Top Four

Top Four 26: Holidays 🐰🎄🌭🏈🎉🎃🍺


00:00:00   welcome back to top for everyone I don't

00:00:02   know where that came from

00:00:03   loud yeah that was pretty loud well

00:00:06   anyway welcome back to top for everybody

00:00:07   this time we're gonna talk about our top

00:00:10   four favorite holidays is somebody

00:00:14   didn't like the topics I chose well they

00:00:17   know they were good no they were great

00:00:21   that was the kind of asterisk voice no

00:00:24   they were great you just didn't have any

00:00:26   content for them well cuz they're you

00:00:28   know it's things like you know like top

00:00:30   like books like I don't read any books

00:00:32   so I don't know like it's hard for me to

00:00:33   know that so it's stuff like that where

00:00:35   like it would require a large investment

00:00:37   of time on my part over weeks or months

00:00:41   in order to even form a valid opinion of

00:00:43   four things see but it's not-it's not

00:00:45   what your top books might be if you read

00:00:48   all the books in the world it's what

00:00:49   your top books are right now that you

00:00:51   have read that are in your personal

00:00:53   lexicon I have read very few books total

00:00:56   okay move on from the book and even

00:00:57   fewer in like the last ten years

00:00:59   fine fine anyway so we're doing top four

00:01:03   holidays and we kind of define this so

00:01:06   we didn't really when when we both set

00:01:09   out to research this independently and

00:01:11   we don't talk about our picks before we

00:01:13   record the show and so I decided to

00:01:15   define this as basically anything that

00:01:19   Wikipedia listed as like something that

00:01:21   is celebrated in the US and it's whether

00:01:23   it's an official federal holiday or

00:01:26   religious holiday or just a common

00:01:28   celebration basically I started the

00:01:31   Wikipedia page for US holiday isn't

00:01:33   coming from there we both ended up doing

00:01:35   the same search we realized yeah

00:01:38   American holidays exactly because I want

00:01:41   to be comprehensive like you know if you

00:01:43   think off the top of your head you might

00:01:44   be forgetting about something and then

00:01:45   you might think oh wait I do like that

00:01:47   better so I wanted to just go and see

00:01:48   like a list of what kind of the most

00:01:51   popular u.s. holidays are and it's

00:01:53   actually varies by state I learned all

00:01:55   this like there's a lot of holidays that

00:01:56   only a handful of states celebrate well

00:01:58   not obviously they're not that important

00:02:00   yeah but anyway why would they make a

00:02:02   list of holidays if it's like a Rando

00:02:05   state holiday who's favorite holiday is

00:02:07   a Rando state holiday well some like

00:02:09   some of them on the on the only some

00:02:11   states list are things that

00:02:14   you might have heard of like Columbus

00:02:15   Day Columbus Day is very controversial

00:02:17   because Christopher Columbus was kind of

00:02:19   a horrible person why would your

00:02:20   favorite holiday

00:02:21   be Columbus Day that's a good question I

00:02:24   don't know it's not one of mine but I

00:02:25   just I thought it was interesting that

00:02:26   only only like 15 states let me actually

00:02:29   recognize it as a holiday for good

00:02:31   reason anyway so let's get going you

00:02:35   want to do you want to talk you have any

00:02:37   preambles or runners-up that you want to

00:02:40   talk about before we get into our core

00:02:41   four picks not really I mean there are

00:02:43   like a handful of holidays that everyone

00:02:45   would put on their short list because

00:02:47   there's only really a short list of

00:02:48   holidays that actually do or mean

00:02:50   anything I mean the ones that didn't

00:02:52   make my list I'm not gonna say cuz it's

00:02:54   gonna ruin my list cuz it's like five

00:02:56   holidays total and everything wait are

00:02:59   you saying you picked Flag Day no I did

00:03:01   not pick Flag Day oh how about Arbor Day

00:03:03   I like trees mmm nope didn't pick it not

00:03:06   a favorite sorry all right

00:03:09   let's go right into our numbers are

00:03:11   ranks then so do you want to go first or

00:03:13   do you if do me go first so you finish

00:03:15   last

00:03:17   um-hmm I want you to finish last cuz

00:03:20   you're the wild card here I don't know

00:03:21   what the heck you're gonna pick I bet

00:03:23   you're gonna be surprised by all four of

00:03:25   mine really and I'm going to go out on a

00:03:28   limb and say that we probably have zero

00:03:30   overlap in our list I bet there is

00:03:32   nothing that is on my list that is on

00:03:34   yours or vice versa are you kidding me

00:03:35   there's only like five good holidays

00:03:37   anyway oh you'd be surprised this is

00:03:40   gonna be one one that people don't worry

00:03:41   guys about so oh I don't know who you

00:03:45   are by the end of this baby okay you're

00:03:49   gonna be you're gonna be sighing a lot

00:03:51   like that because every time I say

00:03:53   something you're gonna be like of course

00:03:54   he said that like that's like it's not

00:03:57   gonna actually be shocking you're gonna

00:04:00   be frustrated that I picked something so

00:04:02   stupid oh here we go okay okay so you're

00:04:14   number four pick my number four pick is

