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17: Can`t Innovate Anymore


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  hey guys sorry for the shaky audio for the first five minutes of this we were [TS]

  recording onto a dying hard drive and in five minutes later we fixed it so hang [TS]

  in there and it gets better [TS]

  special thanks to Matt Coughlin is required in their in their awesome [TS]

  podcast studio here in sunny windy San Francisco yes [TS]

  I sound the same sex there could you send any sexier John I mean let's be [TS]

  honest about one out there so stuff happened today [TS]

  is the keynote had an incredible mood and energy to it that I think I think it [TS]

  started out first with 10 and you could tell that his energy was up very [TS]

  positive [TS]

  he was the most aggressive towards competitors and rigid very lively very [TS]

  energetic and general and you could tell all the pretty all the presenters kind [TS]

  of they went very quickly [TS]

  piece was very fast it almost felt rushed for Kim Kim I didn't think it was [TS]

  weird that they started with that video like I know that I think they'll [TS]

  probably start with videos before but that video opening made me think like [TS]

  something because it wasn't like it [TS]

  about a specific product or anything like that it was about philosophy of the [TS]

  company and little bearing balls like you assumed it was previewing kind of [TS]

  the athletics team of Iowa Sen which turned out kinda sorta [TS]

  and the guys came out race cars near like what we have to talk about that it [TS]

  seemed like you know when when the car is thought ok this is kind of early to [TS]

  bring out third-party demo but maybe this is something [TS]

  to something call me maybe they bought this company or they were integrating [TS]

  its technology somehow into iOS to create some kind of cool stuff and then [TS]

  it just turned out to be this kind of weird demo killed that any [TS]

  to the thing and it's kind of been that was the beginning it was like oh this [TS]

  big bang into a movie and then his car guys you like [TS]

  and then it started going again and then after like you thinking back what those [TS]

  guys but the car not the cars weren't cool does it look [TS]

  tell me tell me tell me how that fit into the rest of the presentation [TS]

  running why was that there was not part of the things you were looking for me [TS]

  because I'm an open ok I just just there [TS]

  a very strange but other than that I mean I thought especially really I think [TS]

  the star today was craig Venter it that are really really think you know he you [TS]

  know everyone knew he had shaky presentation a few years ago and he's [TS]

  gotten better [TS]

  then he is just rock-solid now and he he had the best energy he had great banter [TS]

  like when he went off script for a few words in a sentence here and there he [TS]

  was solid and the secret to going off [TS]

  know maybe those were asked to do it well we're not supposed to know which [TS]

  parts your ad libbing which parts ramsey the weaker presenters like the guy [TS]

  earlier in India session although talking about the joke he didn't get a [TS]

  picture of it [TS]

  my boss like her stride and you could tell he was pretty clear you could tell [TS]

  he and rear the secret is making us not be able to tell ya with Craig Christ [TS]

  presentation when his hand was shaking on the mouse and he's having trouble [TS]

  doing the gestures like two years ago [TS]

  even that presentation probably wasn't that bad if you just watched him but the [TS]

  fact they gave you the close of hand you realize oh god this guy's that never [TS]

  seen for all we know he was that nervous this time too but we couldn't tell and [TS]

  so now it's like you can't even think back [TS]

  just shaking my now it's hard to imagine that his hands maybe they were shaking [TS]

  but you could not tell he was just sailing and just punch punch punch all [TS]

  the all the competitors just will not only other competitors they were [TS]

  punching themselves [TS]

  yourself right there were sooo many attacks are back and attacks on on Steam [TS]

  or design and linen and leather like was the joke about [TS]

  the green felt to hold the screen and you know it's kind of like when [TS]

  Microsoft with slam like the previous version of windows cracked version [TS]

  Windows is great and usually you don't see [TS]

  Apple CEO Steve Jobs they were like we here's ISX ISX great and we love iOS 6 [TS]

  and then and then he tells you how great our seven hits but here they were kinda [TS]

  like here's iOS 6 without saying so much and that was [TS]

  headline their green felt it was gross and Mike and that's weird for Apple and [TS]

  is very weak it seemed like they were listening to everything that we work [TS]

  that we were complaining about for all these years they will listen [TS]

  with us and and I mean right exactly you know I don't know if it was a good guy [TS]

  forced or not but but nobody knows that really but I [TS]

  we've really a very surprisingly bold energy from the presenters and from what [TS]

  they showed us you know I think it's it's clear that especially with tim tim [TS]

  was really on fire [TS]

  about [TS]

  against Android and I think this was you know tim's [TS]

  obviously the kind of guy like he'll he'll sit back and wait until something [TS]

  really great to say and you know he's patient is that you could tell him he [TS]

  will sit back and wait let the press rate them through the calls for six [TS]

  months I have not doing anything and then come out and just have like this [TS]

  which is just packed full of awesome stuff back we are back what the hell are [TS]

  you talking about that yeah so what I was saying was that I found it very [TS]

  interesting that you know he's a southern guy which is not a bad thing at [TS]

  all he's very deliberate when he talks is very slow when he talks and not a bad [TS]

  way just eat he wants to make sure he says what he wants to say and so today [TS]

  he and every other presenter that that we saw seemed very rushed they were they [TS]

  were trying to get through things not rushed am nervous just rushed we have a [TS]

  lot to cover and that and I took a few notes on with this barbaric pen and [TS]

  paper that I have and I was 40 down was that oh man jim is in a hurry and if tim [TS]

  is in a hurry we must be in for one heck of a show and I i feel like we got a [TS]

  heck of a show part of it could have been timing to some uncommon that our [TS]

  members you with it like they came in almost exactly two hours and the other [TS]

  part of his I think that it's like Hollywood action movie where there [TS]

  there's not they're not trying to rush to the content so much that they don't [TS]

  want you to get bored ever again with the exception of the cars like the [TS]

  second you know they don't dwell on something for too long I think a lot of [TS]

  a lot of Steve Jobs presentations he would be enamored with some particular [TS]

  feature whether it's like how Windows minimized the doc or like some feature [TS]

  an application and a certain point steve is more fascinated with it then the rest [TS]

  of the audience's ok we get it we know what's going on the next thing in this [TS]

  one there was none of that they would show your future you be wowed by the [TS]

  move on to the next one like just to get moving no and contrast this to the one [TS]

  last year we hit where he had that interlude section but the video with [TS]

  that with the blind person navigating where he was the video itself was kind [TS]

  of slowly paced and he came on before I talked with a lot of pauses and a lot of [TS]

  tempting of the hands and doing all that are never did steve Jobs was very slow [TS]

  and deliberate where he wanted to have like a break now it's like we have time [TS]

  to break through got stuff to show our competitors to punch in the face of our [TS]

  cells to punch in the face logo yeah it was non stop with the exception of that [TS]

  we work our demo like the rest of it was just rock-solid there was never a point [TS]

  where I was bored there is never a point in me [TS]

  maybe maybe Apple retail is everyone assumes that the palate cleanser yeah I [TS]

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  great great great service all right back to the show i think you know they're [TS]

  there was the OS 10 thing which johnnie before I don't wanna spend too much time [TS]

  on what do you think of the name I don't think I like the time I thought the name [TS]

  was absolutely absurd I don't like that its plural and I understand that the [TS]

  place name and it's talking about the I guess is talking about the waves that [TS]

  are there but it you know I don't name whatever the name is the name I don't [TS]

  like a lot of the cat names too I can think of lots of other interesting [TS]

  California place names but I assume they're not going to use any names that [TS]

  are non California man recognized I don't expect in Sacramento and Los [TS]

