel like a lot of video games kind of [TS]

  kind of catch you where you can like you [TS]

  want to try you want to get a little bit [TS]

  better each time right all right you [TS]

  know there is an element but of kind of [TS]

  both competing with yourself as well as [TS]

  the other players because you can't [TS]

  really interact with them which is kind [TS]

  of neat so you are kind of playing [TS]

  against yourself trying to see how many [TS]

  points you can get there are several [TS]

  different strategies that people try to [TS]

  use and that you know people leaving so [TS]

  you know and some of those are kind of [TS]

  pic for you at the beginning you get [TS]

  assigned I homeworld the start of the [TS]

  game randomly and you know the home [TS]

  world gives you a slight edge toward a [TS]

  variety of different strategies so [TS]

  there's like you might get a strategy to [TS]

  homeworld that starting with a little [TS]

  bit of military power and you decide I'm [TS]

  gonna go military or I'm not going to go [TS]

  military and I i like that because it's [TS]

  kind of like games where you can kind of [TS]

  try practice it and hope that you're [TS]

  getting better and better and you know [TS]

  theoretically could never get bored of [TS]

  it but it right [TS]

  what's nice is extremely tactical game 2 [TS]

  which is that if there are many [TS]

  different valid paths to winning and it [TS]

  really does depend on how you're playing [TS]

  it and also i like the tactical part [TS]

  that it's you know your best move is the [TS]

  move that you can like make right now [TS]

  right like you gotta look about what is [TS]

  my options right now I gotta do the best [TS]

  thing for me right now as opposed to [TS]

  like if you try to plan out like eight [TS]

  moves ahead and you don't get the cards [TS]

  that you want you know that that's a [TS]

  waste [TS]

  so you go to raise my galaxy with the [TS]

  cards you have not the cards you need [TS]

  and so I don't know it always hit that [TS]

  kind of strategy spot for me probably in [TS]

  a way that maybe poker or chested for [TS]

  other people I used to play a lot of [TS]

  chest like and in junior high and was [TS]

  never was always rubbish at it [TS]

  I've never really gotten into poker but [TS]

  that idea of kind of trying to get a [TS]

  little bit better each time and and kind [TS]

  of it is one of those good games where [TS]

  you know i think you could probably [TS]

  never completely master it so that [TS]

  there's always there's an interesting [TS]

  element of that and there is if you do [TS]

  not like other humans [TS]

  there's probably there's a version you [TS]

  can play on your computer we can beat [TS]

  the AI [TS]

  k is pretty good and you can just you [TS]

  can play those games in like eight [TS]

  minutes because you're not waiting for [TS]

  other humans [TS]

  I don't know if I recommend that but if [TS]

  you do not like other people check that [TS]

  out and don't talk to me all right [TS]

  I it does sound good however my favorite [TS]

  part of puerto rico is a little wooden [TS]

  barrels so i assume these are time and [TS]

  no wooden barrels that makes me sad [TS]

  there I mean I i enjoyed puerto rico i [TS]

  played a lot of that before racing [TS]

  galaxy there are some of the automatic [TS]

  elements of puerto rico that I could [TS]

  never not be uncomfortable about so fair [TS]

  enough water rico is a game in which [TS]

  unpaid workers come to help you make [TS]

  good at your plantation but a little [TS]

  Harold's from far away and they're so [TS]

  eager to finish two more people come [TS]

  every day to work for free on my [TS]

  plantation yeah I makes them so there's [TS]

  that on one hand on the other hand you [TS]

  get to say indigo so like you've got a [TS]

  mouth looks that out [TS]

  dad it's your turn well I'm gonna pick a [TS]

  slightly similar game in that i find it [TS]

  falls in that same sort of competitive [TS]

  without being antagonistic slot and this [TS]

  is I probably my favorite game recent [TS]

  years i bought it for multiple people [TS]

  and that is seven wonders [TS]

  I'm anybody else has ladies at night [TS]

  there's not yet i mean i know tony has [TS]

  but it's it is a really fun game where [TS]

  it takes place in its the seven wonders [TS]

  of the ancient world each of you get one [TS]

  of the wonders game on a card game but [TS]

  it has boards as a board you have a [TS]

  board in front of you you have an [TS]

  individual bored with your wonder on it [TS]

  and you basically it's played in three [TS]

  ages and in each age you have your Delta [TS]

  a certain number of cards that are [TS]

  things that you can build like resources [TS]

  you know like wood piles are you know [TS]

  brick places you can actually get break [TS]

  from or rock or what have you and then [TS]

  make things get more complicated your [TS]

  building like forums and the Senate's [TS]

  and there's all these different types of [TS]

  cards the science cards we're building [TS]

  like achievements and learning and and [TS]

  things where you're building like [TS]

  statues or or monuments or things [TS]

  rebuilding commercial things and you [TS]

  sort of go around and build your tableau [TS]

  and you're competing with the people you [TS]

  know to try and build acquire the most [TS]

  points have your tab will be worth the [TS]

  most at the end of the game and you do [TS]

  there is some interaction because you [TS]

  can trade as in something like sellers [TS]

