The Incomparable

277: Stormtroopers Are People


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00:00:45   welcome back everybody to be [TS]

00:00:47   uncomfortable i'm your host Jason Snell [TS]

00:00:49   it's finally here after many years and [TS]

00:00:52   many podcasts devoted to a film that had [TS]

00:00:55   not yet opened and that we had not yet [TS]

00:00:57   seen it has opened and we have seen it [TS]

00:01:00   and so in the first of our perhaps [TS]

00:01:03   endless series of episodes about star [TS]

00:01:05   wars the force awakens i am joined by [TS]

00:01:08   three people who with who I've been [TS]

00:01:10   talking about this film since before it [TS]

00:01:12   had a name or a director but Dad more'n [TS]

00:01:17   hello doctors doctors you it's hard to [TS]

00:01:21   tell the world [TS]

00:01:23   also joining me of course serenity [TS]

00:01:25   Caldwell [TS]

00:01:26   hello droid please people group [TS]

00:01:31   and uh and also here I wouldn't do this [TS]

00:01:34   without John siracusa hello [TS]

00:01:37   you know we start working always don't [TS]

00:01:38   need a director named they just need a [TS]

00:01:40   number that's the number for us to hang [TS]

00:01:42   our hat on a Roman numeral that's all we [TS]

00:01:45   need [TS]

00:01:45   where the Roman numerals a long time ago [TS]

00:01:48   in a galaxy far far away [TS]

00:01:49   let's ponder how they weren't there not [TS]

00:01:51   in the movie they're only in the crawl [TS]

00:01:53   the crawl is written by people who are [TS]

00:01:55   the crawlers canonical jason i wanna [TS]

00:01:57   hear another word to crawl [TS]

00:01:58   yeah but it's not from a galaxy far far [TS]

00:02:00   away it's the cross for us anyway that [TS]

00:02:02   is to existential that will be another [TS]

00:02:04   episode that will do probably next like [TS]

00:02:06   thursday so anybody have any opening [TS]

00:02:09   statements [TS]

00:02:10   John yeah Ren anybody I I'm with the [TS]

00:02:15   opening statements box is open now who [TS]

00:02:18   would like to give a statement i will [TS]

00:02:20   give a statement alright so I my [TS]

00:02:24   statement is just it's a Star Wars movie [TS]

00:02:27   guys huh [TS]

00:02:29   it is a movie without going into details [TS]

00:02:33   will go and very shortly [TS]

00:02:34   it is a film that feels like it belongs [TS]

00:02:37   in the star wars universe [TS]

00:02:39   it made me feel like I was watching star [TS]

00:02:41   wars the entire time i had the same [TS]

00:02:44   stupid grin as i do when i watch the [TS]

00:02:46   original trilogy it feels it feels like [TS]

00:02:50   a Star Wars movie and that was the that [TS]

00:02:53   was my number one criteria going in is [TS]

00:02:55   that it i wanted it to feel like a star [TS]

00:02:57   wars we didn't have to be beautiful it [TS]

00:02:59   didn't have to be perfect but i wanted [TS]

00:03:01   to have that energy and I on that it has [TS]

00:03:04   fulfilled i agree i was i was thinking [TS]

00:03:07   this is sort of people like the prequels [TS]

00:03:09   are gonna hate this but the first Star [TS]

00:03:11   Wars movie in 32 years John do you have [TS]

00:03:14   an opening statement i do I was you know [TS]

00:03:16   dang go first [TS]

00:03:17   alright i can do you have anything skin [TS]

00:03:19   which is a shorter I don't even know why [TS]

00:03:21   not i like to make mine up on the spot [TS]

00:03:23   that's that's been the trend lately so [TS]

00:03:25   now are now i'm doing that's where they [TS]

00:03:27   got the last get the last spot know you [TS]

00:03:28   is an instigator of you opening [TS]

00:03:30   statements you get that you get the [TS]

00:03:31   coveted findings dieter that's the [TS]

00:03:33   Bourbon instigator innovators run ashore [TS]

00:03:36   here whenever got 32 more hours of [TS]

00:03:39   podcasting do again [TS]

00:03:40   yep yes that's right away visit the [TS]

00:03:42   telethon the next 12 hours will be your [TS]

00:03:44   dance phone and what would you what [TS]

00:03:46   would you like to say i would like to [TS]

00:03:48   say that I i really i really enjoyed [TS]

00:03:53   this movie and I agree that you know for [TS]

00:03:54   the first time in decades it's a did [TS]

00:03:56   feel like I was watching a Star Wars [TS]

00:03:57   movie [TS]

00:03:58   what I'm most fascinated by is this as [TS]

00:04:01   the launchpad for this next this you [TS]

00:04:05   know latest chapter in the Star Wars [TS]

00:04:06   franchise saga depending on how you want [TS]

00:04:09   to call it [TS]

00:04:09   uh-huh having seen this movie I'm i [TS]

00:04:13   think there's too many choices which [TS]

00:04:14   will go into discussing but i think i'm [TS]

00:04:16   i'm actually really kind of jazz to see [TS]

00:04:18   what the rest of this trilogy looks like [TS]

00:04:21   knows [TS]

00:04:22   yeah they've raised some very [TS]

00:04:23   interesting things but overall it was [TS]

00:04:25   fun it's a lot i would argue it might be [TS]

00:04:28   funnier than any other star wars movie [TS]

00:04:30   intentionally sorry 99 the prequels [TS]

00:04:32   which are hilarious but i think it might [TS]

00:04:35   be the most intentionally funny of a [TS]

00:04:37   star wars movies which I which is a [TS]

00:04:39   weird feeling and most of all is weird [TS]

00:04:42   to go into a brand new Star Wars movie [TS]

00:04:44   that I've only seen once that was good i [TS]

00:04:47   don't like that's just a weird feeling [TS]

00:04:50   you have right now but it's generally a [TS]

00:04:52   pleasing feeling John take it away huh [TS]

00:04:56   yep [TS]

00:04:57   alright so this is just we're recording [TS]

00:04:59   this one day after seeing this movie for [TS]

00:05:02   the first time and a very long build-up [TS]

00:05:04   i wish i was in the theater 24 hours ago [TS]

00:05:07   right now watching it for the first oh [TS]

00:05:08   yeah [TS]

00:05:09   yep summer so it's kind of hard for me [TS]

00:05:11   to get a handle on in terms of like the [TS]

00:05:12   grandiose opening statements that I had [TS]

00:05:14   like prepared for years here and scamper [TS]

00:05:15   Empire Strikes Back you're never right [TS]

00:05:18   so just to give this couple head [TS]

00:05:19   counselor and and i'll give a longer [TS]

00:05:21   like summary assessment I'm sure we all [TS]

00:05:23   will of the of the movie at the end sure [TS]

00:05:25   we've discussed all the spoilers and [TS]

00:05:26   everything but if you want like a [TS]

00:05:27   spoiler-free capsule review here's what [TS]

00:05:29   I'd say the force awakens is a good [TS]

00:05:32   movie with many small problems [TS]

00:05:34   none of which over overwhelm it's [TS]

00:05:35   essential goodness I thought I keep [TS]

00:05:37   coming back to which doesn't really make [TS]

00:05:39   any sense but it's stuck in my head is [TS]

00:05:40   the world is safe for Star Wars movies [TS]

00:05:42   again huh [TS]

00:05:43   the force awakens is just you know the [TS]

00:05:46   opening move it went in what will be a [TS]

00:05:48   steady stream of new movies in this [TS]

00:05:50   universe it's respectful of its origins [TS]

00:05:52   it's competently made it opens far more [TS]

00:05:55   doors than it closes and it makes me [TS]

00:05:57   excited about Star Wars again and you [TS]

00:05:58   could say what more could a star wars [TS]

00:06:00   fan a score well I could ask for a hell [TS]

00:06:01   of a lot more but what we got is pretty [TS]

00:06:04   good and I will love is my life I do [TS]

00:06:07   have an opening statement but it's [TS]

00:06:08   actually very similar to John's which is [TS]

00:06:10   I think I feel like this film had a [TS]

00:06:12   couple of jobs that had to do because [TS]

00:06:13   yes it's a work of art in there acting [TS]

00:06:15   and current crafts that are involved but [TS]

00:06:18   it's also the first film release from [TS]

00:06:22   disney after buying Lucasfilm for [TS]

00:06:26   billions of dollars so it has to do I [TS]

00:06:28   think two jobs one of the jobs is it [TS]

00:06:31   needs to feel like Star Wars and make [TS]

00:06:33   people like Star Wars movies again and [TS]

00:06:35   make them feel like they did when the [TS]

00:06:37   original Star Wars movies were were [TS]

00:06:40   released it needs to have that star wars [TS]

00:06:42   eNOS about it right and job number two [TS]

00:06:45   is it needs to set this thing up as an [TS]

00:06:47   ongoing venture so it needs to look [TS]

00:06:49   backward and tie into the past but also [TS]

00:06:51   build up for the future and those are [TS]

00:06:55   tricky and you do too much one and it's [TS]

00:06:57   a nostalgia trip and not much more you [TS]

00:06:59   do too much of the other and you leave [TS]

00:07:00   maybe the existing fanbase waiting by [TS]

00:07:03   the door and what I would say about this [TS]

00:07:06   before we blow this boiler horn is it [TS]

00:07:08   did both jobs [TS]

00:07:09   it did the job that needed to do and the [TS]

00:07:11   result is a movie that was extremely [TS]

00:07:12   enjoyable I liked it a lot but I'm [TS]

00:07:14   impressed by the fact that managed to [TS]

00:07:15   walk that line between being a fan [TS]

00:07:18   service for the people who love Star [TS]

00:07:20   Wars know it by heart and leaving the [TS]

00:07:23   story at a point where you're thinking [TS]

00:07:25   more about the future than the past for [TS]

00:07:27   maybe the first time since returned to [TS]

00:07:29   the Jedi came out so that's my opening [TS]

00:07:32   statement should we fire off the spoiler [TS]

00:07:33   horn now for the other moms know what [TS]

00:07:35   nobody wants to diagnose Oilers let's [TS]

00:07:39   just pretend we can talk about education [TS]

00:07:41   more let's talk about that they had no [TS]

00:07:43   let's talk let's analyze that trailer [TS]

00:07:45   now that we've seen the movie [TS]

00:07:46   again trailer conducted do you like that [TS]

00:07:48   trailer John not inside that trailer was [TS]

00:07:50   awesome so glad and watching but boy [TS]

00:07:52   that was a good travel trailer [TS]

00:07:54   yeah it was it was I can't watch the [TS]

00:07:56   movie again and help us watch the [TS]

00:07:57   trailer again it's pretty good pretty [TS]

00:07:59   good trailer pretty good trail right [TS]

00:08:01   here it goes were firing up the spoiler [TS]

00:08:02   horn if you have not seen don't know how [TS]

00:08:04   this is possible are you listening this [TS]

00:08:06   force awakens don't listen any further [TS]

00:08:08   unless you're a bad person who likes [TS]

00:08:10   spoiler [TS]

00:08:15   alright Luke Skywalker has vanished [TS]

00:08:19   luton guy Locker has its and a super [TS]

00:08:22   excited by the way because that was one [TS]

00:08:24   of those tidbits that had somehow made [TS]

00:08:26   its way into my conscience there was all [TS]

00:08:27   this like where's Luke stop mark hamill [TS]

00:08:29   tweeted a great picture of him reading [TS]

00:08:31   USA Today that had like a story where's [TS]

00:08:33   Luke and it's like him peeking over the [TS]

00:08:34   paper I i saw that picture and and the [TS]

00:08:37   how it managed not to spoil me was [TS]

00:08:39   because I thought the whole like me [TS]

00:08:41   after I quickly scroll past it was the [TS]

00:08:43   idea that hey he's not in the poster [TS]

00:08:45   he's not in the trailer and if you go [TS]

00:08:47   there holding him back as you know JJ's [TS]

00:08:49   all about like withholding that's what i [TS]

00:08:50   thought it was about like oh you're not [TS]

00:08:52   going to see him to get to see the real [TS]

00:08:53   movie haha true that's it it's kind of a [TS]

00:08:57   little bit of both [TS]

00:08:58   it's not a gets as much teasing as it is [TS]

00:09:01   actually yeah i think i had heard rumors [TS]

00:09:03   about the fact that as a character he is [TS]

00:09:05   supposedly missing at this point in time [TS]

00:09:07   or maybe I'd stumbled across the legal [TS]

00:09:09   action and so no idea about that but I [TS]

00:09:11   love like the the opening of the scroll [TS]

00:09:13   at how else could you better open the [TS]

00:09:15   scroll because he is the one most [TS]

00:09:16   appease the most important character in [TS]

00:09:18   the Star Wars right right like yeah and [TS]

00:09:20   and the first sentences he has vanished [TS]

00:09:22   like well there you got steaks [TS]

00:09:24   immediately is making and it was it was [TS]

00:09:26   good from the perspective of feeling [TS]

00:09:27   like worrying i was going to be spoiled [TS]

00:09:28   to be like oh that's right up front I [TS]

00:09:30   feel good [TS]

00:09:31   quickly learned that much that's great [TS]

00:09:32   okay we're starting their right and [TS]

00:09:34   you're already you're already invested [TS]

00:09:35   in that because you care that looks like [TS]

00:09:36   our has vanished why would you not you [TS]

00:09:38   know exactly what is he had three movies [TS]

00:09:39   and he's like super important [TS]

00:09:41   yeah yeah it's much better than some of [TS]

00:09:44   the other calls and we could talk about [TS]

00:09:45   know it's great it's the first sensible [TS]

00:09:46   girl guys you know who's there are no [TS]

00:09:49   trade disputes in the cross no it'sit's [TS]

00:09:51   I i was struck by that while we're star [TS]

00:09:54   afterward Lauren told me that she she [TS]

00:09:56   had that moment when she was sitting [TS]

00:09:58   there and I'm sure we all had this at [TS]

00:09:59   some point in the movie where you're [TS]

00:10:00   like for her was I don't know what the [TS]

00:10:03   next words are going to be like as it [TS]

00:10:04   said episode 7 she's like wow I don't [TS]

00:10:07   know what's in the crawl which is a and [TS]

00:10:09   for me it was I don't know what what's [TS]

00:10:12   going to what we're going to see when [TS]

00:10:13   the crawl is over and we pan down [TS]

00:10:16   famously as you doing all the Star Wars [TS]

00:10:17   movies anymore anything more about the [TS]

00:10:20   crawl i get to see the infinity that is [TS]

00:10:23   the first sort of [TS]

00:10:25   somewhat problematic issue is the the [TS]

00:10:29   one thing that I feel like this movie [TS]

00:10:30   doesn't have a good hand on is the like [TS]

00:10:32   sort of galactic politicals didn't like [TS]

00:10:34   situation because like there's a [TS]

00:10:36   republic not politics for you ate it but [TS]

00:10:39   yeah I need some trade negotiations [TS]

00:10:40   please no Senate chamber there's a [TS]

00:10:42   republic but its backing a resistance [TS]

00:10:45   that is like separately banking areas in [TS]

00:10:48   the area but it see it that's not really [TS]

00:10:52   up it ends up being kind of weirdly a [TS]

00:10:55   point but also not really a point very [TS]

00:10:59   odd it's a brand-new yeah i mean the [TS]

00:11:01   movie did not spend a lot of time on it [TS]

00:11:03   i am sure that there were scenes at some [TS]

00:11:05   point that were cut but regardless i [TS]

00:11:08   don't think that it made that much of a [TS]

00:11:10   difference in the plot it just for those [TS]

00:11:12   of us who like lots and lots of little [TS]

00:11:14   world-building tidbits and I cannot [TS]

00:11:17   believe we're complaining about [TS]

00:11:18   government after complaining for three [TS]

00:11:21   episodes about how the prequel focus too [TS]

00:11:23   much on it [TS]

00:11:24   I but i think that the amount of hand [TS]

00:11:27   waving there is actually all right [TS]

00:11:29   especially I'm trying to put myself back [TS]

00:11:32   in the mindset of original trilogy right [TS]

00:11:35   where when we didn't have Empire and we [TS]

00:11:38   didn't have Jedi as like these are the [TS]

00:11:40   things that come next and we know about [TS]

00:11:42   this and I'm like does the does the the [TS]

00:11:46   political situation makes sense in in a [TS]

00:11:49   new hope [TS]

00:11:50   yeah i mean they talked a lot about the [TS]

00:11:52   Galactic Senate the Senate not being [TS]

00:11:54   there any more than there are things and [TS]

00:11:57   there's a Rebel Alliance despite the [TS]

00:11:59   fact that there's a Senate like there's [TS]

00:12:01   there's some stuff there that I feel [TS]

00:12:03   like is not necessarily equally [TS]

00:12:05   confusing but I don't blame Abrams for [TS]

00:12:09   glossing over it especially because we [TS]

00:12:11   got three movies of trade negotiations [TS]

00:12:13   like we might hear more about the geo [TS]

00:12:15   political spectrum in the next movie [TS]

00:12:17   which would be okay or knowing ryan [TS]

00:12:20   Johnson MHP about characters and like [TS]

00:12:22   weird dream sequences and I'd be okay [TS]

00:12:24   with that too i think my point was more [TS]

00:12:26   than it could have I think it could have [TS]

00:12:28   been simplified further I'm and that was [TS]

00:12:30   just adding a third party there with the [TS]

00:12:33   Republic the first order and the [TS]

00:12:34   resistance was just kind of a decision [TS]

00:12:36   for me again not enough to hamper any of [TS]

00:12:38   my job [TS]

00:12:39   roll like liking of this movie overall [TS]

00:12:41   it was just one of those things where I [TS]

00:12:43   kind of took me out of things [TS]

00:12:45   yeah my only my only reason for that for [TS]

00:12:50   for saying oh well it sort of makes [TS]

00:12:52   sense is there is a point in the movie [TS]

00:12:54   spoiler horn where the capital of the [TS]

00:12:58   Republic is theoretically blown up yeah [TS]

00:13:00   and then that becomes a lot harder to [TS]

00:13:03   explain if it's just the Republican the [TS]

00:13:05   first-order fighting each other because [TS]

00:13:07   that's like well the capital of the [TS]

00:13:09   Republic was blown up but Prince land [TS]

00:13:11   and the general and her base was not [TS]

00:13:14   blown up and there's other stuff but [TS]

00:13:16   there was the majority of the fleet was [TS]

00:13:18   blown up but also not this fleet so why [TS]

00:13:20   why weren't they on that like there [TS]

00:13:22   there there are potential plot holes [TS]

00:13:24   there that i think would also be [TS]

00:13:25   confusing from a different angle the [TS]

00:13:27   long answer I guess the short answer is [TS]

00:13:29   they wanted to reset back to like know [TS]

00:13:31   there's a scary big first order and the [TS]

00:13:33   tiny bit of scrap long as it's like they [TS]

00:13:35   said they needed something for the big [TS]

00:13:36   weapon to hit the Republicans and there [TS]

00:13:38   is a target which is a problem i think [TS]

00:13:40   later in the movie the whole Republic [TS]

00:13:42   it's like well you know we don't explain [TS]

00:13:43   too much better probably just don't get [TS]

00:13:44   too attached to their companies because [TS]

00:13:45   yeah just wait about 55 minutes and then [TS]

00:13:48   the Republican but but on the other hand [TS]

00:13:50   if there's no Republic what the hell [TS]

00:13:51   does a superhit they don't even know at [TS]

00:13:53   that point where the resistance is like [TS]

00:13:54   well we know where the Republic planets [TS]

00:13:56   are we could take them out and so that's [TS]

00:13:58   that structurally little problem but I [TS]

00:14:00   think you're right that eventually it's [TS]

00:14:01   like we wanted we want to reset to [TS]

00:14:04   scrappy factions because that's more [TS]

00:14:07   that's more exciting and that's why it [TS]

00:14:08   kind of doesn't matter [TS]

00:14:10   um because in the end when you're [TS]

00:14:13   watching a movie you can revert to star [TS]

00:14:15   wars terms which is there a storm [TS]

00:14:17   troopers flying those ships and their [TS]

00:14:19   bad and then there are the rebels [TS]

00:14:22   essentially flying be ships and they're [TS]

00:14:24   good and the other details kind of don't [TS]

00:14:27   matter even though and perhaps or the [TS]

00:14:30   business for ancillary materials but I i [TS]

00:14:32   agree that if you think about it it's a [TS]

00:14:33   little distracting and the reason that [TS]

00:14:35   it's still in there is exactly what John [TS]

00:14:36   said it's like you you need to have [TS]

00:14:37   something to be threatened and the you [TS]

00:14:41   know the Alderaan proxy in this story is [TS]

00:14:44   the the the home planets of the of this [TS]

00:14:47   of this Republic but i think if you look [TS]

00:14:49   at the insulating material they talk [TS]

00:14:51   about a little more the idea that [TS]

00:14:52   it was a you know after Return of the [TS]

00:14:54   Jedi the galaxy kind of got carved into [TS]

00:14:57   where there are places where the Empire [TS]

00:14:58   sort of still held sway and there are [TS]

00:15:00   places where the where the Republic kind [TS]

00:15:02   of took it back over and then the first [TS]

00:15:04   order is sort of a a a movement that is [TS]

00:15:06   trying to integrate yeah that's trying [TS]

00:15:08   to take over [TS]

00:15:10   you know it's like a it's almost like a [TS]

00:15:12   dark jedi sith like splinter group [TS]

00:15:16   trying to reassert the power of the old [TS]

00:15:18   Empire and so it's kind of a four-party [TS]

00:15:20   content which is which is super again [TS]

00:15:22   which is I'm glad that's not you know [TS]

00:15:24   talked about a lot in the movie yes to [TS]

00:15:26   my politics i feel like i got done with [TS]

00:15:28   a sentence or two here there but again [TS]

00:15:29   fairly minor a pic and I I just think [TS]

00:15:32   back to some of our earlier podcasts [TS]

00:15:34   like theorizing what's going to be [TS]

00:15:36   please see ancillary materials we have [TS]

00:15:38   provided a pending Tom about like oh [TS]

00:15:41   well what has happened since like [TS]

