98: Hardware Machismo


  the interest is intense then it's [TS]

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  wrong in the world of Apple and related [TS]

  technologies and businesses nothing is [TS]

  so perfect that it can't be complained [TS]

  about by my friend in yours John [TS]

  siracusa I'm Dan Benjamin today is [TS]

  Friday December 14th 2012 this is [TS]

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  me through a series of obscure emails my [TS]

  wii u is on its way to me yes I showed I [TS]

  show that it's out for delivery right [TS]

  now yeah should be delivered today but [TS]

  it has not yet arrived so obviously [TS]

  we're not talking about the wii u today [TS]

  cuz even if it did arrive today i [TS]

  wouldn't have time to talk about it [TS]

  right and that probably means the next [TS]

  week show we're gonna talk about that [TS]

  with you right probably ah now the thing [TS]

  is and i did mention having some portion [TS]

  of some show where possibly you would [TS]

  have to ask me questions does that mean [TS]

  that it's you know if next week is the [TS]

  wii u and it takes the whole show and [TS]

  and this week if [TS]

  not doing it this week and we're not [TS]

  doing in the last show which we're not [TS]

  what does that leave so maybe I'll try [TS]

  to like squeeze in like a couple [TS]

  questions at the end of this one and [TS]

  like a couple questions at the end of [TS]

  the next one if the weird doesn't go [TS]

  follow episode sure and these are my [TS]

  questions these are not listener [TS]

  questions these are my questions for you [TS]

  that's for harking back to the old days [TS]

  when you were my guest on the pipeline [TS]

  and I interviewed you then that's right [TS]

  do you remember that I do vaguely [TS]

  vaguely pig there was episode number 23 [TS]

  entitled Jon siracusa you can add that [TS]

  the Charles I'm not a right now i right [TS]

  dan benjamin talks with John sir kia's [TS]

  about writing development technology in [TS]

  the changing audience for gaming the [TS]

  future content creation for the web we [TS]

  had none of those topics ring a bell but [TS]

  I can imagine what I said there were two [TS]

  links an interview with John Syracuse in [TS]

  the setup and fat bits John siracusa [TS]

  staff news staff blog yeah ours got rid [TS]

  of the staff blog more or less and [TS]

  certainly got rid of the branding for [TS]

  all the URL still work or they redirect [TS]

  or whatever but and yeah they're set up [TS]

  interview was from July first 2009 your [TS]

  main machine is a 2 x 2.8 gigahertz mac [TS]

  pro can you guess what it is now same [TS]

  thing same damn with eight gigs of ram [TS]

  dual optical drives an nvidia geforce [TS]

  8800 GT video card and 3.5 terabytes of [TS]

  disk space spread over four internal [TS]

  drives yeah well the specs have gone up [TS]

  i got my ram more hard to suez via same [TS]

  machine save gigs yeah for you almost [TS]

  four years got 34 years ago all right ah [TS]

  some follow-up before this is gonna be a [TS]

  grab bag show so I've got follow-up and [TS]

  then I've got a bunch of little many [TS]

  things that could have been follow-up [TS]

  except they're not but they're similar [TS]

  sized alright so the first bit of fault [TS]

  is from David Meyers uh letting us never [TS]

  let the oh so important debate about [TS]

  taping in and taping out died the [TS]

  continues to live through David ah way [TS]

  back when I mentioned taping up versus [TS]

  taping and I said taping you know what [TS]

  taping out where does that term come [TS]

  from I always imagined it came for [TS]

  something having to do with [TS]

  actual tape laying down traces four [TS]

  circuits and stuff back in the olden [TS]

  days and then some people rode in said [TS]

  actually it's about the magnetic tape [TS]

  that you send to the fab that has the [TS]

  information on it and it's in this old [TS]

  creaky format or whatever well david [TS]

  says that he suggested this theory to a [TS]

  colleague who's been designing [TS]

  electronics since the 70s and he says [TS]

  after he stopped laughing he assured me [TS]

  that your original theory was definitely [TS]

  correct that is my original theory about [TS]

  laying down tape is back in the day [TS]

  before computers are widely available [TS]

  all artwork for printed circuit boards [TS]

  were created manually and the process [TS]

  was called taping out because reels of [TS]

  tape were used to create the tracks on [TS]

  the artwork the artwork for the chips [TS]

  were originally created the same way [TS]

  many times larger than the actual chip [TS]

  they were then photographically reduced [TS]

  to create the final artwork for the chip [TS]

  the entire process was optical with no [TS]

  electronic data being generated so no [TS]

  name for magnetic tapes Isis more [TS]

  Stephanie's at the end it may well be [TS]

  that the etymology of the phrase has [TS]

  been lost as different generations have [TS]

  changed its definition or repurposed the [TS]

  phrase to match the technology changes [TS]

  to the process ah so I'm glad my old [TS]

  man's imagination about laying out [TS]

  traces tape and then uh optically [TS]

  shrinking them was not entirely off base [TS]

  thank you David the next one is from Ben [TS]

  Gomer it's in reference to a topic we [TS]

  discussed on the Q&A show last time [TS]

  somebody asked I figured what the [TS]

  question it was like what changes would [TS]

  you make to OS 10 or something like that [TS]

  like if you were in charge what what [TS]

  change did you make for us and one of [TS]

  the things I talked about was bringing [TS]

  yet more of the features that currently [TS]

  only exist in you know mainframes and [TS]

  other big kind of computers our [TS]

  resiliency to failure and the ability to [TS]

  upgrade and replace things without any [TS]

  down time which would surely it's not [TS]

  just a hardware feature would surely [TS]

  need some sort of operating system [TS]

  support ah so this paper is right up [TS]

  that alley uh it is a paper it's in Jeff [TS]

  fosters home directory so I don't know [TS]

  he's the last author listed on the paper [TS]

  do we have any people in the chat room [TS]

  you know if the last author is the [TS]

  important one papers or is it the first [TS]

  author see how would think the first [TS]

  right yeah but something like Tom a [TS]

  building you wanna be you and be listed [TS]

  first yeah wait for the chat room could [TS]

  tell me there's surely some academics [TS]

  lurking in there but anyway the paper [TS]

  was in his home directories probably in [TS]

  the home directory of all [TS]

  authors but this is the link that uh [TS]

  then uh then gave me oh it AF Waller [TS]

  says the lath author last author runs [TS]

  the lab a last our foster chairman yeah [TS]

  I met I met AF Waller when I was out in [TS]

  Atlanta and we had we had did you know [TS]

  hung out and had some drinks and I don't [TS]

  know if I don't know if I would trust [TS]

  this he says the first author writes the [TS]

  paper or leads the group anyway the full [TS]

  list of authors is Christopher M Hayden [TS]

  Edward k smith Mikhail dinchu Michael [TS]

  Hicks and Jeffrey S Foster and these [TS]

  guys I believe all Jeffrey foster anyway [TS]

  is at the University of Maryland College [TS]

  Park anyway that title the paper is [TS]

  kitsune I'm assuming a pronouncing a [TS]

  ride ki TSU any that looks right could [TS]

  soon a colon efficient general-purpose [TS]

  dynamic software updating for C and it [TS]

  was presented at the oopsla conference [TS]

  which is a great name ooops la [TS]

  object-oriented programming systems [TS]

  language and applications which is an [TS]

  annual conference put on by the ACM ACM [TS]

  is association for computing machinery [TS]

  and the here's the the abstract for well [TS]

  more or less the abstract paper dynamic [TS]

  software updating abbreviated as DSU [TS]

  systems allow programs to be updated [TS]

  while running thereby permitting [TS]

  developers to add features and fix bugs [TS]

  without downtime so basically you know [TS]

  say you want to upgrade some application [TS]

  you have currently it's like will take [TS]

  your old version move to the trash and [TS]

  then give you a new version usually will [TS]

  make you quit the app to it technically [TS]

  on Mac OS 10 you can throw the app in [TS]

  the trash and actually fully delete it [TS]

  usually if you know if you know how to [TS]

  do so and put a new version in place but [TS]

  you're still running the old version and [TS]

  possibly the old version will be very [TS]

  cranky when it goes to try to read a [TS]

  file from its bundle since you've [TS]

  deleted it and all sorts of bad things [TS]

  can happen so in general when you [TS]

  upgrade an application I'm Mac OS 10 or [TS]

  any you know regular PC operating system [TS]

  you have to get rid of it ah and then [TS]

  quit it and then get the new one [TS]

  installed then relaunch that well this [TS]

  lets you take a running program and [TS]

  change it sort of in memory without [TS]

  about quitting the program or anything [TS]

  like that and this page this paper [TS]

  introduces kitsune a new DSU system for [TS]

  see whose design has three notable [TS]

  features so there are many such systems [TS]

  that do this type of thing where you [TS]

  know altering a running program to be [TS]

  different without having to X [TS]

  the program maintaining up done this [TS]

  particular one has these three [TS]

  attributes said versus it's updating [TS]

  mechanism updates the whole program not [TS]

  individual functions this mechanism is [TS]

  more flexible than most prior approaches [TS]

  and places no restrictions on data [TS]

  representations allowed or our compiler [TS]

  optimizations it makes the important [TS]

  aspects of updating explicit in the [TS]

  program text so you have like alter the [TS]

  program to let it know like here are the [TS]

  important parts right and the programmer [TS]

  can write simple specifications to [TS]

  direct kitsune to generate code that [TS]

  traverses and transforms old version [TS]

  state used by new code so if you're [TS]

  everything has some sort of internal in [TS]

  memory state that doesn't work with the [TS]

  new version of the program you can write [TS]

  specifications that say okay you're [TS]

  going to take this running program with [TS]

  this internal memory state and replace [TS]

  it with this new program with this [TS]

  functionality and you have to sort of [TS]

  translate the state to a state that [TS]

  works with the new version of the [TS]

  program and they used it as part of [TS]

  paper to update five popular open source [TS]

  single and multi started programs and [TS]

  found that few program changes are [TS]

  required to use kitsune and it occurs [TS]

  essentially no performance overhead this [TS]

  is all weird and academic and obscure [TS]

  but the upshot is that you can imagine [TS]

  that this technology came to Mac os10 [TS]

  it'll be possible to upgrade programs [TS]

  and the operating system would not not [TS]

  only about refining a reboot but without [TS]

  even requiring you to quit the [TS]

  application to get the new version we're [TS]

  still in the age now or half the things [TS]

  that I want to upgrade forced me to quit [TS]

  all my browsers which makes me upset [TS]

  mm-hmm it makes me less upset now that [TS]

  have an SSD at work because man I never [TS]

  realized how much of quitting a browser [TS]

  with a million open windows and [TS]

  relaunching it had to do with disk i/o [TS]

  like I guess it's just reading things [TS]

  from the disk cache and stuff like that [TS]

  on as almost as if I wish it would just [TS]

  pull from the network instead of reading [TS]

  a dish cast because relaunching like [TS]

  chrome with a million open windows [TS]

  happens so much faster than you have an [TS]

  SSD is that what you're browsing with [TS]

  chrome I've Safari my primary browser [TS]

  and chrome is my secondary Boozman it [TS]

  used to be Safari primary firefox [TS]

  secondary but chromis replaced by but [TS]

  I'm running both all day for different [TS]

  purposes and yeah but they both had tons [TS]

  of open windows and I got a quote on my [TS]

  browser is you're always worried you're [TS]

  gonna lose state or and some of them [TS]

  chrome was really good about maintaining [TS]

  state like your history and everything [TS]

  but like we did I have some form in some [TS]

  windows and I can remember then it just [TS]

  takes forever to quit [TS]

  browser and we launched it but with an S [TS]

  estate takes last time but anyway I hate [TS]

  installing some program and it's like oh [TS]

  by the way we're gonna make you quit [TS]

  your browser's like come on like you're [TS]

  not doing anything browser related what [TS]

  kind of our we're messing with internet [TS]

  plugins are you know isn't it I plugin [TS]

  like flash I didn't like what flash [TS]

  would make me quit the browser's you [TS]

  know this is several levels above that [TS]

  no restart don't need to quit the apps [TS]

  will patch them in process who knows if [TS]

  it's feasible or if it's a good idea but [TS]

  like things like this happen in Maine [TS]

  brings all the time and the things I was [TS]

  thinking about uh it's hard to do [TS]

  describe this is kind of like blue sky [TS]

  you know our pie in the sky thinks I oh [TS]

  sure we like everything to be magical [TS]

  and wonderful but the technology exists [TS]

  to do a lot of these things to you know [TS]

  to be resilient against fate failures to [TS]

  be able to roll your system back in time [TS]

  selectively to various states you know [TS]

  you can imagine if you did like an iOS [TS]

  upgrade and a major things slower if it [TS]

  was really easy to just slip back to the [TS]

  old one without having to like you know [TS]

  this would require uh yeah a filesystem [TS]

  a file system they can do this type of [TS]

  thing like btrfs or butter FS do we [TS]

  talked about in the past of butter yes [TS]

  and many other technologies to sort of [TS]

  make make your system be able to be [TS]

  updated on that like all the things that [TS]

  humans don't like that computers need [TS]

  like it's that's the human serving the [TS]

  computer like all right well I would [TS]

  don't like to I don't want to restart my [TS]

  entire computer and quit all my programs [TS]

  even if they like restore state there [TS]

  try to restore state it's a pain in my [TS]

  butt but the computer needs me to do it [TS]

  you know and I don't want to quit this [TS]

  application that I'm in the middle of [TS]

  working but i do want to upgrade this [TS]

  other one and the computer makes me do [TS]

  it all those things that the computer [TS]

  makes you do that you wouldn't otherwise [TS]

  do those can all go away and should all [TS]

  go away eventually so i put a link to [TS]

  the actual paper to PDF in the show [TS]

  notes and you can take a look at it if [TS]

  you want next bit of follow-up is about [TS]

  the touchy-feely geek culture misogyny [TS]

  thing we talked about two shows ago one [TS]

  of your most epic and most epically [TS]

  received show then i got a couple extra [TS]

  pieces of hate mail this week did you [TS]

  really I hate this strike hate mail [TS]

  stragglers are still there but yes [TS]

  you're right overwhelmingly positive [TS]

  feedback um this came from several [TS]

  people [TS]

  appointed to a YouTube video by someone [TS]

  named Jay smooth this actual name is [TS]

  John Randolph oh he's apparently a [TS]

  jaysmith his DJ name he is the host of a [TS]

  radio program in New York WBAI is [TS]

  Underground Railroad he also does video [TS]

  blogging on hip hop music calm and ill [TS]

  doctrine which is YouTube video blog and [TS]

  this is an older video and the title of [TS]

  it is how to tell people they sound [TS]

  racist and it draws at the links in the [TS]

  show notes and it draws the same [TS]

  distinction as we discussed last time [TS]

  between what he calls the what they did [TS]

  conversation and what they are [TS]

  conversation and he gives this issue a [TS]

  slightly more adversarial bent than I [TS]

  did on the show it pointing out that [TS]

  even though it feels good to slam [TS]

  somebody with what they are attack [TS]

  saying oh you are racist it feels good [TS]

  to attack and I feels like the strongest [TS]

  attack against someone who's doing [TS]

  something like that yeah it's actually a [TS]

  lot easier for the target of the attack [TS]

  to deflect this kind of thing because [TS]

  like I said you can't know what's in my [TS]

  heart you know this is to talk about [TS]

  like motivations and and thoughts and [TS]

  feelings and it's much easier for them [TS]

  to defend against you calling it what [TS]

  you know doing the what they are thing [TS]

  uh and it's true you can't know what's [TS]

  in their heart like that's you know that [TS]

  that conversation is that they do have [TS]

  an upper hand there so it's a much [TS]

  better idea to focus on what what they [TS]

  did conversation which is something [TS]

  concrete and even though it feels like [TS]

  it's the wimpy air attack he's saying [TS]

  don't let them off the hook by jumping [TS]

  into the what they are conversation [TS]

  because that's just so easy to deflect [TS]

  and turn into something different if you [TS]

  if you just focus you know and don't let [TS]

  to move the goalposts you know you just [TS]

  focus on the what they did conversation [TS]

  were just concrete you can actually [TS]

  discuss it's actually a stronger attack [TS]

  so this is different than I was saying [TS]

  you know don't go to the what they are [TS]

  because that that feels like it's you [TS]

  know back in them into a corner uh my [TS]

  wife is here waving a wii u in my face [TS]

  I've excellent she can she unpacking [TS]

  this unpacking for me what if I wanted [TS]

  unpack it all the popcorn that's in that [TS]

  all right you're glad that I unpacked it [TS]

  cuz I have a degree all right well so [TS]