00:04:17   Easter which is coming up okay super

00:04:19   excited I love Easter because it is

00:04:21   springtime so it's all of my favorite

00:04:24   colors like teals and dusty pink which

00:04:27   I'm just

00:04:28   we became a favorite color so hey don't

00:04:30   see pink dusty dusty I never heard you

00:04:33   mention any shade of pink ever I know

00:04:35   I'm all of a sudden becoming a pink

00:04:37   person but I like teal and all that kind

00:04:38   of stuff likes spring and bunnies and

00:04:42   flowers I love all that stuff I can't

00:04:45   not buy all the spring decorations at

00:04:48   jo-ann fabrics because I'm a hoarder and

00:04:52   it's trust me it gets much worse okay

00:04:55   I could be worse but I'm not so anyways

00:04:58   springtime color I love coloring eggs

00:05:00   there's a craft component to this

00:05:02   holiday which I really enjoy I love

00:05:04   making any kind of crazy kind of egg

00:05:07   they have lots of different kits now

00:05:09   it's not just a matter of like dipping

00:05:10   your egg in some tablet water of it like

00:05:13   those reading plastic garbage those

00:05:16   things are always so disappointing like

00:05:17   all the paths you know color tablet kits

00:05:20   sighs yeah it's just you you you have to

00:05:23   soak the egg in there for like an hour

00:05:25   to get any kind of bold Eller there's so

00:05:27   much to do now like there's so many

00:05:28   things Sparkle eggs and you're going on

00:05:30   them and this kind of egg and there's

00:05:33   just tie-dye I don't know I can't even

00:05:35   goldleaf it's just craft so the craft

00:05:40   ization like certain holidays I feel

00:05:43   like when we were kids were a lot

00:05:45   simpler and kind of lower key I would

00:05:47   put Halloween is probably the biggest

00:05:49   one of those where it like the

00:05:51   difference between when we were kids and

00:05:53   now like it has gotten so much more

00:05:55   commercialized and and bigger and more

00:05:57   elaborate in recent years and I'd say

00:06:00   Easter is one of those too it not quite

00:06:01   the level of Halloween but but in the

00:06:03   same category of like now you can do so

00:06:06   much more the things that are out there

00:06:07   to do things like with crafts like with

00:06:09   eggs and stuff are so much more advanced

00:06:12   and elaborate and and there's so much

00:06:13   more stuff you can buy and inflatable

00:06:16   things you can put in your lawn not the

00:06:18   inflatable things the inflatable things

00:06:20   when they are deflated it looks like

00:06:21   there's a pile of garbage on your lawn

00:06:23   and so don't get them they're terrible

00:06:24   and trashy so but yes love Easter we are

00:06:29   not religious at all so I do not like

00:06:31   this holiday for any religious element I

00:06:33   like egg hunt and I like coloring eggs

00:06:35   and I like baking specific things like

00:06:37   breads with eggs in them

00:06:39   I like the chocolates that come out this

00:06:42   time of year oh here comes the Cadbury

00:06:45   eggs oh I can't wait it's gonna be the

00:06:48   cream eggs and the mini eggs oh gosh

00:06:50   there's just so good

00:06:52   feelings are the ones that like are with

00:06:54   the candy outside yeah yeah those the

00:06:56   best mini eggs rock they are better from

00:06:58   the UK but here when they come out in

00:07:00   the springtime at least we get some

00:07:02   variant of them and they are so great so

00:07:06   yeah and it's really fun with having a

00:07:09   kid Easter is fun like with the Easter

00:07:11   baskets in the morning and the hiding

00:07:13   the eggs and he gets all excited about

00:07:14   finding them that the Easter Bunny came

00:07:16   and by the way I think it's an actual

00:07:18   bunny not a person standing up related

00:07:21   to the recent hello internet discussion

00:07:23   I always pictured the Easter Bunny as

00:07:25   like you know a a person sized rabbit

00:07:29   that's standing up as it no it was like

00:07:30   a human and a rabbit no no I hate those

00:07:32   like pictures with the Easter Bunny they

00:07:34   always look horribly terrifying big no

00:07:37   bigs you know I always always kind of

00:07:39   like when I was a kid I didn't give a

00:07:41   lot of thought to the Easter Bunny or

00:07:43   the tooth fairy

00:07:44   it looks evil they just I never I don't

00:07:47   think I ever even pictured really in my

00:07:49   mind when I was a kid like if you ask me

00:07:51   now I would picture it I was like you

00:07:53   know a human sized rabbit and you know

00:07:54   human in a rabbit suit but as a kid I am

00:07:58   not sure I ever even believed in it

00:08:00   really and if I did I don't remember

00:08:02   ever really picturing it as anything

00:08:03   well there was a lot of like more like a

00:08:05   cartoon bunny but your bunny sized well

00:08:08   bunnies are pretty small like maybe a

00:08:10   hop sized bunny like a very like a big

00:08:12   like Hasenpfeffer like big bunny it's

00:08:15   like hot you know like big enough to

00:08:18   carry a basket full of eggs basically

00:08:20   yeah but like a cartoon bunny did did

00:08:23   the did our culture as children ever

00:08:25   resolve the question of why a bunny has

00:08:29   eggs like why a bunny has effectively

00:08:31   chicken eggs you know all I know is from

00:08:32   the Cadbury commercials where it's like

