The Incomparable

284: She Scullys Herself


  what's the next carriage they use the [TS]

  dark in a few places on the ship leaves [TS]

  the darkest as cover and of course yes [TS]

  this world the swirls around in the [TS]

  elevator or used to add a few points and [TS]

  and if it is it is stylish I i feel like [TS]

  the script is not as strong as the other [TS]

  episodes we watched but I feel like it's [TS]

  it's it's ambition and the look of it [TS]

  and the obvious cost is the reason why [TS]

  it's a good representative of this is [TS]

  when they've yeah you're absolutely [TS]

  right height of their powers can do [TS]

  anything and like I said they're making [TS]

  things more difficult for themselves [TS]

  because they can [TS]

  why not just to keep it fair even the [TS]

  dorky riding like because of the premise [TS]

  because this is a essentially the most [TS]

  plausible theory this is all in Mulder's [TS]

  head because I totally a wizard of oz [TS]

  that like it's it's dorky in a way that [TS]

  when you're again when you're the star [TS]

  of your own dream this is how things [TS]

  play out there are Nazis and the people [TS]

  you just like are the bad guys except [TS]

  for your boss who actually turns out to [TS]

  be a good guy and and your lady pals [TS]

  there and this is the time you actually [TS]

  kissed anyone who even like at the end [TS]

  of the episode when he wakes up in the [TS]

  hospital he finally says I love you like [TS]

  all the you know you know Scully and [TS]

  Mulder shippers are like oh they're [TS]

  gonna kiss and say i love you they do it [TS]

  both miss episode and she's like oh [TS]

  brother and rolls around and walk them [TS]

  because they don't stop [TS]

  remember you were drugged I was drugged [TS]

  I was one of those shivers I was [TS]

  punching the air [TS]

  I'm not gonna lie yeah now we should [TS]

  probably talk about what happened at the [TS]

  end of this series because ok [TS]

  it did it did kind of so that when nine [TS]

  seasons it did kind of fall off a cliff [TS]

  quality wise although I i would argue [TS]

  that there are good episodes in every [TS]

  season yesterday including some good [TS]

  episodes with you as so David Duchovny [TS]

  wanted to be less involved so you get he [TS]

  moves the production LA and then after a [TS]

  couple years is like yeah I'm kind of [TS]

  over it [TS]

  so rather than write them out completely [TS]

  from first moulder and then Scully had a [TS]

  reduced episode load as time went along [TS]

  they wouldn't come back from time to [TS]

  time Scully was kind of a mentoring the [TS]

  agents who were assigned to The X Files [TS]

  which were Doggett and Reyes who [TS]

  actually Annabeth Gish and robert [TS]

  patrick i think did a perfectly good job [TS]

  as as those character [TS]

  is I think in fact i believe i said this [TS]

  on one of our one of our previous [TS]

  episodes when we're talking about read [TS]

  about reboots of old shows I mentioned [TS]

  that I thought they could reboot the [TS]

  x-files I think the premise of the [TS]

  x-files is great i think the problem [TS]

  with with the Doggett and Reyes years [TS]

  was that the writers were tired [TS]

  not that they did that the characters [TS]

  and those actors didn't do a decent job [TS]

  but over time you know you lost Mulder [TS]

  and Scully in that dynamic you obviously [TS]

  we're working around their schedules to [TS]

  get them back you had this kind of [TS]

  played out mythology that they were [TS]

  still trying to kind of keep spinning as [TS]

  much as they could and it just you know [TS]

  nine seasons of 22 episodes each of a [TS]

  show like this it's just kind of crushed [TS]

  under its own weight and that's that's [TS]

  kind of the problem with the mythology [TS]

  to is that Mulder and Scully were so [TS]

  tied into it they were so central to [TS]

  what was going on with the mythology [TS]

  that you know in law and order yeah you [TS]

  can pretty much swap out detectives and [TS]

  you know it's just I like Jerry Orbach I [TS]

  like pollster do you know it's like [TS]

  that's how you watch the show if you [TS]

  just like the stories you watch the [TS]

  stories but this Mulder and Scully were [TS]

  so central to the overarching they were [TS]

  the story [TS]

  yeah and and so when they're not there [TS]

  yeah i mean Doggett and Reyes are fine I [TS]

