The Incomparable

265: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Final Rounds


  the incomparable number 265 September [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  uncomfortable podcast I'm your host [TS]

  Jason Snelling we are concluding [TS]

  although it has turned from summer to [TS]

  fall we're going to conclude you know [TS]

  march madness ends in April I'm just [TS]

  saying our summer superhero spectacular [TS]

  and we're gonna wrap it up this this is [TS]

  not even summer this wonderful thing [TS]

  that uh that it is has gone far longer [TS]

  than i expected will end it with these [TS]

  final rounds in this episode and we've [TS]

  gotten some submissions from some [TS]

  listeners to help us along the way let [TS]

  me explain where we are we have eight [TS]

  heroes remaining we will crown a [TS]

  champion tonight let me introduce the [TS]

  heroes that are remaining and their [TS]

  Champions spider-man is going to be [TS]

  champion by Mr Dan Morgan hi dan please [TS]

  God let it end [TS]

  yeah okay hold on the filter was on a [TS]

  great to be here Jace yeah okay is too [TS]

  jaan is defending captain america Jason [TS]

  when Captain America throws his mighty [TS]

  shield all those who oppose that shield [TS]

  will yield defending Doctor Strange is [TS]

  chip sudderth hi chip [TS]

  it was my understanding that this would [TS]

  be beta ray bill [TS]

  wait i voted against data rate i'm so [TS]

  confused just yeah I know just to go [TS]

  the flash is going to be jointly [TS]

  defended or I don't even know they're [TS]

  going to decide by by Dan Morgan who [TS]

  have already introduced and mr. Tony [TS]

  sindelar hi Tony [TS]

  hi Jason you're also of course as as the [TS]

  Pope of the Church of Batman going to be [TS]

  done ASAP Bishop business there's a lot [TS]

  of back bureaucracy uh who's the poet [TS]

  the church back [TS]

  no serious is that man is it Bruce way [TS]

  well that would be that would that's how [TS]

  you blow your cover [TS]

  yeah who is the bad pontiff yeah that [TS]

  would be that's very confusing [TS]

  Lisa Schmeisser is going to be speaking [TS]

  for wonder woman hi Lisa [TS]

  I I welcome back you view but your [TS]

  veteran of this tournament and I [TS]

  suggested this tournament now I'm so [TS]

  sorry i wasn't even mentioned that is [TS]

  your uh it's you're going to reddit look [TS]

  at multi ashley is out there and he's [TS]

  going to be defending one of his [TS]

  favorites of all time the Cinderella [TS]

  story making it to this point it is the [TS]

  thing [TS]

  rim haimanti high and you know Ben [TS]

  Graham looked great in the Cinderella [TS]

  dress so it all works well the orange [TS]

  goes with the pink so yeah sure the [TS]

  finest rack for and yes force from [TS]

  george from the rocks of brooklyn and [TS]

  manhattan from brooklyn the from [TS]

  Brooklyn not from Brooklyn and then [TS]

  Wolverine who is going to be defended by [TS]

  a newcomer to these proceedings [TS]

  that's me I'm gonna I'm gonna take on [TS]

  Wolverine nobody else wanted Wolverine [TS]

  I'm gonna take okay i think that I [TS]

  definitely want here I didn't want to [TS]

  give I didn't want to get anybody to [TS]

  full ones i saddled and Tony with [TS]

  one-and-a-half mix job and snake but [TS]

  yeah well cool breezy because he just I [TS]

  got claws and heal and you're all dead [TS]

  that's pretty simple that's my given [TS]

  away my strategy now also joining us are [TS]

  a couple of judges who have not been [TS]

  judged before in fact they have very [TS]

  carefully avoided being on the summer [TS]

  superhero spectacular and a clever and [TS]

  somehow carefully because they're now [TS]

  exactly right not enough because we [TS]

  caught them and we made them be here [TS]

  David lure hello [TS]

  I i was gonna say you figured out my [TS]

  strategy yeah I know and then here you [TS]

  are [TS]

  I had the good sense to stay away until [TS]

  today I know I don't know I am shocked [TS]

  that you're here and Erica and sign [TS]

  similarly had the good sense to not be [TS]

  on this train wreck [TS]

  until now this was a moment of weakness [TS]

  yeah well youryour hopped up on code [TS]

  it'll can I am literally hopped up on [TS]

  codeine and very ill so this will be [TS]

  great [TS]

  encoding hops you up I'm just saying i'm [TS]

  not an expert i'm not a doctor i don't [TS]

  have this tradition so you know sobriety [TS]

  is not a hallmark of our our judges and [TS]

  so let us begin with a with a matchup is [TS]

  so let me explain how this round the [TS]

  round of eight is going to work i asked [TS]

  listeners to submit using a Google Form [TS]

  some non doomsday scenarios that would [TS]

  have to be pondered and responded to by [TS]

  our heroes and I've actually asked our [TS]

  advocates to explain in essentially tell [TS]

  us a little bit of a story about how [TS]

  their hero would react to these [TS]

  scenarios scenarios that were randomly [TS]

  selected from a list generated by [TS]

  listeners so let's move on to the first [TS]

  matchup Doctor Strange and the flash [TS]

  and i'm going to i'm going to tell you [TS]

  what the scenario was and then your [TS]

  advocates will tell you how their he [TS]

  responded if that makes any sense [TS]

  chip you were speaking for Doctor [TS]

  Strange and here is your scenario and [TS]

  you've been given this ahead of time is [TS]

  from mr. Gary and it says the singer has [TS]

  taken the city hostage promising to blow [TS]

  up an orphanage unless our hero appears [TS]

  on America's Got voice and sings a [TS]

  heartfelt tradition of radiohead's creep [TS]

  that will win over the judges what does [TS]

  dr. strange do chip dr. strange [TS]

  teleports into the real world and kills [TS]

  Gary that seems not heroic [TS]

  that's not then and then he takes [TS]

  another shot at Jason Snell for telling [TS]

  the world that I was given this in [TS]

  advance which means that I've lost all [TS]

  deniability [TS]

  then what is he doing ok so dr. strange [TS]

  has all of these mystical artifacts that [TS]

  SB fits the sorcerer supreme so he would [TS]

  go to the orb of agamotto in the chamber [TS]

  of shadows in his sanctum Santorum no no [TS]

  not syncing Santorum that's a that's a [TS]

  that's a--that's a congressman from [TS]

  Pennsylvania hours in his state won [TS]

  anyway thanks to him right [TS]

  he's gonna be looking at crystal ball [TS]

  he's going to find and astrally project [TS]

  to locate Albert Hammond who [TS]

  successfully sued Radiohead for [TS]

  plagiarism and is now credited as a [TS]

  co-writer of Crete he's going to use his [TS]

  amulet the eye of agamotto to probe [TS]

  Hammonds mind and understand the nuances [TS]

  the subtleties of the song the subtle [TS]

  qualities that radio had found in [TS]

  creating the song and then having done [TS]

  that he's going to use his cloak of [TS]

  levitation as well as the I to travel [TS]

  the world finding thom yorke Radiohead [TS]

  links lead singer as the as the and also [TS]

  the guys who covered this song for the [TS]

  social network trailer because you've [TS]

  got to have a trendy angle for America's [TS]

  Got voice he's going to study the book [TS]

  of the vishanti and its vast store of [TS]

  white magic spells [TS]

  he's looking for the most powerful [TS]

  karaoke incantation with all of that [TS]

  done [TS]

  he's going to travel to the americas got [TS]

  voice studios he's going to prepare to [TS]

  sing and then he's going to realize [TS]

  all he has to do is conjure up a [TS]

  spectacular light show hypnotize the [TS]

  audience into believing he's saying like [TS]

  John Barrowman instantly teleport to the [TS]

  orphanage instantly teleport all the [TS]

  children out use the I to find the [TS]

  singer knocked him unconscious with [TS]

  balls of energy because when your doctor [TS]

  strange your writers can make up the [TS]

  rules as they go along because hey he's [TS]

  magic very nice very nice well done [TS]

  we're going to move on to the [TS]

  competition the flash D'Antoni I don't [TS]

  know how you want to handle this you're [TS]

  going to be answering scenario from [TS]

  listener Michael answer in unison is it [TS]

  is what one of you should be Wally and [TS]

  one of you should know that we've got [TS]

  this repair we're gonna do every other [TS]

  word alright good good at work so listen [TS]

  we had a late lay down a baseline here [TS]

  is ready mr. Michael scenario mr. [TS]

  Michael scenario is against randomly [TS]

  selected a serial killer is picking off [TS]

  seemingly random citizens in elaborate [TS]

  deathtraps themed around Looney Tunes [TS]

  shorts another serial killer [TS]

  you know I feel like that might be a [TS]

  future upcoming episode of the flash [TS]

  right now Michael Patterson remind our [TS]

  little scary credit for that yeah listen [TS]

  to Michael you're you're either a [TS]

  aspiring writer or an aspiring serial [TS]

  killer or both right anymore or Looney [TS]

  tune your fine line so this is this [TS]

  scenario seems almost kind of like [TS]

  cherry picture for the flash by tonight [TS]

  I tell you it's random but when it came [TS]

  up i thought oh that's perfect [TS]

  well it works out just perfectly because [TS]

  it sounds like you know we don't know [TS]

  what serial killer this might be but it [TS]

  sure sounds like it could be the [TS]

  trickster mom there are other you know [TS]

  DC themed on good people who do things [TS]

  like like that there's the toy maker who [TS]

  does stuff with toys [TS]

  there's the Mad Bomber and Batman who [TS]

  uses remote control cars that have [TS]

  explosives there's a lot of toyota hi [TS]

  jinx the ability not forget coyote man [TS]

  also a real Joker but yeah there's [TS]

  there's a couple but you know it seems [TS]

  like the first thing you would really [TS]

  want to do if someone is doing things at [TS]

  random as you want to find that it's not [TS]

  at random [TS]

  it's a pattern and so what you probably [TS]

  need to do is sit down and watch all the [TS]

  looney tunes and it would sure be great [TS]

  if you have the ability to do that [TS]

  that i would say some kind of speed that [TS]

  is super like super speed ability which [TS]

  the flash can do so he could I don't [TS]

  know if they have a blockbuster in [TS]

