The Accidental Tech Podcast

107: We Get the Most Boring Tips


  this notice destroying my house will see if my we remain standing I keep thinking [TS]

  the South has been here since 1932 as I can fall down this year but you know [TS]

  it's gonna fall down some here and I'll probably be in it so if you wanna now [TS]

  had a polarized our audience and we've talked about some controversial things [TS]

  in the past we've talked about all sorts of things not really ever politics or [TS]

  religion but we've come as close as one can get and it's not the abuse of women [TS]

  in the technology industry that is actually not very controversial our [TS]

  audience which is good but man if we talk about cars holy hell do people get [TS]

  upset and then some people love it and then people get upset and then other [TS]

  people love it and then people get really upset getting upset people [TS]

  yelling at you about stuff most people are you doing a joking way about cars [TS]

  but they seem pretty okay with it I don't know how you market but I've seen [TS]

  some pretty angry teacher tweets your emails about the Car Talk I didn't [TS]

  really feel out of anger I get there were a couple of tweets are like skip [TS]

  this one but it was they were pretty mellow I mean compared to what we got [TS]

  them we did neutral neutral had like 200 really upset people and one hundred [TS]

  people who liked it and and and this this seemed to I was surprised actually [TS]

  I was very surprised how many people enjoyed my tester if you go I thought I [TS]

  was very nervous about even including that because I was afraid people would [TS]

  think that I'm some elitist Gbagbo see you know that we've been worse no no I [TS]

  would def I would never put that on my blog because I would have had so many [TS]

  you know people who listen to this tend to like us more than the average blog [TS]

  reader if I post something on my blog I get a whole bunch of hate from from from [TS]

  my drive bys where's the podcast you don't really have drive-by readers or [TS]

  listeners to a podcast you know like it [TS]

  people who people who are here tend to like you I mean with the exception of [TS]

  MDW everybody else tend to like us you know so I might like it you can you can [TS]

  see like more possibly controversial things on a podcast and you can expect [TS]

  the audience will give you the benefit of the doubt or will know you a little [TS]

  bit better understand you a little bit better you know so [TS]

  it's why I feel way more comfortable saying things on podcast I do in [TS]

  specially on our podcast that I do writing on my blog you need to go on [TS]

  analog with Casey and talk through these issues the feeling bad about buying [TS]

  things with your money that is a very interesting point an alternate solution [TS]

  if you find that 260 give all your money to me I have no see the funny thing [TS]

  about you is that even if I gave you all the money in the world to go by [TS]

  Ferrari's and stuff you still wouldn't do it I have different priorities than [TS]

  you so the ranking of what do we have what's the first thing you buy a second [TS]

  thing by selling may be different but I would have no problem like blogging [TS]

  about the expensive thing that I bought it being afraid you know what I would [TS]

  like that to me that you were different people that's why I said you need to get [TS]

  rid of all that money to bother going to Caseys healing show and it's different [TS]

  for you people believe you thats funny though because I of the three of us I [TS]

  would peg you as the least willing to talk about all the fancy crap that you [TS]

  bought our no way am I talk about my TV for hours at the fanciest thing I only [TS]

  thought I talked about 15 totally willing to talk about the fancy things [TS]

  that I also forget that you talking about things that you like really [TS]

  amounts to you moaning about this things rather than being like look at me and [TS]

  how awesome I have complained about this problem also severe economic issues and [TS]

  everything like but I would cut them still I was just looking at the screen [TS]

  looking at the pictures in that bird articles on how the the 488 a bunch of [TS]

  pictures like the first non press on on my glamour shots the Ferrari takes of [TS]

  the car and she got to see it from different angles and see the awkward [TS]

  part so whatever they had a shot of the Interior showing like that the seat [TS]

  controls on the side of the seat and I was like but I thought closes tough to [TS]

  get your fingers down there to feel those see controls it's like he doesn't [TS]

  care [TS]

  economics of how easy to use this control that's not what this car is [TS]

  about you know we gotta do you know there are companies like the names on it [TS]

  and there are some companies in New York and LA and stuff that will that will [TS]

  rent supercars to you for like a few thousand dollars a day [TS]

  tried to do that once and I really turned it down yet can you imagine [TS]

  something where San Marco you can relate to this when you owning cars like [TS]

  someone else's expensive cars that you are renting like especially when she was [TS]

  like in a city like that we're having a Ferrari in the city of Boston I was [TS]

  pointless like why not just might just take it and and rub it upside down on [TS]

  top of some gravel [TS]

  use we have a sponsor 2222 make this happen to do to pay for a one day rental [TS]

  of whatever your chosen for Aria's that's currently available through these [TS]

  mental places a one day rental for you just to have you evaluated the way you [TS]

  evaluate things maybe he was a sponsor then who knows I just ever drilled [TS]

  driving records and it would have to be during the summer for crying out to be [TS]

  even better now that he's not allowed on the streets til I see occasionally I [TS]

  have seen in my life in the Boston metro area [TS]

  a completely blasted road salt covered / destroyed red Ferrari out in the winter [TS]

  so somebody's doing it that person I have I have immense respect for whoever [TS]

  that hits 48 is pretty article it's nice to get the file before we turn this into [TS]

  neutral again now it's like now when I'm doing some thinking Oh where's market [TS]

  gonna put the car opening to get back to your point about the people with the [TS]

  feedback about the car stuff I mean most people I think I just used by it and [TS]

  joking about it and like I think that Jokinen 36 like look if the supreme with [TS]

  Apple's gonna make a car we're gonna talk about a tech podcast that's focused [TS]

  a lot on Apple like blame Apple we didn't tell them to make a car in 01925 [TS]

  Mac and the Wall Street Journal yeah we are making it they have rumors about [TS]

  making a boat will be talking about boats [TS]

  so now that we've wasted 10 would you like to do some follow-up yeah I guess [TS]

  what it's about sorry yes this is the best alright so let's talk about cars [TS]

  yeah first one is from William Faraday are fair and a bit better today because [TS]

  I think he says that test lab reports margins various things like what we [TS]

  think the margins are on those cars were supposed to imagine that might be an [TS]

  apple scars and he says the margins are about 25% the goal is 30 percent then he [TS]

  says thanks for believing believing in us [TS]

  Model S is bonkers awesome so by saying believing in us assume he works for [TS]

  Tesla no I wouldn't actually assume that for a second there [TS]

  Tesla fans are crazy like anything we've we've had and I i will probably kill [TS]

  myself among those who you know in a year to whatever but Tesla fan I've [TS]

  never have never encountered fans that whereas devoted and incredibly loud an [TS]

  overprotective as they are you know it it kinda you know Elon Musk himself has [TS]

  his you can tell he's extremely over sensitive much to a fault actually [TS]

  whenever anybody says anything he perceives to be unfair or incorrect [TS]

  about about Tesla's in news reviews there you know there's that whole [TS]

  scandal with Top Gear the skin with the new york times and like all the stuff [TS]

  you know end and I think I would say Elan reacts poorly I would say it's [TS]

  necessary to react to these things if you know it's there to let you know [TS]

  issues statement and stuff and you disagree but the way he does it i think [TS]

  is is is not not beneficial overall but the fans have seemingly taken that on [TS]

  themselves like the owners have taken that like kinda like the scrappy upstart [TS]

  underdog attitude on themselves and boy they they moved there is no would work [TS]

  that can hold them back I mean it is if you say anything they jump all over you [TS]

  good or bad and so it was very helpful to me when I was honestly looking into [TS]

  this and given a fair shot I got [TS]

  tons of amazing information from Tesla Motors tons of you know how how you take [TS]

  road trips are you know what one of the good things or bad things about these [TS]

  cars everybody is willing to share this information [TS]

  everybody has tons of things to say and everyone's like please I will never buy [TS]

  an internal combustion engine which they've all abbreviate i seee I will [TS]

  never buy and i seee car again you have to come over it's amazing you'll never [TS]

  go back [TS]

  etcetera it is it is the most devoted nearly rabid fanbase I've ever seen of [TS]

  anything it's really something it's funny because I know I don't mean this [TS]

  to be funny at all [TS]

  it reminds me of the way I perceived Apple fans before I became one of them [TS]

  ravenously excited about their company and I also thought it was quite funny [TS]

  that more than a couple of people treated at Elon Musk saying oh my god [TS]

  you have to listen to this m5 owner talk about how wonderful the p85 Diaz check [TS]

  out this podcast which I thought was quite funny I'm sure he'll work they do [TS]

  is scheduled between launching rockets into space [TS]

  one of the reasons why I'm interested in the Tesla now is that Iran must has some [TS]

  in it may be many of the qualities Steve Jobs had in the sense that end and to [TS]

  some degree Jeff Bezos has but I think Stephen do a better job of it this kind [TS]

  of like crazy billionaire with really high standards and pretty high product [TS]

  ambitions I kinda miss that from Apple and and we still get great stuff from [TS]

  Apple and I'm sure we'll talk about next week's event now and then when it [TS]

  happens and I'm sure we'll see all the stuff is great but that spirit of like [TS]

  the charismatic kinda crazy leader who pushes everyone to do pretty crazy stuff [TS]

  that's rare and Iran i think is one of those and I am kind of interested in be [TS]

  in like joining one of those products fan bases again you know the reason [TS]

