The Incomparable

81: McRibs and Bacon Martinis


  [Music] [TS]

  the incomparable podcast number 81 [TS]

  Morris went well [TS]

  this is the uncomfortable number 81 and [TS]

  originally we were going to do something [TS]

  that wasn't related to our last two [TS]

  episodes the incomparable movie draft [TS]

  but instead the the response has been so [TS]

  amazing and also we wanted to fill [TS]

  another episode that we're back for part [TS]

  3 of two of the tamil movie draft get [TS]

  enough this is the aftermath edition and [TS]

  we're going to be covering a bunch of [TS]

  ground we've got some we've got the [TS]

  specifics if you didn't read it on the [TS]

  web of when all the screenings of our [TS]

  fictional film festival will be taking [TS]

  place we're going we have some of your [TS]

  feedback you actually many of you voted [TS]

  on which days you would like to buy a [TS]

  ticket for so we'll get into that and [TS]

  and we've also got a couple of [TS]

  participants on the incomparable panel [TS]

  who were not here for the draft who are [TS]

  going to share their thoughts about the [TS]

  draft or why they couldn't make it in [TS]

  the case of one it's a horrible story [TS]

  that I can't wait here so let me explain [TS]

  why are we here yeah we're here to here [TS]

  to fill in episode episode 81 day and [TS]

  this is why so so that Voice you heard [TS]

  is dan morgan & morgan was a participant [TS]

  of the podcast in the movie draft and [TS]

  he's here again because he is [TS]

  contractually obligated to appear hi dan [TS]

  I just and I've mrs. any movies I've [TS]

  been drinking heavily I hope that's okay [TS]

  I i recommend it in fact i'm taking off [TS]

  you if you want to skype identity is [TS]

  also here hi Scott [TS]

  hello it's good to have you here again [TS]

  and it my pleasure another movie drafter [TS]

  serenity Caldwell is here [TS]

  hi hello it's good to have you as well [TS]

  it is good to be here I think Steve [TS]

  let's also here also a movie drafter hi [TS]

  Steve [TS]

  good evening to you sir good evening we [TS]

  don't have Glenn or John ah Glenn darned [TS]

  yeah Glen is that is watching German [TS]

  filled with less negativity everything [TS]

  you have less breathing yeah but Leonard [TS]

  Darth Vader you actually have traded [TS]

  them in for greatness [TS]

  hi Greg who's understudy mi your [TS]

  Syracuse's and you get to remember Linda [TS]

  God's about the important [TS]

  and lex friedman I guess you get to [TS]

  breathe heavily thank you i look forward [TS]

  to doing it though [TS]

  breathing is good to keep you alive uh [TS]

  let's uh let's get started with before [TS]

  we get into some of the other details i [TS]

  want to go through i asked everybody to [TS]

  put together a list of the running time [TS]

  they sort of the the showtimes for their [TS]

  days of the film festival and I put a [TS]

  very bare-bones version of this in the [TS]

  poll that we ran last week asking people [TS]

  to buy either vote for up to three or [TS]

  just check the box for buying a [TS]

  week-long pass for the for the fake film [TS]

  festival of ours and actually turned out [TS]

  that several people did a little bit [TS]

  more than I asked which was great and I [TS]

  didn't put it in because I didn't want [TS]

  to I didn't want to go back and get [TS]

  everybody that to do that same level of [TS]

  high quality especially for Steve Steve [TS]

  you just you just wanted to sink me in [TS]

  the bike is excited and I succeeded [TS]

  uh that's so so I don't maybe you should [TS]

  announce the results of the poll just so [TS]

  those who failed to vote for my day can [TS]

  see what they actually are missing out [TS]

  well so i'm gonna i'm gonna read the [TS]

  days and then i will announce the [TS]

  results the pole so so serenity Caldwell [TS]

  your three-part theme today begins with [TS]

  flights of fancy you have at noon the [TS]

  rocketeer followed by a 2pm metropolis [TS]

  then the screwball dining extravaganza [TS]

  dinner included is at 5pm that's [TS]

  bringing up baby and then there we have [TS]

  the fakery double feature [TS]

  there will be no intermission f for fake [TS]

  at seven-thirty followed by the brothers [TS]

  bloom at 9pm what are you selling my [TS]

  chin on the way to go along with [TS]

  bringing up baby [TS]

  I'm not leopard that's for sure home [TS]

  feel you can do that in idaho you not [TS]

  like him cutlet yeah exactly is that [TS]

  that that is very nice [TS]

  Glenn fleischmann did not submit a [TS]

  running club so I so I chose I chose [TS]

  this and i'm gonna kick off with his [TS]

  strongest performer at 2pm funny bones [TS]

  with jerry lewis and oliver platt funny [TS]

  bones 22 @ for brother from another [TS]

  planet at six wings of desire at eight [TS]

  Blade Runner and at ten there [TS]

  can only be one ten o'clock showing and [TS]

  it is hi lander was afterwards everybody [TS]

  except one person the audience kills [TS]

  themselves another guy laughed at Ted [TS]

  going on what's going on oh yeah I'm [TS]

  it's got a Scot McMillan t you have [TS]

  monty python and the holy grail at noon [TS]

  kicking it off little lunch bring a [TS]

  sandwich 2pm the hudsucker proxy or PM [TS]

  the iron giant little matinee for the [TS]

  kids you know for kids that way that's a [TS]

  2 6pm forbidden planet at 8pm star trek [TS]

  to the wrath of khan and at 10pm a [TS]

  second showing of star trek to to [TS]

  accommodate all those who couldn't get [TS]

  into the theater for the first show [TS]

  where you know the only thing better [TS]

  than Star Trek two is two viewings of [TS]

  Star Trek I was just relieved the star [TS]

  trek 31 on afterward [TS]

  oh well at the dance today that we had a [TS]

  bad idea Steve lots [TS]

  yes you have on your day at 1pm [TS]

  processional invocation welcome address [TS]

  and the airing of grievances you know [TS]

  i'm all about to formality [TS]

  yes I know that about you at one 10pm so [TS]

  that all that takes 10 minutes about [TS]

  that one 10pm a short subject it is the [TS]

  incomparable podcast presents the [TS]

  Phantom Empire chapter 5 verse that's [TS]

  great way [TS]

  yeah it is and for those of you out [TS]

  there who haven't haven't seen it [TS]

  we did actually do a rifftrax style [TS]

  mystery science theater style riff on [TS]

  this ridiculous short starring Gene [TS]

  Autry TV cowboy and you can find it and [TS]

  and or you can come to steves day and [TS]

  you'll see it goes really well with our [TS]

  nice Pinot Noir does it's a nice pairing [TS]

  at 130pm after the income podcast [TS]

  presents the Phantom Empire chapter 5 we [TS]

  have babe rated you at 30 2 p.m. after [TS]

  babe immediately ends because he's timed [TS]

  to the minute 90 minutes [TS]

  mcribs and bacon martinis will be served [TS]

  on the mezzanine following following the [TS]

  showing of babe [TS]

  so the snacking snack and social for the [TS]

  big movie you can have said it's also [TS]

  good preparation for what comes next [TS]

  also making martinis what is in a bacon [TS]

  martini besides vodka and bacon bacon [TS]

  vodka and [TS]

  bacon but whisper for move as we used to [TS]

  say where you lean over the glass and [TS]

  you go all right fair okay and 320 then [TS]

  you go back into the theater for Dawn of [TS]

  the Dead at five-thirty p.m. there's a [TS]

  break for dinner [TS]

  the theater will be hosed down and [TS]

  disinfected haggis and breath mints will [TS]

  be available for purchase in lobby at [TS]

