Under the Radar

Under the Radar 59: Launch Day Diary


00:00:00   hi so it is about 8:30 in the morning on

00:00:04   December 21st this is going to be

00:00:08   something a little bit different than we

00:00:10   usually do

00:00:11   today I am launching a new app it's an

00:00:15   app called workouts plus plus though

00:00:17   that this point the world doesn't know

00:00:19   that just a few friends and beta testers

00:00:22   know that and I thought it would be

00:00:24   interesting to have a little running

00:00:27   diary throughout the day of what it

00:00:29   feels like and what I'm doing on the

00:00:31   launch day at this point I'm in the

00:00:35   terror phase I think is and terror and

00:00:38   self-doubt face off this we're in about

00:00:41   half an hour or so I'm expecting to do

00:00:43   the actual launching part the app this

00:00:45   kind of approved and ready to go

00:00:46   pending developer release and 19s

00:00:48   connect and so in about a half an hour

00:00:50   I've said about nine by nine a.m.

00:00:52   Eastern it's the time that I'd planned

00:00:54   to do my initial initial launch it is a

00:01:00   little bit terrifying obviously to put

00:01:01   that out in the world to not really know

00:01:04   how it's gonna be received to not really

00:01:07   know if people are gonna like it and

00:01:10   while my national feedback and responses

00:01:13   in for a positive if you just never know

00:01:15   and I've been you know I've done this

00:01:16   enough times to know that this feeling

00:01:18   is normal and natural to be kind of

00:01:19   terrified and doubting yourself and like

00:01:21   this is a good idea is everyone gonna

00:01:22   hate it this is just normal and this is

00:01:24   part of it okay that's where I am I've

00:01:28   got everything I need for the launch

00:01:30   ready at this point in terms of I have a

00:01:32   blog post written I have a couple of

00:01:35   this year that actually did it were this

00:01:36   for this launch and it actually did a

00:01:37   couple of YouTube videos kind of walk

00:01:39   through the app and those are already

00:01:40   and so this is in just like the wait the

00:01:42   waiting phase where I'm just kind of

00:01:44   waiting for 9 o'clock to roll around and

00:01:47   getting more and more anxious as we go

00:01:49   anyway like I said this is gonna be an

00:01:51   interesting I'm not sure if this will

00:01:52   work where this will go but I just

00:01:53   thought it'd be interesting to record a

00:01:55   couple of little snippets and you'll be

00:01:56   just throughout the day checking in

00:01:57   saying how things are going and how I'm

00:01:59   feeling and that's useful all right so

00:02:03   now it is about 8:45 and I'm going

00:02:07   through the process of setting up what I

00:02:08   kind of call like Mission Control for

00:02:11   launch so I've got

00:02:12   I'm Twitter over here I've got my

00:02:14   helpdesk system over here there's an

00:02:16   arranging windows all over my screen

00:02:19   usually if I had a server component I'd

00:02:22   have all the server log but there's no

00:02:23   server component for workouts plus plus

00:02:24   so there's nothing there I've got a

00:02:26   terminal window where I will be

00:02:28   launching my blog post from I've got the

00:02:29   app store open I've got the affiliate

00:02:34   program console up like a little thing

00:02:36   you can put affiliate links in your

00:02:37   iTunes Links I have that up because it

00:02:40   has a real time data feature it isn't

00:02:43   sure you died purchases in real time but

00:02:44   it shows you links actually getting into

00:02:46   the App Store in real time so I have

00:02:48   that that up which is just kind of like

00:02:50   it's really bad for my sanity but good

00:02:52   for my curiosity I'm so I have that up

00:02:54   and running and I just kind of have all

00:02:56   these windows set up just so that I can

00:02:58   kind of sit there and also I just

00:03:00   recently just wrote down a checklist

00:03:03   because there's inevitably as I get more

00:03:05   and more kind of anxious and excited

00:03:06   about this I'm gonna forget steps that I

00:03:09   want to do think of things that I want

00:03:10   to places I want to put things or steps

00:03:12   things that I need to make sure are like

00:03:13   turned on now that the app is turned on

