The Incomparable

250: Stay Inside My Aura


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  it's not brain science its rocket [TS]

  surgery this is Zardoz the incomparable [TS]

  number 250 jun 2015 i welcome back to [TS]

  the uncomfortable rocket surgery we take [TS]

  a look at a movie with questionable [TS]

  morals from various one of the various [TS]

  decades of history and if it's the [TS]

  seventies this time and it's john [TS]

  boarman zai he wrote he directed it [TS]

  he produced it it's hard cause keep in [TS]

  mind that in the context of the [TS]

  seventies there is no such thing as [TS]

  questionable morals [TS]

  yeah that well we'll get to that I mean [TS]

  it's all such things from this I could [TS]

  not think of a 747 is moving in this [TS]

  joining me to discuss Zardoz the the [TS]

  crew this time begins with Steve lot so [TS]

  you just heard hi Steve [TS]

  hello there Jason I'm excited to discuss [TS]

  this film wearing my red diaper I I [TS]

  expected no less of you Erica and sign [TS]

  also you heard earlier [TS]

  hello hello second I got are less [TS]

  excited test ray boom [TS]

  David J lower also out there hello hello [TS]

  all i can say is pay no attention to the [TS]

  man behind the Fox Logan Glenn [TS]

  fleischmann inexplicably has lots to say [TS]

  about this movie so we invited him [TS]

  behind hello glad this podcasters evil [TS]

  and fair enough [TS]

  hi Joe rosenstiel is out there hi Joe [TS]

  I just enjoying some green bread over [TS]

  here and first time on the uncomfortable [TS]

  though she's going around the track [TS]

  before and we praise your book before [TS]

  it's Halloween worker hello hello thank [TS]

  you so much for having me i tattooed on [TS]

  a beer just for the occasion [TS]

  yeah tattoo a is my anyway and and for [TS]

  those of you who are not good or not [TS]

  aware i'm jason snelling I am Zardoz i [TS]

  have podcast 249 episodes and I long to [TS]

  die just got instead is bouncing around [TS]

  his recording studio but death is no [TS]

  longer possible [TS]

  I am immortal I present now my story [TS]

  full of mystery and intrigue rich [TS]

  entirety and chocolate and most [TS]

  hypercritical it is it that he had a [TS]

  ridiculous film so none of these events [TS]

  will ever occur [TS]

  be warned lest you end as I in this tale [TS]

  I'm host by occupation and a rocket [TS]

  surgeon by inclination Merlin Mann is my [TS]

  hero i am the puppet master say hello [TS]

  Johnny like Jason I manipulate many of [TS]

  the panelists and events you will see [TS]

  but I invented to for your entertainment [TS]

  and amusement and you poor creatures who [TS]

  conjured you out of the ether is your [TS]

  smartphone and show business to all i [TS]

  can see you can't see us but we're all [TS]

  doing jazz hands at you I think you put [TS]

  more thought into that little rant then [TS]

  john boarman put into this entire [TS]

  two-hour movie [TS]

  oh good i had to do that i would like to [TS]

  make an opening statement when I have [TS]

  statements [TS]

  sir I have things to say about this pump [TS]

  I know I opening statement is I watched [TS]

  a few weeks ago and I meant to watching [TS]

  and have not watched the second time [TS]

  except replaying it again and again and [TS]

  again in my mind in the VCR that is good [TS]

  mind and hopefully actual details but my [TS]

  takeaway from this film since we haven't [TS]

  talked about yet is I can't figure out [TS]

  whether Foreman is trying to make [TS]

  commentary about like the nature of [TS]

  feminism in the change in society as a [TS]

  comedy of what he thinks as the d [TS]

  sexualisation and d masculinization of [TS]

  society the nineteen seventies or if [TS]

  he's laughing at everybody who thinks [TS]

  that's what's happening [TS]

  that's my opening i'm still I I don't [TS]

  have an answer maybe we'll come up with [TS]

  one boy I I'm just the the one quote i [TS]

  found from Borman and this sort of said [TS]

  it all for me quote [TS]

  it was the seventies and I was doing a [TS]

  lot of drugs [TS]

  frankly I'm not even sure what parts of [TS]

  the movie or about unquote [TS]

  well it ends one of the last lines in [TS]

  the film is as friend the character [TS]

  friend is shot he see announces success [TS]

  it was all a joke [TS]

  so yeah I would suggest that has [TS]

  something to do with your answer [TS]

  I mean it reminded me of a love of the [TS]

  movie head by the monkeys but more [TS]

  coherent than that there is ahead in [TS]

  this film there is a yes a couple of her [TS]

  is stone had originally games with you [TS]

  have to own head [TS]

  I'm actually comforted by the experience [TS]

  of watching this movie not because it [TS]

  was any good [TS]

  it wasn't not even because i liked it i [TS]

  didn't know what brings me comfort is a [TS]

  sense of stability and continuity the [TS]

  stability of knowing that Glenn is still [TS]

  my incomparable opposite haven't been [TS]

  everything you've said about this movie [TS]

  so far i am confident that we are still [TS]

  like opposing pillars of competing have [TS]

  I been supplanted as the anti Erica [TS]

  that's terrible [TS]

  archival actually in canada though [TS]

  because your husband needs extensive [TS]

  psychiatric care after having seen this [TS]

  film he was mad he was he was very upset [TS]

  with me for making him watch this film [TS]

  now I just up for my part I just found [TS]

  that this far as you know Glenn your you [TS]

  thought about the the feminism thing is [TS]

  just sort of saw it as a an incredibly [TS]

  tired trope science fiction trope that [TS]

  was that was tired even at the time you [TS]

  know the futuristic utopian society [TS]

  suddenly needs this manly man to come [TS]

  and show them the error of their ways in [TS]

  this case it happens to be a murderer [TS]

  and a rapist and and in this case the [TS]

  Utopia utopian society seems to have [TS]

  women in a position of at least equality [TS]

  if not not power and you know they they [TS]

  need to be to be shown how how wrong [TS]

  they are about the way that they have [TS]

  have have taken things and it's just it [TS]

  I've read a gazillion stories like that [TS]

  and this was a poorly done version [TS]

  thereof although i will say it wasn't as [TS]

  on entertaining as i expected it to be [TS]

  I'm on Team America I have not read a [TS]

  gazillion stories like this and i found [TS]

  it strangely fascinating [TS]

  and I absolutely no idea what to expect [TS]

  from this movie when i started in on it [TS]

  and that is exactly what I got I i still [TS]

  have no idea what i want to i watched it [TS]

  twice [TS]

  it's so literal that's why I wonder it's [TS]

  so literal if it's really literal this [TS]

  is the same animate deliverance he made [TS]

  the incredibly odd Excalibur it's which [TS]

  is not that [TS]

  excalibur has levels of depth not [TS]

  suggesting but it's it's so weird in its [TS]

  literalness that I feel like it is [TS]

  almost a joke that if you take it [TS]

  seriously as a tired trope that he's [TS]

  actually totally won the framing [TS]

  mechanism is part of that but i think [TS]

  i'm giving them too much credit [TS]

  yeah yeah he was he was doing a lot of [TS]

  drugs [TS]

  yeah it seemed like an art film made by [TS]

  the weird guy in film class who just [TS]

  sits in the back and mutters to himself [TS]

  and stares creeply that way that's just [TS]

  this is what happens when you as a [TS]

  director and writer are given too much [TS]

  rope because a surprising number of [TS]

  people wanted to see Ned Beatty squeal [TS]

  like a pig [TS]

  no I mean he got he got to do whatever [TS]

  he wanted and what he wanted to do was [TS]

  make lord of the rings and someone [TS]

  wisely said new new new [TS]

  so when did this instead I wish somebody [TS]

  would have said no to this to that's the [TS]

  problem to get the same guy writing [TS]

  producing and directing you don't have [TS]

  somebody to say those notes also is the [TS]

  seventies so there's nobody there to say [TS]

  that that's too [TS]

  i I don't know enough about the history [TS]

  of you know the trope but Eric I had [TS]

  that same response of this must have [TS]

  been tired even then that the feeling of [TS]

  you know it i don't know i have have a [TS]

  very weird soft spot for this movie [TS]

  because I first saw it when I was an [TS]

  incredibly impression about 19 year old [TS]

  and it was the first thing like this i [TS]

  had ever seen because i had a pretty [TS]

  sheltered suburban life growing up in [TS]

  all the movies i saw were with my [TS]

  parents and they would never have seen [TS]

  anything like this in front of me at [TS]

  least so you know here i was in a [TS]

  college basement with my boyfriend a [TS]

  bunch of other people and with my jaw on [TS]

  the floor just watching this so it was [TS]

  it was a very weird sort of education in [TS]

  you know seventies whoo sci-fi [TS]

  and you know it and it actually held up [TS]

  in some respects better this time than i [TS]

  was expecting it to because I haven't [TS]

  seen it since I was 19 but yeah that's [TS]

  sort of like oh god is this all he's [TS]

  gonna say like you know putting aside [TS]

  all like you know just okay here here [TS]

  the rapist is the hero I mean I mean [TS]

  talk about I mean big flashing nope nope [TS]

  nope sign but but the it's like i wanted [TS]

  i wanted something a little more depth [TS]

  that wasn't just like okay obviously [TS]

  he's just doing more and more drugs [TS]

  through the movie until the end is is [TS]

  like you know justjust complete [TS]

  performance art but anyway that might be [TS]

  getting ahead of ourselves [TS]

  it did feel I I died a couple of [TS]

  thoughts one is a did feel like he was [TS]

  like you know that last scene in 2001 [TS]

  when we have a lot of seems like i can't [TS]

  actually make reference to 2001 the [TS]

  poster for this film to me and I think [TS]

  the copy on that poster is something [TS]

  along the lines of you had no idea what [TS]

  happened in these three movies and [TS]

  you'll really have no idea what happens [TS]

  in this movie [TS]

  oh yeah the trailer is brilliant because [TS]

  it's know beyond 2001 ya be on here and [TS]

  then beyond life beyond death [TS]

  sorry not sorry i want to give you [TS]

  chasing the 2001 dragon this is a pretty [TS]

  good follow-up well but the more obvious [TS]

  one is a is the time machine right which [TS]

  I just looked up at you not in 1962 [TS]

  version thing here with Rod Taylor very [TS]

  well George panel movie [TS]

  yes you could say the trip goes back to [TS]

  you know the 18 was a tease or something [TS]

  in the book with the original was [TS]

  written where you have sort of [TS]

  androgynous not in this case not very [TS]

  bright they have don't have to retain [TS]

  the Eloi don't have to retain any [TS]

  intelligence there are the Morlocks [TS]

  working for them on their behalf toiling [TS]

  for them and then they eat some of them [TS]

  from time to time so the relationship is [TS]

  a little different but it's still it's [TS]

  still the same kinda mechanism in the [TS]

