Top Four

Top Four 14: Pizza Toppings 🍕


00:00:00   welcome back to top for everybody hey

00:00:02   this is us we are continuing the food

00:00:04   theme for at least one more episode I

00:00:06   know we've done a lot of food recently

00:00:07   so much food but it's such a good area

00:00:10   for for these topics and we're gonna

00:00:12   move into something else probably not

00:00:14   probably the next show but one more food

00:00:16   topic for now and that is pizza toppings

00:00:19   cuz we wanted to kind of follow up

00:00:23   follow out to follow in follow the trend

00:00:28   of annoying somebody with our food

00:00:31   choices and usually that somebody is

00:00:34   John siracusa to bridge some of the

00:00:37   podcasting world here I'm not sure this

00:00:39   is gonna put a lot of bridges to be

00:00:40   honest now we'll see how it goes

00:00:41   you think there's gonna be some fire

00:00:43   involved so John has strong opinions on

00:00:45   what makes the like what is like the

00:00:48   canonical set of flank type X so if

00:00:51   you've set with us for choosing bagel

00:00:53   flavors that were not like among the the

00:00:56   official old-school New York bagel

00:00:58   flavors like the ISO cheese bagel and so

00:01:01   I expect he will have a similar issue if

00:01:04   we choose any pizza toppings I'm gonna

00:01:06   give it an ulcer like I a maybe yeah so

00:01:09   I suspect you any any like

00:01:11   non-traditional pizza toppings he's

00:01:13   going to have a big problem with so this

00:01:15   should be interesting but see anything

00:01:17   can go in a pizza because it's personal

00:01:19   you call up and you order pizza and you

00:01:21   put what you want on it so I think that

00:01:25   the argument that there are classic

00:01:27   pizza toppings is kind of that's kind of

00:01:30   weak yeah well also I think we were

00:01:33   helped here by the fact that like you

00:01:35   know bagel stores you could go into a

00:01:37   bagel store on Long Island in 1995 and

00:01:41   there be like you know what eight

00:01:43   flavors maybe like there wouldn't be a

00:01:44   ton of flavors whereas Pizza has always

00:01:47   like you go to a pizza place and there's

00:01:49   probably way more options than that even

00:01:51   back then let alone now as we discovered

00:01:53   new new and greater Pizza Sciences like

00:01:55   I think I think pizza even by like old

00:01:59   New York definition has just always had

00:02:02   more variety available yep yep I

00:02:05   actually had an uncle that owned a pizza

00:02:06   place and his first few pies were

00:02:08   horrible but then he got pretty good at

00:02:10   it that's

00:02:12   yeah I mean if it's anything like us

00:02:14   when we cook when we try to make pizza

00:02:15   that's totally totally understandable

00:02:18   what we make is not pizza I don't know

00:02:20   what that is it's calzones

00:02:22   it's a pile of garbage yes that just

00:02:24   happens to taste kind of delicious half

00:02:26   of which is burned on the bottom of the

00:02:28   oven yeah that part we leave in the oven

00:02:30   and just let it bake out all right so

00:02:35   all right the rules now because usually

00:02:37   we talk about our fantasy situations but

00:02:40   I'm going to bring it back to reality

00:02:42   for this and say that our rules are kind

00:02:46   of based on realistic availability and

00:02:48   execution an example only one place

00:02:50   makes you know a certain type of pizza

00:02:53   good and it's far away so does that move

00:02:57   it up or down your list because you

00:02:59   can't get it all the time but you prefer

00:03:01   those toppings on that pizza from that

00:03:04   place

00:03:05   that's totally legit but it has to stay

00:03:08   within that so like you might not like a

00:03:10   certain type of topping from another

00:03:13   place because they just don't have a

00:03:15   better they have a bad ingredient or

00:03:16   they prepare it differently but you have

00:03:19   to take into account realistic

00:03:20   availability combos are allowed but each

00:03:23   combo is its own entry mm-hmm so if you

00:03:28   have like two different toppings on one

00:03:30   pizza it's not you know you're not

00:03:32   saying topping a and topping B or my

00:03:34   like one and two it's the combination of

00:03:37   those toppings that then make the pizza

00:03:39   that you are getting right so that those

00:03:42   are your entries so entries could

00:03:43   include multiple toppings or single

00:03:45   toppings okay when you start off what is

00:03:48   your number four yeah we definitely

00:03:50   should move up okay my number four has a

00:03:52   question mark this is top four and we

00:03:56   can't stick to a topic five four well

00:03:59   you win the prize all right my top my

00:04:04   number four choice is the broccoli and

00:04:07   onion pizza from Aiello's in Pittsburgh

00:04:10   all right that's a very good pick but

00:04:13   okay so let me talk we will probably

00:04:15   never have this pizza again mm-hmm we

00:04:18   previously had a lot of this pizza when

00:04:20   we lived in Pittsburgh and I'm very

00:04:21   envious of the people who currently live

00:04:23   in Pittsburgh and get to enjoy this

00:04:24   amazing pizza

00:04:26   because uh so it's a broccoli and kind

00:04:29   of like sauteed onions sauteed but they

00:04:32   don't take it to a point where it starts

00:04:35   to get brown at all they're kind of like

00:04:36   translucent sweet delicious little onion

00:04:40   bits um with broccoli that also is not

00:04:43   taken to the point of dehydration it's

00:04:45   just it is cooked perfectly puffed in

00:04:49   like a nice little fluffy bed of white

00:04:53   pizza yeah it's a white pizza base it's

00:04:55   very important there's no red sauce on

00:04:56   this pizza and this is totally allowed

00:04:58   oh yeah that that is an option a white

00:05:01   base is totally available like in most

00:05:04   of New York so anywhere now yeah I mean

00:05:08   I bet John could even get one in

00:05:09   Sbarro's also I want to say like deep

00:05:11   dish or Sicilian is up for a game you

00:05:13   know it's in the running here for anyone

00:05:15   who wants to pick that any one being the

00:05:17   two of us and the people who contact us

00:05:19   on Twitter yeah whoo I like to hear

00:05:21   their opinions because it shows they're

00:05:22   listening to the show anyway so oh this

00:05:25   broccoli and onion pizza is just

00:05:27   absolutely divine everything that they

00:05:29   do with these toppings at this pizza

00:05:31   place just make it so good now it is my

00:05:34   number four regardless of its it's you

00:05:37   know inaccessible availability here

00:05:39   because I also like broccoli and onion

00:05:43   on other pizzas the trick though is

