Roderick on the Line

Ep. 184: "Mr. Choƶde"


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00:00:22   [Music]

00:00:28   hello I John hi Marilyn

00:00:31   how's it going good i'm sorry I'm late

00:00:35   that's ok i can't keep forgetting when

00:00:37   the winter time that I have to warm up

00:00:39   my truck for an hour-and-a-half how cold

00:00:41   is it there

00:00:42   oh right now it's not that cold it's you

00:00:45   know it's in the in the cold range but

00:00:47   it's not like cold cold but the truck

00:00:50   doesn't know that the truck doesn't

00:00:51   think for itself

00:00:52   it's not really that useful i'm gonna go

00:00:53   with this home for its 48 it's 44 th 42

00:00:58   let's say I'm just going to check the

00:01:00   internet

00:01:00   ok let's see what the internet says uh

00:01:02   like 42 well first of all when you go to

00:01:04   this website and search for weather in

00:01:06   seattle washington

00:01:07   it gives you the address of 490 james

00:01:09   street I don't know where that is 490

00:01:11   dreams probably reveal too much already

00:01:13   they say it downtown 3700 and overcast

00:01:17   and it feels like 37 so so I'm my

00:01:21   calibration is five degrees off and I'm

00:01:24   gonna have to i'm just going to have to

00:01:26   chalk that up to feeling like to be an

00:01:29   optimist I love that about you right

00:01:31   you're always looking on the bright side

00:01:33   it's like sporty now it's 42 it's not 37

00:01:37   you know 37 is pretty cold

00:01:40   yeah it's cold you're gonna have a

00:01:41   scattered scattered light rain until

00:01:44   about three o'clock and then it will be

00:01:45   cloudy

00:01:46   I think that's consistent with in my

00:01:47   experience doesn't say anything about

00:01:49   like road rage e fat middle-aged guys

00:01:53   and f2 fifties yeah it says here you can

00:01:56   look for that started a little bit for

00:01:57   for my it will reach its peak at about 5

00:02:02   35 mm and the probably some injuries by

00:02:05   seven and I got a little glimpse of this

00:02:06   morning but didn't I just turned my

00:02:09   windshield wipers on a way it went

00:02:11   Stillson that Delia Smith song uh-huh oh

00:02:14   dear well what did what are you driving

00:02:16   now to to get to where you go if I could

00:02:18   ask well you know I've got my god 1979

00:02:21   GMC Suburban which is which

00:02:23   you know I'm doubling down on on the

00:02:24   vintage GMC sure family thank you but

00:02:28   the GMC only has an AM radio and so if i

00:02:33   want to it and it only has one speaker

00:02:36   and it's in the middle of the dash

00:02:37   yeah and the one speaker was I think

00:02:41   does

00:02:41   sign to communicate only in beeps in

00:02:45   World War two

00:02:46   it was it was the spinach is stuff still

00:02:48   sounds pretty good

00:02:49   the Bible stuff is good there is a great

00:02:51   station in seattle called kxi that

00:02:54   always used to play big band music but

00:02:56   as the big band generation has died

00:02:58   now the old people are that strange

00:03:03   strange generation born in the thirties

00:03:06   which nobody cares about they don't have

00:03:10   a name their the Lost Generation well

00:03:12   that's a shame it's terrible at their

00:03:14   pre baby boomers but their post greatest

00:03:16   generation and they swear to you Merlin

00:03:19   had the worst music of many people ever

00:03:21   let's see yeah you know they're sort of

00:03:25   like an early version of our generation

00:03:26   the inbetweeners generation if you're

00:03:28   born in the thirties you're gonna be you

00:03:31   know what you're gonna be you're gonna

00:03:32   be the people who screamed Frank

00:03:34   Sinatra's what you're going to be that's

00:03:35   exactly right von Monroe but Frank

00:03:38   Sinatra's early stuff you don't know I

00:03:40   mean I mean yeah I mean like now it's a

00:03:42   natural one point out right when you

00:03:43   offer so not yeah tell me about people

00:03:45   forget about you i think a lot of people

00:03:47   don't really know about Frank Sinatra

00:03:48   mmm i think you're right

00:03:50   well i mean i think there's two at least

00:03:52   two maybe three interesting things a lot

00:03:54   of people don't know about Frank Sinatra

00:03:55   the first of all they don't realize that

00:03:56   he was mayor rudy vallee before him but

00:03:59   he was one of the original giant in like

00:04:02   a national teen heartthrobs you probably

00:04:04   are big pop star that's right and and

00:04:06   that but basically you know as we know

00:04:08   from the Godfather that he was working

00:04:10   for I would say Tommy Shaw when I mean

00:04:13   to say to me don't see it would be kind

00:04:15   of Greater Tommy shot had a big Lear get

00:04:17   a wood and Frank Sinatra was the singer

00:04:20   Oh mom here with my long arm of the

00:04:23   lobby mom

00:04:25   yeah but and so he's under contract damn

00:04:28   he was basically he was just another guy

00:04:30   working for them and then you know and

00:04:33   then the dawn got him out of the

00:04:34   contract

00:04:35   don was with mr. Woltz put the put the

00:04:39   hook for suhoor said mr. Woltz is a bed

00:04:42   my goodness my goodness what a wonderful

00:04:44   seen Frank Sinatra and then I had a

00:04:47   funny CD of his in the eighties excuse

00:04:50   me in there

00:04:50   yeah the late eighties which was no mr.