00:08:34   a bunny and it's clucking and somehow I

00:08:35   think eggs come out I don't have

00:08:37   something a bunny I don't know I don't

00:08:39   know how it happens they're just

00:08:40   delicious rabbits aren't even egg-laying

00:08:42   are they mammals they're not even egg

00:08:44   laying here asking me if a bunny is a

00:08:46   mammal it's not even like we're talking

00:08:47   about like like a difference in egg size

00:08:49   classes here we're actually talking

00:08:50   about like an animal that does not even

00:08:52   involve

00:08:53   that's funny don't lay eggs right but I

00:08:55   thought that's why I'm asking like like

00:08:56   why did the bunny get associated with

00:08:58   eggs

00:08:58   since bunnies normally have nothing to

00:09:00   do with eggs I'm pretty sure it has to

00:09:02   do with like spring and procreation and

00:09:04   bunnies have lots of do lots of banging

00:09:06   and make lots of babies and chickens are

00:09:09   like newborn chicks in the springtime so

00:09:11   like the whole like chicken bunny

00:09:13   springtime flowers was all just kind of

00:09:17   rolled into one big holiday burrito I

00:09:21   don't know okay alright any other for

00:09:26   any further comments on Easter I just

00:09:28   really like Easter that's good alright

00:09:31   my number4 going in a different

00:09:33   direction is the Super Bowl I needed to

00:09:40   take a drink yes you do like the Super

00:09:43   Bowl captain I don't even know what

00:09:45   sport the Super Bowl is for football I

00:09:48   can't tell you what teams are in it most

00:09:50   time but okay so here's why I care about

00:09:53   this so you know our usual thing but the

00:09:56   Super Bowl is we go to somebody's house

00:09:57   usually a good friend of ours we eat you

00:10:00   know delicious junk food basically like

00:10:03   snow fried things knock shows things

00:10:05   like that and we drink beer and we have

00:10:07   a good time with our friends I like any

00:10:09   holiday that involves drinking beer

00:10:12   eating junk food and having a good time

00:10:13   with our friends like that sounds

00:10:14   awesome to me

00:10:15   and I get to enjoy a sport for a few

00:10:19   hours and then that's it which is kind

00:10:21   of the best way to enjoy a sport to me

00:10:23   he's like my main problem with sports I

00:10:24   know like the basic rules of most of the

00:10:27   core American sports enough that I can

00:10:28   watch a game and enjoy it and know

00:10:30   what's going on but I don't care about

00:10:32   any particular teams so I don't get

00:10:35   involved in sports the rest of the year

00:10:37   because I just don't care but if I get

00:10:40   to a party and I'm gonna have a good

00:10:41   time with my friends anyway because it's

00:10:42   a it's a party with friends and good

00:10:44   food and beer and there's a game on I

00:10:47   can just root for whoever they're

00:10:49   rooting for and it's usually a pretty

00:10:53   good time and then the whole next week

00:10:55   because I saw that game I can actually

00:10:58   participate in society I can actually

00:11:01   when people at the deli make small talk

00:11:03   I actually know what they're talking

00:11:04   about they oh did you see the game yeah

00:11:06   you do how about that

00:11:07   touchdown whatever ya like I can

00:11:09   actually participate in society in a way

00:11:11   that the entire rest of my life I can't

00:11:13   so I feel like I'm like a real human

00:11:16   being but I have no like team

00:11:20   affiliation going in or out of it so I'm

00:11:22   not so nervous like first of all like

00:11:24   you know quote my team is in the Super

00:11:26   Bowl every year be like just pick one of

00:11:28   the teams if that's in it like my team's

00:11:31   always in it and if quote my team loses

00:11:35   I just go home and I immediately stop

00:11:37   caring

00:11:38   and by the way Super Bowl Sunday is

00:11:41   listed on the Wikipedia page for US

00:11:43   holidays okay the only downside to Super

00:11:48   Bowl Sunday

00:11:50   is that it happens in the middle of

00:11:51   winter which normally sucks

00:11:53   I prefer holidays that are in warmer

00:11:57   weather I really am NOT absolutely not a

00:11:58   fan of winter but other than that you

00:12:00   know pretty solid that's my number four

00:12:02   all right I have nothing to say about

00:12:04   that

00:12:06   my number three holiday is a superior

00:12:10   holiday to that weird holiday Cape you

00:12:13   that heart of me which includes a lot of

00:12:16   the elements that you're talking about

00:12:17   but also how instead of a sports game

00:12:20   there are fireworks so way better and

00:12:24   I'm talking about the fourth of July

00:12:25   okay

00:12:26   I really like the fourth of July for the

00:12:29   reasons you have just discussed liking

00:12:31   the footballs so it's like a barbecue

00:12:36   holiday which is super fun you're on

00:12:37   outside it's beautiful weather it's

00:12:40   summertime it's warm you're talking

00:12:42   about sprinklers and you're talking

00:12:44   about kids outside and riding bikes in

00:12:47   the street if you happen to have like a

00:12:48   big block party or something which we

00:12:50   often do kind of around that time so he

00:12:54   just and then and then it's like the

00:12:56   start of the summer which is super great

00:13:00   and then fireworks

00:13:02   who doesn't like fireworks and we happen