00:15:43   because it's so hard to mop up all that [TS]

00:15:44   like remaining empire after the death [TS]

00:15:46   star has gone right like it just give up [TS]

00:15:48   right and so I i guess i was looking [TS]

00:15:50   forward to a little bit of that [TS]

00:15:51   explanation of like what what the hell [TS]

00:15:53   happened [TS]

00:15:54   well this isn't about opening more doors [TS]

00:15:56   than it closes though because like sure [TS]

00:15:58   when you watch this movie but what my [TS]

00:16:00   wife said well I thought it as well as [TS]

00:16:02   like they can have prequel to these [TS]

00:16:04   groceries [TS]

00:16:05   yeah and movies are set up for people [TS]

00:16:06   like this happens after Return of the [TS]

00:16:08   Jedi it's like yeah but with enough room [TS]

00:16:10   between where you can have prequels to [TS]

00:16:12   be like oh I want to see the bottle of [TS]

00:16:14   the battle of jakku and understand what [TS]

00:16:16   the whole you know like you can a [TS]

00:16:17   standalone you can have standalone such [TS]

00:16:19   and I think that's where a lot of the [TS]

00:16:21   bad books and comics are sorry seems [TS]

00:16:24   really in this in this in this open [TS]

00:16:26   space [TS]

00:16:26   yes there's a crawl and it has lots of [TS]

00:16:29   politics in it that are very much like [TS]

00:16:31   okay politics anyway let's let's move on [TS]

00:16:34   to the movie and the movie takes us to [TS]

00:16:36   this a shot of jakku which is a planet [TS]

00:16:39   where there's a lot of garbage because [TS]

00:16:41   there was a space battle there a long [TS]

00:16:42   time ago and the opening shot we get is [TS]

00:16:45   of a galactic what is it like a Star [TS]

00:16:49   Destroyer that's a that's a in [TS]

00:16:51   silhouette and then you see the shit [TS]

00:16:53   yeah and then you see the ships coming [TS]

00:16:54   out of it and into the light and that's [TS]

00:16:57   I thought that was a really clever image [TS]

00:17:01   that we haven't seen before in these in [TS]

00:17:03   these star wars it's a very j [TS]

00:17:05   Abrams image it's similar to the one [TS]

00:17:08   that's right before the opening credits [TS]

00:17:09   in Star Trek actually yeah and I don't [TS]

00:17:13   necessarily think that's a bad thing [TS]

00:17:15   it's a it's a very different angle that [TS]

00:17:18   we've got none star was open and crawls [TS]

00:17:20   before and I'd I was a little thrown out [TS]

00:17:22   of it I'm like wait a second there are [TS]

00:17:24   two planets and we're coming from below [TS]

00:17:25   oh ok it's out it's a nice it's a nice [TS]

00:17:30   way I think of entering this universe is [TS]

00:17:32   saying like this is a Star Wars film but [TS]

00:17:34   also this is very much JJ Abrams is star [TS]

00:17:38   wars film this is an honor this is your [TS]

00:17:40   parent star wars hell yeah we're going [TS]

00:17:43   to we're going to have dimensions guys [TS]

00:17:44   time for a brief break let me send you a [TS]

00:17:48   message from our good friends at cards [TS]

00:17:49   against humanity it is an honor and [TS]

00:17:52   privilege for us at cards against [TS]

00:17:54   humanity response to this very special [TS]

00:17:55   episode of the incomparable at the time [TS]

00:17:57   of recording we have not actually seen [TS]

00:17:59   the new Star Wars movie but we want to [TS]

00:18:00   send our congratulations on a wonderful [TS]

00:18:02   film that is sure to become an instant [TS]

00:18:04   classic our condolences on the death of [TS]

00:18:06   a film franchise that meant so much to [TS]

00:18:08   us as kids or are middling satisfaction [TS]

00:18:11   at a safe reboot that met the bare [TS]

00:18:12   minimum of our own insane expectations [TS]

00:18:15   we were either impressed the JJ Abrams [TS]

00:18:17   was able to show us inventive new worlds [TS]

00:18:19   and characters or we were really [TS]

00:18:21   disappointed to see Disney strip-mine [TS]

00:18:23   all the remaining your way out of a [TS]

00:18:24   bunch of tired old tropes at least the [TS]

00:18:26   visual effects were either incredible or [TS]

00:18:28   just okay this movie either made us feel [TS]

00:18:31   like kids again or ruined our childhoods [TS]

00:18:33   once and for all but either way we'll be [TS]

00:18:35   excited to hear about it on the [TS]

00:18:36   uncomfortable [TS]

00:18:37   thanks to our friends at cards against [TS]

00:18:40   humanity gonna say the first of what is [TS]

00:18:42   a sure to be many controversial [TS]

00:18:43   statements of offering the prequels in [TS]

00:18:45   this podcast but i think that vo the [TS]

00:18:50   opening crawl pan down and next like [TS]

00:18:53   three to five seconds of film or [TS]

00:18:55   whatever of the prequels feel more like [TS]

00:18:58   traditional star wars than this one does [TS]

00:19:00   after this one is bad but I think you're [TS]

00:19:02   right that it's like JJ putting his [TS]

00:19:03   stamp on it but if you like what feels [TS]

00:19:06   like clip what feels like classic George [TS]

00:19:07   Lucas traditional star wars the pan down [TS]

00:19:10   from the opening crawl in episodes 1 2 & [TS]

00:19:12   3 100-percent all feel exactly like [TS]

00:19:15   spike classic traditional rodeo [TS]

00:19:17   trilogy Star Wars me this one did not [TS]

00:19:19   feel like that which is not necessarily [TS]

00:19:20   a bad thing I think is going to be a [TS]

00:19:22   theme for the entire movie i think it's [TS]

00:19:23   like that that what I talk about in [TS]

00:19:25   passing it has to feel like Star Wars is [TS]

00:19:27   feeling like Star Wars like Ren said [TS]

00:19:28   like oh this is a Star Wars movie and [TS]

00:19:30   it's feeling like Star Wars as in it [TS]

00:19:32   feels like the original trilogy and I [TS]

00:19:35   don't think it has to work should feel [TS]

00:19:36   exactly like the original trilogy but it [TS]

00:19:38   really shows like you know it it it [TS]

00:19:40   wakes you up and you know the subsequent [TS]

00:19:42   seeing that we will discuss with you [TS]

00:19:43   about to say this is star wars but it is [TS]

00:19:46   not the star wars that you remember it [TS]

00:19:48   is not going to be yes so tied down to [TS]

00:19:51   the original trilogy mindset because [TS]

00:19:54   seriously just go pull up episode 123 [TS]

00:19:55   and watch the first seven seconds after [TS]

00:19:58   the crawl [TS]

00:19:58   they feel so freaking star wars ii those [TS]

00:20:01   sounds are such great Star Wars movies [TS]

00:20:02   if you only watch the first yeah [TS]

00:20:04   then stop and you know reject don't read [TS]

00:20:06   the chrome just that this part of the [TS]

00:20:09   crawl [TS]

00:20:09   yeah initial imagery yeah and i'm not [TS]

00:20:12   sure but visually speaking that's the [TS]

00:20:13   most the the strongest thing there's a [TS]

00:20:15   lot of theaters are dark and you don't [TS]

00:20:17   get a lot of shadow detail and so I'm [TS]

00:20:18   not that big a fan of the particular [TS]

00:20:20   opening shot but that's it's a minor [TS]

00:20:22   detail i think the opening the other [TS]

00:20:24   thing it is the opening set piece of you [TS]

00:20:26   know the stormtroopers and all that [TS]

00:20:27   stuff again seemingly intentional move [TS]

00:20:31   away from the way star wars were shot [TS]

00:20:33   the things you normally see the subject [TS]

00:20:36   matter we immediately [TS]

00:20:37   Jason you mentioned earlier like the [TS]

00:20:39   whole like there's bad guys and good [TS]

00:20:40   guys [TS]

00:20:41   these movies immediately go into gray [TS]

00:20:43   areas that none of the original trilogy [TS]

00:20:44   touched [TS]

00:20:45   well the fact that stormtroopers are [TS]

00:20:47   people with many other people people [TS]

00:20:50   with Johnson feelings and who are going [TS]

00:20:53   to eventually be involved in the plot of [TS]

00:20:54   this movie in a non-trivial way as [TS]

00:20:56   opposed to being you know either closed [TS]

00:20:58   or cookie cutter things [TS]

00:21:00   yeah yep it's really interesting and for [TS]

00:21:03   he for me this is where the i'm not [TS]

00:21:07   going to call it necessarily a rewriting [TS]

00:21:09   but the Limoges to New Hope start [TS]

00:21:12   because UD even even from the from the [TS]

00:21:15   very beginning you've got the inversion [TS]

00:21:17   of the Star Destroyer type type ship and [TS]

00:21:21   then you immediately go into the hangar [TS]

00:21:23   with with stormtroopers so instead of [TS]

00:21:25   seeing the [TS]

00:21:26   you know the people preparing for a [TS]

00:21:28   stormtrooper attack we actually get the [TS]

00:21:31   stormtroopers we get a close-up of a [TS]

00:21:33   bunch of stormtroopers in a hangar as [TS]

00:21:36   they're speeding down to the planet's [TS]

00:21:37   surface which is as you guys are saying [TS]

00:21:41   it's like it's already such a [TS]

00:21:42   interesting subversion the idea that oh [TS]

00:21:45   yeah we're actually going to spend some [TS]

00:21:46   time with with the troopers on a are [TS]

00:21:50   like what we're going to spend a [TS]

00:21:52   micro-level interaction with the dark [TS]

00:21:56   side and the evil empire / first or [TS]

00:22:00   because of their I mean there's always [TS]

00:22:02   been scenes with the darkside folks but [TS]

00:22:07   it's never been it's never been personal [TS]

00:22:09   stuff unless it's the empire the emperor [TS]

00:22:11   and Darth Vader it's always been kind of [TS]

00:22:15   like yeah the Empire's this big giant [TS]

00:22:17   glob Oh people and individualizing the [TS]

00:22:22   very quickly is fascinating especially [TS]

00:22:24   as we get to jakku at an end of [TS]

00:22:28   individualizing also the infantry [TS]

00:22:30   because I feel like an original trilogy [TS]

00:22:31   you spend some time with characters who [TS]

00:22:32   had metals on their chests and they had [TS]

00:22:34   you know minor personality traits and [TS]

00:22:36   you know boardroom squabbles and brushes [TS]

00:22:39   with death while talking to Vader and [TS]

00:22:40   various other things that they made the [TS]

00:22:42   major string but once you got down to [TS]

00:22:44   the rank-and-file those movies were not [TS]

00:22:46   interested in except for maybe did you [TS]

00:22:49   see the you know those two stormtroopers [TS]

00:22:50   talking to each other about that [TS]

00:22:51   whatever-it-was in your spirits and [TS]

00:22:53   stuff in new help [TS]

00:22:54   yeah but their droids yeah but this one [TS]

00:22:57   seems much more interested in making you [TS]

00:23:00   recognize that you know that that [TS]

00:23:03   everybody has their reasons even the [TS]

00:23:05   rank-and-file stormtroopers like that [TS]

00:23:06   they're so angry at finn later because [TS]

00:23:08   he's a traitor and that they have lines [TS]

00:23:10   lines they're not there they are go get [TS]

00:23:12   them [TS]

00:23:13   blast them you know I mean like they're [TS]

00:23:14   yeah that they're clearly people with [TS]

00:23:16   feelings inside these suits and exercise [TS]

00:23:18   by saying we maybe have a clone army [TS]

00:23:20   the interesting thing to me this is [TS]

00:23:22   where I think that the exploration into [TS]

00:23:26   the universe in the clone wars animated [TS]

00:23:28   series and rebels actually has paid [TS]

00:23:30   dividends in the main in the big star [TS]

00:23:33   wars movies because I feel like clone [TS]

00:23:36   wars to you know very specific extent [TS]

00:23:38   got into the lives of [TS]

00:23:40   on infantry and you know all of that and [TS]

00:23:43   I it may be there are parts of this [TS]

00:23:45   movie that actually feel very much like [TS]

00:23:47   animated series scenes to me and in a [TS]

00:23:50   great way in a like oh hey we've learned [TS]

00:23:53   from you know we've learned from our [TS]

00:23:55   past prequel mistakes and we have a good [TS]

00:23:57   idea of how to how to shade more gray [TS]

00:24:00   and how to show more about this world [TS]

00:24:03   that we have here 24 kind of just [TS]

00:24:05   glossed over [TS]

00:24:06   yeah it's kind of a shot across the bow [TS]

00:24:07   is in some way to make the characters [TS]

00:24:09   have sort of individual personalities [TS]

00:24:11   because it is becoming more you know [TS]

00:24:13   sort of like let's not worry too much [TS]

00:24:14   about you know clones even though i [TS]

00:24:16   think i agree that the clone war series [TS]

00:24:18   does do a fantastic job of turning those [TS]

00:24:20   individuals into characters you know [TS]

00:24:23   sort of the prequels never really dwell [TS]

00:24:26   on that too much and I think also [TS]

00:24:29   interestingly from the the stormtroopers [TS]

00:24:31   perspective you know you think back to [TS]

00:24:33   the original trilogy and even though the [TS]

00:24:34   stormtroopers as John mentioned like [TS]

00:24:36   couple times we catch them having [TS]

00:24:37   conversations or what have you and they [TS]

00:24:38   seem to be distinct people different [TS]

00:24:41   with different personalities [TS]

00:24:42   it's telling that we never really see [TS]

00:24:43   any without their armor on even when [TS]

00:24:46   like on Luke knock out the stormtroopers [TS]

00:24:48   in the four in New Hope and take their [TS]

00:24:50   armor we don't see like the trust up [TS]

00:24:52   around troopers right like we don't see [TS]

00:24:54   faces you know we we have no idea those [TS]

00:24:56   are always going to be faceless [TS]

00:24:58   characters and accept while I mean with [TS]

00:25:01   the exception really up in here like we [TS]

00:25:04   still don't really see much of my faces [TS]

00:25:05   but there are different clearly like [TS]

00:25:07   different characters under the helmets [TS]

00:25:08   there's men and women which is great [TS]

00:25:10   nah not just as much like there's a part [TS]

00:25:13   later we're like a stormtrooper who [TS]

00:25:15   reports to one of the other Imperials is [TS]

00:25:17   clearly a woman's voice is the only [TS]

00:25:19   different body types as well like yeah [TS]

00:25:21   exactly guys you recognize that guy [TS]

00:25:23   I recognize that God before with you at [TS]

00:25:25   the ammo across his chest or whatever [TS]

00:25:26   you know [TS]

00:25:26   yep yeah so I mean that is it is really [TS]

00:25:29   interesting and it's a good way of [TS]

00:25:30   distinct like distinguishing itself from [TS]

00:25:31   both the prequels and the original [TS]

00:25:33   trilogy is I find this moment that [TS]

00:25:35   actually reminded me of of the robot [TS]

00:25:38   chicken star wars where is the robot [TS]

00:25:40   chicken star wars you know it's all [TS]

00:25:41   about filling in the gaps between the [TS]

00:25:43   scenes but things we assume about these [TS]

00:25:44   movies we've seen so many times and it [TS]

00:25:47   and and how normal people would react to [TS]

00:25:48   that and there's a moment like that [TS]

00:25:50   where [TS]

00:25:50   kylo Ren is mad that that Ray has [TS]

00:25:54   escaped and he's smashing up the [TS]

00:25:56   interrogation room and assume troopers [TS]

00:25:58   come around the corner and hear the [TS]

00:26:00   explosion that like slowly back away [TS]

00:26:01   right oh my god because they're there [TS]

00:26:04   they're not dumb they're like oh he's [TS]

00:26:05   having a tantrum we're gonna go they're [TS]

00:26:07   not you know they're not faceless [TS]

00:26:08   nameless drones they may have only [TS]

00:26:10   letters and numbers for their names but [TS]

00:26:12   they're you know they are still [TS]

00:26:13   individuals under there and they have to [TS]

00:26:15   be because Finn one of our main [TS]

00:26:17   characters is actually a stormtrooper as [TS]

00:26:20   we as we are about to find out it in my [TS]

00:26:22   notes here like I was trying to figure [TS]

00:26:23   out how to break them up by like I had a [TS]

00:26:25   section that was like good decisions and [TS]

00:26:26   bad decisions and then I just like I [TS]

00:26:28   realize that just now down to good bad [TS]

00:26:30   whatever any of the first bullet point [TS]

00:26:31   in my good section is the general [TS]

00:26:34   treatment of all characters as real [TS]

00:26:35   people and it doesn't just include the [TS]

00:26:37   bad guys [TS]

00:26:38   old people are real people young people [TS]

00:26:40   men women bad guys good guys there are [TS]

00:26:43   monitoring distance which all complain [TS]

00:26:45   about in a bit but for the most part the [TS]

00:26:48   movie is amazingly good at treating [TS]

00:26:50   everybody as a character maybe not an [TS]

00:26:52   important character but there's almost [TS]

00:26:54   nobody here who is categorically [TS]

00:26:56   pigeonhole let's talk about jakku at [TS]

00:27:02   night we discover there's a conversation [TS]

00:27:06   with its maximum Saito and oscar isaac [TS]

00:27:10   where maximum saito is handing over some [TS]

00:27:13   information this is in in the the fact [TS]

00:27:16   that this plot is sort of a remix of a [TS]

00:27:18   bunch of existing Star Wars plots this [TS]

00:27:20   is the these are the Death Star plans [TS]

00:27:21   this is the map to Luke Skywalker and [TS]

00:27:24   it's being handed over by Max von Sydow [TS]

00:27:26   who obviously has this this history with [TS]

00:27:29   with Leia and the resistance and he's [TS]

00:27:31   got this information and he's passing it [TS]

00:27:33   on to Oscar Isaac who is powe Dameron [TS]

00:27:36   her the best pilot in the resistance and [TS]

00:27:39   he's gonna he and his droid bb-8 are [TS]

00:27:43   going to take it away and and go back to [TS]

00:27:46   the resistance [TS]

00:27:47   except of course the stormtroopers that [TS]

00:27:49   we just saw taking off they land and [TS]

00:27:52   abet a big a big battle ensues we get [TS]

00:27:55   our first view of kylo Ren here who [TS]

00:27:58   stops a a blaster blast in midair for a [TS]

00:28:02   while and then when you let go at the [TS]

00:28:04   end [TS]

00:28:04   it it continues its path he ends up [TS]

00:28:07   taking podium ran back with him [TS]

00:28:10   we also we also meet a storm trooper who [TS]

00:28:13   gets who sees one of his buddies get [TS]

00:28:15   killed and the blood from his buddy's [TS]

00:28:18   hand is on his helmet which helps us [TS]

00:28:20   identify which stormtrooper it is and he [TS]

00:28:23   he refuses to participate in the [TS]

00:28:25   slaughter of the of the village and is [TS]

00:28:28   obviously very disturbed and and not [TS]

00:28:30   participating to the point where we're [TS]

00:28:32   color and actually notices on his way [TS]

00:28:34   back to to his shuttle [TS]

00:28:36   yeah i'm interested by that choice [TS]

00:28:38   because I i wondered at the time you [TS]

00:28:40   know i think i read very much into that [TS]

00:28:42   as some sort of possibly force related [TS]

00:28:45   thing would be and and I I think that's [TS]

00:28:48   still left kind of unclear as of the end [TS]

00:28:50   of this movie whether or not that is [TS]

00:28:52   true but it definitely because they talk [TS]

00:28:55   a little bit about you know he's thin [TS]

00:28:57   later on in terms of his like how all [TS]

00:28:59   the stormtroopers are conditioned and [TS]

00:29:01   programmed from a very early age he [TS]

00:29:03   mentioned he was taken away from his his [TS]

00:29:04   family they never knew them and so [TS]

00:29:08   you're kind of left wondering like well [TS]

00:29:09   what why did he make this choice if [TS]

00:29:12   they're also brainwashing condition like [TS]

00:29:13   what triggered that in him was just [TS]

00:29:16   seeing you know one of his his other [TS]

00:29:18   comrades die or is there something more [TS]

00:29:20   going on is his first battle he says yes [TS]

00:29:23   it's not as if you know he's being [TS]

00:29:25   exposed to this but it's true what makes [TS]

00:29:26   him different and what is kylo Ren [TS]

00:29:29   noticing there just his lack of [TS]

00:29:30   participation or is he noticing [TS]

00:29:31   something else that is special about [TS]

00:29:33   thin in that moment because he certainly [TS]

00:29:35   knows enough to know exactly what his [TS]

00:29:37   his number his serial number is later [TS]

00:29:40   when it's revealed that he has helped po [TS]

00:29:42   escape from the Star Destroyer a [TS]

00:29:45   significant number incidentally his [TS]

00:29:47   behavior was noteworthy like it was [TS]

00:29:49   clear that he wasn't firing and his body [TS]

00:29:51   language that's why we could identify [TS]

00:29:52   him when he was too far away for us to [TS]

00:29:54   see the red things we could identify [TS]

00:29:55   based on its body language don't think [TS]

00:29:57   you need to read anything into that it's [TS]

00:29:59   just yet and also it sit there seems to [TS]

00:30:01   be a precedent in the first order of [TS]

00:30:02   like sometimes it doesn't take with the [TS]

00:30:03   stormtroopers also previously had never [TS]

00:30:05   had he demonstrated any non-compliant [TS]

00:30:08   behavior before like it's a thing that [TS]

00:30:09   they watch for apparently so it's not [TS]

00:30:11   it's not out of bounds of this would [TS]

00:30:12   happen that the training would always be [TS]

00:30:14   a hundred percent so I think everything [TS]

00:30:15   can be explained in the universe in the [TS]

00:30:17   movie [TS]

00:30:17   with him just being yet another one of [TS]

00:30:18   those guys that just happened to this [TS]

00:30:20   guy who had non-compliant problems he [TS]

00:30:22   was when he was sent down for like [TS]

00:30:23   reeducation like they have an HR policy [TS]

00:30:25   on it already like you know sending down [TS]

00:30:26   with a reconditioning chamber check his [TS]

