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H.I. #35: Are My Teeth Real?


00:00:00   I'll just warn you in advance that if you find yourself talking during the podcast [TS]

00:00:03   and then you realize that I am not here it is probably because I have gone into the next room to throw up. [TS]

00:00:10   It feels like it has been a month since we've done this but I think it is because we have both traveled [TS]

00:00:16   and been very far apart on opposite sides of the world. [TS]

00:00:19   So it somehow feels like it's been a huge amount of time since we last spoke to the feel different [TS]

00:00:24   when you're further away from me. Do you feel like you feel a separation and distance. [TS]

00:00:29   There is a longing in my heart and the further apart we are the stronger it grows. [TS]

00:00:35   Without a doubt I don't believe I I don't understand why you wouldn't believe me. [TS]

00:00:41   It's like our souls are connected with a rubber band and the further apart we are the stronger that feeling grows. [TS]

00:00:50   That's how I feel about you is this how you talk to your wife for this much sincerity. I love me more than life itself. [TS]

00:01:01   My wife and I are very pragmatic about our relationship we don't believe in soulmates [TS]

00:01:05   or any of that kind of stuff so no we don't we don't talk this nonsense they are going to have been talking nonsense to [TS]

00:01:10   you so you know I think with all nights I do not they were soul mates now [TS]

00:01:14   but I don't know whether So even if so might exist. How are you doing. [TS]

00:01:20   Brady I'm all right except I just got an insane amount of money to have my car serviced. [TS]

00:01:27   They called me up and I want to change my front and back brakes and windscreen wipers and everything [TS]

00:01:31   and I'm just like Go on do it just do it and then he called me up [TS]

00:01:35   and told me what it cost to take my credit card details and wow it was it was pretty impressive figure. [TS]

00:01:42   Anyway I paid and while the credit card transaction was going through I said Did you wash my car by the way [TS]

00:01:48   and he said oh yeah we're going to watch for you as well it's really clean [TS]

00:01:51   and that made me happy I was like oh that's a rider if they hadn't washed I was going to kick up a big stink [TS]

00:01:58   and you know. I believe a chunk of that money I didn't wash my cabbages because he said you know we have a wash. [TS]

00:02:04   It's like that's right that is it is it is it all right in front of all of us in our Art Of course not but [TS]

00:02:13   but it is for some reason I read the first time I ever bought a car and you know buying a car is a big deal [TS]

00:02:19   and I paid thousands and thousands of dollars This is in Australia and [TS]

00:02:23   when I picked it up the cousin said here's a little something extra for you and gave me a wink [TS]

00:02:28   and it was like a buck and a little power washing kit with a sponge and some shampoo and stuff [TS]

00:02:33   and I was so happy about that and we like our service and you know I've just given this company thousands [TS]

00:02:40   and thousands of dollars and they give me like a two dollar car washing kit right. [TS]

00:02:44   But it's funny how those things work. [TS]

00:02:46   They make you feel special and happy [TS]

00:02:48   and take the edge of the so you feel you feel much better about paying all that money because they wash your car. [TS]

00:02:55   It's sort of I was all ready to be angry and then and then [TS]

00:03:00   when they said oh no we don't wash that cost like twenty pounds extra I was going to go you know it's outrageous that [TS]

00:03:05   because I had I was trying to look at service. [TS]

00:03:10   So if I'm ever selling you something very expensive all I need to do to placate you is also give you something that is [TS]

00:03:18   free and really cheap. [TS]

00:03:20   That's exactly how life works but when you go out and buy like an expensive watch or something and they sit you down [TS]

00:03:25   or feel like you know a sparkling water or a cup of tea and they give you like [TS]

00:03:29   and it's like oh wow this is amazing you know. [TS]

00:03:32   Wow what great value I'm getting this is the way it works with expensive things. [TS]

00:03:37   Yeah I've never come across this in America but I have come across it here that [TS]

00:03:42   when you go to get your haircut they often offer you tea [TS]

00:03:46   or coffee while you're getting a haircut you know which I find just absolutely bizarre and difficult. [TS]

00:03:52   The logistics of trying to drink a cup of tea anyway while someone is cutting your hair that's no good. [TS]

00:03:57   So I always just reject it we just reject it. [TS]

00:04:00   So you're right it is hard to drink table having a haircut there because where are you going to put it you have to put [TS]

00:04:05   it on that little counter that's one hundred miles away from you so you have to lean so far forward to pick it up [TS]

00:04:11   and it's not a it's not a relaxing situation and you're already claustrophobic [TS]

00:04:14   and you've got that big sheet thing they put someone close to you at the last thing you want to be doing is having a [TS]

00:04:20   hot drink and yeah it would be like if the dentist offered U.T. [TS]

00:04:24   While you're like What am I supposed to do with this and I appreciate the gesture I guess [TS]

00:04:28   but I think you're hoping I turn this down just as much as I you know I will turn it down I get I don't know how we got [TS]

00:04:34   off on this but all right yeah if I'm going to tell you something I need to give you something cheap and free. [TS]

00:04:39   Mona you asked how I was and basically I'm a bit grumpy because as being grumpy things going on I've had [TS]

00:04:44   and I've had an accounting tax form filling out God You have my sympathies. Well part of it's because of you anyway. [TS]

00:04:53   Did you get in you get forms for that low internet stuff is that what you were doing. [TS]

00:04:56   Yes I had to say some of that I had to do with accountants and. [TS]

00:05:02   Yes I was just after Spain and they have a group today [TS]

00:05:05   and I was going to say to preparing listeners for Grumpy Brady Well I don't know we'll see what happens depends on me. [TS]

00:05:14   Yeah that depends on how much you help me and how much you work with me on my anecdotes and have [TS]

00:05:19   and how much you work against me with just being silent [TS]

00:05:22   and going I don't understand you talking about what's the point of this. [TS]

00:05:25   Well here I'm going to give you I mean you view a free flower emoji right now go send your free flower emoji. [TS]

00:05:36   Does that make you happy. Do you like that you know well what that work but it's too. [TS]

00:05:48   I'm going to make a little scrape you have a backup. [TS]

00:05:53   I'm grumpy again I can't believe that meaningless gesture work it's really sweet. [TS]

00:06:00   I've made it a screen go over and I'll show it to people. [TS]

00:06:02   Great I knew we were cellmates idea I said we went but we dig down you nobody can I said you [TS]

00:06:10   and I made you back OK I can tell you I mean. Let me choose one. [TS]

00:06:15   I don't do this very often so I don't really know where they are but I'm going to choose one. [TS]

00:06:18   OK Oh I know I said you are going to I'm going to send you this one Hang on let me find them every day. [TS]

00:06:27   That's the Lulu Audrey of Meiji. Oh yeah it looks like at the fox. [TS]

00:06:34   Yeah I've been kind of looks like them it's a kind of color you know it is all a dream that it look a bit like Foxtrot [TS]

00:06:40   and you know we can say that if that makes you feel better yes. [TS]

00:06:44   So let's get let's get follow up out the way and then we'll talk about and then we'll talk about our travels [TS]

00:06:49   and whatever else we're going to talk about. Right yeah. We must follow the format of the show. [TS]

00:06:54   We think that we can but we mustn't go off on tangents. Well I think some stupid pointless discussion. [TS]

00:07:00   A star almost is a format of the show. So we've taken care of that. [TS]

00:07:03   Yet we have to get warmed up and I had a grumpy with flowers you had yet you make me smile again. [TS]

00:07:14   So you are responsible for most of the fall apart and I think one of them is about a skyscraper. [TS]

00:07:21   Yes I know you like skyscrapers and. [TS]

00:07:24   Last time we spoke you told me about [TS]

00:07:27   and sent me an article about the tallest skyscraper that was planned for Europe in Switzerland I believe. [TS]

00:07:34   Yes and I was disappointed because the article had no photograph and so we basically didn't talk about it all [TS]

00:07:39   and someone sent in an article that did have a photograph for the planned skyscraper and I think it looks amazing. [TS]

00:07:45   This is actually something to talk about are you looking at it right now I have a couple of things to say to time you [TS]

00:07:51   head to the tower OK what do you say to the tower. [TS]

00:07:54   What I'm going to say to you about the tower site one is that says here in the article if three hundred one. [TS]

00:08:00   Do you want to make his toe. [TS]

00:08:02   I guess it is quite tough I was going to say that's not total [TS]

00:08:05   but I guess for you if that is too are you just going to compare everything down to to the Burj Khalifa by Cameron I am [TS]

00:08:13   then you are going to be disappointed at literally every other human structure. [TS]

00:08:17   Yes OK The other thing I will say before I'm going to take the wind out of your sails before you even talk about this. [TS]

00:08:24   I bet you this will never happen. [TS]

00:08:26   Oh yeah I look at this too [TS]

00:08:27   and thought this this does seem like a like a concept it doesn't seem like a real a real thing for those who are [TS]

00:08:35   listening in audio form it is basically a very very narrow almost cylindrical glass tower that is designed to be a [TS]

00:08:44   resort so it looks like there are maybe just two rooms on each floor and it's just very narrow [TS]

00:08:49   and very tall in the middle of this tiny tiny village which is what makes it striking. [TS]

00:08:54   And it's supposed to be some kind of experience inclusive Spa Resort which makes it kind of interesting building. [TS]

00:08:59   But yes I agree with you I look at the pictures I thought boy that looks great [TS]

00:09:03   and that also looks like an architect's wet dream that they have designed but will probably never come to reality [TS]

00:09:08   and so I'm not going to give any more of my time. [TS]

00:09:12   OK Well we'll move on then [TS]

00:09:13   and this is something else you wanted to say no no no we wouldn't do it like you do like you very modern sleek glass [TS]

00:09:20   towers Dany. Yeah who wouldn't. [TS]

00:09:24   You wouldn't I guess not a lot to like and I'm encouraged Khalifa's very very ultramodern [TS]

00:09:32   and it's like it's not quite as minimalist as I think your style would prevent. [TS]

00:09:37   But yeah OK what's this next item so the next item on follow up is on our last show you were talking Brady about how [TS]

00:09:47   you have become a kind of a hero a person for young people to look up to for those who don't drink coffee. [TS]

00:09:54   Do you remember this. Yeah with you when you say I like that it makes me sound a little bit. [TS]

00:10:00   Full of myself but I just listen to this like an hour ago [TS]

00:10:04   and yet you were you were describing how young people the world over could look up to you for not having drank coffee [TS]

00:10:12   in your entire life. [TS]

00:10:13   I was feeling a little bit facetious but I think I did say that you didn't sound facetious I think [TS]

00:10:19   but I think you were basically folding your arms and waiting for the statue to be erected to you. [TS]

00:10:23   Of Brady hard as nails non coffee drinker dude but that's going to be a statue somewhere. [TS]

00:10:29   Well I mean that's not something I'm lobbying for but if someone does choose to pay with it I'm not going to stop [TS]

00:10:33   and it wouldn't be you wouldn't have Jack. [TS]

00:10:35   It's not for me to say whether I deserve a statue [TS]

00:10:37   and let the listeners decide how very modest of you I'm not saying I'm worthy of a statue that's not that's that would [TS]

00:10:47   be you know but. No statues have been due for less than men. That's all you're saying. [TS]

00:10:56   I'm sorry I guess I don't wish to start a little Kickstarter [TS]

00:10:58   or something I may I may give them a great way to be in trouble now I think that if a statute allowed Brady Not [TS]

00:11:06   drinking coffee. Look at how it is now. Right yeah. Big cavemen pectoral muscles. [TS]

00:11:12   Well sounds like you've got some designs in mind already. Sounds like you've been thinking about it. [TS]

00:11:18   I'm working with an architect right now but I wanted to say that I am going to jump on this euro train as well. [TS]

00:11:30   Tike I have is that you are right next to you yet because last episode [TS]

00:11:34   when we spoke about being recognised as a regular in the situation when you go into Starbucks [TS]

00:11:40   and they know your order ahead of time [TS]

00:11:42   or in a restaurant where they recognize you as a guy who comes in all the time [TS]

00:11:46   and I talked about how much I did not like it I have to say I received very very many positive pieces of feedback from [TS]

00:11:53   lots of different people saying thank you thank you C G P gray for speaking out on me. [TS]

00:12:00   Half of all of us introverts [TS]

00:12:02   and so I just I felt I felt like I was a recipient of this is well like I am I'm an introverted spokesman here for [TS]

00:12:09   people who just who just don't want to talk to other people in the shops they just want to complete their commercial [TS]

00:12:14   transactions without fake social interaction. I'm here for going to brights. [TS]

00:12:19   I'm here to speak on your behalf [TS]

00:12:21   and to let all of these extroverts who feel like they need to fix us know that we don't need fixing. [TS]

00:12:27   We're not requesting any fixing this is just you know this is just a preference we have that we prefer to avoid. [TS]

00:12:32   So and you were just saying something wrong with sort of public acclamation [TS]

00:12:36   and a statue for someone celebrating the introversion. Yeah I'm not quite sure how you how you would do that statue. [TS]

00:12:43   Maybe the statue would actually be it would be a house and you can only see it from the outside [TS]

00:12:49   and the actual statue is on the inside that would be a monument enter version. That's how that would work. [TS]

00:12:55   Yeah I think I think that's that's what you would want so you don't need to fix introverts. [TS]

00:13:00   We just have preferences that are different from you extroverts [TS]

00:13:03   and that's not wrong we don't want to do something that you want to do your lives exhaust us. [TS]

00:13:08   That conversation did come back to me today actually I was thinking about it at the post office because I was in a long [TS]

00:13:14   line away and it was around lunch time and at the time and not so sort of. [TS]

00:13:20   Lonely people I guess come out [TS]

00:13:21   and go to the post office sometimes for things that maybe don't even need to go to the post office for because I just [TS]

00:13:27   think they want to have some human interaction and challenge it to the people who work at the post office [TS]

00:13:32   and I was like just waiting forever as old person after person told the Post Office woman what I had for breakfast [TS]

00:13:39   and how their what their nephew was up to in France and things like that [TS]

00:13:43   and I was thinking well I wouldn't give for a cup to see G.P. [TS]

00:13:46   Grazing in front of me at the moment which is to get in and out like a Formula one pit stop but it wasn't today. [TS]

00:13:53   Had everyone there they are and how how how real [TS]

00:13:56   and genuine do you think those interactions were how much do you think the post office people. [TS]

00:14:00   We're enjoying those moments you know what I think it meant a lot to some of the people in the line [TS]

00:14:05   and I stand by what I said last time that people a lot of people long for a sense of community [TS]

00:14:10   and that means something to them and while I think you know I had a say in saying it was a pain for me. [TS]

00:14:16   I'm being entirely selfish and I think it's a really nice thing that those people can go out [TS]

00:14:20   and talk to the person at the post office and I still think you're a little bit in the wrong. [TS]

00:14:25   I'm still asking you though what do you think the post office employees think about that you know what I think they [TS]

00:14:32   would say. Isn't she a sweet old lady. Listen it's not like they're getting paid less. [TS]

00:14:39   You know I think I think if I was sitting there [TS]

00:14:42   and doing the drudgery of transaction after transaction I would welcome the variety of someone telling me something [TS]

00:14:49   different or something interesting you know what I did as a job with variety [TS]

00:14:53   and variety comes from people you know going to get variety from just selling stamps and. [TS]

00:15:00   Taking money for people's bills you get variety from someone telling you something interesting or making a joke [TS]

00:15:05   or saying You look nice today or six a nice so dear listeners who work in retail. [TS]

00:15:13   I think you should tweet Brady with your thoughts on regulars who visit your establishments. [TS]

00:15:20   Do you enjoy interacting with the regulars. Do you not enjoy interacting with the regulars. [TS]

00:15:25   Let Brady know tweet at him tell him your interesting thoughts. I'm sure he wants to hear. [TS]

00:15:30   Well it's a very self-selecting sample I'll hear from [TS]

00:15:32   but I you know I think I think human interaction is a is a is a good thing and people [TS]

00:15:41   and people crave it people crave it [TS]

00:15:43   but I think I'm not arguing against human interaction with this as like you I'm arguing against. [TS]

00:15:49   I'm arguing against this kind of weird one sided human interaction across a commercial exchange. [TS]

00:15:57   I'm not saying oh these people shouldn't go to the loo. [TS]

00:16:00   Community Center or some place where they can have a more genuine human interaction. [TS]

00:16:04   I'm saying that the post office line is perhaps not the best place for this because yes it's someone who's talking to [TS]

00:16:11   you [TS]

00:16:11   but they're kind of talking to you because they have to it's not a it's not an equal moment here between person on the [TS]

00:16:18   line and person who is being paid to serve the person on the line. [TS]

00:16:22   Well how about we try and make and make one moment and just care about each other for a few seconds. [TS]

00:16:27   All problems are best solved by just trying harder. That's that's always what I like. [TS]

00:16:30   Not system solutions should see a guy. Sounds like you're making progress. [TS]

00:16:35   I think I've made you grumpy again I'm sorry you got another flower handy to let me select another flower for Brady [TS]

00:16:41   right now. Oh it's going to be different to the previous one. [TS]

00:16:44   Well I want you to know that you are getting a special thought from me at this very moment right. [TS]

00:16:50   But I'm putting a little bit of effort into it. [TS]

00:16:52   What what should Brady have right now I know what he should have sent him this one comes up only what you get this time [TS]

00:16:59   breaking sunflower Oh there you go how did how does that make you feel it makes me feel it makes me think of the [TS]

00:17:06   Fibonacci sequence. [TS]

00:17:07   Tell us where the flower seeds not you sequence is that it is unfair ours are a little virus the spirals. [TS]

00:17:13   Now this is viral on the Internet. Yeah. [TS]

00:17:16   And I hope it's your job to get us on to how many more of us I was going to be required before the end of the show. [TS]

00:17:25   You seem to be in quite a grumpy mood. [TS]

00:17:27   I'm beginning to worry about how many are left actually how many how many different flowers can I possibly use up here. [TS]

00:17:33   Luckily there are a few more in Iowa than you Iowa so yes I have a couple of extra spares selfies autographs what we [TS]

00:17:42   got with selfies and autographs. Oh yes very. [TS]

00:17:44   There was a very small point that I just wanted to clarify again talking about the recognition conversation last time [TS]

00:17:51   and at one point we were discussing the awkwardness and the weirdness of selfies and signatures. [TS]

00:18:00   Someone asking for a signature at that particular moment [TS]

00:18:03   and there was just some feedback in the read it that I wanted to to clarify which is that [TS]

00:18:09   when we did the random acts of intelligent show that is the appropriate moment for selfies and signatures. [TS]

00:18:16   So no nobody should feel like making gray feel really awkward if I'm asking for his picture at a public event he is [TS]

00:18:23   attending on purpose that I just want to be really clear about that that is not a moment when it feels awkward. [TS]

00:18:29   There's a moment when it feels very natural like I'm going to this thing. [TS]

