The Incomparable

58: Greyskull Anonymous (TV Fantasy Draft)


  can everybody start recording again [TS]

  uh-huh I've always never stop [TS]

  alright everyone again i'm recording [TS]

  recording on to be your number two I [TS]

  haven't started yet pace out drink drink [TS]

  all right every time someone says [TS]

  recording drink haha that's the [TS]

  government drinking game you played in [TS]

  the first 30 seconds every time this [TS]

  podcast is overdue also what else would [TS]

  happen in the uncomfortable during [TS]

  convention is just another bride Kenji [TS]

  and the water every time Glenn breathe [TS]

  every time you're around and land sakes [TS]

  lego everytime glad mentions a celebrity [TS]

  knows I having ended this podcast i [TS]

  could also named all the tix if [TS]

  everybody including myself [TS]

  what are we about a collection of tix [TS]

  but they're deer ticks [TS]

  wow I maybe having trouble with my [TS]

  record have to hang on to finish my beer [TS]

  for that think that i just opened and [TS]

  makes horrible puns that horrible puns [TS]

  for more and more minute you get price [TS]

  of a ticket more of a disorder [TS]

  oh you take me off with it uh I don't [TS]

  get it [TS]

  good try but you're no match for more [TS]

  podcasts has lyme disease now i think [TS]

  i've been going on for you packed it I [TS]

  ready to start this [TS]

  yes yeah well we didn't start yet no [TS]

  well that's right [TS]

  um clears second no I was just so yeah [TS]

  everybody now what now we'll start now [TS]

  play the tuba theme music [TS]

  the incomparable podcast number 58 [TS]

  September 2011 [TS]

  according we're back I mean top of front [TS]

  cast and things have degraded already [TS]

  did you get your game trail this is [TS]

  going to be perhaps the strangest in [TS]

  addition of the incumbent podcast it's a [TS]

  draft we're doing another draft another [TS]

  TV draft except this time rather than [TS]

  drafting cancelled TV shows which we did [TS]

  a few weeks back we're going to do what [TS]

  is the first installment and perhaps the [TS]

  last or maybe they'll be was certainly [TS]

  the last an ATV fantasy league what [TS]

  we're gonna do is we're gonna draft [TS]

  favorite characters from television [TS]

  history but that's not all [TS]

  not only is this just an excuse to talk [TS]

  about fun characters from the history of [TS]

  TV [TS]

  we are then going to force the [TS]

  participants in this draft to come back [TS]

  later in a future podcast and pitches a [TS]

  TV series that is staffed by the [TS]

  characters they chosen this draft so you [TS]

  see there's some strategy involved that [TS]

  you could pick a whole bunch of [TS]

  interesting lead characters and not know [TS]

  what to do with them or you can have a [TS]

  strategy going in about what kind of [TS]

  show you want to put together based on [TS]

  great characters from TVs past this is a [TS]

  terrible idea and I'm glad to be a part [TS]

  of it [TS]

  joining me to talk about it and to [TS]

  participate in this draft are serenity [TS]

  Caldwell [TS]

  hello already writing my palate script [TS]

  as we speak [TS]

  well I hope you get the characters or [TS]

  what I hope I well [TS]

  also here is Steve let's hi Steve [TS]

  reporting for duty sir excellent [TS]

  Scott McNulty are you present as well I [TS]

  am and I'm celebrating my second month [TS]

  take free all right keep on lathering up [TS]

  with that special shampoo i gave you [TS]

  thank you Dan more'n hello I you know [TS]

  what I'm regretting my decision to join [TS]

  this already and realizing that I [TS]

  totally got about this the wrong way but [TS]

  thanks good to be here Jason it's just [TS]

  like being a fantasy football draft [TS]

  honestly I've drafted badly and John [TS]

  siracusa joins us hi John [TS]

  are you ready for some football am i [TS]

  doing it right yeah the sports yeah [TS]

  pneus really generic sports sprays [TS]

  alright so here is the draft order [TS]

  randomly [TS]

  sort of selected it's gonna go John [TS]

  siracusa Scott McNulty damn Loren Steve [TS]

  let's serenity Caldwell and as your [TS]

  commissioner and also a participant i [TS]

  will pick last [TS]

  oh it's necessary generous i knew was [TS]

  smart to argue against that snake thing [TS]

  mhm that we're still doing it i'm not [TS]

  doing it now I'm number one [TS]

  no no snake draft alright so with the [TS]

  first pick in the incomparable fantasy [TS]

  TV character thingy it's john siracusa [TS]

  John tell us your pic so i had to order [TS]

  them and not in order of the [TS]

  desirability of the characters but in [TS]

  order of the likelihood that the other [TS]

  people on this podcast are going to pick [TS]

  this person that's draft strategy [TS]

  excellent work alright so my number one [TS]

  pick this river song nobody who Ripper [TS]

  song never heard of it [TS]

  who this is melody pond [TS]

  oh no mother in your name i don't think [TS]

  i have to explain this character I all I [TS]

  will say you should you should a little [TS]

  bit [TS]

  alright so this is I get his something [TS]

  that came up when i was thinking about [TS]

  this [TS]

  we're picking characters but characters [TS]

  changed throughout the life of the show [TS]

  right so the river song that I'm picking [TS]

  is pretty much the one you see at the [TS]

  beginning of the mat smith season of [TS]

  doctor who where she's kind of a [TS]

  kick-ass person but we don't really [TS]

  understand why or who she really is [TS]

  aah and she's kind of equal are matched [TS]

  the doctor was a whole business of the [TS]

  doctor's wife and this is the only [TS]

  president who could also fly the TARDIS [TS]

  she was mysterious but competent and [TS]

  powerful and strong female character [TS]

  that is the river song that I'm picking [TS]

  I don't know the characters going to [TS]

  change but i'm picking the river song [TS]

  before we know whoever song is all right [TS]

  okay [TS]

  riversong Doctor Who river song is the [TS]

  pools of the first she's like she is the [TS]

  ledamian tomlinson now I'm getting [TS]

  scared since nobody else picked her so [TS]

  that maybe means you're picking strange [TS]

  pics you're going to overlap on my latex [TS]

  but we'll see [TS]

  alright that's all part of the strategy [TS]

  Scott McDonnell to Europe with with your [TS]

  first-round selection are well [TS]

  continuing with the doctor who [TS]

  Who theme and since i have no strategy [TS]

  and I picked a bunch of random people i [TS]

  have no idea what's going on i will pick [TS]

  david tennant's Doctor Who as my first [TS]

  pick and because i think that he is of [TS]

  the newly revived Doctor Who franchise [TS]

  the best doctor who the ladies like it [TS]

  he has a TARDIS and a sonic screwdriver [TS]

  and he's not afraid to use them and he's [TS]

  not afraid to use and he'll get the pic [TS]

  the accessories you just got to pick the [TS]

  person doesn't hardest time with him [TS]

  the Chargers does come with it could [TS]

  technically she's a separate character [TS]

  well we'll see if somebody picks her [TS]

  well if someone picks the TARDIS I will [TS]

  come to your house to give you a hug but [TS]

  so that that's my first thing [TS]

  alright David Tennant dr. number 10 [TS]

  excellent dan morgan your selection [TS]

  I'm going to have to reevaluate [TS]

  everything out now my first selection is [TS]

  the character first seen on Buffy the [TS]

  Vampire Slayer and later on his own [TS]

  spin-off show [TS]

  angel the vampire with a soul or at [TS]

  least one of the first vampires with a [TS]

  soul one of the superior vampires with [TS]

  yes yes so I mean you know Sparkle [TS]

  either he does not Sparkle he's got none [TS]

  of that going on he does brewed a bit [TS]

  maybe a little kind of like that darken [TS]

  and had something going on but other [TS]

  than that he's a he's a very competent [TS]

  at everybody does which is why evil [TS]

  alright so we had alex kingston David [TS]

  Tennant and david boreanaz so far other [TS]

  i'ma drop this is not gone as I expected [TS]

  when taking the actresses are picking [TS]

  the character well yeah I bet it's the [TS]

  actors playing the parts you're not [TS]

  picking I know but we have to make it [TS]

  clear that we are picking the characters [TS]

  yes for example he don't get to pick the [TS]

  angel right Justin betti and rihanna's [TS]

  bones area [TS]

  he's not but CC leafleting it was like [TS]

  he just remix picked a vampire so on his [TS]

  show angel can't be out in the daytime [TS]

  know that is absolutely correct unless [TS]

  our guest is wearing that ring that he [TS]

  got from spike to ask [TS]

  none of that none of that none of that I [TS]

  don't know what any of this means [TS]

  alright and yes its River Song not Alex [TS]

  Kingston's character from PR which is [TS]

  still available by the way if you'd like [TS]

  to play court Corday if you'd like to [TS]

  pick her later [TS]

  she's also i I'd like somebody to just [TS]

  pick the same actor and a bunch of [TS]

  different roles for their team [TS]

  I don't have an athlete is actually [TS]

  start thinking about that yeah that's [TS]

  genius [TS]

  I forgot about that Steve let's you're [TS]

  up oh I hang out a second i'm totally [TS]

  thrown by the fact that more and didn't [TS]

  just go straight down the cast list of [TS]

  supernatural [TS]

  oh i think there's value picks there and [TS]

  later rounds but yeah I mean I think [TS]

  they're gonna push off that fast [TS]

  no I i don't think i got it together now [TS]

  so I'm gonna start I guess maybe I [TS]

  should outline my strategy just to ruin [TS]

  my potential don't know you don't know [TS]

  you don't tell people to get away we'll [TS]

  try to figure it out the ends [TS]

  oh is that how strategy works dammit [TS]

  that explains why my strategy never [TS]

  worked all right I'm gonna go with the [TS]

