Roderick on the Line

Ep. 220: "Find the Hippopotamus"


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00:00:28   [Music] [TS]

00:00:34   hello hi John I'm Merlin how's it going [TS]

00:00:41   mmm pretty good huh [TS]

00:00:45   I have a little nosh tell em who else in [TS]

00:00:53   my coffee while you're eating [TS]

00:00:55   yeah I always forget where you are but [TS]

00:01:04   you're really johnny-on-the-spot [TS]

00:01:05   johnny-on-the-spot for starting at eight [TS]

00:01:11   yeah yeah there's a spot and i am [TS]

00:01:14   johnnie upon it you are upon it and m [TS]

00:01:19   boy I gave I gave you the signal [TS]

00:01:25   yeah which is an unflagging an effect on [TS]

00:01:28   inflected beep that's right right we we [TS]

00:01:33   established this very early or very [TS]

00:01:35   early on we would say bleep or bloop [TS]

00:01:38   yeah I don't think we've discussed it [TS]

00:01:40   much or ever but that's how we would [TS]

00:01:43   speak to each other on the internet we [TS]

00:01:44   would say blue pen blue porcelain [TS]

00:01:46   doesn't such a bleep and bloop for a [TS]

00:01:48   very long time not to be confused with [TS]

00:01:50   gleep glorp no no I have nothing to do [TS]

00:01:52   with it all you would say bleep and I [TS]

00:01:57   would say blorp or vice versa and then [TS]

00:02:00   we would start the show [TS]

00:02:01   yeah and then it got shortened some at [TS]

00:02:03   some point along the way to beep uh huh [TS]

00:02:06   i would just write beep with not no [TS]

00:02:08   punctuation so I sent you a beep just a [TS]

00:02:11   minute ago and you immediately called me [TS]

00:02:14   and i had a mouthful peanut butter [TS]

00:02:15   sandwich cheese Louise I'm sorry I'm [TS]

00:02:17   late [TS]

00:02:18   ok i turned a corner here's something I [TS]

00:02:21   turned upon which johnny turned a corner [TS]

00:02:23   is my son [TS]

00:02:24   yeah okay i'll share this with you ah [TS]

00:02:27   you know I think there's a couple [TS]

00:02:29   schools of thought well as many schools [TS]

00:02:31   of thought there's many many schools of [TS]

00:02:33   thought about doing things and two kinds [TS]

00:02:37   of people [TS]

00:02:37   yeah right two kinds of people one kind [TS]

00:02:40   thinks there are many yes their schools [TS]

00:02:42   of thought [TS]

00:02:43   yes yeah and so I I historically was was [TS]

00:02:51   a variety of things that i do [TS]

00:02:52   differently than other people [TS]

00:02:53   something is doing the past that almost [TS]

00:02:54   everybody does here's the thing most I'm [TS]

00:02:56   trying to diagram with them [TS]

00:02:58   okay well it's hard to describe this [TS]

00:02:59   here's the thing we don't how can I put [TS]

00:03:02   this [TS]

00:03:02   I don't edit this show it is it is fun [TS]

00:03:05   funny and farcical to me when I see what [TS]

00:03:09   my wonderful wonderful friends go [TS]

00:03:11   through with editing a show and they [TS]

00:03:12   proudly display all these millions of [TS]

00:03:14   cuts to take out every mm and all and [TS]

00:03:18   the extent of editing I've done on here [TS]

00:03:20   was before I eat you [TS]

00:03:23   he just started saying your daughter's [TS]

00:03:24   name like a crazy person I used to try [TS]

00:03:25   to bleep it then I said forget it i'm [TS]

00:03:26   done with that it's too much work down a [TS]

00:03:28   bleep there and then occasionally these [TS]

00:03:30   episodes I just didn't put out that's [TS]

00:03:31   that was my editing but it's too big [TS]

00:03:33   swim lanes straight o'clock across and [TS]

00:03:36   it might my thinking you know it's a yes [TS]

00:03:39   and as soon as we are on the stage [TS]

00:03:42   the show has begun for so let's share [TS]

00:03:45   with our listeners that unless you're [TS]

00:03:47   your internet brakes which it does we [TS]

00:03:49   don't have a thing where we I say good [TS]

00:03:50   morning John are you ready to record our [TS]

00:03:53   podcast no no because that would ruin it [TS]

00:03:56   because we're going to you yet that you [TS]

00:03:58   gotta just you i want you to see us [TS]

00:03:59   we're picking up the phone were speaking [TS]

00:04:01   to each other and we don't there's no [TS]

00:04:03   there's no like I don't want to kind of [TS]

00:04:05   in band signal about whether you're [TS]

00:04:07   ready to use your phone beep beep bloop [TS]

00:04:10   and so then the other part is so I [TS]

00:04:12   believe in that and and lots of people [TS]

00:04:13   disagree with that because they love [TS]

00:04:14   their editing I know do they love their [TS]

00:04:16   editing the other thing is I used to be [TS]

00:04:19   the kind of person that said when I saw [TS]

00:04:21   you saw a person show up on skype skype [TS]

00:04:23   at them and I'd say hi [TS]

00:04:25   are you ready to record our internet [TS]

00:04:28   podcast and they go yes I'm ready to [TS]

00:04:32   record our internet podcast or no [TS]

00:04:34   I'm almost ready to record our internet [TS]

00:04:36   podcast I gotta go go make a number one [TS]

00:04:40   or a coffee [TS]

00:04:42   yeah I stop stop doing that to see I [TS]

00:04:45   stopped doing that so now if you did to [TS]

00:04:46   me I'm like this they ok recording i [TS]

00:04:48   would say yeah you know I was ready for [TS]

00:04:50   love I'm here [TS]

00:04:51   yeah right i was really when I was here [TS]

00:04:53   w you stop doing that with everybody is [TS]

00:04:55   that what you're saying well I you know [TS]

00:04:56   the let the last one was a nice to John [TS]

00:04:59   siracusa yeah he's the worst he's the [TS]

00:05:01   worst at this because like I he shows up [TS]

00:05:03   exact exactly our point i'm always [TS]

00:05:05   always always [TS]

00:05:06   that's right there a problem yeah he's [TS]

00:05:08   nice and he's an Italian so he shows up [TS]

00:05:11   and then I used to say hi [TS]

00:05:15   uh-huh you require internet podcast for [TS]

00:05:17   podcasting here and right and so what [TS]

00:05:21   you would turn into the penguin [TS]

00:05:22   Oh Squidward but yeah and then these [TS]

00:05:26   hours and then eat the we've recorded i [TS]

00:05:29   don't know how many episodes 37 episodes [TS]

00:05:31   of that show and he's never the first [TS]

00:05:32   one to talk [TS]

00:05:34   so all the line has been picked up he [TS]

00:05:36   does not acknowledge me and so then I [TS]

00:05:39   say they said and eventually I said you [TS]

00:05:41   know it's funny I said to him I said [TS]

00:05:42   it's funny chance acusa you never never [TS]

00:05:45   talk first [TS]

00:05:46   yeah and then he stays quiet for a while [TS]

00:05:48   oh and eventually I realized it's [TS]

00:05:51   because he's one of these monsters who [TS]

00:05:52   is used to being on a show that is [TS]

00:05:54   edited we say hi [TS]

00:05:56   are you ready to reporter internet [TS]

00:05:57   podcast oh and then you do you go around [TS]

00:06:01   he says everybody recording you say is [TS]

00:06:03   everybody had their stuff turned off [TS]

00:06:04   turn off your air conditioner and go [TS]

00:06:05   through all this stuff that this show is [TS]

00:06:07   what's the word energetic everything [TS]

00:06:10   that happens on this show is happening [TS]

00:06:11   on this show that is one hundred percent [TS]

00:06:14   true that include that one conversation [TS]

00:06:16   about the show everything that happens [TS]

00:06:18   on this show is happening on this show [TS]

00:06:20   it's all happening right it's very [TS]

00:06:23   unusual for us to do anything that is [TS]

00:06:25   not part of the show on the show it so [TS]

00:06:27   well I can't think of a single time it's [TS]

00:06:29   happened but then I've never listen [TS]

00:06:31   never seen the show yeah I when I go on [TS]

00:06:33   someone's when i'm on guest as a guest [TS]

00:06:36   on someone else's podcast and they pick [TS]

00:06:40   up they call me on the skype and I say [TS]

00:06:43   hey whats up guys and they say hey John [TS]

00:06:45   it's me bill and hide [TS]

00:06:48   me Tony or you know they let me start by [TS]

00:06:51   telling you a little about myself [TS]

00:06:53   well then you know where we have I have [TS]

00:06:55   guessed it on podcast where we talked [TS]

00:06:57   for 15 minutes [TS]

00:06:59   top shelf talking at least on one end [TS]

00:07:02   who and then there and then they say [TS]

00:07:05   well we should get started uh i have [TS]

00:07:09   almost I've almost logged off [TS]

00:07:12   I've almost locked off the internet [TS]

00:07:13   forever when that has happened that goes [TS]

00:07:16   up are you are you are you fucking [TS]

00:07:18   serious thats that's monstrous you think [TS]

00:07:21   I've got 40 40 hours to do this I was [TS]

00:07:24   just giving you that was that was [TS]

00:07:25   already good good good shit always be [TS]

00:07:28   always be taping you know just get it [TS]

00:07:31   get it all [TS]

00:07:32   that's good because you know it's a [TS]

00:07:34   potentially shows these people were [TS]

00:07:36   talking about podcast but be people to [TS]

00:07:37   get their outline and they get their [TS]

00:07:39   banter and get the bit like and get [TS]

00:07:41   explain to you how old this little for [TS]

00:07:43   you come on we're going to describe who [TS]

00:07:45   you are and we're going to talk about [TS]

00:07:47   that and you know I when I went on a car [TS]

00:07:49   ride one time with a couple of the [TS]

00:07:51   couple of people from the internet this [TS]

00:07:54   was a this is a car ride IRL [TS]

00:07:57   oh dear ok arm and they were in town to [TS]

00:08:01   do a live version of their podcast these [TS]

00:08:03   are people that we know you know what [TS]

00:08:05   I'm saying oh these are some people that [TS]

00:08:07   I know [TS]

00:08:08   ok so we're driving we were driving [TS]

00:08:12   around after their live podcast show and [TS]

00:08:16   they were talking to one another that [TS]

00:08:18   are still performing let's be honest [TS]

00:08:21   they don't even off the stage for an [TS]

00:08:23   hour we are we were on our way to an [TS]

00:08:24   ihop to it which is for those of you in [TS]

00:08:28   other countries it's the International [TS]

00:08:30   House of Pancakes ironic [TS]

00:08:32   yeah so if you don't have a hops there [TS]

00:08:35   you must not have international pancakes [TS]

00:08:36   in your country probably flying i think [TS]

00:08:38   it's called flag of convenience right [TS]

00:08:41   well the flag of convenience of [TS]

00:08:43   international house of pancakes is if [TS]

00:08:45   you recall all the flags who released [TS]

00:08:47   all the scandinavian legs who remember [TS]

00:08:50   the original the original branding was [TS]

00:08:52   like like all the flags skin maybe I [TS]

00:08:56   remember that feeling [TS]

00:08:57   like a what kind of a kind of house we [TS]

00:08:59   call a frame that it had a kind of [TS]

00:09:02   Scandinavian feel to it and I remember [TS]

00:09:05   they had a variety of syrups on the [TS]

00:09:06   table they did they did and the roof was [TS]

00:09:09   was was an a-frame in order to for the [TS]

00:09:11   snow to slide off in the in their home [TS]

00:09:14   country of Scandinavia where [TS]

00:09:16   International House of Pancakes surely [TS]

00:09:17   started just like haagen-dazs ice cream [TS]

00:09:19   yes is a great scandinavian brand who [TS]

00:09:22   imported directly from scanning that's [TS]

00:09:25   right and not at all made in a suburb of [TS]

00:09:28   New Jersey whatever and I remember when [TS]

00:09:31   you know International House of Pancakes [TS]

00:09:33   it is for me dated to a time back when [TS]

00:09:38   certain kinds of chain fast food was [TS]

00:09:44   still fancy remember when absolutely we [TS]

00:09:48   had like.we chain called bill Knapp's [TS]

00:09:50   and was kind of like upscale ok nappp [TS]

00:09:54   and it was kind of like a slightly make [TS]

00:09:57   nicer than Perkins but like slightly [TS]

00:09:59   upscale chain comfort food but it's like [TS]

00:10:02   where you got places to go after church [TS]

00:10:04   if you didn't go to the cafeteria you go [TS]

00:10:06   to one of these kinds of places bob [TS]

00:10:07   evans is another woman Bob Evans bob [TS]

00:10:09   evans that's a quality brand [TS]

00:10:11   yep and i want to be I want to be called [TS]

00:10:14   Bob map from now on [TS]

00:10:16   Bob naps built up your bill maps I feel [TS]

00:10:20   like that's a that's a super good [TS]

00:10:22   internet handle high my hand building [TS]

00:10:25   outcome our guest this week we're gonna [TS]

00:10:26   bring bill Knapp's anyway i'm driving [TS]

00:10:29   with these guys yet always you get [TS]

00:10:33   started i was driving with these guys [TS]

00:10:36   and they were talking that this was not [TS]

00:10:38   a thing that they didn't solicit my [TS]

00:10:40   opinion but they were like yeah you know [TS]

00:10:42   the thing about our podcast that makes [TS]

00:10:44   it so successful is that where you know [TS]

00:10:46   we both come from radio yeah this is the [TS]

00:10:48   best not cast and so we know what we [TS]

00:10:52   know what people want to hear we know [TS]

00:10:54   how to make podcasts because II came [TS]

00:10:58   from radio and the thing you know one [TS]

00:11:00   thing I can't stand the other guys like [TS]

00:11:02   what what I can't stand those podcast [TS]

00:11:05   was just two guys talking and they don't [TS]

00:11:07   do any editing [TS]

00:11:08   and.and I was sitting there sitting on [TS]

00:11:10   my hands at this point who I had a lot [TS]

00:11:12   of pop in so i wouldn't talk [TS]

00:11:13   yep and they went on a 10-minute screen [TS]

00:11:16   about how podcast that are edited are [TS]

00:11:19   just the worst like crime against the [TS]

00:11:22   listener because people want crafted [TS]

00:11:27   radio people want podcast that are [TS]

00:11:29   crafted handcrafted and hand and I was [TS]

00:11:33   just I was sitting there like well shit [TS]

00:11:35   no no hard part is pretty fun it's fun [TS]

00:11:38   to do that went with you know and up [TS]

00:11:40   until this point [TS]

00:11:42   Merlin up until this point we have never [TS]

00:11:44   spoken about we've never spoken with [TS]

00:11:46   pride about the lack of work that we put [TS]

00:11:48   into this podcast i think a lot of [TS]

00:11:50   people think you're supposed to be [TS]

00:11:52   ashamed of not working [TS]

00:11:54   boy you should listen to my speech I [TS]

00:11:56   gave it XOXO this year [TS]

00:11:58   oh yeah that's right so that all right [TS]

00:12:01   oh yes yes so there's the podcast CD [TS]

00:12:03   with me that you don't listen to write [TS]

00:12:05   that you are you felt bad you thought it [TS]

00:12:08   was I think your phrase we were [TS]