00:04:54   mr. wall

00:04:55   you haven't yet a CD of his immediate

00:04:57   she was the best piece of ass I ever had

00:05:01   she yeah kind of heroin

00:05:04   yeah that's a shame what happened that

00:05:06   girl he ruined her listen Frank Sinatra

00:05:10   you fucked my wife

00:05:12   haha on the box he had several

00:05:15   interesting things happen one of them

00:05:16   was it like at one point you know

00:05:18   there's a big strike the musicians went

00:05:19   on strike in the forties you know about

00:05:21   this

00:05:22   well you have a big musician strike in

00:05:23   the 1940s but I hate you

00:05:26   god dammit the musicians went on strike

00:05:28   and so they're debating like what are we

00:05:29   gonna do we cannot record and so there's

00:05:32   this reference columbia there's this

00:05:34   really weird series of songs he did

00:05:36   that's just him one recorded because

00:05:40   that is a hatter room for three hours

00:05:42   one take one and done but yeah and so he

00:05:46   had a record recordings of him with

00:05:48   basically just acapella background

00:05:50   singing my super interesting and then

00:05:54   what people don't realize is he was a

00:05:55   wash up

00:05:56   he was and so that's that can it always

00:05:58   comes back all roads lead back to the

00:05:59   Godfather because because the story

00:06:01   apparently was true that like if he

00:06:04   needed that role he needed a humanistic

00:06:06   Golden Arm well before that though it

00:06:09   was from here to eternity

00:06:11   I think that's the movie they're

00:06:12   referencing as a romantic lay in the

00:06:14   godfather and so what was she like his

00:06:17   career was on the skids and he was what

00:06:19   he was maybe his thirties and then he

00:06:21   went to jail for a they arrested him

00:06:23   you are so excited to tell the story of

00:06:25   Frank Sinatra's American icon is a

00:06:27   horrible human being and and recording

00:06:30   something her public radio he's the

00:06:31   reason his family his estate is the

00:06:34   reason why we get all this

00:06:36   what why there's more careful control of

00:06:38   the IP on dead people bitching about

00:06:39   that you put your body on my mind here

00:06:43   with the tendrils of the Frank Sinatra

00:06:45   stina Sinatra since his death circa

00:06:47   nineteen ninety has run his empire and

00:06:49   basically what they're running into was

00:06:51   that Frank Sinatra's was was like being

00:06:52   put on everything they said this has to

00:06:53   stop long story short you can send

00:06:55   planet money on this very good program

00:06:56   and they basically came up with this new

00:06:59   new kind of law that said that you know

00:07:00   that that's why the Elvis family you

00:07:02   know the other's family puts is a put

00:07:04   his face on everything now but their

00:07:05   money they control that

00:07:07   sure sure

00:07:07   sure where's the James Dean family and

00:07:10   Marilyn Monroe family so they end up on

00:07:13   unlike cocaine mirrors all across

00:07:15   America and all those in a red jacket

00:07:18   point all those all those pictures that

00:07:20   i see i I'm astonished at least have

00:07:24   such a such a tremendous life in a very

00:07:27   life but those pictures of like Marilyn

00:07:30   Monroe James Dean bob marley john lennon

00:07:34   and roy orbison or something all playing

00:07:37   pool you know it's not like it's like

00:07:40   dogs playing poker yeah called the

00:07:42   legends well sure you know if it has

00:07:44   been got heaven must be held a man that

00:07:47   kind of thing yeah Jimi Hendrix's in

00:07:48   there sometimes you know it's like so

00:07:50   weird to me when people do that

00:07:52   yeah and you see them you see these like

00:07:54   it's not really a poster I'm used to

00:07:55   seeing it as an illuminated mirror in a

00:07:59   certain kinds of the kind of painting in

00:08:01   style

00:08:02   yeah yeah it's a painting right it's

00:08:03   like it's like if somebody I think what

00:08:06   happened is somebody noticed that the

00:08:09   Traveling Wilburys had happened and they

00:08:11   were like what if what if we had the

00:08:14   ultimate traveling wilburys it's like

00:08:15   musical fan thick musical fanfic that's

00:08:18   exactly right but I mean value that

00:08:19   bandwidth sound awful horrible because I

00:08:23   wouldn't with James Dean do play the

00:08:25   drums I think bongos

00:08:27   what are you up there for he would be in

00:08:30   the davy jones part he would be the one

00:08:31   with maybe like six maracas or five

00:08:33   tambourines member david jones always

00:08:35   had way too many percussion instruments

00:08:36   that were a lot of tambourines well and

00:08:38   everything is I always wanted him to

00:08:39   where Ricky Ricardo shirt how man Ricky

00:08:41   Ricardo was a talented guy

00:08:43   I you know I miss all these heroes the

00:08:45   thing about the 1930s i was watching

00:08:47   band with Ricky Ricardo and James Dean

00:08:49   and and maybe I'm really works and broke

00:08:53   be playing groans I don't like the

00:08:55   honeycombs will be totally cool

00:08:56   Frank's another right to take it is

00:09:00   happening right back

00:09:01   he was the most was that he's the only

00:09:04   one of those guys will remember but

00:09:05   there which one there were dozens of

00:09:07   crooners oh sure it'll get the critters

00:09:09   and they were making music they were

00:09:11   making this treacly terrible music you

00:09:13   got Chuck hatman you've got Michael

00:09:16   Michael microphone you got to Bobby Byrd

00:09:19   Bobby

00:09:21   bobby socks bobby socks for do they call

00:09:23   bobby socks for sure i love you i said

00:09:25   12 times we had to change it Bobby to

00:09:27   bobby socks ready you know because of

00:09:29   recent changes to Bobby suck UK but I

00:09:31   but so that is the music that I can hear

00:09:33   in my truck so as per usual I'd

00:09:36   generally leave the radio off when I'm

00:09:38   traveling in the truck

00:09:39   yeah you know that's to me that's a

00:09:41   little bit like reggae I can take a

00:09:42   little bit of that thing a little bit of

00:09:44   that and there are some kinds of things

00:09:46   there's a show i like a lot of uh on

00:09:48   public radio called fascinating rhythm

00:09:50   and it's this guy who goes in and does

00:09:52   like it's basically music of the early

00:09:55   to mid-twentieth century there's

00:09:57   something traumatic and he'll play stuff

00:09:59   like you know Bill Murray the original

00:10:00   memory like the old Irish crooner who

00:10:02   play these old songs from likes like

00:10:03   like cylinders and 78 and stuff like

00:10:05   that i enjoy that I went I enjoy that

00:10:07   but like like reggae a little bit goes a

00:10:10   long way from me

00:10:11   sure William William Murray was my

00:10:13   father are bilmar touch dr. Murray like

00:10:16   yeah so yeah story tears in his eyes I

00:10:19   guess that was what was so amazing about

00:10:21   Nelson Riddle right we think of nelson

00:10:23   riddle is being kind of corny now but at

00:10:25   the time those Nelson Riddle

00:10:27   arrangements were like sweeping the

00:10:29   slate clean of all these dumb violin or

00:10:32   dislike lame-ass a soft music yeah well

00:10:37   he's a tree actually I mean I'm not a

00:10:39   scholar of this era but uh so right now

00:10:41   get on there let's fall in love by Dan

00:10:43   diana krall is playing on kxi right now

00:10:45   miss you know 5654 afternoon drive is

00:10:48   coming up there

00:10:49   so what's crazy is that that John cash

00:10:52   has become a major major figure in the

00:10:57   he has a radio program it's it's the

00:11:00   very first banner on the page it's him

00:11:02   superimposed very poorly in Photoshop

00:11:04   over the city of seattle looking like

00:11:06   you sleeping it off a little bit yeah

00:11:07   and it's one of those syndicated

00:11:09   programs where he comes on and he's he's

00:11:10   a friendly guy he's got a voice that's

00:11:13   that makes you trust him right away

00:11:15   sure and he's like hey these are this

00:11:17   you know these are the sweet sounds of

00:11:19   your of our youth or something this is

00:11:21   that this was the sound of our lives

00:11:23   yeah heading and how the hell is our

00:11:26   jaunt ashes like 50 right i mean he's

00:11:29   not a member of this lost generation or

00:11:32   but he's really selling them

00:11:34   usually selling his 63 from Garden City

00:11:37   New York was married he was married to

00:11:39   Connie sellecca nothing wrong with that

00:11:41   you know I was a little bit late getting

00:11:42   in here and it seems like you've had an

00:11:44   extra cup of coffee or something because

00:11:46   you are you are checking the internet

00:11:47   with some alacrity sorry I'm so sorry

00:11:51   no no it's fantastic it's 144 any james

00:11:55   street is the Metropolitan management

00:11:56   company just so you know right yeah

00:11:59   that's not that's when you ask for

00:12:00   weather in seattle they tell you about

00:12:01   the Metropolitan management oh they got

00:12:03   one star on yelp just say no well I I

00:12:06   feel like I feel like what you what you

00:12:08   expect is that they are gonna give you

00:12:11   the the temperature at the airport

00:12:12   that's what they usually do yeah

00:12:14   but-but-but 490 James I wonder how much

00:12:17   they paid to be the weather source

00:12:19   oh you think that's a placement yeah I

00:12:21   feel like that sort of like costco field

00:12:23   or something

00:12:24   ok I search for SCA and it gives the

00:12:27   search engine optimization back with the

00:12:31   fucking my bell rings my bell

00:12:34   where am I don't know where's my bell

00:12:36   holy shit my business is still my bell

00:12:39   oao time back here then right mine's not

00:12:41   hiding minus full-on missing search

00:12:45   engine optimization yeah haha at the

00:12:49   seattle airport at 1773 international

00:12:52   boulevard is 36 degrees but it feels

00:12:53   like 33

00:12:55   wow that's probably that accounts for

00:12:58   that is accounted for by the by the wind

00:13:00   that they get up there they are again a

00:13:02   little bit of light rain 10 minutes that

00:13:04   will end in about 15 minutes

00:13:06   did you know that a fighter plane taking

00:13:08   off from the deck of an aircraft as a

00:13:09   word problem John ok a fighter plane

00:13:12   takes off from an aircraft carrier okay

00:13:14   30 knots and a train leaves minneapolis

00:13:17   headed the other way and it's going well

00:13:20   it's going 11 not some had two units the

00:13:22   miles on my head what

00:13:24   at what point does the fighter plane

00:13:26   overfly the railroad train if you have

00:13:31   no idea where the fighter five-thirty

00:13:32   p.m. at 490 james street

00:13:34   Wow yep you have some mad skills is

00:13:37   common core

00:13:38   I learned the common core system but I

00:13:39   feel like that was an imaginary number

00:13:41   oh yeah

00:13:44   solve for x so we got music Frank

00:13:47   Sinatra yeah whatever hands that that

00:13:49   that what I didn't realize is that a

00:13:51   fighter plane needs to be a means to

00:13:53   have a 30-knot headwind in order to

00:13:56   successfully take off from an aircraft

00:13:57   carrier but not coincidentally 30

00:14:01   minutes is the speed that an aircraft

00:14:04   carrier can can reach when it's really

00:14:06   gonna die soon as engineers are smart

00:14:08   see isn't that nice going on so they

00:14:10   just even if there's no wind at all they

00:14:12   can get 30 not headwind bye-bye kicking

00:14:15   it into high gear and understand this 30

00:14:17   knots is 34.5 two three four miles per

00:14:20   hour but why do you need too many

00:14:21   different things so close it's so close

00:14:24   it was close

00:14:26   well it's not now and not is based on

00:14:28   these to put actual knots in ropes and

00:14:29   that's how they would make sure how far

00:14:31   apart it was yes as long as two knots on

00:14:33   the Kings rope they'd spit out the back

00:14:35   of the ship

00:14:36   uh-huh maybe like what we're traveling

00:14:38   you know 11 knots

00:14:40   how many fathoms in a knot who these are

00:14:44   these are things I yeah there's there's

00:14:47   a very small part of me that feels like

00:14:49   I should have this information but a

00:14:50   much larger part that is glad that i

00:14:53   don't i'm glad that i don't have this

00:14:55   clogging up my brain pipes and that

00:14:57   indeed how many knots are in a league

00:14:58   they found a fathom is six feet now

00:15:02   story is 10 feet i would call when I say

00:15:06   like it's 100 feet

00:15:08   I think of that as being 10 stories yeah

00:15:11   i think it's about 10 feet

00:15:13   yes actually 10 stores ok alright feat

00:15:16   speed two-story so if it's like 800 feet

00:15:18   that's like an 80 story building what

00:15:20   that's crazy there are nearly 80 story

00:15:23   building there's probably some kind of

00:15:24   us the key action at a distance thing

00:15:26   like when it gets further up it

00:15:27   compresses like a forced perspective I

00:15:29   wonder about that

00:15:30   yeah I don't know do you think that you

00:15:32   think that that skyscraper builders are

00:15:34   still using Greek like perspective in

00:15:37   their constructions great person a great

