Hello Internet

H.I. #41: Some Kind of Freak


00:00:00   This is a lot more comfortable because I'm now just in front of my computer and I can actually see you anymore. [TS]

00:00:07   Yeah the pressure of my hands and face is has been removed. You are very distracting man. [TS]

00:00:14   In Perth you said distracting. You can say hands and you said distracting it was it was a high stakes. [TS]

00:00:22   Doing something in person. What do you think. I'd completely disagree. [TS]

00:00:26   I thought it was easier after the initial unusualness of like we were like really close to each other after like a ten [TS]

00:00:33   fifteen minutes I found it much easier I was able to read your body language and read your facial expressions [TS]

00:00:39   and respond to it it felt like a much more normal conversation whereas [TS]

00:00:42   when we do this I kind of sometimes feel a bit like I'm talking into the void. [TS]

00:00:48   I guess I'm most comfortable talking into the void because yes that is exactly what it feels like I'm really just [TS]

00:00:53   looking at the waveforms as we talk to each other. That's all I had some way for right. [TS]

00:01:00   You had the pleasure of editing the last pod cast How did you find that. I found it quite easy. [TS]

00:01:06   I liked being able to take out more of my annoying idiosyncrasies that I took more of them out than you tend to leave a [TS]

00:01:12   lot of things in that I wish you wouldn't. [TS]

00:01:14   And you always tell me I don't change them because they're hard to snip out they are not hard to snip out they're easy [TS]

00:01:20   you have no idea how much stuff I take out for the both of us. [TS]

00:01:24   Well take out more I reckon you've got your back and not my back when you do the editing. [TS]

00:01:29   No I am keenly aware of everyone of both of our little foibles when we're talking [TS]

00:01:35   and I try my best to remove them so that the poor poor listeners don't have to hear them. [TS]

00:01:39   But it is not always it is not always possible. [TS]

00:01:43   Usually there's something like five hundred to seven hundred cuts on a on an episode of hello internet. [TS]

00:01:50   So yes I take out a ton of stuff. [TS]

00:01:52   I take out a ton of stuff I have to admit I probably would have been even more brutal except I did have to bear in mind [TS]

00:01:59   the video. Because the last one had a video as well. [TS]

00:02:02   There were lots of tricks you can do to coverup cats and leave a few jump cuts in but there are a few times [TS]

00:02:07   when I did leave things in I would have cat for video reasons you know apologies to anyone who listened to the last [TS]

00:02:14   episode and that could have been a bit tighter. There may have been other factors at play. [TS]

00:02:18   I think it came out very well [TS]

00:02:19   but that yes that is the reason you did the last one is that you are a much more skilled video editor [TS]

00:02:25   and you are better with those kind of tricks and those kind of cuts than I would ever be. [TS]

00:02:29   Don't give me that flattery you're just flattering Maine so that I would do more editing that's likely nice to say to [TS]

00:02:34   your little sister. [TS]

00:02:35   We go into these chores may we go to the shop for my own time you to see how quickly you can do it [TS]

00:02:41   and then she runs as hard as she can to go [TS]

00:02:42   and do all your work you're so good at video Brady you should end up over podcasts. [TS]

00:02:47   I'm actually very happy to do all the editing for the audio podcasts. [TS]

00:02:50   But if we ever do something in person again that is. [TS]

00:02:54   That does have a video component I think it does make sense for you to do it where I'm not trying to grease the wheels [TS]

00:02:59   here and I'm going to hand over the job of doing the audio as well. That was not my plan. [TS]

00:03:04   OK And I don't do much of a control freak to let go. [TS]

00:03:07   Anyway the thing that I want to know the most right now is how is Audrey doing. [TS]

00:03:12   Audrey has had her surgery her Lady surgery she has been fixed as we like to say I just said Lady surgery just then you [TS]

00:03:19   said fixed fixed sounds terrible that's a terrible sounding when you say fixed last time. [TS]

00:03:24   Now I always say Lady surgery you say fixed which I think is just it's a brutal sounding word brutal I think fixed is [TS]

00:03:31   better like at the park I've been using when I'm walking here and explaining why she's on the Late. [TS]

00:03:36   I sort of have said she's just been to the fair and I got on I was anything serious [TS]

00:03:40   and I know she just had to be fixed and with you I'm with you. [TS]

00:03:46   She was broken before but then they fixed or yeah but she's recovering all right [TS]

00:03:52   when they brought her out from at the back after her surgery and she was like completely out of on drugs. [TS]

00:04:00   She look so spaced out and sad and she was quiet and out of for like five [TS]

00:04:05   or six hours until about the worst parent in the world for making her go through that sad [TS]

00:04:09   when you see the pets coming off anesthesia it's very it's a little bit difficult to deal with unless the whole area. [TS]

00:04:17   Sometimes it'll areas but most of the times it's a little bit O. You poor thing there's nothing I can do for you. [TS]

00:04:22   But now you know she's still healing and is supposed to be taking it easy [TS]

00:04:25   but the next day she was back to full full O.T. [TS]

00:04:29   Mode and I can't comment and I can't stop her jumping up on sofas [TS]

00:04:33   and I can't stop doing all the things that she always does. [TS]

00:04:36   So now and now I want to give us some of those drugs to slow down. [TS]

00:04:39   Oh yeah she's good she's oh good it's all going well we went to the vet for her checkup a couple of days later [TS]

00:04:45   and I asked lots of questions because I like to know everything [TS]

00:04:48   and want to know I was happy that I once I was happy that she was healthy and everything was fine. [TS]

00:04:53   I then started interrogating him about whether he listens to podcasts while doing surgery [TS]

00:04:57   and he says he does not listen to lings while doing surgery [TS]

00:05:01   but he would imagine on some of the biggest surgery jobs things that take six [TS]

00:05:05   or seven hours like a hip replacement for a cow or something not that he would. [TS]

00:05:09   He thinks people do this into music and things like that because it's just such a long boring job. [TS]

00:05:14   Do they do hip replacements on cows. They do that kind of stuff. [TS]

00:05:17   I kind of made that up a bit but he meant big things on big animals that take a long time. [TS]

00:05:21   I'm trying to imagine the scenario in which it is worth it to do a hip replacement on a cow because we have things that [TS]

00:05:28   we do with cows. Yeah but what if he's like your favorite cat or it's a prize winning. [TS]

00:05:33   Well that's I'm trying to imagine is it a particularly valuable bull cow that you know his genetics are still quite [TS]

00:05:40   good but his his body is unwilling OK then maybe I can see doing a hip replacement on a bull might make sense [TS]

00:05:48   but a regular cow I don't know about that it's like hip replacement on resources I don't think that's what they do [TS]

00:05:53   when the when the horse needs a hip replacement I think they have other solutions. That's your best thing now. [TS]

00:06:00   Although I do have I do have from the Reddit a new profession that listens to pod cast while doing it. [TS]

00:06:07   Someone on the right it left a comment saying that they do. [TS]

00:06:11   Embalming while listening to pod casts and I asked what do they embalm and the answer was people. [TS]

00:06:18   People is what they're involving while they are listening to the helo engine apart. How do you feel about that. [TS]

00:06:23   Not entirely comfortable. Why I don't like dead bodies and I don't know how to start not to think about it. [TS]

00:06:33   Like I'm glad they're listening to the dead body of the listening the embalmers listening out [TS]

00:06:38   and I just saw that bodies I remember one time doing a story around Christmas time for the newspaper where we want to [TS]

00:06:47   warn people about the dangers of drink driving over Christmas so I had this idea [TS]

00:06:52   and I found out how many people were likely to die over the Christmas period from can driving [TS]

00:06:56   and it was like six people or something. [TS]

00:06:59   So we organized with the morgue to get six of the trolleys that they put dead people on [TS]

00:07:05   and we were like photographing them empty [TS]

00:07:08   and sort of with a kind if this could be you could be on one of these trolleys if you're an idiot. [TS]

00:07:12   Morning thing and when we went to the morgue [TS]

00:07:15   and I set it all up for us I was so paranoid I was going to see a dead body. [TS]

00:07:18   I was sort of a visiting my gaze from every direction because I didn't want to see one and I didn't you didn't. [TS]

00:07:24   I'm trying to think if I've stayed at parties this is a weird thing about modern society is how rare it is to actually [TS]

00:07:36   see a dead body. [TS]

00:07:37   Oh yes of course I have seen loads of them in the poll because they there's a place where you can go by the river where [TS]

00:07:44   they wash them and then they put them on on the pyres and burn them and the tourists can go [TS]

00:07:48   and watch from the other side of the river and I'm saying that lots of times [TS]

00:07:52   but that was at a distance wasn't it I mean that was not thirty forty meters. [TS]

00:07:56   Once again we're off to a really cheery start here. It's no different. Talking about death pretty quickly. [TS]

00:08:01   Have you ever seen a dead body. [TS]

00:08:02   I know that I have seen dead bodies in person in a funeral situations but I mean not since I was I was a little kid. [TS]

00:08:13   You're a little kid and you're being shown dead bodies. [TS]

00:08:16   It wasn't like my parents were driving me around to funerals saying oh let's go let's go toward the dead bodies. [TS]

00:08:21   That's not the scenario I'm just I'm trying to cast my mind back to when have I seen an actual person who was dead [TS]

00:08:26   and it has been it has been a long time. [TS]

00:08:30   Which is which is why my my memory is a bit hazy and of course because you can never trust your own childhood memories. [TS]

00:08:36   It is quite possible that the funeral that I'm thinking of was even just a closed casket casket [TS]

00:08:43   and you know I didn't even see anything. [TS]

00:08:45   But you know you can't trust kids their memories are useless which includes my own childhood memories [TS]

00:08:50   but I just say that I read a while back a book called stiff by Mary Roach one of the things that she goes through in [TS]

00:08:59   that book is talking about how recently it was relatively common in funeral services to just lay out a dead body the [TS]

00:09:08   dead person in the house. And people would would come in and do a viewing. [TS]

00:09:14   And that seems so so strange like it's seems very very bizarre. But it was not that long ago. [TS]

00:09:22   I just we have we have kind of sanitized and pushed to the edge of death in modern society in many ways. [TS]

00:09:30   Do we have any follow up from our special ROAD society episode. [TS]

00:09:36   Can you guess which section of of the of the various things that we talked about I have a little bit of follow up on. [TS]

00:09:43   I don't know but I'm going to I'm going to take a punt [TS]

00:09:46   and say it's the voting sex thing the thing being you are correct a little bit of voting follow up that I have which is [TS]

00:09:54   someone sent me on Twitter a link to a thread which was discussing how. [TS]

00:10:00   In Romania they still use a marble black [TS]

00:10:06   and white voting system for certain kinds of ballots so they want to do a secret ballot. [TS]

00:10:12   They will still use marbles with black and white marbles to cast a vote [TS]

00:10:18   and because of the kind of person that I was I was like oh I wonder I wonder exactly how this works so I looked it up [TS]

00:10:25   and I pulled up a forty five page long document about the voting procedures in Romania [TS]

00:10:32   and I found the description of how they do this. [TS]

00:10:35   I'm going to read it out really quickly if you are going to give me the executive summary you know couldn't read the [TS]

00:10:39   hopefully a page of The represented line up and they give each representative a white and a black one [TS]

00:10:45   and there are two buckets at the front of the room a white and a black one [TS]

00:10:50   and a white ball placed in the white palette [TS]

00:10:53   and a black ball placed in the black ballot means an in favour vote whereas a black ball placed in the white ballot [TS]

00:11:02   and a white ball placed in the black ballot box means against [TS]

00:11:07   and putting both of them in then in the black ballot box means a no vote. And I read this. [TS]

00:11:13   It took me forever to figure out what the heck this actually means because I was sitting here thinking Wait how did it [TS]

00:11:19   how do they count this if if you put things in the matching colors it's for if you put it in the not matching colors [TS]

00:11:25   it's against. But then if you put both of them in the black one. No What does this mean. [TS]

00:11:30   I was thinking about this for a while. Yeah but my guess is they're basically just dumping out the black ballot box. [TS]

00:11:37   That one doesn't count and they must only be counting the balls in the white ballot box. [TS]

00:11:42   So that's what it means or if you put both of your marbles in the black one you are abstaining from a vote. [TS]

00:11:49   That's that's what's going on here. What why don't you just throw your post away and put them in another. [TS]

00:11:53   The reason they're doing that is because they're having everybody line up. And so this is the same thing that the vote. [TS]

00:12:00   Being machine from last time did that. [TS]

00:12:02   You can't tell if the person how they are voting because they're just dropping marbles into these boxes. [TS]

00:12:10   They look like an urn that actually I saw a picture of it and they have a place where your hand can be hidden. [TS]

00:12:14   So you put your hand above the white urn but then it becomes head and you put your hand above the black one [TS]

00:12:20   and the the other people can't see if you have abstained [TS]

00:12:23   or voted for voted it is just some system that they use in the committees of the parliament [TS]

00:12:27   or is this how the citizenry elect a government. No this is used in there. I don't know I'm sorry. [TS]

00:12:34   Romania I don't know the correct word off the top of my head here but this is used in their legislative branch. OK. [TS]

00:12:40   When they need to hold a vote. But they wanted to be a secret vote so it is not on record. [TS]

00:12:46   And it looks like this is used for some internal things in the legislature this is not used to pass laws is the [TS]

00:12:51   impression that I get [TS]

00:12:52   but is used for internal business because I don't know what I think about a legislature having secret ballots so that [TS]

00:13:01   that system with white balls and black ball is still used in the world today at least in Romania. [TS]

00:13:08   So thank you remaining providing me with some delightful voting trivia who would have thought I think of one little [TS]

00:13:15   story as well by the way you know something I forgot to talk about [TS]

00:13:18   when we were at the Royal Society you mentioning how sort of the changing of the God of the whole horse parade happened [TS]

00:13:24   just outside the window and right before we started recording in the pomp and ceremony. [TS]

00:13:29   I actually heard a story about someone who had another office right near where we were recording [TS]

00:13:34   and part of their job was doing a lot of sales to the US and having to sort of do deals over the phone [TS]

00:13:39   and getting the US people to buy stuff off him and he had a clever tactic of always phoning the U.S. [TS]

00:13:46   Around the time of the changing of the guard because in the background that hero the drums thumping in the trumpets [TS]

00:13:53   and all the ceremony and stuff and I get what's in the background and they're not just the queen going past [TS]

00:13:57   or the queen's changing her and then. [TS]

00:14:00   We're going to get so excited about all the ceremony they get in such a good happy usually insecure with the sales. [TS]

00:14:07   I think that would be quite effective. [TS]

00:14:09   I'm always amused by how English people just they cannot perceive how much Americans just love the whole notion of the [TS]

00:14:19   royal family. Why is that. [TS]

00:14:21   I don't know I mean part of it is is I think just the distance so that Americans this is not part of their government. [TS]

00:14:30   It allows them to just think of the U.K. As a still kind of magical place and it came with their own. [TS]

00:14:37   Yeah exactly whereas if you actually live in the U.K. [TS]

00:14:40   There are many people who have beefs against the against the royal family for injustices perceived or real [TS]

00:14:49   and then if you're living in the U.K. You have to deal with the actual royal family. [TS]

00:14:54   But if some other countries are like oh it's just magical. [TS]

00:14:58   But I remember [TS]

00:14:59   when I did my my royal family video a long time ago I had just this wall of feedback from people saying how much my [TS]

00:15:08   statement that Americans visit England in no small part because of the royal family was just ridiculous that nobody [TS]

00:15:14   would do such a thing. [TS]

00:15:15   I guarantee you that is the case and [TS]

00:15:20   when I was I was in High Park for the royal wedding a few years ago where everyone in that park was America there were [TS]

00:15:29   no locals there it was just every every single person's voice I heard was an American they all come over to be here for [TS]

00:15:37   the royal family wedding it was just right. [TS]

00:15:40   We had a street party right down a straight and if one came out and brought cakes on the tables [TS]

00:15:45   and kids played games it was lovely that sounded sounds really nice I had a very community minded straight. [TS]

00:15:51   Actually I am in touch with that sort of negative comments you were talking about because I don't know if you saw the [TS]

00:15:56   video but last week I posted a video because Professor Polly. [TS]

00:16:00   Cough of periodic videos fame actually received is not good. [TS]

00:16:04   Yes it's official now it's official he got the sword on the shoulder [TS]

00:16:08   and Prince Charles he didn't get the quaint fortunately [TS]

00:16:11   and say what was bit of a pull off a kind of get the footage to you that I managed to license the footage of the moment. [TS]

00:16:16   So I've got all the people can watch Prince Charles doing the doing the things in Buckingham Palace. [TS]

00:16:22   But yeah there are a few comments under the video that were not complementary of the royal family. [TS]

00:16:27   From my perspective I find them surprisingly controversial now not that I find them controversial [TS]

00:16:33   but the mention of the royal family more for some English people is surprisingly controversial [TS]

