The Accidental Tech Podcast

246: I Just Want My Stories


  oh god I can't imagine have to put a key [TS]

  in a steering column Oh grow like an [TS]

  animal it's fun twisting twisting [TS]

  twisting the key is fun yeah [TS]

  John how do you live man get in foot [TS]

  down the clutch foot on the brake twist [TS]

  the key that motion is still you know [TS]

  it's the thing you know it's even better [TS]

  than that [TS]

  get in push the gas yeah yeah I'm sure [TS]

  Jeff loves it when you just get out of [TS]

  her car and leave it rolling down the [TS]

  Drive running and unlocked all the [TS]

  windows open air conditioning on radio [TS]

  blaring you're probably serious I bet [TS]

  this is happen at least once I I have [TS]

  not left it like in year rolling but I [TS]

  have left his car running and unlocked [TS]

  [Laughter] [TS]

  all right so let's let's start the show [TS]

  in we'll start with some neutral [TS]

  follow-up apparently people pay [TS]

  attention to racing cars and people pay [TS]

  attention to Formula One I'm not really [TS]

  clear why and apparently pleaseplease [TS]

  right Marco [TS]

  apparently ever pretty much every racing [TS]

  car has its paddles on the wheel [TS]

  I was lamenting last week that the Alfa [TS]

  Romeo had its paddles on the column [TS]

  which I've heard other like car [TS]

  reviewers and in people like that say oh [TS]

  it always has to be on the column but I [TS]

  don't really understand why cuz I didn't [TS]

  like it that way and I and I had at the [TS]

  same time a BMW loner and f30 loner and [TS]

  that had the the paddles on the on the [TS]

  wheel and I much preferred that so [TS]

  anyway so a lot of people wrote in to [TS]

  say pretty much every racing car has the [TS]

  paddles on the wheel you were right [TS]

  that's where it should be and somebody [TS]

  and I don't I don't remember who this [TS]

  was I apologize but somebody said to me [TS]

  and this is just a theory but I mean it [TS]

  makes sense to me maybe it's less of a [TS]

  big deal for racecar drivers because [TS]

  their wheels don't typically do like an [TS]

  entire revolution if you think about it [TS]

  they're typically you know doing maybe a [TS]

  30 or 60 or maybe a 90-degree turn but [TS]

  but I would assume not often not much [TS]

  more than that if I'm wrong I don't [TS]

  really care I was just just a thought [TS]

  exercise so no big deal but I just [TS]

  thought I'd cover that really quickly I [TS]

  did [TS]

  responses related this were due to me [TS]

  musing about what f1 cars might be [TS]

  knowing nothing about f1 and I had a [TS]

  brain fart there that was my bad I was [TS]

  like oh f1 cars they don't they don't [TS]

  even use pedals cuz they got all those [TS]

  buttons on the steering wheel and while [TS]

  there is a very often a button to shift [TS]

  into neutral [TS]

  they still use paddles for everything so [TS]

  never mind on that I did have to give [TS]

  the alpha-male back I was very very sad [TS]

  it pulled away in and I wept [TS]

  not really but I was sad and now I'm [TS]

  back to my my BMW life is rough I tell [TS]

  you god I sound like such an intolerable [TS]

  piece of crap alright moving on [TS]

  let's toad actually it's getting no [TS]

  better as it turns out let's talk about [TS]

  our iPhone orders and our [TS]

  thousand-dollar phones I quit this is [TS]

  just going nowhere good so I think one [TS]

  of the biggest things that we have [TS]

  learned in this entire iPhone 10 cycle [TS]

  is that the rumor mill is completely [TS]

  full of shit now like it's complete bull [TS]

  all of it it's heard out so much of it [TS]

  was complete bull yeah [TS]

  and we were and we were complicit or at [TS]

  least speak for myself I was complicit [TS]

  in it because I was I was probably the [TS]

  most worried to the three of us about [TS]

  not getting a phone until 2020 and I was [TS]

  freaking out about it for no reason well [TS]

  as well as it turns out spoiler alert [TS]

  now we're he's in but but yeah I was [TS]

  just as deep in this as anyone else if [TS]

  not more so and I don't know I was [TS]

  trying to like do a retrospective which [TS]

  is a word that you don't really [TS]

  understand Marco but John will I was [TS]

  trying to have my own little one-man [TS]

  retro meeting I believe it's called a [TS]

  post-mortem in the parking lot yeah [TS]

  exactly right yeah so you do know so [TS]

  anyway so I was I was tossing things [TS]

  into the parking lot I was as I was [TS]

  having my one-person retro and I don't [TS]

  really know specifically where this [TS]

  notion came from I mean I was one of the [TS]

  ones parroting it so I'm guilty I am a [TS]

  hundred and fifty percent guilty but [TS]

  where did we all get it in our brains [TS]

  this is not just the three of us this is [TS]

  the Royal us where did all the talking [TS]

  heads get it in their brains that it was [TS]

  going to be this bad like Meredith [TS]

  discomfort the phone the phone is supply [TS]

  constrained and people had guesses about [TS]

  how many they were going to make and [TS]

  there [TS]

  stories about parts shortages so that's [TS]

  that's what it was it is like oh they [TS]

  can't make enough of those 3d dot [TS]

  thingies and supposedly they lowered [TS]

  their standards for the dot thing used [TS]

  to make more of them but then Apple said [TS]

  no we didn't do that that's BS I mean at [TS]

  this point fast few cycles you have to [TS]

  imagine that a lot of those stories [TS]

  about apples manufacturing problems and [TS]

  blah blah blah are things motivated or [TS]

  not planted by competitors but like that [TS]

  they're they're motivated stories that [TS]

  somebody wants to put that information [TS]

  out there to sow doubt into Apple [TS]

  situation now they you know they don't [TS]

  have enough iPhone tends to go around [TS]

  just like they don't have enough of many [TS]

  then you have an iPhone you know sevens [TS]

  to go around certainly another jet-black [TS]

  ladies always shortages all right it's [TS]

  very difficult to tell until Apple [TS]

  starts reporting numbers exactly how big [TS]

  this shortage was but last show oh you [TS]

  know we were talking about was will we [TS]

  be able to get our phones forget about [TS]

  how many Apple cells and so and so [TS]

  although we did touching that briefly [TS]

  and but everything was just estimates [TS]

  like that one newspaper whatever said [TS]

  they it looks like they're gonna have [TS]

  four times fewer phones in previous [TS]

  years but we'll find out when Apple [TS]

  reports how many iPhones did they sell [TS]

  between launch and the end of the year [TS]

  although they have a fiscal year I don't [TS]

  know how this all works but anyway we'll [TS]

  find out and it could be that the [TS]

  numbers are dead-on really they sold 1/4 [TS]

  as many as they did last year but that's [TS]

  not what we're talking about here what [TS]

  we're talking about here is we were all [TS]

  staying up to 3m to otter phones and [TS]

  some of us were very very pessimistic [TS]

  about getting a phone anytime soon so [TS]

  how did it go for everybody assuming we [TS]

  all stayed up I think it's pretty safe [TS]

  to say that Marco and I did and since [TS]

  I've got the mic I will say that I [TS]

  stayed up my experience was slightly [TS]

  worse than the watch than the LTE watch [TS]

  my experience with the LTE watch was [TS]

  stunningly good it was the the Apple [TS]

  Store app was live at 301 or something [TS]

  like that I was in and out in no time in [TS]

  this in this instance it was typical [TS]

  Apple which is to say five to ten [TS]

  minutes late now in the defense of Apple [TS]

  maybe that's a aggregation issue or [TS]

  something to do with CD enzyme now [TS]

  side of my my comfort zone but one way [TS]

  or another it was like 305 ish that [TS]

  everything woke up I did use the Apple [TS]

  store app and surprisingly I heard a [TS]

  fair bit of reports from like Twitter [TS]

  and whatnot that the Apple store app was [TS]

  not the pretty much flawless experience [TS]

  for everyone that it had been for the [TS]

  last few years I had a few people say [TS]

  that they actually had better lock on on [TS]

  the website which is stunning because [TS]

  anytime I've tried that it's been a [TS]

  disaster but anyway about 3:05 I ordered [TS]

  my phone and then I I rolled over and [TS]

  ordered Aaron's phone and got both of [TS]

  them and they should be here Friday so [TS]

  it worked out really really well for me [TS]

  to a degree that I did not expect I did [TS]

  choose to ship to home I was thinking [TS]

  about doing a store pickup which I've [TS]

  never done before and I know would get [TS]

  me my phone earlier in the day because [TS]

  typically EPS doesn't get to us until [TS]

  like 5:00 or 6:00 at night on iPhone day [TS]

  but I was scared that just going through [TS]

  that whole process especially when I'm [TS]

  unfamiliar with it would would slow me [TS]

  down too much [TS]

  and I would lose my chance so both of [TS]

  them will be delivered to the house [TS]

  sometime Friday so I'm working from home [TS]

  Friday if you happen to be listening to [TS]

  this from my job I will be here I will [TS]

  be here at the house making sure that I [TS]

  know I'm sick Marco how did how did it [TS]

  fare for you pretty similar I used the [TS]

  app as usual the app didn't come up for [TS]

  me until like you know 3:05 or 306 like [TS]

  it was wait and like I was in some [TS]

  slacks where like some people are [TS]

  already completing the entire orders and [TS]

  reporting back what their dates were [TS]

  when they completed the order before my [TS]

  store was even up mmm but that happens [TS]

  all the time I mean the Apple ordering [TS]

  process with the iPhones has gotten [TS]

  really really good with just that one [TS]

  exception the only part about it that [TS]

  really feels unfair is that there's a [TS]

  huge variance in when people's stores [TS]

  come up and it could be like 15 minutes [TS]

  apart like it's a big variance and so [TS]

  some people said they saw the store like [TS]

  at 2:58 so and some people didn't see [TS]

  the store until 3:10 and like it's a [TS]

  huge range usually I fall on the on the [TS]

  worst side of this rings like usually [TS]

  for me it's it's somewhere around like [TS]

  five five or six minutes after the hour [TS]

  and you can try like alternating between [TS]

  cell [TS]

  and Wi-Fi to be on different networks [TS]

  some people suggested even trying the [TS]

  VPN I didn't get that far into it I [TS]

  didn't think about it at 3:00 in the [TS]

  morning [TS]

  surprisingly I don't but like you know [TS]

  the it just seems like it's a total [TS]

  crapshoot when your store will come up [TS]

  and that makes a pretty big difference [TS]

  in whether you get one on day one or not [TS]

  usually like if you're if yours comes up [TS]

  at 3:07 you're probably not getting day [TS]

  one delivery on most high-profile [TS]

  projects in parks you know the same [TS]

  thing happen with the watch you know [TS]

  like any kind of high profile through AM [TS]

  Apple longs usually this is a problem [TS]

  jet black phone same problem you know so [TS]

  like the whole rest of the system feels [TS]

  very good and very fair and it has [TS]

  dramatically improved over the last few [TS]

  years and it's just that one piece that [TS]

  feels like if you're on the batter that [TS]

  it feels like you're getting screwed for [TS]

  no reason so I hope Apple can figure out [TS]

  a way to improve that you know i I've [TS]

  never done anything on their scale [TS]

  before but I haves on high scale things [TS]

  it is possible to make everything go up [TS]

  at you know and almost exactly the same [TS]

  time like that is a thing that can [TS]

  happen on the internet it's not easy but [TS]

  it's pop so like if they prioritize that [TS]

  maybe they don't realize how annoying [TS]

  this is but I hope someone I hope [TS]

  whoever at Apple cares a lot about these [TS]

  things about getting these right about [TS]

  building in systems like the thing where [TS]

  if it can't kind of the carrier it like [TS]

  reserves it for you and emails you again [TS]

  like tomorrow like a lot of thought has [TS]

  gone into that system and for the most [TS]

  part it's great and there's just this [TS]

  one big glaring problem with it that I [TS]

  hope they can figure out a way to fix or [TS]

  at least let's reduce that variance and [TS]

  CDN availability so that like maybe [TS]

  every one store comes up in the same one [TS]

  minute instead of the same 15 minutes [TS]

  that's the only thing about the system [TS]

  that feels unfair a lot of its [TS]

  competitive a lot of its cutthroat but [TS]

  all of it feels fair except that yeah I [TS]

  would agree with that I can't think of a [TS]

  any particular way that they could do [TS]

  better with it I mean I guess maybe a [TS]

  lottery but I think just like we [TS]

  lamented when when wEDC went to a [TS]

  lottery I think there's something to be [TS]

  said for having the dedication to wake [TS]

  up at 3:00 in the morning if you're on [TS]

  the East Coast to actually in [TS]

  sure that you get one you know initially [TS]

  in the same way it rewarded you WDC [TS]

  rewarded the people who had like seven [TS]

  different notification strategies in [TS]

  order to know when tickets went on sale [TS]

  and and maybe maybe a more fair answer [TS]

  would be a lottery but in if not that I [TS]

  think you're right that this is as fair [TS]

  as it can get with the CDN propagation [TS]

  issues notwithstanding and and the thing [TS]

  is like a lottery like a few blows you [TS]

  guys to that I think there it's such a [TS]

  more complicated thing than WC tickets [TS]

  like first of all you're talking about [TS]

  like allocating five thousand conference [TS]

  tickets versus ten million phones [TS]

  there's a pretty big difference in scale [TS]

  yeah and and of course the phones are [TS]

  tied to carrier things and have to be [TS]

  checked out with carrier they're like so [TS]

  the phones are way more complicated than [TS]

  WTC and there's way more of them so the [TS]

  same system doesn't necessarily apply [TS]

  again I think I did insist may have I [TS]

  agree with you I think it's fine they [TS]

  just need to fix that one thing anyway [TS]

  so all that being said I did wake up at [TS]

  three in the morning I did place an [TS]

  order successfully for my iPhone ten on [TS]

  day one delivery I didn't do store pick [TS]

  up just a delivery store pick up is fine [TS]

  but you still have to wait in such a [TS]

  long line for pickup on day one like if [TS]

  if you're not day one and you do pick up [TS]

  at the store it's much faster you know [TS]

  there's basically no line or a very [TS]

  short one but on day one you're waiting [TS]

  on line just like everyone else you're [TS]

  just waiting on like a different roped [TS]

  off section of the line they if you if [TS]

  you have reservation but you're still [TS]

  gonna be there for like two hours yeah [TS]

  so I'm looking forward to anyway just to [TS]

  conclude the rumor mill thing before we [TS]

  leave this topic in general the rumor [TS]

  mill has gotten so much wrong since [TS]

  about a year ago or so when there was a [TS]

  rumor going around that one of Mark [TS]

  durman's big sources was like escorted [TS]

  out of campus very publicly I don't know [TS]

  if that was true or not [TS]

  but it certainly does seem like there's [TS]

  not a lot of not a lot of leaks out of [TS]

  Apple anymore and the by far the most [TS]

  credible information we got about the [TS]

  iPhone 10 leaked out of Apple itself you [TS]

  know in in there too software of leaks [TS]

  it didn't leak out of anywhere else like [TS]

  the the rumor mill was basically you [TS]

  know empty they all they were doing for [TS]

  the most part was reporting on what [TS]

  Apple accidentally [TS]

  almost everything else they've reported [TS]

  ended up being BS like now you know as [TS]

  we're getting more information about the [TS]

  phone people are using the foam we're [TS]

  hearing more from Apple executives like [TS]

  on the record stories and stuff it [TS]

  certainly seems like the entire like [TS]

  touch ID under the glass thing was [TS]

  completely false that there are now [TS]

  multiply Apple executives directly [TS]

  stating that in interviews and I'm [TS]

  inclined I'm inclined to believe them I [TS]

  don't think they would lie about that [TS]

  kind of thing I think it you know it [TS]

  wouldn't serve a menorah lie about that [TS]

  we're now hearing things like you know [TS]

  that like the like face ID having issues [TS]

  and everything those are probably BS to [TS]

  the component thing and having [TS]

  adjustments Apple directly called that [TS]

  out and deny it which they never do for [TS]

  things like that like that's [TS]

  unprecedented you know for the most part [TS]

  so that also I'm inclined to believe [TS]

  because they so rarely ever comment on [TS]

  things like that publicly it's like that [TS]

  was probably BS it seems like anything [TS]

  that was about supply being super short [TS]

  was probably BS to because here's the [TS]

  thing right now [TS]

  so we every one us other podcasters Tech [TS]

  Park iPhones the rumor sites we were all [TS]

  expecting this to be a massive backorder [TS]

  situation we were saying on the show [TS]

  like you know 2018 isn't that far away [TS]

  we were all saying like we would be [TS]

  lucky to get it you know waking up at [TS]

  3:00 a.m. [TS]

  we'd be lucky to get it by December and [TS]

  then you know it won't be too long [TS]

  before it's 2018 well guess what right [TS]

  now today as we record almost a week [TS]

  later the latest estimates say five to [TS]

  six weeks [TS]

  that's mid-december a week later you can [TS]

  still order it and have it come this [TS]

  year because then this here's almost [TS]

  over it's like that's pretty good so one [TS]

  of two things is true either there is [TS]

  way less demand for this phone than [TS]

  anybody thought which i think is pretty [TS]

  unlikely or most of those reports about [TS]

  there being incredibly short supplies [TS]

  and everything are wrong so and that's [TS]

  just adds even more to the pile of [TS]

  rumors that were wrong about the iPhone [TS]

