59: Safari is Apple's Google


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  the world of Apple and related [TS]

  technologies and businesses [TS]

  nothing is so perfect that it cannot be [TS]

  eradicated liquidated and exterminated [TS]

  by my co-host John siracusa i'm dan [TS]

  benjamin today is Friday March 16th this [TS]

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  progresses hello Jon siracusa load and [TS]

  Benjamin big day for you today iPad day [TS]

  everybody in your family new iPad [TS]

  arrives today no new iPads in this house [TS]

  yesterday I got my new Apple TV though [TS]

  oh cool so well I'm sure you'll have a [TS]

  lot to say about that [TS]

  yes we will talk about the excellent but [TS]

  first oh okay good crop this week I [TS]

  should practice my name pronunciations [TS]

  for the show the first one right off the [TS]

  bat I'm in trouble [TS]

  cereal goat Froy oppa did a good job but [TS]

  that has pointed me to a ZFS time [TS]

  machine implementation so it's a bunch [TS]

  of command line scripts that leverage [TS]

  the FS to do something like what Time [TS]

  Machine does so you're sending backup [TS]

  from one ZFS pool to another using that [TS]

  incremental block differences that I [TS]

  talked about in one of the past shows [TS]

  and deleting old backups as you go so [TS]

  people are building their own time [TS]

  machine Apple using tens complement ZFS [TS]

  on Mac OS 10 and their own meager Perl [TS]

  skills to slap together some scripts to [TS]

  try to do something better than what [TS]

  happens with time machine so it's good [TS]

  to see the geeks taking the ball and [TS]

  running within there Jonathan Sutter was [TS]

  the first person to write in to tell us [TS]

  that the always show tab bar preference [TS]

  that we were looking for in vain on the [TS]

  last podcasting Safari is actually in [TS]

  the view menu and so far as probably [TS]

  where it always was is I just miss [TS]

  remembering and maybe it was Firefox [TS]

  that idea we showed to have bar [TS]

  checkmarks and preferences but if you go [TS]

  to [TS]

  the view menu there is a item called [TS]

  show tab bar and sure enough if you [TS]

  activate that on Safari five point two [TS]

  one big giant honking tab comes down [TS]

  yeah be activated on Safari five point [TS]

  one one small tab comes down ah I still [TS]

  don't know anyone who runs with that on [TS]

  like who wants to see the tab bar all [TS]

  the time I just want to see it when [TS]

  there's more than one tab so maybe the [TS]

  effect is somewhat jarring for people if [TS]

  to see it shift slightly I don't I have [TS]

  no idea I have no idea what anybody [TS]

  would run that it might change your [TS]

  window size either I don't know people [TS]

  have different purposes but anyway [TS]

  that's where it is and it's off by [TS]

  default I think so yes [TS]

  Justin Scholes so plans like a wonderful [TS]

  vacation place Justin Scholes yeah [TS]

  pointed me to a 1080p version of the [TS]

  Apple Keynote podcast scream did I talk [TS]

  about this already some my podcast and [TS]

  tweets are blending together I'm pretty [TS]

  sure I tweeted about this but I didn't [TS]

  mention this on the past podcast right I [TS]

  don't recall it but it's probably worth [TS]

  mentioning again because there's a lot [TS]

  of people who would like this yeah so [TS]

  I'm always looking for the the [TS]

  highest-quality version of whatever [TS]

  Apple's event video video whatever event [TS]

  Apple just did so in this case it would [TS]

  be the introduction of the new iPad they [TS]

  had that video event which we couldn't [TS]

  see live but we could see the live blogs [TS]

  and then shortly after the event Apple [TS]

  puts a video of it they put it on their [TS]

  website but if you want a downloadable [TS]

  copy of it you can subscribe in iTunes [TS]

  to apples podcast feed I think it's just [TS]

  called Apple events and there are three [TS]

  versions of it this the plain one [TS]

  there's one called HD and now there's [TS]

  one called 1080p and 1080p one has just [TS]

  what it says a big gigantic 1080p [TS]

  version some people on Twitter asking me [TS]

  why why do I want the 1080p version of [TS]

  this why do I want this thing at all why [TS]

  do I care about the quality didn't I [TS]

  just watch this keynote I'd like to have [TS]

  sort of backup copies of this stuff [TS]

  because I refer back to them sometimes [TS]

  years later so I try to save all of the [TS]

  videos of all of the Apple events [TS]

  because I'm writing something three [TS]

  years from now on I see hey well what [TS]

  did what they actually say at the iPad [TS]

  introduction and trying to go by your [TS]

  memory or by googling for stories on it [TS]

  is difficult I like to have the original [TS]

  source material there and why do I need [TS]

  the big giant highest quality source [TS]

  material like well I'm going to be [TS]

  saving something any [TS]

  why why don't I save the ice quality [TS]

  version now because sometimes you want [TS]

  to read something on a screen in a [TS]

  screenshot now at this point the 1080p [TS]

  may actually be like a stretched version [TS]

  and it was only recorded in 720 it's [TS]

  hard to tell like the 1080 does look a [TS]

  little soft in areas and so it's like [TS]

  how much more information are you really [TS]

  getting over the regular HD one would [TS]

  just closer to 720 I think I just like [TS]

  having the best quality version [TS]

  available so I figure it can't hurt and [TS]

  yet it's humongous and it's like 5 [TS]

  gigabytes to download this video but I'm [TS]

  going a lot of hard drive space and when [TS]

  I run out of space then I'll worry about [TS]

  it but what are we up next smoke [TS]

  detector my smoke detector so it left [TS]

  less last podcast we talked a lot about [TS]

  this talking smoke detector I got and [TS]

  the problems I had with it activating [TS]

  itself which was eventually tracked to [TS]

  the IR sensor and some possible source [TS]

  of IR many people questioned my [TS]

  hypothesis that something in the [TS]

  neighbor's house was triggering it I [TS]

  don't have proof of that all I know is [TS]

  there is line-of-sight right into like a [TS]

  room that I know people are going to see [TS]

  the lights going on and off so through [TS]

  glass with no drapes or anything there [TS]

  is actually a line of sight from the [TS]

  smoke detector to that window but there [TS]

  are many other sources of IR within the [TS]

  house ok people are saying that [TS]

  fluorescent lights can sometimes give [TS]

  off high hours of all sorts of things [TS]

  like that I know it's not in line of [TS]

  sight of any of my television remotes [TS]

  and none of my television remotes are [TS]

  even pointed towards it but [TS]

  experimentation determined that yes [TS]

  really really does activate by IR I can [TS]

  take my own remote pointed the thing and [TS]

  hit it and watch it go on so I know that [TS]

  does it and I know it was going on by [TS]

  itself when there was no smoke or co2 [TS]

  available so that's the best theory I [TS]

  have now many people rode in and we did [TS]

  and told me why don't you just tape over [TS]

  the IR sensor that's why I would have [TS]

  liked to do that but the IR sensor it's [TS]

  buried too deep within this thing and [TS]

  it's got vents and slats all around it [TS]

  so since I don't know where the IR is [TS]

  coming from or what it's bouncing off of [TS]

  I would have to cover all of the vents [TS]

  and slats with tape and then at that [TS]

  point I've disabled the smoke detector [TS]

  because I'm pretty sure those vents are [TS]

  important for the smoke to get in to be [TS]

  detected so I didn't want to mess with [TS]

  it it's not probably not a good idea to [TS]

  mess with your smoke detector in that [TS]

  way but shortly after the show Matthew [TS]

  Copsey [TS]

  we did to me that he knows how to [TS]

  disable the IR sensor and he sent me in [TS]

  the tweet there's like a picture of a [TS]

  webform or something with someone [TS]

  quoting from the user manual so I looked [TS]

  at my user manual and I said ah because [TS]

  I had looked in there I said this got to [TS]

  be way too disabled as IR sensor and I [TS]

  couldn't find it and then I'm like maybe [TS]

  I'm just not finding it because my [TS]

  visual grep is not good you ever find [TS]

  yourself staring at a piece of paper and [TS]

  reaching for the /ki like you're looking [TS]

  at something less than you want to do a [TS]

  search nearly always oh yeah there's no [TS]

  search in real life so I pulled up a PDF [TS]

  of the manual by the way this is one of [TS]

  the great uses of the internet / nerds [TS]

  who may be listening to this and you [TS]

  don't know about this you can find [TS]

  pretty easily a PDF version of the paper [TS]

  manual for almost any home appliance you [TS]

  would think ah who's going to have a PDF [TS]

  of my of my smoke detector online that [TS]

  that's you know all you need is like the [TS]

  model number you just got to write the [TS]

  exact model number maybe they make and [TS]

  then manual then do in your Elko and PDF [TS]

  or just type PDF you will find believe [TS]

  it or not PDF versions of the manual for [TS]

  all your appliances almost all I don't [TS]

  know where they come from I don't know [TS]

  if there's one particular site to look [TS]

  forward just type it into Google you'll [TS]

  find it and sure enough I found a PDF [TS]

  version of my exact smoke detector I [TS]

  open that in preview and did a search [TS]

  and it was um it was actual text it's [TS]

  not one of those PDFs it's just like a [TS]

  giant TIFF image of the thing you've [TS]

  seen those ones those you can't search [TS]

  on but this was actual searchable text [TS]

  and I searched again for the text that [TS]

  was there anything haven't do the [TS]

  disable or IR or the exact text or the [TS]

  thing so I couldn't find it so somehow I [TS]

  have a smoke detector whose manual does [TS]

  not tell you how to disable the IR [TS]

  sensor but the instructions that Matthew [TS]

  Copsey posted to me actually did work [TS]

  and for the people who might happen to [TS]

  have this smoke detector or another one [TS]

  the secret was take out the batteries [TS]

  they're in like the sliding battery [TS]

  compartment where you snap the things [TS]

  into the battering apartment you sort of [TS]

  slide shut like a drawer so pull out the [TS]

  little battery drawer hold down the one [TS]

  button that's on this thing which is the [TS]

  silence test whatever a combination [TS]

  Luber button hold down the button and [TS]

  then shove the drawer in while you're [TS]

  holding down the button and it will make [TS]

  a little trip like Boop and and then it [TS]

  doesn't say anything to say I are [TS]

  disabled or anything but then I tested [TS]

  it by taking my remote and shooting it [TS]

  all over the thing and I could not make [TS]

  it go up so now the [TS]

  talking smoke detector is in its the [TS]

  place where we've planned to put it we [TS]

  have not had many false alarm since last [TS]

  week and I'm pretty confident that this [TS]

  way of disabling the IR sensor actually [TS]

  works so thank you Matthew for that and [TS]

  for other people worried about smoking [TS]

  talk to us smoke detectors talking smoke [TS]

  detectors there is hope even if you have [TS]

  an IR sensor to safely disable it [TS]

  oh and Kelly in New Zealand are brought [TS]

  to tell me that they have smoke [TS]

  detectors there that allow you to [TS]

  trigger it by shining a strong light at [TS]

  the alarm as he says this is crazy [TS]

  making as there doesn't seem to be any [TS]

  predictability about what Delta and [TS]

  light level triggers it it's always a [TS]

  good time when it goes off when [TS]

  half-asleep you turn on the bathroom [TS]

  light first thing in the morning [TS]

  so that's even worse than IR something [TS]

  that goes out just from from shining a [TS]

  light on it that seems like a terrible [TS]

  idea [TS]

  I don't know if that's like New Zealand [TS]

  mandated or just something someone came [TS]

  up with Greg burns the own wrote in to [TS]

  give me suggestions on how to solve my [TS]

  issues with the smart cover I said that [TS]

  if I get a new iPad which I probably [TS]

  will eventually I will probably get the [TS]

  smart cover for it I have complaints [TS]

  about it but overall I like it and one [TS]

  of my complaints was that one of the [TS]

  smart cover is open when I flap it [TS]

  around to the back it doesn't sort of [TS]

  stick to the back that well and it's [TS]

  like how do what do you do with this [TS]

  thing that's on the back I said I didn't [TS]

  like folding it up but when it's flat a [TS]

  little last thing flaps down it's kind [TS]

  of annoying so he says when I just take [TS]

  it off take it off entirely when you're [TS]

  not using I have a couple of problems [TS]

  with that the first one is or where do I [TS]

  put it when I take it off I don't like [TS]

  now I have two things that to keep track [TS]

  of and remember not to leave behind and [TS]

  just finding some place to set it down [TS]

  you know it's just it's inconvenient I'm [TS]

  thinking of the time when I use the iPad [TS]

  the most was the WWC last year I used it [TS]

  like you know hours a day everyday and [TS]

  you just want to have that iPad on your [TS]

  lap and you want to be I was typing on [TS]

  it believe it or not taking notes and I [TS]

  don't want to have to find somewhere in [TS]

  the little chairs they give you to sit [TS]

  of WotC sessions a show of my thing [TS]

  Allah put it back in my backpack but [TS]

  then I go take it out of my backpack and [TS]

  put it back on and slowly thoughts oh I [TS]

  don't want to deal with that the second [TS]

  problem is that the little hinge thing [TS]

  is the little magnet hinge thingies that [TS]

  clip on to your iPad those are made of [TS]

  metal they have pretty sharp edges and [TS]

  you have to be pretty careful when you [TS]

  put that on not to like [TS]

  you see people do where they they take [TS]

  off the smart cover comes off and they [TS]

  try to put it back on it flaps under the [TS]

  screen those metal things clack against [TS]

  the grille glass in the front of your [TS]

  iPad maybe they're not going to scratch [TS]

  it but I know they can scratch the [TS]

  aluminum back on it and you know the one [TS]

  back will someone who cares of a scratch [TS]

  I don't like the idea of those metal [TS]

  things clacking around and I don't have [TS]

  to be so careful to make sure that I [TS]

  take it off peel it off carefully and [TS]

  then put it back on I don't like that [TS]

  process of taking it off putting Drive [TS]

  it makes me uncomfortable to have metal [TS]

  clacking against metal or metal clacking [TS]

  against glass or to have to worry about [TS]

  that and then he says when you're [TS]

  holding that when you use the iPad while [TS]

  holding it in your hand the Smart Cover [TS]

  has no purpose and should be removed I [TS]

  think it does have a purpose I think the [TS]

  very important purpose and one of the [TS]

  reasons I like the Smart Cover is that [TS]

  when it's flapped around to the back [TS]

  like that it vastly increases the the [TS]

  coefficient of friction of the iPad and [TS]

  your leg or whatever thing that you're [TS]

  on so if you have that smooth luminal [TS]

  glass back resting on your knees it's [TS]

  very easy for it sort of skitter off or [TS]

  if you're just you're laying down with [TS]

  your knees up or whatever doesn't stay [TS]

  up there but the microfiber back of that [TS]

  of the Smart Cover that's normally on [TS]

  the screen is very very grippy so you [TS]

  put that on any sort of fabric or [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  it gives sort of a it keeps the iPad [TS]

  from sliding around and makes it feel [TS]

  much more secure especially when you're [TS]

  typing so you don't your leg muscles [TS]

  aren't tensed as you're trying to keep [TS]

  this thing poised on your lap exactly [TS]

  that the friction really helps so I'll [TS]

  still be getting a Smart Cover and I [TS]

  still don't have a great solution for [TS]

  these few annoyances [TS]

  what I guess the best solution would [TS]

  probably be for Apple to put [TS]

  super-strong magnets in the back of the [TS]

  iPad to pair up with the ones in the in [TS]

  the cover when it flaps backwards the [TS]

  main they do have magnets there now is [TS]

  just that they're not quite up to the [TS]

  task of keeping it stuck the light [TS]

  especially that last flap stuck to the [TS]

  thing but I'm sure there's not a lot of [TS]

  room to spare on the iPad and this is [TS]

  probably not high in their list of [TS]

  tweaks to make the real tweak they [TS]

  should make that smart cover I didn't [TS]

  mention this last time is that that [TS]

  microfiber stuff that they have inside [TS]

  the screen where you you know you put it [TS]

  on your screen and it cleans your screen [TS]

  automatically that actually does clean [TS]

  your screen but it only cleans your [TS]

  screen where it makes contact and since [TS]

  the Smart Cover is like foldable until [TS]

  origami shapes with the little triangle [TS]

  and stuff there are thin regions and [TS]

  those thin regions don't touch the [TS]

  screen so it cleans the Smart Cover [TS]

  it cleans your screen except for these [TS]

  little stripes you've probably seen this [TS]

  on your iPad anyone who has a Smart [TS]

  Cover you can tell just by looking at [TS]

  their iPad because their screen is [TS]

  unevenly clean this clean area and a [TS]

  dirty stripe a clean area than dirty [TS]

  stripe and clean area than dirty stripe [TS]

  I always thought that the whole cleaning [TS]

  thing was a little bit of propaganda I [TS]

  never feel like it's cleaning the screen [TS]

  at all do you have a Smart Cover on your [TS]

  iPad course so to go grab your iPad open [TS]

  the Smart Cover now and then hold it in [TS]

  the light so you can see you know the [TS]

  differences in textures or whatever you [TS]

  will see that it's clean it actually is [TS]

  cleaning or at the very least it's like [TS]

  like lawn mowing pushing the blades all [TS]

  in one direction in a particular pattern [TS]

  such that you can see stripes you can [TS]

  see here's with a big pad where the [TS]

