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  the incomparable number 305 2016 [TS]

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  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  uncomfortable i'm your host Jason Steele [TS]

  we're here to do one in our continuing [TS]

  very slow series of walks through the [TS]

  films of Pixar and in this episode we're [TS]

  going to be talking about Toy Story [TS]

  number two [TS]

  joining me to talk about toy story 2 are [TS]

  the following find people and also made [TS]

  Steve let's I regret saying fine people [TS]

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  and welcome to the pixar club [TS]

  hi could have here thank you the [TS]

  internets very own dr. drain joins us [TS]

  for a movie that is not quite old enough [TS]

  to be considered old movie club [TS]

  although it is from the last century [TS]

  hello I've got some hot tea and the [TS]

  stack of harsh Mo's it is good to be [TS]

  sitting around the campfire with a bunch [TS]

  of delicious Hotch Mose and of course he [TS]

  he's always here for the pixar club it's [TS]

  john siracusa hi john turned into the [TS]

  spin Barbie so I 1999 toy story 2 are [TS]

  there any opening statements about toy [TS]

  story 2 I just have to ask in case [TS]

  somebody has an opening statement done i [TS]

  just have statements about the opening [TS]

  opening statements [TS]

  alright so toys story to the the sequel [TS]

  to the first full-length [TS]

  computer-animated feature which is a [TS]

  huge hit in 1995 and they followed it up [TS]

  a several years later with this the [TS]

  final in the biology of toy story until [TS]

  then many years later they made third [TS]

  one another making fourth one but but [TS]

  toy story 2 is fun to revisit this is [TS]

  actually after a while I kind of forgot [TS]

  what was in what movie and this was [TS]

  delightful to revisit it [TS]

  I should I just do as I traditionally do [TS]

  which is walk us through the plot and [TS]

  let you stop me and tell me what you [TS]

  want to tell and then I try to move on [TS]

  and then steve says what wait wait wait [TS]

  you missed something and then we back up [TS]

  and then we go forward we do that it's [TS]

  it's working also how it works that's [TS]

  how it works [TS]

  Aloha basically stop now Aloha hello [TS]

  although it's funny that you mentioned [TS]

  that that you kind of forgot what goes [TS]

  where because the first thing i noticed [TS]

  while watching this movie is I don't [TS]

  really remember much of went on in this [TS]

  movie and I've seen this like five or [TS]

  six times and I I I think it's because [TS]

  the the emotional core of the movie is [TS]

  so strong that the sort of standard toys [TS]

  you know searching to rescue to rescue [TS]

  woody kind of stuff which is all pretty [TS]

  good it just it feels kind of slight by [TS]

  comparison and it's it's like I didn't [TS]

  even remember the fact that it opened [TS]

  with the big zerg right sort of a video [TS]

  game thing it just completely slipped my [TS]

  mind and I was surprised to see it there [TS]

  i have the opposite experience I i [TS]

  remember these openings like the big 3d [TS]

  shiny letters coming at you like they're [TS]

  from an eighties a Superman movie or [TS]

  something [TS]

  I remember going into this having come [TS]

  out of toy story and been like you know [TS]

  well how they going to talk story to [TS]

  like they're blowing it [TS]

  they're doing a sequel is silly and just [TS]

  being delighted by how off-balance the [TS]

  department you know like obviously this [TS]

  would become a thing with the story 3d [TS]

  hoping the same way with sort of the the [TS]

  world of imagination of the toys but [TS]

  that scene and the fact that it opened [TS]

  and it took itself seriously with buzz [TS]

  flying through the the canyons I mean [TS]

  and of course the graphics looked a lot [TS]

  better to me back then [TS]

  sure i found that delightful and I was [TS]

  surprised watching this movie how not [TS]

  only do I remember every single scene [TS]

  every single line every single character [TS]

  every single nuance of the animation [TS]

  every single little character movement [TS]

  just I think i imprinted much more [TS]

  strongly on this movie and I remember [TS]

  being riveted and i'm watching and i'm [TS]

  watching years and years watching it [TS]

  again it was kind of like watching one [TS]

  of those movies in the eighties that is [TS]

  just sort of like soaked into your bones [TS]

  that it's kind of part of you you know [TS]

  realize how much until you watch it [TS]

  again [TS]

  well I haven't watched it since since i [TS]

  saw it in the theater in 1999 until i [TS]

  saw one out of the podcast but it all [TS]

  came back i mean i reckon i remembered [TS]

  everything and as it's playing out oh [TS]

  yes oh yes oh yes and of course the [TS]

  reason I didn't [TS]

  watch it in all that time is because it [TS]

  tears me up [TS]

  it's true I did have that moment in fact [TS]

  i told my wife that we were doing a [TS]

  pixar 44 I was a new installment of [TS]

  pixar club and she said which wich Pixar [TS]

  movie that makes me cry will you be [TS]

  watching this diamond I said boys she's [TS]

  all I could tell you exactly what scene [TS]

  will make me cries and oh I know I know [TS]

  I know what the crying crying scenes are [TS]

  in toy story 2 before they figured out [TS]

  they can make a whole movie do that with [TS]

  inside out [TS]

  that's the thing is i remembered the the [TS]

  scenes very well obviously I remember [TS]

  the big sort of centerpiece song and I [TS]

  remembered all the stuff where they're [TS]

  hanging out Alice apartment and all the [TS]

  sort of emotional you know stuff about [TS]

  being eventually abandoned and and the [TS]

  children child moving on and forgetting [TS]

  their toys and all that stuff I [TS]

  remembered all that extremely well it's [TS]

  just each everything else besides that [TS]

  it's just like gone and i remember when [TS]

  i watch the movie of course I know yeah [TS]

  i remember this space and I remember [TS]

  them crossing the road here but if I if [TS]

  you would ask me before watching the [TS]

  movie again what happens in this movie [TS]

  can you tell me what seems occur i could [TS]

  i would have said well there's the thing [TS]

  in the apartment it and that's it and [TS]

  there's the sad scene with the Sarah [TS]

  McLachlan song i would i would have been [TS]

  able to call that out ya know there's [TS]

  the part where I cry [TS]

  yeah damn right I think some part of the [TS]

  like it for the people who didn't [TS]

  remember my impression rewatching it now [TS]

  years after watching it so many times is [TS]

  that a lot of the lot of the settings [TS]

  and scenes are more ambitious than then [TS]

  toy story but they didn't quite have the [TS]

  sophistication that or maybe it was just [TS]

  the art direction to sort of give each [TS]

  one of those locations a distinctive [TS]

  look [TS]

  so it's kind of like this is the kind of [TS]

  sameness to all the locations i mean [TS]

  obviously the things in the house looks [TS]

  like the first movie is the first we [TS]

  spend a lot of time in the house in the [TS]

  yard and when they got on the street or [TS]

  in buildings or even in the airport on [TS]

  the runaways [TS]

  I don't know if it's the lighting or the [TS]

  the selection of textures or whatever [TS]

  it's kind of its kind of blog where I [TS]

  think if you if you just close your eyes [TS]

  and and someone says toy story 3 you can [TS]

  like picture the orange of the [TS]

  incinerator or like the darkness of the [TS]

  the toy that toys at the nursery and [TS]

  stuff like that like I feel like that [TS]

  visually this movie is a little bit flat [TS]

  as the limitation of technology at the [TS]

  time but I think it's also that they [TS]

  didn't think they were quite up to being [TS]

  able to pull off so many different [TS]

  settings and in a single movie I don't [TS]

  know there's I maybe with this instant [TS]

  elimination still at this point is [TS]

  things like surfaces so they're very [TS]

  circumspect about what they choose to [TS]

  you know do image map and kind of things [TS]

  on you know where it's gonna have a [TS]

  texture so it ends up looking a little [TS]

  shiny it's good to me it's a quantum [TS]

  leap in terms of appearance / toy story [TS]

  one toy story one is the only one of the [TS]

  pixar movie I'm i love them all but when [TS]

  do you go back a wow you know I gotta [TS]

  remember that's 1995 whereas with this [TS]

  one I still really feel like I do I feel [TS]

  like there's so much more with the [TS]

  expressions were like when somebody [TS]

  saying something their face has so much [TS]

  subtlety to it but also i mean this is [TS]

  one of the ones [TS]

  this was a really big Pixar movie in our [TS]

  house around 2009-2010 we were watching [TS]

  this a lot and I do remember all the [TS]

  scenes but you know what I forget is [TS]

  just what up what a wonderful salad of [TS]

  visual gags very funny dialogue and [TS]

  eight just a terrific pixar touches like [TS]

  a like a funny pun or a bit that just [TS]

  goes by so quickly and that's the things [TS]

  like I don't worry i'm noticing stuff [TS]

  like the textures in the chairs and no [TS]

  you noticing the vertical blinds but i [TS]

  want one thing that really sticks with [TS]

  me though is the pacing it's so well I [TS]

  feel like it's so quickly paced and [TS]

  there's also this nice feeling you ever [TS]

  noticed like whenever a big part of the [TS]

  Act ends bo-peep says something and it [TS]

  fades to black and there's all kinds of [TS]

  you know fun wipes fun dissolves and you [TS]

  know just just before this of course I [TS]

  went to wikipedia to make sure i didn't [TS]

  miss anything [TS]

  I had no idea that such a troubled [TS]

  production because it feels so [TS]

  effortless to watch and has it is so [TS]

  propulsive and telling its story it hits [TS]

  emotionally it's funny there's action [TS]

  and there's just unexpected sight stuff [TS]

  it's I think the triumph [TS]

  yeah I was surprised to find out about [TS]

  the [TS]

  troubled production of the most of the [TS]

  compressed schedule part of its right [TS]

  although it made a lot more sense when I [TS]

  got to the part where where the cleaner [TS]

  says you can't rush art and I could just [TS]

  picture them writing that collection at [TS]

  ya anything i noticed i do one thing I [TS]

  do notice is that I don't have any i [TS]

  gotta help dr. waves and listen to this [TS]

  I I there's the there's some parts that [TS]

  look so one thing I noticed this when [TS]

  you're always like in every Pixar movie [TS]

  they're showing off something new that [TS]

  they've gotten right yeah right like it [TS]

  could be could be hair could be water it [TS]

  could be various kinds of motion [TS]

  whatever it is like in this case I think [TS]

  the lighting this and bugs life both the [TS]

  lighting lighting is so great in this [TS]

  and I'm trying to get my daughter you [TS]

  know like let's see when they're running [TS]

  around at night and he runs up to the [TS]

  mailbox things like two blocks down like [TS]

  a more to go like that really looks like [TS]

  night and then it really looks like [TS]

  they're walking through a light and I i [TS]

  don't i did not feel any sense of the [TS]

  but here's what i will say some scenes [TS]

  do look a little more [TS]

  mm like they didn't get the full [TS]

  resources to like make this perfect and [TS]

  that's that's the only thing i would say [TS]

  i noticed terms of qualities it's there [TS]

  was some Delta with some scenes feel it [TS]

  feeling like really exquisitely rendered [TS]

  and others feeling a little bit like you [TS]

  no-good like above average [TS]

  there's a scene where they're going down [TS]

  the sidewalk and they're under the trees [TS]

  and their shafts of light coming through [TS]

  the trees and so as they walk the light [TS]

  you know you're there in the shadow of [TS]

  the leaves and then there's direct [TS]

  sunlight and and it's all kind of as [TS]

  they're walking down the streets [TS]

  perfectly natural and I thought to [TS]

  myself well that's a bug's life right [TS]

  there they learned how to do all the [TS]

  stuff with like going through leaves and [TS]

  so they know how to do that and so they [TS]

  do it here and it's very impressive [TS]

  because they that could have been evenly [TS]

  lit scene and instead it's it's not [TS]

  evenly lit at all and some other scenes [TS]

  are much more simpler simple but that [TS]

  one that would impress me and I thought [TS]

  that's that's an example where they [TS]

  built up that toolkit with a bug's life [TS]

  away and then they deployed in the next [TS]

  movie which is trying to reach exceeded [TS]

  their grasp a little bit here like is [TS]

  they they hid they hid the human so much [TS]

  in the first movie Toy Story one like [TS]

  they really just tried to concentrate on [TS]

  the shiny plastic toys because that's [TS]

  what they could do right and this one [TS]

  you have more humans and you have [TS]

  the dog and both the humans and the dog [TS]

  I mean said didn't look great in the [TS]

  first movie and humans the dog still [TS]

  don't look great here and they putting [TS]

  anybody's mom and his mom is a grotesque [TS]

  she's like a man and his mom both look [TS]

  terrible but i think i'll actually works [TS]

  pretty well because he seems to be kind [TS]

  of grotesque and Morcar area of yours [TS]

  which they already had the resources for [TS]

  that from the from the short right there [TS]

  was a meticulous terrible [TS]

  yeah i mean like the animated here's the [TS]

  thing the animation and this is great [TS]

  like if you watch like the whoever [TS]

  animate the dog did an excellent job but [TS]

  the surface details of the dog are just [TS]

  are there not there they don't they [TS]

  don't have it yet [TS]

  I'm and he wasn't being lit lit from [TS]

  some different sources is the first [TS]

  doesn't look right yeah I like I mean [TS]

  everything to me like I have a lot of [TS]

  the seems like it's a big such a leap [TS]

  over toy story one it's almost as if [TS]

  like everything is higher res it's not [TS]

  really don't know if it's really the [TS]

  case but anyway [TS]

  everything looks like softer edge and [TS]

  not as hard and shiny all the time in a [TS]

  little bit better with satin finishes [TS]

  but i just think that art direction wise [TS]

  i feel like there's a limited number of [TS]

  if this is a comic book and you flip [TS]

  through it there would be kind of a [TS]

  similar thing going on it would you know [TS]

  the color scheme ever the call but like [TS]

  if I did this summer for the incredible [TS]

  to show like this is the scene where [TS]

  everything is red because there's a lot [TS]

  of places the blue seen sort of color [TS]

  escapes of the entire movie [TS]

  this movie's color escapes seem a little [TS]

  bit too even and they you know they do [TS]

  so many different locations but so many [TS]

  of those cases locations are similar and [TS]

  even like the sidewalk the sidewalks [TS]

  just like uniform cement and they have [TS]

  uniform black asphalt for the street [TS]

  like modern-day pixar would never make [TS]

  streets like this where they're just [TS]

  kind of like black asphalt the hallway [TS]

  they just paid that usually totally just [TS]

  pays it but yeah with seven layers of [TS]

  concrete they were tripping over each [TS]

  other and just look at the streets when [TS]

  they're going up the streets of San [TS]

  Francisco and inside out i mean you [TS]

  can't blame it was a long time ago but [TS]

  that's one of the things i was struck by [TS]

  seeing and now is I didn't know these [TS]

  things occur to me i'm gonna watch it i [TS]

  was just marveling at how much [TS]

  better-looking toy story one but now [TS]

  that we've seen where they've gone from [TS]

  here especially toy story 3 which is the [TS]

  same characters was just such a higher [TS]

  degree of difficulty so I i noticed that [TS]

  but on the flip side were talking about [TS]

  the how tight the movie is I noticed [TS]

  that like this is like [TS]

  and a a prime era Simpsons episode where [TS]

  the density of good clean jokes is just [TS]

  so massive there are there are so few [TS]

  deadlines and every one of them is like [TS]

  someone clever than me wrote that all [TS]

  their collaborators still claro damn [TS]

  their members just one after the other [TS]

  at the end I like we're all set visual [TS]

  gags puns about plain old jokes they go [TS]

  back to the same well three times just [TS]

  to show you we we didn't arrow down to [TS]

  one joke [TS]

  three of them are good enough that we [TS]

  can put them all in the same movie which [TS]

  is basically the same token you laugh at [TS]

  all three because that's how good we are [TS]

  really great riding on this also will [TS]

  we'll get to it when we go through it [TS]

  but some slight pop culture references [TS]

  which you know I always argue what [TS]

  separates pics are from your DreamWorks [TS]