00:18:32   It's like a working event like it's very very different than a situation where I would just be walking down the street [TS]

00:18:39   minding my own business in my hobo clothes you know going to pick up some milk and somebody spots me [TS]

00:18:44   and says OK Can I Can we take a picture. [TS]

00:18:46   Can I get your signature [TS]

00:18:47   or that this is the line in my mind of like is it is it like I'm on it's a business moment it's like a professional [TS]

00:18:54   moment or it's an event is very very different from the moment [TS]

00:18:57   when it's just like oh I'm just living my life like a normal person. [TS]

00:19:00   So I just wanted to be really clear about that that that's that's the line so if I say oh I don't know maybe I might be [TS]

00:19:08   meeting you sometime at a Star Wars event with Darth Vader selfies [TS]

00:19:12   and signatures are just like that is a OK at that moment. Don't feel weird. That's perfectly fine and You Tube. [TS]

00:19:20   OK so I can take a picture with you then yes you can get a selfie with me at that moment. [TS]

00:19:27   Can I also want to follow up on this because all I have heard from some people about it [TS]

00:19:31   and I was going to follow up on it [TS]

00:19:32   but coincidently I received e-mails within thirty seconds of each other which is very suspicious [TS]

00:19:38   but I think it's a coincidence [TS]

00:19:40   and they both dealt with a similar thing as Mike makes you feel compelled to talk about it [TS]

00:19:45   and that is one of them was from someone who heard me talk about sending me e-mails [TS]

00:19:50   and asking me to suggest things to you and there was some apologetics I said a while back I sent you an e-mail [TS]

00:19:57   and I said nice things about Brady. And I was I said you know can you talk to Graham. [TS]

00:20:03   You should talk to Guy about this isn't the way you wanted things you wanted to be fluff but at first [TS]

00:20:08   but I think there was a hope that this person felt bad and I just want to say [TS]

00:20:13   when we will I don't know if you feel this way but I suspect you do and I certainly don't [TS]

00:20:18   when we talk about this stuff it's really just so we've got something to talk about and things we have in common [TS]

00:20:23   and it's a bit of a laugh and and and like you shouldn't feel bad if you have sent us an e-mail [TS]

00:20:29   or you have done something and feel like like we're talking about you specifically and we know who you are [TS]

00:20:35   and we think less of you like that could not be further from the truth and I'm never thinking of anyone specific [TS]

00:20:42   when we talk about this and most of the time it's just for fun anyway and if you all say I'm exactly the same. [TS]

00:20:49   I have sent a mouse to people and they probably have you know it's not been a mouth I've responded to or wanted [TS]

00:20:56   and like I'm the same as you. [TS]

00:20:59   I'm the same as everyone and we're not sort of judging [TS]

00:21:02   or thinking ill of people so I don't feel like you know I have to write to us like it's not like I've got some list of [TS]

00:21:10   people who have emailed who I think a silly billies you know I've I do more stupid things than anyone on earth [TS]

00:21:17   and I'm not judging anyone. We're not talking about anyone specific. We're just talking because we are. [TS]

00:21:24   So I don't even know why we're talking. [TS]

00:21:26   Because we stand up here as a pot going to be going to have to start a podcast [TS]

00:21:30   and I should be clear to any listeners who have followed us from the start we've obviously run out of specific topics [TS]

00:21:35   to talk about [TS]

00:21:37   and so at this point we're just kind of talking about whatever we're talking about basically we've run out of like [TS]

00:21:44   historic things to talk about so now we're just telling anecdotes in real time right through that's exactly that that's [TS]

00:21:49   what this is because it and and also I think it's it's I listen to a lot of podcasts [TS]

00:21:56   and one of the things that I'm aware that I find. [TS]

00:22:00   He interesting is just kind of getting a glimpse into somebody else's life who I don't know [TS]

00:22:06   and you don't know who I know I like what is different about their life [TS]

00:22:09   and I think we were talking about a lot of this stuff because it is just a weird experience to to have like a bunch of [TS]

00:22:17   people who follow your work and who you don't you don't know them as individuals [TS]

00:22:23   and there are just there are just weird and interesting situations that come out of that [TS]

00:22:26   and so that's what we have been talking about with it's likely that we will talk about it again in the future. [TS]

00:22:32   But yes it is it is important to keep in mind that we're not talking about anyone in particular except for Tim sorry [TS]

00:22:38   Tim but I have had that same experience where you're listening to someone you don't know say something [TS]

00:22:44   and you feel like Oh God they're talking about me in particular but it's never about you in particular. [TS]

00:22:49   And and I have to say I would much rather someone came up and said something awkward [TS]

00:22:54   or the wrong thing than didn't come up at all. I would much rather they don't come up at all. [TS]

00:22:58   But that's that's why we're different people. Yeah. [TS]

00:23:01   So I feel a bit bad now I feel a bit bad and [TS]

00:23:05   and I've spent way too long basically just saying don't worry about things you know if we make jokes about things you [TS]

00:23:12   know gray and I do stupid things as well. [TS]

00:23:16   Yeah yeah I can definitely that Brady does do a lot of stupid things like ask people who are not on the plane to tweet [TS]

00:23:21   you especially me I'm very dumb. But seriously if you're not on a plane. Stop tweeting us. [TS]

00:23:27   Here here and that we are talking to you. Yeah. Let me clear my throat. [TS]

00:23:36   Yeah to some extent and Motorhead there was not a real throat clearing that was up and that was a joke [TS]

00:23:43   and I didn't want to do a big yucky Flemmi one because that's just not classy and I'm a classy guy [TS]

00:23:48   but if you need to clear your throat. I did that I used water instead. [TS]

00:23:52   OK I've been a bit banged up till I send nasal you sent you sound hired you don't sound nice [TS]

00:23:59   but you do sound different. OK I'm sorry. Yeah that's probably the wrong answer. [TS]

00:24:07   You're probably special encourage me and say nice and good you doing a really good job. Now you sound grumpy and tired. [TS]

00:24:12   Let me talk about something that will make me happy. [TS]

00:24:15   This is not the start of a new series called Cricket corner as some people have requested and I would love to do it [TS]

00:24:22   but I can assure you Craig would veto a cricket thing cricket thing the sport by the way not the creature right. [TS]

00:24:29   I have to bring up cricket because since we last spoke a stray India won the cricket world cup. [TS]

00:24:37   Oh yeah and this is a cause of much joy for me. [TS]

00:24:42   Congratulations made me very very happy and I didn't talk the Cricket World Cup I have been going for a month [TS]

00:24:51   but I hadn't spoken about it or done any trash talk or anything because I'm so nervous [TS]

00:24:55   and pessimistic about cricket I didn't want to say anything on the record that could be used against me. [TS]

00:25:01   But now that it's all over and Australia have won I just want to gloat a bit and say hello. [TS]

00:25:06   Fantastic cricket how fantastic Are the world champions for the fifth time five World Cups in a row. [TS]

00:25:15   Not in a row but close to it and no other country has won more than two so that's good we're going to be the next best. [TS]

00:25:27   I would say the runners up I have to say the runners up in the tournament where New Zealand [TS]

00:25:32   but I wouldn't say they are the next best I would say South Africa or India. [TS]

00:25:38   Probably the next best but throughout what I want what I want is is that the ratio of wins per population. [TS]

00:25:47   Whenever I hear about sports like that to me is the ref is the relevant thing [TS]

00:25:53   but you should expect that a country like India or China or the United States would win way more. [TS]

00:26:00   Sporting events simply because they have way more people to draw from so you can find the unusually talented people in [TS]

00:26:07   that group that does oversimplify things somewhat. But it doesn't take things into account cultural considerations. [TS]

00:26:17   Yeah I understand like in America I think interest in cricket is probably much smaller than it is in the U.K. [TS]

00:26:22   or In Australia. [TS]

00:26:23   But I still think it's a it's a good metric like whenever the Olympics are on [TS]

00:26:28   and they go America won a million gold medals I think well yeah [TS]

00:26:32   but I really just wanna know how many gold medals divided by how many people live there. [TS]

00:26:36   Like New Zealand winning a couple of gold medals is probably way more impressive than America winning ten gold medals [TS]

00:26:42   for that. I think that's the difference there. [TS]

00:26:45   But then that does lead to the sort of statistical aberration where one freak person wins three gold medals from some [TS]

00:26:52   country and you know I mean if you do that yeah I still think it's a better metric to just try to compare countries. [TS]

00:26:59   So it but it sounds like it sounds like you've India's one too. [TS]

00:27:02   And Australia has won five but Australia is doing quite well so well thank you. [TS]

00:27:07   How many people are in Australia I was forgot I don't know any more either in the mid twenty's [TS]

00:27:11   and I was going I was going to guess around thirty now I have to look it up it was like [TS]

00:27:15   when I was growing up it was always eighty million but it's it's gone way up since then. [TS]

00:27:21   I was sixteen when I was growing up in the population of Australia. [TS]

00:27:27   I was only it's twenty three point thirteen million cannot just say you know if you've let me down to be on the cricket [TS]

00:27:34   as well grey or whatever [TS]

00:27:36   but the first thing I said like I want to stress he won the cricket World Cup I was hoping you would ask me questions [TS]

00:27:41   but I wasn't hoping it would be trying to kind of you know I would be about populations to figure out what hang on how [TS]

00:27:47   good is Australia really is there anything else you'd like to ask about the cricket world cup. [TS]

00:27:53   No Now is the trophy pretty Is there a trophy there isn't. It's a bit disappointing actually but look where to find it. [TS]

00:28:04   Cricket World Cup trophy would probably do it. I'm not a big fan of the Cricket World Cup trophy to be honest. [TS]

00:28:13   Cricket World Cup trophy over the golf ball looking on. That would probably be quite Biggs I think of the Gulf. [TS]

00:28:21   But yeah I have nothing to scale as as a picture and in the abstract [TS]

00:28:25   but well trying to picture someone holding it there are a thousand pictures of this golf ball thing none of them have [TS]

00:28:30   people there we go there's one it's a sphere is big as a human head roughly that seems to be a cricket ball I guess. [TS]

00:28:39   Are there balls in cricket too you know. Memphis ever ceases to amaze me how little you know about sport. [TS]

00:28:47   Just when I just [TS]

00:28:48   when I think you couldn't know less about Spore you say something else that makes me realize how little you know well I [TS]

00:28:54   know they have the funny bats and so they must be hitting something but it never occurred. [TS]

00:28:58   Like I know that the guy throws something [TS]

00:29:00   but it just occurred to me now maybe maybe it's like with the funny tennis one with a little the feathers on the end [TS]

00:29:07   you know I'm talking about a shuttlecock shuttlecock Yes the socket right maybe they're throwing something like a [TS]

00:29:12   shuttlecock. [TS]

00:29:14   I'm going to assume from here exaggeration [TS]

00:29:18   but they are not throwing a shuttlecock then not that they're throwing a ball is like a tennis ball they're not you [TS]

00:29:24   don't throw a ball lead [TS]

00:29:26   and they're not to tell I know I know enough to know that that is a bunch of crap you might use the word bowling [TS]

00:29:31   but they throw it greatly for Powell that throws the ball at the batsman he is disqualified from playing the game. [TS]

00:29:37   Players get banned for throwing the bowling OK [TS]

00:29:39   but this is going to be this is going to be some nonsense technicality that oh if you do it over hand we call it [TS]

00:29:44   throwing and if we do with underhand you call a bowling or something but you're throwing it. [TS]

00:29:49   Here's OK OK here's my here's my question for you. Does the ball it was first what can we confirm at the ball right. [TS]

00:29:56   Yes it's a had let the ball about the size of a baseball. [TS]

00:30:00   OK so it's like a baseball to do that do they roll the baseball the entire length of the way to the guy with the bat. [TS]

00:30:07   OK then they're not pulling it it's not like bowling the same bowling ball you're thinking of ten pin bowling in the [TS]

00:30:15   bottles that bowling is not bowling the throwing it. They're not throwing it. [TS]

00:30:22   Throwing has a definition so you don't throw a cricket ball by the way [TS]

00:30:25   but you don't throw at the batsman a fieldsman can throw out [TS]

00:30:30   but it's in the air most of the time right now as once it passes once on the way down. [TS]

00:30:35   OK they're throwing it maybe we can call this he bounces it towards the guy is not polling I'm sorry I'm sorry cricket [TS]

00:30:43   you're just wrong. It's not bowling. [TS]

00:30:47   Well I have to say we're not going to end with is telling your best rat is trials in the cricket world [TS]

00:30:52   but I did not imagine we would be talking about shuttlecocks and throwing balls at batsman. [TS]

00:31:00   You can't legislate for the ignorance no content. Anyway I'm glad we've established that it's growing. [TS]

00:31:07   It definitely isn't now but it is. Yeah one day we will do a podcast about cricket. [TS]

00:31:15   Yeah that will be a final point Kasparov Yes I have I have agreed at some stage to go to a cricket game with you in [TS]

00:31:24   which I can probably ask an endless series of questions and that might be our friends. [TS]

00:31:31   Do you know why I can't think of anything more pleasurable than sitting at the cricket [TS]

00:31:37   and just being asked questions about cricket that's like my dream day. [TS]

00:31:41   You say this is now my friend but that you have to but you have to be more malleable [TS]

00:31:47   and let me explain to me that there is a difference between like throwing and bowling [TS]

00:31:51   and things like that you can't it's not your job when I teach you about cricket to prove me wrong. [TS]

00:31:56   It's your job to learn to stand. I will grant you that there is a difference between throwing and bouncing. [TS]

00:32:03   So we bounce the ball at the cricket guy right. Yeah. Settled. [TS]

00:32:10   There are different if it's like it's like you don't say that the picture is throwing the ball at the batter in [TS]

00:32:15   baseball is reaching you know you're throwing it. [TS]

00:32:20   You have it you have a you have a name for it so you can differentiate between different types of moving the ball from [TS]

00:32:29   one place to another. Now you're throwing it overhand throwing it underhand. [TS]

00:32:34   So we say OK well let's call that pitching right and that's called throwing what the field is doing [TS]

00:32:40   when they throw the ball to the man on the bases and things like that. [TS]

00:32:45   We'll call that throwing So now we have different names for things. [TS]

00:32:51   It makes it easier to communicate what's happening in the sport. [TS]

00:32:54   Yeah but not when you use a word that has a totally pre-existing meaning to mean something. [TS]

00:32:59   Man I cannot tell you how much you are going to hate learning about cricket because [TS]

00:33:04   and cricket in the sport named after a bug. [TS]

00:33:08   Yeah yeah because in cricket the word wicket has so many meanings that is truly astonishing how many different things [TS]

00:33:19   that word can mane in different contexts but you can you can say [TS]

00:33:24   and like talking to someone who understands cricket they know immediately what you mane. But if you don't. [TS]

00:33:29   I was I was once working on writing like a little explanation of cricket [TS]

00:33:32   and it was the word wicket that has stopped me going ahead with it because it can mean so many things. [TS]

00:33:39   It sounds like a terrible sport I love. It's my favorite it's my favorite sport. Oh I'll watch you if you want a photo. [TS]

00:33:49   I don't believe will happen but I look forward to this this will happen someday. [TS]

00:33:53   You know this is not like going to Nepal this will actually happen. [TS]

00:34:00   So that's the end of cricket corridor cricket into an ER and tell you next time. Hello Internet. [TS]

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00:36:43   Let's talk about what's been going on. We've both done a substantial amount of travel. [TS]

00:36:47   Yes you have been to the other side of the world and back I went to Australia I was going for a friend's birthday. [TS]

00:36:54   The idea was that I would arrive on the evening of his party as a surprise [TS]

00:36:59   and then we would spend the rest of the week having a holiday on an island. [TS]

00:37:03   His wife had arranged for him and myself and some friends. I got to the airport. [TS]

00:37:10   I was flying to buy on a Qantas plane and I arrived at the airport to be told the plane had broken [TS]

00:37:16   and they were using a different client and they was going to be a two hour delay. [TS]

00:37:22   Is this in London or is this empty boxes in London. I haven't even gone anywhere yet. OK. [TS]

00:37:27   But I'm always ultra cautious about my connections because I'm a bit paranoid and stuff like this happen. [TS]

00:37:32   Yeah exactly [TS]

00:37:33   and I was also you know I didn't want to miss the party so I think I'd built in a buffer of you know good for maybe [TS]

00:37:39   five hours. [TS]

00:37:40   Connection you know I mean that's the thing that sense of oh well it's been how long the flight is well this is true. [TS]

00:37:47   Anyway to our July I was like what's cutting farm got on the plane. [TS]

00:37:53   Two I was like we pulled back from the gate and the plane stopped for fifteen twenty minutes. [TS]

00:38:00   Still on the tarmac you know the latest from the gate that there were men in the captain comes on [TS]

00:38:05   and says something's broken on this plan. [TS]

00:38:08   Navigation System or something which is going to go back to the gate and get an engineer on board to fix it. [TS]

00:38:13   We think it's a problem with the computer. [TS]

00:38:16   So we go back to the guy that's going to keep you on the plane because it would take more time to get you all of the [TS]

00:38:21   Planning on the plane and then you know it was an A three eighty so you know a million people on board. [TS]

00:38:28   So I sitting on the plane I put on the Godfather part because I just might go to a film on planes [TS]

00:38:35   and start watching that. Halfway through a pilot comes back. [TS]

00:38:38   Overturns a sense maybe is in the computer because we've replaced that [TS]

00:38:43   and now he's going to have to replace a part a sense outside the ply and so on. [TS]

00:38:50   First thing that occurs here is we're going to actually fixing parts of the plane. [TS]

00:38:55   This is more wiring but putting that to one side because I don't worry about that kind of thing. [TS]

00:39:01   I now realise I'm going to miss my connection. Turns out we were at that gate for I reckon a good three hours. [TS]

00:39:07   Well after the Godfather two had finished I watched the whole of The Godfather part just sitting at the stand on the [TS]

00:39:12   plane. We ended up leaving three or four hours late I missed my connection missed the party. Boo hoo. [TS]

00:39:20   But then had a fabulous time away on the on the better with a nice holiday. [TS]

00:39:24   I also also coming back my plane got delayed and I had but I didn't have as much buffer this time [TS]

00:39:31   and I ran I sprinted to make the connection [TS]

00:39:34   and I got on the plane puffing it was like the song was saying you know just closed you know final call and Iran [TS]

00:39:40   and Iran and I got there and I was like no one was at the gate except the stuff and they let me on [TS]

00:39:45   and I was like oh thank goodness. [TS]

00:39:47   Sat down and then the pilot comes on [TS]

00:39:50   and says a whole bunch of planes have been late today so we're just going to sit here for another arrow so microbiota [TS]

00:39:55   plan so that it up sitting on the plane again. [TS]

00:40:00   If I could have gone shopping and still made the flying experience was unpleasant [TS]

00:40:05   and such a short trip it was all quite near each other and such a long flight. [TS]

