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343: Billy Campbell's Soup


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  the incomparable number 343 marks 2017 [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  incomparable i am your host Jason Snell [TS]

  we are here to talk about a movie it's a [TS]

  classic movie of a sort of cult movie of [TS]

  a sort not from that long ago oh god [TS]

  it's so long ago now 1991 I was in [TS]

  college then and walt disney pictures [TS]

  released the rocketeer based on the [TS]

  comic books by dave stevens starring [TS]

  well i think of it as starring billy [TS]

  campbell and jennifer connelly although [TS]

  wikipedia would say starring billy [TS]

  campbell and alan arkin and also [TS]

  jennifer connelly as in it which [TS]

  honestly having seen it now yeah that's [TS]

  pretty much it she's in its umph anyway [TS]

  joining me to talk about this movie some [TS]

  people who really love it I have only [TS]

  seen it two or three times I think it's [TS]

  fun but I know there's some people who [TS]

  love love love this movie and guess what [TS]

  i asked them to be on this podcast to [TS]

  talk about it dan Morin is one of those [TS]

  people hi Dan hello Jason better the [TS]

  version with billy campbell and jennifer [TS]

  connelly than the version with billy [TS]

  connolly actually no that would be [TS]

  amazing huh interesting he could have [TS]

  the alan arkin part also a huge [TS]

  Rocketeer fan and I wouldn't do this [TS]

  episode without him returning to the [TS]

  show for a second time it's casey less [TS]

  hi Casey hello i am excited to be here [TS]

  excellent excellent i I hope so we're [TS]

  gonna talk about the rocketeer for [TS]

  pete's sake David J Laura also here with [TS]

  us hello David welcome back to infinity [TS]

  and beyond that's not quite right you're [TS]

  fired off the show now the rugged here [TS]

  is not falling with style and Joe [TS]

  rosenstiel is also here hi Joe the raka [TS]

  who that's one of my favorite line so [TS]

  well done well done I use that way more [TS]

  than I should given that there are only [TS]

  about a half dozen people who I they're [TS]

  all almost all right here yeah anybody [TS]

  have any opening statements uh I believe [TS]

  I saw something in the slack right [TS]

  before I apt on the the conversation [TS]

  that maybe we should bring up some of [TS]

  the the [TS]

  how should I put this the fact that this [TS]

  is kind of a movie for white guys yep [TS]

  four white guys and it's it's very [TS]

  obvious from the get-go there's there's [TS]

  not a whole lot of dynamism in terms of [TS]

  the cast of characters that you see for [TS]

  different backgrounds in their lives [TS]

  more genders or anything of that nature [TS]

  and you could make the case I suppose [TS]

  that it is of the era that it's supposed [TS]

  to be depicting but I don't think that [TS]

  was technically okay for 1991 or it's [TS]

  something that would really fly if you [TS]

  were to go ahead and do this these days [TS]

  and certainly you could look at Joe [TS]

  Johnston's other film um Captain America [TS]

  the First Avenger yep depending on I [TS]

  guess where you were in the the world [TS]

  but um that had a little more going on [TS]

  than this one does and i I just I kind [TS]

  of feel guilty about that or something [TS]

  because I really do like this film but I [TS]

  can I can definitely understand why it [TS]

  would not be appealing to many other [TS]

  people well the comment i made in the [TS]

  slack was was that although i was [TS]

  disappointed that none of our women [TS]

  panelist signed up for this at the same [TS]

  time i thought it would be kind of [TS]

  fitting in the sense that this is not a [TS]

  movie where women really participate [TS]

  jennifer connelly is in it and she her [TS]

  character her character is not bad in [TS]

  the sense that like she's not really [TS]

  portrayed as a as a in ways that she [TS]

  could have been I suppose as a dummy as [TS]

  a as a laughingstock kind of thing I [TS]

  think she she she's really good at [TS]

  hitting people over the head with with [TS]

  glass objects she does that twice that [TS]

  that's kind of like your default damsel [TS]

  yeah right like so it is oh she's [TS]

  totally a damsel the movie that I end up [TS]

  comparing this to maybe just cuz I [TS]

  rewatched it a few weeks ago but it's [TS]

  that's very very similar to it is the [TS]

  princess bride which is also a movie in [TS]

  which the woman is pretty much a person [TS]

  who is kidnapped or sought after she has [TS]

  a couple good points where she like you [TS]

  know hits someone over the head or hits [TS]

  any creature with a log and she is [TS]

  pretty much the only woman in the entire [TS]

  movie with any like substantive role and [TS]

  yeah again I don't think this is [TS]

  necessarily excusable by saying that it [TS]

  of the era I think probably the the best [TS]

  you can say is this was not something [TS]

  that people would like that the people [TS]

  making this movie were thinking about at [TS]

  a time and later wrong that's the way it [TS]

  is and to add to that i will say that [TS]

  after after watching this the other [TS]

  night i went and read the entire dave [TS]

  stevens rocket to your run cuz it's not [TS]

  very long it's like a tissue and holy [TS]

  crap is Jennifer Connelly's version of [TS]

  this character so much better than her [TS]

  in the guy fuck in which basically Dave [TS]

  Stevens so Dave Stevens was kind of [TS]

  apparently obsessed with Bettie Page the [TS]

  pinup model and so the character who is [TS]

  named Betty in the comic books is drawn [TS]

  as essentially bettie page including [TS]

  many many many scenes of her essentially [TS]

  posing in let's say less than well [TS]

  cheesecake cheesecake yeah us wrap but [TS]

  but in cases would like no actual [TS]

  clothes on a mini turns cases like [TS]

  strategically plays and she is [TS]

  incredibly sort of petty and cliff is [TS]

  not much better he is kind of a [TS]

  boozehound and a super jealous and all [TS]

  this like for a cup for a comic that's [TS]

  supposed to be sort of a light-hearted [TS]

  pulp none of the characters seem very [TS]

  sympathetic so yeah I think the movie [TS]

  actually does a service to the comic [TS]

  book in making this much more of a [TS]

  certainly family-friendly movie and [TS]

  certainly more palatable and sympathetic [TS]

  as far as the characters go so yeah I [TS]

  will say that the jennifer connelly role [TS]

  certainly under written but could have [TS]

  been way worse but yeah this is not [TS]

  necessarily a movie that that any [TS]

  current movie should aspire to be in and [TS]

  Joe I have to say kudos to you for blink [TS]

  not blinking an eye when you said that [TS]

  it wouldn't fly today when I was [TS]

  watching at this afternoon as her name [TS]

  comes up i went and jennifer connelly is [TS]

  also present I know the writers were so [TS]

  happy that they they went to the trouble [TS]

  of not making her the screaming helpless [TS]

  damsel yeah they didn't really do that [TS]

  much but you know yes she is she is [TS]

  shake she could be a lot worse but she's [TS]

  hardly integral to the story as anything [TS]

  except the thing that the two men fight [TS]

  over yeah well and she's the [TS]

  coincidental link that helps the actor [TS]

  find the [TS]

  right right right there yet she is the [TS]

  coincident look I love jennifer connelly [TS]

  she is she's she's my age she went [TS]

  apparently went to college with Glenn [TS]

  uncle ending by remote is the worst kind [TS]

  of way and you know she have went on to [TS]

  win an Oscar and she's been a lot of [TS]

  stuff and I think she's very good and [TS]

  here she does all she can with what [TS]

  she's given and she does the way they [TS]

  make her up to look like a classic sort [TS]

  of a classic movie star starlet she [TS]

  looks beautiful but the story again it's [TS]

  just one of those things I didn't really [TS]

  think about before but when we were [TS]

  talking about in slack it's definitely [TS]

  the case that like this is a this is a [TS]

  boy's story basically a boy's life boys [TS]

  a great adventure story in fact I will [TS]

  say and this is a tie into our the fact [TS]

  that it's our member period here the [TS]

  raiders lost ark you know has the same [TS]

  issue right we watched raiders of the [TS]

  lost ark for a special member episode [TS]

  and you know Karen Allen is the only [TS]

  woman in that and she hits a guy over [TS]

  ahead with a log at one point and she's [TS]

  a very spunky capable character but [TS]

  again it's the one woman who is the [TS]

  heroes love interest who doesn't have a [TS]

  lot to do and and Jennifer Connelly is [TS]

  stuck in that same in that same spire [TS]

  and both movies are you know they're [TS]

  specifically aping a certain style and [TS]

  period and everything and you know I [TS]

  think Raiders at least she's a lot [TS]

  sharper she's able to hold her own [TS]

  against the characters whereas in this [TS]

  she the characters a little bit more [TS]

  girly in a preoperative sense and I [TS]

  think they went too far thinking well [TS]

  how would we do this if it were 1938 [TS]

  whereas in Raiders it's like you know [TS]

  okay this is what we're gonna do we're [TS]

  is here they're like well all the [TS]

  Germans would be white guys and well all [TS]

  the people in Hollywood films would be [TS]

  white guys and you know it it's just [TS]

  it's like I don't think that was even on [TS]

  their radar well right I mean Raiders is [TS]

  obviously a huge inspiration point for [TS]

  this movie as well very clearly I mean [TS]

  this the scene later on with Dalton [TS]

  giving Jennifer Connelly the dress is [TS]

  Bella yep and Marion oh yes the same [TS]

  exact same based on it good call there's [TS]

  a number of things like that where I [TS]

  might better [TS]

  rest of the rocketeer better doesn't [TS]

  have that doesn't have the flower on the [TS]

  butt but like same thing where it's used [TS]

  as like a diversion right like it's a [TS]

  trick right like there's a lot of beats [TS]

  in here that are basically crib from [TS]

  that and they you know as far as the [TS]

  production goes it seems to be [TS]

  intentional because a lot of what I came [TS]

  from what I gather they were pointing to [TS]

  Raiders as a successful franchise that [TS]

  would let them set this in the 30s [TS]

  rather than trying to modernize it as [TS]

  some of the earlier arguments were that [TS]

  it should be which would have been [TS]

  really really bad apparently they wanted [TS]

  like a NASA helmet for him was like no [TS]

  no no that's kinda not the point you [TS]

  know you guys you must have seen a [TS]

  different movie than I did because when [TS]

  this movie came out I was ten years old [TS]

  and I had some very complicated thoughts [TS]

  about Jennifer camellias 10 year old oh [TS]

