89: Lazy Sunday


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  about it here on five by five hello John [TS]

  how are you today didn't just fine on [TS]

  the Sund it's Sunday you like this don't [TS]

  you'd rather do it sunday wouldn't you [TS]

  we're recording on a lazy sunday lazy [TS]

  Sunday afternoon sending some light [TS]

  sounds of smooth jazz some smooth jazz I [TS]

  can't do the smooth jazz guy's voice no [TS]

  can you do it no that's gotta be in your [TS]

  bag uh I could probably do it but it [TS]

  this is not the time or the place oh [TS]

  this is not the time okay it's too much [TS]

  dignity on this show right to do the [TS]

  smooth jazz voice yeah we don't know [TS]

  said anyone I would laid back sunday [TS]

  she'll lay back I mean you're you're [TS]

  probably already drunk me no know me [TS]

  never yeah uh I wouldn't mind sunday [TS]

  recording I think my wife mines it [TS]

  because now she's gotta wrangle both the [TS]

  kids yeah well I do this whereas on [TS]

  Fridays they're off at school fridays [TS]

  they're at school you're home alone [TS]

  doing various and sundry adult [TS]

  activities in your house sure better for [TS]

  your family will keep recording friday [TS]

  than for your family [TS]

  that's a good idea okay and yours and [TS]

  mine and they don't have to go turn on [TS]

  the AC in the office yeah so that's why [TS]

  we're starting a few minutes late is [TS]

  that here on the weekends and this then [TS]

  this facility's lovely facility here in [TS]

  Austin Texas our temporary permanent [TS]

  office space they do not run the air on [TS]

  the weekends it turns off and you've got [TS]

  to go all the way across the building [TS]

  with your little key card and wave your [TS]

  key card over a little panel in a back [TS]

  corner of a wall and that makes the AC [TS]

  come on in theory i'm waiting for taxing [TS]

  get below about 78 degrees in here which [TS]

  it's actually warmer than it sounds all [TS]

  right I think I have to try to take this [TS]

  show this week not slowly let's do a [TS]

  long it will be relaxed today I don't [TS]

  know like long because I don't have much [TS]

  of any topics really do tell sort of [TS]

  like a lazy you know like drifting down [TS]

  the river on an inflatable raft yeah but [TS]

  like without the hepatitis or whatever [TS]

  you get in those water parks oh and I'm [TS]

  not supposed to be the germaphobe I know [TS]

  or you're not man enough of those lazy [TS]

  river water poses that they kind of keep [TS]

  me out of hepatitis in those great now i [TS]

  can't go to those either what's the [TS]

  waterborne illness that you get in water [TS]

  parks i don't know i don't know that you [TS]

  can you get that amoeba maybe you know [TS]

  that brain amoeba yeah you know what I'm [TS]

  talking about toxoplasmosis freeze cat [TS]

  poop no there's some of me but it gets [TS]

  it goes up your nose and then you get [TS]

  goes in your brain you die cat like all [TS]

  of a sudden rights is back to work [TS]

  episode we gotta we gotta focus let's [TS]

  bring this back in talk about some tests [TS]

  so technology this is a big tech show [TS]

  yeah maybe we'll start with follow-up [TS]

  that sounds like something that we do [TS]

  sure yeah alright so for the loyal [TS]

  listeners who listen not only to last [TS]

  week's episode number 88 but also to the [TS]

  after dark after episode 88 you may have [TS]

  noticed that the show ended abruptly and [TS]

  I just wanted to reassure everyone that [TS]

  it show ended abruptly because I last we [TS]

  get a cold and I was once again reaching [TS]

  for the mute button so i could blow my [TS]

  nose or cough or something like that and [TS]

  instead i grabbed the disconnect button [TS]

  which is about a centimeter to the right [TS]

  of it in my little floating palette [TS]

  thing and since that was the end of the [TS]

  show [TS]

  and I explained to him over I am [TS]

  reconnect so we could have a regular [TS]

  goodbye said I don't worry about it i [TS]

  just want people to know that's what [TS]

  actually happens right you or not you're [TS]

  not upset or any more upset than usual [TS]

  exactly that's my secret dan I'm always [TS]

  angry yeah so I just I was a Miss click [TS]

  and it wasn't worth reconnecting to say [TS]

  goodbye but I just wanted everyone to [TS]

  know that's what happened and for people [TS]

  who are like what the heck isn't after [TS]

  dark this is after we are done recording [TS]

  the show and most shows we actually [TS]

  continue recording and usually and we'll [TS]

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  the URLs people always asking about [TS]

  those feeds you got think of your feeds [TS]

  all sorted out now with the feedburner I [TS]

  don't think so we I mean if this would [TS]

  be on this would be non show specific [TS]

  follow-up but for the benefit of [TS]

  listeners is the mass exodus from [TS]

  feedburner happened and feedburner does [TS]

  some kind of some kind of redirection [TS]

  and not all pod catching clients such as [TS]

  downcast which seems to be the one most [TS]

  people are are having a problem with but [TS]

  I don't think it's specific to downcast [TS]

  in fact and this is there's no need to [TS]

  email me telling me that your non [TS]

  downcast pod catcher also has this [TS]

  problem because i know they many others [TS]

  have it but downcast seems to have the [TS]

  most vocal audience or maybe it happened [TS]

  there first i don't know but it does not [TS]

  follow i guess the redirects that [TS]

  feedburner created so you would get [TS]

  something that would say hypercritical [TS]

  parenthesis obsolete feed it hasn't [TS]

  affected download number so I know [TS]

  people are still getting it it doesn't [TS]

  affect iTunes it doesn't affect I have [TS]

  not gotten it to have a problem on any [TS]

  of the apps that I use but I understand [TS]

  some people have so I apologize for the [TS]

  trouble and if you're hearing this it [TS]

  probably means you figured it out [TS]

  already but for some reason if you [TS]

  haven't just resubscribe to it and it [TS]

  will it will be happy and now that we [TS]

  control our feeds the way we should [TS]

  probably always have done we'll never [TS]

  have a problem again lesson learned [TS]

  indeed indubitably as you would say [TS]

  never trust anyone that's right on the [TS]

  internet okay first bit of follow-up a [TS]

  couple weeks ago we discussed the iOS 6 [TS]

  Maps situation and I talked about Apple [TS]

  versus Google know different [TS]

  philosophies I'm doing things and a [TS]

  pointing out that google is not afraid [TS]

  of the brute force solution where they [TS]

  will do clever technical things but they [TS]

  will also say well it looks like the [TS]

  only way to get pictures at the front of [TS]

  every building is to have a bunch of [TS]

  cars drive on every single Street in the [TS]

  entire United States so let's just do [TS]

  that or it sounds crazy it sounds like [TS]

  one of those you know boil the ocean [TS]

  things but they just said you know what [TS]

  we'll just do it so that was the smarter [TS]

  and harder without the title the episode [TS]

  I think smarter and harder yeah they [TS]

  work smarter and they also work harder [TS]

  they just bit the bullet and that seems [TS]

  not to be in Apple's DNA so a bunch of [TS]

  people have sent in feedback giving [TS]

  examples of where they think Apple has [TS]

  actually employed a brute force type of [TS]

  solution I mentioned on the show I think [TS]

  the data centers where they just said [TS]

  look we need this I cloud thing is going [TS]

  to be big and we're doing the music [TS]

  store and we have also stuff we need to [TS]

  just get let's just get make the biggest [TS]

  data center we possibly can and make [TS]

  multiple ones of them apples on to [TS]

  public about that stuff but they have [TS]

  been trying to do stuff there but even [TS]

  in that case a couple of people wrote in [TS]

  to point out that like as has been [TS]

  discussed on past shows they don't do [TS]

  what Google or Facebook does where they [TS]

  decide they're going to build their own [TS]

  hardware and write their own software [TS]

  they're still using you know commodity [TS]

  not commodity things like you know we [TS]

  don't know what they're using but it [TS]

  looks like they're using expensive [TS]

  commercial products like emc storage and [TS]

  maybe one point they were using Sun [TS]

  servers and now who knows what they're [TS]

  using but they're certainly not as far [TS]

  as we know doing what Google and [TS]

  Facebook do which is like we're going to [TS]

  build our own yeah server hardware and [TS]

  certainly not what Google does which is [TS]

  we're going to make our own server [TS]

  software almost our own operating system [TS]

  not quite i think actually google has [TS]

  its own build of Linux with its own [TS]

  kernel and everything but still is Linux [TS]

  so that is still is a little bit of not [TS]

  quite going the google route to like [TS]

  recognize that server operations are the [TS]

  core competency of the company and we [TS]

  should be doing it all ourselves of like [TS]

  you're doing the feeds yourself you know [TS]

  somewhere else could do feeds for you [TS]

  but it's real bummer when that person [TS]

  drops the ball and then like you know [TS]

  maybe you feel like well it's in speeds [TS]

  are such an essential part [TS]

  podcasting maybe we should control that [TS]

  arson yeah so I apologize for that [TS]

  trouble but that's a that's a great [TS]

  analogy yeah I mean like it's is works [TS]

  in the case of Apple because they have a [TS]

  hundred billion dollars and they really [TS]

  have no excuse whereas your were various [TS]

  points running a one-man operation and [TS]

  you know kind of makes sense for you to [TS]

  not do everything yourself but now [TS]

  you're expanding anyway another example [TS]

  people sent in was retail stores that [TS]

  bowl was having problems of retail [TS]

  because you'd go into compusa back in [TS]

  the day and there would be a bunch of [TS]

  max off in the corner covered with [TS]

  disgusting dirty fingerprints but the [TS]

  hundred folders name who did you fuck [TS]

  eligos to go on the desktop from the [TS]

  kids bang in their hands on the keyboard [TS]

  randomly pressing command n back when [TS]

  that would make a new folder oh such [TS]

  days and no one was looking at them and [TS]

  if you went over and looked at them a [TS]

  salesperson quickly came over and sold [TS]

  you Adele sbox I can't it almost comes [TS]

  out of my mouth automatically but I [TS]

  can't say that on the show but anyway [TS]

  you know what I'm saying I do or compaq [TS]

  s box or whatever you want to call it [TS]

  and so they made well we're gonna try to [TS]

  do like a an apple store within a store [TS]

  and we'll talk to the corporate bigwigs [TS]

  and throw money in their direction until [TS]

  they decide they're they're going to [TS]

  sell apple stuff the right way and that [TS]

  kind of improved matters a little bit [TS]

  but not really and they said all right [TS]

  fine we'll make our own star because [TS]

  that's what they were trying to avoid [TS]

  they were trying to be like we're not in [TS]

  the retail business we're Apple we make [TS]

  computers but we're not a retailer we [TS]

  don't want to be best buy or compusa [TS]

  that's a terrible business to be in why [TS]

  we're going to do that but eventually [TS]

  they came kicking and screaming to the [TS]

  realization you know are probably Steve [TS]

  Jobs fit was behind this said you know [TS]

  what why don't just make our own stores [TS]

  I'm sick of dealing with these bozos [TS]

  these clowns trying to sell our stuff [TS]

  doing a terrible job we just made our [TS]

  own stories we'd make awesome stores [TS]

  we'd sell her stuff really well let's [TS]

  try that and you know so they rolled it [TS]

  out slowly it's not like they're [TS]

  McDonald's or walmart it's not like [TS]

  there's an apple store in every corner [TS]

  and they just blanket the entire birth [TS]

  but that is you know it I don't know if [TS]

  this is an example of Apple learning to [TS]

  take the brute force approach or an [TS]

  example of Apple not not it not [TS]

  occurring to Apple do that until they've [TS]

  exhausted every other possibility of [TS]

  like trying to work with partners in the [TS]

  store within a store thing and years and [TS]

  years of just terrible retail and how [TS]

  long did they suffer before actually [TS]

  biting the bullet whereas it seems like [TS]

  Google [TS]

  goes to it first like they didn't suffer [TS]

  for years and years of trying to figure [TS]

  out how to do Street View in a different [TS]

  way they just went right to it instead [TS]

  we're just going to start this it's [TS]

  going to take a long time let's just do [TS]

  it let's not try to do some clever way [TS]

  like you know harvest people's [TS]

  smartphone photos and assemble them [TS]

  together or something like that because [TS]

  that's cheaper and easier than paying [TS]

  cars to do it ourselves but retail [TS]

  stores i think is a pretty example but [TS]

  the biggest review the biggest review [TS]

  the biggest example everyone sent in is [TS]

  a preview and that i think is an example [TS]

  of where Apple didn't try to be clever [TS]

  at first thing it dragged kicking and [TS]

  screaming into the brute force solution [TS]

  right they said we want to control the [TS]

  quality of the things we in our App [TS]

  Store to be good we want to have some [TS]

  control over the quality there so we'll [TS]

  just look at every single application [TS]

  with the human like that was their first [TS]

  there in their initial strategy it's not [TS]

  like they tried other things Brenda [TS]

  royal Gordon has a nice email here that [TS]

  all quote from he says when Apple [TS]

  decided they want to curate an app store [TS]

  they didn't try the engineer their way [TS]

  out of the problem they didn't design a [TS]

  language that makes it impossible to [TS]

  call private api's they didn't implement [TS]

  uikit in a way that would make hige [TS]

  violations impossible pig is the human [TS]

  interface guidelines or port over the [TS]

  garbage collector and banned pointers to [TS]

  prevent crashes or require developers to [TS]

  get their artwork from apple approved [TS]

  graphic designer those are all examples [TS]

  of like clever engineering type [TS]

  solutions oh well we want to have an app [TS]

  store where we have just safe apple that [TS]

  means we have to make a new language and [TS]

  forbid people from calling Pratt no [TS]

  we're just going to you know you can [TS]

  call private api's we're gonna have a [TS]

  human being look at them and they have [TS]

  automated tools of course that they run [TS]

  your app through with it check to see [TS]

  whether you've done these things but the [TS]

  bottom line is that a human being is [TS]

  involved in the process of every single [TS]

  application getting on to the store that [TS]

  also reminds me of something from I [TS]

  don't know this is still true but back [TS]

  in the early days of Google every person [TS]

  hired to Google at some point came [TS]

  across the the desk of or the notice of [TS]

  a one of the two order that Sergey and [TS]