  6pm the breakfast club at seven thirty [TS]

  5pm the former brac brat pack members [TS]

  convene and serve popcorn in the theater [TS]

  while discussing all their many [TS]

  independent projects that they are [TS]

  currently involved with I and five [TS]

  minutes later alien will be shown at 940 [TS]

  p.m. chest brewskis unwind with a [TS]

  delicious red loggers served in a [TS]

  whimsical beer bong shaped like an alien [TS]

  facehugger this is the minute i wrote [TS]

  that i felt i really needed to go out [TS]

  and actually make one of those there has [TS]

  somebody has to have mine was at some [TS]

  point at 10pm Caddyshack and at [TS]

  eleven-forty p.m. [TS]

  farewell and thanks recessional and [TS]

  complimentary delousing always important [TS]

  yes John Syracuse's day at the theater [TS]

  is 10am the game 1230pm the Godfather [TS]

  you see it starts early with it on [TS]

  because you can't just leave a note for [TS]

  the record that the game is surrounded [TS]

  by seven and fight club and he picked [TS]

  that Fincher movie [TS]

  yeah interesting choices yeah I don't [TS]

  like seven but anyway 1230pm The [TS]

  Godfather 330am Godfather Part 2 7pm [TS]

  kill bill and at 11pm if you can just [TS]

  stay awake [TS]

  the empire strikes back you could never [TS]

  fall asleep during the Empire Strikes [TS]

  haven't heard of that movie [TS]

  no you got us a way to get to it I [TS]

  haven't seen that movie [TS]

  well damn Orangemen your day begins at [TS]

  noon with rear window as it should a [TS]

  classic at two-thirty we move ahead in [TS]

  time to lawrence of arabia [TS]

  did you know damn that your movies are [TS]

  in chronological order I did you know I [TS]

  i tried to organize them sort of [TS]

  thematically and then I put them down i [TS]

  realized i'm actually ending up in [TS]

  chronological order but i think that is [TS]

  the way to watch them so Lawrence of [TS]

  Arabia there will be an intermission [TS]

  there because that is very long will be [TS]

  at 7pm Butch Cassidy and the Sundance [TS]

  Kid at 9pm raiders of the lost ark and a [TS]

  little black comedy at 11pm grosse [TS]

  pointe blank just to wind it down yeah [TS]

  professional killer you get dental with [TS]

  that my day begins at 1pm with the [TS]

  princess bride 3pm you'll see groundhog [TS]

  day at 5pm Apollo 13 @ 7 45 this is [TS]

  spinal tap running the plant prime slot [TS]

  there and at nine-thirty p.m. goodfellas [TS]

  martin scorsese's movie before he made [TS]

  movies about kids and clocks your day [TS]

  Jason this is the only day where i have [TS]

  already seen all the movies and vow [TS]

  well now I feel bad for four damn so [TS]

  that's so here is how you voted [TS]

  I rr8 place and yes there were only [TS]

  seven contestants but our eighth place [TS]

  winner [TS]

  it's an honor just to finish it placed [TS]

  is Steve Lutz yay essentially tile i get [TS]

  my gold medal now one vote away from [TS]

  Glen fleischmann who placed seventh [TS]

  probably you will die i agree i should [TS]

  vote just tell you with Glenn serenity [TS]

  Caldwell you are in sixth place the [TS]

  week-long pass buying all seven so in a [TS]

  way all of you finished in over here way [TS]

  that doesn't involve you're going to [TS]

  make long pass [TS]

  that's right Scott McNulty and score [TS]

  increase place with 32 votes received by [TS]

  Scott McNulty fourth place third place [TS]

  dan more'n well done 38 votes thank you [TS]

  i'm just happy to see that's got really [TS]

  uh despite being so close [TS]

  horribly crippled by having to pick last [TS]

  in every round I placed second with 50 [TS]

  votes and of course you know John [TS]

  siracusa one so he doesn't even need to [TS]

  be here to take a victory lap he's just [TS]

  jealous because you just write a Perl [TS]

  script that voted for himself [TS]

  that's probably what happened anyway so [TS]

  John syracuse it was the was the winner [TS]

  by me and then Dan that so close to a [TS]

  place on the podium [TS]

  yeah I know nobody remembers the fourth [TS]

  place nope it was got my Courvoisier it [TS]

  seems that he's got magic [TS]

  alright thank you so that that is so [TS]

  thank you everybody for voting and that [TS]

  is our are wrapping up our tour of the [TS]

  of the days of this fake film festival [TS]

  know somebody actually wrote in and said [TS]

  that they really wish this would be a a [TS]

  real film festival i'm trying to find [TS]

  the I got it down here it's listener [TS]

  Adam will call him little listen Adam he [TS]

  said he it saddens me deeply that you [TS]

  won't be hosting an actual film festival [TS]

  make it happen he recommends the Alamo [TS]

  drop drafthouse in austin texas they [TS]

  love all going to austin texas so trip [TS]

  we need to tell Adam a particular date [TS]

  and tell them to be there just all by [TS]

  himself that he's the one guy later [TS]

  Islanders over we've got we got some [TS]

  other comments that i guess i'll go [TS]

  through now guy English not a pseudonym [TS]

  although it sounds like a fake name and [TS]

  this is a friend of dan morons in fact [TS]

  who and noted supernatural efficiency is [TS]

  a family that's Mike that he was my [TS]

  mentor to anything he says immediately [TS]

  sir I guess you should say yeah so he [TS]

  wrote error and Sarah sure this is what [TS]

  he said he said he's a gattaca big fish [TS]

  Dog Day Afternoon do the right thing [TS]

  it's like I win without being even even [TS]

  being invited you all stink too which i [TS]

  pointed out that he only picked for [TS]

  therefore he lost and so he backed off [TS]

  and Jason to be fair he's canadian so [TS]

  that was a metric so actually send an [TS]

  alternate list so this guy's alternate [TS]

  list blood in blood out [TS]

  The Godfather Part 3 the transformers [TS]

  with Orson Welles run away with Tom [TS]

  Selleck so IMO swims like transformers [TS]

  with Orson Welles that's the last [TS]

  performance and Leonard Nimoy I believe [TS]

  isn't kiss singer gene simmons and in [TS]

  runaway to why yes he is and he's quite [TS]

  good in it mm well we'll see that a [TS]

  guy's day of his own imaginary Canadian [TS]

  festival so this unlike our imaginary [TS]

  America [TS]

  it will be followed immediately by a [TS]

  supernatural marathon I make it a [TS]

  personal policy has to go to anything [TS]

  called guys Day Guys Day dudes day but [TS]

  he's an English guy languished mr. Aaron [TS]

  throughout clockwork orange casablanca [TS]

