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Ep. 196: "The White Fresh Crüe"


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00:00:16   [Music]

00:00:22   hello hi John hi Merlin how's it going

00:00:26   good I i had some audio problems there

00:00:30   and then I realized what I had done is I

00:00:32   had muted muted the computer

00:00:36   oh whatever happened to you i'm betting

00:00:42   happens dormant yeah yeah i was watching

00:00:45   The Young Ones last night on the YouTube

00:00:49   and then I i I'm muted it after a while

00:00:54   I just wanted to capture the visual

00:00:58   components of civilians stick

00:01:00   yeah I muted I think because it didn't

00:01:03   because it because it wasn't as great as

00:01:05   I remembered it being when in 1984

00:01:08   yeah that's that that's that's a tall

00:01:10   order yeah it's still it's still pretty

00:01:12   manic did you watch University Challenge

00:01:13   I did ya boy it's got its moments though

00:01:16   you Lori Lori you get that get the m

00:01:20   thompson yes team right all Emma

00:01:22   Thompson isn't she wonderful

00:01:23   mm you got you got to your head yeah

00:01:27   Motorhead's there who all the greats in

00:01:30   des moines animated sock at one point I

00:01:32   think so and there's a yeah there are a

00:01:34   few there's an animated sock that the

00:01:36   washing machines rebell but let let's

00:01:41   not talk about the young ones as much as

00:01:43   I want to my this layers you know you

00:01:45   got the other got to get a story you got

00:01:47   your laundry gotta be story University

00:01:50   Challenge you gotta see story which is

00:01:52   no really really needs to use the toilet

00:01:54   yeah if it keeps in his buzzer that's

00:01:57   good stuff

00:01:58   oh but

00:02:01   really have to go there's an episode of

00:02:03   that show i don't think it's that 1i but

00:02:06   it might be is that the wonders of this

00:02:08   very brief like 30 second flash where

00:02:10   they all play each other

00:02:12   yeah that there is that and that's

00:02:14   wonderful

00:02:15   and then you only ever heard the guy who

00:02:17   plays Neil I mean I don't unfamiliar

00:02:19   with stuff he's done outside of their

00:02:21   it's so weird to hear him not being Neil

00:02:22   well yeah and and Rick does such a

00:02:26   fantastic impression million billion

00:02:30   that you're like oh wow that's a while

00:02:32   that was really good you know then that

00:02:34   show actually did introduce me to

00:02:36   Motorhead I had no experience of

00:02:38   motörhead until nineteen eighty-four

00:02:40   whatever when I saw a Motorhead perform

00:02:42   ace of spades on the young ones and I

00:02:44   said whatever the hell kind of music

00:02:46   that is I want it i'm gonna- name

00:02:50   yeah yeah well i would go so far as to

00:02:52   say that with the exception of glycine

00:02:54   remember very well i would say madness

00:02:56   with the exception of maybe like madness

00:02:57   and they can you eat the man that the

00:02:59   date when the damn door on there when

00:03:01   they were in their vampire looking stage

00:03:03   yeah I knew about the Damned because i

00:03:06   was a big fan of Captain sensible oh I

00:03:10   asked one of those names i just know

00:03:11   from books

00:03:12   captain sensible was a member of the

00:03:15   Damned and he had a single very early on

00:03:19   in mtv single called Walt wot ? huh

00:03:25   the chorus to which meant i said captain

00:03:28   that they said captain I said one is a

00:03:31   captain

00:03:32   so why this video like Captain so what

00:03:37   and then some mother with lyrics is

00:03:40   where it's almost a little bit papi

00:03:42   well yeah it's it's sort of its little

00:03:44   rappy and he is walking around sort of

00:03:48   English and a hundred Allah o always

00:03:52   thought it was public housing but maybe

00:03:53   it is a hotel and and I really really

00:03:57   connected with that song when i was 13

00:03:59   or 14 and sew them then I they learn

00:04:02   about the damned backwards which I guess

00:04:05   you know how we're gonna do

00:04:07   african-american and Puerto Rican people

00:04:12   in particular from New York City get a

00:04:14   lot of

00:04:14   credit for hip-hop mhm i don't think we

00:04:17   give enough credit all the way people to

00:04:18   help hip-hop well-proven colons and cute

00:04:20   and columnist Mike use all that was I

00:04:22   mean that's the Rosetta Stone of Rapids

00:04:24   be honest

00:04:25   yeah it goes do you take James Brown you

00:04:28   take your George Clinton but let's be

00:04:29   honest it goes all the way back to a

00:04:31   italian comedian yeah yeah who's making

00:04:34   up who's making mouth sounds let you

00:04:37   know so sure I mean he's word let's be

00:04:39   honest he basically created rap

00:04:41   yeah but then any would wrap have gotten

00:04:44   big

00:04:45   if it weren't for Captain sensible if it

00:04:47   weren't for uh Falco right if it weren't

00:04:51   for blondie right they really

00:04:53   popularized the genre i think so yeah

00:04:57   yeah they should there should be like a

00:04:58   baseball hall-of-fame except for the

00:05:02   white people that really help wrap it in

00:05:06   accountancy minnetonka know my parade

00:05:12   sure and what about well now i'm trying

00:05:16   to think did did annoying lift balloon

00:05:21   now that's such a rap song

00:05:23   see that's a you know just the Germans

00:05:26   just the Germans and the Austrians alone

00:05:28   that that helped popularize wrap that's

00:05:30   a really good point i don't think i

00:05:31   don't think white germanic peoples get

00:05:34   the credit they deserve well for most

00:05:36   things that don't

00:05:37   well that's true that's good very

00:05:38   well-organized think about how I think

00:05:40   about the trains no sure I do I think

00:05:43   about the trains know I know you pop

00:05:45   would have gotten bigger if they spend

00:05:46   more time doing German versions of songs

00:05:48   like EE take something you know like a

00:05:50   rappers delight I think if they done in

00:05:51   German as well apparently they did that

00:05:53   like very quickly you know and like a

00:05:55   take

00:05:55   yeah well it'sit's it shows be given

00:05:59   given the amount of technical and vocal

00:06:01   dexterity that is required in

00:06:04   contemporary rap when you listen to

00:06:06   Sugar Hill Gang we listen to the

00:06:09   original original like formative Rap

00:06:12   Tracks it really does feel like people

00:06:14   are improvising some words and i think

00:06:17   one of the dudes the kids biggest part

00:06:19   was ghostwritten I know this from

00:06:21   probably a public radio show tonight

00:06:23   what I know about rappers lame also also

00:06:25   something that really popular

00:06:27   strap public radio well I think could be

00:06:30   honest with you I think I don't think

00:06:32   Public Radio gets the credit it deserves

00:06:34   you're right for making hip hop as big

00:06:36   as it is it is you know you you have

00:06:39   you've opened a a a whole line of

00:06:41   inquiry there needs to be a netflix

00:06:43   series about this that enough with the

00:06:44   weed documentaries enough with the

00:06:46   documentaries about food

00:06:48   how about a six-part documentary on

00:06:50   history of white people in rap music

00:06:51   like you're like your crazy uncle yeah

00:06:54   here's my name and I'm here to say like

00:06:55   at the wedding reception you know for

00:06:57   sure well you know I actually have some

00:06:59   this is awful

00:07:01   what I'm about to reveal but pre beastie

00:07:04   boys gonna say 84 my friends and I had a

00:07:10   rap group

00:07:11   hmm Wow and utterly days it and this is

00:07:16   this is terrible but we were called the

00:07:18   white fresh crew the weight freshman

00:07:20   right yeah and we were Alaska that's

00:07:25   right it does everything it says on the

00:07:27   tin except for being fresh and being a

00:07:29   crook

00:07:30   we were created has been the white and

00:07:32   i'm pretty sure that we sculpt crew like

00:07:34   Motley Crue oh nice ride the white fresh

00:07:37   crew

00:07:38   uh-huh and what we didn't I'm not

00:07:41   embarrassed about this but it's hot it

00:07:43   maybe is hard to imagine it's almost

00:07:46   like a alternate universe door that we

00:07:50   didn't step through but we would on a

00:07:53   friday night go into my basement and

00:07:57   beatbox out here and rap to each other

00:08:04   just and it was just the three or four

00:08:07   of us and we wouldn't we would march in

00:08:15   a circle right so we'd start walking and

00:08:23   then we would take turns improvin and

00:08:28   and but we will but we're marching right

00:08:31   because because i am I don't know maybe

00:08:34   the maybe the look or the rhythm of like

00:08:37   four guys standing in a circle and of

00:08:40   moving

00:08:41   arms in a penis or like boom boom you

00:08:43   know like yo-yo way maybe that had

00:08:46   evolved yet more like a like a street

00:08:49   corner and less like a circle jerk

00:08:50   should have some emotion and what we

00:08:53   were moving right yeah sure marching

00:08:55   marching in a circle and we were kind of

00:08:57   we were so we're doing the exact thing

00:08:59   that we're wrapping into the center of

00:09:02   the circle right we were marching like

00:09:04   rapping in the back of our heads we were

00:09:06   wrapping into the middle but we were we

00:09:08   were emotion it's gonna get that kind of

00:09:11   breakdancing vibe we got people kind of

00:09:13   shucking and jiving next circle that's

00:09:14   right that's right and we were we were

00:09:17   with there was a breakdancing element

00:09:19   but none of us would would would

00:09:21   necessarily try to try to do any

00:09:24   breaking but a you know it was tall

00:09:27   wrapping around here where the white

00:09:29   first crew and we take no crap you dish

00:09:32   it out and it don't come back type of

00:09:34   run DMC style rhymes

00:09:37   yeah I caught the 123456 around yeah and

00:09:42   we do this we did this for quite a while

00:09:46   as a as a sort of you know friday

00:09:50   evening half rack of beer and we were

00:09:55   not we were doing it out of a kind of

00:09:58   just pure enthusiasm for the style so

00:10:03   this was so we were fans of DMC and the

00:10:07   boogie boys and and the this like first

00:10:11   generation of popularized like but rap

00:10:14   music that had be become popularized to

00:10:16   to mainstream right well i mean let me

00:10:20   ask you this

00:10:21   I know you and I are famously fast and

00:10:22   loose with dates and I'm not trying to

00:10:24   pin you down can you

00:10:25   because it helps the story a little bit

00:10:26   can you really mostly locate that in

00:10:29   around nineteen eighty-four cuz that

00:10:31   would also be around the time of

00:10:32   Flashdance yeah which I mean select the

00:10:35   right there at that I knew was like I

00:10:37   knew the Apache song I knew about you

00:10:40   you know I knew the the rapper's delight

00:10:42   and you rapture I don't think it even

00:10:44   heard nucleus yet jam on it was the one

00:10:47   that made me fall in love with

00:10:48   wrap-around i love jam on it with a

00:10:51   little funny voice Wicky Wicky Wicky

00:10:53   shut up you know

00:10:54   but the 94 is a big year because thats

00:10:56   you got it was really crossing over into

00:10:59   like those videos there was there was

00:11:02   famously there was breakdancing in

00:11:04   Flashdance remember she comes she joins

00:11:06   in with the kids that cute hat and she

00:11:08   comes out and dances there was before

00:11:10   was the year that rap broke

00:11:12   what was the year of the movie breakin a

00:11:16   break-in break-in came out drinking

00:11:18   drinking prime I'm not easy for ya

00:11:23   breaking came out in 84 and you know and

00:11:25   that should have been a second one of

00:11:26   this

00:11:26   well they did that like electric blue

00:11:30   sad you it's the canonical second movie

00:11:34   chip break-in and 84 so breaking came

00:11:38   out and I feel like I mean you know

00:11:41   again we're talking about anchorage but

00:11:44   this was the this was them i think the

00:11:47   exact moment when Alaska k the culture

00:11:50   in Alaska caught up to the culture in

00:11:54   America and now the two cultures were

00:11:56   happening simultaneous with water

00:11:58   contemporaneously right up until that

00:12:01   point all of our television was on a was

00:12:04   on a week delay because the Carson show

00:12:07   would happen and then they would

00:12:08   literally bundle the tapes up and fly

00:12:11   them to Alaska and play them you know

00:12:15   play them the following week

00:12:17   wow so but even worse than that most

