The Incomparable

148: Between Two Obelisks


  the incomparable number 148 july 2013 [TS]

  welcome to the incomparable dnd day [TS]

  three I am your usual host Jason snail [TS]

  but i'm going to hand it all over to the [TS]

  man who knows how to kill us [TS]

  well some of us Scott Mykelti thank you [TS]

  for that i know i will kill you haha oh [TS]

  goody i don't know that is not the point [TS]

  we were here to have a good time so I i [TS]

  will get it wrong [TS]

  why doesn't everyone introduce [TS]

  themselves in the characters we will [TS]

  start with Tony hi I'm Tony also known [TS]

  as reg dark the you know totally normal [TS]

  guy wowing crazy acting Steve I continue [TS]

  to be catch Kathy three cream bar dove [TS]

  of infamy rim I am serenity ren and i'm [TS]

  playing honest rihanna is female son [TS]

  else / awesome warlock a person half of [TS]

  half also pretty much Jason hi I'm Jason [TS]

  snow i will once again be playing Carlos [TS]

  the dwarf who is not a dwarf by the mall [TS]

  but you know they all look alike [TS]

  listen and dan if you've had a life [TS]

  change i think i have gone through [TS]

  I've been through a lot this is this you [TS]

  at this moment you are allowed to change [TS]

  your healthcare options [TS]

  oh good is it hopefully open enrollment [TS]

  is that what's happening here it's open [TS]

  enrollment or a life event and those are [TS]

  the two times you can change so how well [TS]

  i was of late playing a glass the [TS]

  Barbarian who is now sadly deceased and [TS]

  I suspect in the course of this [TS]

  adventure we will encounter another [TS]

  character with him perhaps share an [TS]

  affinity r.i.p egg laughs uh mr. [TS]

  pancakes [TS]

  he lives on in our hearts and our [TS]

  stomachs not in the world I would pour [TS]

  one out on the curb but you know water [TS]

  is incredibly scarce here for curbs [TS]

  actually it's true [TS]

  so previously on the uncomfortable place [TS]

  DD we spent a good deal of time leaving [TS]

  turn we role-played some dank [TS]

  negotiations [TS]

  whoa you've got some I regret nothing [TS]

  you gotta grit a really good deal get a [TS]

  pretty good deal some some blues and you [TS]

  struck out into the desert to find to [TS]

  just everyone remember what you're [TS]

  trying to find the face of stone the [TS]

  stone of the horn [TS]

  no personal Stone stone stone bales of [TS]

  stone made over the course the house of [TS]

  Tom since you guys off to the desert to [TS]

  find the face in the stone [TS]

  oh yeah and you were struck forth into [TS]

  the desert and you quickly found [TS]

  yourself approaching what looked like a [TS]

  disabled trader because you knew that [TS]

  the house shaam caravans for being [TS]

  ambushed to the they weren't sure why so [TS]

  they sent out to figure out a why their [TS]

  caravans are being ambushed and bc if [TS]

  you could find the face in the stone so [TS]

  you came across across a caravan that I [TS]

  you presumed as em or you did you want [TS]

  trip was ambushed or not but as you get [TS]

  closer you are attacked and that was [TS]

  your first clue that probably this [TS]

  Caravan was ambushed and then you [TS]

  noticed a giant male strip uh or or you [TS]

  know dust devil depending on how much [TS]

  are your terms are for that's priority i [TS]

  prefer to think of it as a hub for a [TS]

  haboob i also noticed that uh uh the [TS]

  people who are in a caravan we're all [TS]

  tied up around the large rock and some [TS]

  terex I think we're tossing them one by [TS]

  one into the maelstrom i do believe [TS]

  three of the traders were killed while [TS]

  you were fighting off of various neared [TS]

  wales and during that battle one of your [TS]

  comrades egg laughs was killed [TS]

  dynamically sad state of affairs right [TS]

  and since we were so depressed after [TS]

  that we could not go on so we called the [TS]

  night especially since I think we had [TS]

  hit the three and a half hour mark [TS]

  invest very late yes and so now we will [TS]

  start up exactly where we left off a [TS]

  glass has just fallen you've killed all [TS]

  all all the bad guys are are dead the [TS]

  the Maelstrom is still male streaming [TS]

  and there are several people who are [TS]

  tied up around this rock and well there [TS]

  are several people and uh something else [TS]

  the Minotaur how strange that Minotaur [TS]

  was not there before was he was not he [TS]

  suddenly appeared as if by magic [TS]

  so what have I don't trust that so the [TS]

  Minotaur and the people are all tied up [TS]

  the like help us are you going to kill [TS]

  us or are you gonna help us we need to [TS]

  get out of here [TS]

  yes let's kill them look not to be me [TS]

  too hasty they might have things we want [TS]

  that we should find out about before [TS]

  hurt them [TS]

  yes hey great so we're gonna do I think [TS]

  it's safe to say we should probably [TS]

  release the hostages since that's what [TS]

  we're here for [TS]

  alright so you unofficially you you [TS]

  release you on untie the hostages they [TS]

  are all very grateful you want are you [TS]

  untying the Minotaur as well how [TS]

  dangerous does he look [TS]

  well it looks like a Minotaur so you [TS]

  untie the Minotaur who was apparently [TS]

  hired by the caravan Asgard oh thank you [TS]

  for untying me we notice that your oh [TS]

  you might be needing a new line of work [TS]

  we have a recent opening it seems that [TS]

  my compatriots have been unfortunate in [TS]

  their latest encounter are you a [TS]

  millionaire play minute or buy something [TS]

  sound call me for summary the bull they [TS]

  don't have nobody close together so that [TS]

  the caravan supervisor says I all I know [TS]

  is that we were approaching the [TS]

  sandstorm and we caught a glimpse of [TS]

  momentary glimpse in the car with the [TS]

  sandstorm of this benefit some kind of [TS]

  face in the stone of something and then [TS]

  it was obscured again by the sandstorm [TS]

  and then we were waylaid by this group [TS]

  of bad guys [TS]

  so what was happening when this the [TS]

  Maelstrom ceased briefly and you saw [TS]

  this message I nothing we were just [TS]

  approaching and you know anyone by yeah [TS]

  we were just going along our normal [TS]

  route and when the killer time a day or [TS]

  anything special going on i know i mean [TS]

  it was early morning because it was you [TS]

  know we wanted to to get a get on the [TS]

  the the sands before the noon time but [TS]

  other than that look at traffic can be [TS]

  killer [TS]

  yeah it's yes then you're talking about [TS]

  the same the same Maelstrom that those [TS]

  three guys over their diet as soon as [TS]

  they were thrown into it right [TS]

  I correct ok so that's where that place [TS]

  that we really want to go is it is that [TS]

  is you would you have gathered that [TS]

  you've seen you will have to go through [TS]

  the Maelstrom and that Maelstrom was [TS]

  just hanging out here it's not like it's [TS]

  passing through know it seems a highly [TS]

  stable there anyway we might be able to [TS]

  you know that is rarely shut down ur [TS]

  right app can we certainly need any sort [TS]

  of passages in the rocks in the area or [TS]

  anything along those lines journal topic [TS]

  tunnels like a horn threading a Tamil in [TS]

  the sky might be in the area [TS]

  those are those are around usually 30 [TS]

  days you can you can roll a search check [TS]

  for you tell me my my newfound friends [TS]

  if I may be so bold as to call your [TS]

  friends what are you searching for you [TS]

  may not [TS]

  you have not introduced yourself enemies [TS]

  then whoa we may have a new opening an [TS]

  intern level [TS]

  well the super I consider a clutch made [TS]

  anyone who buys me a beer but you have [TS]

  not yet done that so at the very least [TS]

  you should tell me what I guess I could [TS]

  find you a pint of sand my friend a [TS]

  minute are you going to share your name [TS]

  with the groom I'd my name is a stir on [TS]

  I am of later a guardian of these this [TS]

  Caravan previously i spent some time in [TS]

  the wastes acquainting myself with [TS]

  nature [TS]

  it's very scary not very friendly nature [TS]

  around these parts but i consider myself [TS]

  somewhat of a a guardian of this of this [TS]

  planet and it's what nature it has to [TS]

  know anything about navigating [TS]

  milestones given your affinities for the [TS]

  natural world [TS]

  well I'd love to tell you let me see how [TS]

  it goes if i were to consult the skills [TS]

  of nature that i possess what is it was [TS]

  a 23 get me on nature uh 23 will do that [TS]

  enough for Maelstrom navigation don't [TS]

  have nails from navigation is a [TS]

  particular skill so I'm started guessing [TS]

  it falls into nature [TS]

  ah let's see well you know that this is [TS]

  a is very unusual for this sandstorm to [TS]

  be this is very unusual in one of you [TS]

  spots it doesn't seem to be moving at [TS]

  all as if by some otherworldly power is [TS]

  keeping it bound here I believe we have [TS]

  to find the devil's horn and thread it [TS]

  through the tunnel in the sky [TS]

  I don't know much but I think that this [TS]

  is something beyond the Ken of nature [TS]

  perhaps if any of you have experience [TS]

  with unnatural things well you will [TS]

  notice that the the shape of the sand [TS]

  the dust devil is like a horn [TS]

  hi-yah contribute that is an icy at duck [TS]

  it looks like a duck to me buying them [TS]

  hello cotton ball [TS]

  I just see her boobs everywhere I yeah [TS]

  so so you know it's an unnatural sand [TS]

  storm because it's not moving at all [TS]

  you do know it looks like a horse so you [TS]

  can guess that perhaps the song that I'm [TS]

  not going to say again my reference this [TS]

  as the devils form itself [TS]

  what song you know by the 1 i'm not [TS]

  gonna happen [TS]

  you're the bard you should know all the [TS]

  time look it up again when the devil's [TS]

  horn treads the tunnel in the sky drivel [TS]

  horny visit something its hollow I [TS]

  something-something sand where the [TS]

  devil's horn threads the right on the [TS]

  sky a stony visit rarely blinks its [TS]

  hollow already be links you should write [TS]

  that down because you're gonna have like [TS]

  a guitar solo everybody and reinvention [TS]

  how did we uh I don't remember if you [TS]

  guys checked the bodies of these people [TS]

  read on it [TS]

  ok we were busy talking to the few [TS]

  people who didn't kill I guess at astor [TS]

  on will reclaim from wherever it has [TS]

  been stored he has a very hefty mall [TS]

  which is like a big we don't have to [TS]

  mall haha went shopping there in the [TS]

  weekend we should be called husky haha [TS]

  plus size and so then you have all you [TS]

  can gather all of your belongings so you [TS]

  have everything that you started off [TS]

  with ah you know that this may be [TS]

  gathered all the egg laughs belongings [TS]

  should we be allowing that no no he does [TS]

  not [TS]

  no one's using this he just has his new [TS]

  characters belongs [TS]

  so do you want to check the bodies for [TS]

  anything [TS]

  sure always at a clients always a fan [TS]

  let's check some bodies and on the plus [TS]

  side we now have a non tattooed party [TS]

  member so that's that's distributed so [TS]

  Kachkar you should everywhere tattoos do [TS]

  you minute or you might wanna look at [TS]

  that picture of me yeah awkward here is [TS]

  a big tattoo of the space eye-catching [TS]

  roller streetwise for me I got a 12 and [TS]

  my streetwise is 10 [TS]

  alright so the 22 so as you are looking [TS]

  at the corpses you notice that they have [TS]

  a tattoo of them [TS]

  Oh head that is a symbol of a band of [TS]

  raiders led by yarn off the skull [TS]

  I instinctively do not trust the person [TS]

  i think that might be wise [TS]

  you also know that he operates from a [TS]

  mysterious Citadel known as sliver with [TS]

  her [TS]

  I guess I'm really well informed about [TS]

  this they're all dead so you can't [TS]

  interrogate any of them Minotaur knows [TS]

  too much I say we kill him the minute i [TS]

  would like this you're try [TS]

  that's the caravan was going to a [TS]

  dwarven settlement cleanse to pick up a [TS]

  load of obsidian when it was lost and [TS]

  they saw this dust storm so they had [TS]

  headed in the direction and then you [TS]

  know they saw it clear not recruiting [TS]

  their navigator that's for certain it [TS]

  momentarily click clear they saw the [TS]

  face i was just the muscle and then they [TS]

  were waylaid we're in their muscle was [TS]

  infected also is way late [TS]

  oh they were overwhelmed there was [TS]

  overwhelming force did did you not see [TS]

  the the the Marauders until after they [TS]

  attacked you or were they possibly doing [TS]

  something near ministry when you looking [TS]

  in one direction the brothers came from [TS]

  another direction you know that story [TS]

  before they were wills maelstroms can [TS]

  get pretty exciting [TS]

