The Incomparable

294: Science Is Never Frightening!


  it's not brain science its rocket [TS]

  surgery this is go go [TS]

  the infertile number 294 able to 2016 [TS]

  God God welcome back to the [TS]

  uncomfortable rocket surgery where we [TS]

  look at a weird bad science fiction [TS]

  movie from a particular decade we have [TS]

  covered the two thousands we've covered [TS]

  the nineties the eighties the seventies [TS]

  in the sixties what was left the [TS]

  nineteen fifties we are we watched 1954 [TS]

  is Gog and i'm joined by these fine [TS]

  rocket surgeons Glenn fleischmann well I [TS]

  think we're posing the question GOG or [TS]

  not tonight David lure huh [TS]

  hi we we watched god brian hamilton god [TS]

  help us all [TS]

  oh my god and Steve let's what if what [TS]

  if Jason what if god was one of us [TS]

  that's the question that I think this [TS]

  movie poses just a robot on a bus trying [TS]

  to make its way to the nuclear pile [TS]

  flailing wildly on a bus [TS]

  dear god it's me calling out the safety [TS]

  rod trying to find his way home [TS]

  are you there God your group it's a GOG [TS]

  available on youtube I believe God a [TS]

  little just got also on at home amazon [TS]

  prime video at that as we record this [TS]

  come for the free shipping stay for the [TS]

  really crappy old sci-fi movie free [TS]

  amazon prime 1954 film by among others [TS]

  the producer and bass and store credit [TS]

  to Ivan tours who you know is the [TS]

  creator of flipper step right up for [TS]

  Ivan toes a tour of all the Ivan's in [TS]

  the land they could he was not the crazy [TS]

  Ivan he was serious Ivan this is a film [TS]

  I we're going to walk through the plot [TS]

  and boy there is one there is so much [TS]

  but there's a lot you need to learn [TS]

  about the base and science and this film [TS]

  is going to show you there is no plot [TS]

  here they're soooo there is so much [TS]

  science there's nothing but that's not [TS]

  plot but it's allergies it's a mystery [TS]

  Steve it's a mystery about who's killing [TS]

  who is a who is ratting out the [TS]

  scientists and killing the scientists a [TS]

  secret a desert base basically what [TS]

  we've got here is is we've got what is [TS]

  basically an early slasher film with a [TS]

  sci-fi sort of a rammer around it [TS]

  yeah yeah well you've got you've got [TS]

  enough of a plot for a TV Guide long [TS]

  line [TS]

  and then like 90 minutes that's [TS]

  exposition the motion picture [TS]

  well I mean we start we start with a [TS]

  killing which is you know its classrooms [TS]

  coming though right you can start with a [TS]

  frozen monkey and then there's like 35 [TS]

  minutes of just explaining all the [TS]

  things that they're going to use to kill [TS]

  the next batch [TS]

  indeed so my first my first note in this [TS]

  film is a monkey is injected ya happy it [TS]

  the way it starts with a very nice [TS]

  sequence of space AG rocket paintings [TS]

  over the credits which I streams levels [TS]

  it was considered by the tilt the story [TS]

  started my first note is here at [TS]

  bird's-eye we flash-freeze I rhesus [TS]

  monkeys they're fresh from the farm to [TS]

  the table we should we should mention in [TS]

  the titles with with the space music in [TS]

  the space painting which there's also a [TS]

  credit for the what is it executive [TS]

  producer in charge of scientific active [TS]

  research scientific research every [TS]

  single cent out of his yeah forget by [TS]

  the way that the scientific and [TS]

  electronic equipment for this podcast [TS]

  was furnished by bendix aviation [TS]

  corporation and Minneapolis honeywell [TS]

  regulator company so I i think i think [TS]

  this is a good producer for scientific [TS]

  research kind of slacked in a few few [TS]

  segments but i think i do think the [TS]

  dials didn't get enough credit the dials [TS]

  the gauges baby shot in 15 days on two [TS]

  sets so it's not you know and it shows [TS]

  it shows you 3d shot in 3d you never you [TS]

  never know this was a 3d picture when it [TS]

  starts with a lady pointing hypodermic [TS]

  at you and coming in you know for the [TS]

  kill [TS]

  there's that moment where they've got [TS]

  the people on the little merry-go-round [TS]

  thing that's supposed to test gravity [TS]

  that I thought oh there's your 3d movie [TS]

  right there [TS]

  yep so I monkey is injected in a room in [TS]

  a very large room that can be frozen and [TS]

  heated and frozen at very rapidly for [TS]

  such a large space we are in an entirely [TS]

  wheel based science lab which is it's [TS]

  unusual even for the time [TS]

  yeah we found 1950 more they discovered [TS]

  more than the wheel they helpfully they [TS]

  helpfully labeled the left wheel left [TS]

  unit and the right wheel right unit and [TS]

  noticeably larger centres wheel is [TS]

  labeled main control is confused now [TS]

  with the the overabundance of wheel in [TS]

  the test error always confused and this [TS]

  is actually an advertisement for [TS]

  bakelite maybe the whole movie [TS]

  is actually just a demo of what you can [TS]

  do with it there's although there are a [TS]

  lot of there are a lot of labels so you [TS]

  can also say that this is forefront [TS]

  advertisement for label makers there's a [TS]

  lot of labels there are many labels [TS]

  there's a little shelves wiper the [TS]

  windshield waker was gonna spar they're [TS]

  adding something expensive so the room [TS]

  it freezes and heats of course there's [TS]

  condensation although the condensation [TS]

  sort of happened setting suddenly after [TS]

  it's already gone from room temperature [TS]

  20 degrees in about four seconds then [TS]

  there's condensation and they have a [TS]

  windshield wiper that really does [TS]

  actually save those of what as a freeze [TS]

  the monkey and then later accidentally [TS]

  freeze a couple of human beings and when [TS]

  you test subjects are monkeys it's [TS]

  always wise to have a windshield wiper [TS]

  on your viewing window because you never [TS]

  know you know what's the little guy's [TS]

  gonna hop through have a question and [TS]

  the thing the thing that's impressive is [TS]

  when they when they thought the monkey [TS]

  back out because they don't kill it [TS]

  they just freeze it no that was a they [TS]

  do literally shock the monkey they do [TS]

  shock the monkey three different times [TS]

  in three different places heart but they [TS]

  also shocked his brain [TS]

  I don't think that's how that works how [TS]

  it'll end the shock his central nervous [TS]

  system separately from the brain somehow [TS]

  yes the executive producer for [TS]

  scientific research said so I was so [TS]

  disturbed by that you seem to already be [TS]

  alert moving around and they just sort [TS]

  of shocked him again I'm like I think [TS]

  God there were some gauges that showed [TS]

  us how life he was [TS]

  yeah but I couldn't figure out which [TS]

  side of the window the windshield wiper [TS]

  was aha but he got hurt because it [TS]

  should be on the inside probably gettin [TS]

  frost year but then when the scientists [TS]

  goes inside the room after the monkey [TS]

  has left i will after the monkeys taken [TS]

  away it's not like the monkey just [TS]

  leaves the monkeys fine but monkey grabs [TS]

  his suitcase but I had takes off now you [TS]

  know when he gets trapped in the room [TS]

  have a spoiler spoiler the door closes [TS]

  behind him and he starts to freeze so [TS]

  that's right and he starts tapping at [TS]

  the window but it's not getting in the [TS]

  way of the windshield wiper yeah it must [TS]

  on the outside lee seung-gi but why but [TS]

  it's a movie rotates or something with [TS]

  the door closed so that the scientists [TS]

  goes in to check on the monkey freezing [TS]

  room and the door closers my TM [TS]

  invisible in as it by an invisible hand [TS]

  I thought I will this is very exciting [TS]

  there's an invisible you know invisible [TS]

  her on the on the sciencebase and we're [TS]

  about your little robot but it's a [TS]

  doctor Hubertus is a is killed then his [TS]

  assistant goes in finds him dead and is [TS]

  very upset but the door closes again and [TS]

  she is also frozen to death of much [TS]

  faster apparently don't know there's a [TS]

  problem there's something that was [TS]

  missing in the shot it bothers me [TS]

  terribly i was waiting for it [TS]

  he's completely frozen he falls down [TS]

  there's a crashing sound they never [TS]

  showed the shattered body they referred [TS]

  to it later that she apparently freezes [TS]

  and chatters I'm like you go to all this [TS]

  trouble to free some one solid in a [TS]

  movie and you don't show the shattered [TS]

  pieces of the remains but yes they have [TS]

  plenty of budget left over for that I'm [TS]

  just gonna throw in ice cubes on the [TS]

  entire five human ice cubes and and we [TS]

  should note that dr. Hubertus was played [TS]

  by Michael Fox matches the reason [TS]

  Michael J Fox is my Angel's name of [TS]

  Francis Virginia's i just i like the [TS]

  fact that we cut away and back you know [TS]

  to and from puberty several times and [TS]

  each time he has a slightly thicker [TS]

  layer of Christmas tree flock exactly is [TS]

  good he doesn't get any slower at one [TS]

  point they cut back to him and his [TS]

  glasses are completely yes and he's [TS]

  still acting like he can see through [TS]

  them yeah but i will say there is an [TS]

  enormous level of paint those as he's [TS]

  feebly batting at the window and that [TS]

  the wiper blade is sort of squeeze it [TS]

  goes back and forth it's actually pretty [TS]

  effective side and he finally gets a [TS]

  poll to like smash the window open brian [TS]

  at that point all of his joints lockup [TS]

  and he's just reversed the first signs [TS]

  that anything has gone wrong inside [TS]

  there and he just stopped short [TS]

  no I was uh I was pretty happy about [TS]

  that inventory room there are exciting [TS]

  items in that boxes and dot more dial [TS]

  wire in case you needed you know the [TS]

