The Incomparable

345: Evil Giggle


  the incomparable number 345 marks 2017 [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  incomparable i'm your host Jason Snell [TS]

  we're going to change it up a little bit [TS]

  we're going to talk about the TV show [TS]

  and it's not a TV show that if you are a [TS]

  fan of the kinds of stuff we talked [TS]

  about on this podcast science fiction [TS]

  fantasy genre stuff like that you may [TS]

  have skipped over this show thinking [TS]

  it's just another broadcast television [TS]

  sitcom but you know what you are very [TS]

  wrong and you should rectify that and [TS]

  we're going to tell you why before we [TS]

  blow the spoiler horn in this episode [TS]

  but then you need to go watch the good [TS]

  place which aired earlier this year and [TS]

  let I guess late last year on NBC and is [TS]

  coming back for a second season as well [TS]

  short too it's a it's a very short [TS]

  season they they only did what 13 [TS]

  episodes joining me to talk about the [TS]

  good place in this good place are the [TS]

  following fine people David jail or [TS]

  hello hello there everything is [TS]

  wonderful yeah it's good Kelly camonte [TS]

  is here hi hi everybody and Glenn [TS]

  Fleischmann what the fork uh I will be [TS]

  playing the devil's advocate as usual of [TS]

  course I would expect nothing less sure [TS]

  he approaches up so Jason it's a big one [TS]

  and the story back story here is that [TS]

  Glenn wanted to do an episode about the [TS]

  good place so much that he was just [TS]

  gonna go do his own rogue podcast about [TS]

  it and he finally just wore me down I [TS]

  was like no no that's a great show we [TS]

  should talk about it so we're gonna talk [TS]

  about later that's my strategy to [TS]

  explain what the show's premises so this [TS]

  is a this is an NBC sitcom it's it's not [TS]

  a one of those laugh tracks it comes [TS]

  it's a it's a you know single camera [TS]

  shot thing it is from Mike sure who you [TS]

  may know he was produced around the [TS]

  office and also played mose schrute on [TS]

  the office occasionally and then he went [TS]

  and co-created Parks and Recreation and [TS]

  then he co-created Brooklyn nine-nine [TS]

  these are all the good shows and now [TS]

  he's created the good place also by the [TS]

  way as a sidelight he created my [TS]

  favorite sports blog of all time the [TS]

  late lamented fire Joe Morgan and and [TS]

  actually he a executive produced master [TS]

  of none which was written by aziz ansari [TS]

  and Alan yang who was one of the [TS]

  producers and also he wrote on fire Joe [TS]

  Morgan Alan yang did so anyway make sure [TS]

  he's got a great track record and they [TS]

  basically said eight [TS]

  here have some money make a show this [TS]

  based on a single line up that you wrote [TS]

  us yeah also i will say about mike sure [TS]

  or not while I'm while unplugging [TS]

  everything that this guy has done [TS]

  because he has done a lot of great work [TS]

  he has a podcast with award-winning [TS]

  sports writer Joe Posnanski called the [TS]

  podcast and people who listened the [TS]

  incomparable if especially if you like [TS]

  sports a little bit you might want to [TS]

  listen to that podcast because they talk [TS]

  about sports a lot and do you know the [TS]

  other thing they do want almost every [TS]

  episode they draft things it's true they [TS]

  do what they draft things real time [TS]

  follow-up from our chat room of course [TS]

  the episode there's one episode of black [TS]

  mirror in its most recent season the [TS]

  first episode which is a very funny [TS]

  episode that was co-written by Mike [TS]

  Schur and rashida Jones who obviously [TS]

  was on the office in parks of recreation [TS]

  and they wrote an episode of black [TS]

  mirror that's actually very funny so he [TS]

  gets around the good place is a show [TS]

  about Kristen Bell who is Eleanor she'll [TS]

  strop and she when when the show opens [TS]

  she's sitting in a waiting room she has [TS]

  died she is now welcomed into an office [TS]

  by Ted Danson who is Michael and Ted [TS]

  Danson explains her she has died she's [TS]

  now in the good place this is the [TS]

  afterlife it turns out that everybody [TS]

  everything you do in life is added up [TS]

  there's a point system they're positive [TS]

  things for good things negative points [TS]

  for bad things and the very highest rank [TS]

  of people get to go to the good place [TS]

  and now she is there in this in this [TS]

  community built by Michael who was an [TS]

  architect of the afterlife not God he's [TS]

  just an architect with the afterlife and [TS]

  this is where everybody is going to to [TS]

  live out their days with their soul [TS]

  mates the one catch is that Kristen Bell [TS]

  realizes very quickly that she there's [TS]

  been a mistake and that she is the wrong [TS]

  Eleanor she'll strop and the right one [TS]

  and she's not a particularly good person [TS]

  the right one was but somehow she has [TS]

  managed through clerical error to end up [TS]

  in the afterlife with all of these [TS]

  people and that is as high a concept as [TS]

  I think you may ever get for a TV show [TS]

  and somehow it all it all works I think [TS]

  maybe because of the way that the story [TS]

  is told I mean I'm curious what all of [TS]

  you think about this that it is it is [TS]

  locked down the story is locked down [TS]

  it's told in chapters every episode is [TS]

  chapter one [TS]

  chapter 2 chapter 3 the story continues [TS]

  it picks up right where the previous [TS]

  episode let late leaves off it is not [TS]

  like what we think of as a traditional [TS]

  TV comedy in any way one before we go [TS]

  any further I should say if if you watch [TS]

  the Olympics if you're like me and you [TS]

  watch the Olympics last summer and every [TS]

  commercial break on NBC had a commercial [TS]

  for the good place right and they were [TS]

  almost all identical because they were [TS]

  all clips from the pilot and all the [TS]

  other shows they were promoting had all [TS]

  these variations and all these in the [TS]

  finger store I think was the other one [TS]

  that right ad nauseam yeah well and and [TS]

  the thing I started to worry about you [TS]

  know I I go along with it because Mike [TS]

  sure has a great track record and the [TS]

  concept you know just just the [TS]

  description of it of like Oh son of a [TS]

  theologian I am in right and and then I [TS]

  start seeing the ads and they're all the [TS]

  same and I'm thinking this is the most [TS]

  you could get out of the show to make it [TS]

  seem funny because it's I've got these [TS]

  memorized now right and and I and I [TS]

  watched the pilot and I'm thinking okay [TS]

  so all of these clips really were from [TS]

  the pilot oh crap but i liked the pilot [TS]

  so I kept watching and and I realized [TS]

  that if they had shown clips from any [TS]

  further in it would ruin the story it [TS]

  would spoil too much so I actually [TS]

  watched this because of you guys because [TS]

  we were talking about it incessantly [TS]

  well it really that but partly it was [TS]

  because I had the opposite reaction to [TS]

  the incessant advertising which was you [TS]

  can only show me one joke that means you [TS]

  only have a joke hard pass that's what i [TS]

  was thinking read I kinda was like [TS]

  allergic to it and then yeah because I [TS]

  hang out with you guys and you guys [TS]

  really oh I got a good place have you [TS]

  seen the good place I loved a good place [TS]

  the good place oh good like the place [TS]

  that it goes good it is and I'm like [TS]

  okay fine so I was like really cuz like [TS]

  all you guys were sort of like when you [TS]

  meet that family members girlfriend and [TS]

  you can tell that he's dating out of his [TS]

  League and you're like yeah but she's [TS]

  really like you [TS]

  about it be about the greatness of [TS]

  whatever you know like that's what's [TS]

  happening and so it felt to me like [TS]

  that's kind of you know you you all sort [TS]

  of went I wasn't really sure what to [TS]

  expect here but I'm pleasant i am very [TS]

  pleasantly surprised and I'm it was not [TS]

  a waste of my time and I'm really glad I [TS]

  watched it and then I know Glenn was [TS]

  declaring very early on I'm gonna go [TS]

  watch it again so I thought okay I'll [TS]

  give it a shot like all of you guys [TS]

  can't be wrong my wife and I have very [TS]

  different viewing taste so we had a hard [TS]

  time finding things that we will both [TS]

  equally enjoy it like what I get through [TS]

  and my name is earl is a show also about [TS]

  ethics that we liked very much in the [TS]

  first season and had a halt in a second [TS]

  but i heard everybody whose opinion is [TS]

  similar to mine about things they like [TS]

  liked the good place at unreasonable [TS]

  level with the NBC not nagging NBC thing [TS]

  is I didn't know something of this [TS]

  quality subtlety and intellectualism [TS]

  with the sort of cleverness like high [TS]

  and low brow humor mixing together was [TS]

  possible on broadcast television and I'm [TS]

  so glad to be proved wrong and I know [TS]

  their other shows that have aspects of [TS]

  this but to see something that's just [TS]

  wonderful summer on cable or HBO yeah [TS]

  usually otherwise but they got there but [TS]

  my wife and I would watch an episode and [TS]

  we would turn it off and we go how did [TS]

  this get made how did this get here is [TS]

  this really a DC holy cow that's where I [TS]

  was was like three episodes in I'm like [TS]

  what does NBC have on topic and if they [TS]

  were able to get him to agree to the [TS]

  show he apparently fell in love with it [TS]

  as soon as he read it and you know how [TS]

  can rightly so I mean I I know there's a [TS]

  broad variety of people on the writing [TS]

  staff and the producing staff and I [TS]

  don't know anything about their [TS]

  backgrounds but i but i have to say i [TS]

  wish my mother were here i think she [TS]

  would love this show and I mean just [TS]

  from what I know of of theology and her [TS]

  writing about it I think she would find [TS]

  it very theologically sound no matter [TS]

  what religion you are so one of the [TS]

  things that I really like about the [TS]

  pilot I mean the pilot is very I grant [TS]

  you they cut it up into promos and we [TS]

  saw it every time they cut away from [TS]

  gymnastics for three weeks but it is [TS]

  very carefully done in that it tries to [TS]

  get a lot of the question [TS]

  that we had out of the way very quickly [TS]

  like literally first Kristen Bell who is [TS]

  who's great in you know loved her and uh [TS]