  1960s movie was pretty literal the other [TS]

  kubrick movie i want to mention and this [TS]

  goes back to lean and Erica talking [TS]

  about the yes our hero he is a murderer [TS]

  multiple murderer rapist but he's our [TS]

  hero is a clockwork orange and also I [TS]

  interested you don't want it reminded me [TS]

  a lot of a clockwork orange which is [TS]

  like [TS]

  fucking violence but it's commentary but [TS]

  it's shocking violence but it's [TS]

  commentary a little bit of that vibe in [TS]

  in here to either the violence here is [TS]

  relatively muted it is don't you want to [TS]

  see a lot of it up close and personal [TS]

  yeah both movies and with Beethoven also [TS]

  what an interesting Derek directorial [TS]

  career though I mean I think deliverance [TS]

  and Excalibur are both generally [TS]

  considered good to great by a lot of [TS]

  people but then he also did this and he [TS]

  followed this up with exercises to the [TS]

  heritage which is probably the worst [TS]

  horror movie sequel of all time and [TS]

  that's saying something that's saying a [TS]

  lot [TS]

  wow that's a high bar a lot I I was [TS]

  gonna walk through the movies i was [TS]

  actually this is a plot that strong [TS]

  strong word for it and you and let you [TS]

  stop me at any point are we ready to do [TS]

  that now because I can do that now maybe [TS]

  trip through it is better than walk you [TS]

  know I i gotta disagree with the strong [TS]

  word for plot i mean the plot makes a [TS]

  lot of sense [TS]

  up until about an hour and 15 seconds [TS]

  anyway I guess what i can say is I walk [TS]

  through the scenes and that may be a [TS]

  strong word for some of the scenes like [TS]

  I'm not sure what happens here whistles [TS]

  there's a lot of that so there's gonna [TS]

  be one usually want to walk through this [TS]

  there's also skip over something and [TS]

  steals a way Jason you miss that's gonna [TS]

  happen a lot i think that may happen a [TS]

  lot of you know I so we start of course [TS]

  with the with the cheesy narrator [TS]

  narration that I just reprieved at the [TS]

  top of this show [TS]

  follow the bouncing head of Arthur Frayn [TS]

  I hadn't had a note that said that that [TS]

  we're talking about how high the [TS]

  director was there are probably a lot of [TS]

  like a essays and and papers written in [TS]

  college classes about this movie and [TS]

  I'll just say now they should have all [TS]

  got naps [TS]

  it begins with these are logo appearing [TS]

  which are I couldn't help but think [TS]

  reminds me of the spinal tap logo and in [TS]

  fact it and i find it an early example [TS]

  of marketing where they're like let's [TS]

  not just put up the name and in like a [TS]

  regular font let's like make a crazy [TS]

  like chrome logo and use that everywhere [TS]

  so we get that the big sore hot dogs [TS]

  it's going to zzz how could it not be [TS]

  awesome like heavy metal we are in the [TS]

  year 2293 where there is a floating [TS]

  stonehead flop it flies around and [TS]

  floats it gives the gift of the gun it's [TS]

  like a little dispenser that throws out [TS]

  the [TS]

  like vomits out guns it's it's a giant [TS]

  PEZ dispenser [TS]

  I just love the quantity the ridiculous [TS]

  sort of i don't even miles on it [TS]

  ridiculous with this like hundreds of [TS]

  God's like work guns [TS]

  well it's gotta last time a year right i [TS]

  mean nothing's coming back once a year [TS]

  for the harvest I actually kind of like [TS]

  that seen the the the angle and just [TS]

  like that the all this flood of guns [TS]

  just started pouring out this commotion [TS]

  was just just it was something about it [TS]

  was really compelling it was like oh my [TS]

  gosh like that's that's a lot of guns i [TS]

  give you the gift of the gun i like that [TS]

  seen up until the dialogue starts yeah i [TS]

  actually wrote and starred on speaks to [TS]

  you [TS]

  Zardoz has exposition for you you know [TS]

  and i think this film this is the [TS]

  earliest somebody says penis in any of [TS]

  the movies watching this podcast and [TS]

  that is saying something [TS]

  the the key lines being the penis is [TS]

  evil go forth and kill I was kind of [TS]

  surprised i I really wasn't expecting [TS]

  I've been told to expect so this is a [TS]

  broader issue but it's i was told this [TS]

  was a terrible nearly unwatchable film [TS]

  and I i we can talk about whether that's [TS]

  true i think it's actually a really [TS]

  compelling film however terrible it is [TS]

  yeah but I wasn't expecting the promises [TS]

  evil [TS]

  I didn't know it was I didn't know he [TS]

  was going that should have been the [TS]

  tagline quite friendly penises evil go [TS]

  forth and kill I mean you'd watch that i [TS]

  gotta say i would i would pay really [TS]

  good money for his art oz PEZ dispenser [TS]

  is seriously would shoot out [TS]

  hey a seed unfortunately [TS]

  Oh Sean Sean Connery is there he's got a [TS]

  red diaper thing on like diapers [TS]

  analyzers vendors huh [TS]

  the the guns get tossed out from the [TS]

  mountains are does and then and then [TS]

  there's an interesting narrative think [TS]

  your wishes [TS]

  Sean Connery ends up inside the inside [TS]

  the the floating head and we don't know [TS]

  until later why yes he's shot us at this [TS]

  point and so we pass out for a while [TS]

  yeah the credits finish up and then we [TS]

  return to Sean inside under a pile of [TS]

  grain [TS]

  yes I thought that the James Bond shot [TS]

  was that though it in in a number of I [TS]

  mean you can i'm sure we can argue [TS]

  forever about what the worst directorial [TS]

  decision in this movie was perfectly [TS]

  that one for me was right up there only [TS]

  like a 90-minute show the worst decision [TS]

  was action [TS]

  yeah well the whole movie is a James [TS]

  Bond film I mean he isn't he's an [TS]

  exterminator with a license to kill [TS]

  he shoots the camera right at the [TS]

  beginning of the movie in the prologue [TS]

  oh he converts the woman tube to his [TS]

  love it it's more like the prisoner with [TS]

  starring James Bond a red diaper its [TS]

  this is so prisoner e oh my god the end [TS]

  is you know this massive kill spree [TS]

  where he escapes with the woman and then [TS]

  those that have sex with her [TS]

  yeah it's a Bond film you like the main [TS]

  character of the prisoner you don't like [TS]

  me no here no well yeah he's interested [TS]

  is all that he's not that he's not [TS]

  likable in the in the in the stone ahead [TS]

  Sean Connery finds people in plastic [TS]

  bags there are a surprising number of [TS]

  shrink-wrapped naked people 44 inside of [TS]

  a stone head I think there's no I you [TS]

  don't usually see that many free grab me [TS]

  people have understood that there's like [TS]

  six or seven in there again again spinal [TS]

  tap in imagery i I've decided that the [TS]

  people who made spinal tap the totally [TS]

  took lots of cheesy things from Zardoz [TS]

  absolutely never reason for the [TS]

  shrink-wrap naked people inside the head [TS]

  as long as we know you know mister [TS]

  mister sharpie beard is the only guy who [TS]

  to the Outlands and suddenly you've got [TS]

  all these backup folks I think that's a [TS]

  blue pyro beer [TS]

  I don't know it looks like a sharp eared [TS]

  to me Glenn yeah i got inside with Eric [TS]

  I'm to America [TS]

  yes well all that that that say that [TS]

  looks like it's just pen it could be a [TS]

  sir marks a lot [TS]

  yeah he's had several hundred years to [TS]

  perfect that thing and it still shocks [TS]

  ya know you draw it on never comes off [TS]

  your mortal its permanent this permanent [TS]

  partner wasn't that the markers that [TS]

  were scratching sniffing markers the it [TS]

  doesn't smell like licorice [TS]

  yeah i think so but they don't know what [TS]

  licorice is anymore they just think it's [TS]

  the smell of the black pan that makes a [TS]

  beard [TS]

  there's licorice but it's blue that's [TS]

  the drug he was on [TS]

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  from awful things in our email known as [TS]

  mail route now I return this podcast to [TS]

  you i will say i did approve of the [TS]

  continuous odd partial nudity throughout [TS]

  this film is inexplicable in the [TS]

  quantity but also the lack of erotic [TS]

  isn't it was it was like we're going to [TS]

  show a lot of bodies until we reach the [TS]

  point where you don't even notice what [TS]

  people are wearing because we're just [TS]

  showing flesh sort of randomly on [TS]

  different points [TS]

  well maybe he's trying to make some sort [TS]

  of point there because of course the [TS]

  Eternals themselves have lost the [TS]

  ability to become aroused this is this [TS]

  is actually a theme and I can't believe [TS]

  I'm gonna say this but this is when you [TS]

  gotta do you guys want to walk eyes [TS]

  smile because there's that scene where [TS]

  they show him all the porn and and he [TS]

  does he because they're gonna get him [TS]

  around because they don't know what [TS]

  erections are like in the future you [TS]

  think they just drawn on with a sharpie [TS]

  yeah he's not aroused and then he looks [TS]

  at about what's-her-name charlotte [TS]

  rampling she's gotta come out Consuela [TS]

  Consuela and and and and i liked [TS]

  actually that was even I mean I subtle [TS]

  is not the word for it but i like how [TS]

  cleverly that shot where he looks at her [TS]

  and everybody's like blue around him and [TS]

  all that but that is a commentary about [TS]

  how like just looking at it it wasn't [TS]

  titillating at all [TS]