  Larry is it Sergey or Sergey I think [TS]

  it's Sergei Sergei yes sir gaer larry [TS]

  like they would personally approve every [TS]

  single new hire not that they did the [TS]

  interview process right there was a [TS]

  whole hierarchy of things behind them [TS]

  but so at some point it went across [TS]

  their desk yeah and they would say go no [TS]

  go every single person crazy yeah well [TS]

  it's it's similarly crazy too I mean [TS]

  it's not like every app went across [TS]

  steve jobs is desk but similar the [TS]

  listing [TS]

  every application goes the App Store a [TS]

  human being has to look at that possibly [TS]

  multiple and so that is probably the [TS]

  best example so especially since Apple [TS]

  didn't try all these weird engineering [TS]

  only solutions first they went right to [TS]

  let's just hire an army of people of [TS]

  course they probably underestimated how [TS]

  big and how knowledgeable that army has [TS]

  to be and if we continue to have growing [TS]

  pains now where they pulled all the mac [TS]

  app review is off to review new [TS]

  applications in bigand for iOS 6 for a [TS]

  tall screen nah I OS X for the iphone 5 [TS]

  for the tall screen and so the wait time [TS]

  for submitting a Mac application was up [TS]

  to like 41 days average or something [TS]

  like that something crazy like that so [TS]

  they continue to struggle with it but [TS]

  they did go with the brute force [TS]

  solution first and they're sticking to [TS]

  it so thanks for everyone for the [TS]

  feedback on that topic I still say it's [TS]

  not in Apple's DNA to do what Google [TS]

  does especially when it comes to the [TS]

  specific things that Google does like [TS]

  the mapping things and just about one of [TS]

  the other brute force examples again [TS]

  from google was where they said bushes [TS]

  let's just scan every book in the entire [TS]

  universe which sounds crazy you know how [TS]

  can we get the information on all those [TS]

  books will just scan every page how are [TS]

  we going to scan every paper will have a [TS]

  person sit there and turn every page and [TS]

  then put the thing on the scanner and [TS]

  Justin Masterson wrote in to tell me [TS]

  that in the smarter and harder vein [TS]

  Google did brute force that solution but [TS]

  they also did it smarter they worked [TS]

  harder which means you have to literally [TS]

  scan every book you know or get to [TS]

  eventually scan every book but the [TS]

  smarter part was they created a rig with [TS]

  a camera that points down of the pages [TS]

  of the book that sort of like detects [TS]

  the 3d shape of like the curled pages [TS]

  you know you open a book out the eight [TS]

  pages curl and you have to have it has [TS]

  like an IR camera or something that [TS]

  detects the shape so we can figure out [TS]

  how to read you know how to OCR the page [TS]

  it's like basically to unworn at a book [TS]

  the texas curves inward toward the spine [TS]

  the lines are all warped and everything [TS]

  is weird and if you try to feed that [TS]

  image as is to an OCR application I [TS]

  won't figure it out so they figure out [TS]

  the 3d shape of the book and flatten out [TS]

  the image and feed to the OCR software I [TS]

  put a link in the show notes that he [TS]

  sent this is the the secret of Google's [TS]

  book scanning machine revealed and of [TS]

  course it's from a patent [TS]

  the patent they got and of course they [TS]

  got a patent on this device that scans [TS]

  in book so there's an example of Google [TS]

  smarter and harder alright the last show [TS]

  that we talked about app.net and the [TS]

  introduction of net bot yes and you [TS]

  explained dentists don't like people [TS]

  calling it that and that sounds wrong to [TS]

  me it sounds like felon mispronouncing [TS]

  tetanus and that's that doesn't sound [TS]

  good doesn't sound good most of the [TS]

  folks should have replied and written in [TS]

  or tweeted about us I think they were [TS]

  appreciative however you pronounce it of [TS]

  your detailed explanation and there were [TS]

  a number of people who said I did I had [TS]

  no idea what thing even was until [TS]

  Siracusa correctly explained it this is [TS]

  actually part of the final topic AB [TS]

  later in the show how did I know about [TS]

  10 20 which is a domain name of the [TS]

  protocol tent itself I think I don't [TS]

  remember that things are on the Internet [TS]

  don't remember everything comes but I'm [TS]

  assuming I know about it because I [TS]

  probably talked about at the net on the [TS]

  show and then someone either tweeted at [TS]

  me or emailed back to the show to say [TS]

  hey have you heard of this 10 thing [TS]

  maybe use the tent people themselves so [TS]

  by me doing this podcast and having a [TS]

  lot of followers and Twitter and talking [TS]

  about this stuff a related information [TS]

  comes to me because people like oh I [TS]

  heard you talk about this you know about [TS]

  this and then i expel it back out [TS]

  through subsequent podcasts so you [TS]

  people who hadn't heard of tent before [TS]

  listening to the podcast you heard about [TS]

  it because you listen to my show and it [TS]

  was on my show because I have a show [TS]

  because I talked about something related [TS]

  so this is sort of cycle of influx of [TS]

  information and then output again and [TS]

  repeating is a something i'll talk about [TS]

  in the later topic the end of the show [TS]

  but anyway during that discussion of net [TS]

  bot and app.net said that because of the [TS]

  introduction of net bot which is the app [TS]

  that port of tweetbot which is a very [TS]

  popular twitter application from tap [TS]

  pots lots of bots i said it seemed to me [TS]

  that the introduction of net bot didn't [TS]

  so much cause a big influx of new users [TS]

  tap net people lining up to pay [TS]

  thirty-six dollars a year or five [TS]

  dollars from [TS]

  whatever but it reactivated all the [TS]

  people who were already there they had [TS]

  you know a bunch of people I knew and [TS]

  most of the people you know the people I [TS]

  was following they'd been on app.net [TS]

  since the funding period like they were [TS]

  part of the funding experiment the sort [TS]

  of pseudo kicked starter thing but they [TS]

  had stopped posting like they talked a [TS]

  lot about then at clients for a while [TS]

  and then stopped posting and then net [TS]

  bot came along it seemed like those [TS]

  people tripped up again well Alex [TS]

  Dubinsky wrote in to say that uh app [TS]

  netizens calm is tracking the activity [TS]

  on app.net and he said it actually did [TS]

  cause a big influx of new users so if [TS]

  you look in the link in the show notes [TS]

  that links this app netizens dot-com [TS]

  thing if you look on october third in [TS]

  October fourth you have to kind of [TS]

  scroll in the sidebar couldn't figure [TS]

  out how to get a direct link what is it [TS]

  the total users on app.net and october [TS]

  third and October fourth all right so [TS]

  October on September 30th there were 15 [TS]

  new users added and then on october [TS]

  first there were 278 and a second 512 [TS]

  then on the third and fourth there were [TS]

  1300 1200 this is a big hump in the [TS]

  graph right around the introduction of [TS]

  net pots so there's a total of [TS]

  twenty-five thousand users but having a [TS]

  couple of 1000 you know 1.5 k days that [TS]

  is a bump in the graph so it's not just [TS]

  that it made new people talk that's how [TS]

  it seemed to me i guess because i didn't [TS]

  immediately fall the new users but there [TS]

  was a big bump there too so ab dot net [TS]

  must like that in in the discussion of [TS]

  tent speaking of tent which is a [TS]

  decentralized protocol for doing similar [TS]

  things to what app that netted twitter [TS]

  do i reference to daniel i'm an article [TS]

  titled something like is a federated [TS]

  twitter even possible that discusses the [TS]

  challenges that have federated and not [TS]

  that tent auto ins federated but i [TS]

  basically a decentralized protocol would [TS]

  face in providing something like twitter [TS]

  any of us did a bunch of different [TS]

  attributes and I discussed each of them [TS]

  were giving feedback from Daniel ciders [TS]

  of tent and then wrote me and to say [TS]

  that he wanted to clarify that the [TS]

  article was not so much here of the [TS]

  things that that you need to have to be [TS]

  a Twitter competitive [TS]

  and if you don't have them you're gonna [TS]

  you're gonna fail therefore blah he was [TS]

  really trying to emphasize how these [TS]

  different qualities are in tension with [TS]

  each other and you can't have all them [TS]

  at the same time with a sense to [TS]

  decentralize protocol so for example if [TS]

  you're sorting your posts or tweets or [TS]

  whatever by the time they received and [TS]

  that time varies from node to node in a [TS]

  decentralized system that means that two [TS]

  users on different servers posts might [TS]

  appear in different order and that [TS]

  violates the chronology requirement [TS]

  because the times and the servers aren't [TS]

  right and stuff like that maybe you try [TS]

  to fix this by simply sorting them by [TS]

  the time they were sent rather than the [TS]

  time stamp on their on their systems [TS]

  like then you might have some newly [TS]

  received things inserted into the middle [TS]

  of your timeline and you can't have both [TS]

  of those things you either you either [TS]

  accept that you're gonna insert things [TS]

  in the middle or you sort them based on [TS]

  something different than the order that [TS]

  they were actually created because the [TS]

  times might be different and that's what [TS]

  he was mostly was getting at that with a [TS]

  decentralized system the client can [TS]

  decide what policy you want to have but [TS]

  you still might have some weird behavior [TS]

  now I think this behavior still exists [TS]

  even in Twitter because maybe it's just [TS]

  the Twitter clients I've used but some [TS]

  Twitter clients will do something like [TS]

  show me all of my things in my stream [TS]

  and then also find me my ad mentions and [TS]

  it will do it in two separate requests [TS]

  and by the time it makes a set the [TS]

  second request it could be the one of [TS]

  the @ mentions it receives needs to be [TS]

  inserted into the timeline if you have a [TS]

  unified timeline for example and even [TS]

  though it's a centralized service [TS]

  because the two pieces of information [TS]

  you want need to be interleaved and you [TS]

  make requests for them not exactly in [TS]

  parallel and even if you did you'd never [TS]

  get into line up exactly right I think [TS]

  it's not so much of these things are [TS]

  impossible to achieve in a decentralized [TS]

  system it's that they're mostly not [TS]

  possible to achieve in a centralized [TS]

  system just do the nature of the way we [TS]

  pull information unified timeline was a [TS]

  big topic of discussion in the last show [TS]

  i'm still getting people replying to me [TS]

  tweeting to me and sending email that [TS]

  they don't understand what if I timeline [TS]

  is I don't think I want to re-explain it [TS]

  I've tried to reply to people directly [TS]

  on Twitter and on app.net to clarify to [TS]

  them usually telling them he download [TS]

  this client and see how it's different [TS]

  from this client [TS]

  one has unified one doesn't but I found [TS]

  that many people apparently don't get [TS]

  replies from people they don't follow [TS]

  right so as far as they're concerned the [TS]

  two things look identical they don't see [TS]

  a difference sort of to briefly [TS]

  summarize I guess again when you get a [TS]

  reply from someone you don't follow if [TS]

  that reply appears alongside all the [TS]

  tweets for the people you do follow that [TS]

  means you have a unified timeline and if [TS]

  it appears in a separate place you don't [TS]

  have a unified timeline so that's that's [TS]

  where that comes in mentions and replies [TS]

  from people you do not follow they don't [TS]

  mention anybody you follow in a unified [TS]

  timeline those appear alongside all your [TS]

  other stuff in a single chronological [TS]

  stream that's basically what is the [TS]

  unified timeline in your client you just [TS]

  go to one big list then you just scroll [TS]

  and scroll and scroll you never go [TS]

  anyplace else unless you want to change [TS]

  accounts or do a random search or [TS]

  something like that you just have one [TS]

  thing you look for with a non unified [TS]

  timeline you have your stream and then [TS]

  you have a separate place where you look [TS]

  for those replies and mentions for [TS]

  people you don't fall and this by the [TS]

  way is very important to you as you've [TS]

  discussed on previous shows this is what [TS]

  you you rely on this and that is the [TS]

  primary reason why you you like that [TS]

  client I'm still using that bot as my [TS]

  app that net client because it is really [TS]

  it's really great you know those guys [TS]

  have lots of experience making a twitter [TS]

  client and even though I'm not a giant [TS]

  fan of their aesthetic it works really [TS]

  well it has a lot of features i like the [TS]

  gestures for pulling up the conversation [TS]

  and stuff like it's a good it's a good [TS]

  client and i'm using that if I found a [TS]

  unified app.net client for iOS I may try [TS]

  replacing that but for now i'm using net [TS]

  pod and it still it still bothers me to [TS]

  go back and forth i'm surprised a lot of [TS]

  people after i explained what it is and [TS]

  pointed them to wedge which is a unified [TS]

  timeline client for OS 10 frap net or [TS]