  Don you can trade resources with the [TS]

  people [TS]

  on either side of you but since it plays [TS]

  up to seven people that are oftentimes [TS]

  people who are like across the table [TS]

  from you that you are basically will [TS]

  never interact with but it's super fun [TS]

  it takes you know like it's not too [TS]

  steep of a learning curve i find that [TS]

  the first game takes about an hour and [TS]

  then subsequent games you can play in [TS]

  about half an hour [TS]

  there's a really cool mechanic with [TS]

  where your hand you're dealt the [TS]

  beginning the game basically gets passed [TS]

  around to every player so you pick a [TS]

  card and then you pass the remaining [TS]

  cards to the player on your right or [TS]

  left and basically it goes all the way [TS]

  around so it's another one of these [TS]

  games that require sort of like alright [TS]

  these are these cards what's the best [TS]

  card i can pick right now because I [TS]

  might not have another chance at this [TS]

  set of cards and it's it's really [TS]

  beautiful game it's with great art you [TS]

  know well designed and I haven't really [TS]

  met anybody who doesn't seem to enjoy it [TS]

  so i bought it for my cousins for a [TS]

  couple friends it's it's super fun and [TS]

  it's hard to find games that place seven [TS]

  people [TS]

  yeah it is it's a good one for the egg i [TS]

  think it's it's it's in that nice spot [TS]

  of having enough complexity but also [TS]

  being something that you can introduce [TS]

  other people too i used to play board [TS]

  games with people of my work over lunch [TS]

  and it was always like hard to find a [TS]

  game that you could definitely play in [TS]

  an hour and that you could definitely [TS]

  play in an hour and teach somebody would [TS]

  not played it before and seven wonders [TS]

  fits like perfectly into that it's a [TS]

  really great i'd say of all the games [TS]

  we've kind of talked about today if [TS]

  there's one that like you want to go out [TS]

  and buy and play for the first time [TS]

  without you know knowing how to play [TS]

  ahead of time seven wonders to be a [TS]

  great one to start with my old work [TS]

  nobody ever worried about that [TS]

  so every mail room was full of wargames [TS]

  tucked in the corner with note saying [TS]

  please do not move any of these armies [TS]

  right I my turn [TS]

  I'm gonna pick a game so my plan playing [TS]

  board games with my kids is a challenge [TS]

  because when you lose it can be [TS]

  upsetting if you're really into the game [TS]

  I don't know if you remember being a kid [TS]

  and having that moment of like you know [TS]

  it's not that great to lose a game and [TS]

  so we my wife and I went on a whole [TS]

  quest to come up with some games that we [TS]

  could play that would not upset my son [TS]

  because if you didn't win he would be [TS]

  upset [TS]

  let the Wookiee win that was one thing [TS]

  we could do otherwise we had to find a [TS]

  game that was cooperative and we ended [TS]

  up finding one that he loves to this day [TS]

  several years later and it's castle [TS]

  panic i don't know if you guys have I [TS]

  have played it played this game he [TS]

  basically you have a castle in the [TS]

  center of the map and every turn its [TS]

  cool completely cooperative game every [TS]

  turn monsters appear in the forest and [TS]

  move toward your castle and the game [TS]

  ends when you kill all the monsters and [TS]

  there's a big bag full of monster tiles [TS]

  or the monsters knock down all the walls [TS]

  of your castle and I think there are six [TS]

  different walls that they can they can [TS]

  hit and then you then you lose and when [TS]

  you lose everybody loses and if you win [TS]

  then the person who kills the most [TS]

  monsters is the master Slayer but really [TS]

  it is a cooperative game and it's got [TS]

  some expansion packs that up the [TS]

  difficulty level a little bit because [TS]

  after you played a little while you can [TS]

  get pretty good unless you really have [TS]

  bad luck with the drawing of the [TS]

  monsters you can get pretty good at [TS]

  killing the monsters and and the way the [TS]

  play works as you get cards that are [TS]

  basically often stew attack various [TS]

  monsters in various places on the board [TS]

  and you can trade one card with with [TS]

  other players on the board so you're [TS]

  trying to work the problem together and [TS]

  then you kill the monsters and take [TS]

  their tokens and then when that's all [TS]

  done you move the monsters and they get [TS]

  closer and they move around and they do [TS]

  and occasionally giant boulders roll [TS]

  through and slam into the walls of your [TS]

  castle and things like that but it's a [TS]

  lot of fun and there's no either [TS]

  everybody loses in which case there's no [TS]

  gloating winner it right it's just like [TS]

  a shock the monsters one or everybody [TS]

  wins and I really like that and it feels [TS]

  actually a little bit like a video game [TS]

  reminds me of space invaders in a way in [TS]

  the relentless way that the waves of [TS]

  they just keep coming and they come [TS]

  closer and closer and closer until they [TS]

