Top Four

Top Four 30: Summer Songs 😎


00:00:00   oh we have we have to start the show

00:00:02   because I can't think about I can't

00:00:04   think about this list anymore this was

00:00:06   the hardest list I think I've had to

00:00:09   make me do totally the heart I still I'm

00:00:12   still not sure I still don't know what's

00:00:15   happening right now yeah like this I

00:00:17   have a feeling we're gonna have a lot of

00:00:18   regrets after this for things that we

00:00:21   didn't pick or things we did we ranked

00:00:23   too high or not high enough I've been

00:00:25   moving my top four around all day and

00:00:28   yesterday and last week I just I can't

00:00:31   be around this list anymore

00:00:34   and I I don't think I could pick I think

00:00:36   this is gonna be an insane like I have

00:00:38   eight number ones the hardest thing for

00:00:41   me about this list too has also been not

00:00:43   talking to you about it as I've been

00:00:45   compiling oh my god I know I just keep

00:00:47   wanting to talk about it I keep to have

00:00:48   conversations about how I'm coming about

00:00:51   this list and what I'm doing and and I

00:00:53   can't talk to you

00:00:54   alright well okay I can finally talk to

00:00:56   you can we talk about okay our list ah

00:00:59   for top for July we are doing top for

00:01:07   summer songs mm-hmm summer songs and we

00:01:10   are okay the rules are this is the the

00:01:12   most loose definition I think we've ever

00:01:14   had for a category not true we had to

00:01:16   have had looser definitions come on okay

00:01:19   okay

00:01:20   top four summer songs they are songs

00:01:22   about summer they are hits of the summer

00:01:26   like songs that came out during the

00:01:27   summer or that we're popular for a

00:01:30   summer season or songs that make you

00:01:33   think of summer so pretty much yeah

00:01:35   anything so it could be anything yeah

00:01:36   any song basically if you say it makes

00:01:40   you think of summer that could be a top

00:01:41   for summer songs so we've given

00:01:43   ourselves quite a painful open-ended

00:01:45   task and we feel like we're like must

00:01:47   consume all music but I have some

00:01:51   standouts I feel like the ones that I

00:01:53   ended up coming to at the top of my list

00:01:55   I made a playlist I made a 20 song

00:01:58   playlist and I feel like at least the

00:01:59   ones at the top are the ones that I feel

00:02:01   the most strongly about I have 17 oh my

00:02:07   it was so hard to narrow it down yeah

00:02:10   there's some I was rich I like I said I

00:02:12   keep just flip flop in the

00:02:13   all over the place and I don't feel like

00:02:15   I'm really ranking them as so much as

00:02:18   I'm curating a playlist where there are

00:02:20   some that I want to start the playlist

00:02:22   out with summer that are in the middle

00:02:24   and some I want to end the playlist with

00:02:26   how are we gonna start this since we

00:02:28   have such a massive list I think we

00:02:31   should start with our honorable mentions

00:02:32   oh because I even though I had to call

00:02:35   those down quite a bit I mean what I

00:02:37   have left here is a severely trimmed

00:02:40   list I'm seriously going to have one to

00:02:44   like 10 or 15 honorable mentions all

00:02:47   right well my first honorable mention is

00:02:50   the entire album basically of sr-71s now

00:02:55   you see inside wow I don't have any of

00:02:58   that on my list so there we go yeah hard

00:03:01   for you because you listen to albums yes

00:03:03   it was singles this is very I mean there

00:03:06   are some line that are singled and this

00:03:08   one if I had to pick one song that is

00:03:09   the best it would be last man on the

00:03:11   moon

00:03:11   [Music]