00:15:39   perspective perspective that sounds like

00:15:42   a shell on c-span that not many people

00:15:43   watch a great perspective would be a

00:15:45   great show i'm actually thinking about

00:15:47   starting a show a new show him to to

00:15:51   really flesh out my my nascent empire of

00:15:56   podcasts oh that's a great idea a new

00:16:00   show

00:16:00   ok a new show that talks about the Greek

00:16:03   perspective the so will a lot of

00:16:06   directions with that will have guests

00:16:07   can have spanakopita and all we all.we

00:16:10   that the only thing that needs to tie

00:16:12   the episodes together is what's the

00:16:13   Greek perspective it's just it just has

00:16:16   to be something Greek about it

00:16:17   somebody talks about something nobody

00:16:19   talks about you know whatever it is

00:16:21   pressing suits or or repointing a brick

00:16:25   facade

00:16:26   yeah and that's like what's the Greek

00:16:28   perspective on this right because

00:16:29   they've been around for a pretty long

00:16:30   time they had a lot of time to look at

00:16:32   things so they would have a perspective

00:16:33   on a lot of things we could look at the

00:16:35   old Greek perspective we could look at

00:16:36   the new Greek playing classical Greek a

00:16:38   modern contemporary Greek sort of that

00:16:40   middle period Griffin huge now you can

00:16:42   do that show with Diana you can do that

00:16:43   with something on your own you think I

00:16:45   feel like you know I've got a podcast

00:16:47   with you that i'm very happy with and I

00:16:48   got a podcast with damn I've got also

00:16:50   happy with and now I feel like that we

00:16:52   need some new blood in here is your

00:16:54   chance to do bring in sometimes our user

00:16:56   touches her case it could be on the

00:16:57   Greek perspective

00:16:58   well I wonder you know cirque use' right

00:17:01   well he's mine yours is almost Greek

00:17:03   yeah i mean that's the italian is kinda

00:17:05   between Jewish Greek it's a little bit

00:17:07   in between that's interesting between

00:17:09   Jewish and Greek sort of Italian that

00:17:11   would be another show you have a whole

00:17:13   empire here you could be like you could

00:17:14   be like Jesse throwing just need to get

00:17:16   that creepy beer

00:17:17   yeah bye-bye to show called between

00:17:19   Jewish and Greek that's said it by it

00:17:23   listen if I were gonna have a 3some

00:17:24   that's where I want to be

00:17:26   oh dear uh oh my goodness i don't like

00:17:29   talking about sex not well you know

00:17:31   there's so many things i don't like

00:17:32   talking about um it's been awhile you

00:17:37   know i'm still haven't been able to get

00:17:39   I haven't been able to arrange a time

00:17:42   yeah to have a podcast with dan in the

00:17:45   last couple of weeks actually tricky

00:17:46   sometimes it's really tricky and spread

00:17:49   busy

00:17:49   it's been cool frustrating a nice to

00:17:51   have these boxes keep stacking up I've

00:17:54   got a lot of and that's the whole point

00:17:55   that's the MacGuffin that's a great

00:17:57   perspective is that you you can't open

00:17:59   those until you're on his program i feel

00:18:01   but I don't feel that way I feel like

00:18:03   I've gotta get gotta get this kind of

00:18:05   start working through this mail but I

00:18:07   don't I don't

00:18:09   well

00:18:10   look here's the thing i have i have i

00:18:12   have three things we have talked about

00:18:13   today we've already talked about Frank

00:18:15   Sinatra so that's settled

00:18:16   good we got to get up the energy mcrp

00:18:18   and we have to pick up our show at

00:18:19   sketchfest that leaves us ample time for

00:18:22   you to open the box

00:18:24   oh thanks Merlin that's fantastic don't

00:18:26   know how it is you want to get loaded up

00:18:27   you got to spend a penny if you want go

00:18:29   ahead and open a box that's right take a

00:18:31   penny leave a penny leave a penny

00:18:32   uh okay let's talk about our show at

00:18:34   sketchfest was very excited about it's

00:18:36   only what our fourth live Robert on the

00:18:41   line show in capital over yells at

00:18:42   people

00:18:43   I'll remember that really loud that room

00:18:45   was ok yes don't yell at them and tell

00:18:47   them on it was very distracting member

00:18:49   we fed we've had mixed success with live

00:18:51   shows

00:18:52   alright the first one ever when we were

00:18:54   in the when we were in the terrarium

00:18:56   whereby stuff tape loser maybe just

00:18:57   maybe as a dick i'm not sure we're by

00:18:59   some kind of a stuffed animal

00:19:00   yeah and then that people were having a

00:19:02   party drinks in the back of the room and

00:19:03   shuck and jive and playing grab-ass

00:19:04   that's right we had a very attentive

00:19:07   audience sitting in chairs and then in

00:19:08   the back it was like a meet-and-greet

00:19:10   for some software ding-a-lings ya like

00:19:13   hey you guys shut up back there

00:19:15   yeah and then the whole room erupted and

00:19:17   they were not they were not that

00:19:18   receptive to your message

00:19:20   well those guys weren't but you know

00:19:21   they're great they're not listening to

00:19:23   anybody right there young geniuses

00:19:25   there's not

00:19:26   hmm there's not that many venues in san

00:19:27   francisco where you can perform in a

00:19:29   room with like penguins

00:19:30   so that's a nice thing about that room

00:19:32   people are there to see the Penguins

00:19:33   let's be honest I feel like we could

00:19:36   maybe we could be the ones that change

00:19:38   that

00:19:39   yeah like penguins live penguins in

00:19:41   every venue in San Francisco creek

00:19:43   perspective we're gonna be at sketchfest

00:19:44   this week this friday in four days from

00:19:48   now this will come out loud today is

00:19:49   Monday this will come out later today

00:19:50   there's not really really particularly

00:19:53   good URL that I can give to you for this

00:19:55   i made a URL for this that is a kind of

00:19:58   inscrutable ah mr. you can go to my

00:20:02   Maker you know I'm a maker on my

00:20:04   makerbot you can go to i dash 0 dot us /

00:20:07   r2r OTL dash SF SF dash 16 but i don't

00:20:11   recommend it

00:20:12   you can search for water on the line

00:20:16   best you know

00:20:18   iOS will probably added three times me

00:20:21   today it has auto corrected sketchfest

00:20:23   just three times today so you know buyer

00:20:26   beware

00:20:26   but friday January 8 730 p.m. 2 9pm john

00:20:31   and i will be appearing to do live rock

00:20:33   on the line and a wonderful venue that I

00:20:35   really like a lot called the swedish

00:20:36   american all that place to eat in there

00:20:39   oh yeah well we used to obviously play

00:20:42   you that Kevin Keeley the cafe du nord

00:20:44   yeah I didn't order two thousand times

00:20:45   but i went up i saw a I saw let's see a

00:20:49   couple of bands up in the swedish

00:20:50   american portion including putting like

00:20:55   an acoustic spoon so smooth i would love

00:20:59   that split up there playing acoustic it

00:21:00   was it was it was great i look at your

00:21:03   man named jason brown skirt is he seems

00:21:06   like a nice guy he's a very good driver

00:21:08   he's a very good drummer and a very very

00:21:09   nice guy i think these are generations

00:21:11   Ringo I'm gonna say nice guy and spoon

00:21:14   nice all that doesn't seem too hard

00:21:16   right at the end of the other guy right

00:21:18   over here

00:21:20   a lo where's the super ghetto soup so

00:21:23   yes I'm very excited about it because

00:21:25   last year at the the second sketch

00:21:29   sketch fest we did I had a wonderful

00:21:32   wonderful time at that show i was really

00:21:34   nice to give me a bourbon and and I

00:21:37   remember when we met that lady who

00:21:38   wanted to meet you and we took her away

00:21:39   from her husband brought upstairs wasn't

00:21:41   that wonderful so much worse than it was

00:21:43   that really sounded terrible when you

00:21:45   put it that way

00:21:46   no but it was a it was a wonderful time

00:21:47   we had a nice chat we had a nice chat

00:21:49   look at the photo here on the page you

00:21:50   can see us holding microphones and there

00:21:52   was Green a very dynamic is very Italian

00:21:55   was very Italian the one thing I regret

00:21:57   from that show is that some one made a

00:22:00   whole stack of here we go

00:22:02   five-card I'll porch on you think about

00:22:04   stuff if you remember stuff you did

00:22:06   yeah well she's so she made this whole

00:22:08   stack of these things that are the eye

00:22:10   from what i can tell all had each three

00:22:13   by five card had a reference to

00:22:15   something from the program or or you

00:22:17   know like so an extrapolation from from

00:22:20   that and she had placed them carefully

00:22:22   at the front of the stage

00:22:23   I think she got other people to fill

00:22:25   them out to I think that's true

00:22:26   crowd-sourced it they were in different

00:22:28   handwriting and she intended it as as a

00:22:31   nice gift or maybe you know something

00:22:34   that we would either treasure or

00:22:36   utilize and I walked on the stage and I

00:22:39   saw this thing and I recognized it as

00:22:41   some kind of some sort of offering but i

00:22:45   assumed immediately that it was an

00:22:47   attempt to usurp what we were gonna do

00:22:53   yeah bye-bye you know by a UH asserting

00:22:57   some sort of fan ownership over over us

00:23:01   or the show and so I actually naturally

00:23:04   just saying that so I kicked the pile of

00:23:08   cards into the audience and it was a

00:23:11   purpose or Die kick it or did I pick it

00:23:13   up and throw it

00:23:14   I think you flung it is part of you we

00:23:16   describe this we talk about this in an

00:23:17   episode you like to come out on the

00:23:19   stage you complain about things you move

00:23:20   chairs around you you berate staff

00:23:23   because that's part of your as part of

00:23:24   your prep

00:23:25   yeah I come out I say the lights are

00:23:27   terrible and what these aren't where the

00:23:28   chairs belong and you know move around

00:23:30   and I'm like what the hell is this stack

00:23:31   of cards i picked it up I guess in my

00:23:33   throat and warming yeah you're that room

00:23:35   was made for you

00:23:36   yeah but then later I but later I saw

00:23:38   the young woman picking up the cards God

00:23:41   the kind of broken-hearted look on her

00:23:43   face I was so I felt like I was such a

00:23:45   villain would you recognize her if you

00:23:48   saw her again

00:23:49   mm I because i think i might I mean

00:23:51   maybe if her face wasn't so pained the

00:23:54   next time I saw her that maybe I

00:23:55   wouldn't

00:23:56   well I think it's very unlikely that she

00:23:57   will come to the show this year but if

00:23:59   she were to come to the SF sketchfest

00:24:01   performance of rock on the line and

00:24:04   SwedishAmerican hall friday january

00:24:06   eight from 730-9 p.m. in san francisco

00:24:09   california now in central California

00:24:10   should say that it's in a great area

00:24:12   that's accessible by muni pretty safe

00:24:15   it's near safeway and I don't see now if

00:24:19   we know her name we can put on the list

00:24:20   right see better feel of you can just

00:24:22   say look for a lady with the pain look

00:24:23   on her face is that most of our fans

00:24:25   well I'm the thing is now that you've

00:24:26   said that there were going to get like

00:24:28   11 people that's like I'm lady will have

00:24:30   them fight while the fight shirtless

00:24:31   with sticks that neighborhood didn't

00:24:33   used to be good that gas station on the

00:24:35   corner

00:24:35   yeah look yeah there's some pretty you

00:24:38   get a lot of people that's a very

00:24:39   interesting area cause it's kind of it's

00:24:41   on the edge of the castro and kind of

00:24:44   kind of get near duboce triangle a

00:24:45   little bit it'sit's but yeah it's it's

00:24:48   changed a lot they get the

00:24:49   walgreens is way nicer now you know i

00:24:52   love that you decide the quality of an

00:24:55   area by how nice the walgreens don't

00:24:58   decide anything I'm an observer alright

00:25:01   okay that's right here's what I'm going

00:25:03   to say though we have worked as I had

00:25:04   time but first of all anybody who hasn't

00:25:06   come please come please sell the place

00:25:07   out otherwise you won't be as funny but

00:25:10   if that lady does come there and

00:25:11   approaches us uh I don't see that you

00:25:13   apologize i will apologize to her and

00:25:15   we'll try to do something nice for her

00:25:16   yeah it will be very hard for me to

00:25:18   apologize of course is it that's not

00:25:20   part of my brand but you can do it it's

00:25:22   a big city apology but listen I'm all

00:25:24   I'm sorry you're upset I'm already

00:25:26   talked about on two programs which is my

00:25:28   way I mean that's worth like a well shit

00:25:31   what is that worth

00:25:32   I mean you apologized via sleepless

00:25:34   nights I say I think that's probably

00:25:36   worth 4 grand 4 grand worth of dollars

00:25:39   now just by just by referring to it and

00:25:42   saying that I've been fretting about

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00:27:44   anyway I let's close this up by saying