00:12:09   illegitimate it was jimit legitimate all [TS]

00:12:13   the work that I do that is the best is [TS]

00:12:16   also work that I feel is legitimate but [TS]

00:12:17   that's a whole other everybody should go [TS]

00:12:20   I don't know if that speech is even [TS]

00:12:21   online yet it is it online I haven't [TS]

00:12:24   checked it ok i'll look that up [TS]

00:12:28   no it's not that you have to check it [TS]

00:12:29   would just come down your timeline right [TS]

00:12:31   it would just end up in your feet at the [TS]

00:12:32   MIT our primary TL yeah yeah on your [TS]

00:12:35   feet [TS]

00:12:35   I see I i enjoy unlike I think I'm like [TS]

00:12:40   you you seem like you don't really [TS]

00:12:41   listen to podcast at all do you [TS]

00:12:42   I mean less unless it's something but [TS]

00:12:44   for a reason it's not part of your [TS]

00:12:46   workflow you're not a big podcast person [TS]

00:12:47   for the most part until well let's see [TS]

00:12:51   let me think about this now for a second [TS]

00:12:53   if I can still say this i believe i can [TS]

00:12:58   still say that I have never heard a [TS]

00:13:01   podcast ok i listened to our an [TS]

00:13:05   irresponsible number of podcasts that [TS]

00:13:07   are often very very different types and [TS]

00:13:10   kinds of podcasts where I mean [TS]

00:13:14   especially with this particular I don't [TS]

00:13:16   talk about politics but with this [TS]

00:13:17   particular season i have adopted [TS]

00:13:18   half-a-dozen really good luck [TS]

00:13:21   cast about politics that our second ago [TS]

00:13:23   I'm sorry to interrupt now everything [TS]

00:13:26   that's on the show is on the show and [TS]

00:13:28   secondly when you said types and pop [TS]

00:13:30   kinds of podcast was that a sort of [TS]

00:13:32   insider podcast way of saying that some [TS]

00:13:35   kinda haha like you know me feel like [TS]

00:13:38   I'm gonna let you wonder it's like types [TS]

00:13:40   and island types and kinds of podcast [TS]

00:13:42   but I also let's do thai it's like [TS]

00:13:44   saying things like fam like you just [TS]

00:13:46   assume that somebody's vernacular that [TS]

00:13:48   must mean something [TS]

00:13:49   damn they say fam and then other people [TS]

00:13:51   safe and because they heard other people [TS]

00:13:52   say fam earlier this day when when i [TS]

00:13:55   wrote you earlier this day that's good [TS]

00:13:58   right that's my daughter just a moment [TS]

00:14:00   just a moment earlier this day when are [TS]

00:14:04   we going to eat this day earlier this [TS]

00:14:07   day when i wrote you a text and I said [TS]

00:14:09   can we start recording a half an hour [TS]

00:14:12   later than we normally do and you said [TS]

00:14:14   yes [TS]

00:14:15   what did I right back you said too many [TS]

00:14:20   things one of them was TTYL which I [TS]

00:14:23   think well I taught your you i'm sorry [TS]

00:14:25   you taught me that [TS]

00:14:27   TTYL you had to go to urban dictionary [TS]

00:14:29   to figure out what you're saying be [TS]

00:14:30   careful on that site content was the [TS]

00:14:33   other one wasn't like i said there's a [TS]

00:14:35   bazillion or something what did you say [TS]

00:14:36   I said perfect perfect ! a thing which [TS]

00:14:41   as i did it i realized i had never done [TS]

00:14:43   that's not part of my electron eyeliner [TS]

00:14:45   it [TS]

00:14:45   oh I like that i sometimes respond [TS]

00:14:48   sometimes with my with my wife and me [TS]

00:14:50   and I a starting with other people got [TS]

00:14:51   very confused i would adopt 00 [TS]

00:14:54   pronunciation of the great Richard vase [TS]

00:14:56   from the first scene in the office which [TS]

00:14:58   is same ethnic perfect i was a perfect [TS]

00:15:01   perfect that doesn't mean anything [TS]

00:15:03   anybody but my wife and me if I see [TS]

00:15:04   perfect [TS]

00:15:05   nobody's gonna know what that means i [TS]

00:15:06   don't think that's a bit but i like i [TS]

00:15:08   like i like your I liked your neologism [TS]

00:15:11   perfect perfect i will max out [TS]

00:15:14   pronounced right it's not perfect so I'm [TS]

00:15:16   trying to say is I wanna get back to [TS]

00:15:17   these pancakes years [TS]

00:15:19   all I'm trying to say is everything that [TS]

00:15:20   happens on the show happens on the show [TS]

00:15:22   and and and Miley point being that I [TS]

00:15:24   don't understand this is what Freud [TS]

00:15:27   calls narcissism of minor differences [TS]

00:15:29   don't understand why there has to be so [TS]

00:15:33   much hue and cry Sturm and Drang about [TS]

00:15:36   all of the people who are doing [TS]

00:15:37   everything wrong because they're not [TS]

00:15:39   doing it like you I mean my god I first [TS]

00:15:43   of all have saved a lot of the podcast i [TS]

00:15:44   hold dearest in my heart are similar to [TS]

00:15:48   our show are not high production value [TS]

00:15:51   things i'm here because i love the [TS]

00:15:53   people is that there's a program that a [TS]

00:15:55   lot of our listeners also listen to that [TS]

00:15:56   I will not mention my name to very very [TS]

00:15:58   funny podcast that's not a comedy [TS]

00:16:00   podcast cuz I don't like comedy podcast [TS]

00:16:02   but Adam Carolla his pancakes are not on [TS]

00:16:08   my plate and it's it's kind of a running [TS]

00:16:13   joke that like they've been doing the [TS]

00:16:14   show for almost 10 years and i still [TS]

00:16:15   can't quite get the audio quality where [TS]

00:16:17   they like it to be but you listen to it [TS]

00:16:19   because because about Marco our Moon's [TS]

00:16:21   cocinar Marco Arment now he's got notes [TS]

00:16:23   for us [TS]

00:16:24   I'm not specifically because I I don't [TS]

00:16:26   know if you still listen to the program [TS]

00:16:27   because you blocked him [TS]

00:16:29   no no I love Marco I'm but the but he is [TS]

00:16:32   a really he's very into audio quality i [TS]

00:16:36   don't know if you're aware of this [TS]

00:16:38   mm so like for example and and work this [TS]

00:16:41   isn't the show yet so we're going to cut [TS]

00:16:42   all this out audio quality the yeah cuz [TS]

00:16:45   I mean we do eventually need to teach [TS]

00:16:47   you how to record your side that got our [TS]

00:16:49   money you know [TS]

00:16:50   no i'm not making this about you I make [TS]

00:16:51   this about the industry penis about the [TS]

00:16:54   privilege that people don't realize they [TS]

00:16:56   have having editing skills but here i [TS]

00:16:59   just don't know I i don't i'm sounding [TS]

00:17:02   more dramatic about this I actually feel [TS]

00:17:04   I actually feeling is more like this [TS]

00:17:05   noise [TS]

00:17:06   poof-poof because it's like well can't [TS]

00:17:09   you just can't there be different kinds [TS]

00:17:11   of things we all just get along can't we [TS]

00:17:13   all just can't we all just get along and [TS]

00:17:15   I guess what I'm trying to say is that [TS]

00:17:16   like its it would be very weird to me [TS]

00:17:19   for somebody who claims that they're [TS]

00:17:21   really into podcast to only listen to [TS]

00:17:23   really highly produced radio style shows [TS]

00:17:27   because that's not what I consider a [TS]

00:17:31   classic podcast I don't think reading a [TS]

00:17:33   very well written essay / music bed is a [TS]

00:17:35   podcast either i listen to shows like [TS]

00:17:37   that i consider a classic podcast to be [TS]

00:17:39   it spur of the moment talking between [TS]

00:17:42   people about whatever [TS]

00:17:43   see now that's a classic podcast well I [TS]

00:17:46   I don't know but I mean like I mean then [TS]

00:17:48   you take something like you know another [TS]

00:17:50   program i used to do with this cotton [TS]

00:17:52   Adam and that was edited within an inch [TS]

00:17:54   of its life too much great effect right [TS]

00:17:56   and that's why you don't do it anymore [TS]

00:17:57   that got time consuming [TS]

00:18:00   yeah my sense is that if we had if we [TS]

00:18:02   had made any attempt to edit this [TS]

00:18:04   podcast or do anything to it at all and [TS]

00:18:08   I don't know what the other things you [TS]

00:18:09   can do a podcast are besides edit it but [TS]

00:18:12   i think that there must be some things [TS]

00:18:14   that you could do you could run through [TS]

00:18:16   a filter you could run this entire [TS]

00:18:17   podcast through a flanger even we could [TS]

00:18:22   go to be talking into vocoders where [TS]

00:18:24   it's turned way up there or a Maryland [TS]

00:18:28   how are you [TS]

00:18:29   I just add a flanger to just that little [TS]

00:18:32   bit because I i think i can do that but [TS]

00:18:35   i'm not sure cuz im using a ten-year-old [TS]

00:18:36   program to go go just running through to [TS]

00:18:39   run through a flanger said it you said [TS]

00:18:41   it from your mouth to Rodney King's here [TS]

00:18:43   why can't we all just get along can't we [TS]

00:18:45   just let people like the things that [TS]

00:18:47   they like does it doesn't have to turn [TS]

00:18:49   into some kind of land war in Asia just [TS]

00:18:52   because people do things differently [TS]

00:18:54   it's so odd [TS]

00:18:55   my sense of this conversation is that [TS]

00:18:59   you have so first of all do you believe [TS]

00:19:02   me when i say i've never listened to a [TS]

00:19:03   podcast [TS]

00:19:04   no I see I think I would be very [TS]

00:19:07   surprised i don't know i'm done you act [TS]

00:19:09   but you asked me from ok everything on [TS]

00:19:12   the show is on the show that's right i [TS]

00:19:13   would be very surprised if you had not [TS]

00:19:15   listen to almost all of the song explode [TS]

00:19:19   episode about the commander thinks aloud [TS]

00:19:21   you're right i have listened to a [TS]

00:19:23   podcast because I listened to that one [TS]

00:19:25   time [TS]

00:19:26   Wow boom boom it's true I i was [TS]

00:19:31   listening so here's here's my problem [TS]

00:19:34   which is that this is the only problem I [TS]

00:19:37   alright it's amazing that somebody that [TS]

00:19:41   has only one problem and is able to [TS]

00:19:42   identify that puts you that the US air [TS]

00:19:44   it's a pretty rare my friend [TS]

00:19:46   well as my mom likes to believe people [TS]

00:19:49   are on earth living iterations of their [TS]

00:19:53   former lives based on how they performed [TS]

00:19:56   in earlier are you your mom believes [TS]

00:19:59   that yes so so exciting to me as you [TS]

00:20:03   progress through the through the ladder [TS]

00:20:06   of enlightenment you are here on this [TS]

00:20:09   planet living a life in order to learn [TS]

00:20:12   things that you did not learn earlier [TS]

00:20:15   but also with the presumption is that [TS]

00:20:18   you are advancing so there are there are [TS]

00:20:22   people who are here and they've they've [TS]

00:20:25   been bumped up from being a dog or [TS]

00:20:27   whatever there-there humans but they're [TS]

00:20:30   really at the beginning of the ladder [TS]

00:20:32   and then there are old souls who are at [TS]

00:20:35   the you know they're really up there [TS]

00:20:37   with very few things to learn left but [TS]

00:20:41   the things they do have to learn boy [TS]

00:20:43   they really i mean that's a whole [TS]

00:20:45   lifetime just in the pursuit of learning [TS]

00:20:49   this thing and then at a certain point [TS]

00:20:50   you know youryour you reach Valhalla [TS]

00:20:53   holy mackerel andy so the one thing that [TS]

00:20:59   I have that's true about me let's say [TS]

00:21:02   that is that I like to read reviews I [TS]

00:21:06   like to read reviews more than I like to [TS]

00:21:10   consume any of the things being reviewed [TS]

00:21:12   is the bet you'd make this something [TS]

00:21:15   separate from criticism in the second [TS]

00:21:19   that in the in the classic kind of [TS]

00:21:20   academic sense i like to read criticism [TS]

00:21:22   your you your OneNote let me I'm sorry [TS]

00:21:25   to interrupt you but day you studied it [TS]

00:21:28   wasn't comparative literature it was the [TS]

00:21:30   history of ideas now what was it [TS]

00:21:31   that's right come the comparative [TS]

00:21:33   history of ideas [TS]

00:21:35   I don't like a conflict with a master's [TS]

00:21:36   degree I mean it's a lot of like [TS]

00:21:38   thinking about things in the app [TS]

00:21:39   tracked you think about the thinking [TS]

00:21:41   about things who metacognition mm and so [TS]

00:21:46   reviews have always been a big part of [TS]

00:21:49   my so there's criticism but there's also [TS]

00:21:51   just the its younger its younger sibling [TS]

00:21:53   the jolly little review which and review [TS]

00:21:59   is a very uncomplicated child depending [TS]

00:22:02   on how well it's written but i enjoy [TS]

00:22:06   and-and-and-and mad magazine was an [TS]

00:22:08   early a purveyor of this to me i never [TS]

00:22:12   saw the movie Kramer vs Kramer but I [TS]

00:22:14   remember mad magazines parody of kramer [TS]

00:22:17   vs kramer very well humor was called oh [TS]

00:22:20   boy [TS]

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00:24:59   so you know very early on I realized [TS]

00:25:01   that you could get the gist of something [TS]

00:25:03   by reading the capsule review of it and [TS]

00:25:06   that when used then saw the thing it [TS]

00:25:09   either confirmed or exploded the review [TS]

00:25:13   but that even didn't matter like it even [TS]

00:25:16   a bad review i loved i love to read [TS]

00:25:20   there was a there was a magazine [TS]

00:25:21   published in the Pacific Northwest and [TS]

00:25:23   by magazine I mean broadsheet like an [TS]

00:25:27   alternative paper i don't know if you [TS]

00:25:29   remember this but it was called snipe [TS]

00:25:31   hunt and snipe hunt was just an entire [TS]

00:25:35   newspaper like as big as the SF Weekly [TS]

00:25:38   but all it was was capsule reviews of [TS]

00:25:41   new records by by indie bands [TS]

00:25:43   oh the entire thing and the reviews none [TS]

00:25:47   of them were more than about three [TS]

00:25:48   column enters and every single record [TS]

00:25:52   was reviewed by Snider bonds and I never [TS]

00:25:55   have never known [TS]

00:25:57   like who the snipe on people were or how [TS]

00:25:59   it was that this thing existed but it [TS]

00:26:02   was just like a free paper that you [TS]

00:26:03   would find lying around in bars [TS]

00:26:05   and whenever I saw and it came out [TS]

00:26:07   quarterly or something it wasn't [TS]

00:26:08   something they could do every week but i [TS]

00:26:11   would grab snipe hunt and I would just [TS]

00:26:13   at first I would go through and i would [TS]

00:26:15   read every one star review because [TS]

00:26:17   that's what you really want you want [TS]

00:26:19   every one star review first and then i [TS]

00:26:21   would read every five star review and [TS]

00:26:23   then I would you know God go through [TS]