  I was marauded it's true as well so so [TS]

  now you have a choice [TS]

  the caravan people are gathering up in [TS]

  there heading back to figure out where [TS]

  cled is they think they know where [TS]

  they're going now so you have a choice [TS]

  to say you could come with us or you [TS]

  could say will stick around but don't [TS]

  forget to tell job that we saved your [TS]

  butt [TS]

  ok the campground people are leaving and [TS]

  so now you know with a ella ella job [TS]

  that's it [TS]

  yes the the with minotaurs telecasting [TS]

  accenture of nature you can you know [TS]

  that you doubt that is going to be a [TS]

  calm in this Maelstrom and you do know [TS]

  that what you want is on the other side [TS]

  through different Hellstrom so is there [TS]

  any way that I mean [TS]

  how would how would one go about [TS]

  threading LOL stream or stopping it with [TS]

  magic [TS]

  ah with they're likely to be a safe path [TS]

  or we're gonna have to figure out some [TS]

  way to stop it you do lots of know you [TS]

  do you think it's beyond your power to [TS]

  stop since this seems like a very [TS]

  powerful magic and you are second level [TS]

  so I your first class though it's true [TS]

  you're all great second level by you [TS]

  don't like getting words to slice [TS]

  through the mail [TS]

  you could try it looks like you you [TS]

  might have to you you kind of go around [TS]

  and look and see if you maybe open [TS]

  sesame a path around held around the [TS]

  Maelstrom seems like it may be a good [TS]

  idea BB gun [TS]

  now the big it's a big mystery so you [TS]

  keep walking arm around the mail so it [TS]

  is very very large and you don't see any [TS]

  way that are no like passageways [TS]

  underneath it there's nothing that you [TS]

  have seen you spend a couple of hours [TS]

  no no weird protrusions in the rocky you [TS]

  get some sort of a secret door a button [TS]

  or anything along those lines just [TS]

  thinking that his hand that might [TS]

  indicate it [TS]

  no all right let's hit the pop said we [TS]

  were we're all kind of beat-up should i [TS]

  suggest that we take a rest here [TS]

  oh yeah oh yeah I I like 17 points i [TS]

  should do that [TS]

  yeah into a sense I'm despite having [TS]

  been waylaid by brother and I'm you get [TS]

  rested up will you do the caravan decay [TS]

  glad thanks your supplies for you guys [TS]

  so you can spend the night here glad you [TS]

  don't know by the way how your death has [TS]

  weighed on my mind I would like to see [TS]

  that reflected in your roleplaying clean [TS]

  my here I hear the voice of a glass from [TS]

  above as if he's speaking at us from the [TS]

  dead trust the Minotaur in my dreams I [TS]

  see the face of the stone and it is it [TS]

  is the face of a glass that is so you [TS]

  guys can rest the night button then [TS]

  you'll get ahead Lisa power looks back [TS]

  as we got no way to talk to the dwarves [TS]

  with that but I suggest that we get a [TS]

  full night's rest before we wander [TS]

  aimlessly into a maelstrom Maelstrom it [TS]

  up [TS]

  I agree ok so you rest of the night [TS]

  passed place on you you can play [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  you're actually gonna play a song i [TS]

  think i have to in order for them to [TS]

  heal extra or something i didn't just no [TS]

  matter if we're healing than I act we it [TS]

  doesn't matter just yell over it is [TS]

  yeah you're just gonna ask if I we were [TS]

  gonna wee-wee get everything if we stay [TS]

  exactly you're gonna sleep tonight [TS]

  you're gonna wake up your what they have [TS]

  allocated we are now going to roleplay [TS]

  taking six hours of sleep so everybody [TS]

  kick back and relax [TS]

  it's gonna be a long ride oh you wake up [TS]

  there's nothing happens the night the [TS]

  night is uneventful males and females [TS]

  from God you you wake up and help [TS]

  everyone hopes that the the Maelstrom [TS]

  has dissipated over the night Sam and it [TS]

  up it is still there [TS]

  Oh like in the same place in the same [TS]

  sex but that's not really frustrating [TS]

  but if you think it makes it really easy [TS]

  to predict the weather it's true [TS]

  this is highly unusual the Maelstrom in [TS]

  some way then you bring food to the [TS]

  mountain I want to reboot it [TS]

  oh that seems to work we are we turn it [TS]

  off and on again [TS]

  so what what did the am what did the the [TS]

  famous poem about the film and say about [TS]

  the males are going to have to say this [TS]

  again [TS]

  yeah it's even take it away yes you do [TS]

  he's ready c300 Steve's gonna sing it I [TS]

  was going to sing it dear dear barred [TS]

  disappointing [TS]

  Oh [TS]

  when that devil's horn threads that [TS]

  tunnel in the sky a stony visits rarely [TS]

  blings its hollow I I think that's [TS]

  pretty much it yeah short song prove [TS]

  lame [TS]

  so the first the first word is actually [TS]

  we're not when but those huertero really [TS]

  where you know my god this changes [TS]

  everything [TS]

  so you also the third line is kiss this [TS]

  guy and no one really knows what they [TS]

  say if you you are certain that this is [TS]

  the place that you've been searching for [TS]

  through this Maelstrom you know the [TS]

  other side possibly in the the eye of [TS]

  the Maelstrom lies the place so let's go [TS]

  what happens if I you know like walk up [TS]

  to like the edge of it and just like [TS]

  poke it poke it I was like a terrible [TS]

  week we've seen i-i-i knocked one of [TS]

  those big guys into it and no right [TS]

  right [TS]

  he wasn't unconscious and he was able to [TS]

  step back out of it and only take minor [TS]

  damage that is true so we should like [TS]

  it's what is one of those like when it's [TS]

  raining are you do you get more when you [TS]

  run through the rain or he may be hiding [TS]

  or multiple i would say human Maelstrom [TS]

  could we make a chain of adventurers and [TS]

  that seems good because that way at [TS]

  least we can pull the corpses out i [TS]

  believe it's called a chain of fools and [TS]

  lower somebody Inge probably Carlos your [TS]

  heart do you want to go first huh [TS]

  I'm the lightest of the why don't we [TS]

  when we first sort of lower egg laughs [TS]

  corpse into it and see if anything [TS]

  happens which friend the flesh from his [TS]

  bones desecration you to figure this out [TS]

  you you do know that when they threw the [TS]

  humans in which were you the traders [TS]

  they were untrained just normal everyday [TS]

  humans they wanted a hospital and they [TS]

  were bound they died [TS]

  you didn't see their bodies come back it [TS]

  was a support though we didn't see their [TS]

  bodies come back we didn't see them not [TS]

  there yet [TS]

  that's true better place yeah i might [TS]

  just guys probably don't like even know [TS]

  how to walk downstairs without dying I [TS]

  mean that's you know you you don't you [TS]

  are your much tougher than the average [TS]

  person so that's what would be here [TS]

  see see I was to walk into a maelstrom [TS]

  for you know how long could I safely be [TS]

  in there before I would need to get back [TS]

  out [TS]

  ah just know but that is you could go in [TS]

  there and find out [TS]

  yeah I was kind of hoping i could only [TS]

  have a length of rope or something that [TS]

  we found in the spider later I can also [TS]

  i can tell you thank all have room [TS]

  well so in theory i could poke my head [TS]

  in and then if it was really nasty [TS]

  teleport back out away but that seems [TS]

  totally safe for me for you to do that [TS]

  I say we have hands across the mastram [TS]

  thing and just you you wouldn't know [TS]

  that teleportation requires like your [TS]

  site and you could guess that you're in [TS]

  the Maelstrom your vision might be [TS]

  harder scared so make it difficult to [TS]

  teleport out there enough [TS]

  okay I'm out of ideas plus there's at [TS]

  least like seven eight squares of her [TS]

  boobs visible just that screen here is [TS]

  there anybody with some experience in [TS]

  these like art Kane matters one might [TS]

  say that could give slowly inside about [TS]

  this throwing that out there let me you [TS]

  know just go forever like that morning I [TS]

  can't stand to hear another lecture on [TS]

  pottery let's just go for it [TS]

  no no I minded sandstorms I just [TS]

  remembered 24 kind of check also you [TS]

  know that this is this sensor is [TS]

  definitely arcane nature of some kind as [TS]

  if it has been set up to guard something [TS]

  wow that's a news alert I remember that [TS]

  this is totally going we dragged our [TS]

  radar extract it guys guys guys [TS]

  the important thing I remember is that [TS]

  they're not that bad and just close your [TS]

  eyes extra close your mouth like put [TS]

  your hands over your mouth and just keep [TS]

  going and we'll be fine [TS]

  that's what I remember trust me I can [TS]

  breathe Sam I don't know how I feel [TS]

  about that [TS]

  trust me i hate to say it but as a bug [TS]

  of some kind don't have some natural [TS]

  resistance against sand [TS]

  ah [TS]

  thorny carapace no no no I was this sand [TS]

  is really whipping around there now yeah [TS]

  I you could if you want to just step in [TS]

  and see what happens to you that you [TS]

  could do that sure [TS]

  trust me and and I step into the sand [TS]

  alright so so so radar he's goaded so [TS]

  right now you see this serious [TS]

  knowledgeable man and your party just [TS]

  walk into the sandstorm you can kind of [TS]

  see this outline and he's just hanging [TS]

  out there and take one one point of [TS]

  damage totally the sands fine come on in [TS]

  how long are you gonna stay up there for [TS]

  i'm going to keep going toward the [TS]

  center of it [TS]

  okay you're starting off without them [TS]

  okay I need you to make a check of sub [TS]

  kind [TS]

  let's do perception perception that's [TS]

  not really my specialty seven-year ok it [TS]

  was anybody but pottery man I probably [TS]

  complaining a lot more about is if you [TS]

  take another point of damage and now [TS]

  your friend you can no longer see your [TS]

  party members and they can no longer see [TS]

  ya [TS]

  yeah they don't say my horrible mistake [TS]

  there's a boob in that her boob everyone [TS]

  who isn't tony you do you see that your [TS]

  regular is as a walking he says trust me [TS]

  guys is totally fine i know what i'm [TS]

  doing and he walks into the maelstrom [TS]

  you see him he flinches a little bit and [TS]

  then he is covered by the interstate the [TS]

  shifting sands you don't know where he [TS]

  is [TS]

  alright let's stop the howling wind you [TS]

  can't hear anything you could try and [TS]

  yell to him if you like see if you can [TS]

  well well I will say I will say Asteron [TS]

  who is you know just been rescued by [TS]

  these fellows feels a little bit of a [TS]

  affinity for them and and decides he's [TS]

  not gonna let that guy wandering that [TS]

  that ordinary-looking plain-spoken guy [TS]

  wandering of his own accord [TS]

  so a strong we're going after using at [TS]

  least hold the end of this rope while I [TS]

  hold you i will take the rope tie the [TS]

  rope around is his midsection [TS]

  ok wrong and what are you doing with the [TS]

  the [TS]

  popke i'm holding the other end so uh [TS]

  astronaut roll perception check actually [TS]

  real to google perception checks you say [TS]

  yes that's twice as many as I normally [TS]

  roll try not to roll oh here we go [TS]

  here's number 119 [TS]

  ok so you you feel like you're going the [TS]

  right way and you still can't see [TS]

  anything you take a point of damage and [TS]

  now roll again [TS]

  23 ok you see about a foot away from you [TS]

  a shadowy humanoid shape road are ready [TS]

  to roll [TS]

  that's right place could you repeat that [TS]

  I didn't quite a mountain full of the [TS]

  area [TS]

  ok so right are you take another point [TS]

  of damage but you see what you what [TS]

  appears to be a large hulking Minotaur [TS]

  shape and you hear very faintly above [TS]

  the howling wind parenting on my ass [TS]

  I don't even know if I know it's alright [TS]

  i might just be saying human Matt you [TS]

  know humans [TS]

  normal email assuming you pale pale [TS]

  spindly human i don't i don't know what [TS]

  the etiquette is when you meet someone [TS]

  of the Maelstrom do like high five and [TS]

  say mr. knows a lot about sand [TS]

  fist-bumps ok so so this is what do you [TS]

  want everyone outside the mousetrap [TS]

  doing [TS]

  there's one person the best room who is [TS]

  tied to your barge there's another who [TS]

  you don't know where he is [TS]

  the Rope is still taught so you know [TS]

  that the Minotaur is still at the other [TS]

  end or something and Scott I have a [TS]

  question for you can i use my sensing I [TS]

  power which allows me to determine line [TS]

  of sight from a square that's not where [TS]

