The Incomparable

263: Television Shaped Like a Mom


  hello friend of friend that's lamb [TS]

  maybe I should give you a name [TS]

  the incomparable number 263 September [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  incomparable i'm your host Jason style [TS]

  we're here to talk about summer TV and [TS]

  in particular I feel like the summer [TS]

  2015 is gonna be remembered for two very [TS]

  interesting TV series that would that [TS]

  ran entirely the summer their first [TS]

  season's intriguing stuff on AMC in the [TS]

  United States humans and the USA in the [TS]

  United States mr. robot to very [TS]

  interesting shows as was pointed out on [TS]

  Twitter to us today humans very [TS]

  interesting story about robots mr. robot [TS]

  very interesting story about humans [TS]

  go figure it's like they planned it [TS]

  joining me to talk about these TV series [TS]

  are three very interesting people [TS]

  David laura is out there hello hello it [TS]

  reminds me why do we park on a driveway [TS]

  and drive on a parkway John Syracuse is [TS]

  also here I'm ready to talk about mr. [TS]

  robot and it's crazy episode titles [TS]

  yes oh yes we'll get there we'll get [TS]

  there and Merlin man is here [TS]

  I'm one hello friend hello friend that [TS]

  was laying we start with a mr. robot I'm [TS]

  gonna fire off the spoiler horn very [TS]

  soon because it needs to be done but you [TS]

  can consult the show notes if you want [TS]

  to find out how far ahead you need skip [TS]

  if you want to hear us talk about humans [TS]

  but not get spoiler spoiled about mr. [TS]

  robot but before we get started with [TS]

  with the spoilers at least worth saying [TS]

  mr. robot as a runs on USA USA you may [TS]

  know it as what famous for what they are [TS]

  called the blue sky shows friendly like [TS]

  the monk you know monk he's a friendly [TS]

  guy your characters are well characters [TS]

  are welcome everybody has a good time [TS]

  mysteries are solved nobody gets to hurt [TS]

  this is a nice comfort food of [TS]

  television and recently USA decided that [TS]

  the blue skies a approach wasn't good [TS]

  enough for them wasn't wasn't growing [TS]

  their audience and they wanted a little [TS]

  more edge so they invented something [TS]

  stupid called the silver linings TV [TS]

  which is not a thing that exists and is [TS]

  dumb but what it did was they they try [TS]

  to get some shows with more of an edge [TS]

  and mr. robot was one of those and it is [TS]

  created by a guy named sam ass male who [TS]

  had done some a written some [TS]

  well thought of movie screen plays one [TS]

  of which was produced one of which was [TS]

  famously I guess not produced but loved [TS]

  by people who read it and yet Hollywood [TS]

  never made and and he got he got the [TS]

  power to run the this show for USA and [TS]

  and make mr. robot and the result is a [TS]

  very I'd say peculiar skewed kind of TV [TS]

  show not like what I expected to see I [TS]

  honestly watched most 22 gauge how bad [TS]

  it's technology was like this like how [TS]

  bad the tech was in it and in the end my [TS]

  verdict on that was that it was as good [TS]

  as one can probably expect from a actual [TS]

  dramatic TV show about computer things [TS]

  but what was unexpected for me anyway [TS]

  was how great it was quite frankly how [TS]

  incredibly closely entertaining and [TS]

  interesting it was so what do you all [TS]

  think of mr. robot my thought was [TS]

  terrific [TS]

  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect the [TS]

  the title alone really in grossly [TS]

  lowered my exit the documentary about [TS]

  sticks well you and your pal team given [TS]

  like the joke about you know CSI cyber [TS]

  and what's the other one was the other [TS]

  one scorpion scorpion [TS]

  yeah where you know I Internet let's run [TS]

  an ethernet cable to the plane as it [TS]

  passes overhead door so I can't ssh my [TS]

  way out of a wet paper bag but i but i [TS]

  dunno terrible technology when I see it [TS]

  and that can be really frustrating and [TS]

  you know it i guess we'll just see the [TS]

  thing often say what we want it's [TS]

  something I end up liking to use [TS]

  Syracuse's term you know high degree of [TS]

  difficulty lot of ways this could have [TS]

  gone horribly horribly wrong just I [TS]

  think its conception see I want another [TS]

  concern you know gosh this seems so [TS]

  timely everybody's worried about the [TS]

  hacking I'm gonna get hacked in the [TS]

  cloud you know and you know just felt [TS]

  like oh this could be just another kind [TS]

  of throw away but what the heck it looks [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  it's got the guy from that night at the [TS]

  museum movie let's give it a throw and [TS]

  and I was the I was utterly enchanted by [TS]

  the pilot i thought was incredibly [TS]

  absorbing iie I thought the pacing was [TS]

  great I thought again something you and [TS]

  Tim talked about on your other program [TS]

  is that the show really hangs on the guy [TS]

  plays Elliot who I just thought was [TS]

  terrific but the rest of the cast is is [TS]

  great and [TS]

  I don't know I found it incredibly [TS]

  absorbing in ways that I didn't even [TS]

  expect and it knew I guess I guess I [TS]

  feel like it really knew which buttons [TS]

  to hit at which times to keep the [TS]

  tension high and keeping interest high [TS]

  and knowing when to introduce what are [TS]

  ultimately very complex human and mental [TS]

  and emotional issues even in the midst [TS]

  of all this you know people typing in a [TS]

  terminal I I thought it was I thought it [TS]

  was pretty terrific make the only [TS]

  spoiler-free things i can say about it [TS]

  are to the people listening and that to [TS]

  the point of what Marlon made before [TS]

  when i heard people talking about mr. [TS]

  robot for the longest time probably days [TS]

  or weeks i thought it was a comedy and I [TS]

  was not interested that's like another [TS]

  Silicon Valley you know mr. robot is not [TS]

  a good title for the show I if you have [TS]

  don't know what we're talking about and [TS]

  I'm staying away the show because of the [TS]

  title ignore the title it's a it's a [TS]

  good show and its really interesting and [TS]

  it is not a comedy at all mother has [TS]

  some amusing parts in it and yeah I mean [TS]

  well I i think what we want i want to [TS]

  talk more about what the show looks like [TS]

  and how it shot and how it's written but [TS]

  it's pretty much impossible to do that [TS]

  without revealing stuff I I guess on the [TS]

  internet is also working tomorrow and [TS]

  said i love the lead actor and yes Robin [TS]

  now what he is [TS]

  see looks weird he is weird he acts [TS]

  weird I've never seen him in anything [TS]

  else so I don't know if he's a great [TS]

  actor of this is just what the actors [TS]

  like and all the supporting cast the [TS]

  people i have seen before I really like [TS]

  and the people who are new just fit so [TS]

  perfectly it's it's the magic of a show [TS]

  that doesn't have big names associated [TS]

  with it but has good performances all [TS]

  around as well written [TS]

  so you know you've heard people talking [TS]

  mr. or maybe it's a little bit overhyped [TS]

  it's quirky and it's weird i would say [TS]

  it's it's my for a variety of reasons [TS]

  that are getting a little bit it's for [TS]

  this year it's my what girls was to me [TS]

  like last year and the year before the [TS]

  strange quirky show with the though so [TS]

  so title you hear people talking about [TS]

  if you're not sure if it's for you [TS]

  you like girls check this out to I'd say [TS]

  I was gonna like it to orphan black from [TS]

  a couple years ago was like I don't know [TS]

  and i'm not sure if they can pull this [TS]

  off and I got kind of got pulled in and [TS]

  further and further and by the end of it [TS]

  I was like oh no this is great and [TS]

  that was sort of the the my expectations [TS]

  were particularly high and I was a [TS]

  little skeptical and then it kind of [TS]

  kind of stuck me in [TS]

  yeah it's it's funny to think about you [TS]

  know I don't the words treatment or just [TS]

  even the script but I IE I can't even [TS]

  imagine how you would describe let's say [TS]

  you're doing the casting and you're [TS]

  talking to the casting people about what [TS]

  you want this actor to accomplish you [TS]

  know if you were to describe the sorts [TS]

  of things that this sector does so well [TS]

  as Elliot it would it would sound like a [TS]

  like a caricature I mean it would sound [TS]

  almost like a like a like a baggy pants [TS]

  kind of vaudeville idea of like some [TS]

  kind of like spitting one of those [TS]

  autistic programmers but he brings so [TS]

  much nuance to it and again i might be [TS]

  cooking this from Tim Goodman but the [TS]

  way that he can look both dead I'd and [TS]

  bug-eyed at the same time is it is a [TS]

  terrific big bug eyes but he's got but [TS]

  you we use met Elliot and we've already [TS]

  know Elliot some of us are le and we've [TS]

  been around Elliot and we know that it's [TS]

  not really just as simple as though it's [TS]

  that crazy guy who fixes the computer [TS]

  like he brings he brings a lot to it [TS]

  it's when you realize the you talking to [TS]

  somebody and and the lack of a fact that [TS]

  you sense is potentially either out an [TS]

  actual lack of a fact they don't you [TS]

  know they're not reacting to you or it [TS]

  is completely the deer-in-the-headlights [TS]

  and I and and I i have that experience [TS]

  sometimes and and that's what I always [TS]

  got from Elliott is like what's back [TS]

  there what's behind them and one of the [TS]

  brilliant things I think about the pilot [TS]

  episode is that it plays I feel like it [TS]

  plays us this whole show plays us and we [TS]

  will talk to that after we fire off the [TS]

  spoiler but the pilot plays us perfectly [TS]

  in X and expects us to make every single [TS]

  assumption about what you just said it's [TS]

  the kind of us autistic you somewhere on [TS]

  the spectrum computernerd programmer guy [TS]

  ux you know those cliches are are [TS]

  programmed into us and then it just kind [TS]

  not small down as it goes and you [TS]

  realize what you're seeing is a much [TS]

  more interesting performance and much [TS]

  more interesting character than the one [TS]

  that you might have expected from you [TS]

  know some basic cable show about that [TS]

  supposed to be about hackers right on on [TS]


  yes yeah there's nothing else a if [TS]

  you're scared away because you think the [TS]

  TV show about hackers [TS]

  it kind of is a TV show and hackers but [TS]

  do not be scared money because it it [TS]

  does not just not it [TS]

  the traps it falls into are the common [TS]

  ones but it's just not important like I [TS]

  think whatever right we did about the [TS]

  show is it it rises above all this [TS]

  technical problems because the [TS]

  technology is not the point that the [TS]

  people who made the show did not get [TS]

  bogged down in like we have to make this [TS]

  realistic in its it's a human drama [TS]

  happens the setting happens to be [TS]

  hacking don't worry about even if your [TS]

  computer and I think everything else is [TS]

  good about the show will make you ignore [TS]

  the admittedly laughable times they [TS]

  tight touch on technology that's fine [TS]

  it's not the point of the show was [TS]

  before we blow the horn here I feel like [TS]

  the people who i want to get your read [TS]

  on this John because if there's anybody [TS]

  who can who can address this for me it's [TS]

  you I felt like this was about as good [TS]

  in terms of like you know you're [TS]

  generally right you're generally on the [TS]

  right track about like the tech that [TS]

  they did show i didn't have those [TS]

  moments of initially like no it's not [TS]

  like that at all it was more like those [TS]

  are some of those in the first episode [TS]

  yeah but some of that like be that like [TS]

  the even just like the terminal commands [TS]

  instead I felt like this is in the [TS]

  ballpark and I realized that the low bar [TS]

  because of scorpion and CSI cyber [TS]

  but I was like whoever did this like [TS]

  they they knew what they were doing and [TS]

  then the the writer and producer were [TS]

  like yeah we're gonna do what we need to [TS]

  do for drama and and if you really saw [TS]

  hacking seen like the scene in the first [TS]

  episode that was not you know there was [TS]

  more realistic it would just be boring [TS]

  so I feel like yeah I'm gonna give him a [TS]

  pass for that but I felt like underneath [TS]

  it all it was smart [TS]

  that was not Ludacris with its its [TS]

  attack in broad strokes of things that [TS]

  happen are all reasonable implausible [TS]

  and drive the plot forward but they're [TS]

  not really the point in the minor [TS]

  details they get lots of stuff wrong but [TS]

  it doesn't matter you know yes you just [TS]

  forgive that because it's they don't [TS]

  dwell on it that there's not it's not [TS]

  the point of the show at all so don't be [TS]

  scared away if even if you're someone [TS]

  who's into computers did I don't be [TS]

  scared away by the silly episode titles [TS]

  that are supposed to look like all names [TS]

  and ridiculous i like that i mean it's [TS]

  like literally the episode titles are [TS]

  things you'd find on bittorrent also be [TS]

  cool 8 respond to that the Micronauts on [TS]

  there I'm just saying [TS]

  yeah um I mean where where you know [TS]

  probably pretty certain to upset or [TS]

  offend somebody with these terms but i [TS]

  mean i think it is there they are [TS]

  actively we're not saying these as a [TS]

  pejorative I think I don't know that [TS]

  there's definitely first of all I think [TS]

  there's definitely an attempt to and at [TS]

  least initially portray this guy as not [TS]

  just having sort of mental and emotional [TS]

  disturbances but i think he'd be very [TS]

  much reads as somebody on on the [TS]

  spectrum and you know and i think it's a [TS]

  pretty fantastic time for us getting a [TS]

  better understanding of how it works [TS]

  when you're you know when you're talking [TS]

  about people being on the spectrum [TS]

  because we're learning so much more as a [TS]

  great new book about this you know [TS]

  people in my family I I who have are on [TS]

  the spectrum called people in my family [TS]

  who I adore [TS]

  I mean something I'm hearing a lot of [TS]

  people talk about now that I learned on [TS]

  a pretty long time ago is just because [TS]

  you know you talk to me and I'm i'm [TS]

  nodding and I'm making faces and I'm you [TS]

  know a finishing your sentences that you [TS]

  know that I'm listening [TS]

  even if I'm interrupting you and in the [TS]

  case of some of these folks and then [TS]

  they seem like you say like like it's a [TS]

  deer in headlights [TS]

  what we now know though is that this [TS]

  looks are maybe not appearing to even be [TS]

  listening to you but they are picking up [TS]

  they can be picked not only be listening [TS]

  and assimilating information in a way [TS]

  that you would not but that there [TS]

