Top Four

Top Four 23: Christmas Movies 🎄


00:00:00   my tea was too hot so I got a cocktail

00:00:02   how did you not get me one I mean I have

00:00:06   the same tea that was made at the same

00:00:07   time so it's the same temperature do you

00:00:09   really want the monstrosity I'm drinking

00:00:11   right now is that that's the pumpkin

00:00:12   spice the pumpkin spice garbage whatever

00:00:15   it's like a Bailey's type of liqueur

00:00:17   it's like a cream but pumpkin spice

00:00:19   flavored I don't recommend any cocktail

00:00:21   of ahead garbage in it just for health

00:00:24   reasons I think that's a bad idea

00:00:25   yeah we've got a bottle of she may blue

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00:00:29   drinking why not that is exactly what

00:00:32   you should be drinking I'll be right

00:00:34   back I'm gonna get the beer now hold on

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00:00:38   I'm gonna get my beer - hold on Oh

00:00:39   everyone's gone so hi hi this is the

00:00:43   first time we get to talk that's true I

00:00:46   realize I met Marco in person but I've

00:00:49   heard your voice more often ha ha and

00:00:52   you podcast with Marco already we did

00:00:54   for the beer yes exactly

00:00:56   and then well here we are drinking beer

00:00:58   doing a podcast in our garage again with

00:01:01   Marco on the other end of the line

00:01:03   Marco's in his garage right now getting

00:01:06   a beer oh nice there we are

00:01:10   so do you guys have a list or are you

00:01:12   just winging it I'm a prepared kind of

00:01:15   person I I'm prepared I have a list of

00:01:18   things but they're more than four and

00:01:19   I'm picked four of them and thought well

00:01:22   I may just change my mind as we go

00:01:23   that's the way top 4 is done I have a

00:01:26   list of things in there fewer than four

00:01:28   that's okay

00:01:29   Lauren was concerned about how how

00:01:31   strict the rules were on top 4 and I was

00:01:33   like yeah have you heard the show the

00:01:36   only rule is she's she crammed sheesh I

00:01:39   did I listen to Christmas music nice

00:01:42   which is also a couples podcast because

00:01:44   it was couples and it was Christmas and

00:01:45   I thought it was closer on theme exactly

00:01:48   but you came with only one so I figured

00:01:51   if I came with 3 then at least I was

00:01:53   better than that I am doing less

00:01:55   terribly this year than I was last year

00:01:58   not by a massive amount but less

00:02:00   terribly so I have my list all

00:02:02   color-coded it's written in oh my dog

00:02:04   green and red alternating colors from my

00:02:08   letters it's pretty ACK wonderful yep

00:02:10   yes are you using

00:02:12   Oh

00:02:13   I took a look that up I can't I can't

00:02:15   right now I'll put it in the show notes

00:02:17   yeah that's right for the three fenders

00:02:20   in the audience mm-hmm it literally just

00:02:22   write it down on a piece of paper and

00:02:24   take a picture and put the picture yeah

00:02:26   in the show now the writing in the show

00:02:28   notes cuz ink people like that pen

00:02:30   people I mean why not just mail it to

00:02:32   people at that point I love mail people

00:02:33   the show notes if they do I'll mail them

00:02:40   things you send a self-addressed stamp

00:02:42   envelope you find us you send it I'll

00:02:44   send you some stuff you know you know

00:02:46   one person gonna do that I'll totally

00:02:47   put stuff in an envelope and send it to

00:02:49   them that's maybe so creepy happy

00:02:50   holidays it's a Christmas giveaway are

00:02:53   we ready I got my chamois blue now cuz

00:02:55   you had it so I figured all right it's

00:02:57   good thank you for the recommendation it

00:02:59   is good it's time for the top four

00:03:02   Christmas special doo doo doo doo doo

00:03:05   doo tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle rapping

00:03:07   some jingles yeah so we are going to be

00:03:10   talking about our top four Christmas

00:03:11   movies with us the Armand's and on the

00:03:15   other line we have the snails hey snow

00:03:17   hello

00:03:18   now Lauren how many podcast I get the

00:03:22   impression from the incomparable beer

00:03:24   episode that you do podcasts at best

00:03:27   reluctantly yes that would be accurate

00:03:29   how did we convince you to do this he's

00:03:33   making me do it yeah literally he says

00:03:36   Marco and TIFF like it when couples are

00:03:38   on so I'm scheduling it for tomorrow

00:03:41   done that's basically how it if gets me

00:03:43   to do things like just like this is now

00:03:45   on the calendar and we're going okay

00:03:47   yeah yes exactly

00:03:49   did you guys cram did you watch any

00:03:51   movies in preparation or any parts of

00:03:53   movies no I'm afraid not I I feel like

00:03:57   this is uh yeah I feel like I'm a

00:03:59   student who wants to ask for just a

00:04:00   little more time it's like if only I'd

00:04:02   had more time to watch a couple more

00:04:03   Christmas movies but I haven't had a

00:04:04   chance well but see that do the nature

00:04:07   of Christmas movies do you really need

00:04:09   to see them right now or cuz like I

00:04:11   think I feel like most Christmas movies

00:04:13   people have seen like a thousand times

00:04:15   by now well that was sort of my theory

00:04:17   for how I came up with my list is the

00:04:19   ones that have meant enough to me that

00:04:21   I've watched many many many times those

00:04:23   are on the list and the ones that didn't

00:04:25   make the cut they didn't make the

00:04:27   yeah and for me there are a couple

00:04:28   movies that I realize I should probably

00:04:30   have I've only seen once or I've not

00:04:32   seen that I thought maybe I should

00:04:34   revisit for this but I didn't have

00:04:35   enough time so those are just not gonna

00:04:37   be on the list and you know I am

00:04:39   watching home alone for my cat the

00:04:41   movies so I will see that which I've

00:04:43   never seen literally never seen what you

00:04:46   seen it haven't seen home alone but I

00:04:49   will see it soon still haven't seen it

00:04:51   but okay so the criteria for our pix

00:04:54   Christmas movies and Christmas has to be

00:04:57   during the main plot points of the

00:04:59   movies my definition is very slightly

00:05:01   looser it's just like Christmas has to

00:05:04   happen during the movie in some kind of

00:05:06   noticeable way like it doesn't really

00:05:08   need to be about Christmas it has to

00:05:10   happen during Christmas I agree yeah

00:05:12   that's what I mean the plot it happened

00:05:14   during Christmas like you know there

00:05:16   should be Christmas lights in the

00:05:17   background there should be Christmas

00:05:18   trees for more than just like a scene

00:05:21   right if there was a Star Trek movie

00:05:22   where like Star Trek 13 the the the

00:05:26   saddest Christmas and they like had

00:05:28   lights on the bridge and that was about

00:05:29   it and there was like a tree in the

00:05:30   corner of Captain Picard's office or

00:05:32   something that would make it a Christmas

00:05:33   movie even though it's totally not that

00:05:35   counts all right so shall we get things

00:05:37   rolling let's um let's go with our

00:05:39   number four picks I I'd like to hear mr.

00:05:42   Snell first Jason I'm gonna choose

00:05:44   something that's not a movie but it is a

00:05:47   movie is it a TV movie it's it's a

00:05:49   special right so it's not a TV show but

00:05:51   it was aired on television they're

00:05:53   already breaking the rules no the first

00:05:55   second of the game here a Charlie Brown

00:06:00   Christmas

00:06:01   [Music]

