35: Wrestling an Alligator


  this is hypercritical weekly talkshow [TS]

  ruminating on exactly what is wrong in [TS]

  the world of Apple and related [TS]

  technologies and businesses nothing is [TS]

  so perfect that it cannot be utterly [TS]

  obliterated by my co-host John siracusa [TS]

  I'm damned Benjamin this is episode [TS]

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  - green tech comm / 5x5 how are you John [TS]

  siracusa you keep changing a tagline [TS]

  it's it's nothing so perfect that it [TS]

  can't be complained about the planning [TS]

  aspect is supposed to emphasize the [TS]

  pettiness and ridiculousness oh you know [TS]

  but you will iterate to know that that [TS]

  makes it sound like I'm taking down this [TS]

  thing you are but I am totally not I am [TS]

  mostly just whining and complaining [TS]

  that's why the word complaining is so [TS]

  essential miss tagline otherwise I [TS]

  realize it sounds too earnest no no I I [TS]

  mean it you can do that occasionally as [TS]

  long as it's clear that what you're [TS]

  doing is further compounding the [TS]

  ridiculousness of the statement but if [TS]

  it's repeated show after show sources [TS]

  like that is that the tagline I've only [TS]

  listened to three episodes and they [TS]

  always say obliterated so you got to [TS]

  like get a balance it have I said [TS]

  obliterated ever before oh I don't know [TS]

  a lot lots of synonyms for that but I [TS]

  think you have said it obliterated a few [TS]

  times before I don't know you point is [TS]

  mixing complaint mixing the the verbatim [TS]

  I was loci Paul I apologize I'm sorry [TS]

  it's not you know I guess the show's [TS]

  over now yeah well this is the follow-up [TS]

  segment so that's where we issue [TS]

  Corrections and and react before - I [TS]

  have follow-up for the show that hasn't [TS]

  really even happened yet oh it's [TS]

  happening now you're soaking in it [TS]

  alright next up the number one the [TS]

  number one follow-up Wow [TS]

  you're on fire today John the number one [TS]

  follow-up I have is for you it's not [TS]

  even for me did you read this one I [TS]

  maybe it was about something you talked [TS]

  about that I didn't comment on beside [TS]

  didn't know anything about it but we [TS]

  were talking about Lucas [TS]

  is stuff that he does to Star Wars God [TS]

  and you brought up an analogy by way of [TS]

  explaining that what Lucas was doing was [TS]

  not put this other person was doing I [TS]

  think that was the point up but it was [TS]

  about the Clockwork Orange novel yes [TS]

  Anthony Burgess yes and you got a couple [TS]

  of Corrections from people pointing out [TS]

  that final chapter yeah do you want to [TS]

  do this correction but you know more [TS]

  about them no I tell me tell me that the [TS]

  complaint is and then I will I'll [TS]

  respond so I think what you said was [TS]

  that he added these chapters they added [TS]

  a final chapter to the novel after the [TS]

  fact and that either was or wasn't like [TS]

  what George Lucas was doing but in fact [TS]

  the couple people who wrote in said that [TS]

  that final chapter was in the original [TS]

  and then it was taken out it was removed [TS]

  from the versions that were sent to [TS]

  certain countries and then put back in [TS]

  right [TS]

  that's correct I don't like that version [TS]

  of history and I tell it my own life all [TS]

  right well I just wanted to point that [TS]

  you did actually get a book I did and [TS]

  that is true and and the story goes that [TS]

  he did write the chapter and as you [TS]

  mentioned it was included and this is [TS]

  something I knew a lot about it was [TS]

  included as you mentioned to have [TS]

  depending on where so I'm pretty sure [TS]

  that American audiences never saw that [TS]

  chapter until a rerelease of the book [TS]

  later and perhaps the UK audiences did [TS]

  see it or it may be I have that [TS]

  backwards anyway the point is like you [TS]

  said different different publishers and [TS]

  different countries saw different [TS]

  versions of that some where I'm sorry if [TS]

  I'm Luke where Alex is it ends with the [TS]

  statement I was cured all right and then [TS]

  in other ones there's a whole additional [TS]

  chapter that shows Alex coming back home [TS]

  and seeing Pete Georgie and dim doing [TS]

  different things and anyway and maybe [TS]

  him starting over with a new crew with [TS]

  that kind of anyway I having having a I [TS]

  saw the movie first and I read the book [TS]

  after and I did both of those things at [TS]

  about age 16 or 17 and and I remember [TS]

  reading the last chapter [TS]

  and at first I thought all that was that [TS]

  was kind of neat and then later on [TS]

  thinking you know it's it is a little [TS]

  bit more interesting if you leave that [TS]

  off it doesn't quite tie things up as [TS]

  well and that's more like life so in my [TS]

  mind it's almost like as you as as [TS]

  you're fond are saying and we can [TS]

  pretend we never there was no Godfather [TS]

  3i to me that that last chapter is the [TS]

  more like the Godfather 3 than it is [TS]

  like George Lucas coming back in and [TS]

  tweaking things that should have been [TS]

  tweaked because in fact it was not [TS]

  written later it was written originally [TS]

  and just without so there you go alright [TS]

  I think that clarifies your intent a [TS]

  little bit okay just right before we get [TS]

  off the Star Wars topic there was one [TS]

  more reader letter from Aaron Pressman [TS]

  he said that he heard me say that no one [TS]

  should ever have the prequels in their [TS]

  house if they can help it Brian I agree [TS]

  and he says so I'm guessing you don't [TS]

  have a son aged 6 to 12 well in fact I [TS]

  do have a son aged 6 to 12 and he's he's [TS]

  pointing out that his son watches the [TS]

  prequels and likes them and he can't [TS]

  dissuade him from the idea that the [TS]

  prequels are good yeah and can't get [TS]

  them to like the older movie so on and [TS]

  so forth [TS]

  he made a very important mistake which [TS]

  was first acknowledging the existence of [TS]

  the prequels that was bad but eventually [TS]

  you can't help that because your kids [TS]

  talk to their friends but never show [TS]

  your children the prequels like if you [TS]

  even if you have them in the house do [TS]

  not show them to your children my kids [TS]

  have never seen the prequels and you [TS]

  know it just solves that problem [TS]

  entirely they watch they watch the [TS]

  original three Star Wars movies when [TS]

  they want to watch Star Wars and that is [TS]

  Star Wars to them I do let my son watch [TS]

  the Clone Wars cartoon on TV because [TS]

  it's computer animated a cartoon you [TS]

  know it's kind of like a spinoff right [TS]

  type series and it is vaguely related to [TS]

  the prints prequels and it does have [TS]

  Gungans and stuff but first of all that [TS]

  cartoon is better than any of the [TS]

  prequels movies which is a low bar I [TS]

  admit but you know it's a kid show where [TS]

  I although some adults seem to like the [TS]

  the things and second it satisfies his [TS]

  need to have common ground with his [TS]

  friends to talk about clone troopers and [TS]

  stuff like that because they exist in [TS]

  the cartoon thing but no never show you [TS]

  children the prequels it's just it's not [TS]

  right so I have not shown it to them I [TS]

  don't I'm assuming eventually when he's [TS]

  an adult he will see them or something [TS]

  but it'll be too late by that I will [TS]

  what I'm trying to do is imprint him [TS]

  like baby birds are imprinted with their [TS]

  mother birds you know face imprint him [TS]

  with the correct Star Wars movies [TS]

  I believe I've already done that but [TS]

  still has not seen a prequel so that [TS]

  that's my advice do not show your [TS]

  children the prequels ever so in the in [TS]

  the siracusa house there are two rules [TS]

  it seems like three rules and maybe only [TS]

  three rules the first rule is no [TS]

  prequels the second rule is no Godfather [TS]

  three and the third one is no [TS]

  commercials I could live there there are [TS]

  many more rules but you've got some good [TS]

  ones there keep your office fastidious [TS]

  my four-year-old knows how to skip [TS]

  commercials the t-bone now it's [TS]

  excellent and they have no desire to see [TS]

  them you would think sometimes like [TS]

  they'd be like oh I want to see that [TS]

  that commercial looks fun interesting no [TS]

  they just want to get back to the show I [TS]

  have not taught them select place like [TS]

  30 select yet people can google that if [TS]

  they care one more I actually have seven [TS]

  more things follow up so this is one [TS]

  more reader feedback thing Andrew Martin [TS]

  wrote in to talk about when we were [TS]

  discussing the home screen on the iPad [TS]

  remember that like how it's a big grid [TS]

  of icons and I was disappointed that [TS]

  they didn't do something more [TS]

  interesting with it yes and I imagined [TS]

  in my fictional Steve Jobs universe that [TS]

  he was the one who saw a bunch of [TS]

  alternatives and said let me just do a [TS]

  grid of icon that works fine on the [TS]

  phone well blah he wrote in to remind me [TS]

  that the tablet project was first which [TS]

  I knew and he extends that information [TS]

  to say therefore the interface it was on [TS]

  the iPhone actually came from the iPad [TS]

  and I don't think we can conclude that [TS]

  we know that the tablet came first [TS]

  because Steve Jobs has said so and [TS]

  because it was a Safari pad rumors way [TS]

  back when that gets acknowledged from [TS]

  official sources that they were working [TS]

  on a tablet first even though the phone [TS]

  ship first we don't know what that habit [TS]

  looked like and whether it had [TS]

  springboard on or whether the home [TS]

  screen was exactly the same so on and so [TS]

  forth so I don't think just because the [TS]

  tab was developed first we can assume [TS]

  that the iPhones grid of icons was [TS]

  derived from the iPad and even if it was [TS]

  it doesn't matter what path the grid of [TS]

  icons took to get [TS]

  to the iPhone when it came time to the [TS]

  iPad like there's a reason they didn't [TS]

  release the Safari pad or the things [TS]

  they had before and I don't think all [TS]

  the reasons are 100% hardware that you [TS]

  know they didn't think it was ready for [TS]

  primetime after the phone came out and [TS]

  they read that OS few times and got it [TS]

  all nailed down and everything then he [TS]

  said okay now we know how to do a tablet [TS]

  right at that point you know it's not as [TS]

  long as if you're beholden to what you [TS]

  did before and say oh now we have to [TS]

  release like say the iPad did have a big [TS]

  ray of icons bareback one and not now [TS]

  you don't have to release it with the [TS]

  same grid of icons because you've [TS]

  learned so much more from the phone you [TS]

  could do something different so that was [TS]

  worth mentioning when we were discussing [TS]

  that but I did want to say that I knew [TS]

  about that and didn't doesn't change how [TS]

  I look at that situation right [TS]

  being never never any markdown follow-up [TS]

  this is my own fault because I have like [TS]

  a little paragraph here and on markdown [TS]

  file but I keep skipping parts of its [TS]

  life and last one John Gruber apparently [TS]

  did he even did he even we don't know [TS]

  did even if you didn't listen he's a [TS]

  very very busy man yeah you know he [TS]

  needs a lot of sleep I don't I don't [TS]

  know if you guys don't think it's [TS]

  interesting enough for him to bring up [TS]

  on your show I agree with that [TS]

  assessment but of course I do think he [TS]

  should listen to every episode of my [TS]

  shock fourth so I already did [TS]

  Corrections about how I misspoke about [TS]

  what turns things bold and italic and [TS]

  the main the main point I had in this [TS]

  thing which I keep skipping over was [TS]

  that markdown doesn't put out B in ITEX [TS]

  it does M and strong tags for emphasis [TS]

  and strong you know it's it's using the [TS]

  old style everyone everyone hated being [TS]

  I tags is more a thing for the big web [TS]

  show we could talk about was Elton but [TS]

  no one like being ID extra zero [TS]

  presentation tags they were saying [TS]

  you're telling the thing to make the [TS]

  text bold but you're supposed to use [TS]

  semantic markup that says what does it [TS]

  mean don't tell me what it's supposed to [TS]

  look like I use I thought about that [TS]

  while you were talking yeah yeah and I [TS]

  said you know what it nobody cares it's [TS]

  not worth it well no one cares anymore [TS]

  but remember as as Merlin so he's the [TS]

  great worthy chosen the Talmudic debates [TS]

  about beating the i-x man yes wrong I [TS]

  remember those days uh yeah markdown is [TS]

  definitely of that era and so is John [TS]

