The Incomparable

161: Southern Skeleton


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  the incomparable plays Dungeons and [TS]

  Dragons number 160 loan i told her 2013 [TS]

  welcome back to the uncomfortable and [TS]

  it's time for installment number four of [TS]

  our dungeons and dragons adventure [TS]

  Scott's only managed to kill one of us [TS]

  so far but the night is young and he'll [TS]

  probably kill the rest of us before it's [TS]

  over anyway Scott McNulty is our dungeon [TS]

  master and he will take it from here hi [TS]

  Scott [TS]

  hello Jason prepared to die yes I'm [TS]

  ready [TS]

  so what we as is our custom we will go [TS]

  and introduce all of the characters so [TS]

  Dan tell us who you are [TS]

  hello I'm Dan Moore and I'm playing [TS]

  asked around the Minotaur warden of the [TS]

  sand your second character because your [TS]

  first as my second character egg laughs [TS]

  aka pancakes AKA egg laughs is your stag [TS]

  lap always a mug or outsourced and [TS]

  foreigners thanks means alot to me [TS]

  serenity [TS]

  hi you already introduced me interested [TS]

  but for my D&D character who is [TS]

  definitely not named serenity she's in [TS]

  fact named honest Rihanna but we're just [TS]

  going to call her Anna for short because [TS]

  the first is really long and she's a [TS]

  ladron warlock so she sort of mess [TS]

  around with magic except not really [TS]

  because magic is pad right Steve lots [TS]

  hello tell us about your character I am [TS]

  catch guy i'm a bug and barred from up [TS]

  above barred beautiful like a bird world [TS]

  over for my melodious voice thanks Henry [TS]

  Roger pen ultimately toady [TS]

  hi my characters rigor is just you know [TS]

  a small-town Templer try to make it a [TS]

  little just don't worry about and then [TS]

  finally [TS]

  Jason please tell us about your [TS]

  character hello i'm jason and my [TS]

  character tonight is going to reveal a [TS]

  new thing about Carlos get carless color [TS]

  of the wharf this middle name [TS]

  don't steal her know Oh vetoed I hope [TS]

  that's the only thing you're planning to [TS]

  reveal car without trace out its Carlos [TS]

  d dwarf it is obviously shopping not [TS]

  even a door don't even want it all work [TS]

  is my last name [TS]

  yeah he's carlos de mo don't yet know [TS]

  Carlos Dietze Worf the mall the mall [TS]

  that's weird wharf is a family name that [TS]

  you've got my vote [TS]

  so is danger actually my mother's maiden [TS]

  name is danger there's a high one know [TS]

  whatever you don't pronounce that I know [TS]

  this is a all then you'll be danger [TS]

  hyphen dwarf and that would be weird [TS]

  excellent so as you'll recall we are on [TS]

  the planet of athis because we were in [TS]

  the campaign setting of dark sun playing [TS]

  fourth edition dungeons and dragons for [TS]

  the Nerds that care and we are your your [TS]

  sound and hearty band of adventurers has [TS]

  been paid by the house of shaam to find [TS]

  a caravan which you found and release [TS]

  them but also to figure out what this [TS]

  whole face in the stone business is [TS]

  about and as you recall as we did what [TS]

  you found the caravan and a large [TS]

  whirlwind sandstorm perhaps which you [TS]

  bravely went through which at after you [TS]

  emerge from the whirling sands you saw a [TS]

  cliff with a face in it and you thought [TS]

  hey that looks like a face in a stone so [TS]

  let's go check it out you entered the [TS]

  mouth basically and you found out that [TS]

  it was trapped with two lightning [TS]

  obelisks which dealt some consternation [TS]

  to the group and then you bought a [TS]

  variety of hedge kin which will remember [TS]

  these kind of ugly lightning guys and [TS]

  then you say it was a plethora of hedge [TS]

  can I think my education [TS]

  and then you came across a stream which [TS]

  is quite rare in the dark sun don't ask [TS]

  me why whoever wrote this adventure [TS]

  decided to put a giant stream in it but [TS]

  they did and at the bottom of that [TS]

  stream was a crazy lobster thing at rule [TS]

  hedge fledgling was actually called [TS]

  which came out and cause some damage [TS]

  after that you found even more headcanon [TS]

  in a a secondary with the lobster told [TS]

  her what a tool tool i don't think we [TS]

  exchanged business cards israel21c Steve [TS]

  and so ask mr. everybody's dead all the [TS]

  bad guys are dead [TS]

  uh several of your party members were [TS]

  unconscious I believe one less when we [TS]

  ended off so that includes everyone has [TS]

  an X on them which is Dan ren and Jason [TS]

  my gen I'm not that you were unconscious [TS]

  ah alright so you will have all search [TS]

  the cavern you found two magic items [TS]

  which I did not have a ready then you [TS]

  found a set of scale armor that has a [TS]

  Scorpion's etched into it and you have [TS]

  found a gift [TS]

  oh all right just remember when you go [TS]

  to a wedding shower always bring a gift [TS]

  only Jewish weddings [TS]

  ya know so you can do with either of [TS]

  those things what you already got to get [TS]

  ruined duh i might check this one out to [TS]

  see if there's anything perhaps magical [TS]

  about it [TS]

  ah sure is taking on to you pick it up [TS]

  and it feels [TS]

  ah much better made than your current [TS]

  gift should i do a check of some kind [TS]

  here and you can have a clean it [TS]

  urk mature alright I've got eight on [TS]

  that bad boy so all 27 hello [TS]

  alright will you that as you're [TS]

  examining the gift that you noticed some [TS]

  rooms on it which leads you to believe [TS]

  that it is magical [TS]

  it's a remote for the pylons at the [TS]

  entrance to the cave as your as you're [TS]

  reading it you think that they have [TS]

  something to do with an illusion [TS]

  don't know you're pretty certain that it [TS]

  is a plus-one get so it will it'll that [TS]

  is certain but you know that it has some [TS]

  other property you're not sure what some [TS]

  other property but would you like to do [TS]

  with it i'll bring it along alright so [TS]

  you you strap it to yourself as you do [TS]

  and as you're doing that it disappears [TS]

  night no one could see it but it is [TS]

  still there you can find it lacking [TS]

  illusions is a hidden plus one gift that [TS]

  seems fairly useless but ok visible gift [TS]

  does the name of my new band well bar [TS]

  ever in dark lines are often assassins [TS]

  so if we ever get like caught is our [TS]

  combined arms yes generally it it's me [TS]

  that should be hidden and not the weapon [TS]

  in those sorts of situations well if you [TS]

  don't want to be completely fine I'll [TS]

  keep him company but it's a club in mail [TS]

  plus one is more than 20 that I had [TS]

  before don't don't make me turn this [TS]

  game around one hidden weapons step to [TS]

  even our step three profit [TS]

  thanks for watching Tiger Hidden bart [TS]

  and so there's there's some scale armor [TS]

  corporation to walk around with that [TS]

  little bit too heavy for me I'm not [TS]

  really in the armor persuasion i'm [TS]

  intrigued I'm intrigued by that you want [TS]

  to check it out for you man [TS]

  yeah I don't forget our thing oh yeah [TS]

  you check it out you check it out [TS]

  alright i'll have a look copy i'll tell [TS]

  you what do you mean wrong maybe I want [TS]

  that would be a 24 when it's definitely [TS]

  magical and you can tell that it's [TS]

  probably +1 +1 do you could be a [TS]

  plus-one brothers i have a plus one [TS]

  thing too is it does it fit me it will [TS]

  it does not look like it would fit you [TS]

  but I but pisgah kitchen knows that [TS]

  Kachkar whatever Steve's cash [TS]

  ah knows that magical armor resizes [TS]

  itself to fit whatever where the mall [TS]

  i'll tell you resize yourself to fit [TS]

  your tiny frame awesome i'd like to try [TS]

  it on my right is there is some sort of [TS]

  changing room around here or do I need [TS]

  to hide my I don't want to expose myself [TS]

  dreams not be unless you are [TS]

  particularly bashful new mall [TS]

  no I'm not is recognized for my armor [TS]

  right off and put that bad boy on I've [TS]

  seen your lion tattoo before it's [TS]

  nothing [TS]

  do you live up to the danger name [TS]

  thank you can increase your armor class [TS]

  by six awesome likes it what are you [TS]

  wearing right now it's hard armor pretty [TS]

  crappy [TS]

  Hey Ya dungeon master now he's really [TS]

  actually 521 AC now 21 AC awesome this [TS]

  gift I just scored that is one does that [TS]

  get applied to damage or attack damage [TS]

  and attack both dirty i'm gonna write [TS]

  that down [TS]

  you should and also jason you would know [TS]

  I'm gonna tell you this just because you [TS]

  would never figured out that it has a [TS]

  well has two things right your armor is [TS]

  invisible [TS]

  well it's it's scorpion armor so you [TS]

  looking so any you are you are animals [TS]

  that have primer sense so that can feel [TS]

  vibrations and locate at opponents by [TS]

  you knows that tremor sense their their [TS]

  vibrations so I floor dolphins you are [TS]

  invisible to them they must see you as [TS]

  opposed to use the only reason they're [TS]

  both so so happy [TS]

  yeah sandworms i have one will remember [TS]

  I believe that when you fought a bunch [TS]

  of crystal spiders [TS]

  yes members occur new and tracked you [TS]

  with Trevor sense that there's ever end [TS]

  up in the movie tremors you will be [TS]

  invisible no it means it will get [TS]

  company little-known fact tremors two [TS]

  through trimmer six only seen by spiders [TS]

  we actually kick the crap out of those [TS]

  crystal spiders so i'm not sure we [TS]

  actually need to help in those [TS]

  situations but its necessary [TS]

  I'm just nice to have and once per day [TS]

  when an enemy is adjacent to you and [TS]

  willingly moves you can make an attack [TS]

  against that enemy and it is your level [TS]

  plus 4 so that would be a plus 6 verses [TS]

  reflex and when you hit it does 5 damage [TS]

  five poison damage and immobilizes the [TS]

  target until the end of your next turn [TS]

  and that'sthat's basically an [TS]

  opportunity attack [TS]

  yes yeah what's predict all right so you [TS]

  have you found a key you found a to [TS]

  magic items very exciting although no [TS]

  one seems excited about [TS]

  them and I think they're awesome and [TS]

  soda scotch chica high-five kotka whoo [TS]

  there you go [TS]

  everybody's just just +1 brothers baby [TS]

  koshka in the mall coming this saturday [TS]

  be an odd odd couple [TS]

  here you remember Carlos tells you that [TS]

  there is those doors that he kind of [TS]

  looked at when he was running that way [TS]

  you're technically retreating saving my [TS]

  skin that fit in the area where we [TS]

  bought kind of the the boss head skin is [TS]

  that like a hole that leads somewhere [TS]

  that is kind of a ten-foot pole [TS]

  so if you look down there I it is you [TS]

  can't really tell how far down it goes [TS]

  but you can see if you but it's you have [TS]

  like a light source of some kind [TS]

  yes somebody has like sure so you can [TS]

  see that there's a Ledge down there you [TS]

  can guess it's probably about 30 feet [TS]

  down and it looks like over the ledge [TS]

  there it still goes down even further [TS]

  okay so three thing visible on the ledge [TS]

  or any sort of a cleft in the walls with [TS]

  the side of the ledger [TS]

  nope just looks like an ordinary empty [TS]

  ledge not impressed [TS]

  oh you also find not on the ledge but in [TS]

  your search you find to 100 gold pieces [TS]

  gems and a hundred and ten gold pieces [TS]

  see you later yes i'm going to the bank [TS]

  so whoever wants that I don't know how [TS]

  you guys are doing trip we haven't [TS]

  actually been writing it down so we were [TS]

  expecting huh what's written down and [TS]

  this is at the end we'll just turning [TS]

  some vouchers [TS]

  that's right wow I almost believe me I'm [TS]

  treasury is my question genere card and [TS]

  now it's got room in this bag just [TS]

  somebody stick it in the bag of holding [TS]

  another bag now [TS]

  thanks thanks for clarifying that yes I [TS]

  don't have a bag of whole thing I just [TS]

  have a bag to hold stuff paper bag [TS]

  yeah I have a plus one sack you could [TS]

  store that in Jason Jason all all bags [TS]

  our bags of holding it if they're not [TS]

  you've been doing it wrong [TS]

  yeah okay so you guys are bag [TS]

  what are you doing [TS]