  I've got the wii u here but yes I can't [TS]

  actually play it I'll just look at it [TS]

  longingly on the desk during the blast [TS]

  but so it is it is a black [TS]

  not wii u deluxe deluxe digital [TS]

  promotion as a sticker on an exclusive [TS]

  offer yes that's you it's very nice I'm [TS]

  gonna do want us would you like to stop [TS]

  the show here and then you can go and [TS]

  unbox it plain I can resume and we could [TS]

  record sunday afternoon which is I would [TS]

  not like to do alright I've got a show [TS]

  to do here alright so where was I [TS]

  alright so the J smooth video um so yeah [TS]

  I thought that was interesting that the [TS]

  same the same argument about not too [TS]

  caught to you know to concentrate more [TS]

  on the action rather than trying to [TS]

  label the person with a totally [TS]

  different angle on it also beneficial [TS]

  saying like you know this is actually if [TS]

  you're interested in attacking someone [TS]

  for something like that don't it's to [TS]

  your interest to stay away from the what [TS]

  they are conversation because that one [TS]

  is much harder to win its the you're on [TS]

  shake your ground and there's a longer [TS]

  version of this video that other people [TS]

  sent me as well at TEDx Hampshire [TS]

  College same guy j smooth the title of [TS]

  this talk is uh how i learned to stop [TS]

  worrying and love discussing race the [TS]

  the other that you tube one is very [TS]

  short it's like 60 seconds long or two [TS]

  minutes long this one is longer kind of [TS]

  TED talk length and in this one he [TS]

  mentions that he gets feedback of two [TS]

  main kinds about that video about how do [TS]

  people tell people they race this has [TS]

  been a very popular video and people [TS]

  have been linking it around for a long [TS]

  time the first kind of feedback he gets [TS]

  is like positive support like you know [TS]

  great job really like your video blah [TS]

  blah ah and the second kind of feedback [TS]

  he gets is reports from people who tried [TS]

  the technique and it didn't really help [TS]

  them so you know like I watched your [TS]

  video and the next time something like [TS]

  that happened to me instead of me you [TS]

  know trying to have the what they are [TS]

  conversation I tried to concentrate on [TS]

  what they did and you know what it [TS]

  didn't really help and I like this [TS]

  because you know this appeals to my [TS]

  sensibilities of this guy's famous for [TS]

  this YouTube video and he goes and give [TS]

  a longer version of the talk and the [TS]

  first thing he does is describe what's [TS]

  wrong with this talking no it doesn't [TS]

  work in your life uh you should watch it [TS]

  though because uh what he [TS]

  as in the longer talk is he is he flips [TS]

  it around he talks about how to receive [TS]

  this kind of feedback about yourself [TS]

  yeah and and and make a positive change [TS]

  based on it had it you know how to be on [TS]

  the receiving end of it and how to avoid [TS]

  getting defensive explaining sort of [TS]

  rather than explain why this doesn't [TS]

  work is explained well here's how you [TS]

  can imagine why it doesn't work because [TS]

  imagine if it happened to you wouldn't [TS]

  your reaction be to get defensive and [TS]

  the point he makes about this is that [TS]

  when you believe that you have to be [TS]

  perfect in order to be good it makes you [TS]

  strongly averse to accepting any kind of [TS]

  criticism it kind of it turns the what [TS]

  you did criticism immediately into a [TS]

  what you are calmed in nations you [TS]

  because as soon as you say oh you did [TS]

  this thing that's bad if your definition [TS]

  your head is if you ever do anything [TS]

  that's racist then you are a racist then [TS]

  the what you did versus what your [TS]

  conversation is not really helping [TS]

  because as soon as cell someone tells [TS]

  you you did that thing like all but my [TS]

  personal definition is that if you ever [TS]

  do anything racist you me to the r-1 [TS]

  therefore you know uh so I thought that [TS]

  was clever interesting and this J smooth [TS]

  guy looks really smart and awesome and I [TS]

  like him uh I also get some up some [TS]

  other feedback from people was that oh [TS]

  is that the the what you did versus what [TS]

  you are someone some brought up it like [TS]

  the idea of a murderer like how you know [TS]

  it's contracting what you did versus [TS]

  what you are is letting them off easy I [TS]

  think j smooth how do you encounter that [TS]

  but my counter would be that like it [TS]

  really depends on what is your talk like [TS]

  you can't do a blanket I think people [TS]

  were looking for a blanket rule like [TS]

  what you did versus what you are is a [TS]

  universal rule for life well there's no [TS]

  rules like that very few rules like that [TS]

  except maybe gravity uh and and if you [TS]

  have to do on a case-by-case basis so [TS]

  what it comes down to is do you think [TS]

  the action is redeemable ah you you [TS]

  shouldn't you know to disagree you're [TS]

  worried about this up doing something [TS]

  versus being something debate you know [TS]

  it really depends on do you think anyone [TS]

  who does this there's no redemption [TS]

  there's no coming back from it once you [TS]

  do this you are this thing and there's [TS]

  no point in trying to change your future [TS]

  behavior because this label should [TS]

  rightfully apply to you always and a [TS]

  good example is when you call someone a [TS]

  murderer it's a many people may be of [TS]

  the opinion that once you can murder [TS]

  somebody you are [TS]

  and it's not like oh man don't don't put [TS]

  labels on man don't call don't call him [TS]

  a murderer because that's gonna back him [TS]

  into a corner you rally just talk about [TS]

  what he did like that murdering you did [TS]

  was bad let's talk about that versus [TS]

  calling him a murderer which but you [TS]

  know and it could be used aside that [TS]

  action there's no coming back from that [TS]

  and then label is yours forever and [TS]

  tough luck right uh I would say that [TS]

  saying something sexist or racist is not [TS]

  is not the same thing as being a [TS]

  murderer and you can't apply this [TS]

  blanket rule to in either case right so [TS]

  be be careful about taking you know [TS]

  guidelines or advice from anybody and [TS]

  saying it this kind of that's one of the [TS]

  speaking of geek culture suddenly a geek [TS]

  thing like you you're some piece of [TS]

  advice or guideline you're like this [TS]

  must be a general principle that applies [TS]

  in all conditions otherwise it's [TS]

  completely invalid that's not it's not [TS]

  how the world works like everything is [TS]

  context dependent in its stall fuzzy and [TS]

  gray and there aren't many you no hard [TS]

  and fast rules uh so yeah check out that [TS]

  video if you haven't seen it before you [TS]

  don't know Jay smooth is cuz he he seems [TS]

  cool alright uh there's a comment on a [TS]

  Simcoe com oh this is my this is like my [TS]

  version of RSS is twitter where I find [TS]

  links and I think Horace link to this [TS]

  himself he frequently does this is a [TS]

  great thing that Horace does I think he [TS]

  doesn't just link to his own articles [TS]

  like hey I wrote something like semco he [TS]

  does that to like here you know new post [TS]

  on my blog take a look at it he links to [TS]

  sometimes days later really good [TS]

  comments but you know specifically [TS]

  anchor links to those comments on his [TS]

  own blog post correct and I think that [TS]

  is awesome because it's kind of like the [TS]

  blog version of follow up right where [TS]

  his audience has a lot of good smart [TS]

  things to say and he not only allows [TS]

  them to post their and participates in [TS]

  the discussion but he highlights them by [TS]

  saying check this out guys so this one [TS]

  he linked to by William Cox is attached [TS]

  to the article the New Age of capital [TS]

  intensity she talks about capital [TS]

  expenditures and Apple as usual and also [TS]

  some of the things I William cock says [TS]

  Horace I just thought you should know [TS]

  that Apple is indeed popping up with all [TS]

  sorts of plans to move things in-house [TS]

  AMD and Qualcomm both have graphics [TS]

  divisions in Orlando your old down no [TS]

  yeah and now Apple has its chip [TS]

  specialists from intrinsic code [TS]

  designers with Samsung of the a4 chip in [TS]

  Orlando setting up shop for a new plant [TS]

  they're recruiting heavily from their [TS]

  competitors senior staff I would look [TS]

  for apple to abandon power VRS the GPO [TS]

  supplier in a couple of years and move [TS]

  everything in-house so here's a case [TS]

  where retarded before I like you know if [TS]

  apple buys a company it doesn't make a [TS]

  difference if they want all the people [TS]

  to work in cupertino well here's Apple [TS]

  setting up you know Apple employees in a [TS]

  shop in Orlando which just so happens to [TS]

  be next to AMD in qualcomm their [TS]

  graphics divisions right and actively [TS]

  you know trying to get employees who [TS]

  either currently or used to work for AMD [TS]

  and Qualcomm to say you guys don't have [TS]

  to move you can keep your house where [TS]

  you are in fact we set up a shop right [TS]

  here because it if you're if Apple wants [TS]

  to like you know this is basically [TS]

  saying I'd example apples makes its own [TS]

  asics CPU but it's still using GPU made [TS]

  by somebody else what if they want to [TS]

  make their own GPU but you gotta you [TS]

  know hire some good mobile GPU designers [TS]

  and the best way to do that is to set up [TS]

  some you know an office specifically for [TS]

  this purses right next to two other [TS]

  offices that have to do with making [TS]

  mobile GPUs and of course they bought [TS]

  intrinsically a while back which is also [TS]

  a mobile GPU related chip-making company [TS]

  so this isn't this is pretty strong [TS]

  evidence if all this is true from this [TS]

  common that Apple really has its eyes on [TS]

  you know not relying on other people for [TS]

  hardware we're gonna make our own CPU [TS]

  designs a6 we're gonna make her own GPU [TS]

  ah maybe they're not gonna buy their own [TS]

  fabs but like reading this and thinking [TS]

  about this and then seeing how serious [TS]

  they are because like this no my reason [TS]

  you know as you can surely test that's [TS]

  the only reason you set up an office in [TS]

  Orlando that's right but there's no [TS]

  there's no reason to be there trust me [TS]

  unless you're an imagined here or [TS]

  something then even then even then you [TS]

  want to be in California know the real [TS]

  I'm gonna get it wrong and kill my cred [TS]

  here but the real disney world that's [TS]

  right yeah real disney world isn't far [TS]

  the real disney world is in florida i [TS]

  worked there did you know that yes i did [TS]

  not listen to all your show okay i [TS]

  worked in there and that don't be [TS]

  confused people will call the magic [TS]

  kingdom disney world it is not disney [TS]

  world is the entire thing that's [TS]

  inclusive of the magic kingdom it [TS]

  includes the epcot center it includes [TS]

  all the resorts it includes what we used [TS]

  to call MGM Studios now some [TS]

  their thing all of that that is Disney [TS]

  World Magic Kingdom is the place with [TS]

  the castle right but it's not Disneyland [TS]

  on California is that shadow of the real [TS]

  thing the Disneyland I think you can fit [TS]

  50 Disneyland's in the parking lot for [TS]

  the Magic Kingdom Djem antic kingdom so [TS]

  that's why you're saying if you're gonna [TS]

  be an Imagineer you want to be an [TS]

  Orlando you don't want to being they do [TS]

  have a big data center out there all [TS]

  right but it's not that's not a draw for [TS]

  people yeah so somewhat reading this [TS]

  comment and assuming is true my thought [TS]

  was is there anything Apple thinks it [TS]

  can't do hardware-wise like I said you [TS]

  know we have our own little box that we [TS]

  put apple in like you know Apple makes [TS]

  computers and they buy their you know [TS]

  CPUs from Intel or IBM or motorola or [TS]

  whatever and that box is not the same [TS]

  box that Apple puts itself in because [TS]

  Apple clearly says you know what we can [TS]

  make your own CPUs a hire a bunch of [TS]

  people there's no reason we can't do [TS]

  this we go we'll get an armed license we [TS]

  won't we won't just take someone else's [TS]

  cores and put them together we're gonna [TS]

  make her own CPU called ba6 right so [TS]

  that was a box that other people had [TS]

  apple in it but they you know said no we [TS]

  don't we don't recognize that boundary [TS]

  and now I'm thinking like is there [TS]

  anything anything related to hardware at [TS]

  all that Apple thinks well we can you [TS]

  know make your own cases and maybe make [TS]

  Iran CPUs but we can't do X is there [TS]

  anything like that I think they can't do [TS]

  can it do they think they can make their [TS]

  own hard drives their own SSDs their own [TS]

  screens there you know sure it's I think [TS]

  everything is up for grabs now and it's [TS]

  tempting to think of things with the pc [TS]

  mindset especially people of our age of [TS]

  like certain things you do as the maker [TS]

  of personal computers and stuff and [TS]

  certain things you know your part [TS]

  suppliers do an apple seems willing when [TS]

  it comes to hardware to say ah the only [TS]

  reason we would ever let a part supply [TS]

  or do this is if the margins are really [TS]

  low and it's not strategically important [TS]

  for us to do it right the reason would [TS]

  never be oh we don't know how to do that [TS]

  oh we can't do though you know we can't [TS]

  make desktop CPUs that's not you know [TS]

  we're not in tell if Apple decides it is [TS]

  strategically important for them to do [TS]

  that they're not going to let that you [TS]

  know old world definition of what Apple [TS]

  does stop them and lay [TS]

  other things stop them like economics [TS]

  and feasibility and all sorts of other [TS]

  things but clearly in this case their [TS]

  eyes seemed set on making not only the [TS]

  CPU part but also the GPU part and [TS]

  that's very interesting um now but I was [TS]

  careful to add hardware wise as a [TS]

  qualifier to that statement is there [TS]

  anything Apple thinks it can't do [TS]

  because clearly there's plenty that [TS]

  Apple can't do cloud service wise which [TS]

  is sad a little sad smiley face my notes [TS]

  likes that uh but maybe maybe this [TS]

  Hardware machismo can be funneled into [TS]

  apple finally taking the reins on its [TS]

  service operations and you know building [TS]

  its own server hardware since of course [TS]

  it doesn't it doesn't make exurbs [TS]

  anymore never really use them that much [TS]

  and it's a server side stuff anyway so [TS]

  maybe if Apple becomes like you know we [TS]

  can do anything we can we'll make our [TS]

  own Ram will make her own CPUs we make [TS]

  our own but you know nothing we can't do [TS]

  with hardware hopefully then was like [TS]

  you know what we keep buying these uh [TS]

  you know rackmount servers from Dell or [TS]

  whoever the heck they're buying them [TS]

  from these days why don't we make our [TS]

  own ones of those and maybe parlay that [TS]

  into saying we can make our own server [TS]

  side infrastructure you know we can have [TS]

  the our own equivalent of bc2 and gfs [TS]

  and and a big table spanner and [TS]

  MapReduce and all that stuff like why [TS]

  can't we do that too uh basically this [TS]

  this is my this gets back another [TS]

  question last show you know what would [TS]

  you do if you were in charge of Apple my [TS]

  small one was new file system that big [TS]

  one was get their server side stuffing [TS]

  gear ah but the idea is giving apple [TS]

  level attention to products that will [TS]

  never be in the hands of users because [TS]

  apples like all the whole company's [TS]

  focus on making it so that when you go [TS]

  into the store and you buy this you know [TS]

  iPad Mini or whatever it's just an [TS]

  amazing beautiful thing that's what they [TS]

  care about you get that thing in your [TS]

  hand how does it work how does it feel [TS]

  has everything you know and then it [TS]

  seems like everything else that's going [TS]

  on back an apple like that their bug [TS]

  tracking tool which the people who do [TS]

  see to tend not to like and they're you [TS]

  know how everything to internally and [TS]

  what do they use for the data center and [TS]

  it's like well then that doesn't matter [TS]

  you don't see that when you go into an [TS]

  apple store right but the turner has to [TS]

  be no you have to also give that amazing [TS]

  Apple attention to detail and level of [TS]

  commitment to [TS]

  awesome things to the things that will [TS]

  never be touched by a customer and with [TS]

  it physically touched because even [TS]

  though customers will never be in your [TS]

  data center and will never see all your [TS]

  cool infrastructure and stuff that stuff [TS]

  does affect the end-users increasingly [TS]

  affects the end-user so even though they [TS]

  don't steal that stuff when I cloud is [TS]

  flaky and doesn't work right that [TS]

  totally affects the other users and [TS]

  that's that's the the philosophical [TS]

  turnaround that Apple needs to get not [TS]

  just like hey put a DQ in charge because [TS]

  he makes a trains run on time and we'll [TS]

  make iCloud kind of sort of do what it's [TS]

  supposed to do it has to be an area of [TS]

  excellence like it is with Google like [TS]

