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  September's 2013 automatically [TS]

  uncomfortable and host Jason snail and [TS]

  tonight we're gonna be talking about a [TS]

  movie i guess this is the latest in our [TS]

  series of kind of talking about classic [TS]

  movies from movies from the past that we [TS]

  think about fondly and this is the movie [TS]

  where we take the red pill is that the [TS]

  red pill that's the good still red pill [TS]

  ok take a little blue pill now a little [TS]

  blue pill and you just you go back in [TS]

  the matrix which is what we're talking [TS]

  about nineteen ninety nines epic sci-fi [TS]

  movie The Matrix what we're not talking [TS]

  about by the way except maybe obliquely [TS]

  are the sequel's because i don't want to [TS]

  bring it down [TS]

  what's equal so what now their sequels [TS]

  there we go that's the stuff that's [TS]

  that's what i was looking for exactly [TS]

  so let me and let me introduce the [TS]

  people they find people who are here to [TS]

  talk about the matrix with me tonight [TS]

  we've got David lower David welcome back [TS]

  again we can't get rid of you now you're [TS]

  on every episode of the new dan Morin [TS]

  I'm the new dan morn I'm I'm oranges the [TS]

  new dan morning okay fair enough it's [TS]

  good to have you here John Syracuse's [TS]

  here as well hi John [TS]

  hello Jason you mentioned that this is [TS]

  going to be sure we talk about movies [TS]

  for the past that they're classics and [TS]

  that we love [TS]

  I may be on the wrong well yeah I did I [TS]

  say that they are loved or they're [TS]

  generally loved I loved the matrix when [TS]

  it came out but we can this is this will [TS]

  be very interesting st let's also here [TS]

  hi Steve would evening mr. Snell thank [TS]

  you very good and we have we have a new [TS]

  guest who has not been on before she is [TS]

  one of the hosts of the very excellent [TS]

  doctor who podcast Verity it's erica and [TS]

  sign hi Erica I it's great to be here [TS]

  thank you for being here [TS]

  I appreciate it you saw the matrix lots [TS]

  of times in the theater didn't you [TS]

  I saw it nine times nine times mrs. [TS]

  bueller exactly you know i saw i saw [TS]

  only once in the theater but what I [TS]

  remember is I was teaching a class at a [TS]

  web web [TS]

  design class back in the nineties that [TS]

  was a thing we wanted was a web design [TS]

  HTML to a bunch of grad students and i [TS]

  remember one day all of the max screen [TS]

  savers in the class we taught had been [TS]

  converted to the matrix screensaver and [TS]

  I was like what the heck is this [TS]

  and then like four of them came up to me [TS]

  and said oh man you gotta see the matrix [TS]

  it's the best movie ever to blow your [TS]

  mind [TS]

  I was like all right okay and we went [TS]

  inside and I like it a lot [TS]

  this is the first time I've seen it in [TS]

  in years though and I thought that was [TS]

  that was pretty interesting i think i [TS]

  think this movie is very influential and [TS]

  sometimes we cover these movies and and [TS]

  things that really blew your mind at the [TS]

  time sometimes you look back on them [TS]

  later and they don't seem as impressive [TS]

  because everybody's copied them and once [TS]

  you've seen it in a million beer ads in [TS]

  the superbowl it's the bullet time is a [TS]

  little less exciting but i still have a [TS]

  lot of fun this with the matrix so we're [TS]

  going to talk about it we all watched it [TS]

  right we all watched it again [TS]

  did we recently oh yeah we did alright [TS]

  goodnight together but we all we all [TS]

  watched it [TS]

  well where to start does anybody have [TS]

  any opening remarks i guess i should ask [TS]

  before i met john does so for we get [TS]

  into you better write how did you know [TS]

  this is why i asked John often likes to [TS]

  set the stage and tell us what could [TS]

  paint a little picture of where we're [TS]

  about to go the journey were about to [TS]

  take ya there [TS]

  I have a more casual ordinary Marx's two [TS]

  things aside first is that enemy control [TS]

  talk about this template but what are [TS]

  experience was seeing with first time [TS]

  and for me the memory of seeing matrix [TS]

  for the first time is defined by me [TS]

  knowing nothing about the movie like all [TS]

  I knew was that it will blow your mind [TS]

  and there was a screensaver the I didn't [TS]

  even know that this is this is the [TS]

  before times kids when it was possible [TS]

  to go into a movie not even knowing that [TS]

  there was anything to no I cannot even [TS]

  knowing that someone said it to me there [TS]

  was a door that the and all the answer [TS]

  was like what is the matrix so it don't [TS]

  explain anything and i add nothing I i [TS]

  think i saw the poster while walking you [TS]

  know in into the theater in hand so [TS]

  actually goes in he was in the movie I [TS]

  knew absolutely nothing about it and [TS]

  that I think is the ideal way to go into [TS]

  a movie i think it's an experience it's [TS]

  probably not possible unless you're very [TS]

  young [TS]

  listen to go into a movie like this at [TS]

  the very least you're gonna know that [TS]

  there's something about this movie [TS]

  there's some sort of big revelation that [TS]

  some kind of twist something and even [TS]

  just knowing that if your mind works the [TS]

  way mine does can ruin some of the [TS]

  surprise so that's that was exciting [TS]

  interesting and it and it really gave [TS]

  that movie more punch and the second [TS]

  thing is that for a long long time I [TS]

  Harvard very bad feelings about the [TS]

  matrix mostly because it was so lauded [TS]

  by the the people you know in my sort of [TS]

  circles and nerds everything is being [TS]

  this amazing movie and everything and I [TS]

  could not get over the ridiculousness of [TS]

  the premise like that I expected so much [TS]

  more of the movie 22 you know with it [TS]

  wanted to do everything right and yet [TS]

  the foundation of the movie made no [TS]

  sense [TS]

  ok guys this is a setup Syracuse's here [TS]

  to get us yeah and and that bothered me [TS]

  now but what I can say is that when I [TS]

  rewatched the movie not for this podcast [TS]

  actually i rewatch it on my own like a [TS]

  couple of weeks before you suggest three [TS]

  watching it I had much better feelings [TS]

  about it [TS]

  rewatching it like getting some distance [TS]

  from my anger about that you know the [TS]

  backlash like all the everyone loves the [TS]

  matrix and you know and I I didn't like [TS]

  it because there was like and I I mean I [TS]

  did like it i do had a good feeling [TS]

  something now getting some distance and [TS]

  being able to see it's sort of see it [TS]

  again for the first time I felt better [TS]

  about so that's what we'll talk about [TS]

  today yeah well I mean and that's a good [TS]

  thing that we should probably talk about [TS]

  now I i mentioned that i had the grad [TS]

  students say oh and blow your mind man [TS]

  and Johns told his story [TS]

  Erica we touched on the fact that you [TS]

  saw a bunch of times I guess that means [TS]

  you liked it [TS]

  yeah i'm not that masochistic I saw the [TS]

  first time and I didn't know I didn't [TS]

  know anything that I had seen I think [TS]

  one of the teaser ads where you saw [TS]

  Morpheus jump and then no sounds whoa [TS]

  and that was it but that's the key on [TS]

  right as the whole movie you know [TS]

  anything that's really all you need to [TS]

  know but yeah and i think i think going [TS]

  along with what John said that that was [TS]

  one of the things that worked for me [TS]

  that so much about the movie i loved [TS]

  back in the day being able to go into a [TS]

  theater not know anything and in this [TS]

  this one not only did I not know [TS]

  anything when I walked into the theater [TS]

  I still didn't know very much about half [TS]

  an hour into it and I thought that was [TS]

  fantastic it was sort of a reverse [TS]

  dramatic [TS]

  irony like the characters knew what was [TS]

  going on [TS]

  most most of them but but I didn't and I [TS]

  thought that was awesome [TS]

  Steve what was your matrix experience [TS]

  did you have some grad students come up [TS]

  to you like I tried to keep my distance [TS]

  from gravity smart they were playing [TS]

  they're paying me to be close to them so [TS]

  yeah it's there will be the only reason [TS]

  in ya know I didn't get around to seeing [TS]

  this until two thousand six as usual [TS]

  because i was forced to for other [TS]

  reasons that i actually wanted to see it [TS]

  you missed the matrix entirely why did I [TS]

  think I i think both of the horrible [TS]

  they theorized horrible sequels that [TS]

  don't actually exist [TS]

  no not yet come out they had both come [TS]

  out and I was already aware that I was [TS]

  probably setting myself up for [TS]

  disappointment might want to see all [TS]

  trilogy so but i sat down and watched [TS]

  knowing already basically that I [TS]

  thatthat's there's a computer simulation [TS]

  and everybody lives in it [TS]

  what I didn't know was the bit where [TS]

  Keanu is actually pulled from the matrix [TS]

  and emerges from his part of goo & and [TS]

  that part i was very entertained by [TS]

  because I i had not been properly [TS]

  prepared for it so you know i watch the [TS]

  whole movie with pretty much my brain [TS]

  turned off trying not to pay too much [TS]

  attention to the mutterings of Morpheus [TS]

  and really enjoyed it [TS]

  this this time i watched it twice in the [TS]

  run-up to this podcast and I thought a [TS]

  little bit more about some of the things [TS]

  that were being said and tried to [TS]

  determine whether the plot actually made [TS]

  any sense and enjoyed it slightly less [TS]

  but yeah as a as a spectacle as it just [TS]

  entertainment [TS]

  it's a great movie I can't deny that if [TS]

  you if you're willing to turn your brain [TS]

  off and you're willing to overlook the [TS]

  main actor then when it's a great film [TS]

  whoa wait a second ok you want to [TS]

  overlook the main actor [TS]

  this is Point Break are the peak of his [TS]

  career he has not sad yes now but we [TS]

  talked about concluding last time these [TS]

  are the rules that he was made for this [TS]

  is Bill intent this bill intent and like [TS]

  yeah Point Break like he is perfect in [TS]

  his room key so perfect [TS]

  every other roles he is terrible but [TS]

  these girls is perfect is terrible and [TS]

  everything it fits in bill and ted in [TS]

  this he's a piece of wood and I I cannot [TS]

  watch this movie without thinking how [TS]

  much better with this movie be with [TS]

  somebody who could act [TS]

  oh no I think we ruin it yeah maybe i [TS]

  don't know i think you need somebody [TS]

  who's pretty much just blank lifer [TS]

  well not tonight easiest place is [TS]

  embarrassingly earnest is embarrassingly [TS]

  earnest a movie that really if the [TS]

  production values with lower one [TS]

  basically be a b-movie right but it's [TS]

  not i assume that that they did some [TS]

  work on the script knowing who their [TS]

  lead actor was because it means the best [TS]

  example being when the Oracle says he's [TS]

  not too bright [TS]

  he first signed the Oracle knows what [TS]

  she's talking about [TS]

  if you have a smarter seeming kind of [TS]

  actor that character would have to be [TS]

  different because that is one of the [TS]

  beauties of this is that he kind of [TS]

  bumbles along as like not really getting [TS]

  it and not wanting to get it and just [TS]

  being this dude who's got this you know [TS]

  it is it's fulfilling this prophecy and [TS]

  I you know I don't know whether that [TS]

  character would work better if it had [TS]

  been a more intelligent character [TS]

  because they would have to change the [TS]

  script to make it the dynamic a little [TS]

  bit different i think because I think [TS]

  that's why it works it is the forest [TS]

  gump of this movie I don't think he has [TS]

  to be more intelligent I just think he [TS]

  has to be slightly less monotone and I [TS]

  think there are ways to do [TS]

  monotone and confused and and and being [TS]

  a cipher without necessarily I mean with [TS]

  with some character growth and with [TS]

  Keanu his first line is what anything [TS]

  means that draft tone and delivery for [TS]

  the next hundred and twenty-nine minutes [TS]

  and it just for me not my thing i'd like [TS]

  to see somebody with a bit more range [TS]

  he's not my favorite I mean there's [TS]

  there's very little change in you know [TS]

  at what the two hours and 10 minutes or [TS]

  whatever it is 16 [TS]

  yeah i mean i like i like I'm just [TS]

  trying but yeah he's he's just serve on [TS]

  that plane and and you know even when [TS]

  he's changed when he's evolved and when [TS]

  he you know he realizes that he could be [TS]

  the one he still is [TS]

  who's talking like this whoa and you [TS]

  know he gets a little angrier you know a [TS]

  little more like I am the one but it's [TS]

  like okay to clear your throat that's [TS]

  what he's like an action figure because [TS]

  like that get together and the movie is [TS]

  that he expresses the change in his [TS]

  character through his actions i think [TS]

  that the most one of my favorite parts [TS]

  of the movie one of the most important [TS]

  parts and i watched it many times again [TS]

  i don't think it was supposed to be as [TS]

  important as I made it is you know the [TS]

  movies like a like and understand the [TS]

  world works and then he learns the truth [TS]

  and then they're trying to give it to me [TS]

  the one he's not sure he goes all this [TS]

  stuff but the key point the movie i [TS]

  think is when the helicopters going over [TS]

  the edge right and this is the Rope [TS]

  that's dangling out of the helicopter [TS]

  it's going over the edge and it's kind [TS]

  of slow motion and it's at a certain [TS]

  point what he decides to do is [TS]

  by the way spoilers for the matrix it's [TS]

  been a 14 freaking years spoiling ok ok [TS]

  the helicopters going over the edge of [TS]

  the building kind of slow motion and and [TS]

  that it everything is very slow and he [TS]

  in decision-making processes head you [TS]

  can see it going is he decides to pick [TS]

  up the Rope is attached a helicopter [TS]

  with the intention that he is going to [TS]

  stop the helicopter from falling off the [TS]

  edge of the building which is it soon [TS]

  you would never make in our in the real [TS]

  world and that's the point when he [TS]

  realizes hey wait a second i can grab [TS]

  this rope and stop the helicopter want [TS]

  the end because this is not the real [TS]

  world this is some you don't think he's [TS]

  just assuming that she's gonna tie [TS]

  together into her and and jump off even [TS]

  that wouldn't work in the real world [TS]

  either because I'm they do if you watch [TS]

  it again you'll see that they don't [TS]

  linger on it but if you spend a little [TS]

  bit of time because in no no real world [TS]

  even in action movie that's preposterous [TS]

  the only reason it works is because he [TS]

  figures out finally [TS]

  oh I can be an agent of my own you know [TS]

  destiny in ways that have no bearing on [TS]

  reality because I'm strapped in a chair [TS]

  with the thanks of in the back of my [TS]

  head [TS]

  in fairness he does play the role very [TS]

  much like a man who's had a metal spike [TS]

  shift into the base circle like there's [TS]

  no there's no dialogue in that scene he [TS]

  doesn't think to himself he doesn't have [TS]

  a voiceover he doesn't have a [TS]

  conversation about it and all of his [TS]

  transformation as the character is done [TS]

  through his actions in deciding what to [TS]

  do with his big dorky looking body and [TS]

  his funny little bouncy walk [TS]

  that's very true most actors wouldn't be [TS]

  brave enough to play a completely flat [TS]

  face like that they would actually show [TS]

  some kind of emotion or shows and [TS]

  spatially varying unfailing fair to [TS]

