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166: ‘Way of the Future’, With Special Guest Rene Ritchie


00:00:00   I don't even know where to start have you seen this [TS]

00:00:03   it's just bit me today so it's we're recording sunday September forth so [TS]

00:00:09   we'll probably be out tomorrow and then wednesday it's at three days from now [TS]

00:00:15   yeah is apple's event so we're doing a pre apple event let's round up [TS]

00:00:18   everything before we head to the airport and meet each other in San Francisco [TS]

00:00:22   show i did on the weekends more and more i tried i spend almost all my time on [TS]

00:00:29   the on the iphone either by phone or iPhone and iPad you know try to stay on [TS]

00:00:33   my office stay off the mac don't really do work and just sort of read on the [TS]

00:00:37   phone and I ran into this today and it's one of these things I've heard other [TS]

00:00:40   people talk about it [TS]

00:00:41   ah i think it's happened to me before but I've never really paid it too much [TS]

00:00:46   attention and it happens it all of a sudden but i was just browsing on [TS]

00:00:49   Twitter open the link and the screen went black on my phone and then I like [TS]

00:00:54   held down the power button and it said you have to be nobody gave me the signal [TS]

00:00:58   to plug in the power like it though the battery run out but i'm convinced I had [TS]

00:01:02   more than fifty percent battery life left and so I i plugged it in [TS]

00:01:07   I just waited like seriously like a minute and it phone came back on the [TS]

00:01:11   apple logo came on and it had like I don't know sixty percent battery [TS]

00:01:15   have you ever seen this i have heard about it is never happened to me is [TS]

00:01:20   happening with the Apple watch where all of a sudden looking to do [TS]

00:01:23   no power left shut down and then i plug it back in and I always to see him the [TS]

00:01:27   radios weren't didn't have a good connection and it was just gobbling down [TS]

00:01:31   power but I've had a lot of research brings or springboard crashes but I've [TS]

00:01:34   never had the the full shutdown Monty right and combined with the confusion [TS]

00:01:39   that the device thinks its low on battery right like I could even see if [TS]

00:01:43   the whole you know s crash that if some kind of software thing that could shut [TS]

00:01:46   the phone down but then when it powers back up on its all I don't understand [TS]

00:01:50   why it suddenly thinks it has no battery and i've googled it a little bit and [TS]

00:01:54   it's it sounds that sounds like if i go into the apple store that they're going [TS]

00:01:59   to take my phone and give me a new one but I don't want to do that before i [TS]

00:02:02   travel [TS]

00:02:02   no absolutely and it from what I saw to that looked around as well it seems like [TS]

00:02:06   it just it misunderstands its state and then it goes into that panic shut down [TS]

00:02:10   to conserve the last bit of battery you have left him all right then [TS]

00:02:13   to get power back it's like okay everything's fine i got the recent we're [TS]

00:02:17   good we're good sorry that right like it's seems like a bad problem and yet [TS]

00:02:21   and I maybe after you know not get back home next week maybe I'll you know go [TS]

00:02:26   ahead and do it but before I go to San Francisco there's absolutely no way I'm [TS]

00:02:30   stopping this one out [TS]

00:02:32   yeah you never know we was funny too it makes me laugh that my year old iphone [TS]

00:02:41   6s is starting to act up literally kissed it's upset knows you're about to [TS]

00:02:46   replace it is going to take it with you to replace it [TS]

00:02:49   right right it's like the indignity of it of taking it with me doing with your [TS]

00:02:59   hair maybe it was that last year but it's something one of our friends [TS]

00:03:02   tweeted that I'm watching my iphone get replaced on the iphone is going to be [TS]

00:03:05   replaced right so among the things that have a leaked in the last week or so is [TS]

00:03:16   i'll start with I don't know where to start how about we start with these [TS]

00:03:22   boxes that have leaked writer the the packaging and for some reason the ones [TS]

00:03:26   that have leaked a lot of them are seemingly destined for Russia this weird [TS]

00:03:30   because as far as I know they hit us shores yesterday [TS]

00:03:33   really they should all be getting unpacked and and you know on their way [TS]

00:03:36   starting this weekend [TS]

00:03:38   interesting that seems like it's too early though right because what do you [TS]

00:03:41   expect it expect that they're probably gonna go on sale this week and then but [TS]

00:03:48   they're not going to ship until the week after I don't think it's usually the [TS]

00:03:51   week after i think last year took an extra week to ship but i think it's just [TS]

00:03:54   such massive quantities being shipped that they need to build up stock and it [TS]

00:03:58   just it's a massive enterprise that takes a few weeks to do right [TS]

00:04:02   I can't even imagine but anyway some of these boxes for the iphone 7 have leaked [TS]

00:04:07   and there according to the x and of course the box would be the easiest [TS]

00:04:10   thing to fake and everybody acknowledges that so take it with a massive grain of [TS]

00:04:15   salt if you would choose to but the box calls these devices the iphone 7 in the [TS]

00:04:21   iphone 7 plus and so least surprising names in [TS]

00:04:26   Papa last year's lease obviously last week's blocks leak was 6 s ii which was [TS]

00:04:31   obviously face [TS]

00:04:32   yeah that was I saw that 1i don't know why that one really looked fake yeah but [TS]

00:04:37   it's weird there are there are some of these box leaks say that the 88 the [TS]

00:04:42   phones include air pod wireless earbuds and some say that they include lightning [TS]

00:04:51   earbuds and a lightning to headphone jack adapter so i guess it depends the [TS]

00:04:56   person taking the box which their preferences [TS]

00:04:58   that's what they put on the photoshop would you know what do you think you [TS]

00:05:01   think that these boxes are fake or do you think that they're legit or or what [TS]

00:05:05   I i thought it's hard to tell i try to think of what Apple would do [TS]

00:05:07   historically they have not been great about including adapters famously when [TS]

00:05:11   they went from the dock to the to the lightning adapter [TS]

00:05:14   not only did they not include a lightning adapter in the box they did [TS]

00:05:18   not have any available at retail and if you anything happened to the one [TS]

00:05:21   lightning cable you had you just totally screwed for a couple weeks and then you [TS]

00:05:26   know other adapters they've had day-and-date but they were 20 lockbox 30 [TS]

00:05:29   box 40 bucks right they were never included in the box so its standard [TS]

00:05:33   apple would be nothing in the box but the Lightning your paws but you know [TS]

00:05:36   we've had a lot of new Apple lately I think that part of it is Apple being [TS]

00:05:41   apple and that they you know there they can be stingy in those ways yeah and [TS]

00:05:46   they can be what's the word for charging an awful lot of money for seemingly what [TS]

00:05:53   should be a cheap little dongle [TS]

00:05:55   yeah but i do think that the wood lightning in particular there is a [TS]

00:05:59   strategy involved too which is that if it doesn't ship with adapter it makes it [TS]

00:06:05   makes it more likely that people will buy new lighting adapter peripherals [TS]

00:06:11   yeah right get on board with using lightning we don't really want you to [TS]

00:06:15   use the 30-pin you know will give you will make this available so you can have [TS]

00:06:19   it if you really need it but in general you should start upgrading your things [TS]

00:06:23   like a few you know a dock by your bedside or something like that just get [TS]

00:06:27   a lightning one there is no strategy involved with that and it's a little [TS]

00:06:32   different with the headphone jack because what the 30-pin thing was a [TS]

00:06:36   proprietary apple thing an apple wanted to reply [TS]

00:06:39   sit and it still isn't replace I was just in a hotel this week that still had [TS]

00:06:43   the 30-pin things every time it's more and more now it's it's you know I'm [TS]

00:06:48   starting to see some which is much smarter which is that they just have [TS]

00:06:51   like a USB yes [TS]

00:06:53   so you still need your own cable but then whatever phone you have there's a [TS]

00:06:56   USB thing and you don't need to fiddle with finding a power plug to plug it in [TS]

00:07:00   and you can just plug it right into USB but the 30-pin port still lives on I [TS]

00:07:05   just was in a hotel with them but uh but with the headphone jack there's you know [TS]

00:07:10   I i do think that this will the iphone shipping without a standard headphone [TS]

00:07:14   jack will will press aged a day shift in the industry and at two years from now [TS]

00:07:20   we'll see lots of high-end phones that don't have a standard headphone check [TS]

00:07:22   that it's been awhile like I remember my I had a touch pro HTC touch pro at one [TS]

00:07:27   point and had an android phone at one point this must have been 2008-2009 I [TS]

00:07:31   just didn't have headphone jacks and they had USB and his little breakout [TS]

00:07:34   dongles and that's just what you use but then they all switched back and now [TS]

00:07:39   motorola doesn't have a headphone jack and write none of those i think we'll [TS]

00:07:42   ever move the industry but when Apple does it they just shipped so many phones [TS]

00:07:46   and such volume and you know a couple models that and manufacturers and [TS]

00:07:49   accessory makers know that's where a lot of high-value customers are that it [TS]

00:07:52   absolutely does move it so I I you know I've written about this i'm fascinated [TS]

00:07:56   by it because and you know I to me it's one of the most interesting stories of [TS]

00:08:01   the summer and I've really enjoyed speculating on it because it's such a [TS]

00:08:05   simple issue right now the phone doesn't have a headphone jack [TS]

00:08:09   what does it mean and so you can go you know there's so much speculation you can [TS]

00:08:13   do about how are they got the wireless that they going to go to lightning [TS]

00:08:17   why would they do this why would they do that because the story is so simple it's [TS]

00:08:22   easy to to really go deep on the obsessiveness over it so I've really [TS]

00:08:27   enjoyed the story and I've already actually just as much [TS]

00:08:31   yeah the reaction is absolutely crazy people i mean it seriously I mean I met [TS]

00:08:40   a guy this week i was traveling and you know just you know what do you do and I [TS]

00:08:44   told him basically what I did obviously never heard of caring fireballer me he [TS]

00:08:48   said it's really interesting and he said so [TS]

00:08:50   and this next question was so is Apple really going to release the phone [TS]

00:08:54   without headphones check just a random guys making small talk with 45 minutes [TS]

00:08:58   in line to get lunch and that's you know that was just on people's minds [TS]

00:09:03   my favorite is down people who gets angry at people who get angry a sticky [TS]

00:09:06   pickle if these boxes are all true or the ones that get the most true are true [TS]

00:09:16   it would suggest an answer to a question that I've had for a while which it seems [TS]

00:09:20   to me that that replacing the Lightning wired I mean that the standard 3.5 [TS]

00:09:28   millimeter wired headphone port with a lightning wired headphones is not really [TS]

00:09:36   an upgrade [TS]

00:09:37   I mean and it might be there are engineering constraints where you can [TS]

00:09:40   move that deport from the phone you can use it for something else again it's not [TS]

00:09:45   an issue of whether they can make a phone that has all these you know it [TS]

00:09:50   looks the way they wanted to look and still have the jack but it's obviously [TS]

00:09:52   if did everything you take out leave space for something else and spaces [TS]

00:09:56   precious there's two really good stories that I've heard and I don't know which [TS]

00:10:00   one to put more weight on her whether both are true but one is that for the [TS]

00:10:04   kind of waterproofing Apple wants to do removing the headset jack is an [TS]

00:10:07   advantage and other phones absolutely do water resistance with the headphone jack [TS]

00:10:11   but Apple if you look you know Apple really promotes those epa certification [TS]

00:10:14   and there's all sorts of nano bonding and chemicals that you can do and there [TS]

00:10:18   probably are more modern ones now that are really say for a couple years ago [TS]

00:10:21   that was really nasty stuff and it may just not be on Apple's radar [TS]

00:10:25   yeah and the other one was they don't want this to be a story next year [TS]

00:10:28   because next year they wanted to be about the new design and if people are [TS]

00:10:31   saying nice new design but where's my headphone jack that's a way where story [TS]

00:10:35   then if people get the headphone jack anger and away this year and then next [TS]

00:10:38   year is just smooth sailing into the new design [TS]

00:10:40   yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it's a little bit of column and a little bit [TS]

00:10:43   i'll beat that both of those things may well be true and i think that you've hit [TS]

00:10:47   the nail right on the head in terms of yes there are other devices that have [TS]

00:10:51   been made that have the standard headphone jack and are waterproof and [TS]

00:10:55   maybe you know and i think that Sony has some good ones I samsung they have them [TS]

00:11:00   but they failed us to consumer reports right state right because it's [TS]

00:11:03   oh right samsung had a bad run another but yeah that was exactly it likes [TS]

00:11:08   consumer report i mean this is it really was a disaster like samsung says this [TS]

00:11:12   phone you know it can be submersed you know it's seriously waterproof Consumer [TS]

00:11:16   Reports turned it on prompted tank water shortage of God and it really is a bit [TS]

00:11:20   of a bullshit standard because the dust egress that's an absolutely cannot have [TS]

00:11:23   any dust in a vacuum right all go into the phone but the water egress says [TS]

00:11:27   depending on what manufacturer says so and it also the phone that Samsung [TS]

00:11:32   tested and certified yeah that was waterproof one consumer reports not so [TS]

00:11:35   much so it's it's really a not a very straightforward standard for the [TS]

00:11:40   waterproofing part and I do think you know it's one of those things i know [TS]

00:11:44   that Apple's not first two waterproofing that there are you know it's only one [TS]

00:11:48   same someone to help people have you know whether they actually working on [TS]

00:11:50   but they're not first but i do think that Apple has quietly without [TS]

00:11:56   announcing it been working to make their stuff more waterproof I mean in the [TS]

00:12:01   watch by all accounts is you know not water proof that officially not buy off [TS]

00:12:06   you know people in the real world it effectively is you know a friend of the [TS]

00:12:11   show Craig Hockenberry and swims with his everyday a lot of people swim with [TS]

00:12:14   them [TS]

00:12:15   Tim Cook was saying showered with it always yeah exactly and it's funny [TS]

00:12:20   because the iphone success was re-engineered to be more water resistant [TS]

00:12:23   they put a gasket around the entire edge in the sealed all the connections they [TS]

00:12:28   didn't advertise it [TS]

00:12:29   I was expected phil schiller would at some point retweet somebody who said it [TS]

00:12:33   from the top to the lake it's fine thanks Phil but you don't need to take [TS]

00:12:36   totally quiet about it right so they're not promising it's you know there's [TS]

00:12:40   under-promise and over-deliver yet and there's not promising anything at all [TS]

00:12:43   and still delivering some of it and I think that's where they've been with the [TS]

00:12:46   phone and it sounds like this year they're actually going to begin [TS]

00:12:49   promoting its waterproofing the headphone jack could be part of that I'm [TS]

00:12:52   gonna see if it's like ip7 which is what the Apple watches r.i.p eight which is [TS]

00:12:56   what the samsung phones are reportedly hitting which is just longer periods or [TS]

00:13:00   deeper summer engine found what we were skipping ahead but there was a mean mean [TS]

00:13:08   what's his name means equal ming-chi kuo report [TS]

00:13:12   that macrumors picked up that says ipx7 yes which is equivalent to the watch [TS]

00:13:19   current watch but he's looking very recently his phone so he should we shall [TS]

00:13:23   see [TS]

00:13:24   anyway if these both boxes are accurate that some of the phones are shipping [TS]

00:13:29   with these air pods and some are shipping with wired lightning headphones [TS]

00:13:35   and an adapter it would clearly said if both are true it legit whatever you want [TS]

00:13:40   to say that it's going to be paid upgrade we're here [TS]