  I had very complicated thoughts about [TS]

  her as a 20 it was 20 and my thoughts [TS]

  about her we're not complicated at all [TS]

  case and I say I'd say that jokingly but [TS]

  but all snark aside I mean she was 20 [TS]

  and she wasn't even 21 with us when this [TS]

  movie was released so she filmed this [TS]

  when she was like 19 or 20 years old and [TS]

  in I was barely alive at 20 years old as [TS]

  far as I'm concerned I could I could [TS]

  barely scrape two words together and [TS]

  here was I mean III don't think this is [TS]

  an oscar-winning performance because of [TS]

  all the things you guys had mentioned [TS]

  that it wasn't that much of a [TS]

  performance but every scene she was in I [TS]

  thought she did a phenomenal job and and [TS]

  I thought I thought she handled it [TS]

  really really well and I thought that [TS]

  she was more than as you said than just [TS]

  a damsel in distress and and it's funny [TS]

  because I would agree that she was not a [TS]

  critical role maybe that's not the best [TS]

  word for it but she was not she was not [TS]

  a frequent seen Yoshi you wouldn't see [TS]

  her that much but nevertheless I don't [TS]

  reflect on this movie and think that she [TS]

  was an afterthought I reflect on it and [TS]

  think that this is but yell billy [TS]

  connolly or whatever his name is I'll [TS]

  see you got my key on my darn head Billy [TS]

  Campbell Thank You Billy Campbell [TS]

  jennifer connelly well they did date for [TS]

  a while so it was it almost went that [TS]

  way I agree actually i would say exactly [TS]

  what you said casey which is in my mind [TS]

  jennifer connelly is a major part of [TS]

  this movie and then watch it on I'm [TS]

  always disappointed that she's not as [TS]

  big a part of it as I remember her being [TS]

  and I think that's just because she does [TS]

  good job she's very likable she's very [TS]

  beautiful and but then the movie like [TS]

  doesn't you know it doesn't carry it [TS]

  through as much as my memory does like I [TS]

  I in the great rewrite in my mind I say [TS]

  give Connolly twice as many scenes as [TS]

  she's got in the script right but that's [TS]

  not actually how the movie is laid out [TS]

  unfortunate well and you know watching [TS]

  it as a writer and watching it in terms [TS]

  of you know how do I pull this apart how [TS]

  do i use the component parts and other [TS]

  things and you know I certainly have [TS]

  done that with this and you know it's [TS]

  like I know that it went through many [TS]

  many rewrites and many many revisions in [TS]

  many many you know let's let's do this [TS]

  outline those two that I well they like [TS]

  this from the old outline and they've [TS]

  you know they just it it's like this [TS]

  weird Frankenstein monster of scripts [TS]

  and outlines and it almost feels and I'm [TS]

  saying this as someone who loves the [TS]

  movie it does still feel like it needed [TS]

  one more polish or two because it's sort [TS]

  of like it's a very linear here's where [TS]

  we go from here and this leads to this [TS]

  and oh what if she's an actress and she [TS]

  connects this and oh what if she's at [TS]

  the club when they're doing the thing [TS]

  and it's it's very easy i see i disagree [TS]

  i'm at very i think it's very yeah is [TS]

  very schematic but i think it's also [TS]

  very tightly plotted in that way in that [TS]

  there there is nothing extraneous about [TS]

  it exactly but it could it could use a [TS]

  little extraneous it could use a little [TS]

  breathing I think it's a Walt Disney [TS]

  picture from 1981 that's the amount of [TS]

  extraneous that needs the only Campbell [TS]

  I went to mention now it Billy Campbell [TS]

  is actually a lot older than Jennifer [TS]

  Connelly um and and and yet here's the [TS]

  thing Billy Campbell is uh he's boyish [TS]

  he just is he he's a boyish fellow and [TS]

  so I I don't have a problem with that [TS]

  part at all the fact that they don't [TS]

  feel like they're you know more than a [TS]

  decade apart in age because the reason [TS]

  that Billy Campbell works in this part [TS]

  as cliff who discovers the rocket pack [TS]

  and start inputs on and get the helmet [TS]

  and starts to fly around and thinks it's [TS]

  fun is that he is so boyish and it is [TS]

  like I said it's in an adventure story [TS]

  like this you kind of want to have that [TS]

  golly golly gee whiz your kind of [TS]

  harkening back to that era and that's [TS]

  that's what Billy Campbell has in spades [TS]

  here right like this is what this part [TS]

  requires and it's what he gives the part [TS]

  after after this movie [TS]

  and partly because of Billy Campbell's [TS]

  performance I did go back to the you [TS]

  know I had always seen the comic but I'd [TS]

  never picked it up and I went back and [TS]

  read it at the time and was very [TS]

  disappointed and now after Stevens [TS]

  passed away and there have been more and [TS]

  more adaptations of The Rocketeer in [TS]

  news stories everything they tend to [TS]

  follow the movie style a little better [TS]

  which I like they should too because and [TS]

  they show having read it it is not it is [TS]

  not is some of their stuff patterned [TS]

  directly after the comic book like the [TS]

  scene with Malcolm being rescued is [TS]

  almost taken not exactly that's asleep I [TS]

  beat certainly but it just goes told the [TS]

  other ELLs also Stevens was kind of I [TS]

  want say obsessed but like he was really [TS]

  big in the pulp stuff so there are there [TS]

  are appearances by notable pulp [TS]

  characters who are very specifically not [TS]

  named so as to prevent any sort of [TS]

  copyright infringement the entire second [TS]

  arc of the comic books involves the [TS]

  shadow but never named just basically [TS]

  alluded to being the shadow but like not [TS]

  in just like one or two scenes he's in a [TS]

  bunch of it the entire first arc and has [TS]

  a bunch of stuff with Doc Savage like oh [TS]

  my right yes but like this is you know [TS]

  anyways so I think that the movie does a [TS]

  nice job of bringing this around to [TS]

  something that in fact it's almost as [TS]

  though the movie is a better sort of [TS]

  adaptation of the Platonic ideal of this [TS]

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  incomparable another thing that we [TS]

  noticed while we were watching this to [TS]

  them Laura and I were watching this last [TS]

  night and at one point one of us made [TS]

  the comment oh this movie has every [TS]

  character actor and yes yes it is a [TS]

  remarkable assortment of character [TS]

  actress like you could just play hey [TS]

  it's that guy the whole movie like just [TS]

  to list some of them and will like [TS]

  alarcon but he's kind of a major a major [TS]

  character and of course Timothy Dalton [TS]

  is the villain but Paul Sorvino is in it [TS]

  Terry O'Quinn is in it ed lauter John [TS]

  Pagano ido William Sanderson wave [TS]

  Sanderson from Deadwood my notes here [TS]

  are literally you know every few lines [TS]

  it's just a name with an exclamation [TS]

  point more gardendale Margo Martindale [TS]

  she's great my favorite my favorite [TS]

  random call out is max Gordon cheek and [TS]

  the very first scene as the gangster the [TS]

  red-haired gangster who of course went [TS]

  on to play rom on deep space nine days [TS]

  nine I kept look at that guys like why [TS]

  do I know him and then I had to look it [TS]

  up afterwards like yes of course and and [TS]

  how many of these character actors wind [TS]

  up folded in half that's kind of well [TS]

  there's also a tiny Ron Taylor who folds [TS]

  yeah him inhales him in half yeah he [TS]

  plays Merridew who's [TS]

  the Grand Nagus is a valid I guess right [TS]

  yeah so there's another connection there [TS]

  Wow right that's awesome but they're [TS]

  like basically everybody's been and [TS]

  start wrecking this one I mean no Terry [TS]

  O'Quinn like a Clint Howard of course of [TS]

  course Terry O'Quinn is Howard Hughes in [TS]

  this and it's a fun it's a fun part for [TS]

  Terry O'Quinn Theriot Quinn's got more [TS]

  hair than we usually see Terry O'Quinn [TS]

  winner just kind of it's a good Howard [TS]

  Hughes role to it's not me it's it's the [TS]

  Howard Hughes saavn know exactly thank [TS]

  exactly buddy it's clay it's the Howard [TS]

  Hughes version i wrote my notes that [TS]

  he's kind of like Nikola Tesla in this [TS]

  regard right he's the mythological sort [TS]

  of genius inventor and we only get him [TS]

  in that sort of role of her yum exactly [TS]

  amused but like you know kind of the [TS]

  he's wise he's older he's a Jedi Master [TS]

  yeah so the Tesla from the prestige like [TS]

  that site exactly David David Bowie is [TS]

  Tesla yeah he's he's got that he's got [TS]

  the wisdom and he he's like advising [TS]

  cliff and like admires him from the from [TS]

  the the aviation perspective like that [TS]

  he's a pilot and all that and he like [TS]

  appreciates that and the end he's his [TS]

  benefactor and brings in the plane and [TS]

  it's a yeah it's a fun part and then [TS]

  he's also at in opposition when we see [TS]

  him he's in opposition to the the feds [TS]

  right because the feds want to [TS]

  federalize the jetpack and he basically [TS]

  just throws the the plans on the fire [TS]

  because he doesn't he doesn't want to [TS]

  get into that game with one of my [TS]

  favorite lines from this entire movie [TS]

  tell them the dream is over tell him [TS]

  Howard Hughes said so telling me talks [TS]

  in the third person my favorite is that [TS]

  right before right before right after [TS]

  that the fed is like will you reconsider [TS]

  and as we're looking at the plans being [TS]

  burnt on a fire no it's not like you can [TS]

  go to Backblaze and get another copy of [TS]

  these things like this is it guys [TS]

  literally yes I yeah I will reconsider [TS]

  by reaching my hand into a fire to pull [TS]

  out my yeah total call guys Thank sorry [TS]

  that was refuse but totally do it Paul [TS]

  Sorvino I want to mention because this [TS]

  is one of my favorite things in this [TS]

  movie every time one of the graves of [TS]

  Paul sorvino's shocker I know he's a [TS]

  gangster yeah I know I I know [TS]