00:16:41   and yet I still to this day get a pretty large amount of feedback from that video that I made years ago you know I was [TS]

00:16:48   like my fourth video ever made just so so offhandedly before I even thought I was going to do this is the real thing [TS]

00:16:57   and I still get emails all the time from a from an angry people about that one. [TS]

00:17:01   Well as I always like to say if you have an opinion about the royal family tweet gray stone can either get plenty of it [TS]

00:17:08   think there's another fair with a figure to it yet. Yet one more here in the follow up. [TS]

00:17:14   Speaking of things on Twitter I don't need to hear any more about Kindles I love you every single case a father starts [TS]

00:17:20   with speaking of the thing we just spoke about. Good segue right. Yeah what are you going to say that kinda was. [TS]

00:17:30   Surely there is nothing left to say [TS]

00:17:32   but I would think there's nothing left to say about candles except again I have received just a huge volume of tweets [TS]

00:17:39   from people who are are telling me about Kindles improves typography engine for their for their next generation machine [TS]

00:17:48   and every time I get one of these tweets I hate to say that whenever people tweet me about the Kindle stuff it just [TS]

00:17:54   comes back to the same problem. Nobody understands what I am talking about like I'm complaining about a very. [TS]

00:18:00   Peculiar thing. [TS]

00:18:01   And then everybody goes oh candles change something related to type hogger feel like we have to look great now I think [TS]

00:18:06   now have they changed a thing related to my specific complaint and the answer to this is not really [TS]

00:18:14   or in just the laziest possible way ever. [TS]

00:18:17   So yes Kindle typographic is somewhat improved [TS]

00:18:22   but again even in their screen shots of them showing off their amazing new typographical engine I can still see i go [TS]

00:18:29   yeah you're not doing the left alignment correctly. It's better it's definitely better but you know what. [TS]

00:18:35   I'm not really interested in the more because I am now I have moved on to i Books The ship has sailed. [TS]

00:18:40   Kindle is someone I was in a relationship with a while ago [TS]

00:18:44   and we broke up because they just refused to improve themselves [TS]

00:18:49   and maybe they're working on making their lives better now. [TS]

00:18:52   But I've moved on with my books now so I can tell you can't be wooed back under any circumstances. [TS]

00:19:00   I wouldn't say I can't be wooed back under any circumstances [TS]

00:19:04   but it would it would take quite a lot because now I have one fewer device in my life I don't use the Kindle [TS]

00:19:10   and so I use my i Pad now for reading [TS]

00:19:12   and to reintroduce another physical device it would take it would take quite a lot [TS]

00:19:17   and a minor improvement is is not going to it's not going to cut it. [TS]

00:19:22   I Books is a very good job of rendering typography normally going to take more than a couple of flour. I'm A.J. [TS]

00:19:27   and Apology. I've added hyphenation to my words like yeah that was great you should have had that ten years ago. [TS]

00:19:33   I'm glad you're improving. Have you left justified your books. [TS]

00:19:38   Oh we're going through our entire back catalogue one of the time to try to add left justification under certain [TS]

00:19:43   settings. Now I don't want to hear it. I'm not interested so I can go now to be fair. [TS]

00:19:49   I bow to the terrible job rendering the topography and the Getting Things Done book [TS]

00:19:53   but that was David Allen fault for including lots of dumb quotes but anyway the site you've written. [TS]

00:20:00   Here digital era stuff so this is a little question from the Reddit which I just wanted to address the last time you [TS]

00:20:07   brought up the automation Web site which was how likely it is that your job is going to be automated. [TS]

00:20:13   Yes and we were discussing about high school teachers and how likely they were to be automated and said very low. [TS]

00:20:20   And someone brought up this point which I thought was really good I just want to address it. [TS]

00:20:23   So someone asked on the Reddit you seem to agree in the last episode with the really low chance of automation for high [TS]

00:20:29   school teachers but this seems to go strongly against your digital Aristotle video. [TS]

00:20:35   Has your opinion changed and if so why. [TS]

00:20:39   I made the digital Aristotle video a while back talking about some changes that I saw coming in the world of education. [TS]

00:20:46   I don't think that high school teachers are going away for the reason that I said in the last episode which was that [TS]

00:20:55   you need someone in the room with children I think is going to be a very very long time before parents feel more secure [TS]

00:21:04   with a robot in the room than having a human in the room with their children doesn't have to be a teacher that could [TS]

00:21:13   just be a security guard. Well everyone's got their tablets. Yes. [TS]

00:21:16   In the digital Aristotle video this is sort of what I'm talking about [TS]

00:21:20   and it was something that I was a little bit worried about when I was a teacher is I didn't see teachers going away [TS]

00:21:28   but I thought this is a job that is vulnerable to what's called the skilling that you don't need as trained a person to [TS]

00:21:38   do the exact same thing if you can start offloading a lot of the teaching to machine learning or with computers [TS]

00:21:45   or with tablets. [TS]

00:21:46   And so you can go from a situation where they go We need trained experts in mathematics and science [TS]

00:21:52   and English to be teaching our kids too. Well now if we can offload some of this learning on to the machine. [TS]

00:22:00   Then you don't necessarily need such a great expert in the subject. [TS]

00:22:04   So that was what I was thinking is the possible future for teachers is that the job can be D. [TS]

00:22:10   Skilled over time and that you could be reduced to essential like a babysitting slash troubleshooting role. [TS]

00:22:20   So that's why I think that I agree that the high school teachers are relatively immune from automation [TS]

00:22:28   but that's that I can also imagine that the role of that job can greatly change over time [TS]

00:22:35   and become much less of what I was interested in like the babysitting aspect of being a teacher were some of the least [TS]

00:22:42   interesting aspects of that. They may be the aspects that survive the longest in that role. So anyway now. [TS]

00:22:49   Well you know if you can get more love from the pictures now [TS]

00:22:52   and the teachers the teachers they love me I'm invited to speak at education conferences worldwide so they can throw [TS]

00:22:59   stuff. [TS]

00:23:00   That's exactly it [TS]

00:23:01   and it's let me I mean you're basically saying take is going to become what I think pilots are going to become in [TS]

00:23:05   planes basically just people that sit there to keep other people happy not to actually do a job. [TS]

00:23:11   Yes and you have a meat based redundancy in case of some sort of catastrophic problem. [TS]

00:23:18   Occasionally I get I get these little insights into why you truly will never be elected leader of the world. [TS]

00:23:25   Unelectable so on electable which is fortunate that I am also not seeking office [TS]

00:23:35   but if I wasn't as hours ago I wouldn't ever want to go into politics like one. [TS]

00:23:40   I wouldn't want to do and to think is I think I was an electable before the pod cast [TS]

00:23:46   but boy am I on electable after the bye. [TS]

00:23:50   Now if we've said this stuff in the forecast is no underoath we're not going to hold you to any of that's true that's [TS]

00:23:55   true. If you run for office you cannot tell us a bunch of lies and we won't use the pod cast against you. [TS]

00:24:00   Yeah I'm sure I will I will doesn't have the support of the teachers' union I've ever run. [TS]

00:24:04   So I hearken back to Royal Society visit [TS]

00:24:08   and tying in with what we were just talking about then about occupations that have become automated Just today I had a [TS]

00:24:15   little moment where I thought of a wonderful occupation that everyone would love to do [TS]

00:24:22   and yet I think it is practically dead for all intents and purposes has already become automated [TS]

00:24:29   and a lot of people are going to disagree with me here. [TS]

00:24:31   Here's an occupation which I would love but I feel like is almost no longer open to me. [TS]

00:24:36   I'm very curious explore other still explorers although I think the only people who use Explorer as their job [TS]

00:24:45   description. People who like present T.V. [TS]

00:24:47   Shows [TS]

00:24:48   or media personality Suikoden So it's either actually any real explorers anymore who are exploring stuff that hasn't [TS]

00:24:57   been explored. [TS]

00:24:58   I immediately thinking of that scene in The Truman Show where I think little little Truman little Jim Carrey wants to [TS]

00:25:05   be an explorer and the teacher pulled down the map and says nope no more explorers. We've discovered it all the time. [TS]

00:25:13   I mean I know people will get to you and me and say people you know people who are studying D.N.A. [TS]

00:25:18   or Explore how are you from right here in the metaphor that is that is stretching the metaphor [TS]

00:25:24   and there are other people who would say with the people in Mission Control at NASA are explorers [TS]

00:25:28   and they're just using instruments and robots to go and look at mass [TS]

00:25:32   and yeah this kind of true in a real strung out I with you on this one [TS]

00:25:38   when someone says Explorer unthinking of a person with a vessel [TS]

00:25:44   and a flag right one one hand on the steering wheel the other hand holding the flag looking for something that no one [TS]

00:25:52   has ever seen before and preferably I'd like them to have a sword as well. [TS]

00:25:55   Yes a sword a delightful hats the that these are explored. [TS]

00:26:00   Our traits and the vessel has to be wind driven can't have a motor. [TS]

00:26:05   Well I think you can look pretty good with your spaceship and your space sword and your space flag. [TS]

00:26:11   Yeah landing on a new planet and claiming it for you. [TS]

00:26:16   When people say Explorer that is that is what I am thinking so I think that you can have in theory space explorers [TS]

00:26:24   but we certainly don't. [TS]

00:26:26   We certainly don't know we just send them up into a tin can to fly around in circles a thousand times a day. [TS]

00:26:31   Yes says that many times that happen any time now. It's nowhere near that many times I just made it up. [TS]

00:26:37   OK it's not a plausible I don't get Mayor Don't get me wrong thing an astronaut still some [TS]

00:26:42   but I don't really think they're explorers anymore. [TS]

00:26:45   Being an astronaut is awesome but that yes I will I will back you one hundred percent. [TS]

00:26:51   Astronauts are not explorers and yes [TS]

00:26:55   when they say people are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge this is a good thing. [TS]

00:27:01   This is also awesome but that doesn't mean that it is also an explorer. [TS]

00:27:06   Yeah I thought the stuff starting with a sword maybe we can took OK Internet. [TS]

00:27:12   I have a really good book recommendation for you today. [TS]

00:27:15   Oh by the way this is the ad spot for Audible dot com I've just listened to a book called So you have been publicly [TS]

00:27:22   shamed by Jon Ronson. This is an audio book that drew me right in. [TS]

00:27:28   I found myself immediately wanting to tidy up more around the house [TS]

00:27:34   and go on more errands just so I could have an excuse to keep listening to it. [TS]

00:27:40   It's a non-fiction book and it is about how we end up shaming people for their behavior on the Internet. [TS]

00:27:48   Ronson is gone around [TS]

00:27:49   and found people who were at the center of various public controversies for example Justin Sacco who was the woman who [TS]

00:27:58   made an offer. [TS]

00:28:00   Color racist jokes on Twitter and then became the epicenter of just world of hate on Twitter and Ronson goes [TS]

00:28:08   and finds her and talks to her about what it was like [TS]

00:28:11   and he talks to a lot of different people who were in similar situations. It's a great book. It really really is. [TS]

00:28:19   In particular there is a section with Mike Daisy who was at the center of the big controversy where he had more [TS]

00:28:27   or less fabricated all of the interesting and salacious details about his trip to Apple factories in China. [TS]

00:28:35   I really recommend this book. [TS]

00:28:37   I have very much enjoyed it [TS]

00:28:40   and it is available for you to listen to on Audible dot com go to audible dot com slash hello internet. [TS]

00:28:49   This way they know that you came from this recommendation and you can sign up for audible [TS]

00:28:55   and get a free book to listen to and I'm going to recommend. [TS]

00:28:59   So you have been publicly shamed by Jon Ronson [TS]

00:29:02   and once you're there why not check out the hundred fifty thousand other audio books they have for you to listen to [TS]

00:29:10   spoken material is a big part of my life I always like to have a good audio book to listen to while I am doing errands [TS]

00:29:16   and this one has been and this one has been quite the experience. [TS]

00:29:21   I would actually go so far as to say this is an important book for everyone who spends time on the internet to read. [TS]

00:29:29   So right now go to audible dot com slash hello internet and give it a try. [TS]

00:29:36   Speaking of explorers with flags How did you find the follow up with asked people to submit. [TS]

00:29:43   Oh they have the internet flags into one place and I haven't actually I haven't checked it for awhile. [TS]

00:29:49   You haven't looked you haven't listened I haven't looked for that I looked I looked in the early days [TS]

00:29:53   but I haven't gone back politely. [TS]

00:29:56   Where's that at what are we going to do next because there are some there are some brilliant design. [TS]

00:30:00   It's there for all the right reasons and all the wrong reasons. I had the thread up on my screen right now. [TS]

00:30:05   The current state is that there are a hundred and thirty two flag designs that were submitted to the sub Reddit [TS]

00:30:14   and some of them are glorious in how hideous they are the one that I showed you [TS]

00:30:22   and that I think is my favorite ugly one is the U.S. State flag version of Hello Internet. [TS]

00:30:30   Yes Someone picked those same blue [TS]

00:30:33   and yellow color that I've complained about before which should look awful they wrote. [TS]

00:30:37   Hello Internet across the top twenty fourteen on the bottom and they put a circle with the H. [TS]

00:30:43   Igh letters and it has a delightful delightful little touch. [TS]

00:30:47   They wrote a seal of hello internet above [TS]

00:30:50   and below is the seal of the hello internet that really makes it in my mind somehow it's just that it's wanted to make [TS]

00:30:56   sure they break every possible rule. [TS]

00:30:58   Yes a good does and that is that is perhaps my favorite one [TS]

00:31:01   and that I have seen on the Reddit for I want to make something that is ugly. [TS]

00:31:07   There are many hilarious ugly hello internet flags on there but I would say that that one is is my personal favorite. [TS]

00:31:14   What about the good ones because it was some people took it seriously let's not just sort of sweep them under the [TS]

00:31:18   carpet because of a few cowboys who've made jokes. [TS]

00:31:21   I have no intention to sweep them under the carpet I have already loaded up on my browser a bunch of the flags that I [TS]

00:31:26   liked. Would you like to see some of the ones I liked. We share them with me. Know him before you do. [TS]

00:31:31   Yeah I'm going to put something else out there before I even say these are what I want this in your head because I [TS]

00:31:37   haven't told you this before but I actually have some contacts in the flag manufacturing industry. [TS]

00:31:43   Oh yeah [TS]

00:31:44   and I have actually had a flag manufactured before for something I did with you what did you have a flag manufactured [TS]

00:31:50   for well you weren't like the flag. [TS]

00:31:53   But but because it broke a few rules but when I did a series of films about the exact center of everywhere by. [TS]

00:32:00   Went and took like a special B.B.C. Flag for the B.B.C. [TS]

00:32:03   Programme I was working for and flew the flag [TS]

00:32:05   and had a photograph of the flag at all these locations so I had to have this B.B.C. [TS]

00:32:09   Flag made [TS]

00:32:11   and I've still got it somewhere in a trunk somewhere so I was thinking we should maybe have the best flag manufactured [TS]

00:32:19   so the hello internet flag exists. What do you say what he said about that. That sounds pretty cool. [TS]

00:32:28   Are you going to have it at your place. [TS]

00:32:31   Well obviously it's not going to get your place is it hadn't I wouldn't I would do something with it we could maybe we [TS]

00:32:37   could fly at hello instead of vents but when we do like we do [TS]

00:32:41   when we do the next kind of you know live show favourite is something where we have like a few seconds to play that [TS]

00:32:48   really short hello into anthem and we'll fly the flag you want to fly the hello internet flag. [TS]

00:32:53   Yeah you could have like a pledge of allegiance to the show right now fledge allegiance pledge of allegiance is so [TS]

00:33:00   creepy. An American doing the Pledge of Allegiance. [TS]

00:33:05   Really creepy experience is that it seems normal for a while until suddenly in high school you're old enough to do a [TS]

00:33:11   little bit of medical ignition and go wait a minute what am I doing here. [TS]

00:33:16   I will not support a pledge of allegiance to the hello internet flag. [TS]

00:33:21   I did quite like the idea of flying the flag and it could be like a Buckingham Palace like [TS]

00:33:26   when the flag is flying it means you and I are there [TS]

00:33:30   and then if the flags are not flying it means we've left the building. Walking him. [TS]

00:33:35   I'm not I'm not feelin the love yet so I'm just trying to think where we could actually fly it we need to now we need [TS]

00:33:39   to get some sort of hello internet corporate headquarters and we can fly the flag over there and it won't lie [TS]

00:33:46   when we're not there. Maybe pursues they will fly over the enclosure with the G.P. Grey the penguin in it. [TS]

00:33:53   Well if you get on where any way. [TS]

00:33:56   There's no point talking about this until we have a flag so I show you some good designs. [TS]

00:34:00   I'm going to send you just a couple that I pulled out that I like how you're going to send them to me. [TS]

00:34:03   I mean said the man I messaged to this work for me. [TS]

00:34:06   This one I like because of the imagery that the person shows it is a flag. [TS]