00:27:48   please uh SF sketchiest please let the

00:27:51   sketchiest at a speech American also on

00:27:54   Market Street words it was the exact

00:27:55   address everything is where this is it

00:27:56   Sanjay 2174 market street right in the

00:27:59   middle

00:27:59   it's kind of in the middle of a it's not

00:28:01   exactly the castro its kind of the

00:28:03   castro yes castro its courage

00:28:05   yeah yeah but it's a it's a it's a great

00:28:07   place and will be there doing yoga up

00:28:09   comedy I also i guess i'm doing a thing

00:28:13   with thrilling adventure hour and a very

00:28:15   interesting thing I learned was good

00:28:17   really adventure I just don't let

00:28:18   something like doing that well you know

00:28:20   it's one of those things where they quit

00:28:21   doing and then we keep doing it

00:28:22   he can't be stopped they write a lot of

00:28:25   material

00:28:26   yeah that team akron black benz

00:28:28   compulsive and one of these and he

00:28:30   listened to our show you know that who

00:28:32   Ben yeah man or the other bed the other

00:28:34   bed does the the Big Ben Big Ben I get a

00:28:38   lot of people listen to our show that

00:28:40   people used to listen to our show

00:28:41   I'm always surprised i want to kind of

00:28:43   people used to listen to this show the

00:28:45   number of people to continue to listen

00:28:46   to our show you know and I think we're

00:28:50   expanding into the billionaire class I

00:28:52   you know we keep mentioning that now I

00:28:55   feel like they've got a yeah they're

00:28:57   putting it there putting us all over the

00:28:59   overhead speakers their facebook now I'm

00:29:01   just gonna say this and then I don't

00:29:02   want to talk about it but I'm going to

00:29:03   say this

00:29:04   alright i keep noticing and we have a

00:29:08   large trans audience is alright um yeah

00:29:11   I maybe just cuz i notice it more but a

00:29:13   I that makes me feel good I like that

00:29:17   yeah i like to do you too I don't know

00:29:18   why I mean it's just a cool thing and

00:29:20   that's all just see more trans people

00:29:21   that makes me happy right now I 2174

00:29:24   Market Streets 51 degrees most exciting

00:29:26   it feels like 51 degrees it's much nicer

00:29:29   in san francisco today that it isn't

00:29:31   Seattle are much warmer have some

00:29:32   scattered light rain this morning

00:29:34   does your mom know about forecast dot IO

00:29:37   she wishes weather person right now yeah

00:29:39   she follows the weather like like

00:29:41   nobody's business forecast that is

00:29:42   really cool because it use this thing

00:29:44   this thing called dark sky where can

00:29:45   actually tell you when it's gonna like

00:29:47   when it's about to start raining and

00:29:48   when it's going to stop dark sky was one

00:29:50   of my favorite Grateful Dead songs don't

00:29:51   do do do people do doop do I was the

00:29:57   biggest hit against it and boot it was

00:29:59   called Cooper do 1987a the skeletons in

00:30:02   the video very end of their career or

00:30:04   the the trailing off their career

00:30:06   because the garden started their shitty

00:30:07   career coming up to SF sketchiest it's a

00:30:10   it's gonna be you you know you pile on

00:30:12   so much and I i give you the Grateful

00:30:14   Dead idea i say nothing

00:30:15   you sit there on the internet and you

00:30:17   say terrible things about bands and then

00:30:19   I don't say anything I know and silent i

00:30:21   just favorite AC news tweets and I said

00:30:23   nothing you

00:30:24   I know the thing is a lot of people

00:30:28   think that I'm trolling when I go online

00:30:29   and I say there's nothing good about the

00:30:31   Smith you but I i am trolling first of

00:30:35   all but yeah I and I'm trolling just

00:30:36   with the biggest like most delighted

00:30:38   smile on my face yeah but i but I know

00:30:41   but it's also one hundred percent John

00:30:43   doesn't know what he's talking about

00:30:44   John doesn't know la la

00:30:47   the thing about Morrissey is he only

00:30:49   ever learned five notes

00:30:51   mm and he utilized them in every melody

00:30:54   of everything turns out your dick that

00:30:56   but it's kind of true no no kind of any

00:30:59   number of nodes allah i don't know every

00:31:03   time you go after the smiths I imagine

00:31:05   you are secretly are not secretly just

00:31:07   trying to needle Shawn Nelson well colin

00:31:09   Meloy to really course the barest miss

00:31:12   boy

00:31:13   yeah because that Colin also you know a

00:31:15   lot of his melodies are within a range

00:31:17   of a pretty narrow range but he Colin's

00:31:19   melodies I like i think is the key is

00:31:22   extruded violin columnar

00:31:24   [Music]