  I'm so what I'm going to make a proposal [TS]

  as the unilateral already married but [TS]

  thank you [TS]

  I because moles have great ideas i I'm [TS]

  gonna propose that we first off we get [TS]

  over that river that stream in a way [TS]

  that Tony doesn't drown again you can [TS]

  you can just get over there [TS]

  ok it and then what I think we should do [TS]

  is we should sneak up as close as we can [TS]

  to the pillars without getting in their [TS]

  site and then run to this other part and [TS]

  not get killed by the pillars I've got a [TS]

  counterproposal let's send the bard who [TS]

  knows a lot about magic and see if you [TS]

  can turn them off [TS]

  I still I still think we need I mean if [TS]

  we want to send kotka to check out and [TS]

  see if he can deactivate the pillars [TS]

  that's fine otherwise we're gonna just [TS]

  have to go back to my run for it plan it [TS]

  worked for me I ran I ran around it and [TS]

  I got there it was okay in the end [TS]

  ok so a strong feeling that notices that [TS]

  yes the he looks of the obelisk but he [TS]

  can see and every couple of seconds a [TS]

  little discharge of static electricity [TS]

  happens from the one that you can see a [TS]

  strong looks like catch guy and says [TS]

  totally safe [TS]

  no electricity could check its great you [TS]

  go first then no so it's possible we [TS]

  might be able to time are running are [TS]

  mad dash to the other side of the cave [TS]

  where you remember that as soon as you [TS]

  got into the within range of the obelisk [TS]

  they just kind of start shooting [TS]

  non-stop i also remember that they only [TS]

  went off they went off i want to turn so [TS]

  you can gather that which is like every [TS]

  six seconds so i run past there in six [TS]

  seconds as you are as catch kiya is [TS]

  walking between grade where he is the [TS]

  obelisks one habla second actually in [TS]

  the monopolist you can see like the ball [TS]

  shoots out but mrs. you completely [TS]

  well it's not like the present is hold [TS]

  yourself perfectly safe [TS]

  that's our signal go alright alright [TS]

  let's see i'm gonna go1 2 Steve slurry [TS]

  hello every x 6 weight once you get a 30 [TS]

  the other one go the other [TS]

  goes wait a minute 13 alright area and [TS]

  what is that that is an 18 verses reflex [TS]

  which hits you so you take 15 [TS]

  wow I really damaged so always thought [TS]

  you were gonna try to disarm these guys [TS]

  are here get out there first and so you [TS]

  you everyone in the passageway has seen [TS]

  a customer running a series little italy [TS]

  legs this message you say they're all [TS]

  being damaged [TS]

  it's basically a bugs and bloodied that [TS]

  one huh i'm going to go ahead and try to [TS]

  deactivate those because i don't think [TS]

  we're gonna get very far [TS]

  so you're going to approach the one of [TS]

  the have quitted it in my mad dash i'm [TS]

  going to veer towards the obelisk here [TS]

  ok so give me a perception check when we [TS]

  get easy though [TS]

  overlapping well oh ok so so you're [TS]

  looking at the obelisk and you have [TS]

  pretty sure it's an obelisk you know [TS]

  it's an obelisk but you can't seem to [TS]

  find any controls or anything that could [TS]

  cause our magical right should not be [TS]

  Arcana Inge ah sure [TS]

  given our couch haha 25 or higher [TS]

  oh that's not a 25 it's a 17 i'll try [TS]

  and get in on that though [TS]

  well you have to approach the obelisk [TS]

  this is out everybody magical nevermind [TS]

  i told you guys magics bad magic is bad [TS]

  in dark sun this is this is how you can [TS]

  get something you run if you want to [TS]

  approach you can I learn anything from [TS]

  his our camera check to learned that [TS]

  they are magical our match cold yet and [TS]

  are harder than a 17 do i need to be in [TS]

  line of sight or do I actually need to [TS]

  be physically touching it a lot of side [TS]

  oh well then I'm going to use my sensing [TS]

  I minor action and stay way back here [TS]

  and place my sensing I here could [TS]

  imagine that few minutes ago [TS]

  now there's a spectral hover I behind [TS]

  you consistent and I would like and its [TS]

  role what kind of always is a purse [TS]

  perception or at our canonical alright [TS]

  going to go Arkana [TS]

  and that is a not-quite shoot it some 15 [TS]

  quite that is it's your their magical [TS]

  you cannot seem to figure out how they [TS]

  work [TS]

  rats i don't know how it works you can [TS]

  tell that they are resetting oh well it [TS]

  looks like we're gonna get shocked again [TS]

  real soon so maybe we should move [TS]

  quickly if you're planning on moving you [TS]

  know there's only one person in range of [TS]

  ya [TS]

  hey Bart friend i'm gonna go i'm gonna [TS]

  go soak up some damage [TS]

  tell me how this works got one yet where [TS]

  do i get here right now you will get [TS]

  hits the air yes [TS]

  so I'm a 13 resources [TS]

  yeah that totally hits me I'm not [TS]

  reflexive at all alright so you take [TS]

  nine points of damage and lightning [TS]

  damage if it matters I am a lightning [TS]

  rod so as it happens vulnerable know so [TS]

  it does anyone here have oh wait no kids [TS]

  could catch you know you can figure out [TS]

  you have to have acrobatics trained does [TS]

  anybody have acrobatics I am so [TS]

  accurately a scary so you after after [TS]

  getting hit by lightning you think maybe [TS]

  I can tumble into the other room and [TS]

  possibly not trigger the second obelisk [TS]

  I already triggered it I got hit twice [TS]

  alright and we want to buy the seconds [TS]

  yes that is my only hints to you that [TS]

  perhaps you would like to tumble into [TS]

  the next room and not get hit but i'm [TS]

  going to have an idea let me roll the [TS]

  dice against acrobatics [TS]

  oh alright that would be a 17 so it's [TS]

  got tumbles past the second obelisk and [TS]

  it does not trigger nice but it does hit [TS]

  or at least it does trigger with Dan's [TS]

  and fully this is hey where you going [TS]

  bug-eyed wait what is your all I ruled [TS]

  07 yes basically big bug zappers here [TS]

  soo has the key [TS]

  someone has a key [TS]

  take that opportunity to like run since [TS]

  it missed me [TS]

  ok and you can run past I'm yep see you [TS]

  later i'm always up here i'm gonna say [TS]

  Tony has the key [TS]

  ok do I i do not remember that but ok so [TS]

  now you hold out of just hold out for [TS]

  the lightening up with rent tony and [TS]

  Jason can all do one action while this [TS]

  trial means let's assign the key to one [TS]

  of the guys that's miles from the door [TS]

  so when action and how doing thinking [TS]

  what everybody else doing why figure [TS]

  something out [TS]

  I i'm gonna i want to come up just as [TS]

  far as I can without being in eyesight [TS]

  of the obelisks because I I can't make [TS]

  it across I need to get closer and then [TS]

  try to run for it [TS]

  ok so you would have to be there ok [TS]

  that's where i am then i can make double [TS]

  move if I ran [TS]

  ok go for it and raises this is great [TS]

  it's like we're crossing the street it's [TS]

  something most exciting again I'm gonna [TS]

  I'm gonna look left look to the right [TS]

  look that I think we just hit the walk [TS]

  button guys and then and you said I can [TS]

  do i need to move actions try and get [TS]

  across the place right I'll do my [TS]

  tumbling it's fun i'm really you can [TS]

  also trouble really not in Rheged ours [TS]

  resume is more of a walker a talker [TS]

  ok so you've all successfully gone [TS]

  through Wow [TS]

  and now now we've got Carlos it probably [TS]

  is another short rest here Carlos what [TS]

  are you doing okay so-so i'm waiting i'm [TS]

  watching or listening for the obelisks [TS]

  are they on a cycle or they just gonna [TS]

  charged up now and they're gonna wait [TS]

  for me and get me [TS]

  ah you you're unsure but you you are [TS]

  pretty sure that they're gonna hit you [TS]

  alright well at least trying I guess I [TS]

  just gotta run it so the second one will [TS]

  attempt to run i'm assuming a 22 verses [TS]

  reflexes yes yes a little bit so that [TS]

  would be 18 points of lightning damage [TS]

  Jesus yeah alright I'm bloodied and can [TS]

  I do my more running now [TS]

  sure I come over here guys I and so now [TS]

  you've got a door with a lock [TS]

  can we yeah we rest some of us are our [TS]

  blood here it could take a couple [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  yeah i mean that's my days ok we've got [TS]

  a closed-door here we've got lightning [TS]

  obelisk that are back is you know where [TS]

  this is probably busy possibly go wrong [TS]

  this is probably the safest place there [TS]

  is all downhill we didn't we didn't give [TS]

  up our unlimited supply of water but you [TS]

  know I'm not thirsty yet [TS]

  all right so you guys are just gonna [TS]

  take a personal moment here do some [TS]

  short resting is anyone going to do [TS]

  anything to the door [TS]

  um I know our affect the door the door [TS]

  bears ancient ruins that refer to the [TS]

  relic of hola also known as the dust [TS]

  crackin or the mouths of thirst am I [TS]

  familiar with this you know at this [TS]

  folklore is this new to me this is new [TS]

  to you [TS]

  ok what do they say about this ola asus [TS]

  and just refers to there's a powerful [TS]

  relic that this all fra had and that's [TS]

  about it okay [TS]

  would there be any way to realize if we [TS]

  knew any more about this would this be [TS]

  like a history or in our condo check by [TS]

  chance [TS]

  uh well mr. Tony media you can roll [TS]

  history sure i'll try history and pretty [TS]

  hard i brought the critical bail [TS]

  you've never heard of this trip you know [TS]

  you you actually didn't study history i [TS]

  do that still at 12 with my history [TS]

  modifier put but yeah but still try [TS]

  rolling and I'm pretty great and [TS]

  translating this incorrectly I'm [TS]

  assuming this is just standard for trip [TS]

  fertility ritual stuff uh I rolled a [TS]

  where's my history [TS]

  nope never heard of it okay so everybody [TS]

  is done their healing doesn't have a key [TS]

  there's a door with a look guys I don't [TS]

  get it let's go home [TS]

  no unsolvable back home i'll put the key [TS]

  in the in the keyhole whoa got regular [TS]

  army uniform ism [TS]

  i minored in puzzle-solving so you know [TS]

  this is like our danger danger i'm going [TS]

  to do that so you're going to are you [TS]

  actually going to unlock the door or [TS]

  attempt to at least you don't have to [TS]

  keep working up there [TS]

  alright so in LA so first we cross the [TS]

  street and now we've unlocked the door [TS]

  this is going well this is epic tears [TS]

  everything I had in the world for risk [TS]

  so far so good people huh [TS]

  it's like that always the hallway [TS]

  hallway [TS]

  yes a hallway and only the hallway and [TS]

  it is very exciting [TS]

  eventually you will see a hallway don't [TS]

  excite yourself [TS]

  where is this beyond the doorway or [TS]

  alright the hallway this is beyond our [TS]

  way somewhere beyond this is all there [TS]

  is this hallway of mystery and the [TS]

  hallway anymore [TS]

  everybody's very exciting holiday so you [TS]

  see the hallway [TS]

  that's the end of it it ends with a [TS]

  closed door and you can also see a [TS]

  little ways down there are passageways [TS]

  to the left and to the right [TS]

  hmm it is illuminated i believe yes this [TS]

  exercise fire or something [TS]

  there is a little magical flames here [TS]

  illuminating magical what craziness the [TS]

  floor has a big crack in it but it's not [TS]

  like Christmas so you're not gonna fall [TS]

  into it [TS]

  good i would like to take a look around [TS]

  before we go down any further analyzed [TS]

  and you notice you can't really make it [TS]

  out here but there is a skeleton laying [TS]

  in the middle of the hallway [TS]

  yeah it doesn't make that doesn't make [TS]

  me feel good i mean i'm wearing skates [TS]

  suggest sending you know 22 perceptions [TS]