00:30:29   weapon and yeah and it's ending boundary [TS]

00:30:31   condition we can she said he was he was [TS]

00:30:34   a little more resourceful than the other [TS]

00:30:35   guys he had a pilot ready for him and he [TS]

00:30:37   you know he got out and ended up being a [TS]

00:30:38   thorn in the side because he's you know [TS]

00:30:40   he's different he's more adventurous [TS]

00:30:42   than the other guys that said I think [TS]

00:30:43   you can also make a strong argument that [TS]

00:30:45   a lot of the events that transpire in [TS]

00:30:47   this movie happened as things that would [TS]

00:30:49   be so this is one of the things that I [TS]

00:30:51   thought was interesting compared to say [TS]

00:30:52   you know JJ star trek movie right the [TS]

00:30:55   first star chick movie i remember having [TS]

00:30:56   complaints about how certain things are [TS]

00:30:58   too coincidental Kirk crash land on a [TS]

00:31:00   planet that is the same planet old Spock [TS]

00:31:02   is on and you know in Star Trek that [TS]

00:31:06   doesn't always fly because there's such [TS]

00:31:08   a heavy influence in like science and [TS]

00:31:09   reason and rationality thought and all [TS]

00:31:11   that [TS]

00:31:12   where's the star wars you do have the [TS]

00:31:14   elements of the four so you i feel like [TS]

00:31:15   there is a potentially compelling [TS]

00:31:17   argument in that these things are [TS]

00:31:18   happening to these people for reasons [TS]

00:31:20   that are being dictated by the forest [TS]

00:31:23   the fact that they these characters meet [TS]

00:31:24   each other or the fact that they find [TS]

00:31:26   the morning fuckin not to jump too far [TS]

00:31:27   ahead but like the fact that Morsi [TS]

00:31:29   awakening [TS]

00:31:30   yeah exactly i think that is exactly the [TS]

00:31:32   point of this my website that's not how [TS]

00:31:33   the force works [TS]

00:31:34   look don't get out of the ship because I [TS]

00:31:37   everything is because of the force is a [TS]

00:31:39   great plot device because like its way [TS]

00:31:41   later we had like flashbacks and flash [TS]

00:31:43   forwards like that is explicitly [TS]

00:31:45   explained exactly how the force works [TS]

00:31:46   all you'll see the past and the future [TS]

00:31:48   and it's always in motion and it's like [TS]

00:31:50   all great we can go with that is the the [TS]

00:31:52   ultimate plot device in any kind of [TS]

00:31:54   movie it's like free foreshadowing and [TS]

00:31:56   free backstory but but at some point you [TS]

00:31:59   have to just say like you know these are [TS]

00:32:01   just people like a bit there's no the [TS]

00:32:03   force is not like fate right so I don't [TS]

00:32:05   worry is you know I mean that just I [TS]

00:32:06   think that's an open discussion [TS]

00:32:08   well Finn is an open question we don't [TS]

00:32:09   know I said I just think in this movie [TS]

00:32:10   they weren't leaning heavily on any [TS]

00:32:12   hints to defend really like you can [TS]

00:32:13   everyone can't be for sensitive you [TS]

00:32:15   gotta lay off a little bit so we'll see [TS]

00:32:16   we'll see where the second movie goes [TS]

00:32:17   it's a good [TS]

00:32:18   there's a good line here where we're a [TS]

00:32:22   programmer and says to kylo Ren which [TS]

00:32:24   one of us talk first who talks to talk [TS]

00:32:26   first hear that that was the first [TS]

00:32:28   break-in them in [TS]

00:32:29   movie like because it when you're [TS]

00:32:30   starting this movie we got the craw [TS]

00:32:31   we've got the little thing we've got [TS]

00:32:33   some serious talk about the map looks [TS]

00:32:35   Skywalker we're concerned about where [TS]

00:32:36   Luke is and everything like i should [TS]

00:32:38   always be royalty right and and then you [TS]

00:32:41   don't know where you're going with this [TS]

00:32:42   yet right until they track him down in [TS]

00:32:44   front of a no-collar endows all these [TS]

00:32:46   scary things that's cool lots of cool [TS]

00:32:47   battles and shooting bb-8 go to disco to [TS]

00:32:50   that very serious that's the first break [TS]

00:32:52   in like cutting the tension and you know [TS]

00:32:54   what the first character 22 joke to be [TS]

00:32:57   snarky do not take a situation seriously [TS]

00:32:59   to use humor as a defense against a very [TS]

00:33:00   bad situation which is a tone that is [TS]

00:33:04   extremely prevalent in the original [TS]

00:33:06   trilogy and this huge stretches of the [TS]

00:33:08   prequels that are just straightforward [TS]

00:33:10   and dour and serious and everyone is [TS]

00:33:12   talking about plot points and super deep [TS]

00:33:14   feelings and I was sorry master i forgot [TS]

00:33:16   you didn't like flying [TS]

00:33:19   yeah it is but there's also it's also a [TS]

00:33:21   very modern sensibility as far as humor [TS]

00:33:23   goes like I felt like this was a kind of [TS]

00:33:25   wine that you would see on like a like a [TS]

00:33:26   like a Parks and Recreation speed [TS]

00:33:28   commerce something like that which is [TS]

00:33:29   which is fine again I think there's a [TS]

00:33:31   lot of stuff in this movie that is like [TS]

00:33:33   well you can't make a movie with you [TS]

00:33:35   know even if its star wars and there's a [TS]

00:33:36   certain amount of time listens to it you [TS]

00:33:37   can't make a movie necessarily with the [TS]

00:33:39   sensibilities of 1977 or 90 80 that you [TS]

00:33:41   in 2015 it's just some stuff doesn't fly [TS]

00:33:45   some stuff does but likey [TS]

00:33:47   and so I felt like this sense of humor [TS]

00:33:49   in this is snarky and stuff which is [TS]

00:33:51   totally consistent but it even if L to [TS]

00:33:54   leave in a little bit more not quite [TS]

00:33:55   like break the fourth wall ridiculous in [TS]

00:33:57   some ways but like and I liked it when I [TS]

00:33:59   enjoyed it I laughed I I'd like I said [TS]

00:34:01   up front this is I think the funniest [TS]

00:34:03   written star wars movie of all of them [TS]

00:34:04   and so I thought that was a way i did [TS]

00:34:07   not expect it i think that's the other [TS]

00:34:09   thing is like it was so snarky and so [TS]

00:34:12   kind of like self-referential in some [TS]

00:34:14   ways that it seems surprising and [TS]

00:34:16   jarring but it was still hilarious but a [TS]

00:34:19   release tension to me because I was like [TS]

00:34:20   a like it you know is this going to be [TS]

00:34:22   like the prequels we're just basically [TS]

00:34:24   in and it's as one is relying on you [TS]

00:34:26   because you can be honest the whole [TS]

00:34:27   moving be awesome like c The Godfather [TS]

00:34:29   right but you can be honest all movie [TS]

00:34:32   and just totally blow and so this ad is [TS]

00:34:33   like yet source is filled with humor [TS]

00:34:35   like having just watch the original [TS]

00:34:36   trilogy leading up to this [TS]

00:34:38   you just reminded of just it'sit's not [TS]

00:34:40   simpsons level joke per minute but it's [TS]

00:34:42   like it is not a scene that goes by [TS]

00:34:44   without one good singer too good singer [TS]

00:34:46   since you can have just an entire [TS]

00:34:48   opening sequence with nobody saying that [TS]

00:34:51   like an end it humanizes the characters [TS]

00:34:53   in it lets us know that it's not going [TS]

00:34:55   to be it's not expecting you to be all [TS]

00:34:57   dark and serious and greedy for the [TS]

00:34:58   whole thing that these are real people [TS]

00:34:59   that they're using humor as a defense [TS]

00:35:01   and that things are things are less [TS]

00:35:03   formal like they should be less formal [TS]

00:35:05   did the most formal is the Republican [TS]

00:35:06   the prequels and then you've got the the [TS]

00:35:08   rebellion and this is just like leftover [TS]

00:35:11   chaos and garbage in factions and will [TS]

00:35:13   be even more informal like it this pilot [TS]

00:35:15   po of course he would be sarcastic and [TS]

00:35:18   carefree he's not even really an account [TS]

00:35:19   of military outfit is is in the [TS]

00:35:21   resistance which is even more it you [TS]

00:35:24   know informal then you know a rebel [TS]

00:35:26   alliance [TS]

00:35:27   yes he's a roguish pilot for a for a [TS]

00:35:30   roguish or gonna sage right and some fun [TS]

00:35:33   backstory for people who have read some [TS]

00:35:35   of the tie-in novels and that comics is [TS]

00:35:37   that his parents i believe are both in a [TS]

00:35:40   comic yeah that's right about shortly [TS]

00:35:42   after and they're both Rebel Alliance [TS]

00:35:44   pilots so kid is basically grown up his [TS]

00:35:48   entire life in let's fight the Rebel [TS]

00:35:51   Alliance and be crack you know [TS]

00:35:53   crackerjack pilots ace which is awesome [TS]

00:35:56   his his character is one of the we [TS]

00:35:59   talked about you know overall all of [TS]

00:36:00   these characters having really beautiful [TS]

00:36:03   kind of defined either arcs or just [TS]

00:36:05   beings they feel like 3d 3d people and [TS]

00:36:10   despite the fact Poe dameron's probably [TS]

00:36:12   in the in this movie the least of our [TS]

00:36:15   three sort of new main characters but he [TS]

00:36:19   is instantly recognizable as like okay I [TS]

00:36:22   know who this person is and very quickly [TS]

00:36:25   become despite the fact that he has very [TS]

00:36:27   few lines and very very little scene [TS]

00:36:30   time he doesn't feel like an archetype [TS]

00:36:32   he actually feels like a person and and [TS]

00:36:35   I do think that some of some of the [TS]

00:36:37   humor and some of the way that he [TS]

00:36:39   interacts with bb-8 and with other [TS]

00:36:41   characters really goes a long way into [TS]

00:36:44   making him a shaded person even though [TS]

00:36:46   he doesn't have a ton of screen time [TS]

00:36:48   yeah we get most of his time here [TS]

00:36:50   where he is that that that lying about [TS]

00:36:53   who talks first and all that and then we [TS]

00:36:55   see him in the interrogation where he is [TS]

00:36:57   he is obviously survived a lot of [TS]

00:37:00   interrogation already and is kind of [TS]

00:37:03   mocking kylo Ren about it and you gotta [TS]

00:37:05   do a better job and then he gets kind of [TS]

00:37:06   forced and we see him groaning under the [TS]

00:37:10   strain and then we cut to kylo Ren [TS]

00:37:12   walking out of the room saying it's in a [TS]

00:37:13   it's in a droid he got everything that [TS]

00:37:16   he needs to know out of him so he wasn't [TS]

00:37:18   able to resist that time for a brief [TS]

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00:38:29   incomparable my good decisions list i [TS]

00:38:32   had mentioned like these people being [TS]

00:38:34   characters not archetypes the one the [TS]

00:38:36   one danger you have these movies is [TS]

00:38:38   people trying to do the the mapping oh [TS]

00:38:40   he's like Han Solo and that was like [TS]

00:38:43   Luke Skywalker and that's a new Princess [TS]

00:38:45   Leia and I thought it was a smart [TS]

00:38:47   decision to intentionally or not resist [TS]

00:38:51   that straight mapping because you go [TS]

00:38:53   with poets like oh he's like the Han [TS]

00:38:55   Solo is the sarcastic you know guy who's [TS]

00:38:58   making quips and do it but he's not he's [TS]

00:39:00   so much more like Ernest and bouncy and [TS]

00:39:03   optimum [TS]

00:39:03   stick and good-natured that but he's not [TS]

00:39:06   the looky there because he doesn't have [TS]

00:39:07   any for stuff and you you know he's a [TS]

00:39:08   good pilot he's his own person like you [TS]

00:39:10   keep trying to do the mapping is like [TS]

00:39:11   what you see more like looky now he's a [TS]

00:39:13   new character his name is powe this is [TS]

00:39:15   what he's like and that comes through in [TS]

00:39:17   his scenes and I felt like a lot of [TS]

00:39:18   things they did want to emphasize the [TS]

00:39:20   ways that this is not your new Han Solo [TS]

00:39:23   proxy this is not your new luck our [TS]

00:39:25   proxy this is a new person and this is [TS]

00:39:27   what this person is like this but his [TS]

00:39:29   droid is like the street is you know [TS]

00:39:30   like that was some refreshing I think [TS]

00:39:32   that's a really good way of putting it [TS]

00:39:34   because I felt like yeah I definitely [TS]

00:39:35   was trying to do that in my head in some [TS]

00:39:37   ways it's going along and almost to the [TS]

00:39:39   point of feeling like well it's almost [TS]

00:39:40   like a mix and match game but I think [TS]

00:39:41   you you nailed you hit the nail on the [TS]

00:39:42   head would be you know these really are [TS]

00:39:44   ya there are traits within them that are [TS]

00:39:47   reminiscent of traits that we've know [TS]

00:39:48   from other Star Wars characters or other [TS]

00:39:51   characters in general that we have seen [TS]

00:39:53   in fiction but none of them are cookie [TS]

00:39:55   cutters of previous character and [TS]

00:39:58   especially especially him i think he [TS]

00:39:59   could have been so close but a few [TS]

00:40:00   scenes that he's in his general like a [TS]

00:40:03   goofy good-natured optimism is so unlike [TS]

00:40:06   Han Solo's like cynical worldview that [TS]

00:40:09   all behind Solis's is just shaken out of [TS]

00:40:12   him he's just so happy to see that guy [TS]

00:40:13   he's he's an idealist clearly to write [TS]

00:40:16   like you mean the fact that he's in the [TS]

00:40:17   resistance period signifies that even [TS]

00:40:19   though if he's like if your key [TS]

00:40:21   resistance crack cases like you should [TS]

00:40:23   but he's also a do-gooder he's a deputy [TS]

00:40:25   white American baby [TS]

00:40:26   he's the new guy in his name is powe [TS]

00:40:28   we'll just go with the New Republic's [TS]

00:40:30   best pilot he knows he knows [TS]

00:40:32   general and by name so it's been kung fu [TS]

00:40:34   panda kinda yes he's he's pretty great [TS]

00:40:37   one of the things that I i noticed from [TS]

00:40:40   that interrogation scene by the way it's [TS]

00:40:42   very quick and I wonder if there were [TS]

00:40:44   more shots that had to be taken out for [TS]

00:40:46   the pg-13 rating but as as ren leaves if [TS]

00:40:51   you look at this in future and future [TS]

00:40:53   viewings the entire bottom side of his [TS]

00:40:55   face is covered in blood and I i imagine [TS]

00:40:59   that there was at one point of shot of [TS]

00:41:01   like actually like you know your [TS]

00:41:04   traditional oh no my mind is being [TS]

00:41:06   probed blood is coming out of various [TS]

00:41:08   orifices I'm glad they didn't show that [TS]

00:41:10   because i feel like it's become kind of [TS]

00:41:12   a an archetype in turn are [TS]

00:41:15   but just a trope in terms of that but it [TS]

00:41:18   but seeing that very quick shot of oh my [TS]

00:41:21   god his face is completely you know [TS]

00:41:23   covered in geyser in blood that's oh my [TS]

00:41:26   god this guy this guy doesn't mess [TS]

00:41:28   around [TS]

00:41:28   there's more blood in the first 10 [TS]

00:41:30   minutes of his movie than probably any [TS]

00:41:32   of them except for maybe a new hope and [TS]

00:41:34   then there's not there's not much blood [TS]

00:41:36   in any of the Star Wars movies I like [TS]

00:41:37   that they didn't they don't overdo it [TS]

00:41:40   you know there are a couple scenes [TS]

00:41:42   especially early on but I feel like it's [TS]

00:41:45   not it's not like it's not like guys but [TS]

00:41:47   everything was really that would not [TS]

00:41:49   feel like a star wars movie right like [TS]

00:41:51   you know there is a certain amount of [TS]

00:41:53   its not sanitized but it's colorized [TS]

00:41:56   let's say the interrogation scene like [TS]

00:41:58   that is also am basically mechanically [TS]

00:42:01   sound good competent filmmaking [TS]

00:42:03   introducing the scary thing that the bad [TS]

00:42:07   guy can do that will come up more than [TS]

00:42:09   once in the movie that will become a [TS]

00:42:11   significant thing you have to become [TS]

00:42:12   familiar with and also establishes him [TS]

00:42:14   as a scary president is a force choke [TS]

00:42:15   him know you just stand there and stare [TS]

00:42:17   and now he's got the extended handling [TS]

00:42:19   and I wonder if like that was the actor [TS]

00:42:21   who came up with that it was in the [TS]

00:42:22   script like his move is he extends his [TS]

00:42:24   hand and puts us five fingers in front [TS]

00:42:26   of his face in a certain way and it [TS]

00:42:27   physically is like on like pulling the [TS]

00:42:29   thoughts out of your head and that's [TS]

00:42:30   that's his thing like I can you know [TS]

00:42:33   it's kind of like you know an empathetic [TS]

00:42:35   bond where like I can see what's in your [TS]

00:42:38   head and I could feel what you're [TS]

00:42:39   feeling and is using it to you know for [TS]

00:42:41   evil ends to get information out of them [TS]

00:42:42   and it works it establishes this is a [TS]

00:42:44   real thing and he's pretty good at any [TS]

00:42:45   kind of enjoys it in the super creepy [TS]

00:42:47   that was all really good and it's not [TS]

00:42:50   just that one seeing this will this will [TS]

00:42:51   become important later and it said just [TS]

00:42:53   good solid storytelling and also to your [TS]

00:42:55   point earlier about that how not mapping [TS]

00:42:56   characters obviously this kylo Ren is [TS]

00:42:59   meant to evoke darth vader and you know [TS]

00:43:01   that becomes clearer and clearer as we [TS]

00:43:02   go along but it's also very clear from [TS]

00:43:04   the beginning that he is not Darth Vader [TS]

00:43:06   right i mean he's a lot of these things [TS]

00:43:07   their scenes where he's like crouching [TS]

00:43:09   down like the way he speaks it is these [TS]

00:43:12   you know his speech patterns incredibly [TS]

00:43:15   different much as formalized for reasons [TS]

00:43:16   that we will discover ya in on the in [TS]

00:43:18   the the nitrate on jakku at one point [TS]

00:43:21   when he says to take programmer and with [TS]

00:43:24   them in the shuttle [TS]

00:43:25   he's like taking us or something so i [TS]

00:43:28   totally [TS]

00:43:28   lost off and I'm like no he's not he's [TS]

00:43:30   not speaking as Darth Vader when he's [TS]

00:43:32   not it's not be more with whores voice [TS]

00:43:34   right god it's like it's very casual a [TS]

00:43:37   lot of points and he has these moments [TS]

00:43:39   with a lot of the other characters even [TS]

00:43:40   interrogation scenes or something [TS]

00:43:42   working speeches very colonial very fast [TS]

00:43:44   and that's again it resists that define [TS]

00:43:47   because he's not the fader you know [TS]

00:43:48   India the darth vader fan [TS]

00:43:50   yeah he's a fanboy the key scene with [TS]

00:43:53   with him is there's a scene where he's [TS]

00:43:55   brought bad news [TS]

00:43:57   bye-bye somebody who's wearing his [TS]

00:44:00   little outfit that's similar to the [TS]

00:44:02   outfits that the guys who brought Darth [TS]

00:44:04   Vader bad news right and the guy is [TS]

00:44:06   totally expecting especially when he [TS]

00:44:08   turns his lightsaber on totally expected [TS]

00:44:10   to be chopped in half by kylo Ren and [TS]

00:44:13   we're expecting him to be chopped in [TS]

00:44:14   half by kylo Ren and what does he do he [TS]

00:44:16   has a temper tantrum and smashes up the [TS]

00:44:19   tables and stuff and then he does choke [TS]

00:44:22   the guy like 10 asked the well you have [TS]

00:44:23   any s is there anything else they said [TS]

00:44:25   well there was a girl to when he chokes [TS]

00:44:26   him a little bit and then you let him he [TS]

00:44:28   lets him go [TS]

00:44:29   so this is not Darth Vader right Darth [TS]

00:44:31   Vader was just like super cool customer [TS]

00:44:33   and had it all together when they're [TS]

00:44:35   just gonna char the HR departments have [TS]

00:44:37   this fight against joking their [TS]

00:44:39   employees [TS]

00:44:40   yeah first order is i still kill [TS]

00:44:42   employees were they were very valuable [TS]

00:44:44   you have a new policy on destroying the [TS]

00:44:46   equipment like maybe a special tantrum [TS]

00:44:48   room it was like a good shot expensive [TS]

00:44:50   consoles and you know that's the bridge [TS]

00:44:51   someone's gotta come in there and fix [TS]

00:44:52   that no no but he's a bit that's the [TS]

00:44:54   whole point with him and we learn as we [TS]

00:44:56   learn more about him have he has he is a [TS]

00:44:58   well he's a he's a baby [TS]

00:45:00   he said he has he's a big baby and he [TS]

00:45:02   has temper tantrums and he's a he's a [TS]

00:45:05   essentially a child with force powers [TS]

00:45:08   who is being exploited poorly trained by [TS]

00:45:11   by a very bad person is exploited badly [TS]

00:45:15   trained al indulged to do what sort of [TS]

00:45:19   oil whatever he was he is spoiled and [TS]

00:45:21   and you know we learn more about that as [TS]

00:45:23   a ghost but it's very clear from the [TS]

00:45:24   very beginning that he's you know he [TS]

00:45:26   doesn't have it together he has he [TS]

00:45:28   didn't have a nice little tidy office [TS]

00:45:29   that he goes in with it takes his mask [TS]

00:45:31   off yes he has he just freaks the hell [TS]

00:45:34   out and lightsabers up a room from time [TS]

00:45:38   to time it's not [TS]

00:45:39   it's really going to New Hope where [TS]

00:45:41   Vader had sort of a corporate competitor [TS]

00:45:43   like you know me like really where they [TS]

00:45:45   were in the boardroom and having [TS]