  Annie Hall memento and young [TS]

  frankenstein i was actually a little [TS]

  surprised that no Brooks didn't get more [TS]

  love in the in the draft but he didn't [TS]

  listen to john not john siracusa [TS]

  although he says I war is i think i give [TS]

  the title of the film festival champion [TS]

  to John siracusa wait a second that's [TS]

  actually be awfully suspect me said he [TS]

  said Jones list is just patting us on [TS]

  but he says it's a toss up with blank [TS]

  baby with Scott McNulty himself haha [TS]

  look at that where you up but in the end [TS]

  he gave it to himself because this is [TS]

  the smoke screens just see what this all [TS]

  the fake twitter ID listener and [TS]

  actually gave a rare compliment to glen [TS]

  saying another deserve asserting that [TS]

  possible at discerning film choice with [TS]

  brother from another planet just saw it [TS]

  again this weekend [TS]

  Steve you saw funny bones didn't you [TS]

  indeed I did [TS]

  can you give us a little bit of a report [TS]

  on that I I kind of heavy breathing I [TS]

  kind of don't want to because I i got it [TS]

  from netflix and was shocked to find [TS]

  that there was a brief wait which means [TS]

  that Glenn probably had it [TS]

  that's the power of the incomparable a [TS]

  tail end when you listen to this podcast [TS]

  remember i'm barely on it so when you [TS]

  kill everybody else [TS]

  skip me if it could not have been the [TS]

  uncomfortable because i actually I put [TS]

  it on my cue prior to the airing of the [TS]

  second half alright so they're just [TS]

  there was consensus stay ahead of the [TS]

  rush it was absolutely glad anyway once [TS]

  he sent it back [TS]

  it did arrive in the mail and and I was [TS]

  really hoping that it was going to be [TS]

  awful [TS]

  yeah unfortunately I have to report they [TS]

  were just going to have to tweak gland [TS]

  on all the usual levels and leave funny [TS]

  bones off because i actually thought it [TS]

  was pretty good right [TS]

  I was surprised i don't want to go into [TS]

  too much detail about it because I think [TS]

  part of the reason i enjoyed it so much [TS]

  is it's very unique [TS]

  I've never really quite seen another [TS]

  film like it and and and i think part of [TS]

  the joy of that was having not heard a [TS]

  single thing about it and also the fact [TS]

  that I expected it to be absolutely [TS]

  awful yeah yeah I mean that even Glenn [TS]

  all he could really say about it was [TS]

  Jerry Lewis's in it and I'm an enemy's [TS]

  film Jerry Lewis tells terrible jokes [TS]

  huh [TS]

  so and then I saw those guys think we [TS]

  should from every other Jerry Lewis film [TS]

  exactly that's the question right and [TS]

  then I saw the the DVD cover which is [TS]

  which adds to the sensation that it's a [TS]

  complete stink bomb [TS]

  I mean it's just I think Oliver Platt [TS]

  walking in one way and Jerry Lewis [TS]

  turned around walking the other way and [TS]

  it looks it looks not so good but yeah I [TS]

  watched it has the words Amy on it and [TS]

  it wasn't really say me although it did [TS]

  have clowns which if you're the type of [TS]

  person that shiz from clouds as I am I [TS]

  you know I i continue to watch it [TS]

  because because I was just shocked I was [TS]

  in shock [TS]

  having witnessed the first clown and so [TS]

  I watch the rest of the film unable to [TS]

  actually turn the thing off but so it's [TS]

  unique and pretty good [TS]

  you said it was unique and a and not all [TS]

  that funny [TS]

  actually that's perhaps the one thing [TS]

  that I that I can say that sort of [TS]

  negative about it is it's it's sort of [TS]

  like it reminds me a little bit of you [TS]

  remember of studio 60 yes when when we [TS]

  were repeatedly told that was a danny [TS]

  trip to see the writer was the red can [TS]

  tell [TS]

  no matter Danny Danny is Magic Eraser [TS]

  Matt ok sir we did we were told that he [TS]

  is this you know super genius and he's [TS]

  absolutely hilarious and then what we [TS]

  get is what Gilbert and Sullivan cold [TS]

  open [TS]

  yes that that wasn't even funny for [TS]

  Gilbert and Sullivan is just wasn't [TS]

  funny [TS]

  yeah and and disagree yeah and and a lot [TS]

  of that is a is present and funny bones [TS]

  where you know we keep being told that [TS]

  these guys are absolutely hilarious and [TS]

  then we see their routines and it's [TS]

  something other than malaria mean [TS]

  there's a there's a bit with the with [TS]

  lee evans where he's basically miming [TS]

  what's going on on the radio [TS]

  in this extremely frenetic fashion and [TS]

  technically you could you look at it and [TS]

  you appreciate it because you know he's [TS]

  really doing a great job of acting it [TS]

  out but it's not actually funny and [TS]

  you're watching this crowd laughs [TS]

  uproariously as though they as they [TS]

  think it's the funniest thing I've ever [TS]

  seen and yet it's just it's just not [TS]

  happening so i wouldn't watch it for [TS]

  humor sake but it's a very interesting [TS]

  film and I think I i probably will watch [TS]

  it again before i send it back just so i [TS]

  can get a better feel for what I really [TS]

  think about it but it's definitely worth [TS]

  a watch I I wouldn't put it in my top [TS]

  five certainly but as far as additional [TS]

  ways with which I can abuse Glenn I'm [TS]

  gonna have to buy off how does it [TS]

  compare to highlander I've never got [TS]

  around to see highlights eating [TS]

  highlander I have to and now you're [TS]

  missing out [TS]

  are there bones I there are there is [TS]

  mention of of bones of the funny variety [TS]

  free ok Lois you said it was very funny [TS]

  and it's like it's in the title so right [TS]

  right and jerry lewis is not he's he's [TS]

  basically just present in a variety of [TS]

  scenes so I would expect that differing [TS]

  the funny question up quite a bit but it [TS]

  doesn't [TS]

  okay thank you for that report that's [TS]

  our that's our own film Glenn Glenn film [TS]

  correspondent Steve reporting back about [TS]

  funny bones we've done some [TS]

  reconnoitering but you didn't watch any [TS]

  German films did you I did not I did not [TS]

  watch her schlechter Meckler fracture or [TS]

  whatever it is it's talking about right [TS]

  I although i was going to give wings of [TS]

  desire a shot at so yeah that's because [TS]

  i have heard good things about that from [TS]

  other sources but yeah funny bones was [TS]

  pretty good i would i would recommend it [TS]

  i would recommend at least giving it a [TS]

  shot because it is very it was [TS]

  entertaining and it was it was [TS]

  definitely different [TS]

  alright uh sort of like Glenn if getting [TS]

  back to the getting back to the the [TS]

  listener feedback mr. David have a [TS]

  compliment for me just praising the Conn [TS]

