The Incomparable

262: District Attorney Doofus


  the incomparable number 260 who [TS]

  September 2015 welcome back everybody to [TS]

  be in comfortable i'm your host Jason [TS]

  still and joining me are a great group [TS]

  of people to do something we like to [TS]

  call old movie club movie club 2nite [TS]

  we're going to be talking about two [TS]

  films that have an actor in common or [TS]

  perhaps two actors in common but one of [TS]

  them is more important than the other [TS]

  these are the hustler from 1961 an [TS]

  anatomy of a murder from 1959 joining me [TS]

  to talk about these old movies that you [TS]

  should go on you go watch perhaps [TS]

  because some of the idea i think i've [TS]

  never seen either of these join me are [TS]

  Steve let's hello hello there Jason fair [TS]

  warning to listeners out there we may be [TS]

  seeing the word panties during this [TS]

  episode so let's get the snickering out [TS]

  of our systems now okay [TS]

  exactly what I was doing I know a French [TS]

  word might be a little suggest kind of [TS]

  suggested most French words are at is [TS]

  good stuff David laura is also there [TS]

  hello David and no Monty Ashley as is [TS]

  out there Monty hi jason and the [TS]

  internets dr. Drake joins us again [TS]

  thereby depriving our chat room of its [TS]

  only participant it's like it's like [TS]

  when you want to give a presentation in [TS]

  front of one person you just ask him to [TS]

  come up on stage and join in the fun [TS]

  well i doctored ring hello lady bird and [TS]

  the ringleader for all of this of course [TS]

  is mr. Philip Michaels hello [TS]

  I've often heard about the clear customs [TS]

  of this incomparable podcast now I see [TS]

  that they're actually in place but it's [TS]

  very it's very true [TS]

  Phil can you explain to us why you chose [TS]

  these two films for us why why that's a [TS]

  company accusatory well um ah at as is [TS]

  the case with most old movie clubs [TS]

  because i enjoy the movies also i had [TS]

  them on the DVR and was feeling very [TS]

  lazy ride on a certain extent but [TS]

  mom I want to expose you and the wider [TS]

  world to the greatness of George see [TS]

  scott who I think is a magnificent [TS]

  supporting actor and a pretty good lead [TS]

  actor if you've ever seen patent but [TS]

  these are two of his performances that a [TS]

  10 not really get remembered in the inn [TS]

  but by General movie lovers so you [TS]

  really there [TS]

  I wouldn't call him deep cuts but that [TS]

  you do have to have some sort of [TS]

  knowledge of the the movies to know that [TS]

  he's even in these their anatomy of a [TS]

  murder is a very small role in a [TS]

  memorable role in the hustler is one of [TS]

  the central characters and I think I [TS]

  perhaps i'll be disabused of this notion [TS]

  I think he's fantastic and both and and [TS]

  the best thing about both movies and so [TS]

  I just wanted to to spend an evening [TS]

  talking about the glory or non glory of [TS]

  George see Scott now i watch the [TS]

  complete first and only season of Fox's [TS]

  to come mr. president do I get any [TS]

  credit for that [TS]

  no fact I think Georgie Scott Campbell [TS]

  Scott owe you an apology [TS]

  huh apparently I i lied i saw one [TS]

  episode of mr. president and so haha [TS]

  that that was pretty much the whole [TS]

  season and then I went away [TS]

  well that would be the point of George [TS]

  see Scott's career when it was anything [TS]

  for a paycheck [TS]

  mhm most actors do reach that point it's [TS]

  something i would agree with you feel [TS]

  that George see Scott is the highlight [TS]

  of both of these films and unfortunately [TS]

  for me that makes the rest of the film [TS]

  seem somewhat this is to somewhat pale [TS]

  in comparison to the moment when he's [TS]

  not on screen but think about that is we [TS]

  i'm sure that we will and shall we start [TS]

  with anatomy of a murder well a [TS]

  chronological is a perfectly good way to [TS]

  do it or or alphabetical you could do [TS]

  alphabetical too because it's still [TS]

  anatomy of murder [TS]

  well then then let's start with anatomy [TS]

  of a murder see what i did there are [TS]

  exactly what i said it was i watch them [TS]

  in the opposite order as I always to [TS]

  what is wrong with you lots [TS]

  we don't have enough time podcast is not [TS]

  long so anatomy of a murder is an auto [TS]

  premature movie Otto Preminger's a an [TS]

  interesting director and and and i think [TS]

  dr. dre might want to jump in and [TS]

  and the East strikes me as a fellow who [TS]

  probably has some opinions about Otto [TS]

  Preminger this was I think the point and [TS]

  Otto Preminger's career when he was just [TS]

  fascinated with processes and how things [TS]

  work because he made both this movie [TS]

  which is essentially a murder trial from [TS]

  start to finish with with very little of [TS]

  it left on the cutting room floor up and [TS]

  I think his follow-up movie to this was [TS]

  advise and consent which is basically if [TS]

  you took that ABC saturday morning [TS]

  cartoon about how a bill becomes a law [TS]

  and turn into a pot I remember auto [TS]

  premature being on a laugh in a lot [TS]

  he was also feeling on Batman well yeah [TS]

  but Mr Freeze yeah uh you know later [TS]

  taken over by by arnold schwarzenegger [TS]

  so there's kind of a german thing I [TS]

  don't you know I reason head it's been [TS]

  cold in germany and austria that's right [TS]

  apparently yes [TS]

  you know i'm not i'm not a big Otto [TS]

  Preminger fan i don't think i've ever [TS]

  seen Laura which i think is probably his [TS]

  best movie the top movie and what made [TS]

  his reputation yeah I love this one is [TS]

  up based on a book that was written by a [TS]

  a judge I believe a Michigan judge under [TS]

  a pseudonym and it is a case of a murder [TS]

  case as you might determine from the [TS]

  movie that starts Jimmy Stewart is in [TS]

  turn quite a twist it was like [TS]

  jaywalking yeah and yeah you really [TS]

  don't pack it in for anatomy of a of a [TS]

  of a civil suit a minor infraction but [TS]

  you wouldn't see it coming but anatomy [TS]

  of probate now they don't know that [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart is a defense attorney he [TS]

  used to be the the county prosecutor it [TS]

  it turns out that he lost the election [TS]

  and he is not taking the loss well [TS]

  because he spends most of his days [TS]

  fishing and not being a very dedicated [TS]

  lawyer but he and being a terrible boss [TS]

  by be exactly he's is his very good [TS]

  drunk [TS]

  yes his businesses is is on the brink of [TS]

  ruin his secretary Parton who I would [TS]

  also say as a highlight of the movie is [TS]

  stevie is disagree playing bird no no [TS]

  I'm happy to see her in something [TS]

  other than Greece yes Miss Brooks 44 r4r [TS]

  decrepit listeners have foot which has [TS]

  all of them is oh yeah but he is tapped [TS]

  to do to to be the council in a murder [TS]

  case in which an army lieutenant played [TS]

  by Ben Gazzara it's impossible to say [TS]

  his name without saying it like that [TS]

  Ben Gazzara is accused of is accused of [TS]

  murdering the demand the bartender who [TS]

  raped his wife who's played by a very [TS]

  young very dishy Lee Remick um and uh we [TS]

  are as the case involves we are we are [TS]

  sort of led to believe that Ben bizarre [TS]

  is not exactly innocent of well it's [TS]

  clear that he did it hit the if the [TS]

  defense they settle on is that he was [TS]

  temporary temporarily insane and whether [TS]

  that's a bull crap or not is left to you [TS]

  the audience member to determine its [TS]

  probably bullcrap but it's james stewart [TS]

  and his and his dear friend drunken [TS]

  Arthur O'Connell if it's better now but [TS]

  creepy and parnell is the the biggest [TS]

  drunk and all of the upper peninsula and [TS]

  the state he asked Jimmy Stewart's words [TS]

  give up the bose if you want to work on [TS]

  the case [TS]

  No so give up for some reason that never [TS]

  becomes clear and I'm thinking it over [TS]

  so he can drive to Canada without [TS]

  swerving off the road [TS]

  yes and yes he does only on the way back [TS]

  another thing that never pays off in any [TS]

  way or makes any difference whatsoever [TS]

  yeah i recently watched users has [TS]

  exactly the same plot except the drunk [TS]

  actually has a reason to be a drunk [TS]

  yes well he's in the u.p there's not [TS]

  much else to do it up no right to tell [TS]

  me half my family's in the u.p I was [TS]

  there last year [TS]

  that's the entire story okay there you [TS]

  go [TS]

  they settle on this uh temporary [TS]

  insanity defense they're going up [TS]

  against the the man who beat Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart for the seat of county [TS]

  prosecutor and it turns out he is a [TS]

  terrible he's gone so great now I'm [TS]

  right I i would take a case against him [TS]

  to which makes you wonder how he lost to [TS]

  him in the first place [TS]

  Brooks west [TS]

  believe was married to Eve Arden yep he [TS]

  was yes I just got the sense that Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart is self-defeating that he you [TS]

  know that he he's a better lawyer but [TS]

  you know not a better maybe it's not a [TS]

  better politician [TS]

  yeah so you like that was a he was da [TS]

  for 10 years so you did all right for [TS]

  himself he sounds awfully young to have [TS]

  already been da for 10 years I don't [TS]

  know he looks a little love a little [TS]

  older than I remember him yeah it's got [TS]

  some he's got some great articles [TS]

  although it is all great given the Milky [TS]

  films in black-and-white he's 51 if you [TS]

  want but uh Mitch the district attorney [TS]

  Mitch terrible stupid mitch is aware of [TS]

  his limitations and brings in a hired [TS]

  gun from from the shelter from lands of [TS]

  fancy babysitting dancing frog legs and [TS]

  lansing michigan and that would be where [TS]