  Angeles or San Francisco or any other cities that an East Coaster good name [TS]

  it's going to be places that we can't think of the name so I but I do really [TS]

  like the big wave logo and like the little skinny acts even though none of [TS]

  those athletic athletic seem to be reflected in the Oasis yes seems like [TS]

  they they did dramatically changed iOS aesthetics but the OS 10 aesthetics look [TS]

  pretty much the same but the exception of the maps app and the iBooks app which [TS]

  have weird Iowa seven looking icons in that look out of place on the middle doc [TS]

  txt stuff so now are you going to continue to do reviews because everyone [TS]

  as soon as this happened anyone around us was asking are you still gonna do it [TS]

  because they're not big cats anymore oh my goodness is the world coming to an [TS]

  end is asking me to last 11 starts to the next 10 I don't know I was looking [TS]

  for an end to the cats as a place to put a cap on it but now that the end is calm [TS]

  I start thinking that I like having done all the big cats so now I feel like [TS]

  stopping all the big cat releases and there is little something about 10:10 [TS]

  even though this is technically attends release because we started from zero [TS]

  when 1010 comes may I don't know I like I'll stop of I have to stop eventually [TS]

  right I don't know when that's going to be but it's not going to be now I'm [TS]

  going to review this one just like the release date is what I wanted they said [TS]

  the fall I feel like I will have time to do it does not look like it's a big [TS]

  release I think the review will be shorter this does look like a snow [TS]

  leopard release because aside from them enhancing couple of applications in [TS]

  interesting ways in enhancing notifications and things like that [TS]

  at a lot of the stuff they talked about with internal stuff and that's good I [TS]

  get that it comes up but it also means I don't think that you know how many [TS]

  screenshots do you have a memory compression probably know how much time [TS]

  John Siracusa spend writing up all these little internal foibles and bits and so [TS]

  on [TS]

  it depends on how much information I can get about them because like there's not [TS]

  going to be a section on their implementation of memory compression [TS]

  right and so like how do I extract information super technical details [TS]

  about it other than to simply explaining it to people who don't know what it is [TS]

  in a reasonable way that expands out somewhat but I don't know how much do I [TS]

  get into because it's not anything it's not a developer feature that are going [TS]

  to spend time at WTC explaining the developing just think they're gonna [TS]

  explain are like how to make your appt more memory more battery efficient and [TS]

  the app nap things like things that interact with your application they will [TS]

  probably spend a long time explaining how those things work and I'll be able [TS]

  to expand on those but some of the stuff that was in the keynote like all the [TS]

  anger and hear about it is but was in the keynote and what's it like this PDS [TS]

  like they published a PDF just technical details but not really and that's the [TS]

  last of those things right and then just prefer putting all use that thing and [TS]

  say look like they say is it better whatever and you know the last minute [TS]

  they're gonna play new theme screenshots that's that would be that would be [TS]

  terrible so I should say that the three of us together in the keynote and I feel [TS]

  like there were there was a moment in which it was clear that they were about [TS]

  to announce the release date and I could feel all of the stress and anxiety and [TS]

  tension in the air from from my friend John to my left cuz you were a little [TS]

  nervous I was like that last year and the year before too and but the [TS]

  difference was coming in I think both players coming in a thousands of words [TS]

  written already coming in to watc because they had done like the [TS]

  super-secret preview and development this was like total radio silence so [TS]

  that was kind of help lamar respect that they can't really say we haven't even [TS]

  seen it what are they gonna do people have to absorb the other hand it could [TS]

  have been this was a really slim release in the figure is absolute still be [TS]

  compatible and it would be you know coming out in [TS]

  July 4th never be screwed but now there is a set fall I like fall I encourage [TS]

  and take as much time as they need it said we want to cover the the new [TS]

  hardware yeah let's do it let's do keynote order so next I mean to say I [TS]

  think we really want to talk about is the new r2d2 Mac Pro trash can so [TS]

  gentlemen thumbsup thumbsdown comes in the middle [TS]

  what we think I said that even if they don't make a machine that suits my needs [TS]

  if they if they feel like they're filling the spirit of the macro by doing [TS]

  something that has just massive performance even has to be some craziest [TS]

  thing you know like PCI Express SSDs and in some crazy arrangement like they [TS]

  decided they can make something cooler better by not having stuff inside it [TS]

  fine then at least like at least it will be very interesting I think this fills [TS]

  that criteria is daring it is interesting they did crazy stuff with it [TS]

  and they do crazy stuff because they felt it was better and it seems like [TS]

  this machine is also focused on being much more powerful and capable than an [TS]

  iMac in some respects in other respects able to now look it may be that you can [TS]

  speak out an iMac with more internal storage in this thing and that's kind of [TS]

  depressing it's almost definite but you will not be able to speak out and iMac [TS]

  with more GBS strengthen this thing because it's too big and thick you know [TS]

  whatever professional 3d GPUs in and that's they've made his machine for [TS]

  people who know what those GPUs are and who actually need them to do their work [TS]

  which again does not help me and does not fulfill my criteria for the Mac Pro [TS]

  but it is totally a daring new interesting bold design that they seem [TS]

  really committed to an excited about and had a cool video with the big booming [TS]

  based in the Darth Vader look of the the entire thing I give that all thumbs up [TS]

  but I am said that is making machine that suits my needs [TS]

  does not have internal drive bays the GPUs did not look well suited for gaming [TS]

  for these drivers won't be I suspect it's going to be stupidly expensive and [TS]

  not a lot of internal storage and then like this is the most on a polite thing [TS]

  and again time in the fall [TS]

  and expecting everybody by third-party monitors third-party for kmart has she [TS]

  mentioned in the keynote and third-party external Thunderbolt [TS]

  enclosures for drives like Apple's not even gonna sell one of those you know if [TS]

  Apple made one of those in like match the machine people would buy it even if [TS]

  it was crazy expensive now we're kind of thrown to the Wolves ok well here's a [TS]

  little trash can and you go and figure out what you want to connect to it [TS]

  good luck I thought it was really wild and as someone who has no selfish [TS]

  interest in a Mac Pro it seems to me like when you touch understand it seems [TS]

  to me that they they were fixing the problem of what do professional video [TS]

  and audio content media people and 3d exactly right [TS]

  you know it's not for you guys who just want an extraordinarily beefy Mac it's [TS]

  not for Marco who may be just doesn't want to have tables all over the place [TS]

  it's for someone who is working at a studio defined studio how very pleased [TS]

  and it's going to solve that problem which I think it did fairly effectively [TS]

  like the pics are people than an ounce they're gonna have if you want to see [TS]

  how the macro performs tomorrow to go in Pixar's gonna go and show how they can [TS]

  real-time render stuff with their you know because that's really gonna give us [TS]

  that much information has not been a good they're going to show off what what [TS]

  dual professional-quality GPUs can can handle on their and they're not they're [TS]

  not game GPUs as far as I can tell those are the only options as those crazy like [TS]

  that was always an option when you bought a Mac Pro that you can pick from [TS]

  the video card was like you pick you know the crappy stock video card but [TS]

  sometimes they even have active cooling capacity thank you pick you know maybe [TS]

  one or two cards that are bigger than that and then there was always the [TS]

  option was like at $3,000 and was like Nvidia whatever and you would never want [TS]

  to let you gonna run my right and nobody will want those and they actually their [TS]

  gaming performance was great because the drivers for those things and gaming [TS]

  would not be you know but they but professional 3d people needed them we [TS]

  would never pick that one but now it's like you get it whether you want to or [TS]

  not so I don't know I don't know if I'm gonna end up buying this machine because [TS]

