The Incomparable

45: Lesbian, Silurian, Victorian


  would you like me to repeat the question [TS]

  the incomparable podcast number 45 [TS]

  jun 2011 [TS]

  we're back on the uncomfortable podcast [TS]

  I'm your host Jason snow we have been [TS]

  doing some flash podcast where we talk [TS]

  about Doctor Who episodes they've been [TS]

  airing both in the UK and in the u.s. [TS]

  because it's a show that seems worth [TS]

  talking about now we haven't done one [TS]

  for a few weeks there was a two-part [TS]

  episode and then a midseason finale [TS]

  there were some delays in the US [TS]

  compared to the UK anyway so to wrap it [TS]

  all up this first half season of doctor [TS]

  who was it doesn't come back to the fall [TS]

  we decided to do a full-fledged [TS]

  incomparable podcast about the first [TS]

  half of series 6 of Doctor Who joining [TS]

  me tonight to discuss doctor who r Scott [TS]

  McNulty hi Scott [TS]

  hello Glenn fleischmann a holy serenity [TS]

  Caldwell [TS]

  by who hello Dan more'n Oh trying to [TS]

  make my TARDIS nice i was a bad targets [TS]

  noise I it's hard I tried I need you [TS]

  need some phlegm [TS]

  I don't have a parking brake to put on [TS]

  and John siracusa good evening isn't [TS]

  good evening [TS]

  so what I'd like to do to start off is [TS]

  to talk before we talk about the this [TS]

  half season as a whole are as a half [TS]

  I don't know strange what they're doing [TS]

  I I want to go back and talk about the [TS]

  two stories we haven't discussed on the [TS]

  incomparable the first of which is this [TS]

  two-part episode with the gangers called [TS]

  the rebel flesh and the almost people [TS]

  which aired right before this mid-season [TS]

  finale called a good man goes to war it [TS]

  would anybody like to to open the [TS]

  proceedings about this very peculiar [TS]

  this story set in a monastery but old [TS]

  monastery but in the future and they're [TS]

  pumping acid somewhere around there and [TS]

  just askin what why is the full of acid [TS]

  did I miss something back and rewatch is [TS]

  important it's a monastery and yeah why [TS]

  did they write these episodes [TS]

  maybe the other than the setup that I [TS]

  think that was pretty much it [TS]

  I think I mean I said they wanted the [TS]

  closed-door mysteries they wanted a very [TS]

  limited set of rooms [TS]

  and monasteries are cool it did look [TS]

  great I thought it looked fantastic i [TS]

  love the idea that it would look old but [TS]

  was supposed to be in the future i think [TS]

  that was a very strange welcome and it [TS]

  was weird because you couldn't quite [TS]

  tell where it was like in the setting [TS]

  because clearly was in the future our [TS]

  future right but they also make a [TS]

  comment about like all it's the only [TS]

  thing out there at some point and so you [TS]

  know you can tell like it's an [TS]

  indefinite future it's also been a very [TS]

  i could find out such a ring of water of [TS]

  mars that I could not stand the first [TS]

  part the second part of different [TS]

  feelings about the first part I'm like [TS]

  this is water of mars with slightly [TS]

  different monsters that are equally as [TS]

  creepy and it's sort of like they're [TS]

  being body-snatched but not quite and [TS]

  you know it just it felt like the first [TS]

  part felt like a ridiculous retread with [TS]

  you know had a very contrived bits and [TS]

  pieces but the second I have a thought [TS]

  retrieved a lot of that dross see and I [TS]

  think my view is actually the opposite [TS]

  of that which is I really liked the [TS]

  first episode because you know there are [TS]

  there things in it that are really [TS]

  questionable like why are they pumping [TS]

  acid everything sort of hand wave that [TS]

  is a well there's acid people need acid [TS]

  you gotta plug but but um what I liked [TS]

  about it was that the gangers you know [TS]

  doctor who has this history of having [TS]

  these monsters that are that are maybe a [TS]

  little bit broad they want to take over [TS]

  the universe the galaxy what have you [TS]

  and in this episode [TS]

  what what what happens is that they are [TS]

  not there there's a dilemma because [TS]

  they're not monsters really they're just [TS]

  duplicates and the reason they're [TS]

  monstrous is because they're threatening [TS]

  your place in the universe which is a [TS]

  very different kind of thing and I [TS]

  really kind of thought that was cool i [TS]

  thought that was a really interesting [TS]

  idea and an interesting dilemma to set [TS]

  the characters on now I i do think in [TS]

  the second episode it got kind of weird [TS]

  and make created a monster where I think [TS]

  maybe they're didn't need to be one [TS]

  except they felt they need to have a [TS]

  like one of the gangers is super evil [TS]

  when grows up crazy monster head [TS]

  I you know that that didn't that didn't [TS]

  make it for me but the first episode I [TS]

  think set up a lot of those interesting [TS]

  a moral questions and then the the for [TS]

  me the second episode that the best [TS]

  thing about it was that [TS]

  there were two doctors and all of the [TS]

  questions that brought up [TS]

  yeah i mean i have to say in terms of [TS]

  the first episode should we blow the [TS]

  spoiler horn and we assuming that it's [TS]

  all it's all spoilers from here on out [TS]

  it's all spoilers but all the way down [TS]

  but as well as all the way down [TS]

  okay i think the for the thing that [TS]

  really changes for me between the first [TS]

  part the second part is that Jennifer [TS]

  who is you know ganger Jennifer dig [TS]

  Jennifer is what the person that we kind [TS]

  of identify with inserts half [TS]

  yeah we're she's like I can still [TS]

  remember my wellies and like she's [TS]

  really struggling with the fact that she [TS]

  has all these memories and she doesn't [TS]

  know what to make of them and she's the [TS]

  only one of the gangers who's even [TS]

  remotely receptive to the idea of all [TS]

  these people are nice and I maybe a [TS]

  duplicate but i can still fit in and [TS]

  then like she just kind of switches she [TS]

  turns on a switch about go soft she goes [TS]

  off the deep end [TS]

  yeah she goes from well maybe these guys [TS]

  are good too she sees one of the other [TS]

  gangers basically died and she goes from [TS]

  these guys can be good to know [TS]

  all humans are evil we must kill the [TS]

  humans and i'm going to morph into a [TS]

  crazy [TS]

  oh it's like something from james and [TS]

  the giant I catchweight it would've made [TS]

  more sense to me if that what they had [TS]

  said is you know the flesh itself is [TS]

  pissed off and it's going to take over [TS]

  her body and just wants to kill [TS]

  everybody but instead it was just yeah [TS]

  she just has a change of character and [TS]

  decides to be a monster and I felt [TS]

  totally undercut the whole idea of these [TS]

  other people which is that they were [TS]

  really just people [TS]

  well you know what i think is the [TS]

  interesting part about the flesh is that [TS]

  the Flex is genuinely it's you know it's [TS]

  alive but it's not thinking matter until [TS]

  we put consciousness into them because [TS]

  when you when you come to the later [TS]

  reveal that happens at the end of the [TS]

  two-parter you realize oh well there has [TS]

  been you know there's been a flesh body [TS]

  walking around for a while but but but [TS]

  it has no like flesh consciousness you [TS]

  know the flesh the flesh is really just [TS]

  an avatar until this freak accident so [TS]

  it gets struck by lightning because and [TS]

  as we know all know for would really [TS]

  like crazy 80s movies like when stuff [TS]

  gets struck by lightning [TS]

  like anything can happen [TS]

  in cabinet but you have to be an old [TS]

  tower though that there's acid lightning [TS]

  and an old tower if i learned anything [TS]

  short circuit it's that lightning [TS]

  strikes bring sentence in a crime you [TS]

  take those tablets they were lying on [TS]

  the act of crank them up higher that [TS]

  would have been better to better [TS]

  I you know what bug me i mean i think i [TS]

  agree with Jason that the the idea is [TS]

  really interesting i feel like the [TS]

  execution did not do justice to it just [TS]

  in terms of I don't know it's something [TS]

  failed to crystallize for me it's also [TS]

  it was full of horrible plot holes like [TS]

  was football they have I don't even I [TS]

  know that I don't usually notice bottles [TS]

  but even I condominium is a painful the [TS]

  device that Jennifer put your hand on it [TS]

  says non-human life-forms recognize them [TS]

  like so they can't get anything done [TS]

  they know there's a problem with the [TS]

  flesh then she grabs worry and says [TS]

  stick your hand here that says human [TS]

  life form recognize I'm like he's not an [TS]

  idiot you know like the character [TS]

  sometimes a little goldfish please not [TS]

  Homer Simpson would go on now why did [TS]

  you have me do that you know they're [TS]

  like that's just it was so against type [TS]

  it was just happy not to die but the [TS]

  thing that bothered me and this was this [TS]

  was the total random puddle but like a I [TS]

  wasn't first of all I wasn't clear [TS]

  whether or not there were like this very [TS]

  strange but there are two sonic [TS]

  screwdrivers are not because at one [TS]

  point one of the doctors gives his to [TS]

  someone else but then they both have [TS]

  them there I'm and Polly and yeah but at [TS]

  the same time the thing that really [TS]

  bothered me was I thought when he gave [TS]

  his away like oh ok so just have a [TS]

  screwdriver and there's a scene where [TS]

  they'll get locked in a room and god [TS]

  David if we know there's one thing the [TS]

  screwdrivers good for its opening locked [TS]

  door [TS]

  that's why didn't they just you are you [TS]

  know that character thing that Jason was [TS]

  complaining about whether the character [TS]

  just changes from you know the [TS]

  sympathetic person to want to kill [TS]

  everybody [TS]

  it's kind of a specific case of the same [TS]

  general problem with the flesh with with [TS]