00:03:15   and so I have a little to-do list now

00:03:17   just written down on a piece of paper in

00:03:19   front of me and as I think of things I

00:03:21   write it down so I'd have to remember it

00:03:23   in a moment all right it's 851 and I

00:03:27   realized something that I'm should

00:03:29   probably mention too that's a bit silly

00:03:31   but something that I do nevertheless I'm

00:03:33   wearing my like I don't know if I'd call

00:03:35   my shipping uniform but I have a

00:03:37   particular like pair of set of clothes

00:03:39   that I'd let I like to wear on days that

00:03:41   I've shipped things look as I'm

00:03:42   particularly superstitious like that's

00:03:44   not really for that reason it's just

00:03:45   like I have such positive associations

00:03:47   with this outfit that I feel happier if

00:03:50   I wear it and so it makes you know on a

00:03:52   day when it's a bit more stressful it's

00:03:54   it's nice and so it's my I have what I

00:03:56   call my captain america daring fireball

00:03:57   shirt which is the grey one with just

00:03:59   the star in the middle no with no words

00:04:02   and on top of that I have my 2010 WWDC

00:04:06   makes you called like the light cloth

00:04:09   jacket I'm making with that and that

00:04:11   sort of uniform is I have a lot of

00:04:13   positive associations with it I've liked

00:04:15   worn it on you know various occasions

00:04:17   that I've worked out well for me and

00:04:19   then I have kind of nice feelings with

00:04:20   so it's like this is kind of funny when

00:04:21   I'm getting dressed this morning that I

00:04:23   feel like I don't like some kind of

00:04:24   major league pitcher so

00:04:25   one who like has a particular thing that

00:04:27   they need to do it's like that you know

00:04:28   I'd be fine if I didn't launch in my a

00:04:30   my shipping outfit but it is something

00:04:32   that I wear nevertheless all right about

00:04:34   eight minutes to go all right it's 853

00:04:37   now I probably shouldn't care as much

00:04:40   about this as I do home but I've just

00:04:42   been spending the last few minutes just

00:04:44   writing and rewriting the tweet that I'm

00:04:46   gonna send to like kind of announce it

00:04:50   it's amazingly how difficult writing

00:04:53   like 120 characters description is or

00:04:56   you wanted to be short and punchy and

00:04:58   attention-grabbing but concise like

00:05:00   right now I have just I'm delighted to

00:05:02   introduce workouts plus plus a fully

00:05:03   customizable workout app for the Apple

00:05:05   watch I think is what I want to mention

00:05:08   a link to this to the app in the store

00:05:09   I said go make it too wordy or

00:05:11   complicated then it's harder for people

00:05:13   to scan and really all I want people to

00:05:14   do is click on that link so I want to

00:05:16   keep it like short and punchy and then

00:05:18   have them like here go and look at this

00:05:19   if they want it but you know never as

00:05:22   much so much thought and put into just

00:05:24   hundred twenty characters is 8:59

00:05:31   watching a clock tick the seconds

00:05:34   towards nine o'clock if anything about

00:05:37   launching an app is that it's actually

00:05:38   kind of anticlimactic because like you

00:05:40   hit the button to release it out into

00:05:42   the world and then it doesn't actually

00:05:44   go out into the world right away there's

00:05:46   always this lag and caching delay that

00:05:50   happens in the App Store and so you kind

00:05:52   of hit go and then you just kind of sit

00:05:54   around for hopefully a few minutes you

00:05:57   know sometimes it can be a purse which

00:05:59   is a nightmare but hopefully it'll just

00:06:02   be a few hours

00:06:03   like a few minutes like 15 20 minutes or

00:06:06   something like that but see here we go

00:06:08   it is now 859 so 10 9 8 7 gosh 6 5 4 3 2

00:06:18   1 and it's 9 o'clock so the app is now

00:06:25   on its way to being released and out in

00:06:29   the world

00:06:30   oh wow all right

00:06:35   we'll check back in whenever they have

00:06:38   actually seems to have propagated in the

00:06:41   App Store so I'm just gonna be sitting

00:06:42   there constantly refreshing the App

00:06:44   Store trying the link that I got from

00:06:46   iTunes Connect and just keep trying it

00:06:48   until it works I guess now I know 9 a.m.