  it's a fine show and there are some [TS]

  productive and efficient they're gonna [TS]

  have their own stories like that what [TS]

  you want to make a spin-off show with [TS]

  new people who are on The X Files that's [TS]

  fine but they need they're like they [TS]

  need to be if you only want to do that [TS]

  they need to be as tied into the to the [TS]

  new arc not a continuation of the old [TS]

  one but because the exact item they tied [TS]

  up so many loose ends bye-bye around [TS]

  season six [TS]

  they had a very natural ending to the [TS]

  series everything you really cared about [TS]

  had been either solved or are shown to [TS]

  be something you're never going to know [TS]

  everyone's like internal struggles and [TS]

  relationship and characters are pretty [TS]

  much nailed down and then just like well [TS]

  we just gotta kick start this sucker [TS]

  again and send them off on to New York [TS]

  since almost all blessing the leads left [TS]

  because there's no they had nothing left [TS]

  to give like regular people have you [TS]

  know one life to live or whatever that [TS]

  soap opera was like you don't get have [TS]

  17 different lives unless you know maybe [TS]

  your David Bowie topical but that with [TS]

  the new characters i thought they were [TS]

  good too and I was actually surprised by [TS]

  how they were able [TS]

  to construct basically a good x-files [TS]

  episode with these new people because [TS]

  they're good actors and they had [TS]

  interesting stories every once in awhile [TS]

  but but they never restarted an arc that [TS]

  I cared about and that's really what [TS]

  killed it better to have Mulder and [TS]

  Scully just be gone right yeah and say [TS]

  that someone is yelling for it's me i'm [TS]

  still here i'm missing you should care [TS]

  about finding me for some reason [TS]

  yeah right so the dog eraser just left [TS]

  left holding the bag go go off and do X [TS]

  Files New Orleans once in a while you [TS]

  might have a guest shot you know and [TS]

  then you have you know x-files Miami [TS]

  over here is my disappointment about the [TS]

  ring about the relaunch is a is that [TS]

  it's just bringing back [TS]

  Mulder and Scully for six episodes and [TS]

  and that'll be fun but I i am a believer [TS]

  in this as a premise and I'm kind of [TS]

  disappointed that they didn't instead do [TS]

  a new x-files with new characters and [TS]

  try to you know because i think there's [TS]

  so much power in this premise anything [TS]

  yet good yeah exactly they will one day [TS]

  yeah that's where they're not going to [TS]

  promote this as hey this is a whole new [TS]

  thing they're gonna promote this as its [TS]

  Fox and then Dana their back-to-back [TS]

  assists for d is an episode i want to [TS]

  mention from the last season's example [TS]

  like I think that's a pretty good [TS]

  episode and that is that's the parallel [TS]

  universe episode where there's like a [TS]

  killer but the killer is is going back [TS]

  and forth between the beach it's sort of [TS]

  like a pro fringe back and forth between [TS]

  our universe in a parallel universe and [TS]

  have to follow him to the parallel [TS]

  universe was actually kind of a really [TS]

  great great episode that is lost because [TS]

  it's in season 9 and who cares at that [TS]

  point but I have nobody did I i was i [TS]

  was kind of a defender of Doggett and [TS]

  Reyes mostly because Blake you guys said [TS]

  they they were fine characters i [TS]

  actually enjoyed them i thought the [TS]

  performances were really good i do agree [TS]

  that the stories were were less exciting [TS]

  it was it was it felt very very sort of [TS]

  wrote and by-the-book [TS]

  monster-of-the-week they didn't get [TS]

  there wasn't a whole lot drawing you [TS]

  back but everybody just got so rabid and [TS]

  just vile towards these poor actors and [TS]

  and these characters which I thought [TS]

  were just fine so I i found myself i [TS]

  think i like them extra much simply [TS]

  because all these people were bagging on [TS]

  them so hard and and I felt like like [TS]

  somebody needed to love them so that was [TS]

  me [TS]

  well whatever [TS]

  there's um I story arc comes back then [TS]

  Mulder and Scully come back right so [TS]

  that it really is they I mean they [TS]

  really were left holding the bag they [TS]

  were filling in the episodes that if you [TS]

  were if you were there to see Mulder [TS]