  Doctor Who in general is that they don't [TS]

  feel any compelling need to explain [TS]

  stuff in any logical fashion and the and [TS]

  that can be good and charming but at a [TS]

  certain point it's just super duper lazy [TS]

  so right now you already made this point [TS]

  about the flesh like you're going to the [TS]

  sci-fi thing where it's like you have [TS]

  made us and we are artificial but are we [TS]

  not life you know that type of thing [TS]

  right so the beginning of of the rebel [TS]

  flesh the flesh is basically a machine [TS]

  like they inhabit it and when [TS]

  done happening it's nothing it's just as [TS]

  group right and then magically like [TS]

  because that's the world this flashes in [TS]

  its like we use this is a tool that [TS]

  these people these workers are not [TS]

  having moral dilemmas like in the [TS]

  darkest of night about oh aren't we [TS]

  taking advantage of this flash it's a [TS]

  tool you know it's inanimate nonliving [TS]

  well I was living and I was like a plant [TS]

  you know it's not it's not consciousness [TS]

  and then midway through this episode [TS]

  they're confronted with the reality like [TS]

  oh hey guess what your entire [TS]

  consciousness is in there and now these [TS]

  are living things and now all of a [TS]

  sudden that you know it's not it's not [TS]

  as if you're dropped into a sci-fi world [TS]

  where there are sentient beings being [TS]

  used as slaves and then you have to deal [TS]

  with the other the dilemma rises [TS]

  instantly for you know the Lightning [TS]

  reason whatever crazy reason want to [TS]

  make up and the same thing with like [TS]

  that the character is changing [TS]

  motivations like we don't really have to [TS]

  explain why this is just what's [TS]

  happening and just go with it you know [TS]

  you missed a really good opportunity to [TS]

  which is that they had the feeling that [TS]

  there was a central Food hindbrain or [TS]

  whatever forebrain whatever rate and & [TS]

  the hoot are all individual organisms [TS]

  with their own thoughts but they also [TS]

  share this colonial telepathic link i [TS]

  know that was very clever the whole [TS]

  mechanism and so they had a chance here [TS]

  to say let's do something different will [TS]

  say they're actually is this is a [TS]

  colonial organism is it like every cell [TS]

  retains a memory and so the [TS]

  consciousness of people they've been [TS]

  using these tools but it's actually [TS]

  overlaying and suppressing this [TS]

  consciousness the lightning brought out [TS]

  and now that consciousness is coming [TS]

  before it's been individuated I mean [TS]

  there's like a there's there's a lot of [TS]

  clever ethical dilemmas you could raise [TS]

  hear about cloning people and whatever [TS]

  that could be masked in the syfy venir [TS]

  but instead it was like they have no [TS]

  consciousness they have Custer not [TS]

  monsters are just like us [TS]

  wait what's this other they have other [TS]

  memories Oh their memories are part of [TS]

  this colonial thing but no they don't [TS]

  have memories indices dissolved versions [TS]

  of old flesh lying in the corner i'm [TS]

  like i'm gonna throw them in the acid [TS]

  why didn't the federal the old we have [TS]

  acid right there are we supposed to feel [TS]

  bad about those and just kidding this [TS]

  one was actually monster because like [TS]

  you know again the pre consciousness [TS]

  flashes not just amount of group you [TS]

  know it you can't really feel bad for [TS]

  that for the people [TS]

  those were the old skip though I thought [TS]

  they had I thought she had faked those [TS]

  that was my nose my reading a map but [TS]

  perhaps was not clearly you thought she [TS]

  well I don't I thought she had faked [TS]

  those I thought Jennifer take those to [TS]

  play on Rory was that was how I read it [TS]

  does however it i think they were real [TS]

  but I mean yeah [TS]

  well they may establish also that there [TS]

  is some kind of residual memory left in [TS]

  the flesh after that because it's the am [TS]

  the captain who is like the last thing I [TS]

  are you know is why you can look into [TS]

  their eyes and you can see as they [TS]

  dissolve why and like so I can kind of [TS]

  by that but I wouldn't they know they [TS]

  created this thing when they know like [TS]

  isn't conscious or not because it's like [TS]

  that the world before the beginning of [TS]

  this episode they didn't create it [TS]

  though I thought they found out I I [TS]

  don't like to skipping way to the end of [TS]

  the second episode of this thing with [TS]

  the people like we're going to fight for [TS]

  our rights like your rights as of an [TS]

  episode ago because prior to that you [TS]

  were you were a tool and no and no one [TS]

  gave you any thought and then it's not [TS]

  like we can I don't like it you can work [TS]

  out much hatred for these people like [TS]

  look how horrible they are taking [TS]

  advantage of this flesh they didn't even [TS]

  know was conscious until like five [TS]

  minutes ago [TS]

  you can't condemn all of humanity and [TS]

  they're gross you know use of science to [TS]

  make this horrible creature because [TS]

  seriously it was not conscious and with [TS]

  any product to because at the end the [TS]

  episode the doctor drops in that you [TS]

  know gigantic Corp all they have to do [TS]

  is go and say hey it's conscious and [TS]

  then everyone's fine like like they [TS]

  leaving her the front door to go in the [TS]

  other worker just go in there and [TS]

  telemental make everything right I'm [TS]

  like wait a minute I've seen Doctor Who [TS]

  corporations don't always act you know [TS]

  it's like the corporation they ever know [TS]

  but you took mine acid mining [TS]

  corporation that's what I get your asses [TS]

  well I mean you don't know that they [TS]

  won't because it as far as they were [TS]

  concerned like a forklift coming in and [TS]

  say we're not actually forklifts when we [TS]

  break don't scrap us because we're alive [TS]

  and they're going [TS]

  wait you're alive aren't you a forklift [TS]

  oh yeah five minutes ago we were there [TS]

  was lightning and now actually were like [TS]

  people so many like her and I i guess so [TS]

  will be nice to now you seem like nice [TS]

  people [TS]

  you look exactly like I'm corporations [TS]

  to change policy i see your SEO [TS]

  distribution political version Bob the [TS]

  Builder ahead behind i think actually [TS]

  that is Bob the Builder write the [TS]

  sentence later [TS]

  oh my god it's totally the people so I i [TS]

  do think I I think you guys are right in [TS]

  saying that one of the reasons for this [TS]

  episode to be there is that they wanted [TS]

  to have this duplicate storyline because [TS]

  at the end of the second episode we [TS]

  discovered that Amy is a forklift right [TS]

  one at one of the reasons i would go [TS]

  with the video immediately [TS]

  Jason major maybe just the major and [TS]

  have to doctor and have two doctors [TS]

  running around and plus the middle of [TS]

  the acid and that they had extra acid [TS]

  excess acid know the to dr. stuff i [TS]

  thought was really interesting in that [TS]

  the doctor switch shoes I I thought that [TS]

  was going to be when he loses his shoes [TS]

  I thought well they're gonna use that as [TS]

  a way to decide we're doctors the real [TS]

  one in it [TS]

  nice pivot to have them switch the shoes [TS]

  because the doctor is clever that way to [TS]

  see how people react I thought that was [TS]

  good and I thought the fundamental [TS]

  question of it goes a little bit off the [TS]

  deep end in terms of like proving you [TS]

  know right differentiate himself slammed [TS]

  her against all [TS]

  yeah that was a little odd yeah but you [TS]

  know I thought I thought the exploring [TS]

  those concepts part of it was good but [TS]

  that that at the same time they had to [TS]

  wrap up the plot and they had to [TS]

  you've got the feeling they were ticking [TS]

  the boxes of what we have to have a [TS]

  monster so we'll have Jennifer turn into [TS]

  a monster and we have to have this [TS]

  various jeopardy so we're going to do [TS]

  these things and that you know maybe it [TS]

  wouldn't have been as exciting episode [TS]

  for them to just deal with issues of [TS]

  identity right you gotta have some acid [TS]

  in there too but in the end all the [TS]

  wrap-up was unsatisfying and it felt [TS]

  like they are really at that point just [TS]

  that with a dispute some ideas out there [TS]

  that we're kind of interesting I thought [TS]

  the tone of the first episode because [TS]

  it's kind of dark and weird castle and [TS]

  bubbly acid and stuff I i really enjoyed [TS]

  the the look in the end the feel of it [TS]

  but in the end they're like okay we just [TS]

  need to wrap the plot so that we can get [TS]

  to that seen in the TARDIS where Amy [TS]

  disappears [TS]

  speaking of that scene like they just [TS]

  spent two episodes on this whole [TS]

  heartwarming story of like it's a new [TS]

  consciousness that is respected like all [TS]

  the life and we find out amy is flesh [TS]

  and what is the doctor do our mountain [TS]

  that grabs right about that instead [TS]

  don't forget about the hello but there [TS]

  are people too she's wired in like at [TS]

  the beginning but you're right he wasn't [TS]

  conscious though technically what is a [TS]

  white man's conscience or not like she's [TS]

  remote controlling it but if she wasn't [TS]

  she wasn't struck by lightning know what [TS]

  is it was totally like it doesn't make [TS]

  sense within like is the flash alive or [TS]

  is it just something that you control [TS]

  and if you think it's just thinking you [TS]

  control sure the doctor can nuke it in [TS]

  turn into group but if it's if she had [TS]

  disconnected from it then wouldn't that [TS]

  flesh be like the duplicate of Amy that [TS]

  would be alive and we're supposed to [TS]

  respect like it was right after the [TS]

  scene where they're fighting for their [TS]

  rights you know [TS]

  yeah i mean i think the difference is [TS]

  the difference between flush controlled [TS]

  and then flush that is basically been [TS]

  made into its own it's like a robot that [TS]

  yeah bad job bad job establishing the [TS]

