Top Four

Top Four 19: Cereals From A Van 🚐


00:00:11   so you want to introduce the van do you

00:00:14   guys want introduce yourselves here

00:00:15   outside yeah yeah alright hey everybody

00:00:19   we have a special top four we are live

00:00:21   from xoxo fest here in Portland Oregon

00:00:24   and we are recording from serial from a

00:00:27   van this is literally a van filled with

00:00:30   cereal and two peoples that serve it and

00:00:32   you buy the cereal and you eat it and

00:00:34   they make kind of cereal cocktails it's

00:00:37   kind of amazing so we figured this would

00:00:39   be a great opportunity for us to come

00:00:41   down here try out all the different type

00:00:44   of cereals that we would ever want to

00:00:45   try instead of having to buy tremendous

00:00:48   boxes of all of these things ourselves

00:00:50   and so we're going to test all these out

00:00:52   you ready guys yeah I have with us it's

00:00:54   Mia Marco typical we also have popped a

00:00:57   fascist and we have AI Mike from the

00:01:00   internet also from the internet and we

00:01:04   are here with who are you guys no I'm

00:01:07   Joel and this is Mary and we just had

00:01:10   this as a wild and crazy idea and we

00:01:12   thought why not and wait you you missed

00:01:14   the key like a key component of the van

00:01:17   because people are hearing this and

00:01:19   they're thinking like well that sounds

00:01:20   like normal and it's like no it's not

00:01:22   but also they're wearing pajamas he has

00:01:25   a nice Joel has a nice like 50s era

00:01:28   it's a dead jam is from a 50 sitcom and

00:01:32   then we have a Snuggie on Mary which is

00:01:34   is just lovely

00:01:36   yes previous days we have seen the Elmo

00:01:40   onesie yep a couple superhero onesie no

00:01:43   dip those have proper feet the Elmo's

00:01:46   did not they came with a cuff offs

00:01:48   because they were up about my knee right

00:01:53   yeah and then I have a short robe it's a

00:01:56   nice like Fight Club style short pink

00:01:59   robe so all the profits from this van

00:02:01   have been going into pajamas yeah

00:02:03   it's a money-losing venture but your

00:02:05   pajama collection wardrobe is sure we're

00:02:09   warm in the winter and it seems like a

00:02:11   pretty special van - is there a history

00:02:13   of the van a little bit it's a 1969

00:02:16   Dodge a100 8 so it's a long wheelbase

00:02:18   big engine and just you know kind of a

00:02:22   beast of a machine and how many murders

00:02:26   took place in this before you bought the

00:02:28   van and how many years you've been

00:02:35   selling cereal out of this van this has

00:02:37   been about two and a half years we're

00:02:38   doing private events and it's been been

00:02:41   a blast we've done a couple in

00:02:42   California that has been really

00:02:44   enjoyable it's kind of how we where I

00:02:46   got a big start on it 2,500 miles in a

00:02:53   van like this with no airbags and two

00:03:01   weeks yeah so this is sort of a food

00:03:03   truck but it's not a food truck in the

00:03:05   sense that like you're not out every day

00:03:06   no you just private event that's okay

00:03:16   all right so we're gonna all kind of

00:03:19   pick our first bowls to try out are we

00:03:22   gonna do a proper top four list of so

00:03:27   we're all gonna kind of pick cereals

00:03:29   that were interested in trying and then

00:03:30   at the end we will rank what we think is

00:03:33   our favorites kind of like as a

00:03:34   quickfire okay list because there are a

00:03:35   lot of us okay um yeah I guess I'll go

00:03:38   first I'm gonna start off with some

00:03:40   fruity pebbles fruity pebbles yeah solid

00:03:42   pick tips got notes on what she's going

00:03:44   to order I did not prep enough we have

00:03:50   sponsors funning con if I had more hands

00:03:53   that have notes I took the five heads

00:03:55   better 20

00:03:57   we're gonna go with 2% milk there's a

00:03:59   whole bevy of milk options here as well

00:04:00   but they do not have a fridge it's a

00:04:02   it's a cooler that I assume is is it

00:04:05   plugged in okay okay yeah it's a CBC

00:04:08   power okay

00:04:09   very nice okay so it is Bridge so anyone

00:04:10   else who's next I think for my first one

00:04:13   I'm gonna try some Golden Grahams yeah

00:04:15   I'm gonna try this right away and then

00:04:17   possibly send the spoon around to anyone

00:04:18   who wants to try this because Fruity

00:04:19   Pebbles get very soggy very quickly and

00:04:21   they are awful so when you got to go

00:04:26   through the golden ribs quick cuz those

00:04:28   get bad too my microphone tried it

00:04:32   pretty bad alright our resident British

00:04:34   man amazing I'm Pinkberry no I don't

00:04:42   like that no no milk and water update so

00:04:45   so we also have just cereal marshmallows

00:04:47   if you want to add that to any cereal

00:04:49   particularly pebbles do you want to try

00:04:55   some good well yeah I'll try that it'll

00:04:59   go to good my golden yeah you gotta try

00:05:00   them seeing if they're already gone

00:05:02   they're already have yep alright I'm

00:05:05   gonna go with the captain crunch crunch

00:05:07   [Music]