00:13:43   I'm mine my guess is you either pay an extra hundred dollars to get their pods [TS]

00:13:47   are you pay an extra hundred and maybe twenty nine dollars although that seems [TS]

00:13:50   a lot just from the wireless headset seems like a lot of skills like if you [TS]

00:13:53   had every phone available with lightning or with earpods that's double again the [TS]

00:13:58   amount of phones they already have extra colors they would have extra storage [TS]

00:14:01   capacities I don't I think Apple has gotten it is unafraid of lots of it sku [TS]

00:14:07   I mean no I the ipad has always been you know bifurcated in it's sort of similar [TS]

00:14:13   way where there's always been cellular and non cellular models of every shape [TS]

00:14:19   color you know every every iPad you can buy comes in the cellular non-secular [TS]

00:14:25   furnace so something like that sounds like something they're absolutely [TS]

00:14:30   unafraid of you think it would be the higher end ones that have the airpot [TS]

00:14:33   option that's another possibility [TS]

00:14:35   another possibility would be that if you get if you buy the 32 gigabyte one I [TS]

00:14:41   mean that again [TS]

00:14:42   first we're making a lot of assumptions here yet the rumor is that it was [TS]

00:14:46   registered in anyone's going to ship in 3-6 eyes configuration storage [TS]

00:14:49   configurations 32 hallelujah 64 16 gigabyte is dead [TS]

00:14:53   thank God let's hope I and then No More 64 will go with a 128 and 256 and I [TS]

00:15:01   could see that or maybe the 256 get some sort of but that that seems like you're [TS]

00:15:08   like you're seems to me like if they're going to do some in one and some of the [TS]

00:15:12   other we might as well let you mix-and-match however you want and the [TS]

00:15:16   pricing is always so interesting here like ya hallelujah 16-gigabyte is gone [TS]

00:15:19   but there are a lot of people enterprise just wanted a dumb client that would [TS]

00:15:22   hook up to their b2b website and apps and they would get an eight [TS]

00:15:26   gigabyte iphone if they could just get all their employees they just want to [TS]

00:15:28   cut every possible penny imaginable and we start getting 256 gigabytes I think I [TS]

00:15:34   believe they're doubling the density of the memory again which means and it's [TS]

00:15:37   nice people say you know just include an adapter apple should just add double the [TS]

00:15:40   ram they should just double the storage but all of those incremental more [TS]

00:15:43   expensive and when you have an incredibly margin based business way [TS]

00:15:46   Apple does any additional costs they put that phone comes right out of the margin [TS]

00:15:50   they're trying it for wall street so it's always for them it's in almost [TS]

00:15:53   entirely a pricing game right and even the pessimistic view [TS]

00:15:58   I mean this was again this is chi kuo saying it from the supply chain they're [TS]

00:16:03   saying only 65 million iphones sold in this in the upcoming for the border [TS]

00:16:09   which would be a steep drop-off from last year where I think it was 80 but [TS]

00:16:13   even so 65 million phones so that's a pessimistic take how many new iPhones [TS]

00:16:18   mostly no I mean obviously that includes whatever old ones they're still selling [TS]

00:16:22   but tens and tens of millions of brand-new never before manufactured [TS]

00:16:26   iphone sevens it really does i just saw I don't have a link candy but i just saw [TS]

00:16:31   a story about how global dear and pricing is spiking and it's all [TS]

00:16:37   specifically attributed to the iphone in a ramp-up that Apple needs to make to [TS]

00:16:41   make this absurd number of phones so the story is that because Apple has needs [TS]

00:16:46   all of this ram for the phones and another one of these last-minute rumors [TS]

00:16:50   i guess it's not really last minute but it seems to have been reiterated last [TS]

00:16:53   minute is that the iphone 7 plus is going to come with 3 gigabytes of ram [TS]

00:16:57   instead of two gigabytes of ram so that just adds up [TS]

00:17:01   it's just lots and lots of ram so apples buying lots of RAM which makes prices go [TS]

00:17:05   up factories that manufacture ram are shifting to the type of ram that Apple [TS]

00:17:11   wants to buy for the iphones to meet that demand which means they're making [TS]

00:17:15   last 4 pcs and therefore the pc market for ram is going up as a side effect of [TS]

00:17:23   the iphone 7 and i forget which year was I know we talked about this before but [TS]

00:17:27   the type of ram is also different member for a while using TLS ram and they were [TS]

00:17:31   using dl i think was still have to get the two names one was multi-layer one [TS]

00:17:34   was day and it was just it was hard to get if you just double the amount of the [TS]

00:17:38   low one it was much more [TS]

00:17:39   better than using the higher one and so they were using technically less less [TS]

00:17:42   expensive ramen higher end phones but that's what allows them to get the [TS]

00:17:45   double size memories right right so it's my I'm glad I don't have to worry about [TS]

00:17:53   so I my guess is if true if true both are true i did it will be a hundred [TS]

00:17:58   dollars extra to get their pods in the box instead nice round number [TS]

00:18:03   yeah and it kind of makes sense to me to that the adapter would only ship with [TS]

00:18:09   the one that comes with wired headphones where they're saying look if you're [TS]

00:18:12   still into wired headphones [TS]

00:18:13   ok you know here's your new set of lightning ones and here's your adapter [TS]

00:18:17   so you can use whatever other ones you want but the future is what wireless you [TS]

00:18:24   know and i can see how that would be a big part of the presentation on [TS]

00:18:27   wednesday that hey we've you know you know I could just see a slide where [TS]

00:18:31   somebody's got the court all tangled up in that the future is Wireless yeah I [TS]

00:18:37   wonder you because you're just an apple and you did this so well and in so many [TS]

00:18:41   articles a apple thinks about these things and are they thinking we just [TS]

00:18:44   want to get rid of the headphone jack [TS]

00:18:46   are they thinking that we want to drive the wireless world and clearly with the [TS]

00:18:49   the manager book they decided that we're you know we could they could put more [TS]

00:18:54   than one USBC port but they didn't want to do that they wanted to make a machine [TS]

00:18:57   that had almost no ports and still a concession for power and might as well [TS]

00:19:01   use us bc but they clearly message that and was on your show two years ago [TS]

00:19:05   fillers that you know we wanted to make a computer for the wireless world and if [TS]

00:19:09   that's what they want to do with the iphone then that is this is the best way [TS]

00:19:12   of doing it [TS]

00:19:13   yeah i think so but I i do wish and you know again who knows which of these are [TS]

00:19:18   fake and which are really maybe they're all fake but I still if I had my my wish [TS]

00:19:22   my wish would be that they would just go completely wireless and just say every [TS]

00:19:26   single iphone 7 comes with their pods and if you really still want to use [TS]

00:19:30   wired ones you have to buy it [TS]

00:19:31   this twenty-dollar $19 adapter and I really think that they should do that [TS]

00:19:36   but it sounds like from these rumors that they're going to make it an upsell [TS]

00:19:40   I think they need to head a little bit because there's no amount of Q&A or [TS]

00:19:45   savvy even within Apple that can equal millions of people hitting that product [TS]

00:19:49   and if it's a first generation [TS]

00:19:51   and they go all in on wireless and there's anything wrong with just don't [TS]

00:19:54   just be hammered beyond hammered so if they make it one of those things again [TS]

00:19:57   like like the 12-inch MacBook where people go out and buy it's a bit of a [TS]

00:20:01   premium product is a self-selecting group and they have a higher tolerance [TS]

00:20:04   they are early adopters and they're willing to sort of struggle with the [TS]

00:20:08   technology at first applicant use the first generation as an experiment and [TS]

00:20:12   then realize the next generation is where they make that you know that that [TS]

00:20:15   extra leap forward and start cutting off things in the past right and I'm [TS]

00:20:18   convinced I am absolutely convinced that it's the way the future really a [TS]

00:20:22   wireless in general you know and I don't know you know who knows what the details [TS]

00:20:25   will be on these airports howhow standard they will be in terms of their [TS]

00:20:29   bluetooth and how much is you know proprietary like will you be able to use [TS]

00:20:33   that Apple earbuds with other devices that use bluetooth headphones i don't [TS]

00:20:39   know his bluetooth is not great technology and never had been made it [TS]

00:20:43   doesn't like water and we're human beings filled with water so they use for [TS]

00:20:47   the watch and the watch sometimes doesn't always have the best connection [TS]

00:20:50   with bluetooth and it would be great if Apple did have the best of both worlds [TS]

00:20:53   to be a much better proprietary connection that failed down to bluetooth [TS]

00:20:58   difficult for other devices or if it could make its own connection right but [TS]

00:21:01   just use some secret sauce [TS]

00:21:03   you know and cheat if they need to and cheap meeting hey this isn't really as [TS]

00:21:07   per the bluetooths back but if we do it this way it'll be you know it'll work [TS]

00:21:11   better [TS]

00:21:13   yeah everythings do whatever it takes to make it work well worry about how well [TS]

00:21:17   it works don't worry about whether you're completely compliant with [TS]

00:21:20   bluetooth 5.000% by the you know by the letter and one thing i like is that [TS]

00:21:25   Apple has always been a company that doesn't worry about chipset stories [TS]

00:21:28   about feature sets it's not and it goes all the way back to that Steve Jobs [TS]

00:21:31   statement where it's not like they have all these wireless chips are just [TS]

00:21:33   looking for features to put them into they they really want to do something [TS]

00:21:37   and they find a technology that can let them do it because it is very few rumors [TS]

00:21:41   of wireless charging for example so you're still going to have to have some [TS]

00:21:43   form of cable and maybe they could charge through metal casing because [TS]

00:21:48   there's been patents on that I think going back 18 months now but they've [TS]

00:21:50   said before that does they don't think that's a great technology in terms of [TS]

00:21:53   power efficiency right now so that that's where not just transitioning a [TS]

00:21:57   wireless for wireless sake is something that they think we're on the cusp of and [TS]

00:22:00   they want to help push over and that is to me the one of the most serious [TS]

00:22:03   practical consider [TS]

00:22:04   visions of this you know the pain involved in moving away from this [TS]

00:22:08   ubiquitous standard 3.5 millimeter jack to something else is the scenario where [TS]

00:22:13   you want to charge while you listen [TS]

00:22:15   yeah and it's it sounds to me like from you know that there's not going to be [TS]

00:22:22   any kind of pass through option for lightning that if you're using the [TS]

00:22:25   Lightning headphones you're not gonna be able to charge while you listen and so [TS]

00:22:28   if you wanna be able to charge while you listen you should get on board and get [TS]

00:22:31   some wireless headphones [TS]

00:22:32   yeah and then it brings you on my colleague Daniel better he has the both [TS]

00:22:36   the motorola and the thing is called Brasi whatever the Kickstarter was for [TS]

00:22:39   the wireless ambient air pause that sounds very similar to what Apple is [TS]

00:22:43   going to be releasing he still says he can't make it through a a [TS]

00:22:45   transcontinental flight like he can't fly from toronto to san francisco on [TS]

00:22:49   with on a charge with those well that's pretty bad [TS]

00:22:52   yeah my beats once have i think i could easily make it through a [TS]

00:22:56   transcontinental flight but there's probably about pushing element [TS]

00:22:59   well yeah those are also i think if they're the same ones i have they they [TS]

00:23:02   wrap around and I think these are actually two independent ones that [TS]

00:23:04   charge for the case it's unknown how how efficient those power cells are right [TS]

00:23:09   mine minor exactly what you set the wraparound it's gonna be interesting [TS]

00:23:14   what else on the iphone see the other one we can skip right ahead to the [TS]

00:23:20   ming-chi kuo yeah thing which it's confusing as hell to me honestly this [TS]

00:23:26   this aspect of it which is that he says they're going to have you're gonna get [TS]

00:23:29   rid of space gray and are going to ship to Black's like a matte black and what [TS]

00:23:35   he's calling a piano black yeah which is like good [TS]

00:23:39   well you can imagine that good almost like a dress shoe glossy black like the [TS]

00:23:43   steel Apple watch black that makes no sense to me it makes no sense at all to [TS]

00:23:47   me that they would ship to blacks you know it because it's it it just doesn't [TS]

00:23:52   sound appellee at all i can see shipping a gray and black [TS]

00:23:57   yeah I could see shipping gold and rose gold right because golden rose gold are [TS]

00:24:02   two different colors where ya black black is black and based on you know the [TS]

00:24:08   finish it seems very strange and i know that you know when you go to buy a car [TS]

00:24:12   if you go to buy a BMW you can get black and it costs at [TS]

00:24:16   but if you want to get the nice black it costs an extra you know a couple [TS]

00:24:21   thousand dollars it's an upsell whereas I can't see them doing an upsell on the [TS]

00:24:26   finish of black now for the iphone 3g I think you could only get the white [TS]

00:24:32   plastic if you got the back then a 32 gigabyte model it was only at the top [TS]

00:24:36   end of the chain but since then they've been very gallant Aryan with their [TS]

00:24:40   colors and I know when they did the iphone 5 the space black back then it [TS]

00:24:44   was really it's the hardest colored anodized gold is easiest and block is [TS]

00:24:47   the the hardest and chips and what we saw what happened with all the iphone [TS]

00:24:51   five so they went to space great so let them do a thinner coding and a much more [TS]

00:24:54   resilient finish at the apple watch is a darker version of space gray but it's [TS]

00:24:59   still space gray and they might have might be trying some new finish that [TS]

00:25:02   actually lets them go to a glossy piano-black interesting to see how how [TS]

00:25:06   well it holds up and just how many units a manager ship with it [TS]

00:25:09   yeah it's just seems strange to me that they would that they would have dark [TS]

00:25:14   black and last month's rumor was with space blue so I and this is cooperated [TS]

00:25:20   there's the Japanese site Mac matakara which is always been a pretty you know [TS]

00:25:25   pretty good track record of getting some scoops they have the picture picture [TS]

00:25:30   that sim trays and they're indeed there's a matte black one and a shiny [TS]

00:25:34   black one you never know which ones are prototypes and which ones are shipping [TS]

00:25:38   ore which quantities are doing each and all right it seems they seem to really [TS]

00:25:42   like when they don't do radical design differences they do a color difference [TS]

00:25:46   and because people are superficial that just as exciting to us as a new design [TS]

00:25:51   like gold was for the 5s and rose gold is for the success and if this isn't [TS]

00:25:55   going to be a big dick here than just adding a new color for the talk will get [TS]

00:25:58   a lot of people excited anyway [TS]

00:26:00   yeah I have to say I've never I've space great i mean i'm always always get the [TS]

00:26:05   blackface [TS]

00:26:06   I don't ever want to have an iphone with a white front so i always get the [TS]

00:26:10   blackface and so I haven't had a choice in recent years it's always space grey I [TS]

00:26:14   like the black ones better i liked like the it was the first iphone 5 even know [TS]

00:26:20   it it wore at the edges but I thought that was a good luck [TS]

00:26:23   I thought it looked good you know as the bevels faded you know or chipped away [TS]

00:26:28   I had mine reanalyzed entire way you're like military spec and it was just black [TS]

00:26:33   on black like totally blacked out and look great [TS]

00:26:35   yeah didn't you get yours like story but you gotta change to like blue or [TS]

00:26:39   something right [TS]

00:26:40   I know a couple people got different colors my they didn't want to do pure [TS]

00:26:44   block because it is so hard so I just said you know if i send you an iphone [TS]