00:03:16   why is this a summer song and not in any

00:03:19   time of the year song because one of the

00:03:22   most fun concerts ever went to was in

00:03:24   the summertime it was them touring this

00:03:25   album in this little tiny club in

00:03:27   Columbus and all they did was just

00:03:28   basically play the album straight

00:03:29   through because they didn't have any

00:03:30   songs yet match box 20 song matchbox 20

00:03:34   concert like that right this is actually

00:03:37   a good and then they just ended up

00:03:38   playing like come on Eileen and it was

00:03:40   really weird yeah so sr-71 last man on

00:03:43   the moon is my honorable mention number

00:03:45   one because yeah I just have good

00:03:46   memories of it it with the summer

00:03:48   concert that it was really really nice

00:03:49   yeah see at that that's where I was

00:03:52   having trouble with my list was I had to

00:03:53   stop being like okay this is not your

00:03:57   favorite songs list

00:03:58   this is songs that make you think about

00:03:59   the summer yeah so yeah it's hard to get

00:04:03   ahold of that when you start down a

00:04:04   rabbit hole of music and see I also had

00:04:07   tail of the Sun by stroke nine oh that's

00:04:11   a good one I don't have that's a song

00:04:13   that's kind of I mean it's not really

00:04:15   about the summer but I feel at first I

00:04:19   could just let me feel it

00:04:20   in my guts I'm gonna wait for the whole

00:04:23   intro because the first line here is 20

00:04:29   minutes away

00:04:29   it's right here

00:04:36   that's it oh yeah

00:04:43   I need add this is my playlist it's

00:04:44   really good yeah and then at that whole

00:04:47   album stroke 9 is so good I I have

00:04:49   listened to that album so many times

00:04:50   me too I remember listening to that as

00:04:52   we were driving away from being together

00:04:55   at school we were like getting separated

00:04:58   for the summer and I was in the backseat

00:05:00   as my parents are driving me home and

00:05:03   yep you were left behind and it was like

00:05:07   I was a song also like when I'm when

00:05:10   it's like March and it's still snowing

00:05:11   outside and I listen to that song it's

00:05:13   the tail of the Sun because the summer

00:05:16   will never come like it yeah it's like I

00:05:18   wish for summer and I listen to this

00:05:20   song and that's a weird summer in it so

00:05:21   BAM exactly so it totally counts oh I

00:05:24   got it I can't have it be my last song

00:05:26   because my last song is something

00:05:27   special moving up my list can we share

00:05:29   these playlists with people probably

00:05:32   well anyway we started thinking about

00:05:34   this topic specifically because we found

00:05:37   this amazing radio station thanks to our

00:05:39   friend tani and Jeremy it's called

00:05:42   summer hits of the 90s and my Pandora on

00:05:46   Pandora so if I have an echo device the

00:05:47   way you asked for the station is hey

00:05:49   name a thing play somewhere hits of the

00:05:51   90s on Pandora no I'm gonna do it

00:05:53   because everyone needs to hear Alexa

00:05:55   play summer hits of the 90s on Pandora

00:05:57   you're welcome everybody you're welcome

00:06:00   now pause this podcast listen to the

00:06:01   station for a little while and then come

00:06:03   back

00:06:03   it's a surprisingly good station it's so

00:06:06   good they also have a summer hits of the

00:06:07   2000s which isn't as good it's awful

00:06:10   when you would you not as good I think

00:06:13   when you do those like decade based

00:06:14   music stations you come to realize quite

00:06:16   how bad the 2000s were in rock like in

00:06:20   in other areas maybe they did okay but

00:06:21   like the decade 2000 2010 like it did

00:06:24   really like it is such a different sound

00:06:26   from the 90s and it's all like creed and

00:06:29   sadness sweet and sadness about worst no

00:06:35   it's like good stuff like Mele and all

00:06:37   that business it's so good whatever

00:06:40   which is by the way the last song of my

00:06:43   playlist which I guess would be my

00:06:44   honorable

00:06:45   [Music]

00:06:49   in here I dare you not to dance to that

00:07:03   you're an out dancing Here I am dancing

00:07:07   it's it's fine

00:07:10   good gracious Oh God come on good

00:07:14   gracious axes bodacious how could you

00:07:16   not smile like this oh you're the worst

00:07:19   honoree

00:07:20   honorable mention Milly hot in here love

00:07:24   it speaking of being hot in here I think

00:07:27   you have to have sunburn bi-fuel even

00:07:29   though it is really not about summer but

00:07:30   it's called sunburn so I just think of

00:07:33   summer with this so another aa dimension

00:07:34   for me goes to sunburn by fuel this is

00:07:36   another good one

00:07:37   I know jaws of your pics but see they're

00:07:40   a little too sad for me to feel really

00:07:41   summery yeah

00:07:42   well also like fastball I have out of my

00:07:44   head this is another great song it

00:07:46   doesn't really have any to do this

00:07:47   summer as far as I know it's just a good

00:07:49   song that kind of sounds like it just

00:07:51   sounds like summer to me mm-hmm

00:07:53   you know it does I have no basis for

00:07:55   that it this just sounds like summer

00:07:57   yeah I see that

00:08:01   [Music]

00:08:03   I mean drunk tribal you know summer

00:08:06   thing yeah anyway I have them talking

00:08:08   about driving another honourable mention

00:08:10   I have um one headlight by The

00:08:12   Wallflowers

00:08:12   I mean come on people pick it up do The

00:08:17   Wallflowers know how to pick it up

00:08:25   course it's called da honor Oh engine

00:08:33   honor women okay coming up here wait for

00:08:37   it hey when does it get good you don't

00:08:50   like The Wallflowers they're fine they

00:08:52   see to me like they it's one of those

00:08:54   bands like matchbox 20 where like the

00:08:57   entire 90s you just heard these bands

00:08:59   constantly on the radio and so I never

00:09:01   needed to buy their albums because I

00:09:02   heard them too much already

00:09:04   oh and so and they're fine like you know

00:09:07   I I don't like hate their songs I won't

00:09:09   turn them off if they're on the radio or

00:09:11   on a streaming playlist or anything but

00:09:13   I would never think about them yeah see

00:09:16   it to me okay I had a really hard time

00:09:18   trying not to just be favorite songs of

00:09:22   the 90s for my summer pics because when

00:09:24   I was the happiest in the summer or when

00:09:26   I should say when summer felt like

00:09:28   summer because you were in school and

00:09:30   then you had a summer vacation so and

00:09:33   then when you were late you were late

00:09:35   enough in your teenage years that you

00:09:36   were able to kind of go do what you

00:09:37   wanted during the summer that's when I

00:09:41   really really felt like it was

00:09:43   summertime and so a lot of these songs

00:09:45   were on when I was becoming more of an

00:09:48   independent teenager and those are the

00:09:49   songs that I kind of latched onto for my

00:09:52   list I mean right now I I have um I

00:09:55   gotta give an honorable mention to

00:09:58   Sheryl Crow I mean come on who else

00:10:01   writes about somewhere but Sheryl Crow

00:10:02   right and all my she's just don't start

00:10:06   right away they just they have long

00:10:08   intros so I'm really sorry

00:10:11   I just ignore that part what is it no

00:10:15   it's wait just wait for it it's like 50s

00:10:17   I should have marked it area you know

00:10:22   this song her friend the Communists I

00:10:25   mean what I don't think I know this song

00:10:28   are you ain't come on oh I guess those

00:10:40   meetings in his RV can't afford his gas

00:10:45   so she's stuck here watching TV yeah I

00:10:49   don't I don't know about this here we go

00:10:52   here we go this part okay I know this

00:10:54   part yeah

00:10:55   [Music]