  Scott web how about it was seeing my [TS]

  ball seeing I'm all into that [TS]

  intersection [TS]

  mighty good Bob this is called okay i [TS]

  can I can help out with that I have a [TS]

  square that I can see if there's a [TS]

  square can see within 10 squares i can [TS]

  hear as if i occupy that square [TS]

  oh so we gotta try and down you're [TS]

  hearing right so there's a knot you sent [TS]

  in I and magical ear over the skeleton [TS]

  i'm assuming yes that's what's happening [TS]

  ok I got a bar I got a part that I could [TS]

  send over there too I I am NOT like them [TS]

  smelling I assume you got an invisible [TS]

  staff I can't stand that way this case [TS]

  that helps so I think Carlos danger [TS]

  already made that joke you can't hear [TS]

  anything but the magical I does a show [TS]

  that there is a two there are two basins [TS]

  in the end of each of us with all this [TS]

  water is testing you can't stop their [TS]

  stone basins you don't know if they are [TS]

  full or not but you can see that there [TS]

  yeah sure there's a door at the end of [TS]

  the hallway I'm gonna slowly advance [TS]

  here and see if I can tell from you know [TS]

  like a fish distance i was thinking like [TS]

  we're at squared and I simply you can i [TS]

  see a little more about the skeleton how [TS]

  long has it been dead can we tell what [TS]

  killed it [TS]

  I you cannot tell what killed it but it [TS]

  is a skeleton it's all of the organic [TS]

  matter has been rotted away so you know [TS]

  it's just a clean skeleton it looks like [TS]

  it's been there for a while i was [TS]

  already like that you could tell that it [TS]

  got a few remains got recognized it as a [TS]

  hedge camp which is what you fault i [TS]

  like these guys already is properly in [TS]

  Boston University Medical School [TS]

  that's what is the dogs it is it moving [TS]

  or anything it's just it appears to be a [TS]

  normal skills [TS]

  ok that's fine make sure there's no like [TS]

  it wasn't like impaled or like crushed [TS]

  or something like that [TS]

  suppose dude alright just bones I'm not [TS]

  a doctor [TS]

  dammit dammit cats get a minute or [TS]

  another doctor here [TS]

  I don't like it and the doors at the end [TS]

  of the hallway have a lock on them and [TS]

  they look very similar to the doorway [TS]

  that you just the door just opened we [TS]

  could try our key on that sucker to if [TS]

  when we drive left or right [TS]

  rock-paper-scissors a few guys now there [TS]

  are no doors left to right it's just an [TS]

  open passageway to these basins we [TS]

  should probably check out these bases [TS]

  right up to you guys I'm gonna I'm gonna [TS]

  head down this way to the left so the [TS]

  kind of the northern basin and check it [TS]

  out [TS]

  ok this is your department definitely [TS]

  going to the southern basin alright yeah [TS]

  i'll go up here a radar and Esther on [TS]

  see a movie you look in the basin and [TS]

  you see it there is a maroon fluid that [TS]

  has filled the base what it is not blood [TS]

  you don't think its blood it doesn't [TS]

  appear to be blood and in the chamber [TS]

  with Carlos and Anna use you peer into [TS]

  the basin and there's an aquamarine [TS]

  fluid in it that's not yata can i roll [TS]

  it in order to see if this is any sort [TS]

  of natural occurring liquid you can roll [TS]

  nature to see if it's a natural fluid [TS]

  187 you have met you you're pretty sure [TS]

  that this fluid does not exist in nature [TS]

  he points at the fluid and it looks a [TS]

  regular in just shakes his big head it [TS]

  doesn't you you know it's not a poison [TS]

  you don't well at least you don't think [TS]

  it's what it say that I don't know a lot [TS]

  about a crazy and take it back now you [TS]

  know i'm gonna i'm going to our Comment [TS]

  ok that's safe [TS]

  oh this is great i got a 29 Arcana wow [TS]

  you're peering at it you kind of you [TS]

  know use your your staff to stir it a [TS]

  little and you can tell that it's a [TS]

  typical cases and you have you can tell [TS]

  it's magical you know you're not quite [TS]

  sure what it does but it seems like it's [TS]

  related to healing of some kind that's [TS]

  about all you can [TS]

  ok do I have any sense of how I would [TS]

  learn more about it other than drinking [TS]

  it straight yeah i am on borrowed time I [TS]

  drank from a magic stream and I've never [TS]

  seen a stream before I totally just [TS]

  wasted healing allergies I'll just I'll [TS]

  drink from it also you drink from it and [TS]

  in I'm just continuing getting terms i [TS]

  cleared at you I guess you heard ya do [TS]

  you have that bad [TS]

  good character know you are make that [TS]

  returns your down a few healing searches [TS]

  i imagine now you one of them returns [TS]

  wheel invigorated wow that I want [TS]

  something I want some notes start [TS]

  interesting water well do we know we [TS]

  will [TS]

  what do we know what the other windows [TS]

  right the other way you know I'm done [TS]

  check it out i'm gonna i'm gonna go you [TS]

  know rotating yeah you're our come on [TS]

  that's going 26 so you once you also [TS]

  kind of are examining it you poked out a [TS]

  little you notice it doesn't react as [TS]

  normal fluid would so you're pretty sure [TS]

  once again that this is Magic as well it [TS]

  is also you think of a restorative [TS]

  nature now I don't allah i'll take a [TS]

  little drink from the end that Tony [TS]

  didn't have his staff in no I'll take a [TS]

  drink of that of the the one definitely [TS]

  at the absolute mean I have a little [TS]

  better you're both taking a drink from [TS]

  the aquamarine and what happens [TS]

  cancer can zone either who have have [TS]

  either of you know meatus if you have [TS]

  used one of your daily powers it is [TS]

  recharged is we did i'm so using that [TS]

  and if you haven't something else [TS]

  happens so it let me know i have not so [TS]

  now you feel as though the next time you [TS]

  attack you will get a plus 2 bonus to [TS]

  hit and a plus 5 bonus for damage it is [TS]

  that if you didn't use a daily power you [TS]

  have not used daily power [TS]

  alright i did i'm gonna have so I'm [TS]

  going to sit here and recover my [TS]

  cautionary tale because I'm feeling [TS]

  there may be more need for warning up [TS]

  ahead [TS]

  I'm gonna have some of the the healing [TS]

  surge 1dn allow don't cross the streams [TS]

  dude what I don't have any healing surge [TS]

  was given a healing sir get a healing [TS]

  surge back I'm gonna go help Roxy gonna [TS]

  have the red blood i've had the white [TS]

  I'm gonna okay you can you mix and match [TS]

  to Carlos you drink from the second [TS]

  baseman and suddenly great pain rack are [TS]

  you take a ten poison damage and you [TS]

  have a negative two penalty to your [TS]

  saving throws until you save Carlos you [TS]

  should check i think balls might have [TS]

  some kind of yeah i-i've got incredible [TS]

  happiness that just makes me not have [TS]

  any ongoing damage [TS]

  alright well then you you don't get it [TS]

  well i'm definitely not going to drink [TS]

  from the so drink the other one of my [TS]

  but we wanted the other one or more fine [TS]

  i yeah i think it's maybe drinking [TS]

  drinking well yes don't want [TS]

  don't be greedy and at the moment you've [TS]

  all drank from at least one of them have [TS]

  the basin's know after all they know i [TS]

  mean everything check various chemical [TS]

  interaction there's a skeleton in [TS]

  between them so later so now you have [TS]

  ascertained that you think what happened [TS]

  since the skeleton is pointed towards it [TS]

  in the middle of the the bases the this [TS]

  hed kandi came in ranked from both and [TS]

  not having incredible toughness [TS]

  toughness like your mole he got Hyde of [TS]

  poison [TS]

  so is that gonna happen to tell when I [TS]

  was ahead guys [TS]

  although i'm not going to have ongoing [TS]

  poison because of my incredible [TS]

  toughness but I i might want to take a [TS]

  little rest here and get some I feel [TS]

  sick I need to sit down for a few [TS]

  minutes if that's okay with the refugee [TS]

  the otherwise we're gonna bar filled [TS]

  with you can sit as long as you like [TS]

  alright i feel better I gotta get ya I [TS]

  feel better now I'm really let Jason do [TS]

  that we worked out well [TS]

  well thanks Moll anybody got a ginger [TS]

  ale I'll just drink some of this water [TS]

  straight from the case [TS]

  yes it well stop let me go check the [TS]

  basic idea of God why let me go drink [TS]

  the other bit huh [TS]

  you can make up you know there's a [TS]

  doctor on cocktails I just like its [TS]

  water and sand / hold water need holiday [TS]

  they call it in a nap this ginger ale [TS]

  I so Tony Tony I think it's time to open [TS]

  that door [TS]

  oh then that yet or I just assumed [TS]

  someone had taken the key for me at this [TS]

  point I'm going on tour I'm gonna get [TS]

  the other door [TS]

  I'm gonna check this door out this door [TS]

  also have like weird rooms and stuff on [TS]

  it [TS]

  yes it does it looks very similar to the [TS]

  other doors that you any anything do [TS]

  about this you know just crackin that I [TS]

  want the door wants to tell me about in [TS]

  no okay alright well i'm like i've seen [TS]

  one door I've seen them all they're all [TS]

  dust Krakens i'm going to use the key in [TS]

  this door as you open and then you open [TS]

  the door one imagines yeah sure so I was [TS]

  just kind of backup around the corner [TS]

  you know not that she doesn't trust i [TS]

  see more bones so you see you see a part [TS]

  of a skeleton and an altar and with [TS]

  roars of flame accompany the dancing [TS]

  lights from for massive brazzers which [TS]

  you can see but you can assume are in [TS]

  this chamber of the skeleton of a [TS]

  snake-like creature was crumbling on the [TS]

  floor [TS]

  you can't see it's actually small things [TS]

  you could see its eye sockets which [TS]

  seemed to smolder with embers and alter [TS]

  carved bone stands along the north wall [TS]

  very bone heavy temple we find yourself [TS]

  saying ayo danger after have you entered [TS]

  the room i will step into the room [TS]

  slowly okay Senor enter the room you can [TS]

  I these brazzers and with a puff of [TS]

  smoke schools and for a skeletal form [TS]

  appears in each of the two northern [TS]

  brazzers burning but undamaged by the [TS]

  flames find actually announced that by [TS]

  the way [TS]

  Razors Edge I've been saying brassieres [TS]

  all this year talking about something [TS]

  different slightly river [TS]

  yeah slightly different [TS]

  either of them generally unknown to DVD [TS]

  players fire flares in the eye sockets [TS]

  of the skeletal creature on the floor it [TS]

  its tail rises last night I'll smoke [TS]

  puffs in the two southern razors and as [TS]

  it fades several shambling corpses [TS]

  appear in adjacent spaces straight to [TS]

  the corpses are crusted with salt [TS]

  oh man i saw that episode of Star Trek [TS]

  yeah if either of those salt-crusted [TS]

  corpses starts to look like dr. McCoy's [TS]

  girlfriend school friends gonna have [TS]

  some problems do not i don't want I [TS]

  don't want to meet cats college [TS]

  girlfriend that's all and say you know [TS]

  overly snap problem it was College we [TS]

  were experimenting as asteroid enters [TS]

  the room all of these undead things [TS]

  appear the skeleton wakes up and lashes [TS]

  its tail out hitting a stir on and radar [TS]

  radar takes one point of damage even [TS]

  though it miss me even though I missed [TS]

  you at Saks and astronaut takes three [TS]

  points of damage and ongoing five poison [TS]

  damage great five poison there is no the [TS]

  zombies go [TS]

  they are in fact zombies and there's [TS]

  only one person here the zombies go well [TS]

  you guys I wrote a whole lot of [TS]

  initiative for shambling corpses fairly [TS]

  apparently sucked it up [TS]

  they've been waiting a long time for [TS]

  them we did not do so well so 2 zombies [TS]

  approach a throg and just basically slam [TS]

  into him with their undead images 22 AC [TS]

  probably hits but an 11ac I imagine is [TS]

  that that is correct on both counts now [TS]

  you take five points of damage right and [TS]

  then the once again the lashing skeletal [TS]

  tail lashes out [TS]

  no rating 18 verses reflex astronaut [TS]

  he has been reflected that's really hits [TS]

  and Tony it also has you know what was [TS]

  it [TS]

