The Incomparable

150: I Look Forward to Ignoring Your Criticism


  ok [TS]

  the incomparable number 150 july twenty [TS]

  thirty [TS]

  it's 215 episode of the uncomfortable [TS]

  and this is where I called my panelists [TS]

  in for their there every hundred and [TS]

  fifty episodes performance review [TS]

  I'm going to be telling you what [TS]

  happened when you met and and [TS]

  expectations and where you fell down and [TS]

  did not meet my expectations and [TS]

  disappoint some of us will get a rose [TS]

  others will not [TS]

  yeah that's right i'm gonna need another [TS]

  six-pack a few of you will will be asked [TS]

  to leave the island immediately [TS]

  that's just how it has to be so I am of [TS]

  course your host for most of these [TS]

  hundred fifty episodes Jason Snelling [TS]

  let me detail the panel who is here with [TS]

  us to go through your feedback we don't [TS]

  do that usually on the episodes and I [TS]

  get into the reasons why in a little [TS]

  while but first let me introduce my [TS]

  panel you heard most of them complaining [TS]

  but when i was reading the introduction [TS]

  because they're rude and that will be [TS]

  noted on their next evaluation Steve [TS]

  let's hear hi Steve [TS]

  hey Jason how are you I'm expecting [TS]

  nothing but glowing commentary from you [TS]

  and anybody else [TS]

  yeah there might be to eat it later [TS]

  that's all I'm saying whether there will [TS]

  be some ETA by agencies trying to happen [TS]

  you just don't forget about the pictures [TS]

  yes thanks good point oh yes Steve [TS]

  you're great you're doing a fabulous job [TS]

  yeah don't syracuse also here hi john [TS]

  mason if you give me anything less than [TS]

  tens on every single item [TS]

  they're going to kill my family I've [TS]

  heard this before [TS]

  uh when i bought the car Dan Morgan is [TS]

  also here hi dan I i think i got my [TS]

  feedback when my when when Steve let my [TS]

  D&D character died [TS]

  yes I think that's how i'm taking my [TS]

  feedback wait wait I didn't let your D&D [TS]

  character died I guess I kind of did [TS]

  yeah sorry did we remember things [TS]

  differently that [TS]

  yeah that Voice you heard is serenity [TS]

  caldwell who's also here thank you [TS]

  hello hello I i will sit quietly in the [TS]

  corner [TS]

  prepare to be judged yes no the judging [TS]

  know the judging will happen on this [TS]

  side this side o prepared to judge then [TS]

  asks be prepared [TS]

  you're on that side of the judge's table [TS]

  for once plate playing the part of the [TS]

  East German judge is serenity Caldwell [TS]

  and next to her [TS]

  the also also from East Germany it's got [TS]

  Mykelti hi Scott [TS]

  uh hello I'm trying to think of [TS]

  something in German but i'm not going so [TS]

  I I froze talk about just talk about [TS]

  Hitler Scott come on that's not yeah is [TS]

  that the feedback that my family didn't [TS]

  let him watch him too many not enough [TS]

  supplements too much Hitler ironically [TS]

  Zeppelin's also German but you know [TS]

  yeah and that voice saying things in [TS]

  German is Glenn fleischmann hi Glenn [TS]

  I brought a note from my Twitter [TS]

  followers excusing me for previous [TS]

  absences and I hope that will be [TS]

  reflected in my permanent record [TS]

  where have you been clan I where have [TS]

  you been Steve when I did right here man [TS]

  how many men have you killed Steve you [TS]

  can't it's classified glam you know that [TS]

  it's true we said too much already [TS]

  ok so we don't do now John siracusa is [TS]

  here on this on this very podcast and of [TS]

  course listeners to his his other [TS]

  podcasts and podcasting previously [TS]

  didnĂ­t know that he took a lot of time [TS]

  to devote to reader feedback listener [TS]

  feedback whatever you are audience [TS]

  feedback and we don't do that so much of [TS]

  the uncomfortable and before we go into [TS]

  some of the feedback we have gotten I [TS]

  wanted to explain why the big reason is [TS]

  because we have such a large panel and [TS]

  we rotate different people through [TS]

  different episodes and also because we [TS]

  sometimes will record stuff in a dance [TS]

  and play it back out of sequence it's [TS]

  often really difficult to have any [TS]

  synchronization of feedback with the [TS]

  people who actually were on the episodes [TS]

  that you're giving feedback for and my [TS]

  example is if you're complaining about [TS]

  something that lets say Glenn said on a [TS]

  book club episode as if glenwood read a [TS]

  book uh and what I'm on about i'm on the [TS]

  comic book club with Lisa Schmeisser and [TS]

  Moises shoot too jaan we did they don't [TS]

  want to hear about Glenn and they have [TS]

  nothing to say to explain Glenn so I [TS]

  don't know one also would have to [TS]

  actually receive feedback [TS]

  well we do it we received some feedback [TS]

  and I'm sure if we we processed it in [TS]

  every episode we would receive more you [TS]

  have the other thing is that i like [TS]

  having these episodes [TS]

  be very standalone so that you can do is [TS]

  one of our listeners did recently [TS]

  Benjamin peacock who wrote to us on [TS]

  Twitter will start the feedback this way [TS]

  who said through diligence I've caught [TS]

  up on from the beginning of the [TS]

  incomparable and now i feel like a piece [TS]

  of me is missing see you can go back to [TS]

  the beginning and listen to every [TS]

  episode study it make it a part of your [TS]

  being and engine that that was your [TS]

  sanity and it was gone before you [TS]

  started and I feel like if the feedbacks [TS]

  at the beginning of the episodes then [TS]

  then you're maybe you can't just kind of [TS]

  drop in and listen to the episode that [TS]

  interest you so but we could do it at [TS]

  the end and I think about doing that [TS]

  sometimes and then we talked for an hour [TS]

  and a half and I figure we don't have [TS]

  any time for feedback so once we don't [TS]

  care what Scott doesn't kidnap me only [TS]

  the not caring yes God doesn't dozens it [TS]

  isn't interested in what other people [TS]

  have to say that's on your your your [TS]

  chart here Scott doesn't bother me [TS]

  yeah alright so let me let me go through [TS]

  some of the twitter feed back we do get [TS]

  feedback on Twitter and this of course [TS]

  the incomparable is our twitter account [TS]

  and here are some of the comments we had [TS]

  Sergio Andres castro simply said more [TS]

  siracusa John you have more to give [TS]

  I got give what i have to give i mean i [TS]

  don't i don't understand how they could [TS]

  possibly be more neon podcast at this [TS]

  point you have to read more [TS]

  thousand-page books more than like three [TS]

  of them a year to be on we already have [TS]

  two Syracuse's do you really need more [TS]

  hey was that John R daniel said that [TS]

  more & M terrible it's terrible and [TS]

  account no I'm just saying I was a [TS]

  mystery story i was actually a Dan level [TS]

  pun so i think here i'm still my god we [TS]

  have murdered [TS]

  what uh here's a good one from adam [TS]

  highland also known as the real proton k [TS]

  or as i like to say the real pro tunc [TS]

  he's not an amateur talk Jason he's a [TS]

  proton this is this is a good one it [TS]

  says can we have another Jason reads [TS]

  Twitter comments and affo stern mocking [TS]

  voice within the incomparable those are [TS]

  hilarious [TS]

  to which I say no we can't now couldn't [TS]

  afford it i'm working for this year [TS]

  though we don't want to do that Joe [TS]

  rosenstiel says that surround me the [TS]

  only game i saw Fletch that's not a real [TS]

  you know it's bert Harbinson and art [TS]

  vandelay is coming up [TS]

  he says you guys are great that's [TS]

  feedback thank you and I would like more [TS]

  nostalgic shows about old star trek [TS]

  Babylon 5 I assume you mean star trek [TS]

  Babylon 5 and thatthat's just misplaced [TS]

  island off of evidence battle on phone [TS]

  and other eighties and nineties syfy how [TS]

  about instead more nostalgia episodes [TS]

  about previous episodes in common that's [TS]

  gonna remember when he picks Skeletor [TS]

  good times [TS]

  everyone's good was good we should we [TS]

  should playing back into the violence [TS]

  huh [TS]

  the clip show where Steve remembered [TS]

  when he placed yet thanks for the [TS]

  preview of next year's Christmas tree [TS]

  every clip here whatever i remember that [TS]

  i remember next year's episode it was [TS]

  really going to be going was gonna be [TS]

  good too bad we we screwed up i think [TS]

  this is a good idea [TS]

  nostalgia you know I think one of the [TS]

  things we do really well as is talking [TS]

  about stuff from from the past I've got [TS]

  some on the schedule I've been [TS]

  threatening to do a Babylon 5 episode [TS]

  for a while now we should do to deep [TS]

  space 9 at some point for sure I'd like [TS]

  to go back and revisit the x-files which [TS]

  is having its 20th anniversary [TS]

  believe it or not and what they're doing [TS]

  a big thing at comic-con this with this [TS]

  weekend I'm amazed that it's been 20 [TS]

  years and I still haven't seen an [TS]

  episode of the x-files over the transom [TS]

  true i bought you an episode of the [TS]

  x-files didn't tell me you watched that [TS]

  episode [TS]

  sure yeah Dan the truth comes out good [TS]

  that's a good episode yeah it's just s [TS]

  going on your own [TS]

  valuation you have room in your life for [TS]

  supernatural but not for the x y&z yet [TS]

  and yet and yet i have seen the movie so [TS]

  Dan Morris down is not watching shows [TS]

  that that he he should watch shame [TS]

  friend dan's lexus lexus is revealed [TS]

  bit by bit of this past several months [TS]

  there they're doing a very sort of brain [TS]

  transfer that's two or three years maybe [TS]

  I could aab brian sullivan wrote in on [TS]

  twitter that he was loving the dnd [TS]

  episodes and asked if there were any [TS]

  more planned we got we got some feedback [TS]

  there was one guy who wrote him I [TS]

  couldn't find the tweet he basically [TS]

  said that that that that he hated the [TS]

  dnd episodes and they were and he was [TS]

  very much like why are you wasting my [TS]

  time with this and I i was a long lines [TS]

  of three more hours of D&D really yeah [TS]

  it did you have to and my response was [TS]

  this one my standard response we did you [TS]

  get a full refund for what you paid for [TS]

  the podcast was traveling and and and [TS]

  you know and and to was a week where [TS]

  there was literally not going to be an [TS]

  episode so well and three were really [TS]

  sorry about the people who strap you [TS]

  down and made you listen to three hours [TS]

  until i get me haul and should call the [TS]

  police on those people the eyelid [TS]

  toothpicks are really painful they are [TS]

  part of the service and style are we [TS]

  going to do more D&D yes because I'm [TS]

  some way I think it's a lot of fun and I [TS]

  think I don't speak for everyone but i'm [TS]

  going to everybody seems everybody like [TS]

  this and help and I we've got a [TS]

  surprising amount of people who actually [TS]

  enjoy listening last watching the DFCS [TS]

  what's surprising money more than Jason [TS]

  I have something I have some feedback [TS]

  what is wrong with these people [TS]

  I'm amazed that people love the dnd [TS]

  episodes too but they seem to and I'm [TS]

  glad which is why we've always sort of [TS]

  thought of those extras because it was [TS]

  an experiment to see what if we played [TS]