  rules and First Circuit number five is [TS]

  alive and Johnny Five and all the other [TS]

  robots [TS]

  yes Johnny 5 is important that any [TS]

  faster by lightning [TS]

  yeah Johnny five is alive didn't do a [TS]

  good job of establishing this is what [TS]

  about the big vat of group so the minor [TS]

  the corporation can still use the flash [TS]

  for their mining operations because it's [TS]

  not conscious but only those three or [TS]

  four people including the one who [TS]

  replaces the kid's dad because you know [TS]

  they become human 235 to the other side [TS]

  first time machine radiation causes you [TS]

  to become solid forever unless unless [TS]

  you're Annalise you're a me also the the [TS]

  the company will have to install some [TS]

  lightning rods though at all and all [TS]

  their factory don't have to install [TS]

  lightning rods that's what they have to [TS]

  move them out of the monasteries is [TS]

  amazing to that the the the flesh [TS]

  transmission technology can travel [TS]

  through time and even to the the little [TS]

  pocket universe that's outside of our [TS]

  universe they're still able to remote [TS]

  control Amy from there is some good [TS]

  stuff amazing powerful there's a subtle [TS]

  part i want to know everyone [TS]

  red notices that when the flesh the [TS]

  flesh doctor is sacrificing yourself and [TS]

  the real sicko supposedly real doctor is [TS]

  going back on the TARDIS he says you [TS]

  know your molecules molecules what's the [TS]

  phrase about your molecules might retain [TS]

  the memory blah blah blah and I'm like [TS]

  oh they're setting us up so the flesh [TS]

  dr. reassembles himself later yeah of [TS]

  course yeah for something to leave it [TS]

  open well we need to know Rory's dies [TS]

  the doctors duplicates yes we just need [TS]

  another episode with more than 1 i'm [TS]

  really sad that they didn't make a [TS]

  duplicate Rory and kill him in this [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yeah me too you're gonna kill him in [TS]

  every episode you know what killed him [TS]

  in every episode is negative thing just [TS]

  go whole hog [TS]

  alright i will say for the finale Rory [TS]

  gets a spine a little bit of one which [TS]

  is nice to see [TS]

  ok so let's let's take that transition [TS]

  yes I thought forward the cold open of [TS]

  that last episode was maybe my favorite [TS]

  scene [TS]

  it in the like entire I i think this [TS]

  episode was my favorite episode in matt [TS]

  smith's almost entire run pretty much [TS]

  cheaper it's just a tied-up a lot of [TS]

  stuff it had great action it had great [TS]

  pacing the doctor you know like the [TS]

  doctor has its ups and downs you know [TS]

  stuffs revealed etcetera is a just it [TS]

  felt very good felt fun [TS]

  it didn't feel like some of the other [TS]

  episodes were watching it felt like a [TS]

  little bit of a chore it felt like a [TS]

  little bit david tennant he didn't think [TS]

  it did every happy with those were David [TS]

  finds out that the worldview of him is [TS]

  not what he likes and he's angry about [TS]

  it or surprise but that's that's the [TS]

  doctor right like in general but I can [TS]

  have him doing that Smith had been more [TS]

  of the I'm kind of wacky and trying to [TS]

  figure out what it means to be human and [TS]

  I'm uncomfortable with other people and [TS]

  i'm in a comfortable social situation [TS]

  like that's been matt smith vibe and [TS]

  this switch to the more classic Doctor [TS]

  vibe of like doctors reputation and what [TS]

  it's like to be the last one and how his [TS]

  powers can be used for good and evil you [TS]

  know they already kind of set that up i [TS]

  mean i felt like the Pigpen torque [TS]

  episode set up the same thing right [TS]

  which was everybody else building this [TS]

  prison to to keep him in it because he [TS]

  was the dangerous one yeah but he didn't [TS]

  he didn't agree at that point did it [TS]

  didn't affect him at that point he was [TS]

  like no no you're crazy i'm not a [TS]

  dangerous guy was in this one he starts [TS]

  to see a little bit yeah well he [TS]

  destroys like a whole bunch of Cybermen [TS]

  like right off the top right that was a [TS]

  little out of character for me honestly [TS]

  yeah it was awesome note it was very [TS]

  awesome but it was very cool but it made [TS]

  me think well if he can destroy an [TS]

  entire fleet of cyber bed which the [TS]

  people who he's going to destroy are [TS]

  afraid of [TS]

  why does he need to pick up for other [TS]

  people to help him because it's a ragtag [TS]

  band of misfits this mechanism is the [TS]

  developments you're quite picks up a [TS]

  nurse it does i thought was also this [TS]

  thing like you know he's just killed [TS]

  legions upon the SRT 12 regenerate [TS]

  all-star religion is just destroyed [TS]

  pretty much all of it the rumor gets [TS]

  around and he's approaching stuffily he [TS]

  doesn't know where they're at and then [TS]

  he gets there and they don't shed a drop [TS]

  of blood that's what the the dinosaur [TS]

  lady says and cash evidence and and the [TS]

  whole point of him having a success [TS]

  there's they didn't actually kill [TS]

  anybody [TS]

  other people kill other people but they [TS]

  didn't kill anybody to take over [TS]

  uh Devils run but even run several those [TS]

  cyber humans right I'm sorry but but [TS]

  particularly the Cybermen I guess [TS]

  they're not quite as mobilize when the [TS]

  saturday work the Cyberman words struck [TS]

  by lightning or not actually a life but [TS]

  I mean there's about cyber man killing [TS]

  them is a blessing for them that elite [TS]

  one tier when it comes to the doctor [TS]

  though I mean I think there is a very [TS]

  big shift between the mat smith of [TS]

  earlier episodes which is matt smith [TS]

  basically realizes that one of his [TS]

  companions one of his you no pets has [TS]

  basically been taken away from him and [TS]

  God you know god help everybody in their [TS]

  path when the doctor goes on the warpath [TS]

  because someone has basically messed [TS]

  with his humans [TS]

  well i think the the theme that Steven [TS]

  Moffat has been building up to for his [TS]

  whole run and certainly this year is [TS]

  encapsulated in those moments where he [TS]

  discovers first off there's a funny line [TS]

  where he talks about how the word dr. [TS]

  our word doctor is from him at meaning [TS]

  what it means which is something Steven [TS]

  Moffat there's a there's a link that the [TS]

  animation great link to him posting on [TS]

  records Doctor Who in 1995 with that [TS]

  concept and he finally recycled into an [TS]

  actual doctor who episode but the the [TS]

  fact that the people of the gamma forest [TS]

  the word dr. means warrior that that's [TS]

  what Steven Moffat i think has been [TS]

  leading up to and and his whole thrust [TS]

  with this is almost taking the russell [TS]

  davis approach to to the doctor as this [TS]

  warrior and the oncoming storm and the [TS]

  person that everybody and across the [TS]

  universe fears and confronting it and [TS]

  saying is this what the doctor would [TS]

  want to be does he want to be known as a [TS]

  great warrior because the answer is no [TS]

  but that's sort of what he's become so I [TS]

  think in one way this is all about kind [TS]

  of questioning the final proof [TS]

  fundamental premise of what the show's [TS]

  become because I suspect where he's [TS]

  trying to take this is a place where the [TS]

  doctor isn't isn't like that anymore and [TS]

  he's more vulnerable and he's back to [TS]

  being more of a a wanderer rather than [TS]

  this guy who can summon armies with the [TS]

  snap of his fingers you should go back [TS]

  to being a longer after all his [TS]

  companions died tragically [TS]

  beyond that you already have a life [TS]

  tragically speaking of the oncoming [TS]

  storm thing that Jason mentioned where [TS]

  you know that did the the doctor is a [TS]

  big force and the you know you talk [TS]

  about taking one of my pet / loved ones [TS]

  things that run mentioned well I recall [TS]

  an earlier podcast about Doctor Who [TS]

  about this very seasoned someone assured [TS]

  me that the early episode with doctor [TS]

  who with with the doctor and Rory was [TS]

  trying to settle once and for all that [TS]

  Rory and Amy are together in the doctor [TS]

  is not a threat and yet here we are in [TS]

  the very last episode before break and [TS]

  what do they do say merci entire scene [TS]

  with it with a long drawn-out attempted [TS]

  miss direction which is so feeble [TS]

  because at this point you always know [TS]

  anytime they're going in that direction [TS]

  it's a fake out of saying oh you know [TS]

  the person I'm is coming for me is very [TS]

  old but he looks young and you can't [TS]

  stop a man blonde it totally sounds like [TS]

  the doctor but it's not stupid Rory [TS]

  again now but he's a badass in this [TS]

  episode and that's great he finally gets [TS]

  a chance to me saying i was i was made [TS]

  promises and look what happened [TS]