00:05:46   onion is very hard to get right yes and

00:05:49   so is broccoli because sometimes the

00:05:51   broccoli slices that even we get now

00:05:53   because we regularly get a broccoli

00:05:54   slice broccoli white slice it is often

00:05:57   overdone and a little bit dehydrated and

00:06:00   a little bit burnt and crispy and weird

00:06:02   and that's when it gets bitter yeah but

00:06:04   when done right I like it and I like the

00:06:07   I yellows one so much that it Trump's

00:06:09   all of other toppings so I actually kind

00:06:12   of had a scoring well all on the top

00:06:15   except for the three there above this in

00:06:16   your list yeah but I'm saying like other

00:06:18   toppings except for three there about no

00:06:21   so I actually had a scoring method this

00:06:23   time I focused and I added plus one two

00:06:26   things and minus one two things based on

00:06:29   how I felt about them Wow

00:06:30   okay so with the ranking system I had

00:06:34   even the minus one for the low

00:06:37   availability at Aiello's

00:06:39   fact that it exists and that I once had

00:06:41   it makes it my number four that's pretty

00:06:44   good I got to admit I I was very tempted

00:06:46   to include that same entry on my list we

00:06:50   had that pizza so much it was so

00:06:51   freaking good yeah I mean a ellos in

00:06:54   Pittsburgh is just the best if I could

00:06:56   say one pizza place that I enjoyed more

00:06:59   than any other pizza place it would be a

00:07:01   tough call between our current one and a

00:07:03   ellos in Pittsburgh and yeah it's pretty

00:07:05   close but we can't remember how we would

00:07:08   always talk about know if we became like

00:07:10   gazillionaires and we could just form

00:07:13   our own town of all of the things that

00:07:15   we like the best that we would totally

00:07:17   pay to construct and fly out alo whoever

00:07:22   or whoever

00:07:23   mr. alo misses alo who owns the

00:07:27   restaurant and have them set up a place

00:07:29   in our fantasy food town which we pay

00:07:33   all of our favorite restaurants to move

00:07:35   near us okay so what's your number four

00:07:41   all right so my number four and and this

00:07:45   is a compound pic I know it's against

00:07:47   the rules but up to I'll explain why

00:07:48   wait you're going against the rules

00:07:50   already you you would against anyway I I

00:07:52   took into account the availability and

00:07:55   still picked it okay so I will too so

00:07:57   here's here's the thing my number four

00:07:59   is pepperoni and sausage with some

00:08:03   caveats oh I need I have things to say

00:08:04   about pepperoni and sausage good okay so

00:08:06   first of all I love I just it's just

00:08:09   like such like a nice like high salt

00:08:11   high meat high grease if that's what

00:08:13   you're going for like that is a it's so

00:08:15   good and those are all my negatives and

00:08:18   one of the NMS I should speculate or I

00:08:20   should specify here

00:08:22   I'm only including sausage if it is of

00:08:24   the crumbled variety not sliced I don't

00:08:27   like sliced sausage upon pizza just

00:08:29   grunt the crumbly part you know who are

00:08:31   you and what I like about this is that

00:08:33   it is basically the same taste no matter

00:08:36   where you get it you can get this is

00:08:39   this is no no way lighting that way not

00:08:41   this explain and then let me buzz you

00:08:44   okay pepperoni and sausage is the kind

00:08:47   of flavor that if you are at a really

00:08:49   good pizza place or a really crappy

00:08:52   pizza place

00:08:53   that will still be good regardless in

00:08:54   all likelihood like that I think and if

00:08:56   you if you are at all on the fence then

00:08:59   I'd say skip the sausage and just do

00:09:00   only pepperoni because that that would

00:09:02   also give the same general safety and

00:09:05   consistency of like almost anywhere can

00:09:08   make a decent pepperoni slice and I

00:09:10   think that includes everything from the

00:09:12   fancy New York places all the way down

00:09:13   to like Pizza Hut almost anybody can

00:09:15   make a decent tasting pepperoni slice

00:09:17   and most places can make a do statistic

00:09:19   pepperoni and sausage slice and that's

00:09:20   why my number four is pepperoni and

00:09:23   sausage with the speculation only if the

00:09:25   sausage has crumbled okay in my new

00:09:28   fangled in my new advanced rating system

00:09:31   pepperoni got a negative negative one

00:09:34   point for being too greasy

00:09:36   you know just blotted it's no big deal

00:09:38   still no it was too greasy and my

00:09:42   sausage also got a negative one point

00:09:45   because sausage is so inconsistent from

00:09:48   place to place you can have like

00:09:49   sausages you just get so piggy I don't

00:09:53   know it just tastes so piggy sometimes

00:09:54   and like I just it's terrible and then

00:09:56   good sausage sausage that's part of the

00:10:00   sausage good sausage is amazing and its

00:10:03   flavorful and it's delicious and whether

00:10:06   it's sliced or crumbled it doesn't

00:10:08   matter sometimes the crumbly ones feel

00:10:09   so grainy why would you like that the

00:10:12   grainy crumbly sausage I like it and and

00:10:16   to me like sausage to me the

00:10:18   best-tasting sausage for pizza is the

00:10:21   kind of sausage you find on cheap chain

00:10:23   pizza that is my favorite kind of

00:10:25   sausage on pizza no you need the nice

00:10:27   slice like Italian oh it's so good it's

00:10:30   the it's what I want on pizza is the

00:10:32   opposite of I would want on a sausage

00:10:34   pepper sandwich that's where you're

00:10:35   wrong that's where you're totally right

00:10:39   well that's why well that's why it's my

00:10:40   number four not yours yet I know what

00:10:43   I'm saying it's it is missed the mark

00:10:45   for me because of Pig eNOS and

00:10:47   inconsistency and grease factor that's

00:10:51   those are fair criticisms I respectfully

00:10:53   disagree but there's a fair criticisms

00:10:54   okay moving on number three my number

00:10:58   three all right you might need to help

00:11:00   me with this here it is debt it has a

00:11:02   solid position it is

00:11:04   um tomato and garlic pie which we get

00:11:08   here at our favorite pizza place slices

00:11:10   it is absolutely delicious is there

00:11:12   anything else on the tomato and garlic

00:11:14   pie really so it's a white bass that

00:11:16   you're talking about yes it's a white is

00:11:19   basically a white pie with a slice Anita

00:11:22   yeah of the entire circle of to make

00:11:24   note no sub circle no semi circles the

00:11:26   entire circle of tomatoes sliced yes you

00:11:29   know placed all over the pizza with a

