Top Four

Top Four 27: Girl Scout Cookies 🍪


00:00:00   you go get some water it's paper towels

00:00:02   what are you gonna do I'm gonna open the

00:00:03   cookies Oh Oh grab the ones from the

00:00:06   fridge to cold ones open here I'm gonna

00:00:11   rip these boxes and it's gonna be a

00:00:13   disaster

00:00:14   never gonna close them again there's a

00:00:18   lot of boxes and it's gonna be a while

00:00:20   no I just try not to paper cut myself

00:00:22   which I already did that's also a good

00:00:25   reason to be careful open here

00:00:28   sounds gluten-free but it's gonna rip a

00:00:31   little tabby tab up there it goes it's

00:00:33   over that one's still opening but we are

00:00:42   back to our usual antics at top 4 where

00:00:45   we eat a whole bunch of garbage for you

00:00:47   the people to experience what is the

00:00:51   best garbage to eat so you don't have to

00:00:52   waste your own calories we are getting

00:00:55   fat for science that's it that's our

00:00:57   excuse at least so this time we are in

00:01:01   case you haven't figured out yet

00:01:02   this time we are testing all of the

00:01:04   varieties in the u.s. at least I don't

00:01:07   know if they're different anywhere else

00:01:08   of Girl Scout cookies because it is Girl

00:01:11   Scout cookie season Girl Scouts a us

00:01:13   thing only

00:01:14   I think there's Girl Scouts other places

00:01:16   they might be called different things

00:01:17   but we have girls who join an

00:01:22   organization to better themselves and

00:01:24   their communities and learn leadership

00:01:27   skills and sell cookies for good causes

00:01:30   yeah the cookies I believe are the large

00:01:34   fundraising portion of it

00:01:35   yes and it also teaches girls a whole

00:01:37   bunch of skills which are listed on the

00:01:39   box as goal-setting decision-making

00:01:42   money management people skills and

00:01:44   business ethics cool yeah which results

00:01:47   in you know roughly in in the late

00:01:50   winter time around here at least some

00:01:53   young girl usually accompanied by a

00:01:56   parent or guardian knocks on your door

00:01:57   ask you wanna buy Girl Scout cookies and

00:02:00   the correct answer is always yes the

00:02:02   only question is how many and which ones

00:02:03   and this year Marco was left alone

00:02:06   there's a that's starting to sound bad

00:02:08   anyway Marco was here without my

00:02:12   supervision

00:02:13   when the girl-scout arrived and ended up

00:02:16   ordering ten boxes of cookies well

00:02:19   here's what happened tiff told me hey I

00:02:22   think she's gonna come by today I'm not

00:02:24   gonna be here so just order what we like

00:02:27   so I ordered what we like and I also

00:02:30   whenever I go I I'm the primary grocery

00:02:32   shopper of the family and we never buy

00:02:34   cookies by the way we never buys like

00:02:36   stop store I can't store is the word yes

00:02:40   we never buy store-bought cookies okay I

00:02:44   was trying to I was fighting the long

00:02:45   island hard with that one it's - I

00:02:48   bought I mean come on yeah right

00:02:50   so I whenever I am shopping for food or

00:02:54   selecting food I always take a couple of

00:02:56   risks on new things and that's how we

00:02:57   discover things that we like and so the

00:03:00   combination of tip saying get what we

00:03:02   like and also my my constant policy of

00:03:06   just trying new things when I'm shopping

00:03:07   for food I got to each of the flavors we

00:03:11   liked and I got one box each of a few

00:03:13   new flavors and that quickly adds up to

00:03:16   10 boxes which I was made fun of

00:03:18   relentlessly by my wonderful wife here

00:03:21   for four weeks until the order arrived

00:03:23   and still now since the order has

00:03:25   arrived but you know the other reason to

00:03:28   over buy them is that usually you only

00:03:31   really get the chance to buy them once a

00:03:32   year and it's kind of funny for us to do

00:03:35   the show reviewing them all as a service

00:03:37   to you the listener right after you can

00:03:39   probably buy them so sorry about that

00:03:41   refer back to the episode next next

00:03:43   early spring when you can actually order

00:03:46   them yeah but we are still doing the

00:03:49   grunt work here for you the people

00:03:51   because we are so giving in that way

00:03:53   anyway so we have before us eight boxes

00:03:57   of different varieties that we have

00:03:59   available to us here in New York because

00:04:00   I after the order of 10 boxes went

00:04:03   through I called up our Girl Scout and

00:04:04   was like give me one more of every

00:04:06   single box so that we can test it and so

00:04:09   here we are we are also testing a couple

00:04:11   of the chocolate varieties in their cold

00:04:13   state in addition to their warm state

00:04:15   because they are sometimes way better

00:04:18   cold and we just wanted to tell you and

00:04:20   so we will test them and then rank them

00:04:23   yeah so first up let's see what are we

00:04:26   gonna try first we should try and do

00:04:27   you most bland first well maybe most

00:04:31   popular first because the popular ones