  Google stakes the reputation on their [TS]

  operational excellence they do amazing [TS]

  things in the data center with amazing [TS]

  technology like they concentrate even [TS]

  though Google's customers don't touch [TS]

  their server center Google's kind of [TS]

  customers have no idea but all this [TS]

  underlying technology but they know when [TS]

  something doesn't work or it's flaky uh [TS]

  so that that's the turnaround it needs [TS]

  to happen there and I hope Apple's [TS]

  amazing balls when it comes to what they [TS]

  think they can do in Hardware some of [TS]

  that transfer is over like maybe it [TS]

  sneaks in the back door like just the [TS]

  harbor guys going we're so awesome make [TS]

  a hardware now why don't we just make [TS]

  our own servers would be way cheaper I [TS]

  can just sneak in that way making your [TS]

  own service to run other people's stuff [TS]

  you know running Windows Azure whatever [TS]

  stuff on things that they make or [TS]

  running oracle on their own servers and [TS]

  maybe Oracle wouldn't ever give them [TS]

  support if they tried to run another [TS]

  hardware but you know I'm hoping this [TS]

  will steamroll into them getting [TS]

  religion about the server side but I [TS]

  know what the odds of that are and this [TS]

  is a follow-up QA almost done with the [TS]

  follow up here okay it's a question that [TS]

  was asked that didn't make it in the Q&A [TS]

  show but it got sent in regular feedback [TS]

  in it's all you have chosen seed that [TS]

  could I was supposed to pick those [TS]

  questions it was sent way after the show [TS]

  was already recorded okay so you show [TS]

  your chosen to receive a question and an [TS]

  answer it despite the fact that you had [TS]

  asked me to okay no that's cool it it'll [TS]

  be fine you'll be okay all right ah me [TS]

  and I asked answer questions in Fall [TS]

  Ball time sometimes I just answer them [TS]

  by email but I figured this one was of [TS]

  enough general interest maybe I'm wrong [TS]

  this is from brent Muir he says in hyper [TS]

  covel 97 you mentioned that York with [TS]

  work with oracle PL sequel have you been [TS]

  able to find a decent Mac Oracle query [TS]

  tool or he's been trying to find one for [TS]

  a while but can't find long [TS]

  and clunkier bloated blah blah I asked [TS]

  me if I use a GUI sequel query tool and [TS]

  if so which one uh-huh so what he's [TS]

  asking about is Muir Island is that [TS]

  where he's from Mui are I don't know [TS]

  them you're our Island maybe that's a [TS]

  mutant research complex so I've heard oh [TS]

  really I mean that's how do I believe [TS]

  you all right so this is asking about [TS]

  when you have a database you need some [TS]

  way to be able to type sequel queries to [TS]

  it and say here run this query and show [TS]

  me what the results are and there are [TS]

  lots of different tools to do that he's [TS]

  asking about a GUI tool we're gonna have [TS]

  some little window where you type your [TS]

  single query then you press a little [TS]

  button and then you see the results in [TS]

  some sort of like gooey table view or [TS]

  something like that and I think the main [TS]

  reason he's asking about this is because [TS]

  Oracle comes with and has come with many [TS]

  years a tool called sequel + SQL p lus [TS]

  spelled out that way that is a command [TS]

  line tool you run sequel + and you get a [TS]

  little prompt than you type to query and [TS]

  then return it runs your query and shows [TS]

  you the results anybody who's ever used [TS]

  a my sequel postgres or any you know [TS]

  open source database is familiar with [TS]

  this type of tool because they all come [TS]

  with the tool that you it's usually [TS]

  named after the database you type the my [TS]

  sequel command and you've got you can [TS]

  get a prompt and then type sequel [TS]

  queries and sure the postgres one is [TS]

  called psql without the G which I find [TS]

  frustrating uh and we're used to that [TS]

  type of thing now if you haven't used [TS]

  Oracle what you may not understand about [TS]

  SQL pluses a that it's really really [TS]

  really old and be that it's like [TS]

  seemingly never been updated to be [TS]

  better and what do I mean by better well [TS]

  this is a command line tool that has no [TS]

  red line support nerds know what that [TS]

  means but what it boils down to people [TS]

  who don't know is that red line is the [TS]

  library lets you do stuff like hit the [TS]

  up arrow to get your previous command [TS]

  history use the arrow keys command a to [TS]

  go to the beginning committee our [TS]

  commander petroleo beginning at R okay [TS]

  to kill lines like line editing history [TS]

  in lining then we take for granted like [TS]

  who's going to make an interactive [TS]

  command-line tool that does not have any [TS]

  support for command history that seems [TS]

  crazy and yet in in 2012 if you get the [TS]

  latest version of oracle i believe we [TS]

  have close to the latest one at work and [TS]

  we're [TS]

  on the SQL plus thing that comes with it [TS]

  and I can try to do command history at [TS]

  the up arrow you'll see like uh carrot [TS]

  left square bracket whatever the command [TS]

  for a power like it doesn't work it [TS]

  doesn't it doesn't have you know line [TS]

  editing and this the defaults are crazy [TS]

  like the faults made for like a a [TS]

  mainframe terminal from years ago I I [TS]

  don't know exactly why sequel plus is so [TS]

  terrible i'm sure people will get me [TS]

  feedback about the historical [TS]

  terribleness of sequel plus and why they [TS]

  can never ever change it because people [TS]

  have sequel plus scripts that rely on [TS]

  its terribleness everything about it's [TS]

  terrible command-line options how you [TS]

  connect the kinect strings that the way [TS]

  results are displayed it is perhaps the [TS]

  worst widely used command line program [TS]

  in the entire world oh it's it's very [TS]

  obvious that anyone who you have to use [TS]

  Oracle in this day and age does not want [TS]

  to use sequel plus so the desperate for [TS]

  anything to use instead of sequel plus [TS]

  and they're asking about GUI tools now [TS]

  Oracle does make I don't know if it's [TS]

  Oracle I think it's going to be Oracle's [TS]

  own tool now called a sequel developer I [TS]

  think it's called it's a job of thing so [TS]

  right away it's pretty hideous on Mac OS [TS]

  10 but it is a GUI and it as it is [TS]

  actually better than sequel plus so my [TS]

  answer to brent is the GUI tool i use is [TS]

  Oracle's disgusting sequel developer [TS]

  java thing that's what i use i don't [TS]

  like it but i use it ah the the other [TS]

  advice I have for doing stuff is if you [TS]

  don't if you can't stand the Java thing [TS]

  visits gross and you can't instant super [TS]

  plus there is a command called RL wrap [TS]

  which you may or may not know about our [TS]

  L stands for read line RL wrap is a [TS]

  general-purpose command that will take [TS]

  some other command whose whose authors [TS]

  are too too lazy or non-existent because [TS]

  maybe the authors are all dead too and [TS]

  read line support that's the only reason [TS]

  I can think of either either your Oracle [TS]

  or this program was written by people [TS]

  who are now not living like how does it [TS]

  has a command line program not have red [TS]

  line support let's see it will wrap the [TS]

  program so that you're really talking to [TS]

  RL wrap and it gives you command editing [TS]

  and stuff like that and then it will [TS]

  pass that on to the to the underlying [TS]

  program so you can use ro wrap with [TS]

  sequel plus then they can alias and just [TS]

  run that alias and it works surprisingly [TS]

  well so I put a link to ro wrap in the [TS]

  show notes it's one of those UNIX tools [TS]

  that even a lot of UNIX nerds don't know [TS]

  about and why would you [TS]

  about it you'd know that if you ever had [TS]

  to use Oracle because you were very [TS]

  quickly say there's no way in hell i'm [TS]

  using the sequel plus thing with [TS]

  everyone or i got to find something and [TS]

  you find our rap so that was the one [TS]

  question i chose to entertain perhaps [TS]

  too obscure oh and one final question [TS]

  before we go through fault this is a [TS]

  question that many people asked and [TS]

  continue to ask and will continue to ask [TS]

  this is a question for you Dan Oh [TS]

  hypercritical t-shirts everyone wants to [TS]

  know what's the deal with that I have no [TS]

  answers them because i don't know i [TS]

  don't control the t-shirt so I'm asking [TS]

  you actually anything about every [TS]

  critical teacher in in this case you you [TS]

  haven't do control the t-shirts uh [TS]

  several t-shirt designs were put forward [TS]

  going back I would say even as far as a [TS]

  year ago and none of them i would say [TS]

  none of them were suitable i gave you a [TS]

  suggestion for a tag line and you should [TS]

  put this on the shirt and and do so [TS]

  you're saying now that you prove these [TS]

  shirts but you you you showed me like [TS]

  yes yes or no do you prove the last [TS]

  shirt then that we talked about I think [TS]

  that sure it's fine i'm not sure it [TS]

  would be what people want but i thought [TS]

  that shirt would be fine alright i also [TS]

  said i believe last time we discussed [TS]

  this that i'm also fine with a shirt [TS]

  that just has the name of the show [TS]

  that's fine with me too and i said i [TS]

  think i saw i said that uh other people [TS]

  may find just the name of the show more [TS]

  appealing as a shirt than the thing I [TS]

  suggested to be on the shirt um so in a [TS]

  case I have no objections to shirts uh [TS]

  but I'm also not doing anything to make [TS]

  them happen okay so let's do the shirts [TS]

  then we'll do them because I have [TS]

  production facilities in place now for [TS]

  all of this seriously i'm not i'm not [TS]

  kidding we're ready to do this you want [TS]

  feedback from from listeners about [TS]

  whether they want a simple shirt that [TS]

  just as the name of the show or a shirt [TS]

  with an obnoxious text on it that i made [TS]

  up uh we could do we could do both and [TS]

  sell both because i have a you know i [TS]

  don't remember what the original shirt [TS]

  suggestion was but I didn't like that [TS]

  one so i said if you're gonna put a [TS]

  bunch of text on it it's really it [TS]

  should be this thing that I suggested [TS]

  which I think no one would ever want to [TS]

  wear but I think it's funny uh or just [TS]

  the name of the show and that's you know [TS]

  generic [TS]

  and can we can we have your avatar on it [TS]

  that's the thing i don't like so many [TS]

  people have seen the other shirts like [TS]

  Merlin shirt we've all seen that one [TS]

  right piece has been for sale has had [TS]

  his face on it right we have done way I [TS]

  have requisitioned an avatar of you and [TS]

  it is great Jory Raphael did it the guy [TS]

  that does the other avatars in the guy [TS]

  that's done all the work on five by five [TS]

  for you know the Shonan the shows the [TS]

  show artwork and he did one of you and I [TS]

  would say it's stunning I don't mind [TS]

  like the drawing is nice just the [TS]

  question just anyone want even a cartoon [TS]

  version of my ugly head on their shirt [TS]

  or do they just want the word or [TS]

  whatever so I shall we do in a hole I [TS]

  don't have objections to you selling [TS]

  your shirt with my head on it's all a [TS]

  question of look if you want to sell a [TS]

  lot of shirts we should make sure it's [TS]

  the people actually want to buy and I [TS]

  have a difficult time understanding what [TS]

  it is that people want out of a shirt [TS]

  like this okay so uh here's my question [TS]

  for you then would you be content with [TS]

  do you want to make this decision or [TS]

  sure will you leave it to the listeners [TS]

  uh any any of these options are fine [TS]

  okay I'll tell you what it's my face and [TS]

  without plan show title or the the thing [TS]

  that I suggested okay so yeah so here's [TS]

  I'll just just going to put this out [TS]

  there uh we are doing t-shirts now so [TS]

  that is that is there we are doing [TS]

  shirts I will do a survey right now and [TS]

  I will put it what or by the time the [TS]

  show posts it will be in the show notes [TS]

  the show notes are going to be at five [TS]

  by five TV such hypercritical such 98 [TS]

  you can go and vote using this little [TS]

  survey which will ask which of them and [TS]

  maybe I can even show the images there [TS]

  and people will be able to pick between [TS]

  the two shirts I I personally thought it [TS]

  would be wonderful this was very quickly [TS]

  vetoed by you i thought it'd be [TS]

  wonderful to have a little road sign [TS]

  that said sirak entering now entering [TS]

  syracuse accounting be towed yeah i [TS]

  would personally i would love the heck [TS]

  out of that shirt I'd get five of them I [TS]

  wear one every day over over my regular [TS]

  shirt that's how much I like it and I'd [TS]

  sleeping mm-hmm but you said no so the [TS]

  choice that we have are either the name [TS]

  of the shirt like I mean to the name of [TS]

  the show on a shirt that just says [TS]

  hypercritical would you want it to be [TS]

  the same [TS]

  sort of font and styling that we have [TS]

  for the artwork ah or would you wanted [TS]

  something different I don't know i'd [TS]

  have to see options but yeah but okay [TS]

  but that's the obvious way to go with [TS]

  that one okay and then the other idea [TS]

  that I had was your face with some text [TS]

  that you had suggested which I like that [TS]

  could be beneath it right you can put [TS]

  the face with the one with the name of [TS]

  the show to like I say the face is an [TS]

  optional you can say with or without the [TS]

  face either one of these two things [TS]

  there are many possible permutation but [TS]

  like what it comes down to is like these [TS]

  are evenly spread then I can just pick [TS]

  one right but if it everyone leans [TS]

  towards one thing you want it like these [TS]

  shirts are for the fans so I want to [TS]

  give them something that they would want [TS]

  right right so that's why I think they [TS]

  should have input into this and Plus you [TS]

  mean you want to sell a lot of shirts so [TS]

  you know don't sell the one that no [TS]

  wants to buy and you will but just so [TS]

  that people understand this you you will [TS]

  profit from these shirts this is I [TS]

  thousands of them yes I want yeah [TS]

  there's not there's not there's not a [TS]

  big margin and t-shirts I mean we do [TS]

  make a few bucks but it's after after [TS]

  production and shipping and the time [TS]

  that it takes for the people to you know [TS]

  box them up or package them up and send [TS]

  them away it's it's not a lot but you [TS]

  will you will be a winner in the [TS]

  profit-sharing game I'm assuming that's [TS]

  a minimum threshold where you have to [TS]

  sell certain number shirts or to be [TS]

  profitable at all so well yeah but I [TS]

  mean it's it's got to be and it's got to [TS]

  be a couple hundred at least but I'm [TS]

  sure well I'm sure what's up way more [TS]

  than that will so way more than that [TS]

  will sell I I predict we sell I don't [TS]

  know I don't know Merlin sell Merlin [TS]

  knows how to sell off shirt ya know he [TS]

  had many shows to to uh but I'll tell [TS]

  you what it were here's the thing though [TS]

  they're not gonna they won't make it to [TS]

  people by Christmas oh yeah no this is [TS]

  not like a Christmas thing or like and [TS]

  this may all happen after the show is [TS]

  off the air which I have no problem with [TS]

  like a fans want shirts you know like [TS]

  people have called it a commemorative [TS]

  t-shirt like hey remember that show you [TS]

  so listen to it's gonna anything that [TS]

  could we put a little commemorative [TS]

  symbol on it somehow you don't need to [TS]

  put like years like it's a gravestone I [TS]

  would love it might be fun a little [TS]

  morbid in memory of John syracuse's [TS]

  that's the [TS]

  two more but okay I'm just an idea guy [TS]

  you're gonna have to run so there so [TS]

  there is some motion on t shirt front [TS]

  fans 42 minutes in can I do a sponsor [TS]

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  out hover com son Dan sent me 42 minutes [TS]

  in John yeah it's like so this is a [TS]

  grant bag show I know I'm just saying [TS]

  we're gonna have to squash into two more [TS]

  sponsors before you're done well I can [TS]

  go on for a long time I know you can't [TS]

  just a heads up you know yep so here [TS]

  might hear my grab bag tops for today [TS]

  I've got google maps iTunes 11 Tim Cook [TS]

  in the news the Apple made in the USA [TS]

  thing twitterrific 5 wow wow let's start [TS]

  with twitterrific 5 or is is dire am I [TS]

  in do I have any influence over this Oh [TS]

  IRA said that you I I'm just listen them [TS]

  all so we know because I don't think [TS]

  we're gonna get to all Oh we'll get a [TS]

  wall because they'll go along now get to [TS]

  a mall all right I will I will hoist [TS]

  twitterrific 5 up to the top I just want [TS]

  to keep them that seems like you know [TS]

  we're in my it seems like a quick win [TS]

  you know I'll sing always think things [TS]

  always seem quick don't then yes they do [TS]

  I start talking about them all right [TS]

  this actually will be quick i have [TS]

  actually no notes on this is all just [TS]

  going off my head my notes are words [TS]

  twitter i pick in the number 5 so [TS]

  Twitter 5 is out twitterrific is a [TS]

  twitter client I've been using [TS]

  twitterrific since its original [TS]

  incarnation it has a unified timeline [TS]

  what I call the unified timeline we [TS]

  describe a some past shows basically [TS]

  it's a single time sorted list of tweets [TS]

  doesn't matter what kind of tweets they [TS]

  are or why you're seeing them is just [TS]

  one big long list and it's sorted by [TS]

  time so you see the tweets from the [TS]

  people you follow you see retweets from [TS]

  the people you follow you see any tweet [TS]

  that mentions your name you see tweets [TS]

  that are replies to you you see your [TS]

  direct messages all in one list all [TS]

  sorted by time and that's the way I like [TS]

  to read Twitter and app net because it [TS]

  gives me one list to go through and I go [TS]

  from the bottom up to the top because [TS]

  that's the way people do Twitter clients [TS]

  these days and that's it no switching to [TS]

  different panes now checking your [TS]

  replies over here and are checking your [TS]

  direct messages over here even those [TS]

  those alternate views do actually exist [TS]

