The Incomparable

268: Let`s Hear It for Botanists


  the incomparable number 260 a October [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  incomparable we are here talking about [TS]

  this is one of our reps pc people write [TS]

  to me and they say are you going to talk [TS]

  about this movie that just was in [TS]

  theaters and I say no probably not be [TS]

  very rarely talk about a movie that's [TS]

  just in theaters because it's hard to [TS]

  get everybody together and have [TS]

  everybody have seen it and still have a [TS]

  conversation while it's still remotely [TS]

  in the the sphere of movies that people [TS]

  are actually talking about but we did it [TS]

  this time [TS]

  so this is an aberration this isn't a [TS]

  regular feature but we did just hot [TS]

  let's go all go see the Martian not [TS]

  together we saw its up with Avila [TS]

  separately but now we have come together [TS]

  to talk about the Martian the major [TS]

  motion picture starring matt damon and [TS]

  many many many many many other people [TS]

  let me introduce my fine panel of five [TS]

  guests that I brought here all of whom [TS]

  have seen the Martian i really hope if [TS]

  somebody says they haven't seen the [TS]

  Martians i'm going to be very [TS]

  disappointed [TS]

  why are you so join me and Enoch oh hi [TS]

  Andy [TS]

  well basically were all thank you thank [TS]

  you [TS]

  well done chip sudderth is here [TS]

  hi chip Mars i can't believe i'm back on [TS]

  mars three times before this place [TS]

  almost killed me [TS]

  I swore I'd never give it another chance [TS]

  to finish the job [TS]

  humans got no business being here no [TS]

  business at all very nice those Babylon [TS]

  5 reference by the way everybody and so [TS]

  that now i'll introduce a chip someone [TS]

  shoots co-host from the bodyguard to [TS]

  Babylon 5 podcast it's erica and sign [TS]

  hello hello I did watch the Martian [TS]

  although it's been almost a week so [TS]

  we'll see how much a driver [TS]

  alright well we'll test you Lisa [TS]

  Schmeisser is also with us Lisa reading [TS]

  science that we weave we very well may [TS]

  and joining us for the first time on the [TS]

  uncomfortable it's my co-host from the [TS]

  liftoff podcast a fortnightly podcast [TS]

  about space things and one of the [TS]

  cofounders of real afm we did a whole [TS]

  episode about the Martian but you know [TS]

  what it wasn't enough so we're going to [TS]

  talk about it some more [TS]

  it's stephen Hackett hello hey I've been [TS]

  eating potatoes for week-and-a-half [TS]

  preparation and it's have you run out of [TS]

  ketchup is the question I did have you [TS]

  been have you rest of vicodin idea [TS]

  really ready to podcast now so now that [TS]

  you've got the vicodin vicodin potatoes [TS]

  ease the pain right and carbs and [TS]

  narcotics before we get started I want [TS]

  to ask everybody uh here quick poll I [TS]

  who has read the book the Martian dude i [TS]

  was on the book podcast some people [TS]

  don't remember incomparable continuity [TS]

  least yeah they should be heard the [TS]

  podcast that we did and then read it and [TS]

  extolled the Firdos on any other podcast [TS]

  didn't you [TS]

  oh yeah my ex yeah exactly extolled the [TS]

  podcast i did not i did read the book [TS]

  completely cold i did not listen to any [TS]

  podcasts ok [TS]

  no spoilers all I knew was truly all I [TS]

  know about the Martian was the cover had [TS]

  a picture of an astronaut in some sort [TS]

  of an orange background knew nothing [TS]

  else about where we went to the movie my [TS]

  son we asked him what he thought the [TS]

  movie was about he said I assume it's [TS]

  about an alien [TS]

  let's just see what happens then chip [TS]

  did you read the book I did to the book [TS]

  what I did harry potter and the [TS]

  sorcerer's stone which is desperately [TS]

  race to finish it before the movie came [TS]

  out okay and did you succeed I did [TS]

  succeed it was a ripper war and read all [TS]

  right Eric I did you read the book [TS]

  no but I did listen to the incomparable [TS]

  you cannot talk about haha i like that's [TS]

  like crammed for it [TS]

  I've had the book on my kindle for a [TS]

  while now I just having actually put it [TS]

  off because I decided I wanted to wait [TS]

  to see the movie first and read the book [TS]

  after interesting [TS]

  ok that's not the way to go and Stephen [TS]

  you read the book I did all in a in one [TS]

  sitting actually I couldn't stop [TS]

  alright so for people who are wondering [TS]

  we did talk about the book as we've [TS]

  mentioned it was episode 187 called man [TS]

  vs mars we did that back in march of [TS]

  2014 with a while ago now we were oh we [TS]

  were ahead of the curve on the Martian [TS]

  but we weren't behind the curve either [TS]

  so anyway I think we all enjoyed it and [TS]

  would recommend it it's a fun read but [TS]

  then then came that the tough challenge [TS]

  of adapting that book into a major [TS]

  motion picture which is something that [TS]

  that Ridley Scott director and strew [TS]

  Goddard right whoohoo was a buffy the [TS]

  vampire slayer writer for a while and [TS]

  did cloverfield I think I think cabin in [TS]

  the woods [TS]

  cabin in the woods well he's a joss [TS]

  whedon collaborator there are two Drew's [TS]

  who worked on Buffy and can always never [TS]

  keep track of them but uh anyway they [TS]

  had to adapt this from anywheres a novel [TS]

  and and so they did and this is the [TS]

  result [TS]

  I don't want to turn this into a [TS]

  complete like book vs movie podcast [TS]

  because that's that's a bit much older [TS]

  we can go into that a little bit of [TS]

  Stephen and I spent I feel like we we [TS]

  did get caught in that on unlived off [TS]

  episode we did we did a lot of good [TS]

  except to movie comparison stuff but I [TS]

  you know I so wow I've struggled with [TS]

  figuring out where to start the [TS]

  conversation about this story and i'm [TS]

  gonna start it with Matt Damon because [TS]

  he is on screen by himself for a very [TS]

  long time because that's the whole point [TS]

  of this now we do see people back on [TS]

  earth who are trying to save him and we [TS]

  do see him strength you know his his [TS]

  compatriots in space who have left [TS]

  behind but most of the time spent with [TS]

  matt damon i guess i should say up front [TS]

  here too [TS]

  we're going to talk about what's in the [TS]

  movie so if you don't wanna know about [TS]

  what happens in the movie [TS]

  don't listen to this podcast until [TS]

  you've seen it and that means I'm firing [TS]

  off the Martian spoiler horn right now [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  is the Martian spoiler hard different [TS]

  than the usual spoiler the marshal [TS]

  speller horn has to stay inside [TS]

  otherwise it will die [TS]

  there's like a 30-minute delay between [TS]

  when the spoiler horn is sounded and one [TS]

  actually reaches our express it is an [TS]

  inner atmosphere is accessible strength [TS]

  it takes 30 minutes for the horn to [TS]

  reach you all day the earth stands by [TS]

  waiting and hoping so Matt Damon who as [TS]

  famously we had to be found in saving [TS]

  private ryan and was lost interstellar [TS]

  his lost again he's a this one the way [TS]

  this movie starts at the way gets lost [TS]

  maybe maybe that's that's where he's [TS]

  coming out but there's a great you know [TS]

  talk to me about their about any keep [TS]

  how much money do you [TS]

  does the US government spent trying to [TS]

  find Matt Damon yeah very dramatic [TS]

  opening scene as Stephen and I talked [TS]

  about on liftoff you know the Martian [TS]

  atmosphere is very thin a store of a [TS]

  high wind on Mars would probably not [TS]

  blow a piece of paper around but very [TS]

  dramatic beginning to the film where we [TS]

  see that Matt Damon gets left behind and [TS]

  we sort of it's just enough that they're [TS]

  kind of absolved we don't hate the crew [TS]

  for leaving behind but we also kind of [TS]

  understand Jessica Chastain's guilt at [TS]

  feeling like she could have done more [TS]

  because she's the captain to to save him [TS]

  once that especially once they find out [TS]

  that that he actually wasn't dead after [TS]

  all he was he was alive and then you [TS]

  know he wakes up and uh Matt Damon is [TS]

  alone for a long time wandering around [TS]

  indoors and outdoors on on Mars so [TS]

  starting with Matt Damon what people [TS]

  what people think of the of the solo man [TS]

  versus nature aspect of this film [TS]

  because it really that really is what [TS]

  this is edit score is it's about this [TS]

  guy struggling to stay alive you know I [TS]

  was not a matt damon fan before I saw [TS]

  this movie and I really have been i [TS]

  would say that i'm not a matt damon fan [TS]

  now but I still enjoyed him well enough [TS]

  in the movie he was just fine [TS]

  aight aight i haven't read the book so [TS]

  my only introduction to this character [TS]

  was what I saw on screen and he seemed [TS]

  perfectly serviceable in the role i was [TS]

  i was comfortable watching him but it [TS]

  wasn't the character that drew me in it [TS]

  was it was the story and the the the [TS]

  Jeopardy that this character was in AZ [TS]

  22 me liking the character for himself [TS]

  he had me when he at two moments in this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  there's the first moment when he [TS]

  staggers back into the hab and has to [TS]

  stitch himself bet your staple himself [TS]

  back together that really wasn't [TS]

  Prometheus level but still that was that [TS]

  was tough stuff that was tough stuff and [TS]

  but it also with one of the things that [TS]

  made it work for me was in the book it's [TS]

  all monologue and it's all description [TS]

  and that is a he is not performing for [TS]

  anybody he's not doing a log for anybody [TS]

  matt damon is just performing suffering [TS]

  and determination and all that stuff and [TS]

  that was that was a great moment and the [TS]

  second moment that sealed the deal for [TS]

  me was after he blows up the hab and [TS]

  he's sitting down in front of his camera [TS]

  and he still smoking and those those [TS]

  those too much right there [TS]

  I did it for me well the the first [TS]

  person concede of the Martian is that [TS]

  the book is great in the sense that you [TS]

  get the sense of his voice and who he is [TS]

  as a person and he's trying to keep his [TS]

  spirits up but you also get his dark [TS]

  moments but what you don't get is what [TS]

  he's not you know willing to share and [TS]

  you're right chip one of the advantages [TS]

  of doing this is a movie is that you get [TS]

  to see those things the disadvantages [TS]

  that it's harder to do that first person [TS]

  narration and we do get a lot of him [TS]

  sort of staring into the camera and [TS]

  leaving and and and his log but what [TS]

  what it gets us is those moments where [TS]

  he's unguarded where we're just [TS]

  witnessing the guy he's not narrating [TS]

  his life we're seeing what he lived [TS]

  which is a that's an advantage of doing [TS]

  this is a movie as a poster book i think [TS]

  yeah that that's that's what i liked [TS]

  about the first 10 minutes of that [TS]

  because we see him obviously if he's got [TS]

  his stuff together enough to sit down [TS]

  and think to leave a log behind we're [TS]

  really not seeing him just in that very [TS]

  moment and trying to figure out what the [TS]

  hell just happened [TS]

  what a great introduction to the [TS]

  character that the firming that the fact [TS]

  that he is so well-trained and he is so [TS]

  geared towards here's what has to be [TS]

  done that staggers staggers into the hab [TS]

  and without any preamble whatsoever or [TS]

  even like you know I got to get ready to [TS]

  do surgery on myself just dives in grabs [TS]

  it grabs med packs grabs it grabs the [TS]

