Top Four

Top Four 28: Kid Shows Tolerable To Adults


00:00:00   hi everybody welcome back to top 4 it is

00:00:03   rainy day edition of top 4 where we are

00:00:06   going to be talking about kids shows

00:00:08   that are not annoying to adults because

00:00:12   we've been stuck inside with a lot of

00:00:14   rain recently so we have been watching a

00:00:16   lot more TV than we normally would in

00:00:19   addition to doing things cuz I generally

00:00:22   like TV or a movie or something to be on

00:00:25   even while I'm doing a craft or activity

00:00:28   so I've kind of trained my child to do

00:00:30   the same thing which isn't always the

00:00:32   best but I mean he's basically you but

00:00:34   smaller I turned out fine right so he

00:00:38   should be fine yeah we don't really

00:00:41   limit screen time time in our house we

00:00:45   just don't feel it necessary because our

00:00:47   kid isn't very addicted to screens yeah

00:00:50   he if there is a physical activity to do

00:00:53   he would he almost always prefers that

00:00:55   and fix that he's very much into

00:00:58   movement and doing things outside and

00:01:00   going to the park and everything else so

00:01:02   when we're inside because of horrible

00:01:04   weather or sickness or something else we

00:01:07   don't really care about the limit of on

00:01:08   TV yeah so that's where we're coming

00:01:10   from I know a whole bunch of other

00:01:12   people have different opinions and

00:01:14   family dynamics and different children

00:01:16   that will sit in front of a TV with

00:01:18   their mouths gape for hours at a time

00:01:20   and never move but so which is you know

00:01:24   you have to do what you got to do when

00:01:25   you have a kid like that and you every

00:01:28   want to Jess but if you do have to sit

00:01:30   inside and you do have to watch TV a lot

00:01:33   of kids TV is terrible oh my god so bad

00:01:36   yeah well I can't oh it's so boring or

00:01:40   just terrible

00:01:43   I just like my brain I feel like we've

00:01:45   actually lucked out in that our son has

00:01:48   not shown a really strong preference for

00:01:50   anything that we consider horrible I

00:01:53   mean and seen it you know like a lot of

00:01:56   it is just like us not exposing him to

00:01:58   it yet and yeah we're friends houses

00:02:00   we're still curating his taste sure and

00:02:03   we don't have television where we can

00:02:04   like flip through channels or anything

00:02:06   we are cord cutters as we've mentioned

00:02:08   in other episodes I hate that it's so

00:02:11   weird you know what other people love

00:02:13   hearing from people who record cutters

00:02:15   that's it's like humans dreams people

00:02:17   love hearing us talk about that they do

00:02:19   okay well they cut that out so we have

00:02:22   just Netflix but there is a lot on there

00:02:25   and any other streaming service things

00:02:27   on Plex and everything so we have access

00:02:29   to a lot of stuff so we're going to tell

00:02:32   you wonderful adults out there what

00:02:35   shows you can let your kids watch and

00:02:37   not feel like your brain is dripping out

00:02:39   of your ear so here we go number four

00:02:43   picks what do you got mark oh I'm sure

00:02:45   our lists are gonna be pretty similar

00:02:47   because we are stuck in the same house

00:02:49   yeah they're gonna have probably the

00:02:51   same items maybe in a different order

00:02:52   although this one I don't think it's

00:02:53   gonna make your list my number four not

00:02:56   for any of the reasons we just mentioned

00:02:57   is mighty machines Oh my number four is

00:03:00   mighty machines really yeah my reasoning

00:03:03   which might be different from your like

00:03:04   us is that I find mighty machines

00:03:06   incredibly dull because it's so there's

00:03:10   you know there's no real stories you

00:03:13   know mining machines it for anyone not

00:03:14   familiar it's just like footage of

00:03:17   trucks and planes and stuff just doing

00:03:20   work and it's it's voiced over by

00:03:23   rhetoric yeah they also like john

00:03:25   roderick but it's it's voiced over by

00:03:27   just like you know these like funny

00:03:29   voices done by adults to try to amuse

00:03:31   kids you have to drop this down clip of

00:03:33   John Rother a truck hi kids welcome to

00:03:36   the forest I'm a feller buncher

00:03:40   they call me feller for short as my job

00:03:43   is to cut down trees but don't worry

00:03:45   kids I don't cut all the trees just the

00:03:49   ones that I need