  I'm gonna go with Anthony fremont [TS]

  because he is crucial to my overall [TS]

  strategy [TS]

  I don't know who that is you Anthony [TS]

  Fremont is the the young boy played by [TS]

  Billy move me in the episode of The [TS]

  Twilight Zone [TS]

  it's a good life oh he sends people to [TS]

  the cornfield he can send people to the [TS]

  cornfield he can do pretty much any damn [TS]

  thing he wants therefore no matter what [TS]

  random semblance of actors / characters [TS]

  i get i can explain it all the way by [TS]

  wishing them off into the cornfield [TS]

  wow it's a good thing you did steve it's [TS]

  good real good [TS]

  I thought it was a good thing yes wow [TS]

  that's a dad is a left-field kind of pic [TS]

  I think he might have been there in a [TS]

  later round but still a good pic [TS]

  serenity Caldwell you are up now it is a [TS]

  tough choice between number one number [TS]

  two but i will have to start out with [TS]

  going with that Natalie Hurley from [TS]

  sports night I not surprised [TS]

  oh gosh i avoided that whole show [TS]

  because of you I i actually limited [TS]

  myself to one character per show [TS]

  so she's my Sabrina ward this arena [TS]

  Lloyd yes she's she is my spunky sports [TS]

  night pic and I am stealing her all for [TS]

  myself [TS]

  alright alright [TS]

  it's good ok it's my term I since this [TS]

  is not a sneaking draft I don't get to [TS]

  make two pics i make a single pick in [TS]

  the first round and this pic also [TS]

  crucial for the premise that I'm doing [TS]

  with and i also just can't let the first [TS]

  round go by without picking william [TS]

  shatner in rescue 911 know today is a [TS]

  two-car get in and bleep my dad says no [TS]

  tickets often james t kirk o so Captain [TS]

  Kirk plastic star trek before the toupee [TS]

  and wash up [TS]

  he is my number one pick captain Chris [TS]

  he's totally around for injury this [TS]

  season he's my adrian peterson oh no [TS]

  that's really not that kind of statement [TS]

  anyway that so that wraps up the first [TS]

  round we have represented to from Doctor [TS]

  Who a joss whedon character at twilight [TS]

  zone [TS]

  Aaron Sorkin and star trek why am I not [TS]

  surprised by this mix honestly John it's [TS]

  the second round [TS]

  who are you going to take to join river [TS]

  song on your ensemble glad I made it [TS]

  through the first round without this [TS]

  basically two main character show not [TS]

  being decimated by the two people on [TS]

  this podcast with sole reason that I [TS]

  ever watch the show i'm going to pick [TS]

  and Daisy Steiner from spaced explain [TS]

  how that so this is a show that I've [TS]

  never heard of didn't know it existed [TS]

  until I listens it was I don't let me [TS]

  know which episode it was but I ran and [TS]

  dan have talked about space like Dan [TS]

  listed his favorite television show ever [TS]

  it is a British i guess you'd call what [TS]

  you call a sitcom in fact is it calls [TS]

  itself the sitcom I guess you call it a [TS]

  sitcom but it's not like an american [TS]

  sitcom it's about these two characters [TS]

  one of them they're situated a british [TS]

  version of dan moore and played by simon [TS]

  pegg and the other is Daisy Steiner who [TS]

  is the email not really love interest [TS]

  girlfriend living roommate thing and [TS]

  she's kind of a struggling writer [TS]

  doesn't really know what to do with [TS]

  herself but it's still more sensible and [TS]

  more mature than the male lead and the [TS]

  two of them basically hold up the whole [TS]

  show for two very short seasons that I [TS]

  was said to come to the end of recently [TS]

  alright Daisy from spaced [TS]

  scoffing multi how I'm going to my next [TS]

  pic will steal a page from steve's [TS]

  playbook in that it may not make any [TS]

  sense [TS]

  I had a playbook you had a playbook and [TS]

  I've stolen a page from it so now you're [TS]

  one down i am picking cute but what cue [TS]

  from Star Trek oh nice played by [TS]

  impotence omnipotence and I was doing [TS]

  odds he's mercurial he is petty is [TS]

  all-powerful he is the best character in [TS]

  star trek so you now have the tenth [TS]

  doctor and Q on your team I do and I [TS]

  just had a cornfield guy you have a are [TS]

  you trying to take over the universe [TS]

  Scott don't have taken sorry clear low [TS]

  the cornfield guy really was the key to [TS]

  my strategy i have tried to think of the [TS]

  universe and I i have in my head a [TS]

  romantic comedy sitcom so I can't wait [TS]

  for the pitch [TS]

  dan more and you're up all right for my [TS]

  number two I will pick a female lead [TS]

  character of Wendy Watson or dub dub [TS]

  from the middleman made by natalie [TS]

  morales excellent [TS]

  wow I like the angel Wendy Watson combo [TS]

  alternator better will be the judge of [TS]

  that middleman great show good 1i steve [TS]

  lets you you've got your in the [TS]

  cornfield that's where do you go from [TS]

  here and i have to state i'm thoroughly [TS]

  disappointed disappointed in the lack of [TS]

  a trash talk chat window for this draft [TS]

  we just talked really my bread and [TS]

  butter and trash talk tonight so so [TS]

  looking down my list here I realized [TS]

  that the only characters I've ever liked [TS]

  in television ever have been the the [TS]

  unloved second bananas [TS]

  oh so the total viewership yes great [TS]

  Anthony Anthony also indirectly bananas [TS]

  the parody porno film made after the [TS]

  title of my film anyway uh so i have one [TS]

  character that I think might potentially [TS]

  be picked by other people on this [TS]

  podcast I'm going to use them up now I'm [TS]

  going to take Benjamin Linus from Los [TS]

  he was all oh man you're killing me [TS]

  because every ship is Jason needs a foil [TS]

  needs a an antagonist and i don't i [TS]

  can't recall a better more just [TS]

  blatantly evil antagonist in any [TS]

  television show in recent memory [TS]

  Benjamin line and Linus what a great pic [TS]

  that was seriously that he was high on [TS]

  my list you might have gone next [TS]

  wow you got me Steve nice headline is in [TS]

  the cornfield with Anthony now eat it [TS]

  smells all right and trash talk all [TS]

  right it's going to normally I would [TS]

  reserve that for the chat window right [TS]

  but well played a radical right number [TS]

  two pick I what Aaron Sorkin character [TS]

  will this be [TS]

  actually there are only two Aaron circle [TS]

  characters on the list and this is not [TS]

  one of them [TS]

  this is perhaps my favorite role in [TS]

  McShane Silas Benjamin the king of gal [TS]

  boa in the very very short-lived series [TS]

  Kings because really he's a badass so [TS]

  King Silas and Natalie from sports night [TS]

  or on the same show [TS]

  yes happy wow ok that's a alright [TS]

  like I can't even imagine that's awesome [TS]

  i have an amazing plot all right well [TS]

  Ben Linus this knot is is a is not on [TS]

  the board so it again Snell oh man so [TS]

  you will eat it [TS]

  I'm gonna go with Alan Alda as Hawkeye [TS]

  Pierce that is an excellent choice my [TS]

  second pick [TS]

  I almost had a lot on my list avoided [TS]

  Hawkeye Pierce great character if [TS]

  Captain Kirk needs a doctor on his new [TS]

  show i'm just saying [TS]

  Hawkeye can provide some medicine and [TS]

  some laughs so that's my number two pick [TS]

  Hawkeye Pierce and some poignant moment [TS]

  smashes one of those shows that you [TS]

  never know where it's gonna go [TS]

  one minute you're laughing the next [TS]

  minute like 14 kids blew up i know i [TS]

  know that you're asking again which is a [TS]

  little weird [TS]

  you might say that that uh there there [TS]

  the streets are littered with shows that [TS]

  attempted to do the mass formula like [TS]

  you know [TS]

  for tonight or scrubs for tonight was a [TS]

  lot like match [TS]

  yeah I truly hope for Hawkeye sake that [TS]

  you're your plot line does not feature [TS]

  someone choking a chicken [TS]

  it turns out to be a baby yeah go [TS]

  hawkeyes just gonna put on a blue shirt [TS]

  me that be a doctor in my show [TS]

  that's all I'm saying is John syracuse [TS]

  third-round who's your who's your next [TS]

  pick you got river song and Daisy from [TS]

  space on the board [TS]

  I'm happy to have made it into third [TS]

  round for this pic Jack Shephard from [TS]

  lost the lead of one of the best shows [TS]

  in recent years at least interesting [TS]

  here together he wants that well maybe I [TS]

  have a plan for him ever think of that [TS]

  everybody has a plan for Jackie's gonna [TS]

  cry a lot [TS]

  boredom is that you're playing i hope i [TS]

  hope you're not counting on your show [TS]

  involving him asking perceptive [TS]

  questions i think i think he looks I [TS]

  think you look sad a lot and he stares [TS]

  in the middle distance a lot so you know [TS]

  what would be a good episode of your [TS]

  show but let's find out how Jack got his [TS]

  tattoos this i hear that would be really [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  ok Jack Shephard that's good lost lost [TS]

  being represented here that's great Scot [TS]

