Roderick on the Line

Ep. 151: "Mrs. Horning's Pepsi"


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00:00:19   [Music] [TS]

00:00:24   hello hi John where the man jon john jon [TS]

00:00:33   john jon john x 102 down-and-out now [TS]

00:00:43   John is in front [TS]

00:00:46   let's put on a groundout hear that music [TS]

00:00:52   video [TS]

00:00:53   do I and they're playing it live in [TS]

00:00:55   adultery had had a guitar [TS]

00:00:58   mmm that was wet during Pete Townsend's [TS]

00:01:02   black telecaster phase and scheckter [TS]

00:01:06   American using his chapters yeah yeah [TS]

00:01:09   yeah isn't it was also wondering if I [TS]

00:01:12   could borrow a phrase it's also kind of [TS]

00:01:13   when he was transitioning with his hair [TS]

00:01:17   Oh ever he was he was at that he was at [TS]

00:01:19   that stage that last stage was like yeah [TS]

00:01:22   I can pull the Sun and his hair looked [TS]

00:01:26   like it was made by an Internet Boeing [TS]

00:01:28   ember was slightly be winging it [TS]

00:01:32   yeah yeah that's right he did he had he [TS]

00:01:34   had some had some wings to meet did it [TS]

00:01:36   was almost like it was almost like Pauly [TS]

00:01:38   from The Sopranos yes [TS]

00:01:41   yeah like it kind of almost a little [TS]

00:01:43   earmuff think a little higher up [TS]

00:01:44   uh-huh a little flock of seagulls yeah [TS]

00:01:47   yeah well you know that was their new [TS]

00:01:50   wave record right that was the that was [TS]

00:01:51   the new wave their new wave moment I had [TS]

00:01:54   a there's a different time it's nobody [TS]

00:01:58   cares i had a poster in my bedroom for [TS]

00:02:00   three or four years that I got probably [TS]

00:02:02   a liquor store or right honey cake sure [TS]

00:02:05   said Schlitz rocks America with the WHO [TS]

00:02:08   and then noticed there was a graphic of [TS]

00:02:09   them play music do you remember when of [TS]

00:02:13   those kids died at the who concert I was [TS]

00:02:16   yes that was I think i was living in [TS]

00:02:20   Cincinnati then yeah and that was like [TS]

00:02:23   such a minus my cousins were there they [TS]

00:02:26   were at the show you know at a cousin's [TS]

00:02:28   five years older cousin 10 years older [TS]

00:02:29   and they were at the show and they yeah [TS]

00:02:32   yeah [TS]

00:02:33   I was it was it was like a it was like [TS]

00:02:35   it rocked the country [TS]

00:02:38   yeah it did changed it changed the it [TS]

00:02:42   changed the whole deal in a way yeah I [TS]

00:02:46   have to tell you to this day I've [TS]

00:02:47   explained to my daughter I was like you [TS]

00:02:48   know arm you know how you have you ever [TS]

00:02:51   noticed how pretty much every door on a [TS]

00:02:54   public building opens out like can you [TS]

00:02:56   guess why that is and she doesn't cast [TS]

00:03:00   she's seven but no seriously every time [TS]

00:03:03   it's so weird I mean this to sound [TS]

00:03:04   really crazy but I notice when a door on [TS]

00:03:07   a public building does not open out [TS]

00:03:09   mmm doesn't meet for younger listeners [TS]

00:03:11   welcome [TS]

00:03:12   uh-huh hello I don't know the exact [TS]

00:03:15   story i think was it may be rolling [TS]

00:03:16   stone years later had a big piece about [TS]

00:03:19   this but basically there was a k-8 [TS]

00:03:21   Wisconsin who concert in Cincinnati 1979 [TS]

00:03:23   it was face dancers to her and got a [TS]

00:03:28   long story short they're gonna rush to [TS]

00:03:30   the stage and then there was this idea [TS]

00:03:31   that if you got in there is a store over [TS]

00:03:35   here I think we're if you got through [TS]

00:03:37   that door you could get to the stage [TS]

00:03:38   faster was that was that what happened [TS]

00:03:40   so some something happened but all you [TS]

00:03:43   need to know is that there was a massive [TS]

00:03:45   rush of people all heading toward the [TS]

00:03:47   same door at the same time a door that [TS]

00:03:50   guess what maybe the door to get out of [TS]

00:03:52   the of the you know riot or whatever but [TS]

00:03:54   the point is it open in and like when I [TS]

00:03:56   remember first hearing that this is so [TS]

00:03:59   depressing [TS]

00:03:59   remember first hearing that and like it [TS]

00:04:01   really sunk in what it meant to have a [TS]

00:04:03   door open in when several hundred people [TS]

00:04:07   are trying to get through that door at [TS]

00:04:08   the same time it's a bad scene people [TS]

00:04:11   were trampled people were crushed [TS]

00:04:13   crushed and yeah yeah and it was it was [TS]

00:04:16   really bad news now in contrast almost [TS]

00:04:19   well I think every front door of a house [TS]

00:04:22   does open in because inches because [TS]

00:04:27   hinges in a residential dorset up you [TS]

00:04:31   wouldn't have exposed hinges the changes [TS]

00:04:33   on the outside right [TS]

00:04:34   I always thought growing up in Alaska [TS]

00:04:36   that the doors open in case there was a [TS]

00:04:40   really big snowfall and you wouldn't be [TS]

00:04:42   able to get your oh this is good you [TS]

00:04:44   know what I'm not going to use the [TS]

00:04:45   internet i'm just going to postulate [TS]

00:04:46   that's good John I like that because if [TS]

00:04:49   there's a lot of snow you couldn't you [TS]

00:04:50   know there's all kinds of it happens all [TS]

00:04:52   the time when you open your front door [TS]

00:04:53   and there's like four feet of snow [TS]

00:04:54   that's all the tall but always have a [TS]

00:04:56   lot of a lot of work by the door to door [TS]

00:04:58   sales lobby [TS]

00:04:59   I think involved to keep the doors [TS]

00:05:01   opening in because your foot into a door [TS]

00:05:03   you know that opens out didn't wasn't [TS]

00:05:06   that their slogan for a while [TS]

00:05:07   keep the doors opening in a lot of [TS]

00:05:12   reasons why you would want your front [TS]

00:05:14   door of your house to open in and I [TS]

00:05:15   think that was probably the logic at the [TS]

00:05:17   when they built this stadium door set up [TS]

00:05:20   before and then it was like oh but in a [TS]

00:05:23   case where there are 4,000 people [TS]

00:05:25   trampling one another god through the [TS]

00:05:28   doors open out I i always remember it [TS]

00:05:31   being turned styles but maybe I'm maybe [TS]

00:05:33   I'm getting that wrong maybe maybe turn [TS]

00:05:35   styles were different Rock trampling I [TS]

00:05:38   don't know if it's very interesting idea [TS]

00:05:40   though I mean just done not super [TS]

00:05:41   interesting but I think it's kind of [TS]

00:05:43   interesting thing about a few if you [TS]

00:05:44   have a door there it's there for a [TS]

00:05:45   reason in for a door operatory as you [TS]

00:05:47   know where a philosophy podcast i could [TS]

00:05:49   say ah priori you don't operate your [TS]

00:05:51   email you have it or blank slate blank [TS]

00:05:54   slate unhappy little Rasta there you go [TS]

00:05:56   to the Monad of my idea is that if you [TS]

00:06:00   have a door is there for a reason and it [TS]

00:06:01   has to be secure enough otherwise why [TS]

00:06:04   have a door [TS]

00:06:05   well thank you yes why have a door [TS]

00:06:08   although there are decorative doors [TS]

00:06:11   lots of them I'm sure you get the [TS]

00:06:12   slightly a Japanese doors [TS]

00:06:14   well you got those and then you have [TS]

00:06:16   these foam corridors that they're so [TS]

00:06:18   popular now which are popular open [TS]

00:06:21   because the cheap-o like the yeah like [TS]

00:06:25   the used to be when I was a kid you can [TS]

00:06:26   take your finger off in a slamming door [TS]

00:06:28   oh my god you slam a door it really [TS]

00:06:30   youyou really emphasize your point a [TS]

00:06:32   child could not pick up a door where it [TS]

00:06:34   on the ground and now today you get the [TS]

00:06:35   hollow corridors blue get out of here [TS]

00:06:38   you can you punch one of those would be [TS]

00:06:39   the right through it in the nineteen [TS]

00:06:41   seventies when someone in the [TS]

00:06:42   neighborhood slammed a door you knew it [TS]

00:06:46   yeah right somebody down the block got [TS]

00:06:50   mad slam the door [TS]

00:06:51   gas prices with all this gal come on [TS]

00:06:54   people were transitioning their their [TS]

00:06:56   furnaces from coal to oil all got [TS]

00:06:58   catalytic converters don't get me [TS]

00:06:59   started you know what I so I know a [TS]

00:07:02   little thing [TS]

00:07:03   figure 2 about catalytic converters huh [TS]

00:07:05   and did you know that certain catalytic [TS]

00:07:08   converters early let's say early version [TS]

00:07:12   1 catalytic converters beta have a lot [TS]

00:07:17   of platinum and yeah they're worth a lot [TS]

00:07:21   of money [TS]

00:07:22   no hitting a dead old greasy old [TS]

00:07:25   catalytic converter out of certain kinds [TS]

00:07:27   of cars has a they know it has a scrap [TS]

00:07:30   value several hundred dollars because of [TS]

00:07:33   the precious metals that's insane why no [TS]

00:07:35   cop maybe just on the wire but I know [TS]

00:07:37   like stealing copper pipe is a big thing [TS]

00:07:39   well yeah that's for a long time you you [TS]

00:07:41   read Jesus his son right [TS]

00:07:43   oh well still in copper pipe still [TS]

00:07:47   copper wire and copper pipe out of old [TS]

00:07:50   houses a major plot point i remember in [TS]

00:07:52   Florida maybe concomitant with the rise [TS]

00:07:55   of crack on people would break into [TS]

00:07:58   houses under construction they would [TS]

00:08:00   watch house under construction and see [TS]

00:08:01   at the point when they got wiring and [TS]

00:08:03   pipes and go and take it but imagine [TS]

00:08:05   that show up one day like gosh uh well [TS]

00:08:08   in fact there was an epidemic [TS]

00:08:11   I don't know how widespread the epidemic [TS]

00:08:13   was but it did qualify as an epidemic by [TS]

00:08:17   the by the 70s centers for disease [TS]

00:08:21   control standard of epidemic where [TS]

00:08:23   people were actually sawing down those [TS]

00:08:27   giant aluminum like interstate light [TS]

00:08:33   poles those giant light poles that go up [TS]

00:08:35   and illuminate an entire parking lot of [TS]

00:08:37   entire walmart parking lot of yeah they [TS]

00:08:40   were they were they were cutting them [TS]

00:08:41   down with with power sauce because there [TS]

00:08:43   was so much aluminum in them that the [TS]

00:08:46   scrap value was like worth the effort [TS]

00:08:47   that's so crazy now today looms like it [TS]

00:08:50   has nothing right are giving it away [TS]

00:08:52   here turns out there's been lots of [TS]

00:08:55   changes in the requirement recycling [TS]

00:08:56   quote-unquote industry i heard it's a [TS]

00:08:58   real different game nowadays you have to [TS]

00:08:59   really bargain the margins are thin and [TS]

00:09:02   you have to like really watch like what [TS]

00:09:04   the values are to figure out what's even [TS]

00:09:05   worth of course are the Sun NPR so you [TS]

00:09:08   could end up being the guy who doesn't [TS]

00:09:10   collect all the recycling and then base [TS]

00:09:12   we going like walgreen bottles are so [TS]

00:09:14   out of demand right now that i'm just [TS]

00:09:16   gonna take it to the dump [TS]

00:09:17   that's your recycling yeah I I went [TS]

00:09:20   through a phase 3 phase where I thought [TS]

00:09:22   maybe I would be a sort of Sanford and [TS]

00:09:25   Son style scrap metal level class glad [TS]

00:09:29   that you can resume your life of tight [TS]

00:09:33   it's a medical no no notnot my own [TS]

00:09:36   personal scrap no professional Scott [TS]

00:09:39   conventional scrap collecting where I [TS]

00:09:40   what I was like somebody would say hey [TS]

00:09:43   you do what you love you will clean out [TS]

00:09:46   this live well and I'd go you know take [TS]

00:09:49   all the rusty scrap and put it in a [TS]

00:09:51   truck and take it to be the recycling [TS]

00:09:54   place and you know they pay different [TS]

00:09:56   amounts and they at the time they really [TS]

00:09:58   wanted aluminum but they would they give [TS]

00:10:01   you money for steel and a couple of [TS]

00:10:05   times I role in there with the entire [TS]

00:10:08   back of a f250 just piled to the you [TS]

00:10:11   know just thought you could the truck [TS]

00:10:13   couldn't carry any more garbage and you [TS]

00:10:15   drive in there and they will that big [TS]

00:10:17   magnet you just like grabbed everything [TS]

00:10:20   that steel just grab everything that [TS]

00:10:22   steel right out of the back of your [TS]

00:10:23   truck you know they did the position [TS]

00:10:25   that magnet right over your truck and [TS]