00:12:22   cultural things disco and so forth like

00:12:24   disco arrived in anchorage in about

00:12:27   nineteen eighty years 79 right it was it

00:12:31   was it was like time-delayed it was it

00:12:33   was time delay all culture was sort of

00:12:35   time delayed up there and in some ways

00:12:38   that still is because if you get off an

00:12:39   airplane in in Anchorage now it feels

00:12:41   like it's 1994 i can tell you almost i

00:12:44   think i can tell you almost everything i

00:12:45   know about Alaska in like four bullets

00:12:49   it's one of those two last States we

00:12:51   strapped on that's right ok you got

00:12:53   baked alaska which is really fancy fancy

00:12:55   dessert on Alaska is where where Santa

00:13:00   lives which is not actually correct and

00:13:02   you've got uh you got that everything

00:13:05   that the footnote at the bottom very

00:13:06   commercial

00:13:07   prices something like prices higher in

00:13:09   Alaska Hawaii

00:13:10   yeah I don't think that even happens

00:13:12   anymore i think that's from the

00:13:13   seventies to that was always I mean

00:13:15   every series commercial or whatever and

00:13:16   Sergeant my gosh what one must be so

00:13:18   difficult about that

00:13:19   well yeah that you have to put it on a

00:13:21   seal and barge but but in 1984 right we

00:13:26   finally all had MTV and and it was

00:13:30   happening cable TV allowed things to

00:13:33   happen in real time and so we were

00:13:35   seeing what America was seeing I was

00:13:39   almost like time travel is also he

00:13:40   skipped two years

00:13:41   yeah we did it was just like everything

00:13:43   got really fast all of a sudden and so

00:13:46   we're we were up there

00:13:47   formerly still really enthralled with

00:13:51   Boston second record and then all of a

00:13:55   sudden like rap music descended upon us

00:13:58   and and new wave and pumpkin all sort of

00:14:02   arrived at once in 80 81 82 so anyway 84

00:14:08   yeah we're up there and and at that

00:14:10   point there wasn't any there wasn't any

00:14:16   indication that that there would be

00:14:20   white rappers but but also there wasn't

00:14:25   it was still sort of that mix of like

00:14:27   there wasn't any indication that there

00:14:29   would never be a white Michael Jackson

00:14:30   either but didn't keep us all from being

00:14:33   michael jackson all the time until at

00:14:36   least tomorrow is it was it was uniquely

00:14:37   located I mean I learned in retrospect

00:14:39   that there are many other there's lots

00:14:41   there's lots more to it than the obvious

00:14:42   stuff but the stuff we knew about was

00:14:44   mostly black people in a very urban

00:14:46   setting in New York like maybe even in a

00:14:47   identified as a borough of New York i

00:14:50   will so that's in the seventies i think

00:14:51   by the early eighties it had it had

00:14:53   disseminated they disseminated pretty

00:14:57   widely it was just that it didn't mean

00:15:00   in the public eye

00:15:01   what ya bum ya you mean to white people

00:15:05   well yeah I mean I'm here looking at the

00:15:07   wikipedia page 494 hop hop and you got

00:15:10   you run DMC the first run DMC record you

00:15:12   got Houdini right although 1984 the

00:15:15   first run DMC record which which

00:15:17   descended upon us like a like a thousand

00:15:20   ton

00:15:21   right that we knew every word in that

00:15:24   album Mike my group of friends and I and

00:15:27   whatever was crazy was when that beastie

00:15:29   boys record came out which was in 86

00:15:31   only a couple years later it was it was

00:15:35   that weird feeling like wait a minute we

00:15:38   thought of this but if we were doing

00:15:40   this exact thing that could have been us

00:15:42   it could have been us

00:15:44   yeah they could have come from Alaska

00:15:46   instead of three Jewish kids from from

00:15:48   the lower east side if we could have

00:15:51   been the Alaska Beastie Boys and so

00:15:54   there was a lot of I felt a lot of sort

00:15:57   of resentment to that first pc boys

00:15:59   record because it was almost exactly

00:16:01   what we would have done right whiny

00:16:03   drinky like you would a person

00:16:06   essentially helped to liven up and

00:16:09   refresh the genre with a whole new spin

00:16:12   and and and production like nobody's

00:16:14   ever heard before

00:16:15   well but it was it like automatically

00:16:17   right the beastie boys did not try to be

00:16:20   anything that they weren't all right

00:16:22   yeah they were just like we are not just

00:16:24   kids where snot-nosed kids and these

00:16:26   songs are about masturbation and

00:16:28   drinking beer and aspiring to be to be

00:16:34   cool and that that's you know that was

00:16:36   kind of the that was what was cool about

00:16:38   them but that is also what would have

00:16:41   been cool about the white fresh crew

00:16:42   crew didn't have a tree since John I

00:16:47   don't know we mean only started having a

00:16:49   lot over the you

00:16:51   oh yes it did it I mean that we didn't

00:16:55   we spend a lot more time drawing album

00:16:57   covers for the truly awful band which

00:17:00   was which was our other music act truly

00:17:04   awful man in the white fresh crew were

00:17:06   pretty much the same members and the

00:17:08   same and the same era as a lot easier

00:17:12   talking about did the stratosphere tense

00:17:13   situation yeah exactly exactly were the

00:17:15   we were the head cotys as well as being

00:17:18   the head coats

00:17:19   uh-huh

00:17:20   [Music]

00:17:22   but but alas neither neither act mean

00:17:27   the truly awful band actually played a

00:17:29   couple of shows who I think the I think

00:17:32   if we get our rap i think maybe we we

00:17:36   tried to wrap at a party once where r

00:17:40   where female a component was their

00:17:43   female component of my gang

00:17:46   yeah and the girls in my gang worse were

00:17:50   stronger than the boys as is also often

00:17:55   the case and they scorned us we started

00:18:00   to wrap in a circle

00:18:01   I'm sorry I'm gonna hurt we got scored

00:18:03   pretty hard so we stopped doing that

00:18:06   oh we stopped doing it publicly I think

00:18:08   we kept doing it amongst ourselves for a

00:18:10   while the other problem was I don't

00:18:12   think we ever wrote our raps down

00:18:14   because we understood it to be an extemp

00:18:18   rising games and oral tradition that's

00:18:21   right and so it was we never SAT like

00:18:23   him like eminem in the bus scrolling are

00:18:28   rhymes in a notebook

00:18:30   we just we just let them go into the air

00:18:33   so if you've got if you will be like

00:18:35   you'll be like writing a short story

00:18:36   about touch football like that you just

00:18:38   go out and play touch football you in

00:18:39   right about it like a pretty small

00:18:41   yeah so it was it was if you if you

00:18:44   scored a good a good little but bomo as

00:18:49   they say this and wrap and wrap you

00:18:52   would just everyone would acknowledge it

00:18:54   with like maha uh-huh but then it's not

00:18:57   like you would try and grab it and then

00:18:58   put a leash on it and drag it back to

00:19:00   earth also yeah you're very least in the

00:19:04   times I've known your we're more prosaic

00:19:05   em there's a I'm not to say that you're

00:19:08   not capable of short blasts of spitting

00:19:12   rhymes as they say but you know you're

00:19:14   more of a long-form probably stop

00:19:16   polysyllabic kind of guy

00:19:17   well this was your fellow your flow

00:19:19   works on five thousand word level this

00:19:21   is what I mean about stepping through a

00:19:23   stepping through it a door to another

00:19:26   thing right there all those moments when

00:19:28   you look back in life and go if that

00:19:30   head because it absolutely resonated

00:19:33   with me and connected

00:19:34   me and with my friends if we had felt

00:19:38   just that little bit more liberty to to

00:19:43   say this is actually something that i

00:19:45   really want to do you know you step

00:19:47   through and then maybe I would have

00:19:48   become somebody that because it when I

00:19:50   several years later i was living in a

00:19:53   house where all of my roommates were

00:19:56   rappers and sat around wrapping all the

00:20:00   time but by that point I understood that

00:20:02   I was not that was not I was not

00:20:05   basically invited to sit down it at the

00:20:09   on the couch and and rhyme with

00:20:11   everybody like my job at that point was

00:20:13   to roll joints and not appreciatively

00:20:16   but you know it could have been so much

00:20:20   different to all your ok i see how maybe

00:20:23   I could have been or maybe I could have

00:20:24   a a decided that that was where I was

00:20:27   going to pour my clear the eighties the

00:20:29   Golden Age of we talked about before the

00:20:31   extra guy in the band you can have a

00:20:32   professor Griff like who's there to give

00:20:34   you some philosophical guidance you got

00:20:37   the dancing guy and Happy Mondays maybe

00:20:38   Jonathan girls the joints

00:20:40   yeah but i would have wanted a more

00:20:43   featured role right i mean I maybe can

00:20:45   roll them on stage is I like to be the

00:20:47   guy at a party that rolled joints i

00:20:49   really did it would give me an activity

00:20:52   i could sit at the i consider the coffee

00:20:55   table right in the center of the party

00:20:56   right you're right there right in the

00:20:58   heart of it

00:20:59   yeah you've got a job and it's an

00:21:02   important job anywhere between the

00:21:04   Somali a magician yeah right i mean yet

00:21:07   people are going to you don't have to do

00:21:09   anything you want to talk you don't have

00:21:11   to do anything because you're rolling

00:21:12   joints but you can and if you start

00:21:16   talking everybody's gonna like it's like

00:21:17   H&R Block right you're going to

00:21:19   everybody wants to be really busy for

00:21:22   comments here

00:21:23   yeah everybody wants to hear what you've

00:21:25   got to say my shot at smith barney

00:21:26   that's rolling me yeah mr. Barney who

00:21:29   Smith Barney was that kind of wine

00:21:32   cooler right

00:21:33   yep yet anyway morning James so I would

00:21:35   just I mean but you're also you're

00:21:37   showing off your expertise to roll a

00:21:40   joint is thing that requires a certain

00:21:42   certain amount of

00:21:44   I'm not just find a spot like to roll a

00:21:47   good joint and I could roll a good joint

00:21:49   everyone you get done and just sort of

00:21:52   you do that thing where you tip it up so

00:21:54   now the joint is pointing up in the air

00:21:56   so everyone can see it you're like

00:21:58   almost it is a revealing magicians

00:22:00   reveal ya la la la la and then all

00:22:04   everyone starts salivating they can't

00:22:06   wait to get their hands on this joint

00:22:08   but maybe you don't hand it to somebody

00:22:09   maybe put it down on the coffee table

00:22:11   maybe you know maybe you lay out three

00:22:13   or four of them before you start having

00:22:15   amount so that everybody can see that

00:22:17   their uniform that each one you know the

00:22:19   day that they're beautiful matched set

00:22:21   hmm so that was the job that I really

00:22:24   appointed I i pointed myself that that

00:22:28   job and of course I never had the pot

00:22:30   right the I didn't bring pot to the

00:22:33   party

00:22:34   I didn't have any money right but but

00:22:37   so the person that had the pot could

00:22:39   also conveyed to the room that they were

00:22:44   big enough deal that they didn't need to

00:22:47   sit rolling joints right they have the

00:22:49   pot and so rolling the joint allowed me

00:22:53   then to have some ownership over the

00:22:55   weed so I didn't have to stand there

00:22:57   like a goofball and be like who you

00:22:59   gonna pass that over here well you're

00:23:01   certainly you're adding value

00:23:02   I've added value precisely it so the guy

00:23:05   with the pot is like are you know I'm

00:23:08   too big a deal to to be rolling joints

00:23:10   that's a that's the Romans work but but

00:23:15   then I even having rolled the joints i

00:23:17   was entitled at least to take up in

00:23:19   order to take one of those joints for

00:23:20   myself

00:23:21   mhm right you know you roll 5 slip one

00:23:24   in your pack of cigarettes and and

00:23:28   everybody feels right everybody feels

00:23:30   right about it

00:23:31   this is this is all going in my moochers

00:23:33   Bible mmm that's a good idea when I

00:23:35   finally write the Boosters Bible indeed

00:23:37   as an e-book know i'm thinking it's like

00:23:40   something that be in airport bookstores

00:23:42   something you read on an airplane urban

00:23:44   survivalist Bible like you like dr.