  EpiPen or whatever [TS]

  four starts cutting starts digging [TS]

  around four piece of metal the noses in [TS]

  there get out and gets it done and then [TS]

  after that it's just as you say Jason [TS]

  you don't eat in the book you don't get [TS]

  to see him just numb for 24 hours just I [TS]

  just because it's sinking in that he is [TS]

  alone on Mars and a half that's designed [TS]

  to last for about a month for few people [TS]

  and he then there's no way that he's [TS]

  good he can let you can survive for [TS]

  years just on his own just coming to [TS]

  grips with that the only thing I didn't [TS]

  like about the first 10 minutes is that [TS]

  I really was hoping for more scenes of [TS]

  the mission one of the group so we can [TS]

  before the the stuff starts happening i [TS]

  would like I would have liked to have [TS]

  learned about what's the relationships [TS]

  between all these people how did they [TS]

  get along with each other i would like [TS]

  to have seen more of matt damon in pre [TS]

  crisis mode of just you know fun-loving [TS]

  of Mark Watney who is just use the cup [TS]

  of the group and keeps everybody spirits [TS]

  up because it seems like there are [TS]

  prospecting for all of like 38 seconds [TS]

  before [TS]

  ok we're all going Forgotten borough and [TS]

  I appreciated that I like the fact that [TS]

  we didn't have a bunch of a sort of [TS]

  background stuff on the character I I it [TS]

  just felt a lot more immediate and real [TS]

  to me because I wasn't thinking about [TS]

  all of that stuff is kind of like how in [TS]

  gravity they made sure to you know to [TS]

  shoehorn in the fact that she's a cute [TS]

  kid back home which I found kind of [TS]

  annoying like it that I feel like the [TS]

  character itself be in jeopardy is [TS]

  enough for me and I didn't want all that [TS]

  extra stuff that's what works for well i [TS]

  was thinking about the abyss where [TS]

  before the the adventure part of the [TS]

  movie starts [TS]

  they show them they show the crew of [TS]

  d├ęcor just doing a day's work trying to [TS]

  get trying to get to get some that or [TS]

  under underwater or dark puts put aside [TS]

  and why don't you write I wouldn't it [TS]

  wouldn't edius if we've learned a lot [TS]

  about what his family life was like what [TS]

  is what is this is cousin make the [TS]

  baseball team and that sort of stuff but [TS]

  like i said it's the sort of thing of [TS]

  we're gonna have to know about the crew [TS]

  later on when they come back into the [TS]

  movie and it personally for me I would [TS]

  have liked it if I'd known if I had a [TS]

  better frame of reference for them [TS]

  before they took off they try to get [TS]

  everybody a moment but you can tell that [TS]

  it's like literally [TS]

  everybody's going to get a moment and [TS]

  then we're gonna kick it into gear and [TS]

  yet this is a two hour and 20 minute [TS]

  movie so it's not totally surprising [TS]

  that they move it along but stuff but so [TS]

  i can see that you know do your less [TS]

  invested in the crew before you lose [TS]

  them because of that I want to mention [TS]

  another another matt damon thing and I [TS]

  wonder what you know what you guys think [TS]

  there is a day a dialogue list seen [TS]

  early in the film where you know you're [TS]

  right he is he starts in survival mode [TS]

  and then he and then he has to make the [TS]

  shift to to problem-solving mode [TS]

  how am I going to am I gonna get out of [TS]

  this can i get out of this because at [TS]

  first he's just trying to stay alive [TS]

  like literally can i fix my wounds so [TS]

  that i will stay alive and then there's [TS]

  the end it's boy it's a tough shift to [TS]

  be like well now i need to start [TS]

  thinking big picture here and there's a [TS]

  scene where he's standing and i believe [TS]

  the airlock it's that route around [TS]

  chamber and he and we're like closing on [TS]

  his face and and there's no dialogue and [TS]

  and you know if you talk about the scene [TS]

  where I really liked what Matt Damon [TS]

  didn't miss in this movie it's that [TS]

  scene because I feel like that's the [TS]

  scene where he's deciding deciding do I [TS]

  want to just open the airlock and die if [TS]

  I'm gonna die here [TS]

  I don't want to prolong it I'm just [TS]

  gonna I'm just gonna open the airlock [TS]

  and i'll die and that will be the end [TS]

  and he chooses to fight and he chooses [TS]

  to try and work the problem and see if [TS]

  there's some even impossible way for him [TS]

  to get out of this and I really like [TS]

  that and like I said it's not like he's [TS]

  talking about it to himself he's just [TS]

  literally standing in the airlock and [TS]

  he's not a hand on the door or anything [TS]

  like that it's really subtle but I feel [TS]

  like you've got to see his struggle of [TS]

  like what am I gonna do now am I gonna [TS]

  live or am I going to give up and he [TS]

  chooses to live and then that sets him [TS]

  off on his course for the rest I did get [TS]

  that but baby I wasn't paying that close [TS]

  attention and it's my interpretation of [TS]

  it there do it you know that that was [TS]

  the way I took it is that I you know I [TS]

  think he's considering whether he wants [TS]

  to live here or not because he's he sort [TS]

  of silent and upset and and standing in [TS]

  what I believe is that is the chamber [TS]

  where he could close the door and and [TS]

  and a doll and they don't make a big [TS]

  deal out of it but I mean that is [TS]

  ultimately his decision here is he do [TS]

  you fight or do you not get with it [TS]

  whether that scene was intended to mean [TS]

  that or not you know he turns and [TS]

  decides he's gonna he's gonna use [TS]

  science [TS]

  to work out work out the problem here [TS]

  yeah there are there are also a couple [TS]

  of moments in this movie where he I [TS]

  wouldn't say he weekends but he gets [TS]

  really frustrated or upset there's a [TS]

  couple of moments where he screams the [TS]

  f-word silently behind his a class and [TS]

  one of the criticisms I've seen this [TS]

  movie mainly by people who haven't read [TS]

  the book is they just don't buy how calm [TS]

  and help together Matt Damon is or how [TS]

  much Mark Watney would be that nobody [TS]

  would be he's just so implacable and I [TS]

  don't get that all from this movie [TS]

  there are a couple of moments where he [TS]

  breaks the point of the movie is of [TS]

  course the triumph of the that the [TS]

  triumph of the problem solver but i [TS]

  actually thought there were a couple of [TS]

  moments that humanized him that Matt [TS]

  being brought to it i thought this movie [TS]

  had some nice continuity with tom [TS]

  wolfe's the right stuff which is about [TS]

  the early the book the book and the [TS]

  movie about the early science and space [TS]

  program you know the did great get [TS]

  Grissom and gotten the mercury after the [TS]

  markets right [TS]

  the only reason I paid attention to [TS]

  guests christmas because my childhood [TS]

  library was named after him so I was [TS]

  like oh but uh one of the passages in [TS]

  the book that's indelible that's stayed [TS]

  with me for many years is Tom wolf goes [TS]

  into the mindset of people who do well [TS]

  the space program and they tend to be [TS]

  test pilots in other words the type of [TS]

  people who if the nose of your airplane [TS]

  is on fire and you're hurtling toward [TS]

  the earth at a hundred miles an hour [TS]

  they will calmly methodically assume [TS]

  that they can get out of it and work [TS]

  every single solution right up to the [TS]

  moment that the nosecone hits the ground [TS]

  at a terrifying velocity like these are [TS]

  just not people who ever think of [TS]

  themselves as failing they always think [TS]

  that well i can i can work the problem [TS]

  and so that was one thing that I really [TS]

  enjoyed seeing all the way through the [TS]

  Martian is everybody who worked the [TS]

  problem [TS]

  never assume they couldn't solve it yeah [TS]

  and yeah and then had been rocked back [TS]

  on their heels by setbacks like with [TS]

  when you know my gosh all are liquefied [TS]

  supplies are what through all of our [TS]

  calculations and you know rocketboom but [TS]

  the point is they didn't spend like [TS]

  three weeks and launch a tumbler full of [TS]

  said pictures ever they just [TS]

  like when that we can begin the 11 i can [TS]

  working the problem again and I really [TS]

  like that callback to the resilience in [TS]

  tough mindedness of the very early space [TS]

  program I thought to put a really nice i [TS]

  thought was a really nice call-up to the [TS]

  history of US Space and how there are [TS]

  some things that stay the same even when [TS]

  we get to the point where we have [TS]

  fantastically well equipped Martian [TS]

  voyages when you can talk about Apollo [TS]

  13 is a is another touchdown along here [TS]

  a film and so that's the style you want [TS]

  to kind of a attached to but based on a [TS]

  real story about the same thing and i [TS]

  was reading I i was tweet that led to a [TS]

  post by somebody who is an astronaut in [TS]

  training and she's a scientist marquan [TS]

  you know he's a botanist he's not he's [TS]

  not a an Air Force fighter pilot or [TS]

  something like that but even you know [TS]

  even astronauts who are scientists like [TS]

  have to learn how to fly jets and stuff [TS]

  even if they've never flown before [TS]

  literally get you get inducted into the [TS]

  astronaut training program they're like [TS]

  okay we're going to teach you how to fly [TS]

  jets narrow and I also want to point out [TS]

  that bonus or kind of the fearless [TS]

  badasses of the science alright that was [TS]

  here from is that notice the know [TS]

  because these are the guys who will do [TS]

  things like head into war zones to save [TS]

  plant stocks under the theory that [TS]

  eventually someone's going to have to [TS]

  replant and and there are some plants [TS]

  that are so exquisitely suited to their [TS]

  habitat it is a service to humanity to [TS]

  go rescue these plants and keep them [TS]

  safe like there are in the annals of war [TS]

  over the 20th century alone there was an [TS]

  entire team of Soviet scientists that [TS]

  starved to death in the interest of [TS]

  keeping the Soviet Union's potato rice [TS]

  and peanut stock safe for rebuilding and [TS]

  there was another case fairly recently [TS]

  where there's a scientist who managed to [TS]

  rescue like lemon somewhere in the [TS]

  middle east like this really rare [TS]

  straight [TS]

  the point is that botanist they're [TS]

  pretty much like fearless anyway we know [TS]

  those potatoes come in handy very [TS]

  important it's true [TS]

  so you bought is her to be feared what [TS]

  do you think of a matt damon and and [TS]