  Royals Royals printables the music in [TS]

  here is really good i noticed this is a [TS]

  very very Star Trek music so you're in [TS]

  your sci-fi movie music of the [TS]

  mid-fifties was your sci-fi TV music of [TS]

  the mid-sixties we on and then we so we [TS]

  move we move out of the the [TS]

  claustrophobic base for our one other [TS]

  location in the film [TS]

  position the desert and this is a [TS]

  helicopter ride two men are taking a [TS]

  helicopter ride in an open-air [TS]

  helicopter and still manage to smoke a [TS]

  cigarette man is something he likes a [TS]

  cigarette in the open air helicopter as [TS]

  they're flying which seems impossible [TS]

  and then the other part of it that I [TS]

  really like is he he asks the he asked [TS]

  the pilot if he knows the location of [TS]

  this basis because it's a secret base [TS]

  and he says no the the helicopter is on [TS]

  autopilot and the in pilots me the rest [TS]

  of the way and so I have no idea where [TS]

  we are with a giant brain machine is [TS]

  taken to the brain machines because the [TS]

  supercomputer as you do and and you know [TS]

  he's and he says look the even the [TS]

  instruments are magnetized so I can't [TS]

  even see the instruments [TS]

  however there in a open air helicopter [TS]

  they can see where they're going and [TS]

  they only go like another five miles [TS]

  from that point it was so I don't [TS]

  understand that I know exactly where [TS]

  they are there on the set for mash there [TS]

  in Eastern California where fracture was [TS]

  shot outside of victorville something [TS]

  outside victorville there in the desert [TS]

  but you know dude maybe maybe take note [TS]

  of where the controls start going crazy [TS]

  and then walk it back about five miles [TS]

  you obviously get more shots of gauges [TS]

  and dials yes however that is now that's [TS]

  a that's realistic helicopter equipment [TS]

  there so anyway that he left he lands [TS]

  and and goes into the base and and is [TS]

  told that they're constructing plans for [TS]

  for future space ships and space [TS]

  stations and they have very particularly [TS]

  they've been investigating this idea of [TS]

  freezing astronauts as so they can send [TS]

  them to far-off places and then send [TS]

  radar beams to thought about and that [TS]

  and unfortunately the doctor doctor [TS]

  Hubertus who was researching the the [TS]

  suspended animation astronauts which [TS]

  again suspended animation astronauts not [TS]

  a crazy idea for the specifics in GOG [TS]

  our wacky with that we haven't ordered [TS]

  the radar beams at our works is and so [TS]

  that's the the beams thought amount so [TS]

  they think there's a saboteur and since [TS]

  there are our friend from the helicopter [TS]

  dr. Shepherd he's from the office of [TS]

  scientific investigation [TS]

  I'm i'm pretty sure he's the cigarette [TS]

  smoking man yeah he's working work for [TS]

  Oscar Goldman it's the OSI yeah and I [TS]

  and the first order of business is he [TS]

  gets a fancy jumpsuit with a gold ring [TS]

  on the sleeve which means he can go [TS]

  anywhere their sensors in the suits [TS]

  there are alloys apparently in the in [TS]

  the ring [TS]

  it's very exciting a little badge that [TS]

  shows whether or not he's been poisoned [TS]

  all kinds of Sun mirrors in the end and [TS]

  how what what level [TS]

  how far do we go first level there are [TS]

  five levels [TS]

  David I will not go to second level with [TS]

  your the second level child become [TS]

  better so I'm never going past the first [TS]

  level on the first day we meet you Anna [TS]

  love interest who is a was very very [TS]

  pointy woman she is she's a secretary [TS]

  but she's actually from Security section [TS]

  who and has been monitoring things to [TS]

  make sure that this secret manhattan [TS]

  project like it is like into the [TS]

  manhattan project at one point where [TS]

  they learned their investigating space [TS]

  things is not is not subvert admitted in [TS]

  terms of its security and there there's [TS]

  a share and embrace in the locker room [TS]

  as he's getting his jumpsuit on and and [TS]

  then we're told that Novak the computer [TS]

  at the heart of the lab is indispensable [TS]

  to the operation of no no anything i [TS]

  love to know that while she's away with [TS]

  that reveals that Djokovic the tennis [TS]

  power 3i I don't want to shock anybody [TS]

  about how casting works but after this [TS]

  film the actress retired and married [TS]

  Ivan tours [TS]

  how interesting I thought she was fine [TS]

  the coincidence and she was fine she was [TS]

  one actually she was one of the most [TS]

  consistent performers need to build the [TS]

  audits well yeah he was fine weather [TS]

  good friend much to do at all [TS]

  no but she did well you know she's she's [TS]

  there for Security section I like that [TS]

  aspect evident and she's sort of a [TS]

  sidekick and and gets to get to be [TS]

  rescued at the end and here begins [TS]

  roughly I think 35 to 40 minutes the [TS]

  runtimes it's not entirely of scientists [TS]

  explaining to each other in great detail [TS]

  yes just what the hell is supposedly [TS]

  going on here and it's not you know Bob [TS]

  it's not even exposition really there's [TS]

  no plot development going i just look at [TS]

  all this cool science stuff and then the [TS]

  science is just crap they made up that [TS]

  sounded sort of possible in 1953 my note [TS]

  is this is like a high school [TS]

  play but one put on by the science [TS]

  department yeah yeah yeah I know this [TS]

  was like a science education film then [TS]

  they were that they turned in Ramat I [TS]

  said people like this science feel about [TS]

  rocket so much [TS]

  let's turn it into a movie with robots [TS]

  to it's you know it's lovely but it sort [TS]

  of goes robbers now you need to see this [TS]

  thing that you'll see this thing that [TS]

  you'll see this thing that you'll see [TS]

  this thing and then it then it goes [TS]

  right back to the beginning when it when [TS]

  each thing starts killing people or [TS]

  indeed but it's like oh he's killing me [TS]

  and hanging out how much of it was a [TS]

  scientist explaining to another [TS]

  scientist who is already down there who [TS]

  should already know this dog and they [TS]

  ask such leading questions to it's like [TS]

  they see the the scale model of the city [TS]

  they built just so they could set it on [TS]

  fire to demonstrate yeah lots of new [TS]

  hires that was an interesting question [TS]

  that she asks is what about the oceans [TS]

  well we just happened to have this pool [TS]

  of water over here we can boil that away [TS]

  I want to have that job the guy that [TS]

  builds the models for them to sound fire [TS]

  yeah exactly like a bottle building [TS]

  group down there it's gonna be a [TS]

  frustrating job you purchase another one [TS]

  will have new another new hire [TS]

  so my note for that was let me show you [TS]

  my model railroad this is an engaging [TS]

  model of a town on the shore of Lake [TS]

  Erie let's watch it seems like a kind of [TS]

  place that would be a target for a space [TS]

  mirror clean with no I do have this to [TS]

  say at least Willy Wonka had the had the [TS]

  consideration for the audience to have [TS]

  the ironic deaths happen at the end of [TS]

  each scene after its introduced and not [TS]

  at the end of the movie stacked up like [TS]

  that yeah Brian I'm afraid you didn't [TS]

  watch the other movie they don't die i [TS]

  think it was something i do it got too [TS]

  sad but you should have watched the hell [TS]

  well that's why I'm saying this is this [TS]

  is total slasher film you get your you [TS]

  get your kill at the front it's [TS]

  front-loaded without a good kill kind of [TS]

  a peak your interest and then you've got [TS]

  a huge period where nothing much happens [TS]

  but we meet the characters and they're [TS]

  always incredibly incredibly shallow [TS]

  stereotypes that each have like one [TS]

  character trip got the perverted [TS]

  scientists I'm a mario this one's the [TS]

  cranky Swiss scientist huh [TS]

  and this this one is a dr. Clayton [TS]

  Forrester yeah and and what they're [TS]

  really doing here is there explaining [TS]

  all of the stuff that's going to kill [TS]

  people later so that you'll properly [TS]

  appreciate it when like the Sun bullets [TS]

  are shot at the spit the Swiss side and [TS]

  slide on bonus check of Spectre Helia [TS]

  scope [TS]

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  the incomparable among the information [TS]

  we find out at this point I I mean I dr. [TS]

  Shepherd we with it's unclear to me how [TS]

  first he isn't space science so they're [TS]

  explaining to him a little bit about [TS]

  what they do in this crazy underground [TS]

  lab that they've got what is your doctor [TS]

  of exactly what I've been trying to [TS]

  figure out a doctor of science agency [TS]

  dr. mystery [TS]

  he's a scientist shin he's a doctor of [TS]

  science is a man of science and the [TS]

  doctor says he has a PhD in scientific [TS]

  such science security studies and [TS]

  security yes the triple-s so the space [TS]

  station is going to be solar-powered [TS]

  which means that they put a dish on the [TS]

  top and shoot sunbeams into it from [TS]

  Planet Earth or or no they collect [TS]

  sunbeams it because Sun never sets in [TS]

  space which is really true if you're in [TS]

  orbit around the Earth because you have [TS]

  to go behind the earth and then there is [TS]

  no son [TS]

  so but anyway there is a lot of [TS]

  scientific detail even though a lot of [TS]

  it doesn't hold the gun you shine the [TS]

  sun on murkhana to mercury and that [TS]

  causes turbines to spin it does city and [TS]

  it heats up water and steam and then [TS]

  oxygen travels over the jft tubes and me [TS]

  and it makes everything goes five [TS]

  draftee tubes in the space station there [TS]

  are there are tests space station people [TS]

  get a lengthy scene where we're [TS]

  microgravity is tested by parent having [TS]

  apparently these two people wearing [TS]

  metal mesh suits and then they are made [TS]

  weightless by magnets that costumes are [TS]

  very nice sir that is so creepy French [TS]

  mirror dr. circus performers always [TS]

  needed some spare jobs in Hollywood and [TS]

  they explained that the further you get [TS]

  away from the earth the less gravity [TS]

  there is which is sort of true but [TS]

  basically when you're in space you are [TS]

  weightless because you're in freefall [TS]

  and here it's more like well if you win [TS]

  a few thousand more miles away you'd be [TS]

  even lighter which is not again [TS]

  that's not how it works like to see if [TS]

  there's something wrong with his science [TS]

  i'm not sure what it is that's not the [TS]

  yes ring true you still have the same [TS]

  mass but the gravity Papa but you can do [TS]

  some fancy tricks I that are sort of [TS]