00:13:04   to have an amazing firework show that we

00:13:07   go to it is probably the biggest

00:13:08   firework display that I've ever seen

00:13:11   besides like trekking it into the city

00:13:13   or something like that yeah where it's

00:13:15   just in a big huge field you don't have

00:13:17   to sit next to a ton of people even

00:13:19   though there are

00:13:20   you know hundreds of people there at the

00:13:22   place we go and it's just a big

00:13:25   orchestras playing and fireworks and

00:13:27   you're sitting outside and the weather's

00:13:29   warm and everyone's happy and again I'm

00:13:31   not particularly patriotic but I really

00:13:35   like this holiday just for the hanging

00:13:37   out with friends barbecued meats

00:13:40   fireworks warm weather yeah I respect

00:13:43   that the only thing with fourth of July

00:13:45   is that it's a little bit of a bummer

00:13:48   during years in which it's hard to be

00:13:51   proud of the US and I think we're in for

00:13:54   a couple of those years yeah I feel that

00:13:57   but I also like fireworks so just like

00:14:01   the religious holidays where I don't

00:14:03   celebrate them for any kind of religious

00:14:06   affiliation but yet I look forward to

00:14:08   them and I happily do all the other

00:14:10   things this could just be the firework

00:14:12   holiday for me yeah that's so I'm super

00:14:14   excited about the barbecue fireworks

00:14:16   holiday that just happens to take place

00:14:17   on the 4th of July which may or may not

00:14:19   mean something there we go okay I

00:14:22   respect that decision thank you all

00:14:24   right my number three is you're gonna

00:14:27   hate this one too but let me explain it

00:14:29   isn't that different honestly my number

00:14:31   three is Oktoberfest blank stare okay so

00:14:37   Oktoberfest is what I like I like that

00:14:40   this kind of this is another one of

00:14:42   those things like I think became more

00:14:44   common in the US as the craft beer phase

00:14:48   has kind of swept the nation wait wait

00:14:50   wait

00:14:50   Oktoberfest is at a particular day it's

00:14:54   it's more of like a fest in October it

00:14:57   has a more specific meaning in Germany

00:15:00   in the US it's basically any kind of

00:15:03   fall you know beer and sausage festival

00:15:07   that's usually held in the first week of

00:15:09   October in reality like in you know

00:15:12   there's often fall festivals around

00:15:14   around here all over the US probably so

00:15:17   that kind of span the whole month so

00:15:19   it's it's lit it's more loosely defined

00:15:21   wait before you start talking about

00:15:23   getting all excited about this holiday

00:15:25   yeah you have never been like let's go

00:15:27   to Oktoberfest because we always just go

00:15:29   anyway we always go to something around

00:15:30   then that ends up being basically

00:15:32   Oktoberfest thing

00:15:33   and it's great because similar to what

00:15:35   you're just saying you know you're a

00:15:36   it's a little too cold to barbecue

00:15:38   usually but you're outside with a jacket

00:15:41   at least you have beer friends meet and

00:15:45   a good time dump in a hammer maybe or

00:15:50   people nearby are coming cakes and and I

00:15:52   love like kitschy fake German culture so

00:15:55   that's that also helps a lot

00:15:57   no offense to Germany I love you too but

00:15:59   you're the the American version of your

00:16:02   culture is also very enjoyable and yeah

00:16:06   I and what's also nice about Oktoberfest

00:16:08   is that because the US hasn't quite

00:16:10   nailed down like a firm timeline of what

00:16:13   it's supposed to be

00:16:14   you can usually go to like multiple

00:16:16   events like you can go to like two

00:16:18   consecutive weekends where you go to

00:16:20   like three different places total and

00:16:22   you can actually celebrate this on

00:16:23   multiple occasions you know it's fall

00:16:25   fall festivals kind of harvest festivals

00:16:27   are always really fun to go to and this

00:16:29   is just kind of one quote holiday that

00:16:33   kind of shoves it all together and gives

00:16:35   it a theme so I consider that a win also

00:16:38   Wikipedia does too so I considered a

00:16:39   valid choice oh I'm really nervous for

00:16:42   your next two honestly all right are you

00:16:48   just trying to be like that cool hipster

00:16:49   were like I'm just gonna pick some stuff

00:16:51   or that's like super obscure like oh I

00:16:53   don't even have a TV yeah the guys in

00:16:59   the record store that's like oh yeah my

00:17:01   totally my favorite album is you know

00:17:03   blah blah blah blah blah blah because no

00:17:06   one's ever heard of them they're like

00:17:08   super deep cuts anyway I believe it's

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00:17:32   list of four that he would I can't and I

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00:17:37   was thinking about my books I haven't

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00:19:00   survivor if you guys haven't read that

00:19:02   it's super old and but still really

00:19:04   really good it's just all the day people

00:19:06   the night people know that one was rant

00:19:09   no survivor is really good it's about a

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00:20:00   and all of really of em so number two