00:40:10   So I was feeling a bit negative about planes this week but I had a really good time in Australia. [TS]

00:40:16   Tell me your trip went really well and that will balance things out. [TS]

00:40:19   I have the exact same experience with flying because on our way out my wife and I were going to Las Vegas [TS]

00:40:26   and the plane broke down on the runway. [TS]

00:40:28   Basically I know that you know you're saying how the pilot tells you oh they're trying to fix a sensor or something. [TS]

00:40:34   I always feel like I was saying to my wife on the plane why on earth is the pilot telling me all this stuff. [TS]

00:40:39   Our pilot came on and he was a super chatty guy [TS]

00:40:42   and he kept telling me all these things that I just felt like please don't tell me this. [TS]

00:40:45   I'm just you know we're like OK the plane needs something fixed fine that's all I need to know [TS]

00:40:50   but he started coming on he goes oh yeah we had there's a minor problem we brought in some engineers and looking at it. [TS]

00:40:56   He comes on ten minutes later [TS]

00:40:57   and he's like oh we got a big problem here our hydraulic system is leaking all over the place like the landing [TS]

00:41:03   component of the plane is a big deal we got a we're going to be here for a while and the engineers need to come back [TS]

00:41:08   and later he's going oh it's a problem not just with the hydraulics is with us. [TS]

00:41:12   I'm like why are you telling me this I don't need to know that I don't need to hear this this is not information that [TS]

00:41:18   is relevant to me. [TS]

00:41:19   I don't I don't want to hear about all the various components of the plane that are falling apart around me. [TS]

00:41:24   Right just like has it passed the safety inspection to fly or not that's all I need to know [TS]

00:41:30   and between then you can just tell me oh there's a problem with the plane [TS]

00:41:33   and we're working to fix it sorry for the delay I don't who wants to hear all these details I mean do you want to hear [TS]

00:41:38   that I guess it's I guess you do you probably do like a bit of him. [TS]

00:41:43   Is there anything they could say that would make you get off the plane. [TS]

00:41:47   Well I mean you can't get off the plane at that at a certain point you know [TS]

00:41:51   and I mean this there's nothing they can say that would make you demand to be let off. [TS]

00:41:56   Well I mean I don't I'm not even sure that they that they would but I mean I. [TS]

00:42:00   I have I guess I kind of came on and said we had a bit of a problem with the hydraulics but [TS]

00:42:05   and I'm not one hundred percent happy with that but we're going to go for anyway. [TS]

00:42:11   I think I might not be the only person requesting to leave under under the law I can't imagine ever to stay silent in [TS]

00:42:18   England at least it would just be like oh yeah yeah yeah a lot of lemmings would just say Oh well I am sure I don't [TS]

00:42:25   know why introverted C.D.P. [TS]

00:42:27   Gray would get up and demand to be let off with a you'd be you'd be the You'd be the saber rattling. [TS]

00:42:33   I think if I think of the past it was like I'm not one hundred percent sure about this duct tape job they've done [TS]

00:42:38   but let's give it a go Shelley. I think I would I would really try to get off that plane. [TS]

00:42:45   Because I guess I missed it I missed it last time but I find I find [TS]

00:42:49   when you're flying over the endless deadly Atlantic Ocean your mind just just but I just [TS]

00:42:57   and I'm trying to sleep I will wake up [TS]

00:42:58   and just suddenly think about thousands of feet below you was an endless black abyss of nothingness and you [TS]

00:43:05   and I think there's a lot of water. Yes fission. Yeah. [TS]

00:43:08   Things that can eat you right and cold death by exposure you know and you know but I think that unflat anyway [TS]

00:43:16   but then to have it in addition I wonder if they really take that leap. [TS]

00:43:20   Leek up good or not [TS]

00:43:21   but this is not it this is not something that I really I really want to know about so I'm always I'm always baffled [TS]

00:43:26   when the pilots want to tell you about stuff thirty thousand fake the plane files the endless deadly Atlantic Ocean [TS]

00:43:34   and its body nibbling fish are the least of your worries. I hope I manage I really honest to God I hope you know. [TS]

00:43:41   But what happened then so how does it get resolved. Obviously the plane took off eventually. [TS]

00:43:47   Eventually they took off but we were we were on the ground for an hour and a half or so. Nothing nothing. [TS]

00:43:54   It would be nothing if that my favorite part of this was the air conditioning wasn't working. [TS]

00:43:58   Leo they go we have to shut. Now on the air conditioning while they're fixing the hydraulics. [TS]

00:44:03   It's terribly terribly uncomfortable being in a metal cylinder with a couple hundred other sweaty monkeys all [TS]

00:44:11   generating monkey body heat and I was just trying not to pay attention to any of it. [TS]

00:44:15   But yes eventually the plane did take off and we got there [TS]

00:44:18   but I'm always baffled by the pilot announcements even to even just the normal ones like when that [TS]

00:44:22   when the pilot comes on he's like hey let me tell you what the weather is in the city. [TS]

00:44:26   I never I never feel a need for any of this stuff I feel like they should have the little pilot channel for the people [TS]

00:44:31   who want to hear this they can tune into that and it leave everybody else alone nobody ever need this information. [TS]

00:44:36   It's available on the screens everywhere on their own anyway. [TS]

00:44:38   I don't get what I'm most surprised they tell you the heights they're going to fly at that does same especially that [TS]

00:44:45   same safe no useful purpose [TS]

00:44:47   but does serve the possible purpose of scaring you know the higher plane flies because it's like well we're going to go [TS]

00:44:53   to twenty eight thousand say [TS]

00:44:55   and then we're probably going to then move up to thirty thousand feet later on to fly well. [TS]

00:45:00   I'd love plans and even I don't need to know that stuff. [TS]

00:45:03   I just I don't get any of this I don't know I don't know why the pilots talk so much. [TS]

00:45:08   I just every time that every time they come on [TS]

00:45:10   and I also know that you can listen to the entertainment system in movies like on demand so you can stop them before [TS]

00:45:16   the flight. It's always really annoying like it's always like shut up I don't care that you're about to close the G.D. [TS]

00:45:22   Fray I just want to watch my movie but just does everything have to interrupt the movie. [TS]

00:45:28   I understand maybe if they say sorry to interrupt the movie if you're about to crash. Please get in the brace position. [TS]

00:45:34   Fair enough. Interrupt me then but don't interrupt my movie for all these inane announcements. [TS]

00:45:41   There's too many of them. [TS]

00:45:43   I completely agree and this is why I don't use the in-flight entertainment system if I can possibly avoid it. [TS]

00:45:48   I load up my i Pad with everything I could possibly want to watch because in addition to just irritatingly stopping [TS]

00:45:54   your movie the file announcements are always so loud. Unbelievably they're right. [TS]

00:46:00   Oh I'm sorry I have to say I value my ear drums I can't be exposed to random loud sounds that include your voice. [TS]

00:46:06   Pilot due to telling me about what the weather is eight hours from now in Las Vegas [TS]

00:46:11   and I think dangerously layout I agree with I think the top hand out there is dangerous to pilots. [TS]

00:46:18   Maybe not so much talking we are such a grumpy old man. So you're on your way on we gotta love Vegas just fine. [TS]

00:46:24   We didn't die because the hydraulic system the plane didn't skid to a crash landing in Vegas right then we landed just [TS]

00:46:30   fine but I have additional anxiety for no reason at all because the pilot was just too chatty That was my flight. [TS]

00:46:37   So anyway that was basically you just don't you just don't like humans. Basically you don't want to hear from them. [TS]

00:46:43   You don't want to talk to them. Under most circumstances yes that that's entirely true. [TS]

00:46:48   Do you want to also know why it's because humans cause most of the problems where you watch that air crash investigator [TS]

00:46:54   thing how many times is it a human problem versus a mechanical problem. [TS]

00:46:57   I'm going to bet it's hugely human problems as well [TS]

00:47:00   and the mechanical things are made by humans so everything comes back to humans design. [TS]

00:47:04   Personally I blame the Wright brothers for everything. Yeah that's that what you do. [TS]

00:47:09   It can all be tracked back to them. I'm not sure really works like that. I matter that's that's really the case. [TS]

00:47:15   But you know it's always a human problem. [TS]

00:47:18   I'll be very happy when the planes are just totally automated when everything about them is totally automated. [TS]

00:47:22   Yeah that would be great. You said you said something about security lines you talk about that. [TS]

00:47:27   Yes actually that I could I don't really have very much interesting to say about my vacation. [TS]

00:47:31   I will be asking you about your vacation [TS]

00:47:33   but how do you do you secure your lives if you have something else to complain about I hope people don't mind. [TS]

00:47:39   So several podcasts ago we talked about how the security lines at airports they really need big signs big pictographs [TS]

00:47:48   indicating what people should do. [TS]

00:47:50   I flew out of Heathrow and getting through the security but the sign says Take out your laptops. [TS]

00:47:56   The only thing the indicate that you're supposed to take out and you know. [TS]

00:48:00   The thing that irritates me most is how this comes to i Pads and the most frustrating i Pad experience. OK laptops out. [TS]

00:48:07   We get to the front the line and the lady then tells us oh you need to take out your i Pads. [TS]

00:48:12   OK great so now my wife and I are digging through a bag for i Pads we take the i Pads out and then she looks at us [TS]

00:48:18   and says but not i Pad Minis. After we had taken them out and so she goes those have to go back in your bag. [TS]

00:48:24   Are you freaking kidding me. [TS]

00:48:25   You have to put it back in the bag [TS]

00:48:27   and this is this is the kind of thing that I just like I don't even think that was a real rule I think this is just [TS]

00:48:32   something that she was thinking because I swear every time I go through Heathrow it's different about the five hundred [TS]

00:48:41   sixty four gig minis only thirty Yeah I just I was like Are you serious. [TS]

00:48:45   This camp like this can't possibly be the rule [TS]

00:48:50   but show me somewhere at Heathrow where someone said oh you know we should do. I Pads out but not i Pad Minis. [TS]

00:48:56   They can't they can't be true. [TS]

00:48:57   I refused to believe that that is true of us just probably just an inch size in inches where there's a threshold [TS]

00:49:02   somewhere and that and the many in the normal i Pad strands that's Russia. [TS]

00:49:07   I would believe that if I say if it wasn't different every single time I go through Heathrow I think it's just whatever [TS]

00:49:12   the person happens to think it is it's like it's like the same shows I like that. [TS]

00:49:17   Now those shows you have to take off but those ones you don't write so. [TS]

00:49:23   So it was just it's just a fury and then so we were flying out of Las Vegas [TS]

00:49:28   and we're coming back it's the exact reverse the Las Vegas airport was the worst but we're flying out [TS]

00:49:33   and we take out our i Pads now in advance [TS]

00:49:36   and at Las Vegas they go put those back in your bag don't take i Pads out just laptops is like Goddammit like you know [TS]

00:49:42   you can fix this you can fix it with the sign right there. Let's show you a picture of what comes out of the bag. [TS]

00:49:50   But no airport does this you know are you and it would help but as I have said before people in airports. [TS]

00:50:00   More on this and you could punch them in the face and tell them that they have to get their laptop out OK [TS]

00:50:06   and I would still get to the front of the line and go I didn't know about the laptops. [TS]

00:50:09   But listen listen surely that like the T.S.A. [TS]

00:50:13   Agents the security agents want the big signs there because I'm so aware of how on the line the agents still have to [TS]

00:50:20   address each person individually for the stuff that they just don't know [TS]

00:50:24   and they can't possibly know because there's no indication anywhere of of what it supposed to be. [TS]

00:50:29   And OK So flying out flying out of Las Vegas was like an amazing experience with this curious I can't believe how [TS]

00:50:36   incompetently this is set up. [TS]

00:50:38   It's McCarran I think is the name of the airport [TS]

00:50:40   but whatever it's the big Las Vegas one so we get we get to the airport [TS]

00:50:44   and because I'm already now riled up from our flight out of Heathrow like our security lines are terrible so now I'm [TS]

00:50:50   looking around to paying attention to how this is going to work a Las Vegas not a one sign anywhere no signs no [TS]

00:50:57   indication of shoes belts laptops anything all they have is a video playing above the place where you're supposed to [TS]

00:51:05   queue. [TS]

00:51:05   Now let me tell you how much I hate these videos at airports because there's so little information that needs to be [TS]

00:51:12   conveyed. Right. Shoes belts i Pads laptops jackets and the like five pieces of information. [TS]

00:51:19   But they'll manage to stretch it out in a video that takes five minutes [TS]

00:51:24   and is trying to be funny you know showing funny situations of people I go look at this if you're doing it wrong to do [TS]

00:51:29   to do the videos take forever. [TS]

00:51:33   But Vegas the thing that I thought was great was we arrive there and we happen to arrive at a time [TS]

00:51:39   when there was basically no security line so we could get right to the front of we get right to where we're supposed to [TS]

00:51:44   do the bags [TS]

00:51:46   but we went we went so quickly I couldn't even have watched the video if I wanted to so I thought this is like an [TS]

00:51:52   amazing self-correcting system. [TS]

00:51:54   If there's no line here because people get to the front they can't have possibly watch a video they were supposed to [TS]

00:51:59   watch now they. [TS]

00:52:00   Have no idea what to do [TS]

00:52:01   and suddenly it takes longer it's like the system is designed to make sure there will always be a line because if it [TS]

00:52:06   gets too short the people at the front don't know what to do [TS]

00:52:09   and now it's going to take longer so that the people at the back [TS]

00:52:12   and then have time to watch the video like it's guaranteed to make sure there's always going to be a line is just [TS]

00:52:17   infuriating just to sign just put up a sign that's all I want. [TS]

00:52:20   Just assign the term two things to the last one a week or so that I've spent time with. [TS]

00:52:27   Is airports and and also I spent a lot of time more than I usually do around some young children [TS]

00:52:36   and I've noticed something because to me it's something I've realized that childhood is basically is just like children [TS]

00:52:44   are very selfish and growing up is kind of. [TS]

00:52:48   A gradual process of becoming less selfish with a few little with a few little ups and downs along the way. [TS]

00:52:56   Then you think about it for example there's nothing more selfish in that baby is there you know a baby if it was a mild [TS]

00:53:01   inconvenience mild pang of hunger and just start screaming and screaming until it gets fed right [TS]

00:53:07   and then a young younger kids you know did little little kids a quest selfish and then and then you get older [TS]

00:53:12   and you stop learning a few manners but they're still pretty selfish really [TS]

00:53:16   and I do some pretty you know because I'm still learning. [TS]

00:53:19   Understand their learning and you get older and you learn manners [TS]

00:53:22   and you learn you know how other people have to have a tear and then you become a grown up [TS]

00:53:27   but I think it is the baby is basically like a little monkey when it's born [TS]

00:53:32   and the process of growing up is the process of building layers of self control on top of what is basically your monkey [TS]

00:53:40   brain in the center of things. Yeah. [TS]

00:53:42   And your mom and your monkey brain is always screaming about whatever the hell it wants at the top of its lungs. [TS]

00:53:48   But if you're if you're grown up you you have many many layers to try to keep this under control. [TS]

00:53:53   OK but like that's that's everybody still has that like at the absolute core what I think happens is. [TS]

00:54:00   When he even set foot in an airport they become monkeys again. [TS]

00:54:05   Because they've become completely selfish [TS]

00:54:08   and like everything everything is about getting on the plane first for example which is completely pointless because [TS]

00:54:16   you're all going to arrive at the other end and get off in the order you have to get off [TS]

00:54:19   and the other in any way that people become just ruthless about getting on the plane first or getting this [TS]

00:54:25   and getting that they become very I'm going to disagree with you about getting on the plane simply because there is [TS]

00:54:31   very often not enough space for the banks but it doesn't matter about getting a house arrest. [TS]

00:54:37   OK but the still being so selfish because they become ruthless about it they become ruthless like you wouldn't. [TS]

00:54:44   Yeah OK OK I agree with you but they are caught in a situation that that anyone would do this right. Fair enough. [TS]

00:54:51   I've never it's never been a problem [TS]

00:54:53   but I accept that the better the baggage coming off the plane a granite carousel I mean [TS]

00:54:59   and I I know you know I directed a video about that too with the selfishness of people in that [TS]

00:55:04   but that that is ridiculous how selfish people are about their positioning to get bags of carousels like everyone is [TS]

00:55:10   just grand right up against it to the point where you have to battle through them to get your bag whereas everyone [TS]

00:55:15   stood back and relaxed. They'll be absolutely fine. [TS]

00:55:19   My for I find people's behavior in airports amazing mixture of utter stupidity and pure selfishness and it does [TS]

00:55:28   and it does my head in. [TS]

00:55:30   Yeah yeah you know I don't feel good about people in airports [TS]

00:55:34   but generally you know I don't know I think there are very few redeeming things about airports these days except that [TS]

00:55:42   there's a place you go to get to go to places where they think that they magically with you across oceans Yes you know [TS]

00:55:48   that if that is the upside. [TS]

00:55:50   Yes and for that reason I keep going to them that's the thing that I find baffling talking about people being selfish [TS]

00:55:56   or rude airports is when you see it like. [TS]

00:56:00   Because I complain about the security line and how terrible things are set up. [TS]

00:56:03   I cannot believe it when people are angry or rude to the security agents. We feel like when you have a death wish. [TS]

00:56:11   If you want to get pulled off into the special room you know of course you don't [TS]

00:56:15   but I am I am amazed that people can't keep it under control in the security line. [TS]

00:56:19   I'm so I'm so polite and I must oh my same way I am never more more like turned up my I will be deferential [TS]

00:56:29   and respectful to authority knob right like that that is at eleven when along the line [TS]

00:56:34   or not at all so I will now do you have you packed anything dangerous and you checking in [TS]

00:56:37   and stuff like the people checking me into I'm like those people get those people get lovely Brady Exactly. [TS]

00:56:44   Every everybody is sir or ma'am it doesn't matter if there are a nineteen year old drooling idiot. [TS]

00:56:51   It is yes sir right you know no Sir or Yes Ma'am. [TS]

00:56:54   Sign my bags my i Phone C in the full sentence answers in every possible way that I can write just that the the person [TS]

00:57:04   who goes through that security line is like a part of me that only exists in that security line that a human is never [TS]

00:57:12   alive at any other moment repartees brings into existence to be super deferential then and never again. [TS]

00:57:19   In fact that's how you met your wife [TS]

00:57:20   and she's like you've never been like that since I with the gray I made in that security lot of those years ago right. [TS]

00:57:28   If you have to be different but I am baffled [TS]

00:57:32   when I see people being rude I feel like man what must you be like under normal circumstances because I'm assuming [TS]

00:57:39   you're on your best behaviour now. [TS]

00:57:40   At what point would you stop paying like that like if they did take you into the room would you be like would you like [TS]

00:57:45   to check any other cavities Well you know work. What point at what point you stop paying that differential to them. [TS]