00:04:33   are gonna be least surprising to people

00:04:34   because most people have had them before

00:04:36   and have already formed their opinions

00:04:38   so maybe popular first and then new and

00:04:41   more rare flavors the end well but they

00:04:44   get they get more complicated so like I

00:04:46   think for palate purposes ok for palate

00:04:49   purposes we should start off with like

00:04:51   the trifles as the tri foil tri foils

00:04:55   but isn't that supposed to be three

00:04:56   layers isn't that what a tri trifle is I

00:04:58   think it's true foil or something and I

00:05:00   believe that's a shape Oh anyway so

00:05:03   let's start out with those because I

00:05:04   believe their basic butter cookies let

00:05:06   me grab that box it is blue it's

00:05:08   shortbread right yeah traditional

00:05:09   shortbread cookies so take your

00:05:12   shortbread we're not gonna feel well

00:05:14   after this but I think we've eaten whig

00:05:17   worse things and felt more sick you

00:05:21   fight enough on the open one I opened it

00:05:25   far enough for myself like a millimeter

00:05:26   to get one cookie out so I couldn't get

00:05:28   the one behind it let's see and this is

00:05:32   the basic shortbread cookie basic basic

00:05:35   sure friend oh i the whole thing

00:05:38   I am planning ahead and I can quickly a

00:05:42   bite yeah I can't keep up this pace

00:05:44   because I know how I'm going to feel in

00:05:47   20 minutes if I eat the whole thing so I

00:05:50   really enjoy the trefoil this is it it's

00:05:54   one of those things look like the basic

00:05:55   shortbread cookie I think most people

00:05:57   don't give it a lot of credit it has a

00:05:59   Girl Scout insignia on it yeah like it's

00:06:01   a basic cookie but I really like basic

00:06:03   cookies done well and that's what this

00:06:04   is it's a basic you know butter

00:06:06   shortbread cookie done really well and I

00:06:08   appreciate that it's nothing like it

00:06:10   like I'm not gonna like remember it

00:06:11   tomorrow you know but but at the time

00:06:14   I'm eating it I find it quite pleasant

00:06:15   but it's really good if you have it with

00:06:16   like coffee or tea or something like

00:06:18   that yeah because it isn't a very strong

00:06:20   flavor it isn't like it's very much like

00:06:22   a tea biscuit is that what that means I

00:06:24   don't know I'm just guessing

00:06:25   okay sorry Mike all right so we will ask

00:06:28   the British after this or they will tell

00:06:30   us rather well they don't have Girl

00:06:32   Scout cookies but I guess when we show

00:06:33   the pictures will let's see yeah goes on

00:06:35   alright so next in the basic category we

00:06:38   have let's see the lemon ones maybe

00:06:43   yeah we have the toffee tastic

00:06:46   or the Savannah Smiles let's do toffee

00:06:48   tastic first cuz the lemon might affect

00:06:51   our palate slightly more okay this is a

00:06:52   rich buttery cookie with sweet chunky

00:06:54   toffee bits and I believe that is the

00:06:56   gluten free option isn't it it is gluten

00:06:58   for yes yeah so that's probably a fairly

00:07:01   new option before they just motto out

00:07:03   these are pretty thick you want to share

00:07:05   one well yeah I have two to try them at

00:07:07   the same time okay cuz I mean the

00:07:10   crunching is the best part of the audio

00:07:11   here isn't it I need to teach you how to

00:07:16   open the plastic tube wrap the way to

00:07:18   open it is not to just open the end it's

00:07:21   to tear a line so I can get my own

00:07:23   cookie out rather than just having your

00:07:26   cookie be able to come out and having no

00:07:27   other access to the other ones all right

00:07:30   whatever

00:07:30   so far the box is my favorite color so

00:07:33   and we both love toffee

00:07:36   yeah so it's teal box toffee cookies

00:07:38   let's see how these go I sprayed cookie

00:07:46   crumbs all over the office so when the

00:07:48   answer here in a few days like I can

00:07:49   blame you look at below your chair

00:07:53   there's cookie crumbs hops come here boo

00:07:55   okay these are really good yeah the only

00:07:58   thing is that they they're a little hard

00:08:01   to chew cuz the toffee is so firm and

00:08:04   sticky you kind of get stuck in your

00:08:05   teeth oh but I like it cuz now it's

00:08:06   melting in my teeth and it's tasting

00:08:08   really good the other thing is that they

00:08:10   they're they're very thick cookie and I

00:08:13   would say maybe a little dry I like I

00:08:16   don't know this is the result of

00:08:17   whatever alternative to gluten they have

00:08:19   used here or what but they are they are

00:08:23   very thick crumbly dry cookie with these

00:08:25   big sticky bits in them so the flavor I

00:08:27   find good but the mechanics

00:08:30   I guess the construction it's a little

00:08:33   bit a little bit hard to get through

00:08:35   well the toffee tastic have definitely

00:08:36   moved up the list over the trifles for

00:08:38   me so trip oils your Falls yeah I don't

00:08:42   know how to pronounce it but I know it's

00:08:43   not trifles that's one thing I can be