00:23:46   Strangelove Bible like you like it's

00:23:48   like a tiny little what's called the

00:23:49   moochers what the moochers Bible yes

00:23:52   Bible and that could be very small like

00:23:53   it could slip into a wallet

00:23:55   it should or or

00:23:56   you certainly will ensure pocket it

00:23:58   should be about the size of a pack of

00:23:59   cigarettes and it should be inexpensive

00:24:02   enough to replace because your friends

00:24:03   probably steal from from you because

00:24:04   let's be honest amateur well sure I mean

00:24:07   you're probably going to try and steal

00:24:08   it from the bookstore in the first place

00:24:10   yep but the other the only problem I

00:24:13   think is that a lot of my a lot of the

00:24:14   tenants in the moochers Bible aren't

00:24:16   really applicable anymore nobody smokes

00:24:20   well yeah what are you gonna do but go

00:24:22   walk up to somebody on the street and

00:24:23   asked for a cigarette because a dollar

00:24:24   each now

00:24:25   yeah so yeah I mean that they've got

00:24:29   really costly that's invading the vaping

00:24:31   is not such a park anymore either San

00:24:33   Francisco's coming down hard on the

00:24:34   vapors uh you mean they're taxing vapor

00:24:37   well I look at my daughter school

00:24:39   there's a sign right out front says no

00:24:41   smoking and yes no vaping either and

00:24:44   that was a big robot cigarettes so you

00:24:45   can say like look here don't do that

00:24:47   don't do that

00:24:49   what was the question with vaping isn't

00:24:51   so much i don't think that that it's you

00:24:54   know you can no longer do it on

00:24:55   airplanes or whatever but more that you

00:24:57   cannot you can't mooch a toke off

00:24:59   somebody's baby can you it seems like a

00:25:01   very personal line mucha took off

00:25:03   somebody's vape I don't know the kids i

00:25:05   see in our neighborhood have very

00:25:06   sophisticated looking ones they look

00:25:08   kinda like a magazine with remote

00:25:09   control from 1977's something that you

00:25:12   would see where they don't wanna the

00:25:13   cantina scene in the original starting

00:25:16   original Star Trek where they are where

00:25:18   they listen to you have many good men

00:25:20   and vaping yeah what brought about by

00:25:22   little by little deal actually took a

00:25:25   nap you took another fellows de Paul so

00:25:27   that they have a lot of fruit flavors I

00:25:28   think there's a lot of variety to the

00:25:30   vaping today used to be got you know

00:25:32   Marburg or camel

00:25:34   well now you can have any kind of flavor

00:25:35   really good mmmm fall people's menthol

00:25:39   smoking is a purely defensive tactic i

00:25:42   know anything about this from people i

00:25:44   know you think that it's true if you

00:25:46   smoke menthols people don't want to bum

00:25:47   cigarettes from you but I there but

00:25:49   people claim that the men fall is an

00:25:53   additional thing you get addicted to

00:25:56   I believe it so now you don't even want

00:25:58   to smoke a normal cigarette you have

00:26:00   anything in your mouth enough eventually

00:26:01   gonna want their but you price your it

00:26:04   if you get into mental smoking in order

00:26:06   to keep people from bumming cigarettes

00:26:08   it's you price yourself out of ever

00:26:11   becoming a cigarette from anybody else

00:26:13   so in the end what started off maybe as

00:26:16   a defensive technique ends up biting you

00:26:18   in the ass

00:26:19   mm because you don't like to buy your

00:26:20   own petard that's exactly what it is

00:26:22   yeah you go to a bar near like and one

00:26:24   of those and you oh it's just a Marlboro

00:26:26   like I need to go dip that in the candy

00:26:28   came because I can't enjoy a cigarette

00:26:32   that doesn't taste like a fresh breeze

00:26:33   on the bottoms cool mountain that but

00:26:37   i'm i'm curious about whether and I

00:26:39   maybe some of our bit vaping listeners

00:26:41   will will chime in on this

00:26:44   yeah but if you're hanging out around it

00:26:47   standard in a circle maybe doing some

00:26:49   marching and some some rapping

00:26:51   everybody's presumably got their own the

00:26:56   vapor cigarette right you don't take a

00:26:58   token and pass it on

00:26:59   it's not a bomb right so it's it's a big

00:27:03   part of this is my whole identity thing

00:27:05   to it when I see these kids and their

00:27:06   sports where they usually other

00:27:07   sunglasses on the back of her neck and

00:27:09   they're walking around making vapes yeah

00:27:11   baby it wasn't an energy drink

00:27:13   the other thing i noticed a lot about

00:27:14   vapors is they do that leg thing that

00:27:16   shaky leg thing remember when you're a

00:27:18   teenager and you got energy and your

00:27:19   legs always in motion they seem very

00:27:21   keyed up the vapors and you can really

00:27:24   identify them you know that's the energy

00:27:25   drink

00:27:26   oh I know I mean well you know a certain

00:27:29   point I don't know she can't even

00:27:30   separate them the vaping the energy

00:27:32   drink i don't know i don't know it feels

00:27:34   like a lifestyle it feels i got like a

00:27:35   whole kind of community college

00:27:37   lifestyle

00:27:38   yeah haha doesn't have a little bit of

00:27:40   CC vibe

00:27:41   well it always did but I but I'm seeing

00:27:44   a lot of I'm seeing a lot of urban

00:27:46   sophisticates now

00:27:48   well that's not columns systems but

00:27:50   urban people that I would normally that

00:27:53   would normally in the past have seen

00:27:56   smoking cigarettes which is a universal

00:27:58   indication that you are you that you are

00:28:01   cool and rock and roll right there are

00:28:04   still a lot of those people actually

00:28:06   smoking cigarettes burning cigarettes

00:28:09   which I which i can't i can't fathom was

00:28:13   walking through the cool neighborhood

00:28:14   yesterday was like

00:28:15   my god people are still smoking

00:28:17   cigarettes they're comfortable in

00:28:19   Manhattan i noticed that people still

00:28:21   gonna still true now last moment and I

00:28:23   was struck by how many people still

00:28:24   smoke still smoking cigarettes but i'm

00:28:26   not here to judge but I mean that's that

00:28:28   does it that you don't see it as much

00:28:29   around here for sure

00:28:30   let's be honest you are judging no i'm

00:28:32   not i'm judging the way people hard and

00:28:35   I want to distinguish first of all I

00:28:37   just want to say i don't want to talk

00:28:38   about this please don't email me about

00:28:39   this please don't treat me about this i

00:28:41   don't want to be persuaded about vaping

00:28:42   please keep it to yourself

00:28:44   let me let me just criticize you yeah on

00:28:47   my own please

00:28:48   sure it's one thing you're right it's

00:28:49   ready out mr. that's my right it's one

00:28:52   thing to go out I you know and I'm going

00:28:53   and I don't care but like I'm

00:28:55   distinguishing between you get this is

00:28:58   smoking over here this event that

00:28:59   there's like you could buy the

00:29:00   disposable ones that look like

00:29:01   cigarettes right that's that that's

00:29:03   really friendly look down the vapors

00:29:05   look down on that that's real kid stuff

00:29:07   I really there's their v that are

00:29:09   disposable that look like cigarette yeah

00:29:10   they're awesome they're not they're not

00:29:12   one hitters no one hitters that look

00:29:14   like cigarettes tho yes

00:29:16   cool yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah super

00:29:19   cool but no but they had their purpose

00:29:21   and then you got the ones that are more

00:29:22   like what i would call the ethernet

00:29:24   wizard cigarette and that's more like

00:29:26   the little one let's get playing a flute

00:29:28   yeah thatthat's I think those the

00:29:31   Picasso serious vapors now carry this

00:29:33   thing that looks I haven't paid a lot of

00:29:35   attention to it but I see them sometimes

00:29:36   in the neighborhoods are unavoidable and

00:29:38   it's it's a little bigger than like a

00:29:40   sailor zenith remote control i would say

00:29:42   it's a little bit smaller than the gyro

00:29:45   mechanism you used for a remote-control

00:29:47   plane is what if it's big I mean if it's

00:29:50   like the size of a Walkman what i did

00:29:51   when i got a big butt plug coming out of

00:29:53   it you talk on to make your Papes yeah

00:29:56   when i see that i always think of that

00:29:58   episode of the episode of the one show

00:30:02   where Frey gets the magic he gets the

00:30:07   devil hands he gets the robot devil

00:30:09   hands here on the double switch hands

00:30:11   okay right in the devil once human hands

00:30:14   and and and he offers fri though the the

00:30:18   robot hands devil hands Frey gets the

00:30:21   devil hands and then suddenly he can

00:30:22   play the

00:30:25   The Magic Flute that conjures images

00:30:28   right if you have a complicated plot for

00:30:31   half hour show

00:30:32   well yeah but that's the thing that they

00:30:34   got done making the simpsons or whatever

00:30:36   then maybe get done making the simpsons

00:30:38   but same people right yeah oh yeah i

00:30:41   think it's the same it started out as

00:30:43   the same roughish team

00:30:45   yeah so I mean a lot of shots a fun show

00:30:47   my smarts there anyway so he's playing

00:30:50   the he's playing them the magic flute

00:30:51   and it conjures up these images of him

00:30:55   dancing with Leela and he wins Lila's

00:30:58   heart but then at the end he doesn't he

00:31:02   doesn't consummate consummate the

00:31:04   relationship with Leela because that's

00:31:05   basically the that would ruin the show

00:31:07   the whole show would end and I thought

00:31:09   that's the same and I a moment Sam Sam

00:31:11   and Diane moment that's right at that

00:31:13   point at that point Diane has exactly

00:31:16   but anyway so with fries playing this

00:31:18   crazy electric flute with his devil

00:31:21   robot hands and that is what I cannot

00:31:24   not see that when I see people vaping on

00:31:26   the street I just feel like since I i

00:31:29   think yeah I can I get you but to me

00:31:31   it's almost like the way you feel

00:31:32   watching people use a blackberry where

00:31:34   before and even in the early days of the

00:31:36   iphone a lot of people were still always

00:31:38   using their BlackBerry's and they were

00:31:39   talking about how much they loved using

00:31:40   their blackberries but nobody i've never

00:31:42   seen by look happy using a blackberry

00:31:43   never get people were vaping did they

00:31:46   look like they're like better no shame

00:31:48   of what they're doing because the whole

00:31:50   well they should be

00:31:51   I mean it's real silly nothing against

00:31:53   it i mean he didn't have fun but

00:31:55   it'sit's does look very silly i think i

00:31:58   think some of that might be that we just

00:31:59   do not live in that suburban there that

00:32:02   XO city that the edge of a city where

00:32:06   people are influenced by the city i'm

00:32:08   talking about an agent 1x herb and

00:32:10   observed that you're saying you're

00:32:12   saying you're at a an umbrella table

00:32:14   outside the quiznos by the old starbucks

00:32:17   and you're making it up

00:32:18   I'm i think that as you leave this if

00:32:21   you're in the center of the city and you

00:32:22   are and your pants are riding low and

00:32:25   your vaping and you have a white

00:32:26   baseball cap on backwards people in the

00:32:29   city recognize us from elsewhere but as

00:32:32   you move further and further out of a

00:32:35   city you reach a borderland

00:32:38   where where all the cultures interact

00:32:42   right and you can be out there in that

00:32:44   borderland making alternative theater

00:32:47   because that's because you cannot forget

00:32:49   the different kind of stew

00:32:51   it's the children of people who work at

00:32:53   costco meeting with the children of

00:32:54   people who work at sam's club and

00:32:55   they're all they're all they're all

00:32:56   meeting together and it's a great

00:32:57   goulash cultural goulash

00:32:59   well yeah I mean especially now that

00:33:01   cities are too expensive to live in

00:33:02   right we're seeing we're seeing the

00:33:04   receiving the downtown culture makers

00:33:07   moving out as the exam billion children

00:33:13   characters move in and you get into this

00:33:17   weird realm where people are vaping

00:33:20   ironically and right next to people who

00:33:23   are vaping very earnestly and you go at

00:33:27   the ice vapors right I can't tell the

00:33:29   one from the other now I mean there are

00:33:31   people who've a parent it's very cool

00:33:33   they make it look cool and it's similar

00:33:34   to communicate to learn about the word

00:33:36   you want

00:33:38   well what is cool anymore Merlin is

00:33:40   Miles Davis you can see miles davis

00:33:41   doing that I think that the next Miles

00:33:45   Davis is right now i'll probably says

00:33:49   sixteen-year-old vapor Miles Davis to

00:33:51   point out well probably now for point

00:33:54   out for the out like Miles Davis ex was

00:33:57   a pretty good must have snacks that's

00:33:58   pretty good yeah i'm sure it was what I

00:34:00   think it would just be miles X minus X

00:34:03   yeah but yeah I think I think that there

00:34:05   i think vaping is here to stay and I

00:34:07   think it only looks ridiculous to us but

00:34:10   in a very short amount of time it will

00:34:11   just be as natural to to the young

00:34:14   people as anything much more natural

00:34:16   than cigarettes cigarettes are gonna