  10 like we heard so many everything [TS]

  about the software we heard was wrong [TS]

  like everything about the home indicator [TS]

  situation the home gesture that was all [TS]

  wrong like we heard so much wrong stuff [TS]

  about the iPhone 10 that it really this [TS]

  is [TS]

  this has been a bad year for the Apple [TS]

  rumor game and in some ways to kind of [TS]

  like you know good riddance it was [TS]

  getting a little bit too good it was [TS]

  good it was certainly like a little too [TS]

  spoilery on a lot of the new products [TS]

  you know I'm saying this here not only [TS]

  to call them out but also to kind of [TS]

  have to kind of help the world help me [TS]

  remind myself when I get caught up in [TS]

  talking about these rumors cuz I - like [TS]

  you said Casey I - have been totally [TS]

  complicit in discussing these rumors as [TS]

  if they were almost a sure thing or if [TS]

  they were sure thing because for so long [TS]

  the rumors were that good like for for [TS]

  so long in like the heyday of mark [TS]

  Berman like two years ago they actually [TS]

  like they were getting every detail of [TS]

  every product like it they were nailing [TS]

  so much before before the release it was [TS]

  it was actually really unfun it was like [TS]

  it was kind of fun to be a commentator [TS]

  but it was unfun to like watch the [TS]

  events and just see them unveil the [TS]

  things that you already knew about like [TS]

  two months ago in great detail no less [TS]

  but we all all of us commentators and [TS]

  Apple fans and readers of these sites [TS]

  and and followers of the Apple news we [TS]

  all have to now readjust from that time [TS]

  that now we have to probably assume that [TS]

  most of the rumors that we're hearing [TS]

  are wrong rather than assuming that [TS]

  they're right and then figuring out [TS]

  later than some of them are wrong let me [TS]

  do the opposite of helping you Mark Owen [TS]

  said once again that I generally [TS]

  disagree with your assessment that the [TS]

  rumor mill was off before apples leaks [TS]

  we knew all screen oled phone with face [TS]

  ID face ID leaked face ID leaks so early [TS]

  before any software leaks and yes there [TS]

  were tons of reports about details that [TS]

  were wrong and yes apples exec said you [TS]

  know we committed to face ID and we [TS]

  never really spent any time trying to do [TS]

  under the screen or side things and [TS]

  stuff like that that's you know that's [TS]

  all well and good right but there's [TS]

  always a certain amount of noise so even [TS]

  before Apple software leaks which were [TS]

  massive and gave us huge amounts of [TS]

  totally verified real Zee real [TS]

  information even before that we knew [TS]

  almost everything about this phone what [TS]

  it looked like the shape the size down [TS]

  to the millimeter the orientation of the [TS]

  cameras how many cameras there would be [TS]

  the fact that it would be all screen the [TS]

  fact that the scream was OLED the fact [TS]

  that it would detect your face that's [TS]

  how you are unlock it everything else is [TS]

  details [TS]

  I think the still for these phone [TS]

  products it is impossible so far for [TS]

  Apple to actually keep anything like [TS]

  this secret there was a lot of BS and [TS]

  misinformation especially the stories [TS]

  and we've said this at the time we were [TS]

  discussing them really like apples [TS]

  considering like you know using whether [TS]

  it's going to have face ID under there [TS]

  it was like a month before or it was [TS]

  have touch ID on the screen it was like [TS]

  a month before the an intro announcement [TS]

  it's like they're like displaced in time [TS]

  where maybe this was true a year and a [TS]

  half ago we're just hearing about it now [TS]

  but always the the rumors especially on [TS]

  a lot of the rumor sites are phrased as [TS]

  if it's happening now and it's [TS]

  nonsensical like I mean who was it uh [TS]

  Danis is named and rekey Oh what patent [TS]

  I don't pronounce his name something [TS]

  like that I'm pretty sure you're right [TS]

  on the Dan part it's Ritchie oh I think [TS]

  yeah some yeah one of apples people was [TS]

  it was an oppressed thing and they said [TS]

  he said that they had locked the design [TS]

  for the iPhone 10 in November that's [TS]

  November of last year right now today [TS]

  yeah they'd locked it a year ago right [TS]

  and yet there were rumors stories like [TS]

  two months ago that Apple is debating [TS]

  what should do with face ID versus touch [TS]

  ID under the screen and know what do you [TS]

  know they're not like I mean that we [TS]

  said we knew those were BS at the time [TS]

  but I still think that the combination [TS]

  of the rumor mill knowing so much about [TS]

  this phone before any leaks and then the [TS]

  leaks basically putting highlighter over [TS]

  the details that are right and sort of [TS]

  Xing out the ones that are wrong means [TS]

  that we still more or less knew what was [TS]

  getting introduced and now I'm you know [TS]

  one way I kind of like being surprised [TS]

  but also kind of like you're in detail [TS]

  so I could go either way but just [TS]

  because the rumors especially motivated [TS]

  rumors like Oh apples having [TS]

  manufacturing problems Oh fear [TS]

  uncertainty and doubt especially since [TS]

  things like that there's reasons for [TS]

  them to exist and they're gonna be wrong [TS]

  we're in a while I don't think that's [TS]

  that big of a deal and okay I I don't [TS]

  know I'm I'm not adjusting my attitude [TS]

  towards rumors because I don't mind is a [TS]

  bunch of BS noise mixed in with the real [TS]

  information and I still think there's a [TS]

  ton more real information than we used [TS]

  to have about things because this Apple [TS]

  makes too many of these phones supply [TS]

  chain is too leaky and we're just gonna [TS]

  have to accept that we're more or less [TS]

  going to know what the next phone is [TS]

  going to be like and that all we have to [TS]

  worry about of the detail [TS]

  and then it sometimes like a few weeks [TS]

  before intro Apple tells so detailed [TS]

  accidentally by releasing about just [TS]

  software no I mean I think you know we [TS]

  did hear a lot of rumors that ended up [TS]

  being true but the thing but like with [TS]

  the rumor mill like the challenge is [TS]

  always like knowing what parts of this [TS]

  are actually likely to be real or not [TS]

  and usually like you know during the [TS]

  really good days of the rumor mills like [TS]

  two years ago you could be sure almost [TS]

  everything they said was was actually [TS]

  true but until apple's software leaks we [TS]

  didn't know whether the products would [TS]

  be like possibility a B C or D or many [TS]

  of the details but we knew exactly what [TS]

  it would look we'd said well not I mean [TS]

  like I save some of the images of like [TS]

  like down to the millimeter you know [TS]

  when people were selling cases for it we [TS]

  knew what this thing would look like [TS]

  they were still questions like I can't [TS]

  tell if it's tied into that screen can [TS]

  you right and same with the face ID like [TS]

  that rumor was really long it took a [TS]

  really long time of coming but didn't [TS]

  really get confirmed until much later I [TS]

  but what I'm saying it's like you know [TS]

  is this the next iPhone and they'd show [TS]

  you some 3d render yeah that was that [TS]

  was the next iPhone and we knew it a [TS]

  long long time ago will it recognize [TS]

  your face that was the only credible [TS]

  rumor we had other than various other [TS]

  places to put touch ID and so that was [TS]

  the only debate it's like Oh surely [TS]

  it'll do the face thing but is it gonna [TS]

  have touch ID at all anymore under the [TS]

  screen on the back like that was a [TS]

  question but we knew like the face ID [TS]

  would be there so I feel like we had a [TS]

  really good picture of this phone and it [TS]

  all turned out to be correct and the [TS]

  details that turned out to be wrong [TS]

  we're interesting especially when we [TS]

  were discussing you know a touch ID in [TS]

  the back and the best one was the the [TS]

  game of telephone rumour about touch ID [TS]

  being on the home button do you remember [TS]

  that rumour mm-hmm right and that that's [TS]

  explicable now you see how it works like [TS]

  because you have to double tap the the [TS]

  the power button to make Apple pay work [TS]

  and it puts a little highlight anything [TS]

  over it right so somebody like in this [TS]

  game of telephone knew about that and [TS]

  you know through seven different people [TS]

  it becomes suddenly touch ID and the [TS]

  power button which and I really made any [TS]

  sense because it's not big enough but [TS]

  anyway even things like that I loved [TS]

  seeing after the fact oh that's that's [TS]

  what they were confused about there was [TS]

  never touch adding the power button but [TS]

  somebody knew that piece of information [TS]

  and it [TS]

  like you know lost in translation and [TS]

  then all of a sudden this rumor came out [TS]

  of it so I think that's just par for the [TS]

  course of rumors I don't know I feel [TS]

  like the rumor mill was so sketchy and [TS]

  then around the time with the lost [TS]

  iPhone 4 [TS]

  I think sources got really good and then [TS]

  in the last year so like I think Marco [TS]

  had said if sources have been not as [TS]

  good because I feel like we knew but [TS]

  even without software software releases [TS]

  we knew exactly what this stuff would [TS]

  look like like to the pixels so to speak [TS]

  I understand it's a terrible analogy but [TS]

  now if it wasn't for software releases [TS]

  we know we know the broad strokes you're [TS]

  right John but I don't think without the [TS]

  home pod debacle we would have known as [TS]

  specifically as we have in prior years [TS]

  but I don't think it's broad strokes [TS]

  like we didn't have if it wasn't for [TS]

  that phone left in a bar we wouldn't [TS]

  have known exactly what the iPhone 4 [TS]

  looked like until somebody found one but [TS]

  we knew exactly what the iPhone 10 would [TS]

  look like maybe some surface details we [TS]

  didn't know I feel like the iPhone 8 we [TS]

  didn't have a really good grasp on [TS]

  surface details maybe but when you have [TS]

  millimeter perfect you know measured [TS]

  drawings of the phone months ahead of [TS]

  time that turn out to be 100% accurate [TS]

  so I hear that people could build cases [TS]

  based on them that is unprecedented we [TS]

  didn't have that for the iPhone 3GS for [TS]

  the iPhone for like back then you know [TS]

  being left in a bar was the only way we [TS]

  were gonna get that kind of thing so but [TS]

  like that but there are so many there's [TS]

  so much noise you said John like I feel [TS]

  like part of the Apple rumor game is [TS]

  always trying to figure out like you [TS]

  know what what if this will actually [TS]

  cause like everybody who you know floats [TS]

  their head near Apple or is a sub is a [TS]

  you know friend of a nephew of of a [TS]

  supplier or something like everybody who [TS]

  was anywhere near Apple can leak [TS]

  something about what they think they [TS]

  might be working on because they had one [TS]

  part made or they heard from a friend of [TS]

  a friend of a friend who works at a man [TS]

  at a factory or you know something like [TS]

  that there's always something about like [TS]

  or even you know people on campus who [TS]

  leaked you know people inside the [TS]

  company they can leak about things that [TS]

  they've seen or heard about around [TS]

  campus but none of that has a strong [TS]

  correlation to what actually gets [TS]

  released and how things actually ship [TS]

  and what the final version of things [TS]

  actually look like or do or work so [TS]

  the challenge of the rumor mill has [TS]

  always been okay you have all this [TS]

  information ten percent of it is true [TS]

  but you don't know what ten percent [TS]

  until the event okay and that part has [TS]

  has reverted back to as bad as it used [TS]

  to be that part was better two years ago [TS]

  and that part is now back to where it [TS]

  was ten years ago and which is basically [TS]

  all over the place and not that useful [TS]

  so that's what I'm saying like it's not [TS]

  that it's not that we won't have seen [TS]

  many of the details ahead of time but we [TS]

  won't know which of the details we've [TS]

  seen are true and which will ship you [TS]

  know and that's the kind of thing that [TS]

  used to leak a lot better than it does [TS]

  now and that's what I'm very happy about [TS]

  now but again that's also what it needs [TS]

  to now and it's now adjust myself to by [TS]

  default disbelieve rumor sites rather [TS]

  than by default believing them the way [TS]

  I've been doing the last two years I [TS]

  don't know if you want to change your [TS]

  default but and on this front I think [TS]

  the iPhone 10 was actually a tricky case [TS]

  too because so much was changing we knew [TS]

  so much was changing with the iPhone 10 [TS]

  so with so much up for grabs there's [TS]

  less sort of bedrock that you can you [TS]

  know say well it's an iPhone and these [TS]

  two minor things change once you get rid [TS]

  of all the stuff on the front and make [TS]

  it all screen there are many [TS]

  possibilities with how that can go [TS]

  especially before the software leaks it [TS]

  was that's why it was I did like well [TS]

  what happened it's not to date where [TS]

  does it go it's not under screen is it [TS]

  on the back is it on the power button it [TS]

  like you know because more things were [TS]

  up for grabs [TS]

  if this pretend that 10 doesn't exist [TS]

  and this is just the eight you know [TS]

  there there wouldn't have been a weird [TS]

  rumor about touch ID being in the power [TS]

  button on the eight because they'd be [TS]

  like well touching is where it always is [TS]

  like look there's the phone like there [TS]

  you know only a few things are changing [TS]

  so the bigger the break from the past [TS]

  the more possibility is for random [TS]

  guesses and rumors and misheard things [TS]

  because so much more seems possible [TS]

  right so you've entertained it as a [TS]

  possibility because you know who knows [TS]

  what they'll do and then of course the [TS]

  software League sort of you know refine [TS]

  that all that well we'll see you next it [TS]

  was presumably next phone they will not [TS]

  have a catastrophic so for a leak like [TS]

  this and we'll get to play the game all [TS]

  the way up to the end where we'll have [TS]

  you know there will be more constrained [TS]

  that there won't be suffering you know [TS]

  that the the one after the ten is not [TS]

  going to be as a radical departure as [TS]

  the ten is from the seven right and [TS]

  we'll have a bunch of different [TS]

  competing theories and we'll see how we [TS]

  we do on them but it still seems like [TS]

  you know a couple months before our [TS]

  iPhone time next year we will have [TS]

  measured drawings of exactly what the [TS]

  phone would look like maybe we won't [TS]

  know the exact colors in names though so [TS]

  kept that going for us [TS]

  all we know is that it'll be a new shade [TS]

  of space gray yeah will they ever run [TS]

  out they should just just line them up [TS]

  and see you know when do they have to go [TS]

  from like you know 8-bit color or 16-bit [TS]

  color contain all contain all the space [TS]

  Gray's all this is to say let me tell [TS]

  you about my iPhone I was just about to [TS]

  add so I first time I ever did this [TS]

  getting a phone for my wife we both end [TS]

  up waking up because really when one [TS]

  person wakes up like look everyone's [TS]

  gonna be up I was very unlucky in the [TS]

  CBN lottery the store did not come up [TS]

  for with me for me for like 10 or 12 [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  well I eventually got through on first [TS]

  was actually the website so I'm about [TS]

  the category of one of the people where [TS]

  furiously forced quitting and [TS]

  relaunching the app on you know on Wi-Fi [TS]

  and LTE did not let me get to it I got [TS]

  it first in the website but because my [TS]

  wife was also doing this on multiple [TS]

  devices she's doing it on her Mac and [TS]

  her phone before I went through the auto [TS]

  process right to the end because I knew [TS]

  what she wanted but before I hit the [TS]

  button about that point I had walked [TS]

  downstairs and wanted to check are you [TS]

  are you in the same process it turns out [TS]

  she was she was right at the by step as [TS]

  well so I didn't actually pull the [TS]

  trigger on my by she pulled the trigger [TS]

  on hers two to three weeks that's when [TS]

  my ship date is so I did not get day one [TS]

  I was unlucky in the unintentional CDN [TS]

  lottery but two or three weeks it's not [TS]

  that bad you know she was too happy with [TS]

  it because she was also worried that it [TS]

  would be really a long time and she [TS]

  didn't want a way to relive time because [TS]

  he's kind of getting sick of her phone [TS]

  so two or three weeks is acceptable to [TS]

  her oh I forgot yeah she got the big one [TS]

  and we did a Verizon and they did the [TS]

  thing where it's like we're having [TS]

  trouble contacting your carrier which is [TS]

  a vast improvement I tweeted you know a [TS]

  tweeted that might have seemed like [TS]

  snark but wasn't I called it progress [TS]

  this is progress this is better than [TS]

  before it's still sad that they you know [TS]

  the carriers suck and they can't make [TS]

  this work but at least it doesn't stop [TS]

  the process but there was you know a [TS]

  good 24 hours of fretting because you go [TS]

  through the process and it's like well I [TS]

  could kind of the carrier but don't [TS]

  worry your phone is reserved and you go [TS]

  to bed you know 3:30 thinking [TS]

  everything's fine right but then the [TS]

  next day you start to worry as everyone [TS]

  else says look at my order look at my [TS]

  ship date blah blah blah blah and you [TS]

  have nothing you just have a screen that [TS]

  you saw last night at 3:30 in the [TS]

  morning that said you had a phone but [TS]

  there's no proof that even happened [TS]

  right and you have an email that says oh [TS]

  we'll contact you when it's time for you [TS]

  to complete your order alright but then [TS]

  you're just waiting for an email it's [TS]

  like so when when are you gonna email me [TS]

  and tell me I can complete my order then [TS]

  you start worrying they're gonna email [TS]

  me and tell me I can complete my order [TS]

  and that's gonna count as my order time [TS]

  like that I didn't reserve a spot in [TS]

  line at 3 a.m. but it's really just [TS]

  gonna be when I get the email especially [TS]

  since they say you'll have 24 hours to [TS]

  complete your order so there's a little [TS]

  bit of time pressure and it was a really [TS]

  long time like everybody else had gotten [TS]

  their orders and they gotten their dates [TS]

  and everything we still hadn't received [TS]

  the email but finally towards the end of [TS]

  the day the next day got an email [TS]

  completed the order and that's when we [TS]

  saw the the two to three week thing so [TS]

  that's not the best system it's a little [TS]

  bit nerve-wracking I would I would like [TS]

  it if I could actually go through the [TS]

  process and give them the money and [TS]

  complete the order and just say just [TS]

  settle up figure it out with Verizon [TS]

  later because they're obviously already [TS]

  reserving me a spot I don't see why I [TS]

  have to be involved with the the time [TS]

  delayed retry right Apple can do that on [TS]

  their in so that was a little bit [TS]

  nerve-wracking but it all came out well [TS]

