The Incomparable

223: Picking My Shorts


00:00:00   we gather together to watch cheesy [TS]

00:00:04   movies at Comedy Central on thanksgiving [TS]

00:00:08   day at mystery science theater 3000 it's [TS]

00:00:15   30 straight hours and it's called turkey [TS]

00:00:18   day the incomparable number 223 [TS]

00:00:28   November's went before you [TS]

00:00:31   welcome back everybody to the [TS]

00:00:34   incomparable podcast i am your host [TS]

00:00:36   Jason smell and we're here to talk about [TS]

00:00:38   classic television series we didn't [TS]

00:00:42   tangent on the previous episode like 15 [TS]

00:00:44   minutes we're all we did was talk about [TS]

00:00:46   this but I i thought it would be fitting [TS]

00:00:48   to give it its full do and fullness and [TS]

00:00:51   therefore we're here to talk about [TS]

00:00:53   mystery science theater 3000 show that [TS]

00:00:58   you may remember from the dawn of time [TS]

00:01:00   and if not it's on youtube and you can [TS]

00:01:03   pretty much just go watch it there too [TS]

00:01:05   if you like anyway joining me to talk [TS]

00:01:07   about this excellent show from the past [TS]

00:01:09   are the following steve what's hello hi [TS]

00:01:14   Kiba jason scott McNulty I will kill you [TS]

00:01:18   can do not co I kind of wish that you [TS]

00:01:22   say and you not go and I could just do [TS]

00:01:25   like the rattle thing in ping-pong balls [TS]

00:01:26   whatever sure that the wisecracker pizza [TS]

00:01:31   David jail or push the button Frank and [TS]

00:01:34   Phillip Michaels and a list roll-call [TS]

00:01:37   like to remind our audience if they [TS]

00:01:41   could where applicable please turn down [TS]

00:01:43   your lights and keep spreading the tape [TS]

00:01:45   keep circulating the tapes [TS]

00:01:47   that's for later yes that's for the end [TS]

00:01:49   I don't know something something mr. B [TS]

00:01:53   natural i am anyway uh so I this time is [TS]

00:01:59   there for me it's always going to be [TS]

00:02:01   tied to college because that was a that [TS]

00:02:03   was in that era was it was a hit on [TS]

00:02:06   Comedy Central and then I think just [TS]

00:02:08   drifted away to spy channel through the [TS]

00:02:10   end was there he hit on comedy central [TS]

00:02:12   it basically kept them afloat during the [TS]

00:02:14   early years it was programming [TS]

00:02:16   programming programming like it was that [TS]

00:02:18   Allan Havey yeah yeah yeah i was about [TS]

00:02:20   to say that moment with Allen Havey show [TS]

00:02:22   the shortest attention span theater with [TS]

00:02:24   that Jon Stewart kid whatever happened [TS]

00:02:26   to him and I know happens ahead [TS]

00:02:28   isn't that amazing to think that there's [TS]

00:02:29   a cable channel where your salvation is [TS]

00:02:31   oh thank God we found a way to fill two [TS]

00:02:33   hours yeah wasn't pretty much every [TS]

00:02:37   cable channel it was originally aired on [TS]

00:02:41   the comedy channel at the top once [TS]

00:02:43   children there were two [TS]

00:02:44   maple channels devoted strictly to [TS]

00:02:46   accommodate that was hot huh man comes [TS]

00:02:49   guaranteed to go down in flames just [TS]

00:02:50   given the name and then they merged into [TS]

00:02:54   one and they called The Comedy Central [TS]

00:02:56   the house that puppets built mhm so arm [TS]

00:03:01   I I i have no idea where to go with this [TS]

00:03:04   should we just put on a shirt we just [TS]

00:03:06   put on a bad movie and just talk over it [TS]

00:03:08   couldn't be happier if this episode goes [TS]

00:03:10   let's let's talk about stock [TS]

00:03:11   recollections because it i agree that to [TS]

00:03:14   me the reason that i adore mst3k so much [TS]

00:03:17   is because it hit at I think the perfect [TS]

00:03:20   time in my life which is obviously you [TS]

00:03:22   know in the middle of college when there [TS]

00:03:24   was a good chance that i would be a up [TS]

00:03:27   and in some altered state of [TS]

00:03:29   consciousness at midnight and protect [TS]

00:03:30   which was the greatest thing ever by the [TS]

00:03:33   way the fact that they put reruns of the [TS]

00:03:35   show on every night at midnight and it [TS]

00:03:38   ran that way for several years i think [TS]

00:03:39   they ran through most of the third [TS]

00:03:41   fourth fifth season that way and it was [TS]

00:03:44   just this nice dependable soothing thing [TS]

00:03:47   that was always on every night you could [TS]

00:03:48   do you could expect it to be there [TS]

00:03:50   whether you've been studying for finals [TS]

00:03:52   or doing something else and it's just it [TS]

00:03:57   its it hits that sweet spot when you're [TS]

00:03:59   in college of its it's nice and [TS]

00:04:01   irreverent you know it doesn't doesn't [TS]

00:04:04   seem to care much for the the old [TS]

00:04:08   Hollywood kind of whether this someone [TS]

00:04:11   called sacred nature of some of these [TS]

00:04:14   older films holder sci-fi films [TS]

00:04:17   it's just a lot of fun when I when I [TS]

00:04:20   first heard about the show and and [TS]

00:04:23   someone was describing it to me I I [TS]

00:04:26   thought it was it at a stupid idea [TS]

00:04:28   because i know i know there is this is [TS]

00:04:32   this is another example and they don't [TS]

00:04:35   listen to fill about anything file [TS]

00:04:38   Phil is not your your browsing rod for [TS]

00:04:41   for good ideas because it they mentioned [TS]

00:04:44   it well there's this they play this [TS]

00:04:46   movie and the this guy and his robot [TS]

00:04:48   puppets talk over it and I said but how [TS]

00:04:52   can you hear the movie [TS]

00:04:56   and then and then I actually you know [TS]

00:04:58   saw an episode of the scales fell from [TS]

00:05:00   my eyes like a robot puppet version of [TS]

00:05:03   Saul on the road and uh yeah it's it [TS]

00:05:10   like steve says it really in a way I we [TS]

00:05:16   should have all realized what a great [TS]

00:05:17   idea is because they they are doing the [TS]

00:05:19   things that everyone does when they [TS]

00:05:21   watch a terrible movie by themselves [TS]

00:05:23   I which is make fun of it and and and [TS]

00:05:27   say things out loud and try and crack up [TS]

00:05:29   your friends and they just happened to [TS]

00:05:30   be really funny [TS]

00:05:31   uh-uh people with with puppets should [TS]

00:05:35   say that I was a little reticent to [TS]

00:05:36   check it out at first partially because [TS]

00:05:38   i heard about the robot puppets which [TS]

00:05:40   didn't really sound like my bag at the [TS]

00:05:41   time no probably not but also because I [TS]

00:05:44   remember something turning up on [TS]

00:05:46   late-night TV several years previous [TS]

00:05:49   which was I guess a comedy group called [TS]

00:05:51   i want to say la conexión oh yeah you [TS]

00:05:54   mad movies with the la conexión right [TS]

00:05:56   and magic here and nick at nite's on on [TS]

00:05:58   Sundays yes [TS]

00:06:00   yeah and so I remember I remember seeing [TS]

00:06:01   that and think i would spend some pretty [TS]

00:06:03   funny stuff and these guys are just [TS]

00:06:04   ripping them off which you know to some [TS]

00:06:06   extent maybe they were I don't know it's [TS]

00:06:08   not it's not such a genius idea that not [TS]

00:06:10   one person are multiple people couldn't [TS]

00:06:12   possibly have come up with it at the [TS]

00:06:13   same time but it did get kind of keep me [TS]

00:06:16   away initially and i think it was i [TS]

00:06:19   believe it was Monty originally that [TS]

00:06:21   told me about the show and I don't think [TS]

00:06:22   i ever checked it out for maybe a year [TS]

00:06:24   or two after he had mentioned how much [TS]

00:06:26   credibility Monty had with ya now Monty [TS]

00:06:31   Monty almost like strap me down in one [TS]

00:06:34   of those clockwork orange chairs to walk [TS]

00:06:37   it but that's that's really that's [TS]

00:06:40   really shared experience isn't it [TS]

00:06:41   because we are also remember that back [TS]

00:06:43   then that was before everybody had cable [TS]

00:06:47   TV if you had cable maybe your system [TS]

00:06:50   did not have Comedy Central and so for [TS]

00:06:52   me but my introduction that the mystery [TS]

00:06:54   science theater 3000 was either i can't [TS]

00:06:56   remember exactly was either literally [TS]

00:06:58   circulating the tapes friends of mine [TS]

00:07:00   got you gotta try this and get being [TS]

00:07:02   handled a couple of VHS cassettes or the [TS]

00:07:05   bot bashes wear it in New England there [TS]

00:07:08   is every few months there would be [TS]

00:07:10   some sort of collection that would go [TS]

00:07:11   around say we can read the VFW hall for [TS]

00:07:13   this amount of money we know someone who [TS]

00:07:14   has a projector and we can basically [TS]

00:07:16   have a viewing party with about two [TS]

00:07:18   three four five dozen people and just on [TS]

00:07:21   the basis that you've heard that this is [TS]

00:07:23   it on some usenet newsgroup that this is [TS]

00:07:25   a really good show that you really need [TS]

00:07:26   to see it and that you might have heard [TS]

00:07:28   of maybe somebody who is in another [TS]

00:07:29   computer club that you're in was also [TS]

00:07:31   going to wind up spending three or four [TS]

00:07:33   hours in this VFW hall somewhere in [TS]

00:07:36   suburban Boston it up and read laughing [TS]

00:07:40   your butt off not only because of what [TS]

00:07:42   what's there because you are with a [TS]

00:07:44   group of 40 to 50 to 60 people who also [TS]

00:07:46   are primed for this sort of for the sort [TS]

00:07:49   of show and we're getting at least forty [TS]

00:07:51   percent of the same references and [TS]

00:07:53   that's one of the things that really [TS]

00:07:54   hooked me on it i think i got was [TS]

00:07:56   introduced to it in the best way [TS]

00:07:57   possible to i think was problem it might [TS]

00:08:00   have actually been my first introduction [TS]

00:08:02   to what you might call organized science [TS]

00:08:04   fiction fandom envious and in fact the [TS]

00:08:07   the cable channel that my parents cable [TS]

00:08:10   system when I went home that summer to [TS]

00:08:13   watch mst3k on the newly-formed comedy [TS]

00:08:17   central comedy central only ran from 6pm [TS]

00:08:19   to 6am and the resume I was CNBC yes [TS]

00:08:22   that's great [TS]

00:08:24   wow there's a dichotomy when I [TS]

00:08:26   discovered it was just after the merger [TS]

00:08:28   and our system did not have comedy [TS]

00:08:32   central [TS]

00:08:33   and so what they were doing like for the [TS]

00:08:36   whole summer they would do a sample of [TS]

00:08:38   different channels 1 a weekend for like [TS]

00:08:42   ten weeks and then you got to choose [TS]

00:08:44   which channels you wanted so one weekend [TS]

00:08:47   is Comedy Central and i had heard about [TS]

00:08:49   the show at some point because I [TS]

00:08:51   recognize go guy with puppets and movie [TS]

00:08:54   and so I just I they happen to run I [TS]

00:08:58   think it was cave-dwellers on the [TS]

00:09:01   saturday afternoon the weekend and i [TS]

00:09:03   forgot to set this out and I i mean i [TS]

00:09:07   think it was maybe 10 minutes and I just [TS]

00:09:09   went [TS]

00:09:09   I'm not going anywhere for two and the [TS]

00:09:13   movie is pronounced copy dwellers and [TS]

00:09:18   and so yeah about a month later boom we [TS]

00:09:20   had comedy central [TS]

00:09:22   the first one that was on it that [TS]

00:09:25   started on a monday so the first thing I [TS]

00:09:27   saw was time of the Apes at midnight [TS]

00:09:29   that night huh [TS]

00:09:30   another good one that's not fair that [TS]

00:09:32   point on you know and and its stations [TS]

00:09:35   we eat there is something about this is [TS]

00:09:39   not feeling sorry i don't care [TS]

00:09:40   yeah that's what I got it really good [TS]

00:09:43   magic thing I had to get the second one [TS]

00:09:45   for I don't care [TS]

00:09:46   the trampy no i don't care and education [TS]

00:09:51   will do magic things i don't care i was [TS]

00:09:55   already writing comedy at that point and [TS]

00:09:58   they just did something to my brainwaves [TS]

00:10:01   like I discovered this whole second gear [TS]

00:10:03   that you could go into and you know you [TS]

00:10:05   could wrap references inside references [TS]

00:10:07   inside references and between them and [TS]

00:10:09   pdq bach yeah [TS]

00:10:11   in retrospect it's kind of unbelievable [TS]

00:10:12   that I didn't catch on to it sooner than [TS]

00:10:14   i did and i guess i have to blame the [TS]

00:10:16   fact that we didn't have easy access to [TS]

00:10:18   cable for a long time because confession [TS]

00:10:21   time I probably went to Rocky Horror [TS]

00:10:23   Picture Show 30 times in high school [TS]

00:10:26   over the course of my high school career [TS]

00:10:28   and dead equips on that are particularly [TS]

00:10:30   good but you know the same phase here [TS]

00:10:33   it's the same school of talking talking [TS]

00:10:37   back [TS]

00:10:38   I think we didn't have I don't think we [TS]

00:10:40   even had cable on campus I wasn't until [TS]

00:10:42   I got my off-campus apartment that we [TS]

00:10:44   had cable and we had the we had the six [TS]

00:10:45   am-6 p.m. [TS]

00:10:47   whatever it was and CNBC thank you so [TS]

00:10:50   when I i remember because our recorded [TS]

00:10:52   the turkey day marathon and i only got [TS]

00:10:54   12 hours of it i think you're right i [TS]

00:10:57   think i remember being being irritated [TS]

00:10:59   when it's CNBC our thanksgiving day no [TS]