  I I you know I think maybe that is [TS]

  something that inside john boarman is [TS]

  addled mind what he was thinking was [TS]

  part of what he was trying to do with [TS]

  this movie glad you know what I'm I i [TS]

  hate to do this but I'm going to also [TS]

  agree with that everything happens to [TS]

  everyone would probably master know the [TS]

  costumes i actually I enjoyed the [TS]

  costumes not I i agree that he was kind [TS]

  of going for that sort of not quite sexy [TS]

  lots of flesh sort of look but I just I [TS]

  really like the designs of the costume [TS]

  yeah themselves yet because they were [TS]

  they were they were flattering without [TS]

  being too titillating and they just [TS]

  looked very comfortable and they breathe [TS]

  was like oh I could wear those around [TS]

  the house I've never seen so many men [TS]

  wearing so much crochet though it was it [TS]

  lift it was a friend you hear that with [TS]

  their red sort of openwork crochet that [TS]

  tied in the front and I don't obviously [TS]

  spent too long looking at it if i can [TS]

  remember exactly what it looks like but [TS]

  it was I just kept looking at it like my [TS]

  grandma would make that everyone else [TS]

  looked fantastic for some reason it just [TS]

  didn't [TS]

  got him crochet is for potted plants do [TS]

  it [TS]

  there's also the thing that everybody [TS]

  you know he's trying to show this sort [TS]

  of the fact that everyone there's no [TS]

  rawness in left two people can get [TS]

  aroused and procreation is dead and [TS]

  they're all getting bored [TS]

  everyone is super androgynous as if [TS]

  that's a bad thing like in this world [TS]

  and Raja means like I like the women the [TS]

  man all sort of look alike and they [TS]

  dress like and it's all been sort of [TS]

  desexualize to this sort of middle [TS]

  ground that's terrible his you know and [TS]

  you need a guy with still extra chest [TS]

  hairy doesn't have the the star trek [TS]

  gothic on chest plate on because he's [TS]

  needed you know he's got his own chest [TS]

  hair on the chest hair means it wouldn't [TS]

  stick know there's also the use of [TS]

  nudity and set dressing which was [TS]

  especially disturbing is that one shot [TS]

  of that of that statute it's like hey be [TS]

  the one that shot is literally like hey [TS]

  guys did you notice that the statue has [TS]

  a penis on it because you should check [TS]

  that out for a long time [TS]

  is that what you made Joey that was my [TS]

  example work I was talking about the [TS]

  weird glass room with the water [TS]

  oh yeah and stuff yeah that was that I [TS]

  don't know it was wonderfully disturbing [TS]

  their growing the dead people back at [TS]

  that because i was at a tabernacle draw [TS]

  people bag that's where Arthur Frayn [TS]

  reappears after he's fallen out of the [TS]

  stone head which hasn't happened yet in [TS]

  our narrative and no no he's one shot by [TS]

  step by Sean Connery and falls out of [TS]

  the stone head so there we got you were [TS]

  there Arthur Frayn appears and mumbles [TS]

  things in a shot and is dead except [TS]

  he'll be back we shot the army didn't [TS]

  have to fall out that was part to follow [TS]

  now he does have the very prescient line [TS]

  here how pointless at which point point [TS]

  a John Connor takes a ride in a stone [TS]

  head back to an English country village [TS]

  as yet is full of inflatable plastic [TS]

  bubbles lots of plastic bags we got more [TS]

  so we got more inflatable bubbles and [TS]

  more plastic bags full of stuff in this [TS]

  case plants and things everything in the [TS]

  seventies came wrapped in plastic [TS]

  they're all pretty much everything that [TS]

  was being passed around in the the staff [TS]

  room and on the set was wrapped in [TS]

  plastic is amazing expand [TS]

  you need to that's where he got the idea [TS]

  probably this is one of those places [TS]

  where I'm not quite sure what happens [TS]

  next the next thing that I wrote down is [TS]

  where he there's that scene where [TS]

  there's the heat like investigates [TS]

  jack-in-the-box and there are 12 boxing [TS]

  from elf and there's a bunch of clocks [TS]

  he said he wants to shoot i'm glad you [TS]

  didn't shoot the jack-in-the-box [TS]

  actually I wish he had shot the [TS]

  jack-in-the-box we had a spinning [TS]

  schedule for the Apple watch and he had [TS]

  to go upstairs and put it on and then [TS]

  you know let's give the holographic [TS]

  keeps doing the thing where the the [TS]

  apple watch like shoots the projection [TS]

  everywhere and he keeps covering it and [TS]

  great another unit and the whole time [TS]

  like every time I see that all i think [TS]

  is a wise guy yeah and because he keeps [TS]

  doing it over and over is like Mira no [TS]

  no you still there anyways never seen [TS]

  these are savage he's never seen a [TS]

  hologram ring before one of the themes [TS]

  of this film if we can call it that is [TS]

  sort of the evolution of mankind what [TS]

  comes next after homo sapiens and I [TS]

  think here's where it introduces he [TS]

  walks into the room and it sort of [TS]

  cleverly introduces that idea when he [TS]

  walks past for some reason our frames [TS]

  painted on his wall [TS]

  you know me and fall and Homo sapiens [TS]

  and then there's the eternal and then [TS]

  there's a big question mark [TS]

  you know I'm actually surprised there [TS]

  are neon lights flashing her what kind [TS]

  of drawing Sean Connery there's so like [TS]

  I said there's this is an English manor [TS]

  house it did remind me a little bit of [TS]

  the prisoner there are lots of plastic [TS]

  bubbles and a pyramid prisoners plastic [TS]

  bubbles to there's a lake he sees a [TS]

  woman he tries to shoot her cuz that's [TS]

  which is actually strange because [TS]

  shouldn't he tried to rape her because [TS]

  that's sort of his job with women he [TS]

  shoots the Mandrake's the women anyway [TS]

  he feels pain and throws his gun into [TS]

  the water no my good that was my good [TS]

  gun and explains that she asked if he [TS]

  thinks he said he's dead and and then [TS]

  there's a group of that that's a weird [TS]

  scene and then they're all debating the [TS]

  brutal which we learn is what the name [TS]

  is for the people outside the brutal and [TS]

  we meet our our our women from the [TS]

  village including Consuela who speaking [TS]

  of Lord of the Rings reminded me of its [TS]

  Charlotte Rampling write me a lot of [TS]

  Kate planchette actually mmm [TS]

  I will point out at this moment to that [TS]

  Charlotte Rampling i believe is the only [TS]

  person behind besides Sean Connery who [TS]

  survived this film [TS]

  well no no no no I'm sorry the actor of [TS]

  the actor [TS]

  oh my god she's good she's gonna hurt us [TS]

  and he's actually very good machines [TS]

  very good and she went on to be in [TS]

  everything i would say that the acting [TS]

  in this film considering everything else [TS]

  about the film is actually pretty solid [TS]

  oh yeah even you her friend is you know [TS]

  it's it's a choice but he does it well i [TS]

  will go to the vortex you're hurting me [TS]

  this is a very strange this is so we're [TS]

  learning we gotta download of all the [TS]

  weird terminology weird seventies sci-fi [TS]

  film terminology and in that way it felt [TS]

  it felt kind of at home to me because [TS]

  I've seen a bunch of these movies in [TS]

  there they're all kind of Spacey like [TS]

  this where they're like just a little [TS]

  you takes sci-fi tropes and then you add [TS]

  some hippie stuff and you say wound now [TS]

  it's cool cutting-edge sci-fi stuff for [TS]

  about four years and then it's dated so [TS]

  what's the things about the vortex for [TS]

  texts for their in the vortex are never [TS]

  clear on this terminology as the movie [TS]

  goes along and how it actually makes any [TS]

  sense but we get to learn about what [TS]

  Sean Connery's job is which is they are [TS]

  the chosen so they're the only ones were [TS]

  supposed to pass on their genetic [TS]

  material so they wait the women they [TS]

  kill all the men and are we learn about [TS]

  Arthur Frayn our friend with a sharpie [TS]

  facial hair in the beginning he was the [TS]

  only one who wanted to run the Outlands [TS]

  he's an artist he does it with [TS]

  imagination he's like Doug inning [TS]

  Doug Henning had better have magic and [TS]

  fascination and fantasy sardos instructs [TS]

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  being comfortable it's amazing how even [TS]

  though this is hundreds of years in the [TS]

  future there apparently is a really mine [TS]

  or something that they go to to create [TS]

  the world's endless supply of sort of [TS]

  business casual wear with outside the [TS]

  men are running in these techniques [TS]

  tailor-made suits that are afraid but [TS]

  apparently they've endless supply of [TS]

  them one of my notes is that and I [TS]

  actually think this is a clever thing is [TS]

  that Sean Connery and his guys are like [TS]

  sort of like bare-chested wearing their [TS]

  diaper things but the people that their [TS]

  menacing are all wearing like frayed [TS]

  like blazers and button up shirts and [TS]

  things like that like their and living [TS]

  in the ruins of recognizable sort of [TS]

  like suburbs or cities so I think that's [TS]

  fascinating like you get the sense [TS]

  initially that these are like outlaws in [TS]

  the countryside and then but the people [TS]

  that they're harassing are like just the [TS]

  regular old survivors of this [TS]

  catastrophe who we see later there's [TS]

  also that scene where they flash back to [TS]

  right after they set up the the shield [TS]

  and they're all like banging on the [TS]

  outside of the shield [TS]

  old at the at the rich and powerful and [TS]

  science ii who have gone inside this [TS]

  little bubble who were just like [TS]

  ignoring them and doing their stuff and [TS]

  I i like that i like i like that that [TS]

  aspect of it that it wasn't all just [TS]

  like total chaos outside the bubble [TS]

  there like you get the impression that [TS]

  maybe there are people who are kind of [TS]

  living a hard life but living life and [TS]

  and then that makes the the the the Sean [TS]

  Connery and his guys even worse because [TS]

  the these are like you know they're just [TS]

  randomly shooting all those people [TS]

  well I'm trying to figure how many [TS]

  people there are in the planet because I [TS]

  there's apparently a lot of them they [TS]

  all have access to suits and clothing [TS]

  and but there's enough that they can be [TS]

  killed randomly and constantly with the [TS]

  thousands of guns at Sardis belches [TS]

  forth and yet not enough to escape or [TS]

  form any kind of opposition to men with [TS]

  guns [TS]

  I don't know its metaphor I guess you [TS]

  can't equate their feelings with hours [TS]

  behind this true what would regard to [TS]

  the the the refreshing clothing within [TS]

  the vortex I I think they're pretty [TS]

  self-sufficient inside the vortex I mean [TS]

  they're capable of [TS]

  they were previously capable of growing [TS]

  all their own food but because of the [TS]

  add the apathy disease that spreading [TS]

  they have to i can't believe i spent [TS]

  this much time thinking about this since [TS]

  they don't have enough people to to [TS]

  continue to work to feed the apathetic [TS]

  so that that's when they have to begin [TS]

  to dream that that's when they have to [TS]

  get the the exterminators that to get [TS]

  the other brutal's to grow food for them [TS]

  which is what sets Connery over the edge [TS]

  eventually but so presumably they're [TS]

  they're able date they normally eat meat [TS]

  and so they they must have wool now and [TS]

  one they'll work right that's one of the [TS]

  things that uh that the friend [TS]

  complaints about is like a tired of [TS]

  working about working for hundreds of [TS]

  years feeding myself and server my right [TS]

  i mean so they they they are not you [TS]

  know they don't have a a slave class [TS]

  inside the bubble it seems they're like [TS]

  a hippie commune kind of place right in [TS]

  fact they're ticked off at him for [TS]

  getting a sean connery to serve the [TS]

  superyacht potatoes potatoes potatoes [TS]

  potatoes [TS]

  oh I like the line again really really [TS]

  on the nose which is you know that [TS]

  saying if looks could kill with though [TS]

  it's been hundreds hundreds of years we [TS]

  have saying from the outside well it's a [TS]

  saying and here they can huh [TS]

  there's a little too little too much [TS]

  well here they can because that's like [TS]

  psychic power is a is okay got it got it [TS]

  i did like the bit where they're doing [TS]

  the mental imagery the recovering it for [TS]

