1: Dream Crusher


  this is episode number one of [TS]

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  monitor calm this is the first episode [TS]

  of hyper critical right you're John [TS]

  siracusa people know your writing from [TS]

  ARS technica and maybe some other places [TS]

  too out Dan Benjamin we're going to [TS]

  we're going to start talking about [TS]

  things technology maybe Apple a little [TS]

  bit things that we love and hate the [TS]

  you're gonna you're going to be more of [TS]

  the hater I'll be more of the lover I [TS]

  guess you hate plenty of things too we [TS]

  will find that out I think through the [TS]

  show yes but this is a new show I [TS]

  interviewed you on the pipeline and ever [TS]

  since then I said you we need to do a [TS]

  show and you kept saying I can't I can't [TS]

  do it I can't do a show I work and I [TS]

  said what this isn't work and you said [TS]

  well I have a full-time job I have to I [TS]

  have to go into an office I'm a you know [TS]

  I wear a suit and tie every morning and [TS]

  not quite punchy in but no I got a 9 to [TS]

  5 but you made it work you you you end [TS]

  up 9 to 5 - more or less [TS]

  you know you went to your boss and you [TS]

  said that listen we got to make this [TS]

  happen this is more important than than [TS]

  anything this is the most important [TS]

  thing I've got going as the show and he [TS]

  said I said ok so they're making an [TS]

  exception and once in a while [TS]

  periodically we need to be fair and set [TS]

  expectations Jon that periodically we [TS]

  may not be able to do a show because of [TS]

  something urgent that happens with with [TS]

  you and your job that's true work has to [TS]

  take precedence but today we are doing a [TS]

  show and what are we talking about you [TS]

  came up with this long [TS]

  of topics and told me to pick one I [TS]

  picked one you just pick one randomly [TS]

  I'm wondering about that I know I picked [TS]

  on because I thought it would be kind of [TS]

  interesting but because I don't want to [TS]

  talk about Verizon anymore [TS]

  yeah really we could have another show [TS]

  we repeat everything that's already been [TS]

  said about the iPhone Verizon and Mac [TS]

  App Store now we thought one of your [TS]

  topics that I really liked was talking [TS]

  about the the present and future of will [TS]

  you say it it was your time also you [TS]

  picked the TV topic yeah the TV topic is [TS]

  not particularly topical because what [TS]

  the new Apple TV was the last time you [TS]

  know people in the Apple community were [TS]

  talking about TV but it's on my list I [TS]

  blogged about it when the new Apple TV [TS]

  came out but it's still kind of sticking [TS]

  in my craw the whole TV issue and [TS]

  apparently in your craw as well to some [TS]

  degree because you picked it out of the [TS]

  long list of other topics many which are [TS]

  much more relevant but well you know [TS]

  we'll save the list mean Marco can [TS]

  compare list because he's got a list [TS]

  I've got a list a lot although I show [TS]

  you my list yeah he doesn't reveal the [TS]

  list but the whole reason that I did I [TS]

  picked this topic I'll tell you why [TS]

  because I currently am I'm mystified [TS]

  first of all CES was was just last week [TS]

  and the big thing at CES you would think [TS]

  that more companies would want to be [TS]

  getting into this into this TV set-top [TS]

  box type space the Apple TV space for [TS]

  lack of a better term there are so many [TS]

  companies that do a really good job of [TS]

  this but you know and people love do you [TS]

  have one of the new Apple TVs do you [TS]

  have it I do not I have a new one and I [TS]

  have an old one and I'll let you take a [TS]

  guess which which one do you think we [TS]

  use for our main TV in the house new one [TS]

  or old I can't guess I don't know your [TS]

  TV habits I mean that the two machines [TS]

  are so different [TS]

  take a guess I'm going to say new old [TS]

  yeah yeah we started out with the new [TS]

  one but the problem with and at first [TS]

  like it seems like this is a really big [TS]

  benefit is that the thing doesn't need [TS]

  to sync or anything you know that's [TS]

  that's the big plus for it it doesn't [TS]

  need to sync you just do any computer [TS]

  can send stuff right to it or pull stuff [TS]

  from it right but that actually became a [TS]

  huge liability because my wife has a lab [TS]

  and my main machine is a laptop although [TS]

  I have like a dozen machines in here to [TS]

  you know to do the show with these [TS]

  different shows at the end of the day I [TS]

  just I have a 13 inch unibody MacBook [TS]

  that's my main my main machine where I [TS]

  would keep stuff like that and neither [TS]

  these machines are like consistently on [TS]

  you know and she found it to be a big [TS]

  pain it's like oh she'd have to go and [TS]

  get her laptop out open it up and and [TS]

  make sure that it's on and in some cases [TS]

  make sure that it was plugged in so it [TS]

  wouldn't run out of battery and he [TS]

  always is it is where she's sitting with [TS]

  it in a you know a Wi-Fi dead zone or is [TS]

  it okay I mean all of these different [TS]

  issues it makes it a big pain to make [TS]

  sure that that there's there's a data [TS]

  source for the new Apple TV whereas with [TS]

  the old one you sync it and if your [TS]

  primary audience is either somebody like [TS]

  us where we might rent something or buy [TS]

  something and watch it and we can plan [TS]

  for that or it's a three-year-old kid [TS]

  and he wants to you know watch whatever [TS]

  you know shows cartoons whatever you [TS]

  pull down for him it's so much easier to [TS]

  just load up the Apple TV and put it [TS]

  down there and then even if the internet [TS]

  connection goes out you still got it you [TS]

  know you don't need another computer to [TS]

  be on and hooked up and running iTunes [TS]

  and and there's a whole issue with the [TS]

  dropping the home shares did you ever [TS]

  have that problem I don't have either [TS]

  one of either one of these so why did [TS]

  you pick this topic then well I mean I [TS]

  because I have a lot to say about also [TS]

  what do you have to say about it well so [TS]

  let's let's I always like to pull back [TS]

  because I always think about you know [TS]

  I'll think about some topic like you [TS]

  know why the old Apple TV is better or [TS]

  worse than the new one and so on and so [TS]

  forth and then I'll just say is this a [TS]

  specific case of a more general problem [TS]

  and keep going up and up and up and at [TS]

  the top level this I end up thinking [TS]

  like it what's the problem with TV [TS]

  obviously there's some sort of problem [TS]

  with television that people are [TS]

  introducing products that will solve [TS]

  this problem for you and you know that [TS]

  the problem of TV I think my conclusion [TS]

  was that I think it's the same problem [TS]

  as with most other things like music or [TS]

  telephones or anything else is that [TS]

  technology advances and when technology [TS]

  advances it causes problems all right um [TS]

  so for consumers the [TS]

  problem with TV is that like at this [TS]

  point even non-technical Institute [TS]

  consumers know that the technology [TS]

  exists to do stuff that would sort of [TS]

  eliminate the past limitations of [TS]

  television all right then maybe they [TS]

  don't know the specifics but they just [TS]

  know that like television when they were [TS]

  growing at by these limitations that [TS]

  right now there's stuff that can get [TS]

  past them I go beyond what television [TS]

  used to be able to do and for you know [TS]

  content distributors or producers and [TS]

  everything their problem is that all [TS]

  this technology makes their past [TS]

  business models less effective so this [TS]

  is kind of the problem with TV this is [TS]

  why there's all this TV stuff going on [TS]

  because we've got this technology [TS]

  technology is the thing that screws with [TS]

  everything it it it makes that it puts [TS]

  the desire into the consumer because [TS]

  think if the consumers didn't know this [TS]

  technology existed like they didn't see [TS]

  you know that how their computers work [TS]

  and how their phones work how everything [TS]

  else works and say hmm why the hell is [TS]

  TV still stink right right and then you [TS]

  know the technology comes in disrupts [TS]

  the existing business models and so [TS]

  that's why I think people are trying to [TS]

  make TV stuff and even at CES you didn't [TS]

  see all the boxes and everything but you [TS]

  did you know you have Google doing the [TS]

  Google TV thing and stuff and people are [TS]

  trying to sell you televisions that are [TS]

  connected to the Internet and and all [TS]

  the other things so people are trying to [TS]

  make products to get money out of people [TS]

  who are trying to solve this problem [TS]

  with TV all right so let's look at what [TS]