  Tesla fans are as rapid as you said they are and why Casey perceived Apple fans [TS]

  to be like that before coming on as I think you need to have a company [TS]

  that you recognized for the fans recognized as having a superior product [TS]

  that the world does not recognize yet so you have to be under yet to be an [TS]

  underdog so like the Mac was just so much better than windows 3.1 it was like [TS]

  ridiculous that was even worse than Tesla versus other cars and yet the [TS]

  entire world consider them a conciliatory not a real computer and [TS]

  that reads rabid fan sitting with the immediate like you think guys don't you [TS]

  see this is so awesome why is it only me and my 7:30 friends the world has to [TS]

  know no dependence on so once you stop being the over the underdog to become [TS]

  the over dog and just like the entire world knows that was really good and [TS]

  everything you can to child marceau Casey your perception could have been [TS]

  right back when coupled with beleaguered and the ropes and so is over there maybe [TS]

  he was just like you know it takes awhile for that perception the fancy [TS]

  turnaround but test was definitely the underdog at this point because well [TS]

  because they make super expensive cars and not many people can buy them and [TS]

  people on them think they're great but other people think either a they're too [TS]

  expensive and I can offer 100 be you know they'll run out of batteries or [TS]

  whatever other side is out there about cars and that's what they're committing [TS]

  but anyway so you think this Tweet william married Asian back and say [TS]

  thanks for believing in us [TS]

  you think he's saying us as in you we test loners I mean I totally read that [TS]

  is him saying that he works for test the well and I did hear from a couple of [TS]

  people who who work for Tesla and and you know I don't nobody who's named [TS]

  anybody would recognize far as I know but you know these people who like the [TS]

  list of their employer in the Twitter bio is test one of them was wearing a [TS]

  test the jacket in his picture so it's pretty obvious so yeah they're they're [TS]

  out there I think I clicked on this sort of thing with the by to see if you work [TS]

  for testing didn't come up with that but anyway there's one fan / employees [TS]

  opinion [TS]

  alright and what else to have with relation to cars perhaps self-driving [TS]

  cars yeah we talked about that I said that Disney lander you know some [TS]

  confined area where the routes are well-known [TS]

  driving buses or whatever and Michael sister Louise Brown friends say that [TS]

  Heathrow Airport has self-driving car like pod things that take you to and [TS]

  from the parking lot [TS]

  insurance you can take a look to see what they look like it shows them going [TS]

  in a little roads barely big enough to fit the things anyway it's it's a [TS]

  self-drive it's a driverless thing that people go in the goes on something that [TS]

  resembles roads is not a Rails is not on tracks there's actually wheeled vehicles [TS]

  in a in a confined place so that's you know that's already thing and and I [TS]

  think someone else said that in Disney World and something like that as well as [TS]

  part of some riders something and like I said I have this topic isn't factory so [TS]

  yeah take to do in the limited circumstances has been at this for a [TS]

  while and now it is slowly spreading well there are these actually [TS]

  self-controlled I did not read this article but is this looks a lot like and [TS]

  actually it's labeled the caption on this picture's PRT which personal rapid [TS]

  transit I have a friend that went to you [TS]

  Virginia Tech for undergraduate degree like I did and that's where we met in [TS]

  then he went to West Virginia University for his law degree and in West Virginia [TS]

  they have aw they have these things called the per-person rapid transit and [TS]

  it's straight out of like 65 or something like that but they're these [TS]

  little orbs and that don't look too dissimilar from what i'm looking at here [TS]

  and as you walk in you push a button on this console that's clearly straight [TS]

  from 973 whenever this thing started and that tells the computer system where [TS]

  you'd like to go and then he wait in the computer system dispatches a driver [TS]

  lists or thing and then you wait until it shows up it says that you I'm going [TS]

  to the engineering building or whatever and then you step in and it magically [TS]

  takes the engineering building and it's on like a kind of elevated track that [TS]

  doesn't look too dissimilar from this road in this picture [TS]

  from Heathrow it is ancient and kinda busting beaten down and it was awesome [TS]

  and I kind of wish I had one nearby I bring all this up to say that this is [TS]

  not new technology and in this is this been around for a long time now perhaps [TS]

  the difference though is that these these Heathrow ones may genuinely be [TS]

  self-driving worries the ones at wbur clearly operated by a computer based on [TS]

  like 92 or something like that doesn't really matter whether there is centrally [TS]

  controlled by a computer or controlled by computer that on board that thing for [TS]

  the purpose of shuttling to and from two places like computers controlling its [TS]

  study went to accelerate went to break one turn you know like it's [TS]

  I'm sure that road itself has centers in it to keep it on track or whatever it's [TS]

  it's limited controlled circumstances you know it's not out on the open road [TS]

  but this is where all these things started then you know that those darpa [TS]

  challenges and things and things that Google is doing to work out the problems [TS]

  in the real world right now this same individual michael also had some other [TS]

  feedback for us about the 16 biggest transport ships in the world polluters [TS]

  much as all the cars Internet means story thing or whatever our intrepid [TS]

  listeners track that down to its source which looks like a presentation in 2009 [TS]

  from something called the DK group is all about pollution slide show thing [TS]

  will put a link emissions you can go through the 55 slide they have [TS]

  on this presentation and see that it is in its kind of game of telephone morphed [TS]

  into X number of ships little more than all the cars in the world if you look at [TS]

  the presentation to get into specifics they're not like they have stats about [TS]

  co2 a fit about it so far [TS]

  silver oxide compounds as well and the Psalter ones but they're focusing on for [TS]

  the fifteen sixteen ships things but they also talked about the co2 levels [TS]

  and there's no bite size like this has been distilled down into an impressive [TS]

  sounding stat they're actually equally impressive stats in here they just don't [TS]

  pull down as nicely and you can find echoes of it in like this story in The [TS]

  Guardian from a similar amount of time as a TED talk that site said in every [TS]

  time he gets I did it becomes more kind of like they even even in 2009 when the [TS]

  Guardians audiences confidential data from the maritime industry insiders [TS]

  based on engine size and quality fuel typically used by ships in car shows [TS]

  that fits into the world's biggest hips and may now I'm it as much pollution has [TS]

  all the world 67 like as much pollution well exactly what they said this is why [TS]

  it was so confusing when you mention this last week I am I had assumed you [TS]

  were talking about just like fossil fuel consumption it not not emissions of [TS]

  certain chemicals and so that makes complete sense which is like it's it's [TS]

  who knows if this is true but it's at least plausible because there's so much [TS]

  regulation on how much of certain chemical pollutants that cars are [TS]

  allowed to emit you know all over the world and ships are presumably pretty [TS]

  much unregulated does there in the ocean middle of nowhere most time and so it [TS]

  does make sense that like you know they could make it their own of crap in the [TS]

  air that that cars that have to use you know [TS]

  converters to do not omit oh yeah and I i had originally had in my head a co2 [TS]

  and other greenhouse gases like Groupon account that you know global warming and [TS]

  everything that you want to get rid of cars and you know I talked about the 14 [TS]

  cows which are big [TS]

  greenhouse gas than co2 but it's not like that it's not so much about the co2 [TS]

  of these ships bridges significant put the the other things that are in the [TS]

  fuel because they use the cheapest crappiest fuel possible and they don't [TS]

  care anything about what's being spewed out of their their pipes and so it's not [TS]

  like they use more fuel than all the 13 ships use more fuel than other cars in [TS]

  the world writing that when they burn that fuel the cause of the pollution [TS]

  lowest co2 pollution I think they're mostly talking about the other crap [TS]

  that's in the fuel not the co2 but the other stuff that you know cars have been [TS]

  regulated down to not have catalytic converters and other things to stop the [TS]

  stuff I'm going out anyway that's what I will link to the actual presentation the [TS]

  show notes you can look at it but every time he gets repeated it sort of [TS]

  amorphous in like this pollution summary it's not inaccurate it just depends at [TS]

  like 17 says pollution than the next person to decide its gonna say co2 or [TS]

  co2 and other gases are you know like you can phrase it in a way that is still [TS]

  correct but it's slowly drifting away from the meaning so if you care about [TS]

  the presentation it's interesting anyway we should ship should go next [TS]

  container ships that work entirely I'm battery of course it let him I had [TS]

  better be big enough to move a container ship will probably reduce MRSA pollution [TS]

  in the creation of that battery than the shipper would warrant charging it any [TS]

  ship shipping is pretty easy like energy consumption while it's pretty efficient [TS]

  to flooding across the ocean I what you say that but in a prior life so to speak [TS]

  I actually worked on navigation systems for big big big ships and at one point I [TS]

  actually took a business trip to Helsinki Finland to talk to a company [TS]

  that would take hyper hyper accurate models of ocean currents and they would [TS]

  say okay if you're I don't know maybe carrying an m5 for many empires the case [TS]

  may be in your leaving Germany and you're going to New York and you see the [TS]

  other most direct route will be and I'm completely making this up to 2,000 [TS]

  nautical miles [TS]

  well if you are willing to go one or 200 nautical miles out of your way you can [TS]

  catch this awesome current that will save you 15% on fuel [TS]

  and a granted on making his numbers up but the difference was tremendous and [TS]

  when you're talking about a vehicle that big it was a trip just an indescribably [TS]

  large amount of you like measured in hundreds of thousands if not millions of [TS]

  dollars worth of fuel and so this was all based on hugely accurate predictions [TS]

  of ocean currents it was the most fascinating technology in the world and [TS]

  and I kinda wish that I was still privy to what's going on with that company [TS]

  because I thought it was amazing [TS]

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  once again excellent alright so we are chipping away at the follow-up what else [TS]

  do we have we have a answer to my question but who supplies Tesla that's [TS]

  right so same God who else amid I'm so sorry Sam I wrote in to say Tesla [TS]

  designs and builds their own electric motors and power electronics the part [TS]

  that is the dc2 AC conversion just as most automakers design and build their [TS]

  own engines transmissions tend to be a mixed bag of in-house and suppliers [TS]

  supplier produced for automakers today the Model S breaks are supplied by [TS]