00:26:24   eventually i'd read every review because [TS]

00:26:26   it was so great and I had no intention [TS]

00:26:28   of listening to any of those albums not [TS]

00:26:30   even a single one not not even the [TS]

00:26:32   five-star five-star review you know what [TS]

00:26:35   I get this i totally get this and so [TS]

00:26:38   listening to you talk about podcasts is [TS]

00:26:42   in a lot of ways better than listening [TS]

00:26:45   to podcast yes sir [TS]

00:26:47   who knows i'll never let me go song the [TS]

00:26:50   song exploded that featured me I finally [TS]

00:26:55   listen to after you know after being on [TS]

00:26:58   the receiving end of 400 tweets that [TS]

00:27:00   were like this is great i listened to it [TS]

00:27:03   and it actually i actually was like huh [TS]

00:27:05   this was a nice thing this song exploder [TS]

00:27:09   that people praised was really nice it [TS]

00:27:13   was nice to listen to it made me feel [TS]

00:27:15   emotional about my own song because of [TS]

00:27:18   the weather was craft that show that guy [TS]

00:27:20   like he's so wonderful i can never not [TS]

00:27:22   going to begin to try to pronounce his [TS]

00:27:23   name but he prefers to go by reaching ok [TS]

00:27:28   he he's very good and His that's it [TS]

00:27:32   that's interesting you should mention [TS]

00:27:33   that example because i often have no [TS]

00:27:36   idea who the artist or the song is but [TS]

00:27:39   like um like MGMT you know that one that [TS]

00:27:42   big hit they had back when MGMT had the [TS]

00:27:43   first big hit like the breaking down how [TS]

00:27:46   that song it's that one song you know [TS]

00:27:47   how it goes and but ask [TS]

00:27:50   yeah it's the one and so you a whole [TS]

00:27:54   blue [TS]

00:27:55   oh but no that doesn't example the show [TS]

00:28:00   were like even if i don't know or I'm [TS]

00:28:03   not into the song I i really liked the [TS]

00:28:06   format for how it doesn't it's very [TS]

00:28:08   solemn maybe a little too solemn but the [TS]

00:28:10   the way he puts that show together is [TS]

00:28:13   terrific now that's an example of a very [TS]

00:28:14   heavily edited show that i think is very [TS]

00:28:16   well done [TS]

00:28:16   he does a very good job [TS]

00:28:18   I anybody's it doesn't hurt at all that [TS]

00:28:20   it's one of your best known and [TS]

00:28:23   certainly one of the most moving songs [TS]

00:28:25   and the storytelling stage was just the [TS]

00:28:27   way you tell it was great [TS]

00:28:29   yeah yeah well it was nice that it was [TS]

00:28:30   in front of a live audience but I so i [TS]

00:28:33   have this I have this terrible [TS]

00:28:35   experience the other day which was a [TS]

00:28:39   recapitulation of a terrible series of [TS]

00:28:41   experiences i've had over the decades [TS]

00:28:43   questions follow-up did we cover the one [TS]

00:28:46   thing that II you don't do well that you [TS]

00:28:49   know that you like reviews better than [TS]

00:28:51   things well 60 here we're about to work [TS]

00:28:54   sorry I came to another room of it [TS]

00:28:55   because this is what I have to learn in [TS]

00:28:57   this life because my mother has never [TS]

00:29:00   called me an old soul [TS]

00:29:02   she'll talk about you know we'll talk [TS]

00:29:03   about kids that she met his old souls [TS]

00:29:05   but you know I stand there with my with [TS]

00:29:08   my hands in my lap waiting for her to to [TS]

00:29:12   bless me with old sold them and she [TS]

00:29:15   never does she passes over me she passes [TS]

00:29:18   over me like the angel of death because [TS]

00:29:20   apparently there's some others blood [TS]

00:29:22   splotch on my door but uh but it but [TS]

00:29:27   opposite right she's not she's not [TS]

00:29:29   preserving me I think she's throwing me [TS]

00:29:31   back into the pond because he thinks I [TS]

00:29:34   have other things to learn than what i [TS]

00:29:36   think i have to learn in some subsequent [TS]

00:29:38   life but uh but i don't know maybe at [TS]

00:29:42   some point chill chill chill bump me up [TS]

00:29:44   a few notches in her estimation but she [TS]

00:29:47   has decided once again that she's [TS]

00:29:50   clearing out her house my mom and I have [TS]

00:29:52   very different ideas about how much [TS]

00:29:54   stuff should be in a house and my [TS]

00:29:57   version of how much stuff should be in [TS]

00:29:59   houses as much stuff as the house can [TS]

00:30:01   contain who and her version is the [TS]

00:30:04   opposite right as little stuff as a [TS]

00:30:06   house can contain if you walk into a [TS]

00:30:08   room it should have a couch in it or it [TS]

00:30:10   should have something to justify itself [TS]

00:30:13   the room should announce what its [TS]

00:30:16   purposes and it should justify itself by [TS]

00:30:18   by its contents but as a few contents as [TS]

00:30:22   possible [TS]

00:30:24   and so she decided that she was going [TS]

00:30:27   now to go into the basement which is a [TS]

00:30:30   space that I think should be an archive [TS]

00:30:34   and she was ready to get rid of stuff [TS]

00:30:37   and so I i came into her house i sat [TS]

00:30:40   down on the on the on the the knockdown [TS]

00:30:43   chair that we've had since I was in high [TS]

00:30:45   school [TS]

00:30:46   hey what's up and she said oh I'm glad [TS]

00:30:47   you're here and then she goes into the [TS]

00:30:49   room and she plops a bin ab in from a [TS]

00:30:53   bin store the plastic bin full of cds [TS]

00:30:57   and she says I want you to go through [TS]

00:30:58   this and I go boy [TS]

00:31:01   what is this about and she said I'm [TS]

00:31:03   getting rid of all these cds and I want [TS]

00:31:06   you to go through and take the ones out [TS]

00:31:07   that you want like Tom these cds belong [TS]

00:31:11   in the basement that's not necessary [TS]

00:31:13   that you go through these and if you are [TS]

00:31:15   going to go through them you should go [TS]

00:31:16   through them when you're 85 years old [TS]

00:31:17   but alright i'll go through these cds [TS]

00:31:20   and the bin just contain CDs that start [TS]

00:31:22   with a and B they're not it's just like [TS]

00:31:24   the beginning of this enormous [TS]

00:31:26   collection of CDs cowboy and so I start [TS]

00:31:29   going through them and I realized that I [TS]

00:31:32   have a collection it contained within [TS]

00:31:35   these cds of every album released [TS]

00:31:38   between 1998 and 2007 like every single [TS]

00:31:43   one that you get gates you you get down [TS]

00:31:45   what's the word on comps but a [TS]

00:31:47   pre-release you know [TS]

00:31:49   yeah kinda stuff right and and some of [TS]

00:31:53   them are some of them are very unique [TS]

00:31:57   like the first band of horses album i [TS]

00:31:59   have the demos of when the band was [TS]

00:32:02   still called horses and ben bridwell [TS]

00:32:05   said hey I want you to listen to the [TS]

00:32:07   demo of my new band the songs that I'm [TS]

00:32:10   working on and it is all the songs of [TS]

00:32:13   the first band of horses record with him [TS]

00:32:15   scatting over them it's the same exact [TS]

00:32:18   melodies of the tunes mom but he did [TS]

00:32:21   have the lyrics yet so it's like you [TS]

00:32:23   know seven never dabbled a bit too [TS]

00:32:27   badoo badoo know that song he had the [TS]

00:32:29   layer he had at least 100 but you know [TS]

00:32:33   there's a lot of scouting on it and he [TS]

00:32:35   was a guy that was onion bear [TS]

00:32:37   just about have a hanging about handing [TS]

00:32:41   his best friend I mean people he knows [TS]

00:32:44   this CD like with scouting on it because [TS]

00:32:47   he was so proud of it already [TS]

00:32:48   like I have documents that are better [TS]

00:32:51   very very interesting of lots of bands [TS]

00:32:54   that sent me early copies that I ever [TS]

00:32:57   tell you about the time i was i was [TS]

00:32:59   there i was i played a show in montreal [TS]

00:33:01   and and these kids came up after the [TS]

00:33:05   show and they handed me their their CD [TS]

00:33:08   right right and then they became the [TS]

00:33:12   band that wave the wave their flags and [TS]

00:33:14   played the typewriter that's right they [TS]

00:33:15   had drumsticks on the helmet that's [TS]

00:33:17   right drumsticks on now [TS]

00:33:18   ok some other ones were the thinking [TS]

00:33:22   when they came back wah john they were [TS]

00:33:24   yeah there were some of them are typical [TS]

00:33:25   huh [TS]

00:33:26   they spoke with the adorable from [TS]

00:33:28   Jackson's they were young kids at the [TS]

00:33:30   time and they were like with you know we [TS]

00:33:31   want you to hear this we love your show [TS]

00:33:32   we want you to hear this demo and then I [TS]

00:33:34   became like a very big very big band so [TS]

00:33:37   I have a lot of things like that in [TS]

00:33:40   addition to every every release all of [TS]

00:33:43   them you know cut out since them and my [TS]

00:33:45   mom pops this bin down in front of me [TS]

00:33:47   and I realize and then she starts [TS]

00:33:50   talking about them talking about the [TS]

00:33:52   record and I realized that she has [TS]

00:33:54   listened to all of these albums she's [TS]

00:33:58   gone through what [TS]

00:33:59   listen to them put them into her itunes [TS]

00:34:03   put the CD into her computer loaded into [TS]

00:34:07   our itunes put the song on her ipod mini [TS]

00:34:12   and you can listen to it at least once [TS]

00:34:17   and then she wrote a review of it on a [TS]

00:34:21   post-it note and stuck the review to the [TS]

00:34:25   CD and the reviews are often like tunis [TS]

00:34:29   yell p soft rock you think she was doing [TS]

00:34:35   it to jog her memory or to just be have [TS]

00:34:38   some closure with that particular item [TS]

00:34:40   yeah i think it was a little ways that [TS]

00:34:42   note for that's a good question i think [TS]

00:34:44   ultimately it was for me because again [TS]

00:34:48   my mom doesn't she [TS]

00:34:50   they're the same consumptive habits that [TS]

00:34:54   i do and she was trying to make it [TS]

00:34:56   easier for me to listen to this music [TS]

00:34:59   and if it was tuneless yell p soft rock [TS]

00:35:03   she put that on their kind of to save me [TS]

00:35:06   the trouble but the problem is that [TS]

00:35:08   tuneless yell p soft rock maybe at would [TS]

00:35:12   be something that I would think is good [TS]

00:35:13   because she has different taste tonight [TS]

00:35:15   sure and so but the primary difference [TS]

00:35:18   is that i'm never gonna listen to those [TS]

00:35:20   records i have listened to like four [TS]

00:35:24   percent of the records that are in this [TS]

00:35:26   bin and mostly it is the four percent of [TS]

00:35:30   I mean it's bad it's almost that I've [TS]

00:35:32   heard the songs of four percent of these [TS]

00:35:35   bands because the ones that I've heard [TS]

00:35:37   are ones that have toured with or seen [TS]

00:35:39   live [TS]

00:35:40   I i hardly ever put a CD in a machine to [TS]

00:35:44   listen to it or listen to a man mp3 now [TS]

00:35:47   so I'm going through this and I'm seeing [TS]

00:35:49   that i actually had an enormous slice of [TS]

00:35:55   the culture that I was actually a part [TS]

00:35:58   of I had not just access but ownership [TS]

00:36:01   of this this wall of cds or groom of CJ [TS]

00:36:06   your witness to history [TS]

00:36:07   I i have a possessor of history i have [TS]

00:36:10   the amber the hair with amber eyes here [TS]

00:36:13   and I did not consume it and now it [TS]

00:36:20   feels like too late to consume it i'm [TS]

00:36:23   playing cds and I'm like I remember this [TS]

00:36:25   band [TS]

00:36:26   this was the band you know this was this [TS]

00:36:29   band from modesto that one of the [TS]

00:36:31   members was you know formerly dated the [TS]

00:36:34   younger brother of one of the members [TS]

00:36:36   one of the later members of grandaddy or [TS]

00:36:40   whatever this was the guy that that this [TS]

00:36:42   was the CD of the bartender at the [TS]

00:36:44   mercury lounge and I'm going through and [TS]

00:36:47   I'm just like well the only ones of [TS]

00:36:48   these that i want to keep frankly are [TS]

00:36:50   like everyone so while you pull out on [TS]

00:36:52   Sam Cooke record you like I could keep [TS]

00:36:54   this sam cooke record [TS]

00:36:56   you know the greatest hits of lynyrd [TS]

00:36:58   skynyrd gotta get going to keep gold and [TS]

00:37:00   platinum and i sent the rest into you [TS]

00:37:05   know into the river because my moms [TS]

00:37:06   cleaning it out i don't want to bring [TS]

00:37:08   these things home to my house I know I'm [TS]

00:37:10   never going to listen to them is really [TS]

00:37:11   and I'm i stand amazed you pull this off [TS]

00:37:15   baby you're amazed maybe i'm amazed with [TS]

00:37:17   the way you got rid of those cds all the [TS]

00:37:19   time [TS]

00:37:20   well ends and so but I was sitting there [TS]

00:37:23   a little bit covered in shame my 82 [TS]

00:37:26   year-old mother had a better sense of [TS]

00:37:28   what a much better sense of what indie [TS]

00:37:31   rock in 2001 was then I but as far as [TS]

00:37:37   the recorded output of it than I ever [TS]

00:37:39   would and she listened to all the demos [TS]

00:37:41   everything that came across my bow she [TS]

00:37:45   took because she was looking she was [TS]

00:37:47   curious and she was looking to develop [TS]

00:37:49   her musical tastes and she wanted to [TS]

00:37:52   know what was happening in the in the [TS]

00:37:54   indie rock world that I inhabited and I [TS]

00:37:59   like I have no context for i don't i [TS]

00:38:02   don't know what she experienced in that [TS]

00:38:03   and now right now she's super into Myles [TS]

00:38:08   Kennedy who is in a band [TS]

00:38:12   who's the singer of a band featuring at [TS]

00:38:15   least two members of creed my and so she [TS]

00:38:19   listen she puts myles kennedy on it's [TS]

00:38:22   like she's eclectic she decided at one [TS]

00:38:25   point that slash's snakepit was good in [TS]

00:38:29   case remind our listeners roughly the [TS]

00:38:31   age of your mom going to be specific [TS]

00:38:33   she's 82 ok and and so then through that [TS]

00:38:38   she said should I listen to Crede and I [TS]

00:38:42   said no and she said I think I'm going [TS]

00:38:45   to ignore your advice and she went and [TS]

00:38:47   listened to accrete album and she said [TS]

00:38:52   this guy sounds like an asshole but this [TS]

00:38:54   music is great and I said that is the [TS]

00:38:58   consensus of a lot of people some people [TS]

00:39:03   can't get past the fact that this guy [TS]

00:39:05   sounds like an asshole so much that they [TS]

00:39:07   they can't even appreciate the like [TS]

00:39:09   Duncan jump.john of the tunes and she [TS]

00:39:14   was like that's you know I think the [TS]

00:39:15   band is good and I think this asshole at [TS]

00:39:17   least is this good singer and so she [TS]