  D&D together and the edited podcast [TS]

  episodes i think you're a little bit [TS]

  better we do some compression they're [TS]

  still really long but I pulled like half [TS]

  an hour of stuff out of the last one and [TS]

  it was a much you know it was a much [TS]

  tighter kind of episode you it wasn't [TS]

  there wasn't so much of that two minutes [TS]

  of somebody figuring out which dice to [TS]

  roll as [TS]

  on the live stream but the unedited was [TS]

  was was pitched as a bonus episode [TS]

  anyway yeah it was the second that weeks [TS]

  they're all they're all kind of bonus [TS]

  episodes anyway but we will do more [TS]

  right there's there's more to that [TS]

  adventure and then there's we haven't [TS]

  finished the adventure and you know if [TS]

  if the the rest of the panelists want to [TS]

  continue playing I'm happy to continue [TS]

  DME but I hope we can have a text [TS]

  episode to induce orc you know because i [TS]

  think that would be good like the like a [TS]

  book on tape [TS]

  detective enter your amazing twisty [TS]

  podcast all like all right let's go to [TS]

  Anna and idea that be a great episode [TS]

  and gee gee I I'm gonna be somebody [TS]

  please buy the mouth [TS]

  Yoho no that's a different adventure [TS]

  xyzzy pick up pick up [TS]

  yeah you have no t I Judson done says i [TS]

  love your book podcast but you should [TS]

  have fewer spoilers maybe none that [TS]

  makes difficult to talk about them then [TS]

  I could be on the book podcast without [TS]

  having read the book [TS]

  yeah we totally just talking about [TS]

  invading it's an episode where we try to [TS]

  convince john siracusa to read a book [TS]

  without without spoiling it for me take [TS]

  a look John anything that happens in the [TS]

  book in 2004 we were talking on the [TS]

  comic book club was a comic book club [TS]

  that Merlin Merlin Mann was on the first [TS]

  episode he was on anyway and we know [TS]

  yeah i was the the house of them and I [TS]

  got to the the ending we I mean we put [TS]

  the spoiler warning about two minutes in [TS]

  and he was a gas was like why you guys [TS]

  jumped the spoilers fast here and I I [TS]

  think that's always a question for us is [TS]

  when do you [TS]

  this is this the stuff we cover is [TS]

  generally not you know we're not trying [TS]

  to avoid details we want to talk about [TS]

  the details that's kind of a level at [TS]

  which we dig into stuff so it's really [TS]

  hard to figure out window below the [TS]

  spoiler horn and then honestly I always [TS]

  feel like so what are you gonna do [TS]

  you're gonna listen to 10 minutes of a [TS]

  podcast event stop and come back weeks [TS]

  later it is it's not a podcast very like [TS]

  I need people to recommend me good [TS]

  things that I should check out that's [TS]

  this is for people who already seen [TS]

  these things because they usually fairly [TS]

  popular whatever and want to hear people [TS]

  talk about them because they read them [TS]

  or watch them or whatever it's not like [TS]

  give me a list of things to read because [TS]

  yeah but everything we talked about we [TS]

  go we tell you everything about it's for [TS]

  its for people who have already seen it [TS]

  yeah i did I there was a good piece of [TS]

  feedback that said at least let us know [TS]

  if the thing you let you are talking [TS]

  about is something you liked or not so [TS]

  that we know whether we should bother to [TS]

  like not listen and watch it or read [TS]

  that we have to blow the spoiler horn [TS]

  for the podcast itself and i think you [TS]

  can pick up my beauty before the before [TS]

  the spoils everything we're going to [TS]

  tell you whether we liked the book or [TS]

  not okay it's basically just entirely [TS]

  spoiler or its this is the hypnotoad [TS]

  episode of the incomparable two hundred [TS]

  percent spoiler warning we have a very [TS]

  some very nice feedback actually [TS]

  happening live in our chat room which is [TS]

  saying first off a request to blow the [TS]

  spoiler horn during this section which i [TS]

  think is gonna obviously happen [TS]

  and then a lot of anti spoiler not not [TS]

  anti spoilers anti the concept of being [TS]

  afraid of spoilers and that you should [TS]

  just get over it and and and cara cara [TS]

  Healy says we have to fight the [TS]

  gangrenous hold that no spoilers has on [TS]

  our culture I I kind of money you know [TS]

  you should be afraid of spoilers you [TS]

  should have you should you should not be [TS]

  listening to a podcast about a movie if [TS]

  you haven't seen the movie with we could [TS]

  do a compromise we could only review [TS]

  things that are so bland and [TS]

  uninteresting there's nothing to spoil [TS]

  by spoiling them that would clearly work [TS]

  and so let me marry is definitely some [TS]

  properties that you can talk a lot about [TS]

  without spoiling major parts of it but [TS]

  the podcast be 15 minutes long [TS]

  yeah and you what you want to get into [TS]

  the nitty-gritty details like what did [TS]

  you not like about it well when the guy [TS]

  did thing and you like now we have to [TS]

  actually say what he did and why we [TS]

  didn't like it you have must my name yes [TS]

  I guess like if it's if it's a horror [TS]

  movie I understand not wanting or some [TS]

  ridiculous you know crying game like [TS]

  element you know or any M night [TS]

  Shyamalan llama Shallon and shim sham [TS]

  election shaming long he was dead the [TS]

  entire time [TS]

  Philadelphia's own Scott that's true i [TS]

  walk through one of the sets one's [TS]

  probably pages you have told that story [TS]

  but how much work that we review that we [TS]

  like it is it actually is the spoiler [TS]

  horn part actually to spoil the [TS]

  enjoyment of it does and the work how [TS]

  does it stand up because you know this [TS]

  boiler horn always ruins my enjoyment [TS]

  thanks [TS]

  you know there was that was that link [TS]

  there was going around the edge of like [TS]

  some studies showing that like well we [TS]

  did this scientific study and people [TS]

  knowing what was going to happen didn't [TS]

  it didn't ruin their enjoyment and in [TS]

  fact enhanced it slightly but i have [TS]

  i've quibbles with that study and it you [TS]

  know it's not because it's obviously [TS]

  crap no one under the conditions they [TS]

  tested its true but their conditions of [TS]

  that we're talking about it like you [TS]

  know popular movies or books or whatever [TS]

  is different than the the I don't know [TS]

  yeah also if you rely on people to [TS]

  report how they feel about something [TS]

  after the fact that itself is strange [TS]

  right all i know is i feel i feel worse [TS]

  when I know I was going to turn I have [TS]

  time if I feel much better when I'm [TS]

  pleasantly surprised and no one like him [TS]

  like Game of Thrones I didn't know what [TS]

  was going to happen at the end of this [TS]

  current season and i'm glad you and I [TS]

  feel like I enjoyed it more yeah but [TS]

  John you would you would come if you [TS]

  listen to if you're specifically seeking [TS]

  out a show about a game of thrones and [TS]

  it was about the current season you can [TS]

  watch it you would not listen episode [TS]

  right now I just because this episode is [TS]

  incomparable that I still haven't [TS]

  listened to because I say oh I might [TS]

  want to i might want to check that out [TS]

  so I don't saving them for after i read [TS]

  it or what I think I think it is a [TS]

  common incumbent upon the person who [TS]

  wants to avoid the spoilers to actively [TS]

  avoid them I'm not going to [TS]

  yes no sense whether that's why the [TS]

  spoiler horn he exists is that final [TS]

  it's a free license agreement it's the [TS]

  way okay we're gonna ruin things now so [TS]

  you really are you sure you really [TS]

  really sure that makes sense because [TS]

  then everybody's click through it [TS]

  without actually reading it exactly that [TS]

  explains why they keep gates well [TS]

  it's all the information you need but [TS]

  whatever brandon minutes set just sent a [TS]

  tweet that said well I love the drafts [TS]

  we need to do a villains draft [TS]

  yes villains don't get along though so [TS]

  much so I don't know how we would do [TS]

  that and still I don't know what I'm [TS]

  saying someone like they got like a club [TS]

  League of yeah but yeah they play poker [TS]

  sometimes even going to create a leak [TS]

  village in burien lion together and [TS]

  wouldn't disintegrate a week or two [TS]

  it's generally unity alright i'll put [TS]

  that on the list we've got a lot of we [TS]

  got some I've got a little list in the [TS]

  back of my mind of various drafts we can [TS]

  do i love the drafts 2 i'd like to do a [TS]

  couple of drafts yes you can do the all [TS]

  super intelligent 18 but not completely [TS]

  my strategy yes the land is announcing a [TS]

  new magazine for apes the senior girls [TS]

  in a poorly for discriminating games [TS]

  yeah well it comes out twice a year but [TS]

  they're not there they're smart for apes [TS]

  they don't notice because that is my [TS]

  friends will be really pissed off when [TS]

  they find it's been written by monkeys [TS]

  along exactly haha ho-ho you bastard you [TS]

  did it [TS]

  they blew it up pierre-luc Kanye rights [TS]

  who is your favorite member of the [TS]

  incomparable crew now let's see some [TS]

  heartbreak [TS]

  Scott Scott doesn't care either way wait [TS]

  this is also because we're all just [TS]

  gonna name ourselves i think i think it [TS]

  was meant for all of us [TS]

  oh dear this is this is very partisan [TS]

  will have to write the names down and [TS]

  put them in a hat or something you know [TS]

  my favorite Steve lots i'm sorry [TS]

  everybody else he picks skillet or sony [TS]

  20 that's two votes these lines wins the [TS]

  microchip with you eat it Steve you can [TS]

  pay me later see and it somebody writes [TS]

  in to us every now and then Janice in [TS]

  Georgia very nice note she says she [TS]

  doesn't have enough geeky friends in [TS]

  real life listening to the smart and [TS]

  witty folks on the podcast helps fill [TS]

  that void thanks so much and thank you [TS]

  to Janice very nice thank you [TS]

  well about void filling here yep Wow [TS]

  i'm still gonna lose out to Stephen [TS]

  favorite panel of thing but at least I'm [TS]

  a clown laughs oh hey this might be one [TS]

  of Glen are particularly bad that's [TS]

  what's this [TS]

  if you get it right spontaneous labor [TS]

  what's that what's that what's that [TS]

  all right here now i'm going to move on [TS]

  to some emails that we got uh which this [TS]

  this first email is is almost certainly [TS]

  a fake haha it's a fake that will how [TS]

  old are you people that you think 50 [TS]

  years old and infirm I'm 46 and an [TS]

  international competitor in Brazilian [TS]

  jiu-jitsu and I reckon motorcycle from [TS]

  New York to LA every other summer I [TS]

  think 50 is near the peak of overall [TS]

  competence and capability of one keeps [TS]

  in shape than 25 is and how old is [TS]