  destroy you but it it has been really [TS]

  successful with my kids because it is [TS]

  cooperative [TS]

  and yet and they can grasp the the [TS]

  strategy of how to knock these monsters [TS]

  off and yeah the monsters have different [TS]

  illustrations on their card so they're [TS]

  kind of interesting it's like oh that [TS]

  guy's really ugly and all that but in [TS]

  the end it's a great like teamwork board [TS]

  game so castle panic i like it a lot [TS]

  you should play it play it with kids [TS]

  they like it [TS]

  you know for kids yeah that's a good one [TS]

  so shout-out to my local game store who [TS]

  recommended that one to us because they [TS]

  got it right [TS]

  support your local game store okay hey [TS]

  you know what game we haven't mentioned [TS]

  in this entire episode of the [TS]

  incomparable so far [TS]

  cards against humanity the reason is [TS]

  this episode is brought to you by cards [TS]

  against humanity [TS]

  now they asked us not to say anything [TS]

  about their game because they said they [TS]

  just didn't want to waste your time so [TS]

  they say enjoy the podcast [TS]

  thank you two cards against humanity I'm [TS]

  just gonna slip it in their cards [TS]

  against humanity calm all right back to [TS]

  it [TS]

  let's do a lightning round where we just [TS]

  go around really quickly and name [TS]

  another another round before we before [TS]

  we go I don't want to just do two rounds [TS]

  so Monty what do you have a risk 2210 ad [TS]

  it's like risk but it has new maps it's [TS]

  in the future so you can go to space and [TS]

  there's a turn limit everybody gets five [TS]

  turns at five years and you're done [TS]

  really improves risk [TS]

  oh and their nukes you get the nuclear [TS]

  bomb people wow you are there other [TS]

  crazy risk duty and have you played a [TS]

  crazy [TS]

  yeah i was going to risk agassi yeah [TS]

  that's what I see is not that was on my [TS]

  list [TS]

  not as much fun game per game as risk [TS]

  2210 80 which I played a million times [TS]

  cool well just let her i used to work [TS]

  for the company that made it alright [TS]

  more disclosure for my body is connected [TS]

  to many of these games although he takes [TS]

  no credit or blame for betrayal and the [TS]

  house on the hill he tried to fix it but [TS]

  the only fixed is one copy and as I a [TS]

  good enough [TS]

  Erica were value my nexus one of my [TS]

  all-time favorite games [TS]

  arkham horror which is a game based on [TS]

  the American i think you and i may have [TS]

  like opposite idea [TS]

  not happiness and board games I think [TS]

  you might be right [TS]

  well between that betrayal you've got a [TS]

  lot of little yet counters to deal with [TS]

  she loves cardboard hate sanity like it [TS]

  yes yes that is exactly it [TS]

  it's a it's based on the lovecraftian [TS]

  mythos and it's a game that has a [TS]

  million rules takes forever [TS]

  um and almost never gets been [TS]

  um and almost never gets been [TS]

  and I like games like that that's my [TS]

  thing and it's another cooperative game [TS]

  actually which is I love co-op games i [TS]

  prefer that too i don't like games [TS]

  restriping at each other being caught [TS]

  being contentious so yeah I i'll play [TS]

  arkham horror anytime all right David [TS]

  well I you know I got so many hot board [TS]

  games over here [TS]

  I mean even have the have gun will [TS]

  travel board game from 1959 which is [TS]

  actually kind of fun but i'm going to [TS]

  mention a game that isn't even out yet [TS]

  because i really want to play it [TS]

  there's the comic book and graphic novel [TS]

  called kill shakespeare that combines [TS]

  all of Shakespeare's plays into one [TS]

  gigantic world and has different [TS]

  characters in different places teaming [TS]

  up to kill one another and rescue [TS]

  everyone from the evil lady macbeth and [TS]

  all this stuff and now [TS]

  idw who puts out the comic book is [TS]

  putting out a game and they just started [TS]

  a kickstarter for it and it looks really [TS]

  interesting and it looks like it blends [TS]

  a lot of elements from games like catan [TS]

  and maybe risk [TS]

  I don't know I've only seen a little bit [TS]

  of the game but it looks really exciting [TS]

  alright little speculation there you [TS]

  taking up but it's a draft you can take [TS]

  of the Union everyone knows maybe taking [TS]

  a long game here stretch pepper you [TS]

  already have the long game [TS]

  you picked monopoly yeah you got all [TS]

  well David just mentioned it and this is [TS]

  the lightning round so we don't have to [TS]

  talk too much about it but it feels [TS]

  upset to not have specifically called [TS]

  out settlers of catan music you know [TS]