00:03:51   it's like hi kids Here I am working the

00:03:55   sawmill or whatever and it's like it's

00:03:57   it's really you know low production

00:04:00   value it's it's perfectly fine for kids

00:04:05   and a lot of kids love it but the

00:04:07   advantage of mining machines as an adult

00:04:09   if you are watching your kid is that it

00:04:11   is an ideal show to allow you to sneak a

00:04:15   little nap in on the couch while you're

00:04:16   watching your kid it is good because it

00:04:18   doesn't capture adults attention at all

00:04:20   but it does capture kids attention

00:04:23   really well so you can you can point

00:04:24   your kid in front of the TV like if

00:04:26   they're like you know eating a sandwich

00:04:27   and you can take a 15 minute nap so

00:04:29   mighty machines is perfect for that

00:04:30   highly recommended

00:04:31   I recommend mighty machines because it

00:04:34   has diversity in that the male and

00:04:37   female truck voices are arbitrary like

00:04:40   there are boy trucks and there are girl

00:04:42   trucks voice wise and nobody seems to be

00:04:46   doing any kind of specific work like

00:04:48   they don't really it's just a person's

00:04:50   voice so that's pretty great and that's

00:04:53   like hi kids I'm the snowplow and then

00:04:56   the other truck there's like almost no

00:04:57   plug to you know so it's exactly and but

00:05:03   you do I like it because it's very very

00:05:06   educational they learn a ton of stuff

00:05:09   there's an episode about harvesters I

00:05:11   didn't know how they harvested tomatoes

00:05:13   and they show it and it's pretty awesome

00:05:15   and Adam is like mommy tomatoes are

00:05:18   harvested during the summer season and I

00:05:20   was like yes it is we have the best

00:05:21   tomatoes in the summer he's like well

00:05:23   mighty machines told me that I'm like I

00:05:24   know it's awesome so your kid will

00:05:28   actually learn things I mean there's

00:05:30   really cool recycling ones in a

00:05:33   recycling plant so it's not just like

00:05:35   trucks and machines it's also machines

00:05:37   like conveyer belts and stuff so yeah um

00:05:41   yeah they get pretty much a small

00:05:43   education on the inner workings of

00:05:45   things Oh giant tow trucks amazing you

00:05:48   should totally see how they flip over an

00:05:50   overturned tractor-trailer it's pretty

00:05:52   pretty cool also building a truck I

00:05:55   really like the paint robots they're

00:05:57   super cute so yeah there's a lot to like

00:05:59   you don't just have to fall asleep

00:06:01   during it like Marco does but there's a

00:06:03   lot going on mining machines

00:06:05   holler out shout out to Canada thank you

00:06:07   for producing this show because it is

00:06:10   great I think you might like it more

00:06:11   than Adam does I may be alright my

00:06:17   number three is the old series the Magic

00:06:21   School Bus

00:06:21   and the Magic School Bus you know this

00:06:24   is the one that was on like when a lot

00:06:25   of us were kids in like I guess what the

00:06:27   late 80s Early 90s maybe 90s yeah so

00:06:30   it's you know it's it's basically you

00:06:33   know cartoon series featuring a lot of

00:06:36   like science and lessons and all framed

00:06:39   around these adventures that the Magic

00:06:41   School Bus has with miss Frizzle and her

00:06:43   class and it's a Sun book yeah based on

00:06:46   books and it's it's just a really good

00:06:48   like science e kids adventure show the

00:06:52   the information in it is pretty good it

00:06:54   was pretty far ahead of its time in

00:06:56   terms of diversity and equality and

00:06:59   empowerment and acceptance of people and

00:07:02   things and it's it seems like if it was

00:07:05   if the animation style was a little more

00:07:08   up-to-date and if it was widescreen you

00:07:10   could mistake it for a modern show I

00:07:11   have this show as my number two actually

00:07:14   because I do

00:07:16   diversity plus plus in this show there

00:07:18   are kids of every type in ms Frizzles

00:07:20   class also miss Frizzle is a female

00:07:23   science teacher which I know that there

00:07:24   are a lot of them out there but a lot of

00:07:26   times women are not portrayed as being

00:07:27   scientific and she is and she's leading

00:07:30   the class there are also kids in

00:07:33   wheelchairs that are not seen as

00:07:36   incapable of doing anything in the show

00:07:39   they just totally ignore that he is in a

00:07:41   wheelchair and lets him do and try

00:07:44   everything that all the other kids are