  I want to play games and I don't wanna have to buy a gaming PC never turns out [TS]

  that like the top of the top of the line retin iMac or whatever has better gaming [TS]

  performance I have to end up with an iMac [TS]

  god well with the world come to the nightmare I think it's it's really [TS]

  interesting you know they they did they had this goal I think of making [TS]

  something old and new and obviously the typical Apple modern values of making it [TS]

  smaller but they you know in order to accomplish that what we have what we [TS]

  have is a machine that has reduced choice and that does not cover many of [TS]

  the edge cases of needs the previous Mac Pros covered and I have to wonder like [TS]

  you know so they made this thing really small but you know I didn't really need [TS]

  to be small like Mac Pro customers weren't really complaining that often [TS]

  the things were big I mean when you have to move them in kind of suck to have the [TS]

  handles couldn't your hands cuz they would like sixty pounds but for the most [TS]

  part it wasn't that big of an issue and you're right now everyone's gonna get [TS]

  these GPUs to ever go to pay for these GPUs now stand alone as you've used to [TS]

  be about $1,200 each other options that we have to have them at the only option [TS]

  so who knows what we're gonna paying for this machine they also there's no more [TS]

  internal drive bays there is internal PCI Express SSDs that look there's room [TS]

  for two modules [TS]

  they'll probably custom modules and so we probably won't be able to easily [TS]

  upgrade them at least not for a while and apples gonna try to bazillion [TS]

  dollars for them exactly they always do exactly as it looks like the one with [TS]

  the lid off upstairs there there's a there's a spot for a second slot on the [TS]

  motherboard but the connector isn't even sited on there so it's like this this is [TS]

  an option when they scream the board but didn't even put the the connector on [TS]

  there it wasn't configured with that and you know who knows how the ship but it's [TS]

  it's looking like it might be like you have to buy it with two cards if you [TS]

  want that much storage and so you know it because of the kind of module using [TS]

  it going to limit the amount of storage I'm guessing the maximum might be one [TS]

  terabyte or nine 60 gigs when it ships with its 240 modules maybe they'll be [TS]

  able to crank it up and get to 768 1.5 terabytes either way it's going to cost [TS]

  a fortune for that [TS]

  storage and and you know there's no hard drive options there's no two and a half [TS]

  inch Bay and there's no PCI slots which is going to anger video people they're [TS]

  going to have to buy new capture hardware and I you know the PCI hardware [TS]

  that the people used to use emphasize like it so quiet and get this fan and [TS]

  everything you have to hook up external drives to it and it doesn't make a super [TS]

  quiet black sleek [TS]

  thunderbolts so now I have to take this beautiful maybe let's end this thing is [TS]

  beautiful and quite honestly gonna sit at my desk now I have to just you know [TS]

  by some random third-party Thunderbolt drive enclosure is going to have its own [TS]

  fans and its own stupid noise will so much for the quietness like it's not [TS]

  like you how long is the maximum Thunderbolt cable to put them in a [TS]

  closet it's not you know I guess I like I think it's not it doesn't provide the [TS]

  even for people who want to do like video editing stuff I don't have a good [TS]

  value the quietness and size because it's completely compromised by the way [TS]

  they have to use unless they're all using stands for everything I don't know [TS]

  when I actually think a big production has it they usually do have 66 monitors [TS]

  maybe [TS]

  monitors are actually big reason why but I think and also one big problem with [TS]

  video is that there's no longer a dual socket model this appears to be single [TS]

  socket only there they are going to use the 95 with the Ivy Bridge EP coming out [TS]

  i mean this coming out this fall [TS]

  it is in immaculate well of course that's only because intel's making the [TS]

  12 core II 5 this fall if they were continuing with their old way of doing [TS]

  things you could have gotten twenty four cores and then there's like you know [TS]

  that they moved to single socket which allowed them to make the whole thing [TS]

  much smaller much lower power needs a much lower thermal needs but video [TS]

  editors are going to really I think not react well to this machine for both the [TS]

  lack of card slots and for the only single socket option and those are the [TS]

  people who were buying Mac Pros [TS]

  like all the all the really high profit dual soccer balls start like five [TS]

  thousand dollars today they're the ones who piled as high profit machines and [TS]

  they're the ones who like the iMac will not work for them and it will never work [TS]

  for them because they actually need as much CPU performance they can get to do [TS]

  their jobs well into the economic like a bet on the future of like this [TS]

  more stuff is going to be moving to the GPU and then grounding on people to [TS]

  rewrite their applications to use more OpenCL into farm stuff off because it's [TS]

  going to have so much more performance on the GPU CPU and just a question of [TS]

  tapping it because if you think about like very little you can do it that Mac [TS]

  Pro is going to tap those two GPUs except for running a huge number of [TS]

  monitors and running like my something that takes advantage of them or [TS]

  something that works and everything else is just there seemed to be used to [TS]

  sleeping there if I get one of these things it's gonna be such a waste of [TS]

  those GPA is it going to be showing text editors most the time and Xcode [TS]

  like everything right but it's it's a desktop class machine is not a Mac Mini [TS]

  so thumbs up there and it's not an iMac become integrated thumbs up there and a [TS]

  lot of it we love with me on Dec RAM and it would make your textin better because [TS]

  your stuff often really presumably superfast PCI Express attached SSD and [TS]

  so things will open really fast a lot like it's got all his good qualities and [TS]

  then to grant worth GPU you don't want that you can't get rid of right and so [TS]

  and we don't know you know that the pricing of this is going to be very [TS]

  interesting because we don't know how much are going to be charged for those [TS]

  cheapy is not going to be the same cost of putting too big and video cards in [TS]

  there it's not going to be four grand worth it GPU the question is how much [TS]

  can they shave off by rendering these things to the boards having only one [TS]

  having to be the only option for every Mac Pro buyer there they have to have [TS]

  some vitamins maybe they got a nice deal from ATF from AMD on on GPUs I mean who [TS]

  knows but that's good that's a big question mark i think is is the pricing [TS]

  and how much they're paying for those GPUs and it looks like they're not [TS]

  upgradeable that they they have some kind of weird custom way to attach to [TS]

  the to the to the main like CPU motherboard but it doesn't look like [TS]

  this is gonna be upgradeable anyway except RAM and maybe even the RAM like a [TS]

  fold out of his little like kills a little by little plastic latch opened up [TS]

  and then that the RAM modules flap like it's totally weird and custom it looks [TS]

  kind of like posted a picture of the 20th anniversary Mac subwoofer is also [TS]

  similar custom it as are all the max like if you look at all the Arizona [TS]

  MacBook Pros nothing inside them as standard everything is made specifically [TS]

  for that model to fit exactly and that's true the Mac Mini and the only computer [TS]

  left it wasn't true [TS]

  with the Mac Pro just like a video that was made like custom framing it was in [TS]

  terms of like manufacturer but the regular standard PCI Express card right [TS]

  and you could take that card out and it will physically fit inside a PC homework [TS]

  because the flash thing but like it made to a standard that was not made by Apple [TS]

  nothing in this thing is a standard think so maybe the CPU and everything [TS]

  else is some crazy bored you know there's no standard SATA connector in [TS]

  the snow [TS]

  2.5 inch base 3.5 inches no optical drive bay you know nothing about it that [TS]

  standard and so now it fits with the rest of Apple's product line visit their [TS]

  vision of how to build computers well nothing on the inside a standard but [TS]

  there's one for Thunderbolt ports 661 reporters like 46 USB ports so I think [TS]

  the interesting thing about it is that there's nothing that's inside that [TS]

  standard with the exception of the RAM but almost every connection to the [TS]

  outside world his number eighty seaport or any other weird things in fact very [TS]

  few parts that are like they just have I wonder if those those audio parts of the [TS]

  optical like the back of my Mac Pro has actual dedicated optical ports in [TS]

  addition to the ports and all that stuff like I wonder how much they've [TS]

  sacrificed and the other thing about it the power supply were debating whether [TS]

  is is the paris by internal error as their break and it does appear to have a [TS]

  regular you know the three prong need to plug the standard plug it does appear to [TS]

  have the same roughly the same kite site is almost certainly internal and i was [TS]

  thinkin from audio perspective like as the chief I've had terrible like you get [TS]

  this electronic noise inside the shop on your audio and I still get it sometimes [TS]

  like you know analog audio out optical audio out maybe there will be isolated [TS]

  like it was just a big box of toys and this money would presume that solves [TS]

  problems as bill also would be a significant issue if they had a break [TS]

  there have to have a fan and it is that you know these [TS]

  the highest GDP for the for the series of the on the Union for the 12 cores [TS]

  like a hundred and thirty what's for the CPU alone I wonder by wonder about the [TS]

  whole thing in terms of characters GPUs are not quite like one of those who [TS]

  would require like a big active cool on each of those cards [TS]

