The Incomparable

176: Solo Adventures (Our 2013 Favorites)


  the interminable number 107 suits [TS]

  january2014 [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  uncomfortable podcast I'm your host [TS]

  Jason L and it's it's a happy new year [TS]

  happy new year [TS]

  this is our Happy New Year episode we're [TS]

  gonna look back on 2013 and ring in 2014 [TS]

  with the traditional clips from past [TS]

  episodes as well as are things we liked [TS]

  in 2013 so it's not just a clip show [TS]

  it's a clip show plus new material we [TS]

  hope you will join us i'm joined by [TS]

  everybody who's ever been on the podcast [TS]

  let's just do it will will call a little [TS]

  roll call happen now Scott McNulty [TS]

  present David lure present-day Morin I'm [TS]

  here [TS]

  yeah Erica and sign present but not [TS]

  accounted for [TS]

  that's how you pronounce her name by the [TS]

  way John siracusa looking for Stephen [TS]

  Fry be civil are reporting for duty [TS]

  Steve let's yeah I'm here [TS]

  did I miss anybody is there anybody I [TS]

  greatness is here my [TS]

  great-great-grandmother you out there [TS]

  great i have a lot of experience know [TS]

  when I'm not wanted two parties all [TS]

  right here we go we're going to talk [TS]

  about things we like to do things with [TS]

  things we like the podcast things we [TS]

  liked out in the world I want to start [TS]

  by reading a few comments from our [TS]

  listeners because our little little [TS]

  please don't screw those guys and said [TS]

  thing said things they like mr. Elliot [TS]

  said I'm not into D&D but those episodes [TS]

  were some of the funniest and most [TS]

  memorable shows of all the podcast i [TS]

  listen to this year [TS]

  Elliot seek help he especially liked to [TS]

  any time cutting words were used who [TS]

  doesn't actually lots of ya life as [TS]

  cutting words and anytime Carlos did [TS]

  fighting which I think that's something [TS]

  that serious business when Carlos [TS]

  looking at college and realizing about [TS]

  when he does fighting sure sick good so [TS]

  thank you Peter Elliot mr. drew said [TS]

  this year was great my favorite show was [TS]

  number 138 part 2 of the D&D campaign [TS]

  I've never even played or seen dnd [TS]

  before but you made it hilarious and [TS]

  engaging he also has praised for Phil [TS]

  Michaels in his two episodes this year [TS]

  in the of the old movie club and then of [TS]

  course he was also [TS]

  are our holiday music episode and so [TS]

  thankyou thankyou listener drew listener [TS]

  drew by the way is the guy who sent I [TS]

  don't usually it's a lot of extra work [TS]

  for me to find the best quotes and clips [TS]

  of the year because i have to remember [TS]

  what they are if I want to bring them up [TS]

  and if you guys mentioned them i have to [TS]

  go dig them out [TS]

  mr. drew sent approximately 1520 [TS]

  different things he liked with timecode [TS]

  i appreciated how many were dnd [TS]

  transcriptions i think that is you know [TS]

  that is the kind that's the kind of [TS]

  feedback I wanted an Internet this thing [TS]

  you said time-coded and you know stamp [TS]

  with your initials that was good as yet [TS]

  validation right there [TS]

  yes / / is worrisome it's very close to [TS]

  like somebody following you around [TS]

  writing down everything you say during [TS]

  the year and at the end saying here is [TS]

  the stuff that i liked of what you did [TS]

  just part is that a service that i can [TS]

  subscribe to the rest of the time you [TS]

  can really shape up a little bit that [TS]

  may be very happy because when i'm [TS]

  playing D&D I quite often will just jot [TS]

  down or even just tweet the funny things [TS]

  that are that are happening around me so [TS]

  it may be happy somebody else knows that [TS]

  too [TS]

  yeah yeah hehe yeah it's great and there [TS]

  was included in this episode that will [TS]

  be I think just based on his notes [TS]

  because why not so so in fact let's just [TS]

  do it [TS]

  hey listener drew really like some D&D [TS]

  clips let's listen to some funny [TS]

  detangled eclipse now let's listen who [TS]

  everybody is welcome at pancakes is the [TS]

  house of Pakistan's at the International [TS]

  I'm not not really comfortable with her [TS]

  eating insects I'm not you got on [TS]

  writing birds either come to think of it [TS]

  I would you have in mind I have a lot of [TS]

  have some some pretty sweet canx i also [TS]

  have it exactly as he goes with it [TS]

  that friend is a little too personal [TS]

  probably thinks i'm not shy about it i [TS]

  have the best cakes interior i'll show [TS]

  you my case if you like you can touch [TS]

  them [TS]

  you don't believe that guy still hasn't [TS]

  got his learner's permit you know well i [TS]

  guess you can all you would all know how [TS]

  to ride a domesticated animals how much [TS]

  can we get if we leave the three keen [TS]

  with Vicki count as a deposit in some [TS]

  way [TS]

  well idea folks so is he is mountable [TS]

  everything [TS]

  how many have you shaved yesterday I'm [TS]

  sorry [TS]

  15 and I don't walk away [TS]

  I'm not walking we live what I want to [TS]

  know who send you out this is my plan is [TS]

  I'm not walking on where was I when you [TS]

  guys were heading out of my eye I don't [TS]

  know doing whatever mysterious companion [TS]

  learning to read [TS]

  Oh [TS]

  from wherever it has been stored he has [TS]

  a very hefty mall which is like a big we [TS]

  don't have to mall haha went shopping [TS]

  there in the weekend not used to be [TS]

  called husky haha plus size [TS]

  uh what you what appears to be a large [TS]

  hulking Minotaur shape and you hear very [TS]

  faintly above the howling wind any lass [TS]

  you're pretty sure someone's at the end [TS]

  of this rope and that's about all you [TS]

  know now i'm at the end of my row [TS]

  there's nothing like being cradled in [TS]

  the soothing arms of meetup for four of [TS]

  the giant insects patterns sure I'm [TS]

  cradling hell out of you right now don't [TS]

  want ya tell it's like you're not [TS]

  exactly what you leave Jason way to [TS]

  follow orders good job [TS]

  no more effort than needed that's that's [TS]

  like that's what you're like a union [TS]

  money maximiser nope [TS]

  hello i'm jason and my character tonight [TS]

  yes I'm gonna reveal a new thing about [TS]

  our Lohse and get Carlos Carlos the [TS]

  wharf this middle name [TS]

  don't deal her know Oh vetoed dwarf is [TS]

  my last name [TS]

  yeah he's Carlos dumo don't yet know [TS]

  Carlos d dwarf the mall the mall that's [TS]

  weird wharf is a family name that you've [TS]

  got my vote [TS]

  so is danger actually my mother's maiden [TS]

  name is danger [TS]

  let's let's uh go on to listening [TS]

  Brandon who said his favorite episode [TS]

  was the radio drama episode 133 that's [TS]

  very nice and he described the episode [TS]

  star wars episode 1 review is painful [TS]

  but necessary [TS]

  like like like to be a medical procedure [TS]

  and unlike the movie itself it's like [TS]

  having a tumor excised you know [TS]

  yeah and we all feel better that it's [TS]

  that it's all been done but it was not [TS]

  fun I like how they all went to our area [TS]

  of expertise there I with colonoscopy [TS]

  Greg went with I probably have cancer [TS]

  we all have our we don't have our [TS]

  moments keep doing the drafts you don't [TS]

  have to tell me of course we're going to [TS]

  keep doing the drafts come on Brandon [TS]

  and and also you like the dnd and find [TS]

  fascinating this is a theme and many of [TS]

  these letters is I don't really [TS]

  understand dnd and I I never done it but [TS]

  i find it strangely appealing and you [TS]

  guys certainly aren't helping me [TS]

  understand say you're not getting [TS]

  anything about dnd by watching or [TS]

  listening to our podcast I don't [TS]

  understand why they enjoy it so it gets [TS]

  kinda even to clarify when I said send [TS]

  help you earlier i meant send us help [TS]

  because Jason won't let us leave [TS]

  everybody can really understand dnd and [TS]

  plays it responded that they like those [TS]

  besides me because that was one of the [TS]

  things i know i think they're too busy [TS]

  playing D&D data is supplied to ask like [TS]

  that could be true may have cracked it [TS]

  would be disgusted by your performance [TS]

  as a party [TS]

  yeah I'm disgusted [TS]

  so we'll get back to some more listener [TS]

  and feedback in a little bit i don't [TS]

  wanna I don't wanna use it all now but i [TS]

  do want to go around and get everybody's [TS]

  thoughts about what they liked and let's [TS]

  start with greg kosc because i forgot [TS]

  him earlier hi Greg what I thought isn't [TS]

  my unique favorite moment from the [TS]

  podcast yeah favorite most of the [TS]

  podcast and and from life or at least [TS]

  from things that you like do you like d [TS]

  i'm taking I don't have any favorite [TS]

  things you're taking Chloe the first in [TS]

  the first pick in the comfortable but [TS]

  2013 episode draft great my preference [TS]

  i'm taking siracusa off the big board [TS]

  oh no I'm very faint my very favorite [TS]

  moment on the podcast was the Phantom [TS]

  Menace two-parter and just the sentence [TS]

  that's the take they kept when he was [TS]

  talking about the kids ripping up down [TS]

  again because that sums up everything [TS]

  that's wrong with phantom menace [TS]

  yeah i was thinking back to our radio [TS]

  play episode when I was watching this [TS]

  and I'm like that render would not let [TS]

  us get away with line readings like this [TS]

  and we are not actors and we have a [TS]

  budget of zero dollars and yet i was [TS]

  thinking particularly of the many many [TS]

  places in the scripture i imagine as an [TS]

  em dash after someone's dialogue in [TS]

  another person interrupts them and they [TS]

  were couples in our radio play script [TS]

  for the ne side roads is it's your areas [TS]

  is it rocket science to do those right [TS]

  like you know I don't think you need [TS]

  happy [TS]

  well there's two possibilities either [TS]

  Lucas didn't care for he thought the [TS]

  readings were generally dami yeah and my [TS]

  best guess is that he just he doesn't [TS]

  know how people actually and sometimes [TS]

  they're doing sometimes they're good [TS]

  actors like Natalie apartment has lines [TS]

  and you know she's a good actor but she [TS]

  does a reading where she's just like you [TS]

  just came out of a trailer and you just [TS]

  woke up or something from a nap and she [TS]

  read the line and it's terrible and [TS]

  that's the one they go with right after [TS]

  Anakin wins watch his friends try to [TS]

  highlight and that is that is waste all [TS]

  that awesome and then the thing about [TS]

  that I should I trust nice i was it i [TS]

  paused it to show [TS]

  just to my wife because I can't believe [TS]

  she hadn't seen in like has that seems [TS]

  like what are you talking about like you [TS]

  don't you don't know that scene that is [TS]

  the like the thing is that's the take [TS]

  they use I think about that I just shake [TS]

  my head is one was saying like they must [TS]

  have been fed bad line readings i was [TS]

  thinking that he did everything in one [TS]

  take and like that's it that's the one [TS]

  we're using like that's the one you're [TS]

  using that's the one the guy in the mask [TS]

  couldn't see the kid and it's like three [TS]

  abortive attempts to high-five it's just [TS]

  the most awkward it's the most awkward [TS]

  thing I've ever seen on film and that's [TS]

  the take that he was like it you could [TS]

  cut out of the movie there's no reason [TS]

  for it to be like nope that's the take [TS]

  we got it in one [TS]

  next exit microcosm of the entire film [TS]

  George Lucas had the time and the money [TS]

  and the tech and it could have had [TS]

  access to all the talent in the world [TS]

  and he just didn't have any taste [TS]

  yeah that's a single sentence sums up [TS]

  everything that's wrong with that movie [TS]

  now I don't wanna arm [TS]

  I don't not to terrify people but I [TS]

  believe in this episode last year was [TS]

  when I declared that we were gonna do [TS]

  episode 1 in the coming on your so I'm [TS]

  just going to say it episode 2 it's [TS]

  gonna happen [TS]

  no no the clothes they're taking I know [TS]

  it's gonna happen it's a moral [TS]

  imperative now we gotta keep going we [TS]

  behaviour and though you're interested [TS]

  check that out [TS]

  great do you have any other other things [TS]

  or is that that your why did you think [TS]

  that that was my single favorite moment [TS]

  are and then the obviously the [TS]

  incomparable radio theatre of the air [TS]

  was terrific [TS]

  just because I put hardly any effort [TS]

  into it and got to listen but you didn't [TS]

  do that bad irish accent what do you [TS]

  mean bad i really enjoy that good Irish [TS]

  accent and excellent idea you know for [TS]

  you [TS]

  what's that no don't start don't start [TS]

  please don't start [TS]

  you could summon Glenn by doing that I'd [TS]

  be saying 333 cont appear do you have to [TS]

  say it's 70 times bottom alla ya know [TS]

  just keep going you know what there has [TS]

  not been nearly enough Glen on the [TS]

  podcast this year i agree he did say he [TS]

  really needs to stop he needs to give up [TS]

  on the silly side projects and you have [TS]

  active what's really important starter [TS]

  namely being abused mercilessly for [TS]

  Miami [TS]

  yeah in garrison i mean this this proxy [TS]

  abuse is just not it's not cutting it [TS]

  what's that is buying I agree I agree [TS]

  it's better to beat up on Glenn when [TS]

  he's in anybody's present anything else [TS]

  Greg huh yeah well the I was thinking [TS]

  back to what the podcast introduced me [TS]

  to this year because you guys consume [TS]

  just a colossal amount of media and [TS]

  basically given up trying to keep up the [TS]

  first couple of years you picked all the [TS]

  low-hanging fruit of the classic stuff [TS]

  and there's still plenty of stuff out [TS]

  there but I I'm overwhelmed [TS]

  even just attempting to follow along and [TS]

  so I picked one thing that i started [TS]

  doing this year because of the podcast [TS]

  shut up Steve and Mike Thomas i started [TS]

  reading comic books again and I started [TS]

  with saga and I read lock and key and i [TS]

  just downloaded Hawkeye and I've really [TS]

  really enjoyed it and my credit card [TS]

  bill on comixology Testament is a [TS]

  testament to how badly i missed comics [TS]

  and didn't realize it's been a couple of [TS]

  decades since I collected them and [TS]

  having them available electronically and [TS]

  just being able to see something here [TS]

  about something by it right away and [TS]

  whether on the podcaster not buy it [TS]

  right away and then start reading it has [TS]

  been terrific [TS]

  that's good to hear i'm glad we could do [TS]

  that that's but that's sort of the idea [TS]

  right is to find stuff that we're [TS]

  enthusiastic about him have to have [TS]

  people check it out so that's great [TS]

  and along those lines i also read the [TS]

  book I actually edited the rook podcast [TS]

  before i read it thank you can i still [TS]

  really really enjoyed haha and you guys [TS]

  didn't spoil the most disturbing thing [TS]

  in it [TS]

  yeah yeah I don't remember that for us [TS]

  is good for us [TS]

  so yes yes i did i really enjoyed the [TS]

  podcast every episode going is fun to [TS]

  listen to [TS]

  but the things that I took away have [TS]

  made my life better and that's I can't [TS]

  say that for everything I've consumed [TS]

  this year [TS]

  well thanks caller will take the next [TS]

  step for me to think that it's gonna [TS]

  take my answer off the air [TS]

  alright that's good that's good we [TS]

  started we started this year with [TS]

  episode 122 and here we are I believe [TS]

  176 is what that's going to be [TS]

  ridiculous [TS]

  so it's pretty crazy will you go for if [TS]

  you do want a week for a year it's 52 [TS]

  and we I think we ended up with like 50 [TS]