00:39:20   bought all the Creed records and she's [TS]

00:39:21   walking around I'm sure right now she's [TS]

00:39:23   out for a walk with her ipod mini [TS]

00:39:24   listening to creed and so on the one [TS]

00:39:29   hand she's listen to all indie rock [TS]

00:39:32   music that was ever made but on the [TS]

00:39:34   other hand that has delivered her unto [TS]

00:39:36   Creed whereas I never listen to any of [TS]

00:39:40   that music and so I am I'm absolved [TS]

00:39:43   there listening to creat she's but she's [TS]

00:39:45   having a more pure experience of the [TS]

00:39:48   music as a as its own thing [TS]

00:39:50   orderly orderly peaceful fair yet she [TS]

00:39:53   has no sense of like this band belongs [TS]

00:39:55   in this box [TS]

00:39:57   these people are from this part of the [TS]

00:39:59   country which is instead of like that [TS]

00:40:01   this person told me to not touch the [TS]

00:40:03   craft services or I know I know the real [TS]

00:40:06   deal with this guy [TS]

00:40:07   she'sshe's unburdened by your insider [TS]

00:40:09   knowledge as a professional and as a [TS]

00:40:12   kind of fan but like somebody in the [TS]

00:40:15   industry she's unburdened by that burned [TS]

00:40:17   by that and also unburdened by what what [TS]

00:40:20   John Flansburg used to call trouble [TS]

00:40:22   kicking indie rock which was when it [TS]

00:40:25   comes on [TS]

00:40:26   she doesn't even contextualize it within [TS]

00:40:28   the history of rock [TS]

00:40:30   she's just listens to every album more [TS]

00:40:33   or less with it with a clean slate [TS]

00:40:35   she puts it in and she's like I mean I [TS]

00:40:37   don't even I don't even think she looks [TS]

00:40:39   at the cover and sees how put a bird on [TS]

00:40:42   it some of these bands are she doesn't [TS]

00:40:45   go in prejudiced like a lot of the bands [TS]

00:40:47   i'm flipping through the cds i watch the [TS]

00:40:50   i was i'm watching just from the covers [TS]

00:40:53   the rise and fall of put a bird on it [TS]

00:40:56   culture and I see the proto the proto [TS]

00:41:00   birds a lot of those records where the [TS]

00:41:03   band would never in a million years put [TS]

00:41:05   a picture of themselves anywhere on the [TS]

00:41:07   record for any information about [TS]

00:41:09   themselves at all because that would I [TS]

00:41:11   don't know what say something about them [TS]

00:41:13   but by not doing it they are very [TS]

00:41:16   definitely saying something about them [TS]

00:41:18   and i'm watching these cds go by and I [TS]

00:41:20   see quiet is the new laughs [TS]

00:41:22   would go up and down icy loud as the new [TS]

00:41:26   quiet common go and so I have all this [TS]

00:41:30   this historic context and in a way i'm [TS]

00:41:33   i'm writing reviews of records that I've [TS]

00:41:37   never heard just by just by watching [TS]

00:41:40   them good just as just going through a [TS]

00:41:41   bit of the A's and B's and then the next [TS]

00:41:44   time I come to her how she plops down a [TS]

00:41:46   bit of the season DS season these nuts [TS]

00:41:51   which is a joke from this era right I [TS]

00:41:56   never heard it with the sea season the [TS]

00:41:59   season nuts i don't know i never knew [TS]

00:42:01   what that meant it was something from a [TS]

00:42:03   movie [TS]

00:42:03   yeah it was a i was reminded the other [TS]

00:42:06   day of icing did you ever get ice [TS]

00:42:08   I don't know you can't give a high level [TS]

00:42:11   on what I sing is there was a fad [TS]

00:42:13   backstage at festivals for a very brief [TS]

00:42:17   period somewhere back there in the [TS]

00:42:20   mid-2000s where some beer that was [TS]

00:42:25   called ice ice beer [TS]

00:42:28   oh the ice beer era ice beer area [TS]

00:42:31   getting but ice right and to be iced was [TS]

00:42:35   a pretty one of these ice beers was [TS]

00:42:37   particularly terrible and even maybe use [TS]

00:42:41   a keystone know wasn't it wasn't that it [TS]

00:42:44   was terrible because it was cheap [TS]

00:42:46   it was terrible not maybe not only [TS]

00:42:48   because it was cheap but because of it [TS]

00:42:49   was just terrible [TS]

00:42:50   I don't remember why because I don't [TS]

00:42:52   drink beer okay but to be iced was to [TS]

00:42:55   walk up to somebody and take a knee bend [TS]

00:42:58   down and hold up this brand of ice beer [TS]

00:43:02   which it's kind of like the ice bucket [TS]

00:43:05   challenge now that a person has been [TS]

00:43:07   down and handed you this ice beer you [TS]

00:43:09   have to drink it you have to drink this [TS]

00:43:11   terrible beer which everybody agreed was [TS]

00:43:13   terrible and then you had to then then [TS]

00:43:17   you were tagged you had to go ice [TS]

00:43:19   somebody else I saw this go down [TS]

00:43:23   I saw this go down many times backstage [TS]

00:43:25   this and and then you know some whenever [TS]

00:43:29   somebody would try to ice me I would ice [TS]

00:43:32   them with my eyes [TS]

00:43:33   they would go somebody this episode of [TS]

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00:45:52   great shows you can go ahead but like [TS]

00:45:55   what the hell is that was you know that [TS]

00:45:56   was i SPECT bucket challenge level of [TS]

00:45:59   everybody's doing this and now nobody's [TS]

00:46:00   doing this because it was idiotic so I'm [TS]

00:46:04   going on that's going to be using the DS [TS]

00:46:06   everyone pass everyone that passes [TS]

00:46:09   through my hand I feel a little bit of [TS]

00:46:12   guilt at not having listened to and not [TS]

00:46:15   having because some of them I'm sure our [TS]

00:46:17   gems some of them would be those albums [TS]

00:46:20   that are like wow this album really [TS]

00:46:22   changed me that he still had posted [TS]

00:46:24   notes at this point a some of them do [TS]

00:46:26   some of the post-it notes have been and [TS]

00:46:28   when I find a stack of my mom's post-it [TS]

00:46:30   notes that are detached from the thing [TS]

00:46:32   that they posted originally detached [TS]

00:46:35   from the post those are also wonderful [TS]

00:46:37   and you can make little notes and [TS]

00:46:39   remarks about things [TS]

00:46:41   yeah you could you make coffee table [TS]

00:46:42   book just of her post it no saying you [TS]

00:46:45   should because she's also funded because [TS]

00:46:47   she likes to put things away but i would [TS]

00:46:51   i would yell at her because she would [TS]

00:46:53   put things away and I couldn't find them [TS]

00:46:54   because my organization style is I know [TS]

00:46:57   where things are over there already put [TS]

00:47:00   away that one is put away on the coffee [TS]

00:47:03   table underneath some other things that [TS]

00:47:05   she thinks it's not put away enough it's [TS]

00:47:07   not put away and if it has to go in the [TS]

00:47:08   draw uh-huh [TS]

00:47:10   and so she would put something away but [TS]

00:47:11   then she would leave me a post-it note [TS]

00:47:13   saying the thing that you're looking for [TS]

00:47:15   that was under that stack of other [TS]

00:47:17   things is now in the following draw in [TS]

00:47:21   the third drawer to the left please a [TS]

00:47:23   little little breadcrumb trail little [TS]

00:47:25   breadcrumb trail and if I didn't [TS]

00:47:28   immediately go and retrieve that thing [TS]

00:47:30   and put it back where I wanted it then [TS]

00:47:33   the note became completely out of [TS]

00:47:36   context because because a lot of them [TS]

00:47:39   were referring not specifically to the [TS]

00:47:41   thing itself but the prior location of [TS]

00:47:45   them of the thing and its present [TS]

00:47:47   location and those locations change over [TS]

00:47:50   time [TS]

00:47:51   so becomes a treasure map to treasure is [TS]

00:47:53   constantly in motion and I find those [TS]

00:47:58   still all the time because a lot of [TS]

00:48:00   those post-it notes I didn't want to [TS]

00:48:02   throw away and so I put them in an [TS]

00:48:04   interest in a stack of thing haha whoa [TS]

00:48:06   yeah so I'm going through a stack of [TS]

00:48:08   things i find a note about a prior stack [TS]

00:48:10   of things that she's moved because that [TS]

00:48:12   goes in the note collection [TS]

00:48:13   yeah and I and I think do I keep this [TS]

00:48:16   note because it's so that must drive her [TS]

00:48:19   crazy she's hosted by our own petard [TS]

00:48:21   she is or do i get rid of the note now [TS]

00:48:24   that it's meaningless but if i start if [TS]

00:48:26   I stopped and got rid of every [TS]

00:48:27   meaningless note like how would I how [TS]

00:48:31   would I recognize my own path [TS]

00:48:32   well I mean what what we mean by [TS]

00:48:34   meaningless sure she took the time to to [TS]

00:48:38   believe me these insensible notes that [TS]

00:48:41   are describing / need to move my things [TS]

00:48:45   into drawers and i would love I would [TS]

00:48:49   love a record of that I don't blame you [TS]

00:48:53   i mean i keep I keep garbage like that I [TS]

00:48:55   keep like my wife must mix our daughters [TS]

00:48:58   lunches now but in the time when I was [TS]

00:49:00   making lunches a lot i would always have [TS]

00:49:02   taken index card i put a sticker on it [TS]

00:49:04   and then make some kind of a remark and [TS]

00:49:07   I would always do and I say about the [TS]

00:49:08   lunch [TS]

00:49:09   well it was usually like a Marvel [TS]

00:49:10   character sticker and I try to say [TS]

00:49:11   something clever that was really just a [TS]

00:49:13   dad joke you know be thorne would say [TS]

00:49:15   enjoy I lunch or whatever and just [TS]

00:49:17   really stupid stuff but I save those and [TS]

00:49:19   i'm glad i am glad i did that for me [TS]

00:49:21   it's not for her they're not [TS]

00:49:22   particularly clever right well she was [TS]

00:49:24   like four years old and couldn't read ya [TS]

00:49:27   better policy really good reader no well [TS]

00:49:30   I imagine knowing she's just really [TS]

00:49:32   really good reader now I think being a [TS]

00:49:34   good reader is better than being good [TS]

00:49:35   sports oh please [TS]

00:49:38   but not everybody shares that feeling hi [TS]

00:49:41   now some people think that being a good [TS]

00:49:43   sports is better is it more important [TS]

00:49:45   more important to be smarter kind or is [TS]

00:49:50   that is that a nonequivalent an unfair [TS]

00:49:54   comparison [TS]

00:49:56   well that could put that in easier ways [TS]

00:49:59   for you actually say it could say is it [TS]

00:50:01   better to test well or be a good person [TS]

00:50:03   Anjali deliberately leaving a little bit [TS]

00:50:05   wavy gravy they were talking about this [TS]

00:50:06   on the national public radio today and [TS]

00:50:08   I'm thinking about it a little bit i [TS]

00:50:10   mean do we need to we need more kindness [TS]

00:50:12   I feel that we have we have a little bit [TS]

00:50:17   of kindness over our kindness overload [TS]

00:50:20   right now because it's not politeness [TS]

00:50:23   this is kindness kindness [TS]

00:50:25   well yeah because the definition of [TS]

00:50:27   kindness is moving target [TS]

00:50:29   well see here's the thing they talked [TS]

00:50:31   about on the National Public Radio and I [TS]

00:50:32   thought this was a nice distinction a [TS]

00:50:34   bully you take a bully you take a lien [TS]

00:50:37   on scut Farkus but let's say taking [TS]

00:50:38   Eddie Haskell think of all mrs. cleaver [TS]

00:50:41   man ran like a bully can be extremely [TS]

00:50:43   polite but is not very kind [TS]

00:50:45   well sure but you can you can be the you [TS]

00:50:50   can be kind you can attempt to be kind [TS]

00:50:53   and what what ends up happening with a [TS]

00:50:57   lot of kindness is that you are [TS]

00:50:59   presuming to know what other people need [TS]

00:51:02   your presuming to know what other people [TS]

00:51:05   need and what what they want or what to [TS]

00:51:07   expect even or what they expect [TS]

00:51:09   and so I see this a lot in our in our [TS]

00:51:14   current culture people are presuming to [TS]

00:51:17   act on behalf of other people and [TS]

00:51:19   generally motivated by a desire to be [TS]

00:51:22   kind but but what ends up happening is [TS]

00:51:26   that they are imposing their worldview [TS]

00:51:30   they're taking other people's agency in [TS]

00:51:33   a lot of ways are there they are [TS]

00:51:34   presuming that what the person needs is [TS]

00:51:38   them an unrelated person behaving a [TS]

00:51:41   certain way and real kindness which is [TS]

00:51:45   just going I mean going through life and [TS]

00:51:48   acting kindly is a thing that doesn't [TS]

00:51:55   need to be talked about on NPR it's not [TS]

00:51:58   a thing that we need to write think [TS]

00:52:00   pieces about how we need more [TS]

00:52:02   it because it's the things piece [TS]

00:52:04   inspires people who are looking for [TS]

00:52:07   accolades who are imagining that they [TS]

00:52:11   are saintly who are trying to trying to [TS]

00:52:15   change the course of the culture in ways [TS]

00:52:19   they think the culture need needs to be [TS]

00:52:20   changed and kindness is a thing that you [TS]

00:52:24   i think some people have and some people [TS]

00:52:27   are forced to have huh [TS]

00:52:30   but and the people that have it are our [TS]

00:52:35   kind and and and I and I think a lot of [TS]

00:52:38   it really as a parent now I see things [TS]

00:52:41   like that being present innately in [TS]

00:52:45   children where they haven't been taught [TS]

00:52:47   it there are there are children i met [TS]

00:52:49   when they were one and a half years old [TS]

00:52:50   that we're already intrinsically kind [TS]

00:52:52   and there were children that were awful [TS]

00:52:54   and it wasn't a thing that their parents [TS]

00:52:56   had any effect on it was just like Oh [TS]

00:52:58   apparently God thought the world needed [TS]

00:53:01   another unkind person and so he made [TS]

00:53:04   this one check and then he needed some [TS]

00:53:08   more kind people and so he made these [TS]

00:53:09   but but ice i see people assuming that [TS]

00:53:16   they're kinda assuming that their [TS]

00:53:18   kindness is needed and a lot of them are [TS]

00:53:20   any Haskell's and they decided it could [TS]

00:53:23   be it can be a kind of [TS]

00:53:25   passive-aggressive or even aggressive [TS]

00:53:28   move [TS]

00:53:29   yeah because then you get to put your [TS]

00:53:32   frame on how this situation is happening [TS]

00:53:34   yeah when you're when you're under the [TS]

00:53:36   guise of being kind of being in or being [TS]

00:53:40   helpful [TS]

00:53:41   yeah right that people i mean i think i [TS]

00:53:43   think one of the most common problems [TS]

00:53:45   that people interacting with one another [TS]

00:53:46   is that um and and again that there are [TS]

00:53:51   there are lots and lots of extra verts [TS]

00:53:54   in the world who aren't thinking this [TS]

00:53:55   much about interaction they're just [TS]

00:53:57   being and when you talk to a lot of [TS]