00:08:46   sure of all right so we are two cookies

00:08:47   in and I am covered in crumbs because I

00:08:50   am a monster this is going to be a day a

00:08:53   good day for

00:08:55   dog and the vacuum cleaner just keep

00:08:56   them away from the chocolate okay next

00:08:58   to the Savannah Smiles which are these

00:09:00   like lemon dusted white cookies room

00:09:02   crisp zesty lemon wedge cookies dusted

00:09:06   with powdered sugar I can't believe you

00:09:08   didn't order the toffee tastic ones for

00:09:11   ourselves we only have one box of these

00:09:12   for testing but okay now on to the

00:09:15   Savannah smile oh those are lemony and

00:09:19   delicious I'm a big fan of Savannah

00:09:21   Smiles mm-hmm like I liked them before

00:09:23   this I like them now so it's you know

00:09:26   it's a it's a lemon crunchy cookie

00:09:29   covered in powdered sugar there's not

00:09:31   much you can do wrong there it is amping

00:09:33   up the delicious here because like each

00:09:35   one is better than the last one yeah I

00:09:37   I'm a big fan of Savannah Smiles it is

00:09:40   there light inside like it's it's not

00:09:42   like a thick consistency it's a light

00:09:44   crunchy inner cookie with just the right

00:09:47   amount of lemon on the outside that it

00:09:48   you get the nice lemon tartness but it's

00:09:50   not overpowering like you know like like

00:09:53   if I if I leave you to make a lemon

00:09:55   sauce unattended you will you will put

00:09:57   like six lemons in enough sauce to cover

00:10:00   like one small salad yeah don't leave me

00:10:01   alone with a lemon sauce no like I can't

00:10:03   trust you with with the bounds cuz you

00:10:05   like lemon more than most people these I

00:10:08   feel like have a perfect balance of like

00:10:10   how much lemon that you actually get in

00:10:12   big fan

00:10:12   all right next up the food chain here we

00:10:17   have the DOS Eidos which is a crunchy

00:10:19   oatmeal sandwich cookie with creamy

00:10:21   peanut butter filling one of two

00:10:23   peanutbutter options in the Girl Scout

00:10:25   lineup the other being the Tagalog I'm

00:10:32   taking the top cookie so I have an

00:10:34   advantage yeah it's a tough cookie

00:10:36   advantage all right so these are smaller

00:10:38   than I expected but I guess you don't

00:10:39   want a massive thing

00:10:41   okay we're stepping back we're stepping

00:10:43   back to the delicious like from the

00:10:45   delicious precipice that we were on

00:10:46   there they're good yeah these are really

00:10:50   good but I would say they don't really

00:10:51   stand out like I'm a huge fan of peanut

00:10:54   butter flavored desserts so I do have a

00:10:57   bit of a bias towards this but it is

00:11:00   really really good but it's it's kind of

00:11:03   like the the trefoil which is like it's

00:11:06   a really good implementation of a fairly

00:11:08   Stan

00:11:09   cookie it's not it's there's nothing new

00:11:10   here I mean like I'm so far liking these

00:11:13   variety of plain butter cookies they are

00:11:16   easy to eat with like a tea or coffee

00:11:19   they're nice to put out if you're an old

00:11:22   woman like I am put out for who I don't

00:11:28   know the mailman I don't know

00:11:30   I'm getting lost okay I'm better with

00:11:33   focusing on opening and eating from

00:11:35   these boxes all right next up we have

00:11:37   the Girl Scout s'mores cookies I are

00:11:40   these new or new ish because I they're

00:11:41   new ish they have a very potent smell as

00:11:45   soon as you open them moments like um

00:11:49   maple syrup II almost but they're

00:11:52   s'mores so they are Oh see now you're

00:11:56   leaving me with second cookie grabbing

00:11:57   there's two rows you can get to yours

00:12:00   just as easily these are crunchy graham

00:12:01   sandwich cookies with creamy chocolate

00:12:03   and marshmallow filling yeah that's a

00:12:06   grandma or it's a s'more all right I

00:12:07   don't really like these no there's they

00:12:11   have a bit of an odd flavor it have like

00:12:13   a chemical taste to them yeah like I

00:12:15   think your identification of the smell

00:12:16   is almost mapley mm-hmm is is right they

00:12:19   don't taste like like marshmallow and

00:12:22   chocolate it tastes like something else

00:12:24   like it is kind of a weird like

00:12:26   sweetener like they it like they've used

00:12:28   the wrong kind of sweetener for this

00:12:30   flavor profile like it tastes a little

00:12:32   bit like maybe maybe what we're

00:12:33   detecting is like the the what's

00:12:36   supposed to be the honey flavoring of

00:12:38   the graham crackers that are their

00:12:39   sandwich in it here but it doesn't work

00:12:42   whatever it is it doesn't work it's it's

00:12:43   not a good balance and yeah not a fan no

00:12:47   I took one bite of those and I do not

00:12:48   want another bite so now II yeah that's

00:12:52   why you only take one bite well I'm glad

00:12:53   you only bought one box of these says

00:12:55   yes all right let's take this halfway

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00:15:46   way to cook alright so we are 5 cookies