  454 because of flash flash casts and [TS]

  stuff yeah [TS]

  two-thirds of those are dnd and doctor [TS]

  who episodes pretty much yeah [TS]

  yay haha hey great Greg I notice you [TS]

  didn't mention the episode where you [TS]

  drank a beer and then were incredibly [TS]

  tipsy after one beer think that also [TS]

  happened this year [TS]

  yeah yeah that was going I enjoyed that [TS]

  episode quite a bit too i don't think [TS]

  the man's first beer would be a more a [TS]

  landmark moment you would think that [TS]

  would it wasn't my first beer was my [TS]

  first beer that you know this decade 13 [TS]

  in the area huh [TS]

  and he hadn't eaten anything [TS]

  intelligently going to a beer garden [TS]

  while not eating [TS]

  I enjoyed recording it more than I [TS]

  enjoyed listening to it because the way [TS]

  beerworks yeah that could be that could [TS]

  be sure we haven't heard from 23andme [TS]

  since then no it's funny how that is i [TS]

  think they're I think they got some [TS]

  issues of their own now but I just [TS]

  thought that was the best spots to read [TS]

  i think we've ever done [TS]

  you know in a way let's go to Tony [TS]

  sindelar who was on many episodes this [TS]

  year which was very nice to see Tony [TS]

  what do you have what do you have that [TS]

  you like so I made a list [TS]

  I don't know if that's too you know [TS]

  little that's but I approve of [TS]

  preparation okay listen [TS]

  the list is in categories I've got [TS]

  allergies ok that's comics TV our game [TS]

  and incomparable episodes which react to [TS]

  your first Jason I'd like to hear the [TS]

  incomparable episodes first [TS]

  alright let's do that so the dnd [TS]

  episodes were very fun to be on I don't [TS]

  totally understand who is listening to [TS]

  them some of my friends i'm typing [TS]

  listen to the shadows [TS]

  I worry a little bit listen Elliot like [TS]

  friends lately and II with me I feel [TS]

  like they have access to that already [TS]

  and yet you know know they want to but [TS]

  those are lots of fun it's pinna I [TS]

  really appreciate all the work Scott put [TS]

  into running those um I really enjoy the [TS]

  doctor who episodes especially with all [TS]

  the kind of 15th anniversary stuff this [TS]

  year those were episodes I was not on [TS]

  but i enjoyed hearing about them [TS]

  I like Doctor Who but I'm not kind of at [TS]

  the same level you guys are so it's kind [TS]

  of fun to hear that commentary the [TS]

  comics episodes were lots of fun are [TS]

  they you know they were we did saga and [TS]

  hot [TS]

  i wish i had read and then reread [TS]

  several times also we have Merlin on [TS]

  those episodes that looks great [TS]

  I now kinda think he's probably a real [TS]

  person and not some kind of shared nerd [TS]

  hallucination brought on by like the [TS]

  right mix of coffee and after all but [TS]

  you know could be either way [TS]

  Merlin has very nice things to say about [TS]

  you specifically Tony he says you're our [TS]

  secret weapon that's what worries me [TS]

  haha yeah i think what Nerlens say I [TS]

  think Marlon said something like I was [TS]

  the atomistic or of this podcast which [TS]

  is yes the most obscure compliment I've [TS]

  ever received that never explain to [TS]

  anyone else but you have a beard now [TS]

  right [TS]

  I do not have a beard and I never could [TS]

  have an animal appeared it's not within [TS]

  me [TS]

  um and then i'd also say i really [TS]

  enjoyed the the book clubs I the [TS]

  incomparable is really again i'm not on [TS]

  those the couple's really inspired me to [TS]

  read a lot more than I used to [TS]

  um so in the last year i read from the [TS]

  book club the rook dogstar night circus [TS]

  ocean at the end of the lane and I just [TS]

  started human division and i'm usually [TS]

  way behind you guys I I think I listen [TS]

  to like the first 15 minutes of your [TS]

  episode on the brook and you got to the [TS]

  spoiler warning and i left at paused and [TS]

  like bought the book like three months [TS]

  later and then read the book and then [TS]

  went back and listened to the you know [TS]

  last three quarters of it but I [TS]

  particularly really enjoyed them the [TS]

  rook and the night circus where [TS]

  fantastic and I really don't read [TS]

  nonfiction and just trying to keep up [TS]

  with you guys is greatly increasing the [TS]

  amount of fiction i read so do you avoid [TS]

  the episodes until you've read the book [TS]

  yes unless I know I'm never gonna end [TS]

  you know I don't usually bother to [TS]

  listen to the book ones if it's a book [TS]

  i'm not going to read but i usually i [TS]

  might listen the first couple minutes to [TS]

  get a sense of what the books about if i [TS]

  want to read it but then I usually I [TS]

  have a lot of stuff pause that like i'll [TS]

  go back to all I haven't seen the [TS]

  superman movie yet I still have some [TS]

  wear the you know marked as yeah I know [TS]

  but I you know I'm a superhero [TS]

  enthusiasts i'll watch it someday for [TS]

  completeness but but i know what i'm [TS]

  getting at night I finally listened to [TS]

  the remedy episode and I i wish i'd read [TS]

  it but I wish I'd listened to it before [TS]

  i read the book I met like you know [TS]

  Tenderfoot level and comfortable reading [TS]

  I have not [TS]

  work my way up to the 3000 page 1 i'm [TS]

  not reading anything that you could kill [TS]

  somebody with these are you know i'm [TS]

  sticking to you know 45 just not trying [TS]

  hard enough [TS]

  yeah nothin till you see the superman [TS]

  movie yeah haha i'm talking more blunt [TS]

  wait and not content so you know yeah so [TS]

  those were our episodes that stood out [TS]

  in my mind and of course that the radio [TS]

  episode was amazing and fantastic and [TS]

  fun good job and effective thank you and [TS]

  thank you David lawyer who wrote it and [TS]

  then we invited him into write an [TS]

  episode and then he never left and has [TS]

  been on practically every episode so [TS]

  funny how that happened [TS]

  he just won't go things I'm interested [TS]

  in talking and now it's strange [TS]

  yeah I know shocking it's a it's [TS]

  peculiar Tony what things do you like [TS]

  from the other categories that are not [TS]

  yet in life not only like thats related [TS]

  yes no not nothing comparable related [TS]

  you can mention other podcast I didn't [TS]

  put those on my list I'd listened to a [TS]

  lot of podcasts and my various community [TS]

  i'll be here forever [TS]

  yeah we won't do that game i use [TS]

  letterboxed to keep track of all my [TS]

  movies this year and then I went back [TS]

  and looked at it and it's like wow i [TS]

  watch some really bad movies this year [TS]

  um I struggled to find if the movies on [TS]

  their particularly enjoyed and it was a [TS]

  pretty short list of a Pacific Rim and [TS]

  agro dan morgan and i are contractually [TS]

  obligated to watch all the Marvel movies [TS]

  together so we watch all of those but i [TS]

  can't strongly recommend any of them but [TS]

  i'll continue to watch all of them [TS]

  I don't think dan and I knew quite how [TS]

  many there were when we entered into [TS]

  that you know get hacked suicide i [TS]

  access comics we've already mentioned [TS]

  sagadahoc i have also enjoyed the Batman [TS]

  new 52 stuff the court of owls and city [TS]

  of vowels which were they've been out [TS]

  for a while but we're releasing trade in [TS]

  the last year and for TV doctor who also [TS]

  dan referred me to an arrow which is [TS]

  surprisingly good and people are [TS]

  compared a lot to marvel's agents of [TS]

  shield and watching both of those and [TS]

  lastly video games we talked about on [TS]

  the podcast gone home and brothers which [TS]

  are you know they're still great they [TS]

  didn't get bad in between and then you [TS]

  know I I went through and I play a lot [TS]

  of video games but probably the one that [TS]

  i can recommend the most in terms of my [TS]

  enjoyment and hours put into it was a [TS]

  monaco which I was playing on xbox but [TS]

  is also available on steam is a really [TS]

  cool [TS]

  stylized kind of stuffy kind of game so [TS]

  that's my long list [TS]

  well that's great great stuff let's go [TS]

  to Erica you are you've only been on the [TS]

  incomparable recently but i would love [TS]

  to know what your what your thoughts are [TS]

  and things you liked from this year [TS]

  uh yeah I as a newcomer i haven't [TS]

  actually listened to all of the episodes [TS]

  from this year but I did sort of dipwad [TS]

  sampling vodcast get off this is as [TS]

  everyone knows this is the only kind of [TS]

  POD this is the only podcast where you [TS]

  have to listen to every single episode [TS]

  even if you don't care you have all the [TS]

  listeners know it I know it I gotta go [TS]

  because you know you might miss part of [TS]

  the story [TS]

  yes we have a lot of continuity that's [TS]

  ya know the mythos I don't want to miss [TS]

  all the in jokes and yeah the thing [TS]

  oh but I did I damage such a good jokes [TS]

  start planning is breathing heavily on [TS]

  episode 1 and then it goes from there so [TS]

  you just gonna start this game podcast [TS]

  is over i'm still not even steal us a [TS]

  real person usually when i discovered a [TS]

  new podcast i start at the present and [TS]

  then go back up the river song style and [TS]

  just one by one from the beginning to [TS]

  the end [TS]

  it's as if John syracuse just cried out [TS]

  and with silence as far as the [TS]

  incomparable i did go back and listen to [TS]

  the radio theatre of the air episode and [TS]

  that was it was lovely [TS]

  that was fun but how to tuck jump back [TS]

  into Doctor Who again i really liked the [TS]

  flash cast after the Doctor Who [TS]

  anniversary which I was not on and I [TS]

  just it's it's fun to hear people [TS]

  talking about something that I love so [TS]

  much and kind of breaking it down and [TS]

  noticing sometimes things that I didn't [TS]

  see so that was great and i'm totally on [TS]

  board with the dnd listeners I i listen [TS]

  to just just a part for and that was so [TS]

  hilarious [TS]

  it just had me giggling so well done [TS]

  guys and it made me miss miss my my old [TS]

  weekly my old twice weekly D&D group so [TS]

  if i wasn't moving so soon i would [TS]

  probably have jumped back on the [TS]

  bandwagon and started with with you guys [TS]

  to blame [TS]

  Wow see people like dnd mm or no they [TS]

  late listen does like watching people [TS]

  I D&D that I got that it's not like it's [TS]

  a thing that you can do like it your own [TS]

  home play D&D poorly a different group [TS]

  like how you know the match game was not [TS]

  really about the questions and the [TS]

  answers it was about the drunk [TS]

  celebrities bantering I think that's [TS]

  really what we're talking about here [TS]

  with the dnd but but we're not drunk or [TS]

  celebrities and not everybody can play [TS]

  D&D at home I mean not everybody has [TS]

  access to a really awesome group of [TS]

  people you can end up and allows you to [TS]

  eight people and that's not yeah I play [TS]

  a lot of D&D and i do not know any [TS]

  awesome people these two things may be [TS]

  connected tony i have one friend who has [TS]

  tried very very hard to see if he could [TS]

  play dnd by himself by reading the [TS]

  entire rulebook [TS]

  I don't really know where you go from [TS]

  there so it sounds are people like that [TS]

  yeah that sounds sad there are solo [TS]

  adventures [TS]

  it is a little set this thing can curl [TS]

  into a little fetal ball and cry [TS]

  wow ok so what so what else Erica what [TS]

  else to do you like um I quite liked the [TS]

  episode about time travel movies i [TS]

  specifically here description of primary [TS]

  just had me rolling [TS]

  don't you mean primer forgetting that we [TS]

  can get into that insert clip clip here [TS]

  and people arguing about pronunciation [TS]

  yes it's good that was good and then I [TS]

  tried to not put on any episodes on my [TS]

  list cuz i also have a list i also did [TS]

  preparation I tried to not put on any [TS]

  that i was on because I thought that was [TS]

  your mystical but i can't help it [TS]

  because i really really like the matrix [TS]

  episode it was so fun [TS]

  yay and what about what about from like [TS]

  the world what were things that you like [TS]

  to know in the world [TS]

  well actually I I this year was when i [TS]

  started my own podcast so that was kind [TS]

  of exciting [TS]

  ferdi started at the very beginning of [TS]

  the year talking about Doctor Who all [TS]

  year long [TS]

  this is kind of been the most dr. hui [TS]

  year of my entire life because like when [TS]

  I was trying to think of things in media [TS]

  that I enjoyed the first things to jump [TS]

  to my mind we're all like doctor who [TS]

  50th anniversary special and the little [TS]

  preview to the 50th anniversary special [TS]

  the night of the doctor and all of [TS]

  Series seven be i haven't been this [TS]

  excited about Doctor Who [TS]

  since I don't know maybe ever and then [TS]

  of course I got married a doctor [TS]

  convention so you have all comes back [TS]

  around [TS]

  yeah amazing much alright good year it [TS]

  was with great year and then probably [TS]

  opened the other thing that I'm [TS]

  super-excited about right now which goes [TS]

  back to earlier in the year and then it [TS]

  has come back is a thing called [TS]

  awesomely bad movies it's a youtube [TS]

  series that uh it's actually done by a [TS]

  friend of mine named kyle who is a [TS]

  writer for and he talks [TS]

  about movies there's lots of clips and [TS]

  stuff that are that are bad but it's [TS]

  usually like 45 minutes of just him sort [TS]

  of describing it clips and it's just [TS]

  hilarious is a great and very sharp [TS]

  sense of humor i just saw one of those [TS]

  recently that was very funny [TS]

  yeah I love him alright thank you that [TS]

  was great um whoever whoever next [TS]

  Scotland guilty not you [TS]

  how bout me everybody's already said [TS]

  thank you for thank you for picking all [TS]

  the books that that i read this year [TS]

  school [TS]

  well I didn't pick all of the books you [TS]

  did read some books that I do not [TS]

  approve of but we can go okay come on [TS]

  nor them but I read mostly books that [TS]

  that you told me to read large any that [TS]

  is true and I how many books did you [TS]

  read this year Scott I according to [TS]

  goodreads i have read 67 books this year [TS]

  but it lies a fella who have actually 90 [TS]

  apparently is 27,000 462 pages [TS]

  wow do you know up I didn't know could [TS]

  read it and I'm hoping to get to 70 by [TS]

  the end of the year so i need to be [TS]

  three more books that's my goal [TS]

  I think you've got it in you I think I [TS]

  do especially since I have the next two [TS]

  weeks off so that helped [TS]

  so I really enjoyed making a tea i well [TS]

  I could but I'm not that ambitious i [TS]

  enjoyed only podcast that I was on [TS]

  that's okay because that's the way i [TS]

  roll home [TS]

  speaking of rolling the dnd episodes i [TS]

  am see myself [TS]

  yeah i'm from people this is a I a [TS]

  surprise that anyone is interested in [TS]

  them and I mean that with any panelists [TS]

  were interested in playing dnd over the [TS]

  internet and then be surprised that [TS]

  people are listening to him and seemed [TS]

  to like them [TS]

  it's surprising so kudos to everyone who [TS]

  enjoys those and we will eventually play [TS]

  again so don't worry ray [TS]

  yeah and maybe we'll how we might die [TS]

  that time so that's it that's it that's [TS]

  our house [TS]

  I make no promises lives a good number [TS]

  to go out it's it's true i enjoyed the [TS]