00:06:09   nice that's good one that's on my short

00:06:12   list it is I love it so much I love the

00:06:14   music that is to me if I could only have

00:06:16   one album that I could play during the

00:06:19   holiday season it would be the Vince

00:06:21   Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas the the

00:06:23   jazz piano trio and I like I like the

00:06:27   story it is we did a hole or like half

00:06:30   an incomparable episode about it a while

00:06:32   ago but it's you know they use kid kids

00:06:35   to be the voices so they seem really

00:06:36   kind of innocent and authentic and you

00:06:39   know you get a plot where it's sort of a

00:06:40   setup and Lucy sets Charlie Brown up to

00:06:42   be the director of the Christmas play

00:06:43   which of course it's a disaster and so

00:06:46   she gets to blame Charlie Brown for it

00:06:48   but there's also kind of like a nice

00:06:50   message I'm not a religious person at

00:06:52   all but there's like a lioness does a

00:06:55   like quotes the Bible about the about

00:06:57   about Jesus's birth in it and I thought

00:07:00   like you know what it's a Christmas

00:07:02   pageant you should do that you should

00:07:04   probably do that it's sweet it's a it

00:07:06   stood the test of time it's like fifty

00:07:08   years old almost now I think and I yeah

00:07:11   and I it just makes me happy to watch it

00:07:13   the whole the whole thing and you know

00:07:15   you get your classic all your classic

00:07:17   Peanuts characters get their moment in

00:07:19   in the Sun so I think that's the

00:07:21   definitive I mean that was a great

00:07:24   pumpkin or the definitive Charlie Brown

00:07:25   specials but I love the Charlie Brown

00:07:27   Christmas and the music puts it over the

00:07:28   top for me we've been showing our son

00:07:30   the Charlie Brown movies and the other

00:07:31   day he called me a blockhead because

00:07:38   because because their heads are so round

00:07:41   so I'm curious one of the attributes of

00:07:45   Christmas movies is that many of them

00:07:46   are very old and I think some of them

00:07:49   hold up better than others over time

00:07:51   like when looked at from a modern point

00:07:53   of view how do you think this holds up

00:07:55   like you know because it's a very it's

00:07:57   very old what it was made like what in

00:07:58   the 50s you said I forgot a sixth it's

00:07:59   in the 60s so it's almost fifty years

00:08:01   old I think it holds it pretty well

00:08:04   I we just watched so like I said we

00:08:06   watched this and Frosty the Snowman I

00:08:10   think last year for the incomparable

00:08:12   might have been two years ago but I

00:08:13   think it was last year

00:08:14   and I don't think Frosty the Snowman

00:08:17   Rudolph we watch Rudolph the red-nosed

00:08:19   reindeer that's right it did not hold up

00:08:21   but Charlie Brown I think held up some

00:08:23   of that is going to be nostalgia but

00:08:25   it's so simple and because it's only a

00:08:28   you know it's not even an hour long it

00:08:30   was an hour show so it's probably like

00:08:32   45 minutes long it you know it doesn't

00:08:35   stress astray in your attention and and

00:08:38   then I think the music really pushes it

00:08:41   over into the timelessness too because

00:08:43   that that is a yeah it doesn't feel

00:08:45   again I don't think it feels dated

00:08:47   partially because it's animated I think

00:08:49   it gets away with it but then again

00:08:50   Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is

00:08:52   animated and it is dated so no no no

00:08:54   yeah yeah I really like Charlie run

00:08:57   Christmas I even think during the

00:08:58   Christmas music episode I might have

00:09:00   picked a Charlie Brown Christmas song

00:09:02   all right great I think that's a really

00:09:04   fantastic quick yeah Lauren what's your

00:09:06   number four Oh see I'm gonna break the

00:09:08   rules too and I don't really have a

00:09:09   number four I got some stuff I could

00:09:11   give to you I have three movies that

00:09:14   mean a lot to me and I've watched them

00:09:16   many many many times and then I had I

00:09:19   could pick from a dozen other ones for

00:09:22   my fourth but I sort of thought that if

00:09:24   nothing rose to that specialness then it

00:09:26   shouldn't make the cut can you give us a

00:09:29   small taste of the short list that would

00:09:31   have been number four I like the movie

00:09:34   the ref which takes place all right at

00:09:37   Christmastime Denis Leary Denis Leary

00:09:43   and it's very funny but I haven't seen

00:09:45   it in years and years and I couldn't

00:09:47   talk about it intelligently the

00:09:49   childhood watching that has stuck with

00:09:52   me even though it's not very good is

00:09:54   Emma daughters jug-band Christmas I

00:09:57   don't know if any of you saw that oh my

00:10:00   gosh that rings such a bell it's like

00:10:02   this Muppet it's like off off-brand

00:10:04   Muppets story we actually don't have

00:10:07   those songs going through my head every

00:10:10   once in a while and it's very cheesy and

00:10:13   sweet but again I haven't seen that in

00:10:16   20 or 30 years but I don't you know I'm

00:10:19   not gonna choose like the Tim L and

00:10:21   Santa Claus or something like that

00:10:22   because that those sorts of like Santa

00:10:24   themed movies are not my favorite I

00:10:26   apologize to to all Emmet otter fans it

00:10:30   is not off-brand Muppets it was a Jim

00:10:31   Henson production it's just Muppets

00:10:33   you've never really seen before and

00:10:35   never again say no I'm glad I mentioned

00:10:41   it there you go there's my number for

00:10:42   Emma daughters jug band Christmas look

00:10:44   at that we worked it out

00:10:45   I often work out my list on the air

00:10:48   almost every episode

00:10:50   alright TIFF what's your number four my

00:10:52   number four is home alone that's good

00:11:00   yeah it was good my references to movies

00:11:01   I haven't seen I have a problem with the

00:11:03   screen we just watched it last night

00:11:04   yeah we like as a refresher and this is

00:11:07   the first time we've seen it in year at

00:11:09   least 10 years so yeah we haven't seen

00:11:10   it in years and so we watched it this

00:11:12   time and let me tell you I remembered

00:11:14   every single line I could Marco is

00:11:17   starting to get a little bit annoyed

00:11:18   that I was starting to repeat all the

00:11:19   lines because man I just I knew them all

00:11:22   it was all of a sudden like you get that

00:11:24   Jing like a jingle from a commercial and

00:11:26   someone brings up the product and all of

00:11:28   a sudden you can just sing the jingle

00:11:30   you're like where did where did that

00:11:31   come from in my brain it was completely

00:11:33   and it was so it was right there anyway

00:11:35   so home alone makes the list because

00:11:37   it's just so classic it is the epitome

00:11:40   of like the 90s Christmas movie right

00:11:43   and that's exactly when I started

00:11:45   watching Christmas movies sure I watched

00:11:46   all of the older animated ones that my

00:11:48   mom grew up with that she then showed to

00:11:50   me and I have a very special place in my

00:11:53   heart for all those movies and I showed

00:11:54   them to my son

00:11:56   but home alone Christmas is pretty much

00:11:58   the epitome of like my childhood

00:12:00   Christmas and let me tell you this time

00:12:02   when we watched it I was really

00:12:05   sympathizing with the parent instead of

00:12:10   being like yeah there's also this

00:12:12   awesome punk kid who's like Chyna who's

00:12:14   setting up all these booby traps for

00:12:16   these guys and it's very exhilarating

00:12:18   and now I'm like finding holes in his

00:12:20   plan and I'm stressing out that the

00:12:22   mothers trying to get home to her son

00:12:25   but yeah I we just we really we liked it

00:12:29   I don't know how you felt I don't know

00:12:31   where it's gonna be on your list Marco

00:12:32   but I will tell you it is on my list but

00:12:36   I won't tell you where am I

00:12:38   but yeah it's like so it came out in

00:12:40   1990 so it kind of straddles the 80s and

00:12:43   the 90s and you see every bit of that

00:12:45   like it is so incredibly like early 90s

00:12:48   production with late 80s fashion and

00:12:53   it's like it's basically like a Macaulay

00:12:55   Culkin like Italy this was kind of his

00:12:57   launch of the world right this was kind

00:12:58   of the map right this is why we know who

00:13:01   he is

00:13:01   exactly and his like his acting and

00:13:05   character is awfully forced but you know

00:13:07   he was young so that was kind of it was

00:13:08   an impressive job for somebody as young

00:13:10   as he was but but yeah yeah you sure get

00:13:14   a lot of him and I find him awfully like

00:13:18   shove down your throat and grading after

00:13:20   a while also the key gag to the movie

00:13:22   that that where he slaps his face and

00:13:24   screams by putting on the aftershave

00:13:25   makes no sense if anyone has ever used

00:13:28   after shave before you know that it only

00:13:30   stings if you have cuts all over your

00:13:32   face if you've shaved yeah which he

00:13:34   clearly didn't and even if he shaved he

00:13:38   had no cuts so unless he shaved with

00:13:40   like a 40 year old razor I don't see how

00:13:43   that would have possibly caused that

00:13:45   reaction especially two days in a row

00:13:47   which is when and how it happens in the

00:13:48   movie well I mean there's also a lot of

00:13:50   potholes in the movie where he could

00:13:52   have multiple times told an adult like

00:13:54   hello I am home alone please help me

00:13:57   find a police officer in order to help

00:13:58   me and because these two men are gonna

00:14:00   rob my house and I know it like there

00:14:02   are so nice putts where that could have

00:14:05   just ended the movie you know it's like

00:14:07   Oh policeman thank you for helping me

00:14:08   the end like that

00:14:09   that would have been it yeah but I also

00:14:12   I kind of found how to use all the weird

00:14:13   stuff in their basement right like she

00:14:15   has how many mannequins who has that

00:14:17   many mannequins in their basement that's

00:14:18   the scene that I love the where he's

00:14:20   staging the party that's my favorite why

00:14:23   do they have so many creepy mannequins

00:14:24   in their basement why are they all down

00:14:26   there we also noticed that like he's

00:14:27   very good at cleaning up after all of

00:14:29   his various pranks like yes the house is

00:14:31   spot like I guess you know he's nothing

00:14:33   else to do is like it doesn't it doesn't

00:14:34   appear that he really watches much TV