  Gruber for that matter I know and and [TS]

  and I and I assume you were you know cut [TS]

  our web teeth during [TS]

  the wasp web standards you know and the [TS]

  people who know who zelma good all day [TS]

  yeah so yeah it's still him it's a man [TS]

  strong instead of being I and me saying [TS]

  that it admits be and I it was just [TS]

  sacrilegious [TS]

  what else to be and I don't see God so [TS]

  that's it for the follow-up I'm gonna [TS]

  have a mini topic before we dive back [TS]

  into the Windows 8 stuff which I'm not [TS]

  sure people liked or didn't like we [TS]

  didn't get a lot of good we had almost [TS]

  no feedback really yeah I think that is [TS]

  a good sign because when people like [TS]

  I'll stop talking about you know [TS]

  whatever programming aware they don't [TS]

  like but if known says anything I think [TS]

  it's a thumbs up silence means consent [TS]

  but before we do that I want to talk a [TS]

  little bit about Netflix and Qwikster so [TS]

  this is a case where the news when did [TS]

  that happen on Monday or Sunday maybe [TS]

  Friday but the dinners came in every [TS]

  other show gets a chance to talk about [TS]

  it before I do because I happen to be on [TS]

  a Friday sometimes it works in my favor [TS]

  like I'm the first one to get it if [TS]

  something happens on the Thursday but in [TS]

  this case it happened early in the week [TS]

  so I figured by the time I got to talk [TS]

  about it everyone else would have [TS]

  covered everything in it and they pretty [TS]

  much did I was also looking around the [TS]

  web to see if I could find like you know [TS]

  that everyone has editorials on the [TS]

  topic I here's what I think about a [TS]

  paulblatt [TS]

  eventually I assume one of those [TS]

  editorials will contain pretty much my [TS]

  opinion 100% they I think most of them [TS]

  covered a lot of the bases that I want [TS]

  to talk about but there was one theory [TS]

  that didn't see expressed explicitly in [TS]

  a lot of places now it was the idea of [TS]

  like what [TS]

  why does two things why one that my main [TS]

  complaint about this entire PR apology [TS]

  thing that the Netflix put out was what [TS]

  I would I always hate about corporate [TS]

  communications when when I feel like [TS]

  even though if it uses plain language [TS]

  and everything which Gruber seems like [TS]

  when I think what they're what they're [TS]

  writing in there PR does not reflect the [TS]

  real motivations for the action or only [TS]

  partially reflects them that that's what [TS]

  I don't like or you know intentionally [TS]

  ignores an obvious point you know [TS]

  something like that so when they wrote [TS]

  this P odd like here's what we're doing [TS]

  here's why we're doing it I didn't [TS]

  believe I didn't find it believable the [TS]

  reasons they stated for why they were [TS]

  doing it were the reasons not 100% [TS]

  now I do believe that they're afraid [TS]

  that screaming was going to be that [TS]

  there were there wouldn't be blindsided [TS]

  they were going to be stuck as those [TS]

  DVDs by mail guys and they wouldn't they [TS]

  would not write a hundred percent [TS]

  believe that but then it's like alright [TS]

  so then what do you do about it we [TS]

  decided to do this about it and that's [TS]

  where I feel like there was a gap in [TS]

  them explaining the motivations like you [TS]

  okay so you decided you this and you're [TS]

  not stupid you must realize you know [TS]

  you're not that's if you must realize [TS]

  how that makes experience worse for your [TS]

  customers so there has to be some [TS]

  counterbalance to that the [TS]

  counterbalance isn't I can say we're [TS]

  afraid of of being pigeon-holed [TS]

  therefore we're going to do this thing [TS]

  to make our customer experience worse no [TS]

  they were afraid of being vegetable [TS]

  therefore we do this thing which helps [TS]

  us in unsaid way X that we're not going [TS]

  to tell you and hurts you in this other [TS]

  way they will try to shut it down play [TS]

  right all right [TS]

  I really hate corporate communications [TS]

  where they don't tell you or they'll you [TS]

  know it's not like they're lying to you [TS]

  about the motivate this is an error of [TS]

  omission you know the worst ones are [TS]

  where they just outright lies they we're [TS]

  doing this because we think it provides [TS]

  the best experience for customers so I [TS]

  don't think they said that you know they [TS]

  didn't explain why they were doing this [TS]

  bad thing but they didn't try to dress [TS]

  it up and say this is going to be [TS]

  awesome for customers you know so I'm [TS]

  trying to think about and a lot of the [TS]

  people trying to go what you know why [TS]

  are they doing this they must see the [TS]

  downside there must be some upside that [TS]

  helps them towards their stated goal of [TS]

  not you know of being around in the [TS]

  future I saw a couple of good theories [TS]

  about my one theory that didn't see is [TS]

  kind of vague that's probably why I [TS]

  didn't see a busy if you can't support [TS]

  it very well no use writing it up was [TS]

  that having the DVD business I've [TS]

  actually seen the opposite of this [TS]

  theory ah but alright having the DVD [TS]

  business is an impediment to them [TS]

  negotiating their streaming contracts [TS]

  I've heard people say that it's an [TS]

  advantage they can use it as a stick to [TS]

  say you know well fine if you don't give [TS]

  a stream we're just going to buy your [TS]

  DVDs and you can't stop us from that [TS]

  because of the first sale doctrine so [TS]

  tough luck I think having a DVD business [TS]

  tied to them was hurting them in [TS]

  negotiations like it it's a distraction [TS]

  it was it was something that the other [TS]

  companies didn't like they did and that [TS]

  you know that this is the bumpy ride [TS]

  agrees that the streaming people would [TS]

  say well look at all this DVD [TS]

  only subscribers you have we want to [TS]

  count them in your per user usage fees [TS]

  or whatever for streaming they say but [TS]

  don't count them because I never stream [TS]

  all this so they separate them off and [TS]

  on together but I just like having that [TS]

  they're like having you guy going to [TS]

  negotiate streaming and having the other [TS]

  person the other side at table [TS]

  constantly asking you about and telling [TS]

  you you know asking you questions about [TS]

  and throwing back in your faces DVD [TS]

  thing it's just separate it so we are a [TS]

  streaming only company we're only going [TS]

  to go she ate streaming and I think [TS]

  their long-term goal is to get a [TS]

  situation in which legally practically [TS]

  in all possible ways they got no side [TS]

  table can't say anything about the DVD [TS]

  business it's a well what about the no [TS]

  that's not even us you know even if we [TS]

  want to do we loved we would love to do [TS]

  exactly what you say about the DVD visit [TS]

  but we can't because legally we have no [TS]

  control over them they're a separate [TS]

  entity there's no you know spin them off [TS]

  basically cut cut ties do it new a [TS]

  complete separation so that when they [TS]

  negotiate they negotiate only in terms [TS]

  of streaming the DVD DVD stuff is not is [TS]

  it is not a distraction and if that's [TS]

  the case I find it weird they didn't [TS]

  just say that you know I might just say [TS]

  we that's that's the way these things [TS]

  they're so Paikin obtuse that you you [TS]

  just you never get there the real deal [TS]

  isn't it [TS]

  corporate culture is such that you would [TS]

  never explain that like that's a that's [TS]

  an internal strategy that you'd only [TS]

  discuss internally you would never tell [TS]

  customers like we have to get rid of the [TS]

  DVD thing because it's impairing our [TS]

  ability to de gauche e84 streaming [TS]

  contracts for reasons XY and Z because [TS]

  that you'd be showing your hand to the [TS]

  people you're negotiating with and B [TS]

  that's like that's like internal stuff [TS]

  right but it still bothers me when like [TS]

  you have to make a public relations [TS]

  announcement and you can't tell them the [TS]

  real reason you're doing it of course [TS]

  there's always the the really cynical [TS]

  thing which is they're just really dumb [TS]

  and make horrible steaks like HP don't [TS]

  spend too long thinking about the [TS]

  motivation and some secret reason really [TS]

  they're just really dumb and making [TS]

  horrible mistakes yeah because when [TS]

  you're afraid you can't make horrible [TS]

  mistakes it's they're kind of admitting [TS]

  they're afraid like we are afraid of [TS]

  being you know marginalized and look [TS]

  here's a horrible mistake in response to [TS]

  that fear all right I don't [TS]

  oh and the other thing a quick start [TS]

  since everyone gave their little [TS]

  personal like what they're doing with [TS]

  Netflix in quick store I think you said [TS]

  that you are still getting both right [TS]

  I know I I am only getting the Netflix [TS]

  streaming we switched to that a while [TS]

  ago before the price range oh well [TS]

  before the price change huh well before [TS]

  the price change as soon as to be on you [TS]

  know what you know what I think I [TS]

  switched over to it was probably about [TS]

  when did they start offering about three [TS]

  years ago I think we switched about it [TS]

  they within the last within the last two [TS]

  years we didn't I'm trying to remember [TS]

  when they actually made the switch but [TS]

  it was um you know we we were just the [TS]

  boy was about I guess he was about to [TS]

  and I just we just didn't have time to [TS]

  watch the movies and it was like [TS]

  everyone else we had a couple of these [TS]

  DVDs sitting here and and I said you [TS]

  know it I probably be much easier [TS]

  especially when the Apple TV support for [TS]

  it became so great that it was just a [TS]

  no-brainer and especially with all the [TS]

  the kids stuff that's there there were [TS]

  tons of shows that we liked that we [TS]

  thought he would like and he did like [TS]

  that it and you know it's so easy with [TS]

  the Apple in if I have to Apple TVs [TS]

  three actually if you include the old [TS]

  generation model but two of the little [TS]

  black ones I go one in here and the on [TS]

  in the office studio and got another one [TS]

  out in the family room and it's great [TS]

  and you can watch netflix on all of them [TS]

  at the same time yeah so I haven't I [TS]

  haven't received a Netflix DVD in a long [TS]

  time I think you remember who is Gruber [TS]

  Oh Merlin who was who pinpointed the [TS]

  Netflix disc anti-pattern where if you [TS]

  don't have careful queue management the [TS]

  things that end up at the top of your [TS]

  queue are the movies that you think you [TS]

  ought to see but you aren't ever [TS]

  actually motivated to see how is Johnnie [TS]

  installs the queue that is definitely [TS]

  that's part of their that's part of they [TS]

  rely on that yeah that lot no they rely [TS]

  on or not I mean but it happens you know [TS]

  because you get you get a nice good flow [TS]

  through the queue and then like you just [TS]

  mismanagement leads to and the bunch of [TS]

  movies that the real the psychology at [TS]

  work there is that I find this and I [TS]

  think other people find this too you [TS]

  don't want to return a movie you haven't [TS]

  seen because then you think you wasted [TS]

  your time it's the the fallacy of sunk [TS]

  costs there in reality what you should [TS]

  just do is return the thing and get your [TS]

  cue moving again but you're like I'm but [TS]

  but I'm going to get it again like you [TS]

  feel obligated to not return until you [TS]

  watch it which is stupid but [TS]

  that's what people do I'm in that [TS]

  situation right now I have I'm on the [TS]

  one disk and then screaming plan and [TS]

  that one disk has been up there for four [TS]

  weeks because it was an unmatched top of [TS]

  the queue thing where I didn't realize [TS]

  that was the top of the queue and yeah I [TS]

  think it was like put there by my wife [TS]

  and she's not watching and I'm not [TS]

  watching itself but yeah I am still a [TS]

  disc and streaming thing this this this [TS]

  is why people are pissed about people [TS]

  who are still dissing streaming they're [TS]

  pissed about this thing is that as I [TS]

  think a group are now as well the [TS]

  streaming stuffs just not there yet like [TS]

  my movie-watching as a person with kids [TS]

  in a job and everything is that I watch [TS]

  movie review shows to read movie reviews [TS]

  online and when I see a current movie [TS]

  that that looks like it has good reviews [TS]

  I think I might want to see rather than [TS]

  going to the movie theater to see it I [TS]

  throw it on my Netflix queue because [TS]

  Netflix nicely lets you add movies to [TS]

  your queue even when there's still no [TS]

  theater so you just save it and then [TS]

  when it becomes available we'll go there [TS]

  right there and then you know a couple [TS]

  months later when it's available on [TS]

  blu-ray or DVD blu-ray most of the time [TS]

  for me now it comes to your house you [TS]

  get to watch it the alternative is edit [TS]

  your Netflix queue when it's in theater [TS]

  and then wait four and a half years [TS]

  maybe if you're lucky you get to CNN [TS]

  streaming maybe six years or ten years [TS]

  or God knows how it may never appear on [TS]

  screaming and by the time it does you [TS]

  you're not participating in the culture [TS]

  like right everyone else is watching [TS]

  this great movie that you really want to [TS]

  see like the latest Coen Brothers movie [TS]

  and you can't get to the theater to see [TS]

  it so you're gonna wait for the comments [TS]

  screaming you'll be waiting a long time [TS]

  like you know a decade later like I [TS]

  finally saw a serious man great are you [TS]

  describing my life right now yeah so [TS]

  that that's why I'm never leaving the [TS]

  disc stop until the streaming has a [TS]

  chance to come closer I also like the [TS]

  fact that you can get blu-ray which is [TS]

  the highest quality thing you can [TS]

  usually download if you're downloading [TS]

  illegally you can get blu-ray rips but [TS]

  that's just you know a disembodied [TS]

  version of a blu-ray so so yeah [TS]

  hybl continue to get the discs because I [TS]

  want to see first-run movies in its [TS]

  somewhat reasonable timely fashion and I [TS]

  don't really blame Netflix for the fact [TS]

  that they can't get the people to agree [TS]

  to the screaming contract is the media [TS]

  company so that's my final point on the [TS]