  I'm standing to teleport in and teleport [TS]

  back out [TS]

  ah you could leave that the sensing I [TS]

  doesn't like create an actual I that we [TS]

  have squared so you could you could [TS]

  create the sensing I outside the male [TS]

  strip and then go inside and teleport [TS]

  out yes [TS]

  ok that would work alright well you know [TS]

  what i think im gonna do that I'm going [TS]

  to step right up [TS]

  to the edge of the Maelstrom drop a [TS]

  sensing I there [TS]

  ok hovering and creepy and then i'm [TS]

  going to face step directly in five [TS]

  squares [TS]

  mm okay so you take the point of damage [TS]

  okay okay uh so ready roll a d20 ok i'm [TS]

  with my perception modifier or ah yes ok [TS]

  ok that seems reasonable [TS]

  so uh you are you find yourself right [TS]

  next to uh well actually your past right [TS]

  now but you see him behind you they're [TS]

  like you know i will say he's five feet [TS]

  away you can kind of make out his form [TS]

  through the the shifting sands Carlos [TS]

  what are you doing well I'm very small [TS]

  and I'm afraid I'm going to get blown [TS]

  away you're not that small [TS]

  well that's what you said that's very [TS]

  kind of you to say he's pretty please [TS]

  I don't know I'm a little concerned here [TS]

  but this is what we came to see and I [TS]

  saw those big guys that I pushed in walk [TS]

  right back out so i think i just i think [TS]

  that's what I have to do so with the [TS]

  rope tied to a rock is that's what much [TS]

  tied to my hand at the moment over my [TS]

  cottage [TS]

  yes we can't I to Iraq searing heat your [TS]

  style you are like a rock [TS]

  yeah or you could tie it to one another [TS]

  if you don't like Iraq thank you see [TS]

  black iraq i think i'm gonna go follow [TS]

  i'm going to hold onto the rope and [TS]

  follow it to the to the Minotaur [TS]

  ok so i roll your perception please [TS]

  you never play pin the rope on the [TS]

  mandatory and you also take a point of [TS]

  damage [TS]

  seven ok so you have no idea where the [TS]

  charger is ok but you're in there so [TS]

  that's good sweet i'm on the rope [TS]

  you're not following the Rope you are [TS]

  other on a minute earlier if you're just [TS]

  disoriented you're going the wrong way [TS]

  so the road while I won't tell you what [TS]

  happens but you you just don't know [TS]

  where you are [TS]

  thanks yeah what are you doing so [TS]

  everybody but you is in the Maelstrom [TS]

  you're tied to your new Minotaur friends [TS]

  and your old friend carlos except he's [TS]

  got lost somehow on the end of the world [TS]

  but he's not he is not where he thought [TS]

  he would be he can't really make out [TS]

  anything you can't see anything from [TS]

  hope is pretty just really wanted to go [TS]

  but he looks at the Rope you can see [TS]

  it's still taut so he knows that the [TS]

  Minotaur is probably on the other side [TS]

  you can actually see the Minotaur okay [TS]

  you know i'm gonna hang out here for a [TS]

  while with the Rope just just in case [TS]

  somebody okay hold back quickly [TS]

  alright man so if you don't get attacked [TS]

  while we're all the Maelstrom can be [TS]

  yeah that would be terrible i have to [TS]

  drop the rope and go ah already so we [TS]

  are now entering how many rounds so tony [TS]

  has been in there for three rounds so [TS]

  you take another point of damage Tony [TS]

  got it and roll [TS]

  I had a check-up sometimes you can do [TS]

  endurance athletics nature [TS]

  let's go with the endurance alright 14 [TS]

  ok [TS]

  you feel like the sandstorm is getting [TS]

  the best of you who [TS]

  oh man but I was like totally trying to [TS]

  close my nose and accidentally opened my [TS]

  mouth and it's true [TS]

  ok now roll up in a check for me my [TS]

  modifier to nature is one so that would [TS]

  be a seven [TS]

  ok so from every check from now on [TS]

  you're a negative 5 because I'm not to [TS]

  the the sand is really just getting all [TS]

  over you in your eyes and your ears you [TS]

  you are not having a good time job and [TS]

  really yeah so you see the huben of [TS]

  struggling and he's kind of wandered off [TS]

  away from you and he kind of has [TS]

  enveloped once again in the shifting [TS]

  sands of the the windstorm give me a [TS]

  nature checker and endurance or [TS]

  athletics check its up to nature [TS]

  endurance for athletics let's do a flex [TS]

  because I'm pretty good at athletics 21 [TS]

  ok so you are you your power you plow [TS]

  your way through the the storm going [TS]

  towards you wanna go towards regular i'm [TS]

  going to keep looking for him since I [TS]

  don't like the idea of leaving him alone [TS]

  it's so you [TS]

  you're forging towards him you're [TS]

  pulling the Rope along with you you feel [TS]

  like there's a an additional weight at [TS]

  the end of the rope swing [TS]

  not quite sure what's going on way lost [TS]

  on a rope [TS]

  ah serenity [TS]

  yes your turn so okay you have done a [TS]

  perception check already so let's do [TS]

  nature endurance athletics neither [TS]

  neither nature endurance or athletics [TS]

  say what is [TS]

  is island and you take another point of [TS]

  damage what [TS]

  well I guess endurance is my best at ok [TS]

  oh and dan could you roll in a check for [TS]

  me as well or i can happily do that you [TS]

  say that this is a towering sand storm [TS]

  scott i was at 27 i was pretty tired [TS]

  calories you don't think it's something [TS]

  i could leap into aa you could ever love [TS]

  movies do you like my rings answer i [TS]

  could not leave bleep above say the same [TS]

  after you could not leave above it you [TS]

  could certainly leap into it [TS]

  yeah I ready to take a point of damage [TS]

  but ok I you didn't what did you do it [TS]

  into a 19 yea mandarin ok so you are or [TS]

  you are powering your way through the [TS]

  sandstorm as well you feel like you're [TS]

  making good progress [TS]

  Carlos yeah technologic point of damage [TS]

  take a point the image i am going to i'm [TS]

  going to let go of the rope and just [TS]

  power my way through i gotta get through [TS]

  this thing [TS]

  okay roll into his check for me that [TS]

  says screw your rope [TS]

  I we use my own and I my it's too [TS]

  complicated i can't follow this thing 15 [TS]

  excellence of course you're plowing [TS]

  through successfully it'sit's very [TS]

  excited you feel like once you let go of [TS]

  that rope you're no longer tied down [TS]

  yeah really freed you up see what i did [TS]

  there I got one if you could you you [TS]

  think you're going the right direction [TS]

  toward right up a girl strip if you [TS]

  could roll another d24 me Carlos you're [TS]

  doing in nature check 000 vertical okay [TS]

  so yeah that's a second so that's that's [TS]

  to get a plus-one modifier so it's still [TS]

  terrible [TS]

  well one is always a bad thing always [TS]

  huh so you're the negative 5 for any [TS]

  perception checks [TS]

  okay Antonio I said all checks for you [TS]

  or negative 5 but it's actually just [TS]

  perception i misspoke [TS]

  ok alright coming anyone gotcha [TS]

  yes your your you feel the rope [TS]

  kind of shift and kind of a become go [TS]

  slack a little bit because if someone [TS]

  let go of it you don't know who let go [TS]

  of it because it's it's still your [TS]

  outside the Maelstrom the Rope is in [TS]

  inside the the sandstorm shifting you [TS]

  can't see any of your party members [TS]

  you're pretty sure someone's at the end [TS]

  of this rope and that's about all you [TS]

  know now i'm at the end of my rope [TS]

  all right do I have but one row [TS]

  ah well I imagine you could find another [TS]

  role playing around because there's lots [TS]

  of equipment just there i know there's [TS]

  not another by corpse I could pork [TS]

  yes I i love it want you to have found [TS]

  you took a glass rope [TS]

  alright i have very little confidence in [TS]

  the navigate or abilities of my [TS]

  compatriots here so I'm gonna tie this [TS]

  rope to Iraq [TS]

  ok so they can find their way back out [TS]

  it's not just gonna be waving around [TS]

  when they attempt to return and then I'm [TS]

  going to grab another rope off of a [TS]

  nearby body just getting it to get [TS]

  another Rock alright i'm going to start [TS]

  making my way through the sandstorm on [TS]

  my own so catch you you jump into the [TS]

  sand storm roll a check of some kind you [TS]

  can pick up i would say roll perception [TS]

  for me perception check yes [TS]

  oh it's got a terrible modifier must I [TS]

  12 ok so you take damage and you feel [TS]

  like you don't know where you're going [TS]

  great [TS]

  Cody [TS]

  you take another point of damage that's [TS]

  what I do it's true [TS]

  uh yeah I see this is man versus nature [TS]

  it is man versus nature and nature make [TS]

  up another check so you can make an [TS]

  athletics track it during this trial do [TS]

  it insurance [TS]

  ok I really try and keep my mouth closed [TS]

  this time hold it to which with my [TS]

  modifiers are five so I as you I'm [TS]

  overcome with the need to give catch up [TS]

  like not taking advice from inside the [TS]

  sander i recommend a sheep dirty bad do [TS]

  you think you're very excited because as [TS]

  you're walking and the sand clears you [TS]

  step out and you realize you've walked [TS]

  into complete circle you're back where [TS]

  you started [TS]

  you see a rope two ropes times around [TS]

  leading and I should have looked at the [TS]

  store but you in fact are not in the [TS]

  sand storm against is Katja here no [TS]

  logical is not there now in the end one [TS]

  of those ropes but you don't have it if [TS]

  Cox goes here is gonna tell him very [TS]

  excitedly about another three cret I [TS]

  know that looks just like how the inside [TS]

  this during the storm has a lot of [TS]

  corpses it too huh [TS]

  alright that's Rod you are lost sight of [TS]

  the human but uh you can sally forth i [TS]

  guess i'll try that since the human is [TS]

  dead to me so I what checks if you may [TS]

  already made an endurance check and I [TS]

  made athletic check athletics check in [TS]

  and make you asked me to make a paycheck [TS]

  at the end of the last turn to but [TS]

  that's right make you can make an [TS]

  endurance check or perception check [TS]

  well those are the same for me so [TS]

  overall endurance [TS]

  26 ok you you are pretty sure that we [TS]

  take part of damage your pretty sure [TS]

  that you are very close to exiting the [TS]

  sandstorm in the right direction [TS]

  fabulous extra make another endurance [TS]

  check for another insurance check he [TS]

  said yes [TS]

  11 I was not a bit okay well nothing [TS]

  happened so yeah your materials serenity [TS]

  you are you are in the Maelstrom alright [TS]

  i'm in the Maelstrom I'm you like me to [TS]

  do you may want what kind of checks to [TS]

  be made already made a I think of [TS]

  perception and insurance [TS]

  ok so you can do endurance again nature [TS]

  or athletics endurance nature let [TS]

  exciting i'm gonna go with another [TS]

  endurance check and pray pray pray pray [TS]

  it can be okay you you feel like you are [TS]

  still on the right course [TS]

  alright you you take one point damage [TS]

  that's alright make another actually [TS]

  never been excellent you are doing well [TS]

  Carlos yes make role for forget to do in [TS]

  athletics check now I didn't do that I'd [TS]

  endurance last time you could do [TS]

  endurance again if you like or you could [TS]

  do athletics whatever you like [TS]

  let me do it reflects i'm i'm good at [TS]

  athletics go for it [TS]

  11 ok so you take put damage and you [TS]

  feel like you you feel like you kind of [TS]

  I lost your way a little [TS]

  yeah that's about right haha gotcha yeah [TS]

  you're you're you have your rope your [TS]

  you are going to roll on the Duras or [TS]

  nature or athletics but you say [TS]

  endurance nature our athletics right [TS]

  let's do a select something brute force [TS]

  and blast my way through this wall of [TS]

  stinging Sam if i can type o typing roll [TS]

  type sounds like you're typing so we [TS]

  made your mic D 20 plus six hot here [TS]

  14 ok that's not what we were going for [TS]

  you foo the sad storms pushing you back [TS]

  ah [TS]

  minotaur do i take a point of damage for [TS]

  myself at you you do take a bit of [TS]

  damage [TS]

  yeah I should shut up i roll one more [TS]

  time [TS]

  nature i believe you haven't done [TS]

  anything could do one more endurance if [TS]

  you like or perception [TS]

  those are all the same for me i wrote [TS]

  the Ten alright well you your kind of [TS]

  momentarily blinded by the sands sands [TS]

  when I did but I had the same to you [TS]

  you make no forward with him I really [TS]

  likable my checkbook adept all right i [TS]

  mean that's the upside Ragnar you are [TS]

  you're a radar you're outside the [TS]

  Maelstrom Reggi Reggi Reggi can I take a [TS]

  moment to like attempt to remove my [TS]

  perception for penalty you know like [TS]

  clear the sand out of the layers of sand [TS]

  out of my eyes [TS]

  yes yeah so you'll take this route to [TS]

  kind of dust yourself out and you feel [TS]

  like your perception is back to its [TS]

  normal acute self and that you can delve [TS]

  back in okay Johnny wait until next guy [TS]

  all right you do [TS]

  ah thanks Ren yes would you like me to [TS]

  roll another check of some sort I would [TS]

  what kind of check i would like you to [TS]

  roll on nature [TS]

  ok nature/nurture ok not-so-great take [TS]

  another point of damage [TS]

  ok and you are trying to use some of [TS]

  your nature skills to figure out which [TS]

  way to go but you feel like that work [TS]

  yes you could do an athletics check or a [TS]

  nature check yes let's do one of those [TS]

  with to athletics again [TS]

  ok 22 excellent you feel like you kind [TS]

  of like do your plowing through the [TS]

  sands going the right direction very [TS]

  exciting i'm excited you know if we all [TS]

  held hands would we be there by now [TS]