  Wolverine in the comics he's always [TS]

  looked to be in his forties to me so I'm [TS]

  not a current reader [TS]

  okay i have 300 okay I have to go change [TS]

  my depends adult diaper and take a nap [TS]

  now [TS]

  oh and I like that guy English I didn't [TS]

  catch his first name i'm assuming Merlin [TS]

  wrote that yeah it's possible he's 52 we [TS]

  say something bad about old people I [TS]

  didn't remember constantly but we [TS]

  usually better selves not you young [TS]

  person we did guy English in his orderly [TS]

  young prince his appearance we I think [TS]

  was when we we said something about old [TS]

  people but we were we were gonna we were [TS]

  being serious about it we were all my [TS]

  feeling that 50 years old and infirm [TS]

  came from our game show episode [TS]

  wow we're Team old display feeling more [TS]

  than be blessed as lost as a lost all [TS]

  feeling in his extremities but he just [TS]

  couldn't talk about just gel but [TS]

  couldn't remember that resident yeah I'm [TS]

  angry about something but hey remember [TS]

  what is gonna lose my mute button on [TS]

  skype % sure that wasn't a senior [TS]

  moments leave i think i've tried restore [TS]

  got and we talking about memory pills [TS]

  and I was saying my dog my view that 50 [TS]

  years old and infirm came from the game [TS]

  show episode [TS]

  oh yes you're going to die on hold yeah [TS]

  your team wants to think and is it [TS]

  definitively there that were old as my [TS]

  point [TS]

  yeah yeahs ago although some of that was [TS]

  the clear ageism on display by the [TS]

  judges yes whoohoo indeed would have [TS]

  also been on Team old so funny how that [TS]

  is self-loathing [TS]

  yeah I guess so like I said we'll have [TS]

  to do another game show episode 2 that's [TS]

  another thing that people have asked for [TS]

  that we should do [TS]

  it's just a lot of work that's what my [TS]

  part [TS]

  dan dan if you want to invent a game [TS]

  show episode that would how I i wanted [TS]

  to do 14 for several years i'm just i'm [TS]

  lazy [TS]

  yeah see that's my problem we gotta find [TS]

  some people in here who have initiative [TS]

  and energy so before we go on I I i [TS]

  actually did receive a few notes about [TS]

  people who are very excited that we had [TS]

  sponsors on the podcast because because [TS]

  they they want to support our podcast [TS]

  and they had no sponsors to support and [TS]

  now they do have a few and segue into a [TS]

  span and that's and that's why based on [TS]

  your feedback i'd like to tell you again [TS]

  about how great 23andme this and you [TS]

  guys can help you help me out here 23 [TS] / incomparable is where you go [TS]

  $99 DNA test kit you can find out if [TS]

  you're related to Glenn now where's the [TS]

  trees chances are everyone is related to [TS]

  Glenn I i found actually a ton of [TS]

  relations and people need to check out [TS]

  ahead and login for a while they've [TS]

  updated some things and they're like 50 [TS]

  people find need to get back to and see [TS]

  maybe second or third cousin silly fun [TS]

  that's how we found out Glen was really [TS]

  a dude right yeah guys are mad I spoiler [TS]

  that science [TS]

  yeah I found mine when I found a think [TS]

  there's a second and third cousin that [TS]

  they haven't responded to me yet but and [TS]

  i found several third or fourth cousins [TS]

  and lots of interesting information so [TS]

  one of the things you can do is you can [TS]

  see there's a relative finder that will [TS]

  tell you you know these various people [TS]

  who are your who your cousin's just [TS]

  based entirely on a DNA match but then [TS]

  there are places to put in like family [TS]

  names and you can do a match search for [TS]

  names that are in your family among your [TS]

  relatives and then and then sort of [TS]

  figure out how you're related [TS]

  plus there are medical reports you can [TS]

  get information about your what part of [TS]

  the world your ancestry is from so for [TS]

  me it's all it's all Europe for my for [TS]

  my wife it's a half sort of like Western [TS]

  European and half Ashkenazi which is [TS]

  appropriate because your mother is [TS]

  Jewish in her father's family is from [TS]

  France so it makes perfect sense there's [TS]

  there's medical stuff they do a lot of [TS]

  surveys as I've railed about on this on [TS]

  this podcast many times cilantro the [TS]

  menace that infests all mexican food [TS]

  cilantro is great but he doesn't the [TS]

  worst and and you know why it's because [TS]

  in my jeans make me hate cilantro it's [TS]

  not it's not me Steve and Jason just how [TS]

  much genetic material you have to [TS]

  produce for this 23andme you know i'm [TS]

  i'm glad you asked if there's a very [TS]

  small tube that you have to spit in its [TS]

  it's not a single lookie i would say [TS]

  it's sort of like to Lucas worth is it a [TS]

  series of two services just was just a [TS]

  single tube and you spit in the tube and [TS]

  then you close it up and mail it back to [TS]

  23 meat comes in your kit for ninety [TS]

  nine dollars you get that you get the to [TS]

  be spit in it and then there's a little [TS]

  mailer and you send it back to them and [TS]

  a couple-week don't don't spit in the [TS]

  mailer don't spit in the mail or where [TS]

  you can examine what it was intended to [TS]

  netflix and don't set it to the attacks [TS]

  no yeah i got my netflix in 23andme [TS]

  mixed out it's not good i spit in a tube [TS]

  just this morning at $99 I could be [TS]

  finding out all sorts of interesting [TS]

  things about my dad's right [TS]

  imagine that here's the thing i [TS]

  discovered which is I did this a few [TS]

  years ago when they had a special before [TS]

  it was nine dollars and paid somewhat [TS]

  more and it turns out they can do more [TS]

  tests now and I could send another 24 [TS]

  and I [TS]

  sucks they keep all my current [TS]

  information and i'll update it with [TS]

  anything do they find out which is best [TS]

  of all we could just clone Glenn now [TS]

  that's right all my information [TS]

  well everything I say and do is online [TS]

  already so you can just load that into a [TS]

  simple electronic brain and we're also i [TS]

  thought you were going to say that they [TS]

  capture spit on five weird thing would [TS]

  be that the to glens wouldn't actually [TS]

  know each other [TS]

  ironically antique limb and letting you [TS]

  know [TS]

  also you can find out if you're related [TS]

  to nobody which is really crazy that's [TS]

  that's if you may be an alien or or a [TS]

  mutant of some sort [TS]

  you were produced when somebody spat in [TS]

  a tube gonna check if you have a belly [TS]

  button that's a good first [TS]

  that's right that's a0 thing on the back [TS]

  of my neck it's been oh my god so I you [TS]

  know I this is something that i bought [TS]

  in december and I'm enjoying it a lot [TS]

  and it's it's sort of got me interested [TS]

  in tracking down some of these relatives [TS]

  and and also learning more about my [TS]

  various medical predispositions and it's [TS]

  a lot of fun and used to cost hundreds [TS]

  of dollars and now it's ninety-nine [TS]

  dollars and I think there are actually [TS]

  discounts if you if you buy more than [TS]

  one at a time to have your various [TS]

  family members tested and it's pretty [TS]

  cool so 23andme calm / incomparable $99 [TS]

  pretty cool information if you're [TS]

  interested in your your background your [TS]

  health and your relatives and you may [TS]

  find somebody you may find your related [TS]

  to Glenn it's it could happen but I'm [TS]

  going to see how related to every couple [TS]

  panelists and i'll post that on the [TS]

  website so good [TS]

  yes we know why you have tennis elbow [TS]

  then i will send you to but my spit [TS]

  yeah but will be delightful little [TS]

  treasure it always but no return address [TS]

  so you have to wonder who spit is this [TS]

  is everybody said yeah we're all sending [TS]

  glands believe that's a police song is a [TS]

  hundred thousand no wait a second that's [TS]

  that every spit-take you make so they're [TS]

  Thank You 223 me and it's an advantage [TS]

  thanks 23andme random random moving [TS]

  Brando menu alright 23andme in the [TS]

  chatroom says we need to be where the [TS]

  infinite lending loop if we clone Glenn [TS]

  that's right we'll all true [TS]

  true what you mean it's gonna get more [TS]

  infinite glad it [TS]

  times infinity right i have missed [TS]

  waking glad so you know so much [TS]

  that's not here not here for your [TS]

  pleasure going to know a person i'm [TS]

  changing my vote cleanse cleanse my [TS]

  favorite your letter we do oh just [TS]

  cancelled around like get a ruling [TS]

  election all over again because I'm [TS]

  gonna shoot a realist say cheese [TS]

  I here's a letter from Katie Derek who [TS]

  says i'm a huge fan of the show for all [TS]

  but i want to give you a specific thank [TS]

  you yesterday after a headache inducing [TS]

  day at work I came home and listen to [TS]

  the to Phantom Menace episodes within 15 [TS]

  minutes I was weeping with laughter and [TS]

  had to turn off the stove to wipe my [TS]

  eyes and compose myself before finishing [TS]

  dinner you really outdid yourselves in [TS]

  those episodes and I felt so much better [TS]

  afterward and into today thanks for [TS]

  being awesome from not the first ever [TS]

  heard certainly done that have made [TS]

  people weep so that just this is why you [TS]

  can't listen to us here driving joy joy [TS]

  I know he's enjoy a shocking we've been [TS]

  almost burned themselves are turning [TS]

  trash into joy usually it's dan sponge [TS]

  making people cry and which me down [TS]

  that's what I'm going for I'm looking [TS]

  for people driving off the road i want a [TS]

  better with people saying with drove off [TS]

  the road yes that's you know but I [TS]

  appreciate it almost drove on the role [TS]

  play not written while driving off there [TS]

  one of these days we're gonna get the [TS]

  letter that that that's going to say I [TS]

  did drive off the road and don't feel [TS]

  terrible now there's a lawsuit burning [TS]

  down the house is almost as good [TS]

  yeah the song by with a madness now put [TS]

  out of the book are my head's fighting [TS]

  fire with fire [TS]

  no bull yeah I let's see next next note [TS]

  this is this a good one [TS]

  this is this is a i'm not going to read [TS]

  this one this this is nick do good for [TS]

  us [TS]

  Nick Richter Rodian with some detailed [TS]

  additional thoughts he had about how [TS]

  empty the the USS vengeance is in star [TS]

  trek into darkness [TS]

  it's really i know it's really empty and [TS]

  then he also has a theory about now [TS]

  empty couldn't about check of none more [TS]

  empty [TS]

  hello about how check of being given a [TS]

  red shirt and put [TS]

  down engineering might be a nod to the [TS]

  fact that Khan in Star Trek to says [TS]

  recognizes check out even though check [TS]

  out wasn't on the ship and the theory [TS]

  was that he was down in engineering when [TS]

  he was really just not on the show yet [TS]

  and strangely enough that's the second [TS]

  craziest theory of her this week the [TS]

  first one being that one about all the [TS]

  pixar movies are created are related [TS]

  that was crazy Glo second i'll close [TS]

  second yeah so thanks to have way too [TS]

  much time on their hands evidenced by [TS]

  episode number 150 yeah here's a so yes [TS]

  my using this Gary Rogers wrote in and I [TS]

  like this one thank you so much told me [TS]

  uncomfortable host for inviting me to [TS]

  your cocktail party every week but [TS]

  there's cocktails I listen to a lot of [TS]

  you been holding out on me I wasn't a [TS]

  lot of you about about techie sorts of [TS]

  things but listen to the geeky things is [TS]

  the highlight of my podcast listening [TS]

  week and this gave me an idea for an [TS]

  episode i wrote down on it in a note pad [TS]

  oxide wrote down cocktail party episode [TS]

  and i'm not sure what the real guns are [TS]

  we all getting drunk i was thinking like [TS]

  it i would i would mandate that we all [TS]

  like bring food and and and drinks and [TS]

  hors I don't even a little coming in [TS]

  microphones just goes great together [TS]

  with the distributed pot lockers and [TS]

  then I'll aii delay in some like [TS]

  background ways to make it sound like we [TS]

  were all the cocktail party but like i [TS]

  said it's a working idea people feast [TS]

  yeah I see what else what else I have [TS]

  mark reichert road in a little while ago [TS]

  about actually parking back forty eight [TS]

  episodes to Princess Indiana Jones and [TS]

  he basically was agreeing with what [TS]

  serenity said about uh about a Cora and [TS]

  avatar the last airbender and demanding [TS]

  that we do an episode about avatar the [TS]

  last airbender which is not the M night [TS]