00:11:03   one is watching CNBC some your scraps [TS]

00:11:07   where the market closed off on all fours [TS]

00:11:09   I still have all my tapes of turkey day [TS]

00:11:12   marathons during one of my senior years [TS]

00:11:15   they actually turned on cable in the [TS]

00:11:17   apartments on campus and I was so pissed [TS]

00:11:18   off [TS]

00:11:19   you're right we didn't so that so for [TS]

00:11:21   the first two years while i was on [TS]

00:11:23   campus we didn't have cable it was [TS]

00:11:24   you're right it was when I got off [TS]

00:11:25   campus that we I still have a somewhere [TS]

00:11:28   in probably not ten feet away from me in [TS]

00:11:31   a box i have a VHS tape that literally [TS]

00:11:34   was one [TS]

00:11:35   as a tower VHS tape ways that i just [TS]

00:11:37   press record on the turkey day marathon [TS]

00:11:39   and the whole thing just ran for all [TS]

00:11:42   eight hours and have to grab for mst3k [TS]

00:11:44   episodes [TS]

00:11:45   absolutely i have one tape that is [TS]

00:11:47   literally manos the symbol movie The Day [TS]

00:11:51   the Earth froze and what's the fourth [TS]

00:11:54   one but it means a great you just sit [TS]

00:11:57   then can remember which year that was [TS]

00:12:01   I remember one thinks one family [TS]

00:12:02   Thanksgiving where I had to be the [TS]

00:12:04   defender of the VCR because of all the [TS]

00:12:08   entire family was like home for [TS]

00:12:09   thanksgiving and I've they're all kinds [TS]

00:12:11   of people in that house who did not how [TS]

00:12:13   to know how to work like the the [TS]

00:12:15   complicated switching mechanism that i [TS]

00:12:17   set up my parents house so that's [TS]

00:12:19   allowed to a cable box a VCR and [TS]

00:12:22   something else to access the TV at the [TS]

00:12:24   same time and I just remember like [TS]

00:12:26   having to dance from the table really [TS]

00:12:28   really quickly because my grandfather or [TS]

00:12:30   somebody or some alcohol at like [TS]

00:12:31   shuffling sword was like he just belly [TS]

00:12:33   away from the table decided to check out [TS]

00:12:35   football and just having to stand there [TS]

00:12:37   by the door to make sure that look if [TS]

00:12:39   all he does is messes with the cable box [TS]

00:12:42   it's fine because i've got it set up on [TS]

00:12:44   a separate circuit but if he tries to [TS]

00:12:46   like fix something I gotta stop a minute [TS]

00:12:49   if I have to throw myself bodily in [TS]

00:12:51   front of us to stop serving turkey day [TS]

00:12:53   for being interrupted because honest to [TS]

00:12:55   god the only reason why I'm they're [TS]

00:12:57   having Thanksgiving with my parents [TS]

00:12:58   because i know that i can record turkey [TS]

00:13:01   day and relive it later on if it were [TS]

00:13:03   between the 2 i'm sorry mom I'm sorry [TS]

00:13:06   dad I'm sorry I'm messages I would have [TS]

00:13:08   to go see turkey day instead they do [TS]

00:13:11   they live stream of some classic [TS]

00:13:13   episodes last Thanksgiving for with joel [TS]

00:13:16   to promote some of their the video [TS]

00:13:19   releases i believe and we had that on i [TS]

00:13:22   actually put that up on the TV for a [TS]

00:13:24   while and thanksgiving morning and my [TS]

00:13:26   that it was the first exposure my kids [TS]

00:13:30   and my in-laws and my mother had ever [TS]

00:13:35   had to it and everybody laughs everybody [TS]

00:13:37   enjoyed it they're actually what is this [TS]

00:13:39   this is very strange and then they left [TS]

00:13:41   the jokes and did your kids actually [TS]

00:13:43   gonna kick out of it because yeah I've [TS]

00:13:45   cared for my dog [TS]

00:13:46   the 11 year old and she thinks it's the [TS]

00:13:49   stupidest thing she's ever seen that my [TS]

00:13:51   so my kids that was funny i think some [TS]

00:13:53   aspect of it was literally it's funny [TS]

00:13:55   that they're talking back to a movie [TS]

00:13:57   my daughter just just today but when I [TS]

00:13:59   was watching before we started this when [TS]

00:14:01   I was just having dinner and watching I [TS]

00:14:03   accuse my parents she stopped me and [TS]

00:14:07   said oh you know I thought maybe maybe [TS]

00:14:09   my friends and I should do that because [TS]

00:14:11   because we think of all sorts of funny [TS]

00:14:13   things to say and I'm like yeah it's not [TS]

00:14:14   that I'm thinking to myself yes not that [TS]

00:14:15   easy kid but I by nodding and be like [TS]

00:14:17   yeah it's exactly right everybody wants [TS]

00:14:19   to talk back to the screen when they're [TS]

00:14:21   watching something especially if it's [TS]

00:14:22   dumb [TS]

00:14:23   so I I think I got something out of it [TS]

00:14:25   yeah minor hooked totally that that's it [TS]

00:14:28   that's another indication of how [TS]

00:14:29   brilliant they worry whether this is a [TS]

00:14:31   knowing things that they were doing to [TS]

00:14:32   foster community [TS]

00:14:33   this idea is what i love about this I [TS]

00:14:36   remember specifically one year in which [TS]

00:14:37   it's it's a series of these movies but [TS]

00:14:40   all the interstitials be before all the [TS]

00:14:43   commercials are brand-new stuff with TVs [TS]

00:14:46   Frank and dr. Forrester and your action [TS]

00:14:49   because you're actually going through [TS]

00:14:50   exactly what the they're going through [TS]

00:14:52   what you're going through over an entire [TS]

00:14:54   Thanksgiving where they're right [TS]

00:14:57   that TV's Frank is coming back to the [TS]

00:14:59   coming back to deep 13 with all the [TS]

00:15:01   fixin's from the store for all the [TS]

00:15:02   fixings for thanksgiving is keeping an [TS]

00:15:04   eye on the turkey and his Yogi's locking [TS]

00:15:06   up the house because now it's 2 a.m. and [TS]

00:15:08   so he sees on the settings on the last [TS]

00:15:10   check on the bird and I was trying to [TS]

00:15:11   get of then the guests keep coming by [TS]

00:15:14   every two hours then there's the last [TS]

00:15:15   guests to leave good that's what your [TS]

00:15:17   duck again anything that you see that [TS]

00:15:19   you have friends were going through the [TS]

00:15:21   exact same thing on Thanksgiving as you [TS]

00:15:23   are probably having just as bad a time [TS]

00:15:25   as you are as well [TS]

00:15:26   boy that they had such a great way of [TS]

00:15:28   fostering connection between its fans on [TS]

00:15:30   the show I want to get Scotland LT has [TS]

00:15:33   been silent or less and into this god [TS]

00:15:36   can you tell us a little bit about your [TS]

00:15:37   kind of relationship with mst3k it's [TS]

00:15:41   platonic issue are you [TS]

00:15:43   that's not what I heard turned from mr. [TS]

00:15:49   B natural [TS]

00:15:50   oh dear don't trust that I when I was [TS]

00:15:53   growing up we have no cable and my house [TS]

00:15:55   huh [TS]

00:15:56   cited meeting i know i am apparently the [TS]

00:15:59   youngest person on this podcast probably [TS]

00:16:01   and so cable was plentiful in the world [TS]

00:16:07   at that time but yet my parents shoot it [TS]

00:16:10   so we had no cable we did have cable but [TS]

00:16:13   I break vacation you the heads through I [TS]

00:16:17   broke the cable box and then my parents [TS]

00:16:18   cancel cable we never got cable again it [TS]

00:16:20   was very said but so I went off to [TS]

00:16:22   college and I was very excited because i [TS]

00:16:23   had cable in my dorm room so I was [TS]

00:16:26   watching I was obsessed with the game [TS]

00:16:28   show network which has nothing to do [TS]

00:16:29   with this but then my room my friend [TS]

00:16:32   across the hall introduced me to Mystery [TS]

00:16:34   Science Theater and then i started [TS]

00:16:36   watching that obsessively and he also [TS]

00:16:38   introduced me to the non mystery science [TS]

00:16:42   theater mystery science theater of Star [TS]

00:16:44   Trek 5 which is one of my favorite [TS]

00:16:47   things in the world which is related to [TS]

00:16:50   mr. sincere but not by the mystery [TS]

00:16:51   science theater people all right good [TS]

00:16:53   good good real relationship recollection [TS]

00:16:56   there Scott thank you you are younger [TS]

00:16:58   than us that's so you don't it's fine if [TS]

00:17:00   you never say anything on this episode [TS]

00:17:01   again because you make me making us all [TS]

00:17:04   sick my unit supers youth in your [TS]

00:17:07   yammering keyboard in my cable was [TS]

00:17:11   plentiful done do it just hosted to [TS]

00:17:15   introduce clips of stand-up comedians [TS]

00:17:17   that's already did [TS]

00:17:18   there was a way of watching television [TS]

00:17:20   and having phone calls so that nobody [TS]

00:17:22   knew what your interests were except for [TS]

00:17:24   yourself [TS]

00:17:25   so let's talk about the premise because [TS]

00:17:26   i think the premises kind of residential [TS]

00:17:28   Hodgson i actually remember Joel Hodgson [TS]

00:17:30   from his spots on Saturday Night Live [TS]

00:17:32   did a lot of Letterman appearances yeah [TS]

00:17:35   exactly doing and he's a project [TS]

00:17:37   comedian he's aight well yeah I mean I [TS]

00:17:38   would say he's a he's the he's the [TS]

00:17:42   flipside of Gallagher for the carrot top [TS]

00:17:46   that you don't want to murder and leave [TS]

00:17:48   in a ditch you know there's a carrot-top [TS]

00:17:49   joke and I accuse my parents which made [TS]

00:17:51   me laugh extra hard because I know that [TS]

00:17:53   there must be a connection between him [TS]

00:17:55   and joel hodgson actually true story [TS]

00:17:58   during an appearance that he shared with [TS]

00:17:59   Gallagher he came offstage to find [TS]

00:18:01   Gallagher rummaging through his props [TS]

00:18:03   and he never never liked him out I'm [TS]

00:18:05   that point on how am I not surprised [TS]

00:18:07   I've heard that story he's also buddies [TS]

00:18:09   with the e came up at the same time as [TS]

00:18:11   jerry seinfeld because if you there's a [TS]

00:18:13   really early Jerry Seinfeld concert [TS]

00:18:15   video and it has some interstitials and [TS]

00:18:18   joel hodgson is in it as like the the [TS]

00:18:20   gatekeeper for the emerald city of oz [TS]

00:18:23   that Jerry Seinfeld's visit its it was a [TS]

00:18:26   heated comedians in cars getting coffee [TS]

00:18:28   with him too [TS]

00:18:29   yeah so I remember uh his agent j bit [TS]

00:18:33   where he converts converts the boombox [TS]

00:18:36   into various things but that was his [TS]

00:18:38   building gadgets was this thing so so [TS]

00:18:40   the story goes as far as i know and i [TS]

00:18:42   only know I've only read some things [TS]

00:18:45   there's probably somebody Monty's [TS]

00:18:46   probably read it all and he's not even [TS]

00:18:47   on this episode because I know if you [TS]

00:18:49   think he didn't wanna be so i assume [TS]

00:18:52   that that as this all coalesced in [TS]

00:18:54   Minnesota that you know obviously one of [TS]

00:18:57   the premises in the show with the [TS]

00:18:59   invention exchange in the fact that [TS]

00:19:01   there are these robots and they're all [TS]

00:19:02   this other stuff is taking advantage of [TS]

00:19:04   the fact that joel hodgson was drawn to [TS]

00:19:06   gadgets and making weird contractions [TS]

00:19:10   and that because that that is at the [TS]

00:19:13   core of everything outside of the movie [TS]

00:19:15   scenes of mst3k is this especially the [TS]

00:19:19   module Hodgson years there's there's a [TS]

00:19:22   you know quacky bits but there's a lot [TS]

00:19:23   of prop comedy it's a it's like props [TS]

00:19:25   are part of the DNA of the show [TS]

00:19:28   well that's that's why you get the [TS]

00:19:29   invention exchange and then very shortly [TS]

00:19:31   after he left show they take put the [TS]

00:19:34   kibosh on yes deep 62 doesn't work [TS]

00:19:37   miggy's monix actually comes from i [TS]

00:19:39   think some of his earlier a some of his [TS]

00:19:41   earlier material and Hispanics institute [TS]

00:19:44   right shot all this and like a barn in [TS]

00:19:46   minnesota right yeah that if if you got [TS]

00:19:49   you got that if you're remember the [TS]

00:19:51   fanclub you remember they had those [TS]

00:19:52   tapes of behind-the-scenes of them [TS]

00:19:54   actually building all these sets and so [TS]

00:19:56   you see you all these galleys people who [TS]

00:19:58   are in front of the camera behind the [TS]

00:20:00   camera actually just assembling sets and [TS]

00:20:03   detailed and gluing all these toys [TS]

00:20:05   before spray painting them like matte [TS]

00:20:07   matte grey and that's I think that's [TS]

00:20:10   something that you can appreciate about [TS]

00:20:11   it it the whole thing does have this [TS]

00:20:13   handmade feel about it where you feel as [TS]

00:20:16   though the catering budget for this show [TS]

00:20:17   was negligible at present because every [TS]

00:20:20   free time [TS]

00:20:21   I'm every extra dime that they had [TS]

00:20:22   available was a way to figure out how to [TS]

00:20:24   make this show [TS]

00:20:25   look ten times better than they better [TS]

00:20:29   than their budget and their resources [TS]

00:20:30   could afford and I was I've been working [TS]

00:20:32   that even before i die i knew that the [TS]

00:20:35   shows coming up I was I've now if I've [TS]

00:20:38   got a good like long [TS]

00:20:39   youtube playlist of MST 3000 episodes [TS]

00:20:42   i've been watching a lot of them over [TS]

00:20:43   the past like two or three months and [TS]

