Top Four

Top Four 29: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors


00:00:00   my lunch today consists of a handful of

00:00:03   spinach a couple of slices of cucumber

00:00:05   one hard-boiled egg and 24 flavors of

00:00:09   ice cream are you ready all right we're

00:00:11   trying to group them into groups we're

00:00:14   gonna start with the lightest group

00:00:15   which we believe is the fruit and nut

00:00:18   group but not all right so so we should

00:00:26   be four as we start and as tip start to

00:00:28   opening up all the ice creams we should

00:00:30   discuss that we are we are doing top

00:00:32   four Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors

00:00:34   oh yeah that's what we're doing guys

00:00:35   you're not here with us and you can't

00:00:37   actually see what we're doing you can't

00:00:39   see our table full of ice cream

00:00:41   tablecloth so we're doing we're gonna do

00:00:44   them in groups because ice cream melts

00:00:45   quickly and it's summertime and so we

00:00:47   are starting out we have 24 flavors

00:00:49   total these these were our criteria were

00:00:52   basically no limited batch stuff cuz you

00:00:55   know we that this podcast wouldn't age

00:00:57   well if we did limited batch stuff we we

00:01:00   left out all of the non-dairy flavors

00:01:04   because I've tried a couple of here in

00:01:07   there and they're okay but I would say

00:01:09   the nothing to write home about

00:01:09   would you agree I don't I didn't even

00:01:11   see them in the grocery store so I don't

00:01:12   even know yeah actually haven't I saw

00:01:14   them only only on the website this year

00:01:15   last year I tried a few of them when

00:01:17   they first came out and they're fine

00:01:19   if you can't have dairy they're a good

00:01:21   option but if you can't have dairy the

00:01:22   dairy ones are better we went to three

00:01:24   different grocery stores to find the

00:01:25   selection that we have today and I think

00:01:27   we did pretty good we left out a couple

00:01:29   of big ones that I think that people

00:01:30   might or might not be well they might be

00:01:32   upset about but it would they would

00:01:34   never make our list so we didn't include

00:01:38   them like I'm sorry chunky monkey but if

00:01:40   you happen like I have I can't eat

00:01:43   banana due to a stomach allergy and so

00:01:44   that rules out anything banana for me so

00:01:46   the rule is like if TIFF doesn't like it

00:01:48   which tip doesn't like walnuts so that

00:01:50   ruled out the banana for her we also

00:01:51   didn't include any discontinued flavors

00:01:53   primarily because we can't get them but

00:01:56   I would like to pour one out here well

00:01:58   two one outs to slowly melt one out for

00:02:01   Bonnaroo buzz Bonnaroo buzz is a

00:02:04   wonderful flavor and the little

00:02:05   spin-offs that have come off of it like

00:02:06   urban bourbon I do not think are as good

00:02:08   and all right so this is unlike a lot of

00:02:11   our other top four episodes everyone

00:02:13   snow

00:02:13   we do do a big tasting episode like this

00:02:15   because we're just not sure of what our

00:02:17   top four is because you know you get ice

00:02:19   cream sometimes here and there or or

00:02:21   more often like all the time like we do

00:02:23   but you aren't really sure when you're

00:02:26   talking about comparing flavors because

00:02:27   there's so many like chunky brownies

00:02:29   surprise sundae swirl tastic you know

00:02:33   hardcore yeah I don't even know but it

00:02:37   the the adjectives just keep on coming

00:02:39   with Ben Jerry's so we decided to

00:02:41   actually get as many as we could and

00:02:44   compare them to each other also one

00:02:46   other disclaimer we did not include any

00:02:49   of the core flavors the horns the ones

00:02:52   that have like the the center cylinder

00:02:55   of some kind of rich pasty stuff with

00:02:57   the ice cream circle around it I have

00:03:00   mixed feelings about the core flavors

00:03:02   they seem to go nuts with them like two

00:03:04   years ago when they first invented that

00:03:05   or whatever and it seemed like every

00:03:08   flit every new flavor that came out for

00:03:10   for like a year was a core flavor and I

00:03:13   honestly didn't find anything

00:03:15   particularly noteworthy about any of

00:03:17   them that they did have a hazelnut one

00:03:20   that seems to be no longer in production

00:03:22   that was okay but the problem with the

00:03:24   core is to me is they have like the

00:03:27   Neapolitan ice cream problem where you

00:03:29   have hey hey hey don't knock me upon ice

00:03:31   cream well but kind of love Neapolitan

00:03:33   ice cream but it you'd but if you don't

00:03:35   really care for any one of those parts

00:03:38   it's kind of it kind of sucks to eat and

00:03:40   that's the problem with with the core is

00:03:42   that they put like two or three totally

00:03:44   separate elements just kind of next to

00:03:46   each other in the tub and you have to

00:03:48   like all two or three of them for it to

00:03:51   really be good if there's one thing you

00:03:52   don't care for like the hazelnut one I

00:03:54   loved the the hazelnut chocolate core

00:03:57   and the hazelnut flavored ice cream but

00:03:59   next to it was just a boring chocolate

00:04:01   ice cream that was taking up a third of

00:04:03   the container that I didn't really care

00:04:04   for and I would just kind of plow

00:04:05   through like like really wasting those

00:04:07   calories for this thing I don't really

00:04:08   care for just to really keep it even and

00:04:10   not be a jerk and get to the two things

00:04:12   that did like but the whole point of New

00:04:14   Holland ice cream is eating it all

00:04:15   together and that's why it's so good

00:04:16   right but the problem is that's very

00:04:18   challenging to come up with like a

00:04:19   flavor combination really you like all

00:04:21   three of these things like Neapolitan

00:04:23   chocolate vanilla and strawberry even

00:04:25   that is controversial like Eva

00:04:27   people even don't like one of those

00:04:28   things because why you always get the

00:04:30   you know if you have one of the little

00:04:31   like rectangular big tubs of Neapolitan

00:04:33   out at a party there's always gonna be

00:04:35   like you know the chocolate ones gonna

00:04:37   be two feet high and the vanilla and

00:04:39   strawberry are gonna be down at the

00:04:40   bottom that's because people are animals

00:04:41   right so anyway so we left most of the

00:04:44   cores out corn partly just to narrow it

00:04:47   down a little bit and probably because

00:04:48   we've never really found any that really

00:04:50   seemed worth it to us I'm glad that you

00:04:52   have feelings about course I do

00:04:55   all right let's get in this before they

00:04:57   become little puddles first so we have

00:04:59   we have seven out right now yep seven so

00:05:03   two of them are actually the same but

00:05:06   different versions we have a Froyo

00:05:08   version because I think my number one is

00:05:11   going to be a possible Froyo yes and

00:05:14   this is also the only Froyo variety that

00:05:16   we have here yeah Frio has I think a

00:05:19   similar problem is the non-dairy ones

00:05:20   which is most of them are fine but the

00:05:23   dairy ones are better that this is my

00:05:25   said moose no okay you so TIFF disagrees

00:05:28   on the one we have here okay so what we

00:05:30   have here is I think my favorite one of

00:05:33   all of the ice creams we're gonna start

00:05:35   off big people because you only live

00:05:37   once right and summertime and we're a

00:05:39   living large so we're gonna be logs are

00:05:43   a little large we're gonna get larger to

00:05:45   get larger yeah okay well and to be fair

00:05:47   on that point as a general statement I

00:05:50   would rather like be very responsible in

00:05:54   the rest of my diet and exercise just to

00:05:56   make room in the budget for Ben and

00:05:58   Jerry sometimes because I we love ice

00:06:00   cream everyone lets ice cream we love

00:06:01   ice cream and I would say if you're

00:06:03   going to eat ice cream you might as well

00:06:05   eat the best ice cream like it's not

00:06:07   worth the calories to eat crappy ice

00:06:08   cream but Ben and Jerry's even though it

00:06:10   is quite high calorie is awesome ice

00:06:13   cream and we've tried so many others we

00:06:15   went through a tell NT gelato phase and

00:06:17   we even thought about doing a top four

00:06:19   on those and it's just not as good like

00:06:22   it's fine like other ice creams can be

00:06:24   good but Ben & Jerry's is better simple

00:06:27   as that

00:06:27   Thank You PSA okay so what I was going

00:06:30   to say is alright I love Cherry Garcia

00:06:34   it is my favorite but it yeah I like it

00:06:38   better in the Froyo version which is the

00:06:40   frozen you

00:06:41   one because it's less grainy if you have

00:06:44   the ice-cream version versus the frozen

00:06:46   yogurt the frozen yogurt is a lot

00:06:48   smoother and the ice cream one is much

00:06:50   more grainy in the main ice cream area

00:06:54   okay yeah you know like it's not about

00:06:59   the it's not the berries aren't grainy

00:07:01   or anything it's the the main holding

00:07:05   liquid yeah all right let's crack these

00:07:09   suckers open all right let's do it

00:07:14   the logistics of trying to taste 24

00:07:17   flavors of ice cream on a podcast are

00:07:19   quite something

00:07:21   especially cuz we're not doing it at our

00:07:22   kitchen table because the room there is

00:07:24   incredibly echoey I'd make for terrible