  Animation a lot of the time is that [TS]

  dreamworks sort of shamelessly pandering [TS]

  to the pop culture of the time [TS]

  references it's more like a Saturday [TS]

  Night Live sketch reference the ones [TS]

  here feel a little more timeless but [TS]

  also quoting you know quoting films and [TS]

  quoting shots from from films and things [TS]

  like that are maybe a little bit like [TS]

  sleek loading Forrest Gump I mean come [TS]

  on that's pretty great right Forrest [TS]

  Gump actually felt kick felt kind of [TS]

  dated but they they can reference stars [TS]

  all they want bigger stars of course is [TS]

  timeless forrest gump felt a little bit [TS]

  you know a little bit contemporary but [TS]

  they don't share us this year a star and [TS]

  that's funny now [TS]

  yeah that's true although its tone down [TS]

  i would say a little from the first one [TS]

  where they actually make a hockey puck [TS]

  joke which literally pushing it a little [TS]

  bit [TS]

  the guy alright let's get started with [TS]

  the beginning so I a little bit of [TS]

  trivia which is this film came out about [TS]

  them almost exactly to the day a month [TS]

  before galaxy quest in which tim allen [TS]

  place a very similar character to the [TS]

  one on display here at the beginning as [TS]

  but buzz lightyear in his adventure [TS]

  they also the the opening credits sort [TS]

  of remind me of yet it's a combination [TS]

  of like Superman and and and and some of [TS]

  the latter Star Trek movies of the of [TS]

  the period and and Galaxy Quest [TS]

  ultimately which wasn't out yet and [TS]

  there is definitely a mix of especially [TS]

  Star Trek and Star Wars the music at the [TS]

  very beginning is such a riff on star [TS]

  trek to it is undeniably a riff on the [TS]

  on the theme from Star Trek to and then [TS]

  there's also a bunch of Star Wars stuff [TS]

  in there especially as there [TS]

  hanging around and you know with that [TS]

  with the star fields in the background [TS]

  that it's in the Gamma Quadrant which [TS]

  has a nice star trek feel to it as well [TS]

  there's just at you know and and it's a [TS]

  surprise right for all of us we were [TS]

  used to be seeing diluted buzz lightyear [TS]

  in the first movie in here we see buzz [TS]

  in his environment because uh he we're [TS]

  watching an outer space adventure of of [TS]

  buzz lightyear hoo-hoos laser by the way [TS]

  is the sound of a TIE fighter firing [TS]

  because the same found some effects [TS]

  editor worked on both of Star Wars and [TS]

  toy story right he's an awfully Vader [TS]

  ithaca when he's got his helmet down in [TS]

  this seemed to had elevated breathing [TS]

  yeah and that the best thing about this [TS]

  opening and this is true of any time you [TS]

  see to this type of thing and Pixar [TS]

  movie or any other kind of movie it [TS]

  works best when you can tell that the [TS]

  people who did this opening love the [TS]

  source material is people who made these [TS]

  are not making fun of Star Trek or Star [TS]

  Wars they love Star Trek and Star Wars [TS]

  and it and when they're gonna do the [TS]

  flying shiny letters coming at you in 3d [TS]

  they're going to make them like they [TS]

  were they would do no no worse a job if [TS]

  they had been actually on a Star Wars or [TS]

  Star Trek movie like they're going to do [TS]

  that good a job they're not gonna like [TS]

  we can get it and just do enough for you [TS]

  to get the joke [TS]

  they're gonna say if you hired me to do [TS]

  to do the opening for Superman r star [TS]

  wars star trek I'm gonna do exactly as [TS]

  good a job like dead serious because [TS]

  that's how you tell the joke and that's [TS]

  that's why it's delightful as opposed to [TS]

  oh I see what you're doing and trying [TS]

  like pretended star wars but it's [TS]

  clearly not at the level of the level of [TS]

  dedication and then the how clear it is [TS]

  that everyone making this loves the [TS]

  original materials really sells these [TS]

  gags I don't know so this film also came [TS]

  out a few months after star wars episode [TS]

  one and I mentioned not only because [TS]

  there's a there's that shot where buzz [TS]

  redirects the laser through the crystal [TS]

  and it blows up all the robots [TS]

  simultaneously and I thought that's a [TS]

  very episode one thing to have happen [TS]

  where it's the easily killed robots I [TS]

  realize that you know that they had were [TS]

  basically being made simultaneously but [TS]

  that baby laugh because it felt like it [TS]

  and I looked up I was like oh yeah 1999 [TS]

  look at that accepting this it was a [TS]

  joke it was actually it was actually a [TS]

  video game [TS]

  yeah it turns out also we get to see [TS]

  that when Buzz running down a dark [TS]

  corridor we get to see his [TS]

  glow-in-the-dark strips another if [TS]

  anybody ever had a glow-in-the-dark [TS]

  character as a kid that had to explain [TS]

  that to my kids that explain many gags [TS]

  me to my kids which made me feel old but [TS]

  you see when I was a kid we had toys [TS]

  that were going the dark exposed to [TS]

  light and then it but they were not [TS]

  impressed [TS]

  although we could see some of that in [TS]

  Syd's room in the first movie so it's [TS]

  good to see it again because I really [TS]

  liked in the first movie I just admit [TS]

  it's a laugh-out-loud little moment of [TS]

  buzz putting his glow-in-the-dark stuff [TS]

  to work he jumps across ok so the [TS]

  there's something else I want to mention [TS]

  that'sthat's very old school is I used [TS]

  to play on on ps1 i played crash [TS]

  bandicoot which was a fun platformer and [TS]

  the end and it reminds me so much [TS]

  uh this the scene of of that game in [TS]

  particular but platformers in general as [TS]

  buzz and we don't know yet that it's a [TS]

  video game but buzz got the little [TS]

  things he has to jump on heasley is [TS]

  doing a platformer here in this in the [TS]

  cinematic style but it's a platformer [TS]

  and there's even in crash bandicoot [TS]

  there's even a you know a 3d style [TS]

  rendered floating battery that you have [TS]

  to get to so is very they really brought [TS]

  back memories of playing video games in [TS]

  the nineties although in this i think [TS]

  the fact that it's a battery is a little [TS]

  weird because why would the video game [TS]

  treat the characters as if they were [TS]

  told is that what you call in Game [TS]

  advertisement because the brand name of [TS]

  the battery so that's what you're paid [TS]

  for the game started and in that and the [TS]

  2001 reusable discs to jump on [TS]

  yeah yeah and also the 2001 music [TS]

  there's something I just picked up this [TS]

  time which is my ninth or tenth viewing [TS]

  this movie 2001 music will get that guy [TS]

  he jumps on the little squares it does [TS]

  each note of that whatever that also [TS]

  sprach Zarathustra yeah 0 temperature [TS]

  stress [TS]

  yeah what I noticed this time is when he [TS]

  enters this room it's like a mechanical [TS]

  room is kind of like mechanical [TS]

  background noise it was like turning a [TS]

  no fans or something or whatever kind of [TS]

  pulsing metallic mechanical noise that [TS]

  noise slows down to become the same as [TS]

  the lead in drums to the to the first [TS]

  few notes of him standing on so like if [TS]

  you if you play the original like of [TS]

  course the notes lineup because they're [TS]

  doing the note that's the gag but before [TS]

  that [TS]

  the ambien Rudin room noise pulses in [TS]

  rhythm to the like the big bass drums [TS]

  that bank before that and I someone [TS]

  sweat it over that because that is [TS]

  clever and it's subtle enough that I'd [TS]

  seen the movie ten times didn't even [TS]

  notice it but when you do notice you [TS]

  like now that's attention to do you know [TS]

  and and it's better than just like [TS]

  putting in the drums you know like just [TS]

  I'm just gonna start the song and put in [TS]

  the drums because it it you know you [TS]

  know most people don't get the gag as I [TS]

  certainly did the first times until they [TS]

  hit the first note right but there they [TS]

  actually did the details of that tried [TS]

  watching that scene again just [TS]

  appreciate how much these crazy people [TS]

  spent on every single nuance of this [TS]

  movie [TS]

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  uncomfortable [TS]

  this is the point where we also revealed [TS]

  that this is a video game it's being [TS]

  being played by rex is revealed with the [TS]

  rather brutal site of buzz lightyears [TS]

  whole torso being that one part yeah [TS]

  that was that was a were talking my [TS]

  daughter we watch it tonight us [TS]

  reminding my daughter that when she was [TS]

  however old 312 watch that whenever it [TS]

  soon as she started hearing the music [TS]

  John just referred to eat then they do [TS]

  that that little like that all they turn [TS]

  the camera and you see buzz about to [TS]

  walk across little lozenges and should i [TS]

  say fest over daddy passed over [TS]

  we've got to get past this part and then [TS]

  when when he went buzz turns into legs a [TS]

  little turd growing out of his pelvis [TS]

  that's our two and violence [TS]

  yeah but it's kind of horrifying I mean [TS]

  these resources that i love it and we [TS]

  don't know just because this is because [TS]

  you didn't like they appeared as a kid [TS]

  you like wow I love that buzz lightyear [TS]

  and he's having an adventure huh [TS]

  you see a lot of kids in the theaters do [TS]

  bursting into tears at that point I mean [TS]

  so they say view within like [TS]

  milliseconds then you cut away to wreck [TS]

  that's enough for a kid to freak out [TS]

  though that kid's gonna be thinking [TS]

  about that for the next 15 minutes [TS]

  I couldn't remember and so that I think [TS]

  this is only the second time i've [TS]

  watched it and I couldn't remember what [TS]

  the setup was just like his [TS]

  is this andy watching the show or what [TS]

  and then that that thing happened and I [TS]

  was like holy crap and then it kind of [TS]

  wave but a bit you know even i had this [TS]

  moment of like Omega what is happening [TS]

  to buzz and in they do it really well [TS]

  but they do that cut away pretty quickly [TS]

  too so I'm wondering about test [TS]

  audiences it does seem like they're [TS]

  lingering on the turd for a long time [TS]

  because it is so shocking [TS]

  well that's exactly what beyond a long [TS]

  enough to get the gag like yeah is it [TS]

  steaming I believe it to steam this [TS]

  magic smoke coming out of it and [TS]

  everything yeah yeah that's what you [TS]

  don't want that with more star wars [TS]

  sounds like when he waves his hand [TS]

  through the battery hologram it's a [TS]

  lightsaber sound like I wonder if they [TS]

  they have to get a license from [TS]

  Skywalker Sound like that they're not [TS]

  just simulating so where did do the [TS]

  sound for this but yeah I know what you [TS]

  mean [TS]

  hey video game nerds dat nes controller [TS]

  is supposed to be an SNES controller [TS]

  that actually is an SNES on top of the [TS]

  television later like an accurately [TS]

  rendered one but that controller is like [TS]

  a color scheme with mismatched weirdness [TS]

  nes controller and also like he was [TS]

  going Rex makes one of his many short [TS]

  arm jokes that he can't you know [TS]

  shooting and jump at the same time he [TS]

  implies that in this game jumping is up [TS]

  on the d-pad and that's a terrible [TS]

  control scheme and also not very [TS]

  realistic this is the first of the short [TS]

  arm jokes by the way he did completely [TS]

  avoided it in the first movie i know [TS]

  they're don't work like they were [TS]

  kicking themselves well you know that's [TS]

  an old chestnut classic mhm never get [TS]

  tired of that short dinosaur I'm Joe [TS]

  well they find new ways to do it like [TS]

  this is that the most straightforward [TS]

  one like you said it comes right out and [TS]

  says he has to set up the rest of the [TS]

  jokes that are going to be in the rest [TS]

  of the script that comes out and says I [TS]

  can't my arms are too short to do [TS]

  whatever now you get in the next jokes [TS]

  you can do twist on it we don't have to [TS]

  remind them what is your referring to [TS]

  alright so the next segment the movie is [TS]

  we have we have cowboy camp and he's [TS]

  going to cowboy camp but he gets to play [TS]

  a little bit more [TS]

  there's a TV ad for Al's Toy Barn so we [TS]

  set up the fact that al is going to be [TS]

  the Nemesis here also mrs. Potato Head [TS]

  just ask and chicken man yeah and mrs. [TS]

  Potato is talking my boy all the cast of [TS]

  seinfeld all the big players inside [TS]

  filter in this movie and butBut and he's [TS]

  got a little bit of time to play so he [TS]

  plays uh a little make-believe game [TS]

  where evil dr. porkchop is going to [TS]

  threaten woody with either shark or [TS]

  death by monkeys but there's an accident [TS]

  and what his arm gets torn i love this [TS]

  scene here where would he has to choose [TS]

  whether bo-peep should face death by [TS]

  monkeys and the monkeys are seen [TS]

  lounging about on various mr. potato [TS]

  head pieces and the implication is that [TS]

  they have somehow horribly dismember [TS]

  for him using size corpses furniture [TS]

  that's not a choice that kids set up [TS]

  those toys pretty fast like all the [TS]

  combat soldiers were in ranks you know [TS]

  mom says five minutes and that kid that [TS]

  kid knows he's got it down to an art [TS]

  like this is what i'm going to do [TS]

  doesn't even think about it just set up [TS]

  those five minutes doesn't really mean [TS]

  five minutes yeah its prior to the [TS]

  that's not a choice thing I thought was [TS]

  funny and clever in that like I don't [TS]

  know when this started probably sometime [TS]

  before my kids were born but telling [TS]

  your kids that's not a choice as a way [TS]

  to communicate to them that that you [TS]

  know you can do it or be and they always [TS]

  say see like I never heard that when i [TS]

  was a kid but nowadays that's the thing [TS]

  that parents say all the time and in my [TS]

  circles you tell your kids that's not a [TS]

  choice right so this is a kid in a movie [TS]

  saying that as part of his game [TS]

  presumably because it's something that [TS]

  his parents say to him I did love Shark [TS]

  her death by monkeys but after what he [TS]

  gets his arm ripped he gets very quickly [TS]

  by mannequin mom he gets placed on the [TS]

  top shelf where its all dusty and [TS]

  there's those rings that babies play [TS]

  with a magic eight ball and he's been [TS]

  shelved which is the worst thing that [TS]

  can happen to a toy and he discovers [TS]

  weezy the penguin hiding between a [TS]

  couple of books up there as well i have [TS]

  to point out here to just briefly what [TS]

  kind of a crappy mom doesn't immediately [TS]

  bust out with a needle and thread at [TS]

  this point and so up against place is [TS]

  gonna go back and have time to fix the [TS]

  toy [TS]

  well you can take it and sew it up [TS]

  before she lets him go I think yeah [TS]

  any self-respecting mom would make that [TS]

  would make that move she doesn't [TS]

  immediately say let's shelve the thing [TS]

  and and you can be disappointed for the [TS]

  entire time your camp [TS]

  yeah I'm not a seamstress and I was like [TS]