  Central City so maybe he goes to the [TS]

  library and he watches the entire [TS]

  limitations archive in a blink of an eye [TS]

  and is able to figure out what's going [TS]

  to happen next [TS]

  maybe then has to go to you know every [TS]

  anvil dealership in Central City and and [TS]

  figure out who's been selling anvils and [TS]

  rockets and whatnot but one way or the [TS]

  other he's gonna be able to do the [TS]

  detective work necessary and do it at [TS]

  super speed to figure out who was at [TS]

  work and no doubt go in and fight them [TS]

  in some kind of warehouse and they'll [TS]

  probably be kind of a road runner wile e [TS]

  coyote reference in fire da fight and [TS]

  the flash mystery Road Runner because [TS]

  he's going to win [TS]

  also he's fast I hope the serial killer [TS]

  doesn't paint the shape of a hole in a [TS]

  wall and have the Flash run into it [TS]

  because that I feel like maybe the final [TS]

  do that I I'm going around in my wallet [TS]

  right if you like where exactly is my [TS]

  case he's prepared for literally every [TS]

  eventualities that a could be thrown at [TS]

  him as a looney tunes character he can [TS]

  phase through things he can time-travel [TS]

  back and like make sure that you know he [TS]

  didn't if he did slip up at one point [TS]

  that he can correct that he obviously of [TS]

  course as Barry Allen has the scientific [TS]

  skills necessary you know as a as a [TS]

  forensic investigator to sort of figure [TS]

  out with this person is as Tony allege [TS]

  that so he could you actually track down [TS]

  this villain so I think you know [TS]

  information the the flash run really [TS]

  fast [TS]

  he's got the supporting cisco how fast [TS]

  you have to run to keep running off of a [TS]

  cliff and he'll be like I don't know [TS]

  Barry run really fast with me and we'll [TS]

  keep ya i believe the only correct [TS]

  answer is faster than you've ever run [TS]

  before [TS]

  alright um those are excellent scenarios [TS]

  and now i'm going to turn into our are [TS]

  our judges I David let's start with you [TS]

  what are your thoughts about Doctor [TS]

  Strange and the flash [TS]

  well i mean i have to say was kinda [TS]

  hoping they would both have to face the [TS]

  same scenario now that would be a little [TS]

  easier to be up to way this is not this [TS]

  is not to make IC for you this is [TS]

  nothing I swear I know it's finally [TS]

  David this is serious i would hope that [TS]

  STAR Labs has all of the Looney Tunes [TS]

  already stored themselves because you [TS]

  know you gotta you gotta have something [TS]

  to do [TS]

  so you know hopefully he would save time [TS]

  even more time that way but you know it [TS]

  kind of comes down to he's really fast [TS]

  whereas Doctor Strange he's got to [TS]

  somehow manage the singing competition [TS]

  and hypnotize everyone in the audience [TS]

  and the judges and you know save [TS]

  everyone in the orphanage [TS]

  I'm kind of leaning towards dr. strange [TS]

  did we mention that Barry Allen his [TS]

  heart stopped we put that out as well [TS]

  you gotta live doctor strange has a [TS]

  stupid mustache Barry Allen's got heart [TS]

  all right Erica what do you think well [TS]

  at the beginning of that dr. strange [TS]

  tirade I was actually ready to throw [TS]

  Doctor Strange right to the Wolves 4444 [TS]

  chips of possibility of killing poor [TS]

  Gary who came up with this scenario [TS]

  because i think it is the greatest video [TS]

  ever [TS]

  and I'll of radiohead's creep but after [TS]

  hearing after hearing all of the other [TS]

  things I i love the idea that dr. [TS]

  strange would really try to to get to [TS]

  the heart of the song and break it down [TS]

  and and discover its meaning i think [TS]

  that the a great first step and then we [TS]

  had to mention of john barrowman no [TS]

  problem area [TS]

  hey I like to update my argument for [TS]

  later huh haha no me [TS]

  we are good with the charity apart i do [TS]

  like the idea of the flash doing doing [TS]

  the detective work I feel like that's a [TS]

  very sort of similar thing to what we've [TS]

  got on the doctor strange side it's a [TS]

  you know breaking down the song breaking [TS]

  down the clues but I I don't know I yeah [TS]

  Barry may have heart but I guess I I [TS]

  always a go for the mind [TS]

  so in this case who I'm with david i-i [TS]

  think i like the doctor strange and i [TS]

  would say that if he's watching every [TS]

  Mooney tuned to figure it out he could [TS]

  save time by cutting out all the [TS]

  repetitive ones so he's wasting a lot of [TS]

  his time he's doing in super speed that [TS]

  we always ask if the video equipment is [TS]

  capable of playing back and super speeds [TS]

  everything you need something very [TS]

  special and fancy which was not [TS]

  mentioned by our advocate and style he [TS]

  just he takes the DVD and he just spins [TS]

  it looks at it with his eyes [TS]

  that's that I'm just sitting here [TS]

  slack-jawed y'all Doctor Strange is [TS]

  moving on and chip is going to stay up [TS]

  later after strange happy birthday to [TS]

  you happy birthday champ [TS]

  ah dr. streib silence order in this [TS]

  court order in this Court [TS]

  we're going to move on to a matchup [TS]

  between Batman argued by Tony sindelar [TS]

  against Wonder Woman argued by Lisa [TS]

  Schmeisser we'll start with we'll start [TS]

  with Lisa since wonder woman is the [TS]

  number two seed Batman the number ones [TS]

  have strong matchup the one versus to [TS]

  hear Lisa your scenario is from listener [TS]

  Drew who says a subway train has fallen [TS]

  into a sinkhole and is slowly sinking [TS]

  into a subterranean Lake time and oxygen [TS]

  are running out elsewhere wonder what we [TS]

  do i think one would tell julie has to [TS]

  do his own physics homework because this [TS]

  reads like a word problem to me another [TS]

  scenario victims of wash our phones are [TS]

  working aren't they all [TS]

  you don't get you don't get to be number [TS]

  two but now so bearing in mind sinkholes [TS]

  are created by some collapse of the [TS]

  surface layer some sort of dissolution [TS]

  or basic what happens is the ground is [TS]

  kinda softly underneath you so the lake [TS]

  makes perfect sense [TS]

  the water is both necessary and [TS]

  threatening because the water slows the [TS]

  acceleration of the train and keeps it [TS]

  from crashing hard into a hard surface [TS]

  however the water also hurts the oxygen [TS]

  now again I'm laying up the word problem [TS]

  here drew so pay attention when you have [TS]

  to start reading those equations and [TS]

  showing your work for class now bearing [TS]

  in mind that wonderful men received it [TS]

  but little flowers as blessings for the [TS]

  Olympic deities and she now has like the [TS]

  mind of Pallas Athena and has wisdom and [TS]

  intelligence and military prowess and [TS]

  she has the [TS]

  sisterhood of fire thanks to Hestia and [TS]

  things like that and she can and and and [TS]

  Hermes got in on the action and Diana [TS]

  can now fly at approximately half the [TS]

  speed of light [TS]

  what she's going to do first is work on [TS]

  finding a way to drain the lake so I [TS]

  think she's going to take an empty [TS]

  subway booth or something else that she [TS]

  can then fly to the bottom of Lake and [TS]

  uses a projectile to create a whole the [TS]

  lake will begin to drain because it will [TS]

  have an area at which the water can [TS]

  rapidly vortex out while it does that [TS]

  Diana will swim her way back up to the [TS]

  surface [TS]

  she'll lasso the train with her lasso of [TS]

  truth shall pull it back down from the [TS]

  breach potential have a firm talking to [TS]

  with any and all transportation [TS]

  commissioners about why they are running [TS]

  heavily to use public transportation / g [TS]

  logically unstable areas very nice it is [TS]

  because these were all selected randomly [TS]

  you got two days the natural disaster [TS]

  which is which is a little different [TS]

  than a than a supervillain which i think [TS]

  is very interesting [TS]

  thank you Tony we're going to go to you [TS]

  with that man your scenario comes from [TS]

  listener keith i will read listener case [TS]

  scenario now it's a little bit a [TS]

  detailed but that's okay i love studio [TS]

  band is very big on attention to detail [TS]

  here it is midnight the late-night [TS]

  talk-show cuts to a special news [TS]

  bulletin [TS]

  while flying back from a diplomatic [TS]

  mission in the Middle East Air Force One [TS]

  has mysteriously disappeared mid flight [TS]

  originally I thought this was the entire [TS]

  scenario only about 30 minutes later did [TS]

  I find and send Tony the second portion [TS]

  of it which reads several hours pass [TS]

  from NASA emerges that reveals the plane [TS]

  has been spotted on the moon [TS]

  how does our hero help rescue the [TS]

  president from his lunar prison so [TS]

  Batman's home turf is is Gotham but he's [TS]

  regularly made space kind of part of his [TS]

  jurisdiction right i mean there's even [TS]

  the Justice League Watchtower which is [TS]

  the they're orbiting space station has [TS]

  been referred to as you know just a [TS]

  minor blip in the waynetech discussion [TS]

  discretionary research budget which is [TS]

  worrisome from an economic standpoint [TS]

  but you know he he probably be rather [TS]

  moping around [TS]

  open the back alleys of Gotham but when [TS]

  air force one goes missing you strap on [TS]

  your space battle armor you jump in your [TS]

  bat spaceship and you go to the moon [TS]

  that's what you do well that's what [TS]

  Batman does at least when you get to the [TS]

  moon you scan that moon you find the [TS]

  President and whatever supervillain is [TS]

  crazy enough to kidnap the president and [TS]

  take him to the moon [TS]

  i did some research surprisingly not [TS]

  very many or as far as I don't know moon [TS]

  theme villainous in the DC Universe [TS]

  there's muna but he's not that different [TS]

  universe also not gonna be a hero [TS]

  so so technically i get to the moon and [TS]

  getting very good at stake here so he [TS]

  gets in the middle invitation [TS]

  got it yeah i mean the the thing here is [TS]

  Batman is really that the Batman motto [TS]

  be prepared [TS]

  he has the accessories that will will [TS]

  take you to really wherever you've got [TS]

  he's got he's got a car he's got a [TS]

  helicopter he's gotta jet [TS]

  he's got a boat that sometimes also a [TS]

  submarine and he has a spaceship / [TS]

  rocket that occasionally appears in the [TS]

  comics so he's ready to go wherever you [TS]

  need to go if they can make money [TS]

  selling a toy version of it Batman has [TS]

  it and he's got an invasion and it's [TS]

  ready to rock [TS]