  Apple did because Apple is always the [TS]

  great white hope and all these [TS]

  situations where we've got some sort of [TS]

  technology problem or whatever so they [TS]

  made the Apple TV version one right [TS]

  that's what you bought yeah and you're [TS]

  saying you know it does more or less [TS]

  what you wanted to do the stuff is on [TS]

  the TV you connect it to your television [TS]

  set you don't need to have any other [TS]

  computers on it's got a reasonable [TS]

  interface and what it basically did for [TS]

  you is that you could buy television [TS]

  shows and watch them on on this little [TS]

  box thing right right and then Apple TV [TS]

  v2 was the same thing but now you can't [TS]

  buy stuff you can only rent you can I [TS]

  can only rent I mean you could buy stuff [TS]

  on your own iTunes and and since it's [TS]

  streaming from your own computer you can [TS]

  watch that but I guess if you think of [TS]

  new Apple TV as as being a conduit for [TS]

  renting stuff then it's great they love [TS]

  it is it great like what limitations [TS]

  like you know what technology exists [TS]

  right what limitations of past [TS]

  television do these boxes bypass for you [TS]

  so that's a fair question I think the [TS]

  bigger the bigger limit the biggest [TS]

  limit is they act as a very effective [TS]

  conduit for throwing something up on a [TS]

  TV that you really like the airplay [TS]

  angle right that's a kind of a separate [TS]

  thing so did not give makes your TV more [TS]

  useful because now you can you know use [TS]

  it as a big-screen when you enter the [TS]

  room with your iPhone right and eject [TS]

  and the thing appears on the TV screen [TS]

  it is very cool yeah that's that's [TS]

  that's a legitimate new thing you're [TS]

  saying that let previous limitation of [TS]

  TVs that you had to like rummage around [TS]

  behind the thing and get all dusty and [TS]

  trip over the cables and everything [TS]

  anything on the TV it was just too much [TS]

  of a hassle and now you can do that so [TS]

  that's that's one use one one way that [TS]

  it bypasses the previous limitations but [TS]

  you know you've got a time shifting - [TS]

  right like you can watch the shows when [TS]

  you want yeah anytime you want but you [TS]

  you know you still people people always [TS]

  ask me this like can you tape they [TS]

  always answered tape by or they use a [TS]

  word tape can you tape stuff and I say [TS]

  no no you know and that's then so so we [TS]

  have this is the thing do you have a [TS]

  TiVo though right well it really depends [TS]

  on what people have it depends on the [TS]

  television habit so what would you say [TS]

  your TV habits are like you know you got [TS]

  the shows for the kids that's one thing [TS]

  and then do you watch television like is [TS]

  it as a weekly ritual nightly ritual [TS]

  yeah I am not all of a sports day right [TS]

  yeah I mean I'd like I don't I don't [TS]

  miss I only I only miss NFL if there's [TS]

  extenuating circumstances like for [TS]

  example my three-year-old wants to do [TS]

  something else which is usually but in [TS]

  you know prime time and if I always [TS]

  watch that i watch a lot of baseball but [TS]

  as far as like regular shows i only you [TS]

  know there's a few like science or other [TS]

  type shows i'll watch but you know like [TS]

  I don't have any shows and I just sit [TS]

  down and watch like every single night [TS]

  if I do I you know it's maybe thirty [TS]

  thirty to sixty minutes of TV a date [TS]

  like tops usually but I do TiVo stuff [TS]

  and and and the stuff that I TiVo a lot [TS]

  of the time is stuff that I just you [TS]

  know I think might be interesting or the [TS]

  stuff that evil will find for me that it [TS]

  thinks is interesting and it's it's [TS]

  usually pretty right on so with the [TS]

  exception of sports which I'm assuming [TS]

  you want to watch live when possible you [TS]

  are time time shifting pretty much all [TS]

  the other thing yeah and I do with the [TS]

  sports too which is the were you know [TS]

  like a lot of the time if the game you [TS]

  want to watch is on Sunday you know it's [TS]

  Sunday and it's a 2-1 o'clock game or [TS]

  even a 4 o'clock game you're not going [TS]

  to get to watch that if you want to [TS]

  spend any time with your family at all [TS]

  so I've got a I've got a tight and then [TS]

  I just hope that like nothing intercedes [TS]

  in my reality and I accidentally hear [TS]

  the score or something like that yeah [TS]

  that's a problem so here you are [TS]

  screwing with the content owners [TS]

  business models basically because your [TS]

  your time shifting and when your time [TS]

  shift it's much easier for you to skip [TS]

  commercials and and if you're not a big [TS]

  television watcher you don't have to get [TS]

  the big subscription that has every [TS]

  single channel in the world you can now [TS]

  get the small subscription with just [TS]

  your live sports and just pick up the [TS]

  other shows you want on iTunes or [TS]

  something right exactly if you don't [TS]

  watch 50 shows it's cheaper for you to [TS]

  go ala carte than it is to buy a [TS]

  subscription where it's previously said [TS]

  that our model is you buy a subscription [TS]

  to television through our cable company [TS]

  you the smallest patch you can get it [TS]

  has a million channels in it and we [TS]

  don't care if you only want one show [TS]

  right you don't have an a la carte [TS]

  choice right but think about what your [TS]

  experience is you already described [TS]

  three separate ways to watch television [TS]

  you've got live TV which is coming over [TS]

  your cable or satellite or whatever [TS]

  you've got your TiVo which is recording [TS]

  stuff from cable and satellite and time [TS]

  shifting it for you and you've got all [TS]

  now two Apple TVs but essentially one [TS]

  Apple TV per television which is another [TS]

  input where you're buying things on your [TS]

  computer and getting them synched over [TS]

  there or you're buying them from renting [TS]

  them from the Machine and getting them [TS]

  sink through that that's three separate [TS]

  things so that's this is a big [TS]

  complication over when you were a kid [TS]

  when you'd sit down in front of the TV [TS]

  turn the dials to the channel you want [TS]

  to watch at the appointed time yeah that [TS]

  was it was much better back then too and [TS]

  so you've gained all these abilities but [TS]

  you the experience is generally worse [TS]

  and forget about like don't even worse [TS]

  to get DVDs or blu-ray I don't know if [TS]

  you do any of that do you even have on [TS]

  an optical disk connected to your TV now [TS]

  not anymore the last thing we had when [TS]

  it went when I first bought a larger [TS]

  four [TS]

  at television which do you remember the [TS]

  fiasco called DLP I don't we were one of [TS]

  the fools who bought a DLP TV and and I [TS]

  when I got that I got an up converting [TS]

  actually I think I had a Mac Mini [TS]

  connected to the TV at the time but that [TS]

  didn't that wasn't as enjoyable as you [TS]

  know as I'd hoped it would be back then [TS]

  this is you know five or six years ago [TS]

  so I got a I got like an up converting [TS]

  you know upscaling DVD player which I [TS]

  forget how many years ago I took it out [TS]

  but no I have nothing like I couldn't we [TS]

  don't own a blu-ray player of any kind [TS]

  well if you did you'd be subject to [TS]

  another thing that's worse than you know [TS]

  past television experiences which is you [TS]

  just like DVDs or blu-rays you stick the [TS]

  disc in you got unskipable previews [TS]

  you've got ads the thing takes a million [TS]

  years slow forget about if it's a kids [TS]

  movie you just want to get to the movie [TS]

  and the kids really possible how can it [TS]

  be so bad I hear people saying this all [TS]

  the time and at first I was like now [TS]

  they just must have a stupid player or [TS]

  something but this is like a cross this [TS]

  is this is a feature as a feature for [TS]

  the studios like it terrible the DVD and [TS]

  the blu-ray spec say there's you know a [TS]

  bit you can flip it says when you're on [TS]

  this screen the following buttons do [TS]

  nothing and those buttons are taking to [TS]

  the menu skip advance you know sometimes [TS]

  they let you fast-forward scan through [TS]

  it and if you want your player to be [TS]

  compliant to get the little logo like [TS]

  for example PlayStation 3 once had the [TS]

  little logo that says it's blu-ray [TS]

  compliant and it's from Sony or anybody [TS]

  wants that you know if it's not some [TS]

  Chinese knockoff thing it doesn't care [TS]

  about compliance these the machines [TS]

  honor these stupid discs instructions [TS]

  that tell them not to let the person [TS]

  skip this that's why you can't skip the [TS]

