The Incomparable

168: A Different Kind of Sleeper Agent


  the incomparable 160 hey remember 2013 [TS]

  welcome back to the incomparable i'm [TS]

  your host Jason snail and i'm joined by [TS]

  a a cast of people who have decided that [TS]

  even other mom told them the TV rots the [TS]

  brain basis they thought that lets a [TS]

  little rots I could watch TV [TS]

  it's that we're going to talk about the [TS]

  fall TV season returning shows new shows [TS]

  but we're liking what we're not liking [TS]

  so that you can listen to the show file [TS]

  it away listen to it in three years when [TS]

  these things come on net six so or maybe [TS]

  you can watch them right now joining me [TS]

  are four gentlemen who all had let their [TS]

  brains right by watching television [TS]

  first off its he made you may know him [TS]

  as the guy who writes things but he also [TS]

  watches TV David Laura hi David hi [TS]

  yeah I need something to sort of wind [TS]

  down not the writing turn off your brain [TS]

  exactly a little TV [TS]

  yes people told me you know you know [TS]

  kids who watch too much TV they're going [TS]

  to be a literal they're not gonna be [TS]

  able to write anymore which is why you [TS]

  know I am illiterate and don't write [TS]

  anything [TS]

  dan Morin is also here Dan also is known [TS]

  for watching television most but [TS]

  particularly supernatural but he does [TS]

  watch other programs to hide and the TV [TS]

  that's what I thought [TS]

  finally the real day and I get can't be [TS]

  on a show without you making fun of [TS]

  supernatural cheese [TS]

  nope they watch supernatural I have you [TS]

  know this for a fact i have several [TS]

  episodes of it [TS]

  yeah i'll talk about it later okay Andy [TS]

  and Nicole is also here at a Renaissance [TS]

  man and even people in the Renaissance [TS]

  had lower art that they watched as well [TS]

  as higher art now Weekend Television up [TS]

  and we can do not know who is here hi [TS]

  Andy [TS]

  I just want to say that I my rod is more [TS]

  like mulch and that it's too late for me [TS]

  but hopefully it will cause newer and [TS]

  lively register register administration [TS]

  to do to bloom sure sir you seem to be [TS]

  that that's that's the condescending [TS]

  tone of voice Jason's a very very poor [TS]

  way to start date duration is a [TS]

  difficult word well I've only had like [TS]

  three coats over 90 x 90 let me read [TS]

  those myself but watching TV right now [TS]

  all my mockery of television which I [TS]

  love and watch way too much of and have [TS]

  watched historically way too much of it [TS]

  is just a lead-in to the fact that Scott [TS]

  McNulty is here [TS]

  the man who's read every book and not to [TS]

  be stopped he is also watched many TV [TS]

  shows hi Scott [TS]

  if there's one thing I love as much as [TS]

  books its television [TS]

  wow that's saying something that's [TS]

  impressive is true and i love book TV on [TS]

  c-span it's my favorite show [TS]

  I'm sure we would have to be it's [TS]

  inevitable strip it's got have you ever [TS]

  used like your big big like living room [TS]

  TV to read books on just like in that [TS]

  AT&T TV the future commercial for like [TS]

  1998 yes and then I hear Tom Selleck in [TS]

  my voice saying you will thats that's [TS]

  just magnum p.i on the TV that's a deep [TS]

  cut their wa tul and commercial and my [TS]

  day television was called books [TS]

  yes thank you Peter Falk thank you [TS]

  Columbo TVs colombo oh just one more [TS]

  thing Jason yeah [TS]

  yes thank you TV Steve Jobs I can't [TS]

  yeah alright so faulty I used to be all [TS]

  the show started to fall now shows [TS]

  around in the spring around the summer i [TS]

  believe behind the change their on a [TS]

  crazy time but still there are many [TS]

  shows the debut in the fall and I think [TS]

  that this is always a good time to talk [TS]

  about kind of a grab bag here in the [TS]

  incomparable instead of diving deep on [TS]

  One Show we cover a bunch of the stuff [TS]

  that's on and and it's that's been on [TS]

  and that with this caught our fans in [TS]

  some way so i think we should start by [TS]

  talking about if there was an [TS]

  anticipated geeky TV show for the fall [TS]

  it was the joss whedon co-created and [TS]

  produced ABC's Marvel's agents of sdhc [TS]

  ID'd LD agents of shield Thomas musical [TS]

  when you say like that [TS]

  yes it is it is give me an S might be [TS]

  better as a musical couldn't be worse [TS]

  I how I feel so I i'm a huge just Whedon [TS]

  fan [TS]

  and I i like so much of what he does and [TS]

  and buffy the vampire slayer is my [TS]

  favorite TV show of all time and I was [TS]

  excited to see him get a major Network [TS]

  show with real support from the network [TS]

  in the studio and he's got the clout to [TS]

  sort of do this after the after the [TS]

  success of the Avengers and then we got [TS]

  this show that is like it's just not [TS]

  very interesting and it feels at times [TS]

  like like I'm watching an episode of [TS]

  like the a-team what happened you had [TS]

  created that charm out the blowing up of [TS]

  as much stuff and the cool van and they [TS]

  don't build stuff and really the [TS]

  interesting characters [TS]

  yeah and and the comedy so what's what's [TS]

  wrong what's wrong with agents i'll [TS]

  start and then maybe we can go around [TS]

  because I think we'll have a a lot of [TS]

  them to choose from here [TS]

  what's wrong with agents of shield i'll [TS]

  start and say I think one of the [TS]

  problems with agents of shield is that [TS]

  they took clark gregg as Coulson who's [TS]

  this character that everybody likes from [TS]

  the movies and he's a secondary [TS]

  character and he's the every man and man [TS]

  the star of the show which I thought was [TS]

  a great move because he's a very [TS]

  likeable character and for whatever [TS]

  reason whether it's because they've got [TS]

  this sort of story arc or because [TS]

  they're just afraid of making him to [TS]

  human he's really boring he's like wise [TS]

  and he always he always knows what's [TS]

  going on he's got he's got a you know he [TS]

  doesn't feel like a regular character to [TS]

  me he feels like this kind of archetypes [TS]

  been dropped down is like will Colson [TS]

  always knows everything and he's always [TS]

  going to end up on there on the right [TS]

  side here and he's and they made a [TS]

  boring and and so we left when without [TS]

  him [TS]

  were left with the rest of the cast and [TS]

  those characters aren't very interesting [TS]

  either and I was hoping that that [TS]

  Coulson would be the thing that would [TS]

  allow us to really get access to this [TS]

  world and as much as I like the actor [TS]

  and I like the character in the other [TS]

  movies in the show he's just sort of [TS]

  passive and and and you know and again [TS]

  he makes these kind of wise [TS]

  pronouncements and things like that but [TS]

  he's never he never gets really gets [TS]

  dirty you never feel like you know [TS]

  this guy's a real you know more [TS]

  well-defined character he's just kind of [TS]

  there so that's one that's that's the [TS]

  one thing that jumped out at me as i [TS]

  think that the whole Coulson thing which [TS]

  i thought was an asset is actually a [TS]

  liability [TS]

  what other people think Scott you you [TS]

  renounce the show after about four [TS]

  episodes i did because the the fifth [TS]

  episode i think i don't know which [TS]

  episodes with the one with the guy who [TS]

  had he was a street magician magician [TS]

  scorch yeah i stopped watching that like [TS]

  fire guys like this I've hit my limits [TS]

  of crappy TV you were gone I deleted it [TS]

  from my my tivo season pass and it was [TS]

  gone made episode mid episode even i [TS]

  would say the first quarter of the [TS]

  episode of what I couldn't understand [TS]

  watching this show was a white was so [TS]

  bad would be it just under expert on how [TS]

  to make a TV show look good but this TV [TS]

  show just looked cheap to me I don't [TS]

  know why he was lighting and something [TS]

  about it just makes me I watched like [TS]

  the black list that looks like a little [TS]

  movie that they shot for TV and i watch [TS]

  Marvel agents of shield and it looks [TS]

  like a sitcom with boring characters and [TS]

  somebody sets things on fire [TS]

  it's surprisingly it feels surprisingly [TS]

  cheap and I've heard lots of theories I [TS]

  heard somebody say that they think it's [TS]

  the way it's shot in the end the way it [TS]

  Sal it is that it's this sort of like [TS]

  sitcom me everything is really well-lit [TS]

  when it could be more moody and I think [TS]

  there's some truth to that that it that [TS]

  it doesn't feel cinematic in any way it [TS]

  feels really flat and and and bright and [TS]

  you know II III think that's one reason [TS]

  it does feel cheap it feels like they [TS]

  got they went so far down the well we [TS]

  can't do a superhero every week because [TS]

  we don't have the budget and they ended [TS]

  up with something that's just like like [TS]

  I said the a-team it's like a no-budget [TS]

  action show it will have to make it [TS]

  super it doesn't take that much budget [TS]

  to do a superhero every week I feel like [TS]

  even there's plenty of shows that our [TS]

  special effects heavy but don't have to [TS]

  rely on the crutch of special-effects I [TS]

  mean yeah that's like saying but he [TS]

  didn't have enough budget to do a [TS]

  monster every great like you there's [TS]

  clever ways to get around that if you [TS]

  here are willing RL into narrow you know [TS]

  the psychological aspect of it rather [TS]

  than just the you [TS]

  look flashy special effects right and I [TS]

  mean it's clearly a stylistic choice is [TS]

  sooo but i don't know why they would [TS]

  pick it because it just looks like crap [TS]

  specially because a lot of people point [TS]

  out there's you know there's like a [TS]

  really deep bench in marvel that you hit [TS]

  like all right you know hey there's all [TS]

  these characters were never going to use [TS]

  for anything [TS]

  let's not use any of them yeah the the [TS]

  big problem is that this the show just [TS]

  does not have a reason to exist [TS]

  corporate synergy is a reason that it's [TS]

  exactly it's like you start on it's like [TS]

  we it's like somebody's really really [TS]

  like bad like American International [TS]

  pictures from the sixties we can see [TS]

  that the premise of the movie is some [TS]

  guy knew another guy who could get them [TS]

  access to the sets from this really [TS]

  really expensive Egyptian movie and so [TS]

  they said what can we do with like an [TS]

  interior pyramid set a car and a [TS]

  restaurant set and that's the movie they [TS]

  made it's like I think this movie [TS]

  started off because they have this [TS]

  practice popular pop property the [TS]

  avengers from the movie [TS]

  let's find a way to take everything that [TS]

  everybody already knows about that and [TS]

  basically transplant that into a TV [TS]

  series and will have the character that [TS]

  people are familiar with and the basic [TS]

  premise that people are familiar with [TS]

  but no other reason for this thing to [TS]

  exist and there are better decisions [TS]

  that he could have made right i mean [TS]