  I believe the Paul Sorvino might be [TS]

  planning thanks dad I know the scene [TS]

  you're gonna go you know what I'm going [TS]

  to say right which is that at the end of [TS]

  this movie one of the one of the big [TS]

  turns that happens is that the gangsters [TS]

  have been working for Timothy Dalton and [TS]

  they get they get cliff cornered then [TS]

  take away the jetpack and it's like oh [TS]

  no what's going to happen with cliff and [TS]

  they reveal that Timothy Dalton is [TS]

  actually a Nazi and he's working with [TS]

  all the all the other Nazis to steal the [TS]

  jet plat pack because they want to take [TS]

  over the world at which point the [TS]

  gangsters say well but we're American [TS]

  gangsters we don't like Nazis and they [TS]

  turn on the Nazis it's such a it is both [TS]

  like wonderful and absurd all together [TS]

  which is like yes these are bad guys but [TS]

  they're our bad guys they're not your [TS]

  dad I think I may be crooked but i'm [TS]

  amir i got a hundred percent american [TS]

  the fantastic shot where he and the Fed [TS]

  are next to each other shooting and then [TS]

  they sort of pause and y'all can eat all [TS]

  right angle shooting the Nazis and [TS]

  you're like all right that's what kind [TS]

  of movie this is yeah it's I mean it's [TS]

  ridiculous and yet it's also like it [TS]

  also is completely in the logic of it [TS]

  right which is that there yeah they've [TS]

  been hired to do a job and they're [TS]

  mobsters and that's fine but then when [TS]

  they realize they're working for the [TS]

  Nazis they're like no no that's not it's [TS]

  almost like a public service [TS]

  announcement at that point where is like [TS]

  I draw the line at working for the Nazis [TS]

  and I think that's a good place to draw [TS]

  the line guy I may not make it honest [TS]

  buck but I'm one hundred percent of Mary [TS]

  Mary guys that's amazing so good some [TS]

  good Paul Sorvino in here for sure um [TS]

  well it's okay let's talk about Timothy [TS]

  Dalton he is Neville Sinclair he is a [TS]

  film actor very serious he has an [TS]

  English accent I mean he's he's Errol [TS]

  until the end of the movie he has an [TS]

  english movie until the inexact until [TS]

  the best chili just start speaking with [TS]

  a German accent cousins prevailed is [TS]

  true love is bizarre the meeting would [TS]

  sense it is acting well if he's got a [TS]

  flawless engl English accent why would [TS]

  he then go back to his English with a [TS]

  German accent once he's uncovered just [TS]

  to spite them it doesn't really make you [TS]

  showing up Dalton Dalton is meadows cuz [TS]

  he can relax now nice new colors finally [TS]

  break and let down to how relaxing works [TS]

  I always relax to the German exit I [TS]

  don't know about yeah I I like Dalton as [TS]

  a villain he has the right degree of [TS]

  suavity and Menace am I years later [TS]

  after this he would play a villain in [TS]

  chuck is a one of the scene one of the [TS]

  seasons of chuck in which he's actually [TS]

  great because he goes from being this [TS]

  sort of very he's supposed to be the [TS]

  sort of friendly ish figure and it's [TS]

  revealed at some point that he's a [TS]

  villain but he's still kind of like [TS]

  thinks he he think does one of those [TS]

  great jobs of thinking he's a good guy [TS]

  and he's just he's I think he's great in [TS]

  this role this is during his James Bond [TS]

  tenure I believe her he was then rented [TS]

  and you know it's obviously a very [TS]

  different side of it's kind of like you [TS]

  have an inverse evil James Bond right [TS]

  like he's still very charming and very [TS]

  suave but he's kind of slimy in in you [TS]

  can make there is info charming is he [TS]

  swamp like it when when he brings when [TS]

  he kidnaps Jenny and brings her back to [TS]

  his like I don't know like that belly [TS]

  move on the creepy for sure but that's [TS]

  the thing like not it strikes me very [TS]

  different as a 35 year old that it is a [TS]

  10 year old that here he is he brings [TS]

  like the kidnapping even as a [TS]

  ten-year-old I realized that was [TS]

  probably not cool but he brings the book [TS]

  to his house and he has like this array [TS]

  of women's clothing in like all shapes [TS]

  wait am I waiting like I was gonna ask [TS]

  you about that I estas it full of [TS]

  women's clothes that I my notes is he is [TS]

  a large selection of women's clothes I [TS]

  am NOT gonna assume anything about his [TS]

  life choices what he wants to dress as [TS]

  is bad by Lauren just quoted mr. robot [TS]

  at me she said that those those are my [TS]

  sisters sure I thought I was a tiger but [TS]

  he's got the creepy uses welcome to my [TS]

  home not a good leaving when you've [TS]

  kidnapped someone then he tries to play [TS]

  the victim card and then he tries to [TS]

  basically use movie lines which I [TS]

  actually kind of love this guy is he is [TS]

  he maybe he's suave but it's all the act [TS]

  right it's right be like I only know how [TS]

  to play this part so I'm going to I [TS]

  don't even have any original lines i'm [TS]

  just going to spew off lines i've used [TS]

  in movies because that works in movies [TS]

  Jenny doesn't want anything to do with [TS]

  the two which is what i love is [TS]

  that you know it's not the like standard [TS]

  fare 00 Neville you know she calls him [TS]

  out on it immediately which I which I [TS]

  thought was fantastic so one of things I [TS]

  really love about that scene it may be [TS]

  my favorite seen the movie there's so [TS]

  much going on it first off timothy [TS]

  dalton has post chloroform moves which [TS]

  is just absurd that's i bring my dates [TS]

  home after having chloroform them then i [TS]

  try to sweet-talk them which is totally [TS]

  insane and then what's nice about what [TS]

  what jenny does is i just realized that [TS]

  jennifer connelly is playing jenny jenny [TS]

  is Jenny we were all born in nineteen [TS]

  seventy we're all called Jason and Jenny [TS]

  um is she is she makes the line about [TS]

  like you're old you're just quoting [TS]

  lines from movies which is great but she [TS]

  also is acting as as the you know the [TS]

  girl in the month he would act in that [TS]

  scenario and and then she is swimming [TS]

  and then she comments like I finally I [TS]

  finally she never was Neville and that [TS]

  does i love that the whole thing is both [TS]

  of those scenes are great because first [TS]

  you have Tim a--they Dalton after she [TS]

  agrees to try on the dress and she [TS]

  disappears in the bathroom he like winks [TS]

  at himself and then sexy teeth in the [TS]

  mirror which is just such a perfect [TS]

  encapsulation of that character and else [TS]

  fake use and in the right my favorite [TS]

  punctuation after she delivers the line [TS]

  I finally play the seaman Neville [TS]

  Sinclair she zips her true her dress [TS]

  back up but it's it's clearly over mixed [TS]

  because it's super loud but it is a [TS]

  great punctuating zip it like yeah that [TS]

  is done we rot we're finished with that [TS]

  part we're moving on and the whole [TS]

  reason that she needed him in there [TS]

  ostensibly which obviously was an act [TS]

  but was to help her you know get the [TS]

  dress off and I'm zat the dress and and [TS]

  here it is she clearly could have [TS]

  handled it all on myself I and I also [TS]

  loved earlier on when when he realizes [TS]

  that Jenny is his tie to cliff who is [TS]

  who has the rocket when he when he's [TS]

  still in the in the like swashbuckling [TS]

  acting mode and he has that just [TS]

  preposterous wig on and he goes goes to [TS]

  walk up to Jennie like fluffs this like [TS]

  hearin aid of just ridiculous hair but [TS]

  he has to fluff it before he walks up to [TS]

  her like it really makes a difference [TS]

  the man it's so good I mean keep in mind [TS]

  that this is a guy who concealed his [TS]

  secret [TS]

  bookcase entrance behind the conquests [TS]

  of casa oh man another thing I didn't [TS]

  really appreciate until very reactive a [TS]

  yeah definitely take some time I just [TS]

  want to say one thing about the set [TS]

  design oh I love his lair I love the [TS]

  South Seas club I love the Bulldog cafe [TS]

  all of this looks so good this looks [TS]

  like what I imagined of these kind of [TS]

  adventures when I was a kid I just I [TS]

  love all the sets yeah you know I [TS]

  commented to my wife when we were [TS]

  watching this the other day that cliffs [TS]

  leather jacket which if you look at it [TS]

  and really think about it is a trust me [TS]

  curious and terrible jacket but God does [TS]

  just bill campbell pull it off so well [TS]

  and i really really want one i really [TS]

  get it like it looks as though there's a [TS]

  series of buttons up the sides and then [TS]

  across the top how does he get the [TS]

  rocket pack on and/or off in any sort of [TS]

  timely fashion with all these buttons in [TS]

  the way like that must have taken an [TS]

  hour that occurred to me too in the [TS]

  another scene that I think is pulled [TS]

  from Raiders which is when he goes back [TS]

  in the south sea club he's running away [TS]

  he runs back into the laundry room where [TS]

  he stashed the rocket pack and where he [TS]

  left it in a laundry bag and now there's [TS]

  a bunch of laundry bags which is [TS]

  basically the basket scene from Raiders [TS]

  he's like diving in and trying to find [TS]

  the right one but i agree with Casey [TS]

  like I thought to myself there are a [TS]

  couple scenes where he disappears that [TS]

  comes back and he's like we've seen that [TS]

  he puts it on and they like buttons the [TS]

  thing over it and at one point that when [TS]

  the Germans take it from him they [TS]

  unbutton the like epaulets traps on his [TS]

  shoulders to my god this thing must take [TS]

  forever to get on and off it's like a [TS]

  suit of armor usually don't want it to [TS]

  fly off that would be awkward yeah yes [TS]

  wrap it on securely so i have a question [TS]

  that this is a little bit out of band [TS]

  but i can't help but ask when when [TS]