  Shyamalan movie which was terrible who [TS]

  now I would be up for an avatar episode [TS]

  that would be a lot of fun i have slowly [TS]

  gotten people around me I made and watch [TS]

  it I made lots of people watching I've [TS]

  seen is quite good actually yeah people [TS]

  look at it on its face and say [TS]

  nickelodeon cartoon no I don't want to [TS]

  watch that that's dumb and then you get [TS]

  strangely hooked X probably get my kids [TS]

  to watch it and if they watch it then [TS]

  i'll watch it with them John you'd like [TS]

  it its it's very time you really like it [TS]

  you can if you're gonna give your kids [TS]

  some media site unseen what if it's like [TS]

  a cow and I got ours prequel kind of [TS]

  deal i'll check it out but you for my [TS]

  kid I had my son watch future boy conan [TS]

  on the recommendation of a listener and [TS]

  that listeners dead now you have and [TS]

  what is that the Iron Man Thing has [TS]

  anyone seen the new like cg-animated [TS]

  ironman associated thing I die I saw it [TS]

  linked because I why i started watching [TS]

  the the new spiderman cartoon that they [TS]

  have on to and they mention the Iron Man [TS]

  1 internet I think there's a lot of [TS]

  there's a lot of Marvel cartoons out [TS]

  there all of a sudden yeah i like the [TS]

  spectacular but no ultimate spider-man [TS]

  it's their fault inspiron it's alright [TS]

  it's a little cartoony for my taxes but [TS]

  I didn't want to hear my question still [TS]

  stands still burns does it haha i [TS]

  haven't listened to that episode because [TS]

  i haven't seen iron man 3 it's okay to [TS]

  have spoiled you either superhero draft [TS]

  is what I just assume Steve met because [TS]

  he got passed over for for being iron [TS]

  man Robert Downey jr. got that part of [TS]

  that is I didn't lie detection is in the [TS]

  superhero draft i was there Jason come [TS]

  on i wasn't the let's see i thought this [TS]

  little Kyle i.d.s I think or dese des [TS]

  let's say says totally agree with you [TS]

  about origin stories they're dull and [TS]

  mostly unnecessary and for some reason [TS]

  we're forced to sit through them they're [TS]

  also weirdly specific to the superhero [TS]

  genre and I hard they don't feel the [TS]

  need to start the story with John [TS]

  between deciding to become a cop at age [TS]

  40 diehard was his origin story he was a [TS]

  plain old guy and how did he become a [TS]

  hero [TS]

  I just like the idea of four-year-old [TS]

  son but claimed flashbacks that's pretty [TS]

  funny [TS]

  yippie kai a mom yeah I think lead a I [TS]

  think well that will change his mind [TS]

  when we do the incomparable origin story [TS]

  welcome to the party to me birthday [TS]

  come out to the coast will have you left [TS]

  here so runcorn wrote in to say in [TS]

  defense of Man of Steel didn't saw its [TS]

  terraforming device cause even more [TS]

  destruction than the cat whatever I why [TS]

  we read these [TS]

  take your feedback but actually this is [TS]

  the part of runs letter that i really [TS]

  love which is how do you guys find the [TS]

  time to watch and read all this stuff [TS]

  you might want to do a podcast on time [TS]

  management [TS]

  I think it's not watching and reading is [TS]

  the podcasting with a comb and the [TS]

  podcasting takes a lot of time it's my [TS]

  third podcast today [TS]

  wow i knows it's pretty hardcore lot of [TS]

  podcasts humblebrag send help please [TS]

  I've been strapped to this microphone [TS]

  for six hours that is it that is a [TS]

  challenge that when some of the [TS]

  suggestions that I've gotten four [TS]

  episodes are really great and I think to [TS]

  myself you know like the people who are [TS]

  like you shouldn't do it at the wheel of [TS]

  time we love times like wow I haven't [TS]

  read any of those and so if I were to [TS]

  host an episode like that it would be [TS]

  several years and huge amounts of time [TS]

  before I would feel qualified which is [TS]

  why I I won't do that someone else could [TS]

  one of one of my compatriots here if [TS]

  they wanted to do an episode about it [TS]

  but that it's a challenge for some of [TS]

  this stuff where people say even for the [TS]

  classic movies you know you can't you [TS]

  can't just do it off the top of your [TS]

  head you really need to go back and [TS]

  watch it it can be a challenge to find [TS]

  topics and I mean I think it's great [TS]

  that we've been doing this for three [TS]

  years now and and haven't completely run [TS]

  out of things to talk about my god it's [TS]

  been three years coming up LC c nice see [TS]

  well as we go into the to wait for three [TS]

  years is a hundred and fifty-six and [TS]

  this is episode 150 so interesting i [TS]

  find it funny because i can i can track [TS]

  and comparable episodes based on what i [TS]

  was hired at mac roles because the first [TS]

  incomparable up so it happened the week [TS]

  that I was moving out to San Francisco [TS]

  so it's a it's weird like dual [TS]

  anniversary [TS]

  well not related not related completely [TS]

  unrelated but it's still just so [TS]

  happened [TS]

  yeah and now you're back in boston where [TS]

  it's hot it's true it's very hot here [TS]

  until we can't do a podcast on heat no [TS]

  unless it's the movie in which context [TS]

  narrows with it why not [TS]

  except for Jason about an hour about he [TS]

  ya Mick Devlin road into say more [TS]

  science fiction book reviews please we [TS]

  have a book club we got it we were [TS]

  greeted like takes away for that you'd [TS]

  love to hear that you go episode they're [TS]

  gonna be five books in there and he [TS]

  suggests stephen baxter and Peter F [TS]

  Hamilton and more neal stephenson which [TS]

  i think i've got some Neal Stephenson on [TS]

  the list [TS]

  we've got to do a podcast on the diamond [TS]

  age because Dan is yet to read it and [TS]

  it's a wonderful book and I was saving [TS]

  it [TS]

  great book that's good read them read [TS]

  and read and read almost everything [TS]

  everything I've read almost everything [TS]

  else Jake pawn right rights and say I've [TS]

  been told from an old boss that in order [TS]

  to get smart surround yourself with [TS]

  smart people also it helps that it's [TS]

  that the uncomfortable is incredibly [TS]

  geeky show I feel smarter listening to [TS]

  the show it's also ridiculously [TS]

  entertaining it certainly ridiculous [TS]

  will say that I think he needs to find [TS]

  smarter people than not I feel a lot [TS]

  dumber being on the show so maybe it's a [TS]

  through the looking-glass kind of thing [TS]

  I saw the tweet about people complaining [TS]

  about the dungeons and dragons episode [TS]

  i've enjoyed all the episodes i thought [TS]

  the first one was a great way to fill a [TS]

  long night of full finger on creepy guy [TS]

  came over to my little-ass vs. Mordechai [TS]

  precious that tagline is going on the [TS]

  web yeah absolutely that's going on the [TS]

  t-shirt man please keep up what you're [TS]

  doing i look forward to other sponsors [TS]

  see so I can support the great working [TS]

  great entertainment also liked Jason [TS]

  Justin sponsors like Jason buys with [TS]

  Syracuse's to get I think you mean Scott [TS]

  McNulty he tells me what you read [TS]

  i'm the owner of the neck version of the [TS]

  hugo awards books a member of goodreads [TS]

  enjoyed the heck out of the rooks oh [TS]

  thank you for all the hard work [TS]

  thanks Jane oakbrook was no I [TS]

  recommendation siracusa yeah i know that [TS]

  no question that was asked of me felt [TS]

  either look at how many people can be [TS]

  confused with on this podcast all of [TS]

  them just circus and I want to confuse [TS]

  me with Glenn yeah one day we'll get [TS]

  confused will say that a long night of [TS]

  folding the laundry was probably my [TS]

  favorite queen album [TS]

  yeah it was a little was a double-up [TS]

  wasn't i think so i was a triple but but [TS]

  here we are [TS]

  eugene o'neill version of it [TS]

  Todd country here's here's the best [TS]

  letter that we received this from Karen [TS]

  Healy dear mr. snow i should do this in [TS]

  that voice right I really should i right [TS]

  to complain about your podcast in too [TS]

  big for mercy [TS]

  I have been an unwilling listening for [TS]

  several years now i have chosen to [TS]

  suffer largely in silence with the [TS]

  exception of the occasional [TS]

  passive-aggressive tweet of complaint [TS]

  but i confess i can stand it no longer [TS]

  you and your minions have made my life a [TS]

  living hell [TS]

  each week a new episode of the [TS]

  incomparable forces its way into my [TS]

  itunes folder and from there onto my [TS]

  phone then with the inevitability of [TS]

  death but a suddenness that somehow [TS]

  always manages to shock i hear the black [TS]

  helicopters overhead this is losing me [TS]

  here [TS]

  the men and the flak jackets and tinted [TS]

  full-face helmets to send on the ropes [TS]

  sees me and clamp the headphones on [TS]

  I do not allow tar or how they find me [TS]

  they never speak so I'm pretty sure one [TS]

  of them is McNulty take that me know [TS]

  they push the play button another our [TS]

  suffering begins it was not always like [TS]

  this once i listened voluntarily hook [TS]

  but what I think everyone agrees is your [TS]

  masterpiece the famous episode 22 [TS]

  Stephen Fry does not appear [TS]

  sadly the production quality and [TS]

  professionalism displayed in that [TS]

  episode did not appear again by the time [TS]

  I realized this your iron fist descended [TS]

  and I was trapped by now dread every [TS]

  aspect of the show from the primal whale [TS]

  the spoiler horn [TS]

  the unhelpfully reasonable Lisa [TS]

  Schmeisser from the irritatingly young [TS]

  serenity Caldwell to the host himself [TS]

  whose quote genial Californian stick [TS]

  barely concealed the power crazed [TS]

  lunatic within well that's the shit i [TS]

  will not even mention the terrifying [TS]

  monologues blend fleischmann whom I knew [TS]

  in college in incidentally what its [TS]

  lending he was going either he's putting [TS]

  or the wholly inappropriate Steve let's [TS]

  that's what's on my business cards worst [TS]

  in saddest of all are the two John [TS]

  Syracuse's the first familiar to [TS]

  everyone is impressively expert across a [TS]

  range of domains the second emerges [TS]

  presumably only when the medication is [TS]

  worn off [TS]

  he sounds the same but he goes by a [TS]

  different name and has a different set [TS]

  of views entirely it was a sad [TS]

  indictment of our societies lack of care [TS]

  for its most vulnerable members that [TS]

  John siracusa / dan morgan is allowed to [TS]

  wander in the community at well like [TS]

  some kind of new england natalie portman [TS]

  / keira knightley who can tell you can [TS]

  should be ashamed god that sounds my [TS]

  life sound more glamorous if only if [TS]

  only so please I entreat you know more [TS]

  call off your thugs release me from this [TS]

  nightmare and stop forcing me to listen [TS]

  to your show in the meantime I think [TS]

  it's time you let Stephen Hawking [TS]

  contribute more than just the opening [TS]

  tag line [TS]

  surely he's earned it yours sincerely [TS]

  Karen ely 92 Kieran Healy finally [TS]

  someone recognizes my contribution to [TS]

  this ammeter outfit [TS]

  nicely done can you do that again with [TS]

  Irish accent here if you could only see [TS]

  their lips you would easily be able to [TS]

  tell Dan and John apart if you I mean if [TS]

  you could only see our lips yeah like [TS]

  just the lips like I cut like icon [TS]

  O'Brien thing [TS]

  yeah that's exactly a clutch cargo and [TS]

  if we dress them both up like like [TS]

  Amidala could we tell them apart and [TS]

  yeah I think we have to find out i think [TS]

  we have to do that at some point i mean [TS]

  i am well versed in effect stage makeup [TS]

  that could have been our comic-con thing [TS]

  that you know i would be dressing like [TS]