  George see Scott enters the picture as [TS]

  the brilliantly named Claude dancer yes [TS]

  even has a closers name is perfect and [TS]

  so of after about an hour of setting all [TS]

  this up [TS]

  that's where it gets kinda long we just [TS]

  wear well i was i was going to say it [TS]

  picks up at the moment they get into the [TS]

  courtroom three [TS]

  finally I are you saying the same thing [TS]

  Steve the first hour of the movie is a [TS]

  lot of lot of setting up and a lot of [TS]

  hey let's meet all the players in this [TS]

  drama [TS]

  did you guys notice lyric my god no I [TS]

  believe Ike ice i use the words dishy [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah right straight from [TS]

  Colliers magazine [TS]

  yeah she's lovely but it is offset by [TS]

  the fact that she comes off as intensely [TS]

  creepy throughout the entire my notes [TS]

  say super weird and flirty but super [TS]

  weird [TS]

  in fact that she's hitting on Bigler a [TS]

  couple of days after her supposed rape [TS]

  and and obvious beating is just really [TS]

  off-putting it's yes we should point out [TS]

  that that Lee Remick was probably [TS]

  probably beat up by back gazzara after [TS]

  quite possibly of the rate by the [TS]

  bartender who we never actually uh see [TS]

  photos of I don't believe just very [TS]

  clear on the world shots [TS]

  yeah on the wall but uh the the first [TS]

  hour of the movie as i said is is a lot [TS]

  of setup and then it's the court case [TS]

  which for me is where [TS]

  picks up I i think the the court case [TS]

  has your it's it's a very interesting [TS]

  legal drama with your twists and your [TS]

  turns [TS]

  I don't know how much we want to get [TS]

  into those twists and turns but it's a [TS]

  lot of Jimmy Stewart sparring with [TS]

  George see Scott where which i think is [TS]

  the most interesting part of this movie [TS]

  oh absolutely mm and uh to jump ahead to [TS]

  the the verdict it turns out that dhara [TS]

  it do we want to spoil the ending [TS]

  yes yeah can you spoil this ending I I [TS]

  think so I mean other than the fact [TS]

  table he gets off that's Eon thing the [TS]

  easies exonerated right and uh Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart and and and no longer drunken [TS]

  Arthur O'Connell go to collect that go [TS]

  to collect the check from from him and [TS]

  if he he skips town and they have a good [TS]

  laugh about how they're not going to pay [TS]

  their secretary again [TS]

  end of story but they are but they are [TS]

  going to extremely in extremely sleazy [TS]

  fashion then go and and do probate on [TS]

  the state of the daughter of the rapist [TS]

  of the rapist or the guy they've just [TS]

  hard as a race breakfast possibly i [TS]

  should point out that on the while he [TS]

  was the it's pretty much implied that [TS]

  that he did [TS]

  raper the question is just how much did [TS]

  the how crazy was the lieutenant when he [TS]

  went and shot the rapist [TS]

  I'm not certain that's ever really made [TS]

  clear to be honest you're not i think [TS]

  that is by the fact that they find the [TS]

  and I only going to use this word once i [TS]

  hope you get all the peoples out of the [TS]

  way they find the panties of the of Lee [TS]

  Remick in Barney quills laundry or at [TS]

  the in the hotel laundry there found by [TS]

  the daughter of Barney quill part equal [TS]

  is the the deceased mom [TS]

  the daughter was secretly his daughter [TS]

  she was actually closing in public as [TS]

  his business manager and she's on whom [TS]

  the case turns Mary plant is her name [TS]

  and the cross-examination of Mary plant [TS]

  by George see Scott where George Scott [TS]

  overplays hand is my favorite puppet of [TS]

  the movie and George these guys over [TS]

  so wonderful at being you know ultra [TS]

  confident and then blowing it [TS]

  yes right and and this is absolutely [TS]

  this moment where he reacted he does the [TS]

  lawyer mistake of asking a question that [TS]

  he doesn't know the answer to [TS]

  yeah and uh she gives him because he's [TS]

  my father and the look that George see [TS]

  Scott at that moment and then he [TS]

  immediately tries to recover and then [TS]

  fails to recover and doesn't comfort it [TS]

  is it is a brilliant acting turn it is [TS]

  worth the price of admission for this [TS]

  admittedly to our in 40 minute movie but [TS]

  i would quibble about the rapid [TS]

  introduction of evidence that that the [TS]

  other side of the of the case hasn't [TS]

  seen before except it already happened [TS]

  the other way like 20 minutes it'll here [TS]

  we're at a magic witness appears that [TS]

  the the defense knows nothing about and [TS]

  you know I think now we've seen so much [TS]

  so many legal TV shows and so many legal [TS]

  films that you look at that you go come [TS]

  on [TS]

  and I mean there's a lot of shorthand [TS]

  happening here because although this [TS]

  movie is long it is not as long as an [TS]

  actual court case [TS]

  yeah but but that any an agreement [TS]

  certainly builds up the drama and I [TS]

  found that I forgive the ultimate twist [TS]

  because it's been set up by you know the [TS]

  it's almost like all's fair here because [TS]

  the the you know they got bushwhacked by [TS]

  a biometric mystery witness not too long [TS]

  before that and and I should point out [TS]

  that a that i became aware of this movie [TS]

  because a mutual friend of ours Jason [TS]

  was in law school at the time Andy they [TS]

  showed this movie to the second or third [TS]

  year law school students as a well it's [TS]

  overly dramatized but this is not a a [TS]

  bad recreation of what a trial is like [TS]

  especially with the the the search for [TS]

  precedent and the way that you handle [TS]

  cross-examination really are our mutual [TS]

  friends only quibble is the scene where [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart jumps up to speed and [TS]

  scream Jackson Jackson because that [TS]

  isn't that is absolutely calling the [TS]

  jury's attention to something that you [TS]

  don't want them to remember [TS]

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  comfortable i don't know whether this is [TS]

  something that happened a lot before [TS]

  whether this is one of the popularizers [TS]

  of it but he he literally has the I'm [TS]

  just a good old country lawyer spindle [TS]

  this this is kind of like the trope as [TS]

  they say yeah I'm just a humble country [TS]

  lawyer trying to do the best I can [TS]

  against this brilliant prosecutor from [TS]

  the big city of an NCAA it if it when [TS]

  when I watched it with my family years [TS]

  and years ago my mother called the [TS]

  anatomy of a Matlock [TS]

  oh hi i mean it's it's it's not it's not [TS]

  as simplistic as that but it's it's just [TS]

  the the tropes of the country lawyer and [TS]

  you know but the folks eNOS of it and I [TS]

  imagine this was one of the first film's [TS]

  to really come to take the time I mean [TS]

  this is not a shorthand of a legal case [TS]

  this is this is the whole legal case you [TS]

  get about what an hour of setup where [TS]

  you're basically witnessing all the [TS]

  evidence and how this whole for the case [TS]

  comes together [TS]

  yeah i would say this in the wrong man [TS]

  are probably two two sides of the same [TS]

  coin where it's it's going through the [TS]

  the various legal processes to to [TS]

  varying degrees of impact and for [TS]

  dramatic sake there there's information [TS]

  that's withheld but you get a pretty [TS]

  good sense of legal strategy on the part [TS]

  of jimmy stewart and struggling with [TS]

  problematic facts which i think is a [TS]

  really interesting that we don't ever [TS]

  really feel confident in lieutenant [TS]

  Mannion idea Sarah and you have been [TS]

  google because RM and and laura lee [TS]

  remick is you know like i said super [TS]

  weird and disturbing and she's very [TS]

  flirty and we can talk [TS]

  I mean one of it's very difficult to [TS]

  look at a movie from 1959 through the [TS]

  lens of 2015 [TS]

  it's fascinating in that it's got a lot [TS]

  of subject matter that I'm surprised was [TS]

  even discussed I mean well that is a [TS]

  very much in Otto Otto Preminger thing [TS]

  yeah yeah you always you always push the [TS]

  envelope yes you don't simply say [TS]

  panties and movies back then you did not [TS]

  talking about talking about a rape in in [TS]

  a decent amount of detail and about you [TS]

  know did they find semen and things like [TS]

  that is [TS]

  this is firm sorry did they find sperm [TS]

  was brought to completion I mean yeah [TS]

  that that's all there and then the [TS]

  portrayal of of Laura there are moments [TS]

  that it gave me the the creeps [TS]

  because there are some implications at [TS]

  some point of a few people that there's [TS]

  the implication of you know did she [TS]

  deserve it [TS]

  that gives that makes my skin crawl [TS]

  right is the most difficult part of [TS]

  watching this movie today is it takes a [TS]

  very i wish i could say of its time but [TS]

  a very retrograde attitude towards [TS]

  sexual assault [TS]

  well i'm not sure the movie takes that [TS]

  stance i mean certainly their characters [TS]

  in the film that take that stance but [TS]

  the film itself if anything it makes the [TS]

  save the guys at the the army guys that [TS]

  he talks with seem like other cats for [TS]

  having that viewpoint as opposed to [TS]

  siding with them i'd say Laura I mean [TS]

  that there are two ways to view Laura [TS]

  right one way is that you know this is [TS]

  who she is she is flirty and that's just [TS]

  who she is and it's a little bit weird [TS]

  if you're not expecting that she so [TS]

  forward but just because she's flirty [TS]

  you know she's married and she can do [TS]

  what you essentially she can do what she [TS]

  wants but the rape is still rape on the [TS]

  other hand I feel like she's not [TS]

  portrayed as a victim other than like [TS]

  the bruises she gets she's she's making [TS]

  moves on Jimmy Stewart you know a couple [TS]

  of days after you know she's been raped [TS]

  and her husband has has killed a guy [TS]

  it is weird it just it feels it feels [TS]

  weird and I kept trying to parse it as i [TS]

  went and at times it was uncomfortable [TS]

  and at times i was impressed that it [TS]

  wasn't as bad as I feared it it would be [TS]

  and that you know you're right Steve [TS]

  that some of these other characters [TS]

  don't come across very well at all but [TS]

  it did it was very uncomfortable that [TS]

  whole you know a lot of love lyrics [TS]

  performance [TS]

  well as some of that is is what made me [TS]

  wonder if if the rape even occurred at [TS]

  all I mean George Scott makes a good [TS]

  point towards the end which is that [TS]

  those panties could have been placed [TS]

  there laughing please could have been [TS]

  placed in a laundry chute by anybody [TS]

  else including Lee Remick herself and [TS]

  this whole thing could have possibly [TS]

  been planned by the both of them at and [TS]