  Scully in the ongoing story they their [TS]

  episodes did not provide those things [TS]

  and they're as I would get annoyed when [TS]

  when Scully and Mulder would come back i [TS]

  agree it just it felt so insincere at [TS]

  that point just didn't it just didn't [TS]

  work it was like oh ok well I'm supposed [TS]

  to care about these other characters and [TS]

  yet you keep bringing back i agree that [TS]

  the spin-off would have been it would [TS]

  have been a lovely think especially if [TS]

  they would have gotten a new stable of [TS]

  writers yes exactly right we should talk [TS]

  before we go to feature films were made [TS]

  one during the run of the show which was [TS]

  problematic because they essentially had [TS]

  to shoot the movie and then spend the [TS]

  next season riding up to the point which [TS]

  would lead into the movie [TS]

  yeah which I marvel nowadays are yeah it [TS]

  kinda it's exactly what agents of shield [TS]

  has to do actually and it kind of put [TS]

  the plot in a stall tactic mode for a [TS]

  season which is not good drama because [TS]

  they knew where they needed to be be [TS]

  they couldn't change their plan because [TS]

  they had just told the story that was [TS]

  going to be in the in the feature film [TS]

  so that was that was the the first one [TS]

  and then that was fight the future right [TS]

  right and then they did they did I want [TS]

  to believe in in 2004 words 2008 right [TS]

  much surprisingly a long time passed and [TS]

  they did I want to believe which I i [TS]

  have to admit i have never seen it [TS]

  me either you're not missing anything [TS]

  I've even the first movie didn't work [TS]

  that well like this show doesn't work I [TS]

  don't know if it doesn't work in movie [TS]

  form but into movies and neither one of [TS]

  them captured anything that I really [TS]

  loved from pretty sure I saw it and I [TS]

  cannot remember a thing i'm not even a [TS]

  hundred percent sure i did see it so [TS]

  there yeah yeah i did see it and [TS]

  I'm i don't remember much about it other [TS]

  than that i was bored and disappointed i [TS]

  don't know I i think it's telling about [TS]

  how this had this series ended and one [TS]

  of the things that I've liked about [TS]

  revisiting it it is it's actually got me [TS]

  excited about the about the the [TS]

  six-episode miniseries revival thing [TS]

  which by the way I think it's really [TS]

  cool that they're doing that because [TS]

  I've complained on this podcast actually [TS]

  numerous times that you get a good show [TS]

  and everybody loves it you know bring it [TS]

  back every now and then that happens in [TS]

  british TV all the time where they bring [TS]

  something back for a special or five [TS]

  episodes or something like that and they [TS]

  actually did it with like how how long [TS]

  can we get David Duchovny and Gillian [TS]

  Anderson because they're very busy with [TS]

  other things in the answer was they [TS]

  could do six episodes worth so they they [TS]

  ordered six episodes of The X Files how [TS]

  great is that [TS]

  but I'm much more excited about it now [TS]

  having revisited these classic episodes [TS]

  because the fact is yeah it kind of fell [TS]

  apart at the end and I left with bad [TS]

  feelings about the x-files and this [TS]

  process really reminded me of how I mean [TS]

  legitimately great [TS]

  the show was for a long time before it [TS]

  started to fall apart and for so many [TS]

  episodes like again I was you know I [TS]

  thought that thought that episode 13 was [TS]

  the end-of-season what they just made so [TS]

  many episodes it was that they turned [TS]

  was an hour long line of grid and two [TS]

  episodes like this let's do feature [TS]

  films [TS]

  it's amazing how you know chris carter i [TS]

  actually i would actually file chris [TS]

  carter along with Gene Roddenberry and [TS]

  George Lucas is somebody that I think [TS]

  perhaps had some luck involved in [TS]

  creating this amazing thing and and now [TS]

  has has control over it and I've heard [TS]

  through people in in well how do I put [TS]

  this like talking to Tim Goodman on on [TS]

  the TV time machine I definitely get the [TS]

  impression from him that there is a [TS]

  feeling like that that one of the [TS]

  impediments to bring back the x-files is [TS]

  chris carter because chris carter wants [TS]

  to be intimately involved with it and [TS]

  that's problematic because he is [TS]

  infamous for making some bad decisions [TS]

  and being really slow and missing [TS]

  deadlines and all sorts of things so I I [TS]