  Star Trek the original series episodes [TS]

  oh yeah episodes those were a lot of fun [TS]

  where we discovered a Leonard McCoy is [TS]

  disturbing salad obsession [TS]

  yes and yes he's a salad and freak [TS]

  it's true it's crazy salad and foam [TS]

  blocks it's true they go great together [TS]

  there was a moment in the corbomite [TS]

  maneuver which is the like I said the [TS]

  first episode they shot after the two [TS]

  pilots that a yeoman Rand comes to give [TS]

  him his salad that dr. McCoy is [TS]

  prescribed which is very funny because [TS]

  he shoots of daggers like you know [TS]

  you're telling me that very even fully [TS]

  formed the first episode with mccoy it [TS]

  you know fully formed that relationship [TS]

  and how Kirk is like McCoy you're [TS]

  ruining my life in in the mantrap human [TS]

  r and delivers a salad to Sulu some [TS]

  reason it's what you don't see that was [TS]

  heard her jobs salad delivery dole salad [TS]

  electro boy is its aid McCoy is [TS]

  prescribing salad if McCoy had his way [TS]

  there be no more meat on the ship it [TS]

  would all be salad all the time I always [TS]

  thought they like they shouldn't be [TS]

  eating on the bridge right like it like [TS]

  that can't be good for the controls and [TS]

  yet it yet in Corbin maneuver Rand [TS]

  there's up to be Goddard and thermos of [TS]

  coffee is how confused it seems like [TS]

  they have real salad and yet when they [TS]

  go to eat anything else it's like [TS]

  falling blocks multicolored foam well [TS]

  they have a hydroponics Bay yeah I can [TS]

  grow their own salad [TS]

  sure okay [TS]

  you're not supposed to look very closely [TS]

  at the foam blocks outlet is is I mean [TS]

  again dr. McCoy is looking for the [TS]

  welfare of the crew if they really want [TS]

  meet it will be served in block form [TS]

  better but you can have a fresh salad [TS]

  anytime and i enjoyed as Steve having [TS]

  his perspective and his daughters [TS]

  perspective on watching the the original [TS]

  series so good job Steve yay [TS]

  yes who I enjoyed our the book club so [TS]

  we talked about a the apocalyptic is the [TS]

  road and we learned the difference [TS]

  between how John and lacks will handle [TS]

  their families in an apocalypse which [TS]

  was rather stark they are quite stark [TS]

  neither those guys is going to make it [TS]

  so yeah haha not ever anywhere near legs [TS]

  keep your kids away from wacky it [TS]

  seriously [TS]

  ok that's a good rule in general I don't [TS]

  know I I felt like maybe we the father [TS]

  has not made the right decision that may [TS]

  be the better way to serve this kid and [TS]

  himself mr. motherboard out of their [TS]

  misery [TS]

  I don't have time i offer a Lexus [TS]

  children a Cylon my castle and the [TS]

  apocalypse father apparently is decided [TS]

  you're not worth saving [TS]

  you have your welcome to comment [TS]

  although I mean this is exactly do you [TS]

  know Jason the point along time ago [TS]

  about Robert Kirkman and the walking [TS]

  dead and Lords I have said to each other [TS]

  hang himself yes right Lauren and I said [TS]

  to each other that if there were zombies [TS]

  apocalypse would kill all the children [TS]

  and ourselves like we're not going to [TS]

  have them go through the anything if you [TS]

  know I don't have to be really sure that [TS]

  right thank you [TS]

  I think here's Bobby I'll be right back [TS]

  united game of thrones he's just a man [TS]

  with the limp like horrible i objected [TS]

  to the father teaching his son that I [TS]

  think that's a lot to put on a son that [TS]

  kids at it then you just go through how [TS]

  you're going to kill your kids on the [TS]

  other hand your grandfather kill them [TS]

  but i'm going to teach them the cycle [TS]

  the simultaneously so they want to see [TS]

  their something's going from that they [TS]

  can see the kids i want to say that they [TS]

  can see their siblings I they're only [TS]

  gonna have two seconds to suffer from [TS]

  that but I'm just saying I don't like [TS]

  I'm not teaching my kid to kill [TS]

  themselves lex will be dead by then but [TS]

  you know [TS]

  and he's a dust bunnies often as well if [TS]

  I'm dead you can trust that my children [TS]

  are too haha for their in John's magical [TS]

  castle in England that he's fun to in [TS]

  his transparent Jesse minas tirith you [TS]

  know it's built up against the mountain [TS]

  yeah good [TS]

  Edinburgh Castle that's where you're [TS]

  gonna be you're gonna be at the top of [TS]

  that bro Castle in Scotland up against [TS]

  the mountain [TS]

  perfect that's the way to do it can only [TS]

  be attacked you have a hang glider up [TS]

  there so if they really do surround you [TS]

  can just go see the suckers you go off [TS]

  in your hands I retreat into the [TS]

  glittering caves or whatever that's a [TS]

  home state Lex's in New Jersey would you [TS]

  even know if the apocalypse game I [TS]

  enjoyed that episode also because we [TS]

  have to plug my wife's cookbook and plan [TS]

  so that's always good i'm hoping that [TS]

  she will become rich and famous so i [TS]

  don't have to work anymore [TS]

  why what are those titles and urls now [TS]

  my cut my cupboard [TS]

  Scott is filled with canned goods that [TS]

  we made this summer including some great [TS]

  some pickles and some great jams and [TS]

  jellies entirely from maurices cookbook [TS]

  which is called food and jars available [TS]

  at fine bookstores everywhere or you can [TS]

  go to food in jars calm right for all [TS]

  your food in jars needs and if I promote [TS]

  its not nepotism i have surprise of food [TS]

  in jars needs [TS]

  oh I don't that's the the metal irony is [TS]

  that i don't enjoy pickles or Jackson so [TS]

  entirely surrounded by them her Meyer [TS]

  lemon marmalade is the best i'm gonna [TS]

  put that on my list of things I like and [TS]

  put something on them that's from her [TS]

  book and no one will get back there [TS]

  yes what else what else got i will I [TS]

  also like the superhero draft that was a [TS]

  good 1i like that when do I prove that [TS]

  choice and I assembled and the family [TS]

  after Carol did students that had never [TS]

  been seen before so that was quite [TS]

  exciting for me and then I figured I [TS]

  pick some books that i enjoyed this year [TS]

  because I've run out of podcast that I [TS]

  was on so I really liked ancillary [TS]

  justice by and lucky so we're going to [TS]

  talk about that next year there'll be [TS]

  one of the early book club selection [TS]

  next year we'll need to a combo with [TS]

  that in the lies of locke lamora but for [TS]

  people who are listening [TS]

  I think I think we may read and discuss [TS]

  ancillary justice [TS]

  and yeah so I I got on my kindle I'm [TS]

  it's the next book up for me i'm [TS]

  actually stayed just started well i hope [TS]

  you liked it and if you don't like it [TS]

  you're wrong [TS]

  yeah I also enjoyed a shining girls by [TS]

  lauren Bewkes which i think i just [TS]

  talked about on one of these podcasts [TS]

  about time traveling serial killer [TS]

  it's good fun for the family and the [TS]

  glamorous history series which is three [TS]

  books currently shades of milk and honey [TS]

  glamour and glass without a summer by [TS]

  mary robinette kowal well which is [TS]

  basically Jane Austen with magic [TS]

  so if you like either Jane Austen or [TS]

  magic or if in the Zen diagram of magic [TS]

  and jane austen you are in the middle [TS]

  pickup the glamorous histories Scott [TS]

  what is n diagram is that like a really [TS]

  should try harder ecards my gram that's [TS]

  it that's that one with itself mystery [TS]

  they completely overlapping it's okay i [TS]

  should pick those up and read them I [TS]

  actually have met her several times [TS]

  she's super nice i read the first one [TS]

  and i liked it [TS]

  I that was good the second and third one [TS]

  is quite different than the first one [TS]

  but they're good that's great so thank [TS]

  episodes you were on and books that you [TS]

  read those are the only things I like in [TS]

  life I would expect nothing less from [TS]

  scott McNulty who what about pickles [TS]

  I don't like he doesn't like pickles no [TS]

  sorry it's not all the problems children [TS]

  go to pickle this it's that it's not on [TS]

  the list I i have access to a lot of [TS]

  pickles if you know to me I don't know [TS]

  what you mean [TS]

  hahaha god I'm very got a lot of solo [TS]

  adventure master of his own dungeon John [TS]

  Syracuse to tell us what you want what [TS]

  you like this year I don't like this [TS]

  guilt tripping about only picking [TS]

  episodes that you're in because I i [TS]

  justified by saying that I i like [TS]

  talking about things more than I like [TS]

  hearing other people talk about them [TS]

  becoming other people talk about them i [TS]

  want to join in the conversation all [TS]

  perspectives are welcome here why aren't [TS]

  on the spot here at the end of the year [TS]

  beginning of the end when other people [TS]

  talk about things they pronounce things [TS]

  wrong so he's really out of it [TS]

  and there's that but actually i'll start [TS]

  with two episodes that I was not on for [TS]

  my blue top episodes and that was very [TS]

  generous of you [TS]

  yep 126 a dark dark Narnia and 154 [TS]

  seahorse online one because as has been [TS]

  mentioned by others are ready they got [TS]

  me to read comic books which i'm not [TS]

  into comic books i still don't really [TS]

  like them but I having them on [TS]

  comixology and just be able to tap [TS]

  buttons on my iPad got me to read all of [TS]

  locking key which i erroneously thought [TS]

  had been completed the series has been [TS]

  completed when I heard that episode and [TS]

  i was saddened that was so close [TS]

  it wasn't one so close i had to buy [TS]

  individual issues for the last denounced [TS]

  them [TS]

  yeah i was no stopping that just that [TS]

  just wrapped up what a couple days ago [TS]

  yeah well as as people here this podcast [TS]

  a couple weeks ago but yeah it's in [TS]

  mid-december is one wrapped up yeah so [TS]

  so that was gonna buy candy after I read [TS]

  like even just after i read volumes 1 & [TS]

  ah i wanted to be on a episode of the [TS]

  incomparable to talk about lucky for me [TS]

  the episode me and I talked about so [TS]

  this is the tenth normal sorry episode [TS]

  back and just talk over its weekend with [TS]

  commentary the commentary addition we're [TS]

  where we just we doing a re-run episode [TS]

  with John's comments inserted you can [TS]

  let us know where we were all wrong and [TS]

  we won't be able to say anything with [TS]

  some kind of doctor who thing where the [TS]

  second time we do the episode me on it [TS]

  because i had read in the future and [TS]

  then came and it won't work [TS]

  alright and same thing with saga which [TS]

  is is ongoing and I'm trying to hold off [TS]

  on that one and wait for the what do you [TS]

  call them when they're in comiXology [TS]

  they're not trade paperbacks because [TS]

  there's no paper and while they called [TS]

  digital trades i think our collections [TS]

  but yeah [TS]

  yes I'm trying to waste of collections [TS]

  and those that and i also got Hawkeye [TS]

  and started reading that and i do not [TS]

  like it as much as you guys did mostly [TS]

  because I probably don't have the vast [TS]

  background comics that is required [TS]

  despite having listened to all you guys [TS]

  talk about Hawkeye and everything but [TS]

  anyway the comic-book episodes did get [TS]

  me to read one whole comic book series [TS]

  to completion and one that I'm keeping [TS]

  up with and that's more than i've ever [TS]

  done before so that was that was [TS]

  something new and interesting this year [TS]

  well somewhere out there Merlin man's [TS]

  heart just you know what he sent me some [TS]

  comics to try to get me into them be [TS]

  something like some old x-men comics and [TS]

  they were not to my life [TS]

  and I still I still don't like comics as [TS]

  a medium it's not my thing because when [TS]

  i read lock and key [TS]

  I wanted to read that Stephen King book [TS]

  instead of reading the comic version of [TS]

  it because is you know I it is so a [TS]

  Stephen King novel in graphic form it is [TS]

  hot and I like Stephen King novels which [TS]

  is why I really like lucky i think it's [TS]

  often of the 1.8 comic series i have [TS]

  read latkes my favorites there you go [TS]

  right on other episodes i liked in 1314 [TS]

  circuses and I want to one because i [TS]

  like making you guys watch anime and I [TS]

  have to do more of that future let's do [TS]

  that let's do one of those at least and [TS]

  in 2014 yeah and I've been like I've I'm [TS]

  the one holding us up because i keep [TS]

  trying waffling about what it is that I [TS]

  want to make you guys watch next time [TS]

  and who has who has a tolerance for what [TS]

  kind of what can I make you watch that [TS]

  you willingly yeah and also 144 hanging [TS]

  with the totes again anime angle where [TS]

  we got to do some more miyazaki stuff [TS]

  that was fun and very different from the [TS]

  other anime episode 136 and 137 the [TS]

  episode 1 episodes the readers write the [TS]

  only word i have this in my notes here [TS]

  is painful yes it was painful is painful [TS]

  to watch him the first time it was [TS]

  painful to talk about them again and not [TS]

  in a cathartic kind of getting up the [TS]

  poison way more like in a putting more [TS]

  poison into your body weight that you [TS]

  had expelled it and now we're starting [TS]

  it and mostly because i had to watch the [TS]

  movie again you know and now I'm gonna [TS]

  have to do that for episode 2 as well [TS]

  and this this i'm suffering from my Ark [TS]

  I'm doing this for you people out there [TS]

  but and 143 redeemed it at the best Star [TS]

  Wars movie in years when we talk about [TS]

  the new star trek movie it was a nice [TS]

  surprise for in the summer movies and a [TS]

  kind of helped offset the disappointment [TS]

  Superman which was the movie that I [TS]

  anticipated most going into the summer [TS]

  and that podcast I didn't list because [TS]

  it was also a painful experience of [TS]

  disappointment but i really like the [TS]

  second star trek 145 he lives by stupid [TS]

  code where we talk about the thrones our [TS]

  traditional episode where we are already [TS]

  WBC and I like that one [TS]

  I did like Game of Thrones this year i [TS]

  continue to like that show doesn't [TS]

  disappoint me but I'm also like it [TS]

  because that's the time we get to [TS]

  all be together in the same in the same [TS]

  room all hot wrong yes and and it is [TS]

  like I don't know if it makes the show [TS]

  better but it makes it it makes it feel [TS]

  more natural to be able to see [TS]

  everyone's faces and everything to know [TS]

  when people are going to interrupt [TS]

  yeah there is that yes like that happens [TS]

  165 grieving for my left thumb we don't [TS]

  do a lot of gaming episodes but this is [TS]

  one where we got everyone together and [TS]

  play just to you know random good games [TS]

  and I like that one I thought we had [TS]

  some good discussion there [TS]

  yeah we gotta do that more although I [TS]

  they're also need to be more of those [TS]

  games that are kind of that yeah kinda [TS]

  and like and this episode the fact that [TS]

  it existed [TS]

  like I probably gone home was on my list [TS]

  in fact i think i bought it as soon as [TS]

  it came out but number of things i buy [TS]

  and steam and have not yet played is [TS]

  very long but this podcast made me play [TS]

  gone home sooner than I probably would [TS]

  have produced so they're gonna have a [TS]

  podcast about that i have to actually [TS]

  play it if not for this podcast gone [TS]

  home would probably still be unplayed [TS]

  and that's got home was one list of one [TS]

  of the best games i've played this year [TS]

  the most interesting anyway 134 [TS]

  obligatory cannibalism that with the the [TS]

  dog stars which is not a book that i [TS]

  particularly enjoyed but it's one of the [TS]

  few books that I actually read this year [TS]

  and again I would not have read it if [TS]

  not for the podcast and i think i read [TS]

  it mostly because it's an [TS]

  end-of-the-world scenario which everyone [TS]

  knows that I love so you can even though [TS]

  the the the book kind of disappointed me [TS]

  a little bit [TS]

  hey you got me to read a book you got me [TS]

  to reduce some comic books and other [TS]

  book as well and i think that's it for [TS]

  the episodes and your media things this [TS]

  year I had trouble remembering and [TS]

  remembering you know what happened in [TS]

  the counter your period but I trouble [TS]

  thinking of anything good or new and [TS]

  interesting media that actually came [TS]

  this year the only ones that came up [TS]

  with him surprised no one has mentioned [TS]

  this yet is orphan black was my best new [TS]