00:45:47   arguments and stuff but you know Vader [TS]

00:45:48   had not yet emerged as the clear top of [TS]

00:45:51   the pyramid in the Imperial organization [TS]

00:45:54   until conveniently the rest of them are [TS]

00:45:56   blowing up and he tumbled away right [TS]

00:45:57   really helped his career but this one [TS]

00:45:59   same thing kylo Ren you think well he's [TS]

00:46:01   the guy with 4th power surely he's in [TS]

00:46:03   charge but he's got his co-workers [TS]

00:46:05   always in there undermining into his [TS]

00:46:06   boss and yeah dirty looks and stuff and [TS]

00:46:08   it's clear that like you maybe have [TS]

00:46:09   force powers but like competency wise i [TS]

00:46:12   mean it's a it's a pretty fair fight [TS]

00:46:14   here like they're both kind of a little [TS]

00:46:15   bit young and and fresh and brash but [TS]

00:46:18   they have and they both have ambitions [TS]

00:46:20   his ambitions I want to be like Darth [TS]

00:46:21   video guys ambition is maybe I want to [TS]

00:46:23   be like Hitler not quite sure what he'll [TS]

00:46:25   do is don't mess with the weasleys yeah [TS]

00:46:27   yeah no you know um so before we move on [TS]

00:46:31   just one a couple quick things about [TS]

00:46:34   tone and just general set dressing sound [TS]

00:46:38   on the initial after that anit those [TS]

00:46:41   initial few shots in space which are [TS]

00:46:43   very jabe rooms we get these beautiful [TS]

00:46:46   sets on jakku and this very it feels [TS]

00:46:51   small in a in a way that star wars [TS]

00:46:53   movies haven't felt in a long time where [TS]

00:46:56   I mean I think one of the one of the big [TS]

00:46:58   downfalls of the prequels and I was [TS]

00:47:00   thinking about this the more than that [TS]

00:47:01   after seeing the force awakens for a [TS]

00:47:04   second time and is you get sort of this [TS]

00:47:06   these big giant gaping sets like these [TS]

00:47:09   huge palaces on Naboo you get the [TS]

00:47:12   Galactic Senate on and even even on [TS]

00:47:16   Tatooine was like let's do a giant [TS]

00:47:17   podracing stadium what's not and and [TS]

00:47:20   with force awakens we're back to these [TS]

00:47:21   very sort of small it almost intimate [TS]

00:47:24   sets that feel [TS]

00:47:26   not not quite real in a in a weird they [TS]

00:47:30   feel movie real they feel like they are [TS]

00:47:32   they're almost sets in there almost [TS]

00:47:33   reality and that really works for me for [TS]

00:47:37   Star Wars this kind of this this slight [TS]

00:47:40   off-putting feeling of this isn't a real [TS]

00:47:43   town or doesn't quite feel like a real [TS]

00:47:45   town but at the same time it very much [TS]

00:47:48   sets the scene for what it needs to the [TS]

00:47:50   fact that when bb-8 roll [TS]

00:47:52   the way you can see all of this action [TS]

00:47:54   happening in the background and it just [TS]

00:47:56   feels so lived in it feels authentic and [TS]

00:48:01   the fact the fact that there's a you [TS]

00:48:02   know there's a revamped x-wing that's [TS]

00:48:04   sitting there and huge and in I don't [TS]

00:48:07   know there's there's tangible wait to [TS]

00:48:09   the opening few scenes which i think is [TS]

00:48:12   is lovely even when they get to the Star [TS]

00:48:14   Destroyer type on type I ship it still [TS]

00:48:19   has that sort of weedy lived-in feel on [TS]

00:48:23   and the other thing in that in that vein [TS]

00:48:26   is I love i'm not sure ben burtt was [TS]

00:48:29   holy and charger if he was in charge of [TS]

00:48:31   sound this go around but the modulation [TS]

00:48:35   on adam drivers voice for kylo Ren is [TS]

00:48:37   perfect i love the fact that everything [TS]

00:48:40   feels compressed they did this wonderful [TS]

00:48:44   wonderful thing where they essentially [TS]

00:48:47   just they suck all of the air out of the [TS]

00:48:50   mix so you have this room tone and then [TS]

00:48:53   anytime he speaks it's almost like [TS]

00:48:54   turning on am almost like turning on a [TS]

00:48:57   calm where there's this little bit of [TS]

00:48:59   fuzz and then all of a sudden all the [TS]

00:49:01   room tone goes away and then he has this [TS]

00:49:03   slightly muffled short clipped speech [TS]

00:49:08   and it instantly it it's it's a very [TS]

00:49:11   different as we were talking about [TS]

00:49:13   earlier it's a very different style than [TS]

00:49:15   james earl jones it doesn't have the [TS]

00:49:17   booming i'm on a pretty you know i'm on [TS]

00:49:19   a dais I am powerful Darth Vader and it [TS]

00:49:22   and it fits his temper tantrum kind of [TS]

00:49:25   boy but the the fact that as well he [TS]

00:49:29   speaking basically all the air just [TS]

00:49:30   disappears and you just hear these quick [TS]

00:49:33   little short flip sentences [TS]

00:49:35   it's every time he speaks it feels [TS]

00:49:37   almost like a bullet in the scene just [TS]

00:49:38   Bam Bam he had to send away to later fan [TS]

00:49:42   com to get that means it worked hard and [TS]

00:49:44   I'd like because that's that's one of [TS]

00:49:45   the big great payoffs later when he [TS]

00:49:47   takes the helmet off the idea like he [TS]

00:49:49   doesn't need the helmet but his hero [TS]

00:49:51   Darth Vader had the helmet so he sure as [TS]

00:49:53   hell want to helmet and he doesn't need [TS]

00:49:55   something to change his voice product [TS]

00:49:56   Bader had one so he's going to check out [TS]

00:49:58   better fan common look at the best [TS]

00:49:59   modular they have it may be customized [TS]

00:50:01   it to give him that sinister types and [TS]

00:50:03   on your right like we had so many recent [TS]

00:50:05   movies where the bag [TS]

00:50:06   it was weird voices whether it's Batman [TS]

00:50:07   with bein or Batman himself or any other [TS]

00:50:10   movement or someone tries to sound [TS]

00:50:11   sinister gravely and it's really easy [TS]

00:50:14   for it to go bad obviously Darth Vader [TS]

00:50:16   is like the first the canonical like [TS]

00:50:17   that defined his character they did such [TS]

00:50:19   a good job with essentially just james [TS]

00:50:21   earl jones booming voice and heavy [TS]

00:50:22   breathing in between some little bit of [TS]

00:50:24   fuzz thrown in and that was it and you [TS]

00:50:26   can just repeat that but you get a lot [TS]

00:50:28   of mileage out of the fact that this it [TS]

00:50:30   in universe in character is someone who [TS]

00:50:32   idolizes Darth Vader that of course is [TS]

00:50:35   gonna try to do something like that [TS]

00:50:36   everything you what you wanted to be [TS]

00:50:37   understandable and also sinister and I [TS]

00:50:39   think it's also important that like [TS]

00:50:41   Darth Vader himself that his out of mask [TS]

00:50:44   voice differs substantially from his in [TS]

00:50:47   mask was like when you get you know the [TS]

00:50:49   helmet comes off in Jedi and and I can [TS]

00:50:50   talk and you're like oh he sounds so [TS]

00:50:52   different obviously it's a different guy [TS]

00:50:53   that picks but even if it's the same [TS]

00:50:54   accurate and garbage talking through the [TS]

00:50:56   fuzz and not talking with fuzz helmet [TS]

00:50:58   off different you know different scene [TS]

00:51:00   different different vibe entirely yeah [TS]

00:51:03   and into the point earlier point about [TS]

00:51:05   CGI and you know like the fact that [TS]

00:51:08   there's actual tangible stuff here i [TS]

00:51:09   think that this this takes the right [TS]

00:51:12   advantage of CGI and uses it in places [TS]

00:51:14   where it is smart to do so and reduced [TS]

00:51:17   and provides a better product and then [TS]

00:51:19   doesn't apply in places where it doesn't [TS]

00:51:21   need it and we're practical sets and [TS]

00:51:23   practical effects work much better [TS]

00:51:24   disagree with a few minor points will [TS]

00:51:27   get to the bad section i think overall [TS]

00:51:31   they make good choices on on where to [TS]

00:51:33   deploy that we're not it's not [TS]

00:51:34   universally perfect because they you [TS]

00:51:36   know i would love to have seen some some [TS]

00:51:38   characters that were more based on [TS]

00:51:40   puppets but I think unfortunately that's [TS]

00:51:42   just not the way that that is going [TS]

00:51:43   right now but it is nice that they the [TS]

00:51:46   problem as we've all admitted the [TS]

00:51:48   problem with a lot of the prequels is [TS]

00:51:49   just the overabundance of CGI every [TS]

00:51:51   single thing being fulfilled against a [TS]

00:51:53   blue screen for the most part that is [TS]

00:51:55   not done here it shows the direction [TS]

00:51:57   shows the dead that JJ was can talk to [TS]

00:51:59   actors too so you know even in his first [TS]

00:52:02   10 minutes we're looking at something [TS]

00:52:04   very very different no Emperor said that [TS]

00:52:06   a a large part of the cgi for the non [TS]

00:52:08   you know nan nan did like the onset cgi [TS]

00:52:12   stuff was erasing wires and things that [TS]

00:52:17   they did a lot of practical stuff and [TS]

00:52:18   then the cgi was just [TS]

00:52:19   used to hide the controls for the [TS]

00:52:21   practical things i would say about this [TS]

00:52:24   and we should just talk about jakku more [TS]

00:52:26   generally because otherwise we'll be [TS]

00:52:28   here until morning i would say this is [TS]

00:52:31   very cool is a very Star Wars II kind of [TS]

00:52:34   place and the i say that because it's [TS]

00:52:36   full of garbage and that is that is star [TS]

00:52:39   wars to me [TS]

00:52:40   Star Wars to me like we see raise [TS]

00:52:42   apartment right where she's living and [TS]

00:52:45   it's just bullcrap and she's got her [TS]

00:52:48   x-wing doll x-wing pilot doll and she's [TS]

00:52:52   got next wing blast helmet that she [TS]

00:52:53   wears at one point for fun and and it is [TS]

00:52:57   a and she makes her little kind of bread [TS]

00:52:59   out of powder and and is grilling her [TS]

00:53:02   meat on her about her Bochy or whatever [TS]

00:53:03   and you're like she's surrounded by [TS]

00:53:06   technology what she does is scavenge [TS]

00:53:08   technology and yet she's not living in a [TS]

00:53:11   shiny future [TS]

00:53:12   she's living in the just the pits in [TS]

00:53:15   terms of of her her standard of living [TS]

00:53:19   she's going day-to-day and finding [TS]

00:53:21   garbage and bringing it back for scraps [TS]

00:53:23   essentially and then we get the reveal [TS]

00:53:25   that she's literally living inside a [TS]

00:53:28   wall of fallen walker that's okay and [TS]

00:53:32   that is star wars to me is stuff like it [TS]

00:53:34   the fact and then throughout the jacuzzi [TS]

00:53:36   scenes right down to the fact that at [TS]

00:53:38   one point when the the two fighters are [TS]

00:53:41   chasing the Millennium Falcon and Finn [TS]

00:53:43   hits one of them and it crashes into the [TS]

00:53:44   into the sand the scavengers immediately [TS]

00:53:47   run over to it to pick it up pick it for [TS]

00:53:49   parts immediately because that's what [TS]

00:53:52   you do on jakku because it is a garbage [TS]

00:53:54   planet and the people who are surviving [TS]

00:53:55   there are subsisting on picking through [TS]

00:53:58   the wreckage of this space battle that [TS]

00:54:00   was there 30 years before that's very [TS]

00:54:02   Star Wars to me [TS]

00:54:03   speaking of the scale thing that the non [TS]

00:54:05   kylo Ren said previously this the scale [TS]

00:54:08   that I think of like the tote to [TS]

00:54:11   describe it is the even though it's [TS]

00:54:13   different tone is the blue milk scale [TS]

00:54:15   their scene in which the scale things [TS]

00:54:18   that are significant to the scene are at [TS]

00:54:20   the level of blue milk and there's tons [TS]

00:54:22   of them here you just mentioned the food [TS]

00:54:23   preparation thing or even just hanging [TS]

00:54:25   out of the stall where you figure out [TS]

00:54:26   where you're going to get for your stuff [TS]

00:54:27   yeah it is it is a ate a small scale [TS]

00:54:31   like it's still set it's still an [TS]

00:54:33   outdoor [TS]

00:54:33   thing or like you know inside your [TS]

00:54:35   little hot or whatever but that that i [TS]

00:54:37   think is a really important part of this [TS]

00:54:38   movie they spend a lot of time on to [TS]

00:54:40   their credit establishing ray her life [TS]

00:54:45   her routine in giving it room to breathe [TS]

00:54:47   giving it room to see her crawling [TS]

00:54:49   around the Star Destroyer like you have [TS]

00:54:50   to spend a year on doesn't have to be a [TS]

00:54:52   subplot where she runs away from [TS]

00:54:53   something inside the Star Destroyer she [TS]

00:54:54   goes into town tries to get the money [TS]

00:54:57   should bring the thing back she makes [TS]

00:54:59   her meal sheets it she puts on the [TS]

00:55:01   helmet like the give that room to [TS]

00:55:03   breathe to get you to identify with [TS]

00:55:05   character yes but to give you even a [TS]

00:55:08   better picture of her life than you ever [TS]

00:55:09   gotten even Luke swear he's complaining [TS]

00:55:11   about having to go out to the fields or [TS]

00:55:12   whatever [TS]

00:55:13   especially a lifelike as it doesn't [TS]

00:55:15   there's a lot of dialogue I think she [TS]

00:55:16   has a pretty lonely life doesn't live [TS]

00:55:17   with a bunch of the people she doesn't [TS]

00:55:19   have friends she's not talking about you [TS]

00:55:20   know being jealous of her friends and [TS]

00:55:21   and bags went off to the rebellion [TS]

00:55:23   there's no bigs it's just her and yet [TS]

00:55:26   she lives in and started for injunction [TS]

00:55:28   neck and a guy who's really mean to her [TS]

00:55:29   and weird bread that they probably have [TS]

00:55:32   in Japan that comes out of the water and [TS]

00:55:34   so I really love i really love the blue [TS]

00:55:36   milk scale that entire thing and i love [TS]

00:55:38   the amount of time a dedicated to what I [TS]

00:55:40   think it really helped movie yeah i [TS]

00:55:41   agree let's uh let's talk about Ray [TS]

00:55:45   before we get to Finn one of our one of [TS]

00:55:48   our main characters we meet her she's a [TS]

00:55:50   scavenger she's picking things out of a [TS]

00:55:51   imperial star destroyer i will say that [TS]

00:55:54   that is crash i will i'll point out that [TS]

00:55:55   i believe that's basically a match cut [TS]

00:55:58   that we see a pole being being taken [TS]

00:56:01   prisoner and and there on the there on [TS]

00:56:03   the Star Destroyer in the inn in the [TS]

00:56:06   launch Bay and then she's in the launch [TS]

00:56:07   Bay of the destroyed Star Destroyer it's [TS]

00:56:10   just kind of a nice contrast that [TS]

00:56:11   they're on one that's working and cheese [TS]

00:56:13   and the one that is just a piece of [TS]

00:56:15   garbage on the ground super cool that's [TS]

00:56:17   pretty nice but she's so so ray when we [TS]

00:56:20   meet her she's a scavenger [TS]

00:56:21   she's very she's but she's also marking [TS]

00:56:24   time on the inside of her a department [TS]

00:56:27   waiting for somebody and who has not [TS]

00:56:31   shown up and then you know she she meets [TS]

00:56:34   she meets a droid who doesn't want to [TS]

00:56:37   doesn't want to abandon her and follows [TS]

00:56:40   her around [TS]

00:56:40   and so we're gonna I guess we're gonna [TS]

00:56:42   have to talk about bb-8 as well but uh [TS]

00:56:44   you know she's she ends up being this [TS]

00:56:47   kind of amazing character I had a moment [TS]

00:56:49   later the movie where I thought well [TS]

00:56:51   wait a second now so she's basically a [TS]

00:56:54   Jedi in training or will be in training [TS]

00:56:56   but she's got force powers and she can [TS]

00:56:59   fly the Millennium Falcon and has to [TS]

00:57:01   bacchus or copilot what can she do we [TS]

00:57:04   need anybody else [TS]

00:57:04   this is just go she's also a nobody she [TS]

00:57:07   has no friends [TS]

00:57:08   yeah he is she is professionally weird [TS]

00:57:11   front basically from isolation like she [TS]

00:57:13   is self-sufficient screw myself and yeah [TS]

00:57:16   some might say self-sufficient to a [TS]

00:57:18   fault and like it she's such an [TS]

00:57:20   interesting quirky character because i [TS]

00:57:22   didn't like in getting back to like [TS]

00:57:23   comparing to look who's our closest [TS]

00:57:25   analogue he seemed like he like went to [TS]

00:57:29   school like he went to middle school and [TS]

00:57:30   he went to high school and he's working [TS]

00:57:32   the field he's got friends and hang out [TS]

00:57:34   or whatever she is a weird she's like a [TS]

00:57:37   weird hermit and training like she's got [TS]

00:57:39   nothing going on and she's clearly like [TS]

00:57:41   very cerebral and in her in her world [TS]

00:57:43   and her in her interactions with ensure [TS]

00:57:46   she interacts with in the way someone [TS]

00:57:48   who lived alone out in the woods but [TS]

00:57:50   even though she goes into town every day [TS]

00:57:51   but none of those people are her friends [TS]

00:57:53   like they have the scene where she looks [TS]

00:57:54   at the old woman scrubbing the parts get [TS]

00:57:56   that you know a brief glimpse of her [TS]

00:57:57   potential future it's like yeah is that [TS]

00:57:59   is i did i'm going to be coming back and [TS]

00:58:00   forth with parts and given to the bigger [TS]

00:58:02   the guide him ripping me off until it [TS]

00:58:04   looks like that woman but she goes back [TS]

00:58:06   to know I'm waiting I'm waiting for [TS]

00:58:07   those people like if if we want to save [TS]

00:58:10   time on the on the race section we're [TS]

00:58:11   going to say is there anything in there [TS]

00:58:13   K can anyone say anything bad about ran [TS]

00:58:15   this podcast so I i have nothing bad to [TS]

00:58:17   say about right in this podcast by did [TS]

00:58:19   discuss the friend of mine the worry [TS]

00:58:21   that people are going to come away with [TS]

00:58:22   this especially people who were not big [TS]

00:58:25   fans of female characters as leads in [TS]

00:58:27   movies and be like oh well she's a [TS]

00:58:29   mary-sue because she's good at [TS]

00:58:31   everything and to that i say screw you [TS]

00:58:34   good I'm know if but she's not she's not [TS]

00:58:37   she's not she's not good at everything [TS]

00:58:40   the fact that she's she's talented at a [TS]

00:58:42   number of things yes um what all of [TS]

00:58:45   these have actual basis and definition [TS]

00:58:47   her character like she's talented in [TS]

00:58:50   electronics and tech because she's grown [TS]

00:58:52   up [TS]

00:58:53   around electronics in tech and this is [TS]

00:58:55   done in such a going back to prequel [TS]

00:58:57   comparison here this is done in such a [TS]

00:58:59   such more organic way than Anakin's [TS]

00:59:02   affinity with tech is done in the in the [TS]

00:59:05   prequels where it's like all I'm just [TS]

00:59:07   really good at fixing things like guess [TS]

00:59:09   i'm just going to comment about how I'm [TS]

00:59:11   really good at fixing and flying things [TS]

00:59:14   yeah where is Ray is just kind of like [TS]

00:59:16   yeah I can do that I can fix that I can [TS]

00:59:19   figure that out probably oh that was the [TS]

00:59:21   wrong switch okay well we'll fix it [TS]

00:59:24   somewhere else [TS]

00:59:25   good timing yeah well like she's that [TS]

00:59:28   one character what happens at one point [TS]

00:59:30   yet [TS]

00:59:31   yeah run it not even her piloting she [TS]

00:59:34   gets a lot of things for someone who's [TS]

00:59:37   always Mary Sue she's an expert pilot [TS]

00:59:38   not not really she really things up that [TS]

00:59:41   money fucking quite significant figures [TS]

00:59:44   it out as my question in fact about her [TS]

00:59:45   background is I can understand her being [TS]

00:59:48   mechanically savvy because she is [TS]

00:59:49   crawling around inside of various crash [TS]

00:59:53   spaceships and salvaging them but when [TS]

00:59:55   she talks about being able to fly unless [TS]

00:59:57   she's completely BS in fin [TS]

00:59:57   she's completely BS in fin [TS]

01:00:00   I had a question what drives that should [TS]

01:00:02   she drives the speeders like yeah here's [TS]

01:00:04   my backstory for like you have a pilot [TS]

01:00:06   right Luke is doing the same thing on [TS]

01:00:08   Tatooine is like oh you know I'm a great [TS]

01:00:09   pilot was like well where you flying [TS]

01:00:11   well he's like what you guys are doing [TS]

01:00:13   and come on you're exactly right but [TS]

01:00:15   it's not you're going in space so i have [TS]

01:00:17   to think that in various x rays had the [TS]

01:00:19   opportunity to do the equivalent of [TS]

01:00:21   beggars Canyon you're not flying very [TS]

01:00:23   high and maybe he received drives around [TS]

01:00:24   speeders but part of like salvaging and [TS]

01:00:27   getting things like surely she's had the [TS]

01:00:28   opportunity to various times to repair [TS]

01:00:31   and ride every kind of speed and every [TS]

01:00:33   kind of like a low-level womp rat [TS]

01:00:35   bullseye beggars canyons you know [TS]

01:00:37   zooming type of video we just don't know [TS]

01:00:39   we don't think we don't know her [TS]

01:00:40   background but I think that shows when [TS]

01:00:42   she gets in the big ship which is not [TS]

01:00:44   like what you mean your t16 back home [TS]