  FBI warning you know the trailers for [TS]

  other movies you're not interested in [TS]

  you just want to watch the movie and it [TS]

  kind of got you technologically prisoner [TS]

  in the case of blu-ray because it is the [TS]

  highest quality video product that you [TS]

  can buy if you care about that kind of [TS]

  thing right yeah that's seen 1080p and [TS]

  you can you're lucky if you get 720 for [TS]

  most video services and if it's [TS]

  streaming forget about you know [TS]

  artifacting and other issues like that [TS]

  so I think TV is a big hairy mess right [TS]

  now like many other businesses have been [TS]

  big messes when technology comes along [TS]

  and changes them and so I'm looking to [TS]

  not just Apple but really anyone to say [TS]

  you know solve my [TS]

  problem I've got a TV problem because I [TS]

  watch more a little bit more television [TS]

  than you do more you know regularly [TS]

  scheduled shows and stuff like that and [TS]

  mainly on the sci-fi channel and my is [TS]

  my understanding it's not the case but I [TS]

  can be in your understanding if you'd [TS]

  like actually smart sci-fi is not sci-fi [TS]

  anymore it's s yfy room yeah nothing to [TS]

  do with science or fiction it's just [TS]

  something else oh but anyway I'm looking [TS]

  for a solution to this so of course I [TS]

  was an early adopter of TiVo because [TS]

  there was a company saying we're going [TS]

  to try to do something about the you [TS]

  know the we're going to try to advance [TS]

  the state of the art in television and [TS]

  TiVo was a big advance it gave abilities [TS]

  that didn't exist before [TS]

  it added only one box to your existing [TS]

  set which was then like a VCR or [TS]

  something eventually a DVD player right [TS]

  ah but but it basically replaced [TS]

  whatever was you were using to watch [TS]

  television with um but at this point [TS]

  everyone's got you know or everyone [TS]

  who's a tech geek or whatever has two [TS]

  three four sometimes a ridiculous number [TS]

  of things attached to their television [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  and televisions all have like four [TS]

  inputs which is kind of a recognition of [TS]

  the fact say look people want to buy our [TS]

  TV but they're going to have a bazillion [TS]

  box is hanging off this thing so we [TS]

  better put a lot of inputs on our [TS]

  television you know like how many inputs [TS]

  does your monitor have on as one how you [TS]

  connect the computer right but a [TS]

  television has 250 inputs because they [TS]

  know that it's it's a rat's nest of [TS]

  wires back there and the television [TS]

  watching experience is such that like [TS]

  when the babysitter comes over they [TS]

  can't figure out how to work your [TS]

  friggin TV because they can't better [TS]

  know what input to switch to or what [TS]

  buttons to press on to five different [TS]

  remotes and when the kid wants to watch [TS]

  you know this particular show it's on [TS]

  this device but this show is on that [TS]

  other device it's it's a nightmare so I [TS]

  want and not just a babysitter but [TS]

  didn't in many cases your house yeah so [TS]

  my wife hates it like we went out and [TS]

  bought one of these harmony remotes [TS]

  which that you know as horrible as the [TS]

  logitech harmony software actually is [TS]

  and it is horrible I mean it is it is a [TS]

  cesspool of user interface [TS]

  experimentation even even despite that [TS]

  it works pretty well but it doesn't work [TS]

  very well with a TiVo of all things so [TS]

  now we have the the Logitech Harmony [TS]

  remote which was working great [TS]

  and it was doing you know that the old [TS]

  DVR box that the cable company had [TS]

  forced upon us and then then the the [TS]

  Apple TV's it could it could do those [TS]

  but now that we have a TiVo we now have [TS]

  the TiVo remote again and she's back and [TS]

  forth to having two remotes again hates [TS]

  it two remotes is this I think I know a [TS]

  near victory because if you know have [TS]

  seven remotes you know you only have two [TS]

  and one of them controls a lot of [TS]

  devices is pretty good yeah but so you [TS]

  know we also don't have like a stereo [TS]

  this is so funny we have when we got [TS]

  this house it was already like set up [TS]

  for this it had the the connections for [TS]

  the speakers in the ceiling like you [TS]

  could put four stirs up in the ceiling [TS]

  so we you know when when I moved in I [TS]

  got speakers and I cut holes in the [TS]

  ceiling and where that wires were [TS]

  hanging down and put put the speaker's [TS]

  up there and wired them up but we never [TS]

  use them like I don't even have a stereo [TS]

  thing hooked up to them it they're just [TS]

  just they're just there at least audio [TS]

  still is reasonable in that you can get [TS]

  one set of speakers you don't have to [TS]

  get a set of speakers for each one of [TS]

  your devices yeah that's what it would [TS]

  be like it was in the same mess as the [TS]

  video component so but I mean you know [TS]

  so well so so well so think about the [TS]

  other thing I wanna bring up is uh you [TS]

  know so I'm looking for Apple to solve [TS]

  this right and I've been looking for [TS]

  years I've been buying TiVo's TiVo's [TS]

  doing what it can do but I felt like it [TS]

  wasn't enough and the boxes were [TS]

  proliferating and Apple was coming out [TS]

  with these things were just adding more [TS]

  boxes where I wanna buy them because I [TS]

  didn't feel like they were adding [TS]

  anything to my already complicated setup [TS]

  and then Jobs had that d8 conference [TS]

  last year to remember that uh yeah sure [TS]

  did that talk and the question came from [TS]

  the audience which the guy in the [TS]

  audience I'm glad he was there because [TS]

  he basically asked my question which was [TS]

  like TVs a big mess when are you going [TS]

  to fix it for me mr. Jobs and his his [TS]

  answer was that it's kind of intractable [TS]

  an intractable problem right now because [TS]

  the TV industry subsidizes set-top boxes [TS]

  and gives them away for free now the [TS]

  fact that that was the first inside of [TS]

  jobs his mouth it gives you a window [TS]

  into the way he thinks we said we can't [TS]

  solve this we Apple can't solve this [TS]

  problem because the you know set [TS]

  boxes are give away for free the [TS]

  underlying premise there is that the way [TS]

  Apple makes money is by selling hardware [TS]

  which is rich 100 true look at their [TS]

  balance sheet where does Apple's money [TS]

  come from [TS]

  they sell hardware they get good margins [TS]

  on it hardware devices cost a lot of [TS]

  money relatively speaking [TS]

  that's where Apple's money comes from [TS]

  which by the way I can get off a little [TS]

  tangent on the river in the blogosphere [TS]

  see the Apple is a insert word hardware [TS]

  or software company line Apple's [TS]

  hardware company they grant fines apples [TS]

  a software company big grant Falls those [TS]

  two sentences have been around for I [TS]

  think for as long as Apple's existed [TS]

  each you know each time you see it it's [TS]

  one person and fatica lee insisting [TS]

  either Apple is one of the other right I [TS]

  think it's kind of stupid because what [TS]

  is an X company Apple is an X company [TS]

  you can argue about that all day it's [TS]

  just semantics but if you look at their [TS]

  balance sheet it's much easier to say [TS]

  Apple makes its money from because that [TS]

  is a question with a concrete answer and [TS]

  you can't really debate about it so [TS]

  Apple makes its money from hardware so [TS]

  and Jobs knows that I think he's just a [TS]

  hardware kind of guy like I think that's [TS]

  how he comes at problems thinks about [TS]

  what is the thing that I can hold in my [TS]

  hand that will solve this problem [TS]

  so as soon as he has about TB says oh [TS]

  well the problem is we can't make money [TS]

  because we can't sell you a piece of [TS]

  hardware and he went through this whole [TS]

  big list of you know why they can't sell [TS]

  hardware because it's all subsidized and [TS]

  look at all the people have tried to [TS]

  sell hardware and he rattled off this [TS]

  big list of companies longer list than I [TS]

  could come up with on my own he came up [TS]

  with like replay TV remember them oh [TS]

  yeah I got driven out of business for [TS]

  skipping commercials TiVo Vudu right [TS]

  Google he threw google under the bus and [TS]

  you know they weren't gonna be [TS]

  successful with their Google TV devices [TS]

  and Sony and all these other people I'm [TS]

  saying that basically you can't sell [TS]

  these boxes because everyone just [TS]

  expects them to come for free with the [TS]

  television or be built into their [TS]

  television or come for free with their [TS]

  cable subscription and if we can't sell [TS]

  boxes Apple can't solve your problem and [TS]

  so he's basically saying all these [TS]

  companies are a failure even TiVo he was [TS]

  the first one he listed TiVo complete [TS]

  failure like we don't want TiVo's kind [TS]

  of success because it's basically [TS]

  failure to us right and he and he [TS]

  reiterated like the many boxes problem [TS]

  all you got all his crap connected to [TS]

  your TV is no fun you know he recognized [TS]

  that problem he and he said it is a [TS]

  problem and he just said there's no way [TS]

  to get past this wall right now I mean [TS]

  the only [TS]

  the only way to do it would be to tear [TS]

  up the set-top box and replace it with [TS]

  one box with a consistent UI and then [TS]

  get it to consumers in a way they're [TS]

  willing to pay for it right and you [TS]

  wonder like are you trying to say that [TS]

  the new Apple TV is that thing well they [TS]

  kind of got the get consumer get it to [TS]

  consumers in a way they're willing to [TS]

  pay for all right because they lowered [TS]

  the price really low and that's why a [TS]

  lot of people I think ended up with [TS]