  Neville Sinclair accidentally stabs the [TS]

  other actor oh yes swashbuckling scene [TS]

  we were talking earlier about how this [TS]

  film has like no superfluous bits [TS]

  whatsoever and by and large I agree with [TS]

  that but what was the purpose of the [TS]

  stabbing of the of the other leading [TS]

  actor what did that serve any purpose at [TS]

  all it is to show how magnanimous he is [TS]

  he's taking charge he makes sure [TS]

  everything is set up get the ambulance [TS]

  take him here to my personal doctor yeah [TS]

  yeah you know um he's like I'm big man [TS]

  on campus sir but there's something [TS]

  about it that's slightly sinister as I [TS]

  wrote in my notes because the illini guy [TS]

  the guy says is did you think I was [TS]

  stealing the scene and can't quite tell [TS]

  if he's being like he doesn't seem like [TS]

  he's joking like there's an edge to it [TS]

  that makes it sound like oh I know you [TS]

  stabbed me and I know you know you [TS]

  stabbed me like it was done on purpose [TS]

  you're you're a dick like it could be [TS]

  that knowing that the Zeppelin is coming [TS]

  and knowing that he's after the rocket [TS]

  pack if he stabs his fellow leading [TS]

  actor then there's time off from [TS]

  shooting the movie ah there's nothing he [TS]

  has to get to step away from well and [TS]

  some of it is also as you point out [TS]

  playing a role right because not a [TS]

  flight two minutes after that we have [TS]

  the scene where he's trying to chase [TS]

  cliff down you know trying to find him [TS]

  because he's overheard the conversation [TS]

  about the rocket pack and he like starts [TS]

  shoving all of the crew people aside as [TS]

  he's running literally like bodily [TS]

  shoving people it's like he's clearly [TS]

  not a nice guy like that's an act yeah [TS]

  what I love about that is it wouldn't be [TS]

  that hard to get around any of these [TS]

  people but he's like a mandolin all up [TS]

  it's great do you think the extras of [TS]

  that scene that had to do like the [TS]

  overly emphasized infomercial style like [TS]

  aggressive fall do you think after that [TS]

  was over they said to their you know [TS]

  spouse's or whatever I acted in the [TS]

  scene with Timothy Dalton finally [TS]

  updated mean with Timothy title yep [TS]

  timothy zahn that that scene actually [TS]

  also the scene on the hollywood said I [TS]

  feel like has some of the better lines [TS]

  in there were like more memorable lines [TS]

  I enjoy the rapport between the director [TS]

  or producer I don't know what his role [TS]

  is and though the actress who can't act [TS]

  um the acting is acting like you're not [TS]

  acting right to do that yeah I I enjoy [TS]

  that I enjoy some of the that her [TS]

  terrible delivery the ladies in waiting [TS]

  we're waiting [TS]

  it's corny but it's it's super corny but [TS]

  for whatever reason it's a nice comic [TS]

  relief scene and of course the whole [TS]

  thing is crib we mentioned the errol [TS]

  flynn connection before but like this [TS]

  whole thing is clearly click crib from [TS]

  robin hood Oh in arilinn pitch perfect [TS]

  anyway it's looks so good it looks in [TS]

  fact for years I thought it was supposed [TS]

  to be that movie because I'd only like [TS]

  seeing the clips well I love I want to [TS]

  know more about the Laughing bandit I'm [TS]

  like yeah I want to see that movie where [TS]

  is that movie its original sorry now you [TS]

  know it's spoiler let me take a break to [TS]

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  now I will be quiet about this for [TS]

  another year somebody mentioned the set [TS]

  design was that you David set design [TS]

  early out I like the set design some of [TS]

  the sets feel almost amusement park like [TS]

  to me like more like a ride of his music [TS]

  work they're like oh maybe a little too [TS]

  Sethi for me I mean they look they vary [TS]

  their their stylized and their art deco [TS]

  and their period and it's all it's all [TS]

  fine but but some of them work better [TS]

  than others I do enjoy the South Seas [TS]

  club and the scene there where Billy [TS]

  Campbell is the world's worst waiter is [TS]

  especially enjoyable I feel like he [TS]

  improved some of that like the scene [TS]

  where he like starts just messing with [TS]

  the flowers oh it's so bad it's so bad [TS]

  he's just fluffing the flowers yeah I [TS]

  really love what are you yeah what are [TS]

  you doing I don't know I'm not a waiter [TS]

  in the soup that just he brings soup and [TS]

  it's like I'll give you a note and then [TS]

  I'll put cine slops the soup everywhere [TS]

  and then he's told to go away and then [TS]

  he decides to rearrange the flowers a [TS]

  little bit likely because it's it's a [TS]

  bad plan and he executed badly and [TS]

  that's fine if that's not what he's [TS]

  supposed to be like he doesn't know what [TS]

  he's doing he is just coming up with [TS]

  this on the spot and in that sense it [TS]

  works perfectly like you know meet me by [TS]

  the big fish it's nothing and then you [TS]

  like when she walks by the plants you [TS]

  like those it's almost like a cartoonish [TS]

  like what into the hand like it's funny [TS]

  to me though that uh that it was in this [TS]

  scene that was the second gratuitous [TS]

  shot of Jennifer Connelly's chest in a [TS]

  Disney film which I thought was a little [TS]

  bit ridiculous which also probably [TS]

  contributed to my complicated feelings [TS]

  as a ten-year-old but but it seems an [TS]

  extremely tasteless and unnecessary big [TS]

  right it was kind of comical that would [TS]

  when the what's the WC Fields whatever [TS]

  says you're double a charmed but really [TS]

  unnecessary in the great I things [TS]

  definitely did not like get that as a [TS]

  kid like watching this movie I didn't [TS]

  really understand entirely the innuendo [TS]

  of it but yeah I agree for [TS]

  Disney movie it seems unnecessarily [TS]

  crude like Pixar I can't think of an [TS]

  example where Pixar is crude but when [TS]

  you have that like adults only joke in a [TS]

  Pixar film yellow the modern era it's [TS]

  it's much more tastefully done whereas [TS]

  this was just straight-up crude like you [TS]

  said well I mean I would compare this [TS]

  more probably the like Roger Rabbit than [TS]

  a Pixar film sure that's fair but yeah I [TS]

  think the soup scenes one of my favorite [TS]

  scenes and that was what we named we do [TS]

  you focus episode we called a very [TS]

  classy suit because it seems like such a [TS]

  ridiculous thing that he would wheel / [TS]

  soup that's from a fan like what what [TS]

  fans as you see TT yeah you find a soup [TS]

  into a terrine of tomato soup of like [TS]

  campbell's soup there's its Billy can't [TS]

  Billy Campbell Pete Campbell's yeah oh [TS]

  my god it's all making sense now I'll [TS]

  meet you over by the fish I do enjoy all [TS]

  the scenes at the at the South Seas club [TS]

  as well from the giant clam which he [TS]

  gets knocked over in the subsequent [TS]

  action scene to the the music actually [TS]

  which is a kid I think I kind of skipped [TS]

  over but the the I really actually love [TS]

  some of the songs and I think as we [TS]

  noted in one of our discussions earlier [TS]

  that's the actress Melora Hardin who's [TS]

  actually singing and is on stage there [TS]

  and it's a really good delivery of those [TS]

  although even if you're Timothy Dalton I [TS]

  don't recommend trying the don't you [TS]

  hear the music I'm not a good move that [TS]

  is not a good move never not work I I [TS]

  will admit i actually went out and got [TS]

  the soundtrack at the time just for just [TS]

  for her singing partly because her first [TS]

  appearance she's singing a Cole Porter [TS]

  song and that was the way to my heart in [TS]

  1991 oh okay let's let's talk some more [TS]

  hardened by the way if people don't [TS]

  recognize that name you may remember her [TS]

  as GN from the office that's where I [TS]

  think a lot of people know her the the [TS]

  soundtrack though talking about that so [TS]

  this is this is james horner midway [TS]

  between Star Trek to the wrath of khan [TS]

  and titanic and i have to say there are [TS]

  there is at least one Q in this movie [TS]

  that is lifted straight from Star Trek [TS]

  to it is not even [TS]

  and a lot of the cues are very much in [TS]

  fact I got and I wasn't offended by I [TS]

  was kind of excited of like oh wow there [TS]

  is extra music that I could just put in [TS]

  my star trek to the wrath of khan [TS]

  soundtrack playlist cuz it's basically [TS]

  the same and then there's a couple [TS]

  moments that I I'm like oh am I see [TS]

  where he's going with Titanic and ten [TS]

  years right James Horner is kind of [TS]

  infamous among score composers for [TS]

  lifting his own stuff he does it a lot I [TS]

  have many of his soundtracks and a lot [TS]

  of them borrow heavily from each other [TS]

  that said this is one of my favorites of [TS]

  his scores and I've had it I've owned [TS]

  the CD of it for 20-odd years and it's [TS]

  because for no other reason than that [TS]

  second the second track on the CD which [TS]

  is basically covers the rescue of [TS]

  Malcolm The Rocketeer theme in of itself [TS]

  is a fantastic piece of music this [TS]

  entire genre i think is yeah great huh [TS]

  but that in particular is a standout [TS]

  every time I watch it I walk away [TS]

  humming the theme it's yet such a good [TS]

  solid hero theme in a way that a lot of [TS]

  I think you know I put this up against [TS]

  you know we've talked about Captain [TS]

  America briefly in Joe Johnston's role [TS]

  in that I'm hard pressed you pick out a [TS]

  theme in that movie which is kind of [TS]

  disappointing to me because I feel like [TS]

  it should have a very strong definitive [TS]

  one and this score blows that and pretty [TS]

  much every Marvel movie score out of the [TS]

  water yep yeah and you know I'm not a [TS]

  terribly sophisticated film watcher [TS]

  which means I have no business being on [TS]

  this program right now but what what [TS]

  struck me about this soundtrack was that [TS]

  it was so well it lends itself so well [TS]

  to the happy moments the sad moments the [TS]

  intense moments and it was the same [TS]

  general riff that was used and not all [TS]

  the entire way through the movie but in [TS]

  so many different scenes throughout the [TS]

  movie and and and just like you guys [TS]

  said yeah when the when the opening [TS]

  scene happens when the Walt Disney [TS]

  Pictures presents whatever it is is [TS]

  shown on screen and then the then the [TS]

  the hangar doors part in the you know [TS]

  the words part with it and you hear that [TS]

  that opening riff like that that just [TS]

  immediately puts me in the mood for this [TS]

  movie and it's just it's constant [TS]

  throughout the whole movie now sometimes [TS]

  it's intense sometimes it's not [TS]

  sometimes it's happy sometimes it's sad [TS]

  but it's still that same riff and oh god [TS]