01:00:47   and has no idea what the hell to do with [TS]

01:00:49   that thing [TS]

01:00:49   yeah and she comes she figures it out [TS]

01:00:51   but it's very much a trial-and-error its [TS]

01:00:53   carbon that should be garbage that she [TS]

01:00:55   was garbage [TS]

01:00:57   what I really liked about that just a [TS]

01:01:01   character in general is how incredibly [TS]

01:01:04   naive and vulnerable she is in some [TS]

01:01:07   regards like that the shot of her [TS]

01:01:10   sitting at the base of her a department [TS]

01:01:12   with the Rebel Alliance helmet and just [TS]

01:01:15   looking up at the stars and just has [TS]

01:01:17   this this strange goofy grin on her face [TS]

01:01:20   when she's like yeah I'm pretty much in [TS]

01:01:22   the worst place imaginable but i have [TS]

01:01:25   these tangible links to my potential [TS]

01:01:27   tangible links to my past and someone's [TS]

01:01:29   coming from me and I can believe in like [TS]

01:01:32   a greater power which is and it was done [TS]

01:01:35   so much in such a better way than in it [TS]

01:01:38   that even the Luke origin story where [TS]

01:01:40   you know Lou Luke is a Luke suffers from [TS]

01:01:44   some some teenage angst lose super whiny [TS]

01:01:47   and annoying in a way that is looked [TS]

01:01:49   away his name is it were me come on [TS]

01:01:53   yeah I think ray is raised character is [TS]

01:01:56   fantastic i mean i love that you know as [TS]

01:01:58   point out that she can be sort of [TS]

01:02:00   strange and off-putting but she's also [TS]

01:02:02   like super self-sufficient [TS]

01:02:04   I think the some of the best scenes with [TS]

01:02:06   her are running around with a within why [TS]

01:02:09   do you keep taking my hand I can run [TS]

01:02:11   like that [TS]

01:02:12   it's really great that what are you [TS]

01:02:13   doing for you today that was that was [TS]

01:02:15   another because you're going to be a [TS]

01:02:16   he's trying to be a hero and she's like [TS]

01:02:18   I'm fine I got it together why are you [TS]

01:02:20   taking my hand and asking me if I'm okay [TS]

01:02:22   that was that was kind of beautiful i [TS]

01:02:24   think the casting a just doesn't make to [TS]

01:02:27   make a note about the casting of days [TS]

01:02:28   really who before this is in very little [TS]

01:02:31   she's done like a handful TV episodes [TS]

01:02:33   essentially i don't know where they [TS]

01:02:35   found her but amazing at the yeah [TS]

01:02:37   closest analogue I could think of that [TS]

01:02:38   she actually really reminded me of [TS]

01:02:39   hayley atwell like doing anything and I [TS]

01:02:42   was like how he had this is totally [TS]

01:02:44   channeling the same thing for me and in [TS]

01:02:45   the same great way because I i love [TS]

01:02:47   hayley atwell his portrayal of agent [TS]

01:02:49   Carter in that way and so I think that [TS]

01:02:51   the Rays just she's she's a kind of [TS]

01:02:53   heroin that we don't see enough and [TS]

01:02:55   again you kind of have to resist the [TS]

01:02:57   mapping of her onto Princess Leia [TS]

01:02:59   because she is similar in that she is a [TS]

01:03:01   you know a heroine who's gonna you know [TS]

01:03:04   make you fight her own battles and stuff [TS]

01:03:06   like that but she's she's spunky and [TS]

01:03:08   kind of self sufficient in a way that we [TS]

01:03:11   get and not and and down-to-earth and [TS]

01:03:13   not like kind of icy royalty right like [TS]

01:03:15   there's a very different character here [TS]

01:03:16   she's as John would say she's different [TS]

01:03:18   character name is ray and I think that [TS]

01:03:21   it's incredibly well done [TS]

01:03:23   I thought the character was well done i [TS]

01:03:24   thought the portrayal was the the best [TS]

01:03:26   as she and john-boy I feel like your [TS]

01:03:28   time for my favorite characters here but [TS]

01:03:30   yeah that's this [TS]

01:03:31   she's great [TS]

01:03:34   [Music] [TS]

01:03:43   oh hello confidential investigations [TS]

01:04:01   you're my only hope wait is this you [TS]

01:04:03   come to dish a 209 y know it's [TS]

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01:04:18   incomparable radio network for the [TS]

01:04:20   finest new shows of yesterday today one [TS]

01:04:26   of my favorite I interactions with her [TS]

01:04:29   is or just the way the way that we [TS]

01:04:32   really get introduced to her as a [TS]

01:04:33   fighter i love the fact that John Vegas [TS]

01:04:36   character essentially stumbles stumbles [TS]

01:04:39   into town and here's you know fighting [TS]

01:04:41   going on and his first thought is oh [TS]

01:04:43   shit oh crap [TS]

01:04:44   the first order and he looks up and it's [TS]

01:04:47   this girl and he's like oh no you're in [TS]

01:04:48   trouble [TS]

01:04:49   I'm gonna save you and he takes two [TS]

01:04:50   steps and then she precedes to high kick [TS]

01:04:53   somebody in the face and then beats [TS]

01:04:56   everybody else down for trying to steal [TS]

01:04:58   her droid and that it it's just it's [TS]

01:05:01   such a lovely subversion of again the [TS]

01:05:04   traditional both women in distress and [TS]

01:05:07   just I you know [TS]

01:05:09   oh yes I'm a hero i'm gonna save you oye [TS]

01:05:11   you can save yourself then I'm just [TS]

01:05:14   awkwardly staring here okay and now I [TS]

01:05:17   gotta run [TS]

01:05:18   it's not just as a version but like what [TS]

01:05:22   they typically do in the movies where [TS]

01:05:24   they want to do this like you know that [TS]

01:05:25   the whole terrible thing I don't has [TS]

01:05:27   ever got coin but the whole idea of a [TS]

01:05:28   strong female character worse where [TS]

01:05:30   people hear the word strong and I think [TS]

01:05:32   like muscles and they're not thinking of [TS]

01:05:34   it as in like a well-constructed female [TS]

01:05:37   character because they would say well [TS]

01:05:38   strong that's the word you picked and [TS]

01:05:39   that's the word everybody says but like [TS]

01:05:40   what movies tend to do is overcompensate [TS]

01:05:43   so an actual Mary Sue or whatever like [TS]

01:05:46   that the the woman lead is not only is [TS]

01:05:49   she not the typical you know damsel in [TS]

01:05:52   distress but in fact the movie takes [TS]

01:05:55   great pains to show that she is actually [TS]

01:05:57   better than all the men in the movie [TS]

01:05:59   which is not what you it's over [TS]

01:06:00   compensating it's not what you need to [TS]

01:06:02   do it as in like the only way we can [TS]

01:06:04   pull this off is to essentially you know [TS]

01:06:06   to make our two times as good as the men [TS]

01:06:08   and then she'll be accepted as an equal [TS]

01:06:09   to the men whereas in this movie but [TS]

01:06:12   they do with with Daisy is just have her [TS]

01:06:14   go about her life and the wheels going [TS]

01:06:16   about it and then have the men have the [TS]

01:06:18   men be the ones who act differently than [TS]

01:06:21   in other movies so the woman doesn't [TS]

01:06:22   have to be too at times as good as [TS]

01:06:23   everyone else they have to have the men [TS]

01:06:25   come upon and the man is the one who has [TS]

01:06:27   the instinct that that that has the [TS]

01:06:28   movie tropes and he has to change his [TS]

01:06:31   behavior he has to go oh wait this isn't [TS]

01:06:32   going the way I thought it would go [TS]

01:06:35   he's the one who does different things [TS]

01:06:36   not seen her seen can play without him [TS]

01:06:38   being there straight up [TS]

01:06:40   she's assaulted that trying to get BBA [TS]

01:06:41   backsheet fend them off that seemed to [TS]

01:06:43   work fine but but the guy is there and [TS]

01:06:46   the only thing that is different about [TS]

01:06:47   the scene is how how fins section of the [TS]

01:06:51   scene goes cutting out of the scene the [TS]

01:06:52   scene play straight and it's fine put it [TS]

01:06:54   an interesting and the seams still plays [TS]

01:06:55   the same way but he's the one whose [TS]

01:06:57   expectations observer and the thing I [TS]

01:06:59   love about Ray is it's clear that her [TS]

01:07:01   isolation has led to her not even being [TS]

01:07:05   and her lifestyle has led to her not [TS]

01:07:07   even being exposed to the gender roles [TS]

01:07:09   that Finn has clearly at least been [TS]

01:07:10   exposed to a little bit he's grabbing [TS]

01:07:12   her hand she doesn't even have a context [TS]

01:07:13   to understand why in the world would you [TS]

01:07:15   be trying to grab my hand like I'm a [TS]

01:07:17   child or something to lead me away right [TS]

01:07:19   and like you know they are you okay [TS]

01:07:21   she has no precedent for like why would [TS]

01:07:23   man be coming up to me said yeah I'm [TS]

01:07:25   alright let's let's go like you cannot [TS]

01:07:27   really like she doesn't have context for [TS]

01:07:29   the end makes sense because why would [TS]

01:07:31   you have the context because she's been [TS]

01:07:32   self-sufficient she's been she's [TS]

01:07:33   socially isolated as well as physically [TS]

01:07:35   isolated from people so i just love the [TS]

01:07:37   fact that she's allowed to be herself [TS]

01:07:39   and that everybody else's patterns and [TS]

01:07:42   expectations are screwed up and they [TS]

01:07:43   bounce off and it doesn't she doesn't [TS]

01:07:45   have to be the one to say I will now [TS]

01:07:47   express the reality down on you be by [TS]

01:07:51   being 20 times as awesome as every man [TS]

01:07:54   and therefore that's why that's why you [TS]

01:07:56   that all now except that i will accept [TS]

01:07:58   you as an equal because your 7 17 times [TS]

01:07:59   as good as I am [TS]

01:08:00   even Han Solo later you know later when [TS]

01:08:03   they're when they're in the Millennium [TS]

01:08:04   Falcon together you know she's kind of [TS]

01:08:06   matter-of-factly is like I'm gonna come [TS]

01:08:08   sit in the copilot's seat and you're [TS]

01:08:11   gonna deal with it because you need [TS]

01:08:12   somebody to prime these fuel pumps also [TS]

01:08:15   you know if I hadn't been around you [TS]

01:08:16   probably would have exploded in [TS]

01:08:17   hyperspace so good you know I'm just I'm [TS]

01:08:19   just gonna be here I'm gonna do my thing [TS]

01:08:21   I i know a little bit about ships it's [TS]

01:08:23   cool yeah she's a she's also essentially [TS]

01:08:26   she's the chosen one right i mean that's [TS]

01:08:28   where we end up with is that she's also [TS]

01:08:30   she's also really good because she [TS]

01:08:31   special like these these kinds of [TS]

01:08:33   stories have the chosen one who has the [TS]

01:08:36   power that you know she's been living on [TS]

01:08:38   this off in the middle of nowhere but [TS]

01:08:40   she's actually vitally important person [TS]

01:08:43   in the galaxy because she's got the the [TS]

01:08:45   powers at the force and perhaps her [TS]

01:08:47   history ties into that but it doesn't [TS]

01:08:50   really matter because you know she's [TS]

01:08:53   feeling that Roland so of course she's [TS]

01:08:54   awesome but she doubts that role much [TS]

01:08:56   more than look too by the way because [TS]

01:08:58   like Luke is like well I i'm looking at [TS]

01:09:00   you know look off to the horizon and i [TS]

01:09:02   would like to go out and he wants to be [TS]

01:09:03   great rebel pilot and he becomes a great [TS]

01:09:05   pilot he seems to fall pretty natural [TS]

01:09:07   into of course I'm not before some [TS]

01:09:08   pretty important guy like a really [TS]

01:09:09   awesome pilot and I help the rebels with [TS]

01:09:11   the whole death star thing and she's [TS]

01:09:13   like adult you know in the trailer [TS]

01:09:15   I'm nobody liked it takes her some [TS]

01:09:17   convincing for she doesn't see [TS]

01:09:18   lightsaber like this is my destiny I [TS]

01:09:19   must take up the mantle she's like no [TS]

01:09:21   like she's still thinking about getting [TS]

01:09:23   back and wait for our family to come [TS]

01:09:24   back on jakku she's she's not [TS]

01:09:26   immediately said well of course I've [TS]

01:09:27   always known my entire life I would be [TS]

01:09:29   the savior of the entire universe she [TS]

01:09:30   hasn't known that she just wants her [TS]

01:09:32   parents to whoever was that to come back [TS]

01:09:34   and she is very resistant to the idea of [TS]

01:09:36   her being special or a savior in any way [TS]

01:09:39   yeah let's talk about where we're [TS]

01:09:42   hitting all the characters here so let's [TS]

01:09:44   talk about thin we should get to it [TS]

01:09:46   John boyega he is the defect he is the [TS]

01:09:49   storm trooper who effects essentially [TS]

01:09:51   but he's not in the resistance [TS]

01:09:53   no no i'm totally on the resistance now [TS]

01:09:54   I'm actually I'm not the resistance and [TS]

01:09:56   i really love definitely in the [TS]

01:09:58   resistance [TS]

01:09:58   um I love the idea [TS]

01:10:01   random Star Wars you know like random [TS]

01:10:03   tidbits obviously like his operating [TS]

01:10:05   number fn-2187 2187 is layers cell on [TS]

01:10:08   the Death Star so like that's totally [TS]

01:10:10   thanks for yet another knotted to our [TS]

01:10:13   our previous one but i really ask again [TS]

01:10:16   you know I i love this character because [TS]

01:10:19   he is well he is a clearly like a [TS]

01:10:21   character that works in the star wars [TS]

01:10:23   universe he's not a character we've [TS]

01:10:24   never really dealt with before he's [TS]

01:10:26   kinda wants to do the good thing but [TS]

01:10:28   he's also really kind of out for himself [TS]

01:10:29   and he doesn't really want to fight for [TS]

01:10:31   a cause but he's not like cynical and [TS]

01:10:33   jaded like he is like kind of attempting [TS]

01:10:35   to be a hero but he also kind of knows [TS]

01:10:37   where to draw the lines a little bit of [TS]

01:10:39   a coward but he does seem to come [TS]

01:10:41   through when the chips are down [TS]

01:10:43   I just I really enjoy John play goes [TS]

01:10:45   performance he is enthusiastic and [TS]

01:10:48   hilarious and number of ways like why [TS]

01:10:50   you bring me it's the right thing to do [TS]

01:10:52   and you need a pilot [TS]

01:10:53   I need a pilot and so i I just I thought [TS]

01:10:57   it was such an interesting character to [TS]

01:11:00   watch him develop over the course of [TS]

01:11:02   this movie and I think him and it's [TS]

01:11:04   great that he and Daisy really have [TS]

01:11:05   fantastic chemistry because i feel like [TS]

01:11:09   the two of them in any scene was great [TS]

01:11:11   like they just the way they bounce off [TS]

01:11:13   each other is perfect i thought he and [TS]

01:11:14   oscar isaac also have fantastic the [TS]

01:11:16   whole time fighter sequence well they're [TS]

01:11:18   escaping from the Star Destroyer is just [TS]

01:11:21   great and the enthusiasm with which they [TS]

01:11:23   greet each other when they finally [TS]

01:11:25   reconnect is just so welcome and and [TS]

01:11:28   cool right like it's there is no macho [TS]

01:11:31   male strutting there's no trying to out [TS]

01:11:34   man each other there's no competing [TS]

01:11:36   they're just genuinely super excited to [TS]

01:11:40   see each other and that they're not dead [TS]

01:11:41   and and that's refreshing and it's great [TS]

01:11:45   to see that kind of camaraderie now [TS]

01:11:47   let's it's cut its camaraderie under [TS]

01:11:50   fire [TS]

01:11:51   we're ok we're going to be thrown into [TS]

01:11:53   these crazy situations together and and [TS]

01:11:57   and something great is gonna come out of [TS]

01:11:59   it and it's the the same interaction [TS]

01:12:00   that he has with poe dameron he has [TS]

01:12:02   almost immediately with with Ray as well [TS]

01:12:05   where it's okay I'm you know he he [TS]

01:12:08   originally gets chased after x ray and [TS]

01:12:11   bb-8 because BBA [TS]

01:12:12   a droid who we should talk about a job [TS]

01:12:15   and I'm seize Finn is like you're [TS]

01:12:18   wearing my Master's check it is where [TS]

01:12:21   you guys don't know what you're shocked [TS]

01:12:22   you what are you don't my gosh which is [TS]

01:12:25   it was funny so great but it's only so I [TS]

01:12:28   i really like John boyega I think you [TS]

01:12:30   did a great job Finn is a problematic [TS]

01:12:34   character in some ways and and follow me [TS]

01:12:37   here he he does not have a direction in [TS]

01:12:41   this area because i'm a role you know [TS]

01:12:43   his his he does his direction is a ways [TS]

01:12:45   away [TS]

01:12:46   that's nice about it is that he did he [TS]

01:12:48   has bravely a character that wants to [TS]

01:12:50   run away and axon that feeling a lot he [TS]

01:12:52   does not want hehe at no point really [TS]

01:12:55   does he want to join the fray until I [TS]

01:12:58   guess the very end he really is about [TS]

01:13:00   and we see it most it when they're at [TS]

01:13:03   the at the the cantina basically and [TS]

01:13:05   he's like I want to talk to those guys [TS]

01:13:07   about going to the outer rim that's good [TS]

01:13:08   i'm just trying to get out of here it's [TS]

01:13:09   like it and yes that's a little bit like [TS]

01:13:11   Han saying I just want to play not like [TS]

01:13:15   yeah he was here I get bigger he's got [TS]

01:13:18   PTSD essentially from being a [TS]

01:13:20   stormtrooper he doesn't he wants out of [TS]

01:13:21   this whole thing even at the end he just [TS]

01:13:22   wants to go back and get raised like [TS]

01:13:24   whatever your mission like the only [TS]

01:13:25   reason he's like come with me ray and go [TS]

01:13:27   to the outer rim like he wants to run [TS]

01:13:29   away really badly and is never convinced [TS]

01:13:32   that i need to join the resistance [TS]

01:13:34   nopee just want to say ray okay well if [TS]

01:13:36   you want to let me finish what I was [TS]

01:13:37   saying is he's like Han in saying I just [TS]

01:13:39   want to get paid in the sense that his [TS]

01:13:40   goals are not initially what other [TS]

01:13:42   people's goals are right and and his his [TS]

01:13:45   goal is is essentially i just want to go [TS]

01:13:48   away I will lie and say that I'm part of [TS]

01:13:50   the resistance it will get me further [TS]

01:13:51   away you the first order is gonna win we [TS]

01:13:54   need to run away from them come with me [TS]

01:13:56   and we'll run away and and so it's an [TS]

01:13:59   interesting it's an interesting are can [TS]

01:14:00   do he ends up getting kinda hit by a [TS]

01:14:02   lightsaber in the back and we never hear [TS]

01:14:04   from him again he's just sort of like oh [TS]

01:14:05   he'll be fine [TS]

01:14:06   kiss him on the forehead see ya later [TS]

01:14:08   buddy and then and then that's it so [TS]

01:14:10   it's he's an interesting character [TS]

01:14:12   because he is not though he's not the [TS]

01:14:14   lead raise the lead but he is he is one [TS]

01:14:19   of our important characters and he [TS]

01:14:21   hasn't yet you know by the end perhaps [TS]

01:14:24   the first time we see him in the next [TS]

01:14:26   movie he [TS]

01:14:26   now have a direction but in this movie [TS]

01:14:28   he is he is not with the program at any [TS]

01:14:31   point and it's kind of fun but it's it's [TS]

01:14:34   it's I don't know it's it's an [TS]

01:14:36   interesting choice because that means [TS]

01:14:38   that he's you know he ate almost every [TS]

01:14:41   scene he's their kind of because he [TS]

01:14:42   doesn't want to be but while he's here [TS]

01:14:44   you might as well do something useful [TS]

01:14:45   that sort of his rights is like it's [TS]

01:14:47   like r2d2 c3po they had they they come [TS]

01:14:50   from space on the Star Destroyer down to [TS]

01:14:52   the planet set the plot in motion but [TS]

01:14:53   essentially there they are essentially [TS]

01:14:55   direction as well it's not as if c-3po [TS]

01:14:57   has a big stake and and the rebellion in [TS]

01:14:59   the empire but those droids trace you [TS]

01:15:02   through the whole plot so thin spinning [TS]

01:15:04   out of his little you know start [TS]

01:15:06   stormtrooper thing end up spinning down [TS]

01:15:08   the planet picking up people as he goes [TS]

01:15:09   and spinning through and at various [TS]

01:15:11   times trying to get away more than the [TS]

01:15:12   droids but they then again r2 r2 is on a [TS]

01:15:15   mission so we had something to do with [TS]

01:15:16   c-3po was like yeah you know me from the [TS]

01:15:18   windows of these the bars Nostra [TS]

01:15:19   recognition yeah all right finish the [TS]

01:15:21   c-3po of this movie fine or the floor or [TS]

01:15:23   the forest like yeah i mean like i don't [TS]

01:15:25   think he needs to have any direction [TS]

01:15:27   other than a wheel that is that is the [TS]

01:15:29   experience of his character [TS]

01:15:30   it'll be interesting when in the next [TS]

01:15:32   movie if they turn him into a company [TS]

01:15:34   man or whatever but for now like I I [TS]

01:15:36   enjoy the fact like even even the Rebel [TS]

01:15:38   Alliance thing like oh yeah I'm part of [TS]

01:15:39   the rebound he was saying that to [TS]

01:15:40   impress a girl yeah it's only his only [TS]

01:15:42   connections are personal like he has a [TS]

01:15:44   friend who cares about the friends and [TS]

01:15:46   by the end of this movie is not yet [TS]

01:15:48   convinced of anything having to do with [TS]

01:15:49   the geopolitical struggle he doesn't [TS]

01:15:51   even have a name until very early [TS]

01:15:53   that's true here right like he's not [TS]