00:20:45   i'm amazed at how good those sets are [TS]

00:20:48   and how good those props are and how [TS]

00:20:51   nicely it slit and how nicely it shot [TS]

00:20:53   there's almost no complaints to be made [TS]

00:20:55   about how this show was put together and [TS]

00:20:58   then again when you look at these [TS]

00:20:59   behind-the-scenes stuff when you realize [TS]

00:21:01   that this was just a group of people [TS]

00:21:02   that decided they're going to improv a [TS]

00:21:04   set together it just seems miraculous [TS]

00:21:07   story basically goes that Hodgson soured [TS]

00:21:11   very very early on with being out in LA [TS]

00:21:13   and trying to break into comedy out [TS]

00:21:15   there and he was actually doing very [TS]

00:21:16   well that he was I think they tried to [TS]

00:21:19   put him into a series that he thought [TS]

00:21:23   was not funny i think he was it was [TS]

00:21:26   offered the usual series of like [TS]

00:21:27   next-door neighbor roles and he thought [TS]

00:21:28   that this is not where I want to be in [TS]

00:21:30   my bike my creative life he was offered [TS]

00:21:32   a pretty pretty decent part in something [TS]

00:21:34   that was thing i think it was like a [TS]

00:21:36   fast times rip off fast times at [TS]

00:21:37   ridgemont high rip off and he turned him [TS]

00:21:40   down and said it wasn't funny and rather [TS]

00:21:41   than come back to them and say well [TS]

00:21:43   let's say we can fix this they came back [TS]

00:21:44   and said will give you more money you [TS]

00:21:46   and that apparently offended his [TS]

00:21:48   delicate Midwestern sensibilities and [TS]

00:21:50   how long after that he went back to to [TS]

00:21:52   Minnesota because fortune right well no [TS]

00:21:55   he he did a few other things and I guess [TS]

00:21:57   he decided after a while that he had to [TS]

00:21:59   get back into comedy because it was [TS]

00:22:00   something that was just in his blood and [TS]

00:22:03   he rented out a warehouse in minneapolis [TS]

00:22:06   that happened to be next door to where [TS]

00:22:09   Jim Allen worked and this warehouse was [TS]

00:22:12   where he built his props basically and [TS]

00:22:14   that's that's where imagine malin and [TS]

00:22:16   shortly after that I guess Jim Allen I [TS]

00:22:19   got a job at this [TS]

00:22:20   I guess the lowest-rated uhf station in [TS]

00:22:24   the Minneapolis area which is a KTM a [TS]

00:22:27   and while he was working there they [TS]

00:22:30   asked him to fill a couple hours of [TS]

00:22:34   our time during got him some very [TS]

00:22:39   unglamorous timeslot brother and he [TS]

00:22:42   immediately thought of joel hodgson who [TS]

00:22:44   had met and and hit it off with and [TS]

00:22:46   that's when they put together the [TS]

00:22:48   initial stages mystery science theater [TS]

00:22:50   that's the second time that we referred [TS]

00:22:52   to mystery science theater 3000 as like [TS]

00:22:54   the styrofoam packing peanuts in a [TS]

00:22:56   programming schedule say we've got this [TS]

00:22:58   we don't want we don't want wheel of [TS]

00:22:59   fortune to rattle around if there's two [TS]

00:23:00   out two hours of a dead air so let's [TS]

00:23:02   fill it with something [TS]

00:23:04   well that was how local TV was in those [TS]

00:23:05   days you would take you would take [TS]

00:23:08   really cheap to public publicly [TS]

00:23:11   available movies and you would air them [TS]

00:23:13   whenever you have a two-hour hold the [TS]

00:23:15   schedule and maybe you'd film some some [TS]

00:23:18   interstitials with like the the the [TS]

00:23:21   station's uh resident ham would put on [TS]

00:23:24   like a a cape and pretend to be a [TS]

00:23:25   you-know-what create account for each [TS]

00:23:28   unit and put your head over in la had [TS]

00:23:31   been googling in Chicago down in Florida [TS]

00:23:33   we had dr paul zehrer seeds these days [TS]

00:23:36   they just do infomercials but background [TS]

00:23:38   that didn't happen [TS]

00:23:39   what is partly why it was a genius [TS]

00:23:40   because they already had this library of [TS]

00:23:42   crappy public domain movies they were [TS]

00:23:44   sitting on exactly so rather than air [TS]

00:23:46   those by themselves they had a guy and [TS]

00:23:48   some puppets talk over it all so much [TS]

00:23:50   I think it's a coincidence we're talking [TS]

00:23:52   about a programs i mean this is a two [TS]

00:23:54   hour long show right it would never air [TS]

00:23:57   anywhere that was not desperate to feel [TS]

00:23:59   time it is like that is they go together [TS]

00:24:02   yeah absolutely that's I mean that's why [TS]

00:24:04   that's why the the show lasted as long [TS]

00:24:08   as it did I think it's because they had [TS]

00:24:10   this time you know fledgling Comedy [TS]

00:24:12   Network has to fill the time with [TS]

00:24:13   something and to be able to take to [TS]

00:24:16   block off two hours every week and I [TS]

00:24:20   want that midnight slot Steve you were [TS]

00:24:22   talking about i mean that is the same [TS]

00:24:23   strategy that leads to something like [TS]

00:24:25   adult swim it's like literally just put [TS]

00:24:28   this on in the middle of the night and [TS]

00:24:30   you know who's gonna watch it well [TS]

00:24:32   college kids countries they had it a [TS]

00:24:34   more standard time slot but then they [TS]

00:24:36   started airing reruns sure but then you [TS]

00:24:38   run you you run it you get to feel extra [TS]

00:24:40   time and run extra commercials and run [TS]

00:24:41   in the middle of the night and actually [TS]

00:24:42   have a chance that some people who've [TS]

00:24:44   you know gotten their third meal at Taco [TS]

00:24:46   Bell are going to sit down and [TS]

00:24:47   and watch it right and that's maybe [TS]

00:24:50   instead of two hours you're feeling 12 [TS]

00:24:52   hours a week [TS]

00:24:53   yeah exactly what I running they ran in [TS]

00:24:56   the mornings to for a while so once i [TS]

00:24:58   wanted to have I think they premiered in [TS]

00:25:00   the mornings and then ran it again in [TS]

00:25:02   the evenings so let's it's such a great [TS]

00:25:05   idea because that that that appeal to [TS]

00:25:08   the you know the college set i think [TS]

00:25:11   having the show on a midnight every [TS]

00:25:12   night that's that's genius if you want [TS]

00:25:14   to get that sent to pay attention [TS]

00:25:16   well my friends of mine and high school [TS]

00:25:18   we watched bad movies and made fun of [TS]

00:25:21   them like we did that we watched in fact [TS]

00:25:23   we watched it I think every john [TS]

00:25:25   carradine movie we could find only one [TS]

00:25:28   of which ever made it to mst3k which was [TS]

00:25:30   the unearthly time for go to bed if [TS]

00:25:33   there's a surprising lack of carotenes [TS]

00:25:34   in the mst3k let me tell you I I mean [TS]

00:25:37   they miss they miss Frankenstein island [TS]

00:25:39   they meet mr. saints cheerleaders they [TS]

00:25:42   messed your Satan's cheerleaders is a [TS]

00:25:44   stop-start slammer [TS]

00:25:46   i see they are there are some fine i [TS]

00:25:49   understand cheerleaders on VHS I've got [TS]

00:25:51   that nobody can take it only they could [TS]

00:25:52   only riff on what they could get the [TS]

00:25:54   rights to exact already in the public [TS]

00:25:55   domain so you know somebody was holding [TS]

00:25:57   on tightly to that license to Satan's [TS]

00:25:59   cheerleaders right by the way Franklin [TS]

00:26:02   island which was all which was our [TS]

00:26:04   favorite and it is my favorite bad movie [TS]

00:26:06   of all time did finally get the mst3k [TS]

00:26:08   treatment it is a video-on-demand [TS]

00:26:09   download from from rifftrax so you can [TS]

00:26:12   it tickled me to know it to no end to [TS]

00:26:15   finally hear the voices of mst3k make [TS]

00:26:18   fun of what i think is the worst movie [TS]

00:26:21   ever made so it was a it's a thing of [TS]

00:26:23   beauty [TS]

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00:28:56   supporting being comfortable they have [TS]

00:28:59   an interesting challenge with picking [TS]

00:29:01   the movies i think because they need [TS]

00:29:03   obviously there are plenty of bad movies [TS]

00:29:05   out there but they need a movie that is [TS]

00:29:07   isn't so bad that you don't want to [TS]

00:29:10   watch it [TS]

00:29:11   well other than [TS]

00:29:12   tremendous hands of faith that there's [TS]

00:29:15   actually a number 8 these things have [TS]

00:29:16   things have to happen during the movie [TS]

00:29:18   yeah exactly and they need to be able to [TS]

00:29:20   interject and it's still so it is an [TS]

00:29:23   interesting challenge that they had and [TS]

00:29:25   plus as they got more popular getting a [TS]

00:29:28   lot of the rights to the movies became [TS]

00:29:29   more and more I'm a hassle [TS]

00:29:31   alright also they they did cut them down [TS]

00:29:33   so that was an interesting point that I [TS]

00:29:34   would always notice is you just need [TS]

00:29:36   enough action and enough things to make [TS]

00:29:38   on it to kind of kind of do it but some [TS]

00:29:39   movies were unwatchable but when they [TS]

00:29:41   would finally find them if you actually [TS]

00:29:43   did try to follow the plot you would [TS]

00:29:44   realize that they would often take like [TS]

00:29:46   giant chunks in the movie and you're [TS]

00:29:48   like inflating the commercial break they [TS]

00:29:49   come back and wait what just happened [TS]

00:29:51   doesn't hit its don't even pay attention [TS]

00:29:53   to the plot of this movie but yeah they [TS]

00:29:55   did it is a strange are to find [TS]

00:29:58   something where you can clear the rights [TS]

00:29:59   that you can actually make jokes about [TS]

00:30:01   and that isn't going to make everybody [TS]

00:30:03   wish for death while they're watching it [TS]

00:30:05   and ironically when it came time to [TS]

00:30:06   renew some of the licenses to these [TS]

00:30:08   pictures when they started to the reruns [TS]

00:30:11   were still going strong and and some of [TS]

00:30:12   them started dropping out of existence [TS]

00:30:13   because the the the the rights holders [TS]

00:30:17   suddenly this property was worth [TS]

00:30:19   something because MST had come in and [TS]

00:30:23   and and crapped all over the film and [TS]

00:30:25   now it was the license was worth [TS]

00:30:27   something [TS]

00:30:27   it is people had heard of it isn't [TS]

00:30:30   manage hands of fate now like a super [TS]

00:30:31   cold movie but that really is owed to [TS]

00:30:34   mst3k almost entirely entirely ok mst3k [TS]

00:30:37   yeah I can't imagine people watching [TS]

00:30:40   that willingly know but now it now it's [TS]

00:30:43   like its own its own thing it's like [TS]

00:30:45   people talk about that movie as itself [TS]

00:30:47   but the mst3k is the reason that movie [TS]

00:30:49   is known by anybody yeah I think [TS]

00:30:50   Entertainment Weekly did a story on man [TS]

00:30:52   house is it is a fantastic story and [TS]

00:30:55   it's been it's the the film indir [TS]

00:30:57   positive has been discovered and so now [TS]

00:30:59   if you actually even if even if you go [TS]

00:31:01   in the rifftrax dot-com website you can [TS]

00:31:03   buy like the HD an HD remastered [TS]

00:31:06   restored Bono's so that it's still [TS]

00:31:08   crappy movie but at least it looks like [TS]

00:31:10   a good 16-millimeter like pristine print [TS]

00:31:13   I've always wanted I've always wondered [TS]

00:31:14   though that like i imagine like these a [TS]

00:31:17   lot of people all over the country and [TS]

00:31:19   now in their forties fifties sixties [TS]

00:31:21   seventies they've had good lives they've [TS]

00:31:24   raised families they have the respect of [TS]

00:31:26   turn of of their communities maybe [TS]

00:31:28   they've been like active and [TS]

00:31:30   volunteering in the community and they [TS]

00:31:32   thought well the only thing that could [TS]

00:31:33   possibly embarrass me if it's that [TS]

00:31:34   stupid movie I made in 1963 that but [TS]

00:31:37   fortunately I got it got it was on [TS]

00:31:40   driving three times then disappeared [TS]

00:31:41   thank God no one will find that again [TS]

00:31:43   and now people are laughing at you and [TS]

00:31:45   pointing at you at the at the Walmart [TS]

00:31:47   because you are manos the who are models [TS]

00:31:50   hands of fate now it's in the national [TS]

00:31:53   film registry exactly are gonna take the [TS]

00:31:57   easy way out [TS]

00:31:58   my people are cosplay guys me what's [TS]

00:32:04   cosplay and how do i make them stop [TS]

00:32:07   my my favorite bad movie that I knew [TS]

00:32:09   before mystery science theater was [TS]

00:32:12   filming son somewhere in the [TS]

00:32:13   mid-eighties called women of the [TS]

00:32:14   prehistoric planet with like Wendell [TS]

00:32:17   Corey and streamers that's the Heike [TS]

00:32:20   pappas owed and that's the high kiba [TS]

00:32:22   episode i've never seen it because that [TS]

00:32:25   was one of the KTM a episodes and they [TS]

00:32:27   never released those no no no don't know [TS]

00:32:29   that's it that's the season 1 episode [TS]

00:32:31   women priests truck planet is episode [TS]

00:32:33   104 really can see I've never seen it [TS]

00:32:35   anywhere and you're gonna wish that may [TS]

00:32:37   be able to master those because the [TS]

00:32:39   season 1 episode you could get you tell [TS]

00:32:41   that they were just riffing as they went [TS]

00:32:44   this might be the first time they saw [TS]

00:32:45   the movies they didn't have the Polish [TS]

00:32:47   of like a season 3 season 4 there was [TS]

00:32:49   some some i guess some issues with that [TS]

00:32:52   I'd that's that's partly why Josh [TS]