  I think it's just so so well done [TS]

  called a motif yes indeed one of my [TS]

  favorite cues from this movie though is [TS]

  another I feel like I can't tell [TS]

  entirely if it's a hunter pretend [TS]

  intentional but the scene where at the [TS]

  very end Sinclair takes the jetpack [TS]

  flies off and it starts to explode there [TS]

  is a high-pitched string section that I [TS]

  am convinced is an homage to the end of [TS]

  Raiders where the there were they open [TS]

  the ark what's the immolation if you [TS]

  listen to the sound of the like they are [TS]

  very very close and again with this [TS]

  movie pulling so much from from Raiders [TS]

  in terms of thematic and like tonal [TS]

  stuff I would not at all be surprised [TS]

  that that was done as sort of a tip of [TS]

  the hat leave a mission radios few times [TS]

  but you guys know Johnson worked on yeah [TS]

  he was a second unit director ed our art [TS]

  director our director ok yeah and I [TS]

  think effects at ILM but I have to check [TS]

  yep I believe so yeah oh it's funny you [TS]

  bring up the ilm because I was just [TS]

  thinking to myself that even though [TS]

  these special effects are very clearly [TS]

  like particularly the rocketeer when [TS]

  he's flying is clearly stop motion I [TS]

  actually am not terribly bothered by it [TS]

  even in 2017 like it's it's not flawless [TS]

  by any stretch but it's not in the [TS]

  uncanny valley either that's so many [TS]

  older films like this one jeez [TS]

  unfortunately is now is they it's it's [TS]

  in that ok area where yeah ok it's it's [TS]

  a little bit corny but it works I don't [TS]

  know if you guys felt the same way or if [TS]

  you were deeply offended by the stop [TS]

  motion but I'm okay with it for me I [TS]

  come from theater right I'm used to [TS]

  suspending disbelief I you know I know I [TS]

  can't do a guy flying through the air [TS]

  over the audience in the theater but for [TS]

  me it's the story it's the characters if [TS]

  that works for me i can overlook cheesy [TS]

  effects i can overlook stop motion and [TS]

  this isn't that bad for all that i like [TS]

  you know the the propulsion of the look [TS]

  a rocket pack a jetpack is not a thing [TS]

  that would make any sense in physics I'm [TS]

  sorry to tell everybody it kind of [TS]

  doesn't make any sense and so really [TS]

  what the hell you say what use made it [TS]

  we talked about Joe Johnson directing [TS]

  Captain America and when that was [TS]

  announced I thought oh that's perfect [TS]

  because it is one of the things I love [TS]

  that movie and one of the reasons I love [TS]

  it is because it is a period piece that [TS]

  embraces the kind of the tropes of the [TS]

  period and like like The Rocketeer it is [TS]

  a perfect was a perfect choice but in [TS]

  this one the just like a superhero power [TS]

  the rocket pack kind of all you really [TS]

  want to do is have it feel exciting and [TS]

  and you just got to put aside the fact [TS]

  that that no that's not how a rocket [TS]

  pack would actually look because it [TS]

  would not it doesn't make any sense and [TS]

  so for me there's some logic to like [TS]

  he's zipping around he's flying around [TS]

  and he kind of steers and he gets where [TS]

  he needs to be and it's like it's enough [TS]

  for me to make sense of it and accept it [TS]

  and just kind of be like cuz cuz really [TS]

  the moment that I started questioning [TS]

  the the veracity of the portrayal of a [TS]

  freakin rocket pack it's like come on [TS]

  lately gets a rocket packets if there is [TS]

  no real with the rocket pack so I accept [TS]

  that it's just it looks great it's funny [TS]

  zipping around sure it's a jetpack when [TS]

  they go to all the trouble of saying [TS]

  okay now now you have the helmet [TS]

  wherever you turn your head that's where [TS]

  you steer and you're gonna go that way [TS]

  and then it almost never works that way [TS]

  if you watch carefully especially when [TS]

  he's flying around in the club no I [TS]

  don't point out how that if you're [TS]

  flying like hundreds or thousands of [TS]

  feet up in the air and you have a [TS]

  problem your metal helmet will not save [TS]

  you okay will not make a damn bit of [TS]

  difference as every reviewer at the time [TS]

  also pointed out his feet would catch on [TS]

  fire right weight is back well I figure [TS]

  that's actually that's one of the things [TS]

  I really like about them testing so one [TS]

  of the things that happens in this movie [TS]

  is they saw I saw down a statue and they [TS]

  attach the jtag the statue of Charles [TS]

  Lindbergh yeah and I like that because [TS]

  that's like thee is this gonna set me on [TS]

  fire test and the answers don't know for [TS]

  some reason the jets that are shooting [TS]

  out right at my butt are it's not a [TS]

  problem and they make the point of [TS]

  saying it's still cool how are you right [TS]

  Howard Hughes man what's hilarious about [TS]

  that is there's the scene if you pay [TS]

  attention to the scene where he's flying [TS]

  around inside the South Seas club [TS]

  there's he's flying over the tables the [TS]

  tables are bursting in Japanese [TS]

  that you're like wait if its speed art [TS]

  Catching Fire how the hell did that work [TS]

  and that's his suit is like that it's [TS]

  just sure surely gonna do that the scene [TS]

  where he's climbing up the laundry chute [TS]

  and he turns the engines on and you're [TS]

  like everybody in that theme would [TS]

  immediately burn to death I gotta say [TS]

  though to build on Timon what you were [TS]

  saying a moment ago like how cool does [TS]

  this rocket pack look again a [TS]

  ten-year-old oh my word this was the [TS]

  coolest movie device I think I'd seen in [TS]

  my whole ten years of living it was [TS]

  amazing the best vacuum cleaner I've [TS]

  ever seen what you guys I mean I love [TS]

  pointing out and I've gotten to where [TS]

  I've trained the boys to figure this out [TS]

  when they're watching something the [TS]

  Chekhov's gun rule that if something is [TS]

  if they make a point of pointing out [TS]

  something it will be important later [TS]

  right up in the beginning chewing gum [TS]

  isn't gonna keep your ass up in the air [TS]

  and of course chewing gum is like the [TS]

  thing for the rest of the movie well i [TS]

  was getting i had a bunch of notes about [TS]

  the gum because i think it's funny how [TS]

  it is one most consistent plot points in [TS]

  the movie yeah cuz the very first scene [TS]

  he sticks it on the back of the the [TS]

  rudder of his lane before he takes off [TS]

  and it's clearly like a good luck thing [TS]

  right peavey pulls it off and what [TS]

  happens he crashes the play he says what [TS]

  do you want to do crash and then he [TS]

  sticks the rihanna right before right [TS]

  after he puts it on the rudder and and [TS]

  just like you said Peavy takes it off [TS]

  and then sure enough he crashed crashes [TS]

  but I love that it's used to plug the [TS]

  bullet hole in the rocket actly and then [TS]

  it becomes the operative part at the end [TS]

  where he played peels it off and that's [TS]

  how Neville Sinclair blows himself up [TS]

  and then we get Howard Hughes tosses him [TS]

  a pack of gum at the end and like don't [TS]

  fly without this and you're like it's a [TS]

  fish where if this were an actual gum [TS]

  brand that we're still sold this would [TS]

  be product placement and and I am so [TS]

  proud that my 15 year old pointed out [TS]

  does that make it Chekhov's gum oh [TS]

  that's my boy Joe I think we need your [TS]

  diagnosis on the jet pack what do you [TS]

  think about the jetpack scenes I think [TS]

  it's fine and and the puppet that they [TS]

  used is is all right they don't get too [TS]

  close to the puppet yeah which is [TS]

  something you shouldn't do with puppets [TS]

  but I think the thing that holds it back [TS]

  is this is right on the cusp of when [TS]

  movies were moving from optical [TS]

  compositing to digital compositing [TS]

  so there there are some unpleasant Matt [TS]

  lines and integration issues in a couple [TS]

  scenes it's not so bad as it is in a few [TS]

  other titles you could probably come up [TS]

  with and they fill late 90s but uh I'm [TS]

  sorry in the late eighties and early [TS]

  nineties but it does it does hold it [TS]

  back from being really very good instead [TS]

  so I would say that that's a that's a [TS]

  negative there's also the model work for [TS]

  the Zeppelin was up when I'm which is [TS]

  which is an unexpected fun moment that [TS]

  you get to see the Zeppelin and it [TS]

  explodes in a way that doesn't make any [TS]

  sense and they're like I think that I [TS]

  think there's a series of hydrogen [TS]

  chambers from the front to the back and [TS]

  they're igniting one by one exploding [TS]

  that's I think actually a design for [TS]

  Zeppelin's you know oh the humanity we [TS]

  have to say also are those implants yes [TS]

  so why would we not love this movie [TS]

  there is epling xin it but my 15 year [TS]

  old when this is like the ultimate [TS]

  incomparable adventure moon when I'm [TS]

  yeah the Zeppelin has a couple of my [TS]

  favorite bits on it including my [TS]

  favorite this is the finest pilot and [TS]

  all of Germany working great it's a deal [TS]

  with the guy just like ah falls out and [TS]

  everybody stares at the wheels Vinnie [TS]

  back and forth great comic timing moment [TS]

  lothar is Keith Lothar is a great he's [TS]

  like the he's the walk out what's the [TS]

  guy's name from die hard Alexander good [TS]

  no Alexander good enough he's the like I [TS]

  won't the the henchmen who won't die [TS]

  right that's if probably the TV Tropes [TS]

  name in that like you keep thinking he's [TS]

  been dispatched and of course he keeps [TS]

  coming back so outlandish more like jaws [TS]

  from a gem from the James go gay yeah [TS]

  yeah that's good captain yeah especially [TS]

  with the the heavy prosthetic mask thing [TS]

  yeah doesn't move it's we're all like a [TS]

  couple of scenes were that's an issue [TS]

  yeah watching this couple days ago it [TS]

  was striking how bad the like dubs or [TS]

  whatever or how much his face was not [TS]

  moving when he was taught ostensibly [TS]

  talking yeah it was rough but bringing [TS]

  up Lothar one of my favorite pieces of [TS]

  trivia about this movie is that when [TS]

  cliff I think after the Malcolm rescue [TS]

  is is whizzing through like a cornfield [TS]

  or some sort of field well it's an [TS]

  orange grove I think in a corn [TS]

  you know jason is a token California [TS]

  directly adjacent Justin show both [TS]

  actually but anyway um he's whizzing [TS]

  through all this and uh in in all of a [TS]

  sudden you see these two like farmers [TS]

  and one of them a shorter one says big [TS]

  gopher gopher well the other farmer is [TS]