00:34:14   Many of these flags are great colored [TS]

00:34:16   but it has four light bulbs arranged in the center which was this is far as I could tell was a unique design decision [TS]

00:34:25   and not it was an interesting design decision to have the four light bulbs arranged in the center. [TS]

00:34:30   I'm not sure that it's my favorite flag [TS]

00:34:32   but I thought that was a good thing to pick up on a good I might be a little bit faster than the detailing on the bulbs [TS]

00:34:38   might be a little bit fussy for my liking but I do like the idea and I share in the white folks [TS]

00:34:43   and black folks represent you and i OS and presumably presumably. [TS]

00:34:48   Yeah the bulbs are a tiny bit fussy with with the screws [TS]

00:34:52   but I figure with light bulbs you kind of have to make them a little bit fussy otherwise it's not really clear [TS]

00:34:58   immediately what it is. I like I hadn't seen that one before and I look at that one. Now the next one. [TS]

00:35:07   Another great design great color design. They stick is obvious they will be owned by people who don't have a look at. [TS]

00:35:15   Yes I'll put these in the shop that that's not that I will try I will try to link them to the Reddit comment so that [TS]

00:35:21   the creators can get credit for it as well. This next one I thought was very nice. [TS]

00:35:27   It is again light gray background in the center is a darker gray circle with a white microphone in the middle for the [TS]

00:35:35   pod cast. [TS]

00:35:36   Yes but the thing that I really like about it is that out of the circle are coming to little robotic arms [TS]

00:35:42   and behind it is a caveman club as well so if you envision the kind of [TS]

00:35:47   and they kind of crossed over each other like a like a skull [TS]

00:35:50   and crossbones type thing that they crossed like two swords of something you have to basically makes an X through the [TS]

00:35:55   circle. The caveman club and the two robot arms. And then the pod casting thing in the center. I quite like that. [TS]

00:36:03   I quite like that as a design as well. [TS]

00:36:05   That kind of high tech and club thing was a bit of a theme I noticed through a few of them but that [TS]

00:36:09   when you just sent me is particularly good. [TS]

00:36:11   That's why I picked it out and number of people were using the caveman club and robot arms or some variation thereof [TS]

00:36:18   but I thought this was probably the best combination of those two. [TS]

00:36:23   Yeah I'll show you another one which I don't think would be great as an actual printed flag [TS]

00:36:27   but that I just really enjoyed by the way I'm not talking about a printed flag I want to get one like stitched in [TS]

00:36:32   everything so has to do what works is sticking. Now that when you just sent. [TS]

00:36:36   I really like I really like it as well but the reason I said that we couldn't get it printed is it is super Soviet. [TS]

00:36:44   I'd use different colors I would use the sort of the gray and white [TS]

00:36:48   and keep the design that you describe I think there's a grey and white version of this one [TS]

00:36:52   but But what this is is the one that I'm looking at right now has the very classic red background with the gold color [TS]

00:37:00   that is usually the Soviet design like the hammer and sickle to look. [TS]

00:37:04   Yes but in addition this is very hammer [TS]

00:37:06   and sickle e because they have taken the rings of my gear icon rotated a little bit [TS]

00:37:13   and through the center they have put a nail for hard as nails. [TS]

00:37:17   Brady and I really like it I just I do think that it is it is very Soviet looking but this is quite striking [TS]

00:37:26   and I also really like it because it is a the using a bold color choices. [TS]

00:37:32   So many of the flags were great which is obviously the because of our our logo for the park at the that's the obvious [TS]

00:37:39   color to go with but I did like a few of them that were going with different color choices. I'll see if I can find. [TS]

00:37:46   I'm pretty sure the person also put a gray [TS]

00:37:49   and white virtualize on I feel like I want to look the the Hard as nails nail for you was also a very common choice [TS]

00:37:57   and I think this one happened to do it very well. [TS]

00:38:00   Like the fact they angled the logo somehow makes it look much better than I think some of the ones that were straight [TS]

00:38:05   up and down. Very cool very cool. [TS]

00:38:08   OK there's one more that I don't know if you'll think about this but I actually quite like this. [TS]

00:38:13   Let me send this over from the tone of your voice. When that's ripping the piss out of me. No no it isn't OK. [TS]

00:38:22   Take a look now so that when I like that. OK I see you really like this person has taken of course the Maryland flag. [TS]

00:38:36   Now there were very many there were very many jokey versions of hello internet with the Maryland flag [TS]

00:38:43   but this one I like because the person actually took it seriously [TS]

00:38:46   and there are there are four quadrants of Maryland's flag Marilyn's hideous wraps around [TS]

00:38:52   and so hideous it becomes an awesome flag which I am now in my mind always think of this as the Maryland point. [TS]

00:38:59   Whenever I look at anything that is like so bad it becomes good I think. [TS]

00:39:03   Oh it's it's at the Maryland point you can go too far and make it too ugly and you can pass the Maryland point [TS]

00:39:10   but somethings exist exactly in that spot. [TS]

00:39:12   But anyway they've taken the four quadrants [TS]

00:39:15   and they have made two of the quadrants which were which were the the squarish quadrants [TS]

00:39:20   and they have made them black and dark grey and then they have taken the two fancy crests like quadrants [TS]

00:39:28   and they have made them the number of file brown colours and I think it looks really good together. [TS]

00:39:33   There now is I don't know if this person meant this is a joke but I had actually think this came out really well [TS]

00:39:40   and I quite like this design. I quite like I did that's that was good that did tickle my funny bone. [TS]

00:39:48   So I will have to put that in the show tonight some people can have a look at them [TS]

00:39:52   and I will have to put some more thought into actually getting one made and I don't have any data yet [TS]

00:39:58   but I had the thread. [TS]

00:40:00   It was called contest mode for a while so nobody could see what order the flags were actually getting voted up [TS]

00:40:05   or down and if you go to the thread now which I'll put in the show you can see the order that people have voted up [TS]

00:40:10   and down things and you can comment on them [TS]

00:40:12   and I would say that that thread is still open for submissions so we will we will take a look [TS]

00:40:17   and see what's in there [TS]

00:40:18   and maybe get one of these actually printed at some point so they continue to put some thought into. [TS]

00:40:23   I'll have to I'll have to I'll have to do a bit of behind the scenes work on great ladies [TS]

00:40:27   and gentlemen because he hasn't he hasn't yet seen the potential of this but I'll make sure he doesn't. [TS]

00:40:33   I'm not I'm not disagreeing with this. [TS]

00:40:35   Oh there's one last one I want to show you really quickly I mean I got this out we might have counted. [TS]

00:40:47   Do you want to describe this flag for the listeners. Say this. [TS]

00:40:54   This flag it looks kind of the jam and it's basically a black and red black top [TS]

00:41:01   and a red bottom two sort of big horizontal bows and in the middle is like a golden logo. [TS]

00:41:08   But the goal is the outline of a tree from the old tree chasing bubbles video patching [TS]

00:41:16   and the images say stuck in my head. [TS]

00:41:18   Videos they want so many times I've seen some now seventy times now that yeah that's going to get there we go. [TS]

00:41:27   A bubble flag. I love that it's Adrea so cute and they went with a very harsh color choices I think it's pretty good. [TS]

00:41:34   Perfect very good. I have a they're going to follow news for you. [TS]

00:41:41   OK getting back to another of essay topics which is toothbrushes. Toothbrushes Yeah. [TS]

00:41:47   I have moved away from the electric toothbrush and gone back to a manual [TS]

00:41:52   and a low number of vehicle a normal to refresh. [TS]

00:41:55   I call that the normal toothbrushes Now I call them the stick with leaves tooth brush. [TS]

00:42:00   That's something I've gone back to the tweak [TS]

00:42:04   and they really moved to I've moved away from the electronic tell me something while I'm in a word violence. [TS]

00:42:11   Why don't I just want to brush my teeth more violently. [TS]

00:42:15   I like sometimes sometimes you just want to smash your mouth and let you feel like your math takes NAIDOC brushing [TS]

00:42:24   and you want to really get in there and and one soul will see intense still force if you press too hard and so small [TS]

00:42:31   and delicate and I sometimes I just want to crack. [TS]

00:42:34   I'm going to just blast my teeth really hard and be really angry and do a really good job and feel really lovely [TS]

00:42:41   and clean afterwards and I just don't get that from the electric toothbrush. [TS]

00:42:45   The charging thing is also a massive pain in the back so it's not it's our friend myself more often than not brushing [TS]

00:42:52   my teeth with my electric toothbrush dead [TS]

00:42:55   and just using it like a normal toothbrush anyway so I sort of thought This is ridiculous [TS]

00:43:00   when it's charged it's to see it's not charging most of the time anyway. [TS]

00:43:05   I'm just going back to the tweak in these mad men I'm happy with [TS]

00:43:09   and I'm happy I was laughing because I can completely sympathize with this. [TS]

00:43:14   If you get an electric toothbrush it definitely turns your toothbrushing into a much more passive activity that at [TS]

00:43:23   least with mine I still like mine I'm still using mine I can't imagine going back. But it but it definitely I am now. [TS]

00:43:32   I am now moving like a little robot around inside my mouth which is doing the cleaning [TS]

00:43:37   and it just requires me to relocate it from two to two as opposed to all I feel like I am cleaning my teeth. [TS]

00:43:45   I am no longer doing it now the tooth brush is the thing that is cleaning my chin [TS]

00:43:50   and I can see that a person of a certain type would find it a much more satisfying experience to manual to manually [TS]

00:43:57   brush their teeth. I want to be an explorer. With my mouth. [TS]

00:44:01   Right I don't want to send [TS]

00:44:02   and I don't want to send in you know we probe send in the sand in the sand in the Explorer probe is going to get in [TS]

00:44:10   there and smash that stuff out of there. [TS]

00:44:14   I am sympathetic [TS]

00:44:16   but I will just say my limited experience is now with manual toothbrushing are that the drone toothbrush. [TS]

00:44:25   Obviously Does a way better job it feels like no matter how much I try to brush my teeth manually it is just not as [TS]

00:44:32   good as the as the robotic tooth brush. [TS]

00:44:34   So I'm sticking with the electronic one but I wish you well [TS]

00:44:38   and your I didn't think I was going to change your mind I just thought you wanted you'd want to know if you can T. [TS]

00:44:43   Find a gene. Yes I definitely wanted to know. [TS]

00:44:45   I definitely want to know I find this I find it's a very interesting development in the world. [TS]

00:44:51   Well you know I haven't ruled out going back you know you know I know it sounds like you weren't using a great electric [TS]

00:44:56   toothbrush I asked her to send you the one that I use. Yeah I think maybe Iran. [TS]

00:45:00   I think maybe I chose poorly and I need to. [TS]

00:45:02   Maybe I'll test you know maybe I mean you've missed my birthday [TS]

00:45:05   but maybe Christmas maybe Santa might bring me something or did your tooth brush let you know [TS]

00:45:10   when you have to charge it ahead of time to do something like that. [TS]

00:45:13   Yeah it has this it has this mode where if it needs charging when you press it on it doesn't work. [TS]

00:45:19   OK that's that's terrible I need to warn you in advance that's my island letter I'm sure it probably does I just don't [TS]

00:45:24   know what's going on. You don't pay any attention to it as a critical feature of the toothbrush recharging. [TS]

00:45:30   But anyway can we talk about another favorite topic of has when it comes to sort of technology and things. Yes watches. [TS]

00:45:37   OK let's discuss watches. [TS]

00:45:40   Now it's not my intention to talk about our porches because I know people get a bit sick of us talking about them [TS]

00:45:46   but I will just quickly talk about five years. [TS]

00:45:49   Point out right now [TS]

00:45:50   but I think this is the second time you're bringing up the topic of Apple Watch as people usually yell at me for [TS]

00:45:55   talking about Apple too much I just want to point out that you are bringing it up I am not bringing this up. [TS]

00:46:00   It's really into watchers artists are fascinated by watches and watches or cattle objects and I'm really into them [TS]

00:46:06   and I'm getting more and more into them and the apple watches you know on the same now and I'm on my mind. [TS]

00:46:12   I saw my first Apple watches in the wild the other day. Oh really. [TS]

00:46:16   Other than you and your wife here now I've seen you guys wearing up I don't care. [TS]

00:46:23   But I was at dinner the other night and there was a couple sitting opposite me wearing a porches and I [TS]

00:46:28   and I had a moment I had an epiphany and that was I'm sure these things are going to be huge. [TS]

00:46:36   You mean huge as in popular is that what you mean. Yeah. [TS]

00:46:39   Because I was looking at them and I was looking at them at the table [TS]

00:46:43   and they had their identical squared faces they cold dead blank faces staring at me from in with their B.D. [TS]

00:46:54   This coldness and that and I looked at the couple [TS]

00:46:59   and I thought I don't I don't want to be in the know don't want to be about you but quite often with cool technology [TS]

00:47:07   and especially lot of cool technology. [TS]

00:47:10   You know I look at someone with that fine [TS]

00:47:12   and think if you know if I haven't got it I think that's called I'd like to have one of those [TS]

00:47:15   or look someone with a mac book and think that's cool and I think I'd like one of them [TS]

00:47:19   or I'm glad I have one of them I think they really go and look at the. [TS]

00:47:22   I look at these watches and I think I'm glad I'm not them. I'm glad I'm not wearing one of those on my wrist. [TS]

00:47:29   You look at this silly and I don't I actually don't think that when I'm with you. So go figure. [TS]

00:47:37   Mike I don't look at it on your wrist and think great but I look at a lot of other people [TS]

00:47:42   and I don't think that I did it I think a big part of it is the fact they're always off [TS]

00:47:47   and a big part of it is that they're they're part of you there on your wrist you know you can have you can have a dead [TS]

00:47:52   blank screen on your phone because it's sitting in your pocket and you know you pull it out and it's [TS]

00:47:57   and it's not part of you but what you don't want to mentor. [TS]

00:48:00   Oh and it's just it just sends the wrong message having a blank screen on your wrist and. [TS]

00:48:04   And also it sends the wrong message over wearing the same thing. [TS]

00:48:09   I know you could have different bands but they still look all the same and it's like it's like a futuristic movies [TS]

00:48:15   when everyone's wearing a silver spacesuit with and I think wouldn't be funny if we all dressed the same. [TS]

00:48:21   This is the stuff there and it just didn't work. [TS]

00:48:26   That's all I want to say about porches artists I'm just I saw them in the wild. [TS]

00:48:30   I'm surprised I haven't seen more in the wild and I was unimpressed again [TS]

00:48:34   and for the first time I'm thinking you know what I wouldn't be surprised if they don't take off. [TS]

00:48:42   I have yet to see one in the wild not on a person that I already personally know I have been waiting for the moment [TS]

00:48:52   when I see someone who is not a friend who is wearing an apple watch and I have not yet had that moment. [TS]

00:49:01   Anyway now I want to talk more about what you say as opposed to the dead eyes of Apple watchers here the code dead face [TS]

00:49:10   of the Apple Watch. Right now what do you want to talk about Brady. [TS]

00:49:15   It is not a state secret that I'm a little bit fond of the a make a Speedmaster professional now [TS]

00:49:20   and you know five if I've ever heard you talk about this before I have let it slip once or twice on the podcast [TS]

00:49:26   and it is also not a state secret that I quite well at the start of this year [TS]

00:49:30   and have been wearing it every day since I had wanted one of these for more years than I can remember it was it was a [TS]

00:49:38   it was. And infatuate was an infatuation. [TS]

00:49:41   It was love and I finally consummated that love and and got the what you my dreams but there's a [TS]

00:49:50   but sometimes you just have to have a roving eye. [TS]

00:49:53   So do you sometimes something catches your eye that you like the look of [TS]

00:49:58   and doesn't mean you don't doesn't mean you don't. [TS]

00:50:00   Love love the one you're with right but sometimes you just see something nice. [TS]

00:50:04   Sometimes you have enough love in your heart for more than one watch. [TS]

00:50:10   Yeah that's kind of how it is that what you're saying. [TS]

00:50:13   Now just recently something caught my eye another worksheet and I almost thought in fact [TS]

00:50:21   when I talked in a previous point cast about trying to buy something [TS]

00:50:24   and failing at the last minute because of my ineptitude on the computer. [TS]

00:50:27   That's what this was and then I thought What am I doing what am I doing. Don't do it. [TS]

00:50:33   So I decided I wasn't going to get this other watch but it was my birthday this week. Happy birthday. [TS]

00:50:41   Thank you and my wife surprised me and got me this other work home. I didn't realize that the Mrs got you this watch. [TS]

00:50:51   Yes she did. I assume that you had purchased this for yourself. [TS]

00:50:56   Now I will say it was a lovely surprise from a from a from a very loving wife. [TS]

00:51:03   It is called a slow watch and is very interesting. It's actually to begin a key for me but I just I like the idea. [TS]

00:51:13   I really like how it looks and I just really want to that. So tell the listener What's different about this watch. [TS]