00:07:26   audio so we're trying to do those all in

00:07:28   the office on this little tiny table

00:07:33   this is not the things we do for for you

00:07:36   are our wonderful audience

00:07:39   this is really something else oh this is

00:07:41   just a mess okay okay so now we're

00:07:43   facing this direction all right so all

00:07:47   right well we got here we are calling

00:07:49   this the what was it fruit and nut group

00:07:51   yes which also includes the Cheesecake

00:07:54   group you know sometimes the weird

00:07:59   breeds get in some group and you're like

00:08:01   why why is the pomeranian working I

00:08:04   don't know what it's working for but it

00:08:05   no it's not really in a working group

00:08:07   but when we tried to separate these into

00:08:09   groups of like you know five or so so we

00:08:11   could do it do without them all melting

00:08:12   it's very hard to to make coherent

00:08:15   groups of Ben and Jerry's later because

00:08:16   there's a lot of overlaps like well once

00:08:18   you include you know she's cake and what

00:08:21   about red velvet cake is that cheese

00:08:23   cake and then the cinnamon buns were

00:08:24   kind of cake like it yeah okay start out

00:08:27   okay for it we have red velvet cake we

00:08:29   have strawberry cheesecake we have two

00:08:31   types of Cherry Garcia we have

00:08:32   cheesecake brownie we have pistachio and

00:08:36   cinnamon buns I'm starting out with a

00:08:38   red velvet cake okay I really like the

00:08:41   strawberry it really melds the alright

00:08:45   go for the middle in the middle it's not

00:08:48   okay what I really like about strawberry

00:08:51   cheesecake ice cream

00:08:51   it's from Ben and Jerry's

00:08:54   is it has the graham swirl in it which

00:08:57   is oh we should have had the s'mores out

00:08:59   I'm a sucker for Graham swirls I love

00:09:01   Graham swirls and ice cream so this has

00:09:03   like that little fruity kind of acidic

00:09:06   flavor from the strawberries which is

00:09:07   really nice and light vanilla ice cream

00:09:10   well it says cheesecake ice cream but so

00:09:13   it's just extra flavor right angle cake

00:09:15   by the way is awesome

00:09:16   I just dripped it on my pants okay and

00:09:18   it also has the graham in it so it's

00:09:19   really good the very first flavor you

00:09:21   are you driven your pants it's okay stay

00:09:23   you're due for a wash strawberry

00:09:25   cheesecake versus red velvet cake all

00:09:27   right I have a lot of feelings about red

00:09:29   velvet in general not this ice cream

00:09:31   which I haven't tried yet

00:09:32   oh my it's good right

00:09:37   it tastes like cake batter yeah the red

00:09:39   velvet cake is way better than I thought

00:09:40   it would be the strawberry cheesecake I

00:09:42   do love that Graham element really does

00:09:44   it for me too

00:09:45   okay I'm having way more than one

00:09:47   spoonful of each another

00:09:49   I'm gonna be hell to sustain this level

00:09:51   of ice cream eating okay I'm trying to

00:09:52   be like a spoonful and a half at most

00:09:53   for the most part I think that red

00:09:56   velvet cake is a lie because it's a

00:09:59   total fraud of a cake cuz it's just

00:10:00   chocolate cake with a whole bunch of red

00:10:02   dye in it and it doesn't make it any

00:10:04   kind of special it's chocolate cake with

00:10:06   cream cheese icing which i think is as a

00:10:09   cake it is the most live a cake if there

00:10:11   ever did cake but it didn't Ben and

00:10:15   Jerry's ice cream right now this is

00:10:17   delicious because it is it has the rich

00:10:21   cakey flavor it tastes like you're

00:10:23   eating cake batter so wet cinnamon buns

00:10:26   is also surprisingly good it's almost

00:10:28   like cinnamon cookie dough like they

00:10:30   have these little chunks of what

00:10:32   basically is cookie dough and it's it's

00:10:35   surprisingly good I did not think this

00:10:37   along with the red velvet cake I don't

00:10:39   have high hopes for the the cinnamon bun

00:10:42   I figured it would be a little bit

00:10:43   boring but it's green yeah I was really

00:10:45   good to do it isn't that me so hard

00:10:48   that's what she said moving on to the in

00:10:50   the cake room now moving on to

00:10:52   cheesecake brownie this is the cinnamon

00:10:56   bun wise says dough and cinnamon

00:10:57   streusel swirl I am really into anything

00:11:01   that has kind of like cakey cookie

00:11:02   pieces in it she's a brownie to me is

00:11:05   kind of a letdown it

00:11:08   as advertiser I'm ready to be let down

00:11:09   let me see I need to not let just feel

00:11:12   like the other cake flavor is totally

00:11:14   out classic all right if this were like

00:11:16   the only ice cream I can get my hands on

00:11:18   it's very good yeah but it doesn't stand

00:11:21   out in a memorable way right and the

00:11:23   others really do the others are great

00:11:25   this just kind of falls into the

00:11:26   category of vanilla ice cream with stuff

00:11:28   floating in it

00:11:30   which we should that should have been

00:11:32   another group that would have been like

00:11:34   half the ice creams all right so now I'm

00:11:35   trying I'm moving on to the Cherry

00:11:37   Garcia family the regular one is quite

00:11:40   awesome all right let me try it again

00:11:42   maybe I got some bad batches so I detect

00:11:46   no difference in greenness between the

00:11:48   two I also though detect very little

00:11:50   difference at all between the two

00:11:51   between the between the Cherry Garcia

00:11:53   ice cream versus Froyo so in that way I

00:11:56   would say did you go for the Froyo then

00:11:58   it's less calories okay I also do not

00:12:00   detect a difference in the graininess in

00:12:02   this batch so maybe I had a bad batch

00:12:04   and that's why I got scared away from

00:12:05   the ice cream version but I feel like

00:12:08   the the cherry the the cherry frozen

00:12:12   yogurt is more flavorful than the cherry

00:12:14   ice cream I feel like the cherry ice

00:12:16   cream gets overtaken with like all the

00:12:17   dairy and the richness of the cream

00:12:20   whereas the Froyo it keeps that really

00:12:23   light cherry flavor and it stands out a

00:12:25   lot more so it is still bangin hmm

00:12:29   okay I would also then move on to

00:12:31   pistachio pistachio and I like any

00:12:34   pistachio ice cream really from like the

00:12:36   cheap like bright green crazy stuff in

00:12:38   the generic flavors to the fancy one

00:12:40   here and pistachio pistachio is awesome

00:12:43   I will however say that you know like

00:12:45   the the she that she has brown anyone

00:12:48   with it like she's cake brownie

00:12:50   pistachio pistachio doesn't really stand

00:12:52   out like is nothing where those things

00:12:54   were like if we have if it's all we have

00:12:56   I will greatly enjoy it okay but do you

00:12:58   not agree no I do not agree because

00:13:00   pistachio pistachio has this really

00:13:02   beautiful light flavor again another

00:13:04   thing why I really like the Cherry

00:13:06   Garcia

00:13:06   because sometimes ice cream with a whole

00:13:09   bunch of stuff in it it's so heavy and

00:13:11   at the end of a big meal or especially

00:13:13   in the summertime you have a barbecue or

00:13:15   a cookout or something and you're ready

00:13:16   for some ice cream I really like a light

00:13:18   ice cream at the end of the day I don't

00:13:21   want to feel

00:13:21   like I'm eating a pile of cookies and

00:13:23   brownies and fudge and caramel and all

00:13:26   that stuff that's just so it's like a

00:13:28   meal in itself so I feel like both

00:13:30   Cherry Garcia Froyo and pistachio

00:13:32   pistachio have that really nice light

00:13:34   element in addition to the actual red

00:13:37   velvet cake which I'm surprised be this

00:13:38   red velvet cake is must be chocolate

00:13:40   cake but in this ice cream it is not

00:13:41   chocolate at all but it's just red cake

00:13:44   yeah so I just read tasted small amounts

00:13:47   of my three top cakes the these cinnamon

00:13:49   buns the strawberry cheesecake and the

00:13:51   red velvet cake I would say red velvet

00:13:54   cake wild is delicious I think

00:13:55   strawberry cheesecake out does it for

00:13:57   what for me

00:13:58   so are we ranking these in groupings

00:14:00   well I have to I'm kinda I'm figuring we

00:14:02   do like a like a two-stage thing like

00:14:04   you take the finalists after each round

00:14:05   and if you like a finalist tasting I and

00:14:09   I would say cinnamon buns has a similar

00:14:10   issue like all three of those are

00:14:12   delicious but strawberry cheesecakes

00:14:15   extra little tangy eNOS an extra graham

00:14:17   swirl I think do it for me so strawberry

00:14:19   cheesecake is my top pick in the cake

00:14:20   family and the rest of these I think you

00:14:23   know Cherry Garcia is good you know it's

00:14:24   it's fine but the rest of these none of

00:14:26   them I don't think are gonna make my top

00:14:27   four but strawberry cheesecake might

00:14:29   well I I'm definitely Cherry Garcia

00:14:32   Froyo is still way up there for me I

00:14:34   just really really like it um I'm

00:14:37   stashing a pistachio it might even be a

00:14:39   contender and strawberry cheesecake - oh

00:14:40   I just really like this group oh this is

00:14:43   like ice cream yeah I think I think I'm

00:14:46   learning that I think I just really

00:14:48   scream okay all right let's put these

00:14:50   back in the freezer and prepare the next

00:14:51   group all right well TIFF is doing that

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00:16:46   alright we're amping things up here next