00:15:50   in we have what about 3 more actually

00:15:53   yes

00:15:53   3 more types but two of them we have

00:15:56   cold and not cold and room temperature

00:15:59   yeah okay you're closer to the open cold

00:16:03   Tagalongs actually I'm gonna say right

00:16:05   now for the sake of radio time because

00:16:08   that's a we're on we're on a radio time

00:16:10   anyway what is happening to me we know

00:16:14   what these taste like warm and they are

00:16:16   good but not as good as they are cold so

00:16:19   I'm just gonna skip right to a cold yeah

00:16:21   I think I agree with that statement and

00:16:22   I would I would almost say the exaction

00:16:24   thing about Thin Mints that's true I

00:16:25   don't think we need to try

00:16:26   room-temperature Thin Mints we we just

00:16:27   had them like a few days ago I just

00:16:29   opened it so it's open already I'll put

00:16:31   in the fridge all right so so tag-along

00:16:33   this is a a peanut butter layer on top

00:16:37   of a shortbread cookie you have a box

00:16:39   over there read that I am back Bob well

00:16:40   it's it's it's peanut butter on top of

00:16:42   shortbread wrapped in chocolate nice and

00:16:45   easy you're not gonna read the box

00:16:47   continuity man either so good I love

00:16:51   these so much the peanut butter is so

00:16:54   right it's almost like a Reese's peanut

00:16:57   butter situation a little bit like a

00:16:59   schmear and dipped in chocolate yeah and

00:17:02   you get the nice crunch from the cookie

00:17:04   in the middle and the cookies not too

00:17:05   thick and the chocolate isn't too thick

00:17:07   and the chocolates kind of creamy that's

00:17:08   why they're better cold mm-hmm yeah I

00:17:10   would say you nailed it with like the

00:17:13   ratios are just really right with this

00:17:15   like each each one of the ingredients is

00:17:18   good you know it's I don't think I need

00:17:21   them are like gonna blow you away like I

00:17:22   accidentally ate the whole thing

00:17:27   not not an accident I bet yeah yeah I

00:17:30   I'm a huge fan of Tagalongs again my

00:17:33   preference for peanut butter starts

00:17:34   there a little bit here but big fan and

00:17:37   that has not changed in this comparison

00:17:38   so I think we should move on to Samoas

00:17:42   cult echelons I would say Samoas and

00:17:45   Thin Mints are probably the two most

00:17:46   popular or at least most famous ones

00:17:48   what do you say yeah I think so

00:17:51   and they're the ones like they're so

00:17:52   popular that you can get like flavors of

00:17:54   ice cream and stuff that are like

00:17:55   officially licensed flavored like these

00:17:57   things okay so up until recently I

00:17:59   thought I did not like coconut but turns

00:18:02   out I do so all of you out there who

00:18:04   think you don't like coconut should

00:18:06   probably try these cookies anyway

00:18:07   because you might have changed your mind

00:18:08   with your coconut like egde yeah I feel

00:18:11   like Samoas have to be like the Gateway

00:18:13   to liking coconut and candy for a lot of

00:18:15   people because I I don't like coconut in

00:18:18   most candy like the way did you like to

00:18:20   shave like or like the you know just

00:18:21   like shredded coconut like I don't like

00:18:23   a mounds bar or I'm enjoy bar like I

00:18:26   that's too much for me I don't like

00:18:28   coconut macaroons whatever those are

00:18:29   they're not real macaroons and they

00:18:31   shouldn't have the same name I really

00:18:32   don't like those two different oh

00:18:33   there's a different amount of OHS yeah

00:18:36   it's basically the same name I mean yes

00:18:38   they're it's one letter different but

00:18:40   anyway Asamoah is a crisp cookie coated

00:18:43   in caramel

00:18:46   sprinkled with toasted coconut and

00:18:48   striped with dark chocolate coating yeah

00:18:52   I mean chances are if you've ever had a

00:18:54   Girl Scout cookie there's a very good

00:18:56   chance it was this one it looks kind of

00:18:57   like a doughnut

00:18:58   it's like ring shaped all right let's

00:19:00   give us a shot these make you feel like

00:19:07   you're eating something healthy because

00:19:08   of the coconut good present at all and

00:19:12   these two I as a big fan of refrigerated

00:19:16   cookies

00:19:16   I have tried refrigerator Muse in the

00:19:18   past but I feel like it makes everything

00:19:20   too hard like it makes the the caramel

00:19:22   layer really hardens up and yeah yeah

00:19:24   you need that you need to keep the

00:19:25   caramel soft caramel caramel whatever

00:19:27   caramel yeah and the only downside I

00:19:29   would say to these besides the fact that

00:19:31   it's way too easy to eat way too many of

00:19:33   them the only downside is that the

00:19:36   coconut gets stuck at my teeth for a

00:19:37   long time afterwards like it'll be like