00:26:47   you can use me as a beta tester and they sent it back and i still have it still [TS]

00:26:50   looks great [TS]

00:26:51   didn't whisks whisks went blue I think I think so yeah in a turban went orange [TS]

00:26:55   and was able other people who got them done [TS]

00:26:57   yeah so we shall see [TS]

00:27:00   I don't know seems like it seems crazy to me but I am a little surprised i know [TS]

00:27:05   that last month there were rumors of a blue one who knows where that came from [TS]

00:27:09   but I debt was one of the things I've been wondering about all summer as the [TS]

00:27:14   drumbeat of hey basically this looks a lot like the iphone 6 and 6s but with [TS]

00:27:22   better you know the biggest cosmetic improvement from what we've seen is the [TS]

00:27:27   better antenna lines that the antenna lines are far more place around corners [TS]

00:27:31   rather than right across the back but at a glance that fundamental shape but the [TS]

00:27:36   thing is pretty much the same so I've always wondered all summer with a you [TS]

00:27:40   know entered like you said introduce new colors which is . probably one of the [TS]

00:27:44   easiest things they could do just knew Anna does anodized colors just to again [TS]

00:27:50   just to get the word new in people minutes to show off they have the new [TS]

00:27:53   one it easy to see at a glance that you have the new on the hot around [TS]

00:27:57   ah but it seems like no other are least on the silver gold rose gold front no [TS]

00:28:05   but they could play put black faces on the Golden Rose consultant for phones [TS]

00:28:09   too [TS]

00:28:10   I've said that for years that I thought that I still probably wouldn't buy one [TS]

00:28:14   but I think it'd be a great look [TS]

00:28:15   yeah we shall see [TS]

00:28:20   uh I what about this one I got the pencil in there do you think the pencil [TS]

00:28:25   Apple pencil is going to work with the iphone 7 I so that's a very different [TS]

00:28:30   technology the the 3d touch uses the distortion of the LED light to measure [TS]

00:28:36   the distance now and then it sort of translate that into pressure sensitivity [TS]

00:28:40   where the Apple pencil has a much higher screen refresh rate and just so far more [TS]

00:28:45   sensors and has a bunch of technology in the pencil that determines that and [TS]

00:28:49   whether they can put both those things together i don't i don't know what the [TS]

00:28:52   engineering i mean i would love it i would love to have an iphone with pencil [TS]

00:28:55   would be like you know field notes that syncs to dropbox right it would be [TS]

00:28:59   terrific i just don't know if this generations technology is there I could [TS]

00:29:03   see it i could see that and I know that you know the the longest-running and [TS]

00:29:07   again none of these in fact what maybe we'll be surprised all of them but the [TS]

00:29:11   you know one of the strongest rumors all year long has been that the 5.5 inch [TS]

00:29:17   plus sized phone is gonna get the two damn camera system and the regular sized [TS]

00:29:23   4.7 inch phone is not so that's a big big difference we can get actually [TS]

00:29:30   should probably hold that for all segments but because that's why it's [TS]

00:29:33   it's to me the biggest it's these the headphone jack is overshadowing the the [TS]

00:29:38   fact that the camera thing I think is is what is bigger news take absolutely and [TS]

00:29:42   bigger news historically but given that they're already putting a pretty [TS]

00:29:48   significant difference between the two sizes i could see like pencil support [TS]

00:29:52   only being in the five and not being a 4.7 and it makes a little bit more sense [TS]

00:29:57   because it is more of that like is it a big phone or is it a tiny tablet sort of [TS]

00:30:03   sighs yeah and going back and we'll talk about that later too but with the galaxy [TS]

00:30:07   note that was always the biggest redeeming quality for me was it was the [TS]

00:30:11   world's smallest particle wacom tablet you can hold in your hand and have [TS]

00:30:15   everything you could have a wacom tablet that's hugely advantageous to people in [TS]

00:30:18   real estate and people and technical support and in all sorts of industries [TS]

00:30:21   in these people who like to draw i would love to have without having any no it's [TS]

00:30:26   not hard to carry an ipad around without having to carry and i pad around with [TS]

00:30:28   you all right so i don't know i could see that man [TS]

00:30:31   I linked within the other day and it was a an interview with Tim Cook back in May [TS]

00:30:36   that I didn't cross my radar until just the other day but he was in India and he [TS]

00:30:42   was interviewed on india's NDTV and I asked him a question about Steve Jobs [TS]

00:30:48   saying you guys just introduced this pencil but Steve Jobs said if you see a [TS]

00:30:53   stylist they blew it you know i was out on your mind and Tim Cook says well we [TS]

00:30:58   launched a pic pencil not a stylist first of all there's a big difference [TS]

00:31:01   which I love the answer that there's a big difference [TS]

00:31:06   just because they call it a pencil and the things that people are doing with [TS]

00:31:09   this pencil I think Steve would have loved he loved to help people create and [TS]

00:31:14   if you've ever seen what can be created on an iphone or an ipad with that pencil [TS]

00:31:18   is really unbelievable [TS]

00:31:20   yeah on now it was obviously a verbal interview there is no comma after iphone [TS]

00:31:27   in this transcript of it but some of the I I said either way he missed misspoke [TS]

00:31:32   either he momentarily forgot that the pencil doesn't work with iphone or he [TS]

00:31:38   forgot that it only works with the upcoming iPhone and mistaken late [TS]

00:31:44   slipped and suggested that that's that's forthcoming you that either way he [TS]

00:31:48   misspoke couple of readers have have pointed out that you could parse this as [TS]

00:31:52   meaning just that people what what can be created on an iphone comma or an ipad [TS]

00:31:59   with that pencil is really unbelievable right if you pause in a certain way [TS]

00:32:04   you're not saying that you can use the pencil with the iphone and ipad you're [TS]

00:32:07   saying you could do creative stuff with an iphone and you create stuff on the [TS]

00:32:12   ipad with the pencil so that's possible but given that the question was [TS]

00:32:17   specifically about the pencil and the Steve Jobs lying about if you see a [TS]

00:32:22   stylist they blew it it it doesn't read that doesn't that argument doesn't hold [TS]

00:32:26   water with me [TS]

00:32:27   absolutely and I think you again people love to misinterpret steve jobs and I [TS]

00:32:31   think what he was trying to say there is that it requires it if that's because [TS]

00:32:34   they had those terrible resistive screens and stylist was really one of [TS]

00:32:37   the only ways to be functional with those and so this is a completely [TS]

00:32:40   different discussion but Apple seldom in his knee is not efficient happens up [TS]

00:32:44   seldom makes a technology that it only intends for one thing left of their [TS]

00:32:47   technologies like the force touch like 3d touch i think we're going to see that [TS]

00:32:54   true tone and the MP DC ip3 displays all that stuff ends up for going all across [TS]

00:33:00   their entire product line because it makes their products work better and [TS]

00:33:03   it's just more efficient use of the technology that they create they just [TS]

00:33:06   have to pick one that goes first [TS]

00:33:08   yes right yeah i have always thought that that if you see a stylist they blew [TS]

00:33:13   it thing is people really like that one around as like an example of things [TS]

00:33:18   Steve Jobs said that Apple you know either would have done if he was still [TS]

00:33:21   here or ways that Steve Jobs was was wrong or whatever however you want to [TS]

00:33:25   put it on and I've always thought that was erroneous because I've always I [TS]

00:33:29   always took that answer and I forget the context of the question i think it was [TS]

00:33:34   but that was the introduction the first iphone keynote I but whatever it was it [TS]

00:33:39   was exactly what you said where the gist of it is he was talking about like the [TS]

00:33:45   palm pilot typing devices or the even the Newton you know to just name throw [TS]

00:33:49   one of apple's products back at it devices where you had to use the stylus [TS]

00:33:52   not devices where you could uh yeah and i think you know one of the ways that he [TS]

00:33:58   would certainly know that is he certainly knew how popular the like the [TS]

00:34:04   cintiq tablets are adding Pixar and probably would you know in certain [TS]

00:34:07   departments with an apple too but you know he certainly knows that there's new [TS]

00:34:11   well that firsthand that there's a place for a stylist as an optional input [TS]

00:34:16   device it is a huge between something being required for the usage of your [TS]

00:34:20   product is something being adding value to the usage of your product and he [TS]

00:34:23   didn't live in a time where there was that pencil and could have been [TS]

00:34:25   flabbergasted and delighted by healthy solar didn't he also i thought did he [TS]

00:34:31   I know he badmouth small tablets to yes shave your fingers or wiggle your [TS]

00:34:36   fingers down right and he was specifically talking about tablets where [TS]

00:34:39   the user interface was struck down from a certain size whereas when Apple shrunk [TS]

00:34:45   down the ipad mini they they kept the touch targets at exactly the same [TS]

00:34:49   physical dimensions as they are they're smaller than on the bigger ipad but [TS]

00:34:53   they're actually exactly the same pixels-per-inch as the iphone yeah I [TS]

00:34:57   think [TS]

00:34:58   it's super yummy the one of my favorite things about Steve Jobs is always that [TS]

00:35:01   itunes story where he just did not want itunes on Windows but he was smart [TS]

00:35:04   enough to know that he didn't have all the answers and he's basically you know [TS]

00:35:07   fine fine fine and even you know go do it but if you screw up you're dead to me [TS]

00:35:11   and they went and it was successful and my understanding is that originally they [TS]

00:35:15   were going to have a blown-up interface on the ipad and he got fought tooth and [TS]

00:35:18   nail over and they actually had time to make a two-column interface and then he [TS]

00:35:22   got turned around and eq read an article and brought it to Steve and bought one [TS]

00:35:26   of the tablets and we really should do this is going to be a category and again [TS]

00:35:30   he was resistant to it but he was smart enough to know that he didn't have all [TS]

00:35:32   the answers he hired good people and he trusted them and they had that team had [TS]

00:35:36   to turn around the ipad mini i think was the fastest product turnaround they ever [TS]

00:35:39   did and they were lucky that it could shrink it down and it just happened to [TS]

00:35:43   work perfectly because the size matched with us what the DPI was on the iphone i [TS]

00:35:48   think we have a huge problem with that had worked out for them right though and [TS]

00:35:51   the quote that he had where he was clearly wrong [TS]

00:35:55   I mean approve ibly wrong in hindsight and nobody ever throws it out an apple [TS]

00:36:00   in its bizarre because this is one wave is absolutely wrong was that the antenna [TS]

00:36:04   gate question and answer thing after the intended gate press conference and they [TS]

00:36:09   had the question and answer thing he here's a quote here where he was talking [TS]

00:36:15   about with some of the bigger phones that were coming out from like samsung [TS]

00:36:17   galaxy and you know the 5-inch phones and he said no one's gonna buy a bigger [TS]

00:36:24   phone that's so big you can't get your hands around it [TS]

00:36:26   yeah no one's gonna buy that no one's gonna watch video on an ipod ok I mean [TS]

00:36:30   there's a few that i think a lot of times where no one reads books anymore [TS]

00:36:33   and then he comes out with ibooks is that he wasn't afraid to change his mind [TS]

00:36:36   when he was presented with a better argument and they had forget it was [TS]

00:36:41   iphone 4 iphone 4s but they had a large screen in that generation buddy if you [TS]

00:36:45   ever if you go back and feel how heavy your iPhone 4 and 4s is and how heavy [TS]

00:36:49   that would have been and the display technology I mean anyone who had an HTC [TS]

00:36:53   Thunderbolt back then that that things suck the battery lasted about three [TS]

00:36:56   hours early Samsung's they use that pentile display technology which was [TS]

00:37:00   terrible and they they were willing to make these concessions order to have [TS]

00:37:04   those big hot LTE radios they had to make the phone bigger and then you might [TS]

00:37:07   as well put a bigger screen on but you don't have good screen technology so you [TS]

00:37:10   have to go all it and [TS]

00:37:11   spin thailand all these cascading ramifications of those decisions and [TS]

00:37:15   they were willing to suck it up and make with endless variations of the same [TS]

00:37:18   phone where Apple's stuck to making one funny here for a very long time even [TS]

00:37:22   called the bigger phones Sommers Miss like this resonator phones ya heard [TS]

00:37:31   so yeah there is sort of an argument you made that I think in 2010 there was [TS]

00:37:35   still the battery life wasn't there to do it but I do think though that the [TS]

00:37:38   proof shows i think apple institutionally was caught a little [TS]

00:37:42   flat-footed at the popularity of the bigger size phones and they buy iphone [TS]

00:37:46   the plus-size iphone models were I'd by all accounts a little bit late to market [TS]

00:37:52   I think it's you know it took everybody by surprise [TS]

00:37:56   yeah and I still I think to them that's just adding addressable markets like the [TS]

00:38:00   saturated a 20 then they went to verizon a saturated north america and europe [TS]

00:38:04   they went to China Mobile they saturated under 4 inch displays and they went to [TS]

00:38:07   4.5 and 5.5 and they did very progressively and they had their tik-tok [TS]

00:38:12   cycle and it just landed iphone 6 was the was the most convenient time and had [TS]

00:38:16   the best technology for them to do it and they be weighted they have happily [TS]

00:38:20   waited even that we even when it's hurt them to do what they think is right [TS]

00:38:23   technologically yeah definitely [TS]

00:38:26   absolutely so what do you think you're going to do two shades of black i [TS]

00:38:33   usually dismiss this kind of stuff and then like that i had your early on [TS]

00:38:37   they're going to do the goal because they were calling it Kardashian which to [TS]

00:38:40   me was endlessly hilarious and then the rose gold it just seemed inevitable [TS]

00:38:44   based on them already shipping a wife that had that color right the the the [TS]

00:38:49   space black apple watch a lot of people really love that both you and I have it [TS]

00:38:52   and it's a great look and I've joked that I really would love a space black [TS]

00:38:56   iphone so i know i have no one to blame but myself if I get one right [TS]

00:39:00   yeah I wonder if that's the president you know I don't know if you go a space [TS]

00:39:05   face greater space or piano black John off the top of my head i guess the piano [TS]

00:39:10   yeah i guess i'd get that glossy finish I don't know I mean I do have the you [TS]

00:39:14   know we you and I both have the luxury of will get to look at them firsthand [TS]

00:39:18   the hands-on area after the event before we make the decision you don't have to [TS]

00:39:23   judge but because judging like a [TS]

00:39:25   finish is the hardest thing to do oh not looking at the actual device because the [TS]

00:39:29   product photography makes everything look great right they did I mean it's [TS]

00:39:33   either gonna show you a product shot of of the flat black that makes it look bad [TS]

00:39:39   it's all gonna look great but you can't really tell you know how they compare to [TS]

00:39:43   each other unless you see him from first hand in my opinion and I don't think [TS]

00:39:46   they could do a stainless steel phone with the dlc coating which is one of the [TS]

00:39:49   biggest advantages of that color right so we'll see i don't know i don't know [TS]

00:39:54   what to think about that [TS]

00:39:55   it just seems very strange to me I'd rather thought that occurred to me is [TS]

00:39:58   that may be that the one that they're calling flat black or regular black [TS]

00:40:02   might just be the new space grey yeah and then at least product marketing wise [TS]

00:40:06   are or if they give it a new name for a new gray but call it gray and then all [TS]

00:40:13   of a sudden instead of two blacks you've got gray and like I think it will be [TS]

00:40:16   again because it is just so hard to anodized black it will be spaced great [TS]