00:11:00   where's she gonna say the damn name in

00:11:02   the song here we go okay there we go and

00:11:09   we also have another Sheryl Crow

00:11:12   honorable mention oh yeah this one of

00:11:16   course yeah this is I mean this is no

00:11:18   joke wrote a song ain't no Country Club

00:11:21   neither come on it's either she doesn't

00:11:24   matters what I say and it has one of

00:11:27   those like little um stick rubbing

00:11:29   instruments the guiro is that what it's

00:11:31   called listen the the grooved fish that

00:11:34   you're a Busta crows yeah yeah these are

00:11:36   oh yeah the groovy stick fish yeah we

00:11:38   give it to the kids in Van who didn't

00:11:40   really have any rhythm in the drum

00:11:41   section but they had to play something

00:11:42   so we give them food in those to me the

00:11:44   the groovy stick fish says summer boys

00:11:48   you can give it to really drunk people

00:11:49   in the summer and they won't mess up the

00:11:50   song too badly good I never yeah now

00:11:57   that you say the grit now I hear it

00:11:58   obviously but I never I never like

00:12:00   realized that I was listening to it like

00:12:02   if you would have asked me whether any

00:12:04   90s hits that included a prominent we're

00:12:06   apart I would have said of course not

00:12:07   but here here it is don't stop it well

00:12:15   she's gonna go in the court why the

00:12:16   court late in these songs there we go

00:12:19   that's all you need yeah so those are

00:12:27   some honorable mentions for me I also

00:12:28   threw in there I want to say I'm all

00:12:31   about this playlist' I threw in some

00:12:32   like surf music breaks which I felt like

00:12:36   I needed a little bit of summer yeah

00:12:38   well like I have like Beach Boys you

00:12:40   know like it's kind of you kind of need

00:12:42   some Beach Boys do you do you need Beach

00:12:44   Boys I mean obviously like they're like

00:12:48   a whole band devoted to the summertime

00:12:50   like you can and not a small band either

00:12:52   so I feel like you have to include some

00:12:54   big boys and also you you can't ignore

00:12:57   of course

00:13:00   come on so I have I have a comment about

00:13:05   this genre this surf rock genre by the

00:13:09   way here's another one ya know these two

00:13:15   the best part about surf rock is that it

00:13:18   actually is a genre if you if you have

00:13:20   like a streaming service or a station or

00:13:22   something you can place your play surf

00:13:24   rock radio on Pandora and the best thing

00:13:27   about it is that you only need to listen

00:13:28   to it for about 15 minutes and you've

00:13:30   heard the whole genre like all surf rock

00:13:32   songs sound the same they either sound

00:13:35   like wipeouts or like James Bond themes

00:13:37   like that's it they are actually James

00:13:40   Bond well cos James one came out in the

00:13:42   60s when it was like really popular like

00:13:45   this style this was a 60s style of music

00:13:47   and so like James Bond like using this

00:13:50   style as their like for like the main

00:13:53   theme and and some of the accessory

00:13:54   themes for all those early movies like

00:13:55   that was not an accident that was the

00:13:57   music of the time that was really cool

00:13:59   and a little bit subversive maybe well

00:14:01   none of these songs are really that long

00:14:03   either

00:14:04   they're all like two minutes long and

00:14:05   they're all so harkening back to the 60s

00:14:07   surf movie like the the surf beach

00:14:09   movies yeah there was that huge hit in

00:14:12   the genre because like girls and bikinis

00:14:14   and surfers like that was a huge huge

00:14:16   thing for young teenagers at the time

00:14:19   that they loved those California surfer

00:14:21   movies so a lot of the music came from

00:14:23   that too but yeah so that's some

00:14:27   honorable mentions I'm afraid to mention

00:14:29   some of my other honorable mentions

00:14:31   because I think they might be in your

00:14:32   list well actually so I'm ready to start

00:14:35   the top for ranking itself now do you

00:14:37   actually have for you however each of my

00:14:40   four has honorable mentions within it

00:14:43   like it's like a buddy system yeah this

00:14:47   one that it needs to have this one next

00:14:48   to it or they have like a little cluster

00:14:49   that you know there yeah three

00:14:51   musketeers they just can't give them up

00:14:52   together exactly that's a line or two

00:14:54   okay cool alright well do our top four

00:14:56   and friends fix that sounds good

00:14:59   okay all right should I go first you go

00:15:01   last or you wanna go first I have a

00:15:05   Stone Temple Pilots song as an honorable

00:15:07   mention sure

00:15:09   oh yeah this is again this is like these

00:15:12   don't know pilots song oh yeah

00:15:13   what is this a love song yeah yeah yeah

00:15:16   they're great band this is great song

00:15:18   also um this is a this is a big

00:15:20   honorable mention for me it really

00:15:22   didn't make the list but I got to put it

00:15:23   in there oh come on

00:15:26   open your ears no listen to it no I wash

00:15:32   over you mark oh no no no no it's

00:15:36   summertime to me

00:15:38   make it stop or I'm playing fish oh God

00:15:41   just I have a fish honorable mention

00:15:42   good oh I love this song for the

00:15:48   summertime it feels so good it feels

00:15:50   like a little palate cleanser in between

00:15:52   some of the other more vocally songs cuz

00:15:54   it's just instrumental you need yes I

00:15:57   like this one a lot album version let's

00:16:00   not get crazy let's get crazy this is

00:16:03   called first tube and it's off the album

00:16:05   farmhouse or many live shows since then

00:16:08   Shh leave the live ones alone it's just

00:16:10   too much it's too much alright so my

00:16:13   number four pick my only if we now on

00:16:15   the official list but I have some

00:16:17   honorable mention so my number four pick

00:16:18   I kind of wanted to represent the

00:16:20   category the general category of

00:16:22   carefree songs about partying I have

00:16:25   nine in my top four so the the carefree

00:16:30   songs about partying genre I feel like

00:16:32   represents a lot of summer songs and one

00:16:35   my uber mentions is actually probably

00:16:37   the most recent song in this list