00:57:51   What could they do that would make you the moment you do get taken aside is a moment things can can change very sudden [TS]

00:57:59   the whole. The whole point of being super polite and deferential is to get through unharassed Yeah right. [TS]

00:58:05   But the moment you're pulled aside for harassment is like OK now the strategy changes and now it's time to lawyer up. [TS]

00:58:12   Now this is this is a very different it is a very different moment here. But anyway how was Las Vegas. [TS]

00:58:18   I cannot imagine you in Las Vegas. [TS]

00:58:21   Well why can't you imagine me in Las Vegas because it's like I think of Las Vegas as a place of like fam you don't [TS]

00:58:28   think of me as fun. [TS]

00:58:30   I don't think I don't imagine you enjoying fun I think that's definitional impossible what you're saying there. [TS]

00:58:38   Yeah but this is you you like like I just imagine what most I don't imagine he would find fun. [TS]

00:58:45   What the masses fun fun and Las Vegas is all about what the masses are supposed to find fun. What do you for fun. [TS]

00:58:51   What do you like about Las Vegas. [TS]

00:58:53   I can see where you're coming from because I don't gamble and I don't smoke and I basically don't drink [TS]

00:59:02   and I don't like staying up late at night [TS]

00:59:06   and going to wild parties so it seemed like Vegas might not be the place that I should go in the strip clubs. Yeah. [TS]

00:59:15   I was trying to imply that with the party thing keep it family friendly here. Where do you like them. [TS]

00:59:23   So I I I really love Las Vegas. [TS]

00:59:27   What you tigers and carried around a life I have and I have not seen any of the shows now. [TS]

00:59:33   I love Vegas because I feel like that is a city that is it really knows what it is [TS]

00:59:40   and there is there is no place else on earth like it [TS]

00:59:43   and even now I'm just really just talking about the strip because I think Las Vegas is not like I'm exploring the [TS]

00:59:48   suburbs I have no idea what Las Vegas is like two parallel streets over from the strip. [TS]

00:59:54   I've you know I like I've never been there I have no idea. [TS]

00:59:56   There's just a tiny isolated island that is Las Vegas as far as. [TS]

01:00:00   I'm concerned but I love just the ridiculousness of the whole city and how it feels like it's really true to itself. [TS]

01:00:09   We're going to have crazy resorts that would make no sense anywhere else in the world. [TS]

01:00:16   They go we're going to build New York City inside of a city yeah let's do that that's a great idea. [TS]

01:00:19   We haven't tried again to pyramid just down the block thumbs up this is a great idea but then how do I respect that [TS]

01:00:26   but how does that keep me occupied other than looking at going bust one Vegas I like what you've done other than [TS]

01:00:35   looking at it from that perspective what do you do how do you engage with like how do you spend your time. [TS]

01:00:41   When I travel now one of my primary things to do is just have downtime. [TS]

01:00:47   I don't I don't travel to see things really anymore like I used to I was kind of younger I am now out traveling in a [TS]

01:00:54   very different way which is trying to cordon off a section of time from my regular working life where I can just do [TS]

01:01:03   nothing. [TS]

01:01:04   And my wife and I went to Las Vegas because we do really like that city [TS]

01:01:09   and I think it's a great place to be able to rent a really nice hotel room for relatively cheap [TS]

01:01:15   and to just be able to kind of like vege out and we did see we did see a few shows while you were there. [TS]

01:01:20   What you say we saw a lot of Rev It was like this water that it was it was like a Cirque du Soleil style water show [TS]

01:01:28   that was very it was it wasn't it was one of those things where it wasn't so much about the show itself it was more [TS]

01:01:33   about this amazing theater that they had built to to do the show. [TS]

01:01:37   Yeah that was very interesting because that was the whole center of it was just water [TS]

01:01:41   and they were able to pour water down from the ceiling so it was very interesting [TS]

01:01:44   and we saw how a skull it was called arcana or something like that which was Cirque de Soleil [TS]

01:01:52   and I will I will I have seen a lot of Cirque du Soleil shows because I've been to Las Vegas a lot [TS]

01:01:57   and apparently every single hotel is required. [TS]

01:02:00   A lot have a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas I think that's right into the charter. [TS]

01:02:04   So I've seen a bunch of them I would not recommend canon as people's first Cirque du Soleil show if they've never seen [TS]

01:02:10   something before. And Ethan is my wife really nailed this one on the head. [TS]

01:02:17   So watching the show [TS]

01:02:18   and sort of frowning at it because one of the things they're doing is OK if we have all the acrobatics up front [TS]

01:02:24   but what they have behind are kind of two layers of screen where they're projecting stuff in the background so that [TS]

01:02:32   they don't have to do the set so much they can kind of change the feeling very quickly of the stage by changing what's [TS]

01:02:38   being projected in the back but they also then made the terrible terrible decision on those projectors. [TS]

01:02:47   Also be displaying people who are in Additionally doing acrobatics. [TS]

01:02:52   So it's like you have the actual actors on the stage [TS]

01:02:54   and then behind them they're playing pre recorded people who have done stuff [TS]

01:02:59   but then of course they go crazy because like well this is all on the computer we can make the people in the background [TS]

01:03:03   do anything. [TS]

01:03:05   I was watching the thing the whole time like I don't quite like this but I can't put my finger on it exactly. [TS]

01:03:10   And [TS]

01:03:10   when we came out my wife said that was the George Lucas special edition of Cirque du Soleil shows like bam that was exactly [TS]

01:03:18   it. You play you have to cram down. Yeah it's like it's like the George Lucas trailer for the new Star Wars movie. [TS]

01:03:28   Well the thing that I love is like oh the original they were to tie fighters. [TS]

01:03:31   It would be more present there were a million time fighters [TS]

01:03:35   and the Cirque du Soleil show was like that are five people on stage impressive. [TS]

01:03:38   Surely a thousand people dispensing behind them on the computer is a thousand times more impressive. [TS]

01:03:45   Doing better than you began. [TS]

01:03:47   Well I think I'm missing about a show with one behind the screen [TS]

01:03:49   and it's really good that executive will have them fly through space will have them do all kinds of stuff they can [TS]

01:03:54   possibly do is like no no this is much worse. This is much worse. So it wasn't bad but I would not like it. [TS]

01:04:00   If you've never seen the lay show I would not pick that in the first one to go to Beirut so we saw some shows [TS]

01:04:05   but mostly there was it was like a lot of lounging accusing my wife I would just walk through the casino as I would [TS]

01:04:09   like to see them and try out different restaurants and things but it's a very very very low key. [TS]

01:04:16   Did you gamble old you bet once I did not that once no. [TS]

01:04:19   Did you put a coin in a slot machine I did not have slot machines. [TS]

01:04:25   Slot machines are just too small stakes for me because they just totally on interesting gray slot machines are pretty [TS]

01:04:30   boring so why why even bother with this. Oh I'm going to put in a quarter and I can possibly win ten quarters. [TS]

01:04:36   Wow take my breath away with that excitement you could win the big jackpot when the alarms go off and everything [TS]

01:04:41   but not even open an email the slot machines have that I don't gamble much [TS]

01:04:45   but if I'm going to gamble at all I want a big payout you do sometimes get I've had some big passes slot machines [TS]

01:04:53   and how big that is how I fairly now deny a million dollars. [TS]

01:04:59   Yeah I've had a couple of million dollar ones but I don't like to brag [TS]

01:05:01   and you have a what if what if you have fifty dollars dollars or three hundred bucks [TS]

01:05:05   and yeah it's this is what if you're when you gamble Neath medically you are guaranteed to lose this is how it works. [TS]

01:05:14   Like I always think the casinos they like this whole area is testament to the fact that everybody loses by the like [TS]

01:05:20   it's like this big. ALTER to the fact that you will lose but people still go in and Gamble if they find it fun. [TS]

01:05:25   That's that's totally OK losings more fun sometimes to say though I'm going to go to a casino on some nights [TS]

01:05:32   and run at the very start. [TS]

01:05:34   I did some crazy bear and I won [TS]

01:05:38   but a decent amount of money which was quite young so it would have probably been like a hundred dollars [TS]

01:05:43   or something you know two hundred dollars and to me it was like a fortune [TS]

01:05:47   and I was like oh my goodness I'm the big winner and it's pretty It's amazing you've had you've had a big win. [TS]

01:05:53   So I'm like well I'm not going to lose that now because I'll not leave here a winner so I stopped gambling like after [TS]

01:05:58   ten minutes and. [TS]

01:06:00   The rest of my life is good or not and had fun and drinks and lost some and won some [TS]

01:06:04   and had had a lot for al as had fun [TS]

01:06:07   and I just sat there not gambling because I didn't want to lose my little my little stuff [TS]

01:06:11   and so I could leave happy as a winner and I had a miserable [TS]

01:06:14   and they had a brilliant not say sometimes losing is more fun anyway. [TS]

01:06:20   This sounds like a terrible there was a terrible strategy for an entertaining evening for you. [TS]

01:06:25   I'm about to go out with a bunch of people who want to gamble and then not GAMBLE Well I wanted to gamble too [TS]

01:06:30   but I also wanted to be a winner. [TS]

01:06:32   You know you were just overtaken by loss aversion and you just sat there like a grown up. Yeah that's terrible. [TS]

01:06:39   I remember I used to get the taxi home from a cab right near the casino [TS]

01:06:43   and after one night out I had like my cab fare left and I went to the taxi rank and I thought you know what [TS]

01:06:49   and I went because I you know into the roulette table and put my cab fare there [TS]

01:06:53   and said If I win I get a free cab home but I bet on black you know if I win I get my cab fare home [TS]

01:06:58   and if I lose a war crime is not punishment and I want to go for a cab home. [TS]

01:07:04   As your as your punishment for being stupid is that what you mean yes. Yes but you went ahead with it anyway. [TS]

01:07:12   Worked but that's exactly right kind of that I hate so small stakes so small stakes doubling your money. [TS]

01:07:20   Yeah big I mean the roulette table has got to be some of the worst odds in Vegas that I mean there's one thing I do [TS]

01:07:25   love about Las Vegas is like the systems of it and the math of it everywhere [TS]

01:07:29   but the roulette tables I think is one the worst the worst gambling thing that you can possibly do the odds are [TS]

01:07:34   terrible against you but it's very easy and unthreatening for gambling. [TS]

01:07:39   Back it's very it's very if you're not an experience Campbell it's a very easy one today [TS]

01:07:44   but I think that I think those things are related. [TS]

01:07:46   That it's it's very easy to do [TS]

01:07:48   but also has terrible odds games you need to learn more about you can make the odds less bad [TS]

01:07:54   but they're still terrible [TS]

01:07:55   but it requires more effort on your part you get more serious players going through that that terrible. [TS]

01:08:00   When you take some of the highest expenses pretty it's pretty you know just towards a casino isn't like it's pretty. [TS]

01:08:06   Really that's pretty. [TS]

01:08:09   That's I mean I forget what a deal like the maximum bet is something like thirty seven times your money back [TS]

01:08:14   but if you did you do that if you just do the odds of what the likelihood of the wheel landing on there it's awful like [TS]

01:08:19   they should be paying you a much higher amount if it was actually fair which of course it isn't. [TS]

01:08:24   The two the two things at the end they really kill everybody [TS]

01:08:28   but yeah anyway I still say that those small scale bets I'm not interested that's if I'm if I'm gambling I would gamble [TS]

01:08:34   in the lottery where I can win enough money that I never have to do anything ever again because I'm guaranteed to lose [TS]

01:08:39   my dollar. [TS]

01:08:39   Yeah well that would sound a lot less hollow if you ever gambled all which you don't say I have occasionally bought [TS]

01:08:45   lottery tickets. [TS]

01:08:46   Yes yes that you're asking if I gambled in Las Vegas and the answer is No because none of those bets interest me. [TS]

01:08:51   But everyone every once in a while I bought lottery tickets I haven't I haven't bought them recently because I think I [TS]

01:08:58   think you could you could make a graph of how sad do I feel about my life [TS]

01:09:02   and how often have I purchase lottery tickets [TS]

01:09:04   and those two things those super highly correlated like in my final terrible terrible year of teaching which was [TS]

01:09:12   perhaps the worst year of my adult life I'm pretty sure I bought a lottery ticket every Friday. [TS]

01:09:18   Three Are you sure that I haven't bought a lottery ticket in maybe two years now maybe even since the pod cast at a [TS]

01:09:25   time. I guess so yeah. [TS]

01:09:29   I think I think that that graph would be the case [TS]

01:09:32   but I was a gamble sometimes it's like a going to count that would you like to do your. [TS]

01:09:38   I'll take a fifty fifty chance on just right losing the money [TS]

01:09:41   and costing myself an hour of my life I am sure I do not like gambling. I'm not a big gambler. [TS]

01:09:47   I will I will have a go five in Vegas just because like you know a Vegas baby this is what we do. [TS]

01:09:52   But you don't have to you have to do it you can go to Vegas and never gamble once. Yes yes you can. [TS]

01:10:00   Do that you could you could go to the moon and shut your eyes and never looked as well [TS]

01:10:04   but if you can go to the moon you go and look at stuff. [TS]

01:10:07   If you going to go to Vegas you have a flutter you have a what a flutter what the flutter that's And I think that's an [TS]

01:10:16   Australian ism for having a little gamble but like just a little bit. [TS]

01:10:20   Is it supposed to be like your heart is a flutter is that it's the same word. [TS]

01:10:24   I don't laugh it comes from a letter I got it I wear I don't know what the origin of it is by having a flutter as is [TS]

01:10:30   having a having a gamble. Yeah. Flatter flatter the grand national horse race tomorrow. [TS]

01:10:38   You know having a flutter on that I do not know what this is. It's a horse race. [TS]

01:10:44   Yeah I mean I don't know that it's a horse race there are no boat there are no balls [TS]

01:10:48   or shuttlecocks involved nothing will be thrown. [TS]

01:10:51   Horses go round they're OK Are the horse we were actually running for two or three will die. Reeling. [TS]

01:10:59   That's unfortunate. It is terrible to people take bets on the horses that will die. [TS]

01:11:04   No I hope not that would be terrible as well. [TS]

01:11:06   I remember I'm not a big fan of the bet wouldn't cause the horse to die straight I'm not a big fan of jump racing [TS]

01:11:15   but I was sort of neutral about it until one time I actually went to a jumps race and I [TS]

01:11:21   and I stood right next to the jump because I thought this would be really exciting because I was you know seize the [TS]

01:11:25   moment a horse to jump over and maybe I'll see a crash and it'll be really interesting. [TS]

01:11:30   And the horses came running up to the to the jump and the look on their faces like as they came up to the jump [TS]

01:11:36   but now pulling back and I looked terrified and I was like oh my goodness this is horrible what they're doing [TS]

01:11:44   and as the horses approach to jump I was like oh no please please no one get hurt and they all jumped over [TS]

01:11:50   and I was like oh thank goodness. [TS]

01:11:51   And they went around and did another lap and they came up to the jump again [TS]

01:11:54   and I was like Please please please horses I promise I'll never come to the German races again just I hope you'll get [TS]

01:11:59   over. And they went over and one of them fell over and they had to kill it in front of me. [TS]

01:12:06   Well what a delightful afternoon that sounds like it's terrible. Have you ever been back. [TS]

01:12:11   No I am having a flush on the Grand National tomorrow. Well I don't I'm not I'm not a big jumps racing. [TS]

01:12:23   I do love I do love animals and I probably shouldn't be betting on the race to marry me. Now I think about it. [TS]

01:12:30   Yeah that sounds terrible. [TS]

01:12:31   It was my wife's fault she emailed me and said Pick a pick a name that you like the look of [TS]

01:12:36   and I just look at the names of the horse and pick one that has something to do with the moment [TS]

01:12:40   and I always bet on that one. [TS]

01:12:43   And there's one code tranquil say which sounded like seeing these we have to get to you when did your horse dying. [TS]

01:12:53   Well people listening will know I do you know at the moment because at the races you're right you know tomorrow in [TS]

01:13:01   Brady and greater it's two or three days ago in podcast listener time. [TS]

01:13:06   I hope the Sea of Tranquility doesn't die than say trying to say if it does what are you going to do. [TS]

01:13:12   You can edit the podcast now I'm not going to the public [TS]

01:13:15   and it's I'm going to finish this in the next couple days away the race is tomorrow. [TS]

01:13:20   Yeah I'll tell you if it does and you can decide. [TS]

01:13:23   It went into you know it don't tell me because I was going to leave this in here anyway because you are the monster who [TS]

01:13:28   is encouraging the horse Death Race was a call for a Grand National the Grand National the most famous horse race in [TS]

01:13:37   the country your gift in for the last ten years [TS]

01:13:39   and it's like an institution of a country just because something is the most famous thing in a country doesn't mean [TS]

01:13:45   everybody knows about it there's an endless number of most famous whatevers in a country. [TS]

01:13:50   But like if you met if you met like a thirty five year old American [TS]

01:13:53   and they'd never heard of the Kentucky Derby What would you think I mean our asses off. I don't. [TS]

01:14:00   That is and I'm not American. OK because that's like your job to know things like that. [TS]

01:14:04   I only know about the Kentucky Derby because I happened to be in Kentucky once [TS]

01:14:08   when the Derby was going on I'm sure as a kid if someone had said to a little grandbaby gray name a horse race that's a [TS]

01:14:15   horse race you can name. [TS]

01:14:18   I'm not sure I would have been able to pull that out of my brain before you just mentioned I mean now. [TS]

01:14:21   Yeah I know the name Kentucky Derby but why should why should people know about the most famous thing [TS]

01:14:26   but it really does mean anything I think it is good. What's the most famous car race in the U.K. Well in the U.K. [TS]

01:14:35   You would have probably the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and I can name the two [TS]

01:14:38   or three most famous Ray I can name the Daytona five hundred and I can name the Indy five hundred [TS]

01:14:44   and I can name the Le Mans twenty four hour race like I can name the most famous of things because I think that's just [TS]

01:14:51   part of being like a person. [TS]

01:14:53   But part of general knowledge is even if you don't know about something to know something of it don't you think. [TS]

01:14:59   Obviously not no I couldn't have named that car race [TS]

01:15:05   and I think you just happen to know the stuff because you follow the news more than I do [TS]

01:15:09   and I've never followed cricket. But the cricket crickets a bit more forgivable. [TS]

01:15:17   Because a bit more Naish I think you should be able to name a famous horse race [TS]

01:15:22   but it is this is all under the umbrella of sports right. [TS]

01:15:25   That's what it seems like it was all sports all right all the famous painting or a famous Beatles song [TS]

01:15:32   or you know a famous building you know I think you should know like the famous But I'm not an expert on architecture [TS]

01:15:41   but I could name a couple of famous buildings and I'm definitely no expert [TS]

01:15:45   but I could name a couple of famous paintings [TS]

01:15:47   and mona lisa starry night Jackson Pollock is not a painting with the painter. [TS]