  Veronica Mars and now here she is and [TS]

  she's grating this too and she's she's [TS]

  great because she's so likable and and [TS]

  that helps offset her character doing [TS]

  all these awful things and being kind of [TS]

  unlikable it's a great combination but [TS]

  first thing that happens is she gets [TS]

  called into Ted Danson's office and says [TS]

  what you you're gonna need I got a few [TS]

  she's actually what she says I have one [TS]

  question and then asked three questions [TS]

  which is great and then he tries to [TS]

  explain it and then the next scene is [TS]

  the presentation where Ted Danson [TS]

  basically gives he like literally [TS]

  gestures up to a screen and then a video [TS]

  plays of Ted Danson explaining how the [TS]

  afterlife works and it's so smart [TS]

  because it's funny there are lots of [TS]

  jokes it's entertaining but it also gets [TS]

  a lot of stuff out of the way so that [TS]

  they can go on with the story including [TS]

  shoot first thing she asks is which [TS]

  religion was right and and he basically [TS]

  says all of them got about five percent [TS]

  right and then there was this one dude [TS]

  who was high on mushrooms this joke I [TS]

  don't know why this kills me aid it [TS]

  kills me every Doug force I looked up [TS]

  the name he was about forty two percent [TS]

  directly we couldn't believe it and he's [TS]

  got like a memorial plaque in the office [TS]

  that the thing that does me in this is [TS]

  the great thing about the show me in [TS]

  every episode after that this is not [TS]

  really a spoiler they just at some point [TS]

  they pan across the offices is a shot [TS]

  and there's Doug the picture of Doug [TS]

  unfortunate effect left Glenn talk about [TS]

  a big reveal there's actually if you [TS]

  think about it there are twists in in [TS]

  all if not every episode then almost [TS]

  every episode where there are things [TS]

  that you assume and then it gets flipped [TS]

  on its head so there there are many [TS]

  things which is why I think going in [TS]

  fresh is the way to do it so before we [TS]

  blow this boil horn and start talking [TS]

  about some of the story stuff worth [TS]

  talking about so like yeah the plot the [TS]

  pilot I think is really is really clever [TS]

  and what it does the cast is really good [TS]

  so the people that that Eleanor meets in [TS]

  addition to Michael the architect we [TS]

  meet Chitti who is an ethics professor [TS]

  from Africa who is is like he [TS]

  understands how to be a more ethical [TS]

  person Eleanor eventually admits to him [TS]

  that she shouldn't be there and they [TS]

  work out a plan where he's going to [TS]

  teach her how to be a better person in [TS]

  order to earn her way her right into [TS]

  being in the good [TS]

  place and not be sent to eternal torment [TS]

  in the bad place her next door they lit [TS]

  oh by the way they live in a house [TS]

  that's very small and full of paintings [TS]

  of clowns which is great because she [TS]

  loves clam because the other Eleanor [TS]

  loves clowns and they are horrifying [TS]

  this is the perfect house for the other [TS]

  element next door in the giant mansion [TS]

  because everybody gets a house it's [TS]

  appropriate for them and this really [TS]

  bugs Eleanor our tejani who is a [TS]

  beautiful philanthropist who knew lots [TS]

  of famous people and is my read on her [TS]

  is and just awful because she's so [TS]

  beautiful and perfect and knows it and [TS]

  she's just awful and her soul mate who [TS]

  is a Buddhist monk named Jian you who is [TS]

  silent took a vow of silence during his [TS]

  life yes nanny decided to maintain it [TS]

  even still even yeah even in the [TS]

  afterlife the last piece of the puzzle [TS]

  is and I think maybe the most brilliant [TS]

  little bit of casting is there is a [TS]

  character named Janet who is a piece of [TS]

  software she's a woman but she's [TS]

  actually kind of like a hologram woman [TS]

  she's not a girl she's not as she's not [TS]

  a robot either she is she is a piece of [TS]

  software who is basically the search [TS]

  engine of the afterlife and takes [TS]

  everything kind of literally and is [TS]

  super weird and just appears and [TS]

  disappears and it is brilliant because [TS]

  she's just a piece of very strange [TS]

  software and that is and that is this [TS]

  bizarre world in a good place they have [TS]

  lots of frozen yogurt places there are [TS]

  there are night places where you can go [TS]

  and there are nice animals to play with [TS]

  it's it's paradise right I want to bring [TS]

  up something about casting to which is [TS]

  and it plays into the show and then [TS]

  we'll talk after the spoiler about some [TS]

  aspects of that then become problematic [TS]

  I think is that yes the two leads in the [TS]

  show are you know white American people [TS]

  Kristen Bell and and and ted danson but [TS]

  the cast is essentially the night like [TS]

  the next three well except for Jay and [TS]

  Jenna it's also a white woman but the [TS]

  second next three most important [TS]

  characters are people of color people [TS]

  with difficult pronounce names in this [TS]

  show a little part of the job [TS]

  but still a thing and throughout the [TS]

  entire cast it's a you know I want to [TS]

  say many races ethnicities other aspects [TS]

  and I thought as you watch it the reason [TS]

  I say it's a it's done effortlessly [TS]

  because is essentially never brought up [TS]

  as an issue it's never discussed there's [TS]

  never a joke about color or whatever so [TS]

  at some levels you could say that kind [TS]

  of thing is post-racial in some cases [TS]

  you say well it's being almost amateur [TS]

  naive about race by not having it be [TS]

  something that's brought up or emphasize [TS]

  to but it's a kind of thing like you [TS]

  don't see a lot of programs or I haven't [TS]

  seen a lot of programs in which are just [TS]

  that many different colors and people [TS]

  you know even people with different [TS]

  sexualities without it be cut being [TS]

  emphasized thing well I'm actually [TS]

  Chiddy one of the good things just from [TS]

  a language standpoint is she teased [TS]

  actually from Africa I think he's from [TS]

  Senegal and ago and the whole idea is [TS]

  that he speaks French but we hear him in [TS]

  English they try very hard to make la [TS]

  look kind of like Africa when they flash [TS]

  back to his life it's there there gets a [TS]

  sitcom they're trying but but I like [TS]

  that too because then again G d's frame [TS]

  of reference now is different it's not [TS]

  like a because the afterlife right it's [TS]

  supposed to be humans from all over so [TS]

  we have so honey is from the UK and and [TS]

  John you is from Taiwan and then GD is [TS]

  from Africa and Eleanor's from from [TS]

  Arizona and and that's kind of cool to [TS]

  that it's not just you know it's not [TS]

  just a bunch of Americans in the good [TS]

  place they're from all over and that's [TS]

  that that's a fun aspect of it to [TS]

  entreaty is just a delightful character [TS]

  can i just say how much i love Chiddy he [TS]

  is yes yes put upon and sweep and [TS]

  frustrating and perplexed and just is [TS]

  the perfect foil for Kristen Bell being [TS]

  you know kind of a messed-up person who [TS]

  wants to be a little bit better it's [TS]

  just an amazing pair Chiddy gives me a [TS]

  pretty strong Niles crane vibe yes oh [TS]

  yes very much in niles Felix kind of [TS]

  building up of tension up and up and up [TS]

  and up and then explore yes [TS]

  yes and the other thing that that I [TS]

  loved about it like like you guys were [TS]

  talking about with all the ethnicities [TS]

  of people is it the only time it comes [TS]

  up about anybody's accent or anything [TS]

  like that is he said he mentions very at [TS]

  the very beginning almost of meeting [TS]

  Eleanor how he speaks French or [TS]

  something and then she says but I can [TS]

  understand you and that's when we find [TS]

  out like sort of one of the conceits is [TS]

  that everybody sort of has a Babel Fish [TS]

  in their ear and so everybody knows what [TS]

  everyone else is saying and the only [TS]

  time it comes up that that anybody was [TS]

  born anywhere else or anything like that [TS]

  is when Eleanor can't remember basic [TS]

  stuff about Chiddy like where he was [TS]

  born or where he is from and that [TS]

  doesn't have anything to do with where [TS]

  he's from it has to do with the fact [TS]

  that she just didn't bother cuz she's [TS]

  not the greatest right and like that's [TS]

  the only reason it it came up in any [TS]

  sort of context which for me was was [TS]

  really interesting in like like you guys [TS]

  were saying like it's not a thing and I [TS]

  really liked that it gave me kind of [TS]

  almost like a Star Trek vibe like you [TS]

  see ya a really tall person a really [TS]

  short person a blue person a black [TS]

  person away person an Asian person and [TS]

  they're all just people who are all [TS]

  advancing the plot in some way or adding [TS]

  some sort of interesting decoration to a [TS]

  bar you know to prove that there are [TS]

  aliens here or whatever and I really [TS]

  enjoyed that about the show that like [TS]

  nobody talked about anybody cared and I [TS]

  think that that was really interesting [TS]

  and it's great that you mentioned the [TS]

  babelfish because one of the things that [TS]

  hit me pretty early on this this feels I [TS]

  mean it doesn't it's not like a Douglas [TS]

  Adams thing but it feels tinged with his [TS]

  kind of sensibility it's there's there's [TS]

  just this wonderful sense of being able [TS]

  to do anything in this setting with the [TS]

  concept and to take it too absurd [TS]

  extreme and everyone's so accepting [TS]

  exactly yeah oh this is how it is now [TS]

  yeah throw yourself at the ground and [TS]

  miss yeah okay oh that it that is this [TS]

  straight into Douglas Adams theorists [TS]

  there are flying lessons in an early [TS]

  episode home fist it's actually not that [TS]

  far off I want to make sure sorry about [TS]