  I think that's how he gets the [TS]

  discretionary budget for we probably he [TS]

  probably has two spaceships he has one [TS]

  spaceship he takes up to the space [TS]

  station and then like another nicer one [TS]

  that takes from there it's like I don't [TS]

  like taking that one into orbit it gets [TS]

  dirty so he takes that one he goes to [TS]

  the mood he finds out who has been [TS]

  stupid enough to kidnap the president [TS]

  any beats the crap out of them as Batman [TS]

  does and then he takes them back home [TS]

  and he still got plenty of time and he [TS]

  read tonight's little note card to moon [TS]

  night say even you don't get called for [TS]

  moon related emergency [TS]

  I'm haha sure yeah [TS]

  yes they have done to get the job done i [TS]

  think that's important [TS]

  alright yeah we heard some scenarios for [TS]

  Batman and Wonder Woman good stuff Erica [TS]

  what are your thoughts [TS]

  okay you guys I love Wonder Woman she's [TS]

  probably the only superhero that I have [TS]

  any sort of feelings for whatsoever but [TS]

  i'm a little iffy on her plan to just [TS]

  you know the bust a hole in the bottom [TS]

  of a lake in quote-unquote train it i [TS]

  don't know that that necessarily is [TS]

  going to work in every case so I [TS]

  and i really like the idea of Batman [TS]

  even though I'm not not the hugest [TS]

  Batman fan that he has the gadget that's [TS]

  needed for all of up for all these [TS]

  spacefaring things I just feel like [TS]

  that's a it's a solid plan and i can [TS]

  very much see Batman getting the job [TS]

  done so i will for Batman this time [TS]

  alright David sorry Wonder Woman yeah i [TS]

  would hope Batman would be smart enough [TS]

  to call his friend Clark who could [TS]

  actually go and handle everything on the [TS]

  moon really easily without any gadgets [TS]

  green lantern but Batman is he's not [TS]

  he's not really that is why no no this [TS]

  is this is his job those other guys are [TS]

  busy but also its Air Force One it's the [TS]

  president we have a vice-president [TS]

  wonder one's actually saving citizens [TS]

  he's saving a politician who cares [TS]

  yeah like there's one enters of a [TS]

  scenario i was given and not one over [TS]

  here at scenario well yeah but where did [TS]

  she [TS]

  but wonder woman is whether we did her [TS]

  research about the ability to drain the [TS]

  lake is what wonderful that was [TS]

  consistent for some weed but yeah she's [TS]

  saving citizens she's then going to the [TS]

  infrastructure and saying you should not [TS]

  have let that train run and here's why [TS]

  and hear the things you need to do to [TS]

  help fix that and you know she is [TS]

  concerned with public safety [TS]

  Batman is concerned with kissing up to [TS]

  the president so I'm voting for Wonder [TS]

  Woman alright well that forces me as [TS]

  your browser tiebreaker to vote for for [TS]

  one of these two and because as i have [TS]

  not seated anyone else on the jury at [TS]

  this point and i hope you haven't come [TS]

  to this it is very difficult for me I [TS]

  think that the Wonder Woman scenario is [TS]

  very nice although I share Erica [TS]

  skepticism that they're somehow is a [TS]

  place at the bottom of the lake a [TS]

  subterranean Lake for the water drain i [TS]

  believe the subterranean Lake baby where [TS]

  the water drains to and not from i also [TS]

  enjoy that Batman has a his space [TS]

  spaceship and his earth spaceship and [TS]

  like a dish that may not be shuttle [TS]

  shuttle among them well as far as I'm [TS]

  concerned if you said Tony must be true [TS]

  I I am reluctantly by a hair going to [TS]

  have to to rule for Batman who that man [TS]

  always gets everything you know yes he [TS]

  does it is this is why he's the number [TS]

  one seems unfair yeah it is he's got the [TS]

  home field advantage [TS]

  there yeah he even has a bat sub subhype [TS]

  sub pump is that something like that [TS]

  yeah that would be great [TS]

  Batman knows a thing or two about [TS]

  draining underground areas [TS]

  well this is great because night when [TS]

  the jury that's right Lisa now sends to [TS]

  the to do the role of one of our judges [TS]

  she's not answering [TS]

  HS edge and the silver lining anything [TS]

  can happen here my whimsy it is it i do [TS]

  we meet we do you shall all right let's [TS]

  move on to our next matchup [TS]

  it is the thing was gonna be argued by [TS]

  Monty and and Wolverine who I will argue [TS]

  unfortunately I no longer have to be the [TS]

  type right because we have three people [TS]

  on the jury now I think that is a good [TS]

  thing that happened well why we did them [TS]

  in this order for a recent ok Monty here [TS]

  is your scenario it is from mr. Gary [TS]

  who's who provided us who has been [TS]

  killed by dr. strange earlier no I don't [TS]

  mean just a tragic wait who has yet who [TS]

  has to stop that but with a random [TS]

  number of flash aim up with listener [TS]

  Gary again been eliminated so listen [TS]

  Gary scenario for Monty is this our hero [TS]

  thing has to balance the conflict [TS]

  between his super team i assume that [TS]

  would be fantastic for christmas party [TS]

  and a holiday party with extended family [TS]

  that is together for the first time in [TS]

  years [TS]

  all while still man runs amok through a [TS]

  clothes shopping mall good scenario Gary [TS]

  Monty tell us what is going to happen [TS]

  with stealing man [TS]

  well the first thing to keep in mind is [TS]

  that Ben Grimm is Jewish and his parents [TS]

  are dead because it's a holiday party [TS]

  with extended family i think that this [TS]

  applies because it would be a a Hanukkah [TS]

  related gathering case with his aunts [TS]

  and uncles [TS]

  well i was going to if I may yes and if [TS]

  you rule against me it's because you're [TS]

  biased because you're arguing SI I can't [TS]

  right I know I I ruin your favor [TS]

  haha I'm what everything extended family [TS]

  as a more private holiday celebration [TS]

  with his girlfriend Alicia master [TS]

  alright sirna so what's going on is the [TS]

  Fantastic Four are having a big show-off [TS]

  e Christmas will [TS]

  t do in the Baxter building and across [TS]

  town [TS]

  Alicia masters is making dinner and just [TS]

  once been to take a night off from his [TS]

  show off e teammates and eat with her [TS]

  there's a very we got our dignity Reed [TS]

  Richards there thank you out that [TS]

  there's more coming back is how to play [TS]

  the judges see yesterday this is the [TS]

  sort of thing that the blue-eyed [TS]

  ever-loving thing is always having to [TS]

  deal with because historically the [TS]

  Fantastic Four comic book is a split [TS]

  about 5050 between fighting [TS]

  supervillains and dealing with [TS]

  entertaining conflict so if we assume [TS]

  that it's kind of a three's company deal [TS]

  where everyone's favorite orange Rock [TS]

  Monster is having to find excuses to [TS]

  sneak out of each party so we can rush [TS]

  over to the other one we are I think [TS]

  that's pretty easy to make a little [TS]

  harder for myself I won't take advantage [TS]

  of Alicia's blindness or read Richard [TS]

  self-centeredness haha because that's [TS]

  where stoked man comes in handy [TS]

  he's a villain mostly defined by having [TS]

  telescoping legs [TS]

  wikipedia describes them as a competent [TS]

  engineer and inventor and a moderately [TS]

  talented disguise artist and I think [TS]

  it's safe to say that anyone who is [TS]

  described with words like competent and [TS]

  moderate it's not a top-ranked threat so [TS]

  it should be no problem for the thing to [TS]

  occasionally glance out the window of [TS]

  the Baxter building christmas party and [TS]

  say hope there's that goofball [TS]

  I'll be right back guys still men's mess [TS]

  around with the mall then rush across [TS]

  town go spend some time with alicia [TS]

  after the appetizers [TS]

  he says well Alicia I guess he still [TS]

  turn out the window [TS]

  I got to be right back and the horse [TS]

  rush back to the drawing the rest of the [TS]

  team at the party back and forth all [TS]

  night as long as he's back at the Baxter [TS]

  building in time to put on the Santa [TS]

  suit and give out presents because [TS]

  obviously Ben's the one who puts on the [TS]

  Santa suit to give our presence [TS]

  everything should be fine at the end [TS]

  when everyone has a festive evening then [TS]

  goes out into the night to finally deal [TS]

  with still man for real I figure 1 [TS]

  backhand smack how to do it [TS]

  the keys you just take out one of those [TS]

  man's legs yesterday that I mean you [TS]

  don't have to go for two we do too [TS]

  normal guy that's exactly is psychic is [TS]

  Domino man maybe throw a rock at him and [TS]

  I'm a little concerned with the owner of [TS]

  the foot locker at the mall who's who's [TS]

  had his store looted by still man while [TS]

  Ben cream has had you know canap├ęs with [TS]

  Alicia masters but you know that's what [TS]

  you have to do is keep your safe on the [TS]

  floor and it's fine it's fine okay guys [TS]

  don't man is up around the roof [TS]

  it's up to the judges decide it's not [TS]

  for me to decide I'm right we'll move on [TS]

  to the the competition it's Wolverine [TS]

  i'm going to switch that for Wolverine [TS]

  this is from listener David one of his [TS]

  two submissions that will hear his other [TS]

  one later and this is it Wolverine comes [TS]

  across a boy who is about to [TS]

  unintentionally unleash a nuclear [TS]

  explosion from his body he and by he i [TS]

  believe David means Wolverine can [TS]

  teleport once Wolverine seems to have [TS]

  had a single-use teleportation device [TS]

  and given to him [TS]

  why can't i have the teleportation bet [TS]

  big my scenario so much easier but you [TS]

  can't wait to watch you can only do it [TS]

  once does Wolverine saved the city and [TS]

  the child by taking the child far away [TS]

  but sacrificing himself or he's trapped [TS]

  on one side of a river there's a box and [TS]

  more interesting for doesn't hold a [TS]

  child that's right about as he saved the [TS]

  child because it doesn't charge an [TS]

  explosion matter what so yeah I am glad [TS]

  you asked that question Dan Wolverine [TS]

  standing there like twenty dollars [TS]

  standing next to the the UH the the [TS]

  isotope lad who is a who says I I can't [TS]

  stop it mr. Wolverine i'm going to [TS]

  release a nuclear explosion there's [TS]

  nothing i can do and Wolverine says as [TS]

  he slowly walks up to the kid listen kid [TS]

  there two ways this can go we can we can [TS]

  teleport you out into the desert and see [TS]

  what happens [TS]

  or i can end it now and he puts his hand [TS]

  up to the head of the kit and says I [TS]

  could get my closet right now and end [TS]

  this and you'll die but the city will be [TS]

  safe or we can we can use my little [TS]

  single use teleport that i got from [TS]

  let's say Reed Richards [TS]

  that read upside is you want and and we [TS]

  can take our chances you and me and I [TS]

  you're probably gonna blow me to [TS]

  smithereens and you might blow your [TS]

  smoke itself to smithereens [TS]

  but the city will be safe for sure what [TS]

  do you say kid and the kid looks at him [TS]

  and says Mr Wolverine I don't want this [TS]

  city to die and so I think you're gonna [TS]

  have to kill me and Wolverine says [TS]

  forget a kid I was never gonna kill you [TS]

  and he presses the button initiating the [TS]

  teleport thingy and taking them into the [TS]

  desert somewhere I guess where it goes [TS]

  this is natalie williams realty ecology [TS]

  everybody into the moon basically Reed [TS]