  I just wonder if maybe the sort of [TS]

  creepiness the sort of a [TS]

  no the flirtiness isn't is meant to keep [TS]

  that sort of open-ended I mean the whole [TS]

  kind of the whole point of this is that [TS]

  we only see really what happens from [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart's point of view right i [TS]

  mean we really find out what happened [TS]

  which is intriguing [TS]

  well I know that first conversation he [TS]

  has with with ben gazzara he's like I'm [TS]

  just going to suggest a few things you [TS]

  might want to think if you can remember [TS]

  Mike and absolutely gives him the idea [TS]

  to claim insanity right yeah that's why [TS]

  I think more than the procedural aspects [TS]

  of the trial I think that's why lawyers [TS]

  like this uh this movie it's because it [TS]

  has the moral ambiguity parts of it in [TS]

  its end on both sides [TS]

  I mean Jimmy Stewart is doing things and [TS]

  saying things that are you know what we [TS]

  would expect a forthright Jimmy Stewart [TS]

  character to do and Georgie Scott and [TS]

  and the doofus that he's working with do [TS]

  the same thing they they're withholding [TS]

  evidence that George see scott knows [TS]

  perfectly well the the temporary [TS]

  insanity case uh that this that Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart's case is hinged and knows it's [TS]

  he just said he just doesn't say it [TS]

  yeah it because the the the bad turn he [TS]

  is like a doofus that rages no injuries [TS]

  guys like what makes up you know you all [TS]

  along without opening the judge would [TS]

  know he was hope he was hoping that [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart wouldn't find the [TS]

  president but he absolutely knows that [TS]

  the president's there i love that so [TS]

  yeah that's great see ya my favorite [TS]

  thing about George he's got in this [TS]

  movie is how much time he doesn't spend [TS]

  doing anything just sitting there [TS]

  watching jimmy stewart clearly knowing [TS]

  everything that's going on and every [TS]

  time his do this buddy starts to panic [TS]

  you you can tell from Georgie Scott [TS]

  whether or not they're going to win the [TS]

  argument that there's two moments of [TS]

  George see Scott subtlety in that vein [TS]

  that I really really love there's the [TS]

  very early scene when when dancer [TS]

  assuming bigler to be a country rube [TS]

  tries to get man examined by the state [TS]

  psychiatrist late and without formal [TS]

  petition but then it'd be cooler proves [TS]

  that he knows that you know that's not [TS]

  going to fly if they actually bring it [TS]

  for the judge and she's trying to reach [TS]

  I wrote it through and Scott is just so [TS]

  smooth and the way he changes gears here [TS]

  soon as he realizes the Biegler knows [TS]

  what he's talking about you at you and [TS]

  instantly know that we have the makings [TS]

  of a great duel here and the other is [TS]

  there's a scene where Biegler in people [TS]

  being the job at the jimmy stewart [TS]

  character in mock anger he slams his [TS]

  hand down on the table right in front of [TS]

  George see scott in one of his tirades [TS]

  who's just sitting there with his you [TS]

  know his hands under his chin and and [TS]

  and you see him to George see scott dann [TS]

  are I'd jump a little bit you know [TS]

  because there's somebody slamming his [TS]

  fist on the table right in front of him [TS]

  but he otherwise just doesn't react at [TS]

  all and it is hysterical reaction george [TS]

  scott also delivers my favorite line of [TS]

  the movie and it's set up by Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart Jimmy Stewart is objecting to [TS]

  something he says that Allah blesses the [TS]

  lawless truck I've ever seen in a [TS]

  courtroom and Georgie Scott just says [TS]

  you haven't lived one thing I think is [TS]

  weirdly missing from this movie is the [TS]

  end of the trial like after going [TS]

  through every witness and everybody [TS]

  cross-examination they skip the closing [TS]

  arguments entirely except to say that [TS]

  was the best closing argument I've ever [TS]

  seen I guess I think we already sava the [TS]

  trials that we don't need to see the [TS]

  summation but it's like come on it's not [TS]

  so much the summation i want i really [TS]

  need the scene where George Scott walked [TS]

  over and shakes Jimmy Stewart's hands as [TS]

  well you beat me or something because we [TS]

  never seen this guy lose did you want to [TS]

  see him lose Monty I kind of don't I [TS]

  want I want the closure yeah I want to [TS]

  see how he takes to losing to a humble [TS]

  country lawyer [TS]

  yeah I guess I'm Indiana to I feel I [TS]

  don't feel bad for George Scott at any [TS]

  point in this movie even even when he [TS]

  asked that question because I feel like [TS]

  he's doing he he's done everything he [TS]

  can hear right well they're both doing [TS]

  what they're supposed yeah you're right [TS]

  there and clear defending their clients [TS]

  are they're prosecuting the client to [TS]

  the best of their ability within the [TS]

  within the law [TS]

  I like uh and again there may be some [TS]

  questions about the reality but i like [TS]

  the theatrical objections not just [TS]

  objection objection but the the sparring [TS]

  they do where Jimmy Stewart is trying [TS]

  very hard to get the circumstances of [TS]

  the rape into the into the into the case [TS]

  and into the range of the record in [TS]

  front of the jury and he tries in a few [TS]

  different ways and you can see him [TS]

  trying to get it in and and what's also [TS]

  funny is that both sides are playing the [TS]

  game of bringing things up that the [TS]

  judge says you know we're going to [TS]

  strike that from the record you you know [TS]

  they withdraw their objection and the [TS]

  jury will disregard which is I think you [TS]

  see him that you've seen a million times [TS]

  and I've always had the same question [TS]

  which is voiced by Lieutenant Mannion [TS]

  which is how can a jury disregard what [TS]

  is already heard and and Jimmy Stewart [TS]

  says they can't lieutenant [TS]

  yeah there's a there's a lawyer's have a [TS]

  phrase for that it's called on ringing [TS]

  the bell and I'm kind of surprised that [TS]

  that maybe that didn't exist back in the [TS]

  fifties I don't know I've heard it many [TS]

  many times from attorneys and lawyers [TS]

  always want to do that uh they always [TS]

  want to oh excuse me judge I you know [TS]

  and then in and have something come out [TS]

  that objection to or not the jury hears [TS]

  it right and they know it and if it's in [TS]

  and I've seen this in news reports that [TS]

  if this goes too far [TS]

  they will just call a mistrial right so [TS]

  you as a job as a as a lawyer you have [TS]

  to be very careful because if you do too [TS]

  much of this it will be misconduct you [TS]

  will get in trouble and you will lose [TS]

  your case they will they will start [TS]

  again if you if you talk so you're [TS]

  walking a fine line when you do stuff [TS]

  like this and if this movie wasn't too [TS]

  much of that I can't imagine what would [TS]

  be there really getting getting the the [TS]

  rape into the case seems like a pretty [TS]

  huge you know infraction of that [TS]

  particular role well mr. Biegler you got [TS]

  your rape into the case I feel like both [TS]

  sides do it a little bit which is why I [TS]

  kind of forgive it is that is that it [TS]

  seems like this isn't a parallel [TS]

  universe where more of this is allowed [TS]

  than then I don't think both sides do it [TS]

  equally I think it's ninety-nine percent [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart he does most of it there's [TS]

  no doubt about it that that's his [TS]

  essentially his strategy at the [TS]

  beginning is just to keep on objecting [TS]

  to things and trying to trying to get [TS]

  this extra information into bias the [TS]

  jury his tactic is to go to fire and [TS]

  force the other side to object [TS]

  he's constantly ask inappropriate [TS]

  questions that have a good say I'm gonna [TS]

  warn you again counselor he doesn't care [TS]

  about the warnings he's a district [TS]

  attorney doofus like has that one [TS]

  objection where he looks like five [TS]

  different yet [TS]

  that he's objecting to that's wonderful [TS]

  moment to well that's too much for me [TS]

  so folks if this is the power the power [TS]

  of the folksy is Jimmy Stewart and his [TS]

  folks easiest hear ya do we want to say [TS]

  a word about Joseph Welch let's be [TS]

  honest yes [TS]

  yeah haven't talked about him at all up [TS]

  this one this week [TS]

  good lord yeah there are two pieces of [TS]

  stunt casting in this movie [TS]

  yes one is Duke Ellington and why I [TS]

  thanks bye I what's that guy doing in [TS]

  the Upper Peninsula of Michigan what [TS]

  have you that we get the soundtrack that [TS]

  we do with this film on I'm almost [TS]

  infinite I'm okay with that and all with [TS]

  you on that [TS]

  I'm perfectly fine with Duke Ellington [TS]

  but Joseph well she's unbelievably bad [TS]

  it has won a contest and it's it's it's [TS]

  I I mean we are you know we know his [TS]

  history we know why they wanted him [TS]

  there because of the army McCarthy trial [TS]

  and you know have you know shamed [TS]

  senator at long last Senator McCarthy [TS]

  but he's awful and terrible in this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  okay I'm not gonna I'm not gonna exactly [TS]

  disagree with you [TS]

  um I I am I loved him I I feel like you [TS]

  go into a courtroom somewhere and you're [TS]

  going to get a judge in every judges a [TS]

  person and they're gonna have their own [TS]

  personality and I thought this was just [TS]

  like well we got this guy this is going [TS]

  to be the guy and and he's Corey's [TS]

  quirky and all they got a guy who speaks [TS]