  + gigantic van on the CPU I guess they get away with not having hard times in [TS]

  the slot and he the thermal design does look really nice and I do like for noise [TS]

  reasons I do like how the fan appears to be the only moving part but you know it [TS]

  is I think my two big questions on it which I guess we'll learn closer to [TS]

  launch my two big questions are entry price and read it displays because all [TS]

  that GPU power may be the reason why they beefed up two GPUs like crazy for [TS]

  everyone who buys this thing maybe the reason why is that they expect to [TS]

  actually ship a Retina Display sometime during the lifetime of when people are [TS]

  gonna win this thing and whether it's at launch that's that's pushing it I think [TS]

  but but you know maybe next year they they release the desktop display that [TS]

  you can plug into those that think they decided to the users are targeting with [TS]

  this already have displays or don't want Apple displays anyway like that seems [TS]

  crazy to me maybe something interesting will never buy the apples are specially [TS]

  calibrated whatever display but like it seems like leaving money on the table I [TS]

  can tell someone this is really expensive computer in the configured [TS]

  with have an option for like the Apple super expensive orkut even if it's not [TS]

  better than third party like because you're gonna make money on it and if you [TS]

  make it nice and it matches the display people buy it I guess right will see the [TS]

  launch event maybe they have a new new displays maybe they don't I don't know I [TS]

  and the hard drives and looks like to buy this property between grand and now [TS]

  you do not have you can't do a time machine because I got about Thunderbolt [TS]

  disconnect now you just now you just like an iMac user all you need is David [TS]

  external yet I machine like Time Machine is is one of the reasons why I so [TS]

  appreciate all my internal drive bays it's like i dont I hate this as I hit [TS]

  the clutter of a desk covered in hard drive enclosures and all those extra [TS]

  cables and power bricks that come with the internal hard drives on the bus [TS]

  powered right and all that crap hate all that stuff and you know these days we [TS]

  are seeing a lot of moves towards network storage things like time [TS]

  capsules I'm sure they want you to buy that instead of the elevator [TS]

  historically they have not worked nearly as well as local disks for the Spireites [TS]

  internal SATA has been [TS]

  the most reliable way to Time Machine her super duper anything you know it's [TS]

  quieter and runs cooler dispenser down an unused power yeah so i i think this [TS]

  will be interesting I think I'm probably going to end up buying one just because [TS]

  I really want that CPU power and and that will help me a lot but it is a [TS]

  little disappointing that like what what the compromises that they made that [TS]

  don't necessarily seem like they're achieving goals than any of us really [TS]

  asking for Apple's going on and so that's the thing is that it seems to me [TS]

  like Apple took their vision of what it sees me what a media person would want [TS]

  one studio with Juan and they said oh they're gonna want an enormous amount of [TS]

  traffic power and a pretty fast CPU and that's all they should need when as you [TS]

  guys were talking about in reality that might not really match up with what a [TS]

  studio would actually want to buy so it's as though Apple invented this [TS]

  phantom persona that they wanted to build this thing for but it's certainly [TS]

  not you guys who want a gazillion internal drives and a lot and in the [TS]

  ability to move things easily and it may not even be for the studios because [TS]

  they're gonna want their own video cards are going to want more internal storage [TS]

  said they had to be in touch with some have a video like something to have a [TS]

  video of like you know we the people who they built this thing for like something [TS]

  to do with software whatever like oh this this new version of whatever is [TS]

  amazing and I love this new version of aperture changes the way and they shall [TS]

  the photographer presumably they had some early feedback with like they must [TS]

  have had not a phantom person you know but like a real baby picture maybe Pixar [TS]

  maybe that's why the new intelligence L Pixar loves these now they can run my [TS]

  really well and it doesn't take a lot of room and they just now but I think there [TS]

  is a phantom customer but I wonder why that's this machine though it seems like [TS]

  the philosophy that adheres to is the one that Apple has for all but Arbor [TS]

  custom parts as small as quiet as possible as simple as possible no [TS]

  standard anything we are not a PC manufacturer we don't make a box lunch [TS]

  stuff into and slowly all of Apple's computer stop being that [TS]

  until there's almost nothing in them that was like standard or standard [TS]

  opening her card slots or whatever and even like the hard drives like we can [TS]

  replace those with their own not really custom but sort of custom little you [TS]

  know instead of SATA 2.5 in SATA drives with his little mSATA connector sticks [TS]

  and then but it's it's like I think announced he was he was analyzing [TS]

  literature to figure out what it was and he said to them to my percent of two I [TS]

  think that it didn't appear to be that and it also gets to custom connector [TS]

  custom modules custom everything ya know like that that's how that's how they [TS]

  decide that's how you make computers from now on [TS]

  right it isn't in the same way the MacBook Air is made it was the precursor [TS]

  now all their computers like better all the way down to the Mac Pro which is [TS]

  just a philosophy that I don't think they cancelled and other ppl hey guys do [TS]

  you think we should make the battery sealed in an all-out tops do you think [TS]

  we should get rid of 2.5 inch SSD is and replace them with this little stick [TS]

  things like they just decided this is the way the computer should be built [TS]

  this is the way Apple computers are going to be built and then also oh by [TS]

  the way would you guys like ok will build you one of those using our [TS]

  philosophy of all custom parts increased up like that and certainly I think this [TS]

  is going to bring Apple more profit because now we can still probably put in [TS]

  third-party RAM but now we can put in 30 drives anymore and you try to get out [TS]

  the side in Grand up in the central fan and I'm sorry I only accept apple of her [TS]

  Mac Pro shredder alright let's talk about our second spot in 2007 [TS]

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  again to Windows Azure mobile services for sponsoring the show I was seven [TS]

  gives you many more new reason three you might want to send percent of occasions [TS]

  it does actually a perfect segue John that's very true so what do we think [TS]

  about iowa's I gotta tell you I haven't so Marco put it on his night I mean his [TS]

  not normal phone and his and and we've all played with it for I don't know [TS]

  maybe between all of us a sum total of five minutes we haven't had a chance to [TS]

  really process and think about it since I'm talking I'll start with my own [TS]

  thoughts my first thought is I don't know what to think I feel like I need to [TS]

  chew on a little while because it is it is it is bold it is absolutely bold and [TS]

  the other thing I will say is the first thought that I had and I think all of us [TS]

  had the moment we saw the home screen is holy crap those icons of gotta go there [TS]

  just rough I said the first thought I had when I saw this when they finally [TS]

  revealed what it looks like and even a little demo video with dots in the [TS]

  beginning is we we we can play by giving credit like all that you're not the [TS]

  first person to make something with touchscreen we give credit Apple because [TS]

  they've been made the first one that didn't sucker whenever or you know Apple [TS]

  kind of making a phone call the screen I go Nokia phone was all screen before [TS]

  unlike those earlier ones don't count like whoever whoever sort of I mean [TS]

  right or wrong like whoever popularized it was famous enough and did the things [TS]

  they get the credit because no one knew about it when I was just in the Nokia [TS]

  phone but then when Apple did you know touch me from everywhere are the good [TS]

  things and in this case I really feel like this this visual style which has [TS]

  been the first thing he hits you in the face of this thing on screens in all [TS]

  those credit to this visual style planting a flag and this goes to [TS]

  microsoft with Metro they they were not the first person to go for the style [TS]

  they were responding to like things in the air about design community but they [TS]

  put that flag in the ground [TS]

  remember talking about it on critical whether we're talking about after I just [TS]

  watched that windows Metro video for windows 8 for like an hour and a half [TS]

  and I look back on my device and it looked old and creaky and clunky and so [TS]

  this does not look exactly like Metro it isn't a ripoff of Metro but Microsoft is [TS]

  the one who planted the flag of this is the new visual style and if you stare at [TS]

  this long enough even if you hate and think it's only when you look back at [TS]

  your own thing [TS]

  scrappy and I think I was seven is following that trend in terms of [TS]