  Mark Watney and his sort of solo [TS]

  performance here for much most of the [TS]

  movie i think it is a good job you know [TS]

  in the in the book you because so much [TS]

  of the book is done is log entries you [TS]

  sort of have to infer some fizzy his [TS]

  emotions kind of on top of what he's [TS]

  saying but in the movie course we get to [TS]

  see him right we get to see you said [TS]

  that moment in the airlock you get to [TS]

  see the resolve [TS]

  silver his face or the look of of you [TS]

  know he certainly understands or comes [TS]

  to a conclusion and i think i think that [TS]

  David pulls it off i think that he's a [TS]

  very believable character and just like [TS]

  you're saying about the right stuff is [TS]

  those astronauts you know from the [TS]

  sixties and seventies guys who had that [TS]

  steely resolve and you get that or I get [TS]

  that from from watching Matt Damon walk [TS]

  around and and do stuff and I think it's [TS]

  um you know I think I I was not prepared [TS]

  for the sort of the the emotional side [TS]

  of the of the book to really be flushed [TS]

  out in the movie but I think he does a [TS]

  really good job at it [TS]

  I think the difference would be since [TS]

  he's he is you know essentially a [TS]

  civilian scientists I don't know via in [TS]

  a backstory if he if he's purely a [TS]

  civilian or not but essentially it's a [TS]

  recent easy regular guy who then is [TS]

  training he's an astronaut but you get [TS]

  the steely resolve that the difference [TS]

  and this is what makes the same 2015 [TS]

  movie and not a 1982 v is you know we [TS]

  see him being wacky and playing the [TS]

  disco music and making you know jokes [TS]

  with his his a his crewmate AE [TS]

  before-and-after right him go the the oh [TS]

  this one seventies TV callback that [TS]

  would that survived that was a that was [TS]

  excellent but it doesn't change the [TS]

  steely resolve underneath right that's [TS]

  all still there he's still working the [TS]

  problem but he's there for an extended [TS]

  period of time like Apollo 13 where they [TS]

  did it all in a day of you know a few [TS]

  days of of working the problem [TS]

  he's got months and so we also get to [TS]

  see him kind of his other his other [TS]

  aspects the steely resolve has never not [TS]

  there right [TS]

  I think I think it's you can see the [TS]

  transition where you do at those first [TS]

  couple days where he need only gets into [TS]

  despair but he's basically very much in [TS]

  this is very much abstracting his [TS]

  situation before he goes back into [TS]

  engineering like just you know [TS]

  originally said earlier it's these [TS]

  people are trained to be able to do not [TS]

  see either the line the line that I [TS]

  remember from one astronaut think what [TS]

  Apollo astronaut say that between a test [TS]

  pilot normal pilot is that if you're if [TS]

  both pilots know that they've got 12 [TS]

  seconds before they [TS]

  brasher the test pilot well i got 12 [TS]

  seconds i bet i can fix this and so it [TS]

  seems as though what was going to keep [TS]

  him alive even if he was gonna die 90 [TS]

  days even if he was gonna be able to [TS]

  stretch his food supply is that now he's [TS]

  got this new project to work on which is [TS]

  to figure out what he can do today to [TS]

  extend his life another day and you [TS]

  he has that sort of personality that [TS]

  lets him take that as his as new raised [TS]

  on debt it that's that's what he's doing [TS]

  now it's if he didn't have that sort of [TS]

  distraction if it was for a different [TS]

  situation we had to wait for rescue [TS]

  maybe he would have blown the airlock if [TS]

  you didn't have the distraction of a [TS]

  completely hostile environment of a [TS]

  severe lack of food and having to [TS]

  generate your own water and and wait and [TS]

  and then like halfway across the planet [TS]

  to get shot off in a convertible I can [TS]

  see where you might fall into despair [TS]

  and boredom [TS]

  yeah i think i like i like Mark Watney [TS]

  the character because of the choices [TS]

  that he makes and what he does and and [TS]

  sort of the things that he says so i [TS]

  think the the writing of the book and [TS]

  also the writing of the screenplay are [TS]

  what what Germany and it that it's just [TS]

  that it has you know we keep mentioning [TS]

  that David has nothing to do with that [TS]

  performance at the german let me take a [TS]

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  details untold for sponsoring the [TS]

  incomparable i have been racking my [TS]

  brains trying to figure out there's like [TS]

  a nerd of your a-lister they could have [TS]

  used instead of Matt Damon because it [TS]

  was a fine performance and at one point [TS]

  I leaned over and whispered to fill all [TS]

  right this is the Oscar clip and i'm [TS]

  fairly sure he's gonna get nominated [TS]

  this year teacher the guy i think i [TS]

  think how you got it you got an a-list [TS]

  actor and he basically carrying a hit [TS]

  movie and he's almost entirely just [TS]

  alone in it [TS]

  oh yeah he's a shoo-in for the many just [TS]

  means that Oscar Oscar clip where he's [TS]

  crying and he's emoting and he's like [TS]

  good I differently to read like a winner [TS]

  but i was at my complaint when he was [TS]

  cast was can he play convincingly nerdy [TS]

  enough because the Watney in the book is [TS]

  somebody who is you know nerd first [TS]

  astronaut second he's an astronaut [TS]

  really ya know what i don't like is like [TS]

  a serious nerd and I do not get that [TS]

  from the screen at all [TS]

  ya know and thatthat's the things I've [TS]

  been and I thought okay well this is [TS]

  actually casting challenge because a [TS]

  listers not becoming lister since they [TS]

  master the Nerds onra so like I just [TS]

  keep thinking well we've probably dodged [TS]

  a bullet in that it wasn't Ben Affleck [TS]

  cast in this movie I thought that the [TS]

  oceans the oceans movies put him in that [TS]

  sort of because he's because he's next [TS]

  to Bradley and Brandon he really he is [TS]

  the nerd of that trio so that is the [TS]

  narrative entry on that includes Brad [TS]

  Pitt and George party box will not to be [TS]

  the nerd of like the only person who [TS]

  would not be a nerd in that trio would [TS]

  be the rock [TS]

  well he seemed nervous but he is an [TS]

  astronaut nerd right now I think that's [TS]

  the challenges not only you know not the [TS]

  Nerds can't be astronauts but I think [TS]

  they're they're obviously they're not [TS]

  just nerds because they have all of the [TS]

  whatever-it-is the right stuff let's say [TS]

  to be asked [TS]

  knots and also there is that type that [TS]

  you know it's typecasting in a way to [TS]

  which is you want this is this movie [TS]

  needs a lead who can hold it down and [TS]

  who can be heroic and yet gives you at [TS]

  least a a taste of the fact i mean i'd i [TS]

  believe that he is really legitimately [TS]

  excited about growing his his poop [TS]

  potato baked potatoes and all of the [TS]

  stuff that he does and that he knows [TS]

  that stuff I never I never was like come [TS]

  on this guy doesn't understand stuff [TS]

  like that i disguised even know what [TS]

  salary but he's not you know it'sit's [TS]

  there there there are limits and I think [TS]

  their limits 22 when you're making a [TS]

  movie like this [TS]

  yeah i did not have an image in my head [TS]

  of Mark Watney when i read the book when [TS]

  I reread it i will probably see matt [TS]

  damon and you know and and then and I [TS]

  think that says something either about [TS]

  my lack of imagination or the fact that [TS]

  you know he didn't do anything to screw [TS]

  up the character in my head that's all [TS]

  that's actually kind of a ringing [TS]

  endorsement he didn't script the [TS]

  character in my head with notice [TS]

  yeah because i actually have one casting [TS]

  quibble ok which is um I can't remember [TS]

  her first name but her last name is Park [TS]

  yeah Andy park [TS]

  Mindy park and I was like I leaned over [TS]

  to the because my local nerd policy when [TS]

  we all got together was very exciting as [TS]

  we know children with this and really [TS]

  different from Lauren's like I totally [TS]

  thought she was korean and Lauren's like [TS]

  oh I did too and so I was like kudos [TS]

  different for keeping his mini Park and [TS]

  not making her mark parkour Martin park [TS]

  or something like that like hooray we [TS]

  you know we didn't lose a woman but at [TS]

  the same time I I can't be the only [TS]

  person who read the name indie park and [TS]

  instantly you know thought okay Korean [TS]

  scientists totally plausible yeah and I [TS]

  don't know why you wouldn't i mean i [TS]

  don't know why i was i was taken aback [TS]

  when I saw that like really blonde girl [TS]

  is mini mark really maybe she's adopted [TS]

  like Scott Fujita alright ability that [TS]

  is really loved one long way I was just [TS]

  playing with that I i perform some [TS]

  people who are disappointed that the [TS]

  that the Indian character is played by [TS]

  chiwetel ejiofor who the story and the [TS]

  story is they actually cast an Indian [TS]

  actor [TS]

  who apparently i think maybe because the [TS]

  shooting that delayed it's unclear in my [TS]

  in my recollection of this but basically [TS]

  he he got pulled off of it at the last [TS]

  minute because he had to go to a giant [TS]

  bollywood spectacular but he was going [TS]

  to be at character and they say in it [TS]

  with a couple of weeks ago they had to [TS]

  catch somebody in the cast chiwetel [TS]

  ejiofor as an emergency casting choice [TS]

  that's pretty awesome but as a result [TS]

  there's a line in there where he says [TS]

  that his mother was a Baptist and his [TS]

  and his up his father is a Hindu but i [TS]

  think his name changes to Vincent [TS]

  instead of in cats yeah exactly said I [TS]

  just kind of imagine that they met in [TS]

  school and his mother was like of the [TS]

  Southern Baptist direction and so I [TS]

  filled in that story to where I'm like [TS]

  I'm clearly he was your TA and they met [TS]

  a bad Kansas but that was you know so we [TS]

  have 28 is seemingly you know these [TS]

  could have been ancient actors that they [TS]

  ended up neither of them being that yeah [TS]

  but of geology for speaking of casting [TS]

  I'm not so good guys really good yeah [TS]

  yeah yeahs having not having read the [TS]

  book I didn't know any of that so I had [TS]

  no preconceptions and I just found [TS]

  myself going [TS]

  hey there's a lot of ladies on the [TS]

  screen hey did a black guy in a position [TS]

  of power [TS]

  hey I'm like in this movie yeah yeah [TS]

  hey Donald Glover's in this and he's a [TS]

  gigantic nerd there's just that Sean [TS]

  Bean was somehow not decapitated and the [TS]

  point during the film because i'm sort [TS]

  of condition to have him get yelled at [TS]

  anything is and i was like he made it [TS]

  alive to be into the fish on gets to [TS]

  participate in a lord of the rings joke [TS]

  in the middle California maybe I think [TS]

  the greatest that's in the book and [TS]

  we're going to take it out of the movie [TS]

  and they decided they the the executives [TS]

  want to take it out and somebody was [TS]

  like no no that's funny leave it in and [TS]

  it is it the whole my whole audience [TS]

  laughed but we have to win me that joke [TS]

  especially when the Jets when the jeff [TS]

  daniels character like if you know [TS]

  startles them all baby & completely [TS]

  fluent and tokine as well that was great [TS]

  it was a really nice humanizing moment [TS]

  for him to glorfindel baby I I feel like [TS]