00:20:03   pics okay what is your number two number

00:20:06   two top holiday I kind of got in like a

00:20:08   top books there right there yeah that's

00:20:10   pretty good a little bit a little bit

00:20:11   because we're never gonna do one unless

00:20:13   we have again no we're never gonna do

00:20:14   I'm so sorry people although if I were

00:20:17   to ever read a book it would probably be

00:20:18   an audiobook from audible.com it would

00:20:22   count you don't have to tell me how you

00:20:23   read the book it was a book that you

00:20:25   consumed yeah so we were talking and it

00:20:29   doesn't matter if you read them or not

00:20:31   sure maybe you could just like the cover

00:20:34   and put it on your list you know I'm not

00:20:36   really a book cover kind of person most

00:20:38   book covers look really weird to me like

00:20:40   they chef so much you are weird to me

00:20:41   okay yeah that's true my number three

00:20:45   number two yeah my number two holiday is

00:20:48   Halloween all right I'm not surprised to

00:20:52   hear that at all I really like it

00:20:54   because it's a little bit spooky I don't

00:20:56   like to dress up in costume but I love

00:20:58   to make costumes so I'm super happy to

00:21:02   have a child that I can make costumes

00:21:03   for especially little tiny ones and

00:21:05   that's super cute and your costumes are

00:21:08   super cute he was a fox he was a

00:21:12   beekeeper he was a butterfly and he was

00:21:13   linked and I loved making his cute

00:21:17   costume and that's just it's a skill

00:21:20   that I've had for a long time and

00:21:22   Halloween's kind of the time I get to

00:21:24   like stretch those muscles in making his

00:21:27   costumes and I make them as much from

00:21:29   scratch as I possibly can I usually take

00:21:31   patterns even from his clothes that he's

00:21:33   currently wearing so it all fits

00:21:34   perfectly and so that's why I really get

00:21:37   into it I have lots of fun giving out

00:21:39   candy to the kids that show up when they

00:21:41   do show up which hardly any of them view

00:21:42   in our neighborhood but I do really like

00:21:45   Halloween for all that stuff

00:21:47   and again it's weird because I don't

00:21:49   wear costumes myself or make myself

00:21:51   costumes so I don't get into it that way

00:21:53   and I feel like once Adam grows out of

00:21:55   costumes my favorite nosov this holiday

00:21:58   will diminish a little bit and that's

00:22:00   the reason why it didn't become my

00:22:01   number one but I I really enjoy it and

00:22:04   if I were forced to go to a costume

00:22:06   party I would wear a sheet like a ghost

00:22:11   I love the sheet ghost costume it's

00:22:13   it's the most basic amazing thing I

00:22:16   don't well we war she coasts we were she

00:22:18   goes to her friends party and everyone

00:22:20   thought it was the most amazing costume

00:22:22   we put zero effort in by just cutting

00:22:24   some holes in his sheet but people are

00:22:25   like whoa old school and so it became

00:22:28   like a total thing and we were super

00:22:30   cool for it yeah I think I feel it's

00:22:32   kind of move you can only pull off once

00:22:33   though yeah the least effort costume got

00:22:35   kind of like the most attention at that

00:22:36   party exactly wait yeah I don't I'm not

00:22:39   crazy about Halloween myself like I

00:22:41   don't like dressing up I always feel

00:22:43   weird about that as an adult I enjoy how

00:22:48   much fun you and Adam have and so I

00:22:50   really enjoy like you know watching you

00:22:52   guys well you know watching the amazing

00:22:54   costume you make seeing how much he

00:22:56   loves it and being there to like take

00:22:58   pictures with you guys and and and take

00:23:00   pictures of you guys and and really

00:23:02   enjoy the moment as a spectator but

00:23:04   that's how that is how I feel

00:23:05   comfortable is as a spectator I really

00:23:07   don't like being a participant in the in

00:23:10   the costume environment but it is

00:23:12   enjoyable as a spectator so I will grant

00:23:14   you that the funny thing is I don't even

00:23:16   care for much of the candy that is out

00:23:19   on Halloween garbage it turns out yeah

00:23:22   it's fine but I'm not such like a candy

00:23:24   freak that I like go nuts over the candy

00:23:26   it's more of a get this out of my house

00:23:28   so I just stop eating it situation but I

00:23:31   mean the candy is really for the kids

00:23:33   it's really not for us yeah we'll take

00:23:38   the leftovers quote anyway and I also

00:23:41   don't really like the way our kid acts

00:23:43   when he has tons of candy so that is

00:23:45   also a negative about the holiday but

00:23:46   something every kid it is all about the

00:23:49   costumes so super excited to make

00:23:51   costumes again I say that because it

00:23:54   used to be my job yeah so now I holla

00:23:57   wien costumes

00:23:58   sweet sweet just say yours alright my

00:24:06   number two I was wrong we have one

00:24:08   overlapping holiday my number two is the

00:24:11   fourth of July oh there it is there it

00:24:13   is because like you said it's summertime

00:24:17   there's barbecues there's fireworks I

00:24:20   love barbecues and you think it involves

00:24:21   a barbecue I'm a big fan of because the

00:24:25   barbecue as like as a

00:24:27   our former as a cultural event okay this

00:24:29   is just awesome

00:24:30   we're northerners so barbecue means

00:24:32   cooking meat outside on a barbecue yeah

00:24:34   on a grill we are not talking about

00:24:37   Barbra that's right yeah we're not

00:24:38   talking about like you know slow smoked