  Richards handed in the thing and said [TS]

  use this on the isotope lat will get him [TS]

  out of the way I'm really gonna take [TS]

  this problem that you [TS]

  yeah it'sit's roll the teleport is part [TS]

  of the scenario it just is there [TS]

  I don't think Wolverines discovered he [TS]

  has a single-use teleportation mutant [TS]

  power that seems unlikely so I'm gonna [TS]

  go with a single use teleport somewhere [TS]

  else [TS]

  everybody ran out in the middle of the [TS]

  desert there's nothing there for miles [TS]

  and miles and miles and the kid says Mr [TS]

  Wolverine I can feel it coming here [TS]

  comes the nuclear explosion and he says [TS]

  hold on kid you probably be okay and if [TS]

  i don't if I don't make it then it's [TS]

  that way to Phoenix boom giant nuclear [TS]

  explosion happens well by the standards [TS]

  of regular explosions of the giant by [TS]

  the standards of nuclear explosions it's [TS]

  small but it's still a nuclear explosion [TS]

  the kid wakes up it's it's evening in [TS]

  the desert and he realizes that although [TS]

  he's exploded with the fire of a nuclear [TS]

  bomb [TS]

  he's okay because his mutant power has [TS]

  protected him so he gets up and begins [TS]

  to walk the direction [TS]

  Wolverine pointed him toward phoenix [TS]

  arizona where he can hopefully find a [TS]

  street or call his mom or get a ride or [TS]

  maybe call Reed Richards who knows as he [TS]

  walks he passes a small fragment of bone [TS]

  the only let the only remains of [TS]

  wolverine to solve dissolve dissolve one [TS]

  week later ovaries regrown and he's out [TS]

  in the desert he goes wow thats tongue [TS]

  he gets up [TS]

  calls Charles Xavier they pick him up in [TS]

  a jet and he goes back to New York and [TS]

  that is how Wolverine saved the city [TS]

  with a little help from Richard but [TS]

  let's not talk about that [TS]

  alright I I think it's time to go to the [TS]

  judges now Lisa what are your thoughts [TS]

  that whole wolverine scenario is in [TS]

  direct opposition to what Logan actually [TS]

  did to a child who was killing off the [TS]

  entire city thanks to his mutant power [TS]

  in one of the issues of the ultimate [TS]

  x-men and in that issue what Logan did [TS]

  is Logan says it's either the entire [TS]

  world or its you kid and it sucks but [TS]

  here is my butt but you know the choice [TS]

  i'm going to make and the kids sniffles [TS]

  and says it's not fair i've never been [TS]

  kissed a girl and looking handsome [TS]

  appearance as you can at least have a [TS]

  beer before I do that was a good one [TS]

  David fit and ultimate canceling enough [TS]

  beer argument Wolverine it gives the kid [TS]

  a beer and then kills him [TS]

  okay i'm gonna kiss the kid now now for [TS]

  the ultimate thrill it's a little like [TS]

  this and Wesley yeah but there's a lot [TS]

  of editing commands given fault [TS]

  oh no so the whole time Jason is is [TS]

  spinning his scenario it's quite [TS]

  cinematic and lovely and I can see Hugh [TS]

  Jackman acting the bejesus out of it but [TS]

  no I don't buy it and so I'm gonna go [TS]

  with the I'm gonna I'm gonna go with the [TS]

  been grim scenario instead [TS]

  all right Erica what do you think well [TS]

  i'm not particularly fan of this been [TS]

  grim scenario when he's using the chaos [TS]

  at the mall in order to be able to go [TS]

  back and forth between two fancy parties [TS]

  talk about privilege so many one of the [TS]

  manager of the footlocker as his stock [TS]

  is destroyed by still Manuel bank room i [TS]

  didn't mention that the mall is set on [TS]

  Yancy Street everybody there hates Ben [TS]

  Grimm so the health does not make it [TS]

  worse help our David you get to decide [TS]

  this one [TS]

  oh well i have to have to say I'm with [TS]

  Lisa because I think ultimate Wolverine [TS]

  or not either version of Wolverine would [TS]

  probably do the same thing [TS]

  and I kinda like the idea of Ben Grimm [TS]

  is Jack Tripper and i would think that [TS]

  if it's a holiday party it's gonna be [TS]

  night time the mall might well be closed [TS]

  and its foot locker [TS]

  who cares so it's still man just having [TS]

  a good time [TS]

  it's like a joyride baby just want a [TS]

  corn dog on a stick because it reminds [TS]

  him of well anyway you know what's an [TS]

  orange Julia card and the fifth still [TS]

  man used to run used to manage a [TS]

  cinnabon that was just as commander I [TS]

  mean admittedly people are freaked out [TS]

  by the stove man but maybe they're [TS]

  freaking out and he's just like hey it's [TS]

  the holiday season I want to go [TS]

  Christmas shopping so I'm going to go [TS]

  with bit i'm gonna go with Ben Grimm [TS]

  alright Ben Graham moving along you go [TS]

  to the mall there's free balloons in the [TS]

  rafters cinderella story continues okay [TS]

  let's move on to our next matchup it is [TS]

  number one seed spider-man against [TS]

  number two seed captain america captain [TS]

  america although number two highly [TS]

  ranked is the low seat here but Moyes is [TS]

  you get to go first you will be [TS]

  responding to a scenario from mr. david [TS]

  who we just heard in the wolverine [TS]

  scenario and this is listening David [TS]

  scenario a bad guy took control of the [TS]

  superheroes mind that be captain america [TS]

  and had him killed a few thousand [TS]

  innocent people but how will he [TS]

  explained he didn't do it make amends [TS]

  and stop it from happening again is well [TS]

  in a world where things like civil war [TS]

  happen i have to say that this [TS]

  particular scenario is is not exactly [TS]

  off the beaten path as it were the only [TS]

  thing that Captain America could [TS]

  possibly hope to do is be honest tell [TS]

  people the truth and lay himself at the [TS]

  mercy of the system of justice to which [TS]

  he has sworn an oath captain america is [TS]

  the one who is going to get on his knees [TS]

  surrender himself and hopefully not get [TS]

  assassinated by one of his friends who [TS]

  has been mind-controlled to do so in [TS]

  doing so it really comes down to honesty [TS]

  it really comes down to a guy who [TS]

  technically wears a mask but everybody [TS]

  knows what his secret identity is coming [TS]

  out and saying look you guys know me you [TS]

  know my record you know that this is not [TS]

  something that you would associate with [TS]

  Captain America you know that this is [TS]

  not me you know that this is only the [TS]

  sort of thing that could be it could be [TS]

  held to 22 mind control and if you don't [TS]

  believe that well I i have to lay myself [TS]

  at the mercy of the American people the [TS]

  people of the world god Bless America [TS]

  and when it comes down to it that's [TS]

  that's it that's that's that's the thing [TS]

  the cap has to stand on is trust me [TS]

  trust my record and and if you don't I'm [TS]

  going to make myself accountable for all [TS]

  of it [TS]

  unlike some people who run around [TS]

  wearing a mask and and and not being [TS]

  forthright and telling people who he is [TS]

  and and that was how Captain America got [TS]

  away with Matt yeah that moving on to [TS]

  spider man who's gonna be argued by Dan [TS]

  you got a scenario from listen Michael [TS]

  and it is simple and again as with the [TS]

  flash scenario was generated randomly [TS]

  and yet is so match to the hero here is [TS]

  the spider-man scenario spider-man is [TS]

  forced to go on a date with the child of [TS]

  his arch-nemesis damn well Michael we [TS]

  we've all been there right [TS]

  you know we're just an ordinary [TS]

  superhero trying to make a lot of [TS]

  difference in the lives of the people of [TS]

  our city and and you know occasionally [TS]

  try to find date and we can't help it if [TS]

  in this connected age the dating [TS]

  services that we use on our mobile phone [TS]

  website matches up with the daughter of [TS]

  a supervillain like that's you know the [TS]

  odds are it's going to happen sooner or [TS]

  later he's got a lot of arch nemesis I [TS]

  think you know to Peter Parker's credit [TS]

  and I assume that he's going on the [TS]

  state is Peter Parker and not so much as [TS]

  spider-man probably not seem super [TS]

  awkward but I you know never rule it out [TS]

  I feel like you know Peter Parker [TS]

  probably maybe you would realize until [TS]

  he shows up at this like fancy [TS]

  restaurant that he's arranged to go to [TS]

  him and he has that sort of moment of [TS]

  like she [TS]

  looks really familiar o.o crap but you [TS]

  know he's an upstanding kid and I think [TS]

  you know what he learned from from Aunt [TS]

  May and Uncle Ben among other things [TS]

  that with great power comes great [TS]

  responsibility towards you know the [TS]

  people that you date in life so I think [TS]

  he would try to do his best to make sure [TS]

  that that his date had a pleasant [TS]

  evening but I think he would also try to [TS]

  subtly sabotage it by you know perhaps [TS]

  using some of his science know how to [TS]

  accidentally caused you know something [TS]

  terrible that happened during the [TS]

  meeting at the table suddenly falls over [TS]

  spilling all the food on him and he has [TS]

  to get up an excuse himself and go to [TS]

  the restroom or that he would you know [TS]

  actually accidentally shoot something [TS]

  his league with his web slinging advices [TS]

  and you know again sort of caused a [TS]

  mishap that would distract attention so [TS]

  that well the date he would be trying [TS]

  gamely to make the date you know it's [TS]

  like seem like he's going off very well [TS]

  he would also ensure that not only word [TS]

  that would never be a second date but [TS]

  there wouldn't even be the least [TS]

  suspicion that he is in fact spider-man [TS]

  and thus compromise his secret identity [TS]

  but he would make sure that you know [TS]

  that he takes care of dinner and that he [TS]

  makes sure that she gets home safely and [TS]

  all of the support things because Peter [TS]