00:07:47   trying so there's no discrimination

00:07:49   whatsoever about that there's no focus

00:07:51   on it but it is there it's it's just

00:07:53   showing the normalcy of pretty much

00:07:55   every gender body ability race it's just

00:08:00   great there's also a line in it which I

00:08:03   really love then one of the kids says oh

00:08:05   we could try this with manpower and then

00:08:07   one of the girls says don't you mean

00:08:09   person power I think yes little girl yes

00:08:13   that's awesome and I just I love that

00:08:15   that is in there it's subtle it's it

00:08:17   doesn't hit you over the head it's just

00:08:19   this Wonder

00:08:20   class working together and and doing

00:08:24   science experiments and learning about

00:08:27   science e nature things the show is also

00:08:32   it's kind of funny it's it's portrayed

00:08:34   as when the when the show is over when

00:08:37   an episode is over there's a producer of

00:08:40   the show and it's like they take calls

00:08:42   in from any it's pretty much like dinner

00:08:47   moments yeah it's a totally comment it's

00:08:49   it's they take calls from well actually

00:08:51   people which are actually other kids so

00:08:54   it's like well actually if you do

00:08:56   fracked light in this way it wouldn't

00:08:58   really create that and then the producer

00:09:00   gets on the phone it's like well it is a

00:09:02   TV show and we had to fudge this a

00:09:04   little bit so it seemed a little bit you

00:09:06   know could fit into our show but you're

00:09:08   right it really does act like that in

00:09:10   real science so it's kind of cool that

00:09:12   they do was it they kind of just correct

00:09:16   themselves yeah it's it's like a little

00:09:19   likeyou no fictitious self-correction

00:09:20   segment at the end but it's and you know

00:09:21   most of the responses are like you know

00:09:23   well that would have been really hard to

00:09:24   show so we approximated it or like that

00:09:26   wouldn't have fit into our time limit so

00:09:28   we're sorry but like it but it's like

00:09:30   they do a pretty good approximation most

00:09:32   of the time they do they self correct

00:09:34   they're you know there's simplifications

00:09:38   yes they self correct they're

00:09:40   simplifications of science techniques

00:09:42   that they are trying to display which I

00:09:45   find really great and really funny that

00:09:47   they're not just like oh yeah there

00:09:49   really is a Magic School Bus that

00:09:50   shrinks and goes inside of people's

00:09:52   bodies they also don't really shy away

00:09:55   from a lot of stuff there was a episode

00:09:57   about chickens and embryos growing and

00:10:01   they didn't make it explicit but they

00:10:06   were really honest about how a chicken

00:10:09   and rooster make a fertilized egg and

00:10:13   then how that egg grows and it's a it's

00:10:16   pretty neat i I appreciated that and

00:10:19   Adam doesn't find any of it weird and he

00:10:20   tells me stuff often and it's me it's

00:10:24   great we think it's a lot of information

00:10:26   like the the the rate at which he

00:10:28   absorbs information is pretty good for

00:10:30   Magic School Bus like he learns a lot

00:10:31   about nature and

00:10:34   and the way things are on the world and

00:10:35   it's pretty great yeah I really I really

00:10:37   like as you can tell we both really like

00:10:39   science and educational shows so I feel

00:10:41   like when he is watching something he's

00:10:44   absorbing some sort of learning from it

00:10:46   yeah there's some value to it mm-hmm

00:10:48   yeah so that's my number two it was only

00:10:51   used for three yeah what was your number

00:10:52   three out of curiosity my number three

00:10:54   is another science show and it's Cat in

00:10:57   the Hat knows a lot about that mm-hm I

00:10:59   really love cat Matt I think again great

00:11:02   diversity and it shows like the kids

00:11:05   working together and being best friends

00:11:07   and also it goes into science and even

00:11:11   more than Magic School Bus but very

00:11:13   similar premise in that the kids go on

00:11:15   little magical adventures in order to

00:11:17   discover things about the world when

00:11:19   they have questions

00:11:20   I feel like Cat in the Hat also goes it

00:11:25   uses a lot of scientific terms it

00:11:26   doesn't get afraid of like Adam busted

00:11:29   out the words tardigrade you know like

00:11:31   and he's like oh here's some moss

00:11:33   tardigrades lived their cat in the hat'