  Netflix I almost wrote a little thing [TS]

  about it because I haven't written [TS]

  anything for the web ages so I thought [TS]

  maybe I should write this but it seemed [TS]

  too obvious so I'll just chuck it out [TS]

  here and a couple sentences ah [TS]

  this Netflix quickster thing is like [TS]

  another example of within the TV [TS]

  industry business companies that people [TS]

  love can't seem to stay in business TiVo [TS]

  and Netflix for two examples people [TS]

  loved TiVo people love Netflix like well [TS]

  great you given the customers what they [TS]

  want these are the shining stars as far [TS]

  as the consumers are concerned of this [TS]

  industry right and these companies that [TS]

  people love just can't seem to get it [TS]

  together they're in financial trouble [TS]

  all the time they're forced to do things [TS]

  that are bad for customers they start [TS]

  TiVo's putting their ads all over the [TS]

  things or devices getting slower Netflix [TS]

  is constantly you know doing things that [TS]

  people don't like and splitting their [TS]

  business and you know and when companies [TS]

  that people love can't stay in you know [TS]

  can't stay in business or can't can't [TS]

  thrive and grow the way we think they [TS]

  should based on how much consumers like [TS]

  their products that's a sign of an [TS]

  unhealthy market that's a sign of too [TS]

  much power concentrated seafood too few [TS]

  places the content owners the cable [TS]

  companies all the powers that are [TS]

  aligned against TiVo and Netflix are [TS]

  aligned against them because they're [TS]

  incumbents with a you know a huge amount [TS]

  of power over the pipes to your house [TS]

  over ownership of the content or you [TS]

  know relationships with the congeners [TS]

  and they are leveraging that advantage [TS]

  is the same way Microsoft leveraged [TS]

  their ownership of the desktop to make [TS]

  things worse for consumers but better [TS]

  for them so this I would say the [TS]

  television industry seems to be the most [TS]

  sick the most you know industry that it [TS]

  has the most problems movies television [TS]

  you know combined you know music had a [TS]

  similar problem but was sort of forced [TS]

  into the future by Apple and here's an [TS]

  example like this would be as if iTunes [TS]

  came along and people loved it but [TS]

  iTunes was crushed under the thumb of [TS]

  big music lucky the music company's work [TS]

  didn't have as much power as the TV and [TS]

  movie industry seemed to and you know [TS]

  the industry got crushed by enjoins [TS]

  instead but this is an example where the [TS]

  structure of the market is so horribly [TS]

  lopsided that these great companies just [TS]

  can't just can't get out you know TiVo [TS]

  is being crushed by the stupid set-top [TS]

  boxes that they're that are all worse [TS]

  than Tebow and meanwhile TiVo's boxes [TS]

  are getting worse on top of them [TS]

  meeting in the middle you know our TiVo [TS]

  will get really bad it also get kind of [TS]

  mediocre and then everyone'll have [TS]

  mediocre boxes and Netflix we all want [TS]

  we know what we all want Netflix give me [TS]

  the movies like if they could come out [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  the same time that's what consumers have [TS]

  you ask them hey would you like it if [TS]

  you could get a high-definition [TS]

  streaming version of first-run movie for [TS]

  a subscription price and maybe will be [TS]

  more expensive than it is now would you [TS]

  like that people say yeah every movie [TS]

  that comes out yes every TV show that [TS]

  comes out yes I don't I don't want to [TS]

  have to know when something is airing on [TS]

  a channel I don't want to have to [TS]

  subscribe to a giant package of channels [TS]

  I want you know maybe that can be [TS]

  available but I would rather see them a [TS]

  rather have more of an ala carte [TS]

  selection and I would like to in real [TS]

  time like we know what consumers want [TS]

  but the industry is just not set up to [TS]

  allow that some degree as I think I've [TS]

  pointed out before the cost structure [TS]

  the way it is now is the thing that [TS]

  funds the shows of minority interest so [TS]

  you wouldn't get to see all these cool [TS]

  shows that you like if they weren't [TS]

  subsidized by all the people paying for [TS]

  like local sports or you know whatever [TS]

  other channels they get but there has to [TS]

  be a balance and right now the balance [TS]

  is way on the side of the content owners [TS]

  and the cable companies and you know the [TS]

  movie industry and it's against [TS]

  consumers and it's crushing or mutating [TS]

  or damaging the companies that we all [TS]

  love in this industry so that's my [TS]

  further depressing take on the world of [TS]

  television this reminds you the early [TS]

  episodes were whenever we were done I [TS]

  feel like I'm just crying take a nap [TS]

  yeah I can't think of an industry that's [TS]

  worse than this in this Dan Rowe music [TS]

  seems to be getting better we even [TS]

  gotten to the point where got rid of DRM [TS]

  books books is not great but it's better [TS]

  like nowadays when a new book comes out [TS]

  I can be pretty sure I can get a Kindle [TS]

  version of it you know [TS]

  whereas now in a movie comes out I just [TS]

  assumed there's I will not see streaming [TS]

  versions i movie in my lifetime you know [TS]

  maybe if you're lucky you know a couple [TS]

  years and now it'll come out but it [TS]

  depends on what deals and maybe it'll be [TS]

  on streaming for a little while but then [TS]

  won't be in the back of forget about the [TS]

  back catalog you can't find that either [TS]

  will I be able to even buy an HD version [TS]

  why have to pirate it is just you know [TS]

  it's ridiculous do you do you have do [TS]

  you have the Apple TV I'm waiting for a [TS]

  version 3 version 1 no way in hell I was [TS]

  going to buy version 2 I took a [TS]

  wait-and-see and then I came around to [TS]

  on version 2 or thinking that's better [TS]

  than my current Netflix box because [TS]

  Netflix on TiVo so horrendous is almost [TS]

  unusable even though as I said before I [TS]

  used to do TiVo through Netflix just [TS]

  because it was device that was on all [TS]

  the time [TS]

  and I didn't need to turn on another [TS]

  device to do it because my ps3 as much [TS]

  louder as the loudest thing in my [TS]

  entertainment stack but lately I've been [TS]

  watching TiVo on the PS the TiVo or [TS]

  watching Netflix on the ps3 just because [TS]

  the ps3 Netflix client actually works [TS]

  and the wait a year in a day for my cue [TS]

  to come up so I what I would like [TS]

  probably is when the Apple TV 3 comes [TS]

  out I will get it I'm hoping it will [TS]

  still have no fan and then I will have a [TS]

  completely silent device through which I [TS]

  can watch Netflix I don't think I'll [TS]

  ever buy I don't buy iTunes movies or [TS]

  anything like that the only time we [TS]

  bought any ones like that is for use on [TS]

  the plane we put them on the iPods and [TS]

  let the kids watch movies on the plane [TS]

  so that's our only use of iTunes buying [TS]

  the digital versions most of the time [TS]

  I'm recording stuff from TV and HD or [TS]

  I'm watching Netflix streaming I have a [TS]

  question for you about gaming consoles [TS]

  that's a whole - oh but yeah go ahead [TS]

  but before there some I actually wanted [TS]

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  are you there right now Johnny Reed hi [TS]

  I'm waiting for you to ask me my game [TS]

  console question it's 2011 it's [TS]

  September 23rd of 2011 and I have not [TS]

  owned a game console okay [TS]

  the last game console that we do have a [TS]

  Wii somewhere we played it a little bit [TS]

  and we got that we fit thing and then [TS]

  immediately but packed the whole thing [TS]

  um put away so we didn't you know we [TS]

  played a few games is fun [TS]

  neat a neat thing but what would you [TS]

  recommend to somebody get if they wanted [TS]

  to get a game console in 2011 September [TS]

  23rd what would you recommend what [TS]

  should they go and get you they wait for [TS]

  the the new Xbox thing to come out so [TS]

  you get an old ones they get a ps3 what [TS]

  do you what do you what do you think [TS]

  about this I'd have to do like an [TS]

  extensive take a history sort of Anna [TS]

  the doctor sense and figure I like what [TS]

  what is their history with games and [TS]

  what do they want to do with this new [TS]

  one because the answer changes based on [TS]

  their needs in their history with gaming [TS]

  I see not it's not like a question where [TS]

  you say why I want to get a personal [TS]

  computer why should I get you should get [TS]

  a Mac like it's not that simple it's not [TS]

  that easy no so if you want me to [TS]

  actually give you advice you can tell me [TS]

  about your history and I can give you a [TS]

  recommendation but I would say that game [TS]

  consoles the three game consoles the [TS]

  three traditional game consoles are [TS]

  different enough now that what you pick [TS]

  really depends on your history with [TS]

  gaming and what you want out of the [TS]

  device and I think you'd have to throw [TS]

  in the iPad and other iOS gaming devices [TS]

  in that mix as one of the possible [TS]

  recommendations based on whatever this [TS]

  person says about the gaming okay [TS]

  what would you say is your favorite [TS]

  right now I I don't have a favorite [TS]

  console I've been a big console fan for [TS]

  a long long time my my emotional [TS]

  favorite like I have to pick you know [TS]

  people people have their favorites for [TS]

  generation it was whether you were Sega [TS]

  Nintendo because that was the battle [TS]

  battle not obviously new tennis a lot of [TS]

  money mr. right [TS]

  Nintendo obviously yeah and then later [TS]

  it was PlayStation versus Nintendo and [TS]

  then there was Xbox versus PlayStation [TS]

  and so on and so forth so my allegiance [TS]

  has always been within Tendo and [TS]

  continues to be emotionally speaking it [TS]

  doesn't mean I think they've had the [TS]

  best product all the time and I [TS]

  certainly doesn't mean that I agree with [TS]

  all their business decisions because [TS]

  they really screwed the pooch many times [TS]

  in these various console wars but I like [TS]

  I'm a big fan of their first party games [TS]

  and with the exception of the team that [TS]

  made ICO and Shadow of the Colossus on [TS]

  the PlayStation no other team from any [TS]

  other vendor including Bungie and halo [TS]

  has the same loyalty in my heart as I [TS]

  have to Miyamoto and all those people [TS]

  who made the the first part Nintendo [TS]

  games so I'm a Nintendo guy but I have a [TS]

  PlayStation of PlayStation 3 PlayStation [TS]

  2 we and a Gamecube and I've never had [TS]

  any of the Xbox things for reasons [TS]

  related to something that I mentioned it [TS]

  done and I was like show number three [TS]

  and it was the first negative review [TS]

  that we got people didn't like the fact [TS]

  that was bringing up Hitler so we'll [TS]

  bring it up again you can go back and [TS]

  listen to that show for the my [TS]

  ridiculous and now actually about why I [TS]

  don't have Xbox my house so reddit or [TS]

  Windows 8 yeah I think I think we should [TS]

  is there more to say there is I just [TS]

  want to mean what I was doing last time [TS]

  was just going through my sort of [TS]

  stream-of-consciousness notes that I [TS]

  took while watching the video it was the [TS]

  8 great traits of Metro apps the poorly [TS]

  named poorly titled video that really [TS]

  just explains the philosophy behind [TS]

  Metro I didn't get through all them so I [TS]

  just want to finish them up then I [TS]

  really organized in any way except for a [TS]

  sort of chronologically as we go along [TS]

  with the presentation super so in build [TS]

  and analyze Marco had some good points [TS]

  and I have these in the beginning here [TS]

  first of all I loved I loved how Metro [TS]

  and the Windows 8 thing is getting like [TS]

  other 5x5 host riled up about this [TS]

  because it show I mean when when have [TS]

  you seen any kind of excitement about [TS]

  the content of something that Microsoft [TS]

  is doing not like the business strategy [TS]

  or the implications for the industry [TS]

  like a product they made that's [TS]

  interesting enough for us to want to [TS]

  talk about it right right that that's [TS]

  that should be heartening for Microsoft [TS]

  like the Alan Kay thing I think it was [TS]

  him who said the Macintosh is the first [TS]

  computer good enough to criticize and [TS]

  people always ask me why don't you [TS]

  review windows or talk about Windows [TS]

  stuff and stuff like that most of the [TS]

  time it's because I think it's not even [TS]

  worth criticizing but Windows 8 is [TS]

  definitely worth criticizing Mike and I [TS]

  have been or talking about criticizing [TS]

  is just like why all right it's worth [TS]

  thinking about analytically interesting [TS]

  enough to engage your attention and his [TS]

  the more the points in he had I really [TS]

  like was how the metro UI scales to a [TS]

  complicated application because they [TS]

  didn't didn't show that much they showed [TS]

  like here's the world's simplest you [TS]

  know demo newsreader application you [TS]

  know it's as if used you only saw cocoa [TS]

  app that showed you like the Currency [TS]