00:14:35   he doesn't seem to have a video game

00:14:37   system or a computer or anything so like

00:14:39   I think all he has to do was clean up

00:14:41   after all these pranks but this house is

00:14:43   spotless when he's done with it yeah

00:14:44   except for buzzes room but anyway um but

00:14:47   yeah and every good Christmas movie I

00:14:48   feel ends with an arrest so we can song

00:14:53   yep an arrest and a cheesy song so we

00:14:56   are good to go on that so that's why

00:14:57   home alone is my number four the only

00:15:00   thing I'll add to the home alone thing

00:15:01   here is that I really came away from

00:15:04   that movie watching it now as an adult

00:15:05   basically hating every member of the

00:15:07   family including Kevin the main

00:15:09   character like I like the mom she cares

00:15:11   so much he tried she's our kind of a

00:15:13   terrible mom and and like the kids are

00:15:16   all huge jerks like they are they

00:15:19   clearly have like no discipline

00:15:20   whatsoever there's no like they're all

00:15:22   acting out constantly and there's

00:15:24   clearly no repercussions for them ever

00:15:25   doing that and then like they the whole

00:15:27   point of movie is they forget their kid

00:15:29   and like they try to excuse it by like

00:15:30   oh they're rushing out of the house yeah

00:15:32   and yeah you know this this mother has

00:15:33   five kids okay would she really not

00:15:36   notice the youngest one not being there

00:15:39   for the whole preparation and departure

00:15:41   they didn't notice till halfway through

00:15:43   an international flight how like and

00:15:45   none of his siblings noticed either

00:15:48   including like the sister that seems to

00:15:49   kind of look out for him like none of

00:15:51   those people cared like these people

00:15:53   every member of this family is a

00:15:55   complete jerk at best like but yet it's

00:15:58   on your list they're horrible I can't

00:16:00   say that we were my family was skiing

00:16:03   once and left the resort and left my

00:16:08   sister behind see it happens really Wow

00:16:11   so Wow

00:16:12   what were the conditions are like how

00:16:14   many how many kids are in your family

00:16:15   the two of us I noticed and said Erica's

00:16:20   not in the car and they said haha

00:16:23   very

00:16:23   and kept driving you stupid kid

00:16:28   I mean they drove like a mile they did

00:16:30   not take an international flight away

00:16:32   from their child what kind of vehicle

00:16:34   was that was there a rearview mirror in

00:16:35   this vehicle like what kind of car was

00:16:37   this in the van you know okay and she

00:16:40   just I don't know didn't get in the car

00:16:42   or whatever and I thought that's funny

00:16:44   oh wait they're leaving I should say

00:16:46   something so I said something and they

00:16:48   thought haha very funny and kept driving

00:16:51   see so is totally plausible with five

00:16:53   children they would frazzle the crap out

00:16:55   of you it's crazy

00:16:56   no one noticed the empty seat on the

00:16:58   plane next to them I'm imagining I'm

00:17:01   imagining Lauren asking this question

00:17:03   and the parents are like don't ask any

00:17:05   questions

00:17:06   we're fine

00:17:10   this movie also has very good music yes

00:17:12   it does have very good music very it's

00:17:15   very good it's very iconic I like the

00:17:17   theme changes throughout the whole thing

00:17:19   I think it's very I think it's good and

00:17:21   the mini movie within the movie right

00:17:25   filthy Angels of Death it's like no it's

00:17:28   like filthy minded angels or something

00:17:30   like that yeah something like that we

00:17:31   lift it up it so this is like the it's

00:17:33   the famous like black and white gangster

00:17:35   movie that Kevin uses in the movie as I

00:17:38   said I think science filthy minds yeah

00:17:40   and it's a and and you can actually

00:17:42   release this as a DVD extra and you can

00:17:44   get it you can find the whole thing on

00:17:45   YouTube it's only a minute 20 so Jason

00:17:47   you should watch that it was a fake

00:17:48   gangster movie that they made just for

00:17:50   use in the movie like this it's even

00:17:52   funnier when you watch it by itself

00:17:54   because it's so bad and the it sound

00:17:57   like they shot it in like one day and

00:17:58   it's this little fake me with it it is

00:18:01   incredible to watch that by itself I was

00:18:03   so happy I did that angels with filthy

00:18:05   souls that's it there we go good

00:18:07   real-time follow yeah it's it's the keep

00:18:10   the change you filled the animal like

00:18:11   that that movie oh man it's so great so

00:18:13   that's a minute 20 well-spent so yeah

00:18:16   that that was that was interesting it

00:18:17   but overall do you think that you know

00:18:20   based on the the actions that Kevin took

00:18:23   against the burglars the the violence

00:18:26   that was involved in these actions and

00:18:28   the joy he got out of this do you think

00:18:30   Kevin's kind of a psychopath and do you

00:18:32   think he would probably grow up to be an

00:18:34   adult who would be in jail I don't know

00:18:36   maybe after

00:18:37   this experience he's calmed down but I

00:18:39   mean they set it all up that he's like

00:18:41   making weird stuff out of fish hooks in

00:18:42   the basement and Linc

00:18:43   you know he's a gadget he's a tinkerer

00:18:46   you kinda get the feeling that he didn't

00:18:48   tell the police because he wanted to

00:18:50   fight them yeah he did like otally

00:18:52   wanted he seemed to take a lot of joy

00:18:53   out of causing these people pain yeah

00:18:56   like that it was if you look at it as an

00:18:58   adult it's pretty sick yeah he is kind

00:19:01   of a creepy kid you should watch out for

00:19:03   him like in the neighborhood pet five

00:19:05   more years he sent in cats on fire oh

00:19:08   now I have a whole new light for Kevin

00:19:09   McHale he's basically SID oh stop it

00:19:12   he's not dead but we like said said said

00:19:14   turns out fine he turns out to be very

00:19:16   good drumming garbage man that's exactly

00:19:19   all right so for the sake of continuity

00:19:22   I will say that home alone reached my

00:19:24   number three on my slot my number four

00:19:26   however is die hard

00:19:29   oh no it's Christmas Eve in LA because

00:19:41   die hard is a movie that happens at

00:19:44   Christmas it is nothing to do it sort of

00:19:50   does really kill they kill people at a

00:19:53   Christmas party Marco just saw a

00:19:58   barefoot blood party for the first time

00:20:01   yep skyscraper yeah it is such a good

00:20:05   movie for a Christmas movie you know if

00:20:08   I had to make my top my list of top four

00:20:10   action movies you know I'm I don't think

00:20:11   it would make the list it's not it isn't

00:20:12   that good but don't give it away next

00:20:15   episode of man but this movies is pretty

00:20:18   low in my opinion so because I don't get

00:20:20   a ton of joy out of Christmas movies and

00:20:22   most of them are terrible and I'm tired

00:20:24   of them so this one having only seen it

00:20:25   once so far it's really good because

00:20:29   you've seen it yes that is true

00:20:31   so Marco I will tell you I think it may

00:20:34   rise in your estimation if you see it

00:20:35   again because I liked it the first time

00:20:37   I saw it but now I consider it a classic

00:20:39   like I think it's one of the all-time

00:20:40   action movies too it's certainly it was

00:20:43   number three on my list so we've just

00:20:44   stepped ahead through my

00:20:46   but you know diehard yeah it is it is it

00:20:51   is legitimately a Christmas movie and an

00:20:52   action movie at the same time and I

00:20:54   think it gets better the more the more

00:20:56   you watch it because there's a lot going

00:20:57   on in diehard there's a lot of little

00:20:59   little touches that are that are really

00:21:01   nice on multiple viewings I think you

00:21:04   have to save it for Christmas though to

00:21:05   really make it a Christmas movie you

00:21:07   have to save watching it for Christmas

00:21:09   that's what I do now yeah I mean Argyle

00:21:10   there's a bear in the limo it's a red

00:21:13   bow on there's a red bow on the bear and

00:21:15   the and the ode to joy' is again music

00:21:18   key I think we've learned this now that

00:21:20   all of us agree music is key and all of

00:21:23   these things

00:21:23   0:02 joy and the way it's used in die

00:21:26   hard is fantastic yeah of all the

00:21:28   Christmas movies that I'm forced to

00:21:30   watch every year because everyone

00:21:31   watches them every year because they're

00:21:33   on or whatever I'd be totally fine

00:21:36   watching die hard alright it's permanent

00:21:38   date then yeah so yeah my number for

00:21:41   diehard number three home alone so Marco

00:21:43   you just saw diehard for the first time

00:21:45   and TIFF didn't you only see diehard

00:21:48   after we did that low definition episode

00:21:50   last year I did it was pretty much right

00:21:52   after we watched it around Christmastime

00:21:53   for right after load F beside home I

00:21:56   went home and told my friends who live

00:21:58   down the street that we always watch

00:21:59   movies with that I never seen it and

00:22:01   they freaked out there like this one of

00:22:02   our favorite movies what's wrong with

00:22:04   you so I watched it we get that a lot

00:22:06   right after that and with the same

00:22:07   friends we just I showed it to Marco so

00:22:10   I have seen it twice now which is I

00:22:12   really like it and actually it's kind of

00:22:16   tied for my number 300 cheater so but

00:22:21   I'll wait for Lauren's tell her number

00:22:23   three because I think it's her turn

00:22:24   unless we want to keep talking about die

00:22:25   hard because we can because I love die

00:22:28   hard a lot just throw that in there

00:22:30   that's great

00:22:31   Argyle there's the the cop outside and

00:22:35   hans gruper terrorist mastermind who

00:22:39   just wants to make money and yeah and

00:22:42   they kill and they kill they kill people

00:22:45   at the Christmas party

00:22:46   so yeah thumbs up to die hard is what

00:22:48   I'm saying you gotta get a little blood

00:22:49   in there blood is red red is one of the

00:22:52   colors of Christmas that's true and I

00:22:53   would never realized that that famous

00:22:55   line yippee-ki-yay mother

00:22:58   in diehard yeah that's that's that's

00:23:01   where it's from and now you TIF you

00:23:03   understand all those fake titles we made

00:23:05   for it like lonely Christmas cop and

00:23:06   their foot blood party they're always so

00:23:08   much more fun and I mean so so I think