00:11:31   healthy amount of garlic on top and I

00:11:33   and I believe do they put a little bit

00:11:34   of fresh basil on top under there's no

00:11:36   Passover and they might put a little bit

00:11:37   of fresh basil I'm it I mean that could

00:11:39   only make it better but they do not add

00:11:43   the ricotta right you know that's not in

00:11:47   this white pie it's just muscle yeah

00:11:50   yeah and is it fresh at this one cuz

00:11:53   right now I'm describing a margarita but

00:11:55   you're not though amory that's why I'm

00:11:58   trying that's why I said I need help

00:11:59   with this because I love this pie that

00:12:03   we order often and it is just really

00:12:06   delicious the way they do the thin kind

00:12:08   of crust and the edges of the crust

00:12:11   aren't too baked so it's all kind of

00:12:13   soft still and the fresh tomato and when

00:12:17   you can only get seasonally because when

00:12:19   the tomatoes aren't fresh this pie is

00:12:20   terrible exactly but when it's good it's

00:12:23   better than other things the tomato does

00:12:26   add a little bit of extra water I guess

00:12:29   because you also have the miss rel which

00:12:30   also adds water so it is kind of a bit

00:12:32   of a soggy pie but it didn't always come

00:12:35   very soggy sometimes the right people

00:12:37   make it and it's very very good it

00:12:39   probably also depends on the tomatoes I

00:12:41   can't like whether the tomatoes were

00:12:42   like more Meteor more watery yeah if you

00:12:44   get like a mealy tomato not this pie

00:12:47   then just just it's off the charts bad

00:12:49   like you cannot compare it to anything

00:12:52   so anyway my number three is a fresh

00:12:55   tomato and garlic pie with no red sauce

00:12:57   so I have two two already with no red

00:13:00   sauce you'll be surprised to hear that

00:13:03   my number three is almost the same thing

00:13:06   really my number three is the margarita

00:13:08   and and I should speculate or I should

00:13:10   stipulate I guess is the right word yeah

00:13:12   you keep saying speculate whatever I

00:13:13   should stipulate that a lot of people

00:13:17   call

00:13:17   a lot of different pies margarita I

00:13:19   don't think this name is standardized it

00:13:22   generally refers to a class of pies that

00:13:24   usually includes fresh mozzarella

00:13:27   instead of like dried shredded

00:13:28   mozzarella so usually cludes fresh

00:13:30   mozzarella of some form usually includes

00:13:32   some variation on tomato sauce either

00:13:35   fresh tomatoes or a little dollops of

00:13:37   sauce or both or stewed tomatoes or

00:13:39   stewed or crushed tomatoes like but not

00:13:42   just covered in the whole base and sauce

00:13:43   usually but sometimes they do that and

00:13:45   and then some like so it's like and

00:13:47   usually there's some kind of either

00:13:48   fresh basil or pesto added as well to

00:13:51   get that flavor in there and maybe some

00:13:53   extra garlic so but like so many people

00:13:56   have slight variations on that combo to

00:13:59   make what they call margarita or fresh

00:14:01   mozzarella slices my number three is the

00:14:04   margarita slice done the way that our

00:14:06   pizza place normally does it which is

00:14:09   you know nice thin crust of course all

00:14:11   my picks are thin crust I hate that

00:14:12   crust I mean you know I'll eat it if I'm

00:14:14   if I'm if there's no other choice but

00:14:16   yeah my picks are also thin crust yeah

00:14:19   if you even have to say that it's pizza

00:14:21   yeah sorry Chicago yeah like oh I like

00:14:27   crust pizza but when you eat pizza

00:14:30   you're not thinking thick crust you can

00:14:32   like thick crust yeah oh yeah no one's

00:14:35   saying you can't like that I mean we

00:14:36   there's Sicilian pizzas and all kinds of

00:14:38   stuff even available here in almost

00:14:40   every pizza place but you have to

00:14:42   specify that that's what you want

00:14:44   yeah the default is that if we say pizza

00:14:47   you know that that's the thing I get

00:14:49   unless you are in Chicago in which case

00:14:51   you can say pizza and get whatever that

00:14:52   casserole thing is they make well there

00:14:53   are also places that if you say plain

00:14:55   pizza you don't even get cheese yeah I

00:14:58   don't know what that's about

00:14:59   like who orders like a cheese pizza like

00:15:02   who says that that's so crazy to say

00:15:04   yeah by the way I have no respect slice

00:15:07   of pizza is like a slice of pizza I mean

00:15:10   come on there's like you know think of a

00:15:11   drawing of a pizza if someone was to

00:15:13   draw a piece that's a slice of pizza

00:15:15   right yeah yeah and I also have no

00:15:18   respect for the topping choice extra

00:15:20   cheese yeah what is that how much cheese

00:15:23   can your pie hold

00:15:23   I mean it's cheese so I order extra

00:15:26   cheese when we were when I was growing

00:15:28   up in Ohio ordering from my Pizza Hut

00:15:30   because that's just what everybody

00:15:31   and so I just learned when you order

00:15:33   pizza you ask for extra cheese and so I

00:15:35   don't think I've ever even had it with

00:15:37   the regular level of cheese that's

00:15:38   that's the kind of request that first of

00:15:41   all so having cheese at all right first

00:15:44   of all it sounds really gross

00:15:45   second of all it's the kind of thing

00:15:47   we're like do you think they're actually

00:15:48   putting on different amounts when you

00:15:50   say that or are they just charging you

00:15:52   more on putting on the same amount they

00:15:53   always do I think they put on I bet

00:15:55   you're right I don't think anyone has

00:15:56   called up like in New York pizza place

00:15:58   and ask for extra cheese we should ask

00:16:00   Isaac I actually did ask Isaac some

00:16:02   questions tonight but people order extra

00:16:08   cheese so anyway so my number three is

00:16:12   margarita done the way that they use

00:16:13   that they usually do it because what you

00:16:15   described with the fresh tomato slices

00:16:17   is delicious but it's so inconsistent

00:16:20   cuz it depends so heavily on whether

00:16:22   they can get good fresh tomatoes in at

00:16:24   that given day you know and so it and I

00:16:27   don't know what it is in recent years

00:16:29   we've had a very hard time finding good

00:16:30   Tomatoes yeah like we've had a number of

00:16:32   I think mediocre tomato seasons but when

00:16:34   that pie is good it is so good yes but

00:16:37   the entire rest of history and time and

00:16:39   future the regular margarita pie for me

00:16:41   is the better choice because it's almost

00:16:43   the same every time because they use I

