The Incomparable

255e: Summer Superhero Spectacular: The Aftermath


  the Intolerable number 255 episodi july [TS]

  2015 welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  uncomfortable i am your host Jason Snell [TS]

  we're going to do something unusual last [TS]

  week we did four episodes that were all [TS]

  part of episode 255 and this will be [TS]

  considered subepisode ER fifth episode [TS]

  255 last last week we spent nearly three [TS]

  hours talking about superheroes and [TS]

  advocating for 64 different heroes and [TS]

  we got by the end of the weekend we got [TS]

  down to 32 so we're going to take a [TS]

  break this week we're not going to do it [TS]

  do a new episode this week we're kinda [TS]

  tuckered out after all of the superhero [TS]

  talk but we'll be back next week with a [TS]

  brand new episode in the meantime if you [TS]

  have listened to the superhero episode [TS]

  or if you haven't you might want to go [TS]

  back and take the time and do that we [TS]

  are offering a chance for you to [TS]

  participate in the next round the next [TS]

  episode of the summer superhero [TS]

  spectacular won't be next week it'll be [TS]

  in early August probably early to mid [TS]

  august and for the next round we're [TS]

  going to have some new advocate some of [TS]

  the old advocates will return they'll be [TS]

  the same old judges making arbitrary [TS]

  decisions however i will not be breaking [TS]

  the ties [TS]

  instead you will be breaking the ties [TS]

  through a popular vote and will reveal [TS]

  the popular vote in that episode in [TS]

  addition the judges will be swayed [TS]

  perhaps by your arguments and here's how [TS]

  you do that go to the incomparable [TS]

  dot-com / 255 and you'll see a link to [TS]

  the voting and you'll go to a page it's [TS]

  google form and you can put in your [TS]

  choices for all 32 matchups in the next [TS]

  round and there's room for you to put in [TS]

  some of your arguments for why a certain [TS]

  hero should advance into the round of 16 [TS]

  so do that there you can also get a look [TS]

  at the complete bracket from the [TS]

  incomparable calm / 255 and it will [TS]

  definitely be stuff that you will hear [TS]

  in that next set of episodes or episode [TS]

  let's be honest [TS]

  out of episodes because we can't shut up [TS]

  and it will go on for a long time anyway [TS]

  that will be sometime in August the vote [TS]

  closest july 25th so get those votes and [TS]

  the incomparable calm / 255 thank you to [TS]

  everybody out there for listening I hope [TS]

  you're having a good summer we will be [TS]

  back we've got some great stuff coming [TS]

  up we've got a comic book club we've got [TS]

  a new rocket surgery where we're going [TS]

  to watch the Super Mario Brothers movie [TS]

  from the nineties we're going to have [TS]

  the hugo awards coming up and a whole [TS]

  lot more plus the summer superhero [TS]

  spectacular so stay tuned for all of [TS]

  that and in the meantime if you are [TS]

  desperate for more podcasts to listen to [TS]

  might I suggest some of the other fine [TS]

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  there's a doctor who podcast called lazy [TS]

  Doctor Who there's a star trek podcast [TS]

  hosted by Scott McNulty called random [TS]

  track there's Tim Goodman's TV talk [TS]

  machine where i talk to Tim Goodman from [TS]

  The Hollywood Reporter about television [TS]

  every week and our D&D show total party [TS]

  kill kappa TV show where we recap [TS]

  various things in addition to the [TS]

  current season of True detective which [TS]

  is very controversial the crew from the [TS]

  flash flash cast is going back and [TS]

  watching the early season 1 episode of [TS]

  the flash that they missed when they [TS]

  started doing Mary caps and in the fall [TS]

  i'll be doing doctor who every week on [TS]

  the TV podcast and there's also the game [TS]

  show where we have a whole bunch of [TS]

  things that right drop once a month [TS]

  three or four things during the month [TS]

  and we just did an episode of [TS]

  counterclockwise dan morons a gameshow [TS]

  inconceivable is coming in the next week [TS]

  and there looks like there's going to be [TS]

  a game night and a pundit showdown [TS]

  coming as well and of course check out [TS]

  in the Johnston's unjustly maligned [TS]

  really great show it's a it's actually [TS]

  good companion to the incomparable where [TS]

  people come on and defend a piece of art [TS]

  that they think is fantastic and that [TS]

  the world that doesn't appreciate enough [TS]

  so lots of stuff to check out the [TS]

  incomparable calm if you want more to [TS]

  listen to thank you for your patience [TS]

  we hope that the three hours that we [TS]

  drop last week will be enough to tide [TS]

  you through along with all the many [TS]

  other podcasts that are out there until [TS]

  next week and we've been will be back [TS]

  with that very special episode for nerds [TS]

  because it's number 256 next week until [TS]

  then I have been your host Jason L thank [TS]

  you for listening vote [TS]

  the incomparable calm / 255 and we will [TS]

  see you next week [TS]

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  hi Erica hi Steven what are we doing [TS]

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  oh really what's that about it's where [TS]

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  no silly we talk about each episode as [TS]

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  how on earth are we gonna fit all of [TS]

  these podcasts in well that is the [TS]

  beauty of it we record a podcast [TS]

  whenever we get around to it and for [TS]

  however long we want to talk for your [TS]

  lazy like that so it's a doctor who [TS]

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