  I'll unless the studio very specifically [TS]

  said we want this concept I sort of got [TS]

  the had the assumption that Joss Whedon [TS]

  was asked to deliver a TV series in this [TS]

  world and he chose this [TS]

  well they're on a plane and their agents [TS]

  and all that but it's carpet women's [TS]

  that's what it is [TS]

  well and even there that I've seen [TS]

  shield ish stories there was a marvel [TS]

  comic and I wish I remember the name of [TS]

  it but it was it was a it was a sort of [TS]

  a SHIELD agent keen up team up but they [TS]

  like fought you know giant monsters and [TS]

  things like that it was a really fun [TS]

  kind of thing or you take yes some other [TS]

  group you do you know the Runaways or [TS]

  you do set which Joss Whedon wrote some [TS]

  issues of but instead there's the it's [TS]

  this bizarre kind of like flavorless [TS]

  premise inside this this universe and [TS]

  then Marvel just recently announced the [TS]

  deal with Netflix we're gonna make [TS]

  daredevil and jessica jones and and Luke [TS]

  Cage and Iron Fist mini series on [TS]

  netflix and and I look at agents of [TS]

  shield now and I think wow [TS]

  no really why does this show exists in [TS]

  this kind of flat boring format you [TS]

  could even done it in a different way I [TS]

  mean like you know looking at the [TS]

  trailers like the upcoming captain [TS]

  america would be like there's like you [TS]

  could do the intrigue angle like I think [TS]

  to a certain extent they try to do too [TS]

  much like hey we can do superheroes and [TS]

  spy stuff yeah all this and it's like [TS]

  you know what you need to pick an idea [TS]

  and go with that right and then the [TS]

  other and the other thing is also the [TS]

  one the other thing that really annoys [TS]

  me about it was that it presumes that [TS]

  well of course this person has seen [TS]

  every single Marvel movie and they've [TS]

  read all the comic books we don't have [TS]

  to give them a self-contained [TS]

  entertainment unit because if they're if [TS]

  they don't know what extremists [TS]

  technology is or if they don't know who [TS]

  that dude is that's just an excuse to go [TS]

  and spend twenty dollars to buy this DVD [TS]

  or blu-ray that's it will win [TS]

  I don't know I i think that i think [TS]

  actually that they're not leaving if [TS]

  you're going to leave me and lean all [TS]

  the way the fact that you say well this [TS]

  is extremists like well okay and if you [TS]

  don't get it i is a great sapphire guys [TS]

  a lame guy with fire in his hand [TS]

  it doesn't really matter that that's [TS]

  tied in iron man 3 and and yeah the the [TS]

  one thing I i look at this you know this [TS]

  is marvel but it's ABC and it's disney [TS]

  and solve for the same company right [TS]

  I i I'm interested by the fact that [TS]

  agents of shield is I think other than [TS]

  Doctor Who the only hour-long show on TV [TS]

  right now drama series that i actually [TS]

  feel like I could watch with the entire [TS]

  family [TS]

  it feels like it's the seven o'clock on [TS]

  sunday wonderful world of Disney almost [TS]

  kind of level where the violence like [TS]

  the a-team actually the violence isn't [TS]

  too violent and every not really scary [TS]

  nobody gets really hurt and in some ways [TS]

  I think it's kind of interesting that [TS]

  that that if you view it that way it's [TS]

  like their attempt to make a family show [TS]

  the problem is is that it's not that [TS]

  interesting that the end if they got [TS]

  renewed for the whole year there's all [TS]

  this corporate synergy maybe they can [TS]

  find a way [TS]

  my hope is that the producers realized [TS]

  it's not working and they've got a year [TS]

  to sort of got till the end of the year [TS]

  to figure something out here because as [TS]

  it is it's just a bore [TS]

  I mean that's the thing that's most [TS]

  offensive to me about is that not that [TS]

  it's i don't i don't know if i would say [TS]

  that it's bad i would say that it's just [TS]

  boring it's like there's nothing [TS]

  interesting in it at all [TS]

  it's a waste of potential for the first [TS]

  episode we [TS]

  watched it and my older son is sitting [TS]

  there and he's 11 he still hasn't seen [TS]

  iron man 3 and they get to the whole [TS]

  extremists thing and he immediately goes [TS]

  that's cheating because i haven't seen [TS]

  the movie and I need to know that what [TS]

  the hell [TS]

  so they already pissed him off in the [TS]

  pilot and then the second episode is [TS]

  basically a bottle episode there on the [TS]

  plane for almost the whole thing that's [TS]

  like you you're doing a bottle episode [TS]

  is your second episode [TS]

  wow yeah the first one didn't look that [TS]

  expensive either it was not one of the [TS]

  items like lost or something where they [TS]

  pay they I I thought that pilot was like [TS]

  let's show you what the show will look [TS]

  like when we do it on a week-to-week [TS]

  budget and then yes episode 2 was like [TS]

  cheaper and you know some-some watching [TS]

  it and and I get to the one I think was [TS]

  called I spy and it's it actually you [TS]

  know that the teaser started out kind of [TS]

  interesting and you've got all these you [TS]

  know this what this metro station in [TS]

  stockholm and all games figures in red [TS]

  masks with briefcases and they're all [TS]

  walking and no one's really paying [TS]

  attention to them in your watching this [TS]

  going [TS]

  wow this is really interesting what's [TS]

  gonna happen and then you immediately [TS]

  have all of the people in red masks [TS]

  massacred by this one person and then [TS]

  the story goes off in a totally [TS]

  different direction and it never [TS]

  addresses the fact that they're all in [TS]

  these red masks and they're all during [TS]

  this thing and it's like you took the [TS]

  most interesting most visually exciting [TS]

  thing you've done and you got rid of it [TS]

  in the first four minutes and then you [TS]

  went off and told this really stupid [TS]

  story [TS]

  what is wrong with you people I'm glad [TS]

  you mentioned that episode because that [TS]

  was that episode is the best example but [TS]

  there are lots of them were one of the [TS]

  problems I have with agents of shield [TS]

  it's meant to be this globe-trotting [TS]

  kind of like group of people who are [TS]

  members of a secret organization and [TS]

  they have to solve these things I've [TS]

  seen the show I saw it a decade ago and [TS]

  alias from 10 years ago did agents of [TS]

  shield double as well as agents of [TS]

  shield for two seasons [TS]

  well okay three two maybe three but but [TS]

  right [TS]

  actually i would say Dan 10 [TS]

  alias its entire run did better than HR [TS]

  sealed okay yeah take that [TS]

  yeah I'll go with that that's a [TS]

  below-the-belt there was there they had [TS]

  they had their you know green-screen [TS]

  fake you know yes we're in Stockholm now [TS]

  it's the only true did very well no I [TS]

  mean I feel like there are there are a [TS]

  couple shows that i've seen that one [TS]

  comes to mind and the USA Network covert [TS]

  affairs which is also a spy show does a [TS]

  good job of like you know what I [TS]

  actually believe that you are like you [TS]

  know in this city [TS]

  it doesn't matter like you know it's you [TS]

  whatever you've done for your production [TS]

  you know job there [TS]

  it's enough to suspend my disbelief [TS]

  right so with alias it really worked for [TS]

  me and I was like yeah everybody's happy [TS]

  had you know characters and it had some [TS]

  some sort of dynamism was never boring [TS]

  even when it was just like I mean it [TS]

  when in doubt Jennifer Garner's got a [TS]

  lot of charisma you put her in a in a [TS]

  weird outfit and a strange way again [TS]

  she's walking through some Eurotrash [TS]

  cocktail party somewhere and there's a [TS]

  bomb somewhere and it moved and they [TS]

  have the crazy music and and then [TS]

  there's agents of shield which is just [TS]

  like eight a flat pale replica I mean [TS]

  it's been done ABC has done it better [TS]

  than this [TS]

  they need to put Agent Coulson and crazy [TS]

  dress and Senator company and i would [TS]

  pay for that [TS]

  well they got to do that episode by the [TS]

  end of the year that he's trying to get [TS]

  out of field by point of section 8 like [TS]

  going out exactly four clear after I [TS]

  want to get out of this show it's too [TS]

  late [TS]

  agents of mash what's like people keep [TS]

  saying no Joss Whedon you know shows [TS]

  shows the first season is kind of rocky [TS]

  yeah you know know that time and you [TS]

  know what maybe Buffy was rock no it [TS]

  wasn't it wasn't it was little great it [TS]

  was exactly was legit and grand you know [TS]

  angel was fun [TS]

  yeah and and I reply was the only had [TS]

  one season and it was good from they [TS]

  basically dollhouse had a bad season [TS]

  right look [TS]

  yeah another bad just this isn't just [TS]

  we'd know right i mean it is Joss Whedon [TS]

  wrote a pilot and his put his brother [TS]

  and sister-in-law in charge of our [TS]

  writers room and it's got some good [TS]

  people including people who worked on [TS]

  angel but it's not you know he's I gotta [TS]

  he apparently was like rewriting parts [TS]

  of Thor and he's you know prepping [TS]

  Avengers 2 and he's not it's not here [TS]

  show he was he was consulting on Captain [TS]

  America 2 and I think that's the issue [TS]

  is like I think he puts potentially has [TS]

  like a lot of passion for that idea but [TS]

  then he's like all right I got this [TS]

  great idea i love it uh well I'm Way too [TS]

  busy to do it though and hands it off [TS]

  and i think the you know that he handed [TS]

  off to people they trust but I think [TS]

  also people who maybe don't have the [TS]

  same level of enthusiasm for this [TS]

  particular idea that he did it that's [TS]

  what it kind of feels to me like it [TS]

  falls flat when they on the execution it [TS]

  feels like what he does is he has the [TS]

  salt shaker full of joss whedon's magic [TS]

  pixie dust and it feels I'll see I've [TS]

  just sprinkle the just waitin magic [TS]

  pixie dust over the script now just [TS]

  don't ruin it [TS]

  here you go you're welcome where's that [TS]

  check you can see the lines in the pilot [TS]

  that are the you know ironic humorous in [TS]

  and kind of enjoyable like Coulson's got [TS]

  his whole thing from the shadows he's [TS]

  like think there's a bulb out over there [TS]

  you know that was funny and all but [TS]

  there's nothing to there's nothing [TS]

  around and honestly you know the irony [TS]

  and and the dialogue while enjoyable and [TS]

  joss whedon's things is not the thing [TS]

  that makes them good that that annoyed [TS]

  right I gotta say that it would be [TS]

  that's-that's-that's self-aware anything [TS]

  I'm way cooler [TS]

  I the screenwriter and way cooler in the [TS]

  script I'm writing but here's the here's [TS]

  the thing in Buffy you can get away with [TS]

  that because the fact is the characters [TS]

  were practicing an ironic remove from [TS]

  what was going on but the characters [TS]

  were there and the situation was there [TS]

  to support it and in this we've got is a [TS]

  scaffolding for corporate synergy and [TS]

  insert witty dialogue here and insert [TS]

  you know beefcake character over here we [TS]

  call them Kendall ok I feel like we've [TS]

  beaten the beaten this agent handsome i [TS]

  think is what we call him David I think [TS]

  we've beaten this one to death [TS]

  suffice it to say agents of shield we [TS]

  don't like it alright let's step away [TS]

  from the boob tube for just a minute to [TS]