  acrobatic when you are we when you weigh [TS]

  less [TS]

  by the way speaking of a creepy French [TS]

  mirror dr. you have to have been excited [TS]

  this point Jason when you realize that [TS]

  they were discussing a mirror in space [TS]

  that could be a powerful weapon and and [TS]

  came to understand that we are watching [TS]

  the prequel to read a real genius yes [TS]

  the fondant curtain me that if you [TS]

  mounted the mirror in space you could [TS]

  destroy cities and boil lakes or or cook [TS]

  a lot haha co-op corn nobody asks at [TS]

  that point what if you fill the house [TS]

  with popcorn uncommon popped popcorn and [TS]

  put some other mirrors in the house now [TS]

  those are things government scientists [TS]

  just never imagined there was linked [TS]

  with of a Frankenstein vs this space [TS]

  monster also with the like that mirrors [TS]

  rising and you know coming a little wolf [TS]

  trap spider holes on the surface like [TS]

  that I thought Teletubbies yeah [TS]

  yes oh yes i like the little coil that [TS]

  rises out from behind a rocky [TS]

  outcropping and sort of moves around a [TS]

  little bit then goes back down as though [TS]

  it's you weren't supposed to see that [TS]

  and and they seem to pronounce robot [TS]

  somewhere in between robot and [TS]

  a bit yeah no one says robot they all [TS]

  say robits robits robits robo robo very [TS]

  least they could be more respectful and [TS]

  pronounce it in the complete way which [TS]

  is row but or just 24 spelled backwards [TS]

  which i think is yes generally how they [TS]

  referred to in the sixties robot is [TS]

  tobor snow but robot is temperatures [TS]

  start to blow your mind [TS]

  spelled backward is true of the day we [TS]

  also we get to see a tuning fork which I [TS]

  series recordings work which generate [TS]

  noise i'm unclear about why they exist [TS]

  that is their alarm system it's it's a [TS]

  fork based alarm system that also can [TS]

  set armchairs bless you the leather easy [TS]

  chair nearby that is on fire just the [TS]

  arm though because science with other [TS]

  pointing out here though there is an [TS]

  interesting position point we missed in [TS]

  the solely I don't get stabbed can heal [TS]

  your lab this is a call back in the [TS]

  helio lab they demonstrate how it works [TS]

  with a scale model will come back to [TS]

  that later it's all right no model the [TS]

  the burning in the SD to scale model [TS]

  it's very important for later it's not [TS]

  that important but it is competitively [TS]

  they burned they burned the easy-chair [TS]

  and and in order to save themselves from [TS]

  this activation of the tuning forks say [TS]

  it their all directed open your mouth [TS]

  and everybody open their mouths and [TS]

  looks like idiots but apparently tell [TS]

  you I never heard the open your mouths [TS]

  possibly because i was covering my ears [TS]

  at that I watched it twice and they [TS]

  never heard that was right after the [TS]

  easy-chair catches on fast [TS]

  that's well that's that's the natural [TS]

  response when it when the arm of it easy [TS]

  chair near you starts burning open your [TS]

  mouth taken the smoke and really taking [TS]

  out our drag said naugahyde is a good [TS]

  idea we learn that the novak is the [TS]

  nuclear operative variable automatic [TS]

  computer and why wouldn't be is made in [TS]

  Switzerland in a neutral country which [TS]

  is totally importance by dr. siteman a [TS]

  Swiss scientist this will not be [TS]

  mentioned again until the very end of [TS]

  the film when it will become a really [TS]

  sad explanation for the plot of the film [TS]

  though he immediately becomes due to his [TS]

  crankiness the the scooby-doo villain [TS]

  that's clearly not the one that's [TS]

  actually responsible something old man [TS]

  Jenkins he's prickly and unlike a bowl [TS]

  and all of that and he introduces [TS]

  them to his robots goggin may God we [TS]

  also meet his assistant dr. patty duke [TS]

  father i love this scene so much because [TS]

  they're like they're using paper tape [TS]

  the resetting long at ridiculous series [TS]

  of numbers it's like the most is the [TS]

  weirdest idea of how computer and robot [TS]

  control things would work is you have [TS]

  apparently the most powerful appear on [TS]

  the planet and you're saying g3 program [TS]

  pulse 5 accumulator like you're doing [TS]

  machine language programming with your [TS]

  voice right now and that results in the [TS]

  robot going 20 feet and picking up a [TS]

  screwdriver and hitting it to you along [TS]

  with the like an hour and in 4,000 reels [TS]

  of paper tape there might be an electric [TS]

  shock doctor excitement has these two [TS]

  great lines one of which when when [TS]

  Joanna the the sidekick love interest [TS]

  says something about you know this is [TS]

  kind of frightening sciences never [TS]

  fighting exactly that was low and then a [TS]

  few minutes later he's like I have no [TS]

  time to bother with regulations which [TS]

  but I thought that sounds kind of friend [TS]

  huh well if you're the creator of [TS]

  several robots you you don't think [TS]

  science is never fighting also one point [TS]

  he declares all handled by robot power I [TS]

  do like the prominent vein in the middle [TS]

  of his forehead to its it's shocking [TS]

  ok my favorite non sequitur I forget [TS]

  isn't the senior the second time they [TS]

  visit later but is when they're looking [TS]

  at the tape messy huh some janitor could [TS]

  have gotten this tape and gotten it [TS]

  somewhere else and he goes nope nope and [TS]

  it's never brought up again like the [TS]

  weights delivered is so important then [TS]

  nope not gonna happen again today [TS]

  looking for they're looking for a spy or [TS]

  someone here and he's in its it shows [TS]

  you how arrogant doctor what's-his-name [TS]

  is that he hates men excitement said [TS]

  that he doesn't care if he incinerates [TS]

  the the paper tape which was shown by [TS]

  young william schallert dr. patty duke [TS]

  father yes yes yes are also incinerated [TS]

  and mr. trouble with tribbles no one [TS]

  will be seated during the gripping [TS]

  lecturing dr. citement on his paper tape [TS]

  disposal habits see every punched hole [TS]

  represents a thought the moment that the [TS]

  robots are engaged so we can see them in [TS]

  action now you're saying it and one [TS]

  rolls into the shot [TS]

  well these aren't robots blend these are [TS]

  open but they're different [TS]

  robot or not robots are narrow butternut [TS]

  when the robots roll into the shot i had [TS]

  that moment of realizing that they never [TS]

  showed us any sense of scale when they [TS]

  were showing us the Reds and the other [TS]

  part of the reason i thought they were [TS]

  like two feet tall but there is tall as [TS]

  a man and we please talk about the [TS]

  design of this god-awful robots it's not [TS]

  so good [TS]

  well they're they're like proto Daleks [TS]

  they they wave their arms as they roll [TS]

  like they have to pee really bad [TS]

  how much I don't have a very strange [TS]

  probe device at certain i think i think [TS]

  the robots are happy to see everybody [TS]

  it's a flamethrower it turns out that [TS]

  well yeah there's a very it is a very [TS]

  phallic flamethrower and hmm yeah and [TS]

  they really short wave their arms up [TS]

  they have several different limbs up [TS]

  there so there's the two arms always [TS]

  flailings or why I'm doing string but [TS]

  you can already know and then they're [TS]

  like they're waiting dough and then [TS]

  there's a law in the back that never [TS]

  gets used and receive since it's a [TS]

  prehensile claw except expecting [TS]

  something to happen also cause electric [TS]

  shocks for some reason these are not [TS]

  well grounded robots no only one of the [TS]

  hands actually works they're sort of [TS]

  like pre Tom servo arms just flop around [TS]

  summer all the people inside them can [TS]

  get people are already frightened by [TS]

  they're terrified by these robots when [TS]

  they see them rolling around you don't [TS]

  want to be like oh my god it's harmless [TS]

  to know that I'm not related in any way [TS]

  to these these these abominations of [TS]

  science because i don't have arms and at [TS]

  the end of that scene when when you okay [TS]

  then shut off the robots robits and our [TS]

  heroes leave when the doors slide open [TS]

  there is a Coke machine in the holster [TS]

  awesome spot about it now the Coke [TS]

  machine will approach you and hand you a [TS]

  bottle of Tabasco prepare for a slight [TS]

  sugar slight electric shock right but [TS]

  that Coke machine hasn't been stocked in [TS]

  30 years because the the job brain [TS]

  machine doesn't doesn't want to bring in [TS]

  the Copa delivery guy so you say hi for [TS]

  the things that really bothered me in [TS]

  this movie is the obvious answer from [TS]

  the first 20 minutes of this film is [TS]

  that the the atomic electron Mystery [TS]

  Machine child brain region bring Shannon [TS]

  has become sentient and is going to try [TS]

  to take over the world [TS]

  and/or is trying to prevent the people [TS]

  from launching something into space and [TS]

  it is the it is the culprit behind all [TS]

  of this because I become alive which is [TS]

  not what happens in this movie and all [TS]

  three four loop and I was a little [TS]

  disappointed by that but i think i think [TS]

  that concept maybe predated this little [TS]

  now that gotcha is a twisted it was a [TS]

  red herring [TS]

  well this is the thing about this film [TS]

  is filled introduces a min amid all the [TS]

  science lecturing and industrial quality [TS]

  of it is a charm that it keeps producing [TS]

  interesting ideas like that and then [TS]

  doing nothing with them with Serrano [TS]

  turn away the hands of a better film [TS]

  director a budget better scenery a good [TS]

  editor the script [TS]

  well that's a good thing oh I mean this [TS]

  this would be a solid X file or a doctor [TS]

  who episode is forbidden Atlanta del [TS]

  really done well I think you could give [TS]

  them 20 million dollars today you could [TS]

  do a version of God it would actually be [TS]

  kind of interesting if it was done with [TS]

  competent people but it is i mean the [TS]

  the idea that it is the computer you [TS]

  know that's not a bad red herring [TS]

  ya done well yeah I mean kiss that if [TS]

  there appears to be [TS]