  I hesitate to say that anybody is in the [TS]

  same category as george lucas and Gene [TS]

  Roddenberry in terms of being a creator [TS]

  who ends up being an impediment [TS]

  to their own thing that they created but [TS]

  i feel that way about him a little bit [TS]

  because in the end I don't think that [TS]

  the most memorable episode of the [TS]

  x-files were done by Chris Carter but [TS]

  what I like about this revival is Chris [TS]

  Carter is doing his episodes but he [TS]

  brought back James Wong he brought back [TS]

  Darren Morgan he brought back lynn [TS]

  morgan and apparently they asked Vince [TS]

  Gilligan and they asked um uh who's [TS]

  doing the the man in the high castle [TS]

  Frank spot it's a asked they asked them [TS]

  to come back and there and they're too [TS]

  busy basically with their other [TS]

  successful shows that they're doing but [TS]

  I like that it's not just that this [TS]

  thing is not just an ego trip a lot of [TS]

  the other great kind of team members who [TS]

  came out of that show are coming back to [TS]

  do this thing and i hope its I hope it's [TS]

  worth the time and energy that they're [TS]

  putting in it it'll be interesting to [TS]

  see a show coming back after 14 years [TS]

  almost exactly because he was actually [TS]

  does work since years [TS]

  we're not gonna talk about that we've [TS]

  been 10 years since she was a lot of [TS]

  fingers in my ears and now here's six [TS]

  episodes of The X Files is kind of like [TS]

  the force awakens already lawrence [TS]

  kasdan to come back to get the old cast [TS]

  to come back the addy creator I guess [TS]

  the credit still involved with the [TS]

  episode or whatever but I I feel like [TS]

  every two hours talking to his car i [TS]

  would say have faith that the show the [TS]

  premise the style of television making [TS]

  that you created back then that the [TS]

  people who are going to make these new [TS]

  six episodes understand that they are [TS]

  students in the school of the thing that [TS]

  you made and like it that these cases [TS]

  the actual same writers like that if if [TS]

  you establish something some as iconic [TS]

  as Star Trek Star Wars of the x-files [TS]

  and you make either like a reboot of it [TS]

  or continuation or whatever like and you [TS]

  get the right people on it have faith [TS]

  that they understand their bones the [TS]

  thing that you made it's not as if I [TS]

  need to be involved is on the only [TS]

  person involved X also the whole [TS]

  generation of [TS]

  of television writers in television [TS]

  viewers to understand the x-files you [TS]

  just get the good ones and talented ones [TS]

  they will take care of your baby in in [TS]

  the way at the very least in the way [TS]

  that the people who love the original [TS]

  show also love i said is having not seen [TS]

  these new six episodes tomato blow it [TS]

  but I am cautiously optimistic [TS]

  alright so so the x-files returns to [TS]

  television haha i cannot believe that [TS]

  I'm saying that on the January 24th [TS]

  while he created as mine alone [TS]

  yeah it's a it's cool i hope it does [TS]

  well because bringing back shows that [TS]

  people like and doing short runs of them [TS]

  i think it's a good idea so i will be [TS]

  interested to see if because there are a [TS]

  lot of people who never watch the [TS]

  x-files or didn't see much of it who [TS]

  will probably be watching this just [TS]

  because of all the hype surrounding it [TS]

  and i will be interested to see how it [TS]

  plays to those people if they're able to [TS]

  hit the balance kinda like they did with [TS]

  with new Doctor Who bringing it back [TS]

  where you can make the classic fans [TS]

  happy enough and make it accessible [TS]

  enough that the new breed of audience [TS]

  member can come in and get it as well so [TS]

  one last run before before I wrap this [TS]

  up completely because i think that you [TS]

  made a good point there [TS]

  we've mentioned four episodes that [TS]

  people can watch on and in passing of [TS]

  men mentioned a few more before we go if [TS]

  there are particular episodes that you [TS]

  would recommend that people watch other [TS]

  than the ones that we've already [TS]

  mentioned i would be interested in [TS]

  hearing those I guess I'll start and [TS]

  give you time to think since I didn't [TS]

  have you prepare this [TS]

  yeah i really i really like squeeze [TS]

  which is episode 3 which I feel is and [TS]

  it's got a sequel later on the first [TS]

  season called tombs these are it's like [TS]

  the x-files episode squeezes it's about [TS]

  a guy who eats people's livers and can [TS]

  squeeze in between into really narrow [TS]

  spaces [TS]

  that's what it's about that's all it's [TS]

  about but it's kinda great [TS]

  all of the Darin Morgan episodes i think [TS]

  are fantastic I think I think red museum [TS]

  is an amusing episode because it's about [TS]

  it's about cows [TS]