00:16:40   blurred lines are Robin Thicke this is

00:16:44   not my number four but this is our

00:16:45   mention so I feel like this is a great

00:16:49   representation of the carefree song

00:16:53   about partying you like it's catchy

00:16:56   there's boobs in this video yes

00:16:58   somewhere eventually but you gotta sit

00:17:00   through all this beer so so like that I

00:17:02   feel like we have to stop stop recording

00:17:08   like - well that's I had to play that

00:17:11   song off YouTube because I don't like it

00:17:13   enough to pay a dollar to buy it and put

00:17:15   it on this playlist so I have it oh well

00:17:18   I still don't like I don't have to rebuy

00:17:19   it so so that I think that's a good good

00:17:23   sample of d carefree song about partying

00:17:26   however I think the one the if you had

00:17:29   to pick one carefree song about partying

00:17:31   there's only one option

00:17:33   oh no my number four is Chumbawamba

00:17:40   puppy yeah no question really

00:17:49   embarrassingly high on my life I mean

00:17:54   come on

00:17:54   what other song is that summertime II

00:17:57   like come on and there there is no

00:18:05   better song that is carefree about

00:18:07   partying like this is the song about

00:18:10   that this makes me feel so good in

00:18:12   summertime so when I think about

00:18:15   summertime music I really think about

00:18:17   like windows down sunshine you know when

00:18:21   you're putting your hand out the window

00:18:22   and you're going whoosh whoosh whoosh

00:18:24   with the air current like and that's

00:18:31   like summertime music or just like you

00:18:33   want to sit down and have a cold drink

00:18:35   and like kind of dance goofy a little

00:18:38   bit and hang out with your friends oh

00:18:40   it's just

00:18:41   [Music]

00:18:46   all right what is your number four all

00:18:49   right my number four

00:18:50   grouping I've really been okay since you

00:18:56   said that as yours I might move it down

00:18:58   my list it was its third on my playlist

00:19:00   right now I might move it down because

00:19:03   now it already got mentioned by you but

00:19:06   I have okay so hard I can't believe how

00:19:10   I feel like this is defining me as a

00:19:12   person when really I could these all of

00:19:16   these nine songs could pretty much be

00:19:18   anywhere they're just these are the

00:19:20   songs that I want to hear in the

00:19:21   summertime yeah my most newest recent

00:19:23   addition which was actually came out in

00:19:25   2016 is cake by the ocean anyone's gonna

00:19:38   start cursing soon so I might as well

00:19:39   shut it off but there's also a non

00:19:42   explicit version so if you do want to

00:19:44   listen to it around your kids

00:19:45   it's just really good I started

00:19:47   listening to it a lot this summer and it

00:19:50   just it says cake by the ocean so it

00:19:52   just makes me smile cuz I like cake and

00:19:55   I like oceans and it feels summery and

00:19:59   it feels kind of chill out but party at

00:20:02   the same time so I really like that and

00:20:04   okay if it needs to have a friend which

00:20:07   of course it does because I have nine in

00:20:08   my top four oh I just feel like this one

00:20:13   might I feel like it should be higher on

00:20:16   the list but I don't know it just goes

00:20:18   with cake by the ocean a little bit

00:20:19   better yeah this is a good pick oh yes

00:20:24   freezer town right crazy town butterfly

00:20:29   [Music]

00:20:33   he's got she's got him sprung with her

00:20:36   tongue ring did you know that

00:20:37   yikes anyway the lyrics to that song are

00:20:40   so hilarious I you just just have to

00:20:44   you're my brother fly sugar baby all

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00:22:00   even ordered at a restaurant before let

00:22:02   alone black garlic what's black garlic

00:22:05   you say I don't know but it gave our

00:22:07   blue apron and we really like it yeah we

00:22:09   had some time it's wonderful and and

00:22:11   this was not even the first time so when

00:22:13   it came to I was like oh hi recognize

00:22:15   this black garlic

00:22:16   I loved let garlic oh he were being all

00:22:17   like culinary master like what is this

00:22:20   flavor I taste in here oh it must be the

00:22:23   black garlic exactly and as we got

00:22:26   further down in the dish we tasted the

00:22:27   mirin or Mary Ann I don't know how

00:22:29   that's pronounced yeah depress your

00:22:31   friends with your new food snobbery yeah

00:22:33   it's wonderful yeah so you can get all

00:22:35   this wonderful stuff with blue apron you

00:22:36   can cook you know and and I gotta say

00:22:39   their hit rate is really high

00:22:42   very few meals in two years that we

00:22:44   haven't thought were great

00:22:46   like it's really a very very high hit

00:22:48   rate and it is just so nice and easy to

00:22:51   cook and it's so nice to learn how to

00:22:53   cook now on the nights of the week that

00:22:55   we are not cooking blue apron meals we

00:22:57   are much better at cooking because we've

00:22:59   had all this experience and we know more

00:23:02   than just like the four dishes we used

00:23:03   to make and we know more techniques than

00:23:05   we used to know so it's wonderful so

00:23:07   anyway I have a sneaky little blue apron

00:23:09   tip yeah Rick that we do that I want to

00:23:11   reveal to our listeners so they saw you

00:23:13   take a taste

00:23:14   No all right if you have friends that

00:23:16   also get blue apron and they also happen

00:23:18   to just get like the two-person meal and

00:23:20   you have a two-person meal and you guys

00:23:22   kind of wanted to get together that

00:23:23   night and hang out but you're like oh I

00:23:24   have to cook my blue apron otherwise

00:23:26   it's gonna go bad guess what you can

00:23:28   make two meals and then have like tapas

00:23:31   dinner what it's kind of amazing we've

00:23:33   done it a whole bunch of times with our

00:23:35   friends and you each get a little flavor

00:23:36   flavor of everything and a lot of the

00:23:38   meals are even easy to split up into

00:23:40   four and have like for like a little

00:23:42   tasting menu of two people's blooper

00:23:44   meals so it's awesome you can even use

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00:23:51   out there's also there's no weekly