  English like he learned it phonetically [TS]

  it has no idea what he said open would [TS]

  Steve defendant Joseph Welch all right [TS]

  well maybe love Joseph Welch is a bit [TS]

  strong i love the character I liked the [TS]

  lines they gave him i can digest pig [TS]

  iron is particularly great and I thought [TS]

  he pulled it off okay i don't know [TS]

  anything about who Joseph Welch is or [TS]

  why that stunt casting so maybe you can [TS]

  know for me he was the attorney in the [TS]

  army but the the McCarthy hearings who [TS]

  oh ok put uh just McCarthy street [TS]

  got it okay you always the one who said [TS]

  have you no sense of decency sir [TS]

  ya got it and and I should point out [TS]

  that auto premature love stuck casting [TS]

  and in the a4 mentioned Annette advising [TS]

  advise and consent he is it he wanted to [TS]

  cast Martin Luther [TS]

  King jr. as a senator from Alabama then [TS]

  the end it was all going to happen and [TS]

  then it sort of unraveled at the end did [TS]

  that but the otto preminger never met a [TS]

  stunt casting thing he didn't like he [TS]

  cast Peter Lawford as a John Kennedy [TS]

  like character in advising consent as [TS]

  well [TS]

  incidentally part of the jury mrs. [TS]

  Joseph Welch yeah that was the payment [TS]

  there was one that was his condition for [TS]

  accepting the role lovely to jason [TS]

  stevens point I i think the character of [TS]

  the judge is fine i sniff-sniff easy [TS]

  though his quirkiness is fine i think [TS]

  it's written perfectly well and judges [TS]

  do that sort of crap in court where they [TS]

  come in and they tell little stories and [TS]

  they did it [TS]

  it's very weird of his very weird but he [TS]

  doesn't deliver it well I i thought the [TS]

  delivery complimented the goofiness of [TS]

  the character it didn't come off as [TS]

  stunned as stilted to me so much as this [TS]

  is just an odd duck and this is the way [TS]

  he acts and and I would compare him to [TS]

  clarence and it's a wonderful life now [TS]

  also has a very bizarre way of [TS]

  delivering lines there's there's a line [TS]

  he delivers that some well there's no [TS]

  need to make a federal case of it and [TS]

  there's this pause its size it as if the [TS]

  audience is supposed to erupt into gales [TS]

  of laughter at this and I've i I've [TS]

  never really gotten that have you ever [TS]

  seen a judge try to tell a joke in a [TS]

  courtroom [TS]

  yeah that's how it goes but Otto [TS]

  Preminger can cut away to more [TS]

  interesting things instead of keeping [TS]

  the camera there on the judge telling [TS]

  this this legend thing I i it's it's [TS]

  it's just an odd decision that I think [TS]

  undermine movie [TS]

  alright well i did not hate him I [TS]

  actually quite enjoyed it what could I [TS]

  guess charitably be called a performance [TS]

  discovered it was weird and quirky and [TS]

  unexpected i would say which is why I [TS]

  kind of enjoyed also you'll never look [TS]

  at Floyd the barber from massey Andy [TS]

  Griffith Show quite the same way after [TS]

  he was working in Genesis a couple of [TS]

  tournaments [TS]

  yes yes end it [TS]

  I had a few notes yeah go through your [TS]

  notes I i like the line but that's a [TS]

  crazy name for a crazy lawyer I thought [TS]

  that was hilarious and weird [TS]

  yeah Jimmy Stewart warns her about booze [TS]

  and pinball machines and Men and juke [TS]

  joints i really enjoyed that too [TS]

  that's good advice to anyone and one of [TS]

  my favorite things in the movie and and [TS]

  it becomes obvious if if you're watching [TS]

  but i noticed it from the very beginning [TS]

  is there is a scene where George see [TS]

  Scott is is talking to a witness and [TS]

  he's standing between the witness and [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Stewart it and [TS]

  it happens it starts a little bit slowly [TS]

  he you see a moving in the background [TS]

  which is what got my attention you're [TS]

  like why that's a weird choice [TS]

  directorial but what's happening is [TS]

  every time George see Scott moves he [TS]

  steps in front of jimmy stewart and [TS]

  ollie so hilarious has to move and get [TS]

  out of the way and finally it's like it [TS]

  just keeps getting in my way but I [TS]

  thought that was really that was that [TS]

  made me laugh along the way it's stage [TS]

  is great too because you notice it [TS]

  before I think Jimmy Stewart yes [TS]

  yeah you immediately see that he's [TS]

  blocked off Jimmy Stewart your view of [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart so you immediately know [TS]

  what he's up to and it's it's great that [TS]

  is I i agree that is my favorite thing [TS]

  there too and George Scott is obviously [TS]

  doing it instinctively because he never [TS]

  takes his eyes off electronic now during [TS]

  that he's he's he's looking at the [TS]

  witness all the time and he's doing it [TS]

  with his back to Jimmy Stewart he's [TS]

  blocking him all the time and he has [TS]

  great response when Jimmy Stewart [TS]

  objects [TS]

  I'm sorry I didn't mean to prevent the [TS]

  council from second witness then you do [TS]

  it again and I'll knock your block off [TS]

  that isn't overly hospital does anyone [TS]

  else have any notes that they want to [TS]

  get out yes I i have many infantile [TS]

  running with boy the actual best part of [TS]

  the movie which has not been mentioned [TS]

  which is the opening credit sequence I [TS]

  we have baskets so good and the [TS]

  disjointed body working so well with [TS]

  that Rudy 2d jazz may call it movie [TS]

  thanks bye if people don't want to watch [TS]

  two hours and 40 minutes of movie at [TS]

  least watch the opening credits they're [TS]

  the best opening credits ever i do not [TS]

  find it charming that Jimmy Stewart buys [TS]

  outboard motors instead of paying his [TS]

  employees [TS]

  he's already you're really fixated on [TS]

  what a terrible bossy said she's [TS]

  literally working without pay and he's [TS]

  buying things with the money he's [TS]

  supposed to pay her this this is happens [TS]

  right when they're trying to set him up [TS]

  as charmingly eccentric go out fishing [TS]

  that's fine [TS]

  buying new motors that's not fine [TS]

  so how're you supposed to bass fish [TS]

  without a new motor mounting the [TS]

  supposed to row i did not think that we [TS]

  needed a trick dog in this movie [TS]

  no I often don't think we need to trick [TS]

  dog but it's really not nice one [TS]

  especially not in San no dog I don't [TS]

  understand that whole scene is like [TS]

  right day we got a dog in a cage let's [TS]

  let the dog out there is the dog ok [TS]

  goodbye to the dog now look you can hold [TS]

  a little light looking drinks beer and [TS]

  passing down god I thought I was finding [TS]

  that mrs. Manion said that she wears her [TS]

  glasses for reading playing pinball [TS]

  things like that you know but that bad [TS]

  general category reading involvement [TS]

  she's a she's a cool day man this is [TS]

  going to involve the word panties ok but [TS]

  i will remind you know tittering there [TS]

  isn't anything funny with panties that [TS]

  figure in the pilot death of one man and [TS]

  the possible incarceration of another [TS]

  yep thank you just well it's weird that [TS]

  he did not mention also a woman was [TS]

  raped and that's why they're here not [TS]

  it's just how they affect these two guys [TS]

  over huh [TS]

  is it strange that in 1959 a courtroom [TS]

  full of adults would have laughed at [TS]

  that it seems like it to me [TS]

  it's a funny word panties are hilarious [TS]

  particularly I don't know who I'm [TS]

  talking to a doubt it because it [TS]

  keywords are funny ok like pancreas yes [TS]

  HIGHlarious word platipus see my god me [TS]

  oh my oh yeah now moving moment has [TS]

  passed pooks and finally this Ruby [TS]

  contains the line if they're high [TS]

  they're gay and happy [TS]

  yeah I refuse to provide context know [TS]

  why would you ruin I see the rest of my [TS]

  time I was a little surprised at the the [TS]

  importance of the girdle i I've never [TS]

  really thought of the girdle as being [TS]

  something to make a woman less [TS]

  attractive i always think of it [TS]

  something that's that's there to hold in [TS]

  not attractive jiggle but larger jiggle [TS]

  than any woman would like to be showing [TS]

  so that I thought was odd if you go [TS]

  around without a girdle then you're [TS]

  clearly a libertine apparently yes the [TS]

  the very long sequence where Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart was trying to get Marie hamilton [TS]

  who is like george scott in both of [TS]

  these movies to say wolf [TS]

  okay it wasn't there was no sense that [TS]

  was very anticlimactic [TS]

  have you ever heard the term washer went [TS]

  on with whalebone corsets [TS]

  yeah because well that's going on [TS]

  thinking what are they going to come out [TS]

  with here and don't know it comes out [TS]

  with wolf [TS]

  well alright fine i thought master was [TS]

  perfectly good to measure is good maybe [TS]

  master of like you know whatever and at [TS]

  the end [TS]

  uh when Jimmy and and Arthur O'Connell [TS]

  are you know I've gone to the to the [TS]

  trailer and the trailers gone and [TS]

  there's a trash can and you know [TS]

  arthropod also we never trust a guy who [TS]

  drinks gin there is I believe a blatz [TS]

  beer can in the trashcan you're going to [TS]

  besmirch in when there's a pan of blacks [TS]

  in the trashcan there in the Upper [TS]