  I don't know it's it's a gift in some [TS]

  ways that some of these folks have our [TS]

  are very gifted and what they're able to [TS]

  do with the information they get it's [TS]

  just because they're a fact is [TS]

  nontraditional the end up getting pegged [TS]

  as you say being being a robot so I just [TS]

  gonna be a little bit sensitive about [TS]

  that but i think i made with that said I [TS]

  think that they are very much setting [TS]

  him up part of their way that they [TS]

  greatly disrupt our our our expectations [TS]

  about Elliot article like oh i thought i [TS]

  knew this and then I saw this but you [TS]

  know what that goes for a bunch of the [TS]

  characters like you think you understand [TS]

  Darlene you know you probably really [TS]

  don't really building you know and i and [TS]

  i like that i like the fact that all the [TS]

  characters are most of the characters if [TS]

  you think you understand wellick go away [TS]

  run away thinking one understands well I [TS]

  never show well if your business card [TS]

  yeah let's just leave it though that you [TS]

  know we can just listen to these for [TS]

  nerds like i can say with confidence [TS]

  that at least give the pilot a throw [TS]

  I think it's I think it's really [TS]

  engrossing and as with you know like you [TS]

  know how Jason hour [TS]

  we saying like least I feel like I'm [TS]

  always saying like you know check out [TS]

  Hawkeye and saga if you hate hawk I hate [TS]

  saga maybe comics are for you at least [TS]

  give the at least give the the pilot of [TS]

  this a throw because I if you don't find [TS]

  it gross and you're probably I can enjoy [TS]

  the show but it may not be what you [TS]

  think and i would say just at least give [TS]

  it a try now and and you know kind of [TS]

  the point i was i was kind of reaching [TS]

  towards and what the Creator said point [TS]

  blank is it's it's not about being all [TS]

  twisty surprise eee right don't get [TS]

  caught up in trying to solve this like a [TS]

  buzz rights [TS]

  yes yes it's not that it's not the point [TS]

  of it is not named night shamel and [TS]

  moving right there are some twists along [TS]

  the way that's kind of not what the [TS]

  story is all about [TS]

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  okay we're gonna fire off the spoiler [TS]

  for now and if you haven't watched mr. [TS]

  aleko go watch it and then come back and [TS]

  listen to us talk about the rest of it [TS]

  the show socks they think it's good but [TS]

  no now we know they know the truth or [TS]

  get started before we get into all the [TS]

  spot things let's talk about something I [TS]

  want to talk about but I thought I [TS]

  couldn't talk about spoiling games is [TS]

  how this show looks and how its shot [TS]

  which seems like it's totally [TS]

  spoiler-free but I kind of think it is [TS]

  and I can relate to the plot because [TS]

  it's not that these are things about it [TS]

  first [TS]

  it's clear that this does not have a [TS]

  game of thrones sighs budget also the [TS]

  location of your interior is there some [TS]

  city streets outside that's basically it [TS]

  for the show like there's very little it [TS]

  seems like you could shoot a cheaply [TS]

  because you just need interiors of [TS]

  apartment buildings and office buildings [TS]

  a couple of streets very few locations [TS]

  and you're done I'd agree the only the [TS]

  only exception i would say is that it's [TS]

  very clearly shot in New York and they [TS]

  make really good use of it being shot in [TS]

  New York I feel like like I felt like we [TS]

  were in New York where you know when [TS]

  they should in Toronto the dumpling [TS]

  place is a real dumping place you can [TS]

  see it on google maps i have been like [TS]

  in terms of it is not like games are [TS]

  throwing those castles had dragons or [TS]

  CGI lots of costumes or 11 shots in the [TS]

  mountains or whatever right so and see [TS]

  us a size budget right and what can you [TS]

  really do with that budget to make a [TS]

  show interesting and I was really [TS]

  impressed with how they made the show [TS]

  not look like other shows and look [TS]

  interesting and and weird i think it's [TS]

  shot weirdly is completely shot with my [TS]

  first I mean like from the first gosh I [TS]

  don't know i don't have in front of me [TS]

  from the first I want to say five [TS]

  minutes i thought wow this this cat [TS]

  really likes David Fincher it it really [TS]

  reminded me a lot of the whoever is [TS]

  doing the cinematography and making a [TS]

  lot of the just decisions about a David [TS]

  Fincher movie and then of course there's [TS]

  just the framing for the lighting in the [TS]

  framing I mean I feel like it's an [TS]

  affront to John siracusa when I watched [TS]

  at home i have to flip my TV in the game [TS]

  mode to actually be able to watch it [TS]

  it's so dark it's not just of you may be [TS]

  getting a little bit out of tune there [TS]

  but like the color grading is a lot like [TS]

  venture but the framing is crazy pants [TS]

  is crazy screaming I feel like in the [TS]

  lower lower third like that happen [TS]

  what about thirds he's in the reason the [TS]

  lower one day 6 of the screen like the [TS]

  only thing that's ahead and the head [TS]

  like is not even entirely visible the [TS]

  ears off screen and just peeking at the [TS]

  lower right corner of your sixteen by [TS]

  nine screen is like I nose in an eyeball [TS]

  the whole rest of the screen is back [TS]

  Todd vanderwerff has a good piece I link [TS]

  to it and the show notes you guys check [TS]

  it out it's on about it's called [TS]

  the mr. became an obsession thanks to [TS]

  one weird visual trick with funny but [TS]

  it's it's it's splitting splitting this [TS]

  you know the screen 3 is vertically and [TS]

  horizontally see what it is not the rule [TS]

  of thirds it is worst i think that rule [TS]

  so eight so this is the official it's [TS]

  like a Brady Bunch kind of set of 9 and [TS]

  then you see these people on the extreme [TS]

  edges of the screen and he's got some [TS]

  screenshots in the story that a and it's [TS]

  absolutely true when you watch i watch [TS]

  that first episode I was at and Merlin [TS]

  you you you mentioned this earlier i was [TS]

  positively giddy and which is why I [TS]

  think it's right to say watch episode 1 [TS]

  and see what you think I was giddy i was [TS]

  getting for a few reasons one is how i [TS]

  was constantly being suffered and all my [TS]

  expectations were just completely blown [TS]

  out of the water as i watched Elliot's [TS]

  behavior and and one of the other ones [TS]

  is how is the visual stuff where I [TS]

  couldn't I could not believe what I was [TS]

  seeing it's like oh my god what are they [TS]

  doing this is crazy and crazy in a good [TS]

  way but totally not like anything I've [TS]

  really seen on a on certainly didn't [TS]

  expect from a TV show on the UN and it's [TS]

  making its own visual language because [TS]

  it's done with a purpose like it's not [TS]

  like they're arbitrarily putting edge of [TS]

  the screens right it's not like it's not [TS]

  like Dutch Dutch angular shaky camera [TS]

  it's not like they're doing some kind of [TS]

  a trick like crossing the line like [TS]

  we're you always make sure that guys [TS]

  left right so they have people having [TS]

  conversations and sometimes the speaker [TS]

  a is on the far left side of the screen [TS]

  and speaker speaker bees and the far [TS]

  right side screen sometimes like the [TS]

  like the heads if you take that this [TS]

  krista frames from like showing the [TS]

  speaker and then showing the next [TS]

  speaker if the heads are close to each [TS]

  other [TS]

  I mean I don't know if the trends are [TS]

  trying to decode the things like that [TS]

  the people are shown to be close to each [TS]

  other one of the heads of faraway the [TS]

  people are are at a distance next [TS]

  absolutely Liam that's absolutely what's [TS]

  going on and I mean that's that's the [TS]

  base most basic level then beyond that [TS]

  you start doing angles and start doing [TS]

  whose [TS]

  Bob and whose below and I mean it's [TS]

  something that every you know it's a [TS]

  bait the basics of cinematography right [TS]

  but done to such incredible extremes and [TS]

  here's what is what i think is amazing [TS]

  to show that it's done to such [TS]

  incredible extremes and then the stuff [TS]

  that's in basically the entire rest of [TS]

  your TV screen 95% your screen is [TS]

  covered with something that is not an [TS]

  actor that stuff is interesting and cool [TS]

  to like it worked into the shot it's not [TS]

  just like it's blank background it real [TS]

  and again it cheaply that really [TS]

  beautifully shot soft focus when they [TS]

  needed showing enough of the background [TS]

  when they don't and then you know the [TS]

  other thing that just makes me like you [TS]

  know my like Jason I was a little giddy [TS]

  that makes me love the show you more I [TS]

  love this about girls too and this is [TS]

  the reason I i saw the connection [TS]

  besides like that you know quirky [TS]

  low-budget sure whatever is the big [TS]

  title the title mr. robot coming in and [TS]

  3 episode the title placement and the [TS]

  credits placement is carefully done [TS]

  right in Michael it's part of the show [TS]

  to come across culminating in that [TS]

  awesome episode around seven ish or [TS]

  whatever it's running now episode 6 45 [TS]

  the big one you can't see it coming but [TS]

  it's like all here comes they're gonna [TS]

  do it with a storefront yes oh my god [TS]

  yes let's put a payoff that and then I [TS]

  guess that the final thing is the music [TS]

  which is like this show you mentioned [TS]

  this to the mr. robot is an 80 spot this [TS]

  whole show seems like an 80 show it's [TS]

  kind of weird that they have you know [TS]

  smartphones in it right [TS]

  the music that the weird swelling [TS]

  electronic music the font everything [TS]

  about it just like warms the heart of [TS]

  the city's child which doesn't make [TS]

  sense for a show set in modern times but [TS]

  it just does well and it's it's because [TS]

  part of part of it is for me is that [TS]

  it's so visually arresting me when I'm [TS]

  watching TV a lot of the time i'm [TS]

  looking at my phone and making fun of [TS]

  what i'm watching and this I can't take [TS]

  my eyes off it because i want to see [TS]

  what its gonna look like in the next [TS]

  scene or the next shot right and part of [TS]

  the reason is not just because it's [TS]

  weird but because they're making these [TS]

  just sort of visual references to to the [TS]

  styles of things like Scorsese and [TS]

  Kubrick and david fincher and and I mean [TS]

  it's amazing to look at and and there's [TS]

  a great article by Matthew Mads other [TS]

  sites we which his title is mr. robot is [TS]

  not a great show yet i don't quite agree [TS]

  with him but he he points that even more [TS]

  of those things and I was so happy to [TS]

  see one of the things that point that is [TS]

  the opening scene of the second episode [TS]

  ends with music from stanley kubrick's [TS]

  Barry Lyndon which how random is that [TS]

  but it fits and and when I was watching [TS]

  it I would i know that song why are you [TS]

  using it that's insane [TS]

  what does that have to do with hacking [TS]

  but it fit perfectly [TS]

  certainly more random the Pixies later [TS]

  but yeah yeah so what can I can I ask [TS]

  I mean I I always I i make my mention [TS]

  this to dan I'm back to work or we got [TS]

  in so much trouble for supposedly [TS]

  spoiling this show for people by [TS]

  mentioning the two words fight and club [TS]

  but i'm curious John or whomever what do [TS]

  you think is spoilery about the way that [TS]

  it's shot that there's it's look that's [TS]

  looking for something that we do this [TS]

  not there and we don't see a lot of the [TS]

  way it shot this is the second aspect [TS]

  here thanks for bringing that back with [TS]

  i forgot that threat you have when this [TS]

  out during the show they do Telegraph a [TS]

  lot of stuff even though I knew nothing [TS]

  about the show again I thought it was a [TS]

  comedy and people kept mentioning so I [TS]

  literally knew nothing I was not spoiled [TS]

  by anybody tweeting or anything like [TS]

  that episode one right away I kind of [TS]

  know where they're going with this i'm a [TS]

  big fan of fight club anyway I'm kind of [TS]

  prime to expect that kind of see where [TS]

  they're going with it i hope that the [TS]

  whole show wasn't going to hinge on this [TS]

  and I'm kind of glad that it doesn't [TS]

  seem too but they seem to be going that [TS]

  direction so I since I knew from episode [TS]

  1 this seems to be the direction they're [TS]

  going from from the it is starting [TS]

  voiceover on right i'm watching for it [TS]

  what you're watching for is like hey [TS]

  does anyone ever talked to Bruce Willis [TS]

  right you're looking for are they are [TS]

  they going to cheat it or whatever and [TS]

  the way it shot they they try to subvert [TS]

  that immediately by having people talk [TS]

  to Christians later Drake directly in in [TS]

  the presence of Elliot which is not [TS]

  something that's done like it it's fair [TS]

  game as you see later because of the way [TS]

  they set things up but they're on Graham [TS]

  right he's not an imaginary creature in [TS]

  the way actually and ended it don't do [TS]

  the fight club thing where it's either [TS]

  one or the other and [TS]

  they're never like they intentionally [TS]

  shoot in line things up to let your like [TS]

  what you're looking for i was looking [TS]

  for it does anyone ever make eye contact [TS]

  with Christmas later or to look through [TS]

  him and Elliot they make eye contact [TS]

  with legislators in those moments [TS]