  I mean some of us i catch church [TS]

  yeah you can roll I want to chat or [TS]

  something [TS]

  endurance major perception you [TS]

  let's do start with my options endurance [TS]

  perception nature or ethics I'll do [TS]

  athletics again because that worked out [TS]

  so well last time and I got 24 this time [TS]

  excellent you are you are good closer to [TS]

  the edge that on the good edge you think [TS]

  Minotaur yellow rule something really [TS]

  really disappointed when you step out [TS]

  and Tony's there [TS]

  22 32 ok so you step out into the center [TS]

  of the Maelstrom and i will show you [TS]

  what you see when the rest of your party [TS]

  members assuming arrived [TS]

  man I wanted to get one up on them [TS]

  well you your head of the minute did I [TS]

  take that I think damage on that last [TS]

  turn I you did not have sweet your news [TS]

  gets done [TS]

  there's a light at the end of the [TS]

  Maelstrom if you had a rope you could [TS]

  take us all there [TS]

  I have a role he doesn't think I believe [TS]

  Jill to tell you the big guy [TS]

  yes no you're not tied to [TS]

  he's not gonna not on the same rope know [TS]

  you're trying to a rocky time me too i [TS]

  guess in the end of the male strippers [TS]

  like oh don't tell me what is this and [TS]

  pick the corrado fight I I just run the [TS]

  route I around the world I don't make [TS]

  the rules I serenity [TS]

  yes you feel like you're very close but [TS]

  your nature kind of failed you my nature [TS]

  and that's a great your nature check the [TS]

  veterans day so perception or endurance [TS]

  i would love to roll perception check [TS]

  actually go for that [TS]

  oh not great [TS]

  all right you are you you feel like you [TS]

  just buy the the skin of your teeth you [TS]

  you see like this weird shape in the [TS]

  sand so you you go towards it [TS]

  you exit the Maelstrom and you see the [TS]

  Minotaur standing there looking in our [TS]

  at something that i will show you when [TS]

  the rest of your products that I bet [TS]

  it's some sort of banana we are kind of [TS]

  hungry [TS]

  it's a good guess made out of malice [TS]

  Carla hand [TS]

  yes why don't you own and that for me [TS]

  try athletics or endurance those are [TS]

  probably your best spells are my best [TS]

  18 alright you feel like if you have one [TS]

  more success you better than I just [TS]

  sense it I said that what you guys go [TS]

  away [TS]

  that's right tasca yes you are still [TS]

  tied to a rock [TS]

  yes as answering my life straight it i [TS]

  like that you notice that there's [TS]

  another raw rope kind of going through [TS]

  the sad storm that you you you kind of [TS]

  figure out is tied to the minutes are [TS]

  you hope but if i follow up going to end [TS]

  up back at the rock we all know that [TS]

  well I so roll perception channel right [TS]

  15 i get all right so you grab onto this [TS]

  other rope and you are going towards [TS]

  what you think is the the outside of the [TS]

  male strip Carlos yes role in athletics [TS]

  check for be [TS]

  steam excellent you with your massive [TS]

  strength you barrel out of the storm you [TS]

  you kind of over doing so you trip a [TS]

  little into the Minotaur but you're so [TS]

  happy because as you look up past the [TS]

  Minotaur you see all rights Kamchatka [TS]

  yes you you've got yourself you've got [TS]

  this rope [TS]

  I sense there's something to see in the [TS]

  distance see you think they're my being [TS]

  a great vision in the distance [TS]

  let's roll let's see what did you do [TS]

  endurance want to try endurance [TS]

  athletics I lets you choose I'll choose [TS]

  athletics every time because I just [TS]

  looks on that and i get an 80 you get a [TS]

  16 actually no that's kinda that was [TS]

  God's you're late i'm back at the rock [TS]

  but no well actually that's shoot so you [TS]

  you you follow the Rope you think the [TS]

  Minotaur certainly on the other end you [TS]

  come out you step out of the sandstorm [TS]

  you see the rope that you tried to and [TS]

  you see Ragnar your human friends [TS]

  standing there clearly you are on the [TS]

  wrong side of the Maelstrom Ragnar hey [TS]

  unless you guys want to roleplay this [TS]

  you are through the mouth should I i [TS]

  imagine that we you know they find a [TS]

  rope there is now a rope that is taught [TS]

  between a rock and a minute or so they [TS]

  can sort of pick their way across and [TS]

  yet evidently not everyone can do that [TS]

  well now that Kachkar knows which way is [TS]

  which he can lead Ragnar to the Minotaur [TS]

  side of the rope so you both take a four [TS]

  points of damage because takes you four [TS]

  rounds to get through the Maelstrom and [TS]

  you exit the Maelstrom make you find the [TS]

  edge of a cliff [TS]

  Fergus and you see [TS]

  oh hey guys this is that look like a [TS]

  face to anybody else [TS]

  I'm still saying banana you see bahama [TS]

  cave meeting went [TS]

  of stone it is it is what appears to be [TS]

  a face in stone [TS]

  ok one more time for me if it appears to [TS]

  be a face face in the stone I say we [TS]

  could own it's like that song or poem or [TS]

  whatever right now i think it is a song [TS]

  because of our part [TS]

  alright walls of roaring dust [TS]

  circumscribe a hollow area of still air [TS]

  that are surrounding a high cliff face [TS]

  the cliff contains the relief carving of [TS]

  a massive humanoid face the empty eyes [TS]

  are black shadows but the gaping mouth [TS]

  is set with to granite obelisks that [TS]

  look like massive teeth you see flashes [TS]

  of several humanoids darting about [TS]

  within the mouth cavity [TS]

  it's the cavity creeps flossing would [TS]

  work so what do you do [TS]

  could we see from here could somebody [TS]

  try try to see better about what exactly [TS]

  is going on over there [TS]

  um its perception plea [TS]

  I could take a look appear with my [TS]

  mentor as I i wrote a 20 and perception [TS]

  20 if I can sit over there and see [TS]

  what's going on [TS]

  well you see uh do you have to just [TS]

  engineering skill anymore [TS]

  yes gineering is still roll roll [TS]

  engineering check their military man can [TS]

  I help mrs. sure yeah its back and it's [TS]

  not gonna be pretty [TS]

  I'm not helping oh I relief teen ok so [TS]

  you feel like they might be [TS]

  a hedge kitten which don't know if you [TS]

  for hedge kitten is that what you said [TS]

  edge kid about a hedge kitten [TS]

  although that would be much cuter it [TS]

  would be much cuter [TS]

  let's start settin the mac it's true [TS]

  let's see if i can show you a picture of [TS]

  his kids said it's and kidding there you [TS]

  see your picture i see ah oh that's [TS]

  adorable [TS]

  so that's what you think they are yikes [TS]

  now you don't know too much about them [TS]

  you know that they come from the rampant [TS]

  misuse of arcane power to alter them [TS]

  free time for that but i don't think you [TS]

  for that you're getting with these are [TS]

  no I'm against that that must be wiped [TS]

  from the planet [TS]

  I safe you know that they particularly [TS]

  enjoy killing spellcasters and that they [TS]

  they are indiscriminate eaters so they [TS]

  will eat any meat that comes upon them [TS]

  sentient beings or otherwise they vas [TS]

  they will eat the hot dog and the hot [TS]

  dog vendor know we love the hot dog [TS]

  vendor Taylor blocks so that's what you [TS]

  think you don't know how many are in [TS]

  there but you think that given your [TS]

  experience as a caravan guard and you've [TS]

  encountered these a couple of times you [TS]

  can tell by the like the way they move [TS]

  in the shadows what they are and you do [TS]

  I know if they are are they dangerous [TS]

  yes ok [TS]

  they're very dangerous let's go kill him [TS]

  you know that anything on this planet is [TS]

  to eat streets [TS]

  fair point how far away are we from the [TS]

  mouth of the cave [TS]

  I'll see your couple hundred feet away [TS]

  okay is there any way to approach that [TS]

  would be in any manner stuffy [TS]

  well there's just one little door here [TS]

  it seems like we could come up on either [TS]

  side of it [TS]

  yeah i mean you could sneak up on it but [TS]

  they're going to see you coming because [TS]

  11 entrance right so what if i call what [TS]

  if I pretend to be a bowl be an obelisk [TS]

  you could try to be starting now I'm not [TS]

  definitely not quite in that case I'm [TS]

  just going to run swing my mall and [TS]

  start like stopping towards them [TS]

  ok ah just not really into subtlety [TS]

  I mean I've got ahead of a bowl but what [TS]

  is it what is everybody else doing the [TS]

  Minotaur seems to be approaching the [TS]

  entrance to the cave [TS]

  yeah me too everybody's everybody's [TS]

  going out going you know and dad doesn't [TS]

  want to be left behind again [TS]

  is anybody really hurting from that [TS]

  sandstorm do we need a brief respite [TS]

  I've had worse I've had much worse is [TS]

  you had a lot worse etiquette [TS]

  okay so can everybody can see this map [TS]

  eous mm let's map it's mad the small map [TS]

  so i'm assuming that lets see [TS]

  does this look like it is inappropriate [TS]

  groping for everyone [TS]

  sure no copies should be like playing [TS]

  sars back and afraid I definitely want [TS]

  to be towards the back [TS]

  how do we feel about those tooth like [TS]

  structures should we are [TS]

  I don't know they make me a little [TS]

  nervous i'm against them waiting for [TS]

  them they creep me out [TS]

  so are you going inside the cave or what [TS]

  tell me exactly what you're doing [TS]

  I think regular would like to study [TS]

  those or at least glance at them before [TS]

  we moved between them a glance at them [TS]

  ok make a perception check that's pretty [TS]

  good [TS]

  17 plus 1 is 18 so they look like stone [TS]

  obelisks ok you don't I didn't actually [TS]

  tell you anything unusual happen that [TS]

  you see some writing on them you don't [TS]

  know what language it is but can I do a [TS]

  quick are kind of check on it and to [TS]

  determine if it is any kind of magic [TS]

  that would be 14 plus 11 is 25 so you [TS]

  you feel like there's some kind of magic [TS]

  is on the room at least you you know [TS]

  that their magic [TS]

  the rooms are written in magic but you [TS]

  don't have to say you think it might be [TS]

  some kind of general protection spell [TS]

  because you notice the cave is kind of [TS]

  what you can see into the cave it is [TS]

  fairly well kept in there so maybe it's [TS]

  cute out [TS]

  can I try to meet the runes or their [TS]

  magic they they are incomprehensible to [TS]

  you I've got our canna pretty good score [TS]

  on it actually they are magic of their [TS]

  income pronounce you would seems totally [TS]

  aboveboard [TS]

  let's go yeah I leave cared about the [TS]

  pillar this this stone face totally up [TS]

  to code [TS]

  uh so are you gonna go in or what's [TS]

  going up yeah we didn't come this far to [TS]

  stand outside stone-faced all right [TS]

  we'll move [TS]

  whoever is going to you can i'll go you [TS]

  can all move your characters how boy [TS]

  22 ok so as soon as you say versus death [TS]

  through the obelisks you notice that [TS]

  they are shooting lightning at you [TS]

  someone could've warned me [TS]

  heck of a job Greg day I rolled a pretty [TS]

  good roll these work this was meant to [TS]

  happen [TS]

  this is as it was I did not go through [TS]

  the pillars yet i'm talking i'm going [TS]

  around the party on media they're [TS]

  feeding and a robotic female voice is [TS]

  demanding I step back out [TS]

  alright so they are going to hit the [TS]

  Minotaur at least they're gonna try [TS]

  through they probably missed 15 verses [TS]

  reflex at know my reflex sucks [TS]

  alright so an arc of light big hits you [TS]

  in the chest [TS]