  Converter example from way back one you [TS]

  say well so how do I use cocoa to make [TS]

  like a complicated application like you [TS]

  know Photoshop person could I even do [TS]

  that right with Metro they I think a lot [TS]

  of the question comes from the fact that [TS]

  the demo apps they showed you were [TS]

  intentionally simple and they do want it [TS]

  to be simple like an iOS app but you can [TS]

  see like a sophisticated iPad app even [TS]

  something like the iPad Twitter app like [TS]

  that's a pretty complicated application [TS]

  in terms of the things you can do with [TS]

  it and the different UI controls and the [TS]

  gesture is like you can build up iOS UI [TS]

  to be pretty complicated that may be [TS]

  true of Metro true but it's hard to tell [TS]

  from the demos because the demos are [TS]

  necessarily simple and if you just look [TS]

  at those squares with little text and a [TS]

  picture and um you're like yeah but how [TS]

  do I make like a real like a big honkin [TS]

  application on that and so that's an [TS]

  open question huh I think it's I don't I [TS]

  don't condemn it for that because the [TS]

  demos have to be simple you have to show [TS]

  here's how you make a central [TS]

  application that shows a list of items [TS]

  or here's how you show a bunch of photos [TS]

  being displayed or a really simple email [TS]

  app it's not their job to build a solid [TS]

  I've yet to build a complicated [TS]

  application now the question is it's [TS]

  always Microsoft gonna make you know the [TS]

  equivalent of pages on on the iPad you [TS]

  know leading to word for metro and show [TS]

  us show us the way how do you take a [TS]

  full-featured [TS]

  desktop caliber application and adapt it [TS]

  to this context taking advantage of the [TS]

  things you know yeah obviously not going [TS]

  to Porter wholesale bring all the [TS]

  features but how do you fit that in [TS]

  that's kind of [TS]

  to Microsoft to show everybody right now [TS]

  that was kind of saying here are the [TS]

  rules of this new universe and here is [TS]

  some simple examples within it let me [TS]

  dig about dashboards the the risk of [TS]

  Metro is that it ends up being like [TS]

  dashboard like I think it was mostly [TS]

  thinking like on PCs on Windows and PC [TS]

  it's like well I've got my Windows 8 [TS]

  thing here which looks like Windows 7 [TS]

  but with a few other little thingies and [TS]

  then if I hit this little thing this [TS]

  other thing comes up it looks like Metro [TS]

  and yeah I looked at it a few times and [TS]

  let it stop going there like dashboard [TS]

  yeah although I I have a dashboard fan I [TS]

  use it constantly but I can understand [TS]

  how people if they don't ever find a use [TS]

  for it it's out of sight and out of mind [TS]

  what do you use on dashboard at my home [TS]

  Mac I have let's look uh Oh Mac I just [TS]

  have a bunch of clocks stock ticker [TS]

  calculator weather calendar and [TS]

  dictionary dictionary I use the most and [TS]

  I don't look aboard figure out how it's [TS]

  spelled or whatever little dictionary [TS]

  like Google is better than the [TS]

  dictionary for you if you want know how [TS]

  to word is spelled put it into google [TS]

  visible say did you mean I'd love that [TS]

  lied if you want to know the definition [TS]

  put it into the little dictionary app [TS]

  and when it work I actually use it as a [TS]

  dashboard so this is a feature that I [TS]

  didn't think I would ever use remember [TS]

  like and I was in with a 10-5 I think [TS]

  maybe was just a Safari release with a [TS]

  web clips thing yes you could sort of [TS]

  rubber band around my section of a web [TS]

  page is later like a dashboard widget [TS]

  out of it and show like okay I'm rubber [TS]

  band around Garfield and now every day [TS]

  when I go to this thing I go see [TS]

  Garfield strip right like it's dumb and [TS]

  later they refined it to not to not just [TS]

  rubber banding around stuff but you it [TS]

  would just do like the block region [TS]

  selection you know here's this content [TS]

  block well I finally started using that [TS]

  at work because at work we have tons of [TS]

  graphs and people care about server-side [TS]

  stuff a ganglia graphing cacti just [TS]

  similar things and graphite there's [TS]

  another graphing app and they're spread [TS]

  all over a whole bunch of different [TS]

  servers and whole bunch different web [TS]

  pages and we have lots and lots of [TS]

  graphs ah now I could you know have all [TS]

  those web pages open in tabs permanently [TS]

  and shuffle through them but like a lot [TS]

  of them Auto refresh and when they Auto [TS]

  refresh especially gangly it doesn't [TS]

  always scroll to the same position so [TS]

  now you're at the top of the big screen [TS]

  full of 100 graphs and like I just want [TS]

  these seven graphs at this size and [TS]

  that's what I want to see so what I do [TS]

  is make a local HTML file [TS]

  and put in just the three or four graphs [TS]

  that they want and rather than arranging [TS]

  those graphs in an HTML file keeping a [TS]

  giant browser window open I just do the [TS]

  open and dashboard thing it's like to [TS]

  each one of those graphs and then I [TS]

  arrange the graphs on my little [TS]

  dashboard so when I put my cursor into [TS]

  the corner I see all the graphs that are [TS]

  relevant may at the current time in the [TS]

  sizes that I want arranged the way I [TS]

  want Auto refreshing because they're [TS]

  derived from local HTML files with like [TS]

  a meta refresh header in them that [TS]

  cycles through them it's great it's way [TS]

  better than any solution that I've ever [TS]

  had for let me quickly look at how these [TS]

  servers are doing in these aspects and [TS]

  then get it at them away you know [TS]

  because if you put it in a browser tab [TS]

  it gets buried underneath other stuff [TS]

  where it gets closed or you have to [TS]

  scroll around it's just a mess but [TS]

  dashboard is so much it's it is like a [TS]

  dashboard of you know they have these [TS]

  for like Knox and other you know control [TS]

  centers where you need to see a bunch of [TS]

  stuff at once but this is this is one [TS]

  that's on your computer you know so [TS]

  obviously this is not a common problem [TS]

  that people have but if you work in [TS]

  server-side software I highly recommend [TS]

  giving that a try all right we're still [TS]

  go back to news-8 so Microsoft Microsoft [TS]

  Windows 8 yes [TS]

  so resuming I know it's one of the [TS]

  things they said on the on the stage [TS]

  this is the middle presentation sorry [TS]

  lesson listened to the last episode and [TS]

  pretend it ends in the start right here [TS]

  they said every single pixel is for your [TS]

  app it's like every single pixel on the [TS]

  screen of I guess they're using a tablet [TS]

  in this example write this for your app [TS]

  there's no status bar and chrome ish [TS]

  stuff there's no other other things on [TS]

  the screen like you literally have from [TS]

  the upper or left to the bottom right [TS]

  and just draw whatever you want on that [TS]

  thing we will not mess with you right [TS]

  and that is as many other things that [TS]

  they've done in this presentation is the [TS]

  antithesis of what Microsoft has ever [TS]

  done before because their entire history [TS]

  with both our applications and their [TS]

  operating system has been the addition [TS]

  of panes and windows and toolbars and [TS]

  widgets and just they are constantly [TS]

  adding crap like you've seen the [TS]

  humorous screenshots where they show [TS]

  like Microsoft Word with every single [TS]

  toolbar enabled me was like I'll enough [TS]

  room for four characters of text and the [TS]

  rest of the thing is just a giant UI and [TS]

  the ribbon thing was trying to address [TS]

  that so they've got a bunch of tabs on [TS]

  their thing rearrange the toolbars like [TS]

  a fancy or different toolbar but you [TS]

  know a window where the Vista had that [TS]

  sidebar thing and they have the quick [TS]

  bar and the task [TS]

  and has marking go to levels in Windows [TS]

  95 then they rearranged it in Windows 7 [TS]

  they were constantly a like that's how [TS]

  you measured progress in your operating [TS]

  system what geegaw did they add to this [TS]

  application or to this operating system [TS]

  that kind of gets back to my point at [TS]

  the end of the line review is that reach [TS]

  the point where desktop operating [TS]

  systems aren't judged based on how many [TS]

  geegaws and panes and new things on the [TS]

  screen you can click they add now we're [TS]

  judging them by how much stuff do you [TS]

  remove not not removing the interface [TS]

  only but also removing concepts that [TS]

  were rooted in technology decisions that [TS]

  were decades old and now can be [TS]

  revisited so like mental clutter and [TS]

  concepts you don't have to deal with [TS]

  anymore remove them sober judge it's [TS]

  like reversing the sequence iOS [TS]

  obviously is the you know a huge [TS]

  reversal an epoch you got to start fresh [TS]

  it didn't have to chop everything down [TS]

  one at a time but I think Microsoft is [TS]

  now at that point with Windows 2 where [TS]

  they're saying let's not add let's stop [TS]

  adding crap let's take things away and [TS]

  they've sort of done the iOS things [TS]

  let's take everything away it's no menu [TS]

  bar there's no menus there's no scroll [TS]

  buzz there's no you know just remove [TS]

  everything start fresh and you get the [TS]

  entire screen right now it was kind of [TS]

  funny that Microsoft still couldn't [TS]

  resist adding crap like this this is the [TS]

  new philosophy right and well obviously [TS]

  the Windows desktop hiding underneath it [TS]

  so that's their big out like you know oh [TS]

  yeah you can click this thing you're [TS]

  back to the Windows well no wait wait a [TS]

  minute I've read some things that have [TS]

  come out since our last show did where [TS]

  we talked about this that have actually [TS]

  said that the Windows desktop what we [TS]

  think of as you know all of what we [TS]

  would see if you used a currently [TS]

  released version of Windows and probably [TS]

  everything prior that that what we think [TS]

  of as Windows today prior to Metro that [TS]

  is actually not loaded and none of that [TS]

  code is loaded or exists or runs until [TS]

  or unless you launch that Windows [TS]

  desktop the aside from Metro in other [TS]

  words Metro is truly its own separate [TS]

  thing and and even the code isn't loaded [TS]

  for the traditional Windows desktop and [TS]

  unless you launch that the Metro is not [TS]

  really as well so Metro isn't like a [TS]

  shell on top of it or another an edition [TS]

  players by saying last show like they're [TS]

  more like siblings okay and which one [TS]

  gets launched first you know the other [TS]

  one isn't running but but I'm saying [TS]

  it's there well hazel didn't so they [TS]

  couldn't do what I always did which is [TS]

  there's no way to get Mac os10 on your [TS]

  iPad like we don't have a button there [TS]

  you set a fine [TS]

  right so that in typical Microsoft [TS]

  action they couldn't abandon but even [TS]

  within metro they could not resist [TS]

  adding a little widget II thing and in [TS]

  fact the fact that they edited on the [TS]

  side like so [TS]

  the the top and the bottom or for the [TS]

  application and the the left in the [TS]

  right side or for the system I make if [TS]

  you're looking at a tablet screen so on [TS]

  the right side they have this thing [TS]

  called charms or if you swipe in from [TS]

  the right side this little slide view [TS]

  looks kind of like the Vista sidebar [TS]

  comes out with a buncha icons and that's [TS]

  what's that that's a gigawatts a pain [TS]

  with a bunch of stuff in it with little [TS]

  things you know even though every single [TS]

  pixel is for your app they they love to [TS]

  add stuff like that yeah and if you [TS]

  think about Apple Apple didn't do that [TS]

  like they resisted that as long as they [TS]

  could they had to add something for [TS]

  multi application switching so now you [TS]

  know double tap on home a thing slides [TS]

  up but they didn't do that in version 1 [TS]

  version 1 that just like is it tapping [TS]

  the icon something launches when you [TS]

  close it it goes back you have a bunch [TS]

  of icons this no folders there's no [TS]

  things popping out of the side there's [TS]

  no shelf there's no tray there's no [TS]

  notifications there's no multi you know [TS]

  they really stripped it down the edit [TS]

  back slowly now from day one [TS]