00:10:26   you're sitting kind of it you can stay [TS]

00:10:28   in the truck stay in the truck and and [TS]

00:10:30   and it's sitting way down on it shocks [TS]

00:10:32   because it's a store full of metal and [TS]

00:10:35   then they turn on the power and like [TS]

00:10:40   however many hundreds of pounds of [TS]

00:10:42   garbage just is relieved from the truck [TS]

00:10:45   instantly just like soap without picking [TS]

00:10:46   up the truck doesn't pick it's not that [TS]

00:10:48   you know they calibrated so that it was [TS]

00:10:50   smart and yeah that's right right the [TS]

00:10:53   first time they tried that they don't [TS]

00:10:54   expect the consequences that's why they [TS]

00:10:56   put a knob instead of a switch [TS]

00:10:58   at first I didn't they just put a switch [TS]

00:11:02   in there like doll [TS]

00:11:03   what do you guys see 1.1 it's great to [TS]

00:11:06   put an abend but up but they allow that [TS]

00:11:08   must mean you really dramatic to see [TS]

00:11:10   what's great it's not just to see [TS]

00:11:11   because the truck then is all of a [TS]

00:11:14   sudden there 900 pounds lighter and it [TS]

00:11:17   bounces the truck bounces up on its [TS]

00:11:19   shock absorbers liked by all it's very [TS]

00:11:22   cool [TS]

00:11:24   experience and then you go into the [TS]

00:11:25   office and they give you like four and a [TS]

00:11:27   half dollars [TS]

00:11:29   oh really and you're like oh come on I [TS]

00:11:31   me know so i think we we did it we did a [TS]

00:11:33   run one time where there were where we [TS]

00:11:35   made enough money that the two of us [TS]

00:11:37   could get some mexican food and like a [TS]

00:11:41   you know and split a six pack of beer so [TS]

00:11:44   it's not a thing that you get rich doing [TS]

00:11:46   hauling scrap I i have a recollection so [TS]

00:11:49   funny today because now I mean is it is [TS]

00:11:52   it everywhere it is i get the feeling [TS]

00:11:54   that it's just a regressive cities like [TS]

00:11:56   ours but we got three cans of black can [TS]

00:11:59   for fruit for landfill we've got a kind [TS]

00:12:04   of hate that every time I see landfill I [TS]

00:12:06   just throw everything in there cause it [TS]

00:12:07   makes me so furious [TS]

00:12:08   mmm we got landfill is black i will [TS]

00:12:11   compost is green and it's a little [TS]

00:12:13   unconventional some places the greens [TS]

00:12:16   for the recycling but are exactly is [TS]

00:12:18   green blue green is diesel jeans diesel [TS]

00:12:20   yeah you put diesel in and see this is [TS]

00:12:23   they should really quantify this job [TS]

00:12:24   that's super confusing but back in the [TS]

00:12:26   day I remember when recycling first [TS]

00:12:28   became a thing that I was aware of [TS]

00:12:29   private eighth-grade probably bright not [TS]

00:12:32   too far from the time of Ashley it's [TS]

00:12:33   rocking America with the who i'm going [TS]

00:12:35   to turn into that ok but we drank a [TS]

00:12:37   metric shitton of coke in cannes i've [TS]

00:12:40   drank all I mean I dragon unconscionable [TS]

00:12:42   amount of coke for most of my life [TS]

00:12:44   it is amazing that you got as far as you [TS]

00:12:46   did I mean I when I was in college it [TS]

00:12:50   was not unusual at all and i'm gonna i'm [TS]

00:12:52   gonna make a gender division here [TS]

00:12:53   because diet coke was all the rage then [TS]

00:12:55   guys would drink a 12 pack of coke a day [TS]

00:12:57   yeah a lot of the ladies might like a [TS]

00:12:59   friendly drink easily drink a 12 pack of [TS]

00:13:01   diet coke today all it's just all the [TS]

00:13:03   bit just hearing this is like dissolving [TS]

00:13:06   the pennies in the pocket of my [TS]

00:13:07   aspartamay would be a pretty name for a [TS]

00:13:09   girl as part of a a Spartan a supported [TS]

00:13:13   a Spartan a start for mandarin lessons [TS]

00:13:16   but about what we do is in this god this [TS]

00:13:19   is so this is so gross but again back in [TS]

00:13:21   Florida Suncoast as you say we would [TS]

00:13:23   have big hefty bags and put the cans in [TS]

00:13:25   there and save them up and I might be [TS]

00:13:27   remembering this wrong but circa [TS]

00:13:28   nineteen eighty-one I feel like I [TS]

00:13:30   remember getting i want to say [TS]

00:13:31   forty-five cents a pound for aluminum [TS]

00:13:34   they were there aluminum at that [TS]

00:13:36   point taken from steel to aluminum but I [TS]

00:13:38   mean I don't think it's just something [TS]

00:13:40   even possible that seems ridiculously [TS]

00:13:41   high [TS]

00:13:42   I remember walking away with like seven [TS]

00:13:44   bucks sometimes well you know you may be [TS]

00:13:47   there may have been a deposit involved [TS]

00:13:50   also not in Florida buddy no okay out [TS]

00:13:52   here now what we gotta go to you know I [TS]

00:13:54   should do some sizzurp deposit on cans [TS]

00:13:56   and income oh yeah we're no [TS]

00:13:57   Massachusetts but let me see what it [TS]

00:13:59   says here on the looking at myself can [TS]

00:14:02   ya 17 to set recently says Bennett [TS]

00:14:06   nickel but it's nikhil at least that is [TS]

00:14:08   an awful lot that's I mean we stand by [TS]

00:14:11   our coke in those big sixteen-ounce [TS]

00:14:12   bottles because that was way easily the [TS]

00:14:14   most economic way it is like and you are [TS]

00:14:17   you want you a generic pop family [TS]

00:14:19   uh well no shasta ok that's not that's [TS]

00:14:25   not a generic are three kinds of [TS]

00:14:27   families there's the there's the [TS]

00:14:29   families that always only got coke the [TS]

00:14:30   families that always only got pepsi and [TS]

00:14:32   then there were the families like my [TS]

00:14:33   poor dear friend Jon whose mom always [TS]

00:14:36   bought whatever was on sale on the end [TS]

00:14:37   cap was he had down some serious are [TS]

00:14:39   seated so we didn't we had so rci [TS]

00:14:41   consider a top-shelf call or at least a [TS]

00:14:44   mid shuffle better than pepsi for sure [TS]

00:14:46   well what how can you say that about [TS]

00:14:47   pepsi i'll come on really [TS]

00:14:49   now that the hornings had an interesting [TS]

00:14:51   arrangement which was that I think they [TS]

00:14:54   had generally like lots of different [TS]

00:14:56   kinds of pop but the pepsi was for mrs. [TS]

00:14:59   Horning only and you think you could go [TS]

00:15:02   into the relating the NPR wooden houses [TS]

00:15:04   it [TS]

00:15:05   no no okay you could go with you could [TS]

00:15:06   go into their the mornings house and you [TS]

00:15:08   could get hires you can get a 7-up you [TS]

00:15:12   Dr Pepper but did do not touch the pepsi [TS]

00:15:15   that's only for mrs. morning mrs. [TS]

00:15:18   Lawrence pepsi now [TS]

00:15:19   Adolphus my good friend Adolphus Busch [TS]

00:15:21   orth one-third it was given to his prom [TS]

00:15:26   led by Clydesdales he because he's from [TS]

00:15:30   Atlanta and because his name because his [TS]

00:15:33   middle name is bush he drank a liter of [TS]

00:15:36   coke every day I knew him and and he [TS]

00:15:41   preferred it warm and flat huh huh [TS]

00:15:45   now me I'm a I'm [TS]

00:15:49   I'm pop agnostic right I'll drink any [TS]

00:15:51   kind of pop except diet I won't drink a [TS]

00:15:55   diet pop but anymore I don't drink I [TS]

00:15:58   don't drink pop because of the reasons [TS]

00:16:01   scraps of so many reasons but in the [TS]

00:16:05   seventies i'm going to say that we drink [TS]

00:16:09   a lot of shasta chest i think shasta is [TS]

00:16:12   making a root beer but she has to also [TS]

00:16:14   do the chest and make a variety of [TS]

00:16:16   carbonated soft drinks [TS]

00:16:18   yeah yeah and they had like a lemon line [TS]

00:16:20   they had their own off-brand some right [TS]

00:16:22   you keep saying off-brand alright i [TS]

00:16:25   guess is some kind of grocery store so I [TS]

00:16:28   I feel like I still have so much to [TS]

00:16:29   learn [TS]

00:16:30   I still have so much to grow as a person [TS]

00:16:31   i'm still using so many of the old words [TS]

00:16:33   yeah i know its offensive and defensive [TS]

00:16:35   to call chesta off-brand I just I can't [TS]

00:16:37   get used to it it's not a decision it's [TS]

00:16:40   a right i know i know it's something you [TS]

00:16:43   have to think about Merlin you just have [TS]

00:16:44   to get ahead of your you just have to I [TS]

00:16:46   don't know which of these kids today [TS]

00:16:47   John they're not aware of how much [TS]

00:16:48   variety there was in on brand drinks [TS]

00:16:52   back then thank you yes well the world [TS]

00:16:54   wants yet RC you had you had high but [TS]

00:16:57   there's a whole bunch of them and then [TS]

00:16:58   what's the generics came along forget [TS]

00:16:59   about I mean it was crazy there was so [TS]

00:17:01   much variety now growing up in in ohio [TS]

00:17:04   did you have some regional pops like [TS]

00:17:06   like Moon River nehi or whatever those [TS]

00:17:10   things where like daddy's lynching yeah [TS]

00:17:13   we had we had a we had lots of local [TS]

00:17:15   beers there was you to pole and was [TS]

00:17:18   called Hootie and there was what was the [TS]

00:17:21   other one we had those I don't remember [TS]

00:17:23   having regional I think maybe this is [TS]

00:17:26   just a hot John Hodgman thing but I [TS]

00:17:27   think of New York and New England as [TS]

00:17:30   being like where you get some serious [TS]

00:17:32   off-brand sodas yes are different [TS]

00:17:34   differently branded sodas and also will [TS]

00:17:36   some of those i would qualify as [TS]

00:17:38   off-brand that's the one he's always [TS]

00:17:39   going on about Moxie oxy yeah I've never [TS]

00:17:42   had a moxie [TS]

00:17:42   well there's a lot of those things [TS]

00:17:44   little look hush pies and monkey brains [TS]

00:17:48   and whatever that there's just all those [TS]

00:17:50   desserts that little pies and cakes and [TS]

00:17:52   stuff that that are actually regional [TS]

00:17:55   just completely regional and not [TS]

00:17:56   anything i'm interested in and then when [TS]

00:17:58   you look at it you realize oh that's [TS]

00:17:59   just a hostess cupcake [TS]

00:18:02   but you're calling it something else [TS]

00:18:03   right that's just you know what that is [TS]

00:18:05   that's just normal mayonnaise but [TS]

00:18:08   somehow you are calling it [TS]

00:18:10   Hellmann's mayonnaise right I almonds [TS]

00:18:13   man is it some kind of west of the [TS]

00:18:15   Mississippi east of the Mississippi is [TS]

00:18:16   how many best best foods that's right [TS]

00:18:20   yeah it's sort of like with was all the [TS]

00:18:22   fast-food place you get the Carl's jr. [TS]

00:18:24   versus hardees I believe that right [TS]

00:18:27   are you saying that those two things are [TS]

00:18:28   equivalent I know hardees is the same as [TS]

00:18:30   another place and it's Carl's jr. what's [TS]

00:18:32   the other one what's the moment though [TS]

00:18:33   with the fucking clown [TS]

00:18:34   what's that one the jack-in-the-box all [TS]

00:18:37   of them they all have a clown that's [TS]

00:18:38   true that you're using a lot more clouds [TS]

00:18:40   and food the burger king guys got a [TS]

00:18:43   clown Ronald McDonald's clown [TS]

00:18:45   jack-in-the-box thing is a little clown [TS]

00:18:47   how do we still have our clouds still [TS]

00:18:50   thing clown sell hamburgers [TS]

00:18:52   I am coming up on 50 years old john i [TS]

00:18:55   haven't I have never I have like maybe [TS]

00:18:57   three clowns [TS]

00:18:58   what about bob's big boy he was kind of [TS]

00:19:00   a clown well I think he's like a [TS]

00:19:02   diabetes clowns he had put with that [TS]

00:19:04   hair that's superhero you go in [TS]

00:19:07   Cincinnati that we didn't call Bob's we [TS]

00:19:09   had frisch's frisch's big boy [TS]

00:19:11   freshers big boy see what I would go [TS]

00:19:13   places and people it's a Bob's Big Boy [TS]

00:19:15   making me frisch's that's where the boy [TS]

00:19:17   is what happened is a lot of those East [TS]

00:19:19   Coast brands as they moved west people [TS]

00:19:20   were like those names are two ethnic we [TS]

00:19:23   don't want to sell any high almonds [TS]

00:19:24   mayonnaise out here we'll just call it [TS]

00:19:26   heaven names floated though they went [TS]

00:19:28   pretty well the German names [TS]

00:19:29   yeah yeah I mean cincinnati since [TS]