  I could at least do a serviceable job on [TS]

  that in like three minutes [TS]

  she's also pretty indiscriminate about [TS]

  selling all his crap while he's away at [TS]

  camp [TS]

  she doesn't sell woody issues the sound [TS]

  stuff that doesn't like the baby toys [TS]

  you know she's been discriminated enough [TS]

  that she doesn't remember the sheet that [TS]

  would ease up on a shelf [TS]

  yeah also she's trying to so easy to [TS]

  penguin who is broken who wants a broken [TS]

  toy she took him away up there knowing [TS]

  that she was gonna sell him when yes [TS]

  probably again probably so that seems [TS]

  that's another really a great thing I [TS]

  remember seeing the first time and [TS]

  enjoying it again when she takes weezy [TS]

  off of the Shelf right so this is always [TS]

  play with a dance roots the expression [TS]

  on his face and the fact that you know [TS]

  so the whole thing is like the toys [TS]

  aren't supposed to do that when people [TS]

  around the toys like sort of play dead [TS]

  and pretend that they're not alive right [TS]

  that's the rules of the universe but [TS]

  they they're always pushing up against [TS]

  the boundaries like the toys are [TS]

  sneaking around people can't see them in [TS]

  this one the mom takes weezy off the [TS]

  shelf and as she takes him down she [TS]

  squeezes them and when she squeezed him [TS]

  weezy takes the opportunity to say [TS]

  goodbye woody like he's just taking a [TS]

  break because that's the little movie is [TS]

  coming out of a bit without the squeeze [TS]

  no good with the squeeze jeans the [TS]

  finality of evil what he has a full [TS]

  Manchurian Candidate nightmare at this [TS]

  point involving playing cards in a [TS]

  garbage can that I i really love for [TS]

  house how weird and cinematic they want [TS]

  to be here because this is just I mean [TS]

  do you need a nightmare seen engine [TS]

  needs to be this weird but they did they [TS]

  do it because this is what they want to [TS]

  do here and and it's the ultimate horror [TS]

  of being on a shelf life falls through [TS]

  the death card the pixar detail on this [TS]

  one is that when the scene starts of [TS]

  course you don't know it's a dream [TS]

  sequence yet until you know becomes [TS]

  obvious was like oh I don't want to play [TS]

  with you right before that the toys are [TS]

  all playing cards with a deck of cards [TS]

  all aces of spades maybe even before you [TS]

  realize it's a dream scene it's got that [TS]

  messed-up dream logic like that doesn't [TS]

  make any sense right [TS]

  and then when he falls through the cards [TS]

  I don't permit before after they do a [TS]

  dolly zoom like a computer dolly zoom in [TS]

  the movie was just cinematic trickery [TS]

  inside the computer going going above [TS]

  and beyond it's also nice detail when [TS]

  he's in the trash can and you can see [TS]

  this the light shining through the ace [TS]

  of spades forming the little ace of [TS]

  spades at the base of the trash can [TS]

  again showing off their liabilities so [TS]

  the yard sale so what happens is their [TS]

  body being a hero which is a million [TS]

  what he was kind of a jerk for part of [TS]

  toy story so here he is doing his proper [TS]

  Duty is third of the leader of the toys [TS]

  they're going to rescue weezy they're [TS]

  gonna get him back so they they have a [TS]

  whole sequence where they where they're [TS]

  gonna they're gonna steal him back this [TS]

  I want to bring this up till softly so [TS]

  they talk to the dog they the toys don't [TS]

  act white boys around the dog that [TS]

  fact that they play what he plays like [TS]

  with the dogs and be easy easy smell i [TS]

  think this is my job [TS]

  yea even now that's right before and at [TS]

  one point the dog rolls its eyes it's [TS]

  something that what he tells it so what [TS]

  this is what I want to say is apparently [TS]

  they can talk to animals and the animals [TS]

  understand them and the animal can adopt [TS]

  like the jaunty walk of a silent movie [TS]

  when a program i don't know what casual [TS]

  not casual yeah so so but they do have [TS]

  the highest and he gets the he gets he [TS]

  gets queasy and the come tuck them under [TS]

  the collar of the dog in there they're [TS]

  headed back and charm joke here [TS]

  music I can't watch can someone cover my [TS]

  up [TS]

  yeah but also i mean like just the [TS]

  virtuosity of watching that from afar [TS]

  and we're seeing that the POV mostly [TS]

  from the characters back up in the room [TS]

  you can kind of hear what's going on [TS]

  I think the way they pull all that off [TS]

  is pretty terrific in the way they're [TS]

  staging everything with the skateboard [TS]

  and all of that like you're getting all [TS]

  of that and you're getting the toys [TS]

  narrating the whole thing which in which [TS]

  is you know singer singer singer like so [TS]

  fun [TS]

  well and the handle Woody's broken arm [TS]

  very well I mean he's it's consistent [TS]

  right he does you know he's hanging on [TS]

  with one thing that the broken arm and [TS]

  other what ripped arm is dangling [TS]

  correctly pretty much throughout that [TS]

  entire scene i never noticed anything [TS]

  wrong with it just it looks it looks [TS]

  right and you can you just kind of [TS]

  remember oh yeah that's right he's doing [TS]

  this all with how brave he is he's doing [TS]

  this all with a ripped arms and give him [TS]

  a rodeo look too because he's got that [TS]

  you know how like a sometimes you'll see [TS]

  in in like rodeos and stuff for those [TS]

  who have seen rodeos you hold on with [TS]

  one and you're kinda like balancing your [TS]

  weight the cowboy is with like laying [TS]

  flat on his other arm around and that's [TS]

  the look they give to woody here he's [TS]

  he's very cowboy like even though we [TS]

  know it's because he only has the use of [TS]

  his one arm it's a it's a nice effect em [TS]

  but so something terrible happens which [TS]

  is that Woody is a woody falls and is [TS]

  revealed and because he has to be still [TS]

  because the rules of the universe and an [TS]

  alpha male estoy bien spots and knows [TS]

  that he is a gold mine and tries to buy [TS]

  him for first trust of i am hiding him [TS]

  for fifty cents and then the mom sees [TS]

  that that uh [TS]

  that is woody and he's not for sale and [TS]

  she doesn't know how he got down there [TS]

  so he then tries to offer fifty dollars [TS]

  and she's absolutely not because she's a [TS]

  good mom and she knows how precious [TS]

  woody is to andy and then he breaks into [TS]

  the box and steals woody and and takes [TS]

  off because the chicken man is a very [TS]

  bad man he is not a nice man that [TS]

  chicken man i hate that chicken is [TS]

  identified as the chicken man by the [TS]

  toys and he and he takes off and takes [TS]

  would be back to his place in his car [TS]

  with a license plate from the state of [TS]

  tri-county state of tri-county yeah i [TS]

  noticed that i noticed that the yellow [TS]

  license plate with black letters that is [TS]

  this is tri county and the TV station [TS]

  says it's the tri-county area so i guess [TS]

  they created a joint license plate [TS]

  authority [TS]

  ok moving moving on this is where would [TS]

  he steps into a wider world and [TS]

  discovers that he's not just a toy for [TS]

  Andy but he's a pop-culture sensation [TS]

  and part of a line of toys which i think [TS]

  is a really amazing leap that the that [TS]

  pixar takes in telling the story about [TS]

  woody we're suddenly we discover that [TS]

  it's not just woody woody is a Howdy [TS]

  Doody like character who had a TV show [TS]

  in the fifties with marionettes and that [TS]

  he is part of a product line that [TS]

  includes Jessie the cowgirl stinky Pete [TS]

  the prospector and his own horse [TS]

  bullseye many and that there were there [TS]

  were a cowboy crunchy cereal which i [TS]

  believe is like chocolate covered in its [TS]

  it's really not good for you kids don't [TS]

  eat don't eat it and Woody's roundup was [TS]

  a popular TV show until Sputnik came so [TS]

  suddenly woody is a you know he's not [TS]

  just some random cowboy he's actually [TS]

  he's got value to collectors and things [TS]

  that that he never he never realizes he [TS]

  was just a boy that was played with [TS]

  those bull's-eyes gotta Pluto thing [TS]

  going on the Pluto goofy thing goofy [TS]

  noises and we're as close and like so it [TS]

  is that the toy hierarchies sometimes [TS]

  they're just like people they talk like [TS]

  Rex just you know it's just like a [TS]

  person sometimes don't say too much [TS]

  cause I besides the Pluto he's a horse [TS]

  never says anything is most like the [TS]

  more smart more like a pet it isn't a [TS]

  matter of humanity or me and [TS]

  animal because muscle guy and no milady [TS]

  don't talk either right wrong with a [TS]

  grunt but you you know it's hard it's [TS]

  hard to tell what [TS]

  but where the intelligence but anyway [TS]

  it's exactly its i can imagine a horse [TS]

  character and toys story that the talk [TS]

  to me would be fine but that's not [TS]

  bullseye he feels the the kind of lap [TS]

  dog roll [TS]

  I also wondered why some of the other [TS]

  merchandise wasn't sentient because I [TS]

  mean it's not like it's just just toys [TS]

  with brain looking spaces and because [TS]

  you know in the first movie The the [TS]

  binocular toy like they use that and it [TS]

  seems to have autonomy and and stuff [TS]

  whereas all this merge in this apartment [TS]

  is just kind of all dead so I'm moving [TS]

  what makes like-minded what John was [TS]

  saying what gives something what gives a [TS]

  toy intelligence vs not what kind of [TS]

  intelligence or awareness does it get [TS]

  that how much time they have the [TS]

  animated budgetary concerns like I [TS]

  really have a certain number of animated [TS]

  characters with lines in this movie [TS]

  because that's what we can afford to [TS]

  animate well bullseye makes sense [TS]

  because bullseye is with his horse great [TS]

  so so bull's-eyes going to be a horse [TS]

  character if you were a horse character [TS]

  that was you know in a story by itself [TS]

  or just a horse character that you [TS]

  bought off the shelf and then he [TS]

  probably would talk but no he's he's [TS]

  woody source the skateboard doesn't [TS]

  scratch its nose or something yeah but [TS]

  they do they do the juxtaposition a lot [TS]

  of the toy has a voice that you would [TS]

  expect to have right up to our great [TS]

  intro line turn me around bullseye [TS]

  so we can seem like you could make a [TS]

  stinky Pete would not have the you know [TS]

  kelsey grammer boys you don't expect [TS]

  that the gag so you could have had [TS]

  bullseye have you know a cockney accent [TS]

  or something but instead they want with [TS]

  the animal and it has to do with whether [TS]

  they're going to be writing that toy [TS]

  because it's being the first movie the [TS]

  remote control cars the the ride that [TS]

  around and I think just be awkward to [TS]

  have someone talking to you while you're [TS]

  riding around the weekend so we get [TS]

  suggestions John Cusack and CPAs kelsey [TS]

  grammer doing his best Sideshow Bob [TS]

  don't trust kelsey grammer when he's [TS]

  animated although it does lead to some [TS]

  wonderful moments where they show that [TS]

  the clips of the Woody's roundup TV show [TS]

  and you can see that he's doing what you [TS]

  do want [TS]

  little prospect voices and and then [TS]

  sticky PDF very well I should say no not [TS]

  very well ma'am he's a I've heard better [TS]

  but he's just he's mortified by it [TS]

  because he's way too classy for that I [TS]

  love that I want all the things about we [TS]

  can you gotta give it up for the [TS]

  production that they pulled off with [TS]

  showing on this old TV showing this [TS]

  black-and-white yeah show and the way [TS]

  that they sold like the crappiness of [TS]

  the way the show was me he liked his [TS]

  conversation with all the little [TS]

  creatures on string and folding [TS]

  cardboard cardboard creatures yanked off [TS]

  screen by string1 get stuck you know [TS]

  it's the cleverness of the way all the [TS]

  strings work in that in that bit is is [TS]

  great that I had to be rendered and in [TS]

  designed as well and it's it's so well [TS]

  done [TS]

  yeah i'll explain that to my kids that [TS]

  there was a shows like this like howdy [TS]

  doody this is that this is not just made [TS]

  up for the movie but this is a real [TS]

  thing not not specifically what a [TS]

  fine-looking now d duty i just have the [TS]

  movie playing in the background I just [TS]

  uh just got the scene of and they're [TS]

  jumping off the roof and slinky grabs on [TS]

  but come on the Warner Brothers [TS]

  reference yeah it's interesting that [TS]

  when you see them jumping off the roof [TS]

  did they sort of casual nature with [TS]

  which they all leap off the roof sort of [TS]

  diminishes how concerned they were when [TS]

  Buzz went out the window in the first [TS]

  movie I was an accident there just [TS]

  bungee jumping off the side of the roof [TS]

  no big deal [TS]

  yeah they're they're very this all these [TS]

  out now buzz has been a big influence on [TS]

  them i think there's a precedent you [TS]

  know I noted this point that that I i [TS]

  love john cusack's voice in this yeah so [TS]

  goofy and and it really shouldn't work [TS]

  but somehow it totally does absolutely [TS]

  like you know it it's so perfect like [TS]

  just you know that's funny bullseye like [TS]

  everything she says it's so perfect she [TS]

  says she's so spunky and like you know I [TS]

  mean like I know we're being jokey on [TS]

  here but like there's something really [TS]

  kinda really moving about these [TS]

  characters that have been in limbo for [TS]

  so yeah and I'm already years or so it's [TS]

  all right let's get to what makes this [TS]

  so I'm moving is that they never thought [TS]

  they were going to get to go anywhere [TS]

  this guy code shows up they know him he [TS]

  doesn't know them yeah who can imagine [TS]

  pitching that at first pics are going in [TS]

  and saying like well here's the new [TS]

  thing like what he's actually this you [TS]

  know famous franchise toy and I think [TS]

  they they they pulled it off amazingly [TS]

  not least because all the stuff that Tom [TS]

  Hanks doesn't hurt a little bit of [TS]

  shot these just you know the Tom Hanks [TS]

  character as woody just being being so [TS]

  blown away by all this happening i [TS]

  thought that was an incredibly effective [TS]

  sequence there's a moment where Joan [TS]

  Cusack says I won't go back in the dark [TS]

  that is chillin and I think Joan Cusack [TS]

  is perfect for this in some ways because [TS]

  she can be super sweet Midwestern [TS]

  adorable and jesse is that but she can [TS]

  also have that edge where she can flip [TS]

  right over into now she's now she's [TS]

  freaking out now she's on the edge and [TS]

  it for Joan Cusack it's perfect because [TS]

  she can she can do that exactly [TS]

  she's got PTSD basically like she's [TS]

  she's you don't mean that over you know [TS]

  state but like if you think about it can [TS]

  humanize these things or interpret [TS]

  mortifies these things like she's had [TS]

  like a very long time to ruminate on [TS]

  this experience and completely shut out [TS]

  from that not being you know out there [TS]

  last time she was loved flower power was [TS]

  a thing right i mean these are about [TS]

  like finding finding meaning in life [TS]

  it's clear from toys that the meaning of [TS]

  in life is to be played with and what we [TS]

  have here is uh mint-in-box character [TS]

  who's literally never been played with [TS]

  and then we've got Jesse who has had a a [TS]

  person to play with her in the past but [TS]

  had not for not for years and she's been [TS]

  in the box for since the you know [TS]

  sixties or seventies and now it's been [TS]

  dealt the mid to late nineties so she's [TS]

  she's absolutely yeah she's been in the [TS]

  dark I don't want to go back in the dark [TS]

  it's it's it's horrifying in that way [TS]

  and and what are you supposed to be [TS]

  their salvation but we would have to [TS]

  sacrifice himself and go to the toy [TS]

  museum in japan in order to keep them [TS]

  from going back in the box and then [TS]

  that's the question is is it any better [TS]

  being behind glass and then he would be [TS]

  leaving Andy behind it's quite it's it's [TS]

  almost mean it's a very difficult [TS]

  dilemma for woody to find himself in [TS]

  unexpectedly here is it better to be [TS]

  have loved than and lost then we'll be [TS]

  mint in box i think is that where you [TS]

  well the thing we have to sell you on is [TS]

  why would I and why would I ever leave [TS]