00:19:40   15 minutes later and I'll like find a

00:19:41   piece of coconut my mouth still so

00:19:43   that's that's kind of not great but

00:19:44   otherwise big fan you have quite the

00:19:46   line up there of half-eaten cookies I do

00:19:48   not have the amount of discipline you do

00:19:50   and I keep accidentally finishing my

00:19:51   cookie well they also they they keep

00:19:54   reminding me like which ones we've had

00:19:56   I'm gonna refer to yours in which order

00:19:58   because my mine is that mine's just a

00:20:01   pile of crumbs right now oh man yeah

00:20:04   hops is going to have a

00:20:04   good afternoon oh he's gotta keep away

00:20:06   from the chocolate yeah all right okay

00:20:08   and last we have the Thin Mints these if

00:20:14   I had to guess oh man I did open this

00:20:15   like a jerk if I had to guess which one

00:20:19   flavor of girls canoes was most popular

00:20:22   I bet it's Thin Mints Colton Merrick

00:20:25   Colton mint fridge temperature not free

00:20:26   to temperature but fridge temperature

00:20:27   though I'm getting a warm thinman I want

00:20:29   to compare do you wanna compare no I

00:20:31   don't need to fine they're better cold

00:20:34   back in the box so refreshing that's a

00:20:38   good closer yeah I'm glad we saved it

00:20:42   for last for the fina cuz mint really

00:20:43   has like a kind of you know dessert last

00:20:45   thing you eat kind of attribute yeah

00:20:48   they're really good I am NOT as obsessed

00:20:50   with them as many people are I find them

00:20:53   to be very good Mint cookies but I I'm

00:20:57   not like totally obsessed with mint

00:20:59   flavor I like it but I I don't like need

00:21:01   to have it all the time so I find these

00:21:04   to me similar to like the basic try foil

00:21:08   or the whatever the the peanut butter

00:21:10   sandwich one was called with that dosey

00:21:12   doe yeah it's is it like it's a really

00:21:14   good implementation of a fairly basic

00:21:16   concept so I like it but I'm not

00:21:19   obsessed with it well but nothing else

00:21:20   really tastes like a thin mint right

00:21:22   like Thin Mint cookies have their own

00:21:24   unique taste I don't really know

00:21:27   anything else that tastes a lot like it

00:21:28   and I know that things have tried to

00:21:30   taste like it and then called themselves

00:21:31   like you know Thin Mint style or

00:21:34   whatever yeah but yeah alright maybe I

00:21:36   mean that might be so I don't know I

00:21:38   understand why people love them so much

00:21:41   but I would rather have like one of the

00:21:43   peanut butter ones or the lemon ones I

00:21:44   think okay are you ready to rank it says

00:21:48   this is actually a little bit hard in

00:21:50   some of the details but I think so I'm

00:21:53   really confused okay so I had the fridge

00:21:57   and non fridge thinman

00:21:58   and because of the amount of time that

00:22:00   the fridge ones have been out of the

00:22:02   fridge there was not that much

00:22:03   difference like 15 minutes yeah but I

00:22:06   think they are much better cold yeah I

00:22:09   would even I'd be willing to try them in

00:22:11   the even in the freezer to get them even

00:22:12   colder to see if that matters yeah

00:22:13   that'd probably be really good the thing

00:22:15   is like because it's it's just a very

00:22:17   thin layer

00:22:18   of of chocolate wrapped around what is

00:22:21   basically a chocolate mint cookie mm-hmm

00:22:23   and so there's naming mint cookie

00:22:26   yeah and Thin Mints ha ha and so there's

00:22:29   nothing in there that would get like

00:22:30   weirdly hard if you froze it like like

00:22:33   the way like I said with Samoa is that

00:22:35   like the camel gets too hard you can't

00:22:37   really freeze Samoas but but Thin Mints

00:22:39   I feel like because there's nothing in

00:22:40   there that gets worse if it gets really

00:22:43   cold we see wafers covered in chocolaty

00:22:46   coating made with natural oil of

00:22:48   peppermint alright so I I don't even

00:22:52   know if I could do

00:22:53   number four yet I'd rather start with

00:22:55   number one and count down okay I think

00:22:58   that might be easier so my number one no

00:23:01   question is the tag along the peanut

00:23:04   butter and cookie wrapped in chocolate

00:23:06   Wow that is I just I love it that is the

00:23:10   one that if I'm left alone with an

00:23:12   assortment of Girl Scout cookies that's

00:23:14   the one that I will shamefully eat the

00:23:15   most of the fastest hmm I'm so torn

00:23:20   between my number ones being Tagalongs

00:23:23   or the Savannah Smiles the lemon one see

00:23:26   actually that might be my number two I

00:23:28   really like them a lot well cuz like

00:23:31   Tagalongs are so heavy but they're

00:23:32   really good yeah because the ratio is

00:23:35   just right on and one of my favorite