00:19:33   there's a pretty german test selectors [TS]

00:19:35   was a cold at the guitars [TS]

00:19:37   no but I know the the big boys [TS]

00:19:41   Oh freshers shrink like as infractions [TS]

00:19:43   fresh fresh [TS]

00:19:45   yes that's uh that's dish is a threat [TS]

00:19:48   research just hamburgers [TS]

00:19:50   um uh it was we had a thing out here [TS]

00:19:54   where the the what was it called it was [TS]

00:20:01   called her [TS]

00:20:03   oh it was called Black Angus the Black [TS]

00:20:05   Angus restaurant before [TS]

00:20:07   I'm sorry I immediately think of Patton [TS]

00:20:09   Oswalt's bit on that i have always will [TS]

00:20:12   have a black angus but he has a great [TS]

00:20:13   bit on the like aggressiveness not to do [TS]

00:20:16   other people's jokes but like the [TS]

00:20:17   aggressiveness of the ads you know about [TS]

00:20:19   and this ridiculous amount of food that [TS]

00:20:21   they bring to you it's like that part of [TS]

00:20:23   their thing [TS]

00:20:23   well see now I think this is the problem [TS]

00:20:25   with black angus which is a which is a [TS]

00:20:29   common enough phrase that I think there [TS]

00:20:31   are multiple black angle guy out there [TS]

00:20:35   and a California black angus probably [TS]

00:20:39   has no relationship to the old chain [TS]

00:20:41   washable I get it I get it I get I've [TS]

00:20:45   you know what like for example I bet in [TS]

00:20:47   earlier time they're probably a whole [TS]

00:20:48   bunch of different Burger King's that [TS]

00:20:50   didn't even know the other ones exist [TS]

00:20:51   exactamundo before Don Draper got the [TS]

00:20:54   account they were just there just a [TS]

00:20:55   whole bunch of places called burger king [TS]

00:20:56   burger Queen burgers who cares [TS]

00:20:58   Thank You burger king there's a burger [TS]

00:21:00   king in every town and i'm sure there [TS]

00:21:01   was a black angus in every town but [TS]

00:21:03   there was a guy here in Washington named [TS]

00:21:04   Stuart anderson and he had a he had a [TS]

00:21:08   big cattle ranch over by ellensburg and [TS]

00:21:11   he opened up all these restaurants [TS]

00:21:12   Stewart Anderson's cattle company [TS]

00:21:14   I'm sorry you mentioned this in the last [TS]

00:21:16   episode what he yeah you made a joke [TS]

00:21:18   about indie rock band playing there and [TS]

00:21:20   then people on Twitter started lighting [TS]

00:21:21   up itself like some beloved steakhouse [TS]

00:21:23   right well yeah except the cattle [TS]

00:21:25   companies were what he had to start [TS]

00:21:27   calling his restaurants because some [TS]

00:21:29   other place named black angus sued him i [TS]

00:21:32   think like Angus John I think that's [TS]

00:21:33   like champagne [TS]

00:21:34   I think that's one of those terms that [TS]

00:21:35   means something it is it's a kind of cow [TS]

00:21:38   yeah so anyway that the black but did I [TS]

00:21:40   really mentioned this on the last [TS]

00:21:42   episode what I'm having some kind of i'm [TS]

00:21:44   having some kind of cattle company like [TS]

00:21:47   fugue state where you're what you're [TS]

00:21:49   having one locking Barkley call tabula [TS]

00:21:51   rasa which is a kind of monad we're able [TS]

00:21:53   to start fresh every week because we [TS]

00:21:55   have such a good dialectic have a good [TS]

00:21:57   dialectic that thesis you got the [TS]

00:21:58   antithesis was you got this in addition [TS]

00:22:02   synesthesia which i think is what [TS]

00:22:03   foucault had when we made his pendulum [TS]

00:22:05   yes I thesis antithesis have you ever [TS]

00:22:08   seen Foucault's Pendulum yes they're [TS]

00:22:10   incredible i think it was in I want to [TS]

00:22:12   say Seattle don't think about what I [TS]

00:22:14   went somewhere they had a big-ass [TS]

00:22:15   pendulum and I kind of couldn't stop [TS]

00:22:17   watching it [TS]

00:22:18   did we go together was that one of those [TS]

00:22:20   late night [TS]

00:22:20   things where we went and yeah i think so [TS]

00:22:22   is it night and it wasn't a giant room [TS]

00:22:24   there's a pendulum and watch people are [TS]

00:22:25   sitting around looking kind of [TS]

00:22:26   bewildered i'll find out you know what [TS]

00:22:28   I'm not looking at the world at the [TS]

00:22:29   internet today but I'll find out what [TS]

00:22:31   Foucault pendulum is it about my Ganga [TS]

00:22:34   sorry i took a black angus no no I'm [TS]

00:22:36   bottom so far going off a black angus [TS]

00:22:37   know right now i'm looking at a picture [TS]

00:22:39   of uh of of like people cause playing [TS]

00:22:44   kiss that just appeared on my little [TS]

00:22:47   kids [TS]

00:22:47   yeah yeah we'll never agree on some [TS]

00:22:49   out-of-work full-grown adults but well [TS]

00:22:51   let me ask me get back to the question [TS]

00:22:53   of you not looking at the internet today [TS]

00:22:56   is that a thing that you just decided to [TS]

00:22:58   do while we were talking or is that a [TS]

00:22:59   thing that you woke up this morning and [TS]

00:23:00   said I'm not looking at the internet you [TS]

00:23:04   really want an answer yes [TS]

00:23:06   ok i go into every episode with this [TS]

00:23:10   idea in mind i am here to engage in [TS]

00:23:13   mental intercourse intercourse with John [TS]

00:23:15   it's not my job to be right [TS]

00:23:17   it's not my job to be complete it's my [TS]

00:23:18   job to be engaged so so and then I try [TS]

00:23:21   to say you hear me sometimes exhale like [TS]

00:23:23   this ago because i realize i gotta go [TS]

00:23:25   look at the internet and then what [TS]

00:23:27   happens like last week I looked at the [TS]

00:23:28   internet and i still got almost [TS]

00:23:30   everything I said wrong [TS]

00:23:31   aah because I'm waiting scanning an [TS]

00:23:33   article well I'm trying to have a mental [TS]

00:23:34   intercourse with you and i that's like [TS]

00:23:36   checking your watch [TS]

00:23:37   so this is like the dow of Merlin yeah [TS]

00:23:39   it is 10,000 steps begins with me [TS]

00:23:41   yeah RSC I could go check but you know [TS]

00:23:44   then you're gonna go through forgot this [TS]

00:23:47   or like you've got some you to you [TS]

00:23:50   you're using the voice of the of the [TS]

00:23:52   internet I don't think that's a [TS]

00:23:55   professor actually i am i've gone back [TS]

00:24:04   i've fallen off the wagon which and the [TS]

00:24:08   ebay wagon [TS]

00:24:10   oh how i'm back on ebay again I decided [TS]

00:24:14   at a certain point browsing or closing [TS]

00:24:16   the deal to close some deals recently [TS]

00:24:18   John so what happened was what had [TS]

00:24:22   happened was so I had all these shirts [TS]

00:24:26   that required that was our french cuff [TS]

00:24:28   shirts they required cufflinks and i add [TS]

00:24:31   a certain point I was like you know what [TS]

00:24:32   that is a that [TS]

00:24:34   is a dumb thing the dumb affectations [TS]

00:24:37   and I'm gonna take all these cufflinks [TS]

00:24:41   alright of shirts a whole these French [TS]

00:24:43   come get ready get the shirt [TS]

00:24:45   yeah they got to keep my fuckin complex [TS]

00:24:47   for now you got it and then get so much [TS]

00:24:49   more work to get in and out of this [TS]

00:24:50   shirt so I'm like I'm done I'm done with [TS]

00:24:53   the shirts the french cuff shirts I [TS]

00:24:55   packed them all up and I put them in a [TS]

00:24:57   bag [TS]

00:24:58   I was like I'm taking him to the thrift [TS]

00:24:59   store some some very affected young man [TS]

00:25:03   is gonna fight he's gonna end it's gonna [TS]

00:25:04   be a big guy right a very affected [TS]

00:25:07   large-sized young man was going to find [TS]

00:25:10   these shirts at the thrift store is [TS]

00:25:11   gonna be thrilled and make his day but [TS]

00:25:13   then I never made it to the thrift store [TS]

00:25:15   and this the baggy shirts got kicked [TS]

00:25:20   around and finally got kicked under the [TS]

00:25:22   bed and I forgot about it and then I [TS]

00:25:28   started needing to dress up a little bit [TS]

00:25:30   more or rather I i started to have an [TS]

00:25:33   excuse to think that i needed a dress up [TS]

00:25:35   a little bit more because in seattle if [TS]

00:25:39   you if you go and look at the pictures [TS]

00:25:40   of the people that are running for City [TS]

00:25:42   Council most of them are trying to [TS]

00:25:43   communicate through their clothes that [TS]

00:25:45   they're just regular people [TS]

00:25:46   yeah and I'm trying to communicate [TS]

00:25:48   through my clothes that i am not a [TS]

00:25:49   regular people [TS]

00:25:50   I'm a very fancy people we have plenty [TS]

00:25:52   of regular people [TS]

00:25:53   hey listen you want regular people in [TS]

00:25:55   seattle city council you got a lot of [TS]

00:25:56   people to vote for [TS]

00:25:57   I just got the fish throwing place but [TS]

00:25:59   if you want fancy people i'm your people [TS]

00:26:01   and so I'm wondering around I'm like I [TS]

00:26:04   gotta get I gotta you know I want to get [TS]

00:26:06   fancier oh wait a minute what is fancier [TS]

00:26:08   than french cuff shirts and then I [TS]

00:26:12   thought oh no I gave those shirts away [TS]

00:26:15   like a dummy i gave the shirts away just [TS]

00:26:19   a few months before before I realized [TS]

00:26:23   that I desperately needed the shorts so [TS]

00:26:26   the other damn flipping my mattresses [TS]

00:26:28   because it's spring I flip my mattress [TS]

00:26:32   up lo and behold right there under the [TS]

00:26:35   bed is this bag of french cuff shirts [TS]

00:26:37   that I kicked around sartorio mana right [TS]

00:26:41   it's like whoa hello [TS]

00:26:44   it's like thank you God its butt [TS]

00:26:47   haha song will you realize that oh my [TS]

00:26:53   god it's like leaving cigarettes above [TS]

00:26:57   the door frame right and then you own [TS]

00:27:01   you're out of cigarettes you wander [TS]

00:27:02   around for a while you're like I'm out [TS]

00:27:04   of cigarettes damn it and then you [TS]

00:27:06   realize oh wait a minute [TS]

00:27:07   no I left cigarettes above the sitting [TS]

00:27:10   on top of the door frames of every [TS]

00:27:12   window and every door in this house [TS]

00:27:13   their cigarettes everywhere here [TS]

00:27:15   I mean it's just it's it's very [TS]

00:27:17   equivalent you're actually really just [TS]

00:27:19   forgotten about him you would that's the [TS]

00:27:21   thing if you when you get a fresh pack [TS]

00:27:22   of cigarettes what do you have you have [TS]

00:27:24   20 brand-new cigarettes you guys in the [TS]

00:27:26   end you have 20 brand-new cigarettes you [TS]

00:27:28   feel like you got all the cigarettes for [TS]

00:27:29   the rest of your life you never think [TS]

00:27:31   that you're ever gonna run out of these [TS]

00:27:33   20 cigarettes and soso life right there [TS]

00:27:35   and so you take you take four out of the [TS]

00:27:39   pack because you can spare them because [TS]

00:27:42   you've got a million and you put you put [TS]

00:27:45   one above the your bedroom door what [TS]

00:27:47   about the bathroom door what above the [TS]

00:27:48   good one on your respirator well above [TS]

00:27:51   the window to the outside to hide one in [TS]

00:27:53   the kitchen and then smoked the [TS]

00:27:55   cigarettes like you you know like you [TS]

00:27:57   just like you starting that pack for [TS]

00:27:59   cigarettes in and then probably when you [TS]

00:28:03   get to the end of that pack of [TS]

00:28:04   cigarettes you'll be out a story you'll [TS]

00:28:05   get another pack you'll be three or four [TS]

00:28:07   packs later before you're back at your [TS]

00:28:09   house and out of cigarettes [TS]

00:28:12   Wow and so you've forgotten about the [TS]

00:28:14   four until that that little voice in the [TS]

00:28:18   back your head says thank you passed me [TS]

00:28:21   thank you passed me for thinking of me [TS]

00:28:24   present me and putting those cigarettes [TS]

00:28:28   around well so this is what happened [TS]

00:28:29   with my french cuff shirts and then I [TS]

00:28:32   realized if I'm gonna be fancy I two [TS]

00:28:35   things need to happen one I need to [TS]

00:28:37   figure out how to how to patronize a dry [TS]

00:28:40   cleaner because I've never done that [TS]

00:28:42   oh really now let us write you you did [TS]

00:28:45   the Sun on principle right never know [TS]

00:28:47   on principle never use the dry cleaner [TS]

00:28:49   well and never used an iron-on principal [TS]

00:28:54   you put in the shower [TS]