  Lothar apparently which if you look [TS]

  closely yeah you can realize it but I [TS]

  never knew that until I went Leo looking [TS]

  through IMDb a few years ago and sure [TS]

  enough the taller of the two farmers I [TS]

  think he does not say big gopher he's [TS]

  the other one that's Lothar or whatever [TS]

  time I brought whatever the doctors [TS]

  names my my favorite cameo is Dave [TS]

  Stevens creator The Rocketeer appears in [TS]

  the propaganda Nazi propaganda film he's [TS]

  the german test pilot who blows up in [TS]

  the film I didn't know that that's [TS]

  awesome yeah which that plot that [TS]

  propaganda film was really well done [TS]

  kind of grace scarily well done I love [TS]

  that film so much just the animation the [TS]

  not you know the typical the Nazis [TS]

  spreading out over Europe first Europe [TS]

  then the world and the animated flying [TS]

  soldier that's realistic goods really [TS]

  some movie German just like writers a [TS]

  Lost Ark some very good high school [TS]

  German happening in it why I mean it's [TS]

  it's convenient that they had a pretty [TS]

  decent animation studio to work with [TS]

  just saying uh-huh no it's it's nice and [TS]

  they do some people Nazi rocket man are [TS]

  gonna take over the world and again you [TS]

  know people died getting that out [TS]

  getting that cartoon out of Germany so [TS]

  one thing I think every time I watch [TS]

  this movie I wish Joe Johnston had [TS]

  directed the shadow I still like the [TS]

  shadow I mean I styes to like the shadow [TS]

  it's imperfect but I like it but I wish [TS]

  he had directed it would have been much [TS]

  better I like the guy who yells at [TS]

  sinclair in german a lot on the zeppelin [TS]

  who had my notes is called the cheap [TS]

  tote imitator from except of course he [TS]

  just gets thrown out of the other [TS]

  zeppelin only needed to drop ballast why [TS]

  wouldn't you toke egg there's the weight [TS]

  i do enjoy the the the whole premise [TS]

  that the the German Zeppelin is on a [TS]

  tour but they're going to use it to get [TS]

  this jetpack and the Zeppelin goes down [TS]

  in flames because that's what happened [TS]

  with Zeppelin's and and it does it over [TS]

  Griffiths observe Griffith Observatory [TS]

  apparently and it's just it's just of [TS]

  course there [TS]

  Zeppelin at the hollywood sign and a [TS]

  climactic thing and yes they just it [TS]

  that's how the land got knocked off the [TS]

  Hollywood land sign right I mean it's [TS]

  just of course of course this is how the [TS]

  movie ends with a Zeppelin flaming [TS]

  Zeppelin another Raiders pastiche is the [TS]

  fight between cliff and Lothar on top of [TS]

  the Zeppelin which is like the fight [TS]

  with a good big bruiser while the [TS]

  airplane in raleys even got a wrench [TS]

  ranch yup down yeah I like the line you [TS]

  know when he when cliff is fighting [TS]

  Neville in the Zeppelin the where's your [TS]

  stunt man now Sinclair so good to my own [TS]

  stunts one one one thing I really love [TS]

  them this is that you know it builds to [TS]

  this impossible thing right the rocket [TS]

  pack is gone there are no parachutes the [TS]

  the Zeppelin's going down and you know [TS]

  what are they gonna do and all of a [TS]

  sudden howard hughes in pv show up just [TS]

  because why where and you know so he get [TS]

  he actually gets to save the day which [TS]

  is now lower the lower the ladder the [TS]

  ladder that um that gyrocopter thing [TS]

  actually appears in the comic as well [TS]

  but it's not connected to howard hughes [TS]

  at all but yeah it's a the thing so one [TS]

  thing that we have talked about that i [TS]

  want to mention too is the there there [TS]

  is a lot of stuff especially early on [TS]

  between Billy Campbell and Alan Arkin [TS]

  who we haven't really talked about Alan [TS]

  Arkin it's a fun part he's the he's [TS]

  Peavy he's the mentor and there's lots [TS]

  of uh I love that kind of like they've [TS]

  got a plan they got this they got the [TS]

  plane they're working on they're gonna [TS]

  have a system they're gonna this is how [TS]

  they're making their money and they're [TS]

  like they enjoy being like aircraft [TS]

  mechanics and racers and all of that and [TS]

  that feels I i love the quaintness of [TS]

  that because that that's like from an [TS]

  era where airplanes were just an [TS]

  incredible novelty and that's for a [TS]

  while that was a thing you could be is [TS]

  just like an airplane mechanic and racer [TS]

  whether that was ever really the case or [TS]

  not it feels very you know early 20th [TS]

  century story it was I've done research [TS]

  on this for another project and it's it [TS]

  is a fascinating thing to look into the [TS]

  the barnstorming and the early days of [TS]

  airline air [TS]

  planes sort of a subculture here like a [TS]

  ham radio subculture some things that [TS]

  this is the the airplane mechanic and [TS]

  fly and races and wear dress up like a [TS]

  clown and flyer and and that's that's [TS]

  something that back when I you know the [TS]

  first few times I saw this I didn't have [TS]

  that basis if you know it felt authentic [TS]

  it felt like okay you know it's great [TS]

  and the more I've read the word I've [TS]

  looked into this and it's like wow they [TS]

  really nailed that that really works and [TS]

  and i love the chemistry between [TS]

  campbell and arc and i love whatever it [TS]

  is alan arkin is doing with his accent [TS]

  because that's not his normal speaking [TS]

  voice it's just delightful no he's got [TS]

  thee it's got a slight accent do and I [TS]

  really enjoy the folks eNOS of it yes my [TS]

  favorite line from him is cliff when you [TS]

  borrow something to know tell a buddy [TS]

  they call it yeah oh here's the best [TS]

  lines in the whole yeah it does have the [TS]

  best lines in the movie I think we're [TS]

  gonna need a helmet like it at the end [TS]

  when they're when they're having the big [TS]

  romantic kiss new 0 he's describing the [TS]

  plans velasquez hey are you over there [TS]

  how about we look at the holidays got [TS]

  his his um I really want to know his [TS]

  backstory cuz he talks about bit you [TS]

  know cliff makes fun of him for not [TS]

  having had a date in years he's like ah [TS]

  this flora Maxwell wasn't a point dating [TS]

  anybody after her and you like ma'am [TS]

  what is this guy's story like what was [TS]

  he doing the funny thing about the the [TS]

  Aeronautics and all that is that the the [TS]

  racer the gb that that they were I guess [TS]

  building or or you know preparing for [TS]

  nationals that was a real thing it was a [TS]

  gb model z and apparently it was [TS]

  impossibly hard to fly and I don't [TS]

  recall the specifics but I looked into [TS]

  this a couple years ago when i went [TS]

  spelunking into Rocketeer trivia and and [TS]

  i guess it is a real thing and it was [TS]

  very very difficult to fly and that's [TS]

  why it was such a big deal in the [TS]

  beginning that cliff was taking this up [TS]

  and taking it for its first flight and [TS]

  whatnot because it was it was renowned [TS]

  apparently for killing its pilots so you [TS]

  know this is not doing a good job [TS]

  because i don't think anyone really knew [TS]

  that trivia but it's it's kind of [TS]

  establishing a cliff as you know like a [TS]

  cracker yeah that's better word for a [TS]

  daredevil pilot yeah i think it's the [TS]

  one of the things that they don't [TS]

  normally talk about is that if you fly [TS]

  your plane [TS]

  or a car chase it's going to get shot [TS]

  you're gonna probably have trouble [TS]

  because I like that cuz then he comes [TS]

  back to the air feelings like oh that [TS]

  doesn't look good and there's smoke [TS]

  coming out of it's like they don't even [TS]

  know he flew over a car chase and the [TS]

  bullets written riddle book the bottom [TS]

  of this plane that's why it's in trouble [TS]

  and then of course you know it's [TS]

  collapses on the AMA as its landing and [TS]

  the landing gear go flying and it skids [TS]

  in on its belly and is destroyed I love [TS]

  the shot where he has to punch the [TS]

  cockpit yeah yeah because you can see [TS]

  you know and that is it's sort of like [TS]

  again sort of a throwback to like I [TS]

  think of Lindbergh you know flying [TS]

  spirit of st. Louis which did not have a [TS]

  windshield essentially and if you wanted [TS]

  to see where he's going yet to stick his [TS]

  head out the side like you know that [TS]

  with all the things we take for granted [TS]

  in a modern day aircraft right are not [TS]

  present here because this is a the 1930s [TS]

  and it is dangerous it is still kind of [TS]

  untested and even though we do have like [TS]

  we do have like that brief commercial [TS]

  airliner that he flies by on his first [TS]

  trip as the rocketeer you know a this is [TS]

  the unexplored frontier of this era and [TS]

  I really enjoy that part of it yo [TS]

  speaking of hardware and tangentially [TS]

  related to set design one thing I [TS]

  noticed when I watch this a couple days [TS]

  ago is that like every car in this movie [TS]

  has suicide doors which is so here and [TS]

  such like a 30 s era thing to have these [TS]

  doors that open your kind of behind you [TS]

  instead of pivoting in front of you and [TS]

  I don't know why that struck me so that [TS]

  what did when I watched it this week but [TS]

  it's just such it's something you never [TS]

  see and in fact the the the car that I [TS]

  forget the guy's name but the one who [TS]

  ended up playing a role in deep space 9 [TS]

  not only to save suicide doors but has a [TS]

  rumble seat in the battle how freakin [TS]

  cool is that I it feels like they were [TS]

  like what what can we do to convey that [TS]

  this isn't not like the old days as much [TS]

  as possible I thought you're gonna [TS]

  mention the hardware also from the the [TS]

  weaponry my two favorite weaponry notes1 [TS]

  the mauser of course which is what the [TS]

  rocketeer used at the end he never gets [TS]

  to fire it because it gets knocked out [TS]

  of his hand as soon as he gets on the [TS]