00:32:54   Weinstein Weinstein find something or [TS]

00:32:57   other left the show because they [TS]

00:33:00   actually first season they started [TS]

00:33:02   having scripted episodes [TS]

00:33:04   where's Katie ma was entirely off the [TS]

00:33:06   cuff and he was he was much in the camp [TS]

00:33:10   of I much rather do off-the-cuff trips [TS]

00:33:12   because he was actually really good at [TS]

00:33:13   that he was probably the best of the [TS]

00:33:15   group at just coming up with stuff as [TS]

00:33:18   they watched and so that was partly the [TS]

00:33:20   reason why he took off after the end of [TS]

00:33:22   1st season to the chagrin of not very [TS]

00:33:24   many people but right after I can't [TS]

00:33:27   believe I didn't mention vampire man of [TS]

00:33:29   the Lost Planet also known as horror the [TS]

00:33:31   blood monsters also starring John [TS]

00:33:32   Carradine and Phil seen at least a [TS]

00:33:35   little bit of this this is a really good [TS]

00:33:37   one [TS]

00:33:37   it's literally a [TS]

00:33:39   so several of the mst3k movies are it's [TS]

00:33:41   literally stock footage or footage from [TS]

00:33:43   i think a Mexican horror movie and in [TS]

00:33:46   black and white and then they shot some [TS]

00:33:49   seen interlinking scenes as if they were [TS]

00:33:51   receiving transmissions from the planet [TS]

00:33:55   and and they even had a little thing [TS]

00:33:56   where they talk about how it was being [TS]

00:33:57   bathed in chromatic radiation and all [TS]

00:34:00   that meant was that when they would cut [TS]

00:34:01   back they would put a different filter [TS]

00:34:02   over the black-and-white footage so dumb [TS]

00:34:04   sometimes it would be blue and sometimes [TS]

00:34:06   it would be read and sometimes it would [TS]

00:34:07   be green but it made no sense and and so [TS]

00:34:10   there was a sci-fi plot with this like [TS]

00:34:12   vampire plot super it's it's really [TS]

00:34:15   delightful and john kerry and of course [TS]

00:34:17   was happy to sign up to be in some of [TS]

00:34:19   those framing sequences because that guy [TS]

00:34:21   would be in anything and was you read it [TS]

00:34:25   you actually I i read about him because [TS]

00:34:27   of his always an appearance on mr. sighs [TS]

00:34:29   33 33 thousand and you read a bottom and [TS]

00:34:32   he's just one of those actors who feels [TS]

00:34:33   as though the job of an actor is to keep [TS]

00:34:36   acting that even if you're in a horrible [TS]

00:34:38   movie you don't get to act when you're [TS]

00:34:40   just alone with a script and just like [TS]

00:34:41   reading to your to the house plants if [TS]

00:34:43   you're if you're in front of an audience [TS]

00:34:45   and playing in front of other actors you [TS]

00:34:47   are practicing your craft and that is a [TS]

00:34:49   noble thing to do and I don't deny that [TS]

00:34:51   he made those crap movies but I kind of [TS]

00:34:54   had a little bit more respect for him [TS]

00:34:55   after that [TS]

00:34:56   yeah I think I i read actually stuff [TS]

00:34:58   about Jackie of what people know his [TS]

00:35:00   sons can't keep David but John Kerry was [TS]

00:35:03   a classically trained actor right if you [TS]

00:35:05   look at his IMDB page it is amazing the [TS]

00:35:09   movies that he was in are just amazing [TS]

00:35:12   just while appreciating a bad movie is [TS]

00:35:16   one thing that's one of the ways that [TS]

00:35:17   this really works is that I think a lot [TS]

00:35:18   of people who watched mst3k could [TS]

00:35:20   appreciate something bad would make fun [TS]

00:35:22   of it and then what you've got is this [TS]

00:35:23   format beyond the invention exchange and [TS]

00:35:26   all that you've got a format where you [TS]

00:35:27   have skilled comedy writers essentially [TS]

00:35:31   spending a lot of time coming up with a [TS]

00:35:34   lot of really good jokes to fill out to [TS]

00:35:37   fill out this movie that well you take [TS]

00:35:39   its to our running time but you take the [TS]

00:35:40   commercials out and it's like an hour [TS]

00:35:42   because I felt like there are so many [TS]

00:35:44   commercials mst3k sci-fi channel but uh [TS]

00:35:48   but it's just it's an enormous amount of [TS]

00:35:51   work now [TS]

00:35:52   a few years ago we did a uncomfortable [TS]

00:35:55   or if that was what Steve 10 minutes [TS]

00:35:57   long [TS]

00:35:58   what's that phantom Empire yeah how long [TS]

00:36:00   was our if you i think it ran about 24 [TS]

00:36:03   minutes okay that was all that was a lot [TS]

00:36:04   of work and give me a real perspective [TS]

00:36:06   on how much I how much writing work goes [TS]

00:36:11   into an mst3k because you know you [TS]

00:36:14   they're not making it up off [TS]

00:36:16   off-the-cuff they are watching that [TS]

00:36:18   movie multiple times and and throwing [TS]

00:36:20   things out and they've got I think that [TS]

00:36:22   like writing assistance writing down a [TS]

00:36:24   lot of folks as they would I was like [TS]

00:36:25   one of the jobs just just furiously [TS]

00:36:27   right all the jokes down as fast as you [TS]

00:36:29   can with time code and and just a what a [TS]

00:36:33   what a great idea to turn funny people a [TS]

00:36:38   lot of really funny people loose on [TS]

00:36:40   something like that because we all [TS]

00:36:41   enjoyed making fun of these movies on on [TS]

00:36:43   our own but then you get these [TS]

00:36:44   incredibly talented people in a room [TS]

00:36:46   together and have them ripping off of [TS]

00:36:48   each other and become something [TS]

00:36:49   altogether different [TS]

00:36:50   that's how it builds and he get those [TS]

00:36:51   references with references because you [TS]

00:36:53   know i might say something funny and [TS]

00:36:55   then you're going to say something funny [TS]

00:36:56   and then it brings back and forth and [TS]

00:36:58   you can create this whole little palace [TS]

00:37:00   of jokes magical I wish I still had the [TS]

00:37:03   email it maybe i do somewhere but I [TS]

00:37:05   don't remember where I was at but when I [TS]

00:37:07   did a little bit of work briefly for [TS]

00:37:10   rifftrax when they were considering the [TS]

00:37:12   idea of taking submissions from outside [TS]

00:37:14   writers i got an email from bill Corbett [TS]

00:37:17   basically saying this is kind of how we [TS]

00:37:20   want you to this is what this is the [TS]

00:37:21   format we want you to use and this is [TS]

00:37:24   approximately how long you should expect [TS]

00:37:27   to work on each you know each minute and [TS]

00:37:29   it was some ridiculous thing like two [TS]

00:37:31   hours per minute or so I don't have it i [TS]

00:37:35   don't think i have it anymore but but it [TS]

00:37:37   was a pretty interesting email because [TS]

00:37:38   it it kind of went over that the writing [TS]

00:37:41   process as it stands now which is a [TS]

00:37:44   considerably different than sitting [TS]

00:37:45   around in the writers room with you know [TS]

00:37:47   five or six people just calling out [TS]

00:37:48   riffs as they did in the mst3k is now [TS]

00:37:51   it's more like they sit down and they [TS]

00:37:53   watched the movie over and over and over [TS]

00:37:55   and over [TS]

00:37:57   well we did when we did that that [TS]

00:37:59   phantom Empire r if I did get a handful [TS]

00:38:03   of us in a room to watch it and we I [TS]

00:38:07   recorded that and I sort of transcribed [TS]

00:38:10   the jokes & time code them and we ended [TS]

00:38:13   up with like a spreadsheet with timecode [TS]

00:38:15   where we put in all the possible jokes [TS]

00:38:17   and then boiled those down and then work [TS]

00:38:20   to those into something tighter I know [TS]

00:38:23   Steve you worked on a lot of that and i [TS]

00:38:25   worked on that with you and that was a [TS]

00:38:26   lot of work and then we recorded all of [TS]

00:38:28   it and then half those jokes had to come [TS]

00:38:30   out because it didn't fit anyway that's [TS]

00:38:32   the painful part you said in the other [TS]

00:38:35   painful part is they're frequently parts [TS]

00:38:37   of the movie where you've got five great [TS]

00:38:39   lines for and other parts where you've [TS]

00:38:41   got nothing [TS]

00:38:42   a minute and a half and you cannot think [TS]

00:38:44   of a damned sight [TS]

00:38:45   mmm it's amazing yeah yeah i mean you [TS]

00:38:48   can you can identify those moments [TS]

00:38:50   sometimes when you watch episodes i was [TS]

00:38:51   watching some some late era episodes a [TS]

00:38:54   week or so ago and I it's interesting as [TS]

00:38:57   the writing staff changes that kind of [TS]

00:38:59   approach that they take changes and I [TS]

00:39:00   think a lot of the late the late [TS]

00:39:02   episodes and seasons 8 and above the [TS]

00:39:04   sci-fi episodes the the writing staff [TS]

00:39:07   with more frequently just say well we [TS]

00:39:09   gotta put something in here so they just [TS]

00:39:11   throw out some line for you get a [TS]

00:39:13   running gag where they refer to [TS]

00:39:15   something that was in the in the episode [TS]

00:39:17   or something else and had nothing to do [TS]

00:39:18   it was on screen right and there's an [TS]

00:39:21   increasing number of lines where you [TS]

00:39:23   know there's some just completely they [TS]

00:39:26   pick some random character out of pop [TS]

00:39:28   culture some guy who some some character [TS]

00:39:31   in the movie looks very vaguely like you [TS]

00:39:33   know it's a stretch 8000 you know John [TS]

00:39:36   Carradine and and that's the joke and [TS]

00:39:38   you can you can tell that that [TS]

00:39:40   minute-and-a-half or whatever the movie [TS]

00:39:42   was just so painful to write for it [TS]

00:39:44   that was the best they could come up [TS]

00:39:45   with I was pleased to read interviews [TS]

00:39:47   with them later on and there was one [TS]

00:39:49   there one after the whole ball game was [TS]

00:39:51   over and they start talking about the [TS]

00:39:52   problems they're having with the sci-fi [TS]

00:39:54   channel about how they had just almost [TS]

00:39:57   zero latitude in the movies they got to [TS]

00:39:59   choose because they were presented with [TS]

00:40:01   so few options they just had to make [TS]

00:40:03   everything work and the old stories [TS]

00:40:05   about the The Comedy Central days where [TS]

00:40:07   they might spend a lot of time figuring [TS]

00:40:09   that this is exactly the sort of movies [TS]

00:40:11   would work great for us but then [TS]

00:40:12   afterwards 45 days they realize that [TS]

00:40:14   there just isn't enough here to riff on [TS]

00:40:17   and just abandoned and choosing [TS]

00:40:19   something better that I i had a lot more [TS]

00:40:22   sympathy for them I I i did lose like [TS]

00:40:25   like like Moses on the rock I too lost [TS]

00:40:28   my faith and radar that day there after [TS]

00:40:31   the commitment of Merlin's house of [TS]

00:40:33   wonders where I was watching am excited [TS]

00:40:35   about this another episode of mystery [TS]

00:40:37   science theater 3000 I'm thinking yeah [TS]

00:40:39   that's that's not really that ok i'm [TS]

00:40:42   enjoying bimah joining the fact that i [TS]

00:40:44   see the shadows but i don't really [TS]

00:40:46   that's not really a lot of fun and yeah [TS]

00:40:48   it's it's just such a hard thing to do [TS]

00:40:50   via you have to find the right show in [TS]

00:40:52   order to make this work [TS]

00:40:53   the shorts i think are some of the most [TS]

00:40:55   brilliant stuff because i think that [TS]

00:40:56   asks there it's the the editing of a [TS]

00:40:58   short when you only have eight to ten [TS]

00:40:59   minutes to do to deliver something you [TS]

00:41:01   don't have time to do eight minutes [TS]

00:41:03   rock-climbing you have to have things [TS]

00:41:05   happen happen happen happen happen and [TS]

00:41:08   there's such a crazy idea and because [TS]

00:41:10   you get a lot of crazy people who are [TS]

00:41:11   just trying to crank out an eight-minute [TS]

00:41:13   filler subject on whatever it's such [TS]

00:41:16   great crazy fuel for for ripping on [TS]

00:41:19   shorts for the best part of that show [TS]

00:41:22   yeah I grace often yeah i mean that the [TS]

00:41:24   junior rodeo is still one of my [TS]

00:41:26   favorites i don't think a week has gone [TS]

00:41:27   by the PF and done and the crowd goes [TS]

00:41:29   wild [TS]

00:41:30   yeah and some other engrave it [TS]

00:41:32   texas-style they're doing a cloud style [TS]

00:41:37   yeah that's another unfortunate which [TS]

00:41:39   the data circus yeah one of my favorite [TS]

00:41:41   dirty jokes was in a shirt was what was [TS]

00:41:44   in short it was the winter sports one [TS]

00:41:46   where the announcer keeps calling skiing [TS]

00:41:48   Sheen have does and throaty robot says [TS]

00:41:51   you're full of skin was that's one with [TS]

00:41:56   that she whoring as well if i'm not [TS]

00:41:58   better than many times had by all [TS]

00:42:02   that's a very early episode yeah that's [TS]

00:42:04   another way in which the sci-fi era kind [TS]

00:42:06   of suffered because they were given that [TS]

00:42:08   ultimatum initially that they had to [TS]

00:42:10   stick to sci-fi shows only and that [TS]

00:42:13   pretty much eliminated any possibility [TS]

00:42:15   of doing shorts which right they they [TS]

00:42:17   lifted that restriction I think midway [TS]

00:42:20   through [TS]

00:42:21   season 8 they kind of eased up on it a [TS]

00:42:24   little bit maybe they were able to kind [TS]

00:42:25   of go back to some more thank you you [TS]

00:42:28   guys keep talking about the sci-fi [TS]

00:42:29   channel episodes like that's something [TS]

00:42:30   that happened like that there are some [TS]