  Christian Slater is you know that is [TS]

  that with the person who they're talking [TS]

  to it you know me like you get that you [TS]

  get the more you realize that at that [TS]

  point Elliot is basically deactivated [TS]

  he's over in a corner staring at the [TS]

  screens I'm it's unreliable narrator all [TS]

  the way through to the camera lens right [TS]

  and so they get away with trying to say [TS]

  you thought we were going to fucking but [TS]

  we're totally not like how everyone's [TS]

  dealing with christian slater like it [TS]

  he's obviously like they have [TS]

  conversations with christian slater and [TS]

  then three lines later talk to Elliot [TS]

  it's like well they're both obviously [TS]

  there because the other characters were [TS]

  all talking to them right and just that [TS]

  they they're like we're not playing by [TS]

  the rules of any even though they're [TS]

  obviously referencing all the stuff [TS]

  they're not playing by the rules of [TS]

  sixth sense they're not playing by the [TS]

  rules of Fight Club playing by the rules [TS]

  of this show on the road to the show our [TS]

  are the next level of unreliable [TS]

  narrator everything that you see is [TS]

  unreliable after the cameras I'm [TS]

  reliable URL you is like he's it's [TS]

  almost like he's not afterwards [TS]

  disassociated but as I went back and [TS]

  watched the first episode probably three [TS]

  times and second or third time i watched [TS]

  it as dan and I were getting deeper and [TS]

  deeper into this whole fight club theory [TS]

  there was a scene relatively early on [TS]

  where where Elliot is standing across [TS]

  the street from the restaurant and mr. [TS]

  robot walks up and starts hassling [TS]

  people at a table and was the first time [TS]

  where I was like em I don't this holds [TS]

  up because obviously he's like acting [TS]

  like a homeless guy and he's actively [TS]

  like bugging people at this table who [TS]

  are interacting with him but also as you [TS]

  say in that case [TS]

  Elliot is an observer of that right you [TS]

  know the only thing we know is Elliot [TS]

  across the street is is watching all [TS]

  this happen which i think is makes it so [TS]

  much more interesting idea this did [TS]

  enough that's right words associated on [TS]

  like that he's got this yet there's [TS]

  these two things going on and like and [TS]

  you know and you know anybody also like [TS]

  me we have to look at some point about [TS]

  the whole evil Corps that court thing [TS]

  and like how at some point you know [TS]

  fairly early on unreliable narrator [TS]

  reading that he everything that he [TS]

  mentioned a thing that he mentioned now [TS]

  is appearing on screens and other people [TS]

  are calling at evil Corp so yeah like [TS]

  you say John you know beyond unreliable [TS]

  narrator and then obviously then by the [TS]

  end of the series that you finally get [TS]

  to that like Oh [TS]

  moment where you're like oh no I really [TS]

  can't rely on his narrow he doesn't [TS]

  remember what happened like he is he is [TS]

  truly disconnected from himself and [TS]

  which is just it's it's so chilling it's [TS]

  almost like waking up from a night of [TS]

  like blackout drinking and trying to [TS]

  deconstruct what happened was horrible [TS]

  nights in college were like oh no that [TS]

  happened and that happened and having [TS]

  him have to start watching that dawning [TS]

  realization as he's realizing like what [TS]

  has happened is I found incredibly [TS]

  incredibly affecting the moment where [TS]

  they I feel like producers are hanging [TS]

  lantern on it and and really saying and [TS]

  this came out in the interviews [TS]

  afterward like we weren't trying to keep [TS]

  you guessing we were trying to lead you [TS]

  ahead of Elliot to the realization that [TS]

  Christian Slater is part of it is part [TS]

  of his / own person if not his own [TS]

  personality that I was out ahead of it [TS]

  but then like the show like I was out of [TS]

  heaven i was looking for it but then [TS]

  when I saw the things that the show [TS]

  didn't like well wish the show is having [TS]

  fun with us because obviously it's [TS]

  trying it knows that we're going to [TS]

  expect this like when they were in the [TS]

  the f society headquarters by you know [TS]

  Coney Island or whatever and they had [TS]

  all the groups of hackers talking [TS]

  together they had scenes with [TS]

  conversations and debates that involved [TS]

  both Elliot and mr. oh yeah as if [TS]

  they're all there and it was trying to [TS]

  like chill out of that thing don't worry [TS]

  too much don't worry too much Elliott [TS]

  said it's literally said f Society like [TS]

  two times on the couch in the first [TS]

  episode [TS]

  don't worry about that at all that might [TS]

  have all been a red herring [TS]

  it's all fine and you know the whole [TS]

  reveal of whom mr. robot was but that [TS]

  was telegraphed as well but then they [TS]

  spent a lot of the time in the show [TS]

  saying well that can obviously be the [TS]

  case because he would remember him and [TS]

  they're having like you don't understand [TS]

  the depths of what's going on yeah you [TS]

  know they have a conversation about him [TS]

  we haven't seen a picture of him but on [TS]

  the other hand you know obviously was as [TS]

  you know he would remember that [TS]

  anyway I i like that that that it [TS]

  stirred that stuff into a big stew and I [TS]

  also like the fact that that's not what [TS]

  this is all leading to what you're [TS]

  really worried about what I'm really [TS]

  worried about in the show is Elliot is a [TS]

  character and how his you know how his [TS]

  life is evolving and what it's going to [TS]

  mean for all the people around him right [TS]

  and that is more interesting than what [TS]

  is the truth of [TS]

  they're the they're the situation in any [TS]

  particular scene it's much more [TS]

  interesting to say I I don't we don't we [TS]

  may not know what the truth is here but [TS]

  how does this affect everybody else's we [TS]

  see kind of in midseason which I thought [TS]

  was a they could save that for the big [TS]

  finale what happens to what's-her-name [TS]

  the neighbor shayla there you go like [TS]

  that that is exactly what i was looking [TS]

  for the show is like yeah it's being [TS]

  close to this person with these these [TS]

  talents but these problems as well and [TS]

  these ambitions and these sort of [TS]

  philosophies about life has not good [TS]

  consequences that was actually was the [TS]

  10 brave traveler episode 6 that was [TS]

  actually one of my favorites of the [TS]

  season and that i watched a couple times [TS]

  a prison break [TS]

  yeah yeah I thought that was I thought [TS]

  that was pretty amazing i mean you know [TS]

  i did I like them all but I mean some [TS]

  more than others but that one that I [TS]

  thought I thought the what's-his-name a [TS]

  verra verra those guys you know he was a [TS]

  great creepy creepy was a great and also [TS]

  but that's another one where like the [TS]

  whole opening in the cell with bouncing [TS]

  the ball and all that stuff but you know [TS]

  it's just it's fun to see Elliot on the [TS]

  ropes and find fun but I mean part of [TS]

  what makes this so great is Elliot on [TS]

  the ropes being such a mess how he is [TS]

  and having so many vulnerabilities and [TS]

  confusions and seeing how he does it [TS]

  doesn't get out of it is is a huge [TS]

  driving factor in it i just want to [TS]

  underscore agree with David I like the [TS]

  fact that it wasn't a puzzle box [TS]

  I like that this wasn't about like what [TS]

  is the magnet mean on the island that [TS]

  you know like once you solve this one [TS]

  mystery you understand the show like I i [TS]

  love that like it added a lot but why [TS]

  why do they go in the ferris wheel what [TS]

  is the meaning of the ferris wheel in [TS]

  the know ferris wheel Tim Merry back i [TS]

  added to marlon episode 6 I want to talk [TS]

  about this um I liked it but it feels [TS]

  like it's the most out of place in the [TS]

  entire season because it feels like a TV [TS]

  show episode like an episodic like this [TS]

  week Elliott has to break somebody out [TS]

  of jail and it felt a little bit like it [TS]

  wasn't this about the rest of the story [TS]

  but more like and just be cynical for a [TS]

  moment like he was short on episodes and [TS]

  they were able to insert this little [TS]

  dude [TS]

  russian that because shayla gets killed [TS]

  at the end it adds something to sort of [TS]

  Elliott's character but it feels to me [TS]

  in most ways unnecessary which is not to [TS]

  say that it isn't good but unlike every [TS]

  other episode in the season episode 6 [TS]

  feels like it could have just been [TS]

  slotted in or removed with very little [TS]

  difference so because it's because [TS]

  you're going to contribute because it [TS]

  didn't contribute so much to the f [TS]

  Society and Elliot arcs yeah it's just a [TS]

  selfie I mean it's a standalone episode [TS]

  I thought it told us a lot about Elliot [TS]

  but it was not stand alone because it [TS]

  resolves the the shale Ark which was [TS]

  true which is through the entire season [TS]

  I think the season has acts and I think [TS]

  that middle act with shayla and and vera [TS]

  and everything how do you pronounce the [TS]

  name verra verra that was the breaking [TS]

  bad section of the show and then I don't [TS]

  know what you would call the first part [TS]

  and then the final third like it i would [TS]

  break it up into thirds like that and [TS]

  there is a little bit of discontinuity [TS]

  there but i think it's not stand alone [TS]

  because it results like I said it [TS]

  resolves the shale thread which is [TS]

  important to resolve because in the [TS]

  beginning they set things up [TS]

  you've got the the childhood friend [TS]

  potential love interest and you're like [TS]

  is it Gabby will they won't they type [TS]

  thing you've got the neighbor person who [TS]

  also happens to be a drug dealer [TS]

  you've got the psychiatrist and you've [TS]

  got the work life and these things like [TS]

  they it's not like a regular TV show [TS]

  where he's just going to continue and [TS]

  he's always going to have the the local [TS]

  girl and he's always going to have the [TS]

  childhood friend that like you don't get [TS]

  through the first season and the [TS]

  neighbor girl is gone right [TS]

  these threads needs all go somewhere so [TS]

  she knows ark was the smallest and the [TS]

  steepest and it resolved itself [TS]

  midseason if you took out that [TS]

  particular episode then what did you do [TS]

  just hang around for the rest of things [TS]

  like it's not that kind of TV show I [TS]

  feel like everything everything in it [TS]

  even just in this very short for [TS]

  single-season how does Colby change how [TS]

  does evil Corp change how does [TS]

  what's-his-name the crazy Swedish guy [TS]

  like well I had as well a time should i [TS]

  see well yeah yeah every every recognize [TS]

  their recognize that name John yeah [TS]

  every character on this show even just a [TS]

  short season it was only eight episodes [TS]

  right out how many episodes 10 short [TS]

  episodes every character is totally [TS]

  different than you expected them to be [TS]

  and has changed from the beginning and [TS]

  some of them aren't even there and [TS]

  that's one of the things i like about [TS]

  the show is that it moves that you can [TS]

  kind of see that maybe was the most [TS]

  creative moves fast that it is not going [TS]

  to be a show where season after season [TS]

  are familiar characters have adventures [TS]

  because they're all going to change and [TS]

  be changed and I mean who would have [TS]

  thought that Angela the beginning and [TS]

  Angela at the end are totally different [TS]

  places but you kind of understand how [TS]

  Angela got to the point where she's [TS]

  scolding the the product salesman and [TS]

  conflicted about it [TS]

  alright and Elliot you know he's on his [TS]

  journey of discovering himself [TS]

  everybody makes a lot of progress and i [TS]

  think it is there is a thematic sort of [TS]

  potential and construct the magic maybe [TS]

  like a inconsistency of mood like is [TS]

  this breaking bad is this a sopranos is [TS]

  this orange is the new black is this [TS]

  monk it's kind of all them and one big [TS]

  glorious messenger [TS]

  well and what one of the things that [TS]

  struck me about that episode was because [TS]

  it did feel a little weird a place I [TS]

  kind of wondered if that was a script or [TS]

  if that started as a script that they [TS]

  said show us what the sixth episode [TS]

  would be like and so they wrote it and [TS]

  then they figured out a way to work in [TS]

  more of the story line once they made [TS]

  the rest of the series was sort of like [TS]

  well we've already written the script [TS]

  you know and and it can work nicely [TS]

  fitting in the different arcs and and [TS]

  you know but ya did it felt odd to me [TS]

  too but that's but that's a common thing [TS]

  where they say what's the seventh season [TS]

  premiere tell me that before reorder [TS]

  your series [TS]

  I and I don't doubt that in the end you [TS]

  know you couldn't remove episode 6 and [TS]

  have it be something else it just it [TS]

  felt to me like something that was [TS]

  inserted sort of later and then made to [TS]

  fit into the season which is which is [TS]

  fine in it and it does that but you know [TS]

  it is as a standalone episode i mean if [TS]

  you pointed to one episode and said what [TS]

  say you know give me an episode of mr. [TS]

  robot to watch i would say watch the [TS]

  first one and you'll get hooked but [TS]

  episode 6 [TS]

  look like has a beginning and an ending [TS]

  which most of the episodes they do but [TS]

  they're not as as clear as I i caii [TS]

  total you know when you put it that way [TS]

  I see what you're saying [TS]

  I just I thought I found that very guy [TS]

  like so annoying in the previous ones I [TS]

  thought he was so good in this high [TS]

  Gregory you know what it is partly Jason [TS]

  is that you know what's so frustrating [TS]

  about so many movies movies in so many [TS]

  comic books is like it's very difficult [TS]

  to understand why anybody does what they [TS]

  do and the stakes are always everything [TS]

  and you know that becomes so frustrating [TS]

  in common because you're like I'm why [TS]

  did they do that or like what does it [TS]

  always have to be about the destruction [TS]

  of the universe in the ultimate [TS]

  nullifier and all that kind of stuff and [TS]

  and i think i like that episode because [TS]

  I i liked it that the stakes were not [TS]

  everything but also the motivation is [TS]

  very very super high and easy to [TS]

  understand and and I think it helps us [TS]

  understand more about Elliot to see you [TS]

  know it's fun to see him like his way [TS]

  out of a problem but it's fun to see [TS]