  Kyoto let's be honest this isn't really [TS]

  a film about character development [TS]

  really seriously the characters they're [TS]

  all archetypes [TS]

  I mean you've got the wise leader and [TS]

  the clues hero the mysterious woman the [TS]

  tech guy i mean this would make a really [TS]

  good RPG party they don't even have real [TS]

  names so it's not that kind of film so [TS]

  I'm really okay with a wooden and I [TS]

  completely agree that he's wooden and [TS]

  doesn't really did not very much at all [TS]

  I'm all right with that because it fits [TS]

  in this kind of film their avatars I [TS]

  mean they're literally avatar yes that's [TS]

  what their did before we get into the [TS]

  plot uh David you have any any matrix [TS]

  story did you see it in the theater and [TS]

  I did not see it but I bought it before [TS]

  it came out on DVD i pre-ordered you [TS]

  know I was like all right you have to [TS]

  get countable I watched it the night it [TS]

  came out yet see what the grad students [TS]

  are talking about exactly [TS]

  well we don't have great students but we [TS]

  have a lot of college student like whoa [TS]

  yeah sir robin and except they don't pay [TS]

  me so I don't go near them all our [TS]

  listeners our grad students and we just [TS]

  a little but yes we apologize the [TS]

  granite with your answer the world all [TS]

  right but yeah no I mean when it came [TS]

  out you know all anyone knew about it [TS]

  was a science fiction film by the [TS]

  Wachowskis and you know and I had seen [TS]

  bound right i thought well what kind of [TS]

  science fiction film where they going to [TS]

  do because i mean it came out of nowhere [TS]

  right and so when I saw it and and again [TS]

  part of the curiosity was just really [TS]

  they're doing sci-fi yeah okay but I [TS]

  mean bound is a good just you know solid [TS]

  pulp thriller yeah with some nice hooks [TS]

  so to speak and so when i'm with you i'm [TS]

  watching the movie i'm going wow this is [TS]

  this pretty good i like this you know [TS]

  and it's got its got a little bit of [TS]

  fake Philip dick but it's not Philip [TS]

  dick and it's better than all of the [TS]

  actual adaptations of Philip dick that [TS]

  are anything like Philip dick so you [TS]

  know I really like that you mentioned [TS]

  you mentioned bound I i also saw bound [TS]

  before I saw the matrix and the opening [TS]

  of this movie is carrie-anne moss in [TS]

  leather em in in the in what she in the [TS]

  building in the heart is the heart of [TS]

  the city hotel with the city heart of [TS]

  the city hotel [TS]

  actually before that you get the cold [TS]

  open where it's just voiceover right and [TS]

  it turns out here it's joe pantoliano [TS]

  and the numbers are there and we go into [TS]

  the matrix and you can hear that phone [TS]

  call that's going on the back which I [TS]

  only mentioned for the sake of symmetry [TS]

  because they echo it again at the very [TS]

  near the end of the film right right [TS]

  first sign there in the matrix should [TS]

  have been the phone number with the 555 [TS]

  perfect that's that's the somebody [TS]

  somebody on Twitter today was saying how [TS]

  when you re watch it you realize how [TS]

  much of how much of the plot involves [TS]

  you know telephones and phone booths and [TS]

  wired a flyer phones and they do have [TS]

  cell phones but I said well this is why [TS]

  the machines [TS]

  headed in 1999's because they needed to [TS]

  have phone boots i guess it a [TS]

  coincidence that shortly after this film [TS]

  came out public phone booth started [TS]

  disappearing finals think so you think [TS]

  so you think the machines they figured [TS]

  they figured that so we see we see [TS]

  Trinity in the heart of the city and and [TS]

  i watch this with my wife and she said [TS]

  that she quoted dialogue in my wife [TS]

  likes lots of movies but she doesn't [TS]

  generally quote sci-fi movie dialogue at [TS]

  back at me I'm the one who tends to do [TS]

  that in this relationship and and she [TS]

  she turns to me as as we're watching it [TS]

  and says lieutenant your men are already [TS]

  dead which is such a wonderful thing [TS]

  because there's the police that kind of [TS]

  that police guy who says that my guys [TS]

  can handle a little girl he is this just [TS]

  complete awful obnoxious cop and and and [TS]

  we meet agent smith and and he says your [TS]

  men are already dead and then we see [TS]

  Trinity dispatch all of these all of [TS]

  these guys and and then we get that huge [TS]

  chasing and it's it's a quite a [TS]

  statement this movie makes right at the [TS]

  top that this is not maybe the kind of [TS]

  movie that you're expecting me at the [TS]

  strong female character who is in this [TS]

  action sequence and the chase and and [TS]

  and does some pretty amazing things that [TS]

  you like how is that possible right and [TS]

  and then that leads off to her running [TS]

  to a phone booth and car smashing into [TS]

  it and it's like what did I just see but [TS]

  it's a it really is a spectacular action [TS]

  scene to start a movie and i love it oh [TS]

  yeah no I I with the other night when I [TS]

  rewatched and i watched it with my 11 [TS]

  year old who you know again had no idea [TS]

  what he was in for and and and he you [TS]

  know he's already doing the thing where [TS]

  he'll have a tablet or a d/s or [TS]

  something while he's watching and and as [TS]

  that's going on he's just looking over [TS]

  the top of it and finally just turns it [TS]

  off and put it down [TS]

  yeah it's like that yeah okay okay [TS]

  and the thing that really struck me [TS]

  especially like looking at some of the [TS]

  lighting and the just the [TS]

  framing of shots especially when she's [TS]

  in the midst of the fight and and on the [TS]

  roof later I don't need all these things [TS]

  is that this really is a comic book yeah [TS]

  you know and it is it's maybe one of the [TS]

  best-looking you know most comic book [TS]

  looking movies I've ever seen [TS]

  yeah that scene is that's where i bought [TS]

  in I mean yeah we can we can credit the [TS]

  fact that I thought nine times in the [TS]

  theater is very expensive summer for [TS]

  movies come back two minutes came out [TS]

  that you're too good grief see only so [TS]

  that once [TS]

  yeah I that nine times as well I'm that [TS]

  geek so wait you earlier said you [TS]

  weren't a masochist [TS]

  haha we all did face at the time that we [TS]

  might regret later Steve will just never [TS]

  never all very excited about the Phantom [TS]

  Menace when it came out [TS]

  yes but I I thought it was really bold [TS]

  to start the film with like you said [TS]

  Jason a female character because that's [TS]

  not something that actually that's not [TS]

  something you still see in the movies [TS]

  very often and I was just not only blown [TS]

  away by the fact that it's it's a woman [TS]

  thats its kicking ass but how much she [TS]

  was kicking ass and i also have to [TS]

  mention another little bit of symmetry [TS]

  because that's the kind of stuff that [TS]

  really gets me going when she lands at [TS]

  the bottom of the stairs in this thing [TS]

  you know get opportunity [TS]

  get up that's echoed again at the end of [TS]

  the movie which will get to write and i [TS]

  love that moment to because we've seen [TS]

  her at that moment when she's at the [TS]

  bottom of the stairs laying on her back [TS]

  with guns pointed up at the window [TS]

  waiting for that agent to come through [TS]

  this we've seen her do things that seem [TS]

  super human and we definitely have seen [TS]

  the agent do things that seem super [TS]

  human they've left the police behind and [TS]

  there's that moment where immediately [TS]

  following this superhuman chase she's [TS]

  laying at the bottom of the stairs and [TS]

  she's vulnerable and she's scared and [TS]

  she's waiting for that horrible monster [TS]

  to come through the window and then she [TS]

  has to kind of like talk yourself into [TS]

  getting to the next thing and that's a [TS]

  great combination to because we've just [TS]

  seen her super part and now we see her [TS]

  as you obviously she is vulnerable [TS]

  there's something that that these super [TS]

  people that we're watching are afraid of [TS]

  and i love that combination then she [TS]

  runs you know runs down the street it's [TS]

  it's a indelible scene i love that scene [TS]

  ok let's step out of the matrix brief [TS]

  lean back into the real world so i can [TS]

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  ok now everybody take the red pill one [TS]

  of the many reasons that the geeks like [TS]

  this movie as the reason that makes like [TS]

  a lot of movies is that it doesn't it [TS]

  assumes a level of intelligence and [TS]

  being able to follow the plot that many [TS]

  blockbuster action movies do not and so [TS]

  the the opening of the movie where they [TS]

  don't explain who is this person [TS]

  why are these people chasing her why can [TS]

  they do these things a lesser popcorn [TS]

  action movie would have to set up all [TS]

  those things before you see a dramatic [TS]

  action scene at least explain to you [TS]

  that the people are maybe if you don't [TS]

  explain it because it's a it's a [TS]

  franchise movie and everyone knows who [TS]

  Batman is that you can have an opening [TS]

  scene and people has accepted his batman [TS]

  no explanation of who these people are [TS]

  what's at stake why they're chasing each [TS]

  other why they can do these things in [TS]

  the premise of the movie or in the [TS]

  advertising or anything because in them [TS]

  in a movie like a good boy [TS]

  the story unfolds and you learn things [TS]

  but that is so counter to the way [TS]

  blockbuster movies are done so any movie [TS]

  that gives you any credit to be able to [TS]

  follow plot and and revealing [TS]

  information later that you know let's [TS]

  look back in earlier scenes and explain [TS]

  them get such a big thumbs-up from [TS]

  nerves especially when its i5 it's like [TS]

  finally you're not talking down to me as [TS]

  badly as you usually are [TS]

  and I I definitely felt that in this [TS]

  opening scene because again going in [TS]

  knowing nothing I knew these weren't [TS]

  franchise characters it's not based on [TS]

  you know anything that our life is it [TS]

  was based on a comic book or property to [TS]

  die [TS]

  I hadn't heard of or anything and they [TS]

  just went right into it here we are [TS]

  they're fighting you did you learn later [TS]

  why they're fighting and it will make [TS]

  sense and sure enough you did and I like [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah that's exactly the reverse dramatic [TS]

  irony i was talking about it i like [TS]

  movies like that because it makes me [TS]

  feel like my time was worth something [TS]

  yeah I've accomplished something it's [TS]

  not like you know captain info dump at [TS]

  the beginning of the movie telling me [TS]

  everything I should know and and the [TS]

  thing that's that's really striking is [TS]

  that you know because it's not based on [TS]

  an existing thing because we don't know [TS]

  who this is because it's not either of [TS]

  the two big names who are advertised in [TS]

  every piece of marketing it's not [TS]

  laurence fishburne it's not Keanu Reeves [TS]

  who is this [TS]

  maybe the thing maybe the truck really [TS]

  did kill her when it crashed into the [TS]

  phone booth [TS]

  you know we have no idea who this is and [TS]

  suddenly we realize that any one of [TS]

  these characters could die at any moment [TS]

  and suddenly there are steaks where [TS]

  james bond is not gonna die [TS]

  why are these phones so important to [TS]

  people in front of them even of the [TS]

  truck is gonna smash and then you know [TS]

  again spoiling later when Keanu dies and [TS]

  you go wait a minute and then suddenly [TS]

  he's not dead so they've even changed [TS]

  that rule by the end of the movie [TS]

  we're Keanu Reeves doesn't die at the [TS]

  end of again thanks for catching I'm [TS]

  sorry to ruin a spin-out 414 not that [TS]

  you know so that we cut me cut and we [TS]

  get that we meet women Keanu Reeves and [TS]

  he is this kind of shlumpy programmer [TS]

  guy living in his little apartment and [TS]

  there's a knock on the door and there's [TS]

  some kind of there's a there's a really [TS]

  douchey guy who wants to do was like a [TS]

  disc or something and talks about [TS]

  mescaline that support more than most [TS]

  embarrassing lines in the entire movie [TS]

  it's the only way to fly his clothing [TS]

  ginger who has the audacity to call [TS]

  kiadó reefs whiter than you yeah i know [TS]

  now and uh by the but the the girl who's [TS]

  with him [TS]

  she's got the white rabbit tattoo and [TS]

  he's gotten his mysterious text glowing [TS]

  green text message on his computer that [TS]

  says to follow the white rabbit and so [TS]

  we get what and what I really now I [TS]

  think about it is this descent into the [TS]

  mystery of the matrix but at the time [TS]

  I'm thinking oh this is what the story [TS]

  is going to be the first time this movie [TS]

  unfolds it's like you know now I'm [TS]

  understanding what I'm seeing is a [TS]

  regular guy who you know it's almost [TS]

  like what's the Martin Scorsese movie [TS]

  after hours with griffin dunne right [TS]

  where it's a regular guy who gets in the [TS]

  series of ridiculous situations and goes [TS]

  further and further into the underworld [TS]

  and that's originally that's what I [TS]

  thought is that what it is and now we [TS]

  know it's really just him getting to the [TS]

  nightclub so that he can meet Trinity [TS]

  right that establishes his character as [TS]

  not the character that the geeks will [TS]

  identify with the moment that he [TS]

  credulous Lee believes that he doesn't [TS]

  like an actual nerd would be like that's [TS]

  an actual coincidence that my brain is [TS]

  applying significance to it because it [TS]

  seems like whoa that must mean like they [TS]

  totally just said white rabbit and some [TS]

  other way around no but he is credulous [TS]

  and he is stupid and like these the [TS]

  forest gump of the movie and so he goes [TS]

  long as it's all right right out the [TS]

  gate we know [TS]

  ok I'm not identifying with me oh he [TS]

  also goes out he's not a skeptical [TS]

  marathon so I do like the needed a [TS]

  super-secret sony mini discs in a [TS]

  hollowed-out copy of simulacra and [TS]

  simulation yeah open to the page on me [TS]

  ilysm i love the sony minidisc thing by [TS]

  the way that looks better and better as [TS]

  time received like what kind of crazy [TS]

  fuck is this that's the second layer of [TS]

  this movie is that when you know I [TS]

  showed it to my son as well the idea of [TS]

  like nineties technology phone booths [TS]

  that the nokia cell phone that snaps [TS]

  open what has to be impressive like all [TS]

  that kind of retro-futuristic it was [TS]

  impressive that was super impressed when [TS]

  honking phone to it makes a great sound [TS]

  when it clicks as it and I'm very [TS]

  excited that's what you want moving no [TS]

  you're right it is I remember so this is [TS]

  one of my references Jason always makes [TS]

  on podcast it's not about the Micronauts [TS]

  it's about Max Headroom but max headroom [TS]

  the art direction is lots of weird [TS]

  anachronistic stuff so there's like [TS]

  there's like Studebakers that everybody [TS]

  drives and stuff and I what I like about [TS]

  it is it's like this bizarre combination [TS]

  of things [TS]

  the matrix watching it now i feel more [TS]

  of that like when they're in the matrix [TS]

  it's eight at the time it was there in [TS]

  the present day and now it's like [TS]

  they're in a simulation of 1999 and it [TS]

  feels like it actually kind of works [TS]

  that they've got the mini discs in the [TS]

  and the cell phones and all of that [TS]

  well it here's the thing with [TS]

  perspective so I'm watching it with my [TS]

  son and you know neo gets the little bit [TS]

  of the computer wakes up with the [TS]

  messages and he goes that's a [TS]

  weird-looking I message it didn't [TS]

  because it didn't you know of course the [TS]

  computers going to talk to you [TS]

  yeah i miss you know that's not a [TS]

  computer that's less you're going to be [TS]

  if it's just the hoop [TS]

  here's a message from your friend [TS]