  Parker's above all things a gentleman [TS]

  and then he would suit up and go out and [TS]

  fight some crime may be awkwardly [TS]

  busting her dad in the process [TS]

  you never know those kinds of things [TS]

  happen all right tough one for our [TS]

  judges let us start with David what do [TS]

  you think I love the threes company [TS]

  scenario for Ben Grimm this is a few [TS]

  degrees less difficult than that you [TS]

  know it's a date [TS]

  he gets out of the date it's kinda like [TS]

  an episode of family ties really where [TS]

  is Captain America is the one who's [TS]

  standing up for you know he's taking [TS]

  great responsibility and placing great [TS]

  trust in the people and you know if all [TS]

  goes wrong and then I look forward to [TS]

  the Marvel version of that supermax [TS]

  prison script the DC never made as a [TS]

  film and also i really like ultimate [TS]

  frisbee so I'm gonna go with cabinet [TS]

  member [TS]

  go all right Erica I 2 i'm going to go [TS]

  with Captain America I I appreciate that [TS]

  both of the the answers for these were [TS]

  basically being upstanding fellows but I [TS]

  I like the simplicity and the elegance [TS]

  of the fact that honesty really is the [TS]

  best policy [TS]

  so I go with cap who says America isn't [TS]

  great place for any what it would it [TS]

  what we have we have two votes already [TS]

  for Captain America but i'm interested [TS]

  in your thoughts that the record for the [TS]

  record you can find a descent or you can [TS]

  file a concurring opinion now how [TS]

  patriotic are you Lisa how much do you [TS]

  love America now undergoing treatment no [TS]

  imagery on purpose [TS]

  yeah up there is an aircon hot see here [TS]

  as was crazy she's making a little bit [TS]

  on being wrongly accused of being [TS]

  accused of mass murder you committed [TS]

  when you're technically out of your [TS]

  gourd and and going on a bad date [TS]

  rr-really just two sides of the same [TS]

  coin [TS]

  come on with it because they're they're [TS]

  both just really awkward situations [TS]

  where where your left [TS]

  cleaning up a mess that you didn't quite [TS]

  create I honestly feel like bad dates [TS]

  are sort of Peter Parker's normal and [TS]

  this isn't a particular challenge for [TS]

  him [TS]

  whereas you know well actually come to [TS]

  think of it perhaps mass murder as [TS]

  America's normal and not a particular [TS]

  challenge [TS]

  oh gosh it's i'm going to go with [TS]

  Captain America just because i want to [TS]

  see how this plays out the final device [TS]

  with You captain america and i think i [TS]

  got hampered bad scenario now know that [TS]

  you have to make to you could come up [TS]

  with like the reason you never dan you [TS]

  never addressed why he was forced to go [TS]

  on this date for example you didn't [TS]

  paint us a picture and this is planning [TS]

  it yet the vultures daughters later that [TS]

  this scenario was pool little this [TS]

  scenario was poorly laid out I didn't [TS]

  get an example [TS]

  long premise about all the reasons [TS]

  behind right so as their plan where was [TS]

  he just like Oh a family friend himself [TS]

  on a date with the Nemesis daughter [TS]

  maybe maybe the nemesis was trying to [TS]

  trap him maybe the daughter is trying to [TS]

  trap him maybe um elestren John it's [TS]

  spider-man to lose so that Jason would [TS]

  be really sad interesting but we'll [TS]

  never know because spider-man has been [TS]

  eliminated and that we have reached the [TS]

  final four which means the dan you now [TS]

  joining our panel judges welcome and we [TS]

  are moving to the next round which [TS]

  involves doomsday scenario selected and [TS]

  provided to our participants on the spot [TS]

  they must react and say how their hero [TS]

  would react to a doomsday scenario we're [TS]

  going to start with Batman versus the [TS]

  thing Tony and Monty Monty you get to go [TS]

  first [TS]

  I i have randomly selected a doomsday [TS]

  scenario for you and this is it a mad [TS]

  scientist has pointed a colossal [TS]

  magnifying glass at antarctica in order [TS]

  to completely melt the ice shelves and [TS]

  round the world please tell us how the [TS]

  thing would react to that scenario [TS]

  well the first thing they have to do is [TS]

  go get that giant magnifying glass [TS]

  now there's a chance that just hovering [TS]

  in space but I like to think of it as [TS]

  sort of at as being a sherlock holmes [TS]

  type magnifying glass we've got the lens [TS]

  and then a handle so that the handle it [TS]

  is pitching that well it's because you [TS]

  look over that way and i'm on board so [TS]

  he's going to get in one of the [TS]

  Fantastic Four's many jet cars possibly [TS]

  the fantastic car and shoot straight [TS]

  down to the South Pole [TS]

  maybe it's a handle is in Tierra del [TS]

  Fuego and then it just goes up a bit [TS]

  do you think they have real estate [TS]

  speculation going on maybe they're [TS]

  trying to turn it melt ice cap so that [TS]

  they're there inland properties will [TS]

  suddenly become hot resort properties [TS]

  oh that's a really that aren't really [TS]

  any alien a stupid plan and only a [TS]

  terrible movie would use that I'm gonna [TS]

  fly down to Tierra del Fuego no need to [TS]

  bring the other fantastic four on this [TS]

  job seems pretty straightforward also [TS]

  want to spend [TS]

  with Reed Richards luckily up as you may [TS]

  know Ben is an expert pilot and he will [TS]

  have no problem shooting down to tear a [TS]

  little if i go hop out of the [TS]

  fantasticar walk up to this enormous [TS]

  magnifying glass [TS]

  grip it with his incredible physical [TS]

  strength second only to the Hulk you may [TS]

  be interested to know that it says here [TS]

  his feet include successfully holding [TS]

  back a giant alien spacecraft from [TS]

  jettisoning from Earth [TS]

  Wow given that i'm certain that all he [TS]

  would have to do is grab that giant [TS]

  magnifying glass and then grunt and [TS]

  strain for a couple of pages it rip it [TS]

  right from the ground fling it off into [TS]

  space where it will eventually hit the [TS]

  Sun all right give me a doomsday [TS]

  challenge that is easily solved with [TS]

  just grit determination and enormous [TS]

  strength all of which Ben Grimm has in [TS]

  spades [TS]

  all right there nice Tony here's your [TS]

  scenario it's from listener drew that [TS]

  was from mr. Michael by the way lister [TS]

  Michael back he you may remember him [TS]

  from the loony toon serial killer [TS]

  I love that guy and and and now he's [TS]

  back with that with that I've just [TS]

  freshly randomly picked these as as [TS]

  we've been talking here's your's it's [TS]

  for listener drew and Tony this is the [TS]

  entirety of your doomsday scenario the [TS]

  dinosaurs are back and they're angry [TS]

  Wow well you know I think that you can [TS]

  always count on Batman on to to figure [TS]

  out that there is a problem using his [TS]

  detachment skills so you'll notice is [TS]

  intended for steady and they're angry is [TS]

  detective in the world everybody [TS]

  yeah I'm afraid we're rounding into the [TS]

  Batcave would be like master Bruce [TS]

  master Bruce the dinosaurs are back and [TS]

  and he'll turn around in this Jan be [TS]

  like I know and there and they're angry [TS]

  yeah I'm not really hungry or tired or [TS]

  crazier uncomfortable there are angry [TS]

  you know there's a reoccurring thing [TS]

  where are Batman [TS]

  it will sometimes he will in in the [TS]

  guise of Bruce Wayne being like I need [TS]

  to make a donation to somewhere will go [TS]

  and talk to somebody like the first [TS]

  appearance of man that he goes and talk [TS]

  to a bat scientists about like I need to [TS]

  donate a bunch of money to your bat lab [TS]

  but hey there's the students knocking [TS]

  over like you know the labs across town [TS]

  can I ask you some questions about that [TS]

  i'm just we're just got eccentric rich [TS]

  guy so I think you know he'll go and [TS]

  talk to us some paleontologists and [TS]

  figure out like how many how many [TS]

  dinosaurs should we keep for scientific [TS]

  reasons and how many dinosaurs am I [TS]

  allowed to you know vaporize what you [TS]

  don't get to keep all the dinosaurs [TS]

  that's less than one of when the [TS]

  dinosaurs come back that's a problem [TS]

  you get to keep some dinosaurs you put [TS]

  them in zoos that's good for the kids [TS]

  but then I think Batman is probably [TS]

  gonna have two big break out some kind [TS]

  of pretty severe bat hardware I think [TS]

  we're talking about some kind of bat mac [TS]

  at this point and he's gonna have to go [TS]

  out and probably have to fight some some [TS]

  some dinosaurs and you know other other [TS]

  heroes might shoot dinosaurs Batman's [TS]

  not about that but he will wear a giant [TS]

  robot suit and punch a dinosaur in the [TS]

  face with a bat neck with a back fist [TS]

  and I think there's probably going to be [TS]

  about two issues than a Batman just [TS]

  punching dinosaurs [TS]

  maybe maybe eventually gets to ride [TS]

  t-rex and he's lassoing some other [TS]

  dinosaurs and yeah there's gonna be a [TS]

  lot of batman ride-on dinosaurs lasting [TS]

  dinosaurs keeping a couple dinosaurs and [TS]

  pin i don't know maybe just chase the [TS]

  rest into the ocean Batman's not here to [TS]

  you know to protect all dinosaurs here [TS]

  to protect often Tony world [TS]

  yeah i know we're competitors but can I [TS]

  make a suggestion go for it i'd really [TS]

  like some sort of situation where he has [TS]

  to use a pterodactyl because it looks [TS]

  kind of like a bat [TS]

  oh yeah I have a small question point of [TS]

  clarification with the dinosaur scenario [TS]

  please I I am I I go good say I'm ready [TS]

  but I won't lie i'm here what are their [TS]

  what is Moses oars and dinosaurs in the [TS]

  ocean [TS]

  oh well those I feel like are those [TS]

  really dangerous people I feel like if [TS]

  they keep them so because there's always [TS]

  rated Aquaman payback laugh knock woman [TS]

  i was not yelling three rounds ago what [TS]

  ya gonna do you have knocked [TS]

  I've been here the whole series is over [TS]

  oh yeah however now i feel like if [TS]

  you've knocked the superhero out of [TS]

  contention already they don't get to [TS]

  come back to help the people who are [TS]

  still in don't think you have a visual [TS]

  just like on Top Chef when everybody [TS]

  goes back as a sous-chef no I I hate [TS]

  that to believe that helps with the [TS]

  judges decide whether they want to look [TS]

  great i would like to offer a [TS]

  conservative estimate [TS]