00:40:20   but it'll be closer to what the apple watch basically is and what the current [TS]

00:40:23   iphone space gray is all right right yeah well we'll see i think that that [TS]

00:40:28   wraps me up on iphone stuff is everything else on iphone talk about not [TS]

00:40:33   just the camera [TS]

00:40:34   yeah well let's hold that let's hold that because it's a big enough deal so [TS]

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00:42:05   can access any of the files on your Mac that have been backed up so if you want [TS]

00:42:10   to just quick get access to a file that you know is on your Mac from your phone [TS]

00:42:14   and you don't have it in dropbox or something like that you can use their [TS]

00:42:18   app there you go when you want to restore you can restore one file at a [TS]

00:42:23   time you can restore them all i'll just if you want if you have a disaster [TS]

00:42:27   strikes or something like that you really need everything back they'll put [TS]

00:42:30   everything onto a hard drive and overnight it to you by fedex it couldn't [TS]

00:42:35   be better [TS]

00:42:36   I use this i recommend it to everybody I'm not just saying it because their [TS]

00:42:40   sponsor but i'm happy to have them as a sponsor because i do recommend it so go [TS]

00:42:43   to backpage.com / daring fireball if you haven't signed up yet do yourself a [TS]

00:42:48   favor and do it all right the camera let's talk about this camera [TS]

00:42:53   yes I'm sick about it well you've been talking about it for what two years now [TS]

00:42:58   two years two years ago I heard but I didn't hear two years ago I didn't hear [TS]

00:43:02   that they were only going to put it in the monster fun but i did here and it [TS]

00:43:08   sounds like this is where they're going and I think the invitation i'm not i [TS]

00:43:12   don't like to read too much into the the titles or the pictures on the invitation [TS]

00:43:16   but the invitation this time so clearly looks like a reference to what they that [TS]

00:43:21   the camera terminologies boca where it's the the the japanese word that means the [TS]

00:43:27   visual quality of the out-of-focus parts of of a photograph so if you have a [TS]

00:43:34   narrow depth of field on a photograph [TS]

00:43:36   what's the blur what does the blur look like the out-of-focus stuff and that's [TS]

00:43:41   what you know the the that invitation to this event looks like a reference to [TS]

00:43:45   that because it looks like a very attractive out-of-focus i don't know [TS]

00:43:50   like lights or something like that and i think a lot of this just goes down to [TS]

00:43:54   apple managing their costs say it's the same thing memory memory is not a [TS]

00:43:58   hundred dollars more expensive when you double it but that's just an easy thing [TS]

00:44:01   people understand small medium and large and the camera module is going to be [TS]

00:44:05   more expensive so it's easier for them to eat the cost of that camera put in [TS]

00:44:08   the already 100-dollar because it's bigger phone then they put in both [TS]

00:44:12   phones [TS]

00:44:13   yeah and you know what I've heard two years ago and it sounds like exactly [TS]

00:44:17   what they're shipping is it's effectively two cameras that act as a [TS]

00:44:22   single unit and through software on create images so two cameras take [TS]

00:44:28   pictures at different focal lengths one is wider wider and Langille one is more [TS]

00:44:33   telephoto and then in software it just itches the two images from the two [TS]

00:44:38   cameras together to create one image and it might even have these light field [TS]

00:44:41   type things were after the fact you might be able to like change the depth [TS]

00:44:46   of field or in a focus point it's interesting because when you hear two [TS]

00:44:49   cameras a lot of companies to put two cameras on phones before and some have [TS]

00:44:53   done it where they have one regular camera and then one black and white [TS]

00:44:56   camera because they want to pull more detail in low light situations [TS]

00:45:00   some have a regular lens and a wide angle lens but you have to actually [TS]

00:45:03   shift between them like with a with a toggle to choose which one you're going [TS]

00:45:06   to use any one time and others have tried to put the lenses further apart to [TS]

00:45:10   try to get more depth of field information they can sort of do that [TS]

00:45:12   artificial or let you do dynamic focus with it where you can pull the image [TS]

00:45:17   back and forth and show it differently and it sounds like this is very Apple [TS]

00:45:20   solution where they're picking two really good cameras and then not making [TS]

00:45:24   you do a lot of work but using everything in that 8-10 ship and the [TS]

00:45:27   image signal processor sort of intelligently figure out how to make a [TS]

00:45:30   great image and then give you some control over things like that the field [TS]

00:45:33   and low-light yeah and so you know i mean again this is a long-standing rumor [TS]

00:45:38   and the fact that a parent fact that this new camera system is only going to [TS]

00:45:44   ship on a plus-size model and not the 4.7 inch model [TS]

00:45:47   has been rumored all year but it's not flush it's just it's not no no there [TS]

00:45:53   isn't either is flush the camera bump is still there it is a slightly different [TS]

00:45:56   shape that looks like it might be a little bit more graduated instead of [TS]

00:46:00   just like a harsh you know like more graduated bumped and it's a hard problem [TS]

00:46:06   to solve because people don't want heavy phones and to make phones lighter one of [TS]

00:46:10   the ways you do that is to make them thinner but cameras really want a big [TS]

00:46:13   zx81 depth and if you try to art we've seen this with other manufacturers if [TS]

00:46:17   you try to put you know the higher aperture you try to do other things with [TS]

00:46:21   the camera [TS]

00:46:22   it creates aberration because it just the lens is not good enough at that [TS]

00:46:25   depth to do everything that they want from it and Apple up until now has been [TS]

00:46:29   really really good about hitting that sweet spot where the aperture and [TS]

00:46:32   everything else about the camera comes together to take those really good [TS]

00:46:35   everyday photos they're not just know the blacks are crushed the saturation is [TS]

00:46:39   not boosted is just tries to reproduce what you see with your naked eye and [TS]

00:46:43   they've been really really good about it i don't think they're gonna change that [TS]

00:46:45   anytime soon because that whatever 300-person strong camera team all they [TS]

00:46:48   do is shoot photos in a wide variety of situations trying to make sure that [TS]

00:46:52   every photo you shoot at a bar when your kids are out playing that under any [TS]

00:46:56   circumstance you get the best photo you can it I i would love to know how much [TS]

00:47:00   internal deliberations there was over $MONEY shipping [TS]

00:47:04   I mean because once they broke the seal on it like with the iphone 6 and 6 plus [TS]

00:47:07   shipping the 6s and 6s plus last year with the camera bump was you know it was [TS]

00:47:14   expected actually right now and that this one the new iphone 7 is still going [TS]

00:47:18   to have a pump it's you know it's old news now this is the third year in a row [TS]

00:47:21   but every that first one I would love to know how much internal argument there [TS]

00:47:25   was over we can ship you know what was and what was the bigger argument was was [TS]

00:47:32   the bigger argument we should make the phone thicker so that the camera fits [TS]

00:47:35   flush or was the argument we should it include a lesser camera that would fit [TS]

00:47:41   flush with his phone [TS]

00:47:43   previous year's ID which is say you have to make the cat we're making the phone [TS]

00:47:47   this they can you have to fit that camera which is why you know people [TS]

00:47:51   thought that the iPhone camera didn't really improve that much but getting a [TS]

00:47:54   camera as good if not better than the previous generation any thinner phone [TS]

00:47:57   every year for an absolute miracle of [TS]

00:47:59   engineering right but there's two situations where I think ID gets pushed [TS]

00:48:03   back on heavily and that's antennas you know reception and camera because [TS]

00:48:07   physics it's like that scene in civil war where spider-man goes I don't think [TS]

00:48:11   that shield Falls laws of physics at the planet you they have to they have [TS]

00:48:14   absolutely no choice in their choices put a crappy camera chapels not going to [TS]

00:48:18   do because there is much a camera company now right as they are phone [TS]

00:48:20   company or live with the camera bump which might i'm sure everyone in ID [TS]

00:48:24   cringes every time they think about it but it's how they got that great camera [TS]

00:48:28   and the other practical factor it doesn't help me because I don't like [TS]

00:48:31   using a case but overwhelming with its I i would love to know the percentage i [TS]

00:48:36   would love to know what percentage of iphone users put the phone in the case [TS]

00:48:40   and keep it in the case almost all the time because I i would off the top of my [TS]

00:48:43   head I'm thinking it's at least eighty percent i'm the only one I know it [TS]

00:48:48   doesn't use a case it might be even higher I my eighty percent might even be [TS]

00:48:52   ridiculously low and if you have a case even the thinnest case I've ever seen [TS]

00:48:56   like the ones that are just like polyurethane and and are almost more [TS]

00:49:00   just like scratch cards than any other kind of protection are still at the [TS]

00:49:04   thickness of the camera bump right so if you have a case there is no camera bump [TS]

00:49:09   absolutely i mean everybody in my family every friend that I have every quality [TS]

00:49:12   that i have has an iphone in the case i'm the only one walking around that the [TS]

00:49:15   way Johnny I've intended right it really might be I wouldn't be surprised if it's [TS]

00:49:18   more like in the nineties ninety percent and so I lose out you lose out as no [TS]

00:49:26   case i am but no case users but people with the case they get better image [TS]

00:49:31   quality and they don't even I'm sure they don't even know why we're going on [TS]

00:49:34   and on for an entire site is about there's a bump on let me take out a case [TS]

00:49:36   I'm gonna take a look at forgot I III don't know what I'm gonna do [TS]

00:49:42   Rene is a really good camera but you ate big phones and i really mean and I've [TS]

00:49:48   even you know i love the iphone SE I mean I didn't buy one personally just [TS]

00:49:55   because I knew that this I didn't it just it just didn't make sense to buy [TS]

00:50:00   one for six months when I just bought one sec I mean I feel like buying a new [TS]

00:50:03   iphone every year is already almost stupid [TS]

00:50:07   yeah i'm i'm not gonna buy two year [TS]

00:50:10   but boy I sure like the way it feels in my hand holding in my hand right now [TS]

00:50:14   sure like the way it feels in my hand [TS]

00:50:16   yeah and I think again this is just a transition period and whether it's next [TS]

00:50:19   year the year after they will be an iphone with eight as largest green and [TS]

00:50:22   as good a camera as the current success seven is going to be it just would in a [TS]

00:50:26   casing as small as the se but I my favorite things you know you know i'm an [TS]

00:50:32   avid amateur photographer I care about the camera [TS]

00:50:35   probably more than anything else on the phone so buying the 4.7 just because it [TS]

00:50:40   feels better in my hand a lot better in my pocket but knowing that i don't have [TS]

00:50:44   as good a camera as I would otherwise is going to hurt so the seven will replace [TS]

00:50:50   your señor your 6s and a 7 plus will replace your leg over your cannon and [TS]

00:50:56   you carry the two phone right i guess i don't know i don't think because they're [TS]

00:50:59   connected in a sink so I don't know I really don't [TS]

00:51:04   I've been dreading this all I mean I i came to grips with it and I accept it [TS]

00:51:08   and it being on the there are so many rumors you know coming out of the supply [TS]

00:51:11   chain that showed pictures that you know only have the dual camera on the bigger [TS]

00:51:14   one so I'm embraced for it but now that it's here it it feels like you know at [TS]

00:51:19   all year long I've been saying that's a that's a problem for September's John ok [TS]

00:51:24   yeah I'm summer John screws of temperature on is his problem [TS]

00:51:27   what do you think what do you think you're going to get i've been using the [TS]

00:51:30   plus size now since it first came out I have enjoyed by both every year and [TS]

00:51:35   occasionally use the smaller size but i just-i work on my iPhone so much that [TS]

00:51:40   the longer battery life in the bigger screen size is a huge advantage to me [TS]

00:51:43   and I've gotten to the point where you know not as well as bull's-eye from [TS]

00:51:46   daredevil pretty I can juggle that thing pretty well now so I kind of forget half [TS]

00:51:49   the time how big it is until I do pick up one of the smaller iphones so you're [TS]

00:51:53   all set by carry two iphones now anyways I used to do a lot of pictures of [TS]

00:51:57   iphones because just the job that i haven't used to have a regular camera to [TS]

00:52:00   do that and now i just have the other iphone to take the pictures with [TS]

00:52:04   it's you you had a phone and an iphone and i hope i have a subject phone [TS]

00:52:09   antenna and a cat capture phone okay you make it so easy now because everything [TS]

00:52:18   just it just sinks and it just works together so I can pull out the señor [TS]

00:52:22   the six take photos of you know because setup take photos and then those are [TS]

00:52:26   automatically everywhere to put it away and go back to using it i am intrigued I [TS]

00:52:30   I do know this is part of you know why i love the job that i have i am absolutely [TS]

00:52:36   intrigued to see how Apple pitches this onstage because it you know the the [TS]

00:52:42   previous difference between the two size iphone 6 and their success was just the [TS]

00:52:47   optical image stabilization on the plus the $MONEY plus $MONEY for the last two [TS]

00:52:51   years how to help to optical image stabilization with the iphone 6 it was [TS]

00:52:56   for stills and then last year it was in for stills and video [TS]

00:53:00   yeah on and that's no small thing optical image stabilization is a real [TS]

00:53:04   advantage [TS]

00:53:04   it definitely means that the plus had a at least slightly better camera then the [TS]

00:53:10   regular size but it was a small enough difference that i was easily willing to [TS]

00:53:15   accept the size that i found more palatable in my pocket and hand whereas [TS]

00:53:20   now I think the differences is really really significant and I kind of feel if [TS]

00:53:26   it is if if the imaging is as good as i expected to be i think it's going to [TS]

00:53:31   take so much of the event time for the iphone that it's really going to it just [TS]

00:53:38   the camera alone if there's no other advertise differences between the two [TS]

00:53:41   sizes it's really going to turn the event into more of an iphone 7 plus [TS]

00:53:45   event than an iphone 7 of it [TS]

00:53:47   absolutely and I don't you know I often joke that the people in graphic design [TS]

00:53:50   the other given his aspect they don't have any not disclosed on the products [TS]

00:53:54   are just told to make an invitation but I think it's absolutely fitting that [TS]

00:53:56   this year the camera is the subject of of the invitation that don't think [TS]

00:54:00   that's an accident at all and I one thing i have heard sort of two sides to [TS]

00:54:07   this some curious if you're hearing the same thing there's one side of said the [TS]

00:54:09   Apple is absolutely shooting for an SLR and they want to make a camera that's [TS]

00:54:12   just way better than a smartphone camera before the other side is we really took [TS]

00:54:17   wanna raise expect [TS]

00:54:18   agents because it's still a camera phone and it doesn't have that huge piece of [TS]

00:54:22   glass on it and if we push too hard on it's like an SLR people going to see [TS]

00:54:25   well you know it's not it's not like my cannon with my 70-200 or whatever lens [TS]

00:54:30   so that's a really careful balancing act to make people understand that it's a [TS]

00:54:34   way better camera phone but it's still a camera phone [TS]

00:54:37   yeah I i heard that thing i heard was when i originally heard about this dual [TS]

00:54:43   camera thing two years ago was I heard SLR shooting for SLR quality and it is [TS]

00:54:50   it still doesn't make any sense to me because I matter what you do what magic [TS]

00:54:54   you can pull out of having two different land lenses the sensor size is still so [TS]

00:54:59   small [TS]

00:54:59   yes scared to 35 millimeter full-frame DSLR or even the aps-c or the for micro [TS]

00:55:07   four-thirds the other various you know a serious quote-unquote serious camera [TS]

00:55:12   sensors those sensors are so much bigger than the tiny little sensor that they [TS]