  Sean Connery and and then they like oh [TS]

  let's see what Arthur frame was thinking [TS]

  and we find it is called the tabernacle [TS]

  I don't think we find it at this point [TS]

  it's called that their computer pulls up [TS]

  Arthur free apparently they're [TS]

  constantly it's like it's like Netflix [TS]

  without comcast interruption [TS]

  it's constantly streaming images from [TS]

  our brains so that we can be [TS]

  reconstructed later in this in this [TS]

  glorious future and it's just our thirds [TS]

  of his point of view falling from the [TS]

  head it's really lovely actually it's [TS]

  not as pretty show himself yeah [TS]

  also it's like itself images just like [TS]

  Sean Connery can see himself while he's [TS]

  no shooting people and raping women also [TS]

  it's the mind's eye as opposed to like [TS]

  actual point of view [TS]

  yeah if you're lazy directing it can you [TS]

  see these erection here we also have so [TS]

  I'm in this section we've got the [TS]

  oversized clock that he holds and maybe [TS]

  all the monkey doesn't know how to tell [TS]

  time [TS]

  there's the pyramid that's got the [TS]

  mirror we have the guy saying saying [TS]

  actual words but they've dubbed him in [TS]

  to make him sound like he's saying [TS]

  nonsense [TS]

  what was that about they never actually [TS]

  all the end it's the future [TS]

  hey it's mike that's like their secret [TS]

  language or something that they do a [TS]

  scene later where they're all saying [TS]

  like but yeah there's a bit of em but in [TS]

  this case I get the feeling that he's [TS]

  reciting some sort of poem he's [TS]

  constructed because everybody applauds [TS]

  afterwards yeah but they dumped it all [TS]

  out and replace it with the nonsense we [TS]

  want that was actually clever i did too [TS]

  but what I didn't think that was clever [TS]

  you have a one-word explanation for that [TS]

  in its drugs i also well I had no down [TS]

  that was a the this section of the movie [TS]

  reminded me of terry gilliam movie but [TS]

  the battery the bad kind [TS]

  it's not a good time for job walking bad [TS]

  i have in my notes [TS]

  monty python's brave new world it's a [TS]

  little like that too it's a little Monty [TS]

  Python ask ya somewhere in there maybe [TS]

  world [TS]

  the TV version of brave new world isn't [TS]

  the wow that was truly truly awful [TS]

  mhm oh god yes so the the old we meet [TS]

  the old people who are who are the [TS]

  monsters old people are monsters in this [TS]

  world it's the walking old i think it's [TS]

  interesting just to go back just a [TS]

  little bit yeah see I told you it would [TS]

  happen when the Eternals learned that [TS]

  Arthur has been apparently selectively [TS]

  breeding the chosen ones to do some sort [TS]

  of you know personal eugenics project [TS]

  for his own enjoyment they just kind of [TS]

  you know [TS]

  oh ok well he's he's been up to that [TS]

  places where these enlightened people [TS]

  and I guess it's our that's sort of [TS]

  entertaining [TS]

  I think they just don't care about what [TS]

  happens in the in the Outlands like they [TS]

  said he's the only one who he's gotta [TS]

  you know he's only one who would take it [TS]

  on and you get the sense maybe he said [TS]

  alright well I get to do whatever I get [TS]

  to do out there right now like yeah [TS]

  whatever he's an artist and yet when [TS]

  said arrives from the Outlands they're [TS]

  intensely interested in what's been [TS]

  going on out there so that doesn't make [TS]

  a hell of a lot of sense it's because [TS]

  he's come to them but i'm thinking it's [TS]

  like you know some people that culture [TS]

  making macrame men's vests other than [TS]

  other people are all he's got are just [TS]

  gonna be huge ethics [TS]

  thank you every kid needs a hobby [TS]

  it'sit's not macrame him but you know [TS]

  it'll get my name is like let's put him [TS]

  in charge of the Outlands to keep him [TS]

  busy so we won't have to deal with him [TS]

  so it's stupid magic tricks and his [TS]

  bubbles and his paces painted on beard [TS]

  on the way i should say when they go to [TS]

  see the old people who are monsters he [TS]

  drags he drags friend around in a cart [TS]

  like he just pulls it looks like he's [TS]

  the horse [TS]

  I'm not dead yet I appreciated that he [TS]

  didn't object to any of this that that I [TS]

  was expecting sort of like rebellion [TS]

  your belly and yeah and he isn't he just [TS]

  sort of picks up the cart and goes and [TS]

  he then follows friend around and [TS]

  service potatoes and and that that was [TS]

  sort of interesting and it wasn't until [TS]

  I mean later in the film you see what [TS]

  his motivations are and that you know [TS]

  he's actually got a plan and whatever [TS]

  but at that point I was like well he's [TS]

  this is he's used to being in [TS]

  for all to something he's used to being [TS]

  thrown to a god so this must just be him [TS]

  like you know just sort of continuing in [TS]

  that mold which was interesting was an [TS]

  interesting choice i felt it did it seem [TS]

  to know I don't know be a lot less [TS]

  tiring than then if it had been constant [TS]

  know you you know you animal you drag me [TS]

  around no I don't want to know you do it [TS]

  you know back and just felt better than [TS]

  that i agree but they did also [TS]

  threatened to kill him [TS]

  that's what time so yeah so he probably [TS]

  didn't want to provoke them but yeah you [TS]

  like that one guy except strange I'd [TS]

  like to put in a word for friend to I [TS]

  thought the the actor but the acting and [TS]

  the part was one of the more interesting [TS]

  things like one more interesting [TS]

  characters in the movie because he was [TS]

  part of a smartass any didn't think the [TS]

  society that seriously he was also doing [TS]

  all the exposition and and I think he [TS]

  was actually the most consistently [TS]

  interesting you know non-serious [TS]

  character in the whole thing is a Greek [TS]

  aziza subversive he's not actually a [TS]

  part of the society that's unfolding [TS]

  around us season he's mocking it but [TS]

  doesn't doesn't go far enough mocking it [TS]

  i don't think you know he does it when [TS]

  he gets old later he's like hold on half [TS]

  his face is that weird like everybody [TS]

  else gets old and he he gets like the [TS]

  half McCartney treatment that makeup [TS]

  actually looked pretty decent though I [TS]

  think that was one of the better effects [TS]

  there and maybe they're like we know [TS]

  it's not gonna work for a full face so [TS]

  we'll just do a half and it'll seem [TS]

  suitably convincing just didn't explain [TS]

  it at a picnic we were going to make you [TS]

  five years older instead we made half of [TS]

  you ten years [TS]

  this is where we get so he meets the [TS]

  heats the apathetic so the the zombie [TS]

  girls who are who are just kind of like [TS]

  staring into space and the and friends [TS]

  like yeah sure take one end of fondling [TS]

  and he goes well he could yeah because [TS]

  he looks at how many sticks his hand [TS]

  under under her dress which is not hard [TS]

  because it's like he open an easy access [TS]

  and then he like takes her inside like [TS]

  throws are in a haystack and and she's [TS]

  completely dead too [TS]

  world and so he is like that that's not [TS]

  cool you know I guess he is primary [TS]

  secondary and I guess it's he like he [TS]

  likes it as a rapist he you know he [TS]

  expects resistance [TS]

  I suppose it is part of the physical [TS]

  violence that's awful but it's also is [TS]

  that thing it's like he's just almost [TS]

  disgusted by them because they don't [TS]

  have a result cases and he said is an [TS]

  interesting character because but what [TS]

  we get is he's a monster and he's a [TS]

  creation of this of this uh totally [TS]

  destroyed society that I cannot believe [TS]

  I am taking it seriously was created but [TS]

  I started looking at the track but um [TS]

  but I it is but it's also kind of a [TS]

  trick right it turns out that as we're [TS]

  going to get to in the plot here but it [TS]

  turns out he's actually been genetically [TS]

  engineered to be incredibly like smart [TS]

  and a quick learner and his read all the [TS]

  books and and later he will learn even [TS]

  more things throughout osmosis thinking [TS]

  for projection but I it so there's more [TS]

  there [TS]

  he's an interesting character in that [TS]

  way where there's like he's awful based [TS]

  on the events we see but there's also [TS]

  this other side of him that we don't [TS]

  really realize yet at this point I'm not [TS]

  sure they are completely connectable at [TS]

  all but there it is [TS]

  this is where they this is where they [TS]

  don't they they explained that they [TS]

  don't understand directions in the [TS]

  future show important and then they say [TS]

  come swales done the trick yourself haha [TS]

  in one of their fine levels of hedonism [TS]

  bot kind of us [TS]

  yeah we attend a short seminar that is [TS]

  titled the mysteries of the boner what [TS]

  we got we also in in the part where [TS]

  friend and hands that are traveling [TS]

  around on the cart we get the trial of [TS]

  George Satan which is sort of [TS]

  interesting where we see what happens to [TS]

  those who put out a negative aura during [TS]

  2nd level meditation which will replace [TS]

  sleep and in this kommune right yeah [TS]

  they they have votes it's like all done [TS]

  over the internet through there a little [TS]

  little hollow rings and they just do [TS]

  their little love they do their votes at [TS]

  one point I have in my notes blah blah [TS]

  blah votes boring but the Federation his [TS]

  trial is a little more a little more [TS]

  interesting the for a dissident to see [TS]

  what happens to the dissident and we [TS]

  learned that friend it likes somebody [TS]

  who stirring the pot [TS]

  I've been making trouble because at [TS]

  least it's interesting now because [TS]

  they're bored there i mean this is a [TS]

  decayed society because they've been you [TS]

  know not aging for hundreds of years and [TS]

  people are getting a pathetic and [TS]

  dropping out or yeah there's just it's a [TS]

  ditz just this decadent decaying society [TS]

  this perfect solution for the [TS]

  advancement of humanity [TS]

  yes surprise surprise they're actually [TS]

  static admit and somebody from the [TS]

  outside needs to come in and shake them [TS]

  up this is this is the we've seen this [TS]

  story before kinda pending right Erica [TS]

  and selenium it didn't take long a lot [TS]

  of the mortals take millions of years to [TS]

  get this moment you have a hundred years [TS]

  like 200 years right [TS]

  well their new immortals remember that [TS]

  this is the first generation of the [TS]

  immortals and probably got a storyboard [TS]

  that he's not going to be a second one [TS]

  the my one there there there can't be [TS]

  because the other so they're just so [TS]

  bored another movie this reminds me of a [TS]

  sleeper this is like the serious no [TS]

  jokes version of sleeper with my way and [TS]

  he saw sleeper and said what you want to [TS]

  improve that film remove the humor [TS]

  uh-huh just get rid of humor yeah more [TS]

  boobs and unless humor can you please [TS]

  let john boarman he wrote down on a [TS]

  cocktail napkin at one point and begin [TS]