  Microsoft is coming out with well you [TS]

  got your charms on the right hand side [TS]

  right that's a horrible name by the way [TS]

  charms I forget what's on the left side [TS]

  but but they did try to give the entire [TS]

  screen to the app but that means they [TS]

  needs to be if you're given the whole [TS]

  screen to the app it needs to be some [TS]

  way to activate these things right and [TS]

  when they were showing the demos at [TS]

  first they were doing the you just swipe [TS]

  in from the right side this is again on [TS]

  a tablet so swiping from the right side [TS]

  and there's your charms or whatever you [TS]

  know other things you can get from the [TS]

  swiping upper left right and so I said [TS]

  oh they must have touch sensors in the [TS]

  wait for it everybody should I say it [TS]

  the right way the wrong way I like it [TS]

  when you say it the wrong way I can try [TS]

  to think about it a new way comebacks [TS]

  another person as though I come with the [TS]

  new way every week yeah that's what I [TS]

  was thinking that they were adding touch [TS]

  sensors you know beneath the plastic [TS]

  trim of the the tablet I like although [TS]

  if you make a Windows 8 tab [TS]

  you must have they had those censors who [TS]

  had that the touchpad have that somebody [TS]

  the pre certainly had that little swipe [TS]

  area yeah on bottom and I think I don't [TS]

  know the touch I didn't I didn't buy a [TS]

  touch pad for 99 bucks oh I don't know [TS]

  the touch but I had one but I thought [TS]

  that was interesting they were [TS]

  committing to like at an OS level you [TS]

  had to have this touch area on the edge [TS]

  but my understanding that is not the [TS]

  case that they do not require you to [TS]

  have any touch sensors anywhere except [TS]

  for on the screen and in fact what [TS]

  they're doing is taking a one pixel [TS]

  border of the entire screen and saying [TS]

  if you swipe across that border or [TS]

  something if you they're basically using [TS]

  the screen to figure out when you're [TS]

  swiping in from the top bottom left and [TS]

  right someone the chatroom can correct [TS]

  me I don't think that's the case but my [TS]

  understanding from watching this demo is [TS]

  they are not required to put touches [TS]

  anywhere except for the screen and [TS]

  Windows 8 will figure out that you [TS]

  swiped in from the left or even from the [TS]

  top ran from the bottom to activate [TS]

  things which is a little bit touchy [TS]

  because that you're wasting all the [TS]

  finger movement until you hit screen and [TS]

  then it's got a sense that you're [TS]

  swiping in versus I simply placed my [TS]

  finger on the far edge of the screen and [TS]

  moved like what if you want to move [TS]

  something that's touching the edge of [TS]

  the screen and you happen to stick your [TS]

  finger on the edge of the screen trying [TS]

  to move the thing of the things you [TS]

  swiped in from the right maril I don't [TS]

  know I have to try but my my being down [TS]

  on this technique comes from watching a [TS]

  represent who's who we had to do Windows [TS]

  8 demos constantly trying to swipe in [TS]

  from left swipe it like they're trying [TS]

  to look casual but they have to keep [TS]

  calling it the thing because it's not [TS]

  it's not taking their first activation [TS]

  and that doesn't look good like when the [TS]

  iPhone was first demoed there was less [TS]

  of that fumbling like the person who was [TS]

  demoing it I think it was Steve Jobs [TS]

  might have been somebody else it was not [TS]

  unsuccessful with with a gesture and [TS]

  these are not rare obscured gestures [TS]

  like pinch and twist or any other weird [TS]

  thing like that this is supposed to be [TS]

  the most calm its equivalent of hitting [TS]

  the cone the HOME key on an iOS device [TS]

  bring up the system UI swipe in from the [TS]

  left or right side and that's an [TS]

  essential feature for task switching and [TS]

  for other things that we get to in a [TS]

  little bit so on a really common gesture [TS]

  like that being awkward enough to the [TS]

  people who invented this thing are [TS]

  fumbling a stage a demo does not bode [TS]

  well for the decision to not require [TS]

  hardware [TS]

  and not require touch sensors anywhere [TS]

  but the screen you know so that was that [TS]

  was disheartening to me I liked their [TS]

  idea of system UI and the sight like [TS]

  having having a system it's good for [TS]

  Microsoft like we come up with the [TS]

  system and this is what it is and it's [TS]

  sensible and we think it will work but [TS]

  their chosen implementation for those [TS]

  activation gestures I think is highly [TS]

  suspect sure what else do we have [TS]

  oh this was already brought up I think [TS]

  in a previous show but I had that I had [TS]

  another note for it I mean notes here of [TS]

  their constant avoiding of mentioning [TS]

  iOS should be iPad windows-based you [TS]

  know etc tablets how many of you have [TS]

  rearranged icons on some system like it [TS]

  must have taken months of training for [TS]

  them to you know electric shock collars [TS]

  for them to not say iOS iPad or iPhone [TS]

  but they managed to do it so next one is [TS]

  the landscape orientation they decided [TS]

  did landscape orientation is the sort of [TS]

  the default and I did all the testing [TS]

  based on people gripping a like a [TS]

  steering wheel you know like you're [TS]

  gripping it on the sides yeah thumbs [TS]

  poised over the thing mm-hmm like [TS]

  holding holding it is if you would a way [TS]

  I'd like you say a steering wheel or or [TS]

  a Wii with the weird attachment on yeah [TS]

  and this is the way they think well [TS]

  people will use the thing and so they [TS]

  did all this they were showing all these [TS]

  heat maps like we had people with [TS]

  different sized hands show where their [TS]

  thumbs could reach we may heat maps [TS]

  based on okay everybody can reach here [TS]

  and then a few people can reach there [TS]

  and they tried to cluster their control [TS]

  so people could reach them with their [TS]

  thumbs while they were doing the thumb [TS]

  keyboard which of course the iOS has as [TS]

  well in iOS 5 with the split thing with [TS]

  the thumbs on the side I have it that's [TS]

  interesting to me because I don't I [TS]

  don't see people using iPads like that [TS]

  maybe because iPads aren't designed like [TS]

  that and so there's no reason for you to [TS]

  hold it in that manner and use your [TS]

  thumbs because the keyboard doesn't [TS]

  split yet then iOS for the controls are [TS]

  on a range like that people right i io s [TS]

  apps on the iPad not with the controls [TS]

  clustered around where your thumbs would [TS]

  be in landscape mode so it's hard to [TS]

  tell what comes first you know but it'd [TS]

  be interesting to see when Windows 8 [TS]

  tablets come out look when you see [TS]

  people I'm assuming some day you will [TS]

  see the [TS]

  blend public with Windows 8 tablets [TS]

  Microsoft really helps you will someday [TS]

  and when you see them look to see if [TS]

  they are using it in landscape and if [TS]

  they're doing the thumb thing I think [TS]

  that's not a very natural or comfortable [TS]

  way to use a tablet for a long period of [TS]

  time and I think the two hand engagement [TS]

  or even just one hand engagement like [TS]

  that it's more of a commit like it's [TS]

  more of a commitment people more of a [TS]

  physical commitment to use it like that [TS]

  I think unless you're playing a game [TS]

  when I see people using iPads it's like [TS]

  relax like you're leaning back like they [TS]

  have a couches on the stage for the [TS]

  Apple Keynote demos with a demo the iPad [TS]

  when you sit down on the couch I'll put [TS]

  this on my lap and then it sits on [TS]

  something it rests on your lap rests on [TS]

  a pillow or it's propped up in something [TS]

  and then you just you tap it with one [TS]

  hand and then maybe you read and then [TS]

  you move stuff around like it's not grip [TS]

  it with two hands like you're wrestling [TS]

  an alligator and constantly hope they [TS]

  would do it like you're really like [TS]

  you're playing Mario Kart with the Wii [TS]

  we get the steering crazy open it with [TS]

  two like that's not the type of [TS]

  engagement I think about for a tablet so [TS]

  I don't know that's going to fly for [TS]

  them but I mean the proofs gonna be in [TS]

  the put it was when you see people in [TS]

  public using Windows tablet see if [TS]

  they're using like if it's if they're [TS]

  not all that concentration of Apple of [TS]

  Apple of Microsoft doing all that [TS]

  testing and trying to design the OS and [TS]

  their apps around the idea of people [TS]

  using with their thumbs will have been [TS]

  misspent if people aren't using it that [TS]

  way and taking advantage of the work [TS]

  they've done I think of all the shows [TS]

  already talked about the the trying to [TS]

  reduce modes but they did want to have [TS]

  like press and hold and it changes into [TS]

  a mode they want to have that you know [TS]

  dragging the icons around you drag it [TS]

  down and you know I think was Margo [TS]

  already went up and talked about how [TS]

  that's kind of BS because it depends on [TS]

  how you define mode kind of start it are [TS]

  in a mode once you enter the swipe down [TS]

  phase and as you pointed out that is a [TS]

  very poor way it's not discoverable and [TS]

  it's complicated for what should be a [TS]

  simple operation right it's awkward and [TS]

  even that's an example of the people on [TS]

  stage on stage there was low I'll show [TS]

  you how you can rearrange tiles so you [TS]

  tap on the tile and pull down slightly [TS]

  and then it becomes sort of unseated and [TS]

  then you can drag it where you want [TS]

  right they can't just have it if you [TS]

  just apps absent mindedly swipe in your [TS]

  tile is flying so they have to have some [TS]

  you know [TS]

  method to do it so on iOS it's tap and [TS]

  hold and then they start doing the [TS]

  wiggle and then once they do in the [TS]

  wiggle you're clearly in you're in the [TS]

  wiggle mode right and you can [TS]

  I was then I move it around and it's [TS]

  frustrating and annoying and we hate [TS]

  dragging the littlewiggle things to the [TS]

  edge and stuff like that we'll get to [TS]

  that in a second but but it's a mode all [TS]

  right Microsoft Tseng see we don't want [TS]

  to have modes we want to have this [TS]

  awkward gesture that you have to do to [TS]

  move something rather than have modes [TS]

  and I don't know if that's the best move [TS]

  and I saw people in during the demos [TS]

  repeatedly have trouble rearranging [TS]

  tiles maybe it's because they're nervous [TS]

  and they're rushed and they want to they [TS]

  want to start moving the tile right away [TS]

  but I think that's representative users [TS]

  they're like they want to move this here [TS]

  move that there and at each time they [TS]

  have to initiate a move they have to do [TS]

  some awkward gesture that's not natural [TS]

  to them they keep misfiring on they're [TS]

  going to be annoyed it's going to be [TS]

  frustrating but the one neat thing they [TS]

  did have there was they showed they were [TS]

  there making fun of when you're in [TS]

  wiggle mode on iOS and you want to bring [TS]

  an application from screen 5 on your [TS]

  phone to screen 1 you drag it to the [TS]

  edge and then you wait and then it [TS]

  shuffles a screen and then 2 pauses and [TS]

  then it shuffles a screen then it pauses [TS]

  then it goes and finally you get to [TS]

  screen 1 you try to place it and God [TS]

  forbid you missed that drag or lands in [TS]

  some intermediate screen and all your [TS]

  icons get pushed off and rearranging [TS]

  icons on iOS is annoying for that reason [TS]

  so they said let's you know we don't [TS]

  have that problem we're going to take [TS]

  advantage of multi-touch so once you [TS]

  initiate the little pull down drag [TS]

  maneuver and you've got the thing under [TS]

  your finger and it's unseated from its [TS]

  spot you can take your other finger and [TS]

  flick flick flick the background along [TS]

  to get to the first screen which is way [TS]

  more natural and make sense on a big pad [TS]

  obvious doesn't make sense that much [TS]

  once on a phone where you can't fill [TS]

  those fingers on screen but a button on [TS]

  tablet you want to be able to use two [TS]

  hands like all right I'll hold the icon [TS]

  with this and flick flick flick the [TS]

  background moves underneath it and once [TS]

  we get to the screen I want then I can [TS]

  drag it to where I want the thing to go [TS]

  rather than this is a good we first [TS]

  person shooter analogy for people who [TS]

  already understand it I'm not kind of [TS]

  explained it further but rather than [TS]

  drag your thing to the edge to change [TS]

  your viewpoint have independent control [TS]

  of the thing that you're controlling you [TS]

  know the thing that you're manipulating [TS]

  and the where you're looking where the [TS]

  background goes you know has a drag to [TS]

  the edge to make the thing turn is that [TS]

  we analogy there so I think that's very [TS]

  interesting I think Apple should [TS]

  immediately copy that if they haven't [TS]

  already like put that in iOS 5 and iPad [TS]

  because just just steal it because it's [TS]