00:23:37   cookies in the entire world are oh my

00:23:41   gosh

00:23:42   brain stopping Mariners yes mallomars

00:23:48   I'm the shopper in the family I know

00:23:50   everything that you like they're only

00:23:51   seasonal very much like Girl Scout

00:23:53   cookies because they melt so easily

00:23:55   during shipment that they can only

00:23:57   really be out in the wintertime so yeah

00:24:01   with oh my gosh mallomars focus it's

00:24:04   similar with like chocolate with a

00:24:06   layered cookie situation inside that one

00:24:09   is with marshmallow and cookie and

00:24:11   chocolate and this is with the peanut

00:24:13   butter cookie and chocolates

00:24:16   I don't like peanut butter oh my gosh

00:24:22   like why is this matter all of a sudden

00:24:24   so much okay turns out peanut butter is

00:24:26   amazing okay okay

00:24:28   tagalogs yeah I think they might be my

00:24:30   favorite well

00:24:31   oh no wait don't wait the lemon water do

00:24:34   you know the lemon ones are easier to

00:24:36   eat oh not really

00:24:38   no they are because they don't feel as

00:24:40   guilty but they don't make me as guilty

00:24:44   sure but they are simpler so and there

00:24:48   there's no other thing like a tag-along

00:24:50   but there are things like those lemon

00:24:52   cookies okay tagalog number one we agree

00:24:55   on our number one we agree has that ever

00:24:57   happened before I don't know I don't

00:24:59   think so we we don't have archives I

00:25:01   mean we do but you don't listen to work

00:25:03   like this okay yeah I don't know if the

00:25:06   Technic before all right mark it down

00:25:08   underscore David Smith alright so number

00:25:10   one on to both of us is tag-along

00:25:12   number two we might even agree number

00:25:15   two I because I would say number two is

00:25:16   lemon ones the smiles yep because I had

00:25:18   that long debate it has to be number two

00:25:21   that's pretty good okay number two okay

00:25:24   I mean I can't believe it it's awesome

00:25:26   it'll make it will certainly make a

00:25:28   future shopping easier yep yep cuz uh

00:25:32   yeah alright so number three see this is

00:25:35   where I think we're gonna diverge a

00:25:36   little bit I would say it's it's a tough

00:25:39   call for me

00:25:40   I like well done simple things and so

00:25:44   I'm actually thinking for my number

00:25:45   three I'm deciding between the peanut

00:25:48   butter sandwich what is it called again

00:25:49   I keep forgetting the that's it I'm

00:25:52   deciding between the dosey doe and the

00:25:53   trefoil for my number three Wow because

00:25:56   again like the truffle oil it's that the

00:25:57   basic shortbread cookie but I like

00:26:00   simple things done well yeah woods right

00:26:03   now because you're not going in that

00:26:04   direction at all yeah and like the Samoa

00:26:06   is a great flavor but it's a little bit

00:26:09   like the coconut is like a little heavy

00:26:11   for me like it cuz I because I don't I

00:26:13   don't like coconut that much I like it

00:26:15   basically only in Samoas more like in

00:26:17   other forms like I like coconut milk in

00:26:19   like you know in dinners and stuff of

00:26:21   that but like shredded candied coconut I

00:26:23   don't like very okay but wait we are

00:26:24   judging Girl Scout cookies here you're

00:26:28   talking about the things that you like

00:26:30   in Girl Scout cookies now if you could

00:26:32   get something that's like the dosey doe

00:26:34   why would you buy it in the Girl Scout

00:26:36   cookie form if you can't get something

00:26:38   that's like a Samoa normally out in the

00:26:40   grocery store hmm that's a good question

00:26:43   this is what we're judging we're judging

00:26:45   the girl

00:26:45   scout cookie that's it that's it that's

00:26:48   a tough yeah you're right okay so if I

00:26:51   so so the I'm gonna say you know right

00:26:53   now the the s'mores one is out and the

00:26:57   toffee gluten-free one is out I don't

00:26:59   like that I was almost a contender for

00:27:00   me but because of what I just said I

00:27:02   eliminated it for myself I it again just

00:27:04   in case one two and the some and and the

00:27:08   Thin Mint for me I think is also out

00:27:10   because just because I don't I don't I'm

00:27:12   not that big of a fan of mint like again

00:27:13   I look I know why people love them and I

00:27:16   like them I think they're good but I'm

00:27:17   not obsessed with them so if Goodman I

00:27:18   don't think is gonna is gonna make my

00:27:19   top four just because there's so many

00:27:21   other ones I like better so for me it

00:27:23   the you know number one number two were

00:27:25   set the main things I need to figure out

00:27:27   are between Samoa dosey doe and trefoil

00:27:31   how does that go two three and four I'm

00:27:34   actually going to put trefoil as number