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  jams now manage your Apple devices from [TS]

  anywhere so tell me about your iMac it's [TS]

  back so here's here's what happened so [TS]

  you know the Genius Bar or Grove or [TS]

  forest whatever had it for a little less [TS]

  than a week in in a little less than a [TS]

  week they replaced the panel that's it [TS]

  oh and then the very last day somebody [TS]

  called me to ask if they could format my [TS]

  hard drive even though I told them when [TS]

  I dropped it off yes I have everything [TS]

  backed up you can you can replace it or [TS]

  format it if you need to they said they [TS]

  needed to format my hard drive because [TS]

  there was some bad data on the platters [TS]

  by the way this is an SSD only iMac [TS]

  there were some bad data on my platters [TS]

  and that was causing my GPU overheating [TS]

  issue and that they had to reformat the [TS]

  hard drive to get rid of the bad blocks [TS]

  on my platters and I was just like [TS]

  really like can you explain a little bit [TS]

  a little bit more and and every every [TS]

  explanation I got was worse than the [TS]

  last one [TS]

  and I didn't I didn't pull it like the [TS]

  I'm a nerd card I didn't I didn't tell [TS]

  them how wrong they were yeah why why [TS]

  did you bother pressing them on that did [TS]

  you think there was a real explanation [TS]

  hiding under there you just want to hear [TS]

  them squirm as they try to like rephrase [TS]

  it another way well and I was trying [TS]

  because I was like I was like how can [TS]

  that affect the GPU and there and okay I [TS]

  said GPU every single time [TS]

  about this fan every time like look the [TS]

  GPU runs too hot I monitor I can tell [TS]

  the temperature like it runs too hot [TS]

  then the fan spins up well it's doing [TS]

  almost nothing ok the GPU and I kept I [TS]

  said it when I dropped it off I said it [TS]

  when they were doing testing I said it [TS]

  everywhere every single time that that [TS]

  they set it back to me they said oh this [TS]

  is why your fans running hot I'm like no [TS]

  no it's more detailed than that trust me [TS]

  this I'm trying to help you figure this [TS]

  out like no they didn't they didn't hear [TS]

  it so you know look I had a mediocre [TS]

  experience right the people were very [TS]

  nice they didn't fix any of my problems [TS]

  except for the screen oh and now I have [TS]

  a hot green pixel in the middle screen [TS]

  so you know I'm not gonna have them [TS]

  touch it again yeah this is why I don't [TS]

  like whatever people whenever I complain [TS]

  about a problem with hardware I have and [TS]

  people like why don't you guys bring it [TS]

  in for repair this is why because it [TS]

  doesn't usually get the problems fixed [TS]

  and you know sometimes if it's easy like [TS]

  when I had a bad lightning port on my [TS]

  phone that was easy [TS]

  that they swapped it out done great [TS]

  experience but when it's like a nuanced [TS]

  issue with a desktop computer you know I [TS]

  had to haul it there go without a [TS]

  desktop for a week get it back put all [TS]

  my data back on because they formatted [TS]

  the drive for no reason fan still runs [TS]

  too fast when the GPU runs hot for no [TS]

  apparent reason [TS]

  it wasn't bad data on my platters in my [TS]

  SSD and surprise surprise and so you [TS]

  know I appreciate it that they tried but [TS]

  this is why I don't do this usually I [TS]

  usually take the opposite approach where [TS]

  if you're like once the seal is broken [TS]

  once I've gone to and from the store [TS]

  once I'm going to continue to go back [TS]

  until as Generac would say I get [TS]

  satisfaction display back three times so [TS]

  if I if I they replace the screen and it [TS]

  came back with a hot green sub-pixel [TS]

  that would go back a mealy just for the [TS]

  screen there's like look I've gone [TS]

  through this asshole to get the screen [TS]

  I'm gonna keep going through until I get [TS]

  a perfect screen back unless have some [TS]

  policy is about it I'm not doing it but [TS]

  I don't know I don't know deals but I [TS]

  would try right and my attempt to [TS]

  explain the erasing of the disc like [TS]

  maybe like the the cutting the ends off [TS]

  the roast reason behind this poor person [TS]

  trying to explain to you why they want [TS]

  to erase your hard drive I have had many [TS]

  times in the past [TS]

  problems that make the computer do weird [TS]

  stuff that have to do with like [TS]

  corrupted libraries somewhere right so [TS]

  like some some sort of file on disk does [TS]

  not checksum correctly it has the wrong [TS]

  data in it who knows why [TS]

  like HFS+ errors you know could actually [TS]

  be a hardware related failure who knows [TS]

  and you say like well how it why would [TS]

  that manifest in the GPU getting hot [TS]

  there's enough tiny little things all [TS]

  over the place [TS]

  loadable pieces of code and various [TS]

  library files and stuff that it's [TS]

  possible that one of them could be [TS]

  loaded and only a certain code path hits [TS]

  the corrupted part and that causes it to [TS]

  crash and then immediately relaunches [TS]

  and that happens over and over and over [TS]

  again and that causes some subsystem to [TS]

  work harder than it should because it's [TS]

  basically you know probabilistically [TS]

  constantly crashing depending on when [TS]

  the code path that hits the corrupted [TS]

  part of the library is hit and you don't [TS]

  see that and except maybe a in a console [TS]

  line somewhere if you're lucky and that [TS]

  would cause temperature go up so that's [TS]

  my most charitable interpretation of why [TS]

  there might be a legit reason for them [TS]

  to erase your disk although that's why a [TS]

  lot of people say I did a combo updater [TS]

  and it fixed everything like just [TS]

  reinstalling the OS often fixes it to [TS]

  because it'll replace that library with [TS]

  the correct version of it again stuff [TS]

  like that has happened it probably [TS]

  doesn't explain a temperature specific [TS]

  thing I would expect to see more crashes [TS]

  or whatever but I'll bet that that [TS]

  issues like that are one of the reasons [TS]

  why they've routinely wanted to erase [TS]

  your drive just to reduce the number of [TS]

  variables essentially like they should [TS]

  have just said we don't know but we're [TS]

  out of ideas and this is always the last [TS]

  thing we try and sometimes it fixes it [TS]

  so it's worthwhile and so they did it [TS]

  okay so we had somebody write in who is [TS]

  an anonymous Apple care advisor and they [TS]

  said that they were servicing a 20-17 [TS]

  MacBook Pro 13 inch for spacebar that [TS]

  stopped functioning Apple care had [TS]

  determined the issue was related to [TS]

  accidental damage and therefore was not [TS]

  covered under warranty they held their [TS]

  MacBook Pro for a recoat price of 475 [TS]

  dollars [TS]

  holy smokes although the customer [TS]

  disputes prying the key off in an effort [TS]

  to fix the issue herself I don't doubt [TS]

  that she probably did the point is our [TS]

  customers would have no reason to try [TS]

  and perform surgery on their brand-new [TS]

  laptops with their car keys if the [TS]

  keyboards worked rely [TS]

  in the first place $500 to fix this [TS]

  keyboard that is bananas I thought this [TS]

  was a good story because it shows just [TS]

  how things can go wrong thus far we've [TS]

  been talking about it like oh we don't [TS]

  really know what the reliability issue [TS]

  is but these things are also under [TS]

  warranty and eventually they won't be [TS]

  and it will be worse but this is you [TS]

  know this is example of good Apple [TS]

  customer service in the end but sort of [TS]

  a trap for customers like if this [TS]

  happens to you you get a new laptop and [TS]

  the spacebar stops working and you [TS]

  decide to try to pry the key cap off now [TS]

  maybe you're just frustrated maybe [TS]

  you're impatient maybe you don't want a [TS]

  wallet bother taking this store maybe [TS]

  you've pried the key caps off past Apple [TS]

  laptops and have fixed it yourself by [TS]

  blowing stuff out or whatever but either [TS]

  way if you do this and like and you know [TS]

  and when you do with these through these [TS]

  new keyboards there's like no way to get [TS]

  it back on successfully like you're [TS]

  doomed the prying off the key gaps is [TS]

  not a thing you should do it's not even [TS]

  a thing that Apple repair centers do [TS]

  that's why they have to replace the [TS]

  whole top of your computer right if you [TS]

  do that and then bring it into the Apple [TS]

  store they're gonna say well I see your [TS]

  problem you pried off your spacebar and [TS]

  that's not covered under warranty [TS]

  because you essentially damaged your own [TS]

  computer and if you said no no I've only [TS]

  pried it off because before the spacebar [TS]

  wasn't working you know by the letter of [TS]

  the of the Apple Apple care laws like no [TS]

  if you pry the key or if you try to [TS]

  repair your own computer and mess it up [TS]

  we don't pay for that now you know the [TS]

  reason this is good Apple customer [TS]

  service is that the person involved was [TS]

  you know able to make an exception and [TS]

  override the repair center whatever [TS]

  likely the genius understands like the [TS]

  only reason your prize is off because it [TS]

  was broken I don't think you're sitting [TS]

  around deciding to pry off your key caps [TS]

  for the hell of it right and so they did [TS]

  the right thing and I'm letting this get [TS]

  repaired under warranty but when the [TS]

  warranty runs out like what we just go [TS]

  wait for the first person to have a [TS]

  stuck key and exactly the the time of [TS]

  their warranty runs out and realize [TS]

  stuck key equals four hundred and [TS]

  seventy-five dollars and that's going to [TS]

  be a very very sad person a person who [TS]

  will probably start considering how [TS]

  convenient it might be to use their [TS]

  laptop without ever touching the [TS]

  keyboard on it maybe they are in the [TS]

  market for a new Mac Mini I don't [TS]

  remember which show it was I heard this [TS]

  on but did you hear that [TS]

  repairing the back glass on an iPhone 10 [TS]

  is something like $500 yeah it's because [TS]

  it's it's like a full replacement cost [TS]

  basically so yeah it's like it's like [TS]

  over $500 and notice AppleCare cost $200 [TS]

  now on on the iPhone 10 and did you guys [TS]

  all get AppleCare I did not I who were [TS]

  living dangerously I buy it for tips [TS]

  because she wants the peace of mind of [TS]

  knowing that and she does drop her phone [TS]

  occasionally we do have cases we have [TS]

  yet to break one but still for her as we [TS]

  wanted to buy it because that makes me [TS]

  feel better for mine I I never have and [TS]

  my policy has been you know because now [TS]

  Affleck cares like I think it's like 130 [TS]

  or 140 ish for the regular iPhone eights [TS]

  and then for the iPhone 10 it's 200 am I [TS]

  thinking here is the first time I have [TS]

  to have a very expensive repair I will [TS]

  reconsider my policy of having not spent [TS]

  $200 every year up until that point but [TS]

  until it happens unless that happens I'm [TS]

  gonna keep not spending $200 to protect [TS]

  the phone that I don't necessarily need [TS]

  to be protected and well you know we'll [TS]

  let it ride from there I'm the kind of [TS]

  person who I don't really drop my stuff [TS]

  like all I've never dropped gadgets [TS]

  before or like I think I've dropped a [TS]

  phone in the total of time that I've had [TS]

  iPhones the entire last 10 years I think [TS]

  I've dropped it maybe twice and neither [TS]

  time it was severely damaged so I hope I [TS]

  don't need it and if I start needing it [TS]

  then I'll eat that first repair as a [TS]

  life lesson and I'll start getting it [TS]

  then until it happens I'm saving 200 [TS]

  bucks a year I did get AppleCare plus on [TS]

  my iPhone 7 and if you recall I dropped [TS]

  it when I was running with it because [TS]

  I'm an idiot and that was my first my [TS]

  first iPhone casualty I have also [TS]

  developed a deep scratch in the screen [TS]

  since that happened I have no earthly [TS]

  idea how so the good news is if I get [TS]

  this repaired a second time the Apple [TS]

  Care will have paid for itself but this [TS]

  is the first phone I've run in a long [TS]

  time without a case and two hundred [TS]

  dollars on top of 1,200 or whatever I [TS]

  paid is a lot of money so I have a [TS]

  leather case that will be a few days [TS]

  late behind my phone because I just [TS]

  ordered it today [TS]

  and I think I'm going to go back to [TS]

  having a leather case and hopefully not [TS]

  destroying my phone we are sponsored [TS]

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  thank you so much to cash for sponsoring [TS]

  our show John it is all coming up [TS]

  millhouse with regard to the Apple TV [TS]

  tell us about this yeah so a bunch of [TS]

  announced essentially announcements from [TS]

  Apple because they have videos this [TS]

  strange sort of out of time not at WWDC [TS]

  but very much like WWC videos explaining [TS]

  some of the new AP eyes in TV OS [TS]

  11-point [TS]

  - which is not yet released but [TS]

  presumably will be in beta soon so the [TS]

  very first thing I did was went out to [TS]

  my Apple TV and turned on beta software [TS]

  updates which is the thing that you can [TS]

  do if you sign up for the beta program [TS]

  you get a menu thing that says in the [TS]

  software update thing do you want to [TS]

  also consider beta update I said yes and [TS]

  I said please update me and it did an [TS]

  update but then when I rebooted I was [TS]

  still in 11.1 and now every time I check [TS]

  for an update it says I have the latest [TS]

  version so I do not have 11.2 I don't [TS]

  know if anybody has it may be that beta [TS]

  is not out yet but anyway why do I want [TS]

  11.2 well a couple of reasons first [TS]

  there is a new API called AV display [TS]

  manager [TS]

  I shouldn't even know if it's new API [TS]

  unfortunately I have not had time to [TS]

  watch this video but this there's new [TS]

  api's that allow you as an app developer [TS]

  to switch video display modes [TS]

  confusingly there's a second set of [TS]

  screenshots showing you know what the TV [TS]

  OS thing will look like where there are [TS]

  options now to say automatically match [TS]

  the frame rate of the source video and [TS]

  automatically match the HD arnis of the [TS]

  source video and you can turn them both [TS]

  on and for a little while I was confused [TS]

  well which is it is it that application [TS]

  developers have to update their apps to [TS]

  switch modes or is it that Apple TV will [TS]

  simply detect the framerate and quality [TS]

  of the video that's displaying an Apple [TS]

  TV you'll switch modes as far as I can [TS]

  tell it is you need both for this to [TS]

  happen [TS]

  developers need to update their apps to [TS]

  use a new API and the new API won't [TS]

  actually switch your mode unless the [TS]

  preference is set in your Apple TV to [TS]

  say hey if an application says that it [TS]

  wants to change the mode to 24 hours per [TS]

  second or whatever or some multiple of [TS]

  that allow it to do it again I haven't [TS]

  actually installed this beta because [TS]

  they won't send it to me so I'm not [TS]

  entirely sure so I'm just going off [TS]

  several articles on this topic we'll put [TS]

  a link in the show notes they are so I [TS]

  can go home which I think just [TS]

  summarizes the information that's [TS]

  provided but anyway this is all good [TS]

  news the good news is you will not have [TS]

  to go to that menu and pick from umpteen [TS]

  different formats every time you're [TS]

  going to play a video which of course [TS]

  you know the exact frame rate for and [TS]

  it's also good news with people with HDR [TS]

  TVs because previously apparently it was [TS]

  if you turn to HDR on and played some [TS]

  non HDR video it would try to display it [TS]

  in HDR and make it look [TS]

  gross which is just terrible I didn't [TS]

  know that because I don't have an HDR TV [TS]

  my only fear now is that these features [TS]

  will come and they will be 4k only not [TS]

  Apple TV 4k only but will only be [TS]

  available if you have a 4k television [TS]

  because right now I can't tell the Apple [TS]