00:51:19   Well let's deal with the fundamental difference. [TS]

00:51:21   The first it's the reason it's called a slow watch [TS]

00:51:23   and sort of the unique selling point of this watch is it's a mechanical watch. [TS]

00:51:29   It has just one hand and it is numbered from zero. Well from zero to twenty four was Iran to twenty three. [TS]

00:51:37   You go zero one two three twenty three and then zero yourself becomes twenty four again. [TS]

00:51:42   So every era of the day is represented on the face. [TS]

00:51:46   And this one hand just slowly moves around the twenty four positions [TS]

00:51:51   and there are little graduated markings in between each hour because there are so many markings. [TS]

00:51:57   It's a very sort of inexact watch. Maybe the way to put it. [TS]

00:52:01   When you look at it you can immediately tell exactly where the hands pointing. [TS]

00:52:05   But if you ask me the time I'll sort of say it's a bear. [TS]

00:52:10   Quarter past eight as about the best I can do [TS]

00:52:13   and I used to be right to within a few minutes just to make this very clear for the listener. [TS]

00:52:18   This watch though it is an analog watch. It does not have the hand in the same position. [TS]

00:52:23   So if I have this right on a normal watch where you would have the six on the bottom. [TS]

00:52:29   This watch actually has a twelve as I write now it has the zero at the bottom actually [TS]

00:52:35   and Wells is at the top of God OK [TS]

00:52:39   and in some ways that actually becomes quite natural because if you think of the Sun At midday the hand is pointing to [TS]

00:52:45   the top when the sun is highest in the sky right and the hand is pointing to the bottom [TS]

00:52:50   when it's midnight I can see why they would design it that way. [TS]

00:52:52   And if you're going to if you're going to change things you might as well change everything [TS]

00:52:57   but just wanted to make that clear for people. [TS]

00:52:58   There's a single hand that sweeps around once every twenty four hours once a day. [TS]

00:53:04   It's a Swiss made watch it sits [TS]

00:53:06   and actually has all the mechanics in it to have four different things going on three different hands on the date [TS]

00:53:12   but all of that is actually under the hood. But they've modified it so it's just this one slow moving hand. [TS]

00:53:19   It's also just a really beautiful piece of design in my opinion. [TS]

00:53:23   It's sort of very industrial a sort of a sort of a block of sort of square steel [TS]

00:53:29   and the face is stunningly simple they don't even put the logo of the watch on they very deliberately that they what [TS]

00:53:35   they think it sort of should speak for itself. [TS]

00:53:37   The front almost looks a bit like an aircraft instrument in a way incredibly simple [TS]

00:53:41   and the one I've got a leather strap will put a picture in the China [TS]

00:53:44   when you know it to me it makes me think of a like a pressure gauge like on a steam vent. That's a pretty good co. [TS]

00:53:53   That's a pretty good call this hexagonal design with a single hand in the middle and and they are now real. [TS]

00:54:00   Then why when. [TS]

00:54:01   When I see it it is pointing toward the top because the time is backwards in the way that I was thinking it was that's [TS]

00:54:05   why I think of it as a kind of steam pressure gauge. [TS]

00:54:08   That's the way I think it looks great by the way just to be clear I have to say when I really want to [TS]

00:54:15   and then I got it. [TS]

00:54:16   And since getting it I have thought on multiple occasions although I can say things you wouldn't like about it. [TS]

00:54:22   I really strongly think Greg would love this. [TS]

00:54:25   Like it just seems the design of it just seems very you know it's just so minimalist and simple [TS]

00:54:32   and it's got a kind of a look I thought you'd really like. [TS]

00:54:35   But also I know that you kind of like these fuzzy clocks or whatever and the sort of not having the exact time [TS]

00:54:41   and this sort of plays to that beautifully that's kind of the ethos of the of the company is you know the slow change [TS]

00:54:46   the way you look at time. So I thought you'd really like it. Obviously no more than that but what. Well ever. [TS]

00:54:54   Ever since you mentioned that you got this watch and I've seen it on face time and you sent me a couple of pictures. [TS]

00:55:00   It is actually made me think is I wish Apple would allow customized watch faces. [TS]

00:55:06   Yeah because this is an example of something I would be willing to try. [TS]

00:55:12   I would be willing to try to have a single dial that goes around the watch once every twenty four hours. [TS]

00:55:19   And your comment about it being reversed starting at the bottom and going to the top that makes perfect sense. [TS]

00:55:26   I can see how that works. [TS]

00:55:29   And yes because I don't live in a world where I need to be really looking at other clocks [TS]

00:55:33   and I like the imprecise time better than the precise time. This I can see this being compelling. [TS]

00:55:40   Now of course I'm not going to switch away from my apple watch. [TS]

00:55:43   But if Apple did allow custom watch faces this is I feel like this is what we were talking about last time the [TS]

00:55:49   different ways you can possibly display the time and this is the first one that I feel is compelling. [TS]

00:55:56   Oh I could see really getting used to and really liking. On that and maybe using that as my main watch in the future. [TS]

00:56:06   Obviously I can't do it now though I have to say another appeal of the watch that wouldn't appear would be massively Is [TS]

00:56:11   that kind of sick simplicity and knowing inside it has the sort of the Swiss cogs [TS]

00:56:16   and it just does nothing else like this is not only is is not going to do my email and my podcast [TS]

00:56:21   and think you know this where you can tell me the date and this when you can tell me the seconds. [TS]

00:56:25   I love I love the how beautiful simplicity of it. [TS]

00:56:30   I really like it [TS]

00:56:31   and it puts be a bit of a quandary now because I have two watches that I'm reading here is the question. [TS]

00:56:38   Have you switched back and forth between this and your make a Speedmaster at all [TS]

00:56:42   or have you have you just been dating the new watch. [TS]

00:56:45   I'm just sort of it's just a new fancy at the moment but I haven't had it that long to be honest [TS]

00:56:50   when you had it for a few days. So at the moment I'm just wearing the new one also I want to get. [TS]

00:56:54   It's got this leather band which is really gorgeous but I want to wear a bit [TS]

00:56:57   and get a sort of softened in a bit of break and enter some sun breaking it in [TS]

00:57:02   but once it's broken in I feel like a bit of a quandary and I haven't exactly figured out how I'm going to play it. [TS]

00:57:07   How are you going to keep both watches happy and then you and I and I'm sorry but I want to know is [TS]

00:57:13   when you do switch back to your first love you make loot master won't it break your brain to look at the watch hands in [TS]

00:57:24   a different position this is what I would wonder is if you've gotten used to looking at your twenty four hour watch. [TS]

00:57:31   I would I would feel like I couldn't deal with looking at something else. [TS]

00:57:34   I'm always very curious to hear your experience of going back to a traditional analog face after having you this one. [TS]

00:57:43   I'm not imagining it being a problem I mean telling the time. [TS]

00:57:46   I mean I still look at clocks all the time in my life [TS]

00:57:48   and now I don't think I'm going to forget how to tell time with a traditional clock face so I don't mean that you're [TS]

00:57:54   going to be some kind of time illiterate when you put on the speed badges. [TS]

00:58:00   I can't tell what time it is anymore but I was just wondering if you would notice a delay or a hesitation [TS]

00:58:06   or some some moment of having to think about it as opposed to just doing the quick glance this is the time [TS]

00:58:12   and putting your watch out I will let you know that you know [TS]

00:58:15   when it happens we do take note said differently is that cognitive barrier with the slow watch. [TS]

00:58:19   I'm still looking at a guy like getting the hang of it. [TS]

00:58:22   But but I like that I'd like that experience at the moment [TS]

00:58:25   and it's rare that I need to tell the time so quickly that lives are at stake. [TS]

00:58:28   So you know I have I think I can put up with it for the time being for the sake of I love the I love the little piece [TS]

00:58:34   of art on my hand. [TS]

00:58:37   Now this brings me on to my next point and I don't know if you can help me with this [TS]

00:58:42   or not I want to talk about what you do [TS]

00:58:46   and brand ambassadors OK because I think like for Pixar like people who are like movie stars and sports stars [TS]

00:58:56   and all these people who you know do these big do this I don't think there's anything cooler than what you do if you [TS]

00:59:02   are like a big famous go for Formula One driver or a Hollywood A lister. [TS]

00:59:07   I think you've really made it when you've got a watch too. [TS]

00:59:11   And especially if it's like you know a Rolex or a meager tag you know the big ones. [TS]

00:59:17   Now I'm open to Anita signing me up as a Posh and Becks today [TS]

00:59:23   but I don't think it's going to happen because I think George Clooney is locked in on a long term contract [TS]

00:59:30   and they probably don't want to fuss of ditching him from A and it wouldn't cause a lot of bad publicity [TS]

00:59:35   and I understand that and George Clooney seems a nice guy very handsome and I'm happy for him to have to do. [TS]

00:59:43   You don't begrudge him his success. Yeah. [TS]

00:59:46   And and I understand the position it puts a major in [TS]

00:59:49   when they're considering maybe adding me to the stable because we look we have a very similar look. [TS]

00:59:54   Rice and they were definitely when they were going through the paperwork they probably had some files you know. [TS]

01:00:00   Brady and George Clooney trying to decide who to go when they signed [TS]

01:00:05   when they signed Clooney on Originally I also hadn't gone public with my passion for the brand. [TS]

01:00:11   I think I think if I could have the time again maybe they would reconsider. But anyway what's done is done. [TS]

01:00:16   It's water under the bridge right. [TS]

01:00:18   But I can't say I can't see that happening for me but I am thinking I could be the man for the slow watchers. [TS]

01:00:30   I think I could become a brand ambassador for them if they if they have the vision [TS]

01:00:37   and if they're willing to do the do I could be the man. [TS]

01:00:41   And and I've had to think about it [TS]

01:00:43   and I think I could make a really compelling case if you give me a few minutes it feels like this is what's going to [TS]

01:00:49   happen like I have no control over the you you're going to use the bog at the platform to pitch your brand ambassador [TS]

01:00:55   ship of slow watch and who am I to stand in the way. [TS]

01:00:59   Brady You have the stage let me read you three why I think this is a no brainer for them. [TS]

01:01:06   First of all I like the product and I wear the product and I'm very passionate about it. That's a great start. [TS]

01:01:13   That is the design and I have as luck would have it have somehow reasons I cannot fully fathom. [TS]

01:01:22   I have an audience of people my have my video channels actually just this week passed three hundred million views. [TS]

01:01:29   No Well yeah which is a bit of a monster. [TS]

01:01:32   So just just this week plus plus we have dozens of people listening to this point cast. So so there you go. [TS]

01:01:39   That's a step [TS]

01:01:40   and I think the sort of people who pay attention to to me sort of people who would like us watch some of them you know. [TS]

01:01:48   Anyway there's this point one that sort of that's an overarching point. [TS]

01:01:54   Now I also happen to as we just mentioned co-host a podcast with yourself actually. Oh. [TS]

01:02:01   Yes you are that over to you would you wouldn't go in the way of speaking myself at the moment. Oh hello. [TS]

01:02:08   I happen to support us that spends quite a lot of time talking about watches. [TS]

01:02:12   It does in those last part because of you. Well I think you've got your part to play. [TS]

01:02:18   I am also interested watches there now. [TS]

01:02:22   I also happen to produce a You Tube channel which is completely preoccupied with numbers [TS]

01:02:28   and creative ways of a range of numbers. Code number five. [TS]

01:02:32   And we even do occasional videos about watches I have made watch videos in the past [TS]

01:02:36   and there are a couple of others in production. I happen to have two other channels. [TS]

01:02:42   One of them is a chemistry channel that spends a lot of time making slow motion video as you say slow motion. [TS]

01:02:51   Another one is a physics channel which makes loads of videos about time. Are you saying are you saying this great. [TS]

01:02:57   I I am seeing this I'm deaf. Hang on hang on. I'm about to close the deal here. OK here it is. [TS]

01:03:04   I have another channel in which the whole state of the channel is filming my hands and wrists. [TS]

01:03:14   Objectivity the start of objectivity is my hands and wrist. This is like prime real estate. [TS]

01:03:22   This is this is product placement waiting to happen. This is I'm serving this up on a platter here. [TS]

01:03:28   I also have a little side venture making slow motion video of my dog. [TS]

01:03:36   OK how does this how does this fall back into the main the main course load. They're all about slow. [TS]

01:03:42   OK you know that the his this is this is this is my killer blow. [TS]

01:03:46   OK this is my sign on the dotted line I mean you're reading my name Brady literally means slow. Well I think you do. [TS]

01:04:00   At the job do you think that's Brady but it was way longer and way more severe here and they go for. [TS]

01:04:12   I feel like you are you are really no joke pitching this company of being their brand ambassador. [TS]

01:04:19   Look look it's not something it's not something to say [TS]

01:04:23   but if the listeners decide that they want to tweet the people slow watchers [TS]

01:04:26   or send the name was put in the idea in their head I'm just sayin I'm just sayin. I'm just saying it's an option. [TS]

01:04:35   OK If what do you think do you think can you see it happening. [TS]

01:04:40   I I can see it possibly happening isn't going to go for a movie star. [TS]

01:04:46   I I don't know Brady I don't know what state you're going to go for a movie star. [TS]

01:04:51   Well I said I said to my wife do you think do you think do you think sly would have the vision to make me one of their [TS]

01:04:57   brand ambassadors. And she said maybe if you moisturize more and do you had better. That's harsh harsh man. [TS]

01:05:07   She has a point though. I don't I don't think yeah I think you're failing. I think it's a pipe dream isn't it. [TS]

01:05:15   I hope this comes true for your baby. [TS]

01:05:17   I feel sorry for you either because I mean you could only be a watch brand ambassador for Apple [TS]

01:05:22   and then must be a few people in front of in front of you [TS]

01:05:25   and I don't know who would be in front of me on that you know I think I don't even need to pitch it because I've got [TS]

01:05:31   the brand ambassador ship for Apple just locked down just so that got you for free basically. [TS]

01:05:38   To be fair slowed it had me for free as well. [TS]

01:05:40   So what more can they get out of me by doing that [TS]

01:05:43   when we're done with this I think we need to have a little conversation of if you actually do become the brand [TS]

01:05:47   ambassador for slow. What percentage of that needs to be funded back into the hello Internet Corporation. [TS]

01:05:54   Because this is like you are really pushing for this. Yeah I think that's a fair point I think. [TS]

01:06:00   I think they would have to be talks. I think they would have to be took a tell you if the deal gets done. [TS]

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01:07:20   My first lesson. Well the podcast hasn't gone live yet we're just record. That's how they work. Astray. [TS]

01:07:27   I have to edit I have to edit down the forty five minutes you talk about how you're going to be the grand a bastard [TS]

01:07:33   or I have to edit those forty five minutes down to hopefully something under ten minutes. [TS]

01:07:40   Are you going to include the song out if if it works only include it if it's embarrassing I'll probably just cut it out [TS]

01:07:46   for you curve out there or whatever you think best. [TS]

01:07:49   Now you've written something here in the sets got me a little bit intrigued. Race for space album. [TS]

01:07:57   Yes because it was two episodes ago. It was it was episode thirty nine. [TS]

01:08:02   I just made an offhand comment yes that's right you made an offhand remark about some album and [TS]

01:08:08   when I was trying to fill in the show notes asked you what the heck this thing was [TS]

01:08:12   and faces the race for space is the name of the album [TS]

01:08:16   and then the group that does it where they called their code public service broadcasting there are sort of a British [TS]

01:08:22   alternative band. [TS]

01:08:25   So this is a music album that I was asking you about and that you were raving about [TS]

01:08:31   and you wanted me to listen to send test a fantastic. [TS]

01:08:37   And if you were very insistent that I listen to it putting headphones on listening to it all the way through I had very [TS]

01:08:45   special requirements I didn't want you to to do it wrong. I DID IT JUST LIKE YOU WANT TO ME TOO. I put on headphones. [TS]

01:08:52   I listen to the whole thing [TS]

01:08:54   and you remember in our getting things done section you made a remark that you felt uncomfortable reading the book [TS]

01:09:04   because you were speculating on how much joy and pleasure I would get out of that book which was wrong by the way. [TS]

01:09:10   But that was still the way that you felt about the book. [TS]

01:09:14   I honestly felt uncomfortable listening to this race for space album because I thought the exact same thing. [TS]

01:09:22   There is no more perfect musical form of audio pornography for Brady than his race for space album. [TS]

01:09:33   So would you care to describe for our listeners what this album is all right what what this band has basically done is [TS]

01:09:42   they've taken lots of audio clips [TS]

01:09:46   and I think they've actually done it in cooperation with the British film exchange things like that so they've got [TS]

01:09:52   access to loads and loads of archive from both the Russian space program. The NASA Apollo space program. [TS]

01:10:03   All the early days of space [TS]

01:10:04   and lots of news broadcasts as well lots of sort of old school journalism from the fifty's and sixty's [TS]

01:10:10   and maybe even the seventy's late their early seventy's and they've taken that [TS]