  Apple TV 1r TV 2 and why it's selling [TS]

  much better than yelling booster like [TS]

  ants 99 bucks I'll try it but all the [TS]

  other problems still exist and a [TS]

  business that is not a tech problem [TS]

  because we have the technology it's not [TS]

  a vision problem because he knows where [TS]

  we want to go you don't want all these [TS]

  stupid boxes connecting everything it's [TS]

  just a go to market problem so there's [TS]

  no go to market strategy and he means [TS]

  from Apple's perspective we can't sell [TS]

  you a box therefore we can't make money [TS]

  therefore we can't solve this problem [TS]

  for you and this was a depressing [TS]

  depressing snippet of him when I saw [TS]

  this video my heart just sank because I [TS]

  wanted him to make me a box to solve [TS]

  these problems he basically said we're [TS]

  not going to do that because we don't [TS]

  think we can make money doing it and I [TS]

  could you know I can deal with that from [TS]

  a reality perspective as a yeah I [TS]

  understand this is a problem for you but [TS]

  I want someone to solve it right like [TS]

  don't you want someone to make your TV [TS]

  experience better [TS]

  in the living room fewer remotes fewer [TS]

  trade-offs between renting and buying [TS]

  and how much it costs and what you can [TS]

  get when you want this show isn't [TS]

  available because it's you know you [TS]

  can't see the new season of this show [TS]

  because it's not available yet and you [TS]

  can't see live sports because those [TS]

  contracts are locked up and you know [TS]

  this goes away from the store or comes [TS]

  back on the store but it's not an HD all [TS]

  these ridiculous limitations that we [TS]

  know are just artificial they're not [TS]

  they're not based on technology and [TS]

  they're just getting in the way of what [TS]

  we know should be possible in our [TS]

  utopian future of television watching so [TS]

  this is why Television drives me nuts [TS]

  and until someone solves it especially [TS]

  this Apple says they're just not gonna [TS]

  like what do I hope for now just sit in [TS]

  front of my TV and deal with all these [TS]

  boxes and say it's never going to get [TS]

  better well so what is the solution then [TS]

  you've got to have something in mind [TS]

  well a lot of things in mind but first [TS]

  you got to pick an actor like who's [TS]

  going to solve this at TiVo [TS]

  is probably the company who I give money [TS]

  to that I hate the most because I don't [TS]

  have a cell phone contract which that [TS]

  could be another show we could do but uh [TS]

  most people hate their cell phone [TS]

  providers but then you know still give [TS]

  them tons of money every month [TS]

  I despise TiVo especially in recent [TS]

  years but I keep giving the money [TS]

  because they're my best available option [TS]

  for what I want and the thing that [TS]

  drives me nuts about TiVo is they've [TS]

  been getting worse with time not better [TS]

  like this little you know iPod Touch [TS]

  that I have you know even a first [TS]

  generation iPod Touch that costs less [TS]

  than a TiVo is so much faster and more [TS]

  responsive than this TiVo box I bought [TS]

  like a year ago and it just it just [TS]

  makes no sense from a technology [TS]

  perspective it makes sense from a [TS]

  business perspective if you buy into [TS]

  jobs is a conclusion that TiVo is [TS]

  basically a failure because they can't [TS]

  make money well if TiVo can't make money [TS]

  they can't invest in their products and [TS]

  their products instead of getting better [TS]

  get worse with time like the new TiVo [TS]

  uses flash for its UI of all things it's [TS]

  slower than the previous model and that [TS]

  model is slower than the previous model [TS]

  right you're talking about a product [TS]

  they called like a premier is the new [TS]

  one that uses flash the one before it [TS]

  the one I have is a series three [TS]

  that was actually TiVo HD was likely [TS]

  cheap the cheaper series three sisters [TS]

  the luxury HD model and then they they [TS]

  sort of deke on dented it to use a car [TS]

  term and gave you a cheaper version that [TS]

  was similar in sides but less convinced [TS]

  fancy so you have probably you have [TS]

  probably the best HD capable one that's [TS]

  out there but if you I have several [TS]

  generations Attila's and house going [TS]

  back to a standard def one and they get [TS]

  faster and more responsive as you go [TS]

  back in time and you think of any other [TS]

  technology products like that it's [TS]

  readable and yeah drives me up a wall so [TS]

  TiVo is sort of you know not living up [TS]

  to its its contract to be a modern [TS]

  technology company and do all the things [TS]

  you expect them to do they're sort of I [TS]

  don't know if they're giving up or [TS]

  they're just struggling they don't have [TS]

  enough money that they're making really [TS]

  bad decisions like going with flash for [TS]

  the UI it's just slowing things down [TS]

  even more that's just it's just [TS]

  depressing [TS]

  yeah I think but but what what are my [TS]

  other options my other options are Apple [TS]

  TV well that's it doesn't make sense for [TS]

  me because the ala carte model is more [TS]

  expensive for me than a subscription [TS]

  model [TS]

  and you know what you don't so it sounds [TS]

  to me though like you're not really [TS]

  getting any content at all from a [TS]

  computer it sounds like I have a Netflix [TS]

  subscription so I streamed from Netflix [TS]

  all the time on on your TiVo well have [TS]

  seven boxes connected to my TV that can [TS]

  do Netflix soon you know your dishwasher [TS]

  will get the stream kinetic you're right [TS]

  but what does the stream Netflix well I [TS]

  have I have a choice of and that's the [TS]

  thing that almost maybe buy a new Apple [TS]

  TV because I have a choice of where I [TS]

  want to watch Netflix to and and I [TS]

  decide in a sort of extremely Steve Jobs [TS]

  Ian manner to use the box that has [TS]

  that's the quietest so my playstation 3 [TS]

  for example can stream Netflix but the [TS]

  fan is allowed to forget it you know and [TS]

  a DVD player is considered Netflix but I [TS]

  usually have them turned off so if I [TS]

  don't have to turn them on at all I [TS]

  don't have to hear their fan at all but [TS]

  the TiVo is always on so streaming [TS]

  Netflix through the TiVo even though [TS]

  it's kind of slow and clunky adds the [TS]

  least amount of noise to my watching [TS]

  environment so that's what I do [TS]

  it's interesting though because I think [TS]

  for a lot of people but there's already [TS]

  existing content or they're getting [TS]

  content on the computer itself I've [TS]

  talked to people I won't name I won't [TS]

  name names okay but there are a lot of [TS]

  people out there and I know a few of [TS]

  them who acquire let's just use that [TS]

  term they acquire video content from the [TS]

  internet maybe they're buying it maybe [TS]

  they're acquiring it in some other way [TS]

  but they get it they get it they have it [TS]

  there are other people who will go and [TS]

  rent a DVD and they'll rip the DVD and [TS]

  know they'll have it whether they [TS]

  purchased it or rented it or whatever [TS]

  but they have it and they rip it and now [TS]

  it's on their computer and now they want [TS]

  to watch it on that television so Rivlin [TS]

  in these these situations I think I mean [TS]

  that's it doesn't sound like you do that [TS]

  you're you're I definitely do that I [TS]

  mean that's yet another we didn't even [TS]

  get it I get yet another source of stuff [TS]

  I'll say I'll get that how do you get [TS]

  that onto your teeth well so I've got [TS]

  the PlayStation 3 and I run a server on [TS]

  my Mac that can stream the content from [TS]

  the PlayStation through from the [TS]

  computer to the PlayStation 3 which [TS]

  plays up on the TV that's that's another [TS]

  example where Apple is not interested in [TS]

  being in that market Apple streams its [TS]

  from your Mac to the television but it's [TS]

  not interested in streaming the crazy [TS]

  you know that MKV file that you've [TS]

  downloaded from some you know place and [TS]

  the sad thing is that a lot of time I [TS]

  end up downloading content that I'm [TS]

  paying for sometimes downloading content [TS]

  that I'm paying for more than once right [TS]

  so I have a cable subscription and I pay [TS]

  for HBO and it's got a shovel HBO's a [TS]

  bad example I have a cable subscription [TS]

  it's got BBC America right I pay for [TS]

  this cable subscription I pay for the [TS]

  package that includes BBC America which [TS]

  is extra money right right and sometimes [TS]

  there's also BBC America available on [TS]