  I feel like Batman could take down a [TS]

  hundred and fifty maybe 275 dinosaurs [TS]

  before he need to call for help [TS]

  that's absolutely right i'm just saying [TS]

  i want to see my writing part back that [TS]

  you got 200 angry dinosaurs you call the [TS]

  Justice League hundred and seventy-five [TS]

  his Batman so that the series had the [TS]

  dinosaurs are back all the dinosaurs [TS]

  never been a lot as well that's millions [TS]

  of years of them the more than training [TS]

  so i guess the tiny cute ones are the [TS]

  ones that stay in zoos for the kids [TS]

  well it is a doomsday scenario so we can [TS]

  be a small number of dinosaurs has to be [TS]

  enough whatever the number is the causes [TS]

  doom from dinosaurs dinosaur do you know [TS]

  I don't have the dinosaur doing number [TS]

  back up what I mean like one really [TS]

  angry one could do it yeah and everyone [TS]

  strong point [TS]

  alright I think we're going to move on [TS]

  to the judges now to determine though [TS]

  the winner between these two these two [TS]

  scenarios and why don't we start with [TS]

  dan I have a concern about this dinosaur [TS]

  scenario specifically i believe mention [TS]

  was made of Batman vaporizing dinosaurs [TS]

  now correct me if I'm wrong Batman is [TS]

  not really a killer and considering that [TS]

  this entire species was wiped out off [TS]

  the entire face of the earth don't you [TS]

  think you'll find some sort of way to [TS]

  maybe you know let them live in harmony [TS]

  maybe put them on a giant spaceship or [TS]

  something and send them off to the moon [TS]

  Nicki with the President and really bad [TS]

  as for you over there with its parents [TS]

  he'll die this office will talk later [TS]

  yeah i mean that's what the moon night [TS]

  would have done and he would have had it [TS]

  under control [TS]

  no but I when I my views around all the [TS]

  dinosaurs in the Sea of Tranquility IIM [TS]

  worried about me lately killing off all [TS]

  of these all of these endangered want to [TS]

  be fair [TS]

  somebody said they would put some ensues [TS]

  and he would kill all right yeah let's [TS]

  kill some of them in prison the rest of [TS]

  them that makes perfect sense [TS]

  this is 170 and fully yeah let me let me [TS]

  talk let me give you some batman logic [TS]

  here you can't reason with a source [TS]

  trust me Batman way unlike which are we [TS]

  talking about land before time dinosaurs [TS]

  now these are the bad kind of dentists [TS]

  towards Frank there any land before time [TS]

  x 480 the Batman know at least one [TS]

  dinosaur dinosaur hybrid or something [TS]

  I mean he has like it t-rex in his [TS]

  Batcave but thatthat's we have no we [TS]

  have no resentment is here its statute [TS]

  i'm pretty sure to stretch it maybe it's [TS]

  maybe it's an actual t-rex it's just [TS]

  very still and whatever I'm going on [TS]

  record by registering my my concerns [TS]

  about Batman willfully killing [TS]

  endangered creatures but it's still [TS]

  better than a stupid magnifying glass [TS]

  blame the villain man yeah let's go to [TS]

  Erica what do you think I'm torn because [TS]

  I love the idea of this giant magnifying [TS]

  glass just hanging there and then it [TS]

  then just coming up in just tossing it [TS]

  away i think that's you talk about [TS]

  elegance simplicity I I appreciate that [TS]

  however I also I I wouldn't have even [TS]

  thought to save any of the dinosaurs so [TS]

  I appreciate the idea that Batman [TS]

  decided to save some of them and put [TS]

  them put them in zoos and and I think [TS]

  that's a kind of a much more interesting [TS]

  way to go so I'm gonna I'm gonna go for [TS]

  Batman alright Lisa what do you think [TS]

  well I don't hold a grudge against [TS]

  Batman just because he knocked out one [TS]

  last round and I I honestly I really [TS]

  love the Dinosaur scenario for so many [TS]

  rates [TS]

  I just think it's great that it just [TS]

  amuses speed imagine Batman riding on [TS]

  the back of a Terran odd of some sort of [TS]

  it at some point in the proceedings and [TS]

  and feeding the land dinosaurs to the [TS]

  mosasaurs and then finding [TS]

  to get to the end they die of starvation [TS]

  or something so I'm gonna have to put [TS]

  that dinosaur just because i really love [TS]

  that scenario so much like it just gives [TS]

  me much more pleasure than imagining Ben [TS]

  Graham walking out of a conversation [TS]

  with Reed Richards because reading is [TS]

  boring and awful and then going then [TS]

  driving one of the fantastic cars down [TS]

  south to take care of a comically [TS]

  oversized magnifying glass that that [TS]

  that doesn't hold a candle to Batman [TS]

  effectively making a Jurassic Park movie [TS]

  with his own personal bet that Raptor [TS]

  squad [TS]

  well Batman is going to move on David [TS]

  though I like your your thoughts to [TS]

  concur or descent I have to concur i [TS]

  mean like i said i wouldn't have put him [TS]

  in this round but if he's here [TS]

  I I gotta give it to him I mean I [TS]

  desperate times call for desperate [TS]

  measures so it is doomsday device [TS]

  doomsday scenario he's gonna probably [TS]

  have to kill something and they're [TS]

  dinosaurs they're not people write this [TS]

  whole thing has been much killing people [TS]

  so god what if there's tension though [TS]

  while I was not in the scenario just [TS]

  hangout wasn't how can I repay re-passed [TS]

  dinosaur you know Ben's got a whole team [TS]

  that he could call on but he's able to [TS]

  handle it himself what kind of a [TS]

  doomsday is that you know pretty easy so [TS]

  i gotta write a band but but wait [TS]

  because Ben is part of a team but didn't [TS]

  use them as opposed to Batman who's part [TS]

  of the justice league but didn't use [TS]

  them [TS]

  that doesn't seem right at all well we [TS]

  have one of the many and justices of [TS]

  this tournament [TS]

  congratulations to Batman for moving on [TS]

  as as foretold we're gonna move on to [TS]

  the next round now my judge now Monty [TS]

  congratulations you are that you are now [TS]

  a judge x you've been promoted [TS]

  how many judges now up to them they're [TS]

  there are six now if always judged and [TS]

  we can see how I'd only appear when I [TS]

  need to break a tie so so in this [TS]

  scenario i would not have to break a tie [TS]

  because there are five other judges [TS]

  captain america vs Doctor Strange I [TS]

  Doctor Strange the number five seed ship [TS]

  so you're going to argue this first your [TS]

  scenario comes from listener chad i will [TS]

  read it to you now Tim Cook is revealed [TS]

  to be a robot and the head of the [TS]

  artificial intelligence uprising who [TS]

  pushes a secret button causing all [TS]

  iphones apple [TS]

  watches etc to tap into their owners [TS]

  nervous system and take over their body [TS]

  Tim then commands this army of cyborgs [TS]

  which includes all the iphone owning [TS]

  superheroes to take over the world to [TS]

  defeat him our heroes must fight their [TS]

  superhero friends and own android phone [TS]

  windows phone or blackberry would be [TS]

  fine but it seems really unlikely that [TS]

  is chad scenario for Doctor Strange tell [TS]

  us chip [TS]

  how does dr. strange solve the Apple [TS]

  created robot uprising Doctor Strange is [TS]

  patently not a man of science [TS]

  he is a man of magic however Apple [TS]

  products have been commonly described as [TS]

  magical so that has a secret in here he [TS]

  is also he has also as I have [TS]

  demonstrated earlier in this surprising [TS]

  rise to success for dr. strange he is we [TS]

  argue it's not that surprising because [TS]

  he's an amazing hero and wait a minute [TS]

  i'm arguing against you is keep it down [TS]

  over there he has the powers of [TS]

  teleportation he has the power of [TS]

  zapping things and things like that [TS]

  what he also has the power to possess [TS]

  other people's minds and the last little [TS]

  thing that I'm going to pull out of my [TS]

  butt here is that Doctor Strange is a [TS]

  member of the secret marvel team called [TS]

  the Illuminati and one of his teammates [TS]

  on the Illuminati is Reed Richards who [TS]

  would never [TS]

  he's eats too much of a jerk he would [TS]

  never have an iphone he'd have an [TS]

  android phone dr. strange would possess [TS]

  Reed Richards stretch him infinitely [TS]

  across the globe in such a way that he [TS]

  would take the iphone take the iPhones [TS]

  away from every possessed superhero [TS]

  simultaneously taking them from them [TS]

  immediately delivering them to dr. [TS]

  strange who would immediately cast them [TS]

  into the orbit viagra moto dispersing [TS]

  them across the universe immediately [TS]

  causing a loop of psychic feedback that [TS]

  would fry Tim Cook's my [TS]

  named interesting alright asking him [TS]

  into the Dark Dimension i agree i think [TS]

  that's a great idea [TS]

  all right choice s now here is your [TS]

  scenario for Captain America this comes [TS]

  from our listener friends Clinton and [TS]

  Sarah like two person one who write an [TS]

  increase in global temperatures is [TS]

  causing the glaciers to retreat and [TS]

  polar ice caps to melt who will cool the [TS]

  planet before sea levels rise to a [TS]

  disastrous degree voices tell us how [TS]

  Captain America can solve global warming [TS]

  scenario is patently nonsense i said [TS]

  we're in fantasy land here people [TS]

  mmm let's let's take other teammates out [TS]

  of the equation [TS]

  let's take leaning on crutches at the [TS]

  equation let's let's put the single [TS]

  sentinel of liberty up against this dire [TS]

  dire thing that is going to destroy the [TS]

  planet as we know it both in real life [TS]

  and in fiction how how does Captain [TS]

  America reverse something that climate [TS]

  scientists have said in the real world [TS]

  and look we're really too far gone it's [TS]

  a matter of how fast we go down that [TS]

  drain a nice little accessory something [TS]

  that you know youyou we're on a night [TS]

  out when it's going to be the last night [TS]

  on earth that i like to call the [TS]

  Infinity government the Infinity [TS]