01:15:56   Oh I know I know one of his because I grew up there. Fascinated by the Blue Posts by Jackson Pollock. [TS]

01:16:06   Scream the name of it is that the name of the scream I don't know it's probably probably not. [TS]

01:16:13   OK so you don't know either. You're just showing off. I can I can name paintings to the door. Grande latte. [TS]

01:16:22   I Phone Plus painting that one's very famous. [TS]

01:16:27   Look around my room try think Dr up but I know I know you a couple of things [TS]

01:16:38   and I think it's I think you should know what the Grand National is OK It is the race where horses are the Brady bets [TS]

01:16:45   on them and you should also know that cricket is not played with a shuttlecock. [TS]

01:16:50   Apparently not my my my whole life will be different now. [TS]

01:16:53   Now that I know that piece of information I just can't imagine how different my life is going to be. [TS]

01:16:59   Yeah the next time I talk to you I will know that piece of information and everything will be different. [TS]

01:17:06   Life is not just about knowing what you need to know to make it to the next day. [TS]

01:17:10   Life is not that I agree but there is a there is an infinite amount of things to now [TS]

01:17:17   and you always seem you you seem to think that I should know the things that you know. [TS]

01:17:22   Well no [TS]

01:17:24   but I just can't figure out what the thing is you know except for like you know you have to work on the focus on DAY TO [TS]

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01:20:59   But I think it's time to move away from an official sound effect and this is a recording of us going. [TS]

01:21:04   Did you did you think of the listeners would like that. [TS]

01:21:08   Anyway I'll stop a race if you feel a lack of knowledge of what was right thing to do. [TS]

01:21:13   Hello I love you so much you are back from Vegas and you've been moaning about jet lag right. [TS]

01:21:22   Yeah I am I am out of my mind with jet lag right now I have to admit you've warned me that it was a possibility you [TS]

01:21:29   would throw up from jet lag. [TS]

01:21:30   I think that happens that happens with me routinely wow yeah this is yet another reason why I don't like to travel very [TS]

01:21:40   much but going going west is relatively easy because [TS]

01:21:45   when you go west you just have to stay up later which is kind of easier to do [TS]

01:21:49   and you tend to wake up earlier which is something I like doing anyway so it's fine but [TS]

01:21:53   when I come back to London I am in terrible shape for a week. [TS]

01:22:00   And I'm really I'm really not back to normal for about two weeks. [TS]

01:22:04   This is this is this is just the way it has always happened and people before like closure Twitter [TS]

01:22:09   and email clients right now people because I already know about every app in the world which is supposed to help with [TS]

01:22:15   jet lag. I have already tried melanin and sleep sleep ill treatment like I've done all of this. Right I'm aware. [TS]

01:22:24   Trust me I've looked at so you can close that client I don't need to hear about it [TS]

01:22:27   but strangely there is one thing that always works for me. Thanks nerds. [TS]

01:22:32   So yeah I was looking to hear from those people. Now I'm going to hear from them. [TS]

01:22:35   An email sent to me that's a favorite. [TS]

01:22:38   But yes I just I just react very poorly to this I think it's partly because I just I don't react very well to missing [TS]

01:22:45   out on sleep as it is and what I've been doing now. [TS]

01:22:49   When we're recording I arrived yesterday morning [TS]

01:22:53   and like it takes me a while to break out of this bizarre like Quadrophenia sick sleep schedule that I get into [TS]

01:22:58   when I come back which is. [TS]

01:23:00   To fall asleep for a couple of hours and then be awake for maybe five or six hours [TS]

01:23:05   and then fall asleep again for a couple of hours and then be awake I can't sleep when I want to and I fall asleep [TS]

01:23:11   when I don't intend to and it is just is really hard for me to break out of that and it takes a while [TS]

01:23:16   and I have tried absolutely everything but it is bad enough that I just I routinely do throw up when I come back [TS]

01:23:25   when I get to travel eastward Anyway far enough and I just feel really terrible. [TS]

01:23:29   I mean it as it is right now I apologize to everybody if I've been a little bit weird on this pod cast because I feel [TS]

01:23:34   like I'm in a dream state right now like this isn't quite real everything you know a bit weird it's like is breathing [TS]

01:23:40   real am I real even at this very moment. [TS]

01:23:44   Like my teeth don't feel real like I'm very very overtired and feeling absolutely terrible [TS]

01:23:50   and this is one of the many reasons why I don't like to travel and sometimes [TS]

01:23:53   when you get offers to do like speaking things people go hey why don't you fly out to America. [TS]

01:24:00   You know you can you can do like a talk at this thing for a weekend [TS]

01:24:04   and always I have to do the mental calculation of oh yes it would be a day to do this thing. [TS]

01:24:09   Plus two additional weeks of terror or figuring out if my teeth are real. Yeah yeah. [TS]

01:24:14   Plus two additional weeks of feeling awful and wondering if my teeth are real yes that's for sure. [TS]

01:24:21   It is it is awful and because I know this like when we've done when we did the random acts thing [TS]

01:24:27   or the couple of You Tube conferences that we've done because those are events where I have to be like a normal sane [TS]

01:24:35   person and going west is easier [TS]

01:24:37   but even then I always try to schedule it so that I if I can I visit my parents on the East Coast for maybe a week to [TS]

01:24:45   like adjust to the time change. [TS]

01:24:47   Before then going on because like if I had constrained from London to Alabama I would have been hallucinating by the [TS]

01:24:54   time the show came out especially with destines crazy schedule. [TS]

01:24:57   So any any time I travel if it's really important I have to do I have to do it in like little stages. [TS]

01:25:02   Otherwise I just feel awful. [TS]

01:25:04   So I'm not expecting to be very productive for the next week like I was trying to get this podcast out [TS]

01:25:10   and that's like my One Goal for the next several days is can you as a podcast. [TS]

01:25:14   I think I can do that [TS]

01:25:16   but I'm not I'm not back into my normal writing working schedule just yet I don't know you know how it is now I am not [TS]

01:25:22   hard as nails. I am not like you because you you fly to Nepal and. [TS]

01:25:28   Get right up in the morning and hunt down an antelope [TS]

01:25:31   and it's going to need it with your bare hands would you do that how you travel. [TS]

01:25:35   I the only part that I don't like the sound of his morning. [TS]

01:25:39   I'm I'm not a morning person no matter whether or not they are a pain. [TS]

01:25:43   I went to the afternoon to skin my antelopes right in awestruck because [TS]

01:25:47   when you go into Australia you're traveling east yet maybe it's so it's so far around I don't know how I mean I think [TS]

01:25:55   it's so far around that it doesn't count anymore that doesn't make any difference and. [TS]

01:26:00   Because when you talk about I'm going to go to a friend's birthday party in Australia. [TS]

01:26:04   All I can think about is is clearly talking about my wife or this before [TS]

01:26:08   but oh what if we ever want to go to New Zealand someday [TS]

01:26:11   and I'm immediately trying to plan out how we can strategically move time zones a day at a time to get to it to get to [TS]

01:26:18   New Zealand it's like OK here's how we're going to do it we're going to travel west to the west the east coast of the [TS]

01:26:24   United States for a couple days then the west coast then we'll go to Hawaii and then maybe we'll go to New Zealand [TS]

01:26:29   and that's the only way I could do it without just losing my mind. [TS]

01:26:32   Have you been to Australia I've never been to Australia I have never been to New Zealand. [TS]

01:26:36   Well why you know how did you get a start here I was just mentioning Zealand because I've been on our travels for quite [TS]

01:26:42   a while. Why Australian on your list. It's full of spiders and like a big empty desert. [TS]

01:26:50   That is an accurate bite in the desert I love and I love I love the desert. [TS]

01:26:55   I think about it before my favorite part of America the American Southwest. [TS]

01:26:58   What does Australia have that is better than the American Southwest and don't tell me the Iraq strategy [TS]

01:27:04   and I know lots of Australians here. When I don't I don't know this later. [TS]

01:27:11   I don't need to go to Australia to talk to Australians. [TS]

01:27:14   Every school I've ever worked in is filled with Australians putting everything I want to ask you though you talk this [TS]

01:27:20   is Talk of the train all the time. They got a move on a selling point. [TS]

01:27:25   Let's move on before you upset me and if you upset me you upset your mom you can hold this over me all the time. [TS]

01:27:32   I'm going to try. Let's move on to some topics I think I think. [TS]

01:27:38   After an hour and a half we've done the follow up catch up [TS]

01:27:40   and actually talk about stuff we have we not I don't even know what we're doing anymore. [TS]

01:27:45   Where am I cry just listen to me. Are you ready. Yeah OK Your teeth are real. I swear to god I feel like they're not. [TS]

01:27:56   Feel all fuzzy. I thought I didn't want to talk about this too. We have to talk about this for a few reasons. [TS]

01:28:02   OK Well it is and that is the Apple Watch. I feel that we have to talk about the Apple Watch them. [TS]

01:28:06   The main reason being I think it wakes the landscape will have changed [TS]

01:28:11   and the things I'm thinking now might not be things anymore [TS]

01:28:14   and I want to get them off my chest while I still think Oh please do go ahead. [TS]

01:28:18   What's on your mind about the Apple Watch. Well I don't I don't market very quickly for the record. [TS]

01:28:25   Today is April tenth which is the first day people have been able to see and or pre-order the watch [TS]

01:28:32   and I think that's the context for whatever you're about to say [TS]

01:28:35   and the few reviews of come out in the last couple of days so if we're getting the first idea of what people think of [TS]

01:28:40   it now I'm going to have an I don't know what your position is yet I don't know if you're pro [TS]

01:28:46   or anti I'm my guess is you're becoming pro. [TS]

01:28:49   That's just that's just that's just the feeling I'm I've got from nothing but I'm anti [TS]

01:28:56   but I want to stay I want to start off with a few little cabinets and explanations. [TS]

01:29:00   OK context the first one is I'm not anti gadget watches I grew up obsessed with the idea of gadget watches you know [TS]

01:29:09   calculator watches and I was just about going to later. [TS]

01:29:13   Yeah and actually I have one now that I six months ago I wore for a few weeks just for the fun of it [TS]

01:29:18   and I quite like it and also I used to have a what's called a citizen windsurf which was quite gadgety [TS]

01:29:22   and had unnecessary displays on it but I thought it was really cool so I grew up obsessed with gadget watches. [TS]

01:29:30   Also I'm not anti Apple you know I use lots of apple stuff [TS]

01:29:33   and I really like I think Akhil overall makes my life easier [TS]

01:29:38   and more beautiful than than the alternatives so I'm pro Apple as well. [TS]

01:29:47   There's something else I want to say but I forgot what it is but the most important thing [TS]

01:29:52   and I haven't I haven't told you I haven't told the list but it's time to tell them [TS]

01:29:57   and that is I have acquired my dream. Much as I do now have and I have had for a few months. My amigo Speedmaster. [TS]

01:30:08   So this is now a permanent resident on my wrist. Some of the listeners have figured this out. [TS]

01:30:14   Yes because one of our videos on the hello internet You Tube channel was nothing [TS]

01:30:21   but gorgeous close ups of an Amiga Speedmaster. [TS]

01:30:25   Yeah and some people put two and two together and realized that was Brady's Amigas be Pastor. [TS]

01:30:30   Yes so I have I have got that watch and obviously that makes the real estate of my wrist. [TS]

01:30:40   Occupied and I'd be reluctant to replace it with an apple watch. [TS]

01:30:43   Right so that's that's where I'm starting from and as you told me at the time. [TS]

01:30:48   One of the reasons you've got it [TS]

01:30:49   when you did was precisely because the Apple Watch was coming out you know this I was dead. [TS]

01:30:54   If you were ever going to do it this was the time to make a statement about watches it is kind of the year of the [TS]

01:31:00   watches and because of this and so that's kind of my position [TS]

01:31:06   and I'm I have a couple of pics of the other thing I want to say is I am aware of the reviews of obviously and [TS]

01:31:13   and of the thing we're saying is I have not yet even saying one [TS]

01:31:17   or even from a distance I have not been near one other than obviously all the promotional pictures so there's many [TS]

01:31:25   and I am not a star not the idea of them as well at the moment. [TS]

01:31:30   And I do realize in a few weeks this may change and in six months I may be wearing one every time [TS]

01:31:35   but for now that's my position. [TS]

01:31:37   Would you wear it on your other wrist so that you have the Amiga Speedmaster and one wrist [TS]

01:31:40   and the Apple Watch On the other I would not do that. Now that would be stupid. Put it of course it was. [TS]

01:31:50   And you could pull it off Brady now you are a watch where you have a very lovely watch old fashioned watch. [TS]

01:32:00   Where we're you standing at the moment on porches you are right I have changed my position on the watch for a couple of [TS]

01:32:07   reasons. And I did two things today. [TS]

01:32:11   One was that I pre-ordered an apple watch [TS]

01:32:15   and two was that I booked an appointment at The Regent Street Apple store to go in [TS]

01:32:19   and actually take a look at them in person. [TS]

01:32:22   Now unfortunately as I mentioned because of my horrible jet lag this morning at eight AM London time was the time to [TS]

01:32:30   pre-order and I went to bed last night and I set an alarm for seven thirty so I could get up in time [TS]

01:32:36   and luckily I woke up at two in the morning and then I was awake from two in the morning until some unknown time [TS]

01:32:43   when I fell asleep in a different room separated from my alarm and woke up at about eight forty A.M. [TS]

01:32:50   To do the pre-order which was about a million years too late because everybody in the world was staying up to pre-order [TS]

01:32:57   their Apple watches [TS]

01:32:58   and so by the time I got to by the time I got there they were already back ordered until June which made me very sad. [TS]

01:33:06   But so curse you jetlag. [TS]

01:33:07   I hate you for the way you make me feel I hate the way you just cost me several months of Apple Watch time possibly [TS]

01:33:14   because after I ordered the watch I mean you just fell asleep again and then I woke up [TS]

01:33:18   and I thought you know what let me actually go out and take a look today [TS]

01:33:21   and I was able to book an appointment Amazingly I couldn't believe they had anything available. [TS]

01:33:25   And yes I went out to see them in person so I am more pro Apple Watch now than I was before. Why why. [TS]

01:33:32   Well there are a couple things that have changed since the last time we spoke. [TS]

01:33:38   One of which was my big complaint last time was I have way too many things to charge [TS]

01:33:44   and I don't want another things to charge. [TS]

01:33:46   But since we spoke at that time Apple has actually killed off for me two devices that I normally babysit. [TS]

01:33:52   Number one is my Fitbit because now my phone takes over for keeping track of walking so I've totally dissed my Fitbit [TS]

01:33:59   and as we do. Discussed at great length. [TS]

01:34:01   I have also given up on my Kindle so I don't have the Kindle anymore I'm using my i Pad and my iphone to read instead. [TS]

01:34:08   So I'm still at a net win for charging devices. [TS]

01:34:11   I went down two and then up one now for the Apple Watch so I'm feeling like I came out ahead on this. [TS]

01:34:17   So going to die down. So anyway yeah. [TS]

01:34:19   But I'm still like I'm at a net win for a case it's not like oh I have one additional thing. [TS]

01:34:25   OK And the second thing is seeing what Apple has done with notifications in the way they're trying to make it work. [TS]

01:34:33   Seems really interesting to me that I don't get a lot of notifications [TS]

01:34:39   but I do like the idea of being able to select a very few that I can just see what they are quite quickly on my wrist [TS]

01:34:47   without having to take out my phone. [TS]

01:34:50   So for example setting my wife to be a notification so [TS]

01:34:53   when she instant messages me I can just see that immediately on the rest I don't have to take the phone out of my [TS]

01:34:58   pocket because this is going along with also getting my i Phone six Plus. [TS]

01:35:05   I feel like these two devices were kind of made for each other that the i Phone six plus is something that you don't [TS]

01:35:11   necessarily want to take out of your pocket just all the time at a whim. [TS]

01:35:15   And like the Apple Watch is a nice companion device for that so you have like your big phone in your pocket [TS]

01:35:21   and you have the watch on your wrist [TS]

01:35:23   and the watch is doing like a notification tree asure that there's a there's an additional level of filter here that [TS]

01:35:29   you can check it out quickly. [TS]

01:35:30   Over time I've just become much more interested in what it can do as Apple has talked more about the specifics [TS]

01:35:36   and I'm just curious to see how it how it works and like it's an interesting it's an interesting product [TS]

01:35:42   and I'm like I'm excited enough about it now that I think you know what I'd like to give this a try. [TS]

01:35:46   I'm not exactly sure how it's going to fit into my life or how it's going to work [TS]

01:35:50   but I've crossed a little tipping points into deciding Yeah I'm going to pre-order it [TS]

01:35:54   and I'm very curious to see to see how this goes. So do you think. [TS]

01:36:00   That's I'm I think I think buying something I'm making up out of your life just because you're curious. [TS]

01:36:08   And I don't know what I think about that a bit like [TS]

01:36:11   when I've got my very first i Phone I had a dim notion of oh situations where I might use it [TS]

01:36:16   and of course I just had no notion of how how life changing that device was going to be. [TS]

01:36:23   I don't expect that the Apple Watch is going to be the same level because going from not having the internet at all to [TS]

01:36:29   having the Internet everywhere you go was amazing it was just such a huge difference. [TS]

01:36:34   Yeah but I can see the watch being maybe you know an order of magnitude less life changing [TS]

01:36:40   but still interesting enough in ways that I can't quite anticipate now [TS]

01:36:45   and also ways that I think you just can't know unless you actually try it out before I I got the i Phone four S. [TS]

01:36:54   Of the i Phone for a long time before I got mine [TS]

01:36:57   and I had been hearing people talk about how different their lives were once they got those phones. [TS]

01:37:02   But here it like that didn't make any difference to me and it didn't seem real until I actually got one [TS]

01:37:08   and then I understood oh here's how I can use it here how this is useful to me. [TS]

01:37:11   So that's kind of how I think about it that's kind of how I think about the watch is I'm interested enough to purchase [TS]

01:37:18   it and to try it. How does how does a grumpy Brady doing over there. [TS]

01:37:23   Well let me start let me start with me specifically please do [TS]

01:37:28   and obviously I have now become an extreme edge case because I now want to watch that is like quite nice [TS]

01:37:37   and quiet like I don't think that makes you an extreme edge case no no no [TS]

01:37:43   but it's like like my watch is worth more than an apple watch for stuff and it's like it's like a luxurious thing [TS]

01:37:50   but so so that would be you know that would make demoting something that's quite precious to me has become quickly [TS]

01:37:55   become quite precious to me. So so obviously that's this there's a resistance there. [TS]

01:38:00   Yes But also if I understand the airport is a lot nicer looking then than than it appears in pictures. [TS]

01:38:09   I accept that will be the case I don't know but I don't particularly like the look of the thing [TS]

01:38:13   but I'll take people's word for it that it actually looks really nice in real life but I don't really like her looks. [TS]