  Morpheus ok so Neil goes to work he's [TS]

  accused of cubical drone is specifically [TS]

  a program writer for a respectable [TS]

  software company whatever that is I i [TS]

  left meets Trinity we should say that he [TS]

  meets trinity at the at the club v [TS]

  Trinity Jason and there's a nice scene [TS]

  there where where he says I thought you [TS]

  were a guy she says most guys do [TS]

  yeah beauty is a couple of a couple of [TS]

  good lines that movie still stand up [TS]

  yeah but then he ends up in the cubicle [TS]

  farm and we see his soul crushing job [TS]

  with his soul crushing boss and so he [TS]

  gets the FedExed cell phone and it [TS]

  immediately rings and you're mad that [TS]

  the serious thing in this movie is what [TS]

  if somebody sent you a phone in the mail [TS]

  when you open the box [TS]

  well it could be they've been calling [TS]

  every fire and it's a nokia was a hook [TS]

  so we answered it and it's Morpheus and [TS]

  and I really like that scene where [TS]

  we're Morpheus tells me exactly what to [TS]

  do like you can see every single thing [TS]

  and knows the sequence of events and and [TS]

  you know go now and the runs across and [TS]

  it's very tense but it's also like how [TS]

  is this possible how is this guy doing [TS]

  this and he leads him to the window and [TS]

  and he goes out on the ledge and then [TS]

  you know again kind of going against [TS]

  your expectations key hunters like now [TS]

  forget it and then next next scene is [TS]

  with the agents and his boss and it's [TS]

  like right now I'm not going I'm not [TS]

  gonna I'm not gonna follow this Morpheus [TS]

  guy who is this guy [TS]

  I don't have it at this point we still [TS]

  have no idea what's at stake [TS]

  why they're chasing him why he is [TS]

  important in any way like because he [TS]

  doesn't know and we don't know at what [TS]

  why do people catch him what are they [TS]

  gonna do when they catch him what [TS]

  anything is this process you know the [TS]

  criminals is he a criminal they're gonna [TS]

  kill him are they part of his boss his [TS]

  work is it a computer and we know [TS]

  nothing which is great like you've got [TS]

  so long into the movie without them [TS]

  explaining it to you [TS]

  I like that scene because you're right [TS]

  we don't know anything but at that point [TS]

  I no longer feel like I'm alone in not [TS]

  knowing anything because that's when neo [TS]

  really joins us as the audience in being [TS]

  like WTF have no idea what's happening [TS]

  right yeah this is the first place where [TS]

  I kind of started having problems with [TS]

  the movie having three watched it a few [TS]

  times if the computers running this [TS]

  whole simulation shouldn't hiding from [TS]

  the agents be basically impossible i [TS]

  think the agents I think I mean [TS]

  obviously the premise of the movie is [TS]

  that the agents the agents are our [TS]

  artificial intelligence that they work [TS]

  within the make their loose within the [TS]

  system and that's that it Smith even [TS]

  says later you know I i hate the smell [TS]

  and and that they're obviously clearly [TS]

  getting some kind of information from [TS]

  their little headsets right but the [TS]

  matrix did they like they have to play [TS]

  by the rules [TS]

  he's he's almost like a virus that's why [TS]

  they have to have headsets yeah i think [TS]

  that i think that's I mean otherwise [TS]

  what's the point of the movie if there's [TS]

  just and then a hand appeared out of the [TS]

  sky and picked up neo and crushed him [TS]

  and the end right today after them their [TS]

  day they can break the rules but they [TS]

  still have to be in the world and play [TS]

  bye-bye to some degree the physics of [TS]

  the world and that's just the premise we [TS]

  have to go through stiii psalm is sort [TS]

  of sort of like a virus that you sort of [TS]

  stick in there that's working as a free [TS]

  agent [TS]

  so to speak um right I you know who [TS]

  knows how intentionally they put that in [TS]

  there if they ever did sequels they [TS]

  might have explained it but [TS]

  yeah again sadly I mean someday [TS]

  something deadly has everybody seen the [TS]

  the imagine sequels they don't know what [TS]

  you're talking about yes i have i have [TS]

  seen all the man i don't deny the [TS]

  existence as always although they are [TS]

  terrible but I like they had they had [TS]

  seeds of possible things [TS]

  yeah they had they had an interesting [TS]

  ideas it just completely portal and [TS]

  actually argued that the first half of [TS]

  the trilogy is good because i think the [TS]

  first half of the second movie is [TS]

  actually pretty good and then it comes [TS]

  to a screeching halt and never resumed I [TS]

  think that good popcorn movies they're [TS]

  just fun to watch not funded i can think [TS]

  about the car chase in matrix reloaded [TS]

  is amazing it's just that any architect [TS]

  appears yeah yeah there's this great [TS]

  action scenes buddy you have to you have [TS]

  to figure out it like for the first [TS]

  movie is a clear arc they will travel [TS]

  through of like be you know a beginning [TS]

  middle end we see you know we be the [TS]

  beginning you don't know that you do [TS]

  know it's revealed and there's a climax [TS]

  and blah blah and I just didn't come up [TS]

  with that for the next two movies they [TS]

  just wanted to finish telling the story [TS]

  but didn't figure out oh then we have [TS]

  two more movies in each one of those [TS]

  movies needs to be a satisfying [TS]

  self-righting story that's pretty [TS]

  continues the plot and they said now [TS]

  we're not gonna do that [TS]

  just working downloading happening in [TS]

  those movies in terms of mythology and [TS]

  stuff instead of really more satisfying [TS]

  stories in effect of the third movie [TS]

  ends up being a giant like my neck [TS]

  gunbattle kind of thing is sort of this [TS]

  morning although although you could say [TS]

  that about the end of this movie too and [TS]

  maybe well maybe we'll get there [TS]

  although we're going through slowly [TS]

  through it I they put a bug in him they [TS]

  put up they put a bug in him and that he [TS]

  wakes up and and and I feel like we're [TS]

  still at the point in this movie where [TS]

  there's a question about whether [TS]

  anything truly fantastical is going on [TS]

  we're sort of in that easy is the [TS]

  imagining this what's the reason behind [TS]

  this is is this the real world and i [TS]

  feel like the moment where the moment [TS]

  where he gets what it his mouth come [TS]

  across somebody mouthful and they still [TS]

  bugging and all of that it's like oh my [TS]

  god what is happening now that's that [TS]

  moment where it's just like the mouth [TS]

  closed up you're like okay is this movie [TS]

  this movie have magic something is or is [TS]

  this or is this all like a drug trip or [TS]

  hallucination because previously [TS]

  everything had been [TS]

  you know guns fighting but no no like [TS]

  fantasy elements and then once his mouth [TS]

  closed over like that like it's either a [TS]

  horror movie your fantasy movie or the [TS]

  some sort of drug thing and it'syou by [TS]

  saying okay now he wakes up [TS]

  maybe he dreamed all that it seemed like [TS]

  a dream sequence didn't it and you're [TS]

  still not sure what's going on but now [TS]

  you don't even know what genre the [TS]

  movies anymore yeah great [TS]

  the first sign that things are not quite [TS]

  right is for me the best thing in the [TS]

  movie and that's the way that Hugo [TS]

  Weaving talks he's amazing oh yeah [TS]

  halting he's got that kind of weird half [TS]

  accidenti his little paws here and there [TS]

  it's like he's struggling to figure out [TS]

  how humans talk [TS]

  he's trying to wrap his programming [TS]

  around and it's wonderfully done and it [TS]

  really racks up the tension I think the [TS]

  thing i noticed for the first time [TS]

  during the scene where they insert the [TS]

  bug this time out there is this funky [TS]

  little divot a little up into the left [TS]

  of Keanu Reeves belly button [TS]

  it's like a bonus navel it's really [TS]

  weird i think the reason this guy talks [TS]

  so where is he was grown in a lab yeah [TS]

  that's a stem that's where he was [TS]

  plucked off both kiana tree it's just [TS]

  odd i wasn't sure if it was some weird [TS]

  pieces so I they just threw into confuse [TS]

  me or what the deal is Steve yurikano [TS]

  sort of horror movies so i'm sure there [TS]

  have been lots of belly button related [TS]

  horror things and passed movies but i [TS]

  love when they extract the the bug that [TS]

  big it's kind of like we're going to [TS]

  stick its like the belly button is a God [TS]

  stay away from the belly button but no [TS]

  such a sensitive area it's a it's a [TS]

  really effective [TS]

  I know I know if it's really effective [TS]

  but it's like blah [TS]

  every time I just think it comes out and [TS]

  it's sloshing around in that purplish [TS]

  sludge yeah in the two in the two would [TS]

  be more effective if his line was [TS]

  delivered a little better Jesus Christ [TS]

  things real see that's what I'm talking [TS]

  about yeah yeah that's the sort of thing [TS]

  where somebody other than kiana would [TS]

  improve out the secret is not to give [TS]

  him lines that's right he should just be [TS]

  going huh [TS]

  just a lot of that a lot of growing this [TS]

  scene by the way this grossest and the [TS]

  the grossest and the horror of this [TS]

  scene in this thing is excellent [TS]

  it gets even better once you realize [TS]

  that all that you know what's inside a [TS]

  computer simulations like why does why [TS]

  does it have to be that gross and [TS]

  horrible it's like well again to some [TS]

  degree you have to play by the rules of [TS]

  the thing and the physical referent is [TS]

  that [TS]

  physical representation of you know [TS]

  hacking or modifying the code of a [TS]

  running system is so much better when [TS]

  you abstract entirely from real code [TS]

  because God forbid you try just throw [TS]

  someone doing real hacking which they [TS]

  did I think one of the sequel's or maybe [TS]

  in this movie too and remember it's so [TS]

  much better when you say no this is a [TS]

  metaphor for they put a bug on him and [TS]

  we're going to extracted and the [TS]

  metaphor is disgusting in terrible but [TS]

  really what's going on is you're just [TS]

  changing 10 is in a program and this is [TS]

  just the manifestation of that right [TS]

  that's like another seen that look at [TS]

  that becomes more interesting and [TS]

  retrospective when you first see it it's [TS]

  just gross and weird when you realize it [TS]

  was all fake it takes on a new meaning [TS]

  and it becomes even more interesting i [TS]

  think well and obviously one watching [TS]

  this movie this time i noticed the again [TS]

  this is probably why the graduate [TS]

  students for telling me well blow your [TS]

  mind man is when we know now goes to [TS]

  Morpheus and they drive him to tim [TS]

  burton's batman and Morpheus talk to my [TS]

  notes I've got my notes in front of me [TS]

  for that I took while I was watching [TS]

  this and what i have written down is [TS]

  more peace talks like a fortune cookie [TS]

  yeah well said it's just it's hilarious [TS]

  that and I think you know again I kind [TS]

  of like it I like that he is a spouting [TS]

  off like philosophical at like [TS]

  everything he says will is made to blow [TS]

  your mind that's what his job is to be [TS]

  that guy who is going to say these [TS]

  things and Laurence Fishburne says them [TS]

  incredibly well and they're these crazy [TS]

  things but what I noticed this time and [TS]

  I mean I noticed the first time but what [TS]

  I really noticed this time is is clearly [TS]

  what the Wachowskis goal and message of [TS]

  this movie is the underlying message is [TS]

  that you know he mortgaged talks about [TS]

  paying your tab you see it every time [TS]

  you pay your taxes in the matrix is [TS]

  society it blots individualism and free [TS]

  will [TS]

  the matrix is the system it is it is [TS]

  society it is the world around us and of [TS]

  course that's the moment where you're [TS]

  like you guys are out there you think [TS]

  you're not in the matrix but you are in [TS]

  the matrix which is the message I mean [TS]

  it's not necessarily the the most [TS]

  shocking and deep of messages but that [TS]

  that clearly is what they want you [TS]

  thinking about this entire rest of the [TS]

  movie is you know are you in your own [TS]

  personal matrix and Morpheus is your [TS]

  guide to kind of like dress it up and [TS]

  see [TS]

  of some psychedelia but it really is [TS]

  like you know when he says it's when you [TS]

  pay your taxes it's like haha ok I get [TS]

  what you're doing this is a [TS]

  i-don't-know-what a and with the bugs [TS]

  government agent bugs to is this a kind [TS]

  of libertarian anarchist kind of that's [TS]

  actually that's actually two prominent [TS]

  mentions of paying taxes and like the [TS]

  first 20 minutes of the film [TS]

  yeah and Smith mentioned that you know [TS]

  and trinity famously hack the IRS [TS]

  database right that's right well like [TS]

  they do balance it off they are [TS]

  self-aware enough to balance it because [TS]

  Morpheus does talking a fortune cookie [TS]

  spots all this crap but there are [TS]

  characters they intentionally put in a [TS]

  movie who are like that Morpheus guy is [TS]

  nuts right like like even his crew [TS]

  around him is like alright movies like [TS]

  they they realize he talks like a [TS]

  fortune cookie they realize how [TS]

  ridiculous isn't so the skeptics in the [TS]

  movie like we're not supposed to take [TS]

  him seriously obviously he takes himself [TS]

  totals you seriously but the people [TS]

  around him are like he's looking at more [TS]

  of these guys a little bit off and you [TS]

  know i may or may not believe all that [TS]

  crazy craft that he's pouting and it's [TS]

  amusing or whatever so he is balanced by [TS]

  that and i think the movie is not like [TS]

  they're clearly that's more visas role [TS]

  but I don't think it's the filmmakers [TS]

  position that you know hey man you're in [TS]

  the matrix has you every time you pay [TS]

  your taxes that's what that's a one [TS]

  character in the movie says and other [TS]

  characters think he's nuts and like they [TS]

  just you know try to find the balance [TS]

  between is Morpheus nuts are the [TS]

  skeptics right or what is the real [TS]

  situation I appreciate that a lot of the [TS]

  drive for Joey pants turning turncoat on [TS]

  them is he just can't take more faces PS [TS]

  huh [TS]

  exactly because like he is annoying is [TS]

  pumping the pompous ass and he's he [TS]

  wants a steak and he's tired of the [TS]

  fortune cookie didn't didn't realize [TS]

  what he was signing up for joe [TS]

  pantoliano Joey pants who's who is safer [TS]

  and betrays everybody [TS]

  yeah he wants a steak and he didn't [TS]

  realize what he was signing up for [TS]

  speaking of Morpheus originally [TS]

  originally val kilmer was supposed to [TS]

  play that part of the better they wanted [TS]

  every time I want right now I constantly [TS]

  like I'm picturing val kilmer and you [TS]

  know what I think that he could I think [TS]

  you can have a pretty well I saw the [TS]

  doors he could totally do it but unlike [TS]