00:11:34   told me that I was like you don't say

00:11:37   and I had to go look that up and see

00:11:39   what it was and figured that out for

00:11:42   myself but I tell that story all the

00:11:43   time to all of our friends because I'm

00:11:45   just amazed of the things that he comes

00:11:48   out and says that are accurate and

00:11:50   factual and the real scientific term for

00:11:53   something and how it really works and he

00:11:56   gets it from shows like Cat in the Hat

00:11:58   and Magic School Bus

00:12:00   so yeah Cat in the Hat is my number

00:12:02   three I feel like if valleys Magic

00:12:05   School Bus but I have a special place in

00:12:07   my heart for miss Frizzle so see I also

00:12:09   put Cat in the Hat

00:12:10   as my number two ah so we had the same

00:12:13   list just swapped a little bit down

00:12:14   there because for many of the same

00:12:16   reasons and we should clarify you know

00:12:18   if you've only ever seen like old cat

00:12:20   and they had things this is not that

00:12:21   this is a it started in 2010 it's a PBS

00:12:24   series it's still technically running a

00:12:27   little the Wikipedia didn't have a lot

00:12:28   of information passed about 2013 but

00:12:30   it's it's a modern animated series

00:12:33   little 30-minute chunks and it's very

00:12:35   similar in the idea to mind your school

00:12:37   bus where it's like it's a 30-minute

00:12:39   animated adventure that the kids would

00:12:41   go on with the Cat in the Hat and they

00:12:42   go visit like different scientists and

00:12:44   people who do things in the world and

00:12:46   kind of learn about what

00:12:47   and and it's it's pretty great I would

00:12:50   say it is you know similarly charming as

00:12:55   Magic School Bus I would say it is it's

00:12:57   obviously more modern I'd say it's a

00:13:00   little bit less adventure focused a

00:13:04   little bit more on the science and info

00:13:05   which I've which I kind of like so

00:13:08   that's that's why I rent it higher was

00:13:09   that it's like a little bit less crazy

00:13:11   adventure stuff a little bit more like

00:13:13   info it crammed into that time but

00:13:15   otherwise it's it's a really good show

00:13:17   and I and I totally agree that it should

00:13:19   be on this list

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00:17:14   and real afm blue apron a better way to