  Twitter effort for Twitter even a lot of [TS]

  people are applying and saying hey I [TS]

  download it either wedge or twitterrific [TS]

  and I tried it and this unified thing is [TS]

  great and it could be that people just [TS]

  don't know about it and just assume that [TS]

  the way you use twitter is you have like [TS]

  some place that you tap to see your your [TS]

  replies from non followers in some place [TS]

  that you tap to see your other stuff and [TS]

  once it's all folded into one they say i [TS]

  like it i don't have to go to two places [TS]

  i just go to one place and see my stuff [TS]

  there [TS]

  and then of course they can fortunately [TS]

  tried to add mention the net bot skies [TS]

  of tap bots guys and say hey you guys [TS]

  should add unified ads if they haven't [TS]

  heard that no that's new to them they're [TS]

  they're brand new to this exactly well [TS]

  you know as I said to the tap bot people [TS]

  doesn't mean the net thought has to add [TS]

  a unified timeline I just want someone [TS]

  out there to make a good client with the [TS]

  unified timeline because I think there [TS]

  are people who would like it yep of [TS]

  course the tap pods guys can edit if [TS]

  they want it doesn't change there are [TS]

  other people who would like to use it [TS]

  the way they're using it now just leave [TS]

  that is the default it would just be an [TS]

  option anyway I continue to wait [TS]

  patiently for an iOS I think this one [TS]

  coming out what was it called I think I [TS]

  have it in as this where everything is [TS]

  everything is instapaper like there was [TS]

  a unified climb line iOS client coming [TS]

  out and I want to remember what it is so [TS]

  I throat an insta paper that makes no [TS]

  sense but that's where it is and I just [TS]

  go there and I search for you know [TS]

  app.net and I'll probably find I [TS]

  apologize to the people who sent me this [TS]

  information about this client I didn't [TS]

  save it but I don't remember it offhand [TS]

  all right now and one more thing on [TS]

  app.net we're talking about how a [TS]

  descent and tents we talked about how [TS]

  the challenge of a decentralized system [TS]

  doing search how do you do real-time [TS]

  search with a decentralized system and [TS]

  Twitter had in the past through [TS]

  mentioned in the last show done [TS]

  real-time search by feeding Google a [TS]

  stream that called the firehose about [TS]

  all the tweets as they happen in real [TS]

  time and so Google hood index them very [TS]

  very quickly just feeding off that big [TS]

  giant fire and this is something that [TS]

  they do just just for google this isn't [TS]

  something that a regular person can grab [TS]

  access to yeah well someone else used to [TS]

  have the I think some eyes used to have [TS]

  the fire house 2's um mi ze which was a [TS]

  search service for Twitter just for [TS]

  Twitter just researching Twitter but I [TS]

  think Twitter bought some eyes many [TS]

  years ago and so that went away and [TS]

  there's probably used them to do their [TS]

  internal search but Bruno grande or [TS]

  grand one of those two wrote in to tell [TS]

  me that Google's real-time Twitter [TS]

  search was shut down in July of 2011 [TS]

  after the deal with Twitter expired and [TS]

  i have a link to that in the show notes [TS]

  so i guess google doesn't do that [TS]

  anymore and probably the last time i [TS]

  used it was way back then I it kind of [TS]

  makes sense they would [TS]

  tempest they will want to control their [TS]

  search in-house and blah blah blah but [TS]

  that's a shame but anyway on the topic [TS]

  of the centralized service is doing that [TS]

  there's still confusion in my mind as [TS]

  well as kind of many readers saying what [TS]

  is the how does something like 10th [TS]

  scale for people with lots of followers [TS]

  over a real-time search and the main [TS]

  point of confusion is getting back to [TS]

  the Lady Gaga example if Lady Gaga has [TS]

  30 million followers does Lady Gaga's [TS]

  tenth server need to send out 30 million [TS]

  post requests or is that only the worst [TS]

  case scenario theoretically worst case [TS]

  scenario every human being on the planet [TS]

  has their own tent server yes or would [TS]

  need to send out 30 million but [TS]

  obviously as discussing last show we [TS]

  would assume that tent would shake out a [TS]

  little bit like email as shaking out [TS]

  where most people are on one of four or [TS]

  five big servers like an email most [TS]

  people have a gmail or hotmail or yahoo [TS]

  mail or something like that or a mac com [TS]

  mail or whatever like there's a bunch of [TS]

  big services that have most people and [TS]

  then this corporate mail with your own [TS]

  little corporate mail servers and then [TS]

  of course the very fringe there's the [TS]

  individuals in the long tail who run [TS]

  there who do run their own mail service [TS]

  right so you would assume tint if it [TS]

  ever became very very popular protocol [TS]

  would be similar and that would probably [TS]

  mean the lady gaga if you can just send [TS]

  to serve an update to whatever the [TS]

  equivalent of gmail is for tent like [TS]

  okay I'm going to send one update to the [TS]

  you know the tmail also numbers make [TS]

  sense I was trying to think of a Google [TS]

  Gmail analogy anyway I'm gonna send one [TS]

  response to this tent server that houses [TS]

  like twenty percent of all people who [TS]

  are on tent and there I've already [TS]

  covered twenty percent of my 30 million [TS]

  followers right and I'm another response [TS]

  to this other big server and then slowly [TS]

  degrade and so you wouldn't have to send [TS]

  30 million have to send some much much [TS]

  smaller number than that because once [TS]

  you send a post request to the big [TS]

  server that hosts lots of people you're [TS]

  done I'm still not sure if that's the [TS]

  case i looked at the documentation a [TS]

  little bit maybe the 10 people can [TS]

  clarify it seems like that would be [TS]

  efficient right from an engineering [TS]

  point of view oh I'll just send it to [TS]

  that server and it's that service [TS]

  responsibility to make it visible to all [TS]

  the people who are on that tent server [TS]

  for example if every single person who [TS]

  followed me was on 10th is and I and I [TS]

  did a post from [TS]

  my nan 10th is 10th server I could maybe [TS]

  just send one update to 10th is and then [TS]

  it makes sure that everybody's on 10th [TS]

  a/s gets it but on the other hand I do [TS]

  know that 10 people are identified by [TS]

  their sort of URL so mine is Syracuse [TS]

  attend that is and someone else is going [TS]

  to be a different name that tent that is [TS]

  and so it seems to me that even though [TS]

  they're all happened to be something [TS]

  that tent that is when you make an [TS]

  update and you want to tell all your [TS]

  followers it's not like you go through [TS]

  your list of follower URLs and try to [TS]

  find common substrings do you like oh [TS]

  all these people are on tent that is I [TS]

  have to set in a post request to to what [TS]

  exactly just tent Dada ass with that [TS]

  without the name on the front of it it [TS]

  seems to me that if everyone has a URL [TS]

  you have to make post requests to every [TS]

  single one of those URLs and yeah they [TS]

  may all be virtual hosted on a single [TS]

  you know cluster node instance of 10th [TS]

  is but as far as you're concerned as far [TS]

  as the other nodes are concerned they [TS]

  can't make it any assumptions about how [TS]

  those things are served if everyone has [TS]

  a different URL doesn't it have to send [TS]

  30 million post requests so this is [TS]

  still a mystery to me I guess by [TS]

  mentioning it like this I'm just [TS]

  implicitly asking people to come in and [TS]

  explain it to me I just I'd be just as [TS]

  happy to see what the results are in [TS]

  action like have a bunch of people set [TS]

  up a bunch of 10 servers and see how [TS]

  they behave in reality between each [TS]

  other but if any ten people can clarify [TS]

  that send it again and that's what most [TS]

  people have been telling me that that [TS]

  tense scaling solution is the same as [TS]

  email scaling solution a bunch of big [TS]

  servers have most people and only the [TS]

  long tail do people have their own [TS]

  servers and the final bit of follow-up [TS]

  is related to that i mentioned email as [TS]

  my analogy for what tent is like and [TS]

  saying how nobody leaves email and you [TS]

  can't kill email because if you can kill [TS]

  gmail or you kill hotmail email still [TS]

  exists is the thing with or without [TS]

  those services those people would just [TS]

  go elsewhere right you can't kill the [TS]

  protocol and that's for nolan leaving [TS]

  email everyone wrote and tell me the [TS]

  donald knuth left email famously have [TS]

  people can quit the internet and was it [TS]

  was a mark pilgrim who quit the internet [TS]

  one of the high-profile tech nerds yes i [TS]

  did money was injured anymore that's [TS]

  right so anyway news is the if i'm [TS]

  pronouncing his name correctly knuth [TS]

  panoz Knuth i don't like saying McKay no [TS]

  he's not on the internet so he won't [TS]

  hear this i canna pronounce his name [TS]

  you will know say it any way you want [TS]

  yeah i'll donald knuth like kunafa bunny [TS]

  vs. Knuffle Bunny anyway they're very [TS]

  similar Knuffle Bunny and i'm by the way [TS]

  i am Knuffle Bunny i apparently unlawful [TS]

  bunyan knuth not kanaha buddy in knuth [TS]

  right but he quitting now but on email [TS]

  being unkillable because of gmail goes [TS]

  way it's not a big deal steve schreiber [TS]

  wrote in to tell me that during his few [TS]

  years when he was at hotmail there was [TS]

  the equivalent of a red phone hotline [TS]

  between AOL yahoo and hotmail and [TS]

  eventually gmail was added in there and [TS]

  says of any of the any of the providers [TS]

  were experiencing an issue that would [TS]

  cause them to slow their acceptance rate [TS]

  of incoming mail this hotline are [TS]

  actually a conference bridge she calls [TS]

  it was invoked each of these providers [TS]

  accepted billions of inbound messages a [TS]

  day if any one of them saw internal [TS]

  problems that caused them to delay let [TS]

  alone decline inbound messages for a [TS]

  time the messages would begin to queue [TS]

  up on outbound mail servers or an [TS]

  intermediary store-and-forward systems [TS]

  so once even if you have a decentralized [TS]

  system what what steve saying here is [TS]

  that amongst the big guys amongst the [TS]

  big players there's so much [TS]

  concentration of population of email [TS]

  among these three or four big servers [TS]

  that if any one of them has any sort of [TS]

  trouble because the email is storing [TS]

  forward where you pass the message along [TS]

  if any one of them stops accepting email [TS]

  or slows its acceptance of email the [TS]

  whole system can get clogged up in a [TS]

  terrible catastrophic way and they have [TS]

  the hot line between the jailer say you [TS]

  know they would call up and say hey [TS]

  hotmail we noticed your your incoming [TS]

  separate is slowing down you're causing [TS]

  a huge backlog because if you have [TS]

  billions of messages and if where are [TS]

  you trying to send them to isn't [TS]

  accepting them you have to just like its [TS]

  store and forward you store them and [TS]

  then forward them and store just not [TS]

  unlimited right so you have a problem [TS]

  here like if you could draw that as a [TS]

  plumbing type diagram there's a huge [TS]

  flood of water coming and if it can't [TS]

  continue down to the next pipe it's just [TS]

  backing up in your current pipe and you [TS]

  could have a big tank to fill the once [TS]

  that tank fills you know you have a [TS]

  catastrophic problem eventually so even [TS]

  in decentralized system it's kind of [TS]

  like a too big to fail type of thing [TS]

  alright thanks even though there's not [TS]

  one thing that controls email when the [TS]

  players get big enough if one of those [TS]

  big flares has problems it's almost as [TS]

  if you destroyed email like if yahoo and [TS]

  gmail and hotmail all stopped accepting [TS]

  messages and [TS]

  their arms you have like 10 minutes [TS]

  before the basically the end of email [TS]

  yeah pretty bad I can send my email just [TS]

  fine to my friend that his domain well [TS]

  you better hope it doesn't hop through [TS]

  one of those things along the way there [TS]

  and the spillover of the back up on that [TS]

  system could you know cause problems so [TS]

  this this doesn't mean decentralized is [TS]

  bad it's much better than centralized [TS]

  and we're managing to do with email [TS]

  email as a proof that it can work but it [TS]

  shows that you have to be careful once [TS]

  things start getting big you know the [TS]

  red hotline phone is not part of the [TS]

  10th protocol but it would have to be if [TS]

  tempt ever got as big as email you want [TS]

  doing a first sponsor it's good idea [TS]

  because we're at the end of the fall end [TS]

  of the fu so our first sponsor is help [TS]

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  folks over there using these guys for [TS]

  years help spot calm / 5 by 5 check it [TS]

  out Henrik codone in the chatroom hope I [TS]

  got that right hello Ike and Mike yeah [TS]

  like mentions like a Vulcan word which [TS]

  I'm sure you familiar with pad XMPP [TS]

  which people may know is Jabbar [TS]

  apparently uses dns to do this they put [TS]

  a SRV record in the dns so for any given [TS]

  hostname you can look it up and find [TS]

  that record and find out what 10th [TS]

  server should you should use to [TS]

  communicate with whatever dot 10 thought [TS]

  is would list 10 thought is as it's you [TS]

  know tenth server so then as he says you [TS]

  would end up with 30 million DNS [TS]

  requests but those would be cached [TS]

  locally and all that other stuff oh so [TS]

  jabber does that and I guess that's a [TS]

  possible illusion maybe that's what tent [TS]

  does maybe that's what we'll hear about [TS]

  as people are furiously typing they're [TS]

  filling out the feedback form right now [TS]

  to tell me this alright topic for today [TS]

  to time I got two topics today one of [TS]

  them is inspired by listening to back to [TS]

  work I just let's do it yesterday and i [TS]

  said no i actually want to talk about [TS]

  that on my show so i'll do that but [TS]

  that's my second topic okay five by five [TS]

  show with merlin mann and me we do a do [TS]

  weekly show you do when you listen to it [TS]

  and you're a big for your big fan i am [TS]

  i'm a big fan um and by my first topic [TS]

  can you guess what my first topic is [TS]

  nothing really interesting or exciting [TS]

  has happened for anybody that we know [TS]

  over the last week so I i would guess [TS]

  you're going to talk about toasters [TS]

  guessing cry you already looked at the [TS]

  show I was like you're forgetting I [TS]

  didn't I actually didn't this time [TS]

  around I oh I always do but this time I [TS]

  didn't look but I can look right now I'm [TS]

  going to you don't have to because going [TS]

  there it is clicking the links link oh [TS]

  you are gonna talk about it I love that [TS]

  you're gonna talk about Oh Dan sarcastic [TS]

  reply about nothing has happened [TS]

  interesting in anyone's life do we know [TS]

  about he's referring to Marco of course [TS]