  Gauntlet capability of rewriting the [TS]

  fabric of reality is quite simply the [TS]

  the cleanest solution to reversing [TS]

  something that otherwise a man without [TS]

  superpowers aside from strength and and [TS]

  things that are you to punch things you [TS]

  can't exactly punch climate change in [TS]

  the face can you [TS]

  well messages you'd like to as much as [TS]

  you'd like to you can't unless you have [TS]

  the power of the six infinity gems [TS]

  apparently now Infinity stones maybe [TS]

  next week they're going to be infinity [TS]

  trinkets [TS]

  I don't know what they're calling them [TS]

  these days charges jockeys the Infinity [TS]

  tchotchkes waving waving his waving his [TS]

  his his his hand wearing those infinity [TS]

  gems on his fists that in and of itself [TS]

  is the cleanest simplest way for Captain [TS]

  America to not put other people in [TS]

  danger and at once [TS]

  turn back [TS]

  this terrible terrible terrible scenario [TS]

  i mean threat [TS]

  alright interesting we have we have [TS]

  Captain America using the power of the [TS]

  Universe to stop global warming we have [TS]

  dr. strange using magic and also [TS]

  interestingly a bold gambit Reed [TS]

  Richards a key role but that's in the [TS]

  world did you ever read that he's [TS]

  literally using Reed Richards his body [TS]

  yeah I think that's I think this is [TS]

  justin reed richards for his body I just [TS]

  wanted that on the room [TS]

  alright it's on the record now so let's [TS]

  uh let's go to the judges we will start [TS]

  with Lisa what do you find one of my [TS]

  thoughts I don't understand why cap just [TS]

  didn't throw his at his his vibranium [TS]

  shield into a volcano and proper [TS]

  Krakatoa style explosion that would like [TS]

  at the earth and ash and perhaps call [TS]

  app cause ambient temperatures to cool [TS]

  with extra long winters for a few years [TS]

  and what we were all thinking well yeah [TS]

  set sadly that super soldiers serum you [TS]

  know doesn't it doesn't give you the [TS]

  smart just the punching really is that [TS]

  it so it doesn't give you so it doesn't [TS]

  improve your brain because wouldn't you [TS]

  need to have some changes and cerebral [TS]

  cortex to make up for the increased fast [TS]

  muscle twitching for now I'm you know is [TS]

  your brain's ability to take a punch and [TS]

  social and concussions so saturated by [TS]

  every list of all god I've no idea i [TS]

  find myself in my own mini doomsday [TS]

  scenario because on the one hand my [TS]

  hatred of Reed Richards is [TS]

  well-documented know on the other hand I [TS]

  feel like Steam solutions deeply stupid [TS]

  so um you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna [TS]

  go for Doctor Strange just because [TS]

  anything that basically uses Reed [TS]

  Richards is kind of a living conduit 22 [TS]

  nefarious census is okay and I retain [TS]

  hope that that perhaps Tim Cook can be [TS]

  rehabilitated and come back as a member [TS]

  of the Illuminati all right Monty am I [TS]

  to understand that [TS]

  to understand that [TS]

  captain america just picked up the [TS]

  Infinity Gauntlet and all six Infinity [TS]

  these tchotchkes at some point along the [TS]

  way to the entrance John I'm sorry we [TS]

  made it we missed the recap page [TS]

  aye captain america went to went to his [TS]

  pals and said hey this is the problem we [TS]

  need to fix it and can i have the [TS]

  Infinity Gauntlet please I have to say [TS]

  they please [TS]

  that doesn't sound like solving it on [TS]

  his own [TS]

  that sounds like going to somebody else [TS]

  saying can I have the magical MacGuffin [TS]

  that will solve everything for me I'm [TS]

  gonna have to go with dr. script doctor [TS]

  strange for all of his cool iteration [TS]

  and actual use of magic [TS]

  alright Erica I'm also going with dr. [TS]

  strange i like the idea of throwing all [TS]

  iphones into some whatever it was [TS]

  because i do use an android and I like [TS]

  it gosh darnit right you're gonna save [TS]

  the world [TS]

  I'm worried that I'm i'm going to be [TS]

  accused of throwing this for Doctor [TS]

  Strange which i think is a completely [TS]

  reasonable assertion that make against [TS]

  me knowing how big of a doctor strange [TS]

  and i am but I know what can i say i'm [TS]

  losin I'm losin proudly David who I'm [TS]

  gonna go for Doctor Strange partly [TS]

  because I've had enough things not just [TS]

  work perfectly with an apple device so i [TS]

  don't think it would be a seamless [TS]

  perfect plan and it just worried just [TS]

  one exciting science works [TS]

  I know what's with the the robots tell [TS]

  you and you know i like the idea of read [TS]

  being stretched out to such a degree [TS]

  that if he hasn't been completely [TS]

  sacrificed to save the world then at [TS]

  least he's going to be in extreme pain [TS]

  and trauma for how many years to come [TS]

  so good for you dr. strange right and [TS]

  Dan ah yes my understanding was Captain [TS]

  America is basically going to use magic [TS]

  so that seems to kinda like a doctor [TS]

  like every night that mark infringement [TS]

  going on there [TS]

  sure dr. strange thing you needed was [TS]

  going to dr. strange we're going to move [TS]

  on to the final yes that's it we have [TS]

  reached the final round [TS]

  how the hell did i make it to the final [TS]

  are happy birthday happy birthday chip [TS]

  yeah we present our final not final [TS]

  matchup against against the jury of of [TS]

  seven of your peers is going to be [TS]

  Batman vs Doctor Strange the classic [TS]

  battle on the classic battle number five [TS]

  seed coming out of 11 region in the [TS]

  number one seed from a different region [TS]

  from the Gotham reasonably chip you are [TS]

  the number five senior the lower seat [TS]

  here so you can go first [TS]

  your final scenario is this how does dr. [TS]

  strange beat batman in a fight [TS]

  dear God hears what dr. strange does to [TS]

  be the Batman dr. strange as [TS]

  demonstrated has many various magical [TS]

  powers [TS]

  some would say they exist at the whim of [TS]

  the writers one of dr. Strange's powers [TS]

  is the power of transmute transmutation [TS]

  when he faces Batman he uses his magical [TS]

  powers of transmutation to turn Batman's [TS]

  costume into that of moon night but us [TS]

  momentarily nauseated is vulnerable to [TS]

  being simply punched in the face [TS]

  alright Tony how does Batman defeat dr. [TS]

  strange well here's the thing I you know [TS]

  Batman is probably gonna be it is is [TS]

  most challenged in situations where he [TS]

  has to come up against magic that's I [TS]

  feel like that's just not something [TS]

  Batman has to deal with and you know [TS]

  what I mean I had this is not a [TS]

  particular superhero scenario i thought [TS]

  about before and I've thought about many [TS]

  and I you know I think in a fair fight [TS]

  I Doctor Strange really wouldn't have [TS]

  that much trouble taking Batman down [TS]

  here's the thing Batman never gets into [TS]

  a fair fight [TS]

  that man is always over prepared and [TS]

  he's basically ready to drop on somebody [TS]

  from the rafters and problem it into a [TS]

  submission where they will not be able [TS]

  to say any magic words because their [TS]

  throat will be crushed and they will [TS]

  certainly not be able to any magic [TS]

  gestures because 729 of their fingers [TS]

  will be broken so the way that that man [TS]

  is going to defeat dr. Strange's [TS]

  defeating him before dr. strange even [TS]

  knows there's a fight that's how Batman [TS]

  wins interesting dr. strange [TS]

  is gearing up and it's over [TS]

  yeah that's pretty good that man that [TS]

  man is always prepared hehe he has he [TS]

  knows that he knows Doctor Strange [TS]

  street address he knows where he hangs [TS]

  out he knows what he likes his coffee [TS]

  he is being prepared I thought you were [TS]

  going to go with chip scenario and say [TS]

  so dress this moon knight batman punches [TS]

  dr. streams in the face and says I'm [TS]

  still bad [TS]

  here's the thing that I can also take a [TS]

  punch from Doctor Strange Batman can [TS]

  take a lot of fun alright okay we're [TS]

  going to go to the judges for this uh I [TS]

  i randomly selected the order in which [TS]

  the judges will vote voice s you get to [TS]

  go first [TS]

  well look i have some opinions about [TS]

  this [TS]

  no you don't own hmm dr. Stephen strange [TS]

  master of the mystic arts sorcerer [TS]

  supreme over the earth dimension [TS]

  how dare you assert the notion that [TS]

  Batman could punch Doctor Strange before [TS]

  dr. strange someone who dances among the [TS]

  dimensions and alternate planes of [TS]

  existence as if they were the wooden [TS]

  floor of a tap dance studio [TS]

  how is this possible how I i just i [TS]

  cannot possibly fathom it that dr. [TS]

  strange as as chip was saying subtextual [TS]

  econ textually and overtly there there's [TS]

  simply no way for a guy with some fancy [TS]

  toys and nice cars and a t-rex in his [TS]

  cave and a nice big TV that he sits in [TS]

  front of all the time instead of [TS]

  socializing with other human beings like [TS]

  a normal person [TS]

  he's got a whole zoo of dinosaurs now [TS]

  he's a you know he's so busy curating [TS]

  the zoo [TS]

  while dr. strange is is is preventing [TS]

  the invasion of Dormammu from the Dark [TS]

  Dimension something that only but rarely [TS]

  comes up when Batman's stronger and more [TS]

  capable superhero friends that frankly I [TS]

  think technically he was learning to [TS]

  karaoke earlier but you're enough i I [TS]

  just I i can't i can't fathom why can't [TS]

  I can't see I the opportunity was there [TS]

  to convince me sadly a radically [TS]

  radically lopsided match [TS]

  they're right more lopsided match there [TS]

  has never been a I I have to find for [TS]

  dr. strange sighting uh ok boys let's [TS]

  thank you you're citing the great [TS]

  sorcery of the guy who won in chip [TS]

  scenario by punching him in the face [TS]

  sorceress supreme but punch in the face [TS]

  hey he's you know he's gonna he's gonna [TS]

  land he's going to land a punch first [TS]

  and he's going to lander an infinite [TS]

  number of punches beyond that before [TS]

  poor puny mortal non-magical Batman [TS]

  knows what's coming [TS]

  alright I not a surprise vote uh-huh [TS]

  but but we're going to where the court [TS]

  would which one do you remember when I [TS]

  was strange supremacist yeah I'm saw we [TS]

  know who this workout on swinging [TS]

  Phillips yeah Erica you are randomly [TS]

  selected to be next [TS]

  oh boy well you know based on the [TS]

  scenarios as I heard them and having [TS]

  less a background knowledge of these two [TS]

  these two heroes [TS]

  i I really can see if if anybody could [TS]

  get the drop on somebody who seems to be [TS]

  all-powerful i do think that it would be [TS]