  Netflix streaming and I pay a monthly [TS]

  subscription for Netflix streaming and [TS]

  yet I still end up acquiring air quotes [TS]

  something that I could have watched when [TS]

  it aired on BBC America I could have set [TS]

  my Tivo to record when it aired on BBC [TS]

  America or I could have streamed through [TS]

  Netflix if I was if I wanted to wait a [TS]

  certain amount of time when it was [TS]

  available on Netflix streaming or I can [TS]

  have Netflix on me the disc when it [TS]

  becomes available on DVD but this [TS]

  subscription too so I'm paying all this [TS]

  money to all these different people and [TS]

  I still end up downloading it because [TS]

  it's a better experience because it's HD [TS]

  and my cable company does not offer BBC [TS]

  America and HD I don't have to wait for [TS]

  it appear on Netflix streaming and I [TS]

  don't have the way for discs to come in [TS]

  the mail but through the magics of the [TS]

  internet that you know an HD version of [TS]

  that thing appears the day after it airs [TS]

  and so it's an absurd situation where I [TS]

  you know obviously I'm paying for my [TS]

  internet connection to where that's how [TS]

  on the blotting is you know just because [TS]

  it's the best experience I want by the [TS]

  way you know that commercials are [TS]

  eliminated from it and there's no you [TS]

  know I'm sick of people things at the [TS]

  beginning you just download it when you [TS]

  go to sleep wake up in the morning flip [TS]

  on the PlayStation which is a little bit [TS]

  loud navigate with a little remote and [TS]

  it starts streaming from the Mac and you [TS]

  watch it it's it's a ridiculous scenario [TS]

  like no one wants my money I'm giving [TS]

  two different people their money and [TS]

  money and they still won't give me what [TS]

  I want I literally cannot pay for this [TS]

  content to be available to me in in the [TS]

  way that I want it you know in the way [TS]

  that I know is technically possible it's [TS]

  just absurd and and it's you know [TS]

  something only geeks can do to like my [TS]

  wife can't do this on her own if she [TS]

  wants you know some particular show [TS]

  she'll watch it on one of lesser formats [TS]

  if she has to yeah the couch with us [TS]

  asked me to set it up oh and but see [TS]

  there's a lot of people you know we're [TS]

  very much geeks and I think a large [TS]

  portion [TS]

  of our listening bass will be will be [TS]

  geeks but when Steve Jobs talks about a [TS]

  product he's not he's aware of us for [TS]

  sure [TS]

  but he's not thinking about us I mean [TS]

  that's that's why the iPhone is such a [TS]

  success because geeks like us can enjoy [TS]

  it but the regular human being who just [TS]

  wants something that works and that's [TS]

  cool and does a bunch of different [TS]

  things that they don't have to spend [TS]

  their lifetime figuring out you know [TS]

  that that's what they wanted like [TS]

  without getting into the whole phone [TS]

  topic you know that there needs to be [TS]

  that simplicity and ease of use brought [TS]

  to all of these things that we're [TS]

  talking about and you know who wants to [TS]

  set up a media server on their Mac and [TS]

  keep it running all the time so that [TS]

  they can stream con I mean like a [TS]

  regular person doesn't want to do that [TS]

  like for mobile like I'm curious what [TS]

  software you're using but a regular [TS]

  person their eyes just glaze over when [TS]

  you start talking like that the problem [TS]

  is the same it's just that the geeks [TS]

  have have some sort of recourse like [TS]

  because of the knowledge and skills that [TS]

  we have we can find something about it [TS]

  the regular people they have we all have [TS]

  the exact same problem we're just either [TS]

  more willing or able or probably both to [TS]

  go through hoops to try to solve it [TS]

  other people will just either accept the [TS]

  problem as just a reality or just sort [TS]

  of grumble data quietly but we're in a [TS]

  unique position because we know that [TS]

  this problem doesn't exist but from from [TS]

  the perspective of a company trying to [TS]

  solve it you can solve this problem once [TS]

  like I don't want to talk about phones [TS]

  or music but think either one of those [TS]

  scenarios they were similar you know [TS]

  technology comes in screws with the [TS]

  business let's pick music is an easy one [TS]

  you know messes with the business Apple [TS]

  recognizes that the technology enables [TS]

  you to bypass limitations of previous [TS]

  tech like you don't have to have one [TS]

  cassette of songs with you you can have [TS]

  your entire library with you we can make [TS]

  that what's built the device that does [TS]

  that and then all of a sudden people are [TS]

  ripping their CDs which have no DRM and [TS]

  them piracy is all the place music is [TS]

  completely free the record companies [TS]

  feel like their entire business has been [TS]

  destroyed by this company Apple comes [TS]

  out with the you know DRM and iTunes [TS]

  store get everyone together it gets all [TS]

  the big labels says look you know we [TS]

  just destroyed your business come we'll [TS]

  help you rebuild it put all your music [TS]

  into our store gives one unified [TS]

  interface to buying stuff sells a [TS]

  bazillion iPods the music industry picks [TS]

  back up start selling a lot of digital [TS]

  content eventually the DRM stuff gets [TS]

  dropped because they realize look you [TS]

  know it doesn't matter we're still [TS]

  making tons of money on this digital [TS]

  music with or without DRM customers [TS]

  don't like DRM let's drop it that's a [TS]

  success story Apple came into a [TS]

  situation that was you know for offer [TS]

  okay so first Apple wrecked it with its [TS]

  technology or anything but then they [TS]

  came in later and they got all the the [TS]

  parties together that needed to be [TS]

  brought together and they you know they [TS]

  come up with a solution [TS]

  phones are similar a little bit you know [TS]

  how we're phones broken before the [TS]

  iPhone well people you know if you ask [TS]

  them do you like your phone oh yeah I [TS]

  love my blackberry or whatever but [TS]

  people who knew more about technology [TS]

  knew that come on that's the palm [TS]

  operating system on your tree oh that's [TS]

  a piece of crap right and rim yeah it's [TS]

  nice for typing out your emails and [TS]

  everything but where's my web browser [TS]

  that isn't extremely painful to use [TS]

  right so eventually tech people and [TS]

  Apple knew that we had the technology to [TS]

  make something a lot better and they did [TS]

  but they they busted some incumbent [TS]

  business models to you know percentage [TS]

  of app sales is not going to Verizon a [TS]

  Verizon doesn't control what gets in [TS]

  that phone rising doesn't control when [TS]

  the OS is update but neither does 18 t [TS]

  they broke the carrier model no more [TS]

  $2.00 ringtone revenue coming in from [TS]

  four to all the carriers right Apple [TS]

  took that away from the carriers but [TS]

  brought the consumers a product they [TS]

  needed but TV like you can see jobs in [TS]

  this video thing which you should link [TS]

  in the show notes if you have them you [TS]

  can see him going through the scenario [TS]

  in his head like what we need what we [TS]

  need to do to do what we did in music [TS]

  and phone what we need to do to do that [TS]

  in TV and it goes to this big litany of [TS]

  problems like there's not five big five [TS]

  record labels there's a million you know [TS]

  cable companies and forget about that's [TS]

  just in the US the rest of the world the [TS]

  TV formats are even stood not standard [TS]

  so there's tons and tons of producers of [TS]

  television content and distributors of [TS]

  television all around the world and [TS]

  there's no single standard that they can [TS]

  build to again he's thinking of building [TS]

  a box like yeah you make it PL NTSC [TS]

  satellite cable do we have to work with [TS]

  every single cable company in the u.s. [TS]