  23 ok yeah so you take three points of [TS]

  damage and five ongoing points and [TS]

  savings i have so I'm taking poison [TS]

  damage is new but like look let me tell [TS]

  you about this don't like don't ask too [TS]

  many questions about records you know [TS]

  background he's healthy he's a healthy [TS]

  guy but I have resist five poison [TS]

  ok so you don't take any point why did I [TS]

  still take three damage you did take [TS]

  three damage but you didn't take 525 [TS]

  poison oak a healthy guy get don't live [TS]

  in I just ate a lot of vegetables and [TS]

  get her some water hot [TS]

  yeah it's yeah yeah Carlos definitely [TS]

  not a snake would you can see actually [TS]

  can't really seem oh well now you can [TS]

  see everything [TS]

  yeah okay here's what's happening i am [TS]

  running for the skeleton and I'm gonna [TS]

  try to smash the hell out of it [TS]

  ok go for the eyes and tell the girls go [TS]

  for anything [TS]

  well I don't you got it sorted out and [TS]

  about by the tail because the tails [TS]

  lashing around and I'm trying I'm just [TS]

  trying to smash the tail [TS]

  yep I got you that's actually a better [TS]

  idea [TS]

  ok I get the part about the eyes so roll [TS]

  to hit 30 critical hit critical hip [TS]

  oh yeah official things happen with [TS]

  critical it's critical hit [TS]

  yeah so it's 19 damage because that's [TS]

  max damage pretty good yeah it's a if if [TS]

  and skeletal tail could be bloodied this [TS]

  one would look good job Carlos you're [TS]

  like we're not brothers in the Astron [TS]

  hey my turn [TS]

  so what can I ongoing damage situation [TS]

  do I have right now you have five poison [TS]

  ongoing so you can roll to save at the [TS]

  end of your turn but I will take that [TS]

  five poison damage now much as I hate to [TS]

  I'm bloody great so how many guys I got [TS]

  around here three you have to that you [TS]

  can reach and one approaching is he is a [TS]

  guy with into squares of me [TS]

  II they're all within two squares yes [TS]

  i'm i'm going to make here's what we're [TS]

  going to do the the encrusted one is not [TS]

  I was in 23 gotcha [TS]

  normal cuz I'm let's see here i'm going [TS]

  to use thorn strike on done this guy is [TS]

  right here this guy here in melee to ok [TS]

  and so spectral thorn spread from my [TS]

  wall [TS]

  my mom will see if I hit him because you [TS]

  have a wall have a wall of a mall i [TS]

  carry oh yeah shopping mall [TS]

  lets say 28 and they got to get that [TS]

  does hit and it's disintegrates oh ok [TS]

  well that was irrelevant to the rest of [TS]

  my plants so I'm going to mark these [TS]

  guys who are next to me okay for as a [TS]

  free action i can mark everybody who is [TS]

  adjacent to me when I last until the end [TS]

  of my next turn so consider yourselves [TS]

  mark zombies all right I'm gonna dignify [TS]

  that with a new right because their time [TS]

  is running out time out [TS]

  take jerks how actually does a minute or [TS]

  achieve this marking of his enemies [TS]

  it's nature's wrath is it the way I [TS]

  think he does [TS]

  yes cv the mechanical the mechanics of [TS]

  this market it's important realism is [TS]

  important to me [TS]

  he rubs he just gets right up close and [TS]

  rubs his cheek against the ground they [TS]

  just growl ask [TS]

  yeah yeah oh ok so wait i forgot to do [TS]

  something because i'm awesome and I'm a [TS]

  man I'm a warden awesome and how quickly [TS]

  i am at the because i'm a warden at the [TS]

  start of my turn i get to roll saving [TS]

  throw and are potentially prevents that [TS]

  ongoing girls and if i see me throw and [TS]

  if not I still get to roll at the end I [TS]

  found you to succeed but I get to roll [TS]

  the end and I save on that one so i took [TS]

  the initial damage but I save out of it [TS]

  at the end of might know more poison for [TS]

  you know one with the blazing skeletons [TS]

  go [TS]

  what the heck at the police intelligence [TS]

  our elder ones in the fire [TS]

  yeah they're in the brassieres and in [TS]

  their brassieres and one is going to [TS]

  attack Carlos and the other is going to [TS]

  attack a stir on you see they hold out [TS]

  their skeletal hand [TS]

  an orb of fire appears and they throw at [TS]

  you that's just around so 18 verses [TS]

  reflex for Charlus that hits and eighty [TS]

  15 verses reflex for our friends you [TS]

  should probably just stop asking unless [TS]

  it's below 11 well for Carlos you take [TS]

  who a12 damage and ongoing five fire [TS]

  damaged save ins and astronaut takes [TS]

  nine and 59 damage and five ongoing fire [TS]

  ok Hilton's remain in the braces Anna [TS]

  well I think I don't want to get [TS]

  anywhere near those skeletons I'm rated [TS]

  about from behind the corner just making [TS]

  a review at you and yes I'm telling a [TS]

  small story you can see 2 zombies around [TS]

  your friend astron you see Carlos a half [TS]

  McGuire this on fire and hacking away at [TS]

  a skeletal tale that seems to be lashing [TS]

  about you can see a bone altar and [TS]

  that's about all you can see from there [TS]

  I think [TS]

  alright and the skeletal tail you can [TS]

  see this one of the topmost flaming [TS]

  skeletons that dude [TS]

  um no he's got Chloe and maybe skeletal [TS]

  tail is more or less bloodied right [TS]

  bloodied yeah it's not looking its best [TS]

  their bone shards falling on that it [TS]

  seems to be some cracks and well then on [TS]

  in that case but you didn't notice that [TS]

  we're ready are standing you are next to [TS]

  him diagonally and he got hit by the [TS]

  tail so just a point [TS]

  yes so maybe i'll step like a step or [TS]

  two back [TS]

  listen I most of my attacks are arranged [TS]

  i can i can i can see the blazing [TS]

  skeleton but you can see both the [TS]

  zombies that's okay i think i'm gonna [TS]

  hit a zombie more specifically I'm gonna [TS]

  hit this zombie right here with one with [TS]

  an eldritch blast i'm also going to [TS]

  curse him with my warlocks curse because [TS]

  this is the closest enemy to me Tom and [TS]

  I do [TS]

  that's not great and nine ten eleven [TS]

  plus i guess that's actually better than [TS]

  i thought it was 18 verses reflects 18 [TS]

  verses reflect it disintegrates a puff [TS]

  of undead don't read that i'm standing [TS]

  very far away [TS]

  alrighty then that is my turn alright [TS]

  assault zombies are going to attack [TS]

  asteroid and Carlos let's see what [TS]

  they're going to do [TS]

  whoo they have an attack called salt [TS]

  feast nice but they are either one of [TS]

  you bloodied I know so Astrid are you [TS]

  bloody by any chance I might be bloodied [TS]

  still brimming with some I'll take that [TS]

  as a you are bloodied crap trying to do [TS]

  with it haha let's see [TS]

  so Carlos I'm thinking even with your [TS]

  fancy new armor that a 23 vs AC hits it [TS]

  does so he's he's clawing you his his [TS]

  hand has tripled up due to all the salt [TS]

  and it basically looks like a clock out [TS]

  and you take 10 points of damage [TS]

  geez and you are grabbed and ask rod I [TS]

  24 vs AC not a good day to be me go I [TS]

  you take five points of damage and you [TS]

  are grabbed and you also have negative [TS]

  four penalty to escape the grab [TS]

  basically they've latched onto both of [TS]

  you and they look like they want to suck [TS]

  the salt out of you hey when it's a when [TS]

  it's the bards turned I met for hip [TS]

  points [TS]

  and it's the barge turn hey it's a piano [TS]

  I I catcha you sorry uh a stir on your [TS]

  mentor friend latter with you either [TS]

  days and salt and zombies a little bit a [TS]

  little bit of pepper got two zombies one [TS]

  salty one who's grappling him it's [TS]

  already one sweet the other one that's [TS]

  much you can also see Carlos hitting the [TS]

  skeletal tail and you see an altar made [TS]

  of bone that was all you can see ya do [TS]

  alright let's see as per usual i'm going [TS]

  to go ahead and activate my skulls hora [TS]

  by chanting singing or otherwise [TS]

  inspiring my allies with my words I [TS]

  think I think I think Carla think i'll [TS]

  put a little rap right now [TS]

  I good breaking down catch ya so that's [TS]

  an order 50 which means see you're [TS]

  bloody right our you know is no second [TS]

  ups [TS]

  yeah I'm with 125 alright uh then i'm [TS]

  gonna go ahead and what does that do [TS]

  Steve whisperer encounter either i or [TS]

  any Ally and the aura can use a minor [TS]

  action to spend a healing surge and [TS]

  regain 1d6 additional hitpoints could [TS]

  you get a little closer to me too i [TS]

  could use our were both in the aura but [TS]

  then I can't use my minor 20 it can I [TS]

  would you can you i would have to hand [TS]

  write a minor yes but i would have to [TS]

  abandon my standard and not use my [TS]

  cutting words this turns oh I can do [TS]

  that but you're not as far gone as the [TS]

  Minotaur so I was thinking of the how I [TS]

  will be very soon but i'm not yet [TS]

  alright well i'm gonna go ahead and use [TS]

  my move action to give the Minotaur the [TS]

  opportunity to surge thank you [TS]

  ok what do I have two ladies that and [TS]

  you get 1d6 on top of your search value [TS]

  is really you want to roll it like to [TS]

  roll steve has a role house payroll [TS]

  waited i'm looking at the details here [TS]

  of my or slow your roll [TS]

  I may have to be [TS]

  Jason to you to actually give you your [TS]

  surge actually I thought we established [TS]

  that was not the case 3 according to [TS]

  correct you can I think on your own turn [TS]

  you can use it via the aura but really [TS]

  you or any Ally can use a minor action [TS]

  to allow an adjacent ally to spend a [TS]

  healing surge and reading the additional [TS]

  eight points [TS]

  oh good so I I'm gonna run a minor [TS]

  action though or wait i was just going [TS]

  to go ahead and move up here to present [TS]

  seems Anna is the only one who could at [TS]

  the moment [TS]

  Sudhir Jason oh well now he's Jason's [TS]

  true and then i will use i will [TS]

  downgrade my standard to a minor and [TS]

  give him his give you give you a little [TS]

  search all right haven't had a little [TS]

  surge Minotaur sure [TS]

  Rudy six of my i'll roll a d6 it's a [TS]

  three [TS]

  that works great middle-of-the-road well [TS]

  done [TS]