  Smart Cover pad went down and here's the [TS]

  joint and the Smart Cover where it [TS]

  hinges if you happen it a readily [TS]

  accessible take a look now I think [TS]

  you'll see this and this is a common [TS]

  thing when people first got Smart Covers [TS]

  they said oh it leaves weird stripes it [TS]

  does I guess it's better than not [TS]

  cleaning it at all uh what if you were [TS]

  just slide instead of most people lift [TS]

  the smart cover off what if you need to [TS]

  slide it across while applying pressure [TS]

  to the bottom yeah I've tried various as [TS]

  an obsessive compulsive person I've [TS]

  tried various techniques it like maybe I [TS]

  just shift it back and forth with my [TS]

  fingers like back again you don't you [TS]

  never quite make it all the way to clear [TS]

  off those areas I also I'm also [TS]

  concerned that like so this microfiber [TS]

  thing is cleaning the screen and it's [TS]

  obviously what's on the screen is oils [TS]

  from your fingers and stuff well those [TS]

  all from your fingers have to go [TS]

  somewhere the cleaning thing doesn't [TS]

  make it disappear so that means the oil [TS]

  is going from the screen into the little [TS]

  microfiber cover and long-term I don't [TS]

  like the end game of that that's [TS]

  Americans having a finger oil soaked [TS]

  Smart Cover attached I guess then you [TS]

  just buy a new one for 30 bucks or [TS]

  whatever uh-huh so yes humans are filthy [TS]

  disgusting creatures that exude oils [TS]

  soiling these beautiful Apple products [TS]

  sound like the holiday insane [TS]

  holographic doctor from that episode of [TS]

  Star Trek there are so many sci-fi shows [TS]

  that have assemblers but it's true it's [TS]

  true I mean it can can you imagine if [TS]

  you were if you were like a species from [TS]

  another planet or some sort of [TS]

  artificial intelligence looking down at [TS]

  the earth and seeing that we were these [TS]

  these creatures that as far as they're [TS]

  concerned you're just constantly [TS]

  emitting vapors and liquids and that [TS]

  we've created these devices to help us [TS]

  enter [TS]

  act with digital data but we we shove [TS]

  our like meaty greasy paws against them [TS]

  to get ugly bags of mostly water as [TS]

  you're famous for saying or meet the [TS]

  great internet yeah baby [TS]

  they're made of your no W they're made [TS]

  of me that's a classic I did I should [TS]

  find that with the show notes it's a [TS]

  good one yeah okay what do we have next [TS]

  Jasper teal is my guinea pig for the [TS]

  continuing aggravation with the iPad not [TS]

  having a number [TS]

  he wrote a pretty long email sort of [TS]

  capturing all the issues people out with [TS]

  it and in a nice succinct form so you [TS]

  know how our friends supposed to tell [TS]

  each other which device they have how I [TS]

  supposed people supposed to identify the [TS]

  device on ebay he points out that owning [TS]

  a particular model number as a matter of [TS]

  pride this reminded me of as many things [TS]

  do the car world which I'm also which [TS]

  are also far followed very closely and [TS]

  have I guess have a whole car were [TS]

  longer than now not longer than max [TS]

  probably bad at I so in the world of [TS]

  luxury cars this this whole problem of [TS]

  how do I tell what model I have or do I [TS]

  take pride in having a new or better [TS]

  version of a car than someone else this [TS]

  has always been something they've [TS]

  struggled with I'm not talking about [TS]

  across brands like oh I have a Honda and [TS]

  you have a Buick and I feel superior for [TS]

  whatever reason I'm saying within a [TS]

  brand one one commonly referred to [TS]

  example this is when Honda made the [TS]

  Acura brand Acura is the luxury marque [TS]

  of the Honda car company they didn't [TS]

  want to call it Honda because people [TS]

  don't want to spend fifty thousand [TS]

  dollars for Honda but if you get a [TS]

  different name than then they'll buy it [TS]

  so when the when the Acura line was [TS]

  first launched one of its I think its [TS]

  its main flagship car was called the [TS]

  legend the Acura Legend do you remember [TS]

  that car mm not really [TS]

  well you know the car person anyway him [TS]

  like it was just a Honda car but is very [TS]

  fancy and had fancy interior but that [TS]

  was their top of the line car and they [TS]

  sold a lot of Acura legends because the [TS]

  Acura was a good idea Honda had good the [TS]

  reliability and people liked Honda's [TS]

  and luxury cars have better margins so [TS]

  make this Acura brand and sell this car [TS]

  called the legend which is our [TS]

  top-of-the-line four-door sedan and [TS]

  people really like that but the problem [TS]

  was that people really liked the Acura [TS]

  Legend and so people would say I've got [TS]

  a legend oh yeah let's go let's go take [TS]

  my legend it was a good name but nobody [TS]

  was saying Acura no one would ever say I [TS]

  have an Acura and when you're trying to [TS]

  launch a car brand like Acura that was [TS]

  sort of manufactured out of thin air [TS]

  from an existing car company you really [TS]

  want to establish accurate means luxury [TS]

  know so this is why they came out with [TS]

  like the TL and yeah so uh so eventually [TS]

  Acura said we can't keep giving our cars [TS]

  catchy names the acura integra you never [TS]

  heard of that oh yeah the acura legend [TS]

  the Integra was later but did you know [TS]

  the legend name was the first one they [TS]

  would say we really have a problem here [TS]

  because no one is like I do surveys and [TS]

  say do you associate these names with [TS]

  luxury they'd say like Mercedes and [TS]

  rolls-royce but you'd say Acura and it [TS]

  wouldn't wouldn't get a good Association [TS]

  even though people love their Acura [TS]

  legends and it was the top-of-the-line [TS]

  cars was their flagship so they said we [TS]

  got to stop naming our cars don't give [TS]

  them names like integrin legend give [TS]

  them things that are not as memorable [TS]

  so the Acura Integra becomes the Acura [TS]

  RSX you've got the TL and the what are [TS]

  they called now they went with with [TS]

  numbers but oh go to the current Acura [TS]

  lines and it's 6 RS x TL Louganis X was [TS]

  actually the vanguard of that was always [TS]

  called the NSX and what they're trying [TS]

  to make you do is go more towards the [TS]

  name accurate because the alphabet soup [TS]

  of letters is not that catchy now I [TS]

  think enough that soup of letters is [TS]

  still kind of catchy because when you [TS]

  say NSX people know what you're talking [TS]

  about our car people do anyway but TL is [TS]

  kind of boring so people sell you know [TS]

  which cars euros mine's the Acura you're [TS]

  not going to tell someone who's looking [TS]

  for your car in a parking lot what [TS]

  particular letters are on the badge [TS]

  you're just going to say accurate and [TS]

  that gives more brand awareness to Acura [TS]

  Mercedes in my life too many way he's [TS]

  always done this Mercedes were always [TS]

  maybe a letter and then just a bunch of [TS]

  numbers and the numbers used to be [TS]

  really very obscure same with BMW so [TS]

  Mercedes had a letter and then 580 320 [TS]

  whatever and BMW had 325 335 people want [TS]

  some sort of classification though so [TS]

  Mercedes has the C Class C Class S Class [TS]

  SSL you know on up to to to sort of [TS]

  segment their line but if you say I have [TS]

  a Mercedes they'll probably find it biz [TS]

  that look for the big Mercedes thing and [TS]

  when you say I have a Mercedes c-class [TS]

  maybe they'll look for the C at the [TS]

  beginning but most non car nerds don't [TS]

  know what those numbers mean after the [TS]

  you know the letters in a Mercedes and [TS]

  it various times they've meant either [TS]

  nothing or there's supposed to be an [TS]

  engine displacement or they're supposed [TS]

  to mean engine displacement but they're [TS]

  actually not accurate because the engine [TS]

  displacement is actually you know 298 [TS]

  but they put a 300 on it because it [TS]

  looks like a nice round number [TS]

  it's a but it's forces people to say [TS]

  I've got a BMW or I've got a Mercedes or [TS]

  I've got a BMW 3-series or I've got a [TS]

  video mw5 series they're not going to [TS]

  say I have a BMW 535i xqp J you know [TS]

  that they're pushing people away from [TS]

  using that as an identifier ah one [TS]

  interesting side effect of this in the [TS]

  in the 80s I don't know this still goes [TS]

  on is that Mercedes had has s-class [TS]

  which is business top-of-the-line [TS]

  four-door sedan and they had the the 600 [TS]

  series which were the ones with v12 she [TS]

  had the SL 600 and the S 600 and if you [TS]

  bought a Mercedes especially if you were [TS]

  shopping in that type of price range you [TS]

  would want people to think you had the [TS]

  fancy one because externally this is [TS]

  another thing Mercedes did especially [TS]

  back then externally all the Mercedes [TS]

  would look the same the only difference [TS]

  would be a badge on the back or what [TS]

  number it says so this is you know s 350 [TS]

  which was a quarter or half the price of [TS]

  the the S 600 so there was an [TS]

  aftermarket for buying badges that said [TS]

  s 600 and they would scrape off your s [TS]

  350 badge and put on your s 600 badge [TS]

  wouldn't change your car at all but when [TS]

  people saw it parked somewhere they [TS]

  liked this gun can afford a $90,000 [TS]

  Mercedes v12 versus merely a $50,000 [TS]

  you know b6 I don't know if they ever [TS]

  made a v6 S Class probably a v8 or [TS]

  whatever it was and those prices [TS]

  probably are treks this was in the 80s [TS]

  so that's a struggle they have they want [TS]

  brand awareness they want to segment it [TS]

  but they don't want people obsessing [TS]

  over the little things so apples going [TS]

  through the struggle now I think where [TS]

  they want people to want the new iPad or [TS]

  whatever but they don't want people to [TS]

  be comparing on specs and saying I've [TS]

  got up a former 7 750 and you've got a [TS]

  performer 6 100 CD so mine is the that's [TS]

  that's too much [TS]

  and with the iMac some people say that's [TS]

  too little because they just say iMac [TS]

  and known as any idea what's in them and [TS]

  you just you just measuring it by screen [TS]

  size or something like that so jasper [TS]

  goes on to say the question of why [TS]

  computing devices like max and power [TS]

  books he says power books must be [TS]

  old-school don't need a model numbers so [TS]

  the first the first part of his answer [TS]

  is he thinks they should have model [TS]

  numbers for exactly the same reasons [TS]

  that you can't tell what you have you [TS]

  can't compare them it's very confusing [TS]

  but then he goes on to say well why why [TS]

  did they have been able to get away with [TS]

  not having part numbers for so long for [TS]

  the iMac or whatever and he thinks [TS]

  that's because desktops and laptops [TS]

  years ago got to the point of being fast [TS]

  enough he's got fast enough in quotes [TS]

  and longtime listeners of the show [TS]

  should know what I'm going to say about [TS]

  that there's no such thing as fast [TS]

  enough not even close that never will be [TS]

  in the lifetime of anyone listening to [TS]

  this thing there is such a thing as [TS]

  feeling faster than a previous version [TS]

  and there is such a thing is not being [TS]

  so slow that it's unusable but there's [TS]

  no such thing as fast enough and the [TS]

  idea that somehow desktop computing is [TS]

  like wow does it really need to be any [TS]

  faster [TS]

  oh yeah needs to be faster it needs to [TS]

  be way away with as there and if you [TS]

  don't think it needs to be faster I [TS]

  invite you 10 years from now you know [TS]

  save your computer that you have now put [TS]

  it aside hermetically seal and then 10 [TS]

  years from now go back and use that one [TS]

  that you thought was fast enough and see [TS]

  if it feels like you can get through the [TS]

  day using this device man feels fast [TS]

  enough at that point your phone will [TS]

  probably be a hundred times faster than [TS]

  this thing but you will say this so this [TS]

  is the computer you said was fast enough [TS]

  there's no reason for you to use a [TS]

  faster computer right just use this one [TS]

  it's fine no that's not how that's not [TS]

  how the world works so I don't think [TS]

  that's why they get away with not having [TS]

  part numbers that somehow people like [TS]

  iMac and iMac is an imac is an imac if [TS]

  an imac was an imac was an imac the imac [TS]

  that you buy now you would have no [TS]

  reason to replace in five years but i [TS]

  guarantee you in five years you a hot [TS]

  reason to replace that you might sell it [TS]

  just because of the screen or whatever [TS]

  but i'm using fast as I catch all here [TS]

  the idea is though the hardware is not [TS]

  that important yeah it's hardware is [TS]

  currently sufficient so they're not [TS]

  trying to sell you new iMac because the [TS]

  hardware is better I think they are [TS]

  trying to sell you an IMAP is the [TS]

  hardware is better but it'll be faster [TS]

  it will have a better screen it will [TS]

  have more [TS]

  it'll have more sensors that's that's [TS]

  hardware but if Apple has moved to what [TS]

  is essentially now about a yearly [TS]

  schedule for updates let's say they do [TS]

  that across the line we do this with [TS]

  cars you say oh you have a 2008 you know [TS]

  BMW whatever and that's it wouldn't [TS]

  wouldn't Apple be just as successful [TS]

  doing that saying well I have a 2012 [TS]

  iPad or a 2013 I pad and long ago car [TS]

  company settled on the model year thing [TS]

  but model years have almost nothing to [TS]

  do with the calendar year almost [TS]

  entirely nothing to do with calendar [TS]

  year as people who follow the car market [TS]

  know because you could be ordering right [TS]

  now a 2013 model uh and you could have [TS]

  gotten 2012 models you know sometimes [TS]

  they're a year or sometimes more off of [TS]

  what that when you actually buy the car [TS]

  you could go to a card store right now [TS]

  and buy and for some makes a 2013 model [TS]

  and walk off the drive off the lot and [TS]

  it's not 2013 so what that means is that [TS]

  your app that's just the way they've [TS]

  chosen to you know this is the next [TS]

  iteration of this car and cars have the [TS]

  same to everything well a new Honda [TS]

  Accord will come out and they will [TS]

  iterate on that and Accord that same [TS]

  platform and body style maybe tweaking [TS]

  the bumpers tweaking the interior [TS]

  tweaking the options for several years [TS]

  and then a new one will come out but [TS]

  there's nothing differentiating those [TS]

  Honda Accords as far as the buyer is [TS]

  concerned except this one looks [TS]

  different than that one they don't say [TS]

  this is the fifth generation Accord even [TS]

  though car nerds know what generation [TS]

  Accord it is or car nerds know what [TS]

  generation the new BMW 3-series is but [TS]

  the branding is not here's the new [TS]

  platform for the BMW 3-series and the [TS]

  platform's have names but non car nerds [TS]

  don't know those names they just know I [TS]

  go into the BMW dealer and like here's [TS]

  the Sirius model here's last year's [TS]

  model that's the only thing the car [TS]

  dealer is probably going to talk to you [TS]

  about and if you're not a car nerd maybe [TS]

  you can say well why does that one look [TS]

  different than this one but they change [TS]

  the body styles from year two you really [TS]

  have to be a real car energy note so is [TS]

  this a different platform that one did [TS]

  they change the drivetrain is this the [TS]

  new generation of engine you know is [TS]

  this is this the someone in the chat [TS]

  room tell me what the current BMW [TS]

  platform is is it f34 the new 3-series [TS]

  this is the f30 or is this the whatever [TS]

  the past wasn't remember that one either [TS]

  he 96 or something like that those are [TS]

  those [TS]

  terms that only have those are like the [TS]

  the exact they're not is not really a [TS]

  good equivalent in the computer world [TS]

  but those terms aren't known but regular [TS]

  customers and it's not a problem in the [TS]

  showroom it's just basically this year's [TS]

  car or last year cars is the newest one [TS]

  I get and if it's not and sometimes they [TS]

  change the body styles radically on the [TS]

  same platform with the same powertrain [TS]

  so you could say wow this car looks [TS]

  totally different than that and they [TS]

  must be completely different no maybe [TS]

  it's exactly the same platform exactly [TS]

  the same drivetrain they just put a [TS]

  different body on it and maybe change a [TS]

  little bit the interior and you can't [TS]

  tell so somehow the car market continues [TS]

  to function without massive consumer [TS]

  confusion and with everybody being happy [TS]

  with model years as you pointed out as [TS]

  the only way of saying is this a 2011 [TS]

  BMW is this 2012 BMW with no indication [TS]

  in the public facing advertising that [TS]

  the 2012 BMW 3-series is an entirely [TS]

  different car more or less than the 2011 [TS]

  even though they look very similar on [TS]

  the outside and only a car note nerd [TS]

  would know that difference they don't [TS]

  call them new generation version one new [TS]

  generation version two and then then the [TS]

  third generation version 1 version 2 [TS]

  version 3 they just go with years it's [TS]

  really just arbitrary what you go with [TS]

  then for IMAX they don't go with years [TS]

  either because going with years as [TS]

  Microsoft found off is really dangerous [TS]

  because or as quicken is finding out now [TS]

  because it can very quickly make your [TS]

  product seem outdated when you're [TS]

  selling the same when you don't upgrade [TS]

  it every single year so recently quicken [TS]

  came out with quicken 2007 for Lyon [TS]

  which is kind of crappy well look as all [TS]

  don't you feel crappy buying a product [TS]

  with 2007 in the name obviously it's [TS]

  very at the very least it's confusing [TS]

  yeah like do you have the latest quicken [TS]