00:42:33   good episodes in the sci-fi hmm i enjoy [TS]

00:42:37   brain guy I can't break guy professor [TS]

00:42:39   but we're nice additions [TS]

00:42:41   yes and and pearl really came on her own [TS]

00:42:44   I i permanently the interstitial steps [TS]

00:42:48   to the film's by the end of the sci-fi [TS]

00:42:50   agree except the the only one the only [TS]

00:42:53   one that I really love is when when the [TS]

00:42:55   writing was on the wall and they said [TS]

00:42:56   okay you're done [TS]

00:42:58   and apparently they said we want to do [TS]

00:43:01   one thing that's just for ourselves as [TS]

00:43:04   long as we're still here not a sci-fi [TS]

00:43:06   movie what they did was they did [TS]

00:43:08   Maximilian shells german edition of [TS]

00:43:11   Hamlet brass you're the one guy that [TS]

00:43:12   likes to handle it that I'm the one guy [TS]

00:43:14   that likes the hamlet episode because [TS]

00:43:16   well because it's it's not that it's [TS]

00:43:17   translated from the Sheikh spirits that [TS]

00:43:19   it was translated into german and then [TS]

00:43:21   translated back into n which is nuts [TS]

00:43:25   so even without them it's it's wonderful [TS]

00:43:28   to listen to because it's insane but [TS]

00:43:31   aside from that I just I don't know the [TS]

00:43:34   side episodes i think there are a lot of [TS]

00:43:36   good episodes in sci-fi there the [TS]

00:43:38   riffing was still strong i'm not a fan [TS]

00:43:40   of the interstitials at all in that set [TS]

00:43:43   of episodes but there's some good stuff [TS]

00:43:45   in there's TVs Frank is missed ya Frank [TS]

00:43:49   Connor was a was a was an unsung part of [TS]

00:43:52   that shows greatness [TS]

00:43:54   you know it's funny and it's not just in [TS]

00:43:55   the not just in the deep 13 segments [TS]

00:43:58   where he and traceable you are missed [TS]

00:44:01   I think that writing really starts to [TS]

00:44:03   suffer right around the time those to [TS]

00:44:04   drop off [TS]

00:44:05   no you don't realize what kind of [TS]

00:44:06   contribution each of them has to the [TS]

00:44:08   writing staff until they start to [TS]

00:44:09   disappear and then suddenly the episodes [TS]

00:44:11   take a turn [TS]

00:44:12   no but let's not move let's not move so [TS]

00:44:16   quickly away from that with what a [TS]

00:44:18   wonderful comedic duo those two those [TS]

00:44:20   two guys yeah we're such a complicated [TS]

00:44:23   relationship where it was definitely an [TS]

00:44:26   abuser abused relationship but there is [TS]

00:44:28   a sort of affection there because [TS]

00:44:30   without that just just as liquid when [TS]

00:44:33   when Frank went away [TS]

00:44:34   and dr. Forrester sings this wonderful [TS]

00:44:37   song about well now that I don't have [TS]

00:44:39   somebody to abuse who do I kill and that [TS]

00:44:42   was the thought that was a lot of how [TS]

00:44:44   sad he wasn't how I missed Frank because [TS]

00:44:46   all I I need somebody to abuse and that [TS]

00:44:48   threaten that there's nobody here that [TS]

00:44:50   was moving episode when Frank got when [TS]

00:44:52   he ascended to second banana heaven [TS]

00:44:54   really was kind of sad [TS]

00:44:57   alright fine I must take my own bitter [TS]

00:45:00   pill who will kill something that mst3k [TS]

00:45:06   did pretty well was deal with these cast [TS]

00:45:11   transitions and and and move em with the [TS]

00:45:13   with robots they just changed the voices [TS]

00:45:16   and with the a-10 honestly going from [TS]

00:45:18   joel to Mike was less disruptive than [TS]

00:45:21   you might think mostly because mike [TS]

00:45:23   nelson had been there all along and was [TS]

00:45:25   the head writer and just sort of slid on [TS]

00:45:28   in there and I I don't you know it was a [TS]

00:45:30   different it's a different guy but I I [TS]

00:45:31   never had any problems it wasn't like oh [TS]

00:45:35   well when Joe left then the whole thing [TS]

00:45:37   went around well like a case like Steve [TS]

00:45:39   pointed out they tailored the show to to [TS]

00:45:41   mike nelson talents and they got rid of [TS]

00:45:44   the things that were very clearly things [TS]

00:45:46   that joel hodgson was good at and and [TS]

00:45:48   and built around the stuff that Mike did [TS]

00:45:51   very well liked the singing in the the [TS]

00:45:54   ripping and one right well I also i [TS]

00:45:56   think made a very smart move [TS]

00:45:57   albeit about an unusual one of changing [TS]

00:46:00   the hosts in the right in the middle of [TS]

00:46:01   the season [TS]

00:46:02   oh yeah smack in the middle of season [TS]

00:46:04   five is where they did the transition so [TS]

00:46:06   there wasn't this big gap and then [TS]

00:46:07   suddenly the new guy was that [TS]

00:46:09   Mitchell I will always remember John [TS]

00:46:12   Hopkins last episode because not only [TS]

00:46:13   was it Mitchell which is one of their [TS]

00:46:15   the great man's t3k movies that baby oil [TS]

00:46:18   yeah god [TS]

00:46:21   Mitchell Mitchell even his name sounds [TS]

00:46:23   like is that a beer but it was also it [TS]

00:46:28   was also game 6 of BT's of the 1993 [TS]

00:46:31   World Series when Joe Carter hit the [TS]

00:46:33   series winning home run and that was the [TS]

00:46:36   same night that is Mitchell yeah I was [TS]

00:46:38   flipping back and forth [TS]

00:46:39   wow yeah but but the other on baker and [TS]

00:46:43   video Carter providing did my mind but [TS]

00:46:46   there they were they just run that [TS]

00:46:47   Mitchell episode like eight more times [TS]

00:46:49   that week but yeah well it was a moment [TS]

00:46:51   that it was a moment was it was we [TS]

00:46:55   should talk a little bit about favorites [TS]

00:46:58   we've mentioned some stuff but we should [TS]

00:46:59   we should mention some favorite episodes [TS]

00:47:01   that way also the listeners have some [TS]

00:47:04   things to go find if they have not seen [TS]

00:47:06   some of these episodes of mst3k so I [TS]

00:47:09   thought I'd just go around and if you [TS]

00:47:10   throw out some of your favorites i'm [TS]

00:47:13   sure i know you've got them [TS]

00:47:14   Steve I have 10 go ahead Andy I just as [TS]

00:47:17   such as the secret agent super dragon I [TS]

00:47:20   don't think that's a maybe there's there [TS]

00:47:21   are others that are as good but I don't [TS]

00:47:23   think that's ever been top secret agent [TS]

00:47:25   is that that that's that's the one where [TS]

00:47:28   that takes place in the hall and Holland [TS]

00:47:29   and there's the any easy easy retired [TS]

00:47:33   secret agent that has to stop [TS]

00:47:35   I'm a magical mind-control gum that's [TS]

00:47:38   being distributed by the the horrible [TS]

00:47:41   organization that the and the Super's [TS]

00:47:44   the evil organization is hidden behind [TS]

00:47:46   the front of an antique have an antique [TS]

00:47:49   auction house with a surprise society of [TS]

00:47:52   of mast people whose sine is either they [TS]

00:47:57   start their meetings by each coming over [TS]

00:47:58   the piece of pieces piece of plastic and [TS]

00:48:02   making the sign of a w with it it was [TS]

00:48:04   just good at it was the the it was not a [TS]

00:48:08   terrible movie it was just a mediocre [TS]

00:48:10   movie and that's exactly right in the [TS]

00:48:12   sweet spot of mystery science theater [TS]

00:48:14   3000 so many great little lines little [TS]

00:48:16   gadgets they can make fun of [TS]

00:48:19   it weird characters that have stuff to [TS]

00:48:22   do I still I still remember every single [TS]

00:48:26   time that the hidden inside the office [TS]

00:48:28   of the of the of the end of the antique [TS]

00:48:31   auction house is of course the the [TS]

00:48:32   secret phone is like a hidden inside the [TS]

00:48:34   pen and so the so the pen as the flash [TS]

00:48:37   when they will make secret contact like [TS]

00:48:39   my pen is a phone my decimal affair [TS]

00:48:41   i'm not i thinkI description in the [TS]

00:48:45   wikipedia page for secret agent super [TS]

00:48:47   dragon key phrase is filmed in Amsterdam [TS]

00:48:50   but set in michigan i do that's a good [TS]

00:48:55   sign [TS]

00:48:56   it's the Michigan of Europe yes Scott [TS]

00:48:59   you have a favorite mst3k i will a [TS]

00:49:02   choose the draft [TS]

00:49:05   it's not a draft no it's all well i will [TS]

00:49:09   say that i really like the the movie [TS]

00:49:12   msia the movie because a this island [TS]

00:49:16   earth is not a bad movie and be inspired [TS]

00:49:19   the coneheads yes it was amazing to me [TS]

00:49:22   that mystery science theater could have [TS]

00:49:25   a movie dedicated to it and they're just [TS]

00:49:28   excited to be so when it came out and [TS]

00:49:30   they really stepped up the production [TS]

00:49:32   values for the movie so there's a lot of [TS]

00:49:34   good stuff and yeah i agree i like the [TS]

00:49:36   movie a lot i was happy that came and [TS]

00:49:38   and happy to see it [TS]

00:49:40   Phil favorites of mst3k oh where to [TS]

00:49:43   begin a it will shock you to learn that [TS]

00:49:46   i'm not a huge fan of the the [TS]

00:49:47   science-fiction wat episode yeah i know [TS]

00:49:50   my act I the ones that really like AR [TS]

00:49:53   the are are the cold war movies like [TS]

00:49:57   rocket attack USA is a personal favorite [TS]

00:50:01   Wow although I i do want to give a shout [TS]

00:50:05   out to one science fiction movie but by [TS]

00:50:08   the great roger corman one of the [TS]

00:50:09   greatest directors effort to get to walk [TS]

00:50:11   this earth it conquered the earth i [TS]

00:50:13   believe uh yeah he conquered the world [TS]

00:50:16   yet conquered the world excuse me [TS]

00:50:18   that's the one that said that is paired [TS]

00:50:20   with snow thrills including she wearing [TS]

00:50:23   yes and stars of peter graves and and [TS]

00:50:27   leave and cleave and cleef oh you want [TS]

00:50:29   to leave and clean there's actually good [TS]

00:50:31   acting in that up [TS]

00:50:32   so that's the scary thing yeah and uh [TS]

00:50:34   just because he's a local uh Robert L [TS]

00:50:38   leopard is the producer behind lost [TS]

00:50:40   continent and he owned the movie theater [TS]

00:50:44   in the town i live in and have many of [TS]

00:50:46   his movie premieres there so i'm i'm [TS]

00:50:48   imagining the citizenry of alameda going [TS]

00:50:50   to see the the premiere of lost [TS]

00:50:52   continent without the benefit of puppet [TS]

00:50:55   commentary and say yeah Robert that was [TS]

00:50:59   that was great [TS]

00:51:00   they love that rock climbing now ya ali [TS]

00:51:03   brought from the rock climbing [TS]

00:51:05   that's good stuff David favorites oh man [TS]

00:51:09   I mean I love Mitchell I love [TS]

00:51:12   oh actually Gamera films [TS]

00:51:15   Oh cameras really ever rock-and-roll his [TS]

00:51:18   friend camera is really neat he is [TS]

00:51:21   filled with turtle meat we are going to [TS]

00:51:24   get me wrong I knew there would be [TS]

00:51:28   something else in as as Michael [TS]

00:51:30   Feinstein singing the gallery oh man [TS]

00:51:33   favorite yeah i don't i don't do a [TS]

00:51:36   michael feinstein impression but I can [TS]

00:51:37   do that [TS]

00:51:38   yeah that's that's great start oh man [TS]

00:51:40   and I love the the I think it's Godzilla [TS]

00:51:43   versus the sea monster that has the the [TS]

00:51:47   whole thing of rec start an Eskimo spy i [TS]

00:51:50   love that and then I mean time of the [TS]

00:51:53   Apes and mighty Jack you can't find [TS]

00:51:56   mighty Jack anywhere [TS]

00:51:59   gosh ooan and teenagers from outer space [TS]

00:52:03   which starts off with the weird little [TS]

00:52:05   flying saucers its landing through the [TS]

00:52:07   whole credit sequence and they just keep [TS]

00:52:09   running down you know it's this it's [TS]

00:52:10   that its belly rubs hat it's an umbrella [TS]

00:52:13   it's mary poppins isn't just [TS]

00:52:15   continuously and yeah and it's Bella [TS]

00:52:18   absence has another one of those lines [TS]

00:52:20   that we just use over and over again [TS]

00:52:21   around here [TS]

00:52:22   was it the same one but where I think I [TS]

00:52:24   think Mary Jo will improve when she [TS]

00:52:26   wrote her entry into the mystery science [TS]

00:52:28   theater book so much of the first joke [TS]

00:52:30   she ever wrote was oh that a captain's [TS]

00:52:34   hat from Breakfast at Tiffany's is [TS]

00:52:35   coming in for landing [TS]

00:52:36   yeah i think that might be it at CSU [TS]

00:52:39   thought is this as the sort of joke that [TS]

00:52:41   like a woman of the writing staff would [TS]

00:52:42   come up with huai huai not ask [TS]

00:52:45   your favorite Steve yeah I was bumped [TS]

00:52:48   and then ended up in the end of the list [TS]

00:52:49   i'm not sure how that happened you just [TS]

00:52:51   had to get you just to eat you came back [TS]

00:52:53   around we wrap back around to you I feel [TS]

00:52:55   like that name and all of a sudden I was [TS]

00:52:57   giving you time to prepare [TS]

00:52:58   I'll good i'm prepared now ok I got a [TS]

00:53:01   few I let's see i'll start with [TS]

00:53:05   rocketship XM also our don't leopard [TS]

00:53:08   movie romance which is the first one [TS]