  TV show I are such a pleasant surprise [TS]

  upset you know I did not decide heard [TS]

  about our from black it's advertised [TS]

  like crazy on all the other shows that i [TS]

  was watching Mike and it's not a big [TS]

  deal but then everyone started raving [TS]

  about it I'm like okay I gotta watch [TS]

  this and it didn't disappoint it was not [TS]

  as heavy and serious as most of the [TS]

  shows that I like which may sound [TS]

  strange if you watch the show but it's [TS]

  not like not like Game of Thrones or [TS]

  boardwalk empire which are very you know [TS]

  very serious is more kind of light and [TS]

  fluffy and cloning [TS]

  and uh and and I really enjoyed it last [TS]

  year it was I think it was last year was [TS]

  hbo's girls was my show and this year it [TS]

  was one woman playing many women so that [TS]

  isn't that slot in my entertainment and [TS]

  the other the only other thing i can [TS]

  think of this year that really has made [TS]

  an impact on me is a game i have still [TS]

  not yet completed but I feel safe in [TS]

  putting this list is the last of us [TS]

  which is a game that includes many of [TS]

  the things infuriate me about modern [TS]

  high-budget games but all the things [TS]

  that it does well more than make up for [TS]

  all the other stuff just the the setting [TS]

  an atmosphere is great that the voice [TS]

  acting and writing is not embarrassing [TS]

  which sounds like I'm I'm damning with [TS]

  faint praise but like not embarrassing [TS]

  should be a stamp they can put on the [TS]

  one on the back of a box of the video [TS]

  game points acting not embarrass thing [TS]

  like wow this but it really made it and [TS]

  reunions [TS]

  yeah and the and the graphics and sound [TS]

  and stuff are pretty amazing for like [TS]

  the last gasp of the previous generation [TS]

  of game consoles is like the last great [TS]

  PlayStation 3 game so I'm still playing [TS]

  it so no spoilers please but I feel safe [TS]

  and putting that up as at the top of the [TS]

  new games that I played in 2013 Steve [TS]

  you like that one too right yeah i was [TS]

  gonna talk about that when my time comes [TS]

  so but i'll be happy to talk about it [TS]

  now I it's your time Steve what what my [TS]

  time some ways my time [TS]

  alright let's start with the last of us [TS]

  that which I was going to talk about as [TS]

  well it's probably the best game i [TS]

  played this year i basically if you read [TS]

  Cormac McCarthy's the road and thought [TS]

  to yourself wow that sounds fun how do I [TS]

  get in on this action is the game for [TS]

  you please call this number [TS]

  do not I yes John mentioned the graphics [TS]

  and sound magnificent voice acting is [TS]

  terrific [TS]

  the game is dripping with atmosphere [TS]

  it's got all these fantastic set pieces [TS]

  that you have to travel through on this [TS]

  epic journey across the united states [TS]

  and post-apocalyptic world the action [TS]

  sequences I think their tents but [TS]

  they're still fair and they're still fun [TS]

  to play the story i think is is gripping [TS]

  although somewhat painful to live [TS]

  through its it's not a game for for [TS]

  people who want uplift it's sickly but [TS]

  it really is it is a masterpiece and I [TS]

  was all set to call it too [TS]

  one of my top five favorite games of all [TS]

  time right up until John cover your ears [TS]

  the end game which I kind of hated but [TS]

  right up until that moment I was loving [TS]

  it and I really did enjoy the overall [TS]

  experience [TS]

  up until the end and I had a great time [TS]

  with that so last of us probably one of [TS]

  the one of the better games I've ever [TS]

  played [TS]

  now Steve before you go on I want to [TS]

  read a letter from listener Hugh who [TS]

  wrote all this interview I just caught [TS]

  up with a comfortable number 172 as [TS]

  somebody with no psychological expertise [TS]

  whatsoever i interpret steve lets his [TS]

  repeated mentions of his appearance in [TS]

  skinflint colon as symptoms were [TS]

  desperately unhappy individual trying to [TS]

  convince himself and everyone around him [TS]

  that his life has been without meaning [TS]

  or value you should put him on suicide [TS]

  watch immediately or at least a range [TS]

  emergency standby guest for the next few [TS]

  shows so listen Hugh is concerned about [TS]

  you [TS]

  oh I appreciate that listener you but [TS]

  you did leave the colon office skinflint [TS]

  so what you've said is pretty much [TS]

  invalid [TS]

  yeah i think i pointed out pretty [TS]

  clearly that the colon is an essential [TS]

  part of that that here he did mention [TS]

  his credentials as not having any [TS]

  training so well now I couldn't tell you [TS]

  know Samuel jet he's concerned about you [TS]

  that's all right i'll take a listen to [TS]

  you listen to i'm doing alright just [TS]

  want to let you write other things from [TS]

  life since we're in that category uh I [TS]

  it's kind of a weird year for me for [TS]

  books because i went from traveling a [TS]

  couple of days a week for work to barely [TS]

  traveling at all this year and all those [TS]

  dinners out is when i actually got some [TS]

  reading done so i went from reading [TS]

  almost nothing in little fits and starts [TS]

  to literally reading absolutely nothing [TS]

  this year except for the books that i [TS]

  read my kids at night before bed and one [TS]

  of those books that my son had been [TS]

  reading is something by tom angle burger [TS]

  called The Strange Case of origami yoda [TS]

  it's a whole series of books i think [TS]

  that a new one came out this year and it [TS]

  might be yet another new one that's just [TS]

  out there's dark paper strikes back the [TS]

  secret of the fortune Wookiee surprise [TS]

  attack of [TS]

  job at the puppet and a few others but [TS]

  it's a really cool little series of [TS]

  books for kids it's a it's written from [TS]

  the perspective of the geeky kids in a [TS]

  sixth-grade class most notably a kid [TS]

  named Dwight who's that one kid that's [TS]

  so weird that even the geeks make fun of [TS]

  him he's the kid who eats paste and gets [TS]

  in trouble for singing to himself in the [TS]

  library but basically the story is that [TS]

  the the kids are having a discussion [TS]

  about a problem that one of them is [TS]

  having and this kid white happens to [TS]

  have an origami yoda finger puppet and [TS]

  this finger puppet in Yoda voice [TS]

  provides the solution to the problem and [TS]

  then throughout the rest of the year [TS]

  other kids are going to red rum I think [TS]

  kids are coming to its it's not unlike [TS]

  that really other kids come to him with [TS]

  their problems and and he he solves all [TS]

  of them and they there that basically [TS]

  the book is this case file about them [TS]

  trying to determine whether there's real [TS]

  that whether the force really runs [TS]

  through this origami finger puppet or [TS]

  not I congratulate stricken medical [TS]

  Orion levels [TS]

  you would think yeah but the books got [TS]

  lots of good star wars references the [TS]

  kids actually go to McCrory middle [TS]

  school and there's a also of course the [TS]

  origami element they actually have [TS]

  instructions for how to fold origami [TS]

  yoda from the weird kids who eat paste [TS]

  that read the book exactly right [TS]

  yeah real Dungeon Master kind of a kind [TS]

  of material solo adventure types really [TS]

  attention Scott McNulty you have just [TS]

  been dissed [TS]

  bycatch get dressed like a bug [TS]

  anyways it's a really cute story but [TS]

  what I really like about it this sub [TS]

  story about this kid white who is you [TS]

  know clearly just incredibly socially [TS]

  awkward utterly incapable of of making [TS]

  friends normally and and really subtly [TS]

  through this story sort of you get this [TS]

  picture of him as you know being is [TS]

  really smart kid that just can't can't [TS]

  interact normally with the other kids in [TS]

  his way of kind of getting out of his [TS]

  bubble is by using this finger puppet [TS]

  and solving problems and obviously you [TS]

  know he's really observant of other [TS]

  people's problems and he's capable of [TS]

  figuring out you know how these guys [TS]

  should go about fixing their little life [TS]

  issues and as the books go on they kind [TS]

  of realized that you know even though [TS]

  this guy is really kind of weird and [TS]

  sort of creepy on the surface you know [TS]

  he's got a lot of really good qualities [TS]

  and actually the second book kid who's [TS]

  sort of jealous of him for all the [TS]

  attention he gets for origami yoda get [TS]

  him suspended and the kids all kind of [TS]

  band together to try to try to get him [TS]

  back into the school because they [TS]

  realized that your life is just greatly [TS]

  improved by having this kind of wack job [TS]

  proud [TS]

  so yeah I really like that element to it [TS]

  it's not it's really subtle it's not [TS]

  really heavy-handed about the whole [TS]

  thing it's not like a message book but [TS]

  any book that suggests that you should [TS]

  appreciate the weird kid is alright by [TS]

  me [TS]

  so you really like those strange case of [TS]

  origami yoda books all right [TS]

  oh one more life thing just wanted to [TS]

  mention this is more of a new thing [TS]

  me being an old thing just a couple [TS]

  months ago I i finally got around to [TS]

  experiencing a Kenyan company which is [TS]

  don coscarelli second film he said he's [TS]

  the guy behind phantasm the beastmaster [TS]

  bubba hotep it's a movie that was [TS]

  released in 1976 and it is aggressively [TS]

  1976 basically it's just about a group [TS]

  of of seventies kids in a couple of days [TS]

  leading up to halloween and the reason I [TS]

  like it is because the experience of [TS]

  growing up in the seventies and eighties [TS]

  is now utterly lost to anybody who is [TS]

  not [TS]

  been there has been swallowed up by the [TS]

  internet and video games and [TS]

  overprotective parents who think their [TS]

  kid needs a Taser just to walk to school [TS]

  and Kenyan company i think it's it's [TS]

  like a time capsule I think it gets [TS]

  exactly right what it was like to be a [TS]

  kid growing up in the seventies the late [TS]

  seventies in the early eighties with the [TS]

  you know the slang and the brown [TS]

  corduroy sears tough skins and the [TS]

  courting death on tiny plastic [TS]

  skateboard with no grip tape and it's [TS]

  it's really a bit amused me from that [TS]

  perspective it's an amusing film in [TS]

  itself you know I wouldn't call it a [TS]

  great film but just the fact that it [TS]

  brought me back to a period of time that [TS]

  I think is now lost for the ages [TS]

  I do I thought it was worth mentioning [TS]

  and I really enjoyed it from that [TS]

  perspective that's cool [TS]

  eet is about the closest thing I can [TS]

  think of a movie I i saw that was like [TS]

  yeah that's kind of like the kids on the [TS]

  bikes and stuff it's like an absolutely [TS]

  yes yeah i mean its trade was like you [TS]

  forget what it's like without kids [TS]

  walking around with their smart phones [TS]

  and the internet for me it was it was [TS]

  goonies well there you go that's a good [TS]

  one [TS]

  although my early life had a lot less of [TS]

  a one-eyed Willy well I had one I'd [TS]

  really put not so much for your generous [TS]

  ya know like them are more solo [TS]

  adventures again someone give what's the [TS]

  book but yeah this I mean this is that [TS]

  all it is really is just some kids doing [TS]

  what they did in the seventies you know [TS]

  instead of playing video games which [TS]

  even I mean those were really even [TS]

  prevalent by 1976 [TS]

  so what they did was they went the [TS]

  garage and they made space ships out of [TS]

  scraps of wood [TS]

  yep yep went out in the field and dug [TS]

  holes basting views that before your [TS]

  time [TS]

  uh yeah yeah that like like Fast Times [TS]

  at Ridgemont High right it's just like [TS]

  not it's like that's more [TS]

  yes I ladies were supposed to be a tease [TS]

  but yeah but it's like high school kids [TS]

  in the area is exactly i was you know [TS]

  yeah well that's what that's what we [TS]

  helped high school would be like yeah [TS]

  yeah yeah sure Sean Penn is still around [TS]

  uh ok under the incomparable on top of [TS]

  the podcast yes I've got some favorite [TS]

  episodes in some favorite moments [TS]

  uh overall episodes I i wanted to [TS]

  mention number 150 which is the feedback [TS]

  episode as I've mentioned before the [TS]

  episode where just utter insanity [TS]

  prevails are my favorites and that one [TS]

  is particularly hilariously unhinged [TS]

  it's just pot shots on on each other and [TS]

  our listeners and have a great title [TS]

  from straight from our own favorite [TS]

  misanthrope Scott McNulty and what is [TS]

  that I look forward to ignoring your [TS]

  criticism that one that's it yes [TS]

  yeah it's that Scott is pretty [TS]

  particularly fine for us episode because [TS]

  he just doesn't care [TS]

  I don't treat me like the shows that go [TS]

  off a format exactly and that's that one [TS]

  goes about as far off format as you can [TS]

  get and in particular the 23andme live [TS]

  sponsor read there is actually the best [TS]

  part of that it actually makes me cried [TS]

  out for that was it [TS]

  that's where we all espouse the joys of [TS]

  spitting in a 2-2 they got more reads [TS]

  like that they wouldn't have gotten into [TS]

  trouble [TS]

  that's yeah we should send that to the [TS]

  FDA by way of evidence that they should [TS]

  continue you know I also really enjoyed [TS]

  number 167 space wizard musical AKA old [TS]

  movie club to particularly the end where [TS]

  everybody is just totally giddy after [TS]

  ripping the greatest show on earth a new [TS]

  one is just pure catharsis and it's it's [TS]

  it's just I always love it when [TS]

  everybody's just just completely lost [TS]

  sight of the fact that we're actually on [TS]

  a on a podcast except that except for me [TS]

  and I'm usually laying down and crying [TS]

  quietly I see myself that way today but [TS]

  we'll get to that [TS]

  oh yeah okay and it was great to finally [TS]

  see singing in the rain and high noon [TS]

  and actually even greatest show on earth [TS]

  which believe it or not it I feel like I [TS]

  do need to go watch again just because [TS]

  it's something is wrong with you or or [TS]

  don't you know we're going to the [TS]

  rifftrax of it that science has not yet [TS]

  figured out what is wrong with Steve lot [TS]

  sorry you know and I really made me feel [TS]

  good about that too we could analyze [TS]

  that's how I was made seems like a [TS]

  reasonable way to go about figuring me [TS]

  out [TS]

  uh that wasn't spit Steve oh really and [TS]

  that wasn't too bad was it [TS]

  otherwise you got you got down [TS]

  teleflora's public in the late seventies [TS]

  early is that was one of the things [TS]

  about being a kid in the in the [TS]

  seventies which add some that's what [TS]

  they told us that's right after all we [TS]

  were all spit in tombs and other words [TS]

  this is before sec said you know I also [TS]

  really enjoyed this is already been [TS]

  mentioned but i really enjoyed the Star [TS]

  Trek the original series episodes we did [TS]

  I think there's something very [TS]

  entertaining about hearing a group guys [TS]

  who eat sleep and breathe that [TS]

  particular subject and and and view it [TS]

  with just pure love and joy as as you [TS]

  Scott and and Tony do towards star trek [TS]

  I know just just ruminating and and you [TS]

  know clearly there was some tough love [TS]

  there but you know yeah that's that I [TS]

  think it was enjoyable is is being able [TS]

  to pick out the the awful in something [TS]

  and and still you know really appreciate [TS]

  it for for the good things and so I [TS]

  thought that was really enjoyable [TS]

  especially somebody would only just [TS]

  recently gone through the series it's a [TS]

  it's kinda was kind of fun to be able to [TS]

  compare the the views of eight somebody [TS]

  new to a lot of those yes episodes and [TS]

  you'll never look at salad again the [TS]

  same what's true [TS]

  ah although we never did quite get [TS]

  through the last few episodes of season [TS]

  3-5 yeah well the empath broke our [TS]

  spirit known as it was that sounds [TS]

  sounds right [TS]

  I told him and actually the same reason [TS]

  I really enjoyed the episode we did on [TS]

  my neighbor totoro in this case it was [TS]

  Jason John and Maryland getting to [TS]

  enthuse also i think just Merlin's a lot [TS]

  of fun on this podcast like pretty much [TS]

  everyone else he's much better guess [TS]

  than me but I feel like he's on a [TS]

  similar weird wavelength so I feel like [TS]

  we made a connection there Merlin yeah [TS]

  two girls and their father move into a [TS]

  crappy old house by a big tree some [TS]

  black Koosh balls run away from them but [TS]

  they meet a giant retarded bipedal slug [TS]

  oh they frolic and stuff [TS]

  dad's bus is late the slot steals their [TS]

  umbrella and a frog burps [TS]

  but later their mom maybe has a cold so [TS]

  they take a cat bus which is pretty much [TS]

  what it sounds like and find out that [TS]

  yep it's a cold they leave their mom [TS]

  some corn but my people call it maize [TS]

  yes me I'm glue anyway moments of my [TS]

  favorite moments I don't know why is [TS]

  that the amount of the amount of prep [TS]

  you did I always haha oh sh-t [TS]

  no I just mean not only did you pick [TS]

  things but you have like categories and [TS]

  subcategories i have a list but I [TS]

  thought that was good [TS]