  JT [TS]

  for we get into spoiler territory to is [TS]

  I realize watching the show some [TS]

  episodes in I realized that the actor [TS]

  portrays the act of of like the pain of [TS]

  lying when you've internalized notion i [TS]

  feel this isn't a humble brag i think [TS]

  this is like more like a super-ego a [TS]

  societal thing is like I try to be very [TS]

  honest person I associate with Chiddy [TS]

  very closely his when he is agonizing [TS]

  over trying to be as ethical and honest [TS]

  as possible but also living in the world [TS]

  and sometimes you have white lies you [TS]

  tell we can get into that later but the [TS]

  but the thing is like but just the [TS]

  intensity of agony he experiences when [TS]

  he has to lie like I've gone through [TS]

  that I felt that and I feel like that [TS]

  it's never usually sitcoms and most [TS]

  television portrays people who have made [TS]

  a really bad decision or trying to [TS]

  justify it to themselves rather than [TS]

  trying to avoid a bad situation and then [TS]

  feeling like tortured practically torn [TS]

  apart when it's something that minor [TS]

  like you know which we can get into but [TS]

  I I don't think I've identified as [TS]

  closely with someone with the way he's [TS]

  expressing his discomfort with the least [TS]

  subterfuge not to mention some of the [TS]

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  apron a better way to cook we should [TS]

  probably praise Ted Danson a little bit [TS]

  more too just because I mean Kristen [TS]

  Bell I've said a lot of good things [TS]

  about the cast is great all the way [TS]

  through Ted Danson has a very difficult [TS]

  part right because he has to be kind of [TS]

  angelic and kind of clueless and [TS]

  disconnected and and discombobulated [TS]

  especially since there's obviously [TS]

  something horribly wrong because Kristen [TS]

  Bell should not have ended up here and [TS]

  and yet he's you know you mix all that [TS]

  in together that is a I feel like it's a [TS]

  tough line to walk and he does it and he [TS]

  is funny it and it mean Ted Danson I [TS]

  mean yeah spoiler alert Ted Danson is [TS]

  good at being a comedic actor all right [TS]

  yes like that India me but he is very [TS]

  good at and does such a professional job [TS]

  lending it the weight I think that you [TS]

  need to believe like this is the guy who [TS]

  designed this neighborhood in the [TS]

  afterlife at everybody lives in like you [TS]

  need to you need to get that and he [TS]

  really does do that it's amazing oh yeah [TS]

  I mean I love the idea that it sort of [TS]

  plays off your assumptions of what the [TS]

  after wife is going to be because you [TS]

  have Michael who's an archangel so here [TS]

  you have Michael who's an architect yeah [TS]

  immediately I was like ah nice nicely [TS]

  done and and yeah it's a tough that that [TS]

  is a tough recipe to pull off in the [TS]

  first place without anything else that [TS]

  happens in later episodes I want to [TS]

  point out one important thing before we [TS]

  spoil it weren't too which is I did not [TS]

  watch the show on broadcast television [TS]

  there's I watched on hulu and the deal [TS]

  is on hulu they're only showing the [TS]

  extended cuts for episodes in which [TS]

  there were extended cuts right so the [TS]

  broadcast versions in I think not in [TS]

  every case I'm sure not every case but [TS]

  in some cases are slightly shorter and [TS]

  there's actually one thing we will talk [TS]

  about after the spoiler horn that is [TS]

  only it was cut from the broadcast [TS]

  version for length job but it is in the [TS]

  it is in deliver glue extended version [TS]

  yes the NBC app has the same extended [TS]

  cuts so they are freely available if [TS]

  you're not a who subscriber if you have [TS]

  the NBC app and sign in with your cable [TS]

  provider it works if you discuss this [TS]

  with somebody who has watched it as a [TS]

  broadcast version and you start [TS]

  mentioning things and they'll say I do [TS]

  see that they're not gasps elating you [TS]

  and you're not guessing them they [TS]

  actually didn't see a few minutes here [TS]

  and there right this is something they [TS]

  started doing with the office because [TS]

  they had so much material and then and [TS]

  then they cared carried on doing that [TS]

  with parks and recreation yes it's it's [TS]

  funny I realized this that my my [TS]

  daughter has just been binging parks and [TS]

  rec and in the office and I realized [TS]

  that all of those I that memorials like [TS]

  you know we used to go on iTunes the [TS]

  next day and pay 99 cents to watch the [TS]

  you know the 10 minute longer version of [TS]

  that episode of the office and I wonder [TS]

  if those are what's on netflix and the [TS]

  answer is yep those are the official [TS]

  versions now are the longer cuts the the [TS]

  you know TV broadcast version is not the [TS]

  like definitive article and that's [TS]

  something make sure obviously brought to [TS]

  this I know we keep saying there's one [TS]

  more thing but jameela jamil who plays a [TS]

  character named strangely to Hani al [TS]

  jameel there must be a reason for that [TS]

  she is also i think very fine like very [TS]

  almost like she's like a one of those [TS]

  1940s a screwball comedian type like [TS]

  very beautiful but very wacky yeah I [TS]

  can't David I'm sure you the stuff five [TS]

  people like this what was the Florida's [TS]

  but the Key West story what's the I [TS]

  recall the Palm Beach store we saw [TS]

  recently funded Colbert but Irene was in [TS]

  the Key West Tory Irene Dunne come on [TS]

  but I think she I had a look up I never [TS]

  seen jameela jamil before and I looked [TS]

  her up and it's like and she has a [TS]

  wonderful story of like how she like [TS]

  wrote in when she saw their doing [TS]

  auditions for some TV show she was not I [TS]

  think he got a model wrote in it got a [TS]

  casting call and was cast as like a [TS]

  presenter on a UK show and then grows [TS]

  from that after years and I think this [TS]

  is one of her very first acting roles [TS]

  and she's hilarious and weird it is such [TS]

  a bit of just complete goofiness and she [TS]

  and kristen bell i mean i think they [TS]

  have the best acting pairing I think her [TS]

  work with other people is a little more [TS]

  constructed to make things work but the [TS]

  two of them are an amazing like Lucille [TS]

  Ball you know the other lady but there [TS]

  she does a take in I don't know one of [TS]

  the last two episodes where it's just [TS]

  she's reacting and her eyes go [TS]

  I'd known it's in the last episode and [TS]

  it is ya SPECT is it spectacular it's a [TS]

  total Barbara Stanwyck in a preston [TS]

  sturges fellow basically it's just this [TS]

  this moment where you go wow so alright [TS]

  we're going to we're going to blow the [TS]

  spoiler horn now so if you have if you [TS]

  are intrigued but have not yet watched [TS]

  the good place I recommend you go to [TS] for the NBC app or hulu and [TS]

  watch the good place it's really great [TS]

  and then come back earring thought watch [TS]

  the whole thing 13 half-hour episodes [TS]

  before you come back goes fast it goes [TS]

  fast but you gotta watch the place so [TS]

  here it is the spoiler horn [TS]

  all right now that we're past the [TS]

  spoiler horn I would like to say before [TS]

  you go on the incomparable this week is [TS]

  sponsored by otters holding hands when [TS]

  they sleep otters anyway now back to the [TS]

  show we should all do an evil laugh [TS]

  that's uh so the the serious I mean the [TS]

  twist here are like are many like let's [TS]

  not even getting to the to the end the [TS]

  real identity of G on you as a failed DJ [TS]

  from Jacksonville Florida was just [TS]

  pretending to be a music monk when he [TS]

  actually is in his man cave which he [TS]

  doesn't call a man cave oh my god oh god [TS]

  which was delightful I'm like cuz I like [TS]

  I had to back that up up did he say that [TS]

  at the cabins on hold odds okay it's [TS]

  progressively designed so that there's [TS]

  no episodes that are filler it's very [TS]

  tight it's um it's welcome stepa sewed [TS]

  is well constructed watching it the [TS]

  second time I realize almost everything [TS]

  is called back or tied together like [TS]

  there's almost nothing not even a line [TS]

  that's thrown off that's not just like [TS]

  you know a joke in context that's about [TS]

  the place or about the circumstances [TS]

  that isn't put there so he constructed [TS]

  this thing that is a beautiful in that [TS]

  way and yet it isn't a tedious and you [TS]

  don't see the clockwork ticking away [TS]

  waiting for things to spring I was [TS]

  cansada stylized by it throughout I mean [TS]

  not just the big reveal that we'll talk [TS]

  about after a spoiler horn but I think [TS]

  every episode was full of like [TS]

  delightful surprising moments that [TS]

  really maybe laughs out of surprise as [TS]

  opposed to you know a punchline there's [TS]

  like a series of like there's one big [TS]

  spoiler urban big reveal at the end but [TS]

  you're right as it clicks through like [TS]

  you keep going click click click click [TS]

  click click click through irreversible [TS]

  one way decision treats that gets you [TS]

  into this path which i think is a [TS]

  beautiful construction that mirrors the [TS]

  big reveal right well I mean wit the [TS]

  story keeps upping the ante right [TS]

  Eleanor admits to cheating that she is [TS]

  not supposed to be there Eleanor admits [TS]

  publicly that she's not supposed to [TS]

  there we learned that G on you is not [TS]

  supposed to be there we we learned that [TS]

  there is a a medium place that is a [TS]

  purgatory that is available we we see [TS]