  Brembo one of the few suppliers that are typically highlighted by automakers I [TS]

  think that's an excellent point [TS]

  other suppliers are highlighted on a chart which will put on the show notes [TS]

  also designed to build their own battery packs but the 68,000 lithium-ion cells [TS]

  in each pack are supplied by Panasonic the Giga factory which we were talking [TS]

  about [TS]

  last episode is actually a joint venture between Tesla Panasonic and a few other [TS]

  suppliers so little bit of information about that I guess that s what makes the [TS]

  battery packs but the Panasonic makes the batteries pack part of me know if [TS]

  you know the electronics the complicated things other than 60 to show you can [TS]

  make their own batteries they really get it there still outsourcing the actual [TS]

  like Brazilian little cells that they wired together did you look at the big [TS]

  picture that only there I did not I did my homework I mean just look at it in [TS]

  every cars like this just shows that it is more or less typically can go down [TS]

  the suppliers and see him in this is not everything apart in the car just kind of [TS]

  like a sample of things you could see also the front grille surround by our [TS]

  friends at Magna you know electric power steering the eff you know Brembo brakes [TS]

  as a good point that like 11 something comes to Brembo brakes a tendency to [TS]

  modernize the car magazines but also tell you you know who makes the [TS]

  transmissions and tires as well but yet I guess they just advertised carbon [TS]

  ceramic brakes it would ever think that offer carbon ceramic anyway yes it takes [TS]

  it takes a village to make a car including the test yet but so further [TS]

  car feedback this time from you but I'd made mention of a bus that specifically [TS]

  wasn't volkswagens in the context of the conversation we're having an episode or [TS]

  two ago but you go ahead said in Aus can which is the campus has been standard [TS]

  protocol for all car computer communication since 2002 since 2008 not [TS]

  just German cars some messages on the bus or standard well-documented such as [TS]

  speed air intake temperature etc but most are OEM specific and undocumented [TS]

  although they are unencrypted lots of people have reverse-engineered those [TS]

  messages to do things like law locker and lock their car doors kind of the way [TS]

  universal TV remote makers have to reverse engineer in Fred comms for each [TS]

  TV manufacture this kind of work is finicky and potentially harmful to your [TS]

  car so you want to be careful in this is interesting in continues what school [TS]

  though is that car manufacturers aren't interested in locking down the campus or [TS]

  at least they can't because of a long legal tradition of people's rights to [TS]

  repair their own cars I thought that was really interesting and very good point [TS]

  and in cuba continues in says that this is what opens the door for companies [TS]

  like automatic which is a previous sponsor and as it turns out this [TS]

  individual's 12 co-founders to build awesome stuff using events read from the [TS]

  CAN bus so I just thought it was really really interesting and a little more [TS]

  information than I was aware of about all of that idea of it just you know [TS]

  having the bus be documented but then they do not undertake any obligation to [TS]

  document the things they send over the bus is just a bunch of data going back [TS]

  and forth you can kinda figure out and it's like the worst of all possible as [TS]

  like well we have an open bus but were gonna send messages over there not [TS]

  argument what they are so you can try to figure out what they are [TS]

  and hope you get it right and we might change in the next version I mean I know [TS]

  it's not really like safety related things where they're gonna turn off the [TS]

  power steering power brakes accidentally or something but that's not doesn't seem [TS]

  like an ideal situation you know like and again the whole reason automatic [TS]

  existence because car manufacturers are so terrible like they should not this [TS]

  market needs should not exist the car manufacturers had any idea what they [TS]

  were doing because you know but I'm a third party gets around to doing it you [TS]

  could have done it as the car maker like a decade ago and didn't because terrible [TS]

  it's funny because I'm assuming it's the CAN bus that that allowed me to do [TS]

  something that BMW owners called code the car which is to say you get this [TS]

  like dongle that is similar to automatic but serves a different purpose but it's [TS]

  either Bluetooth or wi-fi dongle that you plug into your oh btw to port and I [TS]

  thank you [TS]

  93rd at the eight years that's what it's called net cable and it's it's it's like [TS]

  it either a time once on one end and obd2 on the other which is really weird [TS]

  I've never used it in order to use it you have to like pirate all this [TS]

  software and all these like ron's to the car and all this crazy stuff and I just [TS]

  one site once I realized all the stuff I have to do in order to make little [TS]

  customizations to my car making out what forget it it's not worth it that's what [TS]

  you get for buying a new car but me I bought an old and busted car and what's [TS]

  nice about buying that's not actually busted but anyway by buying a slightly [TS]

  older car I was able to take one of these obd2 to wifi converters bridges [TS]

  whatever and then my uncle who also has a BMW has this $50 iPhone app and you [TS]

  thought $10 was expensive has $50 iPhone app that connects to this thing and will [TS]

  let you make like Marco said some customizations to your car so silly [TS]

  example I was able to open my windows from the little key fob but I was not [TS]

  previously able to close them I had to travesty of travesties I had to stand [TS]

  outside the car and put my finger on the door handle in order to close all the [TS]

  windows even bigger jerk than me it was so terrible Marco you have no idea [TS]

  all I want to do was get everything in the car like most modern cars and [TS]

  education systems you have to like hit the confirma I agree button on the [TS]

  screen before you do anything and they're like a little you know checkbox [TS]

  flag and he's had programs that you can turn that off that was nearly what I [TS]

  wanted to do was just right so what I did was I coded Mike are such that I can [TS]

  hit dog can hold the lock button on my key fob and all the windows will go up [TS]

  and the only other thing I was interested in but apparently was a lot [TS]

  more fiddly is BMW's a lot of car makes the mirrors the external mirrors can [TS]

  fold in if you push a little button I think most Mercedes they're actually [TS]

  automatic way I wanted it to be automatic so every time I parked the car [TS]

  pulled in but that was like many many many switches and I got scared I didn't [TS]

  do it but I can roll up my windows my distance and that's awesome [TS]

  analogous story I have for my cars is that like many people who have had stick [TS]

  shift cars for the time you guys are probably driving I was forced to master [TS]

  the art of playing at all with physical cash and then pulling away from the toll [TS]

  booth while rolling out the window as in rolling in a stick shift car which [TS]

  basically maybe thighs to steer with give Castrol of first gear follow a row [TS]

  overall and then hopefully the that's that's my girl and I would just complete [TS]

  the roll up before going to sit in there with the gate open so you got that's [TS]

  because I'm from New York cannot sit there and ok now let me close at my [TS]

  purse and put it back down over here and we rolled up the window and now know as [TS]

  soon as they get the money that are wassup you've gotta go yeah I know that [TS]

  feeling there's there's a desire related link by the way on this is can buy side [TS]

  yeah well now weird town people going to drift back and apple and something else [TS]

  that [TS]

  is not car related so transition the story that was going around Telegraaf [TS]

  interview with Tim Cook where he says that the Apple watches designed to [TS]

  replace your car keys which is an interesting statement and it could be [TS]

  related to campus because it's like alright well so that doesn't mean Apple [TS]

  making a car designed to replace your car keys just means it has some way to [TS]

  signal to whatever fancy cars that a lot you know like it is it doesn't work with [TS]

  the CAN bus is it some kind of wireless thing or reverse engineered thing where [TS]

  you can run an application that they can figure out that you know like car keys [TS]

  the statement confused me because my understanding is that the the silly [TS]

  proximity key stuff that every carmaker has all proprietary increased then how [TS]

  could the Apple watch replace you like but I'm sure I'm sure all they're all it [TS]

  is is just using an app it's like the watch is using a lot kit app on the [TS]

  phone to some of these car makers will have apps that can remotely lock their [TS]

  cars I'm pretty sure BMW does I know Tesla does I know I'm sure many of the [TS]

  car makers do do this sort of thing now so the Bluetooth or WiFi or what is no [TS]

  it's neither it's the watch telling the phone the phone using the data network [TS]

  to go tell us some tells some data center to tell the card a lot of a long [TS]

  way to go [TS]

  Rube Goldberg machine for you know I think about the second office at all I'd [TS]

  go if I proxy server and then comes in front of me I bet that's what it is that [TS]

  I i would i would almost guarantee that I didn't think of that but you mentioned [TS]

  it that sounds very plausible that is that is absolutely how the BMW app works [TS]

  there's BMW remote which used to be ok and now is a piece of crap but anyways [TS]

  what that used to do is it would phone home to BWW presumably in Munich and say [TS]

  I would like to unlock my car please then Munich which phone the car because [TS]

  the car has a cellular connection for the quote-unquote OnStar although in [TS]

  BMW's cases something proprietary and then it would tell the car via the car's [TS]

  on-board cell connection ok unlock the door please our second budget this week [TS]

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  slogan to have tons of great slogans it's great it's to Squarespace start [TS]

  here go anywhere build a beautiful and it's fast and easy awesome right so [TS]

  that's a follow-up write anything else I was gonna complain about well [TS]

  statement he's been out every the actual article and telegraph it says the watch [TS]

  is designed to be able to replace car keys and the clumsy large files that are [TS]

  now used by many vehicles come up cook told The Telegraph so it's not a quote [TS]

  there's no quotation marks there I'm just relying on their summary but what [TS]

  the hell does that mean to be designed to replace car keys and so like what he [TS]

  had maybe I can imagine Tim Cook ever saying that like it's just terrible I [TS]

  get that type of thing that you respect the CEO of a company CEO doesn't [TS]

  actually know what their products are due to say not something that Tim Cook [TS]