  German board game in which you trade [TS]

  goods you get to say you know I'd like [TS]

  sheep for woman or shoot for grain and [TS]

  so on so I don't know if we need god I [TS]

  hate the robber the robbers sucks don't [TS]

  make the sheep for wool trade don't make [TS]

  the sheep for wool trade ya i don't know [TS]

  i don't know how much I need morning [TS]

  more i need to say about it if you could [TS]

  run about the lighting around I would [TS]

  tell the story about how when i was in [TS]

  college i had too many sodas and [TS]

  interface the wikipedia page for [TS]

  settlers of catan I just want to pay [TS]

  when I was young and irresponsible i was [TS]

  young and irresponsible and I feel bad [TS]

  about that too many also does defense [TS]

  difficult [TS]

  too many sodas and that man can't hold [TS]

  this caffeine telling you know it's i [TS]

  don't know if i can be clear about how [TS]

  boring my childhood and adult and early [TS]

  adult like was and is I think we're [TS]

  getting the picture [TS]

  yeah damn well i will mention since it [TS]

  came up risk legacy which is a really [TS]

  fun twist on risk where the board itself [TS]

  changes as you go along you basically [TS]

  get stickers that go down and so you [TS]

  found cities occasionally bad things [TS]

  happen like entire countries get Newt or [TS]

  there is toxic waste or there's you you [TS]

  get to name continents you get bonuses [TS]

  from these things and like as with [TS]

  Monty's version of risk they I think [TS]

  improve it by making it so that winning [TS]

  the game doesn't require so much you [TS]

  know eliminating every other player from [TS]

  the game which can take forever and if [TS]

  there's a finite number of games that [TS]

  you can actually play which i think is a [TS]

  fascinating concept basically you can [TS]

  play 15 games after that point the world [TS]

  is set you can continue to play but it [TS]

  just doesn't change anymore but the [TS]

  whole idea of a malleable world for [TS]

  boardgames strikes me as just it's it's [TS]

  fascinating and it really especially [TS]

  love the fact that drives one of our [TS]

  friends crazy because you can rip up [TS]

  cards there's also secret pockets [TS]

  oh yes our secret package you open you [TS]

  unlock as the game goes along you you [TS]

  meet certain conditions that require you [TS]

  to open up little envelopes and add new [TS]

  elements to the game crazy stuff and [TS]

  like stickers that go in the rules and [TS]

  there's an envelope that says never open [TS]

  this there is there was as being out and [TS]

  about that when I behind it yeah we had [TS]

  we had an argument [TS]

  someone want to open it surprise is [TS]

  amazing and for my lightning round pick [TS]

  I was gonna I was gonna mention their [TS]

  fuel that will go around and get with [TS]

  what's left but i wanna I'm gonna pick [TS]

  rather than going for another really fun [TS]

  game that we've been playing recently [TS]

  i'm gonna call active on to go back into [TS]

  the old the archive one of my favorites [TS]

  as a kid [TS]

  sorry or as they say that's on my list [TS]

  to as we say in Canada sorry Marie um i [TS]

  love this game it's a year you got a [TS]

  little brightly colored guy [TS]

  and you move them around and you have to [TS]

  get them all the way from the start to [TS]

  the finish around the board and if they [TS]

  land right on the little triangle at the [TS]

  top of the slide they get to slide down [TS]

  a few extra spaces but if you bump [TS]

  somebody off sorry they go back to the [TS]

  start of it and you have to get all four [TS]

  i believe of your little guys all the [TS]

  way around the board and into their [TS]

  little home safely and you don't roll [TS]

  dice you draw I think you dropped cards [TS]

  right yep kindness yeah I i love that [TS]

  game I play that game way way too much [TS]

  as a kid and when I think about board [TS]

  games [TS]

  I think about not just sorry I think [TS]

  about a sari board that was sort of half [TS]

  ripped down the center spine your cousin [TS]

  always take so much [TS]

  yeah there was a design flaw there I [TS]

  mean it wasn't an underground pool on [TS]

  the upper floor but still it was a [TS]

  different design plus it was well-loved [TS]

  and what you know the whole cardboard [TS]

  box was kind of rushed but I loved it [TS]

  and so I'm gonna I'm gonna take take an [TS]

  old-school game and pick sorry [TS]

  there may be nothing more aggravating in [TS]

  the world than your younger sister [TS]

  saying sorry [TS]

  oh yeah this game talk to children about [TS]

  how to be mean and still apologize [TS]

  yeah how to say sorry sarcastically yep [TS]

  that's right that's practically an MBA [TS]

  education before you can right there in [TS]

  one game [TS]

  sorry with an exclamation point that's [TS]

  the best part about it sorry but not [TS]

  really sorry that was the subtitle [TS]

  they're not back to the beginning he's [TS]

  going to go all the way around again and [TS]

  I had the cards have little weird things [TS]

  like some of them had strange things you [TS]

  go backward and it was crazy it was I [TS]

  love that game [TS]

  all right we should get everybody what [TS]

  what else was on people's lists that [TS]

  didn't get chosen in the three rounds of [TS]

  our draft or free agents that there's a [TS]

  list of lightning things yeah yeah now [TS]

  we move we know we're dumping dumping [TS]

  out the list you know how this one's own [TS]