  I think it's interesting that gog and [TS]

  magog are both referred to as he usually [TS]

  when you have to anthropomorphic objects [TS]

  the natural inclination is to make one [TS]

  male and one female [TS]

  well there are references to a lot in [TS]

  there there in a number of different [TS]

  ancient religious texts shall we say [TS]

  yeah and and they are they are both male [TS]

  and they are often associated with the [TS]

  end times right social relations [TS]

  somebody was like you know who this is [TS]

  this will give it power will name them [TS]

  gog and magog technology is going to [TS]

  take us down the path of destruction [TS]

  that's right the message of this movie [TS]

  you should not tampered in God's donate [TS]

  you know we're always trying to you know [TS]

  bring the end times as well [TS]

  how so we moved to the we move to the [TS]

  nuclear pile for another set of lectures [TS]

  movie is a nuclear pile i love I'm [TS]

  looking right now for the film in front [TS]

  of the action as we review this [TS]

  important lesson and I love the fact [TS]

  that she's reciting they have all these [TS]

  weird apertures that he can look through [TS]

  that are all the same place so yeah [TS]

  they're all looking like to freedom so [TS]

  they had they had some footage that they [TS]

  shot and i'm not a label of arms moving [TS]

  various things around in flames or [TS]

  something [TS]

  and then the end they had the set where [TS]

  he's got the various different places he [TS]

  can peer and filter for summary so he [TS]

  peers into those various places and sees [TS]

  the same footage playing at the various [TS]

  portions but in red it's all in red so [TS]

  yes everyone should confront data [TS]

  Institute we're brewing up isotopes and [TS]

  picking up bottles with robotic machines [TS]

  yep it's all have a by robots power it's [TS]

  red it's coke read also if you're [TS]

  wondering what's in a nuclear pile the [TS]

  answer is there are isotopes and [TS]

  plutonium compounds and I 4-0 and I'd [TS]

  nuclear miles wants to sit down for a [TS]

  week [TS]

  it used to take 16 technicians to run an [TS]

  atomic pile but now it's all handled by [TS]

  robots well one's my favorite shot and [TS]

  all of those little vignettes is when [TS]

  some claw takes out a little cylinder [TS]

  which I can only assume is an isotope a [TS]

  really really big [TS]

  I stuff and another clock comes in and [TS]

  can't quite get it and hold the reaction [TS]

  some technician trying to do the little [TS]

  trigger thing to get the okay fine then [TS]

  just cut away and they used it because [TS]

  of course they did they shot in 15 days [TS]

  looks like any scene where God is trying [TS]

  to grab something it clearly there's [TS]

  there's just not that easy to do from [TS]

  inside the god sue just sort of like [TS]

  bangs the clock against the wall for a [TS]

  little life and slides on just always [TS]

  loved their there so a sudden thing [TS]

  happens there there's a a very sudden [TS]

  alert where we're told in a rush of [TS]

  dialogue that there is a high [TS]

  concentration of alpha particles in the [TS]

  only area where nobody works with [TS]

  isotopes she says very clearly the [TS]

  second level the only level where nobody [TS]

  works with isotopes so you shouldn't go [TS]

  to the second level i won't go to second [TS]

  level with you Jason what they say let's [TS]

  go [TS]

  and they're off if they had been smart [TS]

  they would have designed more bendy [TS]

  corridors on the second level indeed as [TS]

  we've learned if you put a bend in your [TS]

  corridor radiation can't catch you know [TS]

  this is valid the unit hardened [TS]

  facilities the alpha particles we absorb [TS]

  other cases actually a reasonable [TS]

  scientific factories or by the concrete [TS]

  yeah you but very nice economy don't [TS]

  they don't do them on the second level [TS]

  Steve because they don't work with [TS]

  isotopes role that's the level where [TS]

  they don't worry it is [TS]

  they run like a separate architect just [TS]

  do the second level because the first [TS]

  guy he was all bendy corridors that's [TS]

  all I wanted to do something where are [TS]

  our friend from the nuclear pile puts on [TS]

  a poncho in order to protect him from [TS]

  the radiation while the other two people [TS]

  just don't and are they're wearing their [TS]

  regular jumpsuits and we discover that [TS]

  only a nice lady on the second level has [TS]

  died of radioactive poison she looks [TS]

  fine but she's dead and her little badge [TS]

  says that she got radiation so that's [TS]

  why she's dead and it turns out that [TS]

  there is a little radioactive isotope [TS]

  miracle-gro that has been stuffing a [TS]

  plant in the chemistry lab I was great [TS]

  object to the units in this in this [TS]

  movie we've talked about this a little [TS]

  bit already i think but the unit she [TS]

  says 300 million run games which is an [TS]

  incredibly tiny amount of radiation [TS]

  that's really unacceptable [TS]

  well this is this is a film that has a [TS]

  decibel ometer that shows visibly shows [TS]

  my crew am here is wonderful Jason who [TS]

  you gonna believe [TS]

  are you going to believe this [TS]

  professional looking black placard we [TS]

  had made up that says decibels are you [TS]

  going to leave those incompetent in [TS]

  minneapolis honeywell regulator couple [TS]

  of guys don't know what the hell they're [TS]

  doing now made a sign and then the guy [TS]

  in the hazmat suit goes out and takes [TS]

  the woman and leaves the two people [TS]

  without any sort of nuclear protection [TS]

  to continue examining the room to find [TS]

  any other nuclear things I there's also [TS]

  an element not sure I understand he puts [TS]

  a glass a transparent glass cover over [TS]

  the plant and that stops the radiation [TS]

  and soon [TS]

  this led in pregnancy class slits 11 [TS]

  gallons blood crystal this exists but [TS]

  the thing is that glasses it's filled [TS]

  with bendy corridors they're microscopic [TS]

  this seems way too technically possibly [TS]

  accurate i believe you can impregnate [TS]

  led with class a glass with LED and that [TS]

  seems like a technically accurate [TS]

  details out of place [TS]

  Glenn how complex is your God headcanon [TS]

  my god oh god no no no air comes out of [TS]

  the Godhead killing him know as a [TS]

  general rule that complex right like [TS]

  fuel an igniter a freeze-frame did at [TS]

  the moment where the guy is standing [TS]

  over the dead girl in the in the [TS]

  radioactive room just to note that he is [TS]

  it I mean he is wearing a transparent [TS]

  poncho that is a safety outfit isn't it [TS]

  covers only the top part of his body and [TS]

  you can see [TS]

  through it its legs slightly opaque it [TS]

  is a pet is basically a poncho science [TS]

  bendy corridor punches yeah so now we [TS]

  have we've had we've had another another [TS]

  death but another death is about to [TS]

  happen [TS]

  yeah the murder and has started back up [TS]

  at this point he's inviting we're done [TS]

  with it is like so let's show you where [TS]

  astronauts subjects get a talk about [TS]

  high g-forces we have a little wheel the [TS]

  two astronauts and a man and a woman sit [TS]

  on innovation since it doesn't spin [TS]

  table and they spin and spin and spin up [TS]

  to 10 G's where they can stay for one [TS]

  minute and at that point an alarm [TS]

  happens and they get it gets locked in [TS]

  order and by the time they can they call [TS]

  it boils the appetizer and fat also [TS]

  there's oxygen problems because they [TS]

  need to spend them in a low oxygen which [TS]

  i'm not quite sure I understand its [TS]

  existence I the time it all it all works [TS]

  out and they stop them they're dead [TS]

  the control wheel get stuck and I'm [TS]

  thinking this is this is the hinge point [TS]

  where they decided that lab should have [TS]

  switches in addition wheel is this damn [TS]

  control wheels they will get stuff from [TS]

  time to time this is pretty wd-40 i [TS]

  believe so but they they died because [TS]

  they got turned up to 11 and we know [TS]

  they died because they just kind of [TS]

  slumped over in their seats and it is so [TS]

  convincing it's extremely comfy soo yea [TS]

  they slumped over but not too far [TS]

  because that would be you know it would [TS]

  cause trouble for the shot so they just [TS]

  want something a little but this is also [TS]

  the creepiest luxury of all time the guy [TS]

  comes in there to look at a warning in a [TS]

  tiling close to display suits like come [TS]

  on dude she was so young [TS]

  no it's a good thing at that point that [TS]

  Shepherd is the one who carries her off [TS]

  because I'm a little concerned about [TS]

  what creepy mirror professor with 200 [TS]

  offer you the miracle is also the second [TS]

  time in the movie where a woman is taken [TS]

  off by man [TS]

  yeah picked up and walked out with this [TS]

  Carrie carried out what you did back in [TS]

  the day it happens like five more times [TS]

  I mean there there there is some [TS]

  beautiful 50 sexism in this one of the [TS]

  great lines in the first time when [TS]

  they're in that lab with the gymnasts [TS]

  and the circus Olay people or whatever [TS]

  where where again Joanna so no women are [TS]

  better in space than men [TS]

  well they take up less space that scene [TS]

  in maize yeah that one in space there's [TS]

  no such thing as the weaker sex and [TS]