  I liked that setup you know what I I [TS]

  will speaking i do too because we knew [TS]

  it was a faint when they do it now we [TS]

  know they're being ridiculous oh that's [TS]

  the excuse now you said there were not [TS]

  do this anymore they're putting issue to [TS]

  bed they wouldn't keep bringing it up [TS]

  because it was so great laughs I don't [TS]

  think about that gets in terms of him [TS]

  being arrival for her affections at all [TS]

  because we see the fact that she is like [TS]

  there is no question of it it's just the [TS]

  fact that she's a funk it's gonna be [TS]

  aware of my child and that's supposed to [TS]

  be a mr. ax100 was I don't think it was [TS]

  actually think it's I think I playing [TS]

  with the notion they've done so much of [TS]

  this we know he's not a rival for the [TS]

  affections we know something's going on [TS]

  and were like why is she saying these [TS]

  things because this can't be right and [TS]

  set this crazy look for me there is this [TS]

  cognitive dissonance intention which has [TS]

  been relieved when you're like all of [TS]

  course I should have seen that because [TS]

  if we actually listen to what she was [TS]

  saying we know she didn't the doctor [TS]

  when they brought the father of my child [TS]

  thing I think it was going back to the [TS]

  whole notion that you know all that the [TS]

  doctor must be the father I knew it all [TS]

  along because they stay a series of [TS]

  things that you can dismiss but then [TS]

  they say the father of my child like how [TS]

  can I be the doctor we must be the dot [TS]

  i'm going to disagree with you because I [TS]

  think you're supposed to know that we're [TS]

  also see loyal fans and get the [TS]

  thanksgiving but but i will tell you i [TS]

  don't think there's any doctor episode [TS]

  in which I liked [TS]

  the lot the line i have a statement and [TS]

  a question and it was just like out that [TS]

  was badass do i need and heat the [TS]

  question haha yeah we'll just look I [TS]

  said that like you know like i cannot i [TS]

  said in an earlier pi guess what is that [TS]

  i really i really like Rory and I really [TS]

  wanted him to get a chance to develop [TS]

  and have him stop dying in 35 minutes [TS]

  and I feel like they finally gave him an [TS]

  opportunity they gave me something to do [TS]

  and he gets to be like the Centurion and [TS]

  gets to kick some ass and you know take [TS]

  some names and i think and still gets to [TS]

  be like there's something very secure [TS]

  about him anymore in this episode than [TS]

  any of the prior ones and I do think [TS]

  it's because they dismiss that question [TS]

  of the idea of the love triangle like [TS]

  you see them as a family and you see [TS]

  that the doctor has affection for all of [TS]

  them as a family unit and that he's [TS]

  losing ourselves a doctor to stop [TS]

  hugging her [TS]

  I'm telling you like maybe you guys [TS]

  don't want to see it but it's there [TS]

  actually a bit like there's jealousy [TS]

  there and and let's let's not forget [TS]

  that at the end of this episode he [TS]

  discovers that not only is he have is a [TS]

  jealous of the doctor because Amy's [TS]

  interested in the doctor but he's also [TS]

  now his daughter and the doctor have a [TS]

  relationship i want to see how that [TS]

  plays out so there's a queue go pick [TS]

  inducing very funny and we read it with [TS]

  John to a point but i think they are [TS]

  playing with it now because the funny [TS]

  thing about that scene where he hugs her [TS]

  is that the doctor asked for permission [TS]

  and then and then races that's enough [TS]

  and the doctors like very well like [TS]

  they've got some rules about it and [TS]

  Rory's in charge and Rory gets to say [TS]

  I'm no longer comfortable and and they [TS]

  kind of its kind of playful and I like [TS]

  that because if it had just been the way [TS]

  it was that would be tiresome but I feel [TS]

  like they're they're actually you get [TS]

  the sense that they've they figured it [TS]

  all out and now it's more of a joke it [TS]

  was always Rory's insecurity wasn't like [TS]

  the doctor they never made it seem like [TS]

  dr. had any feelings for her really not [TS]

  keep the doctor never expressed that was [TS]

  just kind of deciding was always Rory's [TS]

  insecurity with the situation and the [TS]

  fact that is insecurity still seems to [TS]

  exist even at this point even after the [TS]

  episode where he was a badass [TS]

  it's aight i just think i would like to [TS]

  leave that backhand badasses can have [TS]

  insecurities I think that yeah that's [TS]

  what I feel like it's one line balanced [TS]

  against all of his badassery he's not [TS]

  the doctor right as badass as he is he's [TS]

  never going to be the doctor and I think [TS]

  that's always there but at the same time [TS]

  you know we moved on enough that we have [TS]

  we can have fun with it and we can have [TS]

  funny lines like when they ask about it [TS]

  when the baby was conceived and the [TS]

  doctor has to say it's human [TS]

  it's basically it's gross human stuff I [TS]

  don't want to think about it that you [TS]

  know i'm at are not human [TS]

  I don't want to know what they're doing [TS]

  in there I what I don't ask they don't [TS]

  put up a balloon is anything i don't ask [TS]

  i want to get past relationship stuff [TS]

  and say like you know this [TS]

  we've had a long talk about some [TS]

  characters because we've had so much was [TS]

  blown open one of the great things about [TS]

  this episode that we should talk about [TS]

  is all of these rich characters that get [TS]

  thrown into the plot who have never seen [TS]

  before and yet appear to have been [TS]

  poured right out of some parallel [TS]

  universe where they're all in their own [TS]

  TV shows [TS]

  well i mean i think one that's one of [TS]

  the great devices in this episode is [TS]

  that idea that that the doctor has all [TS]

  these like these debts basically like [TS]

  because you see him always get involved [TS]

  in these situations to the point where [TS]

  you know like help somebody out and they [TS]

  decide they're going to change or [TS]

  whatever and you then you know we walk [TS]

  away from those guys a lot of times but [TS]

  i love the idea of course he's been [TS]

  around 900 years right he's got a lot of [TS]

  favors he can call in and I appreciated [TS]

  that it's they're not all characters [TS]

  that we've seen in the last two seasons [TS]

  to where it's like if it would be very [TS]

  easy to just let you know call back to [TS]

  all of the hijinks and adventures that [TS]

  we've had since Steven Moffat took over [TS]

  the show but instead they go without the [TS]

  end of time [TS]

  yeah push the but now I appreciate that [TS]

  there's they build a wider world and [TS]

  these characters who we really don't see [TS]

  all that much of get very quickly [TS]

  fleshed out and detailed and you know [TS]

  exactly like the the slurry and her maid [TS]

  like you know exactly what's going on [TS]

  there [TS]

  let's let's let's say it right lesbian [TS]

  silurian victorian lesbian slurry and [TS]

  Victorian is that we decided yes that's [TS]

  what Jason just said apparently they've [TS]

  been clamouring three a spin-off series [TS]

  and they solve crimes and the way they [TS]

  did at the vision that the the [TS]

  expansiveness the show can have where [TS]

  they cut from outer space in the future [TS]

  to Victorian London and a horse-drawn [TS]

  carriage in the fog and a hooded figure [TS]

  gets out [TS]

  and what we discover she's a Silurian [TS]

  she just ate Jack the Ripper I mean and [TS]

  the TARDIS is here to pick her up and [TS]

  and off you go and it's just such a [TS]

  great and then throughout the episode [TS]

  the interplay that those two characters [TS]

  have any interaction with the other [TS]

  characters like just you know rate along [TS]

  with some nice little naughty references [TS]

  like what you know that involving her [TS]

  tom [TS]

  I want a letter is called commander [TS]

  strikes RN like that's like the only [TS]

  would answer that use of the Sun Terrans [TS]

  ever liked the fact that the guy they [TS]

  get to play him as the guy who plays [TS]

  pretty much every sun tired in the last [TS]

  two have two have two guys ladies [TS]

  interest they all look very similar down [TS]

  that they're clones right so yeah right [TS]

  right at the blue guy was pretty good [TS]

  too i love that he's a nurse because [TS]

  that the great I i love the dynamic with [TS]

  him when you first get we introduce your [TS]

  money goes into that tent like he's [TS]

  trying to help the kid or whatever and [TS]

  you know it's strange sort of bedside [TS]

  manner but it somehow reassuring a [TS]

  surround sound home in the morning don't [TS]

  do too much exertion right now and then [TS]

  perhaps when you really want / I will [TS]

  kill you on the field of battle [TS]

  he's very dedicated to his punishment [TS]

  because at the end you know he's like I [TS]

  was only a nurse and use dr. Rorie of [TS]

  course was very nervous LOL i need eyes [TS]

  and he says I i I've long look forward [TS]

  to dying on the battlefield it's not as [TS]

  good as I thought it would be [TS]

  he was also rated nurse that baby to [TS]

  dispense the blue guy we all love dorium [TS]

  aldo are already appeared in an earlier [TS]

  episode right he did he's a city green [TS]

  street is a city greens yes and and [TS]

  river bought a bottle outside the time [TS]

  more than the vortex manipulator that's [TS]

  right [TS]

  fresh off the wrist of a time when I'm [TS]

  com agents timing i made i said cap the [TS]

  rest [TS]

  yea though they were they were that he [TS]

  says that he's a funny character who [TS]

  sadly appears to have been beheaded by [TS]

  the headless like I'm old I'm fat I'm [TS]

  blue and I'm Michael to those things [TS]

  described the targets are they being [TS]

  funny huh something I have to wide blue [TS]

  things that great pick something [TS]

  borrowed something blue [TS]

  another might have been a call back I [TS]

  should throw out Lauren bucket to who is [TS]

  not one of the people that he picks up [TS]

  and yet is a character who is definitely [TS]

  got that history with a doctor she sees [TS]

  him as a child and basically is pursuing [TS]

  him so that she can you know see him [TS]

  again which she doesn't then promptly [TS]

  dies [TS]

  well how did how did the clerics go from [TS]

  being good guys too bad guys from last [TS]

  season and this season I don't know if [TS]

  there ever were good guys I'm not sure [TS]

  if they were they do remember they took [TS]

  her out and they were sort of river was [TS]

  sort of their prisoner but also keep in [TS]

  mind what we may be seeing them in the [TS]

  wrong order just like we're seeing river [TS]

  in the wrong that's in the line he said [TS]

  he said he said we're here to we're here [TS]

  to something and not putting that don't [TS]

  praise and we're here to capture was a [TS]

  line or fight him or something [TS]

  they said praising cost a lot more like [TS]

  other mercenaries and we don't know what [TS]