  Emma series from the bad place who come [TS]

  to the good place right I mean like it [TS]

  keeps ratcheting things up it's doing [TS]

  world building it's taking twist you [TS]

  don't expect and then that leads to the [TS]

  final you know revelation in the in the [TS]

  last episode and it burns through what [TS]

  other shows might do in five years yeah [TS]

  right you're totally right and I mean [TS]

  this is a show where I you know I don't [TS]

  know how I mean like what ken Levine has [TS]

  the the rule that when you sit down to [TS]

  pitch your show you should have the [TS]

  season premiere of season seven in your [TS]

  head so you know where it's going and I [TS]

  don't know if they know where this is [TS]

  going but I really want to see where [TS]

  it's going because they've just they [TS]

  definitely have strong ideas at least I [TS]

  mean I know the first season was [TS]

  probably planned and I'm sure when they [TS]

  got to the end of that they were like [TS]

  well obviously this is where it goes and [TS]

  they sort of laid that out you know [TS]

  themselves like this is my imagining of [TS]

  what's happening and I really what I [TS]

  hope because one thing about this story [TS]

  the way it sort of jumps back and forth [TS]

  between where they are now and their [TS]

  lives what they had before it gives me a [TS]

  very big lost vibe oh and when I got to [TS]

  the end of it I was very very excited [TS]

  and then the voice in the back of my [TS]

  head went but no Kelly because what if [TS]

  it turns into the third season of lost [TS]

  they were signed up and they just had no [TS]

  idea where they were going cuz they [TS]

  didn't know how much longer they had to [TS]

  get there so then I sort of worried [TS]

  about that but that was one of the [TS]

  things that struck me watching like the [TS]

  first couple episodes of this as I was [TS]

  sort of getting a feel for it and like [TS]

  is this something I should you know be [TS]

  spending my time with and one of the [TS]

  things with the NBC app is that it will [TS]

  just keep playing the episode for you [TS]

  yeah oh I by the time I realized like [TS]

  you know sort of looked up and sort of [TS]

  tried to pay attention to it like I was [TS]

  all I was like most of the way through [TS]

  the second episode and so I thought that [TS]

  was really interesting like it really [TS]

  does just sort of go because you start [TS]

  getting invested in in the people and in [TS]

  the world and what's happening and and [TS]

  I'll like you start like pulling for [TS]

  Michael you're invested in [TS]

  him a little bit cuz it's the first [TS]

  neighborhood and isn't that nice for him [TS]

  and and and he is such a personable [TS]

  sweet actor that you are totally on [TS]

  board with him yeah so he gets there and [TS]

  you're like yes you know and then and [TS]

  then like you know Eleanor's like a [TS]

  house not that this is you know this is [TS]

  not my beautiful house this is not my [TS]

  beautiful Chiddy and you're like no and [TS]

  then you sort of wonder like well [TS]

  obviously she's you know the one she's [TS]

  the glitch right so what's she gonna you [TS]

  know how is this gonna resolve around [TS]

  her and then you find out that the whole [TS]

  reason the silent monk is silent is [TS]

  because if he opens his mouth [TS]

  everybody's gonna know that he's a [TS]

  glitch to bring in his own special way [TS]

  it is in the chat room they're pointing [TS]

  out that make sure actually did [TS]

  apparently at least give a call to Damon [TS]

  Lindelof and talk about world building [TS]

  when he was putting to you and and this [TS]

  does come across as a as a you know as a [TS]

  vision i mean the the he assembled a [TS]

  good writing staff and and different [TS]

  people wrote all the different episodes [TS]

  but it it clearly comes from his vision [TS]

  of what he wanted the show to be so the [TS]

  big the big reveal which we haven't even [TS]

  said yet is just to make it clear in the [TS]

  final episode what happens is there's a [TS]

  great moment where Kristen Bell is [TS]

  watching everybody bickering with each [TS]

  other because there's this the bad place [TS]

  is going to take two people back to the [TS]

  bad place from the good place in order [TS]

  to balance books for John you and [TS]

  Eleanor and Kirsten bill gets this look [TS]

  on her face as she's looking at [TS]

  everybody because you even and watching [TS]

  him back i was i was noticing you know [TS]

  that's the moment where she says wow [TS]

  this is like we're in hell the world [TS]

  support right yeah we are all just she [TS]

  says this is torture we are all just [TS]

  yelling at each other tormenting each [TS]

  other and she and she's like I got it I [TS]

  she starts to laugh and just like I [TS]

  figured it out I got this and she is so [TS]

  good they she calls in Michael and says [TS]

  we aren't going to the bad place because [TS]

  this is the bad place and it's like wow [TS]

  that was a big leap Kristen Bell I don't [TS]

  think it's gonna work and you cut to Ted [TS]

  Danson and he just starts evilly [TS]

  laughing and she's totally right it's [TS]

  the bad place because I can't believe [TS]

  you figured it out we're just like holy [TS]

  deals drop and can we just talk about [TS]

  about that laughs oh oh my that's not [TS]

  just a laugh that is an evil gleeful [TS]

  giggle I mean that is just you know and [TS]

  and I saw them talking about it and say [TS]

  you know he tried it several different [TS]

  ways and then he's the one who kind of [TS]

  said let me let me just try giggling oh [TS]

  that's weird i don't i don't want to be [TS]

  dramatic about it this is not a dramatic [TS]

  reveal this is you know well this is [TS]

  what it is there's so much to talk about [TS]

  with the show but i want to talk about [TS]

  highlight that thing specifically which [TS]

  is that that there's kind of this [TS]

  interesting character commitment so we [TS]

  we at this point are pretty sure after [TS]

  that review we realized we have not seen [TS]

  anyone from the good place janet has [TS]

  been stolen by michael from the good [TS]

  play right and there are badge they are [TS]

  also bad Janet's in a bad place but we [TS]

  have not actually seen anyone from the [TS]

  good place except probably in that brief [TS]

  video in the medium place episode [TS]

  because we believe that's legitimate so [TS]

  that may be the only good police person [TS]

  we've seen so Michael and all the other [TS]

  people from the bad place are really [TS]

  invested in their work they really take [TS]

  a lot of care with it there it's not an [TS]

  a put-on and so the bit where Chiddy [TS]

  says where he says well cheetah you were [TS]

  actually the closest of getting in it [TS]

  says well not actually that Morris had [TS]

  one of the closest and he said oh that [TS]

  actually makes me feel worse and michael [TS]

  says oh thank you i really record that [TS]

  and the genuineness with which ted [TS]

  danson sell that you're like oh these [TS]

  people they sort of hate they don't have [TS]

  any hate in you know as they talk about [TS]

  hating human being some thinking they're [TS]

  stupid this is enjoyment for them [TS]

  they're doing this to have fun and uh [TS]

  that is sold throughout it makes the [TS]

  show less nasty they're not actually [TS]

  didn't actually come across as evil even [TS]

  though they're doing well one of the [TS]

  things that I find I find quite similar [TS]

  to Douglas Adams a sense of humor that [TS]

  make sure has here is the idea that you [TS]

  know the truest evil is bureaucracy and [TS]

  it rated in finality of evil so you get [TS]

  you get to see in that last episode you [TS]

  see Ted Danson at his workstation where [TS]

  there with all the other architects and [TS]

  this whole thing is a scheme by Ted [TS]

  Danson because he just wants to shake it [TS]

  up and do something differently instead [TS]

  of throwing people in lava he thought [TS]

  what if we can innovate what if we could [TS]

  torment they could torment each other [TS]

  everybody else we've seen other than [TS]

  Michael Janet and the for care [TS]

  actors that are the core of this we're [TS]

  all actors they actually show the [TS]

  reverse of a shot we saw earlier in the [TS]

  season where those two that the husband [TS]

  and wife come into the into the [TS]

  apartment or into their house and we see [TS]

  Ted Danson out there and he's telling [TS]

  them who they need to pretend to be in [TS]

  all that so it's very clear and I'm a [TS]

  marriage counselor maybe we can get them [TS]

  to swing with us for me the thing about [TS]

  this is that I'm kind of feeling like [TS]

  somebody needs to give Michael Schur a [TS]

  cookie and a hug I think you got to work [TS]

  out a lot of his uh you know but right [TS]

  it's like the bureaucracy is really evil [TS]

  here if you by the way if you have not [TS]

  freeze-framed the michael presentation [TS]

  of the scoring system you need to do [TS]

  that because the number of jokes that [TS]

  are just in the scoring system including [TS]

  my personal favorite knowing about Mike [TS]

  sure he's from Boston he's a Red Sox fan [TS]

  being a Yankee fan gets you a major [TS]

  downgrade you know what closely anytime [TS]

  they're amazing kind of screen with [TS]

  information on it freeze look at it yeah [TS]

  yeah i mean when when the the judge is [TS]

  showing off all the evil horrible things [TS]

  that Eleanor has done freeze that [TS]

  because it's amazing yep yeah yeah the [TS]

  judge who is plays the same actor who is [TS]

  a bronzer brouwers husband in Brooklyn [TS]

  nine-nine because it's reusing these [TS]

  executive mark mark evan jackson who is [TS]

  one of those guys those guys that guy [TS]

  what do you guys think of those the what [TS]