  MacDonald you've got the doctor david [TS]

  tennant doctor and Q really well I I [TS]

  don't even want a shudder to think [TS]

  what's next go ahead have a contest to [TS]

  guess which other omnipotent character [TS]

  he's gonna you're not gonna guess this [TS]

  character i can tell you i have a [TS]

  proclivity for enjoying dated detective [TS]

  shows so my next pic about colombo he's [TS]

  basically omniscient bow proof that's [TS]

  true on my level 100 was actually on my [TS]

  list that's great [TS]

  highly perceptive a glass eye you can't [TS]

  beat it [TS]

  excellent excellent created its dr. you [TS]

  in colombo now on that team [TS]

  I'm so glad the glass I featured into [TS]

  your decision-making okie i just got one [TS]

  more question [TS]

  angel and Wendy Watson already populated [TS]

  and morons not team really ensemble and [TS]

  what's your third pic I I my heart [TS]

  skipped a beat there when when Scott [TS]

  said that because my next pick is also a [TS]

  venerable TV detective Jim Rockford [TS]

  rockford ah I'll seems curtains garner [TS]

  yes we're going to be joining millet [TS]

  there are so many options you know [TS]

  Cagney Lacey so many ways to go with [TS]

  that but no I pick I pick Jim Rockford [TS]

  the sort of a somewhat disheveled but [TS]

  extremely perceptive i gotta say i'm [TS]

  looking at your forecast here I'm I'm [TS]

  mom I'm kind of liking your show already [TS]

  and i'm making significant revisions as [TS]

  negotiating but i have beefed up my [TS]

  caskets are right that the best way to [TS]

  do this press release to make it up as [TS]

  you go along you gotta do it that way [TS]

  and drink heavily [TS]

  yes i wish i had another beer now Jim [TS]

  Rockford Steve let's you've got Anthony [TS]

  from the twilight zone and Benjamin [TS]

  Linus what's your next pick [TS]

  it's pretty much all downhill from here [TS]

  those are my two go two guys now it's [TS]

  all a David Eckstein the whole way down [TS]

  you have to fill in the roster scrappy [TS]

  Joe they're all scrappy the trigger and [TS]

  scrappy-doo scrappy hey that's not a bit [TS]

  of your of value pic perhaps the [TS]

  scrappiest of them all and I I i [TS]

  wondered which of the many wonderful [TS]

  characters i should pick from this show [TS]

  but this one shown above all the rest [TS]

  because i always felt that he should [TS]

  have a spin-off but alas it was never to [TS]

  be I Richard clients Larry Dallas our [TS]

  tvs threes company comin knock on our [TS]

  door and I'm a pic greedy Gretchen later [TS]

  just so he has something to do [TS]

  yes we have if we were doing a location [TS]

  draft you could you could draft the [TS]

  regal beagle and I'm and if we do that [TS]

  all right Ben Linus Larry from Three's [TS]

  Company because my cornea you could make [TS]

  the Regal Beagle sentient i'll have you [TS]

  know that wow you turn the Regal Beagle [TS]

  into an action would be to have to say [TS]

  this is this with a crown no doubt this [TS]

  is the street just podcast we have ever [TS]

  done including the stephen fry podcast [TS]

  now that's how weird it's gotten already [TS]

  but we're only in the third round as I [TS]

  was growing up the one show I was not [TS]

  allowed to watch was Three's Company I [TS]

  don't know what is sad sad life and of [TS]

  course that meant that meant the only [TS]

  show i wanted to watch with threes [TS]

  company you finally watching him where [TS]

  you were you satisfied disappointed i [TS]

  have seen all the entire [TS]

  run of Three's Company and the spin-off [TS]

  wear jackets a restaurant I can't think [TS]

  of anything that attracts ice Jack's [TS]

  place [TS]

  yeah cheers of the crowd the crowd is [TS]

  the crowd is get out [TS]

  that's what he said get out of my bar i [TS]

  can only have three people here serenity [TS]

  Caldwell what's your what's your choice [TS]

  oh boy i cannot believe i got to this [TS]

  choice unscathed [TS]

  I so as we as we know Silas Benjamin is [TS]

  a is a religious man on kings and so to [TS]

  to join him I need somebody equally [TS]

  religious so I'm actually going with [TS]

  Castiel from Supernatural the i know i'm [TS]

  sorry Dan Moore and weeps bitter tears [TS]

  of regret yeah he wasn't on my list but [TS]

  I thought about adding him later but [TS]

  then after Stephen see whether this [TS]

  person is because i have no idea sure he [TS]

  he is an angel from heaven [TS]

  I he's he's an angel of the Lord yes [TS]

  he's in handling many people who are not [TS]

  either teenage girls or mine are Dan and [TS]

  yes we'll have explained earlier a [TS]

  teenager not just you two we have angel [TS]

  as we add an angel on the correct [TS]

  although i think if it was between [TS]

  Castiel and angela broughton like a [TS]

  brawl I I think castillo would probably [TS]

  when he's gruff back at Castle sandpit [TS]

  firefighter well hand-to-hand but he is [TS]

  an angel which gives him some pretty bad [TS]

  exactly yeah Larry would take them both [TS]

  yeah we're very clear from Three's [TS]

  Company will kill the boat with or [TS]

  without the fro with smartness alright [TS]

  i'm up I've got Hawkeye Pierce and [TS]

  Captain Kirk I am going to go with a [TS]

  character from buffy the vampire slayer [TS]

  but not Buffy although i'm certainly [TS]

  tempting i think Buffy and Captain Kirk [TS]

  my clash so I'm gonna go with willow [TS]

  from buffy the vampire slayer powerful [TS]

  which also knows her way around a [TS]

  computer can do a little hacking when [TS]

  necessary to move the plot along willow [TS]

  from buffy is my is my pic but only [TS]

  nineties computers though if they're in [TS]

  the future with Captain Kirk's computer [TS]

  shop no it's not true she's that good [TS]

  she taught a class a computer class [TS]

  while a student in high school she [TS]

  taught her fellow students that's how [TS]

  good she is [TS]

  I'm just putting out but she could use [TS]

  her magic [TS]

  anyway she's a hell of a flute player [TS]

  she is indeed i might be there are wires [TS]

  here a little bit hang on John siracusa [TS]

  fourth round begins with you so I'm I'm [TS]

  not surprised nobody picked this one but [TS]

  it's a great character Joan Harris from [TS]

  mad men put by christina hendricks he [TS]

  was on my list [TS]

  Wow tall second is too old about [TS]

  Hollywood proud three Steve three she [TS]

  she could have a show on her own just [TS]

  that character [TS]

  ah that's dry plant for her [TS]

  that sounds wrong LOL but John I like [TS]

  the sound of this show does it involve a [TS]

  paneled van is this on cinemax the [TS]

  second that it would have to be third [TS]

  bananas with no I can't wait for Jon [TS]

  show Scott McNulty Europe oddly enough [TS]

  my wife suggested that i had Joan to my [TS]

  list and I rejected it [TS]

  I said it does not fit with my my plan [TS]

  Colombo's you dr. ass showing from [TS]

  happen exactly and of course the obvious [TS]

  pick when you have Doctor Who q and [TS]

  colombo the fourth pic I know you're all [TS]

  about to say it [TS]

  Tom servo oh that was one of mine take [TS]

  them out ms mystery science theater love [TS]

  your house and I think Scott's is going [TS]

  to be a period drama his arms don't work [TS]

  that what you gonna do with that it's [TS]

  gonna be and it's gonna be in like [TS]

  nineteen century New York 1917 York yeah [TS]

  but where you don't need arms for some [TS]

  reason he has already just got arms they [TS]

  don't that's just wobble about on his [TS]

  don't be be a little more respectful ok [TS]

  some people have disability now i'm just [TS]

  pissed he took my pic ok sorry was good [TS]

  one you shouldn't take it off before he [TS]

  picked Anthony didn't look nobody else [TS]

  is gonna pick that you should say that [TS]

  but yeah that was that was in danger [TS]

  happen Anthony would have been on the [TS]

  board [TS]

  I've never gonna hear the end of Anthony [TS]

  free mon ami no no never no squadron [TS]

  squandered pick their sad maybe i'll [TS]

  take another Billy movie characters that [TS]

  you have Dan more'n angel wet windy [TS]

  Watson and Jim Rockford on your on your [TS]

  board [TS]

  what's next to be joined by and and I [TS]

  want to make sure that we've got the the [TS]

  understanding of this correct [TS]

  fo Livia Dunham huh I'm just [TS]

  so alternate reality alternate reality [TS]

  Olivia Dunham because she's more [TS]

  interesting than our reality Olivia I [TS]

  think that's available but alright she [TS]

  was almost on my list that I avoid that [TS]

  stretch you don't need a little more [TS]

  spice it up in the in the estrogen [TS]

  department right now so you like I'm [TS]

  building up a you like Olivia but for [TS]

  Olivia better than Olivia why it's just [TS]

  more energy she she's got a little more [TS]

  personality to get them over if she got [TS]

  the red hair and I'm a sucker for [TS]

  redheads so you know I think that these [TS]

  all add up to the reasons why she I [TS]

  think will fit in very nicely or maybe [TS]

  not so nicely in my ensemble [TS]

  alright so John Harris pokemon i mean [TS]

  now but you know different different [TS]

  needs yourself the board [TS]