01:15:55   trying to overthrow the the first-order [TS]

01:15:57   he just wants to be [TS]

01:15:58   he just wants to be gone right he just [TS]

01:16:00   wants to be out of there and not killing [TS]

01:16:01   people and and has not said I you know [TS]

01:16:04   again I'm not a member of the of the [TS]

01:16:07   resistance that's not who he is yet it's [TS]

01:16:10   it's and we'll talk about this i'm sure [TS]

01:16:11   a little bit later one of the delights [TS]

01:16:14   of this movie is that it is very clearly [TS]

01:16:17   the first in a in a in a new story and [TS]

01:16:21   so not everything [TS]

01:16:23   there's a lot of loose ends there's a [TS]

01:16:24   room and is an orphan start energy and [TS]

01:16:27   exactly right and there's time he [TS]

01:16:28   doesn't need to come all the way around [TS]

01:16:30   so at the end he's like I have joined [TS]

01:16:32   the resistance now and now i have [TS]

01:16:33   learned my important character trait [TS]

01:16:35   that has changed me as a person that [TS]

01:16:37   doesn't really happen he gets knocked [TS]

01:16:38   out [TS]

01:16:39   bye bye bye Adam driver and and it [TS]

01:16:44   nursed back to health back at the base [TS]

01:16:46   at the end of the movie and that's it [TS]

01:16:47   right but he shows character though [TS]

01:16:50   right like that's the thing sure to pick [TS]

01:16:52   up a lightsaber and does a little [TS]

01:16:53   lightsaber battle which is cool [TS]

01:16:55   um anybody more to the point it's about [TS]

01:16:57   i mean like a you know I think that's [TS]

01:16:59   turning his friend well yeah exactly [TS]

01:17:00   like everybody and puts the entire [TS]

01:17:02   resistance at risk to go back and save [TS]

01:17:04   his friend on Starkiller base this is [TS]

01:17:06   true so so he is a hero of some sort [TS]

01:17:09   even if a cowardly reluctant hero at [TS]

01:17:11   times I mean I think that's where I like [TS]

01:17:13   collected lying here okay fine I'm okay [TS]

01:17:16   with that [TS]

01:17:17   nobody cares nobody cares about other [TS]

01:17:19   people he's got he's got his guy he's [TS]

01:17:20   not careful is not battery more alright [TS]

01:17:23   he's just yeah he's he's got his own [TS]

01:17:24   agenda and it's fine like it's a it's a [TS]

01:17:26   noble agenda to a certain extent even if [TS]

01:17:29   it is more limited in its worldview and [TS]

01:17:31   that's what I like about it is that you [TS]

01:17:32   know he does pick up the lightsaber [TS]

01:17:33   defendants friend even when it's pretty [TS]

01:17:35   clear that he's gonna get his ass kicked [TS]

01:17:37   yes for me what a-what nothing [TS]

01:17:39   necessarily redeems Finn but what makes [TS]

01:17:42   finais a exciting character and [TS]

01:17:45   something that I'm really looking [TS]

01:17:45   forward to seeing them flush out in the [TS]

01:17:47   next feat to movies is that last battle [TS]

01:17:50   where essentially he's come all this way [TS]

01:17:52   to rescue ray and she doesn't really [TS]

01:17:55   need rescuing but you know he's gonna [TS]

01:17:57   he's gonna be there for her anyway and [TS]

01:18:01   when she gets flung 30 feet into a tree [TS]

01:18:04   and he doesn't know if she's gonna wake [TS]

01:18:07   up essentially like I have the last time [TS]

01:18:10   that this dude was alone with Ray he [TS]

01:18:13   dragged her off to god-knows-where and [TS]

01:18:15   did god-knows-what to her and I don't [TS]

01:18:17   know but like she's my friend and she's [TS]

01:18:19   somebody I care about and i'm going to [TS]

01:18:20   take a stand and that I think is his [TS]

01:18:23   defining moment in this movie and he [TS]

01:18:25   wasn't as telegraphed as well as it [TS]

01:18:26   could have been but I like and I know [TS]

01:18:29   that they're going to be people who are [TS]

01:18:30   super bummed out that Finn is not the [TS]

01:18:32   Jedi in this movie and you know maybe [TS]

01:18:34   movie is for Ferris who knows least you [TS]

01:18:36   still got two movies got used to use a [TS]

01:18:38   lightsaber a bit here a while that is [TS]

01:18:40   his personal culmination of his story is [TS]

01:18:42   that he said he's fighting to save for [TS]

01:18:44   it's just like there's not that moment [TS]

01:18:45   where he where he says all right [TS]

01:18:47   everybody i'm going to join up because [TS]

01:18:48   that the we'll deal with that later [TS]

01:18:49   right it's just another movie [TS]

01:18:51   their inner demons because it's clearly [TS]

01:18:53   feels bad about himself he feels bad [TS]

01:18:54   that he was a stormtrooper he also got [TS]

01:18:56   it feels bad that he was a traitor [TS]

01:18:57   because people are always yelling [TS]

01:18:58   traitor and yeah as bad as bad with that [TS]

01:19:01   sculpture Gaius that is to say like you [TS]

01:19:04   know if you like I'm a traitor because [TS]

01:19:06   you guys are bad like like but every [TS]

01:19:08   just asking why the trash is he's always [TS]

01:19:11   right factor like he doesn't get much in [TS]

01:19:14   the way of lines to develop his own [TS]

01:19:15   character like to explain to say out [TS]

01:19:17   loud what his character is doing but he [TS]

01:19:19   does have one which is you know why did [TS]

01:19:21   you lie about the the rebel things [TS]

01:19:23   because she looked at me away no one [TS]

01:19:24   else has ever looked at me for no one [TS]

01:19:26   else has ever looked up he doesn't feel [TS]

01:19:27   he's worthy of admiration and when Ray [TS]

01:19:29   looks admiringly add him when he thinks [TS]

01:19:31   when when she thinks he's part of the [TS]

01:19:33   resistance [TS]

01:19:34   that's why he buys into that line is so [TS]

01:19:35   resistant to give it up and why he [TS]

01:19:37   attaches on ray so much is like this is [TS]

01:19:40   someone who looked up to me if if [TS]

01:19:41   briefly for a reason for like you know [TS]

01:19:43   and that's why he wants this part you [TS]

01:19:45   know he is he is neat he's in need of he [TS]

01:19:49   needs to believe that he is actually [TS]

01:19:50   good person when really he isn't most of [TS]

01:19:52   the things he does are not good and [TS]

01:19:53   that's why he's so attached array and so [TS]

01:19:55   fighting the Stormtrooper is trying to [TS]

01:19:57   to fight against his old self like I'm [TS]

01:19:59   not I'm not you guys anymore you guys [TS]

01:20:00   are bad and I don't like what you do and [TS]

01:20:02   then fighting to try to defend Rafe [TS]

01:20:04   usually because he's really bad at it it [TS]

01:20:06   is him defending this one person who [TS]

01:20:09   briefly looked up to him so I don't I [TS]

01:20:11   don't know where he goes from here but I [TS]

01:20:12   think it's tough self-esteem was his big [TS]

01:20:15   problem in this migraine that and and [TS]

01:20:17   having a lot of badlock yeah that never [TS]

01:20:19   having a blaster winning needs one [TS]

01:20:21   yeah okay bb-8 let's see the alevi be a [TS]

01:20:25   what a what a what a fun droid this is [TS]

01:20:27   this little but I'll just before I no [TS]

01:20:30   rain is going to talk about great bb-8 [TS]

01:20:32   it is here i'll just say i love that Han [TS]

01:20:36   Solo calls in ball move ball so i didn't [TS]

01:20:44   i didn't think it was possible to [TS]

01:20:46   actually enjoy bb-8 as much as i did in [TS]

01:20:49   that I i went into it basically being [TS]

01:20:51   like of course is he's a little droid on [TS]

01:20:54   e I'm gonna love him by default i'm [TS]

01:20:56   holding a tiny bb-8 in my hand I bought [TS]

01:20:59   one long before I saw the movie so [TS]

01:21:00   clearly already had like a pro droid [TS]

01:21:02   bias going into this [TS]

01:21:04   but i think the moment that he endeared [TS]

01:21:07   himself the most to me is that initial [TS]

01:21:10   meeting with ray I where he you know [TS]

01:21:14   she's just like town's that way go deal [TS]

01:21:16   with your secret mission [TS]

01:21:17   I don't want to deal with you I don't [TS]

01:21:18   have friends grumble and BB just looks a [TS]

01:21:22   tray and then starts purring and I don't [TS]

01:21:25   know what it was about vba as tiny cat [TS]

01:21:28   which totally sold it for me and I'm [TS]

01:21:30   like yep [TS]

01:21:30   ok i'm on board this train I but the the [TS]

01:21:34   thing that I really love about bb-8 is a [TS]

01:21:37   he's he's his own lovable self without [TS]

01:21:41   having to play on our two strips in fact [TS]

01:21:44   he's despite being an astromech and [TS]

01:21:46   having our to like mechanisms on I don't [TS]

01:21:50   feel like I feel like he and r2 are [TS]

01:21:53   completely different droids [TS]

01:21:55   I don't you don't have vb it doesn't [TS]

01:21:57   feel like one of the endless remixes of [TS]

01:22:01   droids that we saw in the original [TS]

01:22:02   trilogy right this is a it's around [TS]

01:22:05   droid it is this is a different kind of [TS]

01:22:07   creature and when sounds different too [TS]

01:22:09   good good sound design on bb-8 being [TS]

01:22:12   seen it distinct from r2d2 yes yet at [TS]

01:22:15   the heez I think much more whereas our [TS]

01:22:20   tues Artoo's curious but naaa na like [TS]

01:22:23   almost selfless way i want to say or to [TS]

01:22:26   just kind of barrels into things [TS]

01:22:28   bb-8 i think is much more like Oh are we [TS]

01:22:32   going into this now okay but I want to [TS]

01:22:35   see where the bad guys are going to peek [TS]

01:22:36   out between your legs but uh I'm gonna [TS]

01:22:39   stay back here and you know I don't heat [TS]

01:22:42   he just has such this except except when [TS]

01:22:45   he like chest bumps r2d2 try to wake him [TS]

01:22:48   up at all sad to me that was so sad [TS]

01:22:52   which it literally felt BB is a kitten [TS]

01:22:55   of this Lincoln baby [TS]

01:22:56   it is a tiny is a tiny droid kitten with [TS]

01:22:59   boundless energy and the ability to do [TS]

01:23:01   crazy things but then he comes up to you [TS]

01:23:04   know he comes up to the veteran droids [TS]

01:23:06   he comes up to r2 and it's just kind of [TS]

01:23:08   like knock knock mr. cat wake up with [TS]

01:23:12   Ruby obviously bb-8 like all droids [TS]

01:23:14   broadcast like a wireless signal about [TS]

01:23:16   who they are and what's going on with [TS]

01:23:17   them because because I c-3po in the in [TS]

01:23:21   the scene where we see that c-3po and [TS]

01:23:22   explains that you might not understand [TS]

01:23:24   who he is because he's got a red arm [TS]

01:23:25   which is a good joke he immediately says [TS]

01:23:28   come on bb-8 let's get out of here my [TS]

01:23:30   god they knew each other yeah really [TS]

01:23:32   funny video is is fluent in over six [TS]

01:23:35   million forms of communication human you [TS]

01:23:37   always assume that all droids know each [TS]

01:23:39   other [TS]

01:23:40   sure I is my personal favorite BBA teens [TS]

01:23:43   were still wouldn't be missed the falken [TS]

01:23:45   fighting working just a flip the ship [TS]

01:23:48   over and it just fall every time the boy [TS]

01:23:50   was like wait and he finally looks on [TS]

01:23:52   enough that it is your little things [TS]

01:23:54   that comes into play love that he has [TS]

01:23:57   told cables and not only that we see you [TS]

01:24:00   use told cables just to sustain himself [TS]

01:24:03   midair but also he's like alright i can [TS]

01:24:05   use tok apples to like get myself out of [TS]

01:24:07   out of holes or climb stairs things that [TS]

01:24:12   you know don't really make sense for [TS]

01:24:13   your average astromech droid bb-8 is a [TS]

01:24:16   is as pedestrian says one-of-a-kind my [TS]

01:24:19   am 18 he just he's a droid full of [TS]

01:24:22   personality and all of the little things [TS]

01:24:25   that he pulls out of course like he [TS]

01:24:26   shocks finn he's very you know he's very [TS]

01:24:30   impetuous as as droids go but he just he [TS]

01:24:35   has all of these little personality to [TS]

01:24:36   works and works and little little [TS]

01:24:39   pockets of useful things here and there [TS]

01:24:43   and and then you get really ridiculous [TS]

01:24:46   things like oh he has a lighter that [TS]

01:24:48   happens to look like a thumbs-up side [TS]

01:24:50   when he turns it upside down and you [TS]

01:24:53   know in the prequel that that motion [TS]

01:24:56   would have bombed that would have been [TS]

01:24:58   like a oh god why are you making a droid [TS]

01:25:01   do that my and I have a little here [TS]

01:25:05   yeah that guy like that scene that [TS]

01:25:08   seemed with the little thumb [TS]

01:25:09   I've seen the movie twice now is that [TS]

01:25:12   was the biggest last of the entire [TS]

01:25:13   theater yeah times B and i think it is [TS]

01:25:16   all entire like so much of comedy about [TS]

01:25:18   timing [TS]

01:25:19   it's not so much about the concept it's [TS]

01:25:20   about the timing like he has exited that [TS]

01:25:23   it comes quickly that they don't dwell [TS]

01:25:25   on it that it's not like it get ready [TS]

01:25:27   he's gonna do a funny thing they it [TS]

01:25:29   that's why i kept that's why the laugh [TS]

01:25:31   comes it's so fast and it's gone because [TS]

01:25:32   guys like yeah right on he goes pop boom [TS]

01:25:35   and then they cut away that's it i will [TS]

01:25:36   say i love i absolutely adore that [TS]

01:25:39   entire scene where John boyega is trying [TS]

01:25:43   to talk [TS]

01:25:44   bb-8 into not reading amount and it only [TS]

01:25:47   weighs looking back and forth he doesn't [TS]

01:25:49   know it's like I but he's anything [TS]

01:25:52   outright the droid has to decide what's [TS]

01:25:53   right instead of following orders and [TS]

01:25:55   saying BBA go that way Ba do this [TS]

01:25:58   bb-8 help me with that the droid has to [TS]

01:26:00   make a call here like a judgment call [TS]

01:26:02   and his little head goes back and forth [TS]

01:26:03   yeah all right [TS]

01:26:05   mmm yeah I guess we'll do this now it's [TS]

01:26:08   it's uh and seeing him roll right all i [TS]

01:26:10   was going to be skeptical about like [TS]

01:26:12   seeing him roll around in the desert [TS]

01:26:14   like is it doesn't really feel like that [TS]

01:26:16   droid could actually roll around in the [TS]

01:26:18   desert and the fact is it does it's that [TS]

01:26:20   it feels perfectly natural [TS]

01:26:21   there are a couple really nice moments [TS]

01:26:23   not just when he's bouncing around in [TS]

01:26:24   the Millennium Falcon but there's a nice [TS]

01:26:26   moment where he gets kind of blasted [TS]

01:26:27   across the room in something where [TS]

01:26:31   there's an explosion and and you see the [TS]

01:26:32   ball and he's like behind the head the [TS]

01:26:34   head is behind and you see him land and [TS]

01:26:37   the head pops up which I thought was [TS]

01:26:38   really nice [TS]

01:26:39   there's a oh I'll also say when he is [TS]

01:26:41   bouncing around inside the Millennium [TS]

01:26:43   Falcon I there is literally the sound [TS]

01:26:46   effect of a bouncing basketball in in [TS]

01:26:50   the I heard that there's a little bit of [TS]

01:26:51   Clank in there to know but there's that [TS]

01:26:53   but there's one of the sound elements [TS]

01:26:55   terry's is somebody like recorded a [TS]

01:26:57   basketball bouncing on the on the floor [TS]

01:26:59   so that's pretty funny that kind of like [TS]

01:27:00   clanging sound of the other of a fully [TS]

01:27:02   inflated kind of basketball bouncing on [TS]

01:27:04   on concrete or something [TS]

01:27:05   so that's in there i love that and I and [TS]

01:27:08   when he moves the only moment was in [TS]

01:27:10   when he's in the forest and Ray turns [TS]

01:27:12   around he's like oh you shouldn't be [TS]

01:27:13   here and I'm like how did he get there [TS]

01:27:15   that was like that's why I know he's [TS]

01:27:17   good but he's that good at this but but [TS]

01:27:20   it is it is the movement seems very [TS]

01:27:22   natural and I Oh what it's a great idea [TS]

01:27:26   to have the ball droid and it all it all [TS]

01:27:29   really work so all of my kind of [TS]

01:27:31   trepidation of like are they really [TS]

01:27:32   going to be able to pull off this droid [TS]

01:27:34   he's the best just think of our to an [TS]

01:27:37   end or r2 is way harder to explain our [TS]

01:27:39   to get to places like all right there's [TS]

01:27:41   no way with your grandparents you could [TS]

01:27:42   have gotten there maybe if you have your [TS]

01:27:43   jets from the prequels and we just [TS]

01:27:45   didn't see you use them all actually [TS]

01:27:46   pretty good for God's always skeptical [TS]

01:27:48   about the stairs even but like they have [TS]

01:27:50   that nice to me today I'm going [TS]

01:27:51   downstairs chairs as long as you got a [TS]

01:27:54   better than are too frankly sorry yeah [TS]

01:27:55   well so i'm honestly the end of the [TS]

01:27:57   movie [TS]

01:27:58   all I was there is it a shot where rake [TS]

01:28:00   lines of a bunch of stairs and bb-8 is [TS]

01:28:03   not a knot on that journey ba is elected [TS]

01:28:05   to stay home with no Cameron but are too [TS]

01:28:07   and Chewie are there and you just get [TS]

01:28:09   this mournful reply from chewy and r2 [TS]

01:28:12   just kind of rocking back and forth [TS]

01:28:14   being like I don't like stairs I'm [TS]

01:28:16   storming the castle [TS]

01:28:17   yeah I essentially and all I could think [TS]

01:28:19   of was man I wish maybe it was there [TS]

01:28:21   because i would i would really enjoy [TS]

01:28:23   little bit below ball droid climbing up [TS]

01:28:26   the stairs with Ray but the the other [TS]

01:28:29   thing that I think sold bb-8 for me was [TS]

01:28:32   the the heart that they have destroyed [TS]

01:28:34   admit I mean when he finds out that pose [TS]

01:28:37   when he thinks that PO has been murdered [TS]

01:28:39   he has this beautiful little like he [TS]

01:28:42   goes from being an attack attack dog [TS]

01:28:44   mode to almost completely shutting down [TS]

01:28:46   and being so mournful and that [TS]

01:28:49   translates to when we find out later [TS]

01:28:51   that are too has gone into low power [TS]

01:28:53   mode is basically shut himself down [TS]

01:28:55   because Luke has left without him which [TS]

01:28:58   ye i'm i'm still halfway convinced is [TS]

01:29:01   intentional that Luke actually gave our [TS]

01:29:03   two yes I directive on but but it's [TS]

01:29:07   still but you totally believe it in the [TS]

01:29:09   moment when threepio's like r2 shut down [TS]

01:29:12   because he misses his master and be you [TS]

01:29:14   can see be a tree-like sympathetic [TS]

01:29:17   reaction being like I know it was like [TS]

01:29:19   who's a master and finally bb-8 is the [TS]

01:29:24   only droid that can make our to feel [TS]

01:29:26   like an older unit like can make our to [TS]

01:29:29   not feel like the start like this [TS]

01:29:31   scruffy yeah the scruffy little Astro [TS]

01:29:34   mac that could end it i really like [TS]

01:29:37   giving giving him some gravitas like [TS]

01:29:39   giving our to some are two is an older [TS]

01:29:42   joint around for a lot of movies yeah [TS]

01:29:43   yeah [TS]

01:29:44   r2 r2 has the you know may still be a [TS]

01:29:48   little bit enough start roy but has the [TS]

01:29:50   has the elderly spirit now because the [TS]

01:29:53   torch has been passed on to be 82 to go [TS]

01:29:56   fly the Astro Mac battles and to go all [TS]

01:29:57   do that do all that fun stuff [TS]

01:29:59   yeah I'm surprised you didn't mention [TS]

01:30:00   him racing out to meet his master like [TS]

01:30:02   that he just got borrowing so beautiful [TS]

01:30:04   yeah cash max into trend is really a hug [TS]

01:30:07   side yeah I said little kitten little [TS]

01:30:09   kitten [TS]

01:30:10   yeah there they wisely cut away when [TS]

01:30:12   posed bending down to greet the oncoming [TS]

01:30:13   bb-8 there's nothing really came good [TS]

01:30:15   they can come and take it away and then [TS]

01:30:18   they cut back and they're just hanging [TS]

01:30:19   out and talking some good good editing [TS]

01:30:21   their avoid the awkwardness of what does [TS]

01:30:23   happen when the speeding right meets [TS]

01:30:25   them and they don't really hugs got no [TS]

01:30:26   arms it would be weird i would totally [TS]

01:30:29   hug the BB unit just pick him up [TS]

01:30:32   yeah he's not that heavy unless you [TS]

01:30:34   john-boy a guy and apparently [TS]

01:30:35   stormtroopers have never lifted anything [TS]

01:30:37   uh ok so we talked about that we've [TS]

01:30:40   talked about most the characters ran you [TS]

01:30:42   want to talk about how around a little [TS]

01:30:44   bit let's talk about color and then you [TS]

01:30:46   can go first turn okay well [TS]

01:30:48   kylo Ren so this is absolutely so he's [TS]

01:30:52   been solo Ben Ben Organa Solo know the [TS]

01:30:56   the son of land on which I admit I was [TS]

01:31:00   good enough about spoilers that I did [TS]

01:31:02   not see this coming [TS]

01:31:04   I I as soon as it was said I'm like oh [TS]

01:31:07   yeah of course it's perfect sense and [TS]