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  let's move on I wanted to bring up show [TS]

  that I i was aware was on the air when [TS]

  it came on the air called Sleepy Hollow [TS]

  and it turned out to be a hit in the [TS]

  ratings and because a lot of people for [TS]

  some reason inexplicably found [TS]

  themselves tuning into sleepy hollow on [TS]

  the day that it premiered I was one of [TS]

  those people and i gotta say at the [TS]

  Sleepy Hollow is ridiculous [TS]

  it's insane and i have watched [TS]

  episode and I like it a lot I concur [TS]

  yeah hello Scott we're together on this [TS]

  one it's true it's this is like national [TS]

  treasure the TV series it is and it is i [TS]

  think this is better than national [TS]

  treasure I'm sorry but it's actually [TS]

  good but it's actually well i think it [TS]

  in the sense that it's like George [TS]

  Washington knew there was a secret [TS]

  conspiracy to end the world and that was [TS]

  the secret untold tales of the American [TS]

  Revolution and now a chabad cranes been [TS]

  sent to the present day fight the Four [TS]

  Horsemen of the Apocalypse one of whom [TS]

  is the Headless Horseman of course of [TS]

  course it makes so much sense [TS]

  it'sit's national treasure accept it [TS]

  realizes how insane it is sure no one's [TS]

  got the whole little more supernaturally [TS]

  stuff going on [TS]

  yeah yeah but there's always that it's [TS]

  that sort of level of in ridiculousness [TS]

  that you're like all right just go with [TS]

  it right it's crazy [TS]

  of course itself but it buys in and [TS]

  that's that's what in some ways that's [TS]

  what you know agents of shield is [TS]

  missing like it feels like the people [TS]

  who are this especially I think the guy [TS]

  what's-his-name Tom Mison is that [TS]

  missing [TS]

  I don't know you're probably around yeah [TS]

  the guy who plays jacob eye cream you [TS]

  keep pretty much I think he throws [TS]

  himself into that [TS]

  yeah really greatly well yeah he's great [TS]

  everything about both the leads on this [TS]

  on the show are very enjoyable i like [TS]

  their report together [TS]

  I like those two characters i think that [TS]

  you know casting goes a long way I [TS]

  haven't casting a couple of really [TS]

  winning actors in your lead roles can [TS]

  can pat spackle over a lot of [TS]

  difficulties especially at the beginning [TS]

  of a series and sleepy Hollow's got the [TS]

  casting then they did some weird casting [TS]

  decisions in the like John show hope [TS]

  ears and then comes back I was like if [TS]

  we could get him again like Clancy Brown [TS]

  who is playing right basically shows up [TS]

  and all like flash bad he's yeah he's [TS]

  killed and then they're like but we [TS]

  could bring back in flashbacks but the [TS]

  two main characters are real are really [TS]

  enjoyable and I like this kind of crazy [TS]

  mythos they've got about the end of the [TS]

  world and and it's it's toggling between [TS]

  the x-files kind of like here's a weird [TS]

  thing that's happening in this town [TS]

  because it's on a Hellmouth essentially [TS]

  and and then the story arc parts of it [TS]

  and they go back and forth and it's an [TS]

  end and they've gotta like a layer [TS]

  that's in a like boarded up old part of [TS]

  police station that's from the seven [TS]

  which is ridiculous but varies i have to [TS]

  say it would be really funny and like [TS]

  you know after the show runs like seven [TS]

  seasons and is like a huge it or [TS]

  something you have to tell people that [TS]

  Orlando Jones started his career as a [TS]

  you know its spokesperson for 7up [TS]

  basically know what he was best known [TS]

  for its like I mean poor guy you know [TS]

  how terrible you know career choices i [TS]

  think in between then and now he's come [TS]

  back as a straight man which is very odd [TS]

  those of us who remember him from [TS]

  earlier rolls it's very strange to see [TS]

  it is a very always liked the chief he's [TS]

  like keep me informed [TS]

  I am amused that they his name is Irving [TS]

  well of course is the yeah the writer of [TS]

  Omega by crane although that apparently [TS]

  doesn't exist in this universe [TS]

  no because that Ichabod Crane is a [TS]

  totally different character than this [TS]

  guy who's a revolutionary you know [TS]

  soldier for it fighting against the [TS]

  British and then he gets thrown forward [TS]

  in time and it sounds just as crazy as [TS]

  we're making it out to be it is it is [TS]

  for fun though [TS]

  yeah there's which is a 10-day got the [TS]

  salem witch trial in there there's an [TS]

  episode where they tossed in a row knows [TS]

  throw everything in and that the [TS]

  disappeared Colony of Roanoke and [TS]

  explained that it all makes sense now I [TS]

  was I was on board when i watch the [TS]

  pilot and they took care of the whole [TS]

  you know you know everyone knows the [TS]

  Headless Horseman story so they did that [TS]

  in the first two minutes [TS]

  yes and then they changed it and then it [TS]

  was that was it nevermind it's not that [TS]

  at all [TS]

  okay in that there's a nice joke where [TS]

  they where the the sort of the horseman [TS]

  or whatever cut off the top of a sign [TS]

  and it's a sign of a guy you know a [TS]

  little stick figure guy so that helo the [TS]

  sign has lost its head and she let them [TS]

  hang in the captains office they do in [TS]

  about 30 seconds later yeah yeah it's [TS]

  good it's it is mode it's a fun show [TS]

  it's silly and fun and and the [TS]

  characters are nice and the actors good [TS]

  and and i'm looking forward to where to [TS]

  where it goes [TS]

  it's a yeah it's our i was surprised at [TS]

  how much I enjoyed it really surprised [TS]

  its kind of wonderful to that it's it's [TS]

  a really diverse cast except at no point [TS]

  in going hey look we have a really [TS]

  diverse cast its it's just the server [TS]

  matter-of-fact hey look this is the real [TS]

  world [TS]

  yeah other than other than that they do [TS]

  that mom [TS]

  and with Ichabod Crane and abby i think [TS]

  is the name of the the woman who's the [TS]

  in the Sheriff's Office is the other [TS]

  lead and there's a moment just like [TS]

  there was when docked in Doctor Who when [TS]

  the Martha went to Shakespeare's time [TS]

  and there's that moment of life you know [TS]

  not exactly white if there's a [TS]

  difference is this could be an issue and [TS]

  he has that moment cuz he's like you [TS]

  know he's obviously from revolutionary [TS]

  times and and there's that there's a [TS]

  moment of like there were slaves and [TS]

  that was I didn't like that sort of [TS]

  thing and all that but other than that [TS]

  it's kind of yeah it's not relevant you [TS]

  had to do it like i like it had to be [TS]

  ignorant because otherwise it would you [TS]

  you know it would strike as folks i [TS]

  think but yeah and they got it out of [TS]

  the way they're like they're not like [TS]

  dwelling outright it's not like [TS]

  everybody was about that and they're [TS]

  they're embracing the show and braces [TS]

  its own ridiculousness so yes I have no [TS]

  problem with the like all of the clearly [TS]

  ridiculous things that you and it makes [TS]

  the parts where they kind of acknowledge [TS]

  the fact that Ichabod Crane is out you [TS]

  know outside of his time even more [TS]

  amusing to me like when he was there [TS]

  there's the scene where he was running [TS]

  in like a tunnel and he got a gun and [TS]

  shot at once oh yeah and then he threw [TS]

  it away [TS]

  yeah and she was like why did you throw [TS]

  your cut away he said what I shot it she [TS]

  said you can't shoot more than once news [TS]

  like really and I thought that was like [TS]

  that followed up when she was trying to [TS]

  explain that gun to him he's like i [TS]

  dunno how the gun works many yeah III [TS]

  fires and tosses it away [TS]

  why I like that in a ride I've been [TS]

  catching up so I'm a couple episodes [TS]

  behind but like there's an episode i [TS]

  just watched where they're fighting off [TS]

  the Hessian the heavens i like i love [TS]

  that they work the heavens into this but [TS]

  like she gives him a gun again and he [TS]

  liked stands out there with like one [TS]

  hand behind his back like he's doing [TS]

  like the dueling is nothing it's just a [TS]

  little thing but I was like that's a [TS]

  whole area because like he's not going [TS]

  to use whatever you know he's not going [TS]

  to shoot a gun like a trained police [TS]

  officer with you to go and he's still [TS]

  wearing his his crazy old timey close [TS]

  and that their graduates gradually [TS]

  becoming more of an issue where she's [TS]

  like you're gonna wear those clothes all [TS]

  the time because they look cool they [TS]

  want to keep him in those clothes but [TS]

  why does he not wear the clothes so yeah [TS]

  he's a hipster yeah clearly [TS]

  yeah you know actually jason with this [TS]

  the show reminds me most of is a super [TS]

  bitch [TS]

  Oh supernet it's true it's true I knew [TS]

  that was coming [TS]

  I'm just saying that there's a lot of [TS]

  the lot i watched the episodes watch [TS]

  with the husband's also has the way they [TS]

  try to summon the demons or something in [TS]

  the church and its got like that weird [TS]

  crazy baptismal font with all the demons [TS]

  crawling out of it which was cool [TS]

  special effect but yeah it's nice it's a [TS]

  it's a [TS]

  yeah interesting show and I grew up very [TS]

  near tarrytown which is actually sleepy [TS]

  hollow and rename itself sleepy hollow [TS]

  several years back so in order to tie in [TS]

  with this show which they knew was [TS]

  coming [TS]

  exactly i'm pretty sure they do not [TS]

  shoot in the actual symbiote know it's [TS]

  yeah it's North Carolina they have that [TS]

  fringe thing where it's like oh [TS]

  something happened in you know Virginia [TS]

  that two seconds later to hear ya [TS]

  Matt well you know match I know it's a [TS]

  TV show but it's like you don't know [TS]

  what it takes a little while to get [TS]

  there I want to see people driving out [TS]

  to say goodbye train on a plane crane on [TS]

  a plane back to this mother bleep [TS]

  incorrect him you know [TS]

  alright so what else what else do we [TS]

  have what else what else to talk about [TS]

  you mentioned so someone just met with [TS]

  Scott you mentioned fringe because then [TS]

  the black list also kind of reminds me [TS]

  of fridge and alias sometimes too [TS]

  yes is that there's a show with many [TS]

  many parents James Spader's the black [TS]

  list because it is his show it's clearly [TS]

  designed around him he is he is a red [TS]

  Reddington the like world's most famous [TS]

  villain or something and he like walks [TS]

  into the FBI and says that he'll only [TS]

  talk to this one agent and so they it's [TS]

  her first day so they get her and bring [TS]

  her over and no she doesn't know him and [TS]

  nobody knows why they're connected and [TS]

  so there's your story arc and then he [TS]

  says I will bring you criminals you know [TS]

  from your most wanted list who I don't [TS]

  like and i will i will say it's i'm not [TS]

  sure the premise really make sense but [TS]

  hold even a little bit of water because [TS]

  i like is in the second episode he's [TS]

  like in the Bahamas or something like [TS]

  wait wait [TS]

  they let him go in the first episode [TS]

  easily in like a Hannibal Lecter kind [TS]

  contraption I guess they gotta let him [TS]

  go because otherwise have its wingspan [TS]

  her in a box for like yeah I would watch [TS]

  that that's a game show James Spader in [TS]

  a box [TS]

  he's gotta keep active or else right or [TS]

  else like criminals will know he's a [TS]

  traitor in the in the first episode he [TS]

  said if you don't let me go I will not [TS]

  give you all this right delicious [TS]

  information right so he's like there's a [TS]

  long game and there's a and there's that [TS]

  story arc but week-to-week he is he's [TS]

  like here's somebody you can take down [TS]

  and then there are episodes that are [TS]

  more kind of like action e the one that [TS]