  I believe it said in Wisconsin Erica and [TS]

  and there's mysterious a mysterious cow [TS]

  related murders and it was meant to be a [TS]

  crossover with the day [TS]

  d kelly series picket fences and that it [TS]

  was across network crossover so they a [TS]

  candidate but uh it's uh it's still kind [TS]

  of a kind of cool episode already [TS]

  mentioned for the complications that [TS]

  Darin Morgan episode and hose from outer [TS]

  space [TS]

  I i would say don't watch the ones with [TS]

  that were written by William Gibson as [TS]

  much as I love him as a writer because [TS]

  they're not very good [TS]

  small potatoes is a very good episode [TS]

  written by Vince Gilligan and starring [TS]

  Darin Morgan I believe [TS]

  yeah he's this he's the star of that [TS]

  episode the writer Darin Morgan is the [TS]

  star that episode so those are some that [TS]

  i think are worth are worth watching [TS]

  John do you have any that we haven't we [TS]

  have initially I looked up one cuz I [TS]

  thought you might have a segment and I [TS]

  have vague memories other ones maybe you [TS]

  can tell me which episodes there that [TS]

  the first one that that is one of my [TS]

  favorites that always sticks in my mind [TS]

  it's very similar to all the episodes [TS]

  that we looked at even though it's a [TS]

  mythology episode because it relies on [TS]

  you having watched many seasons of this [TS]

  very interesting character to it's a [TS]

  payoff to say now we can do a different [TS]

  story with this character and some [TS]

  musings of a cigarette smoking man i [TS]

  love yes mmm i love that actor i love [TS]

  how they used him i love that he smokes [TS]

  a cigarette I love everything about him [TS]

  and in one episode they take you back to [TS]

  how to have you end up with this guy how [TS]

  does this guy yea he's all creepy and [TS]

  everything but how you know it's it's [TS]

  what the stars people could never do how [TS]

  do you end up a cigarette smoking man [TS]

  and it reveals him to be a you know a [TS]

  flashback and the show all the terrible [TS]

  things he's done in the past but that he [TS]

  has other ambitions and he wants to be a [TS]

  writer and genre fiction which is not [TS]

  taken seriously right and yeah you know [TS]

  he's always wanted to do that and he's [TS]

  writing tales that sounds stupid an [TS]

  unbelievable it's like pop trash but [TS]

  they're basically based on real things [TS]

  you might call them romana clay of what [TS]

  he's actually done in his life and they [TS]

  get rejected as ridiculous and [TS]

  eventually gets gets a reply from you [TS]

  know from a magazine saying yes we're [TS]

  going to publish your stuff is a [TS]

  serialize story he's so excited he's [TS]

  ready to resign as the most terrible [TS]

  villain in the entire xbox universe is [TS]

  finally gets his dream and it turns out [TS]

  to be a nudie mag and he is disappointed [TS]

  and he tears up his resignation and goes [TS]

  back to be serious moment that is like a [TS]

  little my idea of like a perfect [TS]

  mythology connected character-based [TS]

  payoff reward episode the other episode [TS]

  that I can't find the title of one of [TS]

  you can tell me maybe it is Ho Chunk [TS]

  myspace what's the one with long [TS]

  government play Dungeons and Dragons of [TS]

  the convention does like a different [TS]

  name of it but I second your FB pic and [TS]

  there's managers computer dragons but [TS]

  right I can't think of the name of the [TS]

  episode with the final thing that this [TS]

  is not a particular purpose of this is [TS]

  the one thing that struck me watching [TS]

  these four episodes again i don't i [TS]

  don't think i was in the camp that had [TS]

  like a super mega crush on Johanna [TS]