00:23:11   the other thing I want to say about die

00:23:12   hard before we move on is what's great

00:23:14   about die hard in is that it it was so

00:23:17   influential in making other movies and

00:23:19   TV shows who are like hey you know what

00:23:21   if we have like one person who's trapped

00:23:24   somewhere with bad people around them we

00:23:27   could just keep changing what the places

00:23:29   where they're trapped and we can keep

00:23:30   making movies and it's not just the die

00:23:32   hard movies it's like lots of other

00:23:33   movies and TV shows yeah and there's um

00:23:37   there's the one with Van Damme where

00:23:40   he's like on a boat it's like die hard

00:23:42   on a boat we could do that sure let's do

00:23:44   that I mean that's every actually like

00:23:46   the whole Bourne series the transporter

00:23:48   series like there's a lot of action

00:23:49   movies well their friend Jeremy he calls

00:23:51   it I'm a man pushed too far yeah

00:23:53   yeah and then and then you know trapped

00:23:54   in his he's the one one man can do this

00:23:57   in a so very influential to but I love

00:24:00   it okay I'm all set up now my number

00:24:03   three is elf which is my modern favorite

00:24:10   Christmas I don't think I've ever seen

00:24:14   elf well now you have something to go

00:24:18   see with your friends down the street

00:24:20   he's an angry elf it's fabulous it's why

00:24:23   is this like Bad Santa

00:24:24   Will Ferrell this is Will Ferrell you've

00:24:27   already lost us what we know that Will

00:24:30   Ferrel commit yeah sorry we don't know

00:24:34   here's the thing

00:24:34   there are lots of reasons not to like

00:24:36   Will Ferrell but Will Ferrell at his

00:24:38   best is it's taking okay this is my

00:24:41   number one well Will Ferrell has lots of

00:24:49   issues but the thing that he's best at

00:24:51   is committing full-bore to the give him

00:24:54   the most ridiculous premise and he will

00:24:57   just go to the wall with that premise he

00:24:58   doesn't he has no fear that's fast as a

00:25:00   performer he will just do it and it can

00:25:03   be annoying but in elf it is perfect

00:25:07   it's like Jack Black in School of Rock

00:25:08   it's sort of like the perfect part for

00:25:11   the actor

00:25:12   and so yeah he's an elf he's a he's a

00:25:14   six-foot tall human being who fails he's

00:25:17   a Christmas elf he was adopted by elves

00:25:19   he's a human adopted by elves and he was

00:25:21   adopted by Bob Newhart and Bob Newhart

00:25:23   hey this Papa elf small part that's just

00:25:26   wonderful and I love bombed Newhart in

00:25:28   anything that he does and then when he

00:25:30   finds out that he's not actually an elf

00:25:33   he goes through New York City I'm has

00:25:35   adventures in New York City finding his

00:25:37   real father who is James Caan

00:25:40   yeah it's also wonderful and there's a

00:25:42   little romance and there's little Zooey

00:25:44   Deschanel is a sort of a romance

00:25:46   Charming but he's a childlike character

00:25:48   so he doesn't understand how to interact

00:25:50   with her and that leads to some more

00:25:52   comedy I do like her bangs uh yeah and

00:25:54   she's got me good she's got a good

00:25:55   musical they're a couple good musical

00:25:57   numbers you got to have music and that

00:25:58   the idea also you know of taking

00:26:01   something fantasy and trying to make it

00:26:03   apply literal like real world rules to

00:26:06   it so the idea of Will Ferrell thinks

00:26:09   that the world is like a rankin/bass

00:26:12   animation special from the 60s and then

00:26:16   he is he encounters the real world of

00:26:18   New York City and is horribly mistaken

00:26:20   about how things work and it's great

00:26:23   continually upbeat and positive and

00:26:25   happy and and enthusiastic about

00:26:29   everything about people's names about

00:26:33   lousy coffee shops serving here I have

00:26:36   air quotes the world's best cup of

00:26:38   coffee yeah he walks into the world's

00:26:39   best coffee just grungy diner in New

00:26:44   York and says congratulations everybody

00:26:45   right I mean it's he's super

00:26:47   enthusiastic about everything sounds

00:26:50   kind of like blast from the past I

00:26:51   haven't seen that oh other any movies

00:26:55   that all of us have seen that you watch

00:27:02   with your family yearly yes we do every

00:27:04   every year and in fact when I mentioned

00:27:06   that I had I had to come on the podcast

00:27:08   tonight and talk about elf the kids

00:27:11   immediately wanted to then go watch elf

00:27:13   right then yeah it is it is it's it's

00:27:17   funny it is not a kids movie but kids

00:27:18   are great with it it's like it's a

00:27:20   perfect holiday kind of family level

00:27:22   there is a weird subplot at the end

00:27:24   where

00:27:25   these sort of evil mounted police from

00:27:30   New York City

00:27:31   are they're kind of portrayed like the

00:27:33   like the nazgûl and Lord of the Rings

00:27:35   they're like super evil diabolical but

00:27:38   and they're trying to get Santa's sleigh

00:27:40   and that and you know that they have to

00:27:42   you have to believe in Santa at the end

00:27:43   and it's like it's almost like the

00:27:45   obligatory Christmas movie ending but

00:27:47   just the the laughs are great

00:27:50   Will Ferrell again there's a scene where

00:27:53   he they have spaghetti with the family

00:27:55   with his adopted or his his natural

00:27:58   family James Caan's

00:28:00   son and wife who he finds and he insists

00:28:04   on putting maple syrup all over

00:28:06   everything it's just hilarious it's

00:28:08   great so yeah I mean even if you don't

00:28:11   like Will Ferrell III gotta recommend

00:28:13   elf

00:28:13   it was my number one two and it's just

00:28:16   it's nice and funny and he is

00:28:18   relentlessly positive in a world that is

00:28:20   trying to crush his spirit and he never

00:28:23   allows it to be crushed it's amazing

00:28:24   Peter Dinklage is in it and is fantastic

00:28:28   yeah Peter Dinklage is a is a I will say

00:28:31   their portrayal of the publishing

00:28:32   industry is not accurate because

00:28:35   literally making up children's books on

00:28:38   Christmas Eve in order to publish two

00:28:43   weeks later I mean it's it's but they do

00:28:45   hire Peter Dinklage as a high-priced

00:28:47   freelance children's book writer and of

00:28:50   course Will Ferrell thinks he's an elf

00:28:51   and bad things happen so it's yeah it's

00:28:55   good it's very good and a good cast

00:28:58   I'm only to give it a shot yeah I give

00:28:59   it a shot yeah basically I mean your

00:29:02   very own recommendation and it sounds

00:29:03   like it's basically blast from the last

00:29:05   time I passed but at Christmas yeah

00:29:07   every Will Ferrell movie that people

00:29:09   have said you have to watch this movie

00:29:10   because it's Will Ferrell it's just

00:29:11   amazing it's not like his other movies I

00:29:13   haven't liked it so huh

00:29:15   give this give this a try you might like

00:29:17   this a lot of Will Ferrell it is that's

00:29:19   right that's right but I think in the

00:29:22   best way possible we have open minds

00:29:24   look I should give tip a lot more of the

00:29:26   disgusting pumpkin spice Bailey's like

00:29:30   there you go there you go and see if we

00:29:34   still need your number three right yeah

00:29:35   I have a tie diehard and while you were

00:29:38   sleeping it is at Christmas I've seen

00:29:45   I've seen it but I didn't know that it

00:29:47   was at Christmas yeah the majority of

00:29:50   the movie happens between right before

00:29:52   Christmas and it's the plot is kind of

00:29:55   centered on it being Christmas and then

00:29:57   it goes through to New Year's so okay so

00:30:00   all the romantic comedies that you watch

00:30:02   while I'm working blend together in my

00:30:03   head but is this the one where the woman

00:30:05   pretends to be the girlfriend of the

00:30:07   dude in a coma yeah nailed it

00:30:08   yep okay and I like this really like I

00:30:11   love Sandra Bullock in this one she is

00:30:14   very less makeup

00:30:16   you know she's usually like the every

00:30:18   girl every woman kind of thing and you

00:30:20   know a lot of her romantic comedies and

00:30:22   I really like that about her I kind of

00:30:24   wanna be Sandra Bullock I kind of want

00:30:26   her hair and like you're here well it

00:30:29   looks a lot like a girl's hair so thanks

00:30:34   except in practical magic it is huge and

00:30:36   amazing just just very long still looks

00:30:38   like my hair but that's the crazy witch

00:30:39   movie where they killed the guy in the

00:30:40   car right there is every there's a

00:30:42   season for every Sandra Bullock movie

00:30:44   like movie for every holiday so I just I

00:30:50   really like it I've seen it a lot so

00:30:52   it's very a very comforting movie to me

00:30:54   and I think it's heartwarming

00:30:57   she you know lost her dad she's a load

00:30:59   on Christmas she watches she works at a

00:31:02   toll booth in Chicago and she takes

00:31:05   tokens from people back when there was

00:31:06   tokens this man that keeps you know

00:31:09   going by to go to work every day she

00:31:11   sees him he's beautiful she falls in

00:31:13   love with him kind of like from afar

00:31:15   admiring him he ends up getting mugged

00:31:17   and falling into the tracks she jumps

00:31:20   into the tracks and saves him and then

00:31:22   comedy ensues where she accidentally her

00:31:25   family thinks that she's then engaged

00:31:28   this man who's in a coma and then she

00:31:30   falls in love with her his brother who's

00:31:32   not in a coma and it's very heartwarming

00:31:34   it's very family at Christmas there's

00:31:37   some funny lines there's a there's a

00:31:38   weird romantic character and at Joe

00:31:41   junior who's like this typical

00:31:44   Chicago guy he's like I got tickets to

00:31:46   the Ice Capades and so you know there's

00:31:47   there's good lines anyway it's pretty

00:31:49   weak but I like it and it makes me feel

00:31:51   good that I put it on my list I was

00:31:53   almost gonna leave it off because it

00:31:55   isn't a super popular awesome movie like

00:31:58   a lot of the ones that we are probably

00:32:00   talking about or going to talk about my

00:32:02   line that's why I taught it's tied with

00:32:04   die hard because I couldn't decide to

00:32:07   very similar movies office die guard or

00:32:10   while you were sleeping

00:32:11   number three is a sweet movie it's a

00:32:13   sweet movie I have to see them both at

00:32:14   the holiday so checks out it's time to

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00:36:27   Burt top four buy mattresses