  Zeppelin but that is I believe the [TS]

  weapon on which han sol was blaster is [TS]

  Liz base is the body of it I thought [TS]

  this was a special effect thing that [TS]

  caught me the first time in this one [TS]

  it's a very beginning when the feds are [TS]

  chasing the gangsters there's a sea [TS]

  where they sort of run out of the hangar [TS]

  and you see the feds shooting there's no [TS]

  muzzle flash on the gun and it's clearly [TS]

  like a Foley didn't sound later it was [TS]

  just the most glaring thing to me in the [TS]

  first five minutes of the movie is like [TS]

  the feds are like shooting with these [TS]

  revolvers and like there is clearly [TS]

  nothing coming out that gun it is a step [TS]

  above people going bang bang what have [TS]

  we not covered that we should cover [TS]

  before we rest of my things Jason I know [TS]

  well this is your chant this year too I [TS]

  will say I mentioned it earlier the that [TS]

  ludicrous scene where after the [TS]

  chloroform he he puts the tries to put [TS]

  the moves on on Jennifer Connelly and [TS]

  says at one point I'm as much a victim [TS]

  as you are that one made me laugh out [TS]

  loud that is such it such a great great [TS]

  line and then I'm gonna say the thing my [TS]

  wife said that was the best when he when [TS]

  he opens up that closet to reveal all of [TS]

  the women's clothing in it is she said [TS]

  nothing makes a girl feel special like [TS]

  used lingerie later is not a scene after [TS]

  that where she realizes that he's a Nazi [TS]

  in it maybe she says Neville Sinclair is [TS]

  a spy saboteur fascists all of the above [TS]

  why would you identify yourselves all [TS]

  the things I feel like that is not good [TS]

  marketing and how do i hear her through [TS]

  the door which was closed while she's [TS]

  whispering yeah he's that he's got a [TS]

  great ears Joe he's got great year I [TS]

  love that bookshelf though I'm a sucker [TS]

  for the hidden for hidden yep Oh shelves [TS]

  and it's a great one into his evil Nazi [TS]

  layer that he keeps behind there that [TS]

  with a radio with Germans on it yep [TS]

  especially in a Frank Lloyd Wright house [TS]

  yeah except the ice snail at the South [TS]

  Sea shoes joy that it's dumb but the [TS]

  Steamworks of flying around it so no he [TS]

  ends up on the giant ice sculpture rides [TS]

  it out I went one of the things I love [TS]

  in the South Seas club is the giant clam [TS]

  yes which is almost certainly there only [TS]

  city can fly behind it and knock it shut [TS]

  yeah pretty much which is it's beautiful [TS]

  it still works I also speaking of weird [TS]

  things done with the rocket pack when [TS]

  he's he's trying to fly away from her [TS]

  escape him and Peavy from the like press [TS]

  and in Valentine's crew and the pickup [TS]

  won't start and he says put it in [TS]

  neutral you steer all [TS]

  oh my goodness I love that I like that [TS]

  one that's right after my favorite joke [TS]

  bit in the movie which is where he flies [TS]

  up next to the airliner was saluted back [TS]

  yeah I just love it cuz again it's dumb [TS]

  he doesn't know what he's doing yeah and [TS]

  easy like there's just a moment of the [TS]

  ushe [TS]

  ushe [TS]

  another great line from Terry O'Quinn [TS]

  congratulations gentlemen thanks to the [TS]

  dillons is the FBI this particular oh so [TS]

  good Oh every line from Terry O'Quinn is [TS]

  golden it really it will fly I also [TS]

  loved how thick the FBI agent CIA [TS]

  however they were put it on with the [TS]

  like 30 Zarah lingo like cliff takes a [TS]

  swipe at one of them when when he says [TS]

  oh you should get a real job and I'm [TS]

  probably gonna get the slightly wrong [TS]

  buddy buddy the the one FBI agent says [TS]

  the other that fly boy lands one on my [TS]

  kisser and you just let him waltz the [TS]

  exact such very like stereotypical lingo [TS]

  right why boy kisser let'em what you [TS]

  think that's bad dude do read the comic [TS]

  book which is just wall-to-wall thirties [TS]

  jargon it is kind of terrible yeah [TS]

  goodness also my other favorite line [TS]

  which is also also an alan arkin we [TS]

  don't have a house clifford we have a [TS]

  gazebo just a delivery Arkans delivery [TS]

  is pitch perfect in that scene we [TS]

  haven't mentioned the diner though on [TS]

  your field it's got its got a cute [TS]

  bulldog facade and Millie who hit [TS]

  somebody with a pan because again it's a [TS]

  it's a what Lauren said is that's one of [TS]

  the allowed items that you can as that a [TS]

  woman can hit people with you got [TS]

  there's a pan or a vase and Jennifer [TS]

  Connelly's got the vase thing down so [TS]

  and a statue she hits a guy with a [TS]

  statue right and so Millie gets the the [TS]

  frying pan for that that's margo [TS]

  martindale who's been in a million [TS]

  things and it's great and she's got this [TS]

  little part in the rocketeer it was fun [TS]

  to see her there well in watching it [TS]

  watching it in retrospect knowing her [TS]

  who she is now and knowing that she's a [TS]

  pretty damn good actress if you watch [TS]

  justified she is Americans and the [TS]

  Americans William Sanderson is one of [TS]

  the fly boys who of course I didn't know [TS]

  when I first watched this but watched it [TS]

  having just watched Deadwood the past [TS]

  year was like it's the mayor from Ted [TS]

  foot no it's Larry's remover hard and [TS]

  he's also an ugly Brenner yeah I was [TS]

  gonna say you know seeing margo [TS]

  martindale now and watching this and [TS]

  going oh my god all she's doing is [TS]

  squealing and [TS]

  sping and she can do so much more also [TS]

  character actor bit for you Casey Eddie [TS]

  Jones as Malcolm who is of course also [TS]

  in sneakers he sense of what who did he [TS]

  played sneakers he's one of he's one of [TS]

  Ben Kingsley's thugs he's the real bad [TS]

  the the jerky thug the big who knocks [TS]

  Robert Redford out several times in the [TS]

  trunk he is oh yeah he also played the [TS]

  dad on Lois and Clark he was he was [TS]

  Clark's dad that's where I knew him I [TS]

  was like look it's Jonathan Kent there [TS]

  is no way how did not even yet I didn't [TS]

  even mention him any chance you see he [TS]

  was on the parade of character actors he [TS]

  was yep I don't mention him but I should [TS]

  have cuz he's dead yeah listen Clark [TS]

  absolutely up it was such a good way [TS]

  that he sabotaged their third date by [TS]

  revealing what it actually happened to [TS]

  the G Blaine he could not read the room [TS]

  yeah he's a drunk but you also get the [TS]

  idea that he's maybe like not not all [TS]

  all there yeah like there's cuz he talks [TS]

  about the getting shot down by the Red [TS]

  Baron I love that he's like telling [TS]

  Patsy the girl I ever tell you the story [TS]

  about getting shot down by the Red Baron [TS]

  and she starts nodding and then Margo [TS]

  Martindale's like shaking her head [TS]

  behind him and then she changes to [TS]

  shaking her head yeah it's uh I enjoy [TS]

  any then he shoots he throws the the [TS]

  wheel of the plane in the soup it's a [TS]

  soup call back yeah unfortunately it's [TS]

  not very hygienic to lick that and then [TS]

  hand it to a child it was the 30s Joe it [TS]

  was building her immunity come on you [TS]

  know what it's speaking of one thing [TS]

  that that also struck me when watching [TS]

  this this week is cliff is really a [TS]

  terrible boyfriend like a very muscley [TS]

  bad Voyager I wrote that he's just he's [TS]

  a trip he is such a drip yeah I do he he [TS]

  said to jetty you know um oh this time [TS]

  you have lines or something like that or [TS]

  and he was like a real jerk about how he [TS]

  didn't want to see her movies which you [TS]

  know of course is to some degree at rope [TS]

  but I don't know it was just it was [TS]

  stunning to me that he is a real turd [TS]

  which I guess was preparing him for that [TS]

  movie with Jennifer Lopez many many many [TS]

  years later when he was colossally evil [TS]

  what was the name of that movie I can't [TS]

  remember that Bill Campbell was in and [TS]

  it doesn't matter but anyway uh [TS]

  striking to me that that you know jenny [TS]

  is so nice and that he's such a turd to [TS]

  her it's really unfortunate all right uh [TS]

  before we go I thought it would go [TS]

  around and ask everybody for the final [TS]

  impressions of the rocketeer any other [TS]

  closing statements that need to be made [TS]

  could be made now David what about you I [TS]

  love it I love it I mean I it's it's one [TS]

  of the things that I used as an [TS]

  inspiration radio theatre I just you [TS]

  know increased the number of women [TS]

  involved in it but yeah you know uh it's [TS]

  it is a delightful story and it's and it [TS]

  inspired several comics which i enjoy [TS]

  reading now and happens to also include [TS]

  p dave stevens comics which I do not [TS]

  read um it's it's just nice it's it's a [TS]

  pitch perfect recreation of that era and [TS]

  that style it's not Raiders but if i'm [TS]

  not watching raiders i can do this you [TS]

  know this movie is is a movie as i've [TS]

  mentioned a couple times that I've grown [TS]

  up with in you know I first saw it [TS]

  probably not long after it came out when [TS]

  I was when I was a little boy and and I [TS]

  and I've watched it probably a couple [TS]

  times a year ever since and I just I [TS]

  love this movie and it's hard to put my [TS]

  finger on specifically why I love it so [TS]

  much but it's to put in perspective how [TS]

  much I love this movie the first time I [TS]

  went to Los Angeles which was probably [TS]

  2010 one of the things I ensured that i [TS]

  did when i was there was go to griffith [TS]

  observatory which by the way is freaking [TS]

  cool it's beautiful in such a cool place [TS]

  to visit but i wanted to go there [TS]

  specifically so i could stand where [TS]

  ostensibly you know this this big [TS]

  zeppelin attack or whatever happened and [TS]

  oh my god i'm so glad i did this movie [TS]

  is also weird for me because as someone [TS]

  who is probably not too far away from [TS]

  uncultured swine this was my first real [TS]

  this was my first real exposure to [TS]

  timothy dalton like I'd ever seen a [TS]