  LSD block he had it framed later let's [TS]

  see what in this section eight so they [TS]

  explain the thing about sleeping and how [TS]

  the meditation is replaced sleeping [TS]

  there there is at this point in the film [TS]

  suddenly some narration that kind of [TS]

  comes out of nowhere like they didn't [TS]

  know what was happening so they just [TS]

  dropped in some narration apparently [TS]

  just tested poorly know oddly enough [TS]

  it's actually explaining part of the [TS]

  plot of blade runner right there [TS]

  yeah time for a break in the action for [TS]

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  uncomfortable [TS]

  Squarespace build it beautiful part of [TS]

  the problem with this movie is that he [TS]

  has so many weird ideas that he wants to [TS]

  stuff in here only way too many for a [TS]

  film of this length and that is why [TS]

  roughly two-thirds of the film is taken [TS]

  up with telepathy exposition [TS]

  Gator you know where we look into [TS]

  somebody's mind and see something that [TS]

  happened earlier or you know for some [TS]

  reason somebody needs to know exactly [TS]

  how it was that the the vortexes came [TS]

  about and I mean a huge chunk of the [TS]

  movies taken up with it and I think it [TS]

  kind of if there was there was flow to [TS]

  be broken up [TS]

  yeah that definitely does it yeah this [TS]

  movie doesn't need any of that talk [TS]

  about like the vortexes and all that [TS]

  kind of feel like it [TS]

  yeah I again I can't believe I'm saying [TS]

  this but I feel like if somebody had [TS]

  rewritten the script to have it be a [TS]

  little more down-to-earth a little more [TS]

  just sort of like recognizable of the [TS]

  characters and not as much weird [TS]

  terminology i kind of felt like there [TS]

  might have been an interesting movie [TS]

  here but it is such a god-awful mess in [TS]

  it and sometimes fascinatingly a mess [TS]

  but it is just a it's just a mess and [TS]

  yeah and I think it goes back to writer [TS]

  director producer right you do whatever [TS]

  just nobody said no there's a million [TS]

  dollars now that the way it looks on [TS]

  this particular set i get the impression [TS]

  that everyone was kind of in you know [TS]

  this this seems cool man [TS]

  he seemed like a loan multi-month party [TS]

  was it really a million dollars because [TS]

  it looks like maybe 20,000 1.57 million [TS]

  dollars [TS]

  no he's not really always you don't you [TS]

  don't have to flatter any other costs I [TS]

  gotta say that they didn't they made [TS]

  that go a long way when you consider [TS]

  that ice pirates was like 11 million [TS]

  well and you gotta think Connery cost a [TS]

  little bit yeah yeah I should have the [TS]

  nissan saying this film was good though [TS]

  is actually it was so sort of both [TS]

  natural and we're decides to drive [TS]

  footing and it kind of made a lot of [TS]

  sense and and he [TS]

  Oh totally and and but it didn't look [TS]

  like a high budget film to me for [TS]

  exactly that reason and he act i wonder [TS]

  if-if some of the stuff with like that [TS]

  they're you know half of it is watching [TS]

  people make their own bread and and and [TS]

  so bed sheets to have encounters under [TS]

  and that sort of thing it was just just [TS]

  the day he went for like the low-tech [TS]

  British village with weird plastic [TS]

  inflated bags everywhere because it was [TS]

  an intern [TS]

  sting juxtaposition that also didn't [TS]

  spend you know it tried to make it look [TS]

  futuristic would have just blown the [TS]

  budget entirely so you know he ended up [TS]

  I don't know it just felt to me like the [TS]

  sort of like constraint that produces [TS]

  something interesting [TS]

  it looks me a lot like a [TS]

  middle-of-the-road seventies porn like [TS]

  just think the film is actually the [TS]

  resetting it was it very much and it's [TS]

  not very little wall panel though in [TS]

  this track was missing after the [TS]

  prisoners browser TV series i was shot [TS]

  in like a spanish village i think that [TS]

  was a very interesting look that made it [TS]

  look I'm slightly unreal given that was [TS]

  completely real to so stark and the [TS]

  Prisoner show got you completely [TS]

  off-balance because the environment both [TS]

  sort of normal and peculiar to RI some [TS]

  it was filmed in Wales actually with [TS]

  whales out there was a Spanish just know [TS]

  portmeirion wails oh yeah it's a weird [TS]

  resource very cool [TS]

  this is the point where is Zed discovers [TS]

  through by offloading book that is [TS]

  actually held by Zardoz but he's [TS]

  invisible or something that he learns [TS]

  about books and learns to read and [TS]

  discovers the secret which is that is [TS]

  our dogs just a story taken from the [TS]

  with zardari bars close the wizard of oz [TS]

  eau plot twist mind that came up because [TS]

  i didn't see it coming [TS]

  this seemed puzzled me because he's a [TS]

  maze interrogating him to get this [TS]

  information and he doesn't want to tell [TS]

  her in it it's confusing because why [TS]

  doesn't he want to tell I mean it's not [TS]

  it is why does this part matter and it [TS]

  just sort of drags for a really long [TS]

  time for this interrogation [TS]

  well he's owning up to the fact that [TS]

  he's there to destroy their society at [TS]

  this point so i would say it kind of [TS]

  does matter is I think he also feels a [TS]

  little like like ashamed and embarrassed [TS]

  at having been taken in by the by the [TS]

  giant floating Godhead that was actually [TS]

  just like the man behind the curtain [TS]

  that was that was my sort of read on it [TS]

  but yeah he's embarrassed i never [TS]

  learned to read and goals are starting i [TS]

  lost my initials [TS]

  the library you know there is there is a [TS]

  certain amount of parallel to wizard of [TS]

  oz with you know being transported to [TS]

  another place there's the cyclone that [TS]

  takes Arthur Frayn away in the beginning [TS]

  there's you know the the manor house is [TS]

  kinda like the Emerald City and and then [TS]

  he discovers the you know pay no [TS]

  attention to the man behind the curtain [TS]

  maker emerald bread the bread is going [TS]

  to bed [TS]

  yeah nice together it all ties together [TS]

  old bread what it all makes sense [TS]

  why'd ya we're going to stop talking [TS]

  pretty soon we're going to like this [TS]

  movie and I can't alone 0 unit could not [TS]

  allow that to happen [TS]

  that's the magic of the film Jason [TS]

  there's something there you gotta admit [TS]

  he gets kid gets caught [TS]

  uh and and yet showing his perhaps [TS]

  mutant power he sort of escapes Consuela [TS]

  power a little bit but is blinded but [TS]

  then they put like eyedrops in them or [TS]

  something in his we missed me missed my [TS]

  friend gets only we talk about that my [TS]

  friend gets senile old yeah we did we [TS]

  skip that over i think yes he didn't [TS]

  want to go to level two [TS]

  man it was the most ridiculous thing [TS]

  that always get out because that's the [TS]

  whole thing where they give him like the [TS]

  brute weird fires jazzy's it's like they [TS]

  took a transport the cast of Godspell [TS]

  from several traveling companies in one [TS]

  room and the parachute system is no I [TS]

  don't want to go to show you looked up [TS]

  roger ebert's review and and the last [TS]

  line of the review it's brilliant uses [TS]

  zeros is a movie that will certainly aid [TS]

  you two hours that scene with them with [TS]

  the jazz hands and stuff actually it [TS]

  kind of at the very beginning we have [TS]

  the floating head and the crazy [TS]

  monologue i just turned to Stephen and I [TS]

  said is this communicator and when this [TS]

  team came along with jazz hands I turned [TS]

  back to Stephen and said this is [TS]

  community are you're the Christ you're [TS]

  the great Jesus Christ be uh you have a [TS]

  second level although that's his [TS]

  rebellion right that he's saying i'm [TS]

  tired of you people [TS]

  what you gonna do to me and the answer [TS]

  is we're going to age you on half of [TS]

  your face [TS]

  well I think they actually kill him here [TS]

  which is pitches which eventually here's [TS]

  to die at that point I assume that he [TS]

  was a lot [TS]

  reconstructed in the tabernacle as half [TS]

  old yeah I guess that's I guess that's [TS]

  it or do they repair him or whatever I'm [TS]

  i was unclear on whether they always [TS]

  just died or whether they fix them and [TS]

  all that be right [TS]

  maybe so maybe they reconstitute him and [TS]

  he's just sort of halfway broken I just [TS]

  study past I think I think you're you're [TS]

  giving it continuity that it doesn't [TS]

  deserve you be making an argument that's [TS]

  what he's mentioned earlier that he's [TS]

  killed himself on sun several occasions [TS]

  right ankle just reconstruct them so [TS]

  here we make some sense be mind-blown [TS]

  and then taken away to be aged this is [TS]

  this is around at the point in the movie [TS]

  by the way where somebody says speaking [TS]

  of tropes that we are going to see a lot [TS]

  and have seen a lot literally stay say [TS]

  to sean connery you are the one no [TS]

  liberated yep yep Stephen turn to me I'm [TS]

  like yep it's the major favor and then [TS]

  she gives him will be that's right at [TS]

  least 11 so why not leave will help you [TS]

  at an unknown time in the future sleep [TS]

  will help you [TS]

  why did he go blind she messed up his [TS]

  head man [TS]

  yeah it was but it was observed line [TS]

  blitz he was able to resist her to a [TS]

  certain extent but he was blinded in the [TS]

  process [TS]

  IC and then for some reason instead of [TS]

  immediately killed killing him they [TS]

  allow the lady to take him off to the [TS]

  hydroponic bubble [TS]

  yes can I promise and give him a magical [TS]

  leaf it makes perfect sense glad you [TS]

  believe you should be recapping this [TS]

  that that that was that was perfect that [TS]

  was washed twice and it actually made [TS]

  some sense on the second viewing only [TS]

  know probably I think browsers a bad [TS]

  side you want to take us the rest of the [TS]

  way because you know day you just dump [TS]

  it all right i prefer to interrupt you [TS]