  Peninsula of Michigan I cannot [TS]

  adequately convey it is absolutely [TS]

  perfect if it really is black stripes I [TS]

  stopped and I tried to you know I tried [TS]

  to look at that really blasters at the [TS]

  end of its what is it [TS]

  but you know if it's really black that's [TS]

  perfect now that that is that's [TS]

  wisconsin in the u.p all over is why I [TS]

  enjoy this movie it's a great before it [TS]

  it's an all-time performance by George [TS]

  see Scott um and there are some very [TS]

  good supporting performances by your [TS]

  your Eve Arden here Arthur O'Connell's a [TS]

  lot of good supporting work in this [TS]

  movie I like Jimmy Stewart movies where [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart is kind of he still Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart but he's a little bit bent we [TS]

  watched rope earlier in an episode on [TS]

  with the the anthony mann movies are a [TS]

  good example of [TS]

  of Jimmy Stewart whose hey I'm still [TS]

  good and decent but not all the time and [TS]

  this is one of those movies we've talked [TS]

  about the moral ambiguity of that [TS]

  character is a long movie yeah just [TS]

  Josef well kinda drag everything down [TS]

  the at times he does but it's a nice [TS]

  little potboiler of a legal drama with [TS]

  some really sensational performances and [TS]

  again Jimmy Stewart as sort of turning [TS]

  our expectations of what Jimmy Stewart [TS]

  should be up on its head [TS]

  I i enjoy that kind of picture and I I [TS]

  think that's two hours and 40 minutes [TS]

  well spent [TS]

  yeah I go along with that you're a [TS]

  beautiful man [TS]

  okay i know that i've been saying that [TS]

  for you but mentioning the wrong man and [TS]

  and putting it in here and i would i [TS]

  would put twelve angry men in there too [TS]

  these were films that at the time to [TS]

  push the envelope and showed us the [TS]

  legal process we didn't have the same [TS]

  kind of you know we didn't have the [TS]

  accumulated weight of decades of perry [TS]

  mason and LA Law and Boston Legal & and [TS]

  the practice and you know every John [TS]

  Grisham novel and every rider that wants [TS]

  to be John Grisham and so now you know [TS]

  we don't need that we have the shorthand [TS]

  we know the basics we know guilty by [TS]

  reason of insanity right at the time [TS]

  this was revolutionary like all we get [TS]

  to see the whole process the whole [TS]

  procedure and and I mean this the the [TS]

  other thing i don't i can remember if we [TS]

  mentioned this or not this is inspired [TS]

  by a true story of a guy wrote it [TS]

  basically was the first lawyer to get a [TS]

  new resistible impulse conviction in [TS]

  michigan and he wrote the novel based on [TS]

  that and then this is him crowing about [TS]

  it x where they didn't focus on the jury [TS]

  at all have you seen Joseph westerns [TS]

  wife that is the one part of the of the [TS]

  legal process that they really left on [TS]

  the cutting room floor the jury [TS]

  selection process so i enjoyed the movie [TS]

  well good for you thanks very much [TS]

  that's all i have to say but only [TS]

  because I Joseph Welch was mainly [TS]

  because of just [TS]

  it's just melted what else are you there [TS]

  you know I I actually sat down i was [TS]

  gonna watch half of it and then come [TS]

  back the next day and watch have the [TS]

  other half and i ended up watching the [TS]

  whole thing because it was I found it [TS]

  interesting particularly I the idea of [TS]

  never knowing from beginning to end what [TS]

  really happened I I find that really [TS]

  intriguing I being you know the kind of [TS]

  the the DA's viewer the lawyers view of [TS]

  of a murder case and I really like all [TS]

  the little mysterious details like I'm [TS]

  really curious to know how Lauren knows [TS]

  dancer from the attorney general's [TS]

  office because she's the one who passes [TS]

  in the note right saying watch out for [TS]

  him but there's just not that much to [TS]

  this case at just certainly not enough [TS]

  to sustain 2 hours and 40 minutes and [TS]

  that's kind of my biggest problem with [TS]

  it I mean after the first 30 minutes we [TS]

  we really only learned one new piece of [TS]

  information which is the fact that Mary [TS]

  was Barney quill daughter and and [TS]

  there's all sorts of filler in here I [TS]

  mean without scenes of cars driving [TS]

  around people washing fish jamming with [TS]

  III you notice that this would be a much [TS]

  more reasonable length movie i think and [TS]

  the whole McCarthy Sobers up plot is [TS]

  kinda pointless the fact that he drives [TS]

  into a barn is a big waste of time I [TS]

  will grant you it is not economical [TS]

  movie so I you know I'm not sure I would [TS]

  want to watch this over and over again [TS]

  but i definitely enjoyed it I i love [TS]

  George see as usual i always enjoy Jimmy [TS]

  Stewart and and overall I i enjoyed the [TS]

  film just didn't follow utterly in love [TS]

  with it but you know it's it's a hard [TS]

  film to love I'll accept that it has [TS]

  some really nice things in it but I [TS]

  didn't find a slog I mean it again you [TS]

  know it's not it's not something on your [TS]

  wall going to watch many many times [TS]

  after the first hour and listen to what [TS]

  I just said on i agree i kept thinking [TS]

  though as I was watching the first time [TS]

  that all the little bits and pieces that [TS]

  were sort of randomly thrown in there is [TS]

  filler we're going to pay off at some [TS]

  point and no men most of them just were [TS]

  ya like that the whole you know McCarthy [TS]

  driving into the barn it that's going to [TS]

  play and at some point right [TS]

  oh we're gonna have seen him in a [TS]

  hospital bed we're gonna forget all [TS]

  about it so i reaiiy rewatched last [TS]

  night just to refresh my memory [TS]

  and.and I kind of fell asleep halfway [TS]

  through because I was no longer willing [TS]

  to give it the benefit of the doubt on [TS]

  those items this episode of the [TS]

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  providing me with a good night's sleep [TS]

  for almost a year now and for sponsoring [TS]

  the uncomfortable [TS]

  sure we move on to our next film [TS]

  yes let's well let's go two years into [TS]

  the future together [TS]

  Oh John Kennedy is now president but [TS]

  Castle a good baseball team [TS]

  I have no other knowledge about 1961 [TS]

  haha the hustler [TS]

  so this is the story of that Eddie [TS]

  Felson Fast Eddie who is a bit of a pool [TS]

  shark bit of a pool hustler if you will [TS]

  I described them as cocky and he shows [TS]

  up and he wants to take on Minnesota [TS]

  Fats but we were introduced to Eddie he [TS]

  he is just a businessman on his way to [TS]

  pittsburgh with another guy [TS]

  yeah haven't drinks in a diner that was [TS]

  a bit of scam yeah there's it and enjoy [TS]

  it so hastily even usual for in 1961 [TS]

  movie in that there's a there's a scene [TS]

  before the titles where I Eddie and his [TS]

  partner go into a pool hall and they [TS]

  they totally scam everyone have their [TS]

  money by by making Eddie appear to be a [TS]

  horrible drunkard who can't who who [TS]

  can't sing a simple pool shot right and [TS]

  good number they get in a fight because [TS]

  he wants to keep playing and his partner [TS]

  leaves and so is like everybody else is [TS]

  like well you know I can play this guy [TS]

  he's totally drunken and then he takes [TS]

  them because he is a a pool hustler [TS]

  right you know I wasn't fold at all [TS]

  because i read the poster I want to [TS]

  comment on these credits in contrast to [TS]

  the credits in anatomy of the murder [TS]

  these credits are like the credits of a [TS]

  TV show [TS]

  oh yeah yeah tonight on The Hustler the [TS]

  hustler assholes and other people get [TS]

  hustled I'm Ostler special guest star [TS]

  George see Scott yeah it is in [TS]

  CinemaScope though i don't i don't think [TS]

  i've ever seen a black and white movie [TS]

  and CinemaScope other than this one [TS]

  it's so weird to me that it's in [TS]

  CinemaScope because it's such a [TS]

  claustrophobic movie [TS]

  yeah it's all inside yet to keep [TS]

  reminding myself these guys are supposed [TS]

  to be 70 feet tall when you're watching [TS]

  this it is and and yet it is a beautiful [TS]

  shot movie [TS]

  oh it is oh yeah the pool things in [TS]

  particular are fantastic [TS]

  so speaking of wet [TS]

  the after we get through the credits [TS]

  sequence we get to the scene at the Ames [TS]

  pool hall which I I always thought was [TS]

  an Iowa but it's apparently a pool hall [TS]

  in new york uh where Fast Eddie Felson [TS]

  takes on Minnesota Fats in a all all [TS]

  night all morning all the next day pool [TS]

  contest in which basically it's not over [TS]

  to Minnesota Fats says it's over and [TS]

  Fast Eddie jumps out ahead and then [TS]

  loses everything because as George Scott [TS]

  points out later on the movie [TS]

  festivities a bit of a loser he actually [TS]

  pointed out right here for the rest [TS]

  today with this kid he's a loser he's a [TS]

  loser exactly just looked into his eye [TS]

  and reads is so I feel like George see [TS]

  Scott could actually do that if you [TS]

  offer sure everybody can read your soul [TS]

  they just have to shower off after so [TS]

  Eddie shaken to the court he loses [TS]

  everything arm is broken and ends up [TS]

  shacking up with Piper Laurie please [TS]

  Sarah packard in the movie [TS]

  yes it's nice to see Piper Laurie and [TS]

  something where she doesn't end up in [TS]

  pale to the wall with the kitchen [TS]

  cutlery this was her last movie before [TS]

  Kari apparently yeah I wasn't sure if [TS]

  anything else she had done [TS]

  twin peaks eventually okay eventually no [TS]

  sheep she basically retired for a while [TS]

  and then came back for Carrie but a [TS]

  piper laurie has your own issues [TS]

  you could say that yeah another [TS]

  unbelievably creepy female lead I think [TS]

  I'll sure sure that that would be the [TS]

  other theme of tonight's a movie club [TS]

  creepy female lead she's a bit drunk [TS]

  she's a bit of a fabulist but she and [TS]