  Kochman as are you done [TS]

  still bloodied but yeah I think about it [TS]

  that was before all right reg are you [TS]

  see your Minotaur friend is bloodied a [TS]

  cash car is in front of you between a [TS]

  dead zombie and through you can see a [TS]

  blazing can you know you can't you can [TS]

  see the lashing tail the altar and a [TS]

  zombie [TS]

  okay i think i'm going to hold out my [TS]

  hands and shoot some lightning at so i [TS]

  can see the zombie ing multiple zombies [TS]

  you can only see one zombie from where [TS]

  you are ok so far yet the clock on [TS]

  ok so I'll target the day zombie that's [TS]

  sitting next to my Minotaur friend and I [TS]

  can also target the whipping around tail [TS]

  on the floor right correct [TS]

  alright let's do this so that somebody [TS]

  is marked not taste [TS]

  gotcha i am girls funny [TS]

  this is Ark lightning so it won't forget [TS]

  you really one or two creatures so this [TS]

  will be on the zombie first alright I 18 [TS]

  verse reflex alright it explodes smells [TS]

  like asparagus on the tail gross even [TS]

  better 19 verse reflex [TS]

  alright give me damage for the tail [TS]

  the tail will take eight damage ok the [TS]

  tail has seen much better days but it is [TS]

  still tell tale connected [TS]

  ok so i have done a that was just a [TS]

  standard right [TS]

  can I do anything else helpful arm you [TS]

  could run a food room i don't know i [TS]

  don't think that's gonna help it seems [TS]

  like I'm feeling good about where I am [TS]

  right now right yeah you could you could [TS]

  run down the hall now I'll take your [TS]

  leave you could drink from the other [TS]

  basin [TS]

  no I'm good rengar it dragged her out [TS]

  sure if i give you like really good [TS]

  options all right all the rotting [TS]

  zombies are dead they were millions the [TS]

  lashing tail is still alive so it's [TS]

  going up my should save against that [TS]

  poison [TS]

  oh yes if you to lash out I'm not taking [TS]

  poison [TS]

  it's a everybody who say within 3 which [TS]

  is carlos sex Eve astron Kamchatka and [TS]

  reg are ideal for d12 randomly do world [TS]

  huh i know i mean as she buys at all [TS]

  locality for all the roadie dwells [TS]

  that's the odds are waiting for me [TS]

  21 vs. reflects on Carlos 18 verses [TS]

  reflex on a stir on 6 15 verses reflects [TS]

  on khatka 23 verses reflex on radar [TS]

  what is this the tail is a tail ok shot [TS]

  i have a wonderful some i read my AC is [TS]

  versus reflex [TS]

  yeah no I'm screw yeah 3 flex flex flex [TS]

  flex flex so everyone who got hit takes [TS]

  three points of damage and ongoing five [TS]

  poison gone too far this time when [TS]

  reason if we are already poisoned I [TS]

  believe it does not stack so that is [TS]

  true that I love you what was the amount [TS]

  well 33 damage and five poison damage on [TS]

  and Scott you didn't say my name right I [TS]

  did not say your name poison damage [TS]

  happens at the beginning of your turn [TS]

  so the three damage happens now right up [TS]

  and then you'll take five [TS]

  next time on your term yeah I'm in [TS]

  trouble [TS]

  don't miss you use almost one and myer [TS]

  and no poison that's right fire that's [TS]

  what I was saving it is only Carlos you [TS]

  you know it was your turn yet i'll die [TS]

  on my next turn of fire and poisons got [TS]

  I was out of range straight when you [TS]

  were out of rage [TS]

  Carlos it is your turn ok i'm on fire [TS]

  and poisoned [TS]

  yes you've been in worse places it's [TS]

  true so you take a much which is that [TS]

  you do 10 points of damage [TS]

  yeah i only have nine hit points so we [TS]

  are there we go down [TS]

  Carlos down Carlos down will rescue you [TS]

  code 13 I told the coach Jeff you should [TS]

  say roll rule your saves say against to [TS]

  roll to d22 savers poison environment [TS]

  alright you're no longer poison and [TS]

  identify work but you are unconscious [TS]

  but I unconscious in stop drop and roll [TS]

  unconscious it would be worse you could [TS]

  be unconscious but i'd ride on the hack [TS]

  and I stop let me have not rolled unless [TS]

  its gravity underground into the tale [TS]

  about a strong you see your mighty mole [TS]

  friends [TS]

  collapse as it happens i'm also on fire [TS]

  and poison but i can take against one of [TS]

  those so i'll save against being on fire [TS]

  because that sounds less fun did i'm [TS]

  still in power earlier so i take 10 [TS]

  damage and damage so i just undid all [TS]

  the good that casket did me back down to [TS]

  Wow yep wasn't like to begin the [TS]

  training that's how everybody so I'm I'm [TS]

  grabbed by this guy to is that what the [TS]

  deal are grabbed you can you can roll to [TS]

  get up you're there i can still attack [TS]

  early a negative right many penalties to [TS]

  to being grabbed other than them the [TS]

  escape penalty [TS]

  uh no okay little icing [TS]

  yeah sure yeah that's gonna happen well [TS]

  I will just try to that crap out of this [TS]

  guy with that will use weight of Earth [TS]

  my attack send the primal energy [TS]

  overflowing into my enemy slowing his [TS]

  move it actually go for it [TS]

  13 verse in verse AC it misses that was [TS]

  not great so that was a standard as a [TS]

  can do anything else can't really do [TS]

  anything else i will mark the dude who's [TS]

  latch to me how you can think you got [TS]

  the upper hand you're marked who I will [TS]

  probably go down if this guy doesn't [TS]

  speak [TS]

  there is one more healing service [TS]

  available in my aura so yeah but we [TS]

  might need to get Carlos up no shoots [TS]

  like it helped me out [TS]

  yeah alright started really should be [TS]

  helping people you should you should [TS]

  give me you know what you should get [TS]

  caught up with that and give me my [TS]

  second because my second line gets me [TS]

  extra bonuses to catch demanding alright [TS]

  the blazing skeleton once again hold up [TS]

  their hand oh yeah I'm right here that [TS]

  and here is her little or both fire at [TS]

  one of kamchatka and one at a strong [TS]

  asteroid critical failure so yeah and a [TS]

  Kamchatka a 26 verses reflect I really [TS]

  sad for you but really happy for you and [TS]

  so you take 48 damage and right at the [TS]

  start of your next turn you will take a [TS]

  five fire in addition to the five boys [TS]

  cheese save me first before you don't [TS]

  forgot to do my saves and that's pillow [TS]

  Scott Anderson yes that's one does [TS]

  anybody else have a heel skill at all [TS]

  especially voices all right but I can [TS]

  make one next [TS]

  I don't think I gotta 1i gotta sucks [TS]

  Anna I've got a one in heel to I'm not [TS]

  name the Carlos is only after all 10 so [TS]

  you can also you can see Carlos he is [TS]

  unconscious with a zombie next to him [TS]

  you could see that your minute our [TS]

  friend has been grabbed [TS]

  I see that the tail is looking pretty [TS]

  bad but it's still we gotta finish that [TS]

  can see details hitting multiple people [TS]

  turn to you see catches on fire [TS]

  I'm going here god help me and I'm going [TS]

  to target the tail okay am I technically [TS]

  the nearest person to the tail right now [TS]

  because the people are just you are ok [TS]

  unconscious no longer councilperson cool [TS]

  beans that ad [TS]

  yeah that that drink that I had that was [TS]

  only eligible for one turn right right [TS]

  for your first attack [TS]

  ok cool did you add that to your first [TS]

  day I did but my first attack was [TS]

  against Dominion so [TS]

  ok I should have should have used better [TS]

  alright so that tail is getting a [TS]

  warlocks curse on it mom and it also i [TS]

  also get +1 to attack roll hopefully it [TS]

  won't suck it does not that is going to [TS]

  be 25 vs reflects ok that hits [TS]

  okay great well now he's in for a world [TS]

  of hurt [TS]

  I'm includes more than three points of [TS]

  damage [TS]

  yes alright I'm gotta roll i'm gonna [TS]

  roll for it just for fun [TS]

  okay somehow destroyed it is alright [TS]

  well I need a d-10 I need to d6 'as with [TS]

  it is really it's destroyed and it is [TS]

  destroying I gotta with 17 points of [TS]

  damage [TS]

  alright is a [TS]

  alright is a [TS]

  fine dust it is it is it is as if the [TS]

  skills and had no tell never had a tail [TS]

  there are no remnants of the tail the [TS]

  tail is gone already [TS]

  well then that was a girl she wrote and [TS]

  by she i mean Anna like my gift my [TS]

  consciousness [TS]

  yeah she's see this guy hang hang tight [TS]

  here okay [TS]

  unfortunately please no one kill me then [TS]

  remove the dead yeah I can see where [TS]

  they are but they're not all right all [TS]

  your buddies turn the conference is [TS]

  unconscious [TS]

  go next to Anna and attack wanna know [TS]

  hmm let's go you are not blood it's just [TS]

  going to claw at you for reading vs AC [TS]

  that will hit [TS]

  alright so you are grabbed and you have [TS]

  10 points of damage was grabbed [TS]

  just because I can't move her yeah if [TS]

  you want to move you have to escape [TS]

  basic okay if I have a teleport can I [TS]

  yes that will instantly sweet alright [TS]

  and after all the zombie is going to [TS]

  montreal you get and completely miss [TS]

  known as you grabbed somehow it you you [TS]

  bob and weave to any could not that is [TS]

  amazing you are you're pretty impressive [TS]

  katka yeah it's a clumsy everybody comes [TS]

  slow and salty haha you clumsy you see [TS]

  really horrible use cuz you're not [TS]

  taught do not talk the obvious help [TS]

  that's my one skill alright man alright [TS]

  I if I he'll it's a standard action [TS]

  right correct [TS]

  ok well i can make an attempt so i'm [TS]

  gonna go ahead and slide [TS]

  oh wait a minute that zombies next [TS]

  immunity his chute but i think i can [TS]

  leap without triggering you go to the [TS]

  shop that advantage with you can shift [TS]

  in the deep in that case i'm going to [TS]

  leap to squares over here there's my [TS]

  move [TS]

  you're still next to the zombie realized [TS]

  I know but it's the only place I can go [TS]

  to try and heal both these cats at the [TS]

  same time and I'm probably toast next [TS]

  turn anyway so so i'm going to go into [TS]

  the sure thing on the Minotaur and grant [TS]

  him his surge the second surge of asset [TS]

  okay thanks man and then i will attempt [TS]

  to heal sodden corpse of Carlos danger [TS]

  for the ball to third [TS]

  I'm so glad you know my name what did I [TS]

  ate together plus these plus c64 that [TS]

  when i come up with a nine [TS]

  saki carlitz wow that's close hey Steve [TS]

  do i get plus t6 with that he'll and yes [TS]

  you do [TS]

  all right you are you done contra by the [TS]

  way anybody anybody can heal its true [TS]

  probably got as good a chance of healing [TS]

  is i doing I've only got a one in heels [TS]

  so I met this exact same number so [TS]

  regular there get in there man [TS]

  alright so should I run in here and turn [TS]

  heel Carolyn Carlos is that might as [TS]

  well that's the game plan is some I ran [TS]

  past am i okay running a zombie or is he [TS]

  he's going to try and swipe at you and [TS]

  he hits right 10 year old 22 thats [TS]

  pretty good good for him to take four [TS]

  points of damage [TS]

  I hope you appreciate this goddess by [TS]

  dou i would say so if i was awake and [TS]

  you go [TS]

  he doesn't grab all right I'm there I'm [TS]

  gonna try and roll heel on Carlos and [TS]

  this is that my standard action [TS]

  yes I only got a plus 1 so this is [TS]

  pretty bad [TS]

  odd that control the one ye and I can't [TS]

  do anything else right now [TS]

  alright and we have a minor accident if [TS]

  you have something as a minor action [TS]

  I i can use i have a yeah I'm gonna do [TS]

  this um this is totally worth it [TS]

  well I have thought projection is the [TS]

  undignified retreat again [TS]

  no that's I can't do that until later [TS]

  that projection what are more allies [TS]

  within verse 5 of me uh you can be [TS]

  either an image or message of ten words [TS]

  or or fewer to each target Carlos I tell [TS]

  him he's gonna be okay Carlos uuy was [TS]

  your riding him like that it requires [TS]

  regular minored in a hospice care [TS]

  um I'm done appreciated everybody's [TS]

  trying to heal me I really appreciate [TS]

  that even though you're terrible at it [TS]

  Carlos roll a d20 please enroll [TS]