  Jason ok the world was dying which was [TS]

  good and put it into plastic tent which [TS]

  is which is fascinating to so we EV is [TS]

  this freak a plastic tent and a nail [TS]

  pylon and hands-on in the plastic and [TS]

  there's a moment where people are like [TS]

  okay it's okay he's in the plants now he [TS]

  can't get out of the plastic and [TS]

  reconstructive plastic they're like it [TS]

  can't be done [TS]

  you could you can trip the plastic bag [TS]

  if you use saran wrap oh my god that I [TS]

  just how involved he is he could never [TS]

  have like 50 he's got mutiny plastic [TS]

  ripping plat power is this guy [TS]

  I I there's a there's a weird scene [TS]

  where he is now he's on the run and he [TS]

  goes up to the shield and he's pushing [TS]

  against the shield and he he does like [TS]

  the hand signal to his guys on the [TS]

  outside you like how he's gotta plan [TS]

  this is all part of the plan they set [TS]

  the building on fire to smoke them out [TS]

  that doesn't really work [TS]

  there's there's a bunch of chases I like [TS]

  the scene where the horses are running [TS]

  along the side of the hill and so he [TS]

  just likes kids on his butt down there [TS]

  down the angle of the hill to get in [TS]

  front of them i thought that was funny [TS]

  and I wanted how many takes they had to [TS]

  do where his diaper kept coming off man [TS]

  yeah i'm not going to change enough for [TS]

  dish so he's on the run the apathetic [TS]

  scum to him [TS]

  it turns out his I don't know sweat make [TS]

  them come awake and then they all start [TS]

  kissing each other because life flows [TS]

  out of you and into us as they say [TS]

  what's interesting here is the feet that [TS]

  the dropouts have tuned in and turned on [TS]

  at that point what a turn about that [TS]

  wasn't Stephen tweeted that [TS]

  Zardoz is the soft core porn parody of [TS]

  itself [TS]

  yeah you can work it took a monkey yeah [TS]

  I I thought it was that was a bizarre [TS]

  scene where they're all just like I [TS]

  touched your sweat and now i'm awake and [TS]

  now i will touch my hand with your sweat [TS]

  onto them and we will all yeah that was [TS]

  I was wondering where that scene was [TS]

  going said it's like that psychotropic [TS]

  frog is another great moment when [TS]

  they're looking on though where they're [TS]

  passing around his sweat and we get a [TS]

  close-up on Seth's face and the look on [TS]

  his face a crisis like what the hell is [TS]

  that was actually Connery on the set [TS]

  that wasn't forget it forget it said [TS]

  it's a pathetic you'd appreciate that [TS]

  they showed that they showed you know [TS]

  women kissing women men kissing I [TS]

  noticed that surround that swell so it [TS]

  was a gala Therrien so this is the [TS]

  climax of the movie i guess the old [TS]

  people and the apathetic sarkar are out [TS]

  and about [TS]

  they're all killing people and having [TS]

  sex Sean Connery is dressed up like a [TS]

  like a like a bride with a veil because [TS]

  that's what was that a very clever [TS]

  little disguise of his no one will [TS]

  figure out why they're there is this so [TS]

  I'm just again just stop me whenever I [TS]

  the line i wrote down here was [TS]

  we will touch teach you and you will [TS]

  give us your seed ok so he basically [TS]

  what's happening is they have sex with [TS]

  him while they teaching math and that [TS]

  goes on for a long time because there's [TS]

  a lot of math there's a lot of poetry [TS]

  and there's some explanation for why [TS]

  this has happened because it's through [TS]

  osmosis Steve they're learning through [TS]

  osmosis but we have to explain why this [TS]

  is all going on which is that is is that [TS]

  made the scientists still believes that [TS]

  they could not destroy the vortex and [TS]

  that with his his enlightened jeans they [TS]

  could build a better breathe better [TS]

  society and right and so the idea is to [TS]

  continue on to whatever is next for [TS]

  humanity by going to give they're going [TS]

  to give him all their knowledge and [TS]

  getting knowledge is going to impress [TS]

  you in the mood yeah yeah they're [TS]

  basically there's a spin there that i [TS]

  thought was telling to take it seriously [TS]

  for one second is that they're like it [TS]

  turned out we were too imperfect vessels [TS]

  like we weren't strong enough because [TS]

  we're all endogenous or women or [TS]

  whatever it was like this little i think [TS]

  a sexist or some kind of throw away [TS]

  which is like we were so weak but you [TS]

  were a virile man you can take all this [TS]

  knowledge that you have and we don't [TS]

  have you got all the chest hair [TS]

  yeah also point out that i like the [TS]

  projection apparently you learn by [TS]

  having things projected a naked bodies i [TS]

  know that work for me in school I really [TS]

  like that sequence by the way with the [TS]

  great works of art and the equations [TS]

  being projected on the people i actually [TS]

  thought that was pretty solid insane but [TS]

  side if the best 2001 scene in this [TS]

  movie of the many 2001 scenes in this [TS]

  movie I I thought it was it I thought it [TS]

  was weird and interesting yeah it goes [TS]

  on about twice as long as it meets [TS]

  always absolutely true is so the touch [TS]

  teach him he gives them their seat it [TS]

  seems like a fair trade and then and [TS]

  then my notes reduce are reduced to [TS]

  things like phrases like kill the [TS]

  tabernacle and they burst into the [TS]

  building and Consuela comes in and she's [TS]

  gonna stab him but she can't bear to or [TS]

  uses his mind powers to stop her [TS]

  no just like they did with him when he [TS]

  had the gun earlier and and this leads [TS]

  up to a nice moment where while talking [TS]

  to tabernacle the computer that controls [TS]

  everything which gave me a real for [TS]

  Harlan Ellison people out there little I [TS]

  have no mouth and I must scream kind of [TS]

  vibe I got this point in the movie yeah [TS]

  I can see that and a little bit of [TS]

  hitchhikers guide [TS]

  yeah yeah which it just seemed that the [TS]

  darkness of its like [TS]

  computer the center is sort of like I've [TS]

  got my little people who live in my [TS]

  plastic bubble and i'm going to control [TS]

  them and do what they want and sean [TS]

  connery look cinemas I think your [TS]

  crystal got more of a Kirk vibe here [TS]

  where he's going to destroy the computer [TS]

  in charge of paradise to save everyone [TS]

  Connery thinks that you're your society [TS]

  is stupid and needs to be destroyed [TS]

  clearly the flash hear that about how [TS]

  the tabernacle is created and that sort [TS]

  of like brief scene that seems like it's [TS]

  a totally different movie makes the guy [TS]

  creates the society explains what's [TS]

  going on where they dissolve the from [TS]

  the old people to when they were not old [TS]

  people and the and the the new [TS]

  generation is young and it's laters yeah [TS]

  I wanted to see that movie I was a [TS]

  totally different like set and see me if [TS]

  you don't of course and this is a MH [TS]

  channel on with the movie with the the [TS]

  village right [TS]

  village right [TS]

  is not part of the plot delicious [TS]

  yeah that the toys that was that it's [TS]

  it's not like spoiler was really sorry [TS]

  sorry sorry that movie story 12 years [TS]

  old your what we learn in this point [TS]

  that this vortex is actually a spaceship [TS]

  yeah that was yeah another dead end and [TS]

  he says oh yeah we flew around but you [TS]

  know it was just another dead end [TS]

  yeah what's the point of that it was so [TS]

  it's another get in i guess i guess it [TS]

  was quite literally did we get the part [TS]

  here to I've lost complete track of the [TS]

  plot where this Christmas embedded in [TS]

  the foreheads and the laser of lost [TS]

  track of what's going on this was the [TS]

  point in the movie or I just sort of [TS]

  gave up on holding two onto any threads [TS]

  and trying to follow him [TS]

  it just was just like okay there are [TS]

  crystals he's holding the crystals [TS]

  crystals and people's foreheads he's [TS]

  inside a crystal now there's four of him [TS]

  whatever it's just yeah that this is [TS]

  where I just ended up writing down weird [TS]

  hall of mirrors pianist this is this is [TS]

  this is the part of the movie that makes [TS]

  no sense [TS]

  honestly on my second viewing I could [TS]

  make I could make some sense of the [TS]

  first hour and fifteen i could make [TS]

  sense of the last maybe 10 minutes and [TS]

  then this whole segment is just you know [TS]

  why even try [TS]

  yeah the any also have so many things [TS]

  that don't really seem to go anywhere [TS]

  he's just like adding more scenes in [TS]

  here because there's the whole thing [TS]

  with the spherical crystal thing these [TS]

  handed by Arthur Frayn has been [TS]

  reconstituted with his like riddling [TS]

  explanation and you stabbed him with the [TS]

  fake life I hated that [TS]

  yeah and then I kind of liked that it [TS]

  was him he's a trickster man it felt [TS]

  very um this is weird parallel to make [TS]

  but Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are [TS]

  dead that at that point he was the the [TS]

  oh I forget the name of the character [TS]

  the one who was in Rosencrantz and [TS]

  Guildenstern about the player that he [TS]

  was when he was the one who was who was [TS]

  just sort of exploded like to be the [TS]

  arch explainer and to sort of undercut [TS]

  everything while telling you the truth [TS]

  the same time I have to Richard Dreyfuss [TS]

  from the movie if you can [TS]

  transit helping you can have blood and [TS]

  comedy and but blood is compulsory right [TS]

  after the holiday mirrors we got a great [TS]

  another classic sorry i was line which [TS]

  is stay close to me inside my aura which [TS]

  is apparently like six people long as [TS]

  it's not expressed up when he's got a [TS]

  huge aura it's just some people have [TS]

  longer or as a manly man he's got a [TS]

  large or as you probably in the Eternals [TS]

  is they couldn't get up a good aura read [TS]

  know he's here i'll he he exudes an aura [TS]

  you can smell eyes are on you can smell [TS]

  it then huh [TS]

  this is his newfound aura is capable of [TS]

  rewinding the movie if you ideally back [TS]

  legs longer the issues i don't know [TS]

  they're just not in here anymore and [TS]

  they're outside they're like hehe we [TS]

  just stay close to me we're going to go [TS]

  backward in time and they escaped the [TS]

  hell I mean it's no dumber than the rest [TS]

  of the left and then suddenly the stone [TS]

  head appears and just crashes because [TS]

  like they're like hey remember the stone [TS]

  head there it is then dried the vortex [TS]

  yeah well if you don't have cancer [TS]

  particles milkman obviously goes down [TS]

  boom really you think it should have [TS]

  like exploded just really violently we [TS]

  don't have any involvement stuff that [TS]

  was inside [TS]

  well the camera to zoom in and out very [TS]

  quickly to indicate the 01 didn't invent [TS]

  it shakes everything is getting in the [TS]

  room there's a really lackluster Star [TS]

  Trek bridge shake this weather like the [TS]