  Iman Monty what else did you have that [TS]

  you didn't want you didn't get to [TS]

  mention i had blood bowl specifically [TS]

  the original roof of blood wow I've ever [TS]

  heard of that but I know today is that [TS]

  sounds terrible I want to go to their [TS]

  attacking workshop football game with [TS]

  elves and orcs and stuff [TS]

  the original version oh my it was a [TS]

  deluxe bored you could have that was all [TS]

  sculpted and that meant that the figures [TS]

  would stand right at any of the squares [TS]

  and I'll [TS]

  loved it there's a video game version [TS]

  now that some people like i have not [TS]

  played I so everything my list if we'd [TS]

  gone long enough I would have picked the [TS]

  Mad Magazine game which was a parody of [TS]

  monopoly and actively unplayable [TS]

  yeah and I'm going to that game got king [TS]

  of Tokyo which is a super fun game [TS]

  yes mostly be so I could say that I [TS]

  played it before it was out in chiba [TS]

  japan with the designer Richard Garfield [TS]

  and one of the sons [TS]

  Wow planning render their me out the [TS]

  game planning a job make that Erica what [TS]

  did you have in your leftovers i had a [TS]

  few from the classic as a kid a category [TS]

  life which i used to love although now I [TS]

  realize that my name is totally effed up [TS]

  it's not a good it's not a good game oh [TS]

  my god it's terrible but it has spinner [TS]

  which became terrible because it [TS]

  wouldn't spend for very long [TS]

  little pigs yep fireball island which [TS]

  was a man is almost pic that i watch the [TS]

  kid that wants the commercial for it [TS]

  today because I wanted to I had that [TS]

  game convince my mother to buy it made [TS]

  her play it with me incessantly it's you [TS]

  know very good it [TS]

  yeah but you don't know that when your [TS]

  little such great design like mousetrap [TS]

  right like that long part is putting the [TS]

  game together and like mousetrap is the [TS]

  next one on my list doesn't matter i'm [TS]

  starting to get an idea of your taste [TS]

  your Erica yeah but then it jumping back [TS]

  into two games sort of slightly more [TS]

  recent ones i just played a game a [TS]

  couple weeks ago for the first time [TS]

  called dixit which is kind of like a [TS]

  cross between apples to apples and [TS]

  balderdash [TS]

  except you're using pictures instead of [TS]

  of words which really really fun because [TS]

  the child love it children's library and [TS]

  loves that game she plays with her kids [TS]

  and it's it's really fun [TS]

  yeah it's one that like I just have to [TS]

  go and get it after playing it I liked [TS]

  it that much [TS]

  there was there are a lot of Lord of the [TS]

  Rings games but there was one particular [TS]

  one that was a co-op game that I quite [TS]

  like that my sister and her boyfriend [TS]

  have so that was a good one [TS]

  we mentioned settlers of catan but I [TS]

  like starfarers of Catan which is a very [TS]

  separate game it's not one of the [TS]

  expansion packs and instead of rolling [TS]

  dice you have giant plastic spaceships [TS]

  with three different colored balls in [TS]

  the middle and you should [TS]

  come up and down and the video game the [TS]

  way that they land tells you how many [TS]

  like tells you where you can go and i [TS]

  got wildly out of print now [TS]

  oh yeah it is it's really expensive well [TS]

  because they're Star Trek Catan you know [TS]

  that they're focusing yeah i like my [TS]

  star fares solar quest which is [TS]

  basically monopoly in space with lasers [TS]

  your landing you're landing on the moons [TS]

  of the the planets of the solar system [TS]

  instead of instead of properties and [TS]

  that helps you learn about learn about [TS]

  the planets as well so you know lasers [TS]

  land on I oh yeah that that's the thing [TS]

  like I one time I was playing and I got [TS]

  taken out on the second term because [TS]

  somebody rolled two sixes and shot me [TS]

  with his lasers and I was dead so those [TS]

  a little sad [TS]

  yeah that I figure that's probably good [TS]

  enough amazing crazy list [TS]

  alright David what do you have left over [TS]

  I've got a game called Kinesis that we [TS]

  picked up at the there's a nice little [TS]

  game store bat 90 miles away [TS]

  it just looked interesting i had no idea [TS]

  what it was and it's one of those where [TS]

  you have to get your piece all the way [TS]

  across the others to the other side of [TS]

  the board but you can only move one [TS]

  space at a time unless you land on quote [TS]

  unquote a stick and then then it kind of [TS]

  works like chutes and ladders for adults [TS]

  it's it's a difficult but fun game [TS]