  I never used them so that's twitterrific [TS]

  ah and I have tried and purchased many [TS]

  many many other Twitter clients uh from [TS]

  the original tweet to all have to modern [TS]

  things like tweetbot of the official [TS]

  twitter client until it got gross and [TS]

  you know tons of other what a twilight [TS]

  or twinkle or whatever that crazy one as [TS]

  well it what is your current as of right [TS]

  now what is your current choice you're [TS]

  number one you're number one for twitter [TS]

  client yeah twitterrific like i was [TS]

  saying as I've tried so many other ones [TS]

  and I've always ended up coming back [TS]

  twitterrific I the only other ones i [TS]

  even have installed anymore is I still [TS]

  have tweetbot installed I believe ah [TS]

  that's it I think I'll see other bunch [TS]

  of kind of favor I think twinkle was the [TS]

  one this is amazing you think about [TS]

  Twitter the way it is today but it was [TS]

  either I don't remember what it is some [TS]

  mole do you think it's twinkle in the [TS]

  chat room it was the one made by that [TS]

  company that employed Mike Lee uh way to [TS]

  remember I remember [TS]

  the company was and what they were [TS]

  trying to do is make a twitter client [TS]

  but like attaching their own social [TS]

  network to it oh so like you did stuff [TS]

  and like it's posted to Twitter but it [TS]

  also tracked other information about you [TS]

  and had its own like social network [TS]

  thing built in like it was can you [TS]

  imagine like they don't even let you [TS]

  make a regular twitter client these days [TS]

  and these guys in the early days were [TS]

  making or make trying to make their own [TS]

  social network piggybacking on the [TS]

  Twitter social graph yeah that would not [TS]

  fly these days different different time [TS]

  totally different time the old days a [TS]

  good to salad days yeah uh anyway uh I [TS]

  always try out the clients like I'm not [TS]

  just stuck on Twitter but I do like the [TS]

  unified timeline and lots of like [TS]

  clients don't have that so that's [TS]

  keeping you away from other clients a [TS]

  lot including tweet but uh but here's [TS]

  the thing about twitterrific I used it [TS]

  when it came out and then they came out [TS]

  with a version to an aversion to was not [TS]

  like version one with like stuff tweaked [TS]

  it was like an entirely new program it [TS]

  just happened to also be called [TS]

  twitterrific there was some similarities [TS]

  in like the default dark theme which was [TS]

  one of their distinguishing [TS]

  characteristics of having like text on a [TS]

  dark background a little bit of the [TS]

  colors the same and of course the icon a [TS]

  little alley tweety bird which the [TS]

  entire world steals from them and uses [TS]

  in various ways was the same but [TS]

  otherwise it's like they burn the [TS]

  application to the ground and made a new [TS]

  one right and that was disconcerting to [TS]

  me and I'm like what but I like [TS]

  twitterrific and now this is other thing [TS]

  that you also call twitterrific it's a [TS]

  totally different program so we're on [TS]

  twitter if Rick five now and every time [TS]

  a new version is twitterrific has come [TS]

  back I have liked the old version better [TS]

  than the new version at one way to look [TS]

  at that is that twitterrific is getting [TS]

  worse and worse over time but that's not [TS]

  actually the case what happens is that [TS]

  I'm like oh my god this new version I [TS]

  can't use this I'm stickin with the old [TS]

  one but by the time the new version [TS]

  comes out the old version which used to [TS]

  be the new version I like better than [TS]

  like I come around the other side so but [TS]

  I'm twitterrific three came out I like [TS]

  twitterrific to better than Twitter [TS]

  every boy yeah and I said ouch whatever [TS]

  free what are you doing i love [TS]

  twitterrific to it's perfect don't [TS]

  change the thing what I just you don't [TS]

  need to do anything maybe just add [TS]

  support for the new retweets or [TS]

  something but you don't need a whole [TS]

  app and this happens every single time [TS]

  22 23 when three came out of like no I [TS]

  like you know but knowing for came out [TS]

  and said I'd rather stick with 34 is not [TS]

  and then it's it and like wasn't this [TS]

  the version that you refuse to upgrade [TS]

  to a little while ago and it's an [TS]

  amazing phenomenon of uh you know Isis [TS]

  just sticking with something you've [TS]

  heard know you're with they're just [TS]

  having an emotional attachment to the [TS]

  particular look and feel of the client [TS]

  cuz it's not like they did radical [TS]

  changes in functionality it's mostly [TS]

  just look and feel and how things are [TS]

  arranged and where buttons are and stuff [TS]

  like that ah so I'm amazed again that it [TS]

  happened you know Twitter five once [TS]

  again Twitter hook five looks like that [TS]

  burned twittering for to the ground [TS]

  wrote an entirely new application it's [TS]

  like just has the same name and again I [TS]

  like Twitter fit for better than Twitter [TS]

  five and i said i know i just want to [TS]

  stick with four but when twitterrific [TS]

  six come out I sound gonna feel about [TS]

  Twitter and five know if I was perfect [TS]

  six what are you doing you messin things [TS]

  up it's an amazing phenomenon to me ah [TS]

  that's just what I wanted to mention ah [TS]

  now it could be like every time I was [TS]

  like all right that happened last time [TS]

  but this time no seriously guys I really [TS]

  do like the old version better uh and [TS]

  this time I'm not gonna come around it [TS]

  it's not just a matter of being used to [TS]

  the old one there are actual real things [TS]

  that are different about this version [TS]

  that I don't like they're gonna keep me [TS]

  on it of course I've thought that for [TS]

  all the past version 2 and it's turned [TS]

  out not to be the case ah so this time [TS]

  around uh yeah got Twitter hook 5 and I [TS]

  like to work for better because it looks [TS]

  nice not because of the functionality [TS]

  Turner 15 actually has better [TS]

  functionality they finally added pulled [TS]

  to refresh with a cute little animation [TS]

  with that bird coming out of an egg ah [TS]

  and it's it's faster and responsive it [TS]

  has more features like it's just that my [TS]

  tweets don't look like they used to and [TS]

  for something you stare at so much like [TS]

  I use Twitter a lot I'm constant looking [TS]

  out on my ipod touch stuff you get [TS]

  attached to the way things look like [TS]

  that's not what at weeks supposed to [TS]

  look like things are rearranged or in [TS]

  the wrong colors and are in the wrong [TS]

  fonts to the wrong size and yeah so this [TS]

  is the challenge of making new software [TS]

  and I applaud icon factory for across [TS]

  five versions continuing to do this say [TS]

  I think it called that on Twitter a [TS]

  Phoenix like transformation like every [TS]

  time they just burn there that their [TS]

  most beloved think you know the beloved [TS]

  Twitter client they burn to the ground [TS]

  and make a new one and they just you [TS]

  know they don't backslide and they don't [TS]

  you know go back and change it so it [TS]

  looks like the old one they just plow [TS]

  forward it's [TS]

  admirable and very interesting of course [TS]

  if you've never used whatever for them [TS]

  Twitter 5 can stand on its own merits [TS]

  but apparently I'm sentimental about the [TS]

  way software used to look was that fast [TS]

  those fast is pretty fast Google Maps [TS]

  thanks google maps boy oh boy it's time [TS]

  I write one was that yesterday yesterday [TS]

  yesterday morning brand new google apps [TS]

  Google Maps app for iOS came out and [TS]

  people have been installing it on iOS [TS]

  and it almost immediately became the [TS]

  most popular app in the App Store it has [TS]

  ten thousand four and a half or five [TS]

  star ratings I'm just looking at the [TS]

  link you sent ah yeah you have to guess [TS]

  you have to show it to him to see if [TS]

  they want it you're asking me if you [TS]

  could show them the shirt yes can I show [TS]

  them that yeah you have to in the poll [TS]

  right well I'm going to in the poll but [TS]

  I just wanted to be sure okay yeah I [TS]

  mean you have to have to get an opinion [TS]

  yeah I've just put that into the into [TS]

  the chat room that is the forerunner [TS]

  sure in the shirt as opposed to just the [TS]

  name that is the shirt that we have [TS]

  proposed I certainly would buy one of [TS]

  these would you like it in the sort of [TS]

  Oliver would you like it in the asphalt [TS]

  or is there something different to you [TS]

  and by the way that is is that it does [TS]

  look like you as that idealized version [TS]

  man yeah well that's how I see you there [TS]

  you go yeah no I like that I like the [TS]

  green color I also like great to either [TS]

  one of those colleges fine so that would [TS]

  the choice be that shirt or just along [TS]

  with the name or just the one that shirt [TS]

  or just the one with the name or how [TS]

  about one with the name and your face on [TS]

  also an option those are all okay those [TS]

  are going to three options whatever the [TS]

  people want got it check all right uh so [TS]

  Google Maps yeah we've gone through some [TS]

  past shows about Apple ditching google [TS]

  for their mapping trying to do mapping [TS]

  on their own that not workin out too [TS]

  well for them due to mapping data issues [TS]

  even though the Apple maps application [TS]

  is actually pretty cool and then there [TS]

  was the question of will Google make its [TS]

  own Maps application for iOS and the [TS]

  other question was will Apple allow that [TS]

  to be in the store you know for [TS]

  a cranky reason they might decide no you [TS]

  we want you out you can't have your map [TS]

  you know they make the rules owes it was [TS]

  the possibility so we have the answer to [TS]

  that at least Apple allows Google's map [TS]

  application to be on the phone it's not [TS]

  the default map application you can't [TS]

  change that or anything like that but [TS]

  you they did allow it to be sold on the [TS]

  store and we also know the answer the [TS]

  question of will Google deign to make a [TS]

  map application for iOS yes they will [TS]

  and here it is and we kinda had the [TS]

  answers those before every school said [TS]

  they were working on something and blah [TS]

  blah blah but so many questions have [TS]

  been answered by these distance of this [TS]

  of this application and its presence on [TS]

  the store although there was a fun part [TS]

  in the beginning when it first came out [TS]

  wherever I'm like I can't download the [TS]

  store says this applications no longer [TS]

  available then you could spin out [TS]

  conspiracy theories about someone [TS]

  accidentally approved it really apples [TS]

  taking it down and they don't want them [TS]

  yet but it turns out it was just just [TS]

  Apple doing it's wonderful job of [TS]

  server-side software services sad ah so [TS]

  what does this google maps app have yeah [TS]

  it has vector map tiles instead of just [TS]

  bitmaps and which allows them to load [TS]

  faster seen on to load these giant [TS]

  bitmaps a great look really nice [TS]

  remedies has turn by turn directions [TS]

  which it didn't have before but which [TS]

  Apple's new maps thing do have if you do [TS]

  driving directions it will you know go [TS]

  through the directions one turn at a [TS]

  time for you instead of just showing you [TS]

  the source and destination of the trail [TS]

  between them one of the questions about [TS]

  this is all right presumably Google was [TS]

  not willing to provide these two [TS]

  particular things vector map tiles and [TS]

  turn-by-turn directions before when [TS]

  Apple was in theory negotiating with [TS]

  Google saying you know hey Google we see [TS]

  on Android phones you've got [TS]

  turn-by-turn directions of vector maps [TS]

  we'd like to include those in our iOS [TS]

  built-in Maps application that uses your [TS]

  data can we get that data from you and [TS]

  presumably Google was saying no and that [TS]

  negotiation didn't work out I think this [TS]

  is all hearsay in rumors I don't think [TS]

  either company has officially revealed [TS]

  the details of their negotiations but [TS]

  the assumption is that Apple wanted [TS]

  vector maps and turn-by-turn directions [TS]

  and Apple and Google could not come to [TS]

  an agreement about them Google was [TS]

  saying you can have them but and Apple [TS]

  would say we don't like that but and [TS]

  they would go back and forth and [TS]

  eventually Apple just said you know [TS]

  we're going to make our own Maps thanks [TS]

  but no thanks we're gonna let this [TS]

  contra [TS]

  expire you're off the phone on iOS 6 and [TS]

  that's what happened and so that's that [TS]

  you know and then Google is at and puts [TS]

  these things on the phone well if Google [TS]

  was was trying to negotiate before I [TS]

  saying you can't have these vector map [TS]

  and turn-by-turn directions and then [TS]

  they turn around and just give them to [TS]

  them give them to Apple for free because [TS]

  this is a free application how does that [TS]

  make any sense suppose in Google's [TS]

  stupid not to give in to apples demands [TS]

  because then they'd still be the default [TS]

  map data supplier ah but I think it's [TS]

  pretty easy to explain because it's that [TS]

  but part you can have vector maps [TS]

  turn-by-turn directions but Google would [TS]

  say we want this stuff from you and what [TS]

  do they want they wanted more [TS]

  information about users and so when [TS]

  Google puts out its map application [TS]

  they're much more willing to provide iOS [TS]

  customers with vector maps and [TS]

  turn-by-turn directions because they can [TS]

  also get you to sign into your Google [TS]

  account from the map application and [TS]

  collect all of your data about what [TS]

  you're searching for and where you're [TS]

  going and all you're looking you know [TS]

  and that's presumably all the stuff that [TS]

  Apple was not willing to give to Google [TS]

  when they were just the data provider [TS]

  for the default Google max application [TS]

  that Apple wrote uh so even though it [TS]

  looks weird and strange how we arrived [TS]

  at this point it actually doesn't make I [TS]

  think a reasonable amount of sense given [TS]

  you no plausible assumptions about what [TS]

  went on in the negotiations between them [TS]

  so when you launch the Google Maps app [TS]

  it wants you to login with your Google [TS]

  account which i did because i have no [TS]

  paranoia about that i like my google [TS]

  account and everything like that they've [TS]

  got a little check box so you can [TS]

  checked it whether you want to send [TS]

  anonymous information for Google to help [TS]

  them improve their services blah blah [TS]

  blah the Gruber was complaining a day [TS]

  about how the little check box they want [TS]

  you to uncheck to say no don't send like [TS]

  anonymous information to Google you can [TS]

  uncheck that thing but it's tiny check [TS]

  box and you know not only is it a tiny [TS]

  check box but as Gruber pointed out and [TS]

  things you wrote yesterday like iOS [TS]

  doesn't really use check boxes they have [TS]

  a slider on/off switches which way [TS]

  bigger to Google's credit if you are in [TS]

  a Google mindset in you soon every [TS]

  single screen you see in a Google iOS [TS]

  application is a webview yourself that's [TS]

  a webview that I'm sure that that's a [TS]

  checkbox control style.css and that [TS]

  they've got that's a label tag [TS]

  surrounding the giant text block and its [TS]

  label and then has the for attribute [TS]

  equal to the idea of the checkbox and so [TS]

  if I tap anywhere in this text is gonna [TS]

  uncheck the text wasn't sure enough [TS]

  if you tap anywhere in that gigantic [TS]

  text block it will uncheck the checkbox [TS]

  I know this because I set up we will [TS]

  maps on multiple iOS devices and I [TS]

  couldn't hit that stupid checkbox either [TS]

  and so I just went it said you know what [TS]

  this is google this is probably a label [TS]

  and sure enough it worked so if you're [TS]

  trying to uncheck that checkbox remember [TS]

  that you can tap the text area um so [TS]

  yeah I tried the app it looks like [TS]

  Google Maps a little bit faster a little [TS]

  bit nicer vector maps are nice the [TS]

  turn-by-turn directions seem to work I [TS]

  haven't used it to navigate anywhere [TS]

  maybe I'm going out this weekend maybe [TS]

  I'll maybe I'll have a battle between [TS]

  navigation services I don't only got one [TS]

  iphone so maybe I can do them both at [TS]

  once if you try to do apples driving [TS]

  directions at the same times you do now [TS]

  I when I won't pork I think it would [TS]

  work because the apple one gets like [TS]

  running the background stuff where it's [TS]

  the google one you'd have to be in the [TS]

  foreground on that app so I don't know [TS]

  ah but anyway yeah it's a we live in [TS]

  interesting times this is very good very [TS]

  interesting too and thinking about the [TS]

  mapping issue like everything I mentions [TS]

  last time we talked about maps but you [TS]

  know there's only one world here and [TS]

  it's just it seems like such a shame to [TS]

  have separate companies uh each pursuing [TS]

  their own data about the one earth that [TS]

  is the same for all of them all right it [TS]

  wouldn't be much better if we could pool [TS]

  our efforts and what I was thinking [TS]

  about is how these big technology [TS]

  companies frequently have patent cross [TS]

  slicing agreements or other intellectual [TS]

  property cross licensing agreements like [TS]

  between Apple and Microsoft and Intel [TS]

  and AMD and all over the place with like [TS]

  you you don't sue me and I don't see you [TS]

  and we can use each other's intellectual [TS]

  property right a map cross-licensing [TS]

  agreement this probably exists already [TS]

  too but we better if we had more of [TS]

  those where they say okay I can use your [TS]

  map did and you can use mine and we'll [TS]

  work together you know and on the [TS]

  broader scale sort of worldwide [TS]

  collaboration between everybody to let's [TS]

  all just make the map of this one planet [TS]

  better together and that's kind of what [TS]

  openstreetmap is I put a link to that in [TS]

  the show notes I better description is a [TS]

  free worldwide map created by people [TS]

  like you and at various times I don't [TS]

  know if this has ever been proven or [TS]

  just rumored it seemed like Apple and [TS]