  Steve let's I go ahead i'm not i got [TS]

  nothing but you got you get in [TS]

  apparently neither do i got bill movie [TS]

  Ben Linus and Larry from Three's Company [TS]

  I can't wait to see what's next [TS]

  um well i'm gonna go with one that's a [TS]

  that's close to my heart for various [TS]

  reasons and I know somebody's just [TS]

  raring to pick him so I better grab him [TS]

  now I'm gonna take a pic Skeletor from [TS]

  the last physical universe teems yeah i [TS]

  do not think you should be on the show [TS]

  with Tom servo well the beauty of [TS]

  Skeletor is that he can die every [TS]

  weekend yet miraculously reappear from [TS]

  under the pile of rocks that he was [TS]

  buried under in subsequent holds so if [TS]

  Anthony tries to send Skeletor the [TS]

  cornfield what happens is back to the [TS]

  next week [TS]

  that's the intention of the show's [TS]

  spoilers no spoilers all right away for [TS]

  your ok for your you're pretty girly [TS]

  it's crucial to my plot which which I [TS]

  look forward to making up on the candle [TS]

  yeah that's appropriate serenity [TS]

  Caldwell back to you God which one next [TS]

  ok i'm actually going to go with Cory [TS]

  carriers version of young indiana jones [TS]

  so 10 year old young Indy and you're [TS]

  only young you so annoying though that's [TS]

  kind of the point maybe she needs an [TS]

  annoying terror or I sense a creepy [TS]

  crush in the offing here but i actually [TS]

  didn't watch it until about three years [TS]

  ago to believe [TS]

  creepy that change things whatever show [TS]

  created pressure-packed it just makes it [TS]

  creepier and we just really have a [TS]

  precocious a relatively young person in [TS]

  the cast I mean honestly that's still [TS]

  available honestly that's why I went [TS]

  with willow because I could do the [TS]

  younger willow and she sort of [TS]

  precocious and you gotta have that [TS]

  Wesley Crusher character but not as lame [TS]

  as Wesley Crusher so young India 10 [TS]

  going nice goin with the sean patrick [TS]

  flanery now go with the younger indie [TS]

  ten-year-old indeed ok I am going to [TS]

  pick Jeff Murdock from coupling with my [TS]

  neck oh damn it [TS]

  revenge yeah Jeff Murdock that's a great [TS]

  show with one of my favorite sitcoms of [TS]

  all time and that character is if the is [TS]

  the thing that makes all the other [TS]

  insanity happen there are a lot of good [TS]

  characters in there but he is the bad [TS]

  Welshman played by richard coyle too [TS]

  many fantastic lines that he says that [TS]

  Steven Moffat road for that fit for him [TS]

  love it so I got to have some comic [TS]

  relief and it's going to come from Jeff [TS]

  and Jeff and Hawkeye Pierce get together [TS]

  who knows what will happen they make [TS]

  sure a tent on the enterprise [TS]

  I don't know what's going on alright [TS]

  fifth-round John siracusa all right i'll [TS]

  call up friends blow your mind well we [TS]

  have a skillet or the last round so this [TS]

  is the fifth round where anything can [TS]

  happen so but sculptor was the fourth [TS]

  round for my fifth round pick [TS]

  John siracusa selects han solo from the [TS]

  star wars holiday special [TS]

  oh you doing I almost went there [TS]

  judges judges and I quote from the rules [TS]

  that a good that's not with any TV show [TS]

  ever [TS]

  it's true it counts so does that mean [TS]

  life day will feature promising your [TS]

  liking the character of Han Solo he has [TS]

  an established character from the movies [TS]

  yes but he appeared on television in [TS]

  that which is any TV show ever in the [TS]

  history of TV the exact words from the [TS]

  email hair bow but why would you pick [TS]

  solo instead of one of the many wiki [TS]

  family medicine such as they are free [TS]

  cheat people too sloppy because I'm [TS]

  going a flea-bitten and scabrous and [TS]

  love my carpet [TS]

  I thought someone else might make the [TS]

  same move so I had an alternate ready [TS]

  but I'll allow it [TS]

  I'll allow it but it but there's there's [TS]

  gotta be a holiday-themed he always has [TS]

  to remark about wiki holiday is I like [TS]

  that rule is that where you're a santa [TS]

  hat for the whole thing it does not in [TS]

  Star Wars and if he shoots first he uses [TS]

  a candy cane and it shoots garland [TS]

  little island on my show for Jack so [TS]

  someone else a once a John is is your [TS]

  penalty for picking on solo in the [TS]

  holiday special is that if you ever do a [TS]

  holiday episode of your show on solar [TS]

  does actually have to say that he is [TS]

  more interested in life day that's all [TS]

  I'm saying that's your penalty I've got [TS]

  a bad feeling about this right i will [TS]

  avoid holiday and apologize all right [TS]

  Scott McNulty your Europe have given the [TS]

  fact that i just found out that you need [TS]

  to have a young precocious character in [TS]

  order for your show was just known that [TS]

  already i didn't know i didn't get the [TS]

  the updated rules i will pick murse [TS]

  Oh Jonathan Jonathan winters lenders [TS]

  from Normandy here the Pitcairn [TS]

  physically impossible and adding more [TS]

  annoying character to Mork and Mindy [TS]

  exactly working maybe is a classic TV [TS]

  folks Jonathan winters comic genius [TS]

  how can you go wrong always possible [TS]

  many Canadian summers with that show I [TS]

  like what you're doing there [TS]

  McNulty I like where you're going you [TS]

  can tell me what i'm doing here i would [TS]

  appreciate it when i wake up i don't [TS]

  know but I'll I can't explain it but I [TS]

  like it [TS]

  dan moore and what what you got all [TS]

  right to add to my round up my micro a [TS]

  little bit here a venerable newspaper [TS]

  reporter Carl Kolchak from nice tonight [TS]

  stone the Nightstalker yeah yeah so I [TS]

  you cannot go wrong with Darren McGavin [TS]

  yes exactly darren mcgavin version not [TS]

  be later crappy version that they made a [TS]

  few years ago [TS]

  no no I'm not no remakes here I'm so [TS]

  yeah he'll be he'll be supplementing [TS]

  angel and Wendy Watson would be done [TS]

  imagine Jim Rockford day but it's gonna [TS]

  be great will be the judge of that you [TS]

  have Skeletor no no you do not [TS]

  I don't have skeletons show without [TS]

  Skeletor is a failure to your bed liners [TS]

  I don't think so [TS]

  no you do not what's that we're gonna [TS]

  have some serious discussions too bad [TS]

  been and skeletor steeply as much to [TS]

  discuss see what what's next [TS]

  Godzilla funny animated Godzilla series [TS]

  i had someone in mind but your Murdock [TS]

  pic kind of pulled me out of it so I [TS]

  think I gotta grab another comic relief [TS]

  character and and take Joe Bluth oh you [TS]

  jerk he was on my list [TS]

  yes you so-and-so isn't this pleases me [TS]

  try I'm shot that Skeletor was not [TS]

  everybody's list so i just need to have [TS]

  somebody that would piss somebody off [TS]

  right by pulling a really good picture [TS]

  butter and jelly and and the the final [TS]

  countdown will therefore be my show's [TS]

  theme song okay and they said please [TS]

  picture prominently as sung by Skeletor [TS]

  approves what skills are Ben why does [TS]

  anybody actually all approved and Larry [TS]

  Larry doesn't approve to this is the [TS]

  best roster ever [TS]

  ok REM what do you got i-i've got James [TS]

  Nesbitt's version of Jekyll dr. tom [TS]

  jackman and his crazy alter ego [TS]

  Wow from the Steven Moffat Jekyll series [TS]

  yes [TS]

  wait you can't take an alter ego and the [TS]

  main character it's super ruling it is [TS]

  the 24 it is it counts as he only one of [TS]

  them as president any given time is good [TS]

  approved I'm but I continuing this draft [TS]

  under protest [TS]

  you took his Joe Blow dr. jungle [TS]

  heavenly disaster find a guy right and [TS]

  yeah Happy New Year contest i was going [TS]

  to split himself and half or something [TS]

  yes that would be ridiculous yes just [TS]

  hang onto your skin order order in the [TS]

  court [TS]

  take the right half of what I will take [TS]

  the top half of job who's next [TS]

  oh it's me oh no I think my team needs a [TS]

  little uh a little classic detective [TS]

  crime drama muscle because quite frankly [TS]

  I was very impressed with those [TS]

  fourth-round selection of Colombo and [TS]

  Rockford but i also like a little humor [TS]

  and lightness with my with my detective [TS]

  drama and so I'm gonna go with it [TS]

  it's the detroit tigers hat it's the [TS]

  Hawaiian shirt it's a mustache [TS]

  I'm going with thomasmagnum bag horse [TS]

  p is awesome now does the mustache count [TS]

  as a second character or didn't get the [TS]

  budget it comes with two friends and [TS]

  it's a detachable mustache with comfort [TS]

  grip something like that [TS]

  alright I like my shaping up John number [TS]

  six pick what are you what are you gonna [TS]

  do now [TS]

  alright so I I was defending rennes [TS]

  choice of this Jekyll and Hyde character [TS]

  because my next pick although many [TS]

  people in one I would like echo from [TS]

  dollhouse mask which echo the the [TS]

  original one who comes into the facility [TS]

  or the one of the eight thousand [TS]

  different personalities I'm I'm just I'm [TS]

  blanket i'm taking the whole echo and it [TS]

  will be at my discretion [TS]

  yes when you pick echo you get the [TS]

  little machine that comes with her and [TS]

  allows 10 machine with their I just [TS]

  you'll have a plan all right okay but [TS]

  he's like a secret you can't get the [TS]

  accessories that's why i like the doctor [TS]

  should come with the TARDIS maybe he [TS]

  comes with a sonic screwdriver know he [TS]

  he gets the TARDIS I've spoken [TS]

  ok it fits into your premise that way [TS]