  Paul Newman sort of fall for each other [TS]

  and are good for each other Paul Newman [TS]

  still lusts for the the the the hustle [TS]

  the the the the site of easy money and [TS]

  keeps going to the the pools to beat [TS]

  people some people recognize them as the [TS]

  pool hustler that he has other people do [TS]

  not until he takes them for their money [TS]

  and then they break his thumbs weird [TS]

  as George see Scott had prepped his [TS]

  prophesied yes immediately before that [TS]

  seed yes and was gonna break your thumbs [TS]

  and which point he falls in with George [TS]

  see scott who will become his manager [TS]

  and who will show him how to become a [TS]

  winner and not the loser that he is who [TS]

  always is a overplaying his hand and out [TS]

  reaching his station they go down to [TS]

  Louisville piper laurie comes along on [TS]

  the trip will advise gets it throughout [TS]

  yeah so I they go to the house of this [TS]

  what probably be describes the most [TS]

  papash man small all of Louisville he [TS]

  just knows how to have a good time [TS]

  he's played by marie hamilton who I [TS]

  eagle-eyed viewers will recognize from [TS]

  anatomy of a murder and jaws of a very [TS]

  different character year which is very [TS]

  different character I played billions [TS]

  mr. films i wish this guy had been in [TS]

  anatomy of a murder though i would [TS]

  really spice maybe they would have you [TS]

  had originally inappropriate but there [TS]

  you go no more so than Duke Ellington [TS]

  yeah so you just up from Detroit is fine [TS]

  it's not Duke Ellington that's why I [TS]

  sorry yes of course by all this time [TS]

  George Scott has been decided the piper [TS]

  laurie needs to go and has been [TS]

  undermined her and add this party at [TS]

  Finley's house he walks up to her and [TS]

  whispers in jersey whispers in piper [TS]

  laurie zere something apparently [TS]

  terribly suggestive not unlike the word [TS]

  panties from your team had she slaps him [TS]

  and has an incident and is taken [TS]

  upstairs and Eddie who is totally [TS]

  focused on taking thinly in the the the [TS]

  the pool game that they're about to play [TS]

  to sort of leaves her be she sleeping it [TS]

  off and bed under under someone's been [TS]

  code or above someone sprinkle of [TS]

  someone speakout um Fast Eddie [TS]

  eventually beets family at his own game [TS]

  he decides to walk back to the tattle [TS]

  that they're all staying at at this [TS]

  point uh Jesse Scott goes back to hotel [TS]

  in a cab and begins the final [TS]

  humiliation of Piper Laurie uh who [TS]

  hey as we pointed out is both an [TS]

  alcoholic and probably mentally ill and [TS]

  who after having now of course with [TS]

  George Scott reacts in the only way you [TS]

  can react after having your course with [TS]

  George Scott commit suicide [TS]

  what it's all downhill from here yeah [TS]

  Paul Newman returns to the hotel finds [TS]

  that is true love is dad pretty much it [TS]

  toward see Scott say-so attacks George [TS]

  see scott and then that sets up the [TS]

  final confrontation at the Ames pool [TS]

  hall between Paul Newman and jackie [TS]

  gleason as medicine fats in which paul [TS]

  newman finally beat Minnesota Fats [TS]

  refuses to pay a george he's got the [TS]

  money that he owes him and his told that [TS]

  he'll never get it a big pool game again [TS]

  and walks away from the sport of [TS]

  billiards until martin scorsese makes an [TS]

  unsatisfying sequel 30 years end but [TS]

  that's that's for another movie club [TS]

  that I will not host I'm satisfying [TS]

  sequel night that sounds like fun [TS]

  that's the hustler in a nutshell and i [TS]

  do want to point out that both the [TS]

  opening sequence where he plays at [TS]

  Minnesota Fats in the in the pool [TS]

  contest and the last 20 minutes of the [TS]

  movie where it's he comes back the [TS]

  sadder but wiser a pool hustler to play [TS]

  Minnesota Fats the ending is perhaps my [TS]

  favorite ending of the movie ever [TS]

  it's not my favorite movie ever mind you [TS]

  but it's my the last 20 minutes are just [TS]

  a masterpiece of cinema i would argue [TS]

  get on bird I can't lose [TS]

  yeah yeah i mean it's it's funny because [TS]

  you always every time you hear about it [TS]

  every time you see about it [TS]

  all anyone talks about it [TS]

  pool and for a long time well before I [TS]

  saw it I thought the movie was just [TS]

  wall-to-wall pool it was one you know [TS]

  they don't know Greek tragedy in a [TS]

  poolroom know and they don't have to [TS]

  explain the rules of pool right around [TS]

  alone billiards and I feel I 40 yet mr. [TS]

  Felson house not rules and I figured the [TS]

  entire thing would be set over the [TS]

  course of that game or order that [TS]

  Christmas is games and so the first time [TS]

  i saw it was like oh this is a film with [TS]

  real people and and and I mean I found [TS]

  the the parts that weren't pool much [TS]

  less interesting i wasn't quite as [TS]

  interested in ready i wasn't interested [TS]

  in I mean I was interested in him in the [TS]

  dynamic with Burt but I wanted more pool [TS]

  because those pool sequences are just so [TS]

  beautifully choreographed and and paste [TS]

  and shot and now defected well sound [TS]

  effect it out the wazoo me let me [TS]

  undermine my own choice for old movie [TS]

  club that the middle our this movie is [TS]

  yeah i can take your leave but it's [TS]

  those ya book and scenes in the pool [TS]

  halls that are just a magnificent and [TS]

  that that that's why you you sit through [TS]

  the the middle bit which kinda [TS]

  admittedly lags a bit now but it but it [TS]

  gives weight to the end [TS]

  yeah well you know sure it's but but if [TS]

  you never saw that bit and you just saw [TS]

  this two segments you could walk away a [TS]

  happy [TS]

  oh that would be a good film to you [TS]

  about the whole opening is it opening [TS]

  thing with the first battle with fats [TS]

  it's just there's so much in it it's so [TS]

  amazing i wrote a bunch of things down [TS]

  here [TS]

  you know I I didn't leave you much you [TS]

  left enough where he underestimates him [TS]

  at the beginning he says you know I've [TS]

  dreamed about it fat man i really love [TS]

  that Jackie Gleason i think is great [TS]

  it's just so successional so great so [TS]

  great and this is only dramatic role of [TS]

  note and that was my thought was uh we [TS]

  wasted Jackie Gleason because I'm coming [TS]

  up as as great as he was as a comedic [TS]

  actor he is so good in this [TS]

  well I think his dramatic role in Smokey [TS]

  and the Bandit [TS]

  does come in come up I I take your point [TS]

  i take your ID well frankly doesn't do [TS]

  much except look at things [TS]

  Oh buddy Oh buddy it fills those looks [TS]

  below much weight [TS]

  oh my god no one else did I mean he's a [TS]

  large guy I think he's much better [TS]

  silent than when he talks in this movie [TS]

  and the thing that's that's really [TS]

  impressive is that he was himself in a [TS]

  beautiful pool player he was a grand [TS]

  player you know that they've very [TS]

  carefully staged those so that you see [TS]

  that it's him doing yes and he and that [TS]

  he's in some of them [TS]

  he's not even paying that much attention [TS]

  it's like yeah I can do this without [TS]

  looking but i do love the bid at the end [TS]

  where he where he tells a man what's the [TS]

  characters that whatever he tells Eddie [TS]

  you better pay many and the look on his [TS]

  face there is wonderful it's like yes [TS]

  horrified that he has to say this but he [TS]

  knows that he does and you know there's [TS]

  an amazing amount of depth in that one [TS]

  line they spend so much time setting up [TS]

  showing newman and police in doing the [TS]

  shots that by their second big game they [TS]

  had don't have to show much of the game [TS]

  at all [TS]

  yeah because you buy it when you're just [TS]

  watching Paul Newman's face fall as the [TS]

  sounds of a ball going off screen and [TS]

  apparently they only used um a couple of [TS]

  stunt doubles to do the trick shots [TS]

  yeah Willie Mosconi as seen a poster [TS]

  behind Paul Newman an early scene i like [TS]

  the clock to this is this is a little [TS]

  bit brings to mind the you know they [TS]

  don't they don't let you see the outside [TS]

  of the time when you're in a casino it's [TS]

  like that here they keep showing the [TS]

  clock as it's like a marathon is like [TS]

  the clock is advancing that you get the [TS]

  fast clock spin they go to a thousand [TS]

  game at four in the morning for four in [TS]

  the morning the order whiskey and [TS]

  bourbon and they've been playing for [TS]

  hours now but at four in the morning [TS]

  they say okay it's time to take off the [TS]

  jacket and get serious with this which [TS]

  is so great they take off the suit [TS]

  jackets is what the whispering George [TS]

  see Scott the morning the light streams [TS]

  in its cut that sunshine out there [TS]

  blocking out the world you know the game [TS]

  is over when fat says it's over all of [TS]

  that it's just it is [TS]

  yeah it's spectacular i love it i like [TS]

  the fact that the aims pool has to [TS]

  promise [TS]

  signs no gambling and no mass a shot at [TS]

  or below ya know that every sign every [TS]

  pool hall is ignored this movie pay [TS]

  after every game and soho no gambling [TS]

  and all i really like Paul Newman in [TS]

  this movie I mean it's obvious because [TS]

  he's the hero but his cocky smirk at the [TS]

  beginning of the movie [TS]

  yeah just looking at that says [TS]

  everything about the character and you [TS]

  can also kind of see why they would make [TS]

  a sequel where Tom Cruise is essentially [TS]

  playing the guy in this position is this [TS]

  is [TS]

  is [TS]