  Marco Arment he is the [TS]

  host along with with me of a show called [TS]

  build and analyzed that we do here on [TS]

  mondays yes and at this point I feel [TS]

  like it's kind of surprising that builds [TS]

  and analyze has not called the podcast [TS]

  because people may may or may not know [TS]

  Marco is the creator and founder [TS]

  Instapaper as part of Instapaper he has [TS]

  the thing called the feature which is us [TS]

  you know selected an editor selects the [TS]

  best of the things that people put [TS]

  Instapaper or whatever and there's also [TS]

  something called the brief which is kind [TS]

  of like a very succinct roundup of the [TS]

  week's important tech news yeah so he's [TS]

  got the feature the brief something [TS]

  that's not called the podcast but this [TS]

  week i forgot what not launched it do [TS]

  you think he regretted that by not [TS]

  calling it the podcast i doubt it and by [TS]

  the way there there are a lot of shows [TS]

  out there called the show lots the show [TS]

  attack of the renee or even just the [TS]

  show if you were to google the show you [TS]

  would find hundreds and hundreds of [TS]

  places and that's because you can't you [TS]

  can't copyright or protect the name that [TS]

  way yeah and then interesting that's [TS]

  like can't copyright font see there just [TS]

  got to give a different name right only [TS]

  the opposite but these all the same name [TS]

  anyway ah this past week he introduced [TS]

  something called the magazine the [TS]

  magazine and this is issue one that he's [TS]

  been talking about on his show for a [TS]

  long time he's like I'm working on this [TS]

  new app I can't tell you what it is I [TS]

  would send very signs it's not it's not [TS]

  a floor wax it's not dessert topping [TS]

  it's not a Twitter client it's not a [TS]

  podcast app even though he said he is [TS]

  playing with that too what was it it was [TS]

  kind of a misdirect because that people [TS]

  kept thinking what kind of app would it [TS]

  be the app part of it I that part of it [TS]

  of course is an essential component but [TS]

  it's not you know the important part is [TS]

  that it's a publication right and the [TS]

  app enables the publication to happen [TS]

  but that's what it is it's a magazine in [TS]

  the Internet age it is a publication and [TS]

  the introducing of publication not that [TS]

  the app isn't difficult but that's not [TS]

  like that's not the heart of it the [TS]

  heart of it is this stuff that you read [TS]

  through the application the content so [TS]

  yes he wrote an application it's a [TS]

  newsstand application actually so for [TS]

  the many of us who have nothing in [TS]

  newsstand suddenly we if you subscribe [TS]

  to this magazine you will have [TS]

  something a newsstand finally for the [TS]

  first time right the real benefit to [TS]

  this is that we now finally have a [TS]

  reason to potentially use newsstand yeah [TS]

  and you will find it's infuriating to [TS]

  use newsstand because you can't put it [TS]

  in a folder and every time you want to [TS]

  read the magazine even though it's the [TS]

  only thing in newsstand you have to [TS]

  first tap the newsstand I can manage [TS]

  open and then tap the thing and then if [TS]

  you happen to go back to the home screen [TS]

  you realize how it's stuck in the [TS]

  expanded newsstand thing and these are [TS]

  all apples problems not Marcos problems [TS]

  but yeah so he's created the magazine [TS]

  it's a 199 per month with a free 7-day [TS]

  trial I don't know what free 7-day trial [TS]

  means in the context of a newsstand app [TS]

  so i will let Marco explain that some [TS]

  key parts this is from his article about [TS]

  the magazine that link in the show notes [TS]

  all subscriptions even during the fryer [TS]

  even doing the free trial include access [TS]

  to all back issues so if you were just [TS]

  start your free trial you can look [TS]

  backwards at all the passages of course [TS]

  there's only one issue so far the day [TS]

  this magazine was launched it launched [TS]

  with issue number one what is the [TS]

  magazine the magazine is a bunch of [TS]

  articles that Marco believes would be [TS]

  interesting to tech nerd type people [TS]

  right but not necessarily about [TS]

  technology he likens it to the way the [TS]

  build and analyze is is not a show about [TS]

  development it's a show for developers [TS]

  filled with things that Marco believes [TS]

  that people who are into iOS developing [TS]

  a Mac development would be interested in [TS]

  whether they be developed or related or [TS]

  not and I would I would take that one [TS]

  step back and say very much that five by [TS]

  five is a network of shows for for geeks [TS]

  as opposed to necessarily shows that are [TS]

  always about those topics it's for [TS]

  people who enjoy this kind of this kind [TS]

  of thing in the magazine i think is uh i [TS]

  mean look at look at they get a nice [TS]

  roundup of articles this first issue [TS]

  it's pretty good gy├Ârgy english as you [TS]

  say Jason Snell a friend Alex Payne [TS]

  michael la all have an article an issue [TS]

  number one yeah you may or may not know [TS]

  guy English uh he's another uh Mac [TS]

  Developer nerd kind of guy also I think [TS]

  he's back from the next days as well he [TS]

  has his own blog that we've quoted on [TS]

  the show frequently all-around good guy [TS]

  he's got his own conference in fact [TS]

  on right now as we record this is it is [TS]

  it called the singleton conference it is [TS]

  and the sea has a little like leach [TS]

  hanging from it that's why it's Canadian [TS]

  or something yeah anyway Jason's now of [TS]

  course is the editorial director of [TS]

  macworld or whatever his title is now [TS]

  head pooh-bah macworld I think it's this [TS]

  title Alex Payne hey wait hey boo by our [TS]

  grand pooh-bah one of those two I think [TS]

  it's grand yeah Alex Payne first I think [TS]

  I first became aware of him when he was [TS]

  talking about alternate like programming [TS]

  languages like esoteric programming [TS]

  languages all these esoteric some people [TS]

  and he joined what was a first called [TS]

  bank simple and changed names are just [TS]

  simple right it's like it was going to [TS]

  try to do an online bank the right way [TS]

  he recently left that company yeah and [TS]

  he wrote about that not that process but [TS]

  part part of what caused him to leave or [TS]

  I don't know you read the article you [TS]

  say but it's he talked about it he talks [TS]

  about a life change that's an example of [TS]

  like he's not talking about his [TS]

  programming languages that he's into and [TS]

  that you know how to manage an engineer [TS]

  organization or the development process [TS]

  he's talking about a change of life it [TS]

  just happens to be written by someone [TS]

  who is a developer nur but it's more [TS]

  widely applicable than michael lop which [TS]

  you may know from his rands in repose [TS]

  website blog so and so forth is writing [TS]

  about how do you wrangle engineers and [TS]

  how do you make a successful tech [TS]

  company and what are the forces that [TS]

  work there he talks about the same type [TS]

  of stuff on his blog so these things are [TS]

  about a thousand words each summer [TS]

  longer some are shorter but that's like [TS]

  that's estimating how long these [TS]

  articles are and there was five of them [TS]

  are now four of them plus the forward [TS]

  for in this first issue and for two [TS]

  dollars a month that's what you get [TS]

  every believe it's every two weeks [TS]

  there's another issue and i believe it [TS]

  is auto renewing as well so if you were [TS]

  to sign up for new stand every two weeks [TS]

  you would go into newsstand it would be [TS]

  a new issue of the magazine and you'd [TS]

  read four or five whatever however many [TS]

  articles handful of articles about a [TS]

  thousand words in length from thoughtful [TS]

  nerdy type people about thoughtful or [TS]

  topics part of the the FAQ or the [TS]

  forward about the magazine Marco [TS]

  mentions that he is not currently [TS]

  accepting advertising but does not want [TS]

  to close the door on it but for now [TS]

  basically how does the magazine work you [TS]

  pay money to read it and that's how they [TS]

  make money like it's a very traditional [TS]

  business model it could be that some day [TS]

  he also takes money from advertisers who [TS]

  did not want to close the door on that [TS]

  but right now that's not how it's [TS]

  working right he didn't say no [TS]

  advertisers he says right now no [TS]

  advertise yep and he pays the people who [TS]

  write the articles this is radical [TS]

  business plan amazing you all the right [TS]

  articles then you collect their works [TS]

  into a thing and then people pay to read [TS]

  it the most and then he distributes it [TS]

  yeah it's crazy and you read it in Iowa [TS]

  yeah the most interesting thing about it [TS]

  from a writer's perspective is that if [TS]

  you write something for the magazine you [TS]

  can also post it to your own blog or [TS]

  wherever you want after like a month or [TS]

  something I figure what the waiting [TS]

  period is seems fine so that stops [TS]

  people I'm saying okay well I have this [TS]

  great idea for a thousand word article [TS]

  and it's really interesting and I'd like [TS]

  to write it but if I write it for the [TS]

  magazine only people who subscribe this [TS]

  magazine will ever see it and I don't [TS]

  know how many people that's going to be [TS]

  so I feel like I'm limiting my audience [TS]

  writing for the magazine and Marco says [TS]

  is you can post this to your blog just [TS]

  give it a month we'll put it in the [TS]

  magazine you wait until month is passed [TS]

  then you can put it on your blog you [TS]

  retain copyright on your work right and [TS]

  so that's the best of both worlds get [TS]

  paid to write something interesting but [TS]

  also be able to have it at a permanent [TS]

  URL on your own blog that you still own [TS]

  so the entire world can read it so that [TS]

  is a novel concept that I haven't seen [TS]

  any publications that I've ever written [TS]

  for although various times I have [TS]

  requested it like I remember way back [TS]

  when I requested that any blog post I [TS]

  made to my old fat bits blog I could [TS]

  also republish on my own blog if I [TS]

  wanted of course I haven't but I could [TS]

  if I wanted so I think that's a great [TS]

  idea and the second great idea is the [TS]

  same great idea that that a lot of these [TS]

  indymac iOS developers have or a lot of [TS]

  the people who we talked about or people [TS]

  like John Gruber [TS]

  or down ripple or all these other people [TS]

  is that the way you make money is by [TS]

  spending less money then comes into you [TS]

  that's the secret to profit what is it [TS]

  there's some equation that you can point [TS]

  out like that it's like income minus [TS]

  expenditures all right that's how it [TS]

  works so he has low overhead he doesn't [TS]

  have a staff of 800 people working like [TS]

  the daily or whatever Barack's thing was [TS]

  right he hasn't commissioned 25 iOS [TS]

  developers to make an application with [TS]

  the 3d rotating carousel for you know [TS]

  paying them each 200 grand a year plus [TS]

  their health insurance and everything [TS]

  for a year to develop this application [TS]

  right he does not have a staff of [TS]

  reporters going out and collecting news [TS]

  he doesn't have photographers on staff [TS]

  he doesn't have like he has very low [TS]

  over it he wrote the application himself [TS]

  right the application shows articles [TS]

  right it's not it you know not that it [TS]

  was not difficult to do but it's it's [TS]

  not there's no fancy 3d carousel let's [TS]

  say that alright I don't think he even [TS]

  has the 3d page curl animation thing [TS]

  just because that would be pained [TS]

  implement so that was low overhead as [TS]

  well what do you have to do to get [TS]

  something into here you write an article [TS]

  he puts it in there I bet the CMS for [TS]

  this thing is not you know the most [TS]

  amazing thing that made but doesn't have [TS]

  to be it's you know for Little articles [TS]

  a week so how many subscribers to the [TS]

  magazine does he need to make it [TS]

  profitable probably not as many as we [TS]

  all think because his overhead is so low [TS]

  his the biggest expenses as was his time [TS]

  to develop the application and the [TS]

  biggest recurring expenses the cost of [TS]

  paying the writers and in in the forward [TS]

  what he says is if it doesn't turn a [TS]

  profit within two months which is just [TS]

  for issues I'll shut it down so that's [TS]

  his business plan he decided is going to [TS]

  solve two bucks a month it's issue every [TS]

  two weeks he pays the writers a [TS]

  reasonable amount of money he wants to [TS]

  make a little pro to profit above that [TS]

  and if he doesn't get enough subscribers [TS]

  to start turning a profit in two months [TS]

  then he'll stop and you know failed [TS]

  experiment right this sounds like a very [TS]

  low-risk way to try something out that [TS]

  he is interested in he would I think [TS]

  he's making something that he would like [TS]

  he would like to have something a [TS]

  newsstand it's useful right it shows him [TS]

  articles that he likes collected by [TS]

  somebody who's tasty trust and every [TS]

  once while you go and read it and it's [TS]

  cheap it's cheap enough you can go ahead [TS]

  two bucks a month plan on a big [TS]

  alright so it's not really expensive [TS]

  doesn't take a million years to read it [TS]

  they're not big giant are because a lot [TS]

  of my Mac os10 review is going to be in [TS]

  there filled with images and movies and [TS]

  you know secret tool tips and stuff it's [TS]

  like you know it's type of stuff that [TS]

  you would expect from some of them made [TS]