00:31:26   yeah I'm trying to I'm trying to pull

00:31:29   I'm trying to pull the pigtails of a lot

00:31:31   of how haha it and and i got i roped

00:31:37   roped AC newman in and he was he was

00:31:40   really mad he's back

00:31:42   yeah hello he's changing his water

00:31:44   filters but i don't but i do feel i do

00:31:47   fit the thing is my sister listen to

00:31:49   Duran Duran and the smiths compulsively

00:31:52   during that era is you're obligated to

00:31:54   not like them

00:31:55   well no but here's the thing i heard

00:31:56   that music through the wall in equal

00:32:01   portions probably a little bit more and

00:32:03   ram but Sharon sometimes Smith that's

00:32:05   pretty cool

00:32:06   well I mean it because if she's in

00:32:08   Durand Durand but I wasn't later than

00:32:10   1986 are always very early with so using

00:32:14   this miss when they were still kind of

00:32:16   your hope for sure because she was one

00:32:18   of those platoons one of those almost

00:32:21   famous type of children who was working

00:32:24   at the coolest record store in Anchorage

00:32:26   when she was like 13 man and she had

00:32:29   just she waltzed in there and with that

00:32:31   with that confidence that she has and

00:32:34   she was like I'm working here now and

00:32:36   the rest of the staff who were all in

00:32:38   their twenties adopted her and suddenly

00:32:41   she gone from this girl that was playing

00:32:43   soccer in knee-high stripy socks to

00:32:46   being somebody who had platinum hair

00:32:48   with the and was wearing vintage thrift

00:32:51   store dresses and working on the coolest

00:32:53   record store in town I was like who the

00:32:54   hell is she said I did you ever see any

00:32:57   of your sister and your daughter I i

00:32:58   feel like i see they got a lot of moxie

00:33:00   but the other do they have a totally the

00:33:02   somewhat similar kinds of moxie a ton of

00:33:04   moxie and one of the things that very

00:33:06   much surprises me when when when my kid

00:33:08   was born I was like my sister is going

00:33:10   to try and corrupt her constantly she's

00:33:13   going to be over here to teaching her

00:33:15   hip hop terminology and encouraging her

00:33:19   to like become a skater and what it

00:33:23   turned out is my sister is one of the

00:33:26   one with the chief disciplinarians in my

00:33:29   daughter's life she just my sister just

00:33:31   Brooks no monkey business

00:33:33   Wow and and so they have all these sort

00:33:37   of you know they have a close

00:33:38   relationship and they have all these

00:33:39   little

00:33:40   attacks where where Susan is like listen

00:33:42   you can't do that you can't get away

00:33:44   with that here that's so great

00:33:45   you sit up straight in your chair this

00:33:47   type of thing and she listened

00:33:49   om solutely because it's coming from

00:33:51   Susan which is like you know she's she's

00:33:54   just enough outside outside the the core

00:33:57   machine that she can have she has the

00:33:59   greater impact but you know I always had

00:34:01   this fear that that Susan would be there

00:34:03   like you know skater boys are the cutest

00:34:05   boys right right

00:34:06   you never know just seating just just

00:34:09   sowing the seed of just I was your

00:34:11   turkey wish i could collaborate more

00:34:12   with the people who are slightly outside

00:34:14   the core because they have the hugest

00:34:16   impact you my brother-in-law and

00:34:18   sister-in-law you know like my daughter

00:34:21   adores them and and and like they're so

00:34:26   influential in her village my daughter

00:34:28   my daughter who only eats a couple

00:34:30   things at home will try almost anything

00:34:31   if auntie susie makes it soon and then

00:34:33   like an a no and then she gets to watch

00:34:35   100 movies with the f-word and stuff and

00:34:36   like she gets to be growing up there and

00:34:38   you know it's like I wish i wish i could

00:34:40   see them certain ideas like hey would it

00:34:43   be great if we brush our teeth without

00:34:44   you know without be cool hey thumbs-up

00:34:46   skater boy

00:34:47   hey guys we put your retainers and

00:34:51   that's awesome radical shaka-brah and

00:34:54   shaka-brah yeah I didn't reach bra if i

00:34:58   lived in san francisco i would be one of

00:35:00   the people slightly outside of your core

00:35:02   that had an enormous influence on your

00:35:03   daughter

00:35:03   oh man but unfortunately i live far

00:35:06   enough away that every time I come it's

00:35:07   like Uncle John is here

00:35:09   Oh like hide all the breakable things oh

00:35:11   no well she left she loved the RV she

00:35:14   thought it smelled kind of funny

00:35:15   well I which she thinks everything

00:35:17   smells funny but i noticed that i didn't

00:35:19   notice that she's not a small thing but

00:35:21   she really liked that she really wants

00:35:22   all you can say we're getting a cat

00:35:24   what yeah we should not talk about that

00:35:26   at some point we're adopting a cat

00:35:28   well so the reason the RV smells funny

00:35:30   is that i routed the exhaust through the

00:35:32   cabin her for performance issues yeah

00:35:35   just that's right it just seemed like a

00:35:36   shell pipe was superfluous to my needs

00:35:39   and I got open carry laws you know you

00:35:42   have all kinds should have an open

00:35:43   beverage you know and you get a little

00:35:44   bit of a little bit of the exhaust in

00:35:46   there and comes down calms you down

00:35:48   Shh

00:35:49   Shh you're not gonna make it over the

00:35:53   mountains but Shh

00:35:55   alright you're getting a cat yeah that

00:35:59   seems uh I don't know I've never seen

00:36:01   you to have a pet that's you know that's

00:36:04   very interesting

00:36:05   I i think in life well in life it's

00:36:09   important to look at patterns of what

00:36:12   people show interest in before you try

00:36:14   to push them into things

00:36:15   this is why I've never been a huge fan

00:36:16   nothing against the Girl Scouts accepts

00:36:18   an organization i love like we kind of

00:36:21   pushed her into Girl Scouts without

00:36:22   ain't she never had any interest in any

00:36:23   girl scout things and she's so 100 a

00:36:26   little bit against the Girl Scouts yeah

00:36:28   you said nothing against the girl of

00:36:30   course i did that's what you did the

00:36:31   internet little bit of god there's no

00:36:33   obstacle course to the worst

00:36:37   oh my god it's the worst are you get a

00:36:39   pass for selling cookies that's pretty

00:36:40   weird but in this case she really really

00:36:44   really has wanted a pet

00:36:46   yeah and I i have been pretty adamant

00:36:49   about this that you know this is not a

00:36:52   toy like all the toys that you open and

00:36:54   play with for a minute and put away

00:36:55   because you know the phone is opening

00:36:57   not actually caring for enjoying

00:36:58   collecting yeah that ain't gonna work

00:37:00   with an animal you know setting aside

00:37:03   you know all of the money that it takes

00:37:05   to have a pet that I don't matter how

00:37:07   many ppl account for until it's too late

00:37:10   you're expected to have surgeries for

00:37:11   your animals nowadays yeah you know

00:37:13   about this right now you spend sixty

00:37:14   thousand dollars keeping some dumb

00:37:16   14-year old cat alive

00:37:17   it's like you know what right i made

00:37:20   into the Soylent Green Machine we won't

00:37:22   even notice the fur

00:37:23   I couldn't agree more it's like another

00:37:25   certain kinds of things I don't need and

00:37:27   one of them is a catalyst for a very

00:37:28   very very long

00:37:29   the cabinet's blind and smells bad and

00:37:33   it didn't bones and it's like I had

00:37:38   friends who love their pets so much a

00:37:40   friend who had this incredibly senile

00:37:42   angry blind deaf incontinent dog and

00:37:46   this dog would just walk around the

00:37:47   house periodically barking at nothing

00:37:49   bump into something and shit yeah blood

00:37:51   the market it's not just go half

00:37:58   I dated a girl who decided

00:38:02   in her infinite wisdom that the

00:38:06   additional dog that she needed in a disk

00:38:08   in addition to her shih tzu was a great

00:38:11   dane 02 see that that's like buying a

00:38:14   bunny an Easter like to know what you're

00:38:16   in for the Great Dane so she bought she

00:38:18   gots not a beginner dog she rescued a

00:38:21   Great Dane who was i think already nine

00:38:23   which is already two years older than

00:38:25   any great dane should live and she and

00:38:29   this dog was lovely

00:38:31   I mean it just a delightful creature one

00:38:33   of what a God shined upon this dog i

00:38:37   really liked the dog but she let the

00:38:40   dogs sleep in her bed I had the dog wage

00:38:46   400 pounds it was the size of a horse

00:38:48   know they are there and I I every great

00:38:51   day and I have met personally was great

00:38:53   and call but I mean my sense is that I

00:38:55   mean obviously is true for things like

00:38:56   police dogs or shooting guard dogs but

00:38:59   there are certain kinds of dogs that a

00:39:00   lot of people think oh you know I like

00:39:02   that dog from Frasier but like if you

00:39:04   get one of those one of those little

00:39:06   Jack Russell terriers

00:39:07   look man they are there there's pugs pug

00:39:09   super sweet but they want all the

00:39:11   attention all the time or an australian

00:39:13   shepherd I mean you they will be heard

00:39:14   everything

00:39:15   the only reason to have an australian

00:39:17   shepherd is if you have a sheet problem

00:39:18   or like a like a border collie like they

00:39:21   will hurt your coffee table they can't

00:39:23   stop

00:39:23   yeah I do personally have a sheep

00:39:25   problem always breaking an infestation

00:39:28   yeah but I still don't need a bios don't

00:39:30   need one of those I just died i call

00:39:31   them with a helicopter this episode of

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00:41:05   here's the thing about that great thing