01:10:16   and they've sprinkled it amongst a bunch of songs that are basically inspired by the space race this famous race [TS]

01:10:24   between the Russians and the Americans in the in the early days of space exploration [TS]

01:10:32   and the thing I love about this album is it's sort of you don't see this much anymore without them so it sort of is [TS]

01:10:38   something that's gone out of fashion but it really is kind of a journey. [TS]

01:10:42   There's only nine songs but it sort of goes in order and let you start a fairly with the Sputnik and Aaron [TS]

01:10:50   and then the problems on Apollo one with fire in the cockpit and all the early ups and downs [TS]

01:10:55   and it sort of works its way towards the eventual Apollo eleven landing some number eight which is called Go with a [TS]

01:11:03   real highlight of the album is sort of the the showcase I think and then a sort of a finale song [TS]

01:11:09   but it's like a real journey. [TS]

01:11:10   It's a real kind of emotional journey and of course Gray is right because I'm such a space [TS]

01:11:15   and Apollo enthusiastically says I enjoy this on a whole other level [TS]

01:11:21   and some people might not because I'm so intimately aware of what's going on and where everything is [TS]

01:11:26   but I have to say it was my wife that put me on to this album. [TS]

01:11:30   She completely loves it and I'm going to show you she is not a space enthusiasts but she is in music [TS]

01:11:35   and she she just really likes the music so I think the fact it's peppered with all this audience that's that's that's [TS]

01:11:42   what it's about. Obviously gives me pleasure. [TS]

01:11:44   But I think on its own merit it is an excellent excellent album and I could talk a lot more about it [TS]

01:11:51   and hopefully I will go [TS]

01:11:52   and see these guys perform some of the songs in a week's time because they're playing aggressive very [TS]

01:11:57   and although it's late and I may stay awake for because. [TS]

01:12:00   I'm going to call it the question the music festival and I think to catch these guys. What did you think of it. [TS]

01:12:07   OK so I I was listening to this. I was listening to this when I was animating the last video. [TS]

01:12:16   The only break in my roast anyway. Well listen I have never in my life just sat down to listen to music. [TS]

01:12:23   This is the most attention that I could possibly ever give music. [TS]

01:12:28   Yeah I would if you asked me to just sit down and have nothing else to do except listen to a bunch of songs. [TS]

01:12:34   I guess in a darkened room with candles or something. This is not going to happen. [TS]

01:12:39   I do they don't do music this way yet but I listen to it the first time through [TS]

01:12:46   and was genuinely uncomfortable the entire time thinking about how much you like this. [TS]

01:12:53   I felt really weird listening to like Don't know about this but because I respected you. [TS]

01:13:01   I actually listen to this through I think probably three [TS]

01:13:05   or four times because it's it is relatively short it's not that long now and I was choice [TS]

01:13:12   and after I listened to it through the first time I thought OK I'm going to listen to it again just because I've gotten [TS]

01:13:19   over that like gotten kind of creeped out thinking about Brady listening to it [TS]

01:13:24   and then while we're just while I was working I left it it's on Spotify and so I just said you know repeat album [TS]

01:13:29   and so I listen to it through a few times. [TS]

01:13:32   It's it's not for me but it is very good [TS]

01:13:38   and I can I can also recommend that people should listen to it it is worth listening to. [TS]

01:13:43   I wouldn't probably listen to it again but I am very glad that I have listened to it [TS]

01:13:48   and then I listen to it a couple times because you do get more out of it when you know what's coming up [TS]

01:13:54   and you can listen to the voices a little bit more and yes I didn't quite realize the first time through [TS]

01:13:58   but then it became obvious. [TS]

01:14:00   On the third listen through like oh this is of course this is going in order there's a little story that's going along [TS]

01:14:06   with this so I put it in the show notes because I did want to mention that that you set it off handedly [TS]

01:14:12   and I thought it was worth bringing to the listener's attention that it is something to give a listen to if you can get [TS]

01:14:18   access to it. [TS]

01:14:20   His Brady's instructions that one light candles but if you can obviously by the Avid support the artist if you want [TS]

01:14:30   but you can also do a spot of FINALLY other stuff if you can't listen to all in order. [TS]

01:14:37   That's that's that's my first thing because you know yeah I had a great order to be in or because because it's good [TS]

01:14:42   and also it makes some of the emotional moments more emotional when you kind of work towards them. [TS]

01:14:47   So that's my recommendation. [TS]

01:14:49   My second recommendation is don't search the case songs out on You Tube first because the first time one of the some of [TS]

01:14:56   the highlights on I guess is this song called go and it has got a really cool music video [TS]

01:15:01   but it's the first time you hear the song you're distracted by the amazing music video. [TS]

01:15:06   You not really hearing the song so if you can resist don't look up any of the songs on You Tube in til after you've [TS]

01:15:12   listened to them once or twice and then and then definitely go on to You Tube because the music video for go is CO [TS]

01:15:18   and the music video for the one about God is also very cope [TS]

01:15:24   and finally if you're only going to listen to one song because that's the kind of person you are I guess I'm going to [TS]

01:15:30   have to recommend that one cold go because that's kind of the that's the famous one [TS]

01:15:35   and that's the Apollo landing on it's not necessarily my favorite I think my favorite might be one coat of the other [TS]

01:15:40   side which is about Apollo eight when I went around the other side of the moon. [TS]

01:15:45   It's very well done song it actually makes me quite emotional. Yeah that one is that one is very good. [TS]

01:15:49   I can I mean I couldn't pull out many songs but that one I definitely thought oh this is this is really well done. [TS]

01:15:57   The Sputnik one was also very good because they use the. [TS]

01:16:00   The a beat from the Sputnik very cleverly through the song quite like that one today. [TS]

01:16:06   But they're all good there but in my opinion they're all very good just as songs [TS]

01:16:10   and if it was about something else I I still would have thought the songs were fantastic but the fact is about space [TS]

01:16:15   and Apollo obviously does give me a bit excited. [TS]

01:16:19   I tell you what a public service broadcasting guys I mean this super cold they're way too cool to hang out with someone [TS]

01:16:24   like me [TS]

01:16:25   but I would definitely be my mates because I'm obviously into all the same stuff I mean to you because I've got another [TS]

01:16:29   song from one of their other albums it's all about Mount Everest and they've got some like planes and things. [TS]

01:16:36   So despite dressing colder than made in heaven. [TS]

01:16:40   Musical ability two things I don't particularly have some interest with [TS]

01:16:44   and I certainly am wondering though I mean I have these guys have disguises that they like Daft Punk because I'm [TS]

01:16:51   wondering if it really is Brady under that helmet and he uses public service broadcasting. [TS]

01:16:57   Oh I love the bad of the helping to write music about the Apollo missions and Everest and airplanes. [TS]

01:17:03   It seems a little suspicious of history we've never been seen in the same place at the same time. [TS]

01:17:09   Yeah if if you're at Glastonbury come [TS]

01:17:11   and save them if you say me down the front trying my underwear on the stage come and say hello [TS]

01:17:16   and actually I'm just realizing of course you did just sing the song that I had to cut out about the about the slow [TS]

01:17:21   time watching people as well. Suspicions now braiding. [TS]

01:17:26   I'm suspicious of you know this is something for you to think about [TS]

01:17:30   and I'm going to come out with a song about how adorable two our puppies are soon that's going to be their next album. [TS]

01:17:36   That would I think my head would explode if I did that you have a good cover would be blown if they do that. [TS]

01:17:41   I'm trying to think what if they could make songs about that would make them think like that my perfect band. [TS]

01:17:48   I have not seen them live. [TS]

01:17:49   Apparently they put on quite a good visual show their live show but I've never seen them live [TS]

01:17:53   and that's a real that's a real test for a band in my opinion how could that allies say no. [TS]

01:18:00   Because you see how they do it with all the sampling of the Apollo already [TS]

01:18:04   and they have it all preloaded on a computer [TS]

01:18:06   and press all their funky buttons at the right times because a parent I think they mix at life as a select on the [TS]

01:18:12   artist knew like a girl talking and other people have a loaded up on their computer [TS]

01:18:17   and they're mixing it live as things go on or deaf and does the same thing as well. [TS]

01:18:22   So the Chemical Brothers live once [TS]

01:18:23   and I tell you what that was disappointing because I love the Chemical Brothers music that Seriously I felt like I [TS]

01:18:29   would just by sitting up on the stage at their computers [TS]

01:18:31   and then Mazal just pressed play on a quick time playing Minesweeper [TS]

01:18:35   or messaging each other for demanding well has been well I'm really pleased that you listen to that a few times I can't [TS]

01:18:44   ask any more. That's I'm proud of you. I would definitely recommend people listen to you have a go and see live music. [TS]

01:18:49   Now I am not a fan of live music. I'm going to take you to see live music sometime. [TS]

01:18:55   I'm going to hand pick something that I have no interest in seeing live music I don't understand why people like live [TS]

01:19:01   music. That's because you've been saying the wrong live music. [TS]

01:19:04   This is like the album except with errors that make it worse. [TS]

01:19:08   That's what live music is and I have to stand often watched the standing can be a pain [TS]

01:19:14   but there are a few there are a few live music spreads as you can have a superior to albums. [TS]

01:19:19   I admit I do get bored standing around this thing to music I don't like and my wife's more into music than me [TS]

01:19:25   and I've been at gigs where I've just thought I can't wait till this is over so I can go home because I'm sick of [TS]

01:19:29   standing up. But there are a few bands and a few things you can say that make you think I'm I'm glad I saw that. [TS]

01:19:36   Yeah I'm mentally running through my very limited catalogue of things I have seen live and I remember [TS]

01:19:44   and yes I was I was bored or waiting for it and all of them. [TS]

01:19:49   I'll give two recommendations because people are going to ask in the read anyway who I was meant to read that best to [TS]

01:19:56   live with people to say in my opinion and muse. [TS]

01:20:01   And at the moment a pin code or stains both amazing and I'll talk with people [TS]

01:20:08   and read about why I won't bore you with but I will take you to say one of them and change your mind. [TS]

01:20:14   I think this is very unlikely. It's come on it's not it's not like it's unsafe. [TS]

01:20:20   No it's the only thing unsafe about it is how bored I will be. [TS]

01:20:24   You sit and talk to me for two hours about watches every fortnight show you can come and see it [TS]

01:20:29   and I'll make sure it's in London. So many things I don't I don't like. [TS]

01:20:36   Like I will agree to many things Brady but I mean going to see live music is just tedious and it's boring. [TS]

01:20:44   I don't get it I don't get it. I'm not mad if saying that because I understand and you can have some boring times. [TS]

01:20:50   Let's talk music. Yes but you can also get some good ones. OK We will discuss this offline. When you go next. [TS]

01:21:01   All right you know the people are going to want to know. [TS]

01:21:04   Paul Yeah yeah the the white thing we have to check in with the weight. [TS]

01:21:10   Do you want to go first or do you want me to know you go first because you would have won. [TS]

01:21:15   Because I feel like we're like a couple of house husbands talking about Weight Watchers. [TS]

01:21:22   You were so uncomfortable with this. I just it just seems like such and such a silly thing to be doing. [TS]

01:21:27   And anyway let's do it. Have you got. [TS]

01:21:30   I thought it was a great idea when you brought it up and now you seem intensely other comfortable [TS]

01:21:35   but not only that I had today. How much how much weight have you lost since the last protest or to a point to go yes. [TS]

01:21:42   Yes Well it's basically two weeks ago and it is this is not very impressive [TS]

01:21:48   and my weight loss chart looks pretty funny but the net loss between two weeks ago and now is two [TS]

01:21:55   and a half pounds which is not very good not very good too and. [TS]

01:22:00   What's that in kilograms because you promised to do until about kilograms two point two pounds of like just about one [TS]

01:22:06   or the means to me to be exacting for you. So I did promise you that I would do it in kilograms. That's my mistake. [TS]

01:22:13   OK two point five pounds is a one point one three kilograms. [TS]

01:22:21   We're Grey by only two kilograms and I've lost one point one So that that point suddenly becomes a problem. [TS]

01:22:33   I feel like I need to switch to pounds now to try and get that extra. [TS]

01:22:37   I think if we do in kilograms [TS]

01:22:39   and we're rounding we have to call that road I weigh I am happy to call that a draw I think you can claim victory if [TS]

01:22:45   you want because my number there I was going to give you is one point one kilograms. [TS]

01:22:49   So and your giving me two point five pounds. [TS]

01:22:53   Let me let me do the exact math then I feel like this is basically a draw because the real thing here is that we're [TS]

01:22:59   within the margin of error right. [TS]

01:23:00   My scale hilariously measures to the ten thousandth of a pound is the number that actually recorded them. [TS]

01:23:11   Like you know what scale I'm really doubting that you actually measured to be ten thousandth of a pound. [TS]

01:23:18   And even if you think you do the amount of of uncertainty in that has to be enormous. But let me just let me do. OK. [TS]

01:23:27   His unit was going to type for a second because I was I was just doing it approximately a two point five let me get the [TS]

01:23:33   exact numbers here. Going to have the data points on my phone for now. [TS]

01:23:38   Now now entering to afford for ridiculous does of all places it could be it could win your point if you can get [TS]

01:23:46   yourself to one point to say it's worth checking. No I think you're going to win that for one second. [TS]

01:23:53   And what you're not going to I'm not going to win you know going to get yourself down to one point zero. [TS]

01:23:58   Hold on hold on. I thought for a split second I thought you were actually going to win it. [TS]

01:24:03   The overall numbers and the actual thing came out to be to four decimal places. [TS]

01:24:08   But I lost two point four two five one pounds which turned out to be exactly one point one kilogram so we have united [TS]

01:24:18   we have to have time. [TS]

01:24:19   That's amazing I say oh I pulled it from the fire at the end because I've had a very bad couple of weeks. [TS]

01:24:25   Very straight and say I'm unlucky to scrape that one. [TS]

01:24:28   My health chart is really embarrassing because I lost two point I basically lost two [TS]

01:24:35   and a half pounds in the first two days of mediately game back then have been slowly trying to crawl on my way back [TS]

01:24:44   down. [TS]

01:24:45   But those [TS]

01:24:46   but those first two days I was like This is awesome I'm going to lose all of the weight by the time slot comes around [TS]

01:24:54   and then I don't even know what happened [TS]

01:24:56   but all of a sudden it's like back up back up like you know you ate a cheeseburger once like Apparently the [TS]

01:25:03   cheeseburger and everything everything is going right back and then the weight loss was super slow. [TS]

01:25:08   I had a whole list of excuses ready for when you kick my butt [TS]

01:25:11   and so I'm really surprised that we turned this was this was not impressive. [TS]

01:25:16   I mean I thought in traveling I've had my time my sister came to stay [TS]

01:25:20   and I had to take her out to restaurants something might happen. [TS]

01:25:23   I thought him pretty know what Eva This is this is the funny thing is I was also getting ready to be like let me let me [TS]

01:25:28   explain all the reasons why I have [TS]

01:25:33   and I do I will say that the one the one thing that I have always known that is my problem is that the busier I get the [TS]

01:25:41   harder I find to keep track of this health stuff and I have been. You've been a busy boy. [TS]

01:25:48   I have been unusually busy lately [TS]

01:25:50   and my problem is always that if I get really busy I find that some part of my brain just doesn't pay any attention [TS]

01:25:58   anymore to what I'm eating. [TS]

01:26:00   Just like Oh did I say oh yeah we were we were operating on autopilot and we just ate a bunch of crap. [TS]

01:26:06   OK I guess that's what happened. Brain. Yeah don't worry about it you're busy working on stuff. [TS]

01:26:11   So that is that is always that is always my my problem [TS]

01:26:15   and I am finding reasonably good sticking to my calorie counting. I think that's helping me. [TS]

01:26:20   I am looking at the numbers going in. Even when I'm being a bit naughty I'm not doing as well as I should. [TS]

01:26:25   Anyway this is where I am I am terrible about it because I make an attempt to calorie count [TS]

01:26:29   but God do I hate doing it and I'm so inconsistent about it. [TS]

01:26:33   So you'd laugh that everybody thinks that I would be all over the calorie counting and my dinner. [TS]

01:26:37   My brain just rebels against it I find it interesting. [TS]

01:26:41   Here's the thing even though my diet is relatively consistent it's not like one of the problems of calorie counting is [TS]

01:26:48   that you go to a restaurant right and they serve us a meal [TS]

01:26:51   and then you're just wildly speculating about what the heck the amounts of various things are in the meals. [TS]

01:26:57   My life isn't like that. [TS]

01:26:58   My life is very regular It's very consistent so it's not even like I have to expend mental effort to try to calculate. [TS]

01:27:05   I just need to press a button that says yes I eat the same breakfast that a few other day [TS]

01:27:10   or yes I had one of my five normal snacks this time [TS]

01:27:15   but for some reason I just can't bring myself to do this consistently. I find it almost impossible. [TS]