  Google both used OpenStreetMap data to [TS]

  help make their data better and it's [TS]

  good that opens bootcamp exists but [TS]

  we're really need is the reverse Apple [TS]

  we'll Nokia all those people giving [TS]

  their map data back to openstreetmap or [TS]

  some other [TS]

  some other [TS]

  today the fog forms of similar role like [TS]

  the entire world working together to [TS]

  make one extremely accurate extremely [TS]

  detailed constantly updated map of all [TS]

  the infrastructure and land masses and [TS]

  everything in the world doesn't that [TS]

  sound like it would be better you know [TS]

  instead of having people do its thing [TS]

  separately but you know make the maps [TS]

  better for everyone at once yeah [TS]

  unfortunately map info is clearly a [TS]

  competitive advantage in the in the [TS]

  mobile market right now so there's [TS]

  little chance of that happening because [TS]

  the only people who are motivated to [TS]

  share are the people who are losing [TS]

  right now Jonathan on twitter says that [TS]

  working running multiple maps does work [TS]

  I don't were you surprised you were [TS]

  right because apples you know Apple gets [TS]

  to play by their own crazy set of rules [TS]

  and me and then one other person gets [TS]

  the play by the restrictive you know [TS]

  third-party applications that a rule so [TS]

  they should you know that's why it works [TS]

  like if you had to run to third party [TS]

  application at the same time maybe [TS]

  that'll work togas with a new background [TS]

  api's oh right it's just kind of a shame [TS]

  that we we as customers are suffering [TS]

  from these big giants technology giants [TS]

  fighting with each other using their map [TS]

  data as like a weapon we just all want [TS]

  to get what we're going we want the best [TS]

  map data possible and yeah and so of [TS]

  course uh you know Apple and maybe [TS]

  Microsoft or whatever yeah that's all [TS]

  work together making maps in Google who [TS]

  apparently has the best map date is like [TS]

  you know what maybe we'll just keep our [TS]

  map date and you guys will just suffer [TS]

  it down there it's a shame already on a [TS]

  sponsor before I do itunes 11 oh that's [TS]

  what's uh that's what's up next it's [TS]

  what's next well that's gonna be a big [TS]

  one I put this poll up by the way I [TS]

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  things just obviously everybody but if [TS]

  you don't think about it so would have [TS]

  put up the poll go vote polls in the [TS]

  show notes why buy from the TV such [TS]

  hypercritical session the eight then go [TS]

  there and they vote how long do we get a [TS]

  given to vote for I don't know I want to [TS]

  start doing these next week I mean like [TS]

  like we saw with the last one after like [TS]

  a couple hundred or thousand people [TS]

  enter like the percentages probably [TS]

  won't change too much I'll give time for [TS]

  people to download the show here about a [TS]

  quart of the show notes both boss at [TS]

  least a week grant alright so next week [TS]

  on Friday of next week on our 99th show [TS]

  this will be our pre Christmas show uh [TS]

  people can at that time we will close [TS]

  the voting and we will we will allow [TS]

  people to render their decision and I [TS]

  will present it to you alright that's [TS]

  fine with me I'm presume enough people [TS]

  have answered with 20 people advanced [TS]

  know we've already let me see how many [TS]

  have already replied right now a 134 [TS]

  people have replied so already we and [TS]

  add no good start yes i would say off to [TS]

  a fairly good start and when i'm sure [TS]

  yeah and do you want to do on a guess [TS]

  just by glancing at this not on this is [TS]

  not a scientific thing would you like to [TS]

  guess the one that seems to be in the [TS]

  lead right now [TS]

  let me go look at the survey so we can [TS]

  see what the options were actually and [TS]

  you would think that by my showing the [TS]

  picture the image of the one with the [TS]

  John Syracuse avatar plus there are many [TS]

  things wrong with the shirt that that [TS]

  would automatically be the winner but [TS]

  maybe not no I did wouldn't have guessed [TS]

  that one I would guess just the text [TS]

  load so far that is that is what I'm [TS]

  seeing here it's close the ad there are [TS]

  many things wrong with this shirt is [TS]

  akin very close second there's now [TS]

  hundred and forty-six responses all [TS]

  right o people they're neck-and-neck man [TS]

  they're neck and neck almost nobody [TS]

  almost nobody wants the avatar plus [TS]

  hypercritical that thing is tanking yeah [TS]

  it's too uh it's tanking now there's [TS]

  more dollars they say that is what they [TS]

  say all right iTunes 11 you know your [TS]

  listeners have you installed itunes 11 I [TS]

  have installed it my first I just [TS]

  install did it work and then i installed [TS]

  in home after i decided there was no so [TS]

  there's no stopping it uh this footless [TS]

  came out like two weeks ago or something [TS]

  was it that long ago the two weeks it [TS]

  seems less seems like such a long time [TS]

  ago seems like glass yeah so iTunes 11 [TS]

  we saw teased many months ago when did [TS]

  we see a tease it was like when the ipad [TS]

  mini was announced I think huh they said [TS]

  oh and also we have as great new version [TS]

  of itunes look at it it's all crazy and [TS]

  stuff like that and it will be out in [TS]

  november and they like barely made it in [TS]

  november because they really said on [TS]

  november 31st / daughter yes that's at [TS]

  least two weeks ago uh here's the thing [TS]

  about itunes like if they're going to [TS]

  come up with a major new version of [TS]

  itunes as they were presenting iTunes 11 [TS]

  it's not just an incremental change [TS]

  let's show you all these features look [TS]

  at all this crazy stuff right the reason [TS]

  for a big new ID version of itunes it [TS]

  would have to address whatever is wrong [TS]

  with the previous version of my trail [TS]

  isn't and here's what i would say my top [TS]

  picks for what what was wrong with [TS]

  itunes 10 and earlier and then we'll see [TS]

  how itunes 11 to us to address those [TS]

  concerns and then people have their own [TS]

  lists of what they think was wrong with [TS]

  itunes they're like it lots of people [TS]

  have complaints about itunes [TS]

  particularly windows users but everyone [TS]

  has some sort of oh I hate itunes you [TS]

  hear that a lot even though everyone [TS]

  says [TS]

  hey iTunes maybe they all hated for [TS]

  different reasons so here are my number [TS]

  one mmm terrible performance and [TS]

  reliability when it comes with dealing [TS]

  on iOS devices that's sounds very [TS]

  specific and pinky but i think it's like [TS]

  you know it's one of the main things i [TS]

  use this purpose thing for especially in [TS]

  the days before wireless sync and [TS]

  everything but even in the age after [TS]

  it's something there are some things you [TS]

  still need to connect your iOS device to [TS]

  your Mac to do like if you just ripped [TS]

  your own video and you want to shove it [TS]

  on there I think it's still the only way [TS]

  to do that is through USB cable or [TS]

  wireless it would be a wireless [TS]

  equipment like you have to use itunes to [TS]

  do it I don't think there's any way [TS]

  through i guess you can put it in your [TS]

  dropbox and try to get it open and [TS]

  anyway uh I still end up connecting to [TS]

  itunes laden and I have lots of iOS [TS]

  devices oh I find myself there a lot uh [TS]

  there are even stuff like my ipod [TS]

  shuffle but that's the only option if i [TS]

  want to change what's on my ipod shuffle [TS]

  which is where i listen to all of my [TS]

  podcast for the most part i I have to [TS]

  connect it sometimes I'm doing it every [TS]

  day basically I'm connecting my ipod [TS]

  shop will do my thing using with iTunes [TS]

  so that's that's a very important [TS]

  function of itunes for me is dealing [TS]

  with iOS devices and everything about [TS]

  that experience is terrible terrible [TS]

  performance means that like doing almost [TS]

  anything with my iOS devices not just my [TS]

  shuffle but even the more advanced ones [TS]

  like touches and iPads and stuff it it [TS]

  hangs the entire UI like when it's [TS]

  syncing stopping to my shuffle or like [TS]

  when it's just connecting or whatever [TS]

  there's nothing else you can do i get [TS]

  the beach ball or if I don't get the [TS]

  beach ball I can click and it doesn't [TS]

  respond is hanging the whole UI so [TS]

  that's that's performance ah plenty of [TS]

  situations where i get a device stuck [TS]

  when it's sinking like it's you know [TS]

  sinking forever and not actually on you [TS]

  know never completes or it sinks for [TS]

  really really really really long time [TS]

  and it fails at the very end and you're [TS]

  like all i gotta try it again and it [TS]

  sinks for a really really really long [TS]

  time then fails at the end and if that's [TS]

  maddening another classic one is can't [TS]

  sink because the sync operation is [TS]

  already in progress you're like oh now [TS]

  do we need the hard reboot this iOS [TS]

  device do i need to restart itunes [TS]

  they're going to restart my computer [TS]

  credibly frustrating error message is [TS]

  about Oh couldn't sink x y&z but doesn't [TS]

  explain to you why or just says these [TS]

  aren't compatible as this device and [TS]

  that's not true because you know they [TS]

  are compatible [TS]

  because if you get the file in there [TS]

  another way Oh terrible lot but you know [TS]

  lots of things that are unclear about [TS]

  what will happen when you sync like you [TS]

  want to know all right after if I put [TS]

  this in here and I think that's what is [TS]

  the outcome of this operation gonna be [TS]

  and it's very unclear Oh what that's [TS]

  going to be especially when it comes to [TS]

  figuring out what to do about changes [TS]

  you made on the device versus changes [TS]

  that you made an itune have a reconciled [TS]

  with each other and no matter what it [TS]

  picks it's gonna be wrong in some way [TS]

  like so I'm not so much something like [TS]

  oh it didn't do the thing that I wanted [TS]

  because yeah it's never gonna do the [TS]

  thing you want the problem is there's so [TS]

  many possible options but what the job [TS]

  of the app is to at least show me like [TS]

  even if it's gonna make decisions that I [TS]

  don't agree with show me what the result [TS]

  of this operation will be don't make me [TS]

  surprised to go oh my god it wiped out [TS]

  all these files or replace this version [TS]

  with an older or a newer version or did [TS]

  something else that I don't want is the [TS]

  UI doesnt show me what what it's [TS]

  supposed to be doing that's that that's [TS]

  the second item is confusing you I and [TS]

  not just for iowa's things by the entire [TS]

  application I the most confusing thing [TS]

  about the iTunes U I I the previous [TS]

  iTunes U is a lots of small pieces of [TS]

  hidden state like I don't maybe program [TS]

  maybe non-programmers don't think about [TS]

  programs this way but I'm thinking about [TS]

  you know somewhere in memory isn't state [TS]

  information that itunes has about what [TS]

  it's doing and that state is really [TS]

  important to the way this program works [TS]

  but I can't see it because there's no [TS]

  visual representation like one of the [TS]

  pieces of state is oh the thing that's [TS]

  currently playing the track is currently [TS]

  playing what is that thing part of is it [TS]

  part of a playlist is it part of you [TS]

  know a filtered list is it a part of a [TS]

  smart playlists a part of an album like [TS]

  when I hit next or previous what will [TS]

  that go to that information about where [TS]

  this thing is playing itunes knows and [TS]

  you can kind of figure it out by looking [TS]

  at okay the little speaker icon is next [TS]

  to this thing and stuff like that ah one [TS]

  of the ways you can also figure it out [TS]

  is if you are not you can't pause when [TS]

  the currently playing when a list that [TS]

  the currently playing thing is on is not [TS]

  selected the the pause button change to [TS]

  a stop button so if you're someplace [TS]

  else in the application looking at [TS]

  something else when you were playing a [TS]

  song from a playlist you can't hit the [TS]

  little into the little pause button as a [TS]

  the square on has the stop icon on it [TS]

  because [TS]

  I don't know why because this is it [TS]

  that's the same hole you that uses to [TS]

  let you know that if you were to hit [TS]

  that button now we're just gonna stop [TS]

  what we were doing and do a new thing [TS]

  we're not going to pause the track in [TS]

  progress but when Yuri selects a your [TS]

  playlist that the thing was playing them [TS]

  I was like okay now if you hit it you're [TS]

  just pausing in that playlist and we're [TS]

  not gonna lose your place or whatever [TS]

  that's terrible way to express that [TS]

  state it's a terrible you I I hate it I [TS]

  hate having to go back and select [TS]

  something so i can find the pause button [TS]

  so i can actually use the pause button [TS]

  to pause the thing the status area of [TS]

  itunes that little like fake LCD display [TS]

  is supposed to I guess look like a [TS]

  stereo component system that you know [TS]

  kids these days probably don't even know [TS]

  what the hell that is but I think that's [TS]

  what it's supposed to look like or maybe [TS]

  suppose look like a car stereo or [TS]

  whatever it is uh it's not so much that [TS]

  it's skeuomorphic trying to look like a [TS]

  crappy low contrast LCD display although [TS]

  that I think is dumb because why would [TS]

  you intentionally make something low [TS]

  contrast if they've changed our mind and [TS]

  that a few times to like is it supposed [TS]

  to hug you I'll see the years it just [TS]

  grayish text or whatever but that's not [TS]

  the worst part about the worst part [TS]

  about it is that it's just one display [TS]

  for the whole application so what even [TS]

  when multiple things are happening at [TS]

  the same time that display shows like [TS]

  one of them or cycles between them or [TS]

  lets you cycle between them like if [TS]

  you're downloading podcast at the same [TS]

  time you're playing a song at the same [TS]

  time an iOS device is sinking and you [TS]

  want to know what the progress of any of [TS]

  those things are I hope the little [TS]

  stupid display showing what you want if [TS]

  not fight with it to try figure out you [TS]

  know or change your view or click [TS]

  something different the sidebar to make [TS]

  that one stupid display show what you're [TS]

  doing uh it's like this is a type of [TS]

  thing where they sailed we're gonna do [TS]

  visual simplification it's one window [TS]

  with one status display but the [TS]

  application isn't that simple you can't [TS]

  simplify by merely changing your status [TS]

  display to just be one window unless you [TS]

  also change it to be that only one thing [TS]

  could be happening at the time or fit [TS]

  all your status in that window or [TS]

  something but they don't do either one [TS]

  of those things uh an iCloud just let [TS]

  for all the benefits that have brought [TS]

  over mold me just as even more weirdness [TS]

  on top of this all i have a link in the [TS]

  show notes for an arse article called [TS]

  itunes through the ages that takes you [TS]

  back through the history of itunes it [TS]

  maybe you don't didn't live through it [TS]

  so you don't know what I things used to [TS]

  be like we can look at how it's changed [TS]

  over this is a neat yeah we had this on [TS]

  the frequency and like a week or so [TS]

  going and it's it has changed if there's [TS]

  some things that have not changed at all [TS]

  and there's other things that have [TS]

  changed so much [TS]

  that it's weird because this is an [TS]

  application that really has provided the [TS]

  same functionality at its core but then [TS]

  they've added so much other stuff on to [TS]

  it and yet some things are just [TS]

  uncannily the same and I call it iCloud [TS]

  here at least it's like it's like the [TS]

  status icon that broke the camel's back [TS]

  or it's like all right itunes they kept [TS]

  it anymore so you can see it in time [TS]

  line they kept adding more stuff you can [TS]

  do more stuff and more stuff and we have [TS]

  iOS devices and we have this and we have [TS]

  podcasts and we have all the stuff then [TS]

  and now is like the line you know we [TS]

  have a link to the store we have a link [TS]

  to paying a little in a way uh like the [TS]

  line items in listview just got any more [TS]

  and more things and now we've got some [TS]

  crazy cloud thing that can be in seven [TS]

  different modes uh you know where is [TS]

  this track and what happened to my [TS]

  original track and and why couldn't it [TS]

  be matched and what does matched mean [TS]

  and like it's just too much now like [TS]

  there's just too much information that [TS]

  they need to convey on top of the old [TS]

  interface which was just like used to be [TS]

  simple you know uh when it was just like [TS]

  a list of tracks and some metadata but [TS]

  now there's like a million things in [TS]

  there and iCloud just adds another [TS]

  variable to all the other variables and [TS]

  another huge set of functionalities it's [TS]

  just too much and now it admittedly sink [TS]

  in iCloud stuff like that these are hard [TS]

  you I problems I'm saying oh it's so [TS]

  easy they should obviously do something [TS]

  with the obvious solution it's not [TS]

  obvious how to fix all these things but [TS]

  you know I n iTunes U I that was [TS]

  designed in the modern era and not [TS]

  designed in an age when CD ripping was [TS]

  like the main activity yeah that's [TS]

  application it was like wut rip urn mix [TS]

  remember hey good I mean you can rip [TS]

  your cds alright that was like the big [TS]

  that was a big selling point and for a [TS]