00:53:11   that I saw with the people of alameda [TS]

00:53:13   come to rocketship XM h that was I think [TS]

00:53:19   that was the episode where they was 21 [TS]

00:53:21   so they turned the corner from the first [TS]

00:53:23   season with josh weinstein to the second [TS]

00:53:25   season where Tom servo was played by [TS]

00:53:26   Kevin Murphy and and TVs Frank makes his [TS]

00:53:30   first appearance [TS]

00:53:31   I think that's where by this time my [TS]

00:53:35   lungs were aching for their respects [TS]

00:53:37   about yeah there's a sequence on what [TS]

00:53:40   things are funny when they float in zero [TS]

00:53:42   gravity and what things are not which is [TS]

00:53:44   pretty good it's just a great episode [TS]

00:53:46   and the reason that sticks out for me [TS]

00:53:48   mostly is because i think that was the [TS]

00:53:49   first episode I saw with a group of [TS]

00:53:51   people where I really appreciated how [TS]

00:53:54   much when you've got a group of people [TS]

00:53:56   and they eat you're laughing at [TS]

00:53:57   different things that are funny to them [TS]

00:53:59   just how it kind of builds on itself and [TS]

00:54:01   and it and just increases the intensity [TS]

00:54:04   that much more fact i really recommend [TS]

00:54:08   that if you have the opportunity to go [TS]

00:54:10   see a rifftrax live show in the theater [TS]

00:54:12   that is it a wonderfully funny [TS]

00:54:14   experience just because so many people [TS]

00:54:17   are there and they're ready laughs and [TS]

00:54:19   and it just it makes everything that [TS]

00:54:21   much funnier 506 eage which watch for [TS]

00:54:28   snakes which is watch out for snakes yes [TS]

00:54:30   it is a richard kiel and unfrozen [TS]

00:54:32   caveman mrs. got this wonderfully kind [TS]

00:54:36   of its 60s or 50s vibe to it but it's [TS]

00:54:39   it's it's like a very cheap beach [TS]

00:54:42   blanket bingo thing going on right for a [TS]

00:54:45   little bit of it and yeah that's our [TS]

00:54:47   technology wizard our child jr. and with [TS]

00:54:49   his horrifying leering face [TS]

00:54:52   yeah that's that's a great insights got [TS]

00:54:55   its got songs and i liked the episode [TS]

00:54:57   where they became characters actually [TS]

00:54:58   sing songs and they can respond those [TS]

00:55:00   that's that's a particularly good one of [TS]

00:55:03   the Gamera films i think gamera vs. [TS]

00:55:05   Giron is the one that sticks out for [TS]

00:55:07   means that the one that knife monster [TS]

00:55:09   with a night that's the one with the [TS]

00:55:10   monster that's a knife head that's the [TS]

00:55:12   one that that focuses on the two little [TS]

00:55:14   boys one of whom is Richard Burton have [TS]

00:55:19   a good job in it that's the one corn job [TS]

00:55:21   yeah man yeah that's really the selling [TS]

00:55:23   point for me is corn Jack he's only in [TS]

00:55:25   the movie for about 30 seconds but he [TS]

00:55:27   makes the film [TS]

00:55:28   yeah that's corn job that's yes they end [TS]

00:55:34   up on a spaceship and they travel to [TS]

00:55:35   some planet that's on the opposite side [TS]

00:55:37   of the Sun where the aliens are [TS]

00:55:40   strangely enough Japanese women in weird [TS]

00:55:42   costumes so often happens [TS]

00:55:46   yes I mean there's an early sequence [TS]

00:55:47   where corn job threatens to shave one of [TS]

00:55:49   the boys heads for acting up and then [TS]

00:55:52   gonna be in in a in a shocking look [TS]

00:55:55   that's a lovely phrase good can we just [TS]

00:55:57   have a pause here to preach it with a [TS]

00:55:58   lovely phrase you just put it was pulled [TS]

00:56:00   out of the ether and put out for [TS]

00:56:02   everyone to enjoy [TS]

00:56:04   I urge that the listeners to go to [TS]

00:56:07   google and start typing in the word [TS]

00:56:08   scorn job and Google will do the rest [TS]

00:56:11   for you know i don't recommend that at [TS]

00:56:13   all [TS]

00:56:13   Jason I just I just Jason I want you I [TS]

00:56:15   want you to flag that for possible [TS]

00:56:17   future t-shirt [TS]

00:56:18   alright then cord job threatens the [TS]

00:56:20   driven to shave the kids heads III pay [TS]

00:56:23   forty dollars for that but then in it in [TS]

00:56:25   an amazing act of universal serendipity [TS]

00:56:27   the aliens on the remote planet actually [TS]

00:56:30   do shave the boy's head and when they [TS]

00:56:33   return to Earth corn job is shocked that [TS]

00:56:34   somebody beat him to the page so yeah [TS]

00:56:38   camera vs gear i'm not a hot on too many [TS]

00:56:40   of the camera films with that one is [TS]

00:56:41   probably one of the best episodes in the [TS]

00:56:43   series [TS]

00:56:44   Mitchell of course is wonderful yes I [TS]

00:56:46   absolutely love this [TS]

00:56:49   I love the song arrested her when I was [TS]

00:56:52   in my mind meet you [TS]

00:56:55   which was sung incidentally by your [TS]

00:56:58   friend of mine hoyt axton yes yes well [TS]

00:57:01   your friend watching that episode is [TS]

00:57:03   like it's like going home for me but I [TS]

00:57:06   love in the seventies era TV show [TS]

00:57:08   mashups and the the 70 movies [TS]

00:57:11   yeah Master William I was gonna want to- [TS]

00:57:14   master ninja master Kenny very clear [TS]

00:57:17   yeah yeah good half of it was a master [TS]

00:57:19   ninja to just what they're reading the [TS]

00:57:21   letters the master new to think so [TS]

00:57:24   didn't want to work it took a while to [TS]

00:57:26   come onto the market [TS]

00:57:27   yeah in the same vein i'm a big fan of [TS]

00:57:30   814 riding with death featuring the very [TS]

00:57:33   mellow Ben Murphy that is an excellent [TS]

00:57:36   episode involving a spy can vanish and [TS]

00:57:41   hangs out with truckers highly [TS]

00:57:44   recommended if you're if you've been [TS]

00:57:46   afraid of the sci-fi episodes that's a [TS]

00:57:48   good one to go for [TS]

00:57:49   I like 412 Hercules in the captive women [TS]

00:57:51   mainly because of the sequence where [TS]

00:57:54   gypsy riffs briefly in the theater with [TS]

00:57:56   them I feel like a gypsy is a isn't an [TS]

00:57:59   underappreciated and she's excited about [TS]

00:58:02   being part of a big part of the action [TS]

00:58:04   and excitement that is absolutely not [TS]

00:58:08   founded by reality she's very into the [TS]

00:58:11   idea and then and then shape she comes [TS]

00:58:14   up with she comes up with some very bad [TS]

00:58:17   rips finally she comes up with one [TS]

00:58:19   that's halfway decent and and the bots [TS]

00:58:21   enjoy yeah gypsy good job that was a [TS]

00:58:24   good one nice job and then after a few [TS]

00:58:26   minutes she she realizes that this is [TS]

00:58:29   really kind of sucks and she finds a way [TS]

00:58:30   to escape it is not the one that has i'm [TS]

00:58:35   so sleepy I can hardly keep the week it [TS]

00:58:39   was one of the herd gonna get mighty [TS]

00:58:40   that's the definition of sleepy [TS]

00:58:42   yes oh and then and then lastly I'll [TS]

00:58:45   mention 622 angels revenge which is [TS]

00:58:48   another I think that might be late [TS]

00:58:50   seventies early eighties it's a jiggly I [TS]

00:58:54   don't know how to describe it really [TS]

00:58:56   hits at Wrigley it's it's it's a jiggly [TS]

00:58:58   cells jiggly and it has it has some some [TS]

00:59:02   classic [TS]

00:59:03   others like I think Jim practices in it [TS]

00:59:05   and and the skipper shows up or maybe [TS]

00:59:08   the skipper's son [TS]

00:59:10   no no LOL junior and senior shows up in [TS]

00:59:14   a lot of movies [TS]

00:59:15   that's right that's right they're [TS]

00:59:16   definitely on the decline in this film [TS]

00:59:18   and it shows but it's it's great riffing [TS]

00:59:21   father so I'm a big fan but I'm not done [TS]

00:59:24   yet because i got to talk about shorts [TS]

00:59:25   oh yeah yeah right before could I i [TS]

00:59:29   mentioned only one can pick one more yes [TS]

00:59:31   now go find a place you guys only have [TS]

00:59:33   any chance i've mentioned have none [TS]

00:59:35   sources that this is emblematic 12 to [TS]

00:59:38   the moon because classic classic [TS]

00:59:40   black-and-white stupid sci-fi props that [TS]

00:59:43   are silly word that they gotta hope that [TS]

00:59:46   we're 24 there astronaut to that the [TS]

00:59:48   outfit 12 people as astronauts and of [TS]

00:59:50   course they just got like Air Force like [TS]

00:59:52   flight uniforms they couldn't afford to [TS]

00:59:54   like that they couldn't figure out how [TS]

00:59:55   to use the faceplates as in the movie [TS]

00:59:58   without having reflect up [TS]

00:59:58   without having reflect up [TS]

01:00:00   lights so they just throw in one line [TS]

01:00:01   i'm activating the invisible air shield [TS]

01:00:04   right now i don't--there's and I I'm [TS]

01:00:10   sure that you everyone else has the same [TS]

01:00:11   sort of reaction that i have to so many [TS]

01:00:13   these episodes [TS]

01:00:14   there's a joke that I've i can't i can't [TS]

01:00:16   imagine that a month has gone by in my [TS]

01:00:19   life where I've not heard this joke has [TS]

01:00:21   not popped back into my mouth my mind [TS]

01:00:24   once a month for the rest of my life and [TS]

01:00:26   that made me laugh [TS]

01:00:27   it's where there they they approached [TS]

01:00:29   there's some sort of like an entrance to [TS]

01:00:31   a cave and of course it's a bad set so [TS]

01:00:34   the sort of like an arch sort of like [TS]

01:00:36   thing of rocks and there's some dry ice [TS]

01:00:38   you can see this just like the back wall [TS]

01:00:40   the set and then crow says it looks like [TS]

01:00:43   some sort of portal gym as dr. McCoy I i [TS]

01:00:49   had to stop the tape at that point [TS]

01:00:51   because I was just laughing so hard I [TS]

01:00:54   could not continue with the movie it [TS]

01:00:56   looks like some sort of portal gym so [TS]

01:00:59   for Stevie pictures shorts and Jason [TS]

01:01:01   pics anything i was just like I'm taking [TS]

01:01:03   my shorts right now fill that search [TS]

01:01:05   searches related to corn job producing [TS]

01:01:08   your job will be blamed and now it's in [TS]

01:01:14   your search history more coincidentally [TS]

01:01:18   corn job is why I'm picking my shorts [TS]

01:01:20   right now [TS]

01:01:20   ah i'm going to mention some movies [TS]

01:01:25   before we get to do we get the shorts do [TS]

01:01:28   it do it [TS]

01:01:30   my favorite is probably time of the Apes [TS]

01:01:32   which was mentioned earlier this this is [TS]

01:01:35   eight great a Glen friend get what I on [TS]

01:01:38   movies from Japan yeah the time of the [TS]

01:01:41   Apes is basically planet of the apes [TS]

01:01:43   except completely nonsensical it the [TS]

01:01:48   plot involves people going into the [TS]

01:01:50   future where apes dominated by freezing [TS]

01:01:52   themselves in a cryogenic suspension [TS]

01:01:54   chamber [TS]

01:01:55   okay fair enough men and then to get to [TS]

01:01:58   the future and they find that it is the [TS]

01:01:59   time of the Apes at the end of the movie [TS]

01:02:01   in order to return to the original time [TS]

01:02:04   they go back to the freezer and fries [TS]

01:02:05   themselves again i'm not sure how that [TS]

01:02:08   works and a-and johnny is the kid who [TS]

01:02:12   keeps getting into trouble [TS]

01:02:13   and when they say Johnny if you're not [TS]

01:02:15   careful you will die his responses as i [TS]

01:02:17   said earlier i don't care i don't care [TS]

01:02:20   oh it is beautiful beautiful sometime of [TS]

01:02:22   the Apes is my favorite I believe that [TS]

01:02:24   also was a seventies TV series in japan [TS]

01:02:26   it was that both both that and and [TS]

01:02:30   mighty Jack were originally serious so [TS]

01:02:32   master ninja i remember watching the [TS]

01:02:34   master with leaving cleveland it was a [TS]

01:02:35   TV show [TS]

01:02:37   so when those came on as movies not only [TS]

01:02:40   did that add to the humor because I knew [TS]

01:02:41   it was just a TV show but uh you know [TS]

01:02:44   those are delightful including be the [TS]

01:02:46   WAKAWAKA ticketmaster and any song and [TS]

01:02:49   those are delightful and then i have to [TS]

01:02:50   syfy pics that i want to throw in there [TS]

01:02:52   earth vs. the spider just for the title [TS]

01:02:55   alone frankly the grant and the the [TS]

01:02:58   amazing colossal man which is a in [TS]

01:03:01   manning not what that's an early episode [TS]

01:03:03   that's pretty satisfied by a lot not [TS]

01:03:05   yeah you know not one of the 10 I mean [TS]

01:03:07   it's a it's a sci-fi movie now that's [TS]

01:03:09   like my channel episode aside my movie [TS]

01:03:12   alright find a loophole there he amazing [TS]

01:03:14   colossal man and the war and the war the [TS]

01:03:15   colossal be response which has mr. B [TS]

01:03:17   natural in it which is my favorite short [TS]

01:03:19   speaking of shorts Steve yeah yeah I got [TS]

01:03:23   a lot of those 2 i'll go through and [TS]

01:03:25   fast i love the Home Economics story [TS]

01:03:27   yeah Oh musical project in my crotch [TS]

01:03:31   love that one always kills me it's a [TS]