01:27:21   Like if I am really good on one day with recording everything in my calorie tracker it raises the probability for one [TS]

01:27:28   hundred percent that I'm going to be just crap about it the next day. [TS]

01:27:32   It's I am I don't know why I am just unable to do this in a way and I really want to but I just I can't. [TS]

01:27:40   It's really hard for me. [TS]

01:27:41   You don't worry about the accuracy so much [TS]

01:27:43   but about much I hope is the way I just want to put the products into though I spot numbers in so I just put two [TS]

01:27:49   hundred fifty breakfasts two hundred fifty that that sandwich and I look at the box [TS]

01:27:56   and it was about four hundred plus I had some that so I'm going to put six hundred on. [TS]

01:28:00   And and just slightly overestimate to say you don't shape them and just put rough numbers in [TS]

01:28:05   and then you won't get all funny about it. [TS]

01:28:07   So I am using this app which I really like which is called Life some [TS]

01:28:09   and I can I can pre-build in the meals that I normally eat [TS]

01:28:13   and I have already gone through the trouble of pre building in the meals that I normally eat. [TS]

01:28:17   So they're they're all I need to do is just press the button that says record that I had normal breakfast [TS]

01:28:22   and something something in my brain rebelled against this and finds it tedious beyond belief [TS]

01:28:27   and I am shocked at this behavior of my own. It's so counter to almost everything else that I do. [TS]

01:28:35   And first for some reason the Calorie counting is I just can't I just can't bear it. [TS]

01:28:41   It's interesting and I don't understand it anyway. So there is our There's our update for the people who want to know. [TS]

01:28:49   Here we go. So an article should chess they in the Olympics. [TS]

01:28:56   What's your opinion on that because you know every few years they were serving for years [TS]

01:29:01   but every Olympics say they check in a few new sports and demonstration sports and things like that [TS]

01:29:06   and there's a few sports people are mumbling about at the moment for a future Olympics and chess has come up [TS]

01:29:12   and I'm a bit obsessed with chess. I'm not at all. [TS]

01:29:17   Anyone with any experience playing chess would want to flow with me [TS]

01:29:23   but I'm just obsessed with it as like the culture of chess and the mystique and the stories [TS]

01:29:27   and it's just it's just again it fascinates me. It's a hoax. [TS]

01:29:30   I love reading books about chess and Bobby Fischer I've talked about it before. [TS]

01:29:34   So when I when I was sore [TS]

01:29:36   and I know that you used to be a kind of chess didn't you back in it back in the day I was one of those nerds who was [TS]

01:29:41   on the chess club. That's an honor that I was in high school. [TS]

01:29:45   So what do you think what would you think if it was announced that chess was under consideration for the winter games. [TS]

01:29:51   Well aren't there already a bunch of just weird sports in the Olympics. Yeah all of them now. [TS]

01:30:00   I would describe as purely mental. [TS]

01:30:03   All of them no matter what you think about them I would say has a physical component to them. [TS]

01:30:09   Even even if it's something like you know shooting with a plate with people is quite stationary [TS]

01:30:15   and sometimes don't look like amazing specimens. It's still it's still a physical thing they're doing. [TS]

01:30:22   Chess is chess is different in that you can't moving pieces on a board as physical activity [TS]

01:30:27   but it's not how the other pieces. Yeah so I think chess would be a departure. [TS]

01:30:33   I can't think of another sport currently in the Olympics that is comparable to chess. [TS]

01:30:38   I'm looking at the list and I basically just googled for weird Olympic sports [TS]

01:30:43   and they have the ones from the twenty twelve London Olympics and you know you're right. [TS]

01:30:49   Shooting weight what's duress itch. [TS]

01:30:53   I don't know what dresses dressage is horses it's collective sort of dancing horses in a way just out of your size [TS]

01:31:01   and your size even that physical they have the speed walking which Henry did an excellent video on for the twenty five [TS]

01:31:08   Olympics which was good. Think of the show notes. [TS]

01:31:11   I used to be pretty good at that speed walking that's a little athletics [TS]

01:31:16   and I once got the state qualifying time in Beijing [TS]

01:31:20   and if I got a second time I would have gone to the state championships. [TS]

01:31:23   But you would have just failed on a more glorious stage had to take exactly my second attempt to get a qualifying time [TS]

01:31:31   was really hot it up and then I failed. You are correct. [TS]

01:31:35   Even the weird ones trampoline is on here trampoline for some reason there are some kind of physical thing. [TS]

01:31:41   Look at the Olympic motor is faster higher stronger than I could have liked faster maybe could get a chance maybe you [TS]

01:31:51   could have a pretty onerous clock on the maybe your speed test is really fun. [TS]

01:31:56   Speed is very fun and that is that is the most enjoy. [TS]

01:32:00   We have a way to play a game of chess but I don't know I feel like the Olympics are just so arbitrary. [TS]

01:32:07   Anyway I can't get worked up about this if they would say oh yes we're going to put chess in the Olympics [TS]

01:32:11   and we are fine. [TS]

01:32:12   Whatever it is all all of these sports stars are arbitrary assumptions and limits what difference does this one make. [TS]

01:32:20   I think it would diminish the Olympics if they make chess a sport in pics [TS]

01:32:25   and I love chess so I don't think I'm anti chess. [TS]

01:32:28   Why would it diminish the Olympics though it just doesn't feel right it isn't doesn't feel like the Olympics don't get [TS]

01:32:33   me wrong some of the other sports that have been getting into the big from time to time have been pretty questionable [TS]

01:32:38   in my opinion as well. Chess would be just as over the line. [TS]

01:32:42   It's a it's a bridge too but I don't know I just wonder what you think and it sounds like you're indifferent. [TS]

01:32:50   Well I guess I just it all sports seem really arbitrary to me. [TS]

01:32:53   I mean even even the thing can sound awful even though things like when when they go at least X. [TS]

01:33:00   Is in trouble because they used steroids to compete in the sport. I often think why are steroids not allowed. [TS]

01:33:07   Are we trying to see what can you push the human body to the absolute maximum I understand why steroids aren't allowed [TS]

01:33:14   if that's what we're going forward trying to see how fast can a man run around in little circles. [TS]

01:33:18   Yeah you know what why aren't steroids allowed. Well I can think of two reasons but yeah. [TS]

01:33:24   Well one is it could become an arms race of sorts and it would come down to of course a race of technology [TS]

01:33:31   and you could argue like it's like that now with training methods but one race [TS]

01:33:35   and that's exactly what I would say the second reason I think is the safety of their competitors. [TS]

01:33:40   If you open those floodgates they will stop pushing them to themselves to very limits [TS]

01:33:45   and people will start dying for their pursuit of limbic meadows [TS]

01:33:48   and I don't think we should have rules for carriage that I have to end the argument. [TS]

01:33:56   I you know went on being a devil's advocate and say. What you just said. But in reality you know. [TS]

01:34:04   Come on now be fine with it actually. OK What they should do. Here's my plan for the Olympics. [TS]

01:34:11   Listening Olympic Committee we should divide the Olympics into two groups. [TS]

01:34:19   Augmented humans and then it then like a Greek style no augment Taishan whatsoever a lympics [TS]

01:34:30   and with they have to compete naked like in great times. Yeah because you're little you little sport shorts. [TS]

01:34:36   If technology keeps progressing far enough well those are going to be nano shorts you can't trust them. [TS]

01:34:41   So you'd have you'd have you'd have no new just chess you could have Nuge chess at the Olympics. [TS]

01:34:46   Yeah yeah that's right you break chess into two into two tracks one of which is you can use as many nootropics in your [TS]

01:34:56   brain you can you can do whatever you want to try to augment the human physical form [TS]

01:35:01   and can I use the Internet to look at moves [TS]

01:35:03   and stuff you know why not the try to make this the best chess game that's ever happened between two humans will become [TS]

01:35:09   between two computers and with no limits in the two of you are sitting there this is a chess game. [TS]

01:35:14   This is going to be the best chess game that can possibly occur [TS]

01:35:19   and then the non augment to track the new yet the new chess they'd have to be sitting there naked moving their rooks. [TS]

01:35:30   They couldn't they couldn't use any steroids or anything but that this is this is this is my this is my plan. [TS]

01:35:35   I think this works well for all sports. [TS]

01:35:37   You have people on people on steroids for you know running races or whatever [TS]

01:35:42   and then you have people without shoes running races I think this is this is the future for the Olympics. [TS]

01:35:46   All right all right I hope this is implemented. Well I don't know. [TS]

01:35:51   With these with these like I say unsafer and stuff you got enough money anything's possible. [TS]

01:35:56   I guarantee you you get higher ratings if you did this Olympics. [TS]

01:36:00   Many they are and how could you not have more people would tune in for one. [TS]

01:36:05   Make it a lympics of just here is what a human body of an augmented can do [TS]

01:36:10   and then think of how is spectacular the Olympics would be if you allowed all kinds of craziness just whatever you [TS]

01:36:18   could do were to try to make a human. Let me run is exactly right. [TS]

01:36:22   Yet you can you can genetically breed creatures to just be the perfect sports people. [TS]

01:36:30   I don't see how this could possibly go wrong. I think it would be an amazing spectacle. [TS]

01:36:34   It would be an amazing spectacle. [TS]

01:36:36   I'm not sure that the noodling pics would rate it would rate better in a lot of European countries. [TS]

01:36:42   I think Americans would have problems with. [TS]

01:36:46   Well you know Americans that Americans are a bit funny about nudity whereas in Europe it's like you know a sale of a [TS]

01:36:51   you know [TS]

01:36:51   when Americans are a little prudishness Erm yeah you know I was making chess I guess that's where this is going yet I'm [TS]

01:36:59   totally up for it. I want to play naked jazz with you really. I'm thinking of all sorts of code. [TS]

01:37:07   I'll let it go for now. All right. [TS]

01:37:12   Thank you for thank you for that I didn't expect I didn't expect to go down the new chess past [TS]

01:37:16   but hey that's what it's all about. And we go Where do you go for me. What's next. I had a brief question for you. [TS]

01:37:24   I believe all the work for you because on our previous episode [TS]

01:37:28   when we were looking at Isaac Newton's Principia you made a comment that many people were interested in that your [TS]

01:37:34   handwriting is all capital letters. [TS]

01:37:38   Yes you just you just close your little fist around the pen and you write in all caps. [TS]

01:37:44   Yes And so you talking to a bunch of people on the Reddit about it. [TS]

01:37:47   Yeah but there was one comment that you made that you you also know shorthand is that did I read that right. You did. [TS]

01:37:56   You did and I don't. As part of thing and. [TS]

01:38:00   Newspaper journalist part of my cadetship I wasn't allowed to become a fully fledged journalist with my my wings until [TS]

01:38:07   I passed two times I had to prove that I could do shorthand at one hundred twenty words per minute. [TS]

01:38:14   I think it was three minutes so I had short hand training and got faster and faster [TS]

01:38:19   and eventually I passed my two hundred twenty words to Mina [TS]

01:38:22   and I used shorthand through my journalistic career especially in court because you're not allowed to record anything [TS]

01:38:28   in court. [TS]

01:38:29   So I had to furiously take down what was being said in court in my tale and shorthand [TS]

01:38:34   and then decrypt back in the office to write my stories [TS]

01:38:38   and I still I still use a little bit like if I'm from writing things down there are some words that are still raw in [TS]

01:38:44   Tehran [TS]

01:38:44   and if it's just for mine consumption because it's quick a certain word so just to the funny little squiggles to line a [TS]

01:38:51   particular brand of short. [TS]

01:38:52   Yeah yeah it's like a brand that that there are two that I'm aware of the old the more old fashioned one was called [TS]

01:38:58   Pitman's [TS]

01:39:00   and then Tehran became the new bright young thing around the time that more recently than you think it was certainly a [TS]

01:39:06   newer thing when I was learning shorthand and that's the brand I learnt. [TS]

01:39:10   Explain to me I only know dimly about shorthand but is my understanding of it is that [TS]

01:39:16   when you're writing shorthand you're writing down the sounds you're not writing down letters is that right. [TS]

01:39:22   No it's it's a lot more along the lines of letters and words every letter has a shortened form. [TS]

01:39:31   And then those letters can join together in various ways and then [TS]

01:39:34   and then certain combinations of letters can be shortened [TS]

01:39:38   and then other words can be shortened then everything becomes more and more condensed. [TS]

01:39:43   I was never particularly good at some of my fellow I could us were very very talented I got some insane spades. [TS]

01:39:48   I was I didn't have an aptitude for a funny story actually. [TS]

01:39:52   I can tell it now because I'm not any but my shorthand teacher at the newspaper gave you these tests [TS]

01:39:58   when you did your hundred twenty. [TS]

01:40:00   It's been a minute test it was a big deal because you know you had to pass two of them to become a proper journalist [TS]

01:40:05   and get them on time so you really want to pass it [TS]

01:40:09   and the examples that we used she would read from that you would have to take down in shorthand for three minutes [TS]

01:40:16   and then read back to her correctly were taken from hand side the recordings of the South Australian Parliament. [TS]

01:40:23   So Little Britain the written transcripts and she had two [TS]

01:40:27   or three sections of hands that she kept specially for one hundred twenty words per minute tests because she thought I [TS]

01:40:34   was easy. So I guess you are left with the same piece of hands to us and you know little stuff. [TS]

01:40:39   If you crossed off if you'd ever done that place before and she had these special ones that she's safe. [TS]

01:40:44   So when it was time for one hundred twenty words to minute test she said are we going to do the easy bit now [TS]

01:40:49   and it was really funny because that the part that was easy. [TS]

01:40:53   Involved a huge argument in the parliament because [TS]

01:40:56   when there's a huge argument in the parliament there's a term that gets written to hand side which is members [TS]

01:41:01   interjecting which means that all the members of parliament shouting and then [TS]

01:41:06   and then the speaker of the parliament says Order order and then the and then someone starts speaking [TS]

01:41:12   and then the members get upset and we get another members interjecting. [TS]

01:41:15   So this is one section of hands which is littered with members interjecting the speaker order members interjecting the [TS]

01:41:23   speaker order order members interjecting and there is a bit of talking in between [TS]

01:41:28   but it's full of that this huge Paani that went off in the parliament [TS]

01:41:32   and that's where you get your hundred twenty because it's really easy to take them because you make all these little [TS]

01:41:37   shortcuts so I wasn't particularly good but I got one hundred twenty words a minute [TS]

01:41:41   and I did use that for many many years and I still use a little bit now. [TS]

01:41:46   I'm looking at a little picture here of the letters in T. Line short hand drawn to pull it up so I was entirely wrong. [TS]

01:41:54   I was thinking you're doing it by sound but there is an alphabet yet there is the thing that isn't mine. [TS]

01:42:00   Is my old Palm Pilot days where a palm pilot had a little special alphabet that you had to write on the Palm Pilot in [TS]

01:42:09   because it wasn't good enough to do true handwriting recognition. [TS]

01:42:12   You had to write a simplified versions of each of the letters and the T. [TS]

01:42:17   Line shorthand is reminding me of this that I used to be really good at writing at what was called Graffiti which was [TS]

01:42:23   was a simplified version of each of the letters [TS]

01:42:26   and sometimes used the Palm Pilot all through college I ended up writing lots of my notes in graffiti as opposed to [TS]

01:42:33   writing them out in regular letters [TS]

01:42:35   and I got so used to constantly on my Palm Pilot doing the the simplified alphabet [TS]

01:42:41   and I got the letter A for example is exactly the same that in graffiti you just do it as has a quick update now [TS]

01:42:48   and you don't bother with the with the across stroke or anything. [TS]

01:42:52   The thing with Taylor I know is that a you're looking at in the Tehran half a bit like [TS]

01:42:55   when you're a beginner you use [TS]

01:42:58   but you very quickly learn almost all those letters you never really use like that they become parts of other things. [TS]

01:43:06   They after this kind of like it's a bit like Mr Miyagi getting you to send the floor in a sense [TS]

01:43:11   and you're thinking OK I've learned the alphabet [TS]

01:43:13   and then later a misdemeanor he says well you know I actually can use that after that [TS]

01:43:17   but it has taught you a whole bunch of skills you are about to start using So it's quite it's quite an interesting [TS]

01:43:22   thing. [TS]

01:43:23   I'm funny really interesting looking at all these Google Images of other people's tail [TS]

01:43:26   and because I can I can read a lot of it it's quite funny but so they go I did a show and I don't do my short handed [TS]

01:43:34   or capitals this time or in person I want to see you write out some shorthand or you have this [TS]

01:43:38   and I have to be very curious to see that outer performing monkey boy thank you that is exactly what I want them [TS]

01:43:46   performing monkey just don't talk to you fast. [TS]

01:43:48   I probably could I could probably do about eighty to ninety words commit now I reckon I'm going to practice my one [TS]

01:43:54   hundred twenty words a minute speaking that's what I'm going to do. Help up when my old U.K. Video in. [TS]