  Laurence Fishburne he doesn't have the [TS]

  texture of a fortune cookie so it [TS]

  doesn't work as well the what else what [TS]

  else we also so they he takes the red [TS]

  pill right [TS]

  thank you to take the blue pill you go [TS]

  back and we've got all our all our hole [TS]

  Alice in Wonderland returns here and the [TS]

  next scene again reason a really [TS]

  memorable scene and John mentioned [TS]

  earlier is my notes say Nia wakes up in [TS]

  his googoo coffin he is covered in goo [TS]

  and he's bald and I mean I don't know [TS]

  whether they shot this out of sequence [TS]

  so he could seem like emaciated but he [TS]

  seems so messed up in these scenes that [TS]

  it's actually really great aesthetics or [TS]

  something on his chest yeah he was here [TS]

  yesterday [TS]

  yeah he has to look different and like [TS]

  yeah this this was the point of the [TS]

  movie like right up to the pill point [TS]

  he's spouting all this crap like what [TS]

  the hell is he talking about because it [TS]

  sounded like just terrible BS or never [TS]

  as soon as they showed him in the goo [TS]

  I think pretty much every side finer is [TS]

  like 600 everything every single piece [TS]

  falls into place you don't need to see [TS]

  the end of the GU seen as soon as you [TS]

  see a bald guy with tools like all right [TS]

  now I understand the whole movie and [TS]

  like at that point the acceleration of [TS]

  saying I understand everything that has [TS]

  come before and I know exactly where [TS]

  this movie is going now go like that [TS]

  that was an exhilarating turn of events [TS]

  whereas I think nan sci-fi nerds at that [TS]

  point in the movie have not had enough [TS]

  explanation at all because that fortune [TS]

  cookie crap makes no sense to know [TS]

  what's going on and like some of them [TS]

  make it through the whole rest of the [TS]

  movie like you know i'm looking up [TS]

  throwing my parents on the bus but it [TS]

  holds the whole rest of the movie [TS]

  without understanding the promise and [TS]

  other people have to wait for the you [TS]

  know the explanation later and see more [TS]

  of it for it to sink in so everyone has [TS]

  something you put them on like a bell [TS]

  curve like how long after you see read [TS]

  good you do you understand what is going [TS]

  on in the matrix and that could go out [TS]

  to infinity on the right side versus [TS]

  when they're in the matrix where they [TS]

  park their spaceship exactly like their [TS]

  that problem does exist [TS]

  yeah I I suppose he does he does move [TS]

  pretty good for a guy who's never used [TS]

  his muscles before though I to say well [TS]

  you know they keep they have to keep [TS]

  them a certain strength yes and this is [TS]

  also the point where my little nerd [TS]

  brain started going and I started to [TS]

  turn against the movies because the [TS]

  whole time now i will briefly give Mike [TS]

  complain about the promises like if you [TS]

  are a computer you know artificial [TS]

  intelligence that wants to rule the [TS]

  world [TS]

  the worst thing for you to do is to keep [TS]

  your only potential rival for the planet [TS]

  alive in any [TS]

  a possible way for any reason that is [TS]

  the worst decision you could ever make [TS]

  it and in the movie you can see in the [TS]

  comic book that explained it in the [TS]

  animatrix winner in the movie there is [TS]

  no explanation why a super intelligent [TS]

  machine would keep humans around any [TS]

  capacity of them to create dramatic [TS]

  tension even if even if living things [TS]

  were were batteries which there now I'm [TS]

  not even i'm not even getting why not [TS]

  how's that why not a long one is the [TS]

  collective geothermal heat like [TS]

  elephants the worst thing you can do is [TS]

  keep humans around and like I'm not even [TS]

  getting into like is it about good to [TS]

  get energy from living things like not [TS]

  even discussing that just saying like [TS]

  the worst thing you can do is keep [TS]

  humans around get rid of the humans job [TS]

  0 this is the skynet AI version of the [TS]

  villain not killing James Bond before he [TS]

  tells a mysterious guy that had the [TS]

  right idea what its kind want to do kill [TS]

  every 10 minutes longer be simple and [TS]

  what is the point again if of having to [TS]

  feed the battery people this dream world [TS]

  and are going to control it just goes [TS]

  down it'll go to pot yeah it just goes [TS]

  downhill from there once you once you've [TS]

  got that premise giving a false sense [TS]

  anything follow later like are gonna [TS]

  take the science out i actually like i [TS]

  like i like to believe and this is again [TS]

  going outside of the scope of the movie [TS]

  but I like to believe that what's really [TS]

  going on here is that the machines know [TS]

  that they lack creativity and they know [TS]

  that they that they need humans but they [TS]

  want to subjugate them and that the [TS]

  matrix exists to get that you know get [TS]

  the human element and get that get the [TS]

  creativity and the things the machines [TS]

  lack and and siphon it off in in this [TS]

  controlled environment i like to believe [TS]

  that that is what's going on there but [TS]

  it's never said in the movie it's more [TS]

  just like we give this thing for you to [TS]

  play around in while we use you as a [TS]

  battery and that that's a nice statement [TS]

  of like human life has been reduced to [TS]

  being a Duracell battery there's a [TS]

  product placement by the way the problem [TS]

  is that they try to explain a lot [TS]

  they explained just enough that you feel [TS]

  like okay well he's thought about some [TS]

  of this but then they stopped when i [TS]

  levitate they can't get past the purpose [TS]

  of keeping humans around believe in the [TS]

  comic book they tried to sidestep that [TS]

  by saying that the brainpower of the [TS]

  humans was being you know used as a [TS]

  computational aid to like to give them [TS]

  more computing power because they [TS]

  couldn't you know the hardware wasn't [TS]

  sufficiently need to use organic brains [TS]

  to help them [TS]

  computer and that's why they needed [TS]

  these human brains that doesn't really [TS]

  hold up either like my favorite take on [TS]

  this is and probably we could talk about [TS]

  this more at the end why these two [TS]

  things about this equals the animatrix [TS]

  animated movies which are prequels to [TS]

  yes they are i like them better [TS]

  yeah because I like anime i like them [TS]

  better than the first matrix movie and [TS]

  and they're shorter well so that's [TS]

  exactly is right up my alley is so it's [TS]

  not surprising that i like that because [TS]

  in those movies explains how this AI [TS]

  comes to be and that AI really wants to [TS]

  kill the humans and then it kind of [TS]

  towards the end you know it's going to [TS]

  lead offer to this premise where you [TS]

  keep humans around for some reason but [TS]

  you can pretend that doesn't ever [TS]

  actually happen so i recommend everyone [TS]

  to watch those that can find I just [TS]

  think I would've been even better if [TS]

  they had said even less about why the [TS]

  humans were being kept around and just [TS]

  left a complete mystery [TS]

  we don't understand the ways of the [TS]

  machines [TS]

  well yeah especially if if the agents [TS]

  aren't really the machines they're just [TS]

  the security agents running in the [TS]

  matrix then yeah it would be better if [TS]

  it was really just like we don't even [TS]

  understand why they do what they do [TS]

  because it's a terrible decision its [TS]

  ability i assumed it was like the the [TS]

  dream state and the creativity of you [TS]

  know it's one thing to be in a coma but [TS]

  it's another thing to be actively living [TS]

  in creating and dreaming in that dream [TS]

  state and that that was what really [TS]

  charged up the batteries as it were that [TS]

  you know it wasn't enough for them to [TS]

  just be living breathing pumping blood [TS]

  they had to be creative to I don't think [TS]

  that about this is into the it's not [TS]

  it's not the magic of the magic of [TS]

  emotion and thought that somehow there's [TS]

  this extra physical world in which our [TS]

  emotions that are you know are harnessed [TS]

  into energies that are beyond the powers [TS]

  of machines and blah blah blah but just [TS]

  fine if you're going to do a superhero [TS]

  movie with telekinetic stuff or whatever [TS]

  but if you're going to a sci-fi movie [TS]

  not so great right side of film with [TS]

  great spectacle is that you're willing [TS]

  to say alright well i'm enjoying the [TS]

  what's going on here enough that i'm [TS]

  just going to stop thinking at this [TS]

  point about the major plot holes and the [TS]

  things that they aren't explaining and [TS]

  I'm just gonna go i do that when the [TS]

  battery thing comes up on my computer [TS]

  but ok yeah yeah [TS]

  something that I'm willing to do with [TS]

  the matrix because the film is so well [TS]

  done in other ways [TS]

  okay uh let's see what else we got here [TS]

  I i wanted to mention the the prophecy [TS]

  stuff i'm not a big fan of the youthful [TS]

  prophecy thing although i do I think [TS]

  they do some very nice things with it in [TS]

  this in this movie especially that [TS]

  moment in the plot where joe pantoliano [TS]

  is basically about to pull the plug on [TS]

  me oh and and there's that whole [TS]

  questions like well this can't be [TS]

  because we know that he's the prophecy [TS]

  guy and they're gonna prove him wrong [TS]

  here and so they they they push that to [TS]

  the limit [TS]

  I'd even though the actual prophecy [TS]

  doesn't really make a whole sense [TS]

  because they say that like there was a [TS]

  great prophet early on and waiting for [TS]

  him to return which is you know it's a [TS]

  very very you know Christian image you [TS]

  know and so is neo of reincarnation of [TS]

  somebody or is he you know it's not [TS]

  explain but it just seems it seems to me [TS]

  like it's sort of slapped in there like [TS]

  we need something kind of mystical but [TS]

  will you know i'll explain later [TS]

  it is what i liked it because the the [TS]

  prophecy and the first of the Oracle [TS]

  actress is great but like I liked it [TS]

  because like Morpheus is crap you're [TS]

  like come on now is expected to believe [TS]

  this crap like it's unreliable no it's [TS]

  not accepted at face value and in many [TS]

  points in the mood like they don't tell [TS]

  you this is the prophecy is totally [TS]

  between the whole time you like this [TS]

  sounds like crap and other characters [TS]

  like yeah it does kind of sound like [TS]

  crap and then things happen that seems [TS]

  to counteract the prophecy like see that [TS]

  property stuff was crap like they kind [TS]

  of I want to have the cake and eat it [TS]

  too making you disbelieve the Prophet [TS]

  just like neo doesn't and you believe it [TS]

  and even when it all comes to fruition [TS]

  you're like what was that the prophecy [TS]

  or was that just what happened but I [TS]

  like that it's like they you know they [TS]

  don't provide you with the prophecy [TS]

  expect you to swallow it whole they [TS]

  expect fully that you're going to hear [TS]

  this prophecy will sound like bogus crap [TS]

  and they got wonderful singing in the [TS]

  kitchen plays off of that I think [TS]

  deliciously requiring again counties to [TS]

  do nothing except look like an idiot the [TS]

  whole time which is great [TS]

  while that actress you know what's [TS]

  really going to crumble your cookie [TS]

  later or whatever you know that that'll [TS]

  take your noodle bake your noodle and [TS]

  take your needle like it could get much [TS]

  more baked but they were actually they [TS]

  were sort of threading that throughout [TS]

  the film and i like that they sort of [TS]

  walked a fine line and said that you [TS]

  don't necessarily need [TS]

  to believe this but even at the [TS]

  beginning the you know the turkey guy at [TS]

  the beginning says you're my own [TS]

  personal Jesus Christ and then you got [TS]

  him you know flying away at the end he [TS]

  he he's definitely some sort of you know [TS]

  he dies christ-like superhero figure [TS]

  rises again at least his name isn't like [TS]

  John John John Carroll or something like [TS]

  that it's like oh cincinnati another [TS]

  joke anti in here is like the I believe [TS]

  it's the end of the harbor Lord of the [TS]

  Rings somewhere in the chair will tell [TS]

  you where again all says to guess the [TS]

  propagandist of the billboards sure you [TS]

  don't disbelieve the prophecies just [TS]

  because you had a part in bringing them [TS]

  about again I'll speak thing is like [TS]

  hopping out bubbles like them i did all [TS]

  this stuff look what I did is like what [TS]

  doesn't mean the prophecy wasn't true [TS]

  just because you helped bring it about [TS]

  you know you are two of the prophecy [TS]

  versus being your own free agent again [TS]

  often the Oracle would have some [TS]

  disagreements about prophecy [TS]

  well I mean that that's one of the [TS]

  things that really tickled me the first [TS]

  time i watch tattoo is again just seeing [TS]

  all the little religious allegories and [TS]

  little things they stuck in there and [TS]

  not from any one particular religion [TS]

  it's all over the place and and not [TS]

  taken too seriously like the whole [TS]

  oracle seen idea like actually is great [TS]

  because more pieces so serious about it [TS]

  and she totally the Oracle totally [TS]

  diffuses it like this now yeah that's [TS]

  not a serious with a cookie [TS]

  have a cookie or not to parade have a [TS]

  cook and just the fact that she [TS]

  completely completely sober during your [TS]

  expectations as being you know [TS]

  oh my gosh we're going to see the Oracle [TS]

  the Oracle the Oracle it's so exciting [TS]

  and then you get there and she's just [TS]

  this this cute little lady whose baking [TS]

  cookies in a very nondescript department [TS]

  and she lives in the in the brady bunch [TS]

  of kitchen [TS]

  mmm yeah and and she and she also [TS]

  completely count contradicts Morpheus [TS]

  right she's like now [TS]

  sorry kid you're not the one which is [TS]

  like oh what a relief Keanu is not the [TS]

  one and they had like what did she tell [TS]