01:03:37   it's a girl's dreams of going to college [TS]

01:03:39   and learning about home economics is my [TS]

01:03:41   favorite line is the one where they [TS]

01:03:42   discuss the five-pound party which which [TS]

01:03:45   apparently is is what you would do in [TS]

01:03:48   the olden days when somebody would [TS]

01:03:50   propose to you is you would bust out [TS]

01:03:51   with a five-pound box of chocolates and [TS]

01:03:53   that's how you break the news to [TS]

01:03:54   everybody had these chocolate but it [TS]

01:03:56   sounds for all the world like the [TS]

01:03:58   narrator in this film is saying a [TS]

01:04:00   five-pound potty and so the natural [TS]

01:04:02   response to that is joel saying [TS]

01:04:04   five-pound party she must have had a big [TS]

01:04:06   breakfast and he's laughing as he say [TS]

01:04:09   and that always killed me anyway that's [TS]

01:04:12   a good one the the 12 punch of posture [TS]

01:04:15   pals and appreciating our parents that [TS]

01:04:17   leads off the unearthly which is [TS]

01:04:18   otherwise not a particularly good [TS]

01:04:19   episode are great junior rodeo rodeo [TS]

01:04:22   Daredevils was already mentioned with [TS]

01:04:24   old-timer Billy Slater [TS]

01:04:25   that's good stuff LOL yea catching [TS]

01:04:28   trouble which follows a man oh yeah [TS]

01:04:31   basically poggi endangered species [TS]

01:04:36   this is much that one that everyone when [TS]

01:04:38   the best I I can't but I don't think [TS]

01:04:40   there's ever another moment which one of [TS]

01:04:41   the hosts Joe actually turns around in [TS]

01:04:43   the seats as everyone at a bar behalf of [TS]

01:04:46   everybody we apologize [TS]

01:04:48   yes he has a he has a Native American [TS]

01:04:51   helper who they just call every vials [TS]

01:04:55   you can think of to keep calling a sad [TS]

01:04:59   sack and just abusing animals left and [TS]

01:05:05   right just like graphic grabbing baby [TS]

01:05:07   animals tearing them for their barracks [TS]

01:05:08   and throw them into a burlap sack and [TS]

01:05:11   outwardly just refer to the best like [TS]

01:05:13   inventory and filling an order for a zoo [TS]

01:05:15   in columbus and Ted using who was a [TS]

01:05:18   legitimate sports announcer of that era [TS]

01:05:20   is doing the voice over any keep saying [TS]

01:05:22   weird things like and what's my [TS]

01:05:24   boyfriend up to now that's my [TS]

01:05:26   boyfriend's Ross lets you do it now [TS]

01:05:29   intensely creepy yes it is that his uh [TS]

01:05:33   his native american pal who is emo [TS]

01:05:35   Philips and addresses everything haha [TS]

01:05:38   yeah that's good stuff and then lastly [TS]

01:05:42   what to do on a date which is about is [TS]

01:05:44   awkward and wonderful as you might [TS]

01:05:46   expect from that title i tweeted a quote [TS]

01:05:49   from that just a few hours ago you did I [TS]

01:05:53   did [TS]

01:05:54   wow if we're making favorite shorts on [TS]

01:05:57   I always enjoy the traffic safety was [TS]

01:05:59   particularly the one that is all since [TS]

01:06:03   that involves a train that I don't I [TS]

01:06:05   stop [TS]

01:06:06   yeah why don't they look because I say [TS]

01:06:09   that every time we drive by a train and [TS]

01:06:13   have to stop and and then my wife will [TS]

01:06:15   say here's a bucket of your brother is [TS]

01:06:18   working will die [TS]

01:06:20   keep going enjoy hired oh yeah harder [TS]

01:06:26   harder harder part 1 or 2 part to all [TS]

01:06:28   parts of hired particularly enjoy when [TS]

01:06:31   the old man is swatting and insects and [TS]

01:06:33   there [TS]

01:06:34   the the elves are back that's great they [TS]

01:06:37   put that he put a rag on his head I [TS]

01:06:39   guess yeah yeah I got to say that I [TS]

01:06:42   think that the the apex of i would even [TS]

01:06:44   say i would say that the best of all [TS]

01:06:47   mystery science theater 3000 when you [TS]

01:06:49   get is what once upon a honeymoon and [TS]

01:06:53   what was the other one designed for [TS]

01:06:54   dreamin where these two industrial ones [TS]

01:06:57   the design for dreaming was that was the [TS]

01:06:58   one where you were introduced a new [TS]

01:07:00   veena but they're both like industrial [TS]

01:07:02   musical shorts in which if you were to [TS]

01:07:05   just watch either one of these on their [TS]

01:07:07   own they would be hellacious Lee [TS]

01:07:09   entertaining a because you know they [TS]

01:07:12   actually hired really good Broadway [TS]

01:07:13   performers to like sing and dance it's [TS]

01:07:15   actually entertaining in itself and also [TS]

01:07:17   end of themselves they're just so [TS]

01:07:19   bizarrely focused on how telephones are [TS]

01:07:22   there are the key to happiness for [TS]

01:07:24   everything and it's there's there's [TS]

01:07:26   nothing about the future that cannot be [TS]

01:07:27   solved with some sort of really [TS]

01:07:29   bizarrely autoworld sort of thing but [TS]

01:07:32   then when you add to that mix mystery [TS]

01:07:34   science theater 3000 where they were [TS]

01:07:36   just there point where they just have to [TS]

01:07:38   let the craziness unfold and points with [TS]

01:07:40   her [TS]

01:07:41   they have to make fun of the of the [TS]

01:07:43   angel who comes down to help solve the [TS]

01:07:45   Broadway playwrights problems by making [TS]

01:07:48   sure that they can get access to good [TS]

01:07:49   telephones and I like there's this [TS]

01:07:52   there's lots of great mystery science [TS]

01:07:54   theater 3000 but i think that's the one [TS]

01:07:56   where it's like 10 out of 10 on six out [TS]

01:07:59   of seven categories [TS]

01:08:00   oh man there's so much here I mean it's [TS]

01:08:03   just it's overwhelming there's so much [TS]

01:08:04   the short yet the shorts in such density [TS]

01:08:07   of jokes there and I can just looking to [TS]

01:08:09   the list right now on the on the Mystery [TS]

01:08:12   Science Theater wikipedia and I'm I my [TS]

01:08:14   eyes drawn to the money talks short [TS]

01:08:16   where this this high school kid is black [TS]

01:08:19   and white short high school kid looks at [TS]

01:08:22   the ben franklin on the 50-cent piece [TS]

01:08:23   had been in shadow form taco told him [TS]

01:08:26   about how to save money and how to be [TS]

01:08:28   practical and another one of those lines [TS]

01:08:31   that just left me ice can still remember [TS]

01:08:33   every detail of the carpet that i fell [TS]

01:08:35   on that when mike says that there's a [TS]

01:08:38   visit that there's a bust of Ben [TS]

01:08:40   Franklin on sort of like a spiral like [TS]

01:08:43   curved pedestal and I saw look they've [TS]

01:08:45   got a Ben Franklin ice auger [TS]

01:08:47   beautifully stupid junk that's just the [TS]

01:08:53   bed fragment eyes auger is probably not [TS]

01:08:57   we a week that goes by that I don't [TS]

01:08:59   quote from the host segments I i think [TS]

01:09:03   it was the Viking women [TS]

01:09:04   Roger Corman movie that they every [TS]

01:09:06   husband was white woman in the sea [TS]

01:09:08   serpent but it was what a waffle themed [TS]

01:09:11   and there's not a weekly line that I'm [TS]

01:09:14   not to focus now waffles if that's where [TS]

01:09:20   one of the segments is literally just [TS]

01:09:22   absolute nothing and then Joe walks in [TS]

01:09:24   and he's eating waffles because waffles [TS]

01:09:27   minutes movies love the great episode i [TS]

01:09:31   was i was like the the day at the fair [TS]

01:09:32   or no no it's Johnny at the fair where [TS]

01:09:36   he's at the Canadian exhibition and he [TS]

01:09:38   runs away from his parents and he meets [TS]

01:09:40   boxer joe lewis johnson and former [TS]

01:09:44   Canadian Prime Minister mackenzie king [TS]

01:09:46   and it's narrated by lauren green of all [TS]

01:09:49   people [TS]

01:09:50   one thing that's nice about the shorts [TS]

01:09:51   as I think they've aged a little better [TS]

01:09:53   than some of the episodes [TS]

01:09:54   that's true i think just because there's [TS]

01:09:57   there's less I mean that they're old to [TS]

01:09:59   begin with most of the shorts are much [TS]

01:10:00   older but there's a lot less leeway for [TS]

01:10:01   them to do kind of current events sort [TS]

01:10:03   of riffs right then I was actually kind [TS]

01:10:06   of bummed out watching some of the old [TS]

01:10:07   episodes about the fact that a lot of [TS]

01:10:09   these episodes have not really aged [TS]

01:10:10   super well yeah Johnny visit the haircut [TS]

01:10:14   but yeah i was about to say in the msg [TS]

01:10:17   maybe they make a john sununu joke that [TS]

01:10:19   no one will understand i think is joel [TS]

01:10:22   he used to say they would they would [TS]

01:10:23   come up with some sort of really obscure [TS]

01:10:25   riff in the writing room and and they [TS]

01:10:27   say but sold five people are going to [TS]

01:10:29   get this [TS]

01:10:30   and his response was the right people [TS]

01:10:32   will get Mara but that only goes so far [TS]

01:10:34   because 20 years down the line those [TS]

01:10:37   right people have all forgotten what it [TS]

01:10:38   was that was flipping out there and the [TS]

01:10:40   ones that more than the right people [TS]

01:10:42   would get most people have forgotten [TS]

01:10:43   about to yeah okay but what but what if [TS]

01:10:46   what if they cut the they arrested the [TS]

01:10:47   Mitchell they look they arrested Harlan [TS]

01:10:49   Ellison good good at that that's a [TS]

01:10:54   that's a worthwhile joke for the five [TS]

01:10:55   people that that recognizes oh he does [TS]

01:10:58   look kind of like Harlan also then yes [TS]

01:11:00   your reaction would be okay [TS]

01:11:01   good they finally arrested when you're [TS]

01:11:03   one of those five people it's the [TS]

01:11:05   funniest thing I've seen that's exactly [TS]

01:11:07   right but it's but it's increasingly [TS]

01:11:08   rare that you're one of those but those [TS]

01:11:10   five people are even still alive first [TS]

01:11:12   that's ok but let's let's let's let's [TS]

01:11:14   get into this though that this is [TS]

01:11:15   remember you know how like on The Price [TS]

01:11:16   is Right people get called up to the [TS]

01:11:18   front and everyone else is so happy for [TS]

01:11:20   them where it wasn't me who got called [TS]

01:11:22   up but hey is that great to see someone [TS]

01:11:24   else like us who wants to be up there [TS]

01:11:25   having a good time [TS]

01:11:26   that's what a lot of these jokes like oh [TS]

01:11:28   I totally didn't get that and ranch oak [TS]

01:11:30   but i know that one of my fellow fans is [TS]

01:11:32   now laughing hysterically about it so [TS]

01:11:34   I'm glad for that other person and that [TS]

01:11:36   was absolutely true for me too because [TS]

01:11:38   back in the day when I didn't catch [TS]

01:11:39   something and go okay somebody got that [TS]

01:11:41   joke it wasn't me but somebody got that [TS]

01:11:43   joke but I but that was when I [TS]

01:11:47   understood sixty percent of the [TS]

01:11:48   references like the dude I almost always [TS]

01:11:52   these days when i when i watch something [TS]

01:11:53   that I used to love i almost always [TS]

01:11:55   pitch it in in the context of can I show [TS]

01:11:58   this to my kids and will they appreciate [TS]

01:11:59   it and i don't think i can show these to [TS]

01:12:02   my kids because they won't get that even [TS]

01:12:05   a third of the references even the ones [TS]

01:12:07   that aren't horribly dated and that's [TS]

01:12:10   sad because i love these shows and in [TS]

01:12:13   fact I've shown several of them too well [TS]

01:12:14   not several but it's got a few to my [TS]

01:12:15   daughter and as I mentioned she thinks [TS]

01:12:18   it's unbelievably stupid and yet there [TS]

01:12:20   was a rifftrax thing on National [TS]

01:12:23   Geographic Channel not too long ago [TS]

01:12:24   where they picked three national [TS]

01:12:26   geographic channel shows of varying [TS]

01:12:29   quality and then drift over them and she [TS]

01:12:32   watched that and thought it was [TS]

01:12:33   hysterical but these all these ms tease [TS]

01:12:36   basically they just go completely [TS]

01:12:37   overhead at this point and that that's a [TS]

01:12:39   bummer i still appreciate them but I [TS]

01:12:42   don't appreciate it as much as i did [TS]

01:12:43   before because some of the references [TS]

01:12:45   that I used to think we're great I've [TS]

01:12:46   forgotten myself so yes we might have [TS]

01:12:48   minor totally hooked on them and which [TS]

01:12:51   made me so happy because I was worried [TS]

01:12:53   about that was like what if what if this [TS]

01:12:55   thing that had such a big influence on [TS]

01:12:57   you know what if they don't like it and [TS]

01:12:59   you know at first they were just are [TS]

01:13:02   going to be on in the background and [TS]

01:13:03   they be doing stuff and they they pay [TS]

01:13:05   attention to them they're doing the [TS]

01:13:06   jokes but i think it was the moment when [TS]

01:13:09   the older one was watching and he goes [TS]

01:13:12   hey how come you can't see [TS]

01:13:14   not through Tom servo his head when [TS]

01:13:15   they're in the movie theater and then [TS]

01:13:18   the younger one just turns goes you [TS]

01:13:19   should really just relax and I just [TS]

01:13:22   yes uh I always find it disconcerting [TS]

01:13:27   when Tom servo leads leads into the at [TS]

01:13:32   movie sign he leans into the the green [TS]

01:13:34   screen where the where the tunnel is and [TS]

01:13:36   his head sort of disappears it's [TS]