00:54:01   introverted people who / think their [TS]

00:54:04   interactions they will say I don't trust [TS]

00:54:06   extroverts because they aren't neurotic [TS]

00:54:11   and neuroses seems like a good indicator [TS]

00:54:14   of intelligence and without Charlotte at [TS]

00:54:18   least thoughts on this platform this but [TS]

00:54:20   I'm you know a thoughtful in a sense if [TS]

00:54:21   you think about things and thinking [TS]

00:54:23   about things is how we describe [TS]

00:54:24   intelligence you know like that yeah I [TS]

00:54:27   mean you know what i mean like i do but [TS]

00:54:28   i think there's a difference between [TS]

00:54:29   book intelligence and emotional [TS]

00:54:31   intelligence and i think i'm not [TS]

00:54:33   advocating for yes thought I'm just [TS]

00:54:35   joking right [TS]

00:54:36   um thinking a lot about introversion [TS]

00:54:37   these days well yeah I mean because I [TS]

00:54:40   because I'm i have self-identified as [TS]

00:54:42   one and so introverts now talk to me [TS]

00:54:44   about it but uh but what I what I see [TS]

00:54:48   people doing is they are they're [TS]

00:54:52   imagining that their behavior is [TS]

00:54:54   important and whether or not they are [TS]

00:54:57   racist or not a racist is important in [TS]

00:55:00   the world and what they're doing a lot [TS]

00:55:03   of cases is leaping ahead of the present [TS]

00:55:06   predicting the future and I'm talking [TS]

00:55:10   about even in immediate terms like [TS]

00:55:12   predicting the future of this engagement [TS]

00:55:13   15 minutes from now imagining in that [TS]

00:55:17   future there the other person the person [TS]

00:55:20   they're talking to and trying to move [TS]

00:55:24   the experience move the interaction in [TS]

00:55:27   the direction of what they think the [TS]

00:55:29   future should be rather than letting the [TS]

00:55:31   interaction unfold and so they are you [TS]

00:55:35   know they're trying to behave in a [TS]

00:55:37   certain way to produce a certain outcome [TS]

00:55:39   which they have arrived at and are now [TS]

00:55:43   trying to accomplish as a form of being [TS]

00:55:46   kind to this person or sensitive to them [TS]

00:55:49   and their needs but they're also not be [TS]

00:55:50   a very good improviser they're not [TS]

00:55:52   improvising and they're not and what [TS]

00:55:55   they're ultimately doing is trying to [TS]

00:55:56   take control and trying to and they am [TS]

00:55:59   and I think in this process they imagine [TS]

00:56:01   that they know better what the other [TS]

00:56:04   person needs then the person themselves [TS]

00:56:07   is it possible they are not aware [TS]

00:56:08   they're doing that its absolute I think [TS]

00:56:11   they're in most cases they're not and i [TS]

00:56:13   think it derives a lot of time from [TS]

00:56:15   teachers and parents having listened to [TS]

00:56:17   an NPR piece about how we need more [TS]

00:56:19   kindness and then they interact with [TS]

00:56:21   this [TS]

00:56:22   it's light mischaracterization but allow [TS]

00:56:24   it's you know like the think piece on [TS]

00:56:27   how we need more kindness it was about [TS]

00:56:29   it was about ruminating on nevermind go [TS]

00:56:31   ahead but there's a lot of this in the [TS]

00:56:33   culture their billboards now that's a [TS]

00:56:35   like we need to combat bullying and i [TS]

00:56:37   think that at one level and we you and I [TS]

00:56:39   have talked about this and in terms of [TS]

00:56:41   your own daughters experience in school [TS]

00:56:42   like yes we need to combat bullying [TS]

00:56:45   I you know it in in the sense that we [TS]

00:56:48   don't tolerate bullying but what ends up [TS]

00:56:52   happening is that we're leaping ahead [TS]

00:56:53   and and stand addressing students who [TS]

00:56:57   aren't bullies addressing the the wide [TS]

00:57:00   spectrum of people with the goal of [TS]

00:57:03   eradicated bullying which is bullying is [TS]

00:57:07   not a single thing it's not a it's not a [TS]

00:57:11   certain kind of behavior like it's a [TS]

00:57:13   mentality it's a it's something [TS]

00:57:16   intrinsic to humans it some kids and [TS]

00:57:19   again I've seen two-year-olds that were [TS]

00:57:21   just born bullies but in this in this [TS]

00:57:24   desire to not have bullying affect the [TS]

00:57:27   sensitive kids we're making these [TS]

00:57:29   blanket assumptions about how people [TS]

00:57:32   interact trying to head them off at the [TS]

00:57:34   pass and so then we create kids who are [TS]

00:57:38   self editing editing their friends you [TS]

00:57:42   know vigilant over vigilant over things [TS]

00:57:45   that could potentially be bullying and [TS]

00:57:47   creating not necessarily a culture of [TS]

00:57:50   kindness but a culture of [TS]

00:57:52   hyper-vigilance about other people's [TS]

00:57:57   behavior and about potential outcomes of [TS]

00:57:59   interactions that aren't really even [TS]

00:58:02   sewn in the interaction they're not [TS]

00:58:05   they're not present there there only [TS]

00:58:08   present in the prognostication and so [TS]

00:58:12   you know part part part of it is from [TS]

00:58:15   hearing you [TS]

00:58:15   part of it is that in our drive to [TS]

00:58:19   eradicate this thing we all agree is bad [TS]

00:58:21   we end up artificially rerouting a lot [TS]

00:58:25   of how people operate with each other is [TS]

00:58:28   that that's part of it [TS]

00:58:29   well yeah because I mean you're charging [TS]

00:58:34   young kids with the authority to know to [TS]

00:58:39   look at it in you to look at an [TS]

00:58:41   interaction between people and and and [TS]

00:58:44   try and headed off identify behaviors as [TS]

00:58:48   as certain kind of behavior behaviors [TS]

00:58:52   that are in Psychological silo and [TS]

00:58:55   you're teaching kids and I missing [TS]

00:58:57   whether I agree disagree but I just [TS]

00:58:58   clarify its also it also seems like be [TS]

00:59:01   careful with that kind of stuff because [TS]

00:59:03   you're creating a new kind of pattern [TS]

00:59:04   matching machine [TS]

00:59:05   yeah right i mean you're you're [TS]

00:59:07   encouraging your ears you're encouraging [TS]

00:59:09   people for whether it's a good better [TS]

00:59:12   whatever reason or outcome that you're [TS]

00:59:14   looking for you are in the same way that [TS]

00:59:16   like high-stakes testing makes kids [TS]

00:59:18   won't have to be good at tests in this [TS]

00:59:19   case you're encouraging a certain kind [TS]

00:59:21   of pattern matching that on somebody [TS]

00:59:24   using equipment that maybe isn't [TS]

00:59:26   completely developed yet right or and it [TS]

00:59:30   was even capable of being developed like [TS]

00:59:31   my personal version of it dating back to [TS]

00:59:34   the nineteen seventies and eighties was [TS]

00:59:37   that I was raised in an environment [TS]

00:59:38   where i heard all the time about how men [TS]

00:59:41   wanted sex and pretended to understand [TS]

00:59:45   what love was in order to accomplish sex [TS]

00:59:47   and women wanted love and they pretended [TS]

00:59:50   to enjoy sex in order to get love and it [TS]

00:59:53   was a completely simple reduction of the [TS]

00:59:56   truth in order to exploit [TS]

00:59:56   truth in order to exploit [TS]

01:00:00   Ain a perception of the gulf between men [TS]

01:00:03   and women that was a product of the kind [TS]

01:00:06   of revolution both sexual revolution and [TS]

01:00:09   feminist revolution of the late sixties [TS]

01:00:10   early seventies and so that was [TS]

01:00:12   transmitted to me as a young person in [TS]

01:00:15   the seventies and transmitted to me in [TS]

01:00:18   the hope that I would not be this type [TS]

01:00:20   of person that if we could reach a [TS]

01:00:22   generation of young men and say this is [TS]

01:00:24   the this is the this is our perception [TS]

01:00:27   of the of the conditions currently and [TS]

01:00:31   if you know about it and you are and [TS]

01:00:33   it's explained to you and it's explained [TS]

01:00:36   to you that this isn't something we want [TS]

01:00:37   to recapitulate then we can interrupt [TS]

01:00:41   this long-standing resort patriarchal [TS]

01:00:45   pattern and what it produced in me was [TS]

01:00:49   when i was sitting in interacting with [TS]

01:00:51   girls in my in my early days i was [TS]

01:00:54   trying to head this tendency off at the [TS]

01:00:56   pass and say listen I don't just want [TS]

01:01:02   sex from you i do want to experience [TS]

01:01:04   love and I want to be there for you in [TS]

01:01:06   the ways that you want me to be there [TS]

01:01:08   and in a lot of cases that was just [TS]

01:01:11   wrong [TS]

01:01:12   it wasn't a description of what was [TS]

01:01:14   happening at all it was the best thing [TS]

01:01:16   that my parents generation could come up [TS]

01:01:18   with to describe what they proceed but [TS]

01:01:21   in a lot of instances the girls i was [TS]

01:01:26   interacting with as a teenager [TS]

01:01:28   we're saying what no I just want to [TS]

01:01:32   experiment with sex [TS]

01:01:33   I'm excited about it and I just want to [TS]

01:01:36   play in that space and I was like I know [TS]

01:01:38   you think that but this is part of our [TS]

01:01:42   indoctrination and what we really need [TS]

01:01:45   to do is and by that time a lot of those [TS]

01:01:47   people had already gotten up out of the [TS]

01:01:50   chair and we're going to somebody else [TS]

01:01:51   to talk to them and hope hope that next [TS]

01:01:54   person might just give them some sex [TS]

01:01:56   and for many many years my own [TS]

01:01:59   development was inhibited by what by the [TS]

01:02:03   job that I'd been given by adult humans [TS]

01:02:08   who thought they understood what human [TS]

01:02:11   interactions were and thought they had a [TS]

01:02:13   formula and all we needed to do is teach [TS]

01:02:15   our kids and i created more problems [TS]

01:02:18   both in my own life and for other people [TS]

01:02:21   because i wasn't leaping ahead in our [TS]

01:02:23   interaction to a time when the girl was [TS]

01:02:28   sitting sobbing because all I wanted was [TS]

01:02:30   sex you know like I imagined that I knew [TS]

01:02:34   better than they did what they wanted in [TS]

01:02:37   the future and so I see in our culture [TS]

01:02:40   now another iteration of that we can [TS]

01:02:43   never know in our own time [TS]

01:02:45   how ridiculous we're going to look to [TS]

01:02:47   people 30 years from now and our [TS]

01:02:50   understanding of what we need and what [TS]

01:02:52   and how much we can intervene is going [TS]

01:02:55   to seem ludicrous but we're doing it so [TS]

01:02:58   actively and so aggressively like [TS]

01:03:01   getting into kids minds trying to create [TS]

01:03:04   a trying to engineer a future that we [TS]

01:03:10   imagine day is better for them and and [TS]

01:03:15   those kids are just like okay I guess [TS]

01:03:17   you know like the contemporary versions [TS]

01:03:20   of it are are something else we we think [TS]

01:03:23   we've unlocked the the secret and you [TS]

01:03:28   know where within my own interactions [TS]

01:03:30   with my kid I try to just sit in the [TS]

01:03:32   chair and listen to what she says [TS]

01:03:33   there's a kid in school right now that [TS]

01:03:34   hits her and every day she comes home [TS]

01:03:38   and says well you know Billy hit me [TS]

01:03:40   again and we're sitting here as a family [TS]

01:03:43   going is the teacher not watching this [TS]

01:03:45   is is he is she's saying that he's [TS]

01:03:47   hitting her and he's hitting everybody [TS]

01:03:49   and it's a it's I mean what she doesn't [TS]

01:03:51   seem super traumatized by she just [TS]

01:03:53   doesn't want to play with Billy doesn't [TS]

01:03:54   understand why is hitting her [TS]

01:03:56   and so today we're writing a letter to [TS]

01:04:01   the teacher saying is this happening [TS]

01:04:04   would you watch this would you see what [TS]

01:04:06   this is [TS]

01:04:07   uh-huh but yesterday I got a letter from [TS]

01:04:12   two parents in the school who in my [TS]

01:04:17   daughter's class and the teacher this is [TS]

01:04:20   a kindergarten class the teacher has [TS]

01:04:22   been assigning homework and the home and [TS]

01:04:24   you bring it home and the homework is [TS]

01:04:25   trace the trace the letters find the [TS]

01:04:28   hippopotamus learn the following 15 [TS]

01:04:32   words by sight [TS]

01:04:33   you know kindergarten uh-huh and my [TS]

01:04:36   daughter loves it she just it's work [TS]

01:04:38   that she loves to do but there was a [TS]

01:04:41   letter sent around to everybody in the [TS]

01:04:43   class by two parents who obviously work [TS]

01:04:45   in high-level tech world and the letter [TS]

01:04:51   was 40 paragraphs long saying we don't [TS]

01:04:55   think it's right that the kids be [TS]

01:04:57   assigned homework because of the [TS]

01:05:00   following series that we've read about [TS]

01:05:03   childhood development and the nessus [TS]

01:05:05   necessity of play and the danger of of [TS]

01:05:10   high expectations and so forth then they [TS]

01:05:12   will they ran down 40 different theories [TS]

01:05:15   of childhood development that they had [TS]

01:05:16   read and a big part of the letter i [TS]

01:05:19   think was to illustrate all the things [TS]

01:05:22   that they read and how it how and it and [TS]

01:05:27   and and really wasn't communicated was [TS]

01:05:29   we are a high-achieving parents and we [TS]

01:05:34   want our kids to be high achievers and [TS]

01:05:37   the way to get a kid to be a high [TS]

01:05:38   achievers to not stress high achievement [TS]

01:05:40   in them but to let them just learn and [TS]

01:05:43   love and play and they were trying to [TS]

01:05:47   enlist all the other parents in [TS]

01:05:49   confronting the teacher about the [TS]

01:05:51   homework and and applying this like huge [TS]

01:05:56   file folder of child development [TS]

01:05:59   theories on a kindergarten teacher who's [TS]

01:06:01   been doing it for 20 years and they [TS]

01:06:04   wanted us all to sign onto this letter [TS]

01:06:06   and you know we read the letter and it [TS]

01:06:10   was like well gee our daughter really [TS]

01:06:12   love doing that homework like didn't she [TS]

01:06:15   also loves to play uh I don't feel [TS]

01:06:20   comfortable signing onto letter i'm not [TS]

01:06:22   opposed to you know write write whatever [TS]

01:06:24   you want [TS]

01:06:25   so yeah but I am I guess I'm I'm a [TS]

01:06:31   little bit more like it if my kid was [TS]

01:06:33   going around hitting people and i found [TS]

01:06:35   out about it I'd sit her down and have a [TS]

01:06:37   talk with her that we don't hit people [TS]

01:06:39   but i don't think i would write a letter [TS]

01:06:42   to all the other parents about like you [TS]

01:06:46   know the theory of what to do when a [TS]

01:06:49   child had some hits another child to get [TS]

01:06:55   started you'll start show [TS]

01:06:57   yeah we should get that we should get [TS]

01:06:58   the show going [TS]