  Jeff Daniels character so this is a [TS]

  movie with no this movie with no [TS]

  villains percent Jeff Daniels is it [TS]

  isn't agonistic in a few cases but and I [TS]

  actually think this movie is uh has a [TS]

  lot of the rough edges sanded off of it [TS]

  from the book because I think the people [TS]

  at NASA are much more unpleasant in the [TS]

  book then they are in the movie where [TS]

  it's much more like go team let's do it [TS]

  but the general rule its kind of [TS]

  thankless because he is the [TS]

  bureaucrat and you do get the sense that [TS]

  he's doing things not because he's a bad [TS]

  guy but because he knows the wider [TS]

  political ramifications that most people [TS]

  don't have to understand and he just [TS]

  kind of has to deal with that but the [TS]

  same time it is a it is a kind of [TS]

  thankless role in it is kind of a stock [TS]

  role i was thinking i was reminded of [TS]

  like tom skerritt in contact right it is [TS]

  that same kind of like I'm the [TS]

  administrator I'm the bureaucrat I'm a [TS]

  politician but I thought Daniels to did [TS]

  a fine job and then that allows [TS]

  everybody else to not be Jeff Daniels [TS]

  and head point and got bounced off of [TS]

  him and be like no we're going to save [TS]

  him and and and that was that it was all [TS]

  good at work I definitely had a moment I [TS]

  think the first time he's at the podium [TS]

  and he's speaking of Mike wait is this [TS]

  the newsroom like I just had a friend of [TS]

  memory from that show what is less podio [TS]

  that was a is so but you know he's gonna [TS]

  suit and he's talking to me and I just [TS]

  want to listen to him all day [TS]

  I really like the second press [TS]

  conference for some reporter shots are [TS]

  you gonna quit lying no-good disagree [TS]

  no I'm Christian way against the [TS]

  mortified PR person is like you even [TS]

  nobody should be saying things that [TS]

  they're saying right now Jake leg roll [TS]

  yeah oh yeah i like the scene between [TS]

  Jeff Daniels and sean bean after sean [TS]

  has given up the that has given up a [TS]

  secret and the hermes has made its [TS]

  course correction that's a scene that's [TS]

  not in the book that works really well i [TS]

  work in my working government local [TS]

  government so you know I I i see a lot [TS]

  of these types all the time i work in [TS]

  public information so the I thought [TS]

  you're like Kristen Wiig you're sitting [TS]

  on the side going oh my god what is [TS]

  happening right the Christian wig [TS]

  character is definitely tone down from [TS]

  the book and i have seen I i have seen [TS]

  both i have seen both movie [TS]

  Kristen Wiig and book Kristen Wiig and [TS]

  yeah there is a spectrum there but the [TS]

  but the book and the movie in their own [TS]

  way do a pretty good job of what this [TS]

  NASA culture is going to be like and [TS]

  what this governmental culture is like [TS]

  and how the tech and the politics don't [TS]

  mix all that well it did that it comes [TS]

  off pretty well i think yeah I think [TS]

  with the signature differences but [TS]

  in the book of the movie is that we're [TS]

  getting back to jeff daniels role which [TS]

  seems to be setting up more like a [TS]

  villain a book and the movie the [TS]

  differences that with almost all of [TS]

  these characters you have actors who are [TS]

  much much better than the actors that [TS]

  anywhere has in the book they can really [TS]

  perform a lot better than the dialogue [TS]

  that they're given in the book [TS]

  oh yeah and it's I hate the people in [TS]

  the book i hate i think it's the worst [TS]

  thing in the book is the nasty stuff [TS]

  because i hate almost everybody in it [TS]

  it's not just what dispatch it's not the [TS]

  nasty stuff it is the characterization [TS]

  he's very very anywhere in this book is [TS]

  very very weak on painting believable [TS]

  character right [TS]

  what you want is the is the is like the [TS]

  exception because he's got these got the [TS]

  entire floor but I really compare I [TS]

  really had to think back to when the [TS]

  hunt for red october which is also [TS]

  exciting book loved it i reread it once [TS]

  in every once in awhile but you know [TS]

  that at this point this is this author [TS]

  Tom Clancy is not really is more at home [TS]

  explaining how a radar system works then [TS]

  on why somebody how someone drinks a cup [TS]

  of coffee and in the book in the book in [TS]

  the Martian everybody drinks coffee the [TS]

  most dramatic and direct and punch away [TS]

  available whereas an actor just simply [TS]

  six the coffee in a way that makes you [TS]

  understand how cool they can be in any [TS]

  situation what I want to ask everybody [TS]

  else about is the epilogue that they do [TS]

  which is completely original to the [TS]

  movie and was not at all my book and how [TS]

  they do the where are they now montage [TS]

  and I was very curious as to everybody [TS]

  else's reactions to it I thought it was [TS]

  great i thought it was something that I [TS]

  thought was missing from the end of the [TS]

  book but because I thought that was way [TS]

  too abrupt i didn't think it was the [TS]

  best I I don't think that's it was the [TS]

  best way to articulate that sort of an [TS]

  ending but I appreciate that it was [TS]

  there once in awhile i actually like the [TS]

  neal stephenson moment where he drops [TS]

  the pin and walks away right at right [TS]

  after with no date on my once in awhile [TS]

  i actually like that so i'm not sure i'm [TS]

  not sure i found myself wondering how [TS]

  the heck is this going to end because [TS]

  you know I that was pretty sure he was [TS]

  going to get off of Mars once once they [TS]

  rescue him and you know I'm like okay so [TS]

  he's gonna fly home he's gonna get home [TS]

  I kept thinking how are they going to [TS]

  end this i mean it [TS]

  they could just stop it and roll credits [TS]

  and I felt like that would be very [TS]

  emotionally unsatisfying so I I wasn't [TS]

  sure where they were gonna go i was very [TS]

  happy with that as the end I mean there [TS]

  may have been other ways that it could [TS]

  have also happened that I would have [TS]

  been perfectly happy with but I've [TS]

  always kind of been a sucker for the [TS]

  nose a little the buttons telling you [TS]

  you know and where are they now the [TS]

  animal house ending [TS]

  yes i did he do to you senator and mrs. [TS]

  Blewett are so you went on to the next [TS]

  mars mission so I was completely happy [TS]

  with that I was glad that they did [TS]

  something else and I'm I I guess that's [TS]

  a lot of the things that you guys have [TS]

  been saying about the book as compared [TS]

  to the movie have made me more and more [TS]

  interested to read the book but knowing [TS]

  that there's not this at the end of it [TS]

  kind of makes me go from this is that [TS]

  the one negative so far [TS]

  yeah i mean it is it is Kyra susi where [TS]

  they end up I think depending on the [TS]

  version of the book that you've read [TS]

  I've got an email from a guy i think i'm [TS]

  on his website when he did that version [TS]

  it has an ending with him back on earth [TS]

  that they took out but it'sit's very [TS]

  brief it's just him sitting on a bench [TS]

  and he's like one interaction [TS]

  he's the the really the party of like I [TS]

  really don't care for is Professor [TS]

  Watney where he's he's teaching like [TS]

  future astronauts and it's an excuse to [TS]

  get him into a world back into the world [TS]

  and you see that he's famous rented that [TS]

  he is using his experience to teach [TS]

  others and that's nice but I just that [TS]

  seems really didn't sit well with me [TS]

  I didn't like that scene at all what [TS]

  would you rather have negative because I [TS]

  mean that mark because I've been [TS]

  thinking about that too since having him [TS]

  back in teaching astronauts also didn't [TS]

  sit well with me but I can't answer the [TS]

  question what I think should have been [TS]

  doing step always I i think that that [TS]

  seems shouldn't be in the movie and so [TS]

  I'm gonna I'm gonna be contrary I think [TS]

  first off i think the scene where he's [TS]

  teaching the the astronauts is dumb [TS]

  because and and I know that this just [TS]

  hit me wrong and everybody can go back [TS]

  when this is on DVD you will you know [TS]

  everybody can go back and look but it's [TS]

  like they're it's a weird dressed [TS]

  astronaut class like look its first [TS]

  astronaut training they're wearing a [TS]

  hoodie [TS]

  it's like a shark it's like a strike and [TS]

  it's like astronaut freshman astronaut [TS]

  want to [TS]

  one or something I don't know what's [TS]

  going on with that but but here's the [TS]

  thing its Advanced Placement astronaut [TS]

  from high school I i think the reason [TS]

  that they do this scene is because they [TS]

  want to put a bow on it and they want to [TS]

  say oh look at all those lessons the [TS]

  lesson we learned here is that as an [TS]

  astronaut you need to be prepared and [TS]

  not give up and faced adversity and you [TS]

  use your wits and intelligence you can [TS]

  do it you can survive and I'm living [TS]

  proof like yeah you know what I saw the [TS]

  movie I learned all of that fighter [TS]

  terrorism very emotional high point is [TS]

  when he's reunited with his crew they're [TS]

  gonna go back to earth and be fine [TS]

  the end and then after that I would like [TS]

  patty tag teams i would like to see [TS]

  nothing but the credit I i really like [TS]

  the credits where they are watching the [TS]

  next mission go and we see where [TS]

  everybody is when the next time she goes [TS]

  I like that I think that's fun and nice [TS]

  I just didn't need to see mark Watney on [TS]

  earth we we we learned the lesson of [TS]

  Mark Watney we don't need them to put a [TS]

  put a bow on it and restate everything [TS]

  we've just seen so that's my feeling i [TS]

  should point out that the thing that I [TS]

  liked the most was actually the where [TS]

  are we now bits the the part with him [TS]

  being an astronaut teacher I don't have [TS]

  any strong feelings one way or the other [TS]

  but i would have been perfectly fine [TS]

  without that as long as I got some [TS]

  hoodies after he was rescued [TS]

  let's do with the hoodies I know ok [TS]

  president for it's cold in there you're [TS]

  reminded me something that really [TS]

  bothered me about about wanting the [TS]

  relationship with the crew [TS]

  I really thought that he has at this [TS]

  point he has not heard another human [TS]

  voice and has it been like a year you're [TS]

  in half I'd like the first time that he [TS]

  actually they actually get radio working [TS]

  and he hears another human voice he [TS]

  hears the voices of his crewmates are [TS]

  there panting they're having fun days [TS]

  and this current moment we missed the [TS]

  first moment where they hear each other [TS]

  if you're not in the movie and then they [TS]

  should have been there should have been [TS]

  I I guess I was expecting just a little [TS]

  bit of a tier of relief to just see like [TS]

  it will be a it if there's a tiny [TS]

  complaint is that you don't see the [TS]

  weight of the stress that he's under by [TS]

  trying to survive day after day and [TS]

  coming up with these solutions and if [TS]

  you had that one moment of I'm for 10 [TS]

  seconds there's no camera on me inside [TS]

  this vehicle i can just not break down [TS]

  but my voice is fine but no one will see [TS]

  me holding company [TS]

  hands in front of my eyes to keep the [TS]

  water from like just you know getting [TS]

  into my microphone have a few of the [TS]

  things i wanted to i want to mention i [TS]

  want to ask about really quickly about [TS]

  the tech in this movie just because [TS]

  we're director of tech savvy people and [TS]