  John circus i'm cosplaying syracuse ugh [TS]

  i'm going to get my horizontally striped [TS]

  rugby shirt and then John and dan can go [TS]

  as Amidala and the the bodyguard double [TS]

  which is witch who is the body garden [TS]

  who is Amidala we will be able to tell [TS]

  I mean you make it sound like I don't [TS]

  just wear that stuff all the time I mean [TS]

  come on [TS]

  yeah i think i'm wearing right now Dylan [TS]

  geo veneto wrote in and said love the [TS]

  show guys dig the movie episodes [TS]

  maybe we could have a fan boat voted [TS]

  movie to be reviewed [TS]

  I also the fan now that's how traps [TS]

  happen the fantasy draft episodes are [TS]

  simply amazing [TS]

  may I suggest a fictional vehicle [TS]

  episode DeLorean vs enterprise vs TARDIS [TS]

  princes death star who vs james bond car [TS]

  could be fun that's nice idea why [TS]

  waiting forever [TS]

  save it save us two rounds we could get [TS]

  have a pocket yeah I don't know know [TS]

  there's Herbie the Love Bug swimmin [TS]

  oh my god and skeletor is a great space [TS]

  together with van he didn't really have [TS]

  a steed I think beast man had something [TS]

  that Skeletor was he also just walked [TS]

  yeah yeah but later he's a public [TS]

  transport guy I think Skeletor sessions [TS]

  we have that big hit a big purple cat [TS]

  skeleton on the bus didn't even I don't [TS]

  think he had a cat i'm pretty sure who I [TS]

  added wasn't the big purple you don't [TS]

  have a battle cat and I think he was [TS]

  baked right and there's the same mold as [TS]

  battle cat but i had purple belt on it i [TS]

  think i had i really should know this [TS]

  but you're indicating commercial come on [TS]

  I didn't make the toy just held it for a [TS]

  while he's got a tank that looks like a [TS]

  shark guys come on i had that actually i [TS]

  forgot about him on the chat room needs [TS]

  to know the name of that purple come [TS]

  here and Healy just said that he was [TS]

  trying to do a flophouse feedback [TS]

  survive in his letter which is good [TS]

  you know John do you want to sing a [TS]

  little uh uncomfortable feedback episode [TS]

  theme song for me [TS]

  ally Elliot kalyan on the flophouse [TS]

  wonder we can get him on here [TS]

  oh man those guys really know they're [TS]

  geeky media to know I'm going on here to [TS]

  shame them for not knowing things so [TS]

  they know they know comments at [TS]

  cyclopedia knowledge of invisible maniac [TS]

  and Castle freak is not there comes [TS]

  another comment here their comics and we [TS]

  actually know about comics I don't [TS]

  matter [TS]

  no anything like oh yeah maybe that [TS]

  maybe they're about to drop some obscure [TS]

  couple we get a lot of people on the [TS]

  show by threatening to shame them i [TS]

  think that's really one of our core [TS]

  competency and comparable feedback [TS]

  episode like a hundred percent more [TS]

  shaming people can do you got Jason [TS]

  utilize 10 more minutes I i have pandora [TS]

  school tours evil feline companion go of [TS]

  course reading your letters and reading [TS]

  your tweets it's too comfortable hey but [TS]

  the show right all right keep it as fair [TS]

  use we don't you know [TS]

  all right LT doesn't actually care [TS]

  Wow uh we have a nice letter that i [TS]

  can't read all of because it's very long [TS]

  from etienne block i'm going to say from [TS]

  South Africa who says the geek community [TS]

  is very small in South Africa it's very [TS]

  hard to find a group of people to walk [TS]

  out of man of steel and argue its merits [TS]

  and or demerits is the case may be and [TS]

  then he was very happy to discover the [TS]

  podcast and he i'm gonna guess but it [TS]

  could be here she I don't I really don't [TS]

  know and it in the letter continues what [TS]

  makes this podcast really enjoyable is [TS]

  that one clear get the fact that all the [TS]

  panelists are friends and know each [TS]

  other that labels and preferences for [TS]

  dan I say everybody's enemy everybody's [TS]

  just a robot that we you know made to [TS]

  talk a lot sad when hotel room across [TS]

  robot dan going to get his cardboard oil [TS]

  cross-dressing robot by the enclosing as [TS]

  you approach the hundred fifty episode [TS]

  mark allow me to say thank you for the [TS]

  work time Karen enthusiasm put into the [TS]

  incomparable congratulations on a job [TS]

  well done also i will play pay good [TS]

  money for a shirt that says eat it smell [TS]

  nice shirt actually say that outline a [TS]

  little but not hear something soon yo [TS]

  and comfortable merchandise will be [TS]

  where we're going to try to do some [TS]

  later this year [TS]

  robot t-shirt coming through i'm [TS]

  available for voiceover work [TS]

  ok I this this one I'm gonna I'm gonna [TS]

  try to get this this letter this letter [TS]

  writer following the Syracuse and [TS]

  protocol said I'm a pronunciation guide [TS]

  so we're going to say [TS]

  anirudh [TS]

  contour I think any road contour he [TS]

  didn't tell me how to pronounce his last [TS]

  name any Ruth any rude [TS]

  well hit he said it was sunny Ruth and [TS]

  then I looked on the youtube link that [TS]

  he sent and it's on your route so I [TS]

  don't even know I'm gonna go with Baby [TS]

  Ruth Baby Ruth thank you baby room i [TS]

  tweeted asking you guys to do a matrix [TS]

  episode and you said it was on the list [TS]

  two years since that tweet I've enjoyed [TS]

  every episode i have listened to and [TS]

  still eagerly await the matrix episode [TS]

  everything you think we get you to keep [TS]

  coming back it's on the list its I swear [TS]

  it's still on the list it's almost never [TS]

  do a major ski showed because he will [TS]

  immediately stop listening [TS]

  exactly that's it that's the best that [TS]

  area dangling out there the matrix [TS]

  episode will be our last episode I [TS]

  thought we put on the list we switched [TS]

  being in the matrix so actually the [TS]

  listener has been the matrix the whole [TS]

  time and only five minutes has passed in [TS]

  his real life I'm waiting for the lake [TS]

  house at present i know some people who [TS]

  would be on that lake house episode [TS]

  alright and have one more email hear [TS]

  this from eric critically erik [TS]

  christensen whoo-hoo starts with minor [TS]

  criticism he said a few episodes seem to [TS]

  be everywhere except no greater seem to [TS]

  be a thread of everyone that disagrees [TS]

  with my opinion is irrational like dance [TS]

  very irrational critics even when I [TS]

  agree with your opinion I was a little [TS]

  turned off by that seemed out of step [TS]

  with the usual and comfortable ride and [TS]

  kind of reminded me of the Avengers [TS]

  episode to burn never bring up the [TS]

  Avengers have a social life company [TS]

  exnay on the vengers a yeah and then [TS]

  event will be adventures way come on [TS]

  Dino flattened i dunno my pigment fluent [TS]

  four years of high school I think I [TS]

  would know pig let me come right and [TS]

  then he said nice things about more [TS]

  comic book stuff and adding in moist s [TS]

  and Merlin and doing the wrinkle in time [TS]

  episode he thought was great and the [TS]

  drafts are always great [TS]

  so that's good so what I'm hearing is [TS]

  were great [TS]

  yes I look forward to ignore your [TS]

  Christmas all right I'm gonna move on to [TS]

  the itunes reviews and this is this [TS]

  no no no no what are you thinking this [TS]

  is great [TS]

  Jason holding down John love [TS]

  was uh through this because this also [TS]

  allows us to say hey maybe you could [TS]

  review review the show on iTunes and i'm [TS]

  going to actually announce now a contest [TS]

  all my ring that previously [TS]

  letter-writer suggested that we could [TS]

  have a poll of of a movie that we could [TS]

  do an episode about I'm gonna do you one [TS]

  better [TS]

  everybody who leaves an itunes review of [TS]

  this podcast and I guess I stole this [TS]

  totally from the flophouse again because [TS]

  I'm looking for more vaguely specified [TS]

  contest and I'm telling you you're on [TS]

  thin ice here it's very simple [TS]

  from the moment that we announce that [TS]

  you can do this until we announce that [TS]

  it's over which i will announce at a [TS]

  later time let's let's say the end of [TS]

  July everybody who writes a itunes [TS]

  review of the podcast will be entered in [TS]

  a random drawing and the winner will be [TS]

  able to pick a topic for a future [TS]

  episode of the uncomfortable [TS]

  wow yeah so that was a lie Steve I've [TS]

  already written 6 review the podcast and [TS]

  you will and you will get what I'm gonna [TS]

  go right now and do it but jokes jokes [TS]

  is in quotes right jokes is in quotes [TS]

  ok exactly it alright I here are these [TS]

  reviews and also i love that i had to [TS]

  take screenshots in itunes because [TS]

  there's no way to copy and paste and of [TS]

  itunes course there isn't [TS]

  Jake Owen road I'm glad to have been [TS]

  covering podcast who will watch every [TS]

  episode of Star Trek the original series [TS]

  so i don't have to you don't have to [TS]

  come on you should what's wrong with you [TS]

  even Spock's brain especially Amazing [TS]

  Race what is break this review is by me [TS]

  followed by 10 exclamation points and [TS]

  then an inverted ! ya know how my who [TS]

  writes the uncomfortable to music and [TS]

  entertainment from my friends nerdy or [TS]

  not I'm the biggest jock you could ever [TS]

  meet [TS]

  sure he's he's six foot but I'm also a [TS]

  coward Center where he was who has [TS]

  memorized the timeline of the doors from [TS]

  the Lord of the Rings all-in-all this [TS]

  podcast is amazing that's very nice [TS]

  that is nice right jockeys gonna come by [TS]

  later for adults always going to publis [TS]

  and you also love ya hear hear some [TS]

  textbooks to hold so we cannot come out [TS]

  of your hand i fall i think is this name [TS]

  could be the Eiffel Tower I don't know [TS]

  has recommended some really great SF [TS]

  books some of the best book discussions [TS]

  I've listened to lively thoughtful and [TS]

  funny great discussions about movies and [TS]

  TV i'm not convinced that i should start [TS]

  reading the comic books they're [TS]

  discussing but the other my fullness [TS]

  courtesy and weight of the host of the [TS]

  guests are unfailingly entertaining on [TS]

  which podcast about the new disruptors [TS]

  that's okay i'm not sure i could love [TS]

  this podcast more by lapsed cannibal [TS]

  oh thank god i think the world only love [TS]

  me more if I ate it [TS]

  if we're in a golden a pot age of [TS]

  podcasting comfortable is rapidly [TS]

  becoming that ages standard-bearer wow I [TS]

  mean guys this comes from a lapse [TS]

  cannibal people come on are we in the [TS]

  golden age or silver age [TS]

  alright that was very those very nice [TS]

  fantastic long-running book movie comedy [TS]

  club by sk jolly the uncomfortable one [TS]

  of my favorite podcast i love the [TS]

  wide-ranging discussion of books movies [TS]

  comics and TV [TS]

  Jason Snell does a great job moderating [TS]

  the discussion even when there are many [TS]

  guests as we can during yeah i highly [TS]

  recommend the back catalogue if there's [TS]

  a topic you want to hear about that that [TS]

  is true and we are trying to work on [TS]

  relaunching the incomparable calm with a [TS]

  little bit better index so you can find [TS]

  what number is that episode was when we [TS]

  talked about some movie that you're [TS]

  interested in [TS]

  we don't have to make sure when people [TS]

  search for Stephen Fry comes up with [TS]

  zero results [TS]

  exactly that's it that's the [TS]

  choose-your-own-adventure that has the [TS]

  one ending that you can't get to from [TS]

  any actual page you have to just find [TS]

  how yeah there's the spaceship one [TS]

  that's right you have something that was [TS]

  already booked 12 inside you have 54 [TS]