  Madame Kovarian also known as the baby i [TS]

  patch the app that is what she wants and [TS]

  who she's working for if she is working [TS]

  for somebody that's a complete mystery [TS]

  she's just sort of there to get the idea [TS]

  that you're there isn't then we get the [TS]

  idea that you know it's basically all of [TS]

  his enemies and they went to three other [TS]

  time lord [TS]

  yeah I guess as a weapon she was just [TS]

  like big military industrial complex [TS]

  woman if I had my own Time Lord as a [TS]

  weapon think of what I could do right [TS]

  now I got the impression that it was [TS]

  actually like sort of a like everybody [TS]

  who the doctor and pissed off was like [TS]

  we're scared of him so we need something [TS]

  to band together and combating with [TS]

  wouldn't it be great if we had our own [TS]

  Time Lord we could lock them up in a box [TS]

  so instead we're going to build our own [TS]

  I do applaud them for not bringing out [TS]

  with alex at all DIY time lord she's [TS]

  she's an agent of the acid corporation [TS]

  haha oh I feel certain way to study a [TS]

  period see period I period d period we [TS]

  don't know what is there are expected [TS]

  sir [TS]

  yeah artist he destroyed their profit [TS]

  margins when he took away the flesh [TS]

  right stock tanked they want to have [TS]

  leftover flesh and they use that for me [TS]

  and the baby now how how about a [TS]

  chilling scene in a in a bombing family [TS]

  TV show where the baby melts you have [TS]

  that was pretty freaky and although [TS]

  beautifully i really liked that we [TS]

  suddenly are seeing the world from the [TS]

  babies perspective as the as the [TS]

  eyepatch lady appears over Amy shoulder [TS]

  and you can actually see the baby [TS]

  looking at the eyepatch lady I thought [TS]

  that was really well done that that that [TS]

  they did that just as we've seen it with [TS]

  Amy before the baby melts into a pile of [TS]

  goop [TS]

  I think I wasn't paying I was so engaged [TS]

  i did not think about it and didn't [TS]

  really see it coming and there was [TS]

  definitely a jaw-dropping moment where I [TS]

  was like oh that's not yet just because [TS]

  the eyepatch lady says wakey wakey [TS]

  basically to the baby and then the baby [TS]

  turns into go [TS]

  so there are obviously unplug the baby [TS]

  it's great strategy when you accomplish [TS]

  a remarkable military victory like the [TS]

  Battle of Agincourt without spilling of [TS]

  your own blood and so forth and then [TS]

  you're like okay off you go then we [TS]

  don't need here for your interview [TS]

  interview to find out what's going on [TS]

  you just go off on your way with [TS]

  whatever you happen to have with you and [TS]

  we'll just stay here with the base to [TS]

  the base and examine thanks i don't know [TS]

  what let's get out right away I don't [TS]

  know who you are but Colonel run away go [TS]

  away i love that you reminded me of the [TS]

  the princess bride but that's a little [TS]

  bit at the apt that that's also the [TS]

  doctor losing it for like oh yeah most I [TS]

  think we've ever seen him completely [TS]

  lose it at that moment that he's he's [TS]

  hit way says who [TS]

  this is anger if that he's we get me not [TS]

  just a predictive too right yeah you [TS]

  know and that's I think that's the point [TS]

  right that's the side of him that [TS]

  everybody else is seeing ya that they [TS]

  need to be afraid of because it you [TS]

  could imagine him very easily losing his [TS]

  grip right you know if for example [TS]

  something happened to Amy and Rory and [TS]

  he was left on his own like you wouldn't [TS]

  have a tempering influence and we just [TS]

  kind of a force so so so River Song [TS]

  uh but I I'll first point out that in [TS]

  our first flash podcast Glenn set my [TS]

  thinking is river song is amy pond's [TS]

  child and that somehow she got crossed [TS]

  in the timestream there so that she has [TS]

  Time Lord regeneration powers message [TS]

  was a silence which top that she's I'm [TS]

  head right that's what I meant [TS]

  when he says she sort of likes or [TS]

  absorbed that fetuses absorb the energy [TS]

  the time vortex right artists Bravo [TS]

  Glenn fleischmann well spotted [TS]

  but you know what i thought was really [TS]

  interesting is as we're about to get [TS]

  these revelations there's that moment [TS]

  where she says you know the baby was [TS]

  made as a weapon against to kill the [TS]

  doctor or against the doctor and I'm [TS]

  sitting there thinking well you know you [TS]

  were in storm cage for having killed [TS]

  somebody and we saw the doctor get [TS]

  killed by a being a masked figure in the [TS]

  first episode and I'm a spacesuit it was [TS]

  a small yeah who is all trying hard time [TS]

  lower and I think about and you put [TS]

  those together and it's like well you [TS]

  know just because we know river and we [TS]

  like her and we've seen the who the baby [TS]

  is and all of that doesn't mean they [TS]

  don't succeed right in fact maybe they [TS]

  do succeed she does she says in the [TS]

  earlier season right I killed the best [TS]

  man I know right I know this whole thing [TS]

  was telegraph from the start and I'm [TS]

  kind of disappointed that it connected [TS]

  in such a straightforward way because i [TS]

  was really mind and into season although [TS]

  it's too confusing you don't like if [TS]

  it's too straightforward not too [TS]

  confusing a simple logical like like [TS]

  like you said when she says I killed the [TS]

  best man ever know we all know like the [TS]

  the suggestion the text there is she's [TS]

  hinting that she killed the doctor right [TS]

  and then we see you're all kill kill you [TS]

  know him to begin the season like wow [TS]

  that must've been river and then we see [TS]

  a baby and then the baby is a girl and [TS]

  his name melody I mean it's just it's [TS]

  just dot you know not that I'm it's not [TS]

  bad that it was a straight line but it [TS]

  was definitely a straight line [TS]

  I don't think it's a straight line i [TS]

  think i think this is actually his game [TS]

  is that we've seen what we think is the [TS]

  straight line but that the resolution of [TS]

  that whole what happened on the beach [TS]

  thing is going to be a twist of some [TS]

  kind of you think it's still turn around [TS]

  i guess but the fact that the baby was [TS]

  river was was pretty well telegraphing [TS]

  that turned out to be the case we'll see [TS]

  if at the end they do the misdirection [TS]

  like oh that wasn't really river you [TS]

  know I enjoy I enjoy the fact that that [TS]

  because by you know this year's pride [TS]

  part-time Lord explains how she kept [TS]

  walking out of prison basically it's [TS]

  because what I mean like imagine if you [TS]

  lock the doctor upright like it wouldn't [TS]

  really take you would keep finding a way [TS]

  out and so it's explained like well who [TS]

  is she why is she so good it like just [TS]

  breaking out of prison and you know so [TS]

  cavalier about it one of my pet theories [TS]

  is that she's in prison for killing the [TS]

  doctor now [TS]

  because she actually killed him but [TS]

  because he's lying low and she's [TS]

  basically he's she's complicit in him [TS]

  faking his death right and if that's the [TS]

  case you know she's serving time and yet [TS]

  she's also just sort of serving time [TS]

  when it when she feels like if it's [TS]

  which is that mean she's there she's [TS]

  there voluntary outright and that says [TS]

  something about her as well [TS]

  yeah she could have just been breaking [TS]

  out never gone back right whatever it [TS]

  does she really regrets it she said to [TS]

  regret--getting that she feels bad for [TS]

  whatever it is so even if it didn't like [TS]

  it turned out to be okay in the end I [TS]

  don't think she knows that yet I think [TS]

  she really did something bad and she [TS]

  regrets it [TS]

  we were seeing her timeline whether we [TS]

  feel she needs to be punished her she [TS]

  feels she needs to be seen as being [TS]

  punished she does she can get out of [TS]

  prison and she doesn't and I think those [TS]

  are all [TS]

  yeah I think John's right you know [TS]

  there's a there's a plan and and and [TS]

  he's gonna fill in all the boxes and [TS]

  they may be boxes that we figure out how [TS]

  already how he's gonna fill them in but [TS]

  in the end will know why that is the way [TS]

  the way she is alright but here's my [TS]

  complaint about it though is like the [TS]

  river song think I'm like I'm actually I [TS]

  haven't looked on the web yet because i [TS]

  know this exists we talked about in [TS]

  previous podcast but I am totally sick [TS]

  of this I'm his future [TS]

  he's my past it's like no you're not [TS]

  you're good you know the river song [TS]

  knows both too many things from the [TS]

  future and the past she has a book that [TS]

  apparently has everything in it even [TS]

  though she's only looking at a point no [TS]

  I don't think it has everything in it i [TS]

  think that what does it time she flips [TS]

  way through it because she doesn't know [TS]

  where she is in her own era there yet [TS]

  they're out of sync with each other but [TS]

  she is not his future yet so ridiculous [TS]

  so I i agree with you i think i think [TS]

  there's a simplification going on which [TS]

  is that every time she sees him it's [TS]

  later which is definitely not true [TS]

  because the first time we meet him meet [TS]

  her she says how he picked her up and [TS]

  gave her the super snazzy Scott sonic [TS]

  screwdriver and knew that it was her [TS]

  last night so obviously i don't meet [TS]

  entirely in sync backward for me also [TS]

  obviously when she's a child he has to [TS]

  meet her when she's a child in some [TS]

  sequential set of order in order to make [TS]

  sense in her temporal no causal Nexus [TS]

  thank you i think there's a [TS]

  simplification happening here [TS]

  as for her and the book III just don't [TS]

  think that's right i think that when we [TS]

  meet her the last time she can flip [TS]

  through the whole book because it she's [TS]

  about to die and at the end of the story [TS]

  but well I guess what [TS]

  she keeps she's always when they sit [TS]

  down in the in the diner like we have [TS]

  you met the was Eddie the fish yet or [TS]

  whatever and he goes and you know [TS]

  they're checking knows that he has a [TS]

  book where did he get his mouth that's [TS]

  why don't I I don't think it's intended [TS]

  to be that way I think you're getting [TS]

  too hard too hung up on that mean yeah [TS]

  it's all it is complex but I think I [TS]

  mean the general idea holds is that [TS]

  there's they're out of sync and that [TS]

  she's seen things that that he hasn't [TS]

  seen I just said we don't live our lives [TS]

  in order [TS]

  we're never sure when we're gonna see [TS]

  each other next and so we use the book [TS]

  but I think attended in tendencies I [TS]

  think she does tend to see stuff you [TS]

  know like she's experienced stuff that [TS]

  he has not yet right there's a general [TS]

  tendency that they meet they made [TS]

  opposite but there are things that [TS]

  happen out of order which is why she's [TS]

  so confused when she's david tennant was [TS]

  like alright we know which one of you [TS]

  and and so I you know I think it's it's [TS]