00:06:52   and I'm just sitting here reading the

00:06:54   word item not available the item you've

00:06:57   requested is not currently available in

00:06:59   the US App Store over and over and over

00:07:02   again I just keep hitting refresh

00:07:04   waiting for it to propagate which I knew

00:07:07   would happen but is frustrating and

00:07:11   annoying nevertheless it's one of these

00:07:14   tricky things or I think like should I

00:07:16   have you know like hit the button to

00:07:18   release like a while ago but then you

00:07:21   have other issues cuz then it's like out

00:07:24   in the world but you're not really like

00:07:25   responsive and on top of it so I think

00:07:28   this is probably the best way to do it

00:07:29   and hopefully it just doesn't take too

00:07:30   long but I will say reading the you know

00:07:33   your item is not available over and over

00:07:35   and over again is a little bit

00:07:37   frustrating ooh

00:07:40   the not available has been replaced with

00:07:44   a loading label with a spinner that

00:07:47   doesn't end so that seems like progress

00:07:51   ok 9:13 a.m. it is now loading correctly

00:07:56   on the iPhone but not in iTunes so we

00:08:00   are getting closer probably any minute

00:08:02   now alright

00:08:05   9:17 a.m. and the moment has come I'm

00:08:09   about to publish my blog posts um send

00:08:12   out my tweets and sit back and see what

00:08:15   happens

00:08:16   it's it's a real thing now I guess it's

00:08:19   like crossing the Rubicon can come back

00:08:21   which is good and bad like good in the

00:08:24   sense that it will finally be out there

00:08:25   like when you work on something for so

00:08:27   long it's you get so in your head about

00:08:29   it

00:08:30   and go back go back and forth about if

00:08:32   it's good if it's bad what people will

00:08:33   think you know and now you're actually

00:08:35   getting to the point that it's like it

00:08:36   is what it is it'll either be good or it

00:08:38   won't be and we'll find out in a moment

00:08:40   so here I am I'm sending out the tweets

00:08:45   publishing the blog posts

00:08:48   and we're away Wow

00:08:53   all right let's see what happens okay

00:08:57   9:24 a.m. he show her reactions are a

00:09:02   bit I don't even know what it is it's

00:09:06   like it's always so weird when you get

00:09:07   like you start getting questions back

00:09:08   which is great like I gave to young

00:09:10   people interested in Yap trying it out

00:09:13   it's like overall I'd say generally

00:09:16   positive the first 10 minutes the

00:09:18   obviously 10 minutes doesn't really make

00:09:19   an app but it's definitely just kind of

00:09:23   a wait and see I guess you know in

00:09:27   general I think it's an app like this so

00:09:28   workouts list is all about like if this

00:09:30   highly customizable workout app so it's

00:09:32   like if you need it or you'll you know

00:09:34   if you're the kind of person who would

00:09:34   use it you'll know it and if not it's

00:09:36   like no use to you which is definitely

00:09:38   something that I think I'm seeing 9/3 -

00:09:43   um yeah no it's just out in the world

00:09:48   yes

00:09:49   God had my first review published about

00:09:53   it on Mac stories which is always a bit

00:09:56   of a an honor I mean it's the best way

00:09:59   to say it it's like it's it's just crazy

00:10:01   to read someone yeah sort of give a

00:10:04   thoughtful rundown of your app how they

00:10:08   use it how they come on how they like it

00:10:10   and in this case it was a very positive

00:10:12   review which is super cool to hear I

00:10:16   will say I always read those reviews

00:10:18   that with the in the back of my mind

00:10:20   there's just a little bit of

00:10:20   apprehension just because you know you

00:10:22   just it's like you look you never want

00:10:25   to if they miss something or they don't

00:10:27   like it like there's always that kind of

00:10:28   funny thing but I mean in this case it

00:10:31   was it was lovely and uh John for he's

00:10:35   wrote it and it was very kind but it is

00:10:38   always kind of funny to read now I just

00:10:39   kind of sit back and wait we would think

00:10:43   about putting an app out into the world