  I enjoyed that and i was wondering what [TS]

  you all thought we see them we see him [TS]

  watching watching videos and doing a log [TS]

  and then there's the the kind of the [TS]

  white room you know have that he's in [TS]

  and there's the Rovers and there's just [TS]

  there's a bunch of a future near future [TS]

  issue NASA tech they create for the film [TS]

  and I just I was always a nice bit of [TS]

  art direction i think they didn't I [TS]

  think did a good job but I'm interested [TS]

  if you have any thoughts about and i was [TS]

  wondering does he did you upload those [TS]

  logs to NASA at some point like how we [TS]

  get for how did they get from Mars to [TS]

  earth [TS]

  what's the point of that the logs I i [TS]

  assume they're just sitting on the [TS]

  planet and I actually when we got out of [TS]

  the theater I said to Lauren I said I [TS]

  hope the next mission goes and gets hard [TS]

  drives and brings his logs back how are [TS]

  you how was he supposed to how to [TS]

  survive on Mars therefore they need to [TS]

  have watney's whole you know potatoes [TS]

  one primer going but he didn't have [TS]

  enough bandwidth to send video file so i [TS]

  assume they're just sitting in that in [TS]

  that AB just sort of sitting there [TS]

  waiting for him [TS]

  future generations and he does at the [TS]

  beginning of the movie say i'm recording [TS]

  this just in case somebody ever comes [TS]

  and gets yeah that that was a powerful [TS]

  thing both the book and movie i kept [TS]

  thinking about that it I felt I felt as [TS]

  though it's like that was part of his [TS]

  reason for continued to go on beyond you [TS]

  know wanting to live knowing that if he [TS]

  dies at some point in the future that [TS]

  will come back and they won't see [TS]

  somebody wrapped in a wrapped in a [TS]

  blanket you just sort of gave up and [TS]

  decided to start to death you would see [TS]

  he work any work any work if not for the [TS]

  fact that this piece of fabric that was [TS]

  not designed to hold pressure for more [TS]

  than 60 days finally blew out after a [TS]

  year and he died of asphyxiation [TS]

  that was a better way to go mhm at [TS]

  getting back to the just the general [TS]

  technology on it i mean it feels like [TS]

  future history to me not science fiction [TS]

  everything feels recognizable today I i [TS]

  don't know how many years it's going to [TS]

  take for us to get to the level of [TS]

  technology that's going to be able to [TS]

  put together a hermes and three Ares [TS]

  missions and things like that but the [TS]

  the technology [TS]

  and more importantly I think the [TS]

  clothing in the fashion and the-the-the [TS]

  Times Square scenes and all that stuff [TS]

  it feels like today and I think that [TS]

  really works for this movie I think if [TS]

  they'd look to star trekky then if they [TS]

  done too much work trying to extrapolate [TS]

  what their smartphones are going to look [TS]

  like then it would have thrown us [TS]

  completely out of the movie and it's not [TS]

  about us then see Stephen and I have [TS]

  talked on liftoff about this a couple of [TS]

  times that nASA uses old tech so using [TS]

  stuff that feels like our texts today is [TS]

  probably accurate because 15 years from [TS]

  now or 20 years from now on Mars they're [TS]

  not going to be using tech from 2035 [TS]

  they're going to be using like 2015 tech [TS]

  because there is always good [TS]

  it's always yes super tested and [TS]

  radiation hard hard and cold and so have [TS]

  finder guys had CRT monitors [TS]

  yeah that was ok i was gonna I was gonna [TS]

  mention i assume that they just keep all [TS]

  their hardware in a box somewhere in [TS]

  case just for history and they're like [TS]

  oh well pull it all out because they [TS]

  have the CRT monitors i love that if we [TS]

  if we got a VCR the storage we probably [TS]

  also plug pulling a composite monitor up [TS]

  there to that I like that I like certain [TS]

  things like when he's but pulling out [TS]

  all the other crewmates stuff in the hab [TS]

  they come up this real liquor a [TS]

  panasonic like grid laptop this would [TS]

  really like the kind you can't like drop [TS]

  and variance and dig up again because [TS]

  that's it might look different from [TS]

  another planet exactly exactly you want [TS]

  something that just can take crap and [TS]

  keep on going yeah I have a friend who [TS]

  designs hardware for the military and [TS]

  he's like dude you're never going to [TS]

  have teeny tiny phones for the army yeah [TS]

  that's not gonna happen [TS]

  it's Nazis it's not physically possible [TS]

  yeah i'm not a techie person so most of [TS]

  that didn't even really catch my eye but [TS]

  the one thing that i did notice was his [TS]

  spacesuit all of their spacesuits and [TS]

  you know all of my knowledge about [TS]

  spacesuits comes from space movies but I [TS]

  felt like this looked enough like what i [TS]

  was expecting from a spacesuit that it [TS]

  did wasn't jarring but it had enough [TS]

  sort of tweaks and you know it talk to [TS]

  him in his in his helmet and it was just [TS]

  futuristic enough to not feel wrong but [TS]

  it wasn't so far off that I was like ooh [TS]

  shiny zoomy space stuff I got kind of [TS]

  distracted by this [TS]

  the sheer amount of stuff that everybody [TS]

  left behind on that planet and I [TS]

  realized that's the nature of space [TS]

  missions when you have to blast off in [TS]

  the middle of the storm and everything [TS]

  and it's super convenient because you [TS]

  know Nick wasn't met why don't you pull [TS]

  your necklaces mark mark was able to you [TS]

  know construct a life until the hat blew [TS]

  out and all that but after a while I'm [TS]

  like okay so he's got this this this [TS]

  cool Rolly thing that's got a crane [TS]

  attached to it and there's the there's [TS]

  this matter what army of minor robots [TS]

  that he's got going on and I found [TS]

  myself you know kind of a what is the [TS]

  price tag and be do you think they're [TS]

  sad about leaving it behind when he goes [TS]

  and finds the pathfinder right he's just [TS]

  like it's it's just you know it's there [TS]

  i mean they drop the heat shield [TS]

  throughout the parachute and it's all [TS]

  just you know we're littering Mars [TS]

  that's part of the deal opinion we're [TS]

  going to have to you know eventually [TS]

  clean it up but erica is one of the [TS]

  things that you mention the pit space 21 [TS]

  things i like about this and this goes [TS]

  for the movie as a whole is this is a [TS]

  space movie but it's a planet movie and [TS]

  and I like that because he's not wearing [TS]

  a vacuum suit he's wearing a spacesuit [TS]

  but he's you know he's got gravity and [TS]

  there is the atmosphere atmosphere and [TS]

  it's not quite so he doesn't have to be [TS]

  a big blown up kind of like you know one [TS]

  man spaceship kind of thing like that [TS]

  like a space space suit of that he's [TS]

  basically just forever it's not for the [TS]

  back yesterday and that also because and [TS]

  and so although space can be portrayed [TS]

  beautifully and in movies and we've seen [TS]

  it in gravity for at for example it's [TS]

  it's nice that that he not only are we [TS]

  faking other than on the Hermes were not [TS]

  faking zero-gravity we've got gravity [TS]

  because we're on Mars and we've got [TS]

  vistas we've got dirt and we've got [TS]

  hills and we've got mountains and that [TS]

  and more secure and right and Mars is a [TS]

  character in the movie too and I think [TS]

  that that's another thing that makes it [TS]

  a great movie and is an astronaut coming [TS]

  to consciousness half buried in sand and [TS]

  pulling himself out of Martian sand dune [TS]

  yeah that is a strong it's pretty good [TS]

  the storms and that's Kyle of seeing I [TS]

  love see how fast the clouds kept moving [TS]

  overhead and because it made the sky [TS]

  looks ugly alien and i love the storms [TS]

  and floods would remind me that the [TS]

  Martian haboob so don't think that I'm a [TS]

  little bit distracted by is you know as [TS]

  the whole reason the potato farm goes [TS]

  kaput is because of course it's flash [TS]

  frozen and all the bacteria and kill [TS]

  and so he pulls up his potatoes and he [TS]

  runs away and i found myself wondering [TS]

  what is this what one of those potatoes [TS]

  gonna look like if there's no organic [TS]

  bacteria or microflora to break them [TS]

  down like is the next mission going to [TS]

  come back and find them basically in the [TS]

  same condition i'm super curious that's [TS]

  all freeze-dried yeah exactly that next [TS]

  the next person to get lost on Mars will [TS]

  remember wait a minute but those that [TS]

  they should be still cold so they still [TS]

  dish still should be edible protein in [TS]

  there [TS]

  I've got to do is get the sand off of it [TS]

  funnily enough that came up into focus [TS]

  grouping on this movie and you can use [TS]

  them as fertilizer when he put his own [TS]

  potatoes you don't have to poop so much [TS]

  this great now exactly yes did you yes [TS]

  about technology but you don't have one [TS]

  before we get off I want to make I want [TS]

  to say the one thing that kind of got me [TS]

  the-the-the-the star liners I can't [TS]

  remember the name of the the quickly [TS]

  spacecraft that get it goes from Earth [TS]

  to Mars mommy's arms making that goes [TS]

  that kept monasteries that that capps [TS]

  gets reused for mission after mission [TS]

  after mission [TS]

  the only thing that's the only thing to [TS]

  kind of make me hiccup a little bit was [TS]

  that inside it was so uncluttered and so [TS]

  clean I i was i was trashed analyzing it [TS]

  by saying well this is the kind of like [TS]

  a Starliner where they have to live for [TS]

  like a year and a half so maybe they [TS]

  would say it's worth it for simply the [TS]

  psychology of the crew to have some [TS]

  relaxation spaces where they don't have [TS]

  to keep old good moving past like [TS]

  pallets of stuff and then lose cables [TS]

  and stuff like that but it's weird and [TS]

  after seeing any headers on board so [TS]

  it's going to be clean is really no [TS]

  matter what I've got some great Mike and [TS]

  that's it [TS]

  um and Stevens heard before because I [TS]

  didn't mention this on liftoff to [TS]

  because we brought up this is same point [TS]