  I thought the weirdest episode is when [TS]

  they go to the medium place and I think [TS]

  it's easy to be skipped over it because [TS]

  it was actually aired back-to-back with [TS]

  with the last episode and so you know [TS]

  you get so swept up in the last episode [TS]

  in the building of the of the tension of [TS]

  the plot that you kind of miss it but [TS]

  that is a bizarre episode whether [TS]

  they're in the medium place where where [TS]

  there's the lady who just kind of [TS]

  everything's just kind of in and it is [TS]

  the it is that you know it's purgatory [TS]

  this is what purgatory looks like in [TS]

  this world and it's super weird yeah [TS]

  let's start with this concept wit this [TS]

  is a Calvinist universe if we're to [TS]

  believe Michael which we don't know if [TS]

  we should believe yet so we don't know [TS]

  if he's telling the truth but we believe [TS]

  he is because Michael the creator of the [TS]

  good place not Michael the creator of [TS]

  the TV series the good place I'm sorry [TS]

  yeah the good notice [TS]

  notice on the blueprints he could have [TS]

  named him Raphael it's just good places [TS]

  in quotation marks do you notice a nasty [TS]

  share course is very closely to anyway [TS]

  so Michael the architect is telling us [TS]

  things and we don't know if the people [TS]

  who come but Trevor and the others from [TS]

  the bad place if they know if they're in [TS]

  on it we don't know that we might assume [TS]

  it or not so we don't know if what he's [TS]

  showing in terms of there's a time he [TS]

  brings up a map of the world it's [TS]

  showing people like red for people going [TS]

  to a bad place and green for the good [TS]

  place and it's very very few days and [TS]

  that's emphasized throughout this is a [TS]

  very deeply Calvinist universe this is [TS]

  universe in which only a very few of the [TS]

  elect who do not know they are of the [TS]

  elect but they are the elect by the fact [TS]

  that they do the deeds they do right the [TS]

  calamus worldview are being brought into [TS]

  heaven or the equivalent of then [TS]

  everyone else ninety-nine point nine [TS]

  nine percent based on the way they talk [TS]

  about it maybe more are going to the bad [TS]

  place so when you start with this show [TS]

  Elgar brings up very early it's like I [TS]

  was not that bad i wasn't i added i need [TS]

  like a medium place because this is a [TS]

  fundamental argument again this is a [TS]

  argument against God that goes back do [TS]

  you know as long as people have [TS]

  worshipped a unitary God is or gods that [TS]

  send you to hell is I'm not that bad and [TS]

  the show is all about that so when you [TS]

  get to the medium place it's a beautiful [TS]

  resolution of like oh yeah well there's [TS]

  one person they despised it you're [TS]

  screwing with like a zero and so she [TS]

  rented or but it's Glenn in hindsight [TS]

  watching it knowing the reveal at the [TS]

  end you cannot trust anything that [TS]

  you've heard right we don't actually [TS]

  know if anything they've said about how [TS]

  this works is factual if the bad place [TS]

  people were really from the bad place in [TS]

  weren't in on the roof that hard to [TS]

  believe right well I know we don't know [TS]

  how compartmentalize it was because they [TS]

  may have not been playing an act if they [TS]

  were doing an act then you're right so [TS]

  we don't know this all our information [TS]

  is unreliable at this point except for a [TS]

  few things said by Michael before he [TS]

  erases their memory because ostensibly [TS]

  he doesn't care at that point right well [TS]

  and we know and this was one of my [TS]

  favorite gigs too where where he's [TS]

  making his pitch for let's let's try [TS]

  this idea of the good place right and [TS]

  and the the chairman of this [TS]

  meeting at least at the other end of the [TS]

  table is higher up than him because he [TS]

  has to give his approval and it's mark [TS]

  Evan Jack again and you know and he's [TS]

  and then Michaels like I bet we can do [TS]

  this will run for a thousand years Eddie [TS]

  and Mark evan jackson says uh i give it [TS]

  six months look tiny work but that is [TS]

  such a wonderful TV network joke there [TS]

  it's like yeah it's not gonna run but [TS]

  yeah let's see what you got um because [TS]

  it because it was always a 13-week thing [TS]

  and as he's making that pitch uh all we [TS]

  really know by the end is that there was [TS]

  this one person in the medium place we [TS]

  don't necessarily know that there aren't [TS]

  others elsewhere right we do know that [TS]

  they can't find when eleanor and all [TS]

  have gone to the medium place they don't [TS]

  know where they are out there but how [TS]

  how vast could it be I I love mindy [TS]

  Sinclair too though she's um every [TS]

  character that Sigourney Weaver played [TS]

  in the 1980s I just like cocaine you [TS]

  don't have any cocaine do you know I [TS]

  don't know got into it I'm just kidding [TS]

  no I don't have any but have you had any [TS]

  happy yeah totally me cuz i really like [TS]

  this is a show that does try to explore [TS]

  and it always is trying to be funny but [TS]

  it does try to explore interesting [TS]

  philosophical issues right in every up [TS]

  i'm sure you could you could take a [TS]

  class a philosophy class or a religious [TS]

  studies class and break down these [TS]

  episodes and everyone would have [TS]

  something in it the one that really [TS]

  struck me is mindy sinclair who's in the [TS]

  medium place she got to the meeting in [TS]

  place because her hurt Ali was bad when [TS]

  she was alive but right before she died [TS]

  she set up a charitable foundation that [TS]

  did incredible good in the world and the [TS]

  questions like what do what do you do [TS]

  with that how do you judge a life when [TS]

  that is what happens like can she buy [TS]

  her way into goodness at the very end of [TS]

  her life not knowing that it was the end [TS]

  but that's what happened it's just a [TS]

  fascinating question and the answer here [TS]

  is they basically didn't know what to do [TS]

  with her so they stuck her in out in the [TS]

  middle of nowhere by herself drinking [TS]

  tap water and and what what are you [TS]

  everything is balanced try to your [TS]

  favorite beer but it's always warm yes [TS]

  your favorite music but it's always the [TS]

  eagles in its own [TS]

  live version right love suits it's alive [TS]

  little bad there's this weird susan [TS]

  komen thing too so the susan g komen for [TS]

  the Cure Foundation whoever i don't [TS]

  think it's intended to represent common [TS]

  died and her sister founded a foundation [TS]

  that's you know become an enormous [TS]

  worldwide force after she died and i [TS]

  thought what a weird thing to have [TS]

  constructed this vineet singh Claire [TS]

  plot and kind of but it was no sighing [TS]

  batteries in functional yeah it is a [TS]

  strange I think that's definitely a [TS]

  reference because it is cuz it's too [TS]

  exact it was very funny she was actually [TS]

  my first question what the heck is Mindy [TS]

  st. Clair like she's funny what's [TS]

  happening here that's right yeah what's [TS]

  then what's her deal and that was like [TS]

  the first thing that I felt like I [TS]

  needed to know immediately like after [TS]

  finding out the social and then seeing [TS]

  that he was like you know it doesn't [TS]

  matter cuz that you know it was very [TS]

  much the vibe I got from his speech was [TS]

  was very know Mr Bond I expect you to [TS]

  die yes you know and I loved it you know [TS]

  like listening to him pace and talk [TS]

  about you know all of that stuff and I [TS]

  sort of secretly was hoping not [TS]

  realizing that this was michael shore [TS]

  when I was watching it I found I found [TS]

  that out later I sort of was like [TS]

  interested in the stuff that was [TS]

  happening in the office because I sort [TS]

  of thought that would be fun for season [TS]

  two to go around like the office but [TS]

  it's you know it's hell or whatever it [TS]

  is that they're very nice to each other [TS]

  they all like each other clearly even a [TS]

  lava guy who didn't know he didn't have [TS]

  a reservation in the conference room it [TS]

  was and then to find out that it was the [TS]

  guy from the office you know and I'm [TS]

  like oh well that makes a lot you know [TS]

  that makes a lot of sense and so you [TS]

  know like I said earlier I feel like he [TS]

  needs a hug and a cookie because he went [TS]

  from like dysfunctional company to [TS]

  government agency which on its best day [TS]

  is nowhere near as functional as a [TS]

  dysfunctional company police precinct [TS]

  and then hell yeah and then just [TS]

  dispensed with all pretense and like bow [TS]

  bow yep well they're they're all nice to [TS]

  each other there but if you notice it's [TS]

  the little things right you know which [TS]

  which is that [TS]

  which is the coffin which is the [TS]

  antimatter I'll take the antimatter why [TS]

  would you make it french vanilla why do [TS]

  you need to flavor that so it's still [TS]

  little things pissing them off to which [TS]

  is a lovely teleconference where the [TS]

  conference room was double-booked yes [TS]

  that's the first touch even there be we [TS]

  get the coffee joke before we know that [TS]

  it's hell yeah right right and then it's [TS]

  just again cuz the construction of this [TS]

  is so airtight it is beautiful a couple [TS]

  other points I want to make about this I [TS]

  back to honey I mentioned this the [TS]

  beginning that she's this beautiful [TS]

  wonderful person and she's awful one at [TS]

  one of the reveals at the end right is [TS]

  that why why are these people not [TS]

  eligible for the good place the real [TS]

  good place and and tehani has that [TS]

  moment right where she says but I gave [TS]

  all this money and all that and then she [TS]

  has that take of like oh right I did it [TS]

  but I did it all for the for the glory [TS]

  and the grandeur and and to be able did [TS]

  it to show up my parents and my sister [TS]

  and yeah I wanted I wanted to sort of [TS]