00:10:44   is that there's honestly not much to be

00:10:46   done in the near term is much you know

00:10:49   something you're flooded with book

00:10:50   reports or problems or issues but so far

00:10:53   so good

00:10:55   now also starts the period where I'll

00:10:59   start refreshing the top chart

00:11:01   um kind of compulsively even though they

00:11:05   they tend to take a long long time it's

00:11:07   actually update so like not showing up

00:11:10   therefore even like a day doesn't really

00:11:13   mean anything in terms of your first day

00:11:14   sales but especially given that the app

00:11:18   is kind of expensive I mean Spencer but

00:11:20   I guess depends on what you mean it's

00:11:22   four dollars now it'll be five dollars

00:11:23   after January 2nd but there's a good

00:11:27   chance it won't rank too high in that

00:11:28   kind of way cuz I thought I it's not

00:11:31   gonna have quite the same volume but I

00:11:33   know nevertheless let's just sit there

00:11:35   refreshing those pages over and over

00:11:36   again hoping to see it show up okay it

00:11:40   is now 10 o'clock so about an hour since

00:11:44   the app hit the App Store things are

00:11:47   good

00:11:49   mad about what I would have expected

00:11:51   maybe hope for from honest I kind of

00:11:54   wish to be a little bit more interested

00:11:56   in the app but I mean who knows also

00:11:58   there's so many confounding variables

00:12:00   it's like the week before Christmas

00:12:01   people are probably on vacation more

00:12:04   which is you know it's fine it's I want

00:12:07   you at this time of year just because

00:12:08   obviously it's a good thing for New

00:12:09   Year's resolutions and that type of

00:12:11   thing I put in 70 a slower time so

00:12:13   there's not quite as much attention

00:12:16   perhaps of everything to say like it's a

00:12:19   bit presumptuous to be like oh I don't

00:12:21   deserve all this attention but

00:12:22   nevertheless you know that's certainly

00:12:23   how I you know you always hope for a lot

00:12:26   but you know the response has been

00:12:28   positive it's been kind of fun going

00:12:30   back and forth with people on Twitter

00:12:31   about you know what their hopes are for

00:12:36   the absent expectations' has you said

00:12:38   somebody who said that they might be

00:12:39   using it soon to when they go and run a

00:12:42   marathon

00:12:43   um which I've Qaid the app quite a lot

00:12:46   and I've you know had some pretty long

00:12:48   running workouts to test it out it is a

00:12:51   little bit terrifying to me of someone

00:12:53   using my app while they go out and and

00:12:55   and run a marathon just in case

00:12:58   something did happen to go wrong but you

00:13:00   know certainly encouraging nevertheless

00:13:01   that they like the concept that mindset

00:13:04   that's what they would do okay so it's

00:13:07   about 10:30 and things are settling down

00:13:10   I was asked just on Twitter if there

00:13:12   were any questions people had

00:13:14   or what launched a app that I thought

00:13:17   might be interesting to address um you

00:13:20   know in this little I guess

00:13:21   audio diary um had someone ask how do I

00:13:25   time things given how unreliable app

00:13:28   store propagation can be and you just

00:13:31   kind of guess in my experience is

00:13:33   usually pretty good and you just kind of

00:13:36   hope for the best

00:13:37   I found them it's better to manually

00:13:39   release an app at a particular time so

00:13:40   in this case I released at nine o'clock

00:13:43   that's generally better than releasing

00:13:45   it earlier and then like like the night

00:13:47   before which has some benefits then you

00:13:49   just have have this out in the world

00:13:52   when you're not really able to be

00:13:55   responsive to customers or problems or

00:13:57   issues or promotion and so in general I

00:14:00   prefer to not put it out too much before

00:14:02   I've definitely done something where

00:14:04   rather than like this morning I did it

00:14:06   at nine o'clock I've definitely done it

00:14:07   at like 7:00 in the morning right in the

00:14:09   morning East Coast time then you have a

00:14:11   bit more control over it but you just