  CD ripper it was like it was [TS]

  refreshingly simple and direct the good [TS]

  way you know had a reasonably more [TS]

  option you'd rip your cds to show them [TS]

  up but like that's what the itunes [TS]

  design is centered around and it hasn't [TS]

  changed since when despite the fact that [TS]

  what we do with itunes has changed [TS]

  radically ah so if you're going to say [TS]

  you know iTunes 11 you know a big change [TS]

  from the past I would want iTunes 11 to [TS]

  address these are the concerns that I [TS]

  wanted to address I wanted to you know [TS]

  have better performance and reliability [TS]

  have less confusing user interface and [TS]

  particularly be centered around like the [TS]

  things we do with it now like you know I [TS]

  cloud and roll i use podcasting maybe [TS]

  it's an era [TS]

  thing but like acknowledge what we do [TS]

  now and de-emphasize the things that we [TS]

  don't do as much and like and build the [TS]

  UI around that don't just say okay we're [TS]

  gonna hide that option but just like [TS]

  rethink the UI like you if itunes didn't [TS]

  exist and you had to make an application [TS]

  that did these things now what would you [TS]

  make it look like ah so you know I turns [TS]

  11 chance for a fresh start ah but know [TS]

  that we did not get a fresh start uh [TS]

  which is a shame so the performance of [TS]

  iTunes 11 still terrible still can sit [TS]

  consistently terrible but we've [TS]

  established that maybe is it worse do [TS]

  you think it's worse than the previous [TS]

  version mmm some people have been saying [TS]

  like Oh iTunes 11 is doing stuff that [TS]

  the previous version never did but you [TS]

  know but certainly it's not like oh now [TS]

  finally it feels so much faster and [TS]

  snappier and more responsive that is not [TS]

  the case at all no it's that there's no [TS]

  improvement I'm just I'm just struggling [TS]

  whether I would say that it's worse it [TS]

  doesn't seem to feel worse for me it [TS]

  seemed but see there are all these [TS]

  little things that happen now that [TS]

  visually little visual things like when [TS]

  you you know when you switch between [TS]

  different sections there's little [TS]

  animations and things that sort of I [TS]

  don't know it's I think it's slower or [TS]

  even just playing some people saying [TS]

  like there were you know I think Daniel [TS]

  John could just tweeted today that he [TS]

  was typing and all of a sudden typing [TS]

  became less responsive in the [TS]

  application he was typing in and he quit [TS]

  itunes and it got fixed no you know what [TS]

  that's actually it's interesting that [TS]

  you mention that because i have noticed [TS]

  that too where i'll be typing in an [TS]

  application just the way he described it [TS]

  because i saw this his tweet too and I [TS]

  at first i thought well I'm sure it's [TS]

  not that but now I'm thinking maybe [TS]

  maybe it is something else going on [TS]

  it'll like capture it'll capture the the [TS]

  input and then it'll sort of release it [TS]

  later now I mean that could be like you [TS]

  know coincident point point zero version [TS]

  tweaks and Sylvia but certainly is not a [TS]

  big departure right and you know same [TS]

  thing still hangs when you're doing [TS]

  anything with an iOS device which just [TS]

  it makes the application feel old like [TS]

  the modern OS 10 applications Apple [TS]

  gives tons and tons of tools to [TS]

  developers to not block the main thread [TS]

  of the user interface to keep accepting [TS]

  events right do not do [TS]

  blocking device I owe on the main thread [TS]

  like that's the whole reason grand [TS]

  central dispatch exists like they have [TS]

  there's no reason for it right and it [TS]

  makes a terrible user experience cuz [TS]

  when i plug in my ipod shuffle as I do [TS]

  every single day I know that I can't [TS]

  bother click don't even bother trying to [TS]

  click anything else in itunes beach ball [TS]

  don't go to a different playlists don't [TS]

  take a look at what podcasts have come [TS]

  down don't go try to refresh them just [TS]

  once you plug that thing in and I tune [TS]

  starts mounting it or you change the [TS]

  tracks on a river the whole thing is [TS]

  blocked well it looks like the whole [TS]

  application hangs and it feels gross it [TS]

  feels like an old application the one [TS]

  that I treated about that still galls me [TS]

  and people are asking about why's the [TS]

  Preferences dialog is still at modal [TS]

  people are asking what what do you care [TS]

  like how often use the press that alot [TS]

  of your boxes that is that affecting [TS]

  your usage of itunes but in before we [TS]

  get to that but other people ask is what [TS]

  the hell does at modal mean it's a [TS]

  little sidebar on that for people [TS]

  wondering what a modality and user [TS]

  interface means so a mode is a state of [TS]

  the user interface ah where it's focused [TS]

  on a particular activity so the user [TS]

  interface changes in such a way this [TS]

  icon now you're going to do this and so [TS]

  the user interface will change to the [TS]

  mode where you're doing whatever this is [TS]

  and and modes are generally considered [TS]

  user unfriendly and the reason they're [TS]

  considered unfriendly is because you [TS]

  don't want Peter users to be stuck in a [TS]

  mode because you have an interface that [TS]

  changes mode and says okay you would [TS]

  like to do X now we're in the X mode [TS]

  that sounds fine it's like it's not [TS]

  great this the software is tailoring [TS]

  itself to this one thing that I want to [TS]

  do until you decide oh actually I want [TS]

  to do something else and if you want to [TS]

  do something else now you have to figure [TS]

  out how to get out of the mode you're in [TS]

  and then go into the other mode or [TS]

  whatever and get it you don't you're [TS]

  getting out of a mode can be frustrating [TS]

  if you're in a mode and you want to go [TS]

  do something else you want to just do it [TS]

  you don't be like oh how do I get out of [TS]

  this mode ah that that's why they're [TS]

  considered unfriendly a great example of [TS]

  software with modes is everyone's friend [TS]

  VI the UNIX text editor he has famously [TS]

  insert mode and command mode which if [TS]

  you describe this to a modern computer [TS]

  user sounds crazy and I would agree with [TS]

  modern computers you're in this class [TS]

  that is crazy ah insert mode is where [TS]

  get the type stuff like what why would [TS]

  there be a mode in a text editor where [TS]

  you don't get to type stuff in insert [TS]

  mode when you press the letter a key [TS]

  I'll letter A appear like when you're [TS]

  typing and and that's the way everyone [TS]

  wants to text editor to work like if I'm [TS]

  typing something when I type the letter [TS]

  A I want the letter A to appear but VI [TS]

  also has command mode where when you [TS]

  type things it doesn't interpret them as [TS]

  a request for you to put that text into [TS]

  the document it interprets it as a [TS]

  command VI users will tell you this is [TS]

  awesome because then you can have [TS]

  commands that are a single key press so [TS]

  if you you know Oh dollar sign has a [TS]

  shift or whatever but if you press uh [TS]

  you know I don't know if top of my head [TS]

  which one is down kay-kay down yeah [TS]

  let's get Nadia if you press the key [TS]

  button when in command mode it will move [TS]

  the cursor down the line if you press a [TS]

  dollar Simon and command moto move the [TS]

  cursor to the end of the line uh all all [TS]

  your key presses are interpreted as [TS]

  commands and that's a mode because the [TS]

  same key press in a different mode does [TS]

  a different thing uh and you know again [TS]

  people who are computer nerds and [TS]

  excavating are you wait a minute jay is [TS]

  down k is out is there's now an item I'm [TS]

  not obviously I just left I was looking [TS]

  to run ages lap JS down k is up Ellis [TS]

  right hey its beginning of wine right [TS]

  maybe that's zero i don't know i'm [TS]

  obviously do not use me i know enough to [TS]

  get into you I I think they get into VI [TS]

  edit a document in ghetto I can I know [TS]

  xdd to delete line search go to [TS]

  beginning and save exit without saving [TS]

  like VI survival good this is one of [TS]

  those things where are the things that I [TS]

  learned in VI including like how to move [TS]

  around the screen and a little little [TS]

  insert in front of the line n to the [TS]

  line I don't know what any of them are [TS]

  if I was asked it's become muscle memory [TS]

  but i know very like i did this VIP code [TS]

  thing like the screencast and for like [TS]

  the week after that I was like the king [TS]

  of VI remember everything I was using it [TS]

  and then like after that I forgot it all [TS]

  and I'm back to like the five basic [TS]

  things that I remembered in 1994 when I [TS]

  first learned a is a pen not beginning [TS]

  Alonso is a hand and I is insert wasn't [TS]

  that was the last command [TS]

  anyway the key breakthrough for me for [TS]

  VI was like I would get into the eye and [TS]

  I didn't want to learn I didn't want to [TS]

  know what I'm like just giving it out of [TS]

  this thing but if you don't know the a [TS]

  command for a pen you can get into [TS]

  situations where you can't do what you [TS]

  want to do like I can't get to the end [TS]

  of this line when I go to the end of it [TS]

  won't let me move the cursor to the [TS]

  right so I can't you know you get it I [TS]

  to go in insert mode but then you're [TS]

  putting the thing before so you have to [TS]

  know a pen to get the maddening I do not [TS]

  like modes I do not like VI yes for the [TS]

  people asking chat room I mean Emacs [TS]

  person uh I was her a while that's like [TS]

  the only time I've ever in Lisp in my [TS]

  life but you know the whole nine yards [TS]

  the Maxis is my friend and even Emacs [TS]

  you get into them open you're gonna [TS]

  forget mini buffer and emacs if you're [TS]

  you know I'll under something else now [TS]

  sorry that command is not valid in too [TS]

  many buffer and DBP but it beeps at you [TS]

  and you're frustrated and even the Emacs [TS]

  has modes uh yeah modes are generally [TS]

  considered not friendly because you know [TS]

  you don't want people to be stuck there [TS]

  they want I want to do something else [TS]

  it's like actually you can't do [TS]

  something else because that's something [TS]

  else you wanted to do is interpret it [TS]

  differently in this mode oh well if you [TS]

  want to do something else you have to [TS]

  get out of this mode I hope you know how [TS]

  to exit this mode ah so modes not [TS]

  friendly now a modal window in the sense [TS]

  of a graphical user interface on modal [TS]

  window is a window that puts the [TS]

  application into a particular mode and [TS]

  that mode is usually deal with this [TS]

  window now please ah and you can't do [TS]

  anything else in the user interface [TS]

  until that window is dealt with lots of [TS]

  user interface on the Mac used to be [TS]

  modal back in you know the 80s and 90s [TS]

  for example open save dialog box used to [TS]

  be modal and you went hit commando to [TS]

  open a document you could not do [TS]

  anything in the rest of the application [TS]

  until you either decided to open a [TS]

  document or hit cancel that that's what [TS]

  we called app modal where the entire [TS]

  application is blocked by this one [TS]

  window that's up on the screen back in [TS]

  the old old days the whole application [TS]

  was system modal like when you were [TS]

  running an application you couldn't even [TS]

  see the finder I wasn't running anymore [TS]

  you you know it was so at modal was [TS]

  system a little back in those days [TS]

  basically because you couldn't run [TS]

  multiple applications at once when you [TS]

  launch an application the finder was [TS]

  gone all you were in was this [TS]

  application and so when you hit the [TS]

  commando to open a document you couldn't [TS]

  use the rest of mac paint or whatever it [TS]

  is you were using until you've dealt [TS]

  with the dialog box and [TS]

  couldn't do anything else because this [TS]

  was the only thing that was running [TS]

  because the thing had 128 kilobytes of [TS]

  RAM people all right uh gradually [TS]

  modality has been reduced in the mac [TS]

  operating system once you could run [TS]

  multiple applications at once there was [TS]

  a distinction between system modal a nap [TS]

  modal a system modal dialog box or [TS]

  window would stop you from using that [TS]

  application but you could switch to [TS]

  another running application and use that [TS]

  in system modal dialog box you couldn't [TS]

  do anything until you dealt with that [TS]

  dialog box couldn't change another [TS]

  application couldn't touch anything its [TS]

  system modal huh all those things were [TS]

  considered unfriendly because you don't [TS]

  want to be blocked from doing what [TS]

  you're doing by this stupid window that [TS]

  wants you to deal with it uh it in OS 10 [TS]

  in the modern era of course you can run [TS]

  multiple applications and everything the [TS]

  way OS 10 application should work and [TS]

  mostly do is that almost nothing should [TS]

  be mobile so you have tons of apps [TS]

  running at once you can switch freely [TS]

  between them open save doesn't block the [TS]

  entire application it's not at modal [TS]

  anymore and good applications you can [TS]

  have multiple occurrences of those [TS]

  running at once because they're you know [TS]

  sheets you know if you go to text edit [TS]

  or whatever and hit open or save uh well [TS]

  open and open seven dollar box but save [TS]

  or whatever you can have them attach the [TS]

  sheets to to our I'm in the middle of [TS]

  saving this document but I haven't [TS]

  decided where I'm gonna save it I'm [TS]

  gonna work on this one now okay i'm [TS]

  gonna try to save this one but i haven't [TS]

  decided where i'm going to save it you [TS]

  can have to save sheets attach a two [TS]

  different documents still go to a third [TS]

  document within the same application and [TS]

  work on it that's the advantage from not [TS]

  being modal like your whole application [TS]

  your whole work in TextEdit is not [TS]

  blocked because you haven't decided to [TS]

  make a decision about where you're gonna [TS]

  save this thing yet you can just have it [TS]

  stew over there of course autosave puts [TS]

  more wrinkles into this you can read my [TS]

  mountain mind review for more on that if [TS]

  you want but in general reduction of [TS]

  modes is how we make progress because we [TS]

  don't ever want to be trapped in those [TS]

  things those you know it's appropriate [TS]

  for some of these actions to block [TS]

  something like you can't do any more [TS]

  work on this document until you decide [TS]

  where you're going to save it if you [TS]

  don't want to say but now he canceled [TS]

  right that's appropriate but it should [TS]

  only block of that document that's why [TS]

  sheets were a nice innovation in [TS]

  reducing modality because previously the [TS]

  open say a dog a box would block the [TS]

  whole app and now it was just linked to [TS]

  that one document and so you could put [TS]

  it off to the side uh preferences [TS]

  getting back the getting closer back [TS]

  contract iTunes thinks preferences on [TS]

  iOS 10 are not only supposed to be non [TS]

  at modal like you should be able to do [TS]

  all their stuff on the application when [TS]

  that applications preferences [TS]

  dialogue is on the screen but ideally [TS]

  they should also be live updating I [TS]

  haven't looked at the human interface [TS]

  guidelines to see if they spell this out [TS]

  or actually recommend against it but in [TS]

  practice most of the mac applications [TS]

  that I like and that are good both from [TS]

  Apple and other places when possible [TS]

  they make it so when you change a [TS]

  setting in preferences if that setting [TS]

  changes something like visual in the [TS]

  application you can see that change so [TS]

  you can have the preferences when to [TS]

  open and hit some checkbox that says [TS]

  like you know hide or show bookmarks bar [TS]

  something sorry I don't know this is [TS]

  actually a case where it's live updating [TS]

  I haven't done in a while but ideally [TS]

  you shouldn't even have to you know open [TS]

  preferences change settings and it save [TS]

  or okay or whatever and then those [TS]

  settings take place you should be able [TS]

  to see them while you're fiddling with [TS]

  the preference yes and if you don't want [TS]

  to deal with apartment that's then fine [TS]

  don't click in a different window in the [TS]

  application preferences window is still [TS]

  open but you still use the rest of the [TS]

  application you can open Safari [TS]

  preferences and then open a new browser [TS]

  window and browse for a wild and go back [TS]

  to the Preferences window and stuff uh I [TS]

  hope this is true I'm just assuming [TS]

  because that seems like the way it [TS]

  should work but no I I have the [TS]

  Preferences window open right now I'm [TS]

  able to go to different windows two [TS]

  different things and no problem [TS]

  whatsoever and there there's a little [TS]

  there's a little window and I can [TS]

  command tilde around and get to it [TS]

  change it whatever I'd like it is not [TS]

  apt modal it is not system modal is just [TS]

  a window I like any other window and you [TS]

  can put a deal with it or not deal with [TS]

  it and that's the way preferences is [TS]

  supposed to work and the fact that [TS]

  iTunes preferences window is app modal [TS]

  like that is such a throwback to the you [TS]

  know it highlights iTunes origin as a [TS]

  classic mac OS application which is one [TS]

  thing you'll be young people might see [TS]

  when they look at that iTunes through [TS]

  the ages yes it started out as a classic [TS]

  mac OS application because Mac os10 [TS]

  didn't exist yet uh that was something [TS]

  that those applications to do all it's [TS]

  not like you know pulling down menus [TS]

  it's another big one it has more to do [TS]

  with pre-emptive versus cooperative [TS]

  multitasking about you when you pulled [TS]

  down a menu from the menu bar in classic [TS]