  Conn Conn Conn four-way pun it was right [TS]

  there and I took it but I'm glad that it [TS]

  made your morning [TS]

  listen to David you're welcome you [TS]

  contact resistance [TS]

  oh my god listener dan all via I believe [TS]

  not Dan Morgan but listener dan said he [TS]

  just finished part 2 of the draft the [TS]

  excellent work some people didn't do [TS]

  that before writing in and he said he'd [TS]

  buy a ticket for John siracusa so dan [TS]

  you've been betrayed by one of your own [TS]

  dance I that's actually me that's not [TS]

  very awkward [TS]

  this is the problem when Dan friend Anna [TS]

  lose out on empire strikes back [TS]

  mr. Adam and Steve and I interacted with [TS]

  listen around him on Twitter over this [TS]

  he said how much would it cost to have [TS]

  the cast come to my house and say eat it [TS]

  snow to dance of the reed flutes and it [TS]

  turns out he was good he turns out he he [TS]

  lives in wisconsin and Steve and Adam [TS]

  are negotiating how much beer and cheese [TS]

  has to be involved for Steve Dakota it's [TS]

  right that wasn't a request to dud free [TS]

  rein to Bernie Brewers slide for the [TS]

  second hour and then all the needed she [TS]

  you can you can eat as much eating as [TS]

  possible listener William tossed in his [TS]

  pics forrest gump Schindler's List it's [TS]

  a contrast was almost famous brings [TS]

  together which is a good 1i level almost [TS]

  famous raiders of the lost ark which of [TS]

  course we picked so that doesn't you [TS]

  don't get that one and rango [TS]

  oscar-winner rango mr. Tom made his pics [TS]

  local hero before sunset [TS]

  nautica which of course John can pick [TS]

  because he doesn't pick me as miyazaki [TS]

  movies because he loves them too much to [TS]

  pick them drawers and the usual suspects [TS]

  at once mr. Dillon repeatedly begged [TS]

  that somebody picked Jurassic Park even [TS]

  sorry haha and and premature listeners [TS]

  stanley road and after listening to [TS]

  episode 79 and said how can you folks [TS]

  talk about the funniest movies and not [TS]

  mention mahdi python wait for it wait [TS]

  for it [TS]

  we hope you're happy now that you are no [TS]

  longer premature listener Stanley it's [TS]

  oh so now Greg Lex you you did not [TS]

  participate in the original podcast and [TS]

  Greg that's true [TS]

  Greg made many threats before the [TS]

  podcast is if Star Wars wasn't picked it [TS]

  wasn't yes and we'll get to gregs [TS]

  picture mode but Lex I wanted to start [TS]

  with you lets you were scheduled in fact [TS]

  anybody who has not listened to the [TS]

  after dark [TS]

  for our episode that's upsetting than 80 [TS]

  should because I it's actually really [TS]

  funny and we and we mentioned lots of [TS]

  movies that were on our list that we [TS]

  didn't pick but you'll also hear all of [TS]

  our attempts to include Lex when we was [TS]

  very sweet thought he was going to be [TS]

  there and Steve did a prospector voice [TS]

  and we were gonna end result on the [TS]

  elevator and then and then let's never [TS]

  came so now let's explain to me where [TS]

  you were going to be on the podcast and [TS]

  then and then it turned out at the last [TS]

  minute that you couldn't [TS]

  why was that nobody put on their list [TS]

  the exorcist or what I considered it but [TS]

  they're there is a scene that involves [TS]

  copious amounts of vomit and i would say [TS]

  that the the five-year-old in my home [TS]

  vastly exceeded the quantities of homage [TS]

  shown in that film all and so we're [TS]

  drafting movies that the I you know it's [TS]

  over i'm literally putting putting her [TS]

  to sleep and saying okay I'm gonna go [TS]

  i'm getting ready now to start no I'm [TS]

  sure she'd been asleep for a couple [TS]

  hours because this it was your time not [TS]

  my time and is so but she's been asleep [TS]

  i'm checking on her like okay I'm I'm [TS]

  now going to go in and do this podcast [TS]

  and right as I going to check on her she [TS]

  wakes up and starts throwing up [TS]

  everywhere it was horrible she saw be [TS]

  happy but she's fine now she's really [TS]

  fine then but not a fan of being [TS]

  comfortable with I i kept I kept i was [TS]

  texting a Dannan and read and say hey I [TS]

  think I can be there in 20 minutes and i [TS]

  just saw how many more things were dirty [TS]

  and how much more of our dinner and let [TS]

  you know what it's just it's just not [TS]

  going to happen and it did not happen [TS]

  and it didn't i'm here now so do you [TS]

  have that you know we and we also joke [TS]

  that there are lots of movies that you [TS]

  haven't seen what we don't joke about it [TS]

  we stated the fact that it is bright but [TS]

  welcome to our spin-off podcast yes well [TS]

  it's what we are not showing it would [TS]

  likely not showing la on playing with [TS]

  Lex free blacks Friedman solex do you [TS]

  have have you seen five movies that are [TS]

  available that you could pick by yes i [TS]

  have a list of 14 in the five that I [TS]

  narrowed it down to was very hard it was [TS]

  like you know killing children but [TS]

  the five children perhaps yes those are [TS]

  easier to kill but slippery I all five [TS]

  of them i would say qualifies comedies [TS]

  because i'm a simple person and i think [TS]

  only two of them could really qualify as [TS]

  nerdy but here we go in no particular [TS]

  order the five greatest movies that i [TS]

  would put in my draft are my cousin [TS]

  vinny who which I just saw for the first [TS]

  time yesterday [TS]

  really yeah did you enjoy it I enjoyed [TS]

  it yes [TS]

  okay I believe that my cousin Vinny's [TS]

  one of the best paste movie comedies of [TS]

  all time and it's just written it'sit's [TS]

  mean the writing is really type marisa [TS]

  tomei Oscar came from the phrase marisa [TS]

  tomei Oscar exists French windows the [TS]

  judge [TS]

  yeah i saw the movie in college and was [TS]

  not expecting picked it up kind of as a [TS]

  rainy day movie and was not expecting it [TS]

  to be as smart and funny is it actually [TS]

  was [TS]

  I mean I have seen that movie easily 30 [TS]

  40 50 times and I still enjoy new things [TS]

  about it each time I see it I watching [TS]

  the other movies instead though yeah [TS]

  when Joe Pesci get shot in the back of [TS]

  the head haha ok that's one of the [TS]

  things that makes the movie so [TS]

  surprising and delightful is that you [TS]

  know coming out of Goodfellas wacky i [TS]

  think is the word you're looking for is [TS]

  any way [TS]

  nowacki very specifically wacky and also [TS]

  i would say that Ralph Macchio gives the [TS]

  performance of a lifetime but if he [TS]

  doesn't sweep away i thought the karate [TS]

  kid was his performance of a lifetime [TS]

  I've ever seen that one right into our [TS]

  hands and we should have i wish i had a [TS]

  little jingle that will wear for [TS]

  professional singers play lex hasn't [TS]

  seed it [TS]

  oh that can be arranged Jason honestly [TS]

  can you go through life without having [TS]

  heard wax on wax off [TS]

  no i mean i can appreciate the [TS]

  references i just never actually selects [TS]

  admit [TS]

  ok so that's number one you've got [TS]

  you've got it and it's not the cryptic [TS]

  number two dozen video got it [TS]

  number two is the first of two michael j [TS]

  fox appearances on my list and it is [TS]

  back to the future and i went with the [TS]

  original because it's I think the most [TS]

  classic of the three classics with I [TS]

  mean the entire trilogy is excellent but [TS]

  it's the original back [TS]

  the future and the reason i can praise [TS]

  back to the future so greatly is you've [TS]

  seen it in the s in the modern world if [TS]

  your fictional creation whether it's [TS]

  book movie television where it follows [TS]

  the rules of time travel as established [TS]

  by back to the future [TS]

  you don't have to explain that because [TS]

  you can assume that people's [TS]

  understanding people's modern [TS]

  understanding of how time travel would [TS]

  could should work is as established by [TS]

  back to the future you only have to [TS]

  explain your rules if they differ [TS]

  because back to the future has become [TS]

  the norm and i think that's that's a [TS]

  very impressive feat for a mid eighties [TS]

  move into it she was actually an episode [TS]

  of Doctor Who which is a show that [TS]

  predates back to the future by 20 years [TS]

  but it's been on for 50 years so we're [TS]

  here to explain something about time [TS]

  travel they make a reference to back to [TS]

  the future it's like what wait a second [TS]

  yeah but you're but but but if people i [TS]

  know my understanding of Time Traveler's [TS]

  paradoxes are is resolved by people [TS]

  disappearing from the feet up in photos [TS]

  it's a bit wars with Bill and Ted's [TS]