01:13:38   disturbing crazy things are always [TS]

01:13:41   happening to service a transparent [TS]

01:13:43   bubble that she asked why Tom servo [TS]

01:13:45   always has to be carried into the [TS]

01:13:46   theater and grow can walk in that that [TS]

01:13:49   that that sort of that sort of like the [TS]

01:13:51   the IQ test for figuring things out i [TS]

01:13:53   think i think taught everybody just [TS]

01:13:55   accept the fact that tom servo is unable [TS]

01:13:57   to do anything in fact I just the one in [TS]

01:13:59   the episode they act like they actually [TS]

01:14:01   they actually said they have easily that [TS]

01:14:04   he said something in passing on one [TS]

01:14:06   episode it's something that is hover [TS]

01:14:07   skirt he can't decide to drive [TS]

01:14:09   yeah there's a great there's a there's a [TS]

01:14:10   there's event grading like a brother in [TS]

01:14:12   front of the theater that his armor [TS]

01:14:14   skirt can't work with [TS]

01:14:15   yeah we have to be carried it because in [TS]

01:14:17   ni accuse my parents which I just [TS]

01:14:18   watched he paints himself of nude and [TS]

01:14:23   and since now I'm going to be a real boy [TS]

01:14:25   and they have to point out he says I [TS]

01:14:27   want I want to run free [TS]

01:14:28   you don't have any legs and I want to [TS]

01:14:30   pick apples from a tree your arms don't [TS]

01:14:33   work and one of these are good for [TS]

01:14:35   eating corn on the cob [TS]

01:14:37   yeah all right anything else we should [TS]

01:14:41   talk about before we wrap this up other [TS]

01:14:43   than to recommend that people get so [TS]

01:14:45   some of this is on netflix there's a [TS]

01:14:46   bunch of stuff that's on DVD and almost [TS]

01:14:50   everything is on youtube it seems yeah [TS]

01:14:52   we wanted a knock-down-drag-out Joel [TS]

01:14:54   versus Mike fight [TS]

01:14:55   oh do we need to band together i mean i [TS]

01:14:58   think that's the beauty of it is good is [TS]

01:15:00   is that they're both they're both good [TS]

01:15:01   and different in their own ways I like [TS]

01:15:02   five our heads and tails see it's worth [TS]

01:15:05   mentioning this because that was that [TS]

01:15:08   was probably one of the early Internet's [TS]

01:15:10   first great flame wars and destruction [TS]

01:15:13   of a community by internal forces i [TS]

01:15:16   don't agree [TS]

01:15:17   now I'll fight to the death for Frank [TS]

01:15:19   over dr. Larry Earhart sure [TS]

01:15:22   yes but what about what about original [TS]

01:15:25   crow vs replacement crow [TS]

01:15:27   oh god that's not even a I'm sure he's a [TS]

01:15:30   nice man replacement crow but I got I [TS]

01:15:33   got used to it was the puppeteering over [TS]

01:15:35   the first three four episodes that was [TS]

01:15:37   like oh crews had a stroke [TS]

01:15:39   ok let's look at this is it is lie i got [TS]

01:15:41   used to replacement crow but i think [TS]

01:15:43   it's very clear that tres blue crow is [TS]

01:15:45   the best is the best cry no I love bill [TS]

01:15:47   Corbett dearly he is wiped his wet hands [TS]

01:15:49   on my jacket but can't you can't really [TS]

01:15:52   necessary original story but but that's [TS]

01:15:54   why I think the jewel versus Mike thing [TS]

01:15:56   is kind of insoluble because I think [TS]

01:15:57   they're both good and they're both [TS]

01:15:58   different and it's fine and it is not [TS]

01:16:00   like like you know original Tom servo vs [TS]

01:16:04   replacement Tom servo who you know it's [TS]

01:16:07   it's kevin murphy is top service and and [TS]

01:16:09   tres blue as as CRO I mean i think [TS]

01:16:11   that's that's fundamental but Jillian [TS]

01:16:13   Michaels you are trolling Mike and Mike [TS]

01:16:15   wasn't some dude from the outside Mike [TS]

01:16:17   totally got the show he had been on [TS]

01:16:18   working on the show all that time he'd [TS]

01:16:20   been guesting on the show and was a key [TS]

01:16:23   and he was allowed to be Mike instead of [TS]

01:16:25   just being a replacement Joel I liked [TS]

01:16:27   you better i'm just gonna go ahead and [TS]

01:16:31   say I just feel better I like Mike to [TS]

01:16:33   know so it's not really you know it's [TS]

01:16:35   different i'm not angry about it but i [TS]

01:16:38   still remember the Christmas episode [TS]

01:16:39   that year where gypsy gives him the gift [TS]

01:16:42   where she had started knitting a sweater [TS]

01:16:44   for Joel yeah man got away so it says [TS]

01:16:47   Joey Joey key week but it was a big deal [TS]

01:16:51   when that when the crossover happened [TS]

01:16:53   you know alt whatever mst3k kind of [TS]

01:16:56   exploded and and never was the same in [TS]

01:16:58   that point in time they were there were [TS]

01:17:00   those who said that it was it not the [TS]

01:17:02   same show without Joel and there were [TS]

01:17:04   others who were like fans and they got [TS]

01:17:07   over it [TS]

01:17:07   yeah they really didn't I don't think [TS]

01:17:09   that a community really and he's again [TS]

01:17:12   mr. Graham and Here I am trying to stoke [TS]

01:17:14   the fire once again and say my name is [TS]

01:17:16   around my favorite part of the crow [TS]

01:17:19   replacement those one that they change [TS]

01:17:21   the intro and curls look this little bit [TS]

01:17:23   was I mine different idea which just [TS]

01:17:26   amuse me every time I saw no longer a [TS]

01:17:29   wisecracker he's different before before [TS]

01:17:31   we interact I talk about one thing that [TS]

01:17:34   I really that a lingering effect of [TS]

01:17:36   mystery science theater 3000 there there [TS]

01:17:38   are three likes whatever I [TS]

01:17:40   writing fiction often times when I'm [TS]

01:17:42   doing something wrong [TS]

01:17:44   three risks come to mind immediately [TS]

01:17:46   because they're just such brilliant [TS]

01:17:47   observations about how to do [TS]

01:17:50   storytelling one of them is when it's a [TS]

01:17:52   one-day was one of the spy movies where [TS]

01:17:55   for some reason the director decided not [TS]

01:17:57   to collect not to condense time through [TS]

01:17:59   editing the the undercover the person [TS]

01:18:02   who's supposed to be kidnapping this [TS]

01:18:03   unconscious person create builds this [TS]

01:18:06   really complicated pulley mechanism for [TS]

01:18:08   getting the body out of the room as [TS]

01:18:10   taking forever and then tom says maybe [TS]

01:18:12   this is a documentary and how to do this [TS]

01:18:14   and so whenever whenever i'm writing a [TS]

01:18:17   scene it's like we're twins you're [TS]

01:18:18   spending way too much time explaining [TS]

01:18:20   how something works this is not a [TS]

01:18:22   documentary on how to do this [TS]

01:18:24   there was another one in which i think [TS]

01:18:26   the group could have been like a hundred [TS]

01:18:29   episodes but i think i think crow says [TS]

01:18:32   but i think the director forgot to have [TS]

01:18:33   things happen and that's another thing [TS]

01:18:35   like when I after first draft stage like [TS]

01:18:37   okay Andy this chapter you forgot to [TS]

01:18:40   have things happen and then the third [TS]

01:18:44   one is actually more like a well [TS]

01:18:46   it'sit's the the rock-climbing episode [TS]

01:18:48   where there's a rift with its in the [TS]

01:18:51   episode the movie takes like 30 minutes [TS]

01:18:53   we're just climbing it's just nothing [TS]

01:18:55   but climbing scenes and nothing happens [TS]

01:18:57   except for their climbing climbing [TS]

01:18:58   climbing climbing climbing and then one [TS]

01:19:00   of them said makes the rift there was [TS]

01:19:02   able to finally get to the top say hey [TS]

01:19:04   look we find me to the top looks a [TS]

01:19:05   little it look what's here with the [TS]

01:19:07   bottom of a hole of the mountain well [TS]

01:19:09   let's start climbing again and i think [TS]

01:19:12   that this is it's more of a complaint [TS]

01:19:13   about like other things like comic books [TS]

01:19:15   where I feel as though you just spent 11 [TS]

01:19:18   issues like pointing us towards how Bob [TS]

01:19:20   what what what incredible things are [TS]

01:19:22   going to happen an issue number 11 and [TS]

01:19:24   you just have all your characters now at [TS]

01:19:26   the top of the mountain saying hey look [TS]

01:19:27   we're just at the foothills of larger [TS]

01:19:29   mountain ok let's start climbing again [TS]

01:19:30   like no give me a revelation give me an [TS]

01:19:33   answer like show me build up to [TS]

01:19:35   something and have something happen [TS]

01:19:37   it's like I i think that like you could [TS]

01:19:39   if you want if you're a fan of mystery [TS]

01:19:41   science theater 3000 through all the bad [TS]

01:19:43   movies that you've seen and all the [TS]

01:19:45   risks you seen you will get at least [TS]

01:19:46   one-third of a really good education on [TS]

01:19:49   how to tell a story that actually will [TS]

01:19:51   kill people to watch it [TS]

01:19:53   yeah yeah i think if i could put on my [TS]

01:19:55   mind my boring comedy nerd hat for a [TS]

01:19:58   moment [TS]

01:20:00   did you take it off at some point no I [TS]

01:20:02   never took it off it's fixed it's stuck [TS]

01:20:05   it doesn't have a propeller or anything [TS]

01:20:07   on now it was wearing many pretty has [TS]

01:20:09   eight proposal more the funnier [TS]

01:20:12   I mean you go shows that are directly [TS]

01:20:15   either ripoffs are influenced by mst3k [TS]

01:20:19   like there was a show on ESPN Classic a [TS]

01:20:23   few maybe a decade ago called cheap [TS]

01:20:25   seats that features the Sklar brothers [TS]

01:20:27   mother so basically taking the old tub [TS]

01:20:30   the old junk sport footage from the ESPN [TS]

01:20:33   early days before they became the sports [TS]

01:20:37   shop channel and and riffing on that and [TS]

01:20:40   in fact in one episode think they got [TS]

01:20:41   the mst3k guys to to appear in in like [TS]

01:20:44   little bits in the show but a your other [TS]

01:20:48   comedy shows of today like the daily [TS]

01:20:49   show and the colbert report where [TS]

01:20:51   they're just resting on a new segments [TS]

01:20:54   in the I think you can trace a lineage [TS]

01:20:56   from from mst3k to those yeah absolutely [TS]

01:21:01   i think board in the same crucible 2 [TS]

01:21:03   yeah short attention span theater shared [TS]

01:21:06   US market catches t doing this and now [TS]

01:21:11   he's bugging out his eyes when he [TS]

01:21:14   watching fox news footage one of one of [TS]

01:21:16   my favorite podcasts and I know like by [TS]

01:21:18   other people on this podcast is the [TS]

01:21:20   flophouse which is speaking for the kind [TS]

01:21:22   of comedy central's the daily show [TS]

01:21:23   writers from The Daily Show but that [TS]

01:21:26   they don't you know they watch the movie [TS]

01:21:28   and then they talk about it afterward [TS]

01:21:29   but it is it is funny people talking [TS]

01:21:31   about bad movies and they they admit [TS]

01:21:33   that one of their favorite shows growing [TS]

01:21:36   up with mystery science theater and it's [TS]

01:21:37   absolutely an influence and I get some [TS]

01:21:39   of that same kind of good feeling from [TS]

01:21:41   listening to the flophouse that i got [TS]

01:21:43   from mst3k where it sits smart funny [TS]

01:21:45   people ripping on terrible movies it's a [TS]

01:21:48   beautiful thing [TS]

01:21:49   ok let's read some letters letters from [TS]

01:21:52   listeners put up the put up the address [TS]

01:21:54   for the info plus on still store [TS]

01:21:56   yeah yeah the the info club the [TS]

01:21:58   incomparable info club you you have sent [TS]

01:22:00   a postcard to answer [TS]

01:22:01   you got a letter in the alphabet i think [TS]

01:22:03   an eight-year-old drew a picture of you [TS]

01:22:04   Jason here it is [TS]

01:22:05   yeah I look kind of like a robot though [TS]

01:22:07   it's very strange going to get the hands [TS]

01:22:09   right know whether useless so it's fine [TS]

01:22:13   alright well this wraps up another fine [TS]

01:22:16   addition to be uncomfortable and just in [TS]

01:22:18   time for our your own turkey day or [TS]

01:22:21   turkey day weekend whatever marathon [TS]

01:22:23   I'd like to thank my guests for joining [TS]

01:22:24   me to talk about this wonderful show [TS]

01:22:26   indian taco pleasure as always they [TS]

01:22:28   learn too late [TS]

01:22:29   that man is a feeling creature god bless [TS]

01:22:32   you [TS]

01:22:32   it's good as such the greatest of the [TS]

01:22:34   universe David lord thank you [TS]

01:22:38   time for go too bad damn it just make [TS]

01:22:41   mine it was obvious Scott McNulty he [TS]

01:22:47   tried to kill me with a forklift to kill [TS]

01:22:51   me with a fork louvred Phil Michaels [TS]

01:22:54   case and i just want to point out that [TS]

01:22:56   Lyle Waggoner's a total jerk second only [TS]

01:22:59   to tommy kirk fair enough and Steve [TS]

01:23:02   let's thank you Jason it's been spent g [TS]

01:23:05   hurting we heard a cheese store it's [TS]

01:23:14   there thanks [TS]

01:23:16   everybody's gonna do cab so Betty women [TS]

01:23:19   and i absolutely you up my cargo I [TS]

01:23:23   thought you were Dale the bastard would [TS]

01:23:25   be pleased like this watch for snakes [TS]

01:23:29   was that the hunting target theme [TS]

01:23:32   yes yes but push the button Frank [TS]

01:24:39   corn job threatens to shave one of the [TS]

01:24:42   boys heads for acting up [TS]