00:28:56   well no I just wear it wrinkled because [TS]

00:28:57   I'm because i have a rumpled style [TS]

00:29:00   authentic but I showed up to a couple of [TS]

00:29:02   things and and other people were like [TS]

00:29:04   yeah did you did you put those clothes [TS]

00:29:07   on wet and then go to bed and I was like [TS]

00:29:11   looking through their opera glasses [TS]

00:29:12   they're like I said we've talked about [TS]

00:29:15   this my ruffled style and then they [TS]

00:29:17   showed me a photograph of me standing in [TS]

00:29:18   a line with like six other people some [TS]

00:29:21   of them trying to look like regular [TS]

00:29:23   people over but everybody's iron to [TS]

00:29:26   their shirts and I did I looked like a [TS]

00:29:29   pile of dirty clothes so i may need to [TS]

00:29:33   figure out how to use a dry cleaner and [TS]

00:29:34   bi needed new cufflinks [TS]

00:29:37   so I started going on ebay and after i [TS]

00:29:42   was on there for awhile i decided that i [TS]

00:29:43   wanted my cufflinks all to have stars of [TS]

00:29:46   david on them because that was a kind of [TS]

00:29:49   fashion of judaica after the war to have [TS]

00:29:55   have your your little blue cufflinks [TS]

00:29:57   with the star of david i don't know why [TS]

00:29:59   that they appealed to me so that I was [TS]

00:30:01   like I had to I had to buy the ones that [TS]

00:30:03   I saw I don't know what I'm going to be [TS]

00:30:06   communicating that is really [TS]

00:30:08   unconventional to people but i really [TS]

00:30:11   like the little I like the like with it [TS]

00:30:13   i don't know i like the pictures [TS]

00:30:15   certainly gonna get people a certain [TS]

00:30:16   five [TS]

00:30:18   yea though but the thing is that this is [TS]

00:30:20   the thing about this is the thing about [TS]

00:30:21   cufflinks nobody ever looks at them [TS]

00:30:24   the only way that people look at them as [TS]

00:30:25   if you lift up your cuff link and wagon [TS]

00:30:27   in their face [TS]

00:30:29   oh yeah you know people talk about that [TS]

00:30:30   with the the apple watch that that you [TS]

00:30:32   know it's something for people like me [TS]

00:30:33   who don't wear a watch [TS]

00:30:35   we don't think about gosh that's silly [TS]

00:30:36   but watch people notice watches you know [TS]

00:30:38   coupling people are going to his [TS]

00:30:39   cufflinks right but how many coupling [TS]

00:30:41   people are there right [TS]

00:30:43   not very many I'm with you I'm with you [TS]

00:30:45   so and i figure i figured the very few [TS]

00:30:48   the tiny minority of coupling people [TS]

00:30:50   that will actually ever see my cufflinks [TS]

00:30:53   and and then have a giant like ? appear [TS]

00:30:56   above their head and I will be able to [TS]

00:31:00   take the time in eighty-five percent of [TS]

00:31:02   those cases to sit and talk to them and [TS]

00:31:04   explain [TS]

00:31:05   explain that I don't know why I'm [TS]

00:31:07   wearing this badge on the star of david [TS]

00:31:09   part I think is going to be the most [TS]

00:31:10   frequently asked questions about your [TS]

00:31:12   cufflinks [TS]

00:31:13   yep I think that's true i have I so I [TS]

00:31:15   have a lot of them that I'm some of them [TS]

00:31:17   are real real nice antiques they're very [TS]

00:31:20   beautiful and i'm not sure what [TS]

00:31:23   explanation i can offer on that he [TS]

00:31:25   should come up with something that's got [TS]

00:31:27   you that they appealed to me [TS]

00:31:28   well I'm glad you asked me about my [TS]

00:31:30   cufflinks never done as you know my [TS]

00:31:32   father David servant and unfortunately [TS]

00:31:37   for my family we have no there is [TS]

00:31:39   absolutely no connection to a the tribes [TS]

00:31:43   of Israel haha [TS]

00:31:45   is that right there's not a single even [TS]

00:31:48   ten general connection and so I'm I'm [TS]

00:31:52   completely out in the around the weeds [TS]

00:31:55   and I guess I could just say like I [TS]

00:31:58   really like the little star [TS]

00:32:00   yeah but I I'm not sure that's gonna you [TS]

00:32:02   know of of the of the fifteen percent of [TS]

00:32:05   people that I'm not gonna have a chance [TS]

00:32:08   to adequately explain i'm not sure like [TS]

00:32:10   what percentage of those people are [TS]

00:32:12   going to accept that right right like I [TS]

00:32:15   liked it [TS]

00:32:16   mm so did you go to ebay in search of [TS]

00:32:21   these things I went to ebay in search of [TS]

00:32:24   cufflinks and then once I got there I [TS]

00:32:27   discovered that star of david cufflinks [TS]

00:32:30   were thing and I said why should these [TS]

00:32:35   beautiful things only be available two [TS]

00:32:39   rabbis who liked who else is going to [TS]

00:32:43   wear these things sharp-looking rabbis [TS]

00:32:45   sharp-looking rabbis why should they [TS]

00:32:47   have why should they like get these and [TS]

00:32:51   no one else can [TS]

00:32:53   so then I was then I decided that I it [TS]

00:32:56   wasn't a decision exactly i just bought [TS]

00:32:58   a pair and then I was like if i get to [TS]

00:33:01   then I have a collection lookbook pretty [TS]

00:33:04   soon you know pretty soon I was like not [TS]

00:33:07   exactly scouring but i had to take a [TS]

00:33:09   break look at the main focus [TS]

00:33:11   yeah right you don't want to just be on [TS]

00:33:13   the internet like looking at it [TS]

00:33:15   there's 20,000 cufflinks on there and [TS]

00:33:19   because they're like they are like [TS]

00:33:20   accordions there was a time there was a [TS]

00:33:26   time when the gentleman i just want to [TS]

00:33:29   let you know i haven't thinking a lot [TS]

00:33:31   about this election [TS]

00:33:32   I you know what company is a lot like an [TS]

00:33:35   accordion most people don't know how to [TS]

00:33:38   play it and they wouldn't know what to [TS]

00:33:39   play if they did that's exactly right [TS]

00:33:41   there was a time when accordions were [TS]

00:33:43   very fashionable there was an accordion [TS]

00:33:45   in every well-appointed house accordions [TS]

00:33:48   and it would be so hard to check that's [TS]

00:33:51   that [TS]

00:33:51   but you're not looking at the internet [TS]

00:33:53   right now so if there's no way for you [TS]

00:33:54   to know you have to accept me to get [TS]

00:33:56   your word [TS]

00:33:57   listen weird al yankovic is a perfect [TS]

00:34:00   example of a young man who learned to [TS]

00:34:02   play accordion during the era when [TS]

00:34:04   accordion playing was very fashionable I [TS]

00:34:06   had accordion lessons as a kid [TS]

00:34:07   you're kidding now you did it could you [TS]

00:34:11   still play an accordion you think [TS]

00:34:12   no I mean I could do that over in chords [TS]

00:34:14   with my hand but that's about it now I [TS]

00:34:15   don't derail you but now it was doing on [TS]

00:34:17   saturday mornings right at the beginning [TS]

00:34:19   of the new season a TV super frustrating [TS]

00:34:21   all right brand new Batman franchise and [TS]

00:34:24   i was at their plan like Little Brown [TS]

00:34:25   Jug morning [TS]

00:34:27   oh well anyway so now there is what we [TS]

00:34:31   like what we in the business call a glut [TS]

00:34:33   of accordions right there are a lot more [TS]

00:34:35   really I bet they're hard to fix it but [TS]

00:34:37   that's part of it i bet it once it [TS]

00:34:39   doesn't work exactly right you just get [TS]

00:34:40   rid of it it goes into disuse and goes [TS]

00:34:43   away [TS]

00:34:43   yeah they are impossible to fix and [TS]

00:34:46   there are very few accordion fixtures [TS]

00:34:48   left but everybody who has an accordion [TS]

00:34:51   recognizes that it is kind of a [TS]

00:34:53   miraculous instrument and they all think [TS]

00:34:55   that accordions are worth a lot of money [TS]

00:34:57   right there broken ass rusty old you [TS]

00:35:01   know blown-out accordion is like a cash [TS]

00:35:04   cow is range imagine but the problem is [TS]

00:35:08   that for every person who can play the [TS]

00:35:09   accordion their 50 accordions that's [TS]

00:35:12   what that's why there are so many [TS]

00:35:13   parameters this like the world with [TS]

00:35:15   corporates morning edition [TS]

00:35:19   turns out and cufflinks the same way [TS]

00:35:22   like I huh [TS]

00:35:22   the hipsters have not decided that [TS]

00:35:25   couples for their new thing they're all [TS]

00:35:26   busy where monocles so so the only [TS]

00:35:30   people better and and like old people [TS]

00:35:32   are dying but seriously by the tens of [TS]

00:35:35   thousands every day how many how many [TS]

00:35:37   recordings with us meet in America [TS]

00:35:38   become available everyday I'll bet you [TS]

00:35:42   I'll bet you fifty eight accordions are [TS]

00:35:45   are liberated from this mortal coil [TS]

00:35:46   everyday i would say that was even i [TS]

00:35:49   would say that was even conservative i [TS]

00:35:51   would say was something country like 63 [TS]

00:35:53   new accordions on the hook set loose as [TS]

00:35:58   the dying wish of their owner [TS]

00:36:00   hi I I free you sir like that musical [TS]

00:36:03   nutria just go right I'll go let makeup [TS]

00:36:06   make a living for yourself out there and [TS]

00:36:09   and cufflinks are I think that's that [TS]

00:36:12   you'd have to add two zeros to that I [TS]

00:36:13   think there's 6300 fresh pair of [TS]

00:36:16   cufflinks re-entering the stream [TS]

00:36:19   everyday and no nobody knows where to [TS]

00:36:22   nobody knows what to do with them or [TS]

00:36:23   where to work where they should go so [TS]

00:36:27   I'm kind of i'm calling I'm calling the [TS]

00:36:29   ones from the herd that appealed to me [TS]

00:36:31   from for a while I was I was I was I was [TS]

00:36:35   getting ones that had little trains on [TS]

00:36:36   them but then I realized that the train [TS]

00:36:39   ones are i think that i think that the [TS]

00:36:41   railroads gave them out as like I mean [TS]

00:36:45   not to kids and stuff it wasn't like [TS]

00:36:47   everything like a service award [TS]

00:36:49   exactly yeah yeah we're like the [TS]

00:36:51   salesman would come through he's trying [TS]

00:36:53   to sell you I don't know what train [TS]

00:36:54   salesman tried to tell you but trying to [TS]

00:36:57   do you know buying and selling right [TS]

00:37:00   America and and the cufflinks or one of [TS]

00:37:04   the that was a kind of a party favor now [TS]

00:37:07   hmm it's not strictly a Polaroid model [TS]

00:37:10   because the Polaroid model like the [TS]

00:37:11   Gillette model you get the dingus for [TS]

00:37:15   very cheap or free and then you have [TS]

00:37:17   costly refills for it you kinda gotta to [TS]

00:37:19   a connection here tho cuz now if you're [TS]

00:37:21   going to start doing that you're going [TS]

00:37:22   to need more shirts as well right [TS]

00:37:25   well so this is this is the big question [TS]

00:37:27   that i have to ask myself everyday [TS]

00:37:31   other people i presume make do with a [TS]

00:37:37   limited supply of things ever write [TS]

00:37:40   write write it in addition that it's a [TS]

00:37:43   there's a high and maybe not impossibly [TS]

00:37:47   financial but i would say hi existential [TS]

00:37:49   cost of maintenance m2 having clean [TS]

00:37:51   clothes for example right thanks effort [TS]

00:37:54   but like I think traditionally you had [TS]

00:37:58   what five dress shirts but you had like [TS]

00:38:02   one pretty good hat and one pretty good [TS]

00:38:04   jacket in your ward most days I'm i had [TS]

00:38:07   had the shirts and you did the laundry [TS]

00:38:08   every weekend and and then you went back [TS]

00:38:12   through your shirts I didn't I don't [TS]

00:38:14   think he'd like a lot of extra shirt or [TS]

00:38:18   extra shoes and because of because of my [TS]

00:38:22   lifestyle choices because it might you [TS]

00:38:24   know let's just let's just call it what [TS]

00:38:26   it is because of my lifestyle i have a [TS]

00:38:30   lot of shirts and so do i need more [TS]

00:38:36   shirts i don't i have to say i have to [TS]

00:38:39   wake up every morning and quell that [TS]

00:38:42   feeling that at that way it really wakes [TS]

00:38:46   me up i don't have enough shirts and [TS]

00:38:49   then I wake up and I'm like you've got a [TS]

00:38:50   lot of shirts guy just Shh you don't [TS]

00:38:55   need anymore sure and then that the [TS]

00:38:59   other voices a little bit more high [TS]

00:39:00   pitch and it's like people sure I bet [TS]

00:39:03   you're not committed just clarifies I [TS]

00:39:05   think i mighta gotten this wrong you're [TS]

00:39:06   not committed to going French cuffs only [TS]

00:39:08   no no no French cups [TS]