  Microsoft plant the flag and Apple followed and it will probably decide we [TS]

  probably have the same effect where if you stare at it for a long period of [TS]

  time as you're developing your app when you go back to your iOS 6 and you look [TS]

  at you can be like it's like it's going to be like pinstripes and no matter how [TS]

  much you hate the ugliness of Iowa 7 I think that effect is going to be there [TS]

  and that that is it's startling to me and my guess is as good as both its this [TS]

  is a polarizing thing but I feel like there's going to be a ratcheting effect [TS]

  where we won't be able to go back and think it's I would even say it's it [TS]

  looks almost like it's been heavily influenced by both Windows Phone and [TS]

  Android in a lot of its graphical treatments and styles like I think the [TS]

  the the new toolbar icons in Safari box like everywhere that we've seen the [TS]

  toolbar icon it wasn't just text that it is actually I can't run they look very [TS]

  and ready in their design certain lifestyle and they're all like Finn [TS]

  abstract lines I get it really does look like and write and read the rest of it [TS]

  looks a lot like like windows and and not not like you know not confuse them [TS]

  but you could tell at this is obviously a very heavy influence in the same with [TS]

  Android does not look like iOS but your face it [TS]

  Android is the way it is because I was came rain made an OS where you only [TS]

  interact with a bit busy looking into it before I wasn't after and no one's gonna [TS]

  say oh and Republican feel like it doesn't look totally different but you [TS]

  gonna say Android looks the way it does because I was exists and I'm gonna say [TS]

  like both Iowa 7 and Android share the influence I think at this point of [TS]

  Windows 8 Metro which may not have been as successful product but was the 1st [TS]

  highest profile boldest iteration of that design philosophy which I again [TS]

  don't think don't necessarily invented but it doesn't matter just like Apple [TS]

  didn't invent the GUI or the touch screen phone it is I mean we should [TS]

  really really is remarkable to point out that Microsoft has set a new design [TS]

  trend yeah I mean to say set black and they are the standard bearer for their [TS]

  first they they planted it in they were the big company that put it out there [TS]

  and and like other people like what I've been doing hundreds of little people [TS]

  probably also there but they are Microsoft that's just how the business [TS]

  works and it's it's startling not just that it was Microsoft that Apple is now [TS]

  reacting to it you know with the Redmond start your photograph them saying they [TS]

  should react to it because fashion and design trends like that's how it works [TS]

  but this is one that Apple is not the standard bearer for they're just not now [TS]

  in the thing that I thought was most surprising was during tim's part of the [TS]

  keynote early on I think it was his beloved customer SAT which I hate that [TS]

  but it when he was talking about customer satisfaction numbers in the way [TS]

  he was talking about Android felt like he knew that Android a had alot of users [TS]

  but he just didn't believe in his heart that they weren't actual competitor and [TS]

  the way you was talkin even even those very briefly the way you talked about [TS]

  Microsoft it was that they were the ones that that Apple should be worried about [TS]

  it is all based on in my interpretation be with somebody came out and said it [TS]

  but I got this feeling that Microsoft was the actual competitor it was [TS]

  hammered home by the way I was seven works because it is not a rip of Metro [TS]

  but it's absolutely you're right it's a very heavily influenced by Metro like [TS]

  that's the direction everyone is going in and rain and Apple was not out there [TS]

  first as saying come on everybody follow me and it's weird because usually the [TS]

  person is out there first with a design directions like everybody touch screen [TS]

  phone is also the leader and the market and the smartphone market or really [TS]

  anything else you know like these days but they they were definitely the leader [TS]

  in that vision and its I mean I wonder [TS]

  like all history stuff Seyfarth Shaw was not there and doesn't force there's no [TS]

  forestall rise to power does johnnie I've been windows Metro to the punch [TS]

  with with the software interface looks like this and the only reason he didn't [TS]

  was because the combination of forestalling jobs were so they love so [TS]

  much land air and 3d effects and thick things and texture in the story of Steve [TS]

  Jobs someone shudder after Steve Jobs in the elevator add apples and apple [TS]

  employees showed that a few seconds of this background or texture give it back [TS]

  to me that story you like guys like texture and that maybe that was a [TS]

  diversion I think it was a fruitful the version I like the look of the old OS [TS]

  but I gotta say it like Spencer AP like given in the demo on this and here's how [TS]

  you can test your apt make sure the metric still working I was six or seven [TS]

  the switching back to six million in Roman yeah look really old and in this [TS]

  audience that's like gaga for Iowa 7 like we're now all I was gorgeous works [TS]

  and looks weird but the contrast is like being dipped in water in the cold water [TS]

  you like I don't like either one but this feels cold now worth pointing out [TS]

  there is that you know while I O A seven does appear you know by looking at one [TS]

  static screen it does appear very Metro e in a lot of ways where they really [TS]

  departed from both what Android and Windows is doing are doing is in the [TS]

  depth and that it was very important that nobody from Apple said flat at any [TS]

  point that the word flowers never used to describe his design because it is not [TS]

  you know it's it's not textured and not using gradients very much but very much [TS]

  like like Lauren burgers letterpress there is a depth to the interface and [TS]

  they used it very clearly and they use shadows and they used translucency which [TS]

  I'm a little iffy on it looks a little bit Windows Vista but you know they they [TS]

  use they they make heavy use of layering and then the parallax stuff and the [TS]

  transitions are all different it is very much like iOS before seven had all these [TS]

  textures and greens and everything but the way things would move at the way [TS]

  view controllers would push onto the stack it was all yeah you were just [TS]

  moving around flat and there were [TS]

  a big separation if you imagine them as a bunch of cards in the desk their car [TS]

  drove touching each other [TS]

  exactly what slide past each other in front of and behind but there was never [TS]

  like this card is centimeter floating above the exactly and that's how windows [TS]

  Metro feels it it they they do a little bit with the text you know like the text [TS]

  being kind of partially off-screen you scroll in a little bit with that but for [TS]

  the most part it still feels moving around flat teens and and iOS 7 I mean [TS]

  we don't wanna play with it much yet but it looks in the videos and stuff it [TS]

  looks like it has this great sense of depth and layers to it that you don't [TS]

  really see any other OS's they're trying to sell that but that is a man this is [TS]

  an overall that is a difficult transition to go from everyones got [TS]

  their absolute the look like the way to do now an apple says here's a new [TS]

  direction and when they show their own apps like sure they can make a male [TS]

  match that in a match that if you look at Safari compared to the old version of [TS]

  Safari and you if you if you were to say okay well that's how that's how much too [TS]

  far ahead the change change to match into the the athletic and functional and [TS]

  conceptual model now take your app and outlooks you have to change as much as [TS]

  Safari change and a lot that's not a little more work because he's just [TS]

  wildly different in terms of how the toolbars work and how it's practically a [TS]

  new app in terms of the UI like none of the UI share that the reverend during a [TS]

  news shared improved but that's a lot of work to be able to fit into this new [TS]

  world might be kind of like Apple's apps into this new world and you want someone [TS]

  else's app looks a little different but the conceptual sort of physics model of [TS]

  how it works the same sliding things in and out and then I guess even the new [TS]

  animations unlike the sheets that come up and stuff like that but you're not [TS]

  going to be getting any like the picker Packer has a little and I don't know it [TS]

  might be weird like it might be weird to use this on day one and see all the [TS]

  built-in apps look in this way and all of the third party apps looking like iOS [TS]