01:07:00   what's going on uh yeah super-good [TS]

01:07:05   Merlin thanks for being on the podcast [TS]

01:07:07   this is terrific let me start by telling [TS]

01:07:09   you a little about myself [TS]

01:07:11   do you have a outline of how you like [TS]

01:07:13   this to go that's terrific [TS]

01:07:16   my background is in content and in [TS]

01:07:19   helping brands to express their brand [TS]

01:07:23   eNOS with regard to content both earn [TS]

01:07:26   content owner and content viral content [TS]

01:07:30   are you going to be talking long enough [TS]

01:07:32   that I can take a bite of this sandwich [TS]

01:07:33   what you're talking about which I'll [TS]

01:07:35   push the movie that's super but I don't [TS]

01:07:40   know man I too much for me to get into [TS]

01:07:42   button [TS]

01:07:43   MLG I'm gonna let you have this one boy [TS]

01:07:46   I got my thoughts I got thoughts buddy I [TS]

01:07:49   know you do I know you do [TS]

01:07:50   I'll have i'll give you thought that we [TS]

01:07:52   may not argue about and now this without [TS]

01:07:54   experiment it's not even thought [TS]

01:07:56   technology i'll just i'll say this [TS]

01:08:00   snarkily and then walk away i like this [TS]

01:08:02   stink bomb and walk away [TS]

01:08:03   glad you like homework boy there's more [TS]

01:08:05   coming [TS]

01:08:06   well i don't personally hope you love it [TS]

01:08:08   everybody were a lot of tier Chris I [TS]

01:08:12   don't like homework as evidenced by the [TS]

01:08:14   fact that i never did any of my own [TS]

01:08:15   homework makes it very difficult this is [TS]

01:08:18   a whole nother show as they say but yeah [TS]

01:08:22   my homework that's a hell of a thing but [TS]

01:08:24   you know it has everything I do think is [TS]

01:08:26   you you you said something I agreed [TS]

01:08:28   within their which is the part about [TS]

01:08:30   outside it's really fucking hard to be a [TS]

01:08:33   teacher and two and to be a teacher who [TS]

01:08:36   has been through this and has this is [TS]

01:08:38   this is not their first day as you like [TS]

01:08:40   to say they've dealt with a lot of kids [TS]

01:08:43   that were not just your special angel [TS]

01:08:46   but they have they know from kids like [TS]

01:08:49   they have done this for years and i [TS]

01:08:52   always try to bear that in mind whenever [TS]

01:08:56   i'm about to insert whatever about to go [TS]

01:08:59   in email link to something i saw on the [TS]

01:09:01   Atlantic I'm very circumspect about [TS]

01:09:03   doing that because i think it's [TS]

01:09:04   something people do and I bet it's not [TS]

01:09:08   as useful as it feels and it for [TS]

01:09:11   situations like that i am not saying I'm [TS]

01:09:13   good at this but something I try to do [TS]

01:09:15   if there's something I don't understand [TS]

01:09:16   or something I and you know let's be [TS]

01:09:18   honest a lot of times things that we [TS]

01:09:19   don't like are ultimately things we [TS]

01:09:21   don't understand especially when it [TS]

01:09:22   involves something like it's cool [TS]

01:09:23   because we don't know that place runs [TS]

01:09:25   but we should have our records about how [TS]

01:09:26   it works but if there's something I [TS]

01:09:28   don't understand i have i have learned [TS]

01:09:31   to do a couple things and this doesn't [TS]

01:09:34   happen that often but let's let's say [TS]

01:09:36   it's a concern or it's a record or [TS]

01:09:38   something but one thing I do is I go in [TS]

01:09:40   person like if I'm back to come and get [TS]

01:09:42   every day so one nice thing is to go in [TS]

01:09:44   person and then to ask a question and a [TS]

01:09:46   question that you you think you can [TS]

01:09:48   trick somebody in answering a certain [TS]

01:09:49   way leading but you go and yet you ask a [TS]

01:09:52   question like I go to the after school [TS]

01:09:54   program and I say hey you know [TS]

01:09:57   um is it you think there's any way that [TS]

01:09:59   you could let us know if you guys are [TS]

01:10:00   going to be at the playground till five [TS]

01:10:01   just because that kind of throws us off [TS]

01:10:03   in terms of what we're doing if we gotta [TS]

01:10:04   go you know that kind of thing and [TS]

01:10:06   they'll say well you know we thought [TS]

01:10:07   about doing that something you want to [TS]

01:10:08   say you know just if it's not hard but [TS]

01:10:10   also you know I want to understand why [TS]

01:10:12   you do it the way you do and that I I [TS]

01:10:15   hope I don't sound like a dick when I do [TS]

01:10:17   that because I actually i'm really [TS]

01:10:18   trying to seek to learn and when [TS]

01:10:20   homework becomes hours and hours of [TS]

01:10:22   tears and night we went to the teacher [TS]

01:10:24   and we asked about it and we got a lot [TS]

01:10:26   of illuminating information we would not [TS]

01:10:28   have gotten just from our daughter and [TS]

01:10:29   from the handout but every time i do [TS]

01:10:31   that i don't know if I'm why do they [TS]

01:10:35   give tier inducing amounts of homework [TS]

01:10:38   um I think there are many reasons so [TS]

01:10:43   just as the one thought which is just [TS]

01:10:45   that I don't know if that increment [TS]

01:10:48   improves their relationship with me but [TS]

01:10:49   I definitely feel like improve my [TS]

01:10:50   relationship with them when I go in and [TS]

01:10:52   I talked to the teacher and I say like I [TS]

01:10:53   don't understand what's going on here [TS]

01:10:55   let me just give you that going your [TS]

01:10:56   doctor and like telling them what kind [TS]

01:10:58   of cancer you have the fire like you [TS]

01:10:59   don't have cancer you just need to walk [TS]

01:11:01   like no no I'm pretty sure I have this [TS]

01:11:03   thing I printed out from WebMD and I i [TS]

01:11:04   do i'm not sayin I'm great at it and I [TS]

01:11:06   certainly I but I genuinely like the [TS]

01:11:08   people at this school and when I go [TS]

01:11:10   there I do try to make it an opportunity [TS]

01:11:11   to like you know first listen and find [TS]

01:11:16   out what's going on before you make a [TS]

01:11:18   lot of assumptions about one thing [TS]

01:11:19   you're doing this but that's something I [TS]

01:11:20   struggle god dammit why you're always [TS]

01:11:23   fucking homework every night and then [TS]

01:11:25   it's useful sometimes to go and ask and [TS]

01:11:26   then to say hey just see you know like [TS]

01:11:28   we're having a lot of drama about this [TS]

01:11:31   homework and I want to understand what [TS]

01:11:34   part of this is important to do well [TS]

01:11:36   right thoroughly correct because the [TS]

01:11:38   front do every stitch of homework [TS]

01:11:40   perfectly my child will no longer have [TS]

01:11:42   any time between Stockholm at that time [TS]

01:11:45   this is my question to you he has [TS]

01:11:47   somebody who's who's ahead of me in the [TS]

01:11:50   parenting game let's just say you're [TS]

01:11:51   down you're further down the line your [TS]

01:11:53   further up the ladder right you only [TS]

01:11:55   have certain number of lives parenting [TS]

01:11:57   lives you need to live with to live [TS]

01:11:59   yeah right and I have a lot more [TS]

01:12:01   parenting lives to live but what are the [TS]

01:12:04   consequences of not doing [TS]

01:12:07   the homework that is upsetting only [TS]

01:12:09   doing the homework that is interesting [TS]

01:12:11   when you're in third grade [TS]

01:12:13   are they not going to advance you are [TS]

01:12:14   you going to be in trouble [TS]

01:12:16   well I mean unless it's like like so [TS]

01:12:18   many things in life I imagine it's the [TS]

01:12:21   parents concerned anxiety that gets [TS]

01:12:23   passed on to the kid liked for the kid [TS]

01:12:25   is just a sheet in a folder and a [TS]

01:12:28   request for us it's like it's a lot of [TS]

01:12:30   hand-wringing and so it should this you [TS]

01:12:33   are we focusing on filling up this whole [TS]

01:12:35   area where all the lines are production [TS]

01:12:38   is that is that really important like [TS]

01:12:39   does it need to be this long longer does [TS]

01:12:41   the spelling need to be right should we [TS]

01:12:43   be worrying about the grammar do you [TS]

01:12:45   have to color in the picture as well as [TS]

01:12:46   drawn now you're asking you're saying [TS]

01:12:48   yourself that's insane i could do that [TS]

01:12:50   in five minutes [TS]

01:12:51   I know believe me I know it's it's [TS]

01:12:55   something i could do I could do that [TS]

01:12:56   homework in two minutes but I'm years [TS]

01:12:58   old and this is and so it does become [TS]

01:13:01   gets to be thursday night you get the [TS]

01:13:03   homework assignments due on Friday [TS]

01:13:04   morning and we have found out from asked [TS]

01:13:07   talking to other folks we are not the [TS]

01:13:09   only ones that have had some very very [TS]

01:13:11   stressful wednesdays and thursdays why [TS]

01:13:13   isn't there what is it for [TS]

01:13:14   I'm not entirely sure and sometimes it [TS]

01:13:16   seems like this is not a reflection of [TS]

01:13:18   our score the teachers of the staff but [TS]

01:13:19   this is just from time to time it's it [TS]

01:13:22   really feels like busywork it's [TS]

01:13:24   something somebody got off the internet [TS]

01:13:25   and they printed out and then xerox [TS]

01:13:28   something together them to assign [TS]

01:13:29   sometimes it has typographical errors [TS]

01:13:31   drives me crazy and the spellings and [TS]

01:13:33   sometimes it has incredibly unclear [TS]

01:13:37   instructions that if we're blind of what [TS]

01:13:40   they have really wish my kids would get [TS]

01:13:41   is like how important history the [TS]

01:13:43   instructions because if you don't read [TS]

01:13:45   the instructions you you know just read [TS]

01:13:46   the instructions because you can read [TS]

01:13:48   the manual i do but here's the thing [TS]

01:13:49   there's three sentences that describe [TS]

01:13:51   what you're supposed to do here if you [TS]

01:13:53   just glance the headline that says story [TS]

01:13:56   about your summer you might really miss [TS]

01:13:58   out on what they're looking for here so [TS]

01:14:01   this i think this does become a good [TS]

01:14:02   testing skill to so you're describing my [TS]

01:14:05   entire life right [TS]

01:14:06   I never read the manual I always open [TS]

01:14:09   the box pull the thing out plugged it in [TS]

01:14:11   realize that there were more parts [TS]

01:14:14   you know another bag so with the thing [TS]

01:14:17   plugged in tried to install the other [TS]

01:14:19   parts as I saw fit and then it commenced [TS]

01:14:23   using the device often without really [TS]

01:14:28   understanding how it worked until it [TS]

01:14:30   broke [TS]

01:14:31   I never the instructions I'm i mostly [TS]

01:14:33   like that with lots of things but i [TS]

01:14:35   guess i'm trying to get here is this is [TS]

01:14:37   all this is not just I think a sound [TS]

01:14:38   piece of advice I think it's a great [TS]

01:14:40   trick it's a great i mean you will learn [TS]

01:14:42   this in testing like you will learn how [TS]

01:14:43   the people who make those tests think by [TS]

01:14:46   reading those instructions oh I'm i'm [TS]

01:14:48   not arguing for a second you're correct [TS]

01:14:50   just that i have never done okay [TS]

01:14:52   like I'm not advocating for not reading [TS]

01:14:55   but here so so then you get into a [TS]

01:14:57   situation where like shiat after school [TS]

01:14:59   she's done whole week's homework it's [TS]

01:15:01   all done she's very excited because now [TS]

01:15:02   the homework is done she knows that we [TS]

01:15:04   won't make this face outer layer and so [TS]

01:15:06   she says it to us but she didn't do it [TS]

01:15:08   right [TS]

01:15:09   yeah right and you ever try to tell your [TS]

01:15:11   kid to go do a different picture because [TS]

01:15:13   they do it wrong or you've got to go [TS]

01:15:15   like this thing you painfully pulled out [TS]

01:15:17   of yourself with it as a young writing [TS]

01:15:19   person like no no you gotta go redo that [TS]

01:15:21   because you're supposed to be doing it [TS]

01:15:22   this way I'm this is this is back to the [TS]

01:15:24   at the thing that I that I wonder I [TS]

01:15:27   wonder a lot about which is um with [TS]

01:15:31   their there there's so much that we do [TS]

01:15:32   when talking about kids that presumes [TS]

01:15:35   that every child is a pre-order every [TS]

01:15:38   every child is is toddler assa and we're [TS]

01:15:43   still doing that because that was a [TS]

01:15:44   fashion when we at some point in our [TS]

01:15:47   lives and seen it seems the fairest way [TS]

01:15:49   to proceed [TS]

01:15:50   yeah that's right every child is [TS]

01:15:52   tabularasa and so if we treat them all [TS]

01:15:54   equally when they're when they're young [TS]

01:15:57   we produce uniform outcomes and knowing [TS]

01:16:01   your daughter just a little bit that I [TS]

01:16:04   do it's possible that she's like me born [TS]

01:16:07   to not read the instructions now and [TS]

01:16:09   maybe there's a way that you can teach [TS]

01:16:12   her to read them there was no way to [TS]

01:16:14   teach me to read the instructions my mom [TS]

01:16:17   reads the instructions compulsively she [TS]

01:16:20   tried every method to get me to read the [TS]

01:16:22   instructions and it just wasn't possible [TS]

01:16:24   because that's not how I was made and [TS]

01:16:27   every Sunday nice from the time i was in [TS]

01:16:31   fifth grade until the presence every [TS]

01:16:34   Sunday night I was consumed by fear and [TS]

01:16:39   self-loathing that I had not finished [TS]

01:16:43   the homework [TS]

01:16:44   yeah so I really like that in that case [TS]

01:16:45   something like the report that steal my [TS]

01:16:47   name [TS]

01:16:47   absolutely and I remember sit because we [TS]

01:16:50   skied during the winter right so [TS]

01:16:52   saturdays and sundays we were scheme and [TS]

01:16:55   friday nights and friday night i would [TS]

01:16:57   be skiing night scheme which is the best [TS]

01:17:00   kind of scheme and I'd be thinking what [TS]

01:17:03   I've got to do that homework at some [TS]

01:17:05   point this weekend and then friday night [TS]

01:17:08   we would have hot chocolate and we would [TS]

01:17:09   sit around the fire and I wouldn't do [TS]

01:17:11   the homework and then all day saturday [TS]

01:17:12   i'd be skiing and thinking mostly [TS]

01:17:15   thinking on the chairlift right because [TS]

01:17:18   when you're skiing you're not thinking [TS]

01:17:20   about your homework you're thinking [TS]

01:17:21   about not falling but then you have all [TS]

01:17:24   this time to sit on the chair left and I [TS]

01:17:27   never understood what people who didn't [TS]

01:17:30   think did on the chairlift because it's [TS]

01:17:34   a long period of just sitting and [TS]

01:17:35   waiting in the cold and that was time [TS]

01:17:37   that I spent thinking hard about things [TS]

01:17:39   and I would sit all day Saturday and say [TS]

01:17:42   you've really got to finish that [TS]

01:17:43   homework but then there would be relief [TS]