00:39:11   I mean like every affectation not gonna [TS]

00:39:14   be your Paul Simon bowtie that haha well [TS]

00:39:17   there was down sticks we're both I [TS]

00:39:19   remember I thought you meant palsy other [TS]

00:39:22   point apartments little horrible man was [TS]

00:39:28   have my up and uneven looking for [TS]

00:39:30   couplings no I don't think I think made [TS]

00:39:33   the fifties or in the forties in the [TS]

00:39:35   forties my dad decided that he was going [TS]

00:39:38   to be a bowtie guy he was going to be a [TS]

00:39:40   bowtie guy a tweed jacket guy [TS]

00:39:43   Wow and so at the beginning of his [TS]

00:39:46   career this is the beginning of his [TS]

00:39:48   career he was a veteran but he was a vet [TS]

00:39:50   it was a he was a university washington [TS]

00:39:52   law school graduate and he was he was [TS]

00:39:55   gonna wear tweed jacket in a bowtie [TS]

00:39:57   everywhere he went [TS]

00:39:58   and so if you can think back to like [TS]

00:40:02   what was fashionable for other people to [TS]

00:40:04   wear in the fifties it was not a tweed [TS]

00:40:08   jacket about I but he stuck to it he [TS]

00:40:12   stuck to that look all the way until he [TS]

00:40:14   met my mother and my mother thought at [TS]

00:40:17   the top of at the time 1958-59 like the [TS]

00:40:23   beginning of the mad men era right she [TS]

00:40:27   said you look like a pile of dirty [TS]

00:40:30   clothes [TS]

00:40:31   not coincidentally that that kind of [TS]

00:40:34   look is it's really cool but it would [TS]

00:40:36   probably be a little bit fuddy-duddy [TS]

00:40:37   against the four more popular fitted [TS]

00:40:40   suits of the time yeah funny and dirty [TS]

00:40:43   you got sure you get your get your lady [TS]

00:40:45   friend and her you know she now like new [TS]

00:40:48   look for her Dior like new look em [TS]

00:40:50   journal he's got our hands tucked in a [TS]

00:40:52   little muff and you look a little to let [TS]

00:40:54   you run around like half of the [TS]

00:40:55   humanities professor yeah you look like [TS]

00:40:56   Orville Redenbacher so my mom said you [TS]

00:41:00   got it you got a dish it you gotta ditch [TS]

00:41:02   this look at my dad went kicking and [TS]

00:41:04   screaming but then she bought him a lot [TS]

00:41:05   of slick suits and all of a sudden he [TS]

00:41:07   felt like a pretty pretty smooth [TS]

00:41:08   operator [TS]

00:41:10   so I don't want to make that mistake i [TS]

00:41:13   don't want to continue that mistake [TS]

00:41:14   through subsequent generations right [TS]

00:41:16   sure where I decide oh I'm French cups [TS]

00:41:19   bowtie guy [TS]

00:41:20   all I need now is a pocket watch and and [TS]

00:41:24   some of those colored wing tips and you [TS]

00:41:28   know and the just you just said put me [TS]

00:41:29   out to pasture you just put me on the [TS]

00:41:31   cover of real simple magazine and the [TS]

00:41:37   other will surprise you could not where [TS]

00:41:39   I want to live [TS]

00:41:40   that's not it at all so no I so I don't [TS]

00:41:43   know this french cuff thing I mean it's [TS]

00:41:46   really in a lot of ways it's it's [TS]

00:41:48   reprehensible but uh but you know there [TS]

00:41:53   i am staring at myself in the mirror [TS]

00:41:56   asking that perennial question who are [TS]

00:41:59   you dude you're right [TS]

00:42:01   who among us doesn't look at ourselves [TS]

00:42:03   in the mirror and say who are you dude [TS]

00:42:05   that actually there's a question I've [TS]

00:42:08   been wondering if I could interject [TS]

00:42:10   absolutely i mean i don't know i don't [TS]

00:42:13   uh I think it's probably reflected so to [TS]

00:42:16   speak and in my peril in my carriage [TS]

00:42:19   that I don't spend a lot of time looking [TS]

00:42:20   in the mirror I don't really are you [TS]

00:42:22   dude [TS]

00:42:23   no no I'm not as much as I should I [TS]

00:42:25   don't think about it that much I mean [TS]

00:42:27   obviously I'm racked with self doubt and [TS]

00:42:29   fear but i don't actually think that [TS]

00:42:32   much about how I look until I see how I [TS]

00:42:35   look and then I go wow that's how your [TS]

00:42:39   body is shaped like that's a different [TS]

00:42:41   thing [TS]

00:42:42   well you know I mean I'm am I think [TS]

00:42:44   getting to that stage were just [TS]

00:42:45   congenitally you start looking like an [TS]

00:42:48   old guy [TS]

00:42:49   no I mean yes your hair getting gray [TS]

00:42:51   getting wrinkly and stuff like that but [TS]

00:42:53   just you know getting a little bit like [TS]

00:42:54   didn't used to have like a little bit of [TS]

00:42:56   a chest this is kind of weird and like [TS]

00:42:58   and now i'm getting those like old man [TS]

00:43:00   calves and stuff like that and that's [TS]

00:43:01   kinda weird but again now because of my [TS]

00:43:03   life is I don't have to think about that [TS]

00:43:04   much my wife is super nice about not [TS]

00:43:06   saying anything I'm very chic [TS]

00:43:09   yeah she's pretty sharp but you now have [TS]

00:43:12   to go play and you always go places and [TS]

00:43:15   I know you're a sharp dresser but at the [TS]

00:43:16   same time don't do you have to see I've [TS]

00:43:19   seen more new photos of you in the last [TS]

00:43:22   three weeks then probably the last [TS]

00:43:24   couple years before that maybe and you [TS]

00:43:26   always look good but is it weird to you [TS]

00:43:28   and your self-image to see a photo of [TS]

00:43:30   yourself has that changed at all now [TS]

00:43:32   that you are going to see more of what [TS]

00:43:34   you look like to the world [TS]

00:43:36   well there's no question that i am that [TS]

00:43:41   i am rocking a serious dad vibe now [TS]

00:43:45   there's no pretending for instance if i [TS]

00:43:50   put on some skinny jeans and some [TS]

00:43:52   checkerboard bands i look like a dad in [TS]

00:43:55   skinny jeans and checkerboard bands [TS]

00:43:57   thats it's not nobody's going to mistake [TS]

00:43:58   me for a skater [TS]

00:44:00   hello fellow students [TS]

00:44:04   so but you know this is the question [TS]

00:44:08   about fashion what is it right what is [TS]

00:44:11   it and and the people that don't care [TS]

00:44:12   about it uh are legitimate [TS]

00:44:16   I mean that they are completely they're [TS]

00:44:18   completely right to not care about it [TS]

00:44:19   but then there are then there are people [TS]

00:44:21   for whom [TS]

00:44:23   fashion is their entire lives it's their [TS]

00:44:26   career it's their hearts [TS]

00:44:28   yeah okay I just to clarify though [TS]

00:44:30   here's what i'm talking about give you [TS]

00:44:31   I'll give you an example an additional [TS]

00:44:33   examples of accidentally see myself in a [TS]

00:44:34   mirror and making a little screaming [TS]

00:44:35   noise on it's been a big week with the [TS]

00:44:38   Star Wars trailer coming out and it [TS]

00:44:40   coincided I've right as you watch it [TS]

00:44:43   well yeah of course my god how can i [TS]

00:44:46   watch it like here's my question to you [TS]

00:44:48   yeah chewy and that Han Solo have [TS]

00:44:52   different homes they do not come back to [TS]

00:44:55   one place and say is we're home but they [TS]

00:44:58   see a lot of people are guessing that [TS]

00:44:59   means they've been away for a long time [TS]

00:45:01   I think it could be that they were on [TS]

00:45:02   some kind of mission right before this [TS]

00:45:04   happened but where's Han Solo's home it [TS]

00:45:06   was never established is Corellian but i [TS]

00:45:09   think he travels a lot so are they part [TS]

00:45:11   are they arriving at Corellia so here's [TS]

00:45:15   the thing [TS]

00:45:16   Chewie lives on Planet Chewbacca katka [TS]

00:45:18   chic just shake with 3 y's yeah that [TS]

00:45:22   just seemed I don't know and you know [TS]

00:45:24   and I studied the video could you see [TS]

00:45:26   Hansel is your ring and necklace the [TS]

00:45:29   earrings you're wearing what I've but [TS]

00:45:30   i'm not sure i feel like i couldn't see [TS]

00:45:32   through the tears [TS]

00:45:34   hello my god cheering I felt 10 years [TS]

00:45:36   old again John it was in a way that guy [TS]

00:45:38   is here a phrase like that but like I [TS]

00:45:40   was like transported all right look here [TS]

00:45:43   well let me let me let me let me give [TS]

00:45:45   you let me give you a side-by-side [TS]

00:45:46   comparison okay ready [TS]

00:45:48   on the one hand Chewie get us out of [TS]

00:45:51   here who on the other hand to we were [TS]

00:45:55   home [TS]

00:45:56   come on it's a really good about it's a [TS]

00:46:00   teaser it's a teaser it's a teaser you [TS]

00:46:02   know what I obviously one thing about [TS]

00:46:03   this i just hope he's still weary [TS]

00:46:06   watched many of the Star Wars movies in [TS]

00:46:08   the last couple weeks which is which is [TS]

00:46:10   what makes this time kind of interesting [TS]

00:46:11   did you go back and watch negative 3 [TS]

00:46:13   negative 2 negative 1 [TS]

00:46:14   um i have special versions of those [TS]

00:46:18   that we can watch em I have so much to [TS]

00:46:21   talk about [TS]

00:46:22   yes I damn you don't care about Star [TS]

00:46:23   Wars but you know what I do care about [TS]

00:46:25   special versions of things okay okay [TS]

00:46:27   kinda put a pin in that for just a [TS]

00:46:28   second okay cuz all i want to say [TS]

00:46:29   because this is this is why i'm asking [TS]

00:46:31   you these questions important your [TS]

00:46:32   candidacy yeah so my kid has seen we [TS]

00:46:35   didn't watch perspex back but we've [TS]

00:46:36   watched a you know New Hope AKA star [TS]

00:46:39   wars we watched a special version of [TS]

00:46:43   return of the jedi and we've recently [TS]

00:46:46   watched as i mentioned last week we've [TS]

00:46:47   watched episode negative 1 right that's [TS]

00:46:51   three [TS]

00:46:51   yeah a couple times recently so anyway [TS]

00:46:54   so the trailer came out she was not as [TS]

00:46:55   excited as I am but she's pretty excited [TS]

00:46:57   but so I watch like six times that day [TS]

00:46:59   talking on twitter bike ride and [TS]

00:47:00   everything and she comes home from [TS]

00:47:02   school I told her one picture of school [TS]

00:47:03   like you're gonna there's a trailer for [TS]

00:47:05   the new stores where you can watch it [TS]

00:47:06   watch it [TS]

00:47:06   she was so excited and like a lot of a [TS]

00:47:10   reaction was similar to mine or so [TS]

00:47:11   what's happening there [TS]

00:47:13   oh my gosh who is that and we talked a [TS]

00:47:14   little bit about our records about that [TS]

00:47:16   then you see the Millennium Falcon and [TS]

00:47:17   she was kind of excited and I was [TS]

00:47:19   excited too because like we just wait [TS]

00:47:20   just wait just wait because black it [TS]

00:47:23   comes back up here or chewy it comes [TS]

00:47:25   back up [TS]

00:47:26   we're home I'm crying she goes he's so [TS]

00:47:28   old haha it's like you have it isn't [TS]

00:47:32   that great they're still together it's [TS]

00:47:33   in that same pose from she's like oh my [TS]

00:47:35   gosh let's watch it you can watch it [TS]

00:47:36   again same reaction he's so old now all [TS]

00:47:41   I'm saying is that we will then of [TS]

00:47:43   course we continue to pick up the ipad [TS]

00:47:44   we do a google search on Star Wars then [TS]

00:47:46   and now and she had exactly the same [TS]

00:47:48   remark about every single person and I'm [TS]

00:47:50   like aah time they the same thing [TS]

00:47:52   happened like nine times where she goes [TS]

00:47:53   um like oh my god I'm stability party [TS]

00:47:58   Kenny Baker is so old I go yeah but he [TS]

00:48:01   looks pretty good look and there's a guy [TS]

00:48:02   who plays c-3po and also he looks [TS]

00:48:04   awesome he looks really fits because he [TS]

00:48:06   looks so old and that's all she could [TS]

00:48:08   say to every one of these which makes [TS]

00:48:10   total sense because she's used to seeing [TS]

00:48:13   these people 38 years ago [TS]

00:48:15   yeah well as I look at them and go while [TS]

00:48:17   they look they look pretty good [TS]

00:48:19   yeah do you my question to you is do you [TS]

00:48:21   ever have a John recovering then and now [TS]

00:48:23   moment you ever see yourself and go what [TS]

00:48:26   wow you look good you look good but you [TS]

00:48:29   do have like a white a grayish beard [TS]

00:48:31   is a great no it's great it's great this [TS]

00:48:34   is the thing i have aged by i have aged [TS]

00:48:38   very quickly i think because when I was [TS]