  I don't know I have 2007 like if you [TS]

  miss a model year if you miss a year or [TS]

  or you put out the one for the next year [TS]

  in the current year it just people get [TS]

  upset especially with computer software [TS]

  if they feel if they're using outdated [TS]

  stuff because there was paranoid about [TS]

  being left behind by progress so he [TS]

  Gasper concludes his letter of saying to [TS]

  not honor them meaning the products with [TS]

  an actual model name is really [TS]

  dim-witted of Apple and hugely annoying [TS]

  well the annoyance I can't comment on if [TS]

  you're annoyed buying it then you're [TS]

  annoyed by it dim-witted of Apple makes [TS]

  me say well what do you mean by that [TS]

  dim-witted because it's a mistake it [TS]

  shows they're not they're not smart well [TS]

  as far as Apple's concerned how could [TS]

  this choice not to give the new iPad a [TS]

  prominent model number affect them my [TS]

  question is you know to assess whether [TS]

  apples really dim-witted whether they're [TS]

  making a mistake will it decrease sales [TS]

  I'm going to say no on that people know [TS]

  people know there's a new iPad people [TS]

  lining up the store at them Apple is [TS]

  going to sell ton of them I really don't [TS]

  see how I can I can't formulate an [TS]

  argument to say that if they had used [TS]

  model numbers it would have increased [TS]

  their sales I think their sales will be [TS]

  the same with or without a model number [TS]

  and if people have an iPad they know [TS]

  whether they bought that before they saw [TS]

  that ad on TV about the new iPad like I [TS]

  think people know whether they have the [TS]

  new iPad or not because if you bought [TS]

  your iPad sometime in the past and then [TS]

  you see a TV ad it says hey the new iPad [TS]

  you know yours isn't it and if three [TS]

  months from now you see an ad says hey [TS]

  the new iPads the first time you ever [TS]

  seen it if you bought an iPad in the [TS]

  last three months I think you probably [TS]

  know that you got the new one because [TS]

  you're going to buy it you're going to [TS]

  go to the store you're going to talk to [TS]

  salespeople who will ask you is that the [TS]

  new one like I don't think there will be [TS]

  any customer confusion causing decreased [TS]

  sales or people accidentally buying the [TS]

  iPad - because I think it's the latest [TS]

  one I just don't see that especially [TS]

  with Apple's retail presence where I [TS]

  think most non nerds [TS]

  think they have to go to buy Apple [TS]

  products even though nerds now you can [TS]

  order them online I don't think it will [TS]

  hurt their sales at all will decrease [TS]

  customer satisfaction because I could [TS]

  hurt Apple to like will people not be as [TS]

  happy with the iPad because it doesn't [TS]

  have a model number I think the lack of [TS]

  model numbers sort of like a well it's [TS]

  not the same as the car model numbers I [TS]

  think lack of model numbers makes people [TS]

  feel less bad about the iPad they have [TS]

  because if you have a two and you know [TS]

  it's a two and people have a three and [TS]

  that three is so prominent you know two [TS]

  is less than three and you feel bad in [TS]

  the same way that I think iPhone 4 [TS]

  owners felt less bad when the iPhone 4s [TS]

  came out because all just they just [TS]

  added an S to mine so my iPhone 4 isn't [TS]

  that bad even though like you know the [TS]

  entire guts were changed just a new CPU [TS]

  new GPU [TS]

  a new camera new everything it was [TS]

  basically there was nothing the same [TS]

  about that except for like the case even [TS]

  the antenna was different maybe the [TS]

  pieces of glass and the screen were the [TS]

  same on the iPhone 4 versus the forest [TS]

  but because they deform the name it [TS]

  would help the iPhones for owners not [TS]

  feel like they're being left that far [TS]

  behind but on the other hand of course [TS]

  the 4s made pundits grumpy grumpy [TS]

  because they said always we expect an [TS]

  iPhone 5 we just kind of said to the for [TS]

  and apples falling behind and stuff like [TS]

  that so I think the lack of numbers in [TS]

  the iPad 3 has kind of stumped both [TS]

  camps the people who were like well I [TS]

  have a - I don't you know if someone [TS]

  came up with 3 I'd feel bad but they and [TS]

  if they came out with a 2s I would feel [TS]

  like oh my - was still kind of hanging [TS]

  in there but they just came out with [TS]

  something called the iPad how do I feel [TS]

  about that and the pundits we're totally [TS]

  thrown off their game because they can't [TS]

  say oh my god iPad to us instead of [TS]

  three we expected a three they've [TS]

  shifted all their attention to [TS]

  complaining about the lack of numbers [TS]

  not complaining about the product which [TS]

  I guess is a win for Apple so I think it [TS]

  won't decrease customer satisfaction or [TS]

  anything it might increase customer [TS]

  satisfaction with previous models and it [TS]

  gives the press something to talk about [TS]

  other than the specs of the device and [TS]

  whether because they just don't know [TS]

  what to say they have nothing to grab [TS]

  onto they have to actually look at it [TS]

  and and judge it as a product instead of [TS]

  just falling back on the numbering thing [TS]

  so I don't think this move was [TS]

  dim-witted of Apple I don't think that [TS]

  will materially affect them they may go [TS]

  back the numbers at some point I don't [TS]

  know but I think this is a worthwhile [TS]

  experiment they're engaging it though [TS]

  that was longer than I expected I did a [TS]

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  another instance of a show where I [TS]

  thought I wouldn't have enough material [TS]

  and I realized I have enough for three [TS]

  shows my people pick and choose well [TS]

  we're having out we're half an hour into [TS]

  it I know I got a lot I photo for iOS I [TS]

  think this is actually in the notes last [TS]

  week but didn't get to talk about [TS]

  have you tried iPhoto for iOS sir I have [TS]

  not tried iPhoto for iOS yet and it is [TS]

  something that I wanted to experience on [TS]

  the new iPad this was a conscious [TS]

  decision I didn't want to try it on the [TS]

  old one I wanted to have this be part of [TS]

  my new experience unveiling an [TS]

  experience in the new iPad what about [TS]

  you I'm assuming no new iPad there so [TS]

  yes you've tried it yeah I tried it I [TS]

  tried it before I actually even seen the [TS]

  keynote because you know the as soon as [TS]

  I got home I just loaded on my wife's [TS]

  iPad before I had time to sit down and [TS]

  watch the thing so I had never even seen [TS]

  anyone demonstrate this program I'd only [TS]

  heard typed transcripts of what was [TS]

  going on it so I launched the app and [TS]

  all and I'd seen a few Twitter gripes [TS]

  about the app so I launched it and tried [TS]

  to figure out how to use it that's that [TS]

  UI is not obvious on there not obvious [TS]

  at all which doesn't necessarily mean [TS]

  that it's bad and if we get to this [TS]

  other topic later in the show I'll talk [TS]

  about that please define what you mean [TS]

  when you say not obvious well I'm so [TS]

  I've been using computers for a little [TS]

  while and I've been using iOS for a [TS]

  little while I think I'm pretty familiar [TS]

  with it but you launched this app and [TS]

  there's a lot of stuff on the screen [TS]

  that you're not sure what it does or how [TS]

  to use it and after I watch the [TS]

  demonstration video I realized that [TS]

  during the demo it probably [TS]

  Randy you bellows or whatever his name [TS]

  is he did stuff in that demo that I had [TS]

  not discovered on my own which very [TS]

  rarely happy to the patents of the [TS]

  program he was like oh there's going to [TS]

  demo the basic features he was showing [TS]

  things that you notice if there's no [TS]

  visual indication that you can like [TS]

  swap the tiles from one side of the [TS]

  other by swiping across the whole thing [TS]

  you might not know that that happens in [TS]

  all sorts of things that he was using [TS]

  where is that house where did that come [TS]

  from an apple I think knows this about [TS]

  this application because prominently in [TS]

  the application is the thing you can hit [TS]

  for help I think it's like a question [TS]

  mark or something that suddenly makes [TS]

  tooltips appear pointing to all the [TS]

  different UI elements appear to do this [TS]

  tap here do that use this tool for this [TS]

  without that help and I was using that [TS]

  how by the way even with that help it [TS]

  was difficult to know the different [TS]

  gestures you could do but without that [TS]

  help out like what the heck is this icon [TS]

  what does that mean a lot of the [TS]

  controls like they have picture controls [TS]

  for a size this is adjusting hue is the [TS]

  saturation it's very difficult to [TS]

  express concepts like that with icons so [TS]

  it's very I don't know it's a puzzling [TS]

  UI I think once you figure it out and [TS]

  once you know where everything is it's [TS]

  very efficient of the things that it [TS]

  does are are pretty amazing but if you [TS]

  give iPhoto to someone who has never [TS]

  used it before yeah good luck to them [TS]

  it's not going to fall readily under [TS]

  hand will not say oh because I've used [TS]

  photo editing applications you are know [TS]

  exactly how this works because I've used [TS]

  iPhoto on the Mac I know that how this [TS]

  works or even because I'm used ton's of [TS]

  other iOS apps looking at this one I'll [TS]

  know exactly how it works it is very [TS]

  different than any other application [TS]

  that I've used on iOS ah and Lucas [TS]

  Matthysse has a blog post about this [TS]

  he calls it eye photos mystery meat [TS]

  gestures mystery meat navigation is a [TS]

  term that's familiar to people who are [TS]

  web nerds back in the 90s mr. mee [TS]

  navigation he provides a link to it but [TS]

  my understanding of the term has always [TS]

  been those web UIs in the 90s very it [TS]

  would look really cool and have these [TS]

  cool graphics and stuff but to figure [TS]

  out what anything did you'd have to [TS]

  hover your mouse over it and then like [TS]

  some mouth would open and it would say [TS]

  this is where you can go to see the [TS]

  trailers for this movie in the mouth [TS]

  with closing you put your mouse over the [TS]

  next little piece of mystery meat [TS]

  navigation it would say fine showtimes [TS]

  here instead of just saying trailers and [TS]

  Showtime seat you know you'd have to [TS]

  hover over things to figure what they [TS]

  were sometimes you hover it over nothing [TS]

  happened you said to click them what [TS]

  happens when I click the clown's nose oh [TS]

  I guess that takes me to the customer [TS]

  service page well how was I supposed to [TS]

  know that [TS]

  well I photos mystery meat gestures is [TS]

  another place where there's no visual [TS]

  indication what this thing does until [TS]

  you stab it to find out and the gestures [TS]

  there's no visual indication or anything [TS]

  how am I [TS]

  supposed to know that I can swipe like [TS]

  just across the whole screen to make [TS]

  this thing move how is that discoverable [TS]

  at all or us once you discover it you [TS]

  know it's there but it's not obvious [TS]

  what it is so I put this link in the [TS]

  show notes and I'm going to recite the [TS]

  whole article but for people who are [TS]

  wondering what my issues are with the [TS]

  iPhoto for iOS is UI you can read that [TS]

  you agree wholeheartedly with the [TS]

  article pretty much although I don't [TS]

  necessarily think that something being [TS]

  undiscoverable means that the [TS]

  application is bad it just means that [TS]

  it's not easily discoverable last show [TS]

  which I gave a dual title which I'm now [TS]

  regretting doesn't think it's too long I [TS]

  mentioned it was the one of the titles [TS]

  was the for tuners which was a reference [TS]

  to my new for tuner TiVo that can record [TS]

  for programs at once and I listed the [TS]

  four tuners in the good section but I [TS]

  had one negative about the foreigners [TS]

  that I forgot to get two of them when I [TS]

  point out now so I don't know if it's a [TS]

  negative it's kind of might just be [TS]

  neutral oh you can decide this thing has [TS]

  four tuners right and tebow has a [TS]

  feature where based on what you've told [TS]

  it to record and what you've given [TS]

  thumbs up or thumbs down to or whatever [TS]

  it will try to record suggestions for [TS]

  you so say hey you know I'm not [TS]

  recording anything right now but there's [TS]

  a show on there based on all the shows [TS]

  that you recorded it seems like you [TS]

  might like so I'll record this for you [TS]

  and I actually like that feature because [TS]

  the cajon any suggestions do pick up [TS]

  things that I'm interested in and if [TS]

  they don't pick it up so what they get [TS]

  they get to leave it off the end they [TS]

  don't take up any space you know the [TS]

  suggestions are the first things to go [TS]

  with the TiVo whatever needs space [TS]

  now this for tuner TiVo though will use [TS]

  all four tuners to record suggestions so [TS]

  often I'll see you all for a little [TS]

  recording lights I'm like it's recording [TS]

  four things at once what the heck is it [TS]

  recording and I'll go look it up it's [TS]

  for suggestions that seems like a little [TS]

  overkill to me and say what you know if [TS]

  you're not it's kind of if you're not [TS]

  using those Turner tuners in what do you [TS]

  care if you it's not conflicting what [TS]

  anything you want to record or something [TS]

  you want to record conflic scible just [TS]

  stop one I just worry that recording for [TS]

  suggestions at once a is going to fill [TS]

  up my heart out with suggestions and B [TS]

  is going to it's not so much feeling the [TS]

  hardware is going or delete it but like [TS]

  this is a mechanical device and using it [TS]

  wears it down because it has a spinning [TS]

  hard drive in there [TS]

  so the [TS]

  amount of extra i/o going through [TS]

  suggestions that are probably just going [TS]

  to be turned off the end before I ever [TS]

  delete them think maybe maybe giving an [TS]

  option to say are just used to Turner's [TS]

  for suggestions so just use one tuner [TS]

  for suggestions I don't need to use for [TS]

  tuners for suggestions because otherwise [TS]

  then it's like constantly going at full [TS]

  steam recording for programs at once I [TS]

  don't want my hard drive to die and I [TS]

  have so little faith in the software [TS]

  that like if there's any sort of bug or [TS]

  race condition it's more likely to be [TS]

  triggered when the thing is like maxed [TS]

  out recording four shows at once so I [TS]

  don't know how I feel about recording [TS]

  for suggestions and once it just [TS]

  initially struck me as perhaps not a [TS]

  great idea and if I could tell it to use [TS]

  fewer tuners I would alright and Westen [TS]

  Lloyd presumably living in the UK tells [TS]

  me oh yes yes he says I feel really [TS]

  lucky to be in the UK and have great [TS]

  DVRs from TV onyx and Hugh Mac's UK [TS]

  these are two companies that I've never [TS]

  heard of that apparently make digital [TS]

  video recorders it in the UK or maybe an [TS]

  elsewhere because Hugh Mac's is called [TS]

  he makes UK so I looked at their [TS]

  websites and some demo videos of these [TS]

  DVRs being used they were not that [TS]

  impressive to me they didn't seem super [TS]

  slow though they didn't look [TS]

  particularly pretty and their features [TS]

  that like I didn't see one and say oh [TS]

  I'll definitely use that over a TiVo but [TS]

  it is interesting to me that there are [TS]

  these whole and you know as ugly [TS]

  American we don't know what's going on [TS]

  the rest of the world this whole all the [TS]

  companies that I've never heard of [TS]

  making products that apparently people [TS]

  love in places even as small as the UK [TS]

  which is probably you know 1/8 the size [TS]

  of Texas and that's about the same [TS]

  number of people also think that TV onyx [TS]

  is an awful name but then again I'm [TS]

  always surprised at what how things are [TS]

  named in England TV onyx no TiVo is not [TS]

  a good name either I guess Hugh Max is [TS]

  like I don't know magazine maximum [TS]

  humans yes some sort of company that [TS]

  sells food for cannibals did you ever [TS]

  hear that one was on The Daily Show [TS]

  episode where they had a marketer like a [TS]

  great marketer or some some guy who was [TS]

  great about manipulating words - I think [TS]

  maybe the guy who came up with USA [TS]

  PATRIOT Act or or came up with death tax [TS]

  maybe it was the same guy I might be [TS]

  getting shows confused and they gave him [TS]

  a challenge it's comedy program for evil [TS]

  don't know so it's [TS]

  gonna be serious saying the challenge [TS]

  was uh the product is hoof ooh which was [TS]

  tofu made to look and feel like human [TS]

  flesh for people who are interested in [TS]

  cannibalism but don't want to act eat [TS]

  actual people can we make tofu that [TS]

  looks and feels like human flesh and [TS]

  it's called hoof ooh and so they said I [TS]

  challenge you to come up with a [TS]

  marketing slogan for hoof ooh which is [TS]

  you know obviously a pretty big [TS]

  challenge and this guy I think it was on [TS]

  the spot [TS]

  this guy really impressed me this maybe [TS]

  he had time to think about it maybe they [TS]

  gave him that the question ahead of time [TS]

  ah this is what he came up with he said [TS]

  who foo the taste of good friends which [TS]

  I thought was excellent for on the spot [TS]

  so who max makes me think that it's [TS]

  Sophie cannibal related tofu product our [TS]