  I also i mean just going classical of [TS]

  chess i love Parcheesi but my favorite [TS]

  of all those kind of games is pente [TS]

  which i think came out right around [TS]

  sixth grade and we all went nuts for [TS]

  users beautiful as you know it came [TS]

  rolled up in a 2 in your head little [TS]

  translucent gems and so you know you one [TS]

  person had the red gems and one person [TS]

  at the gold gems and you had to put put [TS]

  them at the board was a grid and you put [TS]

  each gym on a [TS]

  a corner of a point where the where the [TS]

  squares would meet and you had to get [TS]

  five in a row but you had you could [TS]

  block the other person and so you can [TS]

  wind up with the board covered in gems [TS]

  and so it was just it was one of those [TS]

  where the aesthetics of the game was [TS]

  over and then we just really enjoyed [TS]

  playing it so alright i miss that one [TS]

  ok Tony what do you have [TS]

  all right i got four so the first one is [TS]

  forbidden island which is another [TS]

  cooperate game yeah I think corporate [TS]

  games are really interesting yeah we [TS]

  haven't we got forbidden desert which is [TS]

  harder and we needed to me that one you [TS]

  have yet to win we lost like five times [TS]

  it makes it hard to doesn't have like a [TS]

  sliding difficulty scale allow that were [TS]

  that were at the easy of scale and we [TS]

  can't beat it [TS]

  so yeah so I don't I think cooperative [TS]

  games are really neat forbidden island [TS]

  and a forbidden desert by the same [TS]

  person who designed pandemic so [TS]

  depending on kind of where you are you [TS]

  might choose one of those depending on [TS]

  you know przemek is a little bit more [TS]

  adult was forbidden island is kind of [TS]

  more kid-friendly yeah um so there's [TS]

  that my next game is a croissant [TS]

  roseburg football app is a very bizarre [TS]

  game to cart her bug is also known as [TS]

  the coach right to the Devil's castle is [TS]

  a German game I have it I the game in [TS]

  German with they have I it was sold [TS]

  internationally somewhere so it has in [TS]

  much smaller text the English [TS]

  instructions on each of the cards i [TS]

  believe they did eventually make an [TS]

  American version of it but I for a while [TS]

  had a weird like imported one that i [TS]

  bought from some guy in Spain over the [TS]

  internet it was very exciting [TS]

  um and it is a game where you are part [TS]

  of different little conspiracies and I [TS]

  guess the premises you're on a coach [TS]

  ride presumably to The Devil's castle [TS]

  and your kind of struggling on the coach [TS]

  for keys or goblets depending on which [TS]

  secret society your part of so it's one [TS]

  of these neat kind of like lying [TS]

  attacking people kind of social card [TS]

  games [TS]

  some people don't like it because [TS]

  there's you can't really do table talk [TS]

  but that was another game that for [TS]

  awhile i played incessantly that is a [TS]

  card game so sorry [TS]

  small world is a really great game where [TS]

  you get to basically kind of pic fantasy [TS]

  races and mix and match them with [TS]

  different [TS]

  power so it has a lot of replayability [TS]

  and has expansions that add to that also [TS]

  has a really excellent ipad app that you [TS]

  can play [TS]

  it's alright yeah dan and I have played [TS]

  that a lot and that's that's probably [TS]

  when you can play with kids as well [TS]

  yes yes we come and the last one on my [TS]

  list is Dominion which is very popular [TS]

  it's a deck-building Game so you start [TS]

  with this kind of grid of cards and you [TS]

  start with basically just money to buy [TS]

  cards that will hopefully get you points [TS]

  and at this point doing is extremely [TS]

  successful is I've lost track of how [TS]

  many expansions that are I think I i [TS]

  only have four of them and there's many [TS]

  many more and there's a whole genre now [TS]

  of deck building games and news not only [TS]

  has dominion fantastic but Dominion [TS]

  itself has so many different stacks of [TS]

  cards in the in the initial box that [TS]

  you're essentially getting variants [TS]

  inside the box which i really like [TS]

  because you know again and you know [TS]

  that's yeah because replayability is yep [TS]

  is something that people really like in [TS]

  a game right there's there's that idea [TS]

  of complexity building skill over time [TS]

  but also that the game will be different [TS]

  as opposed to kind of older old school [TS]

  board games was kind of the same thing [TS]

  over and over again so I think dominions [TS]

  really exciting for that damn thats me [TS]

  then we have several ones i had a mild [TS]

  Scott mentioned for an island pandemic I [TS]

  the other ones i was going to include [TS]

  puerto rico we mentioned but no one [TS]

  picked which I i think it was is a good [TS]

  game racing together me with more [TS]

  oppression [TS]

  yeah wooden barrels and less space as a [TS]

  kid I really wanted to play much more [TS]

  than I ever got a chance to Scotland [TS]

  Yard where you don't know where you can [TS]

  find a copy of that mr. X and you're [TS]

  like running around through through [TS]