  I just watched uh the other day was like [TS]

  it was like an episode of alias it was [TS]

  like there you know let's swap this [TS]

  thing in and there's a camera here and [TS]

  we'll and there's a party that we're [TS]

  coming it was very very alias like that [TS]

  and then also have like the guy who [TS]

  buried somebody alive and there's the [TS]

  particular rock and all that business so [TS]

  there's so many different things that [TS]

  they tried but you know James Spader is [TS]

  really interesting the the the female [TS]

  lead is good although they've done some [TS]

  interesting things with her in the pilot [TS]

  she's but she's played much younger and [TS]

  they make her like she's mean she's [TS]

  essentially Clarice Starling she's like [TS]

  it's right it's my first day on the job [TS]

  and I'm completely innocent and in the [TS]

  second episode suddenly she's dressed [TS]

  like a like a much like a [TS]

  thirty-year-old and now it's explained [TS]

  that it was her first day on that job [TS]

  but she's had many other jobs and it's [TS]

  been doing this for a while now and they [TS]

  like I Dobbs yeah try to back it off a [TS]

  little bit but i enjoy the show you know [TS]

  James Spader goes a long way to make it [TS]

  palatable but its body but i think it's [TS]

  a good show i think they do a I liked [TS]

  the bit that they sort of introduced at [TS]

  the end of the first episode with her [TS]

  husband with you know is he [TS]

  he says he is is he part of this unite [TS]

  plot in some way and even though they [TS]

  have quote-unquote resolved it like they [TS]

  still have left just enough wiggle room [TS]

  area like let James Spader sort of not [TS]

  sure about it every once in awhile it is [TS]

  really hard to watch them be like I [TS]

  can't [TS]

  wow I cannot trust him like even if [TS]

  they've sort of absolved him like I feel [TS]

  like is [TS]

  I don't know you can he reminds me of [TS]

  aliens because i remember how in the in [TS]

  the pilot of alien she's got a boyfriend [TS]

  and he's murdered by the by by the sd-6 [TS]

  and and then she joins you know and then [TS]

  she joins up and I i thought you know [TS]

  this guy isn't murdered but he's [TS]

  immediately called into question about [TS]

  whether he's a trustworthy husband or [TS]

  not because they're the you know the [TS]

  weird passports and things like that and [TS]

  is was he you know is he a double agent [TS]

  or a single agent the sleeper agent we [TS]

  have and we just we just don't know but [TS]

  it's very an agent of shield know dad's [TS]

  now that's a different kind of sleeper [TS]

  agents going to gradually just a sleepy [TS]

  agent yeah he's Hydra I think I enjoy it [TS]

  most because james spader is just kind [TS]

  of not going on any piece of scenery [TS]

  that he can get in this character which [TS]

  I find very amusing doesn't go a little [TS]

  bit will go a long way [TS]

  it's aight i think that this is probably [TS]

  the third james spader rolling movement [TS]

  that I've seen that that really just [TS]

  made me think I wish you'd go back into [TS]

  comedy I wish that's not know about [TS]

  Betty it's like it's like it's like he [TS]

  saw it's like he saw Christopher [TS]

  Walken's like how how how playing that I [TS]

  want to just be really really funny [TS]

  creepy [TS]

  I'm gonna develop that persona and I'm [TS]

  gonna ride that into 10 years with those [TS]

  SML appearances and like background [TS]

  characters and major movies [TS]

  well I think they use some I mean I [TS]

  think when this show is crafted for him [TS]

  it's actually crafted for him in the way [TS]

  where he's not always at the center it [TS]

  too i think that's actually very clever [TS]

  on the producers part that he's always [TS]

  in it but right he's not just like a [TS]

  little dab of Spader they don't drag [TS]

  them along to all of these things right [TS]

  like that they have the other characters [TS]

  this hair again there there's harry [TS]

  lennix doing the keep me informed Chris [TS]

  skeptical chief and and then there's you [TS]

  know Johnny square jaw agent and then [TS]

  there's our our female lead who does [TS]

  know why she's involved in this Johnny [TS]

  square jaw agent Ethan incidentally is [TS]

  was on homeland for the first two [TS]

  seasons ah she was they gave him a [TS]

  blonde hit like I don't know if that's [TS]

  his natural hair color not but it's so [TS]

  jarring to see him because he's really [TS]

  really dark hair on Homeland he's got [TS]

  this like almost golden blonde air [TS]

  dreamy I guess what I'm saying is a [TS]

  it is i get your I get your point is [TS]

  that a little spider goes a long way but [TS]

  I feel like he's modulated like I i get [TS]

  enough of him that I enjoy it without it [TS]

  being like if he was in every scene i [TS]

  would wanna just throw something at the [TS]

  TV but instead he comes in he's like oh [TS]

  did that not work out for you well I've [TS]

  got a new plan for you and then and then [TS]

  he goes away again and i kinda it's like [TS]

  I feel like they're deploying him really [TS]

  well because it could be he could be [TS]

  overused and I don't I and the blacklist [TS]

  feel like they're using him just enough [TS]

  and then yes [TS]

  not more than that the central question [TS]

  for me though I have I haven't watched [TS]

  this movement of the show when the [TS]

  reasons the company ways that anytime I [TS]

  get the sense that they're just going to [TS]

  tease us and tease us and tease us to [TS]

  this about the central question without [TS]

  ever making forward progress on it does [TS]

  it sound as though we're gonna find out [TS]

  what this really is all about origami [TS]

  season 6 and they're going to realize [TS]

  that oh it turns out that he thought [TS]

  that the agency asked for was a [TS]

  different agent so now they have to find [TS]

  this other pages i remember now i am I [TS]

  think there's some forward motion i [TS]

  would I i would imagine that these of [TS]

  season one are yeah I imagine the [TS]

  question of why he chose her as a season [TS]

  1 arc and then they would continue with [TS]

  other you know complications after that [TS]

  but I'm kind of watching because I just [TS]

  want to be assured that it's not the [TS]

  obvious answer right I think we all went [TS]

  in kind of assuming like he must be her [TS]

  dad or something right there dad is also [TS]

  mentioned as mysteriously disappearing [TS]

  and having been a criminal or he owes or [TS]

  he feels he or she is sooo his yeah to [TS]

  her dad right and there's clearly [TS]

  something in some of the more reason [TS]

  episodes they've hinted like he had some [TS]

  you know clearly he has some motivation [TS]

  for having this change of heart so you [TS]

  know there's there is an interesting [TS]

  question why did he decide to do this [TS]

  but yeah it is it is I I kind of feel [TS]

  like you have to go in a different [TS]

  direction if only because it seems like [TS]

  so obvious if you do do it that way [TS]

  alright let's step away from TV one last [TS]

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  shows that we should that we should [TS]

  touch on well yeah I here here's one [TS]

  that after a couple of episodes of [TS]

  shield by both of my children went can [TS]

  we watch Brooklyn nine-nine and said and [TS]

  we do the Brooklyn I great sitcom from [TS]

  mike sure the the showrunner for parks [TS]

  and recreation and it's a it's andy [TS]

  samberg is the is the star and Andre [TS]

  Braugher wonderful wonderful Andre [TS]

  Braugher is here is the gruff but [TS]

  lovable keep me informed police captain [TS]

  in Brooklyn nine-nine I just enjoy that [TS]

  nobody can read him with the whole like [TS]

  the they have all these great stories [TS]

  like they can't tell if he's happy or [TS]

  upset with them because he's like the [TS]

  same tone all the time he's just dead [TS]

  under our for being a wonderful dramatic [TS]

  actor he is whole areas in brookline he [TS]

  was hilarious and homicide but that's [TS]

  true though I have to say you you left [TS]

  out the the to my mind the funniest [TS]

  character in the show was Terry Crews [TS]

  Carol sergeant he is my absolute [TS]

  absolute favorite on that entire show [TS]

  he's got that man has comedic timing [TS]

  like nobody's business [TS]

  one night Brooklyn nine-nine aired and [TS]

  there was a tweet from muddy Ashley who [TS]

  couldn't be with us tonight and and the [TS]

  tweet was Terry Crews funny person [TS]

  yep yep that's that's it [TS]

  yeah a good cast a really interesting [TS]

  group of characters obviously you know [TS]

  they're trying to put the sitcom [TS]

  ensemble together but I I felt like even [TS]

  in the first episode I thought the first [TS]

  episode was a winner it's very rare that [TS]

  I've let I've laughed that much of the [TS]

  pilot episode of the of a comedy [TS]

  and it's got that it's good it's got [TS]

  that old i mean ii Andy Samberg is [TS]

  because he's basically playing a a an [TS]

  adolescent who's now police detective [TS]

  but he has the behavior of an adolescent [TS]

  that adds maybe a little more modern [TS]

  touch but otherwise I mean this is [TS]

  basically a reconstituted Barney Miller [TS]

  and I love that about it that it's got [TS]

  it right down opening credits it's got [TS]

  that old school cop kind of feel and the [TS]

  characters are a rich collection of [TS]

  characters in this in this precinct I i [TS]

  think that they did that the one thing [TS]

  that's nice that it has improved as I've [TS]

  continued to watch it is that they world [TS]

  it was a little risky in the beginning I [TS]

  think they were starting to fall into [TS]

  the problem that parks and rec and the [TS]

  first season or some of it felt like the [TS]

  characters didn't like each other enough [TS]

  right but in the more recent episodes [TS]

  they've done a better job of showing [TS]

  that even at the time that these [TS]

  characters are know each other that they [TS]

  are actually friends and I think that [TS]

  goes a long way to not ending up with [TS]

  sort of just a very alienated feeling [TS]

  like I've got all these people are also [TS]

  idiosyncratic and annoying but they [TS]

  actually you know there's got to be a [TS]

  little bit of heart in there or else it [TS]

  just it just drives you away i think [TS]

  oh yeah and that the character who is [TS]

  the equivalent I to anton what's her [TS]

  name [TS]

  I Aubrey Plaza on the on parks and rec [TS]

  mom the the equivalent in this show [TS]

  she's a she's mysterious but it you get [TS]

  the sense that she doesn't she's she's [TS]

  got a very strange way of approaching [TS]

  the people but you don't get the sense [TS]

  that she's antagonistic toward them [TS]

  she's just a very strange private weird [TS]

  kind of person but but not in a write it [TS]

  but not in the way of like oh she [TS]

  secretly hates the mall just like no no [TS]

  she's called a colleague she behaves [TS]

  normally with them you know a in some [TS]

  ways and then in other ways not normal [TS]

  at all but the right it doesn't it it [TS]

  because in the pilot was like whoa is [TS]

  she is there something wrong with her [TS]

  and it's like well yes but she's not [TS]

  mean she's just very strange [TS]