  Instapaper you just want to sit there [TS]

  anyone to read something and it's just [TS]

  text and it's nicely rendered text and [TS]

  and doesn't seem like you need to have a [TS]

  staff of thousands and huge overhead to [TS]

  do that and so if you can just get [TS]

  enough like-minded people to subscribe [TS]

  for two dollars a month the sudden that [TS]

  becomes a profitable business and maybe [TS]

  it grows from there and gains reputation [TS]

  he becomes a publishing mogul someday or [TS]

  he doesn't and not enough people [TS]

  subscribe and he stops it but what did [TS]

  he lose during that time you know he [TS]

  lost his time he lost a little bit of [TS]

  money but not that much right um of [TS]

  course his biggest I think his big as [TS]

  ace in the hole here is that he didn't [TS]

  have the pain he went to write the [TS]

  application like he already knows how to [TS]

  do that and I bet probably leverage some [TS]

  of his code and exit expertise certainly [TS]

  and possibly also some code from [TS]

  Instapaper because what it's Instapaper [TS]

  for doing make it's a nice way to read [TS]

  text it's got an iOS version that works [TS]

  on the iphone you know ipod touch and [TS]

  ipad and he's making another application [TS]

  that works on those same platforms the [TS]

  best example is in typical Marco fashion [TS]

  it looks like a simple application but [TS]

  there are clever things in there so if [TS]

  you go to an article in the magazine [TS]

  which I'm assuming you can pull up now [TS]

  Dan because I'm assuming you subscribed [TS]

  as well so you're contractually [TS]

  obligated to mm-hmm by Marco you come [TS]

  and find you I I don't have an iOS [TS]

  devices near me while I record but I in [TS]

  theory yes I could do what you're saying [TS]

  alright so I've got it up here so if [TS]

  you're reading an article I'm looking at [TS]

  or whose Ark my looking at now guy [TS]

  English's our first are clear and it's [TS]

  it's hypertext it's got links in it [TS]

  right it's not the New York Times where [TS]

  they forget to put links into things [TS]

  they you know they mention a website but [TS]

  that you can't click on the name of the [TS]

  website to go there because of the New [TS]

  York Times anyway it's written in HTML [TS]

  hypertext so if you have a link when you [TS]

  tap on that link what you see on the on [TS]

  the the phone or iPod version of it is [TS]

  that a little pain slides up over [TS]

  covering about a third of the screen yes [TS]

  on the bottom it's black and it's got [TS]

  the white text on it very readable yeah [TS]

  and it what it shows is the title of [TS]

  that thing that you clicked on like the [TS]

  title of that page and like a byline and [TS]

  then some introductory text not the full [TS]

  text of the article but a little bit of [TS]

  interactive test and if it doesn't fit [TS]

  on the screen [TS]

  you can scroll this is on the iphone [TS]

  version of it right and it doesn't cover [TS]

  up the entire thing that you were [TS]

  reading so you can kind of get gist of [TS]

  what it's going to say and I'm assuming [TS]

  he's using insta papers like text afire [TS]

  because it's taking a big giant web page [TS]

  and just showing you like you know an [TS]

  inch of it on your screen and if you [TS]

  didn't use something like Instapaper [TS]

  sexta fire all you would see was like [TS]

  the top banner ad like the navigation or [TS]

  something like that he's he's extracting [TS]

  the the content portion of the page and [TS]

  showing you just that so you can go you [TS]

  know you click on that link to see what [TS]

  it is but you don't you're not committed [TS]

  to followed to really follow that link [TS]

  yet it's showing you a small preview and [TS]

  the first paragraph or so of text from [TS]

  that thing and if you really want to see [TS]

  it then click on the link in the title [TS]

  there and go to the full article ah so [TS]

  instead of just saying oh I'm going to [TS]

  put a web view and I'm going to put the [TS]

  article content in it and then I'm done [TS]

  right he's done more than that he's made [TS]

  it you know and the first time that [TS]

  happened it just felt natural to me and [TS]

  then I thought about it wait a second he [TS]

  had to implement it that's not some like [TS]

  built-in feature right when you tap on a [TS]

  link I just want to see what is this [TS]

  thing should I read this or whatever and [TS]

  he since he's someone who reads things [TS]

  in Instapaper probably has a sensitive [TS]

  or by the way I like it it shows that [TS]

  little preview let's see what else and [TS]

  on the I iPad iteration of this thing it [TS]

  does a popover which is a little bit [TS]

  bigger and doesn't slide up and cover [TS]

  the whole bottom of the page but a [TS]

  similar type of idea so that that's an [TS]

  example of him leveraging his own [TS]

  expertise in doing this in probably his [TS]

  own code you can talk about that on his [TS]

  show is he actually using the Instapaper [TS]

  text extractor I would assume he is yeah [TS]

  of course I don't know I don't even know [TS]

  I don't even need to ask him of course [TS]

  he's right so that's that's his that's [TS]

  his uh what do you call it as he heads [TS]

  you would say his ace in the hole his [TS]

  bread-and-butter golden Hank the golden [TS]

  goose goose laid the golden egg right so [TS]

  this is a very people were trying to [TS]

  think of what is Mark we're gonna do for [TS]

  his next step if they were thinking like [TS]

  he's gonna make like he's gonna make a [TS]

  massively multiplayer online game or [TS]

  he's gonna like just totally crazy sorts [TS]

  of things you were thinking of in [TS]

  retrospect like many moves it seems like [TS]

  all it's obvious he would do something [TS]

  that if he's gonna do something like as [TS]

  an experiment he can mitigate risk by [TS]

  doing something Queen we kind of knows [TS]

  what he's doing on the other hand it's a [TS]

  big risk because [TS]

  as I think he's talking about it [TS]

  singleton I'm judging judging by the [TS]

  tweets that I'm staying marco by the way [TS]

  is presenting at the singleton [TS]

  conference this week I believe his talk [TS]

  had something to do with uh being [TS]

  audacious I think one of the things I [TS]

  saw quoted on Twitter was that authority [TS]

  is not given it has to be taken and so [TS]

  he that's the Klingon way is that one [TS]

  yeah you know about that you've lived it [TS]

  yeah I can't I can't wait to see his [TS]

  talk because uh for one he did the talk [TS]

  without slides which is which is [TS]

  brilliant because this is totally in the [TS]

  independent Mac Developer way of doing [TS]

  things which seems like it could be [TS]

  totally motivated by laziness and [TS]

  partially it kind of is but the other [TS]

  secret is that doing less work is better [TS]

  if you're a one-man operation so it's [TS]

  better for Marco not to have to wrangle [TS]

  a staff of thousands but it's also [TS]

  better for the product because it just [TS]

  simplifies it and clarifies it like a [TS]

  lot of the things that you think you [TS]

  need you don't necessarily need he [TS]

  references the louis ck story and his [TS]

  forward i believe we're louis ck kept [TS]

  asking his agent do we need to do those [TS]

  stupid radio PR hit promote my right my [TS]

  comedy club near like all this is what [TS]

  you do you go into a city you have a [TS]

  comedy show you got to go on stupid [TS]

  radio station it's like yeah but do we [TS]

  need to do that as such something we [TS]

  always do I said you know what let's try [TS]

  not doing that and he didn't do that and [TS]

  didn't make a difference and so he's [TS]

  like going out around to do that anymore [TS]

  well so can you do a presentation [TS]

  without slides my kind of slides that's [TS]

  what a presentation is but do you need [TS]

  to have slides or can't just not do that [TS]

  part and it works just as well uh and [TS]

  that's the experiment that he ran and [TS]

  for the taking authority thing Marco has [TS]

  gone from a guy who works at tumblr and [TS]

  is you know developer doing their web [TS]

  back in two and then he wrote like a nap [TS]

  in his spare time and then he became a [TS]

  guy who has a very popular success for [TS]

  iOS application so he's like oh I'm an [TS]

  iOS developer right and now he and then [TS]

  he became you know i have a blog that i [TS]

  write stuff on and yeah I review light [TS]

  bulbs and do all sorts of crazy thing [TS]

  like that and talk about coffee beans [TS]

  and stuff right ah now I'm a writer why [TS]

  am I writer cuz I have a thing and I [TS]

  write on it i'm declaring myself a [TS]

  writer so now he's he's not just an iOS [TS]

  developer now he's a writer and now with [TS]

  the magazine he's [TS]

  okay well I'm an iOS developer so i can [TS]

  write an application and i'm a writer or [TS]

  he's also a podcaster how did it become [TS]

  a podcaster he has a podcast and i said [TS]

  wat phnom a podcast just go and do it [TS]

  right and now he's a publisher and an [TS]

  editor he's editing these articles those [TS]

  things so he's a publisher a knitter and [TS]

  why is he a publisher never known [TS]

  anointed him a publisher and editor he's [TS]

  a publisher and header because he has a [TS]

  publication that he publishes and edits [TS]

  all right so I mean this is kind of the [TS]

  way it works no one else externally is [TS]

  going to just declare that Marco Arment [TS]

  creator instapaper is now a publisher uh [TS]

  he declares it by publishing something [TS]

  right he may be a failed publisher if [TS]

  this doesn't work or he could be a [TS]

  massively successful publisher and then [TS]

  people say Marco army that's the guy [TS]

  behind the magazine it's like did you [TS]

  know he had he also used to write an [TS]

  application called instapaper did you [TS]

  know he worked for tumblr once did you [TS]

  know that like I believe his talk is [TS]

  about scaling a career because the theme [TS]

  of singleton is scaling and so if you [TS]

  trace Marcos career he's been many [TS]

  different things in more in many [TS]

  different hats this is going to turn [TS]

  into a back to work episode again but [TS]

  you've done the same thing right you [TS]

  weren't you know just a couple few short [TS]

  years ago you weren't Dan Benjamin a [TS]

  podcast network mogul your den venchan [TS]

  am I am I've had no thank you well I [TS]

  mean no but I understand you I [TS]

  understand your point what you're saying [TS]

  is how do you create a publishing [TS]

  company start publishing stuff how do [TS]

  you become a writer I start writing [TS]

  right was like it if you how do you live [TS]

  in san francisco and and drive a jet car [TS]

  ease let's move to san francisco there [TS]

  you go yessuh and you were that guy who [TS]

  talks at rails conferences or that guy [TS]

  who the corked guy was that you like you [TS]

  know when people your name would come up [TS]

  with so many different things they could [TS]

  have associated with your name now of [TS]

  course your name comes out the people [TS]

  think five by five but if I don't have [TS]

  didn't exist right many years ago and [TS]

  just merely by doing it but you know you [TS]

  should you should give it talk about [TS]

  scaling a career because you demarco [TS]

  have good stories to tell about that and [TS]

  of course the timing of this you'll talk [TS]

  to Marco I'm sure about the timing but [TS]

  the timing it was almost perfect because [TS]

  the magazine comes out and then he jets [TS]

  off to Canada to talk at this conference [TS]

  and I'm assuming if like say is the [TS]

  magazine application had not been [TS]

  approved in time [TS]

  maybe a hold maybe a whole different [TS]

  talk maybe gives the same talking says [TS]

  I'm now announcing an application but of [TS]

  course hasn't gotten through a brutal [TS]

  yet but that that was quite a chicken [TS]

  race with the app approval process that [TS]

  he was running there and it seems like [TS]

  it was pretty close so I'm sure he has [TS]

  some good stories to tell about that um [TS]

  so yeah one more one more note on the [TS]

  the the one point 0 version of the [TS]

  magazine it had a bug in it the Marco [TS]

  knew about of course before it was [TS]

  approved because that's just the nature [TS]

  of approval so he's got to be sitting [TS]

  there seething going uh there's this [TS]

  thing I've got the thick sport ready but [TS]

  I need to get the one point 0 through to [TS]

  be approved and the bug was that if you [TS]

  had two different devices like you've [TS]

  got an iphone and an ipad and you [TS]

  subscribe to it on your iPhone when you [TS]

  went to your iPad and tried to look at [TS]

  it it would try to confirm your [TS]

  subscription and fail and he just had a [TS]

  bug in there because for subscribing [TS]

  multiple devices and you immediately [TS]

  submitted the one point 0 point on [TS]

  version and he used his expedited you [TS]

  know developer thing to put that out and [TS]

  then it came out like the same day was [TS]

  it the same day I don't remember I think [TS]

  it might have been the on the exact [TS]

  launch day by night time the new version [TS]

  was out so this was just a tiny glitch [TS]

  but uh that was another chicken rice [TS]

  work you know he could have I assume [TS]

  pulled the one point O and say oh this [TS]

  is this is a showstopper I don't want [TS]

  people to try to subscribe into devices [TS]

  and have it fail instead he just you [TS]

  know damn the torpedoes plow ahead one [TS]

  point no one get it shoved through get [TS]

  it to come out as quickly as possible [TS]

  and in practice I don't think it was a [TS]

  problem for anybody because I know I [TS]

  tried to install it on my iPad I got the [TS]

  error and then like an hour later the [TS]

  new thing was out of course now [TS]

  everything is all cured hunky-dory is as [TS]

  they say so there's a guy in a balloon [TS]

  now jumping out of that bloom from like [TS]

  90,000 feet to do the world's highest [TS]

  skydive or whatever but I think Marco [TS]

  didn't jump out of a capsule strung on a [TS]

  bloom but he did quite a daring high [TS]

  wire act with the introduction of this [TS]

  application because remember like while [TS]

  he's doing this he's running Instapaper [TS]

  stuff and get preparing a presentation [TS]

  to talk about this stuff at the same [TS]

  time he's trying to actually get this [TS]

  thing through and fix bugs in it so it [TS]

  was I applaud his efforts I don't know [TS]

  how the jumper guy how that turned out [TS]

  for him [TS]

  but I think [TS]

  but I think [TS]

  Oracle landed safely so far very cute so [TS]

  what do you think of us handicapped [TS]

  Marcos odds of success with the magazine [TS]

  oh I think it's a shoo-in and do you [TS]

  think it's a shoo-in because lots of [TS]

  people will want to pay two dollars a [TS]

  month to read eight or nine blog length [TS]

  articles from nerd people I'll tell you [TS]