  6 with a fresh coat of paint right in the thing there are two things that [TS]

  struck me about it the first was the way we describe iOS 6 is how would you make [TS]

  something look 3d when you only have two dimensions to play with and you would [TS]

  have I don't know that the design II terms to describe it but that's kind of [TS]

  how it felt was let's take some [TS]

  that's flat make much pretend that right and Iowa seven years I'm obviously the [TS]

  screen still flat but I was seven years now we are putting some actual depth [TS]

  into the interface and and it's not a fake anymore it's real and what are we [TS]

  gonna do about that and so that that I think to me was the most striking [TS]

  difference and then in terms of what you were saying about the apps the funny [TS]

  thing about it is is as time went on with iOS 6 or are you know I was visual [TS]

  interface genuine everyone got more and more away from standard UIKit elements [TS]

  in so for example you know my little app that I have in the App Store it looks [TS]

  extraordinarily dated now because I never really bothered with with the [TS]

  appearance proxies or anything like that I never did custom UI elements and so [TS]

  now at this very moment at least up until today it looked very old but I ran [TS]

  I downloaded the new Xcode and ran it in Xcode and it actually looked just fine [TS]

  so but his advantage of staying with no standard UI elements is I blended [TS]

  reasonably well right off the bat and I'm not saying that that's going to be [TS]

  true for everyone it's just it's funny to me that all these people who went [TS]

  really wild with really really custom user interface is because I kinda had to [TS]

  in order to stand out now we're going to kind of have to pay the price it depend [TS]

  in certain cases some developers could snow where the wind was blowing like our [TS]

  friend underscored David Smith whose weather app I can't remember the name of [TS]

  his like he brought up you brought up a control and he was testing an IRA 7 I [TS]

  said oh is that the new like OS player control exodus was in the weather up [TS]

  some other up but he makes too many and he said no that's a deathly was frankly [TS]

  that's a UI that I drew and Michael that looks like I was seven already in 2011 [TS]

  is another great example of another out there you know and and and the weather [TS]

  appetite like they are the AccuWeather app for that matter they reacted to the [TS]

  same Microsoft is it because microsoft network like that same direction the [TS]

  wind is blowing in that way so if you did a custom UI and you did it and this [TS]

  theme your Apple not necessary look out of place at least in a static screenshot [TS]

  in Iowa seven and those people gotta be like wow this is great I don't have [TS]

  that much work to do whereas the guys was super duper 3d round in custom [TS]

  buttons that are tried to look like the OS buns in iOS 6 but not really they [TS]

  have a lot of work to do but you cannot but when I was on a screen that makes [TS]

  out like a sore thumb [TS]

  yeah that's why did you really gonna be a mean this i think by far is going to [TS]

  be released that has developers need to do the most work and you know you're [TS]

  right that you know I think there's going to be the two extremes of [TS]

  developers who use UI controls mostly unmodified will be pretty much fun with [TS]

  almost no changes and people who make their entire interface custom they're [TS]

  gonna be fun to look they chose matches I was entirely custom and everything has [TS]

  grass growing on within their kind of like I worry a little bit about like how [TS]

  like that style that might not fit in well with the new with iOS as new style [TS]

  I called this the whole style of the of these richly colored ingredient adapt to [TS]

  have all the all custom but it's a custom to like what he just left it like [TS]

  that and then you go out of this OS in the industry but why doesn't your app [TS]

  becomes more distinctive I guess we'll have to see the other choices redefined [TS]

  help control the yearly Twitterrific is a good example of like how they they [TS]

  lucked out big time and you know they saw the style is going also but it was [TS]

  very clear like Twitterrific when it came out looks totally radical and now [TS]

  it's looking like oh that was that's gonna fit in but I I think so it's it's [TS]

  the developers who were in the middle of going to the net have probably most work [TS]

  to do and which I was I've always been in this camp special with Instapaper [TS]

  with the magazine I did a lot of custom stuff but with Instapaper I was always [TS]

  in the camp of Use UIKit stuff and then modified it slightly or modify it to you [TS]

  to do things it can do so I can you fake you fix the shaper you you fix this [TS]

  picture that if that's been your approach I think there's gonna be a lot [TS]

  of work like the iPad version of Instapaper like that looks like a weird [TS]

  custom stuff on the side the iPad version will actually be OK because the [TS]

  iPad version was [TS]

  almost entirely custom it's the paper for iPhone is is gonna is going to have [TS]

  some issues but fortunately no I think and the magazine should be fine too but [TS]

  I think what you really gonna have to consider and what we're gonna see this [TS]

  is going to be an uncomfortable transition this fall is comes out for [TS]

  developers for users because so much is different I think apps that use mostly [TS]

  the old stuff even if you can get them to not look broken they will start [TS]

  feeling old and dated like what one of the biggest changes is the way that the [TS]

  lake view controllers have this new death in the kind of push over its they [TS]

  they've they've almost adopted the debasement interface metaphor as like [TS]

  like the way those the way two things moving are specially arranged David a [TS]

  doctor that for view controllers now I like that for the navigation pushes and [TS]

  stuff I think if your app uses the old style stuff where you have full screen [TS]

  view controller and then you're gonna push down to his level and everything [TS]

  slides on screen new thing slides on if you're doing that a lot I think it's [TS]

  going to start to feel old [TS]

  even if it looks ok it's gonna feel I can't create a design and you're there [TS]

  so much new stuff with parallax with physics their end just new styles new [TS]

  paradigms so much new stuff that I feel like you're gonna have to significantly [TS]

  rethink your app it in a lot of cases to make it feel modern home in iOS 7 and I [TS]

  would really I'd be shocked if anybody can really pull it off very well without [TS]

  dropping support for iOS 6 and before I think the biggest the biggest visual [TS]

  trend aside from all the stuff that's obvious like looking at the pictures is [TS]

  this was a big trend back in the early hours days and developers of their own [TS]

  accord have any meaning it back in the old days everything African at a top bar [TS]

  and a toolbar thing on the bottom of the names of those alright and now and now [TS]

  they're like people start to get to the bottom on and try to do everything the [TS]

  top on the net ride like have a top ones you can't hide it [TS]

  and Apple's apps on iOS 7 it's like everything everything is full screen [TS]

  controls if they're there and all have to be minimal and maybe make them [TS]

  disappear when people aren't using them just like your appt fills the entire [TS]

  stream talked about including even the status bar with translucent rapid drying [TS]

  underneath that is not much you can do this as far as gonna have stuff in it [TS]

  you can draw their but that is a totally different philosophy and it's kind of [TS]

  weird like the screen taller and they said also didja stupid bars on top and [TS]

  the bottom I guess you just get and that's part of the thing that looks old [TS]

  about it is when you see like it's like a hat and like a belt the utility belt [TS]

  on the bottom and it's not like the top and then and then it makes the already [TS]

  small window in like and through those two things you can see your appt hiding [TS]

  behind it and those are like the button controls and now it's like maybe some [TS]

  whiskey words in a small font at the top and maybe maybe another thing on the [TS]

  bottom and then everything disappears when you scroll and if you tap that the [TS]

  word come back and could tap them that is like you will have to change your [TS]

  application and that's why I like you can't decide okay well I'll just do [TS]

  conditionals and say if you're on iOS 6 drawer crazy as toolbars but if you're [TS]

  not making too absurd that read you can't let you can change your entire [TS]

  interface or like fundamental parts of the navigation for just Iowa seven and [TS]

  keep me that's that's ridiculous I don't think this is obviously the beginning of [TS]

  a new paradigm in a lot of ways and I don't think Apple got everything right [TS]

  and you know like we said earlier that the icons are are pretty rough one of my [TS]

  friends described the icons as they look like somebody's first illustrator [TS]

  project and that i think is pretty apt I shot an airball they're not because I [TS]

  can imagine icon designs that fit exactly what is this a static do not [TS]

  look as ugly like D saturate the colors in like they could think of the super [TS]

  detacher in like OS 10 things and they took all the color of a sidebar under [TS]

  whatever you could do is to predict the saturated subtle version where all this [TS]

  is just beautiful simple flat line art former saying flat to me like they have [TS]

  not shaded stuff to make it look like its puffy like everything is you know me [TS]

  to be like drawing printed on paper just don't use like bright pink and bright [TS]

  purple and like don't use a saturated colors and it would still fit with the [TS]