00:14:13   kind of hope for the best honestly and

00:14:15   sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

00:14:17   I had someone ask about I kind of

00:14:21   initial wave of feedback you get which

00:14:24   is interesting like it's definitely this

00:14:26   buzzing in this curse where you kind of

00:14:27   you a you find out the gaps in your app

00:14:31   you know so obviously the things and

00:14:33   rooby-roo and moreover the gaps in your

00:14:35   communication about your app so like the

00:14:37   biggest feedback that you get if you

00:14:39   someone asks you if your app has a

00:14:40   feature that it does have then in some

00:14:43   ways you've clue like somewhere in your

00:14:45   marketing is you haven't been clear

00:14:46   about how how the app works or features

00:14:49   and so it's good to get that feedback so

00:14:50   you can update your your marketing

00:14:53   otherwise you just great to hear from

00:14:56   people because you get this reaction

00:14:57   about you know it's like you can no

00:14:59   matter how much you think about an app a

00:15:01   head of time

00:15:02   it's definitely always coming at it from

00:15:03   your perspective in your view and you

00:15:06   start to get other people's perspective

00:15:07   with like things they would like I mean

00:15:08   and my favorite feedback always is

00:15:10   I love the app I wish it did neck's

00:15:13   because that is a coming from a place of

00:15:15   like they're you know they're using it

00:15:18   in a way that you know they like it they

00:15:20   like it this much of it and then they

00:15:23   wish did this other thing though the

00:15:24   reality is that kind of feedback

00:15:25   especially for an app like a workout zap

00:15:28   is really the quality version of that is

00:15:30   really going to be coming in the next

00:15:31   week or so after people actually use it

00:15:33   for workouts because I think the workout

00:15:35   app is like those people have hopefully

00:15:36   downloaded it and you know they're not

00:15:38   really gonna know if it works for them

00:15:40   until they've gone out and done it a few

00:15:42   times and see other questions how am i

00:15:47   coordinating with the press if I'm

00:15:50   honest I mean I have a couple people who

00:15:52   I know in the press who I every shout to

00:15:55   this time of year like I was saying a

00:15:57   little bit ago it's a really tricky time

00:15:59   I think because people are so tied up

00:16:01   with a lot of end of your stuff and so

00:16:03   it from a press perspective I has not

00:16:05   been a particularly full um like

00:16:08   full-court press in that way like it's

00:16:10   very much more of just like a I've

00:16:12   reached out a few people I know I'm

00:16:14   making sure that I'm very available like

00:16:16   if somebody emails me or tweets me or we

00:16:17   stood out to me in any way I'd be very

00:16:19   responsive but I'm not really be doing

00:16:22   anything more than that I had someone

00:16:24   ask if it so I wrote this app and Swift

00:16:27   if I expect to continue doing that going

00:16:30   forward I do I expect to write all my

00:16:35   new apps in Swift from here on out

00:16:37   getting into the reasons why itself

00:16:39   would be a whole other would be a whole

00:16:40   episode unto itself but I expect to do

00:16:43   it mostly it's like the short version is

00:16:44   this is clearly where I was going and if

00:16:47   this is where I'm gonna set up my 10 to

00:16:49   make my living and I noosed need to it's

00:16:51   like get on board of that whether it's

00:16:52   my preference or my ideal or not it's

00:16:55   kind of completely irrelevant and

00:16:56   ultimately I just need to get on the bus

00:16:58   because otherwise I'll get left behind

00:17:02   all right is now 11:05 so flowers after

00:17:07   launch and I'm gonna walk away for my

00:17:11   computer it is a kind of funny thing

00:17:13   when you just I don't even know how to

00:17:16   describe the feeling of just this it's

00:17:18   just like things a nervous energy like

00:17:21   bubbling around like just sort of like

00:17:23   you keep checking things even though

00:17:25   there's something really changing like

00:17:26   okay I can see right now there have been

00:17:29   [Music]