  TV output at some optimal 24 Hertz to my [TS]

  television because I have a standard [TS]

  definition a non 4k television and I [TS]

  don't have a 24 Hertz option or any [TS]

  multiple theraph which is a shame if you [TS]

  have a 4k TV you do I'm hoping all this [TS]

  mode switching and everything is not [TS]

  confined to 4k like these other settings [TS]

  are so we'll see but I'm excited by it [TS]

  things are going in the right direction [TS]

  all right let's ask a TP drew wants to [TS]

  know what do you recommend for antivirus [TS]

  on High Sierra don't run it don't know [TS]

  yeah that someone asked me this at work [TS]

  too and the reason I put this question [TS]

  in there is that this is a surprisingly [TS]

  common question especially for new Mac [TS]

  users what should I get for antivirus my [TS]

  answer to all these people is do not [TS]

  install antivirus software on your Mac [TS]

  maybe that sounds terrible and maybe [TS]

  people think I'm an old fogy and really [TS]

  in this modern day and age you need [TS]

  antivirus software and bla bla but from [TS]

  my experience over many many years being [TS]

  forced to run many different kinds of [TS]

  antivirus software at work I hate all of [TS]

  them and all of them made my Mac worse [TS]

  and at home I have never ever ever ever [TS]

  run antivirus software all iMacs and as [TS]

  far as I'm aware I have never had any [TS]

  problems with viruses so my [TS]

  recommendation is do not run and do [TS]

  virus software on your Mac it's all bad [TS]

  Marco any other thoughts I think exactly [TS]

  what John says - the work experience [TS]

  part yeah I mean at this point I would [TS]

  say that antivirus software on your Mac [TS]

  I think probably is a bigger threat of [TS]

  itself being malware than any malware [TS]

  that you would find and even when it's [TS]

  working correctly not that it's malware [TS]

  but it messes with your computer it like [TS]

  it makes it slow it makes it annoying it [TS]

  makes things not work that we're [TS]

  supposed to work the headaches you will [TS]

  get from the antivirus software itself [TS]

  far outweigh the supposed to protection [TS]

  that it and honestly it's not gonna [TS]

  protect you the real question is like [TS]

  just find a long time magazine maybe not [TS]

  me like you know 1984 Mac user but but [TS]

  you know humble brat right I'm just [TS]

  saying like find someone who's been [TS]

  using her Mac for years and ask them [TS]

  what do you run for antivirus like can [TS]

  you find a Mac user who has not run [TS]

  antivirus and has been you know overrun [TS]

  by viruses like Marco Casey have you [TS]

  ever run antivirus software on your Mac [TS]

  my work computer but that's because it's [TS]

  compulsory not because I choose it but I [TS]

  mean your home one nope even when I had [TS]

  a work computer I didn't have you ever [TS]

  had any problem with viruses I've never [TS]

  not only have I never had a problem with [TS]

  a Mac virus I've never even heard of [TS]

  anybody else having a problem with one [TS]

  ever saying yeah I mean more likely it's [TS]

  gonna be you know social engineering and [TS]

  getting you to click on some button [TS]

  you're not supposed to know that you [TS]

  know and not to say there aren't volun [TS]

  abilities Mac's are totally vulnerable [TS]

  to malware and viruses 100% and humans [TS]

  are completely vulnerable to social [TS]

  engineering and things that trick you in [TS]

  to clicking something you're not [TS]

  supposed to do right but the question [TS]

  wasn't like our Mac's horrible the virus [TS]

  they are the question was should I [TS]

  install antivirus software and the [TS]

  answer that is no because that software [TS]

  is bad and makes your Mac worse now [TS]

  remember that Apple does have a very [TS]

  rudimentary anti-malware stuff that [TS]

  you're getting with your note or not [TS]

  they do push updates to it when they [TS]

  identify new malware I think it's not [TS]

  gonna save you from everything but it's [TS]

  not as if you're completely unprotected [TS]

  so this next one was an email submission [TS]

  and I thought it was really interesting [TS]

  Charlie Ullman rights if iOS and Mac OS [TS]

  were available to install and integrate [TS]

  with any hardware would you still use an [TS]

  iPhone and a Mac and he continues for [TS]

  this thought experiment assume that it [TS]

  works well on all devices none of the [TS]

  windows driver crap software updates [TS]

  would happen just as regularly none of [TS]

  the Android fragmentation crap you could [TS]

  use any of the new hardware on other [TS]

  devices without issue [TS]

  NFC Microsoft 10 and dial Google pixel [TS]

  squeeze etc and the prices don't change [TS]

  meaning the Galaxy S II wouldn't cost as [TS]

  much as an iPhone the surface book [TS]

  wouldn't cost as much as a touch of our [TS]

  Mac Mac Book etc I've thought about this [TS]

  for several days now because I was [TS]

  wanting to added this to the to the show [TS]

  notes and I don't think I have any [TS]

  really strong answers because I really [TS]

  really do think for me that the best [TS]

  Hardware out there is Apple [TS]

  hardware I would probably at least flirt [TS]

  with a thing pad especially that retro [TS]

  one that just came out mmm mmm I know [TS]

  John is getting really sick to his [TS]

  stomach hearing me to talk about this [TS]

  but man I think that looks good but [TS]

  anyway I don't think I've ever seen a [TS]

  phone that I've that I've longed for and [TS]

  I don't really ever see computers that [TS]

  I'm terribly enthusiastic about outside [TS]

  of what comes from Apple and I don't [TS]

  know if I'm just if it's Stockholm [TS]

  Syndrome at this point or what but other [TS]

  than maybe a think pad I don't think [TS]

  there's anything but what about you John [TS]

  I would definitely use non-apple [TS]

  hardware because I would get basically [TS]

  the modern equivalent of my 2008 Mac [TS]

  priority got a big computer with room [TS]

  for lots of stuff inside including a [TS]

  really big gaming video card and Apple [TS]

  doesn't sell anything like that so I [TS]

  would have gotten that long ago like [TS]

  that's what I'm waiting around for us [TS]

  that you know a Mac Pro that I want to [TS]

  buy if I could get third-party hardware [TS]

  and run Mac OS and not have to deal with [TS]

  any of the you know hackintosh stuff or [TS]

  whatever yes I definitely would for [TS]

  phones I also have never seen a phone [TS]

  that has made me think I would rather [TS]

  have that hardware than my iPhone [TS]

  hardware even it was down to something [TS]

  like mini USB versus lighting that was [TS]

  no contest and us PC versus lighting I [TS]

  think I still kind of prefer lighting so [TS]

  I don't think there's any hardware that [TS]

  would tempted me especially now that we [TS]

  have like the sevens the the six and [TS]

  seven size phone and we'll see what I [TS]

  think of the 10 when it gets here but [TS]

  for my desktop Mac computer in the [TS]

  absence of a Mac Pro that suits my needs [TS]

  I would definitely be running [TS]

  third-party hardware Marco I've never [TS]

  seen another phone that I that I [TS]

  actually thought like I would like to [TS]

  stop using my iPhone and go use that [TS]

  please it has never come close I was [TS]

  very impressed when I saw the what is [TS]

  the Samsung the s8 the one the what not [TS]

  the not the note but the one that came [TS]

  out like six months ago that was [TS]

  edge-to-edge ish like that one I was [TS]

  very impressed when I saw that but it [TS]

  wasn't so compelling that I like I want [TS]

  to lose everything I know about the [TS]

  hardware now this is a great question in [TS]

  the sense that it assumes that we can [TS]

  still use this [TS]

  use the software that we like you know [TS]

  all the Apple software because that [TS]

  really is like you know that that's that [TS]

  that's what matters more like ultimately [TS]

  I would take Apple hardware that makes [TS]

  me miserable before I would leave Mac OS [TS]

  and iOS for the alternatives so it's a [TS]

  good question for the phones yeah no way [TS]

  for you no tablets no for laptops maybe [TS]

  I think I might consider using PC [TS]

  laptops especially oh you absolutely [TS]

  would after all this kvetching about the [TS]

  keyboard you absolutely would go to a [TS]

  different laptop o [TS]

  PC laptops are kind of ugly though well [TS]

  I don't care about the look so much as [TS]

  as the functionality for me cuz like so [TS]

  anyway so I'm very happy right now with [TS]

  just having an older Apple laptop you [TS]

  know in the future when that plan [TS]

  becomes untenable I hope their modern [TS]

  ones at that point again are better for [TS]

  me then I'll just switch to the modern [TS]

  ones or even if they're not better [TS]

  maybe I'll just want to suck it up and [TS]

  deal with it so I don't so I don't have [TS]

  to like mess with hackintosh Azure old [TS]

  laptops or anything else but if I could [TS]

  like run Mac OS perfectly well on [TS]

  something better from the PC world or [TS]

  you know at least better for my [TS]

  preferences sure I would consider that [TS]

  there isn't a lot out there that's [TS]

  honestly that much better you know it's [TS]

  it's very similar to when I mentioned a [TS]

  couple episodes ago how like reviewers [TS]

  always positively review like whenever [TS]

  there's like a new surface book or [TS]

  whenever there's like a new Google phone [TS]

  a new Nexus or pixel phone like the [TS]

  reviews were always really positive and [TS]

  then the reviewers don't end up using [TS]

  them like they're like oh this is a [TS]

  great phone for somebody else and then [TS]

  like they switch back to their iPhone [TS]

  and their MacBook like the next day [TS]

  alright and so like it with a lot of [TS]

  this alternative stuff it's hard to get [TS]

  good quality long-term reviews and often [TS]

  times the long-term reviews are a lot [TS]

  less positive than the initial ones were [TS]

  so it's hard to really know as as [TS]

  somebody who admittedly does not try you [TS]

  know not Apple hardware almost ever it's [TS]

  hard for me to really know how good of a [TS]

  stuff is but certainly I would have an [TS]

  open mind to it and on the desktop I you [TS]

  know similar to John right now Apple [TS]

  doesn't make what I [TS]

  need they said they're going to so I [TS]

  hope they do unlike John I don't need my [TS]

  Mac Pro or my Mac desktop I don't need [TS]

  it to be a standard tower with a whole [TS]

  bunch of like card slots for gaming [TS]

  cards or drive bays or anything else I [TS]

  don't actually need that the trash can [TS]

  Mac Pro would have been great for me if [TS]

  they just updated it like that would [TS]

  have been great [TS]

  they didn't which is unfortunate but [TS]

  like if they if they could have if they [TS]

  could just deliver me that with you know [TS]

  not the overheating GPUs issue maybe [TS]

  deliver me that with modern internals [TS]

  that can drive a 5k display and that [TS]

  would be great I would love that [TS]

  not a lot of other people would but I [TS]

  would so I'd be totally fine with that [TS]

  but in the meantime they don't have that [TS]

  and there's I don't know when that's [TS]

  when they're new Mac Pro is coming I I [TS]

  assume that it's hopefully next year [TS]

  hopefully in the earlier part of the [TS]

  year but I really have no idea [TS]

  so desktops I would use non Apple hopper [TS]

  because I feel like that's where it [TS]

  would matter the least that I was using [TS]

  non Apple hardware like you're not [TS]

  touching it really you can you know you [TS]

  can use someone else's screen and it's [TS]

  not that bad you know it wouldn't be [TS]

  that big of a deal to use someone else's [TS]

  desktop you know especially if you build [TS]

  a tower it's under your desk you barely [TS]

  even see it but yeah it's a cool [TS]

  question III like I like having I like [TS]

  thinking about this it kind of it kind [TS]

  of prompts you to like look around the [TS]

  PC and Android world to see what the [TS]

  alternatives even are but ultimately I [TS]

  don't I don't find a lot of them very [TS]

  compelling it would be kind of [TS]

  interesting to build my own computer [TS]

  again I used to do that you know I used [TS]

  to build build my own PC and I really [TS]

  enjoyed that hobby that was a really fun [TS]

  hobby yeah yeah I agree it would be kind [TS]

  of interesting to see to see like what [TS]

  that's like now I you know from the [TS]

  little glances I've seen here and there [TS]

  from people posting about and stuff it [TS]

  doesn't look doesn't seem like it's that [TS]

  different it seems like looks - it's [TS]

  actually about the same just like you [TS]

  know now there's like there's been like [TS]

  five new versions of ATX since then but [TS]

  it's still like fairly similar you know [TS]

  now I think everybody water cools now [TS]

  before you know back then it was much [TS]

  more of a specialized thing that most [TS]

  people didn't do now water cooling is [TS]

  much more common and there's a lot more [TS]

  blue LEDs okay [TS]

  would not consider a feature so but it [TS]

  would be kind of fun to build computers [TS]

  again but ultimately you know if Apple [TS]

  gives me a really nice Mac Pro I'll be [TS]

  pretty happy with that I forgot to [TS]

  address a lot of tops because I don't [TS]

  like laptops but if forced to pick a [TS]

  laptop would you you know stick with the [TS]

  Apple one I'm in a bind because I think [TS]

  all the laptops except for the Microsoft [TS]

  ones I find them less pleasing looking [TS]

  than the Apple ones and you know that [TS]

  makes a difference to me and it's not [TS]

  like it's like you can build your own [TS]

  laptop like you can with desktop right [TS]

  so you don't have as many options there [TS]

  but all I've heard about the Microsoft [TS]

  laptops and they're you know [TS]

  transformable tablets and stuff like [TS]

  that is that they have all sorts of [TS]

  weird reliability problems and [TS]

  durability problems with the fabric and [TS]

  everything like that line of computers [TS]

  is the most appealing to me but I would [TS]

  be wary of actually buying one for [TS]

  myself because of all the reliability [TS]

  problems I've heard for the service book [TS]

  so you know I'm like Casey I don't have [TS]

  a thing for the ThinkPad so I just don't [TS]

  think there's a lot of laptop hardware [TS]

  out there although if pressed if I was [TS]

  forced I'll probably still just grin and [TS]

  bear it and get an ugly PC thing just so [TS]

  I could have ports and battery life and [TS]

  all the things that we've complained [TS]

  about a million times I will say there [TS]

  was a really nice segment on back to [TS]

  work [TS]

  about I think it was the last week's [TS]

  episode Microsoft wraps offered to send [TS]

  Dan Benjamin a surface book honestly I [TS]

  don't know I can't tell you which model [TS]

  some kind of surface book to just try [TS]

  out something that could be a tablet and [TS]

  a laptop I think can they all do that I [TS]

  don't know whatever anyway they sent him [TS]

  one to try out and he talked about it on [TS]

  the show and the discussion was very [TS]

  very good you know Dan is somebody who [TS]

  is mostly an apple person but he he has [TS]

  recent PC experience also and so to hear [TS]

  his impressions of the service book were [TS]

  very good and overall despoil it overall [TS]

  his impressions are pretty positive so [TS]

  it's worth hearing that to know like to [TS]

  have kind of a glimpse into the other [TS]

  side of like what it's like when I'm [TS]

  mostly Apple person talks all talks a [TS]

  lot about a modern nice Windows laptop [TS]

  and especially you know like the like [TS]

  hearing about like what it's like to [TS]

  have crossovers between [TS]

  tablet mode and you know happy being [TS]

  able to have like a pen or touch it and [TS]

  put in a desktop OS you know Dan came [TS]

  out of that basically [TS]

  out of that basically [TS]

  like Apple should have something like [TS]

  this for Mac OS and if you're a really [TS]

  big fan of the iPad you probably [TS]

  shouldn't listen to this episode [TS]

  but I think there's a lot to to consider [TS]

  there they bring up so that that's worth [TS]

  listen if you're interested in this kind [TS]

  of stuff finally Tim Walker wants to [TS]

  know any thoughts about Apple firing an [TS]

  engineer after his daughter posted a [TS]

  hands-on video of the iPhone 10 on [TS]

  YouTube so the chief summarizer in chief [TS]

  had his on basically what happened was [TS]

  and I think it was a little while ago [TS]

  but but certainly after the announcement [TS]

  an Apple employee who we have later [TS]

  found out works somewhere in the RF team [TS]

  I guess the radio frequency team had his [TS]

  daughter into Cafe Max and she was [TS]

  filming a vlog and she also was handed [TS]

  his phone like he handed her his phone [TS]

  which was an iPhones hand again post [TS]

  announcement but free you know before [TS]

  everyone had them and she was flipping [TS]

  through the home screen and I haven't [TS]

  you know done the Kremlinology on this [TS]

  but apparently well that's kind of a [TS]

  loaded term now isn't it I haven't done [TS]

  the Zapruder film or how we pronounce it [TS]

  on this but um anyways I guess there [TS]

  were some apps that you wouldn't expect [TS]

  to see somebody said something about a [TS]

  QR code that you wouldn't expect to see [TS]

  so there was some unreleased stuff on [TS]

  this phone for sure well this video [TS]

  somehow or another got popular and I say [TS]

  that only because the the the young [TS]

  woman who had who had filmed it and put [TS]

  it on YouTube had said you know I have [TS]

  in so many words I have no followers I [TS]

  don't know how this became popular etc [TS]

  etc but somehow or another did and they [TS]

  have since fired her dad they fired this [TS]

  engineer and you know Tim Walker wants [TS]

  to know well how do we feel about that [TS]

  and my initial reaction was man that's [TS]

  it's kind of crappy because the thing [TS]

  was already announced everyone knew what [TS]

  it was like what's the big deal but then [TS]

  I found out well there was some [TS]

  unreleased software on there and you [TS]

  know maybe this QR code thing and some I [TS]

  guess there may have been a code name or [TS]

  two shown on the screen at one point or [TS]

  another [TS]

  and that made me less confident that [TS]

  Apple was being a bunch of jerks and [TS]

  then I was reminded of when Marco you [TS]

  and I went to Apple last year in 2016 [TS]

  and we went to IL one or one ili always [TS]

  get it backwards we went to the the main [TS]

  building and then we went to the theater [TS]

  the that they would occasionally do [TS]

  product announcements in and there's a [TS]