00:55:19   have to use in the phone because of the you know just how small the camera you [TS]

00:55:24   know the actual distance from the lens to the sensor is that there's I just [TS]

00:55:28   don't see it i don't see how the you know I think that they can really [TS]

00:55:31   emphasize that this is that as good as a standalone point-and-shoot camera but I [TS]

00:55:38   don't see how they can start talking about slrs and I agree it's gonna have [TS]

00:55:43   to be like this is the best camera that you can get on a phone but if they start [TS]

00:55:47   saying is going to replace your in 5d mark or your sony a whatever mark to its [TS]

00:55:51   gonna not yeah and I say SLR as a sort of catch-all phrase for any camera with [TS]

00:55:56   a sensor big enough that there are cameras for that sensor that have [TS]

00:56:01   detachable lens [TS]

00:56:02   yes right let's just say the catch all I'm saying SLR but what I really mean is [TS]

00:56:06   anything where the camera system has detachable lenses that you can you know [TS]

00:56:11   choose which lends to put on the camera and that include like I said aps-c micro [TS]

00:56:16   four-thirds the full-frame 35-millimeter sighs any of those lump them all [TS]

00:56:20   together [TS]

00:56:21   I just don't see how they can say that they can compete with that simply [TS]

00:56:24   because of the physics of sensor sizes but in terms of the point and shoot [TS]

00:56:30   cameras that people buy that [TS]

00:56:31   don't have detachable lenses i think that they can absolutely say we're as [TS]

00:56:36   good or better because maybe what we lose on on optics of the sensor size and [TS]

00:56:41   the lens size we're making up with software absolutely and again for it [TS]

00:56:46   they've been very careful so far to Target to target not professionals I [TS]

00:56:49   mean they do show off what professionals to do with it but it's that every day [TS]

00:56:52   photo thing and they're also doing super interesting things with the camera [TS]

00:56:56   they're gonna have that dual lens system but they're also internally they're [TS]

00:56:58   going to support raw I think it's for third-party apps only won't be in the [TS]

00:57:02   camera but you know support raw they'll have that DC ip3 display which is a high [TS]

00:57:06   color gamut display and the screens will be able to output that so you have [TS]

00:57:10   everything from the capture pipeline to the display and across other products [TS]

00:57:14   like the 9.7 inch iPad pro the 27-inch imac that can all display these images [TS]

00:57:18   now and that is not something i think everyone will appreciate immediately but [TS]

00:57:21   I think once we started getting these things in our hands everyone who loves [TS]

00:57:24   photography is going to be just much more impressed with that with that phone [TS]

00:57:28   they thought they would be [TS]

00:57:29   yeah and the other we need to talk about but the other thing that I i I'm not [TS]

00:57:32   gonna say to sure that none of these ensure things but it's as close to a [TS]

00:57:35   sure thing i would bet on it is that it's like you said that is a deep DPI [TS]

00:57:40   CIP CIP three so it's a the higher color gamut range so it displays way more [TS]

00:57:47   color and you can definitely if you have the right image you can absolutely see [TS]

00:57:51   the different side by side like you said these you're gonna be able to shoot [TS]

00:57:55   those images from the camera so you'll see it and then it's also going to [TS]

00:58:00   shortly support the the night shift with the other one to town to town to town [TS]

00:58:07   display where it changes that suddenly changes the color temperature of your [TS]

00:58:11   display based on the ambient light and I thought that was a giveaway [TS]

00:58:14   I thought that it uncharacteristically i thought sure gave up the bag on that [TS]

00:58:19   when he talked about it at the the ipad 9.7 you know I've had pro the body [TS]

00:58:26   called the baby ipad pro yeah and when he said specifically once you get used [TS]

00:58:30   to this you can't you can't go back which to me man it's clearly coming to [TS]

00:58:35   the iphone in six months and again their technology mean they they don't hold [TS]

00:58:38   back there was a rumor that apple holds back technically well as soon as they [TS]

00:58:41   can ship something they ship it which is why the baby pro got it and they didn't [TS]

00:58:45   hold [TS]

00:58:45   then wait for the iphone but then again that technology's going to propagate [TS]

00:58:48   across their entire range and I think wdc they said that not only do they [TS]

00:58:52   support DC ip3 they support the upcoming standard hasn't even wider gamut which [TS]

00:58:56   is 2020 and these are all cinematic standards is what we've been seeing a [TS]

00:58:59   movie theaters for a while now so they really care deeply about not just a [TS]

00:59:03   photography but every every aspect of the photography along the entire block [TS]

00:59:08   chain [TS]

00:59:08   yeah I so I think that's definitely coming [TS]

00:59:13   anything else on the iphone i mean they don't want the other things that people [TS]

00:59:17   are getting upset about was the weather the speaker was real or not at the [TS]

00:59:20   bottom that's nice thing the headphone jack and you know there was one room i [TS]

00:59:23   don't know if it was make equal or not that the actual going to upgrade the top [TS]

00:59:26   speaker the earpiece for the phone so that when you hold it vertically because [TS]

00:59:30   one of the big things about the ipad pro is that or I sorry ipad pro devices it [TS]

00:59:34   is that you have those four speakers so you can spin it any direction anyway you [TS]

00:59:38   want and it's always fantastic stereo sound but with one speaker on one side [TS]

00:59:42   either your hand covers it was only coming from one side so I think if they [TS]

00:59:46   do have that balance they can put signed up both ends of the device and it just [TS]

00:59:49   it makes a better experience [TS]

00:59:50   yeah because that would actually give you more [TS]

00:59:53   that would give your stereo when you actually want stereo which is when [TS]

00:59:56   you're watching a video where as having two speakers on the right side when [TS]

00:59:59   you're watching video [TS]

00:59:59   you're watching video [TS]

01:00:00   doesn't really it doesn't do anything yeah it's better stereo in my right ear [TS]

01:00:04   it's funny that phones they do that they had fantasies phones with fantastic [TS]

01:00:07   speakers but both at the bottom of the display right is it is an awkward i [TS]

01:00:14   wonder what the debate was inside about because the rumor is that the the [TS]

01:00:18   speaker grills will be symmetric there will be symmetric speaker grills on both [TS]

01:00:21   sides of the Lightning port but only one of them will actually be a speaker they [TS]

01:00:24   used to before they moved the headphone jack to the bottom and install the top [TS]

01:00:27   of the phone they had sort of the mic at that fake speaker girl on top of it and [TS]

01:00:30   I mean it's like a return to the old days right [TS]

01:00:33   it's clearly just like a little visual just to make it pleasingly symmetric and [TS]

01:00:40   they need a microphone down there to where you can talk into it they have a [TS]

01:00:43   lot of things that they have to it's sort of like when you read those threads [TS]

01:00:45   like Apple delete the bezels do all this and there's these components in there [TS]

01:00:49   that you can't just cut things off there's actual they pack the electronics [TS]

01:00:53   and they're really really tightly [TS]

01:00:56   alright let me take a break here and thank our next sponsor another longtime [TS]

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01:02:40   plus go to igloo software.com / tts and you will get a free trial and you can [TS]

01:02:47   get started today [TS]

01:02:48   go check them out let's move on here's what else do we expect at this event [TS]

01:02:53   this week i expect to hear about a new Apple watch don't know if they're going [TS]

01:02:58   to call it apple watch too [TS]

01:02:59   I don't know what they're going to call it but for the sake of argument for the [TS]

01:03:01   sake of discussion i'm going to call apple watch to the new Apple watch the [TS]

01:03:05   new Apple watch [TS]

01:03:06   I think they're going to let this be a big part of the event i think that it is [TS]

01:03:11   going to be really interesting to see what they've what they've done because [TS]

01:03:16   it's really two years after the original it's not two years after chip but [TS]

01:03:19   certainly two years after was introduced and at the meta-level I it compared to [TS]

01:03:27   how much we seemingly know about the iphone 7 including the boxes that the [TS]

01:03:32   actual packaging we seemingly know so much about the iphone 7 almost nothing [TS]

01:03:38   about Apple watch to has come out otherwise the only thing we really [TS]

01:03:42   seemingly know is that it's going to add gps yeah i think it's similar to the [TS]

01:03:47   early days of the iphone with a sort of knew where they wanted to go but they [TS]

01:03:50   took a very staged approach to get there in the original iphone ship with edge [TS]

01:03:53   but then the next one came out with 3g and gps and it just kept rolling from [TS]

01:03:57   there and in this case you're dealing with something that has a far smaller [TS]

01:04:00   they're not making tens of million maybe over the course of the year they'll 10 [TS]

01:04:04   20 30 40 million of them but they're not trying to put those in stores for day [TS]

01:04:07   one and if the casing isn't changing then it's very hard to differentiate [TS]

01:04:11   what to my pads and i'm an Apple watch to from an Apple watch one in terms of [TS]

01:04:15   leaks on sign away below or places like that [TS]

01:04:18   yeah so that would be one explanation for why doesn't link with leaked would [TS]

01:04:22   be if the physical dimensions are unchanged [TS]

01:04:25   aged 10 new color and if it's the same casing it's very hard to get a leak out [TS]

01:04:29   of it i wonder i don't know i I'm this is one of those things where I and I [TS]

01:04:34   really hope it doesn't leak like last minute but fight while on the airplane [TS]

01:04:38   flying out there because i love the idea of going into the event not knowing what [TS]

01:04:43   the heck they're going to say about Apple watch too [TS]

01:04:45   that's one of the funniest things to me is I keep getting these tweets from [TS]

01:04:47   people who say that the events can be boring because they know everything is [TS]

01:04:51   going to happen it's like reading the script to the next star wars movie and [TS]

01:04:53   then going to the theater and say it's boring and you what happened right left [TS]

01:04:57   this one but I don't think that's true i think that the iphone part might be [TS]

01:05:03   although i'm intrigued that at how they're going to how they're going to [TS]

01:05:07   brag about the iphone i guess that before how they're going to brag about [TS]

01:05:10   the iphone 7 plus camera without making the regular iphone 7 camera look like a [TS]

01:05:14   you know like a weakling absolutely to me at all it's never well you know I [TS]

01:05:21   don't write rumors anymore in the reason for that is there's always going to be [TS]

01:05:23   new iPhones unless Apple pieces out drops the mic consider going into hot [TS]

01:05:27   tubs right every year there's gonna be a new iphone and that's not as interesting [TS]

01:05:31   to me is what problems are going to try to solve and especially the way they're [TS]

01:05:34   going to try to solve it and it always requires a story and you very seldom get [TS]

01:05:37   a story out of the leaks right so I'm curious and you know who knows maybe [TS]

01:05:41   it's not physically identical to the old Apple watch and they simply maintain [TS]

01:05:47   secrecy up until the point where they announced it can click on some every [TS]

01:05:50   night put on a secret Apple watch write it I really really don't know what to [TS]

01:05:55   expect in that regard [TS]

01:05:57   here's a question do you think that apple watch edition will still exist [TS]

01:06:04   I was yeah who we talked about this in person right whether there was going to [TS]

01:06:08   be a second generation or whether they would just add new finishes like what [TS]

01:06:11   they add white gold or titanium or something to that line because there's a [TS]

01:06:14   lot you can do in the high-end watch line and I know people made fun of it [TS]

01:06:18   but they're there is a group of people who buy twenty-five-thousand-dollar [TS]

01:06:21   tickets to the Emirates and twenty-thousand-dollar dresses or [TS]

01:06:24   tuxedos they wear once or rent five-star 6-star hotel rooms for absorbing price [TS]

01:06:29   into them is it really is next to nothing it's like us buying an ipad and [TS]

01:06:32   I provide stock and that is a market i don't think it was a great market for [TS]

01:06:36   them so it might just be honest [TS]

01:06:38   action my guess is we won't hear about them because we haven't heard about them [TS]

01:06:41   in a really long time and I think they would have stopped that fire we never [TS]

01:06:45   saw the release of the bolt link bracelet for example right there would [TS]

01:06:48   have done more to keep it alive if if they really meant for that product line [TS]

01:06:51   to continue [TS]

01:06:51   yeah my gut feeling is that the apple watch edition just goes into the video [TS]

01:06:57   memory hole that it's you know they're just not gonna talk about it and I in [TS]

01:07:02   you and I we have spoken about if we talked on the show but I know we've [TS]

01:07:05   spoken perchon where I feel like one of the ways you know part of it is that [TS]

01:07:10   Apple isn't it doesn't see the future you know they they have good idea of [TS]

01:07:14   ideas they have guesses as to what's going to be popular but that they you [TS]

01:07:19   know they don't have the magical ability to know exactly what people will buy and [TS]

01:07:24   they keep their eyes open after they come out with something and they adjust [TS]

01:07:28   and i think that the way that they've adjusted i think that the way that [TS]

01:07:32   they're addressing the luxury market is with the Hermes line and it's obviously [TS]

01:07:39   those watches are significantly less than the gold even the cheapest of the [TS]

01:07:44   gold edition ones but there are a lot more than the regular stainless steel [TS]

01:07:49   Apple watches and then a lot less i went into the SFO international currently [TS]

01:07:53   have a her meds store and the Hermes actual watch bands are way more [TS]

01:07:58   expensive i think it was like three to six thousand Hadoop latour for the [TS]

01:08:02   Hermes watch where it's only like a thousand suns only a couple hundred 500 [TS]

01:08:05   or 600 thousand for the Apple watch version [TS]

01:08:08   yeah it's actually a cheaper ms watch than the regular swatches even though [TS]

01:08:12   it's more expensive Apple watch and I kind of feel like that's the sweet spot [TS]

01:08:15   for Apple watch in terms of the highest you know price points that you want to [TS]

01:08:21   hit and you know i would not be surprised in the least if they have more [TS]

01:08:26   stuff from Hermes and I would be surprised if they keep her mess around [TS]

01:08:29   and maybe add another similar brand you know a similar stature to her meds and [TS]

01:08:35   have for example gucci ones or something like that [TS]

01:08:39   absolutely indian the first generation of any product is awkward you know that [TS]

01:08:43   the first iphone they did a lot of changes for the second one the ipad 2 [TS]

01:08:46   was stated you had much better focus for that they had on the ipad 1 [TS]

01:08:50   and with the Apple watch arguably they went to market way sooner or later there [TS]

01:08:54   was ten years of tablets before the ipad in 10 years of smartphones before the [TS]

01:08:57   iphone and there were very few years of SmartWatch so they were part of the [TS]

01:09:01   discovery process they couldn't just sit back and look at everybody else's [TS]

01:09:04   mistakes and then come out with the coherent product and you can see that in [TS]

01:09:07   the original life [TS]

01:09:08   Apple watch demo it didn't have that minimal delightful product feel the way [TS]

01:09:12   you had with original iphone well just look at the photos app it's amazing i [TS]

01:09:15   can pinch and zoom and do all these things and you tell them to every friend [TS]

01:09:18   you had it just wanted to do the same thing it was like five different six [TS]

01:09:21   different functions and now we've seen with a pole with the watch os3 it's very [TS]

01:09:25   clearly its fitness and notifications is moving far fewer things I think that's [TS]

01:09:30   why we're seeing GPS GPS is going to be of much more use to people who are into [TS]

01:09:34   fitness and jogging and we've seen you know these people on campus who wear an [TS]

01:09:38   Apple watch and a garment because they're serious Fitness people need just [TS]

01:09:41   be happy to have gps with them and it addresses part of what i think is a [TS]