  Shepherd goes yeah that's why i like it [TS]

  down here [TS]

  yeah but I thought that was funny I [TS]

  thought that was released sexist an [TS]

  awful and for this [TS]

  yes it was funny this movie owns it [TS]

  sexism is the thing it's it's it's not [TS]

  afraid to point out how nasty and sexist [TS]

  didn't know what kind of lets her be an [TS]

  intelligent person which i will give [TS]

  them credit [TS]

  we gotta say I mean a lot of the [TS]

  positions of scientists in this lab are [TS]

  filled by women they always have some [TS]

  kind of a lesser role their assistants [TS]

  they're never that the head scientist [TS]

  all of the the one of the chem lab who [TS]

  gets killed by the plant spike she may [TS]

  be in charge of the cam I think yes I [TS]

  think yes I think I gotta say for 1954 [TS]

  given all the other the sort of ambient [TS]

  sexism going on that's that's relatively [TS]

  progressive it could have been all men [TS]

  fitness movies right yeah it is rights [TS]

  quite quite impressive that way you know [TS]

  but they write a character who is like v [TS]

  sexist that he's had one trait and then [TS]

  later on moving still have seconds on [TS]

  the main guy slaps a hysterical woman to [TS]

  make her call her superior and that just [TS]

  worries you doing [TS]

  that's just that's how but it keeps her [TS]

  from fainting [TS]

  that's right Yusei it's like she's [TS]

  having she's having hysterics she is [TS]

  literally having Stenhouse so I'm this [TS]

  is the point where they realize that [TS]

  many people are dying in their secret [TS]

  base and then perhaps something bad is [TS]

  going on [TS]

  so although nobody seems frankly all [TS]

  that disturbed but they're super mellow [TS]

  about it but they do say keep working in [TS]

  pairs their scientists but that space [TS]

  station project deadlines super serious [TS]

  so we gotta keep working even though [TS]

  everybody's getting picked off one by [TS]

  one because we gotta a very important [TS]

  deadline to make for the space station [TS]

  and then after the directive to keep [TS]

  working in pairs which I guess hasn't [TS]

  been disseminated yet because for the [TS]

  next five minutes or so we keep seeing [TS]

  individual people walking down corridors [TS]

  gonna do so you know I guess they gonna [TS]

  get the word out sooner is also think [TS]

  early on we made a big deal about the [TS]

  nuclear safety of each level and that [TS]

  they're supposed to be working in ships [TS]

  and it's very complicated like okay you [TS]

  call him and tell people so that they're [TS]

  being Radha's and and that you know [TS]

  that's very important for a lot of time [TS]

  talking about the logistics of levels [TS]

  and what not that big a deal tradition [TS]

  map at one point we get to see there is [TS]

  a long sequence with a man [TS]

  and a pointer e the the now comes one of [TS]

  my favorites favorite scenes the movie [TS]

  actually which is the parabolic mirror [TS]

  that we've learned so much about that [TS]

  right tries two tries to burn a lady to [TS]

  death this is the pervert scientists [TS]

  wife and Shira and she runs around and [TS]

  she's a mirror scientists and she [TS]

  doesn't grab a mirror to shine back that [TS]

  it doesn't also also it doesn't fit for [TS]

  a very long time where she could have [TS]

  just like literally sat down on the [TS]

  floor for a while until it figured out [TS]

  run around in circles like this things [TS]

  in the zelda and then it finally does go [TS]

  down and she has two and then she picks [TS]

  up like a up a bottle or something and [TS]

  just Chuck's in the mirror and breaks [TS]

  the mirror but you're smart i mean [TS]

  that's more than any of the men who died [TS]

  oh my god it's not really it's it's a [TS]

  ridiculous scene on one level but I kind [TS]

  of appreciative like it's a fun kind of [TS]

  murderous contraption that is in this [TS]

  science lab and she's trying her best to [TS]

  avoid it and she doesn't just scream [TS]

  hysterically and die I would you know [TS]

  scream hysterically she does your John [TS]

  she's running on the move while she [TS]

  screamed when she takes a break between [TS]

  her runs windows when she stops [TS]

  periodically she screams the shirts on i [TS]

  mean i-i wasn't kidding when I said [TS]

  check out of Spectre Helia scope because [TS]

  that I mean it did set up beautifully [TS]

  and and you don't need any explanation [TS]

  when it starts happening you're like Who [TS]

  I am who this is really nicely done that [TS]

  seen if it weren't so dumb [TS]

  if like the entire premise of the solar [TS]

  bullets were not so dumb [TS]

  it actually would have been an effective [TS]

  a-10c shine on you crazy mirrors because [TS]

  I discovered something remember that [TS]

  remember that windshield wiper earlier [TS]

  it's coming out i remember that line was [TS]

  that is coming up again now it's a [TS]

  radarscreen interesting it's the weight [TS]

  are wiping blade [TS]

  oh my god there's some symbolism finally [TS]

  works in one direction now has a whole [TS]

  nother level to it i won't go as a level [TS]

  with you to the the tuning forks go mad [TS]

  again at this point we get we get the [TS]

  line at this into intensity sound can [TS]

  kill which sounds really great i think i [TS]

  don't i don't know if that's actually [TS]

  true maybe maybe even if it could I [TS]

  suspect that slow roasting would not be [TS]

  the result of the killing that sound [TS]

  does but he he slowly turns pink and [TS]

  then starts to smell [TS]

  well because we've seen that the one [TS]

  pinche armchair right the leather chair [TS]

  right well he's he was made entirely out [TS]

  of not harm cherry that actually been [TS]

  wearing a is you look the chair so he [TS]

  throws them out and then the door slides [TS]

  closed and they say well we got to get [TS]

  him and they said no it can only be [TS]

  opened from the inside which is a [TS]

  terrible why would that be [TS]

  and then he is cuz he's cooked by the DC [TS]

  and micro amperes of the decibel sound [TS]

  intensity in the room [TS]

  meanwhile dr. Shepherd runs off to get [TS]

  an axe which he does he / dark does he [TS]

  tear down the door with it does he [TS]

  chopped it down in a fit of rage [TS]

  no he just calmly wedges it into the [TS]

  door and starts exactly sliding a profit [TS]

  open you start trying to Jimmy it [TS]

  doesn't want to break the door it's [TS]

  expensive this stuff is expensive [TS]

  we also get some of the worst sound [TS]

  design i've ever seen any single no well [TS]

  yes it was bad enough was a consistent [TS]

  tone that was literally killing a person [TS]

  on screen but when they would cut [TS]

  outside to watch him wedge the axon to [TS]

  the door and then cut back it was like a [TS]

  strobe light of sound it was god-awful I [TS]

  want to rip out it was unpleasant to [TS]

  listen to i was thinking boy if you're [TS]

  in the movie theater for this what would [TS]

  you do walk out what maybe you haven't [TS]

  already [TS]

  maybe but he's dead he's been cooked by [TS]

  the sound so another victim the tuning [TS]

  for cooked by the sound [TS]

  yeah that was a great collection my [TS]

  decibels probably you're sitting in your [TS]

  54 Chevy convertible making out at the [TS]

  drive-in at this point you just knock [TS]

  the speaker off the yeah it's kind of [TS]

  like a great gig in the sky on the dark [TS]

  side it's just it's kind of got a good [TS]

  ambience to it you get a rhythm going in [TS]

  the back seat now [TS]

  there you go now let's look at the [TS]

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  out [TS]

  so they lost they lose a row but at this [TS]

  point to make it may God is gone [TS]

  nobody will ever know as well as I do [TS]

  that may God cannot move without Novak [TS]

  this is a key plot point Novak has been [TS]

  turned off at this point the giant brain [TS]

  that controls the atomic pile has been [TS]

  shut off and yeah I know you're not [TS]

  gonna worry about their that because the [TS]

  safety rod is still in place but yeah [TS]

  but but the point is that it can't [TS]

  possibly have been anything to do with [TS]

  the robots because the computers off [TS]

  right but may God is gone you didn't [TS]

  even notice which is admittedly that's [TS]

  that's sheer incompetent on the part of [TS]

  Patty Duke sad it's one of two enormous [TS]

  man-sized robots robits sorry that I [TS]

  don't want your hands and arms flailing [TS]

  around anything where students as they [TS]

  move the assistant in the room lying on [TS]

  the floor like pulling out memory cards [TS]

  or something [TS]

  the thing that disturbs me most is dr. [TS]

  Lightman's high-waisted pants that they [TS]

  go like this middle of his chest [TS]

  so do all Swiss small dry Santa very [TS]

  very serious about its I I felt so bad [TS]

  for William shall focus [TS]

  he then spends like what five minutes [TS]

  just saying how can i have missed that [TS]

  what did I miss that you said that [TS]

  already is that's the best line in the [TS]

  movie is that he keeps repeating that [TS]

  insight actually has a line ray says [TS]

  you've said that already [TS]

  yep you have forgot your next line stop [TS]

  talking so the theory is array from a [TS]

  high flying airplane this mysterious [TS]

  airplane that's at 17,000 mean 80,000 [TS]

  80,000 people are you to my plane as it [TS]

  is incredibly high feet higher than we [TS]

  can get although we later blow it up [TS]

  we are playing with our place that's [TS]

  from below must be from below [TS]

  how could it be otherwise I don't know [TS]

  high-flying plane so they they decided [TS]

  that they have to do they have to [TS]

  destroy robots robots robots are [TS]

  threatening them they they they're going [TS]

  to open the panel and smash the tubes [TS]

  they try to shoot at the tubes and that [TS]

  doesn't work the dr simon says I'm not [TS]

  afraid of him he's following body heat [TS]

  yes and doctors I've apparently is dead [TS]

  not producing anybody do that's why is [TS]

  nothing well he's gotta stay he could [TS]

  distract them as they leave which was [TS]

  great until you trip over the hammer [TS]

  hammer of assistant left leg and family [TS]

  I just I'm just confused and we have [TS]

  flamethrowers liner on this facility [TS]

  anybody can get access to get a [TS]

  flamethrower they say it's just isn't [TS]

  like the commissary like okay I need to [TS]

  create entries every level has a [TS]

  flamethrower station clearly where you [TS]

  can get a flamethrower in case you need [TS]

  them and the and so he goes and gets we [TS]

  have not maintained them well they don't [TS]

  necessarily have the mixture [TS]

  well sometimes the they lock up it's [TS]

  true but yeah well I just want to say [TS]

  citement here we gonna spend a moment to [TS]

  reflect on the passing of doctors Iseman [TS]

  because that you know he wishes he steps [TS]

  on a hammer and that is what kills him [TS]

  is that he steps on a hammer and I guess [TS]

  his his left margin of error while [TS]

  fencing with Magog was just very fine [TS]

  like the thing is they left out a very [TS]

  poignant deleted scene where patty Dukes [TS]

  dr. patty Dukes dad had requested that [TS]

  may go pick up that hammer and drop it [TS]

  on [TS]

  oh but making and snuck off to play with [TS]

  the safety ride at that point and so it [TS]

  never happened [TS]

  so sad it's a and so when that's that [TS]

  was the other thing with his hand is [TS]

  when he's choking doctors Lightman or is [TS]

  it dr. patty duke said either way just [TS]

  doesn't extend a US citizen dog are [TS]

  cousins identical prices Haddie Dukes [TS]

  dad between his flailing appendages yes [TS]

  excitement gets choked but we never see [TS]