  I'll give you a few reasons why should I [TS]

  make it exciting and do a sponsor first [TS]

  or should I that's your way then yes [TS]

  let's do this and then little bit our [TS]

  next sponsors hover com I actually [TS]

  registered three domains today this is [TS]

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  they'll do it for you you're just calm [TS]

  and say do it and then do it check them [TS]

  out Robert calm dan sent me all right [TS]

  I'll tell you why I think this thing is [TS]

  going to win first of all Marco has made [TS]

  quite a name for himself as the guy who [TS]

  gets indie publishing and he has created [TS]

  the perfect vehicle for indie publishing [TS]

  we all know I mean those of us who love [TS]

  our iphones and our iOS devices as [TS]

  amazing as the browsing experience is on [TS]

  especially device like an iPad but on an [TS]

  iPhone to browsing around is not really [TS]

  the best way for a lot of us to get our [TS]

  content a lot of people use newsreaders [TS]

  a lot of people are interested in [TS]

  getting content a different way look at [TS]

  the good things like Flipboard look at [TS]

  things like Twitter I mean that's just [TS]

  different ways for us to get our content [TS]

  and what Marco has done here is he said [TS]

  look at let's take this stupid newsstand [TS]

  thing that nobody's putting out good [TS]

  content for and I'll combine it I'm [TS]

  speaking as Marco right now and he [TS]

  hasn't he hasn't told me anything I know [TS]

  I know less probably than everybody else [TS]

  about this and he says look I this [TS]

  Instapaper platform is really great [TS]

  because I'm getting content from all [TS]

  around the web and I've written software [TS]

  that's making it able to I'm essentially [TS]

  pulling that content into one place [TS]

  based on users requests and making it [TS]

  easier for them to read why don't I just [TS]

  stop pulling content from around and [TS]

  just get the content myself it's the [TS]

  same exact model if you think about it [TS]

  using Apple's infrastructure to [TS]

  distribute this to people and instead of [TS]

  just relying on content to be created [TS]

  and users to find the content he's [TS]

  saying I know a thing or two about [TS]

  curating content in fact let me go and [TS]

  take it a step further and work directly [TS]

  with the writers built this thing [TS]

  together so it's he's distill down the [TS]

  things of in about Instapaper that or a [TS]

  couple of the things about Instapaper [TS]

  that have made it successful and that [TS]

  people really like and he's taking the [TS]

  work out of it it's like do it's like [TS]

  Instapaper without the work because when [TS]

  you've got to work to use Instapaper oh [TS]

  I want to read this article Instapaper [TS]

  later I'm going to go in and have the [TS]

  thing and some [TS]

  already he said look I'll just I'll just [TS]

  make some really great stuff for you [TS]

  it's a combination of the you know the [TS]

  feature and the brief and all that to [TS]

  pull together here's some content don't [TS]

  do anything will send it to you of [TS]

  course it's going to work and it's two [TS]

  bucks a month like that's not a lot of [TS]

  money for really anybody if you have an [TS]

  iPhone the extra two bucks to get [TS]

  something like this i think if you find [TS]

  it's right up your alley is easy and [TS]

  because it's their apples infrastructure [TS]

  you don't have to worry very much about [TS]

  well if you don't like it I'll just stop [TS]

  getting it you have to well who do i [TS]

  email about that no just stop getting it [TS]

  done two bucks there's a couple [TS]

  interesting things about instant paper [TS]

  and publications in their relationship [TS]

  the marcos talked about at length and it [TS]

  shows but one of the complaints from [TS]

  publishers to sometimes they'll people [TS]

  come to our site and then they click [TS]

  their little read later button in there [TS]

  bookmark bar on their browser and it [TS]

  scrapes archon right its craters the [TS]

  content they don't get ads as your [TS]

  promise it removes the ads and stuff [TS]

  like that there it's legit despite the [TS]

  fact that you know they've already given [TS]

  you your page for you and stuff like I [TS]

  knee and Marco is waffles various times [TS]

  on doing the multi page scraping versus [TS]

  not doing it blob lice talked about that [TS]

  on the show right so now here Marco is [TS]

  calling the other side of the fence say [TS]

  I'm going to be a publisher ah and the [TS]

  things he publishes first of all like [TS]

  you look in the magazine app they look [TS]

  like they've already been Instapaper [TS]

  because like there's not there's no [TS]

  banner ads no navigation it's just like [TS]

  nicely formatted text but I don't even [TS]

  know if there's a choice of font thinks [TS]

  just like font size up down a limited [TS]

  limited options for the one point now [TS]

  i'm sure that will flush out sec to it [TS]

  but anyway it looks like it's already [TS]

  means the paper but then i can imagine [TS]

  publishers going out Oh Marco how you're [TS]

  trying to sell this publication how [TS]

  would you feel people go and start [TS]

  Instapaper your Oracle's well in the [TS]

  application I think it's in that let me [TS]

  look at it now oh but the magazine oh my [TS]

  poor slow ipod touch what do we have [TS]

  here you need to get new on those maybe [TS]

  it's not in here another it is at the [TS]

  top yeah there's a share button in the [TS]

  upper right hand corner of every single [TS]

  article you look at and the options are [TS]

  the typical iOS you know iOS 6 share [TS]

  things mail message twitter facebook [TS]

  copy and send to instapaper he's [TS]

  integrated the [TS]

  raping quote-unquote of his publication [TS]

  it's in the application to his own [TS]

  things then you could send it to [TS]

  instapaper from here now I'm not [TS]

  entirely sure why you would do that but [TS]

  it does something because like I said it [TS]

  looks there's no reason there's nothing [TS]

  on this page that makes you want to oh I [TS]

  can't read this here I gotta look at it [TS]

  instead of a ver it already looks nice [TS]

  right but it's integrated into the thing [TS]

  because that's taking advantage of a [TS]

  feature that instapaper has that other [TS]

  services don't which is that it can send [TS]

  the content to something that isn't on [TS]

  the public web like you can only see [TS]

  these magazine articles least until a [TS]

  month later by subscribing right but [TS]

  since it's the paper doesn't just send [TS]

  the URL Instapaper it takes the actual [TS]

  page content and sends it and instead [TS]

  paper can accept the page content you [TS]

  can send this stuff to instapaper and [TS]

  all by the way you can also select and [TS]

  copy and paste the text which is another [TS]

  infuriating thing that these in a [TS]

  newsstand applications would do like [TS]

  you'd get this new same application [TS]

  would download 700 megabytes of crappy [TS]

  images and image based text and then you [TS]

  can't copy and paste from any of up is [TS]

  oh no you can't select text that would [TS]

  violate our copyright like that so he's [TS]

  walking the walk all the the exact the [TS]

  key and lock fit between how Instapaper [TS]

  works and how he believes the public aid [TS]

  like if you made money by selling your [TS]

  publication with login the only people [TS]

  who pay money can see those articles [TS]

  instapaper will let you send them to [TS]

  instapaper in that way as well but if [TS]

  you make a publication that is nicely [TS]

  formatted that there's no reason for [TS]

  anyone descended Instapaper uh a they've [TS]

  already giving your money anyway and be [TS]

  why not let them because no skin off [TS]

  your back now in his little faq he's one [TS]

  of the faq items is are you gonna have [TS]

  support for readability and pocket and [TS]

  stuff like that like not just send Vince [TS]

  to ever send a readability sent two [TS]

  pockets right that right and his answer [TS]

  on the fact I believe it still this way [TS]

  I don't remember if he's changed it was [TS]

  LOL all caps it's like haha you think [TS]

  I'm going to send to my competitors [TS]

  application those are his competitors by [TS]

  the way readability and in pocket [TS]

  formerly known as something in RM and [TS]

  what I tweeted when he mentioned that [TS]

  was that it reminded me of Apple [TS]

  strategy tax article I wrote a couple [TS]

  years ago about how the fact that Apple [TS]

  runs the App Store but also has its own [TS]

  bookstore means that there's a tension [TS]

  between Apple providing the best [TS]

  possible platform for say the kindle [TS]

  application versus Apple trying to make [TS]

  the ibook [TS]

  store successful so kindle in the kindle [TS]

  iOS application you can't buy books [TS]

  within the kindle application they don't [TS]

  even like you to link out to a web page [TS]

  to buy them i don't even know if you're [TS]

  allowed to do that anymore if Apple was [TS]

  just a vendor of mobile applications and [TS]

  they were trying to be the best vendor [TS]

  of mobile applications they would try to [TS]

  have the best mobile applications and [TS]

  it's much better for the user for you to [TS]

  be able to buy your kindle books right [TS]

  within the kindle application i [TS]

  mentioned on the show where I talk about [TS]

  this that I think it's more about money [TS]

  than about publication but there still [TS]

  is a tension between Apple as platform [TS]

  owner and apfel as someone who wants to [TS]

  feel its own bookstore its own you know [TS]

  movie store its own streaming video [TS]

  service you know competing with Netflix [TS]

  and stuff like that and the strategy [TS]

  taxes when a single company does [TS]

  multiple things which are kind of in [TS]

  conflict with each other your your your [TS]

  iBooks thing can't be the best it can be [TS]

  because they would squish step on the [TS]

  toes of the people on your platform and [TS]

  your platform can't be the best it can [TS]

  be because you don't want to you want to [TS]

  like help out your ibook store a little [TS]

  bit because hey you are the platform [TS]

  owner so here's an instance where he's [TS]

  got a publication and the LOL attitude [TS]

  is like I would never put those guys in [TS]

  here why would I they're my competitors [TS]

  and so I think that's a little you know [TS]

  in this case the decision is completely [TS]

  justified because those other services [TS]

  as far as I'm aware can't do what [TS]

  Instapaper does you can't send them the [TS]

  content of the article they will stick [TS]

  it in there and you can't send them the [TS]

  URL or whatever so it could be just [TS]

  technically speaking the answer is [TS]

  really not lol but even if I wanted to I [TS]

  couldn't but the LOL implies that even [TS]

  if I could I wouldn't and why wouldn't I [TS]

  because they're my competitors so [TS]

  there's a tension between you're selling [TS]

  me an application that i can read the [TS]

  magazine on right is this the best [TS]

  reading experience i could possibly have [TS]

  well for me if I'm a user a readability [TS]

  or pocket and like that's the service [TS]

  that I use I would like your application [TS]

  to support the service that I use and if [TS]

  that's all you did is all I do is I make [TS]

  an application through which you can [TS]

  read monthly publications you can be [TS]

  sure that he would support like the pop [TS]

  the most popular read it later services [TS]

  he wouldn't just support one but since [TS]

  he's not just making the magazine [TS]

  application he's also making instapaper [TS]

  he's inclined or just human nature to [TS]

  say uh the only read it later sir [TS]

  is available in this application [TS]

  Instapaper and why well mate because [TS]

  it's made by the guy who makes [TS]

  instapaper now again the situation here [TS]

  may just be simply that there's a [TS]

  technical limitation but his answer on [TS]

  the FAQ was not about technical [TS]

  limitations it was you know laughing [TS]

  could have just been a joke you know i'm [TS]

  sure you'll talk about to him about this [TS]

  on his show but that tension totally [TS]

  exists that i'm sure he's aware of it [TS]

  and managing that tension is not easy [TS]

  apple has trouble with it and I'm sure [TS]

  Marco will eventually probably have to [TS]

  face it in various ways as well because [TS]

  he is doing two different things can he [TS]

  make the best magazine reading [TS]

  experience without supporting other [TS]

  related services or is he short changing [TS]

  his customers by not supporting those [TS]

  other read it later services you know is [TS]

  that synergy or is that a strategy tax I [TS]

  should put that strategy text article in [TS]

  the journal ins and there's no there's [TS]

  no easy answer here except for now if [TS]

  it's a technical impossibility that's [TS]

  the easy answer I'd love to support [TS]

  those services but I can't well I don't [TS]

  know if you would love to so I'm sure [TS]

  you can discuss that with them on the [TS]

  show that that is definitely an [TS]

  interesting part of going into a second [TS]

  line of business that is in some ways a [TS]

  complement to your first line but in [TS]

  other ways it's you know the other side [TS]

  of the fence from Instapaper is taking [TS]

  content collecting it and now he's [TS]

  producing content do you do you feel [TS]

  that this could eventually become [TS]

  something that is bigger for him than [TS]

  Instapaper I'm i don't know i'm having [TS]

  trouble handicapping us i think his his [TS]

  secret weapon in this entire thing as i [TS]

  said is the secret weapon of all indie [TS]

  developers neighbor who writes their own [TS]

  blogs and stuff is low overhead that he [TS]

  doesn't have to sell a bazillion [TS]

  subscriptions to this for it to be very [TS]

  profitable right uh he has a fixed very [TS]

  low overhead for each issue of this [TS]

  thing at all he's got to do is get you [TS]

  know enough people to cover that cost [TS]

  and then maybe double that number now [TS]

  he's making a good profit maybe double [TS]

  it again and maybe you know like at some [TS]

  point he can start folding that money [TS]

  back in and paying more money for [TS]

  content that cost more money to produce [TS]

  right and there's increasing paid to the [TS]

  people may be having more articles may [TS]

  be having longer articles i'll have to [TS]

  manage that but seems to me that just [TS]

  based on the nerds who like know of and [TS]

  follow marco and you like signed up on [TS]

  day one and they're just going to be too [TS]

  lazy to ever unsubscribe right uh as [TS]

  long as the content continues to be high [TS]

  quality uh it seems like a slam dunk to [TS]

  me I think Marco thinks this is slam [TS]

  dunk to he said in the in the fact is [TS]

  like you know it doesn't print a profit [TS]