00:16:49   we have the cookie group and showing in

00:16:52   the cookie group we have half baked out

00:16:55   of this swirl chocolate chip cookie

00:16:57   dough

00:16:58   mint chocolate cookie cookies and milk

00:17:01   and cookies and s'mores should s'mores

00:17:05   really being aigis is a smaller sandwich

00:17:09   that's gonna be another show can't we

00:17:13   just take a second while these all melt

00:17:14   too to pause and think about how melty

00:17:17   Margo is you're chatting Machat stirs

00:17:19   how happy is our life that somebody's

00:17:21   paying us cash the wonderful people at

00:17:23   Casper are paying us to do this Thank

00:17:25   You Casper we will enjoy sleeping our

00:17:27   fat butts on your we're gonna have to

00:17:29   spend some time when I catch my mattress

00:17:31   I have to reheat all this ice cream I

00:17:32   know I'm already not feeling so well you

00:17:35   see you you took too big of a spoon well

00:17:36   okay I have a freezer confession as I

00:17:42   was putting them away I tried some again

00:17:45   you're gonna regret that in about 20

00:17:47   minutes

00:17:48   I said solidify at my brain as the you

00:17:52   know ice cream was unsolicited like

00:18:03   reaching anymore is a mint chocolate

00:18:05   cookie it should be a good palate

00:18:08   cleanser min cello's cookie

00:18:10   it's just Oreos in mint ice cream see

00:18:14   s'mores is fine it I'm not really a

00:18:17   chocolate ice cream person I'm gonna

00:18:19   dislike chocolate ice cream I just I

00:18:21   would if given the chance to have a

00:18:23   chocolate ice cream full of stuff or

00:18:24   vanilla ice cream full of stuff I will

00:18:26   choose the vanilla one every time I do

00:18:28   wish the s'mores was made with vanilla

00:18:29   ice cream and said because I love a

00:18:31   marshmallow sorrel in my ice cream Unni

00:18:34   and yeah I did not like this as much as

00:18:37   I thought coz to be yeah it does the

00:18:40   chocolate just berry like that also

00:18:41   claims to have a graham swirl I found no

00:18:43   trace of that hold on I'm digging I'm

00:18:44   gonna dig oh that's dangerous it's not

00:18:47   dangerous this is science we have our

00:18:50   safety goggles on I'm still not finding

00:18:53   any I'm now gonna try your mint and

00:18:54   cookies I'm deep down in the court

00:18:57   nothing nothing yeah so the mint cookie

00:19:00   one yeah it's fine but to me this is

00:19:03   like a basic mint chocolate chip slash

00:19:07   cookies and cream anybody could do this

00:19:09   you don't need Ben and Jerry's to do

00:19:10   that I feel like if you're if you're

00:19:12   going for Ben and Jerry's I feel like

00:19:13   you can get a more interesting flavor

00:19:14   than that alright I found some I found

00:19:16   some stuff in here I'm gonna eat it I'm

00:19:20   still digging through the s'mores yeah

00:19:23   even when I'm eating the prime location

00:19:25   of all the stuff it's still totally

00:19:28   overpowered by the chocolate so if you

00:19:29   love chocolate ice cream this is pretty

00:19:32   good but again I don't think this is

00:19:34   gonna make the list and we went to a

00:19:36   special store for this one - yeah the

00:19:39   milk and cookies I would say is a really

00:19:43   good version of cookies and cream they

00:19:44   they add that whenever that like that

00:19:46   brown stuff is with the light brown

00:19:48   stuff in there it's a chocolate chip

00:19:50   cookie oh okay it's chocolate chip

00:19:52   cookies oh there's more chocolate

00:19:54   cookies as opposed to like a minty Oreos

00:19:56   okay yeah that makes more sense that's

00:19:58   the best kind of like the cookie dough

00:19:59   part of it

00:20:00   I really enjoyed milking cookies

00:20:02   but I would say it has the same problem

00:20:04   as the Mint cookie one which is I think

00:20:07   if you're with Ben and Jared you can do

00:20:08   better yeah

00:20:10   if I wanted a cookie and cream ice cream

00:20:12   this is better than like a standard

00:20:15   cookie in cream yeah it agree with that

00:20:17   all right gonna go to standard cookie

00:20:19   dough that there's one lump right on top

00:20:21   and I'll go with half baked while you're

00:20:23   doing that well that's a pretty big lump

00:20:24   too again cookie dough ice cream you

00:20:28   don't have to buy Ben and Jerry's get

00:20:29   cookie dough ice cream I would say it's

00:20:32   not worth it coming to you from experts

00:20:35   at a tough war not worth it man this

00:20:40   grip is disappointing me so and then

00:20:43   here I have half baked which is

00:20:44   essentially cookie dough with fudge

00:20:47   brownie dough or fudge brownies I agree

00:20:51   with you on the regular cookie dough not

00:20:53   worth it oh really big Peter brave yeah

00:20:56   the half baked I think is more

00:20:59   interesting but it's also I think it's

00:21:01   more for chocolate ice cream lovers it's

00:21:03   not doing much for me it a lot of that

00:21:05   stuff gets buried

00:21:05   I literally just ate like a full brownie

00:21:08   with some ice cream melted next to it I

00:21:12   mean a grant like that is kind of the

00:21:17   point like so I understand why people

00:21:18   like it but yeah it doesn't do anything

00:21:19   for me mm-hmm doesn't do it okay last is

00:21:21   um

00:21:22   out of this world out of this world it's

00:21:25   not you know cookie flavor my hand is so

00:21:28   cold from passing around these pints

00:21:29   okay first of all problems hashtag

00:21:32   buttery brown sugar ice cream with fudgy

00:21:34   flakes and oatmeal cinnamon cookie

00:21:36   swirled it tastes just like Cinnabon but

00:21:40   with chocolate chips in it nope nope I'm

00:21:45   feeling nothing from this group I had

00:21:48   very high hopes for odorless rogues I'm

00:21:50   a huge fan of oatmeal cookies and I

00:21:52   didn't do it for me

00:21:53   it just it's fine it's not bad I mean

00:21:56   it's hard to make a bad tasting ice

00:21:57   cream that's just not good it's just not

00:22:00   it's not enough there's not there's

00:22:01   nothing special about it it's kind of

00:22:03   it's all it's almost bland

00:22:04   Wow I feel like we started on such a

00:22:06   high where I couldn't even pick which

00:22:07   ones I like the best and now this whole

00:22:09   group that's what how many ice creams

00:22:10   six ice creams now that I have no

00:22:12   feelings about I would rather have any

00:22:14   of the previous groups ice creams then

00:22:16   the top pick of these I agree I'm really

00:22:20   happy we have similar ice cream tastes

00:22:22   because it allows us to share a pint on

00:22:23   the couch instead of having to have two

00:22:28   okay cookie group kind of a bust

00:22:31   sorry cookies you're out all right

00:22:33   that's two groups down two to go

00:22:35   and I'll take this halftime chance to

00:22:37   tell you our Ben and Jerry's factory

00:22:39   story we went on a hike the only hike

00:22:43   slash camping trip we've ever gone on my

00:22:46   wonderful all Eagle Scout friends from

00:22:49   high school convinced us that we should

00:22:51   go hike on the long trail with them in

00:22:53   Vermont this was not a good idea it went

00:22:56   quite poorly and halfway through the

00:22:58   trip about half the group just decided

00:23:01   we can't and won't to continue it's like

00:23:04   three days in and so half the group

00:23:07   decided they wanted to keep going so the

00:23:10   half that left the group went to the Ben

00:23:12   Jerry's Factory and a Benihana and

00:23:14   texted the still camping group pictures

00:23:16   of our wonderful things and we got

00:23:18   ourselves pint cozies and had a

00:23:20   wonderful time at the Ben Jerry's

00:23:21   Factory in Burlington Vermont and we

00:23:23   still use those pint cozies today which

00:23:25   but we're not using them now because

00:23:26   it's a pain to shift them yeah quite

00:23:30   gross oh yeah they're super gross

00:23:31   although we will not call them koozies

00:23:33   no that's illegal New York all right so

00:23:36   this we kind of now as mentioned earlier

00:23:38   we've had some trouble grouping these

00:23:40   into coherent groups this is kind of

00:23:42   like the the like everything else group

00:23:44   because we have we have a final group

00:23:45   that makes more sense so this is kind of

00:23:47   like the leftovers group we have two

00:23:48   coffee flavors two chocolate heavy

00:23:52   flavors and peanut butter cup so we

00:23:57   figured that we separate yeah we

00:23:58   separated these because they had fewer

00:24:00   ingredients and more strong flavors and

00:24:03   we also wanted to pit the coffee's

00:24:04   against each other

00:24:05   and the chocolates against each other so

00:24:07   yeah I'm gonna start with peanut butter

00:24:09   cup because it's a different one I'm

00:24:13   gonna need some water after those we're

00:24:14   getting us fresh spoons every time for

00:24:16   every grouping well I mean we're

00:24:17   professionals here Larry like don't want

00:24:19   to contaminate flavors or have like a

00:24:21   you know wet spoon or to warm spoon so

00:24:25   many factors

00:24:26   no I don't need your spoon all right

00:24:30   we're starting with peanut butter has

00:24:31   strong it's different see peanut butter

00:24:34   is one of my favorite ice cream

00:24:35   ingredients there's a whole weight I

00:24:38   wish you creating a full cup it looks

00:24:40   there's a full peanut butter cup in here

00:24:42   like cracked because for like stomach