00:36:30   all right time for everybody's number

00:36:32   two picks Lauren one of the first when

00:36:36   Harry Met Sally it is it is Christmas

00:36:49   happens several times we watch it most

00:36:53   years between Christmas and New Year's

00:36:55   New Year's Eve is more purchased the

00:36:57   largest plot points happen probably at

00:36:59   New Year's but there's a lot of

00:37:00   Christmas as well I've seen that movie

00:37:04   I don't know dozens of times yeah and it

00:37:07   does take place over the holidays and

00:37:09   has a holiday feel to me see so we're

00:37:12   gonna throw it in there with why your

00:37:13   wishes sleeping in the in the holiday

00:37:15   set romantic comedy Auckland because

00:37:19   Harry yeah Harry like helps Sally buy a

00:37:21   tree and and yeah he declares his love

00:37:24   for her on New Year's Eve in New York

00:37:28   City and there's a lot of there's a lot

00:37:29   of Christmas music in the soundtrack

00:37:31   from Harry Connick and from Frank

00:37:34   Sinatra yeah there's a Tony Bennett in

00:37:36   there too it's Tony Bennett's when a

00:37:37   winter wonderland at one point I I

00:37:40   definitely think of that as a holiday

00:37:42   movie i I that I didn't put that on my

00:37:45   list because I knew Lauren would put it

00:37:46   on their list so it's it's one of my

00:37:48   runners-up but it is one of my favorites

00:37:50   and it is a for me it is yeah it's more

00:37:52   New Year's movie than a Christmas movie

00:37:54   but it's definitely Christmas in New

00:37:55   Year's that is the those are the key

00:37:57   times when When Harry Met Sally happens

00:37:59   and that's a that's just a classic

00:38:02   romantic comedy Nora Ephron wrote it Rob

00:38:04   Reiner directed it you have to believe

00:38:06   the Billy Crystal would somehow snag meg

00:38:10   Ryan which not keep her back yeah

00:38:14   and of course spoilers for when Terry

00:38:16   Met Sally they end up together at the

00:38:18   end if you've never seen a romantic

00:38:20   comedy before yeah so they have one

00:38:23   scene where they're getting the tree

00:38:24   together

00:38:25   and they nobody has a car in New York

00:38:27   City so they're carrying the tree to her

00:38:29   apartment and then the next year when

00:38:30   they're fighting she has to struggle

00:38:33   with the tree getting it herself

00:38:35   I think of it at the hall yeah and they

00:38:38   go to a Christmas party and there's the

00:38:39   it's definitely that week between

00:38:41   Christmas and New Year's is key

00:38:42   including yeah and getting Christmas

00:38:44   trees and things like that I think it

00:38:45   counts totally counts that sounds like a

00:38:47   totally house I didn't see it on any of

00:38:49   the lists we did some basic research of

00:38:52   what are equivalent Christmas movies

00:38:54   give us a tremendous list Internet and

00:38:56   yeah yeah didn't see it on there but I

00:38:58   think I think that's legit how you

00:39:00   explain so we we did an incomparable

00:39:02   episode a few years ago about the that

00:39:03   we've done a series of them that are

00:39:05   like the holiday movie vault the holiday

00:39:07   vault what do you put in there like your

00:39:08   go-to ones and I was surprised that one

00:39:10   of my panelists a couple years ago put

00:39:12   When Harry Met Sally in there like I

00:39:14   loved this movie I always watch this

00:39:16   during the holidays and I thought oh me

00:39:17   too so I guess it's not just us right so

00:39:20   so yeah it's not just us it's definitely

00:39:22   uh in that house Christmas New Year's in

00:39:25   their holiday category so I'm not a huge

00:39:28   I don't have a lot of knowledge about

00:39:30   romantic comedies but how many of them

00:39:33   don't happen during Christmas time yeah

00:39:42   I don't know I mean it's a good time

00:39:44   right because ever all I think it's a

00:39:46   perfect time for a romantic comedy or an

00:39:48   action movie like die hard because the

00:39:49   movies are heightened right exactly

00:39:51   emotions are heightened at the holidays

00:39:53   so it just adds that extra level of

00:39:55   tension or operatic you know just like

00:39:58   everything's bigger at the holidays

00:40:00   because it's like instead of like you

00:40:02   killed my family it's you killed my

00:40:04   family and it's Christmas it's like that

00:40:07   much more it's also isn't isn't the the

00:40:10   fall and winter peak movie season for

00:40:12   releasing them for like money and

00:40:13   Academy Award consideration purposes

00:40:15   your romantic comedies get Academy

00:40:17   Awards not very often

00:40:19   no but I mean I think they either come

00:40:21   out in February during Valentine's Day

00:40:23   or they maybe come out in the holiday

00:40:24   season you don't usually get the

00:40:26   summertime romantic comedies right all

00:40:30   right

00:40:31   number two Jason okay so I I'm gonna

00:40:35   make my wife unhappy because I'm

00:40:37   probably

00:40:38   number one and by going from 4 to 1 it

00:40:41   means everybody's everybody who's got

00:40:43   more enthusiasm than you gets sniped by

00:40:46   you but wait wait so so we should we

00:40:48   leave your pick then to that to the end

00:40:49   of the round and then we can merge the

00:40:52   two ones

00:40:52   well the two and oh that's a great idea

00:40:54   that's a great so I'm gonna pass because

00:40:57   my number two is undoubtedly my wife's

00:40:59   number one yeah

00:41:00   all right couples podcasting we know so

00:41:03   we don't spoil right okay I spoil anyway

00:41:05   Tiff's good idea all right are you gonna

00:41:07   pick my number - oh I'm scared maybe my

00:41:10   number - is your number I don't know I

00:41:12   don't know because that was a romantic

00:41:14   comedy that was really high in the list

00:41:15   mine's kind of like the ultimate

00:41:16   romantic comedy does that ring a bell no

00:41:18   no okay good

00:41:20   Love Actually is my number two

00:41:28   [Music]