  2002-2006 generally better that's better [TS]

  than lower than the stabilized I feel [TS]

  like my words helped in there [TS]

  astron kinda still unconscious there you [TS]

  know there's still a zombie [TS]

  we still have a zombie problem guys [TS]

  after that we like to do that next time [TS]

  to it helps i'm gonna we're gonna try [TS]

  the way to earth on this zombie again 24 [TS]

  vs AC against that zombie which one the [TS]

  one the one that's next to me it is you [TS]

  hit excellent time to do some damage is [TS]

  not dead yet but how much does she do it [TS]

  takes 12 damage and it is slowed until [TS]

  the end of my next turn and it continues [TS]

  to be marked ok it is a still there [TS]

  waiting on i forgot to save it at the [TS]

  beginning my turn again off again arts [TS]

  and that we enter and I fails like five [TS]

  damage and you did no I i got healed so [TS]

  i'm good i'm just slipped alright then [TS]

  flees the skeletons go can't believe a [TS]

  really good i can that's the old more [TS]

  and magic Varitek catches and radar [TS]

  I'm flaming and poisoned the roll a d20 [TS]

  that's 12 right you're not poison really [TS]

  good [TS]

  that's a 16 alright so you are no longer [TS]

  on fire or poisoned uh and uh on or [TS]

  before but I'm still fabulous it's true [TS]

  streets past your head and mrs. and you [TS]

  notice one street towards radar and not [TS]

  miss a trick that i'm assuming record [TS]

  does not have a reflex of 29 so with the [TS]

  whole is incredibly reflexive everything [TS]

  in one time in college take eight points [TS]

  of damage and five ongoing fire-safe [TS]

  what what regular is is in a bad way [TS]

  anna is returned there are two salt [TS]

  zombies and to blazing skeletons the [TS]

  basics imagine shallots the tail blazing [TS]

  skeletons are in the brazzers they are [TS]

  standing by the fire [TS]

  well i'm going to teleport to get out of [TS]

  this grab because it where you told i'm [TS]

  just going to go straight over [TS]

  Oh sour so you're behind the altar [TS]

  I'm behind the altar I can see both of [TS]

  the blade skeletons UK alright well [TS]

  let's see [TS]

  blazing skeleton Mike I guess I'm the [TS]

  closest person i think yes you're the [TS]

  closest to either [TS]

  alright i have either from and we follow [TS]

  these buildings of knock-a-doodle-do [TS]

  well and one of two salt zombies have [TS]

  not been hit time for their fun to to [TS]

  end i'm going to target the top fire [TS]

  skeleton on you're gonna person i'm [TS]

  gonna curse him my question be a beaker [TS]

  lots of unfairness their skeletons that [TS]

  live in a flaming brazier odds are the [TS]

  fun has already ended some time ago for [TS]

  them they kind of already cursed true we [TS]

  are on fire [TS]

  alright and that's a the 16 verses [TS]

  reflex do it on our blazing skeleton yes [TS]

  no but I can't decide whether this [TS]

  episode is going to be called blazing [TS]

  skeletons or flaming brazier either 15 [TS]

  choice [TS]

  sadly the the skillet in quickly turns [TS]

  and your whatever you're doing mrs. five [TS]

  fire that's unfortunate well he's still [TS]

  cursed useful man he's got that going [TS]

  for ya [TS]

  which is nice and that i am done i can't [TS]

  do anything else [TS]

  alright are our salt zombies go and this [TS]

  all time is going to shamble up to catch [TS]

  go and attempt to grab him and took his [TS]

  lovely salt of and he misses and the [TS]

  marked one will attack the Minotaur and [TS]

  miss yes right here then [TS]

  katka you have a zombie behind you and [TS]

  unconscious mall next you just a guy [TS]

  days looking at other side and empty [TS]

  square empty square also a meal out of [TS]

  blood Minotaur i'm not i'm not grabbed [TS]

  by that guy currently you're not grabbed [TS]

  hehe he attempted to get you but I'm [TS]

  just your cap his a hand just scratches [TS]

  your your cat campus and does no damage [TS]

  already said i'd be ok [TS]

  help i'm i'm gonna kind of slip over [TS]

  here behind model or a liar just shift [TS]

  all right this way i could leap since [TS]

  we've now established i can do that [TS]

  without granting it's true opportunity [TS]

  that's but i will show you that shifty [TS]

  leap shifty leap sleep I and then I will [TS]

  attempt again feebly to heal the mall do [TS]

  it overcomes here comes baby it's for [TS]

  uh-huh but alright +1 so it's a five [TS]

  close [TS]

  that's a yeah I've got left is as my [TS]

  review some potions radar [TS]

  okay well i'm still life that was I was [TS]

  not prepared for that you are some i [TS]

  think im gonna show these blades you [TS]

  really on fire [TS]

  oh yeah yeah you take five points of [TS]

  damage [TS]

  that's part of why i'm surprised huh [TS]

  you no longer so alive I'm still alive [TS]

  but let's just say I shouldn't do that [TS]

  again on [TS]

  oh hey Scott yep I rules point here [TS]

  apparently i have an encounter power [TS]

  called mantis jump which allows me to [TS]

  jump a number of square is equal to my [TS]

  speed without provoking opportunity [TS]

  attacks so i shall now mark that I've [TS]

  made use of that encounter power [TS]

  ok I like on this players you put the [TS]

  man in mantis the mention mantis but [TS]

  something in a mantis and our radar is [TS]

  good [TS]

  um these are these blazing skeleton guys [TS]

  are trouble [TS]

  they're really fouling up our day and [TS]

  i'm going to give that one the other one [TS]

  in the [TS]

  top corner there that I'm my friend anna [TS]

  has already hit gonna give him a little [TS]

  bit of the Templars fist you know right [TS]

  sony has not been hit but he is cursed [TS]

  yours on backwards [TS]

  sadly the curse can't help you Tony yeah [TS]

  it's just it's just a couple of this to [TS]

  bring out feels weird [TS]

  that's pretty good 23 verse will that [TS]

  hits i'm guessing his wheels and so [TS]

  great is I mean he's like lives in like [TS]

  a flaming culture and if you had a good [TS]

  will you [TS]

  whoa i just don't like but I mean [TS]

  wouldn't you go somewhere better if he [TS]

  was really well hope already this is [TS]

  happy place and I rolled 8 plus 6 is 14 [TS]

  damage all right and there's some [TS]

  confusing ongoing stuff [TS]

  oh come on CW he takes 14 psychic damage [TS]

  Lisa's load until the end of my next [TS]

  turn and these days until the end of my [TS]

  next turn and Confused the next a lie [TS]

  that's you guys who its and damages the [TS]

  target before the end of my next turn so [TS]

  that means like trying to him this turn [TS]

  get does arm gains a plus-3 power bonus [TS]

  to attack rolls until the end of his or [TS]

  her next turn [TS]

  that's very confusing ok I got it so [TS]

  basically if you hit him you will have a [TS]

  better chance to hit the next person you [TS]

  hit III don't know it would be a good I [TS]

  don't hit him [TS]

  somebody hit space i'm planning on [TS]

  hitting him so he has ongoing 14 cycle [TS]

  because i was saying no just eat 14 ok [TS]

  but he is dazed and slowed alright so [TS]

  they don't matter thing he slowed but [TS]

  yeah that's me not moving i'm guessing [TS]

  he's gonna to fire us next that seems [TS]

  like his and maybe Carlos roll again [TS]

  tutorial again i'm sleeping you were [TS]

  fine [TS]

  Carla astron hey my turn [TS]

  alright well i got these two guys here [TS]

  which is great because now i'm going to [TS]

  take the opportunity to do roots of [TS]

  stone [TS]

  yes the first of primal energy you [TS]

  unleash ripples through the ground [TS]

  around you and limits your foes movement [TS]

  so affect the burst creates his own of [TS]

  rippling her that lasts until the end of [TS]

  mine [TS]

  extern and i will make the following [TS]

  attack against each enemy in the burst [TS]

  which is helping with those zombies its [TS]

  first one okay both armies alright so [TS]

  we'll start with that guy on top [TS]

  ok and i will attack him 12 that's an [TS]

  impressive hit anything a little verse [TS]

  verse three phase AC no it doesn't yes [TS]

  try to bottom guy 29 and critical [TS]

  let's try their critical is a 22 for you [TS]

  it drops okay awesome so that guy's [TS]

  toast that was a guy grabbing me I [TS]

  believe that is correct your no longer [TS]

  grab ahold I should take and forgot my [TS]

  yeah at this this whole saving it will [TS]

  be any return thing is wacky alright so [TS]

  not fire so it's great [TS]

  yeah I come back I with a strong rates [TS]

  so i think i am done and I used my [TS]

  encounter parents look alright radar is [TS]

  not a fire either lazy school maybe [TS]

  radar will be on fire [TS]

  oh dear uh Anna you are in between two [TS]

  of the skills and I am i should mention [TS]

  that I technically have concealment [TS]

  because I moved more than three squares [TS]

  oh very good it's just technical [TS]

  concealment though it's really not that [TS]

  good so they're going to attempt I mean [TS]

  I did teleport so and let's see there [TS]

  are actually i'll just do this randomly [TS]

  for both all because they can hit all of [TS]

  you so many let's see [TS]

  dan is one tony is to steve is three and [TS]

  rent is for Carlos they will not attempt [TS]

  to hit you so Dan and Tony they hit you [TS]

  Dan they miss Toni well everything's [TS]

  covered up asteroids and so you great [TS]

  using up to 77 points of damage 5 [TS]

  ongoing fire [TS]

  no sorry data [TS]

  yeah I'm sorry and all right can I kill [TS]

  things now hope so [TS]

  oh goody alright that at Skelton i [TS]

  cursed I'm coming out having [TS]

  and come at me and bro oh that was even [TS]

  worse [TS]

  oh that yeah i got skeletons diaphragm [TS]

  laugh at you [TS]

  salt zombie but not get pregnant [TS]

  I don't get going to attack asteroid and [TS]

  trying to grapple it is bloodied and [TS]

  let's see any mrs. you're not grappled [TS]

  kotka what return [TS]

  oh you've got an unconscious mole next [TS]

  to you yeah it's like every other [TS]

  morning if you wrong role to heal him [TS]

  and he will be conscious with one hit [TS]

  point actually have a certain value [TS]

  because why not oh well go ahead and try [TS]

  again [TS]

  granted control attend their arm right [TS]

  how many of these guys would be dead if [TS]

  people were trying to kill them instead [TS]

  of wake me up [TS]

  that is a 12 that was alright 12 you [TS]

  have your time in there Carlos so what [TS]

  does that mean I gotta feeling about [TS]

  average [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah whoo alright that's not a [TS]

  lot but it's bore and I'm up [TS]

  alright your bloodied but yep right [TS]

  guard i'm not on fire this turn [TS]

  I'm feeling good about that what can we [TS]

  do that would be helpful you've got a [TS]

  assault zombie i'm going to remove the [TS]

  dead souls on me into flaming skeletons [TS]

  killers Liam's skeletons those geyser [TS]

  huh i'm gonna do a darkening flame on [TS]

  the button of the blazing elegance in [TS]

  North now I suspect darkies darkening [TS]

  flame is does necrotic damage when I [TS]

  suspect they don't care too much about [TS]

  that so I do my disrupt undead which if [TS]

  they had their chronic resistance they [TS]

  don't have it for turn so totally worth [TS]

  it [TS]

  nice one-two punch you got there looking [TS]

  back well it's basically so that you can [TS]

  you know you can hurt on dead guys and [TS]

  all right versus reflex that's not very [TS]

  good 14 verses reflex [TS]

  does not hit let me ask you a question [TS]

  it was anyone's reflex or reflux because [TS]

  they they might have a higher reflex [TS]

  would say i would an 18 and hit an ATM [TS]

  move it [TS]

  I'm gonna use my heroic effort which [TS]

  gives me plus 4 bonus to my attack roll [TS]

  on an attack i failed and he starts [TS]

  making her look at all right yeah [TS]

  good effort radar eight and walking off [TS]

  I don't support these guys are gonna [TS]

  take some damage but yeah very nice got [TS]

  smashed yeah I'm cool I'm hip [TS]

  ok that was actually pretty good i wrote [TS]