  I i love the fact that I mean they've [TS]

  said that Bernie Miller is a huge [TS]

  influence obviously but also the wire [TS]

  and homicide our big influences because [TS]

  we even before they cast andy samberg [TS]

  they described it as this is about the [TS]

  comedy version of Jimmy or Jimmy's LT [TS]

  out from [TS]

  wire and i love the fact that you have [TS]

  comedy McNulty facing off against comedy [TS]

  Pembleton yeah from homicide I mean [TS]

  that's just beautiful and the fact that [TS]

  everything else is sort of crystallizing [TS]

  around it is wonderful i just love to [TS]

  see that and I mean I'm a huge parks and [TS]

  rec fan anyway yes partly because I [TS]

  essentially live in Pawnee Indiana map [TS]

  it's getting on candy I've been there [TS]

  um yes you do but yeah it's it's really [TS]

  interesting to see this taking shape and [TS]

  sort of crystallizing a lot quicker in [TS]

  some ways than parks and rec today [TS]

  because it really maybe they learned [TS]

  there was until the second season yeah [TS]

  you know I think they learned their [TS]

  lesson about about the balance that they [TS]

  were trying to to serve here also i [TS]

  should say anybody who who says well [TS]

  this is that said come with andy samberg [TS]

  as the lead now forget it's like hey [TS]

  that sample I i think well here's the [TS]

  thing is i think it is super exactly [TS]

  greatness and I I'm not like somebody [TS]

  who is particularly enamored with the [TS]

  the collected works of andy samberg but [TS]

  i think that because he's got these [TS]

  other characters in here did though his [TS]

  playing off of Andre Braugher is so [TS]

  perfect because it's the by-the-book [TS]

  police detective will also air police [TS]

  sergeant he also wants to get as the [TS]

  captain he wants to get get his goat so [TS]

  there's that and that there's some nice [TS]

  conflict there is it's enjoyable so yeah [TS]

  even if if you were turned off by the [TS]

  idea that this is some sort of post [TS]

  Saturday Night Live andy samberg vehicle [TS]

  it's um it's better than that and I mean [TS]

  it's got this parks rec seal of approval [TS]

  to ya if you if you move for me selling [TS]

  some of the show to show the scene where [TS]

  Terry Crews tries to assemble his [TS]

  daughter's doll house that we thought [TS]

  that was my favorite see I'm a grown man [TS]

  with grown man hands by can put together [TS]

  there's an episode i think last week [TS]

  maybe where Terry Crews um can't go to [TS]

  sleep [TS]

  yeah and he's increasingly strange over [TS]

  the course of the episode and that some [TS]

  have even at the very end Andre Braugher [TS]

  lips and black lady look lay down on his [TS]

  couch i'll just turn off the light and [TS]

  he's immediately asleep but after the [TS]

  entire episode sped away [TS]

  yeah they have that great bit in there [TS]

  two words like my brother-in-law's [TS]

  visiting and he thinks you know like he [TS]

  thinks I'm a small guy you know and you [TS]

  eat the one moment I think you see andre [TS]

  braugher sort of break it like what [TS]

  yeah because Terry Crews is normally a [TS]

  linebacker right leg is huge but we [TS]

  should [TS]

  Andy I know you mentioned you want to [TS]

  mention parks and rec why this might be [TS]

  a good moment parks and recreation is [TS]

  back for another season on NBC and it's [TS]

  a it's a show everybody should watch [TS]

  because it's great [TS]

  yeah and it really did point out an [TS]

  ongoing failing of mine and catching new [TS]

  shows i I am so quick to judge a new [TS]

  show based on the premise that there [TS]

  before before it actually begins and [TS]

  Parks and Rec it really did look like [TS]

  another win not just another office like [TS]

  fake documentary but fake documentary [TS]

  that never ever explains why there is a [TS]

  documentary crew that's that's that's in [TS]

  every single corner of these people's [TS]

  lives 24-7 and so that made me think [TS]

  that ok well the problem and also the [TS]

  jokes the program very good [TS]

  it's gotta be sorry in there and every [TS]

  time I'd seen him to do stand-up I [TS]

  didn't like the character was doing [TS]

  there and it wasn't really until three [TS]

  truly like 3-4 weeks ago that I did this [TS]

  thing that so many people do it i [TS]

  started this sort of like both watching [TS]

  on netflix having heard that they didn't [TS]

  really figure out the show until season [TS]

  2i skip season one entirely gonna start [TS]

  with season 2 episode 1 and then before [TS]

  I knew it it's like okay well I need to [TS]

  get back to work have now in the middle [TS]

  of seas season three [TS]

  damn it ok i'll be up until 4am but [TS]

  still it was a good show and now i'm i'm [TS]

  almost died i stay sort of skipped ahead [TS]

  to season 6 and I've got like maybe one [TS]

  more season ago but man i love this show [TS]

  its it really just turned me into an [TS]

  instant fan of it because I just a I [TS]

  feel stupid for not having watched it i [TS]

  love the fact that they can put in these [TS]

  tiny tiny little lines that add little [TS]

  bit of texture and looks a little bit of [TS]

  information about the relationship [TS]

  between all of these characters because [TS]

  one of the things I don't like about [TS]

  about so many sitcoms is that I think [TS]

  that eventually most sitcoms devolved [TS]

  into just like a singer transaction [TS]

  mechanism between the characters [TS]

  machine yeah it's like everything was [TS]

  like yeah why are these four people [TS]

  together and call themselves friends all [TS]

  they do is like meet up for two hours [TS]

  and insult each other and just like [TS]

  laughing because I yeah you broke your [TS]

  foot [TS]

  mr. gimpy limping guy with a broken foot [TS]

  okay what are you gonna pay for medical [TS]

  care without a job that's how we express [TS]

  low like I I'm afraid to let down my [TS]

  walls and show genuine emotion and yet [TS]

  there's obvious that there's this one [TS]

  specific line that it's just a throwaway [TS]

  line the writers did not have to put it [TS]

  in there where level one of our lesson [TS]

  notes that staff members has to ask the [TS]

  police for the the the fall harvest [TS]

  festival where they're asking the the [TS]

  someone has to go to the policeman hey [TS]

  can you like get some volunteers [TS]

  volunteer police officers to run [TS]

  security for us and they think this [TS]

  person thinks it's going to be a big [TS]

  negotiation but the chief of police [TS]

  simply says leslie knope it always gets [TS]

  whatever favorite she asked for because [TS]

  she never asks for you always ask for [TS]

  favors for other people and then they [TS]

  move on to like whatever dialogue they [TS]

  need to get into for whatever next plot [TS]

  point is such a simple line that [TS]

  indicates gives an extra layer of [TS]

  texture to who this character Leslie [TS]

  Knope is why people are ten ten to want [TS]

  her to do things for what why that why [TS]

  they like her why they stick around her [TS]

  and again it was a disposable line for [TS]

  the writers thought it was important and [TS]

  the entire series is full of that and so [TS]

  that's why I was such a great start love [TS]

  it you get these you get these [TS]

  characters who don't seem like they [TS]

  should get along like Ron and leslie and [TS]

  it's again and he's totally right like [TS]

  they do this this brilliant job of [TS]

  coloring in the details are not just [TS]

  caricatures right they actually are [TS]

  people and to me the beginning of this [TS]

  particular season has I think what is my [TS]

  one of my favorite episode or season [TS]

  openings ever in a TV show which has to [TS]

  do with Ron getting married [TS]

  yes which is just Isis is brilliantly [TS]

  shot and it really just shows you the [TS]

  whole like the relationship between [TS]

  these two characters Leslie sort of like [TS]

  you know like running around flustered [TS]

  like but this is my friend is getting [TS]

  married I need to do something but like [TS]

  Ron being who he is is just like now I'm [TS]

  just gonna do this my own way very very [TS]

  straightforward we're gonna go to just [TS]

  peace get there do you [TS]

  reception will be held privately in your [TS]

  individual homes [TS]

  goodbye there are a lot of sitcoms where [TS]

  the bulk of the comedy is coming from [TS]

  character and it and you know it's not [TS]

  going to give you that bang bang [TS]

  I you know joke a joke every 20 seconds [TS]

  kind of pace and if they may not even [TS]

  give you the belly laughs that you might [TS]

  get on something that is just hitting [TS]

  you with those one-liners one after [TS]

  another but you know parks and rec has [TS]

  that you know it's a cut that's comedy [TS]

  coming from a different place because [TS]

  you know who these people are and you [TS]

  know how they interact with each other [TS]

  and yeah there are wacky wacky jokes are [TS]

  plenty in this too but it doesn't it [TS]

  doesn't rely on that same kind of rhythm [TS]

  because it knows it's got these [TS]

  characters and this setting and it can [TS]

  use those to make you smile and make you [TS]

  laugh in a a different way than a few [TS]

  quick singer of a joke can there they're [TS]

  not afraid to go to the emotional heart [TS]

  and they don't over press that button [TS]

  either they're not going for that moment [TS]

  where a live audience would go [TS]

  ah they just wanted they just want the [TS]

  the last episode of season 5 or I'm [TS]

  sorry whatever episode with the second [TS]

  part of the two-parter Leslie go Leslie [TS]

  goes to London and gives gives gives [TS]

  around the red wedding gifts they just [TS]

  follow these instructions read some [TS]

  tickets and you'll be very pleased to [TS]

  the very end of it and because ron has [TS]

  this relationship with her and he [TS]

  doesn't want to travel but he does it [TS]

  anyway and the fact that it basically [TS]

  leads him to the perfect spot to enjoy [TS]

  European and give them this one line [TS]

  where he has the annoying but [TS]

  probability to care about people and [TS]

  take and make you make you better [TS]

  anyway it was it was again yeah [TS]

  unnecessary unimportant but they weren't [TS]

  afraid to be have cynical people accuse [TS]

  them of being overly sentimental that so [TS]

  that's that takes guts in a sitcom [TS]

  oh yeah not to mention a show that [TS]

  actually let Rob Lowe do something [TS]

  successfully for the first time not like [TS]

  you care [TS]

  he's funny and he's funny as hell [TS]

  because he's allowed to be a pretty boy [TS]

  have a pretty boy fancy lad [TS]

  well and and uh Adam Scott you know uh [TS]

  oh absolutely great and you know well in [TS]

  party down [TS]

  and is great in this and and I think [TS]

  puts the the whole fact that they that [TS]

  he comes in and and and they fall in [TS]

  love and get married and you've got your [TS]

  main character getting married and you [TS]

  know what it say there's plenty of [TS]

  comedy in them falling in love there's [TS]

  plenty of comedy and them getting [TS]

  married and there's plenty of comedy and [TS]

  being married and it you know series [TS]

  that avoid those kinds of places in [TS]

  somebody's life because they're afraid [TS]

  that if they if they change their gonna [TS]

  ruin things I this is another great [TS]

  example but they do that with with [TS]

  everybody I mean like that the another [TS]

  episode that gets me for that is they go [TS]

  they take an episode where you where [TS]