  him go into the arms [TS]

  no no Brian we never seemed so when he [TS]

  kills when he kills the assistant he [TS]

  literally like sort of there's an [TS]

  assistant and a robot and arms are [TS]

  flailing and everybody's happy and that [TS]

  he's dead and it really under what what [TS]

  if anything could have possibly happened [TS]

  there and and with dr. Lightman [TS]

  literally his claws sort of meaning [TS]

  against doctors always it doesn't [TS]

  actually choked him or get ready could [TS]

  be the electric shock right i think it's [TS]

  powerful and shine [TS]

  that's my god headcanon was the electric [TS]

  shock out we don't hear any sound design [TS]

  no nor is the other windows not boot and [TS]

  he doesn't react just falls down dead i [TS]

  just figured you know then [TS]

  the other noise kind of dreamed it all [TS]

  right see the problem with the gog and [TS]

  magog you know in terms of having to [TS]

  deal with them and end and not get [TS]

  killed by them is that they they laugh [TS]

  alike they walk like times even talk a [TS]

  lot like candy what a crazy pair gog and [TS]

  magog I got to say they really are i [TS]

  mean God has seen berkeley square so [TS]

  that's pretty cool as their robots and [TS]

  it'll ruin us all the way and Megan's [TS]

  eating hot dogs two pairs of matching [TS]

  can openers Daleks and every way they go [TS]

  to the atomic pile finally may God is at [TS]

  the atomic pile that the alarm goes off [TS]

  indicating that something is awry at the [TS]

  atomic pile and this is where we get the [TS]

  love interest [TS]

  whose name I forget but she's a pointy [TS]

  one Joanna Joanna misty shouts out if he [TS]

  pulls out the safety rod it'll explode [TS]

  yes I think we got that before when they [TS]

  showed us the atomic pile [TS]

  I think that was one of the X lengthy [TS]

  bits of exposition as we saw the various [TS]

  arms moving in the red shaded scenes [TS]

  yes I think the innuendo is not nearly [TS]

  as strong and that's there's a safety [TS]

  rod who says he pulls it out it'll [TS]

  explode is the thing which again it's [TS]

  not too far off from actual like control [TS]

  rods in a in a nuclear reactor I think [TS]

  that's what they're going for here will [TS]

  be whipping out your safety rod just [TS]

  willy-nilly [TS]

  no I just want to say this is the worst [TS]

  sex said film I've ever seen [TS]

  actually the best part is that there's [TS]

  one thing we will safety Rob there's all [TS]

  kinds of Rods all over that wall there's [TS]

  like bunch of numbers and lately one is [TS]

  the safety rylann and that's why that is [TS]

  why it is so clearly labeled as the [TS]

  safety Rogers face dangerous rods this [TS]

  is the only thing in the entire facility [TS]

  that has two signs labeling exactly what [TS]

  it is [TS]

  so unfortunately the computer that [TS]

  controls everything in this research [TS]

  like doesn't control the phones nor the [TS]

  elevators is again in the concept of of [TS]

  if the computer is really trying to kill [TS]

  them I kept thinking it's got to be this [TS]

  is too yeah they're going in the [TS]

  elevator that's going to be too easy [TS]

  they're gonna have to do some nope they [TS]

  just go to the elevator and ride down to [TS]

  the right level with the atomic pile [TS]

  it's not a problem [TS]

  Novak is off still at this point I think [TS]

  so [TS]

  but he's the elevators just work [TS]

  independently now there is a hilarious [TS]

  scene here by the safety rod of Magog in [TS]

  full flail looking around confusedly for [TS]

  the safety rod which theoretically you [TS]

  would think that may God would know [TS]

  exactly where it is now in the body wats [TS]

  the giant sign on the wall reading [TS]

  safety rod and then it goes in for the [TS]

  kill [TS]

  yep still doing the safety it's not that [TS]

  it's not that smart robot know so if we [TS]

  get a good we got the good lines we got [TS]

  it we got a it's not we've got to its we [TS]

  got to stop these robots smash them [TS]

  anything that's the guy we got these [TS]

  robots somebody else s somebody could [TS]

  write that GOG also has a flamethrower [TS]

  so everybody's got a flamethrower we [TS]

  have robots with flamethrowers we got [TS]

  people with flamethrowers the director [TS]

  comes in with a flamethrower which he [TS]

  had early in the process a rhesus monkey [TS]

  consume this party back to Frankenstein [TS]

  Meets The space monster now we get the [TS]

  excitement of the battle at the atomic [TS]

  pile between humans and robots crosscut [TS]

  this is better than a scrambler of jets [TS]

  to attack being mysterious jet [TS]

  mysterious plane that is also the balsa [TS]

  wood playing that's flying at a festival [TS]

  yes i love how it just shifts from those [TS]

  sort of realistic stock footage to all [TS]

  of a sudden it's just clearly models [TS]

  flying spring like hell wud necessity [TS]

  unison Frankenstein Meets The space [TS]

  monster is has huge amount of stock [TS]

  footage this is 10 years earlier so it's [TS]

  got its got worse stock footage but it [TS]

  is stock footage of like people coming [TS]

  out flying jets but then they integrate [TS]

  their own model work which is the worst [TS]

  last is there's no yeah you know that [TS]

  robot models not being detailed these [TS]

  literally don't it's it's balsa wood [TS]

  that was painted one shade it is even [TS]

  painted it's like they put together the [TS]

  tester model and they ran out of here [TS]

  before they get out they just asked me [TS]

  yeah so we still get a combination of of [TS]

  grainy stock footage and not grainy fake [TS]

  footage that they put together to show [TS]

  this scrambling all the jets to go find [TS]

  this high-flying plane and and and try [TS]

  to stop it and that's happening while [TS]

  they battle the robots at the atomic [TS]

  pile epic duel with the useless [TS]

  flamethrower that apparently doesn't [TS]

  have anything to actually burn [TS]

  yeah but they had the mix wrong note on [TS]

  this van ness that doesn't have the mix [TS]

  right and I know I'm they start to pull [TS]

  the safety right out this journey be [TS]

  honest David the other indicator Rises [TS]

  into the danger zone there's a very big [TS]

  like nuclear indicator on the wall [TS]

  without with a live with an arrow that [TS]

  complete from safe to unsafe the Browns [TS]

  of the brown zone is where you it when [TS]

  it's dangerous you enter the bronze yep [TS]

  nothing more and more ways than one [TS]

  goodness movies in color too i guess we [TS]

  should say that good racing into space [TS]

  monster from the sixties is not in color [TS]

  GOG is in living freaking color will it [TS]

  be virtually impossible in [TS]

  black-and-white to determine when we're [TS]

  supposed to be afraid of the danger that [TS]

  is that is that has brought a offered up [TS]

  by the atomic pile i granted enters into [TS]

  the danger zone so robot robot number [TS]

  one who I think is make dog first one in [TS]

  major the first time a dog is finally [TS]

  flamethrower dad and and and stopped [TS]

  because apparently they said you need to [TS]

  melt him he doesn't really melt he just [TS]

  catches on fire and they're like well [TS]

  that's it for him but oh no here comes [TS]

  god here comes God don't I down he's [TS]

  finally figured out how to open the door [TS]

  and I forgot to mention as they rush out [TS]

  to the atomic pile in that earlier seed [TS]

  when they're being menaced by GOG the [TS]

  door closes behind them and we were [TS]

  treated to a scene of God looking very [TS]

  confused [TS]

  stores closed yeah yes but apparently [TS]

  this point he's worked out how to how to [TS]

  open the door because he makes his way [TS]

  down to the atomic does he does finally [TS]

  figure out how to get out through that [TS]

  door now I had a guy comes in with [TS]

  another flamethrower that's that's [TS]

  doctors and yes [TS]

  yes yes the edibility facility ministry [TS]

  who also has an indeterminate accent [TS]

  adjust your mixture he says he's told [TS]

  Abby says the valve is stuck so his [TS]

  flamethrower isn't working and it says [TS]

  his move is to back into the corner [TS]

  instead of running back out the open [TS]

  door that's directly and immediately [TS]

  that's probably what a scientist would [TS]

  do the UH dr. Shepherd meanwhile has [TS]

  like a baseball bat basically at this [TS]

  point they they were and he does pretty [TS]

  with the GOG is whirling around the heel [TS]

  back his tubes [TS]

  yeah he's trying to get his tubes with a [TS]

  baseball bat and mean illegal in many [TS]

  states the united states now apparently [TS]

  the bullet the tubes are bulletproof but [TS]

  not not malfunctioning flamethrower [TS]

  proved yes and a baseball bat proof but [TS]

  good news everybody the jet has blown up [TS]

  the model the model rocket that was [TS]

  attacking them with radio clarified it [TS]

  was a literal model [TS]

  yeah i mean one of my favorite lines in [TS]

  the movie is he's getting impulses from [TS]

  an outside source [TS]

  look out ok so they love the model [TS]

  rocket which which solves that saves the [TS]

  day it really wasn't about killing the [TS]

  robots if you could blow up the the [TS]

  plane that was overhead our hero and his [TS]

  and his girlfriend security expert get [TS]

  radiation doses the font they're fine [TS]

  cause as long as she passes out but he's [TS]

  he's fine and can in fact so fine he can [TS]

  carry her [TS]

  it's ok out oh yeah it's fine the Fermi [TS]

  work is great girls it's harder to get [TS]

  radiation for girls is much more down [TS]

  coal produces the doctor says it isn't [TS]

  serious it's just a little too much [TS]

  radiation radiation yeah that's where [TS]

  dr. radiation is right for you and maybe [TS]