  a better idea than what they're doing [TS]

  now [TS]

  they also showed what they called [TS]

  semantic zoom which is another example [TS]

  of them trying to make up a term for [TS]

  something I think it's not that [TS]

  interesting they were showing the tiles [TS]

  and they were saying if you zoom way out [TS]

  you can see your clusters of tiles as [TS]

  just icons but as you zoom in more [TS]

  detail comes like it doesn't just shrink [TS]

  the tile so that the text is unreadable [TS]

  it has a a more abstracted [TS]

  representation it's basically level of [TS]

  detail this game this this podcast is [TS]

  full of gaming analogies they reduce the [TS]

  level of detail on the item when you [TS]

  zoom out and so they say look we're [TS]

  changing the semantics because now like [TS]

  for example the calendar app when you [TS]

  zoom in you can see like the entire week [TS]

  in your current day and your next thing [TS]

  but when you zoom out you just maybe see [TS]

  a calendar thing that shows you what the [TS]

  current day is and you know whatever [TS]

  right like they change the appearance [TS]

  it's not just a shrunken version up I [TS]

  think that's a good idea and if you have [TS]

  a zoomable interface that's a good idea [TS]

  as well but never sangs like say you see [TS]

  your little tile and you want to zoom in [TS]

  it's showing the week and you want to [TS]

  zoom in on a particular day like they [TS]

  were showing that you could with a zoom [TS]

  gesture you could get more detail from [TS]

  one of these tiles and they were showing [TS]

  it within applications as well like here [TS]

  we are looking at you know they the [TS]

  full-blown calendar app and I'm looking [TS]

  at the month view and I want to look at [TS]

  a particular week or day well I will [TS]

  just pinch zoom in on that week and it [TS]

  makes sense you're getting closer more [TS]

  detail farther away a less detailed [TS]

  broader view that sounds good and the [TS]

  semantics name semantic zoom name sounds [TS]

  good [TS]

  but I again questioned the use of what [TS]

  for most people is an awkward gesture [TS]

  that zoom pinch thing for something is [TS]

  common as I want to see what I'm doing [TS]

  this week people just want a single tap [TS]

  same thing with the mode stuff like the [TS]

  mode is annoying and locks you've been [TS]

  but it makes it so the simplest thing [TS]

  you can do a single touch with one [TS]

  finger can have different meanings [TS]

  that's what the mode is therefore like [TS]

  normally when you single tap an app it [TS]

  launches but in this mode when you [TS]

  single tap and drag an app you know [TS]

  rather than make you learn a more [TS]

  complicated gesture to do a more [TS]

  complicated thing so that you don't have [TS]

  to have modes Apple has chosen to and I [TS]

  think wisely in most cases have modes so [TS]

  that the simplest thing you can possibly [TS]

  do use a single finger to do a simple [TS]

  gesture of tapping or dragging with one [TS]

  finger that has different meaning that's [TS]

  what the modes are for so I don't think [TS]

  people want to use a calendar app that [TS]

  requires them to perform pinch gesture [TS]

  to [TS]

  get more detail about a day they just [TS]

  want to tap on the freaking day because [TS]

  that's what people know how to do and [TS]

  pinch gestures are really hard I have [TS]

  trouble doing them I find myself trying [TS]

  to pinch and it's not registering like [TS]

  pinch because I'm not moving my fingers [TS]

  away from each other my fingernails [TS]

  hitting before the pad of my thumb [TS]

  I don't even you know it's it's an [TS]

  awkward gesture and for other people [TS]

  it's less discoverable and it's just [TS]

  it's just it's more annoying to pull off [TS]

  mm-hmm it doesn't feel as good as [TS]

  tapping that's why I feel so effortless [TS]

  you just like the pad is in front of you [TS]

  is on your lap you just like let me just [TS]

  take my finger here and tap there and [TS]

  yes now show me this mr. pad and how [TS]

  about that and that's that's a much [TS]

  nicer experience then now perform this [TS]

  contortion with my finger to get more [TS]

  detail even though it sounds good like [TS]

  you're zooming do me a semantic zoom so [TS]

  I am highly suspect of that it doesn't [TS]

  mean you have to make your app like that [TS]

  but it's like this is what this is what [TS]

  Microsoft is showing about you know this [TS]

  is the way we think you should do things [TS]

  mouse and keyboard support actually yeah [TS]

  okay so on the topic of mouse and [TS]

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  experts yeah when they hear a hosting [TS]

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  equivocation without any apology that [TS]

  without without babying it down or [TS]

  trying to explain what it means it tried [TS]

  to get like they just they just want the [TS]

  people who know what they're doing [TS]

  because they know what they're doing you [TS]

  know I mean that's good corporate [TS]

  communication all right Windows eight [TS]

  mouse support so Microsoft's message [TS]

  here was don't separate the mouse and a [TS]

  touch interfaces and what they mean by [TS]

  that is so you've got you touch [TS]

  interfaces supposed to look like what we [TS]

  showed you so far in this thing make [TS]

  your app like this right and then you [TS]

  have to have Mouse's apart because s [TS]

  what Windows 8 is all about no [TS]

  compromises so when you do that don't [TS]

  add features that are only Mouse [TS]

  accessible like don't add right-click [TS]

  menus all over the place like well if [TS]

  you use touch you have to do this but if [TS]

  you happen to have a mouse you can just [TS]

  right-click on this knew this and said [TS]

  no don't don't do that you have to use [TS]

  you have to use them house I guess you [TS]

  have to use the mouse like a touch [TS]

  interface or you have to use a touch [TS]

  interface like a mouse they don't want [TS]

  you to add specific features that are [TS]

  custom there are custom for each into an [TS]

  interface I think they're trying to do [TS]

  that to avoid confusion and also to do [TS]

  the kind of Steve Jobs no arrow keys on [TS]

  the original Mac keyboard thing where [TS]

  they're going to force you to make a [TS]

  good [TS]

  good [TS]

  chinder face and they're not going to [TS]

  let you have the out of well I don't [TS]

  have to make this available by touch [TS]

  because they can just use their Mouse [TS]

  and right-click like that was the the no [TS]

  arrow keys in the original Mac was yeah [TS]

  well that's you know I don't have to [TS]

  make I know this whole Mouse thing they [TS]

  like in everything but I'm just going to [TS]

  make a keyboard interface you can just [TS]

  use these arrow keys to move around then [TS]

  you have to use the mouse to place your [TS]

  curve in fact that I'm you're gonna have [TS]

  arbitrary cursor placement support in my [TS]

  word processor I'm just gonna let you [TS]

  use the arrow keys they took the arrow [TS]

  keys off the keyboard you must use the [TS]

  mouse there's no other way to place the [TS]

  cursor there's no other way to select [TS]

  text paradigm shift right so they're [TS]

  trying to make users do what they want [TS]

  which is make a good touch interface but [TS]

  that also means that the mouse interface [TS]

  is going to be like it's going to be [TS]

  like using a touch interface with the [TS]

  mouse it's gonna be like using the iOS [TS]

  simulator for developers who have done [TS]

  that area was played with it feels weird [TS]

  feels weird to have an iPhone or an iPad [TS]

  screen with a mouse cursor over where [TS]

  you're clicking on stuff it's just it's [TS]

  just weird and I actually installed [TS]

  Windows 8 shortly after the podcast [TS]

  someone asked me if I was going to [TS]

  install the Windows 8 developer release [TS]

  and I didn't even think of that is that [TS]

  I was at free apparently it's free and [TS]

  it runs in VMware 4 so kudos to [TS]

  Microsoft so I downloaded it and [TS]

  installed Windows 8 in VMware you have [TS]

  to tell VMware that it's Windows 7 but [TS]

  that's the only complication but Vivid [TS]

  launches and it runs you know reasonably [TS]

  well and then so there I am using Metro [TS]

  with the mouse and it's weird it is very [TS]

  weird and I don't give I don't know if [TS]

  this is just because it's gnarly bad or [TS]

  whatever but I found it despite watching [TS]

  a 90 minute thing explaining how to use [TS]

  Metro I could not for the life of me [TS]

  figure out how to perform any of the [TS]

  things they did with their fingers with [TS]

  my mouse and for the record you have [TS]

  used a mouse before yes but like swipe [TS]

  in from the edge try pulling that off of [TS]

  the mask cursor first especially you [TS]

  know especially in a VM because like [TS]

  normally your cursor hits the edge of [TS]

  the screen but you know unless you go [TS]

  fullscreen in the VM and even when you [TS]

  do unless you're making unlike I didn't [TS]

  make the VM the full size of my 23 inch [TS]

  screen like performing the gestures that [TS]

  would be natural with your fingers with [TS]

  the mouse I found it very difficult to [TS]

  activate the system you know the charms [TS]

  and the system thing and stuff like that [TS]

  luckily you can activate the per [TS]

  application stuff the stuff that comes [TS]

  in from the top at the bottom just [TS]

  biting the Windows key which I didn't [TS]

  even know until someone mentioned it so [TS]

  there probably are [TS]

  our keyboard or mouse ways to easily do [TS]

  what I wanted but I couldn't discover [TS]

  them and I really tried but the rest of [TS]

  it you know it performs and looks the [TS]

  way it did in the demo and I didn't have [TS]

  any crashes and you know I will continue [TS]

  to monitor it monitor it and download [TS]

  the latest beta type things but the [TS]

  reason Microsoft is adamant on the no [TS]

  separate interfaces in addition to the [TS]

  making everybody make you a touch [TS]

  interface is that in their opinion this [TS]

  is a direct direct quote from the [TS]

  presentation a screen with that touch is [TS]

  a broken screen they think every screen [TS]

  the world will have touch in a few years [TS]

  and I think they may be right like I [TS]

  remember when getting back to the gaming [TS]

  analogies which apparently the show that [TS]

  are inescapable on the show when the [TS]

  Nintendo DS came out the original DS the [TS]

  dual screen portable gaming system from [TS]

  Nintendo and does the screen the top is [TS]

  just a regular screen but the screen [TS]

  sort of horizontally below that is a [TS]

  touch screen and around the same time [TS]

  Microsoft had it was fielding the PSP [TS]

  which is its portable gaming thing which [TS]

  is basically like what we all remember [TS]

  the atari lynx being but if you go back [TS]

  a look and actually look at an actual [TS]

  atari lynx it was hideous but the PSP is [TS]

  the thing you holding in with two hands [TS]

  like like marcus I wants you double [TS]

  tablet it's got a screen in the middle [TS]

  and you have controls on your thumb and [TS]

  buttons and your other thumb and you [TS]

  play your game you look at your screen [TS]

  and the DES was like this clamshell [TS]

  thing like a mini laptop with two [TS]

  screens one where the keyboard would be [TS]

  but it's a touchscreen in one of the top [TS]

  screen [TS]

  it was nonsensical people to understand [TS]

  what the hell you were going to do with [TS]

  that until they got one and then said oh [TS]

  I see you can do all those interesting [TS]

  things with hidden now this this was [TS]

  believe it was pre iOS chatroom can [TS]

  correct me but I'll leave that the Tendo [TS]

  BS was way before iOS was a glimmer in [TS]

  anybody's eye so they were one of the [TS]

  first people to show you could use touch [TS]

  interfaces and I remember thinking when [TS]

  I saw people with PS PS or when I saw a [TS]

  Sony revising the PSP or putting out PSP [TS]

  games I think man someone that Sony has [TS]

  got to be just crying bitter tears that [TS]

  they have launched a portable gaming [TS]

  platform without a touch screen because [TS]

  it once the the DS came out it was so [TS]

  obvious that like portable gaming [TS]

  devices have that touch screens and [TS]

  yours doesn't you are doing it wrong you [TS]

  are you know you have your hardware is [TS]

  wrong you can't fix this with software [TS]

  you want to sell this platform you [TS]

  didn't put a touchscreen it's like it's [TS]

  like stripping a computer without a [TS]

  mouse which [TS]

  many PC vendors we're doing it where we [TS]

  had that like the laptops they had to [TS]

  give you that trackball you can clip [TS]

  onto the side you remember that [TS]

  abomination yeah and like they didn't [TS]

  have pointing devices they just had a [TS]

  screen and a keyboard and you know Mouse [TS]

  what do you need the mouse for in a [TS]

  laptop so they had to have all these [TS]

  heart even even like after they realized [TS]

  they needed a pointing device they would [TS]

  still sell you their old laptop with new [TS]

  innards with this clip on crack ball [TS]

  really thing because Apple had a [TS]

  trackball and you know or some other way [TS]

  dip to insert a porting the pointing [TS]

  device on to their laptop leave one of [TS]

  them was this is a way back thing do you [TS]

  remember outbound systems am I getting [TS]

  that right chat room at an opening of [TS]

  the chat room is whistle were they held [TS]

  they would buy that Apple Macintosh [TS]

  hardware from Apple rip out the [TS]

  motherboards and stick them inside their [TS]

  own new portable cases so they would [TS]

  take an SE 30 motherboard jam it into [TS]

  their laptop case of their own making [TS]

  and sell you a portable Macintosh you [TS]

  know clone but not really clone because [TS]

  they were using ethanol it was I think [TS]

  they were Australian I think that's why [TS]