  Mac OS uh nothing else could happen on [TS]

  the system menu was down and you know [TS]

  everything would stop frozen yeah oh [TS]

  they would they tried that you know okay [TS]

  everything stops except audio keeps [TS]

  playing everything stops itself as [TS]

  quicktime keeps playing or whatever but [TS]

  it was incredibly limiting all those [TS]

  things they've been trying to get rid of [TS]

  and so having a preference dialog box in [TS]

  2012 on your like what I [TS]

  have to call flagship application for [TS]

  Apple the company given how it interacts [TS]

  with iOS devices and the itunes store [TS]

  and everything when you pull the purpose [TS]

  of dialog box the entire rest of the [TS]

  application is blocked makes no sense [TS]

  except once you realize that itunes is [TS]

  an application originally developer [TS]

  classic mac OS that has been slowly [TS]

  changed over the years all right it's [TS]

  like a Scarlet Letter of user [TS]

  unfriendliness that's why that's why [TS]

  this thing is important because like if [TS]

  I need if I want to know like have they [TS]

  finally turned the corner on iTunes is [TS]

  this like really an all-new and iTunes I [TS]

  just go to that person style I box if [TS]

  it's still at modal then they haven't [TS]

  turned the corner and so yeah be [TS]

  preferences dialog box and I to an 11 [TS]

  still at modal they have not turned the [TS]

  corner now so the upshot in itunes love [TS]

  performance and reliability have not [TS]

  been fixed whether they got worse not [TS]

  certainly have not been fixed the UI has [TS]

  not been rethought in light of you know [TS]

  what we currently use it with they've [TS]

  they've added to the UI and they tweak [TS]

  the UI but it has not been rethought [TS]

  they've added even more different hidden [TS]

  state for like you know what the up next [TS]

  list is attached to the thing and what [TS]

  you're searching and stuff like that and [TS]

  the hidden side bar by default and stuff [TS]

  you know and having figured out ways to [TS]

  do certain things with the old user [TS]

  interface I now have to figure out how [TS]

  to do those same things within your user [TS]

  interface up but you know that happens [TS]

  you do I knew how to use this old one it [TS]

  didn't make any sense but I figured it [TS]

  out I know I knew when I got to figure [TS]

  it out it again but there's no real [TS]

  benefit to figure out the new one like [TS]

  there's nothing good about the new [TS]

  program that makes it worthwhile for me [TS]

  to learn this new way of doing except [TS]

  for the fact that like look you know [TS]

  soft fur up these gonna keep insisting [TS]

  that I updated so I better just bite the [TS]

  bullet and learn it so I give itunes [TS]

  loving a big thumbs down it's nice [TS]

  they're trying to do something with it [TS]

  i'm not saying i had to keep it the old [TS]

  one I certainly didn't like the 0 1 i'm [TS]

  not gonna say the old one was perfect [TS]

  you shouldn't change it i just i want to [TS]

  see performance and reliability address [TS]

  that's like my number-one and then [TS]

  rethink the you i don't just add to it [TS]

  tweak it or fiddle that maybe they think [TS]

  this is rethinking but it's just not [TS]

  it's adding more confusion on top of the [TS]

  way I think you know even if you go like [TS]

  okay i won't i won't show the sidebar [TS]

  I'll try to use it the way I want it's [TS]

  not enough of rethinking they didn't go [TS]

  far enough uh they added too much cruft [TS]

  on top of the stuff that was already [TS]

  there [TS]

  so thumbs down boo yeah and if the bugs [TS]

  are bugs describing that's like I mostly [TS]

  use the mini player and the mini player [TS]

  has this bug where every once in a while [TS]

  it will decide to show the album art and [TS]

  then draw like the previous track button [TS]

  right on top of the album art when many [TS]

  players in the smallest smallest mode [TS]

  you can get it you know shrink it down [TS]

  as small as you can get it horizontally [TS]

  so it's very very small every once in a [TS]

  while sigh i would like to display the [TS]

  album art underneath the previous track [TS]

  button it's just a bug it's an ugly bug [TS]

  but it's like didn't these people are [TS]

  like if you use them any player for a [TS]

  single day you will see that bug and [TS]

  it's it doesn't make me think this is [TS]

  you know high quality software and I [TS]

  knew like when iTunes they says going to [TS]

  come out and they didn't mention again [TS]

  first when they announced it instead [TS]

  it's gonna be out in November right away [TS]

  I said alright that's that's an [TS]

  application that's in trouble because [TS]

  they would like to have announced that [TS]

  shipping that day but they can't because [TS]

  it's not ready yet and I immediately [TS]

  thought this is not going to be ready in [TS]

  November either it's gonna be buggy and [TS]

  it's gonna be a mess and here we have it [TS]

  so they obviously didn't have enough [TS]

  time right now it's time to do what they [TS]

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  the total no all right well I was just [TS]

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  reporting that's like the Ralph Nader of [TS]

  this thing it's a who is it pulling [TS]

  votes from I think it's pronounced nadir [TS]

  all right uh final I guess final my [TS]

  final thing last time like ever Tim Cook [TS]

  in the news not the last topic ever be [TS]

  topic I like you almost let it go no ah [TS]

  this this is also old news I guess is [TS]

  from a week ago or so on the 11th yeah [TS]

  that's what this link says Tim Cook was [TS]

  interviewed well that what was the name [TS]

  of that show Rock Center radisson Ryan [TS]

  Williams uh which is an American TV [TS]

  program and it was also a Business Week [TS]

  interview I which was thought it's a lot [TS]

  of the same ground cover but a text [TS]

  version if you don't watch Brian [TS]

  Williams in a video with some silly [TS]

  things in it and I watched both these [TS]

  things and read the interview they be [TS]

  video interviews two parts so I'll be in [TS]

  the show notes and so first thing to say [TS]

  about Tim Cook being in the news is that [TS]

  it's not the steve jobs never did things [TS]

  like this cuz he did he did publicity [TS]

  unlike these same news shows and stuff [TS]

  like when a new product was announced [TS]

  that have some little segment that we [TS]

  talked to steve jobs in an apple store [TS]

  and he'd be telling you how this great [TS]

  new you know ipod is really important or [TS]

  he may be be talking about the stores [TS]

  themselves and saying we're opening the [TS]

  store like he would do news segments for [TS]

  the national news but these these type [TS]

  of things uh but in general when he did [TS]

  stuff like that he was acting as a [TS]

  spokesman for the company to talk about [TS]

  a new product like it was it seemed like [TS]

  to me that it was more on on apple's [TS]

  terms like we are using you national [TS]

  media to promote the product that we've [TS]

  just created uh and we'll talk to you [TS]

  for a couple of segments on camera or an [TS]

  interview to talk about the product or [TS]

  whatever especially video like is his [TS]

  steve jobs would be you can get quotes [TS]

  from him maybe you know if you're the [TS]

  wall street journal in new york times [TS]

  and stuff like that uh but this one was [TS]

  more than like cuz apple didn't have a [TS]

  product to announce like yes they had [TS]

  previous announcements that were close [TS]

  to the date but it wasn't like this was [TS]

  a promotional campaign for the ipad mini [TS]

  or anything like that this was more like [TS]

  we're gonna get to talk to Tim Cook that [TS]

  got like personally this guy we're going [TS]

  it's just you know Tim Cook's coming out [TS]

  party to the national media yeah and [TS]

  this is not about Apple this is about [TS]

  this guy and we're gonna talk to him [TS]

  we're gonna interview him it wasn't a [TS]

  Barbara Walters interview where he tries [TS]

  to you know barber also tries to make [TS]

  Tim Cook cry right it's not bad but it [TS]

  was just close it was much closer to [TS]

  that than any Steve Jobs thing had come [TS]

  in like the modern you know Apple error [TS]

  it sure people wanted to talk to Steve [TS]

  Jobs my stuff all the time and close to [TS]

  really got to that was like the all [TS]

  things D things where he'd sit down and [TS]

  talk to Walt Mossberg when I won but [TS]

  even then he was still not to talk about [TS]

  Apple but this is like well that's [TS]

  learning about this Tim Cook fellow what [TS]

  makes him tick and of course Tim Cook [TS]

  was there to talk about let's talk about [TS]

  the company Apple and stuff like that [TS]

  but it was much you know much more of a [TS]

  personal interview then than expected [TS]

  and was not on Tim Cook's terms it was [TS]

  almost as if you get the feeling that uh [TS]

  this was something that either apple or [TS]

  Tim Cook are both felt like they needed [TS]

  to do to help shore up apples image [TS]

  address concerns about it was it was [TS]

  kind of a a goodwill tour for Apple [TS]

  saying you know there may have been some [TS]

  bad things in the press recently about [TS]

  the map stuff and in the past we had [TS]

  stuff about the China labor stuff where [TS]

  he talked to the press again at that [TS]

  point it was like not damage control but [TS]

  there was a certain angle to it's like [TS]

  okay we'll give you access to this guy [TS]

  who is fairly private and you could talk [TS]

  to him for an extended period of time [TS]

  about whatever you want and of course [TS]

  I'll just try to turn to apple or [TS]

  whatever and we'll use that opportunity [TS]

  to try to change some negative images [TS]

  about us and this you know this lets Tim [TS]

  Cook sort of start to better define his [TS]

  era same thing with the exec shuffle [TS]

  like when we had the show we're talking [TS]

  about these I [TS]

  shuffle and getting rid of Forrestal and [TS]

  brown and stuff like that like here's [TS]

  Tim Cook defining Sarah that was [TS]

  internally now here's the outward-facing [TS]

  manifestation of that Here I am Tim Cook [TS]

  i'm talking to you the American people [TS]

  about Apple I'm going to tell you what I [TS]

  think is great about us i'm going to [TS]

  tell you that I'm gonna say things like [TS]

  we screwed up on maps and be honest and [TS]

  up front like it's like exchanging axe [TS]

  personal access to the the news media [TS]

  and what Apple gets out of it is an [TS]

  opportunity to sort of explain itself to [TS]

  the world which ah this I think this [TS]

  used to happen more when Steve Jobs [TS]

  first came back and he had to say look [TS]

  apples not going out of business right [TS]

  why then nobody cared back then they're [TS]

  let go some some of the Steve Jobs guy [TS]

  wants to talk about Apple whatever but [TS]

  now like all eyes are on Apple and it's [TS]

  a different you know a different [TS]

  environment now if you are listening to [TS]

  the show we're following apple news it [TS]

  was nothing we almost nothing in these [TS]

  Tim Cook interviews that you didn't [TS]

  already know like we'd heard all the [TS]

  stuff before both direct quotes from him [TS]

  and him on stage but if you don't follow [TS]

  the Apple news is the first time you [TS]

  even knew that Tim Cook was the CEO of [TS]

  Apple when you saw it on you know your [TS]

  rockecenter show and Brian Williams said [TS]

  oh I didn't know that two runs applebees [TS]

  days right so it really is not talking [TS]

  to us it's talking to the mass market [TS]

  doesn't really sing so it makes sense [TS]

  that Tim Cook just going over the same [TS]

  territory we've heard him go over before [TS]

  ah but speaking of that territory [TS]

  there's a few good links on that topic [TS]

  that came out fairly recently one is [TS]

  from Michael op AK rands who has the [TS]

  rands in repose website I thought you [TS]

  weren't supposed to reveal his true [TS]

  identity you can google for I know I [TS]

  thought it was explode I thought we [TS]

  weren't supposed to revealing he's got a [TS]

  Wikipedia page for crying Alice thought [TS]

  was a secret I'm saying it's not a [TS]

  secret how can it be a secretive it's [TS]

  gonna be a secret very secretive it's [TS]

  actually under ran so you do like Wicca [TS]

  yet zoe has a book out there too yeah oh [TS]

  it's not a secret he's out it was a [TS]

  secret at one time I think oh I don't [TS]

  remember when I change but anyway the [TS]

  title of this essay on his blog is [TS]

  called innovation is a fight uh and it's [TS]

  addressing like the executive shuffle [TS]

  and his views on it and here's a excerpt [TS]

  from the bottom but I he's talking about [TS]

  out you know how you know the title says [TS]

  double innovation is a fight and he says [TS]

  as someone who spends much of his time [TS]

  figure out how to get teams to work [TS]

  together the premium on placing on [TS]

  volatility might seem odd I believe [TS]

  Apple benefit [TS]

  greatly from having a large table [TS]

  operational team that consistently in [TS]

  steadily gets a word that I can't stand [TS]

  they are done but I also believe that in [TS]

  order to maintain its edge Apple needs a [TS]

  group of disruptors love him or hate him [TS]

  Scott's forestall departure makes abba [TS]

  cut Scott forrestal's departure makes [TS]

  apple a more stable company I wonder if [TS]

  that's how it begins it meaning like [TS]

  apples fall like so he's saying like you [TS]

  need some sort of amount of internal [TS]

  conflict and disruption to continue [TS]

  innovating and whether you like Scott [TS]

  Forstall or not he surely was causing [TS]

  internal tension and conflict you know [TS]

  and that is saying this as I is a [TS]

  necessary component of innovation like [TS]

  you can't you know he says it might make [TS]

  for a more stable company and when I [TS]

  read that I thought of like the old saw [TS]

  that stable you know in biology is a [TS]

  euphemism for dead because anything [TS]

  that's stable anything it's not changing [TS]

  might as well be dead and that's the [TS]

  danger like you know what's gonna bring [TS]

  Apple down is it going to be bad [TS]

  decisions are just going to be you know [TS]

  too much stability and conservatism so [TS]

  by removing Forrestal which was this [TS]

  wild card and the source of tension and [TS]

  drama and everything perhaps that makes [TS]

  apple weaker because you need some [TS]

  minimum amount of tension inside the [TS]

  company to get stuff done and [TS]

  counterpoint to that is their article [TS]

  posted by Jason Snell just today [TS]

  entitled for Apple change could be a [TS]

  good sign and he links to the reins and [TS]

  repose thing which he's providing [TS]

  counterpoint to and he says this about [TS]

  after like nothing this is when I first [TS]

  heard word of forestalls departure the [TS]

  first thing I thought of was something [TS]

  Steve Jobs himself said and he gives a [TS]

  quote from Steve Jobs Stanford [TS]

  commencement address in 2005 it's this [TS]

  bit death is very likely the single best [TS]

  invention of life it's life's change [TS]

  agent it clears out the old to make way [TS]

  for the new right now the new is you [TS]

  he's talking to the audience and the [TS]

  commencement address but someday not too [TS]

  long from now you'll be gradually become [TS]

  the old and be cleared away sorry to be [TS]

  dramatic but it's quite true hmm so [TS]

  Snell's take on it is that you know you [TS]

  know things change you can't another [TS]

  form of stability is keeping the same [TS]

  crew with same tensions over a long [TS]

  period of time and like you know even [TS]

  though doesn't sound like stability [TS]

  because its fault on everything it oh [TS]

  not [TS]

  changing being afraid to make that [TS]

  radical change in personnel is another [TS]

  way that you can end up stagnating and [TS]

  you know death is the single best [TS]

  invention of life saying you need [TS]

  something to come along and clear out [TS]

  the old you know Steve Jobs is kind of [TS]

  talking about himself there something [TS]

  like some day I'm going to die in [TS]

  someone else's got to take you over in [TS]

  the same way you can't have the same [TS]

  executive team forever uh it's good to [TS]

  have some kind of turnover and you know [TS]

  in this case it wasn't death but firing [TS]

  but it's in the form of corporate death [TS]

  that's a single best invention of apples [TS]

  corporate life that they need to have [TS]

  some turnover so uh I'm not gonna come [TS]

  down on one side or the other I think [TS]

  both of these points are equally valid I [TS]

  think I personally don't know enough [TS]

  about what's going on inside Apple to [TS]

  know was this good or bad I'm inclined [TS]

  to side with Jason overall given the [TS]

  imperfect information because I think [TS]

  four Sol's been there for a long time [TS]

  and played a significant role and if the [TS]

  things I hear about him causing [TS]

  disruption internally are true it would [TS]

  be difficult for me to imagine a radical [TS]

  internal change happening when he's [TS]

  still there and demanding to do exactly [TS]

  the same things that he wanted to like [TS]

  if he wants to have his little kingdom [TS]

  and not collaborate and everything like [TS]

  regardless of whether you think [TS]

  collaboration or having Silas is the [TS]

  right thing to do clearly apples been [TS]

  doing it one way for a long time and I [TS]

  think it's good to try a different way [TS]

  and if he was standing in the way of [TS]

  trying that different way then he needs [TS]

  to go that's what Tim Cook said his [TS]

  interview when asked about force tall [TS]

  and proud he you know deflected as usual [TS]

  and then said I've always believed in [TS]

  collaboration i wish i had a Tim Cook [TS]

  impression I can't I don't have a real [TS]

  one does yet yeah he's is it from [TS]