  I i think our heroes get married at the [TS]

  after the movie is over they got married [TS]

  and tried to have kids but for some [TS]

  reason they just never managed to have [TS]

  kids I wonder why they're totally gonna [TS]

  vote in that hospital bed first of all [TS]

  yeah but it doesn't matter because they [TS]

  had massive doses of radiation and [TS]

  they're completely sterile at this point [TS]

  we all have very complex God headcanons [TS]

  we do so it here at the end we get I [TS]

  don't feel exactly friendly [TS]

  well neither do i how do they control [TS]

  the brain machine and the robots this is [TS]

  this is basically the down [TS]

  load that the Secretary of Defense or [TS]

  something i don't even know who the [TS]

  smoking man dr. Shepherds boss how do [TS]

  they control the brain machine of the [TS]

  robots it's all about high for frequency [TS]

  electronics Novak was it turns out Novak [TS]

  built in Switzerland with the power to [TS]

  receiver and transmitter and there was [TS]

  an enemy agents who knew about the the [TS]

  brains of the computer because it was [TS]

  not built in the u.s. it was it was [TS]

  built by filthy foreigners never [TS]

  outsource in a neutral country which [TS]

  they make a good point of mentioning [TS]

  repeated even the neutral guys neutral [TS]

  isn't a friend now [TS]

  never trust those neutral guys you never [TS]

  know where they stand mostly in [TS]

  Switzerland so fortunately they around [TS]

  they're checking the memory units now [TS]

  it's all gonna be it's all going to be [TS]

  cleared up and the it turns out they [TS]

  were able to shoot down that the rocket [TS]

  ship that was that was transmitting to [TS]

  them because it was made of fiberglass I [TS]

  thought that was an interesting point [TS]

  made of fiberglass it was a model [TS]

  turning the possible to do this just to [TS]

  see on the radar because of the fiber [TS]

  yeah it's a model the model planes and [TS]

  more plot holes in this movie then Swiss [TS]

  cheese or neutral Jesus I like guys [TS]

  she's so then there's a funny moment [TS]

  where he says well it's too bad that the [TS]

  whole space station program isn't gonna [TS]

  isn't gonna fly and he says oh no we're [TS]

  going to launch it tomorrow we have to [TS]

  scale model ready all the time with the [TS]

  solo lab because rocket launches take [TS]

  about 30 seconds to set up and prepare [TS]

  for so you know we're just at the drop [TS]

  of a hat we're gonna go ahead and fire [TS]

  up a a television set into the sky [TS]

  he says a baby space station actually a [TS]

  flying television set [TS]

  yeah which is baby and what he described [TS]

  as basically a spy satellite he's [TS]

  basically saying we will now be able to [TS]

  watch from high above what it what [TS]

  happens down on the earth yeah what he [TS]

  described is not a TV set [TS]

  you know TV camera yeah yeah he had for [TS]

  the aliens to watch I Love Lucy a party [TS]

  was fairly new people didn't really get [TS]

  all of the ins and outs of it and their [TS]

  science advisor didn't really know he [TS]

  there [TS]

  no flying television you're right David [TS]

  is a spy satellite which is very much [TS]

  like us on a TV set when you think about [TS]

  it [TS]

  well maybe it's like at the voyager pro [TS]

  but actually [TS]

  is a television set and it's showing [TS]

  just repeats of Gog over and over again [TS]

  alright eventually original alien race [TS]

  reasons it destroys i Leah and turns [TS]

  into a no wait that's all it's searching [TS]

  and searching for its creator who is Gog [TS]

  turns out they're hoping that showing [TS]

  the aliens God will show them how [TS]

  superior our scientific knowledge is [TS]

  because there's 35 minutes of just [TS]

  scientific God gobbledygook [TS]

  I think they may be overestimating how [TS]

  much they can do with that one satellite [TS]

  but you know they could launch a [TS]

  thousand more i guess the film Anne's [TS]

  with a final bit of love of poetry [TS]

  really this is ray of Optimus we will we [TS]

  will launch it in the morning when the [TS]

  air is fresh and crisp and clean a [TS]

  ti-liger morning and possibly ready to [TS]

  be polluted by our giant dusty fiery [TS]

  rocket that were firing off but it's the [TS]

  perfect time to do a launch when the air [TS]

  is clean and well I mean yes [TS]

  bestbest launch time by far and nothing [TS]

  will take us by surprise again and a lot [TS]

  rocket is launched to be and it wasn't [TS]

  just a space in matte paintings yep an [TS]

  alien worlds that are not in this movie [TS]

  dude [TS]

  the end that's GOG it's it's um is it a [TS]

  good bad movie bad either of you kinda [TS]

  like Jason well brian i think it's a [TS]

  piece of if I may open up a fourth [TS]

  category [TS]

  I can't imagine a better movie that [TS]

  could be made with some of the elements [TS]

  of this movie like I director set a [TS]

  child he's making a terrible model then [TS]

  put in the hands of a nuclear physicist [TS]

  that Erector Set could be could be [TS]

  beautiful but not the dogs directors [TS]

  that goes on fire [TS]

  yeah I don't see a way to make this into [TS]

  a good story it's you know the the bones [TS]

  are there it's just me about some bones [TS]

  it's very clearly clearly a the idea [TS]

  here is that they think they're doing [TS]

  the Lord's work in educating as they [TS]

  entertain that is clearly what they're [TS]

  doing here with we're going to have real [TS]

  science in this thing and a problem is [TS]

  that there is you can see like where the [TS]

  real science is coming from here but [TS]

  it's not really real and it when they do [TS]

  it it's super boring as a slasher film [TS]

  it's actually fairly solid as a sci-fi [TS]

  slasher and they go [TS]

  a lot of exotic ways to kill off [TS]

  scientists oh yeah you got into all duel [TS]

  freezing's then breaking up into [TS]

  hundreds of pieces you've got [TS]

  radioactive plant food spikes spongy [TS]

  downa death by spin cycle right shot my [TS]

  son bullets guy gets he gets a [TS]

  slow-roasted fine tuning forks [TS]

  yeah that's my tuning fork is pretty [TS]

  good will have progressed and choked by [TS]

  robots [TS]

  yes that's the weakest one of all that [TS]

  would that would do a Jason film proud [TS]

  to be honestly that was the moment where [TS]

  I thought oh well this is one of those [TS]

  movies were going to just they're going [TS]

  to kill everybody problem is that they [TS]

  stuck him all the back end I had you [TS]

  know even even the worst friday the 13th [TS]

  movie will intersperse a few beheadings [TS]

  or era you know machete murders or [TS]

  something in the explanatory text and I [TS]

  think that's their biggest failing years [TS]

  when you're being taught science that is [TS]

  extremely if I think it's it any science [TS]

  lecture would do with a little bit of a [TS]

  beheading or you know [TS]

  yeah well think about the piece on [TS]

  Rollins there [TS]

  what if they're explaining science meant [TS]

  somebody dies what motivation to they [TS]

  have to go back to teaching science [TS]

  there is none whatsoever so I'm glad at [TS]

  least it felt more natural [TS]

  least it felt more natural [TS]

  on the way to come back to the next [TS]

  lecture so you can see the next horrible [TS]

  murder that's right yeah and you've got [TS]

  to explain now you know there's a [TS]

  problem with the nuclear plot pile let's [TS]

  explain to you have a nuclear pile works [TS]

  you will you can't possibly appreciate [TS]

  this woman being chased by sun bullets [TS]

  and she runs around the room unless you [TS]

  know all of the science behind it and we [TS]

  build a scale model that we burn up so [TS]

  you understand exactly what it's really [TS]

  the only way to appreciate it [TS]

  that's right this is starting to remind [TS]

  me of something I realize I just realize [TS]

  what this sets in some of the funkiness [TS]

  'as it's season four of buffy and the [TS]

  initiative and all the ridiculous [TS]

  science subjects with monsters and [TS]

  science it's the science layer it's a [TS]

  science layer like if we take cyborgs [TS]

  and monsters and mix them with vampires [TS]

  and people again a funny thing here is [TS]

  that it goes against it goes against our [TS]

  expectations that's actually one of the [TS]

  clever things about about this although [TS]

  again I'm not only give them credit i'm [TS]

  not sure they were being clever at the [TS]

  time but the clich├ęs have gone the [TS]

  other direction from where this movie [TS]

  goes where you keep expecting it to be [TS]

  there something wrong with these people [TS]

  there's something wrong with their [TS]

  program there's something wrong with [TS]

  their computer and it turns out no it's [TS]

  not it's saboteurs from the Soviet Union [TS]

  there might be a saboteur in I got [TS]

  thought dr. Lightman gets exposed he's [TS]

  obviously too obvious but you don't even [TS]

  get see a human saboteurs and balsa wood [TS]

  model broadcasting invisible radio waves [TS]

  also what I don't trust you anymore [TS]

  yeah well yeah it would model Chevy or [TS]

  it is the shiftiest of the woods here [TS]

  that's okay [TS]

  yep there's that's that's why they keep [TS]

  it in its own I'll at joann's so that [TS]

  you don't it doesn't mingle with the [TS]

  other crafting material and redwood [TS]

  redwood is also suspicious because the [TS]

  grid would is probably a communist but [TS]

  yeah it'sit's um I I think you're right [TS]

  Steve anybody started on phone course [TS]

  there's the 30 minutes of the only kind [TS]

  of questionable science lecture period [TS]

  that is the where where it's like to do [TS]

  dr. Shepherd investigates and it's David [TS]

  you're right it's it's science dragnet [TS]

  for about half an hour we're introducing [TS]

  dr. Shepherd to everybody in 1953 if you [TS]

  actually bought into this crap it might [TS]

  actually be kind of interesting but [TS]

  given that it's no longer 1953 [TS]

  you know if it's all crap yep well it is [TS]

  very much [TS]

  let's do everything in exact order right [TS]

  so yeah they introduced him to every [TS]

  scientist and so every experiment [TS]

  they're doing and then they you know [TS]

  it's it's it's like there's no there's [TS]

  no sense that anything else happens at [TS]

  the same time as anything else right [TS]

  yeah what do you think they could run [TS]

  across like other dead scientists that [TS]

  were also murdered throughout the [TS]

  facility for right the ones that didn't [TS]

  group up with another scientist as they [TS]

  were requested to do and maybe maybe [TS]

  have you know explain the science behind [TS]

  the murder after you've discovered the [TS]

  body [TS]

  yeah and then we can have Shepherd going [TS]

  hi hi that's why we comply with [TS]

  regulations excitement huh [TS]

  then freakin tape in the furnace next [TS]

  time you get off what I expected from a [TS]

  scientist from a neutral country [TS]

  well yeah I mean they're they're going [TS]

  for the whole almost like you know the [TS]