  London being pursued by you know police [TS]

  basically and you surface every once [TS]

  awhile but you have to take different [TS]

  types of transportation and ways i [TS]

  always thought it was such a cool [TS]

  concept pandemic kind of uses that for [TS]

  its bioterrorist expansion is very [TS]

  similar games that i can't play anymore [TS]

  with people certain people include the [TS]

  resistance which is very much like a [TS]

  coach on the castle where some of you [TS]

  are spies among resistance cells and you [TS]

  have to identify people who were the [TS]

  spies by sending them on missions and [TS]

  shadows over camelot working or playing [TS]

  members of King Arthur's Court which is [TS]

  very cool somewhat cooperative but there [TS]

  is often a traitor within [TS]

  miss midst but that's a fun game and [TS]

  most recently another game i think that [TS]

  that was created by one of Monty's [TS]

  former employers Lords of Waterdeep [TS]

  which is a dnd themed game worker [TS]

  placement game that is super fun doesn't [TS]

  really matter if you know anything about [TS]

  the indie or not that's mostly kind of [TS]

  the flavor but you basically are [TS]

  collecting adventures sending them on [TS]

  quests to do things and earning points [TS]

  super fun there's great ipad app to the [TS]

  castle ravenloft game plays just like [TS]

  that but is horror D&D themed it's also [TS]

  super fun while the Raven laughs games [TS]

  more than actually like D&D words this [TS]

  is more like a European is more like a [TS]

  griddle or something like that you would [TS]

  call it if your board game nerd a worker [TS]

  place your place while adjusting the [TS]

  location of the glasses on your nose [TS]

  thank goodness what we're not because [TS]

  people that would that's my list [TS]

  terrible wow very nice [TS]

  uh I'm going to mention ticket to ride [TS]

  the the railroad baron the game where [TS]

  you build also one of the nice things [TS]

  about it is like a careers you don't [TS]

  know what the goals are of the other [TS]

  players [TS]

  although if they're really really really [TS]

  trying to get to Miami you may be [TS]

  suspicious that they're trying to [TS]

  connect l8r but that's a lot of fun and [TS]

  the kids the kids love to play that game [TS]

  and there's also a good ipad version of [TS]

  that game i believe and the other two i [TS]

  want to mention our old school because I [TS]

  was going to mention a small world and [TS]

  Dominion to those are great choices that [TS]

  I was not going to mention the coach [TS]

  right to the Devil's castle bells the [TS]

  car driver [TS]

  ya seen faster angry every time every [TS]

  day beautiful language German so sooner [TS]

  assits very i'm just not all the drama [TS]

  happens on the coach right to the [TS]

  Devil's castle then when you get you [TS]

  never find out what happens at the [TS]

  Devil's castle think I guess where the [TS]

  Devil's castle now huge anti-climax its [TS]

  left as an exercise for the reader and [TS]

  for the record it's the couch fart [TS]

  Eiffel spirk ok isn't our ok alright [TS]

  we're going to do it wrong for a long [TS]

  time the couch fucked your toy feliz [TS]

  Burke you're saying it way too slow [TS]

  yeah sorry it occurs right just over [TS]

  there [TS]

  uh the other the other old school games [TS]

  i want to mention darktower I love ya [TS]

  bitch its get the text that's exactly a [TS]

  dark tower with a gay my friend who had [TS]

  this game it was a computerized board [TS]

  game where there was basically this [TS]

  little plastic tower in the center and [TS]

  you push buttons and it made like sounds [TS]

  and display LED that will display a [TS]

  number between 100 and 99 it was really [TS]

  not very good but it was really exciting [TS]

  because it was technology in a board [TS]

  game and that was a big deal in the [TS]

  early eighties and the commercial was [TS]

  narrated by orson welles so you've got [TS]

  this really exciting yeah that's when [TS]

  you went dog towel [TS]

  yeah oh yeah it's sold a lot of water [TS]

  copies of that little plastic thing with [TS]

  the number on this and that would kick [TS]

  I'm just saying but anyway that was that [TS]

  was quite a thing in the day and then [TS]

  the other one i want to mention because [TS]

  I have to because i had this game and it [TS]

  wouldn't be uncomfortable if I didn't [TS]

  mention it yes I had a copy of a board [TS]

  game called the world of micronauts that [TS]

  right there was a micronauts board game [TS]

  i had it had little in at like a little [TS]

  cardboard elevated center sort of like [TS]

  the 3d chess on Star Trek so in addition [TS]

  to the base level you can climb up [TS]

  ladders to a second level and you need [TS]

  to get to the villain who is on the [TS]

  third level and defeat him and that also [TS]

  meant that those those cardboard things [TS]

  got been really easily and then you [TS]

  could never play the game again that [TS]

  like a commercial time for commercial [TS]

  tie and then but even that the it was it [TS]

  was not always came first and then a TV [TS]

  show and then the board games have no [TS]

  it's just a comic no TV show but this is [TS]

  based on the based on the toys not the [TS]

  comic based on always which were my [TS]

  favorite toy [TS]

  so the world micronauts it's out there [TS]

  you can probably get one on ebay for [TS]

  about two bucks but it will the [TS]

  cardboard will be bent and you want [TS]

  people to play it and be really [TS]

  disappointing not that I would know [TS]

  anything about that [TS]

  that's it i think we did it I think we [TS]

  played some board games now some so far [TS]