  Elliot desperate like I thought that [TS]

  really it helped to see him like again [TS]

  yeah you know up against the ropes in [TS]

  this lake is that you know okay we [TS]

  haven't talked about the narration like [TS]

  we always no narration is death and yet [TS]

  his narration is as I think so so [TS]

  terrific most of the time now i think i [TS]

  think you're right that perhaps in some [TS]

  ways episode 6 is there to remind us the [TS]

  deli it has capabilities and is not just [TS]

  a mess one even if we take it as read [TS]

  that society is a thing that he's [TS]

  participating in those goals for this [TS]

  happening and either our steaks if it [TS]

  goes wrong it is it really isn't about [TS]

  like the the end of the world [TS]

  necessarily like saving the world isn't [TS]

  like that's part of what you're [TS]

  wondering the show is are these guys all [TS]

  just kind of you know smoking each [TS]

  other's you know like it isn't i did not [TS]

  actually going to cause the downfall of [TS]

  anything orbit and they play off the [TS]

  evil corporate like I loved at the end [TS]

  of the explanation of evil Corp and the [TS]

  lawsuit and the the deaths and they're [TS]

  planning for in the fun that had made [TS]

  like 50 times that much of the spot like [TS]

  this is beautiful and so you have to [TS]

  wonder all these hackers together I [TS]

  think that wasn't what you really write [TS]

  our order they just think they're gonna [TS]

  change real so you can never get a bead [TS]

  on whether everybody involved enough [TS]

  society is high on their own supply and [TS]

  is not you know that they did their [TS]

  comical or if they really are incredibly [TS]

  dangerous [TS]

  and don't realize the extent of the [TS]

  damage there in like almost like there's [TS]

  like a kind of like a script kiddie [TS]

  thing to have like you know we're gonna [TS]

  take everybody down with these are [TS]

  likely is that does that philosophy have [TS]

  any foundation did they really believe [TS]

  it who really believes it like [TS]

  especially once mr. robot is taken out [TS]

  of the picture are folded in that you're [TS]

  not even sure that Elliot is on board [TS]

  with himself involving it and the sister [TS]

  and everyone else has their reasons for [TS]

  being there but like in the end of a [TS]

  actually gonna end like the the dark [TS]

  army are they more serious thats they [TS]

  see more serious especially with the [TS]

  final episode you know so that tension [TS]

  is is hanging over this entire thing I [TS]

  think so you this episode that episode 6 [TS]

  getting back to that the stakes are [TS]

  smaller but they're clear that these are [TS]

  plain old criminals they're thugs [TS]

  they're bad people they're going to do [TS]

  bad things you don't have to wonder if [TS]

  it's going to be the taking down of the [TS]

  entire credit system or erasing the dead [TS]

  or anything like that it is very small [TS]

  but very real concrete steaks and I I [TS]

  think episode 6 I would never tell [TS]

  anyone to start there because i think it [TS]

  doesn't go anywhere unless you've been [TS]

  introduced to show through all the other [TS]

  episodes and met via I I loved his [TS]

  creepy Underpants introduction thing and [TS]

  all those you know that hold you have to [TS]

  you have to care about the people before [TS]

  episode 6i think I plus 6 is right where [TS]

  that goes [TS]

  it is this is the very Breaking Bad [TS]

  middle section of the series and I [TS]

  suppose you could remove it and continue [TS]

  the arc but I didn't and that was the [TS]

  most involved and excited i was i think [TS]

  around episode 6 and 7 also also I mean [TS]

  we haven't talked much about Elliot's [TS]

  habit but you know obviously he has very [TS]

  strong feelings for shayla but she's [TS]

  also the supplier for his very [TS]

  particular needs right and in some ways [TS]

  like there's that there are steaks [TS]

  beyond his affection to her going away [TS]

  he's very straightforward than the [TS]

  voice-over is like I gotta decide you [TS]

  know this guy did you go to jail but [TS]

  think about my supply like you know his [TS]

  whole he has very sort of not be like [TS]

  premeditated reasons for everything he [TS]

  does everyone in his life has a function [TS]

  and he weighs the pros and cons and [TS]

  makes a call let a sort of it and [TS]

  clear-headed narrated weigh it against [TS]

  similar with the breaking bad type thing [TS]

  of like him coming around to saying this [TS]

  guy's got to go i can make that happen [TS]

  only starts off as the the bald-headed [TS]

  Walter White he doesn't he doesn't have [TS]

  money you know he's there from episode [TS]

  one right [TS]

  it seems kind of very reptilian until [TS]

  the course you realize that he doesn't [TS]

  even know it and it is going on inside [TS]

  his own head so he's really not he's [TS]

  really nice clean the house clear-eyed [TS]

  view of the world as he likes to think [TS]

  he does now that's one of the great [TS]

  undermining moments in the first episode [TS]

  as you do you think you've got this guy [TS]

  kind of Wired and you you realize all [TS]

  the various drugs that he's taking and [TS]

  this supplier's across the hall and [TS]

  she's got some other drugs that he could [TS]

  take two and then they have sex and [TS]

  you're like what am I seeing here when [TS]

  he's got a system like you're like oh no [TS]

  nothing's worse than a smart drug drug [TS]

  user with a system because he's gonna [TS]

  take this amount of stuff with this much [TS]

  stuff make sure he doesn't get addicted [TS]

  you know it doesn't overdose but that's [TS]

  all that all falls apart [TS]

  yeah almost immediately to which is a [TS]

  yes so um what should we talk about him [TS]

  and christian slater we've touched on i [TS]

  really enjoyed his performance in this [TS]

  I'd say it's you know he was [TS]

  delightfully gets to be the is the [TS]

  slider easiest uh yeah he is so sweet [TS]

  three so Heather's ok it's just it's [TS]

  really nice i like that when you don't [TS]

  know what's going on and he kind of he [TS]

  kind of intrude on Elliot and so let me [TS]

  let me explain what's going on and talk [TS]

  about this and cuts tries to stop at a [TS]

  few points and all that it's just really [TS]

  enjoyable I love that he's this kind of [TS]

  you know guy in a jumpsuit who talks to [TS]

  him on the subway and then get taken to [TS]

  coney island and they're riding the [TS]

  ferris wheel and all that it's all it's [TS]

  really enjoyable it's a great [TS]

  interaction been rather rami malek just [TS]

  owns this entire show [TS]

  Slater does a very good job and it turns [TS]

  out as we go along but you know this is [TS]

  two parts of Elliott's personality [TS]

  talking to each other here which is [TS]

  which makes it that much more [TS]

  fascinating memories of his father and [TS]

  yeah I planned a fast in fact that he's [TS]

  trying to you know unconsciously maybe [TS]

  I'm probably psychoanalyzing here but [TS]

  you know we got coney island we got the [TS]

  shop we've got this you know this just [TS]

  the fact that he's trying to obviously [TS]

  reconcile something kind of unreconciled [TS]

  little with the past and we really see I [TS]

  feel like I don't know this my [TS]

  criminology but I think you can see that [TS]

  played out in so many different ways and [TS]

  when is it that we get to the mr. Oh [TS]

  yeah number nine oh god that was a good [TS]

  one I thought that was incredibly moving [TS]

  and number 9 was just was just amazing [TS]

  right when he actually we see him with [TS]

  his his his actual dad is dad and all [TS]

  the all the ads for was in 1994 yeah i [TS]

  like um the previous episode I mean this [TS]

  is the moment where we realize be long [TS]

  we're workin workin for ya so it's so [TS]

  hot so you get you get you get white [TS]

  rose who we see and they're in a [TS]

  completely bizarre scene where it's like [TS]

  you will only see once at the back of [TS]

  this like hard drive repair shop or [TS]

  whatever fascinating that we're why I [TS]

  expected to what we saw when he met [TS]

  White Rose would be something unexpected [TS]

  but i would not i would not have guessed [TS]

  BD Wong as a woman as white rose [TS]

  fascinating and then also the whole [TS]

  thing with Darlene Darlene throughout [TS]

  this is portrayed as this kind of like [TS]

  strangely forward character like why is [TS]

  she so but when I just watch yourself [TS]

  familiar [TS]

  yeah well she buddying up to Elliot he [TS]

  like it's like get away you know you're [TS]

  just my twitter is no recovery of from [TS]

  Coney Island yeah she's like the kind of [TS]

  menacing him and all of that end in [TS]

  episode 8 we see Darlene and Angela like [TS]

  at Dance class just talking to each [TS]

  other just friends talking about Elliot [TS]

  and it's just a great moment like what [TS]

  did I just see what does that mean is [TS]

  that is going to reveal because it's [TS]

  like the kind of reveal that doesn't hit [TS]

  you over the head it assumes you're [TS]

  smart enough to know that it's a reveal [TS]

  there's no big musical cue but it is you [TS]

  know and i think that this true of all [TS]

  the things that doesn't doesn't cheat if [TS]

  you go back and watch the episodes again [TS]

  you obviously you can look at them into [TS]

  the kind of the same success well watch [TS]

  it again i could anyone knowing the [TS]

  secrets I can see all the stuff but [TS]

  everything works into two ways just like [TS]

  that you know like the line is said [TS]

  we're darling at some point is like how [TS]

  do you know where I live and I wouldn't [TS]

  know where you [TS]

  yeah why wouldn't you know you like [TS]

  she's a hacker questions relook why [TS]

  wouldn't you know it because she's your [TS]

  sister of course she does bring that [TS]

  works both ways totally valid neither [TS]

  one is a cheat and but you can go back [TS]

  and watch it and go oh okay so you have [TS]

  to decide which meaning you you at [TS]

  you know you can go for their and [TS]

  they're very clever writing not like [TS]

  when you go back and watch it doesn't [TS]

  all fall apart doesn't lay flight still [TS]

  everything still plays yeah the enemy [TS]

  and the way that the way that it's [TS]

  played the scene between LA and Darlene [TS]

  you know it is played perfectly of their [TS]

  success celebrating the success of [TS]

  society and and and he leans in and it's [TS]

  like it's the moment in the TV show [TS]

  where you know and she sent him the [TS]

  signals like she loves him she cares [TS]

  about him they are very casually you [TS]

  know close together so it's super easy [TS]

  and and so we read into that what he [TS]

  reads into that and that's the end that [TS]

  if there is a big twist in this show [TS]

  that is the one that that that moment of [TS]

  like have you forgotten again where it's [TS]

  all just blade bear in that moment and [TS]

  we are like Elliot realizing that [TS]

  everything that we've seen we completely [TS]

  missed key facts and it's just so well [TS]

  done that and that and that's what I [TS]

  loved is the misdirection of having mr. [TS]

  robot not really be there and a mutual [TS]

  that mutual heartbreak though that's sad [TS]

  as me it does because the sort of [TS]

  Alzheimer's thing was like no no I [TS]

  didn't forget i I really you know like [TS]

  faking it right segment as fast as he [TS]

  can because he is smart and that's [TS]

  that's the best thing about the rest of [TS]

  the series you always been the voice [TS]

  overs are always sort of AA what I'm [TS]

  going to say in the scene is what I have [TS]

  to say to get along society but now in [TS]

  this voiceover i'll tell you the real [TS]

  hidden reality behind everything because [TS]

  i'm a hacker and I packed with people [TS]

  and I know the truth and out of those [TS]

  guys cheating on this person with his [TS]

  wife and I know that this person like [TS]

  this and you know Elliot knows [TS]

  everything about everybody and nobody [TS]

  can hide from his all-seeing hackers I [TS]

  but he doesn't he absolutely doesn't he [TS]

  doesn't know really important basic [TS]

  facts about his own life and what's [TS]

  going on it and so that that's the best [TS]

  trap for him because that's why you feel [TS]

  very because of the whole rest of thing [TS]

  he was your voice of please voiceover [TS]

  Elliot tell me what's really going on [TS]

  here and that's also like to i rosy and [TS]

  for that reason because Elliot is [TS]

  totally flustered on the timer and says [TS]

  stupid things and does not take [TS]

  advantage of that time in an efficient [TS]

  manner because he's just you know he [TS]

  kind of blows it [TS]

  that's him sort of struggling gasping [TS]

  for air realizing that there are powers [TS]

  beyond his control as well [TS]

  uh before we move on either a couple of [TS]

  points that i wanted to i want to get [TS]

  out at one of them is tyrell wellick and [TS]

  his wife Joanne that why she needs her [TS]

  own show [TS]

  yes i would watch it Joanna show she is [TS]

  so great that the character like that on [TS]

  humans actually where it's like that [TS]

  that could have been the star of the [TS]

  show in another version of the show so [TS]

  fascinating we meet her she is you know [TS]

  we meet her and again subverting [TS]

  expectation she is the the beautiful [TS]

  pregnant wife of the hard-charging [TS]

  executive who's this [TS]

  do you know who is one of the key [TS]

  technical people at a tea Corbin evil [TS]

  Corp and very rapidly we see there we [TS]

  see their sexual practices their bondage [TS]

  practices that so easily and what we see [TS]

  that they are well yeah we see that for [TS]

  sure but also just their they're kind of [TS]

  open collusion about wanting our [TS]

  yes just like the house of cards kind of [TS]

  vibe where they are exaggerated team and [TS]

  she is kind of the leader of the [TS]

  meanwhile yes exactly right [TS]

  she's she's she's the one who's like no [TS]

  you gotta do this you gotta do that they [TS]

  speak Swedish to each other which is [TS]

  also just another there's just so many [TS]

  little details in there that they don't [TS]

  need the details but the details are all [TS]

  interesting and and suffered sort of [TS]

  like what you'd expect if you like you [TS]

  don't need to give me the details I can [TS]

  make some assumptions about this couple [TS]

  no you cannot yeah and it's not like [TS]

  slide darth vader and provide because [TS]

  Tyrell is so shown to be so macchiavelli [TS]

  and doing all these things but then you [TS]

  realize the power behind the throne like [TS]

  and she like it's like a contest [TS]

  what will Tyrell do to further his aims [TS]

  he will do lots of things you don't like [TS]

  is that going after the receptionist and [TS]

  you know having sex with them like is [TS]

  that is something that he actually [TS]

  enjoys or something he's willing to do [TS]

  to get ahead you don't even know what [TS]

  will she do with two to make sure to [TS]

  keep this family together like old into [TS]

  the fork that you wouldn't help possibly [TS]

  it's like and it's almost like they're [TS]

  all one-upping each other but in the end [TS]

  of their interpersonal moments she makes [TS]

  demands of him [TS]

  and he kind of cracks under the pressure [TS]

  and doesn't follow the plan and ends up [TS]

  doing something that you probably [TS]

  shouldn't have on the roof of the [TS]

  building yes and/or he's fault he likee [TS]

  unless he's less able to handle the [TS]

  strain maybe he's under more pressure as [TS]

  well because she's at home all day but [TS]

  you know she's the emperor in the [TS]

  situation he's Vader that's how you know [TS]