  aesthetic scheme is the aesthetics names like the buttons don't have borders [TS]

  around and they're just they're just words and the words have a color to let [TS]

  you know that they're active like that theme is not in itself ugly and is nice [TS]

  but the icon centers like pink and purple and I am i spending down I'm [TS]

  safari in newsstand look at me I got Fisher Price Books and con game center [TS]

  where they got rid of the stigma green felt announced like just giant blobs and [TS]

  jello if you like a Barney show or just like a model I found the felt like the [TS]

  parlor game thing and something I find this insulting to like they just do not [TS]

  understand how gamers would like to see themselves or how they identify and [TS]

  maybe the maybe the game but it's not attractive but and go back to finish [TS]

  that thought like I think they are starting this whole new paradigm and [TS]

  didn't get everything right I think a lot of the stuff like a lot of things [TS]

  now are more gesture-based and therefore harder to discover lot of things that [TS]

  you know are but there are things that caused this to happen don't like buttons [TS]

  anymore and it's like there's all these all these changes that you know some of [TS]

  them I think we can agree like john gerdes pretty good post last night about [TS]

  about how you know the training wheels are no longer necessarily people people [TS]

  know how to work [TS]

  touchscreen devices now and we don't need everything and things like that and [TS]

  I think that's true but I think I think I might have got a little bit too far in [TS]

  the direction and I i think i think time will tell you a little bit or not but [TS]

  ultimately I think whatever whatever Apple and developers do with this this [TS]

  year we're going to have to revise significantly next year but just be a [TS]

  once we see this in action once the whole world is using these [TS]

  that this new paradigm in these new these new standards then we can start [TS]

  making changes in and seeing how it works in real use but I think it's gonna [TS]

  be a real gun control transition period was while we all figured this out I [TS]

  think it's exciting I think the you know I think Apple has a lot of [TS]

  revision they need to do with the styling of a bit but I think it's [TS]

  exciting overall I like I like the animations [TS]

  I I hate the icons and I hate some of the text only a decision they've made [TS]

  but I love the the 3d stuff I love the depth of the animations that that's why [TS]

  I that's the best example the train wheels thing i think is the lock screen [TS]

  because everyone knows how to slide unlock right now and it still says slide [TS]

  unlock and it's not as an animation ago from last night but I no longer looks [TS]

  like a little insight plastic thing that you dragged along a little track cut [TS]

  into the top of your phone they no longer need that but I think on the [TS]

  other hand one of the things that like they we all know you know the little one [TS]

  of the rectangle I come with the era leaping over to the right [TS]

  the share thing or the fact we gear manual settings turns know what those [TS]

  things are but I've seen plenty of regular people using iOS devices and [TS]

  they don't know how to like sheriff photo despite the fact that seven after [TS]

  they've used as shown in all seven square with a leaping out of it is [TS]

  probably like how you share something the word share is more you know more of [TS]

  an affordable for them then that stupid little icon again despite the fact that [TS]

  I can do whatever you think like you would pick up the pattern like oh man I [TS]

  want to share something that I had a rectangle now that actually says share [TS]

  and and the fact that its blu-ray russia's you can tap and I think that [TS]

  actually is a trade off in the other direction and they made an emphasis that [TS]

  what you're using words instead of icons because sometimes icons can be [TS]

  inscrutable and even though nerds pick up and really quickly regular people [TS]

  don't so it's interesting that they're like not hand-holding on it because once [TS]

  you learn so wide open no one forgets that it's like that's it you know it you [TS]

  do it designed times it's burned into your memory only happens in one place [TS]

  the context is clear [TS]

  maybe people aren't learning gears settings or share is that little [TS]

  rectangle thing and it's better to have the words on them so i i think they're [TS]

  trying to react to a population that is learning how to use smartphones but at [TS]

  the same time recognizing the things that people are failing to accomplish [TS]

  with smartphones because of the stupid inscrutable icon exactly yeah and to go [TS]

  back to what you're saying mark about the animations the animation to go [TS]

  between Mike the a [TS]

  a nap in the home screen it's hard to describe but I love it I think it's [TS]

  really well done I think it looks grade the new multitasking set up I feel like [TS]

  somethings just a little off about it perhaps at the little screen shot of [TS]

  whatever applicants must be a little bigger doesn't feel right it doesn't [TS]

  compromise felt better but a very similar yeah I'm not sure what [TS]

  specifically doesn't feel right I am totally thumbs up on the premise of it I [TS]

  think it's a lot better than what we've got with the little multitasking train [TS]

  iOS 6 but it didn't feel right but I but I'm totally behind the principle of it [TS]

  and and just those little affordances just that animation to the home screen [TS]

  in the multitasking gesture multitasking view that alone makes me clamor for [TS]

  putting this on my Hairy phone which I'm not gonna do because I did that with iOS [TS]

  5 and I hated myself by the way we see if you are fewer friends have put this [TS]

  on their carrier phones in the I would I would not recommend installing iOS [TS]

  haven't paid on your caravan it it looks i i didnt do it [TS]

  thank God but it looks like it's pretty unstable and not ready at all I did it [TS]

  to that that the iPad beta is not out and that ended they didn't show anything [TS]

  on iPads yet [TS]

  flashed up a screw Lakers statics one-shot probably fake I mean like you [TS]

  know we ever since the iPad has existed since 2010 and since I was 3.2 it's [TS]

  always it's always had a crazy mix of like just blown up iPhone UI and Anton [TS]

  custom stuff and generally iPad apps that used stock UI kit stuff looked way [TS]

  worse than iPhone apps that use stocks UIKit stuff and I wonder if they're [TS]

  going to take this opportunity well if they're eating and its opportunity to [TS]

  make the iPad version more distinct from the album version or if they went into [TS]

  this design trying to make just one designed that looked better on both [TS]

  rather than have a phone design it just blows up kind of the iPad but it seems [TS]

  weird like that going back to Safari do you want an iPad screen just like the [TS]

  controls a safari just like disappears into starts growing because space is not [TS]

  as [TS]

  as much of a premalignant you you have that extra space on an iPad the toolbar [TS]

  doesn't do that training thing or is the OP is that an opportunity to find out [TS]

  something better you can do it I i don't know i think thats what I feel like that [TS]

  red-headed stepchild it's like kind of gets phone UI stretcher custom thing or [TS]

  whatever but it's not a dozen sometimes I don't feel like it like they should [TS]

  they decide to do something like that make the standard UI on the iPad [TS]

  tailored to the iPad and make it so you can make it an appt with all standard UI [TS]

  on an iPad that both looks different from the the iPhone version and is [TS]

  better in ways that a convention larger screen now I guess I guess what to see [TS]

  what happens when they when they show us the iPad versions we we have we haven't [TS]

  seen any of its like time pressure like this you know we have to we have to make [TS]

  a few things ready for the keynote what can we do about we just take our [TS]

  resources on the iPad version until after the keynote fine like that's you [TS]

  know that's the way it that way to beat the deadline and smile like whatever [TS]

  it's not due until fall but if you have an iPad app now you just kind of like to [TS]

  lick her thumbs gone right well do something so there's a lot of other [TS]

  things I was 7 related to talk about but in terms of the visuals are we saying [TS]

  yes no or maybe i think im saying im to back you guys up I like it I think it's [TS]

  jarring but what John said especially earlier where you look at your current [TS]

  iOS 6 devices and you go and and so i think there's going to need to be some [TS]

  tweaks but certainly it's it's it's looking a lot more modern it's looking a [TS]

  lot more fresh and so i think im behind the changes but I definitely want to put [TS]

  it on a device and play with it for a while it was time for a change that's [TS]

  the bottom line [TS]

  whatever it was time for a change and this is a change in plan to let go I [TS]

  think jeff Atwood said you know i've seen the future and it's just more icons [TS]

  on a background suddenly jeff Atwood like something they didn't change that [TS]

  part of it but the visual design language of the OS and even like the [TS]

  fundamental feature like multitasking stuff it's this is a change and change [TS]

  was due and I really do feel like we won't be able to look back at the old [TS]

  stuff maybe look pinstripes awful though I think that blew through the use of the [TS]

  top bar will look pinstripes off almost already does [TS]

  at that point and we have plenty of chances to refine this because they have [TS]

  refined the current I was looking to change drastically from 1.0 but it was [TS]

  clearly an evolution of a single beast in this is the first iteration of [TS]

  whatever this thing is so six more burdens from this the stinking look very [TS]

  different but still be a direct descendant of iOS 7 I'm excited to see a [TS]

  new a new stage in evolution even if this is kind of the the awkward half [TS]

  form embryonic [TS]