00:41:07   is that she she left the Great Dane

00:41:09   sleep in her bed and then the great

00:41:11   things started to shift the bed oh god

00:41:13   now but she's already made it ok to be

00:41:15   there

00:41:16   that's right so she's cleaning up great

00:41:18   dane shit what which I mean I don't know

00:41:21   if you've ever seen a Great Dane take a

00:41:23   shit copious but it yeah it's like it's

00:41:26   like shitting out a printing press later

00:41:28   about me to fuck

00:41:30   it's like a 3d printer for fix yeah Wow

00:41:34   and angel maker just like oh you know

00:41:36   and she spent the whole day cleaning it

00:41:38   up and then and then climb in bed with

00:41:40   her night and it would all happen again

00:41:42   and I was just like what dingaling he

00:41:44   sleep in there doesn't he know doesn't

00:41:46   he know from pooping and bad think that

00:41:47   he's just so old that he doesn't know he

00:41:49   just does its not under his power and I

00:41:52   was like us in this this great dane

00:41:53   could feed a family of four from month

00:41:55   just send him to the hamburger machine

00:41:58   and she was just like you

00:42:00   there's a reason you're not my boyfriend

00:42:01   anymore you are a monster here okay so

00:42:05   here's here's a life hack

00:42:06   yeah are you ready yeah I'm ready I mean

00:42:09   I know that you are generally receptive

00:42:11   to my life hacks but this is a major

00:42:12   ones I love life hacks i went to a

00:42:16   christmas party that's thrown by my good

00:42:19   friend Cal and last year at the

00:42:20   Christmas party he had a camel and a

00:42:23   donkey

00:42:24   and the kids all get camel rides always

00:42:28   let's get friendly

00:42:29   yeah and or drunk it's not a classic

00:42:31   donkey show not a classic no it's not

00:42:34   it's not a tijuana donkey show

00:42:35   it's a happy donkey show and the kids

00:42:38   all wait they line up the guy that owns

00:42:40   the camels and donkeys a great kind of a

00:42:43   rancher type guy and all the kids ride

00:42:46   the the donkey and the camera while the

00:42:48   adults get drunk and eat chili itself

00:42:51   and its energy creates a Christmas Eve

00:42:53   party that he has every year and it's a

00:42:54   fantastic something for everybody

00:42:56   yeah that's right get drunk eat chili

00:42:58   and forget about the kids because they

00:43:00   are all patiently waiting in line to

00:43:02   ride a camel even the terrible kids are

00:43:04   willing to wait in line to ride a camel

00:43:07   but in the in the intervening year the

00:43:11   camel died and so everybody's going to

00:43:15   Calais christmas party expected i picked

00:43:17   there are not a lot of camels available

00:43:20   you can't just go just go replace a

00:43:22   camel I don't think you go to pets

00:43:24   petsmart Campbell so the so the camera

00:43:29   is not going to be there and we're all

00:43:30   like what's going to happen I mean the

00:43:31   donkey is great he's a super nice donkey

00:43:33   but that's going to put it going to put

00:43:36   extra pressure on the donkey spray and

00:43:39   and also you know the goal of the of the

00:43:42   passes to distract the kids so the

00:43:43   adults can get drunk and chili yeah so

00:43:46   the rancher shows up this year he's got

00:43:48   the donkey he also brought to Wallabies

00:43:52   and a kv what is that

00:43:57   well so this is the life hacks ok v is a

00:44:00   giant a guinea pig I katie is a giant

00:44:06   guinea pig that looks like you cross the

00:44:08   guinea pig with the deer home so it's

00:44:11   how you spell that

00:44:12   see avy huh so so I get there and I'm

00:44:17   like oh my god it looks like a jack

00:44:19   rabbit guinea pig wallaby

00:44:22   yeah that's right so I'm better at is

00:44:24   really cute and weird with the Wallabies

00:44:26   at first because you know they're cute

00:44:27   to mail a letter recognizable and I'm

00:44:30   looking over at this kv which is big

00:44:32   it's the size of a dog

00:44:35   but it's a guinea pig dear jack rabbit

00:44:39   I'm like that's it what does that little

00:44:41   creature so so I the Wallabies are kind

00:44:44   of you know skittish and you can pet him

00:44:46   for a little bit but they then they do

00:44:47   that weird little hop walk that

00:44:49   kangaroos and wallabies do they kind of

00:44:51   yeah we're done here

00:44:53   mallorca from there somewhere else and

00:44:55   so I go and I start and nobody's paying

00:44:58   any attention to the KP like the kids

00:44:59   are all thinking about the Wallabies but

00:45:01   i'm looking at this guy and he's in the

00:45:03   photos they look kind of anxious

00:45:05   well they do they look a little poised

00:45:07   right poised to to flee that they

00:45:10   definitely look like prey

00:45:12   yeah but this guy was in was incredibly

00:45:16   chill like so chill and so I'm i start

00:45:20   petting him and he responds very well to

00:45:23   being petted and we just get this

00:45:25   symbiosis going so that I step into the

00:45:28   enclosure and then I'm like don't ever

00:45:31   take this kv away from me this all kb is

00:45:34   a very good friend so I go over to the

00:45:37   eventually when when the KP is like

00:45:39   communicating to me like let's take a

00:45:41   break

00:45:42   I get out of there and I go over and

00:45:44   talk to the ranch again I'm like what's

00:45:46   up with this kv and he's like oh my god

00:45:49   they're amazing

00:45:50   we bottle-fed that one and it lives in

00:45:53   the house that's crazy lives in the

00:45:57   house he's like that's like a cuddly a

00:46:00   little pal I'm he said don't put them

00:46:03   outside because they can dig out of

00:46:05   anything you could they can dig 14 feet

00:46:07   down go under offense

00:46:08   wow they can dig under a pipeline of

00:46:10   foragers right there you know

00:46:13   vegetarians anyway and i was like so I

00:46:16   set so i said so you're telling me that

00:46:17   I kb you can get a kayvyun you can keep

00:46:20   it as a pet he's like oh yeah they're

00:46:21   like they're like hoppy cats

00:46:24   it's a cap that hops and I said that's

00:46:28   the pet for me Katy a short tail is a

00:46:32   new project short-tailed rough haired

00:46:34   south american road

00:46:35   oh yeah I'm taking this medication still

00:46:38   yes sure

00:46:39   and I don't think I've made a bad

00:46:41   decision sense and I feel like kv a kb a

00:46:45   pet kv yeah is a way to get into the pet

00:46:48   game

00:46:48   but without all the cat you know cat is

00:46:53   just gonna think about it now that I say

00:46:55   the word cat before

00:46:56   yeah for you heard about a kb you said

00:46:58   the word cat we both like okay sure but

00:47:01   now post kb the Patagonian mara it's

00:47:04   also known as its accents you got in

00:47:06   South America and it is really freaky

00:47:09   but cool lookin it's very cool and

00:47:11   they're very very soft soft kv little

00:47:14   soft kb that wants to kind of curl up

00:47:16   with you on the couch on and they're

00:47:19   monogamous that's nice

00:47:20   oh that's right they mate for life like

00:47:23   swans like swans it's like basically the

00:47:26   Swan of guinea pigs

00:47:27   whoo-hoo and it's the force looks like a

00:47:30   different animal from every angle

00:47:33   yeah that's the fourth largest rodent in

00:47:34   the world now that makes me happy bear

00:47:37   is that Rodin capybaras also sort of a a

00:47:40   rodent Habanera i'm not sure if a

00:47:43   capybara would be a good pet though now

00:47:45   I've seen this is the zoo and man they

00:47:47   are pretty freaky looking at look at

00:47:49   that looks prehistoric but a kv now

00:47:52   what's involved in kv ownership even

00:47:53   look at me look at this has gotten onto

00:47:55   the usenet online forums to find out

00:47:56   about this

00:47:57   no you know that's not my tendency know

00:48:00   my tendency is just to go get a case

00:48:02   write a check brake is set and then and

00:48:05   then once i have a KPI will learn i will

00:48:08   learn the hard way for myself all the

00:48:11   all the things I mean if he can he wants

00:48:13   to dig under a pipeline to escape

00:48:15   I wonder how they are with your

00:48:17   upholstery alright

00:48:19   the captain's very gonna try on maybe

00:48:21   you should just rent one for a week and

00:48:22   see how it goes

00:48:23   that's a good idea the thing is i pad

00:48:25   just like your daughter part of the

00:48:27   thrillers unwrapping the baby kv yes

00:48:29   your bottle feeding them until they bond

00:48:32   with you and feel like I don't want to

00:48:34   dig out of here I want to dig you

00:48:36   I think you're getting this loser kid at

00:48:38   that party that you get to meet the kv

00:48:39   she did but she was more interested in

00:48:41   the donkey and that's understandable

00:48:43   because you can't ride a kv donkeys are

00:48:46   such an interesting sighs if they were

00:48:48   much bigger much smaller they wouldn't

00:48:50   be as interesting they're very

00:48:51   interesting size m because you don't use

00:48:53   it without the well we have a kind of a

00:48:55   pending by the petting zoo but then it

00:48:57   has like a pen around of stuff that you

00:48:58   can just look at the donkeys are always

00:49:00   very interesting-looking to me

00:49:02   got to me too there you know and they're

00:49:04   very Hardy yes you can you can go you

00:49:06   can go down to the grand canyon with

00:49:08   them

00:49:08   yeah did you know a cab American rate

00:49:11   can weigh a hundred pounds and grow to

00:49:13   be four feet long

00:49:15   is that right a hundred pounds it's a

00:49:18   great it's bigger than you think and

00:49:20   wasn't carrying one of those ones they

00:49:22   thought was extinct but then they found

00:49:25   him again

00:49:26   look at that rock LOL you should look at

00:49:28   this John rock cavies Rockies are so

00:49:31   cute

00:49:32   let me see what took a rock cavies the

00:49:34   client Brazil and they are very furry

00:49:36   lookin rock easily more like more

00:49:40   prairie dogs all look at the Rockies i

00:49:44   will be such a great super genius

00:49:47   supervillain sit in the chair pet in one

00:49:48   of those that's exactly what I'm saying

00:49:50   exactly what I'm saying you got you got

00:49:53   a rodent that mates for life so you get

00:49:54   a mom and pop rock kv yeah they sit in

00:49:57   your lap and you pet them whilst explain

00:50:01   it to James Bond how you're going to

00:50:03   you're gonna take him limb from limb

00:50:05   huh some pedophilic behavior has also

00:50:07   been displayed with adult male escorting

00:50:08   juvenile males so they groom the Rockies

00:50:11   it's been observed I think it's a great

00:50:14   idea I think you need a project

00:50:16   well no but I'm suggesting this I mean

00:50:18   think about this what if you and I both

00:50:20   had rock kb's then that that only were

00:50:23   like friends

00:50:24   well I'm and it's sort of like super

00:50:25   genius super super spooky genius action

00:50:30   that just look at your a look at your

00:50:33   phone look at the photos i sent all

00:50:34   right you get an idea what we're in for

00:50:36   here look at this thing you know you've

00:50:38   already picked out a cap

00:50:39   oh no we're all about Octavio know it's

00:50:42   a known cat it's a it's a great setup

00:50:45   all the way around it's a known great

00:50:47   cat you see that um let's see here it

00:50:51   looks it looks kinda like something dust

00:50:53   with you go to war with the cap that you

00:50:55   have not kept that's right that Donald

00:50:57   Rumsfeld on cats

00:50:58   oh my goodness this cat is absolutely

00:51:00   like a Swifter or or that thing my mom

00:51:03   uses to take dust-up the top of the land

00:51:05   a cat it's a it's a it's a Persian cat

00:51:08   with a little smash face and it just

00:51:10   sits in your lap me Pettitte

00:51:12   what's a smash face cat see these people

00:51:15   have three or four cats and they have

00:51:17   one cat they refer to as the bad cat the

00:51:18   name of the cat is bad cat

00:51:20   I'm glad cat is mean to this cat and so

00:51:22   this cat needs a place to live it's the

00:51:23   sweetest cat in the world and so we're

00:51:26   gonna get next month

00:51:27   oh you can see that it's a sweet cat

00:51:29   because it's kind of hunkered down like

00:51:31   it's afraid of the eagle is gonna grab

00:51:33   it

00:51:33   yeah it's got that look yeah i'm just

00:51:35   like please don't place that we can put

00:51:37   in the Eagles look at that face you see

00:51:39   that face i do see that face

00:51:41   it's a very nice pace i mean it has that

00:51:43   it has that quality that small dogs have

00:51:45   where you're not sure what their that

00:51:47   the the one we be eyes are causing the

00:51:51   discoloration and they don't know what

00:51:53   that it's whether you know the thing

00:51:55   about little dogs where it's like I

00:51:56   don't know like poodles poodles get this

00:51:57   brown deer to put spaces like are you

00:52:00   sweating or over are your eyes your eyes

00:52:03   have extra matter i don't know why that

00:52:06   happens leaking out lolz brown eyes

00:52:09   yeah I find kind of off-putting oh they

00:52:11   call that a polite to your stains

00:52:13   delight ear sting but they were great

00:52:15   you ever update i'll love them there's a

00:52:18   smiths they're here to proceed are

00:52:21   utilized for that to your state's or

00:52:25   uh-oh more bets

00:52:27   that's for sure mmm your pets pets for

00:52:30   short as a common troubling issue in

00:52:32   which the hairs around the dog's eyes

00:52:34   become discolored look

00:52:36   ya knows it could have been one or both

00:52:38   eyes but you would like to your stains

00:52:41   what causes things what constitutes

00:52:43   you're staying here students develop

00:52:44   over time and there are several reasons

00:52:46   why this occurs this is great writing

00:52:48   for some poodles more than one of the

00:52:49   causes will be at the root of the cock