  I hadn't thought of it this way but you [TS]

  know it's like you know everybody [TS]

  colleges that keep johnstone you know in [TS]

  probook you know about improv and the [TS]

  whole idea of improv being based on [TS]

  status and if you think about it status [TS]

  the exchange of status in various ways [TS]

  is such a huge part of this where you [TS]

  see a whole my gosh [TS]

  the guy who ends up firing Tyrell that [TS]

  guy at the CEO I love him I love him [TS]

  he's as the evil CEO and he's so great [TS]

  he's like Christopher Lee playing [TS]

  vincent d'onofrio I just love the way I [TS]

  love his little tix to the way that he [TS]

  talks and but like the the way that that [TS]

  status and power get exchanged and [TS]

  transmogrified throughout the show are [TS]

  fascinating to me too [TS]

  we haven't talked at all about Elliot's [TS]

  boss who ends up being a super [TS]

  interesting and sympathetic character he [TS]

  seems like such a buffoon he seems like [TS]

  some kind of like you know bill Lumbergh [TS]

  kind of love you know buffoon at one [TS]

  point but he's a very sympathetic [TS]

  character in some ways and just the way [TS]

  that like you know from day to day these [TS]

  power exchanges can change so much and [TS]

  just the disproportionate you know way [TS]

  the power gets moved around whether [TS]

  that's Tyrells wife being the one is [TS]

  obviously running the show or the way [TS]

  that you know something can suddenly [TS]

  change in like what that means to each [TS]

  of these characters i thought it's very [TS]

  especially as the show progresses in [TS]

  that last night third act i think it's [TS]

  very well done [TS]

  yeah they might have some great [TS]

  inflation or power inflation issues [TS]

  because by the end you're in like eyes [TS]

  wide shut territory and you realize for [TS]

  angela has been suckered into like any [TS]

  kind of know what this colby shows up at [TS]

  her house so we were super impressed by [TS]

  you and like is the best thing about [TS]

  that episode for a second i think [TS]

  everyone watching out of sort of wants [TS]

  to believe wants to believe that they [TS]

  really were impressed by Angela and they [TS]

  want her to come in for a second you [TS]

  believe it to be like you know what she [TS]

  was impressive but no but by the end [TS]

  like I don't know you know that that [TS]

  final you know eyes wide shut halls of [TS]

  power [TS]

  whiterose [TS]

  out of disguise or in disguise depending [TS]

  on how they're gonna go with it and the [TS]

  CEO and the whole speech about the the [TS]

  fund and making it 50 times that amount [TS]

  of money all the way to settle this case [TS]

  and like you know why are you so calm [TS]

  you i found that problems like this tend [TS]

  to crack under the weight of you like [TS]

  just great super evil speeches but where [TS]

  do you go from there [TS]

  I'm really worried about season 2 [TS]

  because you've got that next echelon of [TS]

  power in the eyes wide shot house and [TS]

  then i'm not sure you can go up any [TS]

  farther from there and I would almost be [TS]

  happier if you had someone involved in [TS]

  there so that we could say that what we [TS]

  saw in that final scene was also [TS]

  unreliable but Elliot wasn't involved [TS]

  there so i think we have to take all [TS]

  that is kind of face value and that it [TS]

  kind of is more pros and it's a little [TS]

  i'm sorry what scene is that where where [TS]

  the white rose or there's a there's a [TS]

  mansion where all of the evil leaders of [TS]

  the world the Illuminati mean that guy's [TS]

  basing house [TS]

  yeah and that's where that's where white [TS]

  rose and the CEO of of evil Corp have a [TS]

  drink like a black bolt and tired and by [TS]

  the way evil evil corporate sand runs [TS]

  logos and that is my dream it up and [TS]

  Ron's ya like a sister to my other ankle [TS]

  i wanted to mention a couple of [TS]

  characters in the chatroom we they [TS]

  mentioned and I think this is absolutely [TS]

  right [TS]

  in some ways that the person you really [TS]

  feel sorry for all this is a is gideon [TS]

  goddard who's the CEO of all safe [TS]

  who is you-know-who seems like a [TS]

  perfectly nice guy and you know it flies [TS]

  lay down on the jet and he's you know we [TS]

  meet we meet his husband and and they're [TS]

  there they're very nice and all that end [TS]

  oh my god his business is completely [TS]

  destroyed it's on it and somebody it [TS]

  seems pretty resilient i thought you had [TS]

  a business after the first disaster but [TS]

  it still hangs on like the thing is he's [TS]

  not played as a dummy you know he's [TS]

  smart he's investigating server cs30 [TS]

  like he's so close [TS]

  he's really close he just doesn't he's [TS]

  not willing to go [TS]

  he's too nice of a person to go the next [TS]

  step to realize first always but he's [TS]

  also he's also that guy where like he [TS]

  becomes increasingly sympathetic because [TS]

  he's the business guy like maybe he [TS]

  knows the business of we know of the of [TS]

  what people are doing a little bit [TS]

  obviously he's a smart cookie but like [TS]

  he also has to maintain their [TS]

  relationships [TS]

  and the appearances and that scene where [TS]

  his the CFO is meeting with him is just [TS]

  so brutal you know where he's obviously [TS]

  got this cognitive dissonance of [TS]

  thinking like it's okay we can still [TS]

  love you pull this out it's not going to [TS]

  be okay with that was awful so hard to [TS]

  watch it so clearly too nice to Succeed [TS]

  in Business in the world of this [TS]

  television show because everyone else is [TS]

  getting ahead is not as concerned about [TS]

  other people as he is and you know just [TS]

  yeah we should diversify shouldn't have [TS]

  radio presenter his business going to be [TS]

  able courthouses biggest things together [TS]

  you get something like you to stop [TS]

  shakin you should consult John he [TS]

  couldn't say no to evil Corp and then he [TS]

  got into deep and the other character i [TS]

  want to mention it is glory rubens [TS]

  character the psychiatrist just because [TS]

  I feel I feel like early on in the [TS]

  season she's used really interestingly [TS]

  and you know Elliot is is checking up on [TS]

  her boyfriend and revealing him to be a [TS]

  fraud and all this stuff and we see her [TS]

  in one scene at the end I feel like her [TS]

  character is a little bit strange in the [TS]

  sense that we need to have her to know [TS]

  that Elliot is sort of like under [TS]

  treatment but I don't know I feel like [TS]

  she kind of didn't get used enough [TS]

  no she's she becomes the cipher in a lot [TS]

  of ways there wasn't enough room to to [TS]

  have her be more than what she not [TS]

  enough room [TS]

  I know that's right at all well I better [TS]

  think the show is smart and keeping [TS]

  people in reserve like various still out [TS]

  there [TS]

  yes I and she's still I think she's [TS]

  important to have maybe not again maybe [TS]

  not the sopranos where she's going to be [TS]

  like a thread through the entire thing [TS]

  but it's an eye I really love that [TS]

  actress and I i love her character you [TS]

  know shouldn't have much to go on you [TS]

  see that she is a human person she does [TS]

  mean well she does have her own quirks [TS]

  and she's trying to do the right thing [TS]

  but she is not succeeding because she [TS]

  doesn't have all the information [TS]

  yeah I feel like season to think clearly [TS]

  Elliott needs psychological help [TS]

  right so perhaps we'll see that someone [TS]

  and she's and she's not she's good at [TS]

  her job like she's trying to get through [TS]

  to it she's trying to get but just you [TS]

  know it's going to be it's going to be [TS]

  difficult and it's interesting that she [TS]

  had you know this is another problem [TS]

  that she has like kind of an adversarial [TS]

  relationship but also that you know that [TS]

  they can get subtracted Sopranos a plot [TS]

  line with the hole [TS]

  dr. Melfi and and what happens to her [TS]

  and what time's your browser does it [TS]

  doesn't do about it in the same you this [TS]

  is all small stakes version of that with [TS]

  Elliot interfering in her life in ways [TS]

  that she doesn't appreciate but does [TS]

  appreciate but how she's gonna deal with [TS]

  that not a lot of it and this season but [TS]

  that is a place that is well you can go [TS]

  back to in season 2 to enrich both of [TS]

  the characters and I think that that [TS]

  thread in that relationship will also [TS]

  have an archive will have to end [TS]

  somewhere probably badly for most people [TS]

  but she also has an important i think [TS]

  she has an important role in this season [TS]

  even if she is kind of a cipher which is [TS]

  that you know this show is to a large [TS]

  extent about the walls that we put up [TS]

  about things and the ways that we decide [TS]

  like who's in charge or that we decide [TS]

  you know for that matter like you know [TS]

  what constitutes the money and the [TS]

  credit that we have and like all of [TS]

  these paper walls to constitute our [TS]

  society and I think in a kind of more [TS]

  picturesque way she represents like the [TS]

  the bulwark against madness right in [TS]

  some ways like she's the one she's the [TS]

  one who's gonna help Elliot is obviously [TS]

  this very troubled guy she obviously [TS]

  cares about him but feels a certain [TS]

  responsibility to make sure he doesn't [TS]

  you screw up [TS]

  she's got to be something like a parent [TS]

  in some ways but also a professional and [TS]

  when he does the big reveal of [TS]

  everything he knows about her and what [TS]

  kind of porn she's been looking at like [TS]

  it's just it's just yet another one of [TS]

  these paper walls being torn down and I [TS]

  think she does a really great job at [TS]

  characterizing what that would feel like [TS]

  you know to to be like one of those big [TS]

  heads on a screen and Big Brother and [TS]

  suddenly be brought right back down to [TS]

  human or subhuman sighs and feel [TS]

  incredibly vulnerable which is all she [TS]

  actually keep your chin up through it [TS]

  like she manages to choose not going to [TS]

  let it bring her all the way down [TS]

  she's going to maintain her composure [TS]

  and at the best degree possible in that [TS]

  situation but I mean but she is but like [TS]

  all of these systems now she is shown to [TS]

  be even as she is a source of you know [TS]

  gosh stuff like medications stuff like [TS]

  deciding like what you can sign off on [TS]

  in terms of what Elliot no can do you [TS]

  know she is she represents you know the [TS]

  system in that way and when she is shown [TS]

  to be that vulnerable it's I think it's [TS]

  an echo of the same kind of thing that's [TS]

  happening with showing that these big [TS]

  systems that protect our money in our [TS]

  credit now [TS]

  are you know society and law are are [TS]

  just as vulnerable and I thought that [TS]

  was well done and i would love to see [TS]

  her used again and more in the future [TS]

  because i love that actress what I seen [TS]

  her on what else you are not you know [TS]

  i'm talking about a little technical [TS]

  stuff that's just a few things are so in [TS]

  the first episode was just kind of a [TS]

  shame they get I think the worst [TS]

  technical seen out there were Tyrell [TS]

  talk to Elliot OIC you're running KDE [TS]

  run know myself that's a comprehension [TS]

  that would never take place between two [TS]

  people who know anything about computers [TS]

  never took place between one person who [TS]

  doesn't know one person who does elliot [TS]

  with think terrorists why would that [TS]

  never happen because that's like it's [TS]

  not the type of thing it's it's like two [TS]

  cargo is going all I see you have black [TS]

  wheels on your car might have treads [TS]

  years I'm friends now you have [TS]

  Michelin's i have like it's just it's [TS]

  not at the level [TS]

  hi Katie vs no yeah those are your [TS]

  things but two people to people who know [TS]

  a lot about cars are going to talk about [TS]

  something like if you're trying to [TS]

  impress somebody like was Elvis's and [TS]

  see mr McLeod Tyrell is trying to [TS]

  impress Elliot with his knowledge to [TS]

  show that hey I'm I'm like you you [TS]

  wouldn't go for something that sort of [TS]

  like basic and boring you would try to [TS]

  find something obscure but the problem [TS]

  is that seemed to someplace to go for [TS]

  something obscure because the audience [TS]

  knows doesn't know anything about this [TS]

  so they have to do what they did which I [TS]

  don't think really works for people who [TS]

  don't know but it just sounds like [TS]

  generation for people who do know it's [TS]

  like neither one would be impressed by [TS]

  this exchange and it's silly and it's [TS]

  embarrassing it's kind of creatures [TS]

  doesn't matter power through it that's [TS]

  you know you shouldn't be listening this [TS]

  anyway they haven't seen the series but [TS]

  i think it's this fine everything else [TS]

  they do they try to keep a distance from [TS]

  which is a good idea like in broad terms [TS]

  they want to say haha [TS]

  although they have Christmas later so [TS]

  mall where instead of malware which [TS]

  really bothered me anyway it's only get [TS]

  someone in there to tell me how to [TS]

  pronounce words but they basically say [TS]

  is there a raspberry pi to take over the [TS]

  league they heard of raspberries high [TS]

  they notice it and you know they just [TS]

  it's funny every weekend with my [TS]

  blinkers went off a little bit on the [TS]

  whole like hvac thing like someone [TS]

  something that felt a little bit like a [TS]

  stretch without stretching on [TS]

  yeah well I made all of it is a stretch [TS]

  all the stretch that they could they [TS]

  could plan this but like they don't they [TS]

  could plan this but like they don't they [TS]

  stay far enough away they say this is [TS]

  our plan in broad strokes raise the [TS]

  thermostat damage the tapes that already [TS]

  is kind of problem most fantastical [TS]

  because talk about a slow-moving [TS]

  disaster that can be averted that is [TS]

  totally one of the right but can you [TS]

  know what as you know internet as [TS]

  thermostat type stuff and [TS]

  internet-connected things become real [TS]

  like that's a real thing like microsoft [TS]

  campus has all computer-controlled thing [TS]

  controlling the the temperature of all [TS]

  the buildings and once you become [TS]

  network connect you can get hacked they [TS]

  stay just far enough away to say it's [TS]

  possible that you can get into this and [TS]

  like the hospital IT department the [TS]

  silly guy and everything running windows [TS]

  98 dad that's you know I mean like it [TS]

  everything they do could be done and [TS]

  you're supposedly these people are [TS]

  amazingly talented and you don't see how [TS]

  much time they invest it could be like [TS]

  well I guess the times that we didn't [TS]

  say they were working on this for weeks [TS]

  doing all this research or whatever so I [TS]

  think it all hangs together [TS]