00:17:30   519 clicks on one of the links that I

00:17:35   put out there okay that's great now I

00:17:37   can read I can reload it and see there

00:17:40   five hundred fifty-eight oh there's more

00:17:42   people but like that doesn't mean

00:17:44   anything it's kind of meaningless and so

00:17:46   I'm just sitting here refreshing things

00:17:48   that don't really matter of change and

00:17:50   so this is usually the part of the

00:17:52   morning where I will be like okay I need

00:17:54   to get up and walk around

00:17:55   I guess maybe what I really should do

00:17:57   since I made a workout app maybe I

00:17:59   should go for a walk and start a workout

00:18:01   running while I do it

00:18:04   all right now it's about one o'clock and

00:18:09   things are just settling down probably

00:18:10   I'd say I'm sort of I was how do you get

00:18:14   actually take a break from watching and

00:18:17   monitoring everything one trick I do

00:18:20   usually try to they went and had lunch

00:18:22   with my family upstairs I work from home

00:18:24   and so it's pretty no something I can do

00:18:26   every now and then but especially on the

00:18:27   launch day it's nice to take a step back

00:18:29   from the computer and kind of force

00:18:31   myself to not just watch numbers

00:18:34   changing that was good and now it's just

00:18:38   sort of settling in getting a lot of

00:18:39   feedback in the lieutenant the way you

00:18:41   expect and one thing I will say that

00:18:44   I've definitely learned is to try to be

00:18:45   very careful about what you say how much

00:18:49   take is easy to kind of be like someone

00:18:50   has two features I guess of course that

00:18:52   that that that - of course

00:18:54   and instead you try and just be a bit

00:18:56   more thoughtful like services some of

00:18:57   the things people are asking for are

00:18:58   things that I was expecting to do anyway

00:19:00   and so it's not a problem to say like it

00:19:03   but some you know on the roadmap on

00:19:05   Sameer I'm working on something I'm

00:19:06   doing but it is you know definitely

00:19:10   don't get too carried away it's probably

00:19:11   some good advice oh yeah from here all

00:19:13   the things I'll probably settle down a

00:19:14   bit I'll probably check in once or twice

00:19:17   more in the day but you know now things

00:19:20   are out and it's just sort of in the

00:19:21   world I still keep checking the App

00:19:23   Store and haven't showed up in any of

00:19:24   the charts which is fine I guess it's

00:19:27   always a bit discouraging because it's

00:19:28   like he'd ever really he's like the

00:19:29   reason I want to show up in the charts

00:19:30   it's mostly just like or is anybody

00:19:32   actually buying it because you never

00:19:34   really know until you show up in the

00:19:36   charts but all indications point to you

00:19:39   that that is something that is happening

00:19:40   so I'm not too worried but I will

00:19:43   definitely feel better once I see

00:19:44   universe you know one hundred and

00:19:45   fiftieth like all the way at the bottom

00:19:46   with the charge but it's just kind of

00:19:50   that last confirmation step all right it

00:19:55   is now 2:45 and I finally started

00:19:59   showing up in the charts the app

00:20:03   appeared first at 53 in the top paid

00:20:07   chart for the health and fitness

00:20:08   category which is completely meaningless

00:20:11   and utterly useless because absolute

00:20:14   means nothing to me I have no idea what

00:20:16   I mean sales wise and because as best I

00:20:19   can tell like sales are kind of sliding

00:20:21   have moving average scales the situation

00:20:25   thing it doesn't really mean anything at

00:20:28   all but it means one thing and one thing

00:20:30   that makes me very glad it means that at

00:20:33   least one person has bought the app

00:20:35   because you wouldn't rank at all if that

00:20:36   is not the case well I would say I kind

00:20:38   of knew that someone had bought the app