  Andy and April are going to get married [TS]

  yes and they started with the episode [TS]

  thinking oh my god this is such an awful [TS]

  idea but just because these two [TS]

  characters are so you know terrible in [TS]

  different ways and immature and that can [TS]

  think and they totally win you over the [TS]

  course of that episode to show you that [TS]

  the yeah okay these guys are immature in [TS]

  a little bit bizarre but they're also [TS]

  you know in love and clearly you know [TS]

  make a great pair and they've done a [TS]

  great job with those two characters too [TS]

  i really i love those can I love Chris [TS]

  Pratt I think he's i think is a yes I [TS]

  think he's a star basically and I think [TS]

  he is going to get to the point i think [TS]

  you got a couple starring roles coming [TS]

  up the axe here and i think he is he [TS]

  could be an a-lister like he's just he's [TS]

  great he's fantastic you read about the [TS]

  formation of the show and you feel you [TS]

  you really see the payoff of all these [TS]

  actors they cast because we don't know [TS]

  the the producers are some of the [TS]

  writers are saying we don't know what [TS]

  we're going to do with this character [TS]

  yet but we really really like this actor [TS]

  we figure if we just both have a walking [TS]

  through some scenes we'll figure out [TS]

  what to do with them later and I think [TS]

  that that's exactly it [TS]

  well let me tell you Andy Chris Pratt is [TS]

  uh i would argue now you could say that [TS]

  that that the character of Leslie Leslie [TS]

  Knope is is not served well in the first [TS]

  six episodes that you didn't watch [TS]

  because Apple wisely [TS]

  I mean and because she seems annoying [TS]

  and that's actually what I think a huge [TS]

  problem with it but as a sidenote Chris [TS]

  Pratt in the first six episodes i have [TS]

  not hated a character and more than [TS]

  chris pratt and those absence [TS]

  he's awful he is because he is and my [TS]

  friend and he's an ear [TS]

  he's a loser [TS]

  sir he's dragging her down he's going to [TS]

  live in the bottom of the of the pit and [TS]

  he's he's just he's a failure who's [TS]

  ruining it for somebody a character that [TS]

  we're supposed to like and the fact that [TS]

  they turned him around not just the show [TS]

  but that character and redeemed him is [TS]

  shocking to me because he was really not [TS]

  well served in that first season one day [TS]

  they you know that it's hard to even [TS]

  think about that now considering how [TS]

  wonderful and unlovable that character [TS]

  is oh yeah i'll just assume like the [TS]

  first season isn't the American versions [TS]

  like the the Austrian license the engine [TS]

  with a recast it i think the writers [TS]

  didn't really understand the characters [TS]

  the north korean version really i think [TS]

  i think we can all agree that Jerry is [TS]

  the worst though right now Gerald Hodges [TS]

  chick Gary it's gonna fit Jerry that's [TS]

  the only character trip over because [TS]

  it's aight i guess that supposed to be [TS]

  sort of an affectionate sort of blaming [TS]

  everything on Jerry that there's so many [TS]

  times for a single man it's actually [TS]

  really it's like the Jerry should leave [TS]

  at this point if if you weren't like two [TS]

  years away from retirement hit it feels [TS]

  like why they're being so maybe it does [TS]

  retire then he comes back Jerry with his [TS]

  beautiful wife and his beautiful [TS]

  children [TS]

  I love that that's the whole areas for [TS]

  ya christie brinkley seriously yeah yeah [TS]

  Jerry's Jerry's the one who's laughing [TS]

  who's laughing now it's generally these [TS]

  name is not agree it's gary it's never [TS]

  corrected anybody all right with your we [TS]

  rapidly running out of time so if people [TS]

  would like to mention other shows let's [TS]

  let's other new shows that have caught [TS]

  your attention for good or for ill this [TS]

  would be a good time to mention them [TS]

  well I i gave a try to all the new [TS]

  thursday night comedies both on CBS and [TS]

  NBC and right now they're still you know [TS]

  they're still kind of like this shape [TS]

  and lumps of dough that are still baking [TS]

  but so far i'm sticking with the crazy [TS]

  ones on CBS that's the robin williams [TS]

  and sarah michelle gellar in yes David [TS]

  Kelly screen works and Buffy working [TS]

  Buffy Buffy should not do comedy but but [TS]

  i would watch Morgan Buffy [TS]

  that actually be funnier I've only seen [TS]

  the pilot of the crazy ones and what [TS]

  struck me about it was interesting as I [TS]

  thought that they use Robin Williams [TS]

  effectively and I was kind of afraid of [TS]

  how they were going to use Robin [TS]

  Williams and the pacing of it felt like [TS]

  I was watching a movie more than a [TS]

  sitcom in that it didn't seem like that [TS]

  the way the the diet it was like well [TS]

  because it's david kelly was like [TS]

  rapid-fire dialogue and so I felt like I [TS]

  was listening to listen to like you know [TS]

  snappy dialogue and not listening to I [TS]

  talk about sitcom rhythm I felt like the [TS]

  crazy ones at least in the pilot episode [TS]

  didn't have a sitcom rhythm it had issue [TS]

  and i'm not sure i really loved it but [TS]

  it didn't feel it felt like more like I [TS]

  was watching half an hour over rom-com [TS]

  rather then a sitcom it really needs to [TS]

  be an hour long show i mean david kelly [TS]

  has that style and he's I mean it is [TS]

  it's gotten a little better in terms of [TS]

  sitcom pacing I think I think sarah [TS]

  michelle gellar has been horrific Lee [TS]

  miscast because she's yes [TS]

  not good in this at all new all she's [TS]

  there to do is basically like look at [TS]

  her father and be like come on let's [TS]

  take this seriously right she's she's [TS]

  the than the typical shrill exasperated [TS]

  David killer heroin and she's just I [TS]

  mean now she nails that but I don't want [TS]

  to watch that [TS]

  yeah I was but river almost everyone [TS]

  else in the show is a lot of fun true [TS]

  and it's it's really fun to watch the [TS]

  three men robin williams and James walk [TS]

  and hamish linklater bouncing off one [TS]

  another they're fantastic together and [TS]

  it's it's really neat that they show the [TS]

  outtakes as the end credits because you [TS]

  can see some of them are keeping up with [TS]

  Robin in terms of improv and ad-lib [TS]

  which that's no mean feeling whenever [TS]

  it's sort of like the gene siskel test [TS]

  of you know would you almost rather see [TS]

  these people sitting around talking [TS]

  instead of watching the thing they're [TS]

  making sometimes I wish for shows like [TS]

  that to be cancelled so that people who [TS]

  are good can go on and do better chose [TS]

  like James Wolk i really liked in a [TS]

  couple other things it's like yeah [TS]

  somebody to give him another shot at a [TS]

  starting role because he was pretty [TS]

  great on mad men and in the short-lived [TS]

  lonestar you [TS]

  oh that was so so said the other the [TS]

  other one I'm sticking with on Thursday [TS]

  nights is the Michael J Fox show which [TS]

  is it still gentle it's not [TS]

  laugh-out-loud all that much although [TS]

  occasionally there is a good laugh line [TS]

  but what's interesting is that the the [TS]

  actors all have a wonderful chemistry [TS]

  already and you just you sort of want [TS]

  the writing to catch up to the king [TS]

  the writing to catch up to the king [TS]

  the characters and and you know it could [TS]

  be it could be really good [TS]

  it's almost there but it's on after Sean [TS]

  saves the world which makes me want to [TS]

  put a bullet in my head so and that's [TS]

  the nicest thing I could say about it i [TS]

  watched two minutes of sean saves the [TS]

  world and said okay that's done [TS]

  yeah Michael J Fox show i watched the [TS]

  first two or three and you know I i had [TS]

  i felt that i felt no need to watch more [TS]

  of it I it was you know it was a show [TS]

  and also actually what struck me about [TS]

  that shows that it's two shows its [TS]

  there's a workplace in a family and they [TS]

  seem to not it almost seems like you [TS]

  know sometimes they're legendarily their [TS]

  shows that like they had their first [TS]

  season it's a typical and then they like [TS]

  new heart is like that and there's some [TS]

  other shows the barney miller right and [TS]

  and and then they figured it out and I [TS]

  feel like Michael J Fox shows like this [TS]

  the e they're accepting that that's the [TS]

  gambit it's like we're just going to do [TS]

  both and see which one works and then I [TS]

  imagine that if it comes back for [TS]

  another year to be like well hit the [TS]

  work thing didn't work out or we don't [TS]

  see the family much anymore it's more [TS]

  about him at work because it can't be [TS]

  too there's too many characters for a [TS]

  half an hour show it then too much and [TS]

  you have a new shows people want to [TS]

  highlight well yeah the other the other [TS]

  show i'm still looking for it is a [TS]

  couples looking forward to like almost [TS]

  human yes not debut yet yeah its debut [TS]

  guys we were actually going to be able [TS]

  to talk about it and then they push back [TS]

  the debut two weeks so it's not this [TS]

  weekend but i'm excited because i like [TS]

  Karl Karl Urban a lot [TS]

  yeah previously very good for that and [TS]

  it's from the people who do fringe and [TS]

  sleepy hollow yes can basically like [TS]

  like one of two games on television [TS]

  right now right [TS]

  unfortunately like I've picked up like [TS]

  three or four new shows in the past [TS]

  couple months but all of them are [TS]

  returning shows i missed the first time [TS]

  so they're new to you whether they're [TS]

  new to me but but but it shows it really [TS]

  for me at least it it i'm just not [TS]

  willing to I can't get excited about a [TS]

  new show and not excited enough to [TS]

  change my schedule or added to the DVR [TS]

  like i missed the first season of Bob's [TS]

  Burgers and now that's one of my [TS]

  favorite shows i think it's an [TS]

  exceptional [TS]

  completely out of place on the same but [TS]

  in front of in front of an hour worth of [TS]

  Seth MacFarlane yes that's why I stayed [TS]

  away because that's a that's too close [TS]

  to Seth McFarland for me [TS]

  yeah and plus again there was another [TS]

  case of I saw the two I saw the previews [TS]

  they picked all the wrong jokes they [TS]

  highlighted all the wrong parts of the [TS]

  show and then part of it was oh so they [TS]

  have like grown-up men playing the parts [TS]

  of voicing the parts of like young the [TS]

  the child girls how adult swim of you [TS]

  how avant-garde pass and of course that [TS]