00:16:45   believe it's stewed or crushed tomatoes

00:16:47   like a little like almost like little

00:16:49   spots of sauce between the dollops of

00:16:52   makes it bad does the spot a sauce the

00:16:55   person that makes it good uses the food

00:16:56   Tomatoes okay all right and then they

00:16:58   also do like little drops of pesto

00:17:00   around the pie so you get like them like

00:17:02   the basil flavor and because it's pesto

00:17:05   but not fresh basil and stewed tomatoes

00:17:07   and not fresh tomatoes it's the same

00:17:09   year round you can get it any day and

00:17:11   it's basically the same and it's

00:17:12   delicious and it's like slices of fresh

00:17:14   mozzarella which they make themselves I

00:17:16   believe so and so they layered those

00:17:19   slices on so it's not like a shredded

00:17:21   cheese covering it's more of like a slab

00:17:25   of areas and because the mozzarella is

00:17:28   thinly sliced to go on there and because

00:17:31   they're using stewed tomatoes instead of

00:17:33   fresh tomatoes there usually is not an

00:17:35   overly watery problem it is not a watery

00:17:38   slice most of the time sometimes it's a

00:17:40   little bit but you know it's it's fine I

00:17:42   so anyway that's my number three and I

00:17:44   think it

00:17:45   it's the kind of thing we're like if I'm

00:17:46   at a pizza place I've never been to

00:17:48   before I'm looking to see what slices

00:17:49   they have available I I'm very likely to

00:17:52   try whatever the equivalent is of a

00:17:54   margarita pie because it is it's the

00:17:57   kind of thing where even though there's

00:17:58   lots of different variations minor and

00:18:01   major to what people put in their

00:18:03   margarita pie and how they make it

00:18:04   they're all pretty good and I feel very

00:18:07   safe picking that option pretty much

00:18:09   anywhere and it's only your number three

00:18:11   yeah you're gonna hate my number one or

00:18:14   number two you're gonna love my number

00:18:17   one okay all right what's your number

00:18:19   two all right my number two

00:18:22   Oh first I want it I want to run back

00:18:24   backwards for a second and talk about

00:18:26   your Oni okay

00:18:29   oh wait well maybe I'll see what your

00:18:31   number one and two are okay guys if it's

00:18:33   pepperoni again without sausage then I

00:18:35   have something to say okay okay my

00:18:39   number two is ham and pineapple the

00:18:43   Hawaiian okay it's so good you got the

00:18:47   salty you got the sweet I like little

00:18:50   bits of ham you can't go wrong with ham

00:18:52   most ham in most places does not taste

00:18:55   piggy because it just tastes like ham

00:18:56   it's mean these would just buy deli ham

00:18:58   I would imagine like jelly ham some they

00:19:01   use like ham steaks where they chop it

00:19:02   up lightly you don't do that it's just a

00:19:06   ham steak I guess I don't like ham so I

00:19:08   shouldn't really judge okay yeah you

00:19:10   don't like him you're out of this game

00:19:12   okay so and pineapple no matter how they

00:19:15   put it whether it's like slightly

00:19:17   charred or if it's not if it's cold it

00:19:20   doesn't matter I love pineapple ham

00:19:23   pizza it is a really fun thing to order

00:19:26   when I don't feel like other things I

00:19:28   have it as my number two because I crave

00:19:32   it more often than I get it but I will

00:19:36   not ever turn down a pineapple ham pizza

00:19:40   and I've never had a bad pineapple and

00:19:42   ham pizza because my other number my

00:19:45   three and four

00:19:46   I've had bad versions of those toppings

00:19:48   and my number four is my perfect number

00:19:52   four is even hard to get so that's why

00:19:54   pineapple and ham Trump's my other two

00:19:58   because

00:19:59   it's consistent and I can get it

00:20:01   delicious anywhere and it's super fun

00:20:02   and I kind of actually love when people

00:20:05   are grossed out by it because I love

00:20:07   eating stuff in front of other people

00:20:09   that they're grossed out by what I'm

00:20:11   eating because I'm like haha it's

00:20:13   delicious to me I don't care what you

00:20:15   think yeah I gotta say like it must be

00:20:17   fun to be the one person in a group who

00:20:19   likes anchovy pizza well the good thing

00:20:32   is I mean Joey you're disgusting when

00:20:33   pineapple and hands actually really good

00:20:35   and so and so it's it's this option you

00:20:37   can order that is really good but it's

00:20:39   still I mean I know like it's been

00:20:42   around for a while it's been around for

00:20:43   a long time there are still people that

00:20:45   are surprised by it exactly it still

00:20:47   surprises people I'm like what rock have

00:20:50   you been living under that you haven't

00:20:51   tried a pineapple and ham pizza it's

00:20:53   like we have the internet people know

00:20:55   about enough now like and if you're

00:20:57   around anybody like when you're ordering

00:20:59   this if you're around anybody who is

00:21:00   over the age of about 50 there's a good

00:21:03   chance they've never heard of and it

00:21:05   will blow their mind yeah and they're

00:21:07   like what that's weird what I like it

00:21:10   it's it's so amazing to be able to

00:21:11   introduce the concept of a new weird

00:21:13   sounding pizza topping to somebody who's

00:21:15   never heard of it before yep pretty fun

00:21:17   so pineapple in a ham number 2 that's

00:21:20   that's solid pick thank you I got a

00:21:23   solid pick alright my number 2 is the

00:21:27   evil villain pizza from inside out the

00:21:30   white with broccoli so yeah the white a

00:21:39   white pizza with broccoli I it's really

00:21:42   good like I recognize that to children

00:21:45   who hate broccoli that probably sounds

00:21:48   horrible so I totally get why like a kid

00:21:51   would think that's really weird

00:21:53   especially if they already hate broccoli

00:21:54   but as an adult who likes vegetables I

00:21:58   like a white pizza with broccoli is just

00:22:01   so good I didn't in general I like white

00:22:03   pizza with almost any vegetable topping

00:22:05   like white pea soup with vegetables in

00:22:07   general is very good combo and I think

00:22:09   of all the vegetables I've had I think

00:22:11   broccoli is the best

00:22:12   I agree with you that if we were in

00:22:14   Pittsburgh at Aiello's I would get

00:22:16   broccoli and onion but in most places I

00:22:18   don't trust the onion enough to to to

00:22:22   order that and be set be tight with it

00:22:23   so that's because you don't like a raw

00:22:25   onion I don't mind if there's an

00:22:26   accidental raw onion yeah situation on

00:22:29   pizza okay now here's a question for you