  17 again this is not quote this is just a summary of any way your clarification [TS]

  about the the pervasiveness of the Internet connections for for dealing [TS]

  with car stuff that's probably what it is [TS]

  yeah it has to be that's gonna prob in a way you know the read on it like [TS]

  it's almost like Tim Cook is why I mention that at all you know me well I [TS]

  won't mention anything having to do with designed to replace your car is same [TS]

  kind of thing of like you know is that I used to control my AppleTV well you know [TS]

  that's a product at least but why mention it oh by the way could replace [TS]

  car keys cars lately anyway I mean it also you know because you know it wasn't [TS]

  a direct we aren't seeing the contacts he could have just throwing that out [TS]

  there like in a list of things that could be done within software could have [TS]

  been a leading question I could it be used to replace car keys and tim says [TS]

  yeah sure exactly i mean there's it doesn't it means nothing it just means [TS]

  nothing but it could be him and probably not so maybe he'll be winking were not [TS]

  working out us during the Apple event that's coming up on the ninth which is [TS]

  monday is that correct [TS]

  yeah it's daylight savings day and some someone in marketing was excited because [TS]

  it's all about time because we're gonna talk about a watch it's about time you [TS]

  get it a slogan on the invitation to spring forward I don't do you get a COS [TS]

  watches used to have springs and saving time joke and it's and it's springtime [TS]

  sort of somewhere maybe right they announced this this day but today [TS]

  announced it like last month waiting get a chance to talk about it is we're [TS]

  swamped with car stuff but yet so what do you think about this event i mean the [TS]

  consensus is that it will be more information about watches and we think [TS]

  that's it yeah you know we actually got a really interesting anonymous email [TS]

  about this that kinda hinted to us that maybe this will involve some sort of [TS]

  MacBook Air a retina MacBook Air perhaps and the mark fuhrman retina MacBook Air [TS]

  right tonight to 5 Mac like perfect you know nearly perfect outing of the thing [TS]

  that's allegedly [TS]

  if this tip is to be believed you know I don't really know what we're supposed to [TS]

  do when people email us tips [TS]

  that's why i think im talking about the tip is not as interesting as talking [TS]

  about the like why why are we being sent tips [TS]

  and by the way just the the substance of this did he actually say that this stuff [TS]

  would be announced in the event of the night and yes it is that fair to say [TS]

  that in the email I don't know when it came in we're in the email though here's [TS]

  a brief preview of what's happening on watch day and watch their hey I mean I [TS]

  suppose like this enough room in the event you talk about new MacBook Air and [TS]

  because that's something we can announce a new watch even when they announced the [TS]

  launch and other stuff to hear that is gonna fill us in with details assume [TS]

  like any changes they might have hopefully pricing info there to give his [TS]

  availability right we know the launch date only well we just know the launch [TS]

  month of April yeah I guess they depended on today but he don't have a [TS]

  whole lot vented you know fill out the missing pieces and maybe announcement [TS]

  pre-orders are available and maybe show off the new redesign Apple stores where [TS]

  you going to be able to try these things on and buy them and do all that business [TS]

  and I think there's enough room in a presentation that contained that to also [TS]

  talk about whatever new Mac thing they have to lunch and the supposed attempts [TS]

  telling us that the other thing they have to launch is MacBook Air [TS]

  that we have discussed at length based on the 95 Mac rumors and has a few [TS]

  action tidbits that before we talked about the actual substance that the idea [TS]

  that people you know [TS]

  send us an anonymous tip why would why would somebody do that as soon as soon [TS]

  as real so this person actually knows that they're in a position to know or [TS]

  think they know because their second and third and they told to leave all their [TS]

  songs as soon as far as they're concerned there in possession of super [TS]

  secret information about what is shipping why standard anybody was tended [TS]

  to Gruber why send it to us by send it to you know why do people by tomorrow [TS]

  mark fuhrman's sources at 95 Maxima Tim information that is mysterious to me [TS]

  i've it's not like they're disgruntled employees trying to leak information to [TS]

  hurt their employer but sometimes I should there's a good discussion about [TS]

  this on upgrade this week with you since now my curly where they talk exactly [TS]

  about this and and Jason had a lot to say about you know why by these sources [TS]

  say the things they say who you know where their information might come from [TS]

  why they're motivated to share with somebody you know why [TS]

  get to publish it or tell it the trading suggests that could use a little more [TS]

  but the media but i dont must be said you should tell me just just his point [TS]

  is is that like when you know this kind of secret information like it a lot of [TS]

  people are very motivated like burning a hole in your pocket you just gotta tell [TS]

  somebody cuz you're excited to know but that's that's the worst kind of sore so [TS]

  if you're super exciting information then it's not like a matter of course [TS]

  like for the people who are you working on these projects they're just as part [TS]

  of their life is your gonna know stuff that people like know that you're never [TS]

  gonna tell anybody so whenever companies you know I know I know I just think I [TS]

  gotta tell you know that your whole job I get used to it like you know you get [TS]

  fired like it doesn't you have to it has to be somebody who is not usually in the [TS]

  position to know what the super-secret a co-product is and then also be like I [TS]

  gotta tell somebody in there is a separation inside out like well every [TS]

  Apple employee doesn't know there's something in the company that every [TS]

  Apple employee doesn't know about because the only people who know about [TS]

  like this [TS]

  boesak our product of the people who are down there to everyone else it could be [TS]

  like oh I'm not usually but you know about your project right and so I guess [TS]

  that might come to get old so anyway [TS]

  second or third tier people who like heard from someone heard something super [TS]

  sized know this is depressing to think that like they're just excited to tell [TS]

  somebody because obviously if they're excited they're probably Apple fan and [TS]

  in general you know Apple doesn't want people knowing these things so any kind [TS]

  of slow surprised too late for the rest of the fans like it's kind of it's kind [TS]

  of a kind of ruins the fun if you know everything that's going to happen before [TS]

  its before it's out and Apple when I get like this much Apple fans you know back [TS]

  when steve Jobs was alive you have the persons name I was like what would Steve [TS]

  think about you telling these sites is information that you know what do you [TS]

  think you've ever met him you are not a big fan in fact they leaked information [TS]

  like no milk like you admire the company and admire people who work there that [TS]

  seems like it's the reason to people who don't leak who work there don't leak [TS]

  because they're out of respect for the company and for what they do and you [TS]

  know like I don't know it's weird I i've had these I've had people send me tips [TS]

  on my side forever ago I've had tips come in here and there by email [TS]

  I i get the most boring tips like it is hilarious it's like yeah well you know [TS]

  next year then update the Cinema Display wow good typically get that went on for [TS]

  a long time every year the same tip no new monitor this year ago but yeah but [TS]

  no but I don't like it in the tapes have gotten I i have I have not mentioned [TS]

  almost any of them because like what am I supposed to do this information like [TS]

  if I just published on my site like there's lots of rumor sites such as [TS]

  publishing tips they get there usually the worst rumor sites because most of [TS]

  like if I look back at the texts I've gotten I would say at least half of them [TS]

  have not panned out or turn out to be just flat out wrong if I had published [TS]

  anything or based anything anything I'd said on that information I would look [TS]

  stupid and I'm happy to say that of all the crazy tips of all the crazy [TS]

  predictions I've made on my side over the years that it turned out to be wrong [TS]

  like blatantly embarrassingly wrong almost none of them were based on any [TS]

  type of guy I i just am that bad a pretty things but I least thats meet [TS]

  growing up with my own guess it's not like all I got this created by better [TS]

  Russian report on it on my second like no one's coming to myself for that [TS]

  anyway what I stand to gain nothing from that and the chances that the debt any [TS]

  tip I get are actually gonna be true [TS]

  are so low that it's it's just not really worth discussing like it's not [TS]

  worth even taking the risk of the talk show I think what he mentioned is that [TS]

  his I made this remembering this but his best sources for people that he actually [TS]

  knew like an honest sources to get someone went to a web form and typed a [TS]

  bunch of stuff anybody could just go to that Web mormon type stuff you know I [TS]

  gotta do is just and competence they look this is what they're going to do [TS]

  this there that you know you say whatever you want anybody can go to that [TS]

  point [TS]

  like you know anybody who listens the shower now could come up with a [TS]

  plausible rumor in typing company the interweb [TS]

  that's the type of source that like it's basically useless as you don't know who [TS]

  that person is anybody we're about to discuss what this person emailed us but [TS]

  anybody can I can read his email like it's only impressive after the fact if [TS]

  what Apple announces is exactly what was in his email to move retroactive 900 [TS]

  that one anonymous email that guy was right but that doesn't help us when the [TS]

  next time he comes from the same guy like it's I think you really have to [TS]

  have you have to know you're talking to Andrew and you have to know how they [TS]

  know the things they know it's plausible and have like a track record with them [TS]

  so that you know this morning I'm talking to him right three times in a [TS]

  row in the fourth thing that he says maybe I'll believe and even then they [TS]

  can still be game you and try to pass out leaks but it's like it's confusing [TS]

  to me when someone says something like this because the inside information I'm [TS]

  never comfortable receiving not that I really receive any to speak up is the [TS]

  type of information told to me with the understanding that I will never tell [TS]

  anyone and then I do never tell and that's it that's where it ends and this [TS]

  is like for the purposes of the outside world and it's exciting to me because [TS]

  now I know something that very few people know that they never tell anyone [TS]

  else and then you know oh well [TS]

  help I guess it helps me sometimes I get told things in confidence sort of for [TS]

  the purposes of background information for my OS two interviews and stuff like [TS]

  that and that informs my reviews and occasionally helps me to be right about [TS]