  Plus every single cable and satellite [TS]

  company in the rest of the world that's [TS]

  a lot of deals to make um and so he's [TS]

  thinking of the business deals he would [TS]

  have to make he's like I want to solve [TS]

  this problem for you but I just can't [TS]

  think of a way to get these guys [TS]

  together now it's kind of a shame that [TS]

  they don't just you know he knows what [TS]

  he needs to do and you know it's [TS]

  difficult [TS]

  but they sell to a lot of carriers for [TS]

  cellphones too right like it's I don't [TS]

  know I guess I just don't see the upside [TS]

  but the Apple really needs a business to [TS]

  be a global business a big huge global [TS]

  smash bang business and in every case [TS]

  they felt like that and in that made [TS]

  them do it like GSM is the global [TS]

  standard so even though they have to [TS]

  deal with a million carriers they can [TS]

  make one phone based on GSM and sell to [TS]

  more or less the whole world and now [TS]

  they're you know back cutting a little [TS]

  bit with the CDMA stuff but that's just [TS]

  a stopgap but with TV I guess there's [TS]

  just nothing in there for them to get a [TS]

  foothold on they just can't sell you a [TS]

  box so they're just not gonna do it and [TS]

  I think somebody's do it if I become [TS]

  over the ridiculous fantasy scenarios [TS]

  and how Apple could solve this yeah I [TS]

  would say okay Apple work your magic go [TS]

  talk to first of all I don't care about [TS]

  the rest of the world sorry guys but I'm [TS]

  Sims thinking of myself here how could [TS]

  you solve the problem for the US right [TS]

  away this is not a feasible solution [TS]

  because Apple needs a global solution so [TS]

  right away I'm in Fantasyland but if [TS]

  Apple wanted to solve the problem for [TS]

  the US it would get together all the US [TS]

  cable carriers and satellite which is [TS]

  also impossible probably the same way it [TS]

  got together the record labels and say [TS]

  look we want to solve this problem what [TS]

  we're going to do is either try to get [TS]

  you guys to come to agreement or at the [TS]

  very least get you guys to sell us your [TS]

  content or maybe just one of them get [TS]

  like Comcast or you know Verizon files [TS]

  are working into your cell phone deal or [TS]

  whatever cell-cell Apple your content [TS]

  and then Apple in their mythical data [TS]

  center which in North Carolina which [TS]

  solves all problems if anyone ever has [TS]

  in the entire universe I'm going to use [TS]

  it now in my fantasy scenario to solve [TS]

  this problem Apple gets the the feed [TS]

  from the cable provider which they pay [TS]

  for it some drastically reduced rate [TS]

  pipe that into their data center where [TS]

  they have tons of little boxes that [TS]

  record all the shows and ferry them out [TS]

  or whatever and then Apple sells to the [TS]

  consumer a little tiny box or subsidizes [TS]

  you know $50 box $100 box or maybe it's [TS]

  given away for free gives that to the [TS]

  consumer and then watch all their [TS]

  television through that box they watch [TS]

  live sports to it they watch any show [TS]

  first-run movies anything you can get [TS]

  anywhere because Apple is paying Apple [TS]

  is basically the reseller Apple is [TS]

  acting like a cable company buying the [TS]

  content from wherever it's available [TS]

  storing it and then streaming it out to [TS]

  you for your monthly subscription fee [TS]

  that you pay that water box and [TS]

  that's all content that would be great [TS]

  yeah we already but I already skipped [TS]

  over seven reasons why that's basically [TS]

  impossible seven yeah but with that but [TS]

  that would be a solution because then [TS]

  you can throw it all your other boxes [TS]

  and there would be no limitations all [TS]

  right it all depends on the business [TS]

  deals and how much it cost so if they [TS]

  gave you the box for free and it cost [TS]

  you 15 20 $30 $40 I don't know what the [TS]

  price limit is a month where that would [TS]

  be a good deal but you know I want Apple [TS]

  to solve the problem and sell me the [TS]

  solution so Apple deal with all these [TS]

  companies that own the content Apple [TS]

  deal with who has the exclusive NFL [TS]

  contract Apple deal with why things [TS]

  aren't available in Netflix streaming [TS]

  but you can get them in on a DVD R and a [TS]

  blu-ray streaming HD content you know [TS]

  maybe my internet connection is not fast [TS]

  enough so maybe that's another reason [TS]

  the solution isn't as in the feasible [TS]

  yet but that would be one example of a [TS]

  solution another one that I would take [TS]

  as like a second choice is just Tebow [TS]

  get your act together because they're [TS]

  not solving the entire problem but [TS]

  they're solving a lot of it they're [TS]

  solving the broadcast television [TS]

  subscription problem for me because I [TS]

  pay for a subscription it's got a lot of [TS]

  shows Tebow does a lot of what I wanted [TS]

  to do some stuff is outside that realm [TS]

  like movies and stuff like that but for [TS]

  television shows traditional television [TS]

  shows - you would just get its act [TS]

  together and make a box it doesn't stink [TS]

  I'd pay a lot of money for you know oh [TS]

  and don't forget Tebow doesn't just sell [TS]

  to you that box they sell you a monthly [TS]

  subscription form right or a life [TS]

  together but they're taking away the [TS]

  lifetime it seems like well they keep [TS]

  saying they're going to but I just got [TS]

  one on my I mean do you have one on [TS]

  yours yes I bought it on mine I bought [TS]

  mine more recently than you bought you [TS]

  as my latest one my TiVo HD XL was only [TS]

  a year or two ago and they were still [TS]

  selling a lifetime but you know they're [TS]

  making ton I don't see how that can't be [TS]

  profitable the hardware in my TiVo must [TS]

  cost them one hundred and fifty dollars [TS]

  and I bought the box were like 300 and [TS]

  then paid like 500 more where ever was [TS]

  for the lifetime but the other people [TS]

  were paying month-to-month they're [TS]

  paying a monthly fee for what for the [TS]

  guide info they say you're paying for [TS]

  the list of when the shows are on list [TS]

  by way which stinks and does not [TS]

  correctly flag things as repeats and [TS]

  makes the Daily Show record 20 times and [TS]

  everything about TiVo drives me nuts [TS]

  but they still can't make money I hope [TS]

  they have a box that they sell it's got [TS]

  to be a massive profit and they have [TS]

  recurring revenue and they still can't [TS]

  make money it's just depressing [TS]

  yeah but here here's the thing let's [TS]

  take a step back for a second there's [TS]

  other there are other companies who are [TS]

  trying to solve some of these problems [TS]

  an example of that would be the Boxee [TS]

  Box [TS]

  have you tried this you read anything [TS]

  about this I know about boxy the program [TS]

  and I've used it I've read about the [TS]

  Boxee Box which I'm assuming would be [TS]

  like you so you don't have to PC running [TS]

  boxy connected here yeah its elevation [TS]

  inside this box and it will run the [TS]

  software for you right it's a small [TS]

  little cube that that sits under you [TS]

  know or beside your TV and it's it's [TS]

  small I mean it you know it you can hold [TS]

  it in one hand and it is some form of PC [TS]

  that that runs the boxy stuff and and [TS]

  it's that's all it does but you know [TS]

  really the it's the same as running boxy [TS]

  on on a Mac or PC yourself it just it's [TS]

  a it's a one and I think it's it's [TS]

  either 99 or 100 99 bucks I forget the [TS]

  price of it but what do you think of the [TS]

  boxy experience well the boxy and to [TS]

  even greater extent Google TV are kind [TS]

  of like like when I wrote my blog post [TS]

  with this solution or problem or I don't [TS]

  know I was just complaining really but [TS]

  if I wrote the blog post about TV there [TS]

  was a condensed version of this big [TS]

  complaint about television and why Apple [TS]

  doesn't want to do anything about it [TS]

  everyone said Oh Google TV have you seen [TS]

  the stuff about Google TV they're going [TS]

  to do what you want some people brought [TS]

  up boxy too like the thing was you know [TS]

  make me a box that's omnivorous this is [TS]

  the client-side solution instead of [TS]

  Apple doing something at a data center [TS]

  Apple or somebody else make a box it's [TS]

  omnivorous right take content from [TS]

  everywhere Google TV was totally trying [TS]

  to do that you attach the Google TV it [TS]

  is the Borg it absorbs all the 50 other [TS]

  inputs that you have right Amazon [TS]

  on-demand YouTube you know your Netflix [TS]

  subscription your television your cable [TS]

  everything it sucks it all in provides a [TS]

  unified interface and then you watch it [TS]

  and the demos for Google TV and the [TS]

  mission statement all sound great but [TS]

  you know how hard that is and Google is [TS]

  finding out how hard that is it's [TS]

  especially hard when you don't help [TS]

  apparently [TS]

  the broadcast companies that you're [TS]

  doing this and they said nope no content [TS]

  for you right okay that's kind of a big [TS]

  bummer you know great playing there [TS]