  14 plus 5 would be 19 dimension to the [TS]

  northernmost blazing skeleton yes I've [TS]

  already tagged with the Templars fist [TS]

  that's not true it is bloodied did [TS]

  anyone else hit the Templars fit to hit [TS]

  that guy on the last turn [TS]

  no no okay then nothing i did in other [TS]

  words [TS]

  ya got it and I anything else Tony I [TS]

  don't think so they can take a drink you [TS]

  deserved Carlos yes you are you are [TS]

  conscious come up you're ready I'm ready [TS]

  nothin you can assault zombie diagonally [TS]

  a next year oh now it's right next to [TS]

  you [TS]

  okay and I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna [TS]

  whack him with my try call using my [TS]

  disrupting advance [TS]

  Oh Who before ya go i know you disrupt [TS]

  the handout that solves on me are ya [TS]

  that AC that hits what's what's the [TS]

  damage [TS]

  17 and is explodes in a puff of the salt [TS]

  can help us is gonna be was going to be [TS]

  his put the puff of salt is flung back [TS]

  several square two squares because he's [TS]

  yeah i think since the puffs of salt [TS]

  goes back even further [TS]

  you've been disrupted man how does it [TS]

  feel you like the mainstream media you [TS]

  know anybody newspapers it's a new [TS]

  disruption Astro haha so first things [TS]

  first i'll roll to see if I'm still on [TS]

  fire I am five points of damage [TS]

  I'm gonna goring chart [TS]

  the gym because i'm a minute or better [TS]

  no I'm hearing and I get me I'm you [TS]

  notice it's hot [TS]

  okay good to know well I get a plus-one [TS]

  because i'm a charging doing Minotaur [TS]

  and so here we go [TS]

  I think the kind wow haha kool do you [TS]

  miss ya way to put them in [TS]

  I apparently overcharged who hate it [TS]

  when you are from one more literate next [TS]

  enter and I wrote i'm gonna say began to [TS]

  not being on fire [TS]

  all right you're not a lot of your help [TS]

  himself fireheart then like a glass [TS]

  level rolling here as you end your turn [TS]

  within a square of the blazing skeleton [TS]

  you notice it is unnaturally hot and you [TS]

  take five points of letters i am down [TS]

  but good news is again because i'm a [TS]

  minute or I have what's called ferocity [TS]

  which means whenever I dropped 20 hit [TS]

  points i get to make a melee basic [TS]

  attack [TS]

  oh do it alright so I'm going to my [TS]

  decision as I go down I will back on a [TS]

  skeleton tell yourself rochas ahmad 1660 [TS]

  vs acce yeah will not hit okay I've [TS]

  wasted that on nothing that's that's [TS]

  something I collapse swing animus now [TS]

  i'm deborah just Rosie god did you [TS]

  manage to die on your own turn that's [TS]

  that's like impressive that's a new [TS]

  level [TS]

  yep your character usually usually you [TS]

  make Scott work for it but this time you [TS]

  just like I'll take care of this on my [TS]

  turn to answer Jason's question yes you [TS]

  can attack these guys close up don't do [TS]

  it [TS]

  bad idea you will you all will notice [TS]

  that if you get within so basically they [TS]

  have an aura of one square and you'll [TS]

  get five fire damage if you are within [TS]

  one square of them get to know now it's [TS]

  their turn they were going to one of [TS]

  them was going to do a melee attack vs s [TS]

  room but astron solve his own [TS]

  probability once again so he will he [TS]

  will attack Anna because is not protect [TS]

  right hand of the other will attack [TS]

  which co what [TS]

  so I do it doesn't look at your face [TS]

  versus Anna you get a 5 25 vs reflex [TS]

  yeah that hits and 20 verses reflex for [TS]

  catcha blue and you take [TS]

  anna takes 11 points of damage fire away [TS]

  fire ongoing i am now bloodied and [TS]

  Castro takes mine damage 5 i'm doing out [TS]

  financially doing 45 ongoing at the [TS]

  beginning of my turn or the end [TS]

  beginning of your weight and last time i [TS]

  did some know you you save at the end [TS]

  you to sleep with these are the video [TS]

  you take the damage the beginning [TS]

  yeah you so it unless you have something [TS]

  special like I think Jason had something [TS]

  special with poison herself [TS]

  yeah so basically your beauty yeah are [TS]

  you bloodied and yes [TS]

  oh gosh i am bloodied oh you do yourself [TS]

  in my underwear yeah haha not feeling [TS]

  too great right now to be helpful [TS]

  Oh preciate it yesterday through flaming [TS]

  or was at you and now it's your turn out [TS]

  well that's annoying i'm going to [TS]

  actually how how bloody is the skeleton [TS]

  to my North uh well you know you're not [TS]

  a skillful expert [TS]

  oh yeah it's good for the bones okay [TS]

  well I'm going to target with the [TS]

  skeleton to the south [TS]

  I'm an open himself has not been hit all [TS]

  you know all right well he's getting [TS]

  warlocks curse and I'd that can multiple [TS]

  curses can exist at one time so they are [TS]

  both cursed first once per turn with [TS]

  multiple things yes [TS]

  oh my god this die is getting retired [TS]

  let's say 12 verses reflex and that case [TS]

  I've got six hit points left so i'm just [TS]

  gonna run 345 have to run around me all [TS]

  six [TS]

  ah shoot alright well I can't let you [TS]

  want to make a template old fort [TS]

  no I'mI'm a teleporting one check two no [TS]

  three four five [TS]

  I can still make it alright so I'm gonna [TS]

  hang out [TS]

  I can still see them right from there [TS]

  still see you how well in that case they [TS]

  cannot see you and you can tell them i [TS]

  can see you have come you have cover [TS]

  from the northernmost one and the [TS]

  southern month [TS]

  and not see you okay that that works for [TS]

  me salt zombies did katka yes you are [TS]

  bloodied you know there are two blazing [TS]

  skeletons to each of the south and north [TS]

  of you and your Minotaur friend is in a [TS]

  unconscious heap slightly on fire [TS]

  wow so many options so do i take do i [TS]

  take five fire damage here after yes if [TS]

  you don't have ongoing 5 i'm hurting i'm [TS]

  hurtin alright I'm going to I'm going to [TS]

  finally launch some cutting words at [TS]

  this is a bonehead up in the corner here [TS]

  the northernmost of the blood one blood [TS]

  one only northern laptop erasure alright [TS]

  so the cutting words that is a plus 6 v [TS]

  will which is a 23 that it's okay and [TS]

  that does a 1d eight figure out which [TS]

  one is the eighth [TS]

  there's the eight plus four which is a [TS]

  909 total alright it's still there but [TS]

  it's looking hurt as hurt as they still [TS]

  there [TS]

  blazing skeleton can look she's radar [TS]

  radar how how bad up there is a skeleton [TS]

  in the top corner look looks pretty bad [TS]

  I mean doesn't look like it's a you [TS]

  could just like tap it and it would fall [TS]

  apart but wonder mighty blow and it [TS]

  would probably die [TS]

  what if I tapped it with like a magic [TS]

  missile well I mean this is it looks [TS]

  like it would require more than one [TS]

  magic missile okay i'm going to arc [TS]

  lightning then magic missile would have [TS]

  been the sure thing but are planning [TS]

  will hit both guys and potentially do [TS]

  more damage so i can target both guys in [TS]

  the room with it so let's do the guy in [TS]

  the Kamchatka and Carlos no that's the [TS]

  bad guys are regular only fight [TS]

  skeletons and edge can add other guys [TS]

  this is versus reflex top corner guy [TS]

  that's great that the 24 verse reflex [TS]

  that hits [TS]

  yep fungi muscles promising 9 verses [TS]

  reflex now I know unfortunately does not [TS]

  it [TS]

  alright well this does do more damage [TS]

  than the magic missile I world a 10 [TS]

  damage [TS]

  alright it looks really really bad but [TS]

  it is still standing and I don't know if [TS]

  there's anything I can do to inaction [TS]

  point i know we don't have III haven't [TS]

  heard one you use DOM is there anything [TS]

  I can do to like try and take cover [TS]

  behind this bone altar to sleep you [TS]

  could crouched behind the bone alter i'm [TS]

  using weapons get cover from both of the [TS]

  blazing skeletons only the bone alter [TS]

  can only cover one place explosion but [TS]

  alright well I'll try and take cover [TS]

  just because if I get hit with one of [TS]

  those guys and one down so I feel like [TS]

  I'm really attached to my current [TS]

  conscious State [TS]

  Carlos yes your we are [TS]

  I i'm awake it's good haha has fallen so [TS]

  I so I have a I have a a a minor action [TS]

  skill called mobile blade which allows [TS]

  me if I hit to then move several squares [TS]

  as a free action [TS]

  mm so I'm asking you DM does that mean [TS]

  if I run up to the guy and hit him and [TS]

  then back and then back away a couple of [TS]

  squares i don't get the damage done to [TS]

  me or just the act of getting close to [TS]

  them do damage [TS]

  ah well you think you noticed that the [TS]

  fire did not seem to hurt the Minotaur [TS]

  until he ended his turn you might take [TS]

  an opportunity attack because you're [TS]

  moving away but you have a chance to [TS]

  evade that you won't get the [TS]

  fire-damaged basic but it might hit you [TS]

  all right well I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm [TS]

  gonna give him my mobile blade and I [TS]

  would like him to feel some pain when he [TS]

  pain in the mobile blade it's a 10 my [TS]

  moat wall my mobile blade is assumed i [TS]

  make a melee basic which is a plus 10 so [TS]

  it was a 2000 well that hits and is dead [TS]

  ok and then I oh it's dead and i'm gonna [TS]

  then since I successfully hit I'm gonna [TS]

  go do to do to do and it's on fire that [TS]

  and that's my my not backed away [TS]

  ok I'm am i still have my hitpoints [TS]

  asteroid roll decline [TS]

  mm well I wrote a lot of crap so to 10 [TS]

  that's good [TS]

  we missed you darling sorry i was 90 [TS]

  minutes let's get a little closer to dad [TS]

  but not every be there people about one [TS]

  less day and I just figured like a stack [TS]

  of character she picked your computer [TS]

  who says I don't catch goes not on fire [TS]

  the Minotaur is still bleeding out and [TS]

  there's only one blazing skills and left [TS]

  alright cool to kill the blazing [TS]

  skeleton wonders who to kill your attack [TS]

  Tony just one especially 10 he certainly [TS]

  hits certainly well i'll tell you you [TS]

  know like part 29 vs reflex that's like [TS]

  a really good number for him through 7 [TS]

  damage and draw fire that I mean can I [TS]

  be on fire while unconscious [TS]

  uh no i will say I'll be nice alright [TS]

  radar is down people [TS]

  this is serious everyone take this [TS]

  really seriously right guard down right [TS]

  guard captain wheeler right guard down [TS]

  and here you notice so my guards [TS]

  cowering behind a bone alter looking at [TS]

  the northern blazing skeleton and from [TS]

  behind and fiery orb knocks him [TS]

  unconscious not wrecked on this is [TS]

  unfortunate i realized by the way I did [TS]

  not take a saving throw lunch turn [TS]

  well don't know i should do that alright [TS]

  did not save ok so i take five fire [TS]

  damage which means i'm down to one hit [TS]

  point [TS]

  oh dear well you used your second wind [TS]

  I have not I'm but and debating i've [TS]

  i've missed three wait i said i was [TS]

  going to retire this dice this is going [TS]

  away on I've made miss three roles in a [TS]

  row so what are the odds that i can make [TS]

  this one let's see shall we [TS]

  can I see this southern skeleton from [TS]

  here the greater it's not like I crosby [TS]

  Stills and a song southern Shelton seven [TS]

  skeleton I'm gonna kill you did not not [TS]

  the song know when you see a southern [TS]

  skeleton for the first time that you [TS]

  wonder why your party went this way [TS]

  heck yeah is the dad around everybody's [TS]

  are will kill you if the trap that you [TS]

  were running if it's fine you're right [TS]

  it doesn't always situated stray so I [TS]

  rolled a three my first turn 25 my [TS]

  second turnover for my third turn and [TS]

  this one is a 5 which is just a 13 [TS]

  verses reflex with my bonus which is [TS]

  probably not enough to hit him just so [TS]

  I'm just gonna roll my day think it's a [TS]