  Excellent Adventure for me in terms of [TS]

  you know time travel mechanics paradoxes [TS]

  begin at ground level [TS]

  Greg and then they move up the science [TS]

  its can agree I agree that the photo the [TS]

  fading photo is ridiculous but I think [TS]

  it works very well as a storytelling [TS]

  device so I'm willing I'll allow it [TS]

  thank you all so sweet sweet are ya its [TS]

  back to the future is not as hard [TS]

  science fiction as I had hoped said I [TS]

  mean I just feel like it's got plutonium [TS]

  and Libyans terrorists i just showed [TS]

  back to the future yesterday to my [TS]

  eight-year-old daughter and she loved it [TS]

  ya my kid I was surprised at how much [TS]

  cursing got x is e g rated i popped in [TS]

  and said to my kids it's PG that means [TS]

  this parental guidance log if you need [TS]

  guidance i'll guide you haha laughs and [TS]

  then hehe starts dropping dropping [TS]

  four-letter words of my guidance [TS]

  guidance doesn't matter and guiding you [TS]

  and my daughters like yes that you're [TS]

  Jerry Lewis impression just as I was [TS]

  also going [TS]

  lady guy dad's Jason if you don't if you [TS]

  don't guide your kids about time travel [TS]

  they're just gonna learn about it on the [TS]

  street i know it starts it's true- also [TS]

  quite surprised by how much [TS]

  expository talk there is from michael j [TS]

  fox which actually turned out to be [TS]

  great because but I I kept finding [TS]

  myself pointing out okay well you know [TS]

  he's setting the time back so that you [TS]

  know he can get back in time to save Doc [TS]

  Brown from the Libyans and then he [TS]

  actually says I'll set the time back so [TS]

  i can save talk around from olivia's so [TS]

  your name is Michael J Fox saying it [TS]

  doesn't seem in New a simpler time it [TS]

  didn't see that irritating that actually [TS]

  was great for the eight-year-old because [TS]

  I I after a while I just SAT back and [TS]

  let cool well i'll just wait for him to [TS]

  point it out this movie explains itself [TS]

  and i was it's it's the only movie on my [TS]

  list i believe that has implied incest [TS]

  so that's where and when Christopher [TS]

  Lloyd christopher lloyd was the star [TS]

  trek 3 so that's it all comes better use [TS]

  a clean lines he won't be getting ready [TS]

  for which has time travel [TS]

  yeah up em moving my cousin vinny i [TS]

  enjoyed the first time I saw although i [TS]

  was really too young to appreciate me [TS]

  the scenes this next movie [TS]

  hey I it's the one I would say that I'm [TS]

  closest to being embarrassed about for [TS]

  having it on my list but I believe it [TS]

  gets funnier and funnier with repeat [TS]

  viewings and it is the Julie Roberts [TS]

  Hugh Grant vehicle notting hill [TS]

  oh not again I think it's a good movie [TS]

  it's really i saw it and liked it i've [TS]

  only seen it the one time but the only [TS]

  problem I had with Notting Hill even [TS]

  though i love it is that if you great [TS]

  really has no reason to fall for and be [TS]

  in love with Julia Roberts's character [TS]

  other than the fact that you know she's [TS]

  a movie star but she is just horrible to [TS]

  him for about ninety eight percent of [TS]

  the film but it's exactly the reason you [TS]

  fall in love most of the time and i'm [TS]

  doing a rock from a distance but I mean [TS]

  that movie is very the the British isms [TS]

  that move your excellent which I'm sure [TS]

  day more could appreciate and it's being [TS]

  bred material may try yes but it's I [TS]

  don't know it's it's it's very very [TS]

  nicely it's not just well written [TS]

  it's so nicely performed that the [TS]

  performances especially for Hugh Grant [TS]

  it'sit's like the classic you greater [TS]

  role where he can put all of his [TS]

  stammering endeavoring to [TS]

  the max and staring at number two [TS]

  separate things that he does and the [TS]

  scene where he doesn't realize that [TS]

  he'll be meeting with the famed actress [TS]

  during a press junket for her latest to [TS]

  him and he spots the magazine on the [TS]

  counter says he's there representing [TS]

  horse and hound [TS]

  it's just like one of the funniest [TS]

  scenes in cinematography history about a [TS]

  boy is my favorite Hugh Grant movie [TS]

  that's a that's an excellent that was [TS]

  for me [TS]

  yeah yeah that's a good thing but that's [TS]

  good okay what and and very sci-fi [TS]

  connection i feel i should point out [TS]

  there's 1,000,000 Robert Julia Roberts [TS]

  in a science fiction right because he [TS]

  says are there any horses movie and she [TS]

  says well it's set in space and it's [TS]

  pretty great [TS]

  I number four is michael j fox second [TS]

  appearance it's the American president [TS]

  it's it's very hard to pick my i really [TS]

  like presidents I like movies about [TS]

  presidents it was hard to pick my [TS]

  favorite presidential movie but the [TS]

  American president as a just seeing the [TS]

  president estates playing the chief of [TS]

  staff that beat update it does you don't [TS]

  even know my uncle is going to take but [TS]

  ya know the American president is so [TS]

  great that your uncle was in Dave a part [TS]

  of Glen flashby isn't what I want the [TS]

  American president I feel in competition [TS]

  with all these other films on my list is [TS]

  is flawed in many ways it's not [TS]

  perfectly written it's not properly [TS]

  perform but the whole truly is greater [TS]

  than its a its parts as you sum them [TS]

  just because it's not so much of it [TS]

  works so well and just especially if you [TS]

  watch it after having consumed and fully [TS]

  digested the west wing you can [TS]

  appreciate it i think even more and it's [TS]

  great it's really good it's basically [TS]

  like the pilot of the west wing I mean [TS]

  it with the Western was what if we did [TS]

  this is a show right that's exactly this [TS]

  is he literally started with no [TS]

  storylines they dropped from American [TS]

  president to start the west and it's [TS]

  like Martin Sheen your the spear the [TS]

  chief of staff [TS]

  hmm how would you like a promotion it's [TS]

  on TV but technically it's a criminology [TS]

  couldn't get Michael Douglas and [TS]

  it'sit's creates kits crazy to watch the [TS]

  movie now to see because you know Martin [TS]

  she's supposed to be the president and [TS]

  yet he's not it's bizarre [TS]

  it is weird bizarre and number five [TS]

  yes because nobody has anything else to [TS]

  say that the American president [TS]

  but you can't handle the truth wait no [TS]

  that's totally not the wrong with an [TS]

  even number five and i think my favorite [TS]

  movie of the list is being john [TS]

  malkovich huh like that movie people do [TS]

  like that I like that movie too like [TS]

  that the only thing I can say about John [TS]