  TiVo representative in the chat room [TS]

  tells me that there's no difference in [TS]

  i/o from recording four channels because [TS]

  it's always buffering all four channels [TS]

  for 30 minutes and he would know so I [TS]

  guess that isn't saying there's no [TS]

  significant extra IO overhead of saving [TS]

  that recording rather than letting it [TS]

  fall at the end because when you're when [TS]

  you're watching a television show it's [TS]

  constantly buffering and recording [TS]

  that's why you can go back in time for [TS]

  up to 30 minutes I didn't know there was [TS]

  also doing that for all four tuners so [TS]

  maybe it's not wearing out my hardware [TS]

  any more than I thought it would be Lola [TS]

  now I'm worried that it's buffering all [TS]

  four tuners for 30 minutes and I wish I [TS]

  could stop her from doing that but I [TS]

  don't know it maybe he's just discomfort [TS]

  with seeing those four lights on [TS]

  constantly just seems like it's doing [TS]

  more work than no remind me John have [TS]

  you ever expanded your TiVo with one of [TS]

  those external no I always just buy the [TS]

  biggest one and I haven't ran out of [TS]

  space like these things hold tons of I [TS]

  don't like archive shows they're that [TS]

  much so it's really just a I just need a [TS]

  window of stuff that turns over well I [TS]

  had an anecdote to share with you about [TS]

  that and then the listeners if you're [TS]

  interested alright cool part I did not [TS]

  buy the largest TiVo when I bought the [TS]

  one that I bought few years ago and it [TS]

  did want to expand it and I bought an [TS]

  external eSATA SATA Drive connected it [TS]

  you know it formatted that it used it [TS]

  fine a number of months went by then we [TS]

  moved here and I went to reconnect it [TS]

  and boot it up the TiVo and clearly [TS]

  something terrible happened to this [TS]

  drive now I move [TS]

  with a ton of drives and I won't even go [TS]

  into how I moved with them and to ensure [TS]

  that they were safe and what I used [TS]

  multiple shipping methods to send them I [TS]

  kept some with me physically on my [TS]

  person at all times [TS]

  you know taped taped to my body as if [TS]

  they were plastic explosive and a [TS]

  variety of other message methods to [TS]

  ensure that the data would not be hurt [TS]

  but I didn't I said you know I don't [TS]

  care about this drive this one can go in [TS]

  the moving truck and it died in the [TS]

  moving truck but when it was plugged in [TS]

  the TiVo you were you're familiar with [TS]

  the older TiVo is I don't know about the [TS]

  new ones but you know how they have that [TS]

  incredibly long boot up sequence that [TS]

  shows a video of the little TiVo guide [TS]

  like spending time with a family and [TS]

  playing with the kids in the fact you [TS]

  know that video the the boot up sequence [TS]

  is still incredibly long what you're [TS]

  talking about is the video that plays [TS]

  after it's done booting yes I'm familiar [TS]

  with that video so this whole process [TS]

  would repeat over and over and over and [TS]

  it would it never stopped it went on [TS]

  like this for several hours because [TS]

  apparently if you have at least this [TS]

  generation of TiVo I don't even know [TS]

  what it is had that problem where it [TS]

  would continuously reboot itself it [TS]

  would hit some kind of a problem or [TS]

  initializing the drive and it would [TS]

  reboot and after about an hour or so of [TS]

  this I unplugged the drive and it booted [TS]

  just fine and of course it complained [TS]

  that the drive was there and you'd lose [TS]

  your your stuff so I don't recommend [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah that's why I've always been worried [TS]

  about the external things that forget [TS]

  better to just get the biggest one [TS]

  internal that I can even though they [TS]

  have eSATA connections off the back and [TS]

  everything it just always struck me as [TS]

  weird and plus they always want you to [TS]

  buy the there's like the TiVo approved [TS]

  he's had a thing I'm gonna find out by [TS]

  different one and get it to work that's [TS]

  always I'd rather just have it all in [TS]

  one why wanted to I wanted to hear if [TS]

  you knew about this because my [TS]

  understanding is that it will store the [TS]

  way that it stores the data it splits it [TS]

  up on to the different drives but my [TS]

  understanding is it doesn't just fill up [TS]

  the first drive and then start filling [TS]

  up the second drive that it somehow uses [TS]

  them in tandem and might even I don't [TS]

  know if it's striping the data or doing [TS]

  something but it seems like they very [TS]

  much don't ever want you to disconnect [TS]

  this and I always wondered if the [TS]

  reasoning was something that you thought [TS]

  might be a a problem that they wanted to [TS]

  circumvent or if they were doing it [TS]

  simply as a countermeasure to prevent [TS]

  users from maybe trying to do [TS]

  something else with that data I think [TS]

  your first theory sounds reasonable to [TS]

  me that it once it has two spindles that [TS]

  it would actually try to use them to get [TS]

  more IO right instead of just like you [TS]

  know filling one and then filling the [TS]

  other okay but I don't know for sure but [TS]

  don't do it anyway if you're thinking [TS]

  about one more TiVo thing that I meant [TS]

  to mention Tebow has this thing like [TS]

  many products that when you start using [TS]

  it it will tell you about the features [TS]

  in the product in some sort of time [TS]

  metered way usually we're product you're [TS]

  buying store it's like they'll send you [TS]

  an email say hey I see you got a new [TS]

  blah blah did you know that you can do [TS]

  this with it well within Tebow there's a [TS]

  messages thing that's sort of like email [TS]

  within the TiVo application itself and [TS]

  you'll see messages like oh your channel [TS]

  lineup has changed or there's a software [TS]

  update available for you or someone used [TS]

  our website to set up a season pass [TS]

  little messages on the TiVo itself and [TS]

  it makes a little mail a little envelope [TS]

  icon appear next to the menus and by the [TS]

  way how long is it before kids don't [TS]

  know what that icon represents sort of [TS]

  like the telephone 18 key telephone [TS]

  handset for kids who've never seen what [TS]

  is that banana shaped thing with the [TS]

  barbells on the handset eventually [TS]

  people know that but if you're obsessive [TS]

  like me or a lot of people have this [TS]

  problem or you don't like to see like [TS]

  that unread count badge there you want [TS]

  to clear it so even though the messages [TS]

  usually aren't interesting to me I [TS]

  always want to go in there and clear it [TS]

  and it's annoying give me a little [TS]

  envelope go into message to see what it [TS]

  is read it or delete it or just clear [TS]

  that little things what I have to see [TS]

  that staring at me so when I got my Tivo [TS]

  I got it all set up about a day later I [TS]

  get a little message that says did you [TS]

  know that something called a season pass [TS]

  you can use it to record shows instead [TS]

  of telling you to record every single [TS]

  time it can record the entire run of the [TS]

  show for you go into this menu and bla [TS]

  bla season pass bla bla bla I would [TS]

  think that TiVo has sufficient knowledge [TS]

  considering the TiVo is basically an [TS]

  internet-connected computer to know that [TS]

  I have over 100 season passes and maybe [TS]

  don't send the email telling the person [TS]

  with over 100 season passes that season [TS]

  passes exist and repeat this for every [TS]

  feature that I already know exists and [TS]

  I'm using extensively [TS]

  I don't need did you know that you can [TS]

  switch tuners with the vibe you've seen [TS]

  me switch to don't send me that email [TS]

  the season pass on really just bothered [TS]

  me though is thing you know [TS]

  I have season pay you know it there on [TS]

  your website you have this data it's [TS]

  been transferred to your servers you [TS]

  absolutely positively know that I have [TS]

  over 100 season passes don't send me the [TS]

  little message about how season passes [TS]

  work they're just it's just good manners [TS]

  alright that's it for the follow-up pie [TS]

  that was long [TS]

  that was long I got two topics that I [TS]

  got Apple TV Chris Parrillo is dead oh [TS]

  that's a good that's a good one Wow can [TS]

  we do both we have to do both no way [TS]

  yeah we must if you have time we must [TS]

  I'll try to go through Apple TV fast [TS]

  because I think I just have minor things [TS]

  about this so well how about this I'll [TS]

  do a sponsor before each of the topics [TS]

  all right well feel very organized for [TS]

  people there you go the first one is [TS]

  going to be Squarespace calm are you [TS]

  familiar with this I am okay this is [TS]

  this I love these guys they've been very [TS]

  very supportive of us here and everybody [TS]

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  Squarespace as I've done for a number of [TS]

  sites absolutely loves it very simple [TS]

  it's a fully hosted managed environment [TS]

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  it is Squarespace comm is the place to [TS]

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  I said you know what did they're they're [TS]

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  Ryan over there said listen I'm not [TS]

  going to do that I'm not going to talk [TS]

  about features anymore people can go to [TS]

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  features I like that's fine why would [TS]

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  this sounds like contrived it's true it [TS]

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  worried about performance they do all of [TS]

  that stuff you don't have to configure [TS]

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  there isn't a new hole discovered in [TS]

  nginx web server none of that matters [TS]

  they do all of that your life will be [TS]

  easier and if you're deploying this to a [TS]

  client if you actually like are building [TS]

  something for a client you want them to [TS]

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  calm Marlon Living Squarespace go there [TS]

  isn't he sure is almost shocked at how [TS]

  quickly he puts up a new website I don't [TS]

  know how many websites he has it's also [TS]

  it's because he uses squares because [TS]

  you'll have an idea and five minutes [TS]

  later there's an entire website [TS]

  dedicated to that idea that's a secret [TS]

  that he'll somehow continuously update [TS]

  he's gonna he's got one for toilet paper [TS]

  writing he's got other podcasts outside [TS]

  the 5x5 ever he's got random pictures of [TS]

  things he's got his official blog he [TS]

  puts up websites like other people tweet [TS]

  that's a true all right I I'm going to [TS]

  try to close one of my redundant skype [TS]

  windows here and this might disconnect [TS]

  me all right hang on I did the art [TS]

  didn't disconnect me I did that to try [TS]

  to get my ability to mute back I still [TS]

  don't have my ability to mute because [TS]

  Skype hates me alright and also listen [TS]

  but um I'm gonna send you a link [TS]

  actually just go to big week dot CEO [TS]

  I'll put this into the show notes but [TS]

  the first link there if you see that is [TS]

  a picture to photograph I just figured [TS]

  while we were talking to other hosts you [TS]

  might do you see that hang on yes I see [TS]

  that that is like that is more garments [TS]

  desk I saw that's not earlier today oh [TS]

  yeah yeah I wanted to see if you would [TS]

  care to comment on it I can relate to it [TS]

  does now imagine your desk it I I would [TS]

  not be able to tolerate that level of [TS]

  clutter I haven't I have my limits [TS]

  I try to keep my desk very clutter-free [TS]

  I just I'm not successful many times but [TS]

  that's way over my limit wale do you [TS]

  leave at a shop just sitting out like [TS]

  that his house is under control he's got [TS]

  so much cash you know I can't find [TS]

  places to put it on exactly like he uses [TS]

  somebody on Twitter said I like that you [TS]

  use cash as tissue paper yeah that's [TS]

  like a coaster puts his drinks on right [TS]

  I think I have one one drink on a map [TS]

  now but his house is under construction [TS]

  and no I I couldn't understand a mine [TS]

  my wife's desk on the other hand is a [TS]

  big giant mess but mine is usually [TS]

  cleaner than that [TS]

  alright appletv yes - you ordered you [TS]

  ordered this the day it was announced at [TS]

  1080p the brand new Apple TV it's here [TS]

  let's hear about this I've never had an [TS]

  Apple TV before so many of the things [TS]

  I'm going to say were probably equally [TS]

  applicable to the previous generation [TS]

  black little square thing which I think [TS]

  people refer to there's another thing [TS]

  what is that one called at [TS]

  second-generation Apple TV there was the [TS]

  silver one that was big and then there [TS]

  was the small one that was black and [TS]

  this is the second small and it was [TS]

  black and somehow we continued to be [TS]

  able to figure out what we're buying an [TS]

  Apple continues to be able to sell this [TS]

  product despite the fact that it's not [TS]

  called Apple TV 3 or 4 or 7 or anything [TS]

  like that the only real difference [TS]

  between yours and the previous black one [TS]

  my understanding is the 1080p support [TS]

  because we had the the new I have two of [TS]

  the previous black ones and one of the [TS]

  originals but the previous black ones [TS]

  they all received the update that you [TS]

  have as well yeah the software update [TS]

  this hardware is different it has a mind [TS]

  of things it has a single core a5 and [TS]

  the previous one had the a4 in there so [TS]

  there's a big difference in the hardware [TS]

  internally I bet this thing is all [TS]

  different than the previous one but [TS]

  externally it looks the same and the [TS]

  only difference from the users [TS]

  perspective especially since Apple is [TS]

  not like TiVo and actually provides [TS]

  software updates for owners of earlier [TS]

  generations of its product if you have [TS]

  any the older Apple TV black box thing [TS]

  your software looks the same as mine [TS]

  though which is nice that always annoy [TS]

  me about getting the the TiVo HD when [TS]

  the premier's came out and they had a [TS]

  new HD interface or partially HD or [TS]

  whatever they didn't backport it it [TS]

  never back port it's like well tough [TS]

  luck you needed buy a home to TiVo if [TS]

  you want the new software update [TS]

  but not Teemo complaining so this is [TS]

  1080p Apple TV I was holding off buying [TS]

  it because I wanted 1080p not because I [TS]

  thought the other product was bad [TS]

  because I liked the fact that there's no [TS]

  fan and want to be able to watch Netflix [TS]

  with the device that has no fan so I'll [TS]

  start off with the biggest problem with [TS]

  the Apple TV you do you have this Apple [TS]

  TV I have to but not the 1080p one the [TS]

  brand brand brand you want to have two [TS]

  previous black ones so this problem is [TS]

  not related to 1080p and would probably [TS]

  apply equally to the previous generation [TS]

  what do you think am i what do you think [TS]

  my biggest complaint is ah gosh john i [TS]

  how am i gonna guess you don't like the [TS]

  remote you don't like the work you've [TS]

  got you've got on guest number one the [TS]

  remotes how are you gonna guess that odd [TS]

  the shows that you know there's I'm not [TS]

  completely offline this the remote oh my [TS]

  goodness what a terrible terrible remote [TS]

  no good so first the thing is too small [TS]

  to hold comfortably there's there's a [TS]

  balance between being big enough to hold [TS]

  comfortably and not being some gigantic [TS]

  thing this I mean it looks cute in the [TS]

  picture it fits in the box [TS]

  way too small to comfortably hold with [TS]

  adult size hands what's bad about it [TS]

  being small makes it easier to lose it's [TS]

  made out of aluminum which or some other [TS]

  kind of metal which fits well with [TS]

  apples aesthetic but it has sharp edges [TS]

  sharp edges so not fun the cold sharp [TS]

  edges scratch my beautiful wooden end [TS]

  table when children chuck the thing on [TS]

  it or scrape the thing off it's not even [TS]

  it's so small it's not even easy to pick [TS]

  up without scraping it along on [TS]

  something this is not a good remote [TS]

  design the 5 way control the main thing [TS]

  you're using up-down left-right and a [TS]

  select button in the middle way too [TS]

  easily to accidentally hit that middle [TS]

  select button when I was painfully and [TS]

  laborious ly entering my you know [TS]

  passwords for various services and stuff [TS]

  to getting the thing set up which [TS]

  granted you only have to do once well [TS]

  with money stuff let me stop you there [TS]

  now did you consider using the remote [TS]

  app on any of your iOS devices I use [TS]

  that after I had [TS]

  that after I had [TS]

  got it setup but it does that have a [TS]

  keyboard yeah baby anytime you go into a [TS]

  text field it will pop up a little [TS]

  keyboard so if you're searching if [TS]

  you're searching on Netflix if you're [TS]

  entering in now obviously you would need [TS]

  to have entered in the Wi-Fi password [TS]

  into the Apple TV before you can access [TS]

  it with the remote app but after doing [TS]

  so any keyboard entry you can do it all [TS]

  right from the right from that remote [TS]

  app Wi-Fi what is this no Wi-Fi here [TS]

  connect to a Gigabit Ethernet switch so [TS]

  then then you have then you could have [TS]

  used it immediately but wait a minute [TS]

  how do you how do you get your iOS [TS]

  devices on the network [TS]

  yeah they I have Wi-Fi modems for this [TS]

  it mean it's a stationary device the [TS]

  Apple TV doesn't move it's connected [TS]

  with Ethernet good so yeah I should have [TS]

  I should have gone to the remote app I [TS]

  actually forgot completely about the [TS]

  remote app until after I'd got it set up [TS]

  but be entering the little text input is [TS]

  not I'm not saying it's bad that you [TS]

  have to enter text with the remote all [TS]

  that is bad but you know they have an [TS]

  alternative it's that's a good test of [TS]

  how easy it is to use the four-way [TS]

  switch tonight I didn't think you ever [TS]

  need to be tested because having used [TS]

  the TiVo and I don't have the little [TS]