  Georgia or something or he's from the [TS]

  south he's got a southern accent but [TS]

  it's very tamp down anywhere says you [TS]

  know I've always believed in [TS]

  collaboration and it's not like a new [TS]

  thing for me and you know we think this [TS]

  is gonna help us you know that the hint [TS]

  is like he was not a team player he was [TS]

  not willing to collaborate or whatever [TS]

  he come out and say this but this is the [TS]

  implication uh and him saying it's not a [TS]

  new thing is kind of like saying look [TS]

  when I took over I wanted everyone to [TS]

  collaborate and I was already frustrated [TS]

  with the fact that these guys couldn't [TS]

  collaborate cuz they were fighting with [TS]

  each other but I gave it a try but they [TS]

  just couldn't work it out you know what [TS]

  this is the last straw and I said he has [TS]

  to go so that's what it came down [TS]

  seems like healthy dynamic to me that [TS]

  like he was willing to it was wasn't [TS]

  immediately coming in and firing [TS]

  everybody and putting a stamp and [TS]

  everything this is the egomaniac but at [TS]

  the same time he's like look I have a [TS]

  different philosophy about these things [TS]

  that Steve Jobs did and the way I want [TS]

  things to work is more collaborative and [TS]

  if this guys getting in the way then [TS]

  he's got to go and then brow it which he [TS]

  didn't address at all in the interview [TS]

  which is kind of a shame the exhalation [TS]

  sure that would have been good old Steve [TS]

  Jobs explanation that we've heard on [TS]

  past shows what can I say I hired the [TS]

  wrong guy yep you did and then you fired [TS]

  them Tim so I guess it's better than [TS]

  nothing but next time don't hire the [TS]

  wrong guy maybe and the final the only [TS]

  new pieces of information I really new [TS]

  but like a criminology or is that a [TS]

  thing where you're you're hanging on [TS]

  every word that uh you read that read [TS]

  the papers and uh what does criminology [TS]

  is is that where you're looking at [TS]

  communications between people and soviet [TS]

  russia trying to figure out what's [TS]

  really going on based on these you know [TS]

  subtle moves that you see in these [TS]

  internal memos that's why i think that [TS]

  it's hold on to me i'm opening it in [TS]

  wikipedia okay criminology is a study [TS]

  and analysis of the politics and [TS]

  policies of communist states and [TS]

  especially those the Soviet Union terms [TS]

  some overlap with Soviet ology which [TS]

  refers to the study of Soviet society as [TS]

  a whole the term is named after the [TS]

  Kremlin seat of today's Russian and then [TS]

  soviet government criminologists [TS]

  referred to academic media and [TS]

  commentary experts who specialize in the [TS]

  study of criminology it's sometimes used [TS]

  sweepingly to describe Western scholars [TS]

  who research issues of where specialize [TS]

  in Russian or Soviet law pizza box got [TS]

  it in the chat room people in standing [TS]

  next to Stalin where you'd see like who [TS]

  was standing next to Stalin and how in [TS]

  favor they were and like the next [TS]

  picture there are four guys away and [TS]

  you're like oh it must have been a [TS]

  falling out there like that reality so [TS]

  we're seemingly insignificant details [TS]

  but they're all we have to go on and we [TS]

  hang on them and so this one is one of [TS]

  those things is the one piece of [TS]

  significant information out of the [TS]

  interviews when asked about television [TS]

  Tim Cook said we haven't this is an area [TS]

  of intent quote intense interest unquote [TS]

  for Apple uh and why does that make a [TS]

  difference housing he said the same [TS]

  thing 50 times all but he used slightly [TS]

  different words this time he said this [TS]

  is an area we're looking into this is an [TS]

  area that's important to us now they [TS]

  have intense interest which is different [TS]

  than you know that's that's why i was [TS]

  thinking criminology cuz like all he [TS]

  said intense interest that's totally [TS]

  different [TS]

  you know they are slowly slowly ramping [TS]

  up the rhetoric on television of saying [TS]

  like oh we're kind of looking into it or [TS]

  we're very interested in this area now [TS]

  the interest is intense then it's [TS]

  intense it's not just regular interest [TS]

  and so uh yeah we don't know what [TS]

  they're doing TV but they are not [TS]

  backing off on the rhetoric and they're [TS]

  not dropping it there in fact cranking [TS]

  it up still no actual information about [TS]

  what like they're gonna do or anything [TS]

  like that but uh there you have it I [TS]

  don't have in mind to recap the TV thing [TS]

  you know the very first show we talked [TS]

  about television it's fitting towards [TS]

  the end we're gonna talk about it again [TS]

  but back in two thousand eight at the [TS]

  All Things D conference d eight [TS]

  conference steve jobs in one of his rare [TS]

  extended introducing out with walt [TS]

  burning took questions in the audience [TS]

  too and some of the audience asked about [TS]

  television and he gave an answer that [TS]

  basically said and in most the most [TS]

  direct manner you could possibly imagine [TS]

  steve jobs ever saying anything about [TS]

  future apple products is that Apple does [TS]

  not want to make the omnivorous box that [TS]

  I want right the omnivorous box would be [TS]

  a box that apple would make that would [TS]

  sit in front of all the other crap you [TS]

  have in your house and sort of unify it [TS]

  like that box would figure out okay I'll [TS]

  figure out what kind of cable you have [TS]

  and if you have a DVR and and of what [TS]

  premium channels you get if you have [TS]

  pay-per-view and I'll just unify it all [TS]

  together and I'll you don't have to [TS]

  worry about old ugly detail I'll figure [TS]

  it all out and I'll provide you one [TS]

  beautiful simplified Apple interface [TS]

  your entire world and we will do the [TS]

  super duper hard work to figure out all [TS]

  this crap and yes I know everyone has [TS]

  different cable services everyone has [TS]

  different boxes and different DVRs and [TS]

  different televisions and different [TS]

  their subscribe to netflix are not like [TS]

  we'll figure it out that's the [TS]

  omnivorous box that I want like [TS]

  competently made hardware not like TiVo [TS]

  competently made software again not like [TS]

  Devo with a beautiful Apple interface [TS]

  they would make sense of the rat's nest [TS]

  of crap thats hanging off of my TV but [TS]

  above that Steve Jobs said no we are not [TS]

  interested in making that box it's a [TS]

  loser you can't make money on it it's [TS]

  like you know it's a sucker's bet you [TS]

  can't actually be done competently [TS]

  Google TV on google said neyo hand will [TS]

  try to do that in google TV is trying to [TS]

  do this they're trying to be the [TS]

  omnivorous box and mostly failing so [TS]

  maybe Steve Jobs just write that as a [TS]

  sucker's bet and you [TS]

  it seems tempting wife we can make that [TS]

  thing or be beautiful really that's not [TS]

  the way to do it so uh I know Steve Jobs [TS]

  isn't running the company anymore but [TS]

  that was apples most clearly stated [TS]

  position on televisions like we are not [TS]

  going to do that thing even though I [TS]

  want it doesn't matter apple says nope [TS]

  we're not doing that so if it's not [TS]

  gonna be another layer it was not gonna [TS]

  be another thing you put in front of all [TS]

  the crap that's already there it has to [TS]

  be something that replaces or removes [TS]

  her obviates the need for one or more of [TS]

  the other stupid layers that are dealing [TS]

  with TV and so that's what we've all [TS]

  been waiting for like you put that stake [TS]

  in the ground we said okay well it's not [TS]

  gonna be that so it's got to be like [TS]

  take one of those things existing things [TS]

  attached to TV and make it so you don't [TS]

  need that anymore ah and that's really [TS]

  hard to do due to the current business [TS]

  models like the demands of content [TS]

  owners and the contours have deals with [TS]

  the various networks oh brother you know [TS]

  are allowed their content to appear and [TS]

  of course the infrastructure owners that [TS]

  the cable companies that you want to use [TS]

  our wires you know it's our rules and [TS]

  they have deals with the content owners [TS]

  but for packages and stuff like that [TS]

  it's it's a big morass and so we're all [TS]

  waking for Apple to break through that [TS]

  big tangle of crap with a compelling [TS]

  content deal or a compelling [TS]

  infrastructure deal or both and it's not [TS]

  a technology problem it is a business [TS]

  problem and so that's why Tim Cook has [TS]

  mostly just been talking about this [TS]

  stuff because they are they ship the [TS]

  Apple TV and stuff like that of the [TS]

  thing holding them back is not their [TS]

  inability to make some amazing new [TS]

  hardware device or anything about it's [TS]

  totally all those business deals all the [TS]

  entrenched interests and all the things [TS]

  they own cuz cable companies you know [TS]

  have wires going to our houses an apple [TS]

  doesn't and you know the the content [TS]

  owners have television shows that people [TS]

  want to watch an apple doesn't because [TS]

  they don't make TV shows and so how can [TS]

  Apple do anything in this area then not [TS]

  gonna make the omnivorous boxes gonna [TS]

  stand in front of those guys and they [TS]

  want to replace them or supplant them or [TS]

  wedge themselves into their business [TS]

  model and they don't like it so we [TS]

  continued to wait 100 shows have gone by [TS]

  and no progress has been made in this [TS]

  area for the people who think that [TS]

  everything Apple you know there's [TS]

  nothing new from apple they made their [TS]

  phone they made their tablet you know [TS]

  they made a new operating system there's [TS]

  nothing new it's gonna come from Apple [TS]

  this I don't know this is gonna be the [TS]

  last one but this is surely the next one [TS]

  in a hundred shows hypercritical almost [TS]

  a hundred shows it has not happened yet [TS]

  so [TS]

  shame but it's an area of intense [TS]

  interest and I remain intensely [TS]

  interested but you're on you're on board [TS]

  with this when they you you it sounds [TS]

  like you're optimistic [TS]

  uncharacteristically optimistic well [TS]

  they keep cranking up there the public [TS]

  statements like what why keep you know [TS]

  that's not the apples way to you know [TS]

  like what when the ipad was coming they [TS]

  didn't hint for like three years or [TS]

  think we're really looking into tablets [TS]

  we have an intense interest in in touch [TS]

  screen devices bigger than an iphone [TS]

  like they didn't do that everyone else [TS]

  thought they were gonna make a tablet [TS]

  any time you asked Apple by the tablet [TS]

  they would say we don't comment on [TS]

  future products right but with a TV [TS]

  thing it's like we're totally looking [TS]

  into that area we're really interested [TS]

  in TV are you making something then they [TS]

  say oh we can't tell you anything about [TS]

  we're making but we're totally [TS]

  interested in TV yeah you know and [TS]

  that's what's interesting is how this is [TS]

  so different from you know before the [TS]

  days of doing anything with iPhones you [TS]

  know they were very anti iPhones and [TS]

  then oh no one wants to read on you know [TS]

  all of the all of the stuff that they [TS]

  used to say to whether that was what [TS]

  they believed no we know now that wasn't [TS]

  what they believed it wasn't throwing [TS]

  them off the scent like you were talking [TS]

  about and and now they're actually [TS]

  saying yeah we're interested in this but [TS]

  you wonder how far off are we from the [TS]

  real revolution in TV because listen I [TS]

  you know that if I didn't believe and I [TS]

  think you probably agree with me cuz I [TS]

  know how many podcasts you listen to but [TS]

  I believe that this is the future of the [TS]

  way that people will consume their audio [TS]

  stuff body i believe it's podcasting [TS]

  it's it's certainly not somebody's going [TS]

  to turn on a radio and tuna dial that's [TS]

  not the future of anything the future is [TS]

  people listening to the things that are [TS]

  interesting to them when they would like [TS]

  to listen to those things wherever they [TS]

  happen to be that's that's the future of [TS]

  the way people listen and people will [TS]

  always listen to audio stuff because [TS]

  it's a wonderful secondary activity you [TS]

  can listen while you're walking your dog [TS]

  or at the gym you can listen to when [TS]

  your roommate is watching something on [TS]

  TV that's stupid you can listen to while [TS]

  you're falling asleep whatever while [TS]

  you're working and so the people will [TS]

  always listen to audio stuff and that's [TS]

  the future but TV [TS]

  is the big thing that's the big thing [TS]

  that's going to really change what [TS]

  changed about radio not so much the [TS]

  delivery mechanism in in the very [TS]

  physical sense and that we still have [TS]

  things that are plugged into a device [TS]

  that are plugged in to our ears like [TS]

  that that's pretty much been that way [TS]

  for since the Walkman and that really [TS]

  isn't going to change that much but how [TS]

  we listen to what we listen to has [TS]

  changed what's next for the TV we're all [TS]

  going to sit and look in front and look [TS]

  at some box it's going to have a moving [TS]

  picture on in some sound yes we all DVR [TS]

  stuff and we get to watch it at [TS]

  different times but it has to do with [TS]

  the delivery mechanism from whatever [TS]

  those people who create stuff to the [TS]

  people like us who they and if you think [TS]

  about how much content is independent [TS]

  that somebody like you John listens to I [TS]

  think most of what you listen to is [TS]

  relatively independent content in that [TS]

  it comes from individuals or small [TS]

  companies like mine who make audio stuff [TS]

  as opposed to you're not like going and [TS]

  downloading chose from NBC is my guess [TS]

  you may be from like Public Radio but [TS]

  not from Universal you know what I know [TS]

  that was the point I was gonna make [TS]

  though like on that we're even audio [TS]

  we're in this transitional phase it's [TS]

  uncomfortable NPR is a great example [TS]

  because you're right like I you know [TS]

  even when I listen to NPR it's not on [TS]

  the radio like I'm downloading it as a [TS]

  podcast but those NPR things could not [TS]

  exist if it weren't for the pledge drive [TS]

  that runs on the terrestrial radio that [TS]

  suckers who don't know about podcasts it [TS]

  through on their way to home to work [TS]

  from work and get guilted into like if [TS]

  it wasn't for the National unskillful [TS]

  you know terrestrial radio broadcast of [TS]

  pledge drives an NPR they couldn't [TS]

  afford to pay for the show's I like to [TS]

  listen to on my podcast and so they're [TS]

  stuck halfway in between to you know [TS]

  they have it they don't have a new [TS]

  business model that supports them they [TS]

  have the old one and then they have the [TS]

  new way and when all those people listen [TS]

  to terrestrial radio die like who's [TS]

  gonna you know they can have pledge [TS]

  drives on the podcast you know it's it's [TS]

  weird yeah I don't I don't but that's [TS]

  the real the real question is how do we [TS]

  change this but when you think about [TS]

  that independent content I don't think [TS]

  there's a lot of [TS]

  I don't think there are a lot of [TS]

  channels for people making independent [TS]

  video content the way that there are [TS]

  four audio I mean look at look at iTunes [TS]

  as a really good example I mean the [TS]

  other video podcasts but that's not what [TS]

  you and I are talking about when we talk [TS]

  about TV we talked about that cool show [TS]

  that we really like from whatever [TS]

  network is making it getting that when [TS]

  we want it the way we want it with an [TS]

  interface that we really love and if all [TS]

  Apple did was make it a set-top box that [TS]

  I could take that piece of crap from [TS]

  time warner cable and just get rid of [TS]

  that garbage do for tivo what app 10 the [TS]

  Apple tivo like we talked about on one [TS]

  of our very first shows an apple tivo [TS]

  would be pretty great if that's all it [TS]

  did but there they want to do more than [TS]

  that and they should but the companies [TS]

  don't want them to yeah it's a TV is [TS]

  even more entrenched than than radio [TS]

  like they have so many things stopping [TS]

  them you know even if it's just like the [TS]

  the purchasing of channels and packages [TS]

  this funding the creation of the shows [TS]

  we want and like what's even independent [TS]

  the video we're like Netflix making [TS]

  their own show with Kevin Spacey all [TS]

  right well they independent well no [TS]

  netflix is like it's not a network i [TS]

  guess but it's no more independent than [TS]

  HBO and like like i said i'm sho number [TS]

  one the killer thing is that no solution [TS]

  from Apple is going to be viable for me [TS]

  personally and probably for a lot of [TS]

  people until it can reach some critical [TS]

  mass of shows i want it doesn't matter [TS]

  if netflix has I Kevin Spacey show do [TS]

  they have Game of Thrones no do they [TS]

  have you know Boardwalk Empire know well [TS]

  I'm not gonna sign on for anything that [TS]

  doesn't have those shows on it and so [TS]

  it's like okay do I get this Apple thing [TS]

  in addition to this thing i'm already [TS]

  paying for well it's like if i have to [TS]

  pick one so far and still cable has the [TS]

  most things that i want so i pay this [TS]

  tremendous bill to get all these premium [TS]

  channels for cable even though i don't [TS]

  watch ninety percent of it because they [TS]

  have the ten percent that I want and [TS]

  there's no way I'm gonna replace that my [TS]

  you know cable television subscription [TS]

  was something else that doesn't have the [TS]

  10 shows that I want even if it means [TS]

  giving up one show you know and that's [TS]

  the challenge Apple faces you can't come [TS]

  in and say all right well replace [TS]

  everything in your house with this [TS]

  awesome thing whether it's an apple [TS]

  television set or just a better Apple TV [