00:34:17   look like some elder make that 19 know

00:34:21   they're gonna make the fifties look like

00:34:22   this

00:34:23   yeah exactly well i'm also i agree with

00:34:26   you about people having to move out the

00:34:28   city's I'm interested in what happens

00:34:29   within the next what probably two years

00:34:31   for everybody cool is going to live

00:34:33   outside the city everybody lives in the

00:34:35   city is going to be a douchebag who's

00:34:36   making makes apps what's what's the

00:34:38   opposite of a Bridge and Tunnel crowd

00:34:40   right but what if we get to where people

00:34:42   are going they're going out to the

00:34:43   exurbs because that's where the good

00:34:45   skate ramps and of apes are you know

00:34:47   saying yeah I feel like it will continue

00:34:49   to be called bridge-and-tunnel little

00:34:51   bit

00:34:51   to be bridgend people taking bridges and

00:34:53   tunnels to get out of the downtown core

00:34:55   rather than go into it it's a different

00:34:58   it's the whole it's all white flight

00:35:00   premise but not in Reverse but sort of

00:35:05   in Reverse like fleeing not not fleeing

00:35:09   from the decline of the inner city

00:35:12   because it has become a like dangerous

00:35:16   and uh and decaying but flight leaving

00:35:19   from the inner city because it's

00:35:21   intolerable tolerably smug man that's

00:35:26   that's that's going to get trend piece

00:35:28   that's gonna be a trend piece in the

00:35:29   next couple years I mean already already

00:35:31   see it like in our local paper coom

00:35:33   website if there's already like there's

00:35:35   a huge amount of the front page that

00:35:36   goes to come here buddy what somebody is

00:35:38   selling this teardown for ya

00:35:40   and then there's the of course the

00:35:41   component piece of that is but if you

00:35:44   move to you know Dumbledore pleasanton

00:35:46   you can get a 6,000 acre ranch for nine

00:35:50   dollars

00:35:50   yea Pleasant and was intent on the part

00:35:52   I think you know I think that that

00:35:55   honestly right the the last 20 years has

00:35:58   has seen the burbs

00:36:01   let's call it the last 30 years saw all

00:36:05   this you know these mega mansions or

00:36:07   Mick mansions but they're McMansions

00:36:10   kind of gross overly large houses with

00:36:13   three-story atrium and then that the

00:36:15   tria the cheaper knockoff version that

00:36:18   mention Kings mansion King come and

00:36:22   they're always intervention chef in

00:36:24   years

00:36:24   I you know I I don't have a TV you know

00:36:27   what a butt out there in these like

00:36:29   manicured neighborhoods with these over

00:36:33   large homes and now nobody wants to live

00:36:36   in them anymore but i think we're going

00:36:39   to see an exodus of people from the city

00:36:42   who will move out there and find that

00:36:45   that they can get these huge huge homes

00:36:49   look like seven beds super cheap where

00:36:53   the weather cell they sell at way under

00:36:55   market value to get out

00:36:56   yeah it makes it available goes on the

00:36:58   market oh that's super interesting and

00:37:00   then these neighborhoods are suddenly

00:37:01   going to become vibrant places because

00:37:03   these homes are going to have like

00:37:05   three different families living and

00:37:07   regeneration of different families it's

00:37:09   gonna become the equivalent of I mean

00:37:11   that would be so great you can have

00:37:13   three different families living in one

00:37:15   of these giant giant houses they're just

00:37:16   they're really using the pool they don't

00:37:17   have a pool it's think clean there's

00:37:19   like 60 kids in the pool

00:37:20   that's right and maybe it's like an

00:37:22   ad-hoc apartment maybe 9 a-9 like a like

00:37:27   a scream poets will all move into

00:37:30   Lauren's mega-mansion out in the suburbs

00:37:33   and and you know they're gonna start

00:37:36   seeing like interesting sculptures

00:37:38   appear in the yard

00:37:39   I mean those those neighborhoods could

00:37:41   are ripe to be colonized by uh by this

00:37:45   like dramatic creative class that can no

00:37:47   longer make make a theater in warehouses

00:37:50   huh

00:37:51   so I'm excited about that and I wonder I

00:37:55   wonder I mean maybe there will be life

00:37:57   on those streets maybe they will

00:37:58   suddenly be kids riding their writing

00:38:01   there a unicycle or whatever kids ride a

00:38:04   get a recumbent bike or a hotter board

00:38:07   yeah it'll be like little it will

00:38:09   literally make the 2020 these look at

00:38:12   look like the fifties em the 2020s are

00:38:16   going to make the 2010 look like

00:38:20   nineteen nineties and early nineteen

00:38:23   nineties are going to make the 2020s

00:38:25   look like the fifties manslaughter

00:38:27   Collins so I mean at you know what as as

00:38:30   the parents of of young kids we might

00:38:32   start to think about like hey let's go

00:38:35   out there by one of those as mega

00:38:37   mansions that has like two gold lions on

00:38:39   the steps

00:38:40   yeah and you know move in and then

00:38:43   suddenly the master you've got a master

00:38:44   bedroom

00:38:45   that's like 1,500 square feet and your

00:38:49   kid has a as their own bedroom but also

00:38:51   their own den ah and you can rollerskate

00:38:54   in the living room you can make one of

00:38:55   the rooms into just like a jungle

00:38:57   playroom jungle playroom you could hire

00:38:59   a local maker somebody with a hot glue

00:39:01   down a book they could come out and they

00:39:02   can make a jungle inside one of the

00:39:04   rooms the kids could plan here's what

00:39:05   I'm thinking I'm thinking let's let you

00:39:08   taking internet you buy a mansion a

00:39:10   former you know mansion king and then

00:39:12   you you take it out however you want and

00:39:14   then and you buy a google bus

00:39:17   and that way now you got a cheap way

00:39:19   easy way to get people in and out of the

00:39:21   city you can still go to the city if you

00:39:23   need baby supplies or work and it's a

00:39:26   lot easier than have known a bunch of

00:39:27   cars and you know something that

00:39:28   sculpture on the line i think we don't

00:39:30   want cars on one

00:39:31   no that's true see but whatever cars are

00:39:34   going to Waverly I know I know but 11

00:39:36   google but especially you know you can

00:39:38   try grease or or as son

00:39:41   mhm I don't know I'm just saying the

00:39:42   economies of scale here everybody kicks

00:39:44   in a little bit you could by mentioning

00:39:46   pretty pretty cheap probably now you

00:39:48   you've got your finger on the pulse of

00:39:49   e-commerce and entrepreneurship think I

00:39:53   do yeah so tell me are we closer to an

00:39:57   omen we're going to get a lot of letters

00:39:58   about this from Johnson cuza hoo-ha but

00:40:02   uh are we closer now to the paperless

00:40:05   office are we closer to people just

00:40:08   working from home or do people continue

00:40:11   to need to come into the city where they

00:40:14   have free fruit loops in a giant fruit

00:40:18   loop dispenser as one of the perks of

00:40:20   their open plan office beanbag chair

00:40:23   office

00:40:23   mhm people going to continue to come in

00:40:26   for the fruit loops and the beanbag

00:40:27   chairs or are the engineers one day

00:40:30   going to completely rebell and say

00:40:33   listen has an engineer I no longer need

00:40:35   to ever wear pants again

00:40:37   yeah and i'm just going to code from the

00:40:40   enormous beanbag sex chair that is the

00:40:43   only item of furniture in mind in the

00:40:45   entire mega-mansion and I get the

00:40:47   Lamborghini poster lamborghini poster

00:40:49   and the and the enormous beanbag chair

00:40:51   and they're just in there just coding

00:40:54   they've got like six screens they get

00:40:57   their own fruit loops dispenser nice

00:40:59   they never need to come into the city at

00:41:01   all it are we closer to that or is there

00:41:04   it is there something about that the is

00:41:08   there something about the proximity to

00:41:09   one another the standup desks and the

00:41:13   and the conference rooms that make going

00:41:17   into San Francisco necessary for for for

00:41:20   commerce the honest answer the funny

00:41:22   answer

00:41:23   I want the honest answer it has existed

00:41:27   already for a long time there's a lot of

00:41:28   people that there are a lot of companies

00:41:30   that when they started

00:41:32   that's how they started they started

00:41:33   with people working remotely one of the

00:41:34   big problems with trying to reduce all

00:41:36   this revolutionary bullshit in the

00:41:37   company's is that it works against the

00:41:39   principles upon which the company was

00:41:41   started and it works directly at odds

00:41:44   with the culture that's kind of it's

00:41:46   been the nation culture since the play

00:41:47   started you know what I mean

00:41:49   so it's like it it's almost like think

00:41:51   of a family like a passive-aggressive

00:41:53   western family and Midwestern family who

00:41:56   likes a movie where the family likes

00:41:58   each other it's ok for now I'm walking

00:41:59   to like each other as well that's easier

00:42:01   said than done because this is the way

00:42:03   we have always acted it's hard to just

00:42:04   you don't get to hit a reset button and

00:42:07   terraforming family right so i think

00:42:08   that's one so on the one hand I think it

00:42:11   always has existed for some companies i

00:42:13   mean i i've worked with companies where

00:42:15   everybody's on contract and all but like

00:42:16   three people work remotely and so what

00:42:19   then is doing the other part of that is

00:42:21   that I think this is the sea dance with

00:42:24   a funny answer switch again and also

00:42:25   people like to think there's a certain

00:42:29   way of managing only managing where it's

00:42:32   definitely easier to have everybody in

00:42:33   the room but honestly it's also

00:42:34   sometimes easier to collaborate with

00:42:36   people in a room even or especially with

00:42:37   things like engineers you get a lot more

00:42:39   accomplished when you can be

00:42:40   face-to-face with somebody so this idea

00:42:43   ok let's ok let's think about this but I

00:42:46   mean so there's still much more to that

00:42:47   you can still have things we can still

00:42:48   like have the occasional like weekly

00:42:50   meeting and stand up and everybody's

00:42:51   trying different things and then there's

00:42:53   nobody who says I want nobody anymore he

00:42:55   says I want the kind of job i think my

00:42:57   grandparents had no I don't want a job

00:42:59   we have to go and likes in a big

00:43:00   building with artificial light and

00:43:02   windows that don't open and just and and

00:43:04   sit around and do this point nobody

00:43:06   wants that it's just that there isn't

00:43:07   any easy way to say that what what is if

00:43:10   you don't want that then what do you

00:43:11   want because this complexity that's what

00:43:13   I'm saying that like my what I'm trying

00:43:14   to imagine is let's let's let's picture

00:43:18   one of these exurbs one of these

00:43:21   McMansion villages and let's say that it

00:43:25   becomes a colony right where everyone

00:43:28   who lives in that neighborhood is an

00:43:29   engineer so they're all working offshore

00:43:33   four different one second it's literally

00:43:35   a village village that shoemaker you got

00:43:38   barber you got a-you got am working till

00:43:41   you got all these people and they work

00:43:42   together and with each other you're

00:43:44   saying here is the same thing is

00:43:46   literally a village just over here you

00:43:47   got a programmer over here you gotta my

00:43:49   single person you get a full stack

00:43:50   person you're right

00:43:52   XHTML HTML exactly this guy over here is

00:43:56   doing ironic 8-bit animations for people

00:43:59   who decided that the cool websites are

00:44:02   throwback websites and then I think a

00:44:04   lot of those McMansion neighborhoods in

00:44:07   the in it as they were building them

00:44:08   they were trying to create trying to

00:44:11   falsely to create a feeling of community

00:44:13   and so they would actually build like

00:44:15   community centers where they met that

00:44:19   had barbecues and stuff that where they

00:44:21   imagine the people would congregate for

00:44:23   that feeling of togetherness completely

00:44:26   failing to understand that that the

00:44:27   premise of constructing those whole

00:44:29   neighborhood's was that no one wanted to

00:44:31   interact with each other at all you

00:44:33   would park your lexus 300 in the in the

00:44:36   garage

00:44:37   you're not even want to get out of your

00:44:39   car outside you don't want to get into

00:44:41   the garage closed the garage door and

00:44:42   then get out

00:44:43   that's right so but now we're picturing

00:44:45   a colony of Engineers all living

00:44:48   together and they do they do use the the

00:44:52   communal space as an office communal

00:44:54   office and a communal like gathering

00:44:57   point where they're sharing ideas

00:44:58   they're they're you know they're showing

00:45:01   their stuff and their kids are all

00:45:03   around them and then all of a sudden the

00:45:05   google bus only comes the google bus

00:45:07   comes every day because that's the

00:45:09   amazon prime bus now which comes and

00:45:13   delivers all the groceries and all the

00:45:14   supplies that everybody is all that's so

00:45:17   efficient

00:45:18   that's right before different services

00:45:19   that you know kind of trickling in

00:45:21   throughout the day you do a big you do