01:09:45   narrower focus for the Apple watch going forward [TS]

01:09:47   yeah i think that GPS is to the apple watch to what 3g was to the iphone [TS]

01:09:55   although I guess the iphone with the iphone 3g eight games gps to yes [TS]

01:09:59   alright the first yeah but first I did use a cell phone triangulation by [TS]

01:10:04   mapping write like this I'd like one of those 20 stark expose explaining the [TS]

01:10:09   technology for the first time I love that pump but it's it's laughable but i [TS]

01:10:15   don't think the GPI know for some people i guess GPS was a big deal for the [TS]

01:10:17   iphone too but to me the 3g was the one where it's like man they just couldn't [TS]

01:10:22   fit in the first year you know but still thought it was worth $MONEY shipping [TS]

01:10:25   what they could do and I think that ideally GBS is the one thing they really [TS]

01:10:31   would have wanted to have all along because they obviously saw this is a [TS]

01:10:34   fitness device you know it was one of the main 310 pole descriptions of what [TS]

01:10:38   it does and it just you know just didn't fit well the current ipod watch the [TS]

01:10:44   first generation Apple watch runs at the thermal limit of that casing already [TS]

01:10:47   started in the organic apples not a dumb company they have billions of dollars [TS]

01:10:51   they can prototype everything and they from the beginning they want to gps and [TS]

01:10:54   they've wanted cellular but when you look at how hot that thing is already in [TS]

01:10:57   with the battery life is already [TS]

01:10:59   it takes time to get to those things and now they feel confident that they can a [TS]

01:11:02   gps and me [TS]

01:11:03   tain battery life and maintain the thermals I think for them LT still melt [TS]

01:11:07   your wrist off work directly to the device quickly but soon as that solved [TS]

01:11:11   absolutely sure they'll roll out the version with LTE as well that doesn't [TS]

01:11:16   make a i'm sure it'll happen eventually but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense [TS]

01:11:20   to me to be a top priority because I just don't think many people are really [TS]

01:11:24   looking to have another set monthly cellular bill I guess it depends how the [TS]

01:11:28   carrier's you absolutely it depends how the carrier's see this this is probably [TS]

01:11:32   a theory that eventually they'll be something passed the smartwatch and we [TS]

01:11:36   don't know what that is yet what the capabilities will be but maybe it's a [TS]

01:11:40   wearable device and right now the apple watch his like again like a shuttlecraft [TS]

01:11:44   to the starship that's the iphone but eventually it might be its own ship and [TS]

01:11:48   can basically do everything if you wanted to buy itself and then you don't [TS]

01:11:51   have to worry about kicking the phone with you right and I realized that there [TS]

01:11:54   is it ties into the fitness angle right where there are certain physical [TS]

01:11:58   activities where you be happy to wear a watch but would prefer not to have to [TS]

01:12:02   bring your phone because you know it's it's hard to get just going running it [TS]

01:12:05   is you've got to get you know special pocket or an armband or you know sac [TS]

01:12:12   around your waist whatever those things are called it's you know it's a pain to [TS]

01:12:15   keep your phone with you when you run but I you know for most of those things [TS]

01:12:21   I don't really care if I have internet access gps is a big is a bigger [TS]

01:12:25   difference for tracking distance and stuff like that but absolutely if I [TS]

01:12:28   can't get notifications who cares it'll be like the like the ipad and eventually [TS]

01:12:32   they'll just you know there'll be a market for the few people who want it [TS]

01:12:35   and then every other model just a Wi-Fi for a few years [TS]

01:12:38   yeah I wouldn't be surprised if that's a few years out there not like I even the [TS]

01:12:41   next year thing that's why i found that Bloomberg story emphasizing that there [TS]

01:12:45   probably wasn't going to be cellular in this year's phone and even if it was it [TS]

01:12:49   wouldn't ship until december at the earliest i found the whole story to be [TS]

01:12:52   ridiculous [TS]

01:12:53   again we've had a cellular prototypes before they get the iphone I'm sure and [TS]

01:12:57   sure every carrier keeps asking when are you gonna do what are you gonna do one [TS]

01:13:00   right doesn't doesn't sound right because the carriers and I think the [TS]

01:13:03   carriers are the ones that are most interested in charging another 50,000 [TS]

01:13:06   month or whatever whatever it would cost and I had the most interesting [TS]

01:13:09   conversation with one of the people and PR for cellphone company when I was [TS]

01:13:13   asking about the shared plans because they were trying to tell me how you [TS]

01:13:16   could just add and [TS]

01:13:17   pad to your planet which is fifteen dollars more and I kept asking why why [TS]

01:13:20   isn't it free and this is what do you mean if i order pizza and I split with [TS]

01:13:23   John you don't charge me more customers putting the pizza with John it's the [TS]

01:13:26   same pizza and they just kept insisting that the data is different because i was [TS]

01:13:30   using it with you people [TS]

01:13:31   well you know what that you will get you know there are at certain restaurants [TS]

01:13:34   higher-end restaurant you will get charged for sure yet you so it's not [TS]

01:13:38   like it's without precedent but it's you know i'm with you $PERCENT more on the [TS]

01:13:44   beaches I kind of feel like you know if I for what I pay verizon every month [TS]

01:13:48   they should be able to hook up more devices [TS]

01:13:50   absolutely and just when you're done with your data you're done with your [TS]

01:13:52   data that you're not asking for more gigabytes yet right that's just you know [TS]

01:13:55   just let me use my gigabytes on whatever device is I want [TS]

01:13:58   yeah absolutely yeah but I don't think they see it that way no they don't want [TS]

01:14:02   to be dead [TS]

01:14:02   dumb pipes that's the last thing they want what do you think about uh I think [TS]

01:14:07   it's got to be a sure thing that there's gonna be a new new lineup of bands seems [TS]

01:14:10   like they do spring and fall new watchbands this this just seems like it [TS]

01:14:15   part of the pattern i mean again it's two years in but it just seems like this [TS]

01:14:18   is part of the pattern of Apple watch yeah and we got a new watch bands last [TS]

01:14:23   last iphone event I think that was the debut of the hermanus bands and then at [TS]

01:14:27   the March event we got the the woven nylon band so I'm interested to see if [TS]

01:14:31   we just get new colors or like you said there's a new partnership announced or [TS]

01:14:35   there is a new style a band announced or you know what they could do there i'd [TS]

01:14:39   also love them to just take this for example can still only get the loop in [TS]

01:14:43   the 42 millimeter and a lot of people who would love that on the 38 [TS]

01:14:46   millimeters and sort of just round out the way to handle the distribution [TS]

01:14:50   yeah I i think it's going to be a sure thing and I totally expect them to be [TS]

01:14:54   compatible with the new Apple watch [TS]

01:14:56   yeah I have something pants to find ok thank you you've got a real problem [TS]

01:15:01   yes absolutely do and it's not even just that you're going to want it you're [TS]

01:15:06   gonna get the new Apple watching you're going to want to use your old band but [TS]

01:15:09   it's uh if they're not compatible [TS]

01:15:11   you're going to get confused that's the which ones you know how to burn the old [TS]

01:15:16   ones that i consider yourself i think the apple watch is going to be a big [TS]

01:15:22   part is i think it's just almost it's almost mind-boggling to me how little [TS]

01:15:27   speculation or is about Apple watch to at [TS]

01:15:30   this week's event compared to the iphone I'd that whereas I think it's you know [TS]

01:15:34   going to be comparable to two years ago where it's it's a huge huge part of the [TS]

01:15:38   announcement [TS]

01:15:39   yeah i think in some ways watch os3 was was so great that it took some of the [TS]

01:15:44   pressure off of Apple watch too because it makes it so much faster and it makes [TS]

01:15:48   it so much more coherent and if we hadn't gotten that will be desperate for [TS]

01:15:51   an upgrade just to get you more speeds and feeds behind the existing software [TS]

01:15:55   but because Apple watch three pairs things down and makes it makes it work [TS]

01:16:00   much better i've been using it since wdc and it's just it's it's so good i was [TS]

01:16:04   actually wondering if it would give them an extra six months before they have to [TS]

01:16:06   push out new hardware i started using it and nothing in mid-july and i was [TS]

01:16:11   traveling too much in early July can you had to do you had to do it with your [TS]

01:16:15   phone to you I think your phone to iOS that I was ten beta and the watch had to [TS]

01:16:20   you know go both it so I'd I waited a little bit but i've been using it since [TS]

01:16:23   July and it is exactly as promised is every bit as much faster and more [TS]

01:16:28   responsive as Apple promised and that whole friends house just bury me like [TS]

01:16:32   the easy it is such a better experience [TS]

01:16:34   yeah that really is so we'll see i don't know i think people who just keep it in [TS]

01:16:40   there if there was also a rumor about them keeping the first generation Apple [TS]

01:16:42   watch much as they've done with iphones and knocking some of them price off to [TS]

01:16:46   make a lower point of entry and I think Apple watch three allows that to be a [TS]

01:16:49   better experience to they could credibly do that and have a an entry-level Apple [TS]

01:16:54   watch if they wanted to [TS]

01:16:55   I wonder how they would do that I mean and maybe the answer is just as simple [TS]

01:16:59   as who cares if they look the same but i don't know like would there be any other [TS]

01:17:02   way with you know maybe new finishes and a new gold you know different different [TS]

01:17:06   anodized colors for the new one [TS]

01:17:08   something so that their visually different i don't know or maybe there's [TS]

01:17:12   only one color option for the Apple watch one that remains around and iPads [TS]

01:17:16   look the same for a lot like once in a while there's a physical difference like [TS]

01:17:18   the touch ID sensor or now they have the new sizes but for a while the ipad mini [TS]

01:17:22   all look the same in the ipads errwhere yo marginally different [TS]

01:17:26   yeah but I think that's where the jewelry aspect comes in that are you [TS]

01:17:28   can't you know if it costs a hundred dollars more you want it to look like a [TS]

01:17:32   hundred dollars more [TS]

01:17:34   absolutely so I don't know we'll have to see [TS]

01:17:37   let me take one more break and thank our third and final sponsoring weekend [TS]

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01:20:53   really a lot of fun so my thanks to automatic for once again sponsoring the [TS]

01:20:57   show what else is gonna galaxy s7 and galaxy note 7 recalls I again all over [TS]

01:21:08   the news and it's all over the news doesn't sound good [TS]

01:21:14   no it's the the something with the power cells that's causing overheating and or [TS]

01:21:19   combustion and i think it was like 45 units were affected but they did a [TS]

01:21:23   global recall yet did they do a recall though because I just saw a story that [TS]

01:21:30   consumer reports the headline from Consumer Reports instead of offering to [TS]

01:21:33   replace unit samsung superficially recall note 7 VA US Consumer Product [TS]

01:21:38   Safety Commission making sales of pre recall units illegal [TS]

01:21:42   yeah so there's a distinction that they this is basically samsung doing their [TS]

01:21:45   own thing where they globally announced that they're going to take these back [TS]

01:21:47   and replace them with improved units and that's different than having an official [TS]

01:21:52   US government recall where does make them illegal and we're sort of a process [TS]

01:21:55   in place all that they would have to do that on a country-by-country basis to ya [TS]

01:22:01   bad timing to get right up in front of the iphone event and I can't help you [TS]

01:22:06   know to point out that [TS]

01:22:08   as much as Samsung is certainly apples you know biggest rival in this game you [TS]

01:22:13   know easily by far away by most accounts still the only two companies in the [TS]

01:22:16   market who are really making profits on smartphones it just goes to show how [TS]

01:22:21   much less of a deal [TS]

01:22:22   samsung is then then Apple because if the iphone 7 we're getting a recall [TS]

01:22:27   three weeks after it came out this the world would stop effort as much as in [TS]

01:22:32   tech circles this is the story the iphone thing would be like front-page [TS]

01:22:36   news that would be like front page of the New York Times Style news and I went [TS]

01:22:40   into google trends and just put on galaxy recall an iphone recall in there [TS]

01:22:44   for fun and even though there has never been an iphone recall not once they are [TS]

01:22:48   the spikes the yearly spike over whatever gate there is but there is an [TS]

01:22:52   indicator chip gate are far higher than $OPERAND then the google trends for an [TS]

01:22:56   actual samsung recall right that's a good examples like Ben gate was got more [TS]

01:23:02   creative more controversy it was more hyped than it was which was a pretty a [TS]

01:23:08   problem a real problem i mean your phone been you know it's a real problem but i [TS]

01:23:12   mean it it didn't even necessitate a product recall now then [TS]

01:23:17   samsung phones that actually explode and the other thing that why you know like I [TS]

01:23:22   samsung is not my favorite company for a variety of reasons mostly having to do [TS]

01:23:25   with help you know Samsung is treated people that I know who work there but [TS]

01:23:28   they make a lot of the components that go into iphones too and they make a lot [TS]

01:23:32   of batteries right for both iphones and a lot of a pot and a lot of other [TS]

01:23:36   products and if they have a problem with the batteries they're making for [TS]

01:23:38   themselves it just means that everybody every every vendor everyone is buying [TS]

01:23:41   from Samsung has to be incredibly careful going forward to yeah i totally [TS]

01:23:46   agree it's bad news and wonder how they're you know I wonder how big of a [TS]

01:23:50   potential hit this is if they yeah [TS]

01:23:54   rumors are that they've already sold about 2.5 million and so if you figure [TS]

01:23:58   what are they have a six or seven hundred dollar phones there 850 dollar [TS]

01:24:02   phones i think they're super expensive but who knows what the cost is yeah them [TS]

01:24:06   for replacing them for everybody and their building materials probably not [TS]

01:24:10   insignificant mm I don't like you said really bad timing and this it's it's [TS]

01:24:16   arguable now whether the galaxy s7 whether the galaxy s is their flagship [TS]

01:24:20   for the galaxy note because the gala [TS]

01:24:22   you note is such a distinct product because it does have that pan it does [TS]

01:24:25   have you know sort of the the upper end of all the features that they put into [TS]

01:24:28   phones [TS]

01:24:29   I it does sound like the good news if is again police in terms of personal safety [TS]

01:24:35   wise that the phone tense the the problem where it melts or explodes [TS]

01:24:40   whatever you want to call it personal flames happens while it's charging [TS]

01:24:43   yeah and I mean that's good news in terms of its better than if it happened [TS]

01:24:47   when I was in your pocket [TS]

01:24:48   I'm out I'm not even joking around i mean but it's you know it is obviously a [TS]

01:24:52   fire hazard that if you know I wonder I don't i'd i would happen to have to [TS]

01:24:56   think that it's better to have it happen when it charges but a lot of times your [TS]

01:25:00   phone charges while you know you're not paying attention to it so it's really [TS]

01:25:04   i'm wrapping up a lot of things here but it's sort of i don't wish ill on any [TS]

01:25:08   manufacturer and or any customer you know I want everyone to have great [TS]

01:25:11   products and you never kick somebody when they're down but it reminded me of [TS]

01:25:15   how much armchair product management apple has to put up with like Apple did [TS]

01:25:19   not switch to us bc and they were castigated for it and we watched those [TS]

01:25:24   key notes from google i/o and from facebook and everyone's that Apple's so [TS]

01:25:28   behind on this or that they don't have no where's apples modular phones both [TS]

01:25:31   motorola and google or way ahead and then this week we also saw the [TS]

01:25:35   cancellation of of project ara and it's it's it's impressive how much the tech [TS]