  I'm thinking they were called outbound [TS]

  but I remember I think this was them [TS]

  that they had a novel pointing device [TS]

  where below the spacebar there was a [TS]

  tube maybe was about the length of space [TS]

  bar maybe was full with that I remember [TS]

  all right here's what we do has [TS]

  something on this that you would roll [TS]

  the tube and when you roll the tube the [TS]

  cursor we're going to open down and when [TS]

  you slid your hand right and left on the [TS]

  tube the cursor would go right and left [TS]

  I have no idea what that point device is [TS]

  called I'm only remember my only big [TS]

  memories of it are from like ads and [TS]

  Macworld in like the 80s and 90s someone [TS]

  the chat room says yes it is outbound [TS]

  and someone actually remembers the tube [TS]

  but anybody that's I think about that [TS]

  age of like shipping PC laptops without [TS]

  Mouse like pointing devices that was [TS]

  embarrassing for the hardware vendors in [TS]

  the same way I think it was embarrassing [TS]

  for Sony to ship a portable gaming [TS]

  device without a touchscreen in a world [TS]

  that had the diecen and now Microsoft is [TS]

  basically saying it's going to be [TS]

  embarrassing for everybody in a few [TS]

  years if you don't whatever you sell it [TS]

  has to have a touchscreen on because [TS]

  without having a touchscreen it's just [TS]

  it's a broken device you it's ridiculous [TS]

  and I'm sure they hope that to be true [TS]

  because they want Windows 8 running and [TS]

  everything from your PC to your tablet [TS]

  so [TS]

  Windows 8 has a touch interface I guess [TS]

  that means they want you know del to [TS]

  sell 24 inch monitors with touch screens [TS]

  on them [TS]

  so that when people use Metro they can [TS]

  poke at their screen but this is sort of [TS]

  this is sort of the attitude that you [TS]

  know Scotty had when when he went up to [TS]

  me hello computer and you know he had to [TS]

  pick up the you know it oh it doesn't [TS]

  recognize your voice so he talks into [TS]

  the mo I guess I have to talk into the [TS]

  into the mouse and talks into the mouse [TS]

  and I'm what you don't talking about Oh [TS]

  keyboards how quaint [TS]

  yeah you remember this I do remember it [TS]

  cuz you're a Trekkie trekker no other [TS]

  reason I remember that is because I was [TS]

  from the generation as is before you [TS]

  because you were a PC guy first I was [TS]

  not a PC guy first let's get to this [TS]

  let's be clear about this my first [TS]

  computer was an apple - what was your [TS]

  first Macintosh my first Mac was a Mac [TS]

  se uh which I which I owned and had an [TS]

  in my er there are the original you [TS]

  didn't come that late you missed the you [TS]

  know 128 512 on the plus I used them I [TS]

  didn't own one okay anyway when I say my [TS]

  first Mac do you mean when I owned or [TS]

  when I used it when your own I'm al [TS]

  Cassie but back in those days when Apple [TS]

  was the underdog it was exciting for us [TS]

  Mac users whenever we saw an Apple [TS]

  product in pop culture because that was [TS]

  sort of indication for us that we [TS]

  weren't crazy everyone else was using [TS]

  you know do you have a computer and [TS]

  you'd have to say yeah but it's a Mac [TS]

  and they like all you can't play you [TS]

  know Auto duel until they poured it [TS]

  three years later and it's black and [TS]

  white and is horrible huh so you were [TS]

  like I'm not crazy for using this thing [TS]

  it actually is better and so when we saw [TS]

  Macintosh is like a nun moonlighting or [TS]

  in the background of a movie or in Star [TS]

  Trek it was exciting for us really yeah [TS]

  that's that's the computer that we'd [TS]

  like see we're not crazy it exists and [TS]

  other people have it and a being tons of [TS]

  Hollywood movies because Apple had this [TS]

  one guy I forget what his name is whose [TS]

  job it was to get sort of Apple product [TS]

  placement in popular culture so [TS]

  Macintosh osburgh disproportionately [TS]

  represented on television shows and [TS]

  movies and commercials uh in like I [TS]

  guess it was the late 80s early 90s and [TS]

  so that's why I remember that scene is [TS]

  it was exciting to see a Macintosh and [TS]

  I'm on a big movie screen and they start [TS]

  we know us your favorite that was one [TS]

  with the whales [TS]

  it was the unfortunate [TS]

  so on transparent aluminum how can you [TS]

  not like the whale one and people who [TS]

  are anti whale about Star Trek is too [TS]

  you know it's it's too important and [TS]

  culturally and well where's in space [TS]

  well hard sci-fi it was it's basically a [TS]

  comedy like it was a funny it was making [TS]

  fun of itself whose self parody and [TS]

  people say that's not a proper Star Trek [TS]

  movie I guess this is sacrilegious if [TS]

  someone made a Star Wars movie that had [TS]

  that comedy angle but at that point the [TS]

  Star Trek movie franchise had been so [TS]

  dumped upon with crap that it was a [TS]

  breath of fresh air to at least get a [TS]

  competent self-deprecating comedy [TS]

  involving the rapidly aging crew of the [TS]

  Star Trek there are there aspects of [TS]

  that but I think it was intended that [TS]

  the whales be taken seriously and that [TS]

  was the problem the whole thing was a [TS]

  comedy the whole thing you know I'm from [TS]

  Iowa I only work in outer space it was [TS]

  it was a funny it was a funny movie but [TS]

  the whales were one of the parts that [TS]

  were not meant to be funny so you know [TS]

  in in Star Trek the series they would [TS]

  have episodes that were kind of the the [TS]

  humor episodes and then there was a [TS]

  serious ones where you were battling for [TS]

  the future the yeah Federation or [TS]

  whatever what are the tribbles for [TS]

  example not meant to be taken to exactly [TS]

  this was a this is the triple equivalent [TS]

  movie is supposed to be silly yes I know [TS]

  they wanted you to be excited about the [TS]

  whales but I part with the whales and [TS]

  the earth being destroyed was serious [TS]

  the rest of it there were jokes [TS]

  surrounding it but that was that was [TS]

  tongue roll up your sleeves and get to [TS]

  work four o'clock in the morning courage [TS]

  let's look in the entire Canon of Star [TS]

  Trek movies and decide where that falls [TS]

  ranking wise and I would say it's [TS]

  solidly mid to upper pack hmm you may I [TS]

  think people who don't like it I don't [TS]

  dislike the movie I didn't say it's like [TS]

  the movie I'm just saying like the [TS]

  whales I didn't like the whales I didn't [TS]

  live if they had done something else [TS]

  whales in space I don't know I just [TS]

  didn't sit well with me at the time I [TS]

  think I was more forgiving since then [TS]

  I've soured on the movie a little bit Oh [TS]

  so getting back to I'm just glad to talk [TS]

  with you that Star Trek I'll take I'll [TS]

  take whatever I can get [TS]

  finally we're talking Star Trek on the [TS]

  show see how excited your listeners are [TS]

  about that so getting back to with every [TS]

  every screen having touch and like me [TS]

  saying that does that mean they want del [TS]

  to put touch in their big [TS]

  Desktop screen I guess those it trying [TS]

  to say that every screen is going to [TS]

  have it so they're going to say Dell you [TS]

  should do this because Windows 8 has a [TS]

  touch interface but that comes back to [TS]

  Apple's experimentation with this idea [TS]

  of like making a touchscreen iMac and [TS]

  stuff like that that it's uncomfortable [TS]

  to have your hand up for that period of [TS]

  time [TS]

  never mind the the insane OCD [TS]

  destroying concept of someone [TS]

  intentionally touching your screen you [TS]

  know there are two kinds of people where [TS]

  people who touch their screens and [TS]

  people who do not want anyone to ever [TS]

  touch this screen you can guess which [TS]

  one I am and so now if you had a desktop [TS]

  put aside the uncomfortableness of [TS]

  having your hand up and poking your [TS]

  screen if that's the way you have to use [TS]

  your computer you're intentionally [TS]

  putting fingerprints all over your [TS]

  screen now obviously we all get over [TS]

  with the iPad or iPads are just covered [TS]

  with finger spoo and somehow we somehow [TS]

  we survive like ah but I don't want to [TS]

  give up my nice fingerprint free screen [TS]

  and yes I do agree with Apple that I [TS]

  think conceptually it seems like it [TS]

  would be tiring to polka things on the [TS]

  screen like that but who knows I like [TS]

  Microsoft's all about having options and [TS]

  you know put the touchscreen on it if [TS]

  you never touch the screen fine but it's [TS]

  there if you need it obviously for [TS]

  tablets that make sense that opens all [TS]

  door to convertible type devices I did a [TS]

  Mac world article way back where I was [TS]

  talking about the idea of taking a [TS]

  macbook air and having you be able to [TS]

  either fold in on itself or fold [TS]

  backwards or a slide away or something [TS]

  like that where when you use it like a [TS]

  macbook air it works like a macbook air [TS]

  and as a trackpad and a keyboard in the [TS]

  hallway but if you fold the keyboard and [TS]

  trackpad portion out of the way somehow [TS]

  it behaves like a big really really fast [TS]

  ipad and I was saying would be x86 base [TS]

  because iOS apps already run on x86 they [TS]

  run on a simulator obviously it would [TS]

  need a touchscreen and you would only [TS]

  use the touchscreen when it's an iPad [TS]

  mode right then you would use the [TS]

  keyboard and trackpad any other moment [TS]

  it would be a touchscreen all the time [TS]

  so I'm assuming Windows vendors will [TS]

  make something like this like a PC [TS]

  ultrabook you know the MacBook Air type [TS]

  doing ultraedit [TS]

  it is also Windows 8 tablet and I'm sure [TS]

  there'll be 50 of these and they'll be [TS]

  able to collapse and fold with varying [TS]

  degrees of success in stuff like that [TS]

  and I said in the macro logical I didn't [TS]

  think Apple would do that because it's [TS]

  just too much too weird for Apple it's [TS]

  something the old Apple will do like the [TS]

  old Apple made [TS]

  doooo doc and the do-over you'd shove it [TS]

  was like a Mac but it had the guts [TS]

  missing you would fold up your your [TS]

  power book duo and shove it inside there [TS]

  and then you'd have a big full-fledged [TS]

  Mac lots of interesting things are [TS]

  technically possible with the Apple [TS]

  today would say just because we can do [TS]

  it I don't know if we should so I'm sure [TS]

  Apple experimented with this concept and [TS]

  is experimenting with this concept as [TS]

  but they experimented with touchscreen [TS]

  IMAX and all sorts of other things and [TS]

  thus far have decided they're not up to [TS]

  snuff PC vendors are not so constrained [TS]

  by the thought process I guess and [TS]

  they're not going to carefully consider [TS]

  whether it's a good idea to have a PC [TS]

  laptop that falls into a metro tablet [TS]

  they're just going to make them [TS]

  someone's going to make them because if [TS]

  they don't someone else will and they're [TS]

  losing the money that could have been [TS]

  made from the suckers who will buy this [TS]

  thing and whether it's a good idea or [TS]

  not the market will decide and so on so [TS]

  I'll be interesting to look at that but [TS]

  I mostly agree with Apple Inc concept [TS]

  that poking at your upright desktop [TS]

  computer screen is not a good idea I'm [TS]

  not going to be successful or [TS]

  comfortable but who knows we'll see some [TS]

  and we're going to short on time here [TS]

  and I still have like a screen fold of [TS]

  stuff to go mind if they do bonus bonus [TS]

  episode makes me want to do two episodes [TS]

  this week don't do one more pointer do [TS]

  you want to wrap it up stack it up I [TS]

  don't see one more point is this a 5min [TS]

  a point or 20-minute point oh you can [TS]

  say can you curtail it at about 10 [TS]

  minutes I say well yeah I can fit it in [TS]

  right so one of the things that [TS]

  Microsoft said was during the developer [TS]

  station was if you want as an [TS]

  application developer you can target [TS]

  your app at just 11 inch tablets with [TS]

  sixteen by nine screens and then they [TS]

  followed it up with this is a direct [TS]

  quote but you're not going to get its [TS]

  rich again Margaux brought this up they [TS]

  the constantly telling people they're [TS]

  going to get rich just kind of classless [TS]