  Scott go ahead i will pick Larry David [TS]

  Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm [TS]

  Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm [TS]

  Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm I can't [TS]

  wait until Larry David mirth and Q get [TS]

  in the conversation but it'll be awkward [TS]

  and then and then the doctor alternative [TS]

  the camera and say I'm so sorry so so [TS]

  sir the tier will [TS]

  ok Dan you're up what's your sick spouse [TS]

  alright alright so as for my round I [TS]

  will pick a a totally panicking I'm [TS]

  panicking [TS]

  alright i will add to the two RR [TS]

  detective ranks without Shawn Spencer [TS]

  played by James Roday from the TV show [TS]

  psych the possibly is a psychic [TS]

  detective he's not as i can take anybody [TS]

  plays 1 i'm for the police department so [TS]

  i will add him to my roster [TS]

  alright you got psych likes on your side [TS]

  Steve you got you got Skeletor and show [TS]

  bluetooth what's next [TS]

  okay let's see here but over i will take [TS]

  because i need an intelligent and [TS]

  acerbic fellow who was capable of [TS]

  solving problems that nobody else can [TS]

  and therefore i will pick dr. Gregory [TS]

  House oh he was on my list very good pic [TS]

  great character he's got a drug problem [TS]

  most of what he does and and that's [TS]

  going to be hard to write for ya [TS]

  although i think Skeletor yeah [TS]

  moonlights as a you know a drug abuse [TS]

  counselors don't know actually sculpture [TS]

  can hook you up with some vicodin [TS]

  Skeletor actually has spent way too long [TS]

  on crystal meth he had a lot of flash to [TS]

  begin with oh it's said really you [TS]

  should see this before pictures [TS]

  oh ok rabbits your turn i guess i should [TS]

  fill in my other main character and I [TS]

  was keeping him down because I didn't [TS]

  think anybody would pick him but I i [TS]

  should name him now and that would be [TS]

  Logan kale aki is only from the two [TS]

  seasoned show darkangel that premiered [TS]

  in early two thousands [TS]

  he is a journalist by night and [TS]

  billionaire by day and super hacker that [TS]

  happens all the time civilian air at [TS]

  night time to explore to be a [TS]

  billionaire all what civilians revamped [TS]

  its vampire money but he sells all of [TS]

  his things at night so first vampire [TS]

  money anyway [TS]

  Logan he's pretty he's pretty cool i [TS]

  mean there's the whole wheelchair flyby [TS]

  and played by who by michael weatherly [TS]

  see what is pressed gosh I don't know [TS]

  what that means you doing what I sorry [TS]

  that's just me giving red grief [TS]

  yes but he's giving me grief because [TS]

  michael weatherly is dreamy [TS]

  oh he's dreaming he's dreamed I don't [TS]

  know who you know I see [TS]

  oh god why pick Skeletor oh I'm sure i [TS]

  was at with a mic on there he is now on [TS]

  CSI [TS]

  I think no and CIS CIS whatever one of [TS]

  those acronyms shows acronym show is [TS]

  quick with that answer did I have a [TS]

  comprehensive knowledge of television i [TS]

  have not seen he also has a crush on [TS]

  Michael Weatherly because it's also true [TS]

  alright i have i have to go to another [TS]

  another female character here because [TS]

  I've got I've got a little too many male [TS]

  characters in my my cast so far so I'm [TS]

  going to go since because Captain Kirk [TS]

  is involved there may be spaceships and [TS]

  every space ship needs an engineer and [TS]

  romance so i'm going to go with kaylee [TS]

  the engineer from firefly who is spun [TS]

  he and sassy and also very free with her [TS]

  sexuality which I find refreshing so [TS]

  Kayleigh just like scotty from fired I [TS]

  much like she's not really i thought you [TS]

  were going to say much like they said I [TS]

  thought you'd say Scott doing that was [TS]

  good that was why I laughed so hard [TS]

  yes yes Kelly and Scott McNulty have a [TS]

  lot in common [TS]

  more than you know hmm they both have a [TS]

  secret collection of e-books kayla from [TS]

  fireflies my pic John seventh-round but [TS]

  there will be more [TS]

  alright i don't know how many more but [TS]

  there were about gun show that I have [TS]

  Dan to thank for because i never watch [TS]

  this without his recommendation know [TS]

  it's supernatural [TS]

  i'm selecting Hank dollar worth from [TS]

  terrier is the next one he was kind of a [TS]

  rumble down-on-his-luck private [TS]

  detective have a detective heart broken [TS]

  sad sack kind of guy but he also had you [TS]

  know a little bit of spunk and [TS]

  determination and he was smart and [TS]

  street smarts and an all-around good guy [TS]

  just good-hearted alright hang from [TS]

  Terriers good one Scott i will pick for [TS]

  my seventh pick looking at my list here [TS]

  a childhood favorite of mine and I [TS]

  rewatched many episodes as an adult I [TS]

  found out it was a horrible horrible [TS]

  show is often happens is true [TS]

  MacGyver yeah Richard Dean Anderson is [TS]

  my secret crush [TS]

  if any if any man ever was the Guyver [TS]

  well he can solve some the mullet is [TS]

  about Colombia is the moment colombo [TS]

  plus MacGyver plus the doctor you could [TS]

  pretty much solve anything in the [TS]

  universe + k reverses q although [TS]

  although MacGyver will be trying to rig [TS]

  something up in the doctor just take out [TS]

  the screwdriver good let's try them [TS]

  won't work well Tom server will just [TS]

  take out a gun and shoot everybody know [TS]

  he won't because his arms don't work but [TS]

  it is really simple apps [TS]

  exactly and more'n it's your turn haha [TS]

  alright so i sadly have to go with a [TS]

  with a character from a show that i [TS]

  actually have not really watched but he [TS]

  is in central to my premise and that is [TS]

  the character of Mick st. John played by [TS]

  the actor alex o'loughlin on a [TS]

  short-lived [TS]

  we've CBS show called moonlight yes [TS]

  Wow yes but he is he's a vampire on he's [TS]

  a vampire and a detective and detective [TS]

  excellent yes I do see where you're [TS]

  going with this [TS]

  well now i gotta hurry because i have a [TS]

  limited number of rounds left [TS]

  that's right i got my supporting how [TS]

  many who knows who knows it could be as [TS]

  many as ten there at least 2 or [TS]

  including this alive [TS]

  well this changes everything alright go [TS]

  ahead [TS]

  uh okay looking down my list I it [TS]

  appears that i didn't actually put any [TS]

  females on my list noticing that [TS]

  yeah yeah I feel like filling my female [TS]

  cast later because I as they occurred to [TS]

  me but it kind of seems like i need 1i [TS]

  for love interest scott also have to [TS]

  wear something show by the way [TS]

  Odette is that right Scott we should get [TS]

  together it's robot-man aruba observable [TS]

  could be a woman so a in the interest of [TS]

  of balance and and inclusiveness and and [TS]

  such i will take rudy huxtable is it's [TS]

  gonna be a love interest with a great [TS]

  for my cornfields 21 age 18 days right [TS]

  what age that's important at the rudy [TS]

  huxtable age [TS]

  governor Beshear sugar all up on that [TS]

  show you take the birdcage yeah i was [TS]

  gonna go to bother about to go to page [TS]

  dude if Anthony fremont kanwisher into a [TS]

  cornfield he can wish her into 18 and a [TS]

  double D's alright [TS]

  whoa and so wrong let's get this is a [TS]

  food tasting and rich again LOL attorney [TS]

  Huxtable power of the same field [TS]

  ok it was always meant to be this what [TS]

  life is like in your mind Steve huh [TS]

  the answer is yes ok room i'm going to [TS]

  also dip into the middleman pool and [TS]

  pull out mr. Mundson serpent Neville [TS]

  played by Mark shepherd mysterious owner [TS]

  of corporation that boy that boy every [TS]

  and billionaire by night a billion [TS]

  and Elia all the time the 24-hour [TS]

  billionaire yes maker of the thing that [TS]

  is sort of and supposed to be an ipod [TS]

  but not really it's a you master [TS]

  here we go I with my pic I think I need [TS]

  a little more comic relief and so I'm [TS]

  gonna I'm gonna go with this this is [TS]

  going to be just as confusing as Scott [TS]

  Larry David pic I'm gonna go with jerry [TS]

  seinfeld wasn't as jerry seinfeld inside [TS]

  felt in the marriage ref haha no the [TS]

  movie Jerry no not be movie i I just I [TS]

  need somebody to make some observational [TS]

  humor and jerry seinfeld is my choice [TS]

  so Jerry Seinfeld from seinfeld John I'm [TS]

  gonna go with jamesport AKA so we're [TS]

  great character who is who is a method [TS]

  acting but also devious and slightly [TS]

  mercenary and a little bit shady [TS]

  together Sawyer han Solo and Jack [TS]