01:17:45   where the other voices would say well [TS]

01:17:47   it's only saturday you're fine [TS]

01:17:49   like you'll get it done it will happen [TS]

01:17:51   magically at some point saturday night [TS]

01:17:54   we would party sunday night or sunday [TS]

01:17:56   day its fine there's still time and then [TS]

01:17:59   sunday night skiing every week it would [TS]

01:18:02   descend upon me [TS]

01:18:04   yeah i'm going to get down I'm gonna [TS]

01:18:06   take off my skis I'm gonna take off my [TS]

01:18:07   boots we're going to get in the car [TS]

01:18:08   we're going to drive home by which point [TS]

01:18:11   it will be seven o'clock and then from [TS]

01:18:13   seven o'clock until whenever I collapse [TS]

01:18:16   i have to write a 10-page paper on the [TS]

01:18:18   life of a sell it and i don't know and i [TS]

01:18:21   have never read any I don't know [TS]

01:18:23   anything about the life of a cell it's [TS]

01:18:24   not something I can wait and that [TS]

01:18:27   feeling of not having it done had such a [TS]

01:18:31   much larger effect on my life as an [TS]

01:18:35   adult [TS]

01:18:36   much larger effect on my childhood and [TS]

01:18:39   the quality of my childhood then it ever [TS]

01:18:42   had an effect on teaching me the value [TS]

01:18:44   of working you know getting the work [TS]

01:18:48   done early of being diligent of you know [TS]

01:18:51   like I think I had said something it [TS]

01:18:53   didn't have the desired effect [TS]

01:18:55   it did not I was made to be what I am [TS]

01:18:57   and all of those things including like [TS]

01:19:01   here's your homework assignment you're [TS]

01:19:04   not going to get it done that's proved [TS]

01:19:07   and although you're an independent [TS]

01:19:10   reader us a person that really thrives [TS]

01:19:13   on self-education your enormously [TS]

01:19:15   curious you already at the age of ten [TS]

01:19:18   years old have this like weird weirdly [TS]

01:19:22   specific knowledge of a general [TS]

01:19:24   knowledge about a ton of things somehow [TS]

01:19:26   it's very important to us as adults that [TS]

01:19:28   you write a 10-page paper on the life of [TS]

01:19:30   the cell and if you don't you're going [TS]

01:19:33   to get an F and all the other work [TS]

01:19:34   you've done this year is negated all the [TS]

01:19:37   reading you've done not only negated but [TS]

01:19:40   turned into a shame and garbage in your [TS]

01:19:43   heart when it becomes a kind of [TS]

01:19:44   emotional debt [TS]

01:19:46   we're like that that accumulates that [TS]

01:19:47   really does accumulate over time all [TS]

01:19:49   those terrible feelings on a sunday [TS]

01:19:51   night and I was very much the same way [TS]

01:19:52   they did [TS]

01:19:53   oh absolutely I sunday night i hated [TS]

01:19:56   sunday nights for us it was the worst [TS]

01:19:59   and you know it's but I'm trying to I'm [TS]

01:20:05   trying to figure it out because I mean I [TS]

01:20:06   know that's very important to learn [TS]

01:20:08   there are times we have to do things [TS]

01:20:09   that we don't want to do it just it's [TS]

01:20:11   very hard for me to really get my back [TS]

01:20:13   into it when I think it's bullshit [TS]

01:20:14   that's that's the difficult part is like [TS]

01:20:16   I i dunno my kid read three books [TS]

01:20:19   yesterday like just for fun I mean like [TS]

01:20:21   you know baby-sitters Club books but [TS]

01:20:22   like she just reads constantly and [TS]

01:20:25   quickly and she retains and like there [TS]

01:20:28   is this dad part in my heart breaks a [TS]

01:20:31   little bit when I I can feel myself [TS]

01:20:33   saying something to her that I i know is [TS]

01:20:36   the kind of thing that made me hate [TS]

01:20:37   writing when I was little because he did [TS]

01:20:39   it wrong [TS]

01:20:40   right because you didn't use the index [TS]

01:20:41   cards and then make the outline and my [TS]

01:20:44   paragraph essay and that's never how my [TS]

01:20:46   brain work it wasn't and I [TS]

01:20:48   wasn't I didn't even I didn't like [TS]

01:20:49   writing at all but it didn't i didn't [TS]

01:20:51   know I was really little but like I was [TS]

01:20:53   more excited to like make the book out [TS]

01:20:54   of like wallpaper and stuff like that [TS]

01:20:55   but those kinds of projects but I came [TS]

01:20:57   to like it but I also realized that [TS]

01:20:59   people are trying they were trying [TS]

01:21:00   really hard to fill this empty vessel [TS]

01:21:03   that was me with some kind of really [TS]

01:21:05   useful information by showing me the [TS]

01:21:07   right way to do this but travelers [TS]

01:21:09   clarity but you're absolutely right i [TS]

01:21:11   was probably have full it's just not [TS]

01:21:12   what I needed to be full of for them and [TS]

01:21:14   it made me neurotic it made me anxious [TS]

01:21:17   and anxiety that I still have today and [TS]

01:21:19   it made me feel a little bit shameful [TS]

01:21:20   because i knew that i was a smart kid [TS]

01:21:22   that was not performing as well as I [TS]

01:21:24   should and i knew i was supposed to feel [TS]

01:21:27   bad about that and that was the point [TS]

01:21:29   yeah I always assume that when you [TS]

01:21:31   talked about index cards and you use and [TS]

01:21:34   you can you use them in the early [TS]

01:21:36   versions of our shows that there was [TS]

01:21:38   something deeply ironic about it that [TS]

01:21:41   your use of index cards was was [TS]

01:21:44   connected to a failure to have used [TS]

01:21:47   index cards when it was required of you [TS]

01:21:50   in in tenth grade I never thought of it [TS]

01:21:53   that way but it could be but also [TS]

01:21:54   remember the use of index cards and this [TS]

01:21:56   is supporting your point was really [TS]

01:21:58   grinding you have a box with your index [TS]

01:22:01   cards and you go and you have to write [TS]

01:22:03   your is going to be the notes on this [TS]

01:22:05   book and you have to write the title [TS]

01:22:07   this way and you have to write the [TS]

01:22:09   authors note this way and then I'm going [TS]

01:22:11   to do this on the back in this way and [TS]

01:22:13   the the shit that you're doing to to [TS]

01:22:15   like basically allows your brain now [TS]

01:22:18   creative stuff to get all the stuff out [TS]

01:22:20   somewhere is the most turgid like [TS]

01:22:23   prescriptive process that has very very [TS]

01:22:27   little room in it for how you actually [TS]

01:22:29   would like to create this thing maybe [TS]

01:22:31   you'd like to draw a picture first [TS]

01:22:33   or maybe so in my case though the idea [TS]

01:22:34   of this almost near non expense item [TS]

01:22:38   that i could put literally anything on [TS]

01:22:40   and do literally anything with was very [TS]

01:22:42   continues to be very free huh [TS]

01:22:44   I in eighth grade they started they [TS]

01:22:49   started my turn up they but my immediate [TS]

01:22:52   challenge the the Jewish run media na [TS]

01:22:54   started a new york times started liar [TS]

01:23:00   Hillary [TS]

01:23:00   started 22 to teach me how to write a [TS]

01:23:06   report for college because that was an [TS]

01:23:11   unimpeachable a plan right [TS]

01:23:15   if if a parent comes in and says my [TS]

01:23:17   child is crying every Sunday about these [TS]

01:23:20   reports the teacher the eighth grade [TS]

01:23:23   teacher can say well this is the level [TS]

01:23:25   of work that's required in college and [TS]

01:23:27   we're trying to teach them that now I've [TS]

01:23:29   told you before that my eighth-grade [TS]

01:23:32   teacher required that all of our reports [TS]

01:23:34   be written in pen because that was what [TS]

01:23:38   was required in college and if you wrote [TS]

01:23:40   in pencil she wouldn't accept the report [TS]

01:23:43   and so I wrote my report including the [TS]

01:23:47   life of a cell in pencil and those [TS]

01:23:51   reports were not accepted and I got an F [TS]

01:23:52   because the primary thing she wanted was [TS]

01:23:56   for well for the for the rules to be [TS]

01:23:59   followed exactly you didn't you didn't [TS]

01:24:01   read the instructions you can follow the [TS]

01:24:03   instructions you follow the instructions [TS]

01:24:04   i read them she said then every time she [TS]

01:24:06   put a big red elf on my page she said I [TS]

01:24:09   told you then these need to be in pencil [TS]

01:24:10   and you're not going to give and I'm not [TS]

01:24:12   going to give and what ended up [TS]

01:24:16   happening when I was in college was what [TS]

01:24:21   I'd always done which was I read the [TS]

01:24:23   book I never wrote a single thing down I [TS]

01:24:26   never underlined or bracketed a single [TS]

01:24:29   passage i read the book I thought about [TS]

01:24:30   it and then the night before the thing [TS]

01:24:32   was do I want it and wrote a thing and [TS]

01:24:38   the thing was good and the teacher liked [TS]

01:24:39   it and I got an A and I didn't really [TS]

01:24:41   footnote things very well it wasn't you [TS]

01:24:44   know it wasn't done correctly I never [TS]

01:24:47   touched a single note card but this [TS]

01:24:50   eighth grade teacher thought she was [TS]

01:24:52   helping me be a better college senior [TS]

01:24:55   and what it turned out was everything [TS]

01:24:58   she taught me was irrelevant because I [TS]

01:25:00   went through college the way I was going [TS]

01:25:02   to go through college I chose the [TS]

01:25:03   classes i was going to choose my [TS]

01:25:05   teachers all had peace sign belt buckles [TS]

01:25:08   and when I went and talked to them and [TS]

01:25:11   said look I can't do these footnotes [TS]

01:25:13   way but you're supposed to they were [TS]

01:25:14   like oh man don't worry about it [TS]

01:25:16   quality your work is really high love [TS]

01:25:18   reading your piece and you know I found [TS]

01:25:22   the path that was meant for me but in [TS]

01:25:25   eighth grade I was consumed by shame [TS]

01:25:29   ending ends and anxiety because i [TS]

01:25:32   couldn't do it wasn't that I didn't know [TS]

01:25:34   how it wasn't that I hadn't it hadn't [TS]

01:25:37   been explained to me enough times it [TS]

01:25:38   wasn't that that I hadn't been punished [TS]

01:25:40   enough times it was that the punishment [TS]

01:25:42   the shame punishment and the bad grade [TS]

01:25:46   punishment and everything that went [TS]

01:25:47   along with that was not sufficient to [TS]

01:25:49   cause me to be a different person than I [TS]

01:25:51   was and I still walk around with all I [TS]

01:25:54   still walk around with the after effect [TS]

01:25:57   of having spent eight years as a child [TS]

01:25:59   being told by every adult that I [TS]

01:26:02   encountered that I was doing it wrong [TS]

01:26:03   it's no different than developing a [TS]

01:26:05   muscle [TS]

01:26:06   I mean I've in my former career would [TS]

01:26:07   often say habits are like muscles like [TS]

01:26:09   whatever it is you do the most is what [TS]

01:26:10   becomes you in that case if you know [TS]

01:26:13   whether it's right or wrong and [TS]

01:26:14   different but if if every if everything [TS]

01:26:17   that you face is just a recapitulation [TS]

01:26:20   of how disappointing you are you can [TS]

01:26:22   help internalized that [TS]

01:26:23   yeah well and and imagine that you're a [TS]

01:26:25   huge disappointment everybody the rest [TS]

01:26:27   of your life which is which is something [TS]

01:26:29   I genuinely feel like I have never felt [TS]

01:26:32   not a disappointment [TS]

01:26:34   I feel like I'm a disappointment to you [TS]

01:26:35   right now Marlon he said this on your [TS]

01:26:37   other program this week that you also it [TS]

01:26:39   has found not a disappointment to you [TS]

01:26:40   now i will be at some point right [TS]

01:26:42   oh and this is interesting you listen to [TS]

01:26:45   my other program I don't know [TS]

01:26:46   and listen to it and and and assimilated [TS]

01:26:50   the the conversation [TS]

01:26:52   listen to it with real ears didn't [TS]

01:26:54   outline you weren't sitting at your at [TS]

01:26:56   your work been working on your Geppetto [TS]

01:26:59   doll which would be an area twist [TS]

01:27:03   obviously have a nokia major pet all [TS]

01:27:05   right or if some if Geppetto was just a [TS]

01:27:08   doll for a larger Geppetto that up but [TS]

01:27:12   we should really start this show you [TS]

01:27:14   ready to start and how's it going John [TS]

01:27:15   being there was an insurrection I i I'm [TS]

01:27:19   like to talk about this because i don't [TS]

01:27:20   want to get anybody in trouble I don't [TS]

01:27:21   know how [TS]

01:27:22   official or pseudo officially this is [TS]

01:27:24   but in my daughter's grade there was an [TS]

01:27:27   insurrection early this year among the [TS]

01:27:30   kids are among the parents amongst the [TS]

01:27:32   teachers and arm I i guess it wasn't so [TS]

01:27:37   much of its direction that it was [TS]

01:27:39   quashed i guess it was an insurrection [TS]

01:27:41   that was I don't know if it was welcomed [TS]

01:27:42   and this is only ever talked about in [TS]

01:27:45   whispers because you know it is when you [TS]

01:27:47   don't want to ruin a thing but I you [TS]

01:27:51   know you initially like you you get [TS]

01:27:53   things to take home and do but it was [TS]

01:27:55   like we were already like a week or two [TS]

01:27:57   into the school years like hmm this is [TS]

01:27:59   interesting [TS]

01:28:00   we're not we're not getting this pile of [TS]

01:28:02   shit somebody got off the internet still [TS]

01:28:04   in copyright material and and eventually [TS]

01:28:10   we learned that it was decided I don't [TS]

01:28:14   it's not exactly unilaterally and not [TS]

01:28:16   sure who always involved but the [TS]

01:28:18   teachers just decided they're not doing [TS]

01:28:19   homework for sure [TS]

01:28:20   oh so yeah I mean they read articles to [TS]

01:28:22   there was an NPR whoa karate chop [TS]

01:28:25   yeah so we were talking about it just [TS]

01:28:27   last night where you know she was sad [TS]

01:28:29   cuz not sad but she was like oh we can't [TS]

01:28:31   watch anymore gilmore girls because this [TS]

01:28:32   time for bed at school tomorrow [TS]

01:28:34   yes all of those things are true but I [TS]

01:28:36   was like you know isn't it kind of [TS]

01:28:37   better and of course you'll never get [TS]

01:28:38   with me on anything but i can tell you [TS]

01:28:39   it's way way better and you know I take [TS]

01:28:41   most of all what I don't miss is I i [TS]

01:28:43   hope i can get you on my side with this [TS]

01:28:44   one then I really don't miss the reading [TS]

01:28:46   log some of it what is that even [TS]

01:28:50   well it's it seems like such a good idea [TS]

01:28:53   so what we want our kids to do read when [TS]

01:28:56   you're gonna do it every night so part [TS]

01:29:00   of the homework for at least two years [TS]

01:29:02   was you you get this sheet this you know [TS]

01:29:04   again xerox sheet it's like what did you [TS]

01:29:06   read who is the author what time did you [TS]