  I'll shut it down but he says but I bet [TS]

  it will and like he literally bets he's [TS]

  betting by like putting his time and [TS]

  energy into this and that is the bet [TS]

  he's making and like I'm I have far less [TS]

  experienced in this demarco but I have [TS]

  that same feeling like a gut feeling [TS]

  you're like you don't need to get that [TS]

  many people to read this for it to turn [TS]

  a profit right uh it seems like it [TS]

  should work and if it doesn't work [TS]

  that'll be that'll be even more [TS]

  interesting to talk about why it does [TS]

  not work like maybe he can come on his [TS]

  show and give like the actual numbers [TS]

  whether it did work or didn't and say [TS]

  like how close was it the working but [TS]

  just it seems like it's a slam dunk that [TS]

  it's gonna work does not a slam dunk but [TS]

  it's going to be this hugely profitable [TS]

  business to rival Instapaper right that [TS]

  I think remains to be seen because [TS]

  running a publication you know he can [TS]

  declare himself a publisher and become a [TS]

  publisher but as you learned from [TS]

  declaring yourself a podcast the network [TS]

  guru and doing that it's really hard [TS]

  like every new business has new [TS]

  challenges and he's got to meet those [TS]

  challenges I know wrangling writers [TS]

  getting people to write interesting [TS]

  things doing the editorial process just [TS]

  keeping it all together like you have a [TS]

  fixed calendar based schedule you've got [TS]

  to get those articles in on time you've [TS]

  got to keep finding people to write them [TS]

  for you've got to pay the people enough [TS]

  to make them on the right you know the [TS]

  whole nine yards it's not easy to do [TS]

  that I see them on a big scale with the [TS]

  people who run ours and that is that's a [TS]

  difficult job right this is much smaller [TS]

  scale than something like ours but he's [TS]

  the only right now he's the only one [TS]

  doing it all right and that's a new set [TS]

  of things you have to do so there's a [TS]

  danger of him being spread too thin this [TS]

  danger of uh you know making bad [TS]

  decisions early amelie doesn't have the [TS]

  experience and how to run a publication [TS]

  or maybe he just won't like what it's [TS]

  like the run of obligation maybe he [TS]

  likes the idea of some of being somewhat [TS]

  successful publication more than the [TS]

  actuality of what it takes to run a [TS]

  successful publication so there are many [TS]

  possible ways this can end but it seems [TS]

  to me that that for issue thing I think [TS]

  it's probably already turned a profit [TS]

  that's my guess like on day one all the [TS]

  people subscribe to the anyone because [TS]

  they follow Marco like that's it he's [TS]

  set for four issues already yeah and [TS]

  then then see me just up to him to say [TS]

  this turns a profit but it turns enough [TS]

  profit for like me to get extra coffee [TS]

  every month like it's not i'm not losing [TS]

  money on it i'm spending all this time [TS]

  and it's not turning a lot of profit uh [TS]

  or maybe you know maybe it's more than [TS]

  that maybe it's an you know it's like [TS]

  one tenth of instant a pers income but [TS]

  it's still taking like thirty percent of [TS]

  my time and I think that's not a good [TS]

  trade-off or maybe he's in it for the [TS]

  long haul and says you know this is a [TS]

  you know I'm just going to stick to this [TS]

  even though I'm putting in way more time [TS]

  than you know then I'm getting out of it [TS]

  because in long run I think it'll turn [TS]

  out to be a big business that's more of [TS]

  an apple model where in the beginning it [TS]

  seems like a loser buddy just stick with [TS]

  it you know it starts to do a hockey [TS]

  stick can you get going ah but I think [TS]

  it is interesting because it's it seems [TS]

  like what newspaper a newspaper [TS]

  newsstand has been designed for which [TS]

  it's not take all the old world models [TS]

  and try to cram them into the ipad it's [TS]

  find a new model that works in this [TS]

  world don't be dumb allow people to copy [TS]

  and paste text allow people to send it [TS]

  to their reading later services don't [TS]

  have humongous overhead will take care [TS]

  of all the publication you know renewal [TS]

  subscription stuff for you so you don't [TS]

  have to worry about that don't base your [TS]

  business on harvesting user information [TS]

  even though as a newsstand application [TS]

  it presents this dialogue with a firm [TS]

  sure Marco can complain to you once [TS]

  again about that says the magazine would [TS]

  like your like email address and zip [TS]

  code and blah blah blah magazine would [TS]

  not like it like that's mandatory he [TS]

  can't get rid of the dialog if you [TS]

  wanted to do you have an auto renewing [TS]

  subscription it always puts that up so [TS]

  um you know that that's a shame but [TS]

  that's not his business model he's not [TS]

  harvesting your information to sell [TS]

  their advertisers and the model that [TS]

  he's come up with a couple people pay a [TS]

  few bucks a month and that's it that's [TS]

  the simple model that feels like that [TS]

  should work doesn't it like that's what [TS]

  we're all that when we ever we make fun [TS]

  of these other people like keep picking [TS]

  on the daily but any of these these [TS]

  publications that you know try to shower [TS]

  the wired magazine at 700 megabytes they [TS]

  try to show up there print world into an [TS]

  electronic version and then complain [TS]

  when they lose money it's like well [TS]

  you're doing it wrong like this it's too [TS]

  much overhead there's too many people it [TS]

  doesn't work out you got to figure out [TS]

  something different and you can't have [TS]

  all our subscriber information and sell [TS]

  its advertisers you know so I'm the kind [TS]

  of like app net this is kind of it it's [TS]

  like app that net in that I'm rooting [TS]

  for it to succeed because it seems like [TS]

  it should [TS]

  make sense it's unlike apt the net in [TS]

  that initially I thought apt on that [TS]

  there was no chance that it would [TS]

  succeed this I'm saying I think it will [TS]

  at least pass this does it turn a profit [TS]

  in four issues I think it will [TS]

  definitely pass that a notice be a [TS]

  question of Marco deciding whether he's [TS]

  in it for the long haul or if it's [TS]

  making enough money to justify it or [TS]

  whatever so I'm a fan I like the first [TS]

  four articles I give a thumbs up to the [TS]

  idea and to the content I mean of course [TS]

  I do because like I'm these are people [TS]

  whose blogs I'm reading anyway and I'm [TS]

  perfectly happy to have them sit down [TS]

  and really think and try to write [TS]

  something of a medium link that I'm [TS]

  going to get every two weeks in this [TS]

  nice little application to read it even [TS]

  if it is buried in the newsstand folder [TS]

  which again Marco can't control now let [TS]

  me ask you another question other than [TS]

  the simplicity of newsstand and being in [TS]

  the newsstand folder I mean do you think [TS]

  folks are surprised about that that he [TS]

  didn't release like a completely [TS]

  standalone app that worked in a [TS]

  different way and used in that purchase [TS]

  I mean it makes sense to me but there [TS]

  I've saw some people on Twitter saying [TS]

  why didn't you release it as a [TS]

  standalone thing just to get around [TS]

  those limitations of newsstand um I'm [TS]

  not surprised about it I think the [TS]

  reason you're not surprised by it and [TS]

  other people who know a little bit about [TS]

  Iowa the iOS platform is the newsstand [TS]

  things can do things that regular apps [TS]

  can't exactly they can download issues [TS]

  in the background Apple handles all the [TS]

  ordinary subscription stuff for you like [TS]

  it's a no-brainer to anybody who knows [TS]

  about the implementation that yeah this [TS]

  is if you want to have low overhead and [TS]

  not worry about all the stuff this is [TS]

  how you do it and in many respects if [TS]

  you want certain features is the only [TS]

  way you can do it on the iOS platform so [TS]

  that doesn't surprise me and if people [TS]

  are surprised maybe they're not familiar [TS]

  with the limitations and I think Marco [TS]

  has talked about them at length when [TS]

  complaining about things that Instapaper [TS]

  can't do that you could do if you were a [TS]

  new stand-up it in practice it's [TS]

  probably not as big a deal because it's [TS]

  not like he would like you to download a [TS]

  seven hundred megabyte thing in the [TS]

  background like these things are these [TS]

  issues are small he could probably get [TS]

  away with not having a be newsstand but [TS]

  then he did like this just a [TS]

  subscription stuff alone to have an auto [TS]

  renewing subscription and have apple [TS]

  handle all that stuff for you instead of [TS]

  having like a new in app purchase every [TS]

  time a new issue [TS]

  comes out of something like that like [TS]

  this is the appropriate fit in the iOS [TS]

  platform for what he wants to do is just [TS]

  clearly this is what you're supposed to [TS]

  do this is what he is doing it's a [TS]

  perfect fit and I think Apple should be [TS]

  very happy that someone is doing this I [TS]

  think Apple probably was more happy that [TS]

  Rupert Murdoch was trying to foist this [TS]

  big giant thing on there with the daily [TS]

  because that seems like a high-profile [TS]

  thing or you know Wired magazine or [TS]

  something but I think those are not [TS]

  great fits for this platform and Marcos [TS]

  thing is a better fit the other thing I [TS]

  saw people complaining about is why [TS]

  can't it read this on Android why can't [TS]

  I read it on the web you're making a [TS]

  publication that only people who who are [TS]

  iOS users can read those are all valid [TS]

  concerns if it weren't for the fact that [TS]

  this publication if ever there was a [TS]

  publication tailored for iOS users it's [TS]

  this one it's not like he's making a [TS]

  publication about like you know [TS]

  gardening as I crawley why would you [TS]

  limit a gardening publication just [TS]

  people who use iOS that you're right [TS]

  that doesn't make sense but why would [TS]

  you limit an article by and for mac [TS]

  apple nerd people to iOS well because [TS]

  they're all gonna have iOS devices [TS]

  anyway right now I think he's still [TS]

  thinking about how to handle the web is [TS]

  their web incarnation can you sign in [TS]

  with like your newsstand subscription on [TS]

  the viewer on the web how does that work [TS]

  I don't know how that if you go to the [TS]

  website now it's like the hyphen [TS]

  magazine org I believe you can see like [TS]

  previews of all the articles and then it [TS]

  just links you to like if you want to [TS]

  read the rest this article subscribe to [TS]

  the thing or whatever um I'm not sure [TS]

  what he's gonna do on the web there but [TS]

  in this particular case of this [TS]

  particular publication and in the case [TS]

  of his business plan and having lower [TS]

  overhead and not having to make a web [TS]

  version not having to make an android [TS]

  version all that stuff it makes perfect [TS]

  sense for this to be iOS all me um for [TS]

  now anyway what do you think I think I'm [TS]

  talking about the magazine I don't know [TS]

  do you want to talk about some more I [TS]

  want to I want to make sure we cover [TS]

  everything so that Marco is not good [TS]

  luck tomorrow when when Mark when I [TS]

  talked that he that literally he's he [TS]

  says I wish there was something I could [TS]

  add oh there's so much he can add I'm [TS]

  trying not to actually spill all the [TS]

  beans I've actually probably mistakenly [TS]

  said too much already but I believe [TS]

  Marco will have many many more things to [TS]

  talk about you [TS]

  any many more things talk about about [TS]

  this thing certainly about you know his [TS]

  presentation which I've only seen like [TS]

  three tweets about he could talk about [TS]

  the actual presentation he gave well [TS]

  there's only like eight or nine people [TS]

  go to that conference seems like it [TS]

  right now they all fit in a little room [TS]

  that's one little room it's up in what [TS]

  is it Toronto or Montreal or whether [TS]

  it's all the same up there and media [TS]

  yeah and I mean there's like five people [TS]

  in medicine just SAT you know put a use [TS]

  this a macbook camera to do it streamed [TS]

  it yeah they will although singleton [TS]

  videos will be up on the web eventually [TS]

  so ah i look forward to seeing that I [TS]

  mean it I'm just trying to imagine the [TS]

  situation you described earlier where [TS]

  the app doesn't come out in time do you [TS]

  think you would have had like a fallback [TS]

  plan like showing screenshots of it or [TS]

  would he had just he didn't have slides [TS]

  there was nothing today she had nothing [TS]

  to show that sure I think he would have [TS]

  gone up there was was he gonna do I [TS]

  think he would have got there and said [TS]

  uh I have a new thing it's called the [TS]

  magazine the plan was for you to be able [TS]

  to download it today but you can't [TS]

  because of whatever the reason think you [TS]

  would have done that or he would have [TS]

  just pivoted no I think he would have [TS]

  talked about it you can ask him I will [TS]

  that's the only question I'm gonna ask [TS]

  him well you gotta ask my more than that [TS]

  but yeah I'm sure he will have a lot to [TS]

  talk about then and a lot of people said [TS]

  oh you know this the schedule shuffle [TS]

  with you know your your jet setting [TS]

  around we had to move the show to Sunday [TS]

  and everyone shows got move because you [TS]

  were traveling and it's like Oh Marco [TS]

  can't catch a break now he's not even [TS]

  gonna get to talk about his own thing uh [TS]

  is previously I'd been talking about a [TS]

  lot of topics that both of us would like [TS]

  to talk about our shows when my show [TS]

  happen to come first and once again I [TS]

  get to talk about ver I me know who knew [TS]

  this time slot was so fortuitous such a [TS]

  boon a boon for you yeah and it didn't [TS]

  make sense and people like how'd you [TS]

  know John's gonna steal your topic and [TS]

  as he pointed out like why don't you [TS]

  complain about someone else you know [TS]

  giving basically free publicity to this [TS]

  publication it's gonna make tons of [TS]

  people who had never heard of the [TS]

  magazine go and look into it and maybe [TS]

  download it and maybe subscribe right [TS]

  now he's gonna talk about it in his show [TS]

  and it's double publicity so I encourage [TS]

  everyone to go check it out you can ask [TS]

  him the other thing you should ask him [TS]

  is what seven day free trial means I [TS]

  guess that means like you haven't [TS]

  actually spent any money and if seven [TS]

  days you cancel the description doesn't [TS]

  charge you anything I'm not too I'm not [TS]

  familiar with newsstand as you might [TS]

  notice that with magazine being my one [TS]

  lonely thing and yeah I have you ever [TS]

  read anything else in New stand before [TS]

  this i just recently like last week on [TS]

  my ipad only downloaded [TS]