  I think honestly to simplify it for the [TS]

  viewers they've said basically generally [TS]

  they meet back-to-front but that's not [TS]

  entirely don't think about that one so [TS]

  much knowledge special knowledge Lena [TS]

  yeah they well yes that's that's [TS]

  something that only happens in the [TS]

  target so so also one of the things [TS]

  interesting about about this whole time [TS]

  head thing where she was conceived in [TS]

  the TARDIS and so somehow she's got a [TS]

  human DNA but she's been exposed to the [TS]

  that the time vortex what I think it [TS]

  from a totally kind of continuity geek [TS]

  standpoint what I think is interesting [TS]

  is this means that they can have alex [TS]

  kingston be river song for a while and [TS]

  then they can have a completely other [TS]

  actress play river song at some [TS]

  presumably if she is really the girl who [TS]

  is regenerating some other actors play [TS]

  her at an earlier point and and and [TS]

  actually play that story back as far [TS]

  back as they want to go rather than what [TS]

  I thought was the case which is they [TS]

  would have to resolve it quickly because [TS]

  alex kingston ages a year for every year [TS]

  but now they want to get have they could [TS]

  have an actress play river song at [TS]

  seventeen leaving Amy and Rory's house [TS]

  and going into the TARDIS for adventures [TS]

  and they could just do that and say well [TS]

  she regenerates later so I you know I [TS]

  guess I guess that's where they're going [TS]

  with it [TS]

  related issue is that i was rewatching [TS]

  the the silence of the library the [TS]

  second part of the second part of the [TS]

  two and what's that [TS]

  of course that yet and i was watching [TS]

  the I want to go back and see what she [TS]

  said specifically where we know it [TS]

  review the thing where the [TS]

  where david tennant doctor says you know [TS]

  my name I would never tell my name is [TS]

  anybody and she's like I'm sorry I'm so [TS]

  sorry [TS]

  and then she does the selfless thing [TS]

  with the doctor always does having [TS]

  locked him up with handcuffs because she [TS]

  always carries handcuffs and I realized [TS]

  is watching it [TS]

  she's her consciousness is put into the [TS]

  computer but there's no necessity that's [TS]

  a one-way strip either so at some level [TS]

  there's a potential that you can go back [TS]

  to the library and download [TS]

  consciousness to do something there as [TS]

  well guess what yeah we'll meet up and [TS]

  we'll meet up with the flesh doctor I'm [TS]

  exactly although you go and Moffat says [TS]

  that his intense that is the day she [TS]

  dies and she just get started on in the [TS]

  afterlife of the of the computer there [TS]

  is a nice scene in in there where she's [TS]

  where she's tied herself in and he's [TS]

  handcuffed where where she basically [TS]

  says this we kill even you you wouldn't [TS]

  regenerate and that takes on a little [TS]

  extra meaning now because you can read [TS]

  this that means she won't either [TS]

  I like that episode also contains creepy [TS]

  people walking around in space [TS]

  yeah it's all the office because we [TS]

  people in spacesuits and Steven Moffat [TS]

  show that we could see if we're lucky [TS]

  that was foreshadowing that he thought [TS]

  about it that far ahead time but [TS]

  probably travel yeah probably just [TS]

  stealing from himself [TS]

  ok he does that he's a John Cougar [TS]

  Mellencamp of doctor who episodes wow [TS]

  haha i'm a good-faith breaks the the bit [TS]

  where he says as soon as he realizes the [TS]

  baby's gone [TS]

  he says to the silurian Madame vastra he [TS]

  says to support what you're gonna do and [TS]

  he said it's too late you know it [TS]

  already happened and I'm thinking how do [TS]

  you know it's already happened he'd [TS]

  already put some piece the puzzle [TS]

  together because you remember seeing [TS]

  he's thinking about seeing her with the [TS]

  silence and all that so he knows there's [TS]

  a sequence of time from there until the [TS]

  silence get her without you know she's [TS]

  eight years old that that is the I think [TS]

  he figured it all out at that point he [TS]

  realizes the girl was you know in it was [TS]

  with the silence was her and he knows [TS]

  that if he's going to save her [TS]

  it's not going to be when she's a baby [TS]

  it's going to be later because they had [TS]

  her earlier I think that he sort of [TS]

  figured that out that we will see him at [TS]

  a later point which I think it's kind of [TS]

  cool that you know that that's a [TS]

  a little bit of a credit to the to the [TS]

  viewer that the doctors like yeah I get [TS]

  it [TS]

  I'm gonna go off and we're supposed to [TS]

  sort of be like oh yeah well I get it [TS]

  now [TS]

  that was her and well let's remember [TS]

  that flesh Amy told the doctor the real [TS]

  doctor that he was gonna die and at the [TS]

  end of the two parties thinking that she [TS]

  was talking about imagine that he and [TS]

  that he invited him so he knows when and [TS]

  exactly where it happened yes [TS]

  so that's through the flesh doctor dies [TS]

  of course that's the flesh doctor who [TS]

  gets killed at the end of the maybe when [TS]

  you're in a white group then and not [TS]

  been burned [TS]

  no because she's been hardest so you [TS]

  just always been the time i just select [TS]

  this molecule don't know there's a plot [TS]

  point i don't know but i wouldn't /a me [TS]

  a fixture molecules i'm calling it [TS]

  yes oh you know you know I'm kind of [TS]

  cringing speaking of actually trying to [TS]

  twist this at the end up making so [TS]

  straightforward i'm cringing thinking of [TS]

  what possible way they could try to [TS]

  explain the seven-year-old your [TS]

  ten-year-old girl who regenerates like [TS]

  no seriously that's not river there's [TS]

  another ten year older or regenerate [TS]

  sounds like a Time Lord and i don't [TS]

  think that i think it would be bad I [TS]

  don't know yet I don't know really where [TS]

  the only speculation I've read about [TS]

  that would be if it was if if rivers Amy [TS]

  and Rory's child and that girl is the [TS]

  doctor and rivers child but I dr. [TS]

  android want to go to that would be the [TS]

  other alternative is awkward but yeah [TS]

  and then that that's the mother of Susan [TS]

  the doctors granddaughter right there [TS]

  you go now oh my God we're gonna come [TS]

  full circle 50th anniversary all that [TS]

  would that would hurt my head so much [TS]

  the forest episode where there's a [TS]

  another forest right it's always the at [TS]

  the forest here where he says you know [TS]

  my name is the only person that you know [TS]

  my name and of course a big baby carrier [TS]

  the baby cot the crib superclasses name [TS]

  on it yeah [TS]

  yes there's a couple different things [TS]

  that really are two different bits of [TS]

  gal friend that they look at what must [TS]

  be the front one must be in the back and [TS]

  presumably that might have his name on [TS]

  it if she reads Gallifrey in which we [TS]

  know she does that that maybe the [TS]

  explanation for why she notices name [TS]

  which we're told he does not have [TS]

  however [TS]

  right interesting right so what did what [TS]

  did people think about the the reveal [TS]

  was it you know [TS]

  did you think it was well liked it it [TS]

  was good at it you know obviously it all [TS]

  adds up right before it so you get to [TS]

  feel smart because we figured it out [TS]

  before ya before they say it on screen [TS]

  only water I like feeling smart [TS]

  well I mean that and like the hole i [TS]

  figured out the melt you know as soon as [TS]

  they said the name is melody pond we [TS]

  were leading up to i'm like 'oh switch [TS]

  them and then yes and I like to compare [TS]

  it to the reveal at the end of the last [TS]

  season with the with the wedding thing [TS]

  and something borrowed something blue [TS]

  and I felt like I i like it when I'm [TS]

  just ahead of the reveal but in this [TS]

  reveal I think everybody was way way [TS]

  ahead but I was like yeah we now get on [TS]

  with the river song right but there's [TS]

  something borrowed something blue you or [TS]

  maybe like man 60 seconds ahead of it [TS]

  and it feels more exciting you know what [TS]

  I mean even though that reveals cheesier [TS]

  than this one this one makes a lot more [TS]

  sense because it makes more sense and is [TS]

  less arbitrary it's a just a little bit [TS]

  less satisfying eunomia yeah but it's [TS]

  still nice to have all the ends tied up [TS]

  well someone some of the ends tied up [TS]

  and it was it was nice enough the way [TS]

  you know it i thought it was nicely done [TS]

  where they resolve the TARDIS is gone [TS]

  and yet somehow they're suddenly able to [TS]

  translate the language of the game [TS]

  before us whatever I it was if it was [TS]

  always into the TARDIS aren't they once [TS]

  they've been in July yeah lot of [TS]

  research for that TARDIS boy is there [TS]

  anything you can't do so don't start [TS]

  entire universe unlock can be a person [TS]

  it's amazing and be a person but it was [TS]

  nice that the the way it was done where [TS]

  it's the language of the gamma forest [TS]

  and it's the two sides so that it's out [TS]

  of sequence and and they don't have a [TS]

  word for pond and I mean it was nicely [TS]

  put together even though like John says [TS]

  you knew it was coming [TS]