  I love it and you take 800 points of [TS]

  damage [TS]

  it's cranked stir on you said and eight [TS]

  points of damage and let's see who else [TS]

  catch go [TS]

  yeah i'm in there the other obelisk hits [TS]

  a reflex of 10 which i'm pretty sure [TS]

  misses you [TS]

  mm we had lost track of it on the thing [TS]

  it did mrs. you okay so [TS]

  that means that Astrid goes now do you [TS]

  have we will to where you're standing [TS]

  then you can see [TS]

  that guy's got lightning bolt them know [TS]

  there's a lot of these are like are in [TS]

  fact head kittens [TS]

  you notice so the one that has a [TS]

  lightning bolt you can see the other the [TS]

  to have skin that are just kinda hanging [TS]

  out there are armed with Klaus that's [TS]

  all they have the one that has a [TS]

  lightning bolt has claws as well but he [TS]

  also used notice sparks of electricity [TS]

  are kind of playing across his hide [TS]

  here so this is there there there sort [TS]

  of filling the entire this entire cavern [TS]

  corridor exam [TS]

  alright well that's never stopped me so [TS]

  i'm going to i will charge who are you [TS]

  to judge [TS]

  i'll charge the right above me to this [TS]

  guy George roll 3l in fact use my goring [TS]

  charge [TS]

  oh dear you're garringer it's always [TS]

  always comes back to Hitler doesn't know [TS]

  it's not so i will i will charge him [TS]

  actually [TS]

  so I'm going to roll to attack as a [TS]

  wedding cuz they're the ones that will [TS]

  be ok layer alright but i will as a free [TS]

  action i will mark him since he is right [TS]

  next to me [TS]

  ok so you use marked by any your [TS]

  compatriots see you charge up towards [TS]

  something most of them catch McCann see [TS]

  that you're charged towards this hedge [TS]

  can but everybody else has no idea you [TS]

  just have just behind the curtain [TS]

  I charge and then you get there and you [TS]

  swing your weapon and you miss [TS]

  completely catcha yes you're smaller [TS]

  than I thought [TS]

  so you can see a ahead skin there [TS]

  towards your left and one toward your [TS]

  right you saw your Minotaur friend [TS]

  charge towards the one that towards the [TS]

  left [TS]

  indeed these you see the obelisks are [TS]

  now both obviously traps they have [TS]

  electricity pulsing over them [TS]

  is it safe to say have passed through [TS]

  the area of the obelisks or am I still [TS]

  in danger by yeah you don't know you do [TS]

  know that it hits [TS]

  astron uh and he was further in than you [TS]

  are so and the the traps you can see [TS]

  that they do look active they don't look [TS]

  like it was a you know they hit once and [TS]

  then they shut off [TS]

  that's terrific all right i'm gonna leap [TS]

  because i love that [TS]

  where are you sleeping i'm going to leap [TS]

  inside quick look before you leave a [TS]

  whopping two squares [TS]

  ok whereupon I will immediately break [TS]

  into song [TS]

  ok that project my skulls or we're [TS]

  wiping boca I see that interesting and [TS]

  you are the skulls or a towards I don't [TS]

  know what it does so that is just an [TS]

  attack or just the thing that does stuff [TS]

  now this is my healing or basically ok [TS]

  now this is my healing or basically ok [TS]

  well then that's it so that is available [TS]

  wait wait wait [TS]

  oh you got something else to do okay [TS]

  that's a minor action is called aura [TS]

  yes you did move you did a minor and now [TS]

  and now I shall punch some kind words [TS]

  kind words and I were you cutting with [TS]

  your pretty bone months to cut the [TS]

  glowing head kitten down to size down in [TS]

  that bottom which water on the bottom [TS]

  ok the south and southeastern tunnel [TS]

  from where I start all right that's you [TS]

  not me [TS]

  let's see which is 13 verses plus i'm [TS]

  sorry it's plus 6 verses will so it's [TS]

  actually 19 so that its beauty and that [TS]

  is 1d8 plus 4 damage which comes to 11 [TS]

  all right he did not like that and oh [TS]

  person and I could protect well I'll [TS]

  just I'll just leave him where he is i [TS]

  could well do I have to pull him towards [TS]

  me i guess i can't guys in the way now [TS]

  you can put him through so friendly [TS]

  people can go through each other square [TS]

  so you can put him through the square I [TS]

  don't wish to I'm just saying if he okay [TS]

  you can leave them where I believe [TS]

  worries are Ragnar ok do I feel like my [TS]

  chances of running say to the left to [TS]

  the right of these opolis would be a [TS]

  perhaps potentially possible or [TS]

  successful or half through the obelisks [TS]

  you feel you would not be able to you [TS]

  have to go through the office after [TS]

  three obelisks gasta all right I'm gonna [TS]

  run up and join my friend katakana up [TS]

  there [TS]

  yes and so do the obolus discharge at me [TS]

  as i run past major not welcome to the [TS]

  party pal [TS]

  alright I will you know kind of build on [TS]

  the theme of our little encounter here [TS]

  by i'm going to target the to hedge can [TS]

  next to my minutes are friends with a [TS]

  arc lightly who [TS]

  ok so this is on the first guy right in [TS]

  front of the Minotaur yeah that would be [TS]

  a 12 verse reflex ok and the and 18 [TS]

  verse reflex on the guy slightly further [TS]

  past him [TS]

  alright so the first one you see kind of [TS]

  twist set of the way it doesn't get hit [TS]

  all you get the second one for 11 damage [TS]

  and you notice that you you were [TS]

  expecting it to do a lot more damage [TS]

  that it seems to have done it seems to [TS]

  have hardly even bothered him [TS]

  do these guys like the problems they [TS]

  love lightning like this is like they're [TS]

  like yeah tasty snack [TS]

  yeah i'm actually stronger than he was [TS]

  before you shot it but he's grown three [TS]

  feet tall [TS]

  Carlos and his heart is now two sizes [TS]

  too big [TS]

  yes you are outside alright if your [TS]

  party members of have jumped into the [TS]

  key okay i'm i'm running down there I'm [TS]

  gonna engage the enemy rats converge [TS]

  ok so that is that guy has been hits [TS]

  this is the one that actually that's not [TS]

  true [TS]

  this guy has not been hit yeah and I [TS]

  can't get to the other guy right guy [TS]

  you cannot get laid so I'm just gonna [TS]

  assume I battle rest and I'm gonna [TS]

  attack that guy with my trike all [TS]

  excellent 16 [TS]

  ah that hits Carlos do it [TS]

  11 excellent [TS]

  ok he [TS]

  does not appear to it sorry 1313 is not [TS]

  a rabbi got an extra 2 13 he enjoys that [TS]

  even less uh that he got hit so you hit [TS]

  him and then you notice he goes burrows [TS]

  underground [TS]

  oh nice what we got a low we got what I [TS]

  know a whack-a-mole situation here boy [TS]

  and now you are looking in there you can [TS]

  see another ok so you Carlos you notice [TS]

  there is a sparky head kin there with [TS]

  the lighting bolt and then there's this [TS]

  guy with a musical note on him and he [TS]

  seems to be chanting just a little note [TS]

  and like that points he points at you [TS]

  and he roars and oh he gets an 11 verses [TS]

  42 which i'm fairly certain listen I [TS]

  have 18 [TS]

  yeah so you feel this kind of blast of [TS]

  thunder rolled past you but it doesn't [TS]

  really do anything to you are you can [TS]

  write music it leave the country works [TS]

  at the bar here okay and now it's time [TS]

  for our little friends here so this is [TS]

  the the head scan that have no special [TS]

  icons are called stalkers and so there [TS]

  are attacking now and one will attack [TS]

  the Minotaur another will attack tony [TS]

  and this other one will let's see what [TS]

  can do so to attack and one burrows [TS]

  under and comes up to kind of blank [TS]

  the Minotaur but he does not attack so [TS]

  one attack on Tony they're using their [TS]

  claws so Tony does a 22 vs AC hit you I [TS]

  yeah i was i'm assuming dan and 11 vs AC [TS]

  misses you [TS]

  they'll miss so Tony you take 10 points [TS]

  of damage are now i'm in troubles and [TS]

  then the hitch kin ships away [TS]

  alright where do you think you're going [TS]

  I'm bloodied [TS]

  only uploaded now these Sparky ones are [TS]

  going we call radar that due to my aura [TS]

  you can utilize a healing surge at any [TS]

  point I really am Iron yeah I will do [TS]

  that on my turn but only twice for [TS]

  encounter so don't waste it twice each [TS]

  or twice total I western right Carl's [TS]

  return [TS]

  yes Sparkie guy next to you is going to [TS]

  try to use something and fails you [TS]

  notice a bunch of electricity kind of [TS]

  gathered around him and then it kind of [TS]

  shorts out fizzles drew loop and let's [TS]

  see the other one is going to move over [TS]

  here [TS]

  well now you can move here and then try [TS]

  the same thing on the Minotaur that [TS]

  failed against the new low and 13 verses [TS]

  fortitude and I imagine this that will [TS]

  miss vs 14 alright so the the light big [TS]

  fizzles out again and nothing appears to [TS]

  have ran into your turn [TS]

  everyone has gone in where you are now [TS]

  you can't see any of the enemy's alright [TS]

  well i'm a bum rush through those [TS]

  lightning pillars and pray they don't [TS]

  hit me [TS]

  no.5 uh well 56 [TS]

  there we go ok so being here this guy's [TS]

  nearest to me so he's gonna get a [TS]

  warlocks curse [TS]

  oh the Sparky guy yeah Sparky's going to [TS]

  get a warlocks christmas i don't like [TS]

  him very much [TS]

  I'm your Christmas deal damage they will [TS]

  in a second okay and i moved 3 plus [TS]

  square so I game concealment until the [TS]

  end of my next turn which is very useful [TS]

  and i'm going to go ahead and touch him [TS]

  with a hand of light which does not [TS]

  akande psychic damage no lightning here [TS]

  the chronic probably neurotic damage [TS]

  even erotic families non-european yeah [TS]

  you can't shake that off I it with new [TS]

  Woody Allen little untitled Woody Allen [TS]

  project for the forks and knives [TS]

  dr. all my dreams are about sand I'm [TS]

  unfortunately guessing that 12 verses [TS]

  fortitude is not going to hit know he he [TS]

  shrugs off the blight it laughs at you [TS]

  that's unfortunate mean haha you know [TS]

  I'm gonna pop in action point him again [TS]

  oh go for it not to trip too laughs [TS]

  seriously [TS]

  there we go that's more of 22 does [TS]

  infected [TS]

  okay that's good well for his laughter [TS]

  he's going to be taking let's see rule [TS]

  be taking a d8 + 5 + d 6 plus d 6 19 [TS]

  points of damage [TS]

  yes so here he is very very very bloody [TS]

  yeah you don't like man ana at a warlock [TS]

  p he's he's delighted you just been [TS]

  black all right ahead of Blige consumes [TS]

  you [TS]

  Jagger I can't hide behind them all game [TS]

  concealment [TS]

  dan you are one Jason your to rent your [TS]

  three Steve your for and Tony your five [TS]

  remember these numbers which number one [TS]

  I can tell you first about coins all [TS]

  right Rena ends to heave [TS]

  I remember the Scotch is really like [TS]

  numbers that's what this is about right [TS]

  here the dmn it is true so ren a18 no 23 [TS]

  verses reflex battle hands [TS]

  Steve a 17 vs reflex that will also hit [TS]

  all right when you take 14 points of [TS]

  lightning damage the obelisk lightning [TS]

  slabs of you and catch can you take and [TS]

  bring it here we are watching points of [TS]

  death this is the obelisk doing this [TS]

  craft of the obelisks 13 [TS]

  yes is bloodied astron alright haha head [TS]

  kid in front of you and hedging behind [TS]

  you as you consider left of the edge [TS]

  going to the right of it so [TS]

  astron will point his mall at this dude [TS]

  up here [TS]

  ok and as used as he does that spectral [TS]

  thorns will shoot out of it and try to [TS]

  grasp onto that guy who will see how it [TS]

  goes [TS]

  that's pretty awesome 18 vs AC and [TS]

  whatnot 18 that it's alright so he will [TS]

  take a little to take 13 damage [TS]

  alright and he is he's pulled adjacent [TS]

  to me and then i will action point is [TS]

  very bloodied and i will try roots of [TS]

  stone i also have combat advantage on [TS]

  him right now since he was pulled next [TS]

  to me so i will try roots of stone which [TS]

  is a burst one so this is going to get [TS]

  all three of those dudes around me [TS]

  yes it is well maybe not yeah well it's [TS]

  going to be a target i should say all [TS]

  three of them so let's try this will [TS]

  start it [TS]

  let's start it a six o'clock and just go [TS]

  clockwise [TS]

  ok so the guy below me and the guys left [TS]

  me then the guy above me [TS]

  alright here we go clockwise direction [TS]

  do i now 1615 this vs AC yep and 13 and [TS]

  heroes hit you have what [TS]

  wait sorry I comment on the second guy [TS]

  second i would actually be 17 17 hits it [TS]

  is the 16 hit as well [TS]