00:05:10   okay those are fine they're a little the

00:05:13   sugar wears off really fast on no

00:05:15   probably getting really sweet but they

00:05:16   just they can't just hit my cornflakes

00:05:18   we now go for Golden Grahams it's

00:05:22   colorful and beautiful I love this room

00:05:24   I'm Mary what is your favorite cereal

00:05:26   cocktail

00:05:28   applejack no Apple fake apple pie yeah

00:05:31   okay so we did that we've had that is

00:05:33   there another one that you as it's a

00:05:35   little complicated but it's my mic

00:05:37   Captain Crunch

00:05:38   peanut butter and jelly Sam oh I heard

00:05:39   about this I do our listeners what's in

00:05:42   your peanut butter and jelly sandwich

00:05:44   and then in your fake apple pie the the

00:05:47   Captain Crunch peanut butter and jelly

00:05:48   sandwich starts off with a layer of

00:05:49   Captain Crunch followed by a layer of

00:05:52   peanut butter Captain Crunch followed by

00:05:53   a layer of Captain Crunch oops all

00:05:55   berries also topped with a layer of

00:05:58   Captain Crunch so you've got the bread

00:05:59   the jelly the peanut butter and then the

00:06:02   bread on bottom and I gotta say I was

00:06:05   very happy with with the cocktail you

00:06:06   made me yesterday which was the the

00:06:08   Grape Nuts with the app with the Apple

00:06:11   Jacks it's a nice solid layer of the

00:06:16   Apple Jacks on bottom topped with some

00:06:18   cinnamon toast crunch and then a little

00:06:20   sprinkling of Grape Nuts to fake that

00:06:21   apple pie in there yeah I mean it seems

00:06:23   like you are really a pioneer in the

00:06:25   area of cereal cocktails I have not

00:06:27   heard of anybody else doing this and it

00:06:28   really does work impressively well yeah

00:06:30   well I recommend mixing sometimes people

00:06:33   get something weird and I'll be like I

00:06:34   don't know about that somebody actually

00:06:35   ordered Apple Jacks with peanut butter

00:06:38   Captain Crunch and at first I was like

00:06:39   no that's not right but then I realize

00:06:41   it's it's a very good like that metal

00:07:15   taste in your mouth

00:07:18   alright could I go with the peanut

00:07:20   butter puffs peanut butter puffins well

00:07:22   let's see now there's Reese's puffs

00:07:24   there's Reese's puffs there's peanut

00:07:25   butter puffins oh and of course the

00:07:27   peanut butter Captain Crunch okay I

00:07:29   think the one I'm thinking of is

00:07:30   probably the Captain Crunch let's try it

00:07:32   but which is the better peanut butter

00:07:34   the reason that is the best

00:07:37   is the be hands-down most requested

00:07:41   cereal absolutely okay

00:07:43   well that seems like a blend of

00:07:46   chocolate and peanut butter

00:07:47   it is these couple see I actually I

00:07:49   prefer peanut butter only just straight

00:07:52   I think I'm gonna go Cap'n Crunch right

00:07:53   fair enough

00:07:54   all right Captain Crunch

00:08:00   there's I see a warning on the box

00:08:01   really it should be that and then the

00:08:07   milk on that one you want to do two

00:08:08   percent sure yeah all right I think two

00:08:09   per say I'm Amy to me two percent is is

00:08:11   the default cereal know what what do you

00:08:13   guys sell the most over what do you

00:08:14   recommend two percent is the is the most

00:08:18   popular one followed by whole milk and

00:08:20   then almond milk yep right oh is that a

00:08:26   cereal same way that Cinnabon is with a

00:08:38   little it's like a bandit and less

00:08:40   disbanded dog mini breakfast foods in a

00:09:00   bowl all right two percent

00:09:05   cookie Christmas sucks like a BS cereal

00:09:08   no it's not it is great

00:09:09   it's totally be us yeah they're like if

00:09:11   we make it small it's no no full-size

00:09:15   cookies no nobody will note him yeah

00:09:16   yeah a bowl of cookies doesn't work any

00:09:18   other way

00:09:18   yeah yeah let's just like a polar cookie

00:09:20   all right my next one I'm also gonna try

00:09:21   a cinnamon toast crunch of course yeah I

00:09:23   mean that seems like like you know a

00:09:24   staple yeah we can try Apple Jacks

00:09:36   anybody else for peanut butter crunch

00:09:53   yeah I'll put your mouse that you're

00:09:55   holding the recorder my god this is

00:09:59   gonna be a good recording just crunching

00:10:00   noises I'm just gonna take a cookie no