  Andy because the first movie was also [TS]

  you know anybody together and it's [TS]

  important to be with Andi why would he [TS]

  ever leave and the the armor is what [TS]

  they hang their hat [TS]

  and for the most part works because I [TS]

  again like everything is silly made-up [TS]

  because their toys but all the map onto [TS]

  real world things like the audience is [TS]

  readily able to map be played with onto [TS]

  whatever thing that they desire in life [TS]

  and like Woody's big thing is they're [TS]

  not he's not gonna want to play with me [TS]

  anymore because I'm a broken toy and so [TS]

  I can't take that I can't take that kind [TS]

  of rejection I can't go back to Andy and [TS]

  have him shelves me that will be more [TS]

  painful than just not going back to Andy [TS]

  and again we don't have arms a trip we [TS]

  don't have people that play with us or [TS]

  whatever but all those things map so [TS]

  easily on things that the drive people [TS]

  in real life they don't have to be [TS]

  particularly handy they do they can do [TS]

  all the motivations in universe and we [TS]

  accept them because they're in the [TS]

  universe but they map perfectly two [TS]

  things that real people want a real life [TS]

  when you're not going well for 44 woody [TS]

  better to be in a museum whole than to [TS]

  be broken and put in the landfill when [TS]

  he gets back to Andy I mean I really [TS]

  just the rejection the idea that and he [TS]

  won't want to play with me anymore [TS]

  because I'm a broken toe right [TS]

  oh that's right you're broken i play [TS]

  with you but like also the tees up thing [TS]

  I think we we talked about this last [TS]

  time but you know the the to state the [TS]

  obvious for folks who you know have kids [TS]

  and stuff like the toys that end up [TS]

  becoming a strange proxy for Parenthood [TS]

  and that that's the part that tears your [TS]

  heart out because even though you're [TS]

  talking about a child who grows up and [TS]

  gradually doesn't need a toy anymore [TS]

  the emotional proxy proxy lot always [TS]

  this is Parenthood we're saying like no [TS]

  I please do not gonna bring your not [TS]

  gonna bring me to college you're not [TS]

  gonna bring me you know when you're on [TS]

  your honeymoon think yeah but like but [TS]

  yea right but you know i mean that's [TS]

  that's to me that's that's where this [TS]

  model i plan on being here for mine just [TS]

  peeping through the wall that are where [TS]

  everything notes [TS]

  good job sweetheart what's under the bed [TS]

  the actually a moment and and this is [TS]

  skipping ahead but I had a moment as a [TS]

  parent when I questioned the what [TS]

  happens in Jesse story that will get to [TS]

  because I I thought that the jesse is [TS]

  just as parents [TS]

  I can't believe that it that nobody [TS]

  stopped her from giving away her beloved [TS]

  cow girl toy like you just you keep that [TS]

  keep that in the room something but they [TS]

  let her they let her take it and put it [TS]

  into giveaway was like no no because I i [TS]

  have nostalgia for my children's toys [TS]

  now [TS]

  there are some of my children's toys [TS]

  that if they tried to get rid of them i [TS]

  would stop them because I love them [TS]

  because they represent their tires did [TS]

  not have that nostalgia for my toys I [TS]

  think it's not a person-by-person basis [TS]

  you know like this but my parents got [TS]

  rid of all my stuff when I was [TS]

  distracted by puberty and then even more [TS]

  of it when I moved out and just forget [TS]

  it but I'm doing the same thing with my [TS]

  kids like their little lovies from when [TS]

  they were little toddlers they want to [TS]

  throw them out because I guess they're [TS]

  embarrassed by them but they don't care [TS]

  you show me you care about this no [TS]

  nevermind like we're never know that's [TS]

  right now we have boxes of that stuff in [TS]

  our crawlspace [TS]

  yeah i still have the teddy bear that I [TS]

  slept with from the time I was I don't [TS]

  know I remember my mom giving it to me [TS]

  when I was like three because I was [TS]

  afraid of the dark so she got me a teddy [TS]

  bear to that would keep everything in [TS]

  the dark away from me and like it's [TS]

  still in my bedroom and I'm you know [TS]

  long out of the house and married and [TS]

  it's still pretty close at hand and even [TS]

  sometimes when my husband is out of town [TS]

  i'll i'll bring it down and sleep with [TS]

  simple cake this is still a thing in my [TS]

  life that would be the best toy story [TS]

  movie ever the adults keep some of the [TS]

  toys around and what's their [TS]

  relationship like with an adult toys 35 [TS]

  I thought my daughter finally made the [TS]

  connection tonight I gave her the two [TS]

  stuffed animals i kept from each other [TS]

  my two favorites which is Alice you know [TS]

  teddy bear and this dog that my parents [TS]

  got me when I was in the hospital as a [TS]

  kid wants to and she made the connection [TS]

  she turned around she's like oh like [TS]

  Fritz the dog is is your windows again [TS]

  kinda is and like she cheat sheets that [TS]

  connection but but to what I think dr. [TS]

  during was saying but you know the [TS]

  things we develop a connection like is [TS]

  this really stupid cup this morning you [TS]

  like those rubber cups you used to like [TS]

  a washer kids hair when they're little [TS]

  kid like that's still in our bathtub and [TS]

  if my wife ever throw that away i'm [TS]

  gonna kill her because I don't know why [TS]

  but that's such a touchdown me for this [TS]

  for this older time but like it to make [TS]

  it straight to this point of like we're [TS]

  the ones who look at that time ago like [TS]

  how you know how could you how could you [TS]

  throw that away [TS]

  you know but you know you know what the [TS]

  other thing is like I guess again [TS]

  repeating but is that you know I think [TS]

  when you reach a certain age we are [TS]

  wearing saddle shoes and like listening [TS]

  to records with your friends you make [TS]

  strategic choices so sure about what you [TS]

  deliberately part with yeah I'm not sold [TS]

  that she would give Jesse away easily [TS]

  like I don't know if it's some crazy mom [TS]

  thing there but like I know you do reach [TS]

  a point in life where you say like I've [TS]

  got to make a cut from this I'm gonna [TS]

  fill these boxes and get rid of that [TS]

  cause that's not who I i cannot be that [TS]

  person [TS]

  it's just leaving the nest like she's [TS]

  pushing it away but she's leaving the [TS]

  nest like it's kind of the same thing [TS]

  you would probably would keep that [TS]

  through high school right but when you [TS]

  go off to college maybe it's still back [TS]

  at home but when you come back from [TS]

  college and finally move out for good [TS]

  that's when the Box goes you're saying [TS]

  now I'm filing independent person and I [TS]

  don't need this stuff anymore maybe [TS]

  something you never leave the nest [TS]

  that's true that's true she's having [TS]

  less and less just have to have the [TS]

  honey room honeymoon in the next room [TS]

  it's time to talk about Cheetos because [TS]

  alpha males toy barn is a grotesque [TS]

  figure and I will also say you know [TS]

  we're playing its in its own way night [TS]

  right so it's it's a it's Newman you men [TS]

  and he we find him asleep with a with [TS]

  this basically his hand in a bag of [TS]

  Cheetos in front of the TV at one point [TS]

  and the it's a it's it's it's pretty [TS]

  gross [TS]

  she does a little bit beyond their [TS]

  capabilities to looks more like a orange [TS]

  cement didn't quite capture the essence [TS]

  actuator dust and at various times he [TS]

  picks up would be with his cheeto [TS]

  fingers come on i know i know you would [TS]

  never do that on no collector would do [TS]

  that right but but he doesn't i guess [TS]

  that's what kind of a monster out from [TS]

  alice lloyd Barnas he's that much of a [TS]

  monster [TS]

  well of course this is before the [TS]

  cleaners come by maybe he's figuring the [TS]

  cleaner can-can we will handle it [TS]

  radioactive yellow doesn't know what [TS]

  he's armed [TS]

  I'm trying to make something alright you [TS]

  know I don't think of it as a challenge [TS]

  for the cleaner he wants to give him [TS]

  something to really work on sure I met [TS]

  this guy was playing chess with [TS]

  themselves and I in between is really [TS]

  nice weird hes baiting me feenin the [TS]

  rescue the rescue before we get to the [TS]

  the cleaning that we have the rescue [TS]

  operation that is continuing from the [TS]

  other toys there were there are many [TS]

  gags when they leave and there's a mr. [TS]

  Potato Head load some extra stuff into [TS]

  the back of mr. potato head for the road [TS]

  and then we get to the point here where [TS]

  they were they all they're going on the [TS]

  street and and now they've reached up [TS]

  the other side of the street from Al's [TS]

  Toy Barn so they have to cross the road [TS]

  to get to the chicken as they say and [TS]

  they do this in an extent [TS]

  the sequence where they're inside [TS]

  highway cones slowly easing across the [TS]

  highway in some sort of a plan that is [TS]

  the worst plan ever [TS]

  and they cause a horrible things happen [TS]

  and i love this scene because it seems [TS]

  like buzz has a whole idea of how [TS]

  they're just gonna gradually close-up [TS]

  got clothes off various lanes and get [TS]

  across and that is not what happened and [TS]

  they proceeded to logically like to the [TS]

  point where they get that little curve [TS]

  of cones and the car like has to like [TS]

  make a turn and it sort of makes a [TS]

  u-turn back into the traffic coming its [TS]

  directions like that I guess is what [TS]

  would happen [TS]

  it's wonderful it's wonderful that's the [TS]

  beauty the car to know is it is like [TS]

  this cartoon logic and it follows ground [TS]

  logic and its lair and it follows the [TS]

  logic strictly and you get to see all [TS]

  the terrible things that happened that [TS]

  are capped with the line well that went [TS]

  well [TS]

  the end of the light Paul coming down as [TS]

  final break is the big concrete things [TS]

  comes off the trucks roll into it slowly [TS]

  rolls and they had that gratuitous [TS]

  moment where mr. Tate gets out of the [TS]

  way but the the gum is there and the gum [TS]

  sort of like peels off onto the concrete [TS]

  pipe as it rolls away and we don't see [TS]

  the concrete pipe after that but we see [TS]

  the the light the light stand comes [TS]

  comes back down into the street this is [TS]

  the one seen that isn't in Al's [TS]

  apartment or or a song that I remember [TS]

  very vividly from this movie because it [TS]

  is so well done and you know the the [TS]

  sort of inventiveness of the vehicular [TS]

  mayhem is all great i love how kind of [TS]

  claustrophobic intense the shots inside [TS]

  the cones are ya yeah and I also love [TS]

  that slinky dog has his head in one code [TS]

  here but your orange light in from the [TS]

  cones so there's some wedding stuff [TS]

  going on there but you can almost feels [TS]

  the stifling heat inside those things [TS]

  that they all look very concerned it's [TS]

  it's great but has a plan that that's [TS]

  part of the thing that makes me laugh so [TS]

  long as he's like all right ready [TS]

  hello drop write like he's got he's got [TS]

  all worked out and it's a terrible plan [TS]

  and it's not gonna be but maybe it's [TS]

  good it's very clever in that if you're [TS]

  going to cross the road safely orange [TS]

  traffic cones are the way to do it but [TS]

  beyond that beyond the basics of these [TS]

  these what will protect us from cars [TS]

  aren't traffic cones is basically the [TS]

  only thing but the arrangements matter [TS]

  and that is really didn't really have [TS]

  that the drop is less a protect yourself [TS]

  from cars as it is don't be spotted [TS]

  high-performance ground under traffic on [TS]

  she seemed walking yes stuff to follow [TS]

  the rules I feel an obligation here to [TS]

  point out of an error [TS]

  ok in this and it's and it's when the [TS]

  concrete sewer pipe goes off of the back [TS]

  of the truck how did I know shatter into [TS]

  a million pieces [TS]

  no no that no that could know it would [TS]

  survive the wrong end of the chain [TS]

  breaks oh haha yes [TS]

  yeah the end of the chain that's on the [TS]

  side it rolls off of is the one that [TS]

  breaks and cinematically that works [TS]

  because II and you have to see it break [TS]

  right you have to see it break and you [TS]

  see it roll off to off the edge you want [TS]

  it and they want to keep the camera in [TS]

  the same place while they're doing that [TS]

  but it's the other end of the chain [TS]

  breaks [TS]

  well this movie is ruined I thought you [TS]

  were going to tell us something about [TS]

  what we what we learned about what [TS]

  happened to the the light the light pole [TS]

  given the the failure angle of the light [TS]

  pole when it lands back in the road but [TS]

  i wanted fall why does it fall forward [TS]

  instead of the other direction of the [TS]

  good at the rolling be stupid [TS]

  it follows that way because that's the [TS]

  gas yeah i also have 35 minutes on how [TS]

  access vents and elevators got some [TS]

  questions about the engineering you know [TS]

  I could have pointed out that the [TS]

  trailer swings through too much of an [TS]

  angle to but I accept all right could [TS]

  you really open a hatch / landing gear [TS]

  without setting off some sort of alarm [TS]

  in the cognate this is all pretty 911 [TS]

  you know but it was a simpler times were [TS]

  different then we'll just abandon this [TS]

  dirty looking truck in the white zone [TS]

  it's known that ring of the of the [TS]

  string to land perfectly on the [TS]

  hexagonal bolt really don't want to go [TS]

  and shop is gonna do it- tower do this [TS]

  yeah lotsa lotsa practice I'm sorry I'm [TS]

  sorry didn't mean to be cynical uh ok so [TS]

  Jerry's game is now here to clean your [TS]

  to clean your choice for you [TS]

  oh my god i love was watch the little [TS]

  hat rack man come on the little hat rack [TS]

  is it really that that that simple to [TS]

  that they had the model of the man from [TS]

  Jerry's game and so that he they had him [TS]

  so they cast him and moving it's not [TS]

  that they had the model they like that [TS]

  character and so I put in the morning to [TS]

  the the wikipedia Lord this was greatly [TS]

  reduced in terms of schedule because it [TS]

  was originally slated to be a [TS]

  direct-to-video awful disney [TS]

  to sequel and and at the last minute [TS]

  somebody decided hey this is coming [TS]

  together really well let's turn it into [TS]

  a theatrical release but oh you only [TS]

  have nine months and there's a little [TS]

  more to it than that but basically they [TS]

  did have to reuse a lot of gags from the [TS]

  previous film they had to really use a [TS]

  lot of resources that they had and they [TS]

  had some sequences that already animated [TS]