00:24:47   control reasons like I'm not eating it I

00:24:49   already ate that full brownie

00:24:49   accidentally found its way in I don't

00:24:52   know at any other time when I mean I

00:24:54   would go right for that but there's

00:24:55   lokay it says it says peanut butter cups

00:24:58   and they literally mean entire peanut

00:25:01   butter cups yeah and so peanut butter I

00:25:04   love and Ben and Jerry's has had many

00:25:05   wonderful peanut butter for actually

00:25:07   disappointed it seems like what used to

00:25:10   be called cluster fluff and then was

00:25:12   renamed to what a cluster that appears

00:25:14   to be gone and I really missed that was

00:25:15   so good that was amazing does that hit

00:25:18   my mark of having the swirl of it was a

00:25:21   marshmallow and a peanut butter swirl

00:25:23   through relic if given the choice

00:25:25   between peanut butter cups buried in the

00:25:27   ice cream or a peanut butter swirl

00:25:29   throughout I'll take the swirl every

00:25:30   time oh yeah you have to take the swirl

00:25:32   every time especially if it's with

00:25:33   marshmallow balances it's nice I really

00:25:35   miss cluster fluff / what the cluster or

00:25:38   what a cluster and that's a Shana that

00:25:40   appears to be gone hopefully they'll

00:25:41   replace it with something good but I

00:25:43   don't peanut butter cup it's fine it

00:25:45   tastes like other peanut butter cup ice

00:25:46   creams yeah I mean it's really similar

00:25:49   to like the cookies and creams that we

00:25:50   had last time like yeah it's a good ice

00:25:51   cream but I don't think it's I would say

00:25:54   though I think if you like pistachio I

00:25:57   think this is the same level of goodness

00:25:59   as the pistachio one if there was

00:26:01   nothing else that I liked in in a dairy

00:26:03   case and I wanted to my ice cream I'd

00:26:04   buy this one I mean I do like peanut

00:26:06   butter ice cream I used to think that I

00:26:07   didn't and then Marco started having

00:26:08   peanut butter ice cream and then I

00:26:10   started stealing spoonfuls of his peanut

00:26:11   butter ice cream even though I kept to

00:26:13   saying that I don't like it even though

00:26:14   I kept eating it and so now I guess I

00:26:16   have to officially say that I like

00:26:17   peanut butter ice cream and again this

00:26:20   is it's good but I said I very good I

00:26:23   miss the other one though I miss the one

00:26:25   with the swirl off that would that was

00:26:27   way better it was way better sorry Ben &

00:26:29   Jerry's bring back cluster fluff please

00:26:31   alright moving on to you think we'll do

00:26:33   the chocolate ones and then we'll finish

00:26:35   with some coffee for dessert yeah yeah

00:26:37   she's out chocolate pretty good sure

00:26:40   right we have two chocolates here we

00:26:41   have chocolate therapy and chocolate

00:26:43   fudge brownie brownie okay it's very

00:26:46   small to read we got the tiny chocolate

00:26:48   fudge brownie one yeah chocolate fudge

00:26:50   brownie okay chocolate therapy has fudge

00:26:54   swirls putting ice cream and chocolate

00:26:57   cookies and chocolate fudge brownie has

00:27:00   chocolate brownies chocolate ice cream

00:27:02   with fudge brownies yeah so chocolate

00:27:04   fudge brownie I would say is incredibly

00:27:06   boring yep

00:27:08   tastes like chocolate ice cream yeah

00:27:10   yeah it's like if you want a chocolaty

00:27:13   Ben and Jerry's flavor you can do better

00:27:14   than that mm-hmm yep yeah that's fine

00:27:19   moving on to chocolate therapy so what's

00:27:22   different about this one therapy has

00:27:25   three wheels of chocolate pudding ice

00:27:26   cream are also in there and choc cookies

00:27:28   instead of chocolate fudge yeah there's

00:27:31   no brownies in this one just putting in

00:27:34   chocolate and chocolate and another

00:27:36   chocolate I would say those are almost

00:27:38   indistinguishable from each other and I

00:27:39   don't know why they're two separate

00:27:40   flavors and they're both very boring to

00:27:42   me I disagree on principle because I

00:27:46   feel like I they need to be different

00:27:47   cuz I really like this company and they

00:27:50   do wonderful things for the world but

00:27:53   yeah they pretty much taste the same

00:27:59   actually yeah let's do a blind taste

00:28:01   test okay

00:28:02   no I actually feel like the chocolate

00:28:03   therapy is a little bit richer and it

00:28:06   has it does you do taste like the

00:28:10   chocolate pudding this a little bit more

00:28:12   let me see oh it's on my pants

00:28:15   oh gosh key pops away I'll just spoon it

00:28:18   up it's fine I'm gonna have to change my

00:28:21   clothes yeah I find no reason to really

00:28:26   eat either of those unless you just love

00:28:28   chocolate ice cream yeah I feel like it

00:28:30   also if you're shopping and you were

00:28:33   looking for chocolate ice cream

00:28:34   grabbing either one of these would

00:28:35   satisfy your craving looking at them the

00:28:38   chocolate fudge brownie is lighter brown

00:28:41   color than the chocolate therapy which

00:28:43   is much darker it tastes the same I

00:28:45   think the chocolate therapy tastes a

00:28:47   little bit richer yeah I think having

00:28:49   that having the chocolate pudding in

00:28:50   there helps a little bit but it does if

00:28:52   you're looking for chocolate ice cream

00:28:54   I would buy the chocolate therapy over

00:28:56   the chocolate brownie yeah I guess I

00:28:58   would too but in reality I would buy

00:28:59   neither of them yeah all right now let's

00:29:01   move on to the coffee group this this

00:29:03   includes what used to be called coffee

00:29:04   heath bar crunch now it's called coffee

00:29:06   toffee bar crunch and coffee coffee buzz

00:29:08   buzz buzz we left out the vanilla toffee

00:29:12   one

00:29:13   yeah the vanilla what used to be called

00:29:14   mental heath bar crunch now vanilla

00:29:15   toffee bar crunch we left that out

00:29:17   because it we've we've had a lot of

00:29:19   these before they used to be like our

00:29:20   go-to flavors and I would say if you

00:29:24   know if you you could just try one of

00:29:26   them like I don't think they're that

00:29:28   different from each other with the

00:29:29   exception obviously one of them is

00:29:30   coffee flavored if you like coffee ice

00:29:32   cream I'm a big fan of the coffee toffee

00:29:35   bar crunch however as I have gotten more

00:29:38   into drinking black coffee as I've

00:29:40   gotten older since I first discovered

00:29:42   ice cream I actually don't like coffee

00:29:44   ice cream anymore because it tastes to

00:29:46   me like coffee with too much milk and

00:29:49   sugar in it I mean it is coffee and

00:29:52   sugar in it right it makes total sense

00:29:53   and the aftertaste lingers in my mouth

00:29:56   the same way I get like aftertaste if I

00:29:58   if I ever drink coffee with stuff in it

00:29:59   okay well one has is coffee with

00:30:02   chocolate pieces the other is coffee

00:30:04   with fudge and chocolate no sorry for

00:30:10   toffee bar toffee and fudge they look

00:30:14   exactly the same

00:30:15   so coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz has a

00:30:17   very nice strength of espresso flavor

00:30:20   like because the the chocolate bits

00:30:22   almost taste what they have ground up

00:30:23   espresso beans in them do they yes this

00:30:24   is espresso bean fudge that's it so if

00:30:27   you like that if you like the taste of

00:30:29   chocolate espresso beans I would say

00:30:31   that is the ice cream version of that

00:30:32   almost two years you actually almost get

00:30:34   a little bit of the grain from the bean

00:30:35   in the chocolate you do yeah mmm that's

00:30:38   a really nice detail good touch yeah the

00:30:41   coffee toffee bar crunch oh my god why

00:30:44   am i picking up the biggest pieces we

00:30:47   used to eat a lot of these I would say I

00:30:50   think they've developed better flavors

00:30:52   now if you're looking for coffee flavor

00:30:55   coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz is a better

00:30:57   one yeah the coffee ice cream and this

00:30:59   is a little bit mild it's very I'd say

00:31:01   it's very weak yeah yeah it's much

00:31:02   weaker and some of the toffee tastes a

00:31:05   little bit

00:31:07   honestly I would actually say the coffee

00:31:09   coffee buzz-buzz it I actually like that

00:31:11   enough that I might actually have that

00:31:13   yeah I prefer coffee coffee buzz buzz

00:31:15   over this coffee toffee bar crunch which

00:31:18   I thought would have been the opposite

00:31:19   me too

00:31:20   but yeah I think now that are they

00:31:23   actually using heath bar or they make

00:31:24   their own bars now and they had to take

00:31:26   the heath name off I'm guessing it's the

00:31:27   latter that's probably why they change

00:31:28   the name because I could be totally

00:31:31   wrong and in a blind taste test I can

00:31:33   completely fail just like the everything

00:31:35   they did the big big just like the egg

00:31:37   bagel situation but I'm feeling like

00:31:40   that the heath bar one tasted a lot

00:31:43   better yeah yeah I'm not really into

00:31:46   that one I'm I think I'm gonna try the

00:31:48   toffee bar I'm just gonna bite it go for

00:31:50   it

00:31:50   yeah it has kind of a weird flavor to it

00:31:52   you should bite it too

00:31:53   it actually kind of tastes a little bit