  Tom Cruise of the day and the charisma [TS]

  of him jump is just pouring out of the [TS]

  screen on this one [TS]

  a man I mean I i I've seen this on [TS]

  television you know several times [TS]

  oh you used to be played on television [TS]

  all the time when I was a kid and I've [TS]

  never seen in the theater but imagine [TS]

  him full theater sized with that smile [TS]

  and it must have been overwhelming my [TS]

  favorite George see Scott moments in [TS]

  this movie are during the first game [TS]

  with gleason before he said anything he [TS]

  just yells in sits there and watches and [TS]

  he's so clean and neat [TS]

  while everyone else is getting sweaty [TS]

  and exhausted and you can just tell that [TS]

  guy's above it or something [TS]

  actually actually my favorite Jersey [TS]

  Scott moments in this movie because I [TS]

  think I as good as Newman is George [TS]

  Scott walks away with this movie every [TS]

  time he just diminishes piper laurie [TS]

  like every time their on screen together [TS]

  he finds a way to just twist the knife [TS]

  on her up and he's um he's a monster and [TS]

  I love the fact we never hear what it is [TS]

  that he tells her [TS]

  yeah at at at the scene at very [TS]

  Hamilton's mansion yes but he there's [TS]

  this line up but i just want to know I'm [TS]

  not been on a cripple [TS]

  i should point out the piper laurie [TS]

  because of polio walks with a limp [TS]

  throughout the movie and that is a line [TS]

  that is directed so it's not an Eddie [TS]

  because he had Stubbs broke its you [TS]

  Piper Laurie because George see scott [TS]

  just wants to emphasize how useless you [TS]

  are the thing I like about that scene is [TS]

  the fact that she has a comeback for [TS]

  that and end at that part of the movie i [TS]

  was really i wrote down that I'm digging [TS]

  this emerging dynamic where she's [TS]

  starting to sort of match wits with him [TS]

  yep which unfortunately went away almost [TS]

  immediately by would have really enjoyed [TS]

  to see a little more of that before she [TS]

  finally broke down but definitely a good [TS]

  bit [TS]

  yeah my other my other big George see [TS]

  moments in this movie there's I think my [TS]

  favorite thing in the movie is right [TS]

  after George Scott and introduces Finley [TS]

  22 Eddie there's just this look on his [TS]

  face [TS]

  of you know I've totally got you that is [TS]

  is subtle but it's it's wonderful and [TS]

  the other bit is uh oh there's a bit [TS]

  more friendly points out the statue of [TS]

  pan [TS]

  yeah he suggests that George see scott [TS]

  monument are not all for the odds and [TS]

  Georgie Scott turns to see what is [TS]

  presumably a massive set of go nadz and [TS]

  just says possible to stare standing [TS]

  yeah so my room mccormick as as a [TS]

  Eddie's partner Charlie I looked at the [TS]

  actor he died not too long after this he [TS]

  died in 62 at the age of 54 I something [TS]

  about this character as the the way he [TS]

  performs this character he didn't he [TS]

  died before he had a chance to be cast [TS]

  as the doctor and star trek but that's [TS]

  the that's how I read it is like oh my [TS]

  god this is another he could have been [TS]

  dr. McCoy whoever he's a he's got he's [TS]

  got that kind of like likable crankiness [TS]

  that I thought having never seen I think [TS]

  this actor before I really liked him and [TS]

  I was sad to see that that he passed [TS]

  away fairly young soon after this [TS]

  because he you know I like this voice [TS]

  and that though the way it was coming [TS]

  from this gruff voice and yet an affable [TS]

  gentleman and I i I'm serious i'm at it [TS]

  since they had three different actors as [TS]

  the doctor on Star Trek before they got [TS]

  one who stuck with a with the divorce [TS]

  Kelly they are all of a type and it's [TS]

  the same type this this kind of genial [TS]

  cranky guy and I'm a lucky lush could [TS]

  think that shit yeah yeah yeah like so I [TS]

  like that character a lot and that [TS]

  performance and ya know he's ease [TS]

  he's a very underrated in this picture [TS]

  because he's done by the second act [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah i was pleased to see [TS]

  William dwell the calendar Turner from [TS]

  1776 oh yeah no yeah well start a lot of [TS]

  things as one of the pool hustlers who [TS]

  needs Eddie and lethal and one of the [TS]

  other bartenders was Jake LaMotta yes [TS]

  yes I was going to school [TS]

  there's there's your casting casting [TS]

  this one is the bartender Jake LaMotta [TS]

  yeah but they have him only say one word [TS]

  which works much better it was a smart [TS]

  choice that's how you do some casting [TS]

  chain here and learn this syllable [TS]

  thanks Mac just Welch was originally [TS]

  going to play them on the movie went [TS]

  five hours long [TS]

  yeah I've often found queer the way you [TS]

  pull the center is to get to get briefly [TS]

  back to his to his partner i think the [TS]

  way that that that character exits is [TS]

  really really interesting i like that [TS]

  seen a lot where it seems as though he's [TS]

  grown to really care about the Fast [TS]

  Eddie character and and Eddie just can't [TS]

  you can't accept that it as even a [TS]

  possibility [TS]

  yeah and it's never made clear which [TS]

  which side is actually right but it's [TS]

  it's a really nice really poignant bit [TS]

  and I i think in general you know that [TS]

  the part that you call the slow part [TS]

  between from the couple of pool scenes [TS]

  at either end which is basically the [TS]

  whole movie [TS]

  yeah is I think really really poignant [TS]

  human drama that I have difficulty [TS]

  watching because i don't like to spend [TS]

  so much time with broken depressing [TS]

  people [TS]

  yeah you get enough of that in real life [TS]

  except yeah I'm this podcast below you [TS]

  don't look like a college girls do [TS]

  oh do you want me to do just step out in [TS]

  the alley Jason stupid little sins are [TS]

  about 25 minutes of peace so that's [TS]

  already like an hour is an hour with a [TS]

  discrete-time which is what one-tenth of [TS]

  the film's runtime no no I lost track [TS]

  somewhere along the line burned you're [TS]

  right that the middle the middle bit to [TS]

  drag a little bit and and I have a note [TS]

  that says as soon as George see turns up [TS]

  that it goes from slow and kind of [TS]

  dragged into a fight home elegance [TS]

  Georgie shot showing up a bar so all [TS]

  that scene with newman and Scott in the [TS]

  bar fantastic when he just gets his cast [TS]

  off [TS]

  yeah spectacular scene but the stuff [TS]

  that's going to stick with me i think is [TS]

  the is the awful love that the awful [TS]

  things done by awful people to each [TS]

  other but at the same time I didn't get [TS]

  say i really enjoyed watching it [TS]

  honestly it that the middle the middle [TS]

  third is not enjoyable [TS]

  but it's the middle third sets up the [TS]

  final sequence which is your just [TS]

  outstanding cinema enjoy the trip mixer [TS]

  i like that they take a lovely picnic [TS]

  with the guy with the broken thumbs at [TS]

  me off that made me chuckle it's funny [TS]

  you mention that that picnic seen Jason [TS]

  because that whole sequence briefly [TS]

  after his thumbs are broken where they [TS]

  seem to be getting along really well and [TS]

  yeah he's really happy the reason she's [TS]

  really happy is because he can't get [TS]

  away anymore [TS]

  that's right thumbs are busted he's not [TS]

  going to take off and play pool and as [TS]

  soon as his thumbs are back to normal [TS]

  that's all over and it's just it's such [TS]

  a sad dynamics that our relationship and [TS]

  I think it's the crowning moment of that [TS]

  I think is that in the the mansion in [TS]

  louisville and family's mansion where [TS]

  Sarah's had a bit much to drink and [TS]

  there's a scene that just seems to last [TS]

  forever where she she makes this slow [TS]

  drunken limping because of course she's [TS]

  she's got a funky gate from polio this [TS]

  drunken traverse down the staircase and [TS]

  through this crowd of other people who [TS]

  seem to be happy and normal and enjoying [TS]

  themselves and it is just so [TS]

  excruciating to watch and of course the [TS]

  cherry on top of that on that Sunday is [TS]

  as she approaches George see scott and [TS]

  he whispers the coup de Gras into her [TS]

  ear and that's sort of it for her but [TS]

  it's it's a wonderful scene and [TS]

  depressing and sad and so well shot [TS]

  oh yeah it's really well done [TS]

  yeah well it's it's there's a [TS]

  parallelism there i mean he or she [TS]

  becomes a better person when he's hurt [TS]

  he becomes a better person when she's [TS]

  dead now he redeems himself only only [TS]

  after her suicide [TS]

  behind every great man is a dead woman [TS]

  he says I character now picked it up in [TS]

  a hotel room in Louisville that's that's [TS]

  when he gets gets it [TS]

  yeah and-and-and Piper worries character [TS]

  here is maybe a little under written in [TS]

  the in the middle sections [TS]

  and which is unfortunate i think [TS]

  sometimes she's doing things maybe too [TS]

  quickly the they are that they're the [TS]

  kind of rushing through her character [TS]

  development maybe a little fast makes me [TS]

  seem slow but I you know she's jumping [TS]

  something you know suddenly she's not an [TS]

  alcoholic anymore and in and everybody's [TS]

  happy and but the first two scenes up [TS]

  between Fast Eddie and Sarah first in [TS]

  the diner in the bus station and then in [TS]

  the bar she is she is fantastic and [TS]

  those seems she's great she is great [TS]

  no it's it's a very good performance [TS]

  it's it's it's well written for her and [TS]

  she just nails it especially in the bar [TS]

  especially in the bar you want to go out [TS]

  in the alley [TS]

  god I just cinch so gross at everything [TS]

  where she's just kind of laying out [TS]

  herself as a drunk and this is what she [TS]

  doesn't know why was she in the bus [TS]

  station well because the bars don't open [TS]

  until eight am and that's why i was [TS]

  there i fell into that hole pick up [TS]

  where he's trying to trying to get her [TS]

  to you know head off with him is just [TS]

  it's so gross [TS]

  yeah and it's it it gives you a real [TS]

  feel for how nasty these characters [TS]

  really are my only two remain notes are [TS]

  really one remaining note is Robert [TS]

  rawson the director of this movie [TS]

  the only other movie that he really made [TS]

  that was worth a damn was all the king's [TS]

  men [TS]

  yeah well which is a great movie that [TS]

  might be a future episode right now I [TS]

  should hope so but this is just very [TS]

  well put together in terms of just [TS]

  soundtrack in terms of actors in terms [TS]

  of of pacing even with the middle third [TS]

  of the movie that kind of lags as we've [TS]

  said but maybe maybe it's intentional [TS]

  maybe it is supposed to be a little bit [TS]

  of a leg to show that that is kind of [TS]

  how Eddie feels right [TS]

  he's only alive when he's in this very [TS]

  compressed time period playing this [TS]

  really high stakes game and the rest of [TS]

  everything is just sort of [TS]

  and my my only other note is please your [TS]