01:44:00   Or you can write that down I'm sure I definitely couldn't do any of it as I couldn't. [TS]

01:44:05   Henry you guys no fracture right there are regular sponsor here on how I went in there [TS]

01:44:11   and I have to admit I'm becoming a little bit obsessed with them. [TS]

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01:44:52   On their website but that's fracture Me dot com [TS]

01:44:55   and I have to say I was mightily impressed it's one of the better F.A.Q.'s I've seen a few things I learned included [TS]

01:45:02   the meaning of fracture which apparently is a hybrid of frame and picture [TS]

01:45:07   and another that I actually hadn't figured that out yet. [TS]

01:45:10   I also learned they ship internationally which is great news if you live outside the USA where fractures are made I [TS]

01:45:18   don't know what I call the making of a fracture like a fracture or invasion Nala fracturing I don't know. [TS]

01:45:23   Anyway I also learned in the F.A.Q. [TS]

01:45:26   All about all the different types of file sizes that you can upload for this process. [TS]

01:45:31   I won't go into that now but it's all there on the site really simply explained [TS]

01:45:34   and I pretty much take everything you can I want to apply it but here is the best bit of all. [TS]

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01:45:52   Simple go to fracture mate dot com And when you check out use the coupon code. Hello Internet. Fifth. [TS]

01:46:00   One percent off that's not to be sneezed at. [TS]

01:46:02   Fracture may dot com and enough thanks to fracture for supporting the pod cast. [TS]

01:46:08   Just before we started to record I was listening to our old podcast the one from two episodes ago. [TS]

01:46:15   I listened to that today as well that when I was at my run out how do you think we did. I deny it was Aurora. [TS]

01:46:26   I obviously didn't like the book and had bit of a rant and you kind of had bit of a chuckle [TS]

01:46:33   and basically it turns out a really good friend of mine is a fan of the book as well. [TS]

01:46:39   Your good friend and I think you're a fan of the book. Another good friend of my band at the book I should say. [TS]

01:46:45   And as he said to me [TS]

01:46:48   when I was having about it he said you had a problem with that book is basically the whole book just can be written on [TS]

01:46:54   index cards. You know it's two or three sentences that has been passed that to an entire book. [TS]

01:47:01   So I found that quite quite gratifying because maybe that was the problem for me I just want to cut to the chase [TS]

01:47:06   but if it's a no not if I like him or not [TS]

01:47:10   but then I thought the podcast was fun I'm glad you entertained by you seem to me you seemed more entertaining than [TS]

01:47:17   anyone that getting things done section particularly at the start when you really lay into me. [TS]

01:47:22   That has to be my favorite thing that we have done the part I thought that was that was just great. [TS]

01:47:29   I really enjoyed that section. The listeners clearly enjoyed that section. [TS]

01:47:32   I just happened to check today our download stats [TS]

01:47:36   and we are over one hundred fifty thousand downloads on that episode so I think that I think that people liked it as [TS]

01:47:41   well. I really enjoyed that section. [TS]

01:47:43   Well maybe I should give you a twenty minute section next protests where you can tell me why the moon landings were [TS]

01:47:48   faked. We need to find more things that you can get you can get really livened up about snow. [TS]

01:47:55   If you do that why the moon then is fated to be like your revenge on a line into my passion. No no no. [TS]

01:48:01   I would only bring up the moon landings being fake which they obviously are simply to get you riled up to defend it. [TS]

01:48:08   That's the only reason I would like to mention those totally bogus moon landings [TS]

01:48:12   but will have to do that next time will do that. [TS]

01:48:15   Do you feel that we have unfinished business because obviously we can talk about everything in the book. [TS]

01:48:20   Other things still nagging at your mind. [TS]

01:48:22   OK So you hear is one of the things that [TS]

01:48:25   when I was listening to the episode I was thinking for first a broader point which is that the longer that we do this [TS]

01:48:35   pod cast the more I have this feeling of how of how impossible it is to communicate with other humans. [TS]

01:48:47   Even then I think this is this is this is a perfect example of we are we are not adversaries are we doing this thing [TS]

01:48:55   together. [TS]

01:48:56   We are listeners who give each other the benefit of the doubt but even [TS]

01:49:01   when we talk about stuff it is very interesting to me how hard it can be to communicate ideas to another person [TS]

01:49:09   and then of course as soon as it gets on the Internet it gets wildly distorted even interest in the read a comment [TS]

01:49:15   and listening to that T.T.D. [TS]

01:49:16   Section to me was another example of this of listening to myself just failing to communicate thoughts inside my own [TS]

01:49:27   head. I will I'm not planning to go through this I'd like a blow by blow. [TS]

01:49:32   It's just something that I have noticed over time with the POTUS [TS]

01:49:36   and I've also felt from you sometimes we've talked about they are like it's hard for you sometimes to feel like you're [TS]

01:49:40   explaining to me a thought that you have made understand that but I have to say I didn't get that from the red [TS]

01:49:47   and I looking at the Red same pretty cut [TS]

01:49:50   and dried tomatoes same like there were a portion of people who just sort of shared my thinking in safe areas they [TS]

01:49:56   thought the book was insufferably boring. [TS]

01:50:00   And therefore struggle to raise it [TS]

01:50:02   and then there was another portion perhaps a larger portion because they are more vocal of people who think the book [TS]

01:50:08   had tremendous value and has done a lot for them what I think has the ability to do a lot for them [TS]

01:50:15   and perhaps they want to know even more about it [TS]

01:50:18   but I didn't feel like there was I didn't see a lot of stuff in the Reddit where I felt like people didn't get where [TS]

01:50:24   you and I were coming from. [TS]

01:50:25   People's reactions were very cut and dry [TS]

01:50:28   but it's this phenomenon of time implementing the system versus time that is working. [TS]

01:50:37   OK this is the joke I always make about you spending more time coming up with systems than actually using the systems [TS]

01:50:42   to help you so I don't think that there is any way that I can give an impression that I do work as opposed to creating [TS]

01:50:52   lists about work there because. [TS]

01:50:55   Because when we talk about something I'm always talking about the systems and the lists right [TS]

01:51:01   and I don't talk about the hours that are spent actually working because there's nothing to talk about. [TS]

01:51:07   It's just boring. [TS]

01:51:08   Like I'm just sitting down and I'm doing work [TS]

01:51:10   and so there's great simple fact we think that's boring is the whole point. [TS]

01:51:15   Well to me that's the most interesting part of your life. But to you that's the most boring part of your life. [TS]

01:51:20   Well but we were coming to this impasse [TS]

01:51:25   but I just think it is just interesting that that there's always going to be this imbalance about like what you talk [TS]

01:51:34   about versus versus your daily life [TS]

01:51:38   and a similar thing the only thing I was I can think to relate this to you is like talking about things on the pod cast [TS]

01:51:45   that either annoyed me or things that aggravate me or times that I'm stressed out and [TS]

01:51:50   when I listen back to the podcast I can see how a person has this image of of my life is being very high strung all the [TS]

01:51:57   time when that's not even remotely the case. But the. [TS]

01:52:00   Thing that you talk about on the pod cast are those moments and so you're always going to end up. [TS]

01:52:05   Now I'm not even in a pod casts in particular talking to anyone in general. [TS]

01:52:11   Does this imbalance between the things that they spend time talking about and the actual time of their of their lives. [TS]

01:52:19   And so with the with the Getting Things Done We didn't even touch on the whole reason why that system works really well [TS]

01:52:26   for me is that I spend a very small amount of time each week preplanning the work for the rest of the week [TS]

01:52:40   and the rest of the week. I'm just doing it. [TS]

01:52:43   I like a chef getting all his ingredients out for twenty five ten minutes and then spending an hour [TS]

01:52:48   or two making the actual knew this. [TS]

01:52:50   This is a good comparison [TS]

01:52:52   but it's also why you can imagine that two chefs getting together could spend forever talking about the preparation [TS]

01:52:59   phase even though it is vastly less time than the actual working phase. [TS]

01:53:06   What I wanted to just pacify when you asked like why did this system work for me as opposed to other things. [TS]

01:53:12   This was the big deal was was creating this separation between working me and planning me [TS]

01:53:22   and I know I'm always talking about like Future Me and past me is this. [TS]

01:53:27   I think it's useful to think about yourself in these different terms of present you future you and past you [TS]

01:53:33   and trying to set up the notion of deciding what you're going to work on in the future [TS]

01:53:42   and trying to stick to it as closely as possible is an extremely helpful notion of I already decided what I'm going to [TS]

01:53:51   be working on today so that when I get up I'm not thinking oh what am I going to do today. Let me look at my list. [TS]

01:53:57   It's already it's already. [TS]

01:54:00   Set it's already clear for me because this is now in my life I usually do this on Sunday mornings. [TS]

01:54:07   I do my little bit of pre-planning for the week and then the rest of the week I shouldn't be doing that stuff [TS]

01:54:12   and that separation is surprisingly helpful to me. [TS]

01:54:18   That's that was that was I think the biggest thing that was missing from the conversation last week that we didn't [TS]

01:54:23   really get to get to talk about long for spontaneity and sometimes not knowing what's going to happen during the week [TS]

01:54:33   or that sends chills down your spine if you like that even the way you're framing it I always find this so interesting [TS]

01:54:39   because you have an edge in that my life is this life of boring gray boxes that are all perfectly pre-planned [TS]

01:54:47   and set up a thing I'm going to open all of these boxes in exactly this order [TS]

01:54:50   and I've decided this is not my experience on a on a daily life. [TS]

01:54:56   It's your question is so far off I feel like I don't even know how to how to answer it. [TS]

01:55:05   And it also presupposes that I am I am able to one hundred percent of the time just just sit down [TS]

01:55:11   and magically work through all the things that I have planned. [TS]

01:55:15   I don't always do that days go wrong things don't go according to plug it happens all the time in my life. [TS]

01:55:23   All right right. I'm aware that you have this suite of programs and software and things that I don't fully understand. [TS]

01:55:31   Made by this group called the group and you've got the focus and on the planet and I'll need a license and a diary [TS]

01:55:39   and whatever I don't know what they're all code. [TS]

01:55:41   Let me ask you this how many times a day do you look at to open an application with only its name on the focus is [TS]

01:55:52   almost always visible to me in some some way. And the. [TS]

01:56:00   Reason why I like it is because I do the pre-planning on on Sundays normally. Yeah right. [TS]

01:56:08   And then what happens is during the week I've set aside times for various activities [TS]

01:56:16   and I have a little list for each of those activities. [TS]

01:56:19   For example on my only focus right now I'm looking at one of those activities is writing. [TS]

01:56:26   So there are times that are set aside for writing which I happen to be times I find and usually productive [TS]

01:56:32   and so I don't really need to look at that list but I do just open it so it's there and I see it. [TS]

01:56:37   That list has on it the stuff that I should be working on right now. [TS]

01:56:43   Well great or if I was following me on Twitter the other day and you [TS]

01:56:47   and you seem to feel like you know live tweeting during the day as this list you are doing with a red badge had like [TS]

01:56:54   some Xin the number was getting lower and lower through the day. [TS]

01:56:57   That doesn't sound to me like a lot Sunday morning planning my week. The eggs and then don't look at it again. [TS]

01:57:05   This sounds like a list with a number counting down that was dominating your day that was the day where I was intending [TS]

01:57:11   to upload to project and up just uploading one project but what I have. [TS]

01:57:16   OK So one other one of the list that I have which is what I was going through that day. [TS]

01:57:20   While I'm not as another listener I have a list for each activity sort of lists within lists within lists. [TS]

01:57:28   It's a flat layer. [TS]

01:57:30   There's no there's no list within lists and I have the writing I have the hello internet podcast I have videos. [TS]

01:57:40   I have errands these these are like the main main lists and so on that day [TS]

01:57:46   when I'm intending to upload a youtube video I can open up the youtube video list [TS]

01:57:53   and I can see here are all of the things that I need to do today. If I'm going to upload a video. [TS]

01:58:00   And so that's what I was working through. [TS]

01:58:02   Now the the the focus list happened to be over one hundred because I thought there's actually two things that were [TS]

01:58:08   supposed to go up that day a video and a podcast. [TS]

01:58:11   And so what I was doing was I was just grinding through basically a long checklist that I have set up of here all the [TS]

01:58:19   things I need to happen when I upload a video [TS]

01:58:21   and I was finishing animating that morning which is why it was an unusually long day. [TS]

01:58:27   But I'm just going through that one one item at a time. [TS]

01:58:30   And I'm not like focused on the list the list is just there so it's like OK I finished the rough animation click I took [TS]

01:58:39   it off. What's the next thing on list OK great. [TS]

01:58:41   Now I need to synchronize the audio with the animation then once I do that click take it off. [TS]

01:58:45   OK what's the next thing on the list. Clean up any animation work that needs to be done. [TS]

01:58:50   Click to go and that's all I'm doing like I'm just going through that thing to get to the end of the day [TS]

01:58:56   and then I was also doing that with some of the podcast which is OK I have the audio the audio needs to be processed [TS]

01:59:01   once the audio is processed you know tick click that box was the next thing that comes up. [TS]

01:59:05   Now I need to do this so that I find that extremely helpful. And that's that's the way that I I use this. [TS]

01:59:14   But the the idea that I'm sitting there thinking about the lists constantly is couldn't be more wrong. [TS]

01:59:22   It's not remotely what's happening when I'm actually working. [TS]

01:59:27   But I do think about on Sunday mornings OK what what's going to happen in the next week. [TS]

01:59:34   How do how does this system need to be set up so that during the week I don't have to think about it I just have lists [TS]

01:59:43   of things that need to get done and I can just go through those lists fast. [TS]

01:59:48   That's the way this system works and that's why I find it really helpful. Separate the planning from the doing. [TS]

01:59:56   You never find yourself daydreaming about who will wonder if I could make. [TS]

02:00:00   My least better oh wonderful I should use a different list system. Oh I definitely think that. [TS]

02:00:07   But one of the things that I have I have learned and I meant to follow it up with you last time [TS]

02:00:12   but the conversation moved away really quickly is you mention the term productivity porn [TS]

02:00:19   and that that is a standard term on the Internet which is the thing that you need to learn to be careful of which is if [TS]

02:00:25   you're just thinking about your system you're not really working or you're not you're not doing something. [TS]

02:00:31   This is the equivalent of looking at pornography if you're just thinking about your system. [TS]

02:00:36   And so I'm aware that a time is when I when I think about how something can be done better. [TS]

02:00:42   This is again where the note system comes into play. [TS]

02:00:45   I make a note of it and then again when Sunday rolls around that's my time to look at that stuff [TS]

02:00:52   and to think oh this this crazy thought that I had in the middle of a Thursday afternoon is this still useful thought [TS]

02:01:00   or is this something that I can just just delete as opposed to like that is not the time to start really getting into [TS]

02:01:08   it because you should still be working now you shouldn't be tinkering with your system [TS]

02:01:13   and you have to learn how to not be trying to tinker ring with the system all the time. [TS]

02:01:21   So that's that's how this actually works for me [TS]

02:01:23   and it is extremely helpful to me to be able to do stuff like this as opposed to just feeling like I'm constantly in [TS]

02:01:32   the wilderness and trying to decide in the moment what I'm going to work on that that I find is not very helpful. [TS]

02:01:41   Does your system have any flaws. Is there anything wrong with it. What's that. [TS]

02:01:45   You tell me it's good for you and it works. Well is there any downside here. [TS]

02:01:50   I mean the biggest problem is me following through more problems with me as a human being than I think there are with [TS]

02:01:59   with. System Really. I got I always try to improve the system because that's the part that you can improve. [TS]

02:02:05   But sometimes I just I'm not working very well or I'm working in a really low productivity [TS]

02:02:10   and particularly with I was mentioned [TS]

02:02:12   but particularly with the writing is always the thing that feels like it is the most out of my control. [TS]

02:02:19   But it's I don't know how to work on those things directly so that's why I focus on always trying to improve the system. [TS]

02:02:25   We talked last time about some of the problems that I have with getting things done in a modern world with computers [TS]

02:02:32   and I still don't quite know how to fix that. [TS]

02:02:34   But my mind's system is something that is adapted to me over the years now of tweaking [TS]

02:02:46   and trying to make it a little bit better at a time so I think it's for me as a person this is the best thing that I I [TS]

02:02:53   have without going into details of me saying it's not my business but does your wife use the system. [TS]

02:03:02   I know I'm nothing mysterious it's just you know you share house with her and I just want to have. [TS]

02:03:06   How has she fits in with. [TS]

02:03:08   Because she's obviously the person who you know you spend the most time with to she use a system like this [TS]

02:03:13   or is she more of a free spirit or. Yeah I mean she doesn't use anything remotely close to my system. [TS]

02:03:23   I know that she keeps lists of things that she needs to do [TS]

02:03:25   but I think she does it in the much more informal way that most people do it where they have they have lists [TS]

02:03:30   and I think I just in a phone or in a diary or something. Yeah. [TS]