00:31:55   stale I wonder if this is just not a

00:31:57   good pint I don't know I think it was

00:31:59   pretty much always that way I think it's

00:32:01   similar in consistency and Tony I just

00:32:03   don't like it anymore I think I might

00:32:05   not like anymore

00:32:06   Wow what's happening to us yeah the

00:32:09   coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz is a much

00:32:11   better coffee flavor yeah it's like the

00:32:14   coffee buzz one is it has enough of like

00:32:19   the savory parts of coffee flavoring

00:32:21   that I actually enjoy it

00:32:22   as compared to most coffee

00:32:23   esterification as I mentioned I find I

00:32:24   find too sweet and milky this one

00:32:26   actually balances it pretty well yep I

00:32:28   agree

00:32:28   alright final group coming up oh we're

00:32:31   gonna need some water here some water Oh

00:32:34   one-way Water Street it's cold man do we

00:32:39   have enough spoons to keep going

00:32:41   alright we have the final group here

00:32:45   which we are lovingly calling the whole

00:32:47   bunch of crap group these are the ones

00:32:50   where the description of what is in the

00:32:52   containers are it barely fits on the top

00:32:56   of the lid they usually have to wrap it

00:32:58   to three lines on the bottom and it's oh

00:33:00   you should call it the description three

00:33:02   lines or more group this is basically

00:33:05   the group that can be best described as

00:33:07   ice cream full of candy and stuff like

00:33:10   hey it's not it's just like up a whole

00:33:12   bunch of candy a side of ice cream

00:33:13   alright you want to read off what we

00:33:14   have here all right so all right we have

00:33:15   fish food we have the tonight dough

00:33:18   every

00:33:19   but the Chubby Hubby new york super

00:33:22   fudge chunk and american dream and our

00:33:24   cone dream oh I'm sorry I couldn't see

00:33:26   the e from here there's so many ice

00:33:27   creams alright it was probably a poor

00:33:32   decision to see these four last cuz I'm

00:33:33   already pretty full oh this is a bad

00:33:35   idea we should have we should have

00:33:36   closed with the simple stuff like palate

00:33:38   cleansers like I can really go for some

00:33:40   nice cream this is we made a huge

00:33:44   mistake alright well I think I need to

00:33:47   start out with fish food because I'm the

00:33:48   fish fan of the family even though I

00:33:50   almost never buy this because again I'm

00:33:52   not that big of a fan of chocolate ice

00:33:53   cream what that's pretty chocolatey

00:33:54   what's that business book where you're

00:33:56   supposed to eat the eat the frog first

00:33:57   or something yeah that's that I'm pretty

00:34:00   sure that's it yeah frog first yeah

00:34:01   whatever should have we should have

00:34:04   eaten the fish food first because it's a

00:34:07   really dense let me see

00:34:09   alright fish food is chocolate ice cream

00:34:10   with gooey marshmallows swirls caramel

00:34:13   swirls and fudge fish which is super fun

00:34:15   why wouldn't you like I like when

00:34:17   there's animal shapes in my ice cream

00:34:19   yeah the fudge fish I would say are the

00:34:21   highlight of this flavor oh and of

00:34:22   course marshmallow so BAM you you had me

00:34:24   at marshmallow but other than that

00:34:25   though I would say it doesn't do much

00:34:27   for me I feel like I think this is one

00:34:30   of those flavors that Ben and Jerry's

00:34:32   this is a very old flavor I think Ben

00:34:34   and Jerry's has gotten better more

00:34:36   sophisticated and they're in their newer

00:34:37   efforts so along with the coffee toffee

00:34:40   bar crunch I would say this is kind of

00:34:42   almost a little bit boring now and I

00:34:45   don't know maybe maybe if I like

00:34:46   chocolate ice cream more I would like it

00:34:47   more but to me the only reason to eat

00:34:49   this is the fudge fish which are

00:34:50   delicious but the rest of it doesn't do

00:34:52   much for me okay I really like this

00:34:54   because I like the marshmallow and I

00:34:56   like the caramel swirl I think it's

00:34:58   really good they have just condensation

00:35:02   and I like the fun little fish and it's

00:35:05   fish food like pH like Marco likes and

00:35:07   tortures everyone with so I'm super into

00:35:11   this I like it it's a classic flavor it

00:35:14   reminds me of some original Ben and

00:35:15   Jerry's good eats and I'm really happy

00:35:18   with fish food really among their

00:35:20   classic well known flavors I would say

00:35:22   one of the one of the ones that holds

00:35:23   the best is your favorite the sherry

00:35:24   Garcia

00:35:25   very well well yeah even though the fish

00:35:28   is better than Grateful Dead come at me

00:35:29   because I

00:35:30   about me I mean I have really good taste

00:35:33   though but do you have to try the New

00:35:35   York super fudge chunk next this is

00:35:37   chocolate ice cream with white and dark

00:35:39   fudge chunks pecans walnuts and fudge

00:35:42   colored covered almonds I'm least

00:35:44   favorite I'm least excited about this

00:35:46   one because we are not big fans of

00:35:48   pecans or walnuts so this could be

00:35:51   interesting but I'm honestly I be

00:35:53   surprised if I was trying enough of it

00:35:54   to actually get a big nut chunk here

00:35:56   I'll try to get one here I mean you have

00:35:58   to get the nut chunk this whole point of

00:35:59   this we really should have not eaten

00:36:02   these last that's just a piece of

00:36:04   chocolate the round ones are the nuts oh

00:36:08   here's a piece of another nut oh it's

00:36:12   just oh there's so much there's so much

00:36:14   stuff a white chocolate there's white

00:36:16   chocolate white and dark chocolate fudge

00:36:17   chunks yeah there's a lot going on in

00:36:20   there

00:36:20   I actually do like it I thought I

00:36:22   wouldn't because of all the nuts I

00:36:23   actually do like it but I wouldn't

00:36:25   choose it over other flavors you chew

00:36:27   this ice cream more than anything

00:36:29   yes it's very chunky this is a chewing

00:36:31   ice cream a lot I'm still chewing this

00:36:34   ice cream what part of it is New York

00:36:37   I'm still chewing it is it just the fact

00:36:38   that we eat it in New York or what um

00:36:41   let's see okay it says it right here on

00:36:47   the pipe in 1985 to make a name for

00:36:49   ourselves in New York we picked a New

00:36:51   York kind of name and wait there's

00:36:53   freezer burn and created a flavor packed

00:36:56   with more kinds of chunks than ever

00:36:58   before we figured if the flavor was

00:37:01   euphoric in New York it would be

00:37:03   everywhere oh I'm not feeling so good

00:37:06   I'm moving on to the tonight dough the

00:37:08   Jimmy Fallon flavor this is caramel and

00:37:11   chocolate ice creams with chocolate

00:37:13   cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip

00:37:16   cookie dough and peanut butter cookie

00:37:18   dough so this is kind of amazing this

00:37:24   category is like what can we like

00:37:26   legally get it like what is the most

00:37:27   crap you can legally put in a pint of

00:37:29   ice cream this is like watching one of

00:37:31   those little tasty videos that are all

00:37:33   over Instagram and Facebook where they

00:37:36   just pour in a whole bunch of candy and

00:37:38   chocolate and mix it around with some

00:37:39   other chocolate and stuff and then say

00:37:41   like Tuesday all right tonight dough

00:37:44   I like it really I I'm not sure again

00:37:49   it's one of those things like I like it

00:37:50   I'm not sure I would remember it like

00:37:52   tomorrow but but I like it it's good

00:37:55   okay what this has going for it is it

00:37:59   has instead of vanilla ice cream it does

00:38:00   have caramel ice cream instead of the

00:38:03   chocolate ice cream right this week it's

00:38:05   chocolate and vanilla mm-hmm but you

00:38:06   don't feel like you're eating like a big

00:38:09   dollop of like full of caramel and but

00:38:12   you know like that yeah yeah yeah

00:38:14   gooeyness so it's still more ice cream

00:38:17   flavored wait what else is in here

00:38:18   everything there's there's chocolate and

00:38:20   peanut butter cookie dough and chocolate

00:38:23   and vanilla ice cream and gobs of

00:38:26   chocolate it's okay it has a lot of

00:38:28   stuff in it but it's not a chewing ice

00:38:30   cream it's very smooth or blend mm-hmm

00:38:33   it has more the grainy elements to it

00:38:35   because of the cookie dough bits but

00:38:37   it's more dispersed throughout yeah so

00:38:40   it's much more pleasant to eat than

00:38:41   something like super fudge chunk so if

00:38:43   you like to chew your ice cream which I

00:38:46   don't

00:38:48   New York super fudge changes for you if

00:38:51   you like more smooth ice cream with a

00:38:53   whole bunch of stuff the tonight dough

00:38:54   is a really good choice oh my god how

00:38:57   many left three so obviously after doing

00:39:00   the Jimmy Fallon flavor I think we need

00:39:02   to do the late-night themed continuation

00:39:04   and go with the Stephen Colbert flavor

00:39:06   called Americone dream this is vanilla

00:39:08   ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone

00:39:11   pieces and a caramel swirl I'm excited

00:39:14   about the cone bit

00:39:15   all right so finally it's not just

00:39:18   chocolate ice cream pretty much

00:39:19   something guess lighter I don't know the