00:52:51   problem haha ok go on Wikipedia writer

00:52:56   no that's not this is a small poodle

00:52:58   info.com better even better look good

00:53:00   with your edited it could be it could be

00:53:02   a red yeast infection could be a tear

00:53:04   duct tissue an ear infection could be

00:53:05   teething stuff for the water could be

00:53:07   artificial coloring and food

00:53:09   I don't want any of that explanation

00:53:11   know that I want one explanation for

00:53:13   your pets

00:53:14   yeah good light ear stating is a result

00:53:16   of poodles having bad dreams

00:53:20   I think struggle i would tell you that's

00:53:21   muscular riding bad that's right yeah

00:53:24   put a lot polite you're standing as a

00:53:25   result

00:53:26   bad dreams and pools omit needless words

00:53:28   um so anyway that's happening and you

00:53:32   have any updates on the RV still

00:53:35   pondering so that time you know you're

00:53:36   one sorry you're in the moment you're

00:53:37   not thinking about right

00:53:38   no I can't I can't continue to be in the

00:53:40   mode of not thinking about it because

00:53:42   the man the RV the guy that is storing

00:53:44   the RV is giving me the very very

00:53:48   friendly but firm voice when he talked

00:53:51   to me on the phone which is yes we

00:53:53   agreed that you can keep it here until

00:53:55   until februari but that is contingent on

00:53:58   you getting mixed here on you moving

00:54:01   forward

00:54:02   yeah he doesn't what I mean I'm guessing

00:54:04   he doesn't want to hear on january 31st

00:54:07   is oh sorry i'll come pick it up in a

00:54:09   week or so right and that and that

00:54:11   worries me because you know what I don't

00:54:14   want is for him to suddenly say like

00:54:15   well if you want it then you have to pay

00:54:17   me 100 dollars a day for storage right

00:54:20   Tom and we did we have no agreement

00:54:22   about that and there's nothing I don't

00:54:24   think keeping him from doing that and in

00:54:27   the probably with the reading cops or

00:54:30   the reading sheriff's office it would be

00:54:32   harder for me to negotiate with them

00:54:34   then this guy who's like I put a lien on

00:54:37   the vehicle and now you have to come to

00:54:39   the reading courthouse know sometimes so

00:54:42   uh so I but I'm not accusing this guy of

00:54:44   that in advance but it just feels like

00:54:46   he is saying he sent me some paperwork

00:54:48   today is like well fill out this

00:54:50   application for a napa no interest car

00:54:55   repair loan and we'll just get right on

00:54:57   it you can give me fifteen hundred

00:54:58   dollar deposit tomorrow

00:54:59   he's good he's moving right and so you

00:55:03   can play them i'm talking to other

00:55:04   people on the on the black list it's

00:55:06   already going to be very hard for me to

00:55:08   go down there and here's the crazy thing

00:55:09   the the transmission was throwing chunks

00:55:13   for sure but it wasn't

00:55:16   I've I've run a transmission out of a

00:55:18   vehicle to the point where it wouldn't

00:55:21   go into gear and wouldn't move because

00:55:23   the transmission had disintegrated who

00:55:25   this thing never stopped running under

00:55:27   its own power

00:55:28   it was thrown smoke everywhere

00:55:30   but there's a part of me that's like

00:55:33   yeah everybody that looks at it says it

00:55:36   needs a new transmission it surely does

00:55:38   but will this transmission get it to

00:55:40   seattle that is it something that none

00:55:45   of us have addressed and if the thing

00:55:48   was in seattle i could i would have that

00:55:51   six months of you know of time to gear

00:55:57   up

00:55:57   so this is figures into your decision

00:55:59   making but it doesn't help with his need

00:56:02   to get an answer

00:56:03   yeah and if I say to him hey what are

00:56:06   the possibilities of me just making it

00:56:08   home limping at home he's gonna say he's

00:56:12   it that's gonna change our relationship

00:56:14   yep he he wants you to come back with

00:56:18   something decisive you want you to come

00:56:20   back with get started with work on this

00:56:21   and i'll pay what it costs or I'm coming

00:56:23   to get it tonight

00:56:24   right right and you know and because he

00:56:27   doesn't want to be you know my dad I'm a

00:56:29   long way away and you know he's in he's

00:56:32   in reading where you know the thing

00:56:35   about about cathedrals yeah you can get

00:56:39   to be a you can have a detrimental with

00:56:42   this is you think you have to be in a

00:56:43   city to have a cathedral

00:56:45   oh interesting that's not what i was

00:56:46   saying but yeah that's uh no idea that

00:56:48   you told me this right

00:56:50   I didn't think you do have to be well

00:56:52   you have to be a yeah township or Lord

00:56:54   ship or a or a sailing ship tama

00:56:57   cathedral ok but I know what I'm saying

00:57:00   about cathedrals is the reason the

00:57:01   cathedrals and and old architectures so

00:57:03   beautiful is that it was built at a time

00:57:06   when labor was cheap and material was

00:57:08   expensive oh now that's true yeah so you

00:57:11   have these guys and it was like well

00:57:12   this is this it

00:57:14   it took a lot to get this stone here but

00:57:16   it didn't take a lot to get you Italian

00:57:18   stone carver so I spend some time making

00:57:22   this stone look pretty

00:57:23   yeah with your little cherubims and your

00:57:26   car gore gargoyle limbs

00:57:29   mhm and and now we have the problem of

00:57:32   materials being cheap because they're

00:57:35   all made out of glue and wood shavings

00:57:38   right but we have made labor very

00:57:41   expensive so it's like oh we

00:57:44   got all this garbage lumber and garbage

00:57:46   particle board but the you know the

00:57:51   Carpenters are getting paid

00:57:52   thirty-five dollars an hour so let's

00:57:54   just throw this thing up as fast as we

00:57:55   can right well in Redding California

00:57:58   there's one thing I know which is that

00:58:00   property is cheap not super cheap it's

00:58:04   not like you can move to reading anymore

00:58:06   and just by 40 acres right in the center

00:58:08   of town and have a sheet problem

00:58:10   yeah but so this guy if this RV was

00:58:14   sitting at an RV place in downtown

00:58:15   Seattle they would be like we need every

00:58:18   square inch

00:58:20   get your damn RV out of here by tomorrow

00:58:22   but in reading discs i could Cisco could

00:58:25   stack rvs for a year right so so in a

00:58:29   way he is creating a false sense of

00:58:32   urgency because it's just like you know

00:58:34   what push that thing out to the back of

00:58:36   but the back 40 and forget it's there

00:58:38   yeah i mean but I'm he's been pretty

00:58:40   cool what you think I do think he's been

00:58:43   cool i do think he's been cool but yeah

00:58:45   I needed dad right now he's like listen

00:58:48   son just relax take the winter to think

00:58:51   about it there's no one there's no way

00:58:55   I'm going to be able to tow it anywhere

00:58:58   I can't tell it to san francisco anyone

00:58:59   to see us certainly thought of this but

00:59:01   he is there any chance you could get a

00:59:02   little help from the black list in the

00:59:04   internet to find a place where you could

00:59:06   store it for a couple months and it'll

00:59:08   just be down to getting it towed

00:59:09   somewhere that's not costly and with

00:59:11   that's him or somewhere else

00:59:13   you at least have a little bit of leeway

00:59:15   to think about this without all the

00:59:16   pressure

00:59:17   well that's a good question Merlin and

00:59:19   you know what I'm going to get I'm gonna

00:59:21   get on the phone this afternoon you've

00:59:23   just inspired in front of me no know

00:59:25   that there's a guy let's just call him

00:59:28   let's just call him what he is here I

00:59:30   his name is Greg birch he's a dentist

00:59:34   oh yeah great keep email me yeah great

00:59:36   birch the dentist who has a pretty

00:59:38   famous family member that's right who

00:59:40   had whose grandfather was the birch who

00:59:45   was sort of like one of the head dudes

00:59:47   at the GMC RV how important was it John

00:59:50   he was very important he designed the he

00:59:52   designed an aftermarket screen door

00:59:55   he's so important he was important that

00:59:56   that the 23 inch

00:59:56   that the 23 inch

01:00:00   I'm sorry 23-foot version of the GMC RV

01:00:03   is called is named after him for

01:00:06   children it's called the burger chain

01:00:08   and the they made much fewer 23-foot rvs

01:00:12   than 26-foot rvs but one of them is

01:00:15   named after the man for children so

01:00:17   great birch who lives up in Northern

01:00:19   northwestern Washington and has a

01:00:23   thriving dental practice there he's been

01:00:26   very helpful in my GM cr-v odyssey he's

01:00:30   a he's a young guy the rare young GMC RV

01:00:34   owner and dentist and dentist and legacy

01:00:37   and so he wrote me yesterday texted me

01:00:41   even that he said listen I've been

01:00:42   talking a mani and I think we might have

01:00:45   a plan

01:00:46   so when i get off the phone with you I'm

01:00:48   gonna call great birch he's gonna he's

01:00:51   probably going to leave some patient in

01:00:53   a chair with suction happening on is

01:00:55   especially be right back

01:00:58   just that you know just closed and spit

01:01:00   and I'll be right back and he's going to

01:01:02   sit and walk around the dental office

01:01:04   talking to me on the phone and saying

01:01:06   here's the plan i cooked up with Manny I

01:01:08   don't know what that plan is going to be

01:01:09   man is a little bit crazy you know he's

01:01:12   talking about when he tell you I met me

01:01:14   now Manny is a guy who bought who did by

01:01:18   10 acres of land in a san jose

01:01:23   california back when you could buy 10

01:01:27   acres of land in san jose for $15,000

01:01:30   well and his 10 acres is way up the hill

01:01:35   to the east of san jose and has a

01:01:38   panoramic view of san jose california

01:01:40   which now as you know is part of the

01:01:42   part of the silicon valley family of

01:01:47   towns and he sits up there in his like

01:01:51   in his eagles nest

01:01:55   and works on GMC RVs and who knows if i

01:02:00   lived up there I would shoot flaming

01:02:01   crossbows down into this crossbow bolts

01:02:03   down into san jose every night but I

01:02:07   don't think he does but he does have you

01:02:08   know he's got this this very strange

01:02:10   ranch campus up there is a compound it's

01:02:15   very it is a compound i would say it has

01:02:17   it has it has a gate probably shouldn't

01:02:20   say too much

01:02:20   no no so he's up there and he's and he

01:02:23   rebuilds gmcr RV transmissions my

01:02:26   impression is just for the fun of it

01:02:29   Wow um like a lot of these gmcr be

01:02:33   people you ask them what they did and

01:02:35   they're like oh I was a you know an

01:02:36   aeronautical engineer and I was a test

01:02:38   pilot for Boeing and or whatever and now

01:02:41   i read that i restore these turbo 400

01:02:45   transmission in my garage but you know I

01:02:48   don't want anything I don't want

01:02:50   anything out of them and I sell them for

01:02:52   a thousand bucks just to cover my costs

01:02:54   like huh that's weird I mean have you

01:02:58   even seen Downton Abbey I mean how

01:03:00   why is this relaxing but I but it is

01:03:03   relaxing

01:03:04   yeah so Manny but you know I went up to

01:03:07   mannys place and the first thing ma'am

01:03:08   he said was a disarming is a piece of

01:03:10   junk who I was like nine out of ten

01:03:13   people nine out of ten old guys that I

01:03:15   talk to about it said all you got a good

01:03:18   deal but man he says a piece of garbage

01:03:21   and I'm like well thanks Manny

01:03:23   why do you say that and then he walked

01:03:26   me over to his GM cr-v which he had

01:03:28   built with he'd built with pullouts with

01:03:32   like slide outs in the style of a new RV

01:03:35   he gutted the interior and built it all

01:03:37   this is that that's his real like labor

01:03:39   of love

01:03:40   yeah he's like one of these guys that

01:03:41   wants to update the GMC RV to make it a

01:03:44   space capsule and I'm like well I want

01:03:48   to I want to keep it stock like original

01:03:50   to the seventies and he got a look on

01:03:52   his face like I had said I want to fill

01:03:54   it with fucking sheep dip and I want to

01:03:57   live inside of it naked and piss on

01:03:59   myself

01:04:00   he was like why the fuck would you want

01:04:01   to keep it original like she was

01:04:04   offended right and I said this is a

01:04:07   classic rift in the

01:04:09   in the blacklist community i believe it

01:04:10   is and i think that most of them are

01:04:12   older people who want their GMC rvs to

01:04:17   continue to be contemporary ok which

01:04:19   means a lot of that weird RV upholstery

01:04:22   that's like big flowers or like and and

01:04:26   new furniture and new lighting

01:04:28   yeah sure and I'm like nah nah man its

01:04:31   vintage I wanted to look like somebody's

01:04:33   rec room from 1974 like i wanna i wanna

01:04:37   fuckin have a shag carpet in a round bed

01:04:40   and they're just offended by it they

01:04:43   just feel like that's so go show its

01:04:47   ghosh its counter to their their

01:04:49   aeronautical engineering background

01:04:51   because blah blah blah

01:04:53   yeah and so anyway so i know to feel I

01:04:57   know to discount somewhat his feeling

01:05:00   that my RV is junk because he looks at

01:05:02   things like that's like old it's just

01:05:04   it's a stock it hasn't been updated but

01:05:08   I but it did get inside my head

01:05:11   his comment so that i'm walking around

01:05:13   and I'm discounted the nine out of ten

01:05:15   dentists surveyed who feel like

01:05:16   sugarless gum is there their

01:05:19   recommendation for patients who come who

01:05:21   I've got this one dentist that's like