  I I feel ashamed yes yes I always [TS]

  actually do quite a bit of preparation [TS]

  the sad thing is no one can tell no [TS]

  exceptionally well we will lift listener [TS]

  Mike did send us a note it and I'm going [TS]

  listener might even though you don't I [TS]

  confession about money vault episode and [TS]

  I'm not gonna yank mr. Mike but I'm just [TS]

  gonna say the last uh the last word of [TS]

  his review which brings us back to our [TS]

  first clip episode will show his review [TS]

  ends i actually am wondering that if [TS]

  this was all a gag because his clip or [TS]

  his his review and specifically with the [TS]

  word hug and is referring I think mostly [TS]

  to your participation and episode Steve [TS]

  so sorry say thanks mr. Mike right again [TS]

  we're not listen Mike sorry i'm sorry to [TS]

  lose you as I'm like if I really want [TS]

  people to like me better I would suck a [TS]

  lot less fair enough fair enough [TS]

  shut up Greg not one damn thing but ok [TS]

  so favorite moments I i had to highlight [TS]

  this i think this is joke of the year [TS]

  from the superhero draft i have to give [TS]

  kudos to Dan morons fish fight pun from [TS]

  that episode which went mostly [TS]

  unheralded at the time but was frankly [TS]

  magnificent so well done [TS]

  dan thanks IRA child god I wish I [TS]

  remember this better have a feeling that [TS]

  clip might be played about with all yeah [TS]

  pressure knowing let's listen in [TS]

  I'm just [TS]

  I'm just [TS]

  and in a in a fistfight i would go with [TS]

  the thing over Aquaman what about a fish [TS]

  fight [TS]

  oh ok and that was pretty good [TS]

  this is your highlight huh [TS]

  ok hey i can retire happy now which I [TS]

  only noticed later and it was yeah [TS]

  that's my highlight explains so much [TS]

  the main plays D&D over the internet i [TS]

  also enjoyed the part of the comic-con [TS]

  episode where listener bodice beer [TS]

  oh man attorney Jake bell is about a [TS]

  young attorney general that there's [TS]

  about five minute period in the comic [TS]

  con episode where Jake bell arrives by [TS]

  this beer a lady asks as a person [TS]

  interrupting lady was probably my [TS]

  highlight the random lady decided it [TS]

  would be a good idea to interrupt the [TS]

  guys talking animatedly into microphone [TS]

  and ask them to take a picture of her [TS]

  stupid family which we did which we did [TS]

  Greg happily flyer not unkind people [TS]

  know its true you just call their [TS]

  families dispenser vol man that that [TS]

  that is it was a pretty stupid family [TS]

  for another two when was the last time [TS]

  you went to comic-con I was there for [TS]

  years ago and it was a hello [TS]

  take a picture sure absolutely critical [TS]

  theory freightliner great teacher and I [TS]

  think people and this is the best [TS]

  podcast never this this works well this [TS]

  is good radio right here it lightly [TS]

  accumulation just last four years at so [TS]

  repeat what you just said slowly [TS]

  hey hello there were women because [TS]

  recording I want to jump in the middle [TS]

  we are already going to jump on it but [TS]

  yeah sure MJ belt [TS]

  hey attorney Jake that's right Jason [TS]

  below UCSD alumni yeah man yes migrants [TS]

  Israel ugh years so Wow because enjoying [TS]

  her [TS]

  stone brewery it's it's it's fantastic [TS]

  little too much so far [TS]

  Craig is a lightweight we are on the [TS]

  business he's had a dungeon right and [TS]

  now he's about three or four now he is [TS]

  Belgian i also like to cleanse descent [TS]

  into what's that insanity in the [TS]

  outtakes from the radios and that's [TS]

  something i forgot to mention about [TS]

  things like I had the radio episode list [TS]

  as well because I think we all think it [TS]

  was great but like the being being [TS]

  present if you can call it that for the [TS]

  recording for one of the one of the [TS]

  longer many recording sessions was I [TS]

  think probably the most fun I had an [TS]

  episode and none of it even air because [TS]

  half of it was just us typing into the [TS]

  skype chat window while we were you [TS]

  trying to people with their lives [TS]

  got it it's a shame you can't release [TS]

  the outtakes synchronized with the skype [TS]

  chatting because that wasn't good huh [TS]

  yeah the skypes transcript and could get [TS]

  us convicted of crime but they were [TS]

  great [TS]

  there's no doubt that's beautiful [TS]

  what's that behind you [TS]

  instead sorry instead of what's that [TS]

  more of a like what's that what's going [TS]

  on [TS]

  I'll do my learning and i hope so [TS]

  I that's beautiful [TS]

  what's that emphasis on whatnot emphasis [TS]

  on that what's we would say the same for [TS]

  me so instead of what's that do [TS]

  what's that what you told what's that [TS]

  like that like part what's met what's [TS]

  that attached [TS]

  ok what's that [TS]

  what's that what's that what's that [TS]

  what's that this [TS]

  what's that ok what's that what's that [TS]

  what's that what's what's what's that [TS]

  but what is that what's that what's that [TS]

  what's that what's that what's that [TS]

  what's what's that what's that [TS]

  ok ok what's that what's that [TS]

  and one more time almost in passing just [TS]

  kind of like what's that what's that [TS]

  perfect that's that's the one I want [TS]

  alright yeah this feels like cheating [TS]

  because it was so recent but i loved the [TS]

  entirety of the holiday music after dark [TS]

  oh yeah but especially the part where [TS]

  Lisa calls santa baby the human [TS]

  centipede of Christmas carols Jason can [TS]

  be heard actually falling over and [TS]

  rolling on the floor in the back and [TS]

  moaning quietly to myself oh yes it's [TS]

  just all that's what they can be heard [TS]

  yeah and his miles from the mic so you [TS]

  know he's fallen and can't get my spirit [TS]

  was broken there's no doubt about it was [TS]

  wonderful i'm not the 1w introduce the [TS]

  human centipede into this podcast but I [TS]

  feel like it's kind of the human [TS]

  centipede of Christmas carols the [TS]

  a-lister mr. Luke Road in and one of his [TS]

  highlights was the human centipede after [TS]

  dark [TS]

  he said literally the best 20 minutes of [TS]

  podcast outtakes I have ever heard [TS]

  does that make me a bad person yes yes [TS]

  it does is use your person who listens [TS]

  to a lot of podcast outtakes [TS]

  yes to just judge which is the best ones [TS]

  it's true [TS]

  now look chances all right yeah you are [TS]

  right Luke Johnson oh and i also want to [TS]

  mention that that episode in particular [TS]

  is a testament to jason's editing bro [TS]

  guess which I don't think it's enough [TS]

  kudos I pulling holding feliz navidad to [TS]

  open the episode and then inserting the [TS]

  false ending for people who can't deal [TS]

  with negativity so except strokes of [TS]

  genius I thought thank you that was that [TS]

  was we recorded that literally the night [TS]

  before we were gonna release it and I [TS]

  was hoping for a very easy at it and [TS]

  instead it was outside of like the radio [TS]

  episodes the hardest edit the [TS]

  interactive here all right [TS]

  it happened and no just one more thing [TS]

  Steve that's all we have time for sorry [TS]

  remember way back in the early part of [TS]

  2013 right around the time when we were [TS]

  being called all dead inside because we [TS]

  don't enjoy dumb candy puns in our video [TS]

  game movies [TS]

  yes I do i do remember that i don't know [TS]

  if you recall this particular thing [TS]

  Jason but we did an episode and awful [TS]

  lot like this one [TS]

  yes but january first of 2013 [TS]

  that's right you do remember it's it was [TS]

  a year in review episode 4 2012 is [TS]

  similar to this episode yeah similar [TS]

  yeah very similar and it was pretty good [TS]

  i mean we said some things we had some [TS]

  lights and clips play some clips [TS]

  yeah but one of those clips stands above [TS]

  all the rest is does really and that is [TS]

  why as one of my favorite podcast [TS]

  moments from 2013 i hereby pick the clip [TS]

  in which I picked the clip in which i [TS]

  picked Skeletor in our 2011 TV fantasy [TS]

  draft we have a clip we do let's go to [TS]

  the clip so as far as favorite moments [TS]

  from various episodes first of all we're [TS]

  gonna do clips in this sure so sure John [TS]

  circumstances it's great when you drop [TS]

  clips yeah so then I'm going to pick the [TS]

  part in the 2011 clip show episode like [TS]

  the Skeletor clip at my goal my goal is [TS]

  to create a recursive singularity loop [TS]

  and eventually takes over the entire [TS]

  annual clip show podcast if we survived [TS]

  and watching too much Star Trek series [TS]

  on temporal cornfield Steve I loved I [TS]

  loved it when we remembered how funny [TS]

  Skeletor was from last year in this [TS]

  year's clip show that looked back on [TS]

  last year so listen Laurie liked the [TS]

  cancelled TV show draft but she says the [TS]

  TV character draft made her laugh from [TS]

  beginning to end so i guess my favorite [TS]

  moment steve was the drafting of [TS]

  Skeletor [TS]

  yes mr. Janus said I laughed so much of [TS]

  the character draft that my sister [TS]

  thought i was nuts [TS]

  well there's a good chance you're [TS]

  welcome mr. Chad wrote in simply saying [TS]

  Skeletor how does needs to be sick [TS]

  well i'm gonna go with one that's a [TS]

  that's close to my heart for various [TS]

  reasons and I know somebody's just [TS]

  raring to pick him so I better grab him [TS]

  now i'm going to pick a pic Skeletor [TS]

  from the last little universe [TS]

  yeah I did not think you should be on [TS]

  the show with Tom servo well the beauty [TS]

  of Skeletor is that he can die every [TS]

  weekend yet miraculously reappeared from [TS]

  under the pile of rocks that he was [TS]

  buried under in subsequent holds so if [TS]

  Anthony tries to send Skeletor the [TS]

  cornfield what happens is back to [TS]

  actually that's the intention of the [TS]

  show's spoilers no spoilers alright okay [TS]

  for your you're pretty early it's [TS]

  crucial to my plot which which I look [TS]

  forward to making up on the candy yeah [TS]

  that's appropriate [TS]

  but it's Skeletor is the alpha and the [TS]

  omega of our podcast he won that draft [TS]

  by killing everyone else [TS]

  yes well I'm hoping this episode [TS]

  actually airs in 2013 so that i can then [TS]

  pick ya the 2014 clip show 2013 clip of [TS]

  me picking the clip where we played [TS]

  Skeletor clip [TS]

  good luck future Steve you know the best [TS]

  part about that clip is a is his dad's [TS]

  reaction actually I've over the years as [TS]

  i hear clips of that clip the part that [TS]

  I appreciate the most advanced reaction [TS]

  because not only does he he laughed but [TS]

  then his immediate responses i did not [TS]

  see that one coming [TS]

  still did not see now I pretty much [TS]

  always wait wait which and hanging out [TS]

  listening for the sound of the podcast [TS]

  fear collapsing in upon its yes it is [TS]

  the recursive clip loop that you spoke [TS]

  of last and eventually the the clips of [TS]

  clips of clips is going to be so long [TS]

  it's going to need its own separate [TS]

  podcast yeah that's the whole point will [TS]

  necessarily shorten our year in review [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yep this is this is how we summon the [TS]

  doctor after we've destroyed everything [TS]

  that's that's exactly it [TS]

  yeah well maybe next year anyway [TS]

  Skeletor Skeletor areas pretty good [TS]

  stuff that was a good clip we have a [TS]

  clip of a clip [TS]

  yeah the best one like that one [TS]

  alright we have a couple more people who [TS]

  haven't gone David lure yes we like not [TS]

  like yeah and we got tonight everybody [TS]

  but I have a soft spot for the radio [TS]

  shows for you know obviously obvious [TS]

  reasons yeah but I'll recuse myself [TS]

  because you know I really enjoyed the [TS]

  Star Trek episodes because I mean I have [TS]

  the Mego enterprise playset and all the [TS]

  figures from 1974 sitting in my office [TS]

  so wow I like show right as i mentioned [TS]

  on episode I didn't have the Star Trek [TS]

  bridge playset but I had a Barbie [TS]

  Winnebago and they're the same scale so [TS]

  Captain Kirk mr. Spock broken [TS]

  Barbie Winnebago around solving crimes [TS]

  and it's just you know like a little [TS]

  star trek for isn't it [TS]

  but really who wouldn't want ya i think [TS]

  it was not actually yes [TS]

  what does God need a Barbie Winnebago ya [TS]

  sabes reboot it's like just an SUV or [TS]

  something it's not that exciting anyway [TS]

  and you know i love the anime episodes [TS]

  because it was sort of a nice gateway [TS]

  for the kids especially if totoro would [TS]

  be like see see they're talking about [TS]

  totoro we should watch this and they [TS]

  fell in love sounds that was that was [TS]

  very handy i enjoyed discovering things [TS]

  like saga and locking key and auba i [TS]

  mean i already had comiXology problem [TS]

  but wow you guys made it worse [TS]

  why we're here driving a further into [TS]

  addiction is whatever particular Joy's [TS]

  this practice has sponsors but it's [TS]

  actually secretly just a plot for media [TS]

  companies to get you to buy things and [TS]

  watch things I don't think it's that big [TS]

  a secret it done compensated plot that [TS]

  you've cleverly not planned [TS]

  yeah well yes well we're still working [TS]

  on that much anyway ? ? step before [TS]

  profit so yeah when we're in the little [TS]

  fuzzy cloud but you don't look we're [TS]

  gonna come out the other side the [TS]

  Prophet sure it's like the Steve Martin [TS]

  thing you know you can be a millionaire [TS]

  never pay taxes first get a million [TS]

  dollars now comes the rest i love doing [TS]

  the old movie club and no buttons a [TS]

  clown he only kills what he loves you [TS]

  know I've known i've known Philip [TS]

  Michaels since college and I without [TS]

  eyes with a lot of people i have limited [TS]

  that my use of some people I know who I [TS]

  know would be good on the podcast for [TS]

  fear of not deploying them properly and [TS]

  with Phil I felt like you know we I just [TS]

  held off on tactically deploying Phil [TS]

  and then the old movie club thing [TS]

  happened it was an idea that he and i [TS]

  had had discussed and and i was very [TS]

  happy that that 1i he was deployed [TS]

  properly i feel that we don't want to [TS]

  feel my little [TS]

  yep with let's fire off the old time you [TS]

  spoiled whore now [TS]

  this is dwight david eisenhower a [TS]

  spoiler is coming [TS]

  Thank You mr. president we've got to [TS]

  crack the American market boys have [TS]

  changed the ending of the movie [TS]

  obi-wan Kenobi what are you doing here [TS]

  oh that's the air line of snitches I'm [TS]

  not taking them i got suitcases stop it [TS]

  with the fifties under my seat the head [TS]

  here at TWA will never rat you out to [TS]

  the cops [TS]

  you will get away scot-free TWA the I [TS]

  airline for crooks [TS]

  yes i'm recording on the late microphone [TS]

  I'm not a child Jason ride it's back in [TS]

  the old fractional f-18 shillings in a [TS]

  paper it's not a word [TS]

  yeah it's a halfpenny yeah i don't know [TS]

  how many shillings fit in a in in one of [TS]

  us at the peter jones bigger ok whatever [TS]