  I did a I bought a single issue of edge [TS]

  magazine which is a newsstand thing on [TS]

  my iPad because edge magazine is a [TS]

  gaming magazine and it's from the UK and [TS]

  it costs a tremendous amount of money [TS]

  for me to get paper versions over here [TS]

  it's probably the most expensive yearly [TS]

  subscription I have and I like the [TS]

  magazine I really do like it but don't [TS]

  like paying that much I'm like maybe I [TS]

  could try the digital version it would [TS]

  be cheaper it's a little bit cheaper but [TS]

  usually digital versions are kind of [TS]

  cruddy so I tried one out a single issue [TS]

  for like five bucks and that is like an [TS]

  example if it's got tons of you know [TS]

  images and hundreds of megabytes and [TS]

  movies and stuff like that and I'm kind [TS]

  of on the fence about it i would i would [TS]

  probably get if it was free with the [TS]

  other stuff was so anyway my ipad i have [TS]

  to newsstand things i have this one [TS]

  issue of edge magazine that I'm going [TS]

  through now as you know testing the [TS]

  waters and I have the magazine in there [TS]

  so I'm not familiar with the process in [TS]

  the ends of at a newsstand so Marco can [TS]

  talk more about that but yeah at a 199 [TS]

  yeah this seems like it not a big risk [TS]

  for me to just subscribe to that and [TS]

  check it out and I've enjoyed all the [TS]

  articles and I hope I continue to enjoy [TS]

  all the articles one of the title [TS]

  suggestions is a boon for siracusa [TS]

  County coming in from time you guys not [TS]

  time the Jackals in the Chairman third [TS]

  sponsor source fits calm these guys are [TS]

  super super cool folks they they're a [TS]

  mobile app development house they help [TS]

  you you come to them with an idea so [TS]

  this is that this is what I want to [TS]

  build and maybe it's an iOS app maybe [TS]

  it's Android I maybe it's both maybe it [TS]

  has a web backend doesn't matter they do [TS]

  all of this stuff they've got over 300 [TS]

  developers interface designers and they [TS]

  can put as many of these folks you have [TS]

  access to the mall and put as many of [TS]

  them as necessary on your project that's [TS]

  up well 300 these guys must only take [TS]

  giant prod know they take things of all [TS]

  sizes you have a tiny little app that [TS]

  has one little function they can build [TS]

  that you've got something that's [TS]

  integrated as a web back and it's the [TS]

  time two million things and you need a [TS]

  website they'll do it they've done it [TS]

  for more than 500 applications they've [TS]

  got 20 of those that have reached the [TS]

  top 10 in global application [TS]

  marketplaces and they understand how to [TS]

  apply brilliant design [TS]

  and take your idea and turn it into [TS]

  something real turn it into something [TS]

  that hopefully make some money they have [TS]

  an end to end product strategy I mean [TS]

  all the stuff that you would want [TS]

  they've got engineers and designers that [TS]

  can take a sketch that you've come up [TS]

  with and you say I don't know how to [TS]

  build this thing but here's how I want [TS]

  it to work they can turn that into a nap [TS]

  they can turn that into a website [TS]

  apparently they know all the ins and [TS]

  outs of this because they have some of [TS]

  the best developers in the business [TS]

  doing it go check them out at sorts bits [TS]

  calm that's the place to go let them [TS]

  know you heard about it's here on a five [TS]

  by five you know John I used to say oh [TS]

  you don't want a couple college kids [TS]

  like you don't hire a couple college [TS]

  kids who are gonna you know tell you [TS]

  they can build something and take some [TS]

  six months to build it then I started [TS]

  getting emails from college kids who [TS]

  were saying why are you banging on [TS]

  college kids to the ageist and I said [TS]

  you know I mean you could be you could [TS]

  be 60 years old in college I mean you [TS]

  can still be a kid at 70 that's what I'm [TS]

  told mmm you're only as old as you feel [TS]

  them but so I said you know what you're [TS]

  right any developer could could do that [TS]

  not just college kids these guys are [TS]

  they're legit they're they're a real [TS]

  business they've been doing this for [TS]

  years and they're great so check them [TS]

  out source pits calm couple things from [TS]

  the chat room here somebody linked to [TS]

  the actual tweet where someone where [TS]

  Marco replied to his LOL faq entry about [TS]

  how pocket readability he says I don't [TS]

  think pocket or readability can even [TS]

  save non-public links with HTML so I'd [TS]

  like that tweeting the show notes and [TS]

  someone in the chat room shinohara says [TS]

  that of somewhere Marco apparently said [TS]

  he's already got enough readership to [TS]

  make a profit but he can't find where he [TS]

  said that so it could be that my guest [TS]

  that he's already in the black is [TS]

  actually true but I didn't see him say [TS]

  that on Twitter or app.net so maybe i [TS]

  missed it somewhere yeah I'm kind of [TS]

  excited about the the magazine thing got [TS]

  like whoa Cain so did he did he go into [TS]

  detail about how like is he reaching out [TS]

  to the writers and saying I will you [TS]

  know write a piece or can you get in [TS]

  touch with him to submit I think both he [TS]

  has reached out to people and I think he [TS]

  said somewhere [TS]

  you do want to write for the magazine [TS]

  drop me a line he's I think it's in the [TS]

  fact like send me a pitch send me a [TS]

  story pitch what did you catch him um I [TS]

  don't know who I'm allowed to say what I [TS]

  bitch don't you know you want to keep it [TS]

  keep secret dude and so at least I got [TS]

  you to reveal that you did pitch [TS]

  something see yeah well when when I [TS]

  heard that he was doing this why not [TS]

  like I feel like our god I gotta think [TS]

  of something that I want to say on this [TS]

  thing you know I think you know what I [TS]

  think you should start doing what I [TS]

  think you should because you know you do [TS]

  the OS 10 thing or a sex thing as you [TS]

  say for ours maybe you start doing an [TS]

  iOS review and you do it here send a [TS]

  thousand words yeah a thousand words no [TS]

  see that's the thing is you need [TS]

  constraints you write too much that's [TS]

  the stoop I have two constraints I i [TS]

  forget what his original thing was like [TS]

  I think he said he wants to be like [TS]

  eight hundred to a thousand it's like a [TS]

  hard and fast limit right but that's [TS]

  like the kind of length is like so I you [TS]

  know I I immediately said I want to be [TS]

  part of this right cuz I like the idea [TS]

  and I need to think of something that [TS]

  fits into this format and that's what I [TS]

  endeavored to do so many people are [TS]

  saying you know iOS is smaller than [TS]

  right to this thing I all the same way [TS]

  iOS is smaller than OS 10 fewer words [TS]

  needed do it here just saying I don't [TS]

  know I think they're about the same size [TS]

  at this point okay so she said yeah that [TS]

  you were off that now I'm back you're [TS]

  back yeah that wasn't even a good one no [TS]

  it wasn't are you rusty here I don't [TS]

  know oh well warm up getting warm that [TS]

  and my final topic which I don't think [TS]

  we have time to do justice but I'll just [TS]

  tease it maybe we'll talk about any [TS]

  other char maybe we'll talk about a [TS]

  little bit is on but this week's it was [TS]

  just weeks back to work I think in the [TS]

  the pre-show part of the show that [TS]

  doesn't have a name but should like the [TS]

  part where you talk about things that [TS]

  are not the topic of your show but it's [TS]

  not follow up what do you call that part [TS]

  of back to work ah the beginning dan and [TS]

  Merlin special time and Terry quite [TS]

  special alone time together yeah yeah [TS]

  and then this one in that way before you [TS]

  get in that from the chat room we have [TS]

  shahara [TS]

  sayonara I'm sorry if i'm pronouncing [TS]

  wrong and djuan who's i believe is [TS]

  Daniel dawn who have each submitted a [TS]

  link the first one is a twitter link [TS]

  that says thanks for an amazing first [TS]

  day everyone the magazine is number one [TS]

  in newsstand today even beating the new [TS]

  york times for new downloads yeah i read [TS]

  that too and he has the same thing on an [TS]

  alpha dot app.net jerra is that worth [TS]

  putting the show notes I already did [TS]

  cross posting l don't like cross posting [TS]

  the name of the same thing I know but [TS]

  anyway yeah I did see that but that's [TS]

  not the same as saying he's already [TS]

  turned a profit show notes it five by [TS]

  five TV / hypercritical slush 89 right [TS]

  yep okay all right so Merlin was talking [TS]

  about in his special time with you this [TS]

  week was a bit about Twitter and app.net [TS]

  and he Marilyn had been cranky but I've [TS]

  done it for a while he doesn't have to [TS]

  have the second service a thing and he [TS]

  talked a little bit of this week about [TS]

  how he uses Twitter and his frustrations [TS]

  with it and frustrations with checking [TS]

  multiple places and what he doesn't do [TS]

  doesn't doesn't do on Twitter and I [TS]

  think we may have talked about the exact [TS]

  same thing so this topic may actually be [TS]

  a repeat but I think at least some part [TS]

  of it will be fresh because app that net [TS]

  exists now and didn't exist when the [TS]

  last talked about it maybe we never [TS]

  talked but i don't know i'm old i can't [TS]

  remember I apologize to this is a repeat [TS]

  but I wanted to talk about how I use [TS]

  Twitter because I think that topic like [TS]

  that was like a topic for like two [TS]

  thousand eight when people like Twitter [TS]

  have you heard about this twitter thing [TS]

  and then you'd go like well I've been [TS]

  using Twitter over a year now here's how [TS]

  I use it and you try to explain to them [TS]

  what Twitter is and why they might get [TS]

  some value out of it and why they might [TS]

  want to use it now that conversation [TS]

  goes away because everyone just knows [TS]

  where Twitter is but now app.net is here [TS]

  i think the topic is fresh again because [TS]

  it's like well now what do we do what [TS]

  what are you doing a nap net it's [TS]

  different than you do on Twitter what do [TS]

  you want app that that to be do you want [TS]

  to be different than Twitter you want to [TS]

  just be a better Twitter do you leave [TS]

  Twitter to go to app that net I think I [TS]

  have probably a whole shows worth of [TS]

  discussion especially don't want to get [TS]

  into it 90 minutes into this show but [TS]

  I'll leave this out there for a teaser [TS]

  for next week to think about how anyone [TS]

  listening the show I'm assuming most of [TS]

  the people seem to show either have a [TS]

  Twitter account or have an app that net [TS]

  account or both thank [TS]

  how you do or don't use those accounts [TS]

  in why that's your homework for for this [TS]

  show and we'll come back next week and [TS]

  assuming something or shattering doesn't [TS]

  happen we'll talk about that because [TS]

  I've this is actually by far the [TS]

  farthest and that like that that [TS]

  magazine thing we're like I have a [TS]

  screen full and then this twitter thing [TS]

  is like for screen folds of stuff so i'm [TS]

  i'm probably going to ramble on a quite [TS]

  extensive length about had a good value [TS]

  out of Twitter or how i get value of [TS]

  twitter an app that net and how they [TS]

  differ from each other but i don't want [TS]

  to give it short shrift so we're not [TS]

  going to stick it in today I know people [TS]

  but now that I'm being so disciplined [TS]

  about the shorter show stripling she [TS]

  shouldn't feel like he has to keep them [TS]

  shorter I don't do it in our account we [TS]

  love the long shows I know you do but [TS]

  this is for me some things have to do [TS]

  for me this is I need to tighten unless [TS]

  your time that's right and I and for the [TS]

  record I've never said to you John I'd [TS]

  like to do a shorter show a vial nope [TS]

  never not once now because I don't [TS]

  believe that I believe that you should [TS]

  do the show that's as long as the show [TS]

  that you would like to do and in the [TS]

  great words of a great man you know I've [TS]

  been thinking about this and if I'm here [TS]

  and you're here isn't this our time it [TS]

  yes it is can you name that then hmm to [TS]

  secure it to obscure for you someone in [TS]

  the chat room is gonna get it but [TS]

  that'll be fine what hat what do they [TS]

  get if they get it did you do they get a [TS]

  dinner dinner with certain in Siracusa [TS]

  county get respect Dan think it respect [TS]

  it was out of respect this one time yeah [TS]

  you got that one city I know where you [TS]

  going we're all bro I know all about [TS]

  that one i just rewatched that again I [TS]

  know it seems like a sound constant loop [TS]

  in your house were you worried about [TS]

  Jonah baby it seems like not [TS]

  age-appropriate but I don't care about [TS]

  that the hell you don't know they don't [TS]

  understand that oh they understand [TS]

  everything the baby understand just wing [TS]

  yeah first word I'm gonna be something [TS]

  we can't say we after dark yeah before [TS]

  four letters no not mama alright so I [TS]

  think we can wrap this up alright if you [TS]

  wish yep princess bride so you can go to [TS]

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  the air and that's uh that's all the [TS]

  business I have to do hear anything else [TS]

  John you covered it all right have a [TS]

  good one talk to you in a little less [TS]

  than a week oh my god yeah that's right [TS]

  let's could be trippy all right see then [TS]

  I [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  you [TS]