  Anderson for me there's Dana Delany [TS]

  china beach aforementioned but not [TS]

  watching these episodes again and all [TS]

  watching across the entire time David [TS]

  company's fine i like him like his [TS]

  character I cannot stop looking at her [TS]

  face [TS]

  I don't know what it is about her as an [TS]

  actress when she is on the screen doing [TS]

  her acting thing I cannot stop looking [TS]

  at her face she is just the most [TS]

  entrancing actress i love the episodes [TS]

  when she would sound better she was sad [TS]

  where she / bad things would happen to [TS]

  her when she would get upset when her [TS]

  dad died when she finds out she has [TS]

  cancer where she's she just I don't know [TS]

  if she's really this great an actress or [TS]

  maybe she's I haven't seen her many [TS]

  other things but she always just draws [TS]

  my eye and I don't know what it is about [TS]

  her it you know it just that she is [TS]

  magnetic and I for me and you know it [TS]

  her in this series is what it's like I [TS]

  forgotten about it like I don't put it [TS]

  behind me or whatever but she's up on [TS]

  the screen and I just can't take my eyes [TS]

  off her so thats i'm going to endorse [TS]

  every episode with her in it [TS]

  three-of-a-kind is the name of the [TS]

  episode you were thinking of and it's by [TS]

  Vince Gilligan and Joshua band and it is [TS]

  that's the one where they play Dungeons [TS]

  and Dragons it's a goofy funny one [TS]

  David you have episodes I have episodes [TS]

  I again wholeheartedly recommend all of [TS]

  the Darin Morgan ones [TS]

  yeah because I mean again if if you know [TS]

  what I do [TS]

  funny spooky writing is right up my [TS]

  alley so I love all of those i also [TS]

  again going back to Vince Gilligan and [TS]

  the seeds of breaking bad i would say [TS]

  the episode drive with bryan cranston [TS]

  which is season six [TS]

  x it's the beginning of season 6 and [TS]

  it's kind of a and X Files version of [TS]

  the movie speed where Bryan Cranston has [TS]

  to keep moving or his head will explode [TS]

  and remember that one of course he winds [TS]

  up in a car holding Mulder hostage [TS]

  making motor drive west and it's amazing [TS]

  and he is not at all you know if at this [TS]

  point people knew him as either [TS]

  Seinfeld's dentist or the dad from [TS]

  Malcolm in the Middle rent and you know [TS]

  this this was the episode that Gilligan [TS]

  looked back and said I know who to cast [TS]

  in this is breaking bad thing he could [TS]

  pull that off because he is a horrible [TS]

  person in this and yet you still feel [TS]

  sympathy for him because Bryan [TS]

  Cranston's that could i would also say [TS]

  the postmodern Prometheus sure you know [TS]

  that's it's just it again it breaks the [TS]

  formula enough and that is the subtitle [TS]

  of Frankenstein yeah that's you know [TS]

  it's it's much as young frankenstein as [TS]

  a is just a pitch-perfect spoof of the [TS]

  original Frankenstein films this does [TS]

  the same the same kind of thing and i [TS]

  had as i recall it uses the same props [TS]

  from both those the original movie and [TS]

  young frankenstein which is kinda cool [TS]

  the episode ice in the first season [TS]

  which that might be the one that hooked [TS]

  me fully [TS]

  that's a great episode it is a great [TS]

  episode it is a beautiful riff gardening [TS]

  the thing but the original and who goes [TS]

  there [TS]

  so that is just that that was the one [TS]

  where I went okay these guys know what [TS]

  they're doing and even then they're kind [TS]

  of showing off because it's not just you [TS]

  know he will trap them in things like no [TS]

  we're doing the thing we're doing who [TS]

  goes there and i'll translate that seeds [TS]

  of do everything very same thing I was [TS]

  like the truly great science-fiction [TS]

  shows do a thing episode to have you did [TS]

  yeah yeah and then i'm actually going to [TS]

  pick a season 9 episode which kind of [TS]

  breaks break some of what we were saying [TS]

  because it's got a big-name guests [TS]

  started 4d was good yeah that was really [TS]

  good to this one [TS]

  a big-name guests are it's it's a little [TS]

  beard it's it's called improbable and it [TS]

  has Burt Reynolds oh yeah might be God [TS]

  and what I really like about it is the [TS]

  dog it stays back in the office and it's [TS]