  Ryan Gosling so that that is and that's [TS]

  great because I felt like that was I [TS]

  felt that about her the whole time right [TS]

  it's like how can she have a high score [TS]

  and again I never twigged to the fact [TS]

  that maybe this was the reveal but I [TS]

  kept thinking to myself just in the [TS]

  within the premise of the show just [TS]

  criticizing the show not realizing the [TS]

  show knew what it was doing it's like [TS]

  she's awful she is so [TS]

  self-congratulatory and she looks down [TS]

  on everybody else and you know she's [TS]

  just this and in a funny way she's not [TS]

  an awful like unpleasant character to [TS]

  watch but I the whole time I'm like who [TS]

  does she think she is she's just she's [TS]

  so terrible and lording it over [TS]

  everybody else and it turns out in the [TS]

  last episodes like yep that's exactly [TS]

  right you were not wrong and that's why [TS]

  she's here it's great it's great they [TS]

  shave down her corners over the course [TS]

  of the series to sure she soon she seems [TS]

  intolerable the bit about the accent [TS]

  right and she and Ellen who says if [TS]

  everyone's can he understand each other [TS]

  she has need a British accent she's [TS]

  putting that on she's doing that kind of [TS]

  you're like oh logically it's correct [TS]

  everybody has a story arc now not every [TS]

  character progresses right because [TS]

  because Jason the djs from Jacksonville [TS]

  is done progress we are our [TS]

  understanding of him progresses and it [TS]

  doesn't really improve but it progresses [TS]

  but too honey tahani becomes a more [TS]

  fully realized person Eleanor's [TS]

  because Eleanor in order to sell you on [TS]

  this premise makes her seem really bad [TS]

  up front and by the last episode you [TS]

  reveal just how bad her life was and she [TS]

  gets like emancipated from her parents [TS]

  who are awful and like she she had a [TS]

  very difficult upbringing to get where [TS]

  she is so we understand that more at you [TS]

  know and and with chishti we realized [TS]

  because he's this paragon and then as we [TS]

  see flashing back to his interactions [TS]

  with other people in the fact that he [TS]

  wrote an unreadable book about ethics we [TS]

  discovered that you know he's not all [TS]

  he's cracked up to be and he was [TS]

  actually very difficult to be around to [TS]

  be his friend and it's all like it all [TS]

  everybody grows and changes and our [TS]

  perceptions of them change throughout [TS]

  which again is not succumb 101 quite the [TS]

  opposite it is you know it's not meant [TS]

  to work like this but that that's how [TS]

  this is constructed Oh somebody wanted [TS]

  me to point out too I forgot someone [TS]

  asked me in the slack room was the one [TS]

  of our colleagues mentioned one of the [TS]

  best things in the show is that bit near [TS]

  the end where tahani and Eleanor are [TS]

  about to be at each other's throats in [TS]

  other says nope you know what we're not [TS]

  going to do this we're not going to be [TS]

  the kind of women who fight over a man [TS]

  we're gonna we're friends and let's be [TS]

  friends and you're like oh my god this [TS]

  is the point in the sitcom where you [TS]

  start getting squeamish because they're [TS]

  doing this thing and it's and the [TS]

  characters are at each other for no good [TS]

  reason necessarily and they broke that [TS]

  moment and it was genuine and it has his [TS]

  payoff and you're like what this is [TS]

  something like forget the ethics even [TS]

  like that was something so refreshing [TS]

  and beautifully played out yeah that was [TS]

  Nathan alderman our friend who couldn't [TS]

  be here tonight but he he sent he sent [TS]

  his and he's absolutely right that's a [TS]

  great that's a great thing that happens [TS]

  is that these these characters do form a [TS]

  connection I mean in the end and this is [TS]

  sort of a workplace sitcom it's just a [TS]

  really weird one but in the end that is [TS]

  how they that is how they laugh at Ted [TS]

  Danson and have beaten him at the end [TS]

  except not but we'll get to that about [TS]

  where we go is like you you you blew it [TS]

  we we ended up you tried to get us to [TS]

  torment each other but we ended up [TS]

  working together and caring about each [TS]

  other and and that's what wrecked this [TS]

  and and you see them build those [TS]

  relationships and refuse to go down [TS]

  these paths it turns out it's all a [TS]

  setup they're all meant to go down those [TS]

  paths [TS]

  and behave badly and at some point they [TS]

  all grow and progresses people and [TS]

  refuse and that destroys the plan that [TS]

  Ted Danson has and then again this is [TS]

  this is what you get when you get a [TS]

  great comic actor like that you see him [TS]

  thinking on his feet in the moment he [TS]

  goes that's it I never should have put [TS]

  you together I should put you farther [TS]

  apart which is the premises do that next [TS]

  time the premise for season two right [TS]

  and that was beautiful we'll do that [TS]

  next time and you're like this is like a [TS]

  TV show wait this is a TV show yeah but [TS]

  it's also like um all of a sudden it's [TS]

  like you're in the matrix or something [TS]

  like that that's that's a funny moment [TS]

  where it's like I'm gonna wipe your [TS]

  memories we're gonna start again I'm [TS]

  gonna do it differently and I'm gonna [TS]

  get you this time but Eleanor has has a [TS]

  one more trick up her sleeve thank [TS]

  goodness oh it's like a Star Trek [TS]

  episode or any other science-fiction out [TS]

  the show again for people who are [TS]

  listening to be incomparable one of the [TS]

  reasons you like this is it is using [TS]

  that trope which is how do you get out [TS]

  of a time loop can we pass information [TS]

  through time loop and the answer is [TS]

  Eleanor writes a note to herself olds it [TS]

  up and sticks it in the mouth she says [TS]

  you don't swallow anything right you [TS]

  don't eat things yeah Janet doesn't need [TS]

  anything so she foresees a paper sticks [TS]

  it in Janet's mouth just just puts it in [TS]

  here and it's on her notepad David oh [TS]

  hahaha and Ted Danson just snaps his [TS]

  fingers and says you know it's a reboot [TS]

  and we we go back to the very first [TS]

  scene from the very first episode chosen [TS]

  are could you come in please it's the [TS]

  same thing oh I just really say show [TS]

  Eleanor gets to see a seeker Janet [TS]

  getting married and she can't eat and [TS]

  you see a Jason plastic food her mouth [TS]

  so that's the tail that's why owner a [TS]

  all right presented is a very uh like [TS]

  street savvy clever person who has sort [TS]

  of bad morals but is um but very [TS]

  attention it's very smart it's a it's a [TS]

  part written for kristen bell right i [TS]

  mean it is yes it is yes this is made [TS]

  for her the premise of season two [TS]

  presumably is i mean what what Ted [TS]

  Danson says is I'm gonna separate you [TS]

  and so we see that Kristen Bell's got [TS]

  and again these are cut these are not [TS]

  just plot points but callbacks to jokes [TS]

  that have been set up earlier she's got [TS]

  the mailman because one of the things [TS]

  that she [TS]

  trouble for was setting fire in a [TS]

  mailbox to get the mailman to take off [TS]

  his shirt so it's a hot day and it's [TS]

  later takes off his shirt and that's her [TS]

  that's her soul mate but yeah but this [TS]

  is all foiled because what happens is [TS]

  Janet shows up and says this this was in [TS]

  my mouth when I rebooted and it says [TS]

  find Chiddy and she says what the fork [TS]

  cecchini like that's that and that's the [TS]

  your your twist ending is they passed [TS]

  one piece of information through that's [TS]

  going to let them they're going to have [TS]

  to learn right so i assume where we're [TS]

  going to start is the prey everything's [TS]

  gonna be different everybody's going to [TS]

  be separated they maybe even put in [TS]

  different scenarios so the show can be a [TS]

  little bit different but we're going to [TS]

  get to watch this time knowing what [TS]

  we're seeing as they figure out what's [TS]

  going on which i think is great i think [TS]

  that's really fun but that is a that is [TS]

  a full-on science fictional premise of [TS]

  this joe is completely committed to now [TS]

  which is great and and i hope i hope and [TS]

  suspect we're gonna get to see a lot [TS]

  more of the office politics behind this [TS]

  yes it's too because now we know i was [TS]

  excited about i actually was looking [TS]

  forward to oh this will be fun maybe [TS]

  because at that point again and the NBC [TS]

  app just kept feeding me episode so I [TS]

  wasn't really paying attention to how [TS]

  much Joe I had left so I saw them and [TS]

  like a couple of actual conversations [TS]

  that Michael was having in the office [TS]

  and I thought oh it would be fun if we [TS]

  got to see more of this and I hope that [TS]

  we do that's one of the things that is [TS]

  my hope for the second series is that [TS]

  that's something that that we get more [TS]

  up from somebody who we know already is [TS]

  really good at that I dare I say Kelly [TS]

  the the other show that this sort of [TS]

  reminded me of at the end was Wes world [TS]

  it's cuz it's a little bit of that right [TS]

  which is I you know it's a reset and [TS]

  you're not going to remember but [TS]

  something is going to persist and you [TS]

  know it's trope it happens but it's just [TS]

  it was I was not expecting to see it [TS]

  here I think that's really the thing [TS]

  they take of me absolutely yeah as I'm [TS]

  you know as I'm occasionally texting [TS]

  done Melton to figure out when we're [TS]

  going to start recording this stuff for [TS]

  the rewatch like I'm watching the show [TS]

  and so yeah it was very [TS]

  very much at the front of my mind as [TS]

  well watching this and going this seems [TS]

  familiar to us world with lost souls [TS]

  instead of robots exactly it is both [TS]

  about literally building a world and [TS]

  setting it in motion and then something [TS]

  goes wrong and something starts starts [TS]

  infecting everything and how do you had [TS]

  he changed that had you how do you get [TS]

  out of it and how do you control it [TS]

  Khloe literally a sinkhole that grows [TS]

  and yeah it sucks people in which is [TS]

  obviously constructed as there's so much [TS]

  where I'm like obviously everything that [TS]

  occurs within the place ostensibly was [TS]

  caused by Michael was part of a plan to [TS]

  do something or was it because he says [TS]

  they're improvising a lot so they caused [TS]

  the single was that a byproduct after [TS]