  QWERTY slider Bluetooth TiVo remote I'm [TS]

  very used to entering text with little [TS]

  file were controlling yeah it's annoying [TS]

  but I do a plenty this is the first time [TS]

  in all my years of using a little five [TS]

  way control with the remote with a [TS]

  television that I accidentally input [TS]

  characters when trying to put things [TS]

  because I was trying to move down down [TS]

  right left down and I would accidentally [TS]

  hit the middle select button that's it's [TS]

  the thing it's shaped kind of like a [TS]

  donut and there's no real positive [TS]

  feedback for the four different [TS]

  directions so you're right away you're [TS]

  kind of unsure which if you're getting [TS]

  exactly up and exactly left yeah you can [TS]

  use the straight edges of the route to [TS]

  help you with that but the T will ring [TS]

  control like tries to eject your finger [TS]

  from it the curve doesn't want your [TS]

  finger on it it tries to push your [TS]

  finger away so you're trying to get your [TS]

  finger poised on the hump of the curve [TS]

  to just press that and not accidentally [TS]

  press the middle thing the TiVo remote [TS]

  is a leaf shaped kind of like a cone and [TS]

  then the middle slack button is raised [TS]

  so it's very easy to see whether you're [TS]

  on the middle select butt or not because [TS]

  it's a raised little pedestal there I've [TS]

  never accidentally hit the middle select [TS]

  button on the TiVo I do still have the [TS]

  same problem with the TiVo with it's got [TS]

  a keep one continuous ring and there's [TS]

  not as much physical feedback by okay [TS]

  this is up this is down in this left [TS]

  this is right because you can press it [TS]

  for [TS]

  five degrees angle between you you can [TS]

  press southeast northwest and which one [TS]

  gets hit is just a question of how lucky [TS]

  you are that particular time the curved [TS]

  thing makes all that much harder and [TS]

  practically speaking I accidentally [TS]

  input letters I'm going you know going [TS]

  around doing it then I wasn't looking at [TS]

  what was being but I look over at the [TS]

  thing into some extra characters there [TS]

  because I accidentally hit the middle [TS]

  button in one of my transitions and I [TS]

  don't know why all these people Tebow [TS]

  and Apple included don't just make it [TS]

  four separate buttons up-down left-right [TS]

  make them separate buttons but you could [TS]

  feel with the difference you know I [TS]

  guess I just want to make a ring because [TS]

  it looks nice or maybe it's cheaper I [TS]

  don't even know why I obviously there's [TS]

  four separate activation things [TS]

  underneath there it's not like a [TS]

  continuous scroll wheel that they're [TS]

  making they're just make it separate [TS]

  buttons so that remote is by far the [TS]

  worst part of this product because right [TS]

  now excluding the remote app which I [TS]

  don't think Apple can guarantee that [TS]

  everyone who buys an Apple TV even has [TS]

  an iOS device they can run their own [TS]

  Aven you use that little remote to [TS]

  interact with this device and it really [TS]

  influences how you feel about that [TS]

  device it's what what does this thing [TS]

  feel like in your hand when you're using [TS]

  it the TiVo for all my complaints that [TS]

  evil remote is actually very nice I [TS]

  really like the TiVo remote design most [TS]

  of the controls you want to use your [TS]

  inconvenient places they're different [TS]

  shapes at different sizes based on the [TS]

  prominence the only I mean there are [TS]

  things I can complain about the table [TS]

  remote about like say the prominence and [TS]

  size of the 30-second skip button and [TS]

  how now there's the colored buttons that [TS]

  are the same size next to us I have [TS]

  complaints about everything but in [TS]

  general the TiVo remote is a very [TS]

  interesting and very fun innovative [TS]

  design that does most things right the [TS]

  Apple TV remote is just terrible and [TS]

  it's not bluetooth of course UI sounds [TS]

  that is probably in the is in the [TS]

  problem category I don't know I don't [TS]

  like any UI that makes sound at least [TS]

  the sounds are more subtle than the TiVo [TS]

  sounds TiVo ships out of the box but [TS]

  it's crazy popcorn popping sound [TS]

  whenever you move anything on the screen [TS]

  that's too much it's really loud people [TS]

  like that sound I think they come to [TS]

  associate with TiVo which they have [TS]

  positive feelings about but I need that [TS]

  sound to be off the Apple TV sounds are [TS]

  much more subtle very quiet little [TS]

  tinkling things but they are there and I [TS]

  was glad [TS]

  the light on the front of the device the [TS]

  Apple TV thing looks like just a little [TS]

  featureless black rounded corner [TS]

  monolith but it does actually have a [TS]

  light on it and the light is tiny tiny [TS]

  pinpoint of white light now I'm not one [TS]

  of those people who needs to have every [TS]

  single light turned off on their [TS]

  television although interestingly almost [TS]

  all of my products do have an option to [TS]

  turn it off I think even my TV as an [TS]

  option in somewhere in the menus it says [TS]

  turn off the power light but certainly [TS]

  the TiVo have always had an option to [TS]

  say turn everything off turn off all [TS]

  those lights which are you or your Crona [TS]

  I leave them on because I like to see [TS]

  hey what's recording or you know what's [TS]

  going it they don't bother me even [TS]

  though they're pretty darn big they're [TS]

  like this red circles for recordings you [TS]

  cannot possibly for red circles that are [TS]

  a little bit smaller than a dime uh then [TS]

  that circles their rings they're pretty [TS]

  prominent there's a blue one for one is [TS]

  transferring there's a green one from [TS]

  the powers on lots of lights of staring [TS]

  at me and I don't find them distracting [TS]

  at all so I had one device to my AV [TS]

  stack here this little Apple TV and I [TS]

  put it sort of you know towards the [TS]

  bottom off in a corner it's got this [TS]

  tiny pinprick white light and somehow [TS]

  that one piercing white light bothers me [TS]

  when I'm watching TV all these other red [TS]

  and green and blue giant much larger [TS]

  lights money much more numerous much [TS]

  closer to the screen don't draw my eye [TS]

  but this tiny white star is just [TS]

  piercing my eye from the corner there so [TS]

  I started looking for an option to turn [TS]

  off that little white light thing and [TS]

  couldn't find it I haven't maybe it [TS]

  still buried in there but I'm maybe [TS]

  going for the black electrical tape [TS]

  that's probably the way to go some [TS]

  people in the chat rooms saying you can [TS]

  put the Apple TV behind in television [TS]

  just bounce the IR off the wall I could [TS]

  probably do that too I I but I like [TS]

  having direct line of sight on the thing [TS]

  I'll just cover up the little electrical [TS]

  or gaffers tape black gaffers tape I [TS]

  don't have gaffers tape so we go with [TS]

  electrical okay I think that will do the [TS]

  job sure the UI itself I don't know I [TS]

  don't have them not familiar with the [TS]

  past Apple TV UI so I can't say how this [TS]

  one is better or different the other [TS]

  ones considering what I plan to use this [TS]

  for it's like how longs it take me get [TS]

  to Netflix it's a big red squares has [TS]

  Netflix it's right on the screen you [TS]

  know no no big problems there the [TS]

  screens change quickly there's no weird [TS]

  animation between the screens there's no [TS]

  flickering resolution changing all the [TS]

  UI is in HD [TS]

  uh cover art and stuff for movies load [TS]

  quickly I've been the Ethernet [TS]

  connection probably helps their overall [TS]

  the UI isn't doesn't Wow me but I don't [TS]

  have any significant complaints about it [TS]

  it pretty much does what it's supposed [TS]

  to do this is my first time using [TS]

  airplay as well airplay is Apple's brand [TS]

  name for I don't know what is it's their [TS]

  brand name for wirelessly sending video [TS]

  from one place to the other somehow it's [TS]

  not really sending video wirelessly but [TS]

  that's the word they use for it I can't [TS]

  even remember what I did to set up [TS]

  airplay I remember connecting to the [TS]

  thing entering my Apple ID for some [TS]

  purpose or another probably just with [TS]

  the iTunes Store god honestly cannot [TS]

  remember if I did anything in particular [TS]

  to set up airplay but suddenly every [TS]

  single Apple device in my house of which [TS]

  there are many many could send video to [TS]

  anywhere else it was the most it just [TS]

  works experience I've had from Apple in [TS]

  a long time suddenly just everything is [TS]

  sent I could see all the video on my Mac [TS]

  it's the only one in my wife's Mac I saw [TS]

  all the video on my iPods and on the [TS]

  iPhones and they could send videos TV [TS]

  and I could see pictures from from the [TS]

  iPods on the TV no setup no passwords no [TS]

  nothing unbelievably easy seamless [TS]

  experience in fact it was so easy this [TS]

  is the only drawback that after I had [TS]

  exploded with it and said wow this is [TS]

  neat check this out blah blah I'd gone [TS]

  back to what I was doing and I was you [TS]

  know television was turned off at this [TS]

  point and I was on the couch and I fired [TS]

  up draw something which is the latest [TS]

  fad social game which I have many many [TS]

  complaints about but that's a different [TS]

  show and when you launch Draw Something [TS]

  it shows a start-up screen animation it [TS]

  shows like a pencil and some rays of [TS]

  light coming from behind and the logo [TS]

  comes dropping down or something and [TS]

  apparently that startup screen splash [TS]

  animation thing is a movie because when [TS]

  I launch draw something from springboard [TS]

  it brought a big thing that says this [TS]

  movie playing on your television so I [TS]

  played these the launch the startup [TS]

  screen movie through my Apple TV on my [TS]

  television which was turned off and all [TS]

  I got to see on the iPad iPod in front [TS]

  of me was this little picture telling me [TS]

  that that's what I was doing I said well [TS]

  you know I don't that's I don't stop [TS]

  using stop playing your video to the [TS]

  television I'm looking at you now the [TS]

  television is off obviously the Apple TV [TS]

  was still on but I had to try to [TS]

  Vince my iOS device to stop displaying [TS]

  video on the Apple TV you know how to do [TS]

  that easily right well at the time I [TS]

  didn't and when I think to think of what [TS]

  I had just done I just launched like [TS]

  Draw Something just an application and [TS]

  it doesn't show a player control in [TS]

  showing that movie because it's not [TS]

  using the player interface like it's [TS]

  just calling an API to play a QuickTime [TS]

  movie right so there was no way from the [TS]

  screen that I was looking at to say no [TS]

  no show that over here and if you don't [TS]

  know as I didn't I had to Google this I [TS]

  completely forgotten about those things [TS]

  that are hiding in the iOS multitasking [TS]

  menu it if you said if you double tap [TS]

  the home key with a little multitasking [TS]

  bar that shows you the applications you [TS]

  launched recently if you slide the other [TS]

  way on it you've got like the volume [TS]

  control and a bunch of settings and [TS]

  stuff like that and one of them is [TS]

  little airplay button and then you could [TS]

  tell it use the iPad use you know but I [TS]

  totally forgot those things exist I went [TS]

  to settings to look for it didn't find [TS]

  it eventually what I ended up doing [TS]

  before I Google just to solve this when [TS]

  I was sitting there was go to the video [TS]

  player which I knew showed a player [TS]

  control which had the airplay icon tap [TS]

  the airplay icon and turned it off it's [TS]

  it I can see so many people going [TS]

  through this exact experience but not [TS]

  being able to figure out what they were [TS]

  doing wrong and saying I don't [TS]

  understand why my iPhone plays videos [TS]

  when I'm out but not when I'm at home or [TS]

  something you know what I say I mean I [TS]

  it's very for people to experience this [TS]

  I think that you're in the minority of [TS]

  people who were able to figure it out so [TS]

  quickly if you know it's called airplay [TS]

  just Google it yeah I mean it's not but [TS]

  still yes I guess when do some basis in [TS]

  knowledge because as soon as I saw the [TS]

  Google result that said multitasking and [TS]

  double tap like those only words I had [TS]

  to read in the capital [TS]

  oh it's hiding over there like because I [TS]

  never go to that section of the the [TS]

  multitasking thing but at least I knew [TS]

  it existed so maybe it's too easy for a [TS]

  device is to promiscuously share their [TS]

  video and information everywhere but on [TS]

  the whole I was very impressed with [TS]

  airplay the only downsides to airplay [TS]

  are not air place fault but or the fault [TS]

  of Apple but it's continuing separating [TS]

  of people into Islands so for example [TS]

  photo stream photo stream to get photo [TS]

  stream stuff you have to sign in with an [TS]

  Apple ID but then right away I'm I have [TS]

  a problem because well I want to see our [TS]

  family pictures well whose Apple ID is [TS]

  being used for the family pictures of my [TS]

  wife's iPhone when she takes pictures of [TS]

  the kids that goes to her photo stream [TS]

  and [TS]

  she's using iPhoto and her iPhoto [TS]

  collection is connected to her photo [TS]

  screen was connected to her Apple ID but [TS]

  I'm using a different Apple ID and I [TS]

  want my picture I want everything to be [TS]

  used you know I'm going to take my iOS 5 [TS]

  device and connect it to my Apple ID not [TS]

  hers but when I take pictures of my iOS [TS]

  device they go to my photo stream and [TS]

  now I have to I can't see both of them [TS]

  on the Apple TV I got a pic which photo [TS]

  stream I want it's that division of [TS]

  things in two different islands of [TS]

  content is not the fault of airplay but [TS]

  it does manifest itself in that for [TS]

  example if you want to make the [TS]

  screensaver use your photo stream you [TS]

  have to pick which one you can't do it [TS]

  from like the pool of both of them are [TS]

  collected all together so I thought that [TS]

  was a very airplay it gets big thumbs up [TS]

  despite a few confusing points and [TS]

  speaking of confusion as all nerds would [TS]

  do I immediately go to the settings menu [TS]

  in the Apple TV and mine yeah well [TS]

  normal people don't do this I found the [TS]

  if it works and it plays video they [TS]

  don't touch it there's I want to mess it [TS]

  up but geeks say ok it works it plays [TS]

  video fine everything works but can I [TS]

  screw it up some house let me find the [TS]

  settings menu so I meet they go home to [TS]

  the settings menu and it hears some say [TS]

  audio and video let me go in there one [TS]

  of them said television resolution and [TS]

  was on auto and I said no we can't have [TS]

  that because who knows this is thing for [TS]

  auto settings geeks want to know what [TS]

  does that mean what does Auto mean is [TS]

  that a different than the other choices [TS]

  or does that just mean the device is [TS]

  going to pick one of the choices for me [TS]

  and if it picks which one is it [TS]

  currently picking so Auto had a bunch of [TS]

  choices of resolution and refresh rates [TS]

  and the top one was 1080p 60 Hertz and I [TS]

  just selected that I said that you [TS]

  probably automatically selected that [TS]

  anyway because my television probably [TS]

  told you that it can handle that but [TS]

  just in case you didn't I will force you [TS]

  to be 1080p 60 Hertz which was the the [TS]

  highest resolution of the highest [TS]

  refresh rate in the menu and then they [TS]

  went into a menu called HDMI output [TS]

  which I thought was going to have [TS]

  something like what I see in the ps3s [TS]

  output where you can choose if you want [TS]

  to use extended color spaces technically [TS]

  outside the gamut of normal broadcasting [TS]

  but if your television supports that you [TS]

  can display you know also the technical [TS]

  stuff like that the choices in this menu [TS]

  were Auto which was currently selected [TS]

  YC y cbcr [TS]

  which I had to look up and Wikipedia and [TS]

  I put the link in the show notes this is [TS]

  a thing where it takes the the luminance [TS]

  signal or the luma signal Y and stores [TS]

  that [TS]

  transmits it at you know with high [TS]

  quality and high resolution and then it [TS]

  takes to chroma components the color and [TS]

  puts them in a bend with reduced channel [TS]

  so it's kind of like a form of [TS]

  compression where like we were going to [TS]

  separate the important from the less [TS]

  important stuff and one of these one of [TS]

  these things survives compression better [TS]

  than the other so we'll divvy up we'll [TS]

  divide up the picture that the image [TS]

  space into two separate color channels [TS]

  CR is the red difference and CB is the [TS]

  blue difference and that doesn't have to [TS]

  be doesn't have to use as much man [TS]

  bandwidth but we'll keep the luminance [TS]

  values on a separate higher bandwidth [TS]

  channel so that struck me as something [TS]

  that's probably done for like CRTs or [TS]

  older tube things with lower bandwidth [TS]

  so that's not for me then the next [TS]

  choice is RGB high and then the one [TS]

  below that is RGB low and I was guessing [TS]

  that RGB high was the thing where it [TS]

  will output a an expanded color space to [TS]

  technically respect doesn't support but [TS]

  your television might support but then I [TS]

  was like what was RGB low means I [TS]

  googled for it all I found in my brief [TS]

  googling was people saying try the [TS]

  different outputs which everyone looks [TS]

  better on your TV you should use which [TS]

  sounds silly but in the end is probably [TS]

  good advice but unfortunately it's not [TS]

  easy to tell because when you're in the [TS]

  menu you're just looking at the menu [TS]

  which is mostly black and has a little [TS]

  bit of blue and like a picture of an [TS]

  Apple TV so I'd have to change the [TS]

  setting watch some video go back change [TS]

  a setting watch the video go back change [TS]

  a setting in the end I just left it on [TS]

  auto which is sort of like admitting [TS]

  defeat to me because I don't like I had [TS]

  watched a program by this point I put it [TS]

  in the show notes actually because I had [TS]

  been saving this the the television [TS]

  series awake had its pilot program [TS]

  available for free on iTunes maybe like [TS]

  a week or two ago I think this is a good [TS]

  idea but you want to get someone hooked [TS]

  on a program be like oh I missed the [TS]

  first episode like my DVR didn't catch a [TS]

  visit and tell it to record it so I set [TS]

  up a season pass for awake if it started [TS]

  on Episode two which I'm not gonna watch [TS]

  until I've seen episode 1 then I said Oh [TS]

  episode 1 is available free on iTunes so [TS]

  I got it off iTunes but then I couldn't [TS]

  watch it on my TV because I didn't have [TS]

  an Apple TV yeah that's the wonders of [TS]