  Steve Jobs quote a quote outside the [TS]

  theater and and I think both of us are [TS]

  certainly I you know took a picture of [TS]

  it put it on like Instagram or something [TS]

  like that and one of our mutual friends [TS]

  who works at Apple actually privately [TS]

  wrote me and was like who was letting [TS]

  you take a picture on campus that's BS [TS]

  in the picture was of a Steve Jobs quote [TS]

  like and he was genuinely like perturbed [TS]

  that this picture was taken much less [TS]

  posted anywhere he was perturbed that [TS]

  that my escort had allowed me to do that [TS]

  which i think is kind of freakin [TS]

  ridiculous but that I tell the story to [TS]

  tell to just emphasize how how deep this [TS]

  lies within Apple employees and so in [TS]

  the end of the day I think you know what [TS]

  the dude knew the rules like she [TS]

  shouldn't have been filming in the first [TS]

  place and definitely should not have [TS]

  seen pre-release software if it was just [TS]

  that he handed her the phone and it was [TS]

  off me I don't see that as that big a [TS]

  deal but since apparently there's some [TS]

  there was some unreleased stuff on that [TS]

  device that changes my tune quite [TS]

  heavily Marco how do you feel um I come [TS]

  down a little harder than you but nearby [TS]

  basically you know we you know none of [TS]

  us have ever worked at Apple and this is [TS]

  you know internal hiring policy stuff [TS]

  that that you know and it's hard to say [TS]

  what should or shouldn't happen based on [TS]

  what we know from the outside of the [TS]

  situation because we don't we obviously [TS]

  don't know everything cuz we don't work [TS]

  there we don't know this person we don't [TS]

  know everything that was inadvertently [TS]

  revealed on that video or could have [TS]

  been revealed or what the policies [TS]

  exactly are written apples not that keen [TS]

  on sharing things like that with the [TS]

  public but but we you know I I can say [TS]

  that when when we were there like the [TS]

  last thing I would have ever thought to [TS]

  do was shoot a vlog [TS]

  I would I could I can't even imagine you [TS]

  know to me that that just shows a a [TS]

  severe lapse in judgment and and not of [TS]

  the woman who was vlogging I mean she [TS]

  wasn't the employee you know her father [TS]

  who was permitting her to do this and [TS]

  bring her into campus knowing she was [TS]

  doing this like that you know he's the [TS]

  one who has the who has the poor [TS]

  judgment here I whether it's against the [TS]

  rules [TS]

  as they're written or not I don't know I [TS]

  don't know what the rules are I would [TS]

  never assume that would be okay and I [TS]

  and I don't think anybody should be [TS]

  surprised that he lost his job as a [TS]

  result you know to let somebody in and [TS]

  you know you said that it's you know [TS]

  maybe it wouldn't matter if the phone [TS]

  was off no I'll go even further the [TS]

  phone was not out yet and the press [TS]

  embargo wasn't even listed like reviews [TS]

  hadn't even been permitted yet to permit [TS]

  to bring someone into campus as an [TS]

  employee and to permit them to shoot [TS]

  video of your running phone of this non [TS]

  publicly available phone I think that's [TS]

  common sense that that would be a [TS]

  problem yeah yeah and and that's not [TS]

  even considering that it was allegedly [TS]

  running internal software which is [TS]

  another problem but even even if it [TS]

  wasn't running internal software I think [TS]

  allowing someone to shoot a video [TS]

  first of all shoot a video inside campus [TS]

  at all on publish publish it like you [TS]

  know I had lunch at cafe max it was [TS]

  amazing the last thing I would have [TS]

  thought to do was shoot a video posted [TS]

  like even though we weren't as far as I [TS]

  know we weren't seeing anything secret [TS]

  you know but like still it's like this [TS]

  is like the interior of the campus like [TS]

  it it felt incredibly privileged to be [TS]

  there at all and I didn't want to get [TS]

  myself or our hosts in trouble so the [TS]

  last thing I would have thought to do [TS]

  would be to shoot any kind of video or [TS]

  like take pictures of people in the cafe [TS]

  or anything like that you know I too [TS]

  took a picture of the of the quote on [TS]

  the wall in that one room and because it [TS]

  was a press area I decided this is [TS]

  probably safe to post to Instagram and I [TS]

  did but that was the only thing that I [TS]

  that I took a picture of they look it's [TS]

  the only memory that I have a record of [TS]

  that trip because I was too afraid to [TS]

  take my phone out for any other reason [TS]

  and I didn't want again I didn't [TS]

  in trouble and I assumed that it would [TS]

  get people in trouble if if any of us [TS]

  took photos and posted them online so [TS]

  yes so this should have been common [TS]

  sense and I think to most Apple [TS]

  employees it is common sense and so if [TS]

  somebody didn't see that as common sense [TS]

  or had had a bad lapse in judgment and [TS]

  lost their job as a result I honestly [TS]

  don't think that's that much of a story [TS]

  yeah I don't think these people need to [TS]

  use common sense because every employee [TS]

  gets training with regard to what with [TS]

  secrets and stuff right it's not like [TS]

  yeah Apple just allows us to happen [TS]

  through osmosis and culture you get told [TS]

  when you're hired by Apple here's what [TS]

  you can and can't do and all sorts of [TS]

  guidelines and how to be safe and blah [TS]

  blah blah and this is clearly a thing [TS]

  that you're not supposed to do and this [TS]

  person did it and then not only and [TS]

  sometimes like well is it is it a zero [TS]

  tolerance policy one strike and you're [TS]

  out like oh isn't there you know okay [TS]

  you made a mistake but maybe you're a [TS]

  new employee and oh no no I'm not sure [TS]

  what their policy with that is but in [TS]

  this particular situation whether it was [TS]

  the first time or not it was not the [TS]

  type of thing where it's like all right [TS]

  well you took someone hurt or you let [TS]

  them take a picture but then you you [TS]

  know have them deleted off their phone [TS]

  or you listen take a picture but then it [TS]

  never left their phone again like there [TS]

  was a violation of the rules and [TS]

  technically we could fire you according [TS]

  to you know whatever thing you signed in [TS]

  your employment agreement or error but [TS]

  we won't because the consequences [TS]

  weren't that bad but in this case the [TS]

  consequences were about as bad as they [TS]

  could possibly be and that the entire [TS]

  world saw this video before they were [TS]

  supposed to see it [TS]

  revealing essentially that yes you broke [TS]

  the rules and now everybody knows you [TS]

  broke the rules and if Apple was to [TS]

  allow this to happen they're basically [TS]

  saying our PR doesn't need to actually [TS]

  control the message for a new product [TS]

  introductions actually random employees [TS]

  in our cafeteria can also decide when [TS]

  the public gets to see the phone in in [TS]

  what context because that doesn't [TS]

  undermine our corporate goals at all [TS]

  this gigantic corporate you like it was [TS]

  a mistake and it was a fireable offense [TS]

  and it didn't go well like it went [TS]

  pretty poorly when it's on YouTube and [TS]

  spread all over the internet so it's a [TS]

  sad story I feel bad for everybody [TS]

  involved [TS]

  right but it's not a surprising story [TS]

  and I don't think Apple was being [TS]

  excessively meteor because like I said I [TS]

  think the consequences were actually [TS]

  pretty bad might not seem that bad be [TS]

  like well everyone knew about the phone [TS]

  whatever but as we'll discuss in a [TS]

  moment for probably the one and only [TS]

  topic of the show Apple has a PR [TS]

  department whose job it is to control [TS]

  how the world comes to know their [TS]

  products when they're introduced and no [TS]

  part of the PR plan involves random [TS]

  employees in the cafeteria posting vlogs [TS]

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  start your review today betterment [TS]

  rethink what your money can do this has [TS]

  been an interesting week and Apple PR [TS]

  and all of the Talking Heads like us I [TS]

  think have been there in various degrees [TS]

  confused happy upset and enthusiastic [TS]

  and bitter at some point or another so [TS]

  help me get the timeline right so was it [TS]

  Monday that was the Steven Levy's review [TS]

  came out is that right I believe so okay [TS]

  yeah I might have the details slightly [TS]

  wrong on that but I think that's right [TS]

  so Steven Levy was one of the very small [TS]

  handful of people that reviewed the [TS]

  original iPhone way back when and he was [TS]

  apparently given some sort of blessing [TS]

  to be the first person to get a review [TS]

  posted of the iPhone 10 then I believe [TS]

  Tuesday or maybe it was late Monday was [TS]

  sometime shortly thereafter it ended up [TS]

  that we saw that a bunch of youtubers [TS]

  had if I understand things right then [TS]

  offered to come it seemed in New York [TS]

  often offered to come in to like an [TS]

  Apple kind of press event where they [TS]

  could film and use the iPhone 10 and [TS]

  they could film the iPhone 10 and do you [TS]

  know a couple minutes with it and they [TS]

  could post their reviews to YouTube late [TS]

  Monday or early Tuesday and my reaction [TS]

  to that was kind of like what the hell [TS]

  because it in and of itself like [TS]

  youtubers getting access wasn't [TS]

  unremarked or whatever wasn't remarkable [TS]

  I think okay fine of course I'm KB HD [TS]

  had access but it wasn't mkbhd it was [TS]

  people that I had never heard of which [TS]

  to be honest is actually probably a good [TS]

  sign because I don't know who any of the [TS]

  popular youtubers are but [TS]

  it was surprising to me because I'm at [TS]

  least casually aware of most of the [TS]

  popular tech related or tech adjacent [TS]

  youtubers like mkbhd like Casey nice [TS]

  that in people like that and these [TS]

  people that had access seemed to have a [TS]

  far numerically anyway a far smaller [TS]

  following than then the heavy hitters I [TS]

  keep they like the nice stats in the [TS]

  mkbhd s and that was kind of weird and [TS]

  naturally I was a little mainly offended [TS]

  that's probably too strong word but I [TS]

  was a little like man why don't I get a [TS]

  chance at this like his podcasting not a [TS]

  thing does that not count I give up on [TS]

  that long ago oh I know I it's a selfish [TS]

  reaction full on but it's you know it [TS]

  was my honest reaction and it was kind [TS]

  of I wasn't upset about it but I was [TS]

  kinda like what the hell and then I [TS]

  talked with the Joseph Linsky and in [TS]

  Matt Alexander and Matt Alexander put up [TS]

  a really really great post about kind of [TS]

  what do you think about when you're your [TS]

  product company and releasing a new [TS]

  product and how do you control the PR [TS]

  and I am unfairly summarizing it by [TS]

  saying the the the takeaway I had from [TS]

  it was that these youtubers that I kind [TS]

  of you know fluffed off is oh who are [TS]

  they they're not important they're [TS]

  actually quite important just to peep [TS]

  with it to circles that I don't pay [TS]

  attention to and I'm embarrassed to say [TS]

  that didn't occur to me until I really [TS]

  talked to Joe and Matt about it but it [TS]

  seems obvious in retrospect and that's [TS]

  probably really smart on Apple's part [TS]

  because the reality of the situation is [TS]

  I'm unlikely to wait very long to buy an [TS]

  iPhone 10 and most of the listeners of [TS]

  this show given infinite money would [TS]

  probably buy an iPhone 10 tomorrow if [TS]

  they haven't already [TS]

  so does Apple really need to convince us [TS]

  to buy an iPhone 10 no not really but [TS]

  what about the people that care about [TS]

  fashion or care about things that are [TS]

  not just technology and so the reactions [TS]

  to this were varied some very angry some [TS]

  confused some common [TS]

  of both and then shortly thereafter I [TS]

  think it was Tuesday morning that all [TS]

  that a lot of the traditional reviewers [TS]

  like the Gruber's of the world the Jason [TS]

  Snell's etcetera when their their [TS]

  embargo was lifted and then we got some [TS]

  of the stuff that we expect as Apple [TS]

  nerds but it's been an interesting few [TS]

  days watching Apple try to you know pull [TS]

  the strings on this puppet and figure [TS]

  out the best way to get this PR wave [TS]

  orchestrated I don't know that I've been [TS]

  talking for a while thoughts I don't [TS]

  have a lot of thoughts on this it just [TS]

  seemed weird it seemed like a weird [TS]

  approach and it's really hard to talk [TS]

  about this without you know somebody is [TS]

  saying like oh well we're just old and [TS]

  out of touch because everyone gets [TS]

  everything from YouTube now and I'm not [TS]

  even arguing that people on YouTube [TS]

  shouldn't get you know pre-release [TS]

  review unit access and no I think they [TS]

  actually should you know I think Apple [TS]

  should go to where the people are that [TS]

  makes total sense and YouTube is where [TS]

  many of the people are now so that makes [TS]

  total sense the thing about it that [TS]

  seemed weird to me is that compared to [TS]

  all past launches like this it wasn't [TS]

  weird that they added these YouTube [TS]

  channels that honestly many of them were [TS]

  not very popular as you said like that's [TS]

  it was like it wasn't like mkbhd was [TS]

  there at that event you know earlier [TS]

  than everyone else like I don't know but [TS]

  what seemed weird about it was not the [TS]

  addition of the people who got it but [TS]

  the subtraction of the people who didn't [TS]

  it's again it's not weird that youtubers [TS]

  got access it's weird that none of the [TS]

  press did basically like that and and [TS]

  the press that usually does as somebody [TS]

  who follows this stuff and like I always [TS]

  want to read those first reviews maybe [TS]

  that makes me a dinosaur but for the [TS]

  most part almost none of the press that [TS]

  usually gets review units got one at all [TS]

  or with more than like 12 hours before [TS]

  before the publishing deadline so it's [TS]

  just it was weird as a fan [TS]

  most of what we have to go on is very [TS]

  surface level and that to me is deeply [TS]

  unsatisfying like I want I wanted like [TS]

  the in-depth reviews from Gruber and [TS]

  from like other yet like the other tech [TS]

  publications that usually get them and [TS]

  to not have that felt weird and I don't [TS]

  think it's a good I don't think it [TS]

  projects confidence from Apple like to [TS]

  give so many of these reviewers less [TS]

  than a day to review their phones [TS]

  suggest that Apple doesn't want them to [TS]

  spend that much time before they publish [TS]

  their thoughts and I don't think that's [TS]

  a like even if the iPhone 10 is great [TS]

  and by the early reports it seems like [TS]

  it probably is that doesn't look good [TS]

  like that that doesn't exceed confidence [TS]

  in their product to say like we're not [TS]

  even gonna give you enough time to judge [TS]

  things like battery life or face ID [TS]

  reliability like that's that doesn't [TS]

  look good for the product so it's just [TS]

  weird so in an ideal world and I've seen [TS]

  people suggest to like well they didn't [TS]

  have enough to go around that's [TS]

  completely wrong they have plenty if you [TS]

  can still log on right now and order one [TS]

  that comes in December they have plenty [TS]

  Apple could have given phones to more [TS]

  reviewers with more time if they wanted [TS]

  to this was clearly a choice not to do [TS]

  that and I just think that part is what [TS]

  feels off about this that like we don't [TS]

  have those in-depth reviews from tech [TS]

  writers big publications you know really [TS]

  hardly any of them we have we have [TS]

  basically like three and and it's weird [TS]

  to have so few for such an important [TS]

  products coming out of Apple I want more [TS]

  so I think it's easy especially if [TS]

  you've been following Apple for a long [TS]

  time to start getting into a tail [TS]

  wagging the dog situation where you [TS]

  really start to believe that the [TS]

  publications and people who get early [TS]

  access to Apple stuff and write their [TS]

  reviews that that we like to read are [TS]

  getting it because of some kind of merit [TS]

  that they have [TS]

  like for the original iPhone is a good [TS]

  example like the original iPhone went to [TS]

  Polk Mossberg at big and Levy I think [TS]

  you know get them all there all right [TS]

  but that's all right so that's this we [TS]

  went to but the reason we were all [TS]

  comfortable with that worldview is [TS]

  because it went to Wall Street Journal [TS]

  New York Times USA Today and it was [TS]

  Steven Levy working for that I forget [TS]

  maybe time but anyway famous old people [TS]

  who've been doing this for a long time [TS]

  working for famous powerful influential [TS]

  old institutions and so it fit with the [TS]

  the mental model of if you are the New [TS]

  York Times you get the iPhone early if [TS]

  you're The Wall Street Journal you get [TS]

  the iPhone only and even if you're USA [TS]

  Today which maybe Mick paper right but [TS]

  it's extremely popular right of course [TS]

  USA Today gets one even new visa Oh USA [TS]

  Today what does that review gonna be [TS]

  like haha USA Today right but they're [TS]

  really big and so that all fits with our [TS]

  model of like the tail being the [TS]

  publication's wagging the dog that is [TS]

  Apple it's like Apple has no choice they [TS]

  have to give it to the Wall Street [TS]

  Journal [TS]

  Apple has no choice they have to get the [TS]

  New York Times to the New York Times [TS]

  just too important right but that's [TS]

  never been the situation the tail is not [TS]

  wagging the dog Apple has a PR [TS]

  department whose job it is to choose how [TS]

  best to promote their products to the [TS]

  public it just so happens that the [TS]

  strategy chosen by that PR department [TS]

  has fit with the narrative that people [TS]

  who get early access get it based on [TS]

  prestige long time relationships with [TS]