  I suppose there's an explosion so we [TS]

  should shake a little half-heartedly [TS]

  it's just the lens other people stand in [TS]

  place [TS]

  yeah another great lines a deliberate me [TS]

  now but then he can't he can't shoot i [TS]

  can't do it because he's more advanced [TS]

  now or something [TS]

  he's been had his he's much thought he [TS]

  and karate load on a shirt and he can't [TS]

  do anymore but his that I am is gone or [TS]

  something yeah so his buddies in these [TS]

  artists master though they're still just [TS]

  killers so they come in and they kill [TS]

  everybody major lame to me Danny then [TS]

  the Immortals just want to die [TS]

  this seems pretty much like the sam [TS]

  peckinpah parody from money pie from [TS]

  monty python yes they just left the [TS]

  piano players hands being cut off [TS]

  I [TS]

  it's hilarious because they're all [TS]

  crawling around going to kill me too i [TS]

  want to die [TS]

  no don't shoot him first should be my [TS]

  mic notes here are the string ensemble [TS]

  is a nice touch [TS]

  I thought that was great it's the music [TS]

  is playing and they're playing and as [TS]

  they kill the music doesn't stop the [TS]

  music keeps playing the soundtrack music [TS]

  and I didn't like that I wanted it to be [TS]

  like now there's only two of the plan [TS]

  not one complaint I was no more music [TS]

  but that didn't happen i think it's [TS]

  interesting that as they're all dying [TS]

  they they're all shouting said that much [TS]

  as they want shouted zard on the outlet [TS]

  was that is the last thing you say is [TS]

  the last letter of the alphabet [TS]

  well he's there God now he's got disease [TS]

  for it for a while he's one of them [TS]

  well he's he said earlier said for [TS]

  Zardoz when he introduces themselves [TS]

  through which made me wonder what the [TS]

  rest of them are named is it like [TS]

  everyone else's is like Todd and and [TS]

  Jeff and he's like the only one who [TS]

  could be maybe and meeting me in that [TS]

  way men maybe minute like hello I'm Zed [TS]

  force our dogs have you considered [TS]

  brings our senior year sorry i was about [TS]

  citizen science don't head is out and [TS]

  it's our does ology that's right I've [TS]

  got a pamphlet will be coming to your [TS]

  door will even shoot you or give you the [TS]

  pamphlet know it's called diaper ethics [TS]

  I hurt your daughter so the gas out you [TS]

  monsters you blew up the gas balloons [TS]

  that were near the manor house know what [TS]

  we missed the we missed the bit where [TS]

  they're walking with Arthur Frayn and he [TS]

  explains his diabolical plan to [TS]

  yeah that's true to your the vortex mr. [TS]

  which we've sort of calculated out by [TS]

  now but this is the this is the moment [TS]

  where he explains that this and and and [TS]

  and that he has the plan to sean connery [TS]

  Sean Connery set because he says he says [TS]

  oh and you know i manipulated you to do [TS]

  all these things and sean connery's yeah [TS]

  i talked to the guy who manipulated you [TS]

  into doing all those things so haha in [TS]

  my notice that point was no really when [TS]

  did that happen exactly because i don't [TS]

  think i was here for them well that was [TS]

  tabernacle is is how i read that is [TS]

  where the tabernacle didn't direct or [TS]

  did in rescuing into nor did it I i [TS]

  think i think there's something that [TS]

  they forgot to put in there maybe didn't [TS]

  and I kind of always the guy the older [TS]

  guy who founded the colony isn't that [TS]

  what he talked to him and his house or [TS]

  some kind of moment when the ends of the [TS]

  crystal were supposed to understand so [TS]

  the old guy explains that that that [TS]

  nature is who rebelled against the [TS]

  vortex bottles the vortex is an [TS]

  abomination against nature any chances [TS]

  we force the hand of evolution so I [TS]

  guess really is the forces of nature and [TS]

  evolution but as to when said had this [TS]

  discussion with nature or evolution I [TS]

  missed that part of tabernacle was hot [TS]

  and it's not he doesn't say discussion [TS]

  he says I looked into the mind of [TS]

  whoever it was tabernacle [TS]

  yeah amber taking notes at this point [TS]

  Eric I'm impressed and I just remember [TS]

  dialogue i don't know i didn't write [TS]

  anything down for this one [TS]

  maybe that was when everyone was voting [TS]

  and all the mirrors and clean Suellen [TS]

  it's just sort of like rocking back and [TS]

  forth and gods world believe me I don't [TS]

  want to remember the dialogue this gonna [TS]

  scrub it out somehow they close to me [TS]

  inside my aura everybody please out into [TS]

  the Outland presumably some of them are [TS]

  bearing the children of said and his his [TS]

  uh his GF mutant genes will live on and [TS]

  create a new society that will be [TS]

  stronger but he can't go there instead [TS]

  he and Consuela go into a cave [TS]

  I guess it's the cave [TS]

  the stone head I don't know yeah yeah [TS]

  and still had yeah [TS]

  oh that's it it really yeah they go [TS]

  running off you can see part of the head [TS]

  and they run into it yeah yeah yeah so [TS]

  they're instant living in the stone head [TS]

  that would be a sitcom right and they [TS]

  then they put on some clothes this is [TS]

  different like grown-up clothes and and [TS]

  she has the baby and then we have [TS]

  another great 2001 ask scene where they [TS]

  sit there it's also very much like it's [TS]

  the end of ice pirates was just as much [TS]

  like an ad i saw earlier today [TS]

  yeah it's into good cresselia should get [TS]

  a life to have an episode ended and like [TS]

  this where people are sitting on a bench [TS]

  turning into skeletons and that's what [TS]

  happens they they get older and their [TS]

  son grows up and he and then they hugged [TS]

  him goodbye and he leaves and then they [TS]

  get even older and then they turn into [TS]

  skeletons and then they're like amount [TS]

  of bones and their dust and that last [TS]

  part i didn't expect the dust I'm like [TS]

  skeletons ok and then they totally [TS]

  decomposed and I thought okay that's [TS]

  that take and then we zoom in on some [TS]

  paintings of hands and we've never seen [TS]

  before never no context for yeah I [TS]

  didn't get that at all [TS]

  ya na a rusty gun they were holding did [TS]

  they die holding hands and we have them [TS]

  die hole and then the other one when [TS]

  they were new they were about to die [TS]

  they held their hand and then a diary or [TS]

  did they die because they were a time [TS]

  for taxes they just spent their whole [TS]

  lives sitting there doing holding hands [TS]

  okay yeah they've seen it all that and [TS]

  so that makes as much sense as anything [TS]

  else in this movie so it was great and [TS]

  then it's the end of the movie i'm [TS]

  looking at the Times stamp on the movie [TS]

  and I'm like and it's like and then dust [TS]

  and then compute all right artists will [TS]

  return in diversity zardosi and no time [TS]

  for end credits [TS]

  that's our does what does hard-ons I [TS]

  liked it so what did everybody to be [TS]

  okay tell me don't tell me [TS]

  oh why didn't I already tell you that [TS]

  the last hours [TS]

  oh I think it's insane and i think it's [TS]

  got a lot of things individually that [TS]

  are clever and could have made a good [TS]

  movie i think it's for all its insanity [TS]

  there's enough there that you sit around [TS]

  for a little while and you think about [TS]

  it and you try and work out how it works [TS]

  you fail but you try each well I have [TS]

  eventually I think you can pick up on [TS]

  some little threads here the problem is [TS]

  there's there's he's just trying to cram [TS]

  too much in and if he had may be stuck [TS]

  to one of those threads and explore it a [TS]

  little bit it would have worked as a [TS]

  movie better [TS]

  as it was you know he's just he's he's [TS]

  throwing everything possible [TS]

  sci fi at the wall and not even started [TS]

  hanging around to see what sticks and so [TS]

  I mean it is a glorious mess and i think [TS]

  a well-made mess given the budget and [TS]

  given given that it is a mess and and [TS]

  I'm not sure I'll ever watch it again [TS]

  but I'm glad I did and and I enjoyed the [TS]

  second viewing which I I was fairly sure [TS]

  after watching the first one and being [TS]

  completely non plus that when i went [TS]

  back to it i would go yeah it turns out [TS]

  this was shit but I i actually liked it [TS]

  better act after the second viewing and [TS]

  and who knows maybe i'll give it another [TS]

  go at some point and like it even more [TS]

  I can't believe I'd I didn't even [TS]

  mention the woman with the princess leia [TS]

  hair hair do [TS]

  oh yeah like prep preceding star wars by [TS]

  only a few years she had the exact same [TS]

  hairdo [TS]

  there's a lot of cookie hairdo stuff [TS]

  going yeah and potatoes when you don't [TS]

  have any money for any actual props room [TS]

  set [TS]

  what did what everybody else with the [TS]

  what's the final final judgments here so [TS]

  to speak David Laura what do you what do [TS]

  you think [TS]

  hey I want to say he sort of likes it [TS]

  but he's afraid I I sort of like some of [TS]

  the ideas and themes that are there and [TS]

  just wish he had been sober you know I [TS]

  mean the other the other line from roger [TS]

  ebert the love to actually starts the [TS]

  review with this and I just here Roger [TS]

  Ebert's voice inflection and everything [TS]

  just john boarman Zardoz is a genuinely [TS]

  quirky movie could say that far [TS]

  yeah okay yeah i'm i'm kinda with my son [TS]

  with you know shooting the cameraman and [TS]

  ending right there [TS]

  Erica what do you think well you know I [TS]

  it was interesting hearing him talk [TS]

  about seeing this as as as a younger [TS]

  person because I i think if i had seen [TS]

  it when I was much much younger I could [TS]

  I could maybe see myself buying into [TS]

  this and getting into the weirdness and [TS]

  just I mean like I said the idea it's [TS]

  it's an old trope and it's been done a [TS]

  million [TS]

  times but if I had caught it before i [TS]

  had read all of the golden age in in New [TS]

  Wave syfy that I've read between then [TS]

  and now maybe I would have liked it [TS]

  because I wouldn't have seen it done [TS]

  better in other ways but I just I can't [TS]

  get past I can't get past the the [TS]

  tiredness of that idea and and I guess I [TS]

  don't always mind it sometimes I enjoy [TS]

  it but when it's it's something like [TS]

  this where it's just the big dude bro [TS]

  manly man hunk figure who is who is [TS]

  coming in to save the day and show [TS]

  everyone the error of their ways it just [TS]

  gets on my nerves and they didn't I feel [TS]

  like they were trying to show that Sean [TS]

  Connery's character evolved throughout [TS]

  this and became Odin a different [TS]

  character he can't shoot the gun at the [TS]

  end but we don't get anything in between [TS]

  showing that this is happening [TS]

  maybe if he had showed any inner life at [TS]

  all through that movie is just include [TS]

  is completely flat there is no effect in [TS]

  his performance whatsoever so I didn't [TS]

  buy that so it just it ended up but [TS]

  despite you know some interesting sets [TS]

  and and and i didn't have to watch it a [TS]

  second time to feel that the plot kind [TS]

  of hung together [TS]