  I don't know it's english money [TS]

  listening to currency to go to the past [TS]

  about korean what the hell yea this the [TS]

  the kroner and dad up thai baht next on [TS]

  currency time I can't wait for that but [TS]

  first a word from our sponsor Bitcoin [TS]

  know the OMG gordon Liddy for Bitcoin [TS]

  the currency of your country is about to [TS]

  crumble invested Bitcoin thank you [TS]

  oh I sound like dwight david has a [TS]

  similar voice [TS]

  tigra it was one of my games and the [TS]

  combat cartridge very grand would be [TS]

  anywhere this is offered rich cock for [TS]

  atari there's a doctor on board game [TS]

  called combat you can I guess you don't [TS]

  like my cycle Eisenhower out your [TS]

  captain I i just love that your [TS]

  television every generation is a [TS]

  terrible game if you buy it you people [TS]

  murdered [TS]

  I just love that your revenge is almost [TS]

  like the revenge in vertical whatever my [TS]

  little should pictures how I just love [TS]

  ok i just love that every black man [TS]

  seems like he's gotta go [TS]

  for having me on the show it was a [TS]

  generally good time where I've turned [TS]

  into the Crypt Keeper I'm so you've [TS]

  never seen them together really happened [TS]

  that's true that's true [TS]

  David more by Glaus brass people our [TS]

  nation's stockpile of tactical phillip [TS]

  michael yeah it is the same with more [TS]

  when you know I was like I wonder what [TS]

  if i'm going to put more one on episode [TS]

  let's have it be a good episode was the [TS]

  same thing this year so like a thunder [TS]

  bluster specifically AS c williams [TS]

  family doesn't wrap each episode the [TS]

  rest of us are burned everybody else she [TS]

  was on the podcast boost yes damn war [TS]

  was on the podcast the most this year by [TS]

  the way that guy must suck not deployed [TS]

  well it does that mean I'm good because [TS]

  I believe in a few episodes so this yes [TS]

  your Europe your precious click on them [TS]

  and that means creek moss is the best of [TS]

  all duh but your stock is rapidly [TS]

  dropping with each minute your movement [TS]

  hang up now if you're worse than you've [TS]

  ever been [TS]

  ya know what else Davis out what else [TS]

  what else I loved reading things that I [TS]

  wouldn't necessarily read right now like [TS]

  the ocean at the end of the lane [TS]

  I might have waited till it was in [TS]

  paperback I don't know and that was a [TS]

  book that's one of the few books that i [TS]

  read twice this year because i really [TS]

  enjoyed it and I really enjoyed seeing [TS]

  how it unfolded having already read it [TS]

  to go huh that's how he did it [TS]

  that's also read books twice i well [TS]

  occupational hazard for me sometimes [TS]

  lots more than that [TS]

  yeah especially if they have pictures [TS]

  like I said comiXology problem but yeah [TS]

  I I've enjoyed when things go [TS]

  hideously off the rails like the holiday [TS]

  music show [TS]

  yes it went off the rails in in [TS]

  recording i think the I think the [TS]

  episode actually isn't off the [TS]

  sales which all the epicenter grounded [TS]

  yeah the session was completely gone [TS]

  exactly no no it's my sauce and would [TS]

  indicate yeah you know like this skype [TS]

  chats during the radio show recording [TS]

  sessions I mean now yeah that both all [TS]

  of those were the most fun I've had all [TS]

  year and you know second only to [TS]

  actually writing the radio show because [TS]

  it's at me I'm sitting there giggling as [TS]

  i'm typing and I don't do that i usually [TS]

  just type quietly okay you know and i'll [TS]

  try out dialogue and no this was just an [TS]

  idiot was wonderful [TS]

  so yeah your favorites of of other [TS]

  things now I mean it's it's funny you [TS]

  know things that you all did episodes [TS]

  about just after I discovered them like [TS]

  orphan black and you know things that we [TS]

  haven't mentioned Brooklyn nine-nine [TS]

  I'm really enjoying how that's yeah even [TS]

  since we did the the fall review i think [TS]

  that's my favorite new show of the fall [TS]

  absolutely still is Brooklyn I'm not [TS]

  absolutely the the Thanksgiving episode [TS]

  just came together that was really great [TS]

  yeah and an amine any excuse to see [TS]

  Andre Braugher in a flashback the whole [TS]

  thing with the which episode was it was [TS]

  the one just recently where he's getting [TS]

  death threats and they keep flashing [TS]

  back swimmers a guy that arrested in the [TS]

  swimming pool murderer and you know just [TS]

  cutting to a flashback of him standing [TS]

  holding a gun aimed in a pool going [TS]

  Marco now you say polo like oh that's [TS]

  beautiful [TS]

  so you know forgetting the Sandberg it's [TS]

  all under our for me [TS]

  yeah on on the opposite end of the scale [TS]

  agents of shield but i'm not going to [TS]

  talk about that because this is positive [TS]

  things we like things we like thank you [TS]

  like I'm yep i like watching this show [TS]

  that's on against it [TS]

  terrible oh and I have to thank you for [TS]

  eating up most of the month of august [TS]

  for me by introducing me to the [TS]

  flophouse and then just spending almost [TS]

  the whole month listening to the entire [TS]

  back catalogue I don't think I listen to [TS]

  anything else [TS]

  hey Jason see how it's done yeah I see [TS]

  how it's done just didn't do it in order [TS]

  and that CJ and that's really confronted [TS]

  Lisa LEC completed it [TS]

  I'm going through the flophouse it's all [TS]

  on his own realities well from the band [TS]

  it really is weird to sort of do like a [TS]

  current episode and then go by like go [TS]

  back like 60 episodes and there's no [TS]

  house cat there's no you know or even [TS]

  earlier and there's no Elliot that's [TS]

  kind of Bob and and visit because it's [TS]

  fun then if you do go in order because [TS]

  you get there is this progression of you [TS]

  know getting engaged and married and [TS]

  this and that i was on John circles I've [TS]

  got by blame or credit Scott for all the [TS]

  books and John John gets all the credit [TS]

  for the flophouse he does I dan more'n [TS]

  you are the last to go [TS]

  I am the last [TS]

  Oh other than me because I reserved the [TS]

  right to be last but well it was it was [TS]

  a good year for some things i will have [TS]

  one that's laughter everything and our [TS]

  quality yeah I i don't think i would add [TS]

  on Jason's ever doing things you like [TS]

  and so you know I'm trying to restrain [TS]

  myself but at the same time I think the [TS]

  most memorable moment of the year i [TS]

  think we can all agree was the death of [TS]

  poor pancake you know egg laughs all [TS]

  right it has it has echoed reverberate [TS]

  through the rest of our episodes i know [TS]

  i don't let's take a moment to play the [TS]

  in memoriam and remember haha oh no [TS]

  longer leading characters are going to [TS]

  wonder with us all not even the only [TS]

  character dangle can we just [TS]

  yeah that's definitely true yeah I very [TS]

  nearly did write that song that I [TS]

  threatened to write in a glass memory [TS]

  was waiting for us valid Steve yeah but [TS]

  yeah I have a few verses written down [TS]

  somebody I thought you were going to [TS]

  have the guitar with you right now I [TS]

  oh I class so I shall roll he'll get [TS]

  over ten try i've only got one rolled [TS]

  you huh that's an 80 + 10 no expect so [TS]

  far away [TS]

  thusly I shall leap when but solo games [TS]

  and creativity you get always dragging i [TS]

  shall leap back here such that everyone [TS]

  is still in my aura a glass are you [TS]

  conscious no role but don't want to be [TS]

  the first part 2 / tab all you need [TS]

  Oh Robin grades in a row [TS]

  how is that Bob third strike great i was [TS]

  that oh my god are you kidding [TS]

  cordless attend add things how Richard [TS]

  Harper terrible Wow 20 are you what it [TS]

  means your heel that's yeah yeah you can [TS]

  spend Hillary search by i would like to [TS]

  do that that was what i wanted to do it [TS]

  you want us to my 17 and 18 and if we [TS]

  added you three rolls together wouldn't [TS]

  have been many times in a row that you [TS]

  are standing next to you were running to [TS]

  have saved egg left and you notice as [TS]

  you get there he breathed his last half [TS]

  his body still I must avenge a left with [TS]

  that we hardly now is time no gras rose [TS]

  but unfortunately an apparent can i just [TS]

  show with a broker or or us along never [TS]

  know i really enjoyed the DD up so is [TS]

  there a lot of fun [TS]

  they uh [TS]

  it's yeah we are we are woefully [TS]

  incompetent which just fits the pattern [TS]

  of the rest of the party time kids so [TS]

  you know I feel right at home [TS]

  I've enjoyed those other four to two [TS]

  more in the future and potentially dying [TS]

  at the hands of Scott McNulty again I [TS]

  also in the game and dance as we all [TS]

  must someday [TS]

  yes another favorite moment I want to [TS]

  call out from the radio drama [TS]

  although I thought the entire thing was [TS]

  was brilliant well done my 42 particular [TS]

  favorite line [TS]

  I don't know why and introducing guards [TS]

  that live yes that was steals tire that [TS]

  is why I'm throwing it back to see there [TS]

  that was my wedding real contribution to [TS]

  the radio drama that entire recording [TS]

  session was delightful i have to say i [TS]

  I've kind of felt like I've missed out a [TS]

  little bit on the on the experiencing [TS]

  something like that again [TS]

  yeah so I I hope maybe it's something i [TS]

  know it is just going out and getting [TS]

  lines from into it like i had had one [TS]

  line in the whole radio drama but i SAT [TS]

  there listening to three hours of you [TS]

  have probably been outcast and iris yeah [TS]

  it's I think it's kind of a perk you [TS]

  know weird i lost during rain go into [TS]

  direct all yeah once more for safe once [TS]

  more for safety right now with with a [TS]

  little emphasis on the item a record [TS]

  something recently and got yelled at la [TS]

  what's that emphasis on that's that we [TS]

  don't need that could be a trend english [TS]

  translator says once more for safety the [TS]

  translator reads you suck you doctor [TS]

  yeah yeah that was terrible we'll fix it [TS]

  in post [TS]

  yeah that's so that was fun i look [TS]

  forward to more of those in the future [TS]

  potentially never other other episodes [TS]

  that i enjoyed didn't get mentioned but [TS]

  the the episode we did on the Cornetto [TS]

  trilogy [TS]

  oh yeah i really enjoyed that episode [TS]

  that was a lot of analysts that because [TS]

  I just I just finally watched all the [TS]

  market John I I'm listing it you I was [TS]

  going to say that you may be watching [TS]

  all those you maybe watch all those [TS]

  movies i was told i and i was thinking [TS]

  back to movies I've seen this year and I [TS]

  thought the World's End was one of the [TS]

  better movies I've seen this year [TS]

  absence i was having trouble coming up [TS]

  with other like movies i really enjoyed [TS]

  this year i I'd [TS]

  I saw that in the theater with like [TS]

  eight other of you know friends going [TS]

  back to high school so I think it [TS]

  resonated particularly well and on the [TS]

  flip side that the i really enjoyed the [TS]

  Superman podcast although he was not [TS]

  something that we enjoyed perhaps that's [TS]

  that's why it was fun to record about [TS]

  and just sort of vent our frustrations [TS]

  and the more i think there was a there [TS]

  was a lovely self like a feedback [TS]

  quality about that because the more we [TS]

  talked about the more I reflects how [TS]

  angry I yeah yeah I know I know that's [TS]

  the one we had voice on there because he [TS]

  was defending him on Twitter and I said [TS]

  and I could make another noise come on [TS]

  by the end he was with it didn't work [TS]

  yeah we totally brought him around it [TS]

  was great my wife insisted on watching [TS]

  that recently it despite me warning her [TS]

  despite her having heard the episode and [TS]

  so I watch it again with her and it's in [TS]

  case you're wondering if it's not so bad [TS]

  the second time you watch it gets worse [TS]

  i dunno i will watch it this week the [TS]

  disney promise yet that we already [TS]

  tipped our head to the superhero draft [TS]

  which also thought was it was really [TS]

  great i particularly enjoyed I bring the [TS]

  joy that I think the only duplicate [TS]

  superhero we got was the question which [TS]

  both Monty and Tony fit right Tony in [TS]

  absentia picked yes I i was shocked [TS]

  nobody else wants and the Wonder Twins [TS]

  well it wasn't about which superheroes [TS]

  we liked assassinated so maybe in that [TS]

  one there would be more competition but [TS]

  I also we also did another film draft [TS]

  this year which i thought was a lot of [TS]

  fun too [TS]

  yeah they have filmed round [TS]

  yeah last up this year we did a lot of [TS]

  weed a lot of stuff this year I mean so [TS]

  I i was gonna let that I thought that [TS]

  was all that was a two-parter we picked [TS]

  a lot of movies i thought that we had [TS]

  that was another big podcast lots of [TS]

  people on it yeah that was pretty fun [TS]

  the comics episode which already [TS]

  mentioned because I I to like some of [TS]

  our other people Greg and others have [TS]

  really gotten back into comics this this [TS]

  year with things like Saigon Hawkeye are [TS]

  just those were super fun having Merlin [TS]

  not to talk about it was great [TS]

  I just yeah I felt like we really all [TS]

  bonded over our love of the coming [TS]

  those were cool i like the gaming [TS]

  episodes that we did as well the the [TS]

  brothers and gone home episode [TS]

  I hope we do more of those a few tracks [TS]

  lot of video games in like Tony I think [TS]

  Monica was probably the best game i [TS]

  played this year just from the most [TS]

  hours i logged in the most fun I had i'm [TS]

  currently playing the new grand theft [TS]

  auto game which i think is very [TS]

  interesting and i would like to talk [TS]

  about with someone better not forget to [TS]

  that I i want to throw in sort of [TS]

  adjacent to that I I don't feel like [TS]

  we've had a we have pockets were talking [TS]

  about board games or something because [TS]

  yeah that's a--that's a rich mean we [TS]

  haven't ops ii alright excellent [TS]

  no well that's good letter that went out [TS]

  there alright that's already when I do [TS]

  it's got just damn it Scott D or or do [TS]

  you mean that we're gonna play a board [TS]

  game live on the internet and there are [TS]

  many possibilities here is the google [TS]

  hangout for chutes and ladders [TS]

  welcome to the google hangout for risk [TS]

  op away risk-off bring it on yeah if you [TS]

  don't think you hate yourself yet first [TS]

  couple changes that's the official motto [TS]

  books i read this number because you're [TS]

  the one who will hang out of cards [TS]

  against humanity i chose their God [TS]

  actually that might actually got some [TS]

  I've got some cards the the books from [TS]

  this year the brook which I know got [TS]

  mentioned already that I think that was [TS]

  one of the better books ever this year [TS]

  also ocean at the end of the lane we did [TS]

  a nice podcast and that was that was one [TS]

  that I found very I was a great book is [TS]

  just i remember i was reading it out at [TS]

  my uncle's place at lake and sitting on [TS]

  the dock and I reached a particular [TS]

  scene which I've mentioned a podcast [TS]

  which is a really emotional terrifying [TS]

  scene a headset that was one of the few [TS]

  books of our heads like put down for a [TS]

  little bit like all right I need to sit [TS]

  here in the sunlight for a minute and [TS]

  you know take some time enjoy life and I [TS]

  can get back to this book i think the [TS]

  ocean at the end of the lane has a [TS]

  special place as the episode that i [TS]

  still listen to the first 20 30 50 [TS]

  seconds of and said this sounds like a [TS]

  book that I'm gonna want to read and [TS]

  like a night and I turned it off and I'm [TS]

  glad you guys haven't spoiled for me and [TS]

  that is on my to-read list and that it's [TS]

  short notice that is the fastest I've [TS]

  ever turned off a podcasted you know [TS]

  sometimes you listening like oh now I've [TS]

  listened too far I could tell that you [TS]

  all liked the book and that i would like [TS]

  the book so I it's sitting there [TS]

  unlisted2u in my podcast you and I will [TS]

  get to the book [TS]

  alright we could and the third one round [TS]

  that up for me was the Republic of [TS]

  thieves which is the third in the Loch [TS]