  Andy here's my headcanon on this which [TS]

  is you know open space is not expensive [TS]

  to get to space it's full of it [TS]

  what's expensive is mass so if they [TS]

  assembled the hermes in orbit and it [TS]

  came in pieces and I stuck them together [TS]

  you know the actual like inside space [TS]

  and in fact a lot of people talk about [TS]

  doing things that are inflatable spaces [TS]

  and in in outer space so it gave me a [TS]

  little bit of pause but I think once [TS]

  you're building a structure so large [TS]

  that you have to assemble it in orbit [TS]

  some of the rules of getting it to fit [TS]

  in a rocket container go away and so [TS]

  that was my that was that was my [TS]

  headcanon at least about this [TS]

  was saying well you know they put it [TS]

  together in space and so they put in the [TS]

  shells and they like assembled in the [TS]

  end they got all they had to fly into [TS]

  space where the outside parts but then [TS]

  the inside part is nice and big and [TS]

  decide when accepted also it would be [TS]

  really awful [TS]

  yeah i mean never goes back into Earth [TS]

  orbit right i'm assuming there's a [TS]

  shuttle that brings a time you don't [TS]

  really think so i looked at it so in [TS]

  anywheres book and its kind of implied [TS]

  the movie that's one of the nice things [TS]

  where I think they never violate rules [TS]

  they just don't show you the things so [TS]

  like if you look for them you can see [TS]

  them so it sounds like the army stays in [TS]

  orbit around Earth and they and the Ares [TS]

  crew transfer on and off but the Hermes [TS]

  just stays there and then they use it [TS]

  again for the next mission so when they [TS]

  launched the crew into orbit they go doc [TS]

  with the Hermes and they fueled the [TS]

  Hermes and then the Hermes goes to Mars [TS]

  and then I tell the criminal this and [TS]

  that's the deposit if they don't keep it [TS]

  exactly and that's the reason is exactly [TS]

  what they said the cleaners up there the [TS]

  cleaner yesterday that's just because i [TS]

  don't have to use that party to petty [TS]

  posters are no holes in the wall so [TS]

  whatever the reason and I think it's [TS]

  beautiful i really i really like the [TS]

  rotating section and the fact that [TS]

  they've got the parts that they've got [TS]

  gravity and they've got a treadmill and [TS]

  you can see you can see out the windows [TS]

  that it's those parts are rotating I [TS]

  think that's really nice [TS]

  we should probably also talked about the [TS]

  crew because we haven't talked about [TS]

  them and that's the third portion of [TS]

  this movie is the crew that has left [TS]

  mark behind and is on the long ride home [TS]

  to earth where they are mourning their [TS]

  their crewmates and then they find out [TS]

  that it's it's like worse which is you [TS]

  didn't die and they abandoned mine ours [TS]

  and then they have to deal with that and [TS]

  and in the end date they have to they [TS]

  have their own heroic arc that leads to [TS]

  a point at the end of the movie we're [TS]

  the ones who are the actors and Mark is [TS]

  passive and they have to save him and I [TS]

  accept that the movie takes a veer [TS]

  towards the end and Mark becomes active [TS]

  again [TS]

  yeah but it's true it's true and we [TS]

  could we could we could we could get [TS]

  that at the end but but if you've got [TS]

  thoughts about the the Hermes crew I [TS]

  think now's a good time Stephen I think [TS]

  I think they do a good job with the crew [TS]

  and and going back [TS]

  Oh someone and he said earlier about you [TS]

  know we don't see a lot of the cruise [TS]

  interaction before the storm and they [TS]

  have to abort the mission but we do see [TS]

  bits of it but mostly through what his [TS]

  eyes so we see his relationship with the [TS]

  crew through the way that he interacts [TS]

  with what they leave behind which i [TS]

  think is [TS]

  is is pretty nice but it they get once [TS]

  the crew kind of get screen time again [TS]

  and and they're they're given the news [TS]

  and we start to see them figure out what [TS]

  to do and then they decide to to follow [TS]

  Donald Glover is crazy [TS]

  jpg directions that he sends yeah I i [TS]

  think they do a very convincing job that [TS]

  is a very tight-knit group and I think [TS]

  they do convincingly pretty quickly I [TS]

  think one of the most powerful scenes in [TS]

  the film is you know they're sitting [TS]

  around talking and they say you know [TS]

  well you know well we know we we all [TS]

  decided to to come are we all left him [TS]

  and the commander's like know you were [TS]

  following orders [TS]

  I decided to leave right and and that i [TS]

  think you know sort of her will is bent [TS]

  towards saving him because of that [TS]

  because of that guilt because of that [TS]

  that knowledge that you know ultimately [TS]

  was her call and even though it was the [TS]

  right call to time it turned out to be [TS]

  turned out to be wrong and i like that [TS]

  that drive that puts in her and again [TS]

  going back to the real stuff i think [TS]

  that's a drive that like anyone with [TS]

  that sort of makeup of personality and [TS]

  determination i would fall in line with [TS]

  I think the actors did the best they [TS]

  could with some thin material i mean it [TS]

  they're not terribly well sketched out [TS]

  in the books and so you know kate mara [TS]

  and Sebastian Stan and Michael Pena was [TS]

  that it [TS]

  yeah and the German giant yeah the [TS]

  german girl you know he be super like [TS]

  they'd be like they basically didn't [TS]

  have a whole lot to work with but you [TS]

  know kate mara bless her heart like [TS]

  really managed to pull off somebody who [TS]

  deep down a super secretly nerdy and you [TS]

  can tell she's kind of nervous about the [TS]

  prospect of like basically breaking the [TS]

  NASA ships and hacking all sorts of [TS]

  things but she's going to go like [TS]

  swallow her misgivings and do it and i [TS]

  also like that she also managed to [TS]

  convey that she's pretty much a very [TS]

  introverted and person needs a lot of [TS]

  privacy because that's when the German [TS]

  astronaut companies like I'm really [TS]

  sorry I'm interrupting your private time [TS]

  it wouldn't do this at all and it's [TS]

  pretty evident that this is you know [TS]

  sort of the continuation of a previous [TS]

  previously negotiated boundaries like [TS]

  not hostile but like they just noted [TS]

  leave her alone shes when she's running [TS]

  or whatever so I like that the actors [TS]

  did the best think of what they had i [TS]

  still feel like it was a little bit thin [TS]

  like you know although we know about the [TS]

  commander is that she feels very guilty [TS]

  about leaving one behind and that she [TS]

  really loves disco and by the way the [TS]

  German of interest the german dude is [TS]

  Norwegian i'll be annoying at germany's [TS]

  axel axel heaviest his name sorry [TS]

  actually well actually you're fantastic [TS]

  and i love that your character had a [TS]

  billion children [TS]

  uh-huh yeah and that he spent all this [TS]

  time blowing bubbles for them i thought [TS]

  was kind of interesting that the [TS]

  mistakes that she made wasn't leaving [TS]

  him behind because i think the case [TS]

  could be made that if he hadn't if she [TS]

  had not decided okay we gotta go [TS]

  the thing with it tipped over there was [TS]

  a lot of a ride back to back to her and [TS]

  they would all have been stuck there [TS]

  yeah I feel like they did everything [TS]

  right as a viewer i was i was on their [TS]

  side and I felt like they they shouldn't [TS]

  have felt as bad as they did you know [TS]

  Matt Damon's character he said he says [TS]

  you know not their fault i feel like he [TS]

  we never got to see it on screen but I [TS]

  was kind of hoping that at some point [TS]

  they would figure out the fact that they [TS]

  would have that they all would have [TS]

  probably been dead eventually if they [TS]

  hadn't left him and as far as my [TS]

  thoughts on the crew [TS]

  I wouldn't they definitely weren't [TS]

  particularly fleshed out and I wouldn't [TS]

  say that they were exactly caricatures [TS]

  but I feel like each each one had their [TS]

  thing and that was enough to make them [TS]

  interesting for to be as a viewer like I [TS]

  said the thing that was most interested [TS]

  in was mostly what was happening to mark [TS]

  Watney on Mars and what what NASA [TS]

  specifically was doing to solve the [TS]

  problem [TS]

  it was nice to get a little bit of [TS]

  flavor from you know the massive crowds [TS]

  in Times Square and it was nice to get a [TS]

  little bit of flavor from the crew that [TS]

  is going to you know it's feeling bad [TS]

  about it and then trying to save him and [TS]

  I appreciate it then as they came in and [TS]

  did more towards the end of the film [TS]

  then I was more interested in in what [TS]

  they were doing but I didn't need [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  k characterization or backstory on any [TS]

  of them I felt like that probably would [TS]

  have just drag things down about it was [TS]

  all about function in the [TS]

  film for Mina when I agree with you [TS]

  Erykah although I the the 1i I thought [TS]

  they were I thought the characters were [TS]

  written well enough for what the movie [TS]

  needed to accomplish the one actor I [TS]

  didn't think that the role was Jessica [TS]

  Chastain I would i think i would have [TS]

  liked someone a little older and a [TS]

  little more grizzled I thought that she [TS]

  was just a little too a little too young [TS]

  and glamorous a little too star trekky [TS]

  for the for the role I want that it was [TS]

  her performance that kind of she seemed [TS]

  so not self-assured which was not what i [TS]

  would expect from the leader of of a [TS]

  mission [TS]

  I don't know what why they if the [TS]

  characterization is simply because she's [TS]

  a woman and she's on screen and we [TS]

  expect women to act that way but I don't [TS]

  expect a woman to act that way when [TS]

  she's in charge of a life-and-death [TS]

  mission on Mars so that was a little [TS]

  iffy for me Lewis comes across as [TS]

  tougher in the book she seems completely [TS]

  confident I I think what I would say is [TS]

  the movie really wants us and this is to [TS]

  give her also to give her an angle in an [TS]

  arc that movie really wants us to feel [TS]

  her guilt about this and i gotta say if [TS]

  you imagine like Apollo 13 or something [TS]

  like that right there going to feel bad [TS]

  but they're also going to realize that [TS]

  they did everything they could and that [TS]

  they all signed up for this knowing it [TS]

  was dangerous and that their chief job [TS]

  is to get home and so I I look at that [TS]

  and think I end and I don't think it's [TS]

  because it's a woman character but i [TS]

  think it is that the movie needed her to [TS]

  be tormented in a way that I think a [TS]

  real astronaut wouldn't be I think they [TS]

  would be more professional and maybe [TS]

  like you know I feel really bad about [TS]

  this and now i'm really glad that he's [TS]

  not dead but we did everything we needed [TS]

  to and now we've got the opportunity to [TS]

  go back and save him of course we're all [TS]

  going to volunteer because we're [TS]

  astronauts I don't think they needed [TS]

  guilt and remorse there was that famous [TS]

  mercury so that's good [TS]

  the Gemini's spacewalk where my camera [TS]

  who is the commander but I think head [TS]

  was doing a spacewalk and the the [TS]

  commander who was too as a in setting [TS]

  the spacecraft and there's an interview [TS]

  later on reason many 20 years later was [TS]

  talking about how you know it the they [TS]

  his orders from NASA and training work [TS]

  if it had white like suffocates or [TS]

  something and dies at the end the [TS]

  umbilical cord to do the best he can to [TS]

  like real the body in and like and can [TS]

  bring the body home and he said later [TS]

  out that I had no intention of ever [TS]

  doing that because you know there's that [TS]

  there's it for me to rescue him even as [TS]

  it is a dead body i'm going to use I [TS]

  mean he's in a pressurized suit I'm [TS]

  gonna have to move it's hard to get into [TS]

  the spacecraft even on land when the [TS]

  when you've got a living put your living [TS]

  person so what am I gonna do I'm gonna [TS]

  try to re-enter with us with him [TS]

  dragging behind me know I would die I [TS]

  would probably try to asphyxiate [TS]

  probably overheating 68 trying to get [TS]

  him back in the spacecraft it would have [TS]

  been just as you said it would have been [TS]

  terrible i would have felt horrible [TS]

  about it but I would have had no problem [TS]

  cutting him loose and then then shutting [TS]

  the catch and going back and they they [TS]

  started and on on that characterization [TS]

  of her like at the beginning before she [TS]

  even had any guilt when they were trying [TS]

  to decide whether or not they should [TS]

  abandon the haves and scrub the mission [TS]

  she was that was the the first moment [TS]

  that I had a problem with her character [TS]

  because she was so indecisive and showed [TS]

  it [TS]