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00:23:54   week that you either won't be home or

00:23:57   just won't have time to cook the meals

00:23:59   that week you can slog into the app and

00:24:00   you just say I skipped this week in this

00:24:02   week in this week and that's it it's

00:24:03   really wonderful easy to use no

00:24:05   commitment it's wonderful so check it

00:24:06   out right now and you can get three

00:24:08   meals free by signing up and that

00:24:11   includes free shipping that will send

00:24:12   you an entire free box of three meals in

00:24:14   it by going to blue apron comm slash top

00:24:17   for that blue apron comm slash top four

00:24:20   you will love how great it feels and

00:24:22   tastes to make incredible home-cooked

00:24:24   meals with blue apron so get started

00:24:26   today blue apron comm / top four thank

00:24:29   you very much - blue apron for their

00:24:30   support of this show and our stomachs

00:24:31   blue apron a better way to cook

00:24:34   [Music]

00:24:35   [Laughter]

00:24:38   this is where the songs that like it's

00:24:40   really catchy and it sticks in your head

00:24:42   but you're better off not paying too

00:24:45   much attention to it and not having a

00:24:46   lot of it no you're better off having so

00:24:48   much of it and learning every word and

00:24:50   paying attention to every turn of phrase

00:24:52   because it is so great great

00:24:56   oh speaking of turn of phrase I forgot

00:24:57   to put I first putting it you six on

00:24:58   here crap anyway alright so so that was

00:25:04   number four officially or was that one

00:25:05   of the group of four my number 4 is is

00:25:09   okay I might move this up to my number

00:25:12   three yeah okay this is my number three

00:25:16   is butterfly I crazy down and cake by

00:25:20   the ocean Biden's they're all capital

00:25:25   letters of dance but no a I don't know

00:25:29   but I like their song I like that's

00:25:32   that's probably that's probably it yeah

00:25:34   alright so you've now give me your

00:25:35   number for any number three

00:25:37   no that was my number three but you know

00:25:39   before skate by the Everson no number

00:25:42   four all right I'm gonna tell you I have

00:25:45   I have three for my number four that I'm

00:25:47   moving down the list oh my god okay no

00:25:49   it's fine it's fine this is this is we

00:25:52   make our own rules this is our show okay

00:25:54   should I say my okay yeah so I said my

00:25:57   number three I'm moving things around

00:26:00   hold on I'm gonna move this up this one

00:26:02   up and cake by the ocean you can move up

00:26:04   to okay alright here we go the Holly

00:26:09   songs they start like weirdos oh your

00:26:12   song start like weirdos my song start

00:26:13   awesome oh this okay yeah okay this is

00:26:20   this is a three-way tie for number three

00:26:22   and this is lenden deal my sunshine it

00:26:27   just sounds so summery yeah I'll give

00:26:29   you that I mean in the songs about

00:26:31   sunshine

00:26:34   alright number two so you're number four

00:26:38   between numbers three and four you have

00:26:41   six songs I can do what I want yeah okay

00:26:46   this song's not enough to stand on its

00:26:49   own but in a little playlist this is

00:26:51   amazing yeah yeah yeah it's a good mixer

00:26:56   it's like a little spice

00:26:57   it's like oregano mmm no piece of celery

00:26:59   maybe okay celery is really important

00:27:02   yeah it's it's it rounds out the the

00:27:05   meal it does it sounds summery it has a

00:27:08   little bit of that like California

00:27:10   drive-in music I guess it

00:27:12   there was a horn yeah it has a long

00:27:16   drawn-out story about something I have

00:27:19   some horns and drawn-out stories coming

00:27:21   later how bizarre yeah okay and my

00:27:26   number three number four number three

00:27:31   okay that was um actually how bizarre

00:27:33   bye again all these capital letter bands

00:27:36   om see um okay anyway my number three

00:27:39   number four is the new radicals you get

00:27:42   what you give okay do you see how

00:27:45   they're a little cluster they're kind of

00:27:47   like a cluster of happy summary music

00:27:50   well I don't really get this one as

00:27:51   being a summer song it's it's a fine

00:27:53   song summary it's also five minutes long

00:28:00   which is why it had to be with others

00:28:03   because I can't have this as one of my

00:28:05   top picks for five minutes yeah I'm

00:28:08   already done yeah it goes well with

00:28:11   others as a group it's like that's like

00:28:14   the big potato of the dish that's fine

00:28:16   for a few but I know I got my god this

00:28:17   is huge but the rest are you know the

00:28:19   little toppings got some bacon you know

00:28:21   a little cheese and then you have

00:28:22   yourself a nice little meal so that's my

00:28:25   little meal for number four and I oh and

00:28:27   also number three well number three was

00:28:29   the butterfly okay okay now you do yours

00:28:33   my number three actually this is my this

00:28:36   is one of the only one on my list my

00:28:37   number three it has no accessory songs

00:28:39   to it similar to your criteria of

00:28:44   telling a story I feel like the entire

00:28:46   word

00:28:47   of The Hold Steady qualifies for summer

00:28:51   music I forgot about that but no I would

00:28:54   not consider them summer means I mean

00:28:56   like I didn't forget about them I mean

00:28:58   how could you forget about that voice

00:28:59   yeah it's just yelling a story at you

00:29:01   but like so this song this is a

00:29:03   chill-out tent but the I can listen to

00:29:08   music anytime to me this could be fall

00:29:10   this could be winter it doesn't

00:29:12   transport me to the land of summertime

00:29:14   but I think this has it the summery

00:29:17   first of all it is like you know about

00:29:18   partying and being carefree and telling

00:29:20   long stories and is about you know a hot

00:29:23   concert and people doing drugs and

00:29:26   passing out but you know it's it's just