  things that I had no right to be exactly right about that just happened to [TS]

  actually know but I never phrase it as I'm a hundred percent sure about this [TS]

  even 100% sure about because that's not the point I'm not trying to like reveal [TS]

  secrets or show oh how much inside knowledge I have even if I know for sure [TS]

  something I'm going to phrase it as this is this is something that is plausible [TS]

  and I said the same thing about other things that have no inside information [TS]

  about equally phrase with the same not accompany this is plausible like [TS]

  technically feasible plausible could be double blah half of the could be there [TS]

  just like Marco I'm just making stuff up and thinking about this could happen [TS]

  we'll see in the other half hour like I know for sure this is exactly what it is [TS]

  but I'm never gonna tell you that or how I know that [TS]

  though just you know and anyone reading it it's not a secret code you can't [TS]

  decode is just a bunch of things that could be plausible someone turned out to [TS]

  be do some turn out to be false but that's only then can understand because [TS]

  those people would talk to you because they want an accurate picture of like [TS]

  their product or technology or whatever to be out there in the world in a way [TS]

  that doesn't impinge secrecy I can't imagine someone telling me something and [TS]

  saying now you're free to go right that about this on your blog like that [TS]

  dynamic is weird to me especially in an ongoing basis that there be someone [TS]

  inside information they routinely gives information to someone who they know and [TS]

  consent to publish that information on their blog as company asserting this [TS]

  information we have from inside out [TS]

  yeah I would say you know when when we are told things in confidence that we [TS]

  are expected to really not share because it would you know put somebody in a bad [TS]

  spot that we might know that I I actually feel like that's kind of more [TS]

  fun to me but to have to have a secret that I'm not expected to do to do [TS]

  anything with it that I'm actually really did not to write about or share [TS]

  that's that's why they told you the understanding that you're never going to [TS]

  tell anybody and maybe they tell you like for example for use someone might [TS]

  tell you something that influences which API you choose to use that helps you [TS]

  with it help you with your job right but it's not something you can go on your [TS]

  blog oh hey guys guess what you use this API not this one because reasons XYZ [TS]

  like you're the only reason the person told you it was a telling you not so [TS]

  like they understand that you are not going to post it on your site because [TS]

  your site is not a clearinghouse for inside information that you get from [TS]

  Apple right and and when when people tell me things that that may or may not [TS]

  be true it usually have no way to know but when people tell me things that may [TS]

  or may not be true you know you're really the best thing you can do really [TS]

  is to inform my future thoughts and actions and discussions on the show on [TS]

  my blog like that like it's it's really better in that way cuz he will void all [TS]

  the risks of of of what if you're wrong or what if you get somebody in trouble [TS]

  or burn some trust but you you can benefit from like you know if you heard [TS]

  from somebody and Apple that that this thing that your that you were saying [TS]

  before actually is wrong you can stop saying it or or like you know you can [TS]

  next time you comment on an issue you can be better informed about it or or [TS]

  when you're trying to make a decision between you know the product in the [TS]

  lineup like oh sure I buy a Mac Mini right now no 2008 you know stuff like [TS]

  that or should I use Cortana for this are used by cloud to cloud cloud sync [TS]

  whenever an and you you know you can make those kind of decisions that is [TS]

  better than just got a secret for you whatever brief value it might have to [TS]

  you that might backfire and were more likely to get information from people [TS]

  who are sort of the leaf nodes in the organization of graphite apple and those [TS]

  people only know what they know but none of those people know what product [TS]

  samples going to ship those products here to be called when they're going to [TS]

  be released how much they gonna cost like nothing you know all they know is [TS]

  like what they see that they're from their perspective on their project and [TS]

  nobody not even inside the Apple knows the future products are can policy [TS]

  cancelled projects are delayed things change like so even that information [TS]

  even though could be a hundred percent reliable that's what the entire company [TS]

  thought at the time you got that information but it turns out they change [TS]

  priorities he did this and did that in this thing got moved to their in this [TS]

  project was canceled this person that the company and then it turns out that [TS]

  nothing comes true not because they were wrong or you know just because like that [TS]

  was the plan at the time but plans change and so like that's why when I [TS]

  look at these rumor sites like even as a hundred percent true it still doesn't [TS]

  predict the future in a way that is useful because things change so much on [TS]

  whatever details they just put out here I don't know I feel like I can [TS]

  understand a perspective where what if what if this person or a person is an [TS]

  Apple employee what happens to like our show and maybe they admire anyone or all [TS]

  three of us and maybe they want to kind of participating in the show a little [TS]

  bit [TS]

  without necessarily doing so by names so they have a little bit of pertinent and [TS]

  perhaps interesting information and they could give it to the three of us and [TS]

  probably steer the show in in the direction of that information [TS]

  nation such as what this person has done in getting us to talk about secrets in [TS]

  general and then you can sit back and you can know I did that I was the one [TS]

  who got the three of them to talk about that and look at me I am an informant [TS]

  now I'm special to people I think are special because more likely to be [TS]

  excited by the fact that I just made up a bunch of BS and they talked about on [TS]

  the show is it like we talked about this on the show the comment that we just [TS]

  made that up and tested in a web form and it's all plausible it's all [TS]

  hundred-percent plausible anybody can make a plausible for me just kind of a [TS]

  certain confidently and then you just wait and so this is why I wanted to talk [TS]

  about abuses will be allowing to bring the audience in on what this is like a [TS]

  microscale we're going to talk about what they say and its prediction and [TS]

  then we can all find out was just totally bogus stuff that somebody made [TS]

  up and how we're suckers for talking about it or was it by God we didn't know [TS]

  it at the time but it's a hundred percent accurate and we'll find out [TS]

  together so they're really funny thing about this is that the the extra info [TS]

  that we allegedly have that no one else allegedly has talked about whom we [TS]

  talked about the stuff we talked about my pretty much all these possibilities [TS]

  but we just talked about them as a sea of possibilities they could do this or [TS]

  they could do that let's talk about the pros and cons of this or what they did [TS]

  that it was like we've covered all these bases before what this rumor but just [TS]

  suppose a tip is doing is saying all those possibilities listed this is the [TS]

  one that 30 and this is the one that's happening and here's why it gets a [TS]

  little bit of a here's why Anglia so we'll we'll find out together but first [TS]

  our final spot so nicely done our final budget this week after if you will tell [TS]

  you our top secret I know it like a great alright our finals much of this [TS]

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  ATP thanks a lot to Harry's ok so before we talk about the contents of this maybe [TS]

  it's real maybe it's not rumor / tip get excited everyone we should probably talk [TS]

  about what the original rumor was that mark fuhrman and true posted at 9 to 5 [TS]

  Mac it wouldn't talk about this enough when it came out well I just a very [TS]

  quick recap so they had said that there's going to be a radically new 12 [TS]

  inch MacBook Air and more importantly than almost anything that it was going [TS]

  to do away with me read radically new design that jettison standards such as [TS]

  full-size USB ports MagSafe connectors and St card slots in favor of a market [TS]

  leader Mark markedly Markley anyway thinner and lighter body with a higher [TS]

  resolution display so that's that was the basis of all of these rumors so with [TS]

  that in mind john would you like to take us through what this individual has said [TS]

  to us a couple of pieces here the first part is about the trackpad that I think [TS]

  it's an article that we discussed in like you know things going to be so thin [TS]

  that the trackpad has no place to sort of click down into the idea of the day [TS]

  trackpad will not actually move when you click it and we just got like how are [TS]

  they going to handle that how is it going to feel depressed sunday doesn't [TS]

  actually move this anonymous tip person and again I would say we're not going to [TS]

  make a habit of reading anonymous tips that I think it's fun just this one [TS]

  place to find out together was totally bogus made up stuff or was it all a [TS]

  hundred percent accurate and I imagine that it's going to be one of the other [TS]

  extreme and not a deer in the middle [TS]

  anyway it always is this tip says that what they're actually using it the same [TS]

  thing they use for the force touch no not the Star Wars thing but on the Apple [TS]

  wants a reference Casey I got it where you press really hard on the Apple [TS]

  watching it could tell the difference between that and like a regular tap you [TS]

  know what this person says forced touch technology is probably a branding or [TS]

  whatever to tell the difference between a tap-in daddy press in the idea that's [TS]

  kind of creepy the idea that is that we better than I had a lot of people who [TS]

  are devotees to tap to touch tap to click on the track pads but the people [TS]

  who don't like it [TS]

  you don't like it because it's easy to accidentally tapped sometimes because [TS]

  you know just out of any finger brushing against the track that counts as the [TS]

  clicking you know when that happened while this supposedly would make it much [TS]

  less ambiguous when you're cooking and when you're not still without a track [TS]

  that actually moves but said the track that can tell the difference between you [TS]

  just sort of tap your finger lightly on the pad and you are actually pressing [TS]

  even though the thing doesn't move see this I'm a little skeptical if they mean [TS]

  it makes sense you know it's plausible this is what they might be doing but [TS]

  because none of us have actually done for stocks to watch yet I don't like it [TS]

  you have to push hard at all it's going to be really tedious and ergonomically [TS]

  questionable [TS]

  hard I think I think the thing is a misnomer my guess is that it's figure [TS]

  out how much your finger squishes like the contact patch and changes and I [TS]

  would assume that that's what the trackpad is using to determine the force [TS]

  not like actual pressure or maybe the combination of both but I don't think [TS]

  it's gonna be like and you'll be able to tell I guess if you take something that [TS]

  does not make a larger contact patch when you press and see if you can force [TS]

  touch with that I don't know what that would be news I'm kind of like [TS]

  cylindrical hotdogs and something that is like the water you know you need [TS]

  something that's filled with water like a human finger and press with it in a [TS]

  way that the contact patch does not change size and maybe it's a combination [TS]

  but you're right we none of us have tried to force touch in the washer [TS]

  telling us that the track that it can be just like to watch almost tells us [TS]

  nothing by the way for whatever it's worth I actually when when the Apple [TS]

  announced that two months ago and they talked about four stocks I had [TS]

  speculated on the show they were probably just measuring their the radius [TS]

  of the touch you know like shit passively not national mission force and [TS]