  Morar trilogy and I know we're going to [TS]

  talk about the lies of locke lamora our [TS]

  next book clubs yes i'm excited to [TS]

  eventually talk about the other books in [TS]

  that series in like two years [TS]

  television was also on my list 20 [TS]

  mention arrow which i also agree i was [TS]

  thinking of shows that i look forward to [TS]

  watching this year and strangely enough [TS]

  that's really really high on the list [TS]

  maybe it's just cuz i really enjoyed [TS]

  trash your television this year but yeah [TS]

  that's a show that struck me as being [TS]

  surprisingly good [TS]

  we should do a podcast at some point at [TS]

  least I really like you i want to get [TS]

  out up and i'm hungry and my family has [TS]

  feeling yeah so that we have a yeah we [TS]

  have a lot of with a lot of people who [TS]

  watched it if nothing else I'm strangely [TS]

  enough sleepy hollow also still kinda [TS]

  watching that because that's also [TS]

  strangely good [TS]

  yeah but and well as it's gone along i [TS]

  found I've liked it more and more it's [TS]

  kinda has the same sort of thing with [TS]

  arrow where it's like this should not be [TS]

  that good yes [TS]

  and yet agent obvious and pelicans and [TS]

  it just throws everything at you it [TS]

  doesn't hold anything back and and you [TS]

  think it would burn through all that [TS]

  stuff but it's just fun and the [TS]

  characters who you think might be sort [TS]

  of flat and boring are actually really [TS]

  interesting and i love that guy plays [TS]

  Ichabod Crane he's great he's hilarious [TS]

  I don't know he's got the delivery down [TS]

  pat also on television episodes I'm [TS]

  gonna throw out the i'm going to [TS]

  describe it as ill-fated but I ran an [TS]

  episode about Aaron Sorkin at macworld [TS]

  this year right i did i'm like no [TS]

  preparation Jason could not make its a [TS]

  boy that I I'm gonna I'm gonna say that [TS]

  might have been a train wreck [TS]

  I don't really know it was very short [TS]

  for an uncomfortable with the smoke Lex [TS]

  did less than you [TS]

  yeah well you know these things happen [TS]

  yeah so I up with that on the list of [TS]

  that episode deserves just like a little [TS]

  something just to like check under the [TS]

  chin [TS]

  hey you did ok episode you and [TS]

  technically an mp3 technically overall I [TS]

  episodes that was one of them [TS]

  that was one of them yeah i think that [TS]

  the only one that we did to this you're [TS]

  right because you guys are three I guess [TS]

  the ComicCon in the world did you make a [TS]

  drunken yourself so okay I made a silver [TS]

  fool of myself which may or may not be [TS]

  worth [TS]

  yeah yeah so that was a that was all [TS]

  along handful of things that I along and [TS]

  I had this year i know i'm her mr. right [TS]

  dad has yet to be sent out in that is [TS]

  yet to be seen [TS]

  i'm going to pass this time but only [TS]

  because it's a new year [TS]

  yeah I will all turn it over to Jason [TS]

  but not before I say a glass lives when [TS]

  does it really does not really at risk [TS]

  big love I ok I've got my list i was [TS]

  gonna read I found I found the other [TS]

  hate letter for Steve but I'm not gonna [TS]

  lie i want to say hold on i want to [TS]

  address our Steve haters and say you [TS]

  guys get you know what you try being on [TS]

  a podcast it's just that little moment [TS]

  there to a couple funny things in these [TS]

  other letters and I wanted to I i wanted [TS]

  to mention before I I do mine mr. Eric [TS]

  wrote in like the dnd episodes like the [TS]

  old movie club said last year one of his [TS]

  favorite bits was me actually [TS]

  re-enacting the Luke Leia scene and in [TS]

  return of the jedi where he tries to [TS]

  circuitous Lee break it to her that [TS]

  they're related [TS]

  he said this year those honors go to [TS]

  steve i'm a phantom menace episode from [TS]

  the first thing he set the tone star [TS]

  wars episode one emphasis on the colon [TS]

  now infamous go wash a droid to the very [TS]

  ending with now this is podcasting Steve [TS]

  nail but i'm not sure i can lay claim to [TS]

  go wash your droid but I appreciate it [TS]

  anyway [TS]

  thank you sir and eric says I've come to [TS]

  view the uncomfortable my internet pals [TS]

  that talk about all the cool stuff I [TS]

  like I i live on the edge of the Prairie [TS]

  in rural Minnesota the incomparable is [TS]

  my weekly get together with friends to [TS]

  talk about our favorite stuff no matter [TS]

  what I think he's talking along with us [TS]

  guys I no matter what the topic is I am [TS]

  always assured it will be a fun [TS]

  conversation thanks for another great [TS]

  year internet pals [TS]

  so thank we question quick question how [TS]

  do you distinguish rural Minnesota from [TS]

  urban Minnesota because I just I don't [TS]

  know that those are two are you in [TS]

  minneapolis the gangs is variously [TS]

  healers that technically a city really [TS]

  went to do [TS]

  dude text is true i don't know i don't [TS]

  think exchange rate is guys hear hear [TS]

  the other other letters i want is not [TS]

  Canadian to write a non listener mad [TS]

  wrote in to say who the heck is Steve [TS]

  let's and why is he on an episode about [TS]

  some of the best holiday TV shows with [TS]

  nothing to add but skinflint and he-man [TS]

  and the answer is I have no idea their [TS]

  own good questions and finally a general [TS]

  letter that came in but i like the [TS]

  beginning so much that I i wanted to [TS]

  read it from listener Daniel who writes [TS]

  mr. snow it's very colon it's very [TS]

  formal [TS]

  oh holy there's a colon yeah I generally [TS]

  like your show always a good start yeah [TS]

  it just generate goes from there and [TS]

  it's fine i just thought that was funny [TS]

  it's like I don't unimaginably love you [TS]

  should generally I mean you're always [TS]

  saying generally I like it I love how [TS]

  you refer to the mall is listener [TS]

  so-and-so like it's an honorific I think [TS]

  of like citizen jakar from now 15 [TS]

  exactly 15 we haven't done that episode [TS]

  yet either there's another one on the [TS]

  list for 2014 [TS]

  now we've done enough star trek for one [TS]

  day thank you see you haha [TS]

  it was right there for you have 15 Star [TS]

  Trek was from the game show episode last [TS]

  year we didn't do a game show this year [TS]

  is it really and I have no recollection [TS]

  of that episode you know this because [TS]

  you're on Team old I forget things the [TS]

  more so here the ones that i really like [TS]

  we mentioned the star trek original [TS]

  series episodes one of my favorite TV [TS]

  shows and I I that was a yes that a [TS]

  wonderful combination of love and [TS]

  acceptance of its crazy faults and dr. [TS]

  McCoy's obsession with salad as a health [TS]

  remedy the the radio drama of course I I [TS]

  list the first part of the dnd I had [TS]

  never actually had the D&D books and i [TS]

  created characters and stuff but I I as [TS]

  a kid I never had somebody to play D&D [TS]

  with and I had different adventures [TS]

  already was background is [TS]

  expand on that part yeah we need some [TS]

  islands here maybe it may be sad theme [TS]

  someone give them a plus to hug of [TS]

  reassurance [TS]

  you're the kid eating paste I also never [TS]

  learned to read the voices that told me [TS]

  to kill people wouldn't play D&D and so [TS]

  all of those all of those all of those [TS]

  things where I'm asking lots of annoying [TS]

  questions about what my role is can I [TS]

  had no idea what I was doing and that [TS]

  was a lot of fun [TS]

  The Phantom Menace episode yeah that was [TS]

  a that was hilarious and it was painful [TS]

  but it was also very funny i love the [TS]

  totoro episode that was another example [TS]

  of talking about a movie that we liked [TS]

  and kind of exploring where that when we [TS]

  got some really interesting feedback [TS]

  from a special one listener who has [TS]

  spent a lot of time in japan and was [TS]

  trying to explain some of the cultural [TS]

  things that as Americans we were just [TS]

  sort of like I don't I guess this is a [TS]

  thing I don't know him he was like yeah [TS]

  it's let me explain it to you and that [TS]

  was pretty cool to get that that [TS]

  listener feedback that louder Chad I [TS]

  think i mighta been listening Chad go [TS]

  Chad spirited away makes a lot more [TS]

  sense if you read the context yeah I'm [TS]

  sure [TS]

  now it's just that that's a crazy movie [TS]

  comic-con episode i love the comic-con [TS]

  episode I it wasn't it was sort of about [TS]

  something in a way the stephen fry [TS]

  episode that's so infamous wasn't but it [TS]

  was fun it was loose and we rambled but [TS]

  he was it was in some ways exactly the [TS]

  kind of thing I like to have on a [TS]

  podcast which was it was a fun [TS]

  conversation get plus we took somebody's [TS]

  picture in the middle of it and [TS]

  development i love when those are the [TS]

  spirits right yeah yeah that kind of [TS]

  episode i think works well when you've [TS]

  got three people for people and maybe [TS]

  less so when you've got 17 people as per [TS]

  stephen fry but yeah possibly so in and [TS]

  also we were in the fresh air and the [TS]

  stephen fry said we were suffocating in [TS]

  the hot closed room so time I you want [TS]

  to set us up with some listeners to buy [TS]

  a spear i am willing to recreate write [TS]

  an episode [TS]

  ok excellent or dramatic reenactment [TS]

  that's right [TS]

  someone get somebody to play Graig will [TS]

  drink one beer and then go to sleep [TS]

  that's just great let's get Greg that's [TS]

  even better [TS]

  ah-choo I like the Hawkeye episode a lot [TS]

  that was a lot of fun [TS]

  to talk about a great discovery in and [TS]

  full credit Jason Reitman who want a [TS]

  previous comic book club episode had [TS]

  recommended Hawkeye and you listen to [TS]

  that episode you can actually hear Lisa [TS]

  and I both kind of not believe what he's [TS]

  doing and recommending it and he was [TS]

  completely right Jason brightman what [TS]

  are you reading the book I most enjoying [TS]

  now is matt fraction's Hawkeye I've [TS]

  heard such good things about that but it [TS]

  is so good every issue is self-contained [TS]

  uh no real continuity between the issues [TS]

  and it sort of as the kind of preamble [TS]

  of the book says this is what Hawkeye [TS]

  does when he's not saving the world with [TS]

  the Avengers which is mostly hanging out [TS]

  in his apartment and getting into [TS]

  trouble [TS]

  loop that's the thing that stories are [TS]

  so kind of light-hearted and funny with [TS]

  a lot of heart and the artworks [TS]

  beautiful and it's unlike any other book [TS]

  on the Shelf right now and old movie [TS]

  club to where we watched the the the [TS]

  greatest show on earth and high noon and [TS]

  singing in the rain that was a lot of [TS]

  fun i love that one [TS]

  favorite moments I don't have a lot of a [TS]

  lot of favorite moments to write down [TS]

  but I wrote down one because they're all [TS]

  my favorite moments really how can i [TS]

  pick but I wrote down anytime we sing so [TS]

  some examples of that in quotes you [TS]

  can't plant it has to happen [TS]

  podcasting the final frontier [TS]

  these are the voyages of the podcasting [TS]

  comfortable it's continuing mission to [TS]

  explore strange new books to seek out [TS]

  new films and new television shows to [TS]

  boldly go where no podcast has gone [TS]

  before [TS]

  mmm blue [TS]

  oh ok this podcast listener vida TT [TS]

  least now that 2d least Navidad Prospero [TS]

  and you easily see Dad TT i want to wish [TS]

  you a Merry Christmas i wanna wish you a [TS]

  merry christmas from the bottom [TS]

  oh haha yes keep I find me you all can I [TS]

  see this southern skeleton from here the [TS]

  greater is that like a crosby stills [TS]

  nash young Southern 2007 skeleton I'm [TS]

  gonna kill you did not not the song know [TS]

  when you see a southern skeleton for the [TS]

  first time that you do wonder why your [TS]

  party went this way [TS]

  heck yeah is that surrounds a scene [TS]

  where memories are will kill you as the [TS]

  trap that you were running if it's what [TS]

  I think about how many times you've been [TS]

  poisoned here everybody's bar tonight [TS]

  folks so just got and then favorite [TS]

  things from the year [TS]

  Scott's wife Marie says recipe for Meyer [TS]

  lemon marmalade with excellent food in [TS]

  jars is the book available in books [TS]

  available in bookstores and on amazon [TS]

  podcast the flophouse really i got into [TS]

  a flophouse this year haven't listened [TS]

  to all of them yet unlike david i didn't [TS]

  divert my entire August listening to [TS]

  flop house because i know there's a [TS]

  finite number of episodes and they only [TS]

  add one every couple weeks so I'm going [TS]

  through the back catalogue now and thank [TS]

  you John Syracuse for recommending it [TS]

  multiple times I think before I finally [TS]

  listened to it and it's great makes a [TS]

  while to get through to you [TS]

  it is my favorite podcast so it does i [TS]

  really like I really liked i want to [TS]

  mention i like the 50th anniversary [TS]

  episode of Doctor Who I thought it was a [TS]

  nice balance of fun and and nostalgic [TS]

  feelings and not too kind of [TS]

  over-the-top with the crazy fan [TS]

  reference although there were men [TS]

  fan references and education i thought [TS]

  that was a tough i thought that was a [TS]

  tough ask to make that episode anybody [TS]

  who who drew the assignment that was [TS]

  going to be a tough one and I thought [TS]

  that Steven Moffat acquitted himself [TS]

  quite nicely i want to mention the rook [TS]

  to I think the work was probably my [TS]

  favorite book of the year so Scott pick [TS]

  that as in our on our ear wrap up last [TS]

  year he mentioned that is one of the [TS]

  books that he had like the best good [TS]

  call Scott well thank you public library [TS]

  does anybody know word the sequel stands [TS]

  he's still writing there's gotta be [TS]

  another one coming right [TS]

  yeah so he on his blog he he wrote a [TS]

  post about his process which is here is [TS]

  a really bad draft blocks away for a [TS]

  couple of months and then goes back to [TS]

  it so i think he is ending his seclusion [TS]

  period and he's going to come back to [TS]

  the draft good we want to read it was a [TS]

  good book and I the comics that [TS]

  everybody else mentioned Hawkeye and saw [TS]

  a gun lock and key love them all i want [TS]

  to throw a little bit of a plug to the [TS]

  Marvel unlimited service which is about [TS]

  I think it's sixty or seventy dollars a [TS]

  year but you can lip-read as many marvel [TS]

  comics as you want that they have in [TS]

  their digital archive and it seems like [TS]

  a lot of money but I went on a business [TS]

  trip and I read comics on the plane [TS]

  there and back from Marvel unlimited and [TS]

  when i got back i calculated out what [TS]

  the cost of those comics would have been [TS]

  to buy them on comixology and it was [TS]

  within like five or ten dollars of the [TS]

  annual price of Marvel unlimited and [TS]

  that was for you know a couple a couple [TS]

  flights so i think it was a pretty good [TS]

  deal and they've got a pretty decent [TS]

  catalog and it's not the best known as [TS]

  good as comic on comixology but if you [TS]

  like Marvel Comics you can read a whole [TS]

  lot of comics for the 60 or 70 bucks [TS]

  that you pay and I that was a good fine [TS]

  i took a flyer on that and I was pretty [TS]

  happy like star trek into darkness which [TS]

  we mentioned already i I really did [TS]

  enjoy that a lot and the world's end and [TS]

  we also mentioned orphan black which I [TS]

  think I'm i think i plugged on that game [TS]

  of Thrones episode as a surprisingly [TS]

  good show like sleepy hollow is the show [TS]

  that I was kind of intrigued to watch [TS]

  but I didn't expect a lot of it an [TS]

  orphan black just got better as it went [TS]

  and I don't know whether the second [TS]

  season will be any good or not who knows [TS]