  Google but uh boxy and these other ones [TS]

  are kind of a a geeks type toy in that [TS]

  they're nudge-nudge wink-wink omnivorous [TS]

  where they say you know we can get [TS]

  content from YouTube and blonde anyplace [TS]

  else you might get it you know say no [TS]

  more say no more right like they do that [TS]

  thing and so people get the box and [TS]

  sometimes they're that they're filled [TS]

  with features that will like correctly [TS]

  recognized illegally downloaded things [TS]

  and provide album art from a [TS]

  crowd-sourced you know net album art but [TS]

  you know episode subscrip descriptions [TS]

  and it will identify this is you know [TS]

  dexter season 3 episode 4 with a full [TS]

  description and a picture of the thing [TS]

  and a star rating and social like they [TS]

  will go along there it's amazing to me [TS]

  these things work flex is another one [TS]

  that they will take your illegally [TS]

  downloaded content and make it feel like [TS]

  a much much much much better TiVo and [TS]

  and it's amazing you know the dream [TS]

  solution that I know some unnamed people [TS]

  do is you get an RSS feed from a torrent [TS]

  site that has torrents of the shows you [TS]

  want and that just runs continuously [TS]

  torrenting the episodes that you want [TS]

  and it puts them into your omnivorous [TS]

  box your numerous box sorts them out and [TS]

  breaks them down into seasons and [TS]

  everything and so when you turn on your [TS]

  television you have this interface to [TS]

  almost any Content you want in real time [TS]

  in HD with no commercials you know with [TS]

  subtitles if you want it just an amazing [TS]

  experience doesn't exist no matter how [TS]

  much money you pay anybody and you're [TS]

  getting it for free albeit illegally if [TS]

  you're a geek and set up this giant [TS]

  scenario that's that's too much work [TS]

  even for me and and especially since I'm [TS]

  paying everyone I can possibly pay to [TS]

  try to get the content I want already [TS]

  what I then what do you think of the [TS]

  potential down the road for and I've [TS]

  heard people talk about this before [TS]

  where essentially you pick and choose [TS]

  what it is that you want to watch and [TS]

  you pay based essentially instead of [TS]

  being for a an overall subscription you [TS]

  subscribe to just the things that are [TS]

  interesting to you so if you just want [TS]

  to watch The Biggest Loser [TS]

  you paid $2.99 for or 1099 or whatever [TS]

  it would cost for the [TS]

  description to a Biggest Loser and you [TS]

  get the whole thing and you get them [TS]

  when they come out so they are available [TS]

  to you you know on whatever night at [TS]

  8:00 p.m. that's when you can watch it [TS]

  or anytime thereafter it's just there [TS]

  for you it's almost like that torrenting [TS]

  except it's more legitimate it shows up [TS]

  when it's available you watch it and [TS]

  instead of having to sort through the [TS]

  200 channels that everybody has the of [TS]

  which they only watch for and tape [TS]

  things on those four you know or or [TS]

  scattered across you know that the [TS]

  instead you're saying I'm going to pick [TS]

  a menu of shows I'm going to pay those [TS]

  shows appear on my TV I watch them when [TS]

  I want to watch them it's not quite [TS]

  video on-demand [TS]

  its subscription what do you think of [TS]

  that as a geek I have to be personally [TS]

  very wary of this and I think in general [TS]

  people need to to recognize the fact [TS]

  that subscription you know bundling of [TS]

  channels pays for the shows the geeks [TS]

  want to watch right a la carte it very [TS]

  quickly makes it completely unfeasible [TS]

  to make geeky shows because not enough [TS]

  people want to watch them so all those [TS]

  people who are watching America's [TS]

  Funniest Home Videos or American Idol I [TS]

  guess is the more modern reference there [TS]

  or any other sort of mass-market show [TS]

  those shows you know or even you know [TS]

  the popular basic cable shows those are [TS]

  paying for the shows that geeks want to [TS]

  watch and the reason a la carte is not [TS]

  you know offered as much as because it's [TS]

  more expensive and then the less the [TS]

  farther out of the mainstream you go the [TS]

  more expensive it gets for you so what [TS]

  about what about things like Hulu and [TS]

  integrating Hulu into you know into the [TS]

  boxy and and other things like that Hulu [TS]

  does solve a lot of that problem [TS]

  everyone is trying to it's a bunch of [TS]

  it's the free market at work everyone is [TS]

  trying to solve the problem in the best [TS]

  way that they can and I guess it's the [TS]

  fight to see who's going to you know do [TS]

  better but from the consumers [TS]

  perspective you're just slowly replacing [TS]

  one set of boxes with another set hoping [TS]

  someone comes out on top TiVo has [TS]

  actually been around the longest so a [TS]

  lot of anyone who's a TV geek and [TS]

  watches a lot of TV probably has series [TS]

  of TiVo in their lives at this point but [TS]

  there's still new boxes coming out that [TS]

  we're interested in and we keep trying [TS]

  one to see if this will help or this [TS]

  will work [TS]

  we're May building our own TV experience [TS]

  piecemeal from solutions that don't [TS]

  really solve our problem in their and [TS]

  their entirety just solve one small [TS]

  aspect of it and the geekier you are the [TS]

  more you're able to piece together what [TS]

  you hope is a solution that that fills [TS]

  the puzzle piece in your life for [TS]

  television but nobody's solving at all [TS]

  and these box makers and it's not Apple [TS]

  can't make a run of it but like Roku or [TS]

  Vudu they don't have this they don't [TS]

  have to have a global business where [TS]

  they can sell million units they just [TS]

  want to you know make a living they [TS]

  don't need an apple size kind of success [TS]

  to to feel like they're a success do you [TS]

  have a Roku I don't I mean like I don't [TS]

  use a Roku for anything that I can get [TS]

  in a Roku I can get it in a different [TS]

  form on another box that I have but like [TS]

  I said I almost bought that new Apple TV [TS]

  a because it's 99 bucks and be because [TS]

  it has no fan I said just think of it I [TS]

  can stream TiVo in what everyone seems [TS]

  to say is a better experience in [TS]

  streaming TiVo off of stream TV live [TS]

  stream Netflix yeah ah and the [TS]

  experience that people seem to say it's [TS]

  better than streaming it over a TiVo [TS]

  which I have no trouble imagining [TS]

  because the TiVo slow and annoying and [TS]

  just drives me nuts when it streams TiVo [TS]

  and it would add no additional noise so [TS]

  maybe I'd have tough time making that [TS]

  argument to my wife that I want to spend [TS]

  a hundred dollars and another box of the [TS]

  television just so I can do something [TS]

  that I can already do slightly better [TS]

  but you know so far I haven't bought one [TS]

  so what about what about what our friend [TS]

  John Gruber calls the back door the back [TS]

  door concept of being able to you know [TS]

  get an app on your your iPad or your [TS]

  iPhone and use airplay to output the [TS]

  video from that app and the one that he [TS]

  talks about and the one that I certainly [TS]

  would want to do this with and will do [TS]

  this with is an MLB so you want to watch [TS]

  a game you subscribe I think it's you [TS]

  know 14 bucks or whatever it is see to [TS]

  subscription to the MLB you set your [TS]

  iPad down instead of watching it on the [TS]

  iPad you hit the little airplay button [TS]

  and boom shows up on your Apple TV now [TS]

  you're watching it on your television [TS]

  and what about that you can do that with [TS]

  the Hulu app you can do that any any app [TS]

  my understanding is any app that has [TS]

  access to era that decides to get access [TS]

  to the airplay which is available if [TS]

  you're building an iOS app you can just [TS]

  use it you can output your your video [TS]

  right to that so in that sense it's like [TS]

  a your TV becomes a wireless monitor for [TS]

  your iOS device slea the Apple TV - you [TS]

  can get the cat to scare the bird and [TS]

  then the bird will make a squawk that [TS]

  will they will start all the the other [TS]

  bird talk over the use of all the same [TS]

  discounted you're discounting it you're [TS]

  not discounting and I'm just saying [TS]

  these are solutions for geeks that you [TS]

  you're going to go to someone and say [TS]

  here's the new way to watch television [TS]

  you're going to download an app onto [TS]

  your iPhone and you're going to press [TS]

  the button onto your iPhone and make [TS]

  sure your Apple TV that you also bought [TS]

  by the way is also set up and connected [TS]

  the televisions on that input and then [TS]

  you can play the thing from your iPod [TS]

  over there to the television but by the [TS]

  way it's going to drain the battery on [TS]

  your iPod and so make sure you have your [TS]

  app I plugged in and you can only do [TS]

  limited things on your iPod while this [TS]

  is going on and make sure you have [TS]

  enough space for the show you want to [TS]

  stream and it's not a solution to the [TS]

  television problems just one more it's [TS]

  just one more thing that you get and [TS]

  it's great and everything like I [TS]

  especially like the experience of go on [TS]

  a trip take pictures come back home and [TS]

  show the pictures without fiddling with [TS]

  stuff but even that is beyond most [TS]

  people I think it's just it's just great [TS]

  for us geeks and we're on the cutting [TS]

  edge of this maybe it'll get easier with [TS]

  time but that kind of backdoor solution [TS]