00:39:22   comb bits are good but it's slightly

00:39:24   soggy like I feel like some of the

00:39:26   potential of them is a little bit lost

00:39:27   but overall very good I like that yeah

00:39:30   that I would say I like the Chilean

00:39:32   Colbert wins the late-night Wars whoa

00:39:34   really you know I've never seen either

00:39:37   show what yes you have we watch clips

00:39:40   all the time from YouTube clips don't

00:39:42   count all right I like this I like the

00:39:44   slightly soggy slightly crunchiness of

00:39:46   the cone I think it's a really good

00:39:49   balance it's it's it's not a their stuff

00:39:51   in it but it's not a heavy to ice cream

00:39:53   there are pieces but they're small like

00:39:57   it isn't you don't

00:39:58   like excavate them out you did like you

00:40:00   do with some of the big chunks of the

00:40:01   other flavors I like that yeah that's

00:40:03   very nice I think I like that more than

00:40:05   fish food oh no poor fish food well then

00:40:09   I got to write this down okay

00:40:15   we're just oh there's so much sticky in

00:40:17   here okay as you write down I'm going to

00:40:18   move on okay hey so I'm gonna try now

00:40:21   the everything but the dot dot and

00:40:24   flavor so it's arrived as this is a four

00:40:26   liner it's described as a collision of

00:40:29   chocolate and vanilla ice creams with

00:40:31   peanut butter cups fudge-covered toffee

00:40:33   pieces white chocolate chunks and fudge

00:40:36   covered almonds it is four lines of

00:40:39   description yes is a four liner there is

00:40:41   a I'm actually kind of worried I'm not

00:40:44   going to get every element in my tasting

00:40:45   spoon phone charm everything but so I

00:40:48   guess it should have the most lines of

00:40:49   content maybe chewiness till tomorrow I

00:40:52   haven't found anything mine the top

00:40:54   layers all ice cream you dug it out that

00:40:57   that is similar in chunkiness to New

00:41:01   York super fudge chunk oh they're like

00:41:04   chewing a lot

00:41:05   I had to excavate and I found it a chunk

00:41:08   cavern there's a lot going on there it's

00:41:11   good but I it almost seems like I mean I

00:41:15   know you know the name like everything

00:41:16   but the it almost seems like it could

00:41:18   use some editing like it's hard to like

00:41:20   focus on any one part of it mm-hmm yeah

00:41:23   this is definitely for the person that

00:41:25   can't decide what kind of ice cream they

00:41:27   want and they just want it all in one

00:41:29   bite yeah I don't really like it yeah I

00:41:32   mean it's too much yeah I'm not reading

00:41:35   yep all right and then the last one that

00:41:38   we have to try today is Chubby Hubby

00:41:40   which is ironic as me eating it so I am

00:41:44   eating my wonderful ice cream here

00:41:46   Chubby Hubby it is vanilla malta

00:41:48   flavored ice cream which I tend to like

00:41:49   with peanutty fudge covered pretzels

00:41:52   with fudge and peanut butter swirls this

00:41:56   is one of the few ice creams left in the

00:41:57   lion that has peanut butter swirl in it

00:41:59   which I always appreciate let me try go

00:42:02   try to get a pretzel piece here but

00:42:04   they're a little hard to get these ice

00:42:08   creams are looking quite ravaged as we

00:42:10   try to dig out all the flavors

00:42:12   to give you the listener and accurate

00:42:14   representation of what we're actually

00:42:15   eating here oh my goodness

00:42:18   see I liked Chubby Hubby a lot but it's

00:42:22   I wouldn't I'm not sure it makes my top

00:42:24   four it's really good yeah I agree with

00:42:27   you I like the I like the peanut butter

00:42:29   swirl the pretzel the large pretzel

00:42:31   pieces first off I wish they were

00:42:32   smaller and and whenever we buy this

00:42:35   sometimes and whenever I bought it I've

00:42:36   had very inconsistent results with

00:42:38   whether the pretzels are crunchy or kind

00:42:40   of mushy - empty okay yeah good science

00:42:46   there yeah so like when the pretzels are

00:42:50   good it's good

00:42:51   oh they have the crunch level on eight

00:42:53   yeah yes this is this is a good point

00:42:55   that we got here eight to nine really I

00:42:56   do like Chubby Hubby a lot but I'd say

00:43:00   out of this group honestly I think

00:43:01   Americone dream out class is it the cow

00:43:03   on the pint is sitting in a lazy boy

00:43:04   with a remote and it is it is nice that

00:43:08   they have that malt flavor ice cream

00:43:10   even I know you weren't a big fan of

00:43:11   malt but you can barely taste it with

00:43:13   all that stuff going on though I've

00:43:14   tasted quite a bit but it's it's nice to

00:43:16   have it to have like a difference like

00:43:17   it isn't just vanilla or chocolate with

00:43:19   salt in it okay the pretzel is really

00:43:22   salty oh my goodness I'm the predominant

00:43:26   flavor in my mouth right now is salt

00:43:29   spoonful of ice cream well the solution

00:43:32   you eat more ice cream there we call not

00:43:37   chunk chubby happy Chubby Hubby sorry

00:43:38   because the pretzel pieces are so big

00:43:41   you don't really get them very often so

00:43:44   it is kind of nice that it's special

00:43:45   when you do get one but it's it the

00:43:47   whole rest of the ice cream is kind of

00:43:48   now my void of them I feel like I might

00:43:51   as well just dipped a tortilla chip in

00:43:53   there and makes it like dip can I have

00:43:58   some water yeah well over it's over

00:44:03   season all right so that is the end of

00:44:06   the whole bunch of crap group okay I

00:44:08   need to take a picture of this and then

00:44:10   I want to take a moment to deliberate so

00:44:12   I think you should play a little bit of

00:44:13   deliberation music which I think should

00:44:15   be fish

00:44:15   honestly they have a song about ice

00:44:18   cream or stomachaches

00:44:22   be more fun in love in the skyline baby

00:44:26   I scream snooze

00:44:30   what I think is the most surprising of

00:44:32   all of these taste testings with them

00:44:35   right back to back with each other cuz

00:44:37   usually when you go out and you buy a

00:44:38   pint of ice cream you buy one right you

00:44:42   just kind of like pick the flavor and

00:44:43   you're happy with it and pitting them up

00:44:45   against each other I'm really surprised

00:44:47   how little difference there is between a

00:44:51   lot of them yeah and again they're all

00:44:54   good ice creams Markus so don't worry

00:44:57   who we really do like Ben and Jerry's

00:44:59   we love them as a company and we like

00:45:02   all their cool flavors but oh I feel out

00:45:06   of breath eating all of this ice cream

00:45:09   and there are chocolate fingerprints all

00:45:12   over most of our kitchen so sorry about

00:45:15   that I'm actually having a hard time in

00:45:19   my deliberations I'm ranking these

00:45:20   because like if they still made the

00:45:24   cluster fluff flavor that would be my

00:45:26   number one no questions but they they

00:45:29   currently do not make a very good peanut

00:45:32   butter flavor like they just missing

00:45:35   from the lineup right now I hope they

00:45:36   resolved that soon they have a few that

00:45:38   are okay like peanut butter cup is great

00:45:40   a for you know for peanut butter ice

00:45:42   cream lovers like me but it is but the

00:45:45   other peanut butter like whenever they

00:45:46   had another peanut butter option it was

00:45:48   always better than peanut butter comes

00:45:49   mm-hmm so I am kind of disappointed in

00:45:52   the lack of that slot being very well

00:45:54   filled right now I would say the among

00:45:58   the basic flavors pistachio still stands

00:46:01   out as a really good one Cherry Garcia

00:46:03   also still really holds up as adversely

00:46:06   yeah

00:46:08   many of the new flavors are excellent

00:46:10   the cake ones I think the cake group had

00:46:12   by far the strongest showing this year

00:46:14   oh yeah I was most I was most excited

00:46:16   for the cookie group and I was most

00:46:18   disappointed by them they really let me

00:46:20   down but the cake the fruit and nuts

00:46:23   group was uh was really great I liked it

00:46:26   a lot fruit fruit nuts and cake is that

00:46:28   what we're calling it something like

00:46:29   that yeah and Ellie I saw them like the

00:46:33   red velvet cake

00:46:34   we would never have bought that if not

00:46:36   for doing this test and it was one of

00:46:37   the very last ones we bought we thought

00:46:39   we're like do we really need that yeah

00:46:40   we weren't we looked at the list before

00:46:42   we went to the store and I immediately

00:46:44   dismissed

00:46:45   red velvet because I was like you know

00:46:47   what red velvet cake is a lie so I'm not

00:46:50   even going to want my ice cream and then

00:46:52   lo and behold it is delicious because

00:46:55   you know what it's not just chocolate

00:46:56   cake in the ice cream like I said before

00:46:58   it is it's more of like a pink cake

00:47:02   piece than anything else all right you

00:47:06   ready to do the rankings you still

00:47:07   deliberating oh I have some honorable

00:47:10   mentions yeah I think I'm ready because

00:47:12   I'm gonna go with my gut in like what my

00:47:15   classic flavors are that I really like

00:47:17   in addition to what we've gone through

00:47:19   tasting and I hope that well I'm sure

00:47:22   that it's affecting me a little bit and