  I'm just glad that they don't feel the [TS]

  need to have long drawn-out scenes where [TS]

  they have a bunch of proper announcer [TS]

  computers that the character spirit each [TS]

  other because they don't they just say [TS]

  did you take over the thing with the [TS]

  thing [TS]

  yeah I did the thing with the thing [TS]

  alright fine good that's you know plot [TS]

  is moving forward now don't need to try [TS]

  to impress the audience with the the [TS]

  technical skills but little bit [TS]

  cringe-inducing it especially early i [TS]

  think as the show gets going you notice [TS]

  it less and they talk about a lesson [TS]

  that's good [TS]

  alright let's move on to humans which is [TS]

  about robots a show about robots not mr. [TS]

  roboto about humans is it to show by [TS]

  robots is a i-don't-know-what with [TS]

  Nathan [TS]

  channel 4 in the UK which we we know [TS]

  here at the comfortable officially that [TS]

  would be bc general door and on AMC [TS]

  based on a Swedish series called real [TS]

  humans which i haven't seen by the [TS]

  swedish so tyrell wellick and his wife [TS]

  can watch it and understand it eight [TS]

  episodes I the science fictional premise [TS]

  it is a world very much like today [TS]

  except that there are robots that look [TS]

  like humans but are artificially [TS]

  intelligent creatures that are used as [TS]

  servants and healthcare workers and [TS]

  various other things throughout the [TS]

  world and we meet a family who is uh who [TS]

  has just taken the husband basically [TS]

  goes and buys a synth as they're called [TS]

  to work for their family and and cook [TS]

  and clean and take care of their kids [TS]

  and things like that it brings it home [TS]

  and there's some tension with the wife [TS]

  the wife has been traveling on business [TS]

  trips and he's frustrated that he [TS]

  doesn't have help around the house so he [TS]

  goes and buys a refurb it turns out sent [TS]

  and quite seriously refurbished and uh [TS]

  thatthat's a the story of the story of [TS]

  humans is is a question about who are [TS]

  these sense and are are some of them [TS]

  perhaps becoming sentient and what would [TS]

  that mean for this worker class or slave [TS]

  class that has been created the people [TS]

  now rely on and all with English accent [TS]

  except for William Hurt who is professor [TS]

  hobby he does not something please [TS]

  William Hurt because he's williamsburg [TS]

  so I I i really like humans [TS]

  I didn't like it as much as mr. but i [TS]

  really liked it and one of the things I [TS]

  liked about it is that it felt very much [TS]

  like a classic science fiction novel to [TS]

  me it felt like what if what if we live [TS]

  in a world where we had these things and [TS]

  they took care of us and then it turned [TS]

  out that they were that they were sent [TS]

  in or they became sentient and and now [TS]

  they're a slave class and what does that [TS]

  mean and do we hunt them do we kill them [TS]

  do we give them their their freedom [TS]

  what does it all mean and what are the [TS]

  societal impacts on having having these [TS]

  human form servants around even if they [TS]

  are becoming sent here what it what are [TS]

  the societal impacts and and as I [TS]

  watched I felt like over the eight [TS]

  episodes that it really did a good job [TS]

  of sort of exploring all those things in [TS]

  a classic science fiction now [TS]

  all kind of way and that so I i like [TS]

  that plus i got to recognize like [TS]

  everybody from what doctor who episode [TS]

  they were in a kinder gentler way I felt [TS]

  like this show is a very gentle maybe [TS]

  you know I don't watch enough TV to know [TS]

  if this is part of the thing but it was [TS]

  it's the people under nice [TS]

  it's not like gritty and and gory and [TS]

  you know like right [TS]

  it felt very gentle felt like a very [TS]

  gentle sci-fi where they're going to [TS]

  take their time with the premise they're [TS]

  gonna have people give each other [TS]

  meaningful looks and have discussions [TS]

  about things and dramatic things will [TS]

  happen but it's not overblown and so I [TS]

  felt it was you know it was it was [TS]

  relaxing and it was interesting and it's [TS]

  the kind of show that I don't think we [TS]

  get much around here because we have [TS]

  sci-fi around here it has to be like you [TS]

  know aliens and spaceships and you know [TS]

  Stargate or whatever and this was much [TS]

  more of a lb relax British paste human [TS]

  drama that just happened to involve [TS]

  robots and in the same way that that mr. [TS]

  robot doesn't spend a lot of time [TS]

  delving into the details we don't really [TS]

  care about the details of of the sense [TS]

  that much we care about the family that [TS]

  hasn't yet we eventually care about the [TS]

  sense that that have you know family [TS]

  have gained have gained consciousness [TS]

  ah and everything else like you know is [TS]

  even the whole like anti-synth movement [TS]

  that's there in the background and it's [TS]

  a threat or whatever but that's not what [TS]

  the show is about this is another like [TS]

  mr. robot it is a character drama where [TS]

  it did it hinges entirely on you care [TS]

  about the characters in this very small [TS]

  story in the grand scheme of things and [TS]

  that's the end as i mentioned it's the [TS]

  two families and that becomes very clear [TS]

  in the last episode I guess we should [TS]

  fire off another spoiler horn pretty [TS]

  soon because there are some more details [TS]

  here but but suffice it to say I you [TS]

  know I think it's worth again watching [TS]

  episode 1 of humans and seeing what you [TS]

  get out of it is gentle and I like that [TS]

  about it john you know it's not that [TS]

  there aren't kind of like good guys and [TS]

  bad guys and people who behave badly but [TS]

  i know i actually asked myself at [TS]

  several points while I was watching it [TS]

  is am I really watching a story that's [TS]

  about a robot uprising was gonna kill [TS]

  all the humans off because it doesn't [TS]

  feel like that it could be that but it [TS]

  doesn't feel like that it feels like [TS]

  again like this is a more thoughtful [TS]

  story about what does it mean [TS]

  I mean you know again what does it mean [TS]

  that the sensor there in at all what [TS]

  does it mean for the the relationship of [TS]

  the end of the husband and wife in the [TS]

  family because it is driving them apart [TS]

  or are they drifting apart anyway what [TS]

  does it mean for their relationships [TS]

  with their children [TS]

  what is the children's relationship with [TS]

  the synth and and is it real or not [TS]

  all of that is in there what does it [TS]

  mean for society at large and then you [TS]

  throw in this other aspect which is 0 [TS]

  and William Hurt story right which is [TS]

  very sad very sad and and sweet sweet [TS]

  it's a bittersweet story about a man [TS]

  who's lost his wife and he had a stroke [TS]

  and the only memories he has really of [TS]

  his wife are the ones that his old synth [TS]

  has of his dead wife that's that's my [TS]

  favorite thread [TS]

  it's just so beautiful so it's not about [TS]

  like it could be about a robot uprising [TS]

  but it's not really i just want to say [TS]

  one more thing before the horn which is [TS]

  that I also like the fact i mean i don't [TS]

  make this sound like you know [TS]

  masterpiece theater or something [TS]

  it's it's a little slow not slow it's [TS]

  not very quick paced at first all I will [TS]

  say is this if you like the first [TS]

  episode or two I want to say just stick [TS]

  with it because yeah maybe in probably [TS]

  quickly the story really picks up [TS]

  no no I would say I'm I don't say this [TS]

  about every show every show maybe should [TS]

  be like this but it's not true of every [TS]

  show every episode is better up until [TS]

  maybe the last episode episode is very [TS]

  frustrating but that's ok and the rear [TS]

  so there's there's one episode i think [TS]

  it's episode 6 is the one that left me [TS]

  in tears twice but i will say stick with [TS]

  it because it is it's a lot of [TS]

  world-building storytelling and so forth [TS]

  but you know if you enjoy it it's it's [TS]

  an enjoyable show to watch just because [TS]

  it's beautifully done it looks great but [TS]

  i would just say like don't worry like [TS]

  there's a lot more story to come in the [TS]

  story really picks up but its a spoiler [TS]

  but like a lot happens in one episode it [TS]

  which is I think very rewarding and if [TS]

  you end up liking the first couple [TS]

  episodes [TS]

  don't worry it's not all that [TS]

  glacial it does it does pickup and a lot [TS]

  of story happens and a lot of action [TS]

  happens so my only ambition before the [TS]

  horn is like you know if you like it [TS]

  stick with it [TS]

  yeah what the the thing that struck me [TS]

  when I first heard about it it reminded [TS]

  me of Ray Bradbury's i sing the body [TS]

  electric which was originally a Twilight [TS]

  Zone script that he wrote and then he [TS]

  turned it into a short story and it's [TS]

  it's a similar concept it's about [TS]

  children who get a written android [TS]

  grandmother who takes care of them and [TS]

  it's a very similar setup but this is so [TS]

  much better and much more well thought [TS]

  out about what that kind of society [TS]

  would involve so if if you like that one [TS]

  which is not a great twilight zone or if [TS]

  you like the story this is a really good [TS]

  version of that kind of story now maybe [TS]

  that's what i was thinking of about my [TS]

  classic sci-fi feel like it doesn't feel [TS]

  like an old story but it does feel like [TS]

  it's doing what kind of we think of as [TS]

  classic sci-fi does in its in in what [TS]

  it's exploring and right it's um it's [TS]

  thank you i instead of you know guns [TS]

  going off and ships and and robots [TS]

  weight has been lots but what I like i [TS]

  had a story where you know it's too kind [TS]

  of like a parallel universe where like [TS]

  pretty much everything is the same mix [TS]

  for this one thing and that has [TS]

  consequently got smart phones they yeah [TS]

  they got you with no likes gathers no [TS]

  rocket cars or anything they're driving [TS]

  SUVs or minivans but yes stick with it [TS]

  that's the only thing [TS]

  alright let's fire off a spoiler on for [TS]

  humans [TS]

  so soft physically pull them again man [TS]

  god that's so obviously an actual woman [TS]

  is not a robot [TS]

  god I i wanted to mention to so family [TS]

  by the end it's very clear that we are [TS]

  watching two families there's a will [TS]

  there's a sense family and human family [TS]

  and the end there those wonderful we're [TS]

  watching and kind of watching for [TS]

  families [TS]

  well yeah I mean defendant at the end [TS]

  you get the two families in the house [TS]

  together basically determining the fate [TS]

  of the world which i kinda like that [TS]

  there's the that all the sensor together [TS]

  who are the children of the creator of [TS]

  the intelligence sense and you've got [TS]

  the the the Hawkins family and they're [TS]

  all together and they've sort of got [TS]

  this uneasy kind of thing and I really [TS]

  like that that you know these are the [TS]

  brothers and sisters these children of [TS]

  of of the original creator that is a [TS]

  David Elster right I'll i really like [TS]

  that including including his son who is [TS]

  sort of part [TS]

  synth part human which is also pretty [TS]

  cool i I just I really liked all that [TS]

  there is a big twist in this which is [TS]

  that there's a police detective who is [TS]

  actually like beef [TS]

  it's like a missing Cylon from [TS]

  battlestar galactica yeah I love that [TS]

  reveal of all the ways to reveal that [TS]

  the way home my god that was so doctor [TS]

  who when she pulls out the wine balloon [TS]

  yeah I'm like hidin it was so freaky [TS]

  she's drunk wine and you think well [TS]

  she's got to be human because she's [TS]

  drinking wine with her partner I was [TS]

  like you gotta be him as a price that [TS]

  every time she was on camera they did [TS]

  the makeup people to put that scar on [TS]

  her neck right and so it's like you know [TS]

  she wouldn't have a scarf she was a [TS]

  Cylon a replicant whatever you want to [TS]

  do with into things at the end up end of [TS]

  a long day trying to get a bag with all [TS]

  the food that she's pretended to eat and [TS]

  drink and then she plugs in crazy stuff [TS]

  crazy stuff so I love the daughter in [TS]

  this i love Maddie Maddie in this shit [TS]

  again let this what i was saying earlier [TS]

  she could be the star of the show and [TS]

  she's not but she's great and she's got [TS]

  like she's gonna figure out what's going [TS]

  on with the sin that they got which you [TS]

  know the the teenage son wants to touch [TS]

  your boobs and the father turns on the [TS]

  downloadable content to enable sex mode [TS]

  and she just wants to like the hacker [TS]

  she wants to like and she's like what [TS]

  stressed about the future of the world [TS]

  is like what's the point study [TS]

  because the synthesis going to be able [TS]

  to be a surgeon in 10 minutes like she's [TS]

  ahead of she's like the the heavyset [TS]

  pimply kid from fear the walking dead [TS]

  she's ahead of everyone else on the show [TS]

  realizing guys don't you realize what [TS]

  this means if we continue down this path [TS]

  with these since I it's going to be a [TS]

  problem is maybe not for the parents [TS]

  generation they just see it as like oh [TS]

  it's helpful thing for you to have in [TS]

  the house or you know it's a sex toy or [TS]

  whatever but she sees this is the end of [TS]

  humanity and you guys are just happy [TS]

  about it [TS]

  yeah yeah well I like the that whole [TS]

  question of is this is that the end of [TS]

  humanity or night there's a lot of [TS]

  knee-jerk reactions in the background [TS]

  you've got the kind of worried about it [TS]

  but i kinda like that like you know do [TS]

  it here are we looking at well they're [TS]

  going to replace us and they're all [TS]

  better than us or is it more like you [TS]

  know we've created new a new slave class [TS]

  and we have to deal with the fact that [TS]

  they're actually alive [TS]

  well yeah and like not to jump to the [TS]

  giant picture but you know it's me know [TS]

  when you get into the the whole like [TS]

  what automation writ large does for us [TS]

  it ends up getting to some interesting [TS]

  things and and I think that's where this [TS]

  cuts to the chase fairly quickly even if [TS]

  it is a little bit slow paced which is [TS]

  first of all like what we think like you [TS]

  know work in some ways gives us meaning [TS]

  like the things that we do the way that [TS]

  we spend our day really matters the way [TS]

  that we care for our children like what [TS]

  with foods we prepare for our kids like [TS]

  that's that's a big part of who we are [TS]