00:22:30   it all I got to say it's you're talking

00:22:33   about a regular white slice not just a

00:22:36   slice without sauce that's right you

00:22:39   need to specify that for people who are

00:22:41   unsure or who have never had a white

00:22:43   slice before because that is also pretty

00:22:45   common yes so I'm talking about the

00:22:48   white slice that is crust mozzarella and

00:22:52   dobbs of fresh ricotta and which is a

00:22:56   hard word to say I don't know quite how

00:22:57   to say it either like a jerky jerk who's

00:23:01   trying to say like can't say ricotta

00:23:06   because that sounds awful too so the one

00:23:09   no matter how weird in the middle like

00:23:12   yeah no matter how you say it somebody

00:23:15   is somebody who hears you is going to

00:23:17   either be mad that you said it to

00:23:19   American or is going to not understand

00:23:21   what the heck you're saying you said it

00:23:23   to Italian yeah yeah well it's gyro gyro

00:23:25   situation it's like what the hell yeah

00:23:27   yeah but I feel like I feel like you can

00:23:29   safely say gyro in most places without

00:23:32   making anybody mad that's true

00:23:34   but yeah except Greece well around here

00:23:37   yeah it's it's I'm very afraid to say

00:23:39   that type of cheese yeah I I just avoid

00:23:41   talking about it but anyway anyway yeah

00:23:46   that always goes in Dobbs on a white pie

00:23:49   and and that it's a combination of the

00:23:52   the fresh mozzarella or the regular

00:23:54   mozzarella that and broccoli is just the

00:23:57   best and it's very simple you have to

00:23:58   get the ratio right though yes that's

00:24:00   true and and the broccoli has to be as

00:24:02   you mentioned it has to be fresh not

00:24:04   dried out not burnt and but that's

00:24:07   another one like like a broccoli white

00:24:09   slice is also another one where you can

00:24:11   order it in a lot of different places

00:24:12   and it's generally gonna be good like

00:24:15   it's a pretty safe bet it's it's pretty

00:24:18   hard to screw that up it in a big way

00:24:20   yeah because I don't even mind that much

00:24:22   when it's burnt honestly because I like

00:24:24   broccoli so yeah

00:24:26   me too and yeah I mean when I cook

00:24:27   broccoli I burn about a third of the

00:24:29   time anyway so we always parboil our

00:24:31   broccoli

00:24:32   oh not like no but it's usually it's

00:24:34   like in like a stir-fry with other

00:24:35   things like or it's like it's in a it's

00:24:37   in a pan with like onions stuff also so

00:24:39   I often overcook it where it doesn't

00:24:41   burn but it like it kind of turns like

00:24:43   more Brown than green you know okay I

00:24:46   mean I try not to but when I screw up

00:24:48   that's what happens all right what's

00:24:50   your number one my number one is

00:24:52   margarita okay for almost all the same

00:24:56   reasons you were saying I was just like

00:24:59   taking all my reasons but it gained

00:25:03   points it plus one all over the place

00:25:06   and moved itself to the top of my list

00:25:10   Margaery could do whatever it wants is

00:25:12   delicious it is

00:25:14   I love margarita mainly for its

00:25:17   universality when you're talking about

00:25:18   pizza you can get a good margarita pizza

00:25:21   anywhere just like you said and I even

00:25:24   want to add to that if you're like out

00:25:25   at a restaurant that has like brick oven

00:25:28   pizza brick oven margarita is amazing

00:25:31   yeah you can like get little personal

00:25:33   pan pizzas from like bar pizza and

00:25:35   margarita is gonna be amazing because

00:25:37   it's usually either very very fresh

00:25:40   ingredient or like you said ingredients

00:25:42   that can translate really well and stay

00:25:44   flavorful even if they aren't perfect so

00:25:46   it is just ideal

00:25:48   I love caprese salad I love those

00:25:51   flavors in the summertime when

00:25:53   everything is fresh and beautiful and

00:25:55   this is just kind of like the cooked

00:25:57   pizza version of that yep and so I

00:26:01   always crave that kind of fresh bright

00:26:04   type of pizza and I know John is

00:26:08   probably freaking out right now it's not

00:26:10   like a regular New York kind of pizza

00:26:12   with none of I don't think any of mine

00:26:15   are regular New York kind of Excel pie

00:26:17   normally is not I I think that I don't

00:26:19   think I didn't have margarita until I

00:26:21   was much older like when you just when

00:26:24   you order a pie you get like the typical

00:26:26   things that regular choose about plain

00:26:28   or you get pepperoni or you have peppers

00:26:31   and onions that's always a big order

00:26:33   when I was a kid I don't do so well with

00:26:37   peppers anymore so that didn't make

00:26:39   sorry TMI sorry I was sorry peppers

00:26:42   you're off the list and you know I love

00:26:46   a regular pepperoni pizza I really do

00:26:48   like a solo pepperoni pizza who doesn't

00:26:51   like that just like you said I would

00:26:52   never turn down a slice of pepperoni

00:26:53   pizza it's delicious

00:26:55   if I've just felt like a random topping

00:26:57   but man that margarita it is just always

00:27:00   good no matter where you go no matter

00:27:02   who's making it it's really hard to

00:27:04   screw up

00:27:04   thin crust the crust it doesn't matter

00:27:06   it's just so good yeah that's that's a

00:27:09   very solid pick and I mean I I honestly

00:27:11   thought about making my number one also

00:27:13   but I just a few things I like better

00:27:14   but it is like whenever whenever we get

00:27:17   slices and we get an assortment of

00:27:20   slices we oh I almost always throw in

00:27:23   one margherita slice at least and it's

00:27:25   like I don't know if I'm only gonna be

00:27:27   getting one slice I often might pick

00:27:29   something else but if I'm going to be

00:27:31   getting multiple slices I almost always

00:27:33   want one of those among them it's also

00:27:35   really good cold for breakfast

00:27:37   yes you know it's well I like all these

00:27:39   like old for breakfast yeah yeah but the

00:27:45   one they all disagree with you on though

00:27:46   is that I'm not sure I I think for a

00:27:49   universality of where you're ordering

00:27:51   I think pepperoni beats margarita for

00:27:53   life do you want this to be good from

00:27:55   anywhere and I think I think I think

00:27:57   pepperoni is more likely to be good from

00:27:59   like like the big chains and like the

00:28:01   kind of crappier places ok crappier

00:28:03   places yeah like Cheyney places yeah I

00:28:06   do agree with you but I would still

00:28:08   personally prefer a margarita that's

00:28:11   fair all right for my number one for my