00:47:24   how full I feel right now and that I can

00:47:27   imagine eating some of those really

00:47:29   heavy ice creams but in general I'm not

00:47:31   a heavy ice cream person so I think it's

00:47:35   gonna be okay I I won't make too many

00:47:37   mistakes in my ranking yeah so as of

00:47:41   right now this is how we feel about Ben

00:47:43   & Jerry's ice cream flavors and where

00:47:46   they stand all right which way do you

00:47:48   want to go from the bottom as usual okay

00:47:50   honorable mentions first let's do it

00:47:53   yeah

00:47:53   all right honorable mention I'm gonna

00:47:55   put coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz as my

00:47:57   main honorable mention that is the very

00:48:00   first one on my list is honorable

00:48:01   mention really yeah yeah I really like I

00:48:04   expect to like it as much as I did yeah

00:48:05   I really like it has a great coffee

00:48:07   flavor just like you said it tastes a

00:48:09   lot like coffee with too much cream and

00:48:11   sugar but sometimes I really do feel

00:48:12   like a coffee ice cream especially like

00:48:15   late in the afternoon if I haven't had

00:48:17   my afternoon coffee yet a good off

00:48:18   coffee ice cream feels like a nice

00:48:19   substitute and also it tastes in my

00:48:22   opinion it tastes the least like coffee

00:48:24   with too much milk and sugar and

00:48:25   compared to any other coffee ice cream

00:48:26   I've ever had yeah because it has that

00:48:28   really sharp flavor of the espresso

00:48:30   beans yeah very strong savory flavor of

00:48:34   that yes really bounce it out so yeah

00:48:36   that's my honorable mention in my second

00:48:38   honorable mention which was a surprise

00:48:40   can well what's it called when someone

00:48:42   just sneaks in I'm sure the subscribe to

00:48:45   them for that yeah sports term for super

00:48:50   fill-in-the-blank is red velvet for me

00:48:52   so mm-hmm

00:48:53   I would also put that up there is really

00:48:55   good very good and and if not for the

00:48:57   other cake flavors I might even be on my

00:49:00   ranked list me too I'm really shocked

00:49:02   but again I didn't put it on my ranked

00:49:04   list because it was the first time I've

00:49:05   had it and I feel like we haven't had a

00:49:07   gut we haven't had a chance to bond yet

00:49:09   yeah we need to get we need to get to

00:49:11   know the red velvet cake better yeah I

00:49:12   need to finish an entire pint first

00:49:14   before I I can really put it on my list

00:49:18   oh yeah definitely I would also say in

00:49:21   the honorable mentions category for me

00:49:23   would be Cherry Garcia aye I know you

00:49:27   like it better than I do but I still do

00:49:29   really like it I would say it it's

00:49:30   better than because it's getting them

00:49:32   this part of the list you know out of 24

00:49:33   ice creams that we try I would say it is

00:49:35   better than almost almost all the

00:49:37   flavors honestly like overall

00:49:39   and my final honorable mention is

00:49:40   tonight dough I really like I really

00:49:43   enjoyed that one yeah it was good it was

00:49:44   okay I would I would actually say for

00:49:47   that type of ice cream to kind of like

00:49:48   blended with like cookies and vanilla in

00:49:51   it I like milk and cookies better for

00:49:53   that slot and that's milk cookies is on

00:49:55   my honorable mention list for that

00:49:56   reason see I feel like the milk and

00:49:58   cookies yeah it was better but I feel

00:49:59   like the tonight dough took those milk

00:50:02   and cookie ones to another level and

00:50:04   really amped it up you know a volume

00:50:08   notch and I think I really like that and

00:50:09   to me that says very much Ben and

00:50:11   Jerry's like I'm getting a kind of a

00:50:14   cookie and cream ice cream experience

00:50:16   but with that Ben and Jerry twist and I

00:50:18   feel like the tea the tonight dough

00:50:20   gives it that extra level of twist that

00:50:24   beats the other flavors fair enough all

00:50:28   right all right number four number four

00:50:30   for me is the American dream I really

00:50:33   liked it

00:50:34   for a stuff filled ice cream I thought

00:50:36   it was very bunch of crap ice cream yeah

00:50:39   for ice cream full of crap it was pretty

00:50:42   great it had a nice balance I didn't

00:50:44   feel like I was just eating gobs of

00:50:46   things I felt like I could really

00:50:47   distinguish the flavors and the textures

00:50:49   from each other and I really enjoyed and

00:50:50   appreciated that if I would even say we

00:50:52   might have miscategorized it I thought

00:50:54   it was going to be a whole bunch of crap

00:50:55   ice cream but I would say it has roughly

00:50:58   the same density of stuff in it then as

00:51:00   things like

00:51:02   like coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz with

00:51:04   those fudge chunks or maybe like the the

00:51:06   heath bar one or peanut butter cup well

00:51:08   the coffee toffee also had a whole bunch

00:51:10   of stuff so that's about the same levels

00:51:11   America as the American dream right

00:51:15   right right

00:51:16   all right my number four is pistachio I

00:51:19   was kind of you know giving her a hard

00:51:22   time earlier but when I when I come back

00:51:23   to it on it when I draw these flavors

00:51:24   together I realize like it is it is

00:51:27   frustrating how good pistachio is it

00:51:30   shouldn't be as good as it is pistachio

00:51:32   is my number three yeah it's like it's

00:51:36   such a good like clean pure flavor and

00:51:39   we've tried so many pistachio ice cream

00:51:40   because they're usually really good and

00:51:42   it's just a really good implementation

00:51:44   well a lot of pistachio ice creams are

00:51:46   died like bright green like a lot of bad

00:51:48   mint ice creams and I feel like this

00:51:50   particular pistachio it has a really

00:51:53   crisp flavor that comes through very

00:51:57   delicately and nicely it doesn't taste

00:51:59   like if you have ever had instant

00:52:01   pistachio pudding where that just tastes

00:52:02   like a whole bunch of fake pistachio

00:52:05   flavoring it just I don't know what's

00:52:08   going on in that but it doesn't really

00:52:10   taste like what a pistachio tastes like

00:52:12   when you're eating it this ice cream

00:52:13   tastes like a pistachio and it has full

00:52:16   bright green pistachios in it but the

00:52:19   ice cream itself is just a light it's

00:52:22   almost morning with ice cream yeah so

00:52:23   I'd I would say it even areas that it

00:52:25   has an almost gelato like smoothness of

00:52:28   the texture yeah it is a very very nice

00:52:30   pleasant like refreshing ice cream yeah

00:52:33   so pistachio my number four and your

00:52:35   number three yeah all right my number

00:52:38   three is peanut butter cup I say that

00:52:42   reluctantly though because as I said

00:52:44   earlier like if I wish they would bring

00:52:46   back one of their better peanut butter

00:52:48   flavors or replace them with with

00:52:49   something you know of that caliber I do

00:52:52   altima till really love peanut butter

00:52:55   ice cream and peanut butter cup is a

00:52:57   really good version of peanut butter ice

00:52:59   cream I just wish it was cluster fluff

00:53:02   again yeah I feel like the peanut butter

00:53:04   cup didn't even make my list because I

00:53:06   don't like peanut butter ice cream

00:53:07   enough to ever get to ever buy it for

00:53:09   myself

00:53:10   I do enjoy stealing a spoonful or two of

00:53:12   yours when you're eating it but for you

00:53:15   oh you always take the big chunks well

00:53:16   yeah and I was just going to say I

00:53:18   really don't care for the big chunks of

00:53:20   peanut butter cups in the ice cream

00:53:22   because I feel like I'm like even there

00:53:29   I'll take them I like them no I like

00:53:32   them but I prefer swirl yeah as opposed

00:53:35   to like let me chew this piece of ice

00:53:37   cream yeah agreed

00:53:38   I agree all right what was the see that

00:53:41   was my number three yeah I'm gonna do my

00:53:43   number two

00:53:43   yeah what's your number two my number

00:53:45   two is the strawberry cheesecake nice

00:53:47   which is funny because I normally don't

00:53:49   really like strawberries that much but

00:53:51   what cheesecake

00:53:53   I like cheesecake just fine but it's

00:53:55   like cheesecake I make a good cheese I

00:53:57   like cheesecake I oh yeah of course yeah

00:53:58   it's like red sauce right my sauce you

00:54:05   don't like other people's thoughts

00:54:06   I'm so happy you sewed up that way all

00:54:07   right I mean how else can you say it

00:54:09   yeah anyway so I'm not a tremendous

00:54:14   lover of strawberries or cheesecake but

00:54:17   together in this ice cream it's really

00:54:20   good and refreshing cuz a lot of times

00:54:22   for me the reason I don't like a really

00:54:25   full hearty chocolatey rich ice cream as

00:54:29   I've mentioned before is I feel like ice

00:54:32   cream should be refreshing and that's

00:54:34   how when I eat ice cream I feel like I

00:54:36   want to be cooled off and I want to be

00:54:37   refreshed and those heavy flavors just

00:54:39   don't do it for me so these lighter

00:54:41   flavors really make me feel refreshed

00:54:44   and I'm tasting something delicious and

00:54:46   light and creamy some strawberry

00:54:48   cheesecake