01:31:09   one thing I don't know if we want to [TS]

01:31:12   talk about or not is the there are a lot [TS]

01:31:14   of parallels between this movie and the [TS]

01:31:17   choices made in this movie that parallel [TS]

01:31:19   some now-defunct and discontinued it [TS]

01:31:22   expanded universe stories as well as [TS]

01:31:25   earlier movies yeah I was the force I [TS]

01:31:27   was thinking the most notable thing here [TS]

01:31:28   is not the temptation of [TS]

01:31:31   of a of Anakin Skywalker and the [TS]

01:31:33   prequels although I suppose that there [TS]

01:31:35   too but i was thinking very specifically [TS]

01:31:36   what we hear in dialogue from kylo Ren [TS]

01:31:40   is very much the flip side of what Luke [TS]

01:31:42   talks about in the original trilogy [TS]

01:31:43   which is to the temptation of the dark [TS]

01:31:46   side and here we interestingly has him [TS]

01:31:48   tempted by the light side and in that [TS]

01:31:52   scene where he confronts Han Solo out on [TS]

01:31:55   the on the bridge there which is also a [TS]

01:31:57   Luke I am your father kind of parallel a [TS]

01:32:00   little bit he talks about how you know [TS]

01:32:02   he's he's struggling and it's difficult [TS]

01:32:04   and the way to read that is that you you [TS]

01:32:07   think he's saying it's difficult because [TS]

01:32:08   the dark side is tempting me but he's [TS]

01:32:10   actually saying the reverse which is no [TS]

01:32:12   one's thinking about is paying attention [TS]

01:32:13   well yeah i know you pick because we [TS]

01:32:15   have seen so much of the movie we know [TS]

01:32:17   that but we know hon doesn't know that [TS]

01:32:18   because hot it's it works because the [TS]

01:32:20   audience knows the audience knows what [TS]

01:32:21   he really means exactly thanks ru what [TS]

01:32:23   you want me to uneven might you could [TS]

01:32:26   you could argue the heart that hun knows [TS]

01:32:28   that that's a possibility on it doesn't [TS]

01:32:30   doesn't matter as far as I was concerned [TS]

01:32:31   gotta do it is you can anybody yeah [TS]

01:32:33   that's not white if you're not white [TS]

01:32:35   knuckle in the armrest at that point I [TS]

01:32:36   mean I don't know what's wrong with you [TS]

01:32:38   yes so kylo Ren is a fascinating [TS]

01:32:41   character i am so excited to see where [TS]

01:32:45   his character goes in the next two [TS]

01:32:46   movies because he's been set up so well [TS]

01:32:49   here we are impetuous we've talked about [TS]

01:32:52   we talked a little bit about how he [TS]

01:32:54   reacts you know too bad news and just [TS]

01:32:56   he's he's out of control he's not he's [TS]

01:32:59   he's the opposite of what we think about [TS]

01:33:01   when we think about Jedi even six Jedi [TS]

01:33:03   he's exactly you know we don't know who [TS]

01:33:06   who smoke like his his master and the [TS]

01:33:09   darkness really is exactly don't know if [TS]

01:33:12   they're if they're six related [TS]

01:33:14   all we know is that Ben Morgana solo [TS]

01:33:16   there was an incident when he was young [TS]

01:33:19   when he was being trained where he [TS]

01:33:21   inadvertently slaughtered all of Luke's [TS]

01:33:24   young disciples III think he was the [TS]

01:33:27   leader of the Knights of the the Knights [TS]

01:33:29   of Ren they were saying like that i had [TS]

01:33:32   in the flashback scene where ray touches [TS]

01:33:34   the lightsaber and show a whole bunch of [TS]

01:33:36   stuff from both the past and the future [TS]

01:33:37   is some crazy asian asks yeah they show [TS]

01:33:40   like kylo Ren in front of a bunch of [TS]

01:33:42   other dudes what I have the read i got [TS]

01:33:44   from [TS]

01:33:44   again knowing nothing about expanding [TS]

01:33:46   universe or any of the rumors i still [TS]

01:33:47   haven't read most of the backstory is [TS]

01:33:48   that like looks Janet training the new [TS]

01:33:51   jedi and one of his students get some [TS]

01:33:53   weird dark ideas in his head whether by [TS]

01:33:54   himself or whether it was influenced by [TS]

01:33:56   somewhere outside and he sort of [TS]

01:33:57   organizes you know like darkness sleep [TS]

01:34:00   seeps into the class like 11 bad kid [TS]

01:34:02   makes all the other bad kids act up but [TS]

01:34:04   much worse and so the dark side to sleep [TS]

01:34:06   then and that they showed him like [TS]

01:34:08   killing somebody like maybe they just [TS]

01:34:09   they went through and tried to kill a [TS]

01:34:11   bunch of people you know these are all [TS]

01:34:13   still untrained eye this point but he [TS]

01:34:15   basically had a band of followers and I [TS]

01:34:17   don't know where they are now always has [TS]

01:34:20   it that that that uh that cause [TS]

01:34:23   disruption in the classroom we're going [TS]

01:34:24   to come that you know and then Luke goes [TS]

01:34:26   off as like the theory i I've seen and I [TS]

01:34:29   kind of subscribe to now based on what [TS]

01:34:30   little I know is that Luke goes off the [TS]

01:34:33   bases say it's better for me to bail and [TS]

01:34:35   think about what is screwed up before [TS]

01:34:36   these guys are full train Jedi's rather [TS]

01:34:39   than to try to like this fixing this [TS]

01:34:40   would be this 1i have to kill all these [TS]

01:34:42   guys so he just goes off leaving them [TS]

01:34:44   essentially uncreated crappy Jedi with [TS]

01:34:46   their lightsabers don't even work that [TS]

01:34:47   will sparks coming out of and everything [TS]

01:34:49   like that and they think they're big [TS]

01:34:50   band at tufts but as we see he's really [TS]

01:34:52   just a messed up scared kid who's got [TS]

01:34:55   the wrong heroes [TS]

01:34:56   yeah yeah could be could be could be but [TS]

01:34:59   regardless he's the one of the notable [TS]

01:35:02   things that happens in the very last [TS]

01:35:04   thing that Snoke says is get kylo Ren it [TS]

01:35:08   is time to compete his complete his [TS]

01:35:10   training because this thing is we've [TS]

01:35:11   seen it [TS]

01:35:12   this is he's not Darth Vader all the [TS]

01:35:14   water is interesting about him is that [TS]

01:35:16   he is in some ways imagine Darth Vader [TS]

01:35:18   with the possibility of playing a [TS]

01:35:20   legitimate possibility to be redeemed [TS]

01:35:22   like Darth Vader so far gone that his [TS]

01:35:25   Redemption comes at the end of his life [TS]

01:35:26   but I think we all have to hold out hope [TS]

01:35:29   as a part of the storyline that they can [TS]

01:35:32   get through to him and that he has a [TS]

01:35:34   possibility of redeeming himself and [TS]

01:35:36   that's I think that's interesting [TS]

01:35:37   because Darth Vader is beyond redemption [TS]

01:35:38   but perhaps the kylo Ren is not well [TS]

01:35:42   they push they push them far away from [TS]

01:35:43   on the bridge that like his whole thing [TS]

01:35:45   is he wants he wants this pain to be [TS]

01:35:47   gone and he thinks he can get rid of it [TS]

01:35:49   by like going fully already successful [TS]

01:35:51   matter not we'll see in the next movies [TS]

01:35:52   even more [TS]

01:35:53   tortured or has he broken through to [TS]

01:35:55   something else but he's moving farther [TS]

01:35:57   away not closer that was my question to [TS]

01:35:59   me I mean I feel the way John does which [TS]

01:36:01   is I felt like watching that scene is [TS]

01:36:03   like wow that's like AI mean that's like [TS]

01:36:04   pretty much the worst thing you can do [TS]

01:36:06   right there and you did it strikes me [TS]

01:36:08   struck me as likewise so he's not [TS]

01:36:10   getting married anytime soon if that's [TS]

01:36:12   true me because it's so bad you can't [TS]

01:36:15   just about facing the next movie and be [TS]

01:36:16   like now you know okay he's done some [TS]

01:36:18   bad stuff they're a little easier down [TS]

01:36:20   general Organa going to welcome him back [TS]

01:36:23   you know like it's it it he he really [TS]

01:36:26   seems hell-bent on getting past this [TS]

01:36:28   whole having a conscience light side [TS]

01:36:30   temptation here he wants to go to the [TS]

01:36:32   darkside his hero is darth vader and you [TS]

01:36:35   know the thing is like didn't didn't [TS]

01:36:37   look tell his students that like in the [TS]

01:36:38   end Darth Vader turned it around he's [TS]

01:36:41   not necessarily it could be maybe they [TS]

01:36:43   have been murdered a dropout bloggers [TS]

01:36:45   that that we did that lesson maybe maybe [TS]

01:36:47   they're like all that's end-of-semester [TS]

01:36:48   stuff we're gonna work up to that I and [TS]

01:36:51   i think the other problem your is sort [TS]

01:36:53   of interesting issue here with kylo Ren [TS]

01:36:57   as a character is that this whole like [TS]

01:37:00   yeah the whole light side darkside thing [TS]

01:37:02   for him is a very it is interesting that [TS]

01:37:04   a flip this on its head and that they [TS]

01:37:07   have this sort of temptation there and [TS]

01:37:08   that you do have that scene that you can [TS]

01:37:10   read both ways while he's talking to her [TS]

01:37:12   on the bridge but I yeah I don't know [TS]

01:37:15   why it's interesting character he is [TS]

01:37:17   very much like he's like a rebellious [TS]

01:37:18   teenager right like that's kind of what [TS]

01:37:20   the read on him is like I don't like my [TS]

01:37:22   parents im gonna go my grandfather's [TS]

01:37:24   cool i'm gonna go like you know totally [TS]

01:37:26   do the thing that my parents would be [TS]

01:37:27   really important that I did you know and [TS]

01:37:30   and it's hard to tell like I you know [TS]

01:37:32   having seen Adam driver and a few other [TS]

01:37:34   things I kind of expected him to take [TS]

01:37:35   off the mask and have like the weasley [TS]

01:37:37   moustachy as a lot of other places and [TS]

01:37:39   so when he's clean-shaven it's a bit [TS]

01:37:41   like it just in me it it makes such a [TS]

01:37:43   big impression of how young he looks [TS]

01:37:45   there and it's not clear to me exactly [TS]

01:37:48   how young he is supposed to be i would [TS]

01:37:51   say probably or around 220 may be like [TS]

01:37:54   but like maybe a little bit older than [TS]

01:37:56   that but he said what I think there's a [TS]

01:37:58   cover your swing and yeah that direction [TS]

01:38:00   but like either way like you know he [TS]

01:38:02   does read as sort of the rebellious [TS]

01:38:04   teenager who is you know for taking [TS]

01:38:06   everything [TS]

01:38:06   met his parents were into and really [TS]

01:38:09   just determined to kind of control but [TS]

01:38:12   with a little conflict in there because [TS]

01:38:13   somewhere you know inside him he does [TS]

01:38:15   realize that maybe there is that isn't [TS]

01:38:17   the best solution so it's an interesting [TS]

01:38:19   character [TS]

01:38:20   I i think that it's it's tough to redeem [TS]

01:38:23   him easily after what we saw him do and [TS]

01:38:26   that's going to be a very I like you [TS]

01:38:29   know we talk a little bit about where [TS]

01:38:30   you start with this being the launchpad [TS]

01:38:32   of the new trilogy and what's to come [TS]

01:38:34   next and I think that is an [TS]

01:38:36   exceptionally interesting question given [TS]

01:38:38   how much stuff that has been mirrored [TS]

01:38:40   from the original trilogy but the the [TS]

01:38:42   very start different directions they've [TS]

01:38:43   chosen have you guys seen him and girls [TS]

01:38:46   yeah it so I I've watched all the girls [TS]

01:38:50   and that's the main place I know him [TS]

01:38:51   from and I think a lot of people are [TS]

01:38:54   like if you've seen him on girls it's [TS]

01:38:55   kind of weird like oh it's that guy from [TS]

01:38:57   girls and you get taken out of it in [TS]

01:38:59   terms in terms of the shirt is on here [TS]

01:39:00   so let's pick if it's but in terms of [TS]

01:39:02   the casting like it can take you out of [TS]

01:39:03   it for a second because like oh he's [TS]

01:39:05   like my girls but the thing is i think [TS]

01:39:06   it's brilliant casting because whether [TS]

01:39:09   it's because he's one of those actors [TS]

01:39:10   who lets a lot of his own personality [TS]

01:39:12   show through it all of his characters i [TS]

01:39:13   haven't seen enough to know this or it's [TS]

01:39:15   because they cast him because of his [TS]

01:39:17   role and girls the way his character and [TS]

01:39:19   girls deals with emotions and [TS]

01:39:21   emotionally difficult situations in a [TS]

01:39:23   very unhealthy way it's very similar [TS]

01:39:25   than the very unhealthy way the kylo Ren [TS]

01:39:27   deals with his emotions and like [TS]

01:39:29   what's-his-name that everyone's [TS]

01:39:31   Cumberbatch like Cumberbatch both of [TS]

01:39:34   them look a little bit alien yeah a [TS]

01:39:36   little bit ly arranged located they look [TS]

01:39:38   a little bit alien like both of them is [TS]

01:39:40   white Sherlock is a person who doesn't [TS]

01:39:41   process emotions or the same century and [TS]

01:39:43   was everyone else same way everyone [TS]

01:39:45   else's needs kylo Ren he looked easy he [TS]

01:39:48   acts messed up [TS]

01:39:49   he's weird like he's not entirely stable [TS]

01:39:52   as they would say the home the whole his [TS]

01:39:54   whole life I've felt both the actor and [TS]

01:39:57   the character have that vibe so this is [TS]

01:39:59   good casting i love his big crazy hair [TS]

01:40:02   yeah just you know i love is weird [TS]

01:40:03   looking face and I just love his whole [TS]

01:40:05   vibe and yes all those things are very [TS]

01:40:08   adam from girls like but it's the right [TS]

01:40:10   wake up with this character like it just [TS]

01:40:12   so happens that this character in many [TS]

01:40:14   ways is like adam from girls but you [TS]

01:40:17   know that [TS]

01:40:18   got off on a darker path so I i love his [TS]

01:40:21   weirdness I look in the same way that [TS]

01:40:23   kind of like you know the action movie [TS]

01:40:24   trope really good action movies have [TS]

01:40:26   like any a bad guy who is a little bit [TS]

01:40:29   mentally unstable and you don't quite [TS]

01:40:30   know what he's going to do and he's a [TS]

01:40:32   little bit weird and that adds something [TS]

01:40:33   to him with collar and I feel like [TS]

01:40:35   there's not like especially if he [TS]

01:40:38   totally hit his goal is like to [TS]

01:40:39   disassociate he wants to disassociate [TS]

01:40:40   from his feelings from his past from [TS]

01:40:42   everything from his parents and if [TS]

01:40:45   killing his father is gonna help him [TS]

01:40:46   disassociate but like is he even [TS]

01:40:48   controllable is smoke gonna turn hits no [TS]

01:40:51   it's not going to turn him into a [TS]

01:40:52   beating a lap dog like he's gonna be and [TS]

01:40:55   as they would say an agent of chaos in [TS]

01:40:57   the next two movies on I imagine that [TS]

01:40:59   that when we see him again he is going [TS]

01:41:01   to be either in training to be or will [TS]

01:41:04   be a Sith Lord [TS]

01:41:06   I think that's where we're going is that [TS]

01:41:08   he's going to be Darth [TS]

01:41:08   something-or-other because he wants to [TS]

01:41:11   continue down this path and then his [TS]

01:41:14   training will be complete and Inhofe [TS]

01:41:16   solo [TS]

01:41:17   yeah well it'll be talking about a bad [TS]

01:41:19   so that would not be good so good that [TS]

01:41:21   already know better but that's exactly [TS]

01:41:23   right by one of the things we should [TS]

01:41:25   talk about is is 0 is the loose ends and [TS]

01:41:28   where we go from here because I think [TS]

01:41:29   that's one of the beautiful things about [TS]

01:41:30   this story is there are lots of loose [TS]

01:41:32   ends i read an interview with JJ Abrams [TS]

01:41:34   where he said specifically and I think [TS]

01:41:36   he's dead on one of the great things [TS]

01:41:37   about the original Star Wars is there [TS]

01:41:40   are all these statements that are made [TS]

01:41:41   in it that hint at just giant backstory [TS]

01:41:44   or wide swathes of universe that are not [TS]

01:41:48   addressed or explained in anyway it's [TS]

01:41:49   just like oh well there's this thing and [TS]

01:41:51   then you find the clone wars whatever [TS]

01:41:53   and it's just kinda like they move on [TS]

01:41:54   and you have to fill in the gaps with [TS]

01:41:56   your imagination and there is a lot of [TS]

01:41:58   that in this film and I like that [TS]

01:42:00   because i feel like in a lot of [TS]

01:42:01   blockbusters modern blockbusters there [TS]

01:42:03   is this economy of scope where the only [TS]

01:42:07   things that get mentioned are the things [TS]

01:42:08   that we need to resolve the story later [TS]

01:42:10   and otherwise we take it all out [TS]

01:42:13   otherwise it's just mopped up and it's [TS]

01:42:15   perfectly tidy and Star Wars has never [TS]

01:42:17   really been that and this movie is not [TS]

01:42:20   like that there are lots of things that [TS]

01:42:21   are tossed off that you never get any [TS]

01:42:24   more information about so there's that [TS]

01:42:26   aspect of it and then there's the aspect [TS]

01:42:28   of it that this is very clearly a film [TS]

01:42:30   that when you get to the end you're [TS]

01:42:31   excited [TS]

01:42:32   find out what happens next because this [TS]

01:42:34   is not the completion of a journey it is [TS]

01:42:36   step one on a new journey and that's [TS]

01:42:39   really exciting but it does mean that we [TS]

01:42:41   are left at the end of this film with [TS]

01:42:43   all these questions about like hey Finn [TS]

01:42:46   has the back [TS]

01:42:48   you doing okay and bl bb-8 oh right he [TS]

01:42:51   belongs to PO he can't go with with [TS]

01:42:53   fitted with ray what's gonna happen [TS]

01:42:55   there and Luke Skywalker say something [TS]

01:43:00   all of these things are to come but uh [TS]

01:43:03   so I think it's exciting that we're at [TS]

01:43:05   that point where we've got not only kind [TS]

01:43:06   of things that may never be a a dress [TS]

01:43:08   like that where Luke's lightsaber was [TS]

01:43:12   found in the yeah I i really wanted to [TS]

01:43:15   know and I were another time you want I [TS]

01:43:17   so badly wanted to know that because I [TS]

01:43:18   was like wow that's been it was like [TS]

01:43:20   they fell down the word best been like [TS]

01:43:22   like 30 years ago was in the garbage the [TS]

01:43:25   same junk collectors are just waiting [TS]

01:43:26   for lightsabers to fall from the sky [TS]

01:43:27   scavengers don't don't let a lightsaber [TS]

01:43:30   fall from the sky in your head [TS]

01:43:31   pro tip slowly turn off they had like a [TS]

01:43:33   like a little switch that when you pass [TS]

01:43:35   out that just turn off we saw that in [TS]

01:43:37   fact but you know it is exciting that [TS]

01:43:38   we're that we have to think about where [TS]

01:43:40   we're going next year right what's the [TS]

01:43:42   next movie about because you mentioned [TS]

01:43:43   what where where does kyle ringo and I [TS]

01:43:46   thought about that that's the beauty of [TS]

01:43:47   it is that where is Rako we know the [TS]

01:43:49   film ends with her on the top of them [TS]

01:43:52   the mountain which she clearly has been [TS]

01:43:54   in mental contact with Luke Skywalker in [TS]

01:43:55   her dreams because she says I imagine an [TS]

01:43:57   ocean I see the island [TS]

01:43:59   yeah I like they didn't hammer that home [TS]

01:44:00   that is known for you to figure out yet [TS]

01:44:02   but it's it but then we go and there's [TS]

01:44:04   the ocean and there's the island it's [TS]

01:44:06   like okay she's been seeing either [TS]

01:44:08   mental contact or being seeing the [TS]

01:44:09   future whatever but you don't really [TS]

01:44:11   like that that's the beauty of the [TS]

01:44:13   forest she's been seeing her past and [TS]

01:44:15   her few that's how the fortune when she [TS]

01:44:16   sees kylo Ren betraying his classes the [TS]

01:44:20   Jedi Academy she see a course she's [TS]

01:44:21   agreement about that island that's her [TS]

01:44:23   future she just didn't know should have [TS]

01:44:24   a context for understanding this was no [TS]

01:44:26   one like you never explained her you [TS]

01:44:28   know you're gonna see the future in the [TS]

01:44:29   past in the force [TS]

01:44:30   no no [TS]

01:44:31   strange dreams yeah yeah yeah I know it [TS]

01:44:35   but it's a presumably she's going to be [TS]

01:44:37   trained and and Luke's there looking [TS]

01:44:39   like a like obi-wan Kenobi and he's [TS]

01:44:42   gonna presumably train her in the ways [TS]

01:44:45   of the force while smoke or somebody [TS]

01:44:48   whoever Snoke is other than like a giant [TS]

01:44:50   holographic column is is gonna do the [TS]

01:44:53   same for color n so you know that's [TS]

01:44:55   that's the you know we can see the [TS]

01:44:58   pieces are being moved here and then of [TS]

01:44:59   course there's been the attack on a [TS]

01:45:00   republic so who knows what the backdrop [TS]

01:45:03   is in terms of the kind of the Galactic [TS]

01:45:05   story there's a lot there's a lot here [TS]

01:45:06   to two questions is are they just [TS]

01:45:09   standing on the top of that mountain for [TS]

01:45:11   like a really long time [TS]

01:45:12   III just like staring each other down [TS]

01:45:14   that's all that's on my bad list now [TS]

01:45:17   he's first his first task yeah well it's [TS]

01:45:19   like I get her extending her hand but [TS]