  I got the feeling that was the joke that [TS]

  was part of the wonderful joke in the [TS]

  bloopers reel was it felt like the stuff [TS]

  that she was sticking into the back of [TS]

  mr. Potato Head felt like things that [TS]

  they had already used and rendered in [TS]

  different things that could be always [TS]

  does that mean they're they're like it's [TS]

  like they were using assets when they [TS]

  put the Pizza Planet truck and the ball [TS]

  and every movie kind of but mostly it's [TS]

  really well you know the the riverbed [TS]

  and the riverbed in the opening sequence [TS]

  is a Miss render from a bug's life where [TS]

  they got the z-axis and keeping any and [TS]

  I used it has been a space river or [TS]

  whatever it is in in that sequence to so [TS]

  there's that they definitely so they use [TS]

  the jury's game model but he's got ya [TS]

  what a great what a great great he's got [TS]

  a hat rack for dolls he's got his whole [TS]

  system's a little little bit on him a [TS]

  little tear that isn't it up that whole [TS]

  toolbox is just night and the way the [TS]

  eyes the eyes rolled around exquisitely [TS]

  when he opens the drawer I want to have [TS]

  this tool box in front of me and like [TS]

  meticulously go through it because it's [TS]

  just this fascinating little tit little [TS]

  doctors kid that he just takes around [TS]

  and I don't know it just it delights me [TS]

  know [TS]

  just watch it and see all of the things [TS]

  of the little piston engine that runs [TS]

  airbrush nice very steampunk i like i [TS]

  like all the prospective shots in here [TS]

  there's a particular one where there [TS]

  it's a reverse shot of Jerry working on [TS]

  woody and it's just this huge hand with [TS]

  this equally huge head behind it and [TS]

  he's got his like tongue in the corner [TS]

  of his mouth and it's just so such a [TS]

  great shot it so well animated very [TS]

  q-tip q-tip going on his eyeball know [TS]

  you need a coach from closing up from ya [TS]

  goes from down Matt to super shiny as he [TS]

  does it was just a little rusian I feel [TS]

  like a real toy triste [TS]

  or would be very hesitant to put any [TS]

  sort of color is a pro you know but like [TS]

  you really shouldn't be putting more [TS]

  color on where these cheeks to restore [TS]

  the original kinda don't wanna you know [TS]

  that's dangerous this also has a 10 most [TS]

  obsessed over like unnecessary details [TS]

  in a pixar shot ever [TS]

  when he's going in to finally so the arm [TS]

  back talk about the size of his hands [TS]

  shaking his hand is shaking his left [TS]

  hand is shaking and then you see he goes [TS]

  in he's got these may be sticking his [TS]

  tongue out he's about to get the needle [TS]

  and then you see the shot from inside [TS]

  the sleeve and there's these three big [TS]

  herky jerky movements as he's selling it [TS]

  closed and I mean look at it look from [TS]

  from watching it in 1080p it looks like [TS]

  every exquisite detail of like the [TS]

  threads that are exposed it looks [TS]

  perfectly rendered in a shot that's [TS]

  gotta be less than a second law and it's [TS]

  it's gorgeous like you nailed it is [TS]

  perfect looking up every doing there [TS]

  with the shaky cam thing always [TS]

  impressed me is that you know he's an [TS]

  old man shaking hands old man asheghe [TS]

  and he's going in to do his thing as [TS]

  soon as he goes and so and it's just [TS]

  perfect truth [TS]

  yeah I love it and doing it for his [TS]

  entire life even though he's an old man [TS]

  and shaky he's been sewing dolls for you [TS]

  know 50 years and just that's when his [TS]

  his uh yeah his hands stop shaking [TS]

  because he has the confidence to do that [TS]

  that I love that detail love it and he [TS]

  threads the needle and one rightly [TS]

  doesn't have to reattempt it whereas I'm [TS]

  not so good at threatening you no he's a [TS]

  surgeon he is he is [TS]

  yeah that's it's beautiful it's [TS]

  beautiful to see that whole that whole [TS]

  sequence it does bother me that he can [TS]

  cover up the ante on the boot in one [TS]

  stroke with the paintbrush at anybody [TS]

  can and we can scratch it off it's like [TS]

  why no however the same yeah why is it [TS]

  not here to defend himself very [TS]

  fortunately only yeah maybe we're [TS]

  texting shot yeah you guys are haters [TS]

  but like there's something like so [TS]

  effective about that shot though and [TS]

  there's texture like the Jedi destroyed [TS]

  so when ya text ya you look all it takes [TS]

  is that one stroke and now everything's [TS]

  changed numbers we have the tragic [TS]

  backstory is that you know the the the [TS]

  cleaner guy also has some mental [TS]

  deterioration have seen with [TS]

  chess-playing we're trying to think [TS]

  about sad fate awaits first the first [TS]

  thing you have to do really is to go [TS]

  pick paint over the name on his own boot [TS]

  it's really a very sets our toy friends [TS]

  have entered Altoid [TS]

  learn at this point which of course we [TS]

  know we know woody is it isn't actually [TS]

  there but that he's entered the event [TS]

  Adele's toy barn one of the first things [TS]

  we see is an entire I'll a wall of buzz [TS]

  lightyears which is very impressive and [TS]

  they're they're exploring the toys we [TS]

  get lots of gags in this sequence ham [TS]

  commandeer is a car drive them around [TS]

  they see a Barbie beach party there's a [TS]

  fantastic [TS]

  I i think it's fantastic Jurassic Park [TS]

  joke involving to explain that to my [TS]

  kids so if you have only seen Jurassic [TS]

  world [TS]

  yeah just say no you saw the we got then [TS]

  we're gonna sit around saurus rex is [TS]

  coming up behind in the in the objects [TS]

  in the rear view mirror closer than they [TS]

  appear just shot for shot beautiful [TS]

  beautiful even when they transition into [TS]

  this seemed like a what's-his-name [TS]

  Newman not Newman but al sees what he's [TS]

  always up he looks like new and they cut [TS]

  the bus in front of a big new sign yeah [TS]

  right [TS]

  get it by the put this point in the [TS]

  movie like all right I accept that and [TS]

  they're they're blown away by the fact [TS]

  that there's this wall full buzzes but [TS]

  uh somebody points out the short-sighted [TS]

  retailers didn't order enough buzz [TS]

  lightyear does to meet demand tonight [TS]

  Barclay center tour guide yeah that is [TS]

  that is a very specific reference to [TS]

  what happened when toy story became a [TS]

  big hit which is they didn't have enough [TS]

  of toys of toy story and Buzz Lightyear [TS]

  to meet demand and then they show them [TS]

  over compensating now there's a million [TS]

  oh yeah whole i love just buzz lightyear [TS]

  but he's got a belt now which is awesome [TS]

  oh and buzz gets tied up inside bye-bye [TS]

  a buzz lightyear who doesn't know that [TS]

  he's a toy it's tied up with those [TS]

  little twist ties that are awful that [TS]

  you have to do ties those Reno tacular [TS]

  Lacey Lacey wasn't screwed in the irony [TS]

  of this one is really really tough for [TS]

  me because the Christmas of 2010 was one [TS]

  of our blowout awesome Christmas why do [TS]

  I remember 2010 it was the year of toy [TS]

  story 3 and my daughter gotta buzz [TS]

  Lightyear and woody and she got a [TS]

  kitchen to call this great stuff [TS]

  what you don't know my daughter [TS]

  remembers about about that entire she [TS]

  remembers me the first time she [TS]

  remembers me ever saying the end that's [TS]

  one day to get got mad at Christmas [TS]

  daddy got mad that she remembers it was [TS]

  the first time she was me saying the F [TS]

  word was me trying to get Buzz Lightyear [TS]

  out of his guy [TS]

  damn box and required a screwdriver wire [TS]

  snips yep i think i had a drink in [TS]

  innovation something one hour thing to [TS]

  get this goddamn toyota of the body up [TS]

  and I'm always gonna break off anyway [TS]

  and press and press the cycle bringing [TS]

  up you don't wanna be like you know tilt [TS]

  a couple of inches to the side in the [TS]

  box and completely ruin the optics of it [TS]

  so they so they end up picking up the [TS]

  the other buzz lightyear while buzz is [TS]

  trying to extract yourself which also [TS]

  leads to some humor because this but [TS]

  buzz lightyear is speaking in the old [TS]

  buzz lightyears to style the line [TS]

  especially that i wrote down that I [TS]

  enjoy is he refers to to him as the [TS]

  slotted big pile of the well stating [TS]

  their amazing i like the fact that you [TS]

  mentioned in the first in the first toy [TS]

  story mattel refused to give the okay [TS]

  for them to use mattel toys and in that [TS]

  movie and clearly they have had a change [TS]

  of heart as of the success of that film [TS]

  because not only are called the Mormons [TS]

  Barbies but also the first thing she [TS]

  mentions on her tour is Hot Wheels Hot [TS]

  Wheels [TS]

  Wheels [TS]

  yeah I imagine that the negotiations [TS]

  between Mattel and and pixar were [TS]

  spectacular i'm using the word [TS]

  spectacular too much but we're very [TS]

  detailed in a in what how they portray [TS]

  Barbie because bargain comes off as you [TS]

  know kind of addicts but but really [TS]

  she's got an iron will and she comes off [TS]

  well i think in this and that hit that [TS]

  that's that has to be mattel's doing [TS]

  when the credits sequence though she's [TS]

  revealed to be putting on a show it in a [TS]

  way that is burdensome but then also [TS]

  that her final bid is she cracks back [TS]

  into her character which is like well [TS]

  she actually is very bubbly but that's [TS]

  right even if even if you are very buddy [TS]

  it's hard winter tour guide is her job [TS]

  tour guide barbie in specific but we [TS]

  also see that they're all the other [TS]

  Barbie she gets tired out from smiling [TS]

  but she doesn't she doesn't break break [TS]

  that on anybody right she's not me [TS]

  yeah straight we know when she when [TS]

  she's finally off camera and she's very [TS]

  professional when she's driven by yeah i [TS]

  agree i I would've been fascinating to [TS]

  see how they negotiate or what the [TS]

  approval processes were for what they [TS]

  wanted the one Barbie to do in the movie [TS]

  at the same time it is very obvious that [TS]

  they realized we made a horrible mistake [TS]

  and not having our toys in this [TS]

  celebrated film about boys coming to [TS]

  life and perhaps we should play ball [TS]

  this time and so you know I pixar head [TS]

  that leverage going for them of saying [TS]

  you know you actually do want to be in [TS]

  this movie don't you and and i think the [TS]

  movie is richer for having more [TS]

  brand-name toys and it actually because [TS]

  I think that they there are lots of gags [TS]

  you can play [TS]

  I like the rock and Sock'em robots joke [TS]

  to where they they try to reason with [TS]

  them briefly and then they get angry [TS]

  they punch each other it's just great [TS]

  it's great [TS]

  ok so they go if this is the point where [TS]

  they go uh it's it's time yeah we we [TS]

  learn Jesse story why is jesse was just [TS]

  so upset and we discover Jesse had a [TS]

  girl named Emily she was just like Andy [TS]

  it looks like you know i originally i [TS]

  was thinkin sixties i think it may be is [TS]

  like the early seventies but it doesn't [TS]

  really matter [TS]

  it was a long time ago and and and they [TS]

  were and then we get the Sarah McLachlan [TS]

  song or she sings it's a brand-new [TS]

  and composition and this is when she [TS]

  loved me which is it all begins as this [TS]

  loving relationship between a little [TS]

  girl in her doll and it ends with her [TS]

  being kind of ignored as the girl grows [TS]

  up and becomes nail polish is more [TS]

  interesting than toy cowgirls and then [TS]

  ultimately she's finally reunited with [TS]

  her and they get to take a car ride but [TS]

  it turns out she's being taken to be put [TS]

  in a donation box and it's a very sad [TS]

  and the room gets a little dusty [TS]

  this is the scene that both makes the [TS]

  movie for me and a tones for randy [TS]

  newman's crimes from the previous well [TS]

  yeah everything in this sequence is so [TS]

  perfectly pitched to tug at the [TS]

  heartstrings honestly for me I think it [TS]

  actually rivals the masterpiece that is [TS]

  the first 10 minutes of up and just like [TS]

  that scene i can watch it over and over [TS]

  again and every time I end up blubbering [TS]

  uncontrollably because it is so sad yeah [TS]

  it's all of the sadness of childhood [TS]

  coming to an end all of the the pathos [TS]

  of people sort of drifting away from [TS]

  each other or falling out of love all of [TS]

  the pain of being forgotten and left [TS]

  behind and it's all packed into two and [TS]

  a half minutes and it is so so [TS]

  heartbreaking that that lasts that last [TS]

  shot of just shocked eyes peering [TS]

  through the hole in the boxes Emily [TS]

  dress but that's it right there because [TS]

  and that that is it so horrible a lesser [TS]

  filmmaker would have had Jesse doing [TS]

  what crying a lesser filmmaker would [TS]

  have had Jesse like like being sad [TS]

  obviously she said be right Steve she [TS]

  shocked and that's that that's the thing [TS]

  that kills you [TS]

  she's like I can't believe you're [TS]

  driving away and the indifference of [TS]

  emily emily is not the unit's families [TS]

  face even it's just like emily is just [TS]

  going about her business is just it's [TS]

  how he especially liked the part which [TS]

  is in the seat belt with her driving and [TS]

  she thinks it's back to old times but [TS]

  Emily doesn't expect i'm waiting on the [TS]

  tire swing is in the background the [TS]

  first scene that that's a call back to [TS]

  where she's riding along with the dolls [TS]

  right just hold on the doll and she has [TS]

  broken it [TS]

  yeah and this one the hand is very [TS]

  clearly an inch or two away us so good [TS]

  so good i got to take me it's 1999 and I [TS]

  have [TS]

  a ten-year-old daughter home who and I [TS]

  went in to see this movie [TS]

  knowing a little bit about it but not [TS]

  knowing this scene was coming and I [TS]

  spent this whole time not trying not to [TS]

  cry because that was on that note that [TS]

  was out that allowed nice yeah that [TS]

  failed immediately I'm trying to pull [TS]

  myself together and not make sobbing [TS]

  sounds powwow [TS]

  12 to very high honor because this is [TS]

  not only you know my daughter is on the [TS]

  nose is Emily right now and you know not [TS]

  only is she going to leave all of these [TS]

  toys that she's been playing with she's [TS]

  going to leave me she's going to let you [TS]

  know every daar my whole life is going [TS]

  to fall apart because she's growing up [TS]

  and you know and I should just die that [TS]

  what that was basically this movie and [TS]

  that's why i have not seen a movie since [TS]

  1999 yeah it just tears me up thinking [TS]

  about that song makes me cry a lot [TS]

  as the only child of a single mother [TS]

  your words are other beach its American [TS]

  who who moved 500 miles away facedown [TS]

  terrible monster that's how did you do [TS]

  this time with it [TS]

  this I cried and I cried I find myself [TS]

  but but yeah cycle course i still cry [TS]

  because I was remembering what it was [TS]

  and plus my my daughter came home for [TS]

  this weekend [TS]

  she has she has timeout my what my [TS]

  daughter is 27 now [TS]

  oh my god you know what [TS]

  ok here is a yes i'm sitting in the [TS]

  basement watching this movie and you [TS]

  know I again I wasn't loud enough so [TS]

  that you know my wife didn't hear me [TS]

  crying upstairs i'm sure she knew I was [TS]

  crashing was watching the moon goes with [TS]

  it helped but uh oh my god it was [TS]

  terrible [TS]

  i'm so glad i saw this is originally [TS]

  before I had kids because you get one [TS]

  chance to her not to slaughter you [TS]