  Malkovich being young off which is that [TS]

  this last over christmas we had a white [TS]

  elephant party for my roller derby team [TS]

  and I got a series of like babushka [TS]

  Russian nesting dolls which 1i that were [TS]

  yes fish your letter baby are in the [TS]

  face [TS]

  yes they they had the face of John [TS]

  Malkovich on them and when you open them [TS]

  up then they're all the different [TS]

  characters of john malkovich who go into [TS]

  his brain and then the tiniest little [TS]

  one is just a black speck of of [TS]

  nothingness which is a lovely metaphor [TS]

  for the who's bringing the podcast down [TS]

  now [TS]

  yeah charlie charlie kaufman's [TS]

  screenplays are all over the place this [TS]

  is one for me this is one of the good [TS]

  ones that i have a well-known just like [TS]

  for adaptation which is another one of [TS]

  his but this this is I think him on on [TS]

  the upswing mrs. of the things I feel [TS]

  like this is this is this is his Grand [TS]

  Slam yeah where everything else I feel [TS]

  like it's trying too hard to be John [TS]

  Malkovich ask but I mean when you when [TS]

  you describe viously you cannot describe [TS]

  the premise of Being John Malkovich [TS]

  without sounding ridiculous but what I [TS]

  think is what drives it into excellence [TS]

  is that it's not just the ridiculous [TS]

  parts that are ridiculous it everything [TS]

  that's ridiculous got a moment when you [TS]

  think it's ridiculous enough and then [TS]

  John Malkovich goes inside his own brain [TS]

  that yes that's the moment we're like [TS]

  okay [TS]

  wow what what am I see so many mouths [TS]

  but the the seven-and-a-half floor the [TS]

  the exiting onto the new jersey turnpike [TS]

  the fact that he wants to be a man [TS]

  becomes eventually the famed puppeteer [TS]

  like all of it is ridiculous and it's [TS]

  all I manado I think it's great i can [TS]

  watch that's what the five movies I [TS]

  picked my selection criteria was movies [TS]

  that I could watch endlessly forever [TS]

  whenever they are on and I think [TS]

  Malkovich holds the the championship in [TS]

  that title for me but I really [TS]

  yeah i think i saw that once in like [TS]

  leaders i don't think i've ever seen it [TS]

  since and I think I'm okay with that and [TS]

  nothing I didn't like it i just i'd i [TS]

  can't imagine a scenario which I was [TS]

  like yeah let's really rewatch that but [TS]

  those are good those that was that was a [TS]

  great list thank you thank you had [TS]

  nobody nobody projectile-vomited as far [TS]

  as I could tell and if they did they use [TS]

  their mute switch so good [TS]

  I've locked the door here tonight if [TS]

  they're vomiting elsewhere i don't know [TS]

  about it in the house [TS]

  Greg notice you are you Greg would you [TS]

  like to pick Star Wars I would indeed [TS]

  ok and anybody who wouldn't is a solar [TS]

  shallow shell of a human being so with [TS]

  your first election and i'm going with [TS]

  the raft you're going to take star wars [TS]

  star wars nothing but side in mind the [TS]

  next four choices r star wars as well [TS]

  alright we can we can refer everybody [TS]

  back to our two-part Star Wars podcast [TS]

  where Greg participated and explains [TS]

  very much why life for him is divided [TS]

  into pre star wars and post star wars [TS]

  and it was a life-changing event and you [TS]

  know what it is a good movie and and I I [TS]

  feel bad that it didn't get picked [TS]

  because i think that Empire just sort of [TS]

  like everybody's like all right we've [TS]

  represented star wars and we'll move on [TS]

  and i'm not sure whether that was the [TS]

  right thing to do or not so you know I [TS]

  understand the artistic and technical [TS]

  achievement of empire but it's just it's [TS]

  a sequel it's an in established universe [TS]

  its characters that we already know it's [TS]

  not going from 0 to star wars now wasn't [TS]

  it you who told me recently that aliens [TS]

  was better than alien yes Jessie Kathryn [TS]

  but they're different did alien and [TS]

  aliens are two totally different yeah [TS]

  they share the area yeah but there are [TS]

  two totally different movies and [TS]

  different genres even well there was an [TS]

  entire the city that on the characters [TS]

  the whole tone of the thing was with a [TS]

  legit built up by alien but I mean I [TS]

  understand there's another difference [TS]

  later that survives a Sigourney Weaver [TS]

  in the Geiger design [TS]

  well yeah but the whole the whole [TS]

  android that you don't trust in the kind [TS]

  of gritty blue-collar spacemen thing [TS]

  that all comes from the first movie [TS]

  yeah what they lift the first movie is [TS]

  space long-haul truckers the second [TS]

  movie Space Marines it's a it's a horror [TS]

  movie vs of war movie [TS]

  I just think they're two totally [TS]

  different things and [TS]

  aliens is better than alien to each his [TS]

  own i say by the way like Empire better [TS]

  to just let you know happiness is my [TS]

  second choice would have been Monty [TS]

  Python but that got picked [TS]

  yeah so i'm going to substitute the [TS]

  three stooges short a plumbing we will [TS]

  go as my comedy touchstone wow if you [TS]

  haven't seen it and you have a [TS]

  y-chromosome go out and see it now it [TS]

  actually reminded the jar on my desk if [TS]

  I keep mine in a little tick box on my [TS]

  nightstand [TS]

  I keep Lex's in a jar on my desk so [TS]

  weird it is funny as hell and it is [TS]

  immature as hell and goofy as hell and [TS]

  all of those are great things for a [TS]

  young boy growing up who sees the world [TS]

  through five o'clock reruns on KTLA in [TS]

  Los Angeles my third choice would have [TS]

  been breakfast club and so instead of [TS]

  breakfast club what we're gonna do is [TS]

  just on my day we will sit in the [TS]

  theater for silently for two hours and [TS]

  we will all be miserable because that's [TS]

  pretty much my memory of the time that [TS]

  breakfast club came we would invite some [TS]

  football players from a local high [TS]

  school to come if you people beat the [TS]

  Nerds up for two hours yeah it great [TS]

  everybody's seen it some some new bully [TS]

  will rotate through the theater [TS]

  intimidating people taking their money [TS]

  and making threatening violence out [TS]

  about the people's lives [TS]

  that's why I felt that we should have [TS]

  the backpackers common and serve popcorn [TS]

  because then we'd all feel better about [TS]

  herself [TS]

  so what this is about the jocks will [TS]

  come and beat us up that's number three [TS]

  that which i think it encompasses the [TS]

  experience of the incomparable film [TS]

  festival and the number four and nobody [TS]

  picked any sneakers didn't get picked [TS]

  right [TS]

  no it was on somebody's shit was on my [TS]

  honorable mention was i'm picking more [TS]

  games [TS]

  yeah thank you [TS]

  no it's not you're gonna bring a tear to [TS]

  John Syracuse's I it's a great movie [TS]

  it's a lot of fun and [TS]

  I I i wrote a program called falken [TS]

  shortly after the movie came out it and [TS]

  that is a good movie [TS]

  no real estate is no real genius but it [TS]

  is a good is a very good movie wargames [TS]

  was the first movie I saw that showed a [TS]

  world that I was into which was BBS's [TS]

  and then going online and all kinds of [TS]

  super cool stuff that was just starting [TS]

  out that kind of helped build the world [TS]

  that we live in and I connected with me [TS]