  AC out of enjoying the show earlier [TS]

  alright I watch it I i was listening to [TS]

  a city or a podcast with writers from [TS]

  the daily show and they were talking [TS]

  about returning te and you know people I [TS]

  respect their comedy chops and they were [TS]

  all in agreement that Bob's Burgers was [TS]

  great and I thought really really [TS]

  because all I can judge buys those [TS]

  stupid fox brother also i'll say two to [TS]

  three quick things about it that make it [TS]

  unique number one they have the this I [TS]

  think it's the only cartoon show where [TS]

  they have the actors like all recording [TS]

  their lines at the same time so that [TS]

  either on the East Coast West Coast [TS]

  simultaneously over ISDN so we have [TS]

  characters actually interacting with [TS]

  each other and even talking over each [TS]

  other which totally changes the energy [TS]

  of it [TS]

  secondly they're writing kid characters [TS]

  like their kid characters that that if [TS]

  you are the ones the one show that will [TS]

  almost certainly hook you is the [TS]

  halloween episode that just aired a [TS]

  couple weeks ago where the kids the kids [TS]

  wanted I have this great great plan to [TS]

  like absolutely when Halloween [TS]

  trick-or-treating they're gonna have [TS]

  their parents make them a dragon costume [TS]

  and they're going to be for kids under [TS]

  it but they're gonna tell everybody [TS]

  everywhere they ring the doorbell to [TS]

  tell every there's ten kids under there [TS]

  and it's ready it just was so nostalgic [TS]

  for me because this is the mentality of [TS]

  you when you're like eight nine ten [TS]

  years old and there's this one night [TS]

  where you can just go from house to [TS]

  house and get free candy and that's just [TS]

  up with the perfect perfect episodes and [TS]

  and and again the ability to have that [TS]

  moment where here is a moment where we [TS]

  can either ruin it by being sarcastic [TS]

  and cynical or we can have a line that [TS]

  says that these people have [TS]

  relationships with each other that are [TS]

  good and sustaining ok we will not we [TS]

  will go up we will not do the singer [TS]

  will [TS]

  actually go for that nice moment but the [TS]

  episode with just so really really and [TS]

  and the music got the music like that [TS]

  from songs exactly like I the the from [TS]

  the the Topsy episode last year last [TS]

  season there's a where there's like a [TS]

  science fair project that involves [TS]

  Thomas Edison and that when the girls [TS]

  like wants to like sort of point out to [TS]

  a teacher that Edison actually had an [TS]

  open executed but the other brother [TS]

  writes this like little musical about [TS]

  the actual execution of the elephant and [TS]

  it's a great song like you wind up to [TS]

  sort of like singing it for the rest of [TS]

  the day anyway yeah i mean that that's a [TS]

  show that a lot of people you know I [TS]

  stayed away from it because like at you [TS]

  know it's in that Fox block and you know [TS]

  a lot of people i know kept saying we [TS]

  should watch this this is you know you [TS]

  it's your kind of thing and I kept [TS]

  thinking wow you just don't know my kind [TS]

  of thing that ok fine whatever and about [TS]

  i don't know about a year-and-a-half ago [TS]

  I was laid up for a weekend and I'd you [TS]

  know i was just sort of like I want [TS]

  everyone to watch i'll try Bob's Burgers [TS]

  and I just pounded through all of season [TS]

  one on netflix and all of what was of [TS]

  season two on hulu in like two days and [TS]

  when [TS]

  oh god I was an idiot of course Kazakhs [TS]

  my thing that my favorite kind of show [TS]

  is the one where you start late as [TS]

  anything I've got my head up my butt for [TS]

  not i could have been enjoying the show [TS]

  for a year and a half and I'm just [TS]

  starting to enjoy it now but then you [TS]

  get to watch it all in one huge try and [TS]

  feel like you've just answered which is [TS]

  great deal like me and supernatural [TS]

  there someday I'll finish Jason I i also [TS]

  didn't you mentioned almost human I I [TS]

  should throw out there that I haven't [TS]

  seen I'm not sure any of us have seen [TS]

  Jonathan Rhys Meyers is take on Dracula [TS]

  in nbc's Dracula take back your plate [TS]

  which I prefer to CPS is Dracula CBS is [TS]

  Dracula's a courtroom drama yet CBS [TS]

  Dracula is Sherlock Holmes it's CSI [TS]

  Dracula actually it [TS]

  CSI transfer he's moved to New York he's [TS]

  partnered with Lucy Liu guess I [TS]

  Dracula's the worst because in every [TS]

  episode they catch the guy it's Dracula [TS]

  its structure and he goes blah [TS]

  you caught me any truth to that flies [TS]

  away [TS]

  damn it next week don't forget a net for [TS]

  the bat close the window dammit [TS]

  sometimes the third act did they finally [TS]

  get chief we got the DNA traces back it [TS]

  wasn't just to stab wounds with an [TS]

  icepick as we originally thought [TS]

  Dracula's struck again damn you Dracula [TS]

  like we're gonna have to take a bite out [TS]

  of this suspect law tried to get me this [TS]

  time blah [TS]

  I've been framed it was a stapler the [TS]

  incomparable trakula will be just like [TS]

  this [TS]

  sorry no Jason that was CSI count [TS]

  chocula yeah well very close very close [TS]

  legally distinct actually the count is [TS]

  it was one of my favorite character to [TS]

  puncture woods haha ah he's more of a [TS]

  serial killer the account mr. blueberry [TS]

  I just don't know why it protecting that [TS]

  bag of scum regular like this he would [TS]

  flip you and five seconds if he were in [TS]

  this room and you know it a night NYPD [TS]

  blue berry honored all of this is far [TS]

  more entertaining than NBC's track and [TS]

  we we assume yes sir we didn't watch it [TS]

  you haven't seen it we just market i [TS]

  turned it off [TS]

  NBC's Dracula pairs nicely with the prom [TS]

  I saw the other day for i Frankenstein [TS]

  looks like other works would be good to [TS]

  be good [TS]

  oh god that expand did somebody before [TS]

  we started to somebody say that they [TS]

  wanted to talk about masters of sex [TS]

  because now's your chance that's a new [TS]

  show i'm watching masters of sex [TS]

  you're wearing anything Scott I i I'm [TS]

  well you know that I didn't realize that [TS]

  Johnson and masters use themselves in [TS]

  their sexual research which I question [TS]

  the the ethics and professionalism but [TS]

  yes it seems iffy but the show itself is [TS]

  a very good not for the kids know a lot [TS]

  of naked people doing out what naked [TS]

  people do play scrabble aerobics [TS]

  scientific experiment exactly but it is [TS]

  it is a quite good if you have whatever [TS]

  channel it's a shot [TS]

  that's an endorsement Scott this is a [TS]

  show you should watch if you have that [TS]

  connection with the problem the problem [TS]

  though is I associate the showtime [TS]

  jingle with Dexter so every time the [TS]

  showtimes he starts I was assuming i'm [TS]

  about to watch people get horribly [TS]

  killed but now i'm about to watch people [TS]

  have sex in the hospital so NASA takes a [TS]

  mind-shield good news could do it is [TS]

  kind of good news it's sure what a [TS]

  relief [TS]

  we were talking about shows the [TS]

  delightful discoveries and and I i [TS]

  mentioned this in a previous episode but [TS]

  i'll throw it out now because they just [TS]

  I think just reran it and hopefully [TS]

  it'll be going on streaming to probably [TS]

  the best show that I've discovered in [TS]

  the in this year is a BBC America's [TS]

  orphan black oh yes which i highly [TS]

  recommend i like that a lot it is a [TS]

  strange show it gets better and stranger [TS]

  as it goes and it has the performance of [TS]

  the year in Tatiana maslany as about [TS]

  five different characters each playing [TS]

  multiple versions of the other ones and [TS]

  it's not to be missed it's a lot of fun [TS]

  it builds as it goes I don't know what [TS]

  the hell they're gonna do for season two [TS]

  but I really really enjoyed season one [TS]

  of orphan black and i actually just we [TS]

  recorded the rear because i want to i [TS]

  want to watch it again because it's [TS]

  that's almost the kind of show you would [TS]

  expect from joss whedon in a way [TS]

  all right right back up before he was [TS]

  shepherding billion-dollar franchise [TS]

  around it is so it is a weird character [TS]

  driven it's a high-concept show I mean [TS]

  about these women who are all clones and [TS]

  so they're all played by the same [TS]

  actress but it goes with it it it plays [TS]

  that premise to its its fullest and it's [TS]

  much more about the the characters than [TS]

  you might think [TS]

  and the the you know it gets funny as it [TS]

  goes a lot of great supporting cast to [TS]

  lots of good stuff so i recommend that [TS]

  one even though that's been a little [TS]

  while because that was my that's that's [TS]

  my real winner of a discovery I [TS]

  the year more than any of these shows [TS]

  this fall so far i got to recurring [TS]

  shows that I i wanted to give a shout [TS]

  out to one is arrow which I think I've [TS]

  mentioned before which is not like its [TS]

  kind of sleepy hollow level basically if [TS]

  you like comic book stuff this is a show [TS]

  like you know that did it much better [TS]

  than agents of field which is how do we [TS]

  take you know a superhero and making [TS]

  interesting every week and it's quite [TS]

  good and there's a lot of DC Comics [TS]

  canoe they are throwing in watts and [TS]

  lots and lots of DC Comics stuff in more [TS]

  recent episodes Rachel ghoul has not [TS]

  showed up but been mentioned many times [TS]

  the League of Assassins you know lots of [TS]

  great DC Comics fanboy odd set and it's [TS]

  in it's fun and they have you no good [TS]

  characters and do some writing and good [TS]

  casting so I actually think that shows [TS]

  pretty great idea that's on my legs of [TS]

  of going back and watching CSI watch the [TS]

  first season all over the summer and [TS]

  then like start up with the second [TS]

  season when it just kicked off and they [TS]

  have really not pulled like they were on [TS]

  full throttle into the second season so [TS]

  it's a it's pretty entertaining [TS]

  alright and the other one is a legend of [TS]

  korra which if is the follow-up to the [TS]

  avatar the last airbender gorgeously [TS]

  animated series on nickelodeon actually [TS]

  and I think they're about in the middle [TS]

  of the second season right now and talk [TS]

  about a show that manages to to be both [TS]

  funny and incredibly touching at times [TS]

  and just all around beautiful with some [TS]

  great voice acting and it's just it's [TS]

  fantastic show and it's pretty [TS]

  accessible i think it probably helps if [TS]

  you've seen avatar which is our longer [TS]

  but this is I think they're on there [TS]

  second of you know 13 episode season [TS]

  essentially for Legend of Korra but it [TS]

  looks a lot better than avatar in many [TS]

  ways the animation is superior [TS]

  so yeah that one gets a huge thumbs up [TS]

  that's great show [TS]

  alright what else this is your this is [TS]

  your last chance to put in a plug for a [TS]

  new or returning show that you like this [TS]

  might be kind of an unplug I've been out [TS]

  i came back to how i met your mother [TS]

  because it's the final see [TS]

  and and some of us have been watching [TS]

  all along go over just horse Stockholm [TS]

  Syndrome is lovely this time of year we [TS]

  and bastard my god [TS]

  uh yeah it's it's it's an interesting [TS]

  idea i mean part of what brought me back [TS]

  was was the structure that the entire [TS]

  season is taking place over the course [TS]

  of this long weekend with with the [TS]

  script you know culminates in the [TS]

  wedding and then beating the mother and [TS]

  what I'm finding is that first of all [TS]

  it's really weird the jason segel is [TS]

  sort of separated from everyone else in [TS]

  the cast [TS]

  it's almost like that last season of the [TS]