  Shephard but that's right a little [TS]

  fascinating ground [TS]

  yeah oh I'm equal amount of women i [TS]

  think that I are close to it [TS]

  oh yeah well you've got Jonah and Daisy [TS]

  and River Song yeah and echo this is a [TS]

  power-packed cast just wait to see what [TS]

  all right Scott McNulty and you followed [TS]

  MacGyver it's it's hard to follow [TS]

  MacGyver i will admit so i will pick [TS]

  from my list of people that look like [TS]

  some sort of monkey assemble that for me [TS]

  Jose chung x-files was played by trials [TS]

  and Elsa Riley he's a he's a writer is a [TS]

  writer and a raconteur and an all-around [TS]

  interesting character yeah Charles [TS]

  Nelson Reilly plays a guy named jose [TS]

  child I was a child he had in the [TS]

  x-files Andy and millennium right Lydia [TS]

  yeah yeah whatever else he is I know [TS]

  he's fabulous hosts a Chung's from outer [TS]

  spaces may be my favorite episode of the [TS]

  x-files great stuff [TS]

  he's a great character as you didn't [TS]

  like matter space and you said you [TS]

  didn't like the x-files I didn't but I [TS]

  like certain characters [TS]

  the xbox i was a young being one of them [TS]

  that's great you're all dude cast [TS]

  suddenly makes a lot more sense i have a [TS]

  plaid alright damn man you have three [TS]

  more characters to fill three more half [TS]

  man dude is there any is there any [TS]

  possibility don't know dropping a [TS]

  previous damn it it made a total mistake [TS]

  that maybe there isn't it that way for [TS]

  hire you could trade ya alright you drop [TS]

  somebody later okay then I'm going to go [TS]

  into to continue my theme i'm going to [TS]

  go with another another show that barely [TS]

  glimpsed show a character named nick [TS]

  knight played by the canadian actor [TS]

  believe garant win Davies in the TV show [TS]

  forever night which probably no one has [TS]

  heard of because it's a show about a [TS]

  vampire sector is detective yeah we got [TS]

  that I am sensing a theme there is [TS]

  definitely at these two tiny I didn't [TS]

  have Hasselhoff in it that one did not [TS]

  have hassle [TS]

  oh that's forever Knight Rider which is [TS]

  the name of his autobiography yes Steve [TS]

  it's you [TS]

  yes it is I've noticed actually in [TS]

  addition to not having had women in my [TS]

  cast [TS]

  well technically i think last year i'm [TS]

  sure you do now because you're Rudy [TS]

  Huxtable now she can be whatever she [TS]

  wants and and I've also noticed i don't [TS]

  have any cat puppets [TS]

  so I'm going to take a little Murray [TS]

  sparkles from Sesame Street well see if [TS]

  you broke in my brain is so just gets [TS]

  weirder and weirder [TS]

  oh that's great i think i've seen this [TS]

  that's basically doing farscape here [TS]

  yeah really ok red it's your turn [TS]

  oh god okay so I am conflicted about [TS]

  which female character to choose from [TS]

  the show i think i will probably end up [TS]

  going with Andromeda the ship AI from [TS]

  the show Andromeda because I mean really [TS]

  who doesn't need a good robot [TS]

  virtualization alright she was well [TS]

  programmed she was well programmed and [TS]

  spunky spunky I ok I am going to go with [TS]

  another title character i'm going to go [TS]

  with Veronica Mars know what I almost [TS]

  picked Veronica Mars from from veronica [TS]

  mars she's spunky she's a college [TS]

  student or a high school student [TS]

  depending on when you were get her shes [TS]

  solves crime listen and finds a [TS]

  interesting get her a lot [TS]

  yes stop it yea though yeah but not on [TS]

  your show Scott it's true and and there [TS]

  maybe if Magnum can solve it may be [TS]

  Veronica Mars can so I'm going to go [TS]

  with veronica mars john lot of [TS]

  detectives over on that side of the show [TS]

  you go detectives dan as detectives [TS]

  round nine you gotta have it all right [TS]

  around nine [TS]

  alright i'm not going to select the [TS]

  detective i'm going to select Khal Drogo [TS]

  from Game of Thrones [TS]

  you shouldn't short-lived character but [TS]

  but it seems from what great scenes they [TS]

  were you're already dead [TS]

  I just I here I loved him as the copilot [TS]

  of them away your help [TS]

  well he's gonna placement for the [TS]

  Wookiee Scott go ahead since it has been [TS]

  brought to my attention that i am [TS]

  lacking women in my show I i need to [TS]

  pick a woman so i will pick Lorelai [TS]

  Gilmore from the kill me [TS]

  what a woman indeed she just passed [TS]

  she's pretty and witty she doesn't think [TS]

  your little manly too isn't she knows [TS]

  only understand a little [TS]

  I well I don't think so I not manly [TS]

  looking but i'd say that she can handle [TS]

  herself competently which is a trait of [TS]

  a man [TS]

  well I don't know where the burn was [TS]

  coming from are going to in that [TS]

  particular one is not well yet you had [TS]

  the women back on your side without pic [TS]

  I love you gave it right back [TS]

  oh I will never learn [TS]

  damn witch vampire and/or detective are [TS]

  you choosing i'm skipping skipping on [TS]

  that because i have a limited number of [TS]

  pics right yeah I'm not picking vampire [TS]

  Jim Rockford my Hawk stewball there's [TS]

  more Hawks tools there's like 40 of them [TS]

  i mean if I had to pick one would be [TS]

  filled but is not picking hospital so my [TS]

  next pick is in fact yes detective um [TS]

  but this one is Magic raven-symone she's [TS]

  a psychic is totally available [TS]

  all right we're done your mind Madeline [TS]

  Maddie Hayes played by simple Shepherd [TS]

  from my soon David Addison was on my [TS]

  list but response was rejected too much [TS]

  star power now that i know she was a [TS]

  vampire that show makes a lot more is a [TS]

  former fashion model turned vampire turn [TS]

  detective steve i will take Arthur [TS]

  Fonzarelli the farm because traffic [TS]

  before after John was on my way II [TS]

  II that's why I think of him as a happy [TS]

  days [TS]

  and if anything in your house is broken [TS]

  he can just hit it will just whack it [TS]

  yeah he will just whack it to work you [TS]

  would actually Jason he would have been [TS]

  a good choice for your chief engineer he [TS]

  was my backup yes response here Kaylee [TS]

  one of those although i can imagine [TS]

  that's like engineering i need those [TS]

  faces were all dead a captain bang they [TS]

  worked it out that because they look [TS]

  cool but you need to reiterate ke ke [TS]

  runs the comb through his hair was it [TS]

  doesn't take any crap from Skeletor [TS]

  either that or little Murray sparkles [TS]

  for that matter a Murray a non and my [TS]

  god i need Ralph mouth please tell me [TS]

  they're more rounds around you got a pot [TS]

  to your route mouth and if they're not [TS]

  taken before you get you know I know [TS]

  what I'm picking oh ok red go ahead [TS]

  I i am going to go with bradley whitford [TS]

  as Danny Tripp in studio 60 on the [TS]

  Sunset Strip my second circuit choice at [TS]

  danny is highly competent manager of a [TS]

  late night television show and also [TS]

  incredibly goofy alright that's a good [TS]

  one [TS]

  I'm gonna go with a classic character I [TS]

  don't know how he fits in my ensemble [TS]

  yet but he's too good to let sit out [TS]

  there and free agency so i'm going to go [TS]

  with Omar little from the wire Omar Omar [TS]

  comin [TS]

  he's a man of his word he keeps a code [TS]

  but it's not like your coat of my co the [TS]

  co to the street [TS]

  Omar from the wire I don't know how he [TS]

  works in with these other people but he [TS]

  may be the villain I don't know although [TS]

  that's really i'd like to go against [TS]

  type with homework anyway John your last [TS]

  pic thank God knows I had the backfill [TS]

  with this one but i think i've gotten [TS]

  you know against type in this thing i [TS]

  should clarify that i don't know it well [TS]

  you can if you can if you can come up [TS]

  with the reason for the character to [TS]

  have a change so if you think for [TS]

  example of sawyer at the beginning of [TS]

  lost and so at the end of lost is very [TS]

  different so you could have things [TS]

  happen to your character okay but that's [TS]

  a character with an arc but then you've [TS]

  got other characters such [TS]

  Skeletor who are pretty much trouble [TS]

  throughout well you might choose the [TS]

  skelter as an artist or is not evil he's [TS]

  just jealous so i mean could i have him [TS]

  turn around and suddenly you know that [TS]

  part of your show yeah he man lover [TS]

  once he goes yeah once he goes into your [TS]

  show anything is game but yeah I don't [TS]

  know it just has to still be a skeleton [TS]

  but if he goes to meetings you know [TS]

  right like no one's anonymous good 12 [TS]

  steps maybe there's a special episode [TS]

  where he man shows up and they have a [TS]

  understanding of the I Grayskull [TS]

  anonymous I think that they hugged out [TS]

  for those addicted to the power of [TS]

  grayskull yeah exactly [TS]

  alright job alright pick number 10 I'm [TS]

  going with Tywin Lannister who great [TS]

  great presence an older gentleman bring [TS]

  some class to the proceedings also [TS]

  hard-as-nails around [TS]

  wow what a game of thrones and why yeah [TS]

  mm I see what shows you watch all right [TS]