  Eleanor admits to everyone that she [TS]

  shouldn't be there they didn't expect [TS]

  that that was the first crack and then [TS]

  at that point everything that they were [TS]

  doing after that was improvised because [TS]

  they had to that you know they did what [TS]

  they were off the planet I was one of [TS]

  the started to unravel and I mean we've [TS]

  already talked a little bit about [TS]

  casting and and there there are names in [TS]

  here like Kristen Bell and Ted Danson [TS]

  but but there are a lot of discoveries [TS]

  in the show I mean this show is so [TS]

  beautifully cast right then to the guest [TS]

  stars right down to the one-shot things [TS]

  and I mean Adam Scott come on yeah but [TS]

  but Scott is so great the maybe the [TS]

  biggest discovery in the show for me uh [TS]

  is Darcy carton is Jana she is I mean [TS]

  think it's a beautifully conceived and [TS]

  written character and she is pitch [TS]

  perfect in every variation we see she's [TS]

  amazing the bit where they're trying to [TS]

  shut her down and she's like I will warn [TS]

  you that i will get a very convincing [TS]

  job but i am not at all pleased by her [TS]

  my children well this is mikey a frame [TS]

  that thing is just what a beautiful set [TS]

  piece so funny spoiler the funniest [TS]

  things when she she falls in love with [TS]

  quote and marries Jason you never forget [TS]

  that she's just a piece of software like [TS]

  she's because she's the first person to [TS]

  remind you this is not legal there's [TS]

  nothing in my programming that prevented [TS]

  it so I said yes and it is like she does [TS]

  with so I mean no effect whatsoever it [TS]

  is literally just as he's running [TS]

  through his dialogue she's because you [TS]

  know it's here you're such a beautiful [TS]

  girl and it's just I'm not I'm not a [TS]

  girl and it's there's no she's not [TS]

  trying to interrupt him she's like I'm [TS]

  not a girl and then like when she [TS]

  reboots and like she's still kind of [TS]

  working it out oh my god I have to see [TS]

  me I think this is a bunch of pictures [TS]

  of cactus Janet you're not gonna hand me [TS]

  those always funny it was a month are [TS]

  you yeah there's very much it was a good [TS]

  Monty Python interaction is briefly like [TS]

  you're not what are you holding it's not [TS]

  a cock yes yes yeah and and bad place [TS]

  Janet yes Oh biker Janet oh like I loved [TS]

  every every iteration of janet like for [TS]

  me was really entertaining and somewhat [TS]

  in some way whatever I thought she was I [TS]

  thought she was awesome and I love that [TS]

  it's like her interaction with everybody [TS]

  and how um you know she's the first [TS]

  person to remind you that she's not a [TS]

  person that she's not a girl that she's [TS]

  not you know real and all of the things [TS]

  that that she keeps saying but then she [TS]

  does stuff like he's trying to be [TS]

  helpful to Jason you know is nice to him [TS]

  and he really takes that to heart you [TS]

  know and that's like he even says like [TS]

  when I first got here you were the first [TS]

  person to be nice to me well back to [TS]

  West world right she is an uncanny [TS]

  valley kind of figure where it's like is [TS]

  it real or is it programming that seems [TS]

  real if you want to believe it I also [TS]

  got a circuit Voyager you know [TS]

  holographic dr. kind of I began to get [TS]

  into the science fictional yeah she is a [TS]

  science fiction character in the middle [TS]

  of the sitcom for sure well and one she [TS]

  is definitely a uh uh uh what's a good [TS]

  word an avatar a fake thing that is [TS]

  learning what it is to be human a little [TS]

  bit right ever and I mean by me man a [TS]

  little bit you know she doesn't at the [TS]

  end of the show she does not want to be [TS]

  rebooted she wants to be with Jason [TS]

  people it gives you the ultimate freedom [TS]

  as a [TS]

  a visual creative medium person of this [TS]

  filmic variety where you can you know [TS]

  play with those notions of universality [TS]

  night I thought this actually the good [TS]

  place discards with that when and my [TS]

  wife had pointed this out like oh my god [TS]

  they threaded the needle on religion in [TS]

  the very first episode we says well it's [TS]

  about you know who was right she asked [TS]

  raising about 5% the Christians and [TS]

  fibers of the Jews and five percent it's [TS]

  like nobody was really got it at all and [TS]

  you're like oh we totally diffuses it so [TS]

  there's no God discussed there's no one [TS]

  religion that one and it's put into this [TS]

  sort of other categories so I'm sure [TS]

  some people are offended about it [TS]

  because it's is religiously oriented it [TS]

  the sense of having an afterlife but [TS]

  without it's entirely about ethics [TS]

  instead of about religion what's yeah [TS]

  its ethics and logic it could not be [TS]

  more welcoming and gentle and open about [TS]

  the premise of like you all I mean in [TS]

  the inning nicest way possible of saying [TS]

  at the very beginning what you all got [TS]

  it wrong mostly but you had a little bit [TS]

  right but it's also just totally [TS]

  disarming right it's like look it's all [TS]

  good you know you got part of it right [TS]

  everybody got a little different part [TS]

  right except for the one dude in 1972 [TS]

  it's okay last turn like don't and there [TS]

  are a bunch of those like when you sit [TS]

  and you walk through the episodes like [TS]

  that's one of the things that I really [TS]

  enjoyed was like um when they first walk [TS]

  out into the neighborhood you know and [TS]

  michael says and she's talking she says [TS]

  asks him a question and I don't remember [TS]

  what it was and then he says um well yes [TS]

  but you know that's all the result of [TS]

  frog Lord zorax long may he wrote yes [TS]

  yes the great uh is I'm just kidding and [TS]

  like Eddie you know ghost moments every [TS]

  once awhile and just like you know the [TS]

  folder you know are you what are you [TS]

  holding is it is a cactus are you gonna [TS]

  try and give me another cactus no it's a [TS]

  folder full it's a folder full of things [TS]

  and she hands it to him and it's a [TS]

  folder full of pictures of cactuses huh [TS]

  and like every once in a while there's [TS]

  there's that left turn in the middle of [TS]

  something and I just I think that was [TS]

  the thing that kept me watching was I [TS]

  was I wasn't super interested honestly [TS]

  you know at the beginning and then [TS]

  totally got [TS]

  sucked in and it was because of that [TS]

  stuff like you know as as Ted Danson [TS]

  completely deadpan says frog Lord zorax [TS]

  long maybe no ID like oh my god oh my [TS]

  god like I actually had that moment of [TS]

  like what have I done and then what did [TS]

  Glen make me do and then what did I make [TS]

  you do that maybe a whole series of [TS]

  itself haha what did Glen convince me of [TS]

  here exactly and then like and that was [TS]

  the part that was that was very [TS]

  entertaining to me was was at just often [TS]

  enough not often enough to be like oh [TS]

  it's just this goofy show but just often [TS]

  enough that you don't end up sort of [TS]

  drowning in a sea of Chi DS ethics books [TS]

  yeah well that's that's the thing i mean [TS]

  when when you describe the premise to [TS]

  some people who like Oh what is this the [TS]

  Summa Theologica do I need a degree in [TS]

  divinity to watch those like no no [TS]

  absolutely not also also you know when [TS]

  Glenn tells you to watch something [TS]

  mostly it's a bad idea i'm glad you were [TS]

  like oh what did I ever treat what if I [TS]

  asked you your sorrows Zardoz Zardoz [TS]

  Sarna you can't stop thinking that years [TS]

  later so this is this is yeah it is so [TS]

  you know if I've gotten to this point [TS]

  and you blew through the spoiler horn [TS]

  and you still haven't watched you should [TS]

  go watch the show it is not only not [TS]

  very long but it's really great it is [TS]

  unlike anything I've ever seen it is a [TS]

  obviously I think this is the only can [TS]

  happen when there's a creator that a [TS]

  network really trusts and they believe [TS]

  in him and his idea and want to see this [TS]

  vision kind of fulfilled we're in a [TS]

  weird time and television where network [TS]

  networks are trying things like like the [TS]

  good place and that they would not have [TS]

  may be tried in the past and and it's uh [TS]

  yeah it's hey we can especially I'm [TS]

  willing people to watch it maybe that'll [TS]

  pay enough quarters that we can keep the [TS]

  machine running exactly right keep those [TS]

  magic fingers by bright [TS]

  magic fingers by bright [TS]

  oh wait when it comes to that kind of [TS]

  thing um one of the things for me that [TS]

  was actually sort of exciting about this [TS]

  was that the whole season was available [TS]

  freely yes just as a cable subscriber [TS]

  not as a person with netflix or amazon [TS]

  prime or Hulu or any other paid TV any [TS]

  other paid online only service this is [TS]

  something that was available to me I'm [TS]

  just a cable I get cable at my house [TS]

  cable TV as a cable subscriber I can [TS]

  install the NBC app and tell it like [TS]

  this is my cable provider or whatever [TS]

  and I got the whole season one you know [TS]

  back in the day it have shows where you [TS]

  had to wait for summer reruns or that [TS]

  they were failing until summer reruns [TS]

  like Dick Van Dyke and all in the family [TS]

  and cheers and all of these shows that [TS]

  were like you know pinnacles of [TS]

  television were failing for a long time [TS]

  because you you didn't have a chance to [TS]

  go see them or you didn't have a chance [TS]

  to hear about them you know if someone [TS]

  said oh you got to see this and it was [TS]

  already off off the air for a while and [TS]

  now yeah it's very easy to say here just [TS]

  sit down turn the computer on your good [TS]

  well and not everyone does that and [TS]

  that's the thing that I thought was was [TS]

  really nice about this was that I don't [TS]

  have to wait for the second season to be [TS]

  almost here before I can go buy a DVD of [TS]

  the first season and watch that you know [TS]

  um that was and and as a distribution [TS]

  mechanism that was the thing that that I [TS]

  really liked I was very excited to know [TS]

  that it was out there waiting I could [TS]

  watch the whole thing on the NBC up [TS]

  there were commercials I'm not at full [TS]

  disclosure there were commercials in the [TS]

  middle of the show like not as many as I [TS]

  got an as i would get watching it on TV [TS]