00:41:34   I thought about that yeah and it is

00:41:36   alright I have grown to love it more

00:41:39   each year because I watch it with my

00:41:41   best friend so we have that together

00:41:44   that we like hang out and drink some

00:41:46   wine and do some Christmas crafts and

00:41:48   watch Love Actually and quoted a lot

00:41:50   that made me love it more than I think I

00:41:54   normally would have also I really like

00:41:57   Hugh Grant so that's a big thumbs up

00:42:00   yeah so I like the little bits of

00:42:02   stories here and there but I kind of

00:42:03   tied with Love Actually I mean there's

00:42:06   so much to say about love love actually

00:42:08   actually actually but is this the one

00:42:12   where they where the guy like it's a

00:42:14   house and like sleeper there yeah that

00:42:18   happens usually there's a stranger in

00:42:19   and then all of a sudden they're in love

00:42:20   like it's Canada is that that one or

00:42:23   there's a different one I don't know

00:42:24   what you're talking about

00:42:25   no they all they all blend together for

00:42:27   me this is like I'll begin at the end

00:42:29   when it's like about to be like the

00:42:31   romantic finally they get two kids and

00:42:33   you're like what's this movie or

00:42:37   something this is the payout that's what

00:42:46   you wait for

00:42:48   every time it is and I just posit my

00:42:50   weight now just wait on the couch all

00:42:53   ruined and then Adam wakes up so it's

00:42:55   all Oh everything ends anyway Love

00:42:58   Actually but I kind of wanted to throw

00:43:01   in there I wanted to throw in so badly

00:43:03   even though it's not a Christmas movie

00:43:04   every episode every holiday episode of

00:43:07   the office that's pretty good - yeah

00:43:09   that's tied for my number - yeah oh yeah

00:43:12   well I mean III decided that episodes of

00:43:15   TV shows was a little too far to go

00:43:16   because otherwise I there's probably a

00:43:18   Doctor Who Christmas special that I

00:43:19   would have put on the list yeah that's

00:43:21   all right that's why I had to tie

00:43:22   there's a good yeah there's a good

00:43:23   there's a good one with the cult of

00:43:25   Christmas Carol that is except it's in

00:43:27   space but it's got Peter it's great it's

00:43:31   go flying sharks but it's actually

00:43:32   really great it's like using time travel

00:43:34   the time-travel conceit of Doctor Who to

00:43:37   retell a Christmas carol so instead of

00:43:39   being like visited by the ghost of

00:43:42   Christmas past you're visited by

00:43:44   yourself from the past who sees you in

00:43:47   the present use

00:43:47   the time machine from Doctor Who it's a

00:43:49   very clever it's a really good episode

00:43:51   but it's a TV show so I didn't I didn't

00:43:53   put it on my list my eyebrows are raised

00:43:55   in the nerdiness yep

00:43:57   super nerdy white shirt there's a flying

00:43:59   shark but yeah the holiday episodes of

00:44:02   the office are kind of amazing I was

00:44:04   kind of reading a synopsis of them

00:44:05   earlier and someone wrote that they said

00:44:07   that friends had like the Thanksgiving

00:44:10   episodes like they were known for that

00:44:11   their Thanksgiving episodes and the

00:44:13   office is kind of known for their iconic

00:44:15   Christmas episodes they're all really

00:44:17   really good and extremely funny and

00:44:19   really essential I think to a lot of the

00:44:22   plot points that happen throughout the

00:44:24   rest of the series anyway it's my

00:44:25   favorite show so I needed to put it up

00:44:27   there but it doesn't count

00:44:28   so Love Actually actually awesome all

00:44:33   right my number two is it's a TV special

00:44:37   not an episode of a TV show but a TV

00:44:39   special and I believe we established

00:44:40   earlier those count and I think one of

00:44:42   the reasons those count is because for

00:44:44   me a Christmas movie is ideally short

00:44:47   and so when you have a TV special made

00:44:50   in the 80s that was only twenty four

00:44:52   minutes long I believe that counts so my

00:44:54   number two is a claymation Christmas

00:44:57   celebration this was released in 1987 if

00:45:00   you've ever seen any claymation that was

00:45:02   not a California Raisins commercial it

00:45:04   was probably this and it was so weary

00:45:08   walked this last night oh my god we

00:45:09   watched this last night did not

00:45:13   appreciate it as much as I did I did not

00:45:15   appreciate it as much as he did

00:45:18   you start night

00:45:31   have you guys seen this Jason I don't

00:45:34   think I've heard of it

00:45:35   no in fact I only know it because one of

00:45:38   our panelists mentioned it on the

00:45:39   incomparable and I I like literally had

00:45:44   never heard of it

00:45:46   or was aware of it and all I knew about

00:45:48   it was that it was from it's like Will

00:45:50   Vinton it's the guy who did the Al Forno

00:45:52   raisins yeah he basically created the

00:45:54   claymation animation technique so so the

00:45:57   format of the Christmas special is

00:45:59   basically a series of something like

00:46:01   five or six animated shorts and then

00:46:03   between them kind of like like a like an

00:46:06   emcee pairing of like two very very

00:46:10   different hosts one of whom is like this

00:46:12   kind of like uptight like academic

00:46:14   character kind of like dinosaur like

00:46:15   Frasier I guess and the other one is

00:46:17   like this like goofy not you know not

00:46:21   that serious

00:46:22   dinosaur who is all about eating all the

00:46:25   snacks that come by and and so it's it's

00:46:27   you know it's a you know a funny pairing

00:46:29   of like you know two very different

00:46:30   characters who can like barely tolerate

00:46:32   each other try to make jokes and you

00:46:34   know try to like host the and and and

00:46:37   introduce all the animated shorts as

00:46:38   they come in and animated shorts

00:46:40   themselves are you know of mixed quality

00:46:43   this was this was claymation in the 80s

00:46:45   so there's a mixed animation quality the

00:46:48   music is actually really good I know and

00:46:55   like like my favorite are the the we 3

00:46:59   Kings camels so you know it like it

00:47:01   there's like you know this every short

00:47:03   has one of the songs so for the record

00:47:04   Marcos sang along with it last night

00:47:06   just wanted to put that out there so

00:47:08   this is like I saw this you know when I

00:47:10   was growing up we had this on a VHS tape

00:47:11   that was it was tape off TV you know

00:47:14   just like it you know just like it you

00:47:15   know with some handwritten thing on the

00:47:16   side just like everyone else you know I

00:47:17   think that's that's a good benchmark for

00:47:19   like for people who were anywhere near

00:47:20   our age chances are your favorite

00:47:23   Christmas movies you probably had a VHS

00:47:25   tape of them and it was very likely to

00:47:27   be taped off of TV and it's so I got a

00:47:30   mom for Christmas made-for-tv movie yeah

00:47:32   similar in a mannequin but Christmas so

00:47:36   anyway claymation Christmas celebration

00:47:38   from 1987 my number two we're we're too

00:47:42   old for that and because it came out in

00:47:44   1987 so as a 17 year old or Lauren would

00:47:48   have been a 16 year old this was when

00:47:49   this is when we would have said the

00:47:51   California Raisins were lame and this

00:47:53   show must be for babies so we would not

00:47:55   have watched it yes sorry we were for

00:47:58   the difference right between watching it

00:48:01   when you're when you're when you're a

00:48:03   little kid and when you're a jaded

00:48:05   teenager I find I have these little

00:48:07   bands of popular culture where I'm

00:48:08   completely blind to it and it usually is

00:48:12   yeah between I was like when I was 17

00:48:14   and 26 where I just like you know didn't

00:48:18   peep like there are a bunch of kids

00:48:20   shows that people I know who are just a

00:48:22   little younger than me like they love

00:48:24   them like the incomparable people keep

00:48:26   talking about Voltron and I'm like what

00:48:28   whatever right or that even the

00:48:30   transformer is like I was too old for

00:48:32   that

00:48:32   and once you're out of the kid target

00:48:35   like demographic when you're a teenager

00:48:37   you're like aggressively like not

00:48:39   interested in kids stuff right so I

00:48:42   missed we both totally missed that was

00:48:44   like Power Rangers for us yeah yeah we

00:48:46   miss Power Rangers by like one year same

00:48:48   same deal well I mean I'm I'm old enough

00:48:51   that the the pink Power Ranger is

00:48:53   exactly one the day I was born

00:48:54   so I'm exactly not young enough for the

00:48:57   Power Rangers so yeah top four Power

00:49:00   Rangers let's go come on well you took

00:49:06   pink the only one it was actually a

00:49:07   Power I I assumed there was probably a

00:49:09   blue one oh man maybe a red one I want

00:49:12   the gold one is there gold sparkly one

00:49:14   well there should be just picket don't

00:49:18   make one the gold one alright are we up

00:49:20   to everyone's no sir Jason you threw

00:49:22   your number no sir so Margo yours

00:49:24   officially was the claymation Christmas

00:49:26   special celebration yes celebration yeah

00:49:29   24 minutes you legitimate in California

00:49:32   and the California Raisins are in it yes

00:49:35   like they can't escape the taint of the

00:49:37   California Raisins there and the

00:49:38   California Raisins are there they sing

00:49:40   pretty well although I will say that we

00:49:42   three things the we three kings camels I

00:49:44   think sang better than the California

00:49:45   Raisins did alright

00:49:47   I married you you did you're all right

00:49:53   Jason take us out of this claymation

00:49:55   hell okay my mind number two which I

00:50:00   have to give full credit here I had

00:50:02   never seen this movie until my wife said

00:50:05   what you haven't seen this movie it's my

00:50:08   favorite Christmas movie my I should say

00:50:12   my Jewish wife let's just throw that in

00:50:16   there and yet she has many opinions

00:50:18   about Christmas movies including the

00:50:20   fact that this is the best one it is

00:50:23   1947 s Miracle on 34th Street it is

00:50:27   absolute it is that it is so good and

00:50:34   it's really good so good it is funny you

00:50:38   know one of the problems and I mean when

00:50:40   I mentioned elf like I find elf

00:50:41   legitimately funny and not too gooey and

00:50:44   sentimental it's got some of that in

00:50:46   there but it's like the funny and in a

00:50:49   little bit biting a little bit cutting

00:50:51   like overrides it miracle is like that

00:50:53   for a movie made in 1947 it is it is

00:50:56   kind of hilarious like Edmund Quinn is

00:50:59   Santa Claus and he is great and then

00:51:02   there were all these things like the

00:51:04   cynical things about like Macy's and

00:51:06   Gimbels and they're fighting against

00:51:08   each other the drunk Santa at the parade