01:38:19   The thing is at the moment like my watch is is purely a device that brings me happiness and pleasure and nothing else. [TS]

01:38:34   Like I like I like how it looks. [TS]

01:38:37   It's like ornamental I tell the time either you know a bit [TS]

01:38:42   but I look at it it makes me happy because I think about you know is this a polar bear in what So I think about the [TS]

01:38:47   moon in the heritage of a and it's a manual watch that I have to wind [TS]

01:38:51   and I quite like the little process of doing that it's like a little happy ritual [TS]

01:38:55   and I feel it clicking in every morning and it at the moment is it is purely It's purely decorative. [TS]

01:39:06   It's just it's just a it's just a thing of beauty and happiness right. And that's all it is. [TS]

01:39:13   I think you'd like your Amiga Speedmaster a lot less if it also beeped every time you got an e-mail. [TS]

01:39:17   Yeah it's just it's just it's just a nice thing in my life. Now I see the Apple Watch will have a usefulness. [TS]

01:39:24   You know how useful it is I don't know I will find out over time. [TS]

01:39:28   Pretty smart people making applications for it so I imagine it'll become useful pretty quickly. [TS]

01:39:33   But also with that comes another thing to distract me. [TS]

01:39:38   Another thing to cause me stress when the wrong person emails me or notifies me. [TS]

01:39:43   Another thing that I worry about how much charge is left on another it's just another it's nothing [TS]

01:39:50   and my phone is already this incredibly dominant feature of my of my life that has become this you know. [TS]

01:40:00   Very useful and I couldn't live without it but has also become this anchor and I don't know another thing [TS]

01:40:05   and I know this sounds really old fashioned as well but where is this going to stop work. [TS]

01:40:09   Where is where is the slow creep of useful useful things that have to be go from being beautiful to being functional [TS]

01:40:19   going to stop like at what point are we going to say well how stupid is it to wear earrings just for ornamental sake [TS]

01:40:26   when they could also have headphones in them [TS]

01:40:28   or you know why wear a wedding ring was your ring not a smart ring that stupid like but where's the line here. [TS]

01:40:35   Look at what point at what point are we going to just say OK there's this useful work things [TS]

01:40:42   and there's you know there's functional things and here are things that are just like nice and pretty [TS]

01:40:48   and another technology can be nice and pretty but I just feel like it this this technology is like this virus [TS]

01:40:58   or this thing that's just spreading into everything else and now it's going to spread out into watches as well [TS]

01:41:04   and I don't know if you are definitely right that technology spreads. [TS]

01:41:11   And this is a function of technology getting smaller and cheaper all the time. [TS]

01:41:15   So it it makes sense to put tiny computers in all kinds of things that it wouldn't have made sense to put tiny [TS]

01:41:23   computers in five years ago and five years from now many more things will have tiny computers inside of them. [TS]

01:41:29   But just because she can't does that mean you should. [TS]

01:41:32   Well all the light bulbs in my house now have tiny computers in them. [TS]

01:41:37   Like when we moved in here I replaced all the light bulbs with a hue to fill a few light bulbs. [TS]

01:41:42   I think they can be adjusted all the time and that's what I really like. [TS]

01:41:46   I thought oh this is let me just try this out this will this will just be like a fun thing [TS]

01:41:50   and maybe do occasionally be useful. [TS]

01:41:52   And now it is just absolutely love it and my wife [TS]

01:41:55   and I love the fact that we can just control centre really quickly turn on or off the light. [TS]

01:42:00   Old Put it into movie mode or all these kinds of things we could've done before [TS]

01:42:04   but that's not the case of we're putting a tiny computer in a in a lightbulb might sound stupid [TS]

01:42:09   but then actually once you do it you realize oh this is quite useful. [TS]

01:42:11   That right there is the key is is the thing useful to you. [TS]

01:42:16   And while Brady I might very strongly recommend that you say try the six plus next time around when you get a phone. [TS]

01:42:24   I am not pushing you to get out to get an apple watch. [TS]

01:42:30   And the reason is because everything I know about you suggests to me the Apple Watch might be terrible for you because [TS]

01:42:40   you seem to live a life that is constantly bouncing between things you bounce between e-mail you bounce between Twitter [TS]

01:42:47   you always check lots of stuff. [TS]

01:42:49   And since that is your fundamental personality it feels to me like a phone is as far as you need to go you know you can [TS]

01:42:57   get to giving drugs to a drug addict in a way yeah the last thing you need is Twitter on your phone. [TS]

01:43:03   The last thing you need is Twitter on your watch. I don't think that's good for you. [TS]

01:43:08   I am really locked down with all of my technology [TS]

01:43:12   and I'm going into the Apple Watch with the assumption that this will be the most locked down device that I have [TS]

01:43:18   and if it is useful to me in one or two cases that's a win. [TS]

01:43:22   That's great for me but I I would not I would not recommend this for you right away. [TS]

01:43:28   Say all you need you need to go get an apple watch Brady you'll love it. [TS]

01:43:31   I could actually see an apple watch just destroying your entire life piece by piece because you're just constantly [TS]

01:43:37   getting notifications all the time now and that would just not be good. [TS]

01:43:41   Their whole bunch of reviews that came out about the watch did you happen to see the one that the verge did it was a [TS]

01:43:48   new light to tell I think is the guy's name. [TS]

01:43:50   He did a video review of Santa I would say people are going to to check out two reviews because I read a bunch of them [TS]

01:43:57   and I thought it was so I read a whole lot. [TS]

01:44:00   I would say the two to check out are John Gruber's written review which I have read about from the rest. [TS]

01:44:06   Yeah I didn't read that so he wrote he wrote a review and then I think the verges Nilay Patel did a video review [TS]

01:44:14   and I think those two together give you a very good sense of the watch. [TS]

01:44:19   But there was there was one little moment in the life Patel's review where which I found very frustrating where he's [TS]

01:44:25   talking about because he's had the watch for a week and he's talking about how distracted he finds himself [TS]

01:44:31   and he did make one very good point about how looking at your watch comes with a whole lot of cultural baggage which is [TS]

01:44:39   not something that really occurred to me. [TS]

01:44:41   But of course [TS]

01:44:42   when someone looks at their watch in front of you there's almost no more indirectly rude gesture that you can possibly [TS]

01:44:49   make to a person. [TS]

01:44:50   And so he was complaining that because he's getting notifications on Twitter and e-mail [TS]

01:44:55   and Instagram likes that that the people around him are aware of how distracted he is. [TS]

01:45:02   And all I could think of was well this is your own damn fault right. You you have left all of these notifications on. [TS]

01:45:10   If you're going to get a watch [TS]

01:45:11   and you're going to leave all of those notifications on you shouldn't own a watch that that's that sounds terrible [TS]

01:45:18   great if you're going to lock it down so much that only the most extreme notifications make it to reste then why bother [TS]

01:45:26   in the first place why not just have your phone vibrate your pocket if you're going to if you're going to use it so [TS]

01:45:31   little that it's not saving you taking your phone out of your pocket fifty times a day. [TS]

01:45:36   The what's the watch so you can do it oh it's saving you two or three times taking a fade out of your pocket. [TS]

01:45:42   Well that's happening with the i Phone six plus is designed to stay in the pocket more so I'm I am looking at the watch [TS]

01:45:49   as like an extension of my i Phone six right. And so I want to. [TS]

01:45:54   I'm imagining that the limited notification that I want are primarily from family. [TS]

01:46:00   Maybe from Brady depending on how much he messages me [TS]

01:46:06   but I can see it being really useful to know in a different way about certain kind of notifications. [TS]

01:46:13   So I went to the Apple store today for example the thing that was really interesting is you can put it on your wrist [TS]

01:46:18   and you can use it on your wrist but it runs through a little a little demo loop [TS]

01:46:23   and the thing that they have is this is this tap notification that makes it feel like the watch is tapping your wrist [TS]

01:46:31   and that to me seems like the primary selling feature of I can see wanting to route different kinds of notifications [TS]

01:46:41   through this system so that when someone messages I know that it is my wife in this very immediate way. [TS]

01:46:50   And that's where I can see that the watch being useful. [TS]

01:46:52   And there are other scenarios where I can imagine the watch being useful [TS]

01:46:56   but I think I need to actually have it to try it out and to see how it works. [TS]

01:47:01   This is a piece of technology that I wouldn't be surprised if I get the watch and through using it. [TS]

01:47:08   Feel like you know what. This actually isn't super helpful. I wouldn't be surprised by that. [TS]

01:47:15   Whereas with the phone [TS]

01:47:16   when I got it was it was obvious that this is going to become part of my life even though I don't know how. [TS]

01:47:21   Where is the the watch feel like there is a much greater possibility that I could get this watch [TS]

01:47:28   and return it very quickly within the window. Like you know what. This just isn't for me. [TS]

01:47:34   Eventually at some point I will have a watch but do I want to start with the first generation. [TS]

01:47:40   Maybe not you know I'm getting it because I think the odds are it will be useful [TS]

01:47:44   but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that I don't actually like it that I too find it a bit too distracting [TS]

01:47:50   or not as helpful as as I want [TS]

01:47:52   but the bottom line is I think if you are a notification junkie if this is your personality type which I kind of think [TS]

01:47:59   you are. [TS]

01:48:00   They can you shouldn't get the watch I don't think if you're the kind of person who is more on my end of the spectrum [TS]

01:48:07   of being very deliberate [TS]

01:48:08   and very much locking down your technology then I think the watch sounds like it has more possible use for you. [TS]

01:48:15   So that's where but this is just very exploratory for me and I'm [TS]

01:48:19   and honestly I'm just very interested in this piece of technology so I thought though do you think about what did you [TS]

01:48:24   think of touching it and saying I have to say you know what was what was your impression. Yes it is interesting. [TS]

01:48:29   Actually I'll just send you I took a picture at the Apple store today so I took a photograph of it on my wrist [TS]

01:48:36   and not one of the reasons I wanted to see them in person is because you just have no sense of them looking at the [TS]

01:48:45   apple page in no small part because Apple shows you these giant enormous photographs of the watch right. [TS]

01:48:52   Like I'm trying to look at a picture of the Apple Watch but I'm on a twenty seven inch monitor [TS]

01:48:56   and so the watch is two feet across on my screen. Wow that looks really big. [TS]

01:49:01   Yeah it is very different looking at them in person and. I like them better than I thought I would in person. [TS]

01:49:11   Some of them some of them I liked much less so I think you do. [TS]

01:49:15   Even if you pre-order the watch you should still go into the store [TS]

01:49:18   and take a look at them because they're just different than you think they're going to be [TS]

01:49:23   and you have to handle them so I would say overall it was it was very positive. [TS]

01:49:28   I was I was impressed by some of the watches and some of the big on your wrist and I mean you're not you're not Tani. [TS]

01:49:35   You've got you know you know someone arms and began to stuff so [TS]

01:49:39   and it looks to stay out of now to say you know if you're a big big big I'm taller than you is that what you're trying [TS]

01:49:48   to get you to get an edge in your wrists and hands are bigger than mine and it looks bigger on your hand. [TS]

01:49:53   Yeah that that is the forty two millimeter version of the watch and I like that one. [TS]

01:50:00   One the one that I sent you the picture of as I tried out and I pre-ordered the link bracelet watch [TS]

01:50:06   and one of the things that I did like about it is it's a heavy watch. [TS]

01:50:10   I've always really liked the watches [TS]

01:50:12   and the only other one that I was considering was the black aluminum watch with the sport band [TS]

01:50:20   and I tried that one out and when I picked it up it felt like a feather. [TS]

01:50:24   It felt like it just wait absolutely nothing which I know it shouldn't matter [TS]

01:50:30   but I find that a very unpleasant experience in a watch I always want to feel or watch on my wrist when I wear it [TS]

01:50:35   and so the link bracelet one was like was very solid in the hands and so I found that I was very good like that a lot. [TS]

01:50:44   Doesn't actually spend all of their time and engineering effort trying to make it constantly lighter and lighter. [TS]

01:50:48   Yeah but as I say some people absolutely hate that [TS]

01:50:51   and they'd want a lighter watch so you have you just have to try them in person. [TS]

01:50:55   It was it was it was very interesting going into the Apple store you know they had all of the watches kind a locked [TS]

01:51:00   underneath the desk and the guy would bring them out and you could try them on [TS]

01:51:03   and see them so I got to just take a look at a bunch of them like the miller news bracelets. [TS]

01:51:08   It was it was a very interesting experience and it's a very interesting piece of technology. [TS]

01:51:13   It's not nicer than my spade master is. [TS]

01:51:17   You know what the thing is you know the thing is pretty it's like comparing apples and kiwi fruit. [TS]

01:51:24   Yeah they're just they're totally different objects designed for totally different purposes [TS]

01:51:31   and one of the things that does make me slightly concerned did come from Gruber's review is talking about how often you [TS]

01:51:40   glance at a watch without realizing you're glancing at a watch. [TS]

01:51:43   Yeah and that's something I know I do all the time is just looking at my watch to get a sense of what the time is. [TS]

01:51:50   But because the Apple Watch screen isn't on constantly It requires a gesture to know who to wake up to show you the [TS]

01:51:56   screen and that might be so. [TS]

01:52:00   One thing that just drives me crazy [TS]

01:52:01   and that might be a reason to to return the watch if I find it's not something that I can get used to because I am [TS]

01:52:07   aware of how much I sort of subtly turn my wrist to look at the watch and see what time it is. [TS]

01:52:12   Yeah I also know what I really want to know is how do I check what time it is when I'm in the theater [TS]

01:52:18   or something like in Las Vegas I'm watching these shows. [TS]

01:52:21   I definitely looked at my watch during those shows [TS]

01:52:23   but I don't want to do that if it's going to turn on to be really bright in a dim theater there are lots of little [TS]

01:52:28   weird social questions about how is this going to work [TS]

01:52:31   and I can imagine a whole audience of people with digital watches that light up every time they rotate their wrists [TS]

01:52:37   being super distracting and in something like a theater situation. Now most say what happens I'm not happy about it. [TS]

01:52:45   The lucky thing was Brady that there is no requirement that you get a watch. [TS]

01:52:49   Well I know that you know maybe it become a thing and they don't have to you know you but you don't have to. [TS]

01:52:56   You literally never have to buy this. [TS]

01:52:59   No I mean there's a lot of things I don't have to tell you that you can't have today I do not think that the watch will [TS]

01:53:05   become as required as a smartphone is. I don't have to have a smartphone. [TS]

01:53:10   I am that this is exactly it you don't have to have a smartphone either [TS]

01:53:14   but I think we can safely say that there is there is a certain level of expectation that almost everybody has a [TS]

01:53:20   smartphone at this stage [TS]

01:53:22   and there are very many things in your life that would be more difficult without the smartphone [TS]

01:53:25   but maybe that's going to happen with watches. [TS]

01:53:28   My my suspicion is that ninety percent of the benefits of being connected to the Internet [TS]

01:53:34   and having a tiny computer on you all the time comes from the phone. [TS]

01:53:38   And there may be additional benefit to be gained from the watch [TS]

01:53:41   but I think you can live without the watch for a very long time I think I think the watch is going to become standalone [TS]

01:53:48   just like Additionally an i Phone is nothing without a computer and a phone a stand alone. [TS]

01:53:53   I think watches will become stand alone and eventually I may replace the phone. [TS]

01:53:58   OK Of course the watch will eventually be used. But it's always going to be limited by being a smaller screen. [TS]

01:54:03   That's why I think you can hold on to your phone [TS]

01:54:05   and just wait until we get to the retinal implant stage that's what I'm looking forward to. We're not there yet. [TS]

01:54:12   The watch is an in-between in-between device. [TS]

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01:56:33   Let's talk about should we if we I think we have to I think we have to I think people who expect us to how God said it [TS]

01:56:43   that down the answer. Well what your problem is my problem. Do you want to skip it. [TS]

01:56:51   I'm going to shake out for another two weeks. OK You know what let's let's try to do this quickly. [TS]

01:56:56   But at least let's just at least touch on it because this is one of the rare times that our pod cast will come out [TS]

01:57:01   relatively soon after we've actually recorded it and some piece of news come up. [TS]

01:57:05   So everyone is going to I mean we've heard the same people want to talk about the latest machinations with the You Tube [TS]

01:57:13   subscription. Yes Yes Do you want to give a quick executive summary of your state of play as we recalled. [TS]

01:57:19   Well the state of play as we record is as always with You Tube somewhat uncertain [TS]

01:57:24   but the gist of it is that You Tube has announced that they are intending to at some point in the future have a [TS]

01:57:32   subscription service where people pay You Tube money in exchange for not having ads on You Tube videos [TS]

01:57:40   and there are no real concrete details. I think you and I can both say that. Assume you have as well. [TS]

01:57:48   We have received e-mails from You Tube telling us that they would like us to review their new terms and conditions [TS]

01:57:54   and Oh won't we please accept them that are paving the way for this too. [TS]

01:58:00   Eventually happen to have been quite proactive about that. [TS]

01:58:02   So normally I can't imagine how many e-mail you must have received with all of your accounts because I felt like I got [TS]

01:58:07   a whole bunch of emails from You Tube about hey click this link [TS]

01:58:10   and then click this Agree button on our sort of actual human being a man it may have better read you the next level up [TS]

01:58:19   to dealing with the bots over here. [TS]

01:58:21   But but yeah so this obviously this is something that is going to happen in the You Tube subscriptions [TS]

01:58:29   and so I suppose just in case people don't understand because it's easy to misunderstand it. [TS]

01:58:35   It's the way it sounds is if you don't if you're a viewer nothing's going to change you can bright watching You Tube [TS]

01:58:43   videos you can keep watching Grey's videos. [TS]

01:58:45   They'll have the little ads on them but you can also pay the ten dollars and have this ad free experience. [TS]

01:58:52   So it's not like anything's going behind a paywall. [TS]

01:58:54   You're just paying for the convenience of de cluttering the experience yes. [TS]

01:59:00   That's that's that's an excellent point because I do think some people are confusing it with the pay wall which is [TS]

01:59:05   exactly what I don't want to do I don't want to put stuff behind a pay wall which is partly why I didn't sign up with [TS]

01:59:12   that's all I'm trying to avoid that could be really irritated that You Tube was mandating a pay wall so that is not the [TS]

01:59:20   case that's not that's not what's happening [TS]

01:59:22   and the other thing that seems very much to be the case is we don't have a choice [TS]

01:59:29   but people that mean gray it seems are not going to have a choice here. [TS]

01:59:33   This is just the way You Tube's going to work now and that's the choice we do have as I understand it [TS]

01:59:41   and this is sort of how it seems to be this is what's being said publicly as well is that we could deactivate [TS]

01:59:49   advertising from our videos [TS]

01:59:52   but if we want to have advertising on videos to help a certain income we have to be part of this other program where [TS]

01:59:58   people can opt out. Now there's no choice here. It's a false choice. [TS]