  I think we got a couple of people who sent a member exactly what I think we [TS]

  got a couple of people telling us they actually there actually were pressure [TS]

  sensors sensors as well so I think there's something there but either way [TS]

  you know we'll see how this pans out in practice I was very skeptical of the [TS]

  current contract that we have the the quote but unless for the kind of the [TS]

  whole thing as a button and just hangs in the top I was very skeptical that [TS]

  when it came out and it turned out to be just fine and normal [TS]

  so you know this sounds really weird but it might be awesome I guess we'll find [TS]

  out there is a thing on the Apple watch page but the Apple technology page at [TS] where you can see an escalation of force touch and that's [TS]

  what we're being plain to see that explanation also applies to think again [TS]

  but branding can apply for such you know once they have a sort of a branded name [TS]

  with a capital after a capital T then they can just apply that same name to [TS]

  anything remotely like that a product line regardless of whether it actually [TS]

  uses the same technology retina but does not get what's what's a good example [TS]

  there done that I mean 505 all to which you totally unrelated technologies of [TS]

  the other than the fact that they both attempt to encrypt your data [TS]

  implementation why is this year nothing but they do show the same branding so [TS]

  the next bit is about like what are they going to do they have just a single part [TS]

  how how do they deal with that and this is the big one guys this is it there are [TS]

  you ready [TS]

  the answer is super exciting a USB hub I know you're super excited about the [TS]

  interesting part about this is not so much as our tip a USB not so much the [TS]

  defective hubble tips their provides motivation behind this and the [TS]

  motivation and little story behind it is but that with the original retina [TS]

  MacBook Pro the didn't have an Ethernet port apparently doing market research [TS]

  let Apple determine that people really want high-speed networking if they're [TS]

  going to buy a big expensive laptop and so they made the you know the [TS]

  Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter or whatever and according to the steps toward that [TS]

  that was made the sole reason their products listed but because the customer [TS]

  demand today that they discovered through market research and that they [TS]

  were selling it either at cost or below cost when it was initially made because [TS]

  at that point assume Thunderbolt chips were expensive or whatever because it [TS]

  was important for them to have that products are $29 adapter [TS]

  unlike so many other Apple products did not have a big margin in fact may have [TS]

  been sold a slight loss when it was brand new now I'm sure the margins are [TS]

  better on or whatever so that same idea as with this adapter like that they you [TS]

  know why did why does this exist because based on market researcher whatever [TS]

  determined at one point part is that enough people need some way to have [TS]

  other parts and as marcos talk about Pashos third-party USB hubs are flaky [TS]

  and probably doesn't want to be attached to deal with like sleep-wake problems [TS]

  and things you know taking the bus and stuff like that so as I suggested I [TS]

  could be nice if Apple made a really nice 30 port that they are sturdy USB [TS]

  hub today new worked with their stuff that like maybe this is like a tall [TS]

  order if you currently have some apple bread at harvard is driving you insane [TS]

  didn't help that is made by Apple Time Capsule it's like you're something but [TS]

  anyway in theory now become make one of these qualified for use in all its OS is [TS]

  and make sure it's dirty and good and all that good stuff so according to [TS]

  steps to that exactly what they're doing they're making a hub to USB type-a parts [TS]

  to type seaports its poses the small and fairly heavy so that doesn't pull off [TS]

  the table but the thing that you plug it in and it'll be a powered hub see that [TS]

  part Shenzhen weird to me a number of things about this and we are to me the [TS]

  fact that it's a small USB hub it's going to be heavy that I don't buy that [TS]

  and also how funny is it and it is very Apple iPhone but how funny is it to make [TS]

  a USB only has like four ports and to only two of them are actually normal [TS]

  well I'm thinking of heavy I'm thinking kind of like [TS]

  I guess kind of like Apple TV like for instance for its size like that do you [TS]

  think it's going to be a big load but small but feels dense when you pick it [TS]

  up like a grippy rubber thing on the bottom picturing something looks like a [TS]

  little miniature white Apple TV when I see it is where they say about this [TS]

  something about having a short stubby stiff cable where that bit the hub is [TS]

  small the cable connecting it to the Mac is stiff in very short it has a [TS]

  significant weight to it so it doesn't get ripped off your desk or out of the [TS]

  port by the power brakes power brick makes me feel bad I don't like power [TS]

  brakes like this one of the unique things about hubs is the stupid power [TS]

  brake unit the ac/dc converter and deceiving plugs in the back of that's [TS]

  one of the awesome things about the amazing things about the Apple TV this [TS]

  is the one that has no internal power supply right yeah that's that's a little [TS]

  pocket and it does not have a power brick at all it just doesn't plug that [TS]

  goes into you know the outlet know all the power supplies internal which is an [TS]

  amazing feats such a tiny little thing and I like that and it's sort of like a [TS]

  super premium experience that another Pakistani like that you got the Amazon [TS]

  yeah it has a break and then the Big Apple TV terror it's a bigger footprint [TS]

  but it's it's pretty short it's setting it shorter but wider so if you took [TS]

  what's in that bracket added to the length of the Amazon things that need to [TS]

  be huge just goes to show what Apple has done with their pocket despite the fact [TS]

  that everything else about their pockets completely updated outclassed by every [TS]

  other product category they do have a really nice internal power supply yet [TS]

  again that right and no fan yes no fan lot of games on their own as far as I [TS]

  know it doesn't that's not a no I don't think it has any ventilation holes for a [TS]

  family no ventilation holes just turns around the warm air jeff is a little bit [TS]

  crazy and so the summary of this is the employer reporters can clearly accurate [TS]

  and the only things that he didn't have as he didn't have the hub and he didn't [TS]

  know whether it be ready and the answer is yes [TS]

  and by the way it mark Gurman in a podcast like a few days after this did [TS]

  say of course we'll be right now I don't know why he left out of the article [TS]

  maybe he wasn't positive he said Hi Resolution but he specifically said like [TS]

  it is it like you have course he does run the website I can he just got [TS]

  changed and he could have like 10 months everybody said you didn't even say we [TS]

  read now you can just go right thing to do update yes it will be ready [TS]

  closed anyway maybe he didn't know it for sure at the time that he published [TS]

  in one and everything in it to be correct so that people look back and say [TS]

  bye you that everything correct so how could you have come to the Stake rumor [TS]

  few if you had no information of the reading an article is pretty easy [TS]

  because you could say that are close a hundred percent correct but there's two [TS]

  beds information you don't know one thing that for such thing that already [TS]

  talked about for the watching tell you that's how they're doing the trackpad [TS]

  and to everyone has been saying that it only has one part of the problem may be [TS]

  that of some kind of however something well actually Apple is making out here [TS]

  so many ports will be on it and hear your attributes of it by the way [TS]

  real-time follow up on that Apple watch technology page apple says right there [TS]

  for such uses tiny electrodes around to be flexible Retina Display to [TS]

  distinguish between a light tap into deep press so that so yeah apparently [TS]

  there there are actually a hardware sensors that will that will tend to [TS]

  detect a pressured press there rather than just measuring the size of your [TS]

  fingertips growing bigger or does that at all maybe doesn't do the fingertip [TS]

  rate is that all right exactly yeah alright well we will find out I suppose [TS]

  I mean how how do we know whether this person was right but first I gotta have [TS]

  a USB yeah I mean the USB hub that this e-mail described you know that was a [TS]

  pretty thorough description so it's going to be pretty obvious whether this [TS]

  was credible or not because it's not like you know this event is five days [TS]

  from now it is this it's too late for something like this to be cancelled [TS]

  you know if this this person but to us I think this morning right so like you [TS]

  know chances are like this is gonna be a hundred percent writer under percent [TS]

  wrong with some last-minute change that lol I was right but they delayed iPad [TS]

  pros you know it's not going to get that right there this is going to be alright [TS]

  Iran [TS]

  and I think it's hilarious that if it's all right that we got this amazing tip [TS]

  about a USB hub and so the first thing we have no way to tell if that's right [TS]

  because even if they don't use the phrase for stocks this doesn't tell us [TS]

  that they're going to use the phrase marketing term for such like basically [TS]

  it's relying entirely on the government article being right because the [TS]

  government said trackpad it doesn't move it has a trackpad doesn't move was this [TS]

  one right no was doing was repeating like the only additional information is [TS]

  providing is it's using the same thing is for study and we can tell that when [TS]

  they announce it because you know and love Apple specifically brands it with [TS]

  force touch it so well that doesn't move that's what our community said hey guys [TS]

  I have breaking news I've just gotten a tip from an anonymous source that [TS]