00:51:11   right so he gets the job the real Santa

00:51:14   Claus gets the job because the other

00:51:15   Santa Claus is drunk on the job at the

00:51:17   parade and like the people who are like

00:51:19   I can't I don't believe that Macy's is

00:51:21   recommending products at other stores

00:51:24   which is like good customer service I

00:51:26   can't believe it I don't get it that

00:51:27   lady says I don't get it and then

00:51:30   there's that scene that it will tear at

00:51:31   your heart where the little Dutch Dutch

00:51:35   girl who is an orphan because of world

00:51:38   war two and she's been brought to

00:51:40   America and she's finally found a family

00:51:42   and he in Dutch asks her what she wants

00:51:47   for Christmas and she says I don't need

00:51:48   anything because I have a family again

00:51:50   oh my god and this is right after World

00:51:53   War two I mean this is a true thing

00:51:55   where there are all these children who

00:51:56   had been orphaned by the war and there's

00:52:00   all that and then there's

00:52:01   like zany legal subplot where they try

00:52:04   to prove that Santa Claus is not Santa

00:52:06   Claus there's kind of like a courtroom

00:52:08   drama it's just the best yeah and but

00:52:10   but the cynicism innit I find delightful

00:52:12   where like the judge says if I rule that

00:52:15   Santa Claus isn't real the only person

00:52:18   who's gonna vote for me is that District

00:52:19   Attorney out there and his adviser who

00:52:22   is real William Frawley who was Fred

00:52:24   Mertz on I Love Lucy and he's so great

00:52:26   he's always got a cigar with him in this

00:52:27   movie he says the district attorney's a

00:52:29   Republican could even get that guy's

00:52:32   vote it's it's so great it's just it's

00:52:35   funny bringing all those letters it's

00:52:36   really cool I love that yeah they prove

00:52:38   they prove in air quotes that he must be

00:52:41   real because the letters addressed to

00:52:44   Santa are delivered to the courtroom to

00:52:46   Edmund Gwenn who is Santa Claus and it's

00:52:49   just you know I don't know it's cut it

00:52:51   is magical because it is funny and it's

00:52:54   got a lot of like banter that's good

00:52:56   it's got a romantic comedy subplot with

00:52:58   marine o'hara and john pain and and it's

00:53:02   just yeah it's it's so good and and like

00:53:07   it toys with the whole idea of like you

00:53:10   know you've got a you got to believe I

00:53:13   don't know what Lauren do you this is

00:53:15   your favorite this is my favorite and

00:53:17   and it's funny that it's my favorite

00:53:18   because you know we don't do Santa and I

00:53:21   don't do the believe thing and yet this

00:53:24   so works for me everything about it is

00:53:27   is just fabulous little Natalie Wood is

00:53:29   adorable yeah wonderful and apparently I

00:53:33   read later really believed that was

00:53:35   Santa Claus and was was distraught when

00:53:38   she saw him here's months later at the

00:53:40   Oscars without his beard oh yeah he was

00:53:44   no Gwen who was a veteran English actor

00:53:48   played Santa Claus and he he was

00:53:52   nominated for Best Supporting Actor I

00:53:54   think for the for this movie and they

00:53:57   got when to the Oscars and he didn't

00:53:58   have his beard that he had worn during

00:53:59   shooting and she and little Natalie Wood

00:54:02   who's the little girl and this was quite

00:54:04   distraught apparently yeah it's just

00:54:07   wonderful this is the feel-good

00:54:10   wonderful Christmas movie that I think

00:54:13   of primary

00:54:14   when I think of movies everybody talks

00:54:16   about it's a wonderful life and I've

00:54:19   only seen it once and I didn't love it

00:54:21   but that is a dark with an attempted

00:54:27   suicide so I mean where can you go from

00:54:29   there

00:54:30   miracle is not a miracle start starts

00:54:32   with a drunk Santa Claus and it's just

00:54:34   it's fine that's a good holiday fun

00:54:36   right there huh yeah

00:54:38   do you watch this every year we do

00:54:40   absolutely we've got the HD version now

00:54:43   which is beautiful one of the great

00:54:44   things about all these old movies is

00:54:46   that they've gone back to the original

00:54:47   film and they've scanned them and clean

00:54:48   them up and they look fantastic there is

00:54:51   a colorized version of miracle I don't

00:54:53   recommend it there are remakes I don't

00:54:55   recommend them the black and white it's

00:54:57   beautiful it is just it is and it moves

00:55:00   because it's not it's 96 minutes long it

00:55:03   just it moves I think this does because

00:55:08   we still have those sort of

00:55:09   commercialism issues surrounding

00:55:12   Christmas it never let it be said that

00:55:14   suddenly commercial like in the 60s the

00:55:17   Charlie Brown Christmas special talks

00:55:18   about commercialism ruining Christmas

00:55:19   for T's Miracle on 34th Street talks

00:55:23   about commercialism ruining Christmas

00:55:25   it's a classic issue everybody thinks

00:55:27   it's new it's not new so yeah have you

00:55:30   guys ever been to the Macy's parade in

00:55:32   person no no you should do it one year

00:55:34   everyone's got to do down here

00:55:36   yeah you should it's pretty great why

00:55:38   because you should just do no do you

00:55:43   watch it we watch it but I like the I

00:55:45   watched the Broadway performance like an

00:55:50   ad for Broadway

00:55:51   right more than the balloons going by so

00:55:54   it's a little bit silly and not quite a

00:55:55   parade but I enjoy it I mean anything's

00:55:58   better than a parade right I kind of

00:56:01   agree and our and our daughter will

00:56:03   sometimes sit and watch like on New

00:56:05   Year's Day we'll watch like the Rose

00:56:07   Parade and I'll be like I'm out of here

00:56:10   see you later we went to the Macy's Day

00:56:12   Parade once as a family and it was the

00:56:14   year it was really windy and a whole

00:56:15   bunch of the balloons popped it was

00:56:17   pretty exciting

00:56:18   well that is dramatic that's terrifying

00:56:21   guarantee rogue balloons it was the year

00:56:23   that that cop stabbed the Barney balloon

00:56:25   and all the kids got upset

00:56:27   Wow no jury would convict him no oh no

00:56:31   oh no but yeah it was pretty it was

00:56:32   great cuz where we were standing

00:56:34   you'd see like groups of people come and

00:56:37   they just weren't holding a balloon like

00:56:38   they were just walking with their like

00:56:39   little character vest on

00:56:41   for like what balloon they should have

00:56:42   been holding because like it got popped

00:56:44   cuz and they were but the good part is

00:56:46   when they were coming down the street

00:56:48   when the balloons that made it pass like

00:56:49   this one treacherous corner that kept

00:56:51   popping all the balloons they were very

00:56:53   very low because it was so windy so it

00:56:56   was almost better because the balloons

00:56:58   were so big and they were just like

00:57:00   right above your head it was great I

00:57:02   would highly recommend it for kids it

00:57:04   was really really fun especially now

00:57:06   with global warming it's a lot warmer

00:57:07   now on Thanksgiving it's more

00:57:10   comfortable it's important yeah so

00:57:12   better better weather so come on over

00:57:14   East Coast anyway so now we did Jason's

00:57:19   number two and Lauren's number one

00:57:22   Lauren's there anything else you want to

00:57:24   say about your number one it's your big

00:57:26   moment oh gosh no miracle on 34th Street

00:57:33   it's great it's great it's great if you

00:57:35   haven't seen it Jason never saw this was

00:57:38   the movie that we watched most years

00:57:39   growing up and I didn't watch the It's a

00:57:42   Wonderful Life till I was an adult and I

00:57:45   hadn't seen one something about

00:57:47   Wonderland I don't remember what that is

00:57:49   but this was our this was our Christmas

00:57:53   movie growing up and it was it means a

00:57:54   lot to me it's nice I like it I think

00:57:57   it's a really good pick I love that

00:57:58   movie but uh my number one is not that

00:58:02   movie it is kind of the opposite of that

00:58:05   movie and it is National Lampoon's

00:58:09   Christmas vacation Christmas vacation

00:58:14   I mean how good that I did an entire mic

00:58:19   at the movies on this movie and it is my

00:58:22   absolute favorite it is a movie that we

00:58:24   have to watch every single Christmas my

00:58:26   brother and I have moose mugs we quote

00:58:30   the movie all the time we have shirts we

00:58:32   are super fans of this movie it is

00:58:35   hilarious and wonderful and I won't go

00:58:38   into tons of detail on it because I had

00:58:40   an entire separate podcast about my

00:58:42   feelings and wonderment and amazement

00:58:44   and love of this movie and so um yeah

00:58:49   just merry Christmas everyone first of

00:58:51   all we probably should beat that yeah

00:58:55   National Lampoon's Christmas vacation

00:58:57   number one best Christmas movie in my

00:59:01   book this is one of the movies where I

00:59:03   didn't I don't think I really ever saw

00:59:05   it all the way through as a kid or as a

00:59:07   teenager and it's only been like in in

00:59:09   recent adult years that I've actually

00:59:11   seen really the movie the problem is the

00:59:14   same thing happened for me with Monty

00:59:16   Python and Princess Bride where all of

00:59:20   my friends or the people around me had

00:59:22   basically memorized the movie before I

00:59:25   even seen it and so when I finally

00:59:27   watched it it just sounded like my

00:59:30   friends doing annoying imitations of

00:59:32   everything cuz I had heard them recite

00:59:35   these lines annoyingly and imitating Lee

00:59:37   for months or years before that so the

00:59:41   movie was basically ruined for me

00:59:42   because of that

00:59:43   Christmas vacation I there's there's

00:59:45   some degree of that here for me because

00:59:47   everyone in the world including my wife

00:59:52   is so obsessed with this movie that like

00:59:56   every bit about it everyone else fine

00:59:56   every bit about it everyone else fine

01:00:00   ands way funnier than I do and I don't

01:00:02   think it's a bad movie and I and I do

01:00:04   think it's funny

01:00:05   but not to the level that everyone else

01:00:07   does and so it's hard for me to enjoy it

01:00:09   because everyone else is like reciting

01:00:10   all the lines and laughing their butts

01:00:12   off and thinks everything's amazing and

01:00:13   perfect and for me it's like oh yeah

01:00:14   it's it's okay I guess it's a matter of

01:00:17   growing up with it and I remember

01:00:19   watching that first scene when they're

01:00:22   driving down this when they're driving

01:00:24   to go get the Christmas tree and you

01:00:26   know Clark has road rage and like my dad

01:00:29   would get like that sometimes on the

01:00:30   road and it was just it spoke so much to

01:00:33   my childhood and I just I find it's so

01:00:37   funny and I like that I know all the