01:25:41   industry holds apples shipping products against the imaginary products of their [TS]

01:25:45   competitors [TS]

01:25:46   yeah total and it that's good way to put it [TS]

01:25:50   i'm adding the mac elope made that case the first that i can remember and it's [TS]

01:25:56   as true today as it's ever been [TS]

01:25:58   remember CES a long time ago maybe 10-15 years ago because Bill Gates was still [TS]

01:26:02   presenting where he walked around with his windows mobile phone and how it [TS]

01:26:06   would seamlessly integrate with his personal computer and everything else in [TS]

01:26:09   his environment is living room and that that was the subject of his keynote and [TS]

01:26:13   Microsoft never not ever shipped that and yet we have companies like Apple who [TS]

01:26:17   pushed out continuity and are increasingly making these things but [TS]

01:26:20   it'sit's 10 or 12 years later and they're all every time someone has a [TS]

01:26:24   keynote their seen us behind their seen as beleaguered doomed and they just keep [TS]

01:26:28   shipping products and i try i did it i didn't have much time as we can but I [TS]

01:26:31   tried to go back and look at different google i/o and different manufacturers [TS]

01:26:35   notes to see the products they announced and try to figure out which one's of [TS]

01:26:38   them have are either ever shipped or still on the market and I the list was [TS]

01:26:42   getting too big i had to stop [TS]

01:26:49   i I don't know what you want it it's like I guess the advantage for samsung [TS]

01:26:54   compared to apple mean it's not just that they don't sell as many of their [TS]

01:26:58   highest and phones apple sells advertised and phones but that they do [TS]

01:27:02   spread their chips around a couple more bets by having you know a couple of [TS]

01:27:07   quote-unquote flagship phones per year whereas Apple puts all of their eggs in [TS]

01:27:11   one basket with the iphone 7 [TS]

01:27:13   yeah it's almost as if Apple ship the iphone 6s in the in the spring and the [TS]

01:27:17   iphone 6s plus in the fall [TS]

01:27:19   yeah that's a good way to put it and it's obviously you know the one time [TS]

01:27:24   that ever actually did happen i would say would be with the verizon iphone [TS]

01:27:26   yeah for was at four 4s and otherwise my phone for ya and SE this year they did a [TS]

01:27:32   spring launch right so they got to do one in January with verizon and CDMA [TS]

01:27:36   networks around the world where they fix the antenna lines a little bit and stuff [TS]

01:27:40   like that but for the most part apples of you know all of our phone eggs are in [TS]

01:27:44   one basket company so I recall like this for Apple would be it really I mean it [TS]

01:27:49   would warrant the controversy that things like bengay tanned and yeah [TS]

01:27:53   whatever chip Kate right chip gate antennagate have gotten it would [TS]

01:27:58   actually warrant the hysteria so who knows what the level of hysteria would [TS]

01:28:01   actually be would be and you know like shipping the iphone is is non-trivial [TS]

01:28:07   the same way that booting up windows and all the disparate hardware everyday is [TS]

01:28:11   non-trivial yelling getting all those pieces and we've seen you know what that [TS]

01:28:15   we're not we're probably not getting macbooks this week because it is so hard [TS]

01:28:18   to line up all of that stuff to arrive at one time and kudos to those teams for [TS]

01:28:23   getting that phone out all the time like clockwork about that's my question so [TS]

01:28:27   it's so a couple of people have suggested that [TS]

01:28:30   I think mark Gurman said that people you know had had some information on [TS]

01:28:34   upcoming new macbooks and said that they're not expected to be announced at [TS]

01:28:41   this event [TS]

01:28:42   who else has said that somebody else has said that I frequently i mean the apples [TS]

01:28:47   never announced macbooks alongside I and you'd never say never because they can [TS]

01:28:51   change your mind anytime they want but they just never put a mac on the same [TS]

01:28:53   stage as an iphone that i can remember but by comparison be the last year [TS]

01:28:57   though they did they didn't hesitate to put the ipad pro on stage next to the [TS]

01:29:02   new iphone which was you know the original forget I'm the apple TV and the [TS]

01:29:06   rest of the other than you watch bands but this [TS]

01:29:09   yeah well the watch bands were sort of a little bonus thing but there were three [TS]

01:29:12   products all against you know it was the iphone 6s and 6s plus they need to add a [TS]

01:29:18   whole segment on the ipad pro and that pencil and all the software that you [TS]

01:29:23   know was already on day one that they secretly brought people in you know to [TS]

01:29:27   to create apps to support and the new Apple TV I don't know that there's to me [TS]

01:29:35   that in my god i don't it [TS]

01:29:37   there's nothing special about the mac that would prevent it from being onstage [TS]

01:29:41   with the iphone no I mean there might be other reasons but I don't think that's [TS]

01:29:45   it [TS]

01:29:45   any other questions just timing like it the same way the desire i believe was to [TS]

01:29:50   ship appletv last of EDC and end up going in the fall instead I think the [TS]

01:29:54   desire this year was to ship a WBC and it just didn't have whether it's intel [TS]

01:29:58   or AMD or one of the customizations they're working on actually think this [TS]

01:30:02   this really is a macbook pro upgrade this isn't just bumping it to Sky late [TS]

01:30:06   for you nobody can be like at some point because every it's there's there's no [TS]

01:30:11   sexiness and that anymore it's not a great product is just a spec bump and [TS]

01:30:14   they could do that as soon as the chips are ready and they really want to do [TS]

01:30:17   something more because everyone is copy their design everyone is sort of making [TS]

01:30:21   ultrabooks and and laptops that look like macbooks and they really want to [TS]

01:30:24   push the boundaries again of what we think is possible and that does involve [TS]

01:30:28   things like the old strip and and and other new advances [TS]

01:30:32   yeah so I mean it's so much you know enough smoke that I guess there's a fire [TS]

01:30:40   or I guess there's no smoke so there's no fire that there won't be any mac [TS]

01:30:44   announcements this week which means it will but there you know if they're [TS]

01:30:49   coming this year it's either going to be another smaller event in october or [TS]

01:30:54   they'll just do it by inviting people to private pretty things they were as much [TS]

01:31:00   as we want new macbooks Apple really wants new macbook pros at the retail [TS]

01:31:04   really i mean they set out the back-to-school season they would not do [TS]

01:31:07   that lightly that is not an easy it's like the same thing with last year they [TS]

01:31:11   didn't have keyboards and pencils to sell when the ipad pro went on sale [TS]

01:31:14   that's a huge loss for them as a retail operation and not having brand new [TS]

01:31:18   macbook pros on the market herb or updated MacBook Airs to give them a huge [TS]

01:31:22   bump in the back-to-school season are going into the holiday sales is a huge [TS]

01:31:25   thing for them they really want those things to ship so it's not like apples [TS]

01:31:28   just sitting on their hands and and withholding macbook pros and chairs to [TS]

01:31:33   be mean to us right [TS]

01:31:34   I so it apparently so government says that there's going to be new MacBook [TS]

01:31:37   Airs with us bc no other details that I that I noticed this report i will still [TS]

01:31:44   hold onto my wager that they will never get retina displays yeah i think the [TS]

01:31:50   goal is that the macbook replaces i miss it's not there from a price point [TS]

01:31:53   because again Apple Apple is a financial company as much as it is a computing [TS]

01:31:56   company and 8 99 999 are incredibly compelling price points and we used to [TS]

01:32:01   have the plastic and then the the original map aluminum macbook at that [TS]

01:32:05   point and those were replaced by the macbook air and until something can [TS]

01:32:08   replace those that they're not going to go anywhere so I have that CD rom the [TS]

01:32:12   product for iced what is that thing called the 13 inch and 10 with ya with [TS]

01:32:19   an optical drive or supervisor something but that's sort of what I expected them [TS]

01:32:23   to do with the air is what they did with that macbook pro which is not even [TS]

01:32:28   updated not even get it just the exact same device that it was three or four [TS]

01:32:32   years ago when it was new that it is now and I just sort of thought that's what [TS]

01:32:37   they would do with the air but it sounds like they're gonna do some modest yeah [TS]

01:32:40   no speed bump and I guess that makes some amount of sense because that that [TS]

01:32:44   13-inch macbook pro with the optical drive is a real niche I mean they don't [TS]

01:32:50   even have that out on the desk so you have to look you have to look on the [TS]

01:32:53   website even to find it right so you have to know that it exists a nap [TS]

01:32:57   for it and you have whatever reason you want that device you have very specific [TS]

01:33:01   reasons for whereas the I guess the sense of doing a minor a modest update [TS]

01:33:08   to the air is that the heirs are still a top sound you know probably the app [TS]

01:33:12   selling models of macbooks in the stores and you know it's the therefore too [TS]

01:33:17   important just from a financial standpoint that really led him to [TS]

01:33:21   stagnate too much [TS]

01:33:22   yeah it's the 13 the 13 inch macbook air my understanding is just to go to [TS]

01:33:26   computer and if technology wasn't moving as fast and be fine but we are getting [TS]

01:33:31   your connectors and they're all sorts of things that especially if maybe Apple [TS]

01:33:34   does have other accessories in the wings that will depend on having those kind of [TS]

01:33:37   interconnects it would behoove him to have that on the market and then written [TS]

01:33:42   as a big differentiator retina and justice eyes and the colors of the [TS]

01:33:45   macbook to keep sort of justify that next generation staying on the market [TS]

01:33:49   yeah and if they start pushing out USBC ports on macbooks and presumably you [TS]

01:33:56   know I guess they put them in the imac to to do they switch the lightning cable [TS]

01:34:02   that comes with the iOS devices from the USBC to lightning because like for [TS]

01:34:07   example right now if you want to charge your iPhone from your macbook your own [TS]

01:34:11   your 1-port macbook you still need like you need like a dongle because they're [TS]

01:34:16   your cable that comes with your iphone is the big fat USB what is that USB [TS]

01:34:21   don't they have that for the of the 12 . i probably do have a lightning to USB [TS]

01:34:26   see cable now that's what does the USBC faster the better charging and 12.9 inch [TS]

01:34:32   I think so yeah [TS]

01:34:33   yes I think they have that cable now so it's just people have to go out and buy [TS]

01:34:36   that cable [TS]

01:34:37   yeah but I think maybe you know I wonder if they start shipping it in the box [TS]

01:34:40   yeah I don't know is such a mess that we when you look at those chipsets and when [TS]

01:34:48   you look at the trouble microsoft had with Sky lake in the early surface books [TS]

01:34:52   and even Paul throw lost it several times trying to deal with those machines [TS]

01:34:56   and then until just kept pushing things back like I think displayport the new [TS]

01:35:00   one that everyone's been waiting for i push back to Canada lake and now it's [TS]

01:35:04   time to push back to kb like announced push back to canon lake and now push [TS]

01:35:07   back beyond canyon lake is just [TS]

01:35:10   the that kind of their so dependent on on the the silicon of other companies [TS]

01:35:14   right now for the mac line [TS]

01:35:16   yeah I it does seem weird it it really and I guess part of it is that part of [TS]

01:35:23   the reason i'm so antsy about them not announcing mac stuff in September is [TS]

01:35:27   just that it just feels so overdue at this point ya like like I was mildly [TS]

01:35:32   surprised when word leaked that there wasn't going to be mac new macbook pros [TS]

01:35:36   at WWDC you know because i think a lot of us earlier in the year we're [TS]

01:35:40   expecting that and it seemed a little surprising at the novel was expecting [TS]

01:35:44   but I i do too but I I really underestimated at the time in June just [TS]

01:35:50   how long the summer was gonna feel with ya macbook pros like it just seemed at [TS]

01:35:55   the time like in June it seemed like a BB September before you know it [TS]

01:35:58   whereas now it feels like man these these computers that they're selling [TS]

01:36:02   ridiculous i don't know about you but I I don't feel as much pressure i got i [TS]

01:36:06   have a review unit for the latest generation 13-inch macbook pro with the [TS]

01:36:09   force touch trackpad and I think it's Broadwell inside it but i still use my [TS]

01:36:14   previous the one that my personal one is a previous generation with the [TS]

01:36:17   old-fashioned trackpad actually like the force touch trackpad better but I just [TS]

01:36:20   didn't want to go through the rigmarole of setting up a new macbook still using [TS]

01:36:24   my one from a couple years ago i'm saying i have the exact same one and i [TS]

01:36:27   agree it's fine but it's and I i probably won't buy the new 1a personally [TS]

01:36:32   just because i tend to buy a macbook pro and then run it into the ground just [TS]

01:36:37   because I takes me like a whole week to set it up the way i like it and honestly [TS]

01:36:41   I did I don't do anything that is performance intensive on the macbook pro [TS]

01:36:47   so I'm fine if I was just I later k be like I would probably wait out to you [TS]

01:36:52   but I'm just gonna be super interested in using those new features [TS]

01:36:55   yeah and yet one that the fact that the there so long in the tooth though as I [TS]

01:37:00   just hear it i'm sure you do yes that on twitter and on email all the time from [TS]

01:37:05   it all the obvious problems that this creates is that you know the people who [TS]

01:37:09   listen to us on podcaster read I more and daring fireball are savvy people and [TS]

01:37:14   so they know that these machines are old and so I just keep hearing from people [TS]

01:37:17   who really need a new machine [TS]

01:37:19   I mean either that they have something really really old and that they were [TS]

01:37:23   putting it off [TS]

01:37:24   you know they just picked the wrong year to to put it off for or they you know [TS]

01:37:28   have like a machine that was broken or started a new job and they get in they [TS]

01:37:34   get a macbook and guess what you know who wants to start a job now in your [TS]

01:37:38   macbook that you get from your employer is your you already know in your heart [TS]

01:37:41   is going to be outdated you know really momentarily [TS]

01:37:46   yeah no absolutely and it reminds me sort of 2011 where we got used to having [TS]

01:37:51   your iPhone's at WWDC and then a couple months out there was no don't expect any [TS]

01:37:55   new hardware and then we waited and it wasn't September ended up being October [TS]

01:37:59   before the iphone 4s came out and you know we could say that was iCloud or [TS]

01:38:03   Syria or whatever that took that much time to get ready but you're still [TS]

01:38:06   waiting a much longer was in 16 months instead of 12 and this is even longer [TS]

01:38:10   than that and again I i if it was up to apple I'm sure they would have shipped [TS]

01:38:14   it way way earlier but something happened [TS]

01:38:18   yeah I don't know what you do as a company because externally like Apple is [TS]

01:38:21   not a community of company there's a lot of companies that would have announced [TS]

01:38:24   the product months before it was ready and tease did and showing it off on [TS]

01:38:28   stage and then issued delay after delay and sort of tried to explain it may be [TS]

01:38:32   that a good job maybe not but apple just stays absolutely quiet about these [TS]

01:38:35   things and sometimes when it's like this is just a deathly silence [TS]

01:38:39   yeah so we'll have to see i can't help but think to hopefully my new mac pros [TS]

01:38:45   I mean that's the one that to me is less like their people will accuse as always [TS]

01:38:49   of making excuses for Apple but the mac you could even say the mac pro they're [TS]

01:38:53   waiting four skylights eon or whatever but those graphics cards could have been [TS]

01:38:57   updated so many times right especially for people because the macbook the mac [TS]

01:39:00   pro is a performance machine and if you're going to bind it with graphics [TS]

01:39:04   cards that you can swap out i think it sort of incumbent on you to issue timely [TS]