  Scott your last pic my last pic is my [TS]

  best pic i do believe i am picking a [TS]

  space ghost from Smith [TS]

  oh not from the cartoon now from the [TS]

  cartoon because the currently docked [TS]

  sucked this to talk show is where space [TS]

  goes really shines and all this case [TS]

  coast great pick a peck i have somebody [TS]

  animated on my list but it was not space [TS]

  coast so but that's a good pick Dan well [TS]

  i guess i gotta round out my little trio [TS]

  of a classic detective here with none [TS]

  other than a local favorite in my in my [TS]

  town [TS]

  Spencer from the show Spencer for hire [TS]

  played by Robert Urich sadly I do not [TS]

  believe he comes with hawk which makes [TS]

  me think it's not a because that i would [TS]

  love to have avery brooks on the show [TS]

  but but maybe it's maybe a guest star [TS]

  capacity [TS]

  well if he dies in the episode is and [TS]

  then becomes emissary to the prophets [TS]

  you could pick those guys but you didn't [TS]

  i didn't do the all Avery rougher very [TS]

  very good reason the all avery brooks [TS]

  show would have been pretty awesome [TS]

  honestly because that man has gravitas [TS]

  alright he would make you demand is [TS]

  flying cars [TS]

  alright Steve I'm heavily temp [TS]

  to pick up the shark so that the funds [TS]

  will have something to do as he says a [TS]

  comet coffee but instead i will pick a [TS]

  taxis lovable drugged-out hippie Jimmy [TS]

  natal ski the Reverend Jim that's a [TS]

  great one that is good pick next year [TS]

  but the shark was my second okay sorry [TS]

  go to 11 i'm taking the sharks on the [TS]

  waiver wire alright read em okay so my [TS]

  my last pic is not actually human last [TS]

  pic is calling the dog from spaced it [TS]

  coming yes you explain that to me not [TS]

  let not Lancelot much to explain it a [TS]

  dog you know he's a dog he's adorable [TS]

  not even a lot of scenes he gets into [TS]

  mischief you want a dog in your show [TS]

  basically this is the door no I want [TS]

  that specific dog in my show I could [TS]

  have had many I could have had glassy [TS]

  but I chose Colin because you know what [TS]

  he's not he's not the biggest dog or the [TS]

  dog hussy [TS]

  that's what he's not stuck up like [TS]

  Lassie actually he's he's classy you [TS]

  know he gets the job done well though [TS]

  no but that's okay he's an opportunist [TS]

  dog [TS]

  yes it fits with my with my show my cat [TS]

  puppet will totally work your dog [TS]

  all right arm with my 10th pick rounding [TS]

  out my cast I'm going to choose [TS]

  he's a lovable loser he was the star of [TS]

  a series of TV specials throughout the [TS]

  last many decades getting back to the [TS]

  sixties everybody's favorite his head is [TS]

  round he has one hair on the top of his [TS]

  head [TS]

  Charlie Brown the whole nice charlie [TS]

  ship's cat ships counselor degree here I [TS]

  think he may be wearing a red shirt all [TS]

  the slaves will see Charlie Brown he [TS]

  can't wear a red shirt you got a pic [TS]

  Linus if he's gonna wear Richards [TS]

  Charlie Brown never wears a red shirt [TS]

  it's true on my show you used to accept [TS]

  that you're right Reggie guess is the [TS]

  command he's in the command [TS]

  yeah it's gonna say you are yellow on [TS]

  this is that is that a regular insignia [TS]

  that squiggle yes it was just Captain [TS]

  Kirk's got one around his friends are [TS]

  around asleep most of all the bread you [TS]

  imagine Charlie Brown is page on the [TS]

  enterprise will be something like that [TS]

  one wall [TS]

  good girl oh good grief that's right for [TS]

  CA order three battle for command [TS]

  between Kirk and brown and brown said [TS]

  Brown lieutenant Brown i guess the [TS]

  yellow would suggest that all right so [TS]

  um before we we go and we will we will [TS]

  come back and you you have to pitch a [TS]

  show featuring oh my god this team is [TS]

  awesome but let's let's before we go [TS]

  where we're going to recap and let [TS]

  everybody in this awesome [TS]

  yeah chances to to react to the show so [TS]

  John siracusa here is your roster [TS]

  riversong Daisy from spaced Jack [TS]

  Shephard from lost Joan for madmen han [TS]

  solo from the star wars holiday special [TS]

  blue echo from dollhouse tank from [TS]

  Terriers Sawyer from lost Khal Drogo and [TS]

  Tywin Lannister groans oh man oh yeah [TS]

  that I I you know I saw the odd couple [TS]

  remake with Khal Drogo in time unless I [TS]

  don't know one comes out good now how [TS]

  are you feeling about your about yeah [TS]

  I'm feeling good i got all my pics [TS]

  I'm feeling good i got all my pics [TS]

  nobody took any of mine i didn't have to [TS]

  go to any of my alternates the only [TS]

  issues i have was deciding between my [TS]

  primary and alternate few situations I [TS]

  had a I had a David Addison as an [TS]

  alternate Sarah Connor from our economy [TS]

  moves around Starbuck from the SG all [TS]

  resulting from the remake of the rich I [TS]

  I had on my list i had starbucks Dirk [TS]

  Benedict Starbuck on my list actually [TS]

  not have that the female 1 right [TS]

  I don't have faced from the 1880s you [TS]

  sweet dirty Helen man murdered about how [TS]

  mad Murdock yeah i did I I got to go to [TS]

  Jack Murdock yeah the Murdock's yeah I [TS]

  want to share tea [TS]

  oh my god we'd 11v11 start practice on [TS]

  there ain't going nowhere played skinny [TS]

  put me on a plane edible shot mr. he [TS]

  never would've ended up on the island in [TS]

  Los yankin open he just stayed in school [TS]

  alright Stan borin the other team angel [TS]

  when he walks in from the middleman Jim [TS]

  Rockford Olivia from fringe Kolchak The [TS]

  Night Stalker sean from psych Mick st. [TS]

  John Nick night forever night Maggie [TS]

  Hayes for moonlighting strange and [TS]

  spencer from Spencer for hire [TS]

  listen overnight sort of a proto [TS]

  supernatural this is that why you love [TS]

  it too well so here here's here's the [TS]

  issue [TS]

  you know I left one pair of the table [TS]

  which was my fourth vampire detective [TS]

  but i could not I said I did not have [TS]

  room to pick up who was was the [TS]

  character Henry Fitzroy from the [TS]

  canadian show blood ties which i have [TS]

  also never seen but I'm trying to you [TS]

  know go for a collection there we [TS]

  shouldn't pick people universe and makes [TS]

  them hard to read but I had a theme [TS]

  going [TS]

  I had it I have a plot i have a bad way [TS]

  awkward start this is how an awesome [TS]

  show is born however that she would he [TS]

  would have been paired with or my last [TS]

  female heroine who I had to leave on the [TS]

  table was was Charlotte Chuck Charles [TS]

  room faces [TS]

  thanks [TS]

  to a last-minute addition of Shawn [TS]

  Spencer which I'm starting to regret now [TS]

  I hope he proves his worth [TS]

  so Scott McNulty's team david tennant's [TS]

  temp dr. omnipotent cue from Star Trek [TS]

  colombo Tom servo mirth for Mork and [TS]

  Mindy marry David is Larry David Curb [TS]

  Your Enthusiasm MacGyver okay Jose chung [TS]

  Lorelai Gilmore of course and just space [TS]

  goes are you feeling about you [TS]

  I I feel confident I'm glad that next [TS]

  week as a bye week for my team and so [TS]

  that we can strategize and figure out [TS]

  what the hell I'm going to do with these [TS]

  people people and/or omnipotent beings [TS]

  and or Time Lords and or animated ice [TS]

  cracking robots with arms that don't [TS]

  worry [TS]

  yeah which I may need to remind you of [TS]

  pins well Q can fix all these things [TS]

  alright okay alright Steve your roster [TS]

  yes Anthony fremont from the toilets and [TS]

  now Ben Linus I never picked a que Larry [TS]

  from Three's Company now I definitely [TS]

  didn't take him [TS]

  Skeletor why would I pick Skeletor Joe [TS]

  Bluth I have no recollection of making [TS]

  that select dr. house [TS]

  sure this is my list Rudy Huxtable I [TS]

  might have picked her little Murray [TS]

  sparkles with the hell is that [TS]

  Arthur Fonzarelli a and Jim from taxi [TS]

  wow that's a that sets that's a horrible [TS]

  traffic but honestly I think I think you [TS]

  had the best single pick of the draft [TS]

  which is Skeletor [TS]

  I cannot believe he went in the fourth [TS]

  round [TS]

  really thats he's a sleeper oh man he [TS]

  managed better hope so [TS]

  so someone's asleep that's for sure well [TS]

  okay [TS]

  read your team Natalie from sports night [TS]

  King Silas from Kings Castiel from [TS]

  Supernatural right beatiful young [TS]

  indiana jones at ten dr. tom jackman [TS]

  from Steven Moffat Jekyll and his alter [TS]

  eco Logan from darkangel manservant [TS]

  Neville from the middleman millionaire [TS]

  all the time [TS]

  Andromeda the ship's AI from gene [TS]

  roddenberry's Andromeda Danny trip from [TS]

  studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Colin [TS]

  the dog from spaced yes and I had to [TS]

  leave out I i had originally subbed in a [TS]

  sub noser for from the middleman for men [TS]

  serving level but decided at the end [TS]

  that I needed a better villain so so he [TS]

  got he got traded four young Indiana [TS]