  Morgan's room that's right towards nerds [TS]

  but then they remembered them and I'm [TS]

  not sure they reprinted that one to the [TS]

  booty that was in that to the new booty [TS]

  nice you pretty you wrote music for do [TS]

  the Naboo to the new booty oh yes I did [TS]

  what I did you know the matter is that [TS]

  it that's it that's good enough [TS]

  yeah alright this and this is the piece [TS]

  piece de resistance of itunes reviews [TS]

  John this one was written in markdown [TS]

  which itunes doesn't understand and so [TS]

  it's just markdown syntax in the middle [TS]

  of itunes Jonathan pacheco bless you he [TS]

  first section is called panelists route [TS]

  rotates group through a group of [TS]

  panelists you guys who listen know all [TS]

  of this [TS]

  topics special format episodes he says [TS]

  thankfully every once in a while the [TS]

  comfortable likes to break away from the [TS]

  regular monotony and do something [TS]

  different like a film festival or a [TS]

  draft and he's got us dead to rights [TS]

  that's exactly what we try to do is mix [TS]

  it up [TS]

  ok here we go here the cons though [TS]

  here's our careers are from the [TS]

  gentleman doesn't he's not a fan of the [TS]

  dnd episode so I rejected so i think i [TS]

  think there's some good stuff and we're [TS]

  gonna reject it anyway Scott I so [TS]

  technical timeliness which has got three [TS]

  hash marks the beginning because it's a [TS]

  subhead in markdown that's not [TS]

  recognized by itunes timeliness for me [TS]

  tends to work against the uncomfortable [TS]

  not that they don't attempt to to be [TS]

  your succeeded being timely irrelevant [TS]

  but when they do the quality suffers a [TS]

  little bit i'm referring primarily the [TS]

  effort episode sending around say a [TS]

  recent movie release because they're [TS]

  trying to record release an episode [TS]

  while the film is still relevant [TS]

  typically means the panelists have seen [TS]

  the film once or twice and have only had [TS]

  about a week or two to ruminate on it [TS]

  compared that to their two part of scene [TS]

  by scene breakdown of each original star [TS]

  wars film so I think this is a good [TS]

  criticism and I've had that same thing [TS]

  we go back and forth about whether to be [TS]

  timely or not a lot of the notes we get [TS]

  on social media like about a hot new [TS]

  release and they say oh when are you [TS]

  gonna do this when you're gonna talk [TS]

  about man of steel or star trek or iron [TS]

  man or whatever and it it generally [TS]

  isn't our bag to do that and so this [TS]

  summer i know we tried it with three of [TS]

  these movies and i'm still not sure if [TS]

  it's really a set our best to do the to [TS]

  do those let me let me let me talk about [TS]

  a a point there which is to say not [TS]

  every movie has as much to talk about [TS]

  his star wars does yeah I mean oh yeah [TS]

  and he said that says that it's not a [TS]

  really good bar right there but I mean I [TS]

  i think that the difference between [TS]

  going through something that's been out [TS]

  for a while even if it's just come out [TS]

  on video and we've had a little time to [TS]

  digest it versus something that we [TS]

  literally you know saw once a couple of [TS]

  days before I think that there's some [TS]

  validity in there is certainly a very [TS]

  different kind of feeling we're talking [TS]

  about a new release then we're talking [TS]

  about the classic well sure but I i [TS]

  think those are two separate types of [TS]

  episodes and more to the point I like [TS]

  doing a couple days after I've seen it [TS]

  because then [TS]

  i still remember what happened in that [TS]

  movie whereas i might not watch that [TS]

  movie again like six months Michael by [TS]

  music and movie was alright yeah i think [TS]

  the most movies doll with time it's good [TS]

  it's good to record our first [TS]

  impressions to like don't you want don't [TS]

  the maid imagine several years in the [TS]

  future like it would say well done with [TS]

  the is our first impressions this movie [TS]

  and maybe maybe they change maybe the [TS]

  movie we like now we think sucked or [TS]

  maybe a movie that we weren't that into [TS]

  or thought was okay now has come out to [TS]

  be a classic enemy if imagine if we [TS]

  could have recorded our initial [TS]

  reactions to for example Star Wars like [TS]

  just coming out of the movie or whatever [TS]

  when we were you know 10 years old or I [TS]

  don't know was awesome [TS]

  yes I think you should someone ladies [TS]

  really called well we'll talk about Star [TS]

  Wars yeah i mean i think that's I think [TS]

  it's good to get that down because it [TS]

  could be interesting to look back on [TS]

  that but that's probably never gonna [TS]

  stop talking in fairness you're not [TS]

  probably gonna go back to that same [TS]

  movie or show or whatever it is not [TS]

  maybe even if it's not us it's like [TS]

  other people who buy dramamine things [TS]

  I'm know how long things are going to [TS]

  live on the Internet me would you like [TS]

  to hear what people thought of this [TS]

  movie when it was released well here's [TS]

  some people talking about [TS]

  yeah this is not really a happy medium [TS]

  there i mean you can do a movie that's [TS]

  fresh [TS]

  but then just by necessity you're not [TS]

  going to have the kind of the kind of [TS]

  thoughts on it that you get when you sit [TS]

  and ruminate for several months or you [TS]

  can do an old movie where you've had [TS]

  months or years to think about it and [TS]

  and there you're gonna get you know kind [TS]

  of some more in-depth insights that [TS]

  you've had some more time to spend on we [TS]

  already do both of those things that you [TS]

  might know [TS]

  yeah great there's not really in the [TS]

  middle you're gonna get people go and [TS]

  why that why are you talking about say [TS]

  permit for me theaters for instance [TS]

  which was like eight months ago or [TS]

  whatever that was out [TS]

  well sometimes you see something and you [TS]

  come out of a gun oh man i need to have [TS]

  things to say about this movie sometime [TS]

  to come out of it you don't have things [TS]

  to say maybe those episodes aren't that [TS]

  great but prometheus is an example where [TS]

  I think a lot of people came out of it [TS]

  just really didn't like it really want [TS]

  to complain about it maybe that feeling [TS]

  sticks with you I mean look at phantom [TS]

  menace that you know what are our anger [TS]

  about that movie stuck with us long [TS]

  enough to yeah we can do an episode [TS]

  about eight years later and it's it's [TS]

  still like you know still fresh [TS]

  right now I'm just not sure there's any [TS]

  way to do a current fellow [TS]

  without by just being somewhat shallow [TS]

  on it you're gonna get something that's [TS]

  old and have an in-depth discussion or [TS]

  you're going to get something that's new [TS]

  and and you're gonna get the first [TS]

  thoughts of somebody who watched a [TS]

  couple days ago my reactions are just [TS]

  you know their best when freshest you [TS]

  know before the expiration date [TS]

  so that's what i like to do it [TS]

  immediately after watching a movie they [TS]

  turn brown like avocado and bananas soak [TS]

  yourself in some lemon juice is so gonna [TS]

  use my skin looking young [TS]

  I'm just saying like I agree with i [TS]

  agree with the criticism I just I'm not [TS]

  sure there's really a solution to it the [TS]

  solution would be first I disagree with [TS]

  these critical solution would be to not [TS]

  do it [TS]

  the solution would be the first to say [TS]

  well you know which I said sort of last [TS]

  summer when the blockbusters are coming [TS]

  out i said that it's not really our bag [TS]

  to to rush [TS]

  also it's hard for me sometimes to get [TS]

  out and see me because you know kids uh [TS]

  it's it you know we could say that we [TS]

  can say well that's not what we do we [TS]

  don't you know the biggest star wars [TS]

  episode 7 like we're gonna we're gonna [TS]

  do an episode not after we see it yeah [TS]

  it's like it's inevitable and only [TS]

  because we're not all want to talk about [TS]

  it well I really wanted to talk about [TS]

  Star Trek I mean I was gonna say yeah I [TS]

  think we have to do starting to think [TS]

  that it's fine to keep mixed up i mean [TS]

  we're not trying to be the every week we [TS]

  write review a move-in-ready movie and [TS]

  right we can always go see kids at the [TS]

  your local cinema right that's a [TS]

  different podcast so that leads into our [TS]

  into his other subheading under cons [TS]

  which is conflict conflict I to it that [TS]

  this this podcast variety panelist is [TS]

  one of the strongest assets but it would [TS]

  work more on the podcast favorite this [TS]

  group didn't share so many of the same [TS]

  opinions i just might disagree [TS]

  yeah it's got that's the stupidest thing [TS]

  I've ever heard [TS]

  I think he's got a point Steve what ya [TS]

  not changing out what you said has [TS]

  become the stupidest thing I've ever you [TS]

  sir [TS]

  RT is in contrast with that previous [TS]

  piece of feedback we got about about the [TS]

  other other opinions no good no let me [TS]

  continue here with this isn't laps [TS]

  cannibal who is this jonathan the shell [TS]

  that man down show Dom I get the [TS]

  impression anything [TS]

  bigger than a minor negligible [TS]

  disagreement makes makes the panelists [TS]

  or me the host uncomfortable he almost [TS]

  apologize for being off in the negative [TS]

  are conflicting territory as in the [TS]

  aaron sorkin episode dan that's that's [TS]

  my back and actually have apologized [TS]

  only half-jokingly for an episode that [TS]

  got probably about as heated as a benign [TS]

  and comfortable at episode can get I [TS]

  refer of course to the Avengers episode [TS]

  which cause other people referred to as [TS]

  infamous when India not currently it is [TS]

  expressed to start strong disagree with [TS]

  the rest of the group will seem rather [TS]

  taken aback ok so we talked about the [TS]

  Avengers episode again my take on this [TS]

  to recap is is that I don't think Andy's [TS]

  disagreement with the problem with the [TS]

  episode i think the problem was that the [TS]

  episode suddenly became about us all [TS]

  talking to eat [TS]

  talking to eat [TS]

  he and Andy I mean and he sort of took [TS]

  over the episode and it became about [TS]

  Andy's opinion instead of about the [TS]

  movie and I think the problem there was [TS]

  not the disagreement i think the problem [TS]

  there was that there was a little too [TS]

  much Andy and our responses were [TS]

  basically trying to respond to andy and [TS]

  you know yet in my mind that fell apart [TS]

  but I don't think it was the [TS]

  disagreement that did it and a lot of [TS]

  times the disagree the lack of [TS]

  disagreements happen randomly I have to [TS]

  say like man of steel [TS]

  I fully expected to be the only person [TS]

  who didn't like the movie i actually [TS]

  went to the trouble of inviting more [TS]

  sense to you on on because he said he [TS]

  liked the movie and in the end we all [TS]

  kind of have the same criticisms of it [TS]

  even though moisten still says he likes [TS]

  it he did agree with a lot of the [TS]

  criticism of it so sometimes that just [TS]

  happens I I admit I didn't go out of my [TS]

  way to find somebody who hated star trek [TS]

  into darkness but I also didn't bar [TS]

  anybody who said they didn't like it [TS]

  from being on so but i think this is a I [TS]

  think that's a good point i mean this is [TS]

  one of the questions with the podcast [TS]