01:05:23   not fucking sugar gum and so when I

01:05:28   think about repairing the RV I'm like

01:05:30   maybe it's a piece of junk maybe man is

01:05:33   right so maybe the the other four five

01:05:37   dentists are being supportive

01:05:40   mmm being nice because that's how you

01:05:42   rolling on the blacklist

01:05:44   yeah they're being nice or they're being

01:05:45   just you know they're just they're doing

01:05:47   that old man mechanic thing where

01:05:48   they're like well it's up to you

01:05:50   uh-huh you go look my RV is on fire

01:05:52   should I put it out there like well

01:05:53   that's up to you and you know that's a

01:05:55   personal decision like no give me some

01:05:57   advice here the gear you've got 11 of

01:05:59   these tell me what I should do well you

01:06:01   know you can either save it or not

01:06:03   well looks like your cars are far it's

01:06:07   like rock you give me a give me like a

01:06:09   little piece of fatherly advice right

01:06:11   and these are the same guys that you

01:06:14   know that's what exactly what they say

01:06:15   to their sons to they kicked him out of

01:06:16   the nest and they're like well better

01:06:18   secret swim

01:06:20   huh anyway so that's the update and I'm

01:06:23   still you know i'm still still pawn over

01:06:25   and I'm still thinking about what

01:06:27   whether or not i got a lot of responses

01:06:30   last week from people who listened to

01:06:33   last week's podcast expressed a lot of

01:06:36   respect for our opinion are for our

01:06:38   feelings about crowdsourcing and then

01:06:42   ultimately said but you're nuts

01:06:44   please accept our money please take my

01:06:46   money or whatever it is that they say

01:06:48   right

01:06:48   and so I'm still considering some

01:06:50   version of that

01:06:51   oh wait nevermind

01:06:55   Shh

01:06:58   I have been setting up Marlon an ebay

01:07:03   store I've been setting up an ebay

01:07:06   students amazing and now right

01:07:08   I've never done this before i'm setting

01:07:10   up an ebay store you're gonna tell your

01:07:12   stories and I'm gonna tell so i'm going

01:07:14   to tell some stories about some coats

01:07:16   and pants and boots and then I'm gonna

01:07:18   I'm gonna put those codes pants and

01:07:20   boots for sale up to the people and say

01:07:25   listen here's a coat

01:07:26   here's the story of it mhm here's my

01:07:28   opinion about this coat here my feelings

01:07:31   about it

01:07:31   basically you buy the story comes with

01:07:33   the coat and you can eat a bit on it or

01:07:36   not the the starting starting price is

01:07:39   going to be 0 or 99 cents or whatever

01:07:41   like it's it's pure auction know kind of

01:07:45   reserved and you can just go to town on

01:07:48   it some of these items I've worn for

01:07:49   years some of them are are are pieces

01:07:53   that I've had in my in my collection and

01:07:56   Warren periodically and I might even I

01:08:02   might even everyone's want to sell one

01:08:05   of my dad's shirts

01:08:07   this is very interesting John because my

01:08:09   dad's shirts don't actually fit me and

01:08:12   I've worn them for years and always kind

01:08:15   of tugged at the collar shirt tucked up

01:08:18   the cuffs because they're just sort of

01:08:20   an inch or even a half an inch too small

01:08:24   in every direction and so it's like I'm

01:08:27   gonna sit on these insisted on these dad

01:08:29   shirts until what my daughter grows up

01:08:31   and doesn't know how how are you gonna

01:08:33   do the fulfillment

01:08:35   well i'm making a commitment to apply

01:08:39   that i'm going to get a kv I'm gonna get

01:08:42   a kv and i'm going to actually mail

01:08:45   these things to people you know I'm not

01:08:48   gonna put I'm not gonna put 400 things

01:08:51   up there at first I'm just going to put

01:08:52   20 things babies baby steps see what

01:08:55   people think you'll find at least one of

01:08:56   the that's a real dinner though you

01:08:58   should put up one that's gonna be the

01:09:00   one that everybody talks about links to

01:09:01   well just don't you think you need one

01:09:05   like Marky anchor item

01:09:06   well this is that I mean there are so

01:09:07   many right I like I'm putting up my

01:09:10   leather jacket that i bought in high

01:09:13   school that I wore to Soundgarden's bad

01:09:16   motor fingers just the water liquid

01:09:17   paper on it

01:09:18   let's get the liquid paper on it you're

01:09:20   kidding Soundgarden's a bad motor

01:09:22   fingers of LP release party both of them

01:09:25   there were two parties i went to both

01:09:26   I've seen you know I've seen David Yau

01:09:29   and his his spectacular band the David

01:09:32   Yao's yet have jesus lizard jesus lizard

01:09:36   thank you have seen you know I saw babes

01:09:39   in toyland really racist or pretend

01:09:40   racist now I think he's pretend races

01:09:42   okay i still have not a bit i need to

01:09:44   get that out there might be a bit i mean

01:09:47   you know he takes his dick out on stage

01:09:48   he did liquid paper you know some of the

01:09:51   liquid paper has been liquid paper gets

01:09:54   brittle over the years John well some of

01:09:55   it has been painted over a with white

01:10:00   paint pen and then some and then that

01:10:03   felt like too much so some of that was

01:10:05   painted over with indelible black pen

01:10:07   here curator so there's there's white on

01:10:09   it there's old white on it there's a

01:10:11   there's and then there's black there's

01:10:14   there's black on it

01:10:16   if this jacket has been through

01:10:17   everything with me but it just isn't

01:10:19   just not gonna it's not gonna go all the

01:10:23   way to my death and partly it's because

01:10:26   it's too big

01:10:27   the jackets too big it's always been too

01:10:29   big it's a 48

01:10:32   Wow jacket that I got as a 48 at the

01:10:35   time because the two women in that

01:10:37   yeah i thought i was gonna I thought I

01:10:38   was gonna wear a bunch of a big a Irish

01:10:41   fisherman sweater under my black leather

01:10:44   motorcycle jacket and you know that ends

01:10:46   up being yes if i was going to if I was

01:10:49   gonna work on the deck of a cross the

01:10:52   Pacific freighter maybe i would need

01:10:55   that much for bulletproof protection but

01:10:58   I've never had never taken that job so

01:11:00   anyway so that is you know that's one

01:11:02   that's one item that's going up there

01:11:04   but is that more is that more of a of a

01:11:08   of a tentpole item then like one of my

01:11:11   dad's shirts that says Roderick honored

01:11:13   on the on the tail where his dry cleaner

01:11:16   wrote his name in my heart I don't know

01:11:18   you're going to decide what you need

01:11:19   some kind of fish food you know that

01:11:21   look at cycling like an auction house to

01:11:23   do you need one really big guy we got

01:11:24   you know here's Elizabeth Taylor's

01:11:25   underpants

01:11:26   right right right right knee like some

01:11:28   you need some Taylor pants hmm what's it

01:11:30   gonna be what's it gonna be you know

01:11:31   you'll get you'll get it but I i will

01:11:33   continue say as I've said you off there

01:11:34   because i love you just get the

01:11:35   infrastructure right that's the hardest

01:11:37   part

01:11:37   so that's the thing I'm you know this is

01:11:38   what we have a soul bells yet because

01:11:40   the year the fulfillment in fulfillment

01:11:41   sometimes these things up i'm ironing

01:11:43   them i'm taking photographs of them and

01:11:45   then my my senses that i'm just going to

01:11:47   get those priority mail envelopes and

01:11:50   i'm going to put more boxes i'm gonna

01:11:53   just put the stuff in the boxes and put

01:11:56   little post-it notes on it that tells me

01:11:57   what's in the box

01:11:58   this is the code for this is the boot

01:12:00   and then they'll all be stacked they're

01:12:02   pretty boxed and when they sell i'll

01:12:05   just all have to do is just write the

01:12:06   name on it and then take it to the post

01:12:09   office they're telling the story on a

01:12:10   card now be kind of cool

01:12:13   wow that's an extra step but that's well

01:12:15   yeah but that's what you're selling your

01:12:16   selling the story on a card that's what

01:12:17   makes it artisanal isn't it

01:12:19   oh absolutely you can't have small batch

01:12:20   cards mmm

01:12:21   type it up in the car but maybe i'll use

01:12:24   my cursive typewriter which I i hardly

01:12:27   ever get a chance to do I like a corset

01:12:29   typewriter got a cursive but i think i

01:12:30   think if you found especially it's an

01:12:32   old index cards and typed up a paragraph

01:12:34   on the item i think now you get yourself

01:12:36   us to do you think I don't have a stack

01:12:38   of old index cards you because i don't

01:12:42   have a house train your ID on him a

01:12:44   shoebox full of index cards that are in

01:12:46   a minute discontinued sighs the eastern

01:12:49   better cards are not three by five three

01:12:51   and a half by five and a half

01:12:53   oh my goodness let's go out

01:12:57   yeah yeah the only the only file

01:12:59   cabinets that can they can hold them are

01:13:00   all made of oak so what's your time

01:13:03   frame on this

01:13:04   well so my ebay name is Morgan rides

01:13:07   free all one word

01:13:09   morgan writes free ok because because my

01:13:13   middle name is Morgan as you know and

01:13:16   when I was a teenager and I was hopping

01:13:19   freight trains I realized that all the

01:13:22   hobos had little tags that they wrote on

01:13:26   the trains to indicate that schooling on

01:13:28   the trains and John Hodgman kind of blew

01:13:30   this up with his you know 500 OBO names

01:13:35   yeah but you know hobo names were things

01:13:38   that they actually kind of scroll door

01:13:40   sometimes like scratched into the rust

01:13:43   of of of freight trains to you know to

01:13:48   communicate with each other and to just

01:13:49   say like Kilroy Was Here right sure

01:13:52   and so I needed something like that but

01:13:55   I was 17 and I was like it was a

01:13:58   dangling and I was like what's my hobo

01:14:00   name and I didn't and I couldn't decide

01:14:04   thing is I feel like your hobo name is

01:14:08   something that your fellow hobos

01:14:10   bequeath to you or or or bestow upon how

01:14:15   you don't choose a name you earn it

01:14:16   i'm not sure i have i tried to the best

01:14:20   I could avoid other hobos because it

01:14:22   seemed like they were predators and I

01:14:25   was just a boy

01:14:26   oh it's just that we're back to the big

01:14:28   rock candy mountain now

01:14:30   mmm grooming so I didn't want to be

01:14:33   groomed you will be greeted by a hobo

01:14:35   i dunno if I'm gonna bring by a homo i

01:14:38   know i know it's yeah there's candy in

01:14:43   the mountains follow me follow me follow

01:14:44   me

01:14:45   ya see that if I heard that music on kxi

01:14:48   and John Tesh told me it was from 1950 i

01:14:52   would fucking believe it i would be like

01:14:54   are like that's something in my throat I

01:15:02   go back to choke in any case i I'm so

01:15:07   more morgan rides free and fr your

01:15:11   interview got that good good feedback

01:15:12   great buyer prompt payment valued

01:15:14   customer highly recommended

01:15:15   yes either you go boom boom boom morgan

01:15:18   writes free was my hobo name shortened

01:15:21   shortly to Murph oh oh it's a with an

01:15:25   anagram

01:15:26   yeah or I know acronym acronym person to

01:15:30   deal with a plus i think it should

01:15:32   probably been morph fast player

01:15:34   yeah but like the comparative history of

01:15:37   ideas always called it called itself kid

01:15:39   and it really should have been chod well

01:15:42   jotter or shud chod chod childhood but

01:15:48   like the new yorker diuresis over it

01:15:50   showed to mr. Joe owed Joe code bitch

01:15:56   oh um so I'm so Murph with my stupid

01:16:01   stupid its joke and it's just stupid

01:16:04   jokes up here we are

01:16:06   I got was this the other day Emily news

01:16:08   bomb was writing a review of the

01:16:10   jennifer jones television program who

01:16:12   and she referred to jonathan coulton

01:16:15   lyrics as though Jonathan Coulton was a

01:16:20   universally understood contemporary

01:16:24   music reference she just played it off

01:16:26   legit

01:16:27   she's just like all that Jennifer Jones

01:16:28   kinda reminds me of the lyrics to

01:16:30   Jonathan Colton's mad scientist story

01:16:33   Skullcrusher mountain and then she's

01:16:35   quoted a long passage of his lyrics and

01:16:38   I read this thing and she was making all

01:16:40   kinds of references to the internet to

01:16:43   like insider internet kinda talk the the

01:16:46   whole sjw a like yeah you know she's

01:16:51   keeping up she's on the fortune and i'm

01:16:53   reading I'm reading this thing and I'm

01:16:54   like who the fuck is the audience for

01:16:56   this it's like she's writing it's like

01:16:58   it's like she thinks that I em the em

01:17:03   right up the middle of who the new

01:17:06   yorker readers are right and then I got

01:17:08   a cold chill and once you realize the

01:17:11   call is coming from inside you that's

01:17:13   right i am you are mister mister chose

01:17:17   the new yorker is actually now designed

01:17:22   for us for you it's very yeah like Latin

01:17:26   of I know

01:17:29   oh my goodness that's true and so my

01:17:33   whole life I have thought of the new

01:17:35   yorker reader as this personally old

01:17:39   Tweety fop yeah who has a lot of

01:17:41   pictures on the top of his p.m. and i

01:17:44   get a lot of right and maybe it maybe a

01:17:46   Tony Award yeah like on a shelf

01:17:49   somewhere and he's sitting there

01:17:51   absent-mindedly tinkling on the piano

01:17:53   and and reading The New Yorker and now I

01:17:56   realize that no you're you're right up

01:17:59   the middle New Yorker reader is a guy

01:18:01   with the GMC RV is considering buying a

01:18:03   kv

01:18:06   stop

01:18:10   mhm