  I mean it's still it's still broke me [TS]

  but it broke me in a different parallel [TS]

  way [TS]

  well it might inoculate you a little bit [TS]

  before no no I got to see it because [TS]

  just like Stephen no we didn't have our [TS]

  first until two years later I got to see [TS]

  it the first time thinking about my [TS]

  self as a child growing outright my toys [TS]

  and all that you identify as the child [TS]

  would be reacted and then when you're [TS]

  them when you're a parent you identify [TS]

  both sides of it and there's no hope ya [TS]

  know exactly but that's what makes this [TS]

  such a perfect perfect representation of [TS]

  what pixar does so well which is to have [TS]

  something that's meaningful to the level [TS]

  of the child and to the adults you know [TS]

  and and this is I mean this is amazing [TS]

  in that I a fairly young kid will will [TS]

  see this and go oh wow I'm growing up [TS]

  and I forgot about that toy had and and [TS]

  they'll be sad and then the adults of [TS]

  course are depressed about it on a [TS]

  completely other level [TS]

  I hope everybody likes this sad song [TS]

  because they made an entire movie of [TS]

  this called toy story 3 that will talk [TS]

  to another [TS]

  yeah save it my wife my daughter my [TS]

  daughter turned to me tonight and she [TS]

  was you know get a little bit dust in [TS]

  her eye and and she said oh well you [TS]

  know that you know at least you know [TS]

  Sheila she's getting donated getting [TS]

  adopted she was trying to cheer me up [TS]

  because I'm sitting there like like [TS]

  blubbery day of the doctor style [TS]

  oh the couch and it's just like but you [TS]

  know this is also like to delve too deep [TS]

  but you know I think that this is a [TS]

  funny thing is a dumb parent thing but [TS]

  done parent thing that happens is like [TS]

  you even get this may be late high [TS]

  school into college where you start [TS]

  there's all the things you grew up [TS]

  reading or watching thinking about with [TS]

  like oh you know Harry Chapin in style [TS]

  crap about oh this is all gonna be [TS]

  really funny and ironic one day but [TS]

  eventually you reach a point in life [TS]

  where you go like oh it's very strange [TS]

  to be the child and the adult and [TS]

  eventually the parent and so there are [TS]

  things that hits you on multiple levels [TS]

  that are very hard to process so [TS]

  watching that scene [TS]

  I don't overstate this but you can watch [TS]

  a scene like that and see yourself as so [TS]

  many different tragic character sit that [TS]

  scene and it makes a kind of [TS]

  overwhelming process i was a tire swing [TS]

  20 when you when you only saw one set of [TS]

  tire tracks on Captain John was carrying [TS]

  you man [TS]

  the way it's rendered is great too i [TS]

  mean i love all of the the oversaturated [TS]

  sunlight that that really only exists in [TS]

  memories [TS]

  and i love that the hillside that they [TS]

  play on it has the appearance of spring [TS]

  during the happy times but as jesse is [TS]

  abandoned on the side of the road it's [TS]

  the radish leaves of fall or on display [TS]

  and starting to come down from the trees [TS]

  their outdoor scenes they look a little [TS]

  bit like model train sets was like there [TS]

  there it's just a little bit outside [TS]

  their abilities and again especially [TS]

  compared to like when they like what [TS]

  they don't like the forest and brave or [TS]

  whatever just our like the good dinosaur [TS]

  for crying out loud how far they come [TS]

  and so I i don't i don't think it was a [TS]

  bad idea to sort of overreach a little [TS]

  bit the way because that's how you make [TS]

  progress but going back to look at those [TS]

  ones those things don't hold up as well [TS]

  not that it matters it's true although [TS]

  in this case I can kind of forgive it [TS]

  because it's supposed to be sort of a [TS]

  dimly remembered memory looks perfectly [TS]

  fine as you're seeing him through tears [TS]

  yeah yeah exactly it's just made all the [TS]

  worse when you realize that those flower [TS]

  power posters mean the jesse has been [TS]

  packed away in the dark [TS]

  probably for 35-40 yeah yeah oh god yeah [TS]

  let's uh let's uh oh I want to say one [TS]

  thing about a Randy Newman Steve [TS]

  mentioned it I actually I like randy [TS]

  newman a lot i think Brandon's music is [TS]

  at its best when it is scarcely angry or [TS]

  when it is extremely sad I i think his [TS]

  bouncy jaunty ragtime me stuff is I [TS]

  think he he does it well but i don't [TS]

  like it and it seems awfully easy and a [TS]

  waste of his talent kids love toys and [TS]

  toys that can like you've got a friend [TS]

  in me which is a you know it is what it [TS]

  is and i like how what they do with it [TS]

  here which is have it be a song on the [TS]

  TV show what is roundup that kills me [TS]

  but when she loved me is a beautiful [TS]

  song because it is sad sad piano song [TS]

  and I think everything was really good [TS]

  at that so is not done by Randy Newman [TS]

  which is also extremely good choice [TS]

  right good choice [TS]

  he would've ruined it yeah i watched i [TS]

  watch toy story one before two today and [TS]

  I was like I remember how much I hated [TS]

  the meat the music in Toy Story one in [TS]

  toy story 2 is so much better so much a [TS]

  lot of market orchestral music yeah the [TS]

  parts that are supposed to be exciting [TS]

  adventure instead of sort of having [TS]

  everything be kind of silly random songs [TS]

  under every year scene and [TS]

  it works better that they save them for [TS]

  you know for the the Sarah McLachlan [TS]

  song or for the songs on TV they don't [TS]

  and the rest of the time it's scored [TS]

  more like an action movie there's no [TS]

  montage song in this [TS]

  well the Sarah McLachlan thing is the [TS]

  you know that's ok so you have to get [TS]

  and the randy newman score i think is [TS]

  good I i think that they chose a [TS]

  different tone for this movie and they [TS]

  didn't look they didn't know what they [TS]

  were doing with the original toy story [TS]

  they were making it up as they go along [TS]

  and they got it they got a person who [TS]

  does scores to score that movie and he [TS]

  scored in a you know a very bright [TS]

  quirky wacky kind of score and the score [TS]

  here is is not so much it's more [TS]

  restrained and I think that as [TS]

  filmmakers they wanted something [TS]

  different and they knew what to ask for [TS]

  and I think Randy Newman show that he [TS]

  was up to the challenge and in this one [TS]

  and and and provide them with a good [TS]

  score and providing them with a really [TS]

  great song [TS]

  although it's not a catchy song by any [TS]

  stretch of the imagination and I don't [TS]

  think if you heard independent of the [TS]

  film you would think it was much of [TS]

  anything it doesn't really have a melody [TS]

  or any kind of structure to it but it's [TS]

  perfect for the scene absolutely perfect [TS]

  alright so we'll leave that they [TS]

  believed the tears dryer dryer eyes [TS]

  everyone let's move on to Emperor Zurg [TS]

  done surg is chasing them across the [TS]

  across the street [TS]

  he's been they escape from the toy the [TS]

  Toy Barn because they realize now that [TS]

  they need to go get go get woody in [TS]

  Alice apartment i have questions about [TS]

  how the Toy Barn run okay [TS]

  the door is always open there are no [TS]

  employees around and there's like four [TS]

  people they walk in but then they go [TS]

  directly to the back and never leave the [TS]

  lights are never on well it's thought it [TS]

  sits before anything out there before [TS]

  before open and there the employees and [TS]

  they're doing stock stuff in the back or [TS]

  something like that is how I always did [TS]

  they should lock the door [TS]

  that is a huge security problem somebody [TS]

  just walk in and steal some toys but [TS]

  that's that's why don't you at all [TS]

  bothered by the loud mooing that [TS]

  periodically really shocking activity [TS]

  and was so scared and like the the whole [TS]

  like the bouncy balls going all over [TS]

  like bouncy balls are kind of quiet but [TS]

  wouldn't that mean there are things that [TS]

  I feel like that is called someone's [TS]

  attention now okay i did one rat [TS]

  infested barn it makes that I did wonder [TS]

  sometimes our stock boys were not paid [TS]

  down here that's I think that's exactly [TS]

  so that's I mean it really basically you [TS]

  know it's and maybe it's supposed to [TS]

  read as a toys r us but it's not it's [TS]

  not demand toy store in what used to be [TS]

  clearly a grocery store it seems to me I [TS]

  the girls having money problems that he [TS]

  needs this Jackie needs to go and that's [TS]

  why so desperate and I think we're we're [TS]

  terrible monsters to be so hard on him [TS]

  no one has been real monster I hate that [TS]

  chicken man the chicken and chicken me [TS]

  the money I despise that chicken spicy i [TS]

  love it but it also i'm sure everybody [TS]

  got this but don't you love it when cam [TS]

  is flipping through the channels and you [TS]

  can see all pixar shorts as he's [TS]

  flipping out a lot of flipping the [TS]

  flipping that kills me because I've used [TS]

  to do my thing back in the day when [TS]

  channels changed on televisions fast i [TS]

  was a big flipper I was all about the [TS]

  flip flip around Billy on the around the [TS]

  growing around the horns because kids [TS]

  you know we did that but so it happened [TS]

  so quickly we didn't we didn't [TS]

  appreciate when we had the fact that we [TS]

  know first it was dials and there was [TS]

  nothing there except for right you just [TS]

  had 13 channels anyway and then that the [TS]

  flicker and you can go through really [TS]

  fast and then we woke up one day and [TS]

  changing and outlook for second yep and [TS]

  it doesn't work on your tivo now John is [TS]

  that is that is fast I don't do it no [TS]

  more channels i just don't be jealous of [TS]

  left more because my flipping channels [TS]

  that was supposed to go to build up as [TS]

  well I was an mpeg-4 buffer and it's [TS]

  just it's not the same it takes a [TS]

  million years to just you tune in the [TS]

  next challenge like it's like it's not [TS]

  worth it forget it [TS]

  yeah it's true i love zerg i love that [TS]

  he escapes from his box to chase them [TS]

  because the this is just a look here we [TS]

  look in the back of his head always so [TS]

  religion that's a seventies toys thing [TS]

  out of nineties toys right used to be we [TS]

  had a six million dollar man Steve [TS]

  Austin sigma six million dollar man you [TS]

  look the Bionic diet [TS]

  yeah yeah so they say I'm goofy buzz [TS]

  lightyear is a recalling the these video [TS]

  game strategy guide that Rex found and [TS]

  follows it to discover the event in the [TS]

  shadows to the left just as you said [TS]

  yeah I had to explain that to my kids to [TS]

  like before the internet you have to go [TS]

  to the store and buy a book to give you [TS]

  the hint something you couldn't go to [TS]

  youtube watch people play through lots [TS]

  of elevator gags in this section we go [TS]

  to the elevator shaft insist we just [TS]

  take the elevator they'll be expecting [TS]

  that because this is the this is the [TS]

  the delusional was like yeah also in [TS]

  terms of animation the way the way the [TS]

  jaunty way that [TS]

  yeah you know buzzes as animated with [TS]

  this content gestures everybody's [TS]

  exhausted and confused and he but [TS]

  there's so much [TS]

  yeah well but it's also great as he kind [TS]

  of sees himself like he's always what [TS]

  you say I'm always right or something [TS]

  like that it's no problem i'm always [TS]

  certain are we sure whatever you know [TS]

  are you sure that great gag from the [TS]

  first movie they find a way to to bring [TS]

  it back and it's kind of yes and thing [TS]

  we're like you got new buzz or excuse me [TS]

  old buzz who knows more about like his [TS]

  identity and I just think the new that I [TS]

  can another likes what a smart thing how [TS]

  can you bring back another character [TS]

  who's like you but like in the other [TS]

  movie so fun [TS]

  well and you know an apart from the belt [TS]

  you know the difference between the two [TS]

  of them you don't have to see the belt [TS]

  yeah there's an animated realize that [TS]

  it's very nicely done animation to [TS]

  distinguish the characterization of the [TS]

  two the two buzzes huh yeah yeah that's [TS]

  a lot of times he's got is a he's got [TS]

  his helmet on too so there's some visual [TS]

  distinction there too [TS]

  well he can't breathe the air yeah well [TS]

  yeah mostly on world was a great scene [TS]

  where that they you know they do the gag [TS]

  doing a million things like yeah you [TS]

  know which one is the real one how many [TS]

  times has that been done and kids shows [TS]

  and movies or whatever and they just pop [TS]

  take the air out of it instantly with [TS]

  the helmet gag and then just put a stamp [TS]

  on it without with the real buzz picking [TS]

  up his foot was for this sort of the [TS]

  raiders of the lost ark king of that [TS]

  seemed yeah but the this is this is the [TS]

  point where they reach woody just as [TS]

  woody has decided that he is going to [TS]

  show he even talked into basically going [TS]

  to the museum and allowing them not to [TS]

  go back in the boxes again [TS]

  ok he heard the sound welcome song to [TS]

  you yeah he did was use ok let's do it [TS]

  he was in ground zero yeah he's seen the [TS]

  movie he knows what hes and so he's [TS]

  confronted with his eventual abandoned [TS]

  by Andy he thinks maybe going to the [TS]

  japanese toy museum wouldn't be such an [TS]

  idea or bad idea but his friends arrive [TS]

  and we get the scene where buzz is [TS]

  giving woody a little bit of a pep talk [TS]

  and he says you're not a collector's [TS]

  item your child's play thing you are a [TS]

  toy which is a call back to the first [TS]

  movie although I gotta say it didn't [TS]

  work for me [TS]

  line while they didn't deliver lat well [TS]

  they made in a few more takes em that's [TS]

  right flat from tim allen there because [TS]

  i wanted the total uh kinda freaked out [TS]

  that Tom Hanks gives it in the first [TS]

  movie but it's a great that the line [TS]

  before I really like you're not a [TS]

  collector's item your child's plaything [TS]

  this is the entire philosophy of toy [TS]

  story which is toys are for playing not [TS]

  for collecting not for assaulting away [TS]

  you want to play with them but they then [TS]

  they they kind of argue it out like I'm [TS]

  reminded again that sometimes what he [TS]

  can be kind of unlikable because he can [TS]

  be [TS]

  he's unlikable in in this scene at the [TS]

  beginning he's cocky yeah we this is [TS]

  where we get you got a friend in me by [TS]

  the way to playing as they see the show [TS]

  which made me laugh the mean would he [TS]

  makes a reappearance yeah oh yeah I mean [TS]

  it's just that he he he has an ego and I [TS]

  can be streamed please on the border of [TS]

  mean here is you wasted your time [TS]

  yeah as friends have come all the way [TS]

  across town to try and rescue him [TS]

  they had to like I think I'm gonna do [TS]

  better as they really you really needed [TS]

  to believe that would eat like this is [TS]

  all motivated by fear and insecurity [TS]

  what he not being played with and they [TS]

  established that but then later it seems [TS]

  almost more like that's gone by the [TS]

  wayside and now he's just filled with [TS]

  the glory of like important i was / am [TS]

  well but some of it some of its just [TS]

  because he feels bad for these guys are [TS]

  going to go back into storage so when [TS]

  you're all bad we can't repeal feelings [TS]

  of that magnitude he was he was like 2 [TS]

  inches away from her burning down [TS]

  well he's the heat of your freedom but [TS]

  anyway it's also revealed that the [TS]

  prospector is sneaking out of his box [TS]

  he's not mint in box after all given out [TS]

  of your box and and he was the one who [TS]

  hit the remote and has been conniving [TS]

  all this time and now he he screws the [TS]

  screw into the vents so that they can't [TS]

  they can't get back how to them that [TS]

  that that doesn't work dr. rain isn't [TS]

  bothered by that he screwed he screws it [TS]

  was a flat head screw with with a [TS]

  cylinder with the top of this pickaxe [TS]

  right at optumhealth is a cylinder [TS]

  doesn't come to a wedge shape [TS]

  yeah well don't down axis go to more of [TS]

  a weird shape on the top [TS]

  no usually at the at the head of an axe [TS]

  you have a wedge that pushes things out [TS]

  so in my headcanon it's the wedge that [TS]

  you drive into the handle didn't get [TS]

  driven all the way down for [TS]

  so it's sticking out a little bit and [TS]

  that and that make sure your standard [TS]

  head screwed [TS]

  they didn't model it it's not on the [TS]

  screen well its head can trust me its [TS]