  DRM for you so here I am with this high [TS]

  definition video that I could watch on [TS]

  my computer if I wanted to but if we [TS]

  wanted to sit together on the couch and [TS]

  watch it we can't even though I have a [TS]

  million devices on my television that [TS]

  can display video none of them [TS]

  understand apples DRM and I had no way [TS]

  to show a PCS image on my television [TS]

  that's the remaining thing I don't have [TS]

  my TV set up a way to show a max video [TS]

  output on the television so anyway I'd [TS]

  watch that entire program and it looked [TS]

  fine to me and I was perfectly happy [TS]

  with it and then after that I started [TS]

  screwing with the settings and in the [TS]

  end I just left HDMI output on auto so [TS]

  if anyone knows what any of that stuff [TS]

  actually means RGB high RGB low feel [TS]

  free to tell me so overall I give the [TS]

  Apple to be a pretty big thumbs up it [TS]

  does exactly what I thought I was going [TS]

  to do it did it without problem the [TS]

  airplay features were fun to use they [TS]

  did everything that I thought they [TS]

  should do the Netflix streaming worked [TS]

  well again it probably helps that I have [TS]

  an Ethernet connection directly to [TS]

  things so no networking problems no [TS]

  crashes everything was pretty responsive [TS]

  the only bit downside is that terrible [TS]

  little razor blade of a remote [TS]

  surprisingly positive review I thought I [TS]

  was gonna like it like I the only reason [TS]

  I held off getting it was because I knew [TS]

  and another one was undoubtedly coming [TS]

  with higher resolution I didn't want to [TS]

  buy something of a 720 some people [TS]

  argued with me about that on Twitter [TS]

  saying what do you need 1080p for I [TS]

  should have put this in the show notes [TS]

  but our stack thing I did an article [TS]

  comparing iTunes 1080p per content with [TS]

  its 720p content and the person on [TS]

  Twitter was saying and this is true [TS]

  especially as as compared if you're [TS]

  doing 720p or 1080i a lot of televisions [TS]

  do 1080i but actually 720p has more [TS]

  information if you do the math on it but [TS]

  the stuff Apple is selling is compressed [TS]

  and he was saying if you if Apple would [TS]

  didn't so heavily compress at 720p [TS]

  content there would be no reason to have [TS]

  1080p or that the 1080p was so heavily [TS]

  compressed that they would you'd be [TS]

  better off getting a 720p one that was [TS]

  not as heavily compressed as 1080 all [TS]

  that is true but the proof isn't like if [TS]

  you're interested in iTunes content the [TS]

  proof is in well so downloaded is 1080p [TS]

  version of this thing on iTunes and [TS]

  download a 720p which one looks better [TS]

  and it may be way still an Apple you [TS]

  could say they would be better off [TS]

  offering a higher-quality 720p and not [TS]

  bottling with a 1080i because you'd have [TS]

  less to download the quality would be [TS]

  just as good [TS]

  but I do just got to go with that what [TS]

  Apple offers and if the 1080p content [TS]

  that apple offers looks better than the [TS]

  720 and you know you get them both of [TS]

  the same price er usually you do you get [TS]

  you know you're offered the program in [TS]

  HD you get both of those choices I'm [TS]

  going to pick the 1080p one as like oh [TS]

  you're taking apples extra room on your [TS]

  hard drive my question on Twitter is [TS]

  well what am i saving that hard drive [TS]

  space for I just gotta have spare hard [TS]

  drive space hanging around I got a lot [TS]

  hard drive space so I'll download the [TS]

  1080p one I'll watch it I'll delete it [TS]

  when I'm done because through the magic [TS]

  of iCloud I don't have to worry about [TS]

  keeping it around and I certainly don't [TS]

  need to store it on my Apple TV so ah [TS]

  the ARS technica article did screen [TS]

  grabs of 1080p content and compared with [TS]

  screen grabs of 720 you can see some [TS]

  pretty significant differences like [TS]

  we're in the 720p content you see that [TS]

  sort of banding where there's a gradient [TS]

  from dark gray to light gray you see it [TS]

  as a band of like gray number one and a [TS]

  little bit darker gray number two versus [TS]

  a smooth gradient on the 1080p as a [TS]

  typical compression artifact so the [TS]

  program I watched was still 720 and look [TS]

  fine to me [TS]

  but if 1080p is available I will get [TS]

  that so look that's all I've got an [TS]

  Apple TV so what is this a device that [TS]

  you'd recommend yeah I recommended the [TS]

  previous one even though I hadn't bought [TS]

  it I wouldn't I would tell people if you [TS]

  want something to plays Netflix get an [TS]

  Apple TV and you'll go on record right [TS]

  now and say that the best Netflix [TS]

  experience you've ever seen by far hands [TS]

  down Apple TV now the PlayStation 3 the [TS]

  client is better it's the PlayStation 3 [TS]

  in general is way more responsive and [TS]

  faster and it has a Bluetooth remote and [TS]

  that thing like it's a gaming system it [TS]

  responds as soon as you hit the button [TS]

  but the PlayStation 3 has a fan in it [TS]

  and it's much noisier than something [TS]

  with no fan so that's why I prefer the [TS]

  Apple TV but I still think the [TS]

  PlayStation 3 Netflix client is superior [TS]

  and the remote is definitely superior [TS]

  should we do our third sponsor and then [TS]

  talk about the video of Chris polos dad [TS]

  sure all right [TS]

  our third sponsor final sponsor for this [TS]

  week source bits these guys are really [TS]

  great they develop all kinds of software [TS]

  but they have some specific areas that [TS]

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  they'll do Android they'll do you know [TS]

  what if you if you need to do black bear [TS]

  there are people out there need this [TS]

  they'll do that too they can come out [TS]

  with a client for any mobile platform [TS]

  that you have they do web development [TS]

  they'll build a web application you can [TS]

  tie into these are an independent [TS]

  standalone I had somebody say well do [TS]

  these guys just what if you just want a [TS]

  web app what if you don't care about [TS]

  mobile course they do that they do user [TS]

  interface design course they do Mac [TS]

  development and they also do face book [TS]

  development maybe you have an idea for a [TS]

  Facebook game they do that all of this [TS]

  and they do it and they save you time [TS]

  and they save you money because they get [TS]

  it done right the first time that's the [TS]

  key with these guys they have they have [TS]

  a proven track record they've got an [TS]

  amazing portfolio you're not going to [TS]

  waste time going back and forth with a [TS]

  developer who's still figuring things [TS]

  out there's nothing wrong with that but [TS]

  if you want to hit a homerun you want to [TS]

  walk up to bat you want to hit a homerun [TS]

  you call these guys sore spits calm [TS]

  longtime support of the shows great [TS]

  bunch of people to work with sore spits [TS]

  calm the person who is complaining to me [TS]

  on Twitter about the 1080p person 720 is [TS]

  actually in the chat room now and he's [TS]

  trying to clarify he says I wasn't [TS]

  saying takes more room on your hard [TS]

  drive I was complaining that 1080p uses [TS]

  more resources in general and those [TS]

  resources would be much better used for [TS]

  less compressed 720p signal I'm asking [TS]

  him what resources he's talking about I [TS]

  kind of and your argument is this if [TS]

  there are resources to be used use 100% [TS]

  of them all the time to improve your [TS]

  enjoyment unless they're mechanical and [TS]

  wear out and it's doing something you [TS]

  didn't ask it to do but have we've [TS]

  already gone over that with a TiVo it's [TS]

  already recording on all four tuners [TS]

  anyway so it's not actually next to work [TS]

  but yeah that's for it when it's in [TS]

  terms of RAM and hard drive space [TS]

  he points to bandwidth bandwidth is only [TS]

  concerned if you have a cap I don't [TS]

  maybe that's a luxury I you know mother [TS]

  people don't have so if you have a [TS]

  bandwidth captain yeah that's a good [TS]

  argument for taking the 720p version [TS]

  instead CPU I don't care about because I [TS]

  don't think they wear out like things [TS]

  with moving parts though I should do a [TS]

  whole show about the idea of hardware [TS]

  versus software and moving parts versus [TS]

  non moving parts although unfortunately [TS]

  that gets into the realm of physics very [TS]

  quickly and then we're not supposed to [TS]

  talk about that but that's one of my pet [TS]

  peeves but yeah like I said this is all [TS]

  a key [TS]

  when it just comes down to like look at [TS]

  the content apple offers 1080p one look [TS]

  better can you tell that it looks better [TS]

  then it's up to you to decide whether [TS]

  you think the bandwidth is worse well I [TS]

  don't really care that my $9 Apple TV [TS]

  CPU is working harder or GP or whatever [TS]

  h.264 decoder is going you know so Chris [TS]

  burrows dad Chris Parrillo I didn't know [TS]

  Chris Parrillo was before this did you [TS]

  know he was yeah of course [TS]

  no no he's he's a founder maintainer of [TS]

  Locker gnome which is a network of blogs [TS]

  which I've heard of Locker gnome I've [TS]

  seen the name Locker gnome but I have [TS]

  not gone to that site and not really [TS]

  familiar with it he apparently was on [TS]

  television on tech TV which I never [TS]

  really watched true hosting a program [TS]

  called call for help which I assume is [TS]

  some sort of helping you with technology [TS]

  television show he's about my age [TS]

  somewhat similar age and one of the [TS]

  things he did in this past week was sit [TS]

  his dad down his dad is named Joe [TS]

  Perillo sit him down in front of a [TS]

  Windows 8 computer and a Mac OS 10 [TS]

  computer both of which he'd never seen [TS]

  before he'd never seen Windows 8 before [TS]

  and he'd never used a Mac before I never [TS]

  used a Mac with Mac OS 10 before and [TS]

  well one thing we should also mention is [TS]

  that chris has been doing some kind of [TS]

  like live streaming thing I think he's [TS]

  still doing it but if you want to you [TS]

  could go and you could see him sitting [TS]

  at his desk where he has multiple [TS]

  screens and machines you could go there [TS]

  you could see him sitting there at his [TS]

  desk and watch him working not sure why [TS]

  it's not it's not like a show really [TS]

  it's just him like they're working and [TS]

  he's been doing this for a long time [TS]

  so his dad was sitting it if you're [TS]

  familiar with his setup his dad was just [TS]

  sitting right there at this setup now [TS]

  I'm not familiar with in people the chat [TS]

  room her give her giving me flack for [TS]

  not knowing who he is I'm not surprised [TS]

  that you're not like a fan I'm just I'm [TS]

  surprised it you don't know who he is [TS]

  but that's on now I've heard a blocker [TS]

  no no but that's it okay [TS]

  so he just filmed his dad trying these [TS]

  two things out his dad is I don't know [TS]

  his dad's probably same age as my ADD [TS]

  dad [TS]

  50 60 something like that first of all [TS]

  his dad is adorable he's very like [TS]

  Hawaiian shirt into baseball hat with a [TS]

  propeller on it and for people who are [TS]

  similar age to Chris he reminds us all [TS]

  of our dads the second thing I want to [TS]

  say about this is we shouldn't you [TS]

  should always be careful when you see [TS]

  them like this not to extrapolate too [TS]

  much from one person this is just one [TS]

  person doing something one person with [TS]

  his own background and experiences and [TS]

  and education and computers and just [TS]

  like it's very tempting to say look at [TS]

  this guy either successful using or [TS]

  unsuccessful using this technology [TS]

  product therefore this product is doomed [TS]

  to failure is not user friendly or is [TS]

  awesome and anyone be able to use it [TS]

  this is one data point one person but on [TS]

  the other hand people who have similar [TS]

  experiences with people of similar ages [TS]

  this is a nice thing to point you to say [TS]

  like I do tech support for a big company [TS]

  or I help all my relatives with their [TS]

  computers and all them exhibit these [TS]

  particular problems if you want to see [TS]

  these problems demonstrated look at this [TS]

  one guy's video because a lot of the [TS]

  things that he has trouble with I've [TS]

  seen other people have trouble with and [TS]

  then very quickly you know humans are a [TS]

  pattern recognition machine and start to [TS]

  say oh this this is not just one [TS]

  person's problem this is another data [TS]

  point in the long series of data points [TS]

  about people using computers and I'm [TS]

  noticing a trend and that trend is [TS]

  whatever so I'm going to talk about the [TS]

  things I saw in this video I'm no doubt [TS]

  will generalize and extrapolate from [TS]

  this video into more general concepts [TS]

  most of the time I'm not basing those [TS]

  conclusions on this one video but simply [TS]

  using it as an illustration of something [TS]

  that I've seen elsewhere but yeah no [TS]

  matter what all even if you added up all [TS]

  my experiences with helping people with [TS]

  computers that's probably still not [TS]

  statistically significant but I think [TS]

  some of it will ring true for people who [TS]

  have done similar things now his dad is [TS]

  not a technology geek but I would say [TS]

  he's definitely I don't know what you [TS]

  call him he's a computer user he's a [TS]

  regular user of computers he talks very [TS]

  fondly about Windows XP which he has [TS]

  seems to have a lot of experience in [TS]

  comfort with that he likes to use he's [TS]

  got an iPhone he's got an iPad both of [TS]

  which he likes to use he must have been [TS]

  using these things for years XP in [TS]

  particular he knows how to use them [TS]

  enough to be productive [TS]

  I'm not going to say this is someone [TS]

  who's never seen a computer who are [TS]

  computer novice I would say that he's [TS]

  not a computer expert but he's a [TS]

  computer user he's you have to call you [TS]

  know if you use a computer every single [TS]

  day and enjoy it and have some sort of [TS]

  level of confidence and experience with [TS]

  it that's in the upper end of customers [TS]

  of technology products I think [TS]

  especially for someone his age where you [TS]

  didn't grow up with these type of [TS]

  computers so he he's you know he's been [TS]

  pre-qualified he's competent yeah like I [TS]

  think a lot of people look in this and [TS]

  said let's look how someone who had no [TS]

  idea about computers uses this and see [TS]

  how bad there he doesn't have no idea [TS]

  computers he's he's a pretty darn good [TS]

  computer user the way he talks about how [TS]

  Windows XP and like yet he has a [TS]

  fondness for Windows XP and who has a [TS]

  fondness for an operating system less [TS]

  here you know it and he's got an iPhone [TS]

  and an iPad that's he's got a leg up on [TS]

  most people his age I think so I think [TS]

  that right away I would not say that [TS]

  this is anything you've seen this video [TS]

  only applies to SuperDuper novices [TS]

  because this guy is about as [TS]

  knowledgeable as you can expect from the [TS]

  average computer consumer about [TS]

  computers so I'm going to talk briefly [TS]

  about the Windows 8 video which I'm not [TS]

  going to focus on too much he put him in [TS]

  front of Windows 8 which as we know has [TS]

  this split experience between the Metro [TS]

  UI in the plane desktop and lo and [TS]

  behold he's used he switches back to the [TS]

  plane desktop feels slightly more [TS]

  comfortable but then is not able to find [TS]

  the Start menu and he spends a lot of [TS]

  time looking for screen edge activation [TS]

  triggers and stuff and this is what I [TS]

  wanted to get to before what's [TS]

  discoverability versus ease of use he [TS]

  spends a long time just not knowing what [TS]

  to do because there's nothing on screen [TS]

  to let him know what to do he wants the [TS]

  button to press a word that he can see [TS]

  or read or something and things like Oh [TS]

  slam your mouse cursor to the right edge [TS]

  of the screen that's not obvious that's [TS]

  like a gesture with the mouse especially [TS]

  if he hasn't used another operating [TS]

  system it does things like that or it [TS]

  hasn't used other programs that it [TS]

  doesn't occur to him that Mouse gestures [TS]

  are putting the mouse in the corner or [TS]

  clicking on a screen edge or anything [TS]

  like that and I forget about keyboard [TS]

  commands ring like that and as [TS]

  ridiculous as this might sound people [TS]

  today one of the reasons that Windows 95 [TS]

  was so successful is because they had a [TS]

  little menu at the bottom that said [TS]

  start and we laugh about the Start menu [TS]

  Oh a ninja but there were people who had [TS]

  no experience with the graphical user [TS]

  interface are very little they were [TS]

  coming from a different place that well [TS]

  where do I start [TS]

  oh right here yeah I mean the joke oh [TS]

  you shut down from the Start menu is [TS]

  numb that's not why it said started to [TS]

  start because people people are going to [TS]

  scan with especially if they don't have [TS]

  experience with computers they see an [TS]

  image in front of them and they want to [TS]

  look at it and figure out something to [TS]

  do and so things like screen edges are [TS]

  not discoverable similarly I would say [TS]

  swiping through iOS springboard screens [TS]

  you know that the thing where you launch [TS]

  all your applications that's not [TS]

  discoverable to someone who has never [TS]

  used a capacitive touchscreen which to [TS]

  first approximation before the iPhone [TS]

  was nobody nobody had used a capacitive [TS]

  touchscreen we'd use pressure-sensitive [TS]

  touchscreens maybe where you press on [TS]

  them like on a palm and maybe would use [TS]

  those ones on ATMs where people think [TS]

  you have to press but you really don't [TS]

  need jam their fingers as hard as they [TS]

  can to a CRT but capacitive touchscreens [TS]