00:45:22   it's like it's like escape from new york

00:45:24   the helicopter comes and drop supplies

00:45:26   yeah it's a semi still our escape from

00:45:28   new york john that's the thing it

00:45:30   becomes not a walled city because if we

00:45:32   want to come it's open right but you

00:45:34   would never need to leave your

00:45:36   neighborhood and it could become like a

00:45:37   think tank right this would you that it

00:45:40   would be like it would be like in the

00:45:42   original movie Tron where the bit the

00:45:44   beam of light of the master control

00:45:46   program

00:45:46   is beaming up out of these neighborhoods

00:45:49   and all the engineers that to all the

00:45:51   engineering for the entire city of San

00:45:53   Francisco are just living together and

00:45:56   then you've got your alternative theater

00:45:57   neighborhood over here you've got your

00:45:59   entrepreneur neighborhood where the

00:46:02   entrepreneurs who are self-conscious

00:46:03   about their money want to live in the

00:46:06   kind of McMansion house that maybe they

00:46:10   once upon a time would have lived in as

00:46:12   a serious mansion house

00:46:13   yeah now that the mansion houses are are

00:46:16   seen as like middle-class collective

00:46:19   homes they actually want to move into

00:46:21   them as a way of just of camouflaging

00:46:23   their wealth but you'll want to be

00:46:25   around because you're gonna Ryan ironic

00:46:27   mansion you know you may want to keep

00:46:30   going around ironically let's call it a

00:46:31   mac mansion it's not a McMansion anymore

00:46:34   its a Mac mansion that's right huh

00:46:38   so the entrepreneurs actually still have

00:46:40   their 8,000 square-foot warehouse in San

00:46:44   Francisco but now they realize that

00:46:46   their that they have to slum out in the

00:46:49   suburbs where all the action is it

00:46:51   mostly good like I saw this thing

00:46:52   somebody finally posted this thing of

00:46:54   the day it's this way of it's like a pod

00:46:55   you can get from it for your backyard

00:46:57   for a home office actually super cool

00:46:59   its kind of thing you'd see like that up

00:47:01   you know in the nineteen seventies it's

00:47:03   a very comfortable like mostly glass

00:47:06   thing that can just get dropped in your

00:47:08   backyard and you can do your business

00:47:09   right in the backyard

00:47:10   I can see people living I think this is

00:47:11   a popular trend right now is that what

00:47:13   he called the micro house or whatever

00:47:14   the meetinghouse Michael many of them

00:47:16   yeah your micro mini house would be

00:47:17   likes a bunk bed and gas stove and about

00:47:20   you get to find this stuff gets a

00:47:21   horizontal slots slots you know so you

00:47:23   can well it out a little bit you know so

00:47:25   so no not only primary place you would

00:47:27   live in the mac mansion or the McMansion

00:47:29   you would never actually a convention

00:47:30   right and then we have all the micro pod

00:47:32   pods in the so they start off in the

00:47:36   backyard but then people realize what

00:47:38   are we hiding from this is our community

00:47:41   so then the pod start start popping up

00:47:43   in people's front yards and then odds

00:47:46   than the pods become a separate network

00:47:49   a separate like network of of a like a

00:47:54   like another another connective layer of

00:47:58   brain

00:47:59   that's that's within the mac mansions

00:48:02   and then the first one shows up inside a

00:48:06   mac mansion in the atrium in the front

00:48:09   hall and you can put them in a circle it

00:48:11   will be recalled the opposite of a panic

00:48:14   on you can have a non opticon you have

00:48:16   all the facing toward the middle of the

00:48:17   village where the campfire is you can

00:48:19   have all the little glass facing in the

00:48:21   same direction right well then it

00:48:23   becomes one of those mirrors probably

00:48:24   opticon the the mirrored a solar-powered

00:48:27   energy collector who where they're all

00:48:30   arranged in a circle and they're

00:48:31   reflecting the sunlight or the brain

00:48:34   waves to a central hub to the NCP to the

00:48:37   mCP over so it's generating ideas it's

00:48:39   generating power it's probably generated

00:48:42   and with maybe that's almost a limited

00:48:46   bandwidth at this point huh

00:48:48   so and this is we're talking about

00:48:49   mansions now who I feel like this is the

00:48:53   trend this is the way it's going because

00:48:55   at that point

00:48:56   yeah you like the wide-open space you

00:48:58   like the boulevards you like the the

00:49:00   flight uniformly tree-lined streets

00:49:03   there's not as much there's not as much

00:49:06   to go awry

00:49:08   unfortunately those houses are mostly

00:49:10   stapled and glued together so i don't

00:49:12   think they're going to last forever

00:49:14   that's ok that's ok this is a new

00:49:15   generation John we really want to bring

00:49:17   our old thinking they don't season

00:49:18   Colonial Williamsburg right people who

00:49:21   have no belongings and Spotify and they

00:49:24   maybe have a laptop so as the houses as

00:49:27   new there in the clouds on these people

00:49:29   in the clouds they are so they're living

00:49:30   in the cloud live in the cloud but i

00:49:31   think there's going to be a magic moment

00:49:33   where these homes that are made out of

00:49:35   pressed particle of substances there

00:49:39   right now they're off-gassing right

00:49:40   that's the phrase they are off-gassing

00:49:42   meaning that all of the all the chemical

00:49:44   glues that are holding the homes

00:49:45   together are still gassing they're still

00:49:48   turning to gas and and poisoning you and

00:49:52   your children but there'll be a moment

00:49:54   where they stop gassing because they've

00:49:56   get off gastall the gas and then they

00:49:59   start absorbing moisture right those

00:50:02   surf those those are building components

00:50:04   are going to start swelling they're

00:50:06   going to steal all your breath and all

00:50:07   of your perspiration cici yes

00:50:10   yes there's a lot of moisture in the

00:50:11   home right so there's going to be a

00:50:13   perfect moment between the off-gassing

00:50:16   and when the houses start to swell with

00:50:19   perspiration where they're in stasis

00:50:21   right there they're like it's the pits

00:50:24   they're perfect

00:50:26   it's the perfect state and that will be

00:50:29   the moment they know for whatever two

00:50:31   years that period is that will be when

00:50:33   to go in there colonize those spaces ok

00:50:35   use them to generate entrepreneurship

00:50:38   and then a and then when the building

00:50:41   start to fall down when the moss the

00:50:42   black mold starts to form the corners

00:50:45   maybe you have a like a Detroit style

00:50:47   hell night we just one night you just

00:50:50   take your beanbag chairs you you take

00:50:52   your Lamborghini posters you put them

00:50:54   all on a on amazon bus

00:50:56   yeah you burn the entire neighborhood

00:50:58   damn you can like the perch and you get

00:51:00   it's like it's like a Clemenza says

00:51:02   right you can have a war every few years

00:51:04   that's right give it a black mold and

00:51:05   then you can just extrude a new house

00:51:07   again terraforming you can just tell you

00:51:08   get you extrude a new house where the

00:51:10   focus by then I think your point though

00:51:12   by the time you get rid of the deadly

00:51:13   part or the poison is part of the of the

00:51:15   particle board you're also introducing a

00:51:17   problem the performance characteristics

00:51:18   are already degrading to get maybe maybe

00:51:20   two years who knows how much the gas was

00:51:23   holding the whole thing together

00:51:24   yeah and then then you're like the end

00:51:26   of a road warrior two electric boogaloo

00:51:29   where you all get into a motley caravan

00:51:33   of google buses and electric cars and

00:51:37   you're towing your little pods you're

00:51:39   gonna bang bang chitty bang me and you

00:51:44   head off and the homunculus is there man

00:51:48   give us the oil i head off into the

00:51:52   desert to create you're looking for the

00:51:54   next utopia next mansions mm we can

00:52:00   dream can't we feel like this is the way

00:52:02   and i just want to live long enough to

00:52:03   see this happen

00:52:04   yeah because at this point you know

00:52:06   we're both going to be the old crotchety

00:52:09   geezer with the with the Edit forget

00:52:11   what kind of hat he was wearing was a as

00:52:13   like Napoleon hat or something

00:52:16   well just max thing I think it's a

00:52:19   madman

00:52:19   yeah but you know also to refer to your

00:52:22   program you like we could also just be

00:52:23   ahead and charge at that point you know

00:52:26   I mean we can see what you're saying

00:52:26   yeah arguing with Richard Nixon on the

00:52:29   shelf somewhere

00:52:30   yeah that's funny bit I don't want to

00:52:32   you you seem you seem a little bit

00:52:34   dismissive of the show with fry and

00:52:37   Leela I like it a lot it's been banned

00:52:39   from the house

00:52:40   um we do it was just a little bit too

00:52:43   much

00:52:44   I you know inside words and definitions

00:52:48   it gets a little saucy and starvation in

00:52:51   a fit of pique my wife bandit I see my

00:52:54   daughter was extremely into it though

00:52:56   I'm still we still have we know we keep

00:52:58   a long list of about sixty pet names we

00:53:00   keep keep around she still really want

00:53:02   to name something Lord nibbler Lords a

00:53:03   blur is pretty cute

00:53:05   sure he's the little nipper that eats

00:53:06   everything right he's adorable and his

00:53:08   poop is not what runs the ship all

00:53:10   rights right these little infinitely

00:53:12   dense poops could be i won that show

00:53:14   came out I was not interested in it at

00:53:16   all but then I saw it in reruns

00:53:18   syndication they call it and I and I and

00:53:22   I night and I did like it for for

00:53:24   several years and then I didn't have a

00:53:26   TV anymore it's a great hotel rooms show

00:53:28   that's right it's one of those ones like

00:53:30   yeah there's certain kinds of shows i

00:53:32   would never once had never watched but I

00:53:34   wouldn't make make special appointment

00:53:36   viewing time for but like if it's on a

00:53:37   hotel room it's like it's really good

00:53:39   it's not a thing that you're gonna get

00:53:40   as you're scrolling through netflix and

00:53:43   seeing 1 million movies that you never

00:53:46   knew existed and never will watch you'll

00:53:49   see the the fry and Leela show and you

00:53:52   say oh isn't that good that's all your

00:53:54   likes and it seemed it strikes you as a

00:53:56   positive but you're not gonna watch it

00:53:59   either like the whole point of Netflix's

00:54:01   to scroll and scroll and scroll

00:54:03   endlessly and never watch anything

00:54:05   yeah and so they just dumped some new

00:54:07   stuff in the last few days it's kind of

00:54:08   overwhelming you know what I learned of

00:54:09   this is true but a couple people told me

00:54:11   this

00:54:11   he said you have the netflix well I did

00:54:14   get familiar with the what it what it is

00:54:17   yeah but I was just going to tell a very

00:54:18   short story where I kind of got him I

00:54:20   got a little bit of a millennial break

00:54:22   up the other day when i logged onto

00:54:23   Netflix

00:54:24   and i was and i met my password has been

00:54:27   removed

00:54:28   well so well because it wasn't my

00:54:30   netflix so I got millennia I get the

00:54:33   Millennial breakup

00:54:34   oh I'm sorry that you're disinvited to

00:54:38   use my netflix for free

00:54:40   oh the Millennial pop ya know you got

00:54:44   tonight

00:54:45   oh yeah somebody boyce you so you turn

00:54:49   your computer like I think i'm gonna

00:54:50   watch days of the Condor again for the

00:54:52   40th time it you get that netflix a

00:54:55   screen that's like would you like to

00:54:57   join netflix yeah like what what what no

00:55:00   no no you put your put your what had

00:55:03   waited for the last several years been

00:55:05   your password with ya or password with

00:55:07   someone else's of a sudden it doesn't

00:55:09   work that netflix returns zero results

00:55:11   at 4044 a forehand and you're like oh

00:55:15   fuck i've been i'm sorry it's like you

00:55:18   know no more netflix and chill for me

00:55:20   mhm but so I do remember a day those

00:55:23   halcyon days when when

00:55:27   yeah you could scroll through days and

00:55:29   days but you were about to say something

00:55:30   about that will not know I feel I feel I

00:55:32   can you know show you something

00:55:34   oh you like you're rubbing in here well

00:55:36   you know i just want to mention is that

00:55:37   somebody told me this factoid which is

00:55:40   an interesting empirically interesting

00:55:41   factoid but I'm finding it immensely

00:55:43   interesting I kind of can't stop

00:55:44   thinking about it i was saying that

00:55:46   somebody how am I i was introduced this

00:55:49   guy english comedian as it called Stuart

00:55:52   Lee and certainly is a has in the past

00:55:56   like two months become like my I'm

00:55:59   obsessed with this guy i just i want i

00:56:00   want to see everything this guy's ever

00:56:02   done and it all started with turning on

00:56:04   the netflix and I flip pass this thing

00:56:07   I've never seen and never heard of it

00:56:08   says stuart least comedy vehicle and you

00:56:10   know a little stars stars work right

00:56:12   ya got the red stars you know what