  I don't have a problem with the [TS]

  character being indecisive i have a [TS]

  problem with the commander of a mission [TS]

  showing how indecisive they are before [TS]

  they make their decision if they have [TS]

  shown her is being a little more overtly [TS]

  ambitious or posterity conscious i could [TS]

  have almost bought that cuz you know she [TS]

  would have gone down as the first [TS]

  commander to lose somebody a Martian [TS]

  mission and if there was an element of [TS]

  stung pride and and I don't want to be [TS]

  associated with his story as it is stark [TS]

  failure i would have understood [TS]

  motivation a little bit better but like [TS]

  I concur with her and she was kind of [TS]

  the least steely minded and everybody [TS]

  contact mission and she's the one [TS]

  leaving it for him like the only time [TS]

  her character really redeemed yourself [TS]

  was one she's she's like well how long [TS]

  until we meet Watney as he hurdle [TS]

  through space in his convertible I don't [TS]

  like 37 minutes just like we have 37 [TS]

  minutes to solve this problem let's work [TS]

  it and I was like okay freaking finally [TS]

  you know about little people put people [TS]

  who didn't like that the charge of space [TS]

  missions like this but I think the movie [TS]

  wanted us to I get why the movie does it [TS]

  but I i didn't i didn't really like it [TS]

  and I kind of wanted to be I wanted to [TS]

  be like when like when Tom Hanks Jim [TS]

  level says we just lost the moon right [TS]

  it's that moment of like we spent you [TS]

  know what you're getting here [TS]

  going to pick a year to get back we're [TS]

  supposed to be here for 30 days and we [TS]

  have to leave right now and that's [TS]

  terrible but we have to do it we just [TS]

  have to do it and it's terrible and [TS]

  let's just move on to the next thing i [TS]

  want to i want to see the disappointment [TS]

  i can i can see but 22 waiver and then [TS]

  to beat yourself up when you know you [TS]

  did everything you possibly could it [TS]

  yeah that part I could've done without [TS]

  it's a fine jessica chastain performance [TS]

  because like she does she does [TS]

  indecisive and frail and and delivery [TS]

  and women finding her way like that's [TS]

  kind of our stock-in-trade she's very [TS]

  good job with it and everything I've [TS]

  seen but it would have been nice if they [TS]

  had had somebody cast in that role who [TS]

  would have not been indecisive so much [TS]

  as they were like I made a bad call and [TS]

  I'm still trying to live with it and I [TS]

  don't know how to because i haven't been [TS]

  trained for this like we've talked this [TS]

  whole podcast about you know though the [TS]

  right stuff in the astronaut mentality [TS]

  and things like that and it would have [TS]

  been a more interesting story for that [TS]

  character if it had been somebody who's [TS]

  like I can't live with this decision [TS]

  I've made and I don't have the tool [TS]

  steel this because it simply outside of [TS]

  the toolbox that nASA has given me sure [TS]

  you know I would have liked to have seen [TS]

  that as opposed to you know Elliot like [TS]

  to guilt and all that yeah you know [TS]

  again Jessica Chastain's a fine actress [TS]

  I'm not sure she was the right actors [TS]

  for this role but she was okay in it [TS]

  I you know I think she did exactly what [TS]

  needs to be done with the part is it [TS]

  needs to be done with the part is it [TS]

  it was written and I think she maybe [TS]

  could have done perfectly fine job if it [TS]

  made that character a little more [TS]

  stealing but they until the end they [TS]

  didn't some what else but we've been [TS]

  we've been talking for a while now I'm [TS]

  just curious if there are their subjects [TS]

  this is the wild card round other things [TS]

  where you got that wasn't the end up at [TS]

  the end at the ending [TS]

  alright that's that's the one there are [TS]

  two things I really didn't like about it [TS]

  because there's a I liked it I liked [TS]

  about how in the book there's a point at [TS]

  which well what he's been doing it [TS]

  nothing but he's first completely one [TS]

  hundred percent responsible for his own [TS]

  survival and everything but now there's [TS]

  a point where he just has to sit and [TS]

  trust his crewmates and hope that [TS]

  everything works out okay that's the [TS]

  idea a the idea of having to make him [TS]

  i'm an active part of his own rescue I [TS]

  don't think I don't think it's as [TS]

  powerful as just letting him like after [TS]

  after what was like the after several [TS]

  years of not having to trust anybody [TS]

  else but himself to let go and trust [TS]

  that things are going to that people [TS]

  going to take care of things that would [TS]

  have been a little bit more tense a [TS]

  little bit more interesting and then the [TS]

  idea of that we've I'm not as i'm not a [TS]

  scientist I can't say whether the [TS]

  science up to that point was accurate or [TS]

  not people that I've heard talk about [TS]

  this you do know what they're talking [TS]

  about speak very positively about it so [TS]

  I haven't heard neil degrasse tyson so [TS]

  these but i'm still waiting for him to [TS]

  be the party pooper but see about the [TS]

  idea of oh I know I'll puncture my suit [TS]

  like iron man and i'll be able to direct [TS]

  myself and then like this that getting [TS]

  tangled up with this huge tether and not [TS]

  dying horribly because you're now [TS]

  hopelessly tangled and you can actually [TS]

  do anything [TS]

  those are the things that unfortunately [TS]

  you can't make a big mistake like the [TS]

  last 10 minutes of the movie because in [TS]

  10 minutes you're back at your car and [TS]

  you've got a 45-minute drive home to [TS]

  think about how much you didn't buy [TS]

  those two things was that and the book [TS]

  was the Iron Man Thing in the book at [TS]

  all it was not known I I not surprised [TS]

  it felt so Hollywood exactly the word I [TS]

  was looking at and I mean I was I was ok [TS]

  with it just for you know because by [TS]

  that time I was so pumped up with the [TS]

  adrenaline of thinking he's gonna get [TS]

  saved but I i think it in retrospect i [TS]

  would have liked it better [TS]

  way and he said it with without that [TS]

  Hollywood moment and in seeing more of a [TS]

  character-based moment [TS]

  yeah I would too i really i really don't [TS]

  don't care for that scene in the movie [TS]

  in mckinney imagine if it goes wrong and [TS]

  you know you you last on Mars for so [TS]

  long [TS]

  eating potatoes gonna poop and then you [TS]

  die 40 yards from the ship that would [TS]

  really be a different movie at that [TS]

  point would put it would have a word [TS]

  Hertzog movie [TS]

  yeah yeah yes but I was miles out of the [TS]

  room silently get in their cars weeping [TS]

  to put it but it is but it is all [TS]

  manipulated to give us that Hollywood [TS]

  ending with matt damon rescued by [TS]

  jessica chastain regions are some of the [TS]

  problems with temptation moment it's not [TS]

  and it's not her in the book and it's [TS]

  not [TS]

  yeah there's no tether in the book it's [TS]

  it's it is a pure doc right yeah now it [TS]

  works so much better in the book and [TS]

  there's a whole past about how he hasn't [TS]

  shared in here [TS]

  yeah but they're there is yeah you're [TS]

  right this is the this is the Hollywood [TS]

  whether it's the executives or whether [TS]

  it's really Scott it's a meeting where [TS]

  they said that we needed to be more [TS]

  exciting than that [TS]

  the amazing thing about this movie [TS]

  though is that for all for all my [TS]

  complaints with that last those last 10 [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  Hollywood did surprisingly little damage [TS]

  to the book [TS]

  yeah yeah this is true they kept in the [TS]

  good stuff and and actually improved on [TS]

  the book not what I won't say that but [TS]

  they take out a couple of the crisis [TS]

  moments that what he has on his way from [TS]

  the hab to the math and it wouldn't have [TS]

  added anything to the movie to have [TS]

  those scenes back in there because it [TS]

  would have been just two more crises to [TS]

  overcome and the movie would have been [TS]

  just way too long i don't know if they [TS]

  were shot I don't know if there's going [TS]

  to be a peter jackson version of this on [TS]

  blu-ray 12 hours long it'sit's see [TS]

  exactly it's like but it's long i didn't [TS]

  miss those moments too much I didn't [TS]

  miss the fact that he he loses he loses [TS]

  contact with earth and there's the whole [TS]

  like how is he going to drive around i [TS]

  mean literally part of the book as he [TS]

  drives the storm and it's like there's a [TS]

  point the movie where they quite wisely [TS]

  say okay this is the most exciting stuff [TS]

  that happens we're going to get to the [TS]

  end where he's in the rocket and we're [TS]

  gonna say eight months pass and he's [TS]

  gotten there [TS]

  and I think that was a good call because [TS]

  I feel like the pace of this movie is [TS]

  very good where he's got one problem [TS]

  after another and they leave to that [TS]

  conclusion and honestly if they had done [TS]

  the driving around the dust storm thing [TS]

  i would have been so frustrated really [TS]

  get let's get to it so and they did that [TS]

  I i think they made many many very good [TS]

  decisions in how to tell a 220 story [TS]

  from from out of a book you got to think [TS]

  about how this book was written where it [TS]

  was see realized we're really every [TS]

  chapter hero pretty much had a short [TS]

  story in and of itself that ends with a [TS]

  big punch and gives you something to [TS]

  wait for the next chapter and that's [TS]

  certainly not going to work when you're [TS]

  you gotta that's gonna be sitting there [TS]

  for two hours meant for two hours seen [TS]

  the entire thing from start to finish i [TS]

  love i love the dust storm stuff in the [TS]

  book because it showed off not just how [TS]

  his intestinal fortitude but he is a [TS]

  damn smart son of a gun to figure out [TS]

  how do I figure out where the dust storm [TS]

  is coming from well I'll lay out the [TS]

  solar solar panels and the end of its [TS]

  specific grid and then calculate how [TS]

  much dust how much the bye-bye how much [TS]

  dust is settling on each one of them and [TS]

  what they're for how much energy is [TS]

  being produced by each one of them i can [TS]

  figure out what direction is coming from [TS]

  that's not a that's not really easy [TS]

  thing to communicate visually so yeah it [TS]

  was good [TS]

  good stuff to skip i think i think the [TS]

  movie improves the book as well in the [TS]

  sort of some of those chapters really [TS]

  get bogged down and technical detail and [TS]

  and that that's fun to read the book [TS]

  even in the book there couple chapters [TS]

  and Mike come on Mike let's get going [TS]

  again but a you you can't you can't do [TS]

  that in the film right you can have 20 [TS]

  minutes explaining the the intricate [TS]

  details of this or that and that they [TS]

  gloss over that at parts in in the movie [TS]

  i think it's a fine trade-off [TS]