02:00:04   Let me just quote something really quickly that I was doing so before the noise on my computer here. [TS]

02:00:11   Hold on a second I need to get my other computer I was taking some notes. I'll be right back. [TS]

02:00:15   OK talk to the listeners have a say while Grace away. Let's talk more about cricket. Now many kidding over. [TS]

02:00:27   Seriously we should talk sometime maybe estimable a podcast on. Brady's quick corner you know you can with me. [TS]

02:00:41   Well now let's just get back to this technology stuff that I said time hello are you there. Yeah yeah. [TS]

02:00:50   So there is a self. [TS]

02:00:51   OK so I was trying to take notes on this before I sent off the terms and conditions [TS]

02:00:55   and things to my entertainment lawyer to review because whenever something's written in legal fees even if you think [TS]

02:01:02   you're understanding it you can't really understand it because it's kind of like. [TS]

02:01:07   When you read something about physics they use words in a way that you don't expect. [TS]

02:01:13   So like the word work or energy in physics have very particular meanings. [TS]

02:01:17   We feel like [TS]

02:01:18   when I'm reading these legal contracts I know the words have specific meanings that mean something to lawyers [TS]

02:01:24   but I feel like I might be getting a different take on it. [TS]

02:01:26   So so I haven't listened to a word you said since you said you had an entertainment lawyer [TS]

02:01:32   and that was the first question I have is does this imply you have other lawyers other other of other spheres of your [TS]

02:01:39   empire. [TS]

02:01:41   Yeah I mean sort of yeah this is this is I mean let's back up my thoughts of you about [TS]

02:01:48   but yes might my biggest expenses now are like lawyers and tax attorneys [TS]

02:01:52   and yes there are a number of people who charge very high hourly rates and I work with now that I'm a business. [TS]

02:02:00   Person I guess just finally it you just like you have had a car to get serviced. Yes yes that is true. [TS]

02:02:06   So you've got you've got a lawyer looking over the word yes to make sure there's no care anywhere these [TS]

02:02:10   and yet you were already there. [TS]

02:02:12   I'm saying that basically because what I'm saying now is just my interpretation of this. [TS]

02:02:16   I don't have anybody actually backing up and I know what I'm talking about that I can look I want to say this [TS]

02:02:20   but so the there's a section on this thing which says there's a frequently asked question things as what happens if I [TS]

02:02:27   do not want to participate in the new system. [TS]

02:02:30   OK You Tube's answer if you choose not to participate in our new paid offerings you can change your video settings to [TS]

02:02:38   private to keep the videos posted on You Tube So I think this will cause a lot of confusion this line [TS]

02:02:47   but no one can see a private video it's not even like unlisted like probably kept me sane. [TS]

02:02:52   Yes except under very certain circumstances. [TS]

02:02:55   If I sent a video to private the only people who can see it are people I explicitly invite to the video through my name [TS]

02:03:04   through an incredibly clumsy youtube system so it's not like you could ever do this with subscribers or anything. [TS]

02:03:11   Yeah right yeah I would have to if I wanted to send out a video to the people who subscribe to me. [TS]

02:03:17   One I would need to know all their email addresses which usually doesn't even give me [TS]

02:03:21   and to even if I knew them I would have to individually fill out one point six million forms to invite them all to [TS]

02:03:29   watch the video. So this is this is like a Hobson's choice. [TS]

02:03:34   Sure if you don't want to accept it you still have an option which is totally crippling to everything you ever want to [TS]

02:03:40   do. [TS]

02:03:41   Yeah so you know even though I have my lawyer looking over this document it's basically I have her doing that so that [TS]

02:03:48   if there's something interesting I can talk about it on the podcast [TS]

02:03:50   but we don't have any actual choice it's not like I can go to You Tube and say you know what. [TS]

02:03:55   Paragraph three subsection two I don't quite like that you two have going to tell me. [TS]

02:04:00   It a buzz off right there yet because [TS]

02:04:03   when I saw it on You Tube There's only one option which is a gigantic button which says click I agree [TS]

02:04:08   and there's nothing else. And so clearly this will clearly just just click the button. [TS]

02:04:13   Right that's what You Tube is saying here just like the button [TS]

02:04:17   and even even trying to get the text out of this little page so I could send it to my lawyer. [TS]

02:04:21   They didn't make that easy. [TS]

02:04:22   They obviously they doing everything they can to make sure that you don't read it because even the document itself has [TS]

02:04:28   links to other documents were other terms are defined. It's just it's impossible to try to read through. [TS]

02:04:33   But I'm like an idiot and I still did my best and highlighted a whole bunch of stuff which is just weird but [TS]

02:04:38   but basically we don't have any choice and we have to we have to sign up to this now. Yeah. [TS]

02:04:44   Is that I mean for all of this huffing and puffing and us going oh my goodness are we getting shafted. [TS]

02:04:50   Is there a chance this is in our interests. [TS]

02:04:52   Here is the reason why I don't like being forced into it because and let me let me back up here. [TS]

02:04:59   I have found in my business dealings that the people who want you to agree to contracts [TS]

02:05:07   or the people who want to force you into contracts are the people I least like working with [TS]

02:05:13   and the people I'm most quickly [TS]

02:05:14   and business arrangements with because the reason they want to force you into a contract where they want to sign you up [TS]

02:05:20   for six months or a year on something is because they know full well that you wouldn't stay out of your own free will. [TS]

02:05:27   Yeah and the people who I continue to work with. [TS]

02:05:31   I almost almost almost always have the barest of formal agreements or an even just hand shake verbal deals [TS]

02:05:39   and those people are always a pleasure to work with because they're not trying to lock me into a contract [TS]

02:05:44   or anything because they know we are in a mutual beneficial situation although as soon as as soon as we get to podcasts [TS]

02:05:50   fifty and I'm free of my contract you know I'm going to hit them at the right. [TS]

02:05:53   I did make you sign up to a five year fifty six year contract. [TS]

02:05:57   Whichever comes later actually said we have to find them. [TS]

02:06:00   And I knew I should have got an entertainment lawyer but I think like you and I are a good example of this. [TS]

02:06:07   Yeah you're not locked into a contract and neither of us can stop us at any point in time. [TS]

02:06:12   Yeah but we do it and we like doing it and it mutually benefit like everything is in agreement Yeah yeah [TS]

02:06:18   and so I'm always really suspicious of oh you have to sign up to this thing [TS]

02:06:21   and you have absolutely no option as it would if it was an amazing deal wouldn't obviously want to sign up. [TS]

02:06:29   Wouldn't it be stupid for me not to sign up. Like that's that's the way that the deal should be arranged. Yeah. [TS]

02:06:34   You wouldn't even need a contract I would just be coming back to the well time [TS]

02:06:38   and time again because everything so wonderful. Jeff Exactly. [TS]

02:06:42   So that's that's why I am suspicious of the stuff out of the gate. [TS]

02:06:45   That's why also in my business I basically don't really deal with long term contracts anymore because it's always it's [TS]

02:06:50   always just a disaster. [TS]

02:06:51   But also I mean they could just say that you want to make changes that are so hostile that they can't do them [TS]

02:06:58   but they say so because it's changing it's moving the posts [TS]

02:07:01   but the idea is I think they're going to make a shitload more money from [TS]

02:07:04   and in turn you know the creators will make a shitload more money from it. [TS]

02:07:09   So here possible right there wholesale their whole sales pitch here is you're going to make more money. [TS]

02:07:16   But I was looking at OK Well there's a whole lot of different kinds of people on You Tube So what are the details here. [TS]

02:07:23   Here is what the details are so far from the documents that we have. [TS]

02:07:27   As usual you tube is doing their ever so delightful fifty five forty five percent split. [TS]

02:07:33   So yes I don't know where this number is exactly coming from [TS]

02:07:37   but everybody's saying ten dollars a month you pay ten dollars a month to subscribe to You Tube You Tube keeps four [TS]

02:07:44   dollars and fifty cents of that and five dollars and fifty cents of that is left over to go to creators. [TS]

02:07:50   Yeah except then all of everybody's five dollars and fifty cents are pooled together. [TS]

02:07:56   And You Tube is going to distribute that based on some algorithm. [TS]

02:08:00   And this is this is immediately where everybody starts getting their feathers ruffled about it says a big concern is [TS]

02:08:06   for someone say like I say is you've got your diehard fans that only care about videos [TS]

02:08:13   but then your four dollars fifty is being put in this huge pot with all the Taylor Swift fans who watch five hundred [TS]

02:08:19   million videos a day and try to shift it so your four dollars fifty along with everything else. [TS]

02:08:25   Yes as far as I look at this in a moment as far as we can tell though the music is separate from this. [TS]

02:08:30   Yes we have sexy which also starts making me wonder about well they will get to it in a moment. [TS]

02:08:35   But [TS]

02:08:35   but yeah everybody's in a big pool together which fundamentally changes the relationship of You Tube channels to each [TS]

02:08:42   other because suddenly we're competing with each other for the same pool of money. [TS]

02:08:47   Right yeah and it's like oh wait a minute. [TS]

02:08:50   If I link to Brady's video from my video I'm actually undercutting myself if people go over [TS]

02:08:58   and watch a whole bunch of his videos from my one video. [TS]

02:09:02   They're OK I don't like this incentive all of a sudden that makes every channel be I mean we already have incentives to [TS]

02:09:08   be kind of linking to our own stuff. [TS]

02:09:11   But now this makes it very directly competitive to a limited pool of money is not is not like the ads where it's like [TS]

02:09:20   oh the pie can get bigger for everybody else of use go it's like I don't like that incentive. [TS]

02:09:26   OK I've had a lot of that you're interesting here are the details about this of the fifty five percent that's left over [TS]

02:09:32   for content creators is going to be distributed. [TS]

02:09:37   And here's your lovely You Tube specifics based on monthly views [TS]

02:09:44   or watch time of your content as a percentage of the monthly views or watch time of all [TS]

02:09:53   or a subset of participating content in the relevant subscription offering as determined. By You Tube. [TS]

02:10:01   OK so this sentence is a little bit difficult to parse and I'm a little bit jet lagged [TS]

02:10:07   but here is the way here's the way this reads to me. [TS]

02:10:10   Either way this is terrible for channels like myself that upload really infrequently because I'm either getting a [TS]

02:10:17   percentage of the views for everybody so I upload one video a month [TS]

02:10:23   and I'm going to be competing My one video against every other video that's ever uploaded to You Tube you get the [TS]

02:10:29   percentage that way [TS]

02:10:31   or the watch time percentage which is also terrible for me because my one video is four minutes long [TS]

02:10:37   or three minutes long. Right. [TS]

02:10:40   So often a few things to say that initially [TS]

02:10:44   and admittedly I haven't thought this through like you have some probably going to say something really dumb in the [TS]

02:10:48   next few minutes. [TS]

02:10:49   I have thought this through with my incredibly jetlag brain so I don't even know if I'm making sense right now so [TS]

02:10:56   because I've heard people saying oh this is so unfair on infrequent Apollodorus [TS]

02:11:01   but also they make less videos that they have to do less work in some way you know a few nuances aside [TS]

02:11:10   but also this watch time thing I don't think necessarily is bad because I think one of the reasons you have so many of [TS]

02:11:16   your videos is because they're short. [TS]

02:11:21   Like if you make your videos very long I don't think you'd have as many of us on some of your videos [TS]

02:11:26   and more virally ones. [TS]

02:11:28   So I think like you know keeping your overall watch time goes up because you get so many of these [TS]

02:11:35   and you get so many of these because you've been smart enough to kick them out [TS]

02:11:37   or really you know optimum length so I think that's I think that's a bit of well let me interrupt you for a second. [TS]

02:11:46   Here's the way I like to think about this stuff. [TS]

02:11:48   My concern is much less about what are the particulars of what does this mean for me. [TS]

02:11:54   Yeah I think this is not good news for me but unless concerned about that precise. [TS]

02:12:00   We because of the work I put in in the preceding months to to make this less of a problem for me you know it's like [TS]

02:12:07   that is why I have done all of that so that I don't have to be having some massive freak out about needing to move into [TS]

02:12:12   a smaller apartment because the You Tube algorithm has changed. Yeah right like that. [TS]

02:12:16   Like I have spent a lot of time making sure that's not the case. So I'm much calmer now than I would otherwise be. [TS]

02:12:22   Yeah [TS]

02:12:22   but the thing that I don't like about this is that it gives the You Tube even more control with their algorithms about [TS]

02:12:30   what kinds of content they want to favor. [TS]

02:12:33   Yeah and that's what I don't like and what do you think they're saying low loan stuff. [TS]

02:12:38   Well who the hell knows because it says attributable to monthly views or watch time. [TS]

02:12:44   You know whatever you guys don't need to know the specifics of this thing you're agreeing to. [TS]

02:12:48   We haven't really decided. We've never known the specific site. We've never known what's going on with the ad revenue. [TS]

02:12:53   We just got out of the industry [TS]

02:12:54   and this is what you went Yeah OK But here here is the part of this that I really start to think wait a minute what [TS]

02:13:00   does this mean. Right is OK monthly views or watch time whatever You Tube now has more control. [TS]

02:13:07   But then there's this thing which is right at the end where it says. [TS]

02:13:11   Too all [TS]

02:13:12   or a subset of the participating content in the relevant subscription offering the way that reads to me is a You Tube [TS]

02:13:21   is planning to bundle channels together. [TS]

02:13:25   Yeah right like that's how that sounds they're going to have the education bundle [TS]

02:13:31   or they're going to have the vlogger bundle or they're going to have the gaming bundle [TS]

02:13:38   and people subscribe to those like their cable T.V. Channels cable T.V. [TS]

02:13:43   The worst the most awful is business in the world that everybody hates. It's all bundled together. [TS]

02:13:50   That's the way this sounds like it's going. [TS]

02:13:53   And so again it's like wait a minute wait a minute I'm reading this as you're planning to have bundles. [TS]

02:13:58   You want me to agree. It is right now. [TS]

02:14:01   What bundle in my going to be in you do you just get to decide who you're going to group my channel list [TS]

02:14:07   and now suddenly if you were going to basically be asking me to encourage people to subscribe to your ad free version [TS]

02:14:14   but you have implicitly associated me with maybe a bunch of people I don't want to be associated with but now like [TS]

02:14:19   when I promote those subscriptions I'm also helping those other people like I don't like this one bit. [TS]

02:14:25   I don't like this this part of it one tiny piece [TS]

02:14:28   and I also feel like we mentioned before that one of the You Tube conferences I had a big conversation with some of the [TS]

02:14:38   people there about why don't you offer a paid version of You Tube where we don't have to see ads like I was pushing for [TS]

02:14:44   this. Yeah and I would totally pay for this but you know what I won't do I'm not going to pay for a bunch of bundles. [TS]

02:14:52   Right because that's like that's not how I use You Tube I'm watching a whole bunch of random stuff on You Tube When I [TS]

02:14:58   go there because I'm links from somewhere else to some random video and the notion that I'm going to try to prepay [TS]

02:15:05   and select for particular kinds of videos that I want to that's just terrible and X. [TS]

02:15:10   Way that how grazing nature of those well doesn't and finding new stuff that's what they're going to commit to. [TS]

02:15:15   Yeah these are the channels that I'm going to and that that that that to me is terrible and it it isn't. [TS]

02:15:23   It's a kind of mental cost that I just don't want to do. [TS]

02:15:26   Can I Can you two can I just pay you money [TS]

02:15:28   and never see an ad on You Tube again I would do that nicely I thought that's what was going to happen I can give no [TS]

02:15:34   told me otherwise. [TS]

02:15:35   Well that's what I was suggesting to you to let me pay you and I think ten dollars a month is a bit rich [TS]

02:15:40   but like let me pay you five dollars a month fine. [TS]

02:15:43   Five dollars a month is like below the threshold where I really think about it [TS]

02:15:46   and yeah I would pay that to not have to watch the ads [TS]

02:15:49   but if I then have to make additional decisions about pre deciding what I'm going to watch without the ads forget it [TS]

02:15:54   now I'm not going to do this at all. That just is just not worth it anymore. But the but the way. [TS]

02:16:00   I read that that's the impression that I get and I think that's a terrible terrible way to run this. [TS]

02:16:07   I don't I mean does it sound that way to you does this sound like what you know now that you know charming [TS]

02:16:13   and convincing that that little bit of language that he kind of unpacked from a bit makes me think that the other thing [TS]

02:16:21   that I don't know if that's going to happen [TS]

02:16:22   but I think that must happen is they going to load the Such with so much junk in ads that you're going to be kind of [TS]

02:16:31   pushed into signing on to this thing. [TS]

02:16:33   Yeah I don't think because at the moment I think well why would I bother paying I don't mind putting up with the odd ad [TS]

02:16:37   that I can skip anyway but it is going to get like I can imagine there's going to be Pugin skippable ads everywhere [TS]

02:16:44   and it's going to become such a thing that you going to go well I'm going to get out of this. [TS]

02:16:48   Yeah that's exactly right there's a perverse incentive now for You Tube to make their free version as terrible as [TS]

02:16:54   possible. [TS]

02:16:55   Right and I don't know if you have noticed this but a few months ago [TS]

02:17:00   when we upload videos on the monetization page there's been a new option which has some hilarious name like super long [TS]

02:17:09   and skippable ads. That has not been enabled by default but if you check that box. [TS]

02:17:16   I'm not even exactly sure what it means [TS]

02:17:18   but they even have a little warning like oh checking this box might dramatically drop off the number of people who [TS]

02:17:23   actually watch your video. [TS]

02:17:25   Well it's an interesting option to include You Tube you have an ad that you're trying out that you know is going to [TS]

02:17:31   dramatically decrease the number of people who watch a video. [TS]

02:17:34   Why on earth would you ever introduce such a thing [TS]

02:17:36   and now that they're introducing this subscription is like oh these pieces are coming together. [TS]

02:17:41   You have I don't even know what that box does but you have let's say a minute long [TS]

02:17:46   and skippable video before my four minute video that craziness. [TS]

02:17:51   Yeah but and so I thought why is this option here [TS]

02:17:55   and now I understand why that option is here is because I bet in the future that is going to be. [TS]

02:18:00   We enabled by default [TS]

02:18:02   and one of the things that I worry about is I've always been surprised that youtube even gives us options about what [TS]

02:18:08   kinds of ads we do or do not want on the channel. [TS]

02:18:11   Yeah [TS]

02:18:12   but I wouldn't I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if after agreeing to these terms they just say oh part of the agreement [TS]

02:18:18   is you just have to run all the ads. Do you have a pop up ads on the bottom of your screen. Tough luck. [TS]

02:18:24   It doesn't matter because we want to make the free experience just terrible for everybody [TS]

02:18:29   and we don't care at all about what you want on those videos. [TS]

02:18:31   It's just that I hate agreeing to this kind of stuff because there's even a section I can quite find it right now [TS]

02:18:38   but there's some section about how once you agree to this we reserve the right to change any of the terms at any point [TS]