  I feel like everyone is nibbling around [TS]

  the edges of this thing but the mass [TS]

  market is still paying for cable and [TS]

  watching American Idol and that's their [TS]

  solution for television slim in the chat [TS]

  room says that you could make a nerd cry [TS]

  in 15 seconds by crushing his dreams [TS]

  that's true I you know I guess I'm [TS]

  getting greedy at this point because [TS]

  Apple has solved all these other [TS]

  problems for me at Apple pretty much [TS]

  solved the music problem and well now [TS]

  why do you think it was so it they they [TS]

  they walked in and really really did [TS]

  solve the music problem and they did it [TS]

  so quickly and so effectively why why [TS]

  was it so much easier there are you know [TS]

  and we know that the record industry [TS]

  they're not pushovers you know what I'm [TS]

  saying I mean it wasn't iTunes itunes [TS]

  was Pearl Harbor caught on my surprise [TS]

  right came out of nowhere Sunday morning [TS]

  bombed their whole business right and [TS]

  then and and just you know just [TS]

  decimated them and then then they had [TS]

  you know they had many things going for [TS]

  them the fact that there was big five [TS]

  record labels that sort of controlled [TS]

  everything instead of eight million [TS]

  different cable companies right right [TS]

  and the fact that they were they were [TS]

  negotiating from a position of power [TS]

  it's like look your business is already [TS]

  destroyed you need us to bring you back [TS]

  right the fact that music was more [TS]

  easily within the realm of technology [TS]

  abilities although I'm kind of [TS]

  disappointed that the iTunes resolution [TS]

  made a revolution made the quality of [TS]

  music go down reversing a very long [TS]

  trend of the quality music going up I'm [TS]

  talking about like bitrate and [TS]

  everything like that yeah it's still [TS]

  like for the mass market technology [TS]

  reached a point where we had no problem [TS]

  whatsoever giving you music that was [TS]

  good enough for all consumers television [TS]

  is pretty much at that point too but you [TS]

  could say like come on why is it not [TS]

  1080p everywhere so we're just on the [TS]

  cusp but but music was well within those [TS]

  bounds and really just they just scored [TS]

  a surprise attack victory [TS]

  um and everything went right and caught [TS]

  everyone unaware caught the content [TS]

  providers unaware caught all of the [TS]

  other companies unaware Apple just got [TS]

  out the gate and did their thing and [TS]

  said yay we are victorious um but then [TS]

  every other business looked at what [TS]

  happened to music and just quickly in [TS]

  the boardroom it's like oh my god we we [TS]

  do not want what just happened to music [TS]

  to happen to us and they you know [TS]

  quickly fortified and started [TS]

  backpedaling and and said if if a fellow [TS]

  comes to us remember don't do what the [TS]

  music guys did just like yeah we got to [TS]

  be stronger we can't let them take over [TS]

  let's make deals with everybody let's [TS]

  tell everyone in content Netflix will [TS]

  sell you a Roku you want to stream [TS]

  through anybody what we don't want to [TS]

  Apple to have too much power it was it's [TS]

  kind of a little bit of a cluster now [TS]

  because the apples victory in music has [TS]

  made their repeat of that victory in [TS]

  other markets or anybody's repeat that [TS]

  victory landmark is much harder books [TS]

  are like that till you books all these [TS]

  companies music industry is kind of [TS]

  their cautionary tale and they have now [TS]

  become their own worst enemy even more [TS]

  so because they think they're doing what [TS]

  they need to do to defend themselves [TS]

  against that type of victory but [TS]

  consumer consumers perspective again [TS]

  other than the music quality going down [TS]

  consumers perspective iTunes was a big [TS]

  big win right [TS]

  we all have iPods we [TS]

  we don't really have many complaints [TS]

  about getting our music you know the [TS]

  Beatles are finally on iTunes like it's [TS]

  it's utopia utopia of poorly compressed [TS]

  music but still so then since we're [TS]

  since we're almost at a time again you [TS]

  do this on your lunch break we it's true [TS]

  yeah where where are we going to be then [TS]

  in a year or five years from now is it [TS]

  is it just going to be more devices that [TS]

  maybe do a little bit more but we still [TS]

  have 10 things hanging off the back of [TS]

  our TV I think that the things hanging [TS]

  off of our TV will get better and [TS]

  smarter and they will fight with each [TS]

  other or coalesce than expand and [TS]

  coalesce and expand I don't think [TS]

  there'll be much of a net change in the [TS]

  number of things but I think all that [TS]

  that activity will slowly slowly slowly [TS]

  leach out the mass market from where [TS]

  they are now which is a subscription [TS]

  television so from a cable provider a [TS]

  satellite slowly start pulling them a [TS]

  little tiny bit of time into other [TS]

  avenues I don't think in five years it [TS]

  will be that drastic maybe you know 95% [TS]

  of the people have cable or satellite [TS]

  subscription snow maybe it'll be 94 93 [TS]

  92 but that will start to happen [TS]

  at the edges the geeks the people who [TS]

  only watch one show and they want an ala [TS]

  carte makes sense them even with the [TS]

  ridiculous pricing of you know one show [TS]

  over fifty bucks it still makes sense [TS]

  for some people to do that for an entire [TS]

  season of show that will just continue [TS]

  to happen in a nibble away at the [TS]

  corporate in five years I don't see it [TS]

  being fundamentally different unless [TS]

  some player gets the wherewithal to go [TS]

  for one of the solutions though that I [TS]

  talked about before the data center [TS]

  solution the client side omnivorous [TS]

  solution where you talk to the content [TS]

  guys beforehand and you make the UI [TS]

  Apple quality and not Google quality but [TS]

  that that's where I see things going I [TS]

  just hope Tebow is still in business [TS]

  because I don't know what I'm going to [TS]

  do if they're they stopped making their [TS]

  crappy boxes because then what am I [TS]

  going to pay for so yeah but what what [TS]

  what happens I mean the it's clear that [TS]

  TiVo is not like they're not they're not [TS]

  they're struggling they're not out of it [TS]

  but they're struggling [TS]

  I mean why why would a player want to be [TS]

  in this industry at all I'm all I'm [TS]

  frequently amazed that Apple has done as [TS]

  much as they've done [TS]

  for for this in this space it's clear [TS]

  Apple wants to be in this business but [TS]

  that jobs just recognizes as a [TS]

  businessman that he doesn't have a way [TS]

  to do it successfully yet maybe at some [TS]

  point that stops mattering and they do a [TS]

  pay pull an Xbox and say we're going to [TS]

  sync ten billion dollars over ten years [TS]

  into this business but it's going to [TS]

  lose money hand-over-fist but eventually [TS]

  we're going to have a foothold and maybe [TS]

  start making some market success I don't [TS]

  know if it's in Apple to do that type of [TS]

  thing they tend to want to make money on [TS]

  everything they do [TS]

  Nintendo style rather than Microsoft [TS]

  style but it you know it's happened in [TS]

  other industries before Microsoft spent [TS]

  billions of dollars to get a football in [TS]

  the console business they lost billions [TS]

  of dollars to do it and they decided it [TS]

  was worthwhile maybe some company [TS]

  decides the same thing about television [TS]

  and you know embarks on one of these [TS]

  endeavors that will actually solve the [TS]

  problem for the consumer even though [TS]

  they know it's like a long-term play [TS]

  like it's a ten-year plan before we see [TS]

  a cent out of this but who can do that [TS]

  Microsoft could do it in the console [TS]

  market [TS]

  barely who else is that big you know [TS]

  apples is a big play right the Exxon [TS]

  Mobile we'll get into the business of [TS]

  television there the other person who [TS]

  has a lot of disposable income but I [TS]

  really don't feel like that's their core [TS]

  competency yeah really all right John [TS]

  we'll work on it we're going to do this [TS]

  again right we're going to be back here [TS]

  next week at every week on Friday unless [TS]

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  next week have a good one [TS]