  I really hope that both the book and the [TS]

  movie start getting incorporated into [TS]

  high school middle school curricula [TS]

  we're totally because you think [TS]

  afterwards took because you think about [TS]

  the that all basically all of the [TS]

  chemistry experiments and all the [TS]

  physics calculations that casually get [TS]

  done and it would be just such a great [TS]

  way to pull people in Sao you think this [TS]

  has no application real-life well you [TS]

  know let's let's work the problem like [TS]

  these guys did let's see if the math in [TS]

  the book like people like nothing more [TS]

  than trying to prove science-fiction [TS]

  writers wrong when it comes [TS]

  so the science of the tech and like this [TS]

  is just a great educational opportunity [TS]

  for teachers go okay let's see if they [TS]

  did their homework and and have the kids [TS]

  work it out and then write the offer to [TS]

  tell one another right around i think [TS]

  that's one of the two reasons that the [TS]

  book and movie have been so popular you [TS]

  know people people are there's a lot of [TS]

  interest in stem education there's a lot [TS]

  of you know and this is this is [TS]

  science-based problem solving that is [TS]

  compulsively readable and watchable so [TS]

  there's that there's also a em with a at [TS]

  the risk of getting a little political [TS]

  it's this is a time when a lot of people [TS]

  in the US [TS]

  maybe particular are feeling D powered [TS]

  and depersonalized and at the mercy of [TS]

  forces beyond their control government [TS]

  government's choosing their voters [TS]

  instead of voters choosing their [TS]

  governments and things like that and [TS]

  here we have a story about one guy in an [TS]

  impossible situation where the [TS]

  environment is entirely unforgiving he [TS]

  has no help [TS]

  it's a no-win situation any manages to [TS]

  win and I think that's just that that's [TS]

  aimed at smith for our time stuff i [TS]

  think one and showing in a while [TS]

  this is this is also instead of [TS]

  reminiscing about the the Apollo program [TS]

  right this is look at where we could be [TS]

  going and I think sending the message of [TS]

  like this is where our space program is [TS]

  trying to take us and it we would get [TS]

  there a lot faster if it was funded by [TS]

  the way [TS]

  yeah that perhaps that you know this [TS]

  this is why we do this this is this [TS]

  indomitable spirit of exploration that [TS]

  you know it that spending money on space [TS]

  is a it is not throwing the money down [TS]

  the drain and these are the you know [TS]

  these sort of reasons and yes this was [TS]

  an accident it was all that but we all [TS]

  pull together and people cared and [TS]

  brought the world together and wouldn't [TS]

  that be isn't this a way for us as [TS]

  humanity to to move forward into the [TS]

  future you know it it definitely has [TS]

  that that that optimistic streak in [TS]

  spades and that's one of the great [TS]

  things about it satisfies your rugged [TS]

  individualists and your collective is [TS]

  because it's a combination of matt damon [TS]

  and survival skills which ever getting [TS]

  it [TS]

  journalism and and NASA working together [TS]

  to help and the Hermes crew working [TS]

  together to solve the problem using [TS]

  science because science is important [TS]

  yes they work the problem everybody [TS]

  works in their own way i love it [TS]

  religion too hehe Martinez crucifix was [TS]

  a very important thing [TS]

  yes treasures and skins on fire was yeah [TS]

  that was actually very nice scene was [TS]

  like at you wouldn't mind right now is [TS]

  like like I know this is terrible but I [TS]

  have to do this to survive and I thought [TS]

  that was a sweet little little little [TS]

  mom [TS]

  alright well I think we have a reach the [TS]

  end of our time together talking about [TS]

  the Martian but we did but we all liked [TS]

  it right we all liked it yeah i mean i [TS]

  know i have is quite lukewarm about a [TS]

  number of things but but for now but for [TS]

  all that I really really enjoyed the [TS]

  movie [TS]

  I mean I they give it a big thumbs up [TS]

  button and I and I liked it so I don't [TS]

  want anybody to think i'm too grumpy [TS]

  about it you know [TS]

  well it's my favorite it's my favorite [TS]

  movie figure suffer yeah i really i [TS]

  really liked it and I thought it honored [TS]

  the book and Erica I command I I still [TS]

  come in the book to you if you enjoy [TS]

  this I think it's a I think it's a real [TS]

  page-turner i was planning on reading [TS]

  anyway after hearing what you guys had [TS]

  to say about it i am even more excited [TS]

  to read it I read it in one night [TS]

  like I said until two thirty in the [TS]

  morning to read it and I'm not under ok [TS]

  sleeps so you know that maybe not if i'm [TS]

  not going to start it right now [TS]

  no like clear clear clear some time on [TS]

  your schedule get a snack [TS]

  you'll get really hungry while you're [TS]

  reading it to the way back for potato [TS]

  between my god i just i was just really [TS]

  i'm just still really curious about how [TS]

  like if you didn't read the book did it [TS]

  all make sense to you and if you and how [TS]

  was the experience like if you of course [TS]

  you can avoid seeing the trailers like [TS]

  it's at the top of the show I was really [TS]

  really lucky I I i truly knew nothing [TS]

  about the story for all I knew was about [TS]

  a magical cult of Martians that are in [TS]

  dallas-fort worth and start of about a [TS]

  dry-goods business i had no idea and so [TS]

  the first page was am it was magic and i [TS]

  still remember [TS]

  after Chapter after Chapter after [TS]

  Chapter of its just first-person [TS]

  narrative and then I do flip the page of [TS]

  my kindle and now we're we're back on [TS]

  earth and what I'm hearing other voices [TS]

  like what the hell [TS]

  and then the first page where they [TS]

  figure out there and he's alive I almost [TS]

  in the middle of the coffee shop was [TS]

  like doing a list of topics [TS]

  yes there's a possibility he's gonna [TS]

  make it so i'm really curious to see [TS]

  what it's like to see that movie [TS]

  knowing that knowing what the story is [TS]

  about and also not having that really [TS]

  deep narrative of here is everything [TS]

  that's going to explain it to you step [TS]

  by step by step [TS]

  well I thought with phil i managed to of [TS]

  what i did manage to avoid the trailers [TS]

  I knew that Matt Damon was in it so I [TS]

  knew he was an astronaut and he was [TS]

  going to be on Mars but that was pretty [TS]

  much all I knew [TS]

  oh I didn't have any trouble following [TS]

  anything in a I maybe didn't get quite [TS]

  the same level of discovery but I [TS]

  enjoyed it all fresh and new quite a bit [TS]

  my boss is the superintendent of a urban [TS]

  School District and I pushed him to see [TS]

  the movie and he went and cold and he [TS]

  thoroughly enjoyed it [TS]

  my thirteen-year-old went to see the [TS]

  movie but I showed him the trailer and [TS]

  it got his attention so quickly i saw an [TS]

  opportunity and seized it and I push the [TS]

  book in front of him he devoured the [TS]

  book in like three days and he saw that [TS]

  he thought the movie was his favorite [TS]

  movie of all time [TS]

  well I chose to play my trust to [TS]

  somebody who never read science fiction [TS]

  and you know probably and would probably [TS]

  make it like that's why part of his [TS]

  moral code by this point and you know he [TS]

  tagged along with the nerd posse and [TS]

  Phil had no problem whatsoever [TS]

  following the story and he enjoyed the [TS]

  movie and his only criticism was he felt [TS]

  the disco diffuse the tension he would [TS]

  have liked it if he had been so tense [TS]

  that his children road near his ears by [TS]

  the end of it because it's you know no I [TS]

  i know that was my thought was like no [TS]

  but and you can actually make the [TS]

  argument that the disco the defusing [TS]

  tensions process the astronauts keep [TS]

  from snapping in situations like this a [TS]

  bad time but now Phil's biggest [TS]

  complaint was he thought it needed more [TS]

  attention and but other than that he's [TS]

  like it was ripping bergen story he [TS]

  liked the ending even [TS]

  he liked all the sequences he thought [TS]

  Matt Damon did a fine job and he's never [TS]

  gonna he's never going to read the book [TS]

  but he was like look at a decent movie [TS]

  you know [TS]

  yeah i think it's basically a summary [TS]

  movies and face uh-huh and one real [TS]

  quick let drive-by [TS]

  yep 3d it was actually a really good 3d [TS]

  yeah I wanted me to d i do the 2d if I [TS]

  can't just storm is amazing oh god oh [TS]

  sorry I was so thirsty through the whole [TS]

  movie though [TS]

  well I didn't do anything to drink [TS]

  because i don't have to leave and go to [TS]

  the bathroom halfway through its purple [TS]

  i went in with like no food and no drink [TS]

  and I was just so thirsty the whole time [TS]

  it's like 14 to my watch Lawrence of [TS]

  Arabia I always have to look at glass of [TS]

  water next guess so [TS]

  so dusty so dry and dusty on Mars [TS]

  they're driving you're absolutely right [TS]

  the 3d works because it's used to [TS]

  provide depth it doesn't send anything [TS]

  out into your face [TS]

  exactly alright let me uh we're gonna [TS]

  wrap it up but i wanna thank everybody [TS]

  for seeing the movie again very rare [TS]

  that we do the see it in theaters and [TS]

  it's a scheduling nightmare and this was [TS]

  a scheduling nightmare too but we made [TS]

  happen unfortunately problems with way I [TS]

  work the problem that's right thank you [TS]

  Lisa [TS]

  that's right like a like a podcasting [TS]

  astronaut and I work the problem so we [TS]

  saw it and I'm glad we did and why we [TS]

  talked about it so i would like to thank [TS]

  my guests now that's all that's left for [TS]

  me to do indian taco [TS]

  thank you Jason you are a steely-eyed [TS]

  missile and thank you very much chips [TS]

  other thank you i'm going to go listen [TS]

  to my a vinyl now [TS]

  well said erica and sign thanks for [TS]

  being here thank you i was i was gonna [TS]

  go and have some uh some vicodin on my [TS]

  potatoes and then I remembered and [TS]

  Canada we don't have like it in there [TS]

  just drink some water [TS]

  le schmeiser thank you i'm stunned by [TS]

  the news canada doesn't have like it and [TS]

  you people have coding your thailand [TS]

  lucky to have liked it [TS]

  oh I know we've got hit I've got coding [TS]

  all over the place in this house right [TS]

  now but I have limits it's because all [TS]

  the coding can't look like it and [TS]

  Stephen Hackett thank you for joining us [TS]

  it was nice to hear your voice I'm glad [TS]

  there wasn't a 40-minute delay between [TS]

  yeah not this time [TS]

  nice again [TS]

  maybe next time and thanks to everybody [TS]

  out there for listening to be [TS]

  uncomfortable [TS]

  we'll see you next week [TS]

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