  Batman so i can i can picture Batman I [TS]

  mean he is a comic book superhero if [TS]

  anybody could pull it out i think that [TS]

  it and gets the Batman song Batman [TS]

  alright Dan you know that i held such [TS]

  hope for for chips are you and magic was [TS]

  a strong opening and I i have to say [TS]

  that the moon knight costume change a [TS]

  stroke of brilliance [TS]

  however I have some concerns chief among [TS]

  them the fact that dr. strange does in [TS]

  fact then try to punch Batman in the [TS]

  face now I don't know how much you know [TS]

  about dr. Strange's background with his [TS]

  hands but his hands are in the best [TS]

  shape so strength the point of order [TS]

  point of order just waiting on with the [TS]

  people i wonder what important is your [TS]

  opportunity he dose martial arts [TS]

  oh he know I'm sorry he knows martial [TS]

  arts so Batman not so much because [TS]

  without it again and again you know I [TS]

  can't do surgery guys I'd like to a [TS]

  point to exhibit a [TS]

  he's Batman so what do you know this is [TS]

  this is a tough matchup as Tony pointed [TS]

  out [TS]

  Batman's biggest vulnerability is [TS]

  traditionally magic [TS]

  however dr. strange [TS]

  no I think has trouble with things that [TS]

  are based in a more earthly realm and so [TS]

  I I feel like absolutely if you'd like [TS]

  use the magic to the full extent and [TS]

  developed you know throwing him into [TS]

  some sort of Hell universe or parallel [TS]

  dimension [TS]

  I think dr. strange would have this [TS]

  lockdown however he chose to punch him [TS]

  in the face and I think that may be his [TS]

  undoing because he's gonna get that [TS]

  punch off but after that I think he's in [TS]

  serious trouble so right i used to say [TS]

  that punch doesn't carry with the force [TS]

  of a thousand suns i'm guessing uh chip [TS]

  was really to say that he didn't say [TS]

  it's okay I respect the effort you know [TS]

  my fellow judge your honor but I i think [TS]

  in the end very and I think I do have to [TS]

  find for Batman Lisa because Batman is [TS]

  actually the world's greatest detective [TS]

  and exactly paranoid enough to have [TS]

  complete files on who even his friends [TS]

  are and the best way to kill them when [TS]

  they go evil which he does i am sure [TS]

  that some point he discovered the [TS]

  parallel universe where all the Marvel [TS]

  characters live and he began see [TS]

  subscribe to marvel unlimited and began [TS]

  reading through all the history lessons [TS]

  movies [TS]

  exactly and I'd like to see what Batman [TS]

  opens up a moon night issue and is like [TS]

  really really really thinks moon night [TS]

  is the best comic book in the marble [TS]

  countertops ways that we have this guy [TS]

  like very violent for my chase but I [TS]

  like something like that how do you keep [TS]

  the uniform so clean [TS]

  um no I'm finding for batman because [TS]

  again Batman uses better look magic is [TS]

  awesome and great does all sorts of [TS]

  really cool stuff and it's certainly [TS]

  better than giant magnifying glasses [TS]

  blah blah blah but that man thinks ahead [TS]

  and he's paranoid and he correctly seems [TS]

  everyone's out to get him and that is [TS]

  what will keep him alive because he [TS]

  automatically assumes he's going to lose [TS]

  but he goes into the fight anyway right [TS]

  Monty what do you think [TS]

  well first let me say that my decision [TS]

  will bear no animus from Batman unfairly [TS]

  beating my beloved Ben Grimm earlier in [TS]

  the proceedings [TS]

  thank you here's the thing according to [TS]

  the scenario we heard Batman can drop on [TS]

  Doctor Strange unnoticed and break 729 [TS]

  of his fingers he doesn't need all those [TS]

  fingers he just wanted to use only need [TS]

  to make that one magical gesture the [TS]

  only magical gesture he ever makes only [TS]

  needs one to make that other just so I [TS]

  don't know that Batman's plan is that [TS]

  well thought-out break all of his [TS]

  fingers because if you leave him too [TS]

  he's just going to put a hex on you now [TS]

  looking at the doctor strange scenario [TS]

  there's been a lot of talk on whether [TS]

  dr. strange could actually punch Batman [TS]

  and very well i'll remind you dr. [TS]

  strange lives in greenwich village and [TS]

  has since the early 60s was not always a [TS]

  great neighborhood [TS]

  you can't live there dressed the way [TS]

  Stephen strange does it not get into the [TS]

  occasional fight i thought that the [TS]

  clothing was protective coloration I [TS]

  have confidence that if he has the drop [TS]

  on Batman which I believe the stereo [TS]

  suggested some sort of magical help with [TS]

  that a good punch to a moon notified [TS]

  Batman and we'll be fine [TS]

  I find for Doctor Strange alright David [TS]

  what's your answer [TS]

  imagine dr. Strange's is not just [TS]

  punching batman because he can pass [TS]

  through dimensions he can travel through [TS]

  time I think he's seeing him in every [TS]

  dimension at every time in Batman's life [TS]

  so wise so it doesn't it doesn't have to [TS]

  be even that great a punch because it [TS]

  assumes facts not in evidence so as he [TS]

  sees his parents died he gets punched oh [TS]

  man yeah Wow because Stephen Strange's [TS]

  is a master of the dark arts [TS]

  that's not a great arching a small child [TS]

  that's right and and I think about how [TS]

  many times [TS]

  Batman has fought racial ghoul to a draw [TS]

  who is who is fairly magical character [TS]

  in in that man's world and and I just I [TS]

  don't see the mortal beating the [TS]

  immortal so i'm going to go with dr. [TS]

  strange [TS]

  alright well guess what everybody that [TS]

  is three votes for each and that leaves [TS]

  it to me over [TS]

  probably your friends all the time you [TS]

  return for another hour of debate i [TS]

  think this is a fascinating matchup 1i [TS]

  had not considered in the past I I like [TS]

  I feel like Tony could have probably got [TS]

  done a better job of describing the ways [TS]

  that batman might outweigh Doctor [TS]

  Strange although i know you put on the [TS]

  spot is as was chip with this scenario [TS]

  well youyou you should have seen it [TS]

  coming but you wouldn't have known who [TS]

  your opponent was it was a chip is [TS]

  shocked us all of us [TS]

  I don't change Batman Batman do so I [TS]

  think Batman I i think the Batman [TS]

  scenario could've been stronger [TS]

  however i have to say and this goes in [TS]

  line with some of the other judges [TS]

  comments while dr. strange could have [TS]

  absolutely used his magic to put the [TS]

  Whammy on Batman I'm disappointed that [TS]

  in the end all he does is dress Batman [TS]

  up in the moon knight costume and punch [TS]

  him in the face when he's got all of his [TS]

  universal power at his beck and call it [TS]

  I and so while I I am reluctant to make [TS]

  the outcome of this tournament the [TS]

  inevitable winning by Batman Batman wins [TS]

  justice just like Batman likes it when [TS]

  filling i did this in the car on our way [TS]

  when time from Los Angeles to San [TS]

  Francisco I had him drop the tournament [TS]

  and we we did the debate and our final [TS]

  is actually Batman vs wolverine and the [TS]

  only reason Batman one that is because [TS]

  he figured out a way to kill kill the [TS]

  wolverine before he could regenerate and [TS]

  again it's it's Batman automatically [TS]

  figure because he figured out he's like [TS]

  well freeze brain dead he can't like an [TS]

  incapacitated and so he drowned the [TS]

  Wolverines since also Logan can't swim [TS]

  thanks to all the other than 30 minutes [TS]

  bones so that man point is he has a way [TS]

  to kill anybody in any situation he [TS]

  thought it through stopped because not [TS]

  many dreams about talking about in [TS]

  batman batman yet [TS]

  yeah guys I hope we all learned an [TS]

  important lesson about planning teamwork [TS]

  and Batman vs family that never ever get [TS]

  on that is bad side you know I think [TS]

  that's why I'm just I would have been [TS]

  you know I had a lot invested in patent [TS]

  at this point so many areas of [TS]

  against yes yes yes and he has an [TS]

  important lesson of investing all this [TS]

  time only to discover that it's still [TS]

  better still Batman only the [TS]

  incomparable could find a way to make [TS]

  that man yet more overrated than he [TS]

  already is [TS]

  oh that's what I'm here for or well [TS]

  that's something that takes a serious [TS]

  amount of mental acuity and is finding [TS]

  annuity that's the word [TS]

  yeah what I have learned here is that [TS]

  the ultimate answer to any argument now [TS]

  is because he's Batman [TS]

  yeah it's it goes a long way my friend [TS]

  yeah it does also who knew that our [TS]

  final matchup would be between Tony and [TS]

  not Tony got that we have reached the [TS]

  end i would like to thank all of my [TS]

  participants tonight 44 for solving I [TS]

  don't even know what we saw but we solve [TS]

  something i will start with are our [TS]

  judges who did not have to argue for any [TS]

  particular hero they just brought the [TS]

  they brought the wall they brought the [TS]

  Justice they brought the judgment David [TS]

  lure thank you you're very welcome [TS]

  I guess I Erica helped me thank you [TS]

  it was an honor no I guess I was just an [TS]

  honor [TS]

  Lisa Schmeisser thank you had fun thank [TS]

  you Dan Morgan thanks for being here as [TS]

  Batman walks away a shadow cast over and [TS]

  you realize it was my night all the time [TS]

  nope different much and what do I sleep [TS]

  Thank you Thank You Ben Grimm rules have [TS]

  been grim late Lindsay heezy 20 wins the [TS]

  tournament MVP I think Ben Grimm does [TS]

  what moon night clearly moon when [TS]

  something Moyes is too jaan Thank You [TS]

  mr. I'm amazed that even armed with the [TS]

  bolts of ballsack the conjurer's come [TS]

  the crimson bands of cyttorak the misty [TS]

  moons of manipur the am- austere and all [TS]

  the hoary hosts of off such an injustice [TS]

  could be perpetrated on the incompetent [TS]

  and Tony sindelar all hail Batman let's [TS]

  never do this again to everyone out [TS]

  there I say we probably never will [TS]

  thanks for listening thanks for sticking [TS]

  with us there won't be any more episodes [TS]

  of this goodbye everybody can hear this [TS]

  do you mean the podcast [TS]

  the tournament that killed you're going [TS]

  to side [TS]