  German scientists affecting and doing [TS]

  man again the the h-bomb comes up at at [TS]

  a couple of points like where this is [TS]

  the new manhattan project that they're [TS]

  doing here underground and they've got [TS]

  the this you know this European [TS]

  scientists who serve the calling all the [TS]

  shots and he's got strange ways [TS]

  I don't need to dispose of my tape I'm [TS]

  in charge here I just throw them away if [TS]

  it's all about their with regulations [TS]

  Brian what what it wanted what was your [TS]

  final thoughts about about God how did [TS]

  how did it leave you [TS]

  well God took an hour and 20 minutes [TS]

  away from my life so I have that to [TS]

  thank for it doesn't even counting this [TS]

  podcast wait what this podcast takes [TS]

  time [TS]

  oh come on now this was a fun movie to [TS]

  riff with my girlfriend over skype and I [TS]

  had a really good time in front of it [TS]

  because there's so much to make fun of [TS]

  too many details that I completely [TS]

  forgot about while recording like things [TS]

  I still can't remember little tiny [TS]

  moments like incinerating the the tape [TS]

  and the hammer trip which is my favorite [TS]

  thing in all of cinema now because he [TS]

  steps on it and it moves over a little [TS]

  bit and it's any normal person would [TS]

  look down say oh crap there's a hammer [TS]

  I'm so sorry hammer at that stepped on [TS]

  you but no he collapses onto the hammer [TS]

  apropos of nothing if he had disposed of [TS]

  that hammer in the proper way as [TS]

  is required by regulations he would not [TS]

  be dead today I it's funny I had that [TS]

  same feeling Bryan about about ripping [TS]

  that I just watching it I felt like why [TS]

  am I watching this moving in there [TS]

  aren't people telling jokes over it [TS]

  because it feels like one of those [TS]

  movies the opening credits i started to [TS]

  think of things that i could say it was [TS]

  eroding credits my so yeah yeah but alas [TS]

  at I don't believe this has ever been [TS]

  but rift in that way so yet it's the [TS]

  reason for that article and it might my [TS]

  view on this was that it was almost fun [TS]

  like it came so close to being fired [TS]

  because it has the goofy robots that you [TS]

  know that the rampant the robots sorry I [TS]

  definitely know robots in this robot a [TS]

  robot should be your next podcast you [TS]

  can determine whether the robot is a [TS]

  rope as a robot robot but yeah I mean [TS]

  have the goofy robots that had the you [TS]

  know the the broadly drawn characters [TS]

  actually had I thought pretty good [TS]

  acting uniformly throughout the fair [TS]

  surprisingly I mean it certainly didn't [TS]

  deserve that the level of acting that [TS]

  got but it's just that 35 minutes [TS]

  section of the science lecture room is [TS]

  such a buzzkill and if they had figured [TS]

  out a way to spread that out a little [TS]

  more evenly I think I probably would [TS]

  have actually really enjoyed the movie [TS]

  and I would consider it something worth [TS]

  pointing out is something that people [TS]

  should look into like Frankenstein Meets [TS]

  The space monster friends [TS]

  oh yeah i I just I got so bored during [TS]

  that part that by the time it came time [TS]

  to kill off all the scientists I was [TS]

  like yeah yeah whatever my guy wish they [TS]

  were all dead a long time ago when with [TS]

  your judgment on gog i enjoyed this film [TS]

  thing as much as anyone could I it had [TS]

  as i said it had so much potential and [TS]

  it was so it was so earnest and it was [TS]

  so like it what everything was in the [TS]

  middle it wasn't low-budget it was some [TS]

  budget right like their parts were [TS]

  extremely low budget but well it's ave [TS]

  category gonna need some effort and 75 [TS]

  said they built sets and machine more [TS]

  idat million dollars they try to make [TS]

  things look like things but it's like I [TS]

  think [TS]

  as is nothing like things that look like [TS]

  other things and the things that they [TS]

  failed to look like things they just put [TS]

  signs over it had such a veneer of [TS]

  almost being funny stupid film that was [TS]

  actually kind of good but it didn't [TS]

  reach that bar so like it remind me a [TS]

  lot of forbidden planet because even [TS]

  like the color scheme and kind of the [TS]

  damn you know where the time period [TS]

  everything I kept looking for leslie [TS]

  nielsen to appear but there was nothing [TS]

  actually interesting about the movie in [TS]

  the end it was like they threw heavy [TS]

  sets and actors and words that people [TS]

  doing stuff in ideas that was like okay [TS]

  that's done now and so I enjoyed it was [TS]

  it was a was a hoot [TS]

  Leslie is always flying bought the book [TS]

  of the balsa wood plane that's right [TS]

  that's what he was doing [TS]

  David what's your judgment on cog if I [TS]

  had a show that rift movies this is a [TS]

  movie i would riff I but it is it is fun [TS]

  it's you know it's a good story [TS]

  underneath all of it my eye could see [TS]

  mining hundreds of feet under the ground [TS]

  h-bombs can reach at least level 5 you [TS]

  know and hate the Coke machine i want [TS]

  the Coke machine to come to life I mean [TS]

  there's a local whole thing in there [TS]

  shooting out bottom third row but it [TS]

  could very well and the delivery man [TS]

  can't find the place that got me was [TS]

  that I you know probably about eighty [TS]

  percent of my notes are lines that i [TS]

  would use in like a mystery science [TS]

  theater because it it just kept feeding [TS]

  all these things like you know there's [TS]

  one point where you know a whole bunch [TS]

  of them are smoking as they're talking [TS]

  and someone says we have in our midst a [TS]

  clever calculating killer and I went [TS]

  nicotine you know it's me it's so easy [TS]

  and and yeah I would love to rip this [TS]

  movie i do have a note here that just [TS]

  says calisthenics well yeah i just think [TS]

  i think that science lecture portion is [TS]

  gonna be hard it's gonna be rough [TS]

  sledding as far as coming on riffs I [TS]

  don't know that would be that would be [TS]

  part of where you sort of trim out [TS]

  because they always trimmed out stuff [TS]

  from the movies to make room but then [TS]

  you can't appreciate that [TS]

  Halsey weaponry and the plant spike and [TS]

  everything unless you know about red [TS]

  filter isotopes how can you possibly [TS]

  prove you have filtered ice at all and [TS]

  you clearly kid can't cut out the 32nd [TS]

  shots of the Sun no because I decided to [TS]

  feature for several power is important [TS]

  when you talking about don't ask just [TS]

  like I was watching tree of life for a [TS]

  second [TS]

  ah very nice bright the Helius cope is [TS]

  like that you know it's he's also [TS]

  watching it like he's watching a live [TS]

  picture from the Sun when it's actually [TS]

  this you know process with the lip the [TS]

  main body of the sun block so that you [TS]

  can see the yeah I see the corona that [TS]

  was good science oh yeah [TS]

  yes there's actually one of the few [TS]

  things who will help her right out of a [TS]

  science lecture we need a good science [TS]

  good science guys wow well there it is [TS]

  it's cog i would i would say watch it [TS]

  ee ya sure ya i would say if you're the [TS]

  kind of person who likes to make jokes [TS]

  while the movie is playing or has [TS]

  friends with you who like that wanted [TS]

  for his friends period [TS]

  that was my problem i think there was [TS]

  nobody to rift with if there had been [TS]

  someone nearby whom I could have ripped [TS]

  this way that might have enjoyed it more [TS]

  yeah but yeah but yeah i mean if if [TS]

  you've watched the core surely i have [TS]

  not watched the floor if you've gotten [TS]

  through any of the other films we've [TS]

  done on this all that I have done you [TS]

  know [TS]

  yeah go ahead and watch this this is a [TS]

  second-level movie where if you're a fan [TS]

  of bad and i will not go without second [TS]

  level [TS]

  no I want to write it is with that is [TS]

  why when you asked me will you will you [TS]

  go watch God with me i said no i'm not [TS]

  going because this is a second-level [TS]

  movie Bride don't you know the second [TS]

  level is the only area where nobody [TS]

  works with isotopes that's right now you [TS]

  know you go see a second-level movie and [TS]

  you come out and half of your face is [TS]

  old [TS]

  yeah and through I point was i forget my [TS]

  butt when I don't like this is so much [TS]

  better than sorry I didn't feel like the [TS]

  delight that I felt with Frankenstein [TS]

  Meets The space monster where it was [TS]

  both cut it was kind of campy and kind [TS]

  of incompetent this felt boringly [TS]

  competent true earnest right [TS]

  scientifically earnest and yet had a [TS]

  story that was actually kind of [TS]

  interesting where combination but [TS]

  notnot I i was sort of giddy while I [TS]

  watched Frankenstein Meets The space [TS]

  monster and here i was just sort of like [TS]

  yep this is one of those movies it's a [TS]

  fifties science fiction movies nominated [TS]

  couldn't use the party is the problem or [TS]

  but parties for that matter yeah yeah [TS]

  well I think it's time to wrap up the [TS]

  nineteen fifties rocket surgery that's [TS]

  it for God however i'd like to thank my [TS]

  guests for being here [TS]

  brian hamilton science is never [TS]

  frightening [TS]

  yeah thanks for finally letting us off [TS]

  so I can have my Wi-Fi not kill me now [TS]

  you're welcome [TS]

  coin fleischmann at this intensity sound [TS]

  can kill well you know i'm going to go [TS]

  out right now and get a pair of those [TS]

  highways to doctors statement [TS]

  zoot suit pants and put them on Jason's [TS]

  gonna be great nice David lure Sun never [TS]

  sets in space [TS]

  I'm getting impulses from an outside [TS]

  source look out and Steve let's it's all [TS]

  handled by robots power [TS]

  Jason you know how I feel now after [TS]

  talking with you about this movie for [TS]

  like an hour and a half [TS]

  radiant thanks everybody for listening [TS]

  to this edition of rocket surgery you [TS]

  pull out the same shot and let's go [TS]

  Jason don't do it can only be opened [TS]

  from the inside goodbye everybody [TS]

  [Music] [TS]