00:56:13   she'll it's nice to see three stars for

00:56:15   starting this is really good

00:56:17   this thing is just a sliver shy of five

00:56:20   stars like wow it's it's a you know this

00:56:23   sounds like the kind of thing I would

00:56:24   like if the average rating for this is

00:56:26   just under our stars I should watch this

00:56:29   yeah and I didn't I loved it and then I

00:56:31   don't know this is true and I'm sure

00:56:32   I'll hear about it now I'm reliably

00:56:34   informed that that is

00:56:36   their estimation of now you would give

00:56:39   it all right the algorithm knows you

00:56:41   know that sounds pretty straightforward

00:56:43   and maybe it is but for some reason I

00:56:45   kind of can't stop thinking about it

00:56:46   right because it's infinitely

00:56:48   fascinating to me like how they're

00:56:50   guessing and like so then i raided and

00:56:52   that's going to change future things but

00:56:54   they don't tell you that it doesn't say

00:56:55   you know it used to be back in the day

00:56:58   even back in the DVD days it would say

00:57:00   like okay four stars or like when they

00:57:02   say that we hear stuff we think you'll

00:57:04   like it would even show you what they

00:57:05   think you would read it but I don't know

00:57:07   what the if it is true that the change

00:57:09   that over the very interesting

00:57:11   technology somebody is watching you

00:57:13   learn a duty and you get no privacy sue

00:57:16   em well this is the thing there is

00:57:20   we've talked about this before but it's

00:57:22   becoming more and more to all the time

00:57:23   there is no empirical truth anymore

00:57:25   Merlin there are right there are no

00:57:27   4-stars they told us in the eighties

00:57:29   they just didn't have a proof for it

00:57:30   there's no empirical truth there is only

00:57:32   conditional subjective truth and so

00:57:35   there four stars doesn't exist there's

00:57:38   only now four stars for you and I think

00:57:42   Yelp is the last place where four stars

00:57:45   yelp and pitchfork are the last place

00:57:47   where four stars are are still like some

00:57:50   kind of I guess Yelp is four stars that

00:57:52   are collected from from 10,000 people

00:57:56   that you would not like to be stuck on

00:57:58   an elevator with and pitchfork is still

00:58:01   some dumb kids in a room telling you

00:58:03   what things are good but everything else

00:58:06   works i don't know i don't read too much

00:58:07   anymore bit around the time of the

00:58:08   Travis Morrison debacle it really

00:58:11   started to feel like it's somebody who

00:58:12   really wants to impress their older

00:58:13   brother

00:58:14   yeah even though they didn't really

00:58:15   listen to the album i had a travis

00:58:17   moore's in conversation the other day

00:58:18   thousands heartbreak

00:58:19   well it was but will that still sticks

00:58:21   in the crop there in seattle doesn't

00:58:23   well yeah but now I feel like Travis

00:58:26   Morrison's Travis Stan record the famous

00:58:29   0.0 from pitchfork is becoming a thing

00:58:33   like where were you when Kennedy was

00:58:34   killed among a certain group of

00:58:38   people who followed in Iraq religiously

00:58:40   and and so that it's it's it's a thing

00:58:44   where like how how many people were at

00:58:47   the velvet underground concert in 1966

00:58:51   not very many people but then over the

00:58:53   years the people that claim to have been

00:58:56   there

00:58:56   yeah grow and grow until it it would

00:58:59   have been a little bit of 50,000 person

00:59:01   concert and I think only thousand people

00:59:03   have about the first album but they all

00:59:05   miss Chloe O'Brian know that's right

00:59:07   exactly that's exactly what i was trying

00:59:09   to say buddy the velvet underground is

00:59:12   gonna make the nineteen sixties look

00:59:15   like the nineteen-thirties well that's

00:59:17   right that's except the

00:59:18   nineteen-thirties are going to make the

00:59:20   velvet underground look likes stan

00:59:23   kenton so in the sense in the sense of

00:59:28   the pitchfork angle with Travis Morrison

00:59:30   angle it's become more and more now I'm

00:59:33   meeting stranger

00:59:35   this is the thing women when Travis tan

00:59:36   came out the number of people that were

00:59:39   directly affected by that rating started

00:59:43   at Travis himself emanated out to the

00:59:46   National to his label mates right we're

00:59:49   putting out that album and counting on

00:59:51   it to to be transformative and then to

00:59:54   all the fans of the dismemberment plan

00:59:57   and all of the you know the larger

00:59:59   circle of

00:59:59   circle of

01:00:00   people who were you actually bought and

01:00:03   listened to that record what when where

01:00:04   and what travis moore's and

01:00:05   dismemberment plan were like one of

01:00:07   those rare bands where like they were

01:00:10   really good and they were critically

01:00:13   acclaimed whatever and everybody liked

01:00:15   them and people seem pretty cool that he

01:00:17   was one of those like it was one of

01:00:18   those like I don't know like Grand Slam

01:00:22   kind of things and when that came along

01:00:23   it was like in New York 911 the drummer

01:00:25   war fingerless gloves there were a lot

01:00:27   of things about them that stood out

01:00:28   anywhere dance people at Dancing the

01:00:31   shows they play dance music dance their

01:00:34   shells were so crazy but now I'm meeting

01:00:37   people in airports that are using Travis

01:00:41   tan as their calling card like oh you

01:00:45   know

01:00:46   hey nice to meet you like this though

01:00:48   they'll be talking to me right and

01:00:49   they're like I know who you are you're

01:00:52   John Roderick and Travis tan am i right

01:00:58   and then I'll be like what are we

01:00:59   talking about and they're like you know

01:01:00   Travis tan like I'm on your side I'm on

01:01:04   your team because i also thought that

01:01:08   that was a tragedy and it's like whoa

01:01:11   I'm having this conversation more and

01:01:13   more often now and I feel like I feel

01:01:17   like it is becoming emblematic of a time

01:01:20   of a moment where the critics who

01:01:25   formerly were our friends are now our

01:01:27   enemies and and locating us in a time

01:01:33   and space 9 2006 or whatever like it's

01:01:37   it's it's becoming the it's becoming the

01:01:40   velvet underground of our time

01:01:41   Wow Travis stan is the indie rock record

01:01:44   that is going to make the sixties look

01:01:46   like the 20 so I so I don't know what to

01:01:50   make of that right arms but but you

01:01:54   cannot you cannot pick your cultural

01:01:56   markers in real time it only happens I

01:02:00   think retro actively there are a lot of

01:02:03   things where you thought oh this is the

01:02:06   thing that's going to be remembered

01:02:07   right this is the rilo kiley album

01:02:09   that's gonna that's the temple that's

01:02:10   holding up this whole era

01:02:12   yeah then it turns out know it's the

01:02:14   it's travis stands the temple so huh

01:02:18   don't put that in your pipe and smoke it

01:02:20   well I think about that your baby put on

01:02:22   your paper due on you do for you forgive

01:02:25   him for your chili Travis you know

01:02:28   Travis is a magical creature that he had

01:02:31   a lot of your chili right he just didn't

01:02:32   answer his bandmates oh right got the

01:02:35   big cats eating some chili yeah and I

01:02:36   think what I think the Travis's magical

01:02:39   feature was that he came in and he was

01:02:40   like you know to to my bandmates we are

01:02:45   here in the land of plenty go ahead and

01:02:46   forage for food once again give us the

01:02:53   oil do not become addicted to can chill

01:02:56   and so the so and then he just traipse

01:03:01   off into the garden t dandelions or

01:03:03   whatever it was that he was doing it was

01:03:05   that my protest was that these bandmates

01:03:07   who had never acknowledged right they

01:03:10   had never even nodded at me or looked at

01:03:12   me now suddenly we're going through my

01:03:15   cupboards and like look I found a can of

01:03:16   of the of sliced pineapple and I'm like

01:03:20   hold on you gotta do you know I'm here

01:03:23   right yeah you at least say hi to me as

01:03:25   you want as you troop into my house

01:03:27   before you're going through my like in

01:03:30   my office

01:03:31   Merlin there is a space there's a space

01:03:33   in my office

01:03:34   don't so there's a guy on my floor that

01:03:37   had a big photo studio and you know and

01:03:41   then legitimately making making some

01:03:44   form of art even if its commercial

01:03:45   photography right he's using it as an

01:03:47   artistic space and then at a certain

01:03:49   point he got the Entrepreneurship bug

01:03:51   and he decided that he was going to

01:03:54   expand his operation to making herbal

01:03:56   teas

01:03:57   hmm and there's a space on our floor

01:04:00   that was available and this guy had a

01:04:02   very large Basin he obviously was

01:04:03   well-funded either by his by the the

01:04:06   profits of his own output or maybe he

01:04:09   was funded offshore maybe some angel

01:04:11   investors or some venture capitalists

01:04:14   said or his parents had funded his

01:04:16   operation but so he took over one of

01:04:18   these spaces and started making herbal

01:04:20   teas there

01:04:21   wow so all of a sudden on the floor of

01:04:24   the place where everyone

01:04:26   else is working in caustics there is

01:04:28   this constant sort of sickly sweet smell

01:04:31   of teas being manufactured and I don't

01:04:35   know how that's all going down but but

01:04:37   then not only are they

01:04:40   exporting these dry tease but they are

01:04:44   making wet t in there and putting them

01:04:47   in giant t canvas this is up to code

01:04:51   I don't know i don't think you can be in

01:04:53   a building full of podcasting and

01:04:54   caustics and start making herbal teas I

01:04:56   don't want to be didactic but I don't

01:04:58   think that's that's not cool

01:04:59   no it's not i don't think it is it

01:05:01   doesn't seem hygienic well or whatever I

01:05:03   mean there's a lot of things about this

01:05:05   story I'm about to tell that don't seem

01:05:07   hygienic but they are there they're

01:05:09   taking these giant sort of

01:05:11   torpedo-shaped canisters of wet t and

01:05:17   they're slapping them down the elevator

01:05:20   into i kid you not a former google bus

01:05:24   like they have three vehicles they have

01:05:26   a former google bus they have a fedex

01:05:29   truck where they've stripped all the

01:05:31   they stripped all the riding off of you

01:05:34   can still see the shadow and then they

01:05:36   have like a they have a commuter bus

01:05:38   like an airport commuter bus and they're

01:05:40   filling these things up with these teas

01:05:42   and these buses are taking a look at

01:05:44   parking spots fill them up with these

01:05:46   teas and off they go

01:05:48   I don't know why don't know who buys who

01:05:50   has a party where they're like let's get

01:05:52   three or four canisters of wet p in here

01:05:54   uh-huh that are different her ballot

01:05:56   ease and it's like I don't know what

01:05:59   this business is but any uh anyway all

01:06:01   of a sudden the is like it and like

01:06:03   let's say it sits on the one hand it

01:06:05   does seem kinda like a front but that's

01:06:06   a lot of work for a front they must have

01:06:08   somebody who was sweaty somebody's out

01:06:11   there drinking wet team and we got a

01:06:12   live one

01:06:13   yeah it might be all these places that

01:06:15   are that have like fruit loops in a

01:06:16   giant hopper and then also wet tease em

01:06:20   but so this place then started to employ

01:06:24   people because they're doing a booming

01:06:27   business here and so they're hiring

01:06:30   people now these are this is the next

01:06:32   level the next next layer of people that

01:06:37   are in and out of my art building

01:06:39   these are not artists or if they are

01:06:42   artists they call themselves t artists

01:06:44   but they are just people working at the

01:06:48   tea plant and they are universally in

01:06:55   their twenties they have their thin

01:06:59   people and they have man buns my god so

01:07:04   there's five or six guys with man buns

01:07:07   all of a sudden shrimping t in this

01:07:10   place and to the man they do not look at

01:07:14   you when they pass you in the hall

01:07:16   oh that's weird yeah yeah this sounds

01:07:20   like what it sounds like Hydra or

01:07:23   something it's like it's kinda like

01:07:24   hipster Hydra there's something very

01:07:26   very uncool about ya know that doesn't

01:07:28   seem right

01:07:29   this is a building this is what happened

01:07:31   to saying to get whatever happened to

01:07:32   the nod nod

01:07:34   whatever happened to the not on the same

01:07:35   you gotta sit I don't like talking to

01:07:36   people and whatever whatever happens

01:07:38   just acknowledging I don't think I'm a

01:07:40   big acknowledge her i believe in

01:07:42   acknowledging got to acknowledge its a

01:07:44   millisecond of eye contact not enough to

01:07:46   communicate anything except hello ICU

01:07:48   and then not froze cops man buns

01:07:51   whatever it is come on people give me

01:07:53   the nod got to get the knot and this

01:07:55   building is characterized by long long

01:07:57   hallways right so you come out of the

01:07:59   bathroom

01:07:59   no that's my nightmare walking down this

01:08:01   long hallway and here comes a man button

01:08:04   pushing a fucking cart full of wet t and

01:08:07   here and i'm looking at the entire time