  Steve Jobs long time in the industry [TS]

  like whatever whatever criteria that [TS]

  that we had come to accept there's like [TS]

  that's the reason they're getting it [TS]

  when you that should never have been the [TS]

  reason they were getting it strictly [TS]

  speaking it should have been that like [TS]

  it's a second degree thing where apples [TS]

  like the best way to promote our product [TS]

  is to have the most prestigious [TS]

  newspapers promoted let's go find the [TS]

  most person whose newspapers so it's a [TS]

  second degree it's not as if like well [TS]

  that we have no choice but to give it to [TS]

  the most prestigious newspaper because [TS]

  if we don't do that we'll be hurt is it [TS]

  it's a selection of [TS]

  a strategy and an execution of that [TS]

  strategy in recent years Apple has been [TS]

  changing its strategy a lot more from [TS]

  year to year in terms of how it does [TS]

  everything like the Mac roundtable [TS]

  showing like Yosemite early in private [TS]

  press briefings distributed around the [TS]

  country the incorporation of youtubers [TS]

  starting several years ago like from [TS]

  year to year it's clear that Apple PR is [TS]

  trying different strategies and [TS]

  depending on what strategy they're [TS]

  executing from that follows who who gets [TS]

  this and there is no like bubble of [TS]

  course they have to go to the New York [TS]

  Times no they don't they didn't they [TS]

  didn't do it this time that I had to get [TS]

  the world street journal a bit like you [TS]

  know there's there's no reason that the [TS]

  Wall Street Journal has to have the best [TS]

  and most and earliest access as compared [TS]

  to a youtuber with not a very big follow [TS]

  like theirs that's not a rule it's just [TS]

  what Apple chooses to do now I'm not on [TS]

  PR I don't know what the best strategy [TS]

  for Apple is but this strategy this time [TS]

  around was different in a way that [TS]

  seemed to break people's mental model of [TS]

  how PR works and they were forced to [TS]

  realize that who gets what when is [TS]

  entirely the choice of Apple on how that [TS]

  you know how they think they can best [TS]

  promote their product now you may say [TS]

  that they're wrong maybe you're suddenly [TS]

  a PR exporting it like Apple you made a [TS]

  mistake you should have given this to [TS]

  these people in that people in these [TS]

  times or whatever but most people on the [TS]

  outside aren't thinking of it that way [TS]

  they're not thinking how how does this [TS]

  does this put the apples best foot [TS]

  forward right we're thinking of it as [TS]

  consumers and I you know I am as well [TS]

  like you just want to read you just want [TS]

  your stories I want my stories I want [TS]

  every through views from the people that [TS]

  I know and if suddenly you can't read [TS]

  those reviews you're like oh that's sad [TS]

  for me right but it's not about whether [TS]

  you get to read the reviews from the [TS]

  people you want Apple doesn't care [TS]

  whether you get to reuse and the people [TS]

  you want unless that influences the [TS]

  success of their product and how its [TS]

  received by the public which maybe it is [TS]

  and maybe that's the argument like oh [TS]

  because you didn't give it to Walt [TS]

  Mossberg he's retired now but because [TS]

  you didn't give it to the New York Times [TS]

  as early as possible now I you know [TS]

  that's going to influence me to not buy [TS]

  the phone or whatever like that's you [TS]

  know that's that's not an argument so [TS]

  mostly I think it's [TS]

  people had the wrong model of how PR [TS]

  works and that wrong model was brought [TS]

  into stark relief and then a little tiny [TS]

  bit is you moved my cheese I'm used to [TS]

  always reading these reviews and these [TS]

  people and expecting them to have a week [TS]

  with the phone beforehand because it's [TS]

  always been the case [TS]

  right and then finally the ugliest part [TS]

  of it is you know just general [TS]

  bitterness that somebody got the phone [TS]

  and somebody didn't right now it's easy [TS]

  for us to say here in podcasts where we [TS]

  never get anything right so at the [TS]

  bottom of the barrel right oh well I [TS]

  still did still room for us to be bitter [TS]

  too because of course selfishly as Casey [TS]

  pointed out from my perspective I love [TS]

  that you know that more different people [TS]

  get the iPhone I'm a more different [TS]

  person too like we have so from an [TS]

  outsider's perspective not thinking of [TS]

  it as PR I wish everybody got all the [TS]

  phones they wanted if you're doing any [TS]

  kind of stuff on YouTube on podcasts if [TS]

  you're writing a blog if you're doing [TS]

  anything and you're doing it day after [TS]

  day year after year week after week and [TS]

  you're doing a good job and you have any [TS]

  kind of audience I think it should be [TS]

  possible to get review hardware for our [TS]

  phone after it's announced but before [TS]

  the public can get it but that's just [TS]

  like Oh what do you want word the word [TS]

  of the tail here we're not the dog and a [TS]

  question Apple has to ask is not does [TS]

  this person deserve it or do we feel [TS]

  like we have to give it because they [TS]

  have a big always the question is what [TS]

  is the best strategy for selling a lot [TS]

  of phones and making people happy for [TS]

  them and this year they tried the [TS]

  strategy which was this weird mix of low [TS]

  volume youtubers plus traditional media [TS]

  with with lead time plus some [TS]

  traditional media with less lead time [TS]

  and they'll see what the result is in it [TS]

  but they'll change it next year but [TS]

  people getting angry about it like it's [TS]

  a it's a human reaction to you know you [TS]

  know they moved my cheese like I want I [TS]

  want to read the the Walt Mossberg [TS]

  review but he retired and now I'm angry [TS]

  well let's life like whatever you know I [TS]

  I wish you know Gruber had had the phone [TS]

  for two weeks and he didn't well that's [TS]

  life right but [TS]

  you know it I don't think the whole [TS]

  class struggle thing of like old-world [TS]

  tech old white dudes who always get to [TS]

  reviews versus new people I didn't think [TS]

  that's actually the story other than [TS]

  like chiding people for being you know [TS]

  for being to to sort of up their own [TS]

  butts about it like once you start [TS]

  really believing that like my favorite [TS]

  person deserves to get the phone you [TS]

  have totally lost the plot about what [TS]

  what is going on here we're you know [TS]

  some of us are just disappointed that we [TS]

  don't get to read the reviews from the [TS]

  people that we wanted to read it from at [TS]

  the the you know the scale we want to [TS]

  read it but but that's just us perhaps [TS]

  this is the most brilliant PR strategy [TS]

  ever for a phone with Apple choosing to [TS]

  do what it you know what it did we won't [TS]

  know until maybe we will never know [TS]

  because we won't know like what the [TS]

  results are of this has compared to [TS]

  press past strategies but it's very [TS]

  least as a less interested outside [TS]

  observer because honestly um you know I [TS]

  do want to read the reviews from [TS]

  basically from people I know personally [TS]

  like Jason's Nails review right but [TS]

  that's that's a position that most [TS]

  people do not find themselves in but [TS]

  none of them are gonna influence my my [TS]

  buying decision like what's going to be [TS]

  imposed my buying decision is when you [TS]

  to get them and when I get them and we [TS]

  tried them we talk to each other like [TS]

  anyone else but beyond that like I'm [TS]

  excited by new people getting the phones [TS]

  and I'm trying to think with PR mindset [TS]

  why would it be a good idea to give low [TS]

  volume YouTube channels early access to [TS]

  the phone and I can think of a ton of [TS]

  reasons not again not being anyone who [TS]

  knows anything about PR but just like [TS]

  think about it for a few seconds first [TS]

  of all those people are gonna be so [TS]

  grateful like it let just like we would [TS]

  be grateful Apple so the some people are [TS]

  gonna be so so the iPhone 10 like [TS]

  because they know they're not you know [TS]

  some big channel that has millions and [TS]

  millions subscribers they know how big [TS]

  they are compared to the YouTube world [TS]

  they are gonna be so grateful to get [TS]

  that they're all enthusiastic these [TS]

  people love the the iPhone they love [TS]

  Apple like it is you can't you know you [TS]

  can't buy that enthusiasm these people [TS]

  are not jaded cynical I've reviewed [TS]

  every single thing and you know I just [TS]

  expect to get it and I'm angry if I [TS]

  don't they are excited to be there and [TS]

  they're gonna do things and review [TS]

  things in a way that is different than [TS]

  people who are you [TS]

  a hundred different things like I see [TS]

  lots of potential interesting upsides to [TS]

  doing what they did we already talked [TS]

  about the downsides maybe it makes you [TS]

  look like you're scared that you don't [TS]

  want to give like the jaded review or [TS]

  access to your phone because they're [TS]

  just gonna tear it apart because they're [TS]

  gonna find all the problems that the [TS]

  person who gets to play with it for 10 [TS]

  minutes in a Apple thing before release [TS]

  isn't going to find right that all [TS]

  factors into the decisions but I'm [TS]

  definitely not angry that more people [TS]

  got access to it [TS]

  I'm not even really angry that my [TS]

  favorites didn't get access to it [TS]

  earlier what it seems like a lot of them [TS]

  are angry which I you know whatever if [TS]

  it's your livelihood I kind of don't [TS]

  blame them but that's always the way [TS]

  it's been with that but like to give an [TS]

  example from my past for years and years [TS]

  and years our technical didn't get crap [TS]

  from Apple that our second ago could not [TS]

  get like there was nothing they wouldn't [TS]

  return our calls but basically like they [TS]

  would be nice and polite that we could [TS]

  not get anything from Apple and [TS]

  eventually that changed and it changed [TS]

  because apples PR strategy changed it's [TS]

  not like we weren't worthy before and [TS]

  were worthy after and it didn't feel [TS]

  good when we couldn't get anything right [TS]

  and it felt good when we could get [TS]

  something but the the connection between [TS]

  the quality of Ars Technica and whether [TS]

  or not Apple gave us review Hardware was [TS]

  not the connection people want to think [TS]

  it is it is Apple decides what to do and [TS]

  you honestly really have notice is [TS]

  important life lesson you can't control [TS]

  what other people do or think about you [TS]

  the best you can do is just decide how [TS]

  you're going to act and do your best [TS]

  work and hope for the best so that's why [TS]

  we continue to do this podcast patiently [TS]

  waiting Apple for Apple to send us [TS]

  preview Mac Pro hardware please call us [TS]

  I would be if I was the one that got the [TS]

  Mac Pro not that funny not as funny as [TS]

  you think it is oh it's my we find it [TS]

  very funny but it's who else are they [TS]

  going to sent I guess they could send [TS]

  preview Mac for a hardware to like like [TS]

  actual professionals who are like doing [TS]

  video and stuff but that's boring what [TS]

  other what other cultural institution [TS]

  cares more about the Mac Pro than this [TS]

  podcast two-thirds of this podcast [TS]

  recommend [TS]

  not yet released oh my word you know I [TS]

  should also note that a mamaan bag now I [TS]

  didn't get a chance to look it up and I [TS]

  think one of you added it to the show [TS]

  notes but he had a relatively long kind [TS]

  of rant although it was very [TS]

  level-headed to be called a rant but a [TS]

  discussion I guess about how one of the [TS]

  advantages of giving you know some of [TS]

  these youtubers access is that they're [TS]

  not all old white guys like we are and [TS]

  there's a lot to be said for that I [TS]

  think John you touched on this a minute [TS]

  ago but that's an improvement no matter [TS]

  how you slice it that's an improvement [TS]

  to the PR strategy now it doesn't have [TS]

  to be at the cost of old white dudes [TS]

  maybe maybe not I don't know but [TS]

  certainly reaching more diverse voices [TS]

  is a good thing for Apple so you should [TS]

  check that out if you have about I think [TS]

  it was a little less than ten minutes to [TS]

  spare and like so many things in this [TS]

  world [TS]

  the older like the farther you go back [TS]

  in time the more likely it is that all [TS]

  the people in positions of power or old [TS]

  white dudes right and so any PR strategy [TS]

  that focuses on all white dudes is [TS]

  necessarily back in time like we hope [TS]

  we're making progress in all fronts and [TS]

  that there is a more a diverse set of [TS]

  voices out there especially with the [TS]

  dawning the internet and the bet [TS]

  lowering the barriers to entry and if if [TS]

  you if they were if Apple was still [TS]

  pursuing the same strategy they did in [TS]

  2007 with the iPhone and only giving it [TS]

  to all the white dudes who work for [TS]

  newspapers like we would all agree [TS]

  that's that's an outdated strategy right [TS]

  if they simply shift and say we should [TS]

  give it to new media as they did as they [TS]

  started giving it to websites like ARS [TS]

  technica stuff like that [TS]

  new media you would hope has better [TS]

  ratios of you know men and women and [TS]

  different races like you would hope that [TS]

  purely by moving to new media you get [TS]

  more diversity and that's before you [TS]

  even consider should we actually target [TS]

  diverse reviewers because we're leaving [TS]

  money on the table if we don't do that [TS]

  right and so it's not even clear to me [TS]

  that there was a specific effort to [TS]

  target more diverse reviewers in this [TS]

  point I think it's a natural consequence [TS]

  of targeting modern media like you know [TS]

  and again it's not the first time [TS]

  they've done anything with YouTube we [TS]

  were commenting about the fact that [TS]

  they're not giving you the most popular [TS]

  YouTube channels or whatever but that is [TS]

  the the promise and the beauty of the [TS]

  Internet and YouTube and blogs and every [TS]

  other sort of form of media without as [TS]

  many people preventing you from doing it [TS]

  anyone can put up a blog anyone can put [TS]

  up something on YouTube and that is [TS]

  allowing us to hear from people we [TS]

  previously didn't hear where they were [TS]

  there we just didn't hear from them [TS]

  because they weren't hired by the New [TS]

  York Times right so that is all positive [TS]

  and a conscious shift towards modern [TS]

  media you know like podcasts which are [TS]

  super modern but also so dominated by [TS]

  white dude sorry yeah [TS]

  like I think that that is all positive [TS]

  and if anything Apple should lean even [TS]

  more heavily in that direction because [TS]

  all those voices are still [TS]

  underrepresented in modern media as well [TS]

  it's just that deal the older that [TS]

  people get and the farther you go back [TS]

  in time the worse it gets in terms of [TS]

  diversity even if you're not doing [TS]

  anything different than even if you're [TS]

  not like consciously trying to just give [TS]

  it to white dudes if you want to give it [TS]

  to old people who work in newspapers [TS]

  that's what you're gonna end up with [TS]

  much more so than if you want to give it [TS]

  to popular youtubers so now that we've [TS]

  discussed the you know they completely [TS]

  insular brouhaha what do we think of [TS]

  these reviews it sounds like this is a [TS]

  pretty solid phone I don't have time to [TS]

  review so many of them yeah no I mean [TS]

  like my one hesitation basically is like [TS]

  almost nobody has had a chance to really [TS]

  live with it for more than like a couple [TS]

  days [TS]

  so the initial impressions are great so [TS]

  I think I'm confident enough with all [TS]

  these reviews that my first day with the [TS]

  phone is probably gonna be awesome I [TS]

  just don't know how it's gonna happen [TS]

  after that but it does seem pretty [TS]

  positive you know you know if nothing [TS]

  else it was only it was it was [TS]

  frustrating to see all that PR stuff [TS]

  because almost every one of like the [TS]

  YouTube quick takes and even many if the [TS]

  press quick takes were like just kind of [TS]

  restating Apple's own PR points about [TS]

  like look an emoji exists and it's new [TS]

  and shiny it's coming out soon and there [TS]

  wasn't much that we didn't already know [TS]

  whatever we learn details of new things [TS]

  that I didn't already know like and [TS]

  that's one of the reasons why I like [TS]

  Jason Snell's review so much and one [TS]

  other and why I like the upgraded [TS]

  podcast this week so much because it's [TS]

  packed full of like actually new [TS]

  information that we didn't already know [TS]

  as enthusiasts to follow this stuff and [TS]

  who already saw the keynote you know [TS]

  like if we like so many of the articles [TS]

  and reviews and YouTube things are just [TS]

  like rehashes of the keynote event [TS]

  basically and so to hear anything new is [TS]

  great and as we've heard new things from [TS]

  the very few sources that have new [TS]

  things to report so far it just sounds [TS]

  really great it sounds awesome [TS]

  and I am very much looking forward to it [TS]

  I can't wait until Friday at you know [TS]

  9:00 p.m. when the overworked UPS [TS]

  whoever finally gets here I cannot wait [TS]

  for that because I'm looking forward to [TS]

  it it sounds like what I have wanted [TS]

  ever since the iPhone plus came out for [TS]

  three years ago when was that three [TS]

  years ago you know ever since then it's [TS]

  what it's what I've wanted which is I [TS]

  would like the benefits of that in a [TS]

  smaller body that I can actually hold [TS]

  more easily than the big one and so this [TS]

  seems to offer basically that like [TS]

  there's a few things that are different [TS]

  like you know the screen is like taller [TS]

  and skinnier you know it's not it isn't [TS]

  like the same aspect ratio and width as [TS]

  the fluffs phone but it seems like we [TS]

  have the best of everything in this [TS]

  phone finally and that's that's gonna be [TS]

  really great I am a little concerned [TS]

  about reach ability of the vertical [TS]

  reach ability but I'm kind of looking [TS]

  forward to it as an app developer you [TS]

  know I finally I shipped overcast for we [TS]

  should be at by the time this shows [TS]

  edited if everything goes well now I [TS]

  have a giant canvas to play with and now [TS]