  I like I like the foundation they've laid out here and I I like the direction [TS]

  they're heading I don't like a lot of the individual choices they've made here [TS]

  but you know that that's that's going to change over time that's going to be [TS]

  refined and we'll see and we should also before round two at a time we should [TS]

  really talk a little bit about the the technical changes with I think I think [TS]

  that the two big things going into it that were on most people's wish lists [TS]

  were pleased most geeks wish list were better multitasking and better interact [TS]

  communication support or some kind of like contractor intense like system and [TS]

  we got one of those and then get the other one and if I think that's so we [TS]

  didn't get the the Android like intense or the windows like contract systems [TS]

  where a napkin say I know how to share photos and who can take a photo or you [TS]

  know I want to share URL or I can open URL so whenever anyone else has a URL to [TS]

  share show my apt something they can send it to you know all things like that [TS]

  we didn't get anything like that as far as we know are changing the tall taps [TS]

  leveraging system correct ready able to say i'm only use Chrome my default [TS]

  browser whatever yet we didn't get that either so those are that's a big thing [TS]

  of you [TS]

  teacher or a huge category features that we just simply to die but we did get [TS]

  substantially improved multitasking that is going to be major for now for all at [TS]

  a lot of apps will have worked just fine in the current method of multitasking [TS]

  but having those periodic background wake ups and be able to wake up on push [TS]

  notifications for all apps not just new stand-up once a day you know that for [TS]

  now it's for all apps and you can set that the polling intervals and try to [TS]

  pull when the phones woken up when the person checks the time I would ever like [TS]

  that's really cool and that's going to make things like you know news apps and [TS]

  Twitter apps and you know so many things it's going to make just awesome it will [TS]

  make your phone feel faster exactly is when you launch an app the stuff already [TS]

  be there and watch a spinner [TS]

  load the new updates like hopefully they'll be there and presumably I I hope [TS]

  Apple has done that also with their own apps with things like iCloud updates [TS]

  like I've always hated how you know like you launch your lunch counter whatever [TS]

  and all your stuff like pops in a few seconds later if you're lucky a bright [TS]

  yeah because it wasn't even though you edit these things three hours ago on [TS]

  your desktop [TS]

  never never had a chance to run exactly and even Apple stuff was bad about that [TS]

  before so maybe I hope you've taken this opportunity to do to fix their own stuff [TS]

  in that way to me it looks like this is a pretty solid feature update you did [TS]

  they have a lot of a lot of text and font improvements to i mean it looks [TS]

  like a pretty great update 44 API's and for developers what I liked about the [TS]

  multitasking stuff is that when we couldn't talk about the particulars even [TS]

  if we knew them but we don't know them anyhow but it seemed like one of the [TS]

  things I was really worried about was if they took the Android approach every [TS]

  option installed a man that can live and run forever and obviously that's not [TS]

  Apple style but we weren't entirely sure if they were going to just be marginally [TS]

  less restrictive and there's an argument that's what they did but it's certainly [TS]

  less restrictive enough that it should make a really notable positive [TS]

  difference and yet also restrictive enough that I don't think our [TS]

  batteries will last half as long because things start downloading the background [TS]

  keep the key feature is at the you don't use eventually fade away and that is the [TS]

  thing that kills you stupid phone if you have a free for all and you download [TS]

  some stupid app and you forget about it and then you understand why your battery [TS]

  is dying you blame it on the app download it today but really was the app [TS]

  you downloaded three days ago the keeps running in the background during [TS]

  something like the those apps will just no longer be given a chance to run in [TS]

  the background by iOS is it will say look the guy doesn't user does not run [TS]

  you you never get a chance to run the background I wonder if you push [TS]

  notifications I would be interested but like around trying to think of if you [TS]

  are malicious and annoying thing you told your address something could you [TS]

  make an appt the conspiracies push notifications economy wakes up and [TS]

  drains the battery that can get back like the OS 10 Mavericks feature where [TS]

  you've got a you know where you can read applications Muhammad energy they're [TS]

  they're using a stop not brought that I S [TS]

  you know your process viewer you find like your Android has like here's what [TS]

  use your battery power but I feel ok about it maybe maybe the prince Iowa [TS]

  tsunami maybe it'll be in the shipping version who knows [TS]

  yeah i i think overall this is a solid update and the OS tablet looks pretty [TS]

  good too I'm very happy with the National we didn't get everything we [TS]

  wanted but we got a lot of it is not boring boring boring and I mean really [TS]

  think that they came out swinging noe said that a few times now but the air in [TS]

  the room whether or not I came across the video was that Apple was fired up [TS]

  they were angry is the right word but they were they were ready to fight back [TS]

  they've been they've been sitting around working on things true quietly and now [TS]

  they're ready to save the world hey screw you we never left something we're [TS]

  back we never even mentioned I radio which is like and we got one of those [TS]

  two weeks built on a complete end to her clothes for less money [TS]

  yeah built into everything yet that's that looks like between mark when I we [TS]

  counted probably five or ten or fifteen different apps or companies that had [TS]

  some serious thinking to do after I mean it was it was impressive and you know [TS]

  what's great about this overall [TS]

  all this is going to make everyone start talking about Apple a lot more than they [TS]

  have been Apple has lost so much of the attention and interest of the press and [TS]

  reviewers and of nerds everywhere also been doing all these crazy things in [TS]

  Apple's been kind of resting on its laurels apparently to the public but now [TS]

  they come out with all this crazy new stuff and now they're back in the [TS]

  discussion and and we have a lot of work to do and we have a lot to see and thats [TS]

  I'm very excited about that it would be great if it was a one-two punch and the [TS]

  next iPhone was a phone sex with a new physical I'm not predicting that boy [TS]

  that would perhaps out what if they come out with like a bigger screen version [TS]

  this fall I mean they're they're setting up because you know that's usually the [TS]

  big thing these days is like our new iPhone is out this was not in there is [TS]

  no new iPhone here but they did all this stuff and they didn't even do the new [TS]

  iPhones like the new iPhone you know we all just so much going to be the five [TS]

  form factor but like I imagined you could imagine a device that that it [TS]

  matches up with iOS app right yeah and that's kind of the idea they're going [TS]

  for me they talked briefly but sternly about collaboration being a really [TS]

  important part of Iowa seven and and that you know the the design of the [TS]

  device should inform the design of the software and and so you make a very good [TS]

  point that it very well could happen and I think the thing that made me laugh the [TS]

  most was when she learned I was sure I was doing the Mac Pro bit and and he [TS]

  said you know what was his career he put the camera in the audience and I think [TS]

  you might have an article on Sat said in an interview on Sat apples and a meeting [TS]

  Mr don't think your Google that before and I think that's why they put the [TS]

  camera on him as soon as it can innovate anymore my ass and whatever you think of [TS]

  that Mac Pro and maybe people think innovating that is not a regular [TS]

  computer that have not like we made a box and put CPUs in it and RAM yet and [TS]

  you have regardless of whether we're gonna complain about lack of hard drives [TS]

  are slots that is that is innovative that's for sure I think we should wrap [TS]

  it up this is also much more talk about these things and we [TS]

  more talk about next week once we are a leaf blower packed full of stuff that we [TS]

  can't talk about from the India but this is great I i'm looking for all the stuff [TS]

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