  I thought I could appreciate how was all [TS]

  interlocking together i can I could also [TS]

  see how he's a younger child you know [TS]

  someone who's younger might not pick up [TS]

  on all those cues and then feel very [TS]

  satisfied thank you to it yeah you know [TS]

  I think my only problem with it is that [TS]

  we had so many like flash reveals in [TS]

  this in this particular episode with the [TS]

  flesh baby and everything else we like [TS]

  haha oh my god and then this this in [TS]

  contrast feels so straightforward and I [TS]

  remember what [TS]

  thing that like the last couple minutes [TS]

  of it when she's like I'm melody I'm [TS]

  your daughter and inwardly I was [TS]

  cringing a little bit but I mean as a [TS]

  whole it fits but it did feel like it [TS]

  felt very heavy-handed where it's like [TS]

  River you could've just not said [TS]

  anything at all and just let the let the [TS]

  leaf you know the leaf pattern go over [TS]

  and show her name without actually [TS]

  exposing on it but that's just me [TS]

  I also think it's just incredible [TS]

  callousness about like which of the [TS]

  writers people all the show actually [TS]

  parents like the doctor going it'll be [TS]

  okay i go take care of its like yes and [TS]

  the parents don't get a sear for some [TS]

  horrible number of years in which has [TS]

  been captive by this hideous alien [TS]

  species called the silence and all these [TS]

  enemies yeah that's great i'm happy that [TS]

  my child is fine and had seen her music [TS]

  career I mean he's Bailey and then alien [TS]

  and second he already knows that [TS]

  happened right but the good news is he [TS]

  knows she's okay because Russia is a [TS]

  little child they don't mean our [TS]

  vehicles you know 40 or something and 45 [TS]

  know parody I know that he can go get [TS]

  her but she's gonna be eight or ten or [TS]

  whatever and small right and they can [TS]

  grow up with her later it'll be fine [TS]

  well no you know I i have i have an [TS]

  excuse for that which is for one thing [TS]

  Amy didn't know she was pregnant [TS]

  really for the entire time she was [TS]

  pregnant and Rory had no freaking clue [TS]

  video daughter so when you have them you [TS]

  have them all all the sudden awkwardly [TS]

  shown together with the baby it's like [TS]

  they have no time to realize holy crap [TS]

  we made a child [TS]

  this is ours this is our baby and then [TS]

  the baby explodes so we have two minutes [TS]

  and then she explode [TS]

  yes well I wanted to either question of [TS]

  when exactly when when did flesh Amy [TS]

  replace relay me [TS]

  ah before America was worried about ya [TS]

  he says that says before America but I [TS]

  don't offer by answer is off camera that [TS]

  is the and well no because there is that [TS]

  one part right where she gets kidnapped [TS]

  in the 360 hard to look for sliding [TS]

  thing before she gets kidnapped that's [TS]

  why she don't know but in there was [TS]

  which was before the beginning of the [TS]

  season without telling you [TS]

  yeah which means they don't want to have [TS]

  to show it you know or they'll show it [TS]

  later and they'll go back at before and [TS]

  they will hide happened here I would [TS]

  have been happier if you'd been [TS]

  kidnapped some point when they were in [TS]

  America I thought they were you guys [TS]

  when I look elsewhere dish what's that [TS]

  part where she disappears in the better [TS]

  person not not in that part would like [TS]

  when they're when Rory's on the radio [TS]

  and he's listening to her talk the [TS]

  orphanage is at the orphanage still yeah [TS]

  that's bit again I I thought she was [TS]

  kidnapped in the when she went into [TS]

  first saw the silence in the White House [TS]

  bathroom and Jason reminded me that no [TS]

  that was she said before America so [TS]

  because that would be the logical point [TS]

  our stomachs hurting she goes in there [TS]

  comes back and she said she's pregnant [TS]

  and she's not pregnant so overall we've [TS]

  had this this strange seven-episode [TS]

  half-season like this doctor who have [TS]

  season or whatever felt like an awful [TS]

  lot of Arc and not a lot of monster of [TS]

  the week [TS]

  yeah it is it and I didn't like that [TS]

  part but I I think it's harder when you [TS]

  only have seven episodes it and you've [TS]

  got a finale and you've got a lead into [TS]

  the finale and you've got a two-part [TS]

  opener that there wasn't a whole lot in [TS]

  the middle right there wasn't a lot of [TS]

  time [TS]

  hey there were there were pirates in [TS]

  space pirate has like pirates which was [TS]

  like a week week and a weak monster the [TS]

  week and see what happens when he does [TS]

  monster-of-the-week he doesn't do it [TS]

  well welcome do mythology yeah well i [TS]

  did make an order but I like that about [TS]

  the show that it is you know that they [TS]

  just kind of take the TARDIS somewhere [TS]

  and there's an adventure and then the [TS]

  adventure is done and we didn't feel [TS]

  like we got a lot of that we got Neil [TS]

  Gaiman episode and we got the space [TS]

  pirates and yeah I think about the ones [TS]

  with Donna Donna had some good [TS]

  monster-of-the-week swear they become do [TS]

  it was like character development not so [TS]

  much like our plot points but there [TS]

  would be less developed on his character [TS]

  through like the the Mount Vesuvius [TS]

  thing and the mood episodes and I was a [TS]

  greater arc plot points in there yet but [TS]

  they were good standalone episodes but [TS]

  mostly let you get to know the character [TS]

  so that what they did in the big arc [TS]

  episodes had more effect and made more [TS]

  sense you know and ama is an interesting [TS]

  character wears i think that the Rorion [TS]

  and we are not interested in ames it [TS]

  amy is very good-looking which saves [TS]

  accounts for a lot but yeah i see is [TS]

  very much [TS]

  she has like she has some personality [TS]

  and her childhood segment gives her [TS]

  character more depth than Rory you just [TS]

  appears on the scene as the white Mickey [TS]

  and [TS]

  you know white Mickey that's what these [TS]

  a common school I don't want to be the [TS]

  metal dog that dog have you ever had a [TS]

  white Mickey mmm tasty [TS]

  so the you know but I look for something [TS]

  i like Amy because she is a dominant [TS]

  personality and she actually you know [TS]

  she actually does give give it back to [TS]

  the doctor like better than he down she [TS]

  right she doesn't she [TS]

  Donna was much more dominant than amy is [TS]

  so but I mean you're also dealing with [TS]

  with with the tenth doctor instead of [TS]

  the 11th Donna was less of a stereotype [TS]

  amy is more of a typical female this is [TS]

  a type you've seen females play before [TS]

  is Donna was constantly going against [TS]

  type help Donna was older and less [TS]

  attractive because then she could you [TS]

  know you she wasn't expected to be [TS]

  spotted it was a different name and [TS]

  rightly know that they made the whole [TS]

  point of them being like their mates [TS]

  right you know they were pals right and [TS]

  there wasn't a romantic thing and that [TS]

  was kind of refreshing and coming off a [TS]

  couple seasons and she was she did not [TS]

  admire and rest was the big thing mostly [TS]

  other campaigns are in all him or admire [TS]

  him or we need them to savor Donna did [TS]

  not admire him was constantly yelling at [TS]

  him and complaining about the stuff that [TS]

  he did well i think another thing is we [TS]

  just really haven't had time like there [TS]

  hasn't been a lot of time spent on [TS]

  developing Rory and Amy as adult [TS]

  characters i mean i think the closest [TS]

  you get is Amy's choice and even that [TS]

  feels less like developing their [TS]

  characters as it's a little bit for Amy [TS]

  you get a little bit before she gets [TS]

  married and she has the whole well I [TS]

  don't know if I want to get married but [TS]

  I mean in this season we really haven't [TS]

  had anything beyond ome was pregnant and [TS]

  now she's not and let's let's go worry [TS]

  about the fact that she's seeing people [TS]

  sliding in and out of walls [TS]

  she's a plot device there their [TS]

  accessories for the doctors like handbag [TS]

  well I think Scott's got a good point [TS]

  that's was another analogy that it's not [TS]

  it's not just that that she's a she's a [TS]

  patent or an accessory but the plot has [TS]

  been about Amy both years first off [TS]

  there was the whole crack in her wall [TS]

  and her rebooting the universe in her [TS]

  mind and then this year we have the [TS]

  whole you know where's Amy she's [TS]

  kidnappers her baby i feel like it [TS]

  echoed the first half for me in that the [TS]

  you know the first season for me out of [TS]

  the Mastersmith in that there was a lot [TS]

  of mixed bag in the beginning and a nice [TS]

  friend pull it out at the end because i [TS]

  said i'm one of the previous flash flash [TS]

  podcasting and seasons let me kind of [TS]

  cold i haven't really been invested in [TS]

  yet I thought about the finale was you [TS]

  know the best part of it and i felt the [TS]

  same thing about last year with a pen [TS]

  dorko really maybe he knows he does [TS]

  great finale so we said let's do two [TS]

  seasons mills of finale do really crappy [TS]

  shows leading well if you if you think [TS]

  about the seven episodes what do you if [TS]

  you if you said alright I've got all of [TS]

  them on my DVR on my iPad or wherever [TS]

  and i'm going to go back in the end and [TS]

  relive the high points you know what [TS]

  what do you do are their episodes have [TS]

  that you would pick two to relive and [TS]

  watching a 4-1 i watch i would watch the [TS]

  openers i watch doctor's wife and then [TS]