  I have a whole UI to rethink I haven't [TS]

  really done much of that yet I basically [TS]

  just expanded the existing UI to fill [TS]

  the screen properly because I didn't [TS]

  want to do any redesign work without [TS]

  actually having it in my hand physically [TS]

  to test with and it's like how does this [TS]

  actually feel what can I actually reach [TS]

  you know things like that but I'm [TS]

  looking forward to this new era of kind [TS]

  of having to rethink everything it's [TS]

  it's a ton of work for developers as I [TS]

  mentioned last week but I think it's [TS]

  going to be real [TS]

  nice when we when we get there and I'm [TS]

  really looking forward to having all [TS]

  this real estate on the screen to play [TS]

  with you know my now playing screen it [TS]

  can have so many more features but now [TS]

  that I have like a tall skinny aspect [TS]

  ratio so like I'm looking forward to [TS]

  both his developer and as a user and as [TS]

  a fan of this stuff and I'm I'm happy to [TS]

  see so far that the reviews shallow as [TS]

  many of them are are seemingly [TS]

  universally positive and it seems like [TS]

  everyone loves face ID it seems like [TS]

  it's really fast it seems like it does [TS]

  it's not perfect but it's close enough [TS]

  and people don't seem to notice it much [TS]

  anymore which is awesome overall I'm [TS]

  very excited I'm very happy and thankful [TS]

  I got a day one order in and I just [TS]

  can't wait to get it yep [TS]

  yeah I'm mostly relieved that FaceTime [TS]

  works as we always would like from sorry [TS]

  yes face ID because that was that was my [TS]

  big fear that that face ID would be good [TS]

  but just barely under the threshold of [TS]

  of annoyance and every review I've read [TS]

  so far has said it's fine like it does [TS]

  it works like Apple says it's supposed [TS]

  to within the parameters that they set [TS]

  out there are no surprises and it feels [TS]

  good to use it's different but as [TS]

  someone who spent a long time with touch [TS]

  ID phones you know we all know and have [TS]

  internalized the vagaries of touch ID no [TS]

  wet fingers sometimes doesn't get it on [TS]

  the first try [TS]

  you got to pick up your finger and put [TS]

  it down again every once in a while you [TS]

  get the code thrown in your face and we [TS]

  just accept that as the price of living [TS]

  with with touch ID face ID has all the [TS]

  equivalents of that it's too far away [TS]

  from me there's bright Sun you know my [TS]

  identical twin can unlock my phone all [TS]

  sorts of things like yes every one of [TS]

  these things has inherent problems but [TS]

  the videos I've seen about how long it [TS]

  takes to unlock like people going down [TS]

  it's doing of timing and stop watching [TS]

  everything that shows me so far not [TS]

  having use one of these myself but it [TS]

  seems like it's with it's under the the [TS]

  threshold like that it's acceptable [TS]

  right and like touch ID was in the first [TS]

  iteration touch ID in the first [TS]

  iteration was also like you know I was [TS]

  obviously a vast improvement over typing [TS]

  in code but it got better in the set [TS]

  so I'm already looking forward to the [TS]

  second one but the first one like [TS]

  there's no catastrophic problem like oh [TS]

  my goodness this phone hinges on face ID [TS]

  and face ID is just too annoying to use [TS]

  that does not appear to be the case so [TS]

  I'm relieved [TS]

  in that case and you know the their [TS]

  views I've read in full like Jason's and [TS]

  I've read some of Hannah's Reno's like [TS]

  their their take on the phone obviously [TS]

  speaks to me the most because they're [TS]

  you know they have they come from the [TS]

  same experiences that I do but getting [TS]

  back to the PR thing briefly all those [TS]

  reviews they're like oh this is a [TS]

  shallow review and doesn't tell me [TS]

  anything that I didn't already know the [TS]

  people who watch that video don't know [TS]

  all the things that we already know [TS]

  because they didn't pour over the [TS]

  keynote and do a three-hour podcast [TS]

  about it that's all new information to [TS]

  the people who watch that channel people [TS]

  who watch that channel have seen like an [TS]

  advertisement and some images and [TS]

  articles that didn't read and everything [TS]

  they're being told they were learning it [TS]

  for the first time from a trusted face [TS]

  that they know right that's so again if [TS]

  I had to put myself my PR hat on and [TS]

  think like if you you know how do you [TS]

  imagine PR might work reaching people [TS]

  who aren't you know poring over [TS]

  everything that that comes from Apple [TS]

  those reviews aren't shallow to them [TS]

  that is a giant info dump as far as [TS]

  they're concerned yeah we're hearing [TS]

  things that were like yeah yeah I knew [TS]

  that knew that knew that I knew that but [TS]

  the people who are watching those videos [TS]

  on those channels that are not tech [TS]

  related didn't know any of that stuff [TS]

  and they're seeing the new iPhone for [TS]

  the very first time maybe I don't even [TS]

  understand what a big deal it is like [TS]

  whatever the new iPhone is it out yet [TS]

  can you buy it do all my friends already [TS]

  have it they don't know those are [TS]

  channels that were probably being [TS]

  underserved by just giving it to the [TS]

  tech columnist and The Wall Street [TS]

  Journal and a bunch of Apple bloggers [TS]

  nerds so again I can imagine all sorts [TS]

  of potential upsides to the strategy [TS]

  that Apple took even some of my mkbhd [TS]

  has a nerd audience like that's a nerdy [TS]

  channel right it's not the same as [TS]

  giving it to someone who works for a [TS]

  fashion magazine it's a different [TS]

  audience and Apple's reaching different [TS]

  people with this strategy now what was [TS]

  that I think it was uh was it Marco okay [TS]

  which one of you brought up the [TS]

  subtracting people me that's the that [TS]

  part of the strategy of not giving it to [TS]

  the other institutions I have more [TS]

  trouble thinking up a reason for that of [TS]

  the [TS]

  they were afraid that the cranky sort of [TS]

  you know the old guard would be more [TS]

  likely to spend time focusing on the [TS]

  flaws and less time being excited about [TS]

  the cool stuff but that's just that's [TS]

  just a theory [TS]

  like and again I think Apple PR tries [TS]

  things and looks at the results and [TS]

  adjust their strategy and they've done [TS]

  it so many times that I give them leeway [TS]

  to try this strategy and we'll see what [TS]

  they do with the next one [TS]

  all right thanks to our sponsors this [TS]

  week Casper [TS]

  and we'll see you next week [TS]

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  is esta that's Casey less ma RC o AR m [TS]

  and T Marco Arment [TS]

  SI r AC us a Syracuse [TS]

  I have some after-show things to ask [TS]

  Casey about so I am super behind on [TS]

  Twitter Casey have you already posted [TS]

  your video review of the Alpha no good [TS]

  god no yeah you eat we mark when I spoke [TS]

  about this a little bit in the pre-show [TS]

  and and I have purchased Final Cut Pro [TS]

  Final Cut Pro X whatever it is right [TS]

  this free car is already costing you [TS]

  money oh is it ever I did post a like [TS]

  literally eight second teaser to Twitter [TS]

  earlier today I stopped that teaser [TS]

  deliberately right before I got to [TS]

  Quadrifoglio because I didn't want to [TS]

  have the entire internet make fun of me [TS]

  for pronouncing that incorrectly so I am [TS]

  pleased with the progress on making on [TS]

  the video but I have made very little [TS]

  progress and it is slow going but that [TS]

  progress that has been made I'm pleased [TS]

  with so I am actually I did actually see [TS]

  that clip so that's how far behind I am [TS]

  Twitter I think I just read that before [TS]

  we sat down podcasting and I have one [TS]

  piece of advice I watched it with mute [TS]

  on so I didn't hear any of the audio I [TS]

  did see is one of the default fonts for [TS]

  titles so cranky about that do not use [TS]

  that fund everyone got so cranky about [TS]

  that [TS]

  I don't I don't think it was the default [TS]

  now I'm not arguing it was one of a [TS]

  short list of options it's completely [TS]

  correct but it was not the default I [TS]

  don't believe and I have since changed [TS]

  it to Futura [TS]

  because I haven't come up with a better [TS]

  plan yet I was laying put it this way [TS]

  that's the font i use on my destiny [TS]

  videos you should be aiming higher than [TS]

  that fair enough okay see you know if [TS]

  you have a bunch of people complain that [TS]

  your font isn't good enough you only [TS]

  have two options comic sans and papyrus [TS]

  no avatar d so far so you don't have be [TS]

  confused with that it's hard yeah I mean [TS]

  it's so far so good [TS]

  I can certainly send two of you guys a [TS]

  draft if you give a crap for the first [TS]

  two seconds I saw but also again with [TS]

  meudon or whatever seven seconds [TS]

  whatever it was hmm don't take this the [TS]

  wrong way [TS]

  but it's hard for me to tell whether you [TS]

  are doing an homage to the the car [TS]

  review channels that you watch and love [TS]

  or a parody of them like you should feel [TS]

  constrained by the formats that have [TS]

  come before yes we've all seen these [TS]

  other car channels but I don't think you [TS]

  need to do a car view the way you do [TS]

  them you can do them the KC way now [TS]

  maybe it starts by saying I'm gonna [TS]

  imitate the channels that I know and [TS]

  love or like maybe you are sending them [TS]

  up or maybe half of it is the joke that [TS]

  you are exactly following the format of [TS]

  the channels that you like but it's [TS]

  funny because it's you doing it right I [TS]

  don't know I have been sound was off but [TS]

  I would encourage you to spread your [TS]

  wings and fly and do whatever the hell [TS]

  kind of car view you want to do your [TS]

  assessment is semi correct so I need to [TS]

  pull from somewhere right like I'm not a [TS]

  creative enough person that I can just [TS]

  fart out like this brand new paradigm is [TS]

  you are your excellent farter KC I am a [TS]

  very good farter full of gas everybody [TS]

  loves it is that a marketable skill we [TS]

  wish because if so yeah the three of us [TS]

  we've got that unblocked no I I need [TS]

  somewhere to start from and my starting [TS]

  point and certainly the first seven [TS]

  seconds completely bears this out and [TS]

  you're right but my starting point is [TS]

  kind of mostly Doug de Muro style review [TS]

  but the formula is not identical like [TS]

  it's not a bunch of quirks then you know [TS]

  in-car video then Doug score like it's [TS]

  not gonna be quite that formulaic but I [TS]

  do start with some of me talking around [TS]

  the outside of the car then we talking [TS]

  about all I've got so far that the [TS]

  intention is to about of me talking [TS]

  about the inside of the car but very [TS]

  little in the in the realm of quirks and [TS]

  more about just what does it feel like [TS]

  to drive a Julia and then a little bit [TS]

  of ride-along footage which I actually [TS]

  think will probably be pretty brief [TS]

  because all it's going to be is me [TS]

  giggling about how fast it is and how [TS]

  good it sounds and then a little bit at [TS]

  the end which is again me standing in [TS]

  front of the car outside so and I have a [TS]

  couple of [TS]

  I feel like this is if it goes the way I [TS]

  intend it's going to be part Doug de [TS]

  Muro part cgp grey in that I have some [TS]

  well not really awesome so that I don't [TS]

  know if you saw it John this might have [TS]

  been before you before he jumped on the [TS]

  call but I'd put in the chat a link to a [TS]

  still picture that I had taken which is [TS]

  of the three key fobs and so yeah this [TS]

  is when you were here because you were [TS]

  talking about the Accord key fob and and [TS]

  the the stick with that is that is like [TS]

  the final frame in me building up to [TS]

  what you see so the you know as as the [TS]

  voice-over is going I have just a white [TS]

  sheet of paper and then I then you see [TS]

  the BMW e90 key appear and then you know [TS]

  the next quote-unquote frame which is [TS]

  probably you know thirty literal frames [TS]

  later you see the e90 having been [TS]

  written and then you see the f30 key [TS]

  appear thirty frames later the f30 key [TS]

  that's that's been written you see what [TS]

  I'm saying so there's like a there's [TS]

  some gags not gags that's too strong a [TS]

  word but like some cutesy timing that [TS]

  I'm trying to do for a couple of these [TS]

  things is that on top of a toilet tank [TS]

  no also screw you that's my trunk you [TS]

  bastard that's a white car it's hard to [TS]

  tell clean keeps his car anyway but the [TS]

  reason I say it's vaguely CGP grey ish [TS]

  is that I think one of the ten tenets [TS]

  isn't word I'm looking for one of the [TS]

  like sticks with a CGP grey video is [TS]

  being cutesy with the timing and I mean [TS]

  that in a complimentary way you know [TS]

  like things are happening visually on [TS]

  beats verbal beats and and so there's [TS]

  like a little bit of that going on and [TS]

  there's a little an to do a little bit [TS]

  of that with regard to the interior as [TS]

  well I hope I can trim it down like it's [TS]

  a couple of minutes long [TS]

  it's three minutes right now and it has [TS]

  probably a third of the footage I want [TS]

  maybe even a little less than that and [TS]

  I'm aiming for between five and ten [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  I think the 20 minute demure Doug Miro [TS]

  reviews that's way too much for me today [TS]

  if I get in the habit of doing this [TS]

  maybe I'll get in the habit of doing you [TS]

  know 20 minute reviews one day [TS]

  eventually but for my first crack at [TS]

  this [TS]

  I really hope to stay under 10 and would [TS]

  prefer to be closer to five but I I [TS]

  think it'll be ten or it maybe even more [TS]

  than that just don't spend a lot of time [TS]

  on the owners manual on the spare tire [TS]

  and you'll be fine sorry okay noted I [TS]

  deeply regret not having bought or or [TS]

  rented or done something to get a laugh [TS]

  Mike I think the audio quality is I'm [TS]

  going to get dinged for pretty bad to [TS]

  the point that I am debating actually [TS]

  trying to dub yeah I feel like bad audio [TS]

  on your first youtube video featuring [TS]

  yourself as a rite of passage for [TS]

  everybody who's not mark oh yeah that's [TS]

  probably true even I only had mediocre [TS]

  audio but you were way above the normal [TS]

  bar which is like you sounds like you're [TS]

  talking to a laptop microphone from [TS]

  across the room everybody's first [TS]

  YouTube video has to be like I think [TS]

  it's the rule yeah I mean I was wearing [TS]

  a lot like just a crappy one [TS]

  I had crappy lava yeah you still sounded [TS]

  way way better than what people's first [TS]

  youtube video supposed to sound like [TS]

  yeah no I mean I would say Casey like [TS]

  it's better to like a and and I'm saying [TS]

  this to myself as much as you because [TS]

  when I tried to do a like nice-looking [TS]

  YouTube video with my MacBook Pro review [TS]

  like I look back on it recently and it's [TS]

  like I can't I can't even watch it it's [TS]

  so bad like at the time I didn't think [TS]

  it was that bad now looking back on it [TS]

  now I think it's really bad and I it's [TS]

  painful for me to even see it someone [TS]

  that one of the lessons I learned from [TS]

  that that I wish I would have learned [TS]

  before I made it is it's better to do a [TS]

  better job at a format you can do better [TS]

  than to then to aim too high with with [TS]

  the format or style that you want to [TS]

  create and do a bad job of it and that's [TS]

  what I did [TS]

  I aim too high I tried to create a much [TS]

  higher production value video than what [TS]

  my skill and experience and to some [TS]

  degree equipment [TS]

  was actually capable of but this is [TS]

  mostly not an equipment problem this is [TS]

  mostly a skill and experience problem [TS]

  yeah and the fact is like we've made so [TS]

  few videos I don't know if you have a [TS]

  better knack at it than I do it's hard [TS]

  to have a worse knockout than I do if I [TS]

  make any more videos I'm going to try to [TS]

  make them in a more casual way with [TS]

  lower production value intentionally to [TS]

  prevent me from getting too much in the [TS]

  weeds here because like you know you [TS]

  might be thinking about fixing your [TS]

  audio that's cool you should have good [TS]

  audio if you can but that's probably not [TS]

  gonna be your biggest challenge your [TS]

  biggest challenge is gonna be like [TS]

  things that people who make video more [TS]

  and who are experienced and/or trained [TS]

  with it are better so things like [TS]

  composition timing cutting motion color [TS]

  Corrections like stuff stuff that like [TS]

  that casual beginners just don't get or [TS]

  need experience to develop to get and [TS]

  because we've made so few videos we [TS]

  don't have that yet so it's better I [TS]

  think to aim for something more casual [TS]

  less produced less fancy and just put [TS]

  that out there then to try to make [TS]

  something super professional when you [TS]

  don't have the tool set or the skills [TS]

  that are the experience to be able to [TS]

  achieve the look you're going for yet [TS]

  yeah I think that makes sense and I [TS]

  think I feel like my aspiration is to [TS]

  have something that feels like it even [TS]

  feels vaguely like a cross of dim euro [TS]

  and gray not to say that that's my [TS]

  marching orders but but just that [TS]

  somebody could watch this film or [TS]

  whatever you want to call it this this [TS]

  video and say yeah I see what he was [TS]

  going for there and I can see a little [TS]

  sprinkle of demure and a little sprinkle [TS]

  of gray there and okay he didn't get [TS]

  there but I see where this line is [TS]

  heading well you can't really have a [TS]

  line if it's only one data point but you [TS]

  know what I'm saying like I understand [TS]

  where he's going with this and yeah that [TS]

  was a bit ham-fisted here the audio is [TS]

  crappy there but there's promise here [TS]

  does that make sense like I wanna I feel [TS]

  like it is within my skill set to to get [TS]

  in the vicinity [TS]

  of this perfect video that I have in my [TS]

  brain [TS]

  and I don't think I'm gonna deliver the [TS]

  perfect video that's in my brain but I [TS]

  do feel like the the things I'm asking [TS]

  of myself I'm reaching to get to them [TS]

  but I think they're by and large [TS]

  attainable which is kind of it which is [TS]

  the best place to be right where you're [TS]

  uncomfortable but not and so that's [TS]

  that's where I think I am remind me of [TS]

  this when the video is released insider [TS]

  garbage well and the thing is to like [TS]

  you know you're comparing yourself to [TS]

  people who are such pros yeah I'll give [TS]

  you a quick story here it's like in this [TS]

  so gray is gonna be so embarrassed that [TS]