  American how could you just remind you [TS]

  to on a podcast can afford it right now [TS]

  i know i know for me [TS]

  what's ruined here is the whole reason [TS]

  that stinky Pete is such a butt is that [TS]

  he's bitter about the fact that nobody [TS]

  wanted to stinky Pete to play with so we [TS]

  had to watch all the other toys being [TS]

  bought for me this beggars belief [TS]

  because there's no way that young boys [TS]

  watching the intro to the show where [TS]

  stinking has a pickaxe up his butt is [TS]

  not going to demand that mom go get yeah [TS]

  it's not that nobody wanted to stinky [TS]

  Pete it's just that like you've never [TS]

  managed inventory exactly to match [TS]

  demand and they liked the least popular [TS]

  character is no matter how much people [TS]

  like him he's gonna be the least popular [TS]

  character so it's not the no stinky Pete [TS]

  sold that he didn't sell many Stinky's [TS]

  next to may have sold but when that [TS]

  storm finally closed how he was over to [TS]

  stop its left on the show so reason no [TS]

  one is left and there's no balls I [TS]

  there's no Jesse's I feel like the [TS]

  implications that stinky Pete in general [TS]

  was unloved and I don't think that would [TS]

  happen that makes no sense to me there's [TS]

  no way that pickaxe in would have driven [TS]

  every boy to demand that you have a [TS]

  stinky Pete so that he could replicate [TS]

  it at home [TS]

  alright they flee back to the elevator [TS]

  and zerg is there waiting and we get a [TS]

  confrontation between zerg and and new [TS]

  buzz that includes it the fantastic no [TS]

  I'm your father moment that's amazing [TS]

  and 11 and and and Buzz and zerg both [TS]

  zerg falls like alan rickman in die hard [TS]

  off of the side of the elevator which [TS]

  made me laugh [TS]

  the slow-motion shocked fall as he falls [TS]

  down i love that was reaching towards [TS]

  him i loves urgh it's just so funny [TS]

  me too so funny I i love his weapon and [TS]

  like how clearly balls like a yeah just [TS]

  this ineffectual weapon has an unlimited [TS]

  supply of these pointless bars it's just [TS]

  so fun anyway be Pizza Planet truck is [TS]

  waiting [TS]

  conveniently down below and toys can [TS]

  drive a truck did you know [TS]

  take it all together now that'd be a lot [TS]

  of the things these toys do again [TS]

  bending the rules like well people can't [TS]

  see them but you're like they're allowed [TS]

  to drive a car [TS]

  yeah they're capable of driving I don't [TS]

  think their setup would have gotten them [TS]

  anywhere but like crashed into a hydrant [TS]

  is what I'm saying yeah well they would [TS]

  have turned toward the clutch out like I [TS]

  don't know how it's just like put it in [TS]

  gear and they put it in gear but you [TS]

  know they don't know what a clutches [TS]

  right you can get a card together [TS]

  without pushing the clutch down the [TS]

  version they needed i actually would [TS]

  have accepted the whole thing if [TS]

  somebody like Potato Head had just [TS]

  declared like you know i-i've watched or [TS]

  read or Rex maybe being like I've done [TS]

  all of the the racing games i can tell [TS]

  you what to do here but instead it just [TS]

  seems kind of you know like his buzz [TS]

  giving directions and all that but yeah [TS]

  I guess you got to go with it also the [TS]

  pickup field placement of the Pizza [TS]

  Planet truck you gotta get you kind of [TS]

  get over it because it's a funny call [TS]

  back to the first movie and you accepted [TS]

  you like all right fine whatever the [TS]

  Pizza Planet truck i remember that movie [TS]

  about toys that are alive [TS]

  the aliens are at the aliens are three [TS]

  aliens hanging from the from the [TS]

  rearview [TS]

  that's great we want to see those guys [TS]

  again we get the more time with the [TS]

  stairs with a really great subtle gag [TS]

  right here too which is that you know [TS]

  you've seen them crossing the street and [TS]

  he's apparently indestructible orange [TS]

  cones and the first thing they do when [TS]

  they get behind the wheel the Pizza [TS]

  Planet truck is they immediately run [TS]

  over the comes across the street and [TS]

  earlier i but they think the Pizza [TS]

  Planet truck to the airport where we [TS]

  have a chase through the baggage [TS]

  conveyor system which is extremely [TS]

  complicated i guess is what we all [TS]

  imagined this happening behind the [TS]

  scenes at the airport with my kids asked [TS]

  me when we watch it again this time says [TS]

  that it's really like backpack i'm sure [TS]

  it is honey I'm sure it is [TS]

  let me tell you about the TSA it's weird [TS]

  that the door seen got so much attention [TS]

  and monsters inc when they had basically [TS]

  just don't know exact same as you're [TS]

  seeing is ranked up much higher you know [TS]

  like a lot 10 times bigger area and [TS]

  people on them and flying around but [TS]

  yeah it's still the same deal live and [TS]

  it the white zone is for loading and [TS]

  unloading only now they're calling back [TS]

  to 70 movies it's like so totally made [TS]

  for parents and my kids yeah although i [TS]

  do enjoy the dad joke of a buzz running [TS]

  around with a beaut sticker step two is [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah that's a that's a wonderful is that [TS]

  adjusting to our kid joke its kind of [TS]

  joke my dad used [TS]

  still no means a lot to change they [TS]

  really don't have to chase out onto the [TS]

  tarmac but when he gets to ride bulls I [TS]

  ride like the wind bullseye love it I [TS]

  love bullseye i love-love-love would be [TS]

  writing bullseye bullseye does the East [TS]

  get the big eyes he does a he doesn't [TS]

  kinda big like a giddy up gallop thing [TS]

  at the beginning that it's just the [TS]

  whole design of a bull's-eye and how he [TS]

  and would move on the tarmac i love it i [TS]

  love everything about it [TS]

  he's adorable he is so cute always you [TS]

  skipped over a stinky Pete using his [TS]

  pickaxe to intentionally dislodge some [TS]

  threads from Buddy which is ISE severe [TS]

  personal violence in the grand scheme of [TS]

  toy story is true [TS]

  yeah he's threatening threatening would [TS]

  be with the infrared heat makes the [TS]

  thing to him and pulls out of state yep [TS]

  it's true bottling them stitches get the [TS]

  slugs buzz and says take that space toy [TS]

  oh there's something else i know this [TS]

  like you get such study filmmaking the [TS]

  you don't notice what's going on but [TS]

  that they just make sure that all their [TS]

  eyes are dotted and t's across when they [TS]

  come upon the wrong bag [TS]

  the wrong suitcase that doesn't have [TS]

  your business to green ones and it has [TS]

  the camera flashes in it they make sure [TS]

  one of the characters says not a nice [TS]

  flashes though because they have to [TS]

  establish the kids who have no freaking [TS]

  idea what the hell like an old reporter [TS]

  style flashes they have to establish [TS]

  that these are flashes if they don't say [TS]

  that the next scene when they pop up and [TS]

  use them to blind stinky pee right [TS]

  doesn't make any sense shows that people [TS]

  are paying attention and there you know [TS]

  going over this every single line every [TS]

  single scene what works what doesn't [TS]

  what do we have to do here and they [TS]

  could have turned into a joke and they [TS]

  didn't but at least they left it in [TS]

  there to just you know to make sure [TS]

  people know these are flashes so now [TS]

  that we know that that once you put your [TS]

  bag on a card it goes into a wonderland [TS]

  of conveyor belts that are incredibly [TS]

  incredibly sophisticated that will take [TS]

  your bag to its destination [TS]

  the next thing we learn is when they're [TS]

  loading the the bags on a plane even if [TS]

  its glass and says fragile on it a guy [TS]

  just checked it in the shadows and it [TS]

  and it's cavernous is like the TARDIS [TS]

  planned it that way bigger on the inside [TS]

  this room like how big the baby of the [TS]

  cargo area flames like a football field [TS]

  in there and it's so sparsely populated [TS]

  as a giant cavern with a sort of a [TS]

  smattering of bag [TS]

  that is the flip that plane is going [TS]

  down as soon as it goes and take off and [TS]

  I think tilts up in the weight the [TS]

  wormhole wait in that plane shifts to [TS]

  the back of the suitcases all-time down [TS]

  and it's going to japan i would think [TS]

  that there would be more luggage and if [TS]

  it's going to teach man maybe it's a [TS]

  connector flight maybe it [TS]

  I don't know but they they they anyway [TS]

  that woody escapes with with Jesse out [TS]

  through the door because they get locked [TS]

  in and the plane is taxing but they they [TS]

  pop open up like a hatch that gets them [TS]

  down onto the landing gear and then from [TS]

  there they jumped down and because [TS]

  buzzes there and-and-and there they're [TS]

  saved her a they don't have to go in the [TS]

  plane to Japan boy al from Al's Toy Barn [TS]

  is gonna be really upset when he [TS]

  discovers that the airline lost his [TS]

  luggage but we don't need to see that [TS]

  same thing now we don't know I assume it [TS]

  was insured it i hope you ensure that [TS]

  but he's so sad in the last scene in the [TS]

  movie that I guess he didn't he was too [TS]

  busy shouting don't touch my mustache [TS]

  into the phone they're like they have to [TS]

  get back to andy's house how do they do [TS]

  that the answer is they apparently take [TS]

  a luggage cart like it to one of the [TS]

  from the tarmac and drive it back [TS]

  because it's parked across the street [TS]

  later and there's a shot of the people [TS]

  across the street being mystified about [TS]

  why it's there that i like because they [TS]

  had to explain how they get back there [TS]

  and they say was the end of the scene to [TS]

  explain it they don't it's not linear so [TS]

  it's a nice like you may have thought we [TS]

  forgot about step trying to explain how [TS]

  these toys got back but we have big fun [TS]

  and we'll see people reacting to the [TS]

  fact that there's this luggage cart [TS]

  parked in front of their house which is [TS]

  which is funny [TS]

  buzz is is but putting the moves on [TS]

  Jesse here at the end of the movie too [TS]

  yeah what's up with that yeah it's like [TS]

  I don't know i don't know well you know [TS]

  what he is with Bo Peep so even gets a [TS]

  little wing boater very perfect couple [TS]

  they're both they're both boys of action [TS]

  ya know he's impressed with her way with [TS]

  a with a car and Luke track [TS]

  I just feel like Jesse needs some time [TS]

  she's been through this tragic event she [TS]

  really does [TS]

  it's been 30 it's not you [TS]

  it's me I meet some great sages teen [TS]

  space that they do the great gag with [TS]

  his wings popping out though [TS]

  yeah everybody always end on a boner [TS]

  joke John it's classic filmmaking what [TS]

  and he finds the finest the toys & and [TS]

  it's like oh cool i got more I got more [TS]

  Cowboys which is the great sort of it [TS]

  entitled attitude as of today spoiled [TS]

  you that we all spoil ya [TS]

  oh cool new toys I don't know how to get [TS]

  here where they come from but I deserve [TS]

  you just got his modern sensibility with [TS]

  these old-fashioned toys so he comes up [TS]

  with a whole storyline for them that is [TS]

  nothing to do with Woody's roundup right [TS]

  because he doesn't know anything about [TS]

  that he just cast them in whatever roles [TS]

  he wants woody and Jessie and Buzz to be [TS]

  in and that's what he does which is [TS]

  great and he has a vivid imagination [TS]

  you've got to keep the nightmares away [TS]

  somehow i I've tried to catch my [TS]

  daughter and her sort of imagine to play [TS]

  just want the same things like it [TS]

  doesn't matter what toys you have the [TS]

  the roles they end up in our just yeah [TS]

  totally out there things you would not [TS]

  even consider reasonable are plausible [TS]

  it's tough to catch without because he [TS]

  sees you she stops yeah but if there's a [TS]

  realism to that that is definitely those [TS]

  are definitely observations from parents [TS]

  that you're seeing that [TS]

  yeah and i have wondered though at what [TS]

  one does and he ever say hey mom I these [TS]

  toys are cooler she see them and think [TS]

  oh wow that's weird or is she too busy [TS]

  being those three assumes that came from [TS]

  cowboy camp and he never mentions ok [TS]

  that's what i am declaring maybe through [TS]

  his perfunctory thank you there and [TS]

  that's all he has to say about it was [TS]

  the one of the more unrealistic at least [TS]

  in my life model realistic things how [TS]

  many Danny's room is in general and i [TS]

  know of new toy showed up my daughter [TS]

  might have no idea because i can't even [TS]

  see the floor in there i feel a song [TS]

  coming on Weezy has been fixed [TS]

  miraculously announce things like Robert [TS]

  Goulet and then he sings a lousy version [TS]

  of you've got a friend in me and we go [TS]

  off to the credits with the real yeah [TS]

  anybody doing real good stuff although [TS]

  i'm not sure whether I find the big song [TS]

  at the end more dissatisfying or the [TS]

  poppy Moore disaster had nailed the then [TS]

  now [TS]

  the ending is quite yet I i find this [TS]

  better than the puppy ending because [TS]

  it's actually we get the you know we get [TS]

  the resolution of weezy and it's very [TS]

  unlikely i don't love it but but I like [TS]

  it better than then puppy [TS]