  Morpheus she never actually said that [TS]

  though it can I don't know exactly what [TS]

  she said she never she just says kind of [TS]

  like looks like you're waiting for [TS]

  something yeah disappointment [TS]

  yeah yeah I know it's great in and [TS]

  that's so i can talk about like oh you [TS]

  know there was a person before and all [TS]

  that but I feel like that's the setup [TS]

  right it's like we're supposed to buy [TS]

  into Morpheus is create a super excited [TS]

  it's like i finally this is my thing i [TS]

  find the 1i finally found its really [TS]

  awesome and then you go there and it's [TS]

  like man don't get too excited about it [TS]

  and then Morpheus doesn't want to hear [TS]

  what he does [TS]

  to hear about it like that don't tell me [TS]

  what she told you know he's not a [TS]

  resident I know it's awesome but you [TS]

  can't tell me but it's super awesome [TS]

  although I I again I have a note down [TS]

  here is like is that who is the Oracle [TS]

  issue program or something but i think [TS]

  that's what the sequel's talk about and [TS]

  it's it's sort of but i like i like that [TS]

  anyway they leave the Oracle and we get [TS]

  the we get the black cat who's the [TS]

  glitch in the matrix which is every now [TS]

  and then I see a black cat out in the [TS]

  street and I'm like is that it is [TS]

  glitching major Mason taboo makes me [TS]

  paranoid [TS]

  it's like when I pay my taxes i know [TS]

  that never happens I don't think about [TS]

  the matrix when I pay my taxes we [TS]

  skipped over there is no spoon which you [TS]

  know has become like a catchphrase [TS]

  although at the time I was like yeah [TS]

  there's weird kids with a with a spoon [TS]

  because the whole training sequence and [TS]

  stuff to that goes on before that oh [TS]

  yeah i should say i know kung foo way I [TS]

  sorry I skipped right over that which is [TS]

  the instant the instant learning of my [TS]

  favorites and great seemingly yeah the [TS]

  whole interesting concept and the end [TS]

  there in the white room and they're [TS]

  doing their they're training and that's [TS]

  that's you really like your virtual [TS]

  reality movie and this is that I think I [TS]

  looked it up i think crashing height [TS]

  tiger hidden dragon came up and the [TS]

  following year in 2000's so I think this [TS]

  is the first movie I really saw with [TS]

  extensive wirework and this style of [TS]

  fighting as somebody who didn't see a [TS]

  lot of Hong Kong action movies or [TS]

  anything like that it's a very it's it's [TS]

  the same choreographer [TS]

  yeah so we've seen it we've seen it [TS]

  sense but at the time I was like whoa [TS]

  this is not like anything I think me and [TS]

  a lot of Western audiences never seen in [TS]

  terms of fighting but not just the [TS]

  action like they did the genre of like [TS]

  the the kungfu movie you'd see like in [TS]

  the afternoon of saturday mornings when [TS]

  we were kids you know your ground with [TS]

  the wirework makes it more impressive [TS]

  but the basic premise of like Oh your [TS]

  master and student being taught stop [TS]

  trying to hit me and hit me like that [TS]

  fits in any concrete movie I watched her [TS]

  grow the karate don't need you don't [TS]

  need virtual reality you don't need wire [TS]

  foods just like and that's the great [TS]

  thing about these movies with virtual [TS]

  realities within them [TS]

  you can have as many small jar movies as [TS]

  you want it's not the hallowed XO [TS]

  they're not going to be like detectives [TS]

  in the forties but like they could be I [TS]

  wanted so right in the middle of this [TS]

  movie they had a tiny masters student [TS]

  training sequence in which the student [TS]

  has to believe it fails and he tries to [TS]

  do the jump and that's that just tickles [TS]

  me that you can you can just mix another [TS]

  genres that movie and they would go on [TS]

  to movies later to squander that Prime [TS]

  despite not using it again that's kind [TS]

  of the genius of the film that that they [TS]

  can really do whatever it is that they [TS]

  want because they're in the matrix so [TS]

  they can they can massage in any way I [TS]

  have to say I don't like action [TS]

  sequences that's one of the things that [TS]

  I'm kind of well known for amongst my [TS]

  friends I think they're boring i can't [TS]

  stand fight scenes and gunfights and car [TS]

  chases and all that kind of stuff but I [TS]

  love almost every single action sequence [TS]

  in this film and I was thinking about it [TS]

  today and I think I realized why it's [TS]

  because i don't like action movies [TS]

  well I like action sequences but i do [TS]

  like dance movies whether it be from [TS]

  like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers back [TS]

  in the forties or something obnoxious [TS]

  you know with you know stupid got served [TS]

  to the west side story must be your [TS]

  favorite movie [TS]

  actually can you believe don't musicals [TS]

  but I think like what you know like [TS]

  center stage or save the last dance was [TS]

  really you know bad ones and I feel like [TS]

  I feel like the action sequences were [TS]

  almost Bell leick I mean we be with the [TS]

  wire work with the slow motion with the [TS]

  easy interesting camera movements and [TS]

  they're very personal it's you know [TS]

  especially the training secrets One it's [TS]

  one-on-one and I was just riveted I [TS]

  think this is the first movie that I was [TS]

  ever that into the action of it it's [TS]

  like the princess bride or Empire [TS]

  Strikes Back where there is a there is a [TS]

  story going on between two characters in [TS]

  the fight scene is the way in which they [TS]

  express that story rather than just like [TS]

  I hate you I hate you we will have [TS]

  conflict in victorville like not let up [TS]

  there is there is a scene that takes [TS]

  place during the fight and the fighting [TS]

  is the backdrop for you know how how [TS]

  they progress in their understanding of [TS]

  each other or whatever and that the [TS]

  action scenes that people get bored as [TS]

  there is nothing going on there is no [TS]

  there is no story to be told there is no [TS]

  you don't even need to necessarily have [TS]

  dialogue but there's just nothing like [TS]

  we said the premises guys hate each [TS]

  other one guy maybe one guys chasing and [TS]

  one guys running away or vice versa or [TS]

  they're going to fight each other until [TS]

  someone's dead and then it just plays [TS]

  out and that's boring versus you know [TS]

  the princess bride duel or the end of [TS]

  empire strikes back with his story [TS]

  element going on during the fight well [TS]

  and also if you watch every action [TS]

  sequence in the matrix breaks the rules [TS]

  of action sequences it it sort of [TS]

  assumes that you know the genre it [TS]

  assumes that you know how this is [TS]

  supposed to work [TS]

  and then oh my god she can fly through a [TS]

  window [TS]

  oh my god we didn't know she could do [TS]

  that or you know they can fling each [TS]

  other by the the ankles and you know [TS]

  throw them across the room and you know [TS]

  every one of those action sequences [TS]

  breaks the clichés of what should [TS]

  happen or they did at the time that not [TS]

  so much anymore right [TS]

  that's true in comic books one of the [TS]

  most boring things boring conventions is [TS]

  heroes meet and then they fight each [TS]

  other and then they realize that they're [TS]

  on the same side it may stop fighting [TS]

  but they have to fight because you've [TS]

  got to have that moment where it's like [TS]

  boy was an awesome with when Thor and [TS]

  Iron Man fought each other before they [TS]

  realize they were friends [TS]

  well so that the fight scene between [TS]

  Morpheus and neo in the matrix [TS]

  I mean it's training right so it's the [TS]

  same kind of thing and and i always find [TS]

  those things really boring to absolutely [TS]

  and and that that helps this too is that [TS]

  you're so caught up in the xhilaration [TS]

  of of neo learning kung foo and having [TS]

  this fight that is its of a kind that [TS]

  you have probably haven't seen before [TS]

  that it doesn't matter that it it's all [TS]

  not not real not only in the sense that [TS]

  it's not real because it's in virtual [TS]

  reality but not real in the sense that [TS]

  they're just sparring and there are no [TS]

  stakes and it doesn't matter [TS]

  the stakes are will kneel learn exactly [TS]

  like that he's not he's not teaching him [TS]

  coming for his teaching them he's trying [TS]

  to like that's a proxy teaching the [TS]

  audience because like he's trying to [TS]

  bring the audience the audience who has [TS]

  not yet caught up and taunting me with [TS]

  lack of understanding even though you [TS]

  know intellectually understand it [TS]

  doesn't really understand that's the [TS]

  type of thing that we're at the audience [TS]

  mean to actually understand how to [TS]

  measure for us but they don't believe it [TS]

  a root level so when Morpheus talks Neon [TS]

  says you think that's air you're [TS]

  breathing when he's like out of breath [TS]

  like just had trying to have her home [TS]

  like you don't understand you're not [TS]

  actually here even though it looks like [TS]

  you are you know the scene looks like a [TS]

  kung fu seen you are not actually here [TS]

  and neyo can't get it because his stump [TS]

  and a lot of the audience has it hasn't [TS]

  quite internalize that either you know [TS]

  it was like we know like maybe like okay [TS]

  I understand this is a simulation but [TS]

  during the action you caught up with it [TS]

  you like I wonder if he's gonna fight [TS]

  that wait a second why are they why they [TS]

  even fighting at all why why is there [TS]

  any conflict always right well i think [TS]

  that the payoff at the end or Italy News [TS]

  live [TS]

  you know we'll get to it but it is what [TS]

  why are we fighting each other by [TS]

  hitting each other makes no sense [TS]

  stop the conflict value is is ratcheted [TS]

  up a little bit because you are then [TS]

  joined by the other characters on the [TS]

  ship you know [TS]

  Morpheus is fighting neo and like you [TS]

  know switch jumps over the trees oh man [TS]

  it's like this [TS]

  the gathering around great fighter [TS]

  cabinet in the arcade there [TS]

  yeah or or or mr. Spock and dr. McCoy [TS]

  watching Captain Kirk fight the Gordon [TS]

  but I'm very old anyway I was real Jason [TS]

  22 comments on Neos training regimen [TS]

  first of all if you want to keep the new [TS]

  guys from freaking out when they learn [TS]

  what the matrix is you might be [TS]

  well-served not to drop them in the [TS]

  middle of a wasteland and a heavy lines [TS]

  on them like welcome to the desert of [TS]

  the real Morpheus lives for that though [TS]

  you know I'm Orpheus's his theatrical [TS]

  underneath the surface yeah he's [TS]

  theatrical and dramatic and very excited [TS]

  about prophecies and he's like I'm gonna [TS]

  be the right I'm gonna be that guy [TS]

  that's my job i'm gonna let me in that [TS]

  guy but at the same time he has to [TS]

  apologize to him later because they [TS]

  don't pull guys out of the matrix when [TS]

  they're over a certain age because they [TS]

  react poorly and writing he would know [TS]

  that before doing this baby a moment to [TS]

  hold this time to begin the training see [TS]

  this is Morpheus babying him you should [TS]

  see what he does to those kids [TS]

  boo so i wanna i want to talk about when [TS]

  Joey pants cipher makes his move and [TS]

  they get to the room with the telephone [TS]

  to get a get out of the matrix and he [TS]

  cuts them off and he and he starts [TS]

  killing people because this is this is a [TS]

  i like i like this scene but it is a [TS]

  terrifying horrible scene at but i think [TS]

  very powerful and this is the moment [TS]

  where we get ultimately the you know is [TS]

  the prophecy full of crap that you know [TS]

  do with was what the what the Oracle [TS]

  said you know what she suggested the new [TS]

  is the one and is Morpheus making a [TS]

  terrible mistake here and but in the [TS]

  run-up to that we do get this you know [TS]

  it awful and yet kind of quiet and and [TS]

  and beautiful in a strange way scene [TS]

  where the people are being unplugged out [TS]

  in the ship but in the [TS]

  in the building they're just kind of [TS]

  falling to the ground and it'sit's [TS]

  horrifying and yet in a way that is very [TS]

  different [TS]

  different [TS]

  from again as somebody who doesn't [TS]

  really appreciate seeing people get kind [TS]

  of mowed down by a hail of bullets [TS]

  this is a I think it's more awful and [TS]

  terrifying and memorable that these [TS]

  people just fall down dead as the voice [TS]

  on the other end of the line is talking [TS]

  to trinity about what he's doing it's a [TS]

  it's a really powerful scene that has [TS]

  stuck with me and particularly bit worse [TS]

  which turns and says not like this [TS]

  oh yeah oh my god as i said before this [TS]

  is not a film about character [TS]

  development and I think this machine is [TS]

  one of the few real emotional beats we [TS]

  get in this film and I think it stands [TS]

  out all the more because of it because [TS]

  the rest of the film is it more about [TS]

  sort of the story in the doings and less [TS]

  about the feelings it's finally they get [TS]

  to the point where they think most of [TS]

  the audience understands the separation [TS]

  and then they have somebody kill [TS]

  somebody in the really real world for [TS]

  realsies right and then and hammering [TS]

  home the point that when you go into the [TS]

  matrix you give up agency of your actual [TS]

  physical body the one that counts like [TS]

  all this playing in the matrix and all [TS]

  these skills that you have in the way [TS]

  you're dressed there and all the [TS]

  fanciness while you're doing that you [TS]

  can't stop him from unplugging your head [TS]

  because you're there and because of the [TS]

  rules of the things you gotta get to the [TS]

  landline and everything so they you know [TS]

  it's kind of like they're now stranded [TS]

  like they've just you know it's the [TS]

  ghost or and and locking key right [TS]

  they've they've separated their body [TS]

  still exists there but they're not in [TS]

  control of it anymore it doesn't really [TS]

  do anything that should technically kill [TS]

  the missions that their consciousness is [TS]

  no longer attached to their body and [TS]

  then he disconnects the to write so I [TS]

  once they were so powerful being able to [TS]

  do all this wire food inside the matrix [TS]

  but really they're content i early [TS]

  powerless because their bodies are in [TS]

  these chairs and they're in their [TS]

  terrible target sweatpants got a second [TS]

  we must talk about the target sweat but [TS]

  my wife is emitter and she actually [TS]

  noticed this time something she'd it [TS]

  wasn't a knitter in 1999 she's like wow [TS]

  in the future [TS]

  they've got all of this distressed [TS]

  knitting and his birth that was [TS]

  everywhere and it's weird because [TS]

  they've got a machine that can knit [TS]

  human muscle but they can't put together [TS]

  a decent sweatshirt it's because the [TS]

  machine is working on muscles yeah yeah [TS]

  that the the muscle machine works but [TS]

  the knitting machines on the fritz [TS]

  it's hard to get good cotton in the [TS]

  desert of the real they actually had to [TS]

  take the knitting the shirt knitting [TS]

  machine and you know to jack it up to [TS]

  work on muscles because the original [TS]

  muscle machine broke [TS]

  yeah only the only the only knitting [TS]

  machine and in the future is in zion and [TS]

  it's hard to get stuff from zion i guess [TS]

  but shipping is a bitch [TS]

  yeah I like it though I like I like that [TS]

  I like the art direction and in the [TS]

  other world but the fact that it's you [TS]

  know if this movie were made today after [TS]

  after like traffic came out i think the [TS]

  film grade would be much more aggressive [TS]

  i think not to get too morbid movie [TS]

  nerdy but like it would be even bluer [TS]

  and colder and an even warmer inside the [TS]

  matrix than it already is but I i like [TS]

  that it looks different and it feels [TS]

  different and it really is crappy and [TS]

  that helps you understand kind of the [TS]

  motivation of of Joey pants I think more [TS]

  than the desert of the real have seen [TS]

  well it is not successfully just starts [TS]

  out here they did green in the matrix [TS]

  right is very off-putting and I think [TS]

  they did ramp it up like this now when i [TS]

  watched like boy they really green it up [TS]

  in the matrix didn't I suppose you're [TS]

  right be be off-putting like it looks [TS]

  different but it's also it looks it [TS]

  looks a little bit on the wrong yeah why [TS]

  is it green [TS]

  that's that's actually one of my [TS]

  favorite parts of the film just how [TS]

  completely stylized and immersive it is [TS]

  you get you know that the greenish [TS]

  yellow versus the blue and the matrix [TS]

  feels very almost nor you've got a lot [TS]

  of rain and thunder and these tall [TS]

  buildings and and the phones we keep [TS]

  talking about the phones or another [TS]

  thing you see and you know detective [TS]

  movies and stuff and then on the other [TS]

  side it feels so different not only does [TS]

  it look different but it just has this [TS]

  sort of like you just feel damp watching [TS]

  it like it's just like I'm you get cold [TS]

  yeah it's unpleasant it'sit's you should [TS]

  be excited like who were on a hovercraft [TS]

  in the future things should be awesome [TS]

  now and it's not it's it's it's great [TS]

  it's dirty and crappy and they're kind [TS]

  of food they're interviewers yeah then [TS]

  welding stuff together and it's a and [TS]

  bad knitting distress knitting in the [TS]

  future killed so so it's everything is [TS]

  you know the future is here and it's [TS]

  terrible it's got the end of the alien / [TS]

  you know star wars / the abyss kind of [TS]

  dirty grim future and i think that like [TS]

  they're they're shipped a little [TS]

  hardship is a cool-looking ship and it's [TS]

  interesting that the most futuristic [TS]

  things in the movie [TS]

  you're not inside the matrix because [TS]

  that's just plain old 1999 with you know [TS]

  with agents but outside there's the [TS]

  possibility of really cool stuff like [TS]

  that you know the the body called The [TS]