00:24:40   meat Oh in a smoker or anything we're

00:24:44   just talking about like hamburgers and

00:24:45   hot dogs yeah hamburger cookout yeah

00:24:48   yeah so anyway just want to make that

00:24:51   clear not that I'm arguing about the

00:24:53   terms I don't care how everyone calls it

00:24:55   culturally in your different parts of

00:24:57   the United States but and all over the

00:25:00   world really but I just want to be clear

00:25:01   what we're talking about when we're

00:25:02   talking about enjoying a barbecue is

00:25:04   we're enjoying putting various meats

00:25:06   onto a grill and cooking it and then

00:25:08   serving it on big platters to your

00:25:10   friends yeah exactly so I just I love

00:25:14   barbecue slash cookouts whatever these

00:25:16   are called I love those so much because

00:25:18   it barely really matters what you're

00:25:21   cooking

00:25:21   yeah the old vegetables are super good

00:25:23   too yeah you can put pretty much

00:25:24   anything on the grill and it's fine and

00:25:28   it sits between fine and awesome and

00:25:30   again your outside it's nice outside

00:25:33   during the seasons in which you're doing

00:25:34   this you're usually hanging out with

00:25:36   friends and/or family there's pie

00:25:38   there's oh yeah there's usually great

00:25:40   desserts great side dishes and usually

00:25:42   outside drinking a beer or something and

00:25:44   just having a nice time and kids can be

00:25:46   there and it's no big deal the kids

00:25:48   aren't miserable there's actually one

00:25:49   thing that I think is a downside to

00:25:51   Oktoberfest that the kids usually don't

00:25:54   enjoy that kind of thing as much as the

00:25:56   adult you know they don't and that can

00:25:58   be difficult when you have kids when

00:26:00   they're there with you and so that's

00:26:02   that's kind of a downside to October's

00:26:04   also Oktoberfest for the July you have

00:26:05   sparklers right also Oktoberfest you

00:26:07   typically have to drive to they're

00:26:09   usually not close to you and so there

00:26:12   has to be like you know somebody has to

00:26:13   be the designated driver and you got to

00:26:14   worry about you know how how tired your

00:26:17   kids are we're so that's why Oktoberfest

00:26:19   was number three but fourth of July for

00:26:20   me made number two because you know it's

00:26:22   warmer it is similar appeal but it's

00:26:25   usually like you know just at your house

00:26:27   or at a friend's house so it's usually

00:26:28   closer you probably didn't have to drive

00:26:30   there or didn't have to drive very far

00:26:32   your kids probably have more to do at

00:26:35   barbecues maybe more of their friends

00:26:37   are there or they're in their own house

00:26:39   or they're running around their friend's

00:26:40   house or whatever so yeah overall love

00:26:43   love July 4th love barbecues and the the

00:26:46   celebration of America as a thing you

00:26:50   can take whatever you want from that in

00:26:52   some years I feel proud of that in many

00:26:56   years of my adult life I have not felt

00:26:57   proud of that at least not without

00:27:00   asterisks but you can kind of suppress

00:27:02   that and pretty much enjoy it for what

00:27:05   it is which is a nice summer BBQ holiday

00:27:07   there you all right you're number one my

00:27:12   number one which would should be to no

00:27:14   surprise for anybody who has joy in

00:27:16   their hearts is Christmas I love

00:27:20   Christmas again no affiliation

00:27:23   whatsoever with the religious ah city of

00:27:25   Christmas even though I know it's a word

00:27:27   it is I just made it up

00:27:30   now you through me you through me anyway

00:27:33   but you were at religious ah city oh

00:27:35   really yes

00:27:38   thank you let me pick that right up at

00:27:40   religious ah City which I said so much

00:27:42   better the first time I made it up

00:27:45   but I know that that is why a lot of

00:27:48   these holidays Easter and Christmas were

00:27:50   founded and that they became kind of

00:27:53   commercial monstrosity zuv themselves

00:27:55   and you know what I embraced the

00:27:57   commercial monstrosity

00:27:58   I like it it is to me it's not about the

00:28:01   commercialism of it it's about family

00:28:03   and it's about reflecting ok screw that

00:28:07   I don't I don't really reflect it is

00:28:09   just about enjoy being enjoying your

00:28:13   family enjoying the time of year having

00:28:16   something to do when it's cold and

00:28:17   wintery out that feels festive that kind

00:28:20   of like brings in the winter season I

00:28:22   love the food I cuz food okay

00:28:26   I didn't pick Thanksgiving cuz now we're

00:28:28   at my number one so you know what I

00:28:29   think because oftentimes my mom makes

00:28:31   Thanksgiving dinner on Christmas so er

00:28:33   around Christmas close enough yeah and

00:28:35   it's so I don't need I don't need it I

00:28:37   don't need Thanksgiving I like I can

00:28:39   have it on Christmas but food is great I

00:28:42   think of it as a competitive sport to

00:28:45   buy presents for people and get an

00:28:47   awesome presents like to give an awesome

00:28:49   present I should say to to purchase an

00:28:51   awesome present for somebody else

00:28:52   I just I love doing that whether it's

00:28:55   something I end up making or it's

00:28:56   something I find that's totally perfect

00:28:58   that the person didn't think of I love

00:29:01   doing that and then on top of that on

00:29:03   top of buying an amazing present for

00:29:05   your people you really care about you

00:29:07   get to wrap it you get to wrap it and so