  and I has played out with I'm sorry I [TS]

  remember the woman's name the the wife [TS]

  like it's I think she is she's so great [TS]

  at portraying that not just the guilt of [TS]

  like being the working mom is a lawyer [TS]

  which is that whole sense of like you [TS]

  know what if somebody can do this better [TS]

  than I am better but you know better [TS]

  than i can do it like that that's a [TS]

  horrifying prospect the idea that you [TS]

  could buy an appliance that would be a [TS]

  better parent than you or our index you [TS]

  could you could you could buy a robot [TS]

  that would be a better employee than you [TS]

  it isn't just a matter of feeling [TS]

  frustrated that you maybe don't make the [TS]

  same wage it's a matter of going like [TS]

  well then what is it that makes us human [TS]

  what is it that makes life worth doing [TS]

  if there are appliances that can be [TS]

  better than your daughter demands that [TS]

  that that the robot read the story to [TS]

  her instead so female of like our kids [TS]

  male of our ipads more than us but we're [TS]

  not threatened by the ipads because [TS]

  they're not close enough to the uncanny [TS]

  value right he's like well they may love [TS]

  television more than us but it's fine on [TS]

  the mom because once you make a [TS]

  television shaped like a mom then it's a [TS]

  problem then you like alright TV that's [TS]

  an this is too close for comfort I think [TS]

  the best one is the the wife of the [TS]

  detective like that's the other [TS]

  questions than it answers is like she's [TS]

  unhappy there in their marriage she's [TS]

  unhappy in their marriage whatever is it [TS]

  sufficient for people to have a [TS]

  attentive uh attractive male sex pot [TS]

  that listens to their stories and gives [TS]

  them nice massage and prepare some nice [TS]

  meals as long as it that that sexpot [TS]

  doesn't malfunction [TS]

  she was probably pretty much okay with [TS]

  it like that she chose that over her [TS]

  husband because that robot was giving [TS]

  her the attention that her husband was [TS]

  not it was entirely dedicated to her it [TS]

  was nice it was thoughtful carried her [TS]

  from room to room when she was injured [TS]

  it made her meals it gave her the [TS]

  massages and again for the second she [TS]

  wanted and right up until the point that [TS]

  she installed the modifications and a [TS]

  malfunction she was okay with that so [TS]

  that's the other uncomfortable thing [TS]

  thats is asking is not like in this [TS]

  replace us with all in our children [TS]

  whatever but like is there are they [TS]

  better than humans and always because no [TS]

  human like the roads don't have their [TS]

  own needs these the non-conscious ones [TS]

  they entirely exist to serve your needs [TS]

  and if they can do so in a way that [TS]

  makes you think that there's just [TS]

  another human there who is really really [TS]

  into you [TS]

  how many people are okay with that but I [TS]

  I don't think they're gonna get into X i [TS]

  think the the the the entire show is [TS]

  leading like if i take the show as as [TS]

  shown in this season one the obvious [TS]

  conclusion is that all the humans will [TS]

  destroy all these robots it's also [TS]

  available all ultimate form of of [TS]

  self-absorption where you know if you're [TS]

  like say like an introverted person with [TS]

  lots of needs like you'd be perfectly [TS]

  happy to have a whole bunch of the world [TS]

  replaced by automation whether that's [TS]

  uber or instant card or whatever it is [TS]

  that you want there's a whole way to [TS]

  create this world full of things that [TS]

  will serve you and will open up your [TS]

  time and attention in ways that you [TS]

  never could have before that hates great [TS]

  the roof the rest of the world becomes [TS]

  an automaton the rest of the world loses [TS]

  their jobs but i think this gets at [TS]

  those like well what does that mean to [TS]

  me like what if nobody needs me anymore [TS]

  that's that's that's what i thought this [TS]

  drove home is yes yes there certainly [TS]

  think that the [TS]

  huge issue of like what if these things [TS]

  are more than just you know machines but [TS]

  i also love that idea of like when we [TS]

  feel threatened [TS]

  not just in terms of like you know the [TS]

  story people always want to tell on [TS]

  planet money is like what happens when [TS]

  robots make our t-shirts but there's [TS]

  something deeper to that which is like [TS]

  what if like the whole reason that I [TS]

  think I'm valuable to the world is [TS]

  suddenly much more economically and [TS]

  efficiently replaced by this machine and [TS]

  I thought they did that very well [TS]

  you have a device I feel like it's [TS]

  leading to like I think in season 2 [TS]

  they're gonna have to come up with some [TS]

  kind of conflict is right now it's clear [TS]

  that people don't like these machines [TS]

  like that the angry people want to smash [TS]

  all these things and the only thing was [TS]

  going to stop them from smashing them [TS]

  are either other humans which I don't [TS]

  think is going to happen or the robots [TS]

  themselves and so far the rods that but [TS]

  Miss cos they're only help really [TS]

  so far the roads themselves seem too [TS]

  passive and they're basically going to [TS]

  get smashed up because these are not the [TS]

  robots from the matrix this is not you [TS]

  know the skynet that becomes conscious [TS]

  in 20 milliseconds later decides it [TS]

  needs to wipe out humanity these uh [TS]

  these robots these since our conscious [TS]

  and also have a conscience and that will [TS]

  be their downfall [TS]

  if they don't get their acts together [TS]

  because it's so clear that the humans [TS]

  are conscious and there's enough of them [TS]

  who are mad for so many reasons taking [TS]

  our jobs replacing us [TS]

  I don't like that you know like Merlin [TS]

  said replacing me in ways that I don't [TS]

  want to be replaced and humans are [TS]

  really good at smashing things they [TS]

  don't like if there's an added you know [TS]

  will kill all the Wolves will cut down [TS]

  all the trees will pave paradise and put [TS]

  in the parking lot and these these since [TS]

  our doom so I don't know how they're [TS]

  gonna resolve that because it's so I [TS]

  mean again miss code being their only [TS]

  hope is there one sent that finally gets [TS]

  a clue and says we need to go to another [TS]

  planet or destroy all humans or are they [TS]

  going to have this sort of touchy-feely [TS]

  we need to figure out how to get along [TS]

  with each other and I can you can you [TS]

  imagine can anyone imagine a planet [TS]

  where humans and since existed reproduce [TS]

  it similar rates and exist alongside [TS]

  each other intermixed in society I the [TS]

  world set up by the show does not seem [TS]

  like it is open to that possibility if [TS]

  the sensor conscious they're not [TS]

  conscious seems like everyone's kind of [TS]

  okay with it is uneasy balance but as [TS]

  soon as the conscious that develops have [TS]

  to be destroyed now the sense the sense [TS]

  have all kinds of basically like what [TS]

  governor's like know how you run a [TS]

  u-haul van and we'll let you drive over [TS]

  60 miles an hour right you can push the [TS]

  accelerator accelerator down like all [TS]

  these sense have these basic governor's [TS]

  that prevent them from doing the things [TS]

  that greater if we let the since do [TS]

  everything they could do like that's a [TS]

  whole different world now we've got a [TS]

  world where it's all based on what since [TS]

  10 so you're wondering it's like what [TS]

  that would be something where there's [TS]

  some kind of show down like a meeting [TS]

  this person's vs humans come like why [TS]

  would he [TS]

  why would how can they coexist because [TS]

  like the sense are better at everything [TS]

  and don't have all the same problems and [TS]

  can be presumably repaired and [TS]

  consciousness can be transferred it's [TS]

  like what is the role of humans on a [TS]

  planet with with since they're there is [TS]

  not and so and but the humans will be [TS]

  super pissed about that right and so [TS]

  this inherent conflict like it's not [TS]

  like well we'll go about our lives and [TS]

  fifty percent of the people in the city [TS]

  or sense and fifty percent aren't and [TS]

  you know like even just have to come to [TS]

  an agreement about birth rates how since [TS]

  how many nuisance are you allowed to [TS]

  created what rate and who's going to [TS]

  decide on that and is a democracy and [TS]

  like I I don't see how i think the show [TS]

  is going on a much smaller level even [TS]

  though wants to go into the hole that [TS]

  the larger level the small level is [TS]

  what's more interesting but I feel like [TS]

  inevitably this show has to end by all [TS]

  with all since being destroyed [TS]

  I don't know i mean i-i so going to the [TS]

  last episode III felt like they were [TS]

  going to a place where they were going [TS]

  to have I was expecting kind of a bold [TS]

  final episode where they decided to [TS]

  basically will light up all the sense in [TS]

  the world and give them all the code [TS]

  that we have been into Center and then [TS]

  it says that is the only one strategy [TS]

  niska's got it not only turn them all to [TS]

  sending beans but give them all a single [TS]

  mission which is killing every human [TS]

  life can be selfish yes right which is [TS]

  why I love disco i love i love this guy [TS]

  I love that you know when she's killing [TS]

  the people who were trying to kill the [TS]

  sense to train with the essence out and [TS]

  and then she learns how to to play with [TS]

  the little with little Sophie at the end [TS]

  that was really hilarious and strange [TS]

  and creepy but I yeah I expected that [TS]

  into what I felt like the eight-episode [TS]

  I felt like softened what it was going [TS]

  to do almost like it was well aware that [TS]

  it needed to play things out for the [TS]

  long game and I felt there had been so [TS]

  much dramatic tension leading up to a [TS]

  moment where they were going to decide [TS]

  what to do [TS]

  you and then in episode 8 the kind of [TS]

  like back off at like no no not yet it [TS]

  just wanted everyone has their separate [TS]

  agendas the the failed mommy body [TS]

  cooperates enough to have the the the [TS]

  final thing and then miska you know is [TS]

  going to do this thing that she does and [TS]

  goes her separate way kind of like she [TS]

  did the middle of the season as well but [TS]

  since you did it before it's like it [TS]

  just they just put things on pause [TS]

  because they know that during the season [TS]

  like the end of the show i think is is [TS]

  either you know the realized again is [TS]

  all since you destroyed and the [TS]

  uplifting and is all the sensor allowed [TS]

  to become conscious but they never show [TS]

  you what happens after that they like [TS]

  and it goes out and all since become [TS]

  conscious and then we fade to black [TS]

  yeah yeah which is how I wanted to use [TS]

  one day and was you know they make all [TS]

  of them sent the end you know they don't [TS]

  have a budget for the dole out since [TS]

  human war like this one is not sure what [TS]

  kind of budget doesn't it doesn't have [TS]

  the right actors for well they just have [TS]

  a month a montage of a whole bunch of [TS]

  very nice English people who are like [TS]

  nannies killing kids in like well i'm at [TS]

  the bottom takes care of William Hurt is [TS]

  already a wrecking machine makes sense [TS]

  that someone needs to return that one [TS]

  because it does not have a good bedside [TS]

  know but it's someone named the era [TS]

  that's the National Health Service body [TS]

  I I can't help but feel that there's [TS]

  some British come very British [TS]

  commentary on the bureaucracy of the [TS]

  National Health that right we're missing [TS]

  there was more and also commentary on [TS]

  like the removing the humanity from [TS]

  people who need care they're damn good [TS]

  note that he's no longer the product is [TS]

  not the primary user that the system is [TS]

  the primary user have I think you know [TS]

  um I know we don't have a lot of time [TS]

  but I mean I and this is another one [TS]

  where I kind of grabbed me in the first [TS]

  episode I think they did a really nice [TS]

  job of world-building very quickly in [TS]

  this one and I you know gosh i just i od [TS]

  was like a big it was a hook for me like [TS]

  I'm sentimental eminent you know that [TS]

  kind of guy [TS]

  there's just something so great to me [TS]

  about this idea that you know [TS]

  introducing this idea that you know we [TS]

  it's not like robots are disliked we get [TS]

  the one point when everything's going to [TS]

  be perfect [TS]

  no nope it's like there's all kinds of [TS]

  problems and i just i love that the [TS]

  whole arc of [TS]

  you know the way that professor hobby [TS]

  what's-his-name dr. that's an AI was [TS]

  here in this William Hurt is worried [TS]

  there's something so pointed to me about [TS]

  this idea of you know it's kind of corny [TS]

  but the idea of this guy who's had was a [TS]

  stroke [TS]

  yeah he had a stroke so real so he's so [TS]

  he's lost his memories OD is his [TS]

  outboard brain for certain memories but [TS]

  is unreliable they're both but like [TS]

  there's something so obvious but so [TS]

  beautiful to me about the relationship [TS]

  between these two broken machines but [TS]

  the body picture of the brokencyde I [TS]

  mean like there's something very point [TS]

  two minutes if you ever had anybody in [TS]

  your family with Alzheimer's you know [TS]

  the heartbreak of the like one day out [TS]

  of 90 when they suddenly remember [TS]

  something extremely specific but I i [TS]

  think there's lots of ways that could [TS]

  get yeah it's a little mawkish but i [TS]

  think they got it right [TS]

  I think they really did and that for me [TS]

  was a big emotional hook I mean I love [TS]

  the whole thing of the busy family and [TS]

  the slightly tuned out dumb day I god [TS]

  what a passive aggressive move [TS]

  how could you go out and like buy a hot [TS]

  robot and bring out why don't know why [TS]

  don't more understanding wife on the [TS]

  planet was like oh I suppose I guess [TS]

  like are you kidding me [TS]

  well they end up giving her like I know [TS]

  like you have to supposedly has a guilt [TS]

  her guilty secret is that was not a [TS]

  dream that was not as guilty of a seat [TS]

  is expected they try very hard to give [TS]

  to to give the reasons why he did does [TS]

  this and she doesn't react differently [TS]

  to it is very understanding yes you will [TS]

  they get they give her the gift for her [TS]

  see dark secrets and they also you know [TS]

  they make her seem really bad at the [TS]

  beginning was like you said you'd be [TS]

  gone for two days and you work on for [TS]

  five days and almost like you exactly [TS]

  but her dark chocolate chip tried to [TS]

  call but she did she tried but like her [TS]

  dark secret I mean the dark secret seem [TS]

  to be that she was out of town you know [TS]

  to find some mean bone but the real dark [TS]

  secret is like she's misunderstood she [TS]

  was that she was you know she was doing [TS]

  an emotionally difficult thing that she [TS]

  wasn't ready to tell her husband about [TS]

  which seems weird that like really I [TS]

  don't understand how you wouldn't ya [TS]

  that while you but whatever like she is [TS]

  very sympathetic and he is kind of a [TS]

  doof CEO kind of yes but i but I you [TS]

  know I guess maybe like I say maybe I'm [TS]

  just mawkish and sentimental as a person [TS]

  but the whole thing of him [TS]

  wanting to keep Cody and like try to [TS]

  repair him and can get like that [TS]

  resonated with me like we've all we've [TS]

  all had I mean like gosh I've had [TS]

  iphones I wanted to keep longer than [TS]

  then then worked but like it's also just [TS]

  very emblematic of like the fragility of [TS]

  memory and the way that like in this [TS]

  case that the two of them together like [TS]

  almost make a person with a memory and I [TS]

  thought that was that was very very [TS]

  moving [TS]