  I tracked your finger and let you do [TS]

  gestures and stuff if you're staring at [TS]

  that iOS screen it's very clear that [TS]

  these are little squares that you [TS]

  probably have to hit with your finger [TS]

  what's not clear is if you take your [TS]

  finger and swipe across the whole thing [TS]

  you go to the next screen that I've [TS]

  never seen anyone who has never seen an [TS]

  iOS device derive that on their own but [TS]

  once you show people that that's it you [TS]

  show them once like oh and for they [TS]

  never they never forget it it's [TS]

  completely natural so that people get [TS]

  harp on discoverability and this gets [TS]

  back to the iPhoto for iOS [TS]

  discoverability I think is much less [TS]

  important than most people think it is [TS]

  it's important that people if they hit a [TS]

  dead end [TS]

  they can't discover anything and they [TS]

  stop but I think if they continue to use [TS]

  it or if there's a way for them to learn [TS]

  what's much more important is how [TS]

  efficient is this thing to use on a day [TS]

  to day basis right so putting the word [TS]

  start on the Start menu did not impair [TS]

  day-to-day usability but it was a good a [TS]

  discoverability so you want to do that [TS]

  make it as discoverable as possible but [TS]

  don't favor discoverability over [TS]

  efficiency or easy use after the fact a [TS]

  lot of the complaints about Mac OS 10 [TS]

  for me and other people is that it's [TS]

  been tailored too much to make sure [TS]

  things are discoverable even if once you [TS]

  discover it it's annoying from about 100 [TS]

  of the times you use it after that so [TS]

  swiping on iOS like there's not a little [TS]

  paper clip that comes out and says hey [TS]

  but you've been [TS]

  groaning screen and swipe it slide ways [TS]

  to go to the next screen there's nothing [TS]

  really helping you discover screen [TS]

  swiping in iOS and I don't think Apple [TS]

  frets about that it's like you'll find [TS]

  out like you you'll see an ad on TV or [TS]

  someone swipes their finger or your [TS]

  friend will show you were like it once [TS]

  once you want something else tells you [TS]

  hey you can swipe the screen on your [TS]

  iPhone like it's very difficult to get [TS]

  out of an Apple Store without knowing [TS]

  that and it's probably difficult not to [TS]

  see a TV ad that shows people swiping [TS]

  all over the place right but for the [TS]

  very first one you know if you didn't [TS]

  see the keynote didn't know what the [TS]

  iPhone was there's nothing in the OS [TS]

  itself have you gave us to someone who [TS]

  was on a tropical island the Pacific who [TS]

  had never seen technology and gave him [TS]

  this phone it it wouldn't be obvious for [TS]

  him to figure out swiping right but once [TS]

  you discover it it's awesome perfect and [TS]

  you're glad there's not some sort of [TS]

  handle to grab to swipe to the next [TS]

  screen or some sort of word that says [TS]

  swipe to go to next screen that's there [TS]

  that stupid word saying swipe to go to [TS]

  next to mean for the rest of your damn [TS]

  life [TS]

  so iPhoto for iOS and Windows 8 both I [TS]

  think when you discover how to use these [TS]

  tools then you can judge them you know [TS]

  based on the merits of how they work so [TS]

  there's a two finger loop zooming tool [TS]

  in an iPhoto which I totally did not [TS]

  discover but I don't slam it because I [TS]

  didn't discover it I slam it because [TS]

  once I've discovered it I find it [TS]

  awkward to use and similarly the screen [TS]

  edge stuff for getting back to the Metro [TS]

  UI and not having a smart menu I think [TS]

  once you know about the screen edge [TS]

  activation then you should forget that [TS]

  you couldn't find it mostly and say well [TS]

  they could have helped discoverability a [TS]

  little bit but once I find it is it [TS]

  efficient to use now I personally find [TS]

  screen edges and screen corners very [TS]

  efficient because they're really easy [TS]

  targets to hit and I find it a natural [TS]

  sort of gesture with a mouse or whatever [TS]

  but that may not be true for the general [TS]

  population but that's the one point I [TS]

  wanted to make on the Windows 8 video is [TS]

  that the joke quote-unquote of watching [TS]

  him flail there by staring at the screen [TS]

  he's you know he's trying to look [TS]

  through the bottom part of his bifocals [TS]

  try to read every single piece of text [TS]

  on the screen say where can I possibly [TS]

  click the fact that he doesn't know [TS]

  about screen edges or Mouse gestures or [TS]

  anything like that or you know keyboard [TS]

  equivalents or other things don't have a [TS]

  visual representation I don't fault [TS]

  Windows 8 for that but you know I think [TS]

  if when is it becomes popular people [TS]

  will learn this gesture just as like [TS]

  once you learn swiping on the [TS]

  springboard screen then you don't have [TS]

  to relearn it for 50 other apps now part [TS]

  of your vocabulary when trying to figure [TS]

  out how to use an iOS app is to be [TS]

  swiping stuff around [TS]

  why didn't I discover how to change the [TS]

  palette from one side of the other [TS]

  iPhoto for iOS because that wasn't [TS]

  swiping to change screens that was like [TS]

  grabbing an on screen element and moving [TS]

  it and not by a grab handle by some [TS]

  grand gesture and I had never used in an [TS]

  application that had done it before and [TS]

  in general I think that's not as [TS]

  successful because it's not obvious [TS]

  where you can start to grab and where [TS]

  you can stop and if you just do a swipe [TS]

  anywhere and iPhoto doesn't doesn't do [TS]

  it all the time you have to do it in a [TS]

  certain way with a certain pattern so [TS]

  even if after you discover it like now I [TS]

  know how to move the the thumbnail [TS]

  pictures from one side to the other and [TS]

  iPhoto for iOS I still can't pull it off [TS]

  successfully most of the time it doesn't [TS]

  feel good that's that's a bad gesture [TS]

  but not because I didn't discover until [TS]

  I watch the video so the much more [TS]

  interesting one to me anyway [TS]

  sorry Windows people is that he CRISPR [TS]

  will put his dad in front of Mac OS 10 [TS]

  and as we said he's a big windows XP [TS]

  user big PC user but on the other hand [TS]

  the owns an iPad and iPhone and likes [TS]

  them right but he's never never used a [TS]

  Mac by the way there's YouTube videos [TS]

  for these and they're both on the show [TS]

  notes but if you just search for Chris [TS]

  Parrillo as dad you'll probably find uh [TS]

  so here he is in front of Mac os10 now [TS]

  we've gone through saying that he's [TS]

  definitely a productive computer user [TS]

  surely he hasn't been using Windows XP [TS]

  for all these years and liking it and [TS]

  still not been getting anything done and [TS]

  we presume that he's using the iPhone [TS]

  and he's able to make phone calls and [TS]

  use it the way it's supposed to be used [TS]

  and he uses the iPad and likes it [TS]

  presumably he's being productive right [TS]

  I think this Mac OS 10 video more than [TS]

  the Windows one shows that to use a [TS]

  computer and be productive with it is [TS]

  not the same thing as understanding it [TS]

  far from it people just assume like oh [TS]

  can you read email can you use the web [TS]

  can you do all that stuff like out well [TS]

  you know about computers no that just [TS]

  means you know how to read an email use [TS]

  the web and get that stuff done which is [TS]

  fine but making the leap as a software [TS]

  developer someone designing software [TS]

  that oh the people who are productive [TS]

  with computers understand them is it's [TS]

  not a good idea and I'm not even talking [TS]

  about the techy details like they [TS]

  understand to the PN Junction [TS]

  transistors or they understand the data [TS]

  buses or anything like not even [TS]

  technical stuff I'm saying they don't [TS]

  understand [TS]

  Brod really big conceptual things about [TS]

  the computer that you would assume they [TS]

  understand because they're so successful [TS]

  using a computer to send email and share [TS]

  pictures of kids and do do things do [TS]

  complicated tests with the computer [TS]

  they're missing foundational concepts [TS]

  that underlie the entire computer and [TS]

  you notice they're missing when you put [TS]

  something in front of them that's not [TS]

  familiar the best example from this [TS]

  video is so he's put in front of Mac OS [TS]

  10 which he's never seen before but he [TS]

  has lots of experience with with Windows [TS]

  XP and with iOS devices what he's [TS]

  looking for he's looking around this [TS]

  computer one of his main concerns is he [TS]

  wants to get to the Google homepage [TS]

  right and we'll get to that long sad [TS]

  path try to get to the Google home and [TS]

  first homepage first but what he doesn't [TS]

  understand what's clear that he doesn't [TS]

  understand is if he doesn't know what a [TS]

  web browser is or what Google is or what [TS]

  a search engine is like conceptually not [TS]

  specifically what a specific web browser [TS]

  he doesn't know what a web browser is as [TS]

  a concept right and he's not alone in [TS]

  that I remember a couple years ago and I [TS]

  found this link for the shownotes [TS]

  google when it was launched in chrome [TS]

  did a kind of a man on the street video [TS]

  where they're around two people and says [TS]

  what's a browser or what's a web browser [TS]

  and I put this link in the shown on a [TS]

  long series of going to people on the [TS]

  street and asking them what a web [TS]

  browser is and obviously this video is [TS]

  going to be biases they're only going to [TS]

  show the people who don't know but for [TS]

  people listening to this program who [TS]

  probably assume okay so maybe you don't [TS]

  know how to use a web browser maybe you [TS]

  don't know that Safari is the web [TS]

  browser on the Mac but surely you [TS]

  understand the concept of a thing called [TS]

  a web browser [TS]

  no no most people do not understand what [TS]

  a web browser is conceptually and I [TS]

  think this video will demonstrate that [TS]

  it's not hard to find [TS]

  tons and tons of people who have no idea [TS]

  what it is so when when Joe Perillo was [TS]

  looking around he sees Safari which he's [TS]

  familiar with because the icon and the [TS]

  name are the same as they are on iOS [TS]

  devices right but he still doesn't know [TS]

  what it is he says ah Safari he's [TS]

  talking to the camera and it's sometimes [TS]

  he's talking with confidence because he [TS]

  has so much experience with his iOS [TS]

  devices so I'll confidently say things [TS]

  like uh Safari is just another kind of [TS]

  Google and Isis on a safari that [TS]

  he says safari is Apple's Google trying [TS]

  to parse that one if you're if you're a [TS]

  tech nerd that shows just a complete [TS]

  complete lack of conceptual [TS]

  understanding what these things are ah [TS]

  because you don't need to know what's a [TS]

  web browser what's an operating system [TS]

  what is a search engine [TS]

  how does the web work where does the [TS]

  software that make Google Google stuff [TS]

  run work we don't just you don't need to [TS]

  know that to be productive and use it [TS]

  but we just all assume that people who [TS]

  are able to use this stuff do know this [TS]

  stuff they don't they don't know what an [TS]

  application is what a search engine is [TS]

  what the web is what a web server is [TS]

  what a web browser is so Google did as [TS]

  part of the same PR push they have an [TS]

  entire website that explains the Google [TS]

  tries to explain what a web browser is [TS]

  and of course they promote chrome it's [TS]

  all about promoting their web browser so [TS]

  the video starts that one explains is [TS]

  the most important program on your [TS]

  computer is your web browser which a [TS]

  well surprised that Google would say [TS]

  that the most important program is your [TS]

  web browser because they're a web [TS]

  company and B I love that their very [TS]

  first sentence assumes you know what a [TS]

  program is which I wouldn't inhabit is [TS]

  how most important program they don't [TS]

  say application they say program but who [TS]

  the hell knows what a program is I bet [TS]

  if you ask people what's a computer [TS]

  program they it would be just as [TS]

  depressing as a video about what's a [TS]

  browser yeah yeah and even in the video [TS]

  they say things like you get to your web [TS]

  browser by clicking on its icon I just [TS]

  shaking my head at that like that's [TS]

  assumes assumes facts not in evidence [TS]

  yeah there are icons there's clicking [TS]

  there's what I don't you know so I and [TS]

  again again listen I mean we talk about [TS]

  our kids and and how they used iOS [TS]

  devices so easily compared to computer [TS]

  devices like my son understands that [TS]

  you've got to put your fingers on the [TS]

  trackpad and then moving them on the [TS]

  trackpad makes the cursor move on the [TS]

  screen and that you have to you have to [TS]

  but for him it's it's clearly a bunch of [TS]

  he what he asked me the other day well [TS]

  why can't you just touch the screen yeah [TS]

  I said well that's the way the computer [TS]

  works oh why that that why does it work [TS]

  like that you know like this was you [TS]

  know clearly I'm like using it like even [TS]

  in his mind he understands that there's [TS]

  a different mode of working there [TS]

  and it's it's just fundamentally [TS]

  interesting I've told this story before [TS]

  I don't know if we've talked about it a [TS]

  friend of mine he's a software developer [TS]

  he's like a CTO and his wife the way [TS]

  that she worked on her computer when she [TS]

  would use it everything would happen in [TS]

  Google she'd launch Firefox Firefox was [TS]

  set to have Google as the page for her [TS]

  to go to a website she would search for [TS]

  it in Google this is how she function [TS]

  she Google homepage would come up in the [TS]

  little search box she would type even if [TS]

  frequently typing the domain that she [TS]

  wanted so let's just she wanted to do [TS]

  some shopping at Pottery Barn she'd go [TS]

  fire up Firefox it would come up in the [TS]

  Google search bar she would type Pottery [TS]

  Barn maybe she would type [TS]

  potterybarn.com [TS]

  and the search results would come back [TS]

  and she would read them find Pottery [TS]

  Barn click Pottery Barn and although he [TS]

  had explained to her that she could just [TS]

  type it in the menu bar this was more [TS]

  comfortable for her and that's how she [TS]

  and I've seen so many people do this [TS]

  that it really just shows you that for [TS]

  them the the web browser is a way to get [TS]

  to content but that's entire you search [TS]

  for things you find things and at the [TS]

  end of the day it's about getting [TS]

  information it almost sounds like what [TS]

  this guy when he was Chris Perlas dad [TS]

  when he when he was saying that Safari [TS]

  is Apple's Google that for him it that [TS]

  that means it's a presentation layer for [TS]

  how you find things yeah I believe at [TS]

  one point in the video he typed the word [TS]

  Google into the Google search box to get [TS]

  to Google and we've all seen people do [TS]

  the static to get to Google they typed [TS]

  Google in the Google search box as part [TS]

  of their browsers UI or like the Omni [TS]

  bar the address bar right at kg Hill in [TS]

  chat room says he sees college students [TS]

  do this all the time very smart educated [TS]

  people who use computers all the time so [TS]

  this is a very complex issue so he his [TS]

  goal is to get to something familiar so [TS]

  he wants to get to Google or the Google [TS]

  as he calls it which is awesome it's [TS]

  like the MT and I love it so he's [TS]

  looking for something familiar as [TS]

  interface and since he has such vast [TS]

  experience with iOS a lot of the icons [TS]

  that are in the default dock I think I [TS]

  think it was just a default [TS]

  configuration for the most part of this [TS]

  Mac so it wasn't all customized a lot of [TS]

  those icons and the names are familiar [TS]

  to him and by the way he figures out [TS]

  that that's a doc probably because he's [TS]

  heard the name doc before and it's the [TS]

  only thing on the screen looks vaguely [TS]

  doc like right so he sees that sometimes [TS]

  without even launching them he assumes [TS]

  they're just like the iOS thinks I was [TS]

  like one of them one of the times he [TS]

  said I know what that one is so I loaded [TS]

  it on that's that's iPhoto that's new [TS]

  because they're just been the [TS]

  announcement of the new iPads and they [TS]

  did the demo the iPod of you so he's so [TS]

  plugged into tech that he knew that [TS]

  there was an apple then he knew the new [TS]

  version were Iowa iPhoto for iOS was out [TS]

  he didn't doesn't know what iOS is [TS]

  probably and doesn't know that iPhoto [TS]

  for iOS is you know or any of those [TS]

  details but he knows that this is new so [TS]

  when he sees iPhoto in the Mac stock [TS]

  he's like that's new he doesn't know [TS]

  that that iPhoto program has almost no [TS]

  relation to the one that was [TS]

  demonstrated and just really she doesn't [TS]

  know that program iPhoto has been around [TS]

  for years right and he just moves on to [TS]

  the next one photo booth he goes yeah I [TS]

  got that app a lot of these are direct [TS]

  quotes him yeah I got that app he says [TS]

  about photo booth because photo booth is [TS]

  in iOS devices [TS]

  photo booth on the Mac it looks and [TS]

  works a bit kind of the same as photo [TS]

  booth on thing but he's he's not making [TS]

  a distinction between these applications [TS]

  and iOS in these applications in the Mac [TS]

  he'll actually launches the calendar app [TS]

  and the calendar app actually does look [TS]

  like the iOS version he says yeah this [TS]

  is just kind of an expanded version of [TS]

  the calendar I guess it's bigger here [TS]

  when you're on the computer instead of [TS]

  on iOS again not really drawing a [TS]

  distinction between the two things and [TS]

  seeing these familiar names an icon [TS]

  sometimes familiar UIs [TS]

  boost his confidence so when he gets to [TS]

  address book he says there's a quote [TS]

  from address books that's probably all [TS]

  your contacts [TS]

  well not probably that is all your [TS]

  contacts I'm sure he's totally sure [TS]

  without even launching this program on a [TS]

  computer he's never seen before the [TS]

  address book applications where his [TS]

  contacts are he's the icon looks the [TS]

  same because the name looked the same [TS]

  and I bet when he launches it he [TS]

  expected it to look like what it looks [TS]

  like on the Iowa's thing and lo and [TS]

  behold he was online if he had launched [TS]

  it would have looked a heck of a lot [TS]

  like the one on iOS this is a good [TS]

  example of the the halo effect in action [TS]

  here because he's never used the Mac [TS]

  born his life but already he sees finds [TS]

  things that make him comfortable in the [TS]

  environment even if it's just a name or [TS]

  an icon or the look of an apple gate and [TS]

  despite the fact that him figuring out [TS]

  how to add an event to the calendar you [TS]

  know would probably be very different [TS]

  than doing it in iOS it's it's just [TS]

  level of comfort that he gets from [TS]

  seeing these familiar items and what he [TS]

  says this is great another instance of [TS]

  him he says Apple or Mac or whoever did [TS]

  a good job of training me as he's saying [TS]

  basically because he'd use iOS devices [TS]

  he's saying that whatever that company [TS]

  is that makes these devices if that [TS]

  company's called Apple or Mac and I just [TS]

  love it when people call Apple Mac it [TS]

  blows my mind that even after all these [TS]

  years the depressants of Mac is a [TS]

  product and apples the company is still [TS]

  completely unclear in the minds of most [TS]

  people that you know the Apple is a [TS]

  company and Mac is a product especially [TS]

  with the iPhone and the iPod iPod is [TS]

  clearly a product I don't think people [TS]

  say iPod made that but they always say [TS]