00:29:09   cool like again crafts element Bing Bing

00:29:12   Bing as you can tell as you go up my

00:29:13   list besides the fourth of July which is

00:29:15   pure fun or actually I would probably

00:29:17   craft on that day too there is craft

00:29:20   elements do all of my holiday picks and

00:29:23   I just love killing it with the wrapping

00:29:26   oh my gosh the bows the glitter the

00:29:30   wrapping paper the the using only three

00:29:33   pieces of tape so it all stays together

00:29:34   and looks perfectly folded on all edges

00:29:36   and everything matches and coordinates

00:29:38   oh it's so good anyway in addition to

00:29:41   that you get to decorate a tree which is

00:29:43   kind of crafty you get to decorate your

00:29:45   house which is kind of crafty you get to

00:29:46   hang up lights you get to put twinkle

00:29:48   lights all over your house that's

00:29:50   amazing what else can you put like crazy

00:29:52   crap all over your house and no one

00:29:54   thinks you're crazy it's so great

00:29:57   Christmas I'm sorry I got a I got really

00:30:00   excited cookies you get to bake cookies

00:30:03   yeah I mean I don't like Christmas music

00:30:06   so that's out but everything else about

00:30:08   this is just fantastic I like all of the

00:30:12   satellite celebrations around Christmas

00:30:17   yeah it's just Christmases is it and not

00:30:20   because it's Christmas just because it

00:30:22   is such a big holiday and there's so

00:30:25   many parts to it there's so much to do

00:30:28   there's so many different things that

00:30:30   you can decide to participate in or not

00:30:33   I just like all of that variety coming

00:30:37   into one amazing holiday that's I

00:30:42   figured you probably picked that oh and

00:30:45   for another reason I picked it as my

00:30:46   number one I don't feel myself growing

00:30:48   out of the reasons I like it right

00:30:50   because I shouldn't say growing out of I

00:30:52   should say my son growing out of because

00:30:53   the reason I like Halloween so much is

00:30:55   making my son's costume the reason I

00:30:57   like Easter so much is because it's

00:30:58   really fun with Adam is a little kid and

00:31:01   enjoying Easter and doing egg hunts and

00:31:03   you know having his little Easter basket

00:31:06   and him

00:31:06   sited about finding the eggs like once

00:31:07   he grows out of those two holidays

00:31:09   there's not really much holding me to

00:31:12   them yeah you know what I mean and so I

00:31:16   can I can just leave those by the

00:31:17   wayside having felt very good that I

00:31:20   enjoyed them for his childhood and it

00:31:22   was great and I'll look forward to if I

00:31:24   end up being so lucky as to have

00:31:25   grandchildren enjoying it with them but

00:31:28   other than that it's more it's so much

00:31:30   more of a kid holiday and I enjoyed it

00:31:32   as a child also but now you know after

00:31:34   after you're done with children like I

00:31:36   don't I don't see myself holding on to

00:31:38   it much more but with Christmas I

00:31:40   totally see myself holding on to

00:31:42   Christmas because the things I like

00:31:43   about Christmas I like to do for myself

00:31:46   you know like giving gifts to others

00:31:48   then so much as I as doing something

00:31:52   magical for a child although I do love

00:31:54   getting at them Christmas gifts now it's

00:31:56   pretty fun yeah thank you I like getting

00:31:59   him toys that I want to play with like

00:32:03   to me the reason so you know you notice

00:32:06   like the theme of mine so far basically

00:32:08   is like no gift-giving no emotional

00:32:13   baggage no family obligations no

00:32:17   significant travel no happens like you

00:32:19   know fly home or drive hours away or

00:32:21   anything like that

00:32:22   and family get together aspect at

00:32:25   Christmas - I like all that I like the

00:32:28   gathering the lake for me it's hard for

00:32:31   me to separate the stress that these

00:32:33   holidays bring as an adult and for

00:32:37   reasons that are too boring to get into

00:32:39   on a podcast I have you know I have some

00:32:41   family baggage issues with some of these

00:32:43   holidays and so it makes it hard for me

00:32:46   to really enjoy them when they have like

00:32:48   emotional meaning and traditions and

00:32:50   everything I have nothing to do with

00:32:52   that baggage by the way exactly yeah

00:32:53   just one thing it's not not the

00:32:55   immediate family it's you know this

00:32:57   household

00:32:58   this one raised my hand and not on it

00:33:00   not on my wife's side either and so

00:33:02   there are reasons why it's hard for me

00:33:05   to enjoy like those those holidays are

00:33:08   not all positive for me and and

00:33:10   Christmas is especially stressful for me

00:33:12   because the way that you and your family

00:33:16   loves getting gifts for people it

00:33:18   stresses me out like too

00:33:20   you it's an awesome sport and game to me

00:33:23   it's just a constant source of anxiety

00:33:24   because I'm not a great gift giver

00:33:27   usually the way the way I squeak by is

00:33:30   by waiting until kind of last minute and

00:33:33   then just throwing some money at the

00:33:34   problem and making it go away because I

00:33:37   stress out about it too much I wait too

00:33:39   long and I don't have whatever kind of

00:33:43   like creativity is required to be an

00:33:45   awesome gift giver I lack that and and

00:33:49   so I'm always afraid that I'm not doing

00:33:51   good enough job gift-giving now this is

00:33:52   bigger this is becoming better now that

00:33:54   we're focusing more on our kid because