00:28:18   number one I want John siracusa to stop

00:28:21   listening I'm serious stop turn it off

00:28:24   stop listening don't buy the airplane

00:28:25   Wi-Fi do not buy the airplane Wi-Fi my

00:28:29   number one pizza

00:28:30   I'm so sorry John is barbecue chicken

00:28:35   whoa number one barbecued chicken and I

00:28:40   know this we need to talk about this I

00:28:41   know you would say about barbecue

00:28:43   chicken we will and this was a tough

00:28:46   call for me because I do recognize that

00:28:49   in many ways it's like barely pizza you

00:28:52   know it's very it's

00:28:53   so far out and barbecue chicken it has a

00:28:56   wide variety of how its executed most of

00:29:00   them I've liked from like the the crappy

00:29:02   pizza place to the frozen pizza to the

00:29:05   good pizza places and two different ways

00:29:07   good pizza places do it

00:29:08   I have almost always liked a barbecue

00:29:11   chicken slice and what I like it like

00:29:13   first of all I guess like barbecue sauce

00:29:14   in fact I recommend if you are a

00:29:17   broccoli white pizza fan try at one time

00:29:20   with a little like zig zag a barbecue

00:29:22   sauce on it it's a very good flavor

00:29:24   combo anyway love barbecue sauce and and

00:29:28   the sweet kind not but not like the

00:29:31   super smoky kind I don't like artificial

00:29:32   smoked flavor so thus we can drive

00:29:34   acusó anyway I'm sorry for whatever

00:29:36   part of the us hate sweet barbecue I'm

00:29:39   sure there's like some part like is it

00:29:40   like everyone likes something yeah but

00:29:42   is it like you know like Tennessee that

00:29:44   hates ater Kansas or Texas or what like

00:29:46   I'm sure there's some someplace anyway

00:29:49   it doesn't matter

00:29:51   so barbecue chicken the way our pizza

00:29:54   place does it I really enjoy it's a it's

00:29:57   just a white base with no Regatta a

00:29:59   white base with barbecue sauce coated

00:30:04   fried chicken like square pieces on it

00:30:07   and that's it so you're getting the

00:30:10   tomatoey flavor from the barbecue sauce

00:30:12   you're getting the pizza flavor from the

00:30:14   combination of that and the white base

00:30:15   and and the cross and you get this nice

00:30:18   chicken so it kind of it kind of bulks

00:30:19   it up it makes it it changes the ratio

00:30:22   of like how much like protein versus

00:30:24   dairy versus Starks you're eating to

00:30:29   tilt it more because then it's it's like

00:30:30   you're having a whole bunch of chicken

00:30:31   and also a little bit of starch and

00:30:33   cheese so it like depending on what your

00:30:36   going forward I jest of Lee it can can't

00:30:38   kind of help with that

00:30:39   some places really dress it up with

00:30:42   weird stuff some places we'll put corn

00:30:44   or red onion in there and the fries corn

00:30:47   I know and I actually I don't like those

00:30:49   as much I don't dislike them it's still

00:30:52   good to me it's so I know this is really

00:30:54   weird and if the only kind of ever had

00:30:56   was the one was the ones with corn and

00:30:59   onions and everything I wouldn't like it

00:31:00   as much but the fact that our pizza

00:31:02   place makes such a good one that is just

00:31:03   the barbecue sauce coated chicken fried

00:31:06   bits

00:31:07   on top of a white pie it's just so good

00:31:09   and every time that is available I get

00:31:13   it and if I only get one slice sometimes

00:31:15   if I like if I go there like on the way

00:31:17   to the train or something I know if I'm

00:31:18   only gonna have one slice and I have

00:31:20   enough room for it because it's pretty

00:31:21   filling

00:31:22   I will almost always pick the berry

00:31:23   chicken slice because it's just so good

00:31:25   I have things to say about checking on

00:31:28   pizza I'm so sorry the thing about

00:31:32   chicken on pizza is it's usually awful

00:31:34   chicken on pizza is just the worst it is

00:31:40   so much worse than broccoli on pizza

00:31:43   because chicken on PITA

00:31:44   you can get like the most dry sinewy

00:31:47   like nasty chicken it could taste like

00:31:50   freezers because most of the time almost

00:31:53   all of the time chicken on pizza is

00:31:55   frozen and they just kind of like either

00:31:57   have frozen chicken bits which is

00:31:59   horrible yeah or they have like frozen

00:32:03   chickens that then they you know do

00:32:05   things to and put on the pizza and also

00:32:09   weird barbecue situations but regardless

00:32:12   any kind of chicken on pizza I find to

00:32:14   be just horrible because not only that

00:32:15   they usually overcook the chicken even

00:32:18   if they are cooking like something and

00:32:20   then they put overcooked chicken on top

00:32:23   of a raw pizza and then cook it again

00:32:25   and so you have dried out pieces of

00:32:28   chicken oh it's just so horrible slices

00:32:34   the place Marco is talking about who we

00:32:36   are plugging and it's not sponsoring us

00:32:38   but I mean we pretty much sponsor them

00:32:43   they have fresh chicken every time that

00:32:48   they they make their chicken fresh they

00:32:50   make it fresh every day it is never

00:32:53   frozen mmm they make their own

00:32:55   mozzarella cheese like it just looks

00:32:58   kind of like a hole in the wall new york

00:33:00   pizza place it doesn't it doesn't it's

00:33:02   not fancy yeah it doesn't see noteworthy

00:33:05   compared to any other New York Pizza no

00:33:07   it doesn't look like hipstery like no

00:33:10   fresh pizza it's just like guys in a

00:33:13   pizza shop kind of pizza place like

00:33:15   they're all over right but they make

00:33:18   everything fresh you could you can walk

00:33:20   into a pizza

00:33:20   it looks just like this and everything

00:33:22   could be like frozen and terrible but

00:33:24   everything's fresh everything's

00:33:26   delicious and they do the chicken on the

00:33:30   pizza right there chick it there chicken

00:33:32   pizzas are the first effort chicken

00:33:34   pizzas that I've ever ever ever liked

00:33:36   yeah they got they got you to to not

00:33:38   only try chicken pizza after much

00:33:40   traffic went for me not only try it but

00:33:44   now you actually like it yeah well from

00:33:46   there chicken on pizza in general is an

00:33:48   abomination no I mean I will give you

00:33:50   that chicken is very easy to be mediocre

00:33:53   or bad on pizza

00:33:55   I have literally wrote down oh my god

00:33:56   black no I mean that I get why you don't

00:33:59   like chicken when it's done badly on

00:34:01   pizza but I like there's so much that I

00:34:04   think it makes up for that the handful

00:34:05   of times that I've had like you know

00:34:06   overdone or dry chicken on pizza I for