  Timothy Dalton bond until well after I'd [TS]

  seen this movie I this my first exposure [TS]

  down at alan arkin to jennifer connelly [TS]

  I mean Bill Campbell is I think a much [TS]

  less prominent star but him as well you [TS]

  know so many people I associate them [TS]

  with this movie before any other in the [TS]

  thing I love about the rocketeer and the [TS]

  only way I can describe how I [TS]

  what I like so much about it is that in [TS]

  many ways it feels me feel the same way [TS]

  that being at disney world does in that [TS]

  it's like this this unadulterated like [TS]

  childlike joy that that I I only feel [TS]

  like maybe at the holiday time or when [TS]

  I'm at Disney World or when I'm watching [TS]

  a movie like this that not only did I [TS]

  loved as a kid but I continue to love as [TS]

  an adult and yeah there's foibles with [TS]

  it we've talked about plenty of them but [TS]

  by and large is just a fun happy movie [TS]

  and I in in this era when you know I'll [TS]

  tell you that I love movie oohs TV [TS]

  series like Breaking Bad which is not a [TS]

  happy movie series and having something [TS]

  like this that's that's in many ways [TS]

  just pure saccharine it just makes me so [TS]

  happy and in the moment I hear that [TS]

  opening line that opening music like we [TS]

  were talking about earlier it's just I'm [TS]

  instantly transported to my happy place [TS]

  and and I just love this movie so much [TS]

  for that it's funny how movie locations [TS]

  can can be a thing that guides you [TS]

  because like when I when I was in New [TS]

  York a few years ago I went to the steps [TS]

  of the New York Public Library like [TS]

  literally to look at the Lions and all [TS]

  that because of ghostbusters because it [TS]

  Ghostbusters it was the reason I stood [TS]

  on the steps of the public library is [TS]

  because it goes buster so III I hear you [TS]

  Joe what do what are your feelings about [TS]

  the rocketeer having rewatched it to [TS]

  extend something that a casey had said [TS]

  it actually kind of reminds me of [TS]

  disneyland they have this thing called [TS]

  California Adventure the lesser [TS]

  interesting place you could go and it [TS]

  has a an area called carthay circle [TS]

  which is just sort of this weird art [TS]

  deco throwback thing and you just walk [TS]

  through there and it's like streetcars [TS]

  and also other stuff is just like this [TS]

  is very strange but somehow comforting [TS]

  and I enjoy that aspect of this the sort [TS]

  of Americana mythos of this film it's [TS]

  it's fun I mean it's not real when I [TS]

  won't don't want to live there but it's [TS]

  it's it's a fun romp to to experience [TS]

  and just in terms of Los Angeles [TS]

  locations that I appreciate much more [TS]

  now than I did back then I I do also [TS]

  have to echo the Griffith Observatory is [TS]

  pretty neat and I like one thing I [TS]

  didn't realize was that there's the [TS]

  drive up to Griffith Observatory is very [TS]

  similar to the rebel without a cause [TS]

  drive up which apparently has also been [TS]

  reproduced inside of lala land it was [TS]

  like wow there's a lot of people driving [TS]

  up to this building I am I enjoy I enjoy [TS]

  it and I I think that it would be fun to [TS]

  see more things that are a little [TS]

  lighter be made along these lines where [TS]

  it's not necessarily like completely [TS]

  childish but it's it's sort of a fun in [TS]

  an enjoyable experience yeah and I think [TS]

  there's somebody said like you said said [TS]

  Joe it's the it's the mythos of this [TS]

  this period in American history and was [TS]

  it really like this probably not but but [TS]

  it is we know this feeling of Americana [TS]

  right like all mostly it's like a Norman [TS]

  Rockwell painting or whatever it is that [TS]

  kind of feel and that's what this movie [TS]

  that's what this movie takes to heart [TS]

  also Griffiths Griffith Observatory is [TS]

  great watch for the falling Zeppelin's [TS]

  that's also watch out for the zone oh [TS]

  that's that's just good advice every one [TS]

  thing you gotta watch out for Dan bring [TS]

  it home well unsurprisingly one of my [TS]

  favorite movies possibly in my top 10 [TS]

  I've had the rocketeer in my bio my [TS]

  twitter bio i think pretty much since [TS]

  I've been on Twitter and so I love this [TS]

  movie unabashedly it's funny I hope [TS]

  racking my brains trying to remember the [TS]

  first time I saw it and I honestly [TS]

  cannot remember if I saw it in the [TS]

  theater or not is you know just for some [TS]

  reason it is lost in the mists of time [TS]

  but I've seen it so many times since [TS]

  then that it's all kind of blurred [TS]

  together and I agree with what everybody [TS]

  said about this being light-hearted and [TS]

  being robbed it taps into a few things [TS]

  that I think are just fundamental and a [TS]

  lot of people one is the basic idea [TS]

  flight right like who doesn't want to [TS]

  find a jet pack like the idea of the [TS]

  freeing you know freeing yourself from [TS]

  flight in the same way that we think of [TS]

  Superman or any sort of superhero I [TS]

  think having that power is something [TS]

  that appeals to a lot of people and a [TS]

  you know [TS]

  being an average Joe for whatever reason [TS]

  that they're not hey not that that joke [TS]

  about average Joe you know fine you [TS]

  stumbling across something extraordinary [TS]

  is I think you know a basic story [TS]

  premise that we can all kind of get [TS]

  behind I think also in the ways of that [TS]

  mythos this is a black and white movie [TS]

  there's not a lot of shades of grey the [TS]

  bad guys are bad the good guys are good [TS]

  even if the good guy is somewhat of a [TS]

  dolt at times about being a you know a [TS]

  crappy boyfriend there's not a lot of [TS]

  moral gray area right like you know it's [TS]

  pretty clear cut and that's that's one [TS]

  of the reasons Nazis tend to make good [TS]

  cartoon villains is because up until [TS]

  recently it seemed like oh yeah there [TS]

  you know who can be offended by not [TS]

  seats so i think that there's a lot to [TS]

  love about this movie held my mom loved [TS]

  this movie and she is not a huge like [TS]

  super here or a pulp comic fan but she [TS]

  I've watched this with her on multiple [TS]

  occasions and I know that she really [TS]

  likes it and so for me you know it takes [TS]

  a lot of boxes it sort of fits in the [TS]

  superhero genre but without being overly [TS]

  superhero II it's got the 1940s [TS]

  aesthetic to it it's got that mythos of [TS]

  a simpler time and all of that sort of [TS]

  combines that with the fantastic score [TS]

  the special effects the cinematography [TS]

  all of that wraps together in a package [TS]

  that I think is just incredibly [TS]

  appealing and I do wish there were more [TS]

  movies made like this that you know it's [TS]

  not to say that there is no place for [TS]

  movies that challenge you and make you [TS]

  think but in sometimes you want to sort [TS]

  of sit back relax and catch something [TS]

  that is that it's simple and like tugs [TS]

  it that part of you that longs for a a [TS]

  more black and white era where the [TS]

  heroes are larger than life and and good [TS]

  and the bad guys are easily defined and [TS]

  easily compatible one that I got into a [TS]

  conversation on Twitter about that today [TS]

  that there just aren't enough movies now [TS]

  where the hero is heroic simply because [TS]

  it's the right thing to do right they [TS]

  have to have a complicated backstory or [TS]

  it has to be they have to be somewhat [TS]

  morally gray and they do heroic things [TS]

  because it's part of their jobs [TS]

  I you know where where our role models [TS]

  where where are those characters we can [TS]

  look up to and aspire to be like and if [TS]

  we bring all the heroes down to our [TS]

  level who are we aspiring towards that's [TS]

  one reason I give a plug to Captain [TS]

  America and Joe Johnson's work on that [TS]

  right that is that is kind of what [TS]

  they're going for with all of those [TS]

  movies is he is supposed to be morally [TS]

  unimpeachable and you can have a [TS]

  discussion about what that means and [TS]

  whether or not that's true but I think [TS]

  for the most part especially in the [TS]

  first couple movies he comes out pretty [TS]

  much being the closest thing we have to [TS]

  the that simple square-jawed hero who [TS]

  just does what's right because it is [TS]

  what's right that first captain america [TS]

  movie and and i would say this even if I [TS]

  didn't know that Joe Johnston directed [TS]

  it and the rocketeer but like that is [TS]

  one of the closest movies I can find to [TS]

  the rocketeer in terms of your chill [TS]

  sequel right like really is right yeah [TS]

  and and for a period piece and it feels [TS]

  like I told somebody who is skeptical [TS]

  about I said it's like a propaganda oh [TS]

  it's like world war two propaganda film [TS]

  in a lot of ways and it's just enjoyable [TS]

  like it is it is it is not shying away [TS]

  from what kind of a story it's telling [TS]

  about Steve Rogers buena being the [TS]

  scrawny kid who becomes the hero and and [TS]

  punches Nazis and you know it that [TS]

  that's exactly what it is and it's great [TS]

  and it and it does have a Peggy Carter [TS]

  much more active participant in in that [TS]

  movie then then Jennifer Connelly is [TS]

  allowed to be as Jenny and this one it's [TS]

  a fine-tuned course corrected remake [TS]

  yeah this been great it was fun to [TS]

  revisit this film this is a this film is [TS]

  a lot of fun and I'm glad that we could [TS]

  talk about it too so I would like to [TS]

  thank my guests before we go David Laura [TS]

  thank you thank you i'm off to chew some [TS]

  gum and look at some plans I got em all [TS]

  out of plans I did show rosenstiel thank [TS]

  you thank you for having me den Morin [TS]

  thank you son of a bitch will fly yeah [TS]

  Casey list uh thanks for being on again [TS]

  I guess when we do our sneakers episode [TS]

  you'll be back right oh it would be my [TS]

  pleasure and thank you so much for [TS]

  having me alright and that's it for this [TS]

  edition of the uncomfortable we'll be [TS]

  back next week with more but until then [TS]

  this is jason snelling off by everyone [TS]

  you [TS]

  [Music] [TS]