01:00:39   lines and I like to repeat them and I

01:00:42   like to watch it with people you also

01:00:43   like that hey I don't invite you into

01:00:45   the room man you don't have to be there

01:00:47   you didn't even watch it this year

01:00:48   anyway so um you're gonna watch it again

01:00:51   upstate and it of course I will with my

01:00:53   brother who does the same thing but like

01:00:55   that's the thing I write you watch that

01:00:56   movie with people who feel the same way

01:00:58   I'm not gonna force you to watch it yeah

01:00:59   I think I'll be upstairs drinking some

01:01:00   more Sameach during me no problem I'm

01:01:03   super happy to watch Christmas vacation

01:01:05   all on my own

01:01:06   but yeah Oh mine's almost empty my ice

01:01:11   is melting okay alright feel so bad for

01:01:14   you Marco it's your number one do we get

01:01:18   Jason's Alfa elf already mentioned is my

01:01:21   number one really oh that's right yeah

01:01:23   all right yeah really really tough

01:01:25   really I got some others that we haven't

01:01:27   mentioned that I were on my own so Rance

01:01:29   Lisp yeah Will Ferrell I gotta say it I

01:01:31   put them in number one I'm sorry you

01:01:33   know you don't have to be sorry it's

01:01:34   it's all right no regrets for picking

01:01:38   will Will Ferrell yes a good movie

01:01:40   eventually this is it I'm gonna need a

01:01:42   lot more amazed it's be bold yeah I'm

01:01:45   gonna need a lot well on your list

01:01:46   that's what this shows about loving your

01:01:48   own list my own list sure yeah I just

01:01:51   want to say that our lists are about

01:01:52   what we like and not the best Christmas

01:01:55   movies sure always have to say that in

01:01:57   the show because we get so many people

01:01:58   who are like oh could you not mention

01:02:01   this other movie that nobody's seen

01:02:04   exactly and it's like nope this is about

01:02:07   personal pics for all the personal

01:02:09   reasons so go ahead Marco what's your

01:02:11   number one

01:02:12   that just needs a good disclaimer I

01:02:14   think is I surprised if any of you have

01:02:17   even seen it because it wasn't

01:02:18   claymation Christmas if that was number

01:02:20   one I might have just yeah you would

01:02:23   have you would have had serious doubts

01:02:24   but your marriage I think so anyway I

01:02:27   think I'm ideal Christmas movie is

01:02:29   relatively short I think it should be

01:02:31   you can you can pay any amount of

01:02:33   attention you want to it you know

01:02:35   because like a lot of times they're on

01:02:36   like they're on TBS while you're like

01:02:38   doing things while you're wrapping gifts

01:02:39   or preparing a meal or something like

01:02:41   that so like they should be relatively

01:02:43   short they should be relatively not

01:02:44   requiring much attention and they should

01:02:46   be appropriate and tolerable by all ages

01:02:50   because there's often kids around or you

01:02:53   got to watch things with your awkward

01:02:54   parents or whatever else and so yeah

01:02:56   this has to be like you know appropriate

01:02:57   for all ages and so that rules out a lot

01:02:59   of things from number one for me I think

01:03:00   the number one thing for me bye-bye not

01:03:04   even a small amount by a big amount for

01:03:06   me

01:03:07   is what is right after a claymation

01:03:11   Christmas on that VHS tape that I had no

01:03:14   no no no no and that is a Garfield

01:03:18   a Garfield Christmas

01:03:23   there's so much to do

01:03:26   also in 1987 23 minutes we watched this

01:03:31   again so I can curious Jason why do you

01:03:33   say no just cuz Garfield is kind of

01:03:36   hacky I love Garfield when I was ten

01:03:38   it's fine yeah so did I but so we watch

01:03:41   this I haven't seen this in a long time

01:03:42   we watched it again

01:03:43   last night it is surprisingly it holds

01:03:46   up surprisingly well as an adult I

01:03:49   didn't even like it like as a kid I was

01:03:50   it's fine I like Garfield I like it more

01:03:53   as an adult that I did as a kid

01:03:55   so so basically it's you know it's one

01:03:57   of the handful of Garfield TV specials

01:03:59   and I learned through Wikipedia research

01:04:01   last night that that Jim Davis wrote it

01:04:04   almost autobiographically about his

01:04:07   family Christmases in Indiana and I'm

01:04:10   from Ohio and so a lot of a lot of like

01:04:13   the the personality types shown through

01:04:16   for me like kind of you know they like

01:04:17   oh it's like I immediately recognize

01:04:19   tell ya these are Midwestern people and

01:04:20   yeah like a lot of it is just like oh

01:04:22   that's the heat they just nailed it and

01:04:24   for 23 minute animated kids show about

01:04:27   Garfield like it's surprisingly well

01:04:30   done like the animation is full like a

01:04:32   little nice little like like little

01:04:33   little pleasantries like the way Odie

01:04:35   jumps through the snow and like you know

01:04:37   just like just a little thing that that

01:04:39   like that I love the wallpaper it's in

01:04:40   their dining room like there it's just

01:04:41   like little stuff like that it it's just

01:04:44   a really nicely done thing it's very

01:04:46   short only 23 minutes so you know made

01:04:48   to fit and a half-hour TV slot and like

01:04:51   my favorite parts is is kind of a theme

01:04:55   throughout of like the family all does

01:04:58   stuff because they've always done it and

01:05:01   like half the family is just all grumbly

01:05:04   and just why do we have to do this every

01:05:06   year this is so stupid why do we keep

01:05:08   doing this this makes no sense and

01:05:09   they're like because we've always done

01:05:10   it like there's like there's like one or

01:05:12   two members of the family who like

01:05:13   they're all kind of doing it for like

01:05:14   the mother it's like well you know this

01:05:16   makes this makes her happy so we're all

01:05:18   gonna do it even though we're all gonna

01:05:19   kind of grumble through these things

01:05:21   it's like it is kind of like it it

01:05:23   really nails I think like a real a

01:05:25   really like true adult picture of what

01:05:28   family Christmases are really like I

01:05:30   have to say we both laughed out loud a

01:05:31   couple times so I'm not going to

01:05:33   begrudge you this pick

01:05:35   and christmas is just does not stand up

01:05:38   I'm sorry but this actually was was my

01:05:40   number one give me Marco in 1987 and I

01:05:44   will give you the man I don't even watch

01:05:48   these probably much if at all in 87

01:05:51   because I was five yeah but they began

01:05:53   to seep in right yeah and like it was it

01:05:55   was on this VHS tape that we would put

01:05:57   in the VCR every Christmas at some point

01:06:00   and my sister I would watch these things

01:06:01   throughout our entire TV it could have

01:06:03   very easily been Christmas vacation on

01:06:05   that tape that's how these things happen

01:06:09   Wow yeah so yet my number one Garfield

01:06:11   Christmas car filled Christmas Wow that

01:06:14   is a bold move to place Garfield the

01:06:16   orange cat who hates lasagna at number

01:06:18   one but you did it I gotta give you

01:06:20   credit I don't even like cats you get

01:06:22   into a Garfield phase our son went

01:06:24   through a Garfield phase you know

01:06:26   everybody does it it happens you know

01:06:27   you get over it I had all the books yeah

01:06:29   oh yeah those short little books that I

01:06:31   went through a Snoopy phase who is this

01:06:33   new P phase yes we all have it yep all

01:06:37   right is that it is that everyone's yeah

01:06:39   I've got I've got I wanted to mention

01:06:40   one that we didn't just to save

01:06:42   everybody from writing in and saying I

01:06:44   can't believe you didn't mention it I

01:06:45   want a bonus round

01:06:46   what's your honorable mention yeah I

01:06:48   want to mention a Christmas story

01:06:49   because I almost listed that because

01:06:53   that's a movie that again is considered

01:06:55   a classic that I never really saw until

01:06:58   not too long ago and it's it's actually

01:07:02   pretty great that is Peter Billingsley

01:07:04   Darren McGavin it's based on a bunch of

01:07:07   short stories so it's super like not

01:07:10   plot II and it's weird and it's got some

01:07:14   stuff in it that's you know it's be a

01:07:17   little off-color but then there's also

01:07:19   stuff that that's just kind of adorable

01:07:21   the kid wants a BB gun you'll shoot your

01:07:23   eye out with that it's that this is the

01:07:25   movie that TBS runs on an endless loop

01:07:28   on Christmas Day and having not seen it

01:07:33   before you know the last decade I've

01:07:36   actually come to appreciate it it's a it

01:07:37   is a sweet and nostalgia tinged view of

01:07:42   of Christmas that has got some

01:07:44   legitimately funny moments and Darren

01:07:47   McGavin is the kind of sad sack

01:07:49   is pretty great so there are a lot of

01:07:51   things I like about it and the you know

01:07:52   the kid does dump dump stuff and feels

01:07:55   terrible and thinks he's broken his

01:07:56   classes and all of that and you know

01:07:57   it's it's a good movie I almost listed

01:08:00   it I don't have that nostalgia pulling

01:08:01   me toward picking it so I didn't but it

01:08:04   was close I didn't pick it for the exact

01:08:05   same reasons Jason like I had it on my

01:08:08   short list but the nostalgia of it

01:08:10   wasn't there it is a really great

01:08:12   classic Christmas movie it's very funny

01:08:15   it's fun to watch but it just didn't

01:08:17   make my personal list yeah yeah I feel

01:08:21   the same way about a Muppets Christmas

01:08:22   Carol

01:08:23   it's a Nightmare Before Christmas and I

01:08:27   feel like though I don't anything Tim

01:08:29   like a little bit it's creepy and weird

01:08:32   but yep well check out 1959 Santa Claus

01:08:35   which was made in Mexico and involves

01:08:37   the devil versus Santa Claus or just

01:08:40   watch the mst3k episode you could do

01:08:42   that that's fine probably better yeah I

01:08:45   don't watch Santa Claus in its original

01:08:47   form do the RiffTrax of the mst3k but it

01:08:50   is amazing because it is literally the

01:08:52   devil versus Santa Claus it's it's

01:08:56   mind-bogglingly weird but yeah all right

01:08:59   I think we're good right yeah Merry

01:09:02   Christmas everybody thanks for listening

01:09:03   to our spectacular Christmas movie Oh

01:09:06   spectacular spectacular actually learn

01:09:11   learn learn learn well all right yeah

01:09:13   thanks to Jason and Lawrence now for

01:09:15   joining us and thank you Lauren for

01:09:17   tolerating being on another podcast this

01:09:19   year and and yeah we're good I think

01:09:23   we're good jingle all the way everybody

01:09:24   what is that that's right I don't know

01:09:26   that was Minnie right wasn't a terrible

01:09:27   movie it could have been a movie I think

01:09:30   it was I don't know come back to the

01:09:32   coast we'll get together have a few

01:09:33   laughs