00:34:10   the most part the record is very very

00:34:11   good but you also tend to like chicken

00:34:13   on pizza so that's true so yeah so

00:34:15   that's my number one I don't know that's

00:34:16   that's gonna anger a lot of people so so

00:34:19   just pretend if if you're angry about

00:34:21   BBQ chicken pizza just pretend like I

00:34:22   stopped at white with broccoli though I

00:34:25   think it's really fun about pizza

00:34:26   toppings is that they really really can

00:34:28   be so different between people because

00:34:30   you can order whatever you want there's

00:34:33   a whole bunch of toppings there's a

00:34:34   whole bunch of bases there's a whole

00:34:35   bunch of combinations that you could do

00:34:37   so you know really we don't hate on each

00:34:40   other for pizza everyone just gets along

00:34:42   it's pizza you can get half a pie of

00:34:44   something if you can't agree like that's

00:34:46   amazing you could just get like oh I'll

00:34:48   have half this and you have half that we

00:34:50   can all get along you don't have to

00:34:52   decide you can just get what you want

00:34:54   it's pizza yeah it doesn't like pizza

00:34:58   remember when we ordered all that um

00:35:00   what do we get all the time was it

00:35:01   Little Caesars no yank on it was it

00:35:04   Domino's or little no there's Little

00:35:06   Caesars because they did a special where

00:35:07   you get an entire pepperoni probably for

00:35:10   five bucks the best and we'd watch Sex

00:35:12   in the City

00:35:13   when we first we were in college in my

00:35:15   crappy apartment and again pepperoni

00:35:20   pizza it was perfect

00:35:21   that was the only option it was five

00:35:24   dollars for an entire pepperoni pie they

00:35:26   were already made in a big stack and you

00:35:27   could just walk in and pick them up for

00:35:29   $5

00:35:29   talk about being paid and being gross I

00:35:31   know but it but I totally was again

00:35:33   biggest pepperoni

00:35:34   good and it was a smaller large pizza -

00:35:36   it was like it was enough for both of us

00:35:38   to split yeah I mean well it was enough

00:35:40   to both of us shouldn't eat the whole

00:35:42   thing but we could and we usually did

00:35:43   together yeah yeah we only got one we're

00:35:46   not animals well at a time yeah but we

00:35:49   did it on a number of occasions pretty

00:35:51   much did it every like Sunday night

00:35:52   before you left we would just say cuz X

00:35:54   in the city together and we'd eat one of

00:35:56   those pizzas yep and see pepperoni was

00:36:00   the universal flavor it's the universal

00:36:02   light no matter where you are good or

00:36:04   crappy pepperoni will probably be good

00:36:06   pepperonis king but it's not on any of

00:36:09   our lists it was on mine my number four

00:36:11   no pepperoni sausage was your number

00:36:13   four we discussed that that's part of

00:36:15   the rules you pick pepperoni sausage

00:36:17   combo

00:36:17   oh you're right oh well sorry pepperoni

00:36:22   you're the best but we didn't pick you

00:36:24   so uh that's it all right so thank you

00:36:26   for listening everybody do we want to

00:36:27   talk about the the pineapple and

00:36:29   pepperoni thing you want to discuss or

00:36:33   should we just drop in some after show

00:36:35   business let's discuss it so we did a

00:36:37   little taste testing this evening

00:36:39   yesterday Marco got us a whole bunch of

00:36:41   slices because we thought we were going

00:36:42   to be recording last night I when he

00:36:46   came back with all the slices I was like

00:36:47   wait we were supposed to taste test this

00:36:50   pizza topping combo that a whole bunch

00:36:53   of our friends over at Relay and the

00:36:55   incomparable we're raving about so which

00:36:59   is the pineapple and pepperoni pineapple

00:37:02   pepperoni combo I spearheaded by I

00:37:05   believe Jason Snell and then spread

00:37:07   throughout all of Europe by Mike early

00:37:10   and veteran Jason was right so we got

00:37:13   one of these pies before the show

00:37:14   tonight yesterday and so Marco didn't

00:37:17   pick up that slice said that we got it a

00:37:19   whole entire pie fresh made yeah so

00:37:22   because we wanted to give it the fair

00:37:23   shot possible and you know that our

00:37:25   pizza place didn't have pepperoni and

00:37:27   pineapple slices already made sitting

00:37:29   yeah and they could just like you know

00:37:31   put some pineapple on a pepperoni slice

00:37:33   putting it in for a minute but that's

00:37:34   not like a fair shot that's like a hack

00:37:36   okay some people don't understand this

00:37:38   concept in pizza place in New York the

00:37:40   slice pizza flea no really I know weird

00:37:43   well it's not weird to us it's like our

00:37:45   life but you know this so in New York

00:37:47   you

00:37:48   walk into a pizza place there is a

00:37:49   counter that looks like a pie shelf but

00:37:54   hi it's it's pizzas and pizza pies and

00:38:02   you can just like get a slice and they

00:38:04   throw it in the oven real quick heat it

00:38:05   up and hand it to you order it by the

00:38:07   slice and you can get you know whatever

00:38:09   like whatever they happen to have made

00:38:11   at that moment you can go order from

00:38:12   those choices and usually like their

00:38:13   most popular things are kind of out and

00:38:15   made and sometimes they'll have like

00:38:17   some strombolis out sometimes they'll

00:38:18   have like a whole thing of garlic knots

00:38:20   ready to go like everything that's just

00:38:22   kind of ready to go for people for just

00:38:24   walk-ins and we often when we order our

00:38:27   pizza Marco just goes and picks up

00:38:29   walk-in slices we don't order pies that

00:38:32   often because it's just the two of us so

00:38:34   and Isaac makes those pizzas nice and

00:38:37   big so you can cut a slice in half and

00:38:38   it's enough for each person to have some

00:38:40   yeah usually like I'll get four large

00:38:43   slices and you know we'll split them and

00:38:45   so that's enough for two people and it's

00:38:47   nice you don't to wait for it and you

00:38:48   get variety right away it's nice anyway

00:38:50   so if like you're walking around New

00:38:52   York and you feel like a slice of pizza

00:38:53   you don't have to like go in somewhere

00:38:55   in order a pizza you can just like grab

00:38:58   one they put it on a paper plate and you

00:38:59   walk out eating it yeah exactly so we

00:39:02   wanted to give it a fair shot so we got

00:39:03   an entire pie fresh made pineapple and

00:39:06   pepperoni and I gotta say I really liked

00:39:10   it a lot the the only thing that that we

00:39:13   both cited as like I was like a reliable