  I'm interested what you guys think about [TS]

  you know the role of conflict i hate i [TS]

  hate to think that we're we're a podcast [TS]

  people who just sits around going yeah I [TS]

  liked it it's awesome like that one [TS]

  review that i may be sad on the itunes [TS]

  store a few years ago that said it was [TS]

  like the chris farley show remember that [TS]

  thing that was cool yeah that was [TS]

  awesome [TS]

  that's you know I definitely don't want [TS]

  the podcast to be that this isn't debate [TS]

  club though I mean that's not the point [TS]

  the point is that we can raise the point [TS]

  Steve now sorry 1.2 smell haha it's got [TS]

  the same can't wait for this huh [TS]

  I disagree we agreed too much to that [TS]

  don't that never happens [TS]

  was it the things people don't know is [TS]

  that we like sign upsign up whatever [TS]

  like express our interest to be on an [TS]

  episode before any of us have seen the [TS]

  movie so it's like oh we're going to do [TS]

  a star trek episode whoever wants to be [TS]

  on that like let it be known and that [TS]

  happens before any of us have seen the [TS]

  movies how do we know whether we're [TS]

  gonna like all like Star Trek and I mean [TS]

  it could be that just the start was an [TS]

  enjoyable movie that's why we call it a [TS]

  blight like it's it's not that was [TS]

  actually not is that it's not it's not [TS]

  picked based on you know what were they [TS]

  cannot trying to find balance right like [TS]

  we're not this isn't a political we have [TS]

  fat people deliberately sign up [TS]

  specifically because they think that [TS]

  their their opinion differs from what [TS]

  the absolutely gonna be yeah it's not [TS]

  that were being all positive or negative [TS]

  we always think alike its evolving think [TS]

  sometimes we have the discussion and we [TS]

  figure out how much more we like or [TS]

  don't like something [TS]

  also we do this thing called listening [TS]

  and changing our opinion sometimes based [TS]

  on new information is disturbing to some [TS]

  people i have never done that have a [TS]

  doctor who episodes are a good example [TS]

  where like doctor who really is mixed [TS]

  and depending on people's mood and their [TS]

  experience with dr. food like sometimes [TS]

  it's like we can kind of all agree on [TS]

  what the good and bad episodes were but [TS]

  then when it comes to assess the overall [TS]

  season like you know I it really i think [TS]

  it really we as a group and give a [TS]

  reasonable assessment of the quality of [TS]

  the product like you know I don't like [TS]

  it was metacritic things or whatever [TS]

  like it look if everybody loves a movie [TS]

  and it's just get rated highly [TS]

  everywhere and it's like oscar-nominated [TS]

  and just universally acclaimed visit a [TS]

  shock that we're going to have an [TS]

  episode about it and like most of the [TS]

  people on the panel are going to like it [TS]

  you know where it were not it's not like [TS]

  equal time on the the radio waves where [TS]

  we have to have someone giving the [TS]

  opposing view on a movie that everybody [TS]

  loves right if it's a great movie [TS]

  we're gonna have an episode and we're [TS]

  all going to like it and like I said we [TS]

  signed up for expressed interest to be [TS]

  on that episode before any of us saw the [TS]

  movie or read the book or whatever [TS]

  a lot of the time so I don't think [TS]

  there's any bias one way or the other I [TS]

  think we're just reflecting the quality [TS]

  of the thing in some sort of average [TS]

  size that way if I may disagree with [TS]

  myself John circulator i would say I got [TS]

  nothin [TS]

  the I you know I I a couple pieces of [TS]

  feedback work i'm trying to guess at how [TS]

  the the episodes are our program didn't [TS]

  I can you know as John was saying of I [TS]

  send out a note i used to send [TS]

  out a note with all the time that I'm [TS]

  capable of recording an episode and I [TS]

  say we're doing an episode [TS]

  here's what here's what it's about [TS]

  here's a link let me know if you can [TS]

  make it and then people RSVP essentially [TS]

  and then hopefully if they've rsvp'd we [TS]

  find a common time and people show up [TS]

  and we do the episode what what you get [TS]

  when you do that is something that is [TS]

  not as together as if we were trying to [TS]

  create this sort of statistically valid [TS]

  speed most difference [TS]

  a prospective opinions sort of thing and [TS]

  so it is much more catch-as-catch-can I [TS]

  don't know it at the exception is really [TS]

  when I saw that voice s to do man of [TS]

  steel specifically because I wanted him [TS]

  because he said he liked it and any not [TS]

  co likewise I sought out Andy for that [TS]

  episode because he knew he was gonna [TS]

  like it and I he was unable to be there [TS]

  just the one common time we had he was [TS]

  on a train so we couldn't do it so some [TS]

  of it is just that it's scattershot that [TS]

  people choose to be the on the episodes [TS]

  that they want to be on and that there [TS]

  there's a continuous-time and then we do [TS]

  it and then it just sort of happened and [TS]

  like I said with Man of Steel had no [TS]

  idea what the general thoughts were [TS]

  going to be a star trek into darkness I [TS]

  I didn't know I had an idea that most [TS]

  people liked it but I didn't know for [TS]

  sure and we signed up some people you [TS]

  know signed up before they even saw the [TS]

  movie so you know it and I think doctor [TS]

  who is a good example where we can have [TS]

  a lot of different opinions within even [TS]

  if like this year we sort of all came to [TS]

  the same agreement about the the season [TS]

  being a little bit disappointing but we [TS]

  are different episodes that we liked and [TS]

  didn't like which I thought was was good [TS]

  so I like it when there's when there's [TS]

  stuff to chew on and we have [TS]

  disagreements or different perspectives [TS]

  on things i don't like it if it's just [TS]

  seen as being this kind of Politburo [TS]

  that's gonna be reflecting the [TS]

  agreed-upon opinion but sometimes that [TS]

  just happens when there is disagreement [TS]

  my goal is there you know I want to make [TS]

  it a free-flowing conversation and not [TS]

  have it get derailed by one person [TS]

  disagreeing which is my problem with the [TS]

  Avengers episode and it's not Andy [TS]

  having a his opinion I think that's fine [TS]

  i disagree with it but I think it's [TS]

  great that he had it i think how I [TS]

  handled that episode is why I don't like [TS]

  it so much because I felt like I let and [TS]

  ego and and it became about him instead [TS]

  of it just being about all of us and our [TS]

  opinions of the movie so well and [TS]

  speaking of the Politburo thing it's not [TS]

  like we get together and like all right [TS]

  guys we think of this party the party [TS]

  line for the inaudible is that we all [TS]

  like this but we didn't like this one [TS]

  thing right here but overall we really [TS]

  liked it at the first time we're talking [TS]

  to each other at all about it usually is [TS]

  on the podcast yeah and we've been [TS]

  beforehand we say save it for the [TS]

  podcast right yeah I try I try to not [TS]

  reveal what I thought of something [TS]

  you know on Twitter or whatever before [TS]

  we do an episode so I did you go and not [TS]

  know I still don't know what John [TS]

  thought about half the things i was [TS]

  turned up like where it's really not the [TS]

  show's charter to argue about stuff in [TS]

  that the purpose of the show is to sit [TS]

  around and chat about stuff and there's [TS]

  plenty of places that do that and it [TS]

  disconnected i would say more [TS]

  I can't even imagine the the kind of [TS]

  feedback you would get if you started [TS]

  going that direction and deliberately [TS]

  got people on that we're going to [TS]

  disagree vehemently with each right [TS]

  right that's why I don't want to do it i [TS]

  think the setting is a better as a [TS]

  better term for what we do when we like [TS]

  it or dislike it we talked about this [TS]

  section we talk about well you know we [TS]

  we as I you know a bunch of people [TS]

  pointed out and of course this is [TS]

  something that John has done his other [TS]

  podcast to I mean you can like something [TS]

  and still kind of admit the flaws i mean [TS]

  what we've done a lot of episodes the [TS]

  wrath of khan episode was entirely [TS]

  people who love and just absolutely [TS]

  adore that that movie and then Steve I [TS]

  adore to and and uh you know we picked [TS]

  it apart in so many different ways but [TS]

  in the end it was all with love right [TS]

  and and still the star wars movies are [TS]

  like that when I was because we love we [TS]

  know occasionally we will destroy [TS]

  something like man of steel or star wars [TS]

  episode one and some people don't like [TS]

  that because they they prefer us and out [TS]

  there was a nice piece of feedback on [TS]

  Twitter from michael johnson dr wave at [TS]

  Pixar was a very nice guy who said I I [TS]

  you know I really prefer when you guys [TS]

  talk about something you like and [TS]

  tearing apart something that you didn't [TS]

  like it's sort of like a waste of time [TS]

  because they're you know it's that's [TS]

  they're just better things to do more [TS]

  constructive things to do with one's [TS]

  time and I think you know I i enjoy the [TS]

  episode 10 episode but I wouldn't have [TS]

  every episode be that and I do like the [TS]

  idea of us under things were [TS]

  enthusiastic about and then picking them [TS]

  apart with enthusiasm and love not [TS]

  picking them apart because we want to [TS]

  destroy them because I just think about [TS]

  the person who was like crying laughing [TS]

  listening to the Phantom Menace episode [TS]

  would you deny that person their [TS]

  enjoyment just because you don't like [TS]

  the kind of episode and vice versa that [TS]

  you know different strokes but we want [TS]

  every episode is not going to be that [TS]

  episode 1 episode but every now and then [TS]

  we will we will do that and and and [TS]

  that's fine that you know when I was in [TS]

  college I took creative writing course [TS]

  where we got created on our criticism of [TS]

  the others [TS]

  good stories not on our short story and [TS]

  I I brought some people to tears in that [TS]

  class uh-huh [TS]

  you got me but you know what that's just [TS]

  part of it i mean that's just it's it [TS]

  it's not done and out of malice it's [TS]

  done out of you know trying to see if [TS]

  you're critiquing somebody's writing [TS]

  you're trying to accept that one guy he [TS]

  made me really angry know so I said [TS]

  story with that [TS]

  no it's not malice it's eerie trying to [TS]

  help somebody if they're working on [TS]

  something or you're trying to understand [TS]

  a work of some kind i take that part [TS]

  that poor zombie ladies probably crying [TS]

  right now [TS]

  yeah i'm sure into her money she's [TS]

  wiping her face with thousand-dollar [TS]

  bills [TS]

  yeah a friend of mine high school wrote [TS]

  he was in a writing class and he wrote [TS]

  an essay that was called this a personal [TS]

  statement and he turned in only the [TS]

  teacher graded it and she want it long [TS]

  he did not go back to the class that I [TS]

  am was Al Pacino yikes sorry I just [TS]

  assumed it had to and with no had to end [TS]

  with some sort of blending right like I [TS]

  had to be just friends you know and then [TS]

  he was out between us mailman it turns [TS]

  out I you know when I when I was done [TS]

  with that critique adventure story class [TS]

  the teacher said well now that Jason's [TS]

  put away surgical tools that I was like [TS]

  okay maybe maybe I overdid it a little [TS]

  bit but you know where is the Midwest [TS]

  where you grew up in California you so [TS]

  people out that's interesting [TS]

  we have surgical tools here people and [TS]

  we have no idea live here and there is [TS]

  this thing there is that idea that you [TS]

  should be insulated that certain things [TS]

  should not be criticized p like other [TS]

  environments in which criticism is meant [TS]

  to be tepid praise or may very tepid you [TS]

  know it's sort of bland application of [TS]

  things and it's like I think you know [TS]

  real criticism is can be hard feedback [TS]

  and I think that's down the line i [TS]

  disagree i'll take my stupid ideas and [TS]

  hit the ground [TS]

  alright it is it is fun you know it's [TS]

  fun to talk about stuff that we that we [TS]

  like or that we think is interesting i [TS]

  think the worst episodes would be the [TS]

  ones where we were trying to take apart [TS]

  something that had that had nothing in [TS]

  it i mean John quite nicely i keep [TS]

  referring to the flophouse this [TS]

  wonderful podcast John syracuse [TS]

  recommended to me which I love fantastic [TS]

  hilariously funny podcast they see bad [TS]

  movies and some of the movie [TS]

  they have a lot to talk about even if [TS]

  they're mostly movies that they call the [TS]

  bad bad movies their movies that are not [TS]

  even so bad it's funny they're just bad [TS]

  but there are ones where they'll go half [TS]

  an hour talking about what happens in [TS]

  the matter how bizarre and bad they are [TS]

  and then there are others where they [TS]

  talk for five minutes and they're like I [TS]