  I'm that I'm saying this but oh well [TS]

  sorry great I don't want to give any [TS]

  details really in case I didn't bears [TS]

  anybody but at some point I witnessed [TS]

  somebody asking gray for a critique on a [TS]

  video he like kind of you know went on [TS]

  his phone for a few minutes in the [TS]

  conversation went elsewhere and about 15 [TS]

  minutes later he showed on his phone he [TS]

  had real just on his phone he had recut [TS]

  the entire video and was showing frame [TS]

  by fan I saw before and after and his [TS]

  was way better just by recutting the [TS]

  footage that he was given in this video [TS]

  and he was able to explain why he [TS]

  rearranged things he trimmed things [TS]

  differently why he liked certain scenes [TS]

  float into the other ones better than [TS]

  the other ones and how this reordering [TS]

  and recutting of this completely changed [TS]

  the feel and pace and and overall [TS]

  quality of this video and to see him do [TS]

  that it's like it's I imagine like when [TS]

  when non-tech people see tech people [TS]

  like whiz through a problem on the [TS]

  computer superfast and it blows their [TS]

  mind that's how I felt watching this [TS]

  like I'm like oh my god like that's this [TS]

  is a skill set that people like gray [TS]

  have because they're very experienced [TS]

  with this and and they're very good at [TS]

  it yeah yeah when I compare how the way [TS]

  I approach making a video to the way [TS]

  that I saw a pro do it my god it's [TS]

  worlds apart it like so like I don't [TS]

  even have the vocab you [TS]

  Lari to describe you know what it is [TS]

  that he was doing and why it was better [TS]

  but it was way better and the way he was [TS]

  explaining it it like it made total [TS]

  sense but I could never to come up with [TS]

  that and so like you're getting started [TS]

  in this you know you don't have a lot of [TS]

  video experience right like you don't [TS]

  have like a secret YouTube career [TS]

  because that we didn't know about no and [TS]

  in and for those who listen to this if [TS]

  this makes the released version of the [TS]

  show like I have never ever edited [TS]

  podcast truly I never have not once [TS]

  because it's always been either you or [TS]

  Mike or you know one of your minions [TS]

  organization full of minions here yeah [TS]

  exactly the two of you have just minions [TS]

  all the way down but but you know what I [TS]

  mean like I've never even edited a [TS]

  podcast so I've dabbled in iMovie a [TS]

  couple times and I think I've dabbled in [TS]

  GarageBand maybe once but these are [TS]

  these are tools that I am not familiar [TS]

  with so I'm just kind of hacking at it [TS]

  you know I feel like I'm going through [TS]

  the jungle not with a machete but with [TS]

  like a pocketknife and I do feel like [TS]

  I'm making forward progress but [TS]

  unequivocally what I release is going to [TS]

  look ham-fisted what I hope though is [TS]

  that once you get past the crap audio [TS]

  and once you get past the fact that the [TS]

  timing is wrong once you get past the [TS]

  fact that inevitably this video will run [TS]

  longer than it should and I'm gonna try [TS]

  my damnedest to cut it down but I know [TS]

  it'll end up running too long I hope [TS]

  that you the collective you can see this [TS]

  and say I see the start of something [TS]

  here it's probably not the end hopefully [TS]

  not the end and this I can see how this [TS]

  is going to get better with time and and [TS]

  part of the way I've tried to do that is [TS]

  I do feel like my review my video review [TS]

  is going to have a bit of a narrative I [TS]

  feel like I can't I have created an arc [TS]

  and I even took some engineering paper [TS]

  from college and like drew out like [TS]

  really crudely drawn storyboards which I [TS]

  think I put on like - the stories well [TS]

  but it's I mean that's how I'm trying to [TS]

  like frame it in my head because you [TS]

  were doing an unreal pencil and paper [TS]

  like your Mike earlier or something yeah [TS]

  which is which is barbaric but it's the [TS]

  best way I could come up with to try to [TS]

  like [TS]

  through the story I want to tell and I [TS]

  think if I didn't at least have the [TS]

  beginnings in that regard I I would be [TS]

  totally lost in this video would never [TS]

  come out but since I had an Xcode [TS]

  storyboards finally finally used for it [TS]

  that's true but I I guess what I'm [TS]

  saying roundabout way is this is going [TS]

  to be embarrassing when I release it if [TS]

  I do it all it may be so embarrassing [TS]

  that I don't release there are only [TS]

  seven to send it to my friends I don't [TS]

  know that you should after you release [TS]

  this video you should by all rights have [TS]

  the most popular YouTube channel on this [TS]

  podcast I think Marco had does have you [TS]

  have a lot of views on your on your your [TS]

  MacBook thing but in theory a review of [TS]

  any [TS]

  any [TS]

  a thousand dollar sports sedan has more [TS]

  like general interest than I'd yet [TS]

  another review of like a laptop so I [TS]

  feel like you should come out as the [TS]

  undisputed views champion of ATP I hope [TS]

  I hope so and well I think my plan is to [TS]

  release it I really do feel like I can [TS]

  get it to a point that I'm only lightly [TS]

  embarrassed by it rather than deeply [TS]

  embarrassed by it but we'll see what [TS]

  happens [TS]

  and part of the reason I really want to [TS]

  release it is because I feel like I have [TS]

  a story here and that story may not be [TS]

  interesting to anyone else it's like you [TS]

  know when you when you have like a [TS]

  really good slideshow of your vacation [TS]

  right to some degree what we made you [TS]

  sit through John when when Mark when I [TS]

  went to Germany and then again when we [TS]

  went like to us we had this like story [TS]

  arc and it was fascinating and exciting [TS]

  but to you it might have been a total [TS]

  freaking snooze it may be the same thing [TS]

  here but I feel like I have a story arc [TS]

  I feel like I have something to say and [TS]

  maybe it's completely selfish but I've I [TS]

  have already filmed my conclusion and I [TS]

  add I knew what I wanted to say but I [TS]

  ad-lib did and I'm really really happy [TS]

  with how it came out and so I feel like [TS]

  if I've got a decent start and I've got [TS]

  a good but pretty pretty good end that [TS]

  I'm pretty happy with so if I can just [TS]

  get the middle okay then it'll be okay [TS]

  and we'll see what happens but I am [TS]

  having fun and that's the other thing if [TS]

  nothing else I'm having fun and I'm [TS]

  adding a tool to my tool belt will that [TS]

  be interesting very useful in the future [TS]

  maybe not who knows but Alfre Mayo has [TS]

  told me that they're going to give me [TS]

  another car next year not a Julia [TS]

  something else we'll see if it comes to [TS]

  fruition in part because baby but in [TS]

  theory I'll have access to an Alfa Romeo [TS]

  my dad actually just bought an [TS]

  interesting car which I can tell you two [TS]

  about privately later so if he really [TS]

  and truly loves me then maybe he'll let [TS]

  me review them easier to get your car [TS]

  from manufacturer I I think you might be [TS]

  right and you haven't even met my dad [TS]

  you know I only have one question it is [TS]

  not white last time yeah it's silver [TS]

  it's just shiny white no it's [TS]

  oh god you're the worst but I'm saying [TS]

  like there is a way in which I can [TS]

  probably eke out a couple more videos [TS]

  and if I have a handful of videos under [TS]

  my belt maybe it's possible to get [TS]

  access to cars I wouldn't already have [TS]

  access to and I've actually had a couple [TS]

  people reach out via Twitter which is [TS]

  extremely kind and nice of them and say [TS]

  hey if you want to do my you know [TS]

  genuinely interesting car I'm happy to [TS]

  do it and that works for regular car [TS]

  reviews I don't know if I'm comfortable [TS]

  with that because God forbid I broke [TS]

  something like then what you know or if [TS]

  I ran into somebody then what you know [TS]

  so I'm not entirely comfortable with [TS]

  that or at least not now but it's been [TS]

  extremely flattering that somebody would [TS]

  be you know willing to even entertain [TS]

  the idea so who knows maybe this will be [TS]

  a one and done thing and I'll be [TS]

  embarrassed about it in a month or maybe [TS]

  even an hour after its posted but so far [TS]

  I'm learning and having fun and I know [TS]

  it's very like kumbaya and touchy-feely [TS]

  but that's really the most I can ask for [TS]

  at the moment you know all right let me [TS]

  let me you know pose an alternative path [TS]

  here so you know a you you waffled a [TS]

  minute ago about whether you'd even [TS]

  release this video you definitely should [TS]

  produce this video because the way you [TS]

  get better at making videos is by making [TS]

  videos like this you know just like [TS]

  everything else like you're not gonna [TS]

  get good at something if you do it twice [TS]

  a year when you get a press car like [TS]

  that's not that's not going to be enough [TS]

  you should actually consider doing [TS]

  reviews of other cars boring cars other [TS]

  things like that aren't cars you know [TS]

  review helicopters I don't care like [TS]

  just review if this is a thing you want [TS]

  to get good at doing you have to [TS]

  construct ways to do it more often [TS]

  because otherwise you're never going to [TS]

  be able to create the kind of thing you [TS]

  want to create if you're not getting [TS]

  more experience like you know per unit [TS]

  of time like doing one of these a year [TS]

  is not gonna be enough so if you [TS]

  actually want this to be a thing that [TS]

  you get good at and that you do on a [TS]

  regular basis do more of it find ways to [TS]

  do more of it and maybe that's just [TS]

  reviewing boring cars sometimes you know [TS]

  like just [TS]

  like if you make yourself a deal like in [TS]

  a review like one car a month and then [TS]

  try to figure out like how do you even [TS]

  do that [TS]

  how do you get set up for that what how [TS]

  how much effort do you have to make this [TS]

  fit within in order to be able to afford [TS]

  time wise to do it once per month set [TS]

  that system in motion and whether that's [TS]

  like you could have something like what [TS]

  if you like get friendly with a local [TS]

  used-car dealer and whatever they have a [TS]

  cool used car in you know yeah you give [TS]

  them you give them like some small my [TS]

  money and they let you borrow it for for [TS]

  a few days you know cuz then it's no [TS]

  sweat off their back it's use anyway you [TS]

  know like bar for a few days maybe you [TS]

  like promote their dealership at the end [TS]

  of it or something you know like they're [TS]

  like there are ways to solve this [TS]

  problem and and there are ways if you [TS]

  want to only review cars and you don't [TS]

  want to borrow our friends cars there [TS]

  are ways around that like there are [TS]

  things that you can do here and you know [TS]

  if that's not enough for you like first [TS]

  of all review your car hello like well [TS]

  my car is old I know what there's a lot [TS]

  of people who who are wanting to buy [TS]

  used BMWs and wants to know which ones [TS]

  are good none and which ones have a lot [TS]

  of expensive work that need to be done [TS]

  well exactly people want it like you're [TS]

  not gonna compete with like you know the [TS]

  the pros for like getting all the high [TS]

  profile views for every brand new car [TS]

  people are gonna go to the big reviewers [TS]

  for that where you can compete is on [TS]

  things the big reviewers aren't spending [TS]

  time on so you can compete with all the [TS]

  crazy cars you have you have access to [TS]

  in your everyday life and there's gonna [TS]

  be someone looking for that and you can [TS]

  use those like lower profile lower [TS]

  traffic lower pressure videos to build [TS]

  your skills with so that on the off [TS]

  chance that you do get some kind of [TS]

  awesome new press car that is higher [TS]

  profile and expensive and fancy you will [TS]

  already have built the skills so you [TS]

  won't have to be learning on that one [TS]

  build the skills up in like you know a [TS]

  more like training wheels kind of [TS]

  environment where the stakes are lower [TS]

  and you can do it more often and then [TS]

  you can be ready for like when something [TS]

  big happens yeah I completely agree with [TS]

  you and and I think just looking at my [TS]

  network for lack of a better term that [TS]

  sounds so LinkedIn but you know maybe I [TS]

  could get some seat time in in either [TS]

  your car underscores cars and you know [TS]

  people you know exactly every [TS]

  conversation I have here telling me [TS]

  about one of your friends with a cool [TS]

  car like you know so many car people [TS]

  like this is not a hard thing for you to [TS]

  do if you if you wanted to set this up [TS]

  you could very easily set this up [TS]

  also that and here's here's my car yeah [TS]

  Aaron's car your car your you know your [TS]

  parents cars all your friends cars you [TS]

  can happily drive mine if you can get [TS]

  yourself here somehow like that's this [TS]

  is totally a thing that you can do it is [TS]

  not that hard if you if you want if you [TS]

  want to get yourself set up with us you [TS]

  already have a pretty good networking [TS]

  place to do it it's a big time [TS]

  commitment but developing any new skill [TS]

  like this is going to be so you know if [TS]

  you if you want to do it [TS]

  figure out a way to do it set it up you [TS]

  know make it a habit and that's how you [TS]

  go get good at it I'm not saying like [TS]

  I'm not saying that you're gonna make [TS]

  bad stuff like what I'm saying is I know [TS]

  what you're going for and you're not [TS]

  gonna be able to you're not gonna be [TS]

  able to achieve what the level you want [TS]

  to achieve unless you do it regularly [TS]

  unless you make a habit of it then [TS]

  you're gonna develop the skills to do it [TS]

  over time but you have to start doing [TS]

  that and you're not gonna do that if you [TS]

  only get one car a year yeah yeah I [TS]

  completely agree with everything you [TS]

  said and and you know Aaron and I've [TS]

  talked about it a bit and you know we've [TS]

  talked about you know is this worth [TS]

  spending money on you know outside of [TS]

  Final Cut Pro obviously like is it worth [TS]

  me getting you know $100 laughs Mike and [TS]

  you know maybe a multi-hundred dollar [TS]

  like XLR portable recorder and and the [TS]

  answer is we don't know but okay stop [TS]

  right there this stuff is really cheap [TS]

  you don't need to spend much money they [TS]

  what you need is what you need is an [TS]

  iPhone maybe a gimbal for it and some [TS]

  kind of small mic that you can clip to [TS]

  your shirt rand record but those are [TS]

  surprised if you don't if you don't want [TS]

  something fancy and wireless those with [TS]

  the SL arse you can go really cheap and [TS]

  it works oh there you go but my point is [TS]

  just so like you know what what both [TS]

  time and in financial commitment is [TS]

  worth is this worth and on the surface [TS]

  the conservative answer is not a single [TS]

  sent in not a single minute but it's not [TS]

  quite that simple right because what if [TS]

  like it and I was talking Aaron about [TS]

  this and and this is probably going to [TS]

  be embarrassing to say at some point in [TS]

  my life but I'm gonna say it anyway [TS]

  suddenly this became analogue what if [TS]

  this becomes another like livelihood for [TS]

  for me and my family and what if doing [TS]

  the podcast in doing these videos is [TS]

  enough to fund our existence and what if [TS]

  then I didn't have to go to a job' job [TS]

  every day and what if I could then spend [TS]

  more time with my family you know like [TS]

  that's it's a moonshot I don't think [TS]

  that'll ever ever ever ever happen but [TS]

  why wouldn't I just give it a whirl and [TS]

  see see what happens you know because [TS]

  and I'm basically repeating imperative [TS]

  what you said Marco back to you but [TS]

  that's kind of the way I'm looking at it [TS]

  right now is who knows what if I have a [TS]

  bit of a knack for this like I I feel [TS]

  like there's something here and it's not [TS]

  gonna be mature and it's gonna have [TS]

  problems but why not to use a underscore [TS]

  ISM why not unpack this a little bit and [TS]

  see what I come up with cuz maybe [TS]

  maybe I've got this I mean if you really [TS]

  want to go for the moon shot of the moon [TS]

  shot what if I end up on Top Gear [TS]

  America in ten years like again that I [TS]

  understand how preposterous and comical [TS]

  that is but who knows like why should I [TS]

  say I can't do that you never know [TS]

  weirder things have happened yeah I mean [TS]

  look you man [TS]

  worst-case scenario you have a really [TS]

  cool fulfilling hobby that you really [TS]

  enjoy yeah exactly [TS]

  that's the worst worst case scenario you [TS]

  get to film cars and talk about them you [TS]

  do that anyway like if you happen to be [TS]

  able to turn this hobby into a business [TS]

  cool that's bonus but either way it's [TS]

  good like either way it's gonna make you [TS]

  happy to do it and look everybody has [TS]

  hobbies John plays destiny you can shoot [TS]

  car videos right John take me back to [TS]

  earth am I am I crazy I was just gonna [TS]

  say it's making me f