  Sentinel squid the Sentinels they look [TS]

  really cool this looks really cool like [TS]

  the you know inside the matrix anything [TS]

  can happen killing machine designed for [TS]

  one thing and that one thing is search [TS]

  and destroy a student there pretty good [TS]

  they're pretty like they're scary and [TS]

  intimidating and you know and menacing [TS]

  also you started out by calling it a [TS]

  killing machine [TS]

  wouldn't that be the one thing for [TS]

  killing so also somebody in the chatroom [TS]

  points out and I did not know this but [TS]

  he says newer dvds of the matrix have [TS]

  actually ramped up the film grade to [TS]

  match the film great in the sequels and [TS]

  that originally it wasn't quite as green [TS]

  which I didn't I don't know if that's [TS]

  true or not because an interesting idea [TS]

  of that could explain why with a greener [TS]

  didn't even ison yeah i just i suppose I [TS]

  you know I i suppose what I was [TS]

  expecting it will now that we live in a [TS]

  world where there's so much aggressive [TS]

  film film grading in movies color color [TS]

  shifts that the the real world would be [TS]

  much more aggressively kind of cold and [TS]

  the matrix would be more warm and really [TS]

  but instead its your right it's sort of [TS]

  like you can go into our weird cold [TS]

  green world or are weird cold blue [TS]

  oh and there's no comfort zone in either [TS]

  place and maybe that's maybe that's what [TS]

  they intended [TS]

  they didn't find anything out like it i [TS]

  think about traffic when I think about [TS]

  this even before like 300 remember the [TS]

  movie traffic like yeah where they just [TS]

  blew it out with like it's almost like a [TS]

  black-and-white movie with yellow and [TS]

  just huge film grain know the reason [TS]

  we're in Mexico ever know i think i [TS]

  mentioned traffic a couple minutes ago [TS]

  that mean that was the start of the over [TS]

  south of the border everything is yellow [TS]

  now right it's just like the film grade [TS]

  became the storytelling yeah and they do [TS]

  that you know to lesser extent in [TS]

  individual scenes when you're showing [TS]

  war footage of stuff like that better [TS]

  then and they culminate something like [TS]

  300 words like okay this isn't actually [TS]

  you know this is a painting [TS]

  yeah every every frame has been [TS]

  photoshopped or or sin city you know [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  alright so so they they're moving ahead [TS]

  they decide so so I'm Morpheus has been [TS]

  taken by agent smith yes because for [TS]

  some reason the leader of every ship is [TS]

  given coach designs mainframe mainframe [TS]

  they're still using meter through [TS]

  supposed to turn your brain off by this [TS]

  Barford everybody just can't handle it [TS]

  for its own safety you should have hid [TS]

  away [TS]

  is there a moment where bliss and [TS]

  somebody goes click like I'm in like [TS]

  willow and buffy the vampire slayer it's [TS]

  like every hacker scene ever [TS]

  i'm in i'm into the secret mainframe of [TS]

  never mind anyway so they get Morpheus [TS]

  and what this means is that they can set [TS]

  up this thing where we're supposed to [TS]

  abandon Morpheus neo is the one more [TS]

  fees and important anymore he's [TS]

  fulfilled its purpose is found the one [TS]

  and and that makes me so no I'm gonna go [TS]

  get I'm gonna go get Morpheus and he [TS]

  gets lots of guns and they say nobody's [TS]

  ever done this before my work [TS]

  yeah and we get that we get the [TS]

  interplay where there's i really like [TS]

  but I think they're to interrogation [TS]

  intercut scenes between Smith and [TS]

  Morpheus were more pieces tied to the [TS]

  chair and I i mentioned it earlier i [TS]

  love the I hate this place [TS]

  it's the smell and he says I fear I've [TS]

  been infected by it which i really like [TS]

  it's like maybe these agents are getting [TS]

  worse because they're getting more like [TS]

  us i love that like that he says it's [TS]

  the smell if there even is such a thing [TS]

  yeah he touches his sweat and gets it on [TS]

  his hand and he smells it the blow and [TS]

  we are we're spared the terrible [TS]

  dialogue that would have existed if they [TS]

  had Morpheus arguing with them you'll [TS]

  never get anything for me what is [TS]

  marvelous do the whole scene looks like [TS]

  he's basically all these I having a [TS]

  stroke [TS]

  yes which is which is the best we could [TS]

  hope for there are no fortune cookies [TS]

  for a situation like this because you [TS]

  can't have him like arguing i will never [TS]

  Bend here with like that would be [TS]

  terrible it's my wise man remained as [TS]

  sido wheezing you know do is sort of [TS]

  soliloquy wiping the sweat off his face [TS]

  with his fingers like that's that's what [TS]

  makes that scene [TS]

  yeah he's got mercury running through [TS]

  his veins at that point so he's kind of [TS]

  busy trying to just keep it together [TS]

  yeah yeah exactly but I love that I love [TS]

  that so that this is the moment this is [TS]

  for Agent Smith to shine where we see [TS]

  that he's he's he has this great disdain [TS]

  not just for humans but for the matrix [TS]

  itself like I don't want to be here i [TS]

  want to get out of here get me the codes [TS]

  to the mainframe and I can leave you [TS]

  stupid humans and your stinky stinky [TS]

  matrix behind it's great but the guns [TS]

  the guns think so this is I remember um [TS]

  first time I saw this I i think the [TS]

  Roger Ebert review of this is fairly [TS]

  positive [TS]

  he mentions that all the street names or [TS]

  chicago street names and and at one [TS]

  point one of the intersections in the [TS]

  movie that's mentioned is where the [TS]

  movie theater is that he saw the movie [TS]

  while they were watching it needs like [TS]

  half expected them to run into the movie [TS]

  theater during this but he died i [TS]

  believe it's the ebert review that says [TS]

  for a movie that's so innovative in so [TS]

  many things the fact that there's this [TS]

  large section at the climax of the movie [TS]

  that is just a spray of hundreds and [TS]

  hundreds of bullets and exploding like [TS]

  marble in the especially in the lobby [TS]

  I think that I and I agree that I think [TS]

  that scene is the weakest scene in the [TS]

  movie I i think it was really my [TS]

  favorite line and I think it's boring i [TS]

  think i think that there is a lot of [TS]

  dancing I feel really bad about I I feel [TS]

  really bad about the security guards are [TS]

  they real people who are dying in their [TS]

  little goo pods or are they just they [TS]

  are better than one layer tear your [TS]

  earlier in the movie they're part of the [TS]

  program Jason you're not supposed to [TS]

  feel bad for them no I don't know any [TS]

  single one of them could turn into an [TS]

  injury-time so the idea is to kill as [TS]

  many as fast as possible suggestion that [TS]

  seems too gentle on you long for me [TS]

  acceptable losses etc that's a second [TS]

  comic book reference and i love the [TS]

  vodka i love the beginning yeah i know [TS]

  i'm impressed I'm impressed John um I i [TS]

  love the beginning [TS]

  we're putting the bag full of guns and [TS]

  the metal detector that is wonderful [TS]

  that is wonderful i just feel like that [TS]

  the slow-motion the you know shells [TS]

  falling to the floor the entire lobby is [TS]

  demolished and then they get in I feel [TS]

  like it goes on too long and it's not [TS]

  that there are way more interesting [TS]

  action sequences in it so that's my [TS]

  smile even disagree go for it [TS]

  like I said I guess I usually don't like [TS]

  action scenes at all and for some reason [TS]

  there's something about this one in [TS]

  particular that was just always my [TS]

  favorite this the scene was almost one [TS]

  of the main reasons I kept going back to [TS]

  see the movie again and again because I [TS]

  wanted to see each piece of this it and [TS]

  I think sound for this particular scene [TS]

  has a lot to do with it [TS]

  the music and the sound mixing like you [TS]

  mentioned that the shells falling to the [TS]

  oh yeah i mean they just a tinkle it was [TS]

  just this sweet music and you know on [TS]

  this backdrop of you know hard-driving [TS]

  whatever propellerheads or something [TS]

  song in the background and it [TS]

  it to me it really does kind of read [TS]

  more like a dance number an action [TS]

  sequence so for heroes are you [TS]

  well I mean when he starts doing like [TS]

  cartwheel kind of stuff it is [TS]

  yeah essentially essentially that I yeah [TS]

  okay well they found they found a [TS]

  material like the pillars the pillars I [TS]

  think you're supposed to be made of [TS]

  marble but they look like they're made [TS]

  of like a compressed newspaper [TS]

  insulation or something and it makes [TS]

  reading [TS]

  yeah it makes for visually interesting [TS]

  things happening during the scene even [TS]

  before people start flipping around like [TS]

  they have the long trench coats is kind [TS]

  of a cliché like that it became more [TS]

  efficient at the long trench coat shells [TS]

  falling to the ground a lot of this is [TS]

  from anime a lot of a lot of the things [TS]

  you see in this movie had been you know [TS]

  clichés anime for years and years [TS]

  before I and it's a fight sequence that [TS]

  had things going on [TS]

  visually there were different than most [TS]

  fight sequences that it's been seen up [TS]

  to that point and then would become very [TS]

  common afterwards it does go on maybe a [TS]

  little bit long [TS]

  I but there is no like because the enemy [TS]

  is faceless there is no story happening [TS]

  during this thing is merely they want to [TS]

  continue their progression to get up two [TS]

  or more fuses and these faces people [TS]

  want to stop them they're gonna make it [TS]

  through they're either going to make it [TS]

  through or they're not and so it's not [TS]

  as interesting as you know the training [TS]

  scene where there's something happening [TS]

  with the characters I i kinda because [TS]

  you don't think there's a security guard [TS]

  going but I was two days for production [TS]

  right does not no no comedy relief it's [TS]

  taken very seriously you know I think [TS]

  maybe I found this to be sort of [TS]

  transport ivann a sheerly aesthetic [TS]

  level visually because yeah and that's [TS]

  that's really something that's either [TS]

  going to hit you or it's not so I can [TS]

  completely understand why this would not [TS]

  be your favorite scene in this movie but [TS]

  I mean I almost wish I did drugs so that [TS]

  I could just get high and watch that [TS]

  scene over and over again because i feel [TS]

  like that would make it even cooler if [TS]

  you'd be better off watching Crouching [TS]

  Tiger i think doing this andrea yeah I [TS]

  do need to see that at some point [TS]

  are you definitely need 20 yeah yeah [TS]

  there's so much there's so much I don't [TS]

  know maybe it's just a reaction the guns [TS]

  but you know all this come through and [TS]

  yet you're just going to kind of open up [TS]

  with the spray bullets and I don't know [TS]

  if there's something about it that just [TS]

  it doesn't doesn't excite me so much as [TS]

  the other action scenes in the movie but [TS]

  I get it certainly is indelible mr [TS]

  remember every every single shot in that [TS]

  scene [TS]

  absolutely and the quiet and the silence [TS]

  at the end right and that's a little [TS]

  comedy when like it all ends and you [TS]

  realize that you've certainly what just [TS]

  happened and other little piece of [TS]

  charcoal Marvel's also yeah yeah the [TS]

  elevator opens and yeah he picks up the [TS]

  duffel bag drops the gun turned on his [TS]

  heel and walks to the elevator [TS]

  yeah and then he says there is no spoon [TS]

  and blows up the elevator for no reason [TS]

  no no he blows up the ground floor so [TS]

  that they can't send any reinforcements [TS]

  up higher into the building that's why [TS]

  they do that is they bloody [TS]

  reinforcements they've already taken [TS]

  haha well the rest of the matrix right [TS]

  there still everybody else in the matrix [TS]

  except at the subway station which is [TS]

  totally abandoned but we'll get to that [TS]

  in a second but yeah that's that's the [TS]

  rationale so that so then they get up on [TS]

  the roof because that's where you go and [TS]

  they take out the guys on the roof and [TS]

  there's that amazing bullet-time stuff [TS]

  which again like I said it's like more [TS]

  thing where like morphing and terminator [TS]

  2 is like well what's going on and then [TS]

  it was in every commercial and it was in [TS]

  Michael Jackson videos and all these [TS]

  other things that was much less [TS]

  interesting then this is like that where [TS]

  the bullet time stuff [TS]

  this was so groundbreaking when it was [TS]

  done and now it's like not that exciting [TS]

  but that it's still really nice to see [TS]

  that scene where you know he's [TS]

  essentially what would it be like if you [TS]

  could dodge bullets like this is what it [TS]

  would be like and then when it's all [TS]

  said and done [TS]

  he's laying on the ground and she says [TS]

  how'd you do that mr. Crowe you know i [TS]

  got it made a hole in my in my jacket so [TS]

  I didn't do it good enough right it's [TS]

  great it's great but it's been done now [TS]

  to death [TS]

  yeah actually i just watched this a [TS]

  couple months ago with my spouse and he [TS]

  had never seen it before and I just the [TS]

  movie did not have the same punch for [TS]

  him because he has seen all of the the [TS]

  things that have sort of try to redo it [TS]

  in most cases not as well this is the [TS]

  first one of those 90 and I can he said [TS]

  he said I know I tried to keep that in [TS]

  my head and if i had seen this at the [TS]

  time I probably would have affected me [TS]

  more but so he cerebral hehe was able to [TS]

  understand that it was cool but it just [TS]

  didn't affect him on a gut level dodging [TS]

  the bullets one works story wise though [TS]

  even though they linger on the effect [TS]

  longer than they need to for modern [TS]

  audiences because we're not that [TS]

  impressed by the fact that it [TS]

  spontaneously occurs to him to attempt [TS]

  to do this and that he doesn't quite do [TS]

  it right and you [TS]

  almost gets shot anyway and doesn't [TS]

  can't explain why he did it is nice and [TS]

  yeah it's in better than you know like [TS]