00:20:39   there is something assuring about that

00:20:43   and nice and so it's kind of cool you

00:20:45   know 53 hopefully it inches its way up

00:20:48   at this point and you know kind of kind

00:20:52   of peeks a little bit higher than that

00:20:53   hopefully but we'll see you know I've

00:20:56   never really know where where to go with

00:20:58   an app like this it's paid upfront which

00:21:00   I did largely because I figure if you

00:21:04   have an Apple watch in order for the app

00:21:05   this have to be useful to you like

00:21:07   you're an arrow or group and then if you

00:21:10   don't want to use the built-in workout

00:21:12   app like you're even narrower still and

00:21:14   so like my addressable market is just so

00:21:16   much narrower that in order for it to

00:21:18   make any sense financially I need to do

00:21:20   you know sort of have a reasonable a

00:21:23   reasonably high price and so I went with

00:21:25   paid upfront which certainly slows

00:21:26   things down a little bit but encouraging

00:21:30   to see certainly that it's you know that

00:21:31   it's up and it's ranking and now you can

00:21:34   just kind of keep an eye on things and

00:21:35   see where they go from here all right

00:21:38   and now I think it is time has come to

00:21:40   wind down this audio diary of today and

00:21:44   kind of close out with a my last few

00:21:47   kind of closing thoughts now the app is

00:21:50   out it's successful there weren't any

00:21:52   crazy bugs or issues or things and so

00:21:55   overall it was a pretty good day before

00:21:57   I kind of wrap up with my closing

00:21:59   thoughts in summary I would like to

00:22:02   thank this week's under the radar

00:22:04   sponsor which is Pingdom who is a was

00:22:08   one of those great sponsors who is a

00:22:11   service I both have used in love for

00:22:14   many years and you can use Pingdom to

00:22:16   monitor your website and servers you'd

00:22:18   go to Pingdom comm slash radar where

00:22:20   you'll get a 14-day free trial and if

00:22:22   you use the red the co offer code radar

00:22:24   and check out you'll get 50% off your

00:22:27   first invoice which is pretty cool

00:22:29   Pingdom is a great service I use them

00:22:30   have for many years they it's a very

00:22:34   straightforward process you set them up

00:22:35   with a URL that you want to monitor they

00:22:38   let you know when it's up or down which

00:22:40   of course you can do a lot more

00:22:41   complicated things too you can monitor

00:22:43   contact forms e-commerce check-ins

00:22:44   logins all kinds of things I couldn't

00:22:47   attend to try and work out when air pods

00:22:52   were going to be available I just

00:22:53   pointed Pingdom at the store page for

00:22:55   air pods and said you know this page

00:22:59   should contain the word unavailable and

00:23:00   as soon as the word unavailable

00:23:01   disappeared I got a notification from

00:23:04   Pingdom saying that there was time for

00:23:06   me to go and order my ear pods which is

00:23:09   obviously not a the usual commercial

00:23:10   application for something like this but

00:23:12   it works great they're very reliable

00:23:14   service they have I've never had any

00:23:15   problems with them and all you need to

00:23:17   do is put them in a URL and they'll take

00:23:19   care of the rest so if any of that

00:23:21   sounds good to you head over to Pingdom

00:23:22   comm slash radar you get a 14-day free

00:23:24   trial and if you use the code radar

00:23:26   you'll get 50% off your first invoice

00:23:29   okay so closing thoughts about today

00:23:33   it's a weird thing to say but overall I

00:23:37   would say that I'm like I'm glad the

00:23:39   launch was went well was successful like

00:23:42   it did what it you know it like it went

00:23:44   as well as could be expected from a

00:23:45   technical perspective the response is

00:23:47   all been for the positive you never know

00:23:49   if you're gonna get a lot of negativity