  Mac made that and you know what's [TS]

  interesting John is that I don't care [TS]

  people making this mistake outside of [TS]

  computers quite as often yeah it seems [TS]

  to be a specific specific to computers [TS]

  kind of a problem yeah like where thee [TS]

  is probably for people who are old [TS]

  enough like he definitely is to remember [TS]

  the Mac PC Wars that was always Mac [TS]

  versus PC it wasn't Apple versus PC yeah [TS]

  or even Apple versus Microsoft so Mac [TS]

  becomes a company but but he notes he [TS]

  has a moment of self realization that [TS]

  all this time he spent using iOS devices [TS]

  has trained him to understand the visual [TS]

  language of of Mac OS 10 and he says [TS]

  it's kind of the same thing on the [TS]

  desktop as on this thing consistency he [TS]

  notes the consistencies is something [TS]

  that he's noticing between his [TS]

  interfaces even though Mac OS 10 looks [TS]

  almost nothing like I always got windows [TS]

  and a menu bar for crying out loud and [TS]

  the dock and all that stuff it's not [TS]

  that it looks it doesn't look the same [TS]

  doesn't pay obscene uses different user [TS]

  input but it's the visual design [TS]

  language of Apple's products even if [TS]

  it's just bound like the style the icons [TS]

  are there photorealistic are they [TS]

  cartoony how is that dock drawn is it [TS]

  like a shiny thing or is it like you [TS]

  know does it look like plain and flat [TS]

  like Metro UI does that visual language [TS]

  makes gives him something to anchor on [TS]

  to even if the details are different he [TS]

  says looking at the dock it didn't have [TS]

  to search for the stuff in the dock [TS]

  saying he did have to search for it was [TS]

  just right there in front of them this [TS]

  this reinforces the idea that if it's [TS]

  not on the dock it doesn't exist because [TS]

  he spends a long time maybe 15 minutes [TS]

  pondering what's in the dock never [TS]

  thinking because he's got no finder [TS]

  windows open right it's just the dock [TS]

  and [TS]

  the screen with the desktop background [TS]

  never pondering the fact that there [TS]

  could be things on his computer that are [TS]

  not in the dock because how the heck [TS]

  would you get to them you think he's [TS]

  going to go like the hard drives aren't [TS]

  mounted a desktop by the fall you think [TS]

  he's going to go the go menu and go to [TS]

  computer and find the Applications [TS]

  folder and open it and open no he has no [TS]

  idea that exists he never finds it in [TS]

  this program he just looks at the dock [TS]

  and that's why before lying there was [TS]

  such a steep drop-off because we like if [TS]

  it's not in the dock then what do you do [TS]

  then you got to understand the finder [TS]

  and forget about that we've already [TS]

  talked about understanding the file [TS]

  system quote/unquote understanding the [TS]

  the file hierarchy nothing that's not on [TS]

  the dock doesn't exist but eventually [TS]

  eventually he finds Launchpad which is [TS]

  in the dock by default and that as I [TS]

  said in my lion review tries to bridge [TS]

  this gap between things that are in the [TS]

  dock and things that are on your [TS]

  computer but not in the dock and if you [TS]

  told people that well once it's not in [TS]

  the dock you have to navigate the finder [TS]

  to find your applications all so much [TS]

  stuff might be in the utilities folder [TS]

  and it's just that's way too much so he [TS]

  clicks on launch pad he doesn't know [TS]

  what it's gonna do but he says his [TS]

  called launch pads got a rock out and he [TS]

  thinks it'll have to do with launching [TS]

  applications he's right what appears on [TS]

  the screen is tons of application [TS]

  sneaked in he pretty much correctly [TS]

  surmises this must these must be all the [TS]

  applications that are on this computer [TS]

  here and here's iMovie this is another [TS]

  one that he recognizes or does he [TS]

  recognize it from from from PR [TS]

  literature or from iMovie and iOS so [TS]

  this I think was a demonstration of the [TS]

  success of launchpad that there was just [TS]

  no way this guy was going to discover on [TS]

  his own [TS]

  how to navigate to the finder to get the [TS]

  Applications folder and even if he did I [TS]

  think he would find it confusing but [TS]

  something called Launchpad in the thing [TS]

  by default which I and my set in my line [TS]

  review none of us are ever going to use [TS]

  it we're all gonna use Quicksilver or [TS]

  however we already have existing methods [TS]

  of launching stuff but for novice people [TS]

  Launchpad is a very very important [TS]

  feature this is by John Gruber who's [TS]

  always saying that he thought that Apple [TS]

  would like Launchpad to be the default [TS]

  interface and not had the finder at all [TS]

  and there's definitely something behind [TS]

  that because imagine this guy didn't [TS]

  have to find Launchpad but the whole [TS]

  screen was like springboard he would [TS]

  have had a lot you know it would have [TS]

  been more welcoming for him because just [TS]

  because he's still familiar with it from [TS]

  iOS as long as they didn't actually take [TS]

  away the finder than the rest of us [TS]

  wouldn't scream bloody murder is [TS]

  interesting also when he saw launch pay [TS]

  says these must be all the applications [TS]

  that are on [TS]

  computer here and then he kind of back [TS]

  bells and says all this stuff is not [TS]

  only here but probably on his MacBook [TS]

  and iPad too like he was talking about [TS]

  his son stuff like his idea was that [TS]

  these icons he were seeing weren't [TS]

  necessarily represented what was on this [TS]

  physical computer but there were [TS]

  probably applications that were on all [TS]

  of his son's stuff so he was probably [TS]

  seeing every application installed on [TS]

  his iPad on his macbook pro and all [TS]

  these other computers that he knew by [TS]

  name that his son owns such amazing [TS]

  faith in the cloud that somehow we had [TS]

  you know that there now we're back into [TS]

  the world of X Windows network [TS]

  transparency sorry I should not call it [TS]

  X Windows you know people who are [TS]

  listening this program don't tell me I [TS]

  shouldn't call the X Window System [TS]

  that's right please I think x11 is as [TS]

  x11 acceptable text eleven rc3 would [TS]

  acceptable next Windows is yes but he [TS]

  this cloud stuff has got him so confused [TS]

  that now he's jumped he's jumping the [TS]

  gun and he's saying there are no [TS]

  barriers I'm looking at I'm looking at [TS]

  applications across CPU architecture he [TS]

  doesn't know any of this across cross [TS]

  CPU architectures across physical [TS]

  machines all transparently accessible to [TS]

  me but the most important thing to this [TS]

  and this whole demo video demonstrates [TS]

  he continues to make no differentiation [TS]

  whatsoever between Mac and iOS [TS]

  applications Apple is basically iOS to [TS]

  this person because that's how he and I [TS]

  think the most people that many more [TS]

  people use iOS devices then use Mac's [TS]

  Apple basically is the iOS company no [TS]

  differentiation is made between a Mac [TS]

  application and iOS application he just [TS]

  assumes his iPad applications could [TS]

  appear on this screen and it would be [TS]

  available launch app like he doesn't [TS]

  give the thought of like well how the [TS]

  hell would that work when I stab the [TS]

  screen with my finger I mean I've got a [TS]

  mouse here it's totally different so [TS]

  that was definitely an eye-opener that [TS]

  that distinction was just so clear to us [TS]

  it was not important to him and so that [TS]

  someday if the Apple ever does merge [TS]

  these things together or not merge them [TS]

  but like it's been moving towards the [TS]

  point where all the applications are [TS]

  transparent and iOS applications Mac [TS]

  applications start looking more like iOS [TS]

  applications and you can you know have a [TS]

  device that can run both of them [TS]

  whatever this guy is already there he's [TS]

  way ahead of Apple and he's like well [TS]

  what why do I care the difference in a [TS]

  Mac app and an iOS app I just want to [TS]

  use the application [TS]

  oh and I see double clicks and the [TS]

  Evernote application to watch it you [TS]

  know they he'll if you have a mouse in [TS]

  your hand [TS]

  double click everything I think we've [TS]

  all seen this one as well ah but the [TS]

  thing is to think about double clicking [TS]

  the reason it doesn't go away people [TS]

  double clip links in their web browser [TS]

  people double clip things in the doc [TS]

  double click things Launchpad is because [TS]

  it works like the first click registers [TS]

  a second click does nothing and their [TS]

  application launches and they say now my [TS]

  my choice has been reinforced I double [TS]

  clicked it opened the end and that's [TS]

  from people who've been around the block [TS]

  a while but C's used computers long [TS]

  before our iOS or anything came along [TS]

  and you had to double clicked open that [TS]

  was the whole language of the Mac [TS]

  double-click glogster application [TS]

  windows adopted it exactly the same [TS]

  double-click open a folder double-click [TS]

  to launch application right so if you [TS]

  see it double click it if you got a [TS]

  mouse in your hand double click it it's [TS]

  like put a burden on it for computers [TS]

  you know about put a bird on it everyone [TS]

  knows about that right in lightness when [TS]

  you don't know about put a bird on it [TS]

  I'm not gonna explain it to you alright [TS]

  then I'm a nice man I'm Talia spies from [TS]

  the television show Portlandia just [TS]

  Google for Portlandia put a bird on it [TS]

  you'll find it I've never seen that show [TS]

  I've just watched a few episodes so [TS]

  eventually he does find the Google he [TS]

  ends up in Safari which recognizes a web [TS]

  browser he gets stuck in like Google [TS]

  Plus for a while I think he tries to [TS]

  click the Google logo a few times but [TS]

  doesn't take you to the Google search [TS]

  page uh but he want he wants to get to [TS]

  you know the Google homepage just [TS]

  imagine though imagine for a minute John [TS]

  imagine for a minute and for all of [TS]

  those who are listening if you didn't [TS]

  have the tool that we all take for [TS]

  granted the address bar if that was gone [TS]

  and you didn't know it was there like [TS]

  maybe you saw it but that wasn't for you [TS]

  imagine how would you get around if you [TS]

  couldn't get to that Google page if you [TS]

  couldn't make the how do you get that [TS]

  thing up on the screen I don't know it's [TS]

  like that game where you try to go from [TS]

  one Wikipedia page to the other and a [TS]

  fewest number of clicks right all right [TS]

  you just had to build this chain and [TS]

  unfortunately with the internet the only [TS]

  thing that's easily changeable to and a [TS]

  few number of links is porn if you want [TS]

  to get through some specific site it's a [TS]

  little bit more difficult cuz yah-hoo [TS]

  links to google.com how many links are [TS]

  there that [TS]

  not many but he eventually gets there [TS]

  and I think the great thing about him [TS]

  getting there as soon as that pagelet is [TS]

  like ah there it is [TS]

  what was actually on that page was one [TS]

  of those crazy Google logos because they [TS]

  changed her logo for holidays and stuff [TS]

  like that it didn't say Google and the [TS]

  Google font with the colors and [TS]

  everything it was some other crazy logo [TS]

  but he had no trouble recognizing that [TS]

  was the Google homepage despite the fact [TS]

  that if you were give like an image [TS]

  recognition program say are these two [TS]

  images is the same it would have said no [TS]

  because like this one has you know [TS]

  Google written in green and yellow and [TS]

  red letters and this one has some crazy [TS]

  tire that's vaguely in the G shape [TS]

  that's something you know because he [TS]

  knows Google changes this logo a lot and [TS]

  had no trouble recognizing the Google [TS]

  homepage and this reminded me of the tag [TS]

  on interface book that I quoted in my [TS]

  lion review uh that emphasizes that [TS]

  things don't have to look exactly the [TS]

  same they just need to be recognizable [TS]

  and the Google homepage did not look the [TS]

  same as the Google homepage on that on [TS]

  the previous day or the next day when [TS]

  they change the logo around but he [TS]

  recognized it so you don't need the same [TS]

  thing with the iOS icons the iOS icon [TS]

  for I thought doesn't look the same as [TS]

  the Mac one for iPhoto but he [TS]

  immediately recognized that his I fo toe [TS]

  I mean yeah says the word I thought of [TS]

  your mouse is over - but like even [TS]

  looking in the launch pad he wasn't [TS]

  mousing over them to work you know [TS]

  recognize these things he he oh that's [TS]

  the iPhoto icon there's a familiar a [TS]

  family resemblance let's call it between [TS]

  these things I think Apple leverage is [TS]

  that much more than people think they do [TS]

  because like all they made a new icon [TS]

  for it or but but it's the same icon as [TS]

  far as people who are not interested in [TS]

  details and are not tech nerds are [TS]

  concerned and once he finds it he [TS]

  doesn't have to go through that again [TS]

  because this is an ordeal to get at the [TS]

  Google homepage without the ability to [TS]

  use the address bar or any knowledge [TS]

  that exists Aaron so he wants to do [TS]

  something so he doesn't have to do that [TS]

  again and he merely says I want to put I [TS]

  want to put that down there he point you [TS]

  know like the doc he wants to put the [TS]

  Google homepage in the doc because this [TS]

  is some place he wants to go immediately [TS]

  and why not put it in the doc right now [TS]

  Safari is already in the doc and Safari [TS]

  as he says he says Safari I know is the [TS]

  same type of thing but I'm just used to [TS]

  the Google so he doesn't want Safari he [TS]

  wants Google despite the fact that he's [TS]

  loading Safari in Google again not [TS]

  knowing what a web browser is right [TS]

  having seen his progress so far can you [TS]

  imagine trying to explain to him how [TS]

  to get a bookmark into the doc I bet a [TS]

  lot of tech nerds don't know that it's [TS]

  like well bookmarks they're just [TS]

  existent in the menus in my web browser [TS]

  but how do I get a physical file [TS]

  representation you know what is a web [TS]

  block file and who knows about that [TS]

  stuff not a lot of people and getting [TS]

  that into the doc that means you'd have [TS]

  to put it in the file system somewhere [TS]

  and then drag it from wherever you put [TS]

  it in the you know in the finder drag it [TS]

  on to the doc that is tasks I would not [TS]

  like to see what he ends up doing at one [TS]

  point though is he's got the Google on [TS]

  his screen actually got Google com [TS]

  loaded in Safari he minimizes the window [TS]

  and the window goes into the doc and [TS]

  he's like okay that window went there [TS]

  that is that's my go-to example I was [TS]

  beautiful to see it demonstrator my [TS]

  go-to example when people say all this [TS]

  stupid eye candy wizzy effects you know [TS]

  stuff that Apple does especially when [TS]

  Hawk was first coming out like who the [TS]

  genie effect oh that's such BS where [TS]

  they wasted my CPU cycles on that I [TS]

  don't need that stuff you just stupid [TS]

  toy computer just get things done or [TS]

  anything it's squeezed into the dock [TS]

  it's dumb and I've always said that yeah [TS]

  it's fine to rail against superfluous [TS]

  visual effects and certainly I turn off [TS]

  tons of them but the genie effects which [TS]

  was the highlight flagship introduction [TS]

  to aqua visual effect that everyone [TS]

  who'd not about when Mac os10 was [TS]

  introduced or at least Mac users did [TS]

  because no one else was watching ah that [TS]

  effect serves an incredibly important [TS]

  purpose which is to tell you where your [TS]

  window went and here's this guy who [TS]

  minimizes the window for the first time [TS]

  his entire life and he knows just where [TS]

  it went why does he know where I went [TS]

  cuz he saw it pour into there he knows [TS]

  exactly where it is right it is not it's [TS]

  not there for its health that's exactly [TS]

  the reason the genie effect is there [TS]

  because if it just blinked away or gone [TS]

  real fast the smooth animation let him [TS]

  see where when he didn't even bad eyes [TS]

  like right so that's there so now I have [TS]

  that if I wanted again and at some point [TS]

  he like opened it up again and it came [TS]

  back he's completely comfortable I want [TS]

  to have google.com so I can find it let [TS]

  me just put it over there up I see where [TS]

  it went when I hit that button now I [TS]

  know where to find it a great [TS]

  demonstration of that but before he does [TS]

  that when he's trying to say of Google [TS]

  he tries to go into like the bookmarking [TS]

  type of thing so he's mouse and over [TS]

  stuff and he ends up finding a reading [TS]

  list and he ends up activating that ring [TS]

  list is Apple sort of Instapaper clone [TS]

  slash competitor thing where you can [TS]