  16 it's yes alright so to those guys get [TS]

  hit so I'm the six o'clock guy and the [TS]

  blood guy gets it [TS]

  yeah wrecked yeah squawking that so [TS]

  because they will each take some more [TS]

  damage here [TS]

  all right we'll we'll take eight damaged [TS]

  piece in addition there is a zone of [TS]

  rippling earth in each of the squares [TS]

  around me of course there is hot and if [TS]

  they choose to leave it [TS]

  they are knocked prone and take some [TS]

  damage ok so do you like pickles also at [TS]

  the end my turn as a free action i will [TS]

  mark the two remaining guys there since [TS]

  it looks like I off to one of them [TS]

  you did one of them dies a smash them to [TS]

  build on mall [TS]

  nice job catch couture yeah you are [TS]

  bloodied i am not so happy with that you [TS]

  see your guitar has killed one of these [TS]

  people is there enough vertical [TS]

  clearance in here for me to leap over [TS]

  people are sure over hedge kids i should [TS]

  say since I compatibility know so you [TS]

  can leap over your own party members if [TS]

  you leave / ahead skin they have a [TS]

  chance the opportunity attack now I just [TS]

  as soon not exposed by delicate [TS]

  underparts however can I see anything [TS]

  over to my East here it's mostly [TS]

  dark-looking ah oh yeah you can see I'm [TS]

  just trying to get myself as far away as [TS]

  possible from the shooting obelisks [TS]

  i'm looking at where i could potentially [TS]

  go very few places [TS]

  okay well if I hop over here that is [TS]

  that valid or is there too much rock in [TS]

  that area just so you can be there [TS]

  ok i will be there probably not far [TS]

  enough away to make any difference but [TS]

  what they know you're still right next [TS]

  to it can no I'm concerned about the [TS]

  obelisks only obvious ok they're the [TS]

  reason I'm blood here and i will go [TS]

  ahead and use my mail a basic i will [TS]

  thrust my whatever it is my jerk [TS]

  muscular my yeah when [TS]

  oh not that one be trusting that anytime [TS]

  to my gift guy right now your gift I'm [TS]

  nest thrust my gift card forth towards [TS]

  the nearest hedge kid and attempts to [TS]

  cast him asunder at eleven o'clock gift [TS]

  to power plus 8 v AC which is when you [TS]

  hit you you hit successfully 1d eight [TS]

  plus four damage 9 i'm alright let's see [TS]

  that it is bloodied [TS]

  it's just bloodied just blood she's dude [TS]

  Beasley's guys are kind of tough record [TS]

  are they don't mess around man you're [TS]

  bloody you're standing next to a corpse [TS]

  and a Minotaur and a bloody head kid all [TS]

  right i want actually right next to me [TS]

  but I'm gonna take a step back first so [TS]

  that he doesn't punch me when I [TS]

  attacking with a range attack [TS]

  alright so i will take a step back and i [TS]

  will do a [TS]

  I mean catch me you hit him pretty hard [TS]

  there right like I gave him a good [TS]

  knighting oh I wanted to have how much I [TS]

  could go for a sure thing or I could go [TS]

  for possibly more damage [TS]

  let's go for the shirt thing I'm just [TS]

  gonna point at him and bam magic missile [TS]

  he takes seven damage all right he is [TS]

  still up [TS]

  damn huh there was a sharp eye will [TS]

  actually put them [TS]

  yeah which guys can I see other than [TS]

  that bloody guy right in front of me I [TS]

  you can see that it's really you [TS]

  actually can see over me and the guy [TS]

  down now [TS]

  no you can't because the outcropping is [TS]

  blocking the sparker guy and the [TS]

  Minotaur is yet you can only see the [TS]

  blood guy really then I will do another [TS]

  seven points and he does it works yay [TS]

  Carlos you've seen to hedge kin fall [TS]

  under you know stuff [TS]

  yeah so did my hate my language skills [TS]

  diwani I am I moved up a space and I'm [TS]

  gonna attack mr. lightning bolt mister [TS]

  sparky yes with my battle raps stance i [TS]

  I'm attacking him in my family basic 22 [TS]

  that hits and 16 and he's did yay [TS]

  nicely done did alright chanter the [TS]

  cancer that doesn't targeted joke and [TS]

  I like it Carlos she starts chanting a [TS]

  song of some kind and a cloud of static [TS]

  electricity comes towards you close i'll [TS]

  stick to you and it's really a possible [TS]

  441 bounce 18 verse 42 to have a tu [TS]

  that's what he needs so you take this 99 [TS]

  points of damage 19 points of static [TS]

  electricity damage and it's it stuff [TS]

  until really sticky questions dryer [TS]

  sheet you are days until the end of your [TS]

  next turn [TS]

  that's bad my friends it's not fun it's [TS]

  no good but I I can shake it off trust [TS]

  me I trust you actually do have I trust [TS]

  you Carla I have the ability I cuz i [TS]

  have incredible toughness [TS]

  that's right look at you that's [TS]

  incredible toughness and Santa alright [TS]

  so that we really have to give you [TS]

  yeah I i remember it attacks the [TS]

  Minotaur and special guest Peter [TS]

  Billingsley who is AA and now of the [TS]

  sparker there's one sparker left he is [TS]

  right by the minotaurs he is going to 13 [TS]

  verse 42 does nothing to the Minotaur [TS]

  nothing Red it's your turn [TS]

  oh goodness ok you can see the spark guy [TS]

  on the other side of the Minotaur you [TS]

  can also see the kind of normal non [TS]

  spark guy and that's about it from where [TS]

  you are right now i got i creep around [TS]

  into the corner and see our friends you [TS]

  see that you see the chanting guy a [TS]

  chance she dared I don't like you [TS]

  I'm gonna curse you with the Warlocks [TS]

  curse [TS]

  and with no idea you chanting and you [TS]

  probably control those awful lightning [TS]

  folds and well let's be frank you're [TS]

  gonna get a lot of hurt right now [TS]

  because been hurt [TS]

  yeah I like bags are hurt thanks heard [TS]

  of fun i'm going to shoot him with an [TS]

  eldritch blast go for it all right that [TS]

  is vs vs reflects that 25 hit that does [TS]

  hit fantastic [TS]

  he's going to take that some eldritch [TS]

  blast blast available soon at a retailer [TS]

  knew you [TS]

  holy cats a square by name well that's [TS]

  all you're fresh do you find our energy [TS]

  blasts hidan what I'm shocked full of [TS]

  eldridge when do I ever nine bites corn [TS]

  there's a yeah we eat pray love like [TS]

  when everything ok how I'm looking at it [TS]

  sorry you look mind bites does it [TS]

  automatically work as a part of my [TS]

  buyers your face it's it's you see at [TS]

  the bottom where it says additional [TS]

  facts and says plus 16 plus 1 d6 so [TS]

  what's the extra desex okay yeah just [TS]

  checking x36 comes from all right he's [TS]

  gonna take 16 points of damage 16 points [TS]

  damn nice that you might be cheating she [TS]

  does really well when when the rolls are [TS]

  good but the Ra'zac it's right there on [TS]

  the screen man I trust you all to you [TS]

  should I trust you [TS]

  alright so let's see Dan Steve they're [TS]

  not this again will kill the guy and I [TS]

  know the guys fine [TS]

  I mean he's not fine but he's not dead [TS]

  the guy with the note musical note is [TS]

  he's not blood yet and my game [TS]

  concealment again because I move three [TS]

  squares [TS]

  ok so Dan you are one we're number one [TS]

  Jason you are to Steve you are three [TS]

  Tony your for [TS]

  can we remember this now runs not in [TS]

  there [TS]

  alright Jason and Tony man [TS]

  no Jason nate is reflexive misses you [TS]

  too boo on 18 verses reflex [TS]

  ouch you ready getting right next to [TS]

  about it [TS]

  judge just hits me and you take 13 [TS]

  points of the Hawaiian down goodnight no [TS]

  goodnight everybody [TS]

  goodnight sweet red dark just gonna [TS]

  actually hard hard you gotta help him [TS]

  so ask what I way down to help I mean [TS]

  what kind of Europe it's our job singing [TS]

  and helping each other are fighting the [TS]

  head can above you you notice I electric [TS]

  bolt hit your new friend who walk wins [TS]

  ok and grabbed his chest he he looks [TS]

  like he's about to scream but nothing [TS]

  comes out and he falls to the grab that [TS]

  that angers astronaut you can take them [TS]

  all right to that guy above him he's [TS]

  going to put the weight of Earth down [TS]

  onto him [TS]

  oh snap that's what is interesting map [TS]

  with a 19 vs AC that hits he is slowed [TS]

  and he takes 72 ones seven damage [TS]

  wow that was pretty well that was a [TS]

  little right there [TS]

  snake eyes there was a lot of lead up to [TS]

  kind of disappointment is that all [TS]

  you're doing their astra i mean that's [TS]

  that's catchy don't forget it's like [TS]

  yeah you shouldnt you see all right uh [TS]

  Ragnar has has toppled to the ground [TS]

  oh this guy again in between the two [TS]

  hundred risks that are pulsing with [TS]

  electricity that's a great place to fall [TS]

  man thanks a lot [TS]

  what do I have to wonder what action do [TS]

  have to use to attempt to allow him to [TS]

  use healing well yes you still have a [TS]

  healing power right [TS]

  the only thing I've got his inability [TS]

  for them to utilize their [TS]

  own who that's an interesting point that [TS]

  you don't have anything you have [TS]

  believed so here's something else you [TS]

  don't have a healing word or a bardic [TS]

  partic happy show out of it [TS]

  alternatively Steve you or now i can use [TS]

  a minor action to allow an adjacent ally [TS]

  to spend a healing search and regain [TS]

  additional hit the same additional [TS]

  points [TS]

  how can you can use your minor action to [TS]

  let him get my just got to get right [TS]

  next to women between the objects first [TS]

  you do else i would say i would say next [TS]

  to me but not right between the alright [TS]

  alright so I'm gonna squeak over here [TS]

  all right and I willing two obelisks is [TS]

  the name of your eyes will utilize bond [TS]

  between two obelisks will utilize one of [TS]

  our two per encounter usage of the TV [TS]

  healing surge to attempt to do i do [TS]

  after all anything to make that work [TS]

  though I know you just have to actually [TS]

  you just roll a d6 and he gets that on [TS]

  top of his healing search for hip points [TS]

  now going to go road east do that [TS]

  locking 333 pleasure feelings for you [TS]

  get your service plus three you're [TS]

  getting so I'm alive I'm I hurry [TS]

  you're probably still be so times and [TS]

  still on the ground probably and [TS]

  solonius recognize future wait haha done [TS]

  I like always moving under that's true [TS]

  just and i will at this point cut some [TS]

  words cut some were you can see one head [TS]

  can I first of all I'm going to use my [TS]

  second wind [TS]

  I am bloodied so i will utilize my [TS]

  healing surge I also gained a plus 2 [TS]

  bonus to all defenses until the start of [TS]

  next turn for what good that'll do you [TS]

  mean that's what is what you can then I [TS]

  shell i will utilize my cutting words on [TS]

  the music man down here [TS]

  your songs are totally derivative Justin [TS]

  Bieber did it better than the 20 plus 6 [TS]

  verses will 1660 it hits and that 1d [TS]

  eight plus four damage on da plus 10 66 [TS]

  alright it looks Hale and Hardy that [TS]

  bugger but i'm no longer blood by the [TS]

  way [TS]

  Ragnar totally not my name [TS]

  whatever your name is that's cool i'm [TS]

  going to if I stand up I can't actually [TS]

  see anybody from there right that is [TS]

  correct [TS]

  so instead of standing up I'm gonna [TS]

  crawl pass kotka over to hear all right [TS]

  where i can see our lightning bolt [TS]

  legend friend be on the midterm are you [TS]

  can see both of them you can defeat but [TS]

  you noticed yes okay i'm going to [TS]

  dignify i'm going to you know I mean you [TS]

  just saved my life i want to do [TS]

  something useful [TS]

  I'm gonna crawl across the cave floor [TS]

  and I see the angle of the head Kim and [TS]

  I throw a ball of shadow infuse fire at [TS]

  him [TS]

  yeah I which one the one of the first [TS]

  things you're doing ok as you do have a [TS]

  24 if you miss one it just keeps going [TS]

  to hit the other people will it will [TS]

  automatically do damage to the other one [TS]

  even if I don't hit the 1i targeted so [TS]

  and I didn't target the one that would [TS]

  have hit our Minotaur friend so this is [TS]

  versus reflex i wrote a critical failure [TS]

  oh good at this game Tony it's not to do [TS]

  anything nice [TS]

  I does strangely the guy everyone [TS]

  adjacent to the person i targeted takes [TS]

  five fire damage [TS]

  alright so he is bloodied I did [TS]

  something you did excellent i'm deeply [TS]

  it's true Carlos you have my dead [TS]

  sparker next you a chanter in front of [TS]

  you and [TS]

  shadowy mysterious Anna in an alcove yes [TS]

  i am going to use my second wind to do a [TS]

  healing surge i am going to move up to [TS]

  two are chanter and i am going to attack [TS]

  him [TS]

  oh I by the way I used my incredible [TS]

  toughness so I'm not dazed as as as i [TS]

  promised and I'm going to I'm going in [TS]

  to it from my Bower a stance i'm going [TS]

  to perform a power strike a little [TS]

  longer [TS]

  sounds impressive it so yes it is but [TS]

  you're 25 25 hits to look [TS]

  yeah yeah how impressive it is [TS]

  just typing closest typing because the [TS]

  power strike makes it soup super-awesome [TS]