  Oh kind of yeah I think they're both on [TS]

  the same thing and then a musical number [TS]

  yeah whatever end-to-end on the hall but [TS]

  what about this it's like it would have [TS]

  more so they said oh what a puppy and [TS]

  then toy story 2 is about the puppy that [TS]

  would have been terrible but it's not [TS]

  understanding but you know what's what's [TS]

  funny is that like my gosh I don't know [TS]

  this this H again who knows how long [TS]

  this movie will affect me the way it [TS]

  does but like yeah I got pretty [TS]

  significantly during that the jesse [TS]

  scene but the other one that made me i [TS]

  don't know like strangely moved is a and [TS]

  we're now and what he says whatever [TS]

  happens next will be together you know [TS]

  to infinity and beyond yeah because [TS]

  something really sweet about the [TS]

  friendship message of this and you know [TS]

  that that's the thing about woody is [TS]

  that you know we don't talk much about [TS]

  this here but like you know he's a very [TS]

  privileged doll like he's had this o [TS]

  like this world of affection his whole [TS]

  life he's been like the Alpha doll and [TS]

  like and so finally when he's outside of [TS]

  that environment yes he finds out that [TS]

  he's a superstar but he also discovers [TS]

  that there's a world outside of what he [TS]

  knew and so he's kind of applying [TS]

  probably over reading this but the way [TS]

  that he's applying the empathy that he [TS]

  has about Andy to other these other new [TS]

  toys he didn't know about is is really [TS]

  sweet and when he gets back home like [TS]

  that just like you know rebonds him to [TS]

  all these other people and I i love that [TS]

  part [TS]

  yeah that was it that was a good ending [TS]

  to the infinity beyond in the affected [TS]

  by tom hanks gives good line rings and [TS]

  all this stuff he is great like I feel [TS]

  like the movie is so great and so [TS]

  satisfying in total that as it winds [TS]

  down [TS]

  who cares and then the bloopers are just [TS]

  like it let you leave the theater so we [TS]

  use all of them on it with just a great [TS]

  feeling because that's exactly what you [TS]

  want to just relive i love credit [TS]

  sequences that lets you breathe in video [TS]

  games and movies let you briefly we live [TS]

  the things that you enjoyed about the [TS]

  movie just sort of go out on a high out [TS]

  inside it has never bothered me that [TS]

  these movies and like scooby-doo cilia [TS]

  so you have to you have to go out with a [TS]

  song on this movie because this is a [TS]

  film that has just only recently [TS]

  courtesy of stinky Pete put the idea [TS]

  that these toys will all end up rotting [TS]

  in a landfill is their final destination [TS]

  where is that into our story three to [TS]

  work yeah what I think going back to [TS]

  kind of the friendship angle that's kind [TS]

  of white fuzz putting the moves on Jesse [TS]

  bothers me is because we've got this [TS]

  movie about forming friendships and [TS]

  bonds and and then you get a new girl [TS]

  character and it's like well of course [TS]

  she's got a pair up with somebody and I [TS]

  don't know that's probably me reading [TS]

  too much into things like I tend to do [TS]

  but it's just like why can't she just go [TS]

  and be friends yeah I thought about it [TS]

  to you have you know what he is what is [TS]

  her big brother right like the way that [TS]

  she looks up to him [TS]

  they're clearly that was not been a [TS]

  really weird relationship I'm if Bo Peep [TS]

  weren't there but like why did I don't [TS]

  understand why they did that I really it [TS]

  doesn't really bother me but it kind of [TS]

  nickels at me lake [TS]

  why did they have to do that why [TS]

  couldn't it just be like oh look at us [TS]

  we're friends were family and you know [TS]

  because movies like China because I [TS]

  drought on female toys though if you're [TS]

  gonna have male female pairings like [TS]

  mister mister potato head he was excited [TS]

  to get mr. updated and they're paired up [TS]

  and then what he's got Bo Peep but [TS]

  there's just a lot of a lot of a and [TS]

  it's like a landscape is just rattling [TS]

  or i can think of all those army men [TS]

  what are they doing the usual is all do [TS]

  don't ask don't tell john the movie [TS]

  wants to have relationships it wants to [TS]

  have to show that they're like you know [TS]

  committed couples here and even though [TS]

  they don't mean any of them so they [TS]

  bring in his girl character i guess it [TS]

  just falls into you know well what when [TS]

  there's an available girl character of [TS]

  similar stature and species to you then [TS]

  it then you know relationships are in [TS]

  play but only to be fair he doesn't [TS]

  really put the moves on her heart he [TS]

  sort of haltingly points out that she's [TS]

  impressed by creating a virus by her [TS]

  into the wing gag it's not like he's a [TS]

  you know and she means almost like he's [TS]

  an awkward teenage boy it's a way to [TS]

  tell a couple of funny jokes about buzz [TS]

  and who he is and how he fits in now [TS]

  that this has changed a little bit i've [TS]

  been today but i but I see your point to [TS]

  where I was like that's weird that I [TS]

  felt a little weird to me that it was in [TS]

  there is a little of that the whole of [TS]

  toy story like it's not that long [TS]

  the nineties right but like if you want [TS]

  to get down to it looks very gender [TS]

  normative the girls have all the pink [TS]

  toys and they play with little dollies [TS]

  have kitchen things and have nail polish [TS]

  and you know they do so much better and [TS]

  inside out with a girl plays hockey and [TS]

  does not have everything pink and frilly [TS]

  now there's anything wrong with thinking [TS]

  freely in pony but it's like the toy [TS]

  story movies are very straight down the [TS]

  middle exactly what you would expect ya [TS]

  strike in terms of all the stereotypes [TS]

  and the slots that we want to put people [TS]

  into not really pushing those boundaries [TS]

  at all [TS]

  yeah yeah you don't want to know who [TS]

  hooks up with bull side now slaughtered [TS]

  pigs and all of that we his court comes [TS]

  out she does look away over your eyes [TS]

  and looked at so one thing I would [TS]

  recommend which I've been doing I often [TS]

  do is a have a digital version of this [TS]

  thing is I if you have a chance to just [TS]

  watch this movie with the sound off [TS]

  you really don't appreciate the [TS]

  animation especially in a movie that's [TS]

  fun and the script is good and you're [TS]

  laughing at the jokes and getting caught [TS]

  up in the story just watch it with the [TS]

  sound off and look at what these people [TS]

  do like toys need to be rotated when [TS]

  their way and what he does the thing [TS]

  with his hands and the look on stinky [TS]

  Pete face when the two Barbie dolls [TS]

  leave his little box like just never [TS]

  that the animation here is is superb it [TS]

  is you know hand-drawn animation caliber [TS]

  I really and it's so much more I think [TS]

  the more sophisticated than it was in in [TS]

  the first toy story that uh and you I [TS]

  think they're really appreciate it just [TS]

  take a look with no sound [TS]

  yeah so this is this i would put this as [TS]

  my top toy story film and definitely [TS]

  maybe in the top three of the pixar [TS]

  films that I've seen and I think why [TS]

  it's important is because I mean [TS]

  obviously the first couple of films the [TS]

  thing on display was mostly this is our [TS]

  software and it can do these amazing [TS]

  things and we really can you know make a [TS]

  film that's entirely computer-generated [TS]

  and people will still love it you know [TS]

  it's kind of exciting to sort of get the [TS]

  idea what people seeing snow white for [TS]

  the first time in 1937 probably [TS]

  experienced but by the time we're on the [TS]

  movie three they've kind of got things [TS]

  under control and that's no longer as [TS]

  impressive as it used to be and so what [TS]

  really needed to happen was that they [TS]

  needed to prove that they could [TS]

  effectively make you cry but I'm really [TS]

  bring the drama and really you bring the [TS]

  story to the four because at some point [TS]

  the software so go [TS]

  that that that making a movie with a [TS]

  computer actually becomes easier than [TS]

  making a live-action movie and certainly [TS]

  a lot easier than animated thing hit I [TS]

  can hear dr. Riya crumbling to dust as [TS]

  you speaking what I mean at some point [TS]

  you know you can obviously you're going [TS]

  to want to push the art further every [TS]

  time but at some point it reaches the [TS]

  point where it's good enough that [TS]

  somebody can put together a a food fight [TS]

  yeah very cheaply and without putting [TS]

  any kind of real thought into it and and [TS]

  this was the movie that proved to me [TS]

  that pixar was a real deal i mean is [TS]

  this was going concern that could could [TS]

  live on long after the excitement of the [TS]

  technology had faded away but they have [TS]

  to up their game and they did I mean [TS]

  like not to say that they concentrate [TS]

  they did the other the first two movies [TS]

  are all very solid that very sturdy [TS]

  stories they did our sophisticated [TS]

  enough for adults that appealing to kids [TS]

  and all that or whatever but that I mean [TS]

  it's not i'm going to thinking I'm some [TS]

  bug's life in years but are there any [TS]

  scenes in the first toy story or bugs [TS]

  life that are likely to break adults to [TS]

  you don't think that the yards the [TS]

  yardstick but like the joke about the [TS]

  whole pixar sadness department you know [TS]

  like you don't have to do that to be a [TS]

  powerful movie in some ways it's kind of [TS]

  a a little bit of you know if you just [TS]

  go for maudlin and just know where the [TS]

  heartstrings aren't talking on things [TS]

  that we don't accept the live-action [TS]

  movies that we will accept an animated [TS]

  movies for whatever reason but it's a [TS]

  similar story similar ideas they just [TS]

  want them to go deeper and it's really [TS]

  tricky to do because how do you go [TS]

  deeper without making your movie over [TS]

  serious and not interesting to kids and [TS]

  how do you get people to take it [TS]

  seriously and toy story 2 showed how you [TS]

  did it yeah just as fun just you know [TS]

  it's kinda great again great Simpsons [TS]

  episodes do some other things especially [TS]

  early on before their their harvest [TS]

  entirely torn out of that show where [TS]

  they may be a moment in a silly Simpsons [TS]

  episode where you feel something just [TS]

  for a second you like white how did they [TS]

  do that [TS]

  like not for long just for a moment and [TS]

  then toy story you know the whole movie [TS]

  you're feeling things and laughing and [TS]

  getting caught up with things and being [TS]

  dazzled by cleverness and animation and [TS]

  all that stuff I i think i had to see [TS]

  toy story 3 again 22 really rank them [TS]

  but pretty feel pretty comfortable [TS]

  saying this is the best to start moving [TS]

  furniture [TS]

  yeah i agree that this is that this was [TS]

  the best toy story movie arm and you [TS]

  know when i saw it [TS]

  when it first came out what was really [TS]

  impressive was that did not have the [TS]

  sophomore slump it was it was a better [TS]

  movie than the first one on and I was [TS]

  kind of surprised by it i think the [TS]

  conceit of the story of what the story [TS]

  is about this whole thing what you know [TS]

  the existential problem for for woody [TS]

  and the toys and why am I here [TS]

  that's a story that gets told not about [TS]

  toy so much but that's a story that it's [TS]

  gotten told before but the the twist [TS]

  they put on it and this the issue of the [TS]

  of woody being a collectible you know [TS]

  that's something that really that's a [TS]

  story that could only be told at a [TS]

  certain time right it has to be told [TS]

  after there is both mass production of [TS]

  toys which didn't really happen until [TS]

  sometime in the 20th century and there [TS]

  has to be a mass media of for there to [TS]

  be nostalgia for those toys so it's a to [TS]

  me that it's really interesting this was [TS]

  a very modern story you have to you have [TS]

  to be at a certain point in history the [TS]

  history of the world to have this story [TS]

  told not just because you know not just [TS]

  because it's computer animation or even [TS]

  though it's a movie but just the [TS]

  fundamentals of this story could not be [TS]

  told to much earlier than when this [TS]

  story was told and I just thought that [TS]

  was a fascinating thing the whole thing [TS]

  about not just what's what's a toy to be [TS]

  but what adults do because it is the [TS]

  adults who are kind of perverting the [TS]

  what the toys are for by putting them in [TS]

  museums and taken you know it's adults [TS]

  that are locking them away [TS]

  it's not it's not the kids that are [TS]

  locking the way it's the adults it's [TS]

  very similar to when I think when the [TS]

  force awakens came out there was an SNL [TS]

  fake commercial for a new set of of Star [TS]

  Wars toys that come out i don't know if [TS]

  you saw this but it's it starts off with [TS]

  kids are really excited about the cool [TS]

  toys they're coming out using this great [TS]

  and then suddenly 30-year old men start [TS]

  appearing in in the commercial and [TS]

  they're taking the toys and you know [TS]

  putting them on shelves and keeping them [TS]

  in the box [TS]

  in it in the theme of that commercial [TS]

  and of course everybody laughs but the [TS]

  theme of that commercial is the same [TS]

  thing as toy story 2 played more for [TS]

  Laughs than toy story 2 did I think toy [TS]

  story 2 handled that that idea very [TS]

  intelligently and it was something that [TS]

  you know the filmmakers must have [TS]

  thought about an awful lot so I i really [TS]

  like this movie not just because it [TS]

  makes me cry arm but i just thought this [TS]

  was a very well done movie start to [TS]

  finish the theme was very interesting [TS]

  yes it's good that it's got the funny [TS]

  stuff in it it's just it's it's just [TS]

  right the ambition level here the art [TS]

  and the confidence that they could [TS]

  execute this even though yeah i know [TS]

  they were under the gun with this one [TS]

  the ambition of the story or maybe it [TS]

  was that they they were so worried about [TS]

  getting it out that they didn't think [TS]

  about what they were doing on some level [TS]

  and but it really did it really does [TS]

  come together its striking because it is [TS]

  by a studio that's that seems to be [TS]

  firing on all cylinders whereas the [TS]

  first movie was an experiment and they [TS]

  were you know they were struggling to to [TS]

  make the what is the first Pixar movie [TS]

  pic and i would argue maybe the toy [TS]

  story 2 is the first like of what we [TS]

  think of now as pixar movies that moment [TS]

  with that song when we when we cheer up [TS]

  i mean that's like I'll pixar moment now [TS]

  we have pics are moments or they try to [TS]

  have them anyway like we take it for [TS]

  granted you're like oh look it's so it's [TS]

  so easy to put on a sad song and like it [TS]

  just works perfectly as a gag it's a [TS]

  gimmick but you just look at so many [TS]

  other movies there's good movies movies [TS]

  that animated movies that are so clearly [TS]

  in the pixar mode that try to have that [TS]

  scene and they get close like it's not [TS]

  bad you don't go I'm not move but it all [TS]

  you're a little bit moved when you [TS]

  realize how damn hard it is yeah [TS]

  to do what the way pixar doesn't that [TS]

  you can have all the pieces and put them [TS]

  all together in a pretty competent way [TS]

  and have a pretty good movie like I'm [TS]

  thinking something like big hero 6 which [TS]

  is a good movie now and i enjoy and they [TS]

  tried to do a lot of the same things [TS]

  pixar does and all of them are competent [TS]

  to good but toy story 2 is just a head [TS]

  and shoulder and this is where it i mean [TS]

  this is where the idea of pics are doing [TS]

  that pixar making you cry [TS]

  it comes from here comes [TS]

  toy story 2 okay we're gonna wrap up the [TS]

  pixar movie club for now we'll be back [TS]

  with another one probably like a year [TS]

  maybe we'll hopefully a little bit less [TS]

  wives don't know you better having back [TS]

  for that way because I got some stories [TS]

  really story oh yeah we will we will [TS]

  figure eyes that will be the next one [TS]

  but until then I want to thank my guests [TS]

  on this toy story 2 episode of the [TS]

  uncomfortable [TS]

  Steve let's thanks for being here Jason [TS]

  have you seen my pickaxe I have to thank [TS]

  you Jason for for this delightful [TS]

  discussion i really enjoyed myself [TS]

  Merlin Mann thank you for being here [TS]

  thank you everybody John siracusa thank [TS]

  you sorry did I hurt your equipment so [TS]

  many good lines the internets dr. drank [TS]

  thanks for joining us I'm glad we [TS]

  stopped my parts are killing the lien [TS]

  simps thanks for joining us tonight [TS]

  you never forget kids like Emily Randy [TS]

  but they forget you owe and on that note [TS]

  look at the uncomfortable episode where [TS]

  we make you cry way to end it on a [TS]

  downer got to set the mood for toy story [TS]

  3 do well on that note we thank [TS]

  everybody out there for listening now [TS]

  just go have a cry here here's a tissue [TS]

  we'll see you next time [TS]

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