00:27:37   three because it is because I already

00:27:39   have my peanut butter roll filled at the

00:27:41   top and I know I know myself wants to

00:27:44   know like if these were all out on a

00:27:45   table what would I actually eat and I

00:27:48   really do like truffles they're really

00:27:50   good basic butter cookies yes you can

00:27:52   get those anywhere but these are really

00:27:54   good and I like them so that's my number

00:27:56   three all right I think I will listen to

00:28:00   my impassioned speech about Girl Scout

00:28:02   cookies and I'm gonna pick the Samoa as

00:28:05   my number three because I really don't

00:28:09   like that combination in anything else

00:28:12   besides the Samoa so when it shows up

00:28:14   it's nice to get a special box you don't

00:28:16   have to get 20 boxes of them if you

00:28:18   don't want to it's just nice to have the

00:28:20   little tree of something different and

00:28:22   something to look forward to during Girl

00:28:23   Scout season so Simo is my number three

00:28:26   did you say your number four yet not yet

00:28:28   that's the meteor okay let's go might be

00:28:32   you might be swimming me to change my

00:28:33   mind on number three yeah because I mean

00:28:35   honestly dude like I can get butter

00:28:38   cookies elsewhere I can get cookie you

00:28:40   know right again I mean yes you could

00:28:41   say that the same thing about the lemon

00:28:43   cookies but this particular lemon cookie

00:28:45   for those of you out there not eating

00:28:47   these right now it is a lot better and

00:28:50   has that much sharper lemon taste than

00:28:52   most cookies that are advertised to be

00:28:55   lemony so that's why they made it up

00:28:58   there and that nice

00:28:59   powdered sugar the size is really good

00:29:01   that's why there deserve at number twos

00:29:03   I think you've convinced me oh because

00:29:07   the Samoa is because you can't get that

00:29:09   so I'm gonna revive my number three my

00:29:12   number three is now Samoa so we are

00:29:14   actually now an agreement on the top

00:29:15   three because you're right the other

00:29:17   ones are great cookies but you don't

00:29:20   need to get them in Girl Scout cookies

00:29:21   like you can get them year-round and you

00:29:23   know a short the shortbread is really

00:29:24   good but like show up and gift baskets

00:29:27   right likes like so we're like the Royal

00:29:29   dongs butter cookies that I like so much

00:29:30   yep but no sir you know also seasonal

00:29:33   but yeah super boring

00:29:36   there's no way to rank those they all

00:29:38   taste the same they do not all taste the

00:29:40   same

00:29:40   they know the pretzel ones are the best

00:29:43   oh oh yeah wait are we is that gonna you

00:29:49   know that the swirly ones are the second

00:29:51   okay don't don't dump the gun here we

00:29:53   could put that on the list and have an

00:29:55   entire show about it alright and then

00:29:56   you can have your platform and you can

00:29:57   talk about your crazy cookies and how

00:29:59   they all taste so different and you

00:30:00   would rank all of them as number four

00:30:04   let's not spoil it for our audience here

00:30:08   they like to you know okay alright so

00:30:10   number one two and three we read on and

00:30:14   tag along Savannah Smiles and Samoa is

00:30:17   number four what do you think you're

00:30:19   number four is my number four is again

00:30:23   for the exact same reason why the Samoa

00:30:25   is made it up there it's going to be the

00:30:27   cold Thin Mint there's nothing else that

00:30:29   tastes like a thin mint out there there

00:30:30   are plenty of mint cookies there plenty

00:30:32   of mint candies those actually those

00:30:35   little those mint wafer candies that

00:30:38   have like the creamy mint inside with

00:30:40   the light coating of chocolate that you

00:30:41   get them in the big long skinny box and

00:30:43   easements

00:30:43   no not Andes mints those have green oh

00:30:46   sorry

00:30:47   and they're square I mean come on look I

00:30:49   get your men straight okay

00:30:52   they are rectangular I apologize to all

00:30:54   of you shape enthusiasts because now we

00:31:01   just lost the shape it's there they go

00:31:02   out the window I'm getting giddy alright

00:31:09   okay yeah so I'm going with the Thin

00:31:12   Mints because like I said there are

00:31:13   cookie like this there are a lot of

00:31:15   different kind of candies that are like

00:31:18   this with a creamy Center but in a

00:31:21   cookie no

00:31:22   so then mint you are number four it's so

00:31:27   good it's a thin mint I'm really tempted

00:31:30   to agree with you for that for the same

00:31:33   reasons that doesn't really like well I

00:31:38   won number one come on but we're all I

00:31:41   think I'm gonna agree they met number