  I think but we get the point you know [TS]

  they're saying if you make an app they [TS]

  can only run on a very narrow portion of [TS]

  the possible world of Windows 8 devices [TS]

  like you can't run on PC you can't run [TS]

  on tange tablets can't run 7-inch [TS]

  tablets it can't run on 4 by 3 ratio [TS]

  tablets can only run on 11 and 16 by 9 [TS]

  tablets you can do that but you're [TS]

  limiting yourself now the fact that [TS]

  they're letting you do that is like come [TS]

  on [TS]

  in fragmentation the water is fine right [TS]

  Apple doesn't like doing that Apple had [TS]

  to fragment they said iPad apps are [TS]

  different than iPhone apps and you can [TS]

  run iPhone apps on the iPad but they're [TS]

  ugly and that's a transitional thing and [TS]

  nobody should ever want to do it but we [TS]

  have to screen sides there's a small one [TS]

  and it's the big one [TS]

  and we have two resolutions the small [TS]

  and ignore that it's like if you do it [TS]

  on the small one you should make your [TS]

  thing Retina display and able because it [TS]

  make your app look better but if you [TS]

  don't it will still look ok and then you [TS]

  have the big screen they didn't say you [TS]

  know they're not encouraging people that [TS]

  and you could do this if you wanted like [TS]

  game developer to occasionally you can [TS]

  make your application only run on 32 [TS]

  gigabyte iPhone 4 [TS]

  we love that Apple is not inviting that [TS]

  and they're not telling you not to do it [TS]

  because you won't get as rich they're [TS]

  just not even opening that door no [TS]

  conceivably you could submit a game they [TS]

  can only run on the iPhone 4 and I bet [TS]

  there are games that can only run on ion [TS]

  devices but games are kind of a special [TS]

  case they don't want you to make your [TS]

  to-do list application only run on 30 Q [TS]

  gigabyte iPhone 4 right with a Retina [TS]

  Display Apple would probably reject that [TS]

  from the store and they would say yeah [TS]

  just because you can do this we don't we [TS]

  don't want to encourage that whereas [TS]

  Microsoft as an all things is going back [TS]

  to the old Microsoft and saying yeah you [TS]

  can target whatever you want just want [TS]

  to run tablets just want around this [TS]

  screen that screen you know whatever [TS]

  we of course want you to cover all sorts [TS]

  of devices but it's perfectly possible [TS]

  to do this other thing and I don't think [TS]

  Microsoft would reject an app that you [TS]

  did like they were just say I'll let the [TS]

  market decide you won't that guy won't [TS]

  get as rich and it'll be fine [TS]

  Microsoft did go through the thing about [TS]

  way so say you say you want a target [TS]

  huge range of devices and by the way the [TS]

  minimum screen resolution for Windows 8 [TS]

  is 1024 by 768 so there's not going this [TS]

  is not you know they have Windows Phone [TS]

  7 4 is interesting that they decided [TS]

  that was the point that was the cutoff [TS]

  point like well we can make one os scale [TS]

  from 7 inch tablets all the way up to 40 [TS]

  inch desktop thing but we can't go down [TS]

  to 3 and average we need a whole other [TS]

  ass for that like so they didn't try to [TS]

  make Windows 8 scale the whole range [TS]

  like a Windows Phone 7 Series whatever [TS]

  then that cuts off then you start at [TS]

  1024 by 768 which I guess you could fit [TS]

  on a 7-inch tablet or 6-inch ah it's a [TS]

  resolution limit not necessarily a size [TS]

  limit it's just up to the vendors to [TS]

  decide what size screen they want to [TS]

  make it that res but so they say like [TS]

  well how do I make my application span [TS]

  that range from 1024 by 768 [TS]

  Desktop I want you to make three sets of [TS]

  assets to cover the range of size of [TS]

  this marriage Apple Apple asked for two [TS]

  sets of assets they asked for like a 1x [TS]

  size and a 2x size but it's a similar [TS]

  approach give us a you know we would [TS]

  like you to give us three sets of SS or [TS]

  as Microsoft said we would like you to [TS]

  use scalable graphics with SVG and Apple [TS]

  says you know PDFs where we can scale [TS]

  them you know so your Apple look good at [TS]

  all different it's using at all [TS]

  different resolutions and portrait and [TS]

  landscape is another aspect where they [TS]

  won't they want you to do landscape [TS]

  that's required the portrait is optional [TS]

  which is kind of is that I don't know if [TS]

  it's the opposite of the Apple thing [TS]

  Apple when you write an iOS application [TS]

  you can choose what you want to enable [TS]

  rotation what you want to happen on [TS]

  rotations and so on it's open but in the [TS]

  guidelines I believe and I think they [TS]

  might reject this is that your iPad app [TS]

  must work in both orientations I think [TS]

  you'd be tried to submit an app that [TS]

  didn't work in both orientations they [TS]

  would probably reject you I'm not sure [TS]

  if you have to support rotation like a [TS]

  whole different view in different age [TS]

  now this is a good question for market [TS]

  what should ask them in the next show [TS]

  what the current iOS rules are about [TS]

  rotation and orientation and how lenient [TS]

  Apple is about enforcing but the [TS]

  guidelines are for your iPad app it [TS]

  should work in both modes whereas [TS]

  Microsoft is saying landscape you have [TS]

  to do and portrait is optional which is [TS]

  kind of weird I don't think I've ever [TS]

  seen a iOS or iPad app that's like that [TS]

  the only thing I think of is maybe like [TS]

  a movie player can you can you rotate [TS]

  Netflix I don't know like I've tried [TS]

  recently I'm pretty sure you can [TS]

  playback I can imagine them you know you [TS]

  wouldn't want it in portrait but most [TS]

  apps I think the default on iPad is is [TS]

  portrait and that's that's the way they [TS]

  expected you to use the thing that you [TS]

  go into landscape you get this alternate [TS]

  mode maybe it's maybe it's just me [TS]

  applying my prejudice what do you think [TS]

  has it right I think landscape [TS]

  predominant can work the my Merriam [TS]

  rejection of Microsoft's thing is the [TS]

  idea that people are going to to hand [TS]

  grip it and use desktops but a it's a [TS]

  differentiator right maybe it will maybe [TS]

  it will breed a different class of [TS]

  applications making landscape the [TS]

  default [TS]

  maybe they'll look differently behave [TS]

  differently [TS]

  I don't know I'm trying the Netflix [TS]

  right now just to see what they I think [TS]

  it'll flip around 360 if you do it [TS]

  upside down but I don't know if it'll [TS]

  ever I'm gonna try it it's loading up [TS]

  Danny Phantom episode 49 and so this is [TS]

  on my iPhone because my iPad is being [TS]

  used it goes into landscape mode [TS]

  automatically and in portrait mode it [TS]

  shows its side leaf yeah so it doesn't [TS]

  doesn't rotate I mean as someone pointed [TS]

  on the chatroom games do that too like [TS]

  yeah obviously you don't you know what [TS]

  to make your game rotate you're gonna [TS]

  make your game screen unless you mention [TS]

  flipping it upside down does indeed [TS]

  cause it to go 360 you know only got [TS]

  like three more points left but they're [TS]

  not gonna fit in here so maybe it will [TS]

  do part of a follow-up show okay there [TS]

  you don't wanna do them you're done [TS]

  you're done yeah no but the next point [TS]

  is contracts and I think that's a long [TS]

  oh that could be a whole show right [TS]

  there no not all show I'll get through [TS]

  this window aid stuff yet I think it [TS]

  could be able show well if you want to [TS]

  follow Jon on on Twitter you can do that [TS]

  siracusa there's no z-s IRAC us a like [TS]

  the the town in in italy have you been [TS]

  there you've been to siracusa i have not [TS]

  but my grandparents did go there several [TS]

  times i believe how cool was that [TS]

  that whole place named a free and [TS]

  mentioned in The Godfather [TS]

  now they do say in The Godfather [TS]

  actually okay yeah yeah subtitled so you [TS]

  know it's my name with Isabel there [TS]

  anyway a couple a couple little little [TS]

  things you want to address we have [TS]

  mentioned here that we will be talking [TS]

  about Goodfellas the movie Goodfellas we [TS]

  received a lot of feedback about that [TS]

  things that we absolutely must do things [TS]

  we absolutely must not do in reference [TS]

  to that we are going to do that though [TS]

  we've been cleared to do that so we'll [TS]

  be having a show it will not it will not [TS]

  be an episode of hypercritical [TS]

  necessarily or or if it is it will be a [TS]

  bonus episode it will not replace the [TS]

  existing week's episode it will [TS]

  it will not be tacked on to the end of [TS]

  that week's episode it will be recorded [TS]

  on a different date and time and [TS]

  released as its own as its own thing did [TS]

  I say that right John yeah I don't think [TS]

  it's gonna be in the IP critical feet at [TS]

  all and not at all yeah and be its own [TS]

  thing maybe it'll be a special five by [TS]

  five movie show maybe it'll be something [TS]

  that we do with other hosts periodically [TS]

  who knows you can even make it on after [TS]

  dark for a language learn that doesn't [TS]

  fit in there because I don't really [TS]

  publish yeah you're right any couldn't [TS]

  publish but we could curse we could [TS]

  curse in this other one if we want if we [TS]

  make it a separate show recording from [TS]

  the movie you know yeah so we'll make it [TS]

  an explosive it explicit and will be a [TS]

  tone tone shine curse I've never heard [TS]

  you curse I think you I've never heard [TS]

  that so I can't wait that's reason [TS]

  enough to do a show sure so we'll do [TS]

  that so we are doing that so you can [TS]

  stay tuned we'll have update we will [TS]

  update here about that show that was the [TS]

  main update that I wanted to do I also [TS]

  wanted to to mention for those who who [TS]

  care about such things and and who get [TS]

  this show we have a very fast turnaround [TS]

  time with getting these shows out thanks [TS]

  very much to faith producer here for [TS]

  doing that but so if you if you happen [TS]

  listen to this today Friday earlier in [TS]

  the day perhaps on your commute home you [TS]

  should know that defringe comes back [TS]

  tonight season premiere of season 4 is [TS]

  back tonight you're gonna be watching [TS]

  that John let the DVR kickoff for about [TS]

  15-20 minutes in it play I'll probably [TS]

  yeah I'm personal course you will it's [TS]

  been too long your favorite and a tour [TS]

  of returns for season four the Fringe be [TS]

  talking about that next week for sure [TS]

  dedicate the whole show for that I think [TS]

  you don't think so okay but that's it [TS]

  you can go to find by five that TV and [TS]

  you know what people have been raiding [TS]

  the show thanks thanks very much for [TS]

  doing that some more ratings have come [TS]

  in John have you been following those [TS]

  reading a few people have I suggested [TS]

  last time that people click the helpful [TS]

  yes no links yes a lot of people not [TS]

  like yes yeah a lot of people have [TS]

  clicked my idea below was to try to [TS]

  introduce some churn so the top three [TS]

  reviews weren't still the top three [TS]

  right right but you just can't it's the [TS]

  it's a self-fulfilling prophecy people [TS]

  see them first and the reason they're at [TS]

  the top [TS]

  like nice reviews and well Ritz on and [TS]

  so forth and so as the people go through [TS]

  clicking the yes/no helpful they also [TS]

  click yes helpful in the top view so the [TS]

  order has not changed in the first page [TS]

  but I do appreciate the people are [TS]

  shuffling up from like the bottom of the [TS]

  power because people are out there [TS]

  writing good reviews yeah and they don't [TS]

  in it there's nothing they getting [TS]

  ignored so I thank everyone who is [TS]

  clicking those links either by pressing [TS]

  no not helpful to barring the ones that [TS]

  you don't like or pressing s to the ones [TS]

  you do like here's the thing if it's not [TS]

  a five-star review the appropriate [TS]

  action is to download it that's all I'm [TS]

  gonna say I'm I don't think that's an [TS]

  issue because anyone who's listening to [TS]

  the show and it's gonna go click on [TS]

  iTunes because of us is gonna do it [TS]

  because they like the show the reviews [TS]

  are overwhelmingly positive but if you [TS]

  like a negative one feel you know it's I [TS]

  disagree with you alright well dan says [TS]

  don't click the negative ones but I'm [TS]

  telling you to be true to yourself be [TS]

  true to yourself which by definition [TS]

  means down voting the negative ones [TS]

  alright alright that's it then John have [TS]

  a good week [TS]

  [Music] [TS]