00:39:15   problem with it is that because

00:39:18   pepperoni is already on the high grease

00:39:21   side and pineapple is so watery that

00:39:24   there was an issue of a lot of water

00:39:27   pooling up in certain places in the pie

00:39:29   yeah it was kind of like when Italian

00:39:31   dressing separates where it's all I said

00:39:36   over and over again yeah III don't I

00:39:38   don't think if the flavors were

00:39:40   delicious but the execution was wrong

00:39:42   and that's why pineapple and ham is

00:39:44   superior because you don't have the

00:39:46   grease lever grease level given off by

00:39:49   the pepperoni I see I mean and so I'm

00:39:52   biased because I don't like ham that

00:39:54   much and I do like pepperoni so I I

00:39:56   greatly preferred the flavor of this pie

00:39:58   I agree with you that ham is lower

00:40:00   moisture and so there

00:40:02   like a ham and pineapple pie holds

00:40:03   together better but I think what we had

00:40:06   tonight the pineapple in pepperoni it

00:40:09   tasted better and it was a mess to try

00:40:11   to hold it up it did improve over time

00:40:13   as it cooled and the last times I had I

00:40:16   blotted it first and that also helped a

00:40:18   lot it's gonna make an amazing breakfast

00:40:19   yeah when that when it's cold it's gonna

00:40:21   be awesome

00:40:22   but I would say I really enjoyed it I

00:40:25   think Jason was right it's a really good

00:40:27   flavor and I can see myself ordering it

00:40:30   again in the future all right I also

00:40:33   liked it but I probably would not order

00:40:35   it because of the fresh out of the oven

00:40:38   consistency was not my favorite that's a

00:40:41   fair criticism no I I love pineapple on

00:40:43   pizza as by my list but I don't think I

00:40:46   would be going to the pineapple and

00:40:49   pepperoni slice on my own

00:40:52   if someone ordered a pie of it damn

00:40:54   right I take some so I thought I would

00:40:56   close by revealing some interesting

00:40:58   information from our pizza guy I'm Isaac

00:41:01   Carson slices pizzeria been here 14

00:41:04   years and run the pizzeria so what would

00:41:08   you say are the top four toppings that

00:41:10   are ordered on pizzas okay in the order

00:41:13   that I think is the most popular of

00:41:15   course pepperoni

00:41:18   chicken chicken bacon ranch a chicken

00:41:21   parm margarita margarita white is not as

00:41:26   popular I'm trying to think whatever

00:41:28   in good old-fashioned mushrooms it's

00:41:31   still popular it's an acquired taste but

00:41:35   they're trying to think and you know

00:41:37   like that I don't think in the top four

00:41:39   so how popular is the BBQ chicken

00:41:42   barbecue chicken is very popular buffin

00:41:44   Buffalo is probably more popular and now

00:41:47   they're going for chicken bacon ranch as

00:41:49   well as buffalo bacon Ridge and chicken

00:41:52   broccoli Tomatoes so chicken is a big

00:41:54   winner with toppings right now why do

00:41:58   you think most people places seem to

00:42:00   have really terrible chicken on their

00:42:01   pizza and why don't you I make my

00:42:04   chicken every day and we give a good

00:42:07   amount we don't put it sporadic on the

00:42:09   pie we make a nice healthy pie is there

00:42:13   a topping that like if somebody orders

00:42:14   it you just totally dread it cuz it's

00:42:16   like a pain in the butt or it's or it's

00:42:18   just hard to keep or whatever else like

00:42:19   what do you really hope people don't

00:42:21   order what I hope people don't order

00:42:23   their pies that are very difficult to

00:42:25   make like a taco pizza it's very

00:42:26   time-consuming but what they hate

00:42:29   dealing with is the anchovies they hate

00:42:31   anchovy pies the staff you mean you go

00:42:34   this fast how often do you get an order

00:42:37   for an anchovy pie I would probably

00:42:40   guess probably about three times a week

00:42:42   four times a week what do you what what

00:42:44   is right yeah I'm actually like a whole

00:42:47   pie mean so what would you say is the

00:42:49   least popular topping that you still

00:42:51   have probably sun-dried tomatoes it's a

00:42:55   rare pie but anchovies is probably one

00:42:59   of the least most popular pineapple is

00:43:01   also not as popular but if you have a

00:43:04   Hawaiian with ham and pineapple it's

00:43:06   much more popular

00:43:07   was I the first person to order a

00:43:09   pepperoni and pineapple pie yes you were

00:43:11   the first to start with that and how did

00:43:13   you like it honestly we loved it we

00:43:16   thought it was it was a bit of a

00:43:17   moisture issue there's a lot of water

00:43:19   that comes out of the pineapple plus a

00:43:20   lot of the grease in pepperoni but well

00:43:23   after like a blotting it or after it

00:43:25   cooled down having a cold it's amazing

00:43:26   and

00:43:27   really it was really good for breakfast

00:43:29   good breakfast pizza and and another one

00:43:32   is some people ask for bacon and

00:43:34   pineapple once in a while as opposed to

00:43:36   the hand so that's a pork pork product

00:43:39   all right so we had a debate on the show

00:43:42   when people ask for extra cheese is that

00:43:45   actually different than the regular

00:43:47   amount of cheese or you just put the

00:43:48   same amount on

00:43:49   oh no we absolutely put it we put the

00:43:51   sauce the cheese and then we let it sit

00:43:53   and then we put cheese on top of it so

00:43:55   it's actually it looks like a mountain

00:43:56   of cheese on top and how often do people

00:43:58   ask for extra cheese a good amount of

00:44:00   time yeah it probably thirty times a

00:44:02   week and they do it on slices as well if

00:44:06   not only pies it could be unsliced

00:44:07   but that's when it slices cold then you

00:44:10   put the extra cheese on top of it I'll

00:44:12   stop your head what do you think are

00:44:13   your top four personally favorite slices

00:44:15   it's funny you say that

00:44:17   mushroom margherita regular old plain

00:44:21   and Sicilian Wow all right

00:44:24   see and it's plain it's not cheese pizza

00:44:27   not a regular right because if somebody

00:44:31   said plain you would never think they

00:44:33   meant like the only sauce one know very

00:44:36   few people ask for marinara now if they

00:44:38   do they say marinara

00:44:39   they don't say can I have a plain pizza

00:44:41   without any cheese all right thanks a

00:44:44   lot to Isaac it slices here in Hastings

00:44:46   on Hudson and I encourage everybody to

00:44:48   come here and visit because it's our

00:44:49   favorite pizza we appreciate it we hope

00:44:51   to see y'all thank you anything we can

00:44:52   do for you