00:10:07   that's Apple Jacks just Apple Jacks yeah

00:10:10   see the cookie crisps I think is a

00:10:12   little bit disappointing it tastes a

00:10:14   little bit like cardboard e to me like

00:10:15   compared to real cookies all right

00:10:19   cinnamon toast crunch the classic hmm so

00:10:23   have you sold any 5 or 1 since last

00:10:25   night I don't know why you have it on

00:10:30   the list

00:10:31   that's wet I like yeah I like the Apple

00:10:33   Jacks one but I didn't like the free

00:10:35   public cinnamon toast crunch holds up

00:10:37   yeah that's a really good flavor

00:10:39   yeah drinking the milk at the end of

00:10:41   cinnamon toast crunch is always the best

00:10:43   idea agreement yeah yeah I'd say it's

00:10:45   one of the better cereal milks that you

00:10:47   can you can make yeah

00:10:49   oh yes easy don't scrunch big fall I'm

00:10:58   good

00:10:58   still we have frozen milk do you like

00:11:02   sloshy like hopefully not I I believe

00:11:14   yeah extra good that way we we had a guy

00:11:17   tell us the story about how he ground-up

00:11:19   frosted flakes cinnamon toast crunch and

00:11:21   whole milk in the blender and just to

00:11:24   make like a smoothie out of it I would

00:11:29   yeah post-workout toast crunch oh man

00:11:32   that's so good alright what's the

00:11:34   weirdest cereal you guys think you have

00:11:36   like most bizarre or just the do you

00:11:40   have any or close no no Oracle oh those

00:11:43   went out of line long time it was a

00:11:45   Steve Urkel themed cereal yeah oh oh

00:11:56   like yeah

00:11:57   Oh quiz see quizzed is like a that's

00:12:00   like a 6000 that they brought back okay

00:12:03   yeah but people people have ordered this

00:12:06   so it's not like it's super bizarre why

00:12:08   you have it I also bought one just

00:12:10   because I love the box on it and how

00:12:13   just kind of like a basic Uncle Sam

00:12:17   berry flakes yeah toasted whole wheat

00:12:19   berry flakes and flaxseed which is

00:12:21   something you always want your breakfast

00:12:22   cereal yeah

00:12:23   packed with protein only four ingredient

00:12:26   what is one whole grain

00:12:28   or whole wheat kernels whole flax seeds

00:12:31   salt and or Lehman's and patriotism well

00:12:35   is that more insidious than that's a

00:12:39   good question and I believe so I think

00:12:41   which has neither no actually rape nuts

00:12:44   has five ingredients

00:12:46   no misplaced comma four ingredients all

00:12:49   right yep I'm gonna go with a bowl of

00:12:52   rice krispies sure the classic nope just

00:12:55   the regular Krispies I love them

00:12:57   especially with grapes green grapes cut

00:13:01   in half

00:13:02   that's an interesting combo I know it's

00:13:05   really I really liked fruit cereal

00:13:07   I guess so huh you a grape your cereal

00:13:09   breaks my cereal but that's not right

00:13:12   the grapes in half otherwise it's too

00:13:14   slippery sure and they're like just a

00:13:16   little buzzing around their cereal and

00:13:18   that's the madness right it's unfinished

00:13:21   raisins yep being ready to make some

00:13:27   rankings yet yeah now that a small line

00:13:33   is forming behind us yeah listen the

00:13:36   snap is the mic good enough to pick it

00:13:39   out oh yeah and I got to get a little

00:13:44   Reese's puffs yeah so that I can

00:13:46   confidently state that it is the best

00:13:47   cereal because it's Reese's rhymes yeah

00:13:59   this they used to sell this do you have

00:14:01   that rice krispies with the marshmallows

00:14:03   yeah they sold those they had the rice

00:14:05   krispies treats cereal no no oh just

00:14:07   there was one with her marshmallows in

00:14:08   rice krispies they used to sell that it

00:14:10   was like a crossover yeah I believe it

00:14:13   very good i when I was shopping I did

00:14:23   charms because it's rice crispies with

00:14:25   the marshmallows okay it's a way better

00:14:27   that's that's rockin right you know I

00:14:30   didn't make much I think I agree I think

00:14:33   you've converted me from peanut butter

00:14:34   Cap'n Crunch to Reese's puffs that is

00:14:37   better Oh Paul do you want to try some

00:14:39   rice krispies of lifts marshmallows I'm

00:14:40   good

00:14:41   the marshmallows aren't vegetarian can't

00:14:44   eat it even these like crappy little

00:14:47   marshmallows they're not either full of

00:14:48   cow hooves okay enjoy cool all right I