00:23:51   on launch day and I haven't thankfully I

00:23:53   haven't had any of that if I'm totally

00:23:56   in like brutally honest as myself I I do

00:23:58   think I'm slightly disappointed just in

00:24:01   terms of the volume of response it's a

00:24:04   weird thing to say like yeah I'm sure

00:24:06   you know it's like it's it's doing well

00:24:09   but I think in the run-up sure to

00:24:12   launching an app you put so much time

00:24:14   and energy and effort into it that you

00:24:16   always kind of you you can start

00:24:18   getting ahead of yourself and started

00:24:19   sort of having these kind of wild

00:24:21   expectations or dreams about something

00:24:23   and it's gonna be hard for those to be

00:24:25   realized in a practical way especially

00:24:28   you know in the modern app store and

00:24:30   with kind of the constraints on it and

00:24:32   the time of year and all kinds of things

00:24:33   I mean it's always gonna be a lot of

00:24:34   excuses or explanations that I could

00:24:37   come up with for why went as it did um

00:24:39   this is a bit early to it's just the

00:24:41   first few few hours I mean the APIs only

00:24:43   been out in the world for a couple of

00:24:45   hours but you know you kind of want that

00:24:46   first launch to feel good and you know

00:24:49   like I said it's I'm not disappointed in

00:24:51   so far as like it went nowhere

00:24:53   but you always kind of in the back of

00:24:55   your mind maybe have this hope of it

00:24:59   just kind of running away from you and

00:25:00   being bigger than you expect it's like

00:25:03   and I wouldn't say like I'm underwhelmed

00:25:05   by the response but maybe I'm just like

00:25:07   exactly whelmed like this was I'm not

00:25:09   over or under what I was expecting it

00:25:12   was to serve right there which is in a

00:25:14   weird its own weird way disappointing

00:25:16   but I'm not disappointed if that makes

00:25:18   any sense

00:25:18   oh yeah so we'll see where we go from

00:25:21   here now begins the actual process of

00:25:24   collecting all this feedback taking it

00:25:26   in and analysing it working at what

00:25:28   makes sense to make changes in the

00:25:29   applications coming back and working on

00:25:31   all of my other applications that have

00:25:33   been kind of a bit of more of a holding

00:25:35   pattern as I focus so much on workouts

00:25:38   plus plus though for monitor I won't

00:25:40   start that until tomorrow just because

00:25:42   I'm a bit fried after today it's just a

00:25:46   lot of emotional and it's a sort of

00:25:48   anxious energy that gets goes through

00:25:50   you that I doubt it would be any good

00:25:51   and actually developing but yeah that's

00:25:55   not this is what a launch day looks like

00:25:57   hopefully that was useful or interesting

00:25:59   to you um obviously this is a very

00:26:00   different episode than we normally do

00:26:02   under the radar

00:26:02   you know Marco is not even here but we

00:26:07   thought it would be something that we

00:26:08   interesting to do and to talk about and

00:26:10   to try something new

00:26:10   both as a creator I can say that it's

00:26:12   always fun to do something new and

00:26:14   different just because it is allows me

00:26:18   to kind of get outside of what I

00:26:20   normally do and try something hopefully

00:26:22   as an audience you find is useful as

00:26:24   well but otherwise you know probably

00:26:26   back to a normally scheduled programming

00:26:28   next week but

00:26:30   now we have or cosmos Plus out in the

00:26:33   world if you list all the way to this

00:26:35   and you want to check out the Apple

00:26:36   that'll have a link to it in the show

00:26:37   notes it's a workout tracker for the

00:26:40   Apple watch that I'm quite fond of as

00:26:42   you may have guessed and if you do any

00:26:44   kind of working outs and want some

00:26:45   customization it's a great waste place

00:26:47   to do that alright thank you so much for

00:26:49   listening bye