00:29:29   like this sounds like summer to me and I

00:29:31   feel like so much of the whole city

00:29:33   sounds like that but that is one of my

00:29:35   favorite songs of theirs I thought you

00:29:36   just said that didn't have any

00:29:37   accessories but yet it has their entire

00:29:39   like what's that called

00:29:42   I want to ography yes thank you I'm like

00:29:47   okay yeah

00:29:48   their entire disagreable to my number

00:29:54   two and one so more than all of hold

00:29:58   steady I feel like that's one coherent

00:29:59   entry so your playlist literally has

00:30:02   just like a wall of hold steady the only

00:30:04   thing coherent about the whole study but

00:30:05   yes it has one coherent okay all right

00:30:10   what is should I do my number two and

00:30:12   you do your number two how we doing this

00:30:14   okay I if you want to finish then I got

00:30:17   a we got to do that do it that way like

00:30:20   do you want to go last I think I might

00:30:21   want to go last and move my comedy

00:30:23   option to my number one oh you should

00:30:27   alright so yeah those are pretty common

00:30:30   options so my number two this for this

00:30:34   category I kind of wanted to represent

00:30:36   there was a summer of I believe it was

00:30:38   97 and this was the summer that is it

00:30:41   tub-thumping again no well that was 97

00:30:47   that was tougher thing I like I like to

00:30:49   have to give it its own entire entry

00:30:51   [Laughter]

00:30:54   when you give to people

00:30:59   seven this was

00:31:00   summer that my friends and I started

00:31:03   trading mp3s and this was this was a

00:31:05   prominent summer in the early mp3 era

00:31:09   the summer of piracy and and so it

00:31:12   because this was like it was really when

00:31:13   it started to explode 97 and most people

00:31:17   didn't even have broadband yet so like

00:31:18   my first mp3 piracy took place on zip

00:31:21   disks and I didn't even have a zip drive

00:31:23   I would borrow the drive and the disk

00:31:25   from my friends and bring it home and

00:31:27   plug it into my printer port and copy

00:31:29   files off that way Wow onto a computer

00:31:31   that would that only had a four hundred

00:31:34   megabyte hard drive and so there was

00:31:35   only enough space left after all my

00:31:37   other stuff for me to hold like three or

00:31:39   four songs on there life was really hard

00:31:40   then and the computer was not fast

00:31:43   enough to play the mp3 at full quality I

00:31:46   had I could only play it at half quality

00:31:48   it sounded awful did you ever think

00:31:49   about just listening to a really good

00:31:51   radio station like the rest I did that

00:31:53   too but so so this was the TV some idea

00:31:56   of the of the era here

00:31:57   this was bullet with butterfly wings

00:31:59   that was when my first mp3 hit me a

00:32:00   picture tub-thumping was up there

00:32:02   this was also this was the I I think a

00:32:06   critic manager also this was the brief

00:32:10   scoff A's yes I wrote down so much Scott

00:32:14   music yeah reading by the Mighty Mighty

00:32:16   Bosstones yes everything exactly like it

00:32:19   this really was the sound of summer 97

00:32:22   yes this is summer this is me and my

00:32:25   friend Kathy like sneaking out of her

00:32:27   house through her basement window to

00:32:30   walk around town and do nothing I'm real

00:32:32   big fish too yes yeah also I have no

00:32:36   doubts tragic kingdom' as like a huge

00:32:39   album that was a big in the summer yeah

00:32:42   and someday I suppose more when Mighty

00:32:44   Bosstones it's just such a like that was

00:32:47   like the summer of sky and it was

00:32:48   intertwined so much with the early mp3

00:32:50   trading so that was a big one for me but

00:32:52   the one song that I chose to represent

00:32:54   this in my actual list is what was

00:32:57   actually my first mp3

00:33:00   the butthole surfers of course this

00:33:04   doesn't say summer to me but I

00:33:06   understand it and it's really not a

00:33:09   great song but I liked it a lot it's so

00:33:16   weird it's incredibly strange it's

00:33:19   really dark for summer though yeah like

00:33:23   crack den summer it yeah this doesn't

00:33:28   make me feel uplifted or happy or

00:33:31   sunshine makes me feel like I just

00:33:35   because for me it reminds me of summer

00:33:38   because that was your crazy qualifier

00:33:39   for this list yeah it's there cause it

00:33:41   was it represented so well for me that

00:33:43   summer of 97 mp3 trading okay okay I

00:33:47   almost I um - you had me getting all

00:33:50   revved up here with all of the sky and

00:33:53   the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and it says

00:33:56   I have all that kind of on my scribble

00:33:58   list widget I will I took a picture of

00:34:00   so we could put that up there yeah it

00:34:03   was like the summer of Scott it felt so

00:34:05   great this makes me feel like let me

00:34:08   dance goofy on the beach yeah you go to

00:34:12   butthole surfers that's that's where you

00:34:15   took this train to the butthole all

00:34:19   right someday I suppose but yeah yeah

00:34:22   yeah all right think with the Bosto

00:34:25   alright what is your number two my

00:34:36   number two we just put that on all of

00:34:37   Arts our numbers 1 2 3 & 4 are all top

00:34:40   flipping something it's really good

00:34:46   stuff moving should really be number one

00:34:48   on both of our lists probably what we're

00:34:50   saying here alright this song let me see

00:34:53   if you can guess this it's where they're

00:34:55   driving and then they break down and

00:34:57   then they don't know which way they're

00:34:58   going fastball the way damn right let's

00:35:03   just start off awkward again song thank

00:35:05   you you picked these songs that have

00:35:07   these long interests

00:35:11   I love it song it is such a long

00:35:14   drawn-out story of nonsense here we go

00:35:20   yeah that's like a minute in yeah it

00:35:23   still has it's still just getting stir

00:35:26   [Music]