  I'd skip to the flash two-parter and [TS]

  then go to the end at every single other [TS]

  episode this this half series has left [TS]

  me you know I I could care less whether [TS]

  what actually happened because nothing [TS]

  but we are two episodes that you would [TS]

  watch them well I guess because they're [TS]

  all two partners but stuff but it felt [TS]

  you know it felt like maybe maybe that's [TS]

  the issue that i like the production [TS]

  design in the first episode with it was [TS]

  more like on location shooting look more [TS]

  like a movie and I mean and then we got [TS]

  back into like the sets and you know the [TS]

  the interior studio stuff and it was it [TS]

  was less grand and not not that I really [TS]

  love the astronaut business is as that [TS]

  much but I did like the way look to [TS]

  their outdoors more and relocations and [TS]

  you know I i agree although I actually [TS]

  think the sets this season have been [TS]

  very good i think that i think the show [TS]

  is looked really good I i do agree that [TS]

  it you get that claustrophobia when when [TS]

  I show doesn't do lots of location [TS]

  shooting and the America stuff was wide [TS]

  open and cinematic we have sun in [TS]

  America it's not raining all the time is [TS]

  also the first season I think in a [TS]

  really long time where we didn't get any [TS]

  present-day stuff at all right now [TS]

  there's nothing that happened in our you [TS]

  know in the present day basically all [TS]

  there pumping acid right now offshore [TS]

  you just have a blast that was going on [TS]

  you're right i was 15 20 minutes into [TS]

  the future like Max Headroom yes but [TS]

  that is a previous you know in is we had [TS]

  some of that last year and we had a lot [TS]

  of it during the day 10th david tennant [TS]

  run seemed like every every year there [TS]

  were at least you know three or four [TS]

  episodes that dealt with something [TS]

  happening in the present the only stuff [TS]

  of the present is at the very beginning [TS]

  of the first episode where Amy and Rory [TS]

  home and they go to America right now [TS]

  remember these characters in the present [TS]

  day like like roses family and her [TS]

  friends like we get back there is like [TS]

  his roses mom you know Russell's babies [TS]

  built a whole bunch of characters in the [TS]

  present day and then alternate universe [TS]

  president day that were good to come [TS]

  back to i mean russell t davies like his [TS]

  cast even Moffat seemed like he was [TS]

  trying to do that if you go back to the [TS]

  11th hour there's a bunch of other [TS]

  people that we meet right were no Amy [TS]

  right you know Amy and and yet none of [TS]

  those people i think ever really come [TS]

  back right [TS]

  her parents are dead in the first [TS]

  episode and then their band anymore he [TS]

  randomly come back with them into the [TS]

  new universe let's just forget it was [TS]

  like a whole other guy that's like sort [TS]

  of a love interest remember this is a [TS]

  guy with a laptop that the doctor [TS]

  borrows I was kind of yeah I his mother [TS]

  has got me horned on this laptop [TS]

  yeah exactly which was funny but like [TS]

  then that whole being disappeared that [TS]

  most guys weren't very interesting [TS]

  characters compared to like roses [TS]

  father-daughter 1 episode I know whether [TS]

  that they distant you know they added a [TS]

  seem like the actors more interesting [TS]

  because i'm pretty sure the temperature [TS]

  the and turns out to be the lady with [TS]

  the eye patch though huh maybe that [TS]

  one's calling it was coming on it i call [TS]

  again [TS]

  well that's a good one point I think I [TS]

  think Prisoner Zero is Rory alright well [TS]

  so in the fall [TS]

  doctor who will be back with six more [TS]

  episodes where did that isn't just for [TS]

  the episode will learn maybe there'll be [TS]

  girls now or maybe they want that needs [TS]

  a Scott needs a hug [TS]

  I didn't have my was Rory dressed as his [TS]

  Roman centurion did anyone else that [TS]

  they mentioned didn't mention anything [TS]

  about her life her house and math [TS]

  it had the doctor likes it that's just [TS]

  ridiculous [TS]

  now you want you i would say it was [TS]

  mentioning right if he was walking [TS]

  around dressed up as a nurse know he's [TS]

  gonna take like they were trying to [TS]

  reuse every costume and make-up effect [TS]

  from the past 10 years is your go-to [TS]

  Cyberman fleet and and you say you know [TS]

  I have a statement happening below and [TS]

  that it in plain clothes and then [TS]

  they're hopefully explodes they're going [TS]

  to take seriously they're not going to [TS]

  say oh if you were wearing a cape I take [TS]

  you seriously right because you're not [TS]

  playing off the whole fact that the last [TS]

  century it was a known quantity right i [TS]

  cannot wait for the time you want [TS]

  anything is the last century has become [TS]

  a myth like the doctors be going with [TS]

  but nobody seemed to notice nobody [TS]

  recognizes the lesson sorry [TS]

  well they should've shot him on sight [TS]

  but that's not her doctor who works we [TS]

  did not discuss the Headless monks [TS]

  somehow I don't think we should now but [TS]

  i will point out what they want what I [TS]

  don't like they're never out of it [TS]

  don't like they're never out of it [TS]

  question they are stupid and ridiculous [TS]

  and we will never speak of them again [TS]

  the Headless monks can't hear but we [TS]

  might as well talk to them yeah [TS]

  hello had this box glad I'm glad we [TS]

  didn't talk about the headless months [TS]

  that was really good not talking about [TS]

  it alright well that wraps up our [TS]

  coverage of Doctor Who for this half [TS]

  season will have another half in the [TS]

  fall until then we'll resume our [TS]

  discussion of other topics on the [TS]

  uncomfortable until next time i would [TS]

  like to thank my doctor who participants [TS]

  Scott McNulty thank you for bringing [TS]

  your your wit and laying in the weeds [TS]

  until you have a moment to strike and [TS]

  slice with your humor that's rather like [TS]

  a king cobra of humor when fleischmann [TS]

  thank you for being here and giving us [TS]

  all your theories and guaranteeing crazy [TS]

  future developments [TS]

  thank you and keep watching the skies I [TS]

  of course I never stopped already called [TS]

  well thank you for lending your [TS]

  perspective to the this the frivolity [TS]

  has always been more'n thank you for [TS]

  speaking with us as you're prepared to [TS]

  run out the door with a suitcase and go [TS]

  on vacation I Jason I'm actually living [TS]

  this podcast backward [TS]

  right and more and joins us everybody [TS]

  and John siracusa thank you for being [TS]

  here as well feel bigger on the inside [TS]

  Jason and on that note thank you [TS]

  everybody for listening to the [TS]

  comfortable podcast see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  I'm sorry I'm sorry are we with the last [TS]

  century and with the second the last [TS]

  century and I just I just keep mixing [TS]

  there's a big fan fiction opportunity [TS]

  here Scott for this is like the last [TS]

  century and is that of fanfiction [TS]

  worried / dr. fanfiction I just now I [TS]

  really did like the Cybermen in this [TS]

  because they were like really flummoxed [TS]

  like you know the Daleks Department all [TS]

  these like ridiculously unearthly [TS]

  villains that are just two super [TS]

  powerful you always wanted to destroy [TS]

  everybody immediately I didn't like the [TS]

  fact you're like holy crap [TS]

  what's going on and this guy walks in [TS]

  and they're all just standing there it's [TS]

  like wipe that blank look off your face [TS]

  is a cancer Cyberman but what I what I [TS]

  liked about the Cybermen in this episode [TS]

  is that rather than it being like [TS]

  there's a couple Cyberman and maybe they [TS]

  got a Zeppelin and they got a little [TS]

  plan and fiber kids yeah just maybe [TS]

  they're just having lunch there just [TS]

  sitting around like we should we have a [TS]

  sandwich [TS]

  they're there they're like we've got a [TS]

  whole fleet know we did all these ships [TS]

  do is listen to stuff you know and this [TS]

  is the 12th me you should see our other [TS]

  weapon fleets right but they're like out [TS]

  there in space it would take the doctor [TS]

  like like 10 seconds to blow up or [TS]

  bigger fleet [TS]

  yeah instead of three say exactly that's [TS]

  why he's scared 33 minutes and 40 [TS]

  seconds right well you know and i also [TS]

  appreciated the fact that it was a [TS]

  little bit of a misdirect right because [TS]

  for a second i don't know maybe it was [TS]

  just me when I saw this item and I'm [TS]

  like oh crap we're we are seeing and [TS]

  super ultimate plan and by the Cybermen [TS]

  but no no it was just a show [TS]

  everybody's just throw away the Cybermen [TS]

  plans have a really bad average of [TS]

  success [TS]

  this is true that sort of the Daleks the [TS]

  dogs that have better success in the [TS]

  Cybermen the Cybermen don't even get me [TS]

  started on silent slave him it's not [TS]

  like second last place in the last place [TS]

  come on the Daleks like take over the [TS]

  galaxy and then are defeated the [TS]

  Cybermen vulture they stole the whole [TS]

  earth borrowed the earth the Daleks get [TS]

  pretty for ya you were gonna say [TS]

  something [TS]

  no I was not and wants to go to the [TS]

  finger lakes I want to kind of engage [TS]

  unless they vote for something I don't [TS]

  not i don't want to go to Chelsea he [TS]

  wants to get a white Mickey and go to [TS]

  the finger [TS]

  finally I don't know what is that sounds [TS]

  tantalizingly make sure I think we have [TS]

  a think we were trying to slip you know [TS]

  you slip somebody Mickey yeah I think [TS]

  it'll get a little milk in there if it [TS]

  looks like a white russian that's a way [TS]

  but i'm a little bit of the free in [TS]

  their little white flesh it sound like [TS]

  something you get it like a speakeasy so [TS]

  you slip a little white milk into [TS]

  somebody give me Mary fingers and white [TS]

  Mickey please [TS]

  yeah neat i'll take a headless monk and [TS]

  a white Mickey [TS]