  I'm not realize there's a lot of [TS]

  silliness there you know Matthew [TS]

  Broderick running around threatening to [TS]

  destroy the world through a 300 baud [TS]

  modem but it could it's a great movie [TS]

  and it's gonna take awhile clicks every [TS]

  one of these movies it top to bottom is [TS]

  something that changed my life in some [TS]

  way because it spoke to me more than [TS]

  it's its technical sophistication and [TS]

  more than the quality of its writing [TS]

  laser brain and the Senate a movie is a [TS]

  piece of art and you connect to a piece [TS]

  of art independent from every one of [TS]

  those things and so screw you search [TS]

  uh-huh in summit that's what I'm really [TS]

  something up to here but used to potato [TS]

  head he actually likes war game so well [TS]

  and all right you should have said that [TS]

  earlier but uh ok war games and then [TS]

  ranted rounding out my rant about art is [TS]

  fifth is devices is guy heart that [TS]

  well-known yes Alan Rickman is a [TS]

  fantastic actor a Hans Gruber is an [TS]

  amazing character and John McClane is [TS]

  pretty good too [TS]

  I'm and diehard just kind of comes [TS]

  together in a way that defines action [TS]

  movies everybody smart which is really [TS]

  really rare and they all make totally [TS]

  sensible decisions and it's fun [TS]

  I i think i mentioned this on a previous [TS]

  podcast but a die-hard came at a time in [TS]

  my life when I dropped out of school and [TS]

  was living with my parents and I would [TS]

  go to see the matinees at the local [TS]

  theater because it was two bucks at 11pm [TS]

  and i came out at our height diehard at [TS]

  one in the morning just incredibly amped [TS]

  to amp to go home and go to sleep so I [TS]

  just kind of stopped around the Baron [TS]

  mall pretending I was shooting bad guys [TS]

  you're going to edit this right Jason [TS]

  and let's say I'm doing the matter how [TS]

  old you were when you're doing this 20 [TS]

  yeah i have not yet seen die hard [TS]

  ah have you seen war games i have seen [TS]

  more games have you seen Star Wars I the [TS]

  first one yet have you seen a plumbing [TS]

  we will go oh I'm sorry i have not have [TS]

  you have you sat in a theater for two [TS]

  hours and cried all jocks beat you up [TS]

  that's why I stopped seeing movies [TS]

  actually so do we just declare me the [TS]

  victor now or something with every break [TS]

  making martinis served during and after [TS]

  the the two hours of silence and said [TS]

  that's so so that but just to get back [TS]

  to this star wars empire thing because [TS]

  it did come up you know your your your [TS]

  can avoid it is what this podcast is [TS]

  about your argument is is at its core [TS]

  that star wars is the original movie and [TS]

  it created the world and although Empire [TS]

  is a in many ways a a better filmmaking [TS]

  achievement it's better directed it's [TS]

  got a better budget the characters are [TS]

  more are given more to do that that why [TS]

  you prefer Star Wars is because not only [TS]

  was it a revelation because it was [TS]

  completely new when you saw it but [TS]

  because it's set everything in motion [TS]

  whereas Empire all it had to do is take [TS]

  the baton from this incredibly [TS]

  successful first movie is that about [TS]

  right before Star Wars there was no star [TS]

  wars after Star Wars it had altered our [TS]

  culture and what a notion of a movie [TS]

  blockbuster was and how movie [TS]

  merchandising was happening and this [TS]

  seminal event in it i'm willing to guess [TS]

  everyone of our lives at least the ones [TS]

  were old enough to have had a pre Star [TS]

  Wars existence that wasn't you know in [TS]

  utero [TS]

  I appreciate Empire I think it's great [TS]

  movie but Star Wars is an experience [TS]

  it's an event it's a it's a milestone [TS]

  it's a cultural this message to five [TS]

  best events Greg come on movies 5 [TS]

  decimal and maybe this is an event [TS]

  that's a movie i agree with it on a [TS]

  seminal point [TS]

  view sure star wars are very very [TS]

  important movie it should get how will [TS]

  be ready to start word it that Empire [TS]

  you know took all of that iterated on it [TS]

  to a point where made it even better [TS]

  oh you can improve on and I just I just [TS]

  need a link right now you know the Mona [TS]

  Lisa to point was a great Patrick it's [TS]

  it's twice as good [TS]

  Wow and Syracuse it makes the argument [TS]

  that it's a i'm making a degree of [TS]

  difficulty argument that that getting [TS]

  Star Wars made and having it be good is [TS]

  harder than getting Empire made and [TS]

  having it be good but i don't care i [TS]

  think that that goes into it [TS]

  everything that goes into making up star [TS]

  wars is part of the film and it to [TS]

  consider it as just a movie or or even [TS]

  worse just a movie that didn't have a [TS]

  time before it existed is missing out on [TS]

  what it does and what it created all [TS]

  right John syracuse it's your turn for [TS]

  rebuttal [TS]

  he had a three-hour little he's not here [TS]

  podcast I john sorry John did after [TS]

  Glenn kills the rest of you John coming [TS]

  out that's I think exactly what's gonna [TS]

  happen so I'm to the existing [TS]

  participants of the of the movie drafted [TS]

  in in listening back and and thinking [TS]

  back to the the the slates that you [TS]

  drafted you have any anything you were [TS]

  you regret are you pretty happy with [TS]

  your selections I almost kind of regret [TS]

  not picking gattaca once once guy [TS]

  brought it out it was a lot of heaven i [TS]

  love on Twitter the other night there [TS]

  was a lot of Attica love on Twitter it [TS]

  was that movie was on my top five until [TS]

  mid college and I haven't thought about [TS]

  it in a couple years but there's there's [TS]

  a lot I mean that that movie and I take [TS]

  most of internal stuff is pretty [TS]

  underrated in terms of I seem to [TS]

  remember not a lot of people were really [TS]

  into it I saw it first in a biology [TS]

  class of all things even though it's not [TS]

  exactly the the most accurate [TS]

  representation of of genomics placing [TS]

  but it's still that the whole concept of [TS]

  being able to rise above what your your [TS]

  jeans are programmed to do in and great [TS]

  performances by all of the cast involved [TS]

  it's a it's a very solid movie that has [TS]

  this this science-fiction bent but is [TS]

  still there [TS]

  very much about it's a human story it's [TS]

  it's very much about ethan hawke and and [TS]

  his journey and there's a family aspect [TS]

  and and really really cool stuff about [TS]

  and there's a murder mystery in the [TS]

  middle of it edit [TS]

  it's it's a really really great movie i [TS]

  don't know where I would put it in my [TS]

  top five now because it would it would [TS]

  probably end out Rocketeer but i don't [TS]

  know i don't know how i feel about that [TS]

  so i don't know i'm at the same i'm just [TS]

  i'm sad that i did not give it more love [TS]

  and now you have no yes and now i have [TS]

  now and i have wrapped lovely lovely [TS]

  gattaca the graphical was on my [TS]

  runner-up list will point out Scott do [TS]

  you have any any regrets are you pretty [TS]

  happy with your last as it turns out I I [TS]

  don't live life without regrets Jason [TS]