  I'm suddenly imagine like this is a nice [TS]

  ramp for him from being the doofus to [TS]

  being the guy who puts up his hand at [TS]

  the end of the movement and she says you [TS]

  you move like them and we when we see [TS]

  that move its not understandable it's [TS]

  like they got three heads or four arms [TS]

  in their half [TS]

  opaque and it's very confusing and then [TS]

  we see it from his perspective [TS]

  essentially what we're really happening [TS]

  is time slows down and I'm able to do [TS]

  this and so it's like oh that's what [TS]

  he's doing he's falling over when he [TS]

  does it too [TS]

  he's like he's like I am i falling but [TS]

  i'm not actually falling I'm kind of [TS]

  fallen at the end of the thing he does [TS]

  fall on his buddies on the action is [TS]

  like good you know it was not [TS]

  particularly graceful know nobody [TS]

  managed to dodge mostly and just get a [TS]

  hole in his sleep i actually what i [TS]

  really love in this scene i'd forgotten [TS]

  how much i love it is when the [TS]

  helicopter smashes into the building and [TS]

  that I wrote in my nose ring that is a [TS]

  spectacular explosion and the ripple of [TS]

  the glass and all that that if i'm going [TS]

  to see an action movie and I'm gonna get [TS]

  a big explosion [TS]

  I want that explosion that is a great [TS]

  explosion and then the ripple effect is [TS]

  great i love the explosion but the rest [TS]

  of that scene of them you know shooting [TS]

  into the room with morpheus and somehow [TS]

  not hitting him but hitting all agents [TS]

  um yeah that's that's the most boring [TS]

  action sequence for to my road down [TS]

  there they're awfully careful with their [TS]

  indiscriminate machine gun fire from a [TS]

  helicopter video and slow time so we can [TS]

  probably a improperly in that time that [TS]

  they spend a lot of time looking at the [TS]

  shell casings fall into the water which [TS]

  again is a very animate anime type of [TS]

  thing to do because anime action scenes [TS]

  are all about putting the camera not on [TS]

  what's happening but on some tangential [TS]

  thing and complying with this happened [TS]

  and they do a live action version of [TS]

  that we're just fine it's very stylized [TS]

  and yeah but you know wasn't what people [TS]

  expected to see I did you expect that [TS]

  scene where where they wear Morpheus [TS]

  like sees them and tip tilts his chair [TS]

  over or something but instead he's just [TS]

  sitting there the whole time as they [TS]

  you're right [TS]

  yeah that is I thought about that too [TS]

  it's like bit that silly but I love when [TS]

  the helicopter smashes in and and that [TS]

  is a fun scene where he ties it would be [TS]

  really funny if he tied the the hose or [TS]

  whatever is the rope to himself in the [TS]

  AL the Haunted yank the budget and only [TS]

  one again because because you can't stop [TS]

  it [TS]

  but and the ripple effect when it hits [TS]

  the building another great thing where [TS]

  they don't then explain to wait why did [TS]

  the building ripple like that that [TS]

  wasn't stuck to some people think it was [TS]

  a badly done effect and they didn't know [TS]

  how to do a good effect like and the [TS]

  reason it's put there is to remind you [TS]

  once again even though you think you're [TS]

  watching an action scene of this is [TS]

  really happening and it doesn't need to [TS]

  be an explanation of why this big ripple [TS]

  effect happen because it's all big [TS]

  computer program and it's just you know [TS]

  it's like it's like a game when there's [TS]

  like clipping effects for a fire fire [TS]

  effect clips through a wall that it [TS]

  shouldn't or whatever you accepted in [TS]

  the game is like well it's all made up [TS]

  anyway the simulation is not perfect [TS]

  alright i guess that takes us to the [TS]

  subway and like I said the matrix is [TS]

  full of people but the subway station is [TS]

  not but nobody in the natives takes [TS]

  public transportation i think this is [TS]

  what we necessary bummed turn into the [TS]

  agent and that and the driver of the [TS]

  train of the train right that's right [TS]

  but uh you know it's a it's this is our [TS]

  this is our big climactic fight scene [TS]

  and and I like the scale of it we've had [TS]

  the Giant action scene on the top of the [TS]

  building this is the smaller scale [TS]

  version where we get where we get Smith [TS]

  and neyo fighting in the train station [TS]

  and doing some kung foo and some [TS]

  smashing into things and destroying into [TS]

  destroying walls and things like that he [TS]

  had a little hint of another genre as [TS]

  well you've got sort of the spaghetti [TS]

  western sort of thing instead of a [TS]

  double yeah this is my guardian [TS]

  newspaper injured but that's that total [TS]

  yeah you're right you're right where's [TS]

  all that wouldn't compromise show [TS]

  Dancing train there's a train yeah sure [TS]

  and the story in this fight seems like [TS]

  there actually is a story otherwise be [TS]

  boring story in this entire fight scene [TS]

  is you know as as narrated slightly [TS]

  ham-fisted Lee by whoever was watching [TS]

  like neo is starting to believe and neyo [TS]

  decides like after after you know we'd [TS]

  already had the revelation of like I can [TS]

  pick up this you know I'm gonna stop [TS]

  this helicopter mechanic now he's like [TS]

  alright if i can grab a helicopter was [TS]

  falling off the building [TS]

  why can't I fight this guy what what [TS]

  does he have that I don't have it so now [TS]

  i'm going to actually fight him and it's [TS]

  fun that it doesn't work out quite the [TS]

  way he wanted to like he barely escaped [TS]

  with his life more or less I like that [TS]

  they end up on the tracks because that's [TS]

  just a primal fear of anybody who's [TS]

  waited for a train anywhere so don't [TS]

  know know the to Coast tracks don't go [TS]

  there are the tracks no but of course it [TS]

  doesn't [TS]

  meo has had the crap beat out of him but [TS]

  he's finally won [TS]

  and of course what happens is the driver [TS]

  steps off the train [TS]

  annotations Smith and that's the moment [TS]

  when he was like okay I'm gonna run now [TS]

  yeah but he's like wait why am I even [TS]

  find these guys because like if I just [TS]

  like how in if I win have I won because [TS]

  you know that you hit he thinks he's [TS]

  like I figured out i can beat them and [TS]

  his way now what am I thinking they can [TS]

  become anybody this is stupid [TS]

  yeah and so then we end up we end up [TS]

  with the last sequence of the movie [TS]

  which is do in the building and the [TS]

  heart of the heart of the city hotel [TS]

  again motel and and then intercut with [TS]

  the Sentinel attack Sentinel strike on [TS]

  the hovercraft where they're they're [TS]

  cutting into the ship and and they're [TS]

  ready to blast the EMP which will kill [TS]

  me oh but it also you know kill the [TS]

  Sentinels and um and what i wrote down [TS]

  here is the prophecies saved the day i [TS]

  love prophecies they always they always [TS]

  a they got your back prophecies have [TS]

  your prophecies and love ya last-minute [TS]

  declarations of love it's your love [TS]

  prophecies are the ones that really [TS]

  saved the day because trinity of course [TS]

  says that's right it doesn't mind it [TS]

  doesn't say i love prophecies it's just [TS]

  love prophecies sit save the day because [TS]

  she says if they told me I would fall in [TS]

  love with you and I'm in love with you [TS]

  so you've got to be the one and she [TS]

  kisses him when he comes back to life [TS]

  and it's nice you know it's funny that [TS]

  the Oracle told me Oh exactly what he [TS]

  needed to hear and then everybody else [TS]

  who went to see her got exactly the [TS]

  truth [TS]

  yep just not neo he only got what you [TS]

  needed here now cookie and it in a very [TS]

  crunchy cookie to crack but seriously I [TS]

  really did not like the like the ending [TS]

  the first few times I saw this because i [TS]

  didn't like the idea of it being all [TS]

  schmaltzy love saves the day at the end [TS]

  because I kind of think tends to bother [TS]

  me especially in a science fiction movie [TS]

  but over the years having watched a few [TS]

  more times I've managed to sort of [TS]

  retcon it a little bit in my head [TS]

  because these are the things that I have [TS]

  to do to make it work with me but I feel [TS]

  like maybe it's not that she it's not [TS]

  her loving him is is what does it [TS]

  perhaps he actually just has to die [TS]

  within the matrix in order to achieve [TS]

  his full potential because he's not [TS]

  going to be able to recognize [TS]

  that you know that he's able to sort of [TS]

  like splitting the connection between [TS]

  between reality and the matrix because [TS]

  he can clearly hear Trinity I mean not [TS]

  only the right jack declaration of love [TS]

  which sort of kicks into gear but after [TS]

  that when he's you looking after the [TS]

  agents and she tells neo and he turns [TS]

  around and comes right back to her so I [TS]

  think maybe the the thing that makes him [TS]

  the one is the fact that he at this [TS]

  point in the trilogy non trilogy is the [TS]

  fact that he's able to exist in both [TS]

  worlds simultaneously therefore his [TS]

  death doesn't actually become a death [TS]

  right so it doesn't really help that [TS]

  much to do with the prophecy the [TS]

  prophecy just told us it was gonna [TS]

  happen it's not because she loves him [TS]

  just that's that's an effect rather than [TS]

  a cause but it's kind of a shame that [TS]

  she falls in love with no because like [TS]

  this character that you were so excited [TS]

  by the beginning quickly falls into the [TS]

  role of main characters girlfriend you [TS]

  know reason and they have no chemistry [TS]

  and there's no reason they would be [TS]

  hidin at this read and share hobbies [TS]

  come foo fighting been impressive [TS]

  machine overlords leather pants really [TS]

  stupid looking sunglasses distressed [TS]

  knitting I I loved the fact that it ends [TS]

  with her basically giving him a kiss and [TS]

  waking him up because you've got all [TS]

  these and they then they're exposing [TS]

  sleeping beauty [TS]

  yes because they have my alice in [TS]

  wonderland and they have the wizard of [TS]

  oz throughout and they they're very [TS]

  blatant about those and then here's [TS]

  Sleeping Beauty sneaking in at the end [TS]

  and they don't really they don't force [TS]

  it there just like because they're [TS]

  waking everybody up from the matrix [TS]

  whoa well fuck man you got to see this [TS]

  movie it's really the climax of the [TS]

  movie for me was not the you know love [TS]

  conquers all seen but the 1si is [TS]

  actually awake the final the final [TS]

  revelation on his path during the entire [TS]

  movie or not knowing what's going on is [TS]

  when they all shoot bullets at me put up [TS]

  a tent and says no and like that that [TS]

  you know makes ridiculous every fight [TS]

  scene had come before it because again [TS]

  like you know with that it was kind of [TS]

  really goes when he was learning the [TS]

  kungfu stuff you think that's air you're [TS]

  breathing it's like but why are we even [TS]

  punching each other this is a computer [TS]

  program i don't have to play this game [TS]

  at all they can shoot the bolts on [TS]

  they'll be like no it's not gonna happen [TS]

  let's stop fall to the ground and they [TS]

  need to tilt his head to the side and [TS]

  then [TS]

  they have the hallway bow out and do all [TS]

  these effects yeah that is the [TS]

  culmination of you know really [TS]

  understanding that there is no spoon it [TS]

  was a thought was a fitting way to [TS]

  finish the movie and the love plot is [TS]

  just like all right yeah do that too [TS]

  it's well that's it you know it's [TS]

  intercutting it and you you're getting [TS]

  those two different texts also I while I [TS]

  was watching this again with the having [TS]

  not seen in a few years it's like oh [TS]

  yeah that's why the Daleks stopped the [TS]

  bullets in Doctor Who in that same [TS]

  effect [TS]

  it's like that was a Matrix right i [TS]

  remember this is the first time i saw [TS]

  that scene which may be reused a few [TS]

  times like right right that's where that [TS]

  comes from this such and that's the [TS]

  thing that somebody who sees this for [TS]

  the first time now might not realize [TS]

  because again we've seen that all of [TS]

  these things a million times now it's so [TS]

  much many of these things were [TS]

  immediately taken an drift on by [TS]

  everybody else because he was and and [TS]

  granted that it was not a wholly [TS]

  original thing there's lots of things [TS]

  that were being crude from anime and [TS]

  crib from it you know Asian cinema but [TS]

  for Western audiences and I think [TS]

  Western a lot of Western filmmakers and [TS]

  TV makers this was that revelatory [TS]

  moment of like oh my god did you see [TS]

  that senior this senior this scene and [TS]

  it spawned a whole then again that the [TS]

  matrix was in Doctor Who in 1977 that's [TS]

  true create this in the best title of [TS]

  any doctor who episode ever [TS]

  the deadly assassin because that's how I [TS]

  like my assassins deadly can play well [TS]

  they're effective been killing machines [TS]

  at the end the employees his phone call [TS]

  on answering machine for the matrix and [TS]

  but what I really love about it is he [TS]

  says what you know something about a [TS]

  world without your control and it ends [TS]

  with the the system failure and I had [TS]

  that moment of like get it get it [TS]

  the system is going to fail a system [TS]

  line is a failure haha bling pay your [TS]

  taxes and then any any flies only flies [TS]

  up with that that's great right because [TS]

  it's like the final culmination like he [TS]

  could fly and stuff now one of course [TS]

  you can see why would I wouldn't fly [TS]

  why wouldn't you fly the whole time in [TS]

  fact in sequels I butterflies the whole [TS]

  time stops always doesn't do that no but [TS]

  imagine if there was a sequel what would [TS]

  how awesome that we don't really like [TS]

  that the promise they can't fulfill [TS]

  because once you've wrapped him up to [TS]

  infinite power the sequel's either would [TS]

  have to change [TS]

  Jules entirely or be boring and instead [TS]

  they kind of went back to like all right [TS]

  well we've established you can fly but [TS]

  it would be better if he struggled by [TS]

  fighting and punching a little bit more [TS]

  that's what we know that is more [TS]

  interesting and maybe we can get a car [TS]

  chase and that was a hell of a car chase [TS]

  but it's like didn't we just do this the [TS]

  the first movie that's what signals [TS]

  don't work because you can't you can't [TS]

  go anywhere from that T's at the end [TS]

  like in some respects i was excited [TS]

  about the next movie but then I quickly [TS]

  realized they can't go anywhere for this [TS]

  is over they should just stop i had [TS]

  heard rumors that the second movie was [TS]

  going to be that the the real world that [TS]

  they got out into was actually another [TS]

  facet of matrix and they had to get out [TS]

  of that that I probably would have liked [TS]

  a lot better [TS]

  yeah that was the obvious way they could [TS]

  go in with the way that many other [TS]

  movies gone since it's like how many [TS]

  layers and inception obviously like this [TS]

  even so that would have been a retread [TS]

  so it still would have been kind of a [TS]

  letdown [TS]

  so about the same time this movie came [TS]

  out there was a chris carter the guy who [TS]

  did the x-files did a very short-lived [TS]

  Marshall series called harsh room right [TS]

  which was a reality a reality of virtual [TS]

  reality kind of show there was a Terry [TS]

  O'Quinn was a dictator inside the [TS]

  virtual reality world and how did I miss [TS]

  this is it was gone for like a month [TS]

  it was on for very little time I loved [TS]

  it actually I really gotta really [TS]

  thought we could a good show and in the [TS]

  moment i bring this up not only because [TS]

  of similarities to the matrix and about [TS]

  the same time but but one of the really [TS]

  great things about it and in actually [TS]

  Terry Terry O'Quinn is Santiago the [TS]

  dictator is pretty awesome [TS]