  so the fact that it was out there [TS]

  available was really awesome and i want [TS]

  more shows to do this because it makes [TS]

  it easier for somebody like me who was [TS]

  well more than fashionably late to the [TS]

  party to still be able to show up [TS]

  especially before season two and it was [TS]

  really oddly scheduled like the first [TS]

  two episodes ran back to back monday [TS]

  night at ten after the voice and then [TS]

  the third episode ran that thursday at [TS]

  eight thirty then it was off then it was [TS]

  back on Thursday I mean it was like make [TS]

  it harder and harder to find [TS]

  but they know that they understand that [TS]

  now and at least they've figured out not [TS]

  all the networks have figured this out [TS]

  but they've figured out that if we make [TS]

  it easy to find elsewhere people will [TS]

  still find right I'm looking at you CBS [TS]

  now the shame of it is we cannot tell [TS]

  you I if this is available in fact i did [TS]

  a search I'm not sure this show is [TS]

  available outside of the US so what I'll [TS]

  say is you know give give it a look and [TS]

  see if you can find it somewhere on the [TS]

  internet may be legally I hope Jason [TS]

  hold on are you proposing that people [TS]

  engaged in an ethically dubious behavior [TS]

  because no definitely not no I'm saying [TS]

  that they should get on the internet and [TS]

  search for episodes of the good place [TS]

  and hopefully in the country that [TS]

  they're located they'll find where those [TS]

  are legally available Glenn Glenn Glenn [TS]

  it's ok we'll just help Jason threw a [TS]

  party it'll be fine that's right Jason [TS]

  I'm starting to get a train and leave [TS]

  the in comfortable have to go drink some [TS]

  be right here if you let me actually you [TS]

  have to go from the incomparable to the [TS]

  competent confer upon place the [TS]

  congregation oh all right well I hope [TS]

  we've inspired some of you to seek out [TS]

  the show and and it's fun to talk about [TS]

  i'm looking forward to the second season [TS]

  I'm i will go back and watch this first [TS]

  season again too because it was so great [TS]

  it really rewards rewatching really [TS]

  rewards for watching really yeah really [TS]

  reward three watch on three times and [TS]

  i'm ready to watch it a gate was great [TS]

  the second time through is like watching [TS]

  a different show and i think that's [TS]

  pretty wonder yes yes because now you're [TS]

  you're watching knowing the end so now [TS]

  you can watch and see all those little [TS]

  details that they've dropped in this [TS]

  reminds me i did a a foreshadow earlier [TS]

  the one bit that i know was cut and was [TS]

  in the extended one was michael says i [TS]

  think it's an episode 2 e but he says to [TS]

  talking to tehani and and jason a gelato [TS]

  John you Jason yeah John you thank you [TS]

  at the time an Eleanor and she come up [TS]

  because oh good I'm glad you're here [TS]

  there's nothing that makes me happier [TS]

  thinking of the four of you living next [TS]

  to each other for all eternity for k [TS]

  yeah and brain one of the interviews the [TS]

  Creator said something like yeah we [TS]

  couldn't get that and we thought it [TS]

  might be too much of a tell [TS]

  and we cut it but we put it back in the [TS]

  extended version but we don't think we [TS]

  really thought that was going to give it [TS]

  away and and nobody noticed and he's and [TS]

  you should you should put the the [TS]

  Sepinwall interview in in the shoutout [TS]

  oh because it's fantastic and one of the [TS]

  things was there there's at least one [TS]

  scene or two scenes early on where we [TS]

  see Ted by himself and the question was [TS]

  is he play acting while he's by himself [TS]

  you know if we see him all fake at any [TS]

  point would that give it away and they [TS]

  said well we had to we had the town we [TS]

  had to figure that out the door was [TS]

  that's very interesting the doors open [TS]

  so he yeah well the thing that I like [TS]

  about Ted Danson like as I as we get [TS]

  through the end of that last episode is [TS]

  that in a bunch of like big ways he's [TS]

  exactly the same it was still his first [TS]

  neighborhood he's usually it earnest [TS]

  about that he's still really excited to [TS]

  see how it goes he's really worried [TS]

  about things going wrong you're right [TS]

  and so he's still like fundamentally the [TS]

  same guy it's just that this is all set [TS]

  up to torture these people instead of to [TS]

  be the good place that they had been led [TS]

  to believe that it was well the easiest [TS]

  lie to tell is the one that isn't much [TS]

  of a lie right most of the detail is [TS]

  true and that was the thing that really [TS]

  struck me about him was that he like [TS]

  none of that stuff was a put-on like it [TS]

  seems like for as fundamental as it [TS]

  becomes you know because this go ahead [TS]

  Michael call the train you want to play [TS]

  let's play yeah you know like as [TS]

  fundamentally different as the world is [TS]

  once Alinor figures that out at the same [TS]

  time on another on a bunch of other [TS]

  levels like not a lot has changed I [TS]

  thought that was really intranet made [TS]

  Michael really interesting and that was [TS]

  part of what was great about it you [TS]

  still somehow feel for him even after [TS]

  that right yeah like when he's when he's [TS]

  relieved at GD being a little upset he's [TS]

  like oh thank you i needed that right [TS]

  i'm still and seeing him in the [TS]

  conscience guys Ryan's do something [TS]

  interesting with his job that [TS]

  boring right that's right right and [TS]

  that's that is this is such a fine [TS]

  tightrope to walk yeah oh my god the [TS]

  most horrifying thing in the show it's [TS]

  that brilliant thing and they don't over [TS]

  use it is when the walls the bedroom [TS]

  close and terrifying and the huge cloud [TS]

  is that is the most and especially when [TS]

  man that is disturbing like even when [TS]

  the evil people yeah yes they go behind [TS]

  it and close the doors it oh just one my [TS]

  wife thought a house filled with clown [TS]

  pictures was a dead give away from the [TS]

  first check she does not like please [TS]

  just say I don't either and even if I [TS]

  didn't mind them i think i would I think [TS]

  I like them less having watched season [TS]

  of this show and watching it back you [TS]

  you do send sets that threatening layer [TS]

  but the first time this is what what was [TS]

  so clever about how it's built is the [TS]

  first time through you write it off as [TS]

  being part of the mistake with Kristen [TS]

  Bell's character and so you're like oh [TS]

  well you know so it's funny it's a funny [TS]

  thing that the real one like clowns and [TS]

  and but the second times you're like oh [TS]

  that's cruel that's like--that's message [TS]

  especially when and trevor says you know [TS]

  what's funny the exact picture is also [TS]

  in real Eleanor's room in hell well yeah [TS]

  I mean there is we at one point in the [TS]

  show we didn't mention this the the [TS]

  there is a the real Eleanor is brought [TS]

  from the bad place and then that adds [TS]

  that amps up the moral dilemma that [TS]

  they're all facing which I would make a [TS]

  bigger deal of except that it's all [TS]

  revealed that it's all fraud in the end [TS]

  so it doesn't really matter but that is [TS]

  there is a fascinating sort of moral [TS]

  question there about how Kristen Bell [TS]

  doesn't want to go to hell but at the [TS]

  same time she doesn't deserve to be [TS]

  where she is and this other woman is in [TS]

  the torments of hell because she's got [TS]

  her spot and so there's that whole [TS]

  ethically except it turns out it's a lie [TS]

  but that was that's the premise anyway [TS]

  so yeah if there's a lot here folks [TS]

  there's a lot here yeah I mean I we [TS]

  always talk about what's what's the best [TS]

  show you've seen this year what's your [TS]

  favorite shows this year this is maybe [TS]

  the best show I've seen in at least 10 [TS]

  years Wow I'll go that far maybe even [TS]

  maybe even more I haven't watched brady [TS]

  network television shows i have watched [TS]

  and I've been watching all the stuff in [TS]

  like sci-fi and you know show time and I [TS]

  wrote an HP how and other networks so [TS]

  I've actually can compare this now to [TS]

  other TV shows I've watched the last [TS]

  five years and it's among the best or [TS]

  it's probably it's the best funny one [TS]

  I've seen it's it's certainly the it's [TS]

  it's funny and it's absurd but it's also [TS]

  a show of the brain and you don't get [TS]

  that very fun I love it well and assumes [TS]

  that you can keep up yes yes the other [TS]

  shrink about it they don't hit you over [TS]

  the head with it eight minutes into the [TS]

  first episode and then you spend the [TS]

  rest of the season waiting for everybody [TS]

  else to figure out the thing they told [TS]

  you in the pilot there's no recap I mean [TS]

  that that's the other thing is there's [TS]

  no previously he you know what Mike [TS]

  Schur said is he's fully embraced the [TS]

  fact that like look you need to pay [TS]

  attention to the show that's what the [TS]

  show is that we're not gonna recap it [TS]

  you know you don't drop in in the middle [TS]

  star from the start this is a story [TS]

  we're telling you here and it really is [TS]

  and and you can't you can't watch it [TS]

  looking at your phone yeah yeah that's [TS]

  why do you have to pay attention it's [TS]

  one of those shows too but in a good way [TS]

  like that all right I'm gonna wrap it up [TS]

  here I want to thank my guests for [TS]

  talking about the good place in this um [TS]

  okay place that we call the middle of [TS]

  the internet and Fleischmann thanks for [TS]

  being here I hope this counts towards my [TS]

  totals Jason yes you go up 183 points [TS]

  for this david luce lord thank you for [TS]

  being here I'll miss you too you sexy [TS]

  skyscraper and Kelly your money thank [TS]

  you for being me I think good and thanks [TS]

  everybody up there for listening this [TS]

  has been the good place and now we [TS]

  return you to whatever place you belong [TS]

  in see you next week [TS]

  you [TS]

  [Music] [TS]