  Jones but I left nose around the table [TS]

  and then poor joke because Joe got [TS]

  snatched up by someone else [TS]

  my my list i have Jesse Kirk Hawkeye [TS]

  Pierce Willow Rosenberg from buffy the [TS]

  vampire slayer Jeff Murdock from [TS]

  coupling Thomas magnum p.i Kaylee the [TS]

  engineer from firefly Jerry Seinfeld [TS]

  from seinfeld Veronica Mars Omar from [TS]

  the wire and mr. Charlie Brown is that [TS]

  last pic was difficult because I thought [TS]

  about going with Ambassador Kosh the [TS]

  mysterious and semi omnipotent alien for [TS]

  Babylon 5 mm and because he could just [TS]

  stand around and say things that nobody [TS]

  understands and they think they're deep [TS]

  I thought about with Desmond from lost [TS]

  has brought us husband was my other [TS]

  archbishop loss as men [TS]

  my other wasps character that I had my [TS]

  list but not Daniel Faraday no no Ben [TS]

  Linus is what I really wanted and so [TS]

  sometimes i forgot to get bicycle [TS]

  repairman some jerk drafted Ben Linus so [TS]

  anyway so well so what do you guys think [TS]

  everybody feeling good [TS]

  no it's just a train wreck of an idea [TS]

  yeah right yeah this is the worst [TS]

  podcast we've ever had you know it's [TS]

  going flash well he's not innocent here [TS]

  is not here but somewhere he's breathing [TS]

  heavily I can assure you of that [TS]

  can you can you maybe add that up idea [TS]

  made its the word podcasting he's not [TS]

  here and I think we all fell prey to his [TS]

  trap [TS]

  how about if we give fleischmann our [TS]

  pics that we didn't do we didn't select [TS]

  this is yes to manhandle a Herman [TS]

  Munster it for me over les Nessman hold [TS]

  on hold on da-jung be no we're going to [TS]

  add and mel sharp boy hope no no no [TS]

  seriously we're going to give clarity [TS]

  right now it we're gonna give glad team [TS]

  right now of characters just to force it [TS]

  on him John siracusa to have a character [TS]

  you want to force on Glenn I can only [TS]

  pick one out of my alternates yes i'm [TS]

  going to mean [TS]

  nice and thick Kara Thrace from all-star [TS]

  ok alright he gets Starbuck Scott who [TS]

  you gonna give Glen i will give Glen [TS]

  locks on a Troy alright dad who do you [TS]

  want to give glad I hope it's not a [TS]

  vampire detective know and i'll give him [TS]

  a chart Charlotte Chuck Charles from [TS]

  pushing daisies please let us give him [TS]

  all women this is going really well so [TS]

  far all right uh uh Steve yeah [TS]

  fleischmann can have Steve Urkel damn oh [TS]

  that's that's great [TS]

  that is fantastic read becca Valentine [TS]

  from Andromeda [TS]

  well as Glenn even see my own he's [TS]

  probably seen it probably with these [TS]

  will have to see it i'm watching a lot [TS]

  of TV between now and next we can offer [TS]

  you guys a Canadian vampire drama yeah [TS]

  haven't odeon that i'm going to give [TS]

  blood Jack Donaghy is played by alec [TS]

  baldwin of 30 rock [TS]

  nice you are too kind choice are you [TS]

  know you can build the show with just [TS]

  with just the right we've got four more [TS]

  slots so anybody else got anything we [TS]

  should put in there he should have 10 [TS]

  total right so each other's voice oh [TS]

  you're six of us and now i'm trying to [TS]

  think if there's anyone else I'd all [TS]

  right I'm gonna have I got one [TS]

  yeah gonna be okay i was about that I [TS]

  shouldn't have an animated character to [TS]

  go along well yes actually picked the [TS]

  enemy is gonna be nobody's on the list [TS]

  he clearly gonna be alright alright or [TS]

  or no I will allow him to select between [TS]

  claymation gonna be any mercy [TS]

  it's not much of a pic that is my gift [TS]

  to glen oh ok [TS]

  three more slots you can really sabotage [TS]

  slim that sounds really tempting almost [TS]

  let me think about this [TS]

  oh this is his fault for picking up [TS]

  letting the auto pick he selected his [TS]

  pics i'm gonna back it is the other pic [TS]

  i'm going to give him ba Baracus from [TS]

  dat ya somebody has to have another [TS]

  going it is I'll article is in trouble [TS]

  oh yeah you know I don't see ba and [TS]

  oracle getting along at all i'm going to [TS]

  voice an invoice daniel faraday on him [TS]

  from lost [TS]

  I think I think and to round it out [TS]

  maybe 21 about a name take from one of [TS]

  our own panels Jimmy McNulty [TS]

  oh yeah Kennedy nutty from the wire like [TS]

  his team better than mine you can do [TS]

  wonders given your team [TS]

  do something with Skeletor we will we [TS]

  will reconnect or we will think better [TS]

  of it never let this podcast be heard by [TS]

  anybody [TS]

  we will reconvene in a in a few days or [TS]

  a week or something and we will love [TS]

  everybody knows everybody or years and [TS]

  everybody will come with a concept or or [TS]

  two but really like a concept for a show [TS]

  featuring ideally all of these [TS]

  characters or if not most of them in a [TS]

  premise that you're going to pitch and [TS]

  then we will decide i don't know who [TS]

  wins we did nobody wins really no one [TS]

  whenever well I don't want to lose [TS]

  another shoot a pilot [TS]

  everyone has already lost at this point [TS]

  so it can't really get I could swear [TS]

  I've already have AT&T TV fantasy draft [TS]

  it's just fantasy emphasis on the [TS]

  fantasy although this is more like a [TS]

  nightmare than a family but that's okay [TS]

  i'm gonna have to i'm gonna have to [TS]

  cancel all my catering now that's really [TS]

  the craft services people are not gonna [TS]

  be happy for party down folk and put a [TS]

  deposit [TS]

  yeah that's very sad when when when [TS]

  Spencer and Maddy Hayes are not able to [TS]

  eat their donuts on the craft service [TS]

  yeah exactly it's Maddie he's really [TS]

  detective she's not really no she's not [TS]

  detective examination was the Davidson [TS]

  was a detective and the face of the [TS]

  organization that's it don't hurt why [TS]

  are you crying you criticizing [TS]

  understand where you are collecting [TS]

  detectives how did you leave remington [TS]

  steele of your I'm surprised you didn't [TS]

  go with either is not even I'll to be [TS]

  preferable [TS]

  I thought about I thought about it / [TS]

  monk 80 but you guys you guys are all [TS]

  cupid thing on my list let me talk about [TS]

  Skeletor for a second [TS]

  now let's not talk about it comes with [TS]

  draft the reason you don't drink and [TS]

  draft and also if any of us offense [TS]

  Steve he'll have Anthony said this to [TS]

  the cornfield two or three of you [TS]

  already there [TS]

  I think we may all these mines I he was [TS]

  protecting me up i declare this draft [TS]

  over and it was a lot of fun and [TS]

  ridiculous and that's pretty much what I [TS]

  expected going in so it worked out [TS]

  however I did not expect Skeletor so [TS]

  there nobody's telling [TS]

  no don't LLL not all right so until next [TS]

  time or until we shut down by the [TS]

  authorities [TS]

  hey listen to the incomparable and now i [TS]

  would like to thank my guests one last [TS]

  time before we all are sent to the [TS]

  cornfield Scott pic melty excellent work [TS]

  thank you my favorite pic of yours was [TS]

  probably my divert divert is my favorite [TS]

  as well [TS]

  oh excellent serenity called well thank [TS]

  you for being here and I particularly [TS]

  enjoyed your selection of wow you picked [TS]

  a wacky selection of i'm going to say [TS]

  King Silas because I've seen that show [TS]

  he screams at lightning very well you [TS]

  are one of three Steve let's Skeletor [TS]

  what more can be said thank you for [TS]

  being here Skeletor is his enemy [TS]

  dan more'n vampires detectives and uh [TS]

  dub dub from the middleman which I liked [TS]

  a lot so thank you for being a [TS]

  particular just glad the FCC doesn't [TS]

  shows down yet [TS]

  yes maybe I think it's gonna be like the [TS]

  CIA that shut this down we tapped your [TS]

  skype line and it's too stupid it must [TS]

  be stopped [TS]

  don't you dare you sir I think you had a [TS]

  really solid draft because you you [TS]

  didn't draft to the animated characters [TS]

  or robots [TS]

  yes that was key key part of my strategy [TS]

  don't do dumb things the downfall of [TS]

  your show [TS]

  yeah that's right have you seen TV shows [TS]

  they're all pretty stupid all have [TS]

  animated what you do not have console [TS]

  that's all i have to say yeah this is [TS]

  true [TS]

  yeah holiday han Solo yeah we made the [TS]

  same hand so mighty is not a different [TS]

  one [TS]

  we might have to force you to take [TS]

  nathan fillion firefly but they're [TS]

  pretty much the sink [TS]

  alright so it's a good understand thank [TS]

  you all and thank you for listening you [TS]

  three people who remain listening to [TS]

  this podcast until next time on the [TS]

  inhabitable this is jason still signing [TS]

  off thanks for listening again we're [TS]

  sorry we apologize goodbye [TS]

  a little party [TS]