  I i highly recommend that alone but one [TS]

  of the plot twists that I really loved [TS]

  in harsh room right before it it went [TS]

  off the air and this is DB sweeney is [TS]

  basically the star is scott bairstowe in [TS]

  DB sweeney is the whole idea was that he [TS]

  was trapped that he was a soldier [TS]

  trapped in this harsh realm the virtual [TS]

  reality that was based on like a [TS]

  government process or something is chris [TS]

  carter there's lots of conspiracies but [TS]

  there's a moment where you about five [TS]

  episodes in where you realize that there [TS]

  are some characters who can come in and [TS]

  out of the virtual world and there and [TS]

  you get a glimpse of the real world and [TS]

  it starts being about that which is [TS]

  about like the matrix you're coming in [TS]

  and out and I always thought that that [TS]

  would be a really great place for the [TS]

  matrix to go which is neo like being [TS]

  able to step back and forth between the [TS]

  worlds and having it be like more like a [TS]

  doorway and that [TS]

  all the old rules of you having to jack [TS]

  into the matrix no longer apply and it [TS]

  would be a very different kind of kind [TS]

  of thing like harsh room because that [TS]

  was a really great twist and harsh realm [TS]

  yeah check out harsh realm if it's out [TS]

  there somewhere look for used dvds now [TS]

  the more you talk about it the more I [TS]

  think maybe I did want to see it yeah [TS]

  yeah but it came out the same time as [TS]

  the matrix it was funny it was very [TS]

  similar kind of premises [TS]

  oh I want to say before we before we [TS]

  wrap up in anything that you guys wanna [TS]

  wanna get off your chest still we should [TS]

  we should do that but i wanted to [TS]

  mention one random thing that occurred [TS]

  to me while I was watching this we just [TS]

  I really love how to how it was a tank [TS]

  always answers operator that I find that [TS]

  charming because he's you know he's the [TS]

  guy on the other phones are everywhere [TS]

  in everything they do and every time the [TS]

  answers its operator I just like their [TS]

  indicate he actually is to know this is [TS]

  tank of the resistance hello can I help [TS]

  you [TS]

  operator does he does he get other calls [TS]

  if you would like the codes to design [TS]

  mainframe i can get those words like I [TS]

  don't have that this is not comcast I [TS]

  can't cancel your sorry i can't cancel [TS]

  your cable so anything we we didn't [TS]

  cover that that we should we should [TS]

  cover before I would kind of like to [TS]

  film nerd out for a second yeah just [TS]

  talk about every time i watch this movie [TS]

  I noticed something something new [TS]

  something different and i think that i [TS]

  noticed this time was sort of the theme [TS]

  of reflections if you notice almost [TS]

  everything in the matrix is reflective [TS]

  so much stuff and nothing in the real [TS]

  world you don't even see a mirror but in [TS]

  a matrix you've got you know everybody's [TS]

  sunglasses [TS]

  you've got you know it in the Morpheus [TS]

  sunglasses you've got a different [TS]

  reflection in each each eye of the [TS]

  sunglasses right you got a different [TS]

  pill in the different lenses yeah that's [TS]

  a nice shot reaching for the one that's [TS]

  no he's going for the red one actually a [TS]

  pill case itself that he's twirling [TS]

  around a super reflective even the pills [TS]

  themselves are kind of shiny crazy p [TS]

  mirror that his hand gets stuck in [TS]

  exactly and that's that's the part that [TS]

  just really got me this time you know [TS]

  reflections aren't real and neither is [TS]

  the matrix it's a great feeling sort of [TS]

  distorted thing for it there and then [TS]

  you've got the mirror that kind of goes [TS]

  all wonky and starts climbing up his arm [TS]

  the literal reflection is the physical [TS]

  manifestation of his distress at that [TS]

  point I just I thought that was really [TS]

  awesome [TS]

  there is no spoon it is only yourself [TS]

  and you know because your faces in it [TS]

  oh yeah Wow on the operator point that [TS]

  you brought up yes or operandi [TS]

  my take is that he was not saying that [TS]

  he's Lily Tomlin like the operator at [TS]

  the end of the phone it was like an IRC [TS]

  channel when you've got ops i think [TS]

  that's what they were going for since it [TS]

  was the nineties that he is the is the [TS]

  channel operating system yeah he's the [TS]

  dual it's a dual meaning but it is that [TS]

  he is the lily tomlin operator the whole [TS]

  idea is they dial out and make it the [TS]

  operator [TS]

  one ringy dingy one reading into and [TS]

  then you're out of the matrix time-life [TS]

  books would you like to order a 13-part [TS]

  series on ghosts and ghouls that's how [TS]

  they keep you in the matrix that's how [TS]

  does this is the age testing our [TS]

  audience to make this contemporary comic [TS]

  references and go back to only time when [TS]

  the operator looking at but it's [TS]

  probably a YouTube kid like to apologize [TS]

  again to the other grad students who are [TS]

  listening for sorry that they already [TS]

  had to look at mr. wizard after watching [TS]

  this movie that's good i did want to [TS]

  mention it's so fast i never noticed it [TS]

  before but when agent smith explodes [TS]

  part of his face flies by and it's dead [TS]

  screaming oh yeah I loved that bit [TS]

  that's a really counterintuitive ending [TS]

  to where he dives into the agent you [TS]

  like what is going on you again the [TS]

  reason why not grab sushi far out man [TS]

  yeah programming he said exactly that [TS]

  he's he's going right inside and and [TS]

  tearing them into little pieces and [TS]

  reprogramming him exactly what I i [TS]

  wonder if he comes back in the next [TS]

  movie he does uh home but but you know [TS]

  he can't beat the many conventional way [TS]

  and so now he has given up and and I [TS]

  it's a nice moment to where the other [TS]

  agents look at you two there and like [TS]

  yeah we're out of here [TS]

  this is we don't know how that we're not [TS]

  prepared to deal with this guy so we're [TS]

  we're outta here [TS]

  yeah that's that's a really nice weird [TS]

  everytime i see that Mike densest range [TS]

  just dives into him and then he's gone [TS]

  and any big guy blows up and that he [TS]

  flexes his muscles in the whole the [TS]

  hallway bends the I kind of like the non [TS]

  matrix world a lot more towards and be [TS]

  like when the Sentinel is tearing its [TS]

  way through like you know while the [TS]

  little love scene is going on there as [TS]

  the Sentinels tearing its way through [TS]

  the the thing that I find menacing and [TS]

  interesting those mechanical real-world [TS]

  devices tearing through with lasers like [TS]

  these [TS]

  I'm in the Terminator ass kind of way [TS]

  you know that's what he does is all he [TS]

  does America that there's your shiny [TS]

  thing in the real world the only shiny [TS]

  reflective thing in the real world of a [TS]

  super shiny beautiful sentinels that are [TS]

  actually threat india the ports on the [TS]

  back of their heads are the only thing [TS]

  yes I just something you know created by [TS]

  you know that the the robots and then [TS]

  the way you get into the major this [TS]

  basically have the the dark Jony ive [TS]

  doing all their designs [TS]

  yeah I think that's obviously that's why [TS]

  they need the matrix is the creativity [TS]

  of the of Johnny I me in the matrix app [TS]

  version of Apple because for a while it [TS]

  was all like leather and felt in wood [TS]

  was really weird now that was the fall [TS]

  of humanity was the skeuomorph orgasm [TS]

  and then the the matrix it was the [TS]

  decadent times as seen in the animatrix [TS]

  yeah but then they but they made the [TS]

  beautiful beautiful sentinels that will [TS]

  come and kill you with lasers but [TS]

  they're beautiful [TS]

  the little squid guys are pretty awesome [TS]

  always get confused about I always like [TS]

  to think that the ship is like a [TS]

  submarine and it's in the water but it's [TS]

  not it's a hovercraft and they say it's [TS]

  a hovercraft and yet I the way the [TS]

  Sentinels move they move like and they [TS]

  look like shit we did everything looks [TS]

  like it's in looks like they're in the [TS]

  water but they're not but they would [TS]

  look like if they can crawl and it's not [TS]

  clear that they would it be able to fly [TS]

  getting out of their design but once [TS]

  they land they look like it's like [TS]

  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea like the [TS]

  submarine you know yes [TS]

  yeah whole thing they're doing yeah yeah [TS]

  but when they cut a hole water doesn't [TS]

  come in because it's not actually a [TS]

  submarine [TS]

  so yeah all right I think we've reached [TS]

  the end and we're not going to do 2 [TS]

  single sheet the rage against the [TS]

  machine riff that's really a recent [TS]

  seriously but this is this has been [TS]

  great and it was it was fun i mean i [TS]

  don't know about you it was fun for me [TS]

  revisiting it been a little while since [TS]

  i saw the matrix like I bought the [TS]

  blu-ray but it was kind of fun to watch [TS]

  in HD with the surround sound and all [TS]

  that and I haven't seen it a little [TS]

  while and I remember all the things i [TS]

  like about it and there are some things [TS]

  that I grant well you know it's not not [TS]

  that that scene is not great all that [TS]

  but it's such an influential movie and [TS]

  it's still fun to watch and and the [TS]

  fights are are are beautiful and it's [TS]

  kind of fun to watch Morpheus be a [TS]

  fortune cookie and and the Oracle called [TS]

  neo not too bright and all of those [TS]

  things are so I i really enjoy don't [TS]

  know about you guys I really [TS]

  enjoyed the doing rewatch oh yeah I [TS]

  hadn't actually seen it since since I [TS]

  was it was in the theater that was the [TS]

  last time my god was time to come for [TS]

  you until a couple months ago when I [TS]

  watched it with my husband and I hate to [TS]

  describe him as an albatross but I feel [TS]

  like watching by myself just just this [TS]

  past couple days wasn't much more fun [TS]

  experience because I could just relive [TS]

  it the way that I know him the way that [TS]

  I remembered it and I didn't have sort [TS]

  of this pressure of my god is he gonna [TS]

  like it is the easy getting this part [TS]

  does he understand what's going on [TS]

  well you know when you show something [TS]

  you love to two people who are important [TS]

  to you at you know your kind of late [TS]

  letting yourself open for their judgment [TS]

  and it's a but moment of vulnerability i [TS]

  found this out when I showed real genius [TS]

  just syracuse show it to me is x alli [TS]

  you know I just making a joke with but [TS]

  yeah it is [TS]

  I I totally get that I've done that when [TS]

  I've tried to expose somebody to a movie [TS]

  or TV show that I really love and I'm [TS]

  like oh you gotta watch this and then if [TS]

  you're watching it with them especially [TS]

  it's like oh man you know I hope it goes [TS]

  away they are they liking it are they [TS]

  uncomfortable and its really [TS]

  nerve-wracking so I don't think you got [TS]

  it you got to be very careful not to [TS]

  oversell it you gotta lay out something [TS]

  like that hey you should be okay check [TS]

  this out i stir fried with onions and I [TS]

  here but I didn't work very well I ended [TS]

  up just becoming more invested in his [TS]

  reaction to it then the movie itself [TS]

  you're watching him not the movie then [TS]

  right yeah so why don't I myself was I [TS]

  think i was able to recapture all the [TS]

  excitement and glory and squeeze that I [TS]

  felt the very first time I saw it in [TS]

  theatres and the subsequent eight times [TS]

  and next we could do the same with the [TS]

  Phantom Menace you know what I just [TS]

  might i have like that fit within the [TS]

  theater your turn back [TS]

  be prepared disappointment having we [TS]

  just we did we did that free watch that [TS]

  was not know we'll see i'm very good at [TS]

  am very good at sort of slotting myself [TS]

  back into a place and time in my mind so [TS]

  if I'm able to do that successfully I [TS]

  might just be able to recapture the the [TS]

  excitement of the moment and not pay too [TS]

  much attention to the specifics of the [TS]

  film a team of social workers will be [TS]

  headed to your house in two out of three [TS]

  states that [TS]

  take the blue pill [TS]

  yeah take the point help figure of dead [TS]

  well will said oK we've reached the end [TS]

  of our time but i want to thank my [TS]

  guests for taking the red pill and [TS]

  joining us in the matrix and we will [TS]

  continue to fight against the machines [TS]

  etc [TS]

  uh-huh David Laura thanks for being here [TS]

  and entering the matrix with us [TS]

  Thank You mr. Snell okay he took it he [TS]

  took Agent Smith so you guys can't John [TS]

  syracuse oh thank you for being here and [TS]

  take this opportunity to recommend once [TS]

  more the animate animatrix it's good yes [TS]

  in a and I matrix it is too animated [TS]

  shorts I don't have no idea where you [TS]

  can get them but if you do a Google [TS]

  search watching this movie again i was [TS]

  able to let go of my anger at the [TS]

  premise and just enjoy it but i still [TS]

  enjoy those two animated shorts more so [TS]

  if you've never heard of them and never [TS]

  seen them like animation at all highly [TS]

  recommend yeah it's actually it's a [TS]

  whole DVD of nine [TS]

  yeah it's a bunch of bunch of ya [TS]

  different animated yeah I just me I just [TS]

  I'm sorry I'm you're right I'm I've [TS]

  misidentified I'm saying the second [TS]

  Renaissance part 1 and 2 or the size the [TS]

  ones I'm talking about not all the [TS]

  animated shorts which are very reason [TS]

  quality a second Renaissance part 1 and [TS]

  to thank you for reminding me [TS]

  you seek those out check them out [TS]

  they're awesome ok Steve let's thank you [TS]

  there is no IRS will remember that well [TS]

  because of your mind man [TS]

  it became auto from the simpsons there [TS]

  for a second i think well that's good [TS]

  yeah Erica and sign [TS]

  thank you for being here thank you very [TS]

  much for having me [TS]

  I i wish i could do a line how about I'm [TS]

  just another guy girl [TS]

  there you go ok that works that works [TS]

  it was great to have you here I thank [TS]

  you for thanks for coming on i know that [TS]

  you saw this movie so many times in the [TS]

  theater it was really great to have that [TS]

  perspective to which we don't don't [TS]

  usually get around here and I and and [TS]

  anything that you would like to plug i [TS]

  mentioned Verity which is a really great [TS]

  doctor who podcast is that the then you [TS]

  have anything else that you'd like to [TS]

  promote arms are getting very [TS] for the podcast i am also on [TS]

  Twitter as Holly go darkly if you want [TS]

  to chat with me there and I have my own [TS]

  blog which is fangirl [TS]

  knit scarf at which I [TS]

  update occasionally about geeky stuff [TS]

  and not so much knitting so don't worry [TS]

  about that so much the knitting the [TS]

  distressed knitting of the matrix though [TS]

  i think is the topic of time and energy [TS]

  source here sometime in the in the far [TS]

  future we're going to need blogs about [TS]

  admitting we are clearly i think i think [TS]

  we're all set there you have to wear [TS]

  ragged Snoopy snow hats around our [TS]

  Nebuchadnezzar want to grow on thanks to [TS]

  you [TS]

  yeah and I am Jason smell as always for [TS]

  the uncomfortable thanks everybody for [TS]

  listening we'll see you next time in the [TS]

  matrix work with on a podcast [TS]

  whoa [TS]

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