02:18:44   in time. Why even bother with an agreement at that stage I was like What am I agreeing to. [TS]

02:18:51   If it's like oh by the way any of it can change at any moment like what why [TS]

02:18:56   or why are we going through this like a boogie feeder where you're pretending like you're getting some kind of [TS]

02:19:00   agreement from me. But you but you are not held to any part of this agreement. [TS]

02:19:05   But I am held to every part of it if you know what will happen is eventually people who have a greater are going to get [TS]

02:19:11   a deadlock [TS]

02:19:12   and that's going to say if you have a son if you have expressed about Nelson by this date you pushed into anyway so [TS]

02:19:19   it's silly. [TS]

02:19:20   Yeah yeah the other one has one line here which is which is we want you to agree now [TS]

02:19:25   and we will share more details on the plan when we get closer to launch. [TS]

02:19:30   Like explicitly requiring you to agree to something that you can't even find out all the details of now I was just kind [TS]

02:19:35   of furious reading through this document and cap and like highlighting stuff that made me angry. [TS]

02:19:40   I want to really clear there is a possibility that this will make more money for You Tube creators [TS]

02:19:47   and it will be better in the future I do not want to deny that and I've seen some people making real doom [TS]

02:19:53   and gloom videos about this and I think is a little too easy to jump straight to hyperbole about oh this is going. [TS]

02:20:00   To totally destroy You Tube and everything is terrible now. [TS]

02:20:04   Yeah that's it that's not my opinion on this because waste because people talk like this about every change to you. [TS]

02:20:09   Yeah even if it's cosmetic changes like Oh you've ruined the house [TS]

02:20:13   and now I can't even remember the things I was angry about. [TS]

02:20:15   Yeah I think this comes this comes up all the time so I don't think this is like this is as disastrous as some of the [TS]

02:20:22   things I've seen people saying [TS]

02:20:25   but what I do think it is that once again it's everything that You Tube does it feels like are you trying to [TS]

02:20:33   intentionally push me away [TS]

02:20:35   or are you trying to make me feel as uncertain as I possibly can about all of your business decisions. [TS]

02:20:40   It may well be in a year that I'm very happy about this [TS]

02:20:43   and that revenue from the videos is up because their advertising rates are just terrible [TS]

02:20:50   and just like we discussed with that's the last time you don't need a lot of people to directly give you money in order [TS]

02:20:57   to beat our advertising rates on You Tube So even if a very very small number of people ever subscribe to this it is [TS]

02:21:05   quite possible that it will be more profitable. [TS]

02:21:08   But it's just You Tube isn't making me feel good about this in the way that it is happening [TS]

02:21:13   and so that that is what my primary objection is here. [TS]

02:21:16   There's something else that I do any other thoughts isn't one of the one of the little thought about this. [TS]

02:21:20   No My head's going to explode it's hard and I won't do it. OK really quickly. [TS]

02:21:26   Not an hour not that's just not not that I'm tired from the polka. [TS]

02:21:28   Just sometimes I'm like thinking Gosh what you know what does this all mean for me I have no idea. [TS]

02:21:36   Now I just want to make videos I just wanna make videos man I just want to like I don't know what point in my life my [TS]

02:21:43   job moved from having cool ideas for videos and making them putting on You Tube to all the stuff about verticals [TS]

02:21:50   and like fifty five percent of this [TS]

02:21:53   and that like what happened happened to get this is this is one of things I think people. [TS]

02:22:00   Underestimate because they see the videos and they go oh you must think it was all day long [TS]

02:22:04   and there's this just like once this becomes a real job. [TS]

02:22:08   And as time goes on there's a lot of the like the back end business nonsense to deal with that is just a huge huge pain [TS]

02:22:15   in the butt go on you know something else you want to bring up so the other thing I was going to say is that this ten [TS]

02:22:21   dollar a month thing again this seems like a speculative number pulled out of the air from a verge article as far as I [TS]

02:22:26   can tell by all of us are supposed to be five. [TS]

02:22:29   I'm not saying anything that's just a I don't know where I pulled five from [TS]

02:22:32   but either way one of the other things I think about with this is to look at You Tube You know I don't mean to tell you [TS]

02:22:41   how to run your business here but [TS]

02:22:43   but if on top of this you know if you want me to pay money to you as a service you are now playing in the Netflix game. [TS]

02:22:54   This isn't are they owed just remove the ads if I'm actually paying for this. [TS]

02:22:58   There are a lot of things on You Tube I would want to work better like Netflix and we talked about this on the past [TS]

02:23:05   but there's a lot of them and at the very least it's remember where I was in the video. [TS]

02:23:09   Allow me to watch videos in chronological order you need to have a way to let creators actually organize things in a [TS]

02:23:16   way that makes sense. [TS]

02:23:17   It can't just be I mean I'm sure you too believe it this way but it can't just be this endless pile of random videos. [TS]

02:23:27   If you know if I'm paying for this I would also expect it to be a much more enjoyable video watching platform [TS]

02:23:35   and for the moment at the moment you say While You Tube's flaky at the moment but I'm not paying for. [TS]

02:23:42   So I complain that this is always this is always with Google services. [TS]

02:23:47   Well I don't pay for this so I don't get to complain about stuff [TS]

02:23:51   but the minute you start transferring money over it now it's now it moves into the realm of things that you can [TS]

02:23:57   complain about and you don't. [TS]

02:24:00   Is that going to rub off on to us as well that a grain like because I mean if someone doesn't like one of my videos I [TS]

02:24:05   can Jay can say oh well you can have your money back but if they are paying money to you cheap [TS]

02:24:11   and suddenly they don't like a number fall video because that wasn't what they're expecting [TS]

02:24:14   and they've paid I think they've paid money are they going to start saying I can't believe I'm paying money for this. [TS]

02:24:20   Like I know that's not the actuality of what's happening. But do you think that could come to bite us as well. [TS]

02:24:27   I didn't think about that going to think they're playing for us now [TS]

02:24:31   and we should be you know come on say I can't believe you made that mistake in your video I'm paying ten bucks a month [TS]

02:24:37   to watch your stuff ad free. Yeah I wonder I wonder. Well actually it's only is only half of that ten dollars month. [TS]

02:24:44   Oh actually it only point one percent of that ten dollars a month but that doesn't that doesn't that doesn't matter [TS]

02:24:51   but I know it's Or it's funny I do feel that way about we have a Netflix subscription [TS]

02:24:55   and I'm aware of all the shows there. [TS]

02:24:58   Maybe they're good or maybe they're not good on Netflix and I would I would cancel [TS]

02:25:01   or keep my Netflix subscription based on the quality of the shows [TS]

02:25:04   but it is slightly different because Netflix does not have a free option where you can just watch everything [TS]

02:25:09   but you're one of one of the other things I wonder about [TS]

02:25:12   and I'll just I'll just leave this down as as future follow up if anyone ever wants to remember this I bet this goes [TS]

02:25:20   the way of cable T.V. That eventually in little corners ads start to sneak back in. [TS]

02:25:29   That maybe is just an ad when you when you're at youtube dot com and it plays at the top but but sooner [TS]

02:25:36   or later you tube is not going to be able to resist the temptation of like double dipping on the subscription [TS]

02:25:43   and on the advertising. [TS]

02:25:46   Because those people that have paid the monthly Faye are probably the premium most advertisers most want. [TS]

02:25:52   This is exactly it. I know there are many services that I use that I am I am happy to pay for. [TS]

02:26:00   Money if you get rid of the ads for and part of that is because I'm a person who highly valued my time [TS]

02:26:05   and my attention like guess what. [TS]

02:26:07   That's exactly the person that the advertisers want to reach [TS]

02:26:10   and also you're the sort of person that has a degree of disposable income because you can because you can pay for stuff [TS]

02:26:16   that's because I can afford to pay for getting rid of the ads you know I can decide to drop a bunch of money on Apple [TS]

02:26:22   watches because I want it so I yeah I am obviously someone that advertisers want to reach more than say like a college [TS]

02:26:30   kid who is just watching the videos for free. [TS]

02:26:33   They're less interested in that audience and one of the final thing that has me worried. [TS]

02:26:39   Speaking of double dipping in a way it is. We can now at this current time embed ads in our own videos at the end. [TS]

02:26:50   Right so like Squarespace like audible. [TS]

02:26:53   Yeah and there are many reasons we do that not least of which because the You Tube [TS]

02:26:58   and there are borderline worthless yet but one of the things I wonder about is I highlighted it here. JD. [TS]

02:27:08   So there's a section on the F.A.Q. [TS]

02:27:10   Which says you know which ads are the ones that are going to be removed in the subscription service [TS]

02:27:17   and says We You Tube are referring specifically to the You Tube advertising formats. [TS]

02:27:24   There are no changes to any other agreements that the creators may have made which includes things like product [TS]

02:27:32   placements branded advertisements within the videos. Yeah. [TS]

02:27:37   OK so now here is suddenly what I think is a massive conflict from from the customer perspective. [TS]

02:27:43   Yeah if I'm paying You Tube for an ad free experience. [TS]

02:27:48   But You Tube is also still allowing creators to put ads in their own videos [TS]

02:27:54   or to do ads that are basically entirely videos. I'm going to be pretty. [TS]

02:28:00   Best if I'm paying money for an ad free experience. [TS]

02:28:04   Just last month I told people I'm going to have ads at the end of my videos. [TS]

02:28:08   Yeah and now youtube says over going to have an ad free subscription service. [TS]

02:28:14   I feel like well now I'm in a really terrible position because I want the audience to be happy [TS]

02:28:21   but I would be really pissed if there's an ad in a video that I'm paying for an ad free experience [TS]

02:28:27   and I don't I don't know how You Tube is going to resolve this except for eventually basically changing that part [TS]

02:28:34   and telling You Tubers No you can't embed your own ads in the videos. [TS]

02:28:40   But but I think this is like nothing that would cause them huge problems. [TS]

02:28:45   Not so much in our case if they did that well we just have to take our medicine. [TS]

02:28:50   But some other things some of the channels I think are really more dependent as you know there are whole commercial [TS]

02:28:57   operations based on that. And yeah. [TS]

02:29:01   Maybe people will accept it like I would pay for an ad for experience to watch say the Super Bowl without ads [TS]

02:29:06   but I'm not going to be able to avoid all the the ads all over the field in the fences [TS]

02:29:11   and on the Everyone's clipboards [TS]

02:29:12   and stuff like that say ad for a dozen main ad for a necessarily it just means one type of ad for a [TS]

02:29:19   and make people well maybe people will accept that that will become the Gramma. [TS]

02:29:25   But you're right if people go overboard [TS]

02:29:27   and start doing really obvious things like you know having a thirty second Dr Pepper ad run at the start of the video [TS]

02:29:34   like just like a prayer oh well yeah you have to be problems because the ads I'm putting in my videos are at the end. [TS]

02:29:42   Yeah but I can very easily see a situation here for creators like me or creators you just upload very infrequently. [TS]

02:29:51   If this new system turns out that that you earn less money because of the way the distribution breaks down there well [TS]

02:29:58   now there's even more incentive to put. Ads that you sell yourself in your own videos. Yeah. [TS]

02:30:04   Oh well this is a horrible horrible cycle. This isn't working out very well. [TS]

02:30:09   I just I think You Tube is in kind of a tricky situation with this because I don't for a fact that there are channels [TS]

02:30:18   that have You Tube told them you can't embed videos anymore then they would walk away from You Tube that the money from [TS]

02:30:27   the embedded video [TS]

02:30:27   and the money from the embedded ads is much much greater than the money that they're ever going to get from You Tube [TS]

02:30:34   but to get that money for the embedded that because they have a big You Tube subscription base. [TS]

02:30:39   Not everyone can walk away from You Tube [TS]

02:30:41   and take their audience with them the way the vessel operates right now is vessel does explicitly allow people to also [TS]

02:30:49   have embedded ads in their videos. [TS]

02:30:52   And although you're paying for a vessel I think that vessel has the big advantage that is the new thing [TS]

02:31:00   and it is able to establish what it is right from the start. [TS]

02:31:04   So even though you pay for a vessel it works just like Hulu where there are still ads even though you pay [TS]

02:31:11   and I think we just got to laugh I feel like I am impressed by some of the very big You Tubers they've been able to [TS]

02:31:18   pull over to vessel. [TS]

02:31:21   And I think that there are people who have big enough audiences that follow them separately that they could walk away [TS]

02:31:29   from from You Tube So yeah I think You Tube is in a bit of a tricky situation [TS]

02:31:34   when they want to start introducing this subscription service that ad free. [TS]

02:31:39   But they you're right like they they're going to have problems if they try to force the You Tube channels to give up [TS]

02:31:46   embedded ads but it's precisely because You Tube isn't making them enough money [TS]

02:31:52   but they're trying like it's a messy messy situation. So I I just I don't know how this is going to pan out. [TS]

02:32:00   Out I didn't know that hot and I've got my man you know you know my background in newspapers [TS]

02:32:05   and a lot of my friends still works and we are working on pay walls and ways to make money in newspapers [TS]

02:32:11   and everything files everything newspapers try to make to make money files with subscriptions and pay walls [TS]

02:32:20   and they don't make enough from advertising if it's free and novel I sort of smiled at them [TS]

02:32:25   and go Hey you old fashioned guys you know you're old dinosaurs [TS]

02:32:29   and you're dying because you're not used to the Internet and I'm now looking at myself in You Tube [TS]

02:32:33   and I'm thinkin outweigh any different. We don't make enough from advertising or subscriptions. [TS]

02:32:42   Maybe maybe maybe the Golden Age is coming to an end and a lot of people are going to start being in trouble. [TS]

02:32:50   I mean Brady we're doing we're doing just fine. We're not in the news. Yeah but the right papers were doing just fine. [TS]

02:32:56   I mean some newspapers are still doing just fine I'm just saying like I know all the things we're talking about now the [TS]

02:33:02   problems that You Tube are about to have are exactly the same problems newspapers are having. [TS]

02:33:08   Newspapers have said we're not making enough from advertising [TS]

02:33:11   when it's free we need to we need to introduce subscriptions and then that has failed. [TS]

02:33:16   You Tube of obviously said we're not making enough from advertising. We need to reduce introduce subscriptions. [TS]

02:33:23   It sounds almost exactly the same. [TS]

02:33:25   Yeah OK but I just I just want to be really clear here there's a big difference between You Tube's business [TS]

02:33:31   and our businesses right. You Tube may be in trouble. [TS]

02:33:36   I think it's pretty clear that we the video producers are not in trouble. OK Do you disagree with that. [TS]

02:33:48   To you you haven't done it but I have set up the R.S.S. Feed. I have direct support from patron I will have. [TS]

02:34:00   Embedded ads in my R.S.S. Feeds I could I could walk away from You Tube today and be fine. [TS]

02:34:07   OK because I'm making videos that people want to watch. [TS]

02:34:10   And although it would be much more of a hassle for you to do it I think you could do it as well because there are [TS]

02:34:16   people who want to watch your video. [TS]

02:34:17   Yeah yeah you know and I don't get me wrong it would be like a massive hit in my business. [TS]

02:34:23   But if if something came up with You Tube that I really didn't like this would be doable I don't want to do it [TS]

02:34:29   but it would be doable. [TS]

02:34:31   That's why I did want to make it really clear here I don't feel like a newspaper like oh my business is crumbling down [TS]

02:34:36   around me. [TS]

02:34:37   It just it just feels like You Tube is in a terrible position with trying to make this subscription thing work [TS]

02:34:43   but I don't feel like. [TS]

02:34:45   You Tube's problem is only my problem is in as much as a large section of my audience is on youtube. [TS]

02:34:52   Yeah that's the whole reason why I've been setting myself up so that I am not dependent on You Tube [TS]

02:34:58   and that's what I think that's also why I like Derek a very Taseer had a video about You Tube eating a potato [TS]

02:35:05   and why he was moving over to vessel and people can go over to vessel [TS]

02:35:09   and as we discussed last time there are ways that vessel can be profitable with a much smaller audience so I don't [TS]

02:35:15   think that the business of people who make stuff that people on the Internet like is in trouble. [TS]

02:35:22   Those people are doing just fine. [TS]

02:35:24   I think institutions like Youtube are in trouble [TS]

02:35:27   and newspapers are in trouble because newspapers are just kind of terrible. [TS]

02:35:32   They're making stuff that people don't really want to watch that isn't super valuable or people don't want to read. [TS]

02:35:38   I was actually really funny on our trip. [TS]

02:35:41   My wife actually just for fun agreed to have the hotel deliver a newspaper to our room [TS]

02:35:47   and I took a picture of her at one point reading the newspaper because she just had the biggest frown on her face [TS]

02:35:54   and she was going what is this I have to I have to switch over to page sixteen to. [TS]

02:36:00   This story I have to jump all around because there's nothing in the story I thought I was going to learn something [TS]

02:36:05   about Las Vegas with the local Las Vegas newspaper. But it's all just A.P. [TS]

02:36:09   Stories and stuff that is like oh this is a terrible experience. [TS]

02:36:12   So the guy of course of course that business is doing terribly because it's terrible. [TS]

02:36:18   Anyway so I think they've got enough on my head again [TS]

02:36:21   and I had read well you that I'm terribly sorry I didn't mean to do that. [TS]

02:36:26   Anyway so yeah I think I think if you make stuff that people like on the Internet that there are ways to make that work. [TS]

02:36:34   But you know whatever You Tube is doing with their business you know not this subscription thing may be great [TS]

02:36:42   and it may not be great but it feels really uncertain now as opposed to a vessel which [TS]

02:36:47   when I heard about it I was like Man that's a great idea. It's not for me it's not something I'm going to do. [TS]

02:36:54   But it's obviously a very workable idea [TS]

02:36:56   and I don't feel that way with the You Tube subscription youtube subscription thing feels like Man I wish I could stay [TS]

02:37:02   out of this to see how it goes but You Tube won't let me. U two billion forced me into it. [TS]

02:37:07   Dare I say it do you think they're doing it in a half assed manner. [TS]

02:37:13   I think I think there is nothing half assed about this coersion that they that they know how to do. [TS]

02:37:21   Yeah well let's see what happens. [TS]

02:37:25   Hey nice maybe in six months we'll be saying subscriptions to gray and I'll be looking at it on my Apple Watch. [TS]

02:37:54   So I went to Australia right. I had to go back. Are you drinking over there. [TS]

02:38:01   Well what am I supposed to do and I will tell you that's like your job. [TS]

02:38:05   Yeah I know that I know that my job well then what's the point of telling me you heard me I don't know why I did. [TS]

02:38:11   I'm sorry I have no idea why that has happened. OK I should just kept my mouth shut. [TS]

02:38:16   Now I have this whole section better though so you're drinking this because I'm still drinking. [TS]

02:38:21   OK Are you done finished now. OK Good at least I haven't touched the mark if you know yeah that's true. So. [TS]