  Bob Newhart show where they're like [TS]

  seven or eight episodes where where Bob [TS]

  calls and says hi I'm on the road and [TS]

  he's not in the rest of the episode [TS]

  which is really weird and he just wanted [TS]

  a vacation for the last season and so [TS]

  that's weird but the other thing I'm [TS]

  noticing is by taking it down to this [TS]

  micro level it's really highlighting [TS]

  everything you could possibly hate about [TS]

  every one of these characters it's it's [TS]

  really hard to watch and every now and [TS]

  then there's a nice moment and then they [TS]

  go back and do something really in a way [TS]

  like oh it has that sitcom problem we [TS]

  were talking about earlier way out after [TS]

  nine seasons it's like this this show [TS]

  used to be brilliant and funny and they [TS]

  just kind of devolved into let's hit the [TS]

  same three notice you know for each [TS]

  character and that's unfortunate [TS]

  every character is distorted and a [TS]

  parody of the original character and [TS]

  like you dan I've watched them all and [TS]

  i'm just gonna grind through it till the [TS]

  end because yeah that's where at the end [TS]

  now and every now and then there's a [TS]

  glimmer glimmer where you realize that [TS]

  this you know but you know [TS]

  yeah and these shows were not made for [TS]

  this many episodes this is that out that [TS]

  it's that classic simpsons line at that [TS]

  was said by phil hartman which is what [TS]

  you know will continue until the series [TS]

  becomes unprofitable and I think about [TS]

  that with these you know when you're in [TS]

  season 8 of a sitcom it's like there is [TS]

  nothing left here there is i mean it's [TS]

  rare is it's not impossible but it [TS]

  it's rare and it usually takes some kind [TS]

  of bold new directions on a new [TS]

  characters to make it different and how [TS]

  i met your mother is the same characters [TS]

  we started with and they've just been in [TS]

  this period of kind of arrested [TS]

  development and they you know what what [TS]

  passes for changes that two characters [TS]

  come together and then they split apart [TS]

  and then they come back together again [TS]

  which isn't change it all the characters [TS]

  don't really change right like that's it [TS]

  the situation change the beginning it [TS]

  was a brilliant kind of like on socom [TS]

  and now it's just a fun and it's really [TS]

  weird that you know when you get to the [TS]

  ninth season this is one of the few [TS]

  shows i've seen where they they didn't [TS]

  develop any other characters there's no [TS]

  surrounding world around these people [TS]

  except for you know the occasional guest [TS]

  but I realized that i'm i'm potentially [TS]

  touching the third rail of of nerd pop [TS]

  culture here but as somebody who has [TS]

  also seen every episode of the big bang [TS]

  theory i would argue that the reason [TS]

  that the big baby maybe with me on this [TS]

  the reason the big bang theory is still [TS]

  interesting at all now is because over [TS]

  the last few years they introduced three [TS]

  feet whether to you there's already one [TS]

  female characters to female counterparts [TS]

  to other characters and created not only [TS]

  a dynamic between the those female [TS]

  characters and their male counterparts [TS]

  but I didn't dynamic between the female [TS]

  characters that added an entire like an [TS]

  entire other sitcom on top of the [TS]

  existing sitcom premise and that's why [TS]

  big bang theory still has any interest [TS]

  to me at all it's because they realized [TS]

  they kind of had wrung out the [TS]

  interaction between the small group of [TS]

  characters and they added more [TS]

  characters and they saved their show and [TS]

  and they let the the original characters [TS]

  grow and change and evolve exactly and [TS]

  and and part and part of that is that [TS]

  this this introduction to these outsider [TS]

  characters that quickly became insider [TS]

  characters because you know that because [TS]

  Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler Amy really [TS]

  is his counterpart only she's a lot more [TS]

  sophisticated yet she was exactly on the [TS]

  same level as as Sheldon when she was [TS]

  introduced at the end of that the event [TS]

  of that season where she's only she's [TS]

  going on the state because his mother [TS]

  mother has a better deal with that [TS]

  going on Monday year and this experience [TS]

  has opened her up as a person and [TS]

  partner that while it is kinda cool to [TS]

  be in a relationship it is cool to have [TS]

  friends and it's cool to hang out I [TS]

  should be more social [TS]

  meanwhile and if Sheldon is still sort [TS]

  of treading water that's a kind of okay [TS]

  by this because we get to see here is [TS]

  what he could be doing if he were a [TS]

  little bit more able to adapt and change [TS]

  and i think that I I keep hoping keep [TS]

  wanted to write that one of the most [TS]

  embarrassing ligi blog post I've ever [TS]

  contemplated which is just here's a [TS]

  breakdown of all the dynamics of big [TS]

  bang theory and where if it was if if my [TS]

  faith in the these writers is [TS]

  underscored that they're gonna add some [TS]

  point let all this come to a head [TS]

  because there has to be there has to be [TS]

  a scene in which it was child realizes [TS]

  he can't be have a boyfriend anymore and [TS]

  Amy realizes that this is not something [TS]

  that she would have thought three years [TS]

  ago but she can do better now because [TS]

  now she is more developed but then a [TS]

  petition you're absolutely right it's [TS]

  like you could have an entire show in [TS]

  which the in which the a story is these [TS]

  three ladies and then the men who are [TS]

  you know the the launch pin for the [TS]

  entire series are just olm plus they [TS]

  have to fix the water the guys have to [TS]

  fix the washing machine but really this [TS]

  is all going to be about about about the [TS]

  about the ladies having a long long [TS]

  discussion about about their lives that [TS]

  would be great one [TS]

  you know it's like the other week you [TS]

  know this is a show that started as a [TS]

  very standard issue sitcom you know very [TS]

  basic joke delivery system and you know [TS]

  and I've watched it from the beginning [TS]

  and if you had told me at the beginning [TS]

  of the series that what seven years in [TS]

  they're gonna do a thing where Wolowitz [TS]

  is not only married but he's romantic [TS]

  and he sings this beautiful song to his [TS]

  wife and that i would tear up watching [TS]

  that song exist likely and I was a [TS]

  seriously it's like this is like just [TS]

  like just like some people will be like [TS]

  watching watching like a football game [TS]

  in which someone running the ball from [TS]

  the 20 to 30 to 40 then read their own [TS]

  end zone and your biggest don't fall [TS]

  don't fumble don't fall don't trouble i [TS]

  was watching that beautiful beautiful [TS]

  song that beautiful beautiful moment [TS]

  it's like oh please don't end with a [TS]

  joke where because she's behind [TS]

  she couldn't hear that all you got what [TS]

  did you just do please let this be oh [TS]

  yes yes yes text you let it be an [TS]

  authentic moment [TS]

  god I love you chuck lorre I forgive you [TS]

  I forgive you for two and a half men and [TS]

  and i gotta say you know the they've [TS]

  released the song on itunes with the [TS]

  original cast singing it's a different [TS]

  recording it sits slightly more polished [TS]

  and all the proceeds going to charity [TS]

  which is wonderful and I went and bought [TS]

  it and and then the actor who plays well [TS]

  with he was actually playing yeah he's [TS]

  amazing that's amazing Amy yeah and he's [TS]

  in a dr horrible's sing-along blog by [TS]

  Joss Whedon see we brought all the way [TS]

  back around two minutes bad show uh-oh [TS]

  Scott it's no supernatural know what is [TS]

  really well on that note I feel like [TS]

  what we've done here is proven that we [TS]

  have no lives and what we do is watch [TS]

  television [TS]

  alright you got this according to German [TS]

  you got us [TS]

  guilty as charged this is like the final [TS]

  episode of seinfeld that's right that's [TS]

  right we can't escape [TS]

  we've proven that we've talked ourselves [TS]

  into a corner listeners you're no better [TS]

  you're listening to us talk about [TS]

  television was that make you know that [TS]

  means they're better than us because [TS]

  they listen to people talking about [TS]

  television they don't actually watch it [TS]

  themselves at all not at least we're out [TS]

  there living television are just living [TS]

  on the television vicariously through us [TS]

  ok so that very there you go down and [TS]

  just accept the stuff we didn't talk [TS]

  about in that show that they premiered [TS]

  two weeks late so I could talk about it [TS]

  but otherwise we have a sturdy have [TS]

  wrapped up faulty I hope we've given you [TS]

  some ideas of things that you want to [TS]

  watch or we may be made you shake your [TS]

  fist and yeah that bothered me too i [TS]

  don't know that those are all valid [TS]

  choices those are all valid responses to [TS]

  this and watch what you like [TS]

  yeah that's the big bang theory even if [TS]

  you yes yes even if you have a hardened [TS]

  are watching the big bang theory and are [TS]

  not heartless monster like Scott it [TS]

  oh did I say that out loud it works for [TS]

  me [TS]

  he all right but you are watching [TS]

  masters of sex so it's true so haha who [TS]

  is winning [TS]

  it is a fine example of programming on [TS]

  the whatever channel it is on if you had [TS]

  that and it's true if you have that [TS]

  channel if you have that channel watch [TS]

  that show that's on that tile it up [TS]

  yep good advice [TS]

  or at least advice alright so i want to [TS]

  thank my guest is always the couch [TS]

  potatoes of the incomparable the morin [TS]

  thank you for being here [TS]

  always a pleasure i gotta go watch some [TS]

  TV yeah yeah I got a half a season of [TS]

  supernatural still to go through Scott [TS]

  McNulty thank you as always thank you [TS]

  for having me on [TS]

  i forgot to mention the good wife so [TS]

  watch that too [TS]

  ok other book versions of the TV series [TS]

  that we should be keeping an eye out for [TS]

  turn turn TV in a book [TS]

  look I i I'd you have a collection of [TS]

  short stories about colombo ok good so [TS]

  look for that check that out [TS]

  David Laura thanks for being here again [TS]

  thank you as always i'm i'm just going [TS]

  to go over to my bookshelf and pull off [TS]

  all the a-team novelizations which I kid [TS]

  you not or sitting right there on the 18 [TS]

  that's a classic what it do they how do [TS]

  they describe the scenes where they [TS]

  build a build something in the middle as [TS]

  an interleaving music played tail just [TS]

  describe your music that's really weird [TS]

  that they have to have like charts and [TS]

  how they built the flamethrower to put [TS]

  on top of the van why don't they just go [TS]

  and they built a flamethrower out of [TS]

  things they find it's actually 30 pages [TS]

  of ba saying i get on a plane and [TS]

  getting on the moon food see dan dan [TS]

  knows the a-team he can make a reference [TS]

  to the 18 the beast in the billions [TS]

  we're going on the 18 [TS]

  yeah and antioch oh thank you so much [TS]

  for being on the uncomfortable TV [TS]

  special TV addition you're an excellent [TS]

  host Ron Swanson and that wraps it up [TS]

  for this week's incomparable I hope [TS]

  you've got some TV to go watch fill your [TS]

  DVRs enjoy settle down in the couch with [TS]

  a little cup of tea or some other sort [TS]

  of adult beverage and and watch nbc's [TS]

  Dracula fill your DVRs with tea and it [TS]

  there until next time this is jason [TS]

  still signing off and comfortable thanks [TS]

  for listening [TS]