00:17:16   cook alright so do you think our number

00:17:20   one is gonna be the same I can almost

00:17:21   guarantee it yeah yeah I'm surprised how

00:17:24   much I mean like okay I knew that we

00:17:25   were gonna have a very similar list in

00:17:28   the content but I'm very surprised of

00:17:31   how we're matching up here me too

00:17:33   yeah I I really did not think that my

00:17:35   team issues with him in your list I

00:17:36   thought it was like too like crappy

00:17:39   machines because I love the John

00:17:41   Roderick Roderick with log cutter yeah

00:17:48   so yeah number one what is it I have

00:17:51   handy manny yep me too okay I want to

00:17:55   first start out with the - that I do not

00:17:58   like about Handy Manny okay I can't

00:18:01   stand the children's hands they are

00:18:03   creepy and weird and two things okay I

00:18:08   hate it it's so I can't even look at the

00:18:12   kids hands because the kids okay so the

00:18:14   animation style it's kind of like

00:18:15   computer animated and they take to make

00:18:19   the children in the town of Handy

00:18:21   Manny's town that he works in if they

00:18:23   like just shrink the adults and then

00:18:25   leave the adult size hands they're

00:18:29   monsters it's horrible but if you get

00:18:32   past the hands oh my god everything else

00:18:35   is really great the basis the premise of

00:18:38   the show is a handyman that lives in

00:18:41   this town they speak a lot of Spanish

00:18:43   but what the way they do it is they say

00:18:46   the Spanish word and then they say the

00:18:49   English word I suspect that this show

00:18:51   might have been created for

00:18:52   spanish-speaking kids to learn English

00:18:54   but it goes either way yeah it certainly

00:18:57   seems like that was a major a major goal

00:18:59   of it yeah but either way it doesn't you

00:19:01   know it doesn't matter everyone is

00:19:02   there's all different people in the town

00:19:04   and yeah it's just it's a rip what I

00:19:08   pushed it over the edge to me for number

00:19:10   one and that it is educational the - I I

00:19:15   can't get over those hands it's

00:19:17   terrifying but I love the sarcastic

00:19:21   screwdriver

00:19:21   mm-hm and I love that there is an

00:19:24   element of romance I just I love that

00:19:26   there's a little romance in this show it

00:19:28   it makes me interested oh yeah and I

00:19:30   know it would go over any kids head is

00:19:32   Maddie and Kelly are they gonna get

00:19:33   together mmm she always has what he

00:19:35   needs

00:19:36   oh it's so cute and then the last

00:19:37   episode the last episode oh I won't even

00:19:40   tell you you just got to see it they

00:19:42   leave it on such a cliffhanger ah yep

00:19:45   yep Kelly um Annie yeah yeah my my duo

00:19:49   right there you gotta live for the

00:19:51   little things when you're watching kids

00:19:52   TV like what I like about handy manny is

00:19:55   like you know it isn't as educational as

00:19:57   katha had around your school buzz like

00:19:59   it's it's a little bit lower than

00:20:00   educational stuff but it's more about

00:20:02   like stories and people and and you know

00:20:04   there and there's a mix like his like

00:20:06   manis tools are a mix of childlike and

00:20:11   adult like characters and and so they

00:20:15   they tackle issues of like like maybe

00:20:17   the childlike ones might be afraid of

00:20:20   something that they might have some kind

00:20:21   of fear that they have they have they

00:20:22   have to work through in one episode or

00:20:24   they might have like you know made a a

00:20:26   childlike mistake and the and the adult

00:20:29   like ones have to like you know take

00:20:30   them through that and have them work

00:20:32   through it and you know maybe admit that

00:20:33   they were wrong or they're having issues

00:20:35   like telling the truth or or asking for

00:20:38   help or whatever else and and it's it's

00:20:41   done in a really I think good overall

00:20:46   way that the way to healthy story then

00:20:47   like there's a there's a somewhat

00:20:50   vaguely similar show called Bob the

00:20:52   Builder and I don't know Bob is garbage

00:20:54   compared to right like I I think Bob the

00:20:57   Builder is is a a way less successful

00:21:01   attempt at a similar kind of thing or

00:21:03   Bob the Builder like they have like

00:21:03   these like childlike worker vehicles

00:21:07   like you know like a bulldozer all I do

00:21:10   is whine and complain I can't stand

00:21:13   Bob's machines I don't know how he works

00:21:15   with them yeah they just screw up

00:21:16   constantly and suck at everything but

00:21:18   like also Bob and Wendy they there is

00:21:21   you can't you can't even hold a candle

00:21:23   to Manny and Kelly's love not even close

00:21:27   no way nope and so I feel like if Bob

00:21:29   the Builder is like and and we watch

00:21:31   that a lot of that too in case you can't

00:21:32   tell because Adam was into that for a

00:21:33   little while but handy manny is a way

00:21:36   better implementation of similar ideas

00:21:39   and themes and and the bee

00:21:41   cause like there's a good mix of adult

00:21:44   and childlike characters there's enough

00:21:46   thrown in there for adults who have to

00:21:48   be watching it with their kids that it's

00:21:50   still entertaining I'd like as an adult