00:48:42   38 I had a little bit of gray coming [TS]

00:48:47   into my beard that looked kind of blonde [TS]

00:48:50   when I was 40 it looked like that when I [TS]

00:48:54   was 42 it looked like that and then [TS]

00:48:56   between coming Steve Martin hack Steve [TS]

00:48:59   Martin went gray he won't prematurely [TS]

00:49:00   gray so he's in his like his twenties or [TS]

00:49:02   thirties he's going gray and so now we [TS]

00:49:04   see him when he's like 60 or 70 like wow [TS]

00:49:06   he looks pretty good because the elta is [TS]

00:49:07   not there he doesn't look that different [TS]

00:49:09   but I do i do look different to myself [TS]

00:49:13   when I see a picture now because the [TS]

00:49:18   gray came in i think really fast like in [TS]

00:49:21   the last three years four years and I [TS]

00:49:25   and now I'm legitimately like gray beard [TS]

00:49:29   guy and a dad it's one of those things [TS]

00:49:32   where you see somebody from a distance [TS]

00:49:34   and you're like oh here comes some 65 [TS]

00:49:36   year old guy and then when they get up [TS]

00:49:38   closer you're like oh he's actually just [TS]

00:49:40   a gray 46-year old guy right right but [TS]

00:49:44   that is there is a little bit of a of a [TS]

00:49:47   like a shocker to me and not just when I [TS]

00:49:53   see a picture of myself taking candidly [TS]

00:49:55   and I go I still fat but like also now [TS]

00:49:59   like and gray like a fat and gray but [TS]

00:50:06   what can you do what can you do about [TS]

00:50:07   that like I've been idea i honestly did [TS]

00:50:09   not mean it as like getting you say oh I [TS]

00:50:11   like old I didn't mean it that way at [TS]

00:50:12   all i just meant it was the unusual now [TS]

00:50:14   that that's that's going to be kind of [TS]

00:50:15   part of what you do like when you're on [TS]

00:50:16   a stage with other people like you know [TS]

00:50:19   the natural human impulse all the times [TS]

00:50:21   to like try suss out what somebody is up [TS]

00:50:24   to with how they look at how they carry [TS]

00:50:26   themselves and how that compares [TS]

00:50:27   together people on stage doesn't ever [TS]

00:50:29   seem strange to see yourself in that [TS]

00:50:30   situation [TS]

00:50:31   uh yeah it does just because well for [TS]

00:50:35   instance like now that I now that i have [TS]

00:50:37   thrown my hat into the ring as a as a [TS]

00:50:39   political person in Seattle and I and I [TS]

00:50:41   recognize that the other people [TS]

00:50:44   in the ring are all people who have been [TS]

00:50:48   practicing this style of dance more or [TS]

00:50:51   less their whole adult lives and i am a [TS]

00:50:54   dancer i am a i'm a i'm a good dancer [TS]

00:50:58   but I am a dancer in a different style [TS]

00:51:01   of dance right I've probably had my [TS]

00:51:03   picture taken more than everyone onstage [TS]

00:51:06   combined but in a very different context [TS]

00:51:09   and so I'm sitting up on a dais with a [TS]

00:51:12   bunch of other candidates listening to [TS]

00:51:14   them talk [TS]

00:51:15   watching them interact with one another [TS]

00:51:17   and and and the people right and and and [TS]

00:51:22   even that like I when I interact with a [TS]

00:51:25   with a crowd i interact with them like [TS]

00:51:27   an audience and a p a group of people at [TS]

00:51:31   a political event are not exactly an [TS]

00:51:35   audience or they're not an audience in [TS]

00:51:36   the same way you know they ra ther the [TS]

00:51:39   polity or whatever the ya know if that's [TS]

00:51:41   a good distinction [TS]

00:51:42   yeah so I set up there and then I see a [TS]

00:51:44   photograph of the of the group and well [TS]

00:51:48   for instance right like my collar is [TS]

00:51:51   wrinkled and no one else's color is [TS]

00:51:53   wrinkled now in in the last 25 years [TS]

00:51:55   I've never looked at a picture of myself [TS]

00:51:57   and thought my collar is wrinkled I but [TS]

00:52:01   now it stands out so I'm learning a new [TS]

00:52:06   style of dance and part of that is like [TS]

00:52:08   learning to look at myself in pictures a [TS]

00:52:10   different way and i'm studying i'm still [TS]

00:52:12   cutting my own hair so I'm not going to [TS]

00:52:15   be I'm not going to be too slick just by [TS]

00:52:23   just by by virtue of like the inherent [TS]

00:52:27   problems in cutting your hair with with [TS]

00:52:31   scissors children says scissors that you [TS]

00:52:33   got out of the junk drawer but yeah I'm [TS]

00:52:37   I what what I'm curious about is now [TS]

00:52:41   that i have gone gray in my beard will I [TS]

00:52:47   will I have another sort of 15 years [TS]

00:52:49   where I kind of don't appear to age very [TS]

00:52:51   much [TS]

00:52:52   right like I'm great now and when I'm 60 [TS]

00:52:55   lb gray and am I just going to be just [TS]

00:52:57   increase [TS]

00:52:58   singly sort of grey on the same at the [TS]

00:53:01   same tempo didn't all happen is it like [TS]

00:53:03   those those guys but like they have a [TS]

00:53:06   full head of hair when they're 17 and [TS]

00:53:08   then by the time they're 21 they've just [TS]

00:53:10   gone completely bald right this [TS]

00:53:12   testosterone guys who can grow a [TS]

00:53:15   mustache like 11 [TS]

00:53:16   well this is the thing about standing [TS]

00:53:18   next to John Hodgman one of the things [TS]

00:53:19   that that people don't know about [TS]

00:53:21   Hodgman is that he is actually of [TS]

00:53:24   italian ancestry so he has he has this [TS]

00:53:29   kind of Sandy hair that makes you think [TS]

00:53:33   that he's just part of the American [TS]

00:53:35   Yankee hair people but when he grows [TS]

00:53:39   that black mustache figures parent for [TS]

00:53:42   The Paris Review right you would think [TS]

00:53:44   but in fact there they are they are [TS]

00:53:47   Italian and a and so he has this this [TS]

00:53:52   mustache that looks like he's just [TS]

00:53:54   dumping Grecian formula [TS]

00:53:57   well I get it but it's not it's his [TS]

00:53:59   natural it just he's got the black [TS]

00:54:02   mustache and so he won't go his [TS]

00:54:05   moustache will be black I think for many [TS]

00:54:08   many many many years before it starts to [TS]

00:54:11   get salt and pepper in it [TS]

00:54:12   I only hope I wish that for him yeah [TS]

00:54:14   Jonathan Coulton he appears to not age [TS]

00:54:17   because of science is using science but [TS]

00:54:24   me I'm just I yeah I think it waited and [TS]

00:54:27   waited in the wings aging it was lurking [TS]

00:54:30   there behind the curtain [TS]

00:54:32   alright and then it just left on my ex [TS]

00:54:36   what I think that age is what I ended up [TS]

00:54:38   kind of unintentional glomming onto I [TS]

00:54:40   and I'm not asking for more information [TS]

00:54:41   necessarily i meant more in the sense of [TS]

00:54:43   like it must be strange to just know [TS]

00:54:45   that people are looking at you and [TS]

00:54:46   taking your photograph and like it must [TS]

00:54:48   be strange to see yourself and go like [TS]

00:54:51   you know that's how i look like to other [TS]

00:54:53   people not just not just a just seems [TS]

00:54:55   weird i act maybe it's just me that's [TS]

00:54:57   always that's always been through and I [TS]

00:55:00   get that make up my mind that Michael [TS]

00:55:01   Jackson disease alopecia [TS]

00:55:05   that's the one that's the one where you [TS]

00:55:07   think you are we with the body [TS]

00:55:09   dysmorphia always there for you [TS]

00:55:11   we don't you think you your nose is too [TS]

00:55:13   big or something I think that you I [TS]

00:55:15   think you're seeing pictures of me more [TS]

00:55:18   because you weren't looking for pictures [TS]

00:55:19   of me before but there are all people [TS]

00:55:20   are always taking pictures of me and [TS]

00:55:22   putting them online and I have a I have [TS]

00:55:24   a fantastic time line of like well I was [TS]

00:55:28   better then that i am now that's good [TS]

00:55:31   oh boy those pictures I've some thinner [TS]

00:55:34   than I am now like you know you can [TS]

00:55:35   always look online and and find a [TS]

00:55:37   picture that will either make you feel [TS]

00:55:39   like you're doing good or that you're [TS]

00:55:42   not quite doing [TS]

00:55:43   hello brother do I know it right I got a [TS]

00:55:46   I got a robot scale that when you step [TS]

00:55:48   on to put your record it to you know a [TS]

00:55:50   little internet thing so you can see a [TS]

00:55:52   graph over time what [TS]

00:55:54   Oh towards privates private but it's [TS]

00:55:56   it's it's very very interesting and i [TS]

00:56:00   would not I do not have a scale i would [TS]

00:56:03   not step on a scale well and that the [TS]

00:56:06   other thing is that like it may be that [TS]

00:56:08   matters maybe your weight in particular [TS]

00:56:11   ones wait tracks more directly to your [TS]

00:56:15   bodily appearance when you're in your [TS]

00:56:17   thirties we go like I gained 10 pounds [TS]

00:56:20   but that matter we get older you start [TS]

00:56:21   looking all fucked up [TS]

00:56:22   well here's the here's a crazy thing [TS]

00:56:24   that I cannot account for I am able to [TS]

00:56:27   wear the same pants that i was able to [TS]

00:56:31   wear 15 years it is buckling runyon [TS]

00:56:33   heats know they fit the same the pants [TS]

00:56:38   are the same and they fit the same right [TS]

00:56:40   and yet i clearly weigh 30 pounds more [TS]

00:56:45   now where is that 30 pounds it in bone [TS]

00:56:48   density am i carrying it in my head did [TS]

00:56:52   my ears calcified I know what you're [TS]

00:56:54   saying it is very very weird and it's i [TS]

00:56:58   remember when i started in the Atkins [TS]

00:56:59   diet one things that few things that [TS]

00:57:01   actually seemed sensible continues to [TS]

00:57:02   seem sensible we just we just cross the [TS]

00:57:05   old man rubicon go in here when your [TS]

00:57:08   wire jars so hard to open up and help [TS]

00:57:11   everybody is that the idea I've heard [TS]

00:57:14   this in other places i think this is [TS]

00:57:15   really sensible is like don't wear [TS]

00:57:17   yourself everyday unless you're doing [TS]

00:57:18   that diet where you're yourself everyday [TS]

00:57:20   but if you're trying to lose weight [TS]

00:57:22   better exercise more and when [TS]

00:57:24   your clothes start feeling different [TS]

00:57:27   when you're close start fitting [TS]

00:57:28   differently that's when you know that [TS]

00:57:30   something is changing don't even think [TS]

00:57:32   of don't even worry about it just do [TS]

00:57:34   your best and really stick with it as [TS]

00:57:36   many days as you can and if one wants to [TS]

00:57:38   in this case lose weight and when your [TS]

00:57:40   clothes fit different that's when you'll [TS]

00:57:41   know but then I mean what she wants that [TS]

00:57:43   I had like a you know I had that stupid [TS]

00:57:45   thing happened last summer where I was [TS]

00:57:47   really stressed out with that kind of [TS]

00:57:49   Health in the family and i lost like ten [TS]

00:57:52   pounds in a week and a half and I [TS]

00:57:54   suddenly plummeted and all my clothes [TS]

00:57:56   are like hanging off of me and it kind [TS]

00:57:58   of stuck for a little while but then boo [TS]

00:58:01   just came right back and before [TS]

00:58:03   everything fit just fucking beer all you [TS]

00:58:07   talk about star wars two guys Star Wars [TS]

00:58:10   well no you got the hell away from star [TS]

00:58:12   wars because you didn't want to tell me [TS]

00:58:13   about all your secret episode [TS]

00:58:15   oh yeah yeah I don't say a little about [TS]

00:58:17   this here's the thing you know people [TS]

00:58:19   I've always about to say George Lucas [TS]

00:58:22   has frustrated people i'm not going to [TS]

00:58:24   say that I'm gonna say people have found [TS]

00:58:26   themselves frustrated by certain aspects [TS]

00:58:30   of Star Wars movies and so there's these [TS]

00:58:33   just writ large there's this interesting [TS]

00:58:35   okay so you got the original trilogy of [TS]

00:58:39   movies 4 5 & 6 that most people think [TS]

00:58:40   are like pretty good the Ewoks maybe a [TS]

00:58:42   little bit over the top and then you got [TS]

00:58:43   the prequels episode 123 and there are [TS]

00:58:47   these groups of people will be there are [TS]

00:58:49   these people that I go in and I would [TS]

00:58:53   say most when it comes mostly to the [TS]

00:58:55   newer movies the prequels they do what [TS]

00:58:58   are called fan edits where they will go [TS]

00:59:00   in any what [TS]

00:59:03   yeah and it's august first fan edits [TS]

00:59:05   there somewhere just for preservation [TS]

00:59:06   there's there's some that are for [TS]

00:59:09   changing the plot and there's some that [TS]