  Apple's about to announce during this event an update to the double a battery [TS]

  charger if this is real and I'm not saying it is but if it is real in this [TS]

  person was genuinely excited to kind of quietly get credit for something I think [TS]

  it's at least mildly interesting piece of information that nobody else really [TS]

  knew up front I feel bad for this person has weed now spent the last half an hour [TS]

  if this reading this poor person I mean like you know if they're making it up [TS]

  they deserve to be really kill them if they're not making up they will be [TS]

  vindicated by history like to figure out how will tell whether they're right [TS]

  the most interesting thing if this is true new thing that I'm most interested [TS]

  about is the idea that Apple makes products in the US market research to [TS]

  figure out if the price of palpable in scrambles to make it a prisoner in their [TS]

  name that is I give that is actually true that sort of you know and we don't [TS]

  have a good way to tell that but I can if that if inside Apple that's how [TS]

  things are working that is not a healthy situation because he gets back to my [TS]

  thing with the whole one port like what advantages one part provide that to part [TS]

  does not and I haven't got a satisfactory answer to the answer is [TS]

  someone design it says this is a proper making notes can be thin know he had no [TS]

  single part Baba and then some of the department get them says our customers [TS]

  are saying basically it's a no-go zone [TS]

  gotta give them some solution I guess we'll make some adapters lebanon sounded [TS]

  a lot like that's terrible it shows you're not making like this was your [TS]

  frog design is not letting the market and it would explain a lot of things but [TS]

  they make something and then the next version mike has more of a different [TS]

  kind of Porter rearranges things are just so you know like it's better to [TS]

  find this out ahead of time you know if you're going to do something like you to [TS]

  stick to stick to it don't make a product and then slept much only [TS]

  adopters on it because that is not an elegant simple clean blah blah blah [TS]

  whatever dunno why world situation it's so true because every time I go to give [TS]

  a presentation at worker plug my computer into the projector for any [TS]

  reason whatsoever [TS]

  anytime I do that have to get out the little Thunderbolt to VGA adapter every [TS]

  PC user around the table just kind of shakes her head and Snickers like [TS]

  because every single one of them has this antiquated VGA port which is very [TS]

  useful built into their computers and has since the beginning of time there [TS]

  there on that thing we have no idea if they have HDMI directly into their [TS]

  computer or like ridiculous that's true but but yeah like sometimes you have to [TS]

  have an adapter right but for things like this is not like when you have to [TS]

  interact with some credito third party thing uses adaptive this is like when [TS]

  you want to use a computer or something that requires more than one part use [TS]

  this hub there were selling you or I know that you you buy Retin A MacBook [TS]

  Pro you're gonna be using anything that every second you can begin a high-speed [TS]

  networking use this dongle you know because we couldn't get anything apart [TS]

  and sometimes you know they're limited by the size of the parts of the men are [TS]

  like there are reasons for it but especially with the single USB Type seal [TS]

  the hole porn that type C it's super small now you can fit more of them don't [TS]

  give me fewer and less and less giving me fewer provide some advantages we [TS]

  talked about at length in the previous shows like you've used your PCI Express [TS]

  lanes are you get more battery life because you can use a chip that doesn't [TS]

  include this thing about that [TS]

  I would like a reason and based on random spy shots we don't have any kind [TS]

  of reason of course Apple not gonna give you any reason probably unless they're [TS]

  feeling super defensive like the feeling defensive though say this feature like [TS]

  Steve Jobs it's a it's just got one part now people would say why one point well [TS]

  it turns out and then he would say something that may or may not be true [TS]

  but at least it would be a reason for example if you just do one point we can [TS]

  make an even lower power and then you know other people using the same Intel [TS]

  chipset have already released laptops they get insane battery life and I bet [TS]

  they don't have one poured on them so I'm going to be skeptical of any sort of [TS]

  power related explanations of why this thing has one part if indeed I think the [TS]

  the most clear explanation or the most plausible explanation knowing modern [TS]

  apple and seeing the renderings of this thing from our common I think it's just [TS]

  like there was room for one but I need to see the iFixit teardown 22 to prove [TS]

  to me that there was really only room for one right and nobody asked to make [TS]

  it that then it's a self-imposed problem if not because it's too thin it's not [TS]

  like what is only one part of the UK that they cannot add minimum there's two [TS]

  places on the case we're sticking up one on one side and on the other you know I [TS]

  mean for the headphone jack I know but you could move like headphone jack [TS]

  doesn't have a lot of with you could have the USB anyway I feel like there's [TS]

  room [TS]

  not because you know within the case that they have now when they open this [TS]

  thing up I feel like you're gonna be able to find that yes there was room [TS]

  again get back to the park thing where they put an internal power play there's [TS]

  room in there for more than one gotta be and so there's got to be some other [TS]

  reason it could be philosophical and stupid irrelevant anyway if the idea [TS]

  that they would subsequently do market research to determine this product is [TS]

  not not as viable as they wanted to be without an adapter therefore we have to [TS]

  make a hub like when that happens that to happen early on right because the [TS]

  ethnic the whole hub product like shouldn't go back and say he just [TS]

  another important thing to me and for whatever it's worth like you know now [TS]

  I'm considering buying one of these things cause I as I keep realizing that [TS]

  whenever I travel I hardly ever actually get like coding work done that actually [TS]

  needs a big screen real estate and I actually would like smaller travel [TS]

  weight anyway so I'm concerned because I had such terrible experiences with hubs [TS]

  and and third-party adapters and everything having known that Apple is [TS]

  going to make an adapter you know if this proves to be true this would make [TS]

  me more comfortable buying laptop like if the rationale that this person stated [TS]

  about you know make people more comfortable buying it being the reason [TS]

  these things exist that is plausible to me because I am one of those people who [TS]

  that is the case for is there anything that's new that you cannot justify [TS]

  buying know now that there's there's a lot I mean you know like I am sure I can [TS]

  think of something eventually I got 1 I've got one he can he has a TV that [TS]

  really needs to be replaced but he doesn't replace it [TS]

  yeah that's a great example because it's it's still works and I don't care that [TS]

  strongly like all the advantages of modern TVs that have come out since my [TS]

  belt of the ancient one you know it's my mind is still good it's fine you know [TS]

  like after seeing yours at your house John like a modem I looked really small [TS]

  and really low contrast and you know really screwed by comparison but it's [TS]

  still fine you know that there's lots of studying look at this is gonna replace [TS]

  if I get this is going to replace a three year old laptop so it's not that [TS]

  ridiculous I didn't know was that all died I feel better [TS]

  it's a it's a first gen 15 inch MacBook Pro with beds retention issues so I've [TS]

  heard ok so before we end the show let's talk quickly about the post you made [TS]

  with regard to Apple watch pricing thanks a lot for three spots this week [TS]

  fracture Squarespace and Harry's and we will see you next week [TS]

  now the show they didn't even mean to begin [TS]

  accidental accidental [TS]

  Casey Jean markle [TS]

  do you read the damn Skype IM's two of the three parties in this podcast agreed [TS]

  to talk about this and then the show that he just wanted to be an after show [TS]

  I just am so bored of Apple watch price discussion which is why are the big [TS]

  article for some reason to complain about how to complain about this he [TS]

  privately complain about how so this is a set of complaint was turned into a [TS]

  positive [TS]

  listen to the show the show I feel like you are sometimes several weeks ahead of [TS]

  the press psycho on the Apple news sites because when like for example when the [TS]

  Avalanche was announced and talked about we spent like three freakin shows [TS]

  talking about the price of the watch whether it be upgradeable how Apple's [TS]

  gonna sell it in the store and then in the past two weeks all those topics came [TS]

  back with a vengeance and everything else I where everyone is talking about [TS]

  will the watch be upgradeable how much will it cost how they gonna sell to [TS]

  stores which i think is fine but it meant that but we weren't gonna talk [TS]

  about it because we sent so you think we spent a long time talking about the car [TS]

  go back and see how long we talk about watch pricing an upgrade abilities [TS]

  seemed like that was forever and we just covered every possible angle and talk to [TS]

  myself not to information about it like we haven't learned anything new about it [TS]

  but to see how things go background is likely feel like we're not participating [TS]

  in that I guess it's like the podcast I close different than the blog cycle of [TS]

  whatever the market is pricing posts like this there's no new information [TS]

  right you just rehashing pricing stuff like in and sort of people are getting [TS]

  different feelings as the date approaches like I know we talked about [TS]

  this before and I know before I said acts but now I feel like why and not [TS]

  based on any information like you don't have any new information about me know [TS]

  no definitely not only have I [TS]

  the few people I've talked to inside of Apple have only provided their own [TS]

  speculation lebed only if they don't know either so I mean it's you know as [TS]

  the date approaches maybe you get a different feeling in my view on ahead [TS]

  will endeavor to find the links to the shows many moons ago when we talked [TS]

  about these things [TS]

  just four ever so people can go back to listen to them in to see how right [TS]

  around we were after the Apple event but we were on a long time ago but the real [TS]

  discussion of it I think the new angle that you had a remarkable the idea [TS]

  previously were talking mostly about boy can you believe how much it's going to [TS]

  cost you really think they're going to sell something for 10 20 30 grand at the [TS]

  top end or whatever and the new angle is how maybe they're going to cost way less [TS]

  than we thought and as I was messaging to mark earlier today I think this is [TS]

  getting a muddled up in the idea of like are you talking about how much will the [TS]

  most expensive Apple watch edition costs are you talking about what is the [TS]

  cheapest price that you can get an apple a tradition for and depending on what [TS]

  you talking about [TS]

  like you could agree that that was gonna sell 14 10 granted twenty grand and you [TS]

  can also agree that the cheapest wanna be like 2000 3000 like those are not [TS]

  incompatible ideas but there can be a wide range of the Apple watch addition [TS]

  thing and so the new things like maybe we're just be all being crazy and maybe [TS]

  you'll maybe a polite additionally be like 12 1500 2000 $3,000 I will I'm [TS]

  going to believe that but that won't mean that you still can't get the most [TS]