01:08:09   like you acknowledge me son of a bitch

01:08:12   and so I've started as they're walking

01:08:14   as they as they get right next to me is

01:08:16   really thin guys with man buns

01:08:19   I'm like Hello and you know like not so

01:08:24   loud that it's super aggressive like not

01:08:26   hello like Hello it but but with no

01:08:30   advance warning just like right when

01:08:33   they are one foot from it's happened

01:08:35   enough that that's a reference it refers

01:08:38   to how they don't do it yeah I'm fucking

01:08:39   mad at them now i'm at the whole

01:08:41   operating mine is im- great thanks how

01:08:43   are you

01:08:44   haha right right exactly and i'm one

01:08:49   step from that like you know nice of you

01:08:52   to ask

01:08:53   and so so i'm i'm pouring a ton of bad

01:09:00   vibes into this tea room hoping that it

01:09:02   goes into the tea and then swapping wet

01:09:06   t out there and it's pull a bad vibes

01:09:08   like a Latin American movie we're

01:09:10   cooking cooking makes things explode

01:09:11   right on time movies at the movies were

01:09:14   like depending on how who she's mad

01:09:16   so the food's gonna make everybody we're

01:09:17   here now everybody would have

01:09:18   intercourse because she made tortillas

01:09:20   like you're gonna send this bad vibes

01:09:21   into the wet t this is like a losa

01:09:24   marrows perros yeah sure your that's

01:09:26   that's dogs little dogs in love with

01:09:28   always love except the one dog kills all

01:09:30   the talks

01:09:31   Oh boiler no es bueno

01:09:34   but anyway yeah right the tortillas are

01:09:36   full of it makes everybody have sex and

01:09:38   then there's a hundred years of solitude

01:09:40   yeah that'd be nice this is a situation

01:09:42   where I'm filling this tea with as much

01:09:44   bad vibe as i can so good so that the

01:09:46   people out there with the the fruit loop

01:09:48   poppers are like oh man I'm not ordering

01:09:50   this T anymore it's full of bad vibes

01:09:53   and then the business collapses and the

01:09:54   guy has to go back to making photography

01:09:56   for a living and all these man buns are

01:09:59   then like spurted out into the world

01:10:01   like spores to create their bad vibes

01:10:04   they're like shitty no nod culture they

01:10:08   can take that into the streets and see

01:10:09   how well it works right

01:10:12   yeah now I know I likely put the shit

01:10:14   you knot culture that is a shitty known

01:10:16   on culture

01:10:17   yeah if you have a node culture then

01:10:19   like take it back to the farm or

01:10:21   whatever don't you know like if you're

01:10:23   always like it's not like you're like a

01:10:25   Mexican drug lord you know what I mean

01:10:27   you won't you fucking with the u-dub

01:10:29   relax

01:10:30   yeah where you didn't even get into u

01:10:31   dub no no these are people that are that

01:10:34   are used to being out in a place where

01:10:35   you I guess you don't not at the county

01:10:37   line behind the community making college

01:10:39   and I don't they're not even vapors

01:10:41   because they seem by the thinnest some

01:10:43   fields by their work in the tea

01:10:45   community that's exactly what I think I

01:10:47   think there are vegans and I think you

01:10:49   know that thing is the man bun the man

01:10:52   bun it arrived we all mocked it

01:10:54   mercilessly and then it persisted and

01:10:58   then there was that there was that

01:10:59   moment where everybody was like well you

01:11:01   know there was that there was the

01:11:02   blowback where people like stop mocking

01:11:04   man but as we get it we get it all right

01:11:06   for now maybe you know and that an

01:11:09   attempt to make man buns as the two to

01:11:12   make them serious uh-huh just they have

01:11:15   they persisted they've they have they've

01:11:17   lasted through our scorn and so now

01:11:20   we're meant to would never meant to be

01:11:23   like okay I guess you know I guess I'm

01:11:26   the dummy for mocking somebody else's

01:11:28   style I guess I'm I'm guess I'm the one

01:11:31   that's not a little monster

01:11:32   yeah I'm not one that's not inclusive

01:11:34   enough but in reality no they are still

01:11:37   dumb and marketable they are you know

01:11:40   like a like I said the other day there

01:11:42   are too many top knots and not enough

01:11:43   samurai mm you know you you cannot just

01:11:47   fucking where topknot it is cultural

01:11:50   appropriation black something which is

01:11:53   samurai oh I like the way you took that

01:11:55   one that's good you know what I mean

01:11:56   like yeah one that's insensitive you are

01:11:58   insensitive to samurai yeah so fuck you

01:12:01   with your topknot it's no good and if

01:12:03   topknot is symbolic of no not culture

01:12:06   then I say burned all the ground right

01:12:09   you can't you're not going to be in my

01:12:11   art space where I was formerly making an

01:12:14   encaustic podcast it doesn't cost

01:12:16   anything it doesn't cost anything to not

01:12:17   to nod and i don't understand i do not

01:12:20   get and this is the big this is that

01:12:23   what I feel like is a component of the

01:12:25   shove the shyness arms race but this is

01:12:31   include things like the medium post on

01:12:33   how to handle the introvert in your life

01:12:35   yeah that stuff where it's like oh no

01:12:37   you're not you're not an introvert I'm

01:12:40   an intron see you guys

01:12:42   yeah I'm so shy that I can't exist in

01:12:45   the world and that is a that is like not

01:12:48   a handicap it's a handy capable and

01:12:50   you're not allowed to scorn me for a

01:12:53   because nodding at you take so much of

01:12:56   my life force that I collapse into a

01:12:59   sobbing heap

01:13:00   yeah so now you have to live in a world

01:13:02   where people don't nod and smile at you

01:13:04   a common courtesy a basic human

01:13:07   interaction

01:13:08   because it impedes my ability to be as

01:13:10   shy as I think I am I mean you need to

01:13:12   get back and you need to walk in there

01:13:14   and you say look what exactly the fuck

01:13:15   is going on here

01:13:17   yeah you go into the white tea house and

01:13:19   just sit and just sparked the man buns

01:13:21   and get in there and see who's in charge

01:13:22   of this joint and what exactly the fuck

01:13:24   is going on here

01:13:25   ok so here's what happened last week

01:13:27   sitting in my podcast space i'm getting

01:13:31   ready to record some vocals on this

01:13:33   these vocal tracks that i'm working on

01:13:36   which is a whole separate conversation

01:13:38   and this is my private my normal private

01:13:42   time in the art studio right all the

01:13:44   people that are there during the day go

01:13:45   home and then the only people that are

01:13:48   there at night are people working in

01:13:49   within the encaustic arts and so I can

01:13:53   sing in my little wing and there's

01:13:56   nobody else they're not no you're not

01:13:58   bothering anyone

01:14:00   and nobody's randomness is getting on

01:14:01   your track that's right that's right

01:14:03   there's nobody over there using a power

01:14:04   tool and more importantly I'm not

01:14:07   bothering anybody

01:14:08   if you come into the the space at 9pm

01:14:11   and you hear somebody singing you

01:14:14   recognize that you are the one who is

01:14:16   arriving late you are the interloper

01:14:18   someone's they're making music and

01:14:20   that's their right whereas if I'm

01:14:23   singing it two o'clock in the afternoon

01:14:24   and you're sitting at your computer

01:14:25   doing graphic arts you are you

01:14:28   it's within your rights to come over and

01:14:30   knock on the door and say seriously what

01:14:31   are you doing

01:14:32   who but so I'm in there I'm getting

01:14:34   ready to lay down some vocal tracks and

01:14:36   then all of a sudden I hear a band

01:14:39   practicing here and this space is very

01:14:42   much like no band practice

01:14:45   I i use myspace to make music but it is

01:14:49   not a band practice it isn't under John

01:14:51   as at the terms of being there it's not

01:14:54   this is not like a storage shed type

01:14:56   situation that's one of the things they

01:14:58   say right when you walk in like no band

01:15:00   practice can and so what I'm what i

01:15:02   realize is i get i I go down the hall

01:15:06   put my ear to the door

01:15:09   and I realized that this is a situation

01:15:12   where the man buns have now colonized

01:15:16   the space with enmity operation where

01:15:20   they have no connection to any of the

01:15:22   art people there they are now there to

01:15:25   there are two layers of being attendant

01:15:28   away from ever having spoken to anybody

01:15:31   involved in the building

01:15:33   uh-huh someone at the T joint has said

01:15:36   either yes you can

01:15:38   band practice here or what I really

01:15:40   suspect is one of the man buns has a key

01:15:42   and he's like you know what there's

01:15:44   nobody in there's nobody down there

01:15:45   after nine just off able to scan

01:15:48   operation that's right huh

01:15:50   and so I'm not somebody who's going to

01:15:53   pound on the door during band practice

01:15:54   even if it's one that I am pouring scorn

01:15:58   through the door is what kind of music I

01:16:01   know it's not relevant necessarily but

01:16:03   guess what kind of music the plan it

01:16:05   just it felt like there was a person in

01:16:07   there they could actually play the

01:16:08   guitar i was in which Annie or like

01:16:10   trans am like 11

01:16:11   no no it actually kind of felt like Adam

01:16:14   amalgam of of of some sort of you know

01:16:18   hardrock plus a Lumineers style stomp

01:16:23   bulk oh you know it's one of these

01:16:25   things where that nobody has any nobody

01:16:27   has any jumping-off point so it's just a

01:16:29   mission like this modern songs where

01:16:31   everyone kind of does a charity thing on

01:16:33   it

01:16:33   yeah they'll say Oh kind of thing

01:16:36   yeah hey hey oh well bloomin years okay

01:16:40   i was thinking something else

01:16:42   it's all it's all like a post Mumford

01:16:46   music no dear right that's you Mumford &

01:16:48   post Mumford yeah and i think really it

01:16:50   was that it was that bad from canada

01:16:52   from Montreal that started it all

01:16:54   the one that dealt that the that to

01:16:57   David Byrne and David Bowie all the

01:16:59   David's old jobs Empire weekend know

01:17:03   that they came after then they have

01:17:06   different not really not really but it's

01:17:08   sick but the one from the 144 montreal

01:17:12   where they were waving flags on stage

01:17:14   and somebody had a typewriter and no

01:17:17   no young guy knows i know you mean the I

01:17:19   know you mean the yeah we can play drums

01:17:22   on their heads

01:17:23   yeah and somebody's got a horn somebody

01:17:25   else's horn arcade fire arcade fire

01:17:28   yeah they do a lot of that oil oh stop

01:17:32   stop typing on typewriter honk david

01:17:37   byrne comes out he's like I like this

01:17:40   yeah whatever goes i'll buy it you know

01:17:42   it's like LCD soundsystem where where as

01:17:44   a collective a feeling like this is the

01:17:47   thing

01:17:48   yes and then everybody buys it and says

01:17:50   then celebrates it was something about

01:17:52   alko right but that's right so arcade

01:17:57   fire is the Falco fire is gonna make

01:18:01   Falco look like The Velvet Underground

01:18:04   yeahhh mister

01:18:06   did I ever tell you that I was on tour

01:18:08   in canada with a opening with the

01:18:12   opening for the tour of not a surf and

01:18:14   death cab for cutie and after the show

01:18:17   some a French Canadians came up and

01:18:21   handed me a CDR and said really loved

01:18:25   your show and it can even do a French

01:18:27   accent anymore it's been so long since

01:18:29   I've been on the United States i can get

01:18:31   even do any of my accent yeah the event

01:18:33   any account opposition we love this show

01:18:36   they had to be the CDR and it was the

01:18:38   arcade fire oh come on really

01:18:40   and yeah I'm gonna and then two years

01:18:42   later the biggest band in the world

01:18:44   yeah and I was like I had that feeling

01:18:46   of proximity to success

01:18:49   I was like oh yeah you're my story every

01:18:52   store you expect out of course I don't

01:18:57   know these kids are gonna catch on if I

01:18:59   yeah but this is the problem when you

01:19:01   are that proximate to success right if

01:19:03   you were if you like every Williams as a

01:19:05   college roommate

01:19:07   yeah it's not like it matters right you

01:19:10   can't say oh you're going to be

01:19:12   successful and so I want to be your

01:19:14   wingman or something like I can't have I

01:19:17   couldn't have been that moment said

01:19:18   arcade fire i would like to invest my

01:19:21   current net worth which is 40 long

01:19:24   winters t-shirts and a box of kazoos i

01:19:28   would like to get in early

01:19:29   yeah and apply by thirty percent of your

01:19:33   business for this nominal fee right like

01:19:36   the like the graffiti artist at the

01:19:38   facebook campus that ended up being

01:19:40   worth 200 million dollars because they

01:19:42   gave him a point one percent of the

01:19:44   company instead of paying five thousand

01:19:45   dollars to graffiti their their office

01:19:48   you could I couldn't do that with the

01:19:51   arcade fire and say here's a box along

01:19:52   winners t-shirts that you don't want any

01:19:54   but now i only thirty percent of your

01:19:56   operation that people tried to do that

01:19:59   to me back in the day like I took some

01:20:01   band photos for you and so rather than