  3939 good Laura so you are leave him [TS]

  into is completely and reflect from not [TS]

  even bloodied two dead [TS]

  yes helped a little bit is the magic of [TS]

  Carlos car callison your wins i love the [TS]

  power strike double damage folks at the [TS]

  gender goes but he's did [TS]

  ah alright we've got a stalker cnx like [TS]

  electricity damaged by rubbing a little [TS]

  of his corpse [TS]

  well that's exciting that's twisted [TS]

  around and i don't like that [TS]

  14 verses a cement our mrs. so what is [TS]

  he going to do keeps missing directly [TS]

  over chapter [TS]

  now Google made us promise not to ruin [TS]

  the intellectual property of others [TS]

  sure this is a performance second is [TS]

  fair use [TS]

  so the i got like twenty two left her [TS]

  the stalker that was next to the [TS]

  Minotaur claws at you mrs completely and [TS]

  that burrows underground and then pops [TS]

  up three squares away [TS]

  well when he tries to do that oh wait [TS]

  now shoot i can't do I have to do it [TS]

  triggers when he tries to attack some [TS]

  bales what a jerk [TS]

  alright I'll our him he did try to [TS]

  attack you and then he was like screw [TS]

  this right here Jack somebody who's not [TS]

  me i'm going home [TS]

  alright so this marker goes and he he [TS]

  feels with electricity fizzles up [TS]

  because i can't roll [TS]

  well at all don't add it happens every [TS]

  Parker first time it's happened to be [TS]

  added it is your turn you are both head [TS]

  skin in this room are dead guys see that [TS]

  there's a there's a door at the end of [TS]

  that partition there and there's another [TS]

  kind of a cave entrance over here [TS]

  well being that I am relatively squishy [TS]

  and do not have a lot of head points i'm [TS]

  going to avoid going down unknown course [TS]

  you know what I think maybe how I'm how [TS]

  you doing over there Minotaur [TS]

  are you I'm far and I don't think [TS]

  they've actually managed to land an [TS]

  attack [TS]

  ok well i made i may use my second wind [TS]

  then because i'm i'm down pretty low [TS]

  go for it all right I'm gonna do [TS]

  anything else I'm staying where you are [TS]

  i think i'm gonna stay where I am [TS]

  because if i walk i don't have enough [TS]

  movement right now to get past those [TS]

  crazy lightning bolts and if I face step [TS]

  I'm gonna face step right in the [TS]

  physically guy's face and I don't know [TS]

  how I feel about that I I generally try [TS]

  not to face step into a physical guy [TS]

  yeah i mean that the lightning bolts [TS]

  they're not really [TS]

  when Anna enjoys more of a psychic [TS]

  damage person I understand that [TS]

  alright so the obelisks ah flash and two [TS]

  lightning bolts are out and both hit [TS]

  Carlos you're like I like a freaking [TS]

  lightning pole would probably take it [TS]

  how could even see me [TS]

  I'm nowhere near that other obelisk it [TS]

  could see you [TS]

  it can see every atom is channeling it's [TS]

  channeling the second one and goes [TS]

  through the hurt you complaining about [TS]

  static like for my kindness exoskeleton [TS]

  bends the light so it can see around the [TS]

  corner 18 points of damage to gross [TS]

  Oh out i'm not doing good i rolled very [TS]

  low as well so be happy Asteron you saw [TS]

  two bolts of energy march into down a [TS]

  camera that you don't know what's down [TS]

  there but then you heard a very malish [TS]

  sounding add that this animals make when [TS]

  they're fine [TS]

  I'm had that I know that for you see the [TS]

  emergency is bloodied if you like [TS]

  because i really am I will do that there [TS]

  is a sparker in front of you one of the [TS]

  stalkers has burrowed away and seems to [TS]

  be kind of running away somewhere i'm [TS]

  going to advance on the sparker all [TS]

  right to put the weight of the world on [TS]

  him again [TS]

  the other goes try to resist him huh [TS]

  seventeen seventy vs AC hits [TS]

  BAM alright let's do a little better [TS]

  this time I want to have it all yet so [TS]

  he takes 12 damage [TS]

  alright and I'm going to mark him Sokka [TS]

  you yes sir yes what was happening I die [TS]

  you did not your is your turn [TS]

  uh Ragnar ranked higher at UC heat my [TS]

  child under right he crawled underneath [TS]

  you so you know that he is at least a [TS]

  lot huh you see the Minotaur has [TS]

  advanced down the corridor you saw two [TS]

  lightning bolts arch into Carlos and [TS]

  that's about as just as you know okay [TS]

  mmm can't see you can see where you are [TS]

  now you can see the non Sparky guy and [TS]

  the back of the Minotaur [TS]

  ok so if i move over here directly [TS]

  behind the Minotaur yes now you can see [TS]

  a sparker and do you can see both of [TS]

  them [TS]

  ok i will go ahead and who may be [TS]

  something other than cutting words once [TS]

  in awhile i'm going to launch a a focus [TS]

  to sound at the sparker here [TS]

  that is a plus 60 reflex already [TS]

  oh man i would be a critical fair that's [TS]

  like a critical that makes you miss that [TS]

  well I'll stick with what you know i got [TS]

  that pretty much does it for the part [TS]

  right [TS]

  reggaeton alright I am going to can I [TS]

  stand on his head can corpse [TS]

  yes I'll do that except it's under me [TS]

  except it's over the reason I dived for [TS]

  cover under the heading for sure you [TS]

  want to crawl under the corpse [TS]

  oh I you know what sorry I can't do that [TS]

  because i have to stand up [TS]

  oh that's true so I stand up it's great [TS]

  i'm feeling really confident i see this [TS]

  parking guy beyond my minute-by-minute [TS]

  or friend you do a straight up there and [TS]

  I'm going to give him the the old [TS]

  Templars fist you can all come to 140 as [TS]

  the Templars fish noise just talking [TS]

  about that is only 13 but it is versus [TS]

  will 30 that will hit alright check it [TS]

  that guy I'm checking it he's gonna have [TS]

  a variety of things happen to him [TS]

  because I put a lot of good for a [TS]

  variety of things [TS]

  alright let me take 90 singing dad okay [TS]

  and these days he's blooded anything i [TS]

  love all those things goodness it's not [TS]

  like you're describing me he's Tony [TS]

  Orlando and on [TS]

  he's knocking twice on the pipe and I [TS]

  will you know what I'll do I don't I [TS]

  this is a free action but encounter [TS]

  power i will use spook spook ya i gather [TS]

  the shadows to myself so that when you [TS]

  speak your words drip with medicine you [TS]

  guys don't pay attention to this um this [TS]

  is totally normal [TS]

  i'm going to make it intimidate check [TS]

  but instead of using my intimidate [TS]

  modifier which let me tell you for [TS]

  reading are not so great [TS]

  I'm i get surrender I get to use my [TS]

  Arcana markiplier because i'm using [TS]

  magic to be spooky oh so I'm gonna try [TS]

  and intimidate that a bloodied education [TS]

  into maybe surrendering or whatever it [TS]

  is they do where they ok that would be a [TS]

  26 intimidate well I a certainly fail [TS]

  that ok so he seems shaken [TS]

  okay we can't do anything right now [TS]

  because that mr. but so be it [TS]

  I'm done Carlos yes you're as a [TS]

  surrounded by two corpses and remember [TS]

  i'm feeling kind of course like myself i [TS]

  have very very little strength can I am [TS]

  I was thinking of moving over here and [TS]

  seeing what's down this corridor and [TS]

  also being further away from various all [TS]

  my leads that is an empty corridor [TS]

  hangout time say yeah sounds awesome i'm [TS]

  just gonna be there all right i'm gonna [TS]

  sit I'm going to sit down and meditate [TS]

  for a while back a long time ago we used [TS]

  to have friends yeah I have to I have to [TS]

  hit points there's really nothing I [TS]

  could do [TS]

  well that'll do take a load of me and we [TS]

  got this covered have used your second [TS]

  wind Jason because that we have [TS]

  something worth doing inside i did use [TS]

  my second when you are silent tears [TS]

  still within my aura issued it to echo [TS]

  around the wall there you could I decide [TS]

  to sync API I think of all the solid [TS]

  massive row how far how far receives [TS]

  Steve's aura that's five but you kinda [TS]

  gotta find Waldo you have to be [TS]

  can I do this [TS]

  have to be outside of the united behind [TS]

  Tony basically or you know two squares [TS]

  behind Tony but outside of this little [TS]

  side captain in prime in prime obvious [TS]

  lightning Tara trapping Zappa of Israel [TS]

  location location location true love it [TS]

  or list i'm just going to stand here [TS]

  people listed all right so that offer [TS]

  goes yeah sorry guys on us and the spark [TS]

  is not really well actually he's going [TS]

  to run he's like I sparking as irritated [TS]

  and he burrows under crowd its load [TS]

  though so you can't go very far on the [TS]

  street it's about it comes up and place [TS]

  too deep and then stop as well he does [TS]

  that's alright no worries and manager [TS]

  ok well let's see where's the nearest [TS]

  parking guy he's over there he is [TS]

  yes you can see all right that's okay i [TS]

  can leave now [TS]

  let's see or five [TS]

  6 i'm gonna hang out here but in the [TS]

  corner a little high [TS]

  okay cool i'm gonna throw a warlocks [TS]

  curse on Sparky [TS]

  oh and i can basically through warlocks [TS]

  curses on anybody wants to return as [TS]

  long as they are the closest person to [TS]

  me and i'm going to go ahead and hit him [TS]

  with an eldritch blast as well go for it [TS]

  and I like he does not look very good 24 [TS]

  you hit him [TS]

  that seems promising 5 plus 6 plus i [TS]

  don't think he's gonna make it 20 damage [TS]

  he's dead he's obliterated I had the [TS]

  situation under control [TS]

  there's a sparker Shh I didn't want some [TS]

  of the funds sparker was let's see [TS]

  so Dan is 1 through 3 and tony is 313 so [TS]

  I look everybody gets it [TS]

  what for dad would for Cody these I may [TS]

  be in trouble yet are not so Dan 16 [TS]

  verses reflex that's definitely hit and [TS]

  Tony a 22 versus reflects on out we're [TS]

  great [TS]

  uh-huh so Dan you take a 16 points of [TS]

  damage as a lightning bolt hits her Iran [TS]

  it's bloody and Tony you take 11 footage [TS]

  how just enough to knock me down again [TS]

  oh no I get back up again I had such a [TS]

  great plan for what I was gonna do I'm [TS]

  gonna totally hypnotized that guy and [TS]

  make him walk back toward us didn't eat [TS]

  loads faster on our crime well [TS]

  there's not much here except for this so [TS]

  I'm going to walk over and take a mall [TS]

  to that obelisk ok [TS]

  wow that's a great idea we should have [TS]

  done that like the gate different yes [TS]

  23 versity whatever you hit that really [TS]

  you think Asteron get the ball and stick [TS]

  your finger in the lad 13 damage [TS]

  ok and it nothing happens to me nothing [TS]

  at all know that just makes me more [TS]

  watery that was Jordans have an idea we [TS]

  got the wizard catcha it's your turn [TS]

  ok crap i got this half dead dude just [TS]

  to the south of me to be fair you [TS]

  already saved me once so you know I feel [TS]

  it you don't owe me anything at this [TS]

  point [TS]

  well you know I suspect if I may [TS]

  interject that we will need some since [TS]

  these are obelisk sort of an arcane [TS]

  nature that we might need someone with [TS]

  some specialty in that in order to [TS]

  deactivate them [TS]

  hmm may I suggest that guy down there [TS]

  keep zapping people with lightning both [TS]

  so I was thinking you might be a good [TS]

  bet I actually envision what else [TS]

  happened to have but happies you would [TS]

  like to take a look at it i am a [TS]

  law-abiding runes and failed miserably [TS]

  so we can write I have a sinking feeling [TS]

  there's not much we can do directly on [TS]

  the obelisks but they're so my hammer [TS]

  did little that's true i've heard that [TS]

  about you so I don't know at the very [TS]

  least it seems like getting radar out of [TS]

  the way of the obelisks might be a good [TS]

  move [TS]

  however I'm not presently adjacent to [TS]

  him so that's the role to drag my corpse [TS]

  downhill its collective you can you can [TS]

  move it [TS]

  I you you don't have to roll you can [TS]

  walk over there pick them up and move [TS]

  your full movement if you want really [TS]

  now I'll take that [TS]