00:59:11   are just trying to as much as possible [TS]

00:59:12   try to find the movie that wanted to be [TS]

00:59:14   the original movie what is this the riff [TS]

00:59:16   track skies that are doing this are [TS]

00:59:19   going to fan at around i'm not going on [TS]

00:59:22   the internet not for this haha [TS]

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01:01:00   anyway they go and we at the movies and [TS]

01:01:04   depending on your taste you can [TS]

01:01:05   theoretically find one of these movies [TS]

01:01:07   to watch that does things like reduces [TS]

01:01:10   Jar Jar Binks to having a total four [TS]

01:01:12   lines of dialogue in the entire trilogy [TS]

01:01:14   oh I see also the fans are jumping in [TS]

01:01:17   and making the movies better on behalf [TS]

01:01:19   of George look they're making the well [TS]

01:01:21   Lou [TS]

01:01:22   they're making a difference on behalf of [TS]

01:01:24   themselves IC ok so the other thing and [TS]

01:01:26   this is the one that I think might [TS]

01:01:27   interest you Morgan mostly try to avoid [TS]

01:01:29   those unless your daughter finds out [TS]

01:01:30   about them and then you're screwed like [TS]

01:01:32   four five and six [TS]

01:01:33   here's the hard part it's hard to find a [TS]

01:01:34   really good copy of a high quality copy [TS]

01:01:38   of the original theatrical release of [TS]

01:01:40   endorphins you have to you have to have [TS]

01:01:41   a laserdisc player right that's the last [TS]

01:01:43   known full good copy and so you're stuck [TS]

01:01:47   with like the special edition lon or the [TS]

01:01:50   rear special edition one everything's [TS]

01:01:51   pink and like this all these different [TS]

01:01:52   things so so there's been this effort to [TS]

01:01:54   go through and try to make the a copy of [TS]

01:01:59   star wars and the irony in all this [TS]

01:02:01   isn't gonna hold up about this is george [TS]

01:02:03   lucas i think essentially this point [TS]

01:02:04   he's claiming that there's not a good [TS]

01:02:06   copy more sorry about that but we can't [TS]

01:02:09   put up in 1977 Star Wars I don't know I [TS]

01:02:11   lost its here somewhere it's in the [TS]

01:02:12   couch or something [TS]

01:02:13   so what people have done is taking an [TS]

01:02:16   original copy of star wars or whatever [TS]

01:02:18   quality knowing what each shot is how [TS]

01:02:20   its color graded and everything going [TS]

01:02:23   through and basically finding the [TS]

01:02:25   highest quality available version of [TS]

01:02:27   every shot and music and whatever that [TS]

01:02:30   matches the original so it's not an edit [TS]

01:02:33   in the usual sense and i'm not saying [TS]

01:02:35   this is perfect i'm not saying it's [TS]

01:02:36   right on the st. anything it's super [TS]

01:02:37   interesting that those are called the d [TS]

01:02:39   specialized editions so people go in and [TS]

01:02:43   you get if there's parts on the blu-ray [TS]

01:02:45   that exactly match was in the original [TS]

01:02:47   that's the copy they use it is a DVD [TS]

01:02:49   thing that's the highest quality version [TS]

01:02:51   all i see so they use so they go to the [TS]

01:02:53   the the contemporary source that is the [TS]

01:02:55   highest quality and take all that back [TS]

01:02:57   to the laserdisc where necessary but [TS]

01:02:59   it's actually pretty seamless and so [TS]

01:03:02   right now in the world we have a we have [TS]

01:03:06   like water is a big sort of crisis [TS]

01:03:10   Oh doctor and it's very difficult where [TS]

01:03:12   we're trying to scale up water decent [TS]

01:03:15   salination a technology but currently [TS]

01:03:17   very costly it's very costly there's a [TS]

01:03:19   we need to do a lot of real brain [TS]

01:03:22   cranking on these technologies also [TS]

01:03:25   energy generation through title action [TS]

01:03:28   big you know it's like it's like we're [TS]

01:03:30   kind of any such people are kind of the [TS]

01:03:32   cusp of like a big take a giant leap in [TS]

01:03:35   technology [TS]

01:03:36   but I'm glad that we are we are trying [TS]

01:03:39   to recreate the original Star Wars here [TS]

01:03:42   we go with them their minds [TS]

01:03:44   congratulations congratulations now [TS]

01:03:46   candidate that guy you brought presents [TS]

01:03:49   to a birthday party when people are [TS]

01:03:50   starving and sit and boom is that so i [TS]

01:03:55   had to me as anybody your face [TS]

01:03:57   housewarming [TS]

01:03:58   has anybody taken episodes negative 3 [TS]

01:04:01   negative 2 negative 1 and reduce them to [TS]

01:04:03   one watchable episode that makes sense [TS]

01:04:06   are you actually asking me that question [TS]

01:04:07   yes yes they have somebody took one two [TS]

01:04:12   and three and no way to hear you know [TS]

01:04:15   you know what's in from one pretty much [TS]

01:04:18   the sword fight with Darth Maul that's [TS]

01:04:20   it is a little bit at the beginning of [TS]

01:04:23   landing on the planet but no there's no [TS]

01:04:25   charge running around i have a guy who [TS]

01:04:27   has become a friend of mine over the [TS]

01:04:30   years was one of the legendary first [TS]

01:04:33   people to do this the guy who's coming [TS]

01:04:35   down as the phantom editor this guy Mike [TS]

01:04:37   Nichols I've heard of this guy i think i [TS]

01:04:39   think i was sat down in a hotel room at [TS]

01:04:41   some point several years ago and forced [TS]

01:04:43   to watch his edit his yeah Soph and his [TS]

01:04:48   fam at it i think other one since then [TS]

01:04:50   have taken the mantle he's not involved [TS]

01:04:52   in that stuff anymore and other people [TS]

01:04:53   are more enthused but especially because [TS]

01:04:55   it's the second one the second one is [TS]

01:04:57   pretty bad [TS]

01:04:58   which is the one where they where they [TS]

01:04:59   talked at great length about trade [TS]

01:05:02   negotiations that all of them [TS]

01:05:04   yeah yeah that you've been waiting for [TS]

01:05:06   Star Wars for years the call comes up [TS]

01:05:08   and you learn that there's some problems [TS]

01:05:09   with trade negotiations and your dad has [TS]

01:05:12   his own little cgi cherry sits in a but [TS]

01:05:17   uh yeah like for example in his in his [TS]

01:05:19   version of episode 2 and he's a [TS]

01:05:21   wonderful commentary track that's very [TS]

01:05:23   much worth watching [TS]

01:05:24   he explains how what he had to go [TS]

01:05:26   through this one scene to try and make [TS]

01:05:28   it seem like I cup Amidala would ever [TS]

01:05:31   have charger beings take over for in the [TS]

01:05:33   Senate for her like why would you why [TS]

01:05:35   would you make him a senator and so he [TS]

01:05:37   does everything you cannot just cut the [TS]

01:05:39   guy out but to make him take out enough [TS]

01:05:41   of his lines that he seems like a [TS]

01:05:42   plausible enough non idiot that she now [TS]

01:05:45   doesn't seem like a dumbass stuff like [TS]

01:05:46   that i have never seen [TS]

01:05:50   Jar Jar Binks wow you mean that you [TS]

01:05:54   never like seen those movies constantly [TS]

01:05:56   have never seen a sharp base right I've [TS]

01:05:57   never seen so I i saw the I saw the last [TS]

01:06:00   one of the newest movies negative 3 [TS]

01:06:03   negative 1 from Mighty One 2005 [TS]

01:06:07   yeah i saw that one because it because [TS]

01:06:08   it was hyped everyone because that was [TS]

01:06:10   the one everybody was like it's finally [TS]

01:06:13   good Johnny later it's it's bad in a [TS]

01:06:17   different way that's acceptable and so I [TS]

01:06:20   was like all right I'll go see him and [TS]

01:06:22   none of it made any sense it was all [TS]

01:06:23   gibberish but a lot of people announcing [TS]

01:06:25   what's happening but there was no there [TS]

01:06:27   was no just add writer was a charming so [TS]

01:06:31   many he is very much diminished he's [TS]

01:06:34   much more like a background just [TS]

01:06:35   standing there looking very noble in his [TS]

01:06:36   robes his ride much right that's right [TS]

01:06:38   he walks through a scene or something [TS]

01:06:39   when they land on course on i think yeah [TS]

01:06:42   and yeah when that when they land he's [TS]

01:06:44   in that big party with the blue face [TS]

01:06:45   people [TS]

01:06:46   yeah right okay so i have seen him but i [TS]

01:06:48   have never I have no first-hand [TS]

01:06:50   knowledge of him like shuckin and jivin [TS]

01:06:53   probable man you really missed out and I [TS]

01:06:55   you know and I know it's in my future I [TS]

01:06:57   know one day I will watch it right but [TS]

01:06:59   but I i managed to put it off this long [TS]

01:07:02   i remember one of the people were camped [TS]

01:07:04   out in front of the cinerama here [TS]

01:07:06   yeah like some of camped out for seven [TS]

01:07:08   days 10 days or maybe a month that was [TS]

01:07:11   there were like three kids that started [TS]

01:07:13   in tents outside of the theater like [TS]

01:07:16   weeks ahead of time [TS]

01:07:18   yeah and and then I remember like the [TS]

01:07:21   the the lamentations uh the the you know [TS]

01:07:26   the rule aiding my fans my face with my [TS]

01:07:31   grandad and more in his younger than me [TS]

01:07:35   he saw phantom menace I think he sighs [TS]

01:07:39   least twice the first day three times a [TS]

01:07:41   day came out and still you know you get [TS]

01:07:43   that kind of what she doesn't know this [TS]

01:07:46   but not Stockholm Syndrome but you get [TS]

01:07:47   the kind of thing we like and this is [TS]

01:07:48   good right [TS]

01:07:49   I was really excited about this is good [TS]

01:07:52   like when you go on vacation you're like [TS]

01:07:53   oh my god what have we done [TS]

01:07:55   why do we book this place and you know [TS]

01:07:56   this is fun right they got what they [TS]

01:07:58   don't have fun okay this is really good [TS]

01:08:00   yeah yeah it's it's a city that weird [TS]

01:08:05   phenomenon you no sense of you when you [TS]

01:08:07   are in a situation with something like [TS]

01:08:09   for instance I i was talking to a good [TS]

01:08:11   friend the other day and i said i was [TS]

01:08:15   talking about the movie the natural [TS]

01:08:18   oh yeah wonderboy right you're talking [TS]

01:08:20   about this on the Internet yeah [TS]

01:08:21   wonderful and she said you know how do [TS]

01:08:24   you remember that it's like what do you [TS]

01:08:27   mean she said I mean that did that movie [TS]

01:08:29   come out the eighties I saw it when it [TS]

01:08:32   came out I was like you didn't idea what [TS]

01:08:35   a horrible thing that it's the city [TS]

01:08:37   you've never seen that yet your mat in [TS]

01:08:39   the eighties since he clearly wasn't [TS]

01:08:41   Secretary of State under grant was like [TS]

01:08:46   you know you can see the natural other [TS]

01:08:47   places that in the end up in the movie [TS]

01:08:50   theater and she was like you've seen the [TS]

01:08:52   natural more than once and I was like [TS]

01:08:54   yeah of course i have seen the natural [TS]

01:08:57   more than once I've seen the Godfather [TS]

01:08:59   170 times uh yeah I've seen blade runner [TS]

01:09:02   more than once I mean you'd see these [TS]

01:09:04   movies more than once they are more than [TS]

01:09:05   once movies and she was like huh [TS]

01:09:08   not me and I said how many times you've [TS]

01:09:10   seen here have you seen harry met sally [TS]

01:09:12   she was like oh well that I was like [TS]

01:09:15   yeah exactly right Harry Met Sally is [TS]

01:09:17   one of those movies I've seen I was a I [TS]

01:09:19   saw it the first time kind of under [TS]

01:09:21   duress the second time i was like huh [TS]

01:09:24   nothing else is on and then the third [TS]

01:09:27   time I was like goods pretty good movie [TS]

01:09:28   and then the fourth through 14th time I [TS]

01:09:30   was like look localized to a certain [TS]

01:09:33   time low gonna die alone me mean [TS]

01:09:38   wonderboy but you think about people [TS]

01:09:40   like and I'm guessing like us talking to [TS]

01:09:42   somebody the other day about how they're [TS]

01:09:44   showing a kid in a century movie and I [TS]

01:09:45   was like oh my god like well yeah [TS]

01:09:48   exactly but remember like a people would [TS]

01:09:51   have said that about Caddyshack probably [TS]

01:09:53   back like that is such a great LOL ok [TS]

01:09:55   shack is there's like seven movies that [TS]

01:09:58   it was like it's like seven unrelated [TS]

01:10:00   movies you know what that's a really [TS]

01:10:02   good point that mean i think this is not [TS]

01:10:04   interesting how all the fillory stuff [TS]

01:10:06   all the memory stuff was kind of a [TS]

01:10:07   bolt-on even brought him back is there [TS]

01:10:09   like this is the only a consistently [TS]

01:10:11   funny part of this entire movie that [TS]

01:10:12   movie is that movie is like [TS]

01:10:14   if you made like to fletch movies if you [TS]