  God anyone listening to the sound of my [TS]

  voice don't watch the color buddy it [TS]

  like a movie no and the eric clapton [TS]

  song is good I liked the air that song [TS]

  is good [TS]

  that's the only thing good about this [TS]

  movie it's not it's OS it's terrible [TS]

  it's terrible thing it's martin scorsese [TS]

  doing a movie show that he can make a [TS]

  movie that's a commercial movie and it's [TS]

  paul newman making a movie the show [TS]

  hey maybe you should give me an Oscar [TS]

  not gonna I'm gonna die one of these [TS]

  days and you haven't given me one yet [TS]

  and work towards make them Sir has tom [TS]

  cruise's a puppy who demands approval I [TS]

  don't think you can blame Tom Cruise for [TS]

  it it's a perfect role for Tom Cruise oh [TS]

  sure sure but it's not a good movie [TS]

  anything more to say about the hustler [TS]

  in in the first pool scene you know of [TS]

  course Jackie Gleason's entrance of [TS]

  spectacular at the end of it when a Paul [TS]

  Newman falls down at the end of the at [TS]

  the end of the pool table [TS]

  Charlie goes over to him and everybody [TS]

  else just kind of walks out cut almost [TS]

  like they're stepping over the top of [TS]

  them nobody actually steps over the top [TS]

  of him but in my mind it's like they're [TS]

  stepping over the top of them as they [TS]

  walk out i'm not sure exactly how they [TS]

  manage to do that but that's how it [TS]

  that's always how it feels to that's [TS]

  very good [TS]

  it's fine in in a pit in the picnic [TS]

  scene we have which I love and it's one [TS]

  of the few scenes in the middle of the [TS]

  movie that that I really like you have a [TS]

  fast eddie explaining the concept of [TS]

  flow possibly before anyone knew anyone [TS]

  knew what flow was talking about and [TS]

  he's got that great line it's like I've [TS]

  got oil in my arm I'll see the way [TS]

  trailer on Alice that wasn't alex is [TS]

  running the show is my grits [TS]

  alright and then in the final scene i [TS]

  always feel [TS]

  that fats is on fatty side [TS]

  oh yeah well yes not just at the end not [TS]

  just at the end where he's sort of [TS]

  telling you know you better pay a melody [TS]

  or earlier on when you know past Eddie [TS]

  is talking for its in the first game and [TS]

  it and everything is on is on the line [TS]

  because he only has three thousand [TS]

  dollars and this is a game for three [TS]

  thousand dollars and he's talking to [TS]

  Bert about it and fast and loose and get [TS]

  on me bird I can't lose as he's going [TS]

  along and talking and probably talking [TS]

  too much and probably getting himself in [TS]

  trouble with Bert who can have more than [TS]

  his thumbs broken uh fat says shoot pool [TS]

  Fast Eddie and Eddie seems to think that [TS]

  fats is telling him I moving along but [TS]

  let's let's keep going [TS]

  it's did you know get back to get back [TS]

  to business here [TS]

  that's why he says you know i'm shooting [TS]

  pool fats when I miss you can shoot that [TS]

  is my favorite exchange in this movie [TS]

  but what fast is really saying is you're [TS]

  getting yourself in your mouth is [TS]

  getting yourself in trouble get [TS]

  concentrate on the pool I don't want you [TS]

  to get hurt by this guy and then of [TS]

  course at the end you know you better [TS]

  pay them all that and then you know fat [TS]

  man you shoot a great game of pool so do [TS]

  you fast eddie have fans never has [TS]

  anything against Eddie Eddie came and [TS]

  said play pool and fats a pool player [TS]

  alright I'm going to beat you for 48 [TS]

  hours I feel like he's on the same side [TS]

  after the first pool game before even [TS]

  comes back in the pool hall I think he's [TS]

  already got fats on his side because [TS]

  he's earned his respect [TS]

  up to a point before you know got a [TS]

  little too crazy fell over on the floor [TS]

  los talas me that's has to know how good [TS]

  is he doesn't end and he has to be [TS]

  intrigued by the fact that you know he [TS]

  did this is what is it that I think that [TS]

  George Scott character tells them is you [TS]

  really got your hooks and yeah you had [TS]

  him hooked and I think he's still hooked [TS]

  at the time when when he comes back into [TS]

  the pool on that I think it has earned a [TS]

  measure of respect and I think that that [TS]

  last scene is one of my favorite final [TS]

  scenes and just the way it exits and [TS]

  freezes [TS]

  guys you know just started putting on [TS]

  your coat even cleaning anything we get [TS]

  the impression that for all his his [TS]

  bluster George see Scott feels like he's [TS]

  just escaped from being murdered [TS]

  yeah it looks like he he looks like he's [TS]

  happy he got out of that exchange [TS]

  without being killed [TS]

  well he's negotiating even up before [TS]

  that you know he's got the 75 25 and [TS]

  then he's you know he's he's moving his [TS]

  percentage down right yeah he totally [TS]

  got the Rock I mean he knows he knows he [TS]

  pushed it too far and Sarah's dead and [TS]

  he probably deserves to be killed [TS]

  yeah in fact it's a lot of gall on his [TS]

  part to scream you all me money in the [TS]

  first Wahby money [TS]

  look if you have a chance to shout that [TS]

  you shout that's just gonna break your [TS]

  thumbs they could break your are yes and [TS]

  you know when when he says you know [TS]

  they'll put the pieces back together [TS]

  i'll come back and I will kill you that [TS]

  he means it and it's it's just a whole [TS]

  that whole the whole exchange there is [TS]

  wonderful [TS]

  the bit where he tells him you'll never [TS]

  set foot in a big pool hall again and in [TS]

  Paul Newman looks around you know [TS]

  wistfully like well I'm never going to [TS]

  see you again that's beautiful [TS]

  yeah everything about that endings as I [TS]

  said last 20 minutes of this movie I'll [TS]

  stack up against any 20 minutes of any [TS]

  movie [TS]

  ya ever made it's just that problematic [TS]

  middle bit [TS]

  yeah well sure but without without that [TS]

  you wouldn't did the the ending wouldn't [TS]

  make much sense [TS]

  shuffle it makes a hell of a lot of [TS]

  sense safe and without that little bit [TS]

  when you need something suitably awful [TS]

  to happen well sure it is it would have [TS]

  Redemption [TS]

  why is he having a rematch already you [TS]

  just played this guy this is tom [TS]

  where'd you get that 3000th our church [TS]

  scott seems to dislike him now [TS]

  what happened to that nice girl at the [TS]

  bus now is there a Redemption I don't [TS]

  feel like he's ever really redeemed I'm [TS]

  you know about at all not at all [TS]

  he's clearly capable of beating fats now [TS]

  that I wouldn't call that Redemption [TS]

  well he keeps he keeps himself you know [TS]

  he doesn't [TS]

  he doesn't go off the rails is he has he [TS]

  has as he says he has character now he [TS]

  got in the hotel room in a sense he's [TS]

  finally acquiescing to sarah's request [TS]

  of him which is you know don't be a [TS]

  cripple and well I think he just takes [TS]

  the center the line if you can't play [TS]

  tops of the pool for 48 straight hours [TS]

  you're not worth anything literally well [TS]

  now he can now he's worth something [TS]

  no longer needs to play fool to prove [TS]

  himself versus Scott these were good [TS]

  Phil also long [TS]

  yeah yeah I usually have more notes but [TS]

  I if I took notes throughout all of [TS]

  these movies if they would have been a [TS]

  five hour per movie they say movies [TS]

  today along with their there have been [TS]

  long movies for a long time and anatomy [TS]

  of the murder man anatomy of a murder is [TS]

  one of those long movies it's a long [TS]

  movie just as just sort of in general [TS]

  though I mean I think of of older movies [TS]

  is being shorter and usually they are [TS]

  but it seems like for old movie club we [TS]

  tend to pick the long ones not sure why [TS]

  that is just like long movies Phil I do [TS]

  alright I think we're I think we've come [TS]

  to the end of another old movie club [TS]

  totally had that really have we nailed [TS]

  it we nailed the the company no mm where [TS]

  we are at three hours yet i know well [TS]

  I'll play some music on at the end you [TS]

  know I thought in the beginning and end [TS]

  of that podcast is pretty good the [TS]

  middle kind of drag little so I'd like [TS]

  to thank my guests first off of course [TS]

  the the sommelier of old movie club [TS]

  Philip Michaels Thank you Thank spy [TS]

  Steve let's thank you for being here [TS]

  thanks for letting me sit in pi m AA [TS]

  Monty Ashley you owe me money [TS]

  the attorneys will provide the [TS]

  wisecracks David Laura thank you i I'm [TS]

  gonna go lie down in a corner and die [TS]

  now fair enough and dr. drink thank you [TS]

  for coming back an old movie club [TS]

  thank you Jason I've got to get this [TS]

  girl off its killing haha and thanks [TS]

  everybody for listening to another old [TS]

  movie clip on the uncomfortable we will [TS]

  see you next week [TS]