  I'll take that offer so where you go i'm [TS]

  going to drag him down this hall here so [TS]

  my movement is oh where did they hide [TS]

  the movement of my speed you're screwed [TS]

  alright so we will move 6 spaces from [TS]

  right here underneath the dead hedge kin [TS]

  since that seems only fair [TS]

  the 123456 go that way [TS]

  yeah take him with you and there's [TS]

  nothing like being cradled in the [TS]

  soothing arms of meetup for four of the [TS]

  giant insects pachyderms sure I'm [TS]

  cradling hell out of you right now [TS]

  oh that's your filter katka radar you [TS]

  are unconscious i will roll see if I die [TS]

  yes 18 and feeling I mean you know [TS]

  you're feeling our watches I'm not [TS]

  feeling anything but i'm not sending out [TS]

  Carlos are you still ought in your cabin [TS]

  chillin i am for now any suggestions [TS]

  about what i should do should i should i [TS]

  run the gauntlet of the electro field i [TS]

  have to hit points [TS]

  well you notice you you all have noticed [TS]

  that the obelisk goes off at a set [TS]

  pattern [TS]

  oh hey i noticed that you have as as if [TS]

  it has rolled initiative and it has a [TS]

  spot in combat so you know that it will [TS]

  not just randomly go off [TS]

  and if you were paying attention you [TS]

  might know when it will go off at the [TS]

  end around when there's also Carlos [TS]

  there's also like an awesome door that [TS]

  probably doesn't have that stuff behind [TS]

  it over there could hardly go explore by [TS]

  yourself with to hit points without [TS]

  mentioning anything knots [TS]

  is there something I could do to heal [TS]

  much to heal myself or do i need to get [TS]

  to Steve to do that i will know you you [TS]

  there's i think if you use your second [TS]

  winter [TS]

  unfortunately find out what how fast is [TS]

  your move speed you can run so Swisher [TS]

  moves b6 so you can get as many as 14 [TS]

  squared away from where you are right [TS]

  now if you run which gives you an [TS]

  additional two squares and then do it [TS]

  twice so you can get all the way up to [TS]

  us when probably out of the range of the [TS]

  obelisk which seems to have a it does [TS]

  seem to have a limitation on either [TS]

  distance or line-of-sight I'm sorry what [TS]

  run is is double speed you could secreto [TS]

  can move you can move twice because you [TS]

  can swap your ID and run is an [TS]

  additional two squares permit alright so [TS]

  if your speed six you can get two sixes [TS]

  plus four additional essentially or I [TS]

  could make my way back there to Carlos [TS]

  after dealing with fixing regular I so I [TS]

  just I just moved up here [TS]

  oh yes the current list let's keep our [TS]

  corpses on these are pieces in one place [TS]

  that's assault consolidate gonna move [TS]

  all the dead people off and can i yeah [TS]

  can I do anything else or is that move [TS]

  was not want to do an action point that [TS]

  the good news here is since I've already [TS]

  gone this round I will be the only [TS]

  person probably left in range when his [TS]

  time for the couplets that's probably [TS]

  true [TS]

  ah stalker girl right i can drag you to [TS]

  so Carlos Carlos so it is dignified [TS]

  manner as possible ran past the novelist [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  rod fools run stuff like you who's Anna [TS]

  shorter ok well i think i'm gonna follow [TS]

  the train here [TS]

  ok don't worry about me i'll just take [TS]

  care of this up but I can help you in [TS]

  any way the obelisk to have to come back [TS]

  for me when I get versus the Minotaur [TS]

  believe he is within or arrange for what [TS]

  good that does so 20 verse 3 flex your [TS]

  right no don't know what help [TS]

  yeah so you got hit with two lightning [TS]

  bolts [TS]

  I'll be fine damn again [TS]

  no just me why you gotyou got a badass [TS]

  around 26 points of damage for ya [TS]

  wait out there's just something about [TS]

  Dan spacing scotches wants to cave in [TS]

  and I don't like its character catch [TS]

  guys having flashbacks tier 2 a graph [TS]

  dying in front of a medic fund as the [TS]

  body of a Minotaur hits the cafard I [TS]

  tried catcha it is your true yes uh-huh [TS]

  so I believe he is within range of my or [TS]

  es he's five away just down the hall [TS]

  there is yet you're still gonna need to [TS]

  get next to me because i did not spend [TS]

  it for myself you have an action point [TS]

  Steve know i used it [TS]

  oh I had a really great idea based on [TS]

  you [TS]

  what did I use it actually i don't think [TS]

  i did use it is my second wind but did [TS]

  not use my use because if you action [TS]

  point you could run over they're healed [TS]

  him and then use your action point to [TS]

  get running back away [TS]

  yeah I don't know if you just put but i [TS]

  will say you did I don't think I did I i [TS]

  think i use my second wind but there's a [TS]

  flaw in that plan Tony oh because of the [TS]

  order is your higher up in the order [TS]

  technically shouldn't have I gone after [TS]

  the obelisks got ah yes the order [TS]

  I'm first so you would have to run over [TS]

  there basically the actually better for [TS]

  run over pick-me-up run yeah right [TS]

  that is I won't allow that alright my [TS]

  use your mom are all the one of my depth [TS]

  saving throw some no that's auspicious [TS]

  classic dan always i got these carrots [TS]

  are damn man did what I even named them [TS]

  give them numbers [TS]

  yeah 11 and one you know you want to [TS]

  make love jack dies haha cooks cut yes [TS]

  so what a good boy am doing a lot of [TS]

  dragging i find this encounter are you [TS]

  gonna use your extra points to run down [TS]

  there [TS]

  drag your Minotaur corpse back i guess [TS]

  that corpse as a coordinator will be the [TS]

  record I'm having flashbacks i'm i'm a [TS]

  future court right so I'm gonna who [TS]

  remember all here to grab the Minotaur [TS]

  as best i can and pull him back sprayer [TS]

  3456 up into the pile of the half dead [TS]

  people here [TS]

  ok costumes really up you know I was [TS]

  gonna be pulling his weight but [TS]

  apparently pulling other people's ways [TS]

  either fully a lot of weight him and let [TS]

  god I look at this [TS]

  yeah 14 I'm good group [TS]

  Carlos yes corpses to the left you I [TS]

  feel free time anymore and help them use [TS]

  their healing surge there you may write [TS]

  all of them [TS]

  I'm not equal now don't don't I know [TS]

  just try to kill them first before I [TS]

  heal myself I wouldn't necessarily use [TS]

  the or at this point because it can be [TS]

  busted out an emergency if somebody's [TS]

  close to death that's exactly clear [TS]

  anything you were great [TS]

  yeah so you could roll uh roll to health [TS]

  Randy's in fact is the better thing to [TS]

  do would be to grant me my second gets a [TS]

  he'll check which will actually let me [TS]

  regain that since i did not come at last [TS]

  second wind so do that for the debt down [TS]

  if you like Jason so that's very easy [TS]

  for you to check out your life so roll [TS]

  body and then add your he'll score [TS]

  no you need to be 210 for me write this [TS]

  allele school [TS]

  yes it's under skills [TS]

  oh well that's a big one the one ya tell [TS]

  it's like you're not exactly what you [TS]

  leave Jason way to follow orders good [TS]

  job [TS]

  no more effort than needed that's that's [TS]

  like that's what you're like a union [TS]

  mode i maximize here [TS]

  nope alright so my second wind and i'm [TS]

  up to 10 hit points yay we get shot [TS]

  again you hear in the distance a gong [TS]

  sound time for dinner guests check Paris [TS]

  this rating are kind ability and now it [TS]

  is your turn [TS]

  it's my turn [TS]

  just yes still not some not some great [TS]

  ok well how can I can just roll to grant [TS]

  you already have or use your second wind [TS]

  though haven't you [TS]

  I have not you have not okay well no [TS]

  I'll roll to grant your second wind [TS]

  Saudi 20 yeah that didn't work so well [TS]

  i'm sorry it's okay i have it i haven't [TS]

  failed to save yet so it's like it's not [TS]

  super risky he says before failing x360a [TS]

  be done like it still save you an [TS]

  emergency so just just relax [TS]

  I still got most of my blood inside Oh [TS]

  Scott's missing the obelisks ah Dan go [TS]

  dance steps away from the ice [TS]

  I am freaking out here yeah that's a [TS]

  good actually before i go i will try to [TS]

  use my he'll check first to see if i can [TS]

  get it's gonna be really great [TS]

  11 haha use your second wind and now i'm [TS]

  out pieces [TS]

  what are you wanna mess around with lots [TS]

  of lightning [TS]

  let's get out of here ok so you like [TS]

  Scoob like run [TS]

  dad you later on the corner you can use [TS]

  you see [TS]

  yes I lobster you you see something you [TS]

  never know officers wait there's water [TS]

  here you can never tell me you never [TS]

  slightly you retire [TS]

  ah such as much water as you see before [TS]

  you a dear life [TS]

  this is as much water as you've seen [TS]

  coming out of the water though is this [TS]

  weird kind of fitness aberrant I like [TS]

  him [TS]

  evil-looking old lobster that's very [TS]

  juggy a strong give him one of these [TS]

  that is the appropriate reaction to make [TS]

  this so that was the frying pan and this [TS]

  is the fire he can a little side to side [TS]

  so you have a good tip okay and then [TS]

  it's just kind of your you are surprised [TS]

  by it surprised by you [TS]

  nobody's doing it gotcha yeah haha it's [TS]

  your turn [TS]

  ask God says don't come this way I need [TS]

  some hitpoints can somebody help me as [TS]

  you can help yourself you'll still be [TS]

  within my aura if I shoot up here 12345 [TS]

  okay good [TS]

  we really need a place to take a short [TS]

  rest if any of us are going to begin hit [TS]

  points cuz i'm at ten and I no way of [TS]

  gaining above that like we have i'm at [TS]

  ten Jason's it too and we have one [TS]

  healing power left from see any [TS]

  recommendations should be jogged past [TS]

  the obelisk run [TS]

  yet the avila shoot out as well as in [TS]

  why did they shoot in that world is [TS]

  looking for and what you want to keep [TS]

  people only get to work once per round [TS]

  they can't depend on you being outside [TS]

  during well uh if his radar alive make a [TS]

  make a an Arkansas chick right there [TS]

  that's the that's a d-10 this will be a [TS]

  much better [TS]

  26 so you know that pasty as you are the [TS]

  first time a party member pass through [TS]

  the to Alice they activated this arcane [TS]

  trap and so it can most likely shoot [TS]

  either way but it wasn't active yet so [TS]

  it didn't do it now that was activated [TS]

  that was in fact you wasn't it radar [TS]

  that wouldn't you do that when I'm [TS]

  outside I wasn't the first person to I [TS]

  was like trying to study it like a seems [TS]

  fine [TS]

  this yeah but oh no it's a bullhead over [TS]

  sorry i cant yeah I can be a little had [TS]

  a Minotaur [TS]

  want long yeah why do I bother name of [TS]

  your mouth and ash go suppose it's safe [TS]

  to wait around and see if this guy comes [TS]

  towards that's probably not here he's a [TS]

  lobster in water maybe he likes where he [TS]

  is now I yeah too bad we don't have any [TS]

  of those electrocution guys around you [TS]

  throw them in there [TS]

  alright let's drag one of the obelisks [TS]

  up here so that it can zap the lost just [TS]

  toss the sparker in there is there still [TS]

  corpse laying around maybe there's a [TS]

  little residual electricity that there [TS]

  is probably the corpse or I dad would [TS]

  actually do anything it's dumb idea [TS]

  never mind [TS]

  alright again outside the box though I [TS]

  like yeah appreciated i'm gonna sprint [TS]

  up here behind my bullheaded friend and [TS]

  yes once again i'm going to deploy the [TS]

  cutting words towards this rather cry [TS]

  dr. Zoidberg crappy-looking individual [TS]

  over here all else that many tentacles [TS]

  ICB was better I've better idea what a [TS]

  little yeah that looks like told you not [TS]

  to come around the corner [TS]

  I'm gonna run back there oh it doesn't [TS]

  look like a guy love to but so you're [TS]

  doing cutting words against it I guess [TS]

  ok that is is that versus what does it [TS]

  work for this is V ready go plus 6b well [TS]

  okay hoping this thing won't have a lot [TS]

  of will [TS]

  oh that most creatures don't it's [TS]

  usually their lower this you know where [TS]

  there's a will there's a bar if they [TS]

  have so much well why would they be [TS]

  living in case that's a good point [TS]

  oh that's true then it's no wonder that [TS]

  maybe maybe they came in looking for a [TS]

  way 19 you hit i love that love that [TS]

  it'll damage so that does once again one [TS]

  day plus for a whopping six alright it's [TS]

  really your words have wounded temple [TS]

  they become deeply like a chance dead is [TS]

  he [TS]

  his lock he's not even blooded so i had [TS]

  to stand up stand up and all I don't [TS]

  think I mean I can't see anyone get up [TS]

  there and attack so i'll just move here [TS]

  because I want to clog the hallway [TS]