02:03:33   And I'm aware that that my that my wife does things that when she's feeling overwhelmed she makes a list of stuff [TS]

02:03:40   and then she sort of goes through that but she does she doesn't have she doesn't have a system like mine. [TS]

02:03:47   I don't I don't know very many people who have a system like mine. [TS]

02:03:52   Does that create friction or problems [TS]

02:03:54   or is a better like the fact that you have this sort of quite regimented system and the person who you. [TS]

02:04:00   Your home in your life with Doesn't To set of a cause problems or is it completely ese. [TS]

02:04:06   No it's nothing but great [TS]

02:04:07   and this is where again I have independent evidence that I am better now than I used to be because my wife she knew me [TS]

02:04:18   just around the time when I was starting to do getting things done. [TS]

02:04:24   I would have met her yeah almost exactly the time I would have read that book [TS]

02:04:30   and I start to put all the stuff in place [TS]

02:04:32   and she is the first one to acknowledge that I am a way better way more reliable person than I ever used to be [TS]

02:04:39   and she is fully aware that it is because I put the systems in place for myself and that [TS]

02:04:45   when she first met me I was not a very reliable person. [TS]

02:04:49   I was not very good at accomplishing things so this is this this doesn't have. [TS]

02:04:56   There's no friction here she is a thrilled that I am this way because she has seen me build myself into a better person [TS]

02:05:04   than I used to be. But you don't try and forced upon her. [TS]

02:05:08   No not at all in the same way that I don't try to foist this upon you [TS]

02:05:11   and I don't even really think that you should read getting things done. You're a King you're a natural. [TS]

02:05:16   I don't think you need this stuff [TS]

02:05:18   and I also don't think that this is the kind of thing that you can forced on another person. [TS]

02:05:25   Someone has to want to do this and that was sort of made reference to it in the past [TS]

02:05:33   but I used to used to work with people who wanted to build systems like this you have to want to do this [TS]

02:05:40   and you have to be the right personality type which is one reason why I will and [TS]

02:05:45   when we talk about productivity systems I can sometimes see in the read that people react in very opposite ways [TS]

02:05:51   and some people go yes I totally understand this like Let's talk about the details [TS]

02:05:57   and some people go I don't understand this. [TS]

02:06:00   At all and I don't think that there are I don't think that that you can force a person to be one way or the other. [TS]

02:06:10   That's why I don't force this on anybody. I just talk about it because the thing that I think about. [TS]

02:06:17   But I'm I'm not I'm not Avengelyne saying oh everybody should adopt my system and not not in the slightest. [TS]

02:06:24   Why do you think people are so fascinated with your systems and your way of working. [TS]

02:06:33   Because I mean you were the first to admit this to you're not a massively productive person [TS]

02:06:39   but I could imagine someone saying Oh my goodness I have to know how destine works because he's so protective [TS]

02:06:46   and he has different jobs and a huge family there's all this different stuff and he still churns out stuff. [TS]

02:06:51   Or I could see someone saying how does Henry do it he's got Minute Physics he's got a minute [TS]

02:06:55   and he's got all these how does how does the Vatican do it. [TS]

02:06:59   He's got he's traveling all over the world and he's making all these videos and that [TS]

02:07:04   and yet the person they want to know about the person whose productivity system they seem so fascinated by is the guy [TS]

02:07:11   that puts one video a month maybe and why is this why why does this come about. [TS]

02:07:18   What do you have a I guess it's a hard question for you to say [TS]

02:07:21   and I would take slight issue with your statement that I am not productive. So yeah I know we've discussed this before. [TS]

02:07:28   You are above average. But my answer to to that is partly why I think people are interested. [TS]

02:07:33   I may just be please let me know when they read it the actual reason under speculating here. [TS]

02:07:37   Yeah [TS]

02:07:38   but I've always been I have always tried to be really clear about it that I I am interested in getting the most amount [TS]

02:07:46   of work out of myself [TS]

02:07:49   but that is not the same thing as being interested in in working constantly I am not interested in working all of the [TS]

02:07:59   time. But I I am extremely interested in when I am working working as effectively as possible. [TS]

02:08:09   And one of the things I think is is a real like something I think about a lot is what is in my brain I think of it as [TS]

02:08:19   as the disease of busy ness and that it's really easy for people to be busy all the time [TS]

02:08:27   and I think some people like to feel that they are busy with work they're busy busy busy busy busy. [TS]

02:08:32   But but what are they actually accomplishing with the business. [TS]

02:08:38   And so I I have very much tried [TS]

02:08:41   and been successful of removing an enormous amount of business from my life because I try to be really ruthless [TS]

02:08:48   and say if I am working I'm really working and what have I really done. [TS]

02:08:55   I have written another draft of the video which is the best kind of thing that I can do. But you know what. [TS]

02:09:02   Like if I open it I've been really terrible female lately if I open up my email lately I actually now have a couple [TS]

02:09:08   hundred e-mail messages that are just totally unread I haven't even looked at them yet. [TS]

02:09:13   And I'm not concerned about that because the best kind of work that I can do is bringing a video closer to release [TS]

02:09:22   which is what I've been focused on for the past couple weeks and it's why I have another video out now. [TS]

02:09:27   So I guess that's why people are interested because I care a lot about when I am working working to maximum efficiency. [TS]

02:09:39   So the appeal of you is that you are a successful known workaholic. [TS]

02:09:44   I am increasingly convinced that I am some kind of freak. [TS]

02:09:48   If all of the people let me back it up I want all of them because there are there are some there are some people who [TS]

02:09:56   are somewhat secretly like me but the vast majority of varies. [TS]

02:10:00   Successful people that I meet they seem to me to be total workaholics like they are working all the time [TS]

02:10:09   and I am not that kind of person that that is not who I am [TS]

02:10:14   and I am almost always like the least interested in working person that I know who is still achieved some level of [TS]

02:10:22   success and I'm guessing that might be why people are interested. [TS]

02:10:27   My other guess is also just just like I try to be really really free in admitting like I used to just be terrible [TS]

02:10:34   and I have made myself better and so maybe that's why people are into this well like I guess story of hope. [TS]

02:10:42   Now I cry I often forget this because I don't spend a lot of time with this sort of person [TS]

02:10:49   but I forget that the majority of people consider their ideal job to be one where they have a lot of free time to go on [TS]

02:10:58   holidays and play computer games and go shopping and spend time with their family [TS]

02:11:03   and to me that's like it's a strange thing and I know it's a good thing but to me it's a strange thing [TS]

02:11:09   and I forget that that's what most people want in life they want to be successful and have a great career [TS]

02:11:15   and earn lots of money and have a rewarding job. [TS]

02:11:18   But I want lots and lots of time to themselves and I guess pick because people are saying that and you. [TS]

02:11:22   And like I have no aspirations like that I want to. I actually enjoy working too much. [TS]

02:11:28   If I have too much time away from work I start getting antsy and unhappy and because it's what I want to be doing it. [TS]

02:11:38   Everyone has that threshold that I can't not work that if I don't work. I also start to feel just kind of depressed. [TS]

02:11:48   Like what is the point of anything. So my threshold for work is not zero. [TS]

02:11:55   I have to do something I will always have to do something but. [TS]

02:12:00   I think most people who have that feeling have it much more like you do where they feel like they want to be working [TS]

02:12:06   much more than me. [TS]

02:12:07   If my threshold is something like twenty five percent your threshold is somewhere around ninety five percent [TS]

02:12:13   but that you do want to be working quite a lot [TS]

02:12:17   and I feel like I can see she ate that need for work much sooner than you can if you were able to peer into our brains [TS]

02:12:25   that is the difference. [TS]

02:12:26   Whereas I I am very happy to to not work and I [TS]

02:12:32   and I really focus on trying to keep those edges crystal clear of am I doing work now because if I'm doing work I want [TS]

02:12:40   to always be working on the most important thing that has the most impact to my business [TS]

02:12:46   and then if I'm not doing the most impactful thing well then then I'm OK Just now I'm not working. [TS]

02:12:53   Now I'm just going to relax now I'm going to play a video game and I'm going to read [TS]

02:12:56   or now I'm going to explore someplace like that. That's how my life is is divided up. [TS]

02:13:01   OK The very next bullet point that I had here which are fantastic you about as a follow up to the G T D which I'm not [TS]

02:13:07   even sure you'd be able to answer this [TS]

02:13:08   but like I would want to know what is your system for working like we spent some time talking about my system [TS]

02:13:17   but I have a suspicion that you wouldn't be able to even articulate what your system is that your system is you sit [TS]

02:13:23   down at the computer all day and you just work. [TS]

02:13:26   I mean that's kind of what I did say that no I didn't say you'd written in the shower [TS]

02:13:29   and I sprayed the system questionmark before I went for my run and it made me think well it's my system [TS]

02:13:34   and I mean in some ways you're right. [TS]

02:13:37   And then I'm very sketchy and I just jump from thing to thing whatever takes my fancy [TS]

02:13:41   and I do have a weakness that you do not have [TS]

02:13:44   and that is stuff does fall through the cracks a lot more with me because they don't get written down as much. [TS]

02:13:50   I mean I put I put all important things into my calendar so I don't miss appointments days I have to pay my taxes [TS]

02:13:58   and things like that. Hello Internet podcasts of course. [TS]

02:14:02   Yes thing which you seem to which you seem to have taken control of in my calendar which is amazing to do with craft. [TS]

02:14:07   But if I had to define my system in a on an index card I would say it goes along the lines of I get up in the morning [TS]

02:14:19   and I do the thing that I'm most excited about and the thing I most want to create [TS]

02:14:24   and the thing that I'm most enthusiastic and things that I'm not enthused by but I have to be done [TS]

02:14:32   and get done at the last moment they can be done and still be finished in time. [TS]

02:14:40   So a cool video a mile of pie will be edited the day after I film it. [TS]

02:14:47   Writers I'm so excited to make that video whereas doing my tax will be done the day before my meeting with the [TS]

02:14:54   accountant. That's the last day I can do it for has to be done. Yeah. [TS]

02:14:58   So everything so cool things go to the top of the list boring things get pushed down as low as I can possibly pay [TS]

02:15:05   without being so low that catastrophe happens which I know is not a good system when you just describe it that way. [TS]

02:15:16   Least the part where you talk about things getting pushed down to the bottom. I do the same thing. [TS]

02:15:22   Things don't fall through the cracks because I write everything down so it's all in my system. [TS]

02:15:28   But I'm I'm much more aware of making conscious decisions to not do things now because there's always an infinite [TS]

02:15:35   number of things that can be done with a business [TS]

02:15:39   and so yes something like taxes definitely gets pushed off until the point when it becomes urgent [TS]

02:15:46   and important like others need to be done now this is a problem. [TS]

02:15:50   That stuff gets gets pushed away but it's usually because I'm pushing higher priority tasks to the front. [TS]

02:15:56   But there's always an infinite number of business stuff that can be done and will end. [TS]

02:16:00   Lots of parts of tasks which are very low value tend to just not get done in my system because I'm making a judgment [TS]

02:16:08   that they're very low value but I leave them in because I want to still have. [TS]

02:16:12   I want to be able to survey the field of all of my possible options and make decisions about what needs to happen. [TS]

02:16:20   But the only other thing that I would say is I have learned [TS]

02:16:22   and I think this is partly just because my projects take longer than yours do that I cannot rely on interest [TS]

02:16:30   or motivation to direct my work. [TS]

02:16:35   That is deadly for me because I will always become more interested in a new project faster than I can finish the old [TS]

02:16:41   one. [TS]

02:16:43   And so part of this system for me is trying to make sure that I keep working on something longer than the point at [TS]

02:16:51   which I am just naturally interested in it. [TS]

02:16:54   But you get the payoff from the moment it's created like that really drives me like if I have some idea for a video [TS]

02:17:01   and it involves a really really tedious animation because I sometimes do those things to take like two days in [TS]

02:17:07   Photoshop or just moving things around the night one of the nights on the board you spend forever. [TS]

02:17:13   Yeah yeah the nights to a video took a really long time to make [TS]

02:17:16   but I was so motivated by seeing the finished product that I would have spent months doing it because even though [TS]

02:17:24   that's boring the the the payoff at the end really motivates me so of course I'm always more excited by a new idea. [TS]

02:17:32   But I would say a real impetus from wanting to say something finished for me. [TS]

02:17:37   Very often the reward is in figuring this thing out right [TS]

02:17:42   and then I have some There's like a half life of interest in the thing which I often feel like I'm racing against to [TS]

02:17:50   finish to finish the draft of the video and then to get it animated as quickly as possible after that. [TS]

02:17:57   But what about the thrill of the reveal. You've mentioned this before and this this again. [TS]

02:18:03   I I have much less of this I think than you do. [TS]

02:18:06   I am I feel much more just a sensation of relief when I put a video up of like oh thank God that's over [TS]

02:18:13   and it is up it is done and now I can relax a little bit. [TS]

02:18:18   I don't I don't have the same kind of like everybody take a look at the thing with the way the curtain feeling that I [TS]

02:18:25   think you obviously do and that is clearly able to motivate you much more to work on things. [TS]

02:18:31   Again I think that you benefit from being able to have much shorter turnaround times than I can. [TS]

02:18:36   Yeah but if I was able to figure out a thing in a couple of days [TS]

02:18:40   and then also get the video out in a couple of days I bet I would probably feel a lot more like you do like boys [TS]

02:18:46   and that's exciting. [TS]

02:18:48   But because my my process is just longer by the time it's done it is mostly just oh thank god I have I've been pushing [TS]

02:18:55   the boulder up the hill and I've made it to the top of the hill [TS]

02:18:57   and now it's was you know down the other side it can go and I'm going to sit here on the top of the hill [TS]

02:19:02   and eat a sandwich and watch it roll away. [TS]

02:19:04   Well help us doing the podcast Bain's here [TS]

02:19:07   and because this this doing this protest is an insight more into my way of working I mean we're recording this on a [TS]

02:19:15   Saturday. It will be at the start of next week it'll be within days. [TS]

02:19:19   So this is an example of you having less time to become bored with your product. [TS]

02:19:24   Defun during the podcast different from the videos [TS]

02:19:27   and that was I have often thought that me doing the podcast is way more like your videos. Yeah. [TS]

02:19:34   And even though the videos are my main thing I would say that the pod cast from start to finish is just WAY easier [TS]

02:19:48   and it's way more fun because it does have a much more immediate reward [TS]

02:19:54   and I find myself getting a little antsy about how fast can I get the podcast up. [TS]

02:20:00   So the pod cast has been a really interesting experience for me to work on the other reason why I think it's me getting [TS]

02:20:07   a tiny bit of insight into your work is that the podcast it's Aside from the live recording which I always find [TS]

02:20:13   exhausting but after the fact it is it is the editing [TS]

02:20:17   and there's a there's a way at which I can do the editing at any time and I can really sit down [TS]

02:20:25   and spend a long amount of time going through and editing the podcast in a way that I could never do with writing. [TS]

02:20:33   I have sat down with the pod cast for four hours straight and edit and then I get lunch [TS]

02:20:39   and then I go right back at it [TS]

02:20:40   and I can do that on a weekend in a way that is just impossible for me to do with writing. [TS]

02:20:46   There is a very different kind of work and it has been a really interesting experience [TS]

02:20:50   and I think yes it is is much closer to to your work [TS]

02:20:54   or is at least as close as I'm ever going to get to the kind of work that you do. [TS]

02:20:58   I guess with a podcast like once we've recorded you've got you Clay [TS]

02:21:02   and that's all the clay you're ever going to work with whereas [TS]

02:21:04   when you're writing sometimes you're just sitting there waiting for Clay to photon from heaven. [TS]

02:21:08   And sometimes it just doesn't follow. [TS]

02:21:10   Yeah that's the frustrating thing with writing whereas with the podcast there's only one way things go which is cut [TS]

02:21:15   and the question is what is the point at which you don't cut any more [TS]

02:21:19   and it is just a much more straightforward task and it's [TS]

02:21:22   and they get that intimate it's a task I can do at any time where I am. [TS]

02:21:26   I have learned and this comes back to my obsession with being productive when I'm working. [TS]

02:21:31   That between the hours of one P.M. and Five P.M. [TS]

02:21:35   I might as well just never write anything because nothing I ever write during those hours is good. [TS]

02:21:40   I'm going to write I need to write in the mornings or in the evenings [TS]

02:21:44   but afternoons are just death whereas I can edit the podcast at any old time I can edit in the afternoon. [TS]

02:21:49   I have as you know [TS]

02:21:51   and I've occasionally I wake up really early in the mornings like I don't know why sometimes my brain just says I was [TS]

02:21:56   three in the morning is time to get up and I'm really happy when I have a pod cast that we recorded [TS]

02:22:01   and I wake up early in the morning because like right OK this would normally be a wasted day but I can just sit down [TS]

02:22:06   and start getting to work and it's nice to have something like that to work on. Well you've got it to work on now. [TS]