00:54:49   great job Ben Jerry my number two is

00:54:52   Americone dream this is a good thing

00:54:57   that we're getting a very similar list

00:54:59   here yeah now you can narrow down your

00:55:00   shopping list by a lot yeah I mean yeah

00:55:02   marek own dream is I think I've only had

00:55:06   it maybe once before if ever cuz I

00:55:08   always just assumed like it'd be fine

00:55:10   but I think it would be that great it's

00:55:11   great like it's it's one of those things

00:55:13   that it's it is as we said many we're

00:55:16   talking about like it's it's simpler

00:55:17   than I thought it would be and it's

00:55:19   almost deceptively simple but when I

00:55:21   think about like if for some reason I

00:55:23   ever wanted to eat ice cream again like

00:55:25   right now and feeling like I don't but

00:55:26   if I everyone eating ice cream again

00:55:28   that is the one I would that is really

00:55:30   high in the list of what I would go to

00:55:31   first which is why it's my number two

00:55:33   look she makes total sense that's pretty

00:55:34   great because we've never really gotten

00:55:36   that one before we have it and now we

00:55:37   will cool along with red velvet I think

00:55:41   yeah bread cheesecake probably no we've

00:55:44   gotten strawberry cheesecake we've

00:55:46   forgotten the red valves right we still

00:55:47   to bond with it right yeah I feel like

00:55:49   we do need a bonding session but maybe

00:55:50   like a week and a half from now yes not

00:55:53   not today or tomorrow all right you're

00:55:56   number one it's holding strong Cherry

00:55:58   Garcia Froyo still love you babe you are

00:56:02   my fav so yep Cherry Garcia Froyo it is

00:56:06   always my go-to I let it taste summery

00:56:09   to me cuz cherries come out in the

00:56:10   summer it has a little bit of that light

00:56:12   chocolate it doesn't have the heavy

00:56:15   cream of regular ice cream it has that

00:56:18   lighter Froyo flavor and I just love it

00:56:22   thank you for existing you are my go-to

00:56:25   you know I will always get a pint of

00:56:27   this no matter what and I feel like I

00:56:29   feel the way about that that you feel

00:56:31   about the peanut butter ice creams which

00:56:32   is I would never choose Cherry Garcia

00:56:34   for myself but whenever you have it I

00:56:36   will I will gladly take a few spoonfuls

00:56:38   out of your out of your pint when we're

00:56:40   on the couch together with our points

00:56:41   when we were doing our research we were

00:56:43   look we Ben Jerry's on their site has a

00:56:45   list of like their top ten ice creams

00:56:47   the most popular selling ones right yeah

00:56:49   and they did one from like two thousand

00:56:51   six miles really pleased to see that

00:56:52   Cherry Garcia the regular one but

00:56:54   regardless was still up there for a big

00:56:57   contender in the flavors because I feel

00:56:58   like a lot of times it's very easily

00:57:00   overlooked but I am happy to see that a

00:57:02   lot of people in wherever they you know

00:57:05   do their demographic testing are it's

00:57:08   still super into Cherry Garcia so it's

00:57:10   around to stay and my number one is

00:57:14   strawberry cheesecake

00:57:16   hey very surprised but about this I mean

00:57:18   and and I will mention again to red

00:57:21   velvet cake and also to the cinnamon bun

00:57:23   one which I thought was among the same

00:57:25   quality as these it was just didn't

00:57:27   quite do it for me the way the other two

00:57:29   did cinnamon what was a little too spicy

00:57:30   for me because sometimes I don't I don't

00:57:32   really those mulling spices they're

00:57:33   they're a little too harsh on the tongue

00:57:35   and I enjoyed cinnamon bun as we were

00:57:38   tasting it but then if I got a really

00:57:40   heavy cinnamon area

00:57:42   it was a little too harsh that's fair

00:57:44   yeah I mean I mean and I mean I'm only

00:57:46   had the two spoons of it so maybe I will

00:57:47   cheat my wine later but the strawberry

00:57:49   cheesecake one I I bought my first pint

00:57:52   of that and I think my only point so far

00:57:53   before this a few weeks ago and I'm like

00:57:56   that and it was like I was kind of like

00:57:58   settling for it because the flavors that

00:58:00   I really wanted weren't there and we

00:58:01   ended up eating so much of that right

00:58:02   were the very first spoonful I had I was

00:58:05   like that's interesting and then like

00:58:08   that was among the other flavors that we

00:58:11   had in our rotation at the time that one

00:58:13   was just gone the faster it was the

00:58:15   first go to pipe like it was gone

00:58:19   because you have one bite and you're

00:58:21   like hmm interesting

00:58:22   I want more of that and then you keep

00:58:25   going and you keep digging around for

00:58:27   the gram swirls which I love and again

00:58:28   grams pearls are a very fast path to my

00:58:31   heart and hopefully not to do some

00:58:38   exercise yeah but yeah grams pearls are

00:58:43   great the the Cheesecake flavor in

00:58:45   general is great the strawberry is done

00:58:47   very nicely very subtly overall just a

00:58:49   great flavor and I would not again I

00:58:52   would not say it's my number one

00:58:54   Barringer's flavor I've ever had but it

00:58:56   is my number one that's currently in

00:58:57   production I also want to say so in

00:59:00   terms of Ben and Jerry's here now that

00:59:01   we've ranked are all of our flavors and

00:59:03   we've talked extensively about how all

00:59:05   these things taste when we sit on the

00:59:07   couch and we enjoy a pint of Ben and

00:59:09   Jerry's ice cream or really a pint of

00:59:11   any ice cream which is the quantity in

00:59:12   which we purchase ice cream of any sort

00:59:15   any kind of frozen dessert we usually

00:59:17   purchase it in the pint variety because

00:59:19   they're nice to hold and sit on the

00:59:20   couch with it takes us about three tv

00:59:23   washing sessions to get through a pint

00:59:25   unless it's a really good flavor that it

00:59:27   might be two and a half but still that's

00:59:29   pretty close to three I mean come on any

00:59:31   right rounding up here I mean yeah I

00:59:34   think it's it well it depends on who's

00:59:36   sneaking spoonful from who and who

00:59:38   brings the ice cream back to the kitchen

00:59:40   and sneaked spoonfuls when they're in

00:59:41   the kitchen and who has the better

00:59:42   flavor yeah but it takes us around three

00:59:46   sittings to finish a pilot switch it

00:59:48   feels pretty reasonable I don't think

00:59:50   it's having about a third of a pint

00:59:53   which is more than the serving size I

00:59:55   think but

00:59:55   by a huge difference I don't think yeah

00:59:57   yeah because I know pints it seems like

00:59:59   you

00:59:59   you

01:00:00   you'd just devour them really quickly if

01:00:02   you're not careful and it has happened

01:00:04   but it takes a lot of self-control to

01:00:06   make that last three settings yeah but

01:00:08   you know we do and I'm curious how many

01:00:10   how long it takes other people to finish

01:00:12   a pint like if someone is there anyone

01:00:14   out there who takes like five sittings

01:00:16   to finish a pint because if so that

01:00:17   that's I would say enjoy an ice-cream

01:00:19   enough or maybe they're enjoying it just

01:00:21   right I don't know there's different

01:00:22   ways to enjoy ice-cream so that's true

01:00:24   yeah I just want to put that out there I

01:00:26   wanted to give everyone our base mine

01:00:28   consumption rate yeah cuz I feel like

01:00:30   that that's appropriate we're sounding

01:00:32   like we you know just pop on out to the

01:00:34   markets and buy 25 pints of ice cream on

01:00:37   a normal day what are we gonna do with

01:00:40   all this we're gonna put some friends

01:00:42   over yeah we're gonna have an ice-cream

01:00:43   party we're gonna have two employees and

01:00:45   I see that we don't go to an ice cream

01:00:46   social

01:00:47   where oh yeah of course the serve ice

01:00:49   cream to everyone that's perfect yeah I

01:00:51   don't want to have ice cream any time

01:00:53   soon we could put it out on the curb

01:00:54   with a little sinuses free oh it looks

01:01:01   so gross I could take pictures of it it

01:01:03   would be art too is like like it I had a

01:01:08   couple of friends who worked in ice

01:01:09   cream stores in high school and like

01:01:10   it's the kind of thing like ice cream is

01:01:12   great when you have it like once every

01:01:13   so often and not all the time and you're

01:01:15   not working in it ice cream in mass is

01:01:18   disgusting like the amount of stuff that

01:01:20   goes into it that's unhealthy first of

01:01:21   all and then like you know if you're

01:01:24   like in an ice-cream shop like the

01:01:25   you're trashed like having all that like

01:01:27   melted ice cream in there like it it's

01:01:29   sticky and it smells bad and it turns

01:01:32   into B's immediately if it's outside

01:01:34   like you're just taking out these bags

01:01:36   of sticky B's like they just smell like

01:01:38   rotten milk like ice cream is best enjoy

01:01:42   it's some distance like I would not

01:01:46   recommend anyone else do these flavor

01:01:47   tests or work in an ice cream store

01:01:49   however if you're gonna go buy some ice

01:01:51   cream before some occasional enjoyment

01:01:53   these are the best flavors to get yep

01:01:54   thanks Ben and Jerry