  I've seen the previews Micah you know [TS]

  we'll see but the first episode was the [TS]

  first season was great just great and [TS]

  got Krazy orthology seems kind of [TS]

  pedestrian but the the actress is a many [TS]

  situations right and and her you're [TS]

  right the way they juggle at the end of [TS]

  the episode where there's the dinner for [TS]

  the party at the suburban housewife [TS]

  sound is a the best is that was one of [TS]

  the best hours of TV i saw this year so [TS]

  that's my list and that's it [TS]

  we already mentioned Skeletor check we [TS]

  can mention it again [TS]

  anything we didn't mention that anybody [TS]

  would like to mention before we before [TS]

  we wrap up 2013 and move forward boldly [TS]

  into 2014 something something to mention [TS]

  22 related things one we've got a [TS]

  fantastic new logo this year [TS]

  oh yes thank you to the icon factory for [TS]

  making our logo with robot Zeppelin [TS]

  superhero dragon rocket UFO is the works [TS]

  and related our shirts [TS]

  yes we did the tests zeppelin shirt and [TS]

  don't pressure pretty excited I thought [TS]

  if I thought of another doctor who [TS]

  podcast that started this year that i [TS]

  was excited about of course I can't [TS]

  finish it without talking about Doctor [TS]

  Who one right time what I'm here for you [TS]

  got it [TS]

  I that doctor who the writers room which [TS]

  is two of the more sort of scholarly in [TS]

  erudite doctor who fans discussing the [TS]

  show and sort of breaking it down [TS]

  specifically from a script and writer [TS]

  perspective so it gives you a very [TS]

  different take than most of the other [TS]

  hundred twenty Doctor Who podcasts that [TS]

  are out there and I'm really enjoying it [TS]

  yeah and I like that you're your [TS]

  suggestion of the of the who's 50 and [TS]

  who is the doctor which are to doctor [TS]

  who episode guides that are interesting [TS]

  because they're really essays about [TS]

  individual episodes of the show and I'm [TS]

  find a fascinating because one of the [TS]

  two authors i agree with almost always [TS]

  and the other one I agree with almost [TS]

  never [TS]

  it's not so are you gonna tell me who I [TS]

  agree I agree with with gram and not [TS]

  with that question with a question mark [TS]

  huh but then every now and then i'll [TS]

  read 1 i'll be like we'll wait a second [TS]

  i regret i have [TS]

  the clarity has been reversed and I'm [TS]

  agreeing with the wrong guy but those [TS]

  are fascinating and i like i like the [TS]

  smart smart takes on on those doctor who [TS]

  episodes and every now and then I get [TS]

  very excited because there's an episode [TS]

  that I feel like nobody likes but me and [TS]

  then one of them likes it and then I [TS]

  feel ya i'm not alone [TS]

  so those are fun suggestions so thank [TS]

  you so glad you like them yeah those are [TS]

  some of my favorite actor who books [TS]

  yeah those are good also if I can [TS]

  indulge in a in a brief moment of [TS]

  self-promotion the capital got a [TS]

  spin-off podcast we did we did it's true [TS]

  it's true that's how we're building it [TS]

  in order to get the synergy look what's [TS]

  mike what's my cut you're cut [TS]

  you can have you can have you can have [TS]

  twenty percent of everything I've made [TS]

  so far know how much do I will go as [TS]

  high as 30 and if you get to the end of [TS]

  the season can I be on your exciting [TS]

  season finale episode [TS]

  yeah I'll think about it depends how do [TS]

  you feel about the Karate Kid [TS]

  considering that we already recorded [TS]

  like five months ago I think that would [TS]

  be a good idea [TS]

  out of all the catchphrases from the [TS]

  incomparable basis spin-off of lex [TS]

  hasn't seen it seems strange doesn't [TS]

  seem so it's not playing and you can see [TS]

  it not playing dot or listen to it you [TS]

  can't see it you have two is not [TS]

  sleeping with you if you can see it [TS]

  that is amazing it's amazing it's not [TS]

  weird i'm not playing dotnet and did [TS]

  selects and Dan watching movies they [TS]

  haven't seen and coming in 2014 eat its [TS]

  smell in which Jason what are you [TS]

  drinking yes I really watch that [TS]

  strangely enough of a window with the [TS]

  marmalade has parlayed if you interest [TS]

  would be in their charge [TS]

  it's a very short it's just vines it's [TS]

  just a CD thinking like it's a bad thing [TS]

  as an actual discussion of what he [TS]

  thinks that the food is just come to it [TS]

  makes for great radio for the april [TS]

  first episode this year is gonna be [TS]

  great [TS]

  you can really fit this podcast is over [TS]

  into your schedule yeah it's a very [TS]

  short podcast it is only one episode 2 [TS]

  which strange it's about 20 seconds long [TS]

  yeah you throw that in with dnd in the [TS]

  old movie club and the income from media [TS]

  empire is just going crazy [TS]

  ha ha ha also our show entirely about [TS]

  drafts yes [TS]

  any day now we're going to move from ? ? [TS]

  ? over the Prophet any day any day now [TS]

  the dr know the drafts where we draft [TS]

  things every weekday and that [TS]

  dissemination yeah that is gonna happen [TS]

  yeah yeah that might be entitled to [TS]

  drafthouse i thought was a very good [TS]

  idea where we're at [TS]

  while we drink while we drink that's the [TS]

  way to do that's that's where all our [TS]

  money goes that's the building the [TS]

  capital drafts it is really weird to [TS]

  think of people paying to sponsor this [TS]

  podcast that we get this strange isn't [TS]

  it [TS]

  that's the magic of lex friedman ah well [TS]

  that's another new thing this year [TS]

  wasn't we have a yeah you're right so [TS]

  you're right sold Scott the we we have [TS]

  sponsors this year that was a new thing [TS]

  if we thought we dry beholdin to the man [TS]

  and thank you to 23 and meet up with us [TS]

  before you now go home and spread sure [TS]

  to respond to the show that will not [TS]

  happen to your business that was a [TS]

  one-time was the one behind it we make [TS]

  no guarantees where we want it we will [TS]

  shut up by the federal government we [TS]

  promised more of a fluid [TS]

  well it's not really promise I'm [TS]

  guaranteed that is true food and drug [TS]

  administration goes after hostgator next [TS]

  up this isn't real Gator had not got an [TS]

  extra skater how much genetic material [TS]

  you have to provide to get your own [TS]

  hostname Gators are often tiene just [TS]

  spit right into your computer [TS]

  yeah and it takes care of the rest the [TS]

  UH so my new my new year's resolutions [TS]

  are to do an effort to do episode to [TS]

  another professor Syracuse's anime [TS]

  episode would be nice i like it i'd like [TS]

  to do a game show episode again that was [TS]

  really fun [TS]

  we obviously need to finish that D&D [TS]

  campaign which I thought was going to be [TS]

  like two or three parts and it's still [TS]

  going on [TS]

  I'll man Jason do we have some bad news [TS]

  for you yeah and we're on page 3 of 7 ya [TS]

  head up halfway [TS]

  I don't know and I promise that that [TS]

  that Babylon 5 episode where I was [TS]

  looking through Twitter and discovered [TS]

  that I had said we would do one before [TS]

  we actually even recorded an episode of [TS]

  the podcast and three years later we [TS]

  still haven't done it I actually have a [TS]

  a panel and episode list and we just [TS]

  have to schedule the recording so [TS]

  that'll happen and Steve won't be on it [TS]

  because he thinks its star trek so [TS]

  that's on my list about the dark tower [TS]

  yeah we can do the dark power that's [TS]

  fine i think you've been pushing back [TS]

  the date for when you do an episode [TS]

  about the wire for like two years now [TS]

  yeah it's I'm ready it's on the list [TS]

  it's all still ready it's on the list [TS]

  that was gonna be my that was gonna be [TS]

  my tactical deployment of Philip [TS]

  Michaels will be the wire episode and [TS]

  then something else happened and we got [TS]

  some drafts we're gonna do some drafts i [TS]

  think i think next week's episode will [TS]

  be the video game console draft not that [TS]

  was an ancient castles no I think we [TS]

  have to do it because we already did [TS]

  that one yeah yeah we'll have some will [TS]

  have some other fun stuff so that I went [TS]

  yes you do [TS]

  excellent we all we all won yeah it was [TS]

  a tie [TS]

  anyway that's it anything unless anybody [TS]

  else has a has a new year's resolution [TS]

  podcast resolution that you want to make [TS]

  I'm gonna remember to write down all the [TS]

  books i read in movies i watch this year [TS]

  like i said i was going to last year and [TS]

  then did not but I feel like we should [TS]

  flash back to a clip of you saying that [TS]

  last girl that next year when you forget [TS]

  again I'm gonna keep on doing exactly [TS]

  what I've been doing because apparently [TS]

  it has not turned everybody away from [TS]

  the podcast yes you gotta keep up keep [TS]

  working out yet Steve DoubleDown it yet [TS]

  Jason how much of a burden is the [TS]

  uncomfortable for you now Greg I it if [TS]

  it was a burden I wouldn't do it it's [TS]

  it's a it's a it's fun and most weeks [TS]

  i'll put it this way if every episode [TS]

  was hard to edit the holiday music [TS]

  episode I would be in serious trouble [TS]

  but i generally I've gotten the [TS]

  production of the podcast to be pretty [TS]

  fast so generally it's it's uh you know [TS]

  it only takes a couple hours tattered [TS]

  and I've got it down to a science and [TS]

  the conversations are great i mean [TS]

  that's bottom line as we as we wrap this [TS]

  up is the great thing about this doing [TS]

  this podcast is that it's it's fun [TS]

  the people like all 80 of you who are on [TS]

  this episode are great the conversations [TS]

  are fun i get to discover new things [TS]

  that I didn't know about the no thing [TS]

  and I like a new things are good you [TS]

  inhale them into your brain and I also [TS]

  get to share some things that I like [TS]

  with other people and then they [TS]

  discovered them and they like them too [TS]

  and that's all great so you know that's [TS]

  and i love the medium of podcasting a [TS]

  lot of conversations that we have [TS]

  and it's just a lot of fun if you would [TS]

  ask me if on day if you would actually [TS]

  if you told me when you know episode 276 [TS]

  is just around the corner where we're [TS]

  doing episode 1i would have been like oh [TS]

  god I'm just going to stop right now but [TS]

  it but it's it's fun it's still it's [TS]

  still great fun so I'm uh I'm happy to [TS]

  do it I'm glad we're here going into [TS]

  2014 together and that all the listeners [TS]

  out there are listening and writing in [TS]

  and saying they like it that's all [TS]

  that's all great so glad we had this [TS]

  time together [TS]

  well that's the dude but now-now I've [TS]

  been much more a a listener than a [TS]

  participant but listening to the podcast [TS]

  is one of the highlights of my week I [TS]

  really really look forward to it and so [TS]

  it Richard really hard not to make fun [TS]

  of Greg bovitz not to accidentally be [TS]

  sincere but thank you to everybody who's [TS]

  involved because it is really really [TS]

  terrific [TS]

  that's great are shocked hug a hug my [TS]

  microphone and out i'll be sincere [TS]

  permitted to and say thank you for [TS]

  letting me play cuz ya seconded [TS]

  this is the most fun I've had all year [TS]

  and you know i mean i write plays for [TS]

  like people to do and do all these big [TS]

  things and all and the most fun I've had [TS]

  writing this year was writing the radio [TS]

  shows [TS]

  so you know what you've got access to [TS]

  this kind of acting talent I understand [TS]

  yeah you know you that opportunity [TS]

  I mean how could I refuse really what's [TS]

  that what's that I want to say thank you [TS]

  for her i was for the same reason but [TS]

  also a two-fold reason uh thank you for [TS]

  for asking around because I'm just as [TS]

  David said I'm having so much fun [TS]

  chatting with you guys but also thank [TS]

  you for asking me on because that's kind [TS]

  of how I discovered the podcast and now [TS]

  i can listen to it to enjoy the ugly [TS]

  truth comes out [TS]

  haha sure i'll be on your comp past the [TS]

  the what's happened whatever whenever I [TS]

  can't complain like you know how to [TS]

  pronounce your name what's this so [TS]

  pretty much but that's my plan is [TS]

  eventually i'll just invite i'll be [TS]

  going door to door knocking on people's [TS]

  doors you want to be on my podcast and [TS]

  if so then will you listen to it [TS]

  what is listening to true podcast [TS]

  confessions [TS]

  what's that but that's our next day off [TS]

  ok that [TS]

  yeah yeah it's a lot of fun I'm glad I'm [TS]

  glad you guys like it and you know I'm [TS]

  very appreciative of the audience that [TS]

  we have that they're there a lot of fun [TS]

  and they talk to us on Twitter and some [TS]

  of them don't talk to us on Twitter and [TS]

  that's fine too but you're listening and [TS]

  and and and we love you and many of you [TS]

  bought t-shirts and totally blew away [TS]

  the t-shirt people were like this is [TS]

  more t-shirts that we've done before we [TS]

  have to order more shirts now it's great [TS]

  that was that was really great [TS]

  we leave their Hall of Fame still right [TS]

  yeah that's the sign of success on the [TS]

  internet by the way is t-shirt sales [TS]

  that's it [TS]

  well will soon bankrupt in my podcast [TS]

  sucks huh you got you got you know just [TS]

  keep at it there's so many problems on [TS]

  our t-shirts and maybe your problem [TS]

  mmm alright uh so this is great and I [TS]

  declare 2013 to be over into 2014 to [TS]

  have begun and we're gonna go amazing i [TS]

  would like to thank my guests 11 last [TS]

  time in 2013 and one more time first [TS]

  time something like that for 2014 and [TS]

  this is the robot roll call [TS]

  uh huh / for the eight people who are on [TS]

  with me David Laura thank you for being [TS]

  here bro my hand left [TS]

  yes I just evil seed let's thank you [TS]

  what a cool guy [TS]

  thanks for sticking up fast hey sure [TS]

  they can man happy 2014 is gonna be a [TS]

  good year I could feel it it's gonna be [TS]

  a good one oh yeah it's gonna be great [TS]

  it's gonna be way better than 20-30 [TS]

  Erica and sign thank you for for joining [TS]

  the podcast this year and hopefully [TS]

  you'll be back with some good stuff next [TS]

  year to thank you i hope so i was gonna [TS]

  do the wisecracker line but i'm not [TS]

  really a wisecracker so is Gregor [TS]

  exactly texture-wise crackers are [TS]

  delicious do more'n thank you you're the [TS]

  reigning champion [TS]

  watch out David Laura's on your tail you [TS]

  need to be on more episodes in 2014 I'm [TS]

  contractually obligated to be on all [TS]

  episodes though [TS]

  there you go eat David Shepherd arrival [TS]

  ever I can't even say you such a nice [TS]

  guy he'll just kill me off the next [TS]

  radio drama will be really awkward and I [TS]

  don't know that's okay because Scott [TS]

  McNulty will be killing you off from D&D [TS]

  very soon Scott thank you so much for [TS]

  being our DM and show telling me all the [TS]

  books to read this year I'm different [TS]

  well is there a latter-day mr. thank you [TS]

  Tony sindelar thank you for being here [TS]

  thank you Jason thank you for being that [TS]

  uh that guy radar who's just got just [TS]

  the guy totally normal guy i know and i [TS]

  just think you'd imagine anything about [TS]

  magic clip ready don't know not [TS]

  everybody has to be special [TS]

  now that's right trick NOS thanks for uh [TS]

  thanks for coming to the stone brewery [TS]

  and drinking beer with us yay that's a [TS]

  gypsy quote me [TS]

  alright go with mr. shaking John [TS]

  siracusa thank you as always for being [TS]

  here you know if i recall correctly not [TS]

  only was Dan more and more episodes then [TS]

  I was here but so is Scott McNulty and [TS]

  that should not stand know next year I [TS]

  will endeavor to do better [TS]

  awesome the people demand it John the PD [TS]

  just have to make Scott McNulty do works [TS]

  really well you're on our next to so [TS]

  that will be you'll be 343 but by the [TS]

  time we hit late January so that's a [TS]

  good start off the off to a good start [TS]

  good start off the off to a good start [TS]

  for everybody and most especially to the [TS]

  listeners out there thanks for listening [TS]

  to the uncomfortable in 2013 onward to [TS]