01:45:21   it's like they had the shot where she [TS]

01:45:22   extends her arm with the lightsaber and [TS]

01:45:24   they have the helicopter shot helicopter [TS]

01:45:26   is usm boat [TS]

01:45:28   no I know how I got a helicopter shot is [TS]

01:45:30   so wrong so lord of the rings that just [TS]

01:45:33   made me sad i have a lot of the rings [TS]

01:45:35   and survivor as my reference points that [TS]

01:45:37   first of all being a Jedi [TS]

01:45:38   how long can you hold the lightsaber up [TS]

01:45:40   yeah well so here like this this is [TS]

01:45:42   actually the longest section in my bad [TS]

01:45:43   section is correct about the helicopter [TS]

01:45:45   shot because it is such an obvious [TS]

01:45:47   misstep it is so unnecessary is so short [TS]

01:45:49   here's what's wrong ago and already said [TS]

01:45:50   Lord of the Rings has that visual [TS]

01:45:52   language staked out in modern we so does [TS]

01:45:54   survive or another reality programs [TS]

01:45:56   there's no precedent for that kind of [TS]

01:45:57   shot and the rest of this movie or the [TS]

01:45:59   rest of Star Wars and there are certain [TS]

01:46:00   problems inherent in helicopter shots [TS]

01:46:02   the background is the fastest moving [TS]

01:46:04   thing in the background shot and it's in [TS]

01:46:06   focus because of the huge focal depth [TS]

01:46:07   because of the zoom on the thing so you [TS]

01:46:09   are mostly distracted by the dazzling [TS]

01:46:11   background of moving behind them instead [TS]

01:46:13   of looking at the characters that draws [TS]

01:46:15   your eye and because the helicopter shot [TS]

01:46:17   your actors have to hold the same pose [TS]

01:46:18   for a long time and inevitably the [TS]

01:46:21   emphatic outstretched hand that you saw [TS]

01:46:23   in the actual you know medium shot is [TS]

01:46:25   gone in the helicopter shopping she's [TS]

01:46:27   been holding her arm out like for an [TS]

01:46:28   hour while the helicopter the drone [TS]

01:46:30   circles may keep holding your arm out [TS]

01:46:32   the upholding your aren't you just don't [TS]

01:46:33   get as good performances all my god i [TS]

01:46:35   just want to remove that shot so badly [TS]

01:46:37   the movie really could working with with [TS]

01:46:39   Luke just pulling his head back and like [TS]

01:46:40   scary like any card that like that [TS]

01:46:43   wouldn't [TS]

01:46:44   didn't have the courage of his [TS]

01:46:44   convictions you didn't have the courage [TS]

01:46:46   to end with the sharp cut you can with a [TS]

01:46:48   sharp cut after she extends her arm you [TS]

01:46:50   could end after Luke takes his hood off [TS]

01:46:51   you can end with just a look at on [TS]

01:46:53   Luke's face because the whole idea is [TS]

01:46:55   that's the deciding moment what's going [TS]

01:46:57   to happen is Luke going to accept the [TS]

01:46:59   call [TS]

01:46:59   I mean he's a hermit for a reason you it [TS]

01:47:01   was here has he been expecting her so [TS]

01:47:03   it's all in his facial expression but [TS]

01:47:04   this just so many ways you could have [TS]

01:47:06   cut that and ended it dramatically if [TS]

01:47:08   you had the courage to do so all the [TS]

01:47:10   helicopter shot all JJ why i didn't i [TS]

01:47:13   didn't hate the helicopter shot i hated [TS]

01:47:15   the length of it because it seemed to [TS]

01:47:16   completely ridiculous that she would [TS]

01:47:18   have her arm extended for that matter [TS]

01:47:20   that yeah that was thing we all walked [TS]

01:47:22   out of it being like are they still just [TS]

01:47:23   yeah I'm here for like three million [TS]

01:47:25   that its artistic license and that I [TS]

01:47:28   think that it's just she hands the [TS]

01:47:29   lightsaber and then they decided it's [TS]

01:47:31   freeze frame but it looks off but it [TS]

01:47:34   does she handle like that's the [TS]

01:47:35   detention of the moment is that [TS]

01:47:37   lightsabers offered we don't know if the [TS]

01:47:39   light there was accepted because again [TS]

01:47:40   Luke has his peace out on this whole [TS]

01:47:43   thing like he is contemplating he is a [TS]

01:47:45   way we don't know if he's been calling [TS]

01:47:47   to her with the dream where she's just [TS]

01:47:48   been dreaming about it because it's her [TS]

01:47:49   potential future but Luke is not signing [TS]

01:47:51   up to be like he's not there helping the [TS]

01:47:53   resistance out he's he's away [TS]

01:47:55   yeah reason so the whole thing and uh he [TS]

01:47:58   said he's away for a reason but our to [TS]

01:48:00   activated for a reason I just like to [TS]

01:48:02   say episode 8 should start with them [TS]

01:48:04   still staying there is dark out but [TS]

01:48:06   that's just be the first shot when you [TS]

01:48:07   look at all right we're good I are done [TS]

01:48:09   great episode 8 will gloss over that [TS]

01:48:11   because really I was most interested in [TS]

01:48:13   this thing is what the setup is like how [TS]

01:48:16   do you convince Luke to come back he's [TS]

01:48:18   got reasons for thinking like that that [TS]

01:48:20   he's doing more harm than good and he [TS]

01:48:22   needs to to go away or maybe he's on a [TS]

01:48:23   research mission like you don't know [TS]

01:48:25   what the whole deal is but I just don't [TS]

01:48:26   like that his best friend got killed [TS]

01:48:29   come on by his former student / nephew [TS]

01:48:31   like that's a pretty good reason to come [TS]

01:48:32   back [TS]

01:48:33   i don't like losing is you don't know if [TS]

01:48:35   if he is not if he's a way for a reason [TS]

01:48:41   that is that is convincing him that he [TS]

01:48:43   will need to be convinced you know that [TS]

01:48:44   that like that the arguments to be made [TS]

01:48:46   if they just cut for words like oh now [TS]

01:48:48   raise trained and Luke was a trainer [TS]

01:48:49   wait how do i get recalled why you [TS]

01:48:51   decided to come back we're going to be [TS]

01:48:53   good [TS]

01:48:53   but also i mean i think there's were [TS]

01:48:56   overlooking a major or not necessarily [TS]

01:48:58   overlooking but not talking about a [TS]

01:48:59   major aspect of this which in part is [TS]

01:49:01   raised parentage and in part is you know [TS]

01:49:04   if it was just about convincing Luke to [TS]

01:49:06   come back [TS]

01:49:07   Leia would have been on that on that [TS]

01:49:10   train like a layout and finally oh no [TS]

01:49:13   I'm saying that when they when they go [TS]

01:49:15   to leave its ray chewy and r2 if it was [TS]

01:49:20   just about her if it was just about Luke [TS]

01:49:23   need to come back and help us you know [TS]

01:49:25   defeat ray and defeat rent and defeat [TS]

01:49:27   all of this problem this first order [TS]

01:49:30   nonsense she would have come but it's [TS]

01:49:33   not it's not just Luke me to come back [TS]

01:49:35   its Luke here is this super powerful [TS]

01:49:39   Jedi that just had a run-in with your [TS]

01:49:41   failed apprentice let's maybe you should [TS]

01:49:45   consider training her and also maybe [TS]

01:49:47   she's your daughter maybe she's real is [TS]

01:49:49   related to you either way she's a very [TS]

01:49:50   powerful Jedi TVD I go igo strongly [TS]

01:49:54   against the like I'm really hoping she's [TS]

01:49:56   not in any way related to them i think [TS]

01:49:58   the the explanation in some way like i [TS]

01:50:01   don't know i came out of the sort of [TS]

01:50:02   like over the more metatextual analysis [TS]

01:50:04   of like of course she is a person who is [TS]

01:50:06   like from a desert planet who is [TS]

01:50:08   untrained who come goes off to join the [TS]

01:50:11   rebellion and get sucked into events [TS]

01:50:13   beyond her control and I feel like maybe [TS]

01:50:14   there's there's yeah he again yeah [TS]

01:50:17   Johnson me annoyed with me for talking [TS]

01:50:18   about the force again but I feel like [TS]

01:50:20   there's a pattern right like there's [TS]

01:50:22   certain amount of patterns that keep [TS]

01:50:23   that arise in in these kinds of movies [TS]

01:50:26   and you mean you can you can take sort [TS]

01:50:28   of adjust of campbell approach it if you [TS]

01:50:29   want and say like the hero's journey and [TS]

01:50:31   how these things work but I think in [TS]

01:50:32   some ways it had to be that the person [TS]

01:50:34   who was going to be able to defeat the [TS]

01:50:35   person defeat a villain who is related [TS]

01:50:37   to him like the most powerful Jedi blood [TS]

01:50:40   is gonna have to sort of come from the [TS]

01:50:42   same humble origins and follow a similar [TS]

01:50:44   path of the patterns i was seeing was [TS]

01:50:47   getting more cynical take like look this [TS]

01:50:48   program whereby you take children that [TS]

01:50:51   you may want to hide that maybe force [TS]

01:50:53   powerful and put them on a desert planet [TS]

01:50:54   this program is not working now this is [TS]

01:50:56   this this relocation and adoption foster [TS]

01:50:59   family desert planet first child it is [TS]

01:51:01   totally that they need to stop that [TS]

01:51:03   because it just you know what happens [TS]

01:51:05   like I have their life on the planet but [TS]

01:51:07   then they come out from the planet and [TS]

01:51:08   they're just a problem for everybody so [TS]

01:51:10   if you think you're hiding in there it's [TS]

01:51:11   not going to work you can make your [TS]

01:51:12   getting them out of the game there it's [TS]

01:51:13   not going to work stop putting these [TS]

01:51:14   kids on desert plants like this is [TS]

01:51:16   dennis assuming that she was put there [TS]

01:51:17   intentionally hard part of raised part [TS]

01:51:20   of rays story in the next film [TS]

01:51:21   definitely has to be you know why was [TS]

01:51:24   she left on jakku who is she [TS]

01:51:27   you know what lets her what's her story [TS]

01:51:28   and how she deals with that because if [TS]

01:51:30   she if she was you know i'm not sure my [TS]

01:51:34   gut feeling is that she was left there [TS]

01:51:36   temporarily and then something happened [TS]

01:51:41   perhaps even a a terrible thing [TS]

01:51:45   involving Luke Skywalker's of people's [TS]

01:51:48   or something but something something bad [TS]

01:51:50   happened and then and and she's now sort [TS]

01:51:53   of stuck there but I don't know why [TS]

01:51:54   would you put her there temporarily in [TS]

01:51:56   the care of that evil gruff guy who [TS]

01:51:58   doesn't give her another that's what a [TS]

01:51:59   hand or two like when it is a little [TS]

01:52:01   girl screaming personal drafts of the [TS]

01:52:03   script had her with maximum so those [TS]

01:52:06   character and that's I it's not really [TS]

01:52:10   clarified in this version [TS]

01:52:12   who exactly who she's staying with a [TS]

01:52:14   lead to hear the gruff guy in that one [TS]

01:52:16   flashback be like come on girl stop [TS]

01:52:18   crying yeah it's it's a it's a mystery [TS]

01:52:20   but obviously that's that's a key part [TS]

01:52:21   of her story that we would have to deal [TS]

01:52:23   with him and still I mean I think she's [TS]

01:52:25   related to the resistance in some way [TS]

01:52:27   because she has a tiny x-wing doll and [TS]

01:52:30   it's not like unless unless someone was [TS]

01:52:33   carrying around a tiny x-wing doll in [TS]

01:52:35   that Salvage which I highly doubt i'm [TS]

01:52:37   guessing the tiny x-wing y'all is her [TS]

01:52:39   excuse is made in making her sighs yeah [TS]

01:52:43   the battle of jakku is all around her [TS]

01:52:45   but she's not idolizing x-wing pilot [TS]

01:52:46   right so there's something you don't [TS]

01:52:47   know about the origin of skywalker she [TS]

01:52:49   knows about the morning on solo all of [TS]

01:52:52   the items you Jedi mind-trick sheet it's [TS]

01:52:54   not like that comes out of thin air [TS]

01:52:55   she knows the Jedi mind-trick exist [TS]

01:52:56   because it's part of the myth of Luke [TS]

01:52:58   Skywalker in the midst of the force that [TS]

01:52:59   she is you know come in contact with [TS]

01:53:01   through the the tales of the war she [TS]

01:53:03   knows Han Solo's and you know that war [TS]

01:53:06   like she knows all the stories I mean [TS]

01:53:08   and they just may sound fantastical but [TS]

01:53:10   she's play-acting them by putting the [TS]

01:53:11   helmet on everything [TS]

01:53:12   not ever like she's not like looking to [TS]

01:53:14   the sky longing to join the rebellion [TS]

01:53:16   she's more like you know putting it on [TS]

01:53:18   her head like the same way could put on [TS]

01:53:20   like a fireman's helmet only some only a [TS]

01:53:22   few kids actually have the ambition to [TS]

01:53:24   become fireman but everyone was on the [TS]

01:53:25   fireman helmet so she's putting on the [TS]

01:53:26   pilot helmet like that would be fun but [TS]

01:53:28   that's not my life so we should talk [TS]

01:53:30   about we've been talking for a while but [TS]

01:53:32   we've got some stuff to cover yet a [TS]

01:53:34   classic series classic trilogy [TS]

01:53:37   characters you know we mentioned yet han [TS]

01:53:39   Solo getting killed by his son but han [TS]

01:53:42   and Leia and you know Luke appears at [TS]

01:53:44   the end but but if you've got thoughts [TS]

01:53:46   about he doesn't even get a line and [TS]

01:53:48   he's like second bill the poster i think [TS]

01:53:50   a second building the credits that's [TS]

01:53:52   what blew me and Harrison Ford seconds [TS]

01:53:54   mark hamill really hit his agent isn't [TS]

01:53:56   me [TS]

01:53:56   it is pretty good well you know he's [TS]

01:53:58   obviously going to appear again and [TS]

01:54:00   whereas Han Solo is is the one who is [TS]

01:54:02   the strongest presence in this film at [TS]

01:54:05   which is one of the reasons that i was [TS]

01:54:06   sitting halfway through going well he's [TS]

01:54:08   in this movie a lot I've yes is it [TS]

01:54:10   well where we call that three years ago [TS]

01:54:12   yeah me yeah you remember that episode [TS]

01:54:13   where like who do we think is gonna die [TS]

01:54:15   in the the first episode of Star Wars [TS]

01:54:17   and I think we all agreed on it was nice [TS]

01:54:20   to know that they be like they clearly [TS]

01:54:22   were like alright wearing one movie is [TS]

01:54:24   informal we're gonna we're gonna we're [TS]

01:54:25   gonna we're gonna use in a ringing every [TS]

01:54:27   in bounced out of him and he gets a I [TS]

01:54:29   really i thought it was I thought it was [TS]

01:54:31   great i really think he looks like he's [TS]

01:54:33   having fun he looks like Han Solo he [TS]

01:54:35   talks like on solo I you know not to say [TS]

01:54:38   I a liked all of the decisions that were [TS]

01:54:41   made about his character but I really [TS]

01:54:43   can't fault him it all for the [TS]

01:54:45   performance in this movie it's just is i [TS]

01:54:47   r8 John is grumbling but i'm gonna say i [TS]

01:54:50   delight in his performance in this movie [TS]

01:54:52   whether it be borrowing cheese Bokassa [TS]

01:54:55   really like this or just you know any of [TS]

01:54:59   the other talking to John boyega and [TS]

01:55:01   Daisy Ridley I just I think it's great [TS]

01:55:03   it's yes he's a heavy he's a bit of a [TS]

01:55:05   deus ex machina at a lot of these points [TS]

01:55:06   but that makes it that much more [TS]

01:55:08   meaningful when he gets killed [TS]

01:55:10   you know it's it is sort of like we're [TS]

01:55:12   gonna we're gonna anchor you in from [TS]

01:55:14   this character that you [TS]

01:55:15   so in love we're going to have him be [TS]

01:55:16   around to sort of explain what's what's [TS]

01:55:18   going on but we're also not gonna let [TS]

01:55:20   you rely on him forever because you know [TS]

01:55:22   he's he's gotta roll to serve and he [TS]

01:55:24   sort of you know ends up being this this [TS]

01:55:26   film's obi-wan Kenobi you like up hey [TS]

01:55:28   I'm the experience characters here for [TS]

01:55:30   you now you're on your own so I I [TS]

01:55:33   thought he was deployed [TS]

01:55:35   well i know not everybody thinks the [TS]

01:55:37   same thing but they're wrong [TS]

01:55:39   I think you hit the nail on the head [TS]

01:55:40   when you said he looks like Han Solo he [TS]

01:55:43   talks like console-like and that I think [TS]

01:55:45   is the the root of the problem areas [TS]

01:55:48   it's always going to be problematic [TS]

01:55:49   these things for a lot of reasons first [TS]

01:55:50   of all I mentioned before that this [TS]

01:55:53   movie is nominated make it tries to make [TS]

01:55:55   everybody into actual characters [TS]

01:55:56   including groups that are traditionally [TS]

01:55:58   not allowed to be actual characters [TS]

01:56:00   which includes women sadly but also old [TS]

01:56:02   people most of the time when there's a [TS]

01:56:04   character the age of these actors in the [TS]

01:56:06   movies they're defining characteristic [TS]

01:56:07   is that they're old they're old and [TS]

01:56:09   their wives or their old and some [TS]

01:56:10   character that I and so they they fill [TS]

01:56:12   the role of the old person Harrison [TS]

01:56:14   forward and and and Carrie Fisher are [TS]

01:56:16   not in this movie primarily as old [TS]

01:56:18   people they are playing characters with [TS]

01:56:20   with particular roles which is [TS]

01:56:21   refreshing and great and it's a little [TS]

01:56:23   bit weird because I said when do old [TS]

01:56:25   people get roles that this old in movies [TS]

01:56:27   that aren't defined by their like I'm a [TS]

01:56:29   grandfather i am the elder said max area [TS]

01:56:32   reg I'm the wise older first yeah max is [TS]

01:56:35   one of the other few examples where that [TS]

01:56:37   old person and in the the band of biker [TS]

01:56:40   women is not defined by her being old [TS]

01:56:41   she just happens to be old but she's a [TS]

01:56:43   character anyway so that is all good and [TS]

01:56:45   refreshing but when you have characters [TS]

01:56:47   this old when people aged what they do [TS]

01:56:50   how what they do with their life [TS]

01:56:53   necessarily has to change because aging [TS]

01:56:55   is a real thing and they asked Harrison [TS]

01:56:58   Ford in this movie to do pretty much [TS]

01:57:00   every single thing in the same way that [TS]

01:57:02   Han Solo did when he was 35 years old [TS]

01:57:05   wherever he was in the original trilogy [TS]

01:57:06   and that I mean it's just it's just [TS]

01:57:09   difficult to pull off its heart it for [TS]

01:57:11   plausibility wise you would imagine sure [TS]

01:57:13   console is still around but he's older [TS]

01:57:15   now and has to go about his hunt soloing [TS]

01:57:17   in a different way rather than going [TS]

01:57:19   about Han soloing in essentially the [TS]

01:57:21   same way he's always gone about it [TS]

01:57:22   because he's clever with the blaster [TS]

01:57:24   he's good with talking like he did all [TS]

01:57:26   the things that he's down the other [TS]

01:57:27   movies but try [TS]

01:57:28   to make a 73 year old like what it comes [TS]

01:57:30   down to is i'm not entirely sure that [TS]

01:57:31   the actor was up for it and i think it [TS]

01:57:34   makes sense of the Act would be up for [TS]

01:57:35   it because the actor is really old to [TS]

01:57:37   just like the character and the [TS]

01:57:38   character would not be up to it either [TS]

01:57:41   and I think lake a much better one [TS]

01:57:43   because she's not in the movie that much [TS]

01:57:44   and second because everything they had [TS]

01:57:46   her doing was in a way that would be [TS]

01:57:48   totally appropriate for a person her age [TS]

01:57:49   she wasn't running through the death [TS]

01:57:51   star saying you know you came in that [TS]

01:57:53   thing you're braver than I thought in [TS]

01:57:54   blasting you know she's not doing that [TS]

01:57:56   anymore because she's-she's to hold for [TS]

01:57:58   that you can't that's not her think [TS]

01:58:00   she's not swing across Kane's she's not [TS]

01:58:02   shooting people on you know endure but [TS]

01:58:05   it's it was not a good fit between his [TS]

01:58:09   character and what they asked him to do [TS]

01:58:11   based on age now that said because [TS]

01:58:13   Harrison Ford and he's an amazing human [TS]

01:58:15   being he pulled off almost everything he [TS]

01:58:17   was asked to do pretty convincingly [TS]

01:58:20   almost convincingly because he's he's an [TS]

01:58:23   amazing person he's a good actor he [TS]

01:58:25   knows how solar really well he pulled [TS]

01:58:28   off a lot of funny lines that would only [TS]

01:58:29   be funny coming from Han Solo some of [TS]

01:58:32   them would only be funny coming from an [TS]

01:58:34   older han Solo and added give it credit [TS]

01:58:37   for but I think the general sort of [TS]

01:58:38   cognitive dissonance has two parts one [TS]

01:58:40   is that we're just like I said I used to [TS]

01:58:42   sing old people be at get to be actual [TS]

01:58:43   characters aren't defined by the agents [TS]

01:58:45   the good happen and the bad half is Han [TS]

01:58:48   Solo at this age though he may still [TS]

01:58:50   have the same attitude and be young at [TS]

01:58:51   heart would necessarily have to change [TS]

01:58:54   the way he Han Solo's and I felt like he [TS]

01:58:55   had sold in this one too much like the [TS]

01:58:57   old I'm gonna I'm gonna disagree with [TS]

01:58:58   you because of the way that the script [TS]

01:59:01   is set up and and it's set up this way [TS]

01:59:04   for this reason i think which is Han [TS]

01:59:06   Solo is regressing at he has gone into a [TS]

01:59:08   spiral after losing his son and he saw [TS]