01:39:07   updates for them [TS]

01:39:08   yeah it really and you know again it's the sort of thing that they seemingly [TS]

01:39:12   could have done you know they don't need to do it at an event just you know yeah [TS]

01:39:16   you know it's just silent you know not even silent but you know like press [TS]

01:39:19   release you know like hey you know remember that mac pro released a year [TS]

01:39:23   ago [TS]

01:39:24   here's a same thing but with a year better graphics are absolutely you if [TS]

01:39:28   you view there's a reason we don't want Broadwell xeon for some reason don't say [TS]

01:39:32   just put out the better graphics cards [TS]

01:39:33   yeah and it really works against apples [TS]

01:39:37   style of pricing or apple doesn't really price things like a tech company does [TS]

01:39:41   based on the components they the price is part of the brand and so the three [TS]

01:39:46   year old Mac Pro still sells for the same price that sold that three years [TS]

01:39:49   ago whereas if it was dell and you were buying a machine that had three you know [TS]

01:39:54   three year old cpu and a three-year-old graphics card you'd be getting a much [TS]

01:39:57   lower price on absolutely and again if you're going to say the future of [TS]

01:40:01   computing is computing appliances then you have to keep it updated especially [TS]

01:40:04   when it is like the Lamborghini or veyron of your line right and I [TS]

01:40:09   understand why Apple does that and i'm not saying that they should be lowering [TS]

01:40:12   the price on the mac pro I'm saying that if you're going to maintain these prices [TS]

01:40:15   that you don't lower than you've got to keep it updated to some degree on an [TS]

01:40:19   annual basis to justify it because the reason Apple doesn't lower the price is [TS]

01:40:22   that when they do released a new one they want to release it at the exact [TS]

01:40:25   same price and not have it suddenly look like it jumped in price by two or three [TS]

01:40:29   thousand dollars and mac mini I think it's the same story they never updated [TS]

01:40:32   the mac mini on a year-over-year basis but it's been I think two years at the [TS]

01:40:35   most and now we're getting close to three and they've made that an appliance [TS]

01:40:39   to or it's very hard to update so fine do that but that means you're agreeing [TS]

01:40:43   to the responsibility of getting it for me right [TS]

01:40:45   I I don't know I feel like the mac mini that they should call it the mac we [TS]

01:40:49   don't want you to buy the legacy right but the people who love them love them [TS]

01:40:53   so much [TS]

01:40:54   absolutely in the great machines but they got rid of the quad core and they [TS]

01:40:57   seal them up and did they now have to update them all right so I don't know [TS]

01:41:02   what do you think you're gonna have an event do you think they're going to do [TS]

01:41:06   briefings you know in the old days and if they hadn't been working on AC to [TS]

01:41:09   like the they would have just a town hall that they did with no previous [TS]

01:41:13   years with new macs and sometimes new iPads as well but they sort of made it [TS]

01:41:17   sound like the last the iphone SE event was the last time they be using town [TS]

01:41:20   hall and I don't think the new campus is is ready for anything so I think your [TS]

01:41:24   idea of briefings makes the most sense and they always go back on it and invite [TS]

01:41:28   people to town hall yes Jason's now pointed out that Tim Cook even I forgot [TS]

01:41:32   about that but tim cook pointed out during that iphone SE event that this [TS]

01:41:35   would probably be the end of the last event you know we've had a lot of [TS]

01:41:38   history here in this room and is probably the last time but my thinking [TS]

01:41:42   is that maybe at that time they were totally expecting to have this mac stuff [TS]

01:41:45   ready to go WTC absolutely and so maybe you know maybe we do get a [TS]

01:41:50   a one last one more thing event at a town hall and as much as it's a pain to [TS]

01:41:56   have to do a second event in the fall it would be just as much of a pain to do a [TS]

01:41:59   traveling roadshow at least I don't have to do it so I start for action please [TS]

01:42:03   yeah you know what I think it is I think that it's a different it's a problem for [TS]

01:42:06   a different set of people at Apple yeah right the disable the people who set up [TS]

01:42:11   these big mega events I and really you know quite frankly told you know . blank [TS]

01:42:17   said last year doing to even a smaller one [TS]

01:42:20   it's so much less worried like doing one event is so much better it's a different [TS]

01:42:23   group of people who would have to do double the work or extra work and the [TS]

01:42:28   events team does the on-site and it right mostly the marketing and the PR [TS]

01:42:31   team that does the road shows but one way or the other it seems like [TS]

01:42:35   something's gonna happen all right here's the other the last thing is the [TS]

01:42:37   last thing I think about this event if it's true that there are no Mac [TS]

01:42:41   announcements at this event [TS]

01:42:43   well then the only thing we know I is iphone 7 and Apple watch too [TS]

01:42:50   I don't think they're going to do an update to the ipad pro and i think i [TS]

01:42:54   could see is giving the 12.9 the same sort of this is to disparities now and i [TS]

01:42:58   always think sometimes the IT department is trolling us because they're not the [TS]

01:43:02   12.9 inch iPad has the USB 3 controller so it has much faster speeds and charges [TS]

01:43:07   faster the baby pro has the DCI p3 display and the true tone and the better [TS]

01:43:13   camera and in a perfect world those were sort of even out and we get a minor bump [TS]

01:43:17   and also the a-10 i mean i-i I don't need it but want both those machines to [TS]

01:43:21   have the a-10 or the 8nx processor [TS]

01:43:23   yeah so I don't know and we haven't heard anything but I could believe it [TS]

01:43:28   but I could also believe that maybe it's the ipad is on the March cycle and that [TS]

01:43:33   the ipad that 12.9 and ipad pro it will be you know I you know like this this [TS]

01:43:40   one time on an 18-month cycle instead of a 12-month cycle just one hand filter [TS]

01:43:45   could do that magic thing we just has one slide that goes up and oh by the way [TS]

01:43:48   new new 12-inch like 198 ipad pearls with two-tone also available shipping [TS]

01:43:53   this month [TS]

01:43:53   yeah it does make sense that if they stick with the March event which I think [TS]

01:43:56   makes sense for them [TS]

01:43:58   yes it's really long to go without product launches until until double [TS]

01:44:01   September right i could see them doing a minor upgrade to it that way [TS]

01:44:04   maybe they're gonna upgrade the a 9 X and just upgrade that display [TS]

01:44:09   yeah to get through tone I could see that but i don't see it if they do that [TS]

01:44:14   it's certainly not going to take a lot of time on stage and so I think it's a [TS]

01:44:19   relatively short event I don't think you could say that the mac stuff is forced [TS]

01:44:22   out by time i just don't you know it makes me wonder whether there is [TS]

01:44:26   something else that you know a true surprised I'm not trying to be at ease [TS]

01:44:30   here i'm not trying to set people's expectations too high but makes me [TS]

01:44:34   wonder whether there's something else that they're planning to use this event [TS]

01:44:37   for that is you know totally out of the blue and some of the essence the iphone [TS]

01:44:43   SMS have been small and they've been okay with that i think the 4s and 5s is [TS]

01:44:46   events were relatively small and they were absolutely fine with that the [TS]

01:44:50   biggest surprises that had lately are things that just can't leave things like [TS]

01:44:53   research kitten care kit which are just you know they're so close they're so far [TS]

01:44:56   in the engineering organization they have such a small visibility that they [TS]

01:44:59   don't get out but those aren't the kind of surprises that consumers usually care [TS]

01:45:03   about [TS]

01:45:04   yeah when was the Apple pay that was two years ago right that yes that was the [TS]

01:45:08   event with the original Apple watch [TS]

01:45:10   I dont 16 event yeah right and that was held in there was one center that the [TS]

01:45:17   flint center right right i don't know an apple TV doesn't mean they've never [TS]

01:45:23   updated appletv year-over-year either and they could put it better [TS]

01:45:26   I mean the obvious upgrade their is 4k and the higher color gamma gamma as well [TS]

01:45:31   but in a symmetrical remote yeah it's symmetrical absolutely [TS]

01:45:36   jason is a new team on the remote so maybe we'll get that little yeah i'm not [TS]

01:45:40   expecting that though I do expect you know obviously someday we'll have [TS]

01:45:43   another apple TV i do expect that maybe the next time though don't make that [TS]

01:45:47   remote a better design [TS]

01:45:49   yeah I I don't expect it this year and even if they did I don't think it's [TS]

01:45:52   going to take [TS]

01:45:53   I don't think I don't think it takes a lot of time on stage because eat you [TS]

01:45:56   know the things they might introduce like a better you know that faster cpu [TS]

01:46:01   that that that that would be the itunes 4k part of that that would take that [TS]

01:46:05   would be the stage time and I don't know if they have itunes 4k ready yeah and I [TS]

01:46:09   just don't see that enough people have 4k tvs that had a big deal [TS]

01:46:13   it's ok you can buy this new appletv that drives a 4k TV that you don't know [TS]

01:46:17   well it's not so much the for the last time we were we were together well they [TS]

01:46:22   invited us over to dolby and I took the chance to go and they showed us [TS]

01:46:25   side-by-side for k vs 1080p HD are four star wars the the new Star Wars movie [TS]

01:46:31   and for the remedy revenant and the difference between the HDR and it is HTR [TS]

01:46:37   with so much better than 4k they just went to HDR class their pipeline I think [TS]

01:46:41   that would be super impressive but again those TV sets are super expensive and [TS]

01:46:44   hard to come by [TS]

01:46:47   anything else anything else you want to cover before we wrap this up and we we [TS]

01:46:52   pack our bags and get ready to go to this event [TS]

01:46:55   no I mean I think WC this year was also return to the very Spartan apple keynote [TS]

01:47:00   so they weren't the big jokes that weren't the big skits it was a very [TS]

01:47:05   matter-of-fact keynote presentation and I think you know if they stick to that [TS]

01:47:09   for this little especially be a very tight i don't know if we'll get we [TS]

01:47:12   haven't gotten the updates on the Apple stores a lot recently and we haven't got [TS]

01:47:16   a lot of the business slides recently it's been Tim Cook coming out and almost [TS]

01:47:19   doing a smash cut right into the product announcements and if that's sort of like [TS]

01:47:23   the new way where they return to the old way of the Apple keynotes and it'll be a [TS]

01:47:27   very efficient iphone apples Apple watching we're out in hands-on area [TS]

01:47:33   I'm trying I'm trying to have it both ways I could see it going at I think the [TS]

01:47:37   event is going to go to one extreme or the other [TS]

01:47:40   where it's either going to be like what you just said a pretty bare-bones maybe [TS]

01:47:44   just you know 65 minutes you know you're almost out [TS]

01:47:47   you know out almost an hour after it starts and it's just a here's these two [TS]

01:47:51   iphones two new iphones that we expected here's the new Apple watch and that's it [TS]

01:47:58   or there's a us home kit for the home like so one of the is going to be held [TS]

01:48:02   at the program center again and when they did the iphone event last year it [TS]

01:48:06   was held a bill graham they didn't have very many people they famously couldn't [TS]

01:48:09   get a lot of people in your eyes the fire marshals but they had those giant [TS]

01:48:12   living room sets with the Apple TVs for demos and then at WWDC was the opposite [TS]

01:48:17   there were no demo areas but they pack that place full of people and what [TS]

01:48:21   they're there's no developers this year I took to pack that place with and we're [TS]

01:48:25   not assuming there's going to be any living room so I wonder if maybe there's [TS]

01:48:28   a home kit angle they could be doing demos with [TS]

01:48:30   I just don't know what the bill graham center will be used for this right i was [TS]

01:48:33   told that they pictogram last year specifically to set up those living [TS]

01:48:37   rooms for the applicants the fake living rooms for the opportunities than that [TS]

01:48:40   there was no other way that they could figure out how to have that many that's [TS]

01:48:44   that that that many hands-on areas for Apple TV [TS]

01:48:48   yeah because the hands-on area for the UH the phones and now watching the ipad [TS]

01:48:56   was it was nice but it wasn't that big [TS]

01:49:00   you know it's like a regular sort of piano bar set up alrighty well we almost [TS]

01:49:03   looks like an apple store if you as I recall but it you know it wasn't that [TS]

01:49:07   bit where as they really used a huge chunk of physical real estate to set up [TS]

01:49:11   those apple TV demo areas [TS]

01:49:14   yeah it was like maybe ten living rooms just completely set up that you could [TS]

01:49:17   wander around so I wonder I don't know but on the other hand maybe they just [TS]

01:49:21   you know it until the campus is finished this is just where they have these [TS]

01:49:26   events and they like you know they just like working with the bill graham people [TS]

01:49:30   i don't know i don't have a gut feeling just anecdotally talking to you know [TS]

01:49:35   other people in the racket that it seems as though seating will be as tight as it [TS]

01:49:40   was last year that they're they're not they were not especially particularly [TS]

01:49:44   liberal with the passes for you know the media and whoever else they invite the i [TS]

01:49:50   have heard they are getting there they are trying to do more international [TS]

01:49:53   which is one of the price is putting pressure on us media that they were [TS]

01:49:55   getting people from Japan from China and from Europe and actually bring them over [TS]

01:49:59   and not just to remote setups right now I think that they're done with those [TS]

01:50:02   remote setup like any old days for people who don't know what they used to [TS]

01:50:05   do is they would have you know maybe like I think maybe one in Asia to in [TS]

01:50:08   Asia I don't know if they did to but you know at least one in Asia and then like [TS]

01:50:11   in London or somewhere in Europe so that people didn't want to travel all the way [TS]

01:50:15   to California could just go there and they would have liked these satellite [TS]

01:50:19   events and I did they do them like at the same time was it i think somewhere [TS]

01:50:23   the same times and some they would do they would have follow-up they would [TS]

01:50:26   sort of send people out afterwards to fall right i think the asian ones would [TS]

01:50:29   have to have been follow-ups because like you could do the london one because [TS]

01:50:32   ten o'clock pacific would be what it would be noon now one o'clock eastern [TS]

01:50:39   and that means about 6pm London [TS]

01:50:42   six or seven from doing my math right which is reasonable [TS]

01:50:46   I mean it's a little bit be odd for us because we're so used to go into these [TS]

01:50:50   things in the morning but you know six or seven is reasonable but i think [TS]

01:50:53   having them at like 2am it would be a little ridiculous [TS]

01:50:58   an apple is very clean with like I've been following some of the other vendors [TS]

01:51:01   now as they do their keynotes and for example every year for samsung their [TS]

01:51:05   keynote starts and their embargo drops the minute their keynote starts because [TS]

01:51:08   they have invited people over to do hands-on weeks beforehand right and then [TS]

01:51:12   i'm watching the keno and then all these YouTube videos go live that you can [TS]

01:51:15   actually go see the product which makes me not want to watch the keynote in it [TS]

01:51:18   and the timing for me as bizarre as it is just someone watching I'd much rather [TS]

01:51:21   enjoy the keynote and then have the embargo lifts maybe after the keynotes [TS]

01:51:26   like the Apple and i actually prefer because they're sort of this one unified [TS]

01:51:29   thing to keep my attention on [TS]

01:51:30   yeah so I don't know so i can see it going one way the other either very [TS]

01:51:34   simple event exactly as we predict where it's just the iPhone and Apple watch two [TS]

01:51:37   or there's something big that we just going to drop out of the blue pill just [TS]

01:51:42   rising in the car [TS]

01:51:43   yeah right exactly [TS]