  Fibonacci sequence that's gotta be worth [TS]

  something [TS]

  yeah banati appears in front of you oh [TS]

  and i got i got critical success on my [TS]

  saying so far over at least I'm not [TS]

  poisoned her on fire but I'm very [TS]

  buttonless pause this is always she's [TS]

  not boys [TS]

  yeah I think about how many times you've [TS]

  been poisoned here everybody's bar [TS]

  tonight folks let's go catch got boy [TS]

  what to do what to do about to [TS]

  unconscious party members one flaming [TS]

  skeleton two turtledoves yeah how many [TS]

  throws me to fail their damn one but i'm [TS]

  due to fail might think only one yeah [TS]

  one going to fill my second to film is [TS]

  your second wind already i forget i have [TS]

  not used my second wind [TS]

  alright so if I heal you adalat would [TS]

  actually do something that would be [TS]

  fabulous [TS]

  although you probably wake up and be [TS]

  immediately burned by the sure but i got [TS]

  like I should try the chance to him also [TS]

  my second wind is pretty sweet gets me [TS]

  like an extra bonus to defenses [TS]

  all right i'll give it a go i'm going to [TS]

  scroll down scroll down here [TS]

  uno dos tres cuatro and i will attempt [TS]

  to heal [TS]

  roll over 10 50 50 60 it's a 16 ah back [TS]

  alright so i get my get my healing surge [TS]

  I was already thinking about how much I [TS]

  wasn't like Dan's new character catching [TS]

  anything else i know i think that pretty [TS]

  much does it for me [TS]

  regular would you like to roll a d20 [TS]

  yeah i mean not really but you know 18 [TS]

  it will have stabilized Jason well yes [TS]

  you are alive and conscious there is one [TS]

  blazing silicon left [TS]

  well I think well I i think that six [TS]

  which gets me right up close to him how [TS]

  to do to do my mail a basic with my [TS]

  mobile blade act oh right sure [TS]

  all right roll 12 that mrs. ok now i got [TS]

  that flaming damage fire damage out its [TS]

  that's hot Asteron I will stand up and [TS]

  then i will attempt to murder like this [TS]

  guy [TS]

  what shall we do we'll do a should point [TS]

  out this guy has has yet to be hit [TS]

  well we'll try way got a rather than man [TS]

  will try weight of Earth on him just the [TS]

  same all weight of Earth BAM 27 boom [TS]

  goes the dynamite he's been hit [TS]

  kool he takes eight damage that was [TS]

  pathetic [TS]

  does that seem to really hurt that much [TS]

  but chance here man he is marked all [TS]

  right and I guess I am I taking some [TS]

  fire damage being next to this dude you [TS]

  take 5.25 damage that's great i'm back [TS]

  down the five don't want to end your [TS]

  next-door Nash I there was i had to get [TS]

  up [TS]

  there's no way i could leave you I'm [TS]

  gonna because boot is marked cursed [TS]

  and a sister just know he's going to [TS]

  attack the Minotaur because all marked [TS]

  maybe maybe maybe he's less effective at [TS]

  close range lazing claw yeah has a fiery [TS]

  skeletal cloth and he's very so awesome [TS]

  16 vs AC all i gotta visit target NC [TS]

  instead of reflex first guy intensity [TS]

  and it's my reflexes definitely better [TS]

  than my bite my AC is a bad movies go [TS]

  ahead and just like automatic bid to be [TS]

  damned if you have not washed up to that [TS]

  guy we would never see this blazing [TS]

  cloth it's like it's like going to the [TS]

  zoo and skipping the penguin you don't [TS]

  do that [TS]

  blazing thanks true happiness on [TS]

  everything [TS]

  yeah alright well penguins on our own [TS]

  farm here goes [TS]

  eldritch blast oh that looks like it [TS]

  might do something 22 verses reflex its [TS]

  sweet time is turning all right and now [TS]

  I get to use some dice gosh it's been so [TS]

  long since I've rolled more than one all [TS]

  ones i did not in fact i rolled Elevens [TS]

  thirty-year-old 3718 damage again today [TS]

  we are fair skeleton man ex moved and [TS]

  just as an aside our fair skeleton is [TS]

  one of the worst musical to receive [TS]

  how's everybody doing over there to [TS]

  teach the skeletons to talk a ladylike [TS]

  come on I'm going behind right now [TS]

  because I really can't get it I'll [TS]

  protected against those results that's [TS]

  going to school yes and that is the [TS]

  laziest skeleton voiceover do you think [TS]

  all under the same note you raise the [TS]

  original the book that was based on was [TS]

  pretty good rip Meili and i think it was [TS]

  called is it was a simpler more racist [TS]

  time can hit big skeleton actually what [TS]

  one [TS]

  it is your turn to catch ya i still get [TS]

  turns you are that's kind of it right [TS]

  there i'm just hanging out just means [TS]

  doing nothing just a 3 creeping around [TS]

  I'm gonna scatter this way 12345 leave [TS]

  regards corpse next to the bone altar I [TS]

  kinda need to deal with myself here man [TS]

  i got a lot of time over some alone time [TS]

  no I'm gonna get some partial [TS]

  concealment back here i'm going to go [TS]

  ahead and use that second wind of mine [TS]

  to break it i'm just gonna chill back [TS]

  here with the Indiana you know and [TS]

  hiding the hiding spot right are you are [TS]

  you're unconscious but you're stable i [TS]

  wrote before that's my first sale of [TS]

  death saving property Carlos yeah you [TS]

  guys should really have tried to kill [TS]

  all right i'm using my power strike [TS]

  encounter action and along with my good [TS]

  friends the mobile blade and doing my [TS]

  attack on the guy that's the worst comic [TS]

  book title never her 24 vs AC hits that [TS]

  looks promising [TS]

  the tide has turned people may be here [TS]

  for radar 15 damage it is bloodied nice [TS]

  and I move away who and you will not [TS]

  take five points the finger it's good [TS]

  because that would knock me out but he's [TS]

  just gonna attack me and then I'll be [TS]

  gone but astron a strong i'm gonna try [TS]

  to hit this sucker with my weight of [TS]

  earth again Who am 19 vs was a AC in [TS]

  that it's also he takes 13 damage [TS]

  oh and he explodes inspiring undead [TS]

  that's good because i had to then move [TS]

  or else i would have gone down [TS]

  alright so everybody's dead all the [TS]

  blade wait wait [TS]

  including guys are dead radar is the [TS]

  only one of your your your adventure [TS]

  mates who is unconscious at the moment [TS]

  so if someone wants to help him that [TS]

  might be good day at barrio us busy with [TS]

  you some tune yeah I just rolled again [TS]

  alright [TS]

  energy bars i'll take you some cubes [TS]

  into success [TS]

  people think I'm Florence Nightingale or [TS]

  something you've all got he'll skills [TS]

  i'm taking it I just healed radar [TS]

  he did good man carles i'm saying i want [TS]

  i want some surgeons with some bonuses [TS]

  that's sweet [TS]

  yeah I appreciate the I don't give you [TS]

  any bonuses just healing you on the [TS]

  ground there i'm not on the ground I'm [TS]

  up I'm walking around all right so you [TS]

  guys are going to search the room yes [TS]

  i'll search while there are legal ground [TS]

  for a while to rest first [TS]

  that's what I'm saying where residents [TS]

  can rest happens well I feel like we [TS]

  want to look at that altar before we do [TS]

  anything else just to see if it's gonna [TS]

  tell us yeah i've got i've got a great [TS]

  view this bone alter from here on the [TS]

  floor where you know covered in blood [TS]

  proud by the bone [TS]

  uh [TS]

  so you look at the altar and I don't [TS]

  know if anyone speaks a primordial hi hi [TS]

  skipper our genes primaries and so yeah [TS]

  your class that day I can't even read no [TS]

  primordial so it's written in the [TS]

  language none of you understand wait [TS]

  hold on to SB parent nope but I sense it [TS]

  to be primordial oh man I didn't know [TS]

  this this all-time record speaks three [TS]

  cream [TS]

  hey now i understand seriously yeah yeah [TS]

  click like click hi i feel like you know [TS]

  probably constantly saying some stuff [TS]

  that suddenly like doesn't seem so great [TS]

  um but you know all the sudden you say [TS]

  hey wait a second wait a second that's [TS]

  not what that means [TS]

  alright well it's right there is some [TS]

  script on the altar but you have no idea [TS]

  what it's great it's I mean what what do [TS]

  we know about primordial you know that [TS]

  none of you speak its I mean do you know [TS]

  how it is it is an evil language [TS]

  generally you know kind of demons and [TS]

  Wow elevated levels and value [TS]

  adjustments do that no well the Warlock [TS]

  kept the Warlock has magic so she's [TS]

  probably evil right maybe she can read [TS]

  it is that I don't think I is there a [TS]

  place on your character sheet where it [TS]

  actually says what you can you forgotten [TS]

  the first page [TS]

  yeah I'm another yeah I've got common [TS]

  and elvin sadly no primordial for this [TS]

  are speak I speak to Orban this [TS]

  non-mormon i have an honorable GiftA to [TS]

  head to greater 12 HED can speak or or [TS]

  write in primordial or we kind of with [TS]

  this is I mean there weren't any hedge [TS]

  get in this room so there were no hands [TS]

  can you don't you don't know this is not [TS]

  their backyard [TS]

  you do recognize anything anyway let's [TS]

  arrest at this altar here it might be [TS]

  willing to you know drop down this [TS]

  strange language just in case we want to [TS]

  get it translated later I don't think [TS]

  we're exactly walking around with a lot [TS]

  of paper and pencils now I spray on [TS]

  dropping first got your iphone it is not [TS]

  magical [TS]

  it is not magical no but you notice that [TS]

  some of the rooms can be pressed as [TS]

  buttons [TS]

  well crap that's magical and so for we [TS]

  do that I second Carlos suggestion it's [TS]

  rather article [TS]

  let's go where these two doors let's [TS]

  close both the doors and and maybe rest [TS]

  there so in this room or in the the [TS]

  cavern where you came in now in this in [TS]

  over and over and over here where we've [TS]

  got there's the one door by the two [TS]

  doors that we unlocked what if we can [TS]

  close them both and it's really ah you [TS]

  can do it i like that [TS]

  probably nothing evil comes out of this [TS]

  crevice boy but but if more skeletons [TS]

  come into braziers when we go back in [TS]

  there really [TS]

  we can take turns resting it just takes [TS]

  longer yeah well i also have them i can [TS]

  meditate aware for four hours instead of [TS]

  sleeping so I can be on guard [TS]

  yeah well the long rest is eight hours a [TS]

  new you reset all of your daily powers [TS]

  and [TS]

  you can buy now we're gonna do that I [TS]

  would i use my daily pass and we all get [TS]

  an action point right and you all get an [TS]

  actual point and we're back to folding [TS]

  surges in full health that is courage [TS]

  and ah I would suggest that we should [TS]

  probably stop here [TS]

  I think that might be wise seems like a [TS]

  good spot alright so we want to like to [TS]

  put ourselves in mortal danger and then [TS]

  have a cliffhanger [TS]

  alright so nobody died what do we learn [TS]

  nobody died this time healing your [TS]

  buddies is good we learned that's [TS]

  possible but nobody dies we were pretty [TS]

  good about focusing fire on like you [TS]

  know tough guys yeah yeah yeah i think [TS]

  that this has been your best plate [TS]

  encounter yet somewhat competently play [TS]

  it's you know it's getting better [TS]

  we are playing this for like 10 or 12 [TS]

  hours and it's like it's almost like we [TS]

  know kinda almost what we're doing [TS]

  oh yeah well maybe yeah and we know from [TS]

  the rules etc rules more than more than [TS]

  more than 2 of the rules and we learned [TS]

  an important song southern skeleton [TS]

  report yet that's its support to our [TS]

  cultural heritage okay and that and [TS]

  that's it we've got I thought this would [TS]

  be our last adventure but no it [TS]

  continues [TS]

  Scott will kill us next time thank you [TS]

  i'll get you next [TS]

  actually no I don't kill you you kill [TS]

  yourself your decision [TS]

  unable to kill unlike dr. could work you [TS]

  so much [TS]