  I mean it made sense to me was a story [TS]

  like I feel like I was cheated because i [TS]

  read the same story plenty times before [TS]

  so I kind of understood what they were [TS]

  what they were going for it just it was [TS]

  it was built on a framework that was [TS]

  that was bound to lose for me I think [TS]

  pretty much his inner inner life in the [TS]

  whole movie is I'm getting a paycheck [TS]

  yeah yeah yeahs his story arc is like an [TS]

  outline which is that basically things [TS]

  are done to him that supposedly advance [TS]

  him as a person but it's just things [TS]

  that are done to him that though you [TS]

  know all the he showed books and then [TS]

  later he has his touch learning whatever [TS]

  and all those things happen but it sees [TS]

  his passive yeah for almost the entire [TS]

  thing [TS]

  so you're saying he's a vessel of other [TS]

  people's ambitions can stop that if I [TS]

  think I think the worst part two is the [TS]

  fact that you know the title and a good [TS]

  chunk of the ideas movie was taken from [TS]

  The Wizard of Oz something which I love [TS]

  and adore deeply and I feel like it's [TS]

  been soiled [TS]

  it's never you know you're never gonna [TS]

  forget now that you can't spell Zardoz [TS]

  without the wizard of oz I would like to [TS]

  maybe I need to take some drugs so I can [TS]

  forget that Joe Joe what's your verdict [TS]

  on this 1i my I'm on Team America still [TS]

  firmly nothing is really suede that but [TS]

  you know i can i can get on board with a [TS]

  maybe there's the ambition to do things [TS]

  but I feel like it's the ambition that a [TS]

  college fine arts student has and it [TS]

  doesn't follow through on the ambition [TS]

  so I can't give him like any any points [TS]

  for the effort that he said he's trying [TS]

  to show here and I I don't enjoy his [TS]

  movie in fairness he's probably just as [TS]

  doped up as your average college fine [TS]

  arts student so it makes you so probably [TS]

  if not more so and have to suggest more [TS]

  so you compare this to the THX 1138 [TS]

  yeah i mean there are there lots of [TS]

  totally bizarre so yeah who's this this [TS]

  is one of them Hollywood it 10 [TS]

  what's your final verdict on this 1i [TS]

  gosh i think if I'd only seen the first [TS]

  half of this movie i would have been [TS]

  much more for it but the way it's so [TS]

  thoroughly falls apart and becomes less [TS]

  than the sum of its parts by the end of [TS]

  it just was really disappointing to me [TS]

  that that you know what what I took away [TS]

  from it was this sort of weird mystical [TS]

  defense of some really bad philosophy [TS]

  and completely awful sexual politics and [TS]

  all I and that disappointed me in a way [TS]

  that I was not expecting at all i was [TS]

  expecting to be sort of like haha look [TS]

  at the awful seventies movie and some of [TS]

  it did that in a way that was much more [TS]

  adorable than I thought it was going to [TS]

  be which made it feel which made me feel [TS]

  even more like depressed when by the end [TS]

  I was like well I've just given up [TS]

  completely [TS]

  there's potential there yeah yeah that's [TS]

  the thing that's what makes me sort of [TS]

  upset is that there would I don't know [TS]

  some [TS]

  they were some bits in here that were [TS]

  like really really intriguing and [TS]

  awesome even you know and I'm some of it [TS]

  was just some of the visual stuff was [TS]

  was really interesting to me but in the [TS]

  end it's like yeah i'm i'm i'm with [TS]

  Erica I'm with like most of you I guess [TS]

  stay inside my aura you gonna actually [TS]

  get sooo no I can't believe I just did [TS]

  that is our dogs you did it all right [TS]

  Glenn explain explain yourself [TS]

  well now it's time to be revealed by [TS]

  travelpod well you know I've been [TS]

  avoiding watching this movie for years [TS]

  because it looked so so awful and I [TS]

  heard it was terrible so I thought well [TS]

  this is one of these things are never [TS]

  gonna watch but i liked Highlander and i [TS]

  watch that a million times of high [TS]

  school possibly under the influence on [TS]

  recreational vehicles or you're on a TV [TS]

  wyd vehicles for the bride Winnebagos [TS]

  well you know they say the computers [TS]

  bicycle for the mind and I so I and [TS]

  you're like a lot of movies that were [TS]

  from this era in somewhere more or less [TS]

  ambitious so I went into this thinking [TS]

  like oh god am I getting so i turn the [TS]

  thing on and I thought this is so much [TS]

  more fascinating and intriguing than I [TS]

  thought I expected to be unwatchable and [TS]

  ridiculous and instead i kept being [TS]

  intrigued by ideas and I sort of hate [TS]

  myself for it too but I watched it was [TS]

  interesting was laughing and their time [TS]

  thinking and laughing with him here he [TS]

  wants me to have this feeling that I'm [TS]

  like he's off his rocker [TS]

  the thing I think that decides for me [TS]

  why would say I I'm glad I saw the film [TS]

  i can't say i mean i saw that i liked in [TS]

  its awfulness [TS]

  it's like a you know its high is that [TS]

  there's no repercussion for violence [TS]

  right so clockwork orange it has the [TS]

  advantage of being written by brilliant [TS]

  novelists right in the annotation is by [TS]

  Stanley Kubrick so it's also an amazing [TS]

  film right clockwork orange about the [TS]

  nature of violence and it's about [TS]

  somebody in the society in that role of [TS]

  like how societies change to become [TS]

  corrupt and so forth and how society [TS]

  tries to structure kind of take the [TS]

  perfect monster [TS]

  and whatever so there's a repercussion [TS]

  of the end we are all complicit in the [TS]

  violence and act Alex commits right [TS]

  we're all in it at the end of the film [TS]

  were in that trench as he's committing [TS]

  an act of violence against the woman [TS]

  it's terrible and everyone's applauding [TS]

  at the top right like that is a real [TS]

  thing [TS]

  sorry just doesn't have that moment and [TS]

  because it doesn't i think it you know [TS]

  falls for that reason that that is that [TS]

  it is just a plot mechanism in the [TS]

  violence moves along and so there are [TS]

  interesting aspects of it but i think i [TS]

  think i have come to a conclusion after [TS]

  listening to everyone i think i have [TS]

  achieved level to consciousness i will [TS]

  not go to level 2 with you [TS]

  jazzy let's go with my verdict is it's [TS]

  it's a better crazy Rob that I thought [TS]

  but the decree of sort of like rape and [TS]

  murder and violence and the extolling of [TS]

  a character he doesn't seem to have any [TS]

  redeeming trait or character motivation [TS]

  or or inner life makes it feel kind of [TS]

  bad move that standpoint it's hard to [TS]

  recommend it for its camp but it is [TS]

  pretty interesting [TS]

  yeah and I i would say am I not quite [TS]

  sure i would call it a bad movie [TS]

  it is a really weird movie and it's not [TS]

  certainly not a good movie i would [TS]

  probably watch it looks like a good [TS]

  movie [TS]

  no but I probably watch it right and [TS]

  categories here Jace yeah well no it's [TS]

  it's it's well so I its spookily good [TS]

  it's it's spooky good bad no it's not it [TS]

  does not fit cleanly into any given no [TS]

  I'm fine i find it a very strange film [TS]

  um I like parts of it like like I'm [TS]

  fascinated [TS]

  I'm fascinated by the how it looks I i [TS]

  fight i feel like there was something [TS]

  that could have been good here but in [TS]

  the end it's just weird and when we you [TS]

  know we we can joke about things like it [TS]

  looks like an art students project but [TS]

  it really does feel like that it feels [TS]

  like somebody had a bunch of images and [TS]

  wacky ideas and they basically at some [TS]

  points it let's just throw all this crap [TS]

  up there and maybe it'll all work and it [TS]

  doesn't love it and it does number fifth [TS]

  fifth element fifth element is sort of [TS]

  that way it's a silly film and it's kind [TS]

  of what was a look pretty persistent [TS]

  yeah i don't remember the story right [TS]

  like he thought the slap in high school [TS]

  he had this idea and then he got become [TS]

  a famous filmmaker to make a ridiculous [TS]

  the right so the movie reads like [TS]

  something out of high school kids [TS]

  notebook is it [TS]

  related to that field to its ok here's a [TS]

  bunch of money on this thing has been [TS]

  running around my head since I was [TS]

  prepubescent our only hope just postpone [TS]

  I was here well yeah I was drawing that [TS]

  floating stone head on my own I peachy [TS]

  color now I can make it happen [TS]

  they threw me out of school for saying [TS]

  the penis is evil now only 300 of them [TS]

  all right we've reached the end of this [TS]

  edition of the uncomfortable rocket [TS]

  surgery dealing with the seventies and i [TS]

  realize i would like to thank my guests [TS]

  for watching Zardoz because you didn't [TS]

  have to do it and I'm appreciating that [TS]

  you did David Laura thank you for being [TS]

  here [TS]

  Oh as always thank you for having uh [TS]

  Erica and sign thank you so much for [TS]

  joining us [TS]

  wow that thank you now i have to go pay [TS]

  my spouse the four dollar rental fee for [TS]

  Glenn do it 0 square cast somebody Joe [TS]

  steal you are the one the Liberator [TS]

  that's a lot of pressure [TS]

  I think I'd rather be an apathetic [TS]

  thanks but no thanks for having you [TS]

  think you're not sure though [TS]

  yeah but I was walking on that or [TS]

  whatever whatever works is fine [TS]

  fair enough i go and Fleischmann thank [TS]

  you for your your enthusiasm about [TS]

  Zardoz I just say the tabernacle maybe [TS]

  do it Steve let's do I think you already [TS]

  i don't think you did Jason well no [TS]

  thanks to you then no no thank you see [TS]

  thank you are very welcome Jason and I i [TS]

  would like to add i hate you all [TS]

  i hate you all especially me just for [TS]

  that you're five years younger and only [TS]

  worker thank you so much for being on [TS]

  we'll have to have you back sometime and [TS]

  I I'm sorry that your first hazing was [TS]

  hard on all right I i was thrilled to be [TS]

  on and I'm I would be thrilled to be [TS]

  back and I would even watched our does [TS]

  again to come back whoosh was that is a [TS]

  commitment but please don't make me do [TS]

  it [TS]

  and everybody out there thanks for [TS]

  listening until next time stay close to [TS]

  me stay inside my aura life flows out of [TS]

  me and into you or something like that [TS]

  we'll see you next time sardaar dog [TS]