01:20:03   get paid the five hundred dollars that

01:20:05   cost i would like twenty percent of the

01:20:07   Western State hurricanes that's

01:20:09   complicated that's a complicated

01:20:10   arrangement

01:20:11   it was very complicated anyway so that

01:20:13   it's all posts arcade fire post Mumford

01:20:16   & Sons and stop rock and I'm here this

01:20:19   through the door of the tea parlor and

01:20:22   let me tell you Merlin I sent some

01:20:25   emails haha oh did you go right back to

01:20:28   your to Garrett and send some emails

01:20:30   that's right I went I went all the way

01:20:32   to the top closeout logic you just shut

01:20:34   it all down back it up time to write

01:20:36   some emails

01:20:36   that's right I said I said a mirror i

01:20:38   sent a letter to the mayor's office i

01:20:40   sent a letter to the to the governor i

01:20:42   sent a letter to elon musk and i said

01:20:45   this will let's eat

01:20:47   Cece let's lock mask say this will not

01:20:50   stand

01:20:51   I you know I have suffered through these

01:20:54   non-coding add buns enough i want this

01:20:59   whole operation shut down i want all

01:21:01   these people out of the building and

01:21:03   it's gonna be rats leaving a sinking

01:21:04   ship and I don't know where they're

01:21:06   gonna go and i haven't even taken by

01:21:07   john and they won't say goodbye and i'm

01:21:09   not on the way out i will say as I'm

01:21:12   walking right past them i'll turn and

01:21:14   i'll say farewell

01:21:15   it's a good day sir good day sir how did

01:21:21   any line must be the mayor get back to

01:21:23   you know well the mirror the mirror

01:21:26   right now has complicated feelings about

01:21:28   me and Eli must never replies to any of

01:21:31   my emails

01:21:31   yeah and that you know that feels like

01:21:36   that feels like an insult because i feel

01:21:38   like i should or twenty percent what he

01:21:39   does just based on the number of times

01:21:41   i've mentioned him on this

01:21:42   podcast it's a good point I you know

01:21:44   there's a lot about this doesn't exactly

01:21:46   add up

01:21:47   I mean there's the part that adds up my

01:21:49   first of all like making tea

01:21:50   I don't know is that you get a

01:21:54   straight-up business because a weed

01:21:57   thing

01:21:58   it smells a wheel the thing is weeds not

01:22:00   illegal anymore in Seattle so you don't

01:22:02   have to mask on negativity

01:22:03   yeah you can just manufacture weed all

01:22:05   day and just be like haha but uh but no

01:22:09   I feel like I feel like people are

01:22:12   trying to like the photography guy he's

01:22:16   not satisfied people just aren't

01:22:19   satisfied right so he's like I've got

01:22:22   started I've got to start a separate

01:22:24   operation is going to be this tea

01:22:26   company it's gonna be like the megaman x

01:22:29   yeah that's going to be at whole foods

01:22:31   all around America here's the thing

01:22:33   that's this whole thats hanging up a

01:22:35   little bit and I i just know this most

01:22:37   from watching TV and and seeing things

01:22:39   around town but you know you got the

01:22:41   whole like artisanal butcher thing you

01:22:42   got small-batch thing right you got the

01:22:43   whole like guys who suddenly grew beards

01:22:45   and started wearing plaid thing i know

01:22:47   this is already like a five or even ten

01:22:49   year old trend but that's the thing and

01:22:51   it's you know clearly there's this whole

01:22:52   like we're locally sourced this resource

01:22:54   that the thing is though the thing that

01:22:56   keeps a lot of those things going is

01:22:58   that there's a huge somewhere between

01:23:01   performative and transparent component

01:23:06   to it so on the one hand is the

01:23:08   transparency of know i can tell you for

01:23:09   sure that this pig came from down the

01:23:11   block or that i know this is fair trade

01:23:14   you know

01:23:15   sparkling water or whatever but so

01:23:17   there's that there's that transparency

01:23:18   part of it right but there's also the

01:23:20   performative part of it where we want

01:23:22   you to see us making we want to give

01:23:24   tours of where we make the whiskey we

01:23:26   want you to come in and be able to take

01:23:27   classes on how to butcher a pig

01:23:29   there's a whole big part of this is what

01:23:31   we don't want is some kind of you know

01:23:33   for the sake of argument like a

01:23:35   replacement sweaty in an encaustic

01:23:36   painting factory that would be an

01:23:38   unusual way to make an artisanal tee

01:23:41   you're so right wire they asked their

01:23:43   troopers why is where the band is

01:23:46   practicing this feels like a jamup well

01:23:48   see that's the thing they could be they

01:23:50   could be in store for they could be

01:23:51   selling brass t pipes

01:23:54   arm and like the man buns could all be

01:23:58   behind the counter with them would be

01:23:59   flames and don't know if you can find

01:24:02   they want technology but they wouldn't

01:24:04   have to they could just make it higher

01:24:05   one personable person standard don't be

01:24:09   like welcome to the tea party welcome to

01:24:11   the teashop e a and a look behind me as

01:24:15   as the man buns all work before just

01:24:18   there like history of Olympus they don't

01:24:19   know that talking is not their strong

01:24:21   suit they might sing a little bit when

01:24:22   somebody dies but apart from that

01:24:23   they're mostly just they're just like 10

01:24:25   to the pipe exactly somebody somebody

01:24:27   gets zoomed up into a television set and

01:24:30   the man's all go don't go top-20 went to

01:24:35   you work at you go

01:24:36   yeah I I feel like that some it is a

01:24:39   missed opportunity and I don't maybe it

01:24:41   is that the San Francisco's ation of

01:24:43   Seattle hasn't been

01:24:44   comparison complete yet i think it was a

01:24:46   plane obviously the joke still being

01:24:48   like a Portland thing

01:24:49   well I think that's super seriously and

01:24:51   but so but the weird part is there's one

01:24:54   thing of like okay let's add value by

01:24:58   doing something something repackaging t

01:24:59   there's that part but then the whole

01:25:01   like they're making like tubs of tea to

01:25:03   settle somewhere is weird the whole the

01:25:07   whole operation stinks but i can't find

01:25:10   anything about it that's illegal except

01:25:12   for the band practice

01:25:13   yeah I feel like the ideal what's

01:25:15   illegal about it is that it's that it's

01:25:17   aesthetically illegal it's just that is

01:25:19   to synthetically if they were just not

01:25:21   it's how hard is it to not if they

01:25:23   nodded maybe I'd be their best friend

01:25:24   maybe i would buy a fucking jiggity a

01:25:26   week huh you know drug too weak to give

01:25:29   me their slogan I'll see that's good

01:25:31   that they could use that but they're

01:25:32   never even get to hear that because they

01:25:33   won't even acknowledge you

01:25:35   yeah i mean i have a friend in San

01:25:37   Francisco who uh who is co-owner of a

01:25:40   restaurant it's a brewpub sorry brewpub

01:25:44   if it's different from a gastropub this

01:25:47   is a bi well it absolutely because this

01:25:49   is a brew pub where they also give

01:25:52   lessons in homebrewing so it's more of a

01:25:57   brew resource resource through resource

01:26:00   and when they when they were talking

01:26:03   about opening this thing here's this is

01:26:05   the modern-day right they put up

01:26:07   Kickstarter or some kind of crowd

01:26:09   funding thing they set out to the

01:26:11   neighborhood and they said don't you

01:26:12   want to brew pub in your neighborhood

01:26:13   you guys right now living in this

01:26:15   neighborhood without a brewpub who's

01:26:18   with me

01:26:18   who's with me and they raised the money

01:26:21   to open the brew college the brewpub

01:26:24   college through crowdfunding around the

01:26:28   neighbor so it's like but it's but it's

01:26:31   the the neighborhood that's such a

01:26:33   different way of handling it my goodness

01:26:35   the neighborhood doesn't directly profit

01:26:37   from it they profit from it by having

01:26:39   now an interesting thing in their

01:26:40   neighborhood but it's this idea of like

01:26:43   collectively why don't we open

01:26:45   collectively why don't you help us open

01:26:47   this thing that will profit for us but

01:26:50   you will you'll reap the benefits of

01:26:52   having your neighborhood smell like

01:26:53   cooked tomatoes whatever that smell is

01:26:56   when beers brewing that smells like

01:26:58   tomato soup

01:26:59   oh right like breweries a beer brewery

01:27:03   has a very distinctive I think it must

01:27:04   be pops

01:27:05   it's the hops it's a very high too tangy

01:27:08   smell i'm going to busch gardens kid I

01:27:10   mean you never forget that smell

01:27:11   yeah if it were me and I gotta and I

01:27:14   gotta fly under my door that said go to

01:27:15   our kickstarter and help us fund our

01:27:18   brew pub in your neighborhood i would

01:27:20   start an alternate Kickstarter send me

01:27:22   the money to keep this brew pub from

01:27:25   happening because i don't like the smell

01:27:26   of tomatoes holiday iconic stomper if

01:27:28   you should be away like a stopper it's a

01:27:30   way where you go in and you basically

01:27:32   paid something that happened a

01:27:33   Kickstarter sounds like how Mumford &

01:27:36   Sons fucking funded therefore yeah it's

01:27:39   like Oh exactly

01:27:40   boom

01:27:42   boom boom 1 & 4 1 & 4 mm thick stop it

01:27:48   stop it Nick stop the shit out of that

01:27:51   make it make it viral I don't want i

01:27:53   don't thing is is there anything worse

01:27:56   then home brewers and I normally a lot

01:28:00   of letters now who is I feel like there

01:28:03   are a lot of beards listening this

01:28:04   program that are also making growlers

01:28:06   for their own beer making growlers but

01:28:08   when you when you stand around in a

01:28:10   group of homebrewers it's like it's like

01:28:15   it's like if a bunch of farmers from the

01:28:19   thirties we're on a space station the

01:28:24   the level of bunch of farmers in a in a

01:28:27   small cafe in a town of 2,500 people the

01:28:33   that that level of conversation but on a

01:28:37   spaceship that's what I feel like being

01:28:40   in a group of homebrewers is like

01:28:42   because it's both very retro but all and

01:28:48   and also very unnecessary

01:28:50   mhm very specialized but transported to

01:28:54   a world in which future shock is a big

01:28:57   component of it right we are making our

01:28:59   own home brew now for some reason

01:29:02   because of this because we have created

01:29:05   an alternate future we have gone back in

01:29:08   time and we have created a world in

01:29:11   which Cowboys at rocket ships

01:29:13   haha because of steampunk and now we're

01:29:16   living in a world where we don't need to

01:29:18   buy beer because we can pay 40 times as

01:29:21   much to make it ourselves we can spend

01:29:23   we can spend 40 times as much to have

01:29:25   the inconvenience of making ourselves

01:29:26   hmm it feels like I'm on a spaceship

01:29:29   made out of steam tubes and I don't have

01:29:34   it there's no point of entry for me I

01:29:36   did not want it did not want cowboy

01:29:39   brass Rockets i do not want homemade

01:29:44   beer

01:29:45   mhm and I don't want to live in a future

01:29:48   where the president was homemade beer

01:29:52   and artisanal tease because what I and

01:29:54   what I'm imagining is that

01:29:56   it's going to create a future where the

01:29:58   2040s going to make the 2010 look like

01:30:03   the eighteen sixties that didn't happen

01:30:06   a lot to process and I'm still trying to

01:30:12   figure it out to i live in annex herb

01:30:15   yeah i'm waiting for the fruit first

01:30:17   group of engineers to come out here and

01:30:18   take over our our community center from

01:30:21   and i'll be there celebrating my new

01:30:23   squid overlords

01:30:25   uh-huh but I'm trying to figure out how

01:30:28   I can get twenty percent of the company

01:30:30   yeah I think you got you got to take a

01:30:35   whole party down there you got it you

01:30:36   got a group down there and can you get

01:30:38   common cause with anybody else in the

01:30:39   building who doesn't like these team

01:30:41   owners well they're artists right so

01:30:44   they're all suffering from this case of

01:30:46   the shiz

01:30:47   yeah nobody wants any confrontation and

01:30:50   that's why I sent those emails instead

01:30:51   of pounding on the door and saying who

01:30:53   the fuck are you

01:30:54   yeah yeah and waving a copy of my rental

01:30:57   agreement

01:30:59   you know I don't want to be that guy now

01:31:03   who's everybody else is in there space

01:31:05   you know like like painting with a

01:31:07   screwdriver and nobody wants any problem

01:31:11   with anybody let alone let alone a bunch

01:31:13   of skinny man bonds huh

01:31:15   but a but there should be there should

01:31:19   be a moment of a movement and maybe you

01:31:21   know maybe I'll have a march with the

01:31:22   mayor at the head of it

01:31:24   Elon Musk is there on a hoverboard and

01:31:27   we're marching through the streets

01:31:28   saying take your reprehensible culture

01:31:32   out to the exurbs you can also take what

01:31:34   you learn from being so steep and

01:31:36   hip-hop culture you bring your crew like

01:31:38   you bring all of your like-minded people

01:31:40   write your posse will have a dance-off

01:31:46   pump pump pump pump pump pump pump pump

01:31:51   pump that's exactly it