  Scully and Reyes teaming up to to solve [TS]

  this problem which that was that was [TS]

  something we haven't seen this before [TS]

  either and that's a that's a little [TS]

  weird episode that you don't expect that [TS]

  late in the Royal Erica well as I said [TS]

  I'm terrible with with names and even [TS]

  remembering specific episodes but as [TS]

  we've been talking about it some things [TS]

  have come back to me i will i will say [TS]

  that i do love the lone gunman so many [TS]

  of my favorite episodes where there's it [TS]

  just looking it up I didn't realize just [TS]

  how many episodes they were in thinking [TS]

  a lot [TS]

  yeah so the one that i will point to [TS]

  they do kind of remember is unusual [TS]

  suspects which deals with sort of [TS]

  origins of love origin stories [TS]

  especially with quirky wacky characters [TS]

  like those guys so that that's a good [TS]

  one and if you like them and their [TS]

  series jump the shark is the episode [TS]

  that that office them which may be [TS]

  rewritten now exciting and I also i also [TS]

  second the the Jose Jones from outer [TS]

  space that's another one that I [TS]

  definitely remember liking a lot and the [TS]

  michael mckean to partner which you [TS]

  actually mentioned dreams and Greenland [TS]

  and dream land to which dreamland to has [TS]

  the lone gunman in it so it's you know [TS]

  lots of bang for your buck [TS]

  yeah and I have one more than i'll throw [TS]

  in there which is an episode called [TS]

  pusher from season 3 written by vince [TS]

  gilligan directed by rob bowman by the [TS]

  way who is the best Star Trek The Next [TS]

  Generation director and he became an [TS]

  x-files director which was pretty cool [TS]

  because he he did like the first episode [TS]

  with Borg and to get a really good [TS]

  director and i was very happy to see his [TS]

  name start popping up on The X Files [TS]

  pusher is about a guy who can make [TS]

  people see or not see things and the [TS]

  reason that i mentioned it is because [TS]

  when i used to be a commuter i would [TS]

  have to cross a freeway on-ramp in order [TS]

  to get to my bus stop every morning and [TS]

  every morning when I cross the on-ramp I [TS]

  thought of the episode pusher where [TS]

  because the most terrifying thing it is [TS]

  that he he made somebody not see an [TS]

  oncoming truck [TS]

  and that's how they died is a step in [TS]

  front of the truck because they didn't [TS]

  see it and I thought about that every [TS]

  time I cross that freeway on every [TS]

  single time so just one that's you're [TS]

  safe i guess so i guess you're getting [TS]

  paranoid so good job is Gilligan alright [TS]

  the x-files returns it in very very soon [TS]

  very soon so i would like to thank my [TS]

  guests for revisiting this classic [TS]

  series a lot of fun to to dip back in [TS]

  here David lower thank you for being [TS]

  here [TS]

  I I want to believe what's just want to [TS]

  leave [TS]

  that's true Erica and sign thank you [TS]

  thank you [TS]

  now i'm just excited to see buyers [TS]

  Langley and froakie again we don't ya [TS]

  and John syracuse that the truth is out [TS]

  there how we forgot to mention that I [TS]

  think like Brooklyn especially gets her [TS]

  little dog her little dog that all [TS]

  getting my mold in evergreen forests in [TS]

  a later episode but after that the state [TS]

  to the coastal blue snow globe thing [TS]

  we're really they're still trapped [TS]

  underground with that law stuff to sell [TS]

  cereals we're saying that we're here and [TS]

  the rest of the series of dissolution [TS]

  anyway yeah Buffy Muffy is also just a [TS]

  girl in a mental institution [TS]

  it happens so anyway I think of episodes [TS]

  and a little dog [TS]

  yeah and thanks everybody for listening [TS]

  if you haven't uh you know if you've got [TS]

  access to netflix they're all on there [TS]

  there in HD [TS]

  it's pretty great so you know watch some [TS]

  episodes of The X Files and thanks for [TS]

  listening we'll see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  ok [TS]

  the truth is out there [TS]

  [Music] [TS]