00:33:57   getting gifts for your own young kid

00:33:59   like not only do you usually have a

00:34:00   pretty idea of what they want but also

00:34:02   there is more stuff that they don't have

00:34:04   yet there's more stuff that they're

00:34:05   interested in because like it's easy to

00:34:07   get kids like toys and games and stuff

00:34:09   it's a lot harder they get adults things

00:34:10   they'll actually find useful or Pleasant

00:34:13   so I actually considered putting on my

00:34:16   list

00:34:17   the day after Christmas because I love

00:34:20   today after Christmas because we're

00:34:22   still there with family and cookies and

00:34:25   everything else like have you know

00:34:26   spending time with everybody in though

00:34:27   in the winter places and you know doing

00:34:29   winter things and but the day after

00:34:32   Christmas is so nice and low-key because

00:34:33   all that gift-giving stuff is done and

00:34:35   you have to kind of enjoy everyone's

00:34:37   company and get fat and cookies like

00:34:40   that to me is much more pleasant than

00:34:42   the lead-up to Christmas itself since

00:34:44   we're since you know holidays bring out

00:34:46   emotions in people and you happen to

00:34:48   just have a little moment there with our

00:34:50   audience personal confessions a little

00:34:54   bit I just want to say that I am NOT the

00:34:56   source of this anxiety gift-giving

00:34:58   situation I happen to provide a very

00:35:00   healthy wish list to a particularly teal

00:35:04   jewelry store let's call it and I think

00:35:09   I think I provide you with very little

00:35:10   stress when it comes to thinking about

00:35:12   what gifts up to get your loved ones

00:35:14   there is some years some years are are

00:35:16   easier than others but anyway I'm not

00:35:20   I'm not the source so my number one kind

00:35:24   of going on this theme

00:35:25   clearly I like eating holidays you

00:35:29   should do I also like holidays that

00:35:30   don't involve gift-giving family

00:35:32   obligations tradition or

00:35:33   stress or travel I can't think of what

00:35:35   this how last holiday would be you would

00:35:37   never think of it it's a holiday that

00:35:39   most people don't think about oh geez

00:35:41   but it happens every year oh my gosh at

00:35:43   the end of the summer what's happening

00:35:44   and it's Labor Day what so what I

00:35:49   thought about it okay so Labor Day it

00:35:51   happens you know early September hold on

00:35:54   who puts Labor Day at the top of their

00:35:56   list I do

00:35:57   that's who so it happens early September

00:36:00   that means it is still beautiful weather

00:36:02   outside it's it's still either summer

00:36:05   weather or early fall weather so it's

00:36:07   cool right

00:36:09   right back to school yeah that's fun for

00:36:11   us now right so yeah this so this works

00:36:14   out right so as a parent so you know

00:36:16   your kid goes back to school which most

00:36:19   kids either either feel indifferent

00:36:21   about or don't like but parents love it

00:36:25   your kid goes back to school you still

00:36:28   have beautiful summer weather Labor Day

00:36:30   is a three-day weekend that almost

00:36:33   always involves barbecues and maybe a

00:36:35   family get-together but at least a

00:36:37   barbecue right so like you have all

00:36:39   these wonderful things that I love from

00:36:41   other holidays but it's also you know

00:36:43   the it's also getting a little bit

00:36:45   cooler usually in the weather so it's

00:36:47   like a little bit less hot summer heat

00:36:49   you have your kids going back to school

00:36:51   right afterwards so you can kind of

00:36:53   return to like a more regular schedule

00:36:54   after summer craziness and it's usually

00:36:57   followed very closely by dogs swim at

00:37:00   our local city pool because they drain

00:37:03   the pool after the after it closes for

00:37:04   the season which is usually around Labor

00:37:06   Day and then the day before the drain it

00:37:08   dogs get to come to a minute so dog

00:37:09   swims always a fun event so basically

00:37:11   you have a holiday that gives everyone a

00:37:14   day off fills me with great barbecues

00:37:17   and nice warm weather and then their

00:37:19   kids I'll go back to school and their

00:37:20   dogs get a fun date dog swim on the same

00:37:23   day that all doesn't happen just on one

00:37:26   day because of this day what's the

00:37:29   history of Labor Day I don't know who

00:37:31   cares it's different like Memorial Day

00:37:34   has Mindy's benefits but I feel like I

00:37:36   need to feel bad about fallen soldiers

00:37:39   like that's that's a serious thing it's

00:37:40   a serious reason we have it Labor Day I

00:37:43   think it's some kind of like you know

00:37:44   just like give people a day off for like

00:37:46   you know

00:37:47   unions and labor stuff kind of thing

00:37:48   right isn't it isn't that work I don't

00:37:49   know because Labor Day is not on my list

00:37:51   because it doesn't matter what it means

00:37:53   all that matters is you have barbecues

00:37:54   and it's nice and it's in the summertime

00:37:56   so your beautiful weather beautiful food

00:37:58   a nice three-day weekend where you don't

00:37:59   really have to do anything except enjoy

00:38:01   your day off that is awesome

00:38:04   you're just staring at me amazing

00:38:08   Thanks listening everybody and if teeth

00:38:12   have regains the ability to talk to me

00:38:14   we will talk to you probably next month

00:38:16   when we talk about something else that

00:38:19   it yeah that's it thanks everyone see

00:38:26   you next time