  that's that's good that's healthy [TS]

  dan do you have any regrets you happy [TS]

  with your list all the crazies making me [TS]

  feel guilty about not being Star Wars [TS]

  better than that has a deeper in the [TS]

  draft we kept as you could hear Gregor [TS]

  kind of excited I guess someone was [TS]

  gonna pick me and we were like still [TS]

  hasn't been taken pretty scary and yet [TS]

  not know but none of us took it because [TS]

  it is you know we going by the metric of [TS]

  movies that i would be happy to watch [TS]

  over and over again it's certainly on [TS]

  that list yeah but you know it's a you [TS]

  know i had already backfilled the rest [TS]

  of my list so it found a home where it [TS]

  belongs with somebody who I wanted to [TS]

  leave guy I want to leave for Greg is [TS]

  really the answer [TS]

  ok that's good see if you have a you [TS]

  happy [TS]

  looking back on your pics you i have not [TS]

  regret in the world i love my choices [TS]

  that's what terrifies the rest of us [TS]

  couldn't couldn't care less that a [TS]

  whopping eight people will be in the [TS]

  theater with us all the season although [TS]

  the day pat you know the week-long past [TS]

  people they'll be there you can borrow [TS]

  some bullies if you want how much how [TS]

  many votes with a week-long pass without [TS]

  Steve's have gotten is that OH [TS]

  you're not invited everybody when but [TS]

  he's not here to defend himself [TS]

  I'm just making friends all over the [TS]

  place tonight I like my day and I knew [TS]

  that I would alienate some people with [TS]

  the the horse election so that's that's [TS]

  all cool i like them happy with it yeah [TS]

  I'll be there for babe more bacon [TS]

  martinis for me [TS]

  exactly and the Brat Pack serving [TS]

  popcorn there they're a lot easier to [TS]

  get than you might be available [TS]

  yeah baby couldn't get babe we can get [TS]

  the brat pack i got babe [TS]

  oh yeah absolutely thanks in the Merc [TS]

  ribs [TS]

  it was really hard on me not including a [TS]

  space balls now in my list no no Brooks [TS]

  thanks for reading my letter e [TS]

  spaceballs was no I think I think of [TS]

  spaceballs had been picked in the actual [TS]

  draft and Star Wars hadn't recognized [TS]

  would not be here today and would have [TS]

  died [TS]

  I'm user there are so many other better [TS]

  mel brooks movies to pick so many so [TS]

  many plans that are Star Wars parodies [TS]

  to pick and better movies [TS]

  yeah yeah take that like we can agree to [TS]

  disagree of your miserable bastards [TS]

  so when you've seen all of 12 films you [TS]

  know what's gonna be on the heritage of [TS]

  possibly about the for you of the Star [TS]

  Wars movies I've seen spaceballs seemed [TS]

  like a fairly decent better that you got [TS]

  like half the jokes [TS]

  now I really everything I know about [TS]

  star wars i learned from space [TS]

  alright so that wraps up part 3 of the [TS]

  are two part movie trapped [TS]

  aren't you glad you stuck around for [TS]

  part 3 yeah who knew there was gonna [TS]

  even be a part 3 but there was just so [TS]

  much there was so much acclaim people [TS]

  love it so much [TS]

  overwhelming demand that's right and [TS]

  especially days that weren't cleanser or [TS]

  Steve's but I like them all except for [TS]

  loans no i think i like not even go [TS]

  ahead like I like them all and i like i [TS]

  like Lex's and I i like to Craig's [TS]

  except for the part where early popular [TS]

  people come and see this up but we cry [TS]

  that part I didn't hate it it's about [TS]

  high school high school and we're going [TS]

  to get massively different just go to [TS]

  the breakfast club at that point [TS]

  oh so uh so next week we will be back [TS]

  with a a width apart for no with him [TS]

  with a where we where we take the recipe [TS]

  haven't seen our carrots um yeah we're [TS]

  just gonna do this forever [TS]

  we just will do five more pics more [TS]

  unified more rounds just forever so [TS]

  every movie is picked know next week [TS]

  we'll be back with something much more [TS]

  reasonable like in addition of our book [TS]

  club because we also read books we don't [TS]

  just argue about movies that we've seen [TS]

  so until next week when we will be back [TS]

  with with the book club talking about [TS]

  apocalypses in the end of the world so [TS]

  that will be some on a light note that [TS]

  will be and John Syracuse's on that [TS]

  podcast so John siracusa plus the end of [TS]

  the world and as a laugh riot [TS]

  you will you will you will go in at [TS]

  equal to scott pilgrim become come [TS]

  depressed and you will leave on an up [TS]

  note that's all I'll say about that [TS]

  episode it actually will turn it may I [TS]

  went in feeling sad and I came out John [TS]

  syracuse attorney alway around about the [TS]

  apocalypse because he is good as a verb [TS]

  is good he's in favor of it and he's [TS]

  gonna survive it [TS]

  he has a favor apocalypse guys I ice [TS]

  I still question his reasoning but ok [TS]

  we'll save that for next week so so [TS]

  until then I want to thank my guess that [TS]

  the drafters from the movie draft you [TS]

  did a great job with really great pics [TS]

  the morin thank you for being here [TS]

  and recapping your pics it's always a [TS]

  pleasure [TS]

  I'm just here for the paycheck yes yes [TS]

  it's in the mail Scott McNulty thank you [TS]

  as always I'm number 4 i'm known for [TS]

  films right that's your whatever metal [TS]

  comes after bronze exists already called [TS]

  well thank you thank you thank you no [TS]

  thank you Steve let's thank you are you [TS]

  thanking me too i am I think you're just [TS]

  gonna make you eat it [TS]

  the good pics yeah with love you're [TS]

  welcome I thought I thank you i like [TS]

  your selections to I I went out and I [TS]

  saw Kathy check i watched Caddyshack [TS]

  again just because you are a good man [TS]

  yeah baby ruth the pool that's that's [TS]

  classic man that's classified it Lex [TS]

  Friedman you haven't seen Caddyshack [TS]

  have you I have you have I have did you [TS]

  like it [TS]

  I enjoyed catching I own Caddyshack on [TS]

  digital video disc lacked see you see [TS]

  that's the legs great you're going to [TS]

  use him stand as an example [TS]

  yeah well he's just very selective [TS]

  that's right [TS]

  I only pick the great really flexing [TS]

  that that's an endorsement is otherwise [TS]

  he could just not have seen it before he [TS]

  was naive but now that he likes one of [TS]

  my movies he selective yeah that works [TS]

  that's that's good strategy and a great [TS]

  nice thanks for being here and defending [TS]

  the honor of of a movie that is [TS]

  considered to be one of the one of the [TS]

  most impressive and important movies [TS]

  ever released [TS]

  may the force be with you Oh where'd [TS]

  that come from a home that's an empire [TS]

  that is it a plumbing we will go [TS]

  bastards [TS]

  I'm going to be glad to every one of you [TS]

  bastards [TS]

  alright everybody neutral neutral [TS]

  corners neutral corners thanks to [TS]

  everybody for listening and voting and [TS]

  telling their feedback and until next [TS]

  week thank you for patronizing your [TS]

  incomparable [TS]

  film festival by [TS]

  well maybe force be with you [TS]

  ah no that was not cool [TS]

  yeah too far too far [TS]