01:10:18   and and like you had a couple of like [TS]

01:10:20   was late seventies Bill Murray movies [TS]

01:10:22   had some leftover animal house [TS]

01:10:23   yeah you cut a bunch of scenes out of [TS]

01:10:25   those movies and then all those scenes [TS]

01:10:27   were on the floor of some room somewhere [TS]

01:10:28   like let's put these together and make a [TS]

01:10:30   movie like the first Rodney Dangerfield [TS]

01:10:33   movie [TS]

01:10:34   ya know that's a weird experience and [TS]

01:10:37   because you know nerd stuff will not be [TS]

01:10:39   nerd stuff or anything where you're a [TS]

01:10:40   fan of something it's very difficult to [TS]

01:10:44   translate especially increasingly like [TS]

01:10:46   generationally where you know I there [TS]

01:10:48   are points when I yeah yeah sometimes [TS]

01:10:50   i'm just being a deliberate dumbass [TS]

01:10:51   acting like I don't know who came [TS]

01:10:52   Kardashians or whatever but honestly [TS]

01:10:54   don't [TS]

01:10:55   I think she had a sex tape and I think [TS]

01:10:57   she's had TV shows I know she's famous [TS]

01:10:59   and successful has a nap and stuff but [TS]

01:11:00   not that's just one example there's so [TS]

01:11:02   many things were like I can't identify [TS]

01:11:03   imagine dragons [TS]

01:11:05   oh I can't know there's just so many [TS]

01:11:07   things were like and I'm not saying that [TS]

01:11:09   from point of pride [TS]

01:11:10   I think that somebody goes oh that's [TS]

01:11:12   that's hojer 9000 so that's whole sure [TS]

01:11:14   I've heard of hoosier or or what have [TS]

01:11:17   you or I go well with the Fantasy Island [TS]

01:11:19   band imagine islands or whatever [TS]

01:11:21   Mikey you're a band and then but see I i [TS]

01:11:24   I'm not that's just so not the circle [TS]

01:11:26   then I mean I don't begrudge people who [TS]

01:11:28   do you like it but they're saying I [TS]

01:11:30   rolling over me going like i don't i [TS]

01:11:32   don't really know anything about a [TS]

01:11:33   matter no country they're from is the [TS]

01:11:35   same way in some similar in some ways [TS]

01:11:37   starts going like what you are telling [TS]

01:11:39   me you've never seen stripes like why [TS]

01:11:43   would I have seen stripes like I stripe [TS]

01:11:45   six times in a month why would you not [TS]

01:11:46   have seen it [TS]

01:11:47   well I mean for them i can Adam Sandler [TS]

01:11:49   movies what I'm saying [TS]

01:11:50   so I was sitting with my with my [TS]

01:11:52   campaign manager the other day and and [TS]

01:11:57   defecating called and I was like oh look [TS]

01:12:02   tough is calling dr. duffer for a little [TS]

01:12:04   bit left a you know like a message [TS]

01:12:07   before where peace [TS]

01:12:08   you know we're talking about ways that [TS]

01:12:09   that def can get involved in the [TS]

01:12:12   campaign and I get off the phone and the [TS]

01:12:15   camp my campaign manager is like 26 [TS]

01:12:18   years old like all right well let's get [TS]

01:12:20   back to these pieces of paper and that i [TS]

01:12:21   saw some I saw something on his face and [TS]

01:12:24   i was like he do you know who took my [TS]

01:12:26   Kagan is [TS]

01:12:27   and he was like no should I was like hmm [TS]

01:12:32   dunno krist novoselic juice seems like [TS]

01:12:36   no really should I in Seattle yeah and I [TS]

01:12:41   was like yes he should know who these [TS]

01:12:43   people are [TS]

01:12:44   he's like okay so he Google's them and [TS]

01:12:48   he's like Oh guns and roses like says it [TS]

01:12:53   like are they still around will go just [TS]

01:12:55   like like I would have said Herb Alpert [TS]

01:12:58   and the left bank but but what trail oh [TS]

01:13:04   that's pretty Lopez what weird tar but I [TS]

01:13:08   had this amazing i had this amazing [TS]

01:13:10   experience [TS]

01:13:11   uh the end surface sort of like a [TS]

01:13:14   corollary which is that i showed my [TS]

01:13:18   daughter her first movie this weekend [TS]

01:13:22   wow she had never seen a movie you did [TS]

01:13:25   he pull the trigger pull the trigger and [TS]

01:13:27   when I was like you know what let's [TS]

01:13:29   watch a movie [TS]

01:13:30   she was like I don't know she was pretty [TS]

01:13:32   nervous about it because the movies that [TS]

01:13:35   she had seen portions of it was pretty [TS]

01:13:38   unsure about I was like it's going to be [TS]

01:13:41   okay we'll watch this movie it'll be [TS]

01:13:42   fine if it's if there's anything about [TS]

01:13:44   it you don't like we don't have to watch [TS]

01:13:46   it [TS]

01:13:46   yeah she's like all right so we watch [TS]

01:13:48   Mary Poppins who Adam and during the and [TS]

01:13:53   this is the thing i don't remember what [TS]

01:13:54   it was like to be four but during the [TS]

01:13:56   part where the kids get lost in London [TS]

01:14:00   because they run away from the the evil [TS]

01:14:02   bankers the scene lasts 45 seconds but [TS]

01:14:07   they are lost for a minute there is a [TS]

01:14:09   clamor of people and she was like I [TS]

01:14:12   don't like this movie [TS]

01:14:13   this is an hour and a half into a [TS]

01:14:15   two-and-a-half hour long movie but [TS]

01:14:18   generally that fight a really long movie [TS]

01:14:20   it's really long and I said okay we [TS]

01:14:21   don't we can stop she's like no it's [TS]

01:14:23   okay i can watch it and she watched it [TS]

01:14:24   all the way to the end and after she [TS]

01:14:30   went to bed I was thinking about Mary [TS]

01:14:31   Poppins and Mary Poppins is you know [TS]

01:14:36   it's referencing a time 100 years ago [TS]

01:14:40   like more than 100 years ago right it's [TS]

01:14:44   it takes place in 1910 um it was made in [TS]

01:14:49   nineteen the early sixties so it was [TS]

01:14:51   made before i was born so Mary Poppins [TS]

01:14:53   has been there my entire life when I [TS]

01:14:57   watched it for the first time there were [TS]

01:15:02   still people in my own family who had [TS]

01:15:04   been alive in 1910 home and yes right [TS]

01:15:08   there were gonna sign it [TS]

01:15:10   I can I great-uncle and great-aunt a [TS]

01:15:12   were were like 14 15 years old really in [TS]

01:15:19   1910 I had to grandparents alive that [TS]

01:15:21   there were alive at 1910 and 19 1901 i [TS]

01:15:25   think in 1903 yeah Mike I mean my [TS]

01:15:28   grandmother was born in 1890 my [TS]

01:15:31   step-grandfather was born 85c yeah well [TS]

01:15:36   so so we're certainly feel extremely [TS]

01:15:41   holes so these so now now my kid is [TS]

01:15:45   watching this movie and and even even [TS]

01:15:47   the cultural and you're like two orders [TS]

01:15:50   or three orders away from the original [TS]

01:15:52   company must be so weird the movie might [TS]

01:15:54   seem so strange [TS]

01:15:55   well it is it's very strange and and you [TS]

01:15:57   know it was cool about the sixties was [TS]

01:16:00   that there was that there was that [TS]

01:16:02   nostalgia for the twenties there was a [TS]

01:16:05   kind of like I don't know kind of their [TS]

01:16:09   an element of nostalgia where those [TS]

01:16:14   things were fashionable again remember [TS]

01:16:15   all the ice cream parlors where people [TS]

01:16:17   were wearing straw boaters sure like a [TS]

01:16:19   thoroughly modern millie amino it was in [TS]

01:16:21   movies and absolutely yeah it was it was [TS]

01:16:23   a bit something a Winchester Cathedral [TS]

01:16:25   kind of song and we like as kids we were [TS]

01:16:30   we were connected to it by people that [TS]

01:16:34   were in it felt like the it felt like a [TS]

01:16:36   reasonable distant past but also i mean [TS]

01:16:39   i was i probably saw I probably saw [TS]

01:16:44   let's say I saw Mary Poppins for the [TS]

01:16:46   first time when I was the same age that [TS]

01:16:48   she is right so that would have been [TS]

01:16:49   1972 so the movie was already ten years [TS]

01:16:52   soul and and yet what is fascinating is [TS]

01:16:57   that both dick van dyke and julie [TS]

01:17:00   andrews are still alive right do you are [TS]

01:17:02   totally we are still in their era it is [TS]

01:17:05   still that the the time of that and like [TS]

01:17:10   it was astonishing to me watching that [TS]

01:17:12   movie that first of all that Julie [TS]

01:17:13   Andrews wasn't made Queen of the [TS]

01:17:16   Universe and I think she probably hell [TS]

01:17:18   of a run there for awhile i did have a [TS]

01:17:19   good run but like even still she should [TS]

01:17:21   be queen of the universe and Dick Van [TS]

01:17:24   Dyke for all effort as bad as that [TS]

01:17:26   accent he does is every other aspect of [TS]

01:17:28   his performance piece o threw himself [TS]

01:17:30   into everything that he does yeah [TS]

01:17:32   yep full-on full on kevin's mom um and [TS]

01:17:36   this but so all of this like this [TS]

01:17:39   churning kind of cultural goulash of [TS]

01:17:43   like she is as a minute i hate to play [TS]

01:17:47   that game but like she's as far away [TS]

01:17:48   from one this movie was made as this [TS]

01:17:50   movie was from the time that it is about [TS]

01:17:52   free rides like I'm obsessed by this [TS]

01:17:56   game i'm gonna stop by this and and so [TS]

01:18:00   but that little bit of connectedness [TS]

01:18:03   like the it i guess it the the [TS]

01:18:11   surprising thing in the fun thing is [TS]

01:18:14   that some of those like Mary Poppins [TS]

01:18:16   feels eternal in a way that Ace Ventura [TS]

01:18:19   pet detective killed the eternal but I [TS]

01:18:22   don't know if I'm qualified to save and [TS]

01:18:24   now I know I know what you mean and it's [TS]

01:18:26   funny because I mean some things that [TS]

01:18:27   were considered classic movies when we [TS]

01:18:29   were kids have not H that well devised I [TS]

01:18:32   have to say at least in my household we [TS]

01:18:33   can still watch The Wizard of Oz and [TS]

01:18:35   it's still a lot of fun it's old-timey [TS]

01:18:36   but I don't think it's any more dated [TS]

01:18:39   then a lot of comedies of the [TS]

01:18:41   mid-eighties there's a lot a lot of [TS]

01:18:44   comedies in the eighties that feel like [TS]

01:18:45   they're from like another millennium is [TS]

01:18:47   the technical [TS]

01:18:49   I was on tonight we played just called [TS]

01:18:51   the game i need a better than I've been [TS]

01:18:53   obsessed with this game for a very long [TS]

01:18:54   time going like what's this many years [TS]

01:18:56   since the police when i said with the [TS]

01:18:58   game isn't that when you drop a some [TS]

01:19:01   people off on a remote island and then [TS]

01:19:02   hunt them the deadliest game up are you [TS]

01:19:06   so this isn't the deadliest game this is [TS]

01:19:08   a difference is a less deadly games in [TS]

01:19:10   the old vs game i was looking I follow [TS]

01:19:12   this website I want look at cars tumblr [TS]

01:19:14   called The Impossible cool and it's just [TS]

01:19:16   photos of people looking cool like [TS]

01:19:18   celebrities in this case of the photo [TS]

01:19:20   comes up I think I'll on saturday the [TS]

01:19:22   other day this picture of BB King [TS]

01:19:24   looking really cool onstage got backup [TS]

01:19:26   singers its kind of guitar you can tell [TS]

01:19:28   from the cut of his suit it's really old [TS]

01:19:29   and it says BB king los angeles 1970 and [TS]

01:19:32   I had to stop and do the math and get a [TS]

01:19:35   drink and I said to my wife this is BB [TS]

01:19:37   king in 1970 I went to see bikini I [TS]

01:19:41   looked into some tickets to see be king [TS]

01:19:42   in 1986 so the year after i graduated [TS]

01:19:45   from high school I want to see him and I [TS]

01:19:48   remember we tried to get we hung up by [TS]

01:19:51   the stage door on the off chance that he [TS]

01:19:52   might come out and the stage manager [TS]

01:19:54   came out like a you know mr. Kings up a [TS]

01:19:56   pretty old guys pretend he's not gonna [TS]

01:19:57   come out tonight but will all tell me [TS]

01:19:59   said hi as well that's cool that's cool [TS]

01:20:00   whatever but no made a point of saying [TS]

01:20:01   you know he's an old guy guy 1986 yeah [TS]

01:20:05   so from this photo of him in basically [TS]

01:20:09   like the sixties cut suit to me seeing [TS]

01:20:11   him in 1986 that was 16 years [TS]

01:20:14   yeah i saw BB king live 29 years ago I [TS]

01:20:18   mean still alive [TS]

01:20:20   that's the plan [TS]

01:20:23   testify [TS]

01:20:27   man that's so messed up [TS]