00:14:55   think I think I've got my top four hmm

00:14:57   all right Mike since you are the

00:14:59   resident rudest person and this is all

00:15:00   very strange do do you want to start

00:15:01   yeah so I just go with the whole list of

00:15:03   for sure so at number four I'm gonna go

00:15:06   with Apple Jacks then number three

00:15:09   Captain Crunch even though my tongue cut

00:15:10   still number two I'm gonna go with the

00:15:14   Rice Krispies plus marshmallow combo and

00:15:16   then Cinnamon Toast Crunch is number one

00:15:19   yeah yeah awesome

00:15:21   all right Paul I mean my top four is

00:15:26   Reese's puffs Reese's puffs Reese's

00:15:29   puffs and then maybe we'll go like

00:15:31   cinnamon life all right I think I gotta

00:15:41   go with I think number one is Reese's

00:15:44   puffs for me and part of this I mean I

00:15:46   would I think I'd feel bad buying a

00:15:47   whole box of it but this is tough for

00:15:49   cereals from a van so that's different

00:15:51   from necessarily what you'd buy at home

00:15:53   like okay I like smart start a lot yeah

00:15:56   because it sounded like Samara starts

00:15:57   sounds like it's you can excuse a little

00:15:59   sugar in it because it sounds like a

00:16:00   healthy choice even though you know it's

00:16:01   as healthy as anything else right you

00:16:02   got it here alright it's a delicious

00:16:04   cereal and it's full of vitamins and it

00:16:06   sounds healthy

00:16:07   and it has more sugar than frosted

00:16:08   flakes I probably sugar but it makes you

00:16:11   think that it's healthy it's a smart

00:16:13   start exactly right but I wouldn't get

00:16:15   it from the van because this seemed like

00:16:17   an excuse to get something more

00:16:18   indulgent yeah alright so from the van I

00:16:20   would want

00:16:21   number one I think my my number two has

00:16:24   to be cinnamon toast crunch it's such a

00:16:26   classic it works really well

00:16:28   number three I would probably go with

00:16:31   don't forget your cocktails I know see

00:16:34   the cocktails are good the cocktail I

00:16:35   had last night which was the Apple at

00:16:37   the apple pie one which is the Apple

00:16:38   Jacks the grape nuts and the cinnamon

00:16:39   toast crunch yeah that was fantastic

00:16:41   and even though Cinnamon Toast Crunch

00:16:42   was my number two I think I could reuse

00:16:45   it as part of it absolutely so the

00:16:46   cocktail is number three and for me I

00:16:48   think number four I'd probably pick

00:16:50   something else it's a little bit weird

00:16:51   but a little bit classic but I wouldn't

00:16:53   always buy probably a frosted flakes

00:16:55   this is the most serious Europe well I

00:17:03   was I was gonna go with just cereal and

00:17:06   now when you said it's brought

00:17:07   specifically from a van I'm gonna have

00:17:09   to switch some things up because I can't

00:17:10   access the frozen milk that I would

00:17:13   normally have with Froot Loops and you

00:17:14   guys don't happen to have the fake Froot

00:17:16   Loops from Whole Foods do you I know

00:17:19   like fruit circles all right so I guess

00:17:30   my number four then is gonna be Cookie

00:17:32   Crisp my number three is gonna be Apple

00:17:37   Jacks my number two is going to be

00:17:40   fruity pebbles and my number one is

00:17:42   going to be rice krispies with the

00:17:44   marshmallows yeah I think we're good

00:17:49   right yeah we are yeah I think I'm gonna

00:18:10   get a cocktail maybe or maybe some more

00:18:11   peanut butter all right and if anyone's

00:18:13   worried this was our dinner I feel like

00:18:14   yes yeah all right well thank you very

00:18:18   much to the cereal man where can people

00:18:20   find you have a web site or promoting

00:18:21   cereal from a van coms exactly right all

00:18:24   right man I can't believe that domain

00:18:26   was available yeah

00:18:28   all right thank you very much for having

00:18:30   us here and thank you everyone for

00:18:32   listening and we'll talk to you next

00:18:34   time right yeah we will we kind of have

00:18:35   a live audience

00:18:36   say hey XOXO alright thanks for

00:18:41   listening everybody and we'll see you

00:18:42   next time the old milk from the same and

00:18:55   toast crunch really is amazing yeah it

00:18:58   really holds excellent thank you so much

00:19:15   I mean it's not like you've had any

00:19:17   cereal that's sure right