  next trick we will just have to do [TS]

  trivial pursuit on the Internet [TS]

  w.e what we do or family feud frankly i [TS]

  will move [TS]

  three spaces counterclockwise Jason [TS]

  spoiler that's just called NPR game [TS]

  shows sorry [TS]

  yeah I suppose so i suppose to board [TS]

  games on the internet nobody would [TS]

  listen to board games on the internet [TS]

  that's yeah q700 you know you have to be [TS]

  some kind of butter [TS]

  yeah yeah well this was good this was [TS]

  good i don't know whose idea this even [TS]

  was but whoever it was was a genius or a [TS]

  genus missing any weight [TS]

  what that was me thanks Jason I've [TS]

  always thought my ideas with the best [TS]

  not like those crappy dan ideas like [TS]

  America is quite right [TS]

  you're not a genius you're a genius ya [TS]

  better reference signal you've got it [TS]

  you got it [TS]

  alright i would like to thank my [TS]

  panelists for this this trip into onto [TS]

  that onto that table to play those board [TS]

  games [TS]

  Monty Ashley thank you you pick trivial [TS]

  pursuit family feud from 1977 and risk [TS]

  from 2210 ad thanks for being here glad [TS]

  too i cover a wide range she really do [TS]

  you really do it and I know who to come [TS]

  to for trivia questions about trivia [TS]

  cards and what we're on the cards [TS]

  that's why I know you're that young [TS]

  master Erica and sign I had no idea that [TS]

  you worked at the game store your you [TS]

  are you [TS]

  you're a ringer you it's like not even [TS]

  fair you just you destroyed us with [TS]

  careers betrayal on house on the hill [TS]

  and arkham horror which made Tony there [TS]

  was some great yeah i actually forgot i [TS]

  also had cosmic encounter around my my [TS]

  quicklist which I mismatching soda [TS]

  yeah yeah like some good games guys [TS]

  the games are bad they're just two [TS]

  different its potential sounds like me [TS]

  that is not a mattress thing i've ever [TS]

  heard Tony say I thought he was just [TS]

  gonna say like poorly chosen so that you [TS]

  don't [TS]

  not bad i'm just different and that [TS]

  should be my motto [TS]

  you have to get to know Tony a lot [TS]

  better before he starts insulting you to [TS]

  your face [TS]

  yes like two episodes yeah fair enough [TS]

  David lord thank you for being here [TS]

  monopoly poetry slam which nobody's ever [TS]

  heard of and kill shakespeare which [TS]

  isn't out yet but you got monopoly [TS]

  you're coasting after that really [TS]

  yeah you know I mean once you pick the [TS]

  big one you just gonna go yeah let's [TS]

  talk about / cracky yeah yeah but that's [TS]

  like you gotyou got like you got like [TS]

  park place and then you got like [TS]

  oriental and baltic yeah and then i kept [TS]

  leaning on income tax yeah 5025 that's [TS]

  what you do yeah thanks for being here [TS]

  sure damn more'n thank you sure [TS]

  always a pleasure yeah clue seven [TS]

  wonders risk legacy good choices all did [TS]

  you let alottoni no one else is going to [TS]

  say I like Tony sindelar be the judge of [TS]

  that [TS]

  Tony thank you for being here anytime [TS]

  your request race for the galaxy and [TS]

  settlers of catan doors and what [TS]

  well there's me I don't want to thank [TS]

  myself that would be strange places i [TS]

  did a coloring thanks for driving us all [TS]

  focus on Castle panic and sorry sorry [TS]

  yeah yep and I'm really sorry are you [TS]

  know and so everybody out there [TS]

  listening to the incomparable podcast [TS]

  what I'd like to do is say stay tuned [TS]

  for our next big thing last year was [TS]

  t-shirts this year [TS]

  stay tuned for the incomparable board [TS]

  game which isn't coming anywhere to any [TS]

  for a card game [TS]

  really that's what's gonna be it's a [TS]

  board game where you build car it's a [TS]

  card game where you form a board out of [TS]

  I don't even know but until next time [TS]

  that wraps up this edition of the [TS]

  incomparable podcast thanks to everybody [TS]

  out there for listening and I don't even [TS]

  know what I'm saying anymore goodbye [TS]

  you're gonna go on to thank everyone [TS]

  again where i was i was cotton an [TS]

  infinite loop Monty I had to break out [TS]

  of it [TS]

  hungry hungry hippos hungry hungry [TS]

  hippos I have one final question from [TS]

  the family feud game want to take us out [TS]

  this read their name something the pause [TS]

  is very important when you're being [TS]

  Richard awesome name something you add [TS]

  two scotch [TS]

  there are four answers ice water soda [TS]

  ice water and soda are the top three [TS]

  sherry this tape no cream buoy will just [TS]

  assume you've got three strikes the [TS]

  fourth option according to a hundred [TS]

  crazy people while six crazy people in [TS]

  1977 burbank name something you had to [TS]

  Scotch milk haha [TS]