00:21:51   watching it but it doesn't go over like

00:21:54   but but like it doesn't bore the kids

00:21:56   with the adult stuff it's just like a

00:21:57   little remark here they're a little joke

00:21:58   here they're like a little dynamic that

00:22:00   that the kids wouldn't get so it's it's

00:22:02   entertaining for adults it's really

00:22:04   great for kids the kids seem to like it

00:22:05   just as much as the adults do and it's

00:22:07   it's just like it's a it's a uplifting

00:22:10   kind of it's just a kind show it's kind

00:22:12   it's about teamwork it's about working

00:22:14   together it's about being accepting of

00:22:17   all different people yeah but it doesn't

00:22:19   like beat you over the head with it

00:22:21   no it does it's it's much more like well

00:22:24   executed so it's a really good show and

00:22:26   that's why it's my number one yeah and

00:22:28   there's no like super annoying character

00:22:30   in handy like there's that terrible

00:22:32   scarecrow and Bob the Builder he's so oh

00:22:35   he's just hopeless I find almost every

00:22:37   character I'm probably build her

00:22:37   hopeless and terrible all the machines

00:22:39   the Scarecrow like half of the adults

00:22:43   Bob I mean like it's well that's why I

00:22:45   don't like things like Winnie the Pooh

00:22:46   Winnie the Pooh like he's such a

00:22:48   complainer like Oh everything's like

00:22:50   everything's a problem and annoying or

00:22:52   like everybody in that whole darn forest

00:22:55   like I just can't take it I can't just

00:22:58   shut it down just shut it down no see

00:22:59   hany Manny's little village of what do

00:23:02   they call sheetrock Hills that's where

00:23:03   they live it's so there's a lot of

00:23:05   little clever name things going on with

00:23:07   all the different character like

00:23:08   contractor jokes a lot of contractor

00:23:11   jokes it's really funny that Kelly who

00:23:13   owns the hardware store always has

00:23:14   everything that they would possibly need

00:23:16   no matter how obscure and there's one

00:23:18   particular screwdriver that's always

00:23:20   like oh yeah I've caught it he's like of

00:23:23   course Kelly has it like you know just

00:23:25   he that there's a carrot you know

00:23:27   characters that make the jokes that the

00:23:30   adults watching would say to themselves

00:23:32   but they actually say it out loud in the

00:23:35   show and it's pretty funny

00:23:36   so yeah handy manny I really like it

00:23:39   it's a Nickelodeon show it's hard to get

00:23:42   really it was I think it was Disney kids

00:23:43   Oh No yes right snot thank know it's

00:23:45   Nick jr. it's it's somewhere near it's

00:23:48   very hard to get at what I ended up

00:23:50   doing was I think I said of just bind

00:23:53   them all on iTunes because

00:23:55   yes she came for sale on iTunes but

00:23:57   before that you can only we were trying

00:24:00   to buy it on Amazon and you can only get

00:24:02   two episodes per video it was a whole

00:24:04   things really weird but iTunes has them

00:24:06   all and they're they're arranged like in

00:24:08   collections but if you go on Wikipedia

00:24:10   and look at the episode titles you can

00:24:11   cat you can see that it's just seasons

00:24:13   and and so you can buy them all there

00:24:15   and I ended up breaking all the DRM on

00:24:18   them there's some crazy hack so that we

00:24:20   could have them on our on our plex

00:24:21   server so that we can always watch them

00:24:23   even when the internet connection is

00:24:24   down and we can bring them on trips

00:24:26   easily and things like that because it's

00:24:28   it's just it's such a good show and it's

00:24:30   a good like standby we don't watch it

00:24:32   that often which is good because of like

00:24:35   every season we're watching a lot we

00:24:37   watched it a lot we watched it like

00:24:39   through like two times in a row all the

00:24:41   way through that's true but and evident

00:24:43   then like Adam kind of took a break for

00:24:44   me yeah for a few months and then like

00:24:46   so every so often like if the internet

00:24:49   connection is out or something else and

00:24:50   we can't watch anything else we'll put

00:24:51   that on from the plex server and it's

00:24:53   it's a nice like kind of standby so a

00:24:56   really good show yeah if you haven't

00:24:57   seen it yet highly recommended

00:24:59   especially if you're into teaching your

00:25:02   kid a little bit of Spanish which i

00:25:04   think is super helpful and interesting

00:25:08   for them to learn a new language or a

00:25:10   little tiny bits of a new language at

00:25:12   least in your household and yeah I don't

00:25:15   mean I guess my I don't know if Adam

00:25:18   really has grasped a lot of it though

00:25:20   it's kind of hard to tell what ages it's

00:25:23   for like it's definitely fine for super

00:25:25   young kids like you know I'd say like

00:25:26   two and up probably I don't know like

00:25:28   what what would you consider like too

00:25:30   old for it maybe like six might be too

00:25:33   old for it but I think he could probably

00:25:35   still watch it now at five and get some

00:25:37   value out of the stories and stuff yeah

00:25:39   I don't know the little puppies are cute

00:25:40   yeah everything the show is super cute

00:25:43   except for the children they are

00:25:44   monsters

00:25:45   [Laughter]