00:31:44   four I think we actually for the first

00:31:45   time ever we have the same top four

00:31:48   ranking because for the same reason of

00:31:50   like you know the other ones are great

00:31:52   but you can get them anywhere you like

00:31:55   you can get you like my other my other

00:31:57   two for contention for number four or

00:31:59   the trefoil and the dosey doe and they

00:32:02   are great I really enjoy eating them but

00:32:05   if I'm if I'm ordering Girl Scout

00:32:07   cookies those wouldn't be as high of a

00:32:09   priority because I really well I you

00:32:10   know you can't get Thin Mints anywhere

00:32:12   else you have to get them here and if

00:32:14   you want that flavor you have to order

00:32:17   so like if I was ordering only four

00:32:19   types of Girl Scout cookies it would be

00:32:21   these four yep yes that's awesome well I

00:32:26   want to put in an honorable mention for

00:32:27   the toffee tastic because I really did

00:32:29   like them it almost broke into the into

00:32:32   the ranks but it is a more typical

00:32:35   cookie that you could find a toffee bit

00:32:37   cookie in a lot of different places yeah

00:32:39   so that's the only reason it fell out of

00:32:41   the rank for me but here there we are

00:32:44   because so we have the Tagalongs as our

00:32:48   number one the Savannah Smiles as number

00:32:51   two the Samoas as our number three and

00:32:54   thin mints as our number four

00:32:57   look how sharing we are teamwork yeah

00:33:00   you know I actually feel pretty good

00:33:02   right now

00:33:02   like after all of our other you know

00:33:04   gluttony episodes I always feel really

00:33:07   bad because like like the Starbucks one

00:33:10   what's the worst like that like because

00:33:11   the combination of all that milk and

00:33:14   sugar and caffeine oh that one made me

00:33:17   feel so sick I felt wiry by far the

00:33:20   worst fr Starbucks second worst we can

00:33:22   write these second worst after Dunkin

00:33:23   Donuts

00:33:24   what if our eating episodes how worse

00:33:26   today

00:33:27   jellybeans I actually felt okay I think

00:33:30   or at least less horrible and this I

00:33:32   felt the best that's good that's good

00:33:35   well you definitely ate less cookie than

00:33:37   I did because I'm a monster and I would

00:33:39   like to give a special shout-out to our

00:33:41   Girl Scout Orly for coming by and

00:33:44   selling us all of these amazing cookies

00:33:47   and making this show possible

00:33:48   you're the best okay now you just talk

00:34:17   normal okay you don't need to say test

00:34:18   tests all the time yeah okay that's

00:34:23   gonna be your first one haha okay that

00:34:25   one I think is the dosey doe peanut

00:34:27   butter mm-hmm what do you think of that

00:34:31   one that's my favorite so far

00:34:36   your first one is your favorite okay

00:34:41   this one's mint so you might want to

00:34:43   save that one for last I want you to eat

00:34:46   oh okay

00:34:48   okay guys try that one I love chocolate

00:34:53   that's the tag-along chocolate peanut

00:34:55   butter yeah you tried a lot of stuff at

00:35:06   poppy and Gigi's house didn't you I

00:35:08   didn't know they had Girl Scout cookies

00:35:11   that one has marshmallow in it mm-hmm

00:35:17   how's that one taste yeah yeah they're

00:35:22   gonna try that one next go man try foil

00:35:31   yeah was that one really good yeah you

00:35:35   look Joe you like yeah you jump for that

00:35:37   one

00:35:40   the lemon one dead has powdered sugar

00:35:44   outside the smiles how's that so far

00:35:54   your review is yum-yum-yum

00:35:57   all right that one's toffee bits for the

00:36:02   listener he's taking a bite of all the

00:36:03   cookies first how do you how do you like

00:36:06   that one

00:36:07   not good

00:36:14   give it a try good for trying

00:36:18   I do like yeah that's my best one all

00:36:26   these and not all these these are my

00:36:31   favorite uh-huh

00:36:32   not that one busy just taste it I get

00:36:36   away do you want to try the mint one

00:36:39   just just as a try no okay so tell me

00:36:43   which one's your number one favorite

00:36:48   lemon oh those two so the smiles and the

00:36:53   tag-along

00:36:54   so lemon and peanut butter okay what's

00:36:57   your what's your number three favorite

00:36:59   we'll say that's one and two oh and next

00:37:03   are the DOS Eidos and the Samoas right

00:37:08   so most and then then what else is on

00:37:16   your list and then the trip oils and the

00:37:20   s'mores are except for the toffee bit

00:37:25   one you don't like that one and you

00:37:28   declined you try the mint one right you

00:37:31   can eat two of these okay

00:37:35   can you say bye everybody bye Ellie body

00:37:38   test for yummy cookies yummy cookie you

00:37:40   they like them to supplement and bye bye

00:37:48   I had fun