00:35:27   just say the name of the song you make

00:35:30   fun of fish for having long interest

00:35:32   okay this is a long interest story just

00:35:37   like on and on like when what song is

00:35:39   this I don't even know it's just I

00:35:41   always know Shh where were they going

00:35:43   without ever knowing the way all right

00:35:48   [Music]

00:35:50   all right

00:35:51   stop it they said the word summer and

00:35:53   you talked over it it's a song about

00:35:54   summer they said the word summer Wow I

00:35:58   love this song it makes me think of

00:36:00   summertime I never know the title of it

00:36:02   and I'm always saying to Marco Marco

00:36:03   that song we're driving and they break

00:36:06   down they don't know where they're going

00:36:08   they don't know where they're going and

00:36:11   the song is of the way so it's pretty

00:36:13   great my fastball yeah I really like

00:36:15   that song and to accompany it just

00:36:28   between all the entries yes 15 copies

00:36:33   you can't get you can't not listen to it

00:36:36   over and over

00:36:37   oh wow even the album cover freaks me

00:36:41   out that baby with choppers what's your

00:36:46   number - wait did you say I said number

00:36:48   two it was the the mp3 summer which was

00:36:51   butthole surfers pepper Oh slash slash

00:36:55   slash summer of scoffs last someday I

00:36:57   suppose it's like it has the entire

00:37:06   disaggregate you have all of ska pretty

00:37:09   much with a little butthole surfer

00:37:11   candle on top yes

00:37:12   so that's right now that's G that's sure

00:37:15   that's your list cake that you have

00:37:17   going on here alright my number one okay

00:37:20   this is the Weiser category oh I have

00:37:24   some Weezer's in my honorable men

00:37:25   that I didn't mention because I knew you

00:37:27   would have it yeah so I I have a whole

00:37:29   cat is also there the whole category of

00:37:30   Weezer right Olive Weezer yeah and so

00:37:33   for me Weezer like I've liked Weezer

00:37:35   year-round and I was basically most of

00:37:40   my discovery of new Weezer songs happen

00:37:42   during the summer times I discovered

00:37:44   Pinkerton during a summer after it come

00:37:46   out like I you know just a pre-internet

00:37:48   so like you know I didn't get it at the

00:37:50   time and it wasn't really on the radio

00:37:52   so I discovered that in the summer and

00:37:53   listened to listen to the crap out of

00:37:55   Pinkerton in the summertime some of

00:37:57   their albums have also been released in

00:37:59   the summer so that that is often when I

00:38:01   hear those songs first they did a couple

00:38:04   of promos they they did the summer songs

00:38:07   of 2000 which is kind of interesting

00:38:09   this was it was a small group of

00:38:12   releases they did between Pinkerton and

00:38:14   what was going to become the green album

00:38:16   and they threw most of them away and

00:38:18   these songs just have been lost yet

00:38:20   forever but there are some pretty decent

00:38:21   ones what they're all pretty decent

00:38:31   except for this one though I'm playing

00:38:32   right now this is called preacher's son

00:38:33   this is where my favorite melody wait so

00:38:35   is this on your list or not it's a

00:38:38   friend of the list it's an ear it's it's

00:38:40   part of the we dramatically to the meet

00:38:42   get to the meat of the weave there and

00:38:44   then I also all of maladroit the entire

00:38:46   maladroit album was released in the

00:38:48   summertime and this was it part of a

00:38:50   major summer of music listening for me

00:38:52   the summer of 2002 I I had an internship

00:38:55   I was doing a lot of driving it was like

00:38:57   on the other side of town doing a lot of

00:38:58   driving and this was before I listen to

00:39:00   podcasts because this was before podcast

00:39:02   really existed so I did lots of music

00:39:04   listening that summer mostly Jimmy Eat

00:39:07   World and Good Charlotte and that was

00:39:09   those were big in 2002 but also all of

00:39:11   maladroit

00:39:14   this is our song we listened to this

00:39:16   album for the first time together in the

00:39:18   car driving to your house yeah you know

00:39:19   we met it doesn't do I know yeah exactly

00:39:22   so I know this is like our song in the

00:39:24   summertime yeah this came out in the

00:39:26   summer of 2002 yeah Weezer's mallard

00:39:29   albums misses keep fishing and there and

00:39:32   there's so many good singer Dean I'm

00:39:34   like transported back into your car yeah

00:39:38   [Music]