01:29:09   read it [TS]

01:29:10   how many pages did you read my god yeah [TS]

01:29:13   so because you gotta read and you know [TS]

01:29:14   the understanding is you read at least [TS]

01:29:16   you know 20 minutes a night which is I'm [TS]

01:29:18   I'm sorry I'm on the verge of bragging i [TS]

01:29:20   don't mean to be accepted i am very [TS]

01:29:21   proud of our daughter she's okay she's a [TS]

01:29:23   very intelligent least she's a reader [TS]

01:29:25   and I could not be happier i want to [TS]

01:29:27   sing it from the mountaintops so that's [TS]

01:29:29   its she's and but there are other kids [TS]

01:29:31   who are not i mean i have it i have [TS]

01:29:32   really good pals who kids with kids who [TS]

01:29:34   are really smart or you know really [TS]

01:29:36   something there [TS]

01:29:37   they're not awful but the general [TS]

01:29:39   intelligence maybe maybe or maybe they [TS]

01:29:41   just they just don't like fucking books [TS]

01:29:43   like they're not into it but it never [TS]

01:29:45   started it well you know the first time [TS]

01:29:47   for everything depends on the kind of [TS]

01:29:48   work he does so it seems like a good [TS]

01:29:51   idea you come up with the sheet and you [TS]

01:29:52   say okay diary of the wimpy wimpy kid [TS]

01:29:54   number three I read these 20 pages guess [TS]

01:29:57   who does that fucking nobody [TS]

01:30:00   it's due on Friday and now guess what [TS]

01:30:01   you have to do to use John circuses are [TS]

01:30:04   you have to back solve your week of [TS]

01:30:06   reading you've gotta go figure out oh [TS]

01:30:09   god and so every night I said is right [TS]

01:30:11   on your reading log and it's tearing [TS]

01:30:13   it's tearing my I want to tear my eyes [TS]

01:30:15   out saying that you fill out your [TS]

01:30:17   reading log because chairing this [TS]

01:30:18   country apart let's take this thing that [TS]

01:30:20   this kids somehow figured out how to [TS]

01:30:23   love and do every day and then let's [TS]

01:30:26   make it into a timecard yeah so I'm you [TS]

01:30:29   know what it's like if you don't fill in [TS]

01:30:30   your timecard you gotta go and like [TS]

01:30:31   figure out how you spend your week so [TS]

01:30:33   yeah so then it would be a guess what [TS]

01:30:36   now we've taken congratulations San [TS]

01:30:38   Francisco you've ruined reading because [TS]

01:30:40   now we found a way to take something [TS]

01:30:42   this kid for whatever reason pound sign [TS]

01:30:45   blast they like to read and now we turn [TS]

01:30:47   it into work and i get i get i think I [TS]

01:30:50   get why they do it they want to make [TS]

01:30:52   sure that the kids are reading at home [TS]

01:30:54   with the parents are reading to them [TS]

01:30:55   did you did you read this with somebody [TS]

01:30:56   did you read it by yourself wasn't ready [TS]

01:30:58   to you how difficult was it please fill [TS]

01:31:00   out all of these things and one this is [TS]

01:31:01   like such a good idea in the abstract [TS]

01:31:03   but it was a complete source of [TS]

01:31:06   unnecessary anxiety not solving a [TS]

01:31:09   non-problem at and I and I honestly feel [TS]

01:31:12   and I and I know that the these are I [TS]

01:31:15   know that you often go quiet when I talk [TS]

01:31:17   this way [TS]

01:31:17   oh god please please wonder how my god [TS]

01:31:19   exactly our 25 know and I'm only going [TS]

01:31:23   to say i'm going to say well one or two [TS]

01:31:24   sentences [TS]

01:31:25   alright and then I hope hopefully you [TS]

01:31:27   won't put this show into the show pilot [TS]

01:31:29   that never got released but I'd but I [TS]

01:31:32   feel like it is like be the attempt to [TS]

01:31:38   prove that everyone is getting a good [TS]

01:31:40   education [TS]

01:31:41   often results in this kind of what what [TS]

01:31:46   what seems like a good idea because it's [TS]

01:31:48   leveling behavior everyone can prove [TS]

01:31:51   that they read the books and what it [TS]

01:31:53   doesn't do is serve the kids that are [TS]

01:31:55   then already read the book and and it's [TS]

01:31:58   meant to prove that the teachers have [TS]

01:32:00   done a good a good job and it's meant to [TS]

01:32:02   prove that no one got left behind [TS]

01:32:05   yeah aight in its it try it seeks to [TS]

01:32:07   ensure i just a phrase people been using [TS]

01:32:09   so much this election season i think is [TS]

01:32:10   very interesting idea of the ceiling of [TS]

01:32:12   the floor like into this candidate you [TS]

01:32:14   know has a fairly high floor like for [TS]

01:32:17   whatever reason he's probably not gonna [TS]

01:32:18   drop much lower no matter what happens [TS]

01:32:20   but he also has a fairly low ceiling and [TS]

01:32:23   an instance you're saying well let's [TS]

01:32:24   make sure that the floor doesn't get too [TS]

01:32:26   low for everybody but let's put spikes [TS]

01:32:28   on the ceiling because you have fun yeah [TS]

01:32:30   and and what and my big question about [TS]

01:32:33   the teachers that had a an insurrection [TS]

01:32:35   and decided not to do homework is up the [TS]

01:32:38   chain up their train their geppetto [TS]

01:32:42   geppetto hmm is is going to suffer some [TS]

01:32:46   consequences right there's pressure from [TS]

01:32:48   the top down and from the sides i can [TS]

01:32:51   just meet ping-pong that's gonna be some [TS]

01:32:54   notes about why their kid isn't being [TS]

01:32:56   worked harder [TS]

01:32:57   yeah and and it has something that's [TS]

01:32:59   really think and that all is you know I [TS]

01:33:03   there's that cultural aspect of it but [TS]

01:33:05   also somewhere up the up the school [TS]

01:33:08   board or somewhere in this the school [TS]

01:33:10   district favorite some articles and [TS]

01:33:12   they're charged with that being their [TS]

01:33:14   job they have no cards to do and [TS]

01:33:16   footnotes to Rack is when the japan [TS]

01:33:18   geppetto geppetto calls them into their [TS]

01:33:20   Geppetto office and they say hey show me [TS]

01:33:22   that everybody's reading their dick in [TS]

01:33:24   your hand right and and when the SATs [TS]

01:33:27   which are a bad indicator of people's [TS]

01:33:29   you know it [TS]

01:33:31   education and intelligence and and [TS]

01:33:33   future capabilities when those when [TS]

01:33:35   those tests come back the that's how [TS]

01:33:38   they determine whether or not the [TS]

01:33:39   principal keeps their job right and no [TS]

01:33:42   the thing is none of it worked for me it [TS]

01:33:45   wasn't what I was meant to do and I was [TS]

01:33:49   and when God made me he or she said we [TS]

01:33:54   need one of the [TS]

01:33:55   these we don't need a lot of these your [TS]

01:34:01   limited edition but right now we need [TS]

01:34:03   one of these and at every step along the [TS]

01:34:08   way adults apart part half-educated [TS]

01:34:12   adults some presuming to be educated in [TS]

01:34:15   things that I don't think you can even [TS]

01:34:17   be educated in which is could complete [TS]

01:34:20   understanding of the human mind and so [TS]

01:34:22   every step along the way adults were [TS]

01:34:26   intervening and telling me that who I [TS]

01:34:27   wasn't how I was made was wrong and [TS]

01:34:30   needed and what I needed to do was this [TS]

01:34:32   this this and this things that were not [TS]

01:34:34   just incompatible to identify the [TS]

01:34:36   problem misidentified the solution like [TS]

01:34:38   right but is not part of it though it's [TS]

01:34:40   this whole like well I'm i am here to [TS]

01:34:41   set you straight [TS]

01:34:42   I'm going to tell you that you are [TS]

01:34:43   broken and then i'm going to tell you to [TS]

01:34:45   fix it in a way that wouldn't fix it [TS]

01:34:47   even if it were a problem it's around [TS]

01:34:49   solution to a non-problem right and in [TS]

01:34:51   the case of my own daughter [TS]

01:34:52   I have said the following things do not [TS]

01:34:55   put your hand down your underwear in a [TS]

01:34:57   restaurant [TS]

01:34:59   do not stand and hit daddy stand on a [TS]

01:35:03   bench and hit daddy in the face [TS]

01:35:05   do not have a breakdown screaming crying [TS]

01:35:11   fit because there's rice on your plate [TS]

01:35:13   beyond that the potatoes are ok you know [TS]

01:35:17   she doesn't like potatoes because that's [TS]

01:35:19   born into her now sets in her blood but [TS]

01:35:22   beyond that like what's going on with [TS]

01:35:24   you and what's your deal [TS]

01:35:28   stop talking about feelings yeah and [TS]

01:35:31   she's most of the time like you know I [TS]

01:35:33   don't everything's fine i don't have a [TS]

01:35:34   deal and I'm like all right [TS]

01:35:36   right on i'm not going to sit here you [TS]

01:35:39   know identity even though i think having [TS]

01:35:42   a deal is very important oh god [TS]

01:35:44   everything I got a deal just going to [TS]

01:35:45   figure out what it is [TS]

01:35:46   yeah I'm sitting you're desperate you [TS]

01:35:48   got a year buddy you got a deal [TS]

01:35:50   I'm in the I mean the catcher's Crouch [TS]

01:35:52   with with my big catchers meant waiting [TS]

01:35:56   for her to throw the pitch of her deal [TS]

01:35:59   at me [TS]

01:35:59   and I'm senator signals like please [TS]

01:36:02   throw a heater right down the middle and [TS]

01:36:05   she keeps turning around and throwing [TS]

01:36:06   the ball to first base and looks at me [TS]

01:36:09   and shakes off my calls [TS]

01:36:11   I'm like well what can I do you know [TS]

01:36:14   what the adults did to me what didn't [TS]

01:36:17   work and my parents tried to correct the [TS]

01:36:21   mistakes of their parents because their [TS]

01:36:23   parents like every time I my grandfather [TS]

01:36:25   told my mom not to stick your butt out [TS]

01:36:27   when she walked [TS]

01:36:28   oh that's it out because that was [TS]

01:36:31   suggestive milestone was the second sexy [TS]

01:36:34   thing [TS]

01:36:34   yeah in the farm town of Van Wert Ohio [TS]

01:36:37   in 1942 em if you walk with your butt [TS]

01:36:41   sticking out its it's bad when you're [TS]

01:36:45   walking home from school and so good so [TS]

01:36:47   it changed the way my mom walks [TS]

01:36:49   oh god and you know and my dad's dad was [TS]

01:36:53   like you need to listen more when i wake [TS]

01:36:56   you up drunk at two o'clock in the [TS]

01:36:57   morning so I'm gonna put you into a cool [TS]

01:36:59   bath tub like a bathtub the local high [TS]

01:37:02   school so my parents were trying to do [TS]

01:37:04   better than that [TS]

01:37:05   yeah and I'm trying to be better than [TS]

01:37:08   needed and in my case I like I don't [TS]

01:37:11   know what's going to happen when she [TS]

01:37:14   brings home homework that makes her cry [TS]

01:37:16   but i'm pretty sure what's going to [TS]

01:37:17   happen is that I throw it in the [TS]

01:37:18   fireplace [TS]

01:37:19   yeah and then when they send a note home [TS]

01:37:22   with her saying your daughter isn't [TS]

01:37:24   doing her homework [TS]

01:37:25   I'm gonna send a note back that says I [TS]

01:37:27   know and that's going to go on until the [TS]

01:37:33   time they send me a letter that says we [TS]

01:37:35   cannot advance your daughter to the next [TS]

01:37:38   grade but that's never going to happen [TS]

01:37:41   because at a certain point she will [TS]

01:37:43   through her love of learning figure out [TS]

01:37:46   a way you know she's never gonna get [TS]

01:37:48   held back because she didn't because I [TS]

01:37:52   didn't you know what i mean like i never [TS]

01:37:54   got held back right [TS]

01:37:55   they couldn't I even though they tried [TS]

01:37:59   and so but that is it but that's maybe [TS]

01:38:02   teaching her a terrible lesson about the [TS]

01:38:05   world but i think the lesson I'm trying [TS]

01:38:08   to teach her in the world is there's a [TS]

01:38:09   place for you in the world there's a [TS]

01:38:10   point for you being here and there's a [TS]

01:38:12   place for you [TS]

01:38:13   and find it you know I'm not gonna tell [TS]

01:38:16   you where it is don't let a teacher tell [TS]

01:38:18   you where it is either like find your [TS]

01:38:20   place in the world there is one that is [TS]

01:38:22   good you know and and maybe I'm gonna [TS]

01:38:26   have to homeschooler get that I get that [TS]

01:38:29   Jeep start the long drive [TS]

01:38:31   yeah if I homeschooler what will end up [TS]

01:38:34   happening is she her mind won't get [TS]

01:38:35   polluted with this evolution business [TS]

01:38:37   oh my god from your mouth tub to [TS]

01:38:40   Geppetto yeah you are a start [TS]

01:38:44   should we do the show yeah I don't have [TS]

01:38:48   my bell gonna eat the sandwich now [TS]

01:38:56   Donald Trump says he alone can solve [TS]

01:39:00   America's problems at his rallies he [TS]

01:39:04   whips his supporters into a violent [TS]

01:39:06   frenzy and says that people who have [TS]

01:39:08   criticized in will suffer when he's [TS]

01:39:11   president Trump blacklists members of [TS]

01:39:15   the media that write negative stories [TS]

01:39:16   about him and says that when he's [TS]

01:39:19   president will restrict the rights of [TS]

01:39:22   the Free Press [TS]

01:39:24   he openly calls for the u.s. to commit [TS]

01:39:27   more crimes and says that we should [TS]

01:39:29   torture and kill the innocent children [TS]

01:39:32   of suspected terrorists regarding [TS]

01:39:35   waterboarding he said even if it doesn't [TS]

01:39:39   work they probably deserved it anyway [TS]

01:39:42   a veteran told trunk that American [TS]

01:39:45   soldiers wouldn't follow that order and [TS]

01:39:48   Trump said they're not going to refuse [TS]

01:39:51   me if I say do it they're going to do it [TS]

01:39:55   dictators around the world love Trump he [TS]

01:40:00   is praised by vladimir putin and Kim [TS]

01:40:03   John's state-run media back in nineteen [TS]

01:40:06   ninety Trump's wife told her lawyer that [TS]

01:40:09   he keeps a copy of Hitler's speeches by [TS]

01:40:12   his bedside Trump surrounds himself with [TS]

01:40:15   the yes men sycophants and fools [TS]

01:40:19   there's nobody in Trump's inner circle [TS]

01:40:22   that will tell him no or correct him on [TS]

01:40:26   the facts now Donald Trump gets [TS]

01:40:28   classified national security briefings [TS]

01:40:31   and he has repeatedly asked why the u.s. [TS]

01:40:35   can't use its nuclear weapon [TS]

01:40:37   as Americans it is our duty to resist [TS]

01:40:42   fascist dictators wherever they rise up [TS]

01:40:44   in the world this November we are not [TS]

01:40:48   going to elect one here the nuisance [TS]

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01:40:56   [Music] [TS]