  expensive laptops edition with a gold solid gold band and a solid gold watch [TS]

  and other stuff for 10 15 grand even if you can also get one for five grand for [TS]

  grand sixth-grader something like that yeah that's a fair plan because we don't [TS]

  we still don't know like the variability within each line leaving the band joist [TS]

  and everything else like that's their choice and the size especially because [TS]

  if the band is solid gold itself that the band is obtained way more gold than [TS]

  watch actually I don't I don't know I don't know about watches but that that [TS]

  makes logical sense to me like volume wise I mean I guess I don't know how [TS]

  strong they're like whatever super strong gold alloy wherever we don't know [TS]

  obviously know nothing about watches but just looking volume wise it's [TS]

  conceivable to me that having a gold band could more than double the price of [TS]

  the watch forces just that same watch with leather one and as we talked about [TS]

  in the past shows again on the reaction we did [TS]

  the price of the materials has very little bearing on your open this type of [TS]

  class of product very little bearing on the price of the product the market can [TS]

  be astronomical it's not like a 30 percent margin it's like hundreds of a [TS]

  percent margin you know how high can you possibly go the only thing stopping you [TS]

  is like it is basically I get a social and economic signal not a reflection of [TS]

  the cost to manufacture or acquire the materials to make and keep in mind also [TS]

  the manufacturing of these things is a big deal like they they talked about on [TS]

  the on the description of the apple orchard and benefits on the side of it [TS]

  in the video but somewhere in official Apple material they talk about how each [TS]

  link is like hand polished and it takes like six hours to make one of these [TS]

  things like it had a six hours of labor in it that's gonna cost significantly [TS]

  more than the cost of the raw metal not to mention in the machining and any [TS]

  parts that might have to be discarded and recycled like there's there's gonna [TS]

  be a lot behind the fixed cost of the gold watch is gonna be substantially [TS]

  higher Apple's cost is gonna be substantially higher than whatever X [TS]

  councils of gold costs in the free market today [TS]

  yeah but like but I still don't think that the pricing has almost up to the [TS]

  high models only has really anything to do with the cost of manufacturing goods [TS]

  has everything to do with two parts one can make which is probably probably [TS]

  actually does enjoy material like how much gold you get at a reasonable price [TS]

  and two who are they trying to sell it because like you said the market's can [TS]

  be hundreds of percent like that market has nothing to do with costs of [TS]

  manufacturing and how many little machines have the Polish little things [TS]

  like you're already like doing multiple 23456 whatever they like and when you're [TS]

  picking those prices you're picking them basically to say this is now a status [TS]

  symbol and the fact that it costs a lot of money is what makes it more valuable [TS]

  like that was a good thing which we discussed all this shows the greatest [TS]

  rehashing now but that's what we're looking for what signals Apple selling [TS]

  in [TS]

  trying to send with this product and it and really it's only about branding and [TS]

  signaling and and fashion and because no matter what the price most people don't [TS]

  own gold watches right most millions of people on iPhones like that is within [TS]

  the range of things that people can buy and we already know if the entry level [TS]

  price is going to be around iPhone price are actually less that's where the [TS]

  volume is right and creep up and then we'll get more and more expensive and [TS]

  then they'll be like this band hockey stick somewhere and it says and he's the [TS]

  rich ppl version right and our question always best shows us how much as Apple [TS]

  wanna been that they want to bend a little bit so you can get into an Apple [TS]

  watch edition for $2000 2012 bennett a lot to me and Alice five grand and what [TS]

  they want the endpoint be the end point ten grand 20 ran 30 grandpa's at that [TS]

  point you can be anything you want and I think the reason people are getting cold [TS]

  feet about the 2013 Grand top and now even as the they're saying well top of [TS]

  really want to disrupt the market the way they do it is by standing by pricing [TS]

  it so that I can make the other ones look like a rip off right so they priced [TS]

  at five grand old son the ten-year and watches looks like the most expensive a [TS]

  petition watch you can get its buy $99.99 and now why would I ever by 10 [TS]

  grand Rolex but at the same time if you do that then maybe people start to think [TS]

  of the Apple iTunes being cheap and that's what we don't know why he watches [TS]

  the cost as much as cars right and I mean ultimately I believe one of the [TS]

  right article I think the price is gonna be really boring because none of us are [TS]

  going to actually buy it and but it would be interesting like if Apple [TS]

  priced it low enough that it that it becomes more plausible for more people [TS]

  to buy it like suppose it's $3,000 for the gold [TS]

  I think that is just as plausible as being $15,000 [TS]

  you know because there's advantages to both sides $15,000 it's like this it's [TS]

  much more exclusive it's much more profitable for Apple [TS]

  $3,000 is also a lot more of them and it's still way more profitable than the [TS]

  steel 1 I'm sure it's like App Store pricing [TS]

  look like what you want when you want to do and that's why I think you know it it [TS]

  isn't the signaling Van Slyke world if they have any kind of supply constraints [TS]

  on the gold or some other precious metal thing whatever you can control that but [TS]

  is raising the price and then you sell fewer you make the same amount of [TS]

  revenue but yeah it's been funny to me listening to various podcast talk about [TS]

  what they expect the pricing to be and I think a lot of the more traditional [TS]

  nerds nerds have been very upset at the thought that there would be a humongous [TS]

  mark-ups like in the hundreds of percent cut in a hundred percent markup and its [TS]

  and it seems like a lot of people think that Apple would never want to be seen [TS]

  as like a super expensive luxury good and I couldn't agree more with what you [TS]

  said earlier I think that there will be just silly ridiculous mark-ups and I [TS]

  don't know I mean I would I would say since I guess it's reasonable for me to [TS]

  hazard a guess that I think at least one of them will be north of $10,000 I think [TS]

  you'll find something that's more expensive than that but it strikes me as [TS]

  funny that all the nerds nerds seem seem to think that anything more than a few [TS]

  thousand dollars is just inconceivable and I wish I could say the voice is so [TS]

  you would know I was talking about the princess bride but anyway that's a [TS]

  reference yep it is so I don't see how it makes any sense for it not to be [TS]

  tremendous tremendous money just like he said John because it's not about a piece [TS]

  of electronics it's about a status symbol and I and i think that spot on [TS]

  well what if it's not you know you might my point in my article was you know what [TS]

  if Apple's primary goal here is to sell a watch that anybody is willing to wear [TS]

  and so some people are only willing to wear a gold watch and so if Apple wants [TS]

  to get those people wearing an apple watch they have to make one that's [TS]

  really fancy the people the people who are only willing to wear gold watches [TS]

  are also accustomed to paying ridiculous prices from you they don't think there's [TS]

  anybody who makes gold watches but sells them at like 50% market before costs [TS]

  like it again I don't know about watches maybe there's such a thing that exists [TS]

  but it seems to me that as soon as you get into gold watches you get into the [TS]

  land of [TS]

  pricing is now just you know like based on the prestige of the brand not they're [TS]

  not the amount of gold nothing like we were just looking at the amount of gold [TS]

  to just basically say like no matter what we know it's going to cost in this [TS]

  tax because that's just how much the materials and labor gonna cost not [TS]

  already pushes up into four digits and now we're just saying like today the [TS]

  addition started four digits to the end and five digits to this thing anyone has [TS]

  said they're gonna started find it I don't think anyone is that you're not [TS]

  going to be able to get a polite edition of any kind for less than $9,999 like [TS]

  almost everyone thinks that the additional funds are gonna start in four [TS]

  digits and the question is did it go into five digit how far they go into [TS]

  knots that this will this will tell us a lot about how Apple wants to be seen as [TS]

  a brand it won't tell us anything about how much money I want to make anything [TS]

  and I will say anything else [TS]

  watch any other predictions we want to make sure we have the real-time [TS]

  follow-up from the tips there who sent us the tip about the USB hub and [TS]

  everything just to clarify that the brick they were talking about talking [TS]

  about their really Dublin down the brick they're talking about is not the power [TS]

  brick on the USB hub but the computer's power brake I second most boring but I [TS]

  like real time is good but what that means is that I guess it means that the [TS]

  hub boneheaded power brick layer may have power pass through the like the [TS]

  power from the brick will go into the hominin from the hubs short stubby cable [TS]

  into the computer is of course that's the power going through their should [TS]

  just send us like a picture of the thing that would have made a grand tradition [TS]

  of rumors you know like picture may put on the floor of an elevator there's a [TS]

  deep cut for the MacRumors you get you to get that some in the audience 10 [TS]

  blurry pictures of things an elevator force [TS]

  that's for them but I think the best thing the best sad trombone about this [TS]

  would be if the March 9th the man comes and goes no mention anything about [TS]

  laptops no I mean I keep in mind like to let the at the last at the first Apple [TS]

  watch event now sir least two iPhones yeah and I was playing time as they're [TS]

  saying in the beginning like it this is this is a press event is going to be [TS]

  watched details there's room for something else seems like someone else's [TS]

  what else is ready to be you know what else is ready to be announced and then [TS]

  according to the rumor mill nothing else is ready to be announced I mean like [TS]

  it's unless they talked about the other match the existing non retina MacBook [TS]

  Airs are largely about to get Broadwell but that's that's boring and I mean they [TS]

  might mention that in passing while talking about this one but you know [TS]

  that's that's not good news is that nothing is ready to be announced but [TS]

  that just shows how much of a given up on the AppleTV things using a single car [TS]

  a five or whatever the hell it seems like the iPod touch to make a version of [TS]

  the Apple TV for the same price as like twice as fast and they could in theory [TS]

  make the software way better given that hardware but for whatever reason yeah [TS]