00:39:39   alright and then also also what was big

00:39:43   in our early relationship was the green

00:39:46   album itself it was not a summer album

00:39:48   but if you're looking at Weezer summer

00:39:50   songs how do you not include out in the

00:39:53   Sun and that yeah it on the Sun is just

00:40:01   a great song it is probably the best

00:40:04   song on the green album the green album

00:40:06   honestly didn't have a lot of standouts

00:40:07   oh my god it's called Island in the Sun

00:40:08   and talks about holiday of course yes

00:40:10   summer song however this was not my

00:40:12   number one song either my number one

00:40:14   song is the other best song that Weezer

00:40:16   have written about summer surf wax

00:40:19   America oh I just started playing hash

00:40:20   pipe it's really good this this is the

00:40:27   closest that we sir has ever come to

00:40:28   writing a Beach Boys song I think no

00:40:30   this is like these summer song by Weezer

00:40:32   and it's from the Blue Album which I

00:40:34   love and it's it's just an awesome song

00:40:37   in the middle of an awesome album that

00:40:39   came out of an awesome time so number

00:40:42   one for me Weezer surf wax America this

00:40:44   is so good

00:40:44   you're absolutely right yep nice prep is

00:40:52   fine it's a fun song it's not a great

00:40:55   song exactly that's why it's in my

00:40:58   honorable mentions it's right above my

00:41:00   Sheryl Crow so good yeah but it's

00:41:02   underneath this the entire category of

00:41:06   surf rock which has about six songs well

00:41:13   I'm fine with them or wipeouts oh right

00:41:17   now there's a lot of music okay stop

00:41:20   okay

00:41:22   terrible reported its from 1962 wait why

00:41:26   are we back here my fault you brought us

00:41:29   back I'm sorry alright alright so are

00:41:43   you ready for my number my two number

00:41:45   ones of course I'm gonna give you the

00:41:47   entire Weezer categories my number one

00:41:49   yeah I know you have quite the layer

00:41:51   cake going on you have like a trifle of

00:41:53   music I have never had this many notes

00:41:55   for an episode of the show well I

00:41:58   started getting carried away I have like

00:42:00   stuff on that I'm written down like

00:42:01   entire albums I have Eve sick stuff I

00:42:04   have just I have I've Rusted Root all

00:42:07   over the bike I don't know I have Sugar

00:42:08   Ray like things all over that I don't I

00:42:11   didn't make it with that I have songs

00:42:13   from Total Annihilation because I played

00:42:15   so much of the Total Annihilation like I

00:42:19   played so many games of this during the

00:42:22   summer time during I am party to my

00:42:23   friends I'm gonna go over there

00:42:26   stop gosh are you done do I need to play

00:42:31   more Nelly do I need to play Nelly again

00:42:33   [Laughter]

00:42:35   together they're pretty good we are

00:42:51   musical geniuses just alright and I even

00:42:57   I was tempted to even include alright

00:43:05   what's your number one all right I have

00:43:07   two number ones of course I'm saving one

00:43:10   okay this is what I think is my number

00:43:14   one are you ready I'm ready

00:43:17   really there's something about this

00:43:26   weird Smash Mouth song walking on the

00:43:29   Sun it just makes me feel like I wanna

00:43:33   like weird surf dance on the beach and

00:43:34   hang out it just feels like the perfect

00:43:37   background music for summertime so I

00:43:40   have a question if you're gonna pick

00:43:42   Smash Mouth how do you not pick all-star

00:43:46   because this is walking on the Sun I

00:43:50   mean this is fine but like all stars a

00:43:53   way better song I don't know it just

00:43:55   feels really good in summary I moved it

00:43:57   up and down the list like all over the

00:43:58   place and I was trying to put other

00:44:00   things you know ahead of it like you

00:44:02   know but you know it wasn't it wasn't I

00:44:12   don't know there was just something that

00:44:13   was stopping me and just kept it kept on

00:44:16   floating to the top anyway and here's my

00:44:19   other number-one song I don't know if

00:44:21   anyone even really knows this song but

00:44:24   it is it just kind of makes me laugh

00:44:27   every single time that I listen to it

00:44:30   and I can only listen to it in the

00:44:32   summer so that's why no no no it's not

00:44:37   that one

00:44:38   it guessed wrong No okay here we go the

00:44:49   hell is this

00:44:53   [Music]

00:44:55   in the summer they rhyme the words

00:45:00   Hornet and sonnets in a song wow it's so

00:45:08   bad it's good it's it's pretty bad yeah

00:45:11   no they really do they they rhyme the

00:45:12   word Hornet and sonnet they also mention

00:45:17   home alone at the movie naturally which

00:45:20   is huge and it there's a lyric that says

00:45:24   I steal your honey like I stole your

00:45:27   bike horrible Wow

00:45:33   it's a terrible song the name of the

00:45:36   band is called LFO which stands for

00:45:39   light funky ones and light is spelt with

00:45:43   a Y the way to fly eat a funky one it

00:45:49   came out in 1999 and I remember

00:45:51   listening to the radio and I was

00:45:53   listening to K Rock and one of the like

00:45:55   the goofy DJ people or sidekicks of the

00:45:57   DJs because they're trying to be like

00:45:59   Howard Stern Show ish and on their

00:46:03   morning show he said like oh he was at

00:46:05   the grocery store and he met these guys

00:46:07   that had this song and this is like

00:46:09   gonna be the song of the summer and he

00:46:10   just knew it and so then they played it

00:46:12   and everyone laughed and guess what it

00:46:14   kind of became the song of the summer so

00:46:16   it was so ridiculously perfect Wow I'm

00:46:27   so sorry this is my number one but I

00:46:29   just I get where else does it go where

00:46:31   else could it go where else down the

00:46:34   list no it could only go up

00:46:52   [Laughter]

00:46:55   that is something it's so everything god

00:47:03   I'm sorry had this really should be the

00:47:09   number one yeah I think this is the real

00:47:12   winner tonight even though it wasn't on

00:47:13   our list it was our number once yeah

00:47:16   tub-thumping wins the night oh gosh this

00:47:22   is so hard I feel like my pics we're

00:47:26   defining my soul

00:47:28   [Music]

00:47:36   yeah you get to do that after everything

00:47:41   like it just works every time

00:47:47   [Music]