  I have nothing more to say about it and [TS]

  that too much in my line that's the [TS]

  worst kind of thing for us to talk about [TS]

  is the thing that's uninteresting [TS]

  whether we like it or hate it if we can [TS]

  find some interesting stuff about it [TS]

  then it's worth talking about [TS]

  we need some sort of a tag on each [TS]

  episode saying hateful episode here [TS]

  that's right the danger for the [TS]

  audience's when they when people have [TS]

  some part of their self-worth or [TS]

  identity tied up in some yeah media [TS]

  thing and any criticism of that thing is [TS]

  that they take on as like you know an [TS]

  attack on themselves because they [TS]

  identify so strong with it's their [TS]

  favorite movie and if we say it's done [TS]

  then we're saying that they're dumb yeah [TS]

  I'm like that that whole cycle happens [TS]

  and to some degree that's unavoidable I [TS]

  mean like I didn't we all think that's [TS]

  that's a big deal like you know we talk [TS]

  about movies that you can understand [TS]

  that if you're making some fun of [TS]

  someone's removing a lot of us are you [TS]

  working a tech industry you understand [TS]

  how like if you talk about android vs [TS]

  iOS or in the old days you know mac vs [TS]

  windows people will get tied up with [TS]

  that but when I briefly did a car [TS]

  related podcast i found even more [TS]

  virulent strain of this thing people [TS]

  identify incredibly strong with cars and [TS]

  car brands to the degree that we would [TS]

  get hate mail merely because we didn't [TS]

  you ever mention a particular make and [TS]

  model of car like I think a lot of that [TS]

  has cut these feedback that we get I [TS]

  don't like your negative episodes it a [TS]

  lot of that I I mean maybe everything [TS]

  like it was like it's not that it didn't [TS]

  like your negative episode so that i [TS]

  really like the thing that you were [TS]

  criticizing like rarely do i hear i [TS]

  really hated that movie too but I didn't [TS]

  like your negative episode about it like [TS]

  I really hear that one that's why [TS]

  nobody's like man that phantom menace [TS]

  episode was terrible i got a couple of [TS]

  selected the people the people who liked [TS]

  Phantom Menace said that you know I'm [TS]

  saying like the steelers those people [TS]

  are diluted I think some people don't [TS]

  like us they like us here at me like he [TS]

  was getting excited about things we like [TS]

  and don't like us tearing get excited [TS]

  about things come together hate yeah [TS]

  well I rather talk about things that I [TS]

  like case in point I don't enjoy talking [TS]

  about the works of your grant but I have [TS]

  to yes because it is part of our premise [TS]

  right but we wouldn't choose to read [TS]

  mirror grant for an episode we're [TS]

  reading mira grant for for the hugo [TS]

  episode and it just so happens to have [TS]

  been nominated that's not it's not like [TS]

  we keep reading those books it's like oh [TS]

  boy i get the rib and believe me we'd [TS]

  rather not read those boys but she seems [TS]

  so nice on Twitter awesome i'm sure [TS]

  she's a lovely person i'm not but a [TS]

  horrible writer stop right but I don't [TS]

  know her so she may be gonna make her [TS]

  cry again no into her money not crying [TS]

  crying sure she's local here she could [TS]

  come on my house and punch me in the [TS]

  face she might you might [TS]

  so curse you curse you evil in the ocean [TS]

  yhu give her a converted to get your [TS]

  book when you get your books published [TS]

  asian so write a scathing yes that's [TS]

  right i think the moral of this [TS]

  criticism is not everybody likes [TS]

  everything [TS]

  yeah well as well though it's reasonable [TS]

  Steve stop being reason crazy talk [TS]

  go ahead Steve tell me to eat it [TS]

  you said oh you'd like the same when you [TS]

  ask for Jason but we should thank [TS]

  jonathan for his very well thought out [TS]

  yes because he actually went to iTunes [TS]

  and wrote a small novel [TS]

  yes I using something in patent program [TS]

  but he spent time to rethink it out and [TS]

  and put it well thought-out criticism [TS]

  together and yes absolutely [TS]

  thank you I'm just said it was invalid [TS]

  by his dislike of the dnd episode and if [TS]

  he had only done so a week later he [TS]

  could have been entered in this [TS]

  wonderful contest [TS]

  sorry Jonathan well yeah it's too bad [TS]

  and yes Scott he didn't like the dnd [TS]

  episodes and that's too bad but again [TS]

  the dnd episodes we're not we're not a [TS]

  dnd podcast and and not yeah yet but [TS]

  we'll throw those in every note now that [TS]

  is mostly as bonuses or if there was a [TS]

  week that I was not going to find [TS]

  anything else to post because of travel [TS]

  vacation or something so that was good [TS]

  stuff right I'm out of feedback that's [TS]

  all the feedback I have and I've [TS]

  announced the contest the itunes review [TS]

  contest now now we just have to make [TS]

  more podcasts to get more feedback [TS]

  yeah we just create our own feedback and [TS]

  skip the party right well so our next [TS]

  episode [TS]

  what's our next episode about I i can [TS]

  actually nothing [TS]

  no injuries forward promotes our next [TS]

  episode will be the the long-awaited [TS]

  hugo awards episode tricks all I'm [TS]

  waiting for that [TS]

  yes yeah i got a book fishery yes that [TS]

  that that's going to be that's gonna be [TS]

  big [TS]

  I think by a by the math I've done I [TS]

  should almost be done with 2312 by the [TS]

  year 2312 yeah very close very close and [TS]

  then i'm hoping so I I something else if [TS]

  you're listening to this shortly [TS]

  well okay most of you will probably be [TS]

  listening to this episode while [TS]

  comic-con is going on or after it has [TS]

  passed i'm hopeful that a small number [TS]

  of us will get together at comic-con and [TS]

  over a few beers record a random rambly [TS]

  stephen fry like episode and post za [TS]

  so stay tuned for that if it if it [TS]

  happens in a couple of weeks apart will [TS]

  definitely happen [TS]

  yes definitely gonna happen at Stone [TS]

  Brewing Company in escondido no less [TS]

  over a stone smoked porter I think [TS]

  that's good i'm ready i'm ready now [TS]

  Steve alright when can you be there [TS]

  well three pressure wait till saturday [TS]

  because that's when i'll be there I [TS]

  might start now okay start drinking now [TS]

  we are we proposing are we doing a king [TS]

  of comedy style season 5 episode because [TS]

  I think there might be some legal [TS]

  problems with no we're not gonna kidnap [TS]

  Stephen Fry if that's right i just [TS]

  wasn't sure what you're proposing now [TS]

  I'll cancel yeah i'll cancel going with [TS]

  the arrangement thank you [TS]

  alright well that's it for the feedback [TS]

  episode that's a hundred and fifty [TS]

  episodes three years and thank you for [TS]

  your feedback keep it coming the [TS]

  incomparable on Twitter the five by five [TS]

  contact form just select the [TS]

  incomparable the west and Benjamin can [TS]

  read your feedback which is fine he gets [TS]

  it anyway though so including [TS]

  comfortable and then we get it too [TS]

  he just reads metadata and and there's [TS]

  itunes reviews to send your feedback and [TS]

  get a and get enter the contest to tell [TS]

  us what an episode topic should be and [TS]

  those are those are the best ways to [TS]

  reach us I think so [TS]

  keep it coming and will do more feedback [TS]

  and if i can find ways to fit feedback [TS]

  at the end of episode i will do it it's [TS]

  just really hard because again Lisa [TS]

  doesn't want to hear but your complaints [TS]

  about what Glenn said boy there are so [TS]

  many complaints about plan let me tell [TS]

  you I want to hear all real problem [TS]

  yeah alright I that and bear that's it [TS]

  so I'm gonna I'm gonna thank everybody [TS]

  for listening to the incomparable [TS]

  through these hundred fifty episodes and [TS]

  giving us your feedback we really [TS]

  appreciate it [TS]

  except for the part about the dnd [TS]

  episodes which scott multi does not [TS]

  appreciate [TS]

  I don't appreciate them Steve let's [TS]

  wants to hear more praise of Skeletor [TS]

  thank you Steve there can never be [TS]

  enough praise of Skeletor price because [TS]

  guys are ya its that's exactly right [TS]

  John syracuse loves criticism i do ya [TS]

  good credit [TS]

  it's good it's good i like it i would be [TS]

  on a podcast with arguing all the time [TS]

  yeah some would say that no you wasn't [TS]

  would say that you are [TS]

  I the other John syracuse also thank you [TS]

  i'm not playing to the video look you [TS]

  can you can be now if one uses feedback [TS]

  that ever touches upon me is that sound [TS]

  like John siracusa otherwise I might as [TS]

  well not be here free said and that and [TS]

  that in my poor D&D character day you're [TS]

  not gonna let me live that down are you [TS]

  more i'm gonna have to hear about egg [TS]

  laughs until time immemorial now you [TS]

  remember his name haha [TS]

  get in-depth than he has a name [TS]

  uh-huh so exciting that we didn't name [TS]

  either already called one of the only [TS]

  criticism that i get about you is that [TS]

  you should be on more episodes [TS]

  oh well I'm on this one but you should [TS]

  turn your fan down [TS]

  yes it's very hot i'm here though and I [TS]

  don't have air conditioning so my fan is [TS]

  going to be loud critical of the heat [TS]

  down with the heat down the heat indeed [TS]

  I don't like heat either nobody doesn't [TS]

  so we agree that no I disagree i like [TS]

  heat it's too cold here in San Francisco [TS]

  I want some of that heat see [TS]

  disagreement here you can take some will [TS]

  mail it to you perhaps we could work out [TS]

  some sort of meeting a tube to with your [TS]

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  you're welcome alright glad to be in [TS]

  with ya think ya mean they were glad [TS]

  that I got the silk this is a [TS]

  mother-to-be back to once i did thank [TS]

  you i didn't think you would step I made [TS]

  mention of criticisms of you and and [TS]

  said your full name [TS]

  well he said it's quite alright so much [TS]

  for being clever hear some feedback [TS]

  hands-free these two sluts [TS]

  thank you for being here Glenn [TS]

  fleischmann thank you for being here Dan [TS]

  more'n serenity Caldwell John siracusa [TS]

  and Scott McNulty thank you for being [TS]

  here too thanks to everybody and all the [TS]

  comfortable panelists i love you all and [TS]

  together as one everybody eat it now [TS]

  this all right [TS]

  I was my last can synchronize our skype [TS]

  sorry until next time and thank you [TS]

  feedback people i will be eating it [TS]

  thank you Jason [TS]

  goodnight oh you're supposed to thank [TS]

  jason where we good walkways and none [TS]

  saying goodbye on the podcast this is [TS]

  the time to say goodbye is no goodbye [TS]

  song The Belladonna music on the Shelf [TS]

  goodnight Jason good goodnight Jason [TS]

  it's time to say goodnight go spin the [TS]

  tube [TS]