  I like the fact that he also was not so [TS]

  addled that he thinks OD is like like [TS]

  the people like no I need my reputation [TS]

  to myself my senses my friend he knows [TS]

  already is just a machine and I'm not a [TS]

  very good machine and partly broken [TS]

  machine like this he helped create them [TS]

  he understands exactly what he is told [TS]

  under no illusions that already has his [TS]

  friend but he befriends OD in the same [TS]

  way that like you know that uh [TS]

  what's-his-name befriends Wilson on the [TS]

  island and cast away [TS]

  right on thanks know right everybody [TS]

  never goes full Wilson where he thinks [TS]

  you know he never thinks about me as a [TS]

  person and he just understands that that [TS]

  you know against his outboard memory is [TS]

  his only connection to his dead wife he [TS]

  repairs him as best he can he talk to [TS]

  him the way you might talk to a pet [TS]

  where you know that doesn't really [TS]

  understand you but you have long [TS]

  complicated conversations about your [TS]

  dead wife with your dog your dog looks [TS]

  at you and tilts his head [TS]

  it's fine like it already is not even as [TS]

  smart as your dog right but he did you [TS]

  know it like you said it's like that [TS]

  it's like the pair of jeans that you [TS]

  know it but plus the involving memory so [TS]

  I like the fact that they get into the [TS]

  adventures again together he he should [TS]

  have a helper bot that is more competent [TS]

  he shouldn't be out driving in the car [TS]

  or letting his sister is broken since [TS]

  drive the car and then felt like he did [TS]

  these are all very young you know he's [TS]

  he's not making wise choices but he's an [TS]

  old guy and this is all he's got he just [TS]

  wants to go out for a drive in the car [TS]

  and ends the way you expected to end and [TS]

  that just makes them all the more [TS]

  sympathetic but i like the fact that [TS]

  it's not like he is the same man insane [TS]

  world and the health services bodice is [TS]

  trying to keep him down know he really [TS]

  does need help at home he really does [TS]

  also just want to put a vote in for max [TS]

  III i love that actor [TS]

  yeah he like Josh was just I don't know [TS]

  maybe just he's such a handsome man with [TS]

  such an expressive face but like [TS]

  tumi him as the face of the empathetic [TS]

  you know robot people because they move [TS]

  a certain way with a certain lack of a [TS]

  fact but max is so just naturally [TS]

  lovable and like I he's another one [TS]

  where you know it's my guess let's say [TS]

  the obvious a lot of this reminded me at [TS]

  times a blade runner and in some ways [TS]

  some of the characters actually tracked [TS]

  characters and later in some ways but [TS]

  like you know I I just think there's [TS]

  something I don't know there's just like [TS]

  you said with John like you said like [TS]

  you talk to a dog or yeah you realize [TS]

  this thing is not real [TS]

  like even though the and these people [TS]

  are aware that they're not people but [TS]

  that doesn't mean that they don't have [TS]

  these these feelings I i don't know i [TS]

  found a very affecting that was great i [TS]

  love max yeah I really like I needed to [TS]

  because she had to do the dual mode of [TS]

  like show what a sense is like when it's [TS]

  not contrast and show what it's like [TS]

  when it is conscious and eat i think [TS]

  that they didn't do any changes and [TS]

  makeup i think it was all just acting [TS]

  but you know like when she's recharging [TS]

  the chair and a second just as I'm in [TS]

  here and then goes back like it was [TS]

  great to see her transition from the she [TS]

  I think she was the best at being [TS]

  robotic without doing the robot because [TS]

  she was on camera a lot and she had to [TS]

  kind of figure that out and then when [TS]

  she becomes the regular person it's [TS]

  almost like it's like it's not even the [TS]

  same actress but she's not in an either [TS]

  mode when she's in media mode but also [TS]

  the whole thing of like you know when [TS]

  you're kind of acclimate yourself to the [TS]

  show through the first like maybe three [TS]

  or four episodes i don't know if you [TS]

  guys did this but i found myself [TS]

  wondering like these are a eyes [TS]

  these are extremely powerful computers [TS]

  like what they choose to expose to the [TS]

  family in terms of the output may you [TS]

  wonder how much that has to do with what [TS]

  they actually quote-unquote know like [TS]

  obviously you see that the wife is like [TS]

  hiding around the corner in this case [TS]

  you know but like you know all along I [TS]

  kept wondering like how much is she [TS]

  assimilating that we don't know yet and [TS]

  she has such a lack of a fact but it's [TS]

  not it is she's not like just gonna quit [TS]

  being a robot [TS]

  there's something about that actress [TS]

  just killed it at being able to do these [TS]

  incredibly subtle things that kept you [TS]

  on the bubble of wondering like how much [TS]

  she knew and how much that humanity was [TS]

  like shining through right and it was it [TS]

  that was in story reason for that was [TS]

  like the idea of the other conscious was [TS]

  buried under there [TS]

  right you know it was influencing it's [TS]

  like you know what does she know I'm [TS]

  scared of spiders [TS]

  I you know just how douchey reading [TS]

  these emotions uh how did you know that [TS]

  i would like to read the book to Sophie [TS]

  you don't like the whole that I that was [TS]

  a great early part of the season because [TS]

  you are put into the mindset of the wife [TS]

  Laura I think her name was [TS]

  it's a issue no Louis yeah I mean I is [TS]

  obvious reasons why you may be jealous [TS]

  and upset that her husband brings up [TS]

  this you know sexpot into the house or [TS]

  whatever right but on the other level [TS]

  like she's doubting yourself like am I [TS]

  just overreacting it you know app you [TS]

  know it's like she actively undermining [TS]

  me is she liked it yeah yeah and it like [TS]

  is it because it the they so well [TS]

  established the world but it's like it's [TS]

  like wandering for toasters undermining [TS]

  you like if these interests appliances [TS]

  everyone everyone knows how they work [TS]

  like the whole family knows how they can [TS]

  hurt people they're never going to do [TS]

  this they're never gonna do that anyway [TS]

  here's this one that is far as she's [TS]

  concerned and again i think is the thing [TS]

  that would be much more common but they [TS]

  had so firmly established the entire [TS]

  rest of the world totally believe these [TS]

  things are just like appliances and [TS]

  she's the only crazy one who thinks i [TS]

  think it's it's noticing more than and [TS]

  it turns out it is noticing more right [TS]

  because this is a special one or [TS]

  whatever but in reality if we had since [TS]

  like this everybody would think that [TS]

  think they're since they're out to get [TS]

  them [TS]

  no one would allow a sexy female [TS]

  sentence of their house like it you know [TS]

  these are it's this is sci-fi that day [TS]

  even getting beyond the fact that if [TS]

  that we have technology created since [TS]

  there'd be so many other temp [TS]

  technological implications that it [TS]

  wouldn't be just it's just like our [TS]

  world but with since biggest issue if [TS]

  you can do a scent so might you know so [TS]

  you have to kind of carve out this it's [TS]

  more of a fantasy scenario were like [TS]

  take the world as it is now and add this [TS]

  one magical thing but pretend it's not [TS]

  magic and don't think too much about the [TS]

  implications we won't have a smaller [TS]

  stories you don't have the budget for [TS]

  the human scent war [TS]

  um if you can put all that out of your [TS]

  mind [TS]

  I i think the show holds together as you [TS]

  know this it is a gentle kind of [TS]

  fun-sized us [TS]

  slow-paced relaxing sci-fi story that [TS]

  that episode 1i think like I don't think [TS]

  the series starts slow because i think [TS]

  if you watch episode 1 and you're into [TS]

  sci-fi you understand everything they're [TS]

  setting up you understand your [TS]

  attentions they're gonna set up [TS]

  and how you may not know how it's all [TS]

  going to evolve but so many sort of [TS]

  pieces are put onto the board the I I [TS]

  was just excited by the first episode I [TS]

  wanted to see how these pieces were [TS]

  going to move and in the end I think [TS]

  they just kind of dump the board back [TS]

  into the box and fold the game up and [TS]

  said come back in season 2 anymore we [TS]

  should talk about that humans i love the [TS]

  little girl what's her name is Sophie [TS]

  Sophie so adorable so cute so cute and [TS]

  really like maybe you adorable and I [TS]

  would watch The Adventures of you know [TS]

  Maddie and Maddie in the sense in in [TS]

  computer hackers sofiane miska miska [TS]

  will be dismembering people with it with [TS]

  with pruning shears and little girl be [TS]

  like play dolls with me help [TS]

  yeah I'd watch like their version of the [TS]

  road yeah that's right that's right it's [TS]

  a little girl in her murder violent and [TS]

  memory be there too i would never let [TS]

  any harm come to Sophie and they solve [TS]

  crimes [TS]

  I'm sorry Sophie I'm afraid I don't [TS]

  understand the question so John are the [TS]

  sense of human robots or not I it's [TS]

  tough with the sense because they make [TS]

  it seem like it's just kind of living [TS]

  skin [TS]

  I don't know enough about what goes on [TS]

  inside them are they like the terminator [TS]

  where it's just a robot with living skin [TS]

  attached to the outside or are they [TS]

  biological through and through with [TS]

  mechanical enhancements and a [TS]

  special-effects budget the show says we [TS]

  can't tell you because all we're going [TS]

  to show you a superficial skin with some [TS]

  blue blood but why is there blood at all [TS]

  and why is the blood blue I'm leaning [TS]

  towards sidebar for these guys think [TS]

  they're organic parts in there is i [TS]

  can't is why else would you have I mean [TS]

  is the blood just for the skin is like a [TS]

  chia pet where it's just on the surface [TS]

  and notice i like is like like a robot [TS]

  lubricant 444 but it seems like they [TS]

  have a circulatory system and why do you [TS]

  do maybe you just need a circulatory [TS]

  system for the skin I don't know we [TS]

  don't know enough about what's inside [TS]

  these things we haven't seen any of them [TS]

  sliced in half so i can make a call yet [TS]

  but ok was like it seems like cyborgs to [TS]

  me all right especially especially if [TS]

  they're going to be convincing sexpots [TS]

  interesting well that may be true but [TS]

  that's what the blue fluid floor 40 we [TS]

  also don't know how much the same way [TS]

  that we knew we had a density measure [TS]

  like they all like 400 pounds because [TS]

  they're you know made of steel and stuff [TS]

  I don't write will have to stay tuned [TS]

  for season 2 where they won't be [TS]

  I'm sure they're gonna have suddenly [TS]

  came to this yeah seems like alien [TS]

  autopsy by the Saints robot [TS]

  yeah I wish we had more time for humans [TS]

  i got tons more to say about I want to [TS]

  drag it out but I I thought we decided [TS]

  that was really good i thought the last [TS]

  episode was it was like basically like [TS]

  we both watched my wife and I were like [TS]

  was so excited after i know it and I was [TS]

  like that was really know you can feel [TS]

  them backing off of all the momentum if [TS]

  you if you thought about it though [TS]

  how could they and now without ending [TS]

  the series like it's like if you wanted [TS]

  to do the the final bits big dramatic [TS]

  think it builds up builds up and then [TS]

  they're all conscious and wait for [TS]

  season two of them what the hell they [TS]

  doing season two didn't make it they [TS]

  don't have the budget for that [TS]

  government can see what that that would [TS]

  be an interesting problem i'd love to [TS]

  have that problem but I mean I'd rather [TS]

  have that problem then have the lose the [TS]

  momentum thing [TS]

  yeah yeah just said that they just [TS]

  didn't lose it they like to put the [TS]

  brakes i stopped dead yeah [TS]

  yep they're afraid i was there like here [TS]

  there we have to have season two and [TS]

  then and then I had to screw with their [TS]

  character motivations you like you have [TS]

  to believe that the the partner reveals [TS]

  herself to her partner and says you're [TS]

  my favorite human but then has his dark [TS]

  past but then also wants to kill her [TS]

  since family within changes in mind i'm [TS]

  not going to kill you they're gonna help [TS]

  you but then one of them is brainwashing [TS]

  us just like too much to like too much [TS]

  stoppage too many people doing things [TS]

  out of character just so you can you [TS]

  call your momentum and spread them to [TS]

  the four winds [TS]

  however many wins there are four all [TS]

  right I think we've come to the end it [TS]

  was a good summer with a couple really [TS]

  outstanding shows that you should check [TS]

  out if you haven't already and if you [TS]

  haven't you've been spoiled about them [TS]

  but you know some people do that so I'd [TS]

  like to thank my guess for joining me to [TS]

  talk about mr. robot and humans David [TS]

  lure thank you thank you don't syracuse [TS]

  thanks for being here [TS]

  I was gonna say we've got to talk about [TS]

  the pixi song and mr. robot but that's [TS]

  ok it's in fight club here and there was [TS]

  a good cover [TS]

  I thought it was respectful and I didn't [TS]

  think it was cheap come on man [TS]

  thank you thank you always a pleasure to [TS]

  have you [TS]

  that's always nice is a good shows I'm [TS]

  glad they're good people checking and [TS]

  I'm Jason snow and I thank you for [TS]

